Jodi Arias Trial – Day 45

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Leave your comments below on trial day 45, as the awesome Alyce LaViolette continues her redirect with the equally awesome Jennifer Willmott.

Remember… We are Team Jodi… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

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  1. OK, new page! I’m moving my comment over then:

    I think Jennifer W. and Alyce were just excellent yesterday. I was really moved. Choked up in parts. I wish they had more time. I think people are seeing it. Jodi was NOT a stalker. Travis WAS abusive. Travis DID attack her on June 4. Jodi DID kill him in self defense. The truth is there, plain as day.

    I’d love to hear what Alyce LaViolette has to say about what role denial plays in domestic violence. Because I think that’s what we’re seeing on the hater sites.

    I’m so sad and worried for Jodi. I’m worried that the jury won’t see it.

    • I think Jodi will be fine, jurors are good at judging relationships, and the defence case on the abuse is really, really strong.

      But winning the war of public opinion is still important. I think the tide is turning.

      I see people conceding that Arias was not stalking Alexander, for instance.

      The logical next step is to accept the defence version of events up until Jodi lost her memory.

  2. Response to Jeff from the last page,

    I don’t really remember what was said by Darryl Brewer, but if you are correct about her telling him that she was going to Mesa, then that’s just another case of what the prosecution would have us believe was this totally erratic premeditation.

    So, they would have us believe that she dyed her hair, rented her car in Redding, turned off her cell phone, etc to hide she was going to Mesa, but then proceeded to leave a trail of credit card receipts all the way down CA, spent the night at a friend’s in California, told friends she was going to Mesa, called folks from within AZ, slept with TA when she got there, spent 13-14 hours at his house, etc.

    So either she is incredibly dumb, or there was no premeditated murder.

    • I remember Darryl Brewer on the stand….I did allot of crying through the whole thing. I honestly think JM beat him down and he didn’t realize what he said. He still loves Jodi….

        • Darryl seemed very nice. He seemed to still have feelings for her. i remember him saying she told him she was going to Mesa. It caught my attention as it was early in the trial and talk of her sneaking to AZ was a part of the pros evidence.

          It would be nice to have one place a list of issues that dispute / create reasonable doubt to all the prosecution points of pre med

          To add to the incredibly dumb list would be not wearing gloves. Everyone knows thats in chapter one of How to Commit Premeditated Murder and Get Away With It. 😉

      • I remember Darryl Brewer on the stand when Martinez was questioning him. Martinez asked one of his stupid compound questions: “Did she tell you she wanted to borrow gas cans and go to Mesa?” Darryl hesitated for about 5 seconds. The defense attorneys didn’t object to it being a compound question. I don’t know if they CAN object to that. But Darryl said “yes” and it was obvious he was very upset about having to say that.

        On redirect, Nurmi asked him if Jodi said she wanted to borrow gas cans. Darryl said yes. Nurmi asked him if she said she was going to Mesa. Darryl said no. He said she said she would be going to take pictures at many scenic sites in Utah, California, and Arizona. But she didn’t say ANYTHING about Mesa.

        I think Jodi had the idea of going to Mesa to visit Travis in the back of her mind during the whole trip. Just in the back of her mind, but it wasn’t a definite plan, as so many things on that trip. Travis had been “guilting her” into going, and she probably was considering it, but now if she says it outright, it looks like premeditation. It was just a visit, and that’s clear because she spent 14 hours visiting. If she planned on going there to kill him and Utah was an alibi, she would have killed him when she got there and then been on her way to Utah so she wouldn’t blow her alibi.


        • I didn’t get to hear Nurmi’s redirect. Thanks for pointing this out.

          I caught Darryl’s hesitated reply but didn’t catch it was a compound question.

          Why did Darryl not wish to be seen on camera?

          • My guess about why Darryl didn’t want to be seen on camera is that he has a child and he didn’t want what’s happened to Alyce L. to happen to him and his family.

    • It doesn’t make sense she would tell him she was going to Mesa if she was premeditating the murder.

      It doesn’t make any more sense than Jodi hanging around Travis’s house for hours on end the day of the killing.

      • It doesn’t make sense she would be intimate with him all afternoon, look into his eyes and make love TO HIM with the plan of killing him on her way out the door!

      • Exactly what I have been saying. I have never heard of a premeditated murder where the killer decides to spend the whole night and next day with the person before committing the act of killing. I can’t think of a reason why a killer would decide that it is a good idea to spread as much of their DNA around the victims house, take nude pictures that not only include the victim but the perpetrator, providing all the evidence that the police need to put you in the house at the time of the killing. Doesn’t make much sense to me . If Jodi went to Travis’s house with the intend of killing him, why not walk in the house and shoot him straight away, with the gun she apparently brought with her to commit the crime. It’s absurd, makes no sense and clearly didn’t happen the way this idiotic, angry little man wants to make out it did..

  3. Listening to the tape:

    Travis: “Since you’ve been gone, I jack off every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day.”

    Yeah, He really hated her, NOT.


    Prosecutorial misconduct

    The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin drug trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases.[9] In 1997 the court was more severe, overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife. While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable”.[10][11] Carr was freed in 2004 when the Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Fulton County had waited too long to retry him, thereby unfairly prejudicing his right to a fair trial.[12]

    Despite upholding the conviction she sought, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a 2005 opinion that Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens.[13] The court agreed that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly use … [apparently false] testimony” from a detective that there were no other suspects, despite the existence of outstanding arrest warrants for other men.[13]

  5. I just have to say…

    I have been following this case since Jodi’s first day of testimony; however, when I started watching the trial I was watching it on HLN. While I was watching it on HLN I was 100% sure that she was guilty, then I found this website. Once I got the actual facts with no bias (I re-watched all her testimony here) my opinion has completely flipped.

    At this point in the trial, I do not see how anyone can think that this was premeditated murder, especially after listening to Allyson LaViollette. This woman has done an amazing thing for Jodi and I think that is part of the reason why Juan seems to be so “angry at her” is because she has just lost him the case!


    Ms. LaViolette was correct!

    at the 33 minute mark, or right around there, he says “its like porking a hot little girl” (right after he says TWICE that she sounds like a 12 year old girl having her first orgasm.

    This pisses me off…………………………. I am now so glad SJ put that bag picture on here.

    • Renee…Can you imagine if TA had harmed a little girl, with him on trial and this exact same tape was evidence?
      Can you imagine NG and her hood rats in that hypothetical?

    • Renee-
      This should “piss off” every rational, decent person in this country!!! I really wish the defense would be all over that tape and let the Jury hear once again that not only was the man an abuser, but a pedophile as well.!

