Jodi Arias Trial – Day 46

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The events following the body bag picture post yesterday were interesting to say the least. In addition to attracting a load more new visitors & posters, we also managed to oust a few people that maybe weren’t that pro-Jodi after all, and were only here for the free coffee & biscuits. Well, good riddance to those fair-weather fucks. We’re here on a mission, and we have no room for fence-sitting passengers or assholes. Thanks for all your supportive messages which I couldn’t reply to individually. TEAM JODI FOREVER!

Today’s first ever TGIF trial day is scheduled to run from 9.30 am to noon/1 pm, depending on which way the wind is blowing :mrgreen:

Leave your comments below on trial day 46, as Alyce LaViolette continues answering the jurors questions.

Team Jodi

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    • Congratulations, Tonya, on being #1.
      I’m not sure if people here are up early or up late. It’s only 1am here but I’m going to bed. Hoping for a good day for Jodi later today.

    • Sadly this morning on Good Morning America… there wasnt very good news about the jury questions for AL… I havent watched them yet… have them recorded so I can fly thru commentators junk.. But it seems like there are some real skeptics in the bunch… Why did you look at Jodie so often and give her small grins…. well, could it be cuz she is fighting for her life, and the woman feels for her ???

      • I think that it is quite ridiculous that the juries were not sequestered to begin with. This case is such a high profile case that I think that the jury members are biased towards Jodi. The fact that they claim that they do not hear, watch, discuss, about the case is unbelievable. I say judge should call an acquittal and if need be have this trial else where… though now I think about it, I don’t know if there is anywhere that this case hasn’t been broadcasted…. If so, then just let Jodi Arias go, because the bottom line is she is NOT getting a fair trial!!!!!!! And that is now what the United States is about!

        • Just a thought – may be OT…. I know nothing about the CA trial that took place in Florida EXCEPT from bits and pieces I have gathered via reading about comparisons of that case to this one, mostly that I have seen posted by the mob. I get distinct impression that mob’s blood is boiling that CA’s jury acquitted her and cannot help but wonder if some of jurors in this case may even be FEARFUL of consequences for their own safety, and are asking these idiotic questions to somehow “appease” mob from stalking and harassing them, like this mob might do if these jurors were to ask intelligent or less biased juror questions….
          NOT saying this is a valid excuse for them to come up with this questions by any means, just concerned. Please tell me it isn’t likely. 😕

        • The defense requested last week that the jury be sequestered at least for the “rest” of the trial..and she said no.. I just cannot believe in all this time… no one has seen or heard anything.. I just cant believe it.

        • i think they should of been sequestered my self you cant tell me them jurys dont know what the media is doing i believe jodi on the domestic violwnce i was a victim of it my self the law doesnt in force restraining orders so why call the police no i never called police i was afraid then later the guy was arrested on murder charges i was able to get away so the law doesnt protect a woman or man from this kind of violence i watch the trial every day seems like the judge would do something about martinez anger the media has her guilty im sure the jury sees that to martinez should of been thrown off the case .this domestic violence woman knows what she is doing but what is martinez putting in every persons head that is a victim when he trys to run this woman down.for jodi hang in there i was an abuse victim too.

        • I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have followed the trial online faithfully. Many people I know have as well. This case should definitely had a sequestered jury! I was shocked to find out they were not. Absolutely ridiculous, and anyone who believes that the jurors are not checking out all the bullshit that continues on HLN each evening is a shithead. Shithead number one being the moron Judge residing over the case. This case is overtaking the media and most of the coverage is negative. HLN in particular with the redundant opinions of NG as well as the rest, BORING! Her POV is always the same in any case, bla, bla, bla, what ever Nancy shut the fuck up and get some new material.

      • Or,perhaps, it’s difficult for a human being,WITH A HEART (or brain for that matter), to label any other as a monster BEFORE they are PROVEN guilty. I’m still expecting good things for JA simply because I can. 🙂

    • WOAH, wait a minute, hold the phone! Was it mentioned in court at all that she apologized to Jodi upon meeting her????????????. Maybe I just missed it and if I did then I’m sorry for this BUT, I never heard it. I could have been cooking. Tell me please.

      • Yes and she only apologized as a courtesy to Jodi for having read her most personal and private journal. This is a courtesy I would believe any human with any manners and respect for others would extend to anyone. Martinez is a dick who tried to make it something more than that when really all he managed to do was inflict more pain on us as viewers with his court clown antics. Watching him go on and on with the pacing and yelling is so juvenile. I think this creep watched too many court room dramas when he was younger and thinks this approach is “rogue”. He is just a small man with
        with big ego.

        • cj,
          Is your question about Alyce apologizing to Jodi.
          Jodie above you answered it in a nutshell.

          But if you want to long version, go to the day of cross examination.
          juan was on it practically the whole time, there was no way that you could have missed it, if you are watching the trial.

    • re: Dr. Hiatt’s statement –> wow, every sunday? near his four young daughters? i’m noticing a few patterns emerging from the people who seem simply incapable of facing the truth about travis’ behavior and actions against jodi and against women in general. first, they are claiming he was a motivational speaker. in fact he worked for a company which required him to bring in new members and convince them they can get rich quick in order for him to make a dime off of them. pyramid scheme? i don’t know, but it sounds like it to me. next, they fail to see that travis’ involvement in the church provided great leads for his ‘business’. vulnerable people hoping to gain a sense of belonging. next, they try to present him as a ‘successful’ business person. typically, do successful business people take in multiple roommates in order to pay the mortgage? do they borrow big money from their girlfriends? nope. next, they are bringing out people who call themselves doctor while at the same time discrediting dr. samuels and AL who both clearly have the credentials to support their testimony that Travis was abusing jodi. next, the ‘friends’ refuse to believe his bad boy behaviors across the board, refuse, even when there is evidence to show his rage and pedophilia. (there is no way it’s normal for him to be masturbating to the image of a 12 year old girl) next, they sure claim to be spending a lot of time with him. every sunday? wow, how did travis have time to spend so much time with jodi on the sly, to be talking with so many women, dating so many women, traveling with jodi on all of their vacations, etc. plus all of his “business meetings”, and spending so much time sending emails to women, for that to be true? and if so many people were so close to travis, then why did his absence go unnoticed for so long? i’ll tell you why. because dr. samuels and Alyce Laviolette are both correct in their expert testimony that travis was abusing jodi. abusers work hard to cultivate their public persona. abusers become chameleons and change their colors depending on who they are speaking to. from the evidence it appears that travis was a con man, he conned jodi to believe his spiritual teachings that anal and oral sex was permitted. he conned his ‘friends’ that he was a virgin. he conned his prey that if they signed up under him and paid the fees to ‘work’ with him then they could become ‘successful’ too. tragically, he also conned himself to believe that he could lie to his friends about jodi, that he could abuse her spiritually, emotionally, sexually, mentally, and yes, physically, and that she would never defend herself against his rage filled attacks. travis did not deserve to die. and jodi does not deserve to die, either.

  1. HLN defers to Drew Pinksy as if he’s an “expert” on matters dealing with psychology, psychotherapy, etc., yet his credentials listed on Wikipedia say he’s a plastic surgeon and an MD who appeared on Wheel of Fortune in the 80s. He is not a lawyer, not a psychotherapist, nor a psychologist. And his track record of helping people with psychiatric problems is very bad, with at least 6 committing suicide. I read where he is under investigation by the AMA, or other organizations for practicing psychotherapy/psychology without a license?

    • I hope he loses his medical license. Doctors vow to “First, Do No Harm.” Harm is the first and only thing Pimpsky does. And, he enjoys doing it.

      • Last week or so Dr. Drew was talking about child abuse on the air and had at least one guest speaking with him. Pinsky kept saying “we” and referred to a lot of terminology having to do with abused children, holding himself out to be quite conversant, even expert on the topic. If one didn’t know better, one would assume from his rhetoric that he had spent his entire career working in that area. He did not put out a verbal disclaimer or explanation stating that he does or does not have expertise, license-specific education or special training in child abuse issues. This doctor is getting sloppier by the day in his “expert” assertions – assertions he makes without stating that they are simply his opinions and should not be taken as fact simply by virtue of his having an M.D. license. Dr. Pinsky uses HLN to constantly blow and blow hard. He and HLN should be held accountable for his “representations” when they are so out of proportion to his expertise that they do not serve the public interest for the following reasons:

        1) Dr. Drew’s opinion on many topics regarding the Jodi Arias trial could easily be dismantled or disregarded – but he opines from a murky landscape nowadays since he has now come to inhabit an insular world on HLN that apparently does not require that he make any clear on-air distinctions about his training. 2) He misrepresents testimony and evidence (often by omission as do N.G. and J.V.M.) as it emerges daily from the courtroom trial of Jodi Arias. 3) He and his gang of trial watchers present an under-informed and under-informing “group think” that is destructive to the process of critical thinking, a process one expects and has a right to engage in when listening to a “doctor’s” opinion.

        To summarize: HLN is giving Dr. Drew and others with professional credentials a forum for patently unprofessional conduct, conduct that would be impossible if the individuals in question informed the public in an accurate manner about what is actually taking place in the J.A. courtroom. We, the public, have a right to complain to the FCC about abuse of the public airwaves when the professional credentials of broadcasters are stretched to an inane extent such that those credentials play a crucial and undeniable role in manipulating, with prejudice, public opinion. Whether or not the “public interest” is being served by broadcasters is tested (among other things) when the FCC grants and renews licenses.

    • I used to really like his celebrity rehab… if its on again.. I will not watch it… I cannot stand him anymore..he and Nancy Grace … omg.. what a pair..

    • I was hoping Cindy McCready’s family was going to bring a civil lawsuit against that piece of garbage Dr. doom, I hope they eventually do. He’s the reason she never was able to get and stay sober. airing her having a withdrawal seizure, she was so humiliated and embarrassed she gave up. The backlash against him and his show should of been enough to make him a pariah, but of course he’s perfect for hln!!!

  2. Ashley says:
    April 12, 2013 at 3:32 am
    Oh, and the prayer is:

    “Now I lay me, down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Guard me, Jesus, through the night, and wake me with the morning light. If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. God bless mommies and daddies, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, and everyone in the whole wide world. Goodnight, Baby Jesus. I love you very much! Amen!”

    At least, that’s what I’ve been saying since I was 2…


    • thank you just read it and added JODI good night too you all see you tomorrow my cat is saying come to bed goodnite

    • welcome… I am relatively new too… Found this site quite by accident after being sick and tired of reading Beth Karas facebook page full to the top with Jodi haters… They get very very nasty.. and I couldnt help myself making comments back.. and I think several blocked me as a result.. to bad so sad.. then I found this site… its great..

      • yes welcome all new commers to this site … I too found this site informing and refreshing and no hate and glad it here otherwise all you have is hate anywhere else and if the jury is watching tv and using the internet they can come here for another opinion on what is really going on best of all you can see the FLORES REPORT and details that worried me and this team did a breakdown to let you see what i was see in the report said to think he jumped so quick to arrest her for murder 1 and ask for the DP

        • WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

          Nurmi is here with his light brown suit and oragny salmony tie. Willmott in gray. Counsel and #JodiArias headed back to chambers.

    • Hi DR!
      I hope we all behave ourselves today, we often get silly 😯 , 😳 🙄 we sometimes are saddened by events 😥 and we may become quite angry at times 👿 but we welcome your input :mrgreen: with open arms

  3. I just got finished watching the tapes from today. Did anyone who is up notice that thing about ms laviolette saying Matt mccartney said that he never knew if jodi was abused physically but he suspected it? This has me a little worried because jodi said in testimony that Matt confronted her about bruises on neck. Didn’t Alyce violette get told about what jodi has said? Is this why they are not having him testify? It was said pretty quickly but if martinez caught that. Does anyone know the deal with this? I thought he absolutely saw marks because her makeup wore off.? Why would ms laviolette say something else?

