Jodi Arias Trial – Day 53

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After yesterday’s Flores comedy show, Dr Kevin Horn (the Medical Examiner) is lined up for his rebuttling bit today. It’s penciled in as a “short” day too, like most of the other days really. Then after that, the circus starts up again next Wednesday, May 1st @ 9 am, and will include testimony from surrebuttal witness Dr. Robert Geffner.

Closing arguments & jury instructions are scheduled for next Thursday & Friday, May 2nd & 3rd.

Jodi Arias - Jennifer Willmott - Kirk Nurmi 4-23

So… barring any unforeseen fires, floods, earthquakes, acts of God or any sudden breakouts of gross stupidity, we should be celebrating the verdict around May 8th. I’m guessing on the date of course… but I do know this for a fact…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Leave your comments below on trial day 53

Team Jodi

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    • I am very frustrated about the defense. It has been a long trial, why the heck do not the defense have a forensic expert and a ME? The dura mater was intact at autopsy and the bullet did not enter his brain. The bullet barely caught his skull and would have exited very near the entrance wound if it was a more powerful gun. It changed the direction when it hit the skull (inner) second time, then glided inside the skull and passed the sinus region. He was mindful to clear and blow blood at the sink, that was not an act of a man being murdered, or he would not have exposed his back to more attack and taken his eyes off his attacker. Could anyone here tell the defense that the dura mater was intact? The momentum was toward his facial skull and most of the energy was absorbed by the bone, not his brain.

      • Joyce, to be honest, I feel for the defense. They are fighting an uphill battle with this judge. It’s not so easy for them to be able to present witnesses. I think most experts are afraid to touch this case. 🙁

      • I do believe the jury will see it exactly the way you stated it. I was very surprised OJ was not found guilty, but for some reason the jury couldn’t convict him without reasonable doubt . More reasons in this case for the jury to have reasonable doubt. Jodi will be free soon. Relax and Thank God !

        • I am also wondering why we don’t have a forensic expert and ME. Since I am not an attorney and don’t understand why not, it looks to me like the jury can get her on the murder 1. I know what that guy in the blue shirt was saying wasn’t completely true. My background is in medicine. I understand the circumstances when being shot in the frontal skull. But will the jury know what to understand? There is so much bull being thrown around by Martinez but I hear so many positive things about him. The jury has to hear this also. I just don’t trust this system in Arizona. The reason the jury couldn’t stay was because they don’t have security at night and the weekends. The Judge said it herself. So if the verdict is not in Jodi’s favor, I know it is a system problem in that Arizona Court House. Multiple system problems because of the many death threats on the defenses side. Like a Witch Hunt, Lynch Mob. All the no real fact stuff.
          Also, for Miss infantile psychologist many people develop Borderline Personality Disorder once they have been through the Trauma of a PTSD event. They don’t have to be exclusive of each other. So infantile psychologist sounded very stupid to me. But to the masses, who don’t know any better. But does the Jury know better? That is what concerns me. Just the fact that infantile psychologist got on the stand as an expert witness and didn’t know something that renders experience needs addressing and whatever the law does about a clueless expert witness.

          • Or a person with PTSD can be diagnosed as follows: PTSD with some borderline features. That is a more common way to address the abandonment issues a person may have.


    hwild is back and has updated the hWATionary with many new terms. … #JodiArias

    @WildAboutTrial Did you add “To Nurminate”?

    @DawnMichael what is the definition for Nurminate?

    9:08 AM – 25 Apr 13 · Details
    @WildAboutTrial To recline. “Wild is nurminating due to his broken ankle” #wildabouttrial

    @DawnMichael hwild already refers to that as reclination though.

    @DawnMichael @wildabouttrial LOL! I like that one 😉

    9:10 AM – 25 Apr 13 · Details
    Hubba Pasha‏@HubbaPasha1m
    @WildAboutTrial @DawnMichael Is it more about the untucked reclination aaaaaaaaynd/orrrr the mind-numbingly slooooow speech pattern?

  2. Do you think Dr Horn is going to make a convincing argument that TA was stabbed first then shot? I hope the Defense is fully prepared for this….I’m a bit worried.

      • Seriously. How can anyone think he was shot last based on the blood evidence? The doctor is going to have a tough time proving that he was stabbed first I think. I am not a pathologist but just understanding what I do know it isn’t easy for me to see it. I will have to wait and hear the evidence he is planning to testify to.

    • I have no idea, Linda. I can tell you this. My brother was shot in the head (way worse than Travis) and he walked to his truck (with help of friend) several hundred yards away, was fully coherent all the way to the hospital (about a 15 min drive), and did not slip into a coma until he was air evacuated to a different hospital.

      AND, he is alive today!

      • Of course! This happens all the time. It is the only thing that makes sense. Travis was shot, either fell or not, got up and went to the sink and then flew into a rage.

        • Thanks, K!

          This happened in 1993. He was shot in the head when his friend’s gun accidentally discharged and ricocheted off a rock, and shot him in the back, left side of his head.

          We thought we were going to lose him. But, the doctors did an excellent job. He has short-term memory loss, but that’s it.

          The reason I call BULL on the ME is because of this.

          Remember, he went to ONE hospital first, and then was airlifted to another hospital that’s another 15-20 minutes away by air.

      • Wow! That’s great for your brother. And I assume it went through his brain (Dr. Horn’s big argument last time)?

        • Yes, it did AA.

          When my brother got to the second hospital (Barrows Neurological Center) in Phoenix, the doctors had to cut his head open on the helipad and remove a huge blood clot.

          Then, when he was on the operating table, they removed the part of his brain that has to do with short-term memory.

          He is alive and well. Is married with two kids. This is 20 years later!! 🙂

      • Wow, Nicole thanks for sharing that story! That must have been completely scary to go through.

        Yes, the brain is a funny organ. There’s stories posted everywhere on the Internet of people getting shot in the head and living to tell about it. So the idea that Travis would have been immediately put down is ridiculous. Especially not by a .25 bullet which is a step above a pea shooter.

        • I liked what someone said here the other day: ‘If you shoot someone with a .25, they are going to be really mad.’

  3. Nurmi better be prepared to be “Karate Kid” today. He NEEDS to land some major Karate Chops on JM’s case.!

  4. Maybe the DT is planning on being “The Turtle” to JM’s “Hare” – while jm thinks he’s got it, kn/jw will slowly but surely sneak up on jm and get to the finish line first! I’d love to see that – the underdog wins, again!!!

  5. Come on, everyone. We are playing “trial start time” lottery!

    I said 9:50.

    SR0606 said 10:05.

