Jodi Arias Trial – Day 51 (afternoon session)

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The morning session included the rebuttal testimonies of Jacob Mefford, Amanda Webb (Walmart), Chelsea Young (Tesoro) & Deanna Reed.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of trial day 51…

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        • I love this particular one because many of my friends complain that since the trial started they either dont see me as much as they´d want or that even when we do hang out all I talk is the trial ,LOL!

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  1. Ok I asked this before didn’t KN have something about wally world a few weeks back? I’m wondering if he has someone coming in for that…I sure don’t understand why he didn’t question that witness….I hate to say it but it was big really big…unless she returned it to another store.

  2. OhEmGee. Just turned the up the volume on HLN, and Beth Karas just spoke about the video of Jodi on Travis’ lap, bored, as Travis held court, telling his Pre-Paid Legal friends about a near-death experience he had. Ugh. IT WAS A DREAM.

  3. I wonder if Mrs. Schwarzenegger VOLUNTEERED to be the “employee” to “testify” today….watch her “likes” will skyrocket and at her next bodybuilding show she can tout herself as not only an “athlete living her dream” but having been a groupie for the self-proclaimed rock star of Arizona….(puking)

    • I thought that myself.That maybe she’s there for all the fame and attention she’s gonna get.Imagine how willing those haters are gonna be to support her or cheer in the next contest she’ll participate in.

    • They were being quiet,really quiet. The have a plan,I’m sure.It’s just I’m always uncomfortable with silence.

      • I’m not so sure this time around. This is always the danger of putting a defendant on the stand. Sometimes they end up shooting themselves in the foot over minor little crap, that doesn’t mean diddly in the real scheme of things, but blows their credibility wide open.

        Jodi may have just done that to herself, unless the defense has something up their sleeves.

      • They probably had nothing. So just let it go and make some lame argument at the end.

        I’m starting to get a little pissed now.

  4. Everybody is saying the gas cans are the key to her conviction! Well neither they nor anything else that the prosecution has presented is relevant. The gas cans were filled up IN UTAH! NOT CALIFORNIA! And, if I’m not mistaking, weren’t rental cars supposed to be returned with a full tank of gas? What’s not to say that JODI intended on using the gas that she’d purchased in Utah to fill the gas tank up prior to returning the rental car once she arrived in California? Since gas was far more expensive there than in Utah. Also, TA’s ex was only with him physically for a short period of time during which she THOUGHT that he WAS a virgin( which he was NOT!). Also, isn’t there more than one Wal-Mart in California -as well as throughout the entire USA?

    • True we all know that, The problem is that she allegedly lied to the jury though. Juries dont like that. They need to recall jodi and ask her where she returned the gas cans. Unless she said it was to the same store she bought it.

    • Duke,

      The big deal is she said she didn’t have 3 gas cans. If the prosecution can prove she had 3 gas cans they are going to say she lied on the stand, even after she swore she was telling the truth.

      This has nothing to do with pre-meditation or any of that other stuff.

      Has to do with whether or not Jodi is credible.

      • I have never been able to make sense of the prosecution’s theory about the gas cans, that she wanted to disguise her travels in and out of Arizona. Then, why oh why would she make cell phone calls as she was traveling north out of Arizona toward Hoover Dam, thus leaving a trail?

        And if that’s all they can come up with as a lie, then too bad because, if I were a juror I would be asking myself (and the other jurors during deliberation), what would be the purpose of lying about whether she had two or three gas cans?

      • Didn’t someone say there are 2 Walmarts in that area? I wouldn’t put it past JM to get the wrong one intentionally. I don’t trust him any furhjer than I could throw him.

    • I agree I don’t see how the gas cans are the key to anything.

      There’s still no proof of premeditation, and trying to spin the gas cans or receipts or receipts of kerosene cans to mean something isn’t proof. It’s still just spin.

  5. Jose Baez did something in CA’s trial that, I believe, allowed the jury to see right through the prosecutions’ witness. They put Casey on trial for her behavior after he daughter’s death, just like what is happening to Jodi. Baez asked a witness flat out if he saw Casey murder her daughter or if she talked about killing her daughter.

    I think Nurmi or Wilmott should ask Deanna if she ever saw Jodi with a gun or a knife. That will show she has no clue what happened that day and is a useless witness.

    • They could ask that then Juan could use that same question back at any defense surrebuttal witness…it works both ways so I think neither one wants to go in that direction.

    • Baez also put Casey’s family & some friends on the witness stand that testified what a good mother she was! I love that guy!!

      • Oh, you know what’s funnier? Those “friends” of Casey’s were PROSECUTION witnesses! Ashton was hoping that they’d paint Casey as neglectful of Caylee but Baez got them to say what a good mother she was!

  6. Didn’t they cut out the sound from the video and cropped it not to show all the cackling young women and men enthralled by the motivator?

    • Actually it was a good thing they cut off the sound,imo.Because who knows?There might be a stupid juror who would ponder on the ‘irony’ of his narration.

  7. What type of car did JODI rent ? Was it a sub-compact, a compact, a mid-size ,a full-size or one of the various sizes of SUV’s? The defense should pose this question especially since it was never established that she ever used the gas from the cans. This would render the gas can mote as they then could-by the jury- be taken into consideration as a young lady travelling alone through the desert-on unfamiliar roads- as being cautious and conscientious in the fact that what she was doing is risky for anyone to endeavor.

    • And also, I remember there was the question about Jodi overfilling or underfilling the gas cans.

      Buying X amount of gas does not necessarily prove X amount of gas cans.

      I find it strange that they can bring out video of Jodi laying in Travis’ lap, but not bring video of her filling three gas cans.

  8. Ok a couple of things. I think Deanna telling the truth. Look you can’t say she is lying because what she says doesn’t fit your version of things. That’s what the haters do. Don’t lower your self . Second all things she is saying is true because he didn’t passionately care for her. Here’s’ the deal throw travis at least one bone here : No one wants to be alone. So this is why he strung lisa and Deanna on. He never felt for anyone the way he felt for Jodi. He CRAZY loved her. Even if he never said it out loud doesn’t mean its not true. I mean come on anyone in a relationship (long term or married) knows how passionate everything you do can be. And that goes for everything from sex to fights.No one else can piss you off more then our other half. NO ONE! And no one else could get a reaction like jodi could . That says something . He couldn’t stand how much he craved her in his life so he punished her for it. He hated needing her in his life and needing her with him. If you look Jodi only started looking in to things when she thought he was cheating. Travis flipped out at just the mention of her talking to someone. He never had any of these type feelings for lisa or deanna that’s why he was always telling them that he wasn’t ready for marriage , but with jodi he was always throwing it in her face like a little kid who wants you to ask them about something. He wanted to marry her but he hated what they had already done together. That’s why I think HE was pissed that jodi wasn’t upset enough that he was taking MIMI HAll and not her. He wanted her to need him as much as he needed her. She let him be his self without judgement even after she caught him ….you know , with the pics and they did all his fantasies and was everything a girlfriend should be in public and when he saw he had finally pushed to far and she started to move on and proved it by not caring about Mimi going on the cancun trip and by planning a trip of her own. I think Jodi is telling the truth about travis flipping out , but i think it was because he was furious about Ryan. Did he EVER get pissed if the other 2 talked to some one? NO. Did he ever try to get back with either of them after He and Jodi broke up? NO HE ALWAYS WENT TO JODI!! so Deanna is being honest . just look at the evidence and just your own experience in life and relationships. your thoughts?

