Jodi Arias Trial – Day 47 (afternoon session)

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An interesting morning indeed. I’ll write more commentary on it tomorrow morning after we get the afternoon session out of the way… but in the meantime I’ll briefly summarize it as follows, and in as few words as possible:

Kirk Nurmi: Harassment… intimidation… bullying.

Martinez: Mexican chihuahuas… cancer tests… solar eclipses… blind people.

Me: Martinez + Judge Pickles = tossing salad.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 47…

Team Jodi


    • Why does this prosecutor have to attack every single witness the defense puts on ? Plus the gentleman (the photograhy expert) does work for JM’s own office… I wonder if that little man has any friends in his own office at all..

      • I’ve honestly been putting some thought to that same thing. Why always attacking? it hit me today, its all he’s got. He obviously isn’t smart enough to do anything else, so this big grand stand, intimidate witnesses, try to give the jury the perception that he is certain of himself is so over the top, because he is hiding the fact that he doesn’t have much to work with and not smart enough to do it any other way. In short (pun intended) he honestly isn’t smart enough to do anything else.

    • Sorry I ‘m not sure how to post w/out hitting the REPLY button on someone else’s post! Just noticed on Nancy Disgrace they are talking about seeing s second person in the ‘iris’ of TA eye?? Did anyone else see this?? This speculation they are saying came from HJ Blakenship. Guess I missed this if it came out before. Sure goes to what I have been thinking all along

  1. Darn it! Missed the whole thing this morning. Anyone willing to spill the beans, please? :). Thank you in advance.

    • Ms. Wong stated ” that the jurors didn’t see Juan signing autographs or taking photos.”

      Computer expert…. testified about a photo and seeing someone in the photo of TA but couldnt be sure who the person was and the defense wants this photo shown to the juror with the facts.

      Two mistrial motions denied on JUAN behavior.

      Waiting for Alyce to testify this afternoon.

    • Lets see, ill try: mrs wong DIDNT see any jurors that witnessed Martinez rock star behavior. Then the expert that cleared up the sex tape came in to show that you can see jodi HOLDING the camera, NO KNIFE,NO GUN Iin the picture. Martinez claims its not good enough for the jury too see the picture because to HIM, he sees a Mexican Chihuahua and so that would mean that the jury would be able to see other BS. And then they tslked about the motion fir mistrial and the judge dusmissed it because again the jury has seened any of the prosecutional misconduct. I thk thats about it, if I missed anything anyone can correct.

      • Yes…he said he saw a dog with ears, whiskers, and a tail….he was so stupid funny…

        So if he saw the damn dog…then where was Jodi?

        Maybe she wasn’t there after all…hmmm…

        Because the dog did it!!!

        • LOL. I think the gopher did it, in the bathroom, with the stick the dog had in it’s mouth. End of trial. Set Jodi free and find the gopher.

          • BREAKING NEWS….A gopher was just seen in downtown Mesa during rush hour causing a horrific traffic jam…bystanders are saying that a big gray gopher was zig-zagging through the traffic looking for a manhole to jump into…speculation looking for his underground tunnel?…Well it’s been a busy afternoon folks and people are still honking their horns in much frustration for the traffic to move forward…and just when we think that we have seen it all…here comes a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua yapping and barking in hot pursuit of the big gray gopher…let me hold this microphone to this bystander…Sir…”Do you have any idea what all this commotion is with the gopher, the German Shepherd and the Chihuahua?”…the bystander replied, “It looks like the Beverly Hills Chihuahua so there must be a celebrity around wanting to get an autograph.”

          • You have no idea how absolutely happy it would have made me to hear the defense team blurt that out…they may as well at this point. They need to have this Judge thrown out!!!!

            but that you for the laugh! 🙂 this trial has me so mad I have had to start taking breaks now and again so it wont completely ruin my mood. I just keep telling myself, on appeal (if God forbid their aren’t enough intelligent jurors to handle this the right way)…on appeal at least their will be different Judges.

            You know, if the Judge isn’t crazy about the defense team or wants to play favorites with JM, fine, but for goodness sake have some respect for yourself and the judicial system and make that fool act right! He is an embarrassment to our Judicial system and all attorneys with any good sense should (did I just say attorneys with good sense?? lol) anyway, someone needs to shut him down…here is what I say, I have a pre teen and teenage daughter, and play sports, basketball and softball…sure you are going to have some fouls here and there, its unavoidable, but if you can win a basketball game without fouling left and right, then the problem is, your aren’t good enough to play and you should get off the damn court!!!! JM has no real skill, the only thing he has is his smart ass mouth, other wise he would play smarter and not harder…shove THAT in your cake hole HLN :)…ok, sorry, I feel better now! Thank goodness for this website 🙂

      • I know dogs and trust me, with what was going on, that dog was anywhere but in that bathroom. Certainly not posing for a photo op like our prosecutor. JM is an idiot, plain and simple.

      • Oh by the way, I agree that JM saying he saw a dog in the photo was his underhanded way of insulting Jodi. I have Jodi’s twitter bookmarked and there’s nothing there that comes close to JM’s name calling.

        His reaction is so imbalanced and over the top for anything Jodi said.

        And he should just admit he’s a short short man.

        • Don’t want no short, short man
          Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, shriveled little short, short man…

          Were you intentionally referencing the song? Bcuz it is now in my head! Lol!!!

    • Thank You ALL for contributing!!! 😀 What would I do without you all… lol (Also, I thought the BUTLER did it???) lol

      BTW, was watching hln since I couldn’t turn the computer on for awhile (making dinner for kids) and strangely, they are kind of not so focussed on the JA trial, using the boston incident as an excuse – wondered if what is going on is not lookiing so good for the prosc side? They tend to blow off things in the trial when it doesnt look so good for them.

      • so true! They are starting to really dig for comments…getting desperate. For heavens sake if your anchor has to do headstands in split screen along side the defendant, you’ve reached the bottom of your entertainment value barrel. give it up already HLN, you are starting to look so pathetic I almost feel sorry for you…almost

  2. I keep wondering what they are talking about happening in the sealed in chambers discussion that the judge thought the prosecutor’s yelling or attacking AL when she was visibly upset.

  3. Someone in a position superior to Judge Pickles and Kermit has put out the word that they want a

    It appears to me that someone in a superior position to Judge Pickles and the frog has sent down word that they want a DP conviction in this case. There doesn’t seem to be any other rational basis for Pickles behavior. I know part of what is going on has to do with Kermit’s ego and ambition but the judge’s behavior is blatantly biased for the prosecution. It doesn’t make since that the judge would be so one-sided if there was not pressure coming from someone somewhere. It may have to do with her ambitions as well as a Mormon connection of some kind. Just my opinion.

      • It’s a quirky day today…I have seen more quirky things happen today than ever before…Nurmi also experienced quirkiness many times when trying to get the microphone to work right, and then the laptop that projected the image quirked up…

        Chalk it off to quirkiness for today…LOL…

      • There is def more than what we are seeing going on from somewhere… imo

        If this is typical of what happens daily in our courtrooms across the nation then I’ve lost faith in our justice system.

    • Actually, I think JM’s boss came out recently and stated that he thought the jurors should have been sequestered for this trial. SJ posted the video on here somewhere, if I recall correctly. You would think that someone higher up the pecking order within the court system would have put a muzzle on JM by now, thats for sure. And the Jusge has no control of this trial or the courtroom.

    • agreed. something political is going on somewhere. What I would give for this lid to be blown off that idiot Judge. I am fascinated at the people who get in these positions. Seeing those two have to answer for all this bias and misconduct would be the only Justice I could imagine coming out of this case! Things keep going like they are it isn’t going to matter if the dog did it in the parlor with the candle stick….Judge and JM are going to make sure things go the way they want.

  4. Can anyone make out the pattern on Mr. Nurmi’s beautiful cobalt tie?

    I see marijuana plants in the pattern … but it could be french fries or a sun rise if i wear my JM glasses

    • Maybe its wild artichokes….my son once thought I was growing marijuana in the back yard when some wild artichoke plants came up! LOL

      • From my Florida vacation…I brought home to my youngest son a sea foam green tee-shirt with palm trees on the front..I even had his name air-brushed on the front left side…

        And when I gave it to him…he laughed and tossed the shirt back at me and said, “Do you really want me to wear that shirt with those marijuana plants on the front?”

        I confess…I have never seen marijuana plants…but thanks to the dare program in my son’s school…they know what the stuff looks like…

        P.S…the tee shirt is used as a dusting cloth now…and it remains a laughing matter…LOL…

  5. Wild About Trial : ”Still waiting outside the courtroom. Stay tuned. I need a nap. #jodiarias”


  6. No, I remember before the am session was done, it being mentioned a closed door hearing at 1:15 having to do with something they discovered in close door meetings with ALV, and JM was thrilled about what was discovered. I think this is why ALV had to come back.

      • But why this judge EVER thought they would be able to get through a closed door hearing in 15 minutes is baffling. Anything done in her court room takes at least 2-3 times the normal allotted time.

    • ”thrilled” is putting it mildly. Quoting him” There’s this allegation that she was upset about it well then,she SHOULD be upset about it based on what was uncovered at that hearing”
      OMG,it’s like he’s genuinely HAPPY that she was upset!!!

  7. Well a little joke while we sit here and wait:

    I just figured out what Martinez can see out of TA eyeball. HIS OWN reflection, a “MEXICAN CHIHUAHUA”!!
    Hahahaaaa ; )) (I laugh at my own corney jokes lol)!!!

  8. Anyone – was there ever ant real proof that LaViolette actually talked to one of TA’s sisters? Or is there just speculation?

        • one day after court was done but the cameras were still on,AL was leaving and she did stopwhen she was passing the Alexanders,very briefly. The judge saw it. the camera went to her and she had looked up from her paperwork over her glasses and looked right at them then back to her paperwork. it is on film

        • On the AZ victims bill of rights it does not say a witness cannot acknowledge the existence of the victim. It says the victim can refuse deposition or interviews. I’d hardly call 2 words uttered in passing an interview.

      • According to blogger, Katie Cool Lady, who has been sitting behind TAs family during the trail witnessed it (she made this statement on an internet radio program). She said she could not hear what was said but saw AL talk to Sam.

        • Ya from what I have read an heard from that lady she is a most definitely a hater big time.
          So I don’t believe her either. I would have to see it on film or from Alyce’s lips I would not
          believe Samantha either.

        • Plus, if she were sitting directly behind, and didn’t hear the exchange, if such a thing occurred at all, a point on which I am highly dubious, how aggressive could it have been? Give me a break.

        • She definitely has an agenda. She wants to be on TV as much as Katie Dr. Drew Juror. Which is kinda funny considering that she used to malign Katie Dr. Drew Juror on the WebSluths site until she suddenly became BFFs with her and now brags about their cocktail hours together.

          It is pathetic, really. She insinuated herself into that grieving family and she has abused their trust in order to promote herself and further her (career? ) agenda.

          Uck. Katie Cool Ladie needs to STFU. She was so harsh on Katie Dr. drew about being a media whore and now she (Katie Cool Ladie) is an even bigger whore. And Katie Dr. drew Juror TOTALLY knows that bitch is a fake ass.. I give Dr.Drew Katie props for not outing that hateful bitch for the opportunist she really is.

  9. Filing Date


    Docket Date

    Filing Party


    012 – ME: Trial – Party (001)



    012 – ME: Trial – Party (001)



    012 – ME: Trial – Party (001)



    LOW – List Of Witnesses/Exhibit/Evidence – Party (001)


  10. Yep..New York especially…I hate this shit….my sister works in Manhattan and I have family in the military…I worry sick at times like this…..

    • Oh noooooo janeen, hope they’re all ok. Have you rcvd a call??? Im not even sure whats going on, just that there has been some explosions. Maybe I should go chk it out, im IN a big military base right now, idk if I should feel safe or not???? Omg, now im getting scared!!!

      • I have NOT received any calls yet….New York is a HUGE target and my entire family and I live here…plus my partner is overseas on deployment….whenever I hear “bomb” I have a heart attack…I haven’t heard from her yet today….

            • LOL Janeen Poor NY has been through a lot. Boston isn’t used to anything like this. The police are telling people to go home and stay put. And it’s rush hour right now.

              • I’m sorry Janeen. I can’t imagine how scary things like this must be for New Yorkers now. New York cops have seen everything. The Boston police look a little panicked. I don’t blame them.

              • Hopefully with it being Patriot Day in Boston and the marathon a lot of people commuting for work may have had the day off.

                A called a friend of mine working on a renovation of a hotel there. He was two blocks away. He said they are all on lock down.

      • I can understand that Also. The Boston police are telling people to just get home and stay put. It’s probably a good idea for people in all the cities on the east coast.

        • I didn’t hear we were before leaving work at 5:30, but my fiance just got home and said the entire DC Metro area is on alert right now. They closed down the restaurant he manages tonight.

    • ((((((((((((((((((((((big hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))) my friend.

      I am just popping in and out of here today, and tackling a weeks worth of work I neglected last week during this judicial farce. 😥

  11. I’m just starting to watch now. I got to see a bit of the eyeball earlier. So both motions were denied? And Alyce is in chambers now? Why is she in there?

    • No one is absolutely sure, speculation it has to do with the alleged allegation AL approached SA or it has to do with JM conduct toward AL. ????

  12. On the news they’re wondering if basketball games and all kinds of sporting events will be cancelled tonight.

  13. Authorities intercepted a suspicious package with explosives that was addressed to tough-talking Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    U.S. Postal Inspector Andrew Rivas in Flagstaff screened the package Thursday and realized it was suspicious enough to call the local police bomb squad and the FBI.

    “We evacuated the post office, got all our employees to safety,” Rivas told CNN affiliate KTVK.

    The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office said Flagstaff police X-rayed the package and neutralized it Thursday night.
    This is from April 12 2013

    • Guns, bombs, explosives, terrorists…what is coming next?

      Three bombs today in Boston, Massachusetts…

      A suspicious package with explosives last Thursday in Flagstaff, Arizona….

  14. 2 Dead and more than 100 injured in Boston. Report from CNN of explosion at JFK. Sigh…..crazy world we have. Stay away from large outdoor crowded events.

