Jodi Arias Trial – Day 5

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Prior to the afternoon recess, it was interesting to see Flores finally admitting he was “Mistaken” in his earlier statements, and his conflicting sworn testimony relating to the ME. Was he also mistaken when he mentioned “multiple intruders” and “possibly a robbery” in his initial reports, before he got gang-banged by Searle and his Muppets? Go figure.

This afternoon should be interesting. Prepare for another trademark Martinez meltdown as another one of his key witnesses come off the rails big time. Priceless.

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  1. Here are my theories – not that I am correct – just my opinion. I dated a man like Travis, so I can only speak from personal experience.

    I think Travis was one way with his friends and another way with Jodi.

    I think he was a narcissist and a sociopath. I think he liked being in control of her emotions – playing her like a puppet on a string. He played on her insecurities. He didn’t want her to be with anyone else, yet he didn’t want her for a wife. Trust me – that really messes with your head!

    I think when he found out that she was going to see Ryan Burns, he knew he was losing control of her and didn’t want her to be with anyone else. So, I think he convinced her to come see him to get his control back.

    I think Jodi, who was obviously in love with this man, thought perhaps there was a chance for their relationship to get back on track. So, she went to see him.

    I think she DID drop the camera, I think he DID try to lunge at her while calling her mean names (like whore, bitch, slut, stupid, etc.), and that pulled a trigger in her of all the things he had said / done meanly in their relationship.

    That’s when I believe she fought back and stabbed him in the heart. I do not think this attack was premeditated.

    Please remember that even though Travis was stabbed, he probably had a LOT of adrenaline running through his body, was in survival mode, and still very strong. That will help everyone to understand WHY I think what happened next.

    I think that he got to the sink, was bleeding, called her more names, and she stabbed him in the back. I am betting that he turned around and lunged at her again. I think that is when she ran down the hallway to get away from him. During that run, I think he tried to tackle her again (that would explain her palm print on the wall). She used her palm on the wall to hold herself up.

    At that point, I think she may have slit his throat to stop him. Then, I think she got the gun.

    I am not sure she dragged him back to the bathroom area from the hall. He may have pulled himself (remember the adrenaline) along the floor to get her again. Then, I think she shot him to stop him.

    I do believe that she was remorseful when she put him in the shower and washed him off. When she realized that he was dead, I think she got into panic mode. That’s when she started taking the bed sheets off the bed, the clothes, etc. to wash them and erase a trace of her being there.

    I think when she then traveled to see Ryan, she was in “cover up” mode. There is no way she COULD have acted anything but normal – she didn’t want to bring suspicion on herself.

    So, where did she make her biggest mistake? When she called and then spoke to the detective at such length. She should have known the call was being recorded. Once again, though, I think she was trying to act normal as to not bring any suspicion on herself.

    I think the jury is asking good questions. I think the defense is doing a good job of leading prosecution witnesses into a false sense of trust, which then leads to their confusion and saying things that contradict.

    So, what do you all think?

    • Great post! I don’t know about all the details of the struggle, but for the most part I think this theory of events is the one that fits the facts and makes the most sense.

    • I agree with your theory Nicole… I posted mine last night, and ours were quite similar. Also similar, and probably why I see right through Travis, is my ex was also so much like him… Charmer, I call him a con, but people just loved him. Behind closed doors he was a totally different person. Controlling, mentally and verbally abusive, arrogant, uber motivated by financial success, narcissistic, highly sexual on a superficial level, etc… But, the community loved, loved him… I, therefore, like Jodi, only spoke of him in a positive manner, because I felt like people in our circle would never think he could be that person. Also, at the time, I had no self-confidence/esteem… He made sure of that. Knowing what I know now,and from experience, I can pick these kind out right away… And sadly, there are many, many Travis’s in the world, and just as many, if not more, Jodi’s…
      I also 100% agree with your theory about her behavior following the crime. I think she did try to cover it up. She acted normal to keep suspicion off of her. As I described above, she’s a smart girl, she knew how well regarded Travis was, and rightfully so, probably assumed she wouldn’t be believed. We know his friends/colleagues hero worshipped him, and didn’t like her…She did the math.

    • Agree with you. A guy who gets off on a 28 year old he claims is stalking him sounding like a 12 year old when she has an orgasm over the phone, the way he fantasized about tying her up to a tree and you know, the shirt he bought her, the way he looked down on her, and his attitude.