    What is your guess?

  6. While we wait for court to start, I thought I would pass this info along (not sure if it has ever been posted).

    It seems that TA refinanced his house in 2006. He got +/- $100k out. Then, there are several entries as what appear to be “workouts” with the bank in 2008.

    So, I guess he blew through money like “shit through a tin goose” and then couldn’t pay the bill!

    • No wonder he could afford that closet full of clothes, the BMW, etc. I saw alot of that, used to live in Vegas. Several of our friends had 2 or 3 mortgages on their homes, lived like rich folks. Travel here and there, fancy cars, boats, I always thought, wow, I must be the only one here thats broke! lmao….. and now their like hundreds of thousands upside down, can’t refi, can’t sell….stuck, or they walk away and declare bankruptcy.
      Seems like the SW had major issues with this. Now you can buy a house down there for under 100k

        • agreed, just seem to see it more down in the SW then places like Seattle. Maybe its because the home down there fell in value so much. Up here, we didn’t see our home depreciate like there, so its more obvious.
          The stats show that the SW was the foreclosure capital though for sure. Vegas topped that list for years.

      • And since it creates the illusion of money, all TA supporters think Jodi was a gold digger. *shakes head in disbelief*

    • Yea what the hell did he do with all that money? 100k?! Thats a BIG chunk! I know he toop trips but damn, he never really left the country! What was he doing, staying in expensive hotels, buying prostitutes, drugs and alcohol? ?!!!

    • 2006 in Arizona, a house was like a giant ATM. Want a new BMW… no problem, just refinance. Want a boat and some ATV’s… why not, just take the money from your home’s equity.

      The whole economy here for about 4 years was buying and selling each other homes with make believe money. Basically one giant ponzi scheme.

  7. WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 7m Just got hword, #JodiArias is in courtroom. The coroner is here as a witness for today. Stay tuned everyone!

    • WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 41s hold tight everyone, trial still hasn’t started but should get going shortly. #JodiArias

  8. Oh I wanted to comment on the House Hunter JOKE!! I cant blv the family is really letting these people do this! We all know what the agreement was. We’ll agree to let you in the house but only if you come back with footage indicating Jodi shot him in the shower! !!! ALL ABOUT MONEY!!!

    Although I do blv some people have the ability to be Medium but this house hunter crap is set up to make the Alexander family money. And like Maria said earlier, TA wasn’t a very nice guy, they should lv his spirit alone and get the heck out of that house!!!!

    Now if it was Thetesa Caputo, John Edward or Silvia Brown it be interesting to hear what they had to say. (THE INTRUDERS), maybe…. ????

    For everyone wearing that little blue ribbon: So much for “R.I.P.” Travis (damn hypocrites)!

    • My 11 year old watches Ghosthunter. Is this the show? He told me they never ‘talk’ to the ghost. Apparently, this show is quite popular with the little ones. LOL

      • Yea thats another one, they’re all fake shows BUT I blv that when a spirit wants to come through, they will. They seriously have NO RESPECT (his family), for allowing it just to make some money!

    • JMHO, people need to be careful when poking around with “ghosts” and the supernatural. They are entities that will lie to to you. I think playing with ‘ghosts’ is more like playing with negative energies. Does the mormon faith believe in ghosts? I thought they believed ppl went to heaven or hell. If so, then why would they believe travis spririt is still down here?

      • JC,I said the exact same thing last night and this morning.Messing around with a spirit of a man who was not a good person when he was alive,plus had a brutal and sudden death hmmm not my cup of tea!!

      • The way it was explained to me by my ex’s Dad who is a Bishop: Mormons do not believe in Hell but multiple levels of Heaven. So Hell to them is the lowest level of Heaven. It doesn’t make sense but that is my understanding. I thought Hell was Hell and definitely not a part of Heaven.

      • “JMHO, people need to be careful when poking around with “ghosts” and the supernatural. They are entities that will lie to to you.”


        and if the mormon attonement works travis shouldn’t be around anyway.

      • People have NO BUSINESS messing around with stuff that we have no knowledge of, IMO. We know nothing for sure about the Afterlife (or even if it exists, for that matter). It’s like poking a rattlesnake with a stick to “see what happens”. You just DON’T!

      • JC- You are so correct on that one. I did research last year when my little girl suddenly became afraid of ghosts, because the kids in school told her the school had a ghost. The Bible has many scriptures that discuss exactly what you stated.

    • I wouldn’t mind hearing what Sylvia had to say. Playing with spirits is dangerous. You never know what you are opening yourself up to.

      • Yea and TA wouldn’t be a nice spirit! !! His going to come out at them holding his head in his arms, yelling at them to get the F*** OUT!!! lol

  9. Hey Everyone,

    It’s good to be back, have been checking in and keeping up on the posts when I can.

    We are coming down to the wire, our Girl is looking exhausted and stressed and a little anxious, keeping her in my thoughts and prayers for strength.

  10. SJ, if there’s any more “breakout[s] of gross stupidity” than we’ve already had in that courtroom, I fear the Universe will collapse in on itself and we’ll all be swallowed up by the massive black hole it leaves. Seriously, I don’t know if it’s humanly possible to even GET much stupider (I don’t even know if that’s a word) than these idiots already are! 😆

  11. For Dorothy and Lara:

    WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m Nurmi is almost in his Tiger Woods final round ensemble, black suit with blood red shirt and black tie. #JodiArias

    No word on the socks though as yet!

  12. I see that stupid Wick woman….I really can’t stand her. She looked over at the TA side and smiled and then made a sad pout face.

  13. I swear, Jodi looks thinner, paler, and more tired every single time I see her. 🙁 I just want to hug her and tell her it’s all gonna be okay, somehow, in the end!

  14. If Travis’s brain was “practically liquefied,” then how the hell would this ME know for sure WHAT the bullet trajectory was? Why let him just speculate on hypotheticals?!? We want FACTS, not GUESSES!

    • yes, I think she is…poor thing looks like she’s sobbing. Re-living this over and over again, is taking it’s toll on this poor girl. My heart is bleeding for her right now..

  15. This is pure speculation. I don’t see how he can make these assumptions. As a doctor again I have seen people hurt badly in the head without losing consciousness and continuing to make purposeful movements. And just how much of the brain did it involve. I thought it barely hit the frontal cortex.

  16. ok, I’m lost…didn’t this same doctor say earlier that he couldn’t say for sure which came first, NOW during rebuttal, he’s saying something completely different…this is so much crap!
    Again the DA playing Houdini, getting these people to say something different during the part of the trial that the defense can’t argue against!
    So sick of this garbage.

