Jodi Arias Trial – Day 54 (afternoon session)

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As expected, Dr. Robert Geffner well & truly ripped the State a new one, and highlighted numerous errors in DeMarte’s testimony… and he’ll be doing the same with Dr “Doolittle” Horn’s testimony this afternoon.

Dr Robert Geffner - Jodi Arias is Innocent - com

Jennifer Willmott - Dr Robert Geffner - Jodi Arias is Innocent - com

Depending on how long the trial runs today, I’ll probably add an additional “after trial comments” page too.



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

We are definitely on a roll.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of trial day 54…

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    • Dr. G looks like the cool, hip grandpa! 🙂 I love it. Distinguished, respectable. I am glad he is testifying.

    • Well, I stayed up…. It’s now 3:30am for me…. Watching, waiting…… I am SO glad I have a DVR! I can FF thru all the bull-crap HLN is running, and JM! Man! That little turd…… a turd!!!! Aaaaagh! I can’t stand that little short prick! If I see that sister roll her eyes ONE MORE TIME BEFORE THIS JURY, I WILL TURN HER IN!! Do I hear “tainted”????? Say no all ya want….. This jury is close to that family, see’s the eyes roll, Ms Bobble Head, Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Would someone/anyone draw attention to the matter? There’s plenty of footage! Every time the camera shows them, they’re doing something! Conduct unbecoming fer-sure!


    • Hey Janeen…lol revolting yes and somewhat entertaining. I’m all good with NOT being first…I am the 9th of 10 children. I’ve adapted to my POSITION and am rather comfortable with ….my lack of status 😉

  1. Are people on here really getting viruses on their computers from TA lovers? I think I read some stuff about people actually being harassed from TA lovers? Did I read that right? I can’t even believe that. They’re trying to show that TA wasn’t abusive by being abusive?

    • No virus’s here on my computer but rumor has it that the TA lovers
      are responsible for spreading the new gonorrhea sex superbug

    • yes they are…and I’m one of them, that’s why I haven’t been on this site for a couple of days. My whole IP address was compromised, and now I have to change passwords on everything and have changed routers so that I have new IP address. Someone tried to get into my facebook account as well. With that said…I won’t be on for long when I come and visit. Just know that I’m with all of you and Jodi all the way, and I will be praying for a wonderful outcome. Love to all….cheers !!! 🙂

      • I can see having really strong opinions but to attack someone personally is way over the line. That is seriously messed up and crazy and abusive. I’m so sorry for you guys who have had that happen to you that is such a violation.

      • abusesurvivor 🙄

        sorry to here that me to my computer is dust now get a black screen when have some money will see if it can be fixed I just dont open sites and unfriended a lot of people even my friends just have family now.

    • Maybe I lost a computer that was totally fine till i started talking on here. It could just be coincidence but its weird thats when it croaked. It froze one day and I turned it off and back on and nothing the black screen came up with the little white slash and that was it. I had to go buy another one so i wouldn’t miss nothin. then when i posted on here after i got my new computer my comments had to be approved. I see why now. I do think someone from over there is trying something funny since thy couldn’t get our site shut down. Is our an ok word. I just feel like we are all in this together. oh yeah i think 2 others on here mentioned plagued computers also. your thoughts

    • just don’t, whatever you do DON’T open links in emails sent to you that appear to be from Facebook. Heck, I don’t even allow facebook applications. Don’t click on links shared in Facebook either just to be safe.

      I occasionally get one phishing email that is made out to look like it is from one of my FB friends, but I know it is fake.

    • I’ve been jailed by FB about 5 times now. Even when I haven’t posted. It’s effing bananas. The Travis Taliban are out destroy any Jodi supporters. I’ve been jailed by FB for posting on PRO-JODI sites. I have no idea how they’re doing this.

    • I don’t know, but to be honest, since i strarted following the trial on line, I had to take two of my lap tops to get fix because of a stupid virus. I don’t know if is pure coincidence or not, but that’s what happened to me.

    • “They’re trying to show that TA wasn’t abusive by being abusive?”

      I think that sums it up nicely.

      We’re supposed to believe TA was this great guy that never mistreated women.

      So why do they treat women like crap? That includes the women in the Travis Taliban, who are misogynists themselves. Internalizing misogyny is still misogyny.

      Something tells me if TA were half as decent as they say he is, he wouldn’t want Jodi to get the death penalty. He’d probably forgive her for defending herself.

  2. Hi everyone! I said it earlier, and I’ll say it again- I LOVE this witness’s testimony. I think it will be very helpful to Jodi and the defense.

  3. afternoon all! best morning session ever! i love that dr geffner is experienced, likable, unbiased, and does not make an hourly wage for sitting there. i love him! and kermit is so sad and deflated. ha! cant wait for it to start. tot doc must be sooooooooooooooooo sad and embarrassed. bwahahahah!!!!!

  4. Yes, he is very impressive…very knowledgeable and personable. I’m sure Kermit will try to rip him apart but I think Kermit will do more damage to the pros, than the good Dr., if he gets too aggressive.

    I think it speaks volumes that Dr. Geffner is not being paid. I’m thinking that Dr. Hayes is probably what is referred to as a hired gun so obviously the jury will suspect her of being biased towards the pros.

