Jodi Arias Trial – Day 49

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I guess that when the state’s witness has basically been paid (and coached) to turn up and say the other 2 expert witnesses were talking total BS, then the direct testimony of Janeen DeMarte was always gonna be short & sweet. Even Heather Conner (the latent print examiner) spent 5 times longer testifying about a few fingerprints & TA’s undergarments – but I digress.

Juan Martinez & Janeen DeMarte 4-16

So following the start of the cross yesterday – which terse to say the least – Jennifer is already well on her way to accomplishing her initial Team Jodi mission of derailing DeMarte’s credibility – and with relative ease.

There was also a drastic difference in DeMarte’s replies to Jennifer. I guess that’s the difference between scripted & unscripted?

It’s not that DeMarte is clueless… far from it in fact. No doubt she’s awesome at arranging stuff and organizing people. It’s just that she has very limited knowledge & experience of PTSD, amnesia and battered woman’s syndrome. Yes or no?

And with reviewing disability claimants, coupled with her AZ state hospital gigs in 2009, her supervised evaluations, and a license to do stuff granted in mid-2010 — she’s trying to come across as an accomplished expert in an area where she isn’t. As far as I know, DeMarte was still in diapers when ALV got her masters degree – but I guess that has little to do with it really.

Strangely enough, it reminds me of Dr Richard Samuels famous one-liner to Martinez a few weeks ago, where he told him: “You have no knowledge in this area!”

Let’s see how it all unfolds today.

Remember the ammunition, and forget the stripper pole… for now at least.

Leave your comments below on trial day 49 of this judicial farce…

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    • Good morning JoshDavis…

      Congrats for being #1

      Not sure what the super prize is for today for being number one…LOL…

      • Wow thanks you guys on congratulating me on being number #1 this morning.
        I guess if I had a choice of a prize today it would be a large pitcher of Margaritas
        so we can all play a drinking game.
        Everyone take a drink every time Dr Demarte’s compassionate mouth takes a sip
        of water…
        We would be sooooooooooooo DRUNK!

        On that note, Expect Fireworks today as I am super confident
        Jennifer is going nail that condescending bitches ass to the back of
        the courtroom wall.

        Can’t wait!!!
        you guys are awesome by the way!

  1. Okay so just wondering, if Baby doc does 8 to 16 evaluations per week, as she stated, and each of these evaluations take lets say 4 to 6 hours, that would have her working 32 to 64 hours per week, or 48 to 96 hours. So my question is her practice seems to be just evaluating people, because I see very little time for therapy.
    Also according to wildabouttrial, no juror questions from yesterday-speculations?

    • Agree! I’ll give her props for her education, that’s great and all, but she seems to be one that would rather organize and train students rather than be in it to help people that need therapy. The fact that she would “sometimes” have a “little” compassion for children that are victims of abuse says more than anything else, IMHO.
      And while there is a need for people in that field to organize and teach, putting her out there as some expert with her baby credentials and obvious lack of experience due to her age, is comical to say the least. Fact is, she was probably still in her mother’s womb as Dr. S and ALV were getting their degrees.
      Here’s my thinking, with my first child I constantly pulled out my baby books to find out what a certain rash could be, why she was spitting up, why she wouldn’t sleep, why she was sleeping more than normal, yaddayadda. By the time my fourth child was born, I didn’t pick those books up more than one or two times at most. Why? EXPERIENCE taught me more than anything else.

          • This is not on subject, and therefore subject to a beyond-th-scope objection, but I have been thinking about something you said yesterday about her accent, Also. You called it posh, which struck me, as my impressions of her were not focused on that.

            Please indulge me as it might take a bit of space to make my point.

            The US prides itself on its class fluidity, and indeed, I think that it is one of our greatest strengths. Class over consciousness is toxic in my view. We struggle with race relations, and I believe we are making progress. We are also highly regionalized, and these issues affect the cultures of our regions to varying degrees. I grew up in a place that is not highly class conscious, and spent my young adulthood in a place in the US that was much more so.

            DeMarte grew up in El Paso, TX, and she appears to be Tejana. She went to UMass, Amherst. She spent her youth in a racially aware place, with a triangulation of cultures that would occupy several doctoral theses. Then, at an impressionable (and approximate) 18, she moved to Amherst. She moved to Amherst to attend UMass. Not Amherst. I don’t know Amherst, Mass., but I know people who attended Amherst College. Let’s suffice it to say that I’m sure every student at UMass is aware of what coming in second place in a 2 man race feels like. Similarly, she went on to Michigan State University in East Lansing. Which is not (No matter how much JM thinks it might be) the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. One thing that we Americans allow ourselves to be snobby about is education. DeMarte appears to have given in to this vice without reservation. But there’s one thing about attaching one’s self esteem to the object of his snobbery: You’d better be a connoisseur. Or be able to hang. Or whatever.

            When I hear DeMarte’s accent I don’t just hear an immature, cocksure rookie. I hear a highly conflicted striver who never quite grasped the golden ring. I hear someone whose language is a mash up of a scared non white Westerner thrust into a New England world where she might understand the words, but she is searching for the meaning. Overlay that with a stint in a highly competitive academic environment at a second-best state school, maybe add in some racial self hatred (or at least ambivalence) for good measure, and you’ve got this mess.

            • P.S. I don’t think that she is smarter than Jodi is. More supportive family? Probably. Better at softball?Almost certainly. Smarter? Not a chance.

              PPS- Wilmott has just about everybody in the courtroom beat, in my estimation

              • Her voice sounds very affected, maybe I notice it more because I’m British, I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound natural at all.

              • This is really a nasty thing to say but seeing how Mr. Martinez treated Jodi and the Defense witnesses for the past three months, I kinda wish J. Willmont would treat this NEW Expert Witness of Juans the same way he treated the previous Defense’s witnesses. Just one time I would like to see Jennifer tear this expert witness down, piece by piece. Just like he did to Alyce L.

                • I felt the same way Sharon, but then thought.. no no dont.. cuz we dont want her to seem at all like JM.. JW was polite and said good morning.. Ms. DeMarte.(Or Dr. not sure) . and smiled etc.. Did you ever hear JM say good morning to Dr. Samuels..( hell, you cant even get him to call him Dr. and that is such disrespect.) . or good afternoon Ms. LaViolette.. none of that.. He was just plain disrepectful of these experts..

              • THTO, I think she would–it just how she is–arrogant, too full of herself, no empathy or compassion. Her eyes are steely and cold.

                • Martinez could learn a lot about examing and cross examing from Nurmi, Jennifer and Jose Biaz!
                  No yelling at everybody and not a laughing ass alown.

      • yes people are needed to teach, but being a teacher takes even more patience and compassion, which Ms. demarte appears to lack. one of her own students fron 2007 stated she has no business teaching and not to take her class if you care about your grades.
        There are too many people in health care, in postions of power, who have no business being there. They lack experience, empathy, and have a over inflated ego. This woman is the epitome of what’s wrong in our health care system today. She needs to stick to doing research papers, and have NO say in treatment if patients, especially domestic violence victims. Could you imagine her walking into your exam room after being sexually assaulted….makes me shudder to think of it.

          • Not trying to be a smart ass, its just I always like to know if I am using a saying correctly.

            Hear, hear vs. here, here

            Hear, hear (usually with a comma and set apart as a self-contained sentence) is the conventional spelling of the colloquial exclamation used to express approval for a speaker or sentiment. It’s essentially short for hear him, hear him or hear this, hear this, where these phrases are a sort of cheer.

            Here, here is widely regarded as a misspelling, although it is a common one, and there are ways to logically justify its use. But for what it’s worth, hear, hear is the original form (the Oxford English Dictionary cites examples going back to the 17th century) and is the one listed in dictionaries. English reference books mention here, here only to note that it’s wrong.

            • I think of it as “hear ye, hear ye”. Town Criers yelled it at the top of their news to get everyone’s attention while strolling the streets with the latest. But first, they rang a hand-held bell.

              Now the way you mean it might have originated as a form of agreement in an organized group or body, “hear hear” – a condensed version of “hear ye” meaning “ditto here”, indicating that the utterer is in accord with the person who has the floor and wants everyone else to listen to the point being made.

              Someone suggested that Judge Stephens should have a gavel and I agree. She ought to use it whenever JM’s voice hits a certain level on the decibel meter. Old-fashioned decorum is never really out of date when considering the human factor.

      • this little bitchy woman…. is definitely messing up. She seems a bit too hard faced, to be giving therapy. She needs to look for a while a Dr. Samuels, and get a idea of what it means to help people in the field of psychology

    • having had evaluations,they do not note the 4-6 hours she’s saying they do. she’s saying that to make it look like she has more experience than she does.I don’t like her
      She has very little real experience in the real world.Her conclusions are as wrong as this entire travesty of an investigation /trial has’s disgusting

      • I’m sure evaluations would take more than 4 to 6 hours, I just came up with those numbers to give her a reasonable work week, however if you take into account she took 12 hours to evaluate JA, then her work week of 8 to 16 evaluations per week according to her testimony, would be impossible to work as there are only 168 hours per week.

          • I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy, well I can make an exception.. the initials JM come to mind!

            I bet he’s taking her to dinner every night and coaching her.

            • Well they have photos of Alyce an JW out to lunch. I want to see the
              same of JM an This kid at lunch too ! Oh that is right this side we do
              not STALK an hunt down people like the We love Travis side does.

              How strange is that? they claim we are the physco’s! because we
              see some discrepancies in the side of Travis being a SAINT. An
              the whole day of June 4th 2008. An what went down that day.

  2. Good morning guys and great post SJ. Thats right, “You have NO knowledge in this area” and Im excited to see JW expose her, I cant wait to see her face. Lol

    You know that your a real Jodi Arias lover when you make your kids shots apt at 7:45 so that you dont miss a minute of the trial! !! My husband was laughing at me this morning cuz I didn’t want to get up, but oh well it’ll be worth it! !! I hope! ! See ya ltr.

