Jodi Arias Trial – Day 45 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of trial day 45.

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    • Well…. the last words from AL… before he gets at her again….”If Ms Arias was a really good liar, she would’ve planned a really good lie….and she didnt ” EEEHAAAA.

    • i just want to say that i hope and pray jodi is acquitted based on the battered woman defense. but, i also want to say that i think the site needs to be careful not to become like the mob mentals’ sites seem, (so full of anger and vulgarity). the body bag was over the top, and now the message from this morning sounds like it could have been written by one of the mob mentals. there are many supporters of jodi who are offended, and rightly so, by the picture and the swear words. please don’t slam them as they leave the site because that’s just foolish. instead, please review the site and try to clean it up and raise the standards back up to where they were when you first created it.

  1. I am confused about something. Again, sorry I missed a lot of trial and joined in late. Did Travis like little boys or little girls? I thought people with that disease like one or the other, not both. Like Jerry S. only liked little boys.

    • Don’t know where you got that misconception from. Pedophiles can prefer and target children of one or both sexes.

    • Thats a good question. The inference, at least to me, has been he liked both little boys and girls. Doesn’t appear there has been a distinction made from the Defense. IMO

        • Average age of menses is 12 . . . puberty starts a year or two before menses and finishes in about as much time afterward.

          Seems like he likes young . . . and it seems like he has a fetish for virginity, which is probably part of his attraction to young girls and even to anal sex as it can be sort of like “popping the cherry” every time.

      • I think he liked anything related to sex & pushing any and all boundaries to the point of being a sexual deviant.

    • Nancy Beth,

      Vladimir Gagic still believes that Jodi deserves a fair trial. He still believes that Jodi has been overcharged with M1 and felony murder, and he believes there is no basis for it.

      Vladimir Gagic was informed on Twitter of the picture of Travis in the body bag by some of his followers. As a result, he checked out the picture on his site. He requested that either his posts be taken down or the picture be removed.

      SJ removed all of his posts. SJ was also always intending to take that picture down.

      • It’s amazing to me that a pic of a body bag stirs up all of this drama, yet HuffPo can post pictures of Travis’ rotting corpse on their main Crime page and no one blinks an eye.

          • No, he’s a criminal defense attorney from AZ who has given a lot of great insight on the case. He doesn’t feel that Jodi should ever have been charged with murder 1.

            My HuffPo comment really wasn’t referring to Mr. Gagic’s reaction specifically, but addressed the haters in general reacting negatively to the body bag pic. I was just saying that HuffPo has posted WAY worse in plain view for all readers. I could have gone without ever seeing pictures of Travis’ dead body; that stuff gives me the creeps.

        • I don’t get this either – if crime scene photos of TA can be posted then it doesn’t seem to matter if this one is posted or not. I respect Gagic for not wanted any of them out there, but it would be impossible to keep those pics off of the internet.

          • Vladimir Gagic is likely not aware of those nude photos. He does not condone it from either side. It was the caption that stirred up the drama more than the picture, I think.

            I think it is disgusting that JA haters post her naked pictures online. I also saw Travis’s naked pictures (unedited) posted by some of the same people who posted Jodi’s and found it just as distasteful.

            Not everyone finds the Twitter account or the fact that Jodi’s pictures are being splashed around acceptable. The media just does not cover anyone who vocalizes support for Jodi. Only difference.

                • MB, I am sorry if you think I came across as unfriendly. I was sort of replying to Kira’s comment too, and I guess I hit reply to the wrong thing. I reference Vlad again because I initially referenced him in my first post.

                  I definitely did not intend to come across as unfriendly. I was merely stating that there are people who do not like the fact that Jodi is being humiliated but the media does not cover that because they are hellbent on making Jodi look bad.

                  I guess it is a lot harder in written word to convey how I mean to come across. But if this was a face to face conversation, you’d be able to see that I definitely did not mean to come across that way 🙂


          • good one cant do something here but let them run amuck on the other site and get away with it just like JM and Flores is going letting out video’s and journals ect O MY GOD 🙂

            • I agree I am about sick of this crap where it is A OK for anyone to
              bash an disgrace Jodi or her family or anyone that has a different
              look about this case. Or see’s Travis for what he was not as a
              freaking Saintly Mormon Man which is far from the truth.

              There is a big difference on this site though as there are a few
              comments sometimes maybe rough but nothing like that I see
              on the Travis support site/Taliban not even close. Why can’t anyone
              see that but us? all they have to do is read further than the
              first 2 comments on a page.

            • Ooh good point.

              Jodi’s journals released for the world to see.

              Interrogation videos of her parents.

              Who knows what else will be released. But they shouldn’t pick and choose who can post what, should they?

          • Just thinking the same thing MB! Since Mr. Gagic is so concerned with this pick, I hope he tweets the hundreds of hater sites posting the most disgusting and dispicable things. I surely hope SJ has no intention of taking this down. Especially since I went on such a rant about how important seeing this is. 🙂

            • Attn:
              Vlad states in his tweets that he is banned from this site. He states that he wants EVERYTHING that associates his name to this site REMOVED (I still see him listed, I’m sure the admins will get that taken care of asap) He seems quite perturbed ….Whatever! I think we may have been the only ones listening to his radio talk show, I wasn’t impressed by him (my opinion)…thought he had a good point about the crime being overcharged…but that “point” wasn’t extensive enough for a full radio talk show time slot and didn’t generate enough interest. He should stick to the written word…In my opinion he isn’t cut out for radio. (dry toast comes to mind)

              There was someone tweeting Vlad AND pitchfork as well, telling them to get off this site. That person also asked if Vlad could do anything/knew of a way to remove this site and mark it as spam. He said he didn’t…Someone is on a campaign to shut this site down.

        • I took gagic off my tweet list because of that.

          I don’t see him getting upset about all the nasty pictures of Jodi and the gruesome pictures of travis in the media.

          He basically caved to all the haters because they were now targeting him.

          • Well he wasn’t that interesting on the “radio”..but that is my opinion…only one of his callers sounded like she made sense and she was far more interesting than he was… He should stick to writing, that’s just my opinion.

            • I don’t mean to be rude but … um … Couldn’t you guys tell what he thought/felt from his radio shows? Didn’t you guys listen? Did you guys read his comments? He thought she should have been charged with murder two. He thought the evidence was overwhelming. He let hater after hater post the most foul comments on his site and he thanked them for their comments. He didn’t want anyone with legal knowledge calling into his shows unless they were his lawyer friends. The writing was pretty much on the wall. He did this for some publicity. He got some.

              • He technically said that murder 2 should have been the TOP charge and that murder 1 was ridiculous. I don’t read the comments on his site so I have no insight on that.

              • AlsoAbused,
                I listened to two of his broadcasts…I agree with him that this case was overcharged and that that point was…a good one. Today he states on his tweets that he does not want to be associated to this site in any way, anymore; everything associated with his name REMOVED. He tweeted that he has been blocked from accessing this site. The person who drew his attention to the photo that was up this morning ALSO tweeted pitchfork and tried to get pitchfork to disassociating himself with this site as well. She also asked Vlad about having this site marked as spam…Evidently Vlad didn’t read the post that went along with that photo so he jumped to conclusions… Evidently his primary goal is to stay impartial, if he feels disassociating with this site is the ethical thing to do, well, he should be respected for that. I highly doubt he will bash this site, he seems too professional to stoop to that level. I wish him well.

  2. Jennifer willmott and Alyce Laviolette are the Queens of the Universe!!!!
    Job well done ladies, JM must be enjoying his non organic chock full of
    gluten Crow sandwich for lunch today
    Carry on

  3. A Nancy DisGrace clip was just aired on HLN: one of Travis’s friends, Aubrey, a blonde girl, who said something like: “Travis was always driving over a pothole or had some type of stalker. When he found out Jodi slashed his tires, blah blah blah.”

