Jodi Arias Trial – Day 46 (afternoon comments)

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With the trial now concluded for the week, leave your comments below on day 46 and your overall thoughts on another awesome week for Team Jodi — and all the circus-style BS that accompanied it…

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        • I believe this was the other person regarding the jurors seeing JM outside trying to be a rock star. I’m not sure I remember that correctly though, but it definitely is a witness for one of the motions for mistrial.

          It was my birthday yesterday, so I have to go back and watch what I missed late yesterday and today and read through all the posts.

          Have a great weekend.

            • Thanks Dorothy. I got on tonight and I see there are two of us named “Jodie” posting. I’m probably going to add Florida to my name. I’ve been posting with all of you throughout this trial and, as confusing as the trial already is, I can’t even keep up with which post is mine….lol.

              I also noticed reading the posts today that you have figured out the emoticons…lol

              How did Nurmi look today? I haven’t got through all the posts to get your take on his attire.

              • Hi Jodie,
                That happened with my name too…and HOW many “”Dorothys” are there who aren’t in their 90s by now….I mean really!…So I commented “attn: to admin, and that other “Dorothy” hasn’t returned. I mean Jodie is far more likely to be duplicated but still! you were here first…so maybe someone is posing as you.
                😆 at the emoticons! I had to try them out YIKES! Probably overdid it but it was fun.
                I didn’t report on Nurmi’s attire…he was a bit on the conservative side I think, not as pizzazzy as usual, and the overall atmosphere in the courtroom had me on the downside. Had Nurmi’s attire been a bit more colorful it would have been a welcome diversion, for certain…you’ve got to admit, the guy has style 😉

              • Hi Jodie, I have clarified which one of us is posting 🙂 Believe it or not 51 yrs ago when my parents named me, the use of the “ie“ on the end was unique. The name itself was not that popular but it was more often than not spelled with a “y“ or an “i“. Enough about names lol, anyways hopefully this helps. I have been using this site for awhile but only recently started to post. Hope all is well down in Florida 🙂

    • I read on another site that ALV approached Samantha and is going to be admonished for that. Would that be done in open court or in front of the jury?

      • I can only imagine Alyce saying, “I’m so sorry about your brother.” – to Samantha.

        The surviving Alexanders are:
        1) fighting for the death of a woman their brother abused
        2) not telling the Travis Stepford Mob to stop all their hate
        3) collecting massive amounts of money to stay in court (I don’t blame them though)
        4) allowing HLN to bank on their brother’s death (sickening!!)
        5) who knows how much they get paid to guest on all the TV shows?

        So, it doesn’t surprise me that Samantha was outraged by Alyce’s attempt to create peace.

        People need to forgive in order for the healing process to begin.

        • They are all childhood victims of the same serious and repugnant abuse as TA by their paren’ts. Clearly none of them have gotten professional help or intervention, so I long ago gave up any hope that they would act in a manner any differently than TA did. One can only imagine what goes on in their lives and families. I hope that at least one of them has gotten the help they so desperately need, and can encourage their siblings to do so. It’s never too late for people to get help, and heal from their abuse.

        • Which of Travis’ siblings have been on a TV show? I have only seen Travis’ one sister and brother one time about 2 months ago…

          Of course I haven’t seen most of the Dr. Drew, NG, JVM shows…

        • First, I’m soo glad I stumbled onto this site! I’m soo sick and tired of just because Travis is dead that he was totally innocent and guilt free and did absolutely nothing wrong! WTF!!!??? She had a psych evaulation and was found sane and credible for that reason. That means that she would not have premeditated murder on Travis because she is not psychotic. She was just a young woman who got caught up with a major prick who thought he could keep putting her in her place. That is not true obviously though. His own mother posted the autopsy photos on the internet!! Who does that? What kind of animalistic psychopathic animal trys to benefit from their own child’s death and then posts pictures of their “precious” child online of them nude, of them murdered!!! WTF She just wants to abolish the constitution and activate hate in everyone she can so that she feels justified in being a shitty mother herself. Again this is evident by the fact that only a narcisstic depraved women would post her sons autopsy photos on the net. That is not public information!!! Gross!!!

          • How could Travis’s mother have posted the autopsy photos when she has been dead since 2005, three years before Travis?

            The second part of your post makes no sense.

            • Yesterday when I was looking for the new photos they said they had I came across a site where the person hosting the site said they wanted to give thanks to Travis Alexanders family for the autopsy photos. I don’t remember the name of the site. I was just absolutely mad that any parent or even a family member would do that!

              • I think TA’s mom is dead. He grew up with his grandmother, she is also now dead. Maybe it was another family member.

              • I am confused, why would the family have the autopsy photo’s? (unless of course they downloaded them off the Internet somewhere or HLN gave them copies) But honestly, as far as I know they don’t give out copies of those photos when they release the body for burial. And why would they even want them?

                When my first husband was killed, I was never shown the pictures taken at autopsy, (I wouldn’t have wanted to have seen them anyways) and I sure as hell wouldn’t be posting them online, and have people seeing him like that. I would want his memory preserved.

                Those pictures in my opinion should never have been released to the media, I would have told the prosecutor that I wanted those pictures sealed, out of respect for my loved one.

          • Thanks, Dorothy! 🙂

            Now, let’s organize that Amazon boycott until they remove all those fake review lynch mob hate threats toward Alyce LaViolette!

            I posted about it down on this comment site.

            I emailed Amazon directly through their customer service as I am one of their customers and I am outraged they are allowing abuse, bullying and WITNESS INTIMIDATION. I told Amazon I would go so far as to contact their CEO and I already contacted the media with all the copied names and the post of “mango1806”, the one who replied, “Sure” – she/he would like to see Alyce dead because of her testimony.

            BEST article written about this outrageous behavior by ‘Travis Supporters’:

            I have to question the type of man Travis was given all his supporters are bullying and threatening Alyce’s life.
            Do abusive perpetrators create an abusive lynch mob?

            And the former Supreme Court Judge believes this ‘witness intimidation’ may constitute a mistrial. In Jodi Arias’s favor! What Karma that would be if there was a mistrial because of the Twitter and Amazon Travis Lynch Mob Bullies! 😀

            • Hey MentalHealth 🙂
              I do not have an Amazon account. I tried to see if there was a way for me to email them in re: the vile hatred spewed on ALV’s book reviews but I couldn’t see a “contact us” anywhere so I couldn’t email them with my concerns. I haven’t gone through the “reviews” in total…too many…but death threats!!? OMG There is seriously something wrong with this mob! I am sickened by it! I have opted to leave them to their evil and try not to subject myself to it. Hatred begets hatred and I most certainly do NOT want to jump in with the rabid beasts. My heart bleeds for ALV. She came to the trial with a smile and bubbly personality and the evil has ripped her apart! On top of it, she is subpoenaed until TUESDAY even though she is scheduled for “testing”. I assume from her “further testing” comment to the judge that the tests are health related. My god! The judge can delay the trial because of a measly cold, but Alyce has to risk her LIFE for this trial? “I don’t want to hear about your personal issues”, the judge snapped at ALV yesterday. I WAS AGHAST!
              As for a mistrial…ugh! I know it would be the best thing because of all the shenanigans that the prosecution has pulled. But, I hate to think of Jodi et, al going through this all AGAIN. I DOUBT Alyce will be able (nor want) to. I have SO much to say on this topic…but I have gone on for too long already.

            • OH! MentalHealth! I forgot to say: Michael Kiefer is monitoring (or trying to monitor) the electronic communications in re: to comments made to/about members of this trial. I am sure he is overburdened. He has a facebook page…drawing his attn to that “book review” written by mango1806 might be important. He is probably already aware of it…but… I don’t do facebook anymore…I felt it invaded my privacy so I deleted my account altogether, so I can’t comment on his FB page.

            • Thanks Mental Health-
              Glad to see other’s are getting after Amazon. I and one other poster on the book review site seemed to be the only two over the past week. Great Job

            • I set up an amazon account so I could post something positive for Alyce, then I find out I have to have made a purchase in the last couple of days to do so. This means that all of those haters have purchased something from Amazon in order to post their hate. I’d be willing it was not books they bought. I have trouble believing any of them have ever read a book.

      • My understanding is whatever the issue is , it will be handled privately in the judges chamber, especially anything like an admonishment, if that’s even what it is… I believe the defense has addressed their concern regarding the slanderous behavior being addressed toward AL, so it might have something to do with those issues….My experience is the judge will not do anything to diminish AL’S posture to the jury. To do so would be prejudicial to Jodi’s defense.

        • More likely in my opinion to address issues of witness tampering brought about by cyberbullying and direct threats. Do we even know definitively that ALV approached any Travestite?

      • Oohh… I wish Alyce hadn’t done that. I understand wanting to convey her sympathy for Travis’ loss, but… Yeah, the judge seemed kind of curt in her tone with ALV. Her entire testimony can’t be thrown out can it?

        • No, it can’t be thrown out. But JM can speak to her impeachment and recommend the jurors disregard her testimony. After that, it’s up to the jurors.

    • She spoke to Travis sister and told her ” nothing personal ” . She is not allowed to talk to them. I can only hope she did not do any harm to case . She could be held in contempt or fined. We will have to see

      • She did nothing wrong. It’s not that she’s not allowed to speak to them. It’s just that they are allowed to refuse to speak to her. She can not be held in contempt or fined for speaking to them once (if she did, and I doubt it). However, if she’d continued to talk to them, it would be a different story. The “story” about her talking to them does not indicate that.

        • ALso Abused,

          She testified yesterday, that she was under court order not to talk to the family. She said that in response to a question asked about whether she interviewed the family. I think she was also making a point about the accusation because she said more affirmatively than other responses. I don’t for one minute believe next week is about some alleged attempt at conversing with the family. In my opinion, the family has “secondary gain” in lying about such an interaction and I believe I read the witness who states they saw her approach is from a pro pros board very invested in this case and while marketing their forum. That’s if it’s true the witness is from the crime forum. But there is a witness saying they also saw AL approach and Samantha said “Mr. Martinez is already on it”….

    • She cut poor ALV off,as if saying”hey girl I dont care about your private issies just get your butt here Tuesday!”

        • I would say time would be better spent on a facial! Too much frowning, don’t you think? And while she is at it perhaps she can sip on some honey, to tone down that caustic tone in her voice. Ok, I’m done.

          • Introspective, don’t you think it is possible Judge Stephens is also receiving threatening and hate calls?
            I do.
            She allows the defense to speak in the court.
            She allowed the defense expert witnesses to testify.
            She allows Jodi to live until the jury makes their decision.

            This is what the “Travis Lynch Mob” considers hate-worthy. My theory.

  1. Okay so just logged in to watch trial and its done for the day. Also MsLaViolette was talking to the judge and the judge said something to her about not talking about her personal stuff and told Ms LaViolette she may release her subpoena… What have I missed?

      • can anyone tell me if the defense case still has one more witness left??? I thought they did, so why would this Ms. Wong be for the this a hearing on Monday w/o jury? And if it had anything to do with ALV tt Samatha, I think that would of been dealt with awhile ago..

        • The hearing on Monday morning is outside the presence of the jury they are to arrive at 1:30 on Monday unless notified further… the judge told the jurors to be by there phones on Monday morning in case things change.

          • Unless they just watch the coverage on HLN.

            The Judge has to know the jurors are most likely watching the trial coverage from HLN or seeing it on Twitter, obviously it is on Twitter and *that* should be considered ‘juror intimidation’ because if they find Arias innocent, you know the lynch mob will stalk and threaten them and try to ruin all their lives.

      • This trial has so many crazy things going on as no other trial I have ever seen. So much disrespect in their courtrooms, unbelievable this has continually been allowed. And does anyone know why all the hypothetical storys are allowed? It’s worse than hearsay, for petes sake and hearsay isn’t allowed. SMH at this judge and the laws of that state. Shame shame…

        • Olivia, I felt the same way! What the hell is it with the hypotheticals!!??

          How is that even remotely allowed in any court room?

          Hey Officer, Hypothetically speaking, if i was speeding because I was in a hurry to get to the hospital cuz I thought I was having stroke, would I still get a ticket?

          Oh Officer, If, hypothetically, I offered you some tossed salad I have sitting in my car, would I still get a ticket?


          • Martinez couldn’t get Ms LaViolette to cave so he had no other choice but to make his questions all about hypotheticals! Everytime defence objected…the judge overruled! This judge is bias…the jury is bias…Usually when someone accuses another of doing something, it always ends up that the accuser is the one doing it. Psych 101… Anyone else agree?

            • The juror that left cuz of illness… Jean Caras said he had a long pony tail and wore sometimes all black, and other times t shirts with skulls and crossbones on it.. Damn he left.. he was my kinda guy… probably woulda been good for jodie !!! I’m just sayin !

              • I was worried that this juror left because the illness was caused from bullying by the other jurors…. I really hope I’m wrong.

                • My fear too, Cindy. What if he was trying to avoid deliberations, knowing his counter parts were pro death.

                • If a juror or jurors feel intimidated in any way, I hope they speak up. Usually, in any group dynamic, you have one or two dominant personalities that tend to influence or sway the group in one direction or other. Sometimes it is a very knowledgeable person or someone whose leadership inspires confidence in the others. In many cases, the dominant person or persons are also more aggressive than the others.

                  I’m hoping that whoever the dominant person(s) among the jurors aren’t the originator(s) of those sarcastic or bias-oriented, accusatory juror questions. If so, and the group increasingly leans that way in support of the prosecution, those individuals or sole individual marching to a different drummer may feel pressured to go along. If they do, their actions will obviously contribute even more to the unfairness of this trial.

                  I wouldn’t ordinarily be inclined to feel this way about a jury, but some of those questions show the same style and accusatory line of questioning as JM. Hopefully the originator or originators of those questions is not the dominant juror or jurors in this group.

                • I guess we might not ever know if he was bullied by the other jurors, depends on once the trial is done, if he gives any interviews. Thing is too, how many of these people cannot afford to be sitting here for this many months making $12 a day? This has got to be a hardship for some, and maybe he feigned illness, cuz he just plain old couldnt afford it anymore.. Alot of employers do not keep people on payroll when they are doing their civic duty. I worked for a very well known bank..(W.F.!!) and they paid me for every day I was gone on jury duty, but how many places do not… and thats hard on a family.

            • IMO, JM’s whole approach is really about introducing reasonable doubt. His arguments are not about proving his points/the state’s case, but about chiseling a little away from the other side. WTF? He should be a defense attorney…he would probably make defendant quite miserable however. He probably wanted to be a defense attorney, but couldn’t get any clients, and now he is so bitter he wants all defendants to get the DP.