    • Motions made by the defense were denied re mistrial of prosecutor misconduct (meeting with his fans in front of the courthouse) and intimidating witnesses ALV and RS in chambers. Judge felt that if the jury didn’t know about these things, there was no reason for a mistrial.

      Or something…

  15. To follow up to the poster from earlier, about us using foul words and such….

    I agree that I/We don’t use the best language some times. I guess that is attributed to the frustration we all have. Which doesn’t make it write. I do respect your opinion on the cursing, even if I don’t agree.

    See, words are just words, the meaning of the words are what matters. I don’t give a skinny rats ass if someone drops the a bomb or uses “shitty shitty fuck fuck” to explain their feelings, as I am an adult and i can understand the meaning behind the words. I would rather someone say “this shit is messed up”, than use PC terms to mischaracterize a person, cause harm to a person or be hateful.

    With that said, i do understand that some may be offended by the more vulgar ilk on the site, such as myself. (Hey look Juan, i can talk in 3rd person too…you fucking idiot)…lol, sorry.

  16. I wonder if they are beefing up security at the Maricopa County Court House. Events like Boston spark all sorts of ideas in the crazies out there. And we currently have a lot of crazies out there.

  17. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial
    Still waiting outside. Nurmi just poked his head out and asked Bryan to come inside.

  18. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Still waiting outside. Nurmi just poked his head out and asked Bryan to come inside. #jodiarias

  19. Wow just saw the footage of the explosions. That gave me chills. This is exactly why bullying and death threats should be taken more seriously. I have no clue who was behind this but this should be a reminder on how easy it is to do this in a crowded outside area.

      • I know I was living in Atlanta and was in the park that night that bomb went off. I also worked close to where the other bombs went off and that was a scary time. Then I moved to another city where the same guy set off a bomb close to where I worked. So glad they finally caught that guy. So I know that scary feeling. My prayers are with everyone.

  20. Michael Kiefer@michaelbkiefer
    The courtroom is sealed. The press and spectators are locked out as the lawyers argue…

  21. So, Does anyone jnbow whats going on as far as whats next for the trial? I know ALV is finished with her testimony for the trial, and she was told to come back in either today or tomorrow, (I thought she chose tomorrow) for some other matter. After hearing JM today talking about the meeting in chambers, and her being upset, and implying she should be, and the Judge knows why, etc, that can’t be good. I know we all speculated on the possible reasons for that this weekend. Either speaking to TA;s sister, or maybe JM is trying to impeach her testimony regarding what she said on the stand vs her depo..any other ideas people? I had assumed she had already likely been spoken to about talking to TA’s sister, but maybe not, still it seems like it would have been dealt with already? But with all the motions and trying to admit new evidence there are alot of things we just don’t get to see (dammit,lol)…oh well, time will tell. I thought I read here that she was there today and in chambers? I guess we will all know when it happens. This trial just keeps you guessing from moment to moment.

    I hope everyone had a good weekend..I am dogsitting for my neighbors….3 dogs…I’m BEAT. My dog is like me, a late sleeper.(like 11 or so) These 3 need to get up and go out at about 7 am and to me, thats the middle of the night…I stumble next door with my coffee, in my robe and take care of them and then come back and go back to bed. 1 more day and back to my routine.

      • I know according to KCL, she says she saw AL approach and talk to Sam – but, with all of ALs experience why would she do that? It makes on sense!

        • Frannie,
          I think she would do it out of simple kindness. I mentioned this before, she should not have done it, but that would be for the defense attorneys to tell her, she would likely have NO idea that she shouldn’t. I can imagine her saying something very innocent and sweet out of kindness. Not a smart thing to do at all, but again, I don’t blame her, how would she know? The defense should have prepped her about this type of thing.

          • Don’t forget Alyce deals mostly with family court, so she is probably used to speaking to all parties. Different rules in family court.

    • I hope it isn’t something with her testimony can’t be impeached by jerk off Kermit and then the inept Judge Pickles give the jury the instruction of “you can believe or not believe any of her testimony” etc., etc.

      With this trial it is definitely a wait and see for the next injustice.

        • Jodi,
          That is what I was saying several times over the weekend. either the approaching the family, or else JM trying to have her testimony, (a portion or all) impeached over a couple statements she made. The gunshot in closet vs bathroom, and the statement regarding testifying for a male 1 or 2 times in criminal cases. Its a stretch, and I do not believe he is going for a perjury charge, (although with him, hard to tell) but it could be the impeachment of those statements. In closing, he can tell the jury that on his own, that is totally legal. Getting the Judge to say it though, could be what he is trying to do in this hearing. Whatever it is, it isn’t anything positive for ALV. Apparently she was very upset in chambers last week.

      • That’s all JM has and that is all he does is confuse the witnesses and try to catch them in lies. That’s all he’s got!!!

  22. Cell phone service is shut down in Boston to prevent remote detonation of bombs. If you have loved ones there that you can’t reach, this could be why.

    • Hi guys, sorry, I got a call from a friend in Boston even before it broke on the news & have been relaying info since.
      Since I can no longer practice as a responder, (because of my health-the last “disaster” I responded to in person was 9-11, I’d been working as a paramedic at a firehouse on Long Island for just a month,..wasn’t really supposed to have gone back to work, lol, but I found a way!! ;), I volunteer with a “crisis communication” group-basically, we help relay info to media, some in the group respond personally to scene, (Haiti, Japan tsunami, Sandy), but mostly we/I do things like set up proxies and sat connections when people can’t get news/family well-being/videos, requests for information or medical advice, (Iran 2009, “Arab Spring”, Syria, Gaza, etc.).
      The wonderful man who kind of brought us all together is Ret. Navy, CIA, FBI & holds lectures and classes on crisis communication, using social media, how to bring all the different responder groups together to work in sync-instead of the absolute chaos we had at GroundZero when NO ONE and EVERYONE were “in charge”, (it was still a mess 9-13 when my medical team went in for 12hrs).
      Anyways, this person lives just blocks away from the bombings today-so he’s been right there since about 3min after first explosion. Unfortunately, it’s been hard to comm in this particular situation because of the possible cell phone trigger(s).
      One thing I will tell you that hasn’t been in the news yet-I don’t think-some of the Newtown families were in the VIP section close to the first detonation. My friend is still checking to see if any of them were injured, (the hospitals are rather chaotic still, especially Tufts where he is now where they have a “possible suspect”.)

      Anyways, all I saw today were the rulings on mistrial-which absolutely convinced me that Pickles is either bonking rat-face, OR, they’re getting massive pressure in this case for a conviction-forget frigging justice.
      That last one scares me because it could also influence State Appeals courts, (which there is overwhelming reasons for appeals!), BUT-can’t they go up the “chain” of appeals-ie: out of state?

      • I didn’t like the ruling either on mistrial. But I do see why she made it. They have no indication that the jury saw the grandstanding. And the social media problem of threats to witnesses can’t be pinned on Juan. And the judge doesn’t see that witnesses changed their testimony because of the pressure (and they would have to say that). It does infuriate me. The media can whip everyone up and someday someone is going to get hurt or killed. I wish it didn’t take that to get change. If I lived in Arizona I would get into an organizing group to lobby for anti-cyber bullying laws and make them applicable to courts also. And we don’t know what’s going on behind closed chamber doors. I am very disappointed Judge Stephens didn’t reign in the prosecutor’s court conduct, though. He is outrageous. And she is an elected Judge, so I am sure she is probably frightened of the cyber goon squad too. Because you know they would go after her and the media would be pissed if a mistrial happened and they’d be on her. I would hope a judge had more guts than that but…..she wants to get re-elected.

        • But some of the social media attacks can be pinned on the DA’s office. They are the ones releasing the evidence that won’t be admitted into court to the media. You notice when Alyce started testifying, HLN got the interview tapes of Jodi’s parents, the next night they had never before seen crime scene photos. Tell me that was a coincidence…

          Besides, why isn’t the DA’s office doing something about the threats against Alyce? Or are threats legal in Arizona?

    • No offense to you Trinity, but Judge S. is a big girl. She should have had a better control of the courtroom and set the right tone at the very beginning- one that was mutually respectful and fair to ALL parties. This is not her first rodeo. If she is overwhelmed, then, she should track the origin of this back to herself. She is a victim of her own creation. I feel incredibly irritated and appalled at her dismissive attitude and caustic tongue.

    • It sounds pretty positive for Jodi. I wish Geraldo would just ask the question though. He sets up the question, gives his own long answer and then says to Geregos: “What to you think?”

      I think Geregos makes a good point though that the jury members are not calling her Ms. Arias. They call her Jodi.

    • Here, I’ll finish it…

      German Shepherd says to the bartender, “I’ll take an Apfelwein.”

      The Arizona gophers says, “I’ll take a Cactus Cooler Cocktail.”

      Bartender looks at the Mexican Chihuahua and asks, “And what would you like?”

      “Yo Quiero Taco Bell!”

    • The GS said to the bartender, my Mexican chihuahua friend here is in big trouble for taking a picture of a naked guy, but the Arizona gopher is taking the wrap.

    • Yep, that was the only part I saw and I’ve never heard such a load of BS-LOVED KN’s reaction that “we’re not in second grade here your honor!!”

      Rat-face: “the prosecutor HAD to yell and scream, it was perfectly appropriate because the witnesses weren’t responding,..besides, JODI IS TWEETING AND CALLED ME A SHORT MAN!! PICKLES BABY, HELP The prosecutor, pleaase mommy!!” “Oh, oh, sorry pickles, I mean judge, I mean your honor, can punish me, I mean the prosecutor, tonight, The prosecutor will bring the…wait, but first, make that bad lady over there stop tweeting about the prosecutor’s height…I mean, me, I’m the prosecutor, aren’t I?!!”

  23. Now Mr. JM I was curious when you were tattling on Ms Arias for tweeting, you had more than one collaborating example you could of use, you had the short man and the anger management tweet. Why did you choose to use the one that gave you secondary gain.
    Didn’t he jumped all over AL for not using your Purple Plum

  24. I really don’t think that Tweeting is a good idea, but Nurmi’s response was hilarious. But since this is a murder trial and Jodi tweeting is very stupid since her friend sits in court and has already stated that they are tweeting for Jodi, Doesn’t look good

    • agree Oliviero! Jodi shouldnt want to look any worse than she already looks in the eyes of the public or to cause any more of Martinez’ and the media’s rabies!and this tweeting thing certainly doesnt make her look good,imho.

      • It makes her look arrogant and its really sad for her Attorneys that are fighting so hard for her, her tweets are childish adolescent and can only do harm to a case that is already in bad shape. This is a Murder Trial lets say Jurors heard she is tweeting. that will hurt her. Very stupid.

    • Yes I agree that she should not be doing any tweeting…today…the judge left a “door open” when she told JM that if “it affects the trial.”…I believe that the judge will take action if JM can prove that it is affecting the trial…and he probably has everyone on it….

      • And the way she said it,she seemed pretty damn serious about it.Cause when it’s her precious lil Juan complaining she’s all ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Maria you are so smart, you can’t antagonize people ,especially due to the fact that no one in the media has anything positive to say and the tweets are just ample evidence to them of a narcissist.
          We know that Nancy Grace Velez and others are going to run with the ball. Nurmi handled this brilliantly he is first class, I have so much respect for him and Jodi Arias should also by NOT tweeting.

    • I don’t trust anyone that gets out there to be on TV for a few moments
      an makes statements about JODI. There are too many FALSE PEOPLE
      in MESA ARIZONA.

      Where is Bryan Carr ? that was a PHONY also. I believe Jodi is smarter
      than this tweet thing that is going on. But I do not believe Donavon is very
      smart by going on JOKE NEWS an making comments just as Bryan Carr
      was doing early in the trial.

      • Rhonda
        This person sits with her Family every day, I do not think they are lying, I do believe that it looks really bad, and if you read the tweets they are harmless adolescent remarks, but give ammunition to her enemies that she is an attention seeker arrogant. Its plain stupid.

    • Agree, she should not have even started the tweet acct. This is just not the time to do anything to upset the apple cart. She is being seen as arrogant and sort of like throwing out a dare. Much like her comment that no jury….. I wish she would seek counsel with her DT before she makes any moves, and simply lay low. It worries me. Careless moves and impulses are a variable that does not need to be thrown into this equation. Don’t want anything to go awry now. I am sure it was all in innocent fun.

  25. I used to like the judge but now I think she is a blonde bobbing idiot. If even after all of the proof and reasonable arguments, coupled with Juan Martinez going off about random irrelevant things, she STILL doesn’t see how this is prosecutorial misconduct and/or grounds for mistrial, then I suggest whomever on Team Jodi lives the closest to Phoenix pays a visit to the ASU Law School and ask them what the heck they are teaching their graduates because I haven’t even finished my associate’s degree yet and I still know this is all a bunch of balderdash. She is clearly on the Prosecution’s side (this is also illustrated through her allowing basically every prosecution objection but rarely any of the defense’s) but how do you get a new trial with a judge who knows what they’re doing when the judge herself won’t allow mistrial? This is a death penalty case yet she doesn’t see that it is “serious” enough? This court has become the most dysfunctional mass gathering I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. And if the judge thinks this was done outside of the presence of the jury and that they are avoiding the radio, newspapers, television, internet, social media, etc. for 4+ months then she is out of her damn mind….speaking of that, Juan Martinez saying he doesn’t watch HLN/news coverage of the trial is probably the biggest joke of the whole day. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

  26. well, now its getting almost friggin break time for the Jury. And they’ve been sitting there waiting for over 1.5 hours already. WTH is this Judge thinking when she brings them in at a certain time – surely she knows she can’t conduct a hearing in 15 minutes out there in Arizona.

  27. WildAboutTrial@WildAboutTrial

    Still waiting in the hallway lounge area. Love sitting here like a dingus all afternoon. Extremely fun. # jodiarias

  28. I at least gave Martinez at miniscule bit of leeway when he was cross-examining witnesses on the stand (there is a fine line between doing his job and going overboard.) But here in these behind door meetings, he’s not performing for anyone. He should just be seeking the truth. What’s the point of totally twisting someone’s words, interrupting and intimidating people in a deposition, other than to manipulate the truth?

  29. If the picture and expert is allowed in and Martinez does him the way he did today, how do you think the jury will react considering that the same man was a expert for the prosecution too?