    • To my knowledge I thought she testified yesterday that Matt was aware of the abuse and cruel things he said to Jodi. So much as been said in this trial it’s hard to keep it all straight. Each one of these jurors who are keeping notes will be able to write their own verision of this trial.

      Did you also notice Alyce was asked about Jodi’s abuse to her mother and anger issues? Why didn’t Alyce state this was because Jodi’s mother was not protecting her from her abusive father… Unless this is a fabrication.

      If we would just stick to the facts, and evidence we wouldn’t be in this three ring Juan circus.

      • Juan yells and rants so much that some of the questions the jury asked are remnants of Juan’s “indications.”

      • My issue is I don’t remember this topic being part of anyone’s testimony. I think the jury got this from watching the news

        • I wondered same Brenda. But they may have asked because they were wondering why Matt has not testified so far. They knew he had been in contact with Jodi while she was with Travis and knew Jodi and Matt were close . I dont think the question was bad at all, I think they just wanted to hear it confirmed by Alyce. The problem came in when Alyce said “Matt stated that he knew there was VERBAL abuse and suspected physical abuse, but he did not know for sure”. BUT the great news is Martinass did not even question this so I take that as he knows there was nowhere to go with it and Jodi had it right, Alyce had it wrong. So I am happy.

    • I do remember that comments Jodie made about bruises and Matt seeing them.. Al did mention that her mother didnt protect her from her father..
      Does anyone know if JM has the right to call Matt to the stand for rebuttal..? I believe I heard several months ago..(whew) he might be called..

    • He posted on a face book saying he did not want to get involved he did not want the same thing that happened in the casy anthony case to happen to him he changed his mind about the time of ashley thompson reeds death you can find out about this to the right of this page and more in the flores report I have lots of question conserning this

      • Death Penalty Cases dont work like that. A witness who has evidence like seeing bruises on Jodi’s neck could NOT just decide to not get involved. I wonder if the defense thinks his testimony would be a wash because of what could happen during the state’s cross examination? I do believe that he saw bruises but I also believe that he could have tried to do something for Jodi earlier on that was not quite above board. This is the only reason the defense would not have called him imo. He is the ONLY witness to the bruises! But I think its strange what Ms LaViolette said in regards to Matt “not knowing for sure whether there was physical abuse”. It makes me worried it could lead to the issue with the coded messages. Unless she just got confused because I saw Ms. LaViolette get a bit weary at times (although I thought she was generally awesome) yesterday. There was a question asked that Ms. L let go by that there was a very good answer that she could have answered in support of Jodi-and she did not.

    • GeeBee

      I think I found what your talking about:

      The first letter , dates Nov 27,2006 , Alexander ask Arias to wear ” boy briefs” that he can ” rip off”. He also asks her to wear one of his shirts with his engraved cuff links so he can see his initials while shes performs oral sex on him….

      The second letter was dates March 2,2008, just three months before Alexander’s murder. In it,he admits that he once ” hit the face” . He also claims that marrying her would help ease his ” deviant ” thoughts.

        • Those letters have never come to light. Apparently, the National Enquirer *did* buy them, so at some point, they may decide to publish them. They did not publish them during the trial because they were worried about the “legal ramifications” (or so some guy said on Nancy DisGrace). It’s amazing that JM was able to leak all the stuff he did, but they couldn’t publish the letters which might well have been Jodi’s saving grace. Disgusting!

    • this was discussed the day chris and sky hughes testomany video day 10 and I think it was denied to come in because it was an electronic copy that was sent to jodi in jail the origional has never been found unless the hughes had it all that time… Or did Ashley Thompson Send it jodi does not know who sent it to her or that is what I have read or seen somewhere it hard to keep up with it all

  4. It amazes me that people are so ignorant. There is a petition for twitter to remove Jodi’s twitter account. Now, I don’t think it’s a good idea for” Jodi” to tweet but I understand some of her tweets ref her art work. Don’t these stupid, stupid people know (BTW 35,000 strong; there are 300 million people in US and 7 billion in the world so 35,000 villages are missing idiots to Facebook but that number is really not that high-scratching my head) not know that allegedly terrorist organizations have twitter and these organizations tweet? Twitter hasn’t closed their accounts and Jodi hasn’t been convicted of a crime. Sometimes it’s better to stay quiet, but at this point I understand she needs to make money for her family and her expenses. Do I agree with things. No not all the time but she has the right to exercise tweeting as long as she’s not breaking any rules from jail.

    • It’s my understanding she doesn’t have the orignial copies of the letters therefore they cannot be used. Unless this is why they are bring this next expert to the stand for the defense.

            • If that’s true, then he’s a disgrace for not producing them.

              But I thought Nurmi sent them to Sky? Remember in the hearing with Chris, Nurmi mentioned that Sky responded and said something along the lines of she knew it was bad, but not that bad, and asked about Travis’s age of preference. Chris didn’t deny she said that either. So, they both must have had *some* inkling about all this beforehand. Of course, they then spread the rumour that those letters were forged by Jodi, which was never found by the court. The haters are all 100% convinced that’s true and that’s part and parcel of their hatred for Jodi.

        • i made that distinction about chris and sky having it when I read the tarot card and if yes when did they get the letter who gave it to them is the question in is testomay he shook when asked about the letter that the defence team sent them a copy of the letter its up to the defence to find out more about this matter we can only wait and find out in the trail

      • Saw on tv awhile ago that a handwriting expert deemed them forgeries. They actually compared to Jodi’s handwriting and accused her of writing them. Biased much?

        • Actually they used JA’s handwriting to compare to her journals. The handwriting expert concluded that it was TA’s handwriting on the letters, but since they only had photocopies and not the orginals, they can be kept out of the trial. The rumor that they are forgeries came from Chris Hughes and yes he is very biased.

          • No they did not make any conclusions on handwriting, since copies are not allowed HLN ofcourse called them forgeries that is not true but they could not verify if the Letters were written by Travis.

        • That’s a nasty rumour perpetrated by the Hughes and furthered by every idiot on HLN. The experts actually authenticated the writing in Jodi’s journals against other known handwriting samples. But you’ll find every hater idiot claiming that was not the case. It makes me ill. If you’d like to see what was actually authenticated as being Jodi’s handwriting, the document in question is here: on page 22 and 23.

          When that bogus story doesn’t work (because even among the haters, there are a few intelligent honest folks who, although they hate Jodi, realize the story about them being pronounced forgeries is not supported in those documents), then, they claim Jodi stole Travis’s journal, scanned it in, and then used Photoshop to extract words from that to create the letters. (No, I’m not kidding, unfortunately.)

          I’m damn proficient in Photoshop and I don’t even think I could do that and have them match perfectly. And I can do a LOT in Photoshop. I can make people look years younger and a lot thinner and give bald men hair — all that authentically. But matching handwriting? Well, that’s a very difficult project if you’re working word by word with handwriting. I’ve done it using a few words here and there from the same page, but to create 10 letters? Yikes! Not to mention, it would be one hell of a project to even attempt and would take months, if not years. But that doesn’t matter to the haters. When it’s pointed out to them that Jodi was in jail and didn’t have that kind of computer access, they then decide either (a) she did it in between the time she killed Travis and was arrested; (b) she started the project over a year before she killed Travis (because let’s face it, she had been planning to kill him since kindergarden); or (c) Matt did it and they’re sure he’s an expert in Photoshop.

          Oh and by the way, in case you didn’t know, she was apparently planning to kill Matt too, and probably Daryl as well, while she was at it. And since she was “fond” of saying her father didn’t have long to live, she was obviously planning to kill him too. I mean, why not? Heck, maybe she was going to kill the entire world. Except that doesn’t make a lot of sense either because then what would she have done to indulge her wild whorish sexual fantasies with all the multiple men she loved to get kinky with and control? But you know, somehow this all makes sense to the haters. They don’t need to use their own brain cells, after all.

      • They do not believe Travis wrote them that she had a friend write them some think Matt, The Court cannot allow XEROX copies, I find it hard to believe that Travis wrote Letters since computers email etc. Makes no sense. You must have originals.

        • I’ve been using word processors/computers since 1981, been online since 1992, and my handwriting is atrocious. It always has been. The nuns in the boarding school I went to said even then, it looked like a spider fell in ink and ran across a page. And that was back in the late 70s/early 80s. Generally, I type just about everything I can because no one would be able to read my scrawl now at all.

          But still, I occasionally try to craft a handwritten letter or note because it’s so much more personal. I do believe Travis may have written her letters. Also, there’s no trace of them on a computer, so they’re easier to deny — something he might well have liked. For some reason, I suspect that guy, with his dozens of suits and shoes and ultra-neat closet, probably had really nice handwriting.

        • if he did receive them from some on in may 2008 and it describes travis wanting little boys and they have little boys you can take your emagination from there

        • Jodi, apparently, said they had been destroyed. She destroyed a lot of things she received from Travis after he died so as to preserve his memory. She testified to that on the stand. But then, the question is: where did the photocopies come from? Perhaps she kept them and gave them to someone for safekeeping. Or perhaps someone found them and copied them. Far fetched I know. But possible?

  5. Has anyone actually seen the defense witness list. It has to have been filed, so someone probably has a copy.

    How about SJ and other admins, have you guys seen the list?

  6. I have a comment on the latest Daily Mail article showing, which is a first.

    Just a comment saying she is innocent until proven guilty.

    Will probably get down-voted, I;m not going to argue with them, just state what I think.

    • I wish Amanda all the best. I have a sister who shares her name and looks a bit like her, so I always had a soft spot for her. I completely believe that she and Raffaele are innocent.

      • Here is a groundreport article I did on Amanda’s case.

        It’s original research I worked out. May even help her in her third trial in Italy, the pro-guilt people now tend to concede the the DNA evidence was lab. contamination.

        I’m hoping to bring some people on board for Jodi when Amanda’s book comes out.

        There are clear parallels between the cases : Amanda was said to be a liar, she was crucified in the press ( including the Daily Mail ).

        It’s a big opportunity.

        • Thanks for the link!

          I don’t think that we’ll extradite Amanda back to Italy for this trial. I worry about Raffaele though as he’s still in Italy.

          Public opinion in the US largely turned to Amanda’s favor before she was released, which is good for her. She can live a normal life here. I think that because the victim was from the UK, their press has been very tough on Amanda/Raffaele. Hopefully more people over there are coming around.

          • Well as you can see, in the UK support for Amanda is now very strong.

            You are right, I think Amanda is just fine, that’s why I’m working hard on this case and not Amanda’s.

            What I would just love is for Amanda to come right out on her book launch and say Jodi’s case needs looking at.

            That’s probably asking too much, but I think it’s worth trying to link the two cases, that’s what I’m going to be doing.

            I;m planning a comparison of the two cases to be published on groundreport on the eve of Amanda’s book lauch. That will put it in the news at the right moment.

  7. I’m really surprised AV didn’t read Jodi’s journals that she wrote before dating TA. That was asked in a juror question and I really think that will hurt. I also think when she is asked about interviewing other people she just says ‘no she didn’t”. She needs to make sure she says “I didn’t need to because I read their interviews and statements”. It just makes it look like she is just taking Jodi’s word for everything.

    • I suppose AL didnt read all of those too, becuz it sounds like she had thousands of pieces of evidence to read… you just cant keep all of that in your head.. as we have seen when she forget a couple minor details that have absolutely nothing to do with domestic violence, but have been blown way out of proportion..

        • You wouldn’t object to a friendly witness’ statement. In the scheme of things I don’t think that Alyce using murder a few times will make a bit of difference…I think she has done a really remarkable job considering the attack she has been under…

          • I think ALV did a good job also Linda and that’s why I think the jury has been looking at comments on the net and/or watching HLN or something..where did the “man hater” line of questioning come from??? (the net probably) and the part about her smiling at JA during test??? (prob NG!!)

