Jodi Arias Trial – Day 52 (afternoon session)

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Following the closed door hearing this morning in Judge Pickles’ chambers, the defense motion was granted and the surrebuttal witness Dr. Robert Geffner will be testifying, probably next week.

After the short day tomorrow, the trial starts again next Wednesday, May 1st @ 9 am.

Closing arguments & jury instructions are currently scheduled for next Thursday & Friday, May 2nd & 3rd.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of trial day 52…

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    • How many times have we seen a respected member of society,
      Such as a priest, have a facade of being a good person. But for years
      This “good person” gets away with molesting children for years and
      Nobody has a clue that its happening. TA obviously was a different person
      Behind closed doors. A person’s heart is nothing to be toyed with and TA tormented
      Jodi Arias emotionally. He led her on to indulge in sexually deviant behavior and then
      Throw her away. U CAN NOT TREAT WOMEN LIKE THIS. Let this be a lesson to all womenizers.
      Women shall be treated with respect and dignity. Any man who knowingly “uses” a women should
      Suffer the consequences. May I remind you that she is “innocent until proven guilty” and the burden
      Of proof lies with the prosecution, and they did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that TA wasn’t abusive. Fact: a professional concluded that after 44 hours with Jodi, she was abused by TA. All you
      Judgemental fire and brimstone people need to get off ur high horse and leave Jodi alone. She has served
      Plenty of time and today she deserves to be set free. Morally and constitutionally. Jodi Arias hold ur chin high because u should be proud that u were a women that stood up for herself. I commend you Jodi Arias. Please god have mercy on you and bless that jury to open their hearts to you!

    • Which would you like, Maria, a free 15 minute makeout session with JM or Gloria Esteban? Those are your choices. Please pick one. They will even come to Greece. But you can not REFUSE the prizes. If you do not choose, we will take a poll and choose for you.

      (Are you guys SURE you wanna continue to try to be first with these prizes? Can you not let me be first ONCE?)

      • Actually, we may have a joint first there (Maria & Moni), oh you lucky lucky girls. So, whomever posts first gets to choose. Whomever posts last (second) gets to makeout with the other guy.

  1. W.O.W. I thought they would never make it to an end. I hope Jodi is happy about that cause it would make me nervous!!

  2. It looks like it just hit Jodi that the trial is almost over and she will know her fate. She is almost in tears. I just want to hug her. Everyone has forgotten she is a young woman with feelings and dreams. So damn sad.

    • I think she just started crying bc of the video. I think she’s a positive enough person to be hopeful about the outcome! 🙂

    • Jodi becomes so heart broken when she’s reminded of those happier times…she so loved him and he so didn’t deserve her…

  3. I’m going to have to cancel my cable….Nancy Grace is going to be whining for Months when she doesn’t like the outcome….

  4. If I’m correct…won’t the examination of witnesses end with the surrebuttal doctor for the defense? That would be great.

    Any thoughts?

        • Hair color:

          Abe Abdelhadi appeared on Dr Drew show 1/16/2013 and stated:

          “Now the prosecutor had informed me that she dyed her hair in APRIL of that year,
          that’s when she dyed her hair”.

          Her driver license photo, she had blond hair when she rented the car in Redding. Perhaps
          the person who rented the car to her jotted down the info from her drivers license showing
          blond hair. She rented the car in 2008….he testified in 2013.

  5. The hair color thing is like OJ’s glove. You can’t compare hair color in pictures taken in different lighting. Not to mention distance etc. And you can alter color yourself.

  6. Jodie,
    If the judge granted the surrebuttal, it would end with that, yes. JM would be allowed to question him, of course, but the defense would have the last witness. I haven’t heard if she granted that request. Really, the last thing the jury hears, are closing arguments from each side. Those can sometimes take a full day per each side. Its the teams last chance to get in all of their points and make sure the jury has all the details and to drive it home.

    • Thanks. It has been reported she is granted the motion for the surrebuttal doctor. I’m just glad the actual surrebuttal witness is to impeach the tot doc (further than she did herself).

  7. Does anyone know if Dr. G. has evaluated Jodi or is he just coming in with generalize information? Maybe to analyze Dr. Ditsy’s test results?

  8. maybe i am confused this is only my second trial but doesnt seem that this is all rebuttal seems some of this should have been done during the trial before JM wasted all of his time going round in circles and badgering the witnesses and then rested.

    • No TA things are not in this house. TA house went into foreclosure and has been remodeled in 2009 if I remember correctly.

      How the hell does a photo prove anything to weight on a shelf? The particle board, or wood has aged since 2008? and YOu cannot show that it can’t be done without the actually reinactment

      • This is the county information on the crime scene home.

        Yes, it went into foreclosure. There was no life insurance to pass the property to family or church.

        If you dig enough, you’ll find evidence that strongly suggests Travis Alexander was not “financially successful.” In fact, it looks to me like he was a debt machine. Review the county info on his re-financing activities.


        • Cindy,

          Maybe he got a piece of that 8 grand from kcl’s past weekend donation drive … or maybe he got a chunk from the TA dog tag necklace sales?

          Was there ever a donation dollar amount total tossed around when the sheeples were asked to send a measly $20.00 from the 33K generous facebook groupies – to round up a nice cool $650,000.00 for this indigent family?

          ….now, a wad of that would buy some high stylin’ suits 🙂

      • You would think such a devout young man without his own family would have a policy and name his church as the recipients of the payout. Since his own siblings didn’t even know he existed until he died, of course he would not name them.

        • We are so on the same page! I have never known a guy in my life to own that many shoes! I own 3 pairs. 1 pair tennis shoes, 1 dress shoes, and 1 work boots. Why would you need that many shoes?

    • probably that these ‘pins’ wouldn’t have supported Jodi’s weight. Jodi looks so sad !!! Dam !! I was wondering when JM was going to make this point, kinda late in the trial, and yes, enoughisenough, I would have thought this should have been brought up sooner than this. I’m thinking in a mad dash, and the wisp of a woman that she is, her weight wouldn’t have shifted the shelves at all…grapsing for straws me thinks….

  9. WTF is he trying to do?

    and why when Florres went back were they in a different position? who moved them? confused.


  10. WHAT?! Flores has been sitting next to Juan the entire trial, and now his on the stand looking all hang-dog and earnest? GTFO!!!

  11. Question(pardon my ignorance):After closing comments and jury instructions,the jurors go to deliberate.Does this mean that they are in a room for as many hours it may take them to reach a verdict,meaning will they start promplty after the end of the trial or will they stick to the schedule,starting deliberations on Monday?