    • Hi Frannie. Both parties reached an agreement that Jodi was NOT holding a gun or knife in the photo. I suspect Martinez agreed to this or else he would have had to let in the witness who was on this morning, who was claiming that his software showed an outline of Jodi in Travis’s eye.

  30. Jodi was not holding a knife nor a gun in the shower photo per agreement of both parties. Photo was blown up and zoomed in on TAs left eye. YES!!!!!! And that is all for today. Truth defends itself.

    • Gee. Who’s been paying attention to the haters blowing up the eye….
      I missed this morning session. Was another photo discussed?

  31. Wow, that is one big plus for the defence….now it can’t be said she went to the shower to pounce
    at him when he least expected it. Well done defence

  32. Shocking Nurmi got his way!!! They said that Jodi was not holding a gun nor a knife as JM had said when the photo of Travis’s face was taken!

      • Because the pro-pros people are trying to say that she sprung a knife/gun on Travis while he was showering to catch him in a vulnerable position.

    • Maybe I missed something but the gun was never an issue about being in her hand when the photo was taken and going by Jodi’s words, if she shot first, of course the knife was not in her hand. I don’t recall JM ever saying it was…..hmmmmmm.

      • Gun or knife

        JM has been saying and insinuating that JA attacked TA in the shower while he was defenseless. This has everything to do with the case. If TA wasn’t attacked in the shower than the fight started outside of the shower as JA testified and, therefore, would point to self-defense when TA became enraged and attacked. IMO, I think you may have missed something.

  33. BAM….So that means she wasn’t attacking TA in the shower as JM tried to say was the truth… your face Kermit

  34. I wonder if Alyce was there today or is she still scheduled to be there tomorrow?

    The agreement on the picture is a plus for the defense, and should put to rest all the haters saying she shot/stabbed him in the shower. Which in my opinion validates what Jodi testimony of the events.

  35. Wow! Looks like Nurmi won out on the eye reflection issue. A stipulation that Jodi was not holding a gun or knife when that picture of TA was taken!

  36. I still don’t get the whole photo thing.

    I’m going to have to go look at timelines with those pictures.

    I’m guessing JM doesn’t think it’s a big deal or he would have fought it like crazy and never stipulated without a cross.

    • Al, that goes against JM’s argument of holding the camera with one hand and attacking with the other. I’m sure the defense will incorporate this into their closing argument where it puts it back into perspective with the jurors.

      I think the other option would have probably been a field trip for the jury to see the equipment in person so they could see exactly what is shown or JM to stipulate it as being true.

      Anybody else?

        • IMO I don’t believe he would want to go on a field trip with the jurors for the defense to show them very clearly that what JM was insinuating about TA being attacked in the shower was not factual.

          If JM didn’t agree to the stipulation, the witness would have been brought to the stand for direct to lay the foundation, etc. There would have been questions like “If someone were to insinuate, etc.” and then the jurors would have been taken to see for their own eyes.

          Bottomline, JM would have looked really bad and, therefore, a stipulation was his best option.

        • rb,
          JM DID argue in the hearing to try and keep it out. He was actually behaving quite foolishly. (I wish the jury could have heard him, what a nut IMO) The fact that he conceded “so easily” may be because the CLEARER image they would see on the “field trip” to the lab may have been even MORE telling…hmm? Perhaps Jodi is smiling, which would totally debunk the prosecution’s case…If she was smiling, she was most likely happy. This alone would make her testimony EVEN more credible, that everything was okay and Travis lost his temper, etc.

      • Jodie,

        I miss parts of the trial since I have to work. So can you or someone point me to where I can find

        “JM’s argument of holding the camera with one hand and attacking with the other.”


        • AL, one of the other posters that are well versed in where to find specific footage will have to locate. It would take me another 4 months.

          • This blows a big hole in JM’s case because his direct and redirect has always pointed to JA attacking him in the shower while he was posing while JA was planning the kill.

      • That’s the gist of it.

        Plus we all know the jury has been watching the media. No doubt Nurmi may have thought it was good to debunk that stupid theory that one can see Jodi holding a knife in the picture.

    • JM argued against the enlarged picture of TA’s eye being allowed in….Nurmi argued if JM wanted the jury to see an even larger enlargement they could take the jury on a field trip to the lab.

      A while back JM argued that Jodi had the gun or the knife when she was taking the picture, and either shot or stabbed TA at that time. The reflection shows Jodi holding the camera with both hands.

    • JM fought it like crazy earlier today…and I feel that when Nurmi explained to the judge…if the photo is not allowed in as evidence then he presented an alternative would be for the jury to go to Mr. Richard Neumeister lab to see the outline image that can only be seen better on the machine that is in his lab…Nurmi was really positive in stating that the outline around Travis’ pupil shows a person taking the photo with the camera with both hands…Mr. Neumeister explained that the flash bounced off the shower wall back to the person who was taking the photo…and that was the reason that it illuminated that outline of the person around his pupil…

  37. I doubt there will be coverage later today.

    A terrorist attack in Boston trumps court room coverage.

    One runner stated a leg went flying by their head during the bombings. This is terrifying and I pray for the innocent people harmed by this monster. A Saudi is in custody.

    • Boston police confirmed no such thing. They said that information is not from them and have no idea where it came from

        • Fox said that they don’t know if the person is a person of interest or a suspect. Only saying they have severe burns.

          News also saying that the FEDs will look at most of the injured with the same questions in mind.

          I’ve heard NOTHING about the race of the person.

          • Exactly. All official announcements from Boston PD and Obama state that they currently do not know who is responsible.

            • They are also reporting now that “they have NO suspect in custody”.

              That being said, they will look at each of the injured close to the explosions to rule out any involvement.

    • MentalHealth,
      There are NO suspects at this time.No terrorist group has claimed responsibility. The hospitals are heavily guarded. A school bus full of military personnel just arrived, the ATF, the FBI, bomb detecting police canine units are swarming the crime scene area and a THOROUGH investigation…intense is taking place. A news conference is scheduled to take place any minute.

  38. The direction of the news will now change today due to the tragedy in Boston. Not meaning that in a callous way, but the news won’t be flooded with the trial.

    • Computer expert: Mr. Bryan Neumeister…he did an excellent job in explaining the image around Travis’ pupil and how it got there…excellent indeed!!!

      • JM would not have been able to discredit the witness either. For God sake the guy has been a witness in at least one of Juan’s cases. I’m quite certain when JM was arguing that this experts work wasn’t reliable, JM’s bosses were probably going nuts since Maricopa has used this guy in at least a double homicide case (from my understanding in many others too). If Judge Pickles had ruled against this, there would have been defense attorneys filing appeals on other cases and/or this case would have been overturned on an error by the court.

        Either outcome would not have been a good one for this court if the State had got their way. IMO

        • So, KN did a pre-emptive strike by using ‘one of their own’. Turned the tables on them, huh? Good for the def. team.

  39. Did anybody else notice how many time that Katie Chick appeared in footage today? It’s kinda creepy. First, in the clip that SJ put here today about the 12 NEWS story, she appears at least 3 times. Then, the very last scene before the cameras were cut this afternoon. She seems so desperate to be relevant.

  40. Katie kool aid chick is a control freak! She has interjected herself into this trial and the Alexander family. She is constantly doing interviews and offering her opinion on the trial…isn’t she a massage therapist..not a lawyer???

  41. My take on the photo ‘agreement’ is this; Nurmi wanted to take jurors to the lab where they could clearly see the outline of Jodi NOT holding a knife or gun. BUT then they would also see what the witness said about it appeared that more than one person was there (a kind of sneaky way to get reasonable doubt into jurors’ minds). Martinez ALSO saw that so conceded to allow the lesser of the two evils – that Jodi was not holding a gun or a knife.

    JM can get away this this b/c all he has to do is reinvent his theory, continue to confuse and twist the truths until the jury completely forgets about this fact (just like they have no doubt now forgotten about Dr. Samuel’s testimony, TA’s emails from the hughes as well as TA’s attraction to children).

      • I don’t believe there was anything from the picture expert about there being more than one person. The intent of the picture was to show that at the specific time stamp, JA did not have a weapon in her hands and wasn’t attacking TA while in the shower.

    • I think it was also a way to get in a witness who normally testifies for the prosecution. The jury would notice that an ‘expert’ who normally agreed with the prosecution was now disagreeing with them. I think it was a genius move on the part of the defense.

      • And several times when JM grilled him about how many videos did you watch…and yadayada…Mr. Bryan Neumeister said, “I worked on some for you, the state.”

        I thought that was such an intelligent answer from Mr. Neumeister…sounds like he can hold his own to the crap that JM was grilling him with…

    • I have a sneaky feeling that this ‘checkmate’ by the defense is going to rankle in jm so bad that tomm he will unleash his vengence fully on ALV. He must be foaming at the mouth now. I also think that the judge will make sure she gives in to as ‘big’ a win to the prosc side tomm in her quest to ‘balance’ the power. Watch for that tomorrow. I can bet you a dog with ears, 10 mexi chuahuas, 20 gophers, etc he will be extra, extra, vengeful with ALV.

      The judge and jm will be together on this – since this photo win for the defense will put a huge dent in the prosc theory of premeditation, the judge will most definitely rule on ALV’s testimony being striked out to remove the ‘battered woman’ angle. jm will try to blindside the defense and pull the rug off from under them.

      • I don’t honestly believe it puts a HUGE dent in premeditation at all. His premeditation case hung on the stolen gun, the gas cans and gas, the cell phone being turned off, Jodi’s jealousy that she wasn’t going to Cancun, and her actions after the killing (cleaning up, calling Travis, her conversations with people in Utah and making out with Ryan). (Oh and the dyed hair, but he lost that one.) It was all a bunch of nothing hung together to try to make a case for premeditation. He never really had a case.

        This win (the stip) today just supports Jodi’s version of what happened a little more than we knew of before. AND more importantly, if the jurors have been watching the media and/or reading online and have seen the comments about Travis looking “scared” in that photo because maybe she already had the gun/knife on him, or even if they came to that conclusion themselves (because if the haters did it, the jurors could), it totally tosses that out the window. THAT’s the win.

        • I think it’s more of a win in terms of Jodi did not lie on the stand (esp. since a lot of juror questions had hypotheticals about what if Jodi lied …. how can you be sure … blah blah blah)

          Them having proof that she did not lie about her version of what was going on before the incident, I feel, really helps Jodi (I hope jurors see it that way).

          I also think it sort of hints at reasonable doubt, like okay, maybe things did start with the camera drop, and maybe it really was self defense. 🙂

    • It doesn’t matter because both sides agreed that Jodi didn’t have a knife or a gun in the reflection.

      That’s what a stipulation is.

      • Yea but it DOES matter. Part of the premeditation. If they jury blv that jodi was holding a knife or gun while taking pictures of TA, this proves she wasnt. Her story hold more credibility, I thk.

        I would say, who cares what Martinez blvs. If he now changes his mind and blvs shes nit holding neither, then the jury SHOULD KNOW.

        • They DO know. The judge said so.

          She clearly stated that both sides reached an agreement–a stipulation–that Jodi Arias did NOT hold a gun or a knife in that final picture of Travis Alexander alive.

          • Victory! No gun no knife. BAM right into your eye, JM!

            Oliv, Yeah right.
            Small 115 lbs woman holding a camera, looking at the cam LCD, crouching down a couple of feet away in front of long-armed 200 lbs Travis who is looking at her, her other hand ready to grab the knife hidden in her back and to plunge it into him hoping he does not notice? Some premeditation theory, JM. Good luck.

    • JM has something up his sleeve he really wants to prove she stabbed him first, so that is his main focus to prove premeditation, remember he stated she did the knife etc. and Gun. so he will have a theory to support his case.

        • Yeah right.
          Small 115 lbs woman holding a camera, looking at the cam LCD, crouching/kneeling down a couple of feet away in front of long-armed 200 lbs Travis who is looking at her, her other hand ready to grab the knife hidden in her back and to plunge it into him hoping he does not notice?
          Some premeditation theory, JM. Good luck.
          According to him, she is SO GOOD at lying, fooling all these smart lawyers and witnesses, and would come up with such an idiotic premeditation! Would have been more like premeditated suicide on her part.

          • That I did read on the haters side they believe that she had the knife.
            An stabbed him in the shower. While holding the camera. An on that
            after dark crap on hln they did that reenactment for the Joke News
            in that fashion which is why some are going with that theory. Makes
            no sense to me.

            • Yep, Rhonda. JM is in deep sh*t with his theory. He is going to have to argue that Jodi is Wonder Woman too besides being an evil lying abusing witch.

            • Yeah, like Kali, the indian goddess with thousand arms or so, JA had a knife in one, the camera in another, the gun in the other, a ketchup bottle in the other, mustard in the other, bleach in the other, a bucket in the other, and on and on and on… what a fantastical theory indeed!


    Just in case some Jurors do read things re-posting this because I see more
    than just Jodi in the eye.

    Doubt should be in the Jurors mind. After the photo’s an dropping
    the camera a fight did occur. She admits to the shot but not really knowing if
    Travis was hit as he was in a Linebacker stance an rammed her to the floor.

    That would be the second time on the tile floor I find it hard to believe she did
    not hit her head on both blows to the floor. Could she have been unconscious
    for a period of time ? she does not remember any of the knife stabbing or slashes.

    • My theory has always been someone else was there and she’s protecting that person or is afraid of that person.
      She’s too small and not that strong.

    • You may, but the truth of the matter is, the reflection was only of Jodi holding the camera. You are not an expert, and an expert concluded what the parties agreed to.

      A stipulation is an agreement between the two sides. It is a FACT Jodi didn’t hold anything other than a camera, and there is NO evidence of anybody else in that room besides her and Travis.

      • Wow tonysam, I don’t believe anyone was claiming to be an EXPERT. People are simply stating their theories and opinions.

        • Woo Hoo thanks Kmiller ! I am far from a expert just have opinion just like everyone
          else. It is much different in here about 1 am or so I forgot the early evening is mostly
          the hot shots on here. I am no armchair lawyer just want to see JODI get a fair shake
          an get the HELL out of ARIZONA!