            • I find it disturbing that hypotheticals are allowed, yet the entire emails written by TA were not. She had to paraphrase etc. Rediculous!

          • I could not agree more! The other thing that is so troublesome, why are witnesses for the defense not allowed to answer with explanations to their answers. Any case I have viewed, it is always allowed to have answers given WITH explanations. As long as the explanation stays on the subject matter of the question, not so in this courtroom. By not allowing explanations, it is very easy to put “half truths” on the record, totally distorting the actual truth. TRUTH, which I use to think was the objective in court cases.

          • Just to clarify, it’s not unusual for an attorney during cross examination to ask hypotheticals. It’s unusual for him to ask as many as he has, but not unusual for some to be asked.

        • A question can be asked using hypotheticals if the factors in the hypo can be reasonably deduced from existing evidence, or the lawyer asking the question can produce evidence of the variable. Throw that on the ever growing woodpile of appellate issues. The DP is a distant memory. Even IF the jury convicts on M1, and even IF (maybe especially IF) they impose the death penalty, Jodi will have bought the farm the old fashioned way long before all of the appellate issues will have been ironed out. Martinez is a big joke, but Stephens is the punchline. I’m going to abandon Pickles and go with Kanga, because that’s the kind of courtroom she’s running.

    • Basically there is an “issue” that nobody knows about and Ms. LaViolette can’t be in court on Monday so they are making her come in on Tuesday even though it seemed like she had issue with that. I think she was talking about test results or something the judge told her to stop talking about her personal life.

      There is also a mysterious hearing on Monday morning outside of the jury’s presence and a person named Miss Long is to testify.

      Very mysterious ending today i’m confused.


          Guess Rude Judges just really do not matter……………how RUDE that is even to me.

          He complained to the LCD, but the judge’s response was that he had not made any specific allegation she could answer. “I am just appalled,” Dr Davies says. “The judge can behave as she likes, and I have no redress. There is no monitoring of judges’ behavior.

          “Judges apparently cannot be criticized, even if they inconvenience many people – and they never apologize.”

          Judge Paul Collins, the director of studies at the Judicial Studies Board, accepts that such cases do arise. He says: “When we are talking about hundreds of district and circuit judges, no doubt some are not always as courteous as they might be.” But he points out that there are 5,000 full and part-time judiciary hearing hundreds of cases daily – and that complaints are still relatively few. “I don’t defend rudeness – one rude judge is one too many. But it must be seen in proportion.”

          • From what I see, judges are above the law and can get away with anything. Here in CA, a friend of mine was being reamed in court from her ex, she was a teacher and he was a bum who did not work. She was forced to pay him alimony and child support (they shared custody of one child). He could go on vacations, bought a house, new truck, toys and my friend could not even afford the tiny apartment she lived in. She ate mostly baloney sandwiches cuz that’s all she could afford. When she went to court to try to get the amount adjusted so she could buy more food for herself, her attorney told her to be quiet because the judge doesn’t like you. She lost – apparently not because of the facts but because the judge didn’t like her.

            Another friend was going to court as she was leaving her abusive husband (same district). She lost everything and now lives in poverty. Not only did he abuse her, he had an entire business and was stashing money that she didn’t know about. She got no alimony, no child support and was told by her attorney it was because the judge didn’t like her. She attempted to get other attorneys but no one would take her case because they all knew ‘the judge didn’t like her’ so it was a lose-lose situation.

            Apparently damn the law, judges do what they feel like.

            • When I sat on a jury the judge was listening to the opening day game (baseball) on the radio at the bench! He even paused the trial so he could listen and then announced the score to everyone! I was astonished…I was there for five days and I’m not sure I heard him say much of anything except the score of the ball game.

            • I guess courtrooms are one place judges can get to be disrespectful, rude, and accusatory, if they so desire. People who go before them, however, must respect them even if insulted and demeaned or ridiculed publicly, or face confronting the judge’s inappropriate actions and being held in contempt of court. (Thank God, however, that there are also many decent judges out there who do not abuse their power.)

              However, through this trial I am also witnessing just how disrespectful, condescending, and accusatory prosecutors can be. I’ve seen or heard of lawyers, including prosecutors, acting this way in court before but never to the extent that JM does.

              JM takes prosecutional misconduct to a whole new level outside professional and ethical boundaries. His supporter, the judge in Jodi’s case, also takes judicial bias to a whole new level.

              So much for Jodi’s fair trial. No matter how negative the public may think of her, thanks overwhelmingly to the media, she deserves a fair trial like any other U.S. citizen.

        • ALV should try to keep any personal issues private & never mention anything personal in open court. Anything the cyper bullys get ahold of on her, they will use to further attack her.

        • I think you are misinterpreting this.

          The judge was almost certainly correct.

          When I looked at this in isolation, I saw nothing wrong.

          What’s going on here is that the juror questions put you off balance, and make you start questioning the neutrality of the judge ( who has to read the questions ).

          It’s the similar to when you start blaming the referee in a football match when your side is losing.

          It’s irrational, but we all feel it.

          The judge has a difficult job, I think she is doing ok.

        • TB1, I know! When Stevens had a bad cold court was cancelled! WTF? ALV may be suffering from something far more dangerous but the judge says, ” I don’t want to hear about your private issues”. ALV could risk her life just because she has been subpoenaed until Tuesday…AND HLN and the video of Rock Star signing autographs is what is causing all this crap! I think Alyce has said all she needs to say. She has repeated and repeated the important points of her testimony, if the jury hasn’t gotten it by now, they NEVER will… 🙄

  2. Doing a search online alot of chatter that its about the fact Ms LaViolette approached Samantha Alexander. I missed the testimony but supposedly there was a question about not being allowed to talk with Travis’ family and that it could be related. Who knows.

    • so what if she tt them!!!! What about the death threats that ALV is getting affecting her health and SAFETY!!! I would think that w/b an important issue to come up!!!

      • If the damn judge doesn’t even care about death threats to Alyce, why would she care about her medical condition.

        Alyce deserves the same respect as the jurors. She always ask if there’s a reason a juror can’t make it, she compensates for that whole day.
        The judge is very biased.

        There SHOULD be a mistrial!

    • Alyce even commented that she is not allowed to speak to the victims family today when AH was abusing her. I found that an odd comment when she said it today … Did anyone else?

      • I also heard her make that comment, she was very clear that she was legally not allowed to talk to TA’s family. I am starting to think the reason the judge wants her back in court Mon. or Tuesday is to discuss this. I am sure that she had NO idea this was not allowed, and was simply trying to be nice, she certainly wasn’t doing it to be mean. However, I hold the defense totally liable for this, they should have told her up front NOT to approach the family. How else would she know? She isn’t a law expert!!!! Whatever is done to her, or said, I believe it will be outside the jury.

        The other possibility, (one a family member suggested) is that she is trying to be impeached, or was during her testimony. I had to go back and rewatch portions of the trial to find what my brother was referring to. I remember while watching I was curious as to why JM kept hounding her about a juror question regarding how many times she testified in criminal cases for men. It seemed like no big deal at first, but after she tried to answer and say she really should NOT have answered that way, my heart sank. Is this enough for impeachment? She did say her answer wasn’t the truth, she did try to qualify it, but is JM the type of pros who would take that and run with it and try for perjury? I think yes. I may be totally off, and I hope I am. But the fact that she was done testifying, and should have been free to go, and the Judge was quite stern in telling her she MUST come back, makes me nervous.

        • Everything makes you “nervous.” It’s always negative, and I am sick to death of reading it.

          You think ALV committed perjury, when you don’t even know what it is.

        • That is not it at all about her testimony. She was answering a juror’s question about whether she had ever interviewed the Alexander family as part of her research and interviews with Jodi.

        • No, perjury is rarely, if ever, something that is pursued, and it would not be a winnable case. Alyce could say she was answering truthfully, but confused. Also, she said “1 or 2” so there’s no case for perjury.

          That being said, he can say that he impeached her in that portion of testimony, and can suggest the jury disregard all of her testimony. That would be up to the jury to decide.

      • The only thing I remember her saying is that she was not allowed to interview the family. That was in answer to a juror’s question.

          • You’re correct. It was in response to the jurors questions relating to how thorough ALV was in her opinion based on what TA’s family had said.

            • I misspoke as I thought it was said when he was on her case. Sorry!

              I was concerned when JM was going on about the criminal trial she testified to for a male and had to retract she never was called to the stand and only submitted a paper.

              Could he be, as Ann was asking, working to say she is guilty of perjury? He is like a rabid dog compared to JW and KN. I like them both but at times I wish they were a bit more aggressive in standing up to his crap.

              The way he attacks about details that one really cannot regurgitate off the top of one’s head is maddening. I know its tactical … but maddening nevertheless. One cannot prepare to butt horns with that style.

              • One cannot, cause you can’t sink the level of your intelligence as low as Martinez does. The little weasel…

                Q. How many times does Juan Martinez need to ask the same question and get the same answer before he is satisfied?

                A. Until he is totally satisfied that he has wasted our tax dollars, when he could have simply took the 2nd degree murder plea. and also saved us from being nauseated at his supremely stupid, and mind numbing questioning style.

                He truly has no business being in our legal justice system.

    • Wasn’t that over a week ago? If that were the issue, Kermit would have jumped on it by now. And it wouldn’t be dealt with in open court.

      • That’s kind of what I’ve been thinking reading all of the comments saying its about ALV approaching Samantha, Kira.

        We’ve all clearly seen how Martinez doesnt let things go…and how much he loves to speculate.
        He would’ve had this taken care of long ago.

        So lets not speculate.
        All is good.

    • She wasn’t allowed to interview them when she was doing her assessment. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t allowed to talk to them. And she didn’t say anything that constitutes them getting their knickers in a twist anyways! Now on that note, do I think it was smart of her to do what she did…no, because instead of taking it for what it was, his family and don juan have made it into a whole big mountain. ugh!

    • Tanya Young Williams <<<< Also Abused is referring to that woman<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<NOT ALYCE read before starting accusations please.

      • AH! I see!

        To Also Abused: I am sorry I misinterpreted but could you refrain from using the “d” word when referring to AVL’s hairstyle?

        My Mom has thin hair and sympathizes with AVL. And that information about a person doesn’t matter anyway.

    • I think Trinity was trying to point us to the link that Also Abused posted re. Tonya Wms. She may have inadvertently left out the link – which is on the morning page. 🙂

    • I did see AA write negative comments about Alyce: it was the “d” word toward her hairstyle. The “d” word as in her partner preference. I found that offensive and was shocked.

      I just started posting on here three days ago, I believe. When there are negative comments, do we just post the time stamp and the username who commented?

      Such a shame if AA was derogatory because I thought that user was a battered woman. Those Travis-is-the-Mormon-Messiah Lynch Mob abusers are sneaky. On Facebook, I read one of them over a week ago posting something like: “I pretended to support her but I felt sick after a while and they caught on to me.”
      They slip.
      My battered sibling expected their behavior because of their strong bloodlust for another battered woman to be publically executed.

      Had I known to post the ‘hater alert’ – – – I’m so upset I didn’t! 🙁

      • MHFSMS, it might be best if you read other pages before you jump to conclusions about posters. I just read the comment you are referring to and you are way off base.

        also abused has been posting her for a long time and is a great member here.

      • Okay,

        You are a new poster here. Also Abused has been here for a long time. We aren’t always PC on here. She didn’t mean anything by using that word in terms of gender hate. You also used some words that could be construed as derogatory in terms of my faith but I didnt complain nor did i take it personally. Forum decorum here is try and get along and not note every single little issue we have with one another.

        I appreciate your posts but please tone it down with the commentary. Focus on support for jodi.

    • I wonder if this has to do with all the information the state leaked to HLN that Nurmi was talking about? It will be interesting to hear her testimony. To bad though that she has an entire weekend to prepare herself nevermind skirt where all their info came from that was leaked to HLN…

  3. Is anyone else getting totally fed up with this judge? How about yesterday when she read a question and then when she reread it it was only half of it?? Total misrepresentation of the question!

    • I agree that really upset me that Alyce had to prompt her what the beginning of the question was?
      That right there made me think that the Judge herself is showing great BIAS for the Prosecutor !

  4. WildAboutTrial
    Grace Wong from In Session is ordered to testify on Monday at 11:00. She didn’t look too enthused. #jodiarias

    • Wong is Wrong 😀 not to be enthused. She should be ‘thrilled’ that she gets her own spot on Natl TV no less!!

  5. The day after ALV took ill, that morning before starting, the judge asked Nurmi if Ms. LaViolette would be able to testify or did he want to instead proceed with Ms. Wong. (I replayed that several times, thinking he was saying Long.) I was hoping Ms. Wong had an interesting relationship with Mr. Alexander but maybe it’s less dramatic than that.

    • it’s over martinez grand standing outside the court house. They had Jean C testify and they were waiting on a video and mentioned ms Wong

      • I have to commend Jean Casarez regarding coverage of the “Travis Messiah Lynch Mob” stalking and attacking AVL. She sounded genuinely concerned and mentioned AVL was rushed to the ER. But, being on the Nancy Grace show, Jean wasn’t given much time for that segment.

        Any thoughts?

        I think Jean is the only fair legal commentator/journalist affiliated with that entire network.

  6. Don’t get mad at me for just passing information. I agree the threats about Ms LaV’s repuation are horrible. (I have not seen death threats though just disgusting character assasination on Amazon).

        • Good God these people are plain sick. I have come to believe that there is a mental illness of hatred that has spread throughout the entire world, today.

          • Here might be the one:

            2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
            1.0 out of 5 stars
            Is it ok to stab you, slash your throat, and shoot you in the head?, April 12, 2013

            By Jane T. Hattox “lovetoshop” (Texas) – See all my reviews (REAL NAME) This customer created a Real Name and used a name from their credit card to help other customers identify them. This is a permanent badge.

            This review is from: It Could Happen To Anyone: Why Battered Women Stay (Paperback)

            Perhaps someone should stab her family and friends, slash her loved ones throat, and shoot her in the head, and then see if Alyce still thinks Travis is an abuser.

            • I don’t think this is the post because Alyce is still alive and able to think.

              There are so many posts, it will be almost impossible to find!