    • I agree. I wished she would have read prior entries. What bothers me somewhat is AL not giving in to some degree that the kicking and hitting of her parents during her teen years can be seen as abusive behavior. I’m sorry but I disagree with her there. Abusive behavior is abusive behavior. She could have answered yes and minimized it to some extent by qualifying it that it could be seen as normal teenage behavior and rebelling and that it was an isolated incident. To my knowledge there was just one mention of this type of behavior. This could be explained a number of ways without knowing all of the facts. There were a number of questions about this incident and I fear the jury will hold her or Jodi accountable for this. Hoping for better questions to end up this great Friday!

      • To me it would depend on context. Was she kicking/hitting her parents without being provoked or was she fighting back when they hit/kicked her? If a teen fought back against a parent, I wouldn’t consider that abusive. I’d consider that having enough and standing up for myself.

        • Jodi hit her mother when she was a teenager, but wasn’t the kick after June 4 when she got back to Yreka?? I’d have to watch the testimony again, but I think Juan Martinez brought that fact in to court when Samuels was on the stand. He asked, didn’t Jodi kick her mother for no apparent reason? I thought he was talking about June or July of 2008, but he does have a way of jumbling dates and things up. Or did both incidents happen when she was a teenager?

              • My recollection about that incident, (the kicking her mom) was that it was brought up by JM to Dr Samuels. It was regarding Jodi and her mom, and happened at a restaraunt when her mom came ot help her move back to Yreka. He (JM) kept asking him, “It was for no reason right”?

    • Scrappy
      You are right very bad preparation for a witness very sloppy especially that she shot him in the closet.
      She said this 4 Times? She didn’t read all material, pictures off computer, too many mistakes. That is the Defense error, and she should not smile at Jodi in Court or any one, That is just court procedure it looks unprofessional.

    • Why would she read them all? She was only there to testify as to domestic violence. I am slightly annoyed that she talked so much about family of origin. That’s very outdated thinking. Recent thinking on domestic violence is that it happens as frequently to women who were abused as children as it does to women who were never abused.

      I get angry about that because it implies that if a person was abused as a child, they are more susceptible to an abusive relationship as an adult. I’ve encountered counselors who still believe that’s important. But in my dealings with abused women, I’ve met as many who came from dysfunctional homes as I have women who came from wonderful supportive loving homes. There’s a stigma to being a domestic violence victim and a stigma to growing up with abuse. The last thing a woman needs is DOUBLE stigma from experiencing both. Also, that points the finger at the victim. If they’d dealt with their childhood issues, they wouldn’t have been susceptible to domestic violence in a relationship as an adult. The last thing a victim needs is MORE blame.

      While I haven’t read Alyce’s book, its title is “It Could Happen To Anyone”. By implying that it occurs MORE frequently in those who were abused as children and therefore, suffer low self esteem, she is driving the women who come from happy loving families into the shadows. And she’s placing more blame on women who *did* come from abusive childhoods. There are varying degrees of abuse and/or dysfunction in EVERY family. Parents don’t have mandatory lessons in parenting prior to giving birth. The stresses of our society continue to increase. Sometimes, even the most well-meaning parents are slightly abusive to their children or dysfunctional in their homes. Sometimes, the abuse is extremely subtle. A father may have an erection while his daughter is wriggling around on his lap. He isn’t sexually attracted to his daughter or a pedophile. He simply has an erection from the stimulation to his penis. A woman may become aroused while riding a train or a bus. She isn’t fantasizing about the guy next to her, she’s just aroused from the motion and is in a certain phase of her ovulation cycle where arousal is more likely. Does that mean either parent should be ashamed? A stressed out loving parent who once in a while yells at their children isn’t an abuser. But a child growing up in one of these environments may have low self esteem. With today’s bullying and cyber-bullying, the job of parenting is even more complex. I’m not even a parent and I know that.

      While there are female abusers for sure, Alyce’s theories about people who were abused as children did nothing to help Jodi. The statistics show that men who come from abusive homes are FAR more likely to abuse in adulthood than women who come from abusive homes are. Women are more likely to become depressed and suicidal. I realize Alyce may have been trying to be fair. But her ability to comprehend recent understanding truly made me feel she is stuck in the 80s.

      Not to mention the fact that most of the recent research points to something entirely different occurring in the development of, particularly men, who become abusive as adults. It has to do with a developmental stage of a child where a mother is not able to be as attentive as the child needs. That may be because the mother is abused, sure. But it may also be because another child is sick, her partner is sick, or her parent(s) is sick. Or, for a multitude of other reasons. Again, Alyce, much as I enjoyed a great deal of her testimony is very very behind the times.

      And she had NO business taking the type of notes she did, which she should have realized would be discoverable evidence by the prosecution — particularly since many of her notes were harmful to Jodi and inaccurate.

      As to reading Jodi’s older journals, that would be ridiculous. Please don’t buy into JM’s nonsense.

    • Good morning Rachel, I believe ALV will remain on the stand. Council will have an opportunity to go over the juror’s questions for clarification.

  8. 😯 Coffee and biscuits???!!!!

    Tsk. I am outraged that I’ve been missing out on the freebies 😛

    Gonna try to catch up on today’s posts so far. Good Morning to all of you ❗

  9. What did you guys think about the juror question regarding the notes in the magazine? Where these for you? Where has this juror been?

    • They are trying to be investigators rather than jurors. I’m not too find of the jury questions. On one hand it helps the lawyers clarify anything the jurors are missing or don’t understand but on another someone or some of the jurors seem to be taking on a prosecutorial tone rather than testing the hypothesis. I believe it’s the prosecution’s hypothesis that has to be PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. Some of the questions Martinez asked were personal attacks. They don’t go towards proving his hypothesis of how this crime occurred. The jury I believe is supposed to judge yes or no was this hypothesis proven? Some of their questions seek clarification and understanding but don’t get to the true heart of the matter. Also, I can see they are confused by so much information, and that the abusive texts, emails and messages are not allowed into evidence for them to review. Basically they have to take Alice’s word for it and with all the white noise that Juan Martinez throws out there it’s difficult to get a picture. I do think he’s afraid of losing this case. He’s objected so much to Alice’s testimony when she’s not even said three words during the juror questions. I think he’s afraid of how much of a picture she can give the jury.

      • FLNANG,

        You’re absolutely right! The jury questions sound like they’re playing investigator and prosecutor rather than juror. That must be why I get the feeling they’re watching HLN.

        • Many jurors seem to ask 2-part questions (Note: this is not a real juror question, just an example)

          The SETUP question: “Do you like Jodi?”
          Alyce gives her answer.
          The “GOT YOU” question: “If no, then why do you keep looking and smiling at her?”

          These questions do not seek information as much as they try to trap the person answering the questions. They are hostile questions.

          • I can’t fathom the amount of hostility and rage that has been directed against Jodi and Alyce LaViolette. There is a petition being conducted on the internet to ban AL from speaking at End Abuse in Long Beach. I can only guess that Matinez has helped fuel this behavior. However, let’s not forget, that you can tell a person’s character by his “enemies” as well as his friends. It seems that AV was a threat to bring such wrath against herself. It might help to write to Paula Cohen at End Abuse in Long Beach. Things are so out of control. It makes me afraid for everyone.

          • OMG. I hadn’t noticed that, I not only think they should be disallowed but also that the culprit responsible for setting the trap be dismissed from witness pool. I suppose they don’t have to identify themselves when they write the questions… 👿

      • Yup! Linda! It makes me wonder if they are listening at ALL! And the judge orders them to “Recall the testimony”!! pfft…REALLY? They can’t even get THAT right, even I remembered the magazine and that it had nothing to do with Alyce…! How are they supposed to RECALL IMPORTANT testimony in this trial? This trial is so F*cked up… ➡ (this is the first time I have admitted what everyone else has been so vocal about) I hate to see Jodi go through mistrial/retrial and have to tolerate this all again but I’d rather see that than the injustice of a guilty verdict from these jurors who are EVIDENTLY poisoned by exposure 👿

    • I think because it has never been proven who those messages were intended for. JM does that a lot, says little tidbits without follow throu. He just leaves it hanging, so you get an incomplete picture. Was it even determined that JA wrote those?

    • sarcastic question from one juror for sure..hopefully only one or two were responsible for the majority of the idiotic ones!!

      • agree, the wording of the most sarcastic questions seems to be the same, so I suspect it’s the same person doing it. Very juvenile, and not well thought out many totally irrelevant to this case, ie: how many male abuse victims have you treated….wtf???
        it’s almost definitely a male juror, I suspect he has anger issues, and may be either a victim or perpetrator of abuse.

  10. Buenos Dias everybody! I don’t get to post often (damn job) but I wanted to wish everyone a fantastic Friday , especially SJ for providing this open forum and also jodi and her defense team . Good luck today!

  11. As a native of Arizona, I have to say that I am embarrassed right now. IMO, these jurors asked the most ignorant questions. Several of them seemed to be “against” Jodi.

    I pray that they have not “made up their minds” before deliberations.

    On another note (and along the same vein), I am very frustrated right now. I have tried to act as the “13th juror” and spent a lot of time weighing the evidence of this case (as many of you have).

    I feel like these jurors haven’t done this.

    I’m not sure I can watch this trial anymore. I am having nightmares because when I was stalked and abused, no one believed me. I feel this jury does not believe Jodi was abused and it’s bringing up issues for me.

    I’m not being a “fence sitter” as SJ posted above. It’s just about my own self-preservation. I still believe Jodi acted in self defense and will still support her. But, I just cannot listen any more to “facts” and see a jury disregard all of them.

    • It is hard, isnt it Nicole?

      I too, am having nightmares, palpitations, and the like.

      I am going to see it through, but never again will I watch a trial.

      It is disgusting what is happening, and it makes me embarrassed of the human race. 😳

      • glad I’m not the only one, Renee!

        And, if this trial doesn’t convince everyone to stay on the “straight and narrow,” I don’t know what will. IMHO, there is no “justice” system anymore and “justice” is not blind since the Internet came along.

    • I’m so sorry this is bringin back painful memories for you.. 🙁 I cannot fathom being In either your position and most certainly not Jodi’s. The questions seem out of wack, in terms of what this whole trial is about, and I feel like the fault is in the prior questioning and the responses that followed.. It does seem that the jury is forgetting what their job actually is.

      • im 63 and could write a book about all the abuse i went thru and the rape of a serial rapes in arl tex i did like jodi forgot some and the other stuff i read the book L Ron Hubbard that explains what to do with bad memories you put them in a file like a computer and store them and only bring them back to look at it and then store them again that is how I have it made my life a little easier but it still did not help for i managed to connect to bad men and marry them only to discover their true nature so now i happy with my cats and bird and do go lookin anymore for that one true love

    • I don’t think they disregard it. They are in a difficult position because they are provided only so much evidence of Travis’s abuse. Alice’s testimony is the only “text, email, journal, other relationship” evidence they are being provided because the prosecution didnt want to allow the defense to present all the digital media they had PROVING Travis was abusive and that he was the one pursuing Jodi and not the other way around. Add to that Juan Martinez’s line of questions that he wants yes or no answers that presents a confusing mix for anyone. It’s his hypothesis she premeditated this crime and killed him. He throws all that BS out there to confuse the jury. I got to give him some credit because its working to some extent, but I see some jurors asking some legitimate questions to seek clarification. So far I’m not a fan of the jury question system but I can see benefits to it for the defense team.

      • FLNANG, I always enjoy your posts. I find that I may be so emotionally reactive to the jurors questions that I forget to try to put myself inside their shoes….
        How does that one adage go (?)… “if you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit?” THAT, I think, is Juan Martinez’ entire MO. It really IS all that he has GOT. And it appears to be working for him, to an extent…. he puts on this big show for them and tries to make it look like LaViolette is the one twisting things, and then cuts her off and won’t let her finish her answer, so, naturally, the jury wants to KNOW what was the answer that was cut off that they missed, and so maybe that is why their questions sound so biased, because they are asking the same original question that JM posed in the first place??? But that one asking about why she was smiling at Jodi was a very disturbing question, IMO. OTOH, I guess if a juror IS actually wondering about something they perceive (or, mis-perceive) it is probably better that the question gets asked so DT can provide an answer than if the misperception remains inside the juror potentially biasing the juror.