      Look at his old myspace page… his interests were money, women, and power. His favorite books were: Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Slight Edge, Richest Man in Babylon, You were Born Rich, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Atlas Shrugged. Fav movie? The Secret, hahahaha. And girls are saying how deep his thoughts were. I didn’t see any Joyce, Orwell, Asimov, Dick, Hemingway, Orwell, Ballad, Steinbeck, Swift, or even any Chaucer. Not the deepest guy… he didn’t read Finnegan’s Wake or A Modest Proposal(I’m guessing.)

      He’s all about power and image. So people who claim she’s shallow, well, she’s more vulnerable and easily manipulated. Why? I’m sure she was an insecure narcissist to an extent, and girls like that are the easiest to control BY ACCIDENT even. Look how fast she converted to Mormonism for him. His job is also a scam and his religion is a cult… so if he had excelled so quickly without college, well, it’s easy if you’ll rip off old people who don’t know any better.

      Did he deserve to die? I don’t care. The way he lied to his friends about her, and then wanted to still bang her while calling her stuff like 3 hole wonder and crap… the world won’t miss him unless you’re one of his pathetic friends who’s just a lackey. And he was a racist. People are so fast to demonize the killer, well, as a guy… I can make a pretty good educated guess on why she went Predator on him. That means there was a lot of crap that she had gone through(moving there, changing religions, not being white enough, etc…) So I hope she gets off. You can tell he wasn’t born with money or class or else he would not have been how he was. Class is something you’re born with, and the way he talked to her is indicative of a guy lacking.

      • The stalking thing is fishy, imo. If he thought it was her that slashed his tires and was stalking him, why would he sleep with her? It’s more likely he explained his contact with her by saying she was stalking him.

      • I tend to agree with Kyle’s assessment of Travis, and of the relationship between Travis and Jodi. However, part of the reason I have been following this site and posting on it is that I can’t stand the way Nancy Grace and her ilk are convicting JA based on emotional reactions rather than evidence. If I declare her innocent based on the fact that Travis was a creep, I’m no better than they are.

        Self defense makes the most sense to me, given the facts that I already know. But I still think the defense needs to demonstrate that there was a pattern of abuse – not just a few times that he called her ugly names – as well as explain why in the world she stole her grandparents’ gun and took it with her on this trip.

        Neither TA nor JA sounds emotionally stable, and their relationship – on both sides – was far from healthy. My mind remains open to the evidence.

    • Was in a relationship like that myself years ago too. I think your theory is a good one. The ME was a state witness and very reluctant to say travis could move about. Nevertheless he did. I do think they were fighting. Since they cant determine the sequence, and now their credibility is shot, I wonder if she did shoot him first. I think that would have been better in terms of self defense. I think that she was defending herself, and they were fighting and at one point she lost it. Hence we see this “overkill” theory. But would she have lost it had he not been abusive? No.

    • Nicole, that don’t make sense. You said you believe she slit his throat and then he maybe pulled himself along the floor to the bathroom from adrenaline and that’s when she shot him. There’s no way he could have got up or dragged himself after his throat was slashed. They said he may have been able to lift his arm and head for a few seconds then he’d be dead.

      CJ, they said the shot was last because there was no blood in his mouth, brain or in the wound because his heart was not pumping blood because he died after the neck slice. If the shooting was when he was alive his heart would have been pumping blood therefore, there would have been bleeding especially in the brain since the bullet went through the brain.

      • So why did Detective Flores swear years before otherwise based on real convos he had with the ME? While he seemed strong on cross, I thought he was coached the night before.

        • Sorry, I meant to say – swear in testimony that he was shot first. He did converse with the ME. How did that get all mixed up?

          But thanks for explaining the medical aspects to me because it’s not easy to understand. I thought the ME said he couldn’t determine the sequencing at trial? I get what you are saying though.

    • Your theory makes sense accept for the fact that he was shot as well as being stabbed multiple times. If this was not pre-meditated than why would she have a gun and knife on her person? If it is true that Travis lunged at her because of dropping the camera, then she would have had to have a gun and a knife concealed on her person according to the events that we know are true. Also, the photo that was taken supposedly when the camera hit the floor was actually only taken four feet from the floor according to experts. That is about at the hip. So when the first accidental photo was taken Jodi was holding the camera.

