Jodi Arias Trial – Day 52

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The rebuttlings from yesterday’s motley crew of witnesses were interesting to say the least.

It featured Jacob “HLN” Mefford, Amanda Webb (Walmart), Chelsea Young (Tesoro), Deanna Reed (ex-GF) and Michael Melendez (Mesa PD). Click here for the trial day video if you missed any of it.

The jury are returning @ 1.30 pm today… so all we can assume is that the hearing regarding the surrebuttal testimony of Dr. Robert Geffner will be up first @ 11 am (?), which will not be broadcast.

With regards to additional state rebuttal witnesses, rumor has it that Dr Horn (the medical examiner) is on the list. If you remember, Dr Horn first testified that TA was stabbed first and shot later. This testimony alone is sufficient to disprove the premeditation charges.

Flores then testified that Dr Horn told him the gunshot had come first… prior to saying he was “mistaken” on cross with Kirk Nurmi. It’s basically the only thing Flores has done since the first week in January, and he couldn’t even get that right.

Flores is also on the rebuttal list concerning the shelves in TA’s closet. No doubt, to fit in with Martinez’ story, he’s gonna say it would be “impossible” to have stepped on the shelves to grab the gun. That’s strange though, as we’ve already seen some clueless fat guy on the HLN re-enactment step on the shelves & effortlessly grab the gun twice in his demonstration :mrgreen: Yes or no?

By the way… if you missed my post from earlier today regarding Anorexia Sourpuss, Facebook and the online petition to close this website, click here to go read it. It’s a blast.

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    • can anyone do the math to figure out how many gallons of gas jodie would to get from the L.A. area
      to Mesa Az. and drive all the way to SLC. According to testimony she bought forty dollars worth of gas
      in the L.A. area which would fill her car and two gas cans. Seems she would need more then that to
      complete a trip to SLC.

      • It would have been enough to get from Pasadena to Mesa then up to Mesquite Nevada where there was a charge listed on Jodi’s credit card statement for $46 at a gas station.

      • I wouldn’t worry your head about it, Joan, the gas cans are a red herring designed by JM to throw a spanner in the works when in fact there’s no need to–he’s bringing it up out of desperation because he’s got nothing else! 🙂

        • I still wish the defense would slam on this more, since I am worried what the pundits are saying about it.

          • Any pundit who makes any kind of ignorant remark about the gas cans needs to be completely discounted.

            I guess very few people posting here or who are pundits have ever driven the remote roads of Utah, Nevada, and California.

            I am dead certain she took the route back to Yreka the route I have always gone when I went to visit family when I lived in Reno, which is north on 395, Highways 44 and 89 to McCloud catching I-5 north to Yreka. It’s about 260, 270 miles from Reno to Yreka.

            I don’t think it was discussed at trial, but I certainly would have asked her the route she went back. It is doubtful she would have taken three or four hours longer to have driven to Sacramento on I-80 and north on Interstate 5. She wouldn’t have needed gas cans at all because there are service stations all over the place. On the remote roads through national forest land, gas cans are a good idea if you are not familiar with the area.

            • Yes, I agree with you having them makes sense on the empty roads, and driving at nite makes sense especially in AZ that time of year (sun is awful). But I wish the whole 3rd gas can or not stuff could be better explained as to what actually happened.

              • I still say Jodi was pushed to defend herself TA controlled everything in her life from where she lived to who she prayed to and wanted the “sin full” sex from her she loved him and would do anything to make him happy. I dated a man and he did not hit me but the next girl he did hit and abused we are have a different face we wear with different people and all relationships are different. I know people who pre fill gas cans and carry them in the car when they travel I have changed my hair color on a whim. I know a married woman she says her husband loves her but no one in his family know they are married their wonderful marriage is in the closet this is the same man who got pissy when she dropped his camera so I believe Jodi when she said that set it off. I don’t believe this was premeditated it was too disorganized if she wanted to premeditate this all she needed to do was call him to a secluded place kill him and go her way he would be just another missing person. I see she paints to keep herself busy I also hear on HLN about the SON OF SAM LAW so I decided to look it up I found that the supreme court overturned it and it was never used on David Berkowitz. Stay strong Jodi.

  1. first, I would like to thank all the members of my entourage…as well as NG, VP, and all the haters…because without them I would have never found this site.


    • HAAHAAHAA !HI SIL ! HI SJ!! I hope you had a good night. Couple things did you know the haters are saying that Jodi is evn more of a monster because she had the nerve to use travis’ sister as inspiration for one of her paintings. has the article. and do you know which sis? the number one answer is…….SKELATORE!!! yes can you belive they are pissed that one of her pics (really does) look like skelatore. Do you think Mattel asked permition first. Abd did you know medical examiners and coroners DO NOT HAVE TO BE LICENSED IN THE USA. there is a whole documentary Called Frontline: POST MORDEM . It’s produced by PBS so it comes from a very credible source!! Your thoughts?

      • I wouldn’t mind but Jodi’s art doesn’t look ANYTHING like that woman!

        Oh, and they’re saying his brother — you know the one — is actually the inspiration behind Jodi’s Elvis portrait. hahaha

        Thing is, before her trial, Jodi didn’t know these people. They weren’t hanging out with Travis before his death. So, how on Earth could Jodi have been inspired to draw them???

    • Yeah, I want to thank a hater on Huff Post. He told me this is where I should go & he was right. I never would have found this site on my own!

  2. I know I have said this before, or something along these lines, but every so often it obviously needs to be repeated, which is fine:


    THEY ARE AN ENTERTAINMENT network. H..ead L..ine E..NTERTAINMENT N..etwork. They are not news. I have often that just because they call themselves news, doesn’t make them news… Just because I name my dog “Toyota” and make him sit in the garage it still doesn’t make him a car.

    They are not a charity, they are not a non-profit, they are not news. They are entertaining the masses. The only way that mass entertainment works is to have a hero and a villain. A “home team” and a rival team. They build a fake rivalry at first, with sensationalism and silly commentary…then along comes real people with real feelings and they pick a “team”. HLEN doesn’t care what team we are on, as long as we are on a team, because they are charging everyone that plays. ADS ADS ADS. ratings go up, money goes up. It’s their business. They also trap a few simple minded folks by calling themselves “news” and making the show look like a “news” commentary.

    This may surprise you…. I watch all of the trial on HLeN. Yep. It is entertaining. I get to see the trial. It serves 3 purposes for me. 1)I see the trial 2) I have something to laugh at 3) it causes conversation, debate and discussion in my home. EXACTLY what i would expect from an ENTERTAINMENT network. (often I will fast forward past the “talk”, when I just want to see trial, but when others are home we often listen to the silly people blather about the trial…DVR is my friend)

    The reason it doesn’t bother me, and SHOULDNT bother you, is that it’s NOT REAL! The trial is, but the people on the “shows” are not. They are not news anchors. They are not reporters. They are not journalists. (at least in the capacity they fill on these shows)

    • Help a friend here, and remind them of this when they start to forget what HLeN and other sites really are.

      A simple “joe, chill the fuck out, you forget HLeN is entertainment” “if you want the news and facts go to a news channel or better yet, go to”

      • True Sir,
        But the massive public believes everything they say is what happened. No matter how stupid or entertaining they are.
        Even it it makes NO sense!!
        So even if a person is acquitted by the jury,they want the public to remain hating the one on trial so they can keep them stirred up and they always have to HAVE a most hated person in the world.
        Right now it is Jodi.

        Then add that to the jury. They hate them.
        They hate the defense.
        Death threats!
        This should not be the way it works.

        We know when they are lying, but you take 90% that want to believe everything they hear about it, never saw one bit of the trial except sound bites that the media them to believe and forget it. You can’t even talk to them they had her guilty from the start and don’t even want to hear anything different.

        BTW, I cracked up about Toyota!!! lol

    • So maybe NG, VP, JVM and DP are really warm, fair-minded, wonderful and kind people who are actors just playing a role. But, they seem to get so much pleasure (can we even call it “glee”) out of trashing Jodi with every breath they take.

      I’m a little distracted though thinking of little Toyota sitting in your garage looking sad. Poor little guy. LOL

      • I have a very nice garage, Thank you very much. And Toyota is a Huge, mean, bastard of a dog.


        J/K Sierra is my german shepard and she is a great dog, no garage for her, unless i’m out there working.

        • Thanks, sirlips

          I agree with you that HLN is not news. It’s entertainment. I’m trying to classify what kind of entertainment it is though. It’s not “high class” entertainment, not “middle class” entertainment, not even “low class” entertainment. It’s so low we may need a new word to describe it accurately.

    • I get a huge laugh out of them as well. The only thing I can’t handle are the commercials every 2 minutes. I lose my mind with those.

    • I get what you are saying, my beef is that because they are a sister site of CNN, a supposed reliable news site with a long standing reputation, until recently, and they are still implying the news aspect in their initials HLN, I think that many people do think that it is a reliable site. Just as many tune into Fox News for their news coverage. It is a deceptive practise and further dumbs down a noble field ( true Journalism).
      Nowadays people get their news from many different sources and many cannot differentiate between an Op Ed , a true piece of unbiased news and a sensationalist piece.
      With the advent of 24 hour non stop information, some people do believe what they read because once upon a time the real news did exist and was trusted as the truth.
      It is all about ratings now and who can get the biggest scoop or most hits etc.

        • Agreed.
          They already have expert psychics. It’s a matter of time before aliens, Big Foot and ghosts come to their rescue, like they already do on what used to be history, discovery and science channels.

        • Yes you are so right MB, they should have a disclaimer! I am Canadian and i kind of developed a strange fascination with American Media as it pertains to crime, politics and the like. In my town we very rarely have murders, I think the most we have had this year to date is 4 or 5 . We get the main Headlines like fires, traffic accidents and rarely a horrific crime we get updates on local things in the community, weather sports and a feel good story. We are having a provincial election soon and I find our political system is much less negative than the Presidential election in the USA. Which I loved to watch because of President Obama, I think he is a great human.
          I think the media began to change when it learned that the mediums had changed. The only way they could compete with each other is to have the story that would get the higher ratings. It didn’t matter if it was the whole truth or not, just enough to give people what they wanted.
          I also noticed that when the country is doing poorly as a whole the more people tend to want to watch others suffering or in worse shape than they are.

    • LMAO Sirlips What if you called your dog Toyota, made him sit in the garage and fed him beans? He would have lots of gas then!! LMAO

  3. Well I would love to blow off HLN and everyone on that network, but the reason I take going after them seriously is because Bullying has become an epidemic in the recent years but no case to date compares with the on going display of the MOST DISGUSTING DOCUMENTED CASE OF BULLYING EVER.

  4. All of that is why people need to get these pigs off the air. Would you still look at it as ENTERTAINMENT ” as you so causally put if if it was your sister/daughter/wife that shot the head off after being on these shows? Or would it still be entertainment if you are were one of these people who think they ARE WATCHING THE NEWS BECAUSE THAT IS HOW IT IS REPRESENTED and get so upset they act. Just like what happened to CA who’s own lawyer even complained about the coverage and the misrepresention of the fact about the case and the trial that casey was afraid to go out side because of it. Look at what has happened to Alyce and Dr. Samuals because of the out right bold face lying. ITS DISGUSTING. The only reason this shit is allowed to go on is because of who the bully is. And unless more people start being offended and start doing something its going to keep happening until there is a murder because of these people. People NEED to worry about this. Because anyone of us could be next.

    • I don’t know how they can talk out of both sides of their mouths…anti bullying and then engaging in that behavior and worse.

      • I know right. We hear for 3 weeks how that news woman got that email saying she should lose a little weight because she is a role model , (in a PRIVATE email mind you) after the said women made it public (everyone bitched on that one for ever) but they then turn around and character assinate, belittle, and bully people who are so educated and so over qualified (LaViolette, Samuals) that the light from these people will never reach people like them. These “NEWSCATERS” and i use the term loosely, do inform people on a daily basis. Knowledge is power it can move people and if people who are following someone is falsely informed it can cause devastating damage. Look what Hitler accomplished. It takes one idiot to move a world. Lets do something about who has the power to inform and educate the public. Because like it says in my long post. That nancey grace has nothing in journalism or public relations. And thats a problem for me . what just because she watches tv she got to be on tv? Well so do all of us where is our turn. Just the people on this site are so much more educated in life and common sense that we could do any of these peoples jobs 100 times better. And thats just if you use the fact WE ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT BOTH SIDES! we don’t just sit here and look at one side of the pancake. we have looked at travis’s side too. that is why we are here. None of us would throw away a womens life so easily like they do on a daily basis. it makes me sick

        • I absolutely love, love, love your posts Thank you so much. Am I seeing things, or did I just read a long very good post of yours, but now I don’t see it?