    1) Why does the repulsive HLN court of public opinion keep taking hearsay comments from Travis’s Stepford Clique as hard evidence?

    2) Aside from Mimi Hall testifying that: “Travis ‘felt’ it was Jodi who slashed his tires…” was it ever proven?

    This is ridiculous! The typical cheating male, (we all know one these days) tells the women that catch him in his lies:
    “You need help!”
    “You’re a psycho!”
    To the woman he’s with when the used woman catches him cheating:
    “She’s stalking me – I can’t get rid of her! She’s crazy!”

    Why do so many women just shrug and chuckle on HLN stating: “Travis was just a young man. His sexual persistence is expected.” or “This is how relationships are these days.”

    What happened to picking a girl up at her parents’ house, meeting them and treating her like a lady? Today’s society….it’s so sad and hedonistic. We need to change.

    Sorry I went off on a tangent – can anyone answer about the tire slashing?

        • I think Lisa Andrews’ ex-boyfriend sent the threatening e-mail AND slashed the tires, and I think Flores knows it. Just my opinion.

          • I still say where are the photos of SLASHED TIRES? who would tell
            friends they have a stalker an not POST the photos everyone posts
            that crap now a days.

            An I still truly believe if there were actually slashed tires ? Travis
            did it himself to make LISA the ‘VIRGIN’ so scared he got to creep
            into her bed for the night. She asked him to spend the night because
            she was so frightened of the stalker out there. Come on ! great ploy
            for Travis !

            • He called the police once allegedly, but they took too long to come, so he didn’t wait around for them! There have been no photos of the slashed tires. There have been no receipts of the purchase of new tires. Tires are EXPENSIVE. He never accused Jodi in a text, email or IM of slashing his tires. Puh-leeze. What a crock!

              • AA, I heard that too, but my question has always been, how could he leave if his tires were slashed? Did he have spares? I believe if hln could find the person who replaced all those tires, they would have had that person on in a heartbeat!!

                • If his tires WERE ever slashed, why didn’t juan ask Jodi about it while she was on the stand? Always slashing tires is something to worry about.

                  juan didn’t ask Jodi in cross and neither did the jury in their questions.

                  And like AA said why not ask about receipts AND have the ONE girl that said it on 911 testify to it?

                  I EVEN heard one of the talking heads say that Jodi used the same knife that she used on the tires to stab Travis.

                  I actually don’t know WHY these idiots don’t have to testify under oath that they know this happened.

                  They show a knife in pictures, but it WASN’T the weapon. Someone even said it was a pocket knife.
                  These liars on TV can get by with ANY lie and they call Jodi the liar????

      • That’s exactly what I thought.

        Love how Dr. Drew, Nancy DisGrace, Jane Valez-Mitchell and Vinnie Politan keep stating it as if fact.
        Jodi wasn’t a stalker either.

        Has anyone read ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn? Flynn heavily mocks Nancy DisGrace with her character, Ellen Abbott, going to say this ‘character’ cheated on her husband.
        How can Americans love a former prosecutor who exaggerated and LIED about the way her fiancée was murdered and then bank a huge career off his death?!

        One Rolling Stone journalist wrote, “That one hour taken on cable television would be better spent in a psychiatrist’s office.” He deserves a Pulitzer for that one. 😉

        • I stopped watching the hln hood rats back a bit. Before I stopped completely one of them was commenting, with such disgust, how the jury was not hearing about JA slashing the tires and said this is terrible given she sashed his neck – implying a direct connection.

          • I’ve had to watch a bit of HLN this evening. My iPhone battery died and when I got home at 7:05, I discovered my speakers aren’t working on my PC, so I turned on the BS channel. UGH! Here I am at 8:30 and they’re STILL not finished with the juror questions which ended an hour ago. The commercial breaks, the commentary, it’s driving me CRAZY! At least DisGrace isn’t on, but even still.

            • AA,
              UGH, is right. They make me sick.
              I found a great way to watch it on Direct TV.
              We have you Tube. It’s really great, mostly because I don’t
              have to hear the crock talkers. They make me sick.

              The trial stsrted running over into the TABLOID shows. One was enough. JVM had mostly commentary BS and commercials. BAD pictures that she had no reason to show,
              I just fast forwarded them. I don’t want to see them. They were meant to be in private, not for the world to see.
              AND I refuse to go on into ND And DD!!! WOW. Hate and LIES!!!

              Anyway You Tube has all of it without the Tabloid crap.
              I flat cannot handle that much hate.

      • Exactly, Cindy!

        If Jodi was such a threat, like SMS JM paints, why didn’t Travis write about it in his journals or call the police?
        Because he was screwing and lying to so many women, he couldn’t figure out which one did it.

        My theory – Travis slashed his own tires to make it seem as if he had a stalker. His Stepford Clique may have been on to his lies (i.e., Chris and Sky Hughes) so he had to make it seem like Jodi was stalking him instead of allowing anyone to discover his sordid double life.

        • I’d believe there were many who didn’t like TA. Family of the ladies he wooed or work associations that he ticked off.

          He was very unflattering to some of the folks mentioned on the sex tape – Abe being one – though we hear Jodi sticking up for Abe and how Abe hopes TA gets the big fancy ring.

          It could have been an ex roommate of his who had a beef with him.He had one roommate who supposedly moved out in a huff.

          It could have been a random act of vandalism and he was hit twice.

        • MentalHealthForShortManSyndrome Exactly how I think on that too !! good to see
          another that can see through the BULL CRAP of TRAVIS.

      • No proof either so far that any tire got slashed once, or twice, no new tires receipts, no police reports, no one to tell who helped him tow or fix the car, nothing as far as I heard. Maybe he found a divine message under the windshield wiper ‘your tires have been slashed’, believed it and told others the good news.

    • Nope there was 0 prove that Jodi slashed the tires. Det Flores even said there was no evidence so I am not sure why they keep saying that. The information that she did it came from Travis’ lying mouth. He told many in his group that she did it and they will not stop talking about it.

      • I wish that the defense would get Flores on the stand for one question.
        Was there any evidence Jodi ever slashed Travis’s tires.

        The ask the girl that called 911 to testify that you said a girl that you
        suspected killed Travis was slashing his tires?
        Do you know who that was?

    • Stepford Clique…had a good lol at that one 🙂

      No it was never proven that Jodi did any of the things Travis accused her of. The allegations of the tire slashing, emails, ect were never proven.

  4. I just saw on Twitter that they are in with Judge due to some inappropriate questions for Alyce. They made fun of her or something.

    Thank you MB…I would have been on the morning session thread for at least…20 more minutes LOL! Why can’t I be on the ball here? If I was EVER FIRST I think I might have a heart attack…at least I would think for sure I was in the wrong place…

  6. Does Jodi get messages people leave on her Twitter? I would leave a message but don’t know if its true or not Twitter account.

    • Her friend is apparently running it for her. She is not allowed to tweet from jail. Her friend calls her and they discuss what to tweet.

  7. Okay, Watched video of Jen and ALV this morning. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! That’s how it’s supposed to be done. *Standing Ovation*

    Okay, Jurors’ question are next, right? Oh, boy. What drink should I make? Vote “Butterfinger” for Vodka Cranberry or “Plinko” for Lemon Drop Cocktail.

  8. Is that true – that some juror’s questions to ALV were ‘inappropriate?’ If so – is that yet another mistrial issue?

      • There is speculation that there were questions regarding ALV’s sexual orientation and using terms such as “man-hater”. Travistown Taliban, I’m sure.

        • I highly doubt that the jurors are stupid enough to question Alyce about her personal life/orientation. Unless there’s one really big asshole on the jury.

          Either way, both the defense and the prosecution would get those questions tossed.

