Jodi Arias Trial – Day 48 (afternoon session)

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With the defense now rested, the direct testimony of rebuttal witness Janeen DeMarte has started, and will no doubt take up the rest of the week at least.

Seems to me, so far, that DeMarte is way too concerned with Alyce LaViolettes’ & Dr Richard Samuels’ modus operandi than anything else… and her Vocal Fry-style answers have been well scripted and well rehearsed for sure. Reminds me of a bad salesperson that majors on knocking the competition, rather than extolling the benefits of their own “product”.

Bottom line: It’s just not viable for a newbie to knock the opinions of experts with well over 60 years combined experience. It ain’t gonna wash, and the jury will see it that way too. Worst case, the expert witnesses will simply cancel each other out.

Anyways… let’s not get ourselves too worked up over it all, and let’s also make sure that we don’t stoop to the haters’ very low level.

Just chill & observe. Jennifer will cancel her out when the time comes.

We are winning for sure. All is good.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of trial day 48…

Team Jodi


      • Yes, I agree, SJ could then be diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. By the way SJ you should look at what Chris Stark on twitlonger says about this page. All these posts are canned comments to make it look like JA has more support than she does.

          • I especially enjoy how you give all of your canned comments made up personalities, and you post several at the same time!

            You are brilliant!!! 💡

            • Yes you are brilliant!

              You even got into my house the other day and took a pic of my sweet kitty kids!!

              Was the door unlocked or did you use the tiny doggy door?

              😉 😉

          • As long as my can is purple, I’m okay with coming out of it. By the way, can I jump out of it with champagne for all the other canned folks here when the verdict is read?

        • TB1….

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          And their friend, the DOG, will make their pictures with his new camera so they can download their picture as their avatars…

  1. Second, just wanted to let everyone know, I’m not the TB that has the facebook support page. Nothing against that page, but just so you know it’s a different person.

    • 😳 Posted that twice, I wonder if this mean something YIKES!. Didn’t see it first one that got posted til after I wrote the second one…Duh

    • I don’t think so unless it’s today. Last week the Judge said she was subpenaed until Tuesday and I hear she has not shown up in court today (?) so I think she is all finished with testimony. BUT I could be wrong…

  2. IMO the way Janeen Kardashian presents will immediately plant seeds of skepticism in the jurors’ minds. She does not have enough experience to be considered an expert. End of.

  3. LOL Martinez asked Demarte if there was a classification for jerk . She said not in that verbiage. It would be agressive and manipulative… yep sounds like Martinez to me 😀

    • Hmm…SO if calling someone a jerk would be classified as aggressive and manipulative, I wonder what calling someone a “bitch” or a “three-holed-wonder” ,etc would be classified as being?

    • Didn’t JM start to say “If the prosec…” Then he changed it to “If a person was a jerk”

      I’m sure I heard that or am I just hearing what I wanna hear now?

    • His choice of the word “jerk” makes me think that the court was aware that ALV mouthed the word “jerk” when there was a side bar and that is what the in chambers business was with her yesterday.

      • Did she really? I missed hearing that! I can’t say that I wouldn’t have been tempted; we’re only human and Kermit is annoying as hell.

      • Lisa..

        Did he want this on court record of what an expert’s opinion of a jerk was…so he can further use it against ALV?

        He would have motive for wanting to get that particular word on court record…

    • Yes. Still quite a few witnesses left for the prosecution. The defense also gets to question them. Also, closing arguments. No way that can be done within the next two days, most likely, yes, and even more than 50 days

  4. Did anyone else catch that little freudian slip of the prosecution? He started to say, “If the prosec…. (then changed it to) “If a person was a jerk…

    Bingo!!! JM knows he is a jerk!

  5. Good afternoon all. I wasn’t able to watch yesterday or read the posts here so I’m a little behind. And unfortunately I’m having to watch hln today and I was wondering if anyone else caught their tidbit about some girl who made a parody of Jodi tesifing and posted it on youtube. Ok what really got me, is hln was bragging that they were going to have an exclusive interview with her! Are you kidding me?

      • Oh I have no doubt Kira, just in that tiny piece they aired that was obvious. And that was why I was floored that hln was giving it any attention at all. It doesn’t have any real content to do with the trial. It’s someone making fun of Jodi. How can anyone ever say hln isn’t bias? And to think that is the source the majority of our population is basing their opinions on whether or not Jodi should live or die. Do they not realize this could possibly happen to them or someone they know?

      • They showed a tiny piece of it depicting Jodi as an airhead who was lavishing in all the attention of being on the stand. I haven’t searched for it because if I watch, it will drive up the numbers…don’t want to be apart of making that one go viral.

      • Yeah it started playing yesterday. Yeah the woman you plays jodi will be on air friday. It makes me sick. If someone made a parody of of travis mocking Jodi before & after he was dead it would be bashed and considered tackless. These people are sick. Look at my petition on under the title have Nancey Grace and others taken off the air for bullying and gross misrepresentation. There is a ton of info on how this HLN network and its commentators ruthlessly damage people intentionally. And by the way did everyone know Wendy Murphy is Nancey Graces’ sidekick from all the way back in 2006. Anyone else think Nancey might b the one ACTUALLY behind the threats to ALV? here’s my petition. thanks everyone in public and the government: have Nancey Grace & others taken off air for BULLYING & MISREPISENTATION via @change

        • Omg yes they would go crazy if one was made about TA! And from the beginning hln and their “experts” and their “opinions” have been way out of line. Seriously I can’t see how it is legal. Why can’t these people sue them? (ie; Jodi, as well as the defenses witnesses) There is definately a difference between freedom of speech, and what hln considers journalism. And I don’t even want to get started on the topic of social media sites such as FB and the chirping bird site and what they have been allowed to get away with. There is no humanity left in our society it’s been murdered and all forms of media should be on trial for it.

        • Krista….did you know about this?

          8:30…Wendy Murphy continues here saying everything that Alyce LaViolette said in this case will be used against her…that all the lawyers are already gathering up all the transcripts of what Alyce LaViolette has been saying as well as Richard Samuels…

          Wendy Murphy continues to say that the lawyers are getting prepared to use these transcripts against them in any of their future cases..Wendy Murphy says they WILL BE DESTROYED…She says this is just the “Nature of the Beast.”…

          Wendy Murphy says…We will..We who work in this business WILL DESTROY them as expert witnesses for the rest of their lives…Wendy Murphy then says…So…I hope it was worth it…she said that she sort of described it as the selling of the soul…

          • Yes I did as a matter of fact . Did you know that Wendy Murphy has been sidekicks with Nancey Grace since 2006? It make you wonder if Nancey isn’t really behind everything doesn’y it? You should check out my petition . the link is abouve in one of my comments. the info there will make you sick. Tell your friends because when I get 3000 signatures I AM RETAINING COUNSEL to find out what has to be done to have Nancey Grace brought up on Manslaughter , bullying and slander in the cities were 2 grown women KILLED THEMSELVES because of Nancey Grace. She’s a pig. Please sign and help her victims have a voice. they shouldn’t be silenced because of who their bullyier was. Thanks!

