Jodi Arias Trial – Day 44

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After nearly dying of boredom – thanks to Martinez’ nauseating antics, ongoing rants & BS – I decided to let Renee’ give you a brief summary of events from yesterday.

Here goes…

* We learned that spaghetti sticks on ceilings, as well as walls.

* We learned that JM is interested in Jodi’s asshole.

* We learned that if you are louder than opposing counsel, the Judge Pickles Bobble-head will overrule every objection.

Ain’t that the truth :mrgreen:

— and here’s a cool pic of Jodi & Jennifer after the trial had recessed for the day…

As always, leave your comments below on trial day 44…

Team Jodi



    • This is the info that was given out yesterday by Judge Pickles for Friday court:

      Friday 4/12 9.30-12-30pm
      Friday 4/26 9am-4pm
      Friday 5/3 10am-4pm

      Team Jodi

      • SJ,
        On Dr. Flu’s show yesterday, he talked about bringing in a lip reader on to the show to lip read the defense team and JA. Should they be warned to shield their mouths with their hands or a folder or something. They are looking to create trouble, so why give them the fodder? Thanks.

        • Does he have no ethics at all? Well I guess he doesn’t, we are talking about Drew Pimpsky here.

          To begin with, any thing JA and her lawyers discuss is confidential between them, good grief, do they not understand client/attorney confidentiality? It’s like they don’t feel Jodi has a right to any privacy.

          • Gail-
            I like “Pimpsky” and think it is the most appropriate way to address this jerk that I have seen. Hope you don’t mind if I steal it 🙂

            • I agree! He is pimpin out those teen moms and getting his jollies on the suffering off addicts! Sharon Osbourne agrees, not that I care about her, but I love another”celebrity” calling out another “celebrity”!

          • Dr. Drew, Nancy Grace and the like… all from HLN… are so obviously biased against Jodi, and they have every right to feel the way they do… but when they are in the public eye, reporting to the american public, I dont think they should be able to voice their opinions. They should report the trial as it happens, and keep their opinions to their facebook pages or web sites.. Barbara Walters has said on The View… she is not allowed to announce her politcial affiliations, so how can these people be allowed.. Is it becuz their station. HLN.. allows it ?

        • Wow just when you think Dr Drew cannot go much lower he pulls this type of stunt. This does not even sound legal and at the very least it is crossing a huge line. I know most of the time they cover their mouths but yesterday afternoon after court was over I do not think they knew they were being followed by the camera. They probably thought the seal was up. I saw where Jodi realized it and they moved. It was nice to see a smile on Jodi’s face after court.

        • Dr. Drew shenanigans gives me a visual of them wasting time looking through a bag of rock salt for a diamond…only to discover later that it was only a bag of rock salt…

        • What a jerk!!! Really, what will they get out of this? Whatever they SAY she and Wilmont talked about, they’ll make a big deal about and twist all of it around anyway. So it doesn’t matter. By the way, is lip reading even 100% accurate, I DONT THINK SO.

          • This entertainment…..not coverage of a trial where defendants are “innocent in proven guilty”. They know who their audience is and they PANDER to them very effectively.

        • They should definitely be warned!!!!!! I’ve thought of that each time they whisper in full view of the camera. Jodi and Jennifer used to be much more guarded when speaking to each other – careful to cover their mouths. But of late, they have become sloppy about this and they should NOT BE. I wish they would be told by someone. It doesn’t look good.

      • But does it mean only Friday’s, SJ ? I’m a little confused.. so would anyone be after listening to JM’s bullshit!

  1. Sounds like they’re finally trying to get this thing wrapped up.

    I’ll pick up watching again when Jenny is up for re-direct. I’ve had enough of Martinez and don’t need to see any more.

  2. The proof lies upon him who affirms, not upon him who denies; since, by the nature of things, he who denies a fact cannot produce any proof.

    • Rhonda H,

      Since your statement is looking all alone, I thought I’d give it company by adding more to it… 🙂

      ‘The proof of the pudding’ is just shorthand for ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. That longer version makes sense at least, whereas the shortened version really doesn’t mean anything – nor does the often-quoted incorrect variation ‘the proof is in the pudding’. The continued use of that meaningless version is no doubt bolstered by the fact that the correct version isn’t at all easy to understand. Courtesy of: :D)

      Just for you Rhonda! 😉

    • You are stronger than I… I will bitch about this little bitch as long as he keeps acting like a little bitch…

        • *blushing.

          I hope people don’t hate me because I refuse to beat around the bush. I am so damn passionate about this case, it eats me up inside. It’s a travesty of our justice system, and I am watching a meltdown parade while it seems to be lost that someone’s life is on this line here.

          Frankly, I am pissed.

          • Renee’, no one hates you!!!!! are trying to deal with this trial in our own way. There is allot of stress factor in it, that we each deal with different ways. AVL testimony has brought up allot for me.

            Jodi and Travis are the ages of my kids…..perhaps I sometimes think like a mom. But I will never for one minute believe that Jodi did this alone……

            Perhaps by today’s standards Jodi’s parents were abusive. But to me it was a norm. Spare the rod, spoil the child…bs. Not my kids…..

            We hate JM most likely because he is the “abuser”……in most of us. Plus he is so damn annoying…… to say the very least….

            • I agree cindy, I will never blv she did this alone either. I still dont blv she even did it at all. I blv she was there but not that she did it.

              Renee, how can anyone hate you??? Not us, we love the truth and thats partbof why we’re all here. Now the “haters” that might be a different story. Lol but who cares what they think.

    • This trial makes me resemble that comment. I am normally a one a day smoker. But on cross days I seem to smoke more like three or four.

      • I quit smoking a month and a half ago, and switched to E-cigs…. this is the first time in my life I have successfully stopped smoking cigarettes… I will not let that little prick make me start again….but I do find myself sucking on my ecig like a pacifier 😉

          • So far, they have worked amazingly. I was real nervous about quitting, because I am a recovered anorexic, and while my weight is healthy now, I am overly conscious of not gaining weight. In the last month and a half I have gained zero pounds, and I feel soooooooooooooo much better. Real cigarettes taste terrible to me now.

            And I was a pack a day smoker since the age of 17.

            • That is good to hear. I am an emotional eater and the stress of this trial causes me to snack too much. I have never smoked and I do not drink much anymore. I have always had problems with my body image so thankfully working out has helped keep any extra weight off. I try to go workout instead of snacking when the stress gets to me but that does not always work. This makes me feel so much worse because Jodi is barely getting food. I do not understand why I cry and get so upset watching the trial but it has greatly affected me.

        • It is so tense just watching him pace back and forth and back and forth.. I swear the man is going to have a stroke.. he must have an ulcer by now.. created by his own extreme actions… omg..

  3. good morning everyone who has gotten up and are hoping for a good day today my be JM will get foot and mouth Disease.

  4. Good Morning, All!

    First I would like to say it looks like I’m like 18th or something like that. 😀 Then I’d like to point out that maybe I’m a little slow but I just “got” the FUJuan handle! LOL For a long time I just glanced and recognized the name and assumed it said Fuji Ann (like a girl named Ann who lived somewhere in the East). So, thanks for that laught, FUJuan!

    And lastly, I vow to stay positive today and if that means turning off the trial when I get stressed I will. But – I will also say that I have stopped watching news altogether (since I do not trust any of it any longer) and I am in better spirits these days. Imagine that! Perhaps that is one of the lessons I needed to learn. :/

    • Gotta love you cindyp! 18th commenter! You should get a prize for that statement alone…and Fuji Ann LOL thank you for starting my trial day with a good laugh, sincerely 😮

      Positive thinking is a good idea! I vow to REGROUP when I feel the trial antics heighten. Yesterday I lost it a bit and went to bed with a headache for the second night in a row…so today I’m with you on turning off the trial when I get stressed…after meditation and deep cleansing breaths fail of course. *\ 😮 /*

    • cindyp,
      AJ mentioned below that FU1 would be a good idea for a t-shirt…I think you should win an FU1 t-shirt for being the 18th commenter

  5. Good morning everyone…

    Renee you are my hero!!! You couldn’t have summarized it with better words…LOL LOL

    I would be SORELY disappointed if you changed ANYTHING about your wonderful self. Don’t you dare!!

    Cindy…you made me laugh this morning, thank you!!!

    I will try to not let Massengil get to me today…however, my blood really boils about this shit. My kids think I’m “obsessed” with this case – and I guess I am to a point. It is incredulous to me how our “fair and impartial” judicial system can railroad one individual like this. And, if we don’t ban together to support Jodi and other women who are victims who will? There is too much hatred and animosity and bullying. Too much. Another 15 year old girl attempted suicide because of a GANG RAPE (alleged – I really don’t like that word) and her family took her off life support yesterday. 15 and gang raped. Another teenage girl victimized. It’s DISGUSTING. I can’t say it enough.