    • They will deliberate until a certain time each day if they are not close to a verdict or reviewing evidence. If they can’t reach a unanimous decision (deadlocked) they can notify the judge. Judges almost always ask them to try a little harder. This can take hours, days or longer. If they are still deadlocked, a mistrial is ordered. Then the State has the option to do this all over again.

    • From what I remember of the Casey Anthony case, everyone shows up as scheduled like clockwork until a verdict is reached. Considering the schedule of this trial, I’m not sure if I should use the word clockwork. lol

      I don’t know if they will be working over the weekend.

  12. the witness said the camera knows the data…it translate in UTC time…Nurmi said it translate in UTC time into the time it is into the time zone where the phone is when the image is taken…

    He said the pictures shows this…

    Jodi had brown hair with blonde streaks down each side when she rented the car rental on June 2, 2008

    Jodi had all over brown hair on June 3, 2008

    • Which pics were June 2nd?

      It all looked shorter… Many women get their hair and nails done before a vacation. Just saying.

      • I am too dense to understand why her hair color is important. If some kind soul can find it in their heart to take the time, please have mercy on me and explain what the prosecution is implying with the “hair dying issue?”

        • He is implying she dyed it while she was in CA right before leaving to go to Mesa. Another impeachment is want he trying to get at. He’s kind of hard to follow…I hope the juror are struggling as much as you are. Hope you know I’m teasing about your strug. 🙂

    • My first thought was I’m sure they configured the shelves to fit their theory. And when I see Flores on the stand, I can’t help but not believe anything he says. After seeing the police report, he seems to lack any kind of mental aptitude, and I am now under the belief that any dimwit or dumbass can become a detective – myself included! AND I think I would do a better job now than he does after his so-called training! lol Sorry but I cannot take this guy seriously. I really wish the jury could see his total fail at his job (on this case) as well as all the various reports/errors/changes (ex: the roommate story changes, among other things).

  13. Question to all, Maybe it’s me, and the fact that as well as my 4 cups of coffee this morning, I am on number 3 Diet Coke, but is anyone else nervous since the Judge announced the date for closing arguments and jury instructions? It is hard for me to explain, it’s almost a surreal feeling….I am so wrapped up in this trial, watching everyday, discussing, etc….and now we have an end date. Of course I knew it would end at some point, it just feels odd, and makes me feel unsettled somehow, happy for Jodi that it is almost over, but nervous too. I hope that makes sense. I was watching Jodi after the Judge made her announcement and she seems different too, scared maybe, stressed, knowing all this time since the killing has gone by, all this time in the court room, and now there is an end date. I can only imagine if I feel nervous, she must be feeling a roller coaster of emotion.

    • I agree. Jodi appears to be ill today. I think her PTSD is in evidence. Everything in the trial now is a rehash so not as distracting from the original trauma as it was before. To some extent she must have had the sense that the judicial process was moving her life forward. When the judge announced the dates for closing arguments, etc., it must have felt like a ton of bricks. Her mind is wandering too much while I suspect she feels unusually nervous about this witness.

    • Anna Ryan, I am a devoted diet coke drinker too. Have you tried Decaf diet coke? It tastes exactly the same and will help wean you off the caffinated stuff. (I still drink caffinated diet coke but I also drink decaf and it has really helped me cut down.

    • Wow that’s a lot of caffeine! lol

      Don’t worry the site will be here for years to come.

      I am also taken aback, we’ve been plopping along week after week, then suddenly the judge wants to close up next freakin week??

      • MB,
        It is too much caffeine! My Dr has been harping on me for years to cut back, and I keep saying I will…..the only thing I did was switch from regular Folgers to “1/2 caff”…LOL. I sleep really hard and need coffee before I can even speak, I swear I sound like a zombie without it.

        I am glad you said the site will be here after the trial…it has become like a second home to me, and without it, I would be left arguing to no avail, with my friends and family, except for the couple who actually have open minds and don’t buy into media hype and hatred. I guess I saw the end of this coming, after all the defense rested, and JM only had a few more rebutall witnesses, it just got to be such a habit to park myself in front of the TV and computer each day……

  14. Where’s your big, bad screaming voice when there’s a detective on the stand, Juan? What a prick. Juan’s a f*cking bully.

  15. JoshDavis, I think so too. She must be feeling a ton of emotions at this stage in the trial. I think if it were me, I would have a hell of a time trying to contain my feelings today.

    • I feel the same way JM is disgusting an so if Flores. I feel the same
      discontent x’s 100 against these people that the Travis Supporters
      do against the Defense Team.

      They feel it is A OK to slander Jodi an
      any witnesses an Nurmi an Jenn so I can feel the way I want too
      about them an the snakes in the den on the prosecutors side !

      I just do not feel compelled to go out an SLANDER them on the internet
      on Social Media sites in comments like I have been reading they do HOURLY!

    • Of course not!! This is not scientific evidence. The judge should not have allowed it. Another point for mistrial in the future if needed.

    • If there was stuff on the shelf already when she stepped on it, those items would have provided a counter-balance to her weight, lessening the chance of tilt. They have to put exactly the same stuff on it. Also the person testing has to do it with and without a brief hand-hold. (Jodi couldn’t remember whether she used her other hand to grab the top shelf or not.) Even a brief assist that way would have lightened the pressure on the shelf she used as a step.

      The whole thing has to be done swiftly. Where’s Al? He described it as “dynamic” v.s a more static sort of weight application. And heck, Jodi was probably very attuned to the sound of Travis’s approach – his footsteps and voice. She wouldn’t have been focused on whether or not the shelf made a “thunk”.

  16. Okay the top shelf is 7 feet from the floor and Jodi is 5’6 with a likely armspan of about 18 inches making her more than capable of reaching over the top shelf from the floor.

  17. Whatever happened to Travis’s friend that announced he went to the range with TA a d that he always had to borrow a gun.? They kicked him out of court one day so he would be able to testify.

    They should show the pic of Travis shooting a riffle that I’ve seen floating around.

    • That fat Dave Hall has been on every tv show that would listen he probably
      can’t be on because of that. His FB page is full of his proud interviews. Full
      of Lies.

      Like the photo of him an his wife having a great time in Cancun while knowing
      Travis was dead. They all disgust me really.