  5. Finished marking students’ papers during lunch break and kept thinking how much easier it would be if I were unethical as DeMarte wanting to finish off and went like
    JOB DONE!!! 🙂

  6. Just remember : this defence team ALWAYS keeps the best till last.

    Ok, tomorrow we will have to put up with Martinez’s sad hallucinations, but Friday will be awesome.

  7. I’m going to take an aspirin…he causes me to have headaches…and I never suffer from headaches…LOL…

  8. Time for a group hug before the afternoon session!!!!!!!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((BIG GROUP HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  9. I missed this morning did JW mention he was the last president of the association Dr. D bragged about being apart of?

  10. wildabouttrial is saying that Jane Velez Mitchell is there interviewing people…I can imagine she is getting her “Big Breaking News” for more twisted chyt for her to spew on her show tonight…

  11. those MOTHER fuckers.

    they can try, but they wont keep me down.

    ass hats of the tallest order.


  12. good to have a new page it was getting to be a long weight to go to the top and reset to see new posts so far so good we did get in the fact at when jodi talked about the man and the woman and the fact she says she killed him ???? that but that the test still say the event was so bad that her brain went into a protective mode mine did too just in my case a voice told me drop the knife before I went to kill my x and when I was raped by the arlington rapest my brain went crazy then too like out of body thing

  13. I must admit
    I have learned so much from these doctors except for DeMarte & her annoying Vocal
    Fry your ears off voice.
    I really think that if people open their minds and hearts they will find most of this
    testimony to be very beneficial to life experiences not only my own by my friends.
    Life gets harder as we grow older and it’s a breathe of fresh air to know
    compassionate and caring doctors like Alyce, Dr. Samuels and Dr. Geffner.

    Trust me there are so many DeMarte’s out there that don’t care about their patients
    and I have experienced several where going to the DR gives you more anxiety and
    when you leave you feel like there was not an ounce of compassion.

    That’s why today it is so amazing to see Tot Doc get her comeuppance for her
    arrogance & her lack of compassion.

    I am putting faith in some of the jurors that they see it this way
    and that the outcome for Jodi will be victorious indeed .

    • I’ve caught myself crying during the doctors’ testimonies,they were so eye opening regarding aspects of life/psychology.I cant begin to imagine what their invaluable words mean to Jodi and I’m joining you in putting faith to at least some jurors seeing it the way we do.

    • You just explained Dr????? Drew.
      What an ass.
      I don’t watch his show and then they put him on as an expert to talk and laugh with the talking heads

      If I had been a patient of drew’s I would sue the hell out of him for malpractice.
      Talk about an ass clown!!!

      • well, think about how many patients Dr. Drew has treated that ended up killing themselves afterwards…Mindy McCready…Dr. Drew is doing more harm than good. Isn’t it Dr’s oath is to do no harm?

        • Tracey,
          That’s what it is supposed to be.
          He’s not a doctor or an actor.
          I better stay with HLN as long as they last because he is
          finished as a credible doctor.

  14. I’m home sick today (yes, I’m really sick) and watched the trial on a Kindle. This guy is a wonderful witness…very articulate, has the PhD after his name that soooo impresses Juan Martinez – and is down-to-earth enough to spill his water and burp! No doubt Nancy Grace will be shrilling about what a “disaster” of a witness he has been for the defense – and I can just hear her opening line: “Bombshell tonight! Jodi Arias LAUGHS in open court!” Go ahead, HLN…spin all you want: this guy has demystifyed Dr. De-what’s-her-name’s beloved “tests” and debunked her CV that was so “impressive” that she didn’t need to list ALL her lectures on it. I can hardly wait for Juan’s epileptic cross-examination to begin.

  15. Cannot stand JM. What a self serving little fuck. He is a good example of what is wrong with our justice system. They do not seek truth…..they seek to win regardless of the truth. Its awful.

    • Exactly. Hide and manipulate evidence. Don’t get charged by these assholes as they will overcharge you.

      • Lying assholes say the seek the truth. What a bunch of clowns.
        WHY is ot alright for them to LIE??

        He and the jdge are doing a good job of fucking up our justice system.
        WHY doesn’t someone stop them?
        This sucks!

  16. Vinny liked jm’s objection to the hypothetical…said can’t have that in sur-rebuttal. Tell that to the judge cause she allowed it. LOLOL!

    • I worry about this also. The gun and the gas tanks. This is what he will harp on and appropriately as it is all he has. We can only hope that the jury sees the entire picture, the way Dr. G and Alyce L showed and that they realize that beyond a reasonable doubt is a very high bar. This is what CA,s jury did and rightly so.

      • There is reasonable doubt about both.

        You don’t fake a burglary when you don’t have to.

        You don’t ask friends for gas cans if you don’t want to be tracked.

    • Have you ever heard of death penalty appeals? Apparently not.

      If these jurors actually convict her of murder one, it will be thrown out by the Arizona Supreme Court.

    • My SO and I were talking about this last night. Some lawyers have no problem lying over and over to win their case. JM only helps to perpetuate the bad press attorneys have had over many years.

  17. wildabouttrial just said that he was in the courtroom waiting for the session to being…stay tuned he says…

    Get ready everyone…any minute now….

  18. I think I’m done posting for today. Developed pain in my index finger on right hand…thought it was just arthritis but the pain got worse and now my finger is swollen to twice its size and is all red and purple!