    • See, Rhonda? That is exactly why jm gave in. He gave away his reasoning when he said, “if I ask 10 people, you will get 10 diff answers” Perhaps, there is more to this ‘image in the eye’ than meets the eye. I think he did not want to open this Pandora’s box, or can of worms. If the jurors were to look at the image in the eye and discern more than 1 person in the reflection, then that could be something they will not be able to forget, least of which, send her to death row with those kind of doubts in their minds.

      Perhaps, jm himself had this done and saw MORE than what he expected to see. Thats why he gave in so compliantly. But, tomm he has a plan for the defense. He will blindside them. I feel that he will exact some sort of ‘vengence’ by giving ALV a terrible time and have her testimony of battered woman thrown out. He doesn’t give 2 hoots what happens to her or her career or any kind of short and/or long-term effect, whether valid or not, it will have. She crossed him, he will ‘correct’ her.

      He has a very thin skin and is hyper sensitive to what he perceives as an affront to his character, being or whatever else he thinks it is directed towards. Strange, tormented being, he is.

      • Introspective Oh ok I get it that dog an pony show was just that then?

        He knows it can be perceived many ways as I went an looked an there
        are about 4 videos of this eye thing.

        What I don’t understand is why someone with some expertise could not
        step up an say he/she does have some experience etc. an get this photo
        in? surely some retired FBI or CIA could do that an not cost the state so
        much money? if that is the problem is the cost?

        I think there is doubt if you can see inside that pupil. But I guess it is also
        good that they at least know about it. You know before this all came out
        people on here were saying why can’t someone see if there is a image
        in his pupils in those shots. Those men that posted are not even involved
        or really watching the trial they were just interested to see if they could
        find something.

  43. Found thees photo timestamps below online, for what it’s worth. Exhibit 159 is the one they’re talking about. It was taken at 5:29:20. The next picture, of him sitting the shower, was taken at 5:30:30. Then starts the accidental pictures at 5:31.14, indicating something chaotic is going on. That means within 44 seconds from taken the last posed photo, Jodi would have had to, discontinue taking picture, retrieve the gun/knife and begin the attack.

    June 4th timestamp: 5:22:24 Neck down of Travis- he’s facing the right

    June 4th timestamp: 5:22:36 Travis’ back-neck down (exhibit 142)

    June 4th timestamp 5:22:54 Travis’ back in the shower—very dark image (exhibit 140)

    June 4th timestamp: 5:24:30 Right side of Travis’ head, he’s looking down (exhibit 147)

    June 4th timestamp 5:24:48 Left side of Travis’ head, he’s looking up (exhibit 148)

    June 4th timestamp: 5:24:52 Wider shot of left side of Travis’ head/looking up (exhibit 149)

    June 4th timestamp: 5:24:56 Shot looking up at Travis/left side of his head (exhibit 150)

    June 4th timestamp: 5:25:00 Darker shot of Travis, looks like left side of his body with his arms above his head (exhibit 151)

    June 4th timestamp 5:26:56 (exhibit 153) NOT SHOWN

    June 4th timestamp 5:27:12 (exhibit 154) NOT SHOWN

    June 4th timestamp 5:27:18 (exhibit 155) Left side of Travis
    June 4th timestamp 5:27:28 (exhibit 156) NOT SHOWN

    June 4th timestamp 5:28:54 (exhibit 157) NOT SHOWN

    June 4th timestamp 5:29:12 (exhibit 158 NOT SHOWN

    June 4th timestamp: 5:29:20 Travis looking at the camera –see his face(exhibit 159)

    June 4th timestamp: 5:30:30 Travis sitting down in the shower (exhibit 160)

    Notes on Accidental photos:

    June 4th timestamp: 5:31:14 bathroom ceiling (exhibit 161)

    June 4th timestamp: 5:32:16 Travis on the floor bleeding (exhibit 162)

    June 4th timestamp: 5:33:13 Baseboard with blood on it (exhibit 163)

    • I maintain he wasn’t dead when the last photo was taken. Those final pictures don’t really tell anybody anything.

      I don’t know why they were even admitted as evidence because they don’t depict anything.

      • This is true, the whole issue with the photos is that nobody can look at them and say for certain what had already happened and what hadn’t. This will obviously be up to the jury to put them in order and try to come to a conclusion. Even if they all agree that he was in fact, dead in the last photo, it means nothing in the point of charges. Everyone can speculate about the photos til doomsday, but the photos simply show a time frame.The timestamps will be a point of contention that both sides will likely use in closing arguments, defense, saying no way she could do all this in this amount of time, etc, pros saying it didn’t happen that way, etc. I happen to believe he is dead in the last photo. That being said, the photos can be debated til doomsday, they have zero to do with proving premeditation.

        • That one picture reminds me of a Rorschach blot. People can see whatever they want to see.

          It shouldn’t have been admitted as evidence. For all we know, Travis could very well have been alive.

          There is no way to know and we can never know.

    • I’m surmising that the first accidental picture of the ceiling was taken by Jodi in mid Body Slam. The forensics expert calculated that the photo was snapped approx 24″ from the floor, which could mean the camera was stuck in shoot mode. I call BS on that…. I say Jodi accidentally snapped it as she braced for the body slam. It clearly shows the shower stall door was closed and the trim around the closet door which is exactly where TA was accused of slamming her at.

    • HLN is saying that Jodi had two minutes to get the gun/knife, from exhibit 159 till the first accidental photo, but if that’s the case, who took the picture in between?

    • Thanks for that recap. It was soooooo long ago.

      So between 5:29:20 (but more probably between 5:30:30) and 5:32:16, everything went to hell in a handbasket. For me, Jodi’s story rings so true here. He got angry for the second time that day. When an abuser gets angry for the second time in the same day, it is absolute HELL for the victim. You expect a “honeymoon” after the first anger. You take your “punishment” for making him angry. You suck it up. You get him back on an even keel. He might even apologize, if you’re lucky. Of course, he’ll usually apologize in a screwed up way that blames you anyway. (Mine used to say “I’m sorry for my part in what happened,” for example. In other words, I made him angry, but he was apologizing for what he did. Yeah right!) At that point, you let your guard down a bit. Everything should go well for a little while. You never know exactly how long. But you should have a few hours to a few weeks before the “tension building” phase begins again.

      But then, there are those days when suddenly, he has a “second anger” at you. You don’t see it coming. The “tension building” phase didn’t happen. You’re completely unprepared. You’re shocked. You’re completely wrecked from the “first anger”. You’re trying to act like everything is okay to placate him. You desperately need some time to regroup. And usually, this little “honeymoon” is what you live your whole life for. It’s the “crumbs” that you get from the shitty relationship that keeps you stuck in it, believing that inside this monster, there’s really a good person, and now, he’s showing it to you.

      But then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he’s angry again on the same day. It’s not supposed to happen. You’ve learned to live in the cycle of abuse. You don’t know the terms yet. You don’t know the names of these phases, but you’ve learned how to live within them. If you drop his camera during a “honeymoon”, you are, of course frightened. You know the monster that lives within him. You gasp, you shiver, you shake. You wait for him to look at the camera, not daring to breathe until he does. But he’s supposed to say “It’s okay, honey. It’s not really broken.” He’s already punished you today. You’ve been a good girl and taken it. You’ve apologized for making him so angry. Now, he’s supposed to be forgiving and virtually loving. If you’re really lucky, he might actually be marginally affectionate.

      But that’s not what happens on these “second anger” days. He’s angry again. And your whole world is turned upside down. You don’t know what to do with yourself. You don’t know what to say. You don’t know how to act/react. Your mind is screaming that this isn’t really happening. It’s as if a big giant whole in the world has suddenly opened up in front of you and it’s sucking into its vortex and you can’t stop the pull. “Second anger” isn’t normal. You have been scared shitless earlier in the day, but you knew he would stop. He always stops. No matter how much he pushes or hits or kicks, he stops before he kills you. Sure, you’re always scared this is the one time he won’t stop. But he does. And a part of you knows that deep down inside. But “second anger” days which happen so rarely, those days are completely unpredictable.

      You’ve already used all the “tricks” you know of to calm him down. You don’t even have the emotional strength to pull them out again. You haven’t had time to recover. You’re still walking on eggshells, but you know in your heart that the “anger” for that day is over. So, slowly but surely, you’re starting to relax.

      Jodi let him rape her in the office even though it hurt like hell. She used her big “trick” to calm him down. He calmed down. He asked her to take pictures of him. She’s good at taking pictures. He’s told her that. Other people have told her that. She knows she’s good at something. He hasn’t stolen that from her yet. It’s such flattery to be asked to do the thing he admires, the thing that’s not about sex. (Mine would ask me to cook dinner and tell me I cooked better than any restaurant he’d ever been to.) Doing this thing you’re good at gives you a teeny boost of self esteem. He will praise you for it. You will feel like a million bucks for a few minutes. You will once again feel what it felt like at the beginning of the relationship. Jodi was taking some gorgeous shots, classy shots, not the smutty ones he’d wanted earlier in the day. They were discussing the shots. He was praising her for her abilities. She wanted to keep going so that ultimately, she could save the day and leave on a happy note.

      But then, she dropped the fucking camera. She dropped the fucking camera. She dropped the fucking camera. Oh shit, oh fuck, OH MY GOD. She couldn’t move a muscle. She couldn’t breathe. She could hear her heart racing in her ears. The world stood still. She didn’t know what was going to happen. She was completely and utterly terrified. This was probably her first ever “second anger” day with him. Not that they ever get better, and they’re always rare, but that first one is even more terrifying. He started to yell at her. He told her how useless she was. All this after he’d praised her. He lunged at her. He told her he’d fucking kill her.

      The thoughts racing through her mind were “I’m dead, I’m so fucking dead. What can I do? Where can I go? How can I turn back time and prevent this? Why am I so fucking stupid as to drop the camera? His new camera. Oh my God. Please help me God. Is there anyone up there? What can I do?”

      You don’t know where to run, where to hide. Running into a closet seems like a good idea. I did it on a “second anger” day when mine was coming up the stairs after me with a huge knife telling me was going to kill me. I locked the door of my room and ran into the closet and got in the fetal position. He broke the door and broke the closet door and I thought “This is it. This is the day I die.”

      And that’s what Jodi thought. She was certain she was going to die. Somehow, in that moment when you think you’re going to die, when you’re sure this is it, your last moments alive on earth, there is nothing you won’t do to preserve your life. It’s an overwhelming desire to live, even if you’ve been suicidal and/or praying to die for months or even years. Heck, I prayed for cancer or a heart attack or anything that would end my misery. But in that moment, the only thing I wanted to do was live and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t have done to achieve that goal.

      That’s where I believe Jodi was, at that moment. Everything had become completely unpredictable. He’d choked her before and almost killed her. She knew he was capable, and right there in that moment, she was sure he was going to kill her dead dead dead. When pointing a gun at him didn’t snap him out of his rage, obviously a struggle ensued. There were pieces of her hair pulled out at the scalp at the crime scene. She must have been petrified but still wanting only to live. And she reached for whatever she could grab to continue to live, and did whatever she had to do, to make sure of it. But her mind couldn’t handle it and she couldn’t make herself believe she had even done what she did.

      That’s my theory because I’ve lived that kind of terror on a “second anger” day. And the photos and Jodi’s testimony fit into my theory.

      • AA, I can vouch for those moments of walking on eggshells endlessly, gingerely trying to broach neutral or those topics that interest him, being hyper-vigilant and paranoid about anything and everything that could possibly act as a trigger to that chronically simmering anger. Yep, I can literally ‘see’ and ‘feel’ every thought and action that unfolded. No kidding, with the plausibility here. Good call A.A.!

      • Your first five paragraphs brought me to tears. I have also lived those moments. I am learning so much about myself and what I lived through from this trial.

  44. So I see they both agreed she isn’t holding anything but shouldn’t the jury still hear that as well as the fact that the camera was held low or while someone was kneeling based on the flash?

    • I do think that info is important too. I shows she was in the position she testified to, kneeling down, then she says she was flipping thru the pictures while still kneeling, that is when she dropped it. This way the time (about 1 min) is accounted for.

    • As a stipulated fact then the jury will hear it. The defense will be able to bring it up during closing arguments, and the prosecution will not counter it.

  45. Jinkosaurous said that ALV stated JM intimidated her and that is sealed?! WTF?!!!

    This is bull!

    I hope the defense takes this to the Supreme Court.

    Per the photo of his eye enlarged, the Judge ruled Arias had NO weapon in her hand! This is proof!
    Not premeditation.

    Wow times a billion. Arias is not getting a fair trial.

    And if that is really her Twitter account, she needs to have Donavan delete it. None of those tweets were physically typed in by Arias. Her comments on the phone can be slanted.

    • This is driving me a crazy . . . what did he do to Alyce? He says she should have been upset, but about WHAT!?! I hate this secret stuff.

  46. Just got home safely (phew). Nothing crazy going on here. So, it looks like I missed nothing. I haven’t caught up on the comments yet, but, reading the live blog, apparently JM stipulated that Jodi was NOT holding a knife or gun. Court is recessed and I assume then, Neumeister will not take the stand again. Do I have this right?

    • AA.

      If you didn’t see the online feed this morning, it was riveting. I was almost forgetting to breathe. Even HLN called it a “Perry Mason” moment. This pm, Holly Hughes, stated she was “shocked” that Martinez didn’t fight harder to keep out the info that in the reflection of Travis’s pupil, Jodi wasn’t holding a gun or a knife when she took the photo of Travis in the shower at 5:30:30. A big win for the defense.

      • Thanks coldcase, I did get to watch a bit of it during my lunch hour. My feed kept cutting out but I got the gist of it. I would have to disagree with HLN though because I saw JM trying to discredit that witness like a crazy man. I got indigestion after having to listen to him!!!!

  47. JM claims he saw a dog in the photo as opposed to the forensics expert who claims he definitely sees Jodi holding the camera at waist level with both hands. The courtroom has antiquated equipment but the forensics expert stated that his lab had the equipment needed to clearly see the reflection in TAs cornea. They recessed so long that the Attorneys might have driven offsite to the lab of the forensics expert which allowed for better resolution, clarity, pixels and such. Apparently in the last couple of weeks he was able to help solve a crime by identifying 2 vehicles make ,model and possibly plate numbers (“possibly) by using this technique or very similar technique. Praise the Lord a photo science in it’s infancy. Today was a good day. By the way JM did object and claimed that Jodi’s elbows in the reflection of TAs cornea were in fact the ears of a dog, and based on the explanation of the forensics expert as to the location of the fladh from the camera, JM’s arguement essentially was that a dog was taking the photo. Wow , the audacity of and pompous attitude of JM is unbelievable. His IQ must be equal to Epstein from the Sweathoggs with Horshack and Vinnie Barbarino.Truth defends itself. Therefore JM had to concede.