    • I think because it is upsetting to see Travis’s house at anytime to her.
      Brings back memories of them when they were together in good times
      I am sure also. The bad times she wants to forget an then some is still
      missing from her mind but she does remember running to that closet.
      I just think it would be sad to see it again empty.

    • Her forehead wrinkled some and it was the stressed look around her eye area that showed FEAR….I agree with the PTSD that looking at the closet photo was getting her close to that powerful feeling that is hidden…and then it slacked off…she then looked more relaxed…

  18. They should have had the items back on the shelf prior to this whole reenactment

    Why didnt JM going over this in his case in Cheif??

    • For sure, llanger

      The forensic photo guy stumbling all over his explanation of “how the camera knows where it is or what time is recorded when or where or why. ” What the hell was he talking about? And, Flores measuring “lite.” Not too impressive.

  19. JM is questioning Flores about the shelves in the closet….showing a picture of the measurements of the closets…

    Flores said….metal pins…four on each shelf…

    Nurmi questioning Flores…Flores doesn’t remember what Jodi told him about the video with the people dancing with boxes on their head…

    Nurmi asking Flores about measuring the shelves…

    Listening to Nurmi question Flores about measuring other shelves…it appears that Flores wasn’t very thorough measuring any other shelves in the closet in the first row of these shoes…he didn’t measure any in the second row and so on…

    Nurmi keeps questioning Flores…and he keeps saying over and over …”I don’t remember” “I don’t remember”

  20. OMG. She let him ask the questions. Now she can’t rule again. Good grief. Where is Belvin Perry? HE NEEDS TO SMACK THIS WOMAN UP SIDE THE HEAD.

  21. am I losing it…………..did Nurminator ask a question, dick head objected and pickles said approach, and then the exact same thing happen again… or is my feed wacky

  22. I had to go away for a bit. I come back and Alan Harper’s on the stand. Looks like he put on a little weight too. Berta must be treating him better. Still about as sharp as a bowling ball though.

  23. now, I too am getting nervous. They should take the death penalty OFF the table…they have to. The cannot paint Jodi with the same brush as the despicable (sp) human being who played a part in blowing people to pieces in Boston..all in the name of Allah ?? Jodi was abused in every way shape and form, and I know I could have done the same to the monster I lived with for 9 years, if it wasn’t for my two kids sleeping in the house. I’m praying for you Jodi…omg..she looks so distraught. I just want to jump on a plane and hug her !!!

    • Someone posted back that she took the stand longer than some of the war criminals in the Nuremburg trials.

      The fact that she is being treated as a war criminal says a lot about how far back we’ve pedaled in social progress.

      • That’s horrible! I also always found it appalling how they have been blaming Jodi for this entire trial. Well SHE didn’t overcharge, SHE didn’t keep herself or anybody else on the stand with stupid stories about an abused snow white and the ages of the seven dwarfs. But once again, she didn’t just ‘walk away’ like a good girl is supposed to so she should be put to death for surviving.

        • That whole “Snow White” line of questioning should not have been allowed. It was probably humiliating for Jodi. ALV could handle it. But there was no earthly reason for the circus-like atmosphere it produced.

          The “examination” came off sounding like some sort of perverted mind-control exercise.

          “Is Snow White a Battered Woman?” was a rhetorical question, a title of a talk. ALV said on the stand that she designed the title to pique interest in the subject of family of origin issues. As a rhetorical question it was not intended to address any specified instance of battering either within the story or outside of it.

          The ensuing “discussion” between ALV and JM was a clear example of witness harassment. I can only guess that by not objecting more strenuously JW and KN were giving Juan plenty of rope to do some kind of lariat dance. The Prosecutor rose to the occasion and made a fool of himself at the court’s expense.

          The problem is that when the issue of intimate partner/family abuse is belittled in that manner by counterfeit discourse, it hurts everyone.

          • “JW and KN were giving Juan plenty of rope to do some kind of lariat dance.” I was thinking the same thing. And honestly, did JM really not get that it was just a title? I really hope anyone in the jury has attended to done lectures so they could see JM’s dumbassery once again.

    • And what about the PA baby killer? He and the people who worked with him and helped him kill the innocent babies and inflict so much harm onto the women who came to his filthy cat feces infested and diseased clinic FOR YEARS!

      His trial should have been on tv every day and the ugly haters should be using their outrage and anger towards this trial where an atrocity occurred that makes Newton CA pale in comparison.

      I doubt Stephen King could think up horror that went on behind the doors of Dr. Gosnell’s clinic as recently as 2010 here in the USA. This case is beyond comprehension.

  24. I have those same shelves but they are tall book shelves and I stand on them to dust the top all the time ill send pic to you guys and show ya if I figure out how!! Lmao!!

  25. MOTHERF***** wont let Nurmi get anything in!!! STOP protecting your little F*** buddy, Martinez! !!! Hhhhgggrrrr…. sorry, guys I just get so mad at him!!!

  26. Flores said the bookshelves are the same “heighth”. omg. These prosecution witness are driving me insane. S-K-E-W. omg

  27. The “police photo expert” said (phonetically) “Grenwitch Mean Time”, He threw up all over himself. He couldn’t explain a thing. Remind me never to visit Mesa, Arizona. How do such idiots obtain employment on a police department?

    • Yep…I noticed how he stopped and thought about it before he tried repeating it several times like the way he knows that juando would want him to state it…

    • lol I was posting a similar comment above… it is frightening how these so-called detectives can’t detect anything!

  28. what happened he just asked about chris and sky hughes and now he is on another subject what gives with this judge cant even say there names hughes hughes hughes hughes hughes hughes something wrong with this judge she is not being fair I DO NOT LIKE HER AND HOPE GOD WILL TAKE HIS REVENGE

  29. ok guys…I’m in Canada…EST, and I’m going out for dinner…keep posting so that I can read it all when I get back. Don’t want to miss a thing, and I’ll be damned if I tune into HLN for updates….nothing but ‘arm chair quaterbacking’ going on on that station. Good Luck Team Jodi !! Shit, Jodi is going to make me cry…I swear….

    • I’m on the east coast of Canada too. Worked a 12 hr day and just got home at 8pm so pretty much missed everything today. Working another 12 tomorrow. Very thankful for this site!

    • and the dammmn hater sites keeps blaming the defense for all the delays….their hater asssses aren’t really watching the same trial that we are….

      • I know! I just can’t get over all these delays…she lost control of the courtroom long time ago. And the haters don’t want to see it…

  30. But this judge is wasting so much time and she should know what to do without all these sidebars. She should have been clear from the get go with Nurmi if she didn’t think this was appropriate cross. Then she could just reprimand Nurmi if he kept doing it. Maybe she doesn’t like to do that.