        • And BTW, I agree with you about the portrait of Tanisha. I think she could have gotten the inspiration from that very pic that’s side by side with her drawing. It looks very much like her. I will say this again … I don’t think it’s anything sinister on Jodi’s part if his sister was the inspiration.

    • Yeah, I really don’t find it “entertaining” when someone’s life is on the line for taking another person’s life.

    • I agree Krista, HLN are shocking. If its entertainment then they should find something else, I don’t find what they’re doing entertaining at all. They deserve to be sued IMO.

      • Same here, Heather. It does not entertain me, it aggravates me. I don’t watch it ever anymore, just pass through with captions-mute on once in a while to glance a minute on secondary tv. I used to like the morning coverage, but no longer. I still watch CNN, with a serious grain of salt.

  5. I admit i have not read your entire post yet, but i will…

    However i got to the first part of the problem:
    “This is so important because people come home from work and watch these shows to be brought up to date on the news and current events”

    If people turn on MTV to get sports scores we wouldnt listen to them when they get mad.

    If people turn on Disney channel to see what the weather is going to be, we wouldnt listen to them when they get mad.

    If people turn on HLeN to get the news…I think you see where i’m going with this.

    THEY ARE NOT NEWS. ITS OBVIOUS. They are calling themsleves news, by name only, to get people that do not know better, to watch their ENTERTAINMENT. Shit, they even mix a bit over “news type” coverage in, just to keep the act going…BUT ITS JUST AND ACT!

    Nancy Grace may very well be a bitch in real life, but i dont know that for sure, i do know she plays one on her entertainment show.

    Your watching a Movie. Its entertainment. Its FIXED. Its NOT REAL. They use real people in the, Jodi, JM, JW…etc….but its for entertainment. They should not be sued, or shut down, they are not breaking the law, they are making a living on people wanting to be entertained. The only people that really suffer here are the ones that cant realize that HLeN and Yahoo are not NEWS.

    David letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmle, Jay Leno, Dennis Miller, George Carlin… and on and on ALL have/had TV shows that talked about REAL people, yet it wasnt NEWS it was late night entertainment.

    OK, your going to say that HLeN crosses the line because they pretend to be a news show…ok..

    “THE DAILY SHOW” with Jon Stewart.”- Probably closer to “news” than most real news reports..BUT IT IS NOT NEWS, IT IS A JOKE, A COMEDIAN TELLING FUNNIES… He was interviewed and when asked what his favorite part of the job was he said “when people think i’m actually reporting the news!!!!”

    “The Colbert Report”- Stephen colbert is not a news anchor, he is a comedian.

    “Real Time with Bill Maher”- He is a comedian. Its satire. Its ranting. its funny as shit. IT IS NOT NEWS.

    …yet all of these shows talk about 100% real people. Why are you not discusted by these other shows?

    • Well, yeah. People with brains get this. But most of the people who stir up hatred against not only Jodi, but also witnesses for her defense, do not. They think that HLN’s word is gospel. THAT’S the problem.

            • I think you make very good points sirlips, the only thing I would say in response to your question is: I do get angry at Jon Stewart (whom I think is great), David Letterman, etc. when they talk about certain people.

              There is a difference between celebrities, public officials, etc. and the average person who gets demonized and destroyed by HLN. Melinda Duckett, Toni Medrano, Adam Kaufman, Casey Anthony, etc. are all regular people. They did not put themselves out in the public forum, the “news” did. They didn’t accept the risk of criticism and lies like the Kardashians, the President, etc. did.

              The difference between the comedic shows and HLN are that the comedic shows tend to stick to real celebrities and don’t tend to kick people when they are down, the regular people who are victims of these supposed news programs.

              I don’t think it is right that any program, don’t care its genre, is allowed under the auspice of reporting to just eviscerate just anybody for their own made up “movie” entertainment. These are people’s lives, real people, neighbors, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, etc. Some innocent, some guilty, but I don’t think that matters. Lies are lies.

              HLN makes the blood money, period.

              I agree with those people who said that a person’s possible death or possible screwed up life is not entertaining to watch. They don’t say you only get one life for no reason.

            • that is exactly what I have been wondering about and I will go one step further and say this is an insult to our creator in my opinion

              • by our “creator”,i asume you meanour parents? LOl, i know what you mean.

                But all joking aside and knowing you mean god…i think that parents or if people preffer “god”(the church then) have a responibility to educate the masses. As many people have stated, regardless of the “right and wrong” of it all, it comes down to educated people making educated actions.

                How many truelly educated people do you think are sitting at home watching HLeN and thinking “yep, thats a news station, report the news”?

                • Your posts do help reduce my disgust with HLN, but it would be cool if someone charged them with organized bullying.

    • I’m glad you are stating the truth about HLN, Sirlips. My issue is that they edit footage and call it ‘live’. I think that should be illegal, if it isn’t already. I also think the bullying has to be stopped. Although it’s not illegal yet to bully someone it does seem like some laws need to be created to stop it. People die from bullying.

      I do think you should continue to say what you are saying though. I often tell people not to watch it or to consider it a comedy show. It really couldn’t be much further from the truth!

      • The issues arise when we start telling HLeN they cannot post this garbage, because someone’s rep may be hurt, which is true…because then where does it end? They could then turn around and tell Jay Leno he can’t make cracks at Obama, or that Bill Mehar can’t tell people that religion is a fucking joke.

        Think about that for a second…Bill directly “hates” on religion. 80% of Americans claim to be religious to some degree. It would be considered slander on bills part, to 80% of the society, just because someone may have their feelings hurt.

        We must protect the rights of the HLeN people, so that we can have the rights of all other free speech. The Expert witnesses in this case chose to be here. They are given compensation to offset the inevitable “hatred” they will face. This is not the first case that this has happened; they knew full well what they were possibly getting into. DR. S and Miss ALV should be able to be a witness without worrying about this crap, but the truth is we already know that this is not the reality, they knew this going in, and shame on them and the defense if they didn’t.

        Who says what/where the line between bullying and free speech is, when it comes to entertainment TV?

        I am surprised that no one is talking about the poor bastard that supposedly sent the ricin to Obama…He was demonized immediately by the entertainment networks, AND THE NEWS…yet he is now a free man and it is reported that he didn’t do a single thing wrong. ALV lost book sales, this guy lost his good standing in society…for life. He will never work at a good job again. He will be considered a suspect in some people’s eyes for the entirety of his life. He will never be able to get away from this. Is it fair? no, but we all pay the price and risk when we live in a free society, even ALV and this poor bastard.

        Freedom comes with risk.
        IE, Cars. We Know 100% that our kids until they are 42 years old have the greatest threat of dying because we have motor vehicles. You risk my children’s life every single day, when you get in a car and drive. I risk your kids life every day that i drive, yet we except this risk for the FREEDOM that a motor vehicle gives us. Freedom comes with risk. Knowing this, you will not outlaw cars, and you will get in your Prius or SUV and not even think about my children…with FULL KNOWLEDGE that you are risking my children’s life! Freedom…comes..with…risk.

        Freedom of speech comes with risk. Just watch HLeN, you will see it. BUT, that doesn’t mean we should ban HLeN or CARS. it’s a risk we choose to have. Even over our children’s health or a dr.’s reputation.

        It’s very harsh, and no one likes it, but we like the reward more than we hate the risk.

        Freedom comes with risk.

        • I agree wholeheartedly!

          However, those that use their freedom of speach to slander with lies, deserve to be sued.

          HLN is tabloid journalism at its worse. Media is a very large tool that is used to create and sway public opinion. News isn’t even news anymore, its events that are slanted and taken out of context to portray a certain line of thinking.

          The victims of slanted, deceitfull, and slandersous journalism need to be vindicated..or else there for the grace of God go I.

          • There you go! I do not think that the networks should be banned, BUT LET IT BE KNOWN, that if you skip from news to entertainment, that you may very well be sued!

            I think Mr.Turner will start thinking about his program choices when he starts shelling out millions of dollars to the people he injured.

            Just like cars, just because you legally drove, doesnt mean you cant get your ass sued when you hurt someone!

          • “However, those that use their freedom of speach to slander with lies, deserve to be sued” Yes, and “freedom of speech” is misused and misunderstood. Our founding fathers never meant it to be used in that way.

        • Woah…. hold on, here, sirlips. I don’t think it’s fair in any way, shape or form to put any other shows (daily show, colbert report, etc.) in the same category as hln. There is a huge difference! HLN DOES portray themselves as news. Most people that watch television, I believe, do believe that. To watch mtv for weather or the other comparisons you made were not the same because everybody knows what disney or mtv are. BUT hln has always portrayed itself as NEWS. Not only that – they destroy people’s reputations on a daily basis. They (like NG, VP, JVM) choose a victim and lie, lie, lie on a daily basis. This is brainwashing (imho) NOT entertainment. It is the attitude of hiding behind free speech that allows this type of propaganda to continue. Bullying and character assassination are NOT free speech but hate crimes. Making fun of religion, or politics or even the president is not the same as day in, day out destroying and lying about one person in order to sway public opinion; plain and simple.

          • I do understand that Cindy, but that’s where the law comes in. Sue the shit out of them then. Obviously you and I think there is a HUGE different between the daily show and the HLeN shows. However the law does not look at these two with a different lens. So, the only options are “ban them all” or sue the shit out of the ones that do break the laws of our lands. I’d prefer to see Mr. Turner shell out millions of dollars to victims instead of simply removing anyone that can be grouped as “fake news”. We both know that the laws of justice are blind to the reality of individual instances….look no further than this trial to see examples of it. Reality does not have anything to do with the letter of the law.

            Legally JM can “talk loud” at a witness, be “straight forward”, be “direct”…but the truth is he is yelling, rude and tries to trick witnesses.

            Legally, JM charged Jodi (murder1) with a crime that was made for “people committing a felony and a death is the direct result of that felony. ie, a bank robber who ‘accidently’ shoots a banker”. WE ALL KNOW Jodi did not commission a felony and that felony directly lead to the killing. Yet, here we are, jodi has had this charge brought on her.

            Legally, the prosecutor cannot tell a witness what to say, but he can legally “coach” them on how to say it…yet we all KNOW that JM has been scripting the witness’s testimony to fit his “story”.

            Legally, JM’s office can release information about the case, as long as it will not interfere with the case, yet, here we are, information he admits his office released to the press now shows up in trial, just days later.

            Legally, the defendant has a right to an unbiased trial. Legally the judge can ask the jury to “pinky swear” not to watch media reports or discuss the trial…yet, here we are. I think we can all agree this has not happened. But it was all “legal”.

            Laws do not dictate character, morals, ethics and true justice. They dictate the penalty for breaking a rule. We have a set of laws, but they will never replace morals, ethics, justice or character. That is up to the individuals. When the lack of these things hurt others, we sue the son of a bitch till they learn, go away, or die.

            • Well said, but it is also putting one’s head into the ground to ignore the effect of propaganda on society and the power of the media to form people’s character in modern society.

              Pandering to bullying and picking unprotected lambs to be sacrificed or lynched for consumption is not freedom of speech, yet there does not seem to be any recourse against media power with either our Supreme Court or our Congress. Shaming and suing may work sometimes, but then it’s business as usual again. Schools, parents, churches etc have a very hard time to compete and more and more bullying and hate wagons run amok every day.
              They will just drown into their own spit eventually. Viewers will thin out, be bored except for a few hard core addicts, and move on to some other novelty show. But meanwhile they contributed at making abuse of all kinds acceptable and ‘protected’ by freedom of speech and ignoring the rights of their victims.
              Would you consider a KKK-Skinhead-Aryan Brotherhood TV channel aired into everybody’s living room instead of accessed through websites, naming their targets, as protected under freedom of the press or freedom of speech?