    Again – risking my boring you with my repetitiveness, I must thank all of you for letting me be a part of your circle of friends and for being the voice of reason. {{{{{hugs}}}}}

    • Awe… Good morning Janeen ((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))

      Never are you boring, my dear, always you are eloquent and well-spoken. And funny as shit, might I add, I love “Massengil” so apropos!!

      I am attempting to be productive, doing massive amounts of homework. I am also addicted to this trial. There are not many people who objectively standing up to women’s rights and DV. We are Jodi’s voice.

    • I get so sad and so angry to hear more stories of young people taking their own life because of bullying. The media is being so irresponsible and showing our children that bullying is ok. This needs to stop.

    • Omg thats just horrible! !! My heart breaks, OMG THATS THE WORSE THING THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! When I hear stuffn like this, I cant stop thinking about it for days!!! I have two little girls (4 and 1) and I pray everyday that they’ll never ever get hurt like this!!! HORRIBLE! !! I just cant get it, why are there people like this in the world! !!

  6. After yesterdays atrocities, I’m thinking I might just go play bingo today, and take a break. I don’t ever remember since this trial started being so fed up as I was yesterday. I can’t believe in our modern day and age of justice that this could be allowed. Its bad enough we have a fame-whore of a prosecutor who will stoop to the depths of hell to get camera time, but worst of all, a Judge who appears to have NO desire to uncover the truth and oversee a fair and impartial trial.
    That ignorant piece of garbage we call a Judge has done nothing but show all of us that we better wake up, and pay attention to who we are electing to serve in our judicial system. Normally, I admit, I just check the box, for the current Judge serving, since I typically don’t follow them. Lesson learned, and you can bet I will vote down any Judge that shows such lack of competence in my jurisdiction!
    I would hope that any of you who live in Arizona are writing to your bar association with complaints against Mr. Martinez and Judge Stephens. (i assume she was a lawyer)

    • yes the judge is showing favortisim in this trial I would love to see her bank statement they showed jodi in trial and the other travis clan too.

    • I highly recommend, Melvis, take a break if you need….. I think many of us are making ourselves ill with this trial (travesty, circus).


  7. A few of us up very late last night were joking around about going to AZ to support Jodi. I then made a mention that we should make T-shirts. I was talking to FUJuan about how I liked her screen name and we should use that. Then Kira suggested we should use FU1. I was just being silly and with the stress of the day I had to make a little light on how Kermit has really pissed me off. I do not see how ALV can sit there so calmly.

    • She’s had a ton of practice facilitating anger management groups. She channels that when talking to Juan and considers him as such.

    • ALV need to let the little man rant on and on the jury is see all this she need to keep pointing out that he has other information about this case that he does not wont you to see….:)

  8. Good morning All-
    I have been having one prevailing thought about Ms. L’s testimoney yesterday, and am interested in your opinions:

    Let me start by saying, that for me, the biggest turing point in this trial, was listening to TA in the “taped phone call”. I will not call it a “sex tape” because in my estimation, it wasn’t about sex to TA, but was all about his power and control over Jodi. When TA talked about Jodi sounding like a twelve year old having her first orgasm, and then talking about how he raped her when she was miserable, I said to myself “case closed”! He revealed himself to be a violent man as RAPE is violence, not sex. I have posted several times in the past about this, so I won’t go on and on today.

    So, yesterday, when JM was asking Ms. L about the “taped phone call” and twisted it to sound like it was an enjoyable and consensual sexual experience, Ms. L appeared to agree with that statement. I’m hoping I am wrong, because I can’t imagine that she missed the rape comment and wouldn’t use that in her evaluation of TA as an abuser.

    I can’t be the only person watching this trial to think that hearing TA’s voice and vile statements is one of the biggest pieces of evidence of his abusive character.

    Would love your input.

    • I agree 100% ! I think he has beat her down with his circus like rantings, and she is TIRED. She has lost her spunk, and I really hope she got some rest last night. I think if she wasn’t so tired, she would have mentioned the fact that when people are having fun, the word RAPE is not usually part of it.

      • I think the onslaught of hate attacks that went on over the weekend rattled ALV, and who wouldn’t be rattled. I don’t think there was any indication the minions would do what they did and I am sure it was a shock to her and the defense team. They totally trashed her book on amazon and barnes & noble, they bombarded her office with hate messages to the point her email address had to be removed from her website. They put the message out that anyone in the area of her workshop last weekend should go and throw tomatoes at her. And they contacted sponsors demanding they remove her from the scheduled workshops she was holding. Then we have the hate spewed on youtube on her videos that are up there.

        No one could have predicted or even imagined the extent these hateful people would go to. It was a planned attack and they hit her from all sides.

        No one expects that because they are testifying in a trial. And the sad part is they seem to be getting away with it. That’s scary!

        • What in the hell is wrong with these people? To invest that much time in trying to destroy the career of a person whom they don’t even know? All in the name of getting “justice” for another person whom they NEVER KNEW?????

          I can’t stand Kermit, but I’d never barrage his office with phone calls about what an asshole he is or stalk him by taking pictures of him while he’s off-duty and trying to use them to damage his career. He’s a little shit, but he means nothing to my life. The Travis Taliban need to find some meaning in their own lives because it’s apparent that they have none.

        • I can’t believe the judge is not going with a mistrial based on this alone. And yes, the barrage of hate is no doubt getting to Alyce LaViolette. When she was on the stand yesterday, after about 4 hours of being yelled at and Juan shoving words in her mouth and trying to confuse everything like a crazy man, it sounded to me that her voice was near tears from sheer frustration. Oh, this judge is terrible.

          My father is a retired court clerk. He’s not following this trial, but because I’m so interested in it, he pays attention when a report comes on the news about it. He says if Jodi is convicted, she’ll do extremely well on appeal.

        • Each and every one of those abusive people should be arrested for intimidation of a witness. I hope SOMEONE is paying attention to the injustice that is occurring. I doubt ALV will EVER again want to subject herself to this by testifying in another trial. She has worked her entire professional life on revealing the truth about domestic violence and paving a path to justice for the victims. The fact that the abusive, evil tactics of the mob that flows from this trial is crushing her and discrediting all her work is, to me, absolutely appalling.

        • AVL has said several times she does not get on the computer. So I don’t know why she would be reading these things unless someone else told her of it.

        • I have been keeping up with all of this as much as possible between work. I was a paralegal for almost 10 years but the justice system sickened me out of it, literally!! This trial and HLN is all pathetic! But, Ms. L is my hero! Most of the law I worked in, were domestic violence divorces. I hope and pray that she is as much removed from this media b.s. as possible. The ONLY thing any of us can do, when we find those posts…and I will look in the places mentioned, is to insert our own comments of support. And only of support. Don’t dumb yourself down to the ignorance of those who hate. I hope and pray she has at least some posts, in support of her, God knows she deserves it. Not only for the work she has certainly done throughout her life, which was brave in itself, but on this trial. She is a brave woman! and again, my hero..I will find as many places to post in support of her…I hope all of you will as well! Don’t get me wrong..bitch on about JM…im certain he has little dick syndrome!!!

      • I agree… I think AL is getting beaten down and she does look tired… tired of all the bullshit .. I hope she gets a second wind today, and comes back blazing..

    • I agree TR, hearing his voice on the phone and the vile things he said was a turning point for me instead of being undecided. I never thought they proved premed though nor did I ever think she planned it. I was living under a rock I guess and did not even know about this trial until the point where JM was doing his cross. I have been going through the trial footage on a daily basis to keep up. I watch 48 hours and have the ipad app and that is when I found out about it. I then started looking into the facts and the phone call made it all clear. I am just thankful that phone call was saved. It shows TA in his true form.

    • Thanks for your responses….I know I’m not the only one. I do think that Ms. L is unsettled about the violent backlash to her testimony and it appears to me that she may not be feeling well. I am hopeful that on re-direct Ms. Wilmott will revisit the tape and allow Ms. L to really discuss it’s content and it’s abusiveness. Maybe today this will happen 🙂

        • I think JW should ask ALV if the prosecutors behavior on cross is an example of how an abuser batters a victim!

          Of course the judge would jump all over that and tell the jury to disregard it. But it is a very good example of just how a perpetrator acts.

  9. Agreed AJ…I think ALV sits there calmly because she’s a professional and has class and self-respect NOT to mention RESPECT for the courtroom and the proceeding she is involved in…unlike peckerhead Massengil and Medusela (spelled right????) LOL LOL

    • ALV was backed into a corner with the question being asked her and the defence will bring us back to that moment in time when those words were said and the fact that there is a ton of more emails she saw and was not allowed to discuss

      • Does anyone know anything about the “other” emails that weren’t allowed in and why they weren’t allowed in?