          • Certainly the judge would toss them, you THINK???
            To me there wasn’t any real great questions about the trial.
            Just wasting time and then juan will be back up there for days.

      • Comment above from ‘finishtouch’ says; “I just saw on Twitter that they are in with Judge due to some inappropriate questions for Alyce. They made fun of her or something.”

        I’m wondering if that could be true – how would anyone even have that info already?

        • I think that is totally grounds for a mistrial, it makes the jury look as if they are not taking their duty seriously, and this is a Muder One trial, there is no reason for humor especially about an expert witness.

    • Is the question to Jodi about the definition of a “skank” wasn’t deeded inappropriate, I’d hate to think what questions Alyce got.

    • Gosh, I think we’d have to wait and see :/

      But I am not sure how anyone would know what the juror questions say yet! :/ Speculation ?

  9. How come the defense can’t use Chad Perkins comment (below) in the discussion of whether there were any signs Travis had pedophile tendencies. The prosecutor used Jodi’s statement: They’ll never convict me – or whatever it was from a TV program, didn’t he? I imagine this question has been asked before. If so, sorry.

    Chad Perkins
    Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!
    6 years ago

  10. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Counsel as well as Samantha and Travis’ brother and #JodiArias are called back to chambers. Stay tuned.

  11. I just posted to Vladmir that I was sorry to see he was no longer going to post on here. I really appreciated his point of view on the legal process, but I agreed with SJ and the post today. He responded “thank you”. So thats that…now the haters are jumping on his bandwagon, I hope they understand he doesn’t feel Jodi should get the death penalty. They will turn on him, I guess he will find out…
    With that, I can’t understand how everyone is up in arms about an evidence photo, since they’ve been splashed all over hell and gone, since the start of this trial. While they blaster horrific intimate photo’s of Jodi for their own sick pleasure, and it appears that no one says a word. Such a double standard, but what else would we expect.
    SJ, I support you, that post this morning, and where your coming from. I think its really hard for people to admit the truth here, that Travis was an ABUSER, and maybe, just maybe, he got what he deserved. Albeit, I do not condone violence, but if it was going to be Jodi, or Travis, I’m glad it turned out the way it did.

      • SJ –
        Please tell me you are not going to take it down, as was mentioned here previously. you have the support of rational people here to keep it there.

          • you are being the bigger person. now what can be done about the horrible pic of jodi on twitter? couldn’t jodi, (or donovan,) at least block him so we don’t have to see it when we go to her twitter page? it’s really upsetting to think that jodi ever sees it.

          • I’m sure it was the accompanying commentary. Vlad seems very “peach love and understanding” to me. The comment was extremely evocative. SJ, you have your agenda and he has his. In the Venn diagram of this case, there was with him intersection, but not total mutuality. It is sad when synergy can’t be sustained, but understandable when our interests are not 100% aligned.
            As an aside, I had noticed a little creep (no pun intended, really) in the past couple of days if truth be known. Or maybe it was just hedging.

    • Travistown won’t align with Vlad for long. He is not impressed with Martinez at all and does not think that Jodi is guilty of murder 1.

    • Thank you, Melvin for posting a msg for Vladimir. I ALSO LIKE HIM and have listened to all his JA talk shows. I probably still will, but if he starts badmouthing this site, ill turn it off. I don’t think he will though, he doesnt seem like that type of person.

      Just wanted to let you know that I feel what your saying. Thanks

    • This sums it up, Melvis, thank you.

      There’s been double standards since the beginning. Travis Taliban can be outraged, but we cannot. Travis Taliban can post pictures of whatever they want, but we cannot. Travis Taliban can set up fund raisers for family, but we cannot. Travis Taliban can say whatever they want, but we cannot. The list goes on and on.

      It really is disgusting, and just as much double standards as Travis himself had when he was alive. But what can we expect from the people who adore Travis? Nothing less than the same abusive, manipulative bullshit Travis pulled when he was alive.

      • I agree. Double standards even about the whole issue of sex.

        Jodi was a whore for having sex, but Travis was “a man being a man”

        Seriously? And I thought women’s rights were supposed to have come further than that.

        • Oh definitely! Americans tell each other how great we are, but it’s situations like this that show exactly where we really stand. We’re supposed to be better than this, we are supposed to be the model for women’s rights around the world. If we were to live up to that model, Jodi’s trial wouldn’t nearly be as slanted in the media as it is.

          The sexism in this case really bothers me too. Yes, the double standard that Jodi is a whore and Travis is a stud says that we’ve got a long way to go. Plus, there was the idea floated around that just because Jodi consented once to anal sex, that must mean she consents every time thereafter. That’s the Madonna/whore complex rearing it’s ugly head for sure.

      • exactly Mb….and someone has to stand up and say bullshit!! And thats what that post did, and they can’t take it. Oh well, wah wah right….lol
        And your welcome SJ, and thank you for being so brave to post what most of us believed from the start! BRAVO!!!

        • Yes, SJ doesn’t pull punches does he? 🙂

          It’s just pitiful that the haters spew so much venom and bile, yet get all prissy when SJ posts a picture that is otherwise tame compared to what’s been put out there. Talk about selective squeamishness!

        • the family of the “victim,” (in this case, the state calls them the alexanders,) gets to be anywhere the defendant is. if jodi is there, the alexanders are allowed by arizona stupid law.

          • So, the Alexander family get to hear the juror questions first?

            I didn’t get why they asked her why she looked to the left or why she might have smiled once at Jodi. In fact It was so minute I didn’t even see it.

            The Alexander girl was crying like crazy when Alyce was testifying and I thought what the hell.
            It had nothing really to do about anything big.
            Maybe she had a question put in there and got busted.

    • HHHMMMMM- A lot of TA Peeps in with AL today. I would think the “supposed issue” of AL making a comment to SA would have been resolved by now. Perhaps they have tied the family to the bulk of AL’s harassment.

      • If it is about the harassment AL have been receiving, maybe the Judge know the family has the means to ask their supporters to stop because it could hurt the trial.

        • Actually, you have a good point there. The TA family could actually help make a difference with some of the trashing of JA and the defense Team and witnesses. Not all of the loonies out there, but it would help, IMO.

      • Actually I think something has been said, WS has taken down all inappropriate comments about ALV and have posted to everyone, no more hate speech comments directed towards ALV or people will start getting banned.

  12. MB, (reposting this here in case you missed it, because I’d really like to clear the air)

    I am sorry if you think I came across as unfriendly. I was sort of replying to Kira’s comment too, and I guess I hit reply to the wrong thing. I reference Vlad again because I initially referenced him in my first post.

    I definitely did not intend to come across as unfriendly. I was merely stating that there are people who do not like the fact that Jodi is being humiliated but the media does not cover that because they are hellbent on making Jodi look bad.

    I guess it is a lot harder in written word to convey how I mean to come across. But if this was a face to face conversation, you’d be able to see that I definitely did not mean to come across that way 🙂

  13. This is getting ridiculous. If what the guy on Twitter posted is true, then there is a real problem.

    The judge SHOULD have sequestered the jury when KN asked for it!

  14. I can’t imagine that at this stage of the trial the jury would be handing in inappropriate questions r/e: questions that make fun of an expert witness. That would be just sad. But then again after weeks of what most of us find inappropriate conversations for polite society (e.g., ass f*****g, poprock blow jobs, and “cream pies”) who know how their poor minds have been twisted.

  15. Here is a question REGARDLESS of DV or not ( which I believe) , doesn’t every human being have a right to protect their own life when you are in fear of someone else threatening and showing their ability to attempt to take your life or you believed your life was in danger?

    • They absolutely do and the law allows for it.