    Maybe one of those hater viruses attacked me thru my key board ? 🙁 Anyway it is very painful. No more typing…will just lurk!

  19. So the case will be given to the Jury on Monday?
    Meaning no deliberations at the weekend?

  20. Why did anon’s post get deleted. I thought it was a very good point. WE must look at all possiblities here.

    • I didn’t get a chance to read the post, but it probably got deleted because it was pro-pros garbage.

      Having an open mind doesn’t mean listening to every stick of bs thrown at us.

      At this point in the trial, people have made up their minds from what they’ve seen from the live feed. No extraneous spin necessary.

        • Plus there are moles from other blogs coming here and telling us come verdict day, they are going to hammer us with a bunch of shit.

          SJ is getting tighter with what he’s allowing with posters and comments – he has to, to mitigate the aggressive hate from their side.

          • They may think they’ve “won” the battle, but they will have lost the war.

            When the circus is over, the media won’t care about any appeals or overturning verdicts.

            The Mormon crowd won’t be able to manipulate anymore.

          • PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…….the wuss-asses who hide behind computers???? Who aren’t MEN/WOMEN enough to say anything to our faces???? They attack websites…and computers….because they are LOSERS, JERKS and WIMPASS COWARDS……..

            UCKFAY OUYAY to every single one of you sub-humans who threaten anyone on this site, who tries to fuck with anyone on this site…YOU need to GET LIVES that are more focused on your own SHIT than what is going on here….WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU – STOP CARING ABOUT US.

            grrrrr…I am really disgusted with them….taking screenshots of our comments and posting it on their websites with our names…..UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE….

            THEY ARE WIMPS. Mighty brave with keyboards….it’s laughable….

        • I saw what you saw, Dorothy. I have to admit, when I am fatigued I often get mistaken for looking angry when I’m not. When I saw Jodi’s face a couple of times, I thought she was probably going through the same thing. (BUT if I were in her shoes, I would be very f#%king angry! She is handing this much better than I would.)

          • cindyp, Jodi is a champ…she must be anxious about deliberations/verdict. I would rather die than have to go through what she is going through. Seriously!

      • Isn’t that the truth. She won’t even realize how much stress she’s been under until this over.

  21. Can anyone update me on the trial? Did JW finish questioning him yet? I was able to get started until I had to go to lunch which was right after they started of course… then I was away from the office till a few minutes ago.
    I do gather from the comments that the witness is still doing great!
    Gotta love them Texas men!!

  22. Ok don’t take my head off but Jodi needs to stop drawing in court. You can tell she isn’t taking notes. It could turn jurors off. Makes her look bored. Kinda like I already know what this dude will be asked and how’ll he’ll answer .

    • She has to do what she has to do. She has sat there for 5 months, all day, many days without proper nutrition or sleep. If the jurors are judging her for drawing, then fuck them.

      • Yes but so has the jury. Imagine what you be be saying if we heard a juror was doodling in court. It would be taken as if they weren’t taking this case seriously. It’s her case and its over in 3 days. She needs to put her best foot forward with these jurors. In two days she won’t see them again until after verdict.

        • Brenda, until and unless you or I are charged with felony murder, and sit in jail for 5 years under Sheriff Joe, and sit through trial day after day after being woken up at 3:30 am, and fed little to nothing, I say we let the jury decide what to think and quit trying to analyze Jodi’s behavior.

          • But I’m coming from a place of what a juror might think not why jodi is acting this way. I honestly don’t think they care if she is anymore tired than they are. She is on trial for her life. Looking like a bored teenager drawing on a text book in class can’t be helping her. That’s all I’m saying.

            I’m on this site because I feel she is innocent of M1. I’m not trying to stir anything up. But pretending this behavior couldnt potentially be hurting her would be foolish in my opinion. If I noticed it on a quick camera scan the jury who is in the same room with her all day has to be noticing as well,

          • Exactly Renee’ ! If I was a juror Jodi’s current behavior wouldn’t mean squat as far as me deciding her guilt or innocence. To me it’s completely undersrandable. A juror can’t convict her because she doodles on a piece of paper.

      • Oh, I can’t imagine any juror judging Jodi negatively for drawing during a trial for her very life. Besides, Jodi’s flat-affect/tuning out meshes perfectly with her defense.

    • Brenda, I am an artist and find drawing helps me focus on LISTENING…my attention is diverted when I look at someone while they are speaking. Drawing occupies the “visual” part of my brain and allows the audio to process more easily. Just a personal thing with me…maybe Jodi’s brain works similarly to mine.
      No head biting 😉

    • DAMN! Just keep looking straight ahead??
      Why should she stop drawing????.
      People need to listen to the witness.
      Of course HLN has the camera focused on Jodi all of the time, they don’t want us to be able to see the good Dr. talk.
      I just quit looking at the TV.

      I hope she is drawing.
      You can draw and still pay attention.
      Maybe she will end up being a court drawer. I think that’s
      what they call them, when it isn’t on TV.
      Anyway she would be a great one.

      However, she would probably want to get as far away from any court room as possible.
      I would never want to see the inside of one for the rest of my life.
      BTW, Jodi pays very close attention!!!
      Give her a break!

      • I still say if HLN said a juror was clearly sketching during testimony people on here would be pissed. I was simply stating my opinion. If I feel that way a juror could as well. Doesn’t seem to show respect for this whiteness who is testifying on her behalf.