        • Sir,
          The thng about Bill Maher hating on religion is that he is on HBO!
          People are afraid to talk about religion because they think no matter what everyone else is going straight to hell.

          So I’m starting to be digusted more with religion, not because of Bill, I think in a different way than Bill, But agree that he’s right on Christians and religion being the reason there are millions killed or maimed.
          You hae to think and believe for yourself, but people are mostly followers.
          It’s just easier for them. They don’t have to think.

          All religion wants you to do is fear and follow.

    • I will admit, I watched HLN during the Casey Anthony trial. I didn’t know any better. I would watch it live stream when I could but most of the time I would just watch Nancy Grace every night to get the updates. You can probably guess what my opinion was in that case.

      After the case I did a lot of reading and read Jose Baez’s book and can’t believe how brainwashed I was by HLN/NG.

      I have only watched the JA trial live stream on the internet or Youtube if I miss it during the day. Out of curiosity I have tuned into HLN to see what they are saying and I can’t even believe they are watching the same trial. It is outrageous how they spin things and blow things out of proportion.

      I have gotten so made at some of my friends who have made comments to me knowing I am following this trial. They will say.. “did you hear….”. I just roll my eyes and shake my head.

    • Yeah, the issue is that they represent themselves as news. It’s uncool to represent yourself as news when you’re no better than a Jerry Springer show style network. The same way Fox News claims to be news, with the slogan “fair and balanced.” I get the feeling that CNN or Turner broadcasting, whatever it is, saw the success the FOX and MSNBC news models brought and decided to do an experiment with HLN, a more sensationalization of news stories, and gauge whether or not it gets the ratings the other wingnut news shows get. But I’m flailing here because I don’t know the history or really anything about HLN. ~shruggs~

        • Good day Heather!

          I think those butt-tards need to pay more attention to their own lives and how EMPTY theirs must be and stop trying to mess with ours…

          They have LESS THAN A ZERO chance at being successful – but if they wish to waste their time and energy – bring it on….

        • They can have a petition, but they can’t close it down.

          Talk about losing freedom of speech.

          This shows how much bias is out there against Jodi.
          What can they fear here?

          Maybe being wrong!
          I HOPE they are.

          I’m not liking at all what I see,

          I’ve watched all of the other big trials and this judge is the absolute worse one of them all.
          Have you noticed some of the looks that she gives on the defense side?
          YES!! No doubt, for many reasons it should be a mistrial, but it just won’t happen.
          This is pathetic!

  6. i posted this on wrong page so am re posting it

    I noticed a lot of conversations earlier about the testimony of wal-mart and tedesco emploies regarding gas cans and gas bought. I also was left bewildered by KN not asking any cross questions. at very least about isn’t it possible that a cashier could have used a dummy sku and given her cash, we all know is done. Also i saw talk that maybe KN will do it in surrebuttal but ther no guarantee that that will be allowed by judge and i am not sure KN can eve bring up gas cans in the surrebuttal if allowed for the testimony of Dr. Robert Geffner

      • i hope the jury gets it. and the fact that jurors asked that is good because that juror probably had that experience

    • With the testimony that is in, couldn’t the Defence use their Final Argument to bring these things that are common sense and common life experience up to the jury? Jodi was going on a long trip and she didn’t want to die in the desert somewhere. She ended up buying gas somewhere in AZ anyway, and also Flores said there was a ping on her cell that put her somewhere in AZ. She knows a lot of people with guns, but she steals her grandfather’s at the home she is residing, and then travels with it,over State lines, with one upside down licence plate, just begging to be pulled over. All that, to get into a knife fight with a very strong man almost twice her size. She is a very intelligent person and if she planned it, she wouldn’t have done such a bad job. If Ryan was her alibi, she would have made sure she was on time and not 20 hours late.

        • You can’t talk about things that are not introduced during the testimony. He can mention human error and what the juror asked but not other theories. He would have had to have brought that up in court.

      • isn’t there a saying about bringing a gun to a knife fight, or maybe its the other way around, anyway id don’t make sense to have a gun and then fighting with a knife

  7. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    I have confirmation the hearing at 11:00am PDT will be live streamed. Cameras will be rolling and I will be tweeting. #JodiArias

    from Wild

  8. I don’t think the Haters like this place. Has anyone here attempted to have any Haters sites shut down? The Haters have no problem bullying and attacking Alyce Laviolette and Dr. Samuels but give them their own medicine and they cry like the bitches they are.

    At one time I felt bad for Travis’s family but not anymore. Skeletor, the Cop Cryer and the Sneer annoy me every time I see them now. They are a family of hypocrites that are going to try to cash in on his death and this trial at Jodi’s expense.

          • Agreed.

            I used to have a lot of compassion for them. Until I learned that Tanisha was actively encouraging bullying of Ms. LaViolette.

            I lost all sympathy at that point.

            • I lost most of mine when Samantha demonstrated such a disdain and blatant disregard for the US Criminal Justice System… She’s a freakin’ LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, for Christ’s sake!

              • Well I definitely despise their bahavior. I do not hate any of them personally though and certainly would not want to see harm come to them. I hope they can find some inner peace after the trial is over.

                • I don’t wish ANYONE personal harm; on the contrary, I hope everyone involved finds their peace with this in a healthy way. It’s all the abhorrent actions and attitudes that I take issue with.

              • I think Im more cynical,I lost most of my sympathy pretty much from trial day 2.Im quite sensitive towards people’s auras and energies and they give off a very negative one,trust me!

                • Maria, is that you in your picture? You’re every bit as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside! I’ve been calling you “Lovely Maria” since Day 1… I knew your spirit was beautiful from the beginning, and now I know your exterior reflects that. 🙂

                • I thought that too when I first saw Maria’s picture….that she looks like a nice person. And from what I’ve seen greek people are usually gorgeous on the outside too. So you get credit for being a nice person, but you didn’t *earn* your outward beauty. J/k

                • There are some good ones, Heather; noble, even… At least, in my experience. Can’t let a few rotten grapes make us throw out the whole bunch. 😉

            • Me too. You don’t trash a witness. That person isn’t on trial.

              Many years ago, I was a victim of stranger stalking by this seriously creepy guy. He didn’t stop when he was arrested, and continued to follow me and violate his bond in every way he could. He was pretty stupid about it as I had the cops with me on several occasions and they saw him. Finally, he pulled the same stunt, the cops locked his nasty ass up AGAIN, and the judge threw away the key.

              During the trial, one of his relatives testified that he was in her car laying face down on the back seat when he was finally arrested the last time, and miles away. She was lying, of course. She also yelled at me outside the courthouse telling me that I was misunderstanding him and his mental illness. I didn’t hate her for it. Why would I? She was just trying to protect someone she cared about.

              The prosecutor told me that she was an aspiring actress. It’s funny because I see her today occasionally on a commercial and she still looks the same (distinctive looks). I still don’t harbour any ill will for her, but I often wonder if that trial was her acting debut!

    • What happened to Alyce LaViolette? Wasn’t she supposed to testify last Tuesday or Thursday? She just disappeared. It’s never good when someone disappears and the last you hear about them is that they went to the Emergency Room. Anybody know?

  9. I have a busy afternoon, but I’ll be watching or listening to the live stream and posting when I can. Just want to say “Hey” to everyone, and ask everyone to please remember the admonition:

    “We are Team Jodi; we believe in Jodi, we will NEVER stop fighting for the Truth & for Justice, and we will ALWAYS support and respect each other. We WILL be victorious!”

    (((((((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG!)))))))))))))))))))))) <3

  10. Well the reason I am not disgusted by the other shows your talking about are on channels like disney and comedy central and a washed up music channel NOT NEWS CHANNELS!! HLN regardless of the E you add to it is HEADLINE NEWS!! Nancey grace is supposed to be informing viewers of what happened in the cases the world is following ACCURATELY so those who work all day and can’t watch the trial can be caught up when they get home. HLN is the only network on tv that continually covers the case (even though it is way off the mark.) so if that is the only place people can hear about it (because not everyone has the internet) Then that is were they are getting their info from. weather you think they are stupid or not its a fact . And its a problem. These people get the public worked up into an uproar over completely made up stuff and stuff taken so far out of context that there have to be sites LIKE THIS ONE to try to counter educate people who can get on the internet and find out more for themselves. People are killing them selves and are being hospitalized because of the video taped coverage of vicious bullying and slander. WHen that girls case in ohio hit the news, and we found out those boys we texteing about the rape and posted pics and that lead to bulling in school and harassment those boys were found guilty and the country was disgusted. how come 2 women have KILLED THEMSELVES 1 has been hospitalized, and these are just some of the ones we know about (And by the way just so you know NANCEY GRACE paid $200,000 to a trust set up for one of HER SUICIDE VICTIMS sons if he is ever found before 18 alive and if they don’t find him alive then the money gose to the center of missing and exploited children.) All of which is documented in video and transcript and POSTED EVERYWHERE ( just like the girl getting her pics posted from the party she was raped at) and no one give a shit? how F*ed up is that . So how old is to old for bullying to matter? because that weather lady was easily in her mid to late 30s? These women were in their 20’s. I think these women matter. And i think who is bullying them matters and I think that if more people do not start to care its just going to get worse. Look what happened when ca was found not guilty. I can only imagine what Jodi will be subjected to when she is found not guilty. Casey Anthony had to wear a bullet proof vest for Christ sake!! And you don’t think this is a problem? You think it’s just entertainment? I think you need to see the 2,270,000 finds on google when you type in” video and articles of Nancey Grace bullying people” and research this stuff like I have and look at the transcrips of the trial, the fact she was brought up on 2 misconduct charges and 1 overturned verdict because of HER actions, and talk with to the people who she has F*ed over and see if they think its entertainment. You sure seem to have alot to say about something you haven”t looked into. Because if you had you would totally understand why people get PISSED at these pigs.

    • Krista, if you haven’t already checked out Gerry Spence’s book, I think you would like it. Writes a lot about NG.

    • There should be a line between entertainment and real life.Series,movies,quiz shows etc etc yes,they are entertainment benayse they serve that particular purpose ”to entertain”.When it comes to real life situations,let alone a murder trial not to mention a DP trial,this circus ceases to be entertainment.It can harm,destroy,affect ones’ life and reputation for good.

      • Right on Maria! And I still say if this case didn’t have the “sex” overshadowing it – those assholes wouldn’t give a SHIT about it…they would not devote the entire channel to it day after day after day…hour after hour after hour…………..AD NAUSEUM……

        • Exactly.Sex was a major factor that’s why they made sure right from the start to ”cast” Jodi as the Seductress and Travis as the ”boy who got caught in her web”.When the spectators are stupid it’s preferable to have ‘clear-cut” allocated roles.

    • Krista you are absolutely right! When Jodi is freed her life will still be in danger thanks to these venomous people. At best, she will have to go into hiding for years. The Constitution of Canada incorporates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. ” Section 2 of the of the Charter grants to everyone, among other things, freedom of conscience and religion, and freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media.” BUT the Criminal Code prohibits Hate Propaganda. What HLN is doing is clearly crossing this line.

      • I have a petition on to get nancy grace and others off the air PLEASE GO THERE AND SIGN IT!! WE CAN STOP THIS. We just have to speak up. Thanks guys!!

    • Krista,

      I hear what your saying. And i do agree that bullying is not right. However there has to be a difference between public figures and the private figures. When someone is thrown or jumps into the public view, they are open to all sorts of criticism. Most of that critisism is unjust, in BOTH of our opinions. I simply refuse to think that there should be a ban on fuckers like HLeN.

      I used the analogy of cars earlier. in the end, a person may be LEGAL to drive a car, but that doesnt mean that cant be sued if they hurt someone. The same goes here, sure, NG and the other dipshit should be able to legally say what they want, but if they hurt someone, they should also be open to a lawsuit. Sue the shit out of her. Sue the shit out of Turner. But, DONT trample free speach by trying to outlaw these fools talking crap. They will change their tune real quick, when daddy starts getting million dollar suits against him.

      Please understand that my “entertainment” lable is to help people here understand that they shouldnt get bent out of shape when a fool says foolish things.

      When my child burns his/her hand on the stove, i teach them not to touch the hot stove again, others want to ban stoves. I disagree with that. Both in the end are noble actions, for the same outcome, just the means to the end is changed.