      • Contrary to the Hugheses claim on 48 Hours that Travis “wasn’t into her like Jodi was into him,” it was the OTHER WAY AROUND.

        HE was the one who was crazy obsessed with Jodi, not Jodi with HIM.

        • So he tried to shut them off. And they bubbled up. I think he had a very unhealthy relationship with his own emotions, among other “unhealthy” patterns “highlighted” by others.

      • Jodi knew Travis loved her. That’s why she is always in tears anytime she sees pictures of them together. She didn’t want to kill him. .

    • Krista Walters
      Travis just used Jodie and probably this girl too, But I don’t think he Loved Jodie he seemed to have a desire to hurt woman, I think Jodie he used for Sex and she felt like a Prostitute,:To me it didn’t seem like Girlfriend or Boyfriend he didn’t buy her any presents was completely using her for Sex, I do not see any depth to their relationship. I think if you look at his My Space he had obviously other relationships.

      • I agree with that. Travis loved Travis an wanted everyone to see the False Front
        for his Church his co~workers. The other side Jodi got too see which not nice.

        Big deal he bought her a cinnamon roll an put a recipe by it. He gave her some angel.
        There are no nice gifts that truly when a man is in love buys a woman.

        I expect he was the one that was lavished with the gifts for he was a God to women
        he met. That is how he comes across to me. If he was such a catch then why did
        Mimi an Lisa (an who else) finally let him go? he was not a catch that’s why.

    • Krista,I can assure you that there can be a guy who does all these things you mentioned TA did and still NOT love you or be IN love with you.And I speak from personal experience.They can flip even f you talk to sm else,your fights or personal moments can be as passionate and crazy as you can imagine,they can swear they trully wholeheartedly need you and you’re top of the top in their list of dearest people on Earth and while doing all of that NOT loving you but just FEEDING their own insecurities,fears of loneliness and rejection,basically energy vampires whose own needs come first-their other half is just not as important.No,not for one minute do I believe TA loved her,at least not as MUCH and as DEEP as Jodi did/does.

      • I can vouch for that too, maria. They Tell you they love you.. well the person I knew went OTT and said he was ”in love” with me and his destructive critism of me was, ”for my own good, to make my life better, as he ”wanted to help me.” I would change the word, ”help” for ”control.” Such men love only themselves, demean you, making you feel worthless to make you dependent on them. When I ‘woke up’ and said I wouldn’t put up with it any more, he told me he was ”never my friend” that ”I didn’t understand our relationship and that he would always be in love with me..

    • I completely agree I just think this particular relationship went way deeper then anyone realized.He finally found someone who would act out his desires and found out his proclivities and still loved him anyway ( Jodi admits loving him and her actions of still being in his life and still intimate with him shows she loved him uncoditionally because most people would have left where she was trying to find him help ie the pamphlets from the mall ect.) I think he loved her because by doing what she did dhe showed him she would be there for him even after knowing these horrible secrets about him. From the picture incident to the physical altercation to the very kinky sex. She was always there no matter how he acted or how he treated her. Then when she was finally getting fed up and started to push him away by starting talking with other men and moving forward with her life he freaked out because she had always been there before, she never would leave him before. Now she was actively trying to move on with her life when he was getting mad she was talking with men much less trying to go on dates. He always made her feel guilty if she couldn’t or wouldn’t come see him. See there is a trust, an intimacy that is shared between two people when they feel relaxed enough to show their true side. They had achieved that. I say he crazy loved her meaning the love he felt for her made him crazy. He would punish her and make her feel like she had to better her self so he can love her . He would punish her for being ok with his “Problems” as long as he got help. He punished her for making him feel the way he did when she was around. But at the same time he Needed her to do and be these things . He needed her to act the way she did He had felt abandoned by so many females in his life that he needed Jodi to pamper his ego and care about every little thing.That is what made him love her. But he hated her for making him love her and need her in his life because he felt every other woman he had felt that way about left him or hurt him. . He was a Sadist. He receives pleasure from inflicting humiliation and pain on another. He says in his own words that he wants to tie her up and gag her while he.. u know.. while he had his camera taking pictures of it. You heard all the things Jodi had to do for him so sh e wouldn’t feel like she made him mad. He found his perfect submissive. He found the perfect victim to blame all of his hate and rage at. That being said The love he felt for jodi is kind of love a Satanist has for their submissive. The submissive is like an item a thing they can’t live with out. Something that they have that they can do things with that they cant do with anyone else, or anything else. Remember he wanted her dressed up and how he loved how she would sound like different people (`12 year olds ect.) . He Loved the idea of Jodi . He loved what she represented. He loved the fact he could have and do what ever he wanted and it didn’t matter. He loved her as a thing. His thing and when she wasn’t pissed about Mimi and actually had a trip planned around the same time with Ryan. It infuriated Travis because she was his not anyone elses . Thats why wanted her to come see him so bad before going to utah . He wanted to fight about it because she was actually having the nerve to leave him too. His sick version of love is what made him attack Jodi in the bathroom. he was so pissed she was leaving him after everything they had been through and done together that he freaked out when she dropped the camera and started beating her senseless. hence leading to the rest. Thats where the prosecution has it wrong i think HE premeditated hurting her not the other way around. Sick love is just as strong as normal love . And Jaun , travis’ friends and all the haters have to realize that. Jodi is the victim here just like travis. She didn’t ask to be apart of some sick game. she just tried to love someone unconditionally . it back fired and now here she is in the middle of a case where no one can see that she was A.) the first victim in this whole thing and B.) the state is trying to kill her FOR TRYING TO SAVE HER OWN LIFE! Everyone who doesnt believe this kind of relationship happens all the time hasn’t ever been to the LIFETIME MOVIE NETWORK which is about stories EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE . That’s all im saying .

    • “Look you can’t say she is lying because what she says doesn’t fit your version of things.”

      Nobody ever said that. The point was made that she may not be fully forthcoming because of the intimidation factor from HLN, the Mormon community, or the fact that she is still friends with the Travis Taliban.

      It has nothing to do with “our” version of things. And FYI – I believe who I want to believe, who I find is credible, not just because someone on the Internet says I should.

      • All of the girlfriends we have seen are so different from jodi. They seem niave and submissive. I wonder if travis triggers were a woman who didn’t trust or fall over everything he said.

        • Right, and because of this I am starting to suspect BPD in Travis (amongst other things that have already been talked about).

          He views women as all good or all bad. Jodi was one of the “bad’ ones when she broke up with him and didn’t want to pretend that they could be married or exclusive and have any trust at all. Travis couldn’t let go, but continued to badmouth her behind her back.

          “I hate you, don’t leave me” perfectly fits his description.

      • And by the way, I hope you don’t take my comment personally.

        I believe people should own their own minds, it’s up to each person to decide for themselves what to believe and what not to believe. That includes who to believe.

        • No I was responding to anyone who thinks she lying in general, not to any one in particular. I don’t want to offened anyone. I just think she is telling the truth and why i think that . That’s all. I love you guys. No offence taken. and i Hope i didn’t offend anyone.

  9. Juan Martinez is close to being done with his case and after all of this I still don’t know what happened on June 4, 2008 without a a doubt. I can’t watch the case but JM is trying but failing to show facts about June 4, 2008! He’s still not demonstrated she premeditated this even with the freakin gas can! His expert actually IMO just proved jodi could’ve done this in a crime of passion! Not 1st degree. It’s very flimsy case.

    • ”Juan Martinez is close to being done with his case and after all of this I still don’t know what happened on June 4, 2008 without a a doubt.”