        • HLN has kept the camera on Jodi most of this witness’s testimony.
          I either see Jodi or the top of Jennifer’s head
          Why are they doing that?
          Usually they at least focus on the witness most of the time.
          Not today.

          She is showing respect. Has been, IMO!

  23. Krista Walters says:
    May 1, 2013 at 4:19 pm
    I missed this morning did JW mention he was the last president of the association Dr. D bragged about being apart of?

    Krista..if you are reading this…

    I think this is similar to what Jennifer is questioning Dr. Geffner about now…

  24. Oh yeah!!! He knows Alyce and she did cowrite a book with his partner!!! LOLOLOL!!! JM is fucked but good.

  25. Chris Williams‏@chriswnews6m
    when will someone start the conspiracy that #JodiArias gets to go golfing at the jail? she’s drawing with tiny pencils

    Sorry, just a bit of levity, this cracked me up. Shows the idiocy of this mess 🙂

  26. Co-editor also!! Wow. I love this. He must really respect Alyce and vice versa. He is going to try to use this to his advantage somehow, mark my words. That scumbag. JM I mean.

  27. She used the gas cans in Utah AFTER Travis was killed. So she had a legitimate use for those cans. She REALLY did use them to travel across the desert. If the jury uses that for premed…..they are real wrong.

    • Exactly. In fact the only “evidence” of premeditation is the grandfathers gun. Everything else is foolish from car color to license plates to borrowing gas cans from someone who would be questioned. And since there is no gun, nor proof she took it – I’m disgusted that I’m paying for this overcharged case.

      • Me too! I live in Az. I want JM fired asap! I am shocked they did not search for that gun. Wish the defense would have found it or a spent bullet from a target practice session to prove it WASNT grandpas gun. But the fact they dont have it also works in her favor. If I was gonna kill someone……I certainly would plan it much better…..this was so sloppy and badly done. No way a smart girl like Jodi would plan so badly. It makes no sense. To me it screams lack of planning…..fear….panic and rushing to just get out of there.

  28. Ok, nobody shoot me for this but does he not lool like Gomez Adams? It has been driving me crazy all day tryng to figure out who he reminded me of.

  29. Yes, Natalie, that is correct. And I believe this is the portion of his testimony that Dr. Jill Hayes will be rebutting.

  30. And the gunshot HAD to come before the stabs. The ONLY wound travis had that could cause him to stand over the sink and cough and spit blood would be the GSW.No other wound would produce blood in airway except gor throat wound….and no way he stood there with his throat like that. The vena cava wound would not cause blood in stomach or lungs…..and the other chest wounds and back wounds were not penetrating lung or throat or stomach. The GSW caused that blood in his mouth and throat from the sinuses. It came first like she said.

    • Amen Michaele!!!! And see how Kermit said nothing about the aspirated blood on the sink? How could he have addressed that according to his sequence of the wounds?So it’s better to sweep irt under the rug and distort evidence,RIGHT?

      • I was hoping defense would address it…..its very important I think. Honestly maybe I watch too many shows…but maybe that blood had gun powder residue in it…or mucous so it could be proven it came from head. Hindsight is 20/20. I hope the jury is not fooled. I hope they truly are giving Jodi the presumption of innocence and MAKING the state prove that she planned it.

  31. How to hire a witness 101:

    1st: Make sure they have the credentials for the inevitable “why should we believe you” questions

    2nd: Make sure you double check the answers for #1, so you dont look like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, when the jury finds out they lied.

    3rd: Make sure they are personable, so the jury likes them. If you take the stance that “the jury doesnt have to like them, be sure they have an “extreme” amount of credibility, to offset the lack of humanity the witness has. This would make #2 very important to check on, if they lack compassion.

    4th: If the witness has a reason to lie, make sure they DONT. the defense will inevitably produce there own witness that will bite, chew and spit out your witness, when they do lie. Remind your witness that they will be testifying for JM, not the facts, which means the witness will be expected to say whatever the state wants them to say.

    5th: Have more than 18 birthdays.

    6th: Make sure the witness hidrates BEFORE the trial.

  32. I love how the defense team dresses. Today blue and pink only the opposite gender. Just like all the people who think Jodi will be found guilty. Just the opposite is going to happen. Hope this trial will be over soon, but I am going to miss JW.

    • I kinda got the dress code today…as red, white, and blue…

      Patriotic and American…Go Jodi Go…In God We Trust…

      Nurmi is wearing a medium salmon color dress shirt (red dye mixed with white dye equals medium salmon color)…with a wide tie that the background is mostly reddish, with some bluish colors and some gold colors…

  33. Ha Ha! The brain diagram martinez tried to bully Samuels out of using during trial during pre-trial interview!

  34. Hope JW is taking Doc G where an amazing proof will be exposed. The dura mater would have left TAs head and face swelled like the micheline mans before 5 days.

    • Correct. He would not have been incapacitated with that injury. Which wasn’t even visible to good old Dr. Horn.

  35. OMG did you see Jodi’s face when they talked about the brain going in and out?
    Her eyes got really big and she looked really freaked out…

  36. It’s a bit crazy the live feed is messed up on today! A great day for the defense regardless of what shit kermit will try to force down the jurors’ throats.