    • I emailed Amazon and stated I’m going to arrange a boycott of their site until they remove all the hatred ‘fake’ reviews toward Alyce LaViolette. I ended it by saying I was going to email their CEO and I’ve already reported it, with copies of my deleted thread on Amazon where user, “mango1806”, answered that they would like to see her dead because of her testimony.

      Amazon only deleted my thread, where I stated how the lynch mob attacked me and my religion and then their comments went on to threaten Alyce LaViolette.

      I posted, “So you’re saying you want to see Alyce LaViolette dead because of her testimony?”
      “Mango1806” replied, “Sure.”

      These people claim to be so caring of human life yet they bully and stalk which are two forms of abuse that obviously effected Ms. LaViolette’s health.

      She needs our support. Please, email Amazon and state you will boycott until the fake review hate posts by this lynch mob are removed.

        • Thank you, dave.

          One thing the Travis Messiah Lynch Mob doesn’t realize: the threats and bullying is considered witness intimidation. It was up there and I have a copy of the entire thread from my initial comment with mango1806’s response. I copied it before it could be removed and would gladly send it to be used.

          Check out this article:

          Retired Supreme Court Judges are quoted explaining their attacks on AVL are considered witness intimidation which would be grounds for a mistrial.

          Witness Intimidation is a felony in Arizona! I hope many of those Travis Messiah Lynch Mob members are from Arizona because they would end up in jail!

          Karma can be beautiful. <3

  7. Maybe the defense is going to have Ms. Wong explain to the jury that everything coming out of HLN is a bunch of crap.

  8. Ugh. I did not see it as an awesome week based on jury questions. But I keep telling myself maybe its just one or two people asking questions.

    • Amelia don’t lose heart. I thought the questions sounded like a mix – some were bad and obviously pro-pros, but I thought some of those sounded more like they wanted things clarified for the prosecution and the family in hopes of more understanding by them before the verdict is in. And (GOSH I wish i could remember the name) someone posted on another page that if the jurors had already made up their minds then they would not even bother to ask.

    • It seems if this is her then she may be called regarding mistrial – questions sounded like they were more from this source than from the actual trial. That’s is really imho, though.

        • I just read that a spectator in the courtroom, who also was a guest on an HLN show, saw the exchange between ALV and Samantha, but couldn’t make out what was said. The person knew that ALV talking to her was in violation of the courtroom protocol. They said:

          ” this spectator made a point of talking to Samantha and told her she did not have to endure talking to La Violette. She said Samantha looked at her and softly said, the Prosecutor is already on it.”

          Endure talking to LV? Give me a break!

          • Ummm, “endure talking to LV?!” These are the same people who believe ALV should ‘endure’ all the hatred, threats and abuse thrown at her. And Jodi should have ‘endured’ the abuse TA dished out.

          • The woman that said she saw AL do that has been posting about it on a crime board. She goes to court almost every day and trys to sit right behind TA’s sisters. She loves JM and is very pro prosecution. She also appears on Dr Drew occassionally to air her twisted views.

            • Trash. She is a piece of trash. I know she had a crappy childhood. For that I am truly sorry. But there comes a point in time, and after both of your parents are dead seems more than adequate, when you need to stop blaming and start being your own person. Not a drama queen, blamer baby ninny attention seeking advantage taker. That whole lot of Alexanders are like school in the summertime.

              • You are so right, joujou. I understand that they have lost a sibling, but the truth is they weren’t close. Hadn’t even visited him in AZ. Yet, they sit in the gallery and act like they have lost their best friend to gain sympathy. All of the crying, eye rolling, sneering, etc., is uncalled for and I would think that they would know how to conduct themselves in a courtroom. Especially SA, since she is in law enforcement. I think they enjoy every minute of the publicity that this unfortunate circumstance has allowed them to receive. I may sound harsh, but this is just my opinion.

          • I personally spent a lot of time last nite trying to protect Jodi. I am sure you know there are demons amongst us. Surprise who was post and it was not me. Unbeivable check out the other web sites. I could not sing if i wanted to let alone leave verses . Especially about death, Shame on you. I beg you to go check out other sites for your self.

          • It is not “illegal” for Alyce to speak to the family. It is the family’s right to refuse to speak to her. If she did speak to them, they declined, and she walked away, everything is good.

    • Legally they might have an issue since it is considered really inappropriate I am surprised she didn’t know that.

      • Any decent person would take it for what it is, she didn’t threaten her, she didn’t say horrible things to her…’s like they are out for blood, no matter who they have to attack!

        There have been a lot of in chambers with Samantha being called in…why not just let it go already.

        I don’t think it was illegal, it is probably more a moral issue…but that family is outside handing out ribbons to the people waiting to go in the gallery…. but i guess that is okay.

          • Gail
            That was pretty obvious! The Judge is against LaViolette but who knows, I was told that you should not approach the other side etc. It could be about that or something else.

            • it seems like the judge got this attitude, of being rude to AL when JM was asking her, and calling her on the fact she didnt testify in that one case involving men.. it was only a report.. they are all gonna use that one for sure… all the HLN Jodie haters.

      • Someone here had posted a link from WS, where ka*tycoola*dy was all in an uproar over it. She’s becomes BFF’s with the TA clan. She may be the force behind the family encouraging that the law be followed?

        • Yes she wrote that her “protective” instinct kicked in when she saw ALV approaching Samantha.

          Good Grief, these are NOT children, they are grown adults, they don’t look to me like they need anyone to protect them!

          • Agree! The snarky looks and eye rolls are enough to repel most folks. The judge should have, long ago, admonished them for the crying and antics.

            With that half mil a month they could pay for a few body guard’s if they’re so scared sitting in a court room surrounded by sheriffs! 😉

            I hope the DT is keeping a running list of all the issues that were left to run amok in this circus.

          • OMG. She’s such and idiot. She’s protecting the COP Samantha. Is she going to go out on Patrol with her when the trial is over to protect her then?

            • Ha!
              If only HLN would televise it, that sounds like it would be right up her alley! She would love to be the star of a new reality show called Victim Advocates for Cops.

              • Sable-
                LOL love the title. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it as Tabloid TV’s next reality show. We all know that Nut Case is looking to extend her 15 minutes of “fame” and is probably in negotiations to be the star.

          • HAHA, KCL doesn’t have a life. She probably has hardly any massage clients because someone like that would put off a selfish vibe and not have a lot of repeats…

              • Old self-important Queen Bee?
                I do not think she is Mormon. cuz I seem to remember her blathering on in one of her charming prose manifestos over at WS one time long ago about how physically attractive so many of the Morman people are who she has encountered living in Arizona. She seemed to be approaching her topic from a third person objective viewpoint.

      • Ya but there has to be FILM of that out there somewhere? I do not put it past that Alexander
        bunch to wave Alyce over an then claim some nonsense I do not trust one of them in that bunch
        of slithering snakes in a pile rubbing forked tongues an wishing to see a young lady DIE an
        be there to watch with great fondness an then proclaim Oh we are Christians BULL !

        • Wow, Rhonda – I think you are right on! They would do something that deceitful (judging from I see/read/hear about them).

        • Christians -> believe in the big dude, JC -> JC did not believe in revenge, & I’m certain he did not believe in the DP (I’m not up on the Bible). I’m not actively religious anymore, but I was raised Catholic, and geez, how can someone say they are a Christian & follow violent, vengeful old testament ideals?

          • Mormons aren’t Christians…they lure Christians into their cult with that but as far as they are concerned Joseph Smith is higher up than Jesus Christ AND they believe only that JC was just a prophet. Just wanted to clear that up for anyone within ear shot… 🙂

            • They claim to be Christians, and I therefore accept that they are Christian. I don’t think that they are like Apostle’s Creed professing type Christians, but if they claim to follow Christ I am certainly in no position to counter that. I also don’t think that they are a cult in the strict sense, like if someone joins they need to be reprogrammed. on the other hand, they hold to a lot of things that make me personally uncomfortable vis a vis young converts (my nieces) close to me, but I feel that beyond the impact on my nieces, it’s really nunnamuh. As a sociological question, the relationship and the handling of the case can be examined more meaningfully I believe, if viewed through that critical lens. This could be said of any case where religion was involved, regardless of the orthodoxy. Plus, Mormons come in all different stripes.

              • Nope. Not considered part of us Catholics, that’s for sure. I find their view of Jesus blasphemous.

                Don’t mean to be offensive but real Christians would not be cheering for the death penalty on an obvious secondary murder “crime of passion”.

                And we Christians *forgive* and seek *peace*.

                The Alexander siblings are not asking the lynch mob to stop the hate now, are they?

                Mormons are *not* in a class with Christians.

              • Mormons are not Christians at ALL…totally cult-like. I have researched it extensively as well as Christianity. Christians believe that JC died on the cross, is the last sacrifice, is one with the”father” and “holy ghost” and shed his blood so that the sins of all who ask, through his name, will be forgiven. Mormons, on the other hand, do not believe that, they do not pray “in Jesus’ name” and refer to “Heavenly Father” ie Joseph Smith. The book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants,etc, the rituals of the “chult” and the fact that 10% of EVERY Mormon’s earnings MUST go to the “church” as tithing are proof of the cult.

                • I respectfully disagree. I don’t think we can say who has truly accepted Jesus in their heart and lives for him. Mormon doctrine is contradictory to what Christians believe, but God says nobody knows the content of person’s heart…

                  I would also like to recommend a book called Hell Minus One. I just finished reading it. It’s about SRA and it opened my eyes to that SRA really exists. The writer exposed her parents and others who were high up in the Mormon church who were practicing SRA in secret. She and the AG of Utah exposed the group in the Mormon church and the bishop helped her, believed her and excommunicated the family. She also was able to obtain signed confessions from her parents who also named prominent names too. This helped an AG in Utah bust a satanic group wide open. This woman claims it was God who helped her through as a child and as an adult. I had some thoughts about the church support that I would want to share with those who read the book. It’s a very fast read. Its about the abuse and how she recovered her memories alone. She did have a therapist. It goes into false memory syndrome too. It’s a very good book both about SRA, the church and what Satanism is atleast with that group. Makes things Samuels dicussed about memory about very clear.

  9. Good Afternoon, you guys (and congrats to #1 VickyT! 😀 ) I see a lot of bad things happening in the trial right now and it is making some of us sick/sad/depressed and more. I think we can USE these feelings for good instead of worse. Don’t get sad – GET MAD. Get mad at this injustice, get angry at the mormon religion for not being held accountable (if you’re mormon, don’t get mad – you know there is a lot of bad things going on and you should not stand for it), get mad at society for spewing such hatred. And then turn that anger into energy and use that energy to do positive things. Write or email to the websites below or write and email CNN/HLN, the federal trade commission, your local congressman or senator. Write or email anyone you can to make them aware of this injustice. It is always things like this in history that makes the world as a whole wake up and think; Wait a minute – this is not what I want for my children. It is called the tipping point and I believe this trial may be bringing us to that.

    I hope it is okay to re-post somethings – but I think they are soooo important and I don’t want them to get lost during this time of stress. (If it is not okay to do this – please remove the post and let me know and I apologize.)

    Oliverio posted this morning: “Utah Statistics are Among the Highest in the Nation for Depression, Rape, Child Abuse, and Pornography!!!
    Utah (which is approximately two-thirds LDS) should have the lowest rates of crime, divorce, child abuse, and pornography,” The rest of the post is enlightening and frightening at the same time.

    Here are the last two paragraphs of a post I made this morning:

    “I am passionate about this for one reason; I have children. As a victim of emotional/sexual abuse myself, I do not want to see abuse spread and remain so acceptable. I want justice and religion should not be USED as a guise for dirty un-justice and sexual abuse. There are forces in our world (and no, I am not a conspiracy theorist) that WANT us to believe things of the deviant sexual nature are okay (12 year old girls, trolling for boys, women are the root of all evil) and it needs to be stopped in its tracks. There are forces that use OUR judicial system to suppress information as well as enforce religious views.

    Just a plea from me – Seek justice and do whatever you can to serve it. Do not waste time on hater sites for those people are filled with scum. Go to the top; the Innocence Project; False Confessions Org; Help the Child Brides and then help, email or whatever you feel comfortable with. Read about “religion and child abuse’ and you may be horrified at how rampant it has become. And if you are a religious person – do not think that I am bashing you. You, of all people, should not want your religion used for such purposes.”

      • Thanks for reading, Lynn! And please also check out ‘false confession’ dot org – you may be surprised at some of the similarities in this trial.

          • great site Cindy~Zack Witman case is classic example of sloppy police work and jumping to conclusions regarding ones guilt! It’s scary to think that any of us could be accused of a crime falsely and end up on DR or Life! Just as in this case, the DA, Flores have tunnel vision and can not look at the facts in this case…Especially the ones that would exonerate Jodi..This trial is a farce and what is upsetting is the mob mentality also..I’m surprised that this trial wasn’t stopped by mistrial almost from the beginning!! And seriously, no sequestration!! The Judge knows what is going can she allow this to continue???

            • It IS scary, Lynn. I sent a couple emails with details of why i believe that Jodi’s was a false confession. I just hope somebody listens. I will not stop, either, I will continue to send more and am ready to start on the innocence project if this trial takes a bad turn. I believe this is really a fight of good vs evil and the corruption of the judicial system. I’m soooo glad you checked out that site. I think the more knowledge we have, the more power we have! 😀

              • Cindyp, something struck me odd when I was listening to Snarky Glace or JVM. One of the guys that knew them both was on. He was on to supposedly talk about JA’s reaction on hearing that TA had died. However, as he was describing it, he said that Flora, the potted plant, that sits next to ‘the-chosen-one’, had previously called this guy (and mind you this was just a day after TA was found) and told him not to discuss or talk to JA about any details as she was the suspect!!! She was pegged from the get-go – Flora and the gang, did not bother to even look for other reasons for TA’s death. Also, the guy said that he believed JA when she called him, because her grief seemed so sincere. He would never have pegged her to be the suspect. But then another guy friend of his, told him not to believe her and that she was a liar. I am not sure, but all kinds of bells went off in my mind as I heard him recount this on the show. There is for sure more to this than meets the eye.

                BTW, Snarky Glace, insists on calling ALV, ‘the violet’, just like she insisted on calling the good doc ‘dick’ samuels (for Richard). She ofcourse, stressed the word “dick”.