  17. I hope that jury remembers the woman that shot the intruder that came into her house in GA. He was shot in the face and escaped for a short distance.

  18. Because the state brought this twit back, don’t they question first? Or did I miss some testimony from yesterday?

  19. This is bad testimony. He is not a good ME if he doesn’t think blood would go from the sinuses into the nose. That is crap.

  20. NICE!!! GO JW GO!! This doctor is up there lying, or at least mis representing his previous testimony
    Have this testimony thrown out!!

  21. Hey everyone…welcome back Gail nice to see you!

    Good afternoon morning LC, Ashley, MB, Moni, AA, Al, Michele, Annie, Maria, NH, Stan, PJ, Intro, Rachel, Cindyp, CindyJ (lol), CanadaLinda, SJ, JC, Melvis, Meow, Dorothy, Bystander, Joe, Misty, Alaina, Nicole, Kmiller, Jaz, and ANYONE ELSE I HAVE NOT LISTED – PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE….

    Good afternoon hero… 🙂

  22. I think JW did a great job!! I think she used the doctors words against him.

    Now, let’s see what the juror question is…

  23. OK, I have seen gunshot wounds to the head and the people survived. With the bullets in the brain, etc. etc. He would have choked on blood more likely

    • There was aspirated blood and blood/mucus mix (spat out) all around the sink in that bathroom. You can even tell a difference between the two just looking the crime scene pics. I’m a nurse and I call BS on this doc’s testimony!

    • NH, My question as well…. the juror should have asked ” specifically, head, brain” injuries. Now the info that the 100 or so autopsies he did which involved a 25 are left open. Why didn’t JW question him on that. Seems trial was rushed today.

  24. Dammit, I lost picture and I’m a tad behind as I had to pause this. Haven’t heard the juror question yet.

    • Good one. This shows exactly what the frontal lobe injury would do. Yes, he would have been stunned but the blood came from the face and he would have choked on the blood more than he would have been incapacitated by the brain injury. And from this I am not even convinced he had a brain injury that was sufficient to do anything.

  25. He is really stretching things, that is all I can say. He can’t even tell us where the bullet injured the frontal lobe. Until he can do that I can’t believe anything he says.

  26. 25 caliber isn’t much more powerful than a BB gun shot.
    You have to take into consideration the adrenaline surging thru the body. The fact that the body doesn’t realize it’s been shot for a minute. Not everyone is going to be incapacitated that quickly.

  27. Also, frontal lobe functions aren’t motor functions and the shock from a 25 I don’t think would have caused much damage elsewhere.

  28. Yes the jurors asked some good questions. It seems they are trying hard to understand this. That is good for Jodi I think.

    • going to fall back on that picture with the foot. Travis was holding his own head up. Therefor he was NOT dead in the last picture!

  29. BINGO! bullet deflected by bone! Brain is “pudding-like”…How could he tell for certain that the bullet entered the brain?

    • Yeah, this is unacceptable. If she has another trial, which I hope she does not, I hope they have some topnotch forensic pathologist to go over the autopsy findings, evidence and testify.

    • I’m guessing as it relates to JW last questions, that if the gun shot had happened after the throat was cut, it would have been impossible for the bullet to have passed through at the angle it did. She is smart!

  30. To all the haters who accuse Jodi of “fake crying”… LOOK AT HER! Does your face get all puffy, your eyes and nose get all red, from pretending to cry?!?

  31. how come whenever there a question that doesn’t help prosecution purpose the witness cant remember, both fluras and dr horn did same when asked about previous statements

  32. that’s right doc! the head would be slumped over if his throat was cut. well done jenny from the block! (and my nurmikins is lookin goooooooooooood today. love the black and red!)

    • I wonder why she didn’t continue with that and ask “Then why the HELL is his head off the floor in this picture??” in regards to the picture in a previous post that the state is saying he was dead and she was dragging him.

      • because it was obvious! go jenny! go jenny! get your cross on. go jenny! she didn’t need the pic. docs statement and ever changing testimony said it all for her. the jury doesn’t need coloring book pages and crayons to put it together, (did you see there is an hln coloring book for sale now? seriously.)

    • Just for you Lara, 🙂

      Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial210m
      Nurmi throws up a quick chicken wing as the jury leaves. I really love his black and red outfit. It’s stunning.

    • YES! The juror questions indicate they are NOT buying his theory. He evidently does not recall the PHOTOS…SO he mustn’t have taken them into account when he did his final report. I can’t believe that NO ONE asked…”If the brain was like pudding how can you be certain, absolutely CERTAIN that the bullet fully penetrated the brain to the extent of rendering TA fully incapacitated immediately?”

    • Wouldn’t you? Horn is so dangerous. He made mistakes in his autopsy, and fell under the spell of Martinez.

      But I think the defence still has resources.

  33. Why didn’t jw point out the bathroom sink scene and all the blood splatter, to prove that he was not knocked out with the bullet, but was able to walk over to the sink and spit out blood all over?

    • I think intro that the jury will remember the pic of the sink..I did when JW was crossing him about the blood coming out of sinus and or mouth.

  34. omg…I think JW just got her ‘smoking gun” with that last question….loving it!!!! Did you see JM look at Flores…that was priceless! He knows it too….hahahaha
    I can hardly wait for closing arguments…..
    WTG JW! brilliant !

  35. When JM looks deflated I want to celebrate
    When Jodi looks sad & crying..i want to give her a hug
    The looks on her face was why is he lying and why are
    all these people out to get me?
    Fucking Sad!!!

  36. Um Jenny … why didn’t you finish that last question up about his head being UP off the ground in the photo? Saving that for closing arguments?

    • Exactly AA….
      I think we can all take a deep breath now….the jury knows whats up, JW handled that brilliantly, and JM looks pretty nervous…
      When she gets up from her desk without notes, you know its going to get real!
      hahahaha…put up that up your pipe and smoke it Kermit!
      You’ve been out played and out smarted at your own silly games..:} thats what you get for trying to get your witnesses to change their testimony during rebuttal. Sunk your own ship..I shall now call the prosecution ” The Titanic”

  37. JUROR Q’s as per WAT:
    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial29m
    How frequently have you seen injuries from a .25 calibur weapon? #JodiArias

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial29m
    Can you explain why you think Travis was still alive when his throat was slit. #JodiArias

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial29m
    What could happen that could allow Travis to still move well? #JodiArias

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial210m
    Juror questions: If Jodi shot travis in the middle of the bathroom wouldn’t there have been blood found in the middle of the floor#JodiArias
    Not so sure about the tone of the questions…

    • “How frequently have you seen injuries from a .25 calibur weapon?” Asked b/c (imo) they may feel he doesn’t have a lot of knowledge in this area.