      • Yep, cause that’s exactly what I want to hear 10 seconds after I have an orgasm, “It’s like porking a hot little girl!”

        SUCH A CHARMER!!! *puke*

  7. I honestly believe that AL was mistaken with regards to where Jodi said TA was shot. It is somewhat confusing that his particular closet has two doors. JM could “go with it”, but it doesn’t help the States case. There is NO blood in the closet, the shell casing was found in the bathroom, and JM has made a big deal of nothing being disturbed in the closet when Jodi stepped on a shelf to retrieve the gun. Another point…Is the prosecution now saying that TA may have given Jodi a pair of boys spider man underwear????? I thought they said she was lying about that too. Which is it?

    Oh, and I’m thrilled that JW finally addressed the journals and pounded in the fact that TA’s specific horrible verbal abuse wasn’t in the journals either!!!! According to the State, if it’s not in the journal, then it didn’t happen!!! For the last few weeks I’ve been yelling back at the tv, ” If you think she premeditated this, then why isn’t that in the journal either???” Again, which is it?

    (I posted this too late last night)

  8. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Now don’t hold me to this but word going around is that Alyce will not be here today so trial might not happen. #JodiArias

  9. Mel Mcdonald is going to be on HLN here in a few minutes. Will be interested in his take on all this. He doesn’t care too much Kermit, from what I gather….lol

    • He was pretty pro prosecution from what I listened to. Basically negative about Jodi’s self defence case.
      To all people:
      Dont waste your time listening to any new people on HLN. First clue that they are against Jodi- is that they ARE ON HLN.
      They arenot allowed to be any other way. HLN does not look for or invite people who will not look their way in the trial.

  10. And this too from WAT tweets…

    Shari ‏@ShariSRE2m
    @WildAboutTrial Get message to the Alexanders to sue Jodi in civil court for wrongful death so she cant benefit financially from TA death

    AMAZING… there are some really ‘concerned’ people out there!

    • Gee, I’m sure that they never would have thought of that without Shari’s input. She’s just such a help to the Alexander family! What would they, and Juan, do without her?

    • I assume that she can declare bankruptcy and take care of that. Or maybe in Arizona, that wouldn’t affect a civil judgement.
      I know for example people who have been sued for car accidents can declare bk and the person can not collect

    • WOW……just WOW!!!!! There are some really sick folks out there!!! Feeling for Alyce right now! We need to circle the wagons and start praying for her!! God is!!!!!

  11. I believe there is a law that cites CONVICTED individuals cannot financial benefit from their “crimes”…which will negate any plans of Shari’s and the Munsters to FINANCIALLY BENEFIT from TAs death…

    Their website hawkers are ALREADY financially benefitting – damn vultures…

  12. Does anyone know where to find a list of who testified on what day? I would like to go back and review some of the earlier witnesses.

  13. Yes renee’, azcentral has a good article on the lynch mob mentality. It is unbelievable people are saying all of these disrespectable things. It is lynch mob mentality ! May God bless Alyce for her testimony. I am worried about both Jodi’s and Alyce’s health. Thanks so much to the Admin’s of this site.

  14. I am going to repost this…SHOULD WARM YOUR HEARTS FOR TODAY!! 🙂

    Heard on hln after dark…

    “You’ve heard of the movie ‘Girls gone wild’? Well, in this courtroom, the ‘Prosecutor has gone wild’! Why is this judge not controlling the Prosecutor? His questions, some of them have been asked and answered, they’ve been argumentative, and the defense attorney’s may be on a siesta! This should be absolutely reduced! I would take that prosecutor up to the mountain top and read him the riot act! He is taking way too long. He thinks he is doing a COMMERCIAL ON MARTINEZ!”. – Judge Uncensored – Judge Seidlin.


  15. whew

    WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Alyce just walked in with a teal top and black dress. She is taking her seat at the desk behind Nurmi. #JodiArias

  16. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Nurmi just walked in, black suit with a full on salmon shirt. Looks awesome! He must have got my messages to wear salmon today. #JodiArias

  17. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Willmott is here with dark gray suit, salmonish shirt under and a necklace of black spherical objects. #JodiArias

  18. They are all here!! Yeah! For you esp. Dorothy!! 🙂

    Alyce just walked in with a teal top and black dress. She is taking her seat at the desk behind Nurmi. #JodiArias

    Nurmi just walked in, black suit with a full on salmon shirt. Looks awesome! He must have got my messages to wear salmon today. #JodiArias

    Willmott is here with dark gray suit, salmonish shirt under and a necklace of black spherical objects. #JodiArias

    Obsession with SALMON much?

  19. Read on the hate site that Monday’s long meeting was regarding AL harassment etc. according to reports she had to go to the ER for anxiety and heart issue! As if this isn’t bad enough,Juan disregarded this knowledge and beat her up on the stand anyway!!!!!!!!!!

  20. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Jenkasaurus just arrived with a goldish/silvery number on. Beth has a tan colored jacket on. #JodiArias

      • Rainy,

        Thank you for the enlightenment about “magic underware.”

        When I saw the DUCT TAPE across the mouth in one segment, I remembered something.

        In the original group of released “grisly crime scene photos,” there was one of Travis in the shower with DUCT TAPE on his left arm bicept.

        I have never heard anything more about that, and it seems bizarre that DUCT TAPE would be present, but never discussed.

        Someone please, please help fill in this missing link.


    • Wes, are “nether regions” areas in The Netherlands? Never was good at my geography…must be CCCCold there…or maybe HOT?

      • Dorothy
        joking aside

        my favorite online dictionary which searches multiple dictionaries
        here nether found 36 results, with a small box containing some quick definitions:
        ▸ adjective: located below or beneath something else (“Nether garments”)
        ▸ adjective: lower (“Gnawed his nether lip”)
        ▸ adjective: of the underworld (“Nether regions”)

        the link to word origin is always interesting

        nether (adj.) Look up nether at
        Old English niþera, neoþera “down, downwards, below, beneath,” from Proto-Germanic *nitheraz (cf. Old Saxon nithar, Old Norse niðr, Old Frisian nither, Dutch neder, German nieder), from comparative of PIE *ni- “down, below” (cf. Sanskrit ni “down,” nitaram “downward,” Greek neiothen “from below,” Old Church Slavonic nizu “low, down”). Has been replaced in most senses by lower (adj.).

        the magic underwear seemed to have been weak in combating hypocrisy

        maybe there was some technical reason why they failed, such as they have to be laundered with official soap, or blessed in a particular way before being worn
        maybe some such procedural shortcuts were made

      • The women who pay $10,000+ for vaginoplasty NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS PRODUCT… Damn! I’m gonna invest in Mormon underpants! Then tell every woman I know that they can go boink every man they want to, however many times they feel like it, then come home every night, put of the magic Mormon underoos, and their junk will be tight and proper STAT!