  31. Tech I do t think he can discuss anything not in this last line of questioning by JM

    How come they aren’t asking the jury if they have questions for the witnesses today? I wonder if they can ask questions about the Hughes since the name was mentioned

  32. Wtf!!!! So thry give him a break so that he can tell Flores what to say????? After they go on break you can see Martinez and Flores at the table going over something! !!! How inbthe world is this right???!!!!

  33. Anybody taking bets about when this trial will go to jury,if it keeps going like this it will be way past the day the judge said

  34. I still don’t understand how Flores was allowed to sit through the entire courtroom proceedings all this time, when JM knew full well that he would be bringing him back for more testimony? I thought that wasn’t allowed???! Is that a Mesa, AZ thing?!

  35. Question: I gave it a google, and it seems that CA stopped or paused their death penalty in 2006. If this is the case, wouldn’t it speak to a LACK of premeditation that the killing happened in AZ when Jodi could have waited for Travis to come to CA and risk getting in less trouble for her ”plan”…?

    • I said that a while back…. TA was suppose to visit Jodi after the Cancun trip, which would of made more sense to murder him in CA or Oregon …. not in his own home……….for pre med….. Totally horse shit trial and bias ass community.

        • Or push him off one of those big CA cliffs along the Pacific & say he tripped. I know that’s been done, but I still think that gal was innocent too.

    • Good point. This wasn’t well planned at all, which is why I don’t believe it was planned. Jodi seems intelligent enough not to leave so many clues beyond if she had planned it.

    • We do still have the death penalty. And folks are sentenced to death roll still. As young as she is….California isn’t all that safe of a bet. Californian are for the DP…’s those idiots in Sacramento…including the AG….you know the prettiest in all 50 states….that have an issue with the DP!!!!

  36. Lets see how this judge rules on scope.

    AZ follows the open rule. Anything relevant is open to cross. Rule 611(b) Scope of cross-examination. A witness may be cross-examined on any relevant

    Now we see how biased or incompetent she is. Even I know this and I’m not a lwyer, leave alone a superior court judge.

      • Those have to do with opinion testimony, nothing about cross.

        Rule 701. Opinion Testimony by Lay Witnesses

        If the witness is not testifying as an expert, the witness’ testimony in the form
        of opinions or inferences is limited to those opinions or inferences which are (a)
        rationally based on the perception of the witness and (b) helpful to a clear
        understanding of the witness’ testimony or the determination of a fact in issue.

        Rule 702. Testimony by Experts

        If scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge will assist the trier of
        fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue, a witness
        qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education,
        may testify thereto in the form of an opinion or otherwise.

        Rule 703. Bases of Opinion Testimony by Experts

        The facts or data in the particular case upon which an expert bases an opinion or
        inference may be those perceived by or made known to the expert at or before the
        hearing. If of a type reasonably relied upon by experts in the particular field
        in forming opinions or inferences upon the subject, the facts or data need not be
        admissible in evidence.

        This is a rule 611 issue.

  37. About a month ago HLN did a whole piece on Jodi mispronouncing a couple of words during her testimony (so as to bring that smart-alecky bitch down a notch or two.) They put the mis-used word (such as DE-EDIFY) in big bold letters with the correct word (DIS-EDIFY) in bigger bolder flashing letters. I remember now that they also pointed out that she had said “Green-Wich” rather than “Gren-Ich”. Oh, they had such a grand time with that. I just noticed Det. Flores just mis-pronounced it the same way. Does anyone what to bet HLN didn’t even notice it, much less bring it up to their viewers?

  38. Now I know WHY You guys call her JUDGE PICKLES….BECAUSE SHE MUST HAVE PLAYED WITH ALOT OF PICKLES to get a job as superior judge, because she sucks…..literally!!

      • What’s the closet pic compared to that ‘someone’ behind the camera using the same tactic to display JA’s nude pics out-of-the-blue in the midst of an afternoon recess on day 6??? I wish the DT had made a big stink about it, as it was when the seal was supposed to be up and this ‘someone’ just happens to hit ‘play’ to that exact part!! This is how those pics were ‘snuck’ out of the courtroom into the general public to the world wide web!!! I was sickened at how base and low one could get – just to humiliate and bring down another. When does retribution ever come in and take over? The bloodthirsty mongrels got a taste for this type of conduct during the CA trial, after getting full encouragement and backing from HLN. Nobody faced any major repercussion from any of it. So here we are today, with HLN at the helm driving this bloodthirsty group of mongrels in a manner far more wanton than ever before!!! I hope the FBI gets all those involved in those death threats against the DT and ALV.

  39. According to the rest of the world, Martinez’ case is airtight. Oh, Jodi is GUILTY. Ask ANYONE. So, if that’s true, WTF is Martinez so afraid of? Why not let Nurmi talk and talk, and dig himself a hole if Jodi’s defense is so absurd? Juan Martinez is a pussy.

    • Right, exactly.

      If the haters are so right, why do they persist in attacking this web site? They have all of social media, entire blogs, ect to express themselves. So why do they keep attacking this site?

      Like you asked – WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF?

      Why can’t they let us speak our peace without trying to stir shit up?

      They must know, but are loathe to admit, that they are WRONG.

      • It took me forever to find a site where I was welcome to give my opinion about this trial. I got banned everywhere. Anyway, these hateful assholes have 99.9% of the internet on their side, but they come and hunt us down? Tanisha needs 100% support? Ugh. They have an entire television network whoring their lies; why are they so concerned with us?

  40. Did Travis text Jodi asking her to come to his house on her trip? If so were they discussed? This would help prove she couldn’t have planned he would do that.

    • If I remember correctly I believe it was a phone conversation somewhere near Pasadena that he “guilted” her into coming over.

  41. The person’s hand is shown pushing down hard on the corner of the shelf and it flips the shelf up….shucks…the just put the seal up…someone must have realized they made a big BOO BOO putting that closet photo up on the screen….

      • they went on recess…Arizona seal up….then that closet photo popped up and stayed up for several minutes…then the Arizona seal up again…

    • Ok, see… Nurmi needs to bring that up. Martinez is trying his hardes not to let anything in now. Even asking for a break to refreshen dumbass Flores on what to say!! I REALLY hope the jurors are smart and they can see what just happened! !! Martinez has been doing shit like this from the beginning and if I was a juror on this case id be offended by him and come back with a NOT GUILTY just because if that!!