        • because it is message for chris sky hughes to travis about jodi so if it have something that could save her they will not let it in and the judge will not let the defence either ?????////

  10. I keep wondering if Judge Stephens is possibly recognizing that Martinez is an abuser and is intentionally let him demonstrate it to the jury? Maybe she’s actually on our side. Just a thought…

    • Here with Dr. S, I felt that the defense should have stood up for him harder. They let JM run rough shod over him, and emboldened him even further, including the judge who has let things slide. TOO MUCH LEEWAY for disrespectful attitude towards the witnesses. He has crossed the line over and over, and the judge seems to be enabling him to go further. Yikes!

  11. Hey everyone. I had a thought this morning as I climbed out if my bed. I laugh and make fun at my happy pills everyday, but it is something that helps me live a normal life. Last night I swallowed my ambien with a big glass of water and drifted off to sleep. I woke up this morning and began to think about when my insomnia was so bad I would still be awake when the light changed from dark to light through my curtains. Then my thoughts turned to Jodi all I could think was how is this poor girl sleeping at night? I felt guilty having these ” mothers little helpers” Jail itself has to be bad enough to try and sleep. But I just can’t imagine what goes through her head every night, so much stress. As mentioned before, I was stalked for a few years. That experience changed my life. I get very angry when the word stalked is used so frivolously, but Jodi is being stalked by these unscrupulous HLN folks, the Travis Taliban and the most frightening stalker JM and the state of Arizona want her dead and are pursing her death at ANY cost. Now that’s terrifying. How is Jodi surviving this, I’ll never know. God bless her and keep her safe.

    • I am so sorry that you were stalked and I know that must of changed your life. I cannot imagine going through that. I am sure you get really upset when they refer to Jodi as a stalker and that TA was sooooo scared of her. I know it makes me very angry so I know it must be very hard for you to hear. (((((((Hugs)))))) to you.

      • It infuriates me! TRAVIS was NOT stalked. The largest and most blaring piece of evidence is his GQ fashion shoot, which by the way, if that is the body he was so proud of, I say hmmm. My husband is 42 years old and has a slamming body. Yea for me! Sorry, I digress back to the photos, it PROVES he was not stalked. Jodi was in that bathroom, he was having sex with her. Anyone that is stalked and terrorized and scared to death. They do not have phone sex, text, email, call on the phone and LASTLY, never,ever, never open the door. I call bull shit!

          • JC-

            Juan uses lots of things loosely, say, his asshole for instance……no, my bad, I messed up….I meant to say Juan uses his asshole profusely and now it’s really loose. Like his lips. Which, are not to be confused for his asshole. Even, though, they are. The same.

            Good fucking morning everyone! Today, my word of the day is FUCK. It is the most versatile word in the world, a real UMPH behind any emotional context one is hoping to convey. For instance, simply saying you had a great day ….

            “I had a great day today!” This sounds like you had a great day. But, let’s say you had an unbelievably great day and you want people to truly grasp how passionate you are about this great day (obviously, a day you did not watch the trial). Using the word fuck in your sentence lets the person hearing or reading what you are saying get a true sense of the emotion you are feeling….

            “Fuck, I had a great day today!” Feel that? Using the word fuck, adding just one word to the sentence, made a huge difference. It brought the feeling to life and drove it home.

            This is called a grammatical orgasm. Your welcome. I’ll be here all week.

        • Didn’t it come out in AVL’s direct by JW that there was another woman he told people was stalking him besides Jodi?

    • Morning Kim…please do not feel guilty about anything you use to survive. I’m truly sorry for your pain and suffering and the fact that you have SURVIVED is a testament to your strength whether it’s with pills or whatever other tool you need. You hold your head high girl. Jodi will also hold her head high because she too is a survivor. 🙂

      • Thank you. I am stronger today because of that. Just soo tired of all the stalking talk. Jodi is the stalking victim . Can anyone imagine all that’s being said and written about her, so many people clambering for your death, when Jodi is struggling to deal with the fact that she HAD to kill Travis. I just can’t imagine that stress without her getting some kind of help, which I don’t think she is. Heartbroken for her.

  12. …you know referring back to the taped phone call…what picture comes to mind when you think about “tying a woman up to a tree and F***ing her up the ass…etc.”? Buffalo, Zebras, Lions, Tigers, Bison, etc., – TA was an ANIMAL…he said so himself…regardless of what the traviban rant about – they have to deny all the bullshit about TA because exposing his “secrets” is exposing theirs…and the SAINTS in Arizona don’t like the truth….

    • I totally understand your rage, Janeen, but I do hope you (and everyone else) is not deciding we Arizonians are all a bunch of nut cases (granted we have our share — ok, maybe more than our share) but we do have a few sane people here. ;^)

      • I’m not sure I can fully agree with your statement TR and I’ll tell you why. Last night, I woke up with my heart hanging out of my asshole and my cat digging around that area to get under the blankets. I was experiencing the sleep fog one sometimes has upon being abruptly woken from REM sleep when I slowly became aware of my surroundings. Immediately, I was gripped with terror but I had no idea why. My sense of sight failed to show up so I was going on touch, smell, and sound. I felt terror, as I said, and I believe my husband had ripped ass prior to my waking up because it smelled like, well, ass. Something else was wrong, though, because I stopped being terrified of his bodily functions a long time ago.

        That’s when I hear it. A loud screeching but kind of howling mixed with a touch of feral scream that would fluctuate in volume and even sounded like there were syllables in there somewhere, yeah, it was a sound with syllables. I know, doesn’t make a lick of sense but, this is me so should not come as a surprise.

        So, this sound erupts into the night air right the fuck outside of my window, right? Which, is open because we wouldn’t want the monsters to have trouble getting in, you know? It slams my ears, penetrates my core, and shoots through my skin leaving goose bumps in it’s wake and every hair on my body standing on end. I mean, I had just shaved my legs before going to bed and here I sit with legs hairy enough to braid. The pitch would fluctuate in range and volume from fevered to subdued so that it was melodic like a song…….a haunting, piss yourself, shit your heart kind of song. With syllables. Can’t forget those.

        I’m mostly paralyzed in my state of fear and panic, which, I’m fairly disappointed about because paralyzed isn’t the reaction one necessarily wants to have when faced with whatever was outside my window singing me a dreadful song before coming in to disembowel and dismember me. I take a moment to ponder this particular fate I could be facing and it gave me gas. I’m not going to lie. That’s how I became aware that my heart was in my asshole and that’s also when I made the connection that this was what woke me up. Whatever was outside singing belted out another verse that sent a hot flash followed quickly by a cold flash over me, repeating until quiet returned, and leaving me with the metallic taste of “Oh fuck I’m going to die” in my mouth.

        I’m in a heightened state of “oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit”, I’m wound so tight, like, an animal tensed and ready to strike…..except for that whole paralyzed thing…..and it’s wreaking havoc on my insides. Since, I’m tensed up I obviously cannot fart. Hell, at this point, I can’t even breathe.

        Now, real quick, with a show of hands, who here has ever been randomly victimized by gas in a very public place or, worse, while being intimate? Anyone? Okay, who can tell me what happens when you have to fart really fucking bad but you hold it because farting at that moment will be social suicide….or worse, your significant other is going to be highly perturbed with the new part you blew in their hair? You get that same puckered and pained look on your face that we’ve come to recognize as Juan Fartinez’ “YES OR NO” face, true, but something else happens too. Anyone? Internal farts, that’s right! Not to be confused for tummy growls caused by hunger because the two are distinctly different in sound, an internal fart is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a fart that occurs on the inside and is, for the most part, much quieter than it’s counterpart and leaves no smell. But, sometimes, internal farts are just as loud as an external fart and just as embarrassing. Because, internal farts sound like farts. Just muffled. A little. For me, last night, when the monster was finishing up it’s 3rd horrific verse of it’s song, my internal fart set a record where volume is concerned.

        Back to the pitch black bedroom with my heart hanging out of my asshole, my cat is no longer digging to get under the blankets for she, too, is paralyzed with fear, her tail’s fur resembling a pipe cleaner. I’m mentally screaming at my husband to wake his lazy ass up and save me for fuck’s sake when, just as the ominous melody stopped, my insides implode so loudly that it scares my paralysis out of me and I must of jumped a good foot or nine straight up in the air. As did my cat. Which, woke my husband up. FINALLY. He asked me what the fuck my malfunction was……just like that….and I told him we were all going to die because the chupacabra was right by the window and about to eat us. After staring blankly at me for about, oh, a minute and a half he got up and looked out the window. I’m getting ready to book it cause if the chupa whatever thing is eating my husband I’ll have some time to escape. My husband turned around with a smirk on his face and a glint in his eye as he tells me what is outside making that god awful noise has no intention of eating any of us, that it has other things on it’s mind.

        I’m, like, WTF is YOUR malfunction?! I didn’t ask that….but I should have cause it would have been funny. I did ask why he would say such a thing, not that I wanted to be eaten alive, but now that the monster didn’t find me appealing enough to eat I was a little offended. What? I have issues, what do you want from me?! My husband tells me that I have almost shit my heart out, slightly peed myself but only like a very tiny bit, and my cat looks like she stuck her claw in a light socket all because two cats were fucking outside next to my window and the sounds that I were certain was a song of death from a monster was really feline orgasms.

        Talk about anticlimactic! At the very least, after all the soiling and scaring of myself I did, I mean almost….ALMOST did, I should have been bitten or something! Nothing. Other than two cats, maybe three cause it was my neighbor’s cat and she’s beautiful as well as a whore so more likely four cats going all gang rape fuck crazy and being loud about it.

        Travis was an animal, yes, but after hearing cat sex and the sheer primal response of fear I responded with…..I’m just not ready to say animals were more civilized. There was no civility about what I heard. None.

  13. I’m glad to see that Jodi and Jennifer W. were smiling and laughing at the end of the day yesterday. I hope Jennifer W. and Nurmi had a chance to talk with Alyce L. last night or this morning to let her in on Juan’s tricks. From what I’ve read here, she does NOT have to go along with a hypothetical. Is that right?

    • I think it’s such trickery for him to use hypothetical situations to confuse the witness, the jury and everyone when this trial being tried for first degree. He’s unethical but I dont need to harp in the same old song.

  14. I couldn’t sleep at all last night. All I kept thinking about was JM’s display of rage and bully behavior. I then wanted to write to Judge Sherry to voice my disgust for her in letting this happen in front of all of America! Then I had thoughts of everyone on this site sending her letter after letter shaming her for allowing his behavior to take place in a court of law! Is that even possible? Can we write a letter of disgust to the good Judge? I do say that with sarcasm, FYI!!

    • Doubt it will make much diff. She seems a bit arrogant and proud. She’ll see it as sour grapes, I think. I don’t see balance or true fairness in her rulings. Even her tone, “APP-ROACH, Overruled, etc” seem to slide out of her in a very dismissive manner, like she can’t be bothered, sort of like her time is being wasted by being there or something.

        • Tanne, if something goes wrong with this trial, it will be poetic justice to have HER face a panel and explain her reasoning behind her actions and rulings. Wonder how she is viewed by her peers and other atty’s who have been in her court before. Is she diff in this trial vs the others she has presided (sp?) over?

  15. Judge Puppet Stephens has zero control of her courtroom. As much as I despise Hitler Martinez he is going to do whatever he can get away with. It up to the Judge to control everybody and everything in their courtroom.
    Also we have to remember to try seeing all of this through the eyes and ears of the jury. They aren’t privy to the vast majority of what we know, or at least they shouldn’t be.
    You can love Jodi and find what is happening to her despicable as all of us here do or you can hate Jodi and want nothing more than to see her die. That’s up to you.
    BUT….Jodi IS entitled to a fair and impartial trial as is everyone and that is something Jodi is not getting from this Judge.

    • Well said, Joe. The Judge has NEVER had any control of the courtroom. I have never seen such in all my life. I really hope that most of the US courts are NOT conducted like this.

  16. Talk about nerve – Vinnie P is talking about how bad cyber bullying is – does he not see himself as part of the problem?

  17. I have to ask you folks this question.
    Why in the world are you guys torturing yourselves by watching HLN? I watched HLN for about 3 days when I first started watching this trial right near the end of the prosecutions case. I knew after those 3 days I wasn’t going to look at HLN anymore. They were totally biased for the prosecution from the start. The only way I know what they talk about on HLN now is because of the people here who watch it and post about it.
    HLN is dead to me. They are no better than Fox News at being fair and balanced.

    • I can understand why some would be tempted. Luckily, I choose not to have cable so I don’t have to deal with the temptation.

    • In our area HLN is the only network airing the trial…

      I have learned to mute the HLN talking heads as they “pause” for commercials and add their own personal negative tidbits before they push “play” again…

      The “pause” and “play” technique that HLN is doing is the perfect avenue for them to further enrage the television viewing audience and to sway them into believing their own belief that Jodi is guilty…

      They are the living perfect example of media ambush to a trial…

    • I totally agree! Every word, every nuance, is twisted into something negative about Jodi or the defense witness in an absolutely hateful and poisonous way. I don’t know how these people (HLN “journalists”) sleep at night! I refuse to watch it anymore.

    • I only listen to the trial on HLN if my live feed isn’t coming through well. It makes for a very aggravating day. I try to mute out all the commentary but it’s hard to catch it all.

    • The only reason I subject myself to it is bcuz it’s the only way I can feasibly watch the trial. I have kiddos to take care of so I watch 5 minutes here or there(not much time during their waking hours that they are not in the same room as me) then play catch up after their bedtime. That is why I get less than 6hrs of sleep each night and in general, am just exhausted! I would LOVE to have another channel to pick from, but I don’t. And yes, it sucks!

  18. They just showed a recap of Ng saying that the jurors are instructed to listen to each and every word even if it makes them sick…and etc….

    So the evidence has come down to this:

    He said….She said….

        • And yet, no police report? No receipts of new tires??

          I think either it was bullshit (likely)

          or it was any of the 11 women he was manipulating, or one of their husbands.

          • That’s what gets me, no police report, no insurance claim, no receipts for new tires.

            Nothing makes any sense when it comes to all those people.

            • I think I read, in the Flores report, that the emails seemed to have come from a male, which may have been from Steve Bell. One incident of slashed tired was reported but Lisa and Travis didn’t wait around for the police to show to do the report, they went on to have dinner.

              • To add to that. Steve Bell imo is the one that slashed the tires. He and Lisa had just broken up and she was having trouble him.

        • I thought that it was discussed that there was never any real proof that anyone’s tires were slashed?? I think thats what I recall……

        • If I recall correctly, yes. I believe it was the ex-boyfriend (IMHO). If Travis really thought/knew it was Jodi, why didn’t he call the cops on his “stalker”? Also, Jodi cared for Travis and knew he was financially strapped. Why would she do something to cost him more $$$ when she knew money was tight for the guy she cared about?

        • Yes Gail and you would think after that he would stop her from having acsess to his precious house if he was sure it was her. I think TA really did not know who was doing it!!

        • Yes they is what they say about the tires. Lisa had hers slashed an Travis had his slashed 2 times.

          Which I find that false. An if Lisa’s actually were or Travis’s I would not put it past Travis doing that
          himself. As to scare Lisa more as in she was so scared of the email an tire slashing that she begged Travis to spend the night with her. What a great ploy for a womanizer to get in the bed of a “scared virgin”……… theory on that.

          Also it would only strengthen his case for his friends that Jodi was a stalker an a nut case bla bla bla

          He may have sent the email also to put more fear an reality in Lisa to draw him closer due to fear.

  19. can anyone help me here?
    I cannot access this page anymore through mozilla firefox; ie it shows only as if ‘A day of 2 fairy tales and 1 abusive bastard ‘would have been the latest page made .To get to this page I have to go through Opera. Plus when I google Jodi arias is innocent it gives me the referal
    A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt – learn more

    Thanks a lot

  20. Hey There all,yesterday somebody posted a link about an interesting fact about our little buddy Juan,it seems in this news report he was on trial himself for misconduct in another trial,it states that he just forgot to give the defence the names of some witnesses in time so they could have propper time to interview them,His office spared NO EXPENSE in hiring the best to defend him,WTF and they worry about money,I wish I could remember who posted it,THIS IS WELL WORTH WATCHING,shows how much of a slime he is,as if we didnt know that already.It was painful to watch that asshole yesterday,had to shut the trial off.I only get it on HLN and they fill in the gaps with their own biased bull.I knew that spineless judge would cave and allow some testimony in from those tapes of her parents,just another way to drive a nail into Jodis coffin.I am so sick of the BS in this trial.Another good link to go and see is Inconveniet Truths on facebook and share your thoughts NEED TO SUPPORT JODI,I urge people to check this out and voice their opinion,I hope the defence is aware of JMs stint in court,I do not know how to contact them,but it should be forwarded to KN and JW.A young womans life is at stake here and the trial has run amok thanks to the BIASED judge,The media which has insensed most of the ignorant masses and a little egotistical little man.My heart goes out to Jodi and I wish her the very best,wasnt it great to see her smile at the end of court yesterday,heres hoping that Katie Dick and DR Who wont twist this around,MAYBE HE WILL HIRE A SMILE EXPERT NEXT,sick bastards all of them.