  21. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    The courtroom is alive with chatter at the moment. We all await the judge and #JodiArias.

  22. Wow, I’m such a dingbat; I’ve been posting on the wrong page for the last hour! There are a lot of responses to y’all over there… sorry! 🙂

    Let’s give a cheer for our lovely Jennifer and for the ever-knowledgeable Alyce LaViolette today!

  23. Jodi had donovan tweet this:

    “It’s ridiculous to buy my mail from anyone when I will write you FOR FREE……Don’t get suckered!!!!!!”

    (I might have the number of “.” and “!”‘s incorrect…lol)

  24. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Valerie just instructed the media and spectator section that no food or cups of liquid are allowed in. My gatorade G2 is ok. #JodiArias

  25. jennifer and alyce are great

    jm’s getting his a$$ handed to him as jennifer methodically exposes each piece of distorting, unethical and unfair cross examination jm engaged in when he cross examined alyce

  26. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Counsel is headed to chambers. Courtroom is very loud still with chatter. #JodiArias

  27. I’m doing a ‘nom de plume’ change – decided I don’t like the name Ms. B. (Keeps bringing to mind The Andy Griffith Show and that’s definitely not me.)

  28. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Valerie just said no salmon colored slankets are allowed any more either. I will have to bring the cheetah forever lazy tomorrow. #JodiArias

  29. I’m so tired of people saying that Jodi is a liar, therefore the entire defense is based on lies and is false. For one thing, she lied at first. She admitted it. She was afraid. That doesn’t mean she’s lying now. Second, Alyce is basing her assessment of Travis being abusive by Travis’ own words! And we can all see it in the text messages, etc.!!! Plus, Travis was a skilled liar. We can see that too.

    • Right on, TryingtoFigureThisOut. My skin crawls when I hear those things (I’ve had emotional abusers use that kind of inane logic to run me around in circles until I finally gave up.) Give the woman a break! She lied about killing the man she loved and was deeply ashamed (because she’s a good person) – unlike all those self-righteous people out there who would have apparently fessed up immediately. And don’t people realize that her attorneys had a very long talk to her before she took the stand that if she wanted to save her life she had to never never never sway from the truth? And I think she did a terrific job of doing exactly that.

    • Yes, I agree. I can understand why Jodi lied. She lied out of fear, she lied because she didn’t want to end up talking about all the questionable things in their relationship, she lied to protect Travis.

      Travis lied for purely selfish reasons. He didn’t care who he hurt or defrauded by his lies, he lied anyway so he could continue reaping the benefits from the positions of power he sought out and occupied.

      So the “But Jodi lied!!!” scam does not work on me. Travis lied too, and I have yet to see anyone in the Travis Taliban hold him accountable for his behavior.

  30. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    The stapler lady also has on a salmon colored shirt. Alyce just went back into chambers. #JodiArias

  31. 20 minutes late…………..

    “Don’t you just love those long rainy afternoons in New Orleans when an hour isn’t just an hour – but a little piece of eternity dropped into your hands – and who knows what to do with it?
    Blanche DuBois,A Streetcar Named Desire.

    Yep,still waiting…You know if you look into the Seal for a long time,you get hypnotized.

  32. 2m
    WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    #JodiArias is in all black, she just went into chambers as well. We wait.
    WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Valerie just called for Travis’ sisters (not Tanisha) to come back to chambers. #JodiArias

      • Once my best friend and I(town girls)decided to get in touch with Mother Nature,go into the woods and pick up chicory(?) lol! After 3 hours of chicory hunting we were lying down on the grass,looking at the sky to get some rest when my friend told”Maria,I’m not feeling well! I’m seeing chicory among the clouds!” I burst out laughing and to this day we joke about it.
        Long story short? You’ll know we’ve spent too much time in our lives looking at the Seal when you start seeing Seals of Arizona even when you look at the sky!!!

    • Yep me too.

      I had an odd thought. I wonder if there are any theorists out there who’ve seen any subliminal messages in it.

      We could debate those points until the trial starts. It’ll give us something to do. lol

    • Wildabouttrials is saying that Samantha went into chambers. Maybe they are going over the issue of what Alyce may or may not have said to her.

      • my take on it is that Travis family knew what ALV was going to say in court before hand. They came out crying….after she got off the stand she went over to say she was sorry…..

        Not sure if that is a big deal or not……we will see. But what is happening to ALV is a big deal…

    • I Think they are preparing for the sentencing face if (god forbid) a guilty verdict will come, because AL is a witness on this phase, also Travis’s sisters are being called in to chambers and as i understand they will have a part in the sentencing phase to give victim impact statements and i think this is why we had one of the sisters crying a few days ago after a chambers meeting

  33. I feel really bad for ALV. I hope she doesn’t regret being a witness. Good things will come to her and I really wish Jodi, ALV, JW and Nurmi the best after this trial is over.

  34. I think we all can agree nobody gives a rat’s ass what the “stapler lady” is wearing…twitter: instantaneous bullshit…lol

  35. Here’s a yes or no question,
    Have you ever had anal sex with a partner answer yes. Ok Was there ever a time that you had your partner get a little tipsy? Yes and when you partner gets tipsy, is the sex a little more free and exciting! Yes did you ever take you partner out to a romantic dinner in hopes of having sex when you got home? Yes Did you ever run your partner a hot bath with the hopes of getting romantic which would lead to sex? Yes Did your ever lay on the bed with your partner watching a tv program you did not like and rub your partners back slipping your hand under the shirt and rubbing the skin of your partners back? Yes Wouldn’t you call these practices be a sort of manipulation and having a secondary gain for doing these activities we have discussed? No, I would…,,. Witness is unresponsive. Isn’t it true you put these various implementations into affect in the hopes to get to know each other in the cardinal sense, showing secondary gain? LMAO
    Anything can be manipulation or have a secondary reason for it.

  36. I’ll just say this real quick… Alyce looks SOOOO much less stressed out with Jennifer, Thank God! Bless her heart!

  37. Ail I know a must be a manipulative person who has a secondary gain. Want to get it on? Umm not romantic. Want to f***k? He’s gonna need the lotion for awhile. I like manipulation and him doing things with a secondary gain when it comes to that. I must be a horrible human being

  38. Willmott plays really fair. If she wanted to seriously bias the jury, she could have shown exactly what graphic things Travis wanted to do to Jodi. Instead, she just said “it got very graphic towards the end”

  39. I don’t know what kind of “salmon” those WAT people eat… But my salmon was never PURPLE.

    Okay, gotta go. BBL!