    • The shelves in the “demonstration” were EMPTY! Clothes would have prevented the shelf from flipping all the way like that and…THE SHELF DIDN’T SLIDE OFF!…a waste of time. I guess this justifies Flores getting paid for doing nothing these last few months.

      • Plus he wasn’t running. That makes all the difference. It would have pushed the shelf backwards and to the side pressing against the side and back wall.

  42. IF she gets the DP and she did not kill travis she will be with him again and mybe he will see he treated her bad and will in the next life be different

    • I don’t think so I think Travis is in Hell not heaven. They will never met again
      unless she does something to deserve Hell and I just can’t see her doing
      anything bad what so ever or be around bad ever again.

  43. Is Judge pickles marrried? Cause god forbid
    She alll of a sudden calls “RECESS”
    when on all fours with her husband!

    • I am thinking she is too old to be on all fours with anyone! and if not I wouldn’t want that visual dancing in my head.

      • Judge Sherry K Stephens’ bio on the Maricopa County Superior Court website shows undergrad completion in 1977 and finishing law school in 1980. That means she was probably born in the mid 1950s, she’s probably less than 60 years old.

        That may seem old to a 20-something right now, but in two decades, you might think differently.


      • Makes me think of Chappelle’s idea to reduce teen pregnancy: Make students watch two oldest teachers having sex all oiled up.

  44. Did anyone else just see that big BOO BOO on the screen of the inside of Travis closet with someone hand…

  45. And what the hell was he trying to prove with the pictures? ! Does he really think these jurors are stupid? ???He ask what date the pipicture with the dark hair was, ok june 3rd BUT didnt ask the date he showed with her sister (could’ve been weeks/months) it wasn’t the day before! And then showing the Walmart receipt, showing NO PURCHASE of hairdye!!! So what was the point of that????!!! Why is the defense letting him do this, why wouldn’t Nurmi bring it up again by asking the dates if the other pictures and going over the Walmart receipt? !!!

    • Thank you , I was wondering if I missed the ” before” pic dates. I wish the jury had asked for clarification and why defense didnt address that issue.

      • Jodi stated she had to dye her hair twice over the course of time in order to get to the dark shade she wanted. She said the pic with the blondish in front was earlier than June 3.

  46. Side note – I can not stand Joey Jackson’s voice. accent , the brightness of his teeth or his face in general. He also looks like he has bad breath.


    • I just got banned from his site. It’s run by his wife, who is as big a famewhore as he is. Oh, and she’s at least as irritating.

      • Yeah I am NOT a fan of Joey Jackson.

        He is one of the few defense attorneys on HLN that COULD HAVE not been such a sell out and presented a different point of view.

        But no, he took a ride on the hate train.

        What a tool.

          • I cannot stomach his grinning insane looking face! And I’d bet he has other parts of him that stink much more than his smelly breath!

            It behooves me how any of these creatures got hired to be on TV! If this is the best they can come up with we are doomed.

            • Yes, the grin creeps me out. There is also a white guy on sometimes who is supposed to be a defense attorney but is also always grinning & slamming on the defense & Jodi.

  47. And you can’t put into evidence stuff like this shelf bullshit as it isn’t even in the same condition it was in when she killed him. My God!!! This is just like OJ’s fucking glove. What the hell is wrong with people?

    • Yes, totally agree.
      The new owners repositioned the shelves, Flowres repositioned the shelves to his liking, possibly moving shelves around until he found one that would not fit snuggly. None of the 2008 conditions apply. Kangaroo Kourt.

        • Al had a detailed post awhile back about how test results done on the shelfs today would not be equal to the same results from ’08. I hope that info was forwarded to the DT in case they didn’t get an engineer to give an opinion on the physics.

          Al, do you still have that info to repost here again?

  48. Was that photo that they put up a few minutes ago when the seal was up…was it a picture that the jurors had already seen…

    If not..then someone in the courtroom did that on purpose for the jury to see..

    • It was a photo with a man’s hand pushing down on the shelf in the corner and the shelf was flipping up

      • It was one of the recent pictures that was made of Travis closet with nothing inside the closet…and it showed a man’s arm and hand pushing down on the same shelf corner that Jodi said that she stepped on and it showed the shelf flipped upward…

        The AZ seal was up…then a few minutes later this photo came up and stayed for a few minutes…then the AZ seal was up again…then a few minutes later the trial is resuming…

        Did the jurors see this photo?

        Someone did this on purpose…

  49. Ohhhhh WHAT THE F***!!! HELL NO!!!! What just happened? ?!!! Thus is the same as what they did with ALV when she came back to say YES, that TA was afraid of Jodi!!!

  50. I think Travis was the one falling apart and that led to his abuse of Jodi. I say this for these reasons:

    In a text in April or may that he was very angry with her he told her that he was behind on he may lose his house and she doesn’t even care.

    In April Jodi left to California and she had been his sexual toy for a year or longer.

    In less than six months he had been rejected by three women he cared for to include Jodi arias.

    AND he belonged to the Mormon church so his marriage clock was ticking not because he wanted to get married but his PPL job and the Mormon church he had to preserve an image of success to be successful.

    All of it was falling apart. He had been angry and he may have taken it out on her. I hope the jury sees this.

  51. WTF………so he goes back 4 years after, and tries to assemble the closet the same? How do we know it is the same?

    this judicial farce is the most fucking stupid thing I have ever witnessed.


    • Why didnt Nurmi bring this up?How can one go to a place that’s not even the same after 5 years and test it?

    • They have plenty of crime scene photos of the stuff on the shelves to work with if they wanted an actual re-creation but this trial is a faaaarrrrce. Most of us could have done a better re-creation in our childhoods.

    • Yup! No clothes on the shelves….clothing would have prevented the shelf from tipping all the way to that angle…Why didn’t a juror or Mr. Nurmi point that out?

  52. I’ve never seen anything so biased in all my life, its truly obscene, Poor Jodi, she must want to say something, what they are putting her through is criminal.


    I am just gonna say it.

    travis was a piece of fucking shit. And he was ugly, and had a shitty personality. He was broke.

    Jodi is SO much better than him. HE was the one probably shitting bricks while she moved on. He could NEVER win the wife lottery without her.

    God, if you are real, forgive me. The world is better off today than it was on June 3, 2008, and thank you for making the right person end up in that body bag…it could have just as easily been Jodi.