  6. Regarding Baby Docs assertion that Dr. Samuel’s entire testing was invalidated because Jodi was telling a different story when she answered the question on whether she was in a petrifying situation. Samuels testified that the fact that she was lying about the ninja’s at the time vs. the self defense story results in the same conclusion. I remember this from his testimony.

    Now ankle biter gets his PAID gun (really a water pistol) to say it invalidates it. Well maybe in her textbook experience (since she has almost no real world experience). Look for the defense to beat her up over this.

  7. Demarte also stated that Jodi was of higher than average intelligence. In that case, would she not be too smart to steal her grandfather’s gun or leave a camera in a washing machine? She also stated Jodi did not have problems with her memory but was she yelling at her when Jodi was taking these tests or talking in a normal voice?

  8. Was it just me, or did that witnesses face change when she made the statement about Jodi being aggressive and hostile? that was the strangest facial expression I have ever seen, and her voice changed, like she is trying to rush through it.

  9. Baby Doc said ALV was missing testing, but didn’t ALV have everyone else’s testing available to look at? So if Baby Doc’s tests were valid, and ALV looked at them, then didn’t she have that information to include with her assessment?

    • Yep, she had both baby doc’s and also Dr. Samuels’. She didn’t mention it, but I would be she had Dr. Karp’s as well.

    • TB1,What do you mean she said ALV was missing testing? ALV didn’t so any testing, she is not a psychologist. She interviewed Jodi, she didnt administer tests. She did (ALV) have both Dr Samuels and Dr DeMartes test results available to her.

      • She didn’t administer the tests, but she had available to her all of the other tests done by Dr. Samuels and Bby Doc.

        • One thing JM keep harping on is the fact that ALV didn’t do testing, but he left out the fact that tests were available to her for review.

          • I don’t see how any of the testing would have been that useful for ALV. In looking at the DV, I don’t think she needed to know that much about any test diagnosis. The data relevant to her work was in the interactions between JA & TA. And she had plenty of that to work with.

            • She wouldn’t. She was there as an expert in DV. This witness tried to make herself an expert in an area where she wasn’t. And she’s going to look even more foolish tomorrow.

  10. Good afternoon everyone,

    Although the defense has been above board and what most describe as classy, I think JW needs to change it up with this witness on XE for several reasons. They have an inexperienced expert who I think will get rattled, JM will not be anticipating a harsh XE, and the JW will get the juror’s attention during the State’s rebuttal. JM’s antics with every witness has been over the top, whereas the defense has maintained composure. IMO, the defense needs to go after her. This is the defenses last chance. They have no way to rebutt this witness as the State is trying to do now.

    I’m certain that this jury doesn’t dislike JW. She has been kind and professional, but I’m also of the opinion that they would be all ears if JW goes after her and blows holes in her testimony, experience, etc.

    • p.s. I’d bet the rent that Jodi does NOT have Borderline PD, as nothing else in her history comes close the the diagnostic criteria.

      • I really don’t doubt she has borderline personality disorder……but in my opinion, THAT is why she stayed with a man who was abusing her for so long.

      • Oh, but I do value the MMPI. Hard for me not to give the results some credence. A bit of BPD is not a big deal; everybody I know has a little something, including myself!

  11. Back again. Damn meetings get in the way. People think I have nothing more important to do.

    I know we have a bunch of people here who have pysch backgrounds. I have some questions and maybe you guys can help out.

    Isn’t psychology and psychiatry to a certain extent a subjective science. What I mean by that is that for a lot of this stuff there really isn’t a hard and fast test is there. To a certain extent some of this, whether evaluation, or treatment, seems to depend on the inter-personal dynamics between the patient and the evaluator/diagnoser/therapist.

    For instance, we know that in the hard sciences you can measure stuff and it’s a black and white result. Do I have a voltage on this line? Stick a voltmeter on it and you’ll know. Will this design of aircraft fly? Well put it in a wind tunnel and the results are black and white. Does this patient have high BP? Measure it and you know.

    But in psychology it seems you talk to the patient and gauge his/her answers, and sift through what they may tell you, and sometimes what they don’t tell you to try come to a diagnosis. Even the tests seem to be subjective. Does this keep you awake a lot, or a little, or none? Seems like a lot of these questions are subjective. And in that case wouldn’t a person, who has done this a lot, have a better honed ability to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff?

    Just wondering.

    • IMO, the MMPI is pretty useful for indicating relevant info on a person. I have taken it twice; it definitely gives you some valid insight into your own mind. I think everyone should take it.

      This test (along with the MCMI, of course) has been highly validated over many years, the lie detector on it is really good also. The tester takes this test alone; does not interact with the tester/evaluator/therapist during this time. To some extent, the results can stand purely on their own for anyone to review & get similar information. But, the interpreter should look at particulars about the person’s life at the same time to make it more useful. The person may have things that ameliorate some of the results at that moment in time. I have chronic migraine, the test shows some above average results on somatoform, but this is expected for someone with chronic illness.

  12. I’m sure the defense has other psychologists/psychiatrists that assist with questions to be asked to this witness to impeach her.

    Intellectual deficit – so does that mean she CANNOT be put to death?

  13. hmmm wonder what your personality disorder is demartian?

    I can’t believe she’s saying all this. I mean we all fall within more than 1 personality disorders.

    • Consult the DSM and you will find that they consider every little “bad trait” to be some sort of “disorder”. It has really become ridiculous and these psychologists, especially young ones like this one have little up their sleeves but the DSM. They have very little personal insight and life experience, and think that compassion, empathy, and common sense is something that makes them LESS of a good psychologist.

  14. I heard Baby Like Oh my Gawwwwwd Doc
    may be on the stand all week? Is that true?
    Can anyone speculate when JW will
    have her turn and begin shredding her?

    • I speculate JW gets to “chomp” on her Thursday! The daggers coming from JW’s eyes are something!
      she’s ready…

  15. So, this “expert” is smiling while talking about all this… and I’m pretty sure this isn’t the place to smile and laugh about this.

  16. There you have it BPD. And “I will talk about that in a little bit” because it’s not in this part of the script.

    • How about how she refers to her own statements as “highlighting”. Not: “what I said earlier”, but what she “highlighted earlier”.