      I just dont understand why we do not have a “cspan” type court coverage channel. I suppose it has something to do with the loss of the “soap opera” and the need to fill that void for folks.

    • Cameras in the courtroom should remain neutral. The NG disease has spread throughout the entire network and now endless hours are spent with one goal in mind, destroying any chance the person has of a fair trial. In this case, there is also the power of the Mormon church and money from PPL fueling this I am sure. HLN should lose their licence and social media sites like Amazon should not allow themselves to be used for hate mongering and character assassination against expert witnesses like ALV and Dr. S who have dedicated their life to helping people.

      • Canada Carol I’m so with you there. NG is a disease/parasite that should be taken off the public airwaves for the good and safety of the public. But the problem is that NG HAS been sued and nothing has changed. Therefore, hln should lose their license or be ‘forced’ to disclose they are NOT news and Amazon should follow their own rules about reviews (which they, clearly, are not). Personally, I did sign the above petition that Krista speaks of and I no longer watch hln or cnn. AND I publicly and constatnly remind all my FB friends that they are not true news. I have sent numerous emails and complaints to not only the stations themselves, but to the FCC as well. IDK if anything will help – but it is what I can do for now.

    • Beautiful post Krista, I agree with every word.

      HLN is at best a joke, at worst an unhealthy outlet encouraging interpersonal violence.

      All freedoms have limits, that includes the freedom of speech and that’s why you can’t yell fire in a theater, harass people, ruin people’s reputations, or write books about how to hire a hitman.

      In my experience, only bullies and abusers hide behind free speech because they believe they have the right to harm and harass others until someone more powerful puts a stop to it. They have no sense of ethics or healthy boundaries to self regulate their own behavior. That’s why we have such a horrible problem of abuse and bullying in this country, because people aren’t willing to put their foot down and say STOP; or worse, there are people trying to stop other people from doing so, even at the cost of reason, sanity, and basic human decency.

      • Well said, MB. In fact, when you said, “people aren’t willing to put their foot down and say STOP” I feel it is the ‘authorities’ who are not willing to put their foot down since they are the ones who have the power to actually DO something about it.

        • cindy, that is so true, the problem is it isnt supposed to be that way.

          The people give the authorities power, not the other way around.

    • Krista
      “Nancey grace is supposed to be informing viewers of what happened in the cases the world is following ACCURATELY ”

      Krista, You are so right, her words, “she wants the facts’

      She talks about bullying and she is the absolute worst.

      IF I’m not mistaken, I think that I heard Ryan Smith say that on their Clown Show tonight
      They were going to SUBJECT::: Ask if Jodi bullied Travis?
      I hope that I heard that right.

  11. strange deanna moved two weeks before the killing and strange she took the stand and painted travis as a great guy that did no wrong wonder who put her up to it. oh 🙄 chris and sky hughes anything so they dont have to get up and testify on the stand. What about Ashley Reed any new on that 🙄

  12. I just stopped by HLN to see what kind of insanity is going on there. And I wasn’t at all disappointed. Those hypocrites were again discussing bullying and with their most sympathetic demeanor talked about how we need to talk to our kids about compassion and about respecting other people’s rights. Are you kidding me?? How about someone talking to these people about the same thing?

    • And now they have a defense attorney on there agreeing that TA had a very different relationship with DR then he did with JA, and I quote, “When the girlfriend is normal then TA was normal. When the girlfriend is a sex fiend then he was a sex fiend.” Aaarrrrggghhhhh!!!

  13. Off topic.
    I have been checking out Jodi’s art since I found this site and I visit to see her work too.
    Jodi has some incredible talent. I get mesmerized looking at her drawings. I’d love to buy some of them but that’s money I don’t have.
    You are quite an artist and photographer Jodi. Beautiful work,

  14. I have read about it and I still dont get the point about the gas cans and walmart. Can you guys help me? What does Martinez hope to prove with that?

    • i think that Jodi lied on the stand, that’s all i can think of. then in closing he will say if she lied about that then you should disregard everything she said. i hope KN or JW will have something to say about that in closing

          • Joel,

            Its not that she had gas cans. That’s not the issue. JM asked her about a third gas can (she had already acknowledged having 2 cans) and she said no. She said she had returned it to Walmart on Jan 3rd. So what he is trying to prove is that she lied about returning it. His proof lies in those Walmart witnesses yesterday and the Tesoro person who said she filled X number of gallons. That allows him to argue that she lied. Doesn’t matter what the issue behind the lies is. It’s just that she lied on the stand.

            Then as Stan said, he’s going to argue that she lied before, and again on the stand and so she’s untrustworthy.

            • I would even go one step farther. i dont think its the simple fact that she lied, and therfore the juror wont trust her, as they already have reason not to trust her and she has already lied and admitted to that. (albeit not on the stand)

              the issue is that she felt she needed to lie about this, which begs the next question, why? and that opens a door to a whole lot of bad things for Jodi. She gains nothing by telling the truth about 3 gas cans rather than 2…yet she lied (it thats what the jury believes) So she must have had a reason to.

              I have kicked this around all day. i think she didnt realize how much evidence they had on the gas cans/gas issue, so she wanted to be able to prove away that whole idea by simply lying and saying “i didnt even have enough gas cans to fit the pros story”. but, they have the evidence and now she has egg on her face.

              It depends on how you view the defendant. Most here believe her. I dont. I dont trust that anything she has said is the truth. I have no reason to believe her, but i have reason not to. so i dont.
              However, i still think she is NOT GUILTY of these charges. I believe the evidence or more importantly the lack of evidence to prove the crimes she was charged with. We dont find people guilty that can’t prove their innocence, we find people guilty that we can prove their guilt.

  15. I’m asking because I’m getting hit with e-mails about a petition against this site is mentioned in the e-mail.

  16. tried to open wildabout live trial video and again google said I have two spys wanted me to open it to find out how but afraid to already damaged one and my brother will kill me if this one is damaged oh he is home from the hospital was in ICU for a week 2 days but on meds and sees JPS doc today at 2 unble to get on his computer because he is on it or he turns it off at 8pm and I miss talking about this miss my computer everyone say safe there are bad people who will damage you things. I wonder is there a trial today have not seen the seal

  17. Is Al out there on this new page today?

    If so, Al, I saw your comment from earlier about the gas cans and the possibility of impeaching Jodi since the defense didn’t even throw together a half-assed cross exam.

    I was wondering if you had researched whether a defendant can take the stand in surrebuttal without prior notice? I’m asking because perhaps Nurmi plans to have Jodi clarify exactly where she returned the gas can at a time when JM can’t actually follow up with more witnesses. I don’t believe Jodi specifically indicated which store she returned the gas can to, did she?

    There could be another plus to Jodi retaking the stand at the end: to have the jurors remember her again and Nurmi would get the last word on redirect. But, the negative would be huge: JM would get to cross her AGAIN! Ugh.

    Anyway, it was just a random thought I had sitting on the train this morning, and just wondered if you’d researched that and if, therefore, it was even within the realm of possibilities.

    • I’m no Al,but I had to pop in because I want to ask sth similar.Jodi was a witness,wasnt she?Regardless of her being the defendant,she is also a witness so I think she could therefore take the stand again.Al???

      • Well, I know she could have retaken the stand during the defense portion of the case. I’m just not sure if the rules are different for surrebuttal or not. I haven’t seen JM’s rebuttal witness list at all. So, I’m not sure if he actually listed Flores and Horn again or if he didn’t have to. Al might have researched this. I haven’t had a chance to.

    • I actually did some research on that a while ago. There are actually two ways they can get back into the game. The first of course is through a surrebuttal, in which case they can call anyone. There is one other way out, which seems like one of those arcane legal twists. Either side can actually ask to be allowed to re-open their case in chief. The difference of course is that surrebuttal is for rebuttal type testimony. Re-opening the case in chief allows the defense to introduce new, and possibly to a certain extent cumulative testimony.

      Again at the judges discretion, but yes if they wanted to they could petition the judge either way to get Jodi back up there.

  18. Good morning all….I for one hope that today’s testimony is at least worth watching. I was a bit irritated yesterday. I just get so fed up with this Judge allowing JM to just put any tom dick or harry up on the stand to say whatever the hell they want during the rebuttal portion of the trial. so unless this idiot Judge allows a surrebuttal, then this is the last thing the jury hears other than closing.
    I truly don’t think these witnesses actually presented anything of significance, but I don’t like a DA who is trying to play Houdini with the law, by this slight of hand BS! All of these rebuttal witnesses should of been presented before the DA closed his case, very early on. But no, he’s trying some slickster BS to the jury that he just decided to “add” Demarte at the last minute. Its all crap, and he needs to sit his ass down and shut the hell up!!!
    Now, if the Judge truly wants justice here, she will allow this defense their motion to surrebuttal.
    Fingers crossed!!

    • I totally agree, nasty little goblin needs a time out from.

      What’s Dr Nostrils going to say that everyone hasn’t already heard? With her lack of experience, lack of empathy, lack of compassion, lack of holding down a job, lack of willingness to sit down and do a proper evaluation, and lack of ability to distinguish mental disorders without using a bubble sheet; I’d say she’s a wash. She’s been a wash. She committed career suicide, unless Martinez wants a chance to rehabilitate her credibility.

  19. If I had a magic lamp and a genie offered me three wishes, I would wish for:

    1.) To punch Chris Hughes in stomach

    2.) To punch Chris Hughes in the nuts

    3.) To kick Chris Hughes in the shins.

  20. Talk about jumping the gun! Look at the ricin guy! I am sure they all had him ready to be shot by firing squad. Just goes to show you have to have reliable information and proof beyond any reasonable doubt. Adndyou can’tt find people guilty before you know anything! Goods fief!

  21. All the jerks on HLN are talking about how Nurmi went overboard. They all talk about how uncomfortable they were. Are you kidding? Yet it is ok for Travis to say what he said? What stupid people.

    • I guess it’s despicable to ask a ‘virginal” looking good mormon girl(yeah right) sex questions but it’s ok to ask Jodi the Slut every little detail of her entire adult sex life.

      • here’s a wikipedia article about warren jeffs, former president of the mormons

        just one extract

        He was extradited to Texas, where he was found guilty of sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault of children in connection with a raid of an FLDS owned and occupied West Texas ranch in 2008.[9] After the jury had deliberated for less than 30 minutes, 55-year-old Jeffs was sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years and a $10,000 fine, to be served consecutively, for sexual assault of 4,5,6,7, and 8 year old boys. He also had intercourse with his step-mother. [10]

    • Yea right but to them it was normal what TA was saying about a 12 year old girl?! And You can tell that Nurmi was trying to avoid asking DR what type if sex they were having, it was Martinez pushing for “WHAT KIND” oral, anal or vaginal?!!! Like it mattered, even if it was the Mormon favorite (dry humping or grinding whatever the hell it is), they BOTH still broke the law if chastity!

    • But it was ok for Juan to object because Kirk didn’t specify whether it was oral, anal or vaginal sex. I think he has a sex addition.

    • They are dumb. The defense did not ask for this witness to testify, it was JM’s doing. He must have known this would come up so in a sense he set up this girl for embarrassment. It probably wasn’t even that smart to have her as a witness because she really didn’t do anything, she was just put in an awkward spot. It also helped the defense since it shows that Jodi wasn’t the first person that Travis broke the law of chastity with.

    • Right, it just goes to show what double standards they have. They are willing to talk about Jodi having oral and anal sex ad nauseum, but Nurmi makes them uncomfortable? Don’t make me laugh!!!

    • It’s a DP case,she SHOULD allow it.If not,her unacceptable bias behaviour will shine one time too many!

  22. Hey SJ loved the post on Sourpuss etc…checked out the petition site to see how many people signed geez what a bunch of haters out there wow.

    • If this site is ever down,Im gonna faint,regain consciousness, faint again and then probably fall into depression….

      • Maria I doubt this site can be taken down down. If there was something illegal about it I could understand but there is nothing illegal going on here so I doubt they can just shut a site down with out good cause.

        • I am canadian and even I know there is nothing that can be done to shut this site down. You have broken no laws that I am aware of and you are not encouraging others to break the law.