    • Hear,hear!!!! Absolutely agree and I get the feeling Im gonna sound even more cynical and harsh as days go by till we reach next Friday.I’m already off balance ever since Judge Pickles announced closing arguments date.

    • Renee’, I absolutely agree with EVERYTHING you said.

      It’s so easy to tell Jodi is the better person even by her writings..among everything else.

    • Yes! If there ever was a time for God to step into a situation this would be it! To just expose every single lie, every coward that’s hiding behind their ‘justified’ excuse of losing their livelihood, fly, friends, standing in society, church, business or whatever else they want to hide behind. There are many who know the REAL truth, and know for a fact that all this grand standing by the prosc is a farce – yet they are willing to let JA walk the plank into the shark infested, dark, cold, and bottomless ocean! Sad and shameful!

  54. It was one of the recent pictures that was made of Travis closet with nothing inside the closet…and it showed a man’s arm and hand pushing down on the same shelf corner that Jodi said that she stepped on and it showed the shelf flipped upward…

    The AZ seal was up…then a few minutes later this photo came up and stayed for a few minutes…then the AZ seal was up again…then a few minutes later the trial is resuming…

    Did the jurors see this photo?

    Someone did this on purpose

    • If that photo was not allowed to be shown in court earlier…and someone sneaked it on the overhead screen while they were at recess…then who else saw it????did the jurors see it????if the jurors saw that photo then they might some to the conclusion that it was not possible to hold the weight of that man’s hand then it wouldn’t hold Jodi’s weight…

    • ??? Good question cuz I didn’t see that photo on my live stream. I wonder if they did??? But why would Martinez show all the other pictures but not that one and expect the jury to blv what he’s insinuating?

      • Det. Flores described that picture with his hand on the shelf in his testimony but they didn’t show it on camera at that time. I’m sure it was that same picture…not sure why it was shown during the break.

        • Tor watch the trial on live stream….I go to…it has the live stream…

          and this is where that photo popped up on the screen when the AZ seal was supposed to be up at all times..someone sneaked this photo on live stream…

          who did this???

          can anyone find out if the jurors were in the courtroom???

          It was done on purpose…so what was the motive???

          • The motive? Well, so that they can ‘sneak’ it out of the courtroom to all the media and perhaps any curious juror. The same sneaky thing was done on day 6, during the afternoon session break with JA’s nude shots – all the reprehensible ones that TA made her pose for. Some LOSER out there with full access to the camera and projector, is sure indulging himself and ensuring that EVERYONE gets access to it.

  55. How is this a FAIR trial??? I hope, wish, pray that the jury comes back with NOT GUILTY of ALL charges and she gets to walk right out if that courtroom the same day!

  56. They should just get rid of the defense and prosecution tables; they’re never AT them. They should just try this case from the Sidebar. Sheesh!

    Maricopa County – Behold one of your “finest detectives” and your “best Prosecutor”! Aren’t you just bursting with pride right now at the high-quality people YOUR tax money is paying the salaries of?

    • The atty’s should be put on roller-skates! (PS. Jm should be given those that have ‘lifts’ in them, so that he can be ‘on par’ – heightwise at least, AND be able to see above the judges table. Otherwise Nurmi may have to lift him and perch him on the judges table – could be tiring for nurmi :)). – just a suggestion for the courtroom Suggestion Box. 🙂

  57. Can any legal pros help with this question? I really think it is time that detectives who do not do a thorough job should be investigated and arrested. At the least, the way it is now, there should be strict laws against the kind of criminal activity that I see in the police department in AZ, with this case. They are hiding facts about this trial, plain and simple, and anyone who reads the ‘police report’ can see that. i.m.o. of course.

    So, is there a way to introduce a law to curb this crappy police work and force detectives and police to do their jobs?

  58. I am out of the loop. So I take it those demonstration shelves weren’t loaded down with all of those shoes like Imelda Alexander had in his closet?

    I guess they couldn’t find enough shoes from shoe stores from around Phoenix to come close to what Alexander had.

  59. Why open the trial if this is what’s going to happen, salad bar every minute for ages. I bet Jodi is starving hungry. This damned farce of a trial is INHUMANE.

    • Someone posted earlier(sorry,dont remember who)that next Wednesday since they may have to be there until 5 or maybe later,she will definitely miss dinner time 🙁 I cried upon reading that comment for not having thought of it myself-we take for granted the small things in life,forgetting those who dont have the luxury to enjoy even a proper meal.I’ll never be over the fact that she’s undernourished.

  60. Also, since it’s about that time… Today’s drinking game:

    – Take 1 sip every time JM says “Objection”
    – Take 1 shot every time they go to a sidebar

        • OMG, me too. Like a chimney.

          I’m very nervous for Verdict Day; will probably need a carton of Marlboros and big new bottle of Vodka just to keep me grounded! 😯

          • Me too…OMG I am just chain smoking!!! Verdict day I will be a wreck, I will need more than a couple xanax, thats for sure. I might even have my mom come over and hang with me that day so I’m not by myself.

            • Been thinking about that.Do I want to call my sister or best friend to be here with me on verdict day or will I be a total zombie,better off by myself??

          • I smoked my last one like an hour ago and I have won’t go to store yet because afraid I will miss something, but you just reminded me I have an E CIGG……thank you!! Lmao

          • Renee,
            I have been trying to quit for awhile, got an E cig a few months ago. I really like it, works better than I thought it would. Its the kind you recharge, and I buy the replaceable “filters” for. I get the strongest ones…lol. I still smoke cigs though….can’t seem to get off of them. Maybe if I put my regular cigs wayyyyyy out of reach that might help. Such a hard habit to break!

  61. What do the blue ribbons I see people in the gallery wearing mean? Am I seeing them on both sides of the ”aisle”?

    • No,no,no.It’s actually heartbreaking,sh’es looking at her nana.I was about to comment that it’s probably the first time we’ve seen Jodi looking back that much.She must love that old woman veru much.