      “Can you explain why you think Travis was still alive when his throat was slit.” Again, not a lot of confidence in this doc if the jury is asking him to explain himself.

      “What could happen that could allow Travis to still move well?” They don’t believe doc’s story about being immediately incapacitated.

      ” If Jodi shot travis in the middle of the bathroom wouldn’t there have been blood found in the middle of the floor” An honest question from a jury who is trying to put this together. Does not mean they believe either way.”

      Of course these are all jmho

    • How can we ever be sure of the tone?The questions were neither pro pros or pro Jodi ,imho.Just confused jurors,trying to put things together.Although the first one I think was a second conditional question,which I didnt like at all sth about ”IF that were true…”

  38. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 5m

    A Sheriff’s Deputy just led a black police dog and its handler back to the jury room.

    Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 4m

    That security dog just walked back through #JodiArias courtroom and out the main entrance. Unclear what that was about.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 3m

    The dog handler just said it is a bomb dog.

    Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 5m

    The dog and handler just left. I guess it didn’t smell anything in the jury room.

  39. They did up people after years and do autopsies and this guy can’t find the damage to the brain after five days? BS. I am a doctor and I know this is BS!!

    • wouldn’t the heat of the bullet no matter the size still cauterize soft tissue leaving traceable path/ Well I guess that’s a stupid question since the bullet missed the brain .. sry .. lol

      • He should have seen a difference between the decomposing intact brain and the damaged brain. At least on microsopic for goodness’ sake. This man has probably not dealt with decomposing bodies much. And he should have let someone who had deal with this body.

        • Exactly . . unless coerced to testify with bogus info by ppl thinking the rest of the world is ignorant and I say coerced. Should he find being bought agreeable, his career can be followed and within the confines he just boxed himself into otherwise he might continue his career elsewhere asap.

    • Well im glad we have a dr here saying that its BS, cuz I was thinking BS BS BS too. I thk yhis guy is scared of the haters and his afraid of them and the media ruining his career. That is so SAD that he can’t even testify to what he really blvs!

      And EVERYONE KNOWS that there has been similar brain injuries were people get up an walk away! Dr Horn made himself look like a fool. But the haters must be loving him! People are so stupid, they’re ok being lied to! WOW!

      • LC, I hadn’t thought of his possible fear of the haters and the media doing to him what they did to other professionals…hmm. I just thought he had greasy palms.

  40. Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 1m

    The sister left in court is openly crying…she and her husband just left the room.

    why is she not in chambers???????????????

  41. …the bullshit will never end with the traviban…they better be careful their desperation is showing…..

  42. well i am guessing that is the end of the state rebuttal and when the jury comes back she will adjourn till Wednesday

  43. I suppose this is Jodi’s doing? Maybe now someone will take notice of the horrible things that are happening. Half these people belong in Anger Management Therapy.

  44. I have always thought the seqence of events would be the biggest hurdle for the DT to overcome. I hope JW was able to achieve that today.
    And to bring a bit of levity to the situation, with the State resting, my husband is now pissed as he realizes there is no more chance of the young lady from Tesoro testifying anymore (I question his motive for him wanting her to testify again!).

    • Juror #8 The CEO-Good looking man, mid 50′s with goatee. Can see him being the jury foreman. I called this guy “The Dad”. He looks nothing like my dad, Lol, but for whatever reason… I got a fatherly feel from him.

      I found this about #8.

  45. Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial24m
    A bomb sniffing dog and deputy was just ran through the courtroom. Apparent threats to the defense team. #JodiArias

  46. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m

    A deputy told me the bomb dog tour was just routine.
    Chris Williams Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews 1m

    #JodiArias juror 8 sat front row, left side, one chair in. Man with a short beard. Took a lot of notes.

  47. He is talking about the plethora of people who continue to go on after shot, etc. lololol. love it! Of course Mike whatever didn’t like his answers.

  48. Can you imagine being a juror all this time, through all the bs and not get to finish it? Either the juror isn’t playing nice or they have a life that needs dealt with. Hope it’s not defense friendly jurors. Wasn’t #8 talked about quite a bit the other day?

    • probably money was an issue..although I also heard somewhere the Nurni is not a forensics attorney…whatever that means.

  49. Is it just me, or did Pickles go out of her way to remind the jurors that they are to have NO contact with the media? Immediately after she announced juror #8 had been dismissed? Or am I reading too much into it?

  50. This is what I found about Juror 8:
    Juror #8 The CEO-Good looking man, mid 50′s with goatee. Can see him being the jury foreman. I called this guy “The Dad”. He looks nothing like my dad, Lol, but for whatever reason… I got a fatherly feel from him.

    He is a white male in his 50s and is married. He also takes notes and has been observed submitting questions.

    40ish writing a lot when the “pursuing Bobby” and why she moved to Mesa Interestingly I have little written about him, though I remember having a good line of site

    Meh. I hope he is more CEO that “The Dad” I’d keep him if I had to, but would not be sorry to see him go. I do not want him to be the foreman.

  51. Even though it was a short day
    It definitely made up for yesterday sidebar after sidebar travesty!
    Jennifer rocked it hard!!!!!!!!

        • Is see it now, he’s a cute little puppy! ! I wish my daughters would like them, they’re scared of dogs so I decided to wait a few years.

          • yea!! I see him now! TY, he’s a very sweet boy! I lost a purebred Boxer last year (9 years old), then became involved in Petpardons on FB and decided from now on, only rescue dogs, even tho I loved my Boxer…You’ll get one LC, and Aus Sheps and German Sheps are very good w/children and very protective! <3

          • LC, That is why I got a dog. I grew up afraid of them and didn’t want my children to be afraid…now they love dogs and are comfortable with them. I’m glad because having a fear of dogs can be debilitating at times. My dog is awesome. Boston terrier.

            • Dorothy, my other dog is a 13 yr old Jack/Rat Terrier! He has congestive heart failure, but is on meds and still as feisty as ever, and if you have a terrier you know what I mean!! bark, bark, bark and lots of attitude!!

              • My dog is a Boston Terrier…the name is misleading though. Bostons don’t have any typical terrier behaviors; no hunting skills, not an alarm (barking) dog. In fact, they were initially bred as fighting dogs but the opposite happened… they are considered “The Gentleman’s Dog” because they have no purpose (job) except play and snuggle and love everyone.
                I’m sad to hear your terrier is in poor health 🙁 13 years…I feel anxious for you.