  40. I knew Mr. Nurmi wouldn’t disappoint me! 😉 Mr. Spiffy is looking FABULOUS today….gotta love him! He’s not afraid to step out of the “conservative” box, so to speak. MMMMhhhhMMMM

  41. Poor Alyce, she really looks like she’s been put through the ringer…..I’m not surprised by the rumors that she had to go to the ER last weekend, which by the way, I think was NONE of our business to be leaked out, I feel so much for this woman. I truly hope she can recover from this. It is an awful shame what these people have done to her. I hate to even call them “people”……

    • Well after what she has been through and I am sure she is still experiencing anxiety, I am sure she is just wanting this over and done with.

    • I noticed that. I was thinking that Martinez probably wrote that down and underlined it to remind himself to read too much into it.

    • O… M… G….. I did NOT think that would be said in court and I’m glad. I’m sorry, but I have two daughters and I pray to God that people HEAR this from ALL sides. TA was an abuser and god know what else he did! His church should be investigated!

      • Cindyp…..can you tell me what was said please??? I totally missed it and I need to know, no matter how disgusting it appears it was. I like validation! Can you elaborate for me kindly? Much appreciated! Was it an IM??? Text? Thank you….

      • Tanne, if you listen to the sex tape, at about 33 minutes, after TWICE saying the 12 year old comment, he says something regarding corking a little girl.

        If you listen, be warned, it will make your skin crawl.

        • I don’t think it’s ‘corking,’ you are just saying that to avoid vulgarities… right? Cuz what he said was much worse (imo). TA was a disgusting pig and I agree with Suzy Meowington but I am much more swayed (due to experiences, i guess) , sounds like TA has had experience in that area and I will repeat – the church he went to needs to be investigated.

  42. How can anyone not be disturbed by those comments? The other side just sweeps it under the rug with the catch all boys will be boys.

  43. Ok catching up on the trial listening to JM question Ms Laviolette & can barely stand it! I can’t see HOW the badgering of this lady is helping his case at all!!!! So rude I can’t even tell what point he is trying to make? The only thing I feel is anger for the defense. I don’t know how she remains so calm. How can TA’s family see this as justice???

    • Kgrrrrr, they only see hatred. Alyce is a beautiful and amazing person (my conclusion) and that is why she does the work she does and why she agreed to do this trial. I am happy she pointed out that this is not her source of income. Personally, I could not be in the same courtroom as JM; not as juror, witness nor spectator for I may have had an outburst and been thrown in jail for contempt of court.

    • There we have it
      It wasn’t just that he was having sex, which is not a big deal in itself, but he was betraying his religion. These secrets would affect every aspect of his life.
      He had a LOT to lose and Jodi was the one that held his secrets.
      Jodi was his whipping post for the way he felt inside about his TRUE colors.

  44. It appears this site has lost a vocal supporter who has voiced reason regarding this case on the internet “airwaves”. I’m sad that happened. I will continue to listen in on their commentary because it has been informative regarding the law in this case.

      • No, Vlad took issue with the body bag picture.

        I never listened to him anyway, so it’s no loss to me.

        I feel bad for SJ, because his post was take completely the wrong way, and some people can’t handle the plain and simple truth when it’s spoken.

        • Omg what now???!!!! I like Vladimir, is that who your talking about????
          And yea your right, that what I like about SJ and this site. “NO BULLSHIT!” Its the truth!!! REALITY! !! And some people csnt handle the truth. Just like when the verdict comes in, “NOT GUILTY” these people wont be able to handle the TRUTH!

          • I think what people need to realize too is that this website is not just some promotional gimmick. The people who run it and post on it ALSO have strong feelings about this case and have a RIGHT to them. Trust that if our website could be removed by the travis taliban, it would be. Apparently to them, freedom of speech is a one way street.

            *noticing the hypocrisy as they say they have a RIGHT to say what they say and do what they do to Alyce LaViolette – yet, these insane people try every low down dirty trick in the book to censor anyone who supports Jodi or the defense in ANY way. Even going so far as to attack those who agree she is guilty BUT think she doesn’t deserve the DP. Freedom of speech is a right, not a privilege given to those who may THINK they are right.

          • Yes, I just checked Vlad’s twitter. It’s all there.

            It’s one thing to disagree with what SJ wrote. It’s another to complete cut ties, especially at this stage of the trial when we’re getting close to verdict time.

            I feel bad for you too LC, I know how much you enjoyed his programs.

        • Hi MB,

          I decided to remove the picture. Not because of anyone requesting removal, but because I had only planned to leave it up for a few hours anyway. It certainly served its purpose – which was the whole objective. All is good!

          Team Jodi

          • Well SJ, “I” think it was a very good point you made this morning. And it did make a difference because today, your post help Jodi a little more (I made a donation to her this a.m. after reading your post). It wasnt just about the picture.

          • Meh- I hadn’t listened to his show, I had planned to, but probably won’t now.

            I was shocked at the pic at first, but after thinking about it, and then, after listening to TA in his own words say it makes him hot thinking about porking a little girl, I had second thoughts.

            That could have been Jodi in that bag.

            Thank you, SJ for your honesty and for this site.


          • SJ and Team, thank you for all you do. To me this site represents a voice of reason, hope and sanity during a very dark time. This site represents justice, truth and open minded discussion. This site is not about hate and is, in fact, the opposite. I respect all of your decisions.

            • Hi MB, Yes, that post also enabled us all to see some people in the true colors, and have a bit of a clear out. It worked well.

              Thanks for your ongoing support!
              Team Jodi

              • to the team you know what you are going and i was not offended by the photo of the bag it need to be said to the haters and if it was not for this site we would on have the hate sites to go to keep up all the good work you are doing for jodi pray she has a good day today 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Well JM didn’t really cover that many topics, its just that it took him 30 minutes to make one point. So even though he questioned ALV for days, he didn’t really cover that much. I’m pretty sure JW went through everything JM talked about =)

    • I have a feeling that is kind of JW’s classy way of saying ‘in your face’ to all those that want to blame defense for the cost. Being so effective in such a short time also really throws a contrast to JM’s lengthy, obnoxious style of ridicule.