    • The fact is you have a cult pretending to be a Religion but it is a cult, Margaret Singer a Cult specialist testified in trials explaining the brainwashing techniques of a cult, I see the attack on LaViolette on Amazon by LDS members its obvious, GROUP thought what are they covering up?? You should see the hateful remarks a friend of mine received, Everytime I check on the commentators many never reviewed a book in their life on Amazon. LDS is known for misogynist behavior. When my friend accused them of being LDS Cult this guy right away deleted his nasty remarks. How many Jurors are Mormon? this can play a huge part because I believe in the Constitution of USA not that of a Pedophile False Prophet Joseph Smith and why would Martinez keep bringing up the Book Of Mormon??? The Judge has not been fair as demonstrated by her nastiness to LaViolette and the fact that there is no Order in her courtroom.

      • You are sooooo right, Oliviero! It is interesting that on the link someone posted where the reporter (Michael Keifer, I think?) calls all this nonsense against ALV being done by a cult, too. I almost allowed my girls to get involved with the local sect here until one went to summer camp with them. When she came home, I called a friend of mine who’s daughter also went and we were both shocked at what we found out had happened there! I stopped all contact with those people after that (thank God!). I’d say we were lucky.

        You said: “How many Jurors are Mormon? this can play a huge part because I believe in the Constitution of USA not that of a Pedophile False Prophet Joseph Smith” and that is exactly what worries me about this case – the hold of the judicial system by these people. It is not right and needs to be exposed.

      • Oliverio-
        As you know, I so respect your knowledge and research on cults so hope you can share your opinion on my latest thoughts.

        Since Jodi has not renounced the Mormon Cult, and has not been ex communicated by the Cult, is she still considered a Mormon?

        If she is, then many Mormon’s on the Jury would constitute “being tried by a jury of your Peers”. Maybe that is what the Cult is hoping for and thinking a conviction is in the bag. Then they plan to excommunicate her or worse…God Forbid.

      • Not all Mormons are like that! I am Mormon, and my husband and I both agree that even in the afterlife Mr. Alexander has some splaining to do with our heavenly father. I do agree it is masogonistic, but there are good things about it. I’m by no means a bend over and take it from anything male kind of girl, but I appreciate the teachings in the church because they do empower women, and they also acknowledge that women actually work twice as hard as the average man in the church. They usually have jobs too as well as the men but they also have the children and guys are generally told to STFU. They are taught that they are supposed to love and cherish their wives because if a divorce happens it’s because they let the marriage fall apart because the majority of women will not wander if they are loved and cherished and made to feel amazing every single day of their marriage. I have dated tons of guys, and only had one other guy treat me nearly as good as my Mormon-Jack Mormon like me, but Mormon husband treats me! We also do not condone pedophilism as my own father abused me. I don’t want to say more because other people get so upset when they see those terms, it was not just molestation. My husband is extremely protective and very loving. 😀 I’m so glad I’m not a male LDS, Travis is just Fd!

        • AMcKown – please understand that we know that not ALL are like that. Read on and you see that the point is that there are those who use your religions (as well as others) to further their own selfish cause and hide behind the doctrine so they can get away with bad actions. What you describe is very a beautiful relationship and my hope is that those who’s religion is being abused/used to abuse would be more active in coming forward and doing what can be done to stop those who abuse. (For example – the church that TA was part of should have been more active in helping him if, indeed, it was true that the bishop already knew.)

    • Yes I agree with you CindyP !! the commentators on these court held trials need not
      be on an be so biased to one side. I can understand like it was once just regular court
      tv I could watch an make up my own mind.

      This is out of hand now. Making up a mock jury about a actual trial that is
      In Session WTH ? pretending JURORS have no contact what so ever with
      the outside world ?

      HLN is out of ORDER ! an needs to STOP some how some way they need
      to all be put out of a JOB.+

    • Child abuse is rampant especially among Parents, I don’t blame Religion a blame a culture that has gone astray, but when a CULT like LDS has as a leader a polygamous Pedophile murderer who had no respect for our constitution then we have a problem. In Communist Russia Pedophilia became Rampant so when you have Cult Leaders this is a result.

      • Why do you think they were run all the way out too the WILD WEST.

        IT was evil to the normal person in 1830. But they maintain to bring in
        new followers they do not teach them all the old doctrine. An the people
        do not even investigate it. WTH?

        Yes it is true in the early days men did marry younger women I know
        this my great grandmother was married at 14 years old. A Sioux Native
        that wanted off the reservation. Maybe traded even way back when.
        The men did not live that long either died of some disease or natural
        causes but gun shot an arrows were nothing out of the norm either.

        40 my great grandmother told me was a old age for a man to live in the
        late 1800’s. Now I am sure those that had the privilege to live above
        the means of the norm in America did live longer lives but they were
        sheltered from the true America also the ones that lived off the land
        not in a city or big house on a hill with servants etc.

        I only mention this because someone always uses the excuse people
        did marry young at one time. Yes an they stopped that also when people
        started to live a longer life.

        This hunting Virgins thing just makes me
        sick though. Oh a man can be a whore an that is fine but the woman
        she needs to be pure. Give me a BREAK ! this is 2013 an this
        same thing is taught to people? I do not think that is how the Bible
        perceives young men either to be a P I G!

      • I feel religion has sway because the of the people involved. What ‘culture’ would abuse children and put down women? It is often religion that stops people from seeking the truth. They do not want the reputation of their church/religion put on trial and you see from the FLDS and even the catholic church and the abuse of boys by priests. It is hidden to preserve their image – forget about what is happening to the children. Because of this – many people hide behind religion to do their dirty deeds; men have to marry a virgin, Eve GAVE the apple to Adam – it wasn’t HIS fault, women in the FLDS are responsible for ALL bad things that happen to them – it is THEIR sin (not the abuser), make the woman wear a veil so she does not tempt the man to rape her. And the list goes on. I don’t know of any type of ‘culture’ other than this that allows such abominations to women.

        Please don’t think I am only blaming religion because, of course, it is the faith that is used/twisted/distorted by people in order to hide their actions while manipulating and controlling others who believe they are ‘weaker.’

        • & the worse part is all the women who buy into those beliefs, and attack & drag down other women. I remember hearing that it is women who perform the female circumcisms on other women in places where this horrific mutilation is done.

    • What really horrifies me are those stories about girls being kidnapped & kept as sex slaves. These things are going on right in the U.S.

    • And those Mormons had the nerve to call Catholics the “religion of pedophilia”?
      Our new Pope will be taking care of that problem.

      Didn’t one of their Mormon polygamy leaders in Colorado get arrested for forcing and raping 12 to 14 year old girls to be part of his Pedophiliac Polygamy Pact? Oh yes, the PPP – – right up there with the KKK.

      I also heard *rumors* that the Mormons don’t welcome African-Americans into their Temples.

  10. I find it amusing and just a little bit concerning that people can threaten ALV’s life for testifying for Jodi in what was a democratic country last time I checked, but Jodi was not allowed to defend herself against a raging psychopath! What is wrong with this picture???

    • Haven’t you heard? Jodi MADE TA abuse her, she made him read from a script, it is okay to rage on someone like that (she was asking for it, after all) and being a woman and all, she only killed him because she is a man-hating, jealous witch (didn’t you see the pic of her holding candles! It shook me to my soul!).

      Of course I’m being sarcastic, however this is how the haters think and that is what they believe. They honestly do not believe in our laws and think that she (or any woman, I’m sure) does not deserve justice. She should be killed to avenge TA’s death so everyone can feel better by saving AZ money.

      • Yes and JA started practicing the 12 year old little girl look when she was involved with her first love…

        JA meeting the DP will do zero to avenge his death, take away the pain or make his death any better to bear each day.

        If he were my bro I would not be able to find solace in the death of another to lessen my pain. I cannot make that connection…

        • If Jodi were to receive the death penalty and it was carried out, these people would still be in pain and hurt and they would still be angry. And they would direct their anger at the next person they feel should pay regardless of the situation.

          As Alyce said, “we all have the right to be angry, it’s what we do with that anger that is important.”

          Being angry does not give us the right to be cruel!

    • Yeah, it’s interesting how the Travis Taliban talks about their first amendment rights, but then turns around and tries to ruin someone else for using theirs. They are such hypocrites.

      And yes, every citizen is entitled to a defense. The Green River Killer even got a defense. Would they want other people to take away THEIR right to a defense? Probably not.

      • What I’d like to say to them is this….if ALV was testifying for the prosecution, they would absolutely LOVE her and praise her and be “right oning” her! So, they really need to put things into perspective here and think about what they are doing to this womans career. Furthermore, it would be like ALL of us and there are many, attacking this rebuttal that JM has coming in to dispute ALV’s testimony, would we? Not likely. Cuz we have boundaries and morals. ‘Nough said.

        • These people have no perspective. Were the media or their sites to turn coats, they’ld turn coats. Most are followers, would need serious deprogramming to become skeptics and think on their own. The only true to themselves trait they can be relied on is to destroy others and to look for easy victims. Feed them that and they will salivate.
          But they are in no way representative of the majority of people.

        • Right, how would they feel if JM’s witnesses were treated the way Alyce and Dr Samuels were treated? They’d be singing another tune then wouldn’t they. Like I said… hypocrites…

          • Even if this was MY BROTHER who was the deceased I would be turned off by JM’s style.

            It’s so unnecessary and wears on ones entire being.

            • Funny you mention this….cuz I was just thinking about his today. I have a younger brother that is 33 years old and is quite the metrosexual if I do say so myself. And, sadly to say, we do have a rather distant relationship, only seeing him on the very rare occasion, etc. If, and I say IF this were to happen to him and all of these secrets came gushing out of the closet. I would go directly to the “killer” and hear her side of the story before I drew any other conclusion because honestly I don’t know him anymore. It’s not like when we were little. And, if she said all of this horrible stuff, I would go out and try to confirm it and if I could, even in the slightest way as people clearly were able to by Travis’ disgusting, vile behavior, I’m sorry, I believe in my whole heart that I would have to believe in my brother’s girlfriend and have to say that whether or not I want to believe or not, whether I want to like it or not, whether I want to accept it or not, he could have and very much was possible someone that I knew very little about, if not NOTHING about and it was a defensive act. I can’t think of it any other way. If I were Travis’ siblings I would have gone straight to Jodi in the first place and truly listened to the WHOLE story no matter how awful it was.

              • Tanne, yes… I so agree. I have also put myself in that situation, I have a 33 yrs old brother too but he was the guy that really didn’t have that many GF, on the shy side. But if, like you said and god forbid, if this would have been him, I would’ve also looked and listened to the girl and if I saw the proof that they have right there in front of their noses (text msg, emails and a video tape of him saying that comment about a 12 yr old girl) I would be very disappointed and I would definitely blv this tragedy could’ve much well been self defense. So, idk what’s up their ass, they must thk they’re better then anyone else and that they shouldn’t look or listen to the evidence, maybe because of what THEY THEMSELVES have been through growing up and that has affected them as well (remember ALV was saying that these kids of abused children grow up thinking its them against the world). That’s what they’ve been putting out since this has happened to the family.

              • Finally someone that says what I would do also. I would not condone a
                brother’s behavior. Knowing that my brother was not perfect an knowing
                how my brother was. No way no how!

                I would be sitting on Jodi’s side. As
                I have in life for real stood up for my sister in law for I knew for a fact
                she was not what my brother had told my parents an sister. But they
                believe my brother an hate my ex sis in law. No matter how I tell
                this is false what my brother says I know I lived there for 6 months.
                I seen his rude an out right abusive behavior towards this woman.

                I don’t know why but some people it is true BLOOD is thicker an they
                would go to the grave before saying anything against a family member
                whether or not they know in their heart he/she is a great liar/deceiver.

            • My husbands x-wife was murdered 3 years ago..the perp was a meth freak and is suspected in 2 other homicides as well. His sister during grand jury test admitted that he hanged” a pet lizard when he was younger and admitted to killing my husbands x-wife. to her…she was found hung and it was made to look like a suicide. Interesting enough, one of his x-girlfriends was also found hanging from a tree a year before our family’s homicide.

              My Step-sons were devastated and we were all not looking forward to a trial. Thankfully when faced with DP perp confessed and got life. So when I look at TA’s family I can understand how this would be hard for them to go thru, BUT our family would not of advocated death threats against the defense witnesses, or at least I would hope the boys wouldn’t as they were deeply hurt by the death of their Mother..I imagine how if this had gone to trial, what would I have done in the court room? I’m sure I would of glared at the perp, but there is court decorum and I would think the Judge would admonish any obvious facial expressions, gum chewing, eye rolling I really feel that this Judge does not have a handle on this courtroom at all. You know the jury is watching the family
              How in any way could this be fair in any case?

            • I agree if this was my brother I would cringe at JM. Also if I did find out the things my brother said as heard on tape and seen in emails. I would not push for a trial. At the very least you would think they would not want all this graphic vile stuff he said plastered all over the world. I try to pray for his siblings because I know they grew up in an abusive home. However if it were me I would put out a very loud statement telling everyone to stop the hate and death threats. Of course if I found out this was my brother treating my sister-in-law like this he would answer to me as he sometimes has to when I think he is out of line. The problem here too is I do not think any of them got close to Jodi or met her. All they know is what they hear. Like I said my sister-in-law is a wonderful person and I would not just take what the friends are saying as facts because I do know her as an example.

              • But Travis’ family never met Jodi, the only opinion they have of her is what they have formed by what his friends told them.

                Having come from a dysfunctional, abusive home, I can relate to his siblings. BUT, and I am not saying this to offend anyone, there comes a time when you have to stop blaming your abuse for everything and using it to justify your behavior.

                These people are not children anymore, they are adults and they are responsible for the choices they make, the same as we all are. Yes it is truly sad that they didn’t have a safe, healthy, nurturing environment in which to grow up in, but there are many of us that can say the same.

                As a child I was a victim, I had no choice or say in what was done to me, as an adult it is my choice whether I continue to be a victim or a survivor.

                No offense intended to anyone, so please don’t think I am being harsh or disrespectful of survivors.

    • You are right, The Media is out of control but it can be appealed on that basis and the Judge showed such poor judgement she stinks

    • I believe the issue is not so much ‘media coverage’ as it is ‘media bias.’ Covering a trial is one thing. But putting your own spin by omitting facts and lying should just be illegal. Unfortunately, precedence allows the media to lie all they want without being held accountable for it. The public is supposed to somehow understand it is all ‘just entertainment.’ Unfortunately, their viewers do take their crap as gospel.

      • I agree about the trials and its the reason I only watched part of the CA trial, (did my OWN mini-investigation), and was hesitant to watch this one. Seeing our justice system being made a mockery by wannabe former lawyers and the hatred they stir up makes me sick.