      The problem is that when you do claim self defense you have to make some sort of representation of the fact that it is remotely possible. If you had a witness that would be one thing. If not, then every person charged with murder could claim self defense and now, in AZ, the prosecutor would have to first prove it wasn’t. So, when you make a claim, actually pretty much any claim in court, you must have some evidence to back up the fact that there is at least a probable cause to back up your claim. This is the same as why the prosecution has to go through various probable cause hearings.

      So when a person claims self defense, and there are no other witnesses the judge will definitely make you do at least two things. Firstly they will make you claim it from the stand, so there goes your fifth amendment privilege, and secondly they will make you proffer some kind of evidence that shows that it is at least possible that you have a valid claim of self defense. That is why Jodi had to testify in this case, and that is why the DV expert’s testimony is required. JA had to testify to be able to present the self defense claim, and the DV person provides the probable cause.

      • I’m sorry Al, but I don’t believe a judge can “make” a defendant take the stand in order to claim self-defense, NOT EVEN IN AZ. Jodi did NOT have to testify. It was her right NOT to testify. However, it would have been extremely difficult to put on a self defense case in this instance WITHOUT her testimony since there were only two people present during the killing.

        • No she didn’t. You are correct. But had she not taken the stand, the experts would not have been able to discuss her.

        • And I don’t know how they would have entered the self defense claim. Remember the attorneys can’t testify, no one else can say she told someone, since that would be hearsay, so it would have to come from someone she directly reported it to other than her attorneys. It could be a cell mate or someone like that, or they would have only two options:

          1. She would have to claim it to the authorities, e.g. the police
          2. She would have to testify.

          But I’m sure the judge would ask for a foundation laid for a claim to self defense.

          • Tactically, she had to testify in THIS case, but she did not have any legal obligation to testify and a judge could NOT have forced her to (nor any other defendant). It’s important to understand that difference. If any of us here are ever in a situation where we have to plead self defense, we need to understand that.

            Evidence regarding Travis’s character could have been offered outside of the jury’s hearing to support the plea. Such character evidence (turbulent and dangerous disposition) is relevant to show the fear of the defendant (state of mind), which all goes to foundation. In this case, the only real evidence of Travis’s character and prior violent acts was found in messages between them. In order to introduce them, Jodi had to testify because she was the only person affected by his overt acts. He led a double life, after all. She was the only person who could lay that foundation and testify as to her knowledge of his nature, which therefore, left her in extreme fear.

            It may have been possible to present evidence without Jodi testifying (through the experts) but it would have been difficult and not as much would have been brought into evidence. Therefore, tactically, having Jodi testify was a necessary risk.

            But again, it was not a legal requirement or something the judge could have enforced.

        • Jodi had to take the stand a Lawyer who defended a client against Martinez it was the Doug guy another Mormon issue in this case Martinez was looking for 1 st degree this lawyer was very nice and had good criticisms of Martinez Jodi had to take the stand because of her other stories and she was the only witness. Most Lawyers believe she had to testify.

          • She didn’t have to take the stand at all. It has to do with the Fifth Amendment.

            It’s strictly optional.

            The burden of proof is on the prosecution, but who knows with this jury judging from those questions that were clearly cribbed from HLN?

            • tonysam

              No! she lied then finally admitted to murdering him it is completely different then Casey OJ etc. Every experienced Lawyer stated they had to put her on the stand since, she was the only witness that day, Casey Anthony’s Lawyer stated this and many many others. She was the only witness and they are trying to save her life. The Judge should have sequestered the jury. Jodi was a good Witness. I thnk she stood up well to Martinez, the problem is the Media and also other factors. Such as the LDS Lynch MOB that has NEVER RESPECTED OUR CONSTITUTION. This CULT has much to do with the smear campaign as demonstrated on AMAZON,

    • I believe so. How the law defines it can be tricky. Some states require retreat, and only authorizes deadly force if retreat is not possible (i.e. one is in their own home, cornered, ect). Other states have a stand your ground law where that when one is confronted with a threat deadly force can be used.

      IMO self preservation is a fundamental law of nature. Everyone has a right to protect their own existence.

      • Thanks MB and Al I understood all that, it just to me self defense is self defense. But you must prove your Reason for self defense.

        • It’s a little mor or less than that depending on what state you’re in. So in some states (not AZ) self defense is what’s called an affirmative defense. In such cases you are right. The defense must prove self defense beyond a reasonable doubt. In other cases such as AZ, self defense is not an affirmative defense. So the defense doesn’t have to prove anything. The prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. However, any claim of self defense probably needs some reasonable probability of being valid. Otherwise no jury is going to believe it. So what the DV does in this case is provide that argument. Basically she tells the jury that TA was abusive, that the kind of behavior she sees in him leads to violence, and hence it is likely that TA was violent with Jodi.

          I am also reasonably sure that before a judge allows you to raise a self defense claim, she is going to want to see some reasonableness in that claim. The bar would probably be very low and way below proof of any kind, however one would have to make some proffer to show that the claim is at least probable. Otherwise, like I said, every murderer would just say, I did it in self defense, now Mr prosecutor, prove I didn’t.

          • SOME evidence of self defense IS required in AZ, from everything I’ve read. It’s up to the judge to determine what is considered “some evidence” however, the standard is very low. It is the responsibility of the prosecution to disprove it. In AZ, State v. King, a 2010 case, essentially set the new standard for self defense by overruling previous cases which required a defendant to act in self defense solely on fear of imminent harm.

            To be clear, however, per the jury instruction that will be given, two conditions MUST be met in order for self defense to be met:

            “1. A reasonable person in the situation would have believed that physical force was immediately necessary to protect against another’s use or apparent attempted or
            threatened use of unlawful physical force; AND

            2. The defendant used or threatened no more physical force than would have appeared necessary to a reasonable person in the situation.”

            NOTE: I do believe this is slightly modified in the case of battered women.

            #2 may be very very problematic for the jury in Jodi’s case. The amount of physical force (the throat slashing) is far more than it would seem is “necessary”.

            Paraphrasing from the jury instruction: While deadly physical force may be used to protect against another’s use or apparent attempted or threatened use of deadly physical force, self defense ONLY justifies the use or threat of physical force or deadly physical force while the apparent danger continues, and the justification for self defense ends when the apparent danger ends. Further, the force used may NOT be greater than reasonably necessary to defend against the apparent danger.

            And here is where a MAJOR problem lays in Jodi’s case. Taking the above at its root, when Travis was attacking Jodi, lunging at her like a linebacker, Jodi was justified in reaching for the gun and pointing it at him. She was EVEN justified in pulling the trigger. Why? Well, he was attacking her, and also, he had choked her previously to the point of unconsciousness. Therefore, she was in grave fear of him.

            The instruction defines that if a reasonable person in the situation would have reasonably believed that immediate physical danger appeared to be present, then it’s justified. It also clarifies that ACTUAL danger is not necessary. Only a reasonable belief of danger by a reasonable person.

            But Jodi’s memory stops there. At least most of us here assume that after he was shot with a wimpy gun, Travis became even angrier and attacked Jodi further. We have had all sorts of discussions about how and why she stabbed him.

            But the bottom line is: there’s been NO evidence (and remember, testimony IS evidence), not from Jodi or anyone else, that the “reasonable belief of danger” continued from that point on, thereby justifying further force. NONE.

            Without Jodi remembering, there’s really no way to put on such evidence. Perhaps a different medical examiner would have come to the conclusion that the gun shot wound came FIRST, and could have made Travis even angrier and attack further. Even though that wouldn’t have been actual evidence of what transpired after Jodi’s memory stopped recording, hypotheticals could have been posed to create a possible scenario. But that didn’t happen. Why? Perhaps the defense team had such an expert lined up until JM changed the sequence, placing the gun shot wound last.