  17. I think its pretty funny that Baby Doc compares Jodi to a teenager, when in fact she was a teenager at the same time Jodi was. Her age does not give credibility to this claim. She is trying so hard to look like she knows what she is talking about. As a 54 year old man, I chuckle at her arrogance.

  18. Oh but a LOT of domestic abuse victims with chronic PTSD are misdiagnosed with BPD. I think this might give grounds for rebuttal.

  19. I recall Dr,Samuals mentioning he diagnosed Jodi with something else as well as PTSD, but he was only hired to evaluate Jodi as having PTSD or not having it. Why is THIS witness allowed to testify beyond that and the others only evaluated Jodi for specific things. I think Dr Samuels will come back.

  20. Can you imagine if another witness said to JM “First let me explain fears of abandonment” and didn’t answer his question.

    • I was thinking along similar lines. He is somewhat nice (don’t really think he has it in him to be nice) to this gal when he was rude, disrespectful and downright mean to Dr. Samuels and ALV. I’m surprised JM is able to contain himself when his witness seems to control the ebb and flow of her testimony.

  21. OMG she’s got me fired up giving her this diagnoses and only being with her for 12 FK hours which wa to administer numerous test

  22. BTW, on the topic of the “expert witness” many girls/women of a certain age group here in AZ and also in CA speak just like she does.(probably in other states as well but I can’t attest to that) They do it purposely they think it sounds sexy/cool. ha! I have noticed it as well on a few night time drama shows that my daughter watches that cater to younger women.(under 30)

  23. Fear of abandonment…I think she’s talking about Travis.

    Let’s say it’s true that she has BPD, but Jodi must have developed that while she was with Travis.

      • She conveniently ignores that……and trys to wiggle around it by saying that she just can’t say that _most_ abusers lie to family and friends.

      • i’d like to know how his brother felt about the sex tape and whet he felt about them going back home after the baptizim and have anal sex. how did he feel when Travis kicked her and strangled her till she passed out. See all of these come into play . How did he feel when travis would KEEP calling and engaging with jodi. I think he would have a very different opinion if he had these facts Before Tavis got his self killed? Has anyone else noticed how it’s always a brother or his 2 nasty sisters Lady Flat hair and Skelator that are being interviewed or evaluated? What about his dad? I think the reason we haven’t heard anything from him is because i don’t think he can talk about any conversation they had about jodi WITHOUT compromising Travis’ position with the state. I think it would sink JAUN case form the minute that man opens his mouth. A guy is more likely to bitch or brag to another dude then a chic. His dad knows something. I just know it. Your thoughts.

  24. I really struggle taking anything Baby Doc says as credible. She put on her big girl pants but her lack of experience is a joke.

  25. The pucker on her face EVERYTIME she answers a questions tells it all!! Looking at Jm like ” like what I said daddy”…. Errrr I can’t stand her!!

  26. She sounds angry.

    She is also basing testimony on what his friends said … and I really don’t think what his friends said are worth a grain of salt.

    • Yeah but even if they are worth a grain of salt it all comes back to YOUR FRIENDS DON”T KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!! It’s crazy that Jaun and apparently 1 other person on the planet don’t understand that. I wish someone would ask his friends if travis liked having anal with Jodi bareback or did they help him put on the condom. Did he pee sitting down or did they shake it for him when he was done. Answer the question Mr. hughes’ Do you have a memory problem ? yes or no? How many squars of tp did travis wipe his butt with . If you are truely his Friend Mr. Hughes you would know these things. Friends know EVERY PRIVATE and personal aspect of each others life. Give me a break. Friends don’t even tell friends they look fat or stupid do you really think they are going to talk about how many time travis wacked to jodi ( If i remember correctly it was like 15 times since she had left his house according to the sex tape) Did they know that ? They should it came out of travi’ mouth on the sex tape so they HAVE to know they know EVERYTHING!!! AHHHHHHH! God help these STUPID people!!

  27. Boyfriend to boyfriend? JW is going to ask about JA’s many women at once. WTF.

    Her arrogance has to be putting off the jury.

  28. Hi Everyone!
    So again I missed the morning session. Caught some bits that are still going on on hln. This chick from what I’ve gathered so far seems pretty smug and self-righteous. I would never have pegged her as someone who would be in the ‘helping’ field. She doesn’t come across as an academic either. When she is testifying (if I didn’t know she was a phd level clin. Psy) would’ve thought she was just one of TA’s run-of-the-mill ‘friends’ tattle-telling (is that how you say it?) on someone. Actually, even that Heather person, a technician from the prosc side who talked about the clothes in the washing mach came across as more professional in her dlvry. She raises her eyebrows a lot – feeling pretty superior I think.

      • jm must’ve been pretty desperate to have picked her for this. She needs to live some to be able to put some pathos in her being. She is too surface and thats why her responses seem kinda like scripted. She must have had a pretty good life so far, becoz its obvious she can’t come up with enough empathy – so it sounds so black and white when she’s trying to make a point. ALV, where art thou???

  29. Jennifer looks soooooo amused with this broads testimony . And no wonder jodi is paying no mind to her, she is talking about Jodi as if she isn’t there and it sounds judgemental and biased.

  30. Hi everyone Look at my petition on under the title have Nancey Grace and others taken off the air for bullying and gross misrepresentation. There is a ton of info on how this HLN network and its commentators ruthlessly damage people intentionally. And by the way did everyone know Wendy Murphy is Nancey Graces’ sidekick from all the way back in 2006. Anyone else think Nancey might b the one ACTUALLY behind the threats to ALV? here’s my petition. thanks everyone in public and the government: have Nancey Grace & others taken off air for BULLYING & MISREPISENTATION –

  31. I wonder if people with borderline personality disorder are more likely to tolerate domestic abuse rather than report it.???

    • I don’t think so but victims who developed PTSD from one trauma in childhood are much more likely to develop PTSD if they are subjected to subsequent trauma. And as I said above and gave studies in relation to it, complex PTSD is regularly misdiagnosed as BPD by inexperienced clinicians. If the defense doesn’t bring this up, I’ll go ballistic.

      • Amen Also-
        i was going to post the same thing about the dx from inexperienced clinician, but you did it so well I don’t have to.

      • I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I can’t help myself. It is my understanding that those who suffer from BPD, are typically the abusers (emphasis added) in a relationship. Those around the boderline, and I really don’t like that term, typically are walking on eggshells, trying to keep the boderline from exploding, and they are often doing everything they can to avoid becoming a victim of their wrath and rage. Sound familiar? How did the great doc arrive at this diagnosis for Jodi? Borderlines also typically lack empathy, suffer from extreme black and white thinking, are explosive, and sometimes self harm.
        They also have unstable interpersonal relationships… Is she talking about Jodi or Travis?

