Jodi Arias Trial – Day 44 (afternoon session)

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    • Congrats Moni!

      You win 7 truckloads of bullshit collected from the courtroom this morning.

      Where would you like it delivered to? :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi

    • I am one of those rare Americans that has not made their opinion fully one way or another about her guilt.I actually try to listen to all the evidence,and sure I was leaning towards guilty at the very beginning because all we had to go one was what was out in the media and it did look very,very bad for her.I still have not came to my own conclusion yet. Even when i felt she was completely guilty i still could see what kind of man that Travis was and I do not understand how people can just ignore who he really was.They act like it was Jodi’s fault he was a sexual deviant and a top liar that deceived everyone around him.Even if that was my brother or father or whatever I would have big questions about who he was and what motivated him to be such a liar and perv. I find it scary that so many people are just ignoring what all he did and lied about just as long as Jodi is killed by the state. this attitude scares me because people are not willing to listen to the evidence because she they feel she had to cause him to be all those bad things.They act like she is Satan or Satan worked through her just to kill the all perfect Travis Alexander,who was a lot more wicked than Jodi in the way he lead his life up to the point of his death.I by the way do not believe in Satan or religion for that matter just because of what is happening here. i am just trying to be fair and seeing things the way they are and not letting my personal feelings make an unfair judgement without hearing her side of everything. i will say that my mind is changing the more and more I learn about this case.

      • I was in the same boat as you I came to this case via a Dateline NBC show. I was convinced this was an open and shut case and that Jodi was totally guilty. I started from Day 1 and have watched the trial up until this point and I am wondering the same thing about people seriously not being able to look at the evidence objectively. People are just eating what the media is spewing. I have totally stopped watching all news outlets I have been just watching the raw court footage. I have come to the conclusion that I do not believe that this was pre-meditated murder. It was a crime of passion and from where I stand today I believe she did this act in self defense I think it was a lot of pent up anger from the way that Travis had treated her all of this time. It’s obvious he lived two lives and its not surprising that all of his friends say that “Jodi did this and Jodi did that” that’s exactly what Travis wanted. He wanted his dirty little secret on the side. I hope that the jurors can see this. I pray they have been objective and not watched the media (which is next to impossible). I can not believe that Juan Martinez is allowed to act this way in a court room. The way that he is able to just pull things out of context and run with it. I’m also getting pretty sick of the judge as well. She doesn’t seem to be impartial at all. She definitely errs on the side of the prosecution. It’s been a frustrating couple of day to watch for sure!!

        • Glad you could join us Butterfly. It is scary that this trial is really being ran by the media.
          Juan is leaving a dirty taste in everyones mouth with his dirty tricks.

  1. So Alexander’s sister is crying. Do you think she has recognised the truth?

    I do hope so. Wrongly hating Jodi for so long is a terrible thing, but it needs to be faced.

    I feel real pity for Alexander’s family. But Jodi is not to blame.

    It’s just a tragic sitiuation.

      • To me, Samantha seems to be very immature for her age. Even though the judge stated there was to be no eye rolling, etc. in the gallery, Samantha cannot seem to control herself. She seems to be the worst offender of all the family members. She is also the one who runs out of the court in tears.

        I think this is where the judge needs to intervene. If Samantha is too emotional to control herself in the presence of the jury, the judge should suggest that she leave. It’s not as if the family would not be represented in her absence.

        I guess I am a little more skeptical than most re: the Alexanders. I have felt that a lot of their behavior is theatrics. I also have been turned off by their letters thanking all of the haters on the TA FB for their support. They have never once written a letter to those people asking that they refrain from the hateful, obscene and threatening comments left there.

          • That is why I simply can believe her emotions can’t be controlled she is a cop. I wonder if that is true. I could see a dispatcher acting this way but not a actual Police Officer?

        • The Travis family has not cared what the judge has said and evidently the jugde really doesn’t mean what she say’s. The girl on the front is crying because the EXPERT is testifying?

        • I’ve also never seen a victim’s family seek to profit (to the tune of almost three quarters of a million dollars a month, no less) from a relative’s death. I’m also a little dubious about someone who had so little contact with a brother being this out of joint over his death. Color me dubious.