    • Evidence regarding TA picture is allowed in the trial. The judge has confirmed the image of TA “pupil” shows jody with a camera in her hands and no weapons. THat is a big win for the defense.

      • I agree it plainly showed to me that both hands were on the camera you could see both elbows.

        I guess everyone see’s what they want if they are on the other side they see a dog.

        A dog that is morphed into a humans height? an pug is very small an could not be eye
        level with Travis.

        Also they want to state she was kneeling ……….well for some photo’s I would say yes.
        But definitely not on all of them?

  48. wow. Wow. WOW! This seems big. I am SHOCKED that JM stipulated to the photo showing Jodi with a camera and no weapons. It supports her (not the ninja story — I have seen this same photo used to show someone else in the iris, Jodi with a giant knife, and one with just Jodi but no camera). Anyway, this seems like HUGE happy news for Jodi 🙂

  49. Just caught up on SJ’s posts from the weekend.
    Was out of town and didn’t realize I had missed so much!

    I must say SJ, you take the words right out of my mouth.
    Jodi has a great team behind her.
    And she (we) will be victorious as you know.

    Thank you SJ (and JC) for providing Team Jodi with a safe haven.
    We’ll have a grand time celebrating on here, very soon.

  50. So, we have a photo of TA that both sides stipulate show Jodi with no weapon in her hand. I am shocked that JM didn’t want to argue this point, and get the witness on the stand to question him. Either he has some other plan, or he thought it was not anything to fight over. he fights tooth and nail over every single detail, so I would guess the latter. I personally do not know why this is so huge really, since the fight with TA happened after Jodi took this picture and dropped the camera.Her having no weapon in her hand here means what? I don’t remember the pros saying this is the point when she attacked him, I thought they said it was after this.Anyway, of course Jodi didn;’t have a weapon in her hand here, this is just before she dropped the camera and TA jumped out of the shower and attacked her. I guess I just don’t see what the huge point of this testimony and argument was today, for either side. It seems like a waste of time to me.
    So now the jury comes in for 1 minute, gets told that this particular photo shows no weapon by Jodi, that both sides agree to that, and see you tomorrow. If I were a juror, I would say WTF? I would be thinking I could have figured that out in deliberations. I am more concerned with what went on with ALV in the meeting today. I believe the defense will rest, unless they have added another witness, I haven’t heard of any additional being added though. Anyone?

      • Yes, JM has a rebuttal witness, Dr Janeen DeMarte coming up, not sure when, but likely this week. I thought the defense was finished after these motions too. I remember Jodi saying (while on the stand) that she was interviewed by her. I am not sure of she tested her or not, but I am betting she did tests since Dr Samuels did. I am not sure if they have any more rebuttal witnesses after her, such as a DV expert. Does anyone here know? I have a feeling this will not go to the jury til about mid May.

        • The prosecution has filed a list of 15 rebuttal witnesses. Whether they call them all or not is anyone’s guess.

          As far as I know or have seen, their only psychology-related rebuttal witness is Dr. DeMarte. She’s been involved in the case since late 2010 (based on news reports). At that time, she was a little over a year out of school and had attained her Ph.D. I am certain that she did indeed test Jodi since JM was so fond of discussing tests. I don’t remember him outright saying that she tested Jodi, but he sure as hell hinted at it.

          No one seems to know who their other rebuttal witnesses are. I am surprised the media hasn’t obtained the list, or perhaps they’re keeping it “mum” to surprise us. Anyone can get it from the court, even long distance. I’d do it, but given my situation, the last thing I need is someone from the media revealing that I ordered it and my ex’s attorney (who is a LOT like JM) getting hold of that information.

          The defense did have other witnesses, but presumably, they are not going to call them. Donavan was on the list, but she’s been in the courtroom, so they’re not going to call her. They also had another ex-girlfriend of Travis, but I guess that didn’t work out for some reason or another. There was a rumour they would recall Lonnie Dworkin, but I’m not sure what for.

          I think they are either going to rest tomorrow, or perhaps call Lonnie briefly and then rest.

          Either way, I think this case will go back to JM no later than Wednesday (groan). His big star is going to be Dr. DeMarte. It’s really the psychology-experts that have put a dent in his case, so he’s going to want her to rebut everything they both said. My suspicion is that he’ll try to knock them both out with one witness, to show his superiority and confidence.

          He might call that Dave Hall guy to testify that Travis never owned a gun. And I expect him to call someone from Walmart or Tesoro or both about the gas cans. He’s going to want to leave a lasting impression in the mind of the jury that Jodi lied to them on the stand, just as she lied in her interviews. That’s all he’s really got to attempt to prove premeditation, after all. Dr. DeMarte, a Ph.D. didn’t find any indication of domestic violence. In fact, she found that Jodi was a stalking jealous lunatic. Travis never owned a gun. Jodi lied about the third gas can that was never returned. Jodi lied, Jodi lied, Jodi lied. That will be his goal.

          Then, in closing arguments, he’ll recap her lies, recap what he laid out as premeditation (omitting the hair dye because he wants them to forget that one). And then, he’ll pull out the gory photos again to remind them what Jodi did to Travis. He might even act out the stabs counting them out. The prosecutor in Susan Wright’s case did that and I read a rumour that JM might have consulted with her. That’s all he’s got. His insinuation of lies and the gory photos to remind the jury of the brutality. He’s short on actual evidence and he knows it.

          • If he consulted with Kelly Siegler, God help us all.

            She was just HORRIBLE prosecuting the Susan Wright case. She went WAY beyond the pale.

            • Thanks AA,
              I had forgotten about the Tesoro and Walmart folks being (possibly) called. I remember awhile back someone posted a court document here, pdf file, and it had alot of motions, and witness names on it. It might have been 2 different ones, I can’t remember. One had a motion from the defense to preclude a test given by Dr DeMarte to Jodi, called a SARA test. I wish I could go back and find it, or that I knew how to search for those things. I also remember seeing something about Walmart and Tesoro. I am somewhat uncomfortable with the defense resting without calling anyone else, but they certainly know better than me, lol. I agree with you about the pros and the lying aspect, that has been the theme of the entire trial, and will surely be the theme of the closing. It does worry me, (who me, worry?!) since the theme of the jurors questions both to Dr Samuels as well as Ms LaViolette had so much to do with trust and “why should you believe her” type questions. And my worry is further compounded by this whole fear that ALV may be in trouble at this very moment for not being totally truthful on the stand. I realize I am jumping the gun on that one, it may not be the issue with her, but it’s a possibility. If Mr “Jodi is a liar so she is guilty” pros can impeach ALV to this jury, that leaves a huge problem, since IMHO Dr Samuels did not so as well as I think he could have.

              I do think he will do something like you said, act out the stab wounds, counting each one, while the gory photos are displayed on the big screen above, and maybe a photo of a young TA, or something very emotional.

              My other thought…I wonder if Dr DeMarte interviewed other people in Jodi’s family or life, parents, siblings, or even her ex’s? Or if she interviewed any of TA’s family or friends.Thats one of the things I realize wished that ALV had done, and I was very surprised she didn’t. The jury also brought that up in several questions too. I know she said she couldn’t interview his family, true if they said no, but why not his ex gf’s and male friends? I just don’t get it.

          • AA,

            Dave Hall has been in the media and blasting on his FB page and friends are telling him to take down these messages as he could be called back to the stand. How in the world could his testimony be vaild after being on all these media shows?

            As for Dr.DeMarte, wasn’t all her reports on Jodi on her laptop that was stolen? So, is she going to wing it ? That would be interesting …. Jennifer will destory her on the stand. She doesn’t have enough experience and just because she has a Ph.D. she’s not a DV expert.

            As for getting any records from the court house I thought there was a motion filed that nothing was to be released until after the trial….

            • About Dave Hall, I don’t know. The jury isn’t supposed to have seen him on TV, remember?

              About Dr. DeMarte, presumably she had copies. Her concern was they were leaked before she was ready to turn them over. I hope JW can totally destroy her and make her look like the novice she is.

              About court records, no the only thing sealed is the sidebars and “in chambers” conferences. Anything else is public record.

              • Yes I know everything else is public record but because this case had gotten out of control I read the court was not releasing any paper on this trial until it was over… I will see if I can find that link again and send it to you.

                As for Dave Hall, he shouldn’t be on many media site or t.v…… But he’s been on his facebook posting about all his appearances on national tv.

            • I just googled her and found her website/page. She has several areas she specializes in, and one of them is DV. I had no idea about that til I just looked it up. I know she will testify about testing, at least I am assuming so. Now I am wondering of she will testify about DV too…..That explains why (if its true) JM doesnt have another mental health person to testify, maybe she will be testifying about psychological issues/tests as well as DV. Thoughts?

          • Ya I wondered if he would act out the stabs. But I wondered since on hln
            show after dark did a episode of all the stabs an they did not finish in the
            time allowed if JM could not do it either? or if he would bother to time them

            I want to see his closing for that lady that killed her husband in the wheel chair
            but I can’t find it anywhere.

          • Ma’am it is a “Yes” or a “No”

            Do you know if JM will be asking his own expert witnesses to answer with a “Yes” or a “No”…or is he going to allow them to elaborate on his questions?

            Expert witnesses are just that…experts in their chosen fields of study…and if the questions were properly worded in a correct manner to begin with from JM…I believe he would have gotten more of the yes and no answers…but with his badgering style of questioning the defense expert witnesses they weren’t able to answer him always with the yes or no that he was looking for….

    • It goes toward disproving premeditation, or the idea that she had the weapons in her hand while nearing the end of her photograph session with Travis so that she could “surprise” him. That’s a huge pre-med theory on the pro-pros boards, and Kermit does not believe that Travis left the shower and attacked Jodi, so he’s implying that she had weapons at the ready too.

      • Yep that is exactly right. I think he does go with hln on that after dark crap.
        They did that reenactment an said she attacked him in the shower an
        showed how it could happen etc. They ran out of time though for all
        the stabs.

    • I wish I weren’t so paranoid but it really bothers me that Martinez stipulated…I wonder if he is just going to argue that Jodi had the knife concealed or that she had 40 seconds to get the knife.
      I just don’t trust him at all…

      • Linda,
        Ditto. I am always called paranoid, and thats fine with me. I do not trust JM to concede on anything, his nature is to fight, and fight even when there is nothing to fight about. Including arguing the same point 3 times in 3 different ways. Ughh. The fact that he agreed on this matter makes me suspicious. Premed can occur literally in seconds. I believe your theory of what he will do, argue she had the knife and the gun hidden and had time after that photo to grab them. In fact I bet you a penny, (my moms favorite phrase) he will argue something to that effect to the jury in closing. I have a friend who believes she had the knife and the gun both hidden in the bathroom. I have heard that from alot of people…it really doesn’t matter, in the end, what they think, or even what we think. The jury will have to think about all this and decide. It’s all a guessing game for the rest of us.

  51. You know what’s hilarious?

    The haters on the State page, MDS and all of the other Travistown sites spent DAYS analyzing the photo of Travis’ eye and claiming that they saw Jodi with a gun, Jodi with a knife, Jodi with a gun and knife, Jodi standing on her head with a camera, five knives, and twelve guns, etc. And that was all IMPORTANT INFORMATION that HAD TO GET TO JUAN!!!!!!

    But now that Nurmi manages to reach the jury with the fact that Jodi was NOT holding a gun or a knife, those same hater sites are filled with “OMG! It’s junk science! It proves nothing! Why did that stupid judge allow it in?” posts.

    So funny when things don’t go their way!

    • I think we’re all passionate about it and it can go both ways 🙂 We think JM is ridiculous talking about dog in the pupil and they think that since this version of the photo got in, it doesn’t matter.

      • It’s not the same thing. We didn’t spend any time here analyzing those photos like amateur CSI people because we never thought that they’d be brought into evidence. We weren’t trying to get anything of that nature to Kirk and Jennifer.

        • Right. And when some of us disputed the idea that the bullet passed through the brain, we didn’t sit there and shit on the Medical Examiner, or try to ruin their reputation, or encourage people to send him hate messages. We didn’t go around posting negative reviews about him simply because he didn’t say what we wanted to hear.

          No, we just talked about REASONABLE DOUBT via supporting Jennifer’s cross examination and posting links to news stories where people survived bullet wounds to face.

          Viva la difference between us vs them.

          • I don’t 100% agree . . . I think most posters here are reasonable, but there are some who have been very rude about TA’s family and “inappropriate” in my opinion. More so on Twitter then here. But I guess I also feel very strongly that the family shouldn’t be attacked, looks compared to evil people, etc. They suffered a loss and maybe it isn’t the way I think I would handle it, but my brother is alive so I just don’t know.

            • B.Berry, if you or Nk wants to give the Alexander family a pass on their behavior, that is your decision. Nobody will try to tell to think or feel differently.

              Likewise, I and other posters expect the same courtesy. We are also adults capable of making up our own minds about this issue, and having our own feelings about it. We also have a right to express those opinions and feelings.

              Ultimately this is not your web site, and it is not your right to tell other people what to say and what not to say.

              If you have an issue with what is being said, then perhaps you should email SJ.

              • Agreed.

                FTR, nothing in my original post had anything to do with the Alexander family and who posted what about their looks. I’m not sure where you’re getting that connection from other than wanting an opportunity to hand-slap people whose posts you don’t like.

                • Kira, I don’t think B.Berry was saying you insulted the family, I didn’t get that from B.Berry, and I certainly never meant that by agreeing with him that the family should not be insulted.

                  I have very strong reasons as to why I don’t feel the family should be insulted.

                  As far as I could tell, B.Berry was just agreeing with a statement you made that people here only discuss facts. I do agree this site has done a good job sticking to facts mainly, but I have seen posts where Travis’s family was being insulted, and that is what I think M.B was referring to. But definitely not accusing you of posting such things.