        I’ve been waiting for this… She was just about to give an example to help the court understand better. Sheesh… she really is inexperienced if she thought that was goin to fly.

    • Travis fits the characteristics of BPD more than Jodi does. Add to that a deviant sexual addiction and you have a real nutcase on your hands. I think we only know the tip of the iceburg where Travis’ sexual proclivities are concerned.

  32. Oh, I thought she knew these by memory. She just had to look. Okay JM where are your rantings of you’re looking at a document.

  33. question, and I apologize for my legal ignorance with AZ law- Does JW or KN get to clear this up with this Witless, er witness?

  34. Holy crap, by the time Baby Doc get done with will all have Borderline Behaviour Disorder, no matter what you do, you could be seen as having this just by dying your hair.

      • Of Course MB-
        A wise Phd. Psychologis told me years ago, when they institutionalized women for hysteria this type of thought was wide spread. As the science of Psychology developed, experienced Psychs began to realize that many women were “hysterical” because they were abused by their partners.

        This “newbie” psychologist doesn’t know these things because she was still in the womb, when real Psychologists learned these things. Isn’t it strange that out of 4 Psychs, this is the only one that doesn’t see PTSD?

        • Actually, TR had she paid attention while she was taking Psy 101 or around that juncture they do talk about these issues. Guess the whole topic of Coping Mechanisms just kept on sailing right out from one ear and out through the other.

  35. So, we are ALL disordered according to HER!

    Her tongue is running away with her—- GOOD–Enter JW

    This bitch is really enjoying her textbook one size fits ALL

  36. ok, other than the suicidal thoughts, she is describing TRAVIS to a tee….so now we know, TRAVIS was a borderline!!
    Wonder how much the state paid her to diagnosis him…..

    • No Travis was just an abuser. They fit characteristics of multiple psych disorders, but they’re actually none of them, other than sociopathic.

      • I have a feeling that Travis may have certainly had all the symptoms she’s describing as borderline, and I take back the suicide comment because didn’t he say he wanted to kill himself at one point….{question} I thought that was mentioned a few weeks back, but I could be wrong. That was attention seeking behavior, I’m sure. He liked himself too much.
        He definitely fits the criteria as she is stating it. Especially the aggression and the clingy stuff. He was jumping from girl to girl to girl because he didn’t want to be alone. {fear of abandonment as MB said}
        And yes, he was an abuser, but it seems only towards women. He was too much of a coward to strike out at another man. I don’t see the self mutilating though, most borderlines do that.

        • I agree with you both too actually.

          I’m not an expert in these things, but I have also described Travis’ behavior as “sociopathic” because he never believed personhood was self evident, but a status to be granted and taken away depending on whether someone conforms to his agenda or not. The problem with sociopaths is that they don’t believe that other people have value nor their rights should be respected. He himself said “I’m a bit of a sociopath,” so it’s right out of the horse’s mouth.

          I think he was a motley mix of all kinds of problems. Maybe they should name a syndrome after him.


    Because Kermi gives me intense anger.

    And I die my hair.

    And sometimes I feel empty.

    And because I have had more than one boyfriend.

    damn it. I knew it. Thank God for this young lady for telling me what I have/am.

  38. Guys, don’t get upset. If the defense handles this correctly, it will be a MAJOR victory and they will be able to completely discredit this baby shrink. Search for yourselves for “domestic violence PTSD misdiagnosed as BPD” and you will find everything you need to discredit her. With her lack of clinical experience, this is a rookie mistake and JM didn’t know any better.

    All I want is for the defense to handle this correctly.

    • AA,

      You are totally correct………… God Bless Jodi and her mom today. Hold strong Jodi….. she’s rookie… and out to get you.

    • AA,I didnt know that PTSD could be misdiagnosed as BPD ,thank you for bringing this up and I hope the Defense knows about that!! Keeping fingers crossed!

      • It is also commonly misdiagnosed as Bi-polar. In psychology, there are often differing views on diagnosis. In a test, with a scored result, sure, you can take that as a yes or no. But there is a thin line as to interpretation on many things in the mental health field. There are so very many disorders in the DSM, one can look at someone, ask them questions and make a diagnosis, and another person could completely disagree. This is the end of the case really, and in a nutshell, it is going to be about the jury and which expert opinion they choose to believe. Like I said earlier, I am really looking forward to hearing their questions for this witness, it can give us a little glimpse into how they are thinking. I am assuming that will be after cross by JW or Nurmi.

  39. Does everyone see the girl sitting behind the defense not in the gallery with long hair , young, is this the states next witness

  40. ALL OF US have personality disorders. The difference is which are more dominant than the others and based on that GAF scale they use in the DSM book is how we’re able to function or deal with every day things (did I say that right? LOL) Anyways, this girl gives me the “ugh” all around. Her demeanor and the way she answers questions. Anyone out there wan to diagnose her?

  41. One explanation is that some of the diagnostic criteria of BPD uphold stereotypes about women. For example, the criteria of “a pattern of unstable personal relationships, unstable self-image, and instability of mood,” can all be linked to the stereotype that women are “neither decisive nor constant”.[134] Women may be more likely to receive a personality disorder diagnosis if they reject the traditional female role by being assertive, successful, or sexually active.[17] If a woman presents with psychiatric symptoms but does not conform to a traditional, passive sick role, she may be labelled as a “difficult” patient and given a BPD diagnosis.[17]

  42. The myth of violence

    Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the stigma surrounding borderline personality disorder is the myth that people with BPD are violent toward others.[142] While movies and visual media often sensationalize people with BPD by portraying them as violent, the majority of researchers agree that people with BPD are actually very unlikely to harm others.[142] Although people with BPD often struggle with experiences of intense anger, a defining characteristic of BPD is that they direct it inward toward themselves.[143] In fact, one of the key differences between BPD and antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) is that people with BPD tend to internalize anger by hurting themselves, while people with ASPD tend to externalize it by hurting others.[143] In addition, as adults with BPD have often experienced abuse in childhood, many people with BPD adopt a “no-tolerance” policy toward expressions of anger of any kind.[143] Unfortunately, their extreme aversion to violence causes many people with BPD to overcompensate and experience difficulties being assertive and expressing their needs.[143] This is one way in which people with BPD choose to harm themselves over potentially causing harm to others.[143] Another way in which people with BPD avoid expressing their anger through violence is by causing physical damage to themselves, such as engaging in non-suicidal self injury.[13][142]

    • Many people with BPD are known as “cutters” they cut themselves because that pain they feel is not as intense as the pain they feel inside. They are trying to release their pain.

  43. I just turned on the tv and I believe there’s been some sort of mistake. It looks like I am watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager or Pretty Little Liars? But Juan boy is questioning the young actress on the stand. lol

  44. Only 2% of the general population and about 10% among individuals seen in outpatient mental health clincins and 12% among psychiatic patients.