    • I posted yesterday in response to the link that SC posted…

      SC…good posts…

      So the good ole judge accused Martinez of “flagrantly” breaking the rules….and the judge ordered JM to prove why he shouldn’t be held in criminal contempt, a charge of up to six months in jail…

      I bet he was never “tardy” again in providing names and address of all possible witnesses he might call at trial…hmm…LOL…

      Things we know:


      2. NANCY GRACE WAS FARTY IN HER GOWN OF BLUE (dancing with the stars)

  21. They are having to hold court on Fridays just to make up for all the late starts each day!!!! My gosh, does the Judge not get it at all – get some control of your courtroom!

  22. Don’t believe half of what the so called “experts” say about any jury. The jury needs to use it’s collective common sense. They don’t play by the attorney’s rules or even by the Judge’s rules necessarily. The rely on what they hear during testimony, what they observed while in the jury box, their gut feelings and their own life experiences.
    The jury rarely does what the experts expect of them. The Casey Anthony case is a great example. The difference being that Casey’s jury was sequestered and had a take charge, albeit not always fair, but knew his stuff judge.
    If I recall correctly most of Jose Baez’s objections were also overruled while Jeff Ashton’s were sustained.
    Let all of this run it’s course and Jodi should come out with a fair verdict.

    For me personally, there is no chance that Jodi is getting death if found guilty. That would blow my mind.

  23. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    The judge has cleared out the previous cases. I still think 10:00am is a good estimate for start time. #JodiArias

  24. The reason I watch HLN is because I want to understand how the enemy is thinking (if we want to call it “thinking”.) I still don’t understand but they really are a fascinating study.

    • I would like somebody someday write a book about the lynch mob madness and media manipulation over this trial, and I am sure some media professor or law professor or psychology professor will do it.

      It’s much, much worse than even the circus surrounding Casey Anthony.

      It would make for fascinating reading.

      • I don’t know that it’s worse, tonysam. It certainly is bad though. I find it fascinating and disturbing.

        Casey had people with signs outside the courtroom waiting to lynch her. I haven’t seen that with Jodi yet.

      • I agree with you Tonysam,
        This is worse than the CA circus. I blame much of that on the Mormon aspect of this trial. Everyone is trying to make TA out to be a f’n saint which it has been proven that he certainly wasn’t. More like a sexual deviant , abuser, and user.
        How anyone with an open mind and common sense doesn’t see and didn’t hear that has issues of their own.

        • I have watched a couple of documentaries about mormonism in the last week. I found it interesting how these are being put out, now.

        • It’s undoubtedly the Mormon aspect of this case, and the fact many of them have a hive-like mentality.

          Of course not all Mormons are like this, but too many of them are.

      • Yea how they’ve twisted everything around and how much hate they’ve created to put an abused woman that defended herself on death row. I am so upset with the media, ill never take what they say seriously anymore and I’ll never blv what they say. They have changed my life forever! !

  25. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Spectators are in place. Nurmi is reclined and waiting for #JodiArias, the judge and the jury. Sit tight everyone.

  26. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Counsel heads back to chambers. No sign of #JodiArias yet. Wild doesn’t like delays.

  27. The last few days I have found it easier to listen to the trial rather than watching it. I can’t stand to watch the arm flailing, lip poking out, toddler fits that JM throws. It’s enough to have to hear the raised voice, demeaning tone and rude sarcasm in his spewing of words.

    On the other hand, I miss the facial expressions and smiles exchanged between Jodi and others. 🙁

  28. I think the only way Jodi would be found guilty is if we have twelve idiots on that jury. (Btw, I live in Phoenix and, believe me, we do have a few sane people here – contrary to how it may appear.)

    • Ms. B.-
      I’m certain there are sane people there, probably many retirees escaping cold weather. I am hopeful that the sane ones ended up on the jury. I think maybe there are, as they outed Juror #5 for her antics.

  29. A piece of happiness to start the day! A package just came. A new orthopedic pillow. I’m ready. But Juan is going to fuck it up! Lol

  30. They are just showing this on HLN…

    So now HLN has stooped to the lowest…exploiting the youngest humans on earth…the babies…

    They are laughing and giggling about the FB page showing the baby with his lips pursed…saying that the comment from the baby’s parents is portraying their dislike for Jodi…

  31. The amount of time I waste doing nothing but watch the seal is incredible. I am going to start charging the state of AZ for my loss of productivity.

  32. Poor Alyce. She must be dreading having to listen to more Hitler Martinez insults while the so called Judge stares dreamily at him.

    • I do hope and pray that she got a good night restful sleep….I am concerned about the level of stress that this has been on her with the crazy combative prosecutor….

      This has become a trial war!

  33. What would happen if ALV went on the stand and stated she couldn’t continue with her testimony due to the threats, intimitdation and harassment she has received. I do think she needs to get this on the record.

    • I actually wondered the same thing. I KNOW if I were in her shoes I would have stated I could not return, perhaps feigned illness. This woman is a freakin’ saint. I may go check out one of her lectures after this.

  34. Good Morning,my brilliant minds on the other side of the world!Just got back from work and soooo excited to see it’s Seal time!!!

        • I like when I see your name – I imagine how beautiful it must be to be in Greece. I have a couple friends from there and they have told me about the beauty, the cafes, the wonderful people… one day I hope to visit. (That’s where you are, correct?)

          • Yous should definitely come and visit Greece then,if you have friends.It’s a beautiful country especially in the summer when you can go to our amazing islands and enjoy the crystal-clear waters and lie on the beach all day long!

  35. I do hope ALV just lets JM rant today and doesn’t throw punches with him. To me, it is more effective to just let JM look like the ass he is. ALV knows her stuff, she should relax and let JW fight the battle on re-direct.

      • That 16-page rant I believe followed the fact Jodi had shared information with her friend about what she and Travis were doing.

        I had played that direct testimony of ALV several times, and I couldn’t find the context for that 16-page abusive rant. The other rants had context to them.

  36. Off topic. Is Jennifer Willmott married? If not I want to hook up with her. 🙂 I’d love to talk with her and pick her brain and flirt a bit with her. If she is married I’d still like to meet her.

  37. One question, one response??? WTF? JM says, “We need to approach, your honor” and if he gets his way…WTF!?

    • Could he?I doubt it! His behaviour is like(borrowing Phoebe’s line from FRIENDS)he’s Santa Claus,on Disneyland,getting laid!!! He never seems to SHUT THE F**K UP!!!

      • Looks like the judge has let JM ask something he was not supposed to and JW has taken ALV out to discuss the issue with her.

        • Don’t you think? 😉 He will soon start becoming part of the carpet and chair, grow roots, and become a tall, tall, tree… then some wild birds will come and have lunch on the branches…:D)

    • Remember- Juan is not making his case for pre-meditation. He put all his eggs in one basket and probably made promises to TA’s family and others that he will deffinately get Jodi the DP. Now he is resorting to “dirty pool” by his office leaking things to the media and trying to bring in “evidence” that he can twist around in his favor.

        • Tonysam-
          so correct. He really has nothing, because now the real Travis A. has been revealed. His circular talk is his lame attempt to divert the Jury from what they now know to be the truth.

          • It’s all a diversion. I hope the jury is astute enough to see it for what it is.

            Plus anything that might make ALV look bad will be cleared in redirect.

  38. I don’t want ALV to battle with him today. She can easily get in that this was TA’s MO with many women regarding using the word stalking. Better yet, ALV can let JW take it up on re-direct. ALV can just let JM spew what he wants as truth and JW can show the jury how JM is distorting the reality of the facts.

      • According to the
        American Bar Association [ABA] Guidelines for the
        Appointment and Performance of Defense Counsel in Death Penalty
        Cases (Rev. Ed. Feb. 2003),
        mitigation specialist
        (if not more than
        one) is a mandatory part of the defense in any capital case.
        Guideline 10.4 (C)(2)(a). In fact, the ABA Guidelines require every
        criminal defense team facing a capital punishment sentence have at the
        minimum two attorneys, a private investigator, and a mitigation spe

        ABA Guideline 1.1, 4.1, and Commentary

        Ok that answers my question an the Travis Supporters that keep on with Jodi has a TEAM
        of Lawyers an Travis has one?

  39. I really don’t understand why some evidence is not admitted. If there is evidence, there is evidence. I watched a trial a few years ago where a husband was on trial for murdering his wife. There was history of visits to dating sites etc. on his computer. History showed the sites were accessed while wife was out of town. That evidence was not allowed. just blows my mind.