                • Thanks D~after just loosing my Boxer last year, it’ll be hard to loose another that I’ve had for so long…but he’s a fighter!! And you are very lucky your Boston doesn’t bark!! Sounds like a nice breed to have! <3

              • Lynn, I had an Aussie too…smartest dog ever! Quick and beautiful. Could catch a Frisbee and do a flip at the same time… Kept the kids herded. Wonderful dog.

                • He is a quick learner~also had Aussie years ago..very protective of our family and super smart! It’s nice to see so many Dog lovers here!

              • Lynn…you say you had a pure bred boxer, Boston Terriers are very similar in temperament to boxers except they are a smaller version…so you may understand what i mean about the terrier part of their name being misleading 🙂

                • Geeze Dorothy, now I want to change avitars and put my Boxer and JR up!!! Sounds like I would like to own a Boston one day!!

                • Lynn, If you ever get one you may never want another breed. I have had several dogs and my after my first Boston died I got another. There is no doubt in my mind if I get another dog, I will get a Boston.

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial22m
    The defense will be calling a new psychologist next Wednesday. #JodiArias

    10:44 AM – 25 Apr 13 · Details
    suzy west‏@suzyswest1m
    @WildaboutTrial2 omg this is ridiculous! Can this go on for a long time or can he only speak that day?

    Trial Maniac‏@trialmaniac1m
    @WildaboutTrial2 Trial, can’t say she didn’t see that one coming…

    Live, Laugh, Love ‏@GraceIn20131m
    @WildaboutTrial2 Oh brother. I knew this judge would let them do whatever they want.

    Staci Ross‏@navillusicats1m
    @WildaboutTrial2 how can they do that they rested??

    barb wozniak‏@mizwozy1m
    @WildaboutTrial2 mizwozy says please no not that, another defense witness! stab me now

    NOTE: look at “live,laugh, love @ GraceIn2013” is this the same Grace Wong who testified? READ what she says?

      • Live, Laugh, Love ‏@GraceIn20131m
        @WildaboutTrial2 Oh brother. I knew this judge would let them do whatever they want.

        LOL. Even the Haters hate the Puppet Judge, only for the wrong reason.

  53. I recall someone saying yesterday they saw Jodi mouth the word “7” and that number comes before 8. I wonder if she saw something?

    • I’m thinking so! And maybe with the juror 5 and other dude being gone this juror was the 7th person counting by people not chairs. Take away 5 and it would make sense the 7th person was actually #8. I think the male juror he had left due to illness was 12

  54. jose miguel ‏@reporterjmiguel 1m

    It’s important to note juror #8 was NOT in court today, his seat has been EMPTY ALL MORNING
    Retweetet von Elizabeth Erwin
    Elizabeth Erwin Elizabeth Erwin ‏@elizabetherwin 1m

    The juror who was dismissed is the inquisitive one I’ve tweeted about before. He asked a lot of the juror questions.

  55. Good morning everyone.

    So, my 14 year old son and I had some fun last night. We did some experiments on 2 book shelves.

    both bookshelves are the same

    -Each complete unit is 84.2 inches high
    -Each unit is 36.4 inches wide.
    -Each unit is 14.5 inches deep.
    -The material of all wood pieces are made from pressed particle board and covered with a thin paper finish.
    -The pegs are 1.2 inches long, round, with no “flat” side., leaving approx. 1/2 inch sticking out, when they are placed into the peg holes.
    – Peg holes are 2 inches from the front of the unit and 2 inches from the rear of the unit.

    The unit is secured to the wall with wall anchors.

    All shelves are empty.

    We placed shelves 1 foot, 2 feet and 3 feet off of the ground.

    My Son is 14, he weighs 121lbs. he is 5-7.

    1st observations showed that the shelves, when hand weight was applied at the leading edge, would NOT flip up the shelf. I am 220lbs, 6-3. I was able to get the shelf to “flip up, but it was only after figuring out the correct angle to apply MUCH pressure to, using my hand. It was more of an “in and down” pressure, almost as if I was “gripping” the shelf. It had to be applied directly to the top corner of the shelf.

    2nd observation. My son wore tennis shoes. When simply “trying his weight out” on the lowest shelf, he was able to get the shelf to tip. When trying this same thing with his shoes off, he was only able to get the shelf to tip when he pushed only on the very edge of the shelf.

    3rd observation. My son tried to grab a ball i placed on the top of the unit. With only instructions to “grab the ball off the top”. he was able to get the ball without using the shelves at all. He used a method of “jumping and pulling himself up with the non-ball hand”. It appeared that this was in fact the simplest way for someone to get this ball.

    4th observation. I instructed my son to NOT use his “non-ball grabbing hand” to secure himself in any way. He then used the 2nd shelf, which was 23 3/4 from the floor. We repeated this a total of 13 times. The first 6 times he was wearing his socks. When he placed his foot near the “peg edge” of the shelf, he popped right up and grabbed the ball. The shelf made no movement. We did this same thing again with tennis shoes on. The shelf again made no movement. Finally with tennis shoes on, i instructed him to step on the middle, wear we had placed a piece of tape, marking the center of the shelf. The shelf broke. It broke on the front left edge, above the front Peg. The board itself did not snap, but rather the hole that holds the pegs “ripped” or “chipped” through and the board flipped forward. (consequently his foot fell down to the bottom shelf breaking it in half)

    ( replaced shelves, same unit)
    5th observation. I instructed my son to attempt to “flip the shelf, WHILE grabbing the ball”. His first attempt failed, and he simply grabbed the ball. The second try (with tennis shoes on this time) he was able to “flip up” the front edge of the shelf, causing his shoe to “stick” to the board and slammed/slid forward off of the unit. We attempted this several more time with the results being whatever we chose. He was able to make the shelf stay, or flip up, depending on how he applied the pressure and how “deep” he put the toe of his shoe onto the shelf.

    New unit
    6th observation. With empty shelf’s and shoes on, my son placed his body weight slowly onto the lowest shelf. It held his weight with no breakage, while he put all of his weight on the shelf.. Next, he “quickly stepped onto the center of the shelf” to see if it would hold all of his weight, the peg hole again ripped out. However, the shelf started to “tip forward” just as it “ripped out”. (this became key to my conclusion)

    7th Observation. I then asked him to “climb” the shelves, as if they were “steps”, using his hands on upper shelves or the top of the unit, to assist with balance and weight distribution. He was able to do this, if he did it very slowly. I instructed him then to do it in a “mad rush”, but making sure to use each of the lowest 3 shelves. This did not turn out well, as it was hard for him to make his body take such small steps. (this also helped in my conclusion) In a rush, stepping all 3 shelves, using hands, he was able to make the first 2 steps, but the third shelf flipped up in the back then slammed down, breaking both Peg Holes in the back of the shelf.