  45. Borderline PD is not that connected with criminal behavior compared to anti-social PD. Psychopath or sociopath would be subsets of Anti-social, so Dr Drew’s diaganosis goes down the drain here. IMO, many younger generations could be diagnosed with borderline behavior. Some borderlines can be extreme (‘single white female’ movie), but this witness is really overplaying this.

  46. “However, while it is possible, and often likely, that the sexual trauma survivor’s symptoms are similar to the diagnostic criteria of BPD, it is imperative that mental health counselors consider the underlying motivations represented in symptoms before offering a BPD diagnosis. These underlying motivators are often a result of the survivors’ avoidance of dealing with the trauma history and ultimately lead to the development of maladaptive Maladaptive Unsuitable or counterproductive; for example, maladaptive behavior is behavior that is inappropriate to a given situation.The resulting avoidance of stimuli associated with childhood trauma, including increased arousal, and re-experiencing the trauma, are distinct behaviors that characterize victims’ responses to sexual trauma (Morgan, Rigaud, & Taylor, 1990) and, thus are more consistent with PTSD diagnostic criteria.”

    Dumb ass baby shrink!

  47. Whoever was talking here the other day about their computer problems that turned out to be just a bad recharger, really helped me out. I was in a deep rut over severe dental pain I’ve been having after some dental work done 2 months ago. I had given up & was just living on meds, soft food & an ice pack plastered to my cheek. Gave up on waiting for dentist to fix problem yesterday & went to urgent care & they really fixed me up for jaw infection & severe inflammation. Still don’t know exact cause yet, but I feel much better. Thanks!!!!

  48. AHAHAHAAAA JM made a mistake and crossed it out!

    NO PTSD…………….?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    O M F G

    She has COLD EYES.

  49. My impression with this witless witness is that she is a fame whore.

    She wants to be famous, make a name for herself.

    I eagerly await the defense tearing her ass to shreds.

  50. Too bad we can’t have Dr. Samuels and this PhD have a debate as to why they beleive each of their diagnosis of Jodi. Wonder how she would do debating Samuels with all his decades of experience? 🙂

    • If she were a defense witness:

      “Ma’am, ISN’T IT TRUE that you only have several years of experience in this field?”

      “Ma’am, ISN’T IT TRUE that you shouldn’t score these tests more than once?”

      Ma’am, ISN’T IT TRUE that you can’t get to know a subject in just 12 hours?”

  51. For people wondering – Janeen was born in June 15, 1980 (age 32).

    She played 4 years of volleyball for UMass starting in Fall 1998.

  52. It appears to me all these experts tested her for DIFFERENT things. Laviolette was there to evaluate DV. And IMHO she can’t opine on the other diagnostics because they tested and collected data on different things. Actually this in some ways helps her but we will see in cross….

  53. More cross:

    JW: Are you aware that talking with Vocal Fry-style makes you sound like a teenager?
    Baby Doc: JUAN – they are being mean to me again!

    Anyone notice Juan is having to ask her to keep repeating because he can’t understand her Vocal Fry-style answers?

  54. I’m glad this chick cleared it all up for me, I most have BPD and a whole array of other issues. Some of the things she is listing sounds like what a female is all about, nothing out of the ordinary. Wonder what she is like with relationships? LOL

    • Yes she does. She better be glad JM is not crossing her. Of course he has been known to yell at his own witnesses. He looks like he is working hard to not yell at her.

  55. This “girl” represents all the females out there that see other woman as a threat (because we were taught to believe that we are nothing without the validation of a man and other women are the main threat to that goal.) And the biggest threat of all are pretty, intelligent, articulate women so they need to be brought down a notch or two.

    She sounds like a gossiping teenager.

    • Case in point regarding bringing Jodi down a notch or two, I saw a segment a while back on HLN completely devoted to picking out a couple of words that Jodi misused during her 18-day testimony. They displayed the word she used in big letters, (for example, DE-EDIFY) and then showed in, big flashing letter,s the correct word (DIS-EDIFY). There were several others that I can’t remember because it was so idiotic and so exasperating.

    • So true!

      I have wished through this trial that people would put aside their own insecurities and petty jealousies to see how this case has the potential to impact ALL women.

      Sadly, people would rather throw someone else under the bus that think about their own future.

  56. Off topic… Just an observation (that is causing this Dyslexic some problems) This trial has a lot of “J”s.
    I think I misses some
    Then, there are “A”s
    Yikes…I need to write a reference list to keep it all straight.

  57. off topic, and it only happens with Kermi and pros witnesses, sometimes the audio goes in super slow motion, and they sound demonic.

  58. Obviously the state’s expert witness here hasn’t been practicing long enough to know that often times battered women are misdiagnosed with Schizophrenia or borderline personality disorders because they exhibit the same symptoms. Experts have cautioned for a very long time that the accuracy of psychological evaluations on battered women are not always accurate. As a matter of fact, it s said that it is best not to run psychological tests on a battered woman until she has received therapy and is no longer suffering from the symptoms —- so they can get a more accurate evaluation for other disorders. I believe this is why the defense experts didn’t rely solely on written psychological evaluations…..they have experience and know what they are doing.

    Back in 1995 I was living in a shelter for battered women and I decided to go to treatment for drug addiction/alcoholism. I was cautioned by my battered women’s therapist to be careful because the mainstream psychological institutes tend to blame women because of their alcoholism rather than notice that the alcoholism is a symptom of battered women’s syndrome. Luckily for me, while I was in treatment, I had therapists who specialized in the special needs of battered women. They focused on my co-dependency more than my alcoholism with the believe that my alcohol consumption was a symptom of the co-dependency. One of my therapists gave me a series of written psychological evaluations just to see what the results were, but he explained to me that they may not be accurate. My evaluation came back saying that I was borderline schizophrenic. My therapist explained to me that those numbers would go down as I recovered from the abuse….but he did the test to show me how so many women are misdiagnosed.

    From my experience, some of the questions on the test are unrealistic for women who are suffering from abuse….for instance, there are questions like “Do you feel that you are being followed”, of course a lot of battered women feel that way. Or “Do you feel like someone is trying to kill you”, again, many battered women feel that way. There are more questions like, is someone plotting against you, is someone trying to do you harm, do you feel that people are not generally honest, etc. etc. etc. But you see my point, the questions are not written in a way that they are sensitive to women who are suffering from abuse and are generally being stalked, threatened, lied to, etc.

    As I said before, this witness for the prosecution doesn’t have enough experience to know what she is talking about. All she knows is the textbook rules – but we are all humans and none of us fit the guidelines of the textbook and each individual has to be evaluated separately based on their own individual situation.