          1st amendment comes to mind

    • Amy!!!!!! Thanx for reminding me of this-it was on my ”to do ”list for today.I wanted to ask you guys here if you happen to know who’s in charge of this ,where the money go etc.Anyone with info???

      • Yes I have the same questions. It is very pretty and a thoughtful gesture, but if I were to do something like this I would only charge as much as manufacturing, or donate whatever profit to Jodi and the Arias family.

  23. WildAboutTrial‏@WildAboutTrial7m
    Was just informed that the hearing is going to be in chambers. All attorneys are headed back there. Trial will resume at 1:30pm

  24. Good afternoon everyone!! Has anyone heard any details about the defense motion to preclude 2 witnesses? I just heard something on Hysterical Lying Network, but am not sure if it’s true. Does court start any minute? (if they are on time for once)

    • Omg, There so many motions going on Im starting to lose track, Anna. Idk
      I wanted to tell you last night: I love your picture, very pretty!!

      • Thanks LC! I know….the motions, closed door, open court, on and on…..!! I am sure there is a reason that todays motions are closed, but just for selfish reasons, I really wanted to see/hear them. Oh well, we will find out eventually.

  25. WildAboutTrial‏@WildAboutTrial2m
    Was just told the judge might open up the hearing. Stay tuned.. will let you know as soon as we get final word from the judge. #JodiArias

  26. How many of the Haters that are signing petitions to close this site down have actually visited here? Did they check it out for themselves or are they being the typical Hater sheep doing what someone else tells them to do?

    It makes me crazy when people don’t or won’t take the time to educate themselves and come to their own conclusions and opinions on any topic. They prefer to allow someone else to tell them how to think. I absolutely cannot respect that.

    • Could check into having their sites subject to a good spin ping. Give them something else to hate as to why the site page just rolls like a slot machine. lol

    • Take the time to check out this site??LMAO, 99% of them havent even bothered to check the evidence of this trial,yet they are ready to spill that woman’s blood!You think they would spend time on a site?

    • Seriously? A petition? LOL…….ummm…last time I checked, there was a little thing called free speech. I don’t recall Americans losing that right. Idiots.

    • joel, to visit this site and learn they would have to be able to read…so..well…you get where im going with that.

  27. Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

    looks like most all you ever want to know about the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as embodied in warren jeffs

    be warned: it’s disgusting, and most other negative descriptions we have in our verbal repetoire

  28. While we wait for the circus to start up again………………..

    “Deputy District Attorney John Christl said in his opening statement that Kieu, angry because her husband was dating a former girlfriend, laced his food with sleeping pills on July 11, 2011, then tied him to a bed, severed his penis and put it in the garbage disposal.

    “I will never have a sex life again,” said the husband, who had surgery that allows him to urinate. The penis could not be reattached. “My mental state is improving, but it may never be what it was before,” he said.”–man-describes-night-wife-cut-off-penis.html


  29. I’m on vacation this week so I’m missing all testimony. I’m thankful you guys are able to keep me up to speed!

  30. A couple of questions…

    1) If Flores takes that stand, as a presumed “shelf/physics expert”, can Nurmi question him about all of the mistakes, typos and inconsistencies in his report? Or is Nurmi’s cross simply limited by what Juan asks or presents? Martinez went after Samuels and LaViolette for their “errors”, isn’t Flores and all of his mis-statements fair game?

    2) Based on the answer to the above, can Nurmi question Flores regarding the email/text evidence that he w/held, because in his “expert” opinion there wasn’t anything “noteworthy”? I believe that is the reason he gave for not turning the evidence over in the first place. Could he be asked to tell the jury what qualified him as an expert in communications and relationships to make this determination?

    3) Which brings me to the inconsistencies in his testimony regarding sequence of events. Can someone run me through what happened here between what was testified to in front of the Grand Jury (which led to the green light to seek the death penalty?) and what was said during the trial? Didn’t he give his “expert” opinion on the stand regarding the gunshot wound, but it contradicted what the ME put in his report? I can never keep this straight. Did Nurmi do an adequate job of pointing this out to the jury?

    Let’s see… Flores is quite the expert. Physics, closets, relationships, abuse patterns and cause of death. Too bad he can’t spell or proof his own report. He is so over his head. If anyone’s testimony could be thrown out, I would think it would be his, no? If Juan recalls him and the ME, it will be another act of desperation on the state’s part. I hope he gets a chance to explain how he became an expert in all of these fields.

    4) Finally, it seems that the defense was caught off guard during the Walmart lady’s testimony. I also think they were a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing – and rightly so. That was so stupid. Had they been given the opportunity to review the mountains of data Martinez entered in evidence? Perhaps they are working on reviewing it by, I don’t know, scanning it and using a “Find” function to look for the SKEW or transaction number or whatever? Good grief, couldn’t Walmart come up w/ a less antiquated way of analyzing that data? Who was that woman? I hope she wasn’t a corporate employee.

    Sometimes I feel like the only sane people in that courtroom are Jodi, Nurmi and Wilmott.

    • Mordecai,

      The rule in AZ is that on cross the opposing counsel can ask any relevant question. It is not limited to direct testimony.

  31. HLN seems to be majorly ‘put-off’ by KN’s line of questioning with DR yesterday. They’ve opened it up to the public to get their reaction. But these same people, were completely at peace when Dr. S and ALV were raked over the coals and even seemingly encouraging ‘hatred’ towards them, even to the point of character assassination and career demise (they wish).

    Also, another point that REALLY got me… Day 6 when JM started showing those nude pics of JA to humiliate her it was not broadcasted (if I’m not mistaken) to the public at that moment, except to those in the courtroom. It was during the afternoon recess, the tape kept rolling and ‘someone’ came along and went ahead and played the section of all the nude pics without censor – except now to the ENTIRE WORLD on the web!! It looked like JM’s fingers – not sure if he deliberately came back and did that to spite JA by making sure EVERYONE saw those pics or if the camera man took it upon himself to do that for whatever reason. Nobody, said that THAT was unnecessary and uncalled for??? Instead, they made sure it was constantly broadcasted with censor bits that left little to one’s imagination! Why didn’t DT get prior approval to ban those pics from being broadcasted except within the courtroom? JA is to be presumed innocent UNTIL and UNLESS PROVEN guilty, right? Just like anyone else? So what gives? Anyway, I am truly irritated.

    Therefore, there is no doubt that ‘HLN’ stands for = H(YPOCRITICAL) L(YING) N(INCOMPOOPERY) –

    • The picture thing has always bothered me so much!!! The only pictures that came out at first where NOT censored. There are still pictures out there that show EVERYTHING! !! I really hope and wish that when Jodi wins this case she sues the shit out of everyone, but 1st the one that took the these pictures and made them public! Sue the court, HLN, the media, everyone that could’ve been responsible.

    • It was that jerk JM that pushed the issue first when KN asked her in a nonjudgmental way if they had broken the laws of chastity. JM’s objection was that the “kind” of sexual acts had to be specified and KN had to be more specific in his questioning.

    • They are only offput because Deanna’s testimony obliterates their version of events that Travis was a virgin before meeting Jodi.

      The golden statue they have created for him has crumbled from it’s foundation.

      They deserve to be known as the pack of liars that they are.

  32. OK sad news.. 🙁

    What, she did a ‘bobbitt’ on him? wow! and the moral of the story is : he is not sorry he cheated, just that he lost his *****?, oh, ok!

    • Sorry, I meant this…
      Official word is the hearing is closed. Court resumes at 1:30pm. #JodiArias

      That was from above. Not sure what happened …:oops:

    • Holy fuck!

      But a transcript of another voice mail to Willmott, which was obtained by The Arizona Republic, said, “You don’t have to return my call, but I’m just telling you: If Jodi, if you get her off of the death penalty, we will find you, we know where you’re at, we will kill you. I told Alyce the same thing, and we’re tired, and we’re sick and tired of you defending this person, and we will get you.”


      • That is just beyond insane! I know this type of trial brings all types out of the woodwork, but still…..there is a fine line between choosing sides, being fiercely loyal to your side, and then this type of threatening behavior. Being attorneys, I am sure they know who to contact, and how to trace, but for crissakes…..seriously people!?? Who in the hell has SO much invested in wanting Jodi Arias to lose, that they would make such a statement to an attorney. Its creepy and its wrong. I hate to tell you moron, (pretending to speak to the caller) but even if you hate Miss Arias, she has every right that you have, and that includes the right to counsel to insure a fair trial. GRRRRRRRR

    • Just saw this and find it ridiculous that the hater sites have already started threatening to ruin witnesses careers that haven’t even testified yet. The lengths some people will go to in order to supress the truth from coming out baffles me.

    • “You don’t have to return my call, but I’m just telling you: If Jodi, if you get her off of the death penalty, we will find you, we know where you’re at, we will kill you. I told Alyce the same thing, and we’re tired, and we’re sick and tired of you defending this person, and we will get you.”

      OMG this is ridiculous! !! It is out of hand already! ! This is ALL THE JUDGE FAULT!!! She shouldve sequestered the jury and banned TV cameras from that courtroom! !! Someone can die because shes not doing anything about this!!!! Seriously, she should end this by granting that mistrial and the next judge should move this case out of that Mormon state, get a new sequestered jury and turn off the cameras. Thats it NO MORE THREATS!!

        • Iv heard of other cases like this were they moved the case to anither state though. Idk could’ve been a little different but it was a lot like this one.

      • LC, I think even if the Judge had sequestered the jury, the morons like this would still be on the loose…..spewing hate and making threatening calls, stupid petitions, etc. The public has always had a fascination with this type of trial, and along with that, come the crazies. As far as cameras in the courtroom, I think it’s good that they are there, it keeps the court honest, no one can get away with any monkey business. I am not sure if it is even legal to ban all cameras from a trial, someone here with more law knowledge might know this. These types of people, the one who made that call/message, have no life, are obviously full of hate and undoubtedly dumb as hell to leave such a message for an attorney. Lets hope they do it again, so they can be traced and charged. Who knows, maybe they have already been found…that would be great.

        • Anna,with all due respect for the american system of justice I dont agree with you on this:”As far as cameras in the courtroom, I think it’s good that they are there, it keeps the court honest, no one can get away with any monkey business.”
          Martinez’ tactics during that trial,plus the Judge’s quite frequent,obvious bias has led me to believe that ”monkey business” is actually possible even with cameras in a court of law.

        • It’s not the actual live broadcasting of the trial that’s the issue, but rather all the BS happening outside of the courtroom based around the coverage, i.e. media BS, intimidation, threats etc. This trial has already seen the worst of what can happen, and there’s more to come no doubt.

          Team Jodi

        • They would all still be out there due to people like Nancy Grace, she whips people up into hate filled frenzys and I think she would love to be back during the times of the Witch hunts and trials, that is pretty much what she does on a regular basis. She creates this hate, as does HLN by only showing one side. There should be petitions to keep people like them off the air

    • OMG,what the fu*k is that???
      What’s wrong with the world???
      Poor Jennifer,that’s all I can say.I cannot stress this point too strongly:I have deep admiration both for Nurmi and Wilomott,they’re extraordinary human beings and lawyers who undertook this controversial assignment knowing that they would be targeted.

    • Oh wow! So at least someone is investigating the haters for what they did to Alyce. I guess all the screen shots we gathered might actually help with their investigations.


    • Go up many posts… we were talking about a completely different case – wife ‘bobbitted’ spouses *****

  33. Btw, highly recommend Jose Baez’s book Presumed Guilty.nyou can’t read that book and seriously not believe firmly that Caylee died in the pool and Grorge threw Casey under the bus because he was afraid of his wife and his past coming to bite him in the ass. Really good info in there tht I did not know or hear about. It clinched it for mr.

      • Couldn’t agree more! I read Jose’s book three times and Jeff Ashton’s book once. Jose’s book was so well thought out and put together and I couldn’t put it down!!! Read it if you haven’t! It will open your eyes to the behind the scenes shit with the media.

  34. Does anybody else here think that Deana lied? I feel the way that the mormon’s protect each other in their …”cult”. it’s very possible. She wanted Travis to appear to be almost a saint. They are called Latter day Saints right?