    • LOL yeah my best friend thinks I’m obsessed at this point(“honey you are obsessed”) because I’ve been doing the same thing. I went to Lowes during the afternoon break and I rushed home and made him go pick up my youngest from daycare even though it was on our way home.
      I don’t post much but always read all the posts and lmao at you guys. I have never visited the hater sites because I know they are screwed up in the head!! I have no desire to even go there and be exposed to their kind of thinking!!!
      To me this trial is a sad example of what our society has come to;( Reality TV) bullying to get your way, misconstruing or seeing what you want despite the evidence, and lack of compassion/empathy, putting oneself in another person’s shoes. It took only 5 seconds of NG and I started watching for myself, I wanted to know facts NOT HER OPINION!!!!! She made me sick!!! Talk about biased@@@@@@@@!!!!!!

    • Soooo true! I’m finding myself planning my day’s around the trial… house cleaning totally down the tubes! I tried just listening, but then I don’t get to see Jodi or JW; so stopped that…oh well I guess in the month of May (hopefully)….

      • You’re all lucky it comes on in the day time, I can’t count the number of late nights I’ve had~~looking haggard 🙁 in fact I fell asleep sitting up in the dentist’s waiting room last week–it took him 2 attempts to wake me!! 😀

        And there’s a great possibility this circus is going to go on and on and on.. I’ll lend up looking ninety at this rate!

      • My house cleaning went down the tubes somewhere in February. I have been revolving my entire life around the trial. I do my house work Saturday or Friday evening (if the trial is not on that is). When I make meals for myself, I always put my laptop on the kitchen counter when I can hear and see what is going on.

    • Haha, good planning on the shots!

      I’m going on vacation next week and while that’s great & all…I’m going to miss everything!!!!

    • And shes getting paid the same thing the other experts were $300 bucks an hour, … and the grief Dr Samuels and AL have taken over what they were getting paid..

  3. Let’s do another caption game! What is Kermit saying in the above photo?

    “Just do what The Prosecutor says. You’re not following The Prosecutor’s instructions, and it’s making The Prosecutor get upset.”

  4. Caption ” I get that drinking water seems like a “human” thing to do, but if you keep drinking it like that and not having to use the bathroom, your making it even more obvious that your a robot. Your absence of of real human emotion was already starting to show.”

  5. It’s very clear to me atleast, I’m no expert, but it’s very clear that Dr Demarte’s purpose was different than the defense. She even stated she went to evaluate Jodi on a question which I can’t recall off the top of my head but she went for a very specific purpose to answer a question the prosecution presented. Honestly, I can see how Jodi does have borderline personality disorder because during her testimony she did externalixe blame for example the interview to inside edition on the jail guard which I found odd and also some of the problems with her relationships. BUT this actually goes to strengthen her case in some ways. How does someone like Jodi connect what happened on June 4 without being traumatized? How does she connect the ideas of what happened in her mind that she killed Travis when she has seen herself as a person that throughout her life hasn’t hurt anyone? Also, how does she handle that in her mind when even according to this doctor she displays levels of immaturity. AND doesn’t this go to how Travis preyed on certain type of women: young, immature, needy, and who knows how much more? Her evaluation was very superficial and consisted of lots of testing. I don’t think Dr Demarte’s evaluations considered how these symptoms and conditions overlap with one another. She is very black and white. In some ways it’s good but at the same time there is also the human factor consisting of emotions and differences that exist amongst all of us. I think though she’s got experience its very limited because she hasn’t practiced for that long. Also, managing teams or supervising others is very different than doing the work yourself. She listed that as her experience but I think managing other people isn’t the same thing than conducting exams yourself. Also, I think that her not doing research on her own to cover her field kind of limits her objectivity of different psychological situations. Like I said there’s always the emotional and human factor involved and things aren’t always black and white. Like Alice laviolette said people are multidimensional. That’s more an accurate statement. Jodi’s not a monster because she may suffer from a disorder and once again Travis is not a saint because he followed the Mormon faith. These are not inclusive.

    • As someone else said here, people throw these labels around willy nilly, because it suits whatever they want to portray and its no different to that of the so called expert–its what Martinez has her there for, its obscene.
      I don’t think Jodi has a disorder any more than we do, but because she’s like a sitting duck in this circus of a trial and vulnerable from what she has been through in this past 5 years, just a whisper of a disorder and people soak it up–people seem to feel a sense of security out of something to label a person with, and apart from it being extremely unkind, its wrong IMO.

      If Jodi has a disorder then its more than likely each and every one of us fits SOme sort of disorder.

      • That’s true Heather1. Any of us can have a vast array of emotions-that’s why I think Dr Samuels has more experience diagnosing a patient than Demarte. He has seen many many many patients. It doesn’t compare. People will jump to conclusions. The media will eat it up but if you conduct some critical thinking and analysis AND DON’T TAKE THINGS AT FACE VALUE like Martinez and Demarte expect you can see the real theatrics of the case and this witness.

        • Ugh I can see just what she’s like, saw it from the start–people look what they are, at least I think so. That woman has a superiority complex for starters, apart from being extremely arrogant and cold–her eyes are hard.

          We are ALL beautiful people here, inside and out, I just know 🙂

    • Sorry, I don’t agree. i think Jodi’s “disorders” are a lot like mine. She had a lousy childhood with parents that were dysfunctional, overly restrictive, and downright abusive. She did really well in school, but instead of pursuing a college education, she took the first option that came along to get out of that house. That option was a loser guy who was also abusive. She was looking for a long-term relationship and a “daddy” figure for a while and she found one and did quite well. But he’d just gone through a divorce, already had a kid, and wasn’t quite ready to settle down. Jodi, raised a Christian, was looking for something spiritual to fulfill her, dabbled in varying things and then, got drafted into Mormonism which seemed HIGH on family values and community. It was exactly what she thought would fill all the voids in her life. She also met another wrong guy, and since she hadn’t had any therapy after childhood or the first wrong guy, she just didn’t know any better. She suffers from depression due to not being treated for her childhood abuse, or the abuse of these two guys. She feels empty and aimless because she didn’g have a a good supportive family. And she’s suffering from PTSD from all that she went through, most especially with the last loser. Those are her disorders.

      • Its shocking she should be blamed for something beyond her control, isn’t it and in publice too ontop of all this? I feel so very sorry for her, she looked so upset yesterday and fragile, my heart went out to her, I just wanted to hug her.

        • If you listen to Vladimir Gagic’s last broadcast, there’s a guy on there, Fenton Lawless, and he talks at length with Zoe (Pitchforks — who’s a psychologist, I think) while Vladimir is missing, about the ultimate betrayal Jodi must have felt from Travis. He recruited and converted her to Mormonism. He then baptized and sexed her. He served as her spirutual leader in her new religion and also taught her to have sex that seemed contrary to what she was learning. He cheated on her, demeaned her and abused her. Can you imagine the impact all of that must have had on her?

          • And now, with 4 years in jail, its sad beyond belief, I just hope she’ll recover 🙁

            What I would like to do to Martinez and his witnesses, is unprintable, especially to DeMarte.

            Mans inhumanity to man is beyond comprehension. How the hell they get like it, is beyond me.

      • Jodi’s problem was she was too nice for her own good. She is one of these people, kind of like me in a way, who wants to see the good in every person. However, there are people in the world who simply are no good or are too screwed up to be bothered with. A person like Jodi is a sitting duck for an abuser.

        • A mirror of me.. 🙁 I see so much of me in Jodi.

          But then, we’d rather be like us than the others…

          We have hearts..

  6. I couldn’t help but notice how calm and relaxed JM was in questioning Janeen, with the defense witnesses he yells, intimidates and rudely belittles them, ending each question by screaming “yes or no” or “right”?? And what in the world was he whispering in her ear? Isn’t that some type of improper procedure? Janeen is playing right along with his game, he has her in his back pocket. Of course when Jennifer started to question her she couldn’t even get it straight as far as basic education questions, she was ready to go at it with Jennifer right from the beginning. I hope Jennifer shreds her to pieces today and exposes her for what she really is — just being paid to say anything JM wants her to, even if it’s all lies and inventions. Go Jennifer — rip her to shreads!!

    • It proves that he has dual personality disorder to…he can pick and choose whom he wants to play nice with…prosecutorial misconduct…amen….

      • Yes, he’s an extremely vile piece of work and that’s an understatement. His handwriting tells a lot. And its ok for Him to cross something out, did you see it? But not ok for Jodi to cross out Friday and put Saturday instead.

  7. JT = Jodi Time, that’s cute.

    I have a question about yesterday, maybe someone can help me out. Yesterday when DeMarte was responding to a question by JW she something like how she was practicing at a certain time, even though she didn’t have her PhD yet and wasn’t a licensed psychologist. JW then asked her at what point do you start practicing, and DeMarte said once you become a psychologist, which is after you pass the certification exam. So DeMarte basically contradicted herself when she earlier said she was practicing before she had her PhD and had passed the exam. Instead of pointing this out, JW just wrote something or circled something on some paper she had beside her and moved on to the next question. I just thought it was strange she wouldn’t point out DeMarte’s contradiction. I this happen a couple of other times where JW caught DeMarte either contradicting herself or saying something inconsistent with what she previously said, and isntead of pointing it out, JW just wrote something down on her papers and moved on with other questions. So I am just wondering if JW is going to bring these thing up again at a later time? You know if something like this happened with a Defense witness when JM was questioning them, JM would be all over it. So I guess I’m just wondering why JW didn’t point out the inconsistencies and just moved on.

    • She should have jumped on it immediately, IMO. And just for fun, went at it like Juan. With “Only yes and no answers, and if the witness breathes, yell ” Judge MAKE THE WITNESS ANSWER THE QUESTION!1″

      I hope he rides a girl bike and falls on the cross bar.

      Thats my wish for today.

      • Haha, I wonder how the Judge would react to JW behaving like JM does when questioning defense witnesses. I bet JM would try to make the judge put a stop to it right away. I know it just isn’t JW’s style though to do such a thing. Well, at least JW has a growing list of things now that she can use against DeMarte if needed.

      • WHY would she give her the opportunity to clarify it? She already screwed up. It’s JM’s mess to mop up on redirect now. The jury is not stupid (well, at least not everyone on the jury is stupid). She can use the gaffe in her closing. Or any other time she wants. It’s not JW’s job to teach Miss DesMartepants how to be a good witness, to train her, or rub her nose it it. She is deploying classically professional and effective trial practice skills.