  59. HAs any one seen Travis’ 2 nasty sisters Lady Flat hair and Skelator today? Thay made me sick yesterday . I came in late?

  60. Whether Jodi has any emotional/psychological condition or not, it’s not like she chose it for herself. .
    Both Martinez and Vally Girl have a sort of blaming attitude toward Jodi that this condition is her fault. That she brought it on herself. Researchers today don’t know what causes borderline personality disorder.

    When you get into the psychological/psychiatric field, most of what they work with are THEORIES, not scientific facts. Sixty years ago, psychiatrists were stating that mothers played a role in causing schizophrenia. They finally got rid of that theory.

    This diagnosis may turn out to help Jodi if the defense can convince the jury whatever condition she has is not her fault.

    • Hey ! Having to defend your self so you don’t die IS NOT A MENTAL CONDITION!! JOdis’ mind didn’t make her do this. What happened to her when she was hit with the wooden spoon when she was a kid or anything else for that matter DID NOT MAKE HER DO THIS!! TRAVIS ATTACKING HER THEN TRYING TO KILL HER DID!! It is crazy to me that Jaun does not understand that jodi is not saying he tried to kill her when she dropped the camera, he tried to kill her AFTER the gun accidentally went off. Which is ABSOLUTELY what would happen if anyone just got shot after an altercation . Because then at that point the person who accidentally got shot is in fight or flight mode. HE at that point is thinking the same thing jodi was thinking. It will have to be them or me. And so when she scrambled out from under Travis after they landed on the floor after the gun shot he yelled Kill you bitch. BECAUSE HE WAS GOING TO. He never gave Jodi a chance to say ” OH my god travis. I just wanted to scare you .Please let me help. He went straight from attack mode to kill mode. It at that point REALLY WAS me or you. I can not believe this. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A MENTAL CONDITION!! and if it was I SERIOUSLY HOPE WE ALL HAVE IT>

    • And labotomies were done well into the 1980’s in mental institutions…a lobotomy became a legitimate alternative treatment for serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia and severe depression. Physicians even used it to treat chronic or severe pain and backaches

      And now….Today, the word “lobotomy” is rarely mentioned. If it is, it’s usually the BUTT OF A JOKE.

    • That expert is full of crap….just now she was saying something about with all of the people and evaluators talking with Jodi that she would have slowly regained some of that memory in that period of time…

      TO THE EXPERT….I suffered a tremendous lose of memory during a one year period over 10 years ago…and I have never regained that memory loss…

      And I had lots of family, friends, and my own children telling me things during that year in order to help me regain my memory…but it never worked…

      Just recently I was talking to my dad about something and realized that it was something that happened during that year of my memory loss…and I told my dad…I just remembered that…and my dad said that he didn’t know if I really remembered it or if I remembered what everyone had told me that happened during that year…I only remembered that one things that I was telling my dad and nothing else…everything else was still like a blank wall during that year…

      With Jodi having so many people and evalulators talking with her….I feel that Jodi remembered only what someone had previously told her about the event and it is that memory that she had…and she talked about that memory to the expert….rather than any of Jodi’s own remembered memories of the event…

      Who can get PTSD?

      Anyone who was a victim, witnessed or has been exposed to a life-threatening situation.

      Survivors of violent acts, such as domestic violence, rape, sexual, physical and/or verbal abuse or physical attacks.

      Survivors of unexpected dangerous events, such as a car accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack.

      Combat veterans or civilians exposed to war.

      People who have learned of or experienced an unexpected and sudden death of a friend or relative.

      Emergency responders who help victims during traumatic events.

      Children who are neglected and/or abused (physically, sexually or verbally).

    • Well right – even IF Jodi has a disorder (I don’t trust the diagnosis from THIS particular doc), it’s not like she asked for it.

      But the Travis Taliban and Martinez are using the stigma of presumed mental illness – which harms all people who are struggling with it.

      This trial is so wrong, on so many levels. We’ve just found yet another one where a segment of the population is going to be royally fucked by the propaganda around it.

      • I think the last name was Carp or something. But i think that she evaluated Jodi before she came forward about the self defense. Honestly NOTHING collected before she came forward should be considered evidence. SHE WAS LYING UP TO THAT POINT > I don’t care what anyone says, ANYONE in this situation would lie. Come on. It really pisses me off when all these stupid ass haters judge her for the decisions she had to make without looking at the options she had to choose from. No body wants something like this to happen. Yes she didn’t have to go over there that night, but she loved him she didn’t want him to be mad at her so she went. I think its crazy to say in the same sentence she was worried enough that he would be mad, BBBBUUUTTTT …. wouldn’t give a shit if he was hurt , bleeding, dying right in front of her. that scrazy. but what is even more crazy is saying she PLANNED IT FORM THE BEGINNING. SO this women is willing to put up with sodomy, abusive and hateful name calling and treatment in both public and private, but him taking another women on a BUSINESS TRIP(EVEN MIMI HALL SAID IT WAS NONROMANTIC IN ANYWAY> THEY WERE JUST FRIENDS) pushed her over the edge. COME THE HELL ON !!!! sorry or the bad words but i couldn’t help myself . It won’t keep happening i hope. ; )

  61. What expert witness say “alledgedly occurred”

    IMO it makes her testimony very controversial and inexperienced. No “real” expert ever says all, never, etc.

  62. Oh how I wish the test for PTSD had been given more than once. She should have been re-tested after she admitted to the killing. Damn.

    • I don’t really see that a second test needed to be given. The first test was given based on Jodi saying she had witnessed a murder. That is a fact that has never changed, Jodi did witness a murder. If I was witnessing a murder and I was in fact doing the killing to save my own life, I think my PTSD would be even more severe.

  63. DId you see her just say yes as she shook her head in a NO? Don’t the body language folks say that is a cue when one is dishonest?

  64. Demon-te’s personality disorder diagnosis for Jodi doesn’t differ that much from Samuels, BTW. Samuels did diagnose Jodi with an unspecified personality disorder, no big deal. Samuels had the experience to know that that issue was not that important to the killing of TA or Jodi’s different stories after the incident; what matters are things that Samuels brought up like Acute Stress or PTSD. I still wish he had spent more time looking into a dissociative episode or brief psychotic break, though.

  65. She thinks she’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE. My GOD she’s a laughing stock!!!!

    Is she a VALLEY GIRL???????

    • IF I was in jail and she arrived I would have a difficult time dealing with her *I’m so important and your in jail* attitude!

  66. Such bullshit. Many of us don’t have recurrent thoughs or dreams. Sometimes, we just have scary dreams. We won’t allow ourselves to think or dream about any one event.