      FLNANG YES!!!!!!
      I want somehow your words to actually be the thoughts of one or more jurors during verdict day!!

    • I haven’t watched because I can’t stand him, but I can’t believe that he flew through four rebuttal witnesses in one morning. What happened to him taking the time to tie up everything with a big red bow during rebuttal and having his Perry Mason moment?

  10. I can understand the answer of human error to be no records of the can refund but together with the Tosoro records it seems she had 3 gas cans and this is what bothers me very much because Jodi have enough trouble with the “why should we believe you now” question, and now it seems like she lied again

    anyone can help me to overcome this?

    • eli……………………

      breathe, my friend. I have faith in the JW/KN. I was bothered as well with the lack of follow up on the two witnesses, but maybe they just didn’t want the jury to think it was important or relevant.

    • I don’t know, one idea that came to me is that she wanted cash & put another customers gas on her credit card & he/she gave her the cash. But if this were true she would just say so when she testified…

    • It also made me nervous that she wasn’t truthful or was inaccurate with her testimony but it can’t be undone at this point. Burden of proof is still on Martinez.

      • FLNANG, this is a case of brainwashing at its finest, its insidiously damaging and dangerous and designed to make anyone have doubts, even the slightest doubt.

        Never doubt Jodi 🙂

  11. Did not JM just objectify JODI the same way that TA did? Hope he jury realizes this and turns the little weasel’s case upside down on his dyed black hair!

  12. im having a war on twitter LOL these people are still insisting she dyed her hair on the trip to Mesa OMG really???

  13. I was so scared of that “woman” on the stand earlier this morning with all those bulging muscles….I was afraid to look directly at her, or it, whatever it was, I had to look sideways! Maybe JM is so desperate that he had to have he/she or whatever, intimidate the jury into voting his way. After seeing that thing on the stand earlier today I just think I may have some problems sleeping tonight!!

  14. I have never been able to make sense of the prosecution’s theory about the gas cans, that she wanted to disguise her travels in and out of Arizona. Then, why oh why would she make cell phone calls as she was traveling north out of Arizona toward Hoover Dam, thus leaving a trail?

    And if that’s all they can come up with as a lie during her testimony, then too bad because, if I were a juror I would be asking myself (and the other jurors during deliberation), what would be the purpose of lying about whether she had two or three gas cans?

    • RB,
      That was one of the states points in opening statements. There were no cell phone calls on Jodi’s phone at all while she was in AZ. She said on the stand, that her battery was low as she entered AZ so she turned her cell off. Then, when she got to the point that she was cleaning out her car, she found the charger under the passenger seat, and started charging her phone. She then used it to call Ryan, Matt, and TA’s cell phone, but by then she was out of AZ. The pros. is using this as part of their case, saying she had it off intentionally so she couldn’t be traced to the state.

      • But even though she was not in Arizona she was heading north on a road that had nothing to do with getting from California to Utah…

        • Exactly RB! There was a call made that would have completely ruined her so called Utah alibi, so clearly she wasn’t trying to establish Utah as an alibi at all.

  15. This has nothing to do with the trial, but just the experience of being a domestic violence victim and how it’s soooo poorly understood.

    I had to make an appointment for my 12 year old kitty to see the vet. My fiance suggested a vet his bosses have had good luck with. When I called to make the appointment, they asked about her previous medical issues. Then, the woman asked if I could get her records faxed from her old clinic in Florida (I currently live in Maryland). I hummed and hawed for a bit saying I didn’t think I could do that. She kept pressing me, so I came out with it. “I’m sorry, but I’m a domestic violence victim and my ex-husband tried to kill me. He still goes to that other clinic and I can’t take the risk that his staff might tell him where you’re at.” She said “I understand but this is a problem. Can’t you get the records faxed to us? That way, he won’t know where you’re at?” I explained “I’m sorry, no. I can’t run the risk of him knowing which vet I’m taking her to.” Her responses was “Oh I see.”

    Well, the appointment was today. When I got there, in front of several other people in the waiting room, she raised the issue again: “There are legal ramifications involved in us not having the records from your old clinic. I know you have “an ISSUE” about not wanting to get them, but the vet is going to need them and we need the name of that clinic in Florida so we can get them from them.” I was pretty upset. I said “I’m sorry, I can’t do that as I explained,” not wanting to get into my story in front of strangers. It’s embarrassing and I don’t want everyone looking at me as “the abused woman.” She said “Well, the vet is going to need them?” At this point, I was ready to walk out of there even though I had to take the day off to bring my kitty to the vet. I just didn’t care. I said “Again, I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. Are you saying the vet can’t see her without the records? Should I take her somewhere else?” She softened up a bit and said “Oh, no, I’ll let the vet know and see what he says.”

    This drives me crazy. I don’t understand why people just don’t get it. All I have left in the world is my location. The only reason I’m alive and not dead at his hands today, a little over 2 years later, is because I never give ANYONE my real address or phone number. I give out mailbox addresses. That’s all anyone gets. My ex knows, generally, where I live because my stupid lawyer gave that up in court, but not exactly where. He knows I work in DC — again, because my stupid lawyer gave that up in court — but not exactly where. There’s only ONE person who knows where I live and that’s my fiance. There’s only one person who knows where I go to counseling, when I get medical treatment and where, and where my cats go, and that’s my fiance.

    I’m in Maryland’s address confidentiality program so that I can have a legal substitute address. The IRS and the MVA accepts that as my legal address. I have battled the divorce court and now am battling the appellate court to keep my location safe — and the state of Maryland joined me in my appellate battle. And that was because the divorce court in Florida made my request for confidential address, showing my address, part of the public record anyone could get their hands on. How insane is that? If I wanted it to be public record, why would I submit a request for it to be confidential? Doesn’t that defeat the point entirely? The only reason I’m not dead is because I didn’t give them my real address on my request. I gave them a mailbox address. I have point blank refused to disclose my home and work address or the names or addresses of where I received medical, psychiatric and psychological treatment, even when the judge in divorce court ordered me to do so. I refused even when that judge struck my pleadings and barred me from participating in my own divorce from that point forward. I never even gave my own lawyer my home address or phone number. I can not risk a stupid girl who thinks he’s charming at a vet clinic in Florida saying I contacted them and they’re faxing records on my cats to a clinic, because it gives away too much, and leaves me wide open to him finding out when I have an appointment, and waiting for me outside.

    Why is this SOO difficult for anyone else to comprehend? Domestic violence is LIFE THREATENING. Read the news. Women die EVERY day of the week, even long after they’ve left these abusive bastards. I didn’t do anything wrong to become a victim of domestic violence. I just married the wrong guy and even today, everyone thinks he’s such a nice gentle guy. I love my cats dearly, but I’m not much good to them if I’m dead.

    This country really needs to WAKE UP and get a grip on domestic violence. It kills more women than cancer or heart disease or any act of terrorism. I don’t care how nice they seem to other people. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors except those of us who had to deal with them. I’m so sick of this. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

    • Also, I cannot understand why the old records are so important! Can’t the new vet start new? What if you just got this kitty and didn’t have old records?

      Your safety should never be compromised for you you to get medical care for your kitty. This makes me mad!

      • I guess the point is I want her waived from vaccination because of her IBD condition which has flared up before after being vaccinated, and also her age, as she’s a senior kitty and vaccinations are not safe at her age. Finally, the vet told me that although he has the right to tell me not to bring my kitty there any longer since she could put his staff at risk as she hasn’t had rabies vaccination in 5 years, he isn’t obligated to report me to the state. When I explained that her last 5 years rabies shot was less than about 4.5 years ago, he seemed to chill a bit because she’s actually STILL in date. But since I didn’t provide the records, I guess you could say he had reason to doubt me.