    • I saw that!

      And I wondered the same thing. Maybe JW is saving it for later.

      Couldn’t she be impeached with that?

      • That’s what I’m thinking, she’s listing as experience, work she had to do for school. I wonder how many of those evaluations she did in 2003, with only an undergrad degree, were done with her just sitting and observing.

      • I certainly didn’t think cross would begin as soon as it did. I think JW did a good job yesterday, but, I think today she will knock it out of the park more than once. She has had last night to line up the ducks in her mind. It’s going to be a good day for Jodi!!

        • Yes, that was just a taster..! 🙂 I’m looking forward to today’s hearing, well its another late night for me, my suitcases under my eyes are appearing, they were just bags before! That doc’s going to cop it from JW today, she won’t know what’s hit her! 🙂

      • I thought it was a brilliant way for JW to “highlight” the inconsistency to everyone – including the witness. I thought it was a brilliant, the quietness of the room with only JW slowly writing down on her papers the Dr’s inconsistent answer, it must have really made the Dr start thinking “what did I just say” and replaying her testimony over in her head. I thought JW was using it as a tacit to get inside the head of the shrink and break her down.

    • I think JW is a classy lady and she indicated the inconsistency so the jury could see it and draw their own conclusion. No need for showboating. She knows they are competent smart people. If they have questions about it they’ll ask Demarte when they get their turn.

      • Yeah, I was thinking that was a possibility, JW feels the jury will see it without having to point it out. Very different strategy than JM, which is actually a good thing.

  8. When did peoples differences in emotional maturity, and lifestyles become these monsters labelled as “personality disorders”? Dont get me wrong, I know people who are diagnosed with personality disorders and usually, they find out because something isnt going right in their lives, and after much investigation, and what not, they do find that there is some disassociation, or carried over undealt with problems that fall under that term.
    I am not even saying that Jodi does not have one. I think she probably does, and if not before the trial, definitely afterwards….

    But its just such a casually thrown around term today.

    • Personally, I don’t believe in most of the personality disorders. I think they’re just an easy way to give a classification to a person who has problems. People want a diagnosis. They get one and then, they’re labeled. Some of them then blame everything else in their lives on the label. “I’m this, so I have problems.” Others work to get through the problem. And yet others avoid any type of help.

      As my therapist said, we could categorize my ex with antisocial, narcissistic, histrionic, obsessive-compulsive, depressive, and passive-aggressive personality disorders. If you look up how many of those “symptoms” overlap, it’s ridiculous. Or, as she continued, we could just assume he’s more likely a sociopath with zero remorse or ability to feel remorse because it seems so much more likely.

      I also think perhaps we all display bits and pieces of various personality disorders at times in our lives, especially the teens and 20s. Those are difficult decades where a person separates from their parents, experiments, leaves the comfort of school and goes out into the world and considers what they want for the rest of their life. I find it particularly interesting that most people “grow out” of personality disorders by their 40s-50s.

      Women diagnosed with borderline personality disorder begin to show signs by early adolescence but usually show no signs or traits of the disorder by the ripe age of 50. Isn’t that interesting? So symptoms are seen during the time a woman produces estrogen prior to menopause. During premenopause or menopause, she is suddenly “cured”. Isn’t it just as possible that most of the issue is hormone irregularity? One of the big problems I have with western medicine is we don’t test serum levels on healthy people so we don’t know what each individual’s “normal” is. We test groups of individuals who haven’t been thoroughly screened for illness, but claim they have none, and then, call that the “normal range”. A few years later, we discover the error and change the “normal” range. Perhaps these so-called “BPD” women are actually producing excessive amounts of estrogen and/or deficient in progesterone which causes personality and mood variances. Perhaps they could be “cured” with a little natural progresterone. Oh, but Big Pharma wouldn’t like that. Drugs are so much better, at least until the patent runs out. But then, they invent a new one. So, let’s give them a label instead and prescribe some medication.

      • Boy oh boy can I attest to this. I’m on the Wiley Protocol. It’s bio-identical hormones that mimic a woman’s natural cycle. Three hormones play a major role in mood and when they are out of balance it effects emotionally. It’s cutting edge science.

  9. I’m finally watching Jen cross-examine Baby Doc, and wow, she reminds me so much of this girl whom I went to high school with. Very book-smart, but also arrogant and had very poor social skills. This is not a woman whom I would want to see in a therapeutic capacity. She should stick to writing research papers.

      • She’s clearly intelligent, but intelligent in the sense that she can memorize a lot of information and regurgitate it. Sort of like Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series.

    • She just wouldn’t be my idea of someone I’d want to see for therapy either. She’s too clinical. While I’ve certainly encountered specialist medical doctors and specialist veterinarians that come across the way she does, luckily, I’ve never even encountered a psychiatrist like that, certainly not a psychotherapist (whether Ph.D., MA, or LCSW level).

      I would gladly see either Dr. Samuels or Alyce though. They both were much warmer and more understandable to me.

      • I can’t stand the sight of her, she and I are poles apart. She’s as cold as ice and as hard as nails, had I booked to see her without knowing what she was like I’d walk straight out. She’s no empathy or compassion, even for children who have been abused. Appalling. Yes, she’s far too clinical, we’d clash instantly. She’s not the sort of person you could tell private details of yourself. And her VOICE? Its Awful!

  10. In the morning session yesterday I thought I had heard her tell JM she supervised Alyce, but when JW started her cross she said she hadn’t supervised her. As I couldn’t be sure I watched the video on Youtube and sure enough she Did say that. Hmmm

      • It was when JM spoke of Alyce having a Master’s degree; the doc said she had supervised people with Master’s degrees and I think you’ll find she alluded to Alyce being one of those people. I was shocked.

    • That bothered me too because it was reported on the live blogs that she supervised Alyce. I knew that couldn’t have happened because Alyce has been working in CA for donkey’s years. I was so glad JW contradicted that one.

      I was actually shocked the little whippersnapper said she wasn’t aware Alyce got her Masters in 1980. Such conceit! If I was retained to comment on someone else’s work, one of the first things I would do is look up that person. Seeing as Alyce has her CV on her website, it isn’t exactly a stretch to look at it and figure out how much experience she has. But I guess Dr. DeSmarmy DeSnarky is above all that.

    • She said exactly what TB said not that she supervised her directly. But like I said in my prior post just because you’re a supervisor doesn’t make you more competent. She supervises and oversees the business rules and conduct but ultimately the psychotherapist is the one doing the actual work. This doesn’t make her more qualified to make a conclusion. They don’t tie together directly. She oversees that they get trained properly etc but it’s not the same. He did that to knock on Alice but if you put two and two together you can see that these two “facts” don’t necessarily correlate. It’s a bunch of hogwash.

  11. Well, today I am hoping that jm properly ‘Preps’ Miz. Thing! You know, set her up to receive her FLUIDS intravenously, and with the limited bathroom breaks, perhaps, in consideration to the rest of us, timewise, etc., also a Catheter. Would be helpful and allow things to flow real smoothly 😀

  12. Speaking of the caption, could any of our legal eagles tell me if what JM did there was improper, like coaching the witness in the middle of her testimony? Does this strike anyone as odd to do?

    • I actually missed the part when that occurred. Did he seek permission from the court to confer with her? Or, did she request to confer with him?

      I find it highly unusual without a special circumstance granted by the court. Generally, once a witness is sworn in under oath and testimony has proceeded beyond introductory statements, he/she is not permitted to confer with counsel in regards to any matter of substance. That applies not only to trial, by the way, but also during depositions. That derives from the common law rule of sequestration and is why witnesses are not supposed to sit in court as an observer until after their own testimony. The only exception is a criminal defendant since not being able to confer with counsel would violate his/her constitutional rights to assist in his/her own defense.

      Looking at the picture, what he did appears to be unethical and could be construed as coaching, especially with her on the stand. However, the defense probably didn’t want to object seeing as they were seen out to dinner with Alyce, which also appeared quite improper.

      • I’m not 100% sure but I think they were side barring, then he went over to say something so I would tend to assume that he was granted permission. And if it was an issue, I’d think/hope the judge or someone on the defense would have piped up immediately? I hope?

        • Thanks Marguerite. He may have had to inform her of something said during the sidebar that impacted upon her testimony then.

  13. In one of Dr.D Comment she states that people with Borderline Personality Disorder. That they Idealize black and White that is the complaint many who left Mormonism to extreme viewing Good Evil Pure Not Pure extremes its defined in the Research done on certain Cults Then she would have to say all Mormons have Borderline disorder.
    Yes. There seems to be a typical mindset within most destructive cults. This is often characterized by black and white thinking, a low tolerance of ambiguity and a relentlessly judgmental attitude. Members of such a group often think in “we, they” opposing terms regarding those outside their group. This mindset frequently produces feelings of superiority and/or spiritual elitism, claims of supposed “persecution” and unreasonable fears. These fears typically concern the outside world and the consequences of disagreeing with or leaving the group.

  14. When you compare, our defense witnesses to JD, its very clear – YODA (ALV) + MR. MIYAGI (Doc. Samuels) vs. ??? (anyone?). Well, want to also wish JW/KN – “May The Force Be With You”. Bring on the Laser battle!! 🙂 So, my sagely suggestion to Miz. Thing is to “WAX ON / WAX OFF” starting about now!!

    Courtesy: Star Wars and Karate Kid.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if KN at the end takes on that ‘Crane Pose’ aka Jumping Front Kick or Mae Tobi Geri (per a poster on Yahoo Answers) ?? LOL 😀

  15. There is also the control a Spiritual leader has over the person and not wanting to lose Friends Fear Of Abandonment! Being ostracized. This so called Psychologist has not seen or looked at the full picture.