  40. I went out and mowed my back yard taking a chance they would start late and there be a sizzle bar. I was right. Doesn’t look like I missed much and my back yard is now mowed.

  41. Okay….just what the hell is going on???? the DT and ALV are out of the court room. Kermit is sitting in his seat stewing….and Pickles is just hanging out. Okay I see another salad bar going on now….geeeesh!!

  42. Okay, I’m gonna be sparse today, but I’m here. I feel terrible after yesterday and can’t stomach much more of that same BS today; it’s damn depressing and left me feeling raw and hollow and a little more upset about my past AND the future of this country than I should be.

    Can’t believe we’re still listening to JM berating ALV… He lost me from the very beginning, and to be totally honest, I’m not quite sure wtf he’s even talking about at this point or what I’m supposed to be gleaning from his “line of questioning”. I know I really really really dislike the haters; they have no compassion and evidently lack critical thinking skills. Their comments about ALV – personal attacks on her – are sickening, and I can’t help but repeat this even though I know you guys have heard me say it half a dozen times or more: People just CAN’T be this stupid, can they?! I’m at a loss… Truly. It makes me sad.

      • I dread what you’re going to be like Renee’ if Jodi is found guilty. You’ll probably become the closest thing to pure evil!!lol

            • Nah. Despite my ranting, I am an extremely peaceful, non-violent person. I internalize all my anger, giving myself ulcers and headaches.

              It is what it is.

              This is the last trial I will ever watch, it is no longer healthy for me.

              I cant stop until I see this through, but then I am done.

              • That’s what I keep saying after every trial I have watched….and they are many. But, heck…..Katherine Jackson vs AEG is going to be interesting. I thought that was starting on Tuesday? And then there is the Zimmerman case coming up. I find myself working my schedule (I work from home) around the trial schedules
                and my friends think I am nuts. lol

    • Try to take a break now and then Ashley…I feel the same way, this trial is a joke and very unfair…just breath and don’t let it consume you! Things will get better when JW gets her turn again!

        • if he was frightened in the instant message thing.She had to say yes because it was a question concwerning the choice of his words,she had to comment on TA’s words.So basically she was trapped in that answer and behold,there is Martinez right now asking her about that.

  43. NO!!!! How can she testify, say No TA was not afraid and then the jury lvs, comes back and then she changes her mind and sais, YES???!!!!! WTF!!!

    • She is saying that TA didn’t exhibit fearful behaviors by reacting to his stalking comment in the text. This is why ALV just needs to bite the bullet and answer yes or no, or say she can’t answer with yes or no, then answer yes or no and wait for JW to rehabilitate on re-direct to what it all really means.

      ALV needs to let JM be a bully and let the defense take care of the issue.

  44. I MISSED SOMETHING – HELP I just tuned in and heard ALV say that ‘yes’ TA was afraid of Jodi’s stalking?! What just happened?

    • Am I crazy here? It seems he was just saying he was afraid of an ex to try to impress a new potential flame. Actions clearly showed there was no stalking.

      • I agree. JA is not the only girl that TA referred to as a stalker. IMO this was a tactic he used to make sure that ALL his conquests didn’t talk to one another and figure out the player/manipulator that TA was.

  45. There is no evidence of stalking! Travis’s own behavior clearly shows she was not stalking him. WTF WTF WTF. This is ridiculous and a travesty.

      • Thanks, Nk, when they came back I actually didn’t hear any question. It seems that she just said ‘out of the blue’ that TA was extremely afraid. Now I’m getting it. ALV agreed that TA DID say “he was extremely afraid’ but she does not agree that he was being truthful. Another mess that needs to be cleaned up by JW.

  46. He has the NERVE to turn all this around and say TA was ABUSED?TERRORIZED??By Jodi???He’s slimy,dirt on my feet,sick,stupid bastard!

  47. JM (and HLN) want Alyce to agree that Travis was afraid of Travis (I.e., lie), otherwise she’s all on Jodi’s side (I.e., biased). WTF??

    • That’s what im saying, she SAID NO, more then once. He didn’t want that answer, so they go on break, come back, ALV looks pissed and she then changes her answer!!!!! Why WTF happened! And I really hipe the jury noticed what just happened? ???

      Jury Question: “why did change your answer, if TA was afraid of Jodi?”

  48. So now the guy on HLN is saying that there’s no evidence that Jodi was a stalker…..only hearsay from others that she was…they want to get the talking in the emails about her being a stalker in court records…

  49. I CAN’T BLV HE GOT AWAY WITH THAT!!!!! I didn’t like Martinez but iv never said, I hated him, now I do!!! I HATE HIM!!!!! Dirty little shit!!! I hope he starts convulsing and has a stroke right in front of the cameras! !! I an so upset! !

  50. Let me rewrite that:

    JM (and HLN) want Alyce to agree that Travis was afraid of Jodi (I.e., lie), otherwise she’s all on Jodi’s side (I.e., biased). WTF??

  51. OK I need help here. HOW ON EARTH is it stalking if he called her, she called him, they had phone sex, they seemed like friends? Anyone? Why isn’t the defense objecting to this?

    • She will clear it up when she gets to recross.

      I would have been objecting every three minutes, but I guess we need to trust the defense.

    • I think defense cannot object because JM is quoting TA’s words to a different gf from a text or email. This is something that (hopefully) should be cleared in re-direct.

      • I guess….but what’s the timeframe of this text in relation to when they just had phone sex, which was on the tape. Driving me crazy. I hope the jury has a brain.

  52. Alyce is really working hard to ensure Martinez is not twisting her words, taking things out of context, or mischaracterizing her testimony. She must really believe in this case.

    • LaViolette is no push over and she wouldn’t put her 35 years of work on the line if she didn’t believe in Jodie and the truth of this. No way.

  53. I am wondering why I am listening to JM; he fears me to the point that it literally hurts my stomach and yet I can not stop listening.

  54. Alyce should give Hitler just the answers he wants and then let JW have her give the whole truth to the questions he asked on redirect. It would be easier and faster and give Hitler a false sense of accomplishment.

    • I agree. I wish she would just give ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when she can b/c at this point I think the jury can figure it out and JW will straighten it out.

  55. Two thoughts I’ve had might be of interest to some readers.
    First, I fully agree with other posters, and the defense motion, that JM’s conduct is a disgrace to American criminal justice, and Judge Stephens’ refusal to control him is inexcusable. On the other hand, I’ll bet the defense benefited greatly from her permitting AL, over JM’s continual objections, virtually to quote at length from journals, texts, etc. These sources were extremely helpful to the defense, but I’m guessing that Arizona has some ridiculous hearsay rule, which Judge Stephens is essentially ignoring, that would have kept all this material out. Perhaps someone who knows Arizona law could comment on this? I’ll bet, in the judge’s mind, she is just giving extreme flexibility to both sides in deciding how to present their cases.
    Second, while I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch most of JM’s ever-repulsive cross of AL — only bits and pieces — I have the impression that AL is taking the wrong line some of the time. In her direct, she was a very convincing witness who did a terrific job for the defense. Now, though, she’s fighting with JM over ground she should happily concede. E.g., if the question is something like “Is this your opinion?”, “Could you be wrong?” , “Could another expert come to a different conclusion?”, etc., the answer should be: “Of course!” Everyone knows that expert witnesses are put on to give their opinions, backed by evidence, education, and experience. She could also make the point that JM’s contrast between personal judgment and “scientific verification” or “testing” is false. Expert witnesses disagree all the time, even in “hard sciences” such as pathology. Also, psychological diagnostic tests have to be validated against some other diagnostic standard, which, originally at least, cannot be anything but clinical judgment. AL could just make these simple points instead of trying to defend herself against harmless charges. As it is, she’s often looking evasive — though she has nothing to evade.

  56. Jm says, “I’m telling!” “Mommy! Alyce isn’t answering the question the way I want her to answer it!”

  57. Apparently Amazon is flooded with nasty comments on LaViolettes Book
    Stuart response
    This is a Book Review Not a murder Trial Review and this type of commentary toward the Author is inappropriate. being harassed, character assassination is wrong. There are other forums for this type of discussion(s) A book Review is not for that purpose. If witnesses are harassed in this manner it impedes are jury system. She is a professional witness in a high profile trial and whether people watching HLN, Nancy Grace reading the National Enquirer agree with her or not they have absolutely NO RIGHT to use a Book review site to intimidate, character assassinate ,and provoke HATE towards the Author. Its plainly against the Law to intimidate a witness.