        • I agree that it’s better that the jurors ask the questions so that Alyce L. can address whatever it is AGAIN. What bothers me the most about the jury questions we heard yesterday is that at least a few of the jurors seem to be 100% convinced that Jodi is a liar and they don’t believe one word of what she says.

          Last week there was talk that the last witness the defense is bringing to the stand will be someone who gives lie detector tests. I have no idea if that’s correct, but I hope it is. It certainly couldn’t hurt the defense’s case if they could show that Jodi passed a lie detector test.

        • lets not forget JM last question to Dr Samuels are you in love with jodi and that is why you testified for her ect

        • Sable I hear what you are saying, but on the other hand, even if Alyce did smile at Jodi, so what? I would want a smile from soneone too. Why would someone begrudge a smile? This is another example of the inhumanity all around this trial. Where is just an ounce of compassion? These jurors, imo, have a duty to determine if this is premed or whatever else they to look at regarding what led up to TA’s death … not if someone gives a kindness to Jodi. Maybe Alyce did smile at her, but I doubt it was often. She clearly is not there to socialize and to me, she exudes a professionalism.

          • I’m sorry Natalie, but smiling at Jodi while on the stand is downright inappropriate. She can smile at Jodi any time she wants. But NOT while she’s testifying as an expert witness. Many complain about the expressions on the Alexanders’ faces, but find Alyce smiling at Jodi acceptable? I’m sorry, but it’s the same thing. The jury is WATCHING closely. They don’t miss a trick. It’s all about how the jury feels and what the jury believes. If Alyce didn’t know this, she shouldn’t have become an expert witness.

    • No worries, Nicole. I’m not watching every minute of the trial anymore either; it is draining. I’m avoiding Kermit altogether.

    • I think those questions are proof they have been watching media “reports” as in watching HLN.

      Jodi Arias had better get some of the best appellate lawyers in the country if she is convicted in order to have any murder one conviction thrown out.

      These jurors, at least the ones asking questions, haven’t been paying one bit of attention to the fact the prosecution has NOT proven its case and CANNOT prove it.

      • They haven’t been instructed on the law yet. I still have faith in them. I think that the outcome will be a lot like the Doug Grant case.

        • Didn’t Martinez prosecute and overcharge that one, too, joujoubabes?
          You are giving me a little hope here!
          Sure can use some 😐

      • got to give the jury a break they do not know all the facts because JM will not give them the facts and to me that is unfair they should be giving everything nothing should be left out and then let them them make up there minds

      • Some of the questions are accusatory….almost sound like whoever juror or jurors is submitting these particular ones are taking the lead from the prosecutor as well as some of what the media is dishing out.

  12. One thing I try to remember when hearing the jury questions is that I have had access to a lot more information than they have. It’s hard to put into perspective only what they have heard and seen. I have seen, read and discussed so much more information and evidence than they have been given.

    • And not only that, they haven’t been allowed to DISCUSS all this wealth of information or engage in a forum as we do here, to benefit from feedback or sharing of contrasting ideas, etc… or, to even reinforce particular themes or pieces of evidence except within each juror’s individual mind…
      (at least we can HOPE that is true, and I would think the the booting off of juror#5 serves as an example for what happens if they DO try to discuss among themselves? 😕

    • strange that HLN has not said anything about a 28 year old woman named ashley thompson reed who called the police to give information if they can get video tapes and journals and spuuuu there hate they need a good spanking for being so onesided

  13. So much talk of lies …..

    For the most part, from the mob of “Haters” against Jodi .. the mindless sheeple who would rather follow the HLN “Pipers” blindly, as the spew their vile tunes throughout the airwaves!

    For the life of me i cannot understand how these people can live with themselves! How can anyone just turn a blind eye to all of the information that has come out!? Sure they might not want to believe Jodi, but what about TA’s friends …. the IM’s .. emails and TA’s own words!

    Instead of opening their eyes .. ears and hearts to the truth, they remain mesmerized by the disturbing antics of the pint sized minstrel .. and his HLN orchestra …. who fill their heads with the melodies of nonsense and send them out to destroy the lives of anyone who would take a stand for Jodi … and the Truth!

    I love ALV … her Strength & Courage to continue on, in spite of the Onslaught of Hate thrown against her is truly amazing! She is a “Warrior For The Truth” !!!!

    I hope the jury can see this ….. the light she has shed on this case .. exposing the truth …

    There is “NO” evidence that Jodi was a …
    Perpetrator of violence

    There is evidence that TA was all of those things … and more,
    evidence that TA was truly a …..


    Spawn from the darkness
    with venomous tongue,
    spewing mystery, enchantment, delight.
    Lurker of shadows
    destroyer of dreams,
    coward weaving your lies in the night.

    A desolate heart
    a lost, wounded soul,
    your dark radar sensing new prey.

    Debauched voice crying out
    come to me, i’ll set you free,
    another soul murdered this day.

    Coward of the shadows
    cloaked in deceit,
    always outside of their sight.

    Honesty torments you
    truth your opposer,
    your demise awaits in the light.

    The “Light of Truth” will always penetrate the Darkness …
    only then can the healing begin, and the death of lies occur.

    God Bless Jodi
    Her Defense Team
    Experts … especially ALV!
    Everyone here
    TA (may his soul rest in peace)
    And all of the Haters .. may the light of Truth penetrate the darkness of their hearts!

  14. speaking of nightmares…

    Last night I dreamed I was on my way to the airport for a trip to Guatemala for an ayahuasca ceremony. For some reason I didn’t have any pants on and I was arriving kinda late. I was looking through the stores for a pair of jeans to wear (I did have underwear on, lol) and I realized I also had not done the online check-in thing and I didn’t have a boarding pass. I decided to go back home and not go on the trip.

    I’m pretty sure this dream is because of the trial…I don’t normally dream like that…

    • LOL, too funny.

      Have you been fortunate enough to have actually tried an ayahuasca drink?
      I have been intrigued about such things ever since reading Narby’s Cosmic Serpent and I so want to visit Peru after reading that Turn Right at Machu Pichu book.
      But… I rarely go anywhere 🙁 And, today, when I looked outside, I saw it had bloody snowed again, groan.

      • OT

        Haven’t read that one yet. The Shaman and Ayahuasca (Don jose Campos) is pretty good.

        Have you seen “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”? EXCELLENT!! I wish all the ill people in the world could experience it, in controlled settings.

        • Have not been exposed to either source, but you have piqued my interest and I will try to access both! Thank you, BeeCee!

    • That’s so funny (not funny haha, but funny strange) BeeCee, because I’ve had dreams lately where I was in a public place with no pants/skirt AND no underwear. They’ve usually occurred after JM does his thang. This case has resonated deeply with so many of us.

      • (Just now saw your post)

        oh geez, I know AA, kind of interesting..I wonder how many other people are having pants-less dreams, lol.

        does that mean I can sue Kermit?

        HAHA, just kidding.

  15. I just want to say one more thing.

    I think KN and JW have done an OUTSTANDING job on this trial. They have provided a vigorous defense for Jodi – even with the circus atmosphere.

    If I were ever in a position like Jodi, I would hire JW every day, all day long! 🙂

    And, I see that her husband does wills and trusts. I just happen to be in the market for that service! 🙂

    I am going to send JW an email, let her know what a great job she and Kirk are doing, and ask her to pass it along to Kirk.

    I think we should all do the same! 🙂

    Love you all!! You are all such a great group of people. Thank you for allowing me to share my opinions and issues without being bashed.

    • Splendid idea, Thanks for the heads up!
      I feel same love toward you and others as you have expressed. :mrgreen:

    • Jennifer and Kirk have done a really great job. I only wish that they had the money available to them to get some forensic people to testify about how the evidence points to self-defense during a fight rather than premeditated murder. Jose Baez made such a good argument for that on HLN, and he was able to bring in a lot of forensic help for Casey.

    • They have done a splendid job, indeed. They each have their own style, but they hammer away until they get to the core of what they want. And they are professionals to the nth degree. While I have one or two major problems with the defense case as a whole (or should I say “hole” because one thing is very much missing), perhaps they didn’t realize it, and I don’t think their DV specialist was able to point it out (although I’m not sure why). Or, they couldn’t find someone to do everything they needed and their budget is limited. Or, perhaps they were hindered by their own client. Yes, I do mean Jodi. She never wanted to say a bad word about Travis, and perhaps she limited just how much they could do. It’s HER case, after all.

  16. I think the Jurors have adopted JM’s attack style. They no longer care about evidence, they are going for the ah ha! Moment. Like they want to be the one who catches ALV smiling at Jodi. The questions were bad IMO and show biased on the Juris part. I do pray for the lone jurist or two whom can see through the crap and can hold on. SJ, that picture just illustrated what I thought. He got what he deserved. I haven’t met anyone whom I have told about the trial and what TA did to her whom didn’t say,they would have killed him too. Or,he got what he deserved. So win or lose,Jodi rid this world of that garbage.

    • I think AL smiling at Jodi is just her personality. She’s just a compassionate person. Just like apologizing to JA when she met her for the first time and saying something to TA’s sister. It was probably her condolences. It’s just the kind of person she is. I think it takes a very compassionate, empathetic person to be in her line of work.

      • I agree too, i think ALV is an awesome person, i hope the jury will take what she said to heart. There has to be someone with common sense on the jury.

      • Yes, Alyce is a kind and compassionate person. I’d love to meet her and talk with her.

        I hope that we do have some stubborn jurors who dig in their heels and say “no way” to murder 1.

    • And to add… I think we all are sitting on the edge of our chairs waiting for the AH HA! moment – especially when JM is questioning.

    • “I think the Jurors have adopted JM’s attack style. They no longer care about evidence, they are going for the ah ha! Moment. Like they want to be the one who catches ALV smiling at Jodi.”

      Yes, Patty, you are so right. Sometimes, I wish, you all could see an actual “normal” trial. The decorum and etiquette of professionals is so different than you are seeing in this trial which is televised. Basically, trials are boring to the average person. Unbelievably intelligent lawyers present testimony and argue fine points of the law. A trial was never meant to be this media circus that it’s become. And the jurors have, accordingly, played along.

      I’ve never been a part of a trial that involved juror questions at the end of each witness’s testimony before. But I’ve heard many many juror questions during deliberation. I’ve also witnessed multiple “mock” trials (through a 2-way mirror) where the “mock” jurors did not know which side had hired them and deliberated as if they were “real” jurors. (They knew they weren’t. They knew they were hired by a research firm. But they were sworn in to uphold their civic duty as if they really were serving on a trial. By the way, they were generally paid a pittance for their time, so they didn’t do it for the money.)

      I wasn’t involved in trials or the law from about 1994 onwards until fairly recently (other than dealing with my ex being sued every other month for something or other). Perhaps times have really changed. Sure, I heard some ridiculous things during deliberation of our “mock” jurors. I even witnessed two guys almost come to blows with one another.

      But I have NEVER EVER heard the likes of the ridiculous questions these jurors are allowed to pose. Nor have I EVER heard of a judge allowing such deliberate sarcasm and disgustingly biased questions. When we did “mock” trials, we gave the “mock” jurors a GREAT deal of leeway. It was the only way we could learn the deficits of our case. (This is a technique taught in law school, by the way.) We allowed them to ask questions of the witnesses and we recalled them to provide answers. We did receive some outrageous questions, and we allowed man, but not all — just as any reasonable judge would do.

      I am truly sickened by what has transpired in this courtroom over the last few days especially. I will never understand it. NEVER!