    I just think that they are kind of a funny religion. Anything is possible. Travis was living a double life. No one knew that he was behaving in such a shameful way. She may want to protect his reputation. C’mon she wants us to believe that he never raised his voice at her. The way she said “he was always a gentleman” more than once. It doesn’t ring true to me, what do you think?

    • I dont think she lied. I just think she never stood up for herself so TA never got angry with her. Jodi did stand up for herself and the true TA came out….

      • I agree Joel. Travis changed his personality to match up with the woman he was using at the time. He used what worked to get what he wanted. Typical salesman. In his case he was selling Mormonism and wanted paid with sex that was considered wrong in his church and he knew it.

      • Also, they were a lot younger and it doesn’t sound like Travis felt any real passion for this woman – thus, the anger and rage was never sparked.

    • Dave..I tend to believe her. She would not have said that she and Travis had sex in open court if they were trying to hush her up. Some people do act differently in different relationships. I could be wrong……but my gut tells me she was telling the truth to the questions that were asked of her. One woman’s abuse is another woman’s way of life……

    • You also have to remember that people “develop” fetishes and tastes over time. He might not have ventured into the online porn, or dirty world of kInky sex with Deanna, preferring to instead be grateful that she would put out considering their religion.
      However…she probably did only do it thinking that they were headed for marriage, so she gave away something she can no longer give to a future husband… and that is what was probably the problem.

    • IMO there is something off about her. I don’t know what it is, and I can’t put my finger on it. I am going to wait and see what else develops, something tells me we haven’t heard the last of her yet.

      • I agree. I can’t put my finger on it either. Something brewing underneath that exterior. She seemed very controlled to me.

      • MB..she gave herself to the man she though she was going to marry. He used her and left her with the repercussions of the sin. Doesn’t anyone find it a bit off that this woman still is not married and she is how old?

        • I do find it odd that she isn’t married being that was the driving force behind her breaking it off with Travis.

          So many off things about this case.

    • I am going to go out on a limb here and say that they have round the clock protection….. Now how would it look to have someone from the defenses team hurt? I think they have learned allot from the CA case. My main concern is if they have children….they need to get them out of town. I’m very concerned for the jury. this all on the same level as the CA trial of is it worse?

      • Hi cindy… not much between the 2 trials really. Just a bunch of clueless retards hating on the defendant because they don’t have a life of their own, and they are jealous on numerous levels. It’s in their DNA. They are born haters & born losers. The only similarity will be the Not Guilty verdict.

        Team Jodi

  35. I enjoyed reading Mr Baez’s book especially since I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes in court and I am sure we have no idea either what is playing behind the scenes in this trial and how the defense team here is being restricted in doing their job.There is no doubt in my mind JM has been trying to do anything what it takes, to avoid getting lesser then the dp.

  36. This battle axe posing as a judge has got to be in the top 10% worst judges of all time. The only one that pisses away more time that I can remotely remember is Ito and I never thought there would come a day I would see one as bad as him.

    She has no clue how to direct a courtroom, control the lawyers or how to keep a trial on track. She has jurors sitting in the holding room hours upon hours for days on end. They’re putting their lives on hold for $12.00 a day and she acts like they got nothing to do but wait for her sorry ass. Starts in the morning when it’s almost time for lunch, then takes a hour and a half for lunch, quits earlier than bankers. It’s not like those jurors have rocker recliners in that holding room. Seasoned and competent judges all over the country must be embarrassed to see this amateur make a farce out of a courtroom death penalty case.

    She’s turning what could have been a 7-8 week trial into a 5 month trial. The only thing that should be more sacrosanct than the jurors and the respect for them uprooting their lives for less than gas money is the defendant. She acts like she could care less. If I was a juror I would be livid. This is the kind of thing that starts to get jurors to want to get dismissed. It almost happened in the Simpson case where Ito was almost without the quorum necessary to have deliberation which would have forced a mistrial after nine months. She’s on the same path. I don’t know which is a bigger embarrassment to the legal profession, her or El GJuano. When she says we will start promptly at …., I laugh out loud. The only thing she starts promptly is lunch and recess.

    The rulings she’s made have been an abomination and I never saw a more blantant bias for the prosecution–lets him throw evidence on the floor, throw pens, slam podiums, throw papers around on the Elmo, preen around like a B-movie star for the paparrazi without so much as a desist instruction, badger witnesses. And when I saw her do absolutely NOTHING when Martinez has a witness on his witness list watching the trial and feeding him information after watching the testimony of witnesses like she worked for the Maricopa County Attorney, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

    Most judges at minimum would have dressed him down in front of the jury. Some would have fined him and many would have sanctioned him for gross prosecutor misconduct to the extent of even forcing removal of the death penalty as punishment for the State. But she doesn’t do shit. She allows Martinez to walk up to witnesses like he runs the place without asking to approach the witness. This is another thing most judges would read him the riot act for. Not her. No, she’s not biased.

    She can’t hardly make a damn ruling without a conference The number of side bars has to be almost a record. They should just move the defense and prosecution tables up to the bench. The number of secretive and in-chambers meetings are absurd. Very few hearings or meetings should have to be held in camera. It you’re so sure jurors are not seeing any outside the courtroom coverage or being influenced by anybody Stephens, what the hell are you so worried about? If this is a public trial and you allowed TV coverage then the Goddamned thing should be public and most of these motions should be argued in open court, not have fifty percent of the trial in your chambers.

    She’s up to her nostrum in reversible error already. The best thing she could do is call a mistrial and save the embarrassment of having a conviction overturned if there is one.

    It’s a good thing the election was last November because if it was this November, she wouldn’t get 20% of the vote. Her salary would be better spent fixing up roads. The elder powers there shouldn’t assign her to anything more sophisticated than a dog bite case.

    Three hours of testimony a day if that…….wonder what time we’ll start today… 3:45?

    They ought to take her black robe and give it to Goodwill. At least somebody might at least get some use out of it.

    • I agree with you but the one thing that sent me over the top was when JM was questioning Jodi (I think) and he went over and leaned on the podium and said, “Would you like me to stand over here like your attorney does?” He should have been slapped with a fine. He was making fun of KN and it is no wonder all the haters are acting the way they do. Another thing, all that could be stopped if he had the sense to tell them not to do such things; after all he is the BIG MAN now and people would listen to him. AL had a threat against her life because of these people. It is disgusting. She is a silly and looks like a clown with all her make up on. Darn I am in a bad mood, sorry guys. This is just senseless going on like this forever.

      • Thank you PJ for pointing this out, I had the same sort of reaction I think indirectly the media and Jm are accountable for this. The way JM is allowed to act in court, having lost any sense of ethics and boundaries , representing The State of Arizona he is setting a role model the general population.
        I am truly speechless and saddened by this threat and I hope this will be taken care of by the FBI with high priority and thoroughly.

      • It’s okay PJ … we understand. And thanks for the comic relief about the clown makeup. I’m still laughing!!!

    • Absolutely agree 100000000! She is a joke and this judge will see what happens if Jodi is convicted. The appeals court will be all over her. This is the worst run trial I have ever witnessed and she is ultimately responsible for what happens.

    • “quits earlier than bankers.”—- hey, thats not fair, i’m in the office reading and posting on this site ALL day long. lol.

      (speaking of which, how do i still have a job?)

      anyone else viewing this on the bosses time?

  37. If anything happens to JW or Alyce, all those people who posted hateful things on FB and Amazon are suspects. But even if nothing happens to them, there’s already an open investigation so for that, I’m very happy.

      • I know, me too. 🙁

        but at least it’s already out in the open that the authorities are investigating, so I’m hoping they will think twice about hurting them now.

        I’ll bet HLN won’t cover this. They’re probably uncomfortable about this because they’re a big reason why these people went bat-shit crazy.

      • according to that article:

        “A spokeswoman for the Long Beach Police Department, however, said that it is taking seriously the threats made against LaViolette. LaViolette maintains an office in that California city.

        Nancy Pratt of the Long Beach Police Department said that the case has been turned over to that department’s violent crimes unit and is being investigated as witness intimidation, even though LaViolette testified in another state.”

  38. If I have learned anything from this trial is that people spent alot of time trying to fit in(present company excluded)Deanna Reid has been programmed.So much of her responses were driven by her” religion”and the cult like brainwashing.She also is looking at things through similar eyes as JA has or had based on the premise of “The Secret”.She actually believes what she is saying.WOW,Where does this cross into denial and realism.So part of me believes Deanna is genuine.But there is something “robotic”about answers that makes me wonder.Fear.?JMO

    • She said she was raised Mormon since she was 1. That means she is completely brainwashed with no hope for recovery. However I don’t think she was lying about her time with TA. As Nurmi said it was a different relationship. I think he thought she was wife material but not hot enough. So he would not marry her.

    • Maybe her answers was related to her “programming” Nothing about the relationship to her was abnormal as she doesn’t know any other way of life.

    • ”Robotic” is the key word here.Yes,she did look like a machine in most of her answers,especially”we’re all just humans so we mess up”-sounded like what a priest would say to make her feel better for breaking the chastity law.She reminded me of Desiree Freeman,no blood flowing in their veins,just mormon teachings.
      I so,so,so,so want Jodi to break free from this brainwashing cult one day and realize she can stand on her own two feet!

  39. From some dumb ass!!

    Very Uncommon Cat‏@UncommonCat1m
    #jodiarias I don’t believe all these threats are real. it’s what her supporters would do so the DT stops getting called out on social media.

  40. The world we live in is very sick. I don’t think they (the mormons) care about a woman that doesn’t have a history in the mormon church. They want to punish her for taking away one of their own.

    It shows because of the hate that these people show towards anyone who supports Jodi. HLN is breeding a very hateful audience. But what suprises me most is that if these people have watched any of the trial they would see the other side of Travis, and be more open minded. They should go after the people that have made death threats and lock them up as terrorists. People like that are a plague on society.

    • oh yeah. The FBI don’t fuck around. The hater’s behavior *was* witness intimidation and if these people are allowed to successfully intimidate and bully witnesses online or otherwise, it definitely undermines the Justice System and the protection everyone is entitled under the Constitution, so yeah, it’s a big deal and I think it’s about time that the government got involved. I just hate the fact that it took this long and that a death threat had to be made for it to happen.

  41. Until the draconian laws are updated to include social media people will continue on their diatribes of hatred and bullying. Washington and all the pompous assholes NEED TO WAKE THE FUCK UP and SMELL THE COFFEE – the amount of hatred for strangers by strangers is REVOLTING…

    sorry for the language…

              • Can we work one trial at a time…people!!! HLN WILL NOT be work the Zimmerman trial like this trial. Please save this post if I’m wrong.

                Tony…….GZ is a racist…that was clear when he got his azz out of his car. And tell me please….what do you know about Rev Sharpton

                Nancy Hudson …..per autopsy….there were NO…NO marks on Trayvon hands. Some of you people sound no better then those Travis Hugging folks.

                So again…..wait until the EVIDENCE is presented before you go off looking foolish.

                Stepping off my soap box!!!!!

                • Oh yeah, they will work the Zimmerman case just like Jodi’s case. They need ratings. Jodi’s trial will be over, and you’d better believe that Nancy, Vinnie, et. al. aren’t just going to go quietly.

                • Oh I am waiting. I do not jump the evidence.i was just mentioning one thing I had thought was correct. But, no no no, I am not like that. But also I am not going to say he is guilty without hearing all the evidence!

      • Tony, I live in Orlando and dread another high profile case. I have a summons for jury duty too next month in the 9th judicial court…….ugh.

    • And they talked about how bad social media is for our young kids this morning. They are so damn hypocritical. Don’t watch HLN kids! Not for the sex talk but the nasty unethical actions of adults who should know better. Can you imagine how Nasty Grace’s kids are going to turn out?


    This is completely out of hand.

    I’m so glad about this:

    “A spokeswoman for the Long Beach Police Department, however, said that it is taking seriously the threats made against LaViolette. LaViolette maintains an office in that California city.