        I had a kitty who lived to 22 in FL (who I brought with me from IL) and he hadn’t been vaccinated since he was about 5. I brought him to vets in IL and FL. The laws were the same in both places as here, but no one gave me any crap about an indoor kitty not being vaccinated especially once he became very senior. Most vets wouldn’t EVER vaccinate an old kitty. In fact, the vaccines state on the label they should only be given to healthy animals, and it’s rare that a very senior cat is 100% healthy.

        I just figured out what to do. I’ll have the records sent to a friend in another state, if she’s willing, and have her send them to me.

        • I really just posted that to point out how little awareness and understand there is of domestic violence in this country.

          • I know. But I was concerned about your kitty too. 🙂

            If you want I can give you my fax number and will fax them to you … just a thought – to bury the info and not have it be anyone who *knows* you in real life.

            I go to a vet who does not do vaccinations for older kitty’s unless kitty needs boarding.

            • Wow that would be so great Rainy. I don’t have a fax they could be sent to though. That’s a lovely offer.

              • If you want, you could have them mailed to me and I could forward them off to you, in the mail?

                I can give SJ my address to pass along to you?

                Just a thought – might your former vet use email for records? I’ve taken my oldest kitty to the University small animal hospital and they are now sending me reports online! I really like this. If your former vet could scan them and email them to me, I could then forward them to you? … again, just a way to create our own *chinese wall* and keep you safe

                • I don’t believe they are that modern in FL yet, but I’ll ask. Grrr I dread even calling there since I know the ogre still goes there. I saw in in his discovery (bank statements). I’m sure he’s done a smear campaign on me there.

          • I’ve got it! A most wonderful vision too.:-) Have one dear a year where such lowlife scummy bastards can be hunted, yes HUNTED legally by the very women that they have abused!!! Nice fantasy eh ladies?lol

            • YES, perfect punishment. I’ve often said I’d like to put my ex in a cage in a room. I’d give him a nice big cage and a soft towel to lay on. But he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the cage for weeks on end. I’d poke him with a stick and have some big guys take him out and beat him.

      • No, MB, people NEVER realize it can happen to them. And I have to say that I didn’t know that either. I thought only stupid Hollywood bitches got into these situations, or women I then considered “losers” who lived in trailer parks and drank/did drugs all night. I thought any woman who puts up with a man hitting her is a foolish one. I never knew how it happened, the insidious nature of how it begins and escalates. I was just like all these other people I complain about today, and perhaps that’s what makes me so angry, to be honest.

    • Wow, I am so sorry. It should be easy to understand that you don’t want ANY of your contacts out there for the ex to find. It is too bad you have to live like that.

    • Wow people can be so stupid! My sister was married to a vet several years ago & I worked in his office for about a year. You do NOT have to have your pets previous records for a vet to treat your kitty-ridiculous!! Helpful yes but not necessay, especially to put your life in danger over! What if you had just found the cat on your doorsteps & was there for first visit. People are so insensative. I’m a survivor as well & sending you good thoughts & prayers for your situation.

    • AA I don’t think HIPPA or GLBA regulations apply to vet clinics, so I would make sure your kittys’ files have a BIG FAT NOTE in them about Confidentiality and Non-public Personal Information at the new vet’s office. Also if your cat is micro-chipped make sure that someone in your family is listed as the person to call instead of the ex if kitty gets out and starts wandering around.

      I’m thinking BLOCK LETTERS on a day-glo colored post-it laminated and stapled to the file. Take care, ^~^


  16. Good evening ,
    I have a question. The Walmart receipts…don’t they have the date and time the gas can was purchased? That can tell if it was before or after the killing ????

    • JM is really up a tree if he expects the jury to find proof of premeditation because what Jodi did on the drive to Mesa (piling up on fuel) is consistent with what she did on the way home from Utah to California (loaded up on fuel).

  17. This girl was nothing more than a friend to TA…. although I’m sure she wanted to believe it was more than that.

      • I can’t say anything negative about his various girlfriends. They were taken in just like Jodi was.

        It was a pattern with Travis.

    • I think shes like a lot of other people in this case, she does not see that Travis was capable of treating people horribly because she was connected to the church

    • Playing Devil’s Advocate here. Deanna seems honest, and pleasant, and prissy enough to have NOT liked Nurmi’s questions as all, nor admitting that she had sex with Travis. Could Travis have been nicer to her because her boundaries were solid? That she didn’t allow anal, oral, etc. Travis probably wasn’t going to like that long-term as most men like some variety.

      • Meaning maybe TA was nicer to Deanna because she was a “good girl” while Jodi is more adventuresome. Since JA is adventuresome, he sees her as more of a “bad girl” and hence treats her as such.

  18. I know this is going to sound nasty, but facts are facts. Boy TA sure stepped up in the looks and personality grades with Jodi.

    • She might have been good looking when she was thin. Not as good looking as Jodi, but she looks a little bit like Mimi.

    • Deanna looks like she was absolutely stunning back when she dated Travis. Personally, I still think she’s very very attractive, she’s just a bit overweight — so am I and my weight fluctuates because of my thyroid issue. Look at her beautiful hair. Look at those rich brown eyes. She may well also have a thyroid issue, that often causes extra weight in the neck. I have struggled with that myself.

      Look beyond the weight. She is still a gorgeous woman. I’m tired of this whole attitude that people need to be skinny to be beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to to be on national TV and know that you need to lose some weight? I feel for her. And honestly, I think she seems very nice and very wholesome. I actually like her a lot from what I’ve seen.

      • Travis was no body builder either he had some biceps that was it. I have those
        myself. The rest is not in shape. An actually his triceps were not toned as in
        sculpted. That is why I had to laugh when Jodi said he was working on a 6
        pack ? I did not see a sign of one in the naked photos but I guess she thought
        he was in shape.

          • I think TA was a bit overweight — not a lot, but a little thick all over.

            I think Deanna seems like a nice, sweet, innocent person, which I think is attractive in a sense.

            I hate when I see the TA folks trash witnesses before they get on the stand, but I also hate someone trashed just because she is a prosecution witness. Yeah, Jodi Arias is much prettier than I am too, but my looks shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

            • Agreed.

              I don’t think it’s cool to weight-shame someone who really didn’t have a choice to be a witness. But I still like making fun of Kermit’s voice :).

            • Somewhere below in this thread, someone posted a link to a photo of Deanna and Travis together when they were dating. Deanna looked so much better then, it’s not hard to believe that Travis did have feelings for her. Gah. That sounds shitty. Sorry. More caffeine …

      • I get what you are saying, AA. But I still feel she is unattractive. Can you imagine what the haters would be saying if she was testifying for the defense?

        I have ZERO problem with over weight people. I have many, many friends who are obese.

      • I really don’t care for people judging others on the basis of looks…I also have a thyroid condition that was wrecked havoc on my body but no insurance to treat it.

        I’ve never been into judging people on appearance; it’s too shallow.

        • Jodi is beautiful. She has no make up on like Deanna . Or hairdresser . As soon as she is free she will look better. Also a smile would help her looks. She isn’t very happy presently. That will change. Sweet Dreams Jodi.