  17. Good morning friends…

    They have renamed PMS…Prickhead Massengil Syndrome…

    It’s raining here today. The angels are crying because they are ashamed of the conduct of humanity. It should be pouring in Arizona so much so Noah will be back with his Ark.

    I won’t add to the fear and uncertainty we are all feeling this morning. I’m here to try to make everyone feel better.

    We need to focus on the big picture. We are not over yet. Nothing is ever truly decided until all appeals are exhausted. Survival means getting up when you’re down and carrying on. Survivors, no matter how many blows they take, they don’t let it defeat them.


    Let’s keep the faith we all have in Jenn, Kirk and Jodi. Let’s collectively send all the strength we can muster to Jodi and the defense team and of course ALV. If we feel defeated, imagine how they feel.

    SJ’s post this morning was dead on – AS USUAL. We can’t be fence-sitters. We can’t be wishy-washy. We have to be strong to defeat the bullshit. The traviban is expecting us to run away with our tails between our legs. I for one will NOT do that. I’m a Brooklyn girl – I don’t just say “ok you win”. BULLSHIT!

    We support here. That means when the chips are down, we carry each other; my shoulders are ready…

      • Al, thank you for giving me my first genuine smile of the day.

        I am not a Grateful Dead follower, and confess to know little of them.

        But- I was feeling uneasy today, and thought, “what the hell” and played it. I was washing dishes and listening, and suddenly I found my hips swaying a bit, and I literally could feel my BP dropping.

        And then I smiled.

        Thanks, Al! 😀

    • Thanks, Al. Great energy. They sure seemed to be enjoying themselves. Didn’t see any haters there, either.

      Maybe, we should have a song from “The Dixie Chicks” some morning. They suffered so much abuse and career damage for making an anti-war statement. The haters sure went after them.

    • Oh yeah, Al, Sam is MY DUDE!!! My Dad loved loved loved him and I grew up on major doses of Sam daily. I prefer his version, or Steve Perry’s (Journey’s original lead singer) to the Dead who I never thought really had the vocal chops for many songs (but I did get to see them in Chicago for Uncle Jerry’s LAST public performance, even though I wasn’t a fan, so hey!)

      Journey weren’t popular in Europe while my Dad was alive. But when I brought a Journey album back to Ireland from my USA trip in 1980, my Dad soundproofed my room so we could turn up the volume and jam together to Steve Perry. He told me if I ever heard a voice like that again, I’d be in Heaven. We both effing loved loved love Steve Perry. Dad died a couple of months after that. I only wish I’d been able to play Steve’s version of this song for him. Here it is. This will soothe your soul and your ears and make you go wow!:

        • So, Al, you’re a deadhead huh? You know, the Dead were not popular in Europe back when I was there. I’d never heard of them until I moved here. I was so glad I went to that one show and it was a total experience.

          Oooh Aretha, what a queen, huh? Thanks for posting that.

  18. SJ-
    Glad the pic got rid of those who don’t really support Jodi and believe in her innocence. Far too late for fence sitting at this point, in my estimation.

    • While I agree weeding out trolls was great, as someone who’s has buried friends and a fiancé it was a little over the line for me. I know everyone doesn’t agree and that is your right. I just feel like a life, a brother and a friend to other human beings with feelings was lost and anytime a young person dies under any circumstance, it’s a shame.

      I hope I don’t get banned for saying so! I want justice for Jodi as much as the next. I’ve been honest that im not sure to what degree that means for me yet while participating on this forum and have enjoyed discussing this case with you all!

  19. A few people here suggested watching “12 Angry Men” yesterday. I watched it last night and it did make me feel better. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • That was me, and it certainly did, didn’t it! It reminded me, that only ONE person has to see the truth.

      Just ONE of the potential 17 jurors.

  20. Yesterday during the Juror questions, I really wish one of the Jurors had asked LaViolette why she thought JM always looks and smirks at the Jury whenever he is approaching for a sidebar. Anyone else notice how he continually does that??

  21. I’m going to guess that some of the men on the jury are actually jealous that Travis had all these girls, whether he dated them, just talked or flirted with them, and actually think he was a player. I really think that double standard might influence some IMO. And then you may have one or two that no matter what is said, screaming, and kicking your mother will never be alright with them, and won’t let that go. And then I believe some of the older woman, it is very hard to accept all the sex stuff, whether they grew up that way, are religious, or whatever. I think some of the questions were decent and respectful, and then of course you have to have somebody being snarky and an asshole. I’ve been thinking hung jury for weeks now, but again, those questions could be from a few people and the rest could be thinking something entirely different.

      • I think jurors who believe her will be pressured to negotiate for a lesser charge. So much time & money spent etc. sad but human nature I assume

      • I really think gender on the jury will play a part in this, it’s like when you hear a story about a pretty, young teacher having sex with one of her male students, you have the females saying sexual abuse, and the males saying, lucky kid. Obviously not all males or females saying that, but I’ve seen that enough times. I have learned a lot from Alyce, maybe others on the jury have also, and maybe some of the things she said hit home to some and they don’t like her for the honesty.

    • I don’t know Leah. Even us men recognize a “man-slut” when we see one. And deep down most men, at least the ones I know, don’t respect that pattern.

      Just as a real arbitrary, and unscientific test I went over to the Travis FB site and did a quick count of the first 100 pro Travis/Anti Jodi comments. The results were Female – 81, Male – 17, unidentifiable 2.

      So who knows where the hell all this is coming from.

      • And I certainly didn’t mean all men, all the men I know are decent and respectful. I read a lot of comments on different topics, and get an idea how some people think, and it is shocking to me at times. I don’t have much faith in people, and think this jury has a lot of pressure on them, and can only hope they come to a conclusion that is honest, not from pressure. Yes, I’m one of those that believe some of the jurors are cheating and watching and reading about this trial.

        • Absolutely. I think Nurmi was 100% correct when he said that the jury not being exposed to the media is a fairy tale. In some respects I think the Brits may have it right where media coverage of trials is highly restricted.

  22. I have questions about the Spiderman underwear.

    If I can remember correctly, didn’t JM contend that the Spiderman underwear was something that Jodi made up? He questioned her about why she didn’t have a picture of it or something like that, right?

    I wonder why now JM started talking about how TA loved Cameron Diaz? So is he now admitting to the existence of it?

    I’m a little confused about what the role/conflict of the underwear was to begin with.

    sorry, it takes me a while to catch up on what’s going on because I don’t watch HLN anymore and I can’t get to the live feeds while I’m at work. =)

    • The whole Cameron Diaz argument on Kermit’s part is irrelevant because Cameron was wearing women’s panties in the movie. The Spidey briefs that Jodi discussed were for little boys.

        • I think the jury was just asking if there was anything to corroborate this other than Jodi just saying it.

          The problem we have is that Jodi’s credibility is highly damaged. The good thing though is that the Jury is asking for the corroboration. So what they are saying is, if there is something, other than just her disclosing this in an interview, we’ll believe it. That is good, because it mena sthey haven’t written the whole thing off.

        • Exactly! JM want to say she lied about him sending a package of boy’s Spider-Man underwear but wants the jury to think if it referenced then it’s something else.

    • Sil, this is where the little black hair turd lost me actually. This was an OBVIOUS set up.

      He asked Jodi several “silly questions” that didnt seem to mean anything, then threw in the “is’t it a fact that Mr. A.. was very fond of Cameron diaz?” she, that he liked a specific movie that she was in, then he pushes it again, and again, for no reason apperantly, then regarless of her not saying “he liked cameraon diaz” he drops the bomb on her wearing spiderman underwear, to suggest that is a “cameraon diaz” fantasy now, instead of a “young boys underwear” fantasy. This is 100% manipulative, missleading and disptive. I found this site right after this happened.

      If i was the judge, the Pros would have been stopped right there and spoken to. This is a court room, this is not a game room.

    • I saw a picture somewhere of Travis when he was about 4 or 5 wearing spiderman underwear. He was with his father in the picture. I wonder if it will get into evidence,

      • Wow, really? That’s very interesting, Finishtouch. It makes me wonder if Travis’s dad abused him sexually. So, by making Jodi wear those underwear he was actually trying to reclaim his youth. Damn, that’s deep, sorry.

  23. I hope JW does the closing. Which side goes first? The fact that the state did not prove pre-meditation should be harped on as well as the definiton of reasonable and their civic duty to be despite how they may feel about the defendant just be discussed in great detail. In my opinion that was what sealed the deal for Jose Biaz. That is the bottom line. Clearly some jurors are having a hard time with the fact that both the experts comducted their evaluations based on lies. Clearly AL did it on more but after hearing their questions it’s clear they bought Juan’s bias crap hook line and sinker. At this point I think the defense has raised enough doubt and Jodi won’t be convicted of first degree murder. I think they knew an acquittal was a long shot. At the end of the day there are so many mistrial issues that I believe whatever the outcome is in a couple of weeks the verdict will be over turned. I think the prosecutor will re try her less the first degree charge. The judge did everyone involved, including the tax payers of AZ, a disservice by ignoring these items and not respected and upholding Jodi’s rights to a fair trial.

    Regardless, JW needs to apologize if some on the jury feel Travis’s name was dragged through the mud in the closing and remind them that was the sole reason why Jodi lied in the first place. I would also state that Jodi was against a lot of this information coming out during the trial but that the defense team had an obligation to their client to fight for her right to a fair trial etc. I would also say that they, including Jodi, do not mean Travis deserved to die but only to explain what lead to the series of events that commenced in Jodi fearing for her life in those final moments. I wish they had called a medical examiner to discuss the crime scene and dispute the state’s theories of how it went down. Why they never called a whitness to discuss overkill in these type abuse cases is also confusing. I also feel like multiple questions should have been raised about the roomate’s living in the house for 5 days with a stench and no one bothered to investigate it and how odd that is. That the police started in their reports the smell was noticeable the very moment you entered the home. The fact there was bias against her from his friends and family out of the gate, most woth have never meeting her. They just need to hit home every hole and speak shortly about the abuse part. I think thats been covered in great detail already and should just be referenced. Mention it only because that has been their whole case but the burden of proof is not on them and that needs to be hammered. I would point out the lack of testimony regarding evidence to support the states case. At the end of the day closing arguments need to leave the jury feeling like they only have whatever their emotions about the case they have developed during the trial but in order to fulfill the obligation they are tasked with the emotions can not be used in making a decision. Only fact and The evidence is just not there!

    • Great post!! I agree about having someone testify regarding the “overkill”. The only thing I can think of is that Jodi said she doesn’t remember stabbing him so maybe they don’t even want to bring that in. However, I think that most reasonable people would say that stabbing 27 times, slashing is throat and shooting him in the head was WAY overkill and doesn’t really seem reasonable for self defense.

      • I can see your point on not bringing it in but the fact that its been testified to in other cases that abused victims have defended themselves and in the process something snaps in them and they get lost in a blind sense of not being able to contain their emotion of fear. There is only so much a person can take and I think it would be good to explain that everyone’s thresholds and sensitivity to abuse is different and that is not whats on trial here. The fact that both sides has stayed away from forensic evidence as well as the psychology involved in an overkill situation boggles my mind. They have left the jury giving this abuse and her lies after the fact to much weight in this case. They need to focus on science not emotion

    • Brenda, I also feel and I may be wrong, that the jury would like for the defendant to show remorse at some point, at least for the loss of life of the person they loved regardless of the circumstances.

      I’m not saying that she should apologize for defending herself, just demonstrate that she is truly sad about what happened. Because regardless of *our* opinions about TA, Jodi, at some point did love him. Sad, but true.

    • “I hope JW does the closing. Which side goes first?”

      I expect it to be Nurmi who does the closing. He’s the lead on the case and has been with it the longest. He should give the closing, unless he feels JW can do it better.