        Does anyone else remember back,..oh, somewhere between 2006 &. ’08, where the wife of a military guy was charged & found guilty, (with the help of “CourtTV of course), with NG screaming about how it HAD to be “murder” because she got breast implants 3 months after the death.
        Supposedly she “poisoned” him?
        That beautiful young lady was AQUITTED about 6 months later-conviction thrown out!! While performing further tests, it turned out he had that kidney disorder that mimics antifreeze poisoning.
        After the science on that disorder, there were another 4-5 “murder” cases overturned after the bodies were exhumed & they showed the problem.
        It was after THAT trial, after sending that young lady letters of support, fighting with people in the old court TV forums, that I realized that as long as we have a media who cashes in on forming a verdict, often before the trial even starts, that I just can only take so much.
        While that case was bad, CA was worse, and this trial is HORRIFIC with these jackasses on TV convincing people it’s “OK”, even preferable, to assume GUILT immediately!! That its “OK” to harass defendants, their team and witnesses-not to mention their families.
        Our country has lost control of the tenant of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY-and I find it hard to believe we can stuff the genie back into the bottle.
        OK, I’m done…rant of the day….. 🙂

        • Lainey1843 – I was aware of that case but did not watch it. I was infuriated when she was convicted because, being in the health field, I knew about the false anti-freeze readings (the kidney problem is not the only thing that can mimic anti-freeze poisoning). BUT for some reason this was not allowed in court which was a freakin’ travesty. I did not know that she was acquitted – so thanks for that, it makes me so happy to hear! I think these things should be taken a step further and prosecutors in these cases should be reprimanded. I absolutely do not believe they are all just passionate and believe the person is guilty. I do believe that many prosecutors are in it for convictions and not truth.

          • I do remember that case now and I did not know she was acquitted. That is great and it shows how little they report on people that were innocent. It makes them look bad. They do not care about a justice and they just want to punish whoever they think they can get a verdict on.

            • Oh yes, wasn’t that the trial that the judge decided that her breast augmentation was relevant as evidence for the prosecution?

        • That was Cynthia Sommer. She was totally innocent of committing any crime at all. Her husband died of natural causes.

        • Sommer didn’t go through a second jury trial; the charges were dropped against her. She had been in prison for I believe around four years.

          Her case was on “48 Hours.”

          • Hi All! I think one major thing that would help her win this case (even at this point) would be to find the gun. If she was already out of the fog when she got rid of it, than wouldn’t that mean that she remembers more or less Where she got rid of it? why don’t they try to find it or have they already tried?

      • The Media is always on the side, or I should say Court TV HLN , of the Prosecution they are too bias.
        The Media and Prosecution are in Bed together. Greta from FOX News got attacked by the haters because she did not chant KILL JODI, thats really sick,

  11. Yesterday or today I thought I heard a Juror question to LV about a certain media that they shouldn’t even have looked at. Is there a place where I can watch that part again (I think it was yesterday). Because nobody caught it. If indeed it wasn’t brought into court and the Juror watched it and asked LV if she watched it, then how do we notify the defense to get a mistrial because of that Juror bringing in or watching something that shouldn’t have been watched?

  12. Today for the first time I listened to the trial on live feed and not HLN radio and it was so much better and peaceful. I must’ve missed the judge being rude to Alice but anyway my point is that listening to it this way gives me a different perspective and Juan has toned down… A little… But he manipulates (yes manipulates is the right definition for this situation) the witness’ testimony from the Freemans, Jodi, Alice’s and who knows what else… Oh yeah Jodi’s father’s video clip… He does a very good job of making the world black and white. I understand why Alice is defensive and it’s because he goes quickly, is really trying to tricking her, and she won’t allow it. The jury, from my perspective is left wanting that A-ha I got you moment and so far he hasn’t delivered, but at the same rate he confuses them with his accusatory tone as if there’s a lie or a key fact he’s uncovering. It’s blah blah blah blah Jodi lies!!!! If you notice he doesn’t really EVER touch the real issue-domestic violence. All his questions are…. Drumroll… What I perceive as character assassination. Jodi lied period. He doesn’t ever touch Travis’s abuse directly, and the little bit he has touched is only about the one text message he is mad about her telling him about the restaurant lady and Lisa. He knows that there was AT THE VERY LEAST psychological abuse. He tries to act like he’s the “little guy pursuing the truth” in that court room. But his hypothesis has so many fallacies anyone can see. Laviollette isn’t a push over either. I think it’s difficult for her to testify because in order for her to recall and answer she has to talk through her assessment and response. Many people get lost when people speak longer than 30 seconds. Sad but true. Most people won’t even read this post because its too long. I admit I do the same at times. My point is that it’s probably difficult for the jury to assess her testimony with:
    1. Juan M showboating, yelling and perpetuating AHa moments that don’t exist.
    2. Alice explaining DV. She speaks like a college professor and she’s brilliant but it gets lost to simple people.
    3. The digital media that’s been ruled out of the case.
    I believe if the jury saw for THEMSELVES all the texts, emails, IMs of this case she would be acquitted completely. Then there’s juror 11…. I’m speculating but I think he left because he doesn’t want to deal with all the circus this trial is creating. He’s almost at the end of the trial to quit now? With the social media aspect of this trial I think that juror was afraid of the repercussions to remain on the jury and deal with the media. Now, I’m speculating… I am stating how I feel not that it’s true

    • Yea, all that “SO YOU LIED TO THE JURY this morning?”
      AL: “no mr Martinez I did not”
      Rat-face: “BUT you told the jury, looked at them and TOLD them that you….”
      Alyce: NO mr Martinez I did NOT say that
      Rat-face: “BUT YOU TOLD THE JURY….”
      AL: NO Mr Rat-Face STOP TELLING THE JURY WHAT I SAID AND DIDN’T SAY!! (I wish she’d said that.)

  13. It came to me that in a way the idea of Jodi Arias (not the actual gal), is kind of a martyr for the good. She is taking all the pent-up anger and aggression of the haters, and this in turn protects others in their actual lives. I have said this before, the routinely abused children of the haters are probably getting their heads above water during this trial – the haters/bullys/abusers are so busy with Arias, they don’t have the time to beat their children. So maybe in a way, this trial is good for the most vulnerable & voiceless in the U.S. & the rest of the world.

  14. Any one think Ms. Wong could be there to introduce the video that HLN showed of TA shooting he gun?
    Perhaps they would use the producer to introduce that evidence because it sounded like they did not want put that Fat mouth-breather (whats his name?) on the stand. JM insisted, but KN said he shouldn’t be allowed because he had been present during testimony, but he was of course over ruled. So if JM wants to question him, he will have to put him on the rebuttal list.

  15. If Judge Stephens was ethical, she would have had:

    1) that jury sequestered from the start of the trial
    2) NO video cameras or tabloid media in the courtroom
    3) only the families and close friends of Travis and Jodi allowed in the courtroom
    4) ALL written communication between Jodi and Travis allowed into evidence
    5) NO Dr. Drew jurors in the courtroom
    6) NO HLN show After Dark

    Thoughts on Judge Stephens?

    I think my points above scream mistrial.

    • Agreed except for #3. Public should have access to trials.

      Amendment VI (1791)
      In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right
      to a speedy and PUBLIC trial, by an impartial jury….

      • Well, some interesting news for you, viri:

        On Vinnie Puke-a-ton’s show today, the female brunette defense attorney stated, “Yeah, there is ocean front property for sale in Arizona…” after Vinnie stated, “The Judge knows that jury isn’t watching any of the media coverage.”

        Public for courtrooms but not exploitive tabloid media – in a perfect world.

        • Agreed, not tabloid.
          I only objected to having Star Chamber trials.
          Impartial jury is not there. Not only the jury should have been sequestered, but the trial should have been moved to another county. The jurors were already tainted by the coverage before they were selected.

    • MHFSMS, the way I see it is that a judge sets the tone for the courtroom. When she allowed JM to disrespect the witnesses (esp. from the Defense side), she started something that has gone out of control. It is as Judge Larry Seidlin said last nite on the After Dark show “Prosecutor Gone Wild” show. Also, emboldened by JM’s stance, the jurors began submitting snarky, disrespectful ‘questions’ for the defense witnesses – starting with JA. The judge could’ve intervened then and asked the jury to make sure that when they present questions to address them in a respectful manner. Judge Dredd herself could have kept it classy, by her tone and cutting out the unneccessary antics from JA.

      I am curious to know if when she was reading the juror Q’s to the prosc witnesses, was she as rude and dismissive as she has been with the ones from the defense side? I need to go back, watch and compare. Also, she seemed to particularly relish the mean spirited Q’s that were coming in from the Jurors to ALV. She seems slanted in one direction, which is not any way close to the defense side.

      The disappointment in all of us in her attitude, and careless dismissal of many valid objections and concerns from the defense side, is palpable. I sense it in all our posts. Its put a pall on this whole “justice” system.


    • I’m waiting for a friend of hers-my former DV counselor, now a DV attorney, to call to fond out the best way to do this. Chris was in court all day today doing emergency hearings. As soon as she calls me, I’ll let everyone know!!

    • She has a Facebook page. I supported her on it and sent her a kind email. The Mormon Messiah Hate Mob is ALL over that page. What wicked tongues.

      Please join it!
      If you need the link, I’ll find it and post it.

      Gus Searcy is getting bullied too.

      I really dislike the Mormons. They are NOT nice people as they claim. Their Temples are not open to the public – that says it all.

      • Next time they come knocking on my door,I’ll tell them you wanted to murder Jodi Arias, NO TIME FOR YOU. I had a interesting mother inlaw. She was visited by J. Witness,and told them I can’t be in your religion,I didn’t see the accident. They turned and left. No offense to any religion,But this sect of mormoms seem like there hiding something.

    • I’ve already been doing it Jesse. I’ve had to pick just a few sites to do it thought because it’s so overwhelming. The cult has a lot of people doing there dirty work and I think they work around the clock. If someone knows a collegue of Ms. L and they can say if there is one particualar place that support would be most useful, I would know where to concentrate my efforts

      • Thanks you guys for the information and support. I will try to leave a nice message for ALV on her facebook page and amazon if I can. I feel so bad for this woman. She is an elderly lady and has been doing a lot for abused and battered women for more than 35 years. Did you guys know that ALV had to be hospitalized for severe anxiety because of all this backlash and death threats and bullying? That is why court was cancelled the other day when they said ALV was “sick”.It is disgraceful that these so called people of faith(Mormons) are creating such hate. I will do all I can for Jodi and all of her supporters! We Are TEAM JODI!

  17. Ok I had to go work out to relieve the stress and to avoid hearing JM screeching. It was that or eat a ton of chocolate.

    Did I see correctly that Juror 11 is out. Is this correct? Sorry I turned it off as soon as Kermit leaped up.

  18. The judge even told them to be sure to bring their cell phones on Monday.

    Does anyone understand why Alyce would be under subpoena if she’s a defense witness?

      • What’s the worst that can happen from approaching the family? AL may have to pay a fine which I wouldn’t think is a big deal. A court sanction may put a black mark on AL for any future expert witness testimony but if I were her, I’d never want to go through something like this again anyway.

      • And the Judge did say that Alyce was to be there Tuesday unless the Judge released her early. So what the heck is that about? If the sister was so upset by Alyce speaking to her, is the judge thinking the sister will drop the issue?

        This is all too weird!

        • Oh, I didn’t know all witness are subpoena’d when appearing in court.

          I assumed if she was a witness for the defense team she was there on her own accord.

          I thought subpoena’s were for someone who was reluctant to appear on the witness stand.

          Thanks Kira, for my lesson today – a much nicer lesson than yesterdays 😉

  19. Sorry for the all caps and the misspelling, I was so mad! Lets write some encouraging words for poor Mrs. Alice Laviolette! TEAM JODI!

    • I have sent numerous emails/complaints to Amazon, (so far one response saying my message was forwarded to the correct department… not sure what that means but I’ll keep trying) and I’ve sent emails to places where she lectures in her support. I do not think those who run the seminars really would fall for the hate-cult, though. Just keep searching and posting where you can in her favor; fight the good fight, Jesse! 😀

  20. Just finished watching the trial,That judge is a rude bi atch,probally pissed that her Friday was taken up,any how I only get the trial on HLN (god help me) and the stupidest thing just came out of that jackass Vinnies mouth,THE JURY DOESNT WATCH THE NEWS OR SURF THE NET,he must have his head stuffed up his ass,Its because of HLN this trial has become a mockery and is shameful.Some of the questions asked by the jury were direct quotes from the HLN shows and if Vinnie really believes that the jury doesnt watch TV,There can only be one other way they get those questions THE PROSECUTORS office,Hey old Juan was put on trial for sleezy dealings in 2002,HLN sure doesnt broadcast that.I am getting so F#@*ing tired of how they drag Jodi through the mud,rating her hair and clothes,now they have pictures of her when she is younger and making a big deal about her wearing a superman shirt WTF does this have to do with the facts in this trial.I hope Jodi will walk,but with the Media pressure and the tainted jury and that stupid ass BI atch Judge it aint gonna happen,the only hope now is that they get a judge with some brains and guts to go over the records and protests by the defence in the appeal,I feel so sorry for Jodi,she is getting the shaft big time,Lets not lose hope though,lets keep up the support and who knows,Stranger things have happened.

    • Dennis….thanks for posting that comment…I saw it too…and did you see how he was holding in the smile…if you watch Vinnie enough…you can tell that he is slightly smiling and he didn’t believe that himself…and that lady he was talking too…she was smiling when he said that…

      • Vinnie, with his smirk and stupid spiky hair and icky mouth that moves as fast as he can spew his words out, gags me. Fast forwarding past him is painful.

        I wish there were other options on tv to see the trial.

        Then there’s their reinventing of words: *Non-stop coverage only on HLN* …. they better contact Webster’s. Last I checked non-stop meant:

        (nonˈstop) adjective
        continuing without a stop.

        • Vinnie tweets some very, very inappropriate things for being someone in his position and he should be fired! Read his tweets from today about Alyce, he’s just as bad as everyone else!

    • Yup I heard him say that too! (THE JURY DOESNT WATCH THE NEWS OR SURF THE NET) He’s an idiot and he can barely contain his excitement! I would like to smack that smirk off his face once and for all. HLN is not for justice, they are for sensationalism. They are staffed by washed-up has-been’s who have no integrity. They better hope none of their own ever get into a legal scrape because they can kiss a fair trial goodbye.