  19. Someone mentioned here recently the LDS church just recently allowed the use of email when they are on the mission.

  20. All right guys, I am leaving this in your capable hands. We have to take the kids to a college fair.

    Make sure you guys keep the defense on their toes, unlike what I suspect happened this AM.

    May the force be with you.

    • Come on Nurmi, get to the good stuff. Like how Travis strung her along for years and used up all of your good years like the Hughes’ said.

    • I was under the impression the entire time she was on the stand that they didn’t have sex and TA told everyone he was a virgin – wth?

    • I thought that was odd, too. I would assume she was a virgin beforehand, so you would think she should remember!

  21. Wow, she doesn’t remember when the sexual relationship began? She was very young and chaste and this didn’t leave an impression?

  22. In 18 months of being under the tyrannical control of the Mormon church, she never considered that LDS is a CULT?

    • Kermit is going to regret putting Deanna on the stand. St. Travis the Virgin who was corrupted by Evil Jodi is just a myth! What a surprise.

    Jodi was NOT the first one travis had sex with!!!
    She was NOT the evil temptress!!

    Oh,I’m so enjoying this right now!!!! 😀

  24. Why did JM put this girl on the stand she didnt help his case out in anyway and now she is forced to talk about private things. JM is a bunghole for that. I feel bad for the girl, she also slept with TA and he wouldnt make a commitment with her either. What a POS that TA was.

    • Yes. How sick JM is. Now she has publicly told the entire LDS world she’s not a virgin. Who’s going to ever want her now? She’s over 30 and not a virgin. I feel very sad for what she’s being put though.

      Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if, down the road, she follows in Ashley Reed’s footsteps.

      • She had to have known what she was getting into. When I had to testify – I was given a lot of warning about how the ‘other side’ (in this case prosecution) was going to treat me and what kind of questions they would ask.

      • That’s the biggest problem that I have with religions that demand chastity pre-marriage. Deanna is still a good person. Most adults in their 30s have had sex. She shouldn’t be made to feel by her church that she’s “damaged goods.”

        • It is hard for me to believe there are not any single men still out there available
          for a woman when they reach 30? I read somewhere the pickings are slim though
          after they get out of that one ward an move up to the next 31 an older ward? I don’t
          get it I guess they all can be married off? I don’t like this Religion crap where you have
          to be with the same Religion or you can’t date? Other Religions are not that strict about

    • Nurmi is so great. His manner is so appealing, especially in direct opposition to that pos goblin, Martinez. There’s got to be ONE person on that jury who hates Juan as much as I do.

    • Frankly,I seriously doubt he did.Unless there are records of him doing that,TA’s word is just NOT good enough!

    • I was wondering…IF he lost his temple recommendation like she did… How did he get it back? How was he allowed to be an elder. I would have to research more but I was curious how that all plays into what the truth is.

      • I read somewhere from some link posted here a while back that if they do the penance required by the bishop, and stop engaging in whatever the offense was, they ultimately get back their temple status. I don’t think they could then become a bishop though. I could be wrong on that though.

        I’m not sure exactly what a temple recommendation is. Are any of our wonderful Mormon members out there to help us understand?

  25. INTENSE. I did not expect her to say yes to that question. Everyone had me believing that Travis was pure as snow until Jodi corrupted him.

  26. Hey guys, just russssssshed home from running errands all day.
    Finally made a Turkey Burger and sitting down..

    1. Has it been a good day for the defense?
    2. Who is this chick that Nurmi is questioning?
    Is she someone JM put up?

    Thanks if someone can catch me up to speed real quick~

    • I think Jodi is hyper sensitive she sugar coated a lot of things about Travis I think
      when she was on the stand. I know she loved him an still loves him. But man after
      5 years almost she has to see he was a user an abuser but I don’t think she sees

      I want to shake her my daughter is the same way it drives me insane. I guess they
      won’t see it till the day the man actually goes to far. An then Jodi still believes in
      that LDS stuff I guess too they say she has them visit her in jail wonder if that is
      why she is like she is.

      • I have met MANY abused women who are like Jodi is about Travis. One asked me one time if I had stopped loving my ex before he tried to kill me. I answered yes, I had. I despised him by then. Apparently, that makes a difference.

        • And you should despise him until you take your last breath AA! I hate ALL men who physically, verbally, and mentally abuse women!

  27. Poor TA. Hurt people hurt people. The least thing severe drug addicts can do is to not have kids. I wish C.R.A.C.K. had gotten to them.

    • I think Deanna is the best human to take the stand in this circus.


      I don’t think her looks got her out of abuse. I don’t think being less of a trophy protected her.

      I think her character made it impossible to abuse her.

      I think Jodi’s insecurity made Jodi an easy target. Jodi’s looks were secondary. Do I think Travis was an angel? No. Do I think Jodi could have made better choices? Yeah. I think she could have prevented involving herself in his death by making a different choice.

      Most of the prosecution witnesses made choices that Deanna didn’t and wouldn’t make for herself.

      Deanna made all the right choices.


      • Jon
        I agree, I think she is nice looking, I think she had character, which many in this trial don’t and she was straight forward and believable she certainly didn’t lie, and that was refreshing. I do think Jodie made very poor choices, but do not believe she premeditated murder.

  28. Big round of applause for Nurmi for his subtlety. He made his point and he made it well, but as respectfully as he could without demeaning Deanna.

  29. Awwww, I kind of felt sorry for her when she read the email between TA and the Hughes and after that she seemed a little upset and lost her train of thought. Prosecution didn’t prepare her for that – and what a p.o.s. for doing that.

      • I know, AA, right? I can’t believe he is doing this to this poor woman! She didn’t do anything (to my knowledge) to deserve this. As I said above, she knew what she was getting into – but the prosecution should have some decency and warn you about what is to come.

  30. I think it’s weird that Deanna knew about Lisa Andrews. Makes me wonder if she was the stalker who slashed the tires. I mean, she was the one who wanted to marry TA and he didn’t want to, yet he wanted to marry Lisa.

    Things that make you go..hmm….

    • Thank you! I thought that shortly after she got on the stand. But I didn’t think of her as doing the tire slashing – would seem to make sense.

    • Hmmm.

      I always thought it was weird that she gave Travis a computer without reloading it to factory settings.

      who knows what programs were on that, and what purpose they served.

      Deanna seems like a really nice, sane person. I don’t want to believe that she would be like that, but I don’t know her either.

      • Honestly, MB, I agree and don’t know what to think about this woman. But I would have like to seen some line of questioning by defense about the computer and why she didn’t change. IMO, if you put the computer with her ‘following’ him and staying in contact with him, know when he broke up with other women, etc. it seems to me there is more evidence proving she is a stalker than Jodi is. (Not saying she IS a stalker, I’m just saying as far as stalking goes, there is more evidence pointing at her than Jodi.)

  31. god went from heart wrenching to nails on chalkboard the
    sec JM got back on for redirect

    The man has grated on all my nerves
    I think my face is now paralyzed

    • LOL – I think JM just asked these sex questions (not having anything to do with re-direct) just because HE enjoys it; bit of a sadist, if you ask me.

    • I have to agree with you on that, Joe… sounds to me like Deanna was put on for the defense. And as for the gas station girl and walmart employee, not much point.

    • And Deanna doesn’t know whether Travis cheated on her or not … she did say that. She may well have been Travis’s beard. She was so virtuous.

    • Exactly, Anthony. It was disgraceful that she should have to be up there. Her testimony didn’t make the BLINDEST bit of difference. She is such a brave woman to sit there and admit to all of that. I wish I could hug her.