    • It’s getting soooo frustrating.It momentarily freezes and goes a couple of seconds back.Deep down I want this to happen on verdict day so we can get to re-hear not guilty more than once.

  37. I must say this man is very learned and everything he says is spot on. Nothing can be impeached with this fellow. He is excellent!!

  38. I bet Juando is taking notes…he sure is quiet…no more objections yet…the judge must have put him in timeout on his lily pad for a siesta until it is his turn to question Dr. Geffner…

  39. FROM JOEY JACKSON’S PAGE (Admin posted this):


    Wow…..what a great nap I had……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Did I miss anything? Please tell me I didn’t……wait, that’s not correct! I had my headphones on ……I could hear, I just wasn’t listening!!! Bless these juror’s heart!!!!! I’m thinking the defense has done more damage today…they’ve heard all this…..they GET IT…..they are smart…….and they’re ready for closing arguments.

    I’m thinking they are going to resent all of this doctor’s testimony. I’ve worked the court system for years….and there’s such a thing as ‘alienating the jury’ and the defense has had OVERKILL on this. Let ’em continue! They’re shooting themselves in the footl

    Okay guys…..CONTINUE TO RUMBLE!!!!!

    *This pos needs my boot up her ass.

    • Wth? I thought Joey was a defense atty? Wonder how he would feel if his defendant was getting the shaft this way? All these talking bobble heads….they have to disparage Jodi otherwise all the sheeple will hate them.

      • Most of the defense attorneys have all forgotten what that means.
        The talking head ones. They can’t wait for Jodi to get 1st degree.
        I like Dwayne Cates. He’s the only defense attorney that is for real.
        Haven’t seen him in a while though.

    • The over kill is jaun calling for a rebuttal! Tell him about it.
      This doctor had to come after what his great expert said about Jodi.

      WHY, WHY, WHY are the talking heads wanting the closing arguments?
      What if the jurors want to ask 100 questions?
      It isn’t in your hands.
      Go take a nap for a few days.Basse

  40. He’s pulling that 703 bullshit again.

    Anything to keep the truth from coming out.

    Of course JM on cross will try and impeach this doctor’s testimony because he isn’t a medical examiner or an M.D.

    • Well, of course he will! LOL!! I hope the jury is savy enough to realize (like most reasonable people) that you can be an expert in topics like this and not be a MD.

  41. he is describing what jodi described that she was sitting or down low taking photo and the gun shot came from above so someone shot him in the shower and then knocked her out when she came to she was in a state of shock to see the intruders and tried to help travis

  42. Wow this is amazing that this witness can testify about the ME report as well.

    A true expert

  43. Not that it will ever truly surface even if . . but the possibility that Jodi did not use a knife at all . . TA was alive when she left the house. If I’m thinking that, surely others do too and Doc G kinda confirming . .

  44. BAM!

    Juan Martinez does not stop and think he just twirls
    like a teacup at Disneyland.

    Jennifer stops and thinks carefully before she speaks
    She freaking rocks

    I love how she is getting two birds with one stone!!!!!!!!

  45. BeeCee…I am posting her for you to see…

    I used to go to google and click on az central link…and I would be watching it and it would freeze up…and I got so fed up with it doing that over and over…

    Someone posted the wildabouttrial link above a long time ago….and I never had any problems anymore…wildabouttrial is a person who goes into the courtroom each day and airs it on az central…I don’t why it works for me better this way…it just does

    • FINALLY! I waited all the way through the defense’s case for them to put on an expert to say a bullet could not have passed through the brain if the dura mater was intact!

  46. Dr Horne’s report indicates there was NO hemorrhage which indicates there Does NOT appear to be damage to the brain itself! AND Horne’s report that the Dura Mater was intact! YES! This ROCKS!

  47. Woah… the ME’s report said the dura mator was intact?! This, to me, is a red flag on horn’s testimony.

    • Wow….now that truly is a BOMBSHELL! No way his brain was puncture with dura intact!!!! I hate these lying prosecutors. Why make it worse for Jodi……what purpose does it serve? Besides their own agenda

  48. why oh why does she have to approach all the time..can’t she just let him testify??

    I guess the truth is too much for these asshats!

    • I feel like she watches the camera and every time it goes to her she has to roll her eyes if its not what she wants to hear or cry dramatically

    • Maybe she’s doing some additional poses for the Flores family sing along Part II on you tube…the Mormon version of the VonTrapps perhaps, staring the smirking Alexanders?


    • Josh dear please be kind, we shouldn’t disrespect her just because she has chiseled features that would make a Lipizzaner proud in an equestrian display.

  49. Why in the HELL does the judge allow the family to act the way they are acting. Jodi’s family would have been barred from the proceedings!!! This is so ridiculous!

  50. TAs cop sister should stop smirking. Knowing that if she has to ever shoot someone in the head that it might not stop them may save her life one day.

  51. WHY is Samantha rolling her eyes?????Is she MORE educated or informed on the matter than the Doctor himself? W T F ????
    I’m so sick of them all….

      • Tonysam, your words reminded me of something I always think about when I see/hear about the travis taliban; I see the old wrinkly evil guy from Star Wars watching and saying “yes, let the hate consume you!” Always tempted to get that for an avatar and go to the hate pages and post that line.

    • I’m really behind here – I just posted a similar comment below! lol But, I know! She is making an ass of herself, imo.