    • I so agree with you AA, as I said in my prior post, my nightmares were not the actual events that happened to me, they were just dreams of terror. This expert witness does not have enough experience, totally text book.
      Even I know more then she does, being the patient!

  67. Well now America today can be repulsed by the psychology profession, just as they are by the vicious legal system watching the odious Martinez. Lots of repulsive behavior on display.

    I’ve never known anyone who talked like this, so I learned something today, the Vocal Fry, the creaking, as it’s described. But it sounds like moaning to me. Vamping like a 14 year old kid. . And then chuckling and mocking during death penalty testimony. Sickening. Shocking.

  68. Dont you all agree that it might be the first time we get to hear Martinez uttering the words ”pardon” and”I’m sorry?” to a witness???

  69. BPD people don’t take trazadone, but PSTD people do….. Wonder if she can explain that to me….. without the excuse of being in a jail cell

    • She will probably get her own show with KW. Oh those two talking in the same room would give me a headache.

  70. The witness said JA has an INTELLECTUAL DEFECT – Does this mean that the defense could argue against the DP based on the defect that the State’s own witness testified to?

  71. Everyone here can see so clearly this gal’s MO. Gotta know the jury sees it too. This is so terrific for Jodi!

  72. So yes based on what JA says but no from my experience, but everything else she reported to me falls into the categories I say.

    Great….so they want it both ways…again.

  73. Did she use DSM IV or V criteria? I guess it would have had to be IV, but I wonder if she will need to go back and look at the new criteria. Very, very different. The diagnostic criteria got a complete overhaul, and I wonder how this will stand up. It is way more complicated than Juan’s little list. Has the DSM V been released yet? Published?
    Could her expert opinion be discarded if the new criteria is released while the trial is still going on?

    • It hasn’t been released yet. It will be published in May.

      She is allowed to use the version in print at the time she evaluated Jodi during trial because that’s what she based her opinions on.

  74. I can’t help but think that the defense never brought up a Traumatic Brain Injury as part of the memory loss of the event in addition to the things Dr. S discussed. I have memory loss from a car accident where I sustained a mild TBI. I was also diagnosed with PTSD in re: to the accident, and that was by the insurance Psychologist, who is hired to not rule in a patient’s favor. This lady doesn’t get it at all.

    • Unfortunately, they couldn’t. Jodi wasn’t diagnosed with a head injury. By the time anyone evaluated her, it was too late.

      • It’s never too late to be diagnosed with a TBI and she had her head slammed on the tile, which would also account for memory loss.

  75. Hey I just want to say Having to defend your self so you don’t die IS NOT A MENTAL CONDITION!! JOdis’ mind didn’t make her do this. What happened to her when she was hit with the wooden spoon when she was a kid or anything else for that matter DID NOT MAKE HER DO THIS!! TRAVIS ATTACKING HER THEN TRYING TO KILL HER DID!! It is crazy to me that Jaun does not understand that jodi is not saying he tried to kill her when she dropped the camera, he tried to kill her AFTER the gun accidentally went off. Which is ABSOLUTELY what would happen if anyone just got shot after an altercation . Because then at that point the person who accidentally got shot is in fight or flight mode. HE at that point is thinking the same thing jodi was thinking. It will have to be them or me. And so when she scrambled out from under Travis after they landed on the floor after the gun shot he yelled Kill you bitch. BECAUSE HE WAS GOING TO. He never gave Jodi a chance to say ” OH my god travis. I just wanted to scare you .Please let me help. He went straight from attack mode to kill mode. It at that point REALLY WAS me or you. I can not believe this. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A MENTAL CONDITION!! and if it was I SERIOUSLY HOPE WE ALL HAVE IT. Your thoughts! Thanks

  76. I wish JA would have stayed with the intruder story.

    And baby doc has the worst way of mouth movements. Creepy how she enunciates her words

  77. More cross:

    JW – So you did say you are getting paid by the prosecution?
    Baby Doc – yes
    JW – Do you think its a coincidence that you agree with everything Juan says?
    Baby Doc – WAH! JUAN! Make them stop.

  78. Just dropped over to one of the hate pages, just to see how the delusionals are dealing with this. Here’s the first one I saw: “This witness is great, I hope she comes across the same way when the defense tries to frazzle her, I think she will hold up !”

  79. I’m assuming that the defense can’t go into DV with this witness since JM will object that it is beyond scope, but I would also assume that JW will use TA’s behaviors that cover each of these same bullet points.

  80. Ok…this valley girl has now triggered my own ptsd anxiety- if I were jodi right now, all my ptsd symptoms would be peaking at this point, listening to this under educated phd, minimizing all of Jodi’s trauma responses. NO two people respond to trauma the same…How dare this lady demean Jodi’s feelings, thoughts or trauma responses with out having any education or knowledge of domestic violence. JM is knows what he was doing by sneaking in a witness who is obviously biased. A witness without any domestic violence training should not be any part of this case or any of the evaluations of Jodi. I’m just disgusted by this worthless witness and the cruel manipulations of JM!

    • might I add— Jodi has had trauma that resulted in ptsd that began when she was little and abused by her parents. this lady didn’t even adress any of this in her evaluations…duhhh. this lady is so flippen ridiculous. Jennifer, we know you can put this under educated witness in her place!!!!! I’m sure Jennifer sees plenty of holes in miss phd’s evaluations that will not hold up w her testimony.

  81. I don’t know why they can talk about her behavior afterwards. In the Casey A. trial we learned the behavior afterwards doesn’t have a thing to do with it. Especially when trying to prove premed, the behavior afterwards shouldn’t matter.

    • Absolutely. Word through the grapevine is that HLN has exclusive interviews lined up with her.

      Must be nice to have unearned prestige by just repeating the same lies the Travis Taliban have been saying ad nauseum.

      • She reminds me of this neck swiveling , finger waving immature “domestic abuse survivor” that JVM had on last week, to refute Jodi’s claims DV. She is overly excited to give her supposed expert opinion , smiles, chuckles and eye rolling included.

  82. Her attitude just gets under my skin. I would hate to be her patient because she is so cold and arrogant.

  83. this woman knows NOTHING about PTSD. Its obvious she has NEVER treated a PTSD patient, or if she has, I sure feel badly for them.
    My father did not isolate himself, in fact, he did everything he could to keep himself busy, so he wouldn’t think about it. For many years, he was almost an absent father, gone fishing, hunting, traveling, etc. Its called avoidance, this woman is a quack!

  84. Why does she keep talking about Jodi as if she’s a piece of worthless shit??Echoing Martinez and Travis maybe?

  85. I almost feel sorry for this witness. She doesn’t realize that a complete destruction of her credibility is in her near future.