  21. The Juror that was dismissed was a male Hispanic in his 30’s. He got sick, so he is off the jury. I think the reason ALV has to come back on Tues (No trial Mon, I think) is because she said something after she got off the stand one day to one of TA sisters who was sitting in the gallery. The sister complained to Dickhead Martinez and Martinez went and tattled to the judge. One bystander thought Alice was only trying to convey her sympathies for the loss of TA. This whole trial is literally making me sick.

    • and with the Judge’s tone of voice to Alyce when she said that she knew what the other was about…I feel that it has something to do with that too…

      I just wish she had totally ignored all of them that day..

      • You would think ALV would’ve known to stay clear of any one from the other side. She is well versed in dealing with law and the courtroom. Not sure what would have compelled her to approach them. She must be regretting even taking on this case now.

        • That is strange you should never approach the family if you are an expert witness for the other side it was very stupid sorry, I know people will say how they should get over it etc. But if this Hurts Jodi’s case etc. you can’t make excuses I thought it was very stupid.

          • Yea…if that is the case that ALV approach the family…..I don’t know what she was thinking that day……………………I’m depressed to day!!!!

          • I strongly feel ALV approached the Alexander clan because of all the hate and death threats toward her online and in person.

            Maybe she felt the Alexanders would show their *kind* Mormon faith and ask the court of public abuse to stop all the hate.

        • IF it is impermissible, it is the crazy AZ Victim Bill of Rights. She is an experienced witness in a state with more normal rules.

          • jj, I thought I read something that was copied here, from WS, by k*tiecooll*dy that this was the case.

            She, being a victim herself, is a huge backer of assuring the TA siblings get the AZ VBoR fully enforced. I wonder if it wasn’t for her if anyone would have made it an issue if this is in fact what it’s about?

            It really falls on the DT IF she was not informed of this, as a friendly FYI in case they met in the bathroom or hallway. Though it would seem rather unlikely they wouldn’t have informed her.?

            • I’ll believe it happened when we get some info that comes from a source I have even a modicum of respect for. And the Huffington Post is about to be off even that generous list.

  22. Is it possible to find out who, if anybody, received Life Insurance Benefits on Travis Alexander. Employee death insurance, site specific death claim, etc. PPL, Dave Hall, Chris Hughes, Sky Hughes, The Alexander

    • I have wondered that myself who had an insurance policy. As once stated by Jodi I had nothing to gain and everything to lose if she killed him. I wonder if anyone did gain anything. If I had to guess hypothetically it would lead straight to CH & SH.

    • I would think since he worked for ppl and was his own boss he would not have life insurance unless he bought his own. Normally any life insurance would go to next of kin, unless stipulated differently.

      • we have policies on every family member and it would go to next of kin if a beneficiary wasnt named. He was bit young for that, not sure though. We did it in case something happened to one of us. The kids policies earn money for college. ( just explaining ).

        • With his financial issues and being so young, unmarried and no kids would he have a policy?

          Of course he might have but I know I would never pay for one if I was young and single.

  23. JM told everyone in court she lied to the jury about how many men did you testify for she said 1 or 2 JM says give me there names on and on I hope JM does not get a court action to have her tried for PURGERY on the stand and have her testomay compley removed so no there is no DV case for jodi to fall back on what do you say and comments

      • That pissed me off! He screamed at her, “Give me their names!” Um, nope. I would have said, “Go fuck yourself little man.”

      • They are not confidential if they are criminal cases. Anyone can look up names of criminal cases in any state. This was my worry too.

      • She didn’t give a name, that I heard anyways, but he really came at her hard over this.

        How does he keep it all straight as I never see him write anything down? He just sits there glaring!

    • Well then I hope the defense takes that false testimony that flora, the potted plant, that sits next to ‘the one’ and smacks it right back on their face. He admitted that he lied re. the sequence of TA’s wounds saying the ME told him the sequence, which was in direct contradiction to what the ME said. He was caught in a lie too. What then. So what’s good for the goose, should also be good for the gander. I hope the defense fights back and plays hard ball with jm (he does not deserve caps at all – none of them deserve the honor of caps!!). jm is trying to win on technicalities becoz his big plan of pre-medi has fallen flat like a sunken souffle!

  24. Lets not forget that det flores lied to the jury question about the roommates one was at work and the other at the girlfriends house sure did not tell them that he had been in and out of the house all at day

  25. Read # 21 in the link below…it sounds a lot like the prosecutor…when he kept whining to the judge for the judge to do something…

    general rule, don’t ask the court to do your dirty work. avoid the usual practice of beseeching the judge to admonish the witness to answer the question….for instance…. “Would the Court please instruct the witness to listen to the question that I ask and to answer that question without adding gratuitous thoughts?”

    deal with the witness yourself. deal with the non-responsive witness without having to seek help from the judge.

    If you are skilled, you won’t need the judge’s help with the witness who doesn’t want to answer the question.

  26. HLN is going to report on the Alexander Family suing ALV for Defaimation (sp) of char of Travis!! Seems like this trial is much more than his death to this family..getting rich is also on the agenda!

    • Oh, for God’s sake. Travis defamed his own damn character. I’m beyond feeling sorry for his family of methheads and criminals.

        • Yeah, the way the family acts – smirks, eye rolling makes me think of the behavior of people in a civil case who are trying to get the inheritance of their rich father who they were all at odds with, and they are fighting his wife who they hate for the money. There is so little about their behavior that points to being sad over the loss of their brother & looking for actual justice in what they believe to be a murder case. If they cared about him at all, I personally think they should be a little relieved to better understand the relationship between he and Jodi – he wasn’t stalked, it wasn’t premeditated murder – it was a day that shouldn’t have happened between the two of them; a really terrible incident where they were wanted to see each other, but were having difficulty getting along, things exploded between them with him threatening her life & her having no way out but to kill him. This is still a tragedy, he desperately needed help. If this incident had been much more minor, maybe it would have led him to seek the help he needed & things might have turned out ok for all involved. His siblings probably still would have been estranged tho, go figure.

          • There have been a few times I think I saw one of the sisters turn from a smirk to a sad face as for a good show. I hate to say this and I have honestly tried to put myself in their shoes but sometimes I think one or two if them are overacting for the jury, How can you shake your head and roll your eyes at things your brother said right out of his mouth. I hope they are shaking their heads at disgust from what he said but I highly doubt that. Maybe it is just me.

      • Me too I know some people think we have to have empathy for them ? but I see
        a freaking DEN OF SNAKES there. I have read the comments they put out
        on blogs etc. These are not nice people they were not even in contact
        with Travis for years. There is a reason for that. This is bull crap. Oh boo
        hoo…..rolling eyes an so on. $$$$$ for them is what I see the begging they
        have it so hard but check out the social network pages they do not have
        it so hard. For God’s Sake Tanisha states she has 4 mexican maids cleaning
        for her? Really this is hard up. They disgust me.

        • Me too Rhonda. I am sick of his family and I finally lost any sympathy I had for them. There I said it. The haters destroyed ALV on the net and they could have taken the high road and made an effort to stop it. It seems that is what they want since they want to sue her now. Having 4 maids. Oh please they are really suffering. Hell they really did even know him and lost contact with him for 4 years. So yes boooo fuuu@@@king boo for them. I know most will tell me not to be a hater and I try really hard to stay above and take the high rode. But this BS just drove me over the edge. Sorry if I offend anyone here it is not my intention. My rant for the day.

          • I am with you AJ all the way this talk about suing now that does it for me also.

            An the thing with Alyce walked up to Samantha? I want to see that on tape
            I know it is out there somewhere. I have a gut feeling it was not as they
            want to portray it as. An could be that mean spirited family waved her over
            there? I am sorry to if I offend anyone but no one can make me have sympathy
            for people that LET THE PUBLIC carry on with HATE. I have read Tanisha’s
            comments an they are pure hate. She joined back to Mormonism after Travis’s
            death etc. I frankly do not believe a bunch of haters that can’t be honest about
            a brother that was not a SAINT.

            I am sorry he died that way but according to that BELIEF of Mormon/LDS doctrine
            he did go to heaven because his BLOOD WAS SPILLED for the LORD in the
            neck slash. So therefore I do not believe JODI did it all. I have suspicions an I hope
            the JURY does too. DOUBTS mean do not convict !

            Why do we not see Jodi’s family putting out such anguish an pain an begging
            for funds everywhere? This goes both ways. The Arias’s have to take it all an
            now the witnesses too. While the Alexander’s sit there all SAINTLY but waving
            on the HATRED an fueling the fire for it also an begging for money to pay their
            maids. No WAY No HOW disgusting is all I see. Sorry.

            • It doesn’t matter how or what she said . . . she shouldn’t have gone up to the family in Arizona. It does go against the Victim;s Bill of Rights, and she has now said in court that she can’t talk to the family.

              I have sympathy for the family — Travis’ death must have been a shock to them no matter what. Just like I would be traumatized if a childhood friend was killed at such a young age.

            • he did go to heaven because his BLOOD WAS SPILLED for the LORD”. I wanted to comment on this because about a month or so ago I looked up different mormon You Tube videos and came across a couple of them that had been secretly filmed IN the (a) temple. I can’t remember all of it except there was something specific to emulating a stab to specific areas of the body. ( I think it had to do with keeping what they do in the temple a secret and if you don’t then you die specific to a certain stabbing). Super weird and of course none of this was ever investigated by the haters! Has anyone else heard of this?

        • See, all this crying stuff seemed to have played off well with the Jurors. So, when #5 left they cried, #11 crying again, and the jury feels ‘wow they feel for us, and how hard and essential our job is, we must not let them down, we need to fight on for them, stick up for them, etc, etc’. Thus their questions seem as if they are trying to help jm out, an extension if you will for all the doubts that jm posed in court. They lapped it up and spit it out with venom for our witnesses. It spells ‘solidarity’ to the ’cause’. Also, jvm, in her attempt to influence those that are watching from the jury, gave some additional tips on how to nudge the stubborn ones that might want to go the other way. She suggested that by posing these types of questions it gives a message to the other jurors about their line of thinking and that they will have a fight on their hands (or something to that effect) if they don’t toe the line. Go figure. Thanks for nothing, H(ypocritical) L(ying) N(uts)!

    • Can Alyce sue HLN for defamation of her character and keeping the american television viewing audience enraged with their negative comments toward Alyce…

      If HLN had never covered this trial on live television…I am sure we would never have heard of Alyce LaViolette….

    • Really they can’t do that because its her opinion and I am sure there is ample evidence that he had problems besides, They were not on speaking terms with Travis so she can counter sue

        • In addition – wouldn’t there be a law then that psychologists/psychiatrists etc. can NEVER go to court for people in domestic violence? Because, in the end, someone’s character is going to get defamed. This sounds like something that will not even make it to court.

    • Yea… see, im not surprised! !! $$$ and tbats ehy I have no sympathy for them!!! Piece of shit family, that’s what they are!!! They’re so mad that a DV expert took the job for Jodi and if there is anywhere they can make money, then why not! ! By the way, how did ALV do this??? I wouldn’t even say TA defamed his own character either. The family is mad because she brought up all the past with the family abuse, thry are embarrassed that she brought bup they they didnt eat or shower for days, that the mother was verbally, emotionally and physically abusive, that both the parents where and that that they were meth addicts. They didn’t want all of that to come out and it DID!! There is no one to blame for character assassination, if it is the truth and it happened! !! They need to get over it and deal with the past in there own ways and get help if they still need it (I think they do).

      ALV had mentioned that these children grow up feeling like its the world against them and its obvious that each and every one of the Alexander siblings feel this way. Sad but they need HELP not money! !

      • I think most of the world is with them, it’s only us against them. Based on media, internets, bad blogs, the Alexander family is probably fairly happy with the trial.

      • Ya Jodi put in a PLEA DEAL 2 years ago an it stated right in there she did
        not want to bring up all these FACTS to embarrass the family the ex girlfriends
        etc etc. SO I DO NOT feel sorry for the STATE OF ARIZONA or the FAMILY
        or MARTINEZ they pushed for the trial they got it an need to SHUT IT UP!

        • I know and I do not think Jodi wanted to tell anyone about all his dirty secrets but she had no choice and it had to be brought out. Yep I with I do not feel sorry for them anymore.

        • Yep! Just like they spout off that Jodi begged for the death penalty, well apparently they begged for their dirty laundry to air! Now deal with it!

      • Speaking of what came from Travis’s own hand/mouth.. if the alexander family denies that their parents were like he says he was, then they will be making their brother out to be a liar, no if ands or buts and his words are all over the internet via his blogs. scroll down to raising you to find out what he had to say about his parents.

    • You know, all of that so-called defamation of character could have been avoided had they taken that plea that was offered by JA because she did inform them of what could happen if it went to trial and they chose to let it go to trial, and so therefore, they shouldn’t be surprised that their brother wasn’t as angelic as they thought he was…Of course, they would’ve known that already had they actually had contact with him in the 4 or so years before his death but since they were very estranged, they only knew the kid he was and not the adult he had become.

      • I think most of their anger cones from their own guilt that they were not a big part of his life because of whatever they were doing at that time and taking it out on Jodi.

    • What a family of idiots. Sue their damned brother for defaming himself.

      He was a liar, jerk, and abuser, and that is in his own little words.

      These people are completely screwed up in the head.

        • Yes she deserved so much better! He was a loser nobody wannabe big fish in a small pond.

          Even his famous sex tape was boring as hell! He sounds like a creepy pervert. Ick.

    • I don’t know why anyone even watches HLN. I don’t think you can sue for defamation of character if the defamed person is dead. I also don’t think you can sue over defamation based on testimony given during a trial.

  27. They were in Chambers right before, so Alyce could be disqualified for lying and talking to the sister. God what will we do if that happens?

    • ALV didn’t lie about anything! And what would an HLN producer have to do w/ALV tt the family? I thought that Mon was about the JM and the autograph with the cane??? and that juror(s) might have seen it?

      • JM said she lied question how many men have you testified for she says 1 or 2 after question defence then JM again his 1st question who did you testify for what was his name when he was done she said she did not testify in court that she provided the court with documents so JM is saying she lied to the jury meaning PURGERY

        • It’s not purgery, because she did provide a report for that case, which could be considered her testimony if they want to get pissy! The point JM was making was that she mislead the jury, and in admitting she didn’t testify, her credibility is now damaged.

          Juries can be prickly animals when they want to be.

          • This jury, with the questions they wrote, seemed like they were sleeping prickly animals!

            They seemed to have missed much of what she said on the stand.