    • my thoughts exactly…I feel the whole Mormon religion thing should have been taken into great consideration also when they evaluated her…

      • Black and White Thinking and the fact that UTAH which is about 70% Mormon Leads the Country in Depression
        Statistics in Utah still reflect a depressive, judgmental, suppressive, negative social atmosphere of control. The prevalence of poor mental health: 41.4% 1st of 50 states, Birthrate per 1,000: 21.2 1st of 50, Physical exercise: 83.1% 2nd of 52 (US Census 2004-2009). Therefore, the poor mental health (highly-prevalent depression) does not stem from a lack of exercise, smoking or drinking as required by the LDS Church Word of Wisdom dictates.The church leaders do stress to get married early and to have lots of children. Seminary classes teach that Missionaries have to get married within six months of coming home from their mission and to get married and have children while still in college. Women are taught that their importance comes only through having a husband who holds the priesthood (which they have erroneously been denied) and having lots of children and not from obtaining their education as their career should “be solely in the home”.

        • Antidepressant drugs are prescribed in Utah more often than in any other state, at a rate nearly twice the national average. Other states with high antidepressant use were Maine and Oregon. Utah’s rate of antidepressant use was twice the rate of California and nearly three times the rates in New York and New Jersey, the study showed. Few here question the veracity of the study, which was a tabulation of prescription orders, said Dr. Curtis Canning, president of the Utah Psychiatric Assn. “In the LDS church, there is a social expectation and women suppression with the males dominating the females who are expected to put on a mask, say ‘Yes’ to everything that comes at her and hide the misery and pain. It’s called the ‘Mother of Zion’ syndrome. The study did not break down drug use by sex. But according to statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health, about twice as many women as men suffer from depressive disorders.

      • The dynamics of the Relationship, Spiritual Leader Travis imbalance of Power between Jodi Travis,
        Her change when she became involved with Travis and Mormonism, as her ex boyfriend testified to. Her Parents statements are not relevant since no normal parent would speak about their daughter in such a derogatory way. Only abusers do that. The lack of a family unit makes many turn to certain groups for a family very common. They would have to say that every Mormon had this BPD. Which you can’t every human being has a different finger print. so trying to stick everyone into one group is silly and lacks any real credibility.

        • And her father was very specific that her irrational emotional shifts had been occurring for the previous year and a half — guess what else had been occurring in her life during that time? Travis!

          • Also Abused,
            Her Father stated she always lied he did not say that these problems happened after Travis she moved out he said she never told the truth to him or her Mother, he speaks about an event when she was in Grammar school. They spoke about their relationship with Jodi. If you view the whole clip you will see how he speaks of his daughter. not at all appropriate. Shows me they are covering up their abuse. The Grandparents stated that he was abusive, the brother etc. The Mother also hitting children with objects is abusive. No responsible Parent would speak this way about their daughter, its very unnatural. and shows people who have a lack of Maternal Paternal feelings.

    • Excellent point Oliverio. Only Alyce L. mentioned that to Jodi, Travis was her spiritual guru. I would love to see a Psych talk about the brainwashing issue.

      • TR
        That is key to this case Jodis Lawyers have not even mentioned it. You can have a cult expert it doesn’t have to necessarily attack Mormonism it would be Travis as a CULT leader control, that’s obvious he decides she marries a Mormon, Control so the symptoms are there.I like Nurmi in a lot of ways but believe some sloppy errors made by the defense which are crucial are bad.

        • Oliverio-
          I agree completly agree that this mind control by TA, the cult leader, should be discussed as it shows how differently Jodi acted with TA from her other relationships. Daryl B. , and her parents both said that she was completely different during the time she was with TA. Maybe this will be brought into sur- rebuttal (not sure if that is the correct term).

  16. I want to share my thoughts about the defense witness, Janeen DeMarte, B.A., M.S., PhD. I find her to be highly knowledgable, completely credible, and totally trustworthy… giving directions to the nearest mall.

  17. ‘Morning, all! I’ve got to go catch up on DeMarte’s testimony so I’ll be in and out.

    I just wanted to share something I noticed yesterday that just has me SOOO FAR-AND-AWAY BEYOND PISSED… Okay, y’all know I don’t even bother with HLN (with the exception of “Morning Express with Robin Meade”), but with the Boston Marathon bombings, I turned on HLN to get the Breaking News stories in real time. It didn’t take but about 30 minutes for me to turn HLN off – With a terrorist attack happening, new information being released almost constantly, the amount of video footage available showing the explosions and their aftermath, the Critically/Seriously injured & death toll rising, the families and profiles of the victims, medical personnel interviews, gruesome details of injuries, the police investigation into who the perpetrator(s) is/are, etc., I’d think it would only be common sense to report on the horrendous attack in Boston. But, NOOOO… HLN is sticking with the (obviously very biased and asinine) commentary and analysis of Jodi and her trial, and is only giving the briefest and most basic information about the TERRORIST ATTACK! Out of the approximate 30 minutes I watched:

    6ish mins were commercials,
    21 mins were about Jodi Arias/the trial/commentary about Jodi and/or the trial, and
    3 mins were about reporting info about the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

    (Yep, even commercials got more time than the Boston Marathon attack!)

    HLN needs to change its name; it’s an acronym for HeadLine News, but that’s NOT what HLN is reporting on at all!

    I firmly believe that Jodi’s story needs to be heard, BUT the people/”news stations” who would rather put most of their energy (Still, MONTHS later!) into bashing anything even remotely involving Jodi than reporting on actual “Breaking News”… Those people and those networks are so obviously obsessed with Jodi that they need some inpatient psychological care and medication!

    **Rant Over** Sorry, guys… I had to get that out. I’m just so damn frustrated!!!

    • I was almost expecting one of the correspondents on HLN to actually say, “I know we promised you that you wouldn’t miss a minute of the courtroom testimony in the Jodi Arias murder trial, but there was an incident at the Boston Marathon finish line. My producer has put together this 2-minute clip to fill you in on all the details you need to know. Stay tuned, because after this clip, we’ll get right back into the courtroom in The State of Arizona vs. Jodi Ann Arias!”

      Makes me want to vomit!

    • Commercials do not get them good ratings…

      Boston Marathon does not get them high ratings…

      But the Jodi Arias trial gets them super-duper high ratings…

      “More pennies to the kettle.” ….as JM said to the defense…

      It’s all about the money folks…

        • The only one on HLN who WAS reporting on Boston was Mike Galanos, and he was visibly irked and/or exasperated when (apparently) the producer in his earpiece told him to wrap it up, and then again right before the live feed cut back to Mike Brooks and Vinnie Politan ranting about Jodi’s trial coverage/commentary. I WOULD tell the president of HLN-Atlanta to kiss my ass, but he’d fall in love and I’d NEVER get rid of him!

          Side note: Does anybody else see the cruel irony of HLN journalist Christie Paul’s book being titled “Love Isn’t Supposed To Hurt” (about DV and abuse) while she herself is EXTREMELY Anti-Jodi (a DV and abuse victim/survivor)?

    • I understand your point. However, since they took TruTV’s In Session down to two hours, HLN is the ONLY channel that airs the trial. I would have been pissed if they didn’t show the testimony! They did report to tune in to CNN, their sister channel, to see more in depth coverage of the Boston bombings. TBH, I can’t watch much coverage of the tragedy in Boston bcuz it is extremely sad and very scary. If I watch too much I will be too afraid to leave the house to be in public anywhere!

      • Like I said, I could only stomach around 30 minutes of HLN before I turned it off, so I’m guessing HLN’s “Admonition” to turn to CNN for in-depth coverage of the Boston bombings didn’t air in that time frame.

        SET, I know… It’s very very unnerving and scary. I just have CNN on now with the volume turned on low (background noise, if you will), and when I walk through my living room (I’m cleaning today), I look up at the Breaking News/Headlines ticker scrolling at the bottom to see if I missed any new developments. I don’t particularly want to see any more bloody images than I’ve already seen; the ones I saw are heartbreaking and can’t be unseen… 🙁

  18. Good morning everyone. I don’t think the jurors are buying valley girl,poo, I mean poll dancers testitmony. Yes mis-spelled on purpose. Jennifer is gonna finish this smarty pants later. Can’t wait. She is either square or gay. I can’t see a guy go out with this chick, unless they are like Jaun. I know there can’t be to much people like him. Theres only one Jaun. HA HAA!!!

    • Let’s not go there with “gay” comments; Dr. DeMarte’s sexual orientation is irrelevant to this trial and has no reflection on her as a person. We didn’t appreciate it when it was done to Alyce and it shouldn’t be done here either.

      • Sorry , I have a brother that’s gay and he jokes often about different sexual relationships. I was a little surprised at this. It bothered a lot of other family members when he came out. He is happy now and I’m glad for him. He’s always there for me. Again I’m sorry’ I just taught that this was O.K.

  19. This witness bugs me. Good for her and her education, that’s wonderful. She doesn’t have the experience to be testifying in a death penalty trial. Maybe it’s just me but she seems very snotty, full of herself and lacks human emotion.

  20. Hey everyone! I just posted my gratitude on the Geraldo, twitterings thread for you all being here and for your positivity and optimism.

    Have you all seen Dr. Demarte’s website? It lists a bunch of disorders she treats/evaluates. Does anyone find it odd that on this list of disorders there are TWO qualifying her as an expert for Domestic violence? (Domestic Violence and Domestic Abuse). Actually THREE if you count “Relationship issues.” There also is no mention of her treating Panic Disorders, or Anxiety (GAD) at all! As someone who has Panic Disorder, I find that pretty telling. I think a majority of Psych patients suffer from Panic and anxiety related disorders. Well, I guess those could be considered part of “Thinking disorders,” but still come on, Anxiety deserves mention, it’s so common.

    And she’s conveniently got a special link for her expertise in PTSD. I could be over reacting, I’ve been known to do so, but that don’t sit right.

    I may be paranoid, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t really somebody following me.

  21. Good morning friends…Good afternoon Heather!! (LOL LOL)

    Kira – YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank you for that comment above…

  22. First let me say that I’m still on the fence about this trial. Having been on 6 criminal cases it has taught me not to make a decision until the last witness. What I have seen or should I say read, because I do not listen to HLN, is that the pro Travis site and this site say the say thing. What I mean when Dr Samuel and ALV were on the stand, the pro sites thought they were a fraud and didn’t know what they were talking about. Here everyone sang their praises and thought they were the best. Now we have this Dr on the stand and the pro site are singing her praises and this site is calling her names.