                  B.Berry was just explaining why he disagreed with your assessment.

                  Again, I feel like a lot of the misunderstandings arise from people not being able to see each other’s body language and facial expressions. It makes a difference in how the written word comes across.

                • It has been a long standing issue (tradition? lol) on this site that people who support Travis take their frustration out on me. That is why B.Berry made sure to reply to my post, so s/he could have a safe target to complain.

                  I will repost what I posted earlier today:

                  Typical Travis Taliban response – “WE are not responsible for our behavior, WE cannot be in any way criticized or held accountable for what we do no matter how atrociously we behave, but Team Jodi cannot say or do anything without being relentlessly criticized and held accountable with any and all overbearing of possibilities to the meaning of what they say or the work that they do in this case.”

                  While they are patting themselves on the back for being so BRAVE to come over here and criticize people’s posts; have they ever stepped into the lion’s den of the haters to tell them to knock it the fuck off? Probably not. So I take their bravado with a grain of salt, and so should everyone else.

              • That came across a little harsh. We are expressing the opinion that Travis’s family does not deserve to be attacked. That is our opinion and we should be allowed to post such statements without someone making an offhand remark about it.

                • Because you overreacted.

                  B.Berry expressed an opinion I agreed with. We were not rude or insulting. We merely expressed that we did not think Travis’s family deserved to be insulted. Then you sort of overreacted and told us that we sh

                • Posted too early. 😛

                  *we should keep our comments to ourselves.

                  If people want to mock his family, fine, up to them. But I should be allowed to post a comment stating I don’t think his family deserves to be insulted.

                • How was my comment harsh? Because I tell you two to contact SJ instead of taking your frustration out on me?

                  I don’t care how you mischaracterize my comment, I will not apologize for defending mine, and other people’s right to think and feel what they want about this case and to express themselves about it.

            • I do agree the poor Family they are suffering remember that’s their Brother its horrible for them, I can’t not feel sorry for them they have experienced an enormous tragedy and are in court everyday.

              • I felt sorry for them for a long while. But my sympathy has diminished due to their actions in spreading hate toward Alyce and certain comments that they’ve made. And Oliviero, I know that you’re anti-DP…the family is very PRO-DP for Jodi.

                • That is due to what happened to their Brother, We are all not certain what we would do under those circumstances. Don’t forget JM and the media is feeding them a steady diet of Hate. I know how prosecutors can be. I still feel bad for them

          • We have brains and we know how to use them. Plus, we’re basically good people, even if we do use a cuss word here or there.

      • We might be passionate about the case, but we’re realistic about the evidence. For example, we all believe that the case was overcharged and the State has still not proven premeditation (after today’s events, even more so). We might be passionate about the case, but if somebody brings up a valid problem with the case, it is discussed and debated intelligently. If you haven’t been to one of the hater sites, go check it out and see if you can decipher from passion or pure hatred for the purpose of hating.

        • If I lived in AZ I would be pissed since she had agreed to please to Murder 2 and this adds to making it extremely likely that they won’t do any better than that.

          I wonder what will happen if she gets found innocent, not even manslaughter?

          • JODI WILL BE FREE !!!!!!! That’s what will happen.
            (will need bodyguard and protection too, but so did C Anthony, and she is still alive.)

          • B Berry,
            She has been charged with M1 or Felony Murder. The judge can include lesser included charges in her instructions if she chooses. (such as M2, Manslaughter) Since she has admitted to the killing, it is not likely they would find her innocent and let her walk. The CA trial was different as she plead not guilty and the jury agreed that she was not.

            • She admitted to killing in self-defense. If the jury has a reasonable doubt that it could have happened in self-defense, they will find her not guilty. But she’ll be free with manslaughter too.

              • I hope an pray that Viri ! that is what I keep saying she admits she remembers
                the shot an really was not sure if it even hit Travis? an the rest is a blur. But
                since everyone says she did it then she guesses she did but she does not

                So could the Jury have reasonable doubt that she did not do it all ? could
                they think she may have been unconscious?

              • Viri,
                The jury doesn’t deliberate on what the defense claims, in other words, they don’t decide reasonable doubt on self defense or not. Their job is to decide guilt or innocent based on what the State has charged. As of now, it is M1 or Felony Murder. However, it’s very likely that the Judge will allow lessor included charges such as M2 or maybe Manslaughter, it is totally her decision. The only way she would be set free or acquitted, would be if they found her not guilty of anything. As far as an appeal, if she is found guilty of M1 with the DP, she will get an automatic appeal. At this point, we don;t even know what the Judge will do in the way of lesser included charges.

            • Manslaughter is a possibility, unless they believe self defense.

              I think the main problem they have is the throat cut. I think they can’t wrap their head around it, otherwise, they’d be able to clearly see the DV that was there.

              • If they believe that she shot him in self-defense, then it is not really that hard to think further that when a big wounded man, enraged, in a small narrow room or hallway, tries to grab a small woman armed only with a knife, in acute stress, she will keep slashing until he can no longer move or grab her in any way, or she is dead. Fear reactions do not happen like in the movies where people stay rational. Dr. S explained.

                • I agree viri.

                  I do hope for an acquittal. Next best thing is manslaughter though! If they get manslaughter, I highly doubt they will appeal.

                  I do think she couldn’t stop herself because she was terrified. But I am wondering what the jury would think.

            • Anna Ryan
              You are right because they never proved that CA murdered her child, Jodie admitted to killing Travis the jury will never let her walk it will either be 1st degree no DP 2nd or manslaughter, Don’t know so far the Prosecution has not proved premeditation he overcharged but the Jury questions were troublesome as well as ALV and Dr . Samuels having problems with their testimony,

              • Well that’s just it. She admitted to killing him, but in self defense. That means she deserves to walk.

                Now, I can see them thinking it was overkill and saying manslaughter (maybe even M2 which I really hope does not happen), but she does not deserve 1st degree even if that does not include the DP.

                I can see the jurors getting hung up on the throat cut. That is what I think is giving them a hard time. Even if they want to believe self defense, I think that is making them hesitant.

                I think Jodi deserves to walk. It was self defense. That is what the jury is supposed to look at. If they think self defense is a possibility, and they do not think that 1st degree is proved beyond reasonable doubt, they have to let her walk, even if she did admit to killing him.

                Self defense is the only grounds for killing someone.

                • The Jury is not buying Self defense there just is not enough evidence for them, and you heard their questions to LaViolette, we have to be truthful, I was very optimistic but the Juries questions were pretty bad,

                • Then manslaughter or m2.

                  There is no proof of premed. None at all. They cannot find her guilty of premed just because they think it may be true, it has to be true beyond reasonable doubt, and it isn’t.

                  Jury questions, you can’t always tell from them. The answers they get may sway them. They are a good thing. If they had those doubts going into deliberations, and they never go to ask those questions to get them cleared, there’d be a higher chance of them finding her guilty.

                  Now they have sufficient evidence to their answers that contradicts 1st degree, and goes more with self defense.

                  Due to the # of stab wounds, they may go for manslaughter, I agree, but they cannot charge her with 1st degree. If they do, they are biased. There is not enough evidence.

                • I have a feeling that the jury will give her some time based on the nature of the injuries (the throat slit in particular). Some will believe that it was self-defense, others might buy the ridiculous premeditated murder theory, and others may fall in between. I expect a manslaughter or M2 verdict.

              • They never proved Caylee Anthony was even murdered. They didn’t even know HOW she died. How in the hell that case snowballed into a capital murder case is a mystery to me.

                • It snowballed into a capital murder case based on emotions and not facts. Everyone just saw a baby’s body left in the woods and didn’t consider that someone might have been trying to cover up an accident due to wanting to protect family secrets (George, I’m looking at you).

          • She will be free!!!

            *And Thats what im praying for. How can someone and WHY SHOULD anyone serve time for protecting themselves?!!!! Thats ridiculous, its stupid that people actually think, “well she admitted to killing him, so she HAS to do time!”

            How??? Since when is SELF DEFENSE pupunishable? ???

    • Yeah, you are exactly right. I do remember when they were saying all those things about being able to see Jodi holding a gun/knife/whatever in the reflection in TA’s eye. They are all in denial and make excuses for absolutely everything that doesn’t fit their idea that Jodi planned the killing.

    • They are such hypocrites aren’t they?

      If it doesn’t support their case, they dismiss it as inaccurate or a nonissue.

      Isn’t it nice for them to pick and choose what is important and what is not in this case?

      • Hypocrites YES DEATH they say for Jodi but Abortion is a sin an a crime.

        Baring False Witness is ok if it is for a Family member or Mormon/LDS member too.

        Give me a break that is just plain BULL !

          • I have never ever EVER been able to reconcile that idea. People who are very adamant about abortion, (against) and even call for the rights of a fetus, etc…yet are PRO putting a person to death. It boggles my mind. I have had this argument so many times, especially during the last election, and it doesnt matter how much you point out the hypocrisy, people will tell you that an abortion is a sin and the woman should burn in hell, as should the Dr, but will also gladly support the death penalty and have no issue with the idea of taking a humans life based on a verdict. It’s absurd.

            • Oh good, I’m so glad I’m not the ONLY person who feels that way. If you’re pro-life, you should be pro-life ACROSS the board.

              And what about the pro-lifers who think it’s perfectly fine to MURDER an abortion doctor in cold blood because of ALL the little fetuses that will be saved because THAT doctor can’t perform more abortions? Ugh!

              • I am pro-life and I find it odd that all these people who aren’t pro life want the DP for Jodie because she killed Travis I hate to admit it but most of the Haters are coming from the Left and of course the Mormon Cult, One guy posted on FB you believe in Abortion but are so upset about Travis being killed, his point was an innocent child being butchered and these so called Liberals are so upset he says and yet they condone murder of Children and DP for Jodi. How about all the men killed in the Middle East they are big supporters of these pointless wars. I think DP is barbaric.

              • No you are not alone with that thinking. I have never understood why those that are pro-life are also so pro DP. That is so hypocritical. I have no problem with which way you believe as far as pro life goes but why are these same people so passionate about taking a life. I will never understand that. Killing doctors that give abortions is even more absurd.

                • My point is that prejudice has no belief system, if you are truly Pro Life you certainly do not support the DP, HLN claims to be progressive Liberal yet look at Drew Velez Nancy Hate. The guy was right, he was calling out these hypocrites which exist in all political religious group. ALV has a right to her opinion, yet has been publicly lynched for it. I was a Ron Paul supporter, politically both sides are the same as demonstrated in this pathetic “Media Trial” which has become nothing more but a freak shows for a bunch of sickos.with a flagrant disregard for the 6th amendment.

  52. Oh, god, please, please let Nurmi and Wilmott bring in the cd of ashley reid thompsons anomyous police report to check out her exhusband dustin thompson. Mesa pd has it in their evidence, show it to the jury, call someone to tell jury ashley had a relationship with travis. That ashley died under suspious circumstances and that she is now deceased. Please have some balls show the dury. IT IS REASONABLE DOUBT!!!

  53. I was thinking that back in 2008 regarding cell phones it was common practice to turn off our cell phones while traveling long distances because at that point technologically speaking the battery manufacturers were not making high capacity batteries for cell phones and after market batteries and car chargers we’re not really available as they are now. The jury needs to be reminded when deliberating to base their thinking on the cell phone issues to the 2008 era and dilemmas and not the conveniences of the iPhone 5 era or 2013. Another HUGE issue is E-911. Cell phone providers were required to give the location of a cell phone to the nearest cell phone tower within 6 minutes of an emergency call. Each cell phone tower is divided into a trisector. In 2008 emergency 911 centers that received calls from Cell phones would only show the sector of the closest Cell Tower that the caller or cellphone was located in but not a exact location. The FCC mandated that by 2012 all cellphone service Providers were to upgrade to E-911 Phase2 which required cellphone locations to be identified by “TRIANGULATION” or the 3 closest Cell Towers showing what sector your cell phone was located thereby giving a precise location of you or your cell phone.

    • Phillip, that’s a really really good point about battery life. Can someone get that one to the defense just in case they haven’t thought of it? Renee, are you the one who’s been in contact with them previously? Or, am I mistaken? SJ?

      • Lets call Wilmotts office on the cellphone issue because there is also the ability to forward your calls to different cell phones and not showing your actual location but that of the phone which you forwarded to. Not to mention that cell phones can get cloned. Back in 2008 and shortly before cell phone companies were denying non service phones access to their cell phone towers. Remember the days of roaming fees when traveling outside your area of service. The cell phone companies were not in cooperation with each other until the federal govt stepped and forced them to play nice for public safety. Cellphones are constantly pinging cell towers anywhere from a few seconds if your traveling into different cells along the cell phone grid, to I believe every 15 minutes if you remain stationary. Well back in that era, 2008 and a few years before, cell Providers were refusing to accept pings and emergency 911 calls. The feds stepped in, so now if your service provider is AT&T and you call 911 bu the closest cell tower is a T-mobile cell tower and say that 50 Tmobile customers are simultaneously making phone calls on the same tower, the 911 emergency call takes precedence over all other calls regardless of provider, that 911 call moves to the front of the line. Jodi Arias cellphone pings are misread likely not very accurate being that it was 2008. I think the Jury needs an entire class session as to how cell phones work now an d how they worked in 2008, because the changes have been, not suttle but rather huge leaps. Now that I think about it the Verizon employee that testified based his knowledge on current technology and not that of 2008. Somebody call Wilmotts Office.Jodi is innocent. The end.

        • Could you explain to me how it helps her? I thought the cell phone just put her in AZ, which she already admitted to being in AZ on the stand …

          Or do you specifically mean as to why her battery died, why her phone was off? Not because she intentionally turned it off, but really because of awful battery life?

          • NK,

            I think Phillip is trying to say that people in 2008 didn’t have very good battery life on their phones therefore it was typcially for someone to turn off their phone to save the battery.

            However, she made several tops along the way to Mesa that she could of charged her phone. Also, could of bought a charger at Wal-mart.

            There are numerous things to consider with the cell phone with Phillip theory.

            • 🙂 Cool. I didn’t watch all the testimony in the beginning, but I do remember stuff about the cell phone, so I wanted to be sure I did not miss something.

              I do believe she said she misplaced her charger, I think.