    8th. finally observation (playing around) I (220lbs) was able to grab the ball when using my empty/open hand to hold the unit for support. I did this on all 3 levels of shelves. I placed my foot at the “peg edge” each time. I was not able to do this without using my empty hand to secure myself on the unit. All 3 times the shelf broke2 times at the “peg hole” and once it broke almost in the center, although i had stepped near the “peg edge”.

    We had 1 shelf that was not broken yet, so we experimented with “depth” vs. weight, to see were the “sweat spot” was that didn’t flip the shelf all the way off the unit, but did bring up the back edge.

    lastly, we place a “full to the rim” cup of water on the shelf and had my son “grab the ball” using his free hand to secure himself with the top edge of the unit. NOT A DROP OF WATER SPILLED!

    So, what did my son and I learn? I concluded that it is VERY possible that Jodi could have used the shelves as a step and not break them or flip them over. I concluded that it would have been MUCH MORE likely that she would have “broke” the shelf before she “flipped it over” And that it is HIGHLY unlikely that she could have flipped it over if she didn’t have “grippy” shoes, such as tennis shoes on. We were not able to flip the shelf, when trying, without breaking it first, when we had just socks on. We concluded that the spot on the shelf and how deep you put your foot in changed the outcome. We placing the to only 1 in deeper than “just on the very edge” allowed the shelf to be pushed on without flipping up. When explaining this i could see someone saying they just put their foot on the “edge” of the shelf, as Jodi explained, because it only took 2 inches or a tad less to change the weight from “flipping” to “over the front Pegs. We concluded that if the weight was applied over the front pegs that the board would break before it would tip all the way forward. We concluded that it made a huge difference if we used our free hand to help balance, distribute our weight as we made the step.

    Finally we put the shelf at the 3 foot height, carefully using both hands i was able to step up, WITH BOTH FEET,(all of my weight) onto the shelf, i then was able to use one hand to SIGN MY NAME on the top of the unit. It held long enough to sign my entire name! I know this doesn’t prove anything that Jodi said she did, but it held a man with ALL of his body weight that is twice her size on a shelf HIGHER than she needed for several moments, not just a “quick burst” of no solid weight.

    IT IS VERY LIKELY THAT JODI COULD HAVE USED THE SHELVES TO STEP UP. She probably would have had to use her free hand to help secure her and the weight. She most likely would have had to step on the side of the shelf, near the Pegs, not in the center. Unless the attempt had broken the shelf or failed, it would not have disturbed anything on the shelf, unless her foot pushed something back. The action on the shelf would cause no movement.

    • Forgot to add, that maybe she didnt even use a step…she was afterall very rushed.. My son made it obvious that he would not have even used the shelf. he was still able to get the ball when it was in the middle of the top. Only when it was pushed to the back was it hard for him, when not using the step.

      • He was happy to help “break stuff”, but i will tell him that you said “thanks”. He’s an amazing kid. ( i know, i know, we all say that…but he truelly is) He follows the trial, banters with me about it. I really think stuff like this helps teach children critical thinking skills. Not the experiment, but the conversation behind it, the trial and the debates.

        • “I really think stuff like this helps teach children critical thinking skills.”

          You are absolutely correct!!! As long as the parent has critical thinking skills themselves, which you most assuredly do, lol.

          I didn’t learn critical thinking skills from my family, so I will say your son is blessed.


    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial26m
    Not sure why juror 8 was asked to leave, will try to find out more details for you. #JodiArias

    10:44 AM – 25 Apr 13 · Details
    @WildaboutTrial2 You’re so hgood to hus hwild 🙂 #wildabouttrial #jodiarias

    @WildaboutTrial2 was that the notetaker?

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial23m
    @Hthrlee604 Note taker is number 9 and 10 is marlboro man.

    Gracieann ‏@Gracieann00103m
    @WildaboutTrial2 hwas is marlboro man? Cup toucher?? Thinker??? Hwho???? #wildabouttrial #jodiarias

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial22m
    @Gracieann0010 Cup Toucher

    • Not sure I missed it also – and the judge said there was a question from one juror – I missed the question also.

    • No reason ws given for dismissing that juror.If you want to see the questions asked by the jury,they are somewhere here up thread.


    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial2
    Juror 8 might have been the Cup Toucher based on what I remember of the juror layout. #JodiArias

    10:45 AM – 25 Apr 13
    Carlie Jones‏@carliejones646m
    @WildaboutTrial2 Things that make you go…..Hmmmmm. Have a great break, Y’all! I’ll be lurking about. hWild, rest up! #wildabouttrial

    Gracieann ‏@Gracieann00105m
    @WildaboutTrial2 Is he the one that was beach ready? #wildabouttrial

    @WildaboutTrial2 does that mean they got a wild cup before me? Lol

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial24m
    @Gracieann0010 No, that is Captain O’neil, he is in the back row.

    Trial Maniac‏@trialmaniac4m
    @WildaboutTrial2 Maybe Juror #8 crushed a cup while staring blankly at #JodiArias crying. Just saying…

    Mandy Morrell‏@mandy_hearts2m
    @WildaboutTrial2 #8 is described by @TamaraTattles as being a CEO dad type, 50s, good looking w/ goatee, lots notes. Is that cup-toucher?

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial21m
    @mandy_hearts @TamaraTattles No, cup toucher didn’t have a goatee. Clean shaven younger male.

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial240s
    @mandy_hearts @TamaraTattles That could be the note taker. I am not sure.

  58. I like Kirk Nurmi. I think he could take that little weasel martinez, & with one fist pound him up to his waist in the ground. Then it would be funny to watch the little weasel martinez trying to do his little dance on the floor with his arms extended. At that point his torso would be sticking out of the courtroom floor, and he would be stuck, twisting and jerking around while attached to the floor & trying to badger the witness all the while!! That would be really funny & entertaining …..hohohohohohohoho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Next time jm misbehaves in court, Nurmi should stride over real slow, stand in front of jm, lift him up by the collar and put him on ‘Time-Out” – Nurmi will perch jm on the judges desk, and left there for the rest of the day!!. Time out will be on the Judges desk 😎

      • remember, I think it was during Jodi’s testimony JM kept it up after KN objected and KN got up and walked towards JM ? I just loved KN for doing that it was so subtle and yet so firm

      • I think people in the courtroom are so tired of martinez’ antics. After Kirk aka ‘the nurminator’ had hammered Martinez into the floor, and the court day is over they would simply leave him stuck in the floor w/o his dinner and no bedtime story. Sorry little Juan, you have been a bad little boy.