    I have said before, being on so many juries that the experts will cancel each other out and the jury will go only on the evidence. The biggest problem I see are the forensics and the lies. Do I think she should get the DP. No, but I wouldn’t be surpise if she got M1. I know right now everyone here is calling me all sort of names and are going to tell me to get off this site. But I’m sorry I feel that Jodi’s defense team needs to address the evidence and not bring in so many psychologists. This is just how I feel, sorry if I stepped on anyone’s toes.

    • Kris, I think you might be right, and I certainly know that experts can cancel each other out. How do you think the jury should have addressed the evidence though? In this case, I can’t see any other way to do it. I don’t think the prosecution has addressed the evidence either. It’s difficult to do when there are no eyewitnesses.

          • I’m sorry if I don’t see the evidence of abuse. I only heard from Jodi and that’s it. No one else has come forward saying yes they saw the abuse. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen only that there is no other evidence only Jodi’s word.

            • BTW, thats the nature of abuse. Most times, its ‘invisible’ to those around the parties involved. Cover-ups, wearing a ‘personality mask’ to show different fronts to different people, minimizing the attack, denying it even happened or the details of what took place, blame shifting – what else do you want to add? There’s plenty more that goes along with that – I hope you get the drift.

              And still, after all that, the Q’s … “why did you stay?, Why didn’t you leave? Are you sure it happened that way? You must’ve misunderstood….”. The only way to know for sure if something points to abuse or not, is either to have gone through it, or to at least read up on it – in depth. Hope that helps you in your pursuit of truth on this matter. Peace.

          • I guess his/her reply to me got deleted but said something about no proof of abuse. That truly exasperates me. Jodi actually has as much proof as I do, maybe more. I have ONE video with me ex standing in front of me wearing a surgical glove and holding a wine bottle over my head. But you can’t see me in the video as I filmed it. He was arrested for that as I did call the police. I don’t some photos of bruises, but that proves little. I guess we should all set up video surveillance in our homes just in case someone abuses us.

            • Al.Ab. I think from here on out, when people come on and pose ‘Provocative’ Q’s, we need to view their motives carefully. One way for many out there to ‘pull our chain’ is to throw out Q’s that always seem to ‘get’ us. Maybe SJ should come up with some ‘std’ answers that we can choose and cut and paste it for them (like some obscure link, that will link to another link, etc). or even a DOM website that will address that Q and more. I ‘hear’ what you are saying, and I ‘feel’ it in my being and I ‘know’ exactly everything, every word that you are expressing. PS. I did suggest full-on video surveillance to my ex, when I got so weary of all the 1000 Q’s of how exactly did I spent my time at home.

        • But Kris, think about this one thing, please. Abusers are not going to hit or brake fingers in front of a witness. They are not going to choke anyone in front of a witness. Tell me why that is hard to see? I would really like to know, I’m not trying to be condescending. If that could be understood more I think victims and abusers could be hepled. Alyce explained it in so many articulate ways … I just don’t get it why folks can’t see this.

            • Well, what to say, my only thought right now is that one day she make look back on this when she is relying on someone to take her word for something.

          • No I’m not gone. I was thinking as a juror listening to everything. Do I think Jodi was abused. I honestly don’t know. My daughter was and I had to watch her go through hell and back because of it. She does have PTSD and is on disability because of it. Was there evidence, yes not so much as physical but emotional. I’m not saying because it didn’t happen in front of people there is no evidence. But in other areas there will be some sort of signs. The defense has to look for that and bring it to the jury. I don’t have the answers but I know juries and I know they will look for evidence. I look at Jodi and see my daughter but I feel that her defense is letting her down, and that is what worries me. The experts will see what they want that is why I wouldn’t put to much on what they say.

    • I agree with everything you said Kris.

      I also don’t know how any of this (Dr. Samuels, Alice or Dr. DeMarte) have anything to do with whether she premeditated the murder. She admitted to killing him. Why does it matter how she felt or acted afterwards. Everyone grieves and responds differently to personal situations. It is pure speculation and personal interpretation of what her actions meant.

      I also wish they would have focused more on the evidence and roommates.

    • Kris,

      You haven’t spent much time on a hater site if you think we sound like them when discussing the shrinks.

      I hope I haven’t stepped on your toes. We list reasons. They said AL was a dyke.

      Have a nice day 😉

      • I have read both sites, and yes I have spent to much time on the haters site. Which their remarks are totally uncalled for. I don’t agree with anything they are saying. I especially hate it when I hear of people trying to hurt Dr. Samuels and Alice’s careers. I feel both of these Dr.’s truly believe in what they said. That is why I refuse to listen to HLN. I want to make up my own mind by listening to everyone, not just a certain group of people.

    • What “lies”? You mean to the cop, without a lawyer present, and lying often happens with suspects who don’t have lawyers?

      By the way, “lying” is not a capital offense or we wouldn’t have any politicians left.

      There is NO forensic evidence proving premeditation. None.

    • BTW, the prosecution hasn’t proven squat. The defense doesn’t even have to present a case at all.

      They are providing an alternate scenario which is FAR more believable than the junk JM is presenting.

  23. My observations from yesterday’s testimony:

    1. I do think Dr. DeMarte sounds rehearsed but I also think it sounds like she is very prepared.

    2. I think Dr. DeMarte sounds very intelligent and articulate and easy to understand. This could be bad for JA because the jury could really like her and clearly understand what she is saying. When the defense witnesses were questioned by “The Prosecutor”, he talked in circles to confuse everyone.

    3. I do think JW will ask very good questions and discredit a lot of what Dr. DeMarte said.

    4. Fact: Four Psychiatrists / Psychologists could evaluate the same person and come up with 4 different diagnoses. I think a lot of the diagnosis process is based on personal interpretation.

    5. Jodi seemed very uninterested today when the Prosecutor was questioning the witness. She didn’t look at Dr. DeMarte at all. She was drawing and or writing in a book. I don’t think this looks good for her to the jury. It makes it look like she has no interest. She did engage when JW started with cross though so that’s good.

    6. I totally don’t mean this to be disrespectful to anyone on this site because I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s point of views and being able to discuss the case. However, could we refrain from calling people names such as “baby doc”? It wasn’t fair when the Jodi Haters were calling Dr. Samuels and AV names and disrespecting them.. I think we need to rise above their pettiness.

    • It looks as though Jodi is writing very fast and intently…so if she does look up…she will lose much concentration in what she is writing…

      I have noticed that JW looks down a lot while she is writing even though people are talking on witness stand…

      If I was a juror I would not think anything unusual about Jodi not looking up…I would just know that Jodi is writing in her journal like she has been doing from day one…nothing new…nothing different…

    • She gets Baby Doc from me because she claims to be an expert with very limited experience. Then to say college teaches more than experience is immature.

    • Why would Jodi even look at her? I wouldn’t, I would feel so betrayed in the way of
      “Who is the bitch and what gives her the right to judge & assess
      me in this horrible experience?”
      Literally it’s good that Jodi did not give her looks cause I am sure she would have
      had a hard time not to give her dirty looks.
      Also Totally respect your opinion but I don’t think Dr. DeMarte sounded
      very intelligent and articulate, She sounded angry, hostile, and the way she talked
      came across as being opposite of class or refined. She talked like she
      was a snotty brat with her valley girl tone of voice which I don’t know about you
      but It was probably the most irritating voice I have heard since JM’s voice.

      I mean she kept looking at her notes, that JM conveniently let her keep and have,
      She was a lost little girl deer in headlights. Alyce slayed it when it came to being
      a real actual professional compared to this gal, we are all entitled to our opinions
      but if some of the female jurors saw what we saw, well they could have been
      way turned off by her attitude.

      I say MAJOR EPIC FAIL for the prosecution in bringing this rank amaturer in!

    • Actually, some of the hater sites gave her that term of endearment “Juan’s baby doc” first. We just copied it.

    • Actually,

      In the real world I disagree that four shrinks would diagnose someone differently but I don’t feel like debating the issue.

    • DeMarte is a pure b.s.-er who is extremely self-conscious on the stand.

      She is trying to impress people that she has all those credentials, but her lack of substantial experience sinks her credibility.

      It’s clear to me JM has been suborning perjury with this witness. It’s just a little bit too pat.

      • Definition of subornation of perjury:

        DeMarte has been heavily coached to lie for the prosecution. That is a big no-no in legal circles.

        Unless, of course, it happens in administrative proceedings such as school district termination cases. In that event, anything is allowed if done by a school district against a teacher.

    • Baby Doc is nowhere NEAR as bad as what the hater sites were calling Dr. Samuels and Alyce. Would you prefer that we use Dr. Dick, man-hating dyke, or something along those lines?


    How many practicing psychologists are there in the United States?

    APA’s Center for Workforce Studies estimates that there are 93,000 practicing psychologists in the United States. Licensed psychologists totaled approximately 85,000 in 2004. Graduations average 4,000-5,000 per year and approximately 2,700 of those are in health service provider fields, resulting in an additional 8,100 practicing psychologists.

    you’d expect quite a few duds in 93,000

    similarly with lawyers, such as jm and ng

    How many lawyers are in the US?

    Number of Lawyers in the US

    According to the American Bar Association, there were 1,128,729 resident and active attorneys in the United States in 2006 and 1,143,358 in 2007. A small percentage of the increase (actual number 352) is due to American Somoa and Guam being added to the survey in 2007.

    The number of resident and active attorneys in each state is available at the link provided.

  25. Well, I have not posted my snarky smart ass comment for the morning, or my “common sense, pull your head out of your ass” comment for the day…And I’m not going to start now. lol, Hi.

    I do have a few observations from yesterday.

    “Coaching is bad”, “preparing a witness” is good. There is a very fine line between the two. Must attorneys would say that “coaching” would include telling the witness “what” to say, rather than just “how to say it”, such as volume, tone and tempo. They are allowed to ask them or provide them with a list of questions that the attorney plans on asking, so they can rehearse the answer.