    Nancy Pratt of the Long Beach Police Department said that the case has been turned over to that department’s violent crimes unit and is being investigated as witness intimidation, even though LaViolette testified in another state.:

  43. remember sky on the stand she was calling a lot of travis’s friends she may have gotten them to tell a different version of what happened deanna was friends with the hughes and is on the stand wonder is the hughes called her and told her what to say. i do not believe her she lied to protect travis and to protect the hughes from having to get up on the stand and talk about there boys and travis spending the night at there house. if there is not pictures of little boys on computer then he could of had pictures of the hughes kids on at least one of them. jodi did not tell flores who the boy was I want them on the stand to get the truth out of them. that goes for dan dave what ever hall the one with the guns. this is cover up and kill jodi at all cost

    • I feel DR was lying too. Shes hiding that TA was verbally abusive and she knows it. She knows exactly what Chris and Sky were referring to on that email and I can see them telling DR to say that the comment they meant was because TA had not asked to marry her! BS that was NOT the unpardonable reason the Hugheswere rreferring to!! DR lied and shes going to stick up for her own kind. Also, image the hate that that woman feels for Jodi! Every time she looks at Napoliane (the dog) she has to think about TA and Jodi.

  44. I would like to say something about Deanna’s testimony yesterday. She had said she met Travis’s mom. She also said there was no abuse in the home there was only neglect due to drugs. That is not what Travis said. This is from his blog (quote):My childhood unfortunately was very much like any child’s that had drug addict parents. My father was never around which left my siblings and I to the fate given by my mother. A good woman, with the intent at an early age to be a loving mom. A few poor decisions changed that. As she progressively got more involved in drugs she progressively got less capable of raising children. Most commonly was a beating for waking her up. It hurt but we got used to it. I learned how to turn so that when she hit me she would strike my back and arms, the pain was less there.( end quote) Unfortunately the jurors are not privy to this information.

    • I know it made me feel like she did that for the Family only. Lied under Oath
      so how much more was Lying then about Travis to save face with the

      I don’t care what religion those people are they are not going to Tarnish
      the White Gowns they were in the Precious Sacred Temple they attend.
      The can tell half truths an feel just fine about it. They are WARPED is
      what I think.

      I could understand really if Travis truly was a Saintly Mormon/LDS member
      an it was proven. But it has been proven HE was NOTHING like the family
      an the PPL/Mormon/LDS friends an coworkers keep professing over an over
      again on tv. Travis a ANGEL an JODI the DEVIL == BULL CRAP !

    • Yes, I noticed that too.

      Travis was with Deanna for SEVEN YEARS and did not say anything to her about being beaten by his mother?

      It seems too convenient that this story was shared AFTER he had decided to be a “motivational speaker” for PPL; and to build a career from throwing his mother under the bus.

      It’s ironic to me how the Travis Taliban keeps saying that Travis is dead and cannot defend himself. But look how he treated the memory of his own mother after she died.

      • Which to me means Deanna is lying(So what else is she lying about?) or we can add this story to the list of Travis’ lies.

          • You are right, she wasn’t telling the whole truth. Whether she wants to say so or not, or whether she is willing to admit to it or not, I believe that Travis was abusive to Deanna also. Remember Travis told Jodi that Deanna was a psycho. If she went all batshit crazy on him it was probably because of what he did to her. Deanna did say they had arguments like any couple do.

            • I agree. I’ve noticed that Travis’ exes seem to only expound the positives on their blogs. It could well be Deanna has the same issue, only seeing the positive and forgetting all the negative things that may have happened.

              Yes, I do remember Travis calling Deanna psycho. I wonder if he wasn’t seeing her too on the side behind Jodi’s back. I agree, if she were the one who sent the emails or slashed the tires, I could understand why. (Before anyone jumps on me, no I do not condone sending bizarre emails or slashing tires)

      • So true!! And when DR started talking about their mother and the abuse, the cameras pointed to them, they started wiggling looking very uncomfortable. They HATE when anyone bring their past up but the person they should blame that on is TA. TA used his horrible past to mame his PPL stories more interesting and to advance his career, to make more MONEY.

        Ohh look at that, they’re all the same; TA using his childhood abuse to advance his career and make money and here you have his siblings hating anyone that bring it up, instead of blaming HIM for it and at the same time they’re using HIS DEATH to make MONEY!!! WOW talk about hypocrisy!!!

        • That’s right – everything that has come out in this trial has been because of TA. He incriminated himself and his family in more ways than one.

          To blame Jodi, or any of us for talking about it, is ridiculous. If he hadn’t said those things, texted those things, emailed those things, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

      • The way his two sisters act that were closest to him show the truth of the matter. They were abused and in turn are being abusive to others. Their scowls, sucking in of cheeks, eyerolling etc prove that. Here is something else Travis said about his mom; (quote :I will say though I have never heard in any movie, on any street corner, or amongst the vilest of men any string of words so offensive and hateful, said with such disgust as was the words that my mother said to my sisters and I.” (end quote)

      • He certainly was not private about his horrible upbringing.Sometimes I think he was used to repeating and putting all his terrible childhood memories out there to induce compassion and sympathy or maybe Im way wrong and this was just his way of coping with the trauma.

        • I agree maria. There’s the idea that he is not somehow responsible for his behavior because he had a “bad mommy.”

          To which I say bullshit. Even if everything he says is true, it does not give him the right to mistreat women.

          • Bullshit it is,MB!! I had a bad childhood too,my father was extremely abusive to me,my sister and mother.Never in my life did I use it to make people like me,never have I abused another human being;quite the contrary actually.I now look at my abused and hurt inner child as an opportunity to become a better person and to treat and LOVE others they way I was never treated or loved by my father.I wont say more.I think you all got it.That’s why I will never believe that a person who had such an extremely abusive family and so many childhood traumas and had NOT sought and subsequently received any kind of psychological help could feel so liberated by his ‘demons’ to be able to parade his most deep nightmares to social media,like his MySpace account and what not.

            • Beautifully said maria. You are right, not all abused people grow up to be abusers. Sadly, they often get involved with abusers because it is what they know.

              I agree, Travis really needed professional help.

              I’m sorry to hear about your father. I know how you feel <3

  45. Just wondering…
    What are you guys making out of Jodi’s most recent painting ”Blissful Ignorance”?
    Why is the woman in the painting having a blue pill in her mouth? 😕

  46. That Stark woman she stirs up the HATE an HLN stirs it up too an then of course the Travis Supporters an even the family of Travis do this. They go out an start up on Book Reviews an U Tube comments an wherever they can find the witnesses on the internet an start this bashing!

    Ok these same PEOPLE want to cry out that we on this site do that? that is a LIE!
    This site is much calmer then anywhere I have went to try an discuss the case. Way
    less graphic disgusting talk here then anywhere out there.
    >>>>>>>they have already started bashing>>>>>>>>

    Tweets posted yesterday denounce Geffner as evil and say that his career will “tank” if he testifies, and blogs and Facebook sites are already commenting negatively about his potential testimony.

  47. Good afternoon AA,
    I also heard about this Suzie, I had originally thought she was a PPL witness. I am not sure what she has to say regarding Jodi’s bank accounts, or why the pros wants her to testify, but she is (apparently) one that the defense is asking to preclude. The other one is Robert Brown, the forensic computer expert, who (apparently) is being called to testify about pictures of Jodi in her phone/camera regarding her hair color before and after the killing. This is the other witness the defense is asking to preclude. You were just mentioning hair color yesterday, I think, and that JM must have let that issue go. Seems like he is unable to let anything go at all, no matter how insignificant. Unless he has someone talk about her changing her hair color right before he trip, instead of in March which is what she already said, I don;t see the relevance.

  48. strange that the computer in the office is deanna’s computer where is his computer the house was left for 5 days if there was evidence on his computer then one of the KKK travis clan removed it before the police were called 🙄

    • Hell ya they had WED THRU FRI SAT SUN an all day an half the night MON to do what
      ever they wanted on that SCENE ! give me a break any photos or other items would
      have been destroyed by MON at 10 pm when they went looking for Travis only because
      the business trip was the very next day ====BULL CRAP !

      • thank you rhonda in alabama they had 5 days to do what ever who know who was in and out you only have the words of the roommates what gets me is everyone is calling him and the phone and his ring is on the kitchen counter ring ring ring ring some one would of heard it strange the chris hughes called that phone and travis called out were is that phone. we have deanna’s computer is in his office where is his computer gee they were covering up the crime and putting the blame on jodi so the real killers could go free…. jodi said this in her interview with flores :mrgreen:

      • yes how convient the bussiness trip that was planned when???????? It was great that the hughes were not around when old flores wanted to talk had to get them on the phone from cancun had to call dan hall to find out what was going on they knew what had happened the day he was killed yes ill get the back lash for my comment but im sure they were involved if they loved poor travis then why in the hell did they not cancel the trip and attend his furnial they loved him right 🙄

  49. It keeps getting better.

    Kommon Kat‏@kommonKat6m
    #jodiarias Willie doesn’t want an investigation because it’s not true. It’s just an effort to shut all of us up on social media

    Sherri Wright‏@sherriwright782m
    .@kommonKat Yes, a defense atty in the #jodiarias case threatened herself so she could single handedly take away our 1st amendment rights.

    • Yes I don’t read them either. They called us loonie with our theories, what do they call this? This is insanity.

      Like I’ve said before, anyone pro-Jodi is not going to do anything to undermine the defense, that includes calling their office with ridiculous questions or starting shit to take away from their focus on defending Jodi.

  50. Question:
    Does Detective E. Flores engage in Private Investigator work off duty?

    The reasons I ask and don’t trust him are as follows including the horrible job investigating this case.

    1. He allowed friends and roommates on the crime scene to collaborate.

    2. He lied to Jodi in the very first interview when she asked if the interrogation was being recorded? He answered , “NO, I don’t think there on” about the voice recorders.

    3. He noticed blood on the washer on the way out to the garage, and Zach Billings didn’t have a house key but entered via garage door, yet Zach didn’t notice the bloody washer.

    4. He is Mormon and originally a motive should have been “blood atonement”, therefore creating a conflict of interest. An ethical Detective would have removed himself from this investigation.

    5. He didn’t follow any other leads, but stated in his report that he was following several leads.

    6. He is prejudicial to Mormon men, by overlooking the multiple stories the roommates gave.

    7. He misspelled “except”……accept (sic)

    8. He misspelled “donning” …… dawning (sic)

    9. He didn’t interrogate Dustin Thompson thus allowing the main suspect to slip threw his misspelling fingers.

    10. Did not investigate the 2nd phone that TA was seen using by roommate Enrique on Wednesday night. The phone on the desk showed activity which matched his Virgin Life. The phone which matched his Slut Life was never inquired about with his contacts nor was it ever found. The second phone theory is new, created by Det Flores and Enrique.

    11. He didn’t question Enrique the roommate on his lie about TA’s office door being closed, the friends that entered to investigate first noticed the laptop and phone in the office. Perhaps the friends had X-ray vision.

    12. He ‘excepted’, I mean, accepted Enrique’s two versions of when things seemed abnormal, ” Thursday was the first day things seemed a little odd” , and ” Enrique said nothing seemed odd until Sunday….”

    13. He allowed for inconsistencies with the roommates Zach and Enrique jumper cable fable. Enrique said Saturday, and Zach stated Sunday on his way to church. Significant difference between the 2 days, Saturday-R&R, Sunday-Brainwashing Day.

    14. He did not charge Chris Hughes for the crime of Falsifying A Police Report.

    15. He is making Overtime galore by just sitting on his Mormon skiv-vies in court for no particular reason other than arm candy for Juan Martinez.

    16. He is potentially working for a wealthy PPL client, or the Mormon church, double dipping, hiding evidence and neglecting to find the true criminals.

    • Phillip ALL of your points are right on. That #3 has ALWAYS bugged me too. ” He noticed blood on the washer on the way out to the garage, and Zach Billings didn’t have a house key but entered via garage door, yet Zach didn’t notice the bloody washer.”
      Also did you know that he was looking for jumper cables to start up his car. So that would mean he would’ve been in and out, walking by from the washer and dryer to get in and out to the garage! !! And he didn’t see blood on that machine, right??!!! No, I don’t blv that!!

        • Those have always bugged me too.
          This is the most f uped trial I have ever seen in my life.
          This is not good and Jodi shouldn’t have to pay for something she didn’t do.

          It proves it to me becausr of what the investors DIDN’T do
          and the lies from the detective.
          IF she did it, they wouldn’t have had to come up with all of their lies.