      • Stuarts Comment,
        It is more than Tragic when a professional, with such a stellar reputation such as Laviolette is attacked just because she is a witness for an unpopular Defendant. The childish rants that have pervaded Amazon, on LaViolette’s Book, show an all too anxious Lynch Mob mentality of the emotionally challenged. The Killing of Travis Alexander is Tragic for the Family and Ones who were close to Him. But to attack LaViolette for her testimony and attempt to smear her is cheap and shows a lack of any concern for the truth . Gratifying one’s anger at the expense of being a liar and corrupt is ample evidence of a Judicial System that has run amok. Firstly Laviolette, has at many times testified for the Prosecution. The KKK tactics of the well known “Cult” that has somehow found it necessary to go on AMAZON and Harass someone for giving their professional opinion is beyond what HITLER or Joseph Goebbels ever dreamed of, But alas what can one expect from the Lobotomized CULTISH group of The Morally and intellectually challenged who are as lacking in human civility as they are in the basic elements of native intelligence. Perhaps their energy would be better put to use investigating the Multiple Pyramid schemes of PPL and that oh so horrid Cult LDS. I recommend this book for its incredible insight I also would recommend, The Mormon Murders: A True Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit, & Death, Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith, The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes, Prophet of Death: The Mormon Blood-Atonement Killings,The Kirtland Massacre: The True and Terrible Story of the Mormon Cult Murders, These books may aid you to heal and also reveal the cult that destroyed Mr. Alexander.

        • Stuart is a friend of mine, and feels this is illegal. I liked his review but do not have an account with amazon. Apparently he is being attacked for his opinion. If you get a chance Like his review. Since the haters are in full force.

          • Hi Oliverio-
            Just read that Stuart is your friend. Tell him hi from me and thanks for his remarks. I am tryign to support him but Amazon keeps hiding his remarks because the crazy cult members keep hitting the non support button. I can only do so much to keep them up. Hopefully lots of folks will go and help and like my comments on Amazon as well. I think you will be able to figure out the name I post under on that site and Barnes noble site.

              • He is absolutely correct, it all is witness intimidation. That is why I refuse to purchase anything from a site that allows it to continue.

    • Oliverio-
      I have been supporting Stuart’s remarks on amazon. I have given up though, because Amazon is not going to do anything about it. Nor is Barnes and Noble etc. i have to find another way to purchase Alyce’s book. I actually want to give them to some young women I know, but dont’ want to give my business to any on line merchadiser who allows the slander where a book review should be.

      • But apparently many are reading it ,so I guess I would keep liking it so its on the top, and they are at the bottom, apparently he hit home with his remarks.

  58. I do believe we are all stalkers with FB, Myspace, Twitter, etc….
    BTW, I had an ex boyfriend that stalked me after I broke up. I came home to my door opened and everything moved. I received over 200 text in one day not to mention emails. I turned him in and put a restraining order on him

    • I don’t think everyone are stalkers. There is a huge difference in looking at FB and those other social media items. When the majority of people visit those places it’s normal curiosity. Stalking is someone trying to “own” the victim. It is a sick, demented “love.” In my case that was his thought. He got to think of it even longer in prison for 5 years. We all need to be careful, how we characterize stalking.

    • I believe it is only stalking ONLINE if you have a private account an someone HACKS into it.

      But just reading things that are NOT PRIVATE would not be stalking. People can make changes
      to social networking sites as in MY SPACE an FB so that NO ONE can read things posted unless
      they are friends. But people that leave it OPEN FOR THE PUBLIC ? that is not stalking it is
      OPEN for PUBLIC Viewing.

  59. Travis may not have liked Jodi’s behavior that she wasn’t going to sit there and watch him flirt with women and that she would approach the women and question what was going on. She has every right to do a little detective work, to find out if Travis was a low life scum bag cheater. And guess what he was. Come on, just because he told someone, “he was afraid” of Jodi doesn’t make it so. He proved over and over he wasn’t afraid of her. He didnt look or sound scared of her in his photos or tape. They better get off this topic soon, I’m going to lose my shit!

  60. ‘oh Reagan please hide me, Jodi is stalking me, please, I’m so frightened, can I hide under your blanket, are you in bed?’

  61. So if TA wrote it ONCE and it’s his HOLY writing we’re witnessing then yes,so must it be!!!
    But when it comes to Jodi’s unholy,slutty full of lies diaries of course we resign to double standards,dont we Kermit??

  62. HLN’s guest, a defense attorney, just claimed that Alyce is being disrespectful to Juan. (I jumped up and screamed obscenities.)

    • The big picture, Juanita, is premeditated murder. You haven’t proven one goddamned thing.

      The fact of the matter is he is trying to twist ALV’s testimony to prove premeditation, which he can’t do.

  63. HELP I can’t watch live for another half hour and have been soooo busy today. Did ALV really say this:

    “Isn’t it true that Mr. Alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant, Jodi Arais, based on her stalking behavior?” asked Martinez.

    “He was afraid of her, yes,” said LaViolette.

    “Because of her stalking behavior, correct?” asked Martinez.

    “Correct,” said LaViolette.

    • That doesn’t sound right. There was no evidence at all she stalked him.

      That was Chris Hughes’s bullshit talking.

      • This was after her badgering by him finally forced her to say yes, that is what the IM said. She did not want to answer it the way he wanted her to.

    • We have got to understand here people,before starting throwing stones at ALV,that she was trapped in the way she was asked.She was asked if he said he was afraid in the InstantMessage!!! And yes,having read it she HAD to say yes.

  64. I object! Abuse of verbiage by JM!!!
    Abuse of everything in the whole world to suit whatever JM’s whim happens to be at any particular moment in time!
    He doesn’t live by a double-standard, he lives by multi-to-the-nth-degree-standards, which in all practicality amounts to having NO standards.

  65. I’m proud of Alyce LaViolette for not allowing her work to be twisted. And in terms of HLN, I tell myself every night that they thought the smug, ego-manical prosecutor for the Casey Anthony trial was doing a swell job “decimating” the defense witnesses…and apparently, the jury didn’t agree.

      • A SICK NARCISSIST!!! I never imagined I would say it out loud but here it comes:I hate,hate,hate TA! I dont give a sh*t about the things he did in his life,how successful or not he was,how good of a friend or brother,,if he were my neighbour I wouldnt even pay attention to him probably,that’s how trivial his existence might have been to me,
        but what he did to JODI,really drives me crazy! The way he thought he was the puppeteer and that everybody aroung him was puppets,THAT really makes me lose it!!

    • Exactly. He was an abusive, manipulating bastard. He lied all the time.

      I wish Jodi had never met this piece of shit.

      • Tonysam-
        I too wish she had never met him, but given her background she was ripe for the picking for a cult leader. I hope when she is free, she will seek therapy to help her become even stronger and recognize an abuser from a mile away, so she will not end up repeating this with another TA, because unfortunately their are plenty more of his type lurking and luring young women.

  66. They’re talking about the damn issue with her being nice and bringing over chicken from PF Changs for his roommate, geez.

    Wait maybe not, maybe this is when she came over to look for something, I swear, this is normal stuff that anyone could do.

    • She needs to answer yes or no when asked things like do you see this word on this paper. There is only one answer there. The rest of the time she is doing pretty well.

  67. ALV needs to just answer JM’s crazy questions and not argue. As the judge just said, JW can clarify the questions on re-direct.

    • Agree unless she absolutely can’t answer yes or no or I don’t know. I don’t want her reprimanded or held in contempt. The jury would not take that well.

      • It didn’t hurt that the judge said Ms. Wilmott can clarify on re-direct. So going forward, she should just answer the question so JM can move on and JW can rehab.

    • Yes. Maybe even go ahead and play his game and let it be yes, yes, yes, yes, and then NO at the point he tries to make the yeses add up to one of his mischaracterizations, and then so what if it doesn’t SEEM to make sense? Just smile sweetly at JM and keep repeating NO no matter how many times he tries, with the knowledge that JW WILL clarify it. The jury has had enough time to understand that he tries to make 2 plus 2 equal three….

    • I think, if the jury is half way logical, they will see through the smoke and mirrors… EVERYTHING JM notes here will SUPPORT ALV’s assertions that Travis was a player and a manipulator and was lying to fool MANY people.

  68. Ya’ll…………………..I don’t know how much more I can stand of this, I am at work and I am about to throw my headphones on the ground and jump up and down screaming, this man is such an ass……….I can’t even verbalize how mad I am at him right now.

  69. A spouse gf/bf who suspects cheating by the other is going to do the same as JA did its not called stalking its called catching them with their pants down!! I know from my own experience

  70. HAHAHA Now Martinez proving that Jodi’s journal does not contain everything!!!! So WHICH is it, JM?
    Did he just state that the physical abuse may not be contained either?

    • So now are we going to get those pages JM leaked to the media, those pages including those about how Jodi felt there was something “not right” with TA and about how TA was borrowing money from her?