            The jury has to decide first, either:

            A. Whether a reasonable person in a similar situation would believe physical force was immediately necessary to protect against another’s use of unlawful physical force.


            B. The jury has to MEASURE the defendant’s belief against what a reasonable person in the situation would have believed.

            They may well decide either of those in regards to the gun.

            But the jury instruction is much more complicated and explains when physical force is NOT justified.

            1. In response to verbal provocation alone; or

            2. If the defendant provoked the other’s use of unlawful physical force, unless:

            a. The defendant withdrew from the encounter or clearly communicated to the other person the defendant’s intent to withdraw, reasonably believing that the defendant could not withdraw from the encounter; and

            b. The other person nevertheless continued or attempted to use unlawful physical force against the defendant.

            The only silver lining though is that if the state has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it was not self defense, the defendant must be acquitted. But, in my opinion, the throat slashing, coupled with Jodi’s memory loss, compete with each other. If Jodi remembered he kept coming at her and she ultimately had no choice than to slash his throat, it would be one thing. But she didn’t.

            • AA,

              I agree with you completely. That throat wound has always bothered me. Because at that stage a reasonable person may believe that you now have command of the situation and you can stop. I think at least one juror has the same belief, and that was reflected in the question about whether people in that situation can stop (I’m paraphrasing it horribly, but that was the general gist).

              Also AZ lawmakers were astute enough to understand this situation, and their manslaughter charge actually covers exactly that situation.

              ASR 13-1103 (2) under Manslaughter

              “Committing second degree murder as defined in section 13-1104, subsection A upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim”

              and 13-1104(1) for 2nd degree murder states

              The person intentionally causes the death of another person

              That is why I think that an extremely likely outcome of this trial could be manslaughter.

              • Indeed Al. The charges are mirrored along federal laws, based on common law, so let’s not credit AZ too much LOL

                I think also the vena cava wound (which the ME testified to as a “fatal wound”) may negate the necessity for the throat slash, even if Jodi had remembered. Although, it could be argued that a layperson would not realize such a wound would ultimately be fatal, whereas a similar argument regarding the throat slash would be ridiculous.

                Jodi’s testimony does, I believe at least, support lesser included offenses, and therefore, manslaughter should be an option for the jury. If the jury follows the instructions, I think manslaughter will be the option they choose.

                That being said, JM has not (yet) disproved self defense. But neither has the defense successfully supported the use of such extreme force.

                I think that particular juror question was very interesting. I would have liked to have heard Alyce’s answer in full, but JM objected, and he had a right to object. That does provide JW with an opportunity to follow up though, and I hope she does. One of the deep dark black holes that I see in the defense’s case is in not explaining the incredible fear a DV victim faces and why, as is so commonly seen in these cases, “overkill” occurs. I was not at all surprised to hear a juror ask about that. In fact, I would have been surprised if they didn’t. I actually saw that as a positive question for Jodi’s case. At least one juror has already (possibly between voir dire and the trial or just from innate intelligence or knowledge of other such cases or perhaps movies?) considered why someone acting in self defense would use such extreme force. That may be the one juror who can explain to the others and perhaps even sway them.

                BUT JW needs to explore this and to do it well, and in a way that JM cannot object his flat little butt off. The jury has opened the door. I just hope JW realizes the importance of this question. If she is successful and Alyce is able to speak confidently on the subject, there is still, in my mind, a possibility that the jury will acquit on self defense.

                Another possibility is that aggravated assault may be a lesser included offense, although I’m less confident about that one. If it is, then, the jury may choose the lowest possible offense they can, and that would most likely be “time served” for Jodi, barring a few weeks or months here or there.

  16. I have butterflies…………..

    so nervous to hear these questions…………………

    we will have a nice idea verdict wise…………..

    hope they took out #5 Fame-Whore’s questions……………..

  17. I think it is just speculation, like someone acting like they have the inside scoop from their couch, many miles away.

  18. Unless there was some evidence of jury misconduct, this would not be just because the jury asked an inappropriate question. They would just through it out. So if this has something to do with the jury it may have something to do with the fact that a question in there reflects something that could only have come from a juror watching or reading something on the outside.

    Now, how about another totally wild assed idea – Plea Deal?

  19. I think it’s really sad that people are trying to sabatoge everyone and anyone affiliated with Jodi.can’t believe that people are so stunned that we have bully problem at schools in America. After seeing the extent that people go to to try to ruin anyone who dares to support Jodi, it does not surprise me at all that kids are bullying other kids. All you have to do is look at their parents, many of their parents are the people that are bullying JA, KN, JW, Dr. S, and ALV. The worst thing about it is that it is taking place in cyber space and in social media. I’ve seen kids suspended and expelled from school for cyber bullying. How can you tell you child not to bully, when you yourself, are basically doing the exact samething times ten. If you want your kid to grow up and be a person with class, well it starts with you. Stop being a bully and stop the hate.

    Also wanted to let you guys know that the people trying to ruin ALVs’ career were told to cool it until after the verdict is in. It could be considered “witness tampering”. IMO just for all of the crap they pulled, the judge should send a message to the spectators by declaring a mistrial, but we know that would never happen. So I dunno how I feel about it… I would like to see a mistrial, but I want things to cool down for ALV. Also I think it’s crap that people have decided that it’s okay to pick and choose who is abused and who isn’t. They had their minds made up as soon as they found out they she was going to file for self defense. They are right about one thing, this could set back domestic violence big time, but not because of Jodi claiming self-defense. Someone who is being abused might look Jodi’s case and be concerned that no one would believe them as well. Or maybe someone who is being abused won’t attempt to fight back because they are afraid they will end up in jail like Jodi.

    I honestly think that if she does get convicted of first degree murder and receives the death penalty, it won’t be because she killed Travis but because she lied and didn’t tell the truth in beginning… (Well that, and she should have not talked to inversigators without a lawyer).

    • Those trying to ruin ALV’s career were told to cool it till after the verdict? So they are free to go and destroy her once the verdict is in? What about all the damage they have done so far? Are they going to go back and undo that? They are truly sick and suffering from mass delusions!

    • OMG until AFTER the verdict? That’s lovely.

      And no, Jodi’s case hasn’t ruined anything, and actually, it just might have helped. Domestic violence victims are NOT believed anyway — not even by each other (obviously). Maybe, just maybe, Jodi’s case has brought some more awareness to the subject.

      Why? Well, when those of us who are victims have spoken up here, I’ve seen several people, especially men, take note and thank us for what they have learned. Maybe just maybe everyone here will pay a little more attention to the woman who misses too much time from work, seems to hide bruises/cuts, seems isolated, and/or visibly shakes when her partner/husband calls. And if that woman ever confides in you, maybe the first questions out of your mouth won’t be “Well, why don’t you just leave?” or “Why did you stay?”

        • No Cindy, I really didn’t. I had 3 “friends” left in the world by the time he was arrested. 2 of them I’d never met in person, but had talked to them on the phone and knew them from a cat health group I ran. I thought one of them, who had studied to be a psychologist, would be understanding. That was my first experience with people NOT understanding.

          When I first talked about the abuse (before he was arrested as I began realizing it), she became cold to me. By this point in her life, she has devoted herself entirely to working with rescue cats in a shelter, and doing trap-neuter-return for feral cats. She never married. I had previously told her quite a bit about our arguments, but I had never mentioned the physical violence. In fact, I had typed up one argument, with my observations, and sent it to her. Granted, I left out the part at the end, where he was violent. She read it, but said she thought it was the difference between men and women. She suggested I videotape him as he was ranting at me and let him see it. I tried that. He smashed my camera.

