Jodi Arias Trial – Day 50

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UPDATE: There’s no trial tomorrow (Friday) or Monday.
The trial will resume again next Tuesday 4/23 and run thru Thursday 4/25.

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After the half-day trial yesterday – we’ve now reached a mini-landmark with Day 50 of Jodi’s grossly overcharged self defense trial & judicial farce.

Barring any overnight shenanigans, Jennifer Willmott will be picking up where she left off yesterday – and she’ll carry on ripping “expert witness” Janeen DeMarte a new one.

As you can see by the picture below, she’s not too impressed so far :mrgreen:

Janeen DeMarte - Jennifer Willmott - Cross Examination Master Class 4-17

Leave your comments below on trial day 50, as Jodi takes one step closer to victory…

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  1. I would like to know what everyone thinks the phrase “expert” as in “expert witness” means.

    Webster’s dictionary (BTW, if its “Merriam-Webster’s dictionary”, and Merriam is listed first, why do we call it “Webster’s” dictionary? Don’t get me wrong, I loved that little black kid, but to get his own dictionary named after him…and then take all the credit away from poor Merriam? Doesn’t seem fair) I digress… The def (2) Noun: one with the special skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject
    So, if we go by this definition, DR. (by title) Double D (far from), should be considered to be a master or have mastery over the information, as it would be compared to her peers. I have drank a lot of nasty shit in my day, but swallowing that cup of tea is a bit tuff.
    So, again, what makes a person a master? Experience? Not always, IMO. I have been playing golf for almost 20 years and I still big fat balls at that bastard of a game. On the other hand, I picked up water skiing in a day, and after a few weeks I was much better than most on our local ski team. So, I can’t say it is just experience.
    Could it be all “outcome based”, I don’t think so either. I have been “rubbing one out” since I was old enough to touch it, and have never broken it and have always achieved my objective. But, I don’t think I’m a master…..bator. (sorry, I could resist) Don’t get me wrong, Im really good at it…just not to what I would consider “master” lvl…yet.
    A quick You-tube search will show that there are 2-3-4 year old kids that can honestly claim that they have mastered “piano”, “guitar”, etc.. amazing prodigies. Yet, they are not experts at piano, they can just play the shit out of it. They have no clue who Motzart was, the history of the instrument… they are really, really good at the playing part though. Does that make them less or more of a master/expert?
    As far as adding the word “witness” to the mix. Does this somehow change the perspective of the question “What is an expert WITNESS”? JM may argue that an expert witness is someone with “enough” knowledge, based on a degree, to talk about a subject, BUT can talk about it with confidence and ease. I would say that makes an “expert speech giver”, but what do I know? Perhaps an Expert witness is someone that is a master at the information, and is simply “willing” to talk about it on the stand? Some would say that was ALV. She isn’t a career trial expert, but she knows her shit. Does that make an expert witness?
    So, I really don’t know what I would consider an expert witness, but, I do have the answer….An expert witness is ANYONE that an attorney claims to be an expert witness. Then, it gets argued back and forth in front of the jury, regardless of any of what I wrote above, and in the end their testimony gets washed away by the jury.
    It occurs to me that we could put a 4 year old blind kid with rickets vs Mario Andretti on the stand, in a trial that requires an expert driver, and we would get the same “cancelled each other out” result.
    The judges job is to make this a trial of facts and evidence, and to make sure it does not become a trial of “lawyers”, it appears this Judge is not an “expert or a master” at her job.

    • Great post as usual sirlips! I just added reference to the phrase “expert witness” to my post so it ties in nicely with your comments.

      Congrats on being 1st too!

      Team Jodi

      • SJ, aren’t you giving out prizes anymore? I should think a free session with Dr. DeSmarmy would be perfectly fitting 😛

      • Hi SJ, I have a couple of questions, one is do you think it will come out today that Lenore Walker wrote the Forward in Alyce’s book and Lenore Walker was the only one that the young Doc could remember referring to for her domestic violence cases. Do you think Jennifer W. knows this? I bet she does…just wanted your thoughts on that…
        The other thing I wanted to ask is isn’t it breaking the rules when I witness, still sworn in and not excused yet, speaks to the media? The young Doc discussed the case with Nancy Grace last night. I don’t watch, but I heard this…

        • Last night’s 4/17 Wednesday Transcript of Nancy Grace show:

          NG: Isn’t it true Beth Karas, that she (Jodi) has been taking medication, we have seen
          her “pop pills” all the way through the trial, right?

          Beth Karas: Yes, she did take “a pill” something that the sheriff department allowed her to have. It was given by a DR, however it is not a prescription drug. It’s an over the counter pill.

          NG: Well, she’s taking a pill, that means she is on medication, that means she shouldn’t be
          having these migraines if she’s on medication.

    • IMO I can’t even imagine that this witness is an “expert” at anything! She couldn’t give direct testimony about the results of the assessment conducted without referring to her notes each time to read what specific abbreviation meant on the psychological evaluation, let alone give examples of correct criteria deemed necessary for diagnosing Jodi. If you’re an “expert”; shouldn’t you have everything ready to go and memorized? You should be one step ahead of the game; and instead she looks foolish even attempting to try and minimize Dr. Samuel and Alyce’s testimony. Why become so defensive when asked which readings and other documentation used in the field to help assess the case? She was unable to state authors or journal entries of importance to help her so-called “observations” and presents herself in a “holier than tho” persona. I’m surprised she has a license of any kind! What a joke! I can’t wait for this circus to be over and end in an acquittal 🙂

      • Do you think this is by design of JM? He clearly doesn’t want to “muddy the water” with all of the ‘additional’ information. This would allow him to simply have a witness give a test, “LIKE A DNA OR CANCER TEST” (as he so often likes to say), and leave all of the supporting evidence left as banter. He wants the jury to think anything besides a DNA type test is “voodoo”.

        I really think JM got a hard on when this expert witness showed what she could do, and could NOT do. She is simply testifying to her test, her book test. I think he is trying to show the jury that ALV and Dr. S used t0o much “wishy washy” “gut feeling” type information to base their diagnosis on. Even though their evaluation wasn’t about their “gut feeling”, it was based on tests AND experience, thinking, common sense and, as ALV put it, “the big picture”.

        He went after the “did you like her” angle.
        He went after the “you just used what she, the liar, told you” angle.
        He went after the “what test did you give her for THAT, when there is no paper test for it, Angle.
        He went after anything that had to do with “the big picture”.

        We see this Dr.D as “cold” and “clinical”, because she didn’t use anything other than the paper test, to diagnose her.

        The issue is these paper tests are simply a tool. ONE tool, to be used in conjunction with the many other factors, to come up with a real diagnosis. Any time the defense witnesses tried to explain this, JM shit a brick, did back flips, his head would spin 3 times and then he vomited on the walls.

        He wants to make a very complicated trial, very simple. Another way to say that is he is trying to hide important evidence, be-little the jury’s intelligence and create a story of event that will lead to a guilty verdict. In its self, that is his job, but the law says he can’t use “tricks” to do it. He is.

        • Rumplestilskin spinning straw into gold? No one wants to be defined by and/or have their life depend on the results of one or two psychological tests. Everyone knows that that would be grossly unjust! Sheesh!

            • That saddens me Heather. I have a horrible feeling from this jury now. Also With the Mass media surrounding the Boston Bombings, I am certain the jurist have seen news coverage. As a matter of fact. On the Yahoo news page was an excellent article AND video/pictures on it and the headline just beneath was Jodi Arias Murderer trial…. UGH
              Prayers for love and hope.

    • In my career an expert is someone knowledgeable enough that peers go to for advice and a higher level of understanding and who is smart enough to know not to get in a pissing contest with those with greater experience. I think of an expert as a sponge, always wanting to absorb knowledge of their field.

    • Hey Sirlips, top o’ the morning to you.

      Rule 702 of the Rules of Evidence states

      A witness who is qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education may testify in the form of an opinion or otherwise if:

      (a) the expert’s scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge will help the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue;

      (b) the testimony is based on sufficient facts or data;

      (c) the testimony is the product of reliable principles and methods; and

      (d) the expert has reliably applied the principles and methods to the facts of the case.

      The problem is the gatekeeper, per the Daubert case is the judge. So if you can show the above to the judge you are an expert witness. And there you have, expert in the eyes of Judge Stephens!

      • Great points as usual Al! Question? Does anyone know if JW and Nurmi tred to or asked that DeMartian be disqualified as an expert? Couldn’t this be part of Mistrial requests and/or appeal if needed?

      • An’ Goodmorning to you Al.

        “And there you have, expert in the eyes of Judge Stephens!”

        Agreed, Yikers.

        Dont you think this witness is perfect for JM’s case? She is basing it all on a test, much like the “dna or cancer test” that JM keeps reffering to.

        The idea that she gave a reading test to someone that she had already known could read and write just fine, is telling. She wanted to make sure her “test” was bullet proof. We cant argue the experience of a test. it really takes her lack of experience out of the equation. Jm is going to hammer the “there is a test, the test was given, the test said ABC, there is nothing else to argue. If anyone adds anything above and beyond the test, they are simply being biased and lying”

        Hard to argue that, even though we KNOW its not just about a test. this is a court room, and they use a different line of thinking. Trying to use PC rules and court room laws when talking about emotions and feelings and personallities doesnt work well together.

        A great example, would be to have DR.D say the words, as she already has, that “Jodi loved Travis”, then MAKE HER EXPLAIN LOVE and the “test”, like a DNA test, that she did to know this information. They need to “humanize” this witness and her diagnosis. IMO

        • Sirlips and Al,

          I did some research on JD background in her education. MSU is all about testing and data…. It starts their second year into the program… working with four clients. Which I found very interesting because this folks in the program aren’t even ” wet behind the ears” just coming from a B.S. or B.A. degree into the Clinical Pyschology program. I did it interesting that they only take 5-4 NEW students per term. Looks like they use each one of the psychological tests at least once in the program. They are not allowed to work, strictly school ONLY. They are paid for their schooling at MSU. Couldn’t find the hours needed for the program…. each state is different… I think this is why she didn’t get her licenses right away in AZ… she might of needed more hours under a supervised licensed pyschologist.

          Also if you look on her website, she states that she works mostly with adolescents….. NOT ADULTS……………. therefore lack of experience……… with ADULTS.

          Also interesting that her sister Chelesa DeMarte, is a MFT in CA…. and some type of holistic massage therapist . Couldn’t actually find her office or any information about the practice she works for in CA but then again it was super late last night when I was searching.

          I believe her mom is ” Mexican” and maybe here dad was in the military….. ( not for certain about the dad). The reside in El Paso , TX

          The thing that she has over Dr. Samuels and Alyce is or she should be current on new methods and research in the field of psychology. However, I beleive that someone with more experience to be a better fit for a client then someone that has just come out of school and only uses textbook knowledge. Textbook knowledge isn’t effective when your working with ” human beings” you been to know different methods, how to get answers from your clients by not belittling them , which test to use to back up your findings during interviews….etc……..

          As we get older and fall into our own paths in the field, you tend to stick to what you believe and what works for you and your clients not using the mos current research.

    • I’m a social worker, with 25 years experience, and I’ve supervised other social workers. I’m so appalled at how the two defense witnesses were treated by prosecutor. They were extremely qualified and did an excellent job. What the prosecution call “being biased” or “crossing boundaries” were simply skilled clinicians. I really identified with Laviola as my therapy style — I like to think I’m warm and caring and comfortable in my role and able to show compassion without crossing boundaries. But, when I was first practicing, I was more like DeMarte — I didn’t have much experience so relied more on training. I wasn’t sure I could be compassionate and also keep boundaries, so I was more formal and reserved. I feel that DeMarte is qualified to testify — but she obviously is lacking in clinical experience. So, I guess I want to honor all 3 of them as qualified to testify as professionals — but the defense witnesses were deeply qualified from years on the job, and the prosecution has far less to contribute. I really like when that gets pointed out on cross, and I think the jury can see this.

    • testimony began…. JW said good morning Dr. DeMarte, as she said yesterday too, .. very polite etc… and this so called expert… did not respond… not one word.. how frickin rude.. Did anyone ever hear JM say good morning to one our Jodies experts.. I say NOT…

    • Jennifer should include to Dr Dammarte that her experts Violetta and Dr samuels, got mJodi to do what no thers could do their expetise in their firld got her to open up and confess and confront the trama on june 4th and admit to it.( what she remembered.) NO others were able to do that and they all tried for 2 years police officers, experts. etc

  2. That was … “I have been playing golf for almost 20 years and I still SUCK big fat balls at that bastard of a game.”- incase anyone in the back row missed it.

  3. Good Morning, 2nd today. Wishing everyone good vibes and sending light and love.
    Keep Calm & Let Jennifer Willmott Carry On! 🙂

  4. Has it been investigated or confirmed if TA’s wounds were definitely from the kitchen knife? You would think they would be able to tell.

  5. I haven’t gone through all the post did Jodi have another migraine? I think baby doctor is doing what she was hired to do discredit the defense witness s I don’t think she’s doing it. Too many holes

    • Hi cindy jewell, There was no reason given for the early dismissal of yesterday’s trial. Jodi DID look exhausted but one can only assume…at least I haven’t heard a confirmed explanation. Maybe JSStephens wanted to hit a bucket of balls before Friday’s golf game 😉 …She had stated last week there would be trial this Friday, but canceled it.

  6. Expert witnesses for the defense will testify to benefit the defense attorneys and the so called witness for the State will testify to benefit JM . They are paid to do so but experience is the best teacher. I’ll take Dr. Samuels and Alice’s 30 plus years of experience every time.

    • Well naturally, each side will not put anyone on the stand that would harm their case. The only difference, ALV was very honest with all her answers, even if some of them may not have been the best for Jodi. That means she isn’t just testifying because she is getting paid to do so, she actually believes there was DV.

      • Nk, Yes, I found that ALV’s honesty all around, (like you state “some [] not [] best for Jodi” made her assessment of DV even MORE credible and totally unbiased. She didn’t lie. She was there for her expert opinion. I hardly think that anyone with that many years devoted to working in the field of DV would risk her reputation if she wasn’t positive, from her extensive evaluation that her assessment was on the mark. She chose to give her EXPERT opinion about how abuse works it’s evil and did so in this case. She stated she could have turned down the case if she felt it didn’t meet her standards.IMO she was the perfect expert witness.

    • I really miss Dr. Samuels & Alyce.
      They seriously felt like good friends and
      I learned so much from them!
      Kindred Spirits.
      I wish I could send them a card or flowers.

    • I totally agree With everyone. I get the feeling So does the jury. we will see what the questions are. Jan will pull this out.

    • I worry that the jury will believe her. Gods I hope they ask her questions that show her lack of experience with adult clients .

    • They wouldn’t remove her as an expert witness completely, but they would be able to argue that her testimony regarding DV be stricken. So, basically, her claims that Jodi was not a victim of DV would be removed, and the jury would not be able to consider them, and ALV’s testimony would stand on its own merit.

      Jury would have to believe that she was a victim of DV. I hope this happens, it would be good for Jodi. 🙂

      • Wouldn’t that be wonderful…can’t see pickles letting that happen. Her famous line…you can clear that up on cross.

        • Not something that can be cleared up on cross if she admitted she was not an expert in DV. Grounds for lack of foundation.

          If Martinez tries to change that, she’d be lying on the stand. Either way, the jury already knows she is not as good an expert in DV as ALV .

    • Could it be something to do with her letting JM copy word for word Dr. S test answer sheet. Discussing the questions ?…she had know he was coping it.

      • I think it’s a motion to strike Dr. D’s testimony from the record. I would think that would have to be debated. That would explain why they continued with the questioning despite Dr.D admitting she is not n expert.

        • I agree, part of her testimony will have to be stricken, especially the DV part. What was the prosecution thinking when they chose her to evaluate Jodi. I mean really?

        • She admitted she is not a DV expert, but is a CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY EXPERT, which is good enough for testifying as an “expert” according to the rules. It is up to the jury to believe or not believe her testimony about Domestic Violence or whether Jodi suffers from borderline personality disorder. I actually believe she does…..and that CLEARLY explains why she would stay with someone who is abusing her. There is no testimony that BPD includes VIOLENT behavior, as it does not. IMO, I think her testimony about BPD HELPS the defense.

      • I think this is standard procedure. They also have a mitigation specialist in the courtroom with them whom would only come into play in the penalty phase.

        • It’s possible, too, that Nurmeister is playing the fox, and realizes he’s always had a better legal chance winning a no-sentence in penalty phase than a not-guilty in the first place, since the odds are distinctly in his favor during penalty, especially if the verdict is a close call. You’d expect him to be planning ahead, and not just waiting to see what JM does next…

  7. Anyone catch Juan and judge Pickles grinning at each other at the end of session yesterday afternoon? This was after Pickles shaking her head in disapproval toward the defense. looks like the judge and juan are old friends.

  8. If they are They would not commit Professional Suicide. we do not know what goes on in
    any of their private lives.

  9. Good morning Everyone! i hope everyone’s week is going great, it’s almost Friday! Too bad we won’t have trial again until Tuesday, I want this wrapped up for Jodi 🙁

  10. I think that dr Demarte served her very general purpose which as she stated during direct to diagnose whether Jodi had a psych disorder. She stated that to JM. She is giving her opinion on other areas because she’s a psychologist but her primary purpose was to diagnose Jodi with a psychological disorder. She spent 12 hours interviewing of interviews and another few testing Jodi for IQ, her reading ability (which in my opinion did express a certain bias or stereotype of Jodi. Don’t know if she thought because Jodi’s in jail she can’t read? Or had she read her case file that she didn’t finish school or that she’s a minority? Because she had already admittedly yesterday to Jenn Dubbs said she read Jodi’s diaries, texts and emails-not all but some- so she couldn’t assess the girl can read and write?) and personality disorders and tests. But as we are all seeing she doesn’t specialize in anything and after listening closely to her reasoning for her diagnosis it doesn’t sound like a thorough diagnosis. Many on here have seen and commented on Jodi’s level of maturity, and this doesn’t intertwine with intelligence. Intelligence is one thing and maturity is another. Jodi writes well and is an artistic person. This doesn’t contribute to her level of maturity… Just my opinion. Now, Demarte said she looked for patterns, and I wonder how she didn’t see how Ms Arias was in a dissociative state during her interrogation, and apparently after she was in jail because her parents described her as happy as hell according to Demarte. It seems to me that Jodi was in a dissociative state AFTER the traumatic event. I’m not a psychologist but her odd behavior does speak volumes. She was in a complete dissociative state after the killing. And some of her assessment on battered women syndrome was inaccurate, she commented women distort their body image or don’t feel good about it when I personally know a battered woman and she didn’t have a body image issue. She had other self esteem issues. Also, the pedophile thing was so wrong. Pedophiles hide amongst everyone and usually family members are the last TO KNOW or suspect. Overall her testimony is very broad and not specialized in a field. I honestly feel she shouldn’t opine on dr Samuel or Laviolettes testimony because her field is broad it’s like a science book speaking generally about science and it can have some information about biology and geology but it can’t go in depth about it because ITS a SCIENCE BOOK. It’s general knowledge. Martinez tried but again he paints a very broad picture without any definition.

    • And Jodi was that way for a long time afterwards. Note her appearance on “48 Hours.” She was almost like a pod out of the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” Something was definitely wrong with her. She continued to exhibit that dissociative state which struck me right off the bat when I first saw that show four years ago.

      She NEVER should have been interviewed by CBS; they had to know something wasn’t right.

      • Ann and Tonysam you are correct . She was very dissociated in the 48 hours interview. She was in a fantasy. It’s very strange that Dr. Demarte didn’t see that as a break in patterns from her history or ask about past traumatic events and how she handled them? After listening closely to Demarte I don’t even believe Jodi has borderline personality disorder because some of the examples she gave for her diagnosis don’t really sound consistent to Jodi’s behavior.i also didn’t appreciate her comment about Jodi having a bunch of boyfriends or something to that effect…. Jodi is probably below average on relationships. She had four at the age of 28. Doesn’t seem like a high number to me. And also many women do conform to their partners lifestyles. I don’t see that as odd behavior look at JLo for example. I’m not saying she’s the prime example for women to follow as a model. My point is that behavior isn’t odd. Dissociating yourself from what’s happening is odd. But what do I know? I’m just a spectator…

        • The sad thing is, they call her hodi on the hater site,and the pros. witness says that she seems to have had a lot of relationships. Not true from what I see. My daughter must be crazy with all the boyfriends she’s had. Not my fault my daughter looks like me and can play the field. Doesn’t make her crazy. She finally found the right guy and I’m a grandfather now.

        • I think JW did a good job smashing JD’s “opinion” on Jodi’s “going from one boyfriend to another”. Any female juror would certainly see the dubiousness of her “opinion” on that.

    • FLNANG, Agree, the dissociative state after the trauma would explain Jodi’s childish behavior. I’m not an expert either, but I’ve seen the videos and thought to myself that she seemed confused and genuinely sincere when she said she wasn’t at TA’s house, etc. in an innocent childish sort of way, not like an adult who was blatantly lying. Also, the hand stand against the wall, the way she was sitting with her legs crossed on the chair…dissociation. IMO (for what it’s worth)

      • Thanks… It’s just so annoying to listen to so much ignorance. Especially from someone claiming to be an expert in a field.

    • Yes and as to her IQ … I would have asked if the fact that Jodi didnt finish high school had anything to do with administrating the test. Follow up could have been- upon learning the results were you surprised that someone with Jodi’s level of intelligence didnt finish high school and if that was any indication that Jodi might have had issues going on at home?

      • Yes people who drop out of High School like Jodi almost always have issues at home usually a very dysfunctional Family. They list this as a red flag

    • Emotional Intelligence does exist and a person can have very good verbal skills but lack intelligence in other areas. For instance, people with certain disorders will have shrinkage to the frontal lobes of the brain which can cause impulsive behavior, not thinking before you react, this is part of a thinking process, I do not like Dr.D but have to agree that I believe that Jodi is immature, going on twitter behavior, becoming a Mormon overnight the Law of Attraction all seem to me very adolescent, but that does not mean that Travis didn’t abuse her. I think that Jodi being emotionally immature is pretty obvious to most people, Emotionally arrested development does exist and is part of intelligence,it can be due to Child Abuse many factors and when you see her Parents they were abusive,

      • I agree with emotional immaturity being caused by abuse.I’ve read many times about that being the main cause for it. It usually happens early in life when a main caregiver causes an emotional trauma. That causes the victim tonot trust. They close off parts of themselves emotionally in order to not be hurt like that again. So because they aren’t completely open in relatiinships they aren’t able to grow and mature emotionally. They often stay stuck at the level when the trauma occured.

        • WomenRpeople2
          You are absolutely spot on that is mainly due to Child Abuse many people are emotionally arrested. It does not mean that she premeditated a murder because that is usually not a trait with emotionally arrested development. Impulsive behavior is more in line with that. Also Men like Travis gravitate to these types easy to dominate emotionally.

  11. Well I made some guy mad. He walked out and looked at the other woman who agreed with him and said a least we have something in common and turned and gave me the evil eye.

      • I sure did. I still am. The lady left believes she premeditated it. Really?? She.said she is crazy because of the her standing on her head and going through trash can.

          • What does standing on your head have anything to do with premeditation? She had never been arrested before and she was scared to death, she was going through some things at that particular moment in the interrogation room, honestly it shouldn’t have even been released, in my opinion. I love how they do that, say one thing and say it explains another. Alyce- she’s a lesbian so she must not know what she’s talking about. Dr. Samuels- he can’t remember every single sentence he ever said in his life, so he must be a quack. Jodi- she freaked out in the interrogation room, so she must have premeditated this murder. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

            • That has nothing to do with premeditation but is very strange & immature, You are charged with a Serious crime and the Social cues are lacking, But it does not prove premeditation, it proves that this person acts without thinking impulsive and immature.

              • Have you ever been in a room like that for an extended period of time? Boredom may have been why she was looking through the trash (for a second or two, I might add) and expending energy, standing on her hands. Had they given her a pencil and paper, she probably would have been drawing. I went to the police station to report a crime and the police tracked down the suspect while I was there. I waited in a locked room for SEVERAL hours…I resorted to cleaning my pocketbook! OMG I was probably on camera! I was BORED out of my skull! Also, maybe she was in a dissociative state, which could account for the reason she was answering the detective with, what seemed to me, genuine denial of being at TA’s home that day.

                • Although we all do not know how we would respond, Going to the Police station to report a crime is quite different then being charged with a killing of the magnitude that Jodi was charged with. I personally do find it odd & immature but it does not prove premeditation it proves this person is immature and perhaps not responding appropriately.

            • I am awaiting JW to ask this witness if she has a problem with her memory if she couldn’t recall using words such as “trigger” prior day. 🙂 I wish JW would make this witness rely on her own memory instead of dishing up paper work to her. JM did this with the defense witnesses. Seems like fair play to me. JW is letting this witness control and she needs to step it up.

            • Just saying someone is “crazy” because they stood on their head in a VERY stressful situation, when the detective walked out of the room, to RELIEVE STRESS, is so ridiculous as to not even be worthy of considering. Standing on your head is a well known way of relaxing and reducing stress.

          • Well it was in the waiting room and the older gentleman thought the babydoc was very credible. I asked him, “did you know she lied about supervising Alyce”? I told him she did not have enough experience. She had no domestic violence experience.

            • annieEP,

              JDM never actually said that she supervised ALV. That was one of Martinez’s dirty tricks to confuse the jury.

              JDM has a PhD. Because she has a PhD, she gets to supervise clinicians who only have MS degrees, or who are PhD students. She testified to that.

              Martinez asked JDM if she knew of ALV. JDM said she did. Martniez asked if ALV would be someone that she’d be able to supervise, and she said yes.

              Martinez being a jerk about degree titles.

              • Obviously, it has confused a lot of people besides the jury… I am hearing/reading this from Jodi supporters as well.

      • !!! SET, That would have been a good question? It might have instilled something in the haters to actually investigate the facts themselves before they believe the crap on HLN.

    • HLN watchers, obviously.

      I bet if you asked them to provide Jodi’s motive for premeditated murder, they’d have answered, “OMG CANCUN!”

    • Holy shit! They have the power to do that? Awesome, i want to be, dirk…no…um…Bake…no…Chase!,…. Oh, i got it… I want my name to be Ransom. I think that would be perfect. yep, hi everyone, im Ransom, online i am Sirlips.

      Hell yah. do they do last names too?

          • actually right now it looks like I live on an island and I need to use waders to go outside, with all the flooding, but it’s normal this time of year. And today we are on tornado watch all till 6pm, and the only thing I can think of is I hope it won’t disrupt watching the trial.

  12. Good morning/afternoon/hello…LOL

    Here we go…Lifetime remains true to its sleazy form…the “Jodi Arias” movie is in being made and is titled “Dirty Little Secret”…I am nauseated.

    • The title Dirty little secret tells me it might be based on Jodi’s side of the story since that was the defense claim she was to TA.

    • Actress Tania Raymonde is in final negotiations to play Jodi Arias in “Dirty Little Secrets: The Jodi Arias Story,” HLN confirmed Wednesday through a Lifetime representative.

      Raymonde is best known for her role as Alex Rousseau in ABC’s “Lost” from 2006 to 2010.

      HLN also confirmed that actor Jesse Lee Soffer has been cast as Travis Alexander in the upcoming movie. Soffer most recently starred as Nate Devlin in the TV series “The Mob Doctor.”

      “Dirty Little Secrets” will tell the story of Arias, 32, who is currently on trial in Phoenix, Arizona, for the 2008 slaying of her ex-boyfriend, Alexander.

      The movie will portray Arias as a “single-minded, head-strong, quick-tempered and jealous-to-the-extreme woman who is hell-bent on emotionally suffocating and controlling Alexander,” reported.

      Filming reportedly starts right away in Los Angeles, and the ending will be written after the trial is over.

      Executive producers Joshua D. Maurer, Alixandre Witlin and Judith Verno have worked on previous projects based on sensational courtroom dramas, including “Drew Peterson: Untouchable” and “The Craigslist Killer.”

      • How gross!

        The Casey movie was much more balanced than I thought it would be, because it was from Laughing Guy’s perspective. It portrayed Laughing Guy (probably unintentionally) as an arrogant moron and made Linda Drane Burdick seem like she doubted a lot of his theories. The girl who played Casey was a good match looks-wise. Rob Lowe as Ashton, not so much!

      • That’s a shame, I really liked her as an actress.

        I know it’s just a job to her, but still. Some reflection of personal principle would be nice to see from Hollywood once in a while.

        Oh, right. I’m asking for a miracle.

    • Actually, if it refers to Travis’ “dirty little secret”, maybe the movie will have some merit. (pedophilia, sex addict….while being Mormon, lol.).

  13. Is DeMarte the only one the pygmy could coerce to testify for the prosecution? This woman is making a fool of herself. In essence she is saying “I don’t know much about anything.” It’s going to take a long time for her career to recover from her shameless display of ignorance.

      • Obviously she is trying to “build a career” by pimping herself out as an “expert” on ANYTHING to do with people’s “psyches”….as she is a “clinical psychology” “expert”. Obviously, Martinez couldn’t find more experienced psychologists to testify.

  14. I’m really disappointed that the defense did not hire a crime scene witness or medical examiner. I feel like they should have harped on the fact that Flores said multiple times how he felt there was no way Jodi could have done this alone based on the crime scene implying she is covering for someone. I know it doesn’t help her self defense claim but throwing as much out there as they could could have helped provide extra doubt and aid in the testimony as to why she doesn’t remember stabbing him. Could have also explained the phone calls to him. For example maybe she called later to see if he was alive and feeling bad for the way they fought after coming to with a gun and blood on her. Maybe she thought she hadn’t killed him and just thought she got away. Were their belonging tested for traces of TA’s blood or taken for purposes of searching Travis for their DNA on him? I think that we all know the answer is no! If she planned it why not fake a break in or something to imply this was done by someone else. Isn’t that what people trying to cover up a murder might do? If the state could imply premedication with gas can why would Jodi have stopped there. Makes no sense. I know this scenario seems far fetched but my point is its more reasonable doubt.

    Ultimately they should have called the roommates to the stand to question them on their statements. Its customary that the last people to see the victim are considered suspects until alibis are confirmed. This would have planted a seed for the jury. They should have questioned Flores on why he felt Jodi couldn’t have acted alone initially. A crime scene anaylsts could have supported this. Even if to just fill in the blanks of memory loss due to PTSD. It wouldn’t have to even have come off ass them straying from their defense since they would just be questioning him on his own statements. It’s ok to leave things hanging out there for the jury to chew on. Maybe a roommate came home heard them fighting and TA came at them and Jodi witnessed the killing but doesn’t remember due to shock. Yes it was important to focus on BWS and PTSD but I feel like they hung their whole case on two witnesses, journals etc when non of the physical evidence was attacked at all nor the premeditation directly attacked. There is evidence that points to a fight turning deadly but to me they reiterated to many times that she killed him by focusing only on her abuse claims and now have to hope the jurors feel she protected herself. claiming memory loss after the gun shot would have left potential suspect open to question. No evidence that points to premeditation/ motive and they barely covered that fact. They should have discussed that the roommates schedules were unknown and if she wanted to go unnoticed she wouldn’t have spent so many hours with him and risk roommates seeing her and knowing she was in town. Showing all the evidence does not tell a clear story would have been wise.

    I know they are doing a great job canceling out DR. D but the fact remains they didn’t seem to believe Samuels or AVL so the jury may just think Travis was an ass to Jodi but nor more than any other guy who doesn’t treat women right.

    Sorry for the ramble….

    • They still have the chance to call people, as a rebuttle witness, and frankly, the way this is all meshed together, anyone could still be called to rebute any other testimony at this point.

        • They don’t.. The State has the burden of proof so they get the last word. Rebuttal and closing. In closing it’ll be the State , the Defense, and The State with the final words.. At least it’s that way around the rest of the country. Who the hell knows what Arizona’s story is?

          • I thought that if the state brings in a rebuttle witness, that the defense can also bring in a witness to rebute them. So if, say the pros last witness said something totally new, like, “the gun shot was from a .45 caliber gun, that the defense would then be able to bring in their own expert to try and rebute that it was a .25 caliber gun.

            But, then i suppose the 2 would go back and forth forever.

            Why dont they just flip a fucking coin, at this point, no one on either side is going to concede when the other side wins the trial. Its all going to be “conspiracy this and that, either way”.

            Do you really think, after everything you have seen, that it really matters to the prosecutor if it was self defense or not? If it was pre-med or not? if it was felony murder or not? The writing is already on that wall.

            • Arizona’s sort of different. The defense is not allowed a rebuttal case (which would be called a surrebuttal) unless the prosecution introduces new evidence in the rebuttal. Even then it is at the discretion of the judge, and we know how that flows.

              Here’s what the AZ supreme court has to say about the matter:

              “Surrebuttal testimony may be offered to introduce
              evidence in response to new rebuttal testimony or to impeach
              rebuttal testimony and must be more than cumulative. See id. at
              319-20, 585 P.2d at 1231-32. “Only in rare cases will it be
              error for the trial court to refuse to admit the testimony.”

              Since the defense put up no testimony from an ME or crime scene expert in tgheir case in chief, the prosecution can’t rebut it and hence the defense can’t have a shot at presenting anything as a surrebuttal.

              And BTW I totally agree with Brenda, and have been harping on this for a while. I believe that the forensics at the site have a story to tell, and the defense would have been well served to do that.

              • I hear you, Al, and it is truly just a strategic decision. The rules in AZ are so irregular a lot of conventional wisdom does not apply, and I suspect that the ultimate decision of allocation of limited resources for experts is related to the self defense burden of proof switching. I believe that the defense is relying/hoping on the jury following instructions. If they do, even with the state of the forensics case, the BEST the pros can hope for is M2 in my view, and to them that would still be a win. They tried to plea to that years ago.

            • The term for what you’re talking about is “surrebuttal”. It’s not a typical phase of any case in any state (as far as I know). Here’s how it works: the rebuttal is supposed to be simply and exclusively a phase to rebut anything the defense brought up during its phase of the case. However, sometimes, rebuttal witnesses introduce new evidence (either by way of testimony or exhibits). When that happens, the defense in many states is allowed to surrebut that evidence. Surrebuttal is extremely limited in scope and very brief.

              In AZ, there is a huge amount of discretion given to the judge as whether or not to allow a surrebuttal, and it seems, it’s very rarely allowed (as opposed to other states, where it’s rare, but not as rare). If allowed, they would even more rarely be able to call a witness not on their original witness list — and that goes for any state. But they could recall a previous witness.

              I think (and I could be wrong) there’s a very very slim possibility in this case that the defense *could* argue for surrebuttal because (a) Dr. DeSmarmy diagnosed Jodi with a disorder which she had not been diagnosed with previously, and she, at least, suggested that individuals with BPD are aggressive and could therefore be predisposed to committing premeditated murder; and (b) as part of her testimony, introduced new evidence where Jodi was discussing her anger and kicking people.

              (I’m not sure if that entire email was admitted, or just an excerpt. Anyone know? I ask because that may give more food to allowing it. While the remainder of the email could be discussed during cross, if it’s not admitted in evidence in its totality — which is the case with so many of the emails discussed by ALV — there may be a way to get it in.)

              If the defense asks for surrebuttal on this limited basis, I suspect the prosecution will come back and argue that Dr. DeSnarky’s diagnosis of BPD was simply a rebuttal to Dr. Samuel’s diagnosis of PTSD.

              If the judge allows it though, they could present evidence (most likely recalling Dr. Samuels) that people with BPD are generally not violent to others, but to themselves. That could be asked during cross of Dr. DeSmarmy, but she may not answer.

              Either way, surrebuttal is a long shot. But let’s see if JM sneaks in some other new evidence that would give even more grounds.

            • Sirlips,

              First of all, I LOVE your posts. Your writing reads similar to mine in that we both write the exact same way we talk, grabbing our readers by the short hairs and running, never looking back. There aren’t too many people who write so the story they spell out for readers draws them in so deeply that they are there with the writer, no longer here, in reality. I, personally, devour any piece of writing that offers me a mini vacay from the stresses of real life and that is why I write that way. Thank you, Calgon Sir Lips, for taking me away!!!

              With that said, I’m afraid I don’t agree with your suggestion that the defense and prosecution may as well flip a quarter for the verdict. Tsk Tsk…showing such disregard for the deliberation methods of the AZ court systems. Why, everyone knows each jury has a Magic 8 Ball and they are instructed to ask, rub, shake hard 3 good shakes, and then turn over for the answer to be revealed. Then, once all of the answers have been revealed, each jury writes theirs on a small piece of paper and places it into a hat, from which, one piece of paper will be drawn by the foreman of the jury and the answer drawn will be the verdict read. This is much more complicated than simply flipping a quarter! Really, Sir Lips! A woman’s life hangs in the balance and $.25 is the best you got? For shame…….FOR SHAME!

              By the way, just to let you know, I still have my trusty Magic 8 Ball from middle school and I have asked it if Jodi will be found guilty of M1 and DP to, which, the response is always ‘cannot predict now’, ‘concentrate and ask again’, or ‘Not likely’. So, you see, for the most part, the 8 Ball says she won’t be found guilty. Trust in this, my friend, as it has never steered me wrong…….

              Well, except, this one time in 7th grade when I tried to kiss Chad Palsons behind the bleachers after the 8 ball assured me that he was in love with me. Turns out, he most certainly was NOT in love with me. Pretty devastating stuff. But, I believe the 8 ball was still warming up to me, as whether or not I should kiss Chad was the first question I asked it right out of the box. Besides, it made up for that moment when I asked if Chad was gay and received a ‘Definitely’. 4 years later I would learn that the 8 ball was correct.

              My point is, the 8 Ball will set Jodi free. The quarter will buy her a bag of chips from the commissary. Silly SirLips!

              • After reading my post, then redeading your post, then re-reading my post again, simply because im arogant and thats how i roll, i have concluded that you are 100% correct.

                I feel ashamed to think that a system such as AZ’s judicial program would be justly asserted by simply using a 25 cent piece.

                But a 8 ball…for shits sake, thats hi stakes juju right there! I appreciate your kind words and thank you for the correction and idea of the 8 ball.

                • Hey, I’m not going to lie, I read your post, read my post, reread your first post, reread mine, and then went over the parts of my post I thought reflected my awesomeness the most because that’s how I roll. I then I read the “you are 100% correct.” statement you made once more and audibly declared, “You’re damn right I am! Booya!”

                  At which point, my husband paused his video game, turned to look at me incredulously, and said “My lord, woman, you are about as random as they come aren’t you?! Loud too. I don’t know what the hell your celebrating being right about and, frankly, don’t want to know but I DO know that YOU can tell your son all about it if you wake him up because you’re on your own. I mean it, he wakes up again and I’m just gonna act like I don’t know either one of you. I’m just saying.”

                  He’s so cute when he exerts his dominance like this that, instead of punishing him for rifling through my nightstand where I keep his balls, I simply told him to put them back where he found them and let it go with that. *sigh*

                  Now, in response to your hi stakes juju comment; this is hi stakes poo-poo coming from the prosecution so it’s only fitting that the same caliber of juju is used during deliberation. I mean, it’s not rocket science so I don’t see too many people disputing this as fact.

                  Your welcome, by the way. I am grateful to you for your sense of humor to receive and reply to me the way you have.

          • Most trials I have seen the defense is allowed sir rebuttal and prosecutor can do sir sir rebutall. Don’t know how it works in Arizona.

    • I was referring to roommate’s DNA and belonging being tested btw… Sorry

      I also wish they questioned one of the experts ( theirs or states) if they new TA was estranged from many in his family and if so what is their understanding of the situation. This witness would have been perfect to have asked while she was disputing that perps often show signs to their family etc. for the jury to learn these siblings they’ve seen snarling and sobbing didnt even speak to their brother for a while prior to his death might have them thinking maybe there is more to Jodi’s claims.

      • Yes Brenda I wondered why the def didnt bring up he was estranged from his brother yet Demarte testified she interviewed him to get info about Travis and Jodi. Doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it was Jodi that insisted on this strategy?

      • If there was indeed estrangement, as I have read, how would they know TA and his life as it was in 2008. I don’t think it is unusal for estrangement due to trauma in childhood. Perhaps Gma eased some of that when she took them in. This is sad for all involved and it appears to become more of a game of who loses and who wins. There are no winners. Lives have been lost and/or forever changed and it is sad indeed to me.

    • Brenda thank you for bringing up the fact that that he didn’t believe Jodi did this by herself. I heard that some place also thought I was losing my mind. I wonder why he change that story.

      Mi. Also has a lotta rain Flooding t storm warnings and a tornado watch. should be an interesting day.
      Nobody answered my question What score cancelled because of Jodi’s Migraines? She looks so pale yesterday.

      • Jean Casares on HLN (yes, I know!) reported that a source close to Jodi (I’m gonna guess Donovan since she seems to have at least an acquaintance type relationship with Jean) told her indeed Jodi had a migraine. Jean added that Jodi did in fact look ill, piqued.

    • It must have been clear very early on those roommates and almost all of Travis’s friends either didn’t know anything or were simply not reliable witnesses.

      • Even so it would would have been nice to point that out since their words lead them to Jodi and requesting a sample of her DNA.

        • They weren’t really necessary because the prosecution had Mimi Hall and she made the call to 911 and was able to testify about some of what she heard (even though it was technically hearsay, IMO).

        • Brenda I am with on alot of what you are saying On day 5 testimony it is brought up by JM if the roommates were investigated as to whereabouts and alibis N crosses but discuss the accuracy of his police report and the autopsy report/Dr H and if he was shot first. I do agree that there were alot of inconsistent statements made on that report concerning roommates and friends and what was left behind by TA including his dog left to just roam with no one to care for him plus more

    • Brenda, I’ve had the same thoughts and wish the DT did add into the mix how, even though Jodi does admit to knowing the gun went off, after that it’s anybody’s guess what occurred.

      Someone recently commented about research on training in combat, type of weapon used and what is required to accomplish throat slashing. It seemed its not a straightforward, easy feat to accomplish if one is a novice.

      Just the fact the roommates and their girlfriends didn’t notice the smell that Mimi noticed as soon as she entered the house.

      I was unaware Flores ever questioned if Jodi did this alone.

      There’s so much more to this story.

      • There’s been talk about the Mormon faith and that they have this ritual that requires them to kill someone to avenge for their sins. I don’t take much stock in this…..but hey, maybe SOMETHING to it. It seems impossible to me and many, including HLN commentators and experts that say she could not have done this alone. She had someone visiting her who claimed this scenario and said Jodi was protecting them because they threatened to kill her family. Somehow….that “friend” has disappeared from the airwaves after he claimed this on HLN. What was his name? anyone remember?

  15. Well, i just found out why we dont have court friday.

    Dr.D is the key note presenter at a confrence friday, so she cant be in court. Turns out she is doing a poster board display at the 4-H table at her county fair. I hear its going to be spectacular. Her mom helped her print out pictures and everything.

    I think we should all wish her good luck…YOU GET THAT BLUE RIBBON! you deserve it young lady.

    • Well the definition of reasonable doubt means different things to different people unfortunately. Some, because they don’t feel they would have conducted themselves like Jodi did, feel no reasonable person would have either so to them it must mean Jodi is guilty as charged.

        • Suzy, I’ve been lovin” the *Meowington* but for the life of me could not figure out what it had to do with that picture of a dolphin in your avatar! I had to google Deadmau5 images, thank you, i feel so ancient and out of touch some times, lol 😀

            • Thanks Meowington! I can SEE it is a mouse NOW after looking at the images on google, LOLOL.
              But, prior to that, I am afraid my low level of cultural literacy provided me with no standard of reference to be able to recognize it was a mouse, esp since the avatar is clipped in such a way that the mickey-mouse shaped ears are “cut off” It is not so much that it really looked like a dolphin, just that it looked MORE like a dolphin than anything ELSE I could conjure up, and I was perplexed trying to figure out what I was missing…. weren’t you Judge Suzy for a while before that? Or am I getting peeps confused with one another?

      • Awwww… I love little rodents! But they sure like to keep you awake at night when they run in their little exercise wheels. ♥ =D

  16. “After the half-day trial yesterday – we’ve now reached a mini-landmark with Day 50 of Jodi’s grossly overcharged self defense trial & judicial farce.” -SJ

    That is a perfect description SJ!

  17. What is the word/words used for when a defendant being tested or questioned by the prosecution’s Dr. and the defendant develops feelings these test and testor are against him or her. JM made sure to point out “secondary gain”. Myself, I’d be more comfortable with those trying to help me than those working against me.

    • I also thought about this, and, How do they know they are going to be a pros witness BEFORE they even test her and investigate the case?

  18. I watched “Wild Things” last night again
    and the part where Denise Richards throws
    a glass of water at Neve Cambell while she’s
    on the stand testifying totally made me think
    How funny it would be in my own alternate universe
    if JW someone struck a nerve with baby doc
    and she threw her pitcher of water at JW but
    hitting JM by accident…

    Okay I really need to wake up
    & stop daydreaming

  19. Just saw Jodi’s latest tweet where she is quoting Brigham Young. Had to say to myself….WTF? Looks like she is stil following the Mormon Cult. Has nobody told her about the Mormon conspiracy going on and their desire to have her killed? Can she not see what the Mormon “friends” like the Hughes are doing to her?

    • Actually, her still following Mormonism proves she did not just convert to get closer to Travis. That tweet is a good thing.

      • Could also show her to be a “real” follower of the tenents of Mormonism and Brigham Young and Joseph Smith, including “blood atonement” ritual to cleanse TA of his sexual sins so he could see the Glory of heaven….There has been much discussion of this topic on this site, and many people still thiink it was the Mormon’s who killed TA, not Jodi. I still don’t see how this helps her at all.

        I surely hope I’m wrong, because I absolutely believe she killed him in self defense. The neck wound is a sticking point for MANY people watching this trial. I saw on another web site that HLN after dark used the slicing in their fake jury to show that Jodi tortured him, which would come into play in a penalty phase. I don’t think my opinion is a stretch here, as the Mob is out to kill her and will use this against her.

        The defense better put on some evidence of the mind control TA had and apparently still has over her. She needs to be deprogrammed.

        • If she believes in the religion, that is her right. I know blood atonement has been floating around, but that haters don’t seem to believe that.

          They believe Jodi converted to Mormonism to get closer to Travis. Martinez even indicated that in the trial. Nancy Grace or whoever had the man who taught Jodi about Mormonism promoted that idea, until the man said that Jodi seemed serious about it and asked a lot of questions, then she cut him off.

          As far as the neck wound and torture, medical experts already stated that Travis was most likely already unconscious at this point, and so he did not feel a thing when it came to the neck wound.

          • Yes Jodi does have the right to follow any religion or cult of her choosing, just not convinced it serves her well.

            My understanding of the medical testimony is that the States’ theory is that TA was stabbed first and shot later. Could you point out where in the testimony the ME said he didn’t feel a thing, because I don’t recall hearing that.

          • The Problem, a Mormon who is an expert or Counselor had ,was that Jodi would be made aware of the laws involving Mormonism and if it was found out that she was engaging in the physical relationship that her and Travis had they would be excommunicated. Travis had a position of authority in the Mormon Church.

        • Her Tweets aren’t submitted into evidence, and her quoting Brigham Young isn’t going to automatically put “blood atonement” into the minds of any jurors who are happening to read her Tweets.

          The State actually changed their theory at one point – Flores initially said that Jodi shot Travis first, then stabbed him. They switched it around because their version suits premed better – she shot him at the end as a final “fuck you” (which would be M1). The ME said that he supposes the shot came last based on the state of Travis’ brain but he can’t know FOR SURE because of the decomposition.

          • Kira-
            so far the tweets haven’t been put into evidence, but it was discussed during the hearing about Prosecutorial misconduct. If I remember correctly, the Judge gave JM some additional time to look into the tweets, as he had not “seen” them himself, but had been told about them. We know from past issues, they tend to take some time before they are brought back to the Court via another hearing.

            I realize the Pros changed the theory about the gunshot and it’s order in the killing, but I just don’t remember the ME stating Travis “didn’t feel a thing”. Isn’t TA’s supposed suffering part of how the DA’s office was able to make this a Death Penalty case?

        • In the Mormonism Blood Atonement was practiced there is in a sermon by Young and people who’s Families were Victims of this. It did not seem that Jodie or Travis followed many of the Mormon Teachings, But for arguments sake the slitting of the throat ear to ear was what they did. If someone objects to pedophilia they would have to certainly object to Young and Smith. So I find it odd the pick and choosing of what you believe. Of course they used slitting of the throat as a means of saving someones soul. Lets say some people are too literal which is common, with all fundamentalist, then the literal reading would induce some very odd behavior, that seems hypocritical to say the least.

        • TR
          The Neck wound is a problem if you saw it it is grotesque That is why I believe this was done in a ritualistic fashion. I do not think Mormonism serves her well just because so many people have been harmed and it has all the aspects of a Cult. I do personally think many of Jodie’s beliefs and behavior are childish, but does not prove premeditation.

  20. I think JW should have been tougher on this low lying cat. When she talked about the journal article she read last week, she should have asked her what was it about? Give me some details about what you read, and then when she said she didn’t remember, she could have said “Do you have a problem with your memory”!?!?!?!?!?!?!? She could have asked her that so many times, and I think the jury would have loved it, and it would prove a point that everyone has trouble remembering things.

  21. I do have to thank Dr. D for her testimony yesterday……..I now have a new one liner to use. Now when the boyfriend asks what I did last night I will respond “I didn’t commit that to memory”

  22. Good Morning, Everyone!
    In the process of finishing a move back to my home town. Real mess. Only had time to peek in here and there this week and not let myself get drawn in to spend all day watching testimony and/or reading comments. I have *missed* interacting with all of you very much.

  23. to attorney.. please remind people that this witness is the person who is hired to not give disablitiy or social security benefits… if she works for the state that is what she does and also she is so cold and without feelings about the children she said she treated … my good.

    • I posted yesterday that Baby Doc comes off as a privileged, pampered brat who has no idea what troubled kids go through. She can relate to them on a clinical level but not a personal one, therefore she feels no compassion or empathy.

  24. It was downright glorious watching JW peel DR D’s bullshit onion layer by layer
    yesterday especially after seeing DR D & JM smugly smirking like a pack of hyenas
    expecting to sup on wounded gazelle and having crow slapped down onto their dinner plates
    by brilliant Jennifer instead. Glorious.
    Just glorious.

    Can’t wait for more F-works today by the defense!!!!

  25. Good morning everybody(well,good evening for me actually)!!!
    Let’s all enjoy Jennifer kicking once again Baby Doc’s a$$ !!!

    And I think it’s time for a ……. ((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG)))))))))))))))))))))) to start the day!

  26. Hi Guys,

    I read yesterday that Juror #5 said if the judge knew what she knew they would have a mistrial? If this is true, then can’t defense subpoena her and question her under oath?

  27. I just read a blogger who talked about how JD destroyed Jennifer Wilmott yesterday. And how Jodi faked having a headache again.
    It’s all about what side you’re on i guess.

    • annieEP, she never said that. Martinez twisted things and played dirty to try to confuse the jury.

      This is essentially what happened.

      Martinez was asking about her responsibilities as a PhD holder. As a PhD holder, she gets to supervise MS level clinicians, students and she gets to supervise PhD students.

      Then, Martinez asked her if she knew of ALV. JDM said yes, she knows who ALV is. Then Martinez asked, IS ALV someone YOU WOULD supervise (not someone you supervised). JDM said yes.

      Martinez was being a jerk about degree titles and trying to get a snide remark in about ALV only having a MS, and how oh, look, JDM would be ALV’s supervisor if they worked together.

      It was despicable.

      JW did an excellent job clarifying things and making sure the jury knew what was what

  28. Al and others have brought up the lack of a scene specialist for the defense, and how we should have had one to explain the scene..

    My big line of thought on this was the blood splatter from “coughing/spitting/projecting” blood at the sink. The pictures clearly show that blood was “projected” into and around the sink. I also think that IF there was evidence of the pros story, the pros(who have the burden of proof) would have brought the expert in, they did not. I don’t really like that the defense didn’t, but they can now paint a picture of the events, and not have to worry about details from the witness getting lost from JM crossing him. Perhaps the defense knows that the expert is pro Pros OR the expert is not very good in court…that JM would eat him up.

    Wouldn’t that help answer several key points though?
    1)That he may have stopped to look in the mirror, to see “what the fuck just happened”, after she shot him and she ran up the hall. He looks in the mirror, see’s he has been shot, spitting out blood, as his mouth was surely full of blood from the bullet bouncing around. She gets to the end of the hall, near the closet door, he gives MORE chases, she grabs the knife off the bedroom table and tries to defend herself again. She no longer has the gun, as it was knocked away as she shot him. Now, she is terrified! Petrified! She has ran from him after dropping the camera, he chased, she has tried to go through several rooms, he gave chase, she has pointed a gun, and may have even shot him now, he is bleeding! He still kept chasing, reaching, grabbing at her, she runs again. Now he sees in the mirror that she shot him! He is swearing he will “kill you bitch!” He gives MORE chase…holy shit, this guy won’t stop! She grabs the knife, he tackles her, she is under him but has the knife, she stabs and slashes at his back, he finally pulls away, she stabs him in the chest area…he is slowing down, she is frantic, she has already shot and stabbed him…he just kept coming…she has already snapped…she is rolls him over and slits his throat to be sure he is not going to keep coming. ITS OVER. (They are at the end of the hall, near the closet… where the LARGE blood stain is.) Now she enters “hide it” mode. drags him to the shower… thinks she can clean up…she can’t…thinks she can wash the blood away in the laundry, she can’t…thinks she can delete the photos, she can’t… she is all over the place…”I need to get the fuck outta here”… I was never here…act normal…lie…deny..make up a story…make up another… don’t act like you did it….

    The blood is important, it won’t prove that my story is correct, but it would prove it was possible. In court they call that reasonable doubt. Again, I think the defense plans to use the blood as evidence, from the jury seeing pictures, while JW explains what happened. They don’t want an expert to make this “wishy washy”, they want the jury to decide from what they see.

    2) That the pros story of an ambush type pre-med murder, doesn’t match the blood splatter evidence. What, Jodi got tired? Had him take a quick break at the sink, to spit out blood, before she got back to business? Then she let him run down the hall, just to finish him off with the gun, that should could have used anytime, but chose the knife first, THEN picked up the casing, from shooting him in the hall, and threw it ON TOP of the blood already on the floor? Um…No.

    • Sir-
      I am beginning to think more and more that the jury will look more at the Physical evidence to decide if this was premeditated or self defense. I love this defense team and I think they have established that TA was an abusive SOB. I fear they stopped short by not bringing in an expert to discuss the scene as evidence of a not “well thought out murder”. People in general love the CSI effect and Juries rely on it more and more. I hope the defense will have a surrebuttal and deal with this issue. If the jury is seeing things in the media, as many suspect, they will be seeing a lot about the wounds and how all the tabloid tv hosts discuss it was “personal” and meant to torture him. The latest BS is that Tabloid TV has moved beyond the “guilt” phase and are now onto the penalty phase, saying Jodi did this as a personal vendetta to Travis because he was moving on from her and she wasn’t going to let him go. UGGH!

    • The stab wounds on the back are proof to me that she was stabbing him from over his shoulders as he was either on top of her or just had her in a bear hug. JM wants the jury to believe that she could have done it from behind and the ME said it could have been. BUT it doesn’t fit the evidence. Why would they be such shallow wounds if she had a clear attack on him.

      Also the bullet is easy to explain. It could have easily been kicked on top of blood.

      • I think you are totally right, Jeff. The stab wounds indicate self-defense to me also. Jodi is left handed and the back wounds are clearly from reaching over him as if she was being tackled. The angle of the wounds shows that.

        I think the difficulty lies in the overkill but I also think ALV explained that well. I had no idea that overkill is often the case in self defense or when someone has PTSD. It makes sense though – the survivor desperately wants to feel safe but doesn’t quite know when that is.

  29. Okay……so what time do you think they’ll start today??? Right now….I’m thinking there won’t be a trial day today!!!!!

  30. Those hypocrites on HLN are talking about keeping racism out of the upcoming George Zimmerman case. You a**holes…How about keeping misogyny out of this one???!!

  31. Nurmi continues to sit in full reclination mode. Willmott darts around and is speaking with the DP Mitagation Specialist. #JodiArias

  32. Goidmorning friends! !! Im excited for JW today. If JW went through her notes last night and found something can she approach JD about it today? ?? JW is a very smart woman, im thinking she has even MORE questions fircthis “so called” expert.

  33. All this expert testimony has gone too far and the judges are just going to ignore most of it. I think they will see Travis as a narcissist and perv who used and at least emotionally abused Jodi but I don’t know if that will be enough. The gun is still my problem

    • Why? Did I miss something? They have no gun, they can’t prove it belonged to grandpa. Nancy Grace and Joey Jackson are in the dessert as we speak looking for it. HA HA!!!

  34. Good aft ya all. Ditat Deus.
    I hope baby doc testimony gets disregarded ignored scratched because of fake DV expert fake trauma expert biased test readings pirated test false credentials valley girl sneering behavior on stand and using too much precious AZ soft water because of lies.

  35. so been checking out some other sites, and the question as been raised about the possibility of the defense having this witness’s testimony stricken for lack of foundation, since she has testified that she is not an “expert” in DV, or PTSD. I have to agree….I mean can the prosecution just put any tom, dick or harry up there and parrot what JM tells them, and have it become ‘expert” testimony. This is beyond ridiculous….

      • lets hope they do it. I also would like to see this “experts” testimony challenged more. She’s up there trying to rewrite years of research by scientists and actually DOCTORS regarding PTSD, and memory. JW needs to jump on her every time she makes such ridiculous statements. I’d just say, ” Oh, so have you done research in this field and found the previous scientific data flawed. And when did you discover this, have you presented your findings so that the previous data may be corrected.” LMAO!!!!!

  36. I think the major reason this woman was put on was for her diagnosis of Borderline Personality. And what that involves.

  37. Um…didnt her mama teach her than when sm says GOOD MORNINGto you ,you’re supposed to say ”Good Morning” back to them?????

  38. 1st cup of water!

    Symptoms of drinking too much water:

    •Fatigue, lethargy, muscle weakness and/or spasms
    •Loss of Appetite
    •Loss of consciousness

    Confusion is caused by the imbalance of sodium levels in the brain. Low sodium levels also result in nausea, fatigue, lethargy, muscle weakness and spasms, as well as coma if hyponatremia goes untreated. Marathon runners or other athletes are much more likely to contract hyponatremia than the average person, and should make sure their sodium intake is level with their water intake.


  39. I would have brought this girl down a few pegs while training if she acted this way all the time. Given her a good shake and tell her she doesn’t know everything and never will.

    • typical state hired gun. I’ve run across doctors like this. They work for the state because they can’t make in the real world of medicine. She was not well liked during her TA years, and so the state is good way for these hacks to have a job, and be protected. {union}

        • Where I used to work, we called individuals like this one “tubes.” That is the only purpose they served were as highly-paid, empty, conduits between the upper echelon (eg. Mayor, Health Commissioner, etc.) and the actual workers, (lab professionals, nurses, etc.)
          There is always some political bs happening where someone at the top wants an answer to a question, the question gets passed down through “the tube” who asks his/her problem solvers for an answer. Knowledgable worker provides the answer. Dr. Tube says, “Oh, can you put that in writing for me and send it to me in an e-mail?” Dr. Tube then changes one or two words of the emailed answer to try to make it their own, often creating misspellings rather than fixing them, and then passes along the answer back up the chain of command. I worked with one Ph.D. who really knew his stuff and was admirable. The other three were nothing but useless tubes. They actually created more problems with their lack of knowledge and unwillingness to learn than they ever managed to solve, and they were lousy managers, because they were incapable of understanding the working environment and demands of the professionals they were employed to manage. They were nothing by parasitic drains on the system.

  40. I have to hand it to JW, she handles this bitchy attitude trick well. I would go all JM on her if she acted that why if I was asking her questions.

  41. Dr.Defame explained the fight or flight instinct, from a evolutionary aspect that our reason for sweating is to become soooooooooooo slippery or slick that for instance when a Tiger attacks us and by her logic, that after we are within the grasped of the Tiger, ( 11 feet long, 700 lbs ) the sweat will allow us to escape due to the slippery nature and then run away from the Tiger.

  42. I would say she is not an expert at response to threats. Ask Dave Grossman. He is an expert at this time of thing. Look him up. They should get him to testify.

  43. Jenny has class.

    I would have jumped this bitch for being so snarky. Well, maybe not jump her, but I would throw things and call her on every piece of shit that comes out of her mouth.

  44. JW is SO on top of her GAME!! Nostrils is trying to trip JW up on her knowledge by acting as though she doesn’t understand, but she CAN’T. Jennifer is not even an EXPERT Psyc., and she is proving to be JUST as knowledgeable as her!