  71. Just turned the trial off to take a breath and give my ears a break. My heart goes out to ALV, JW, KN and the jury for having to listen to this garbage. I’m going to watch here for updates. 🙂

  72. Juan Martinez is from the school of, if you say it often enough and loud enough and smart assed enough it makes it true and everyone believes you. After he shuts up and your head clears you can process things much better and find the real truth.

    • Augh, Joe! Exactly!’Gads, he is like a water drip from a leaky faucet that someone tied to your ear and is torturing you with. It’s a Martinez Water Torture. Pickles must be deaf to be so immune to its effects….

  73. Omg I’m going to have a stroke! Will someone please post the legal description of stalking!?? I’m on my phone right now!

    • Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them.

    • It’s stalking when it is an abusive rant by Travis or stalking when Travis bullshits to potential girlfriends by an ex.

      It’s also stalking when Travis invites a girlfriend over to have sex with her twice, and has x-rated pictures taken of both himself and his stalker by his stalker on his own camera.

      THAT is stalking according to the gospel of Juanderland.

      • I should say this instead because I wasn’t clear in my previous post: It is stalking when Travis says somebody is a stalker in an abusive rant or when Travis bullshits to potential girlfriends an ex is a stalker in order to get into the potential girlfriend’s pants.

        It’s also stalking when Travis invites a “stalker” over to his house in order to have sex with her twice, and has x-rated pictures taken of both himself and his “stalker” on his own camera as a memento of the encounter.

        THAT is stalking according to the gospel of Juanderland.

  74. I’m seriously wondering how much more I can take listening to JM’s bullshit and shouting, he should come with a health warning. ABUSIVE BASTARD.

  75. Always remember this little fact while Juanita is going on with his abusive rant against ALV, which parallels the treatment of JA by TA: People do NOT invite stalkers over, have sex with them twice, and then take lurid pictures of them with their cameras.

  76. Isn’t it true that I have had enough of The Prosecutor and his semantic game-playing and twisting of the truth, and wish he would get hit by a bus? YES OR NO?


  77. I bet Lisa is going to love hearing the lie just told by JM that she was the one making the inappropriate sexual advances.

  78. I’d be at the point of I wouldn’t know what to say or when to say it because it’s going to be wrong no matter what and get me berated by an egomaniac prosecutor and a Judge that is clueless.
    What do you do in that situation?

  79. If you are so damn afraid of someone why don’t you do something? He never did anything, change locks, go to the police, nothing, but why would he? If he did, then sex with Jodi would have ended, and there is no way he wanted that.

  80. Are we to believe that prosecution witnesses would actually oblige the defense’s expert witnesses for an interview?

  81. Namaste all!! I’m not feeling so hot today-does anyone know if this trial is available in just audio anywhere? I’m on an iPad and my FLASH browser, (you can’t usually get Flash on iOS), is acting up. I don’t have a TV in my bedroom.
    I’m hoping its on radio somewhere?

    • Hey Lainey, you should be able to view it in streaming, it shouldn’t need flash. From the link at the top of the post. At least that’s how it works on my ipad.

      • Thanks Harmony, I think it must be my ISP today. Even that video just kept loading.
        I’ll take some pain Meds, (lol, maybe it will help with the pain of watching rat-face), and take myself down to the living room-at least till my ISP starts working again.
        My friend/landlord is trying to get me to go to ER again, she’ll have to wait. ;). I’ll be OK if I can just lay down, get some fluids in me.

      • my guess would be no she did not tell the whole truth i always felt she down played it especially when i heard the email she sent him

      • Frannie … Alyce was testifying about the time Jodi saw Travis with a girl on the couch. There was something at him unhooking the girl’s bra, and it was clearly a physical, intimate encounter.

        She said at that time, (the time Jodi saw this encounter), Travis was officially dating Lisa Andrews. She also said that she did not know if the girl on the couch was Lisa and that either means he was in a physical relationship with Lisa Andrews or he was seeing somebody else at the same time he was seeing Lisa.

  82. again she sustains, and he asks the same damn question!! and she overrules. What the hell kind of judge and court room is this?

  83. I know you all say that Jennifer will fix this but what worries me is that even if she does,it won’t matter to the jurors that may have already been buying Martinez’s charade and cheap lies..

  84. He should try not to be a psychologist or doctor or whatever else in his deluded mind he is. This is such bullshit. He is a narcissist himself.

  85. Ladies and gentlemen you are to recall the testimony of the individuals….So that means that JM can mistate the evidence.

    • Hypotheticals should NOT be allowed. Demanding AL give yes/no answers to hypotheticals????

      When all the JURORS will hear her answer and might not remember it was hypothetical. This is what that SWINE is banking on.

      I’d like to kick him where it hurts!

    • Actually it was Chris Hughes and Travis’s Mormon friends who came up with that bullshit of Jodi being a crazy stalker. They went on national television and peddled Travis’s bullshit. and it wasn’t questioned by CBS’s Maureen Maher and her producers.

  86. ALV- He starts the year saying “I love you. I love you Jodi exclamation point.”

    Lol yep, definitely sounds like someone taking to their stalker that they are “extremely terrified” of.

  87. Whats up with overruling the objections that JM is mischaracterizing prior testimony. Then instructs the jury to remember the testimony.

    So that means the judge thinks its ok for JM to lie?

  88. I’m assuming that the judge keeps saying you are to recall the testimony that was given by the individuals because at this point the judge can’t even recall what was or wasn’t said since JM is “testifying”.

    It doesn’t hurt though when the judge says this, because I’m sure the jurors are taking that to mean that what JM is saying isn’t the truth of the matter.

  89. I went back and watched Dan Freeman’s testimony and he never said that. So why is JM allowed to say witness said something they didn’t?

  90. Is Stephens really a judge or did she just walk in off the street and sit in the judge’s chair and no one questioned it? She is an embarrassment to Judges everywhere.

  91. Like Mickey Sherman said on the King Jordan radio show, he would ask the judge “Can Mr. Martinez be sworn in before he testifieds.”

  92. Well, that boys will be boys theme is part of what allows abuse to take place. Turn one’s head…overlook it. Just a boy being a boy.

  93. WTF??!! HLN Jerk : “and Alice LaV is breaking down, Juan Mtz is breaking her down”-something to that effect.. She’s NOT “breaking down” you jackass!

  94. Agree with everyone’s comments…I thought there weren’t supposed to be ANY references to ANY stalking behavior because it was found to be “too prejudicial” – am I wrong on that?????

    It’s amazing what is NOT allowed is all of a sudden ALLOWED because Massengil brings it up and this stupid ass woman who wears a black robe lets it be…..

    If I hear overruled one more time I’m going to upchuck….

    • Again, I am wondering if they are throwing this case trying to get an acquittal or a conviction thrown out on appeal.

      It’s like both the judge and JM want to wash their hands of the whole business because of the insanity that is going on outside the courtroom via television, social media, etc.

    • Hi Janeen! If I understand correctly, the prosecution tried to make sure the stalking accusations weren’t entered. He failed. The defense brought in the accusations, I believe, to show how easily it could be disproved.

      At one point, the prosecution was going to claim that Jodi had slashed Travis’s tires. He did not bring that in because that would have also been too easy to disprove. It could have been one of the husbands of the many married women he was courting, or it could have been one of the girls he was misleading, or it could have been anyone! There was zero proof it was Jodi.

  95. I think this is the most upset I have been with the little frog to date. How could anyone with reasonable sense believe that TA was sooo afraid of Jodi and that she was a stalker. From what I have heard and read people who have real stalkers do not keep emailing, texting, sexting, having phone sex, and F@@king their stalking.

        • I know that it was he told his friends but there is no proof. I knew that is where this toad was leading too. That she did not report the abuse. ugggg I want to smack him today. JW looks really pissed today so hopefully she will clear up this mess.

    • opps so upset and typing too fast *stalker*. There is no proof she was a stalker. I think Det Flores even testified that they found no proof she was stalking him. So why is the Judge allowing JM to keep this up. He has such a smug look today. uuggg

  96. JM seems to have a “pattern” of confusing things. I believe he utlilizes that MOO in order to try and impeach. Furthermore, if JM says it…must be so, as afterall he is the prosecutor who would never lie or confuse. 🙁 It appears to me he is using this method to confuse the jury as well as I highly doubt they recall what DF said. Lots of clean up for JW. Just hope she is sharp, precise and doesn’t wade into the weeds JM has planted.

  97. I think he is throwing the “lets assume” and “hypotheticals” out there because if the Jury doesn’t go back over someone testimony they will just believe the clown.

  98. I swear to GOD she refuses to say “sustained” because she’s afraid she’ll lose her dentures…stupid bitch