          • Simply battery life. In 2008 as a culture most of us were turning off our cell phones to preserve battery life. In 2008 batteries were not what they are today and it was most common for cell phones to discharge. The jury needs to see it in 2008’s perspective and remember that it was a common problem, and therefore causing “reasonable doubt” that she purposely went of the radar to purposely hide the fact that she was in AZ. Yes she has admitted that she was in Az but the prosecution plans to use 2013’s cellphone battery comforts in his closing argument to help prove premeditation on Jodi actions, of either turning off her cell phone or the cellphone discharging. Also City Folk don’t understand why country folk regularly carry extra gas, that there too is common, and does by no means support premeditated murderer.

            • Phillip,

              Don’t you think it would of been more important traveling as a single female across the desert to have a cell phone, and not gas cans? Your more likely to break down, than run out of gas.

              I have traveled all over the U.S. and never thought twice about having extra gas, even when gas spiked. Much less when it’s a 100 plus degrees outside and I am a single women and have traveled through AZ to Mexico….. I would want my cell phone in case something happened to me or the car…..

              • There is a LOT of remote country in the western United States, and some areas you can’t get cell phone service.

                Case in point is the route from Reno to Yreka via 395 north, which is likely the way she returned home. Gas is VERY expensive in the remote areas of California, and since there is a lot of national forest in the region, you can’t get cell phone service.

        • Phillip,
          I am not sure what you are trying to say, maybe that her phone was putting her where she wasn’t? There was never any argument from the defense about this part of the trial. Jodi had no incoming or outgoing calls on her cell while in the state of AZ. This was established early on in the trial, and the cell phone rep was on the stand, I have forgotten his name. Her phone wasn’t even turned on, so there were no pings. She testified that she had turned it off to save the battery, then later couldn’t find the charger while in AZ. When she found her charger after leaving AZ, (it was under the passenger seat) she started using the phone,she said she was already out of AZ, calling Matt, and then Ryan Burns. This is also when she left that message for TA on his cell phone voicemail.

    • Phillip,

      I am going to aruge a good debate…2008 android phones where just coming to the market. Those were the phones that used a lot of battery. If you owned a BB phone the battery would last between 2-3 days. Of you had the flip phones that were a basic phone. You would need to know what kind of phone she had, how old the battery, if she replaced the battery for an aftermarket…. How old was the cell phone, what brand….. etc.

      Charger could be bought at any gas station five years go. Now driving through the desert you would lose service, and could be charged roaming fees.

      Just thinking outside the box…………….

      • I agree with you but if you simply ran a GPS Navigator on your flip phone the battery would die within 250 miles.

      • It was a Helio (sp?) phone that she got from Gus. I don’t know that much about them, but I’m pretty sure you couldn’t have just popped into any gas station and gotten a $5 charger for one.

  54. I see Juan Martinez in the reflection throwing up his hands and grasping at air trying to find some kind of proof of premeditation. As that possibility slips away he is now holding his head with both hands, mouth wide open, “Ooooohhhh nooooo, we should have taken the 2nd degree plea, now we have nothing!!!!!

    • I see it too! And next to him is Flores sitting on the floor cleaning his nails with the trigger of a gun, and in the reflection of the gun barrel I see C & S Hughes standing behind both holding up large knives readied in the atonement position.

  55. I had to watch a little JVM because I wanted to keep up with the Boston tragedy as well as Jodi. Jane says it’s a done deal, the jury didn’t buy the defense argument and that during this trial Jodi spent a lot of time smirking and tweeting? Huh? As if she had her cell phone at the defense table, pecking away, looking bored. Did anyone see anything close to a smirk during this whole trial? For God’s sake, what has this crack ass b#tch been watching? Jodi has certainly contained herself and behaved in a much classier manner than the evil twins Jane and Nance, who have spent every night for months now, eyes bulging, shrieking, slobbering and waving their arms like spider monkeys, could ever do !

    • This is how ridiculious JVM is, is that is actually Jodi’s Twitter account, she’s been tweeting since Feb 15, and they are just now getting wind of this account. Give me a break JVM….. the and she also thought that CA would be locked up for life…. I dont believe anything they say on HLN ..!!

      • The jury is not supposed to know about the twitter account or does JVM just assume, as everyone else does, that they are ignoring their admonition?

  56. Just signed a petition “TRIAL BY MEDIA IS WRONG, STOP THE SPIN” against HLN. Also another one against ZANTAC, one of HLN’s major sponsors. HLN’s Lynch Mob for Profit needs to be stopped or at least brought Media attention to. HLN has gone way too far this time!
    I have left messages for HLN’s Hosts (under “contact” at bottom of their web page – also have a phone #) Letting them know how I feel about their irresponsible behavior concerning this trial, false statements & accusations, ridiculous dramatics, lack of credibility, bias reporting, etc. etc. all for PROFIT. I will never again watch their shows or HLN. Commercials ads are now doubled/tripled with 3 hours of trial taking them 6 hours of air time to show. All of these products/businesses should be compiled & boycotted by petition.
    Alyce LaViolette should sue them.
    Hope others can help put a stop to HLN.

    • IMHO, Ms LaViolette could try to sue for the horrible harassment she has endured. The issue I see, or the problem she may have, is who to sue? It is online attacks, very rude, mean, beyond mean, cyber bullying. The hundreds and hundreds of fake Amazon reviews, possibly Amazon could be held liable for allowing this to continue, knowing that she is in a high profile case, and that the majority of these comments came after her testimony. That being said, can Amazon be liable for what assholes post on their site? I don;t know, but I believe Alyce is smart enough to have contacted her atty about it. Maybe the only good thing in all of this will be that she can, in fact sue. On the other hand, her reputation has been so damaged, and she has many many supporters, by IMHO, so much damage has been done to her. Even with the lies told about her, there are many organizations etc…who will want to distance themselves from the negativity that surrounds her, and that is sad and unfair. I am sure she regrets ever getting involved in this. sigh.

      • What about when Nurmi WINNS this case and Jodi walks??? Its funny, cuz I think she’ll have a BETTER chance that organizations WILL call her up, in this case.

        I see it like this, “she helped a defense team win a DV case.”

      • Internet 🙁 anonymous posters.

        Would she be able to sue HLN? Not sure what they said about her, but I think they promoted some terrible stuff about Dr. Samuels.

      • Unfortunately, Anna, bullying is not illegal yet. What is illegal is slander and uttering threats. Ms. LaViolette could definitely sue for the slandering that’s going on. I report any threats towards her (after taking a screenshot, of course).

        Ms. LaViolette can sue for statements such as:

        that she is a man-hater,
        that she based her opinion solely on what Jodi told her,
        that she is defending Jodi,
        that she said Travis is pedophile,
        and many more.

        Those statements are lies. Lies are considered slander. I most certainly hope she does take legal action. It’s abhorrent that people spread lies so easily.

        • Sam
          I am saying that to sue for libel, who would she sue? The nasty comments are on the internet, and they are not traceable. The things you mentioned above, I am unclear of, for her to sue someone who called her a “man-hater”, well, sure, thats rude and she would have to prove it is a lie, and really, even thought I do not believe it, who would she go after? The next few things you said are not libelous statements. To prove libel, it has to be a statement that is stated to be factual, that will give the person a negative image. Man Hater is certainly negative, and Ms Laviolette could try to sue over that, although, I would guess she would not waste her time with such a ridiculous immature comment. Something more serious, a statement that lies about her schooling, her speeches, her career, etc, would be another matter. But my main point was this, who in the world could she sue? These are all individual people, (and I use that term loosely) who are posting nasty remarks because they don’t like Jodi Arias, and she is on her defense team. Now, if a news outlet, say HLN, came out and posted online, or on TV, “Alyce LaViolette is a man-hater”….BINGO. Or anything else that would be an untrue statement that could hurt her image. Amazon allows people to leave comments, they are not promoting it, so they aren’t liable. Same with FB, people say nasty things all day long all over the internet, and unless there is a threat made, in which case the FBI could be involved, it’s just sadly, a way for mean people who have issues to hide behind their computers and rant and bully.

      • ALV is not regretting being involved in this case. She’s the type to stand behind what she believes. She believes Jodi was abused. She has a huge career. This may even help her DV career because now more DV victims will see how passionate she is against DV and will seek her counseling and education. She is a helper.

        • Edward,
          I certainly don’t know if she does or doesn’t regret it. I was just commenting….I should re-phrase, I bet you she had NO idea that her testimony would cause all this commotion and grief for her.

        • I agree. She has been practicing for many years – and the solid reputation she has built over the years should carry her through.

          These nasty people don’t realize that this trial is like high school: the mean people are so wrapped up in themselves and so enamoured of hearing their own voices that it doesn’t occur to them that there is a whole world out there that doesn’t give a flying fig what they think and that their words – “full of sound a fury, yet signifying nothng” – will pass into oblivion shortly after this trial ends. Alyce LaViolette will go on with her life, helping victims and perpetrators – and these people will sink back into the abyss of nastiness – back to where they came from.

          Again, please excuse typos, but I do want everyone to know that when Jodi Arias first raised self-defense as her reason for killing Travis Alexander, I was skeptical. All I really wanted for her was a fair trial – and while I wasn’t sold on her story, I was outraged at the attitude of “Let’s skip the trial and go directly to the death chamber.”

          What made me change my mind about her defense was Alyce LaViolette. She brought out evidence that had been hidden and illuminated Travis’ esclating violence – and I saw that yes, indeed, Travis Alxander could have easily snapped and reached out to beat Jodi – maybe kill, maybe just hurt – and that self-defense was certainly a viable argument.

          I think her attorneys have done a fabulous job and I think Alyce LaViolette gave credible expert testimony that may very well hang this jury – and that is enraging the HLN media whores and their rabid pack of followers. No wonder the attacks on Ms. LaViolette have gone wild!

          If there is one juror who has kept an open mind, Jodi Arias will have a hung jury…and anything less than the death penalty is a loss for the Martinez Maniacs.

        • Good! As they say, “Living well is the best revenge.” I hope that all of this renews interest in Alyce’s book and gets her on the Bestsellers list.

    • i did too.. GEICO is another one…. they would lose alot of money if people switched insurance because of this. They sponsor HLN as well….
      good job!!

      • Funny how nobody knew about Nancy Grace’s engagement to that man who was shot.

        One could consider Nancy Grace a….stalker?

        I see a pattern here.

        • I often wonder if she overdramatizes her relationship with that man in order to score sympathy points. Wouldn’t surprise me if they had gone on one or two dates but she decided to call him her “fiancé” after he was killed.

  57. If you look closely at my Gravatar you can see in my eye, the refection of Nancy ‘dancing with the devil’ or more aptly doing the Harlem Shake with Juan on the sidewalk with a tin can that reads ‘tips, please!’ and Jane is in the background going thru the garbage for good edible food that’s been thrown away as I’ve seen her do on her show.

  58. Shes SUCH a dramatic idiot: NG

    Shes on talking about the judge HAD TO literally separate Jodi from TA family! ! That OMG, how could they and then she wentvon talking about prior situations where the family members of other cases attacked the defendant, that is common, like this is what she would LOVE to happen! !!! Does she nit realize that Jodi and TA family HAVE been in closed doors together? !!! What about when they’re in the same room, the judges chambers? ! They have to stand there IN FRONT of Jodi, so idk what the big deal is!!!!

    Who was sitting in the jury box first, Jodi or them??? They made it look like they were crying cuz they had to be too close to her!!!! They’ve been in the same room more then 3times!

    • They looked like they were crying because that last photo of Travis was blown up in the court. I’d cry too if that was my brother.

      A Christian forgives.
      Buddhists forgive.
      Hindus forgive.
      Muslims forgive.

      Mormons? We have yet to see.

  59. Can anyone help me with the number of “full-on” wounds Alexander had ( not counting defensive wounds to hands, various scrapes and bruises etc )

    I really need a full transcript of Horn’s testimony and x-exam, which I am planning sometime, although I’m not looking forward to it.

    I’m aware of 3 major frontal stabs, and 2 to the back ( which were not deep ). The others I believe were scratches and scrapes, possibly not even made with the knife ( finger-nails?).

    I think this is an issue, because saying 27 or 29 “stab” wounds (which the other side do incessantly) is I suspect a mis-characterisation of Horn’s evidence.

    I’m starting a page on this:

  60. Pansy Disgrace is claiming in her ticker across the screen “Just In: Prosecutor Rebuttal Case Begins” or words to that effect. I could only take about 40 seconds of her before my head exploded so forgive me if that’s not worded 100% correctly (I only turned on the channel to see what they were saying about Boston).

    If she’s right, that means the defense rested today. Other than cross of his rebuttal witnesses and closing arguments, that’s the last we’ll hear from them. That makes me sad. I’ve grown accustomed to Nurmi’s soft “aaaands” and Wilmott’s fast cutesy talking.

    Meanwhile, we’ll have a whole lot of annoying angry kermit voiced ankle biter to deal with. UGH!

      • Right, if it’s true (and consider the source), it means the defense rested. So, that is the end of their case, and the end of their witnesses.

    • AA – Love your nickname for NG = Not Good.

      I am so sorry to hear about your past. You’re in my prayers. <3

    • I’ll only be watching cross and the defense closing. I have come to loathe Kermit’s voice and antics and need to avoid him for my health.

  61. Aahhaaaa soms guy is on NG talking, he’s saying that what the expert did with the photo of TA eyeball CAN BE DONE!!! She was surprised, said, “ohhhhh sooooo it caaannn be done??????” He then started to explain and of course a commercial interrupted him and he hasnt finish! !! Too bad NG!

    • “ohhhhh sooooo it caaannn be done??????”
      LOL, LC, I can see her lips rounding up in the balloon knot.
      what happened to Pickles, by the way?

    • Yes probably one of her infamous cutting of the mic when someone has a good point or oh dear we have to take a commercial break every 5 mins. But do not worry folks you won’t miss a moment of it. So glad they have live feed and post on you tube.

      • Hellooooo, caw-ller, I’m taw-lking to you. Did you hear the ga-uy on my show a few moments ago who say-ed it could be-ay da-one? Hellooo. We-eeel that’s be-caw-se he haaaasn-t heard from the prosecution and I used to be a prosecutor aa-ta I was a cri-ay-me victim.