  45. I loved Martinez last object: define the meaning of a “very good lie” LMOA!!!!! The judge overruled and said “answer withstand!” Hahhhaa haaaa thank god she wanted to go to lunch! !!! You know he didn’t like that, he then looked at the defense. Lol

    • Haha, I liked that. And well, a very good lie is… a lie, that is a very good! I don’t think anyone needs that to be defined lol.

    • Have you noticed that he started being a Webster-pain-in-the-ass AFTER he saw his ”case” falling apart?Prior to that,he wasnt so…literal so to speak! Haha,seems like someone’s pants may be on fire!!

    • Yeah but don’t you feel his objection sort of took the place of the “There you have it folks” feeling that the last words Alyce spoke should have had. The jury hears HIS voice AFTER ALV’s awesome statement…it sort of shifted my attention a little bit…I think it was intentional…he just pissed me off.

  46. Quick question does any one know if Jodi is in dome kind if protective custody, I’m sure alot of the other inmates are jealous of the “celebrity” or the circus following her and I’m concerned they may try to do something to become part if the case

  47. Okay, I’m back and I have the seal. When is court back? What’s with the break/early lunch/early dismissal? I give up, I swear! SOOO FRUSTRATING!

  48. Did JW go over the journal entry that Juan lies about? He repeatedly goes over the first line that nothing new to report right after TA broke her finger and had his porno out. He omits in his style of avoiding the truth that in the next section she says something is not right with that boy.

    Perhaps she wasn’t allowed to ask questions on the next section?

  49. I just got a white screen of death that said “method not allowed” – I thought I was banned…I was going to cry….

    • awww…I think SJ and JC are pretty nice and don’t just ban right off the bat for posts…sometimes there can be misunderstandings…

      When I had the white page one day it never occurred to me i might be banned…I assumed it was gremlins or sabatoge!! LOLOL

  50. Today JM looks like his head has been stuck on his shoulders? What did he do with his neck? or is that his “I’m going down….” (courtesy Mary J. Blige!) look?

  51. I just came back from a meeting so missed a bunch.

    Anything good happened.

    Also the twitter dude said judge had dismissed jury early. Are we done for the day?

  52. jw: … that will be all
    the end of re-direct, or just a convenient place to stop for lunch ?

    the distorted structure jm created to discount al’s professionalism, and relevant, by yes/no questions, cutting off al’s answers, mischaracterizing her answers, etc has been totally demolished

    personally, i never had one doubt about al competence, and relevance, as i suspect did most fair minded observers, but for the remaining few, jw’s re-direct completely demolished the fraudulent attack by jm on al’s credibility

    obviously jm has been getting away with this prosecutorial abuse for years
    you can see it’s well honed
    ie his, are you having a problem with your memory ? questions

    i suspect it’s the first time he’s had his clock cleaned

    maybe like that other serial prosecutorial abuser nancy grace he’ll go onto a career in the media

    arising out of this trial i suspect the arizona judicial hierarchy has got to undertake a serious re-examination of judicial education, to nip the problems exposed here in the bud, instead of spending so much effort and time on appellate reversals

  53. I decided to watch Galanos on HLN, he is the most reasonable &, this way, instead of just boycotting HLN, I am making a vote of what type of programming is acceptable to me & what is not. I will not watch his show on the days that d-bag Ashton is on. Dwayne Cates is on today, and he is pro-defense & JC is ok, IMO, (plus the Pitchforks write-up made some good points). Ok, also, I grew u around a lot o Cubans, & I have a weakness for his pleasant Cuban face and his calm voice.

    • I disagree completely with the idea that Galanos on HLN is the most reasonable. There can be no “most reasonable” commentator on HLN. It is an oxymoron. Galanos comes across as a perpetual adolescent, pandering for his viewers’ approval. This morning, while interviewing a former opponent of Martinez, he asked a telling question of the attorney, who had strongly criticized Martinez’ aggressive, monomodal style of cross-examination, i.e., indiscriminate all-out attack. He asked something to the effect of: Isn’t Martinez just being passionate because he is seeking “justice for Travis?” This, either naively or deliberately, begs the question. To ask such a question is clearly to be either immaturely ignorant or prejudicial.

      Justice is not for any individual, whether it be victim, accused, or a member of the victim’s family. It is vigilante-style justice that acts in favor of a particular individual. Justice is symbolized by a balance scale for good reason. All investigation, all inquiry, all prosecution, all defense must occur in an atmosphere that respects the rights of all. And, most importantly in our system, it must respect the fact that the accused is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Justice serves the Truth, and in this case, not Travis, not Jodi, not any observer…only Truth! All efforts must be in the service of Truth.

      • To put the last paragraph of my previous comment more succinctly: The Scale of Justice must be balanced, not tipped in the direction of the prosecution or the defense.

    • I think Travis was a borderline sociopath, but that wasn’t really ALV’s area of study in general or on this case. I wonder what happens to a normal person when they are pulled into the web of a sociopath, does their brain change? Does the sociopath rub off on them in some way, or make them temporarily crazy? This is a topic that has interested me before – situational effects such as how people behave in the dire/extreme conditions of war vs. how they behave in everyday life. The prison study by Zimbardo is one example of how normal, healthy people can deviate severely under extreme conditions.

    • Yes, I caught that too.

      The haters keep saying how biased she is – really she’s not. She thinks for herself and draws her own conclusions. They could learn a thing or two from her!

  54. I’m sorry in advance…I know this comment will sound like I’m making fun like the traviban does….BUT…

    Massengil looks like a troll…all he needs is multi-colored long hair…… 🙂

  55. Wow… I just watched this morning that fast. All I can say is,

    BAM! Martinez, THAT’S how it’s done, biatch! GO JENNIFER!!!

  56. According to the haters Jodi shouldn’t have oxygen let alone the ability to “tweet”…GMAFB

    They make me sick…my message to everyone of those ridiculously phony hypocrits that are haters: “I hope you never make a mistake in your life. I hope you are NEVER in a position to have to decide LIFE OR DEATH. I hope you NEVER feel what it is like to be abused. I hope you NEVER know the inner turmoil of a stalker’s wrath. I hope you NEVER have to go to bed knowing a percentage of the world HATES your guts and is foaming at the mouth to kill you. I hope you NEVER know a painful day in your sorry ass lives. I hope you NEVER know what it feels like to know when the cards are down you will probably be thrown under the bus by people you considered “friends”. You reap what you sow. Karma is a BITCH.”

    • Brilliant post Janeen.

      Don’t they know how lucky they are they that they have not been put in Jodi’s position?

      I am Agnostic, but I agree with that quote “but for the grace of god go I” because the point of it is so true.