          • Geez! Where did you read this? I’d like to take a look at it too. I’ve been wondering how they can all be there so much of the time, like they have not a care in the world about their finances or maintaining careers!

    • It it is Sam, the cop, that was crying – then maybe she is refelcting on DV calls she has responded to were the abused woman finally had enough and cold-cocked the abuser. THEN the abuser calls the cops on the woman and says “she f’n crazy! she came after me for no reason!” And because the guy has a bloody nose and the woman is injury free (except for the emotional scars she bares) the cops says “ok sweethart, you’re coming with us!”. Perhaps she is wondering how many women have been turned back to their abuser only to be harmed more.

      • Jodi’s case isn’t the first where a woman had to defend herself against an abuser, and hers won’t be the last.

        The prisons are full of women who killed their abusers.

        • “The prisons are full of women who killed their abusers.”


          so true tonysam.

          I doubt she is crying for any lifeshattering reason…although I could be wrong.

          While it would be incredibly awesome for her as a cop to have had a breakthrough, I doubt it. I can only wish…and that then they turn around and ask the death penalty to be off the table.

    • I feel bad for Travis’s family and you certainly can’t blame them, A friend of mine said Imagine if that was your Brother,

      • I try. I would feel more if they were part of his life before he died, but they were very estranged.

        However, I do try to empathize.

        And Samantha, IMO, is the only one of the sibs who seem to really hurt.

        • I think some of the siblings or Samantha was Close and even if they were enstranged the Bonds of Siblings are very strong especially when they came from the abusive Backround Travis came from. They share a certain sorrow that no one else can really understand. I fell very sorry for them.

      • “A friend of mine said Imagine if that was your Brother,”

        This is not a reflection on you Oliviero, but it pisses me off when people use that line.

        Not everyone is an eye for an eye or a limb for a limb kind of person and those people should stop assuming that everyone would think the same way as they do EVEN IF IT WERE A sibling/father/mother who was killed.

        Now, do I blame them, no. Not everyone is “mature” enough to see or be able to acknowledge the bigger pictures in life…which includes shithead relatives being killed by someone else defending themselves against said shithead.

        • My mother’s brother was murdered in Reno many years ago, before I was born, and she was totally against the death penalty.

          The death penalty doesn’t bring the loved one back and only causes more pain for the family of the condemned person.

        • It’s hard for me to place myself In that situation because my brother is 180 degrees from how Travis acted. My brother is one of the kindest people I know and he’d never treat partner the way that Travis treated Jodi and other women.

        • Same, same. So tired of hearing that. It’s generalizing their behavior before and during their case as appropriate. Samantha has tried very hard to make sure that jury sees how upset she is with her body language.

          • Yes, but someone who is upset about the loss of a loved one doesn’t roll their eyes, that just doesn’t work for me – that’s disdain, not deep emotion. Disdain is about feeling like you’re better than someone else & being impatient about putting up with them.

        • I know what you are saying but a Sibling sees things very differently the relationship is different and most people feel bad for the Family. Don’t forget they are being spoon fed hate by the Prosecutor and many who have a motive will pretend they care and fuel the flames of Hate.

          • it’s a mindset regardless of relationship, it’s what keeps wars going on in so many countries…middle east, africa, asia, even here.

            • You must have compassion for the loss someone experiences you can’t be angry at them
              They have to grieve is horrible for them. .Most people feel sorry for them, The wars are for Profit They USA and their meddling in the affairs of others under the dubious excuse Democracy, is a well known Hoax to steal Oil etc. The droning of innocent civilians in a pretext of a War on Terror is just plain stupid. As Ron Paul pointed out, That our Government is not morally responsible and therefore should NOT be allowed to inflict the DP on anyone.

        • I have seen one trial where a friend of mine was murdered by her son. The family did not want the death penalty for him and he was a child.. Of course someone will say well family so nobody wanted death. It could have been a death penalty trial but wasn’t. Then I have seen another where the victim was a high ranking officer of the law and murdered in his front yard, (this man also delivered my Aunt in the back seat of his police car). His wife did not want the death penalty, she wanted him to have to live with what he had done. Neither of these people deserved to die and nobody wanted their lives taken for what they had done. It seems to me in this case, senseless. I also think that JM beating up on Alyce LaViolette makes him look like a fool. The woman is NOT a hired gun just there to make a buck. I am glad she is battling it out with him, or WAS rather. I wouldn’t let someone make me appear that way either. Anyway, that’s my rant for the day.