  2. Oh my!! Detective Flores didn’t think the sequencing of events was that important?? It could mean the difference to Jodi Arias between life and death! I believe it was very gracious of Mr. Nurmi to ask for recess at this time so that he did not blow up in front of everyone at that answer.

      • I agree. He’s fantastic. It’s almost funny – you can tell when the defense has “scored a point”, because Martinez just loses it. If I were a juror, I wouldn’t be able to overlook that kind of thing.

    • I think the defense poked big holes in the sequence of events today. That is crucial considering they are saying Travis wouldn’t have been able to walk around after the stabbings. All that blood looks more to me like he was running around the place. They want us to believe Jodi dragged his body down the hall and back again? Naw. He was frantically running around. Probably trying to kill her.

      • Hi Sam, I have been at huffpost viewing all the pictures… the newest ones are very gruesome as they show TA in the shower after the events.. but I see no evidence on the tiles on the floor of him being dragged anywhere and I still have not seen the picture of where they are supposed to show Ms Arias dragging his body.

          • Hi CJ, I think that the picture the media is trying to present as Ms Arias dragging the body, is in fact another angle of the body in the shower. The head is at the top, slumping to the right, showing right shoulder with lots of blood and right arm below. The “footprint” at the bottom is pooled blood as well. The wall is very white which is consistent in other pictures by only the shower in the house. The walls in the rest of the house seem to be a golden colour of some kind and the walls in the bathroom and hallway seem to be a light brown textured wallpaper. Also there are other pictures that show his body slumped in the shower and it is very clear there is a dark green robe hanging on the door right outside the shower. This is consistent with the dark green/blue grainy area on the left side of the picture. I do not believe he was dragged anywhere.
            There is also a picture of a hole in a wall that seems to be consistent with a bullet hole, yet the coroner testified he dug the bullet out of TA’s cheek.
            JA has admitted to killing TA but at this point I do believe it is a clear case of self defense.
            The camera, when dropped. took a picture of the ceiling.

          • In addition to my previous comment, the picture of TA in the shower when he was alive shows him to be angry in my eyes. His eyes are dark and glaring and his face looks tense. I don’t think it would have taken him a hell of a lot at that point to set him off.

          • Debbie, I think he looks angry in that picture too, rather than sad or scared as people on other websites suggest. I can imagine this scenario: Jodi opens the shower door as Travis is finishing his shower in order to take a funny/candid photograph. She accidentally drops the camera and he is none too pleased, maybe calls her a “stupid bitch” or something along those lines and confronts her physically, leading her to feel threatened.

        • There is no visible blood in the shower except what’s on the body. I’ve read on other sites people wondering how Jodi cleaned herself up and that they think Jodi stood in the shower with the body and washed herself off. There isn’t much room in that shower stall for much else. It’s ludicrous to think that she stood in there showering herself off along with his body. I thought it was interesting that a jury question was did they test the shower walls for blood, using i’m guessing luminol or whatever its called, and the answer was no. No tests done in the shower for blood. I thought that was odd.

          • Hi Trixels, According to forensics testimony there was blood stains in the bathroom sink on the main floor as well and it looks like there is a tub with a shower in that bathroom. I highly doubt that she would have stood basically on him to shower, there was not much room in the stand up stall.

  3. So we were led to believe for years that he was shot first. It changed when she changed her defense. Shooting first and stabbing later would be better in terms of self defense. But why would that matter when she’s lying saying two intruders did it.

    So when she changed her defense to self defense, the prosecutor changed his theory to make it look like it wasnt self defense.

    I’m not buying any of this now.

    • Don’t quote me on this, but I think the prosecutor changed his theory because in AZ the, state has all the burden to prove it wasn’t self defense. This is what I’ve heard, but I do not know for sure.

      • Seems strange how you can custom fit a conviction. I understand burden of proof is on the prosecution.
        But, if you can change you story of events as long as it’s helpful to your case, why can’t she do the same?

        • Thats why I’m here instead of talking on a pro-prosecution board. Prosecutors secure convictions by leaving out exculpatory evidence all the time. Innocent people and guilty people go away with sentences they didn’t deserve because of over zealous prosecutors. It’s very hard for me trust their evidence when what happened today happens.

          • I agree with you especially after recently watching a show last week on 48 hours Mystery about Anthony Graves. He spent 18 yrs in prison (in Texas) falsely convicted of 6 murders and was on death row. Then there was the atrocious debacle of the West Memphis 3. There is a lot of over zealous prosecution’s happening out there, many more that we aren’t aware of.