          So, when I told her the truth, adding back in all the violence, and that I was truly frightened for my life because of the escalation that was occurring and I was trying to leave, I thought she, out of the 3 people I knew, would be THE most understanding. Instead, she asked if I had the 7-year itch (we’d been married 10 years). She also said it is a rare man who rescued cats (which he did) and I might need to think about that since I love cats so much. We had 13 cats at the time, most of which he’d brought home because I think he thought I’d never leave him while they were there. They were my “kids” since I couldn’t have my own (not my fault — he’d had a vasectomy before we were married, but neglected to tell me about it until I wanted to see a fertility doctor to find out why I wasn’t getting pregnant.)

          Her coldest slap ever to me, however, was after his arrest. I was in a house in the back of a large development. The nearest convenience store was almost a 2 hour walk and I don’t drive. To get to a grocery store was almost a 4 hour walk. There was no public transportation. The neighbours didn’t want to be involved (as he was/is the VP of the HOA) and wouldn’t give me a ride to the store. Cabs cost $50 each way, and regularly took 2-4 hours to arrive. I spent so many nights in the rain outside the closed grocery store waiting for a cab to take me home, scared out of my brains. He had stolen my only source of income, the business that he worked at, but I had bought. He had charged his legal fees to my account and used my debit/credit cards and withdrew $500 per day from the accounts, plus an additional $500 a week for what he called a “meager amount on which to survive”. He kept changing my mailing address to his new one so I couldn’t even get new cards in the mail unless the banks would FedEx them to me. And then, he shut off water in the house, which was somehow in his name. The city wouldn’t turn it back on unless I had a lease from him — even though the injunction for protection granted me sole occupancy of the house. I was fucked (excuse the Egyptian). I’d spent 10 weeks ordering cat food and litter online or taking expensive cabs to the store. My legal fees were draining most of what I’d managed to salvage when I closed my accounts and before he drained my accounts completely dry.

          If I was going to survive, I had to move somewhere with public transportation where I could get around and get a job. And I had to do it quickly. But I couldn’t take ALL the cats. My choice was take some of them and we could all live. Or, we would all die in that house with no water and no money. That was the most heartbreaking decision in the world. He wouldn’t allow me to give them away. They were property his lawyer told mine. I chose the 4 I felt closest to. I had to leave the rest. My friend gave me a terrible lecture by email (she conveniently forgot my number) about how selfish and conceited I was. I should have taken the 4 least adoptable cats. Instead, I wanted to take the little Bluepoint Siamese guy who was 2 and the most highly adoptable, but he is, I believe, the rebirth of my cat who had lived to 22. I couldn’t leave him. On top of all the other stress I was dealing with, I really didn’t need her lecture and it was so cruel. I’ll never ever forget it.

          I went onto a feral rescue group online and asked a question about another cat who I had found a home for and who was positive for FeLV and FIV, but I needed transportation help to get her to another state. In the process, I told them what I was doing, and apologized saying they would probably all hate me. I was shocked that the “experts” there told me I was doing the right thing. To get back at me, my ex would most likely target the cats I cared the most for, and somehow get a message to me of what he’d done.

          Of course, my heart still grieves daily for the cats I left behind. But it also grieves for that friend and her cruelty to me at a time when I needed caring words more than anything else in the world, and I was barely holding myself together, considering suicide daily.

          The next cruel thing I heard was one time I was reaching out to Catholic Charities for help getting rides to the grocery store. I offered to pay, as long as it was considerably cheaper than $100 round trip. I left a message. The woman who called back said “Your story is fantastical. You’re telling me you were basically a prisoner in your own house, but you had a phone, a cell phone, and a computer? I don’t believe you. Why didn’t you just open the door and walk out?” Ugh! Where was I going to go? How far was I going to get?

          I heard similar words many many many more times thereafter. One lawyer who runs a website purportedly to help women with custody battles, including domestic violence, and is considered by some to have a bible-worth of material on there, told me that I was jealous of my husband’s mistress, and I “set him up” by videotaping him with my iPhone as he tried to kill me so that I could get charges pressed against him. Sound familiar to anyone following the Jodi case? She also said because I didn’t run out of the house screaming when he tried to kill me, I was obviously lying through my teeth. A reasonable person would have run outside. And I wanted to deprive him of his business. HIS business? Who bought it? Who bought the house? Who bought the cars? Yeah, sure.

          The shit you hear. The disbelief. It still stings 25 months later.

      • Also Abused,

        I hope that when you have enough time, you will write a book on the topic of domestic violence/intimate partner violence/battered woman syndrome, whatever it is called by the time your book comes out! You write very well and clearly, even when the topic is upsetting. It is obvious that you have a scholarly mind and a talent for legal analysis. I’ve learned a lot from your posts, so thank you for taking the time to clarify the issue for the rest of us. You could write a fine book on the aforementioned without ever mentioning “what’shisname”.

        • Thank you, Nikki. I have considered writing a book about it many times, but can never quite figure out whether to just tell my story, or what. I’m no expert, just someone who survived. My worry also is always that ogre (my ex) could sue me and/or collect part of the profits. There have been cases decided that really scare me on that issue.

          But honestly, thank you so much for saying I write well. That means a LOT.

    • Jodi’s last words to the jurors was (paraphrased, she was stopped before she finished) :
      ‘If you want to convict me for lying, so be it.’

    • Leesar-
      Nice post. So true that bullying has taken over young children’s lives, and you don’t have to look far to see the original source and who is teaching them to bully. I had a great conversation with my child’s principal last year, and he shared what he has to deal with in terms of bully parents. This is a school district in a wealthy area with many Doctor’s, Lawyer’s, Engineers, etc. with “standing” in the community. It is out of control and we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg of the evil that has taken over our society.

    • Beautiful post, thank you for sharing!

      I agree with all your points. The fact that GROWN PEOPLE are acting like this, is it really a surprise that kids are so damn cruel? Look who they learned it from.

      To think some of those people are teachers, social workers, and sports coaches.

  20. One of Alexander’s sisters and his brother Steven also went in chambers. #JodiArias.. this is what Beth Karas posted on FB.

  21. well dang i missed it…i still cant see anything on my page as far as images..rebooted this morning but still havent been able to get anything to work

    • I read that yesterday…I bawled my eyes out…went to her Memorial site…I hope these boys pay for what they did to her! I doubt they ever will…the police seem to have washed their hands of it.

    • It is sad Melvis, I feel bad for her parents. And the four little turds are still bragging about what they did to her. 🙁

      And now anonymous is involved.

      • Its really a sad reality how society treats girls who have been sexually used and abused. And throw in all the cyber bullying that goes on, no wonder this poor girl felt she had no way out. That was really sweet that you went to her memorial site. :{
        We are seeing this same attitude in this case on the haters sites. They think nothing of trashing anyone who remotely defends Jodi, and its so frustrating that its being allowed to happen. Especially on Amazon, FB and Twitter. Very poor website management and enforcement. We all need to keep up the pressure for these administrators to fix this problem!

        • Anonymous is a cyber collective. They got involved with the Steubenville case when it looked like the whole town wanted to hide the fact that a 16 year old girl had been drugged, raped, and drug around for a whole night unresponsive. You can check out some info on it at

    • I did not see that, thanks for posting!

      I appreciate Anonymous’ intervention in these cases. Nobody deserves to be used and abused like that.

      The boys deny nothing – why Canadian authorities haven’t pressed charges is beyond comprehension.

      • agree MB…its very scary to think that this kind of thing is happening in todays society. Showing us again its the blase blah attitude towards sexual violence. Disgusting!

  22. I still didn’t get to see Mr. Nurmi’s socks today 🙁 Did anyone happen to notice them yet?…Trying to divert my attention…sorry if I am off topic.