      Which side goes first? The defense. The prosecution gets the last word, as it’s their case to prove or not.

      Love the rest of your post.

      • JW did the opening, so maybe she will do the closing 🙂 I do hope to hear from Nurmi again at some point though 🙂

        I wish the defense had the last word. I swear, it seems like jury only remembers the last word…. every time Martinez crosses, it is all they remember :/

  24. My knee jerk reactions to the latest and greatest….

    Jury questions:

    I’m not going to waste our time (really I mean my time, mostly because I’m lazy, fat, ugly and have a wart on my ass) by going to the tape and typing out the actual questions, but it is clear to me now that the jury is broken. I am also 100% sure that the jury has been doing a bit of their own “research” on this trial and its issues. Again, I’m not going to post the specific question here, but I believe 1 question in particular PROVES the juror has been on the internet checking out information, and based on a second question I would very extremely surprised that this was motivated by something the juror heard first on TV.

    I do not want the site to be changed or removed, so I am not going to name names, but 1 question in particular seemed a bit “out there” in the way it was written. So I did a little search of my own..BAMM, there it was. And, based on the site that this question came from, it is clear that it is biased for the prosecution. At a minimum the site also contains comments from people watching the trial. If true, this would be a direct violation to the jury’s instructions. There is ZERO way that a juror could minimize this by simply saying they were “researching” a word or phrase. It most definitely is not a case of “i was just looking up the meaning of a word in the online dictionary”. Also, there is no way that the juror simply had the same question as one on the thousands following the trial, as this was a longer question with several ‘if yes, then…” variables, that match the original online version EXACTLY. Most pointedly is the questions that the same juror seemed to have about another totally different topic, that was also talked about in the same “thread/post/comment” that the original question was stolen from.

    I have emailed the defense and pointed out the specific question and the place on the internet that it OBVIOUSLY came from.

    The other juror questions? Besides a few that were obviously slanted towards the prosecution, by a fucking idiot, I don’t think they were that bad. Maybe I should explain. I don’t say that the juror/s that asked these pro pros questions are fucktards simply because they believe the pros, or slanted against Jodi, I say this because they obviously are 4 cans short of a six pack. Almost every glairing pro pros question was about something that was already asked and answered SEVERAL times by both the pros and the defense examinations. For example “how can you be sure that Jodi wasn’t simply lying to you when you interviewed her?” Really? really… real..l…l…y…? What fucking trial is this dip shit watching? If you don’t know ALV’s answer to that by now, then you need to go to the nearest bar, and when the bartender asks “what can I get you” tell him ” 4 hits of acid and a box of shotgun shells” because there is no hope for you.
    My friends, seriously, stop and think about this for a second. Truly, how can a juror really ask that question? I would liken this to someone asking, after the first month of the trial, “what was the name of the man that was killed?”. It’s just ridiculous. The only thing I can come up with is maybe the juror is VERY pro pros and just wants to have all the other jurors hear the answer again or the lack of an answer. Again, this is not the juror’s job, that is the pros job. If that is the case, I would like to be the bartender when the juror comes in.

    I know I have ranted several times about all the stupid people we all have to share this planet with, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. How about the judge? The judge…SHE IS A FUCKING JUDGE…..The judge is at least 5 pumps short of an orgasm. I don’t think this because I’m sooooo smart, I think this because they are sooooo dumb. In fact I’m kind of a dip shit myself, when it comes to most things. (if you need evidence, just read how I

    The word of the day… YIKERS!!

    • What fucking trial is this dip shit watching? If you don’t know ALV’s answer to that by now, then you need to go to the nearest bar, and when the bartender asks “what can I get you” tell him ” 4 hits of acid and a box of shotgun shells” because there is no hope for you.

      The judge…SHE IS A FUCKING JUDGE…..The judge is at least 5 pumps short of an orgasm.


      • “The judge is at least 5 pumps short of an orgasm.”

        I fucking love you Renee. Can we stay in touch when all this is over? You’re my kind of people. You rock!

    • Lol Sirlips! LOVE LOVE LOVE the post!!

      I was thinking of the scenario of an office meeting. Anyone ever been to one of those all hands office meetings that never end because there are the select few office idiots that continue to ask idiotic questions? Questions that have already been answered via written memo, email, mentioned prior in the same meeting, written on the wall in the bathroom, etc.?

      • EXACTLY!

        I don’t blaim these people. ignorance is not a crime. BUT, DONT BE ON A FUCKING JURY FOR A DEATH PENALTY CASE!!!

        There has to be one of “me” on this jury. there has to be.

        Not to change the subject, but it is kind of scary when you stop and think about it. The balance of life and death in AZ depends on the “luck of the draw”. Its all about if they get one of us on the jury or they get a NG. Its the lottery. Its broken. Its wrong. It should be stopped.

    • Thank you for posting this sirlips, and for writing to the Defense Team!!! I agree that a question or two sounded like something that maybe came off the net!!!

    • Good morning Sirlips!

      I think the only reason this juror asked “how can you be sure that Jodi wasn’t simply lying to you when you interviewed her?” is because juror isn’t confident/100% sure of their own decision. Clearly this tells me juror doesn’t belong there and by now there shouldn’t be any doubts to ALV testimony.

      Great post!!! I’ll be looking forward to defense’s response.

      • No response, but i didnt send them anything until i came into the office this morning. Also, i didnt know how to send it, so i used the email that was on one of the court docs that had nurmi and JW’s emails.

        I would imagine they are getting dombbarded with emails. I did use my work email, so it wasnt just a “hotmail/gmail/yahoo” acct, maybe in the hopes they will look at it more. I work at a bank and we have, not sure if that will matter. Also, they may not be able to use the info, find it important or it could open up a whole new can of worms that they do not want to get into.

        However, the real value i see, if it did all pan out, is for appeal purposes.

        FYI, The site is a very well known social media site that is owned by a very PRO PROS person. I am unable to access this site from work, as it is blocked, so i cant screen shot it right now, but i dont think it should be gone when i get home, as it was a post from several days ago.

        I fear to give more detail than that, so the acct owner doesnt start searching past posts.

        The only way i can see the defense contacting me, would be to get my user name and password for my acct, which i did offer to them, as you can only see these posts if you are a “friend” of the person. I made a fake name and befreinded the por pros person. WHICH, makes me think now, that the juror would have to also have “friended” the person. YIKERS. ANYWAY, it cant hurt to see, and it can help possibly.

  25. I’ve been mulling over the jury questions from yesterday, and have come to the conclusion that they really convey that the Jury is dotting every I and crossing every T. Although some appeared to be snarky, in terms of Ms L., smiling at Jodi etc., I think the Jury is actually clearing up in their own mind, that JM’s ridiculous allegations that she is blindly biased toward Jodi are just not true. Same goes for the questions about Ms. L being certain that Jodi is not lying to her. I really am hopeful that the questions lean in favor of Jodi and that the Jury members are leaning toward acquittal, but want to make every possible effort to not let the wretched killer that JM talks about walk free.

    I still think it would behoove the defense to put on a crime scene specialist to let the jury know that the scene is not representative of a well thought out premeditated murder. It would also be great if the Lie Detector administrator could get on the stand. I think this would sooth the Juror’s concerns that Jodi is still lying about what happened. Would love to know what other defense witnesses will be called.

    • proof that you are not a good murderer isn’t proof that you didn’t do it. There is actually a term in law for this, but it escapes me right now. Al? he may know what I’m referring to, that sum’bitch knows everything. 🙂

      • sirlip-
        Jodi said she did it. Common sense says if it was premeditated, she would have lured him to the woods or dessert to fufill his fantasy and kill him there. He body would probably never been found. A bloody, poorly cleaned scene with a camera in the washer and palm print on the wall is not very well thought out. I think it really goes to whether it was pre-med or self defense. Remember, Juries live in a world of CSI and want that type of evidence.

        • I understand that she says she did it. I was refferring more to the “point” you made or the argument “that someone that would premed a murder would do it better”. There is a specific term for this broad argument.

          Simply, someone can not argue “I didnt do it, because if i did i would have made sure the cop wasnt watching, that says he saw me”.

        • But, with that said, i still agree with you…lol.

          She would have not been this sloppy if she did it the way the black haired pimple claims.

      • Thanks for that glowing reference, but I don’t have a clue.

        Unless you are referring to the Impossibility due to ineptitude defense that has been tried in vain in the past. That defense says, he couldn’t have done it cause he’s just too fricking dumb, or clumsy or whatever. That never works.

  26. The proof that some of the jurors are watching HLN is clear to me by the very nature of their questions
    Specifically, the fact that they seem to focus on Jodi’s lies and not really on what Alyce testified about DV.

    When I used to watch HLN everything they spewed seemed focused on the lies that Jodi told at the beginning. They keep calling Jodi a liar at every opportunity and hammer that on on and on and on and on and on and on….you get the idea.

    I feel that the snarky questions posed to Alyce were mean spirited and disrespectful, which is also in line with how JM treated her. I guess they feel they don’t have to respect her since the judge did not do anything to stop JM from abusing her on the stand. How anyone in the world can believe that this jury has followed the “admonition” is beyond my comprehensive skills.

    • Did any one leave a list of the juror questions anywhere? I know it was referenced last night that they would be posted somewhere.

      Also was it confirmed that someone the questions regarding the treatment of Jodi’s mom by Jodi was ever discussed in testimony? I don’t remember hearing that

    • Yes! The Judge sets the tone and her allowing JM to show such disrespect for all witnesses conveys to the jury that they can similarly disrespect the witnesses.

      • That’s a great point sz. Stephens is the worst judge I’ve ever seen. It still too bad that this jury doesn’t appear to have a backbone or minds of their own. Although it’s not over yet. Juries are strange. I’ve been on 4 of them. So many different personalities and attitudes. Hopefully the questions are from the vocal minority.

        • agree joe on the how bad this Judge is. I’ve vented many times on her performance, and would recommend anyone who lives in Arizona file a complaint against her with the bar. {assuming she is also an attorney}. Not sequestering this jury is the most egregious thing I’ve ever witnessed in a death penalty case. I wonder what the stats are on this, how many death penalty cases, of this high profile nature, has the jury NOT been sequestered. I’m ranking this trial up there with Jeffery Dalmer and Ted Bundy type of media coverage.
          I wonder if they even have statistics on this…I may have to take a look this weekend.

          BTW, did you all hear that someone tried to mail Joe Aripia a bomb….LMAO!!! I wonder why

    • I agree about them watching or using the media as the questions about hating men given their alledged limited scope of knowledge seemed brazen without outside investigation.

      • Yes, deb! that’s the one question that upset me greatly. How in the hell, would anyone in a jury that’s not tainted even bring something like that up?

        And that was not just stemming from the stupid prosecutor’s innuendo about Alyce liking Jodi in some seedy way. This question was derived by one juror who’s keeping tab on the hater websites.

      • Deb-
        I don’t doubt that they may have seen some media coverage, but I don’t think those types of questions necessarily show just that. Recognition of Domestic Violence is still a relatively new phenomenon. As Ms. L talked about, the research did not even really start until the 90’s. I think there is still a long way to go and ignorance of the topic is rampant. Because most victims are women, those who have fought to help them are usually women. Just like the days when women first began to obtain legal rights, they were seen as man hating, lesbians etc. Those set in old mindsets who wanted to maintain the status quo, did not want to see them as “every” woman. I believe the stereotypes of femi-nazi’s still exists, and JM played to that crap. Probably because he would like for women to be back to the “good ole days” and be in a position of being under the rule of men like him. I am hopefull that the Jurors see through this and are clarifying that the witness is not a man hater, femi-nazi as JM has alluded to.