  62. LC,
    I know, sometimes I get pissed off at the defense for not asking questions about certain items, but then I step back and realize, they are the attorneys, and they know best. There are times it is better NOT to address certain things, as all it does it just remind the jury of something they might wonder about, and also, it can open the door for more crap to be brought in by the pros. The hair color thing has always puzzled me in this, JM did point it out early on, asking the car rental guy, showing the pic of Jodi with blond highlights, etc. and talking about her being a brunette on June 4th. Remember when Jodi was on the stand and he was grilling her about where she went in Salinas besides Walmart? She said she went and had her nails done at a salon. He really stayed on that for awhile, asking how long she was there, and if they did anything besides nails. I remember Jodi said “maybe they had tanning”, but she wasn’t sure. I am wondering if JM was being sneaky back then, and laying the groundwork to try to say she had her hair done there too…just my opinion, but it would NOT surprise me at all. It seems like his style, to imply things, then come back around and try to make a circumstantial case for it. Now, of course if he has someone to testify from that salon, that would be different, but I think he just likes to imply things with his round and round statements and questions. That Walmart receipt shows the gas can, 2 face cleaners, and 2 Neutrogena products, I am not sure what they are, but IMHO, if they were hair color, he would have been all over it long ago.

    • The fact that this stupid dumbass rental car guy made a MISTAKE (he was probably shown an older pic of a blond Jodi and identified her)led to all this.Kermit implying she did her hair in ONE day.Has he ever been a platinum blonde?Does he even know that it takes more than one salon visits to turn your hair from blonde back to brown?

      • True Maria…..but remember, Jodi wasn’t platinum before she went full brunette. She had the darker blondish/brown hair with the blond highlights around her face. Remember the picture of her (really great pic btw) of her with her grandparents black Lab, that is how her hair was before she went all the way brunette. I still don’t know what else will be brought up about her hair, I have always thought that JM would end up trying to make a big deal of this in some way…..and he has tried with the phone pics on June 3rd. The rental guy saying she was blond isn’t that big a deal, but that is really up to the jury to decide if they thought he was sure or not. He seemed flaky to me. I just do not trust JM to let this be, and one way or another, he will make a case about her getting her hair done on her trip. I am betting he will say she had it done when she had her nails done in the salon in Salinas. I still remember him hounding Jodi about why she was there so long, and she said it was busy….but even back then, I thought thats where he was going.

        • And seriously if someone was dying their hair to hide their identity I’m pretty sure they would not be taking pictures of themselves!! Or letting people take pictures of them before and after!!

          • Carrie,
            I don’t think she was trying to hide anything….if she was, she wouldn’t have taken pics of herself on her cell phone. Thats my point, she was brunette then, and that was June 3rd. We know she was brunette on June 4th since the sex pics of her and TA showed her hair. It was also brunette when she went to see Ryan in Utah, and obviously was brunette when she was arrested as we can see in the police videos. My point is that JM is trying to tell the jury, in a very vague and strange way, that she died it RIGHT before she went to AZ, by showing the pic of her today with blond highlights. Trouble is, there was no date on that pic. So, Jodi dying her hair dark is not at dispute at all, it when that the pros is trying to say that is in question. If they had someone take the stand to say they saw her blond on June 1 or 2, that would be bad….but they didn’t. If that pic they showed of her with the dog was dated June 1 or 2, that would look bad, but it didn’t. I am not sure what JM has up his sleeve, if anything, maybe he thinks the jury will just believe the car rental guy, I don’t know. Otherwise, the whole hair color thing to me, was very odd.

        • I think the only reason the car rental guy remembers Jodi as a blonde is because that is what he remembers after looking at her driver’s license pic. He was focused on that and that’s what stuck out in his mind. Jodi is blonde in her driver’s license pic.

          • rb,
            I think that is a good point, her DL shows her with blond hair, and of course she would have to show that to rent a car. He testified so long ago, I would have to go back and watch him to see what he said specifically and how he was questioned about it.

    • Thanks Anna, its true, sometimes its best to lv it alone. Like you said, the jury might be left wondering, but then again they have the opportunity to ASK anything. Idk, I guess it like the Walmart receipt that he showed with the hair color pictures. He did that to make it look like she purchased a box of L’Oréal Hair Color and SHE DIDN’T! That’s what gets to me!!

  63. I can’t even put into words anymore how much contempt I have for Judge Sherry “The Puppet” Stephens and Juan “The Puppet Master” Martinez anymore. Not to mention the shoddy detective work from Flores.
    Arizona will be luck if they remain a state after this trial.

    • Me either but lets say there was a juror question that read: “At the beginning of your investigation, did you blv that SOMETHING pushed Jodi to react or that there was something else to her story?” Do you thk the state and the judge would let that question in?????? No, I dont thk so. Im convinced that the state of AZ want Jodi in death row and they’ll do anything to make this happen.

    • Did anyone notice that the judge began reading a Q in the very beginning, that talked about the ‘roommates’? She then quickly changed courses and asked a diff Q. I feel it was one inquiring abt the whereabouts of those roommates prior to the arrival of the cops on the scene. It must’ve been a Q that JM struck down during the sidebar to discuss the juror Q’s. I found it curious that someone on that jury is still thinking abt the comings and goings of these roommates. Go back on video and watch from when the judge starts reading the jurors Q’s.

      • Thatis very interesting, Introspective says.
        The jury MUST have caught it and the one that wrote it had to wonder
        why she didn’t ask it.
        This is sorry ass “justice”

    • Flores is a DUMB ASS, for someone who’s been a detective, and sat in on this entire trial with JUAN you would think he could answer these questions. LIAR LIAR…………..

      • I noticed he kept saying things like “Absolutely not” and “None whatsoever” instead of a simple “No.” So prejudicial! 👿

        • Yeah, so not cool. Esp when she was firm with defense witnesses about just sticking to ”yes” or ”no”. Maybe we should start a document citing all these examples of prejudice to email the defense if they need appeals or further trials or whatever results from this baloney….

    • I dont even know why HE can sit through the trial and then be calked back up. Especially because he’s sitting right there with the prosecutor! I guess the “Detective” can get away with it.

    • Jodi mentioned in her testimony that one day she was at Travis’ house helping him put boxes into the attic. I guess they wanted to know what was being stored in he attic, if anything, so as to support Jodi’s testimony. Seems to me that the jury is looking for ANYTHING to poke holes in Jodi’s testimony. Maybe they want to feel exonerated in putting her on death row ??

  64. We have gun, not registered, with a full clip, no extra bullets.

    What does this prove????

    You do not have to have a gun registered.

  65. Go NURMI!! Let the jurors know they don’t have enough knowledge to put a woman in prison for life much less death row!

  66. Flores and his bungled investigation… He didn’t do a thorough investigation because he was tunnel-visioned on Jodi being the perpetrator from day 1! The findings of his crappy, half-assed investigation shouldn’t even be allowed!