      • Therefore, the King of Swords asks you to remain detached and objective in a specific situation, in order to ascertain the truth and seek out only the facts. You need to use your intellect to prove your point and succeed. Your education and experience are important but so are your day-to-day observations and thoughts. You can also solve problems by using history, rules, laws and diplomacy.
        The King of Swords suggests that you need to adopt a very stern but fair role. You have clarity of mind and can perceive the truth right now, so you must take the lead with providing an objective point of view. You are well-positioned to judge your situation appropriately and identify the limiting behaviours that are getting the way. This is a time when you need to leave emotions out of it, and remain as objective and rational as possible. You may need to reason with others and be quite direct about what you are observing. You may be concerned that you are not being particularly caring or sympathetic but at this point in time, this detachment is what is needed most.

  23. Hi everyone, While we wait so patiently, just thought I would share this info below. Maybe it can help someone out there, feel free to share 😉
    This article at the link above is by a woman who spent 26 years behind bars for killing her husband.

    Here is Brenda’s story.

    Battered women should not have to be re-victimized to prove their abuse and find justice.
    What I do is help educate victims as well as law enforcement and domestic violence organizations how to effectively document their abuse and it’s all in an app called iEAA or the book Time’s Up. These are the priceless tools that are saving lives and finding justice for victims. You guys can order this book if you or anyone you know is needing to document their abuse and get safe. Please share the link, pass it on, its saving lives and if people learn about how an Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit works, victims and survivors will get justice and wont be forced into a situation such as Jodi’s, Brenda’s and so many other battered women.

    • I just want to add that the EAA was created mainly by Susan Murphy Milano, one of THE most amazing advocates of ALL time for battered women. You can learn more about her here: Her mother was murdered by her abusive husband, a cop. She was involved in so much, and did so much for battered women. She also covered the Stacy Peterson disappearance and what she said proved to be so true. Susan passed away from stage 4 cancer because she couldn’t catch it in time as she didn’t have health insurance.

      Graciously, she gave me a copy of the EAA when I wrote to her asking if I could create my own since I couldn’t afford it. I didn’t know she was in end-stage cancer when she wrote back. I’ll never forget that act of grace in the midst of her own struggles.

  24. I am sure the jury wants to know why ALV did not interview people like the Hughes. Like they would tell the truth!! She could not interview anyone cause there is such secrecy and deception with these people how could such interviews be trusted? Remember when Nurmi asked Chris Hughes if he would be happy to testify for Jodi in the hearing??? ” No because she murdered my friend in cold blood”

    • I don’t think they would have even agreed to meet with her. She doesn’t have the authority to force them to have an interview does she…I don’t know how that would work.

    • ridiculous…Cyber bullying is a crime and she’s the appropriate person to hold the bully’s / cyber abusers accountable…we ought create facebook support page for Alyce <3

    • that article makes me so sad. Laviolette has spent her life helping battered women, even if she was wrong and Jodi was a premeditated psycho, that would not undo all the years of amazing work she has done for all of those people. sorry if its rude to say but Travis’ life starks in comparison to all of that. Next, who the hell are all these people to assume they know more about the case or domestic violence based on the spin that Nancy Grace put on it? ALYCE LAVIOLETTE YOU ARE MY HERO!

    • also no matter what everybody deserves to get the best defense that there counsel can provide and that includes expert witnesses, something needs to be done about this or in the future experts will not be willing to do that. wouldn’t it be ironic if the idiots that are doing this need an expert witness and they can’t get one because experts are afraid of what may happen

  25. Geez. No matter which side one is on..if at all, this is frustrating. I can’t imagine being a juror and sitting around wasting my time….waiting….waiting…waiting. Surely, these things could be handled and jurors brought in later.

  26. This is the most ridiculious trial I have ever seen/ witnessed . If the judge would grow so balls, all this sh*t wouldn’t be going on in her three ring circus court room. Hour and half late….. this better be good for the defense… Does anyone smell MISTRIAL ? or at least filing for another one..

  27. I wonder if there are some stall tactics going on so that they have the weekend to think about the jury questions?

  28. Let me sat something, I love this site due to the safety of differing ideas and opinions and the respect that everyone has for another that may see something differently. The free flows of ideas is what makes this site work without fear of being chastised for having a different opinion. There are supporters on here who believe Jodi didn’t do it, that she is protecting other people and herself in that. There are people who believe she is innocent and should walk. There are those that she should be found guilty of lesser charges that she didnt pre meditate it. Point is we all support Jodi in one way or the other. Don’t forget, We are team Jodi!’

    • I totally agree…. There is something going on besides questions. They didn’t do with with the Dr. or Jodi.

      Maybe a juror got out of line with their questions and they are looking into the juror. Suspense is killing all of us…. anyone need a refill on their cocktail.? I just poped in some appetizers for the group

  29. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Everyone is coming out of chambers. Do you think we can start this up soon? Let’s do this Judge Sherry! #JodiArias

  30. I just read about ALV and I think it is a shame that people can be allowed to do such and get away with it. This lovely lady seems to be well educated and compassionate about her work. I have even learned much from her testimony. My sister has been married for 30 years to a verbal abusive husband yet she cant see that and learned before Christmas he had cheated on her yet she is trying to make it work and is staying with him. She knew I was going to be pissed when she told me for I too was cheated on by my ex husband and the more I learned about abuse the more I see my sister. I approached her gently in the beginning that this was her opportunity to get out and then later I just gave it too as plainly as I could but until she sees for herself all I can do is be there for her. I believe she does see but keeps turning a blind eye. This lady has I am sure helped many people in her career. Just because someones opinion is not the same doesnt give anyone the right to do what they are doing. Even David Hall said in an interview he hopes she gets the needle and then turns around and talks about God now if that aint hypocrisy then I dont know what would be. I am with one poster, sorry dont remember who it was, who said the church should be investigated. I am very concerned for ALV’s safety!! It will eventually get to a point where no one will want to testify or be a juror for this very reason. This is suppose to be American, : {

  31. SJ:


    I was stunned this morning by the day’s introduction. Some have commented mentioning the word “cold.” Some have shared personal accounts of traumatic experience. Relevant literary quotes have been cited. The necessity for protective body armor has been entertained. Speculation about the potential impact(s) upon the Traviban has been engaged in. Some of those impact(s) have been considered and weighed. (I must admit that I have nothing but admiration for how quickly some individuals are able to accomplish that last one. Way to GO, Kira! Lol. )

    For myself, I eagerly identify with all of the above responses mentioned. The only thing I can add is that I do not know if I will ever be able to look at that particular shade of blue in the same way as I did before seeing that image. It used to be such a cheery color to me before. For some reason, I just assumed those kind of bags would be black or grey. But there it is: a rather pretty shade of blue associated with something terribly horrific. Reality is not always what it seems; it is what it is.

    We perceive reality as harsh, sometimes, cold. It is what it is.

    We may not always hold ourselves accountable for what we do, but with only six degrees of separation, the accounting manages to take care of itself over the long haul, no man is an island, and the bell tolls for thee.
    A life and death struggle occurred on June 4, 2008. I am glad that Jodi managed to survive that struggle with her life. At the same time I think Travis’ death is a tragedy.

    There is no evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that Jodi had any intention of murdering Travis, much less that she premeditated murdering him. Evidence does indicate there was pattern of domestic violence between these two people in which Travis was abusive to Jodi. Every living creature has a universal right to fight for its life when attacked. There has been no evidence to disprove that Jody acted in self-defense.

    In my opinion, the harsh reality is that Goliath might still be alive if he hadn’t been messing with David. Though it is disturbing to look at the body bag, the harsh image forces one to seriously consider the real stakes involved when we behave violently with one another. This is a valid message! I applaud you for having the cajones (sp?) to be the messenger.