  27. I just read this on the support page for Alyce. Are these people really that desperate?

    We hate to bring this up but because it has become an issue we wanted those of you who are leaving POSITIVE comments to be aware of something ~ A few folks have reported that they are being harassed on other pages and that there is one specific page keeping “names” of AL Supporters – I really don’t even have words for that other than “Psychotic” – but if you comment please make sure that your privacy settings are locked so that people do not harass you —

    • 😯 oh, for crying out loud, it’s like a bunch of six-year-old tattle-tales! Except they are tattling on the peers who are behaving instead of the ones misbehaving! WTF!
      Thanks, Gail, for the heads-up on privacy issues.

      • thanks a bunch! But all I can say is, “HERE I AM!!!! ” come and get me!!! I;m very open about my support for Jodi, and I have absolutely nothing to hide or be ashamed of. If they are so concerned about my life, which is mighty boring….lol…..then have at it! I live way out in the country, I am armed to teeth, and have a very LARGE boyfriend who loves to fight!! LMAO!!!!!
        I think all of us need to be careful, but never show fear or worry to a bully. If you have any problems with people harassing you, report them to this site….

        • Melvis-
          Love it! I have posted on the AL website in support of her. You are so correct. Research shows that those who witness bullying and do nothing out of fear of the bully, actually suffer negative psychological effects. It comes with a feeling of helplessness in the face of seeing someone else bullied, and yourself being so afraid to do the right thing. That’s what bullies rely on! I appreciate everyone here standing up to bullies!!!!

          TEAM JODI !

          • Me too TR! I happen to be a victim of extreme bullying when I was younger, probably more along the lines of terrorism, and I learned that as soon as I stood up and fought back, it stopped. There is nothing worse than a bully, and we all need to fight back!
            I hope that ALV reports every email, or text, or other threatening behavior to the authorities. It can no longer be tolerated, and HLN needs to also take a stand and denounce their followers who are doing this. For them to fan the flames of this is beyond disgusting, and if they don’t, then they should be considered bullies as well….
            SJ, maybe you should post on a future post so everyone knows that they have a resource. I’ve heard very good things about them, and you have ability on their site to post screenshots of any text, email, or tweet that is threatening, and if I’m not mistaken, the administrators of that site will monitor and reveal the person behind it.
            TEAM JODI ALL THE WAY!!!!!

            • Melvis-
              Good idea to send everything to the bully website. I also go on the book review sites to speak back to the bullies and point out their ignorance. I have noticed since myself and another poster on Amazon pointed out that the activity is illegal and can be easily traced by the Feds for the crime of witness tampering, some of the bullies have removed their criminal posts and have stopped the barage. I think they are blindly following the leaders of the bullying and doing their bidding, not realizing they could be the ones to take the fall for cyber crimes, not there “leaders”. By the way, Tabloid TV hires the biggest bullies of all to be the hosts.

  28. I very concerned with the fact that from the questions asked from the jury so far they don’t seem to have paid much attention. They have focused in on certain things and shut their minds off to everything else. HLN syndrome.

  29. Worry what a few hours has done! I didn’t watch the jury questions yesterday, I spent time with my 16 year old. And I bought a kitchen aid that I’ve wanted for so long and a light pink one at that ( for beast cancer.” We had a blast, shopping lughing being silly and eating out. I was really sad and dumfounded to read some info on the jurors questions they didnt sound pro JODI OR PRO JUSTICE in any way. But I still have to watch them to catch up. It is really sad that this site lost supporters according to what I read here, over a picture? I can’t think help but believe that wasn’t it. I didnt know what to think or make of that photo, but it never changed my mind on the trial or the integrity of those on this site. I’m sorry to all it’s was a difficult day yesterday. But don’t loose faith.

  30. So who has some plans to today? I hope they are fun and make you laugh a little to put all this drama behind you for now. Do something to lift your spirits! It’s so important for your own soul. I’m going to call my stylist and make a appt to wash that man right out of my hair. Unfortunately for me it will probably take awhile because the stylist is so busy. But point is feed your soul. Is there court today?

  31. Hi Everyone,

    I’m new to this site. I’m so glad I found it. I almost thought it wasn’t a working site because of the odd google description. I have been on some other sites that were filled with really hateful people. All of you seem really nice and suppotive.

  32. It seems as though JM is trying this case with the help of the media, he keeps adding extra bits here and there that were not in his opening statements or his redirects. It is as though he watches HLN and Facebook for points he should have made to bolster his case. Had he thought of them himself he wouldn’t have rested his case as soon as he did.

    • I think he feels he’s done enough damage.

      The little relentless neanderthal using his repetitive aggressive yes/no questions like a rock hammer managed to chip away at some of the jurors, I fear. But hopefully, at least one of them found him to be annoying and abusive like I did.

      Shit, I would release Jodi just out of spite for having him put me through so much freaking stress and aggravation. lol! j/k!

    • My thoughts exactly, Angela! JM never HAD a case, that’s why it took him only a 3rd of the time it has taken the defense.
      I have also thought about all of the Pedo-worshipers all over HLN singing praises of Dear TA. If they always had this opinion of him why didn’t they come in as character witnesses. Why no ex-girlfriends saying how sweet he was (except the one who was not even interested). The truth is they were never called because it could be easily proven that the opinion they claim to have had for TA can easily be disputed with evidence otherwise.

  33. Not sure if anyone paid attn of some pics of JA/B*bby Juarez, that were shown on Dr. Flu’s sho? Well, it showed a pic of JA in a Superman T, and wearing pig tails!! So K. Wick made a comment that TA might not have been the one to start the pigtail thing, rather JA liked wearing her hair that way. Many other things abt that were talked abt, perhaps even tweeted out with that pic. Not sure now if JM will bring that in and cause more uproar by creating additional doubt abt TA being the one to insist on pigtails coz he liked it. The media is doing all they can to help the prosc side. (was concerned abt even posting this here, so as not to give them more ammunition). If so, pls feel free to delete. Thanks.

    • My mom put my hair up in pigtails when I was young that doesn’t mean I like to wear it that way now that I am older. Pigtail are cute on little girls.

    • Intro, I heard that spin too.

      Here’s mine:
      In the teenage Jodi pic she looks like an innocent fresh faced very young girl in cartoon pj’s. JA showed TA pics of her when they were getting to know each other.
      That look caught his eye and voila – he saw he could easily turn his 27 year old girlfriend into a young girl if she pig tailed her hair for him. He could legally feed his desire for something young – have his tossed salad and eat it too, without getting arrested.

    • They will grasp at any straw to stay in denial that the man was a pedophile. So sad for them, TA’s voice on the phone proves otherwise.

  34. My quote for the day in respect to all the haters out there.

    “People need to learn that their actions do affect other people. So be careful what you say and do, it’s not always just about you!”

  35. Here are some hints from my page on constructive things you can do.

    My main suggestion is this : don’t just sit around during cross-examination, letting Mr Martinez make you mad (a few minutes of his inanities is enough), instead DO SOMETHING POSITIVE.

    It could be researching some minor point of evidence, or posting a comment at a “neutral” website ( say the Washington Post ), or inviting your Facebook friends to join the campaign.

    One good place to publish is groundreport :

    Or just upvoting a positive comment, see here for example:

    Or report absuive posts,These may be libel, advise the publication of that. If they don’t remove it, they can be liable.

    Or maybe make a transcript of some key testimony ( you can incorporate these at ).

    Improve your own understanding of the case. Knowledge is power!

    Try to do at least one positive thing per day.

    Don’t bother with HLN or other places controlled or dominated by pro-guilt people, it’s probably not effective, and may well be counter-productive. It can also pollute your mind with incorrect information ( I know it happened to me once ).

    If you are debating, choose somewhere neutral, and insist that the discussion is done in a calm way, with a presumption of innocence.

    If you feel yourself getting emotional ( and everyone does ), have a break. Calming down helps us act more effectively.

    Those are just a few initial ideas, please post your ideas in the comments for this page or on the main support site.

    Support for Jodi is growing : look at how few comments there were at on the first day of the trial, and how many there are now.

    Anyway, don’t be complacent! Jodi still faces enormous prejudice. Never underestimate the battle that Jodi still faces.

    We cannot do much about what is going on in court, but there is a battle for public opinion to be fought outside the courtroom.

    This battle is important, but we need to be organised, proactive and intelligent. All very much “in my opinion” of course.

    Over time I will keep this page updated. Understand I’m just an ordinary person with limited time trying to do my bit. We need to help each other.

    Note: you may want to remain anon, take care.

  36. I just want to take a moment to apologize for anything I said yesterday, language or tone-wise, that might have come across as mean, rude, condescending, or vulgar to anyone. I truly didn’t mean to come off that way AT ALL. If I upset of offended you, I’m sorry; please forgive me. 🙂

    Martinez and the Travis Taliban’s mistreatment of Alyce, along with those undeniably media-biased Juror Questions (and just KNOWING that JM will use those questions to further poison Jodi’s jury against her) just has me really upset about where this trial is going. I didn’t mean to take it out on anyone, and I most certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone. I’ll try to tone it down and keep my composure a bit better… I’ll TRY, but I can’t promise. And I apologize in advance if I offend or upset anyone with my language or tone today. Thank you all for putting up with me – and accepting me – in ALL of my crazy glory! 😉

    • You have never said anything you need to be sorry for, IMO 🙂

      You bring so much insight and humor here. I’m so glad to see your name pop up each day, I know “Its on” then. LOL!!

    • Hi, Ashley!!!
      I didn’t notice anything offensive from you whatsoever, but I DO remember LIKING you because of whatever comments you made, and that it felt good to be with a comrade who was fired up and ready to ROLL ❗

    • You were great Ashley. I know a lot of us were that fired up and I am glad you posted. I was angry and upset yesterday as well but we had some really bad storms here yesterday and I was lucky to hear half the trial feed.

    • You have never offended me. 🙂 I find you to be rather refreshing, with your no-nonsense approach. I don’t have to wade through the manure.

    • Ashley, I don’t think you’ve offended anyone. I also rant and curse sometimes on this site even though it’s not really my nature. This case is really getting to me.

    • Ashley-

      I did not see anything offensive in the least, no need to apologize. i see your passion in defending a poor young woman who was abused, had to fight for her life, and is now having to fight for it again. Far too many women have betrayed eachother these days, by not defending our “sisters” who we know are abused. Horrible things continue to happen to women across the globe, based soley on their gender. It is so disheartening to think that in the Nation that is supposed to be the leader in equality etc., we have not come very far. The women that came before us and fought for our rights and liberties, must be rolling over in their graves.

      Make no apologies for your passion my dear. We need to be examples to future generations of women.

  37. This may seem like a stupid question….Regarding cases such as this one, were the defendant testified on their own behalf…Can the defendant be called back during rebuttal? I’m not the brightest crayon in the box (stole this one from a previous post). I’m not saying I want Jodi to have to be exposed to that horror again.

  38. Ashley…I can only speak for myself – you have not ever offended me nor have I thought anything you said was terrible. You’re awesome…I find myself laughing WITH you frequently…

    We are all in the same boat emotionally and such about this ongoing saga.

  39. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    #JodiArias, Willmott and Nurmi are in chambers. Juan is sitting by himself at his desk. Donavan and Jodi’s mother are in front row.

  40. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Defense just came out of chambers. Alyce is here with a blue top on. Spectators are being let in now. Courtroom is fairly empty. #JodiArias

  41. Yesterday, it seemed to me the judge seemed happy that the jury questions were so on the prosecution side. Anyone else?

  42. Gail, I’d like to add to your quote of the day by saying:

    To all the hate-filled people who come read this site and then run to report what we talk about to your masters.

    Believe me, when I say that all the hate you spew against Jodi and everyone who supports her will come back to haunt you in some way. Maybe not immediately, but eventually.

    You can hide behind the anonymity of the internet and viciously attack anyone you deem worthy of your wrath, but at the end of the day you can’t hide from who you truly are and the kind of person you have become. Justice for Travis is just an excuse for you to let your true vile nature come to light.