    • If I were a juror I would take this very seriously and I would NOT appreciate the antics of this family. They are showing a complete lack of respect for both the process and for experts who are a necessary part of the process. I think things like this would probably come into play when I was making my decision, even if they are not supposed to.

  52. Did you just see Samantha show a smirk and shake her head back and forth in a “no” fashion…

  53. As the camera scans the TA side, I see skye hughes trying to ‘evil eye’ the jury while sister alexander rolls her eyes at the doc’s testimony – LIKE SHE IS SO MUCH SMARTER! LMAO

    • OMG Jennifer W. is asking about the type of bullet???????? I am thrilled! I am just ecstatic!!!

      • I hope this will not go against the defense because so far they haven’t point out that Travis was shot with a normal bullet what is not a with a hollow point

  54. I haven’t seen Jodi’s family roll their eyes so obviously during testimony like the TA family………

  55. Doesn’t this judge have any rules about demonstrative behavior. Belvin Perry would have had her in the hoosegow making little rocks out of big rocks by now.

  56. Grrr… Stop rolling your eyes, Samantha!
    WHEN did YOU study gross anatomy or physiological psychology?
    Uh-huh: I THOUGHT not! 🙄

          • OOps Sable…that reply was to MB re this page going down…don’t know how it got here…
            Anyway, yes you said Hi this morning but I figured I would reply to you here because the page changed to the afternoon and i thought you may not see that reply 🙂

  57. that bitch just 🙄 her eyes bitch go home you need to get a life and get out of jodi bitch how dare you do that in front of the jury when the doctor is describing the bullit damage and the fact travis is still alive and walking around and the chris and sky hughes are the ones that you show be 🙄 your eyes at bitch

    • Yep. After having the Hughes email read in court stating that they would not let their own sister date Travis…they still associate with the Hughes? crazy man.

  58. She’s overplayed her phoney self .. tears to sarcasm expressions. Doc G is even covering questions that JM must have to be erasing off his hotepad. Must be rough dealing with self inflicted humiliation about now.

  59. This guy did a great job. Only thing Juan can challenge is that he isn’t actual ME. Not sure it matters since judge allowed him to speak on the brain.

  60. The jury must see by now that when the truth is being told the siblings roll their eyes and sneer and Juan starts screaming his head off.

    • It’s actually a GOOD sign. LOL But really, the judge has from the very beginning let this courtroom get way out of control. My teachers had better order in school.

    • I don’t think the jury can see those details. They are very distant from the audiance. It is a huge courtroom. I heard one of the talking heads say that a while ago – that it is a huge room and it is hard to make out details on Jodi’s face when she was testifying.

    • lots of sneering. They forgot the onions for the frontal lobe part of the testimony, took them by surprise.

  61. You can tell how well this witness is doing by the degree and frequency of Samatha’s (and brother) eye rolls. If she continues, I am convinced that she will end up with an eyeball sprain!!!

    JW and Dr. G are knocking it out of the park! Wow, what an awesome job. Great to go out with bang.
    No pun intended and no disrespect meant..

  62. Based on my opinion…
    Here comes JW’s SLAM DUNK!!!!!!!!!

    She is freaking amazing on handling Dr. Geffner today
    covered all her bases and made she she covered stuff that
    JM would bring up, ( cause she knows him oh sooooo well )

    Standing Ovation for Jennifer!

  63. TA’s family should now be removed!!! Unacceptable behavior! Jury can see them!!! They have already been warned!

    • the judge does not give a damn she is on JM side she knows that she does this and lets her do it hopefully the jury saw it and thinks she is a bitch and should go home.

    • The judge hasn’t done a thing about it in all these months, I don’t suppose she’ll do anything now. Let’s just hope the jury sees them as I see them. When they make faces, they look even more like the Adams Family than they normally do. Also, their faces are like a truth barometer. When the defense tells the truth, they start sneering like vicious animals.

  64. lets say a hail mary that the doctor can continue to testify that the baby doc did a bad job that blow job bitch of a judge I would love to see her getting a good ass fuc**** from the ones that believe that this court is full of shit

  65. Frickin’ dropped feed! sounds like a skipping record (how many of my friends out there remember records?!? 🙂 )

  66. I would say JD should be sent to summer school for additional course work in order to understand testing among other things. Perhaps a class in compassion wouldn’t hurt either.

    • I would suggest JD go pole dance at The Crazy Horse in Vegas.
      She would def be a (((highlight)))) there…

  67. I wonder if the “eyeroller” “smirk mouther” is the sister that told katiecoolady that Travis has been coming to her for years in the FORM OF AN ELEPHANT…katie says that one of Travis’ sister had an idea where Jodi had thrown the GUN….they decide to go look for it on that weekend of 3-16-2013…and katie said they should trust the sister’s feeling 100%…no matter if it makes sense or not…this is the sister’s SOJURN…so they head out with the METAL DETECTOR to look for the GUN…she said this sister had never seen Travis’ home before…

  68. I am way behind due to computer failure, but Samantha and brother are really awful. She thinks she knows more than this doctor. What fools they are. They never knew their brother.