      • You are correct. That was explained on in session Monday – that the burden of proof that she wasnt defending herself is on the state in a self defense case in AZ.

    • I think it was an awesome day. They proved that the state can’t be trusted in terms of the sequencing. They just created reasonable doubt IMO.

    • I think the defense had a good day too – now HLN would beg to differ, I’m sure. They’re always shrieking about how great the prosecution (in ANY trial) is and never gives the defense an iota of credit.

  4. i cant see why its so impotent to say the gunshot was first? what if it was lest like the the state is claiming? cant the defense still say that he was shot lest and she was still afraid of him and shot him?

    i seems like im missing the story the defense tries to proof…

    please give me an explanation

    • There was just a hearing, after the trial concluded for the day. The defense asked for a mistrial, and as best I can tell it was based on the fact that the original indictment against JA included that she shot him first and then stabbed him. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know if I’m explaining that correctly, but that would explain why there has been so much made of the sequence of events the last few days. The judge denied the motion.

      • I think its still good for the defense. If the lead detective and prosecutor submitted sworn statements that they later retracted in court, the jury will have trouble trusting more information they put forth.

      • Eli, I think the sequence of events (whether he was shot first or stabbed first) matters because of the medical examiner’s testimony. The prosecution is claiming Jodi dragged Travis’s body all over the place and that he died very shortly after being stabbed. And that the gunshot isn’t what killed him. The medical examiner testified that it was very unlikely Travis would have been able to move around after the fatal injuries were inflicted.

        The defense managed to show that initially, it was thought that he was shot first. Exactly when that changed is relevant if they can show it changed after Jodi claimed self-defense.

        If he was shot first, he could have been chasing Jodi around which would make the self-defense claim more plausible. I’m sure the prosecution does not want anyone to think that is what happened.

        • While I agree that the prosecution likely changed their theory because Jodi claimed self defense, and I hope the defense is able to show this to the jury, but I hope they’re careful about how they go about discrediting the State’s new sequence of events…If they come right out and call them on it, the State could fire back and point out Jodi’s story changes, useing their words against them, ultimately losing the jury on this… Hopefully they can weave it in, have it come out through other means, allowing the jury to see it… Kinda like they came up with it on their own… Maybe the defense already did that today, I’m just now starting todays testimony… Hope so, sounds like the defense had a pretty good day from what I’ve read. Especially, since they were successful in getting the ME to admit he could’ve been able to move following the stab wounds.

          I know a lot of poster’s have said, if he was shot first it’s more beneficial to the self defense claim, however, I see it as the other way around… For one reason only, it makes more sense to me that a knife would’ve been more easily accessible to Jodi, being that the attack was so sudden. I’m not so sure it’s plausible that a gun would’ve been right there and easily accessible, considering the circumstances… in the shower, during sexual play, that recently included a knife to tie her up. Also, according to the evidence, it fits that after/during the stabbing Jodi probably ran into the bedroom to retrieve the gun from her purse. Which also would’ve given Travis the opportunity to come down the hall, toward the bedroom. Of course, there’s other theories, which could include the gun being used first, and still support self defense…

          • Yep, I agree with you, starsky. Knife first/gun last seems more plausible for self-defense for me as well, because a knife would typically be closer at hand than a gun.

          • Only problem with shooting him after stabbing him is it makes it look like coupe de’ grace. Either sequence it will be a challenge explaining the number of wounds, and multiple weapons.

  5. The photo of Jodi supposedly dragging Travis is on Huffington Post Crime now. I think prosecutor is reaching – I cant see anything in this photo, maybe I’m not seeing it right?

    I agree a lot with Nicole. I think Travis did a spectacular job of fooling everyone. Just as Kyle said – look at his interest, his favorite books, ect.. Can’t this be used in court?! Everyone’s saying, “Oh people are attacking this guy who can’t defend himself!”. Well, take a look at his personal stuff.

    I think what Kyle shared alone speaks volumes for Travis’ character.

    I’m still completely open to evidence here and I don’t think anyone should have been murdered, but I’m sitting on Jodi’s side at this point. Mental abuse is just as affective as physical abuse and if the courts disagree I think it’s total bull.