    If anyone is wondering if this witness is giving a “speech” or is incredibly smart and able to really think on her feet…just listen to the testimony; yesterday while she testified she made a comment during one of her answers that tells us she is just giving a prepared speech. She was getting a bit ahead of herself, and off topic, and said “oh, i will be getting to that in just a bit”.

    In itself, this is not “wrong”. But it does show that this is simply a speech she prepared with JM. Be sure that he had her give him this speech well before she testified. Again, it is not illegal to do this, the lawyer can prepare the witness. But, it shows us that she is not “just answering questions, as they come up”.

    Because of the line of questioning that JM used, it is very damaging to his credibility, if the defense is able to use his own “tactics, and questions” against him.
    He has continued to ask “do you have a memory problem” to every witness… So he needed to make sure his could remember EVERYTHING. Memorizing a speech is the only way to accomplish this.
    He asked several times “do you like the defendant”… So he has to make sure that his witness shows NO emotion.
    Witnesses tend to worry that they won’t get “everything they want to say” out. When that happens, they tend to go past the current question; leading to JM saying “did i ask you that?” “ Was that the question?” “OBJECTION, beyond the scope”… So, he needed to let her know every question he was going to ask, so she was confident that it “will all come out” and she doesn’t rattle on.
    Finally, the speech allows him to keep it “short and sweet”. As to be able to give “unspoken blame” on the defense for the other witnesses taking so long.

    So, I would, if I was the defense ask a few of my own questions, ALL designed to replicate JM’s line of questioning. This does 2 things, most assuredly, JM will object, making him look like a hypocrite and second I will allow the jury that is pro Pros to see just how unfair the questions JM asked are, when we have a witness they may be starting to trust.
    “Missssss D, do you like the defendant?” This is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t question.
    “Missssss D, how can you rely on a test that Jodi had to answer, when she is a known liar?” This is also a double edged question. If she says the tests don’t rely on the honesty of the person, then it VALIDATES the tests that DR.S did. If she says that Jodi COULD have been lying, to alter the results of the test, yet the test didn’t show she was lying, and in fact didn’t help Jodi, instead it hurt her case, they add to the credibility of Jodi. (she could have lied, but didn’t) If she tries to say that she is able to “sniff out the parts” that are BS and only use what is true…then she is now claiming to be the “human lie detector”.

    • Yes, I noticed yesterday when testifying one time she tried to expound more and JM said “I didn’t ask a question”. That explains what you’re saying and I also think his need to be in total control and star of the show!

  26. Well compared to the way Many treated LaViolette Dr.Samuels Baby DOC is very mild and people need to have some levity I have not heard any cruel or nasty remarks just observations that seem very obvious, She is quite Robotic, not interesting and does have a chip on her shoulder she is very well versed but sounds like she memorized a text book.

    • The posters who are lecturing about our language and very mild pet names are making me not want to come here anymore.

      • Renee don’t worry that is Nit Picking venting or having fun is quit different then the Travis peoples incredible abusive behavior which is illegal and a serious violation of someone’s rights. There is no comparison.

      • Don’t let that keep you from coming here, love!!! She may be called names that others don’t like, but at least we aren’t starting a movement to bash her on FB or Twitter or her website to try to ruin her career. I feel like this is a safe place for us to vent our frustrations and if she seems like a fucking dip_shit, then this is the place to say it!!!

      • I agree Renee after quite of a lot of criticism of the language we use and the statement we are lowering the class out this site yesterday I felt like not posting anymore and not coming back. I think those of us that use curse words do it out of a ton of frustration with the case and to with each other.

          • When I am reading blogs, pages, ect., I skim past any I find objectionable. I don’t try to change others to be more in line with what I think is “appropriate” I am trying hard to not take it personally, but I really felt bullied yesterday. And I am unwilling to be bullied into changing.

            I am what I am, without apologies. I apologized enough in my life to bullies. That part of me is done.

            I have been to hell, and back. And I live apologetically now.

            If I am required to change who I am and what I say, I would rather just leave.

            Which sucks, because I have made some incredible friends here.

            • Great post Renne’! I cannot help but think of the song by The Turtles, Let Me Be.:-) Look up
              lyrics and you’ll know what I

            • If its not SJ or JC complaining, then who really gives a rats ass?

              I understand how it makes you feel bad, but the way I see it is if it’s such a big problem, then maybe those posters should find a site that better suits their holier than thou persona.

              Just like the other day, AA, SJ posted the infamous “body bag pic” well, he was glad he weeded out some fence sitters, and I WAS TOO!!
              One of them BTW was Vladimir G. (can’t even remember his name, who cares). He really pussied out and started twittering like crazy making DAMN sure he didn’t get anymore hater wrath for being associated here. Then ha posted Sheriff A.’s email so the haters could harass him into making Jodi stop tweeting. He can say the state he thinks the state hasn’t proven all he wants, but IMHO he’s still a HATER, and just like the rest of these HATERS and PANSIES he and the REST of them needed to GO!!
              Fuck em’!!!

                • EXACTLY!! Then shit on us. He was playing both sides of the fence for viewer’s sake, but then when push came to shove, he showed he has no REAL interest in the cold hard truth. The kind of truth that HURTS. So, I’m glad he is gone and will be glad for him to hold the door for anyone else like himself!!

            • Please do not let them win. They want to silence you. You have valuable insights and are wanted here. I do understand your frustration but I urge you to stay and help.

            • I hear you Renee, I know exactly how you feel.

              I was pushed around by bullies and abusers for a good chunk of my life. I stopped apologizing years ago for my existence and I am not starting now.

              IMO the haters who come here whining about us need to go clean up their own camp first. I want EACH and EVERY bad review about Alyce and Dr Samuels taken down, every naked picture of Jodi, every single disgusting unnecessary thing of theirs wiped clean before they even THINK about coming here and telling us what to say or think.

              And I agree with KMiller – fence sitters are users and backstabbers. They are taking up bandwidth, trying to dominate the conversation all the while going back to their hater sites getting patted on the back for stirring up shit.

              Seriously, I am done with them.

        • The only type of speech that I have problems with is racist or homophobic slurs. Swearing and harmless nicknames are nothing to get butthurt over.

      • Renee’, that is why I wrote an open letter of apology the other day on here. Don’t stop posting! When we post things here using colorful language, it’s because we’re frustrated, NOT because we’re calling anybody cuss words or putting them down or threatening them. We ARE allowed to be frustrated and to VENT our frustration on this forum. I got nothing but supportive replies to my apology, so I chalked it up to “the problem isn’t me, per se, but in the vast minority’s opinion of what I say”. I’m going to continue to post… And do it MY way. Please do the same, Sweetheart! (((HUGS)))

      • Renee’ I would like to say that if you go I would miss your posts. Don’t worry about what others are saying. SJ doesn’t mind so they should either. They have the option to scroll past what you say.

      • Don’t let them stop you Renee. This witness is clearly a mean girl, and that gets all the other nice girls riled. I’m feeling really irritated with her.

    • Exactly! We’re not calling for people to give her untrue reviews and/or call her office and harass her. We also didn’t ask people to give untrue reviews of Alyce’s book. We’re frustrated, obviously, and we need a place to vent.

      • That is how I feel, AA. We are not running around giving Baby DOC fake 1 star reviews, nor are we calling her office and threatening her.

        • Quite true Renee’! Its great that everyone here has a strong sense of class, dignity, honor, decency, compassion, justice, fair play, wisdom, and common sense!

        • Exactly, and like I said yesterday when some one complained about calling Baby Doc names, I give nicknames to everyone. I haven’t said we should call the licensing board and file false complaints to ruin her in the business, call her at her office, complain to any lectures or seminars where she would be speaking, following or trying to intimidate her in any way. My comments have been based on her testimony-like having no compassion for abused children-really and her schooling that she listed as experience. If I had tried to do that, list my one year intership as anything other than a one year unpaid learning experience, everyone would know I was lying and exaggeratig my experiences. There is quite a variety of people, each with their own view point, personality, and way of saying things. If this were a censored board, then maybe I might be slightly inclined to believe we should only say things that wouldn’t be offensive, but then again, if we did that, there would only be SJ’s canned comments here.

      • You can’t call her office and harass her because there is nobody there. She does her own secretarial work. According to JM, that’s a plus. I’m thinking most professionals with a full practice aren’t able to do that.

        Or is that comment too derogatory for you trolls?

  27. We all have our opinions,thats what is great about freedom of speech. The pros for the defense is where is the gun? How can they prove it was grandpas. I can’t see how they get premed… either. There is to much to question for that point. And how can someone spend so much time with someone, take pictures of each other,then she kills him. She should of just shot him when he was sleeping. The thing that I think bothers some people, is the T.V. interviews, the lying, and maybe the few comments she made on the stand; The sex was good; to the Kermit. If the jurors have any common sense they will see though this and do whats right.

  28. Most experts sound great when there side is questioning them, so we have to see if Jodi’s Lawyers are able to discredit her Testimony without taking too much time, They need to be more prepared and aggressive without being low class below the belt like Martinez. My problem with JW is the way she asked questions to fast not clear seems to hesitate to much almost stuttering, So far she has not done any damage. We will see today. I do think Samuel’s and La Violette had problems which the defense should have been on top off. One big problem is Samuel’s Test and LaViolette stating the gun shot in the closet and not interviewing more family members friends etc.

  29. Hello everyone, Just watched yesterdays direct for dumb and dumber and wondered if anyone caught what appears to be a camera zooming in on what looked like JW’s notes while weasel was coaching the “expert” through its (note: I use the term its because she, like the judge, is also a paid robot) testimony? If this is so couldn’t this be considered prosecutorial misconduct on the grounds that he could be using them–JW’s notes– to try and bolster his “case”? Can someone contact the defense about this? GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!!!

  30. I see In Session is now using a smaller studio. It appears to be the Making it in America set. All you see is Vinnie Politan sitting on a chair in front of a big screen.

    Guess Turner is cutting their budget some more.

  31. I just loved today’s picture with the “Real Kermit” holding up the name of our web site…..too cute!!!!

    I don’t know about you guys…but I had to take something to help me sleep last night!!! I am so exicted about today’s testimony……KICK AZZ Jennifer!!!