      • I feel bad for her. She seems like a genuinely nice person who might unfortunately & often, be taken advantage of easily… in this case by both TA and JM.

        The prosecution gained nothing by putting her through this.

      • Me too AA!! There was no earthly reason for this poor woman to be on the stand and have to relate her life story and all the personal details….it has NO bearing on this case. She told the truth, she was obviously very embarrassed, but she did it, and for what? So JM could tell the jury that TA had a prior girlfriend that he didn’t abuse and that he did have sex prior to Jodi? Zero sense, and I bet there are more than a handful of jurors who are none too pleased with him for putting her thru all that.

        • I soooo hope you’re right Anna and the jurors are unhappy with him for what he did to this lovely woman, a girl who wants to become a teacher and gives instruction. She seems confident enough to get through it, but still, I feel for her.

          And the damn haters are mad that the defense wants to “waste” time putting on a surrebuttal witness? This whole day has been a complete waste of time and a waste of a good woman having to tell personal details she should have been able to keep to herself. Bless that woman, Deanna. I wish her ALL the very best in her life.

  32. nurmi’s excellent
    very gentle, and calm with deanna
    carefully avoiding unnecessarily embarassing her, though establishing essential aspects of ta’s personality
    it’s her understanding of the nature of their relationship



  33. Is he actually suggesting that Jodi DESERVED being trated like trash just because she MAY have sent a couple of naught messages??Or because she enjoyed sex?

  34. It showed the jury that Deanna wanted to go to the Bishop and, therefore, TA would have to also and that they lost their temple member status. TA didn’t want that to happen a second time as JA had testified and for far more serious issues.

    I can’t believe JM would have objected as to foundation as to what type of sex.

    I like KN a lot, but I got used to JW’s style which I missed during this cross.

    • nurmi fixed that up

      ta obviously learned from that unpleasant experience, if he ever actually went to the bishop, NEVER, EVER, GO TO THE BISHOP ON HIS PRE-MARITAL SEXUAL BEHAVIOR

    • I think that was a good question. The juror who asked that wants to know if Travis was clearly knowledgeable about violating the law of chastity. Remember, Travis was Jodi’s elder. This is one of the better juror questions I’ve heard from the jury to be honest. That combined with the question today for the Walmart girl about dummy SKUs or ringing up a return without an SKU. This jury is thinking.

      • Being the devils advocate, maybe the juror wanted to know if it is so widely known then Jodi should have known it. She went to church and went to the same classes everyone else did.

        I hope that’s not the case tho

        • KD
          I think that since Jodie stated that Travis told her what was permissible, The Jury asked Jodie if there was instruction on the Law Of Chastity etc. She said they were very vague, which the jury might not have believed.

  35. I think what JM is implying, since TA wasn’t verbally abusive with these other woman, is that Jodi must have done something to deserve that kind of treatment.

    • WHAT could a woman possibly do to have DESERVED such a treatment? Martinez implying that is abominable!!!

    • Jodi was a mark. Abusers/pedophiles know what people/children they can push enough to let their boundaries be violated. I think this is one area where Jodi is childlike – she trusted him too much.

    • I hope the jury remembers Lisa’s testimony. Her email suggested (to me at least) that he was a bit abusive to her and she called him out on it right away. I hope they recognize she ‘got away’ from him before he escalated with her.

      • I’ve heard that bullshit too. What did I do to make my ex-husband soooo angry that he had to abuse me so badly? Um, love him — since I’m a fool!

    • I’m sorry, I thought Deanna looked lovely. There’s not a lot you can do with clothes when you’re overweight. I think she’s beautiful and incredibly brave. She didn’t testify to hurt Jodi. She was subpoenaed by JM. She could have taken the 5th regarding discussing her sex life. She admitted it, even though that will not win her points with the family.

      Please people, don’t bash this girl for her weight. Not everyone is skinny!

      • Agree – she did the best she could under the circumstances. Her options were not good regardless of what she said.

        Her relationship started with Travis when he was 22 years old which is very young. I would assume he was more mature by the time he was 26 also.

      • I LOVE her hair. There’s not a lot you can do with long hair. Hers looked like it had a very pretty style to me and she had nice subtle highlights. Her hair is shiny, healthy, and full of body.

  36. Nurmi is sooo smooth………”everyone makes mistakes, did you make this mistake more than once?” hahaha

  37. Yah know, I have been doing a lot of soul searching… after reviewing the facts…these facts…

    1) Wal-Mart, who at the time was being sued by their employees for undertraining and underpaying them, sent an employee, that never worked in the mentioned store or in the return Dept, to testify that Jodi didn’t return a gas can 5 years ago. This clearly is proof that she is a devious murderess.

    2) There is a video of, gulp, Jodi laying her head in Travis’s lap, while he told a story. They were dating, they were on a couch together…I KNOW, right! Travis was most DEFFINENTLY NOT hiding Jodi from his friends, a year after this video was taken…while he was “porking her like a 12 year”. What more proof does 1 need than this video? She HAD TO MURDER HIM!

    3) It is not clear that Jodi DID ask for a white rental car, NOT A RED CAR. This clearly shows she is a murderer.

    4) February 1865 was the last month in History to not have a full moon. This not only proves that Jodi is a murderer, but that she started planning this when she was 11 years old.

    5) On May 28, 2008, there was a gun stolen at the Sr. Arias home. Also On 28 May We celebrated the 90th Anniversary of Armenia and Azerbaijan declaring independence from the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic, thus forming the Democratic Republic of Armenia and the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. It was the first sovereign republic in the history of both countries and Azerbaijan the first democratic parliamentary republic in the Muslim world. Clearly this, linked with the gun break in and the fact that Elton John played “rocket man” as his 9th song and “crocodile rock” as his 17th song at a concert in Anchorage that very same day, PROVES beyond all doubt that Jodi is a Murdering temptress. (I’m not making this shit up, look it up…SHE HAD TO KILL HIM, if these facts are true)

    6) Finally, my sister’s dog’s name starts with same letter as my neighbor’s cousin’s brother’s pet fish, that he won at a county fair…yah, people actually win those things…anyway, that letter is B, this is only 8 letters away from J…As in J-odi arias! How could we have ignored these facts for so long? She is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY! We should just get a rope and save the tax payers the trouble.

    Yah, she did it. you can’t argue with all the proof they have against her now. Sorry peeps, I’m going to have to join the other team. I would miss you, but you are all clearly ignorant robots from a far off planet called reality.

      • Well, not to be “JM”ish but….

        As i stated in #5 abive, this was “Armenia and Azerbaijan declaring independence” day. You may not realize but the holiday was not celebrated during Soviet times, and it only achieved consistency after the collapse of the USSR. The Boston bombers (sounds like a baseball team..Oh was..yikers, sorry) were from Southern russia. Also known as….YOU GUEESSED IT….wait, what the fuck am i saying, i have no clue where chechnea is compaired to armenia or azerblahblah….

    • So funny! I dare you to call in to JVM or NG and give them these absolute facts! This is almost as good as that crazy psychic woman that is on Dr. Drew sometimes.

    • LOL Sirlips!!!
      Don’t forget this…..Jodi MUST be guilty…..her birthday is July 9th…the same birthday as…..OJ Simpson…..and also the same birthday as Amanda Knox!!! I actually heard this on HLN yesterday….cannot remember what moron brought it up, but found it hysterical. Especially since one of my favorite singer/musicians is also July 9th, Jack White…….people are wacky..:)

      • Oh that’s it, Anna. You just figured the whole damn thing out. Why isn’t JM calling you? What else does he need?