      Like Alyce’s book said, “It could happen to anyone.”

  57. Beautifully written Janeen! I commend up on not stooping to their level. I think this sentiment is shared by all of us. Thank you

  58. And to add and if you ever do find yourselves any of these positions.! Fight! And know there are people who support you

  59. I have been watching this trial from the start. I was convinced at the beginning that Jodi was guilty of premeditation and that she was a compulsive liar. Although I don’t think she did herself any favors during her police interviews, and her testimony, has at times been a little strange and emotionless ( although she is probably totally desensitized to everything after 4 years preparing for trial), I can honestly say that I don’t think she is guilty of pre meditated murder or even first degree. Was clearly a crime of passion or self defense. If is was premeditated, surely a Oman with suh a high IQ would have planned a bit better! Also, travis Alexander sounds like a real nasty piece of work. I was abused by my ex boyfriend and I recognize many similar traits in travis. I can understand how jodi could have beendrivento do what she did. I hope the jury can see what a joke the prosecutors case is and what a great job her defense team is doing. They really should get medals, not be criticized by the media. They have dignity and intelligence on their side ,unlike Martinez who is clearly unhinged and desperate and not to mention incredibly rude to the witnesses!! Go jodi!!!

  60. First Jury Question:
    ‘Ms LaViolette, do you ever treat men abusers who abuse others in the work place? Has the ‘prosecutor’ tried to schedule an appointment with you?’

    Second Jury Question:
    ‘Don’t you know what YES or NO means, I’m not ASKING you if you want to discuss it, I’m ASKING you Yes or No!

    Third Jury Question:
    ‘My wife hasn’t been the same since the trial started. She no longer watches HLN with me, stays on the computer long hours screaming or laughing at it, and goes rummaging in the kitchen –once in a while I hear the cluttering of knives in the dishwasher. Won’t wear pig tails any more and is reading self-help books. I just think it’s because I’ve been a juror for so long and it’s keeping our ‘game’ apart. What do you think?

  61. I see that Sj removed the picture from this AM’s post.

    SJ, I am VERY glad you posted that this morning. Not because it was nice or mean or in poor/good taste, but because it was very “thought provoking”.

    I have received a few E-mails about my post from this AM, so I’ll repost it here. We are all human, and we all react to situations, the idea of an open minded and level headed person is to stop after you have reacted/ and rethink the initial feeling and thought you have, to ensure you are making the right choices and decisions.

    Anyway, here is my post:

    I have to say, my first reaction to the leading post and picture was “wow”..and not in a good way. At first i thought that was a little harsh and uncalled for. BUT, after thinking about it and reading the post, i realized this was not “wrong”. In fact i felt a bit ashamed after i realized that i may be falling for some of the hater bullshit that is out there. Here is why:

    The defense has said that Jodi was defending herself from someone that was attacking her. There is NO evidence to say otherwise. If you believe this, as i do, then we have a possible “its him or her” situation.
    The defense should take note of this, and maybe realize they are not reminding the jury of this enough… as even people here are starting to forget that fact, like me.
    He could have killed her. We don’t and Jodi doesn’t KNOW if he would have, but she felt threatened enough to think this could happen. She had passed experiences that showed her that he was capable of harming her. I doubt that he intended to kill her during the time he choked her out, but accidents happen, and he almost did, even if he didn’t realize afterwards or Jodi didn’t realize it afterwards. People don’t know their own strength sometimes and people get out of control in heated situations. SO, Travis very well COULD have killed her. She has the right to defend herself.

    So, now when i look at this picture i don’t think “wow, that’s a bit harsh” i think “that could have been Jodi”.

    Now, perhaps you don’t like Jodi..she is a liar. She is a bit weird. She “screwed around”. etc… (if you believe these things) So, let’s imagine that Travis was actually a “good guy”. He did some “bad things” like cheat, manipulate, etc…but in the end, let’s say he was actually a pretty good guy. NOW, let’s say that was your mom, sister, daughter. He attacked her. Now go back to the top of this thread and look at the picture again. Who should be in that bag, Travis or your daughter/wife/sister/mom? Go on..go look. Juan, now who gets “gets the bag”?

    It puts into perspective the “other things” we may or may not feel about Jodi. it doesn’t matter if she was handing ass out like it was candy at Halloween. if she was a sexual deviant or manipulator. If she does back flips and summersaults in the police questioning room… NONE of that matters.

    QUICK, Life or death… Someone is being attacked. Pick who goes in that blue bag. The attacker or the person being attacked?

    My hope would be neither.

    Travis DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE, and fuck you if you don’t believe that. JODI also did not deserve to die. The question still remains if someone kills someone and they didn’t “deserve to die”, then is it the persons that killed them’s fault? I SAY NO! Just because he deserves to live, just like everyone else, and he was killed by Jodi, it doesn’t mean that it is her fault. It is his own fault for being in that situation in the first place. If someone is attacking me, and I have to make a choice, they die. PERIOD. They may not “deserve it”. but that’s what will happen. IT’S THE LAW. IT’S THE RIGHT OF EVERYONE TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

    We live in a world that wants answers. The problem is sometimes there are no answers. This is why I believe so many people are suckered into religion. As ridiculous as it is, they NEED an answer, so they use whatever they can. This “hate mob” Jodi has after her is looking for the same thing, answers. When there are none, they will go after the next easiest person.

    The only thing that matters to me in this case is “could Travis have attacked her”..”is it possible?”. If so, then she had the right to defend herself.

    (now, pros can probably agree with the above statements, but they don’t buy the fact that she stabbed him, slit his throat and shot him ALL as self-defense. I don’t think she did all of that in self-defense. I think she shot him in self-defense, or stabbed him in self-defense, or slit his throat in self-defense and then “snapped”, either from fear or frustration and anger. So the question is not if she killed him in self-defense but did she kill him AFTER self-defense. The answer is “I DONT KNOW”. And neither does the jury, so they must find her not guilty of the 2 charges in question. This is where I believe the true value of the experts and the “back story” are all valuable. Is there enough patterns to justify the “snap”. Can she be excused for going “overboard” after she had defended herself? I cannot see a justification, even if she “snapped” that would excuse the “overboard”. So at this point I would think manslaughter would be the correct guilty charge. I ALSO believe that this would NOT be FELONY manslaughter. It was aggravated by TA not JA. Jodi, should walk, with time served and probation. IMO)

    • “So, now when i look at this picture i don’t think “wow, that’s a bit harsh” i think “that could have been Jodi”. ”