    • I don’t feel one bit sorry for this naive little twit. Obviously she is “book smart” and she thinks sitting there spouting statistics and bullshit is going to impress the jury. I hope the defence wipes the floor up with her and turns her into a sobbing mess.

      I’m a mental health nurse and Jodi is not like any borderline I have worked with. Travis on the other hand, has lots of the characteristics of a borderline.

      • Thanks Bev- I have worked with many people diagnosed with Borderline and I see nothing that has been brought out by anybody, that would make me think Jodi is.

    • Honestly, I don’t feel bad that she’s committing career suicide. She chose to involve herself in this case as a fast track to infamy; and she will get her wish. The only kind of people who gravitate towards this clinical scapegoating are the most ignorant, classes, and emotionally imbalanced.

      I say she and HLN are birds of a feather, they will get the audience they deserve.

  86. Anybody notice HLN is eating everything this twat says with a spoon?

    She will be their next “expert” for the next trial that comes along for them to misrepresent.

    • Yes,yet they bashed the defenses expert witnesses who had many more years of experience! And AL is a DV expert! How can she testify to counter AL’s testimony, she isn’t an expert in DV. Im now fast forwarding thru their BS I can’t hear any more of it.

  87. no worries, this witness will be CANNON FODDER for the defense! I’m going to enjoy that very much!! Popcorn on me!!!

  88. Hmm Just went to DeMarte’s website…get this:
    Years in Practice – 8,
    Year Graduated -2008
    Does my math fail me? OR was she in practice BEFORE she graduated?
    Maybe I am misconstrued

    • Hope to GOD this chick never has kids…. And I noticed for being 32 years old she’s not married or engaged…..

    • Actually she said on the stand she didn’t finish school till 2009 and obtained her license in 2010. She is using supervising master students which is part of course work as experience.

      • Experience…not “in practice”. My sister is an MD and her years “in practice” are years “licensed to practice” years

        • Yes, big difference, this would be the same as your sister counting her clinicals during medical schools as years of experience. Although you learn a lot, you really don’t begin getting good until you’re licensed and on your own getting experience. This I think is worse than ALV not putting on her cv she was a breakfast keynote, not a keynote.

    • And theres this:


      •Testing and Evaluation
      •Personality Disorders
      •Trauma and PTSD

      Doesn’t seem to have a clue about PTSD to me.

      Oddly, shes actually smiling in her pic. I’m surprised her face didn’t crack.

  89. If a tiger bites you it slips off easier! Did I just hear that?

    If a tiger bites you you slip out easier due to the sweat?

    I would think the blood coming out of you when a tiger bites you would be a whole lot more than any amount of sweat you can push out.

    A tiger’s getting ready to a huge bite of butt. A tiger named Jennifer.

  90. Good one Renee! I think maybe this young lady was promised a trip to the mall, a new I-phone and a chance to be on TV for her testimony! Maybe even her own reality show!! Is she a Guidette? lol Lemme tell you, sweetie, it ain’t gonna be worth it. Despite the rave reviews you will get from the HLNites you ain’t doing so good.

  91. I ventured to the Taliban site to peek at their thoughts.

    So far, they all have crushes on baby doc.

    That is it. That is their analysis. She is cute.

  92. Why is it the state implies in court questioning defense witness’ that Jodi is an habitual liar with everything she has said, text, emailed etc., to D. Samuals, Alyce LaViolette, friends, neighbors, co-workers, strangers, x boyfriends, basically anyone who believes she was abused or testified on her behalf and so that would make their opinions nul and void. But whatever Jodi has said or made a statement about to this Janne Demarte, the states expert witness, is true in which Janne DeMarte has made her opinions? Does anyone else see this ????

  93. This witness J Dimarti is a textbook educated idiot lacking human compassion for anyone except her pampas robotic self. In her attempt to discredit people in her field that have years of experience, textbook and life alone, this just might be professional suicide for her. In her cut throat climb to “the top”, the things she says today very well may be her own demise as she lends herself to being untrustworthy amongst her peers. She gets along with martinez because she is just like him and both of them will get an education they cannot skew sometime in their lives. Here’s hoping a juror recognizes the arrogance being displayed today and that the bitter taste it leaves will be spit at the prosecution.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking…and some on the jury must have caught that one too. As for the Dr’s experience she referenced that she currently has a “handful” of patients. Really…does that make her an expert witness? How did she make it through the screening process of the defense to be able to be called an expert in a court proceeding? Has she ever testified in a criminal case before?

  94. Juan’s line of questions is not making sense re: criteria number 1. She agreed that there was a traumatic event that occurred. She just doesn’t agree with the other experts on what that traumatic event was. So why is he doing all these what if questions. It’s like he is trying to bury her answer to make it sound like she said there was no traumatic event – but she did say the killing was the traumatic event.

    I don’t know how she can determine if Jodi met the other criteria or not. What did she spend, 10 hours with Jodi? Probably 8 of those hours were spent giving her written personality and IQ tests. That’s hardly enough time to establish enough trust for a person to tell you what they are constantly thinking or dreaming about over a traumatic event that they don’t even want to think about.

    This witness is very inexperienced and seems to be one of those people that have all the book smarts in the world. That made her way through college memorizing things. But she obviously hasn’t done a lot of interacting with real people in the real world.

  95. I haven’t been able to watch much so a question for you all. Did this gal ever interview anybody Jodi actually knew?

    Seems to me she is using the same “collateral information” that the defense witnesses did. And that is okay with JM now?

    • Ok, yes this is a 400 level senior writing course, but with this TA its a pain in the ass. Routinely cancelled office hours and never informed students, VERY HARD GRADER, and would not discuss papers or assignments unless she agreed that the grade could be lowered. She is a grad student with too much on her plate and shouldnt be TAing a class like this that required this much of her time and effort because she didnt put in what she got paid for.

      Professor rated by: Student on May 11, 2007

      Grad assistant with too much on her plate. Was never at office hours, if you had an appointment, she would cancel because her client had an emergency. She shouldn’t have been allowed to assist in this class.

      Professor rated by: Student on April 28, 2007

      She is not a good TA and should not be allowed to teach this class. Shes a very hard grader and does not care about you or your grades. DO NOT TAKE A CLASS WITH HER, and if she is your TA get out!

      Professor rated by: Student on May 9, 2007

  96. ok, I’ve tried to search for AMA reports on this ‘genius” and I’m not even finding she’s licensed in Arizona.
    Does anyone know where she holds licensure {question}

    I’m buying a new keyboard for this stupid thing, I promise!

  97. So according to this “expert witness” to have ptsd you would have to be in a either in a comatose state, walking in circles talking to yourself or in a locked padded room screaming about the trauma you endured! What and idiot.