    You will get back everything you put out. And because I believe in Karma, I’m not wishing you harm or for something bad to happen to you or your loved ones. I just wish you get what you deserve. And I think that’s fair.

    Don’t forget that hate begets more hate. Hate is toxic.

    And understand that I don’t hate you. I feel sorry for whatever happened to you in your past to make you such a miserable person. I hope you get help.

    /end rant

    Now, can someone please help me off this soapbox? I’m still wearing the armor from the other day! LOL!

    • Well said Sil!! Bravo!

      Like you, I do feel sorry for all those who are filled with hate. I can’t imagine living like that.

    • Nicely said, Sil.

      I sent this message to a woman last night who offered one of the few pro-Jodi comments on a particular hate-filled site:

      People who hate try to legitimize their hatred of Jodi by claiming that she “murdered” Travis. But, they see everything in “black and white.” There is no gray in their world. They see Jodi as black so anyone that testifies for her or defends her or writes anything positive about her are black and must be hated, too. You will be hated if you stick around. I will also be hated. All they have to offer is hate. They just need a target.

      • You’re absolutely right. And that kind of irrational thinking is what drives them to say the things they say. They take it too far though and they can’t even recognize how evil they sound. Instead, they band together and give each other high-fives, feeling superior in their skewed belief that they are indeed doing something great.

        It sickens me.

  43. Thanks so much for all the warm welcomes. I appreciate them as I’m a pretty shy person. I’m at work today so I won’t be able to catch much of the trial so I’ll be poppong in and out of here to see what’s going on. I hope it’s a good day for Jodi she seemed so upset yesterday I felt bad for her.

  44. I was watching Nancy Space last night, She wasn’t there, so it wasn’t as bad, but at the bottom of the screen it said due to threathing emails and tweets,that the D.V. expert was taken to the hospital. Does anybody have any info on this?

  45. Can anyone explain to me why Flores has to be at the prosecution table every single day? What is the purpose? He sits there and does nothing on a daily basis. Can’t he do some police paper work at a desk at police HQ or something?
    I really don’t understand why he’s there.

  46. Regarding the question about ALV smiling at Jodi – Alyce smiles at EVERYONE – she has even smiled at JM. She is a friendly, warm, caring person.

  47. Poor Jodi, she needs some sunshine. How much weight has she lost?
    I’ll never believe that she by herself dragged Travis’s dead body to the shower. There is simply no way she did that. I challenge every women here of Jodi’s size to try dragging 200 pounds of dead weight any distance at all. Hell I even challenge a lot of men to try it.
    I truly don’t think people understand how much strength that takes.

    • Esp. using the words “close to 30” or something to that effect, has been used and overused at hln constantly.

  48. Goodmorning friends! !!!! Getting up a little later today so I haven’t had time to go over today’s comments, yet. But maybe court will start late, like always and ill have like an hr or so to read.

    I also said a prayer for BOTH the defense team and THE JURY. I wast that excited about the questions yesterday. I cant understand why they keep asking these questions like they do. Or iv mentioned before can it be the way the judge resds them?????????

    There was a question yesterday that she read that made angry. She asked the question like she LIKED that they were asking that question, idk with an attitude. Ill try to go back and post what part of the video it is, you guys have to see what im mean.

    Goid day, everyone! !! :))

    • I think this is a sham. Cant they see that the Jury, or at least some members have been watching television or the media? WHY is this still going on.
      I say call it a freaking day, the Judge had caused the Circus tent to cave in with her terrible running of the show.

      Also… someone catch Martinez – its time to feed the lions.

  49. These questions are sounding like this jury wants to convict Jodi and is looking for any reason to do it. I could be very wrong and I really hope I am but this is not a reasonable doubt jury.

    • Completely agree Joe. I am not hearing anything this morning that would lead me to believe they are trusting anything ALV has said. And with what I am hearing, there is no way, based upon the prosecution and defense questions and evidence presented, the jury came up with these questions. Someone is watching something somewhere. Nurmi was dead on when he indicated it is a fallcy to think no one is watching TV. These questions prove just the opposite.

    • I agree. They are more concerned about Alyce possibly touching Jodi or buying her stuff than they are about her work experience and understanding of domestic violence.

      They seem to be stereotyping her as an aggressive lesbian, too.

  50. Hi All.. after lurking all week I have to commend you all for your insights, compassion and truth.

    I cannot believe what a kangaroo court this is! JM is an abusive, mean small minded man. He has overcharged Jodi whithout any evidence of premeditation.

    I believe there is involvement of the roommates in this as well as Jodi being fearful for herself and her family.

    Hoping for some intelligence on the jury!

    • Hi Pat! I too believe that the roommates are hiding something. Not recognizing the foul stench of decomp is one thing, but the smell would have been weird enough to prompt any reasonable person to investigate.

      • I too was wondering what the hell these idiot jurors were doing all the days Alyce was speaking! The questions are practically a recap, edited version of what she’s already covered.

        sirlips, your point of anyone of us being being in a trial and at the mercy of a load of folks like those on this jury is frightening! But spot on!

  51. UUUUUGGGHHHHHHH Have these people listened to ANYTHING Alyce explained to them? Have these people had such perfect lives that they can’t apply their experiences with Jodi’s.

  52. The question about her touching Jodi, border on inappropriate, and point at (almost) sexual innuendo. They are irrelvant, and also almost abusive towards the defendant. This is why I stopped watching the trial, it gets me going and I lose my shit before lunchtime.

      • I didn’t know ALV is a lesbian. Where did that information come from? I only know she was a single mother and raised 2 children. Are her children adopted?

  53. Is it me or is the Judge allowing duplicate questions to be asked? This sounds like a replay of the questions that were asked yesterday.

    • Yes women don’t leave BECAUSE they are afraid.

      Likewise, Travis attacked Jodi during the most dangerous time for a DV victim; when she was moving on with her life and getting back to her old self.

      • I’m still in my situation for this exact reason. I’m too afraid to rock my boat. It is the path of least resistance for me, for now. I’m learning to follow the Al Anon lifestyle of detaching with love and stepping out of his way. Since grasping their concept’s it’s made all the difference in my world.

  54. Why are there so many questions where Jodi supposedly is the Abuser???Why bring the same kind of question up over and over??The judge should have considered them duplicates.And WHAT have they NOT got???Jodi the abuser????WTF?I’m devastated.Why arent they more concerned about LEARNING what Domestic Violence really is?

    • I know because it could persuade other jurors to thinking “everyone thinks this” could make them feel like they have to agree with them

  55. I wish I knew how many jurors these questions represent. No looking good. I wish the defense could prove one item that the jury asked about not in evidence.

  56. yes coldcase, I thought he told Jodi or someone about another woman who he referred to as a stalker..also WHO SLEEPS WITH THEIR STALKER????????????????? Like he was “so afraid”..what the hell

  57. So far these questions look bad to me 🙁 One of the lawyers suggested that those asking these ?s will be most vocal in deliberations. I am very worried 🙁

  58. Geez they do not even understand what stalking really is about. I actually thought that no reasonable person could believe TA on that.

  59. I would keep hitting on the facts in the Hughe’s emails regarding Jodi and TA. If your BFFs are saying those things…are they lying too??

    • what I don’t under stand is why bother ask questions if you don’t believe her in the first place? the way most are phrased it doesn’t seem as if the answers will change their minds. most of th e people asking the questions don’t seem to be on the fence so to speak.

  60. This jury thinks of Travis a a Mormon Saint that did no wrong. They have sucked the Kool-Aid down and are bathing in it. Minds are made up. HLN is dancing in the streets.

  61. I was really hoping (praying) that dismissed Juror #5 was the one asking al the nasty questions but now it is clear that some other jurors must be asking them. And I agree with maria and others…why is the judge asking the same question (with slight differences) over and over again…

    • The only thing I could figure out on this is that maybe they don’t want a juror to feel like their question was ignored. If three jurors ask the same question & they tossed two of them out it might irritate the other two jurors. I may be totally wrong but I can’t think of any other reason they would ask the same thing over & over.

  62. So many questions here appear to me they do not believe Jodi or ALV. This has we worried. They seem to be feeling that TA was the victim of stalking abd abuse. I am referring to everything up to the killing. This has me really concerned.

  63. These questions really do seem like they are looking for a reason to convict her, and I am guessing it has to do with the nature of the killing. If he was just shot, there would not be this backlash.

    • I agree they are going just on the amount of wounds not on how he could happen. They seem to not even care or truly listen to ALV and throw away her 35 years of experience. I still think some have listened to the media.

  64. Man, these questions are horribly biased. 🙁 I hope these jurors are instructed on what their job is when they deliberate, such as looking at facts, not feelings.

  65. hey did you guys hear LaViolette was taken to the ER because of online mob attacks???? my goodness, this is just WRONG!

    • Kermit has to be extrmely happy this morning. With what I am hearing, they are eating up every word he says and basically ignoring JW. This is totally unbelievable. ALV appears to be somewhat pro-TA this morning and not supporting Jodi at all. Could she be playing to the social media attacks? This is just wrong.

    • I dont get it,it’s like they blindly follow Martinez without taking the time to LISTEN to the other side,experts and testimonies.These questions simply ECHO Martinez’ shit!
      We’re in trouble…

  66. I hope that I am not the only one who blame Sherry Stephens for most of this court room bullshit.

    She is supposed to provide fair jurisdiction over the room and has not.

    She is not in control.
    THis is a goddamned joke.

    If the roles were reversed and this was going on I would feel the same way. There is no justice being done for the victim, or the defendant, and the fact that she is not getting a fair trial because the Judge cant seem to do her damn job really pisses me off.

    I am just telling you all how I REALLY FEEL!!!!!

  67. Is it me or do any of you feel like you have to re-listen to these questions? Double take! What the heck is going on with these jurors?

  68. Some jurors obviously like Martinez’s hypotheticals and “secondary gain.” They’re are using his words. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a juror “Object” to one of Alyce’s comments at any time.

  69. OHHH and the judge totally forgot to ask the jurors if they’ve seen anything in the media like she normally does.

  70. All of JM’s insinuations and hypotheticals are being taken as truth…his snaky moves that were objected to by the defense and overruled by the judge have seeped in deep 👿

  71. what the fuck does her continuum have to do with this case?????????? WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK IF ITS COMPLETE OR NOT??????? ITS A TRAINING IMPLEMENT FOR SHIT’S SAKE!!!!!

    • I think she is just being “matter of fact”…indicating impartiality…the jury has misread her emotive personality and I think she is trying to avoid any emotion at all.

  72. So, the jury THINKS the story of when she told TA about the other woman coming into the restaurant, BS??

    ALV then answered and said, it wasn’t BS. They are thinking it was BS???

    • Not sure, here, but my impression is that the story is being referred to as “BS story” because that may be the terminology used by TA in the body of the IM,/email (whichever) that is being referred to. That is, he probably ACCUSED Jody of making up a” BS story” in the process of hurling a litany of taunting invectives at Jody in one of those rants that was captured electronically and has been marked as evidence and which has been reviewed by ALV that she was not allowed to quote from. Sounds like Jody was calling him out on seeing Lisa and he was trying to deny it by gaslighting her and trying to convince her that it was just a “BS story” from her imagination.
      I do not know this, but that is my take on it.

  73. From these questions, a least one juror or more is watching hln or reading things on the internet. Where is the testimony that she hacked his myspace. I don’t remember any.

        • I THOUGHT that the two of them had exchanged passwords on each other’s accounts due to jealousy/mistrust issues to create an atmosphere of transparency, so to speak, in order to possibly avoid future disagreements and accusations with regard to interactions with other males/females perceived as threatening to their exclusivity of their relationship. (In the beginning, before they stopped being exclusive?) I do not recall if I got this idea from Jodi’s testimony or from some other source. Perhaps it was even a conclusion I creatively arrived at by combining bits and pieces of real data. Take it with a shaker of salt. (Never DID understand that grain of salt adage…but YKWIM)