  67. anyone seen any side by side pics of pickles from day one to now? she looks like she is not doing so well…

  68. This judge definitely needs to see a doctor for her Parkinson’s. I don’t think her meds are working quite well. Not trying to be mean, just observing.

      • No seriously, that was a neutral observation. Realized someone would think I was being nasty as soon as I wrote it, and so the disclaimer. Stick a needle in my eye and all that.

        • I’ve been thinking the same thing, Al. I never brought it up for the same reason you stated a disclaimer.
          My father had Parkinsons and after years of observing him I can pretty much pick up on it in others even if the signs are subtle as they were with my father. That was an astute observation on your part.

    • Yeah, I don’t hate her. I think she is trying to drag herself through this trial like it is her duty not to step down. Having the Parkinson’s makes sense, like she is trying to prove she can still do the job despite this disease. She has shoddy, weak control of the courtroom. It does seem like she favors the prosecutor despite any of this, but it is possible some of that is she sways to the squeaky annoying wheel.

      • I hate her. She is terrible and inempt. She shakes like a fucking chihuahua and her head is always bobbing.

        she CHOOSES which words to enunciate in order to push her attitude on the jury Qs

        I hope she is disrobed.

        • I do think there are judges who could do a much better job. But who knows? Maybe all the guy judges there would be even more biased in favor of JM. Good old boys club & all that.

        • I wrote a fairly long review of what I thought of her on the morning session but I guess not too many saw it.

          I think she’s pathetic and I only hit the the highlights. I could have wrote another ten paragraphs. She’s the most incompetent excuse for a judge without even having to exaggerate and she has no clue what the hell she’s doing. Half the time she doesn’t even know what the questions are that are being objected to. What is she doing playing video games on those computers? She’s badly in need of a hearing aid.

          She’s a big waste of Arizona taxpayers money. Five of these jurors are not even going to get to DELIBERATE! And they will have had to be there day after being fucked around for 4 months for nothing and getting a whopping $12 a day. That’s if we still have even 5 extras left after next week with the way she’s going. I didn’t think I would have anything complimentary to say about Ito if I was waterboarded. And she’s a female Ito.

          Questions that are asked three times almost verbatim and she overrules an objection for asked and answered. Then other times she’ll overrule the same damn objection she just sustained one question earlier. It’s like WTF?

          She asks the FAMILIES if it’s alright to play an audio tape that SHE admitted as an exhibit before trial. It just boggles the mind. Are the families running the trial? Doesn’t sequester a jury for a trial that is every bit as internationally covered as the Simpson trial was. This dimwit says “I see no hands.” LOL.

          If you want to see more of the glowing review I gave her, go back to this mornings posts. I wouldn’t have her as a judge if she worked for free.

  69. Oh WOW! Another break…should have been keeping a log from Day 1 on how many break hours they get over how much court time they actually spend. Incredible!

  70. There is so so so so much reasonable doubt in this trial it’s a joke that they even attempted to go for the Death Penalty and if the jurors don’t see it that way they are blind and deaf and should be on trial themselves along with The Puppet and the Puppet Master and Pinocchio Flores who’s nose keeps on growing.

    • Hey,hey,hey! I think all the Pros witnesses(PPL weasels,Mormon cult brainwashed zombies,TA’S friends and family)should be entitled to the Pinocchio name! Dont you dare take that away from them! 😀

  71. Question about if any empty boxes, the attic and how long her arms could have reached straight above her were interesting. That juror or jurors must be Leaning to believing Jodi.

  72. another resess what the f**** wonder if the jury knows what questions were not allowed in they sure did a coverup with the hughes questions quick HUGHES HUGHES HUGHES THERE ive said it if the judge will not let it in I will here HUGHES HUGHES YOU SUCK COVER UP

  73. Nothing in the attic huh? One of the wackadoodles over at WS went over to the house about a month ago to borrow a shovel and dig for evidence. She said that the current homeowner had found stuff left in the attic. Curious – is Flores lying or is the nutcase from WS lying???

  74. If we were to have a drinking game in regards to the number of salad bars they take in a single court day I would have to check myself into rehab …

  75. I doubt his house was checked carefully whatsoever. Plus all those people in there!! My god, there is reasonable doubt all over this case.

    • The opening to my attic is in the garage. I’m sure nobody from Mesa PD ever even thought about checking the attic. Why would they? He is lying.

      • We have a little tiny square in our hallway closet an there is no way
        a fat man can fit in there no way at all. Maybe the shoulders an head
        enough to scoot something up there would be it. Would be a good
        place to hide any little boy photo’s that you like to beat off too though.

        An we have to remember the house was not touched or that room
        Wed Thurs Fri Sat an Sun an almost all of Monday YA RIGHT !!

  76. I wish I understood the point of most of what they covered today. A few things made sense, but most of it – whoosh – right over my head.

  77. To watch the trial on live stream….I go to…it has the live stream…

    and this is where that photo popped up on the screen when the AZ seal was supposed to be up at all times..someone sneaked this photo on live stream…

    who did this???

    can anyone find out if the jurors were in the courtroom???

    It was done on purpose…so what was the motive??

    • Motive to get to HLN so they can spin on it tonight……… I also saw that but it doesn’t mean anything since he applied full weight making it flip, and no clothes on it. She barely had to put her weight on the shelf to lift herself up………. POINTLESS…………:)

  78. I’ve deduced that the reason Juan boy is so eager to put Jodi to death no matter what really happened that day is because he could never get a girl like her to look at him twice in his younger days. Finally he can enact his revenge. He is bitter and insecure and dickless! I bet he drives a Corvette or a Mustang or some ‘little penis syndrome’ car like that!!

    • Yes! I was just thinking about how some say the whole of the atrocities of Hitler in WWII & the Holocaust were started because his Jewish art teacher did not think that he was talented. Maybe JM is similar, albeit much smaller scale in this case.

    • Jodi is just another step he has to step on while climbing the stairs of success,fame and popularity,imho.And that’s what’s making him even more disgusting in my eyes.

  79. Half day of court, and most of it is spent at sidebars, breaks and in the judges chambers. Guess she will come back and end the day………. She has no business being on this trial…….. bias, and lack of knowledge…………. equals= FIRED by the PUBLIC.

    • Right!! The trial would probably be alot less days if she didnt let all this bullshit with starting late and breaking early and breaking in between!! And all the other crap too!!

      • Once or twice I thought the judge broke early because she noticed that Jodi was tired on the stand and was becoming non-responsive.