  59. I wonder why the judge waited until the end to mention the juror was excused if he wasn’t there all day? She has always done it that way. I would think wondering about it could have distracted the rest while testimony was being presented.

    If not may e they all know the reason behind it already and it was just a formality.

  60. Its Official – #8 was the “Cup Toucher”…

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial26m
    @mandy_hearts @TamaraTattles That could be the note taker. I am not sure.
    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial26m
    @shannone120 Yes that is the third juror removed.

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial27m
    @mandy_hearts @TamaraTattles No, cup toucher didn’t have a goatee. Clean shaven younger male.

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial210m
    @Gracieann0010 No, that is Captain O’neil, he is in the back row.

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial210m
    @Gracieann0010 Cup Toucher

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial211m
    @doggonedoggie Cup Toucher

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial211m
    @Hthrlee604 Note taker is number 9 and 10 is marlboro man.

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial213m
    @princessgina67 I am pretty sure he was the Cup Toucher.

    Wild About Trial 2‏@WildaboutTrial214m
    Juror 8 might have been the Cup Toucher based on what I remember of the juror layout

  61. OK so taps is going to TA’s house????? Well think about that for a minute…… theory to that is….if they connect with Travis then it should PROVE to all the haters THAT HE DIDN’T GO TO HEAVEN FOR A REASON!!! Because GOOD MORMONS don’t get stuck. THEY GO TO HEAVEN!! MMMMM??

    • He might have gone to heaven, but a large cloud of KY vapors could possibly envelop the psychics and beam them up pinKY cheeKY into the seventh heaven reserved for virgin men.

    • If they connect with Travis,I hope they’ll ask him to TELL THE TRUE story for once!!! After all,this will be his one and only chance to prove that he can be a good person!!I know,I know he’s dead,he’s speaking from beyond but hey,better late than ever Travis,no?

    • Right! lol

      I think it’s a shame that HLN has been allowed to turn this case into such a circus, that the house is being put up for sale. I mean really. It’s not enough that they’ve ruined the lives of the Arias family and incited public outrage to the point of death threats. Now the family who bought the house are being harassed by people who want to dig around in the yard and a ghost hunting crew. Fuck it, I’d leave too. What’s the point of living in a house constantly harangued by an immature public?

  62. I really hope JUROR 8 wasn’t the one who asked the two questions
    that were removed
    that Juan got his panties in a wad about yesterday.

    Seriously one of the most biased trials I have ever encountered!

    • I feel that it was juror 8…and don’t you think it odd that he is dismissed today…

      What is really going on???

      Juror 8 and Juror 9 take lots of notes according to an insider courtroom observer…and they even thought that juror 8 was maybe the juror foreman…it was said that juror 8 put the most questions in the box for the witnesses to answer…

  63. Horn, you’re the one that’s got the brain that looks pudding-like.

    I saw the best comment to describe what happens when somebody is shot with a .25 caliber. And this sums it up. He said if you shoot somebody with a .25 caliber gun and they find out about it, they’re going to be very upset. Bwhaha.

    Then there was a guy who did extensive research on hand gun stopping power (Evan Marshall) and he took the actual reports from emergency rooms to document his data. He wrote significant books and is considered by many an expert on this type of research.

    One case documented in a top-selling book was where a pimp shot his prostitute in the head SEVEN times with a .25 caliber. A WEEK later she went to the emergency room. Guess why? She was having severe headaches!!! Bwha ha ha ha

    I’d like to see Henry Lee get a hold of this paid perjuring putz. He would look like he’s been through a wood chipper.

    Where’s the ballistics expert testifying to Grandpa’s hollow point bullet recovered in the Mormon’s cheek Martinez? You walking colostemy bag.

    • That may be so, and in fact is. I actually own a copy of Marshall’s book. But you can’t expect the jury to know this. The defense needs to have brought this out, and they didn’t.

      The judge should declare a mistrial for inefficient right the fuck now and censure Nurmi and Jennifer for gross incompetence or dereliction of fiduciary responsibilty, or malpractice or something. If she is there to see justice done, then she should do something. This was just gross.

      • We have to have faith that the jury will be able to reconcile his horseshit with their own common sense. These are not dolts on the jury–at least not the ones asking the questions.

        It will be common sense that a stab to the superior vena cava is not a wound that is going to produce blood immediately in the mouth or nose, especially if the person is upright. It is like stabbing a jugular or carotid main artery and would pump blood directly out of the wound. So the blood in the sink from stabbing in the shower does not compute.

        The shot at the angle Travis was lunging at her puts the bullet in the exact location with the exact trajectory of the bullet path. And it won’t be lost on at least one of those people that the State did not explain how blood was spattered ALL over that bathroom in every corner without a fight.

        It won’t be lost on at least one that the the chief detective in the case testified in a hearing that the ME told him the shot was first. It won’t be lost on them that Martinez didn’t want Jodi to say where he got that gun. It’s not heresay if she’s testifying to her own personal knowledge and it shouldn’t have been disallowed.

        There are a ton of things that don’t add up and no matter how Martinez tries to describe a sphincter as not being an asshhole, it’s going to be readily apparent to one of those twelve that he is.

    • roflcopter 🙂

      Good point about the story of someone getting shot without realizing it, then going to the doctor and realizing they have a bullet in their head. I saw that on some show a couple years back, I remember asking myself if it was based on a real story.

  64. Dr. Horn is clearly testilying. He won’t even concede that it is possible for a person to function after being shot with such a small caliber gun, no matter how minimal the chance. He cannot be 100% sure and the jury knows that. This jury is not stupid. I think we should research this matter and post our findings here so they have “ammunition” next week. 🙂

    Jocelyn made some very good points at the beginning of this thread.

  65. Just got back to the keyboard.

    I am pissed.

    That was the most inefficient, incompetent, inept, asinine, inane, sophomoric, bumbling, non-proficient, bush-league cross examination I have ever seen in my life. If that is what Jennifer is capable of I would not hire her to represent my dog for peeing in public. The only possible excuse she could have for that pathetic, sorry display of poor advocacy is that she is setting up grounds for an appeal on the grounds of ineffective representation, and that is unethical.

    The least she could have done was do a little fucking homework on this before she came in to court.