  32. DeMarte doesn’t seem capable of being empathic with people, including her clients because she’s basically a psychologist who administers tests. Her responses and demeanor seem a little robotic. She appears to have been thoroughly coached by JM to give the right answers. As someone said earlier on this board, there’s something ‘off’ about her.

  33. WTH!!!!!

    WASHINGTON (AP) 16 mins ago — The U.S. Secret Service says it has intercepted a letter addressed to President Barack Obama that contained a “suspicious substance.”

    People have just gone completly chyt crazy!!! It’s the end times!!! Well maybe not…but is damn sure feels like it with all these coconut running around!!!!!

    Okay……I need to focus and send JW positive thoughts!!!!!

      • Yes, majority leader Harry Reid got one. I don’t remember the other one.

        Some whackadoos out there.

        I was also reading that this comes around the same time of the Waco bombing and the Oklahoma city bombing. I suppose we can add Columbine to the list of tragedies that seem to happen in April.

  34. Hi Everyone,

    I have been reading your takes on this site for 2 months now,as this is the only way I can get a true accurate take on this case besides watching the trial myself. NG and the HLN group are all one sided and it has bothered me from the beginning. Just want to thank you all for your posts and I too am hoping for the best outcome for Jodie. I have to say I find myself when Juan martinez is doing cross puts me in a depressing mood and I have to change the channel or get myself on the treadmill. I then wait until its over and follow up on your site ,at least then i can have a laugh. all the best to you all and great job on the posts !

  35. I was in and out yesterday, I know that I heard this Dr had someone else with her when she went and talked to Jodi. Did that other woman speak privately with Jodi, or not? Heard a name mentioned and now can’t seem to find it. Thanks Once I know that, I’m ready to go today with the trial.

  36. I hope Jennifer asks BabyDoc if she believes supervising test takers constitutes actually practicing psychology with a patient. Jennifer should get into DV as I do believe Jodi was abused by family first,then Travis and BabyDocs “experience” in DV is sorely lacking!

  37. People with BPD can still get PTSD and be a victim of domestic abuse!! Her case( meaning Jodii) is complex and requires people with experience to sort out. This expert is not qualified due to lack of experience and a team aproach is what is needed.

    • More importantly (and sorry for sounding like a broken record on this but it’s soooo important to me), most women diagnosed with BPD are actually a gross misdiagnosis. They are actually women who have experienced abuse (typically both childhood and as an adult in intimite partner relationships) and suffer from complex PTSD as a result.

      Google it. There are numerous studies on the subject.

      • I know what you mean AA. I have a soap box of my own and I am sure I sound like a broken record. I cringe when I see Bipolar Disorder abbreviated as BAD for obvious reasons. I rarely see it shortened to that thank goodness. I am not saying some do use that abbreviation but most people in this community like myself prefer BD. There is enough stigma associated with this illness. After living with it for 25 years I know more than I would ever want to know about it. It was still being called manic-depressive back then and I was glad they changed the name but now with so many abbreviations and the use of Bipolar being thrown around I would almost rather go back to that. LOL. I agree the abbreviations BPD and BD do get confusing not to mention they share a few of the same symptoms. Also just to make it even more confusing there are several types of Bipolar Disorder now as shown in the DSM-4 soon to be DSM-5. One of the best sources to get information on mental illness is from NAMI(National Alliance on Mental Illness) Anyway I am sure many here are probably sick of me posting about my illness and if you are then just tell me. I am just trying to help others understand it better.

        That is one of the many things that has bugged me in this case. I think someone on this site stated it so beautifully that this was going to hurt yet another population of people that need help but they are once again putting more stigma out there. So many of the haters keep throwing out all types of mental illness that Jodi might have. Personally I have no idea if she even has one because IMO that should be left to Doctors that actually have spent quality time with her. The way they (Mostly Dr. Drew) love to diagnose people through the TV is wrong. He has been doing this far too long and while he is a M.D. In internal medicine he is not a psychiatrist. As I said before he just likes to play one on TV.

      • I do not think that the state’s witness had enough time to even come up with Jodi having BPD. Sometimes it can take years to figure this out. Plus as you said PTSD and abuse survivors are misdiagnosed with BPD. She spent a whole 12 hours with her and relied on stupid bubble test to confirm it. This is such BS and it hurts the mental health field as well as those that have been abused. I think it hurts even more since it is just a high profile case.

  38. I love the video of valley girl giving two different answers. She was so scripted on what answers she was giving that she didn’t even know what she did. lol I think this video should be posted on the haters site.

  39. So off the subject of Baby Doc for a moment, there are a few things that have always stuck with me on this case that strayed me away from the majority (that are against Jodi). One of those is the camera in the washer. I don’t believe for one second she intended for that camera to be in the washer, it was done in a frenzied state which supports the defense, not the prosecution. As a photographer she would know to remove the SD card and destroy it. You would never leave behind the most damning evidence, whether you thought it was deleted or not. But here’s my question – again as a photographer she should know that you format an SD card when you are done with images. That info can still be recovered, but nonetheless, formatting is quick clean of the card without having to individually delete every single photo. Was there any testimony (I missed that part) confirming she independantly deleted every photo? How do we know the photos weren’t just deleted in the wash cycle? A point of the prosecution is she took the time to delete these photos, each individual one, but did they prove that somehow? Rambling again, sorry…

    • Not very supportive of premeditation. It sounds like something somebody would do in an extremely stressful circumstance.

  40. Also FAVORITE moment of yesterday – getting Ms. D to look like a cold heartless b* when working with abused children and trapping her into saying she can feel compassion without bias.

  41. I’m at the point in yesterday’s testimony when Jenny is asking the first couple of questions of Ms. DeMarte; Jen asks her if she still has a copy of her CV and DeMarte says, “Mmmm-hmmm. Yes.” As Jen starts her next sentence about going over her CV, the camera pans to DeMarte, and I swear to God, if looks could kill… DeMarte’s look is like, “Bitch, if you fuck with me, I’m gonna eat you alive!” YIKES, profession aside, this chick looks unbalanced. DEFINITELY wouldn’t want to be her enemy!

    • DeMarte is coming off as cold, manipulative, sarcastic, and evasive to me. Personally, I’d want to know what she’s trying to hide by talking in circles instead of directly answering Mrs. Willmott’s very simple questions.

      I see why JM likes DeMarte now; they talk and answer the same way – CONFUSING.

  42. I’m confident that JW is going to keep blowing holes through DeMarte’s already thin CV. Outside of grad school, she has little professional experience. She’s JM’s puppet.

  43. Here is a post I saw on yesterdays’s page from MB – Team Jodi. I hope she does not mind me quoting form her post.

    “There are segments of our population that are going to suffer from the disgusting propaganda they put out about this trial – women, abuse (including rape) victims, and now those who struggle with mental disorders.”

    I want to thank MB for posting this because sadly it is so true and they are hurting so many people out there now and in the future. I wished people could see how much hurt they are causing. The comments from those that hate scare the hell of of me.

    • I couldn’t agree with this more. And to elaborate, I think women will suffer now based on what’s considered evidence and what isn’t. I put a post on HLN the other day about how they are discounting AL and dismissing texts like “feel my wrath” and how that is going to negatively impact evidence in the future. In Illinois there is both an order of protection or a restraining order. One of them – I believe the restraining order – holds more weight (at least several years ago it did) and I remember standing in front of judge who told my Mom she didn’t have enough evidence to prove that she needed one against my father. We didn’t have text messages or emails then to show anything. It was all our word and initially, the judge didn’t believe us. So AL has concrete words to back her opinion and it’s dismissed.. and it makes me sick, because the next woman who stands before a judge and has nothing more than writing in texts or in emails to show just cause for fear can I guess, just be laughed at as not credible? Naturally I was crucified for my thoughts on that page.

    • Absolutly! Media Manipulation to cause consencus to fullfill an agenda is rampant in society.

      Thank God there are still people who can discern the truth!

  44. It seems that the people on this site have intellectually and factually put the pieces together in this case.They have seen this circus unfold and expressed themselves vehemently.This is not only about JA its about the injustice of our judicial system.Innocent until proven guilty.I applaud you.Passion for this case comes out, no matter what the words.JMO

    • I read posts on here yesterday where they said she had to withdraw from the case due to cancer. That’s all I know about her.

        • It was my understanding that she was for the defense and then had to withdraw. She too diagnosied Jodi with PTSD. Demarte made reference to wanting to follow her protocol, which confused me because shouldn’t have Demarte gone in their independently to do her own eval? But I miissed some of the testimony so I could be misunderstanding what she was saying.

          • I hope JW addresses this issue today as to why the other Dr did not testify. I think JM was trying to imply to the Jurors that like JV stated, that she (JV) would not testify in a case that she no longer believed in even if it was after her report, that JM is trying to make them (the Jurors) think this other Dr pulled out because she no longer believed JA has PTSD. JW needs to fix that impression.

  45. Should we have a group hug before we start this day???

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  46. Hi Y’all,
    I finally made it! Did I miss anything? Everyone seems to have so much to say….It will take me all day to get caught up… 🙂

  47. It really disturbs me that Jodi gets diagnosed with BPD (by DeMarte), but yet, Travis had similar behavior (maybe he didn’t log on to her email account, but he didn’t really have to did he? I mean Jodi forwarded him every email and text message he wanted to read, so he had no reason to). Basically, if Jodi has BPD, so does Travis. Oh wait, I forgot, Travis is a man! He automatically gets a pass for any sexual or irrational behavior.

    • You’re right. It seems that this bipolar diagnosis is mainly applied to women and girls under stress or abuse, giving the doctors a pass to label them and give them drugs without further therapy.

  48. DeMarte pretty much says verbatim that when dealing with beaten, abused, homeless, psychologically damaged children, she “never” felt compassion for them “beforehand or in the beginning”; also that it’s only “possible” that she “might feel a little compassion” for these children after hearing their horror stories and examining them. Oh.My.God. WTF am I hearing?????