        • But wait, didn’t we hear how much Travis was a contradiction? Mormon bible guy who likes to tie women to trees and do them in the backdoor. That is about as normal as Juan claiming he is five feet tall. Sure, his death was tragic, all death is, but judging by what we’ve heard, his life is not one to be held up on a pedastal

      • Oh me I have a brother like that an do not condone his behavior. An I can say back to those that want to say that all the time what if Jodi was your daughter or sister or any female relation for that matter?

      • I agree as well. Purely looking at it from the Alexander’s side, of course they are devastated. I would expect them to hate whomever killed their brother regardless bcuz that is their brother. I’m not condoning TA’s behavior in any way and certainly not saying that Jodi didn’t honestly fear for her life. I take all of that out of it and give TA’s siblings immunity for their behavior and feelings. I have a brother that I once didn’t see for three years due to where we both lived. My love for him didn’t waiver or lessen in any sense of the word. We also grew up in an abusive home and that truly bonds siblings in a deep way. So I totally get it.

    • I totally agree. I feel very bad for Travis’ family, but I hope they are finally seeing him for what he was. I think things are looking better and better for Jodi. I cannot believe so many people want her dead. I used to watch the trial news shows, but now rather than showing the live testimony, most of the time they review JM’s cross of everyone. It makes me sick. I’m so very glad that Jodi can change her appearance so easily, that when she is found innocent she can change her appearance and live as she wants. Hang in there girl!

    • Linda…don’t worry about it….any day Kermit’s mouth is open is a brutal day ’cause he’s an asshole!!! It will all come out in the wash:>))

    • You are not the only one,Linda.But I think it’s a matter of perspective.For example,I’m always a bit pessimistic in my life,I dont like getting my hopes up so as not to be disappointed in case sth bad happens.Wilmott will certainly undo a lot of the damage that was caused my martinez’s bullshit and when the Jury questions come we’ll get to see what they are actually thinking.

  2. So whats this about the motion filed? Someone seized her journals? Or did the steal them?Does anyone know anything?

  3. I agree SJ. Alyce is doing great today. JM is trying hard today and is calmer. However, his reasoning is so fantastical that anyone with a modicum of intelligence won’t buy it. Everything he is twisting here, flies in the face of everything the jury has heard straight from the horses mouth (TA)

      • I’m not sure how old he is, but he may be looking at retirement and wants a book deal about this trial to afford retirement.

      • I think LaViolette has done an excellent Job also maintaining dignity and composure.
        When she responded to the stalking it was exactly what I was stating to people, there is NO evidence of stalking. I think JM lost much ground obsessing with stalking and also with the Pedophile remarks.
        How come Nurmi cannot use what was posted on My Space in regard to Pedophile Remark by Chad Perkins.

  4. This case is filled with so many ironies: We’re watching a man abuse a woman in the middle of a trial about a man abusing a woman. We see a man yelling about “hanging on” and “stalking” behavior as he intimidates the witness and hounds her until he gets what he wants. We have so-called news media talking about the need to eliminate bullying of your girls during their breaks from crucifying Jodi. I feel like I’m in an episode of Twilight Zone.

  5. I hope Martinez doesn’t intend to go on till the end of tomorrow, or God forbid Friday (I thin we have court this Friday) like he has with other witnesses.

  6. The reason I have thoughthe jury would get this right is that juries are perfectly capable of understanding personal realtionships. Yes, there are some surprising things about domestic violence, but the jury is surely well capable of discerning the difference between stalking and DV, given the ample evidence available.

    Where juries sometimes go wrong is to give too much credence to dodgy experts. But that’s not aproblem here ( apart from Horn ).

    The defence is fighting battles on strong ground that it is bound to win. If Martinez had ditched the jealousy, the premeditation and concentrated on 2nd degree murder, he might have had a good chance.

    I have to say I don’t yet know for sure what happened at the end of the fight. Did Jodi carry on the attack after she knew Travis was no longer a threat? It’s possible, but I think not probable, and we shouldn’t hold people responsible for what they do while irrational. Did Alexