Jodi Arias Trial – Day 50 (afternoon session)

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UPDATE: There’s no trial tomorrow (Friday) or Monday.
The trial will resume again next Tuesday 4/23 and run thru Thursday 4/25.

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Jodi Arias - Jennifer Willmott - Kirk Nurmi 4-18

We are definitely on a roll today with the continuation of Jennifer Willmott’s cross examination Master Class.

The force is certainly with us.


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of trial day 50…

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    • Hi Defense Team & Jodi

      Doing awesome this afternoon!!! That chick on the stand now is very degrading when she speaks, I can’t believe she is a psychologist! Very anal retentive.

      Jodi and Jennifer you both look very nice today!!!


      you hang in there. Don’t let that B get you down, she is not worth it. Stop allowing all of this to hurt you, live smiling ok? When anyone is talking positive and nicely about you – SMILE at the jury and the people talking. Please, it will show who you are. The jury needs to know who you are. they cannot only define you by this self defense case.
      Stay strong – God be with you and bless you, May Mother Mary hold you and keep you safe in her heart. Ave Maria <3 i would like to send you a Rosary. I am not sure if you can have one, please respond and let me know. Thank you.

      Peace & Love
      Love & Light

      • Jean, I was thinking the same thing about Jodi Smiling, but then again they would trash her for smiling!!!! So, the poor girl can’t win. But she is looking better today, white is a good color on her! Go Jennifer, you are doing an AWESOME job, she might need more pitchers of water, because she is very nervous that they are punching holes in her story!

        • haha – that was funny! She keeps drinking that water and I keep thinking, man, doesn’t she have to go to the bathroom yet?? haha I know I would!

          You are right about the smiling. I suppose it isn’t appropriate. ??

          She looks GREAT in that white shirt. REally put together.

          That dang Dr on the witness stand (don’t want to remember her name!!!) is so degrading and sarcsatic when she speaks, isn’t she? I think she is going to burn something special when she dies one day. Because you don’t lie and play make believe when a persons life is at stake.

  1. I would love to hear JW ask how many data points does it take for you to feel the criteria has been met. It looks like one to me. And don’t forget if you’re irritable you have uncontrolled seething anger.

  2. Al,
    I think Jennifer is winning points consistently although she hasn’t landed a knockout blow (yet). She did get Demarte to concede yesterday that she wasn’t an expert on domestic violence. Continuing with the boxing metaphor, that was at least a knockdown. I believe Demarte protested she was an “expert in psychology” to save face. To me, that was like a GP saying: “I may not be a specialist in medicine but I’m an expert in general medicine.” One has great depth in a specified area; the other has general knowledge but less depth. “That was big (in my mind at least).
    Jennifer also poked holes in the BPD diagnosis this morning. While Martinez screams and shouts and rubs people’s faces in each point he wins, Jennifer methodically took Demarte’s diagnosis apart bit by bit like a surgeon compared to Martinez’s sledge hammer style. Hopefully, the jurors note the difference.

    • I was glancing around FB a bit and looking at comments, and sure enough, there ARE folks mixed in that say Ms. Willmott is kicking Tot Doc’s ass……….and as soon as they do, they are removed, blocked, and threatened.

      BUT- they are out there… we just need ONE on the jury, folks!

      • Isn’t that funny ! an then those that come here an get banned want to CRY OUT that this
        site will not let you speak negative about Jodi but it is just fine an dandy if they ban etc.
        on those other sites. It is INSANE ! HYPOCRITICAL JERKS! just as they are with this
        whole case seriously.

    • JW knocked huge holes in tot docs fabricated diagnoses. I do agree that JW does need to push her even harder and pull all the inconsistencies together with no holds barred.

      • I’m enjoying all the points JW is bringing out but they are farely subtle. I think JW will pull all the contradictions, etc., together towards the end but should be done with much less subtlety

      • Well she did earlier. JD asked her to repeat the question in a different way (the nerves, shes been doing this since yesterday), and JW said, NOOOOO…… AND ASKED THE SAME QUESTION BUT MORE DIRECT.
        Who the hell does she thk she is, asking the lawyer to REPHRASE her question, BITCH PLZZZ

      • It is possible for Jodi to have both PTSD and BPS. After 6 years she may have overcome these diagnoses’. Let Jodi go home and have a life.

    • coldcase,

      Agree on the DV expert, or lack there of admission. My last post on the old page said that. That was bigger than Samuels conceding he should have re-tested.

      I didn’t really get the whole BPD thing. I think little Doc pretty much didn’t capitulate there and seemed to hold her own there.

      Hence my rams butting heads comment from the last post (which sadly is now on the morning page)

    • JW had jd on the ropes yesterday during the issue with her lack of memory on what article she had read – but jw did not go in further to delve – and then missed the opportunity by going into something else. I wish she had pressed her ‘so hard against the ropes’ yesterday, and jd would’ve had to concede (before any additional coaching from her MASTER).!

      • So you saw that, too? I happened to switch to that tab for a second (I normally just listen at work so no one in management can complain about me) and I saw him at the stand with her, going over a paper and (apparently) telling her what to say and what points to make.

    • the knockout will come during closing.. . Dont give this hack a chance to argue or correct herself. I’m loving this, JW is brillant!!

    • I was wishing JW would say to her: “I’m a licensed attorney. Does that mean I should practice in any legal specialty, or should I just stick to what I know best….criminal law?”

  3. Off topic:

    I’ve been trying to talk with a CEO today about a job and watch the trial. I’m hoping I didn’t sound as scattered as tot doc….lol.

    P.S. I even waited to call him back until a break and then the trial started back up.

          • I am lucky that I operate a business out of my home and can adjust my schedule as I go. I get up at 7a.m. and work until the trial starts at 12:30, and then get in more business work during the court lunch hour. It does keep me from doing errands sometimes. Hey, I am “TrialWatcher” and this isn’t the first time I worked my life around a trial.

            Next up….if this trial EVER ends, is the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial in June…..or if they televise the AEG Michael Jackson trial. It is better than getting hooked on fictional soap operas. lol.

            • If the Zimmerman trial is broadcast on the Hateful Lies Network, I am hoping that it will lead a lot of people finally to realize the kind of brainless, biased, toxic garbage HLN coverage consists in.

  4. I cancelled my ballroom dance lesson this afternoon because I don’t want to have to delay hearing even one word.

    Today is a good day to be alive!

    • Hahah RB, its ok. I scheduled my kids dr apt for 7:45 (very early for us), so that I wouldn’t miss anything! Hahaha …. im sure others have done crazy little things as to not miss this trial either.

      • Yes. I am planning on rescheduling my pain management doctor appointment which is set for April 30th. I don’t think this trial will be over and a verdict reached by then.

      • haaa.. I retired (I am 61) last day of Dec and have been totally obsessed with this trial, since it started in Jan… omg..what am I going to do when its over… eeeekkk…

    • Have no remorse RB! I’ve called in sick at work more than once just to be able to watch the live feed!

  5. Hello all,

    First off, many thanks to all of you who make this site possible via creation, maintainence and/or participation.

    Secondly, my question: At the end of the trial, if/when Jodi is found not guilty of all charges, does that mean she walks right away, or as soon as she’s processed out of jail like Casey Anthony?
    Are there lesser charges on the table other than murder 1?

    Sorry if I’m a little behind, I follow what I can timewise.

    I’d also like to say that I saw a video of a news interview with Juror No. 5 and I was really very impressed with her. The lead-up to the video made it sound like this former juror was going to sing like a bird to the media, but she gave a good interview and said she was reserving comment on several questions until after the trial closes, despite not being under any gag order or other restrictions from the judge.
    That being said, I thought that was rather upstanding and made me all the more hopeful that the jury members, or at least one because that’s all that’s needed, are doing an excellent job and taking it as seriously as it must be taken and have integrity.

    Happy watching, JesterMahBob

    • Yes to the lesser included charges.

      They cascade in AZ and are automatically included. So murder 2 is in under M1, and agrravated manslaughter under M2 and manslaughter under that and so on.

      • Hi Al,
        Are you sure about that…the charges being automatic? I was under the impression that since she was charged with either M1 or Felony Murder, that in order for other lesser included charges to be possible, the Judge would have to instruct the jury of that when she gives them all of her instructions before deliberations.

      • LC,
        How about this one,
        JW, “What does O.H. stand for”?
        JD “What”? How dare you say O.H., don’t you know that is for OH-I-O! That is OHIO STATE! I went to MICHIGAN!!! GO BLUE! WAAAAAAAA…….:)

  6. Time for our afternoon GROUP UNITY HUG!!! It’s almost Showtime Part II

    (((((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG))))))))))))))))))))

  7. Waves hi to everyone. I’m at work but have caught almost all of this morning’s testimony (but not all your comments) Our girl Jenny was getting a little testy with tot doc (love that name and I’m soooo stealing it). She needs to do more of that.

    Meanwhile, tot doc won’t conced anything. At this point, I think she’d have an argument about whether the sky is really blue or not.

    So, are they late starting AGAIN?

    • Hopefully the jury has noticed she is nothing but a liar for the prosecution. If she was really unbiased she would not be arguing with JW in any way.

    • tot doc! love it!

      I haven’t gotten to see all of the testimomny, but from what I have seen I totally agree with you.

      She is simply a mouth piece for the prosecution.

      Tot doc is biased for the prosection, there is no doubt in my mind. Instead of looking at the whole picture she picked “data points” to confirm what the state wanted.

  8. I thought talking head Vinnie said he was bringing on someone to show an unbiased opinion?

    Since when is this HLN ‘Dr.’ unbiased?

  9. Oh great. Vinnie Bullshit is bringing on an “expert” to give her unbiased opinion. Gag me…. when is the live feed going to start?

    It’s some blond bimbo with broken, bad english.

  10. Dr. DeMented has done a good job of “highlighting” the “data-points” of her ineptitude. I’ve never seen a witness with her degree of obsfucation and deceit. The word slimy comes to mind.

      • llanger – excellent point of “highlighting” the “data-points” of her ineptitude.” So well said. (heh heh, “guano martinez,” haven’t heard that ’til now. lol)

      • I will continue to call JM “Guano,” as long as I can remember to do it, because his theory of premeditation is batshit crazy.

    • Dr DeMented? AAHAHAHAHAA Best I’ve heard yet!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      You lot are just soo funny, I’m crying with laughter at the stuff you’ve all written!! I can’t stop laughing!

      • Hi Heather! I’m laughing out loud with all these comments hahahaha! It’s like I miss the humor out if it during the day bc I’m at work hahahaha

  11. Someone said they are doing an after dark show. —-Is Jodi a danger to society

    I think someone needs to do a show on. Is HLN a danger to society.

    • I find that interesting because people are implying she would have killed someone else if not Travis.
      For me no matter how I look at it she wouldn’t have been a threat to anyone
      else. If she had never gone to Arizona we wouldn’t know anything at all about Jodi.

      • Too true. Just another stunt so they can talk about how “evil” she is. She would have never hurt anyone and still would not. She had to defend herself and that is why she is here.

        Soooo sick of them and that is why they are a very real danger to society. They spew so many lies that the masses blindly believe.

      • What was TA? a Anal Seeking on the side but a Virgin hunter in front of his Faith.
        Also a Rumor Mill starter about anyone he wanted to pretend to distance himself
        from for his Mormon/LDS Faith friends an co-workers. A False Fronted person.
        Not a man I would want any family member or friend to ever date!

        Jodi is welcome in my home at anytime if she needs a place to go that is away
        from haters she is my daughters age an people around here would think she
        was my daughter anyways. Country life is good no one around here much just
        my 6 dogs an 2 horses an 18 acres to go an roam on.

    • OMG can they get ANY more controversial? They are essentially comparing her to Ted Bundy or Charles Manson. But you know what, it’s getting them viewers! That’s the really sad part.

  12. I think tot doc is a danger to society….the self-proclaimed PSYCHOlogist that she is maybe should rethink her “career” choice – she is more suited as a medical examiner if you ask me…patients with a heartbeat are way out of her league….

    • So true, Janeen, I mentioned before I hoped that she would stick with being a trail witness because anyone she treats could be very damaged by her.

    • I think Jennifer is doing a good job and this “doctor” still has her baby fat what does she know of the world? you cannot get everything from books i would not take her word on anything I want some one who has education and life experiences like ALV. J.M wants to win sooo bad and I will always say something happened that day to set this off Jodi would not have done this otherwise. I would like to see her get off and go home because this is not pre meditated push comes to shove manslaughter with time served.

    • I would hate her looking at my dead corpse. Perhaps she should just stick to teaching where she can try to dazzle students. They only have to pass through her classes and be on their way.

  13. To any of the legal eagles on here. Can the obvious lack of knowledge and incorrect information (or some of the opinions) given by tot doc raise appellate issues?

    There are answers, and statements, she has made to the jury that are not correct and could only serve the purpose to inflame the jury.

    • No kidding! Could not agree more. And somehow HLN talking heads say she is not biased! I wish we had a LIKE button here.

    • I wondered about that, too; if that might be the reason JW is being so “nice” so that this witness can kind hang herself with her words and demeanor and they have it to use IF appeals should be needed, just to cover all bases as defense attorneys.

      I LOVED though when JW caught her up with the term “pattern” in the morning session and you could see Nurmi behind her trying not to grin completely! 🙂

    • I believe they could argue on appeal that the trial court erred in qualifying her as an expert — assuming she was qualified as one in domestic violence or PTSD — especially if they objected to her qualification at the time JM submitted her as his expert. If she was simply qualified at a psychologist, they probably wouldn’t win though unless they can prove her bias. Experts are supposed to be there to help the jury understand.

    • Goes to judicial error. The judge is the gatekeeper to expert testimony. If the defense had objected to the Doc being an expert, and if the judge still let her on, then there is an appellate issue if the defense can show that she was not an expert.

  14. What about all of those other patterns of Jodi’s behavior…like her kindness, sweetness, giving, caring, gentleness…devotion to her faith, faithful worker, artist, and many more….these are some of her lifelong patterns…did the doc look at any of those patterns when evaluating her???

  15. Just caught this on WildAboutTrial’s Twitter:

    “Tani ‏@tani010668 11m @WildAboutTrial oh wow,I’m scared lol. Michael you have a lot of #JodiaArias fans follow you,they post your tweets on there innocent site.”

    Message to Tweeter:

    I really hope you’re enjoying reading our amazing site where we are graciously allowed to have individual opinions and thoughts thanks to the courtesy of SJ and his amazing group of moderators.

    Stick around a while. There’s no need to be scared. We don’t bite like the hater sites. Also, we’re pretty well educated — which is why we understand the evidence being presented and don’t just follow whatever HLN says. You never know, you might actually learn a great deal while you’re here. You wouldn’t be the first, and I’m sure you won’t be the last.

    One thing though, if you’re going to tweet complaints about who we follow on Twitter, perhaps you would like to learn the different between “their” and “there”. Here’s a page that will assist you:

  16. I have to agree with Al from the last page. Yesterday, JM absolutely wiped the floor with Demarte. Today Demarte seems to be much less nervous and doing a better job…I think when JW goes “all Martinez” on Demarte that she is less effective. I hope this afternoon’s session will go better…hopefully just like yesterday.

    • What are you talking about “going all Martinez” on her. JW has handled the tot doc with kid gloves. JW could easily make her crumble. “Going all Martinez” would be saying things like, do you have a memory problem, Judge can you please direct the witness to answer yes or no, etc., etc.

  17. I recently started watching the live feed from USTREAM on my iPhone vs. just a link on the browser. They have a little chat forum ( wish we had that) which is full of ” youknowwhats!!” I had forgotten , albeit temporarily , how disgusting The prosecutions following is, and really very unintelligent their commentary is. As Dr. DoucheSharty sits up there with Steven Alexander’s sneer on her mouth and dragon nostrils flaring, they believe she is holding her own. I guess we all come from two different worlds because for the life of me , I just can’t see their POV.

  18. Remember all the fuss about nonverbal communication? The figure was 90%. If this was not a trial and we watched with no volume, the body language on the witnesses, which person would appear more credible. Who would we choose to visit with our deepest and darkest secrets? Even when AL was attacked by JM she diffused the hostile situation by talking softly and smiling. When JD smiles it reminds me of a dog, close to snarling. She is very fearful thus limits her answers as not to get caught in error.
    Has anyone noticed that Samantha has an ear piece when they go to sidebars? Maybe she always has one in. This morning it seemed like she was listening in. Probably my paranoia…..going to look for my DSM-TR for self diagnosis.

  19. I read somewhere that this site has a “ripoff report” posted on some consumer site. It says the donations from this site don’t truly go to Jodi. They say SJ is “hiding behind initials” and other equally ridiculous stuff.

  20. Late again! I think the Doc just doesn’t remember or needs to redefine if she feels she is going to be caught in a lie or inconsistency! I also think she has a very difficult and almost no organization when it comes to seeing a pattern!

  21. Does anyone know, or know where to find out, if this judge has sat trials with Martinez as prosecutor before and what the outcomes of those trials were? History of bias perhaps?

    • I’m not sure if we can look that up on the court site or not. I was able to do so on Florida’s online docket. I’ll check.

      But if the defense didn’t motion the court for her to recuse herself, it’s pretty much a moot point.

  22. off topic. I left my headphones on the table and my dog somehow managed to tangle them around his neck when I went to pick up the little one from school. He is fine, but he tore them up and now here I sit with spongebob headphones on. lol

  23. Inappropriate … sheesh. I am not a domestic violence victim at all, I guess. I’m really just a fucking cunt whore.

      • On my way home, forgive me, but I found myself hoping that she dates someone who is abusive. I would never usually wish that on anyone. But she needs to learn what it’s like and I think that’s the only way she ever could.

        • AA,

          I don’t think she is the type… Do you know what I mean 🙂 I worry for those who date her. A lot of word play and abusive psychoanalyzing…. I’ve read about those married to shrinks on abuse sites.

          • One thing I’ve learned … ANYONE is the type. It literally could happen to anyone. One counselor told me stories until I was blue in the face.

  24. Boy, Tot Doc is somethin’ else. Even when being cross examined by Juan AL and Samuels were polite, warm, and professional.

  25. Demarte stumbles on Jodi’s dating history (Jenny shows Demarte’s not as precise in history taking as she likes to portray).

  26. I’m curious if this is the only site that believes innocent until proven guilty? The testimony isn’t even finished yet and so many had her convicted before the trial ever started. I hope none of them ever get to be on a jury.

    • Really, Pamela. It’s scary to even think those people could make up a jury pool. One can only hope they’d be disqualified because they simply wouldn’t be able to hide their personal bias.

  27. Yeeeow! Just saw Mr. Nurmi’s socks!!!!! He has GOT it GOING!….sorry…I think I might have to go back and listen to that section of today’s testimony….my attention was diverted.. mmmhhhmmm

    • Really! So, she’s an expert in ALLLLLL areas of clinical psychology JUST because she has a license … even if she’s never seen ONE patient with the condition. Hahahahaha Where’s FUJuan? She’s gonna have a field day on this bullshit.

      • Maybe that is what Juan whispered into her ear yesterday…”play dumb” “make her repeat the questions” “keep saying that you can’t answer in a yes or no answer”….

      • I believe that IS her strategy – by playing dumb she is attempting to make JW look like she doesn’t know what she is talking about and allows JD to not answer the question (or at least time to think of how to twist the answer). It’s not working (imho), and I hope the jury sees that, too.

  28. I loathe this Dr more than I can even put into words.

    Unfortunately I don’t think she is unique in her “Doctor Arrogance” attitude and behaviour.

  29. Is Tot Doc really believing her own words? talking about borderline personalities…wonder what her mental diagnosis is?

  30. Yesterday you weren’t and expert but today you are?
    Yes, I was basing my answer yesterday in terms of being licensed in DV.
    Is there a license for an expert in DV?

    This judge should put a halt to this.

  31. She hates Jodi sooooooooooooooo much.

    Jealous? She looks like she is trying to look like her, even.

    Baby Doc: You failed. You’re still ugly (mostly from the inside)

    • Exactly it is her personality that makes her so look so ugly. I cannot see past her superior arrogant bitch attitude.

    • This is just my own theory: Juan spun his tale of an open and shut case. Told her to do an evaluation. Tot Doc only spent 12 hours with Jodi, less than half the time AL did. She rubber stamped Jodi as borderline personality.

  32. WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m Cup Toucher just poured a cup of water. Jurors are seen sitting with a blank stare on their faces. #JodiArias

        • I bet she has patterns of behavior stemming from childhood of having a “big head” personality with borderline anger issues when provoked by teachers, leaders, and lawyers…

          • Here’s my guess. She looks ethnic to me, she pronounced Juarez as a person who speaks Spanish would do, and it makes sense to me that JM would choose someone ethnic, given his own heritage and that he’s an immigrant.

            Plus, she grew up in Texas but there isn’t a single trace of Texas in her accent. In my experience — and I pay a lot of attention to even the slightest trace of an accent since I have an accent (according to Americans) — the Texan accent is one of the most difficult to erase entirely. Her choice of verbiage is extremely affected. A fellow Brit will understand what I mean when I say, she tries hard to be “posh”. I don’t know a good American equivalent. How and why did she work so diligently to erase every single trace of her Texas accent? As far as know, the least accented area of Texas is Austin, but even people I’ve known who grew up in Austin have traces of Texas, even if they graduated from Harvard.

            I suspect that she felt like an “underdog” as a “southern girl” when she moved to Massachusetts. Perhaps she was even teased about her accent. I understand the dilemma she may have been in. When I moved from England to Ireland at age 11, I was mocked by kids I went to school with. Again, when I moved to the US at age 20, I went through much of the same. On both occasions, I worked to try to erase traces of my accent and to sound like the “locals”. It was confusing for me, and I often ended up picking up the accent of anyone I was around because I was essentially becoming a mimic. I was never successful and it also didn’t sound right to my ears. While I was developing the ability to hear and comprehend, I was surrounded by people with English accents. As such, I still sound “correct” to myself when I pronounce words with a touch of the English accent that remains. I’ve learned not to give a damn and just speak the way I speak, sometimes sounding English, sometimes a little Irish, and on other words, positively American. But that came with maturity. This girl isn’t very mature and she’s hiding her own insecurities by attempting to demonstrate that she has a superior intellect. She may have a superior intellect. But most people with a superior intellect know they’re not endearing to others if they attempt to place themselves above others.

            Her vocabulary, while limited to actually few three-syllable words, reminds me of my ex. He got one of those “word-a-day” calendars annually deliberately to extend his vocabulary because he thought it made him sound “intellectual” and he was pleased as punch when people assumed he was an intellectual simply because of his choice of verbiage. She chooses a “big” word because she thinks it makes her appear “smart,” when she could just as easily choose two to three “smaller” and more descriptive words. A truly intellectual person knows that is not the best choice (most especially when speaking to a jury) and rarely uses “big” words when “smaller” words would do the job — even when writing legal briefs. (Trust me, I work with some of the most brilliant lawyers in the world every day.)

            I suspect that, much like my ex, she came from an immigrant family that were not well educated and were, perhaps blue collar workers. When she showed aptitudes in school, she became the “darling” of her extended family. She may have been the first college graduate in the family. When she goes home, she is probably worshiped and adored by the family for her academic accomplishments. She has a slight chip on her shoulder that she attended MSU, not the more prestigious University of Michigan, or perhaps Harvard or some other Ivy League school (especially since her undergrad was in Massachusetts). However, at home, she is still the greatest thing since sliced bread. As such, her family has made her their “hero” and therefore, she hasn’t been met with refusal in decades. As a result, she appears to me (and I’m no psychologist) to have narcissistic and superiority tendencies.

            In addition, she has spent most of her adult life in academia where speaking well and using an extensive vocabulary is respected and perhaps even encouraged. She hasn’t learned to adjust to dealing with “regular folk” since graduating. If she hopes to be successful in private practice — or in forensic psychology — she will need to adjust.

  33. This is a f**cking atrocity. I would think any judge would stop this process and in chambers discuss and then instruct the jury that any of the testimony heard by this witness is to be disregarded.

  34. I so love how JW just ignores the baby doc’s rude snarkt comments and goes right on with her line of questioning.

  35. I love Jennifer…………….. she only wants to look at the high elevations in this test and interpert them as she sees fit for JUAN …………….. That is not how you use this test. ” Baby Doc”

    • I am a psychologist……….. and you look at all these scales in your assessment evaluation. You don’t pick and choose what you want to use in this report otherwise it’s not valid for the client.

    • Psychologist here: As stated elsewhere: A *primary* use of the MMPI in forensic settings is to evaluate the *Validity* Scales. She glossed right over those, and said the profile was valid. What that means is that the person taking the testing was neither exaggerating problems, minimizing problems, or denying major problems–in other words, a valid profile = the person was not lying.

      Also, there are published studies with norms for people undergoing various types of forensic processes.

      For Forensic cases, you use the Forensic Scoring which allows you to compare the person not only to average people of the same gender, age, etc., it also allows you to compare the person in similar court-related situations, i.e., custody. I don’t think she said anything about that, which would be the very first thing I would say. Makes me wonder if she realizes the Forensic Scoring is available. There are also variety of published studies available that provide these kinds of norms. If she does not know this, as a young “fresh” graduate, I have to wonder just how much of a “forensic psychologist” she really is. I think she worked in a prison for a while. That is not the same thing as a forensic psychologist who evaluates pre-trial defendants.

      She was exaggerating her experience when asked how many forensic evaluations she had done. When she said “no more than 75,” that was an evasive answer, as I’m sure she was including the folks in prison she evaluated—those people are evaluated for completely different reasons, mainly out of concern that the person may have a psychotic disorder and are experiencing auditory hallucinations and need medication.

      They should have asked how many times she had evaluated a pre-trial defendent.

      Also, it is not uncommon, in fact, it’s recommended to interpret the MMPI looking at the 2 highest scores. However, the typical, well accepted MMPI for a person with Borderline Personality Disorder is the infamous 2-4 code type. Ms. Arias’ profile did not show that.

      Therefore, the BPD diagnosis was not supported by the MMPI which is far more objective than looking at journal entries.

      • Thanks Tanya. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us,

        I for one have no experience with that psychological testing and diagnoses.

        I was with a sex addict once…AND I HAD NO IDEA until I stumbled across information!!! SO I do know Demarte is not accurate saying the families know when someone has serious problems like that. But, that was my only personal experience.

  36. FUJuan is she right about these parts of the test? Like when she says it’s non-interpretable and all that crap.

    • This is what kermit tried to do with Samuels I think also.

      This is good, she is pointing out what the tests really show…

    • AA,

      She’s full of shit………… each one these scales looks for different areas as Jennifer is pointing out… the doctor is WRONG………. and she’s all about her textbook and picking out what she wants to use for court in this test. You have to look at the entire data and test results.

      • Thanks FUJuan. May I ask your opinion, is this something typical of a recent graduate (to be all about the textbook)?

        Why didn’t JW seek to actually point out that most psychologists WOULD review all the scales? I mean, surely, there are studies (research or the MMPI would not be so highly respected and widely used? Did JW expect the jury to simply imply that tot doc was so arrogant as to ONLY use selective portions of the test that fit the testimony she wished to present? She allowed tot doc to repeatedly say that many psychologists would not use those scales because the empirical data does not support their interpretation, and that, therefore, only the portions of the test she used are “valid”. Do you have any thoughts on why JW allowed her to continue to present that?

  37. Lol. I’ve really been enjoying reading the posts here over this last week. You’re much better than HLN! Thank God I found this site!

  38. So Jodi is anxious when this woman comes to test her.

    I think I would be anxious when someone is trying to get me executed.

    That would seem to be an anxious sitiuation.

    • Yep she is sleeping like a BABY after her lying testimony which means
      awake an crying hour after hour an getting her pants changed from drinking
      2 gallons of water while sitting on her butt glaring an raising eyebrows
      an gritting her teeth. People that talk out of the side of their face are
      not to be trusted.

  39. “But but but wah wah wah, there’s no empirical data … I need data … I can’t function without data.”

  40. Talk about being NONRESPONSIVE!!! Martinez would’ve yelled it out a long time ago!!!


  41. Boy, that water must be really good! She’s had about 2 gallons of it today. She must have one gigantic bladder.

  42. Or maybe, dumb ass, you don’t know how to interpret anxiety and low self esteem because it’s not highlighted on your datapoints. FFS this is ludicrous.

  43. SHE DOES IT!!! when she gets her head handed to her. she ALWAYS goes for WATER….LOL…Put out the flames quick…she is going down in flames.

    • FUJuan, JD thinks she is smarter than ALV, Dr.S AND Jodi too….Wonder if finding out Jodi had a higher IQ got her pissed so she felt vindictive and wanted to put Jodi “in her place” so to speak.

  44. OMG I can’t even SAY how bad I would like to smack this little self important tart upside the head?

    Is that wrong??


    Jennifer is so cool and calm and brilliantly intelligent questioning the doc…Jennifer is definitely holding the “Ace” card today….

  46. I recall a few short weeks ago when ALV and Samuels wanted to look at their notes – they were deemd ‘unprofessional’ by the haters. Hmmmmm

  47. She’s HEARTLESS…. people how work in this field are very compassionate. That wouldn’t make you unethical because your human and being bias… She has a lot to learn. Hope she never has children.

  48. Apparently Juan doesn’t know this song. It reminds me of why ALV would apologize for reading her personal notes.

    He Found My Letters, and Read Each One Out Loud…
    Posted on December 16, 2011 by ReyMac

    “Strumming my pain with his fingers/

    Singing my life with his words/

    Killing me softly with his song/

    Telling My Whole Life, With His Words/

    Killing me softly/

    With his song…”

  49. This was on twitter from a Travesite regarding the tot doc…..she doesn’t like her either

    y’all know I hate what Team Arias is doing..BUT this shrink DeMarte DOES NOT impress me..she’s kind of cold and self centered…

    • What? that is the same personality I got from Travis though on that tape. Very self righteous
      very much into himself a big bragger etc. But they loved his personality I guess because that
      is a male then? Egotistical Females are not attractive? hmmm

      I do not like that trait in any person turns me off right off the bat.

      Which the other side does say they see those traits in Jodi? but for some reason
      I do not see that. I did see someone that would not just come out an say the guy
      was a asshole an I put up with it but was not going to take another ass beating that

      Travis was losing his harem slowly. Lisa then Mimi then Jodi she was going after
      Ryan. An I believe that day was going to be the very last sexcape between them
      an she gave in an went there because she felt sorry for him about Mimi just wanting
      to be friends not interested in marriage with Travis.

      Why people want to stay friends with EX’S makes no sense to me if they are unhealthy
      an a cheater how can they ever be a good friend even?

      • Travis was one of these guys who wants to break up on his own terms. If it’s the woman, he just would just have a meltdown.

        • Yes, he was the one who decided when they would be done. Not her.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if Jodi decided to tell him this would be there last sexy get together, that she was beginning to see other men and would like to remain friends.

          Thinking he is Mr. Amazing, getting rejected by Mimi, followed by Jodi shutting down his secret, personal booty call in such a close period of time, plus, who knows who else rebuffed him that we don’t know about, I’d speculate he could’ve harbored a great deal of anger towards not being in control of these *skanks*

          He could’ve been simmering in anger over this since the first outburst in the office. Then the camera drop happens which triggers his rage to a new high level she’s not encountered before and the rest becomes history.

  50. I almost feel sorry for this chick, she is screwed big time. She is not even book smart, she doesn’t know half of the stuff she did, and she selected whatever suits JM.

  51. Some people talked abut JD needing to get off her high horse earlier in her testimony. After what we just witnessed with her with Jen, I absolutely agree with you folks.
    JD has much to learn.

  52. Doc went in totally bias looking for “Data” that would support Juans theory of BPD………..and she just got busted!

    • Exactly………………….. but that back fired on her today. You have to use the entire MMPI test and data not what you choose and make a diagnoses. Also, this test is only to be used by itself when making a diagnoses. Totally unethical.

      She lacks knowledge, and experience.

      • Yeah, my brother’s psychologist used the MMPI on him…you just can’t pick and choose what parts of an instrument you can use. You use it all or you don’t use it at all.

  53. I think she’s one of those evil lizard people intent on taking over the world. I hope JW keeps her on the stand so long that her reptilian-like face crumples and she coils and pees herself!! Do snakes pee? lol

  54. dr do harm and juan are relying on the jury to be pretty stupid to win this. now she is acting (acting being the key word) like jw took her candy at the sandbox and daddy juan will fix it.

  55. Do transcripts of the side bars become part of the public record after the case closes? That would be fascinating, I’m sure..!

    • They should be unsealed, yes. It will probably require a media request, though. I’m sure the media will oblige and then, pick and choose which ones to report on.

  56. What twitter did somebody post here that is pro-Jodi? It is too hard to find going back on the threads. The only one I found has vile garbage about the defense.

  57. Did anyone notice the judges hesitation when she just sustained JW’s objection? Seemed to me she REALLY didn’t want to…

    • Me too Frannie..and will mute jurors questions if they are favorable to baby doc..(hopefully they have seen how bias she is) very transparent…picking and choosing what to look at in favor for the Pros.

    • He stresses me out every time he starts to talk. I just don’t understand why people love to listen to him. He really gets on my nerves. Especially because he is so manipulative!

  58. GO JENN…. she’s on the ball today.

    This doctor should be a ashamed to mischaracterize someone as she seems fit. UNETHICAL….. and very bias.

  59. Never heard about a ring … Now all of the sudden this is entered in to evidence? I swear he is sneaking in a bunch of unfounded shit

  60. I hope the lawyers write books after this trial. I’d even read JM’s. Reading the books by both lawyers after the Casey Anthony trial was what made me change my mind completely about Casey being guilty as sin. I got so caught up in the Hate during that trial I promised myself I’d never be that way again.

    • I didn’t keep up with that trial but after watching HLN re: Jodi Arias, I’m beginning to wonder if all I heard about Casey Anthony was true. Nancy Grace/HLN got huge ratings from that trial. Seems like their MO in this case too.

  61. I feel sorry for any DV victim who got up the courage to seek help and then landed in an office of Doc like this “expert”.

    • Right and I am expert on this trial because I’ve been watching it since it started in January .. That’s enough time to be an expert according to this chick.

  62. Oh, i see the “autograph my cane” lady is back in court, sitting behind Jodi’s aunt and mom. Guess she wants to root on her “little firecracker.” Maybe she’ll get him to sign her body today.

  63. Hahaha,this is just sad.This girl is so full of shit. Good luck trying to look like an expert quoting a book you read.

  64. She is talking to the jurors like they are little children, condescending and snotty.. this will not go over well for “this” juror

        • True that they need only one – but if any are watching hln, and mimicking the hatred, then you would need more than one or the ‘one’ may cave due to intimidation.

        • We only need one juror for a hung jury. But that means we do this all over again. I’m hoping there’s more than one juror and they can convince the others. But that means compromise: a conviction on a lesser included offense.

          • I’m hoping there is someone in that jury who has dated or been married to someone like Travis. Or is very familiar with the dynamics of domestic abuse.

    • She talked to them like they were students in her class – when she looked at them. When she had the deer in the headlights look on her sour, snotty face she’d forget to spin her gaze over to them.

      Hopefully the older jurors will see thru her inexperienced, pompous, snotty style, be turned off by it, and see her dishonesty

    • Oh only the brother Stephen Alexander. I would be interested to know if she is a PPL member
      or a Mormon/LDS member though.

    • I tell you what, Juan is a testament to Jodi and Alyce’s self control. If I had been them, it would have been so hard to have kept my cool.

      • Speaking of which, does anyone know if Juan is married or how many times he has been married? He comes across as such a mean bully and I can’t imagine any woman putting up with him for long.

  65. So scripted…She has a great memory suddenly?Things like this?Life and death of a human being.She is disgusting.

  66. Now I am not a psychologist, but it would appear to me that JD’s MMPI test of JA would actually back what Dr. Samuels said.

    I ain’t buying the idea that the second page’s stats aren’t used by psychologists.

      • She tried to spin those results, but there they are. They actually support the defense’s case.

        JD was trying to wiggle herself out of that and lie.

  67. Little shrug…”My patients are important to me”….an OH “I don’t have the TIME to write everything on my cv” well. she seems to not have the time for being thorough in re: to this trial and her evaluation of Jodi.

    • We did welcome yesterday the gopher, the Mexican Chihuahua, the German Shepherd, and the Dog…maybe they got some fancy names and avatars??? LOL

  68. WHY is this judge allowing Martinez to bring out behavior by Arias not previously testified to: stealing Alexander’s ring, deleting emails from his account etc …?

  69. Can the defense bring Samuels or ALV back to counter anything this girl has said? Or is that the special rebuttal that a judge would have to explicitly grant the defense before closing statements?

    • I would hope they would bring him back, for it appears her MMPI backs his contention and the contention of the defense.

    • The defense rested. Their case is over. They can’t put on any more witnesses unless they request and are granted a surrebuttal. That is very rarely granted in AZ and only if new evidence came forth during rebuttal.

      I think they now have serious grounds for surrebuttal. JM sneakily got in evidence of the ring theft, the hiding behind a Christmas tree, and the phone number exchange on an airplane. Those are grounds for mistrial if they were previously determined to be precluded (and I believe most, if not all, speculative “stalking” evidence was precluded as prejudicial and unfounded). I doubt this judge would grant a mistrial at this point. If she doesn’t, at least, allow a surrebuttal based on this, then, she will be reversed on appeal. Allowing new evidence during rebuttal is sufficient grounds for surrebuttal, at least.