    I’m loving JW more by the second. I have a TOTAL girl crush!!

  45. LOL

    I’m sorry but I think baby doc is not very understandable. I don’t think the jury will be able to follow her very well.

  46. Oh Kermit is gonna be hopping up and down from NOW ON!!! Just watch him!!

    Go Jenn!!!!

    This is GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Why can’t the defense use a “hypothetical” using “defend ones self” of “as a defense mechanism” WTF! If the defense team is claiming Jodi acted in self defense, they should be allowed to use it even as a “hypothetical”, or to use it as part of describing how the brain reacts.

  48. Is there anyone here who can explain these side-bars as they occur? I have to watch HLN to get an explanation and … well, you know. Thanks.

    • That’s a very good question, and in my opinion most are unnecessary indulgences of JM and his temper tantrums, but google “speaking objection” and you should be able to find as good a primer as anybody on here can give.

  49. If Jenn keeps asking her enough questions, baby doc is going to spill the beans that she has been watching the media…

  50. LOLOL!!Did you hear Jenny doing that HM sound after the judge sustaines Kermit’s objection???? I LOVE HER!

  51. Does it say in the police report that Jodi took photo’s for weddings? Why would it say that, it surely wouldn’t be relevant?

    I think the doc has been looking online..

    • Yup and she almost got caught! !! This girl ISNT very smart. Just because she TALKS like she is, doesnt mean that she IS. She’s showing how stupid she really is. She CANT remember the easiest questions, like really? ?!!! And then she keeps asking stupid questions, SHE DOESNT KNOW what an SD card id??!!! Wow, lol.

      • So true, LC. I think that over the course if this cross she is going to step in it and show once and for all that she violated “the rule”

  52. OK,, Jen is trying to get the scene “evidence” or lack there of in..

    JM objects because the question warrants an expert witness…..sidebar

    • Well they still are raving about her. Even asking one of their social media trolls opinion who then reported that social media is showing that everyone loves her and thinks she’s doing a great job. While of course adding that they hate J.W what a bunch of idiots I’m watching the same hln crap they are why can’t they see the B.S.?

  53. I can’t watch much longer, JD is stupid.

    She is biased FOR the prosecution.

    Leaving behind a whole camera is evidence of organization, right.

  54. Oh wait a sec!! Did JD attitude just change after JW cracked her about how important the organization of a crime scene was to her? NOW HER LITTLE ATTITUDE CHG!!

  55. this fucking idiot’s holier than thou attitude is PISSING ME OFF….what a sarcastic piece of shit….she needs a new mirror – ShE AIN’T ALL THAT and a bag of chips!!!

  56. OMG – a bitchslap???? I’m advocating a beatdown…

    I’m very sorry I am NOT a violent person – but this bitch needs it…..

    • And with this advocacy of violence, the haters taste victory, as they see their behavior, albeit on a much smaller scale, play out here.

      Just as Alyce and Samuels were testifying to their individual assessment of this case based on what she reviewed, so is Dr. Demarte testifying to her assessment of this case based on what she reviewed and the tests she conducted. Both expert witnesses are doing their job and, of course, they both sound biased to prosecution/defense respectfully because that’s what they are there testifying for. Personal attacks towards Demarte (i.e. Demartian, Baby Doc) are just as unwarranted from us here on this site as they are and were towards Alyce DeViolette and Richard Samuels from others elsewhere.

      I’ll say to the people here, whom I have an affection for, the same thing I said to the strangers who hurl insults and threats towards me and my children when I post non-combative comments or questions on their sites;

      To the people who are pro Travis & prosecution, you are so sure that Jodi is guilty of M1 and must die for her crime that you declare all who question your view instead of blindly agree to it as stupid or as sick and psychopathic as Jodi is for not seeing her guilt when it is so clearly apparent. Which, causes reason to pause and wonder why, then, do you discredit and ridicule with elementary name calling anyone directly, or indirectly, who dares to speak for the defense? If it is so plain as day then you have nothing to worry about when these witnesses testify and there is no need to dig up decades old charges against the defense team. Just sit back, pop some corn, and enjoy the show because you know the outcome, right?

      To the people who are Team Jodi and in support of the defense, the same applies to you as well. While I understand how incredibly fun and tempting it is to play on the names of the key players in this cluster fuck of a hot mess unfolding before us, and I am the first to admit I am guilty as charged for my own participation in such nameplay, we are just as bad as they are. Smaller scale or not, this is not a competition of who is more menacing or damaging in their ribbing. I know it’s terribly difficult to keep from getting sucked back into the 3rd grade and start pulling hair or calling people booger faces, I do. But most of the people who seek refuge in the comment boxes on this site are just as sure of Jodi’s innocence as any person squawking about Justice for Travis so there is just as little of a need for us to conduct ourselves the way they do as there is for them to do it. Besides, we pride ourselves on being of a higher intelligence and better mannered than they are so let’s hold ourselves to that standard.

      All of this is said without an ounce of disrespect, spite, malice, ill will, or any other negative intonation. Rather, I say this only to remind people, myself included, how this site and it’s members pride itself/themselves on the way we, as a whole and individually, conduct ourselves. Because, it is so easy to get caught up in the bull shit and, as a result, we may just find ourselves abandoning the behavior we are proud of in exchange for acting a fool temporarily.

      Personally, I know if I’m not careful and mindful of how often or long I let myself visit the other sites, namely HLN or their affiliates, I will almost certainly resort to compromising my own values pertaining to how I regard others by responding to them because it is a guarantee that they will attack or threaten my character and my kids have been fair game by them before too.

  57. Get off the high horse you are going to get a nose bleed………….She would drive me crazy I would have a real hard time not chocking the witch.

  58. I think this woman is lying, and that’s why JW is going after her about this. I can’t believe that Jodi said that to her, and its not beyond the gall of state doctor to lie. Been there, done that. And they are used to being able to say whatever the hell they want and never being challenged.

  59. See how stupid this B really is?! Really, she THINKS its a huge leap to say I killed him AFTER EVERYTHING that went down! !! Really!!!

      • Not really. Saying that is a bit overstretching it, but this doctor is really good at parsing words. I don’t see any lawyer knowing more on any subject than someone trained in it unless they go through a similar amount of training or reading or whatever it would take to get up to speed. Not to mention clinical time. I don’t like this woman but I would not say Jenifer knows more about the subjects. AVL yes, in terms of DV and Samuels also when it comes to memory and PTSD. As a doc I have to be honest. lol.

  60. OT, but, Dr Demarte’s facial expressions and movements remind me of Ernie Douglas (My Three Sons) without his glasses…..

    • Boy, you just dated yourself! I watched this also but I don’t remember what Ernie looked like. Oh wait, yes I do. LOL!!

      • LOL, I watch reruns of My Three Sons on MeTV in the early hours of weekday mornings, otherwise I would not remember either!

  61. They need to stop that split-screen crap.

    I know what they’re trying to do, and that’s use the split screen to see if there is any “body language” Jodi is giving off while DeMarte is testifying.

    It needs to stop.

  62. Ok, let me get this str8, the baby doc is saying that Jodie had MANY jobs. Has she looked at her on CV lately. A new one every 3 months….yes??……

  63. This child doctor has narcissistic personality disorder. What would happen if JW asked her if she has ever been diagnosed with this?

  64. Wow, does JD have someone’s elses file there????!!! Jodi has All these jobs, WHEN??!!!! I THINK SHES LOOKING AT HER OWN CV!!

  65. This snob on the stand ! I don’t know if I can watch much more of her
    playing games with JW. It feels like JW has to PULL a answer out of
    her I hate it. An the facial expressions I would swear she was a

    As far as deleting photo’s no one has proven to me Jodi even did
    all of that after the gun shot an that the scene was never tampered
    with while Travis laid in the shower Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun an Mon
    at 10 pm they came looking finally because the next day was the
    business trip to Cancun. If I was on the JURY the case is full of
    DOUBT for me. Self Defense let her go. Acquittal

    • Crap, if it wasn’t for the infamous trip to Cancun he’d still be in that shower if it was left up to his on the ball roommates 😉

        • I was told she is from TX, so perhaps unlikely. But has the characteristics of the Group, moved to AZ, and is into ‘sentience psych’ which is based on spiritual philosophy, not on science.

  66. haha,Jennifer just called her out!Snotty goodie-goodie just made herself look like a gossip girl and nothing more!

  67. I am watching Day 49 right now and I just have to throw this out there.

    This witness really drives me nuts. Something about her look and the way she seems be very high and mighty. She seems to be so emotionless, I definitely agree with Jennifer’s “no compassion” phrasing.

    Yesterday I actually had to skip the last half of Juan’s questioning as it was just disgusting to watch her “read from a script.” I really hope that the Jury caught on to that.


  68. I’m behind all of you As I have to watch on
    hln. This little smart ass b**** Hafta go come down. she doesn’t know what the f she’s talking about