    In giving us a dose of what I am calling “harsh reality,” today, there is something else about your choice in presentation that speaks volumes to me, as well. There is an obvious contrast that jumps out at me between the gravity inherent in that sad photo vs the frivolity which has come to characterize the trite war mantra: “Justice for Travis.” There is also a huge contrast between the two in terms of honesty. By this I am referring to the horde of emotionally-driven hive members out there using book review pages as a means of witness intimidation under the guise of it being justice for Travis. It is not a form of free speech, it is a form of fraud. Not only that, these so-called actions for the purpose of “justice” have the potential to do real damage to innocent people.

  32. Jodi ”lying” or ”exaggerating” to help her case.Now,there’s one(?)juror that hasnt been convinced!

  33. I think the questions are pretty fair, standard. Any juror would just want to know the answers to make sure they have all the facts. It is still early on though..

  34. Juan was on that comment… man, I wish that could have stood…but hey, they still heard her answer. You know that will come up in redirect after the questions.

  35. WHOOT! WHOOT! Good questions, and good answers!

    Usually it is in self-defense!! LOL! JM you can strike it, but the jury can NOT unhear it!!

  36. So far I have this:

    Jury questions

    1. Journal entries. Any earlier. No. 2006 – 2008.

    2. Would they have helped?

    3. Any interviews involving Travis’ friends family

    4. What did she learn about Travis.

    Book, blogs, motivational speaker, good.
    Knew scriptures. From an incredibly abusive background.
    Made fun of. Subjected to verbal, emotional, physical abuse, neglect.
    Attracted to women. Able to appeal. Friendships with the Hughes.
    Concerned about the way he treated women.
    About his anger. The way he talked to Jodi.

    5. Could Jodi have lied.

    She was very protective. Didn’t see herself as battered.
    She was never described as lying by previous boyfriends.
    People lie when they are afraid.

    6. Could she have exaggerated.

    She tended to minimise.

    7. Friends and family may have embellished.

    I guess, except they didn’t go overboard.
    Escalation process. Even handed.

    8. What did you discover about Travis re other women

    He pushed sexual limits. See where it weould go.
    Push PPL on them. He would get credits.
    He was good with women. He also irritated them.
    Faster than they wanted. He played them.
    He was well versed in his faith, he used that.
    Emails from Dec 07 to June 08.

    9. Is it common for women to ‘snap’

    Usually women, when they snap, it is self-defence.
    Objection from Martinez.

    • I use to bit my mother for a long time and one day she bit me back and I stopped bitting her I had a bitting problem so bad I bit a cousin on his but and he said he still has the scare where i bit him

    • The questions indicate to me that they are trying to make it all fit together. They are good questions, they want to understand how it pertains to this case.

  37. I unfortunately have called my sister stupid. When I was young and even tho I still Think” some of her decisions and acts are stupid. I still live and respect her and have even gotten some good advice from her and respect her, but I do think some of her actions and beliefs are Ummm not mime.

  38. These are good questions. This jury is really on it. They paid more attention than I gave them credit for, and that is very good. That means they get the whole DV phenomenon.

    This is good.

  39. Do any of you think the jury has NOT gotten what AL testified about?

    How can it be SO difficult? She was VERY clear!

    • I think a lot of this is by way of reaffirmation.

      It also goes into clarification.

      The questions, I believe, are coming from both sides of the aisle.

    • i think so!One just asked if it’s possible that TA was ‘defensive” rather that ”abusive”.I say WTF didnt he/she NOT get????

  40. Is it possible to have a section on this sight to leave encouraging messages for Alice Laviolette? I think that would be wonderful to let Alice Laviolette know that she has supporters, and we appreciate all she has done and is doing for Jodi. TEAM JODI!

  41. Has Jodi given him psychological abuse??????

    For Christs sake, haven’t they been listening and watching this trial?

    WTF! ARE THEY STUPID????????????????????

    • There’s a chance some of them really ARE!Guess we’ll have to comt to terms with this.And pray they” reach a positive verdict for our Jodi.

        • I’m TOO worried.At this point it seems to me most of them must have made up their mind more or less.Some of the questions are good but then again some arent….

          • How many Mormon’s are on that Jury I think it matters. The questions
            make me feel more than a few Mormon’s are on the Jury.

    • They’re watching HLN’s tabloid ratings whores at night. Surprising rating whores would defend a man who wrote on his MySpace info he hated ‘whores’ and anyone who’s career involved cameras. He described the entire HLN station!

    • Jane Valez-Mitchell is appalled Alyce LaViolette compared Jodi’s form of lying to that of Bill Clinton’s and Lance Armstrong’s.
      Um…they lied while in trouble legally.
      Jodi is in her own category now?

      Plus, she’s being bashed for selling her art? I heard no bashing when John Wayne Gacy sold his art from prison. Oh wait, he was a male pedophile just like someone else….

    • No – they seem incredibly influenced by the media. The media has been outside that courthouse the entire time along with people carrying signs, from what I’ve seen.

      It’s a sad day for America when the media decides the outcome of a citizen’s trial.

      They way HLN portrays her, you’d think she was Osama Bin Laden.

      • seriously! this is at worst a case of a guy who was killed for being a womanizer. it makes me so mad when people say that she would have killed again and she’s a sociopath. seriously? they have painted her to be worse than any serial killer out there when in truth, if she hadn’t gone to Arizona no one would probably have ever heard of her.

  42. Here we go again with the journals. Travis didnt write that Jodi was a stalker either. JHC These repeat questions are ridiculous!!!!

  43. These questions are telling me two things. These jurors haven’t paid attention and/or they’ve been watching HLN and reading about this trial and/or discussing it amongst themselves..

    • They got big-time swayed by JM’s angle. Human nature – you can tell a hundred positive things, but what sticks is the one negative statement!

  44. Who is the jeff prosecuter attorney that is on HLN sometimes? I thought it was ashton but looked up pic & I was wrong. This guy is also a real jerk.

  45. You know, I am glad they are asking these questions. It gives Alyce a way to answer them with her years of experience.

  46. I’m getting a bad feeling from these questions…Weren’t the people who wrote these questions listening? of most of these questions were answered in the beginning of ALV’s testimony.

  47. This trial reminds me of looking at a clear reflection in a pond, then a puff of wind comes by and roils up the view, then after a while it gets clear again and then along comes another puff of wind. In this case the puff of wind is JM.

    BTW, puff of wind reminds me of another thing that wind is sometime a synonym for, that often emanantes from one’s posterior that would probably better fit JM.

  48. The license plate stuff came up again, it doesn’t make sense that Jodi would turn it upside down, wouldn’t it bring more attention to yourself, especially when they are saying she was on her way to kill TA.

      • And every time HLN shows something on tv….it seems to included in the prosecutor’s next line of questioning for Jodi….seeing a pattern from HLN and the prosecutor…it looks like they are helping him with their mock trials and outlandish comments…he seems to have his “peepers” tuned into their channel…

        • That thing makes me so mad. I know for a fact kids do
          that stuff. Especially with out of town folks. Sometimes
          they just steal them but I have heard of them turning
          them upside down also. They needed to track down
          a few skaters an get some to admit they do some
          crazy stuff that they think is funny.

          Oh an some go
          as far as switching them on cars also.

    • If a cop saw this, he/she would stop her – doesn’t make any sense that someone would do this to avoid detection. If a camera snapped it, u can just look at it upside down. The general knowledge for avoiding detection is to appear as normal as possible.

      • Exactly!Thank you!I REFUSE to spend another minute commenting on that licence plates thing!It’s freaking ridiculous!!Who turns their licence plates upside down so as to go unnoticed???? If she’so smart to have outsmarted 2 experts(as was insinuated in one of the jurors’ questions)dont you all agree she would have chosen a better way to avoid detection??Puh-leeeeze!

        • here is what i think about the lic she is at ryan’s after murder flores report say they know all about envites jodi to go 4 wheeling turns him down so let turn the plate upside down so the cop will arrest her everyone knows she did it right JM word