      Sadly, the people who need to think the most will not come to that realization…

    • Team Jodi
      i suggest you remove sirlips lengthy, malicious post, and ban him forthwith.


      there’s a slew of vile, malicious comments contained in his post; and he’s totally at odds with the spirit of this web site

      if i took the time to analyze every vile item in his post, such would take a considerable time to disentangle this slime’s malice, and ill-will towards jodi

      i’d seen his post elsewhere, earlier at this web site, and ignored it
      but he’s persistent, and re-posted it

      to give but a brief commentary, the last paragraph is loaded with unmitigated malice

      here’s just a few examples, partially analyzed, and partially disentangled

      the general thrust of the last paragraph by sirlips is, without supporting evidence, he denies her overarching claim of self defense

      then not being there, and without supporting evidence, he interposes his malicious chronology of events

      then he maliciously attempts to limit the duration of her self defense claim, at the end of which witout supporting evidence, he attributes premeditation by her, which is unequivocally murder in the first degree, the death penalty

      then he slyly asserts manslaughter, which is not relevant, if premeditation is postulated

      then he convicts her, then switches to the penalty phase, and imposes a penalty of time served, and probation

      as an aside, look at the provocative, and highly inflammatory repetitive phrase used by sirlips “she slit his throat”

      my unequivocal suggestion: get rid of sirlips, ban him, and remove all his posts

      • ??

        Maybe you should read it again, and go look at his other posts.

        I think you are way off base.

        And, I generally like your posts too…

    • thanks
      i re-read his last paragraph
      i’d add it’s definitely very, very, muddled, and so possibly not malicious

      he refers to a snap, which occurs after self defense is completed
      and then he speculates that jodi acted out of “either from fear or frustration and anger”
      ignoring his unconventional but important misplacement of the disjunction and
      conjunction, a problem arises
      the last two of those three are conscious and deliberate acts
      sirlips claims she defended herself then snapped
      at that stage, it seems according to sirlips, that jodi has effectively restrained ta
      first their is no evidence of such
      secondly if such was assumed as true, then if she acted out of frustration or anger such
      would amount to a premeditated homicide
      a deliberate, conscious act
      premeditation can be formed in a moment
      that’s murder first degree, the death penalty
      there is absolutely no evidence of such a transition, that i’m aware of
      it’s uncalled for to insert any such unsupported speculative transition
      BUT if there was evidence to support sirlips postulate, it’s capital murder.

      the experts added nothing to this issue, that i’m aware of, in fact from what i heard from
      samuels there is minimal to no memory during this period, and none dealing with such a snap
      it’s pure unsupported speculation
      or do you have evidence to support the snap ?

      “justification” is a technical term in the act
      he misunderstands it
      i won’t go into it here, have a look at it
      title 13, chapter 4

      some people get all wound up about a victim cutting someone’s throat in self defense
      elsewhere, i asked several related questions on this matter
      i can’t readily find them to repost them but in summary i said using a knife or gun or
      anything as a weapon in self defense of one’s life is acceptable
      i haven’t researched that but i suspect it’s true

      the questions i asked were designed to deal with squeamish reactions of those offended
      by having to use a knife to kill someone in self defense
      i asked what official weapons are women allowed to use vis a vis men to kill their
      attacker who is bent on killing them

      of course there is no such list

      is stabbing your attacker, and heaven help us, cutting their throat with a knife unlady like, and so just not allowed ?
      would it be ok if a man did such ?

      how many women are killed yearly by their partner
      ta was into wrestling, mixed martial arts, unlimited fighting
      have you seen any of the later events ?
      no pussyfooting around with such people out to kill you

      anhow, sirlips without much fuss determined that jodi was guilty of manslaughter
      he didn’t even post the section of the act and ensure that all it’s elements were met

      he didn’t deal with the issue of self defense as a justification against all
      charges, including manslaughter

      his post was incredibly muddled and unwarranted by the evidence that i’d seen

      it was too much when he decided on the appropriate penalty, without at least knowing
      the maximum penalty, including the relevant secton

      this is not a game, although we can joke at times about various matters
      it’s jodi’s life on the line

      his post was lengthy, and showed aconsiderable train of sustained independent thought
      perhaps law school for him
      but my advice to him at the moment is don’t take any capital murder cases just yet
      wait till he’s through law school, and got plenty of criminal trial practice first

      i hope that helps

  62. Good grief! Out of curiosity I went searching what tossed salad in reference to sex meant after Renee revisited the famous tape earlier today.

    I’m speechless – in all my years I’ve never heard this phrase – or if I did I was clueless! and it went right over my head. If I was ever in my life asked by a partner he wanted a tossed salad I would have indicated to him where I kept the lettuce.

    I’m with you viri! My salads will never TASTE the same to me again!!

    I’m an old lady who’s never heard this expression, nor has my husband. We’re not sheltered nor Amish by any means.

    For this to come out of TA’s own filthy mouth, that he’s not the “fricken’ tossed salad type” then expresses his delight and enjoyment of the time he’s spent enjoying her salad bar, these words alone should end ANY discussion he was afraid of her!!!!

    I wonder if any older jury members heard this and were clueless also, as to what was being referenced?

  63. Can anyone explain why Jodi Arias’s journal excerpts were allowed to be shown to the court yet Travis Alexander’s are under heavy protection?
    Emails, IMs, text messages, Being Better Blog and journals written by Travis Alexander should be allowed into evidence, shouldn’t it?
    I don’t understand why Alyce LaViolette cannot read the material she reviewed to make her assessment. I don’t understand why the defense cannot use Travis Alexander’s written words. His Being Better Blog contains the first chapter of his autobiography vividly painting his abusive childhood. And there are the 16 pages of instant messages from Travis to Jodi showing, in his own words, his psychological abuse toward her.
    I emailed that defense lawyer, Mark Eiglarsh, who comments on Dr. Drew’s tabloid program, but never received or heard him explain my question on that show. It figures. Anything in favor of Jodi, an obvious abused woman, is ridiculed and turned into hate and attacks.

    (FYI – my screen name is a movement to obtain psychological help for Juan Martinez, a man who suffers the ‘short man syndrome’, after this trial concludes. I know many shorter men who are amazing, kind people but Juan Martinez appears to suffer from a massive case of SMS.)

    • I asked Vladmir Gagic this very question, and he said because Travis can not give a verbal verification, testify or something along those lines, its considered hearsay. I don’t agree with it, I think its crap to be honest, but that was his explanation, in a nutshell. I’ll see if I can find the post for you, I may be misquoting…

      • Thank you, Melvis.