      • It’s Courtney Love’s birthday too, and all of the nuts who think that she killed her husband compare her to Jodi also!

      • i heard jack white has actually been pre meditating a murder for years now, of a future ex girlfriend he hasn`t even met yet. we should probably just lock him up now just to stay on the safe side.

      • Oh my gosh that was my grandmothers birthday too an she stabbed my grandpa with a fork
        once because he wanted another pork chop ! True Story ! they both had Alzheimer’s though so
        all was forgiven…….TRUE STORY!


      Pick any number between 1-20. We will call it X.
      Add 7 to X
      Add 4
      subtract 2
      add 6
      add 6
      add 6 (yep..thats 6-6-6 YIKERS)
      subtract your original number..X.
      add 1

      WHat are you left with? YAH..28..MAY 28…. This bitch has to be the devil! I know, its crazy, but it is PROOF!

      • sirlips…

        a little numerology rule…LOL…

        you have to break it down one more time

        May 28 = 5+2+8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6 (yep…it’s still a 6 6 6)

  38. note the jury question which made reference to the mormon’s secret laws

    mormons have secret laws reserved exclusively for the upper level of the hierarchy

    jm asking about tons of womens breasts
    ladies according to jm they’re measured by weight including tons
    geez he’s just so stupid and clumsy

  39. They have a computer guy on. Was it ever fact that TA was surfing the internet using a proxy server? If so can’t KN question him at length about it?

  40. This is a joke. The police obviously wiped his computer of anything the State didn’t want, because it just doesn’t figure that TA wouldn’t have anything on there.

    They wouldn’t have been truthful, TA obviousy had stuff on there the State didn’t want, its stands to reason.

    Since When have the police been truthful. This witness is lying through his teeth.

    • Sadly I have to agree with this. It’s the same as they didn’t find any bullets. I just can’t believe all police are above building their case based on what they are looking for, ignoring what they are not looking for.

    • Since I know something about computer forensics I find it curious he said nothing about searching for deleted files.

      • By Baby Docs standards and years of experience I am more an expert in computer forensics than she is in psychology.

          • If I am not mistaken, way back when, (seems like forever) when the computer forensic witness was on the stand, he testified that he examined TA’s computer, including deleted files, proxy servers, pornography searches, etc. Then he said that Jodi’s computer had a damaged hard drive. He examined that computer as well. I am assuming nothing of any importance was on either computer, since neither the pros nor the defense had any issues with the testimony. I heard there is a rebuttal witness for the pros. that may testify, and he is a Det. in forensic computers, so no idea what he will have to say, I think his name is Brown? not sure of his first name.

            • Maybe it is similar to the State’s position that Flores didn’t find anything relevant in text or email messages.

              I didn’t hear about any sur-rebuttal outside of the motion filed to impeach the psychologist.

              • A sur-rebuttal can only be used to rebutt issues that are new to the case. If it’s granted, they can only have a witness talk about that issue. Then, the pros gets to cross him/her.

      • If other computers were around, can you have Another IP address?
        Do deleted files hang around in the registry?
        Is there software that resurrects deleted files?
        flash drive

        • Deleted files are not really deleted. They just have their index pointer removed. The files remain intact until the hard drive chooses rather randomly to overwrite them.

          • Its all a fix by the police, one big cover up, after all, apart from the people who went to the house and found TA, who were the others–the police. They can do what they want to get a conviction–no one there to stop them. They cook it up with the prosecution..

    • It is a thing that can hide your IP address so if someone wanted to check you out
      they could not find you is how I understand it.

    • The different types of web and application proxy servers (transparent, anonymous, and distorting proxies) and how to use them to hide your IP address.

  41. So let me get this straight…

    A guy that was so inept at computers that he was having trouble getting a CD to work on his computer, was able to have an internet connection in 2008 and didn’t have porn anywhere on his computer?

    In 2008 you could use a brand new computer for the first time, and after plugging the router in, 3 minutes later have 891 videos of woman/donkeys and a gerbil named Fred making sweat baby love with each other. THERE IS NO WAY this guy surfed the internet and didn’t have porn all over the place. NO WAY.

      • There you go ! right on that phrase I had to google it I did not know that either. But
        a Virgin Mormon/LDS Travis knew it very funny !

        • I don’t know anything that actually saves images of naked women to their computers. They look at porn, clear the history, and repeat.

          • They say though even though we clean out our files an clear cookies an history
            that all is on the hard drive an can be retrieved that is how so many people get
            caught in lies. So no a actual photo may not be there but the actual web page
            or link is that you were searching for or looking at.

            • Yes, Lonnie testified that he was using Windows XP on his computer and browsed the internet with Firefox. His tools decoded the browser binary database of the visited sites (not erased history) and showed that among the 8000 pages of analysis, that the computer had been accessing PORN videos at 4-5 am on June 4. Jennifer picked that day and morning, and there were quite a few videos referred BY NAME, obviously porn. The data probably showed tons of porn visits. He did not have to download anything, just watching it online to learn his porn jargon.

      • I really did learn what tossed salad was…on the internet!

        But only after hearing those words whispered from TA’s own sweet lips 🙂

    • I read somewhere on here that both attorneys were arguing because the defence could only get so far on the computer–it had been BLOCKED, but Some of the stuff they saw would have been in Jodi’s favour–but guess what? JM stopped them getting it.

      And I would bet the judge was selective in the jurors questions, too.

  42. On a completely unrelated noted, I was just looking up the jury instruction the defense filed a motion for:

    11.03A2 − Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion

    The crime of manslaughter by sudden quarrel or heat of passion requires proof that:

    1. a. The defendant intentionally killed another person; or

    b. The defendant caused the death of another person by conduct which the defendant knew would cause death or serious physical injury; or

    c. Under circumstances which showed an extreme indifference to human life, the defendant caused the death of another person by consciously disregarding a grave risk of death. The risk must be such that disregarding it was a gross deviation from what a reasonable person in the defendant’s situation would have done; and

    2. The defendant acted upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion; and

    3. The sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulted from adequate provocation by the
    person who was killed.

    “Adequate provocation” means conduct or circumstances sufficient to deprive a reasonable person of self-control. Words alone are not adequate provocation to justify reducing an intentional killing to manslaughter. [There must not have been a “cooling off” period between the provocation and the killing. A “cooling off” period is the time it would take a reasonable person to regain self-control under the circumstances.] [If you determine that the defendant is guilty of either second degree murder or
    manslaughter but you have a reasonable doubt as to which it was, you must find the defendant guilty of manslaughter.]

    USE NOTE: Use the bracketed language if this instruction is given as a lesser-included offense instruction If there is evidence to support an instruction on the “cooling-off” period, use the bracketed language.

    I don’t see any evidence of “cooling off”. The second bracket however, seems it would be used.

    • AA. First off, did the judge agree to include this lessor charge? I am hoping yes, however I have a concern and want your opinion. This definition of Manslaughter, while being a good thing to consider in the eyes of the law regarding a sentence, is so far removed from self defense and the actual incident the defense has testified to for months, it worries me a bit. What I mean specifically is this, it has nothing at all to do with a fight occurring in the bathroom and Jodi fearing for her life, running to get the gun, shooting, getting away, then stabbing, leaving, etc etc……its a total different scenario, a totally different story altogether. Could the jury look at this and think, “What? Is the defense just throwing things at us because they are desperate and want to see what sticks”?

      Like I said, the sentence for this crime is desirable, but the factors needed to consider it are not self defense, so I am curious how you feel the jury will look at this charge back in the deliberation room.