        Sorry, don’t mean to give everyone nightmares.

    • Phillip you make some very good points! I think the biggest problem that JA will have is the jurors being able to watch tv. Humans will be human and there’s no doubt that they are watching HLN at home. I have to be honest about this, it seems that each time I bring up the case at work etc. 99% of people have already condemned JA.

      One of the biggest arguments directed toward me about JA’s guilt is how can all of these things be coincidence? The stolen gun, gas cans, no major injuries to JA, cell phone not being on and the statement JA;s mom made to the police about JA saying that she has the receipts to prove that she wasn’t in AZ. They say why would JA be keeping track of her receipts or lack of? Now JA’s mom’s statement won’t be allowed however as I said above the jurors are watching tv.

      Outside of this website I have not found anyone that agrees with me when I say that JA is innocent.

  62. Can someone plz tell me that TA family HAS BEEN close to Jodi before? ?!!! Havent they all been in chambers together? ???? So, WHY WHY WHY are they making such a big deal cuz she set a few feet in front of them today???? What’s the difference? That the cameras where there?!!!

    • We don’t know how they’ve reacted in the past when the family has been close to JA. Maybe they wailed and cried…who knows? Why speculate?

    • All three of the siblings kept looking out the corner of their right eyes at the tv camera guy and they knew the camera was on them….

      The tv camera guy shot more footage of the siblings sniffling than they did the expert witness today…I felt like someone must have told the camera guy to do just that…to pull in more sympathy from the tv viewing audience as they watched Nurmi and JM question the expert witness today…had to make that bombshell for tonight…

      • Thats what I thought. At the end when they walked away the last sister was smiling! ! Its a BS act that they’ve been putting on and people are falling for it. And yes, everyone has the right to fall for it too, I JUST DONT!

        • In the beginning I was not sure what to think but IMO it looks like they are putting on a show. The way they were acting last week seemed to change my mind. They were part of the haters groups destroying ALV and that just did not sit with me very well. I know many here think it is rude to say this and I respect that, I just have stopped believing this myself.

        • yep…she walked passed by the camera guy and smiled…and only moments before she was sniffling…I just don’t get some folks…

          • It looked to me like she went from smirking to crying in a matter of seconds. Does not look genuine, even a little.

    • LC,
      Total show…if you ask me. the long faces sister was working SO hard to cry…but it wasn’t happening. It wasn’t like they hadn’t seen that photo before and seeing Travis’ image, the last image of him alive caused their overwhelming “sorrow” or whatever. Maybe the fact that the last photo of him alive has Jodi’s image in it as well was what caused them to be emotional…but I think it was all theatrics

      • Maybe the tears were because they didn’t reach the $5000.00 donation goal KCL had hoped to rake in over the weekend


        • Rainy,

          I am all for helping people but this has gotten out of control. Especially when they were estranged from their brother, his house went into foreclosure, and car repo……. now they want to get rich off of his death… SHAME ON THE ALEXANDERS or at least these three

          • I agree. And it seems they surpassed the 5K mark for the weekend drive. The number posted on WS was $8000.00.

            How’s your mom? If you updated us earlier I missed it.

          • OH MY GOD!!! Really?? Travis was going bankrupt and his family did not reach out to help him?

            Making money off his death is disgusting.

            They are the ones fighting for this death penalty. You cannot blame Jodi to fight for her life in a court of law.

            And, I just learned over the weekend that Amanda Knox was attacked by Nancy DisGrace. An American detective FLEW to Italy to help Knox out of prison stating she was railroaded without proof of the crime!
            Nancy DisGrace is OUT OF CONTROL!! How does she live with herself?

      • I’m wondering about that too.Does this mean they dont get to hear the experts analysis on the photo?Just go with the Judge’s word?

    • Yeah. The DA’s office told JM to stipulate because they didn’t want him to be a jerk to the tech witness because the DA’s office needs that witness for other cases. Sorry Juan, can’t bully one more witness…and that comes from your bosses.

        • Introspective-
          No, sorry I don’t know it for sure but this is my best speculation. I couldn’t believe he was bashing a witness that the DA’s office uses all the time to help thier cases. In the hearing away from the jury, he was trying to go with “you aren’t qualified for photos”. Any defense attorney would have been able to use that in future cases against the Prosecution when they used this expert. As it was happening, I thought it was one of many bad moves on JM’s part, and I can imagine his superiors telling him to just let this one go, for the greater good of the DA’s office.

  63. After all the cyber bullying, intimidation, threats, ect ALV has gotten, I really don’t care what the legalities are about her offering a kind word to Samantha. I think it’s a really shitty thing that the Alexander family and the prosecution are doing, trying to twist this around against her. Anyone with half a brain is going to know that ALV meant no harm. It’s like trying to sue Mother Theresa for saying “God bless you.”

    • MB Team Jodi,
      There are nuts out there that would sue Mother Theresa for saying God Bless You. Unfortunately you are not suppose to approach the victims Family if you are a witness for the Defense. Its very unprofessional and maybe she was not involved with Capital Cases.

    • I still keep the faith that something will be done and someone will be held accountable for all the horrible things done to ALV. All the twisting and manipulation of facts leaves me wondering what is going on – how do people see this as being okay? I mean, law authorities included?

      • I sent email to cnn about that behavior. AL was a witness, not a defendant and that’s what I said. Well, that along with the fact that it was disgusting.

    • Martinez tried so hard to discredit ALV ,to ridicule her in front of the jury,to impeach her testimony,he even got to the point of implying she has ffeelings for her.It really doesnt come as a surprise what they are now pursuing-kinda like the final blow on her!! It’s sad,actually.If it wasnt a trial and Jodi’s life I’d be laughing my a$$ off seeing how desperately stupid people act.Now,I can only be indignant at all this!!

      • I’m not sure what happened either. Like KD said, she might have just said “excuse me” as she passed Samantha and they’re blowing it up out of nothing.

        All I know is that a major hoopla has been thrown over this, and I think it’s just so unnecessary considering that ALV has proven she is a compassionate, nonbiased individual.

        • From the AZ Victims Bill of Rights:

          5. To refuse an interview, deposition, or other discovery request by the defendant, the defendant’s attorney, or other person acting on behalf of the defendant.

          I doubt Alyce was trying to interview the sibling if she uttered 2 words as she walked by them.

          So if Alyce came upon a TA family member having a heart attack in an empty ladies room is she supposed to step over them and not ask if they needed help? So stupid!

  64. I don’t know where that comment went so I will repost. lol It’s Nancy’s third nipple and also I see birds fluttering, and Mickey and Minnie and all those Disney characters floating around Jodi as she dances and sings Heigh-ho.

  65. Im actually glad about todays outcome. I think it is better for the defense that the judge SPOKE today to the jury about Jodi holding a camera NOT a gun or knife. That was better then having the expert upon the stand where Martinez could’ve made up anything he wanted out of the photo to the jury.

    • I just watched that very short clip of the Judge talking to the Jurors about it and I agree it was probably better for the judge to speak to the jury.

  66. Wow I am watching parts of the hearing I missed today and I am to the part where JM accuses the defense team of wasting everyone’s time and then made that cheap shot at the defense team accusing then of added more pennies to their kettle. Wow he can really say and do anything he likes with little respect for anyone. I loved the reaction from JW. So I will sum his level of respect with a favorite quote of mine from Steel Magnolias.

    “Oh! He’s a real gentleman! I bet he takes the dishes out of the sink before he PEES in it!”

    Of course I guess he would need a step stool. 😆

    • I’m wondering if the defense has actually rested? When the Judge asked them if they has anything further, why didn’t they announce that they rest? Did this photo guy only intend to testify about the one photo, or was this just an evidentiary hearing for one portion of his testimony/evidence? Are we SURE the defense has no more witnesses? I’m quite sure if they do have further witnesses they want to keep it very hush-hush, GOD FORBID the haters get to them first!
      I thought a former cell mate first name, “Ann”. I always thought Jodi was passing that “magazine message” for someone else. Maybe her cell mate? I just have a feeling the defense has something else, or I HOPE they do, things just feel “unpolished”, know what I mean?

  67. I predict Juan-boy will allow his rookie psychologist to meander on about her ‘findings’ without restricting her to a yes or no answer. And Nurmi will be a perfect gentleman or JW will be a classy lady as they, hopefully, cast doubt that someone this inexperienced could possibly hold a candle to the testimony of their expert witnesses. And I agree about the photo…as long as it’s agreed that there was no weapon in her hand and this is allowed in for the jury, why give JM the opportunity to skew things? He who could spend 3 days trying to convince someone that the sky is green and that grass is blue.

    • Ma’am….the question is a “Yes” or a “No”….Nope….I don’t believe that we will be hearing that from JM on his own expert witness…no-sir-ree-bob…


      • That’s another thing that drove me from being able to watch day-to-day. Even if you overlook his dismissive and degrading tone and demeanor……Juan doesn’t really ASK much of anything. He makes fantastic statements that have been shaded by his perspective/opinion/desire and then asks the witness to simply confirm his statement. It’s seems small but it’s his way of re-directing the intent behind the witness’ statement. I cannot believe it’s being allowed; and on such a grand scale too!!! It seems minor but when 2+ years from now, when an appellate court is reading over the transcript, they’ll miss body language and tone. So they may miss this small but significant alteration.

        Here’s an example. Let’s say that a person writes a letter and then has their secretary transcribe it. In the J Martinez school of prosecution, you can easily re-assign the INTENT of the words in the letter to the secretary by simply changing the semantics/wording of your question and then having her confirm.

        Juan: “So would you agree that this is your letter? YES OR NO”
        Witness: Well I didn’t write it but I typed it
        Juan: YELLING- YES OR NO? ARE YOU HAVING A PROBLEM WITH MEMORY Madam/Mr X??? The words on this page came from the efforts made by you and we both agree that if you did something, it can be described as “yours”. RIGHT?
        Witness (CONFUSED…like everyone else, lol!) Yes
        Juan: So again, would you agree that this is YOUR letter?
        Witness: Yes
        Juan: STOPS HER with his demeanor and moves on to next question

        • Honestly, I think he’s a terrible prosecutor. I hate his style. Watch the prosecutors in Conrad Murray’s trial, and you’ll see how it should be done. Professional, fact-oriented, concise arguments.

  68. Missed the trial today. Read the posts though. he EYES HAVE IT!!! Go KN, JW,ALV,TEAM JODI,and JODI!!! VICTORY IS NEAR!!!

  69. Okay last comment from me tonight. Nancy Boo Boo…that’s my new name for Ms Disgrace. I hate to diss the real po’ child, Honey Boo Boo, but Nance does remind me of a middle aged version except her standards are lower and she has less class. I bet she’s sucking on some sketti right now. lol

  70. Have been reading the site(s) for months and really enjoy all of the postings.
    I’m so glad they’ve brought up the eye stuff. It opens another direction.
    All thru wallowing in all the testimonies of he said, she said and the icky sex stuff, I’ve always been convinced that the girl had help. (the Dr Korn guy testified 30 qts per min) fooo.
    Anyway, the throat slicing has bothered me because it just doesn’t seem to be all that straightforward and easy.
    so, I have visited some combat, medical and deer dressing sites, and found that one has to know what they’re doing to pull that off accurately.
    I wish they would get some combat guys to testify as to the strength and knowhow all that stabbing and stuff entails.
    (I can’t even cut off a chicken head). Was getting woozy just reading the shit.
    Have they addressed false confessions because of retaliation?
    Months of smoke ‘n mirrors on all that feelings stuff.
    What’s your opinions? thank you b smith

      • Hi rainy;

        I first looked at some hunting forums that were discussing bleeding out their deer kills. Some aren’t quite dead yet, so it was, cut throat or end him another way like shoot, stab to heart or in back of neck.
        Throat cutting isn’t popular because the animal can kick and bite.
        About the same stuff with the combat assassin guys that use knives to be quiet. They practice accuracy and there is cartilage and muscle in neck that’s tough as well as arteries front and deeper inside neck as in grey’s anatomy. There’s skill that’s taught of very sharp blade (K-bar) pressure and angle. If attempted like in the movies, you just hit hyoid cartilage, windpipe and muscles. Preferred method is femoral artery or stab to 1st cervical vertebrae. or liver or heart. Even the jihadists have to train just for the neck slice.
        I’ve been looking at this type info because I cannot see TA being overpowered by a 120 pounder.
        unless gunshot rendered him helpless.
        Various testimonies didn’t quite add up. The whole story just ain’t right. Wish there was more insight on
        the physical evidence..crime scene stuff. also, who knows what’s all suppressed.
        I’m of the persuasion that, if it don’t make sense it aint true.
        Wonder what tomorrow will bring….Betty S

        • gruesome …. thanks for writing this. I have a hard time grasping the neck cut too.

          Even in all out fight mode this seems like such a way out there idea that would cross ones mind in those few minutes this is alleged to have occurred. I could see one continuing to stab in a rage.

          One would think a kitchen knife would not be that sharp to cut so cleanly.

          To get the incision as precise as it appears in the autopsy pics seems like it was done by someone who seemed to know what they were wanting to accomplish.

          Maybe I just don’t want to believe JA would be capable of inflicting this. It would be an unimaginable mess and one would need to be so close in proximity to him. I have such a hard time putting this piece into the picture even with the adrenaline rush.

          And why drag him into the shower? Why bother? Why not just leave him where he finally dropped?

          So many questions … and I doubt we will ever get answers

          We need Jane from The Mentalist … He’d go snooping around those roommates, friends and church, thats for sure.

    • Hi question everything, welcome to our little group, and thanks for bringing that up. I’ve always wondered the same thing. Would a regular kitchen knife be sharp enough? If I can assume that by the time she did that throat slash, Travis was incapacitated, I still struggle with how she could have done that, because cutting through all that just can’t be easy. Ugh, I shudder just thinking about it. It’s the one injury that has never made sense. I can see stabbing him, and some of the stabs seem a bit random and just fit with her stabbing all over the place fighting for her life, petrified. But I’ve never understood the throat slash. Please keep investigating and let us know if you find anything else.

  71. Today sounded like a victory for Jodi Arias. I’m not surprised. Eyeballs are like mirrors–thank God. Go Jodi Arias. Hats off to the defense team. Looking better everyday!