    In one of Travis’ writings he describes his mother’s mental abuse when he was a child. He knew it’s affect and he found the right type of woman; I bet he made her feel so small and insignificant. She finally lost it…but I could be completely wrong?

    All of these people keep asking, “If Travis was so abusive, why would Jodi go back to him?”. Are these people stupid? That happens everyday!! Example: The man says, “I’m sorry, I won’t do that to you ever again.”. She goes back. And it happens again. It can be an endless cycle until its either too late or she gets a support system and realizes what she needs to do and get’s out.

    I know men can be abused too, so I am not saying it’s only women, simply just reacting to this specific case and what I’m hearing.

    Sorry for the ranting – just wanted join the conversations. Have learned a lot on this site. Very informative. More people should try to see both sides and visit this page. They might be surprised what they learn.

  6. Ok I’ve come up with my own theory of what went down that horrible night when Jodi feared for her life.
    Travis called Jodi the day before said to her he was so sorry and it would never happen again. Jodi believed him like women who are abused often do. She took a gun with her from her grandparents house because she had to travel across the desert at night. Travis was nice at first. They had sex. Jodi picked up Travis camera but she dropped it and that set him off. He smacked jodi. Jodi hit the floor. She got up and ran to the kitchen and got a knife. Travis taunted her and said “You don’t have the guts to use that” he lunged at her and Jodi stabbed him. again he lunged and Jodi stabbed again. There is a struggle for knife and jodi drops the knife. He lunges at her and jodi grabs the knife. this time she is hysterical and she stabs him multiple times. I don’t know in which order the gun was used maybe she made it back to bedroom and used the gun. Jodi knowing nobody would believe her. She gathered up the bedding and dropped it on the floor which was covered with blood. She scooped it up and camera was inside it and put it in the washing machine and started it. She went back to shower and washed up and changed.

      • Having said that, Jon, the ME stated that there was no stipple around the gunshot wound so the gun was not fired at very close range. I am not familiar with guns so I would have no idea how far a casing might travel when a bullet is fired, however the casing was found below the sink on the floor in the bathroom.

          • I have wondered that from the start myself. What the easiest explanation for me on the amount of damage, and multiple types of injuries/weapons used for a self defense claim, is that after prolonged abuse that once the attack started, she slipped into a rage, or fugue state, and essentially went into overkill mode leaving nothing to chance. I guess you would have to be in her shoes to know what seemed excessive at the time. I have heard of people being shot or stabbed multiple times, with more than one fatal wound continue to fight on pure addrenaline. Also being as much smaller than him as she was, she decidedhe really had to lay the hammer down so to speak, or risk being killed herself. Although my guess would be that virtually no thought process happened, and carnal fight or flight instinct took over.

          • I don’t know CJ but I can’t help wondering if during all the ruckus if TA didn’t grab JA’s arm in the bathroom and said something like ” here bitch you wanna kill me?” and pulled the knife across his throat using her hand…maybe I watch too much tv lol

  7. I just want to say something. I was reading the Amazon boards on Jose’s book. Jason and Foxfire are from there. They admitted it. We should have known.

  8. kyle..I absolutely agree with you. travis was as shallow as they come.he used his “mormonism” as a way to con people. all his friends seem really uneducated as well. koolaid drinking followers with that cult like mentality. i don’t think there is any doubt that this guy had a terribly dark dirty cruel side to him….and had anger issues. interestingly, the mormon girl he was going to cancun with said she had no romantic interest in him at all. i am guessing she was a true mormon and found him to be a womanizing fake. most of his posts began and ended with “money” talk. he really came off as a total low brow con. btw both his parents were meth heads and he had something like 7 siblings. apparently he had a very miserable upbringing. but clearly this man was not religious at all. it was a tool for him. none the less he died a horrible death. i do believe he was abusive to did a mormon , con, chubby, 5 foot 9 inch unsophisticated, uneducated man score with a woman who on face value appears articulate and beautiful. obviously we know now she was unstable.
    the idea that this guy thought he was powerful and “rich”…he worked for a pyramid company and had 5 roommates for crying out loud. he had borrowed 6000. from a friend. still want to know how she did it…that’s a lot of dead weight to drag around for a small woman. why was the camera in the washing machine. how did the 5 other people not notice anything for more than 5 days.???