      • As per Al’s comment, lesser included charges are automatically put on the table via a Supreme court ruling. He doesn’t remember the reference, and neither do I.

        That has nothing to do with changing the direction of the case. It’s to give the jury more options.

        • Ok…I see. I thought that the defense filed a motion with the Judge to ask for the lessor included, which is why I thought she had to approve the charge of Manslaughter. I had no idea the lessors were automatically included. So, is it a done deal, meaning is Manslaughter in fact, a charge to be considered now? The reason I was asking about changing the direction of the case, so to speak, is only due to the fact presented by the defense. The jury knows Jodi has claimed self defense, they know her testimony, and so when they deliberate, and have the option of Manslaughter, do they see (in writing) the definition of that charge? Meaning, heat of passion during a fight, etc etc? And if the do know the meaning, don’t they totally have to disregard the theory of self defense in order to find Manslaugter? I am wondering now, if possibly the defense will change their closing argument a little to allow for this….thoughts?

    • AlsoAbused

      good find

      note, when reading the instructions, each of the three section is joined by the word “and”, a conjunction, meaning that ALL OR EACH sections must be met

      also note, within section 1, each of the subsections a, b, and c are joined by the disjunction “or” , which means that only one of those subsections need be met

      it looks like subsection c would be the most relevant here

      and note the term “reasonable person” used, which is an objective standard that is used

      not a subjective standard ie a person who holds their anger in for a long periood

      section 3 is important

      3. The sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulted from adequate provocation by the
      person who was killed.

      have to put all the elements, pieces together

      however sometimes even if a resonable person standard is used, upper level courts might modify that to include some or a lot of subjectivity
      ie how this one particular person acted
      but you’d need to look at the cases to see if there is any such material

      and that would be joined to sections 2 and 3

      re cooling off period, can’t get angry, then next week decide it’s time to retaliate because you’re still angry

      at the pdf link above there is additional information between pages74 and 76
      or 111 to 116 via the texts own numbering

      the pdf file has 308 pages

      it’s put out by the state bar of arizona, continuing legal education, 2011

      my computer is starting to choke on this file

  43. I love this. The woman was talking about the Tot Doc the other day…..

    My HB has PTSD from three tours to IRAQ. And He has never spoken about ANY EVENTS THAT HAPPENED. SHE’S A LIAR….

    Demonte caught in a lie….DEFENSE WIN TODAY….This girl is too young. No real experience. She is total TEXT BOOK!!!!

  44. This trial has gone on so long that even the State’s investigator can’t remember what he said. Imagine the jury trying to remember all this shit, science fiction hypotheticals, etc.

  45. nothing allegedly found on the computer

    maybe but KN brought up other types of DATA storage
    cds, thumb drives, etc
    maybe it’s all accessible in one of the cloud storage sites accessible only with TA’s secret password

    • This guy did not use the tools the other computer expert used, or only used in part for what he was told to look for.

    • Anything passing through RAM would get “forgotten” once the PC is shut down.

      I wonder if anyone checked to see what operating systems Travis had at his disposal. There are some that run entirely in RAM and never leave a trace on the hard drive, or on disk.

  46. Nurmi is so smooth. Can you imagine if Deanna had been a defense witness? I don’t think she would have survived with screaming Juan charging the stand. I’m not through her testimony yet but KN has already managed to show that she did not know the real Travis at all. He had his game face on when they met and, possibly due to their immaturity and that he wasn’t that sexually attracted to her, he kept it on. She seems like a nice lady and it’s good her life wasn’t ruined by him.

    • I think her life was ruined by him. She is not married, still devoted –at least in words — to him. Even if he did not abuse her like he abused Jodi (and I’m not that convinced that he was always ‘nice’ to Deanna), he used her and dumped her when it was convenient. Kept the relationship going after she came back for several years, even though he had written her he was dating someone else while she was a missionary and broke her heart. She moved to AZ to be with him. PATTERN.
      He USED her.

      • Oh I thought she was married w children. I guess I had her confused with one of the TA’s other girlfriends. Yes, he used her and discarded her it sounds like then. But then I guess that’s what eternal virgins do in their spare time.

      • Many are abused without even being aware. He was young and so was she.

        I would think she was very devoted to him and did what he wanted given her LDS upbringing.

        If Alyce spent hours with Deanna, going over details of their relationship I suspect Alyce would see some patterns TA was doing then that he carried into other relationship.

        • I see my past relationships as similar to Deanna’s & TA’s. I was not abused, but I was controlled & I let myself be taken off track by guys I was with, from my own goals & plans.

        • Alyce made one mistake your post reminded me off & I cringed at the time b/c the rats azz caught it when she said TA did not have any long term relationships when he had clearly been with Deanna for quite some time. On the other hand She said it was intermitent and when she testified to that I had no idea they were together for 2 straight years as Deanna said today. IDK!!

      • She is not going to say too much against him she is good friends with the
        siblings I read somewhere. Maybe why they were estranged being they
        liked Deanna an Travis was not committing to her in any way for many years.

    • I think she might have been his “beard”. My fiance was watching some of her testimony with me earlier and he commented on the fact that she was away for a long time of the years they dated. He could have been the disgusting little prick we know he was with plenty of other women. Meanwhile, keeping Deanna, a virtuous woman, around to cover. Having sex with her at her young age then, ensured that she would stick with him. I’m sure she thought having sex with him meant they would marry. Meanwhile, I bet he played around like crazy behind her back. She didn’t live with him. She worked a lot. She was always a little ways away.

      • What’s a ‘beard’, AA ?
        I can guess a bit from what you described… a comfort blanket when nothing else available? a steady front until someone else comes along?…

  47. Is Nurmi married? I think he and Deanna could be a great team, going around the country helping DV victims and abused children. She needs to leave that damn LDS; it’s all about old dudes marrying 18yo girls. And her outfit is something that would be nice on ALV, she is too young for this look. She has big breasts, at 35yo she should be showing them off. Ok, she is a teacher, but just a little, not a deep V. Also, she has beautiful hair, but I think a chin-length bob would compliment her face much better than long hair.

  48. This is moving along pretty well today. These are the witness’s that can make or break each sides case with crucial info you would never have expected to be crucial.
    The defense IMO is scoring big points today other than the gas can and gas receipts testimony. But I don’t think that was all that bad.

  49. The Prosecutor is fucking desperate.

    Why else would he parade Baby Doc and the 3-Ring circus girls into court, setting them up as defense witnesses? He has lost all reason.

    Yay! TEAM-JODI

  50. Okay if an asteroid were heading for earth and the only way to stop the complete destruction of the planet was for me to listen to Juan Martinez for five minutes, sorry folks, bend down and kiss your asses goodbye. I couldn’t do it. lol

  51. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m gonna run, not walk, to the nearest LDS church, and I’m joining up. IT SEEMS AWESOME.

    • Oooh I’ll come with you. They have such a pretty one here too. Their Christmas decorations are just awesome. Except, I don’t like going in there because they grab you and try to brainwash you and they don’t care much for my Buddhist philosophies. Oh well! It was a nice idea.

      • Interesting that CNN was just discussing how the Boston brothers could have been brainwashed little by little into radical fundamentalist Islam, how people pick their brainwash subjects and work on them, bring them into the cult, etc And never but once quickly mentioned that Jodi was recruited, brought into his group, converted, etc….

  52. It feels like this is moving too fast today,or is it just me?How many witnesses down so far?5? How manu left?