  69. Yep .. we can see it coming, the old trick of not being qualified to make the diagnostic because we are not the surgeon. Dumbass . . where the hell the surgeons get their knowledge . . from people like Doc G. We all can supervise a job we can’t physically do and some can physically do a job but not mentally process how to unless instructed. JM gonna lose again and should concede to try and save what career he has left with some dignity by just stating the facts that this trial is out of control

    • Oh is Juan trying to make him stupid because he isn’t a surgeon or coroner? Good grief. He is the research expert, not the medical doctors!!!!

  70. OH GOD HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!
    grab your ear plugs and break out your rusty razor blades
    here comes JM’s screeching voice
    another reason to kill yourself

  71. ”You were nothing more than a hired gun”

    • “Are you done reading it YES OR NO?”

      “Let me have it BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Love it, JM’s last performance and he’s going SO OVER THE TOP
      it’s hysterical.

      Pretend this is a comedy and laugh everyone cause JM is freaking

      Listen to his voice, he is soooooooooooooo ANGRY
      and INSECURE

  72. I love Nurmi’s smirk
    it has “Go ahead JM hang yourself with all the rope you need” all over Nurmi’s face

  73. child custity case has nothing to do with a DP case and a test that was given and the results were wrong what the hell is he up too. lets discredit him

  74. When one has NO case, NO facts you get personal!!!

    Dr. G has to correct JM….he is rattled. Rude and disrespectful…..this will leave it’s mark.

  75. I’ve chosen today to shut off JM…just more BS perry mason wanna be…I’ve heard what I need to hear. Dr. Dumbass is a quack, and her testimony should be thrown out!
    YAY for the defense, great job today!!!

  76. What gives him the right to talk to anyone like that? It is unbelievable. Shut the fuck up.

    • He’ll make up all kinds of lies and the judge will do NOTHING. He’ll yell and scream like a jerk and the judge will do NOTHING. We’ve seen this for 4 months now.

  77. If I could shoot JM from my home in London it would be a crime of passion. If only it could be that easy to fire into my laptop, I’d aim well.

  78. THis guy is going to give JM a anurism. JM’s head is going to spin 3 times, he will puke across the courtroom and start crawling on the walls and cieling. this is going to be laughable. Nurmi may shit himself.

  79. I knew he was going to attack him on his past testifying. Because he has nothing else to attack him on.

  80. So what JM .. Doc didn’t defend Jodi once .. all he did was explain facts about matters surrounding the case she’s involved in. There was nothing biased so to discredit his former cases based on the mother requesting evaluation without the fathers permission doesn’t mean squat. Geeeze Yanno .. any juror that sees things like JM needs their head examimed.

  81. OMFG!! Judge Sherry is really a disgrace to continue to allow him to treat others like this! It’s beyond ridiculous and I hope he loses this case on that one fact alone!

    What a …………….. (there are unfortunately NO words for this man as I have NEVER seen anyone treat others in such a manner!)

  82. he is getting away with his shit again that case has nothing to do with this case consering one little young doc that said what she said because JM wanted her to say that we need to all come together here to use all our prayes and thoughts to get rid of JM dam that judge I see now why jodi is looking the way she is today she knows she can not fight the hughes and JM and flores and deanna and the travis family and the kkk clan and the PPL and the media I just hope the tarot cards were write and the jury is questioning all the back and forth shit and they give here a little love and will not put her to death and the fact that we will be victorious

  83. Well, hopefully the Alexanders will all have sprained faces tonight and JM will have laryngitis.

  84. I like the way Dr. G keep his cool. That makes the Kermit jumping even more…i hope he gets a stroke. Sorry, i am not a violent person, but I swear I hate this idiot.

  85. I think its funny that all 3 defense whitenesses laughed at Juan’s antics being they all specialize in PTSD, abuse etc…

  86. Like usual…juando is really getting nowhere…he ask the same chyt over and over and over again…frosty morn…

  87. Good God!! That man is insane, he’s all riled up because his ‘hired gun’ was exposed for lying to the jury! He’s unreal!!

  88. who give a shit about floating profile has nothing to do with the text given and the results about time the defence is standing up for the way he is coming across the little jack ass JM hat his guts and if I was able to do voodoo I would do it now on his ass

    • exactly tonya….

      and those other damn court cases has nothing to do with this court case…

  89. OMG what a fucking spaz that prick is. Christ, someone make him stop pacing, that and the sound of his voice makes nauseous!

    • And then with the stuttering feed his rants are looping!


      I can’t think of a person I’ve known in my whole life that I’ve found as irritating as Juan Martinez!

      I think I am getting my first migraine!

  90. i can just hear JM nagging at his wife and kids, You were supposed to do the dishes right? You thought i would come home and think i would forget right? I guess you thought this time i would not talk to you about it right? i wanna jump threw and hold him mouth closed so he will shut the fuck up.

    • I just hope to God he hasn’t got kids. Can you imagine? They would be terrified of his anger, they would never be able to do anything good enough. They would never be given a chance to explain, they would just be yelled at. Dysfunctional? I think so!!!

      Same goes for Nancy Grace’s kids.

      Only positive thing I can say about this case is that it is keeping these psychos away from their kids for months on end and that can only be a good thing. They are probably getting more love and understanding from their caregivers than they ever get from their biological parents.

  91. This is why I am concerned that the jury will just throw all this stuff out the window. I mean seriously, this prosecutor is abhorent and should be thrown out of court for his antics, but the jury may see him as excellent at what he does. I am appalled.