  9. What amazes me is the media frenzy to condemn and convict Jody Arias. Thank god a website like this one exists to provide an alternative view of what happened and why things got out of control and lead to murder. It seems that nearly all the high powered legal analysts in the media have already concluded that Jody Arias is a pathological killer and she deserves to be severely punished regardless of any legitimate reasons for the murder happening. Nancy Grace and Pat Brown have gone so far as to state that Jody’s physical attractiveness will not and should save her from the gallows. There has been so much bashing of Jody’s appearance that other more pertinent issues related to her guilt or innocence are left buried. I can’t help but feel that there is a strong underlying bias against Jody simply because she is an attractive woman who somehow has offended the social norms of proper female etiquette. The crime scene of massive injuries to Travis inflames a hostile reaction from a lot of women in the media because it crosses their line of comfort and reason. Hopefully, the jury will hear and see the bigger picture, and not base their findings on a shallow interpretation of the facts.

    • Trula, I agree with your entire post! In regard to the crime scene photos/photos of Travis’s body that are all over the Internet, I do think that their release is intended to create a hostile reaction from the public. I have NEVER seen photos as graphic as the ones of Travis’s corpse so readily available on popular websites. It’s highly disturbing and I think the media has an agenda there.

  10. Ok. I am way behind and started with the day 5 video. I don’t have time to watch it all, does anyone remember what kind of car jodi rented? like how big was the gas tank?

    Looking through the receipts they have shown…why does she spend $41.18 in gas at 03:57 am and then turn right around (same date/place) at 04:05 am and spend $36.98 in fuel???

    Was she fueling up more than one car?

    • Wow BeeCee – thats a really, really interesting question.
      I think you blew my mind.

      Throughout this trial I keep feeling like someone else had to be involved, but remind myself that Jodi admitted to doing this (alone), since it was self defense. Maybe if she admitted someone was involved it would blow the self defense case? Or prove the premeditated case?

      I havent been able to watch the trials; just read updates on here. Really glad you brought this up. I would love to see if anyone has an answer.

  11. I’m catching up on parts of the trial that I missed. Regarding Jodi going to Redding instead of Yreka to rent a car; I live in a small town close to Jodi and I have had to go out of town to rent cars before. I wanted a small car and they only had large or midsize cars available. Yreka only has 2 car rental places so its likely they did not have what she wanted. Also I do believe that Enterprise, one of the two rental places in Yreka, does not allow you to take the car out of state or maybe they do with additional charges. It is not suspicious that she rented a car at Budget rentals where the daily rate is usually cheaper than Hertz and Enterprise.

    • Yes, this is exactly what I thought. Also, they said there was no Budget in Yreka but there was in Redding. YES, If I remember correctly Budget because is less expensive overall. I think they are making too big a deal out of that.

  12. I’m not sure why so much is being said by the prosecutor about Jodi trying to clean up the blood by trying to wash it away. The whole bathroom is covered in it. It makes no sense that she is going to clean up an area with water when the whole room and bathroom is covered in it. There was obviously going to be water on the floor that most likely came from the open shower door since we know she was photographing Travis in the shower with the door open. Does anyone have an idea why he keeps stressing that point, that she tried to clean it up?

    • I don’t know either. If it was that important, and she did it, she would have done a better job and not left an alleged palm print, which I haven’t seen yet. If she did it in self-defense, then she would not be thinking straight and wouldn’t clean up very well….

      Also, My personal opinion is that he didn’t know the first pictures were being taken (no flash, poor quality) and DID get angry in the last one. He does look very angry to me, not sad like a bunch of people think.

      Unless it wasn’t jodi taking the picture…..then i guess it could be fear….nah…doesn’t really look like fear or sad to me.

  13. Hello everyone, well I can honestly say the media had me fooled! I’m glad I had a chance to c this website. This Is just a question y’all do y’all think someone else done this? I mean in the police interviews if I remember correctly she kept saying she didn’t do it. Could by chance the prosecutors could have tampered with the dates on the pictures and the friends of his that found him how the one girl that testified how bad it smelled in the whole house. How can they have not smelled that smell? Another question does anybody know her personal here on this site? U can tell me none of my business I was just asking. Bless her heart! I feel bad for her.

  14. Hi Sexy Indian,

    I think many who frequent this site have different theories. I haven’t been able to figure out what I believe yet. It’s the throat-slashing that has me really confused. It seems like Jodi is protecting someone, too. Otherwise I’d call it as self-defense.

    As far as I know there has only been one commenter who knows her personally. You can see his comment here:

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