            I was able to answer the questions that she was being asked!

        • For testimony to be perjury it must be in regard to a material matter. If she was wrong about how many times she testified in court before that would not be a matter material in this case and could not be charged as perjury.

      • I think the Judge is just an idiot…she either sounds like she loaded up on diazepam half the time or bitchy to only to the defense

      • It is either about talking to Samantha Alexander, talking about the case out in public (a couple of meals with attorneys), or that they think she lied in court?

        Seems like two issues — Ms. Wong and Ms. LaViolette . . . UGH! I am not a mystery fan!

        • She can eat with the attorneys thats not against the Law and as far as the Men she defended in Criminal cases she was technically right that was a misunderstanding.

      • I was shocked, her tone of voice was stern and I got the feeling she was ticked off with Alyce. Even before she told her she didn’t want to hear about her personal issues, Alyce inquired after the jury left if she could step down and the Judge pointed her finger at her and told her to stay there!

        • And when Alyce was explaining something about tests the judge told her this was a priority, she could come in Monday or Tuesday, it was up to her! WTH???

          I thought Alyce looked somewhat defeated to be honest.

          • Gail, did she dress her down in front of the jury? I don’t remember. Judge Dredd is such a snob with her dismissive tone and demeanor. COLD, uugghh. She could have carried herself with more grace and dignity (ala JW). Power gone to her head??

  28. I have another probably stupid question . . . I have seen people trying to ruin Alyce LaViolette’s reputation, can her book, etc,, but I see mention here of death threats? Where have those been? Or are they on Amazon too? Twitter? No wonder she looks so stressed out!

    • Why are you concerned with the death threats…..are you going to do something about it??????? Find the person who made them????? Sad world we live………………

        • Maybe the group Anonymous needs to get involved. Alyce is a victim and the law is not doing anything about the threats and attacks against her.

      • If someone made a death threat, it is very serious and law enforcement should be contacted. Don’t you think so? Who’s side are you on anyway?

        • I didn’t see the post on amazon Nancy Beth. I agree, death threats are very serious, but the post does not explicitly say this person is going to kill her. So technically it’s not a threat.

          It is very disturbing the things that are being posted, and you can actually see the haters getting more and more brazen.

          • If you didn’t see the post on amazon, why would you say that “the post did not explicitly say this person is going to kill her. So technically it’s not a threat.”? Did you see the post and do not want to tell anyone who it is? We need to let the police know. If you do not tell anyone, you could be accused of harboring a fugitive!

            • I think she is getting death threat phone calls and i’m not sure but I thought I heard on one of the haters programs that the police had been contacted. Dealing with these types of issues her entire life I would think her & her family have taken alot of security measures!

              • ALV is getting death threats at her home and office and personal e-mail and on blogs, twitters, F.B. etc.. from what I just heard on the news. They just spouted it off as if were no big deal!! I guess threats to someone’s life and livelihood are no big deal to the HLN gang. They are gleefully reporting this. But God forbid anyone say anything about Travis A. not being a saint! What a bunch of hypocrites!

    • Many harassing calls have been made to her office in California and the staff called the police because at least one of them was threatening…I hope ALV is protected! Her Dad was in court this week…he must be quite elderly. He has probably been a victim of the harassment as well. ALV probably curses the day she decided to take this case…

      • I lost my live feed and did not know it got cleared up if it did not it is PURGERY and that is bad and if JM persue this it could discredit her testomany all together he wins ????????? need a law student do we have one here

        • no, I don’t think that she lied about that or could of been she has done so many cases she couldn’t recall the exact no…you know JM he’ll twist anything he can!

        • I wouldn’t consider it pugery, she didn’t blatantly lie about being in a criminal case that she wasn’t involved in. She was involved in the case, and she did submit a report.

          Now if she was under subpoena and they didn’t call her to the stand, her report would be her testimony.

          You know, this trial is a lesson in everything that shouldn’t be allowed. It has become a soap opera that is played out every night on HLN and their minions hang on every word.

          Alyce spoke to one of the siblings, expressed her condolences, or whatever, it’s not like she went over and told her that her brother was a pervert and deserved to die. What happened to human decency? Alyce is a compassionate woman, and I have no doubt she saw Samantha hurting and reached out to her.

          As for Samantha, she’s a grown woman, she isn’t a little girl who is defenseless against the big bad DV expert. I think she made more out of this than it really was to be honest. Alyce showed a kindness, suck it up buttercup! Not everyone is about hate!

          They say juries are to use common sense, well it would seem to me that there are a few others in that court room that could do the same and add some common decency to that too!

          Common sense has left the building!

          • So what does the family want because she did that now? How is she to be punished? I understand that she wasn’t/isn’t supposed to say anything at all but what is the big deal? Really?

          • It makes me VERY nervous, this whole perjury issue or possibility. Is JM splitting hairs? YES. However, I hate to be a downer, she did say in response to the juror question about how many times she testified in a criminal case for a man…….answer, 1 or 2. So, technically, under cross, for her to say it was only 1, and she didn’t actually testify, but she wrote a report, then she even said she thought she would have to but didn’t……ughh….does not look good IMO. You either DID testify in court or you didn’t. I think that could be a problem.

              • Your “concern” posts are getting rather tiresome, Anna.

                There is no perjury here because to commit perjury has to be something truly material to the case.

                Now if you want to talk about perjury, look at Detective Flores or even the ME.

                • Perjury, also known as forswearing, is the willful act of swearing a false oath or of falsifying an affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to a judicial proceeding.[1][A] That is, the witness falsely promises to tell the truth about matters which affect the outcome of the case. For example, it is not considered perjury to lie about one’s age unless age is a factor in determining the legal result, such as eligibility for old age retirement benefits.

                  Your RIGHT, tonysam. What ALV lied about (even though I dont see it as that, it was MISUNDERSTOOD), is NOT ans will NOT make a difference in the outcome of this case, so NO it’s NOT perjury, I dont blv.

                • Geeeezzz tonysam!!!
                  Again you seem to have found the need to attack my post for what you disdainfully refer to as concern AM concerned! It certainly seems by ALL of our posts that we are, and we ALL have things we comment about and worry about and yes, speculate about!
                  Of course I know what perjury is. Why would you tell me to know what it means before I post here? Look, if you want to dissect all my posts, fine. If you want to know why I feel a certain way, ok. Just ask me, no need to attack and criticize me, there were several posts here regarding her testimony about the criminal cases.
                  So, here is is in a nutshell: We ALL know there is something going on either Mon. or more likely Tuesday that involves Ms LaViolette. It could be something that NONE of us have any idea about, and of course, it really is all speculation at this point. In my bringing up the testimony and that JM might be trying for an impeachment, is that so hard to fathom??? I was simply going by yesterdays testimony, under re-cross where JM was hammering her about that point. Even for him, I found it odd. Then when he kept repeating, “You mislead the jury didn’t you”? I thought, “hmmmm” and sure enough, he got her to finally say, “well, no I never testified”, as well as getting her to say that she should not have answered his question that way, she should have thought about it first and answered differently. Do I think it is perjury? NO. Do I think JM would TRY to make that an impeachable statement…hell YES. That would be up to the judge, and time will tell.
                  The other possibility, and the one I am hoping for, would be that she will be fined or admonished in open court for misconduct. meaning, her speaking to the sister of TA. Now, do I think she meant any harm? Hell NO. She doesnt have a mean bone in her body. That being said, she did speak to the sister, and I’m sure it was a pleasant and likely, comforting comment, but the law is clear, she cannot approach them at all. For this I blame the defense. Totally. Sorry, but she is not an attorney, and would not know that unless the defense specifically told her that she cannot do this. She should have been told. Maybe they thought she knew this, but to me, it shows a lack of prep. I truly feel so bad for her, I believe she walked into something she never ever expected and probably regrets ever agreeing to this. The fact that idiots and totally insane and beyond mean people are commenting on her book, (which has zero to do with this trial) in such a hateful, despicable way, is even more heartbreaking. The fact is, she is done testifying and should have been free to go, but isn’t, so yes, I’m concerned.

                  The other issue for next week, Monday I believe, will be the testimony of Ms Wong, the HLN news producer/editor. This goes to the defense’s motion for mistrial they filed back on 4-7.Nurmi also argued for a mistrial based on the fact that JM was acting like a rockstar outside, a juror may have seen it, and that is when Jean C was called regarding that video. I remember the Judge asking Nurmi if she was ready yet or if he wanted LaVilotte to go, and he said ALV could go first. So, I guess Ms Wong will be testifying as to what she saw on the entire tape, not just what was edited for the segment seen on HLN, as that footage was taken from a longer clip from an AZ news channel. If a juror DID see it, big trouble. The Judge already interviewed all of the jurors one on one and apparently they all said they didn’t see or hear any footage/news/media etc. So, this should be interesting. Guess we have to wait til Monday to see whats what.

                  So, I guess my point is this tonysam, if you have an issue with my posts, I am not sure why you would, but please remember this: we are all different, we all care or worry about different phases and aspects of this trial. Do I worry too much? Maybe, but thats me and I should not have to apologize. You mentioned not liking my “concern” posts before and it’s odd to me. Others post concern and worries as well, yet you seem to single me out. I came here to NOT be judged, this is the only place to discuss the trial without having the entire internet world attack you and call you names. Please respect me, as I respect everyone here and all the opinions expressed on this board.

                • Anna Ryan,

                  I wanted to “quell” LOL your concern. I was also concerned before but I think this could be about the motion for mistrial. The motion based on ineffective council due to the prosecutor and the experts not being able to give effective testimony due to the threats has become a huge issue as you know. I think AL, is being called to testify now about the threats she received. I don’t think it’s about statements she made on the stand.


                  That twit long is speculation but I think it’s rooted in good theory. Tell me what you think after reading.

                  That pic posted of AL eating with the defense team imo, ended up causing more undue harassment to her. I think Wong has been asked to bring unedited taped of Martinez signing more than one autograph too. Not totally sure about that but something is up with HLN and it’s not in their favor this time.

                  Someone messed up.

              • JC,
                Thanks for your comment. I am NOT liking the personal jabs and insults coming my way for posting my comments….its getting old and I certainly don’t deserve it. In fact, I don’;t really see whose business it is if I am concerned, nervous or negative…lol…those are all MY feelings, and I have to deal with them. (not directed at you, BTW)

                Anyway, moving on, I agree with the twitter post, and it is very much what I was trying to say on several different posts. I think there MAY be 2 separate issues to deal with, but maybe not. I am positive one is the motion for mistrial for pros. misconduct. I can remember Nurmi telling the judge he had a Ms Wong he wanted to testify (during his motion when he talked about HLN and autographs, etc) and when jean C took the stand after he spoke. So I assumed Ms Wong had something to do with that motion. I remember the Judge asking if she was ready or if he wanted to go ahead and call ALV, which he did. Apparently, Miss Wong was the person who took the footage from the local AZ news channel and edited it for HLN, the clip that shows JM signing the cane and posing for pics outside the courthouse. My guess is that the Judge (or Nurmi?) want to see the entire video, not just the short clip, as well as question her, about what, Im not sure. The reason I feel that they may be 2 issues is because ALV had not even testified yet, so to have her back on Tuesday seemed like it would have nothing to do with a motion for mistrial that he had already asked about. ( I hope I’m making sense,lol)
                I saw the photo of her with the defense at dinner, and do not understand what the big deal is, witnesses are not only allowed to do that, but it is common. But the whole idiotic and beyond reproach nonsense that is happening to Alyce since she began testifying is something that could be addressed as well, adding to the already filed motion regarding JM posing, etc…so maybe it is just 1 issue. It just sounded to me as if she (judge) was speaking of 2 different topics when she told ALV to come back Tuesday and that she knew the issue, etc…and then insinuated there was another issue on Monday. This is why I thought, as so many other people did, that ALV was in some sortof trouble with the Judge (not to mention the harsh tone used towards her) and didn’t she also say at the end, “you can bring your attorney”?
                Anyway…the whole JM trying to impeach her shouldn’t make some people so crazy, as that has been his goal every step of the way, with her as well as Dr Samuels. The way he hounded that one point Friday and then shouted that she misrepresented to the jury, made me think that he will certainly try to do his best to do so. he got her to retract her statement about her testifying, and that should be good enough, but we all see JM in action, and he cannot leave anything alone, that was my point that seemed to bother someone. I wasn’t saying, OMG SHE COMMITTED PERJURY! I was simply saying that I would not be a bit surprised if JM didn’t try to say it was, and try to tell the Judge the same. Nothing he says or does surprises me at this point. The other thing I surmised about, was the talking to TA’s sister, and we have all discussed that. Maybe the Judge already spoke to her about that in chambers, maybe she will do it in open court, I don’t know. I feel bad for her for this, as I know she didnt know she shouldn’t do that, and was simply reaching out to be kind, no other reason. If she is in trouble for that, it really is the defense teams fault.

                Anyway, my long post, as well as this long post, lol, is me being me, and thinking things thru like we all do. I get my feelings hurt rather easily, a bit too sensitive, but still, I dont think there is any reason for people who don’t agree with your feelings or thoughts, to insult you or question you as if you have no business here. This isn;’t the first time either, and I just don’t get the point, I never question others points of views, and certainly not their worries, let alone come right out and tell them I am sick of them. Seems a bit rude to me. Just sayin’.

                Thanks for listening…:)

      • JM is saying she mislead the jury when she said she testified in 1 or 2 criminal cases. She didn’t actively testify, she wrote a report and it was submitted to the prosecutor in that case.

        Now I wonder if she was served a subpoena to testify and they just went with her report?

    • Any witness for the Defense is on trial though really. That is what he does is tear
      down any testimony of a witness to be shown as phony or fake so the Jury
      will vote for DEATH.

      I just pray to GOD that some Jurors know that a Prosecutor is called that because
      that is what they do Prosecute. They did it to Jesus too.

      The difference is some people know what a Judas is some people have no clue
      an are naive an believe false truths. Let others fill there empty heads with crap.
      Will not investigate on their own to find the truth this makes me SICK !

    • If that idiot prosecutor thinks ALV lied, what about Esteban Flores? Should all of his testimony be disregarded?

      Or the ME, who was probably pressured to lie for the prosecution?

      • I asked the same Q – defense should go tit for tat with jm and smack him in the face for that. Gloria Esteban, lied to help jm secure the DP.

      • Oh I have that feeling too, the ME looked SO UNHAPPY to be lying up there, he was pressured to lie fir the state and he KNEW if he didn’t his life or career would’ve been in jeopardy like ALV.