    • Phillip, I agree with every single “data point” you have spoken of.


      he should be permanently removed from his job.

  51. Did you read the link about the morman’s and their brainwashing/ One of the brainwashing statements they make to members is that if they are a member and the leave the church or denounce the mormon teachings they will be punished in hell worse than if they were Adolf Hitler. That is Sick!!!!!!!

    Travis in one of his texts told Jodi she was worse than Hitler…. If that is not trying to control her than what is? Nurmi, and Wilmott should bring this up in the trial. To see how truly controlling he was to Jodi. Let’s face it this guy thought Jodi was hot, and would do anything to control her so he could get all the sex he wanted from her.

    • Yea Dave, no way in hell he was going to let her go!! He was getting “HIS” kind of sex from her whenever HE wanted!! He knew that whatever he asked her to do for him, she’d be down.

  52. REBUTTAL WITNESSES that are to testify:

    Suzie Dittman is a fraud investigator for JP Morgan Chase. Investigations include internal & external crimes such as retail fraud referrals. Suzie is a second source to back up the 3 SLC gas station charges – verify a credit card for the third gas can was used and was valid and that no fraud took place.

    Det Brown: Computer Forensic Detective, specialize in recovering, analyzing, and presenting data from computers and cell phones for use in investigations or as evidence. During investigations, I may determine the details of intrusions into computer systems, recover data from encrypted or erased files, and recover e-mails and deleted passwords.

    Dr. Kevin Horn – Medical Examiner Testified Alexander’s jugular vein, common carotid artery, and windpipe had been slashed. Alexander’s hands also had defensive wounds. Dr. Horn further testified that Alexander “may have” been deceased at the time the gunshot was inflicted. Gun shot was at an angle of Travis being down and Jodi standing up not as Jodi testified that both Travis and Jodi standing up or Travis coming at Jodi in a line backer stance.

    Det. Flores supervised the demonstration of The Shelf Theory: Travis bedroom closet shelf where GUN was not, but JA claims she stood on bottom shelf to reach up to grap a gun. Det Flores can prove standing on a shelf on pins would result in the shelf tipping and the contents becoming disturbed. Photos of the crime scene showed closest not disturbed. Pins have a 12 pound weight limit.

  53. Uh ohhh…….out of Diet Coke, Cigs, and coffee! My mainstays! Off to the store I go before the trial starts…. see ya soon…:)

  54. Phillip you are so right about flores he lied to the jury when they asked about the roommates he said one was at work and the other was at his girlfriends end of story ???? If he had of done his job Ashley Thompson Reed would be alive today to tell her side of what happened and her x Dustan well the FBI had his # Flores should be fired for his report and not following up on all the leads but if we have a rich ass hole the hughes could have paid him off and others …

  55. So I haven’t missed anything yet? No trial or public hearing? I only got 4 hours of sleep, had to grab a quick nap!!

    • What an idiot! People have no common sense, or decency, and EVERYBODY is out to make a quick buck off of Jodi’s situation. Makes me SICK!

    • this site is full of the truth and information at the top of this site look for the flores report and the statements that were given and there were a lot of others that did not get questioned that night they dialed 911

        • Flores said multiple times that the smell of decomp was the first thing he noticed when he walked in the house, yet those roommates went about their normal routines for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. *cough*Bullshit!*cough*
          There’s a saying about stuff that just doesn’t quite add up, quite appropriate in this situation: “It just didn’t pass the ‘sniff’ test.” And yes, the pun was very much intended; that’s why I chose that quote in particular. 😉

        • Thre was also blood on the washing machine on the way out to the garage, where the roommate would come in and out the house. And the Banister was wet as if someone mightve been cleaning, TA ring (that he never took off) was found on the kitchen counter and his cell phone in the office room downstairs. Too much to blv that they could’ve missed all this! Oh and the doggie fance was up for 5 days, so his dog wouldn’t be able to go up to his owners room door and that would’ve meant that the roommates and girlfriends were hopping over this fance for 5days!!! I seriously blv the roommate had something to do with it!!

        • Right and there was a foot print found in the hallway that indicates someone might have checked/known about Travis’ body in the shower.

          There’s so much about this case that just isn’t right.

          • Exactly, why would there be a shoe print? If they claim it was from when the police or roommates found him, the blood would have been dry, so no shoe print could have been left.

            • Angela, BINGO! On top of the blood being dried after 5 days, we also see in the crime scene photos that there was VERY LITTLE to NO appreciable blood or pools of blood in the area immediately surrounding TA’s body in the tub. One of the roommates left the footprint while “checking to see if Travis was alive” – Yeah right, and my name is Queen Elizabeth! 🙄

      • Thanks, Rach. (HUG)

        I’m on the East coast, and the start/break/finish times NEVER fail to throw me off, even though I know the time difference. 😳

      • I’d love to! I was always the weird one that liked assignments and homework. Send it my way; you know the email address, honey bunches. 😀

    • Court is supposed to start in about a half an hour.

      There was a closed door hearing…

      A death threat made to Jennifer Willmott’s office…

      That’s all I can think of (aside from being infuriated at the death threat).


          Yes someone left her a grisley voice mail.

          I am so sickened by the world lately.

          And if that’s not enough, apparently the haters believe this is some bizarre conspiracy to silence the Travis Taliban on social media. As if we give a shit so much that we are trying to shut them up. Which is such bullshit, because this is the only site I visit (aside from one other, but that’s to look for potential moles posting here at this blog). The one time I visited twitter I was so disgusted I took a few screen shots and left permanently.

          I’ve said before, and I’ve said again – people who are pro-Jodi are NOT going to call the defense attorneys or bother them or take the focus away from defending Jodi so the twits on twitter are barking up the wrong tree. AGAIN.

  56. Repeat of what I posted in the wee hours about another example of memory loss or nonoperational memory when someone is under shock, as reported by cnn:

    The person who found the young wounded brother in his boat CANNOT REMEMBER details of what happened after he saw him in his boat :

    “Henneberry said Tuesday that he doesn’t even remember climbing down the ladder and running to the phone to dial 911, delivering the tip that would lead to Tsarnaev’s capture.
    “I didn’t waste any time. I didn’t ask him if he wanted a cup of coffee. I was off that ladder. That is all I remember,” he told the affiliate.”

    • And he doesn’t want to talk about it either. Hmmm, can’t remember, doesn’t talk about the event. I wonder what tot doc would say about this.

      • Have to laugh. On HLN thins morning they were talking about kids doing the cinnamon thing and one of the HLN people apparently did it with two other guys and Kim Kardashian I think. . Anyway, they filmed it and he reacted immediately to it, spitting it all over, choking, etc. He was on the show and said that for six hours he was affected by it and can’t remember some things during that time period. Something to that effect. Geez. Yet Jodi can’t have amnesia over something like this killing???

  57. I swear this trial is getting Wierder and Wierder by
    the second….
    Perhaps the strangest trial I have witnessed.
    Let’s pray for proper closure to all this insanity

  58. the pills represent the choice between the blissful ignorance of illusion (blue) and embracing the sometimes painful truth of reality (red).

  59. “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes”.

  60. Some people mentioned yesterday that what Travis was watching on youtube at 4-4:30 am on June 4, 2008 was not porn, but videos of the band Daft Punk.
    However it seems that the titles of the videos refer to HARDCORE PORN videos made to the music of Daft Punk.

    (DRUNK)Daft Punk – Harder Bodies Faster …
    Apr 1, 2008 … Daft Punk – Harder Bodies Faster Stronger(DRUNK). Watch … 2006 Summer In
    Ibiza : 3 Girls Drunk So Much … Hard Kaur Drunk Hardcore …

      • Stuff slips through ALL.THE.TIME. on YouTube. With literally millions of people submitting videos 24/7, it’s impossible to moderate most of it until it’s been reported/flagged as inappropriate multiple times. I’m actually surprised that there’s not MORE porn, etc. on YouTube than there actually is; they do an amazing job moderating it considering the ratio of Mods vs. Uploaders/Users.

  61. Has anyone else noticed that all of the other women that TA was involved with were raised in the Morman faith and therefore knew what ALL of their laws on pre-marital sex were from an early age! And JODI, not having been raised in the faith would have to rely on someone telling her some of their laws, etc.,. Ergo, TA being able to manipulate the meanings of the laws to his desires and needs. While JODI, though having read the Book of Morman, would not have necessarily understood the entire concept of their laws, etc.,. THAT’s why TA treated the others differently than he did JODI! Also, is it possible for the defense to have A’s bishop testify as to whether TA actually talked to him or not? Plus, why are so many haters in an uproar about the way KN questioned DR after the way the little weasel-JM-has acted throughout this entire trial? GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Only a 5-year-old wouldnt understand that since Jodi was introduced to this religion and looked so much up to TA,of course she would take his word on nything.Unlike all the other mormon girls who had listened to the preachings for decades and were probably warned a million times by their own parents not to go third base (or maybe not even second base,idk)with boys!! Jodi could be easily manipulated,she was an easy target.And of course by the time she realized what they were doing was off limits,she was already under his spell,already too much in love,already enjoying the sex to break the bad habit.

      • ”Only a 5-year-old”
        I should have added ”Martinez” too.He seems to have the cognitive ability of a 5 year old.

    • Did anyone notice the prosecution didn’t call any of the other girls that were not Morman, that he tried to recruit to PPL, and, at the least, was sexting with them.

  62. Meant to say TA’s bishop. And that TA was indeed a manipulative, lying, loser that used JODI and then when she wanted to move on with her life-as well as possibly questioning some of his explanations, etc.,- he couldn’t accept it and started abusing her.

  63. some good news

    Shana Druckerman ‏@sdruckerman 2m

    Judge granted #jodiarias defense motion today. Surrebuttal witness allowed to testify. @ABC2020 @GMA

  64. Under Arizona law, it is a felony to influence or intimidate a witness in a trial, but authorities seem at a loss to deal with obvious intimidation that comes from other states and over the Internet.

    Now what is wrong with this picture?

    • wouldn’t such be a federal offence, and subject to much harsher federal laws, and warrant the intervention of such federal authorities as the fbi, especially when jodi’s civil rights are being impinged upon, or interfered with, and the proper administration of state law, including state courts, is being seriously undermined

      federal authorities would have adequate enforcement mechanisms, where individual states do not have jurisdiction, or adequate enforcement powers

    • Right, and wasn’t Arizona trying to implement a law that would make it an offense in AZ to cyberbully someone living in AZ? So much so that one could face charges outside federal law?

      Something like that…

      • LOL Ashley, no WHOOPIE PADS allowed in the court room…….

        The funniest gag product ever produced just got better! WE proudly present the NEW Remote Controlled Fart Machine No. 2. Armed with this new and improved device, you can embarrass your victims whenever the mood strikes you.

  65. Got YOUR POPCORN, step right up , GET YOUR POPCORN, curtain is about to OPEN……….. ICE COLD COKE, POP ROCKETS and TOOTSIE POPS for those that need to keep busy since NO SMOKING is allowed in the court room ………….. YEP, GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, ICE COLD COKE….. HOT COFFEE at the concession stand…… SIT back and RELAX as we let the day unfold in the JODI ARIAS TRIAL>……….. everyone please take your seat, turn OFF all electronic devices … NO FACIAL EXPRESSION, TEAR JERKERS, OR EYE ROLLING during this segement.

    • I’m currently sitting at home recovering from having a hysterectomy 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine (who’s watching this trial and supports Jodi too) got me a basket filled with things for my recovery – in it they included 2 packages of pop rocks for when Hub’s and I are ready to go at it again – lol

    • “NO FACIAL EXPRESSION, TEAR JERKERS, OR EYE ROLLING during this segement.” -FUJuan

      Oh, yeah right, like most of the people present at this trial (I’m referring to YOU, Alexander family!) have ever paid any attention to THAT common-sense courtroom rule! Judge Blowup Doll would NEVER allow such tomfoolery to take place in HER well-run courtroom! 🙄 🙄 🙄

  66. Shana Druckerman ‏@sdruckerman 11m Judge granted #jodiarias defense motion today. Surrebuttal witness allowed to testify. @ABC2020 @GMA

  67. duke if there religion is like the catholic’s they are not aloud to tell about a confession if that is what he did I think travis played the same games with deanna as he did jodi