        I think calling it ‘hearsay’ is crap too!

        My sister was brutally abused, psychologically, sexually and physically by several men. This is like watching her on the stand and it breaks my heart. I told her about this case and she’s devastated about the treatment, all the hate, toward Jodi as am I.

        How the public can laugh about emotional and sexual abuse…what a sad day for humanity.

      • look at rule 703 for a partial answer re expert testimony

        Arizona Rules of Evidence

        Rule 703. Bases of Opinion Testimony by Experts

        The facts or data in the particular case upon which an expert bases an opinion or inference may be those perceived by or made known to the expert at or before the hearing. If of a type reasonably relied upon by experts in the particular field in forming opinions or inferences upon the subject, the facts or data need not be admissible in evidence
        in order for the opinion or inference to be admitted. Facts or data that are otherwise inadmissible shall not be disclosed to the jury by the proponent of the opinion or
        inference unless the court determines that their probative value in assisting the jury to evaluate the expert’s opinion substantially outweighs their prejudicial effect.

    • I think Martinez has been bitten by the media circus bug and is trying to show his arse for his old lady groupies. He is the type of man who won’t allow a woman to win over him in front of so many people, he has to take words and misconstrue them to make it appear he is right. He can’t stand the fact of JW getting one over on him. That is why all the dramatics. It’s his 15 minutes of fame and he is playing it for all it’s worth.

  64. TA’s hands were cut purposely to appear like defensive wounds.True and complete defensive wounds include forearm lacerations/punctures. The lacerations to his hands are counter intuitive to self defense. The attacker would have had to have a double blade knife (single blade knife was used per evidence) or held a single blade knife with the blade facing up, unlikely. If the attacker mounted TA in a manner that would allow for the cut hands then he would have also received damage to the wrist and the vascular side of his forearms.

  65. what we here at this site can voice our opinions and leave the really bad hate out of our discussion on this issue and if this team wants to do what is need to do that then I’m for them all the way and will continue to visit this site because we have not hate here and if it gets in it is removed that goes for some of my statements I’ve and they removed and I for one think they were right in going so but they did not ban me from this site for the thing i did say for I’m here for JODI and no one else If i could find something that would help her I would leave it here because this team did here me and helped me with the Flores Report I for one think she did not do this …..and that is my opinion 🙂

  66. Love the post Janeen. It seems to me that the people who scream the loudest and have utter hatred and contempt for others who don’t share their opinion usually have the most to hide. They pretend that they are perfect people who do no wrong. They have no desire to try to see things from any other perspective. Their world is black and white. There are no gray areas for these people. It’s right or it’s wrong. It’s I’m right and you’re wrong if you don’t agree with me. What’s worse than their close-mindedness is the violence, bullying and lynch mob mentality they incite.

    To the haters I have one question. If you are so self-righteous and do no wrong then why do you condone physical violence to ALV, JW & KN who are just doing their jobs?

  67. Nurmi looks like he was a humble, quiet, and good boy. Ironically the smallest man in court, wearing elevator shoes, is the loudest.

  68. Jennifer brought her A game as always…. yes everything that Travis said about Jodi was a reversal about what HE was doing the entire time. This whole case has been a reversal from the beginning.

    You go girl! 🙂 We are behind you!

  69. So I was googling to see if I could answer Al’s question (maria did, thank you for letting us all know!) and I found this:

    ‘HLN is an acronym for Haters Love Negativity’: Jodi Arias uses Twitter to taunt prosecutors, pundits

    I mean really?? After all the disgusting vitriol tweeted about Jodi, the haters are upset because she’s tweeted a few lines via a friend from jail? Oh please, people get over yourselves! The first amendment doesn’t apply just to your lies and twisting of the truth (and considering that there are limits to all our freedoms, it might not anyway).

  70. Trained in knife fighting. The stab wound between the 3rd and 4th intercostal space is intentionally done to severe the superior venal cava. Strike at an angle no less than 25degress and no greater than 45degree. Slitting the throat, severing the carotid arteries with enough force to destroy the windpipe and voice box so as to render the person mute. The remainder of all cuts especially to the upper back were to make the job appear amateurish. None of the back wounds pierced the torso cavity, if the person that inflicted the back wounds “snapped ” those wounds would have been deeper. No defensive wounds to the forearms…. it was quick and efficient and professionally executed.

  71. I think the texts, emails, etc directly between Jodi & Travis are way more useful then any interview with TA would have been. The direct communication gives a real window into their relationship, and any interview with TA would have been total bull.

  72. HLN????

    I gotta say that it is so painful to watch this trial on HLN. Thank God for DVR! They are so one sided against Jodi it is pitiful. They are a news station, right? Not even close, they are the bad reality TV form of new

    Nancy Gross and Jane Velez Meathead badmouth Jodi every few seconds. And they are a news network?

    – They show 1 minute of trial video then ten minutes of commercials.

    – I timed it, they had one time when they only literally showed 30 seconds of the trial and then back to commercials.

    – They all must have gone to the same technical college of journalism where they practiced the line over and over again, ‘You’re not going to miss a minute of testimony.’ And they act like they have some futuristic advance in technology and have discovered a PAUSE button (um, it’s a delayed broadcast of the trial. Is their trailer park audience not aware of computers? “Geeze Margie, (he said with his beer in hand and wife beater t-shirt), them HLN people are magical. We ain’t gonna miss no minutes. How do they get all them people to hold still for so long. They using one of those time machine gadgets?”

    – Jane Meathead did take an extra class on how to exaggerate every word you say. I think she also took an elective, ‘Yelling at the camera, 101″

    Keep up the good work team Jodi, this site has beat out a cable network (a guess a stretch to categorize them that way) in terms of providing a wealth of useful information!


    • Yep, that is b/c they are like vultures feeding on this story. They want her to be guilty, if she is innocent it doesn’t bring in the high ratings like it is now. They are the main vultures, then the viewer latches onto that theory and feed on it some more like vultures. It’s horrible that people cannot have a fair trial in the United States, but this is how it is. If this judge thinks this jury hasn’t been tainted by the media, she is seriously mistaken. No way these people don’t run thru the door and turn this on first thing. Unfortunately the media is the judge jury and executioner of Jodi’s trial. I hope she can get a retrial if they give her a guilty verdict. This was such a unfair trial.

  73. The medical examiner says Travis wasn’t shot first b/c the area should have had more bleeding where the bullet entered, but did he not take into consideration that Travis had been in a HOT shower for a period of time that would have lowered his Blood Pressure? I wonder if the defense will bring that up? If not, they should bring in an expert to testify about that.

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