  92. This man is being too nice to this douchebag. I have no words to describe this jerk. Nothing is good enough.

  93. I wonder if the jury gets exhausted watching this little dumbass like I do. He’s running all over the place like an insane person!

  94. Looks like Kermit may have caught DeMarte’s water gulping disease….Liars do catch that ,you know Kermit….Too bad for you.

  95. Juan looks like he is winging it without anywhere to go? He is making a fool of himself. Goes after the wrong points.

  96. this jumping around is driving me crazy, sometimes i here JM ask the same question about 3 times, more than his usual rants

  97. I do not know how much longer I can watch JM…
    I really try to be calm, but….. I get SO PISSED and the anger I feel is so toxic to me…

    • lol…
      des-pr-ahhhhhh-doh—- da dum dee – oh that reminds me, Renee, HOW did you make those musical notes symbols I saw somewhere when checking on over last few days?????

  98. He took a document from the Dr. and had it marked. The judge asked the Stapler Lady something. Was it the exhibit number I wonder? I might have missed them saying an assigned number.

  99. none of this shit matters jodi has not memory of what happened after she heard the gunshot and will not tell them what they want to here so they have to use the doctors to tell them that and that is hear say only jodi know the truth and she is not saying

  100. whatever happened to badgering the witness . . this man was just supposed to explain the situation and technical aspects of the case at hand.. he did not defend the case . . but damn if he isn’t having to defend himself. . over nothing just like nude pictures that did not belong in this trial . . JM wants everyone else to like like what he is

  101. I haven’t been able to watch much of today’s testimony but from what I have seen and from the comments I’ve read here things are going quite well.

  102. Kermit is going to crap his pants soon if he doesn’t calm down. I love when this doctor smiles at him like poor little man

  103. This is how JM’s brian works….

    “Dr. Isn’t it true that I’m going to lose this case?”

    Dr: “I do not have any knowledge of that”

    JM “So you DO believe I’m gonna win this case, because im a rock star!, No more questions”

    JW: “Objection, he didnt let the witness answer the question”

    Judge: “who, wah…um…overruled, you may continue.”

    Judges aid: whispering :”Ma’am…they are done…”

    Judge: “its lunch time bitches!” Flores: “Did you see how i got that guy to tell everyone I’m a rock star…fuck i’m good”. “wanna autograph?”.

  104. He is TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL of himself. He trying to tell the man how to read…..really Kermit….really!!!!

  105. Hi everyone! I’m just getting on for the first time today. I have a LOT of catching up to do! :O

  106. I have not seen Mr. Martinez as stressed as he is presenting today. He is very stressed and more rude and angry than I have seen and that is saying something!

  107. JM is just an ignorant & clueless little fuck. There’s no other way to put it.

    Team Jodi

  108. What a sneaky weasel JM is. Hides the bottom so the doctor can’t see the symbols and then insinuates ineptness.

  109. now he’s deriding his eye sight…take your glasses off Kermit and tell us what you can see and no he does not live and breathe to have this woman executed like you do.

  110. So now witness can’t read his f#%king notes!? I see the dumbass prosecutor getting ‘caught’ by the witness in a lot of ‘tricks.’ Once again, I hope the jury sees it.

  111. Martinez won’t even let the Dr see the whole document that he (Martinez) can see then slams the Dr. for not knowing what Martinez is refering to! Unbelieveable!!

  112. LMAO SirL . . This judge has no business to don the robe . . what’s goin on here is beyond obvious not to mention against all court and law ethics

  113. This takes me back to ALL the days Jodi survived under this kind of questioning and he could not break her. I am just amazed at her resilience, strength and composure.

    • I’ll always remember February 28th.Martinez was just inhumane to her.
      Nothing but love and admiration for poor Jodi.

    • unfortunately it showed she had suffered a lot of verbal abuse. Sometimes she would even add to his insults upon herself, or would ignore them as if it was normal to be insulted and yelled at, sometimes she rebelled like a pro, and sometimes just cried.

  114. I really do believe that Martinez has mental issues himself. Psychiatrist’s and Psychologist’s would have a field day working on him.
    If I had someone is my family murdered I wouldn’t want Martinez to be the prosecutor.

    • I think it makes it difficult for the psych witnesses to focus on the case – they are too distracted by his issues.

  115. FUCK Juan, you can’t take one validity scale and tweek it your liking …. that is exactly what Dr. DeMarte did ………. then try to find a peer reviewed article and pick out a paragraph to your liking if FK-ed.

    Not letting the Dr finish answering his questions is unethical and this judge needs to get her shit together…………. a human being life is on the line. I don’t if she likes the DEFENSE or JODI, but by Godly do you FK job correctly.

    This JUAN pisses me off…………. dirty slime ball, twisting and turning shit around….. GOD I only hope the jury is smarter than JUAN..

  116. Hows everyone doing?! Haven’t posted I been busy with family, but im watching the trial and Dr Gaffner is doing an awesome job! I loved how he said it is the JOB on the evaluator to go behind the symptoms; to figure it out and NOT disregard it like “wanna be doc” did. How smart does SHE feel now?

    Oh, I also removed my gravatar photo. That asshole from “The Truth” website took some snapshots of slme of out comments (mine was one of them), to talk shit and I didn’t like how my picture ended up on that stupid website WITHOUT my permission!