    • That’s why I said earlier it was my favorite moment in the trial. Not only did she make her look like a cold heartless b* she also destroyed the idea that you can’t feel compassion during an eval. Wonderful Home Run moment.

    • I thought that was shocking, too, Ashley. The very sad part is that with all the haters giving her ‘good reviews’ on that doctor review website, someone will fall for it. And that someone will NOT be getting the help they need from this cold blooded lizard. I would never let this woman near my children – I don’t think even on a friendly level!

      • Hopefully they’ll see the date of the reviews and all of the “Justice for Travis!” shit and realize that the reviews are phony.

    • How as a human being could you not have compassion. I understand, though I couldn’t be like that, you have to do your job and if you get caught up in emotions, perhaps you couldn’t do as good of a job? I don’t understand this woman at all.

    • This place where DeMarte was hired on immediately upon receiving her license to supervise students sounds like some kind of weird pyramid scheme, for some reason (without the money). It gives me the creeps.

    • I know, it’s like pulling teeth for her to admit she even had the slightest twinge of empathy for children.

      I don’t care what the pro pros say, having a clinical understanding DOES NOT make up for basic human understanding and compassion.

      • She probably had a very privileged upbringing and can’t relate to “problem kids” who have issues. I’d never want her treating my son (who has Asperger’s and ADHD).

  49. Good morning guys!Back from work and surprise surprise all I can see is the mesmerizing Seal!!!! I think we shouldnt be looking directly at it,LOL!

  50. I’m the one juror! Someone on that jury HAS to be the one juror too. The one thing I’ve feel very confident saying is there is no way Jodi get’s death. It’s Man Slaughter or M-2 at worst.. Acquittal at best.

  51. Good Morning, Everyone! 😀 Hoping work doesn’t get in the way so I can watch the trial today. But I wonder if someone could help me understand something.

    I saw twice that ALV ‘lied’ or was caught in a lie? What was the alleged lie? Thanks.

    • The only thing I saw that could be considered a lie was the nonsense about her being a keynote speaker, and when she said she was a witness one or two men in criminal court. Although the keynote thing was nothing (kind of like Demarte or whatever her name is saying she gave weekly lectures and it was monthly) and AL did it appears based on her CV defend a man in criminal court. He killed his daughters abuser.

        • Thanks, guys. So how is that a lie, though? On that recording from this morning, Geraldo said that Jodi may have been aquitted but now with the lie from ALV, she probably won’t be.

  52. I wonder if the whitness will come in without the chip on her shoulder today. I’m sure it won’t last long if so. She comes off with such an ego that she won’t take well to JW trying to poke holes in her testimony and employment history.

  53. Yes she is cold hearted, arrogant, and lacks compassion. I feel sorry for Jodi that she had to deal with her superior attitude. So rdy for JW to take her down.

  54. I’m watching the start of Jennifer’s cross on Janeen yesterday. I can see why some here don’t like her now. She’s confident to the put of cockiness which she hasn’t earned the right to be.and shouldn’t be if she had earned the right.

  55. Hey ya’ll- I just had to tell you, I got in an amazon battle this weekend. I went to the review page for Alyce’s book, and I defended her, totally expecting to be attacked. I was called a troll, a lesbian, from another planet, all sorts of stuff, 85 comments later. And I commented back on every comment that came in. Basically they were all idiots who knew nothing about the trial, as usual. Not worth my time, but I just couldn’t do nothing in this case, it’s just not fair to Alyce.
    Keep fighting the good fight…………..

  56. Photo caption: ” Do a good testifying, honey , and its pop rocks and tootsie pops for you later, and cream pie for dessert!”

  57. OMG, I so love JW……… This is the same information I found last night about she research which in now outdated………….

  58. what’s this ?
    jm objecting that jdm was not allowed to finish her answer

    that was not how jm treated samuels or alyce laviolette

    he should be prohibited from making that particilar objection since he was a serial offender on that objection

    • jennifer’s unravelling demarte’s bs about her years of “practising”

      only if a customer asks specifically if such includes “practise” with only a bachelor’s degree will she volunteer that her use of the term “practise” includes such

  59. I like how Wilmott thoroughly goes trhough her CV,but Im afraid thr jury might find it a bit boring.Why isnt she just giving out the gist :” So basically you happened to be a dork,who got a PhD and have only 2 years worth of experience,right?”
    (No offense intended on dorks,I myself was one back at school)

  60. Anyone else find it ironic that Jennifer Willmott and Janeen DeMarte are wearing the same thing, but in reverse?

    Willmott = black shirt, white jacket with black stripes

    DeMarte = white shirt with black stripes, black jacket

  61. The thing that confuses me about TA liking kids is the only evidence is that phone sex clip. I wonder if the jury will believe that with out actual evidence of it. I also wonder how that is helping Jodi since she didn’t kill her to save a child.

    • Because since Jodi was the only one aware of his deviancy,it would give him a good reason to be evn more abusive,agressive and controlling of her.

    • I thought the remarks made on his My Space were pretty telling by a friend

      TravisMy Space
      Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!

      Chad Perkins
      also chad says he is Glad that Travis is Coming Out this will help others come out???

    • Hey Travis! Good to hear from you man! How’s the book writing coming along? I’m proud of you for finally coming out. Your story will inspire many to follow suit.
      Chad Perkins
      these were 6 years ago

  62. she lied: Per psychology today

    A Flat Fee for Unlimited Leads

    You’ll get highly qualified leads from customers who have selected you. Best of all, you don’t pay per lead. A flat fee of just $29.95 per month is all you have to pay – no matter how many leads you get!

    • Good call, Renee, JM would have been all over that! In fact, JM would have this witness in tears by now. Kind of wish JW would do the same, but she is too classy and trusts the jury will see what is happening, imo.

  63. WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m I see a juror question in the bin, the first one since Dr. D hit the stand. #JodiArias

      • I honestly don’t think so, but that’s just me. No questions means there’s nothing for her to clarify and that may be because of her lack of experience. I’m guessing that first question is along the lines of what makes you more qualified than a doc with 35 years experience or why do you disagree with ALL the other experts who have been doing this while you were merely a twinkle in your father’s eye or something along those lines. 🙂

      • No, when ALV started out, they had no questions for quite a few days if I remember correctly. Most questions came due to Martinez’s cross.

    • I’d be curious to see – (1) how many Q’s they will have at the end (2) the ‘tone’ of their Q’s (3) If they will be as snarky with her.

  64. So why does that objection get sustained?? I guess if JW said “AM I ASKING YOU ABOUT INCONSISTENCIES?” it would have been ok.

  65. Jennifer can be a bitch without being a bitch. If you can understand what I mean. Martinez is a bitch and and loves being and showing what a bitch he is.
    Jennifer is very good with and respectful of the prosecution witness but get’s her digs in. Too bad that isn’t reciprocated by the Prosecutor toward the defense witness’s.

  66. JDM spend LESS time with Jodi than ALV and had the EXACT SAME MATERIALS to review as ALV, with the only difference being that she interviewed Stephen Alexander for THIRTY MINUTES (big whoop!)… And JM had the GALL to attack ALV for creating her profile on ONLY Jodi’s words, journals, etc.

    • Why would Steven Alexander be helpful? He’s the one who embarrassed himself by going on national television about he would tell people Travis was a “30-year-old virgin” and people would laugh at him.

  67. Help,medical field people! So if she was a student,being supervised can she call them ”MY patients”?

  68. Little Miss Snarky pants better get a whole lot better at testimony if she is going to follow her “forensics” dream.

  69. I’m glad JW is pointing out JD’s claims of years in practice, years of experience, year graduated. I thought yesterday that that was a questionable issue…IMO

  70. She definitely padded her resume. Yet JM had the nerve to parse ALV’s breakfast talk, one little thing on a 20-page cv.

    • It would not take away from her patients as she claims. A CV is added to as you do more lectures, see more patients, etc. How would that take away time to type.

  71. If I found out after paying good money and going to what I thought was a therapist and then found out they weren’t even a licensed therapist, I would be pissed!! Especially someone like her who obviously is playing herself up!!

  72. Jodi goes about the day in her own little world at that table like she’s paying no attention to what’s going on around her but I’d bet anything that she is hearing and taking in everything that is happening. That girl is intelligent as hell.

  73. So she doesn’t know the name of the journals she read articles from and she hasn’t attended conferences about trauma or violence?

  74. Her eyes are puffy today. Maybe she cried into her pillow last nite? “Why is JW doing this to me? Why? Why? WHY?”

  75. She administered a “reading test” to make sure Jodi can read? Didn’t she read Jodi’s IM’s, texts, journals, emails, etc…?

  76. I love being immature…. Brings out the kid in me!!! What does that have to do with this case?? Does is happen to give TA an excuse to abuse her?? NOT!!

  77. Janeen doesn’t have much experience but she’s got enough experience to get clients to pay her $300/hour.
    Amazing how confidence trumps experience with some folks.

  78. I’m really wondering if she has therapy patients, as I don’t see anyone staying with her voluntarily for therapy. I’d bet she relies on her State contract to have “power” over people to make her living.

    • Exactly my own impressions about her.

      She did not enter psychology to contribute to society or uplift our culture out of negative behaviors.

      She entered psychology to lord her education and financial status over other people.

      Dr Drew comes to mind too.

      • Prosecutorial misconduct. You do NOT reveal the questions of a psychological TEST–EVER. It gets out there in the public and invalidates those tests. It’s very similar to standardized test cheating–teachers are NOT allowed to reveal questions beforehand or disclosure of the questions. Neither are test takers. Hell, for my brother’s disability hearing, all they had was the results of the tests, not the questions.

  79. I notice how yesterday Ms DeMarte was so lively with her testimony, looking at the jury , smiling, etc while JM was asking her about her “expert“ POV and her education. As soon as JW started cross, her body language alone spoke volumes. Not to mention how her attitude became defensive and rude. She is not directing her answers at the jury and her smiley face she wore so often yesterday has turned into an ugly scowl. JW you GO GURL show the jury what a farce it was to bring in a Rookie on rebuttal! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  80. I hope her “patients” see this video……….AND her “employer”…………this chic should in no way, shape or form be “treating” patients………..

    I could get better therapy from my cats….