  29. I am behind but I have to post. SOOO JM doesn’t remember the question the Jury ask but he want’s AL to remember her answer to the question. He is such a piece of shit.

  30. So according to Juan Martinez , eeeeeeeeeeeev v v v v v v v v eryyyyyyyyyyy bbbboooooody lies to him. But Travis Alexander was a Virgin.

    • That is what it sure feels like. An all Travis’s Family an Mormon Friends an PPL/Legal Shield coworkers are the same dang way. FOOLS ! that think everyone is as naive or dumb as they are. I know a JUDAS when I see one an hear one. Shame on them all ! To Bare False Witness is also a SIN in that Church!

    • Oh yes, didn’t you know about Saint Travis? I believe he was an immaculate conception and he was born in a manger.!…

  31. I am just appalled by the way the courts, the media and the public have conducted themselves throughout this entire trial. Every aspect of this trial is beyond out of control. It has become a public lynching and act of hate from the public and the media. I for one am totally embarrassed and disgusted by the handling of this trial. It is sad to watch our justice system become a soap opera for the entire world to see. We should be ashamed.

  32. I posted this a while ago but thought it deserved a re-posting. It shows us just how far we have NOT come. Here in Maricopa County*, in 1981 , a jury found a man not guilty of murdering his wife with 26 stab wounds because apparently she was a nag and thus drove him to it.

    * Please note that I am not singling out AZ because this kind of subconscious misogynistic double standard is rampant throughout our society (demonstrated so very aptly in the current social media hate storm.)

    • Oh wow, thanks for posting this.

      I find it incredibly sad that the victim as described as a “jewish American princess,” anti-Semitism seems to be a big problem with the dorky little clique following Travis Alexander too.

    • HELLO – Is everyone ASLEEP out there (no pun intended – ref “sleepwalker” murder)?

      This piece about an AZ case involving “dissociative stress” was posted quite awhile back. Despite its obvious parallel to Jodi’s case and situation, NOBODY picked up on it ant took it seriously enough to follow up on it.

      MB, thank you for bringing this back.

      The 1) “Dissociative Stress” is exactly what Jodi tried to tell us she experienced. It was validated by Dr. Samuels (not sure whether he used that specific term.)

      2) “Over-kill:” 26 stab wounds. 3) “Botched burglary (two ninjas,)”__ give me as break – this reeks of yet ANOTHER mormon ritual blood atonement killing! Look up this case and read all of the details for yourself.

      If you really care about Jodi, you also need to go to Wikipedia and look up “conversational hypnotism.” A post hypnotic suggestion is left that results in exactly what happened to this poor man and to Jodi. They become compelled to do things, and then forget things, replace memories. THINK ABOUT THIS!

      There is also information out there about mormon vigilante groups that are sent around the country (specifically Mesa AZ in 2008), with the assignment to perform these ritual atonements on specific targeted “members.”

      We need to STOP all the political correctness, and start NAMING what is actually happening. Look up the site for EX-Mormons. These people were in long enough to know the “dirty little secrets” about where the doctrine actually leads it you move up the ranks far enough. Plus they are WILLING TO TALK.

      There is absolutely NO WAY to understand the dynamics of Jodi’s case, without seeing for yourself what Jodi got caught up in. She was the perfect idealistic, vulnerable personality to be sucked in and used.

      I have never been able to shake the feeling that there was a tight connection among the mormon church, MLM scams (PPL and Shakley both mentioned by EX-mormons), and THE LAW OF ATTRACTION (basically a system of MIND CONTROL TRAINING). This week I found the documentation that confirms it. I believe I actually posted the links this week, and I do not feel like looking them up again, because my posts seem to be ignored for the most part.

      I am feeling very angry and upset right now, because I have gone to the trouble of putting this sort of documented information on this site before, with the hope that others would start investigating it, and contribute to the body of understanding that would lead to getting to the bottom of the multitude of unanswered questions in a collaborative effort to benefit Jodi.


      MB, thank you for bringing this back.


      Police in Scottsdale, Arizona, received a call in 1981 from Steven Steinberg reporting that an intruder had murdered his wife, Elena, stabbing her 26 times with a kitchen knife from the house during a botched burglary. Terrible as that seemed, police found no evidence of an intruder. They arrested Steinberg, who admitted that he’d done it, although he claimed no memory of the incident. He argued that he had been sleepwalking.

  33. Since i could not sleep last nite, decided to do some research.I THINK things may be brighter for Jodi than we think. Here is my reading of the TEA leaves……. IMOO Wong, is HLN tv Producer who had crew filming when Martinez was signing autographs and some jurors was in the back ground. Think about this Juror # 11 Rumored to be PRO prosecution has been excused. Possible 5 other jurors were filmed, if so what would that leave????? 11 for a trial, Whoops! I think Alyce has complained about cyber bulling of her business, book, personal life SHHHHHH( could that be witness tampering?) Sounds like another mistrial motion coming. Alyce needs to get this this message on SLAPP which is also Arizona law. She has done a wonderful job, You go Alyce!!!! Strategic Law Against Public Participation. ( oldies like me may remember, citizens got so caught up in Anna Nicole Smith case with vile accusations, they had to pay all the legal fees to defend themselves..JUSY SAYIN”””

  34. If Jodi wanted to Kill Travis Alexander, then she would have shoved him into the Niagara Falls or pushed him off a cliff into the Grand Canyon.

    • or prepared herself with gloves to cover her prints. Or shot him through the window when she was apparently stalking him. Or shot him when he was asleep. How about use the gas from the cans to burn his body. There are a number of things she could have done BETTER if she really had premeditated murder.

      • I am holding out, I still do not think they have proved premeditated. You cannot give some the death penalty on innuendo’s and gossip, not in the good old U>S>A.

    • This case will be referenced forever. It is setting precedences left and right.

      This has been a week in hell for TEAM JODI.

      Let’s gather our bearings this weekend, relax, refresh–do something nice for ourselve

      I have met some wonderful people here. (even though we are all one person 😉 )

      Peace, my friends. ♥

      • It will be used to teach up and coming lawyers what NOT to do when cross examining a witness like JM does. lol

        • I’ve been saying that for a long time. I saw an interview with Mel McDonald and he said that in the Doug Grant case JM came up with a whole new theory of the case in CLOSING that elicited a laugh from the jury!

            • WAAAYYY lesser, Like I think that’s he’s out by now. Which would be better than what Jodi offerred. That would constitute to me, her “beating the spread” so to speak.

    • Ya really there are plenty of movies to watch an get a better idea how to get rid of a ass hole.
      haha. My favorite is Dexter’s way.

    • Did this by any chance co-incide with the release of #11? Kinda same modus operandi when #5 left. Helps alot with gaining solidarity with jurors huh? “We are in this together, I feel for you, Thank you for all the hard and diligent work you all are doing”? Idk, I’m feeling a bit cynical right now. sorry.

  35. HLN – Tonight’s Bold Accusation: Jodi chose Mesa, AZ to commit a crime because the Courtroom has Video Cameras.

    • I know we are in the midst of the trial and all, but is there a legal way to just stop and rewind all the way back to the very beginning and start all over. Take a re-look with fresh eyes, and go through it all with a fine toothed comb? Roommates to every other angle mentioned here. Where are all those big-shot defense atty’s that were falling all over themselves to get in on the CA trial? Hasn’t any one offered them any pro-bono help? Why not?

      • Insurance money, adultery/fornication, scorned lover, scorned spouse, vengeful father, ..maybe he had plans on sleeping with a lot of PPL women in Cancun.

          • I ask my neighborhood convict what the stab wounds to the back meant and he said in prison it would indicate the person was a back stabber. Signature of the murderer, is another motive, especially serial killers.

              • That’s good to know in regards to what certain stab wounds mean. I remember Sam saying that a slit to the throat also indicated a message.

              • I believe the shallow back wounds that did not penetrate the chest cavity, were a cover up for the precision chest wound between the 3rd and 4th rib to severe the Super Vena Cava. The throat slash was also professional work. Everything else seems to make it look amateurish. If someone “snapped” they would of definitely buried the knife or knives in the back.

                • Phillip-
                  I don’t mean to be insensitive to anyone, but since you are trained in knives, can you tell me how difficult it would be for the neck slice to happen with a large kitchen knife? Thanks

                • Well, this could explain why JA had no wounds compared to all that went on in that bathroom. All that knife action + given the weight and size diff between JA vs. TA + deathly struggle that would have ensued, it does not seem logical that she would’ve come out unscathed physically. Its not as if he would’ve just laid there without a fight and ‘allowed’ anyone to take his life. He had defensive wounds. So WHO was he defending himself against? Could not have been JA – she would’ve been cut up and bloodied too, even if she survived it. That 2nd interview with flora, where she tries to desperately convey to no avail that others were involved, was a telling one for me. It felt as if she was hoping against hope that he would read between the lines and choose to investigate further. But, she knew in her heart that he wouldn’t and he didn’t. WOW.

                • Phillip, I thought the chest wound was a precision strike also. That along with the throat slashing has always spoken to me of a hit.

        • Room-mates? That is one huge question I have had all along. Where were they, how many lived there? They were gone for an entire week? I would also think the mormon temple goers would be very interested in what was going on behind closed doors in that house. You can’t tell me that his roommates & friends didn’t know, you can bet rumors were circulating. Remember they all wanted him to get rid of her & when he didn’t maybe certain temple priest figured out a way to ‘clean house’ so to speak! Long & wide stretches but nothing is really adding up to the truth for me.

    • Chris and Sky Hughes and their bottom line. They are the ones chiefly responsible for talking shit about Jodi, somebody they once LOVED and warned them against Travis.

  36. I want to bring up something that has been on my mind. Does anyone remember that OJ was sued by the family of his exwife and was found guilty of wrongful death. Wasn’t her family awarded a ton of money? I wouder if the same thing will happen to Jodi when she is found not guilty in criminal court?

    • Its completely different because OJ did not admit to killing Nicole when Jodie admitted to killing Travis why would they sue she would never have a right to sue the Family since she admitted to killing him.
      The standards are much lower in civil cases Browns Family were Financially dependent on OJ the sister all of them lived off him. This case is about DP her defense Lawyers know that she is not going to be found not guilty.

      • Sorry, I thought she was asking if Jodi could be sued. Stats have ran out. I certainly hope she is not found guilty. I hope she gets out of that state, never goes back, and starts a good life somewhere.

      • The problem with all the theories we have or opinions with regard to the Killing Of Travis, Jodi Arias admitted to killing him and lied 2x you can’t keep changing your mind that is the problem with this case. The Jury in my opinion does not believe LaViolette.

        • They may not believe her, but the case is not over. Lets see what the rest of the case is. Well, I for one sure hope this defense team has something up their sleeves.

        • The most important thing about Alyce’s testimony is not her opinion, but the evidence that she presented.

          The jury is entitled to be sceptical about her opinion, as with any witness.

          But evidence is evidence. They cannot disregard that.

        • She admitted killing him, yes, but given the evidence presented and potentially evidence not presented or discovered, it could be a Defense strategy just to keep her from the Death Penalty.

          • Well, she DAMN well doesn’t deserve lwop. As for all of Samantha’s tears, Jodi gave all of them the option of a WIN/WIN. None of the families would have had to go through all of this, saved a lot of embarrassment to both sides. And if all of this crazy stuff is going on, why are they letting Jodi take all of the blame. In that case, does that make the Ninja story true?

          • I’m pretty sure that Jodi was not the only naked woman they recovered in the forensic photos. They didn’t dismantle the washer for DNA and didn’t check the car at all in the garage. Did they check the A/C return air vents for Jodi Arias’ hair, I guarantee you that they would have found hundreds of her hairs with follicles in that location. If you ask me the photo that shows a foot/pants/Travis shoulder could be her pulling him or trying to pull him to safety.

            • The ninja story is consistent with the abrasions and stab wounds. But remember the Forensics guy said the camera date could have been changed. Remember the roommate Zach Billings last saw Travis on Thursday June 5, 2008. Remember the roommate Enrique witnessed Travis on a conference call June 4, 2008 at 6:30 pm.

              • You are so right she did admit to it. Still doesn’t make sense to me! Rental car, gas cans , supposed stolen grandpa’s gun, camera, etc., etc. BUT could she be protecting someone? Also, I read in JA journal that her phone was stolen that had a 10 page msg from TA and more sex tapings. I wonder where that phone is now?

        • I never thought OJ did it either. An I did read another man confessed to that killing in Florida I
          think I read. But it was never looked into. I also thought he was covering for his eldest son who
          had a thing for his ex. An I think was caught stalking/peeking through her windows on occasion.

  37. Hi all,

    I’ve been relying this week on your posts to stay informed about the trial. Thank you for being so efficient and truthful in your recaps.

    Today I did have a chance to watch the last of the juror questions. I, for one, think that even questions about ALV’s feelings for Jodi, or whether she ever “touched” Jodi are not horrible. It seems this jury is really thinking deeply, and that the questions they ask are to seek–and obtain–answers to questions that they feel responsible to ask just to make sure that they (the jurors) are on the right track in accepting Jodi/ALV’s self defense/abuse victim artument.

    Sometimes we know things, but need reassurance from others in order to feel comfortable about our own decisions. The juror questions–even the worst of them–are in my opinion an example of that dynamic. The jurors believe Jodi and they believe ALV. With each calm and level-headed answer ALV provides to even the most outrageous of questions one can almost sense the jurors are taking little sighs of relief and gaining increased confidence in their convictions that Jodi Arias is Innocent.

    • I so hope so gibby! The judge sure doesn’t make it any easier with her attitude and her eye rolling when ALV answers a questions! !!

  38. Although I haven’t posted much the last few days, (been ill) I have been following the trial and the posts.

    Regarding speculation about Ms Wong…..I recall that on the day that KN filed the motion for mistrial, based upon prosecutor misconduct, that KN was talking to the judge about something that KN had submitted and, as he was standing near the bench, I heard him say to the judge that a Ms Wong was ready to testify but that he preferred that the judge review whatever it was that he had submitted first and that he would prefer to go ahead with Ms. La Violette’s testimony first and deal with that issue and call Ms. Wong after AL’s testimony.

    I cannot remember the exact day, but I will go look and see if I can find it. Since AL had not testified yet, I don’t think Ms. Wong’s testimony has anything to do with ALV speaking to Samantha. I thought at the time that Ms. Wong might have something to do with the mistrial motion and media coverage and prosecutor misconduct.