    Firstly the
    “Motor cortex is an area located in the middle, top part of the brain that helps control movement in various parts of the body”


    “Cerebellum is located at the lower back of the head and is connected to the brain stem. It is the second largest structure of the brain and is made up of two hemispheres. The cerebellum controls complex motor functions such as walking, balance, posture, and general motor coordination.”

    not the fricking right frontal lobe.

    There are important asymmetrical differences in the frontal lobes. The left frontal lobe is involved in controlling language related movement, whereas the right frontal lobe plays a role in non-verbal abilities.

    One of the most common characteristics of frontal lobe damage is difficulty in interpreting feedback from the environment. Perseverating on a response (Milner, 1964), risk taking, and non-compliance with rules (Miller, 1985), and impaired associated learning.

    The following paper

    is titled “Penetrating gunshots to the head and lack of immediate incapacitation.”

    and the first bullet listed is a 6.35mm which is the 25 caliber bullet.

    Someone needs to take this young lady to the wood shed.

    Again, I am pissed. She could have torn Horn a new asshole and she rolled over like a fucking mouse. Shame on her.

    • ru roh raggy…I have not seen it yet…DVR at home waiting…..But im not sure i want to now.

      Breath AL, breath…in the nose, out the mouth.

    • Al I posted something earlier that said the same thing. We don’t know what her final argument will consist of. The DOCTOR should know as well. It will come out, I am certain.

    • Al, I noticed a little hesitation in her questions, but the ones she did manage to make, I thought went right to the point.

      But I do agree. She could have been more aggressive because this quack is obviously lying. All the prosecutor’s experts work for the State and of course, that makes them loyal to the prosecutor and to the actual facts of the case or their professionalism. They come off as completely biased and unethical. I guess Juan rubs off on them and that’s sad. 😕

      • She looked like she was lost.

        I hope they have something on rebuttal, because that’s the only other excuse. Hell I was asking for the defense to put Horn on the stand months ago. Now they get a chance at him and fucking blow it.

        It’s like throwing away the winning lotto ticket, except in this case a young woman’s life depends on it.

        Like I said – What the fuck. She ought to publicly apologize to Jodi and immediately withdraw from this case, or from practicing law and take up underwater basket weaving or some other such useless activity where she can do no harm.

        • Al, I know, I know, and I agree to the first part…lol

          I just think that the pressure is getting to them. Something is wrong. This has not been easy for them as you well know. I hope like you said that they have something on rebuttal.

        • I remember you did comment on that, Al. I was really looking forward to this as well. But I do like JWand shes ssupposedly a law teacher, maybe they have something, idk something better that they’re saving for closing. My husband has said it fro the beginning of the trial that the defense team was very weak and I kept telling him to just wait…. but I dont know, not sure what they have planned, if they do…

          • Wilmot has to PASS everything by this judge and as you could see, the judge doesn’t want to give at all with the defense.
            Same for Numi.
            Asshole runs the court.

    • Al – I have been disappointed with the Defense Team’s handling of all the rebuttal witnesses. The zinger for me was when Nurmi didn’t even ask the Wal-mart clerk one question. That still amazes me. They have dropped the ball a little bit, IMO, with these last several witnesses.

      • I cant say I’m dissaponted at by them-just a bit puzzled.It’s NOT like Nurmi or Jennifer NOT to ask questions,which doesnt make sense as to why they didnt ask the Walmart lady.Like all peoplem here I would have liked them to have a motion filed (if that’s allowed)to have their own pathologist on the stand to refute Horn’s assessment,just like with DeMarte.
        But I cant dismiss the possibility that what they’re doing is a strategy on their part,maybe saving evrything for closing arguments.Just planting the seed of doubt on th jury’s minds and hit them with strong statements next week.Give them time!They havent dissapointed us so far,why do it now during the most crucial time of the trial?

        • But they can’t introduce any evidence during closing. All they can say is he’s wrong, but not why, because they have nothing in evidence that shows him to be wrong. That was why it was so critical to introduce the evidence.

          I think they’re more hung up on the Horn-Flores lie issue. I think that lie would have been even more powerful if they had put in some evidence to rebut his story.

          But what the heck do I know. I’m just a dud having a bad hair day.

          Sorry if I’ve upset some people, and you know I’m not one for ranting, but this just got my goat.

      • Yes, me too Bystander. What the hell are they thinking? ! If I was Jodi, id be asking, WHY? MAYBE because they’re letting it go and if shes found guilty they’re confident about an appeal. Idk
        And also why wouldn’t they get a M.E. for the defense, that would’ve HELPED!

    • really lawyers are like actors…they need the writers behind them to know what to ask?

      Are lawyers allowed to consult with various professionals or do they always have to be witnesses regardless?

      Seems like I would want my lawyer to consult with a medical professional on how to take down the testimony of another medical “professional” (Dr. lair pants I do not consider professional)

      • That’s what they should have been doing, and they didn’t. Fire the whole fucking bunch of them, I say. They may just have sealed Jodi’s fate after their performance, or lack thereof, in the last two days.

    • Al, wow, I’m glad you are ticked. I was underwhelmed with JW today too. Its very difficult to admit it as I am a big fan of her and Mr. Nurmi.

      I’ve been perplexed since the Wal Mart lady day. It’s almost as though they’ve both given up the fight.

      Could there be something going on that we are unaware of behind the scenes and they are just going thru the motions?

      I don’t have legal knowledge but from my boots it seems they are dropping the ball at the end of the game!

      I know there are the rules that they have to abide by but today just adds to all the weirdness we’ve all witnessed throughout this entire spectacle.

      I’m not certain the jury will know what needs to be cleaned up and what doesn’t. Lets pray they do.

      • that is what I have been wondering too, that there is something going on behind the scenes of which we are not aware of.
        It seemed almost like they were mentally withdrawn from their case. I cannot see them doing this voluntary neither Kn nor JW ever looked like lawyers who’d just give up right before the finishing line without any reason,

    • She actually did make some good point to refute him from a different angle like that Travis would not be able to hold his hands or head up up for a second after his throat was slit yet we see a picture where he has his head and hands up and he an injury on one of the 2 or the throat or the gunshot

    • Well jesus Al, I get what you are saying but the lady is getting death threats. That’s what the haters wanted to accomplish – getting her off her A game. If your assessment is correct then they have succeeded.

      • What the fuck was wrong with Nurmi. This was just fucking ridiculous. And they should have addressed this issue in their case in chief months ago. Fuck it, like I said I’m pissed.

        She should have seen this coming and taken care of it.

        • I am hoping they will put on thier own ME during surrebuttal. I still think it’s necessary and now more than ever. If the jury can only go on the medical evidence of this ME, they may believe the pros. Time to give them better info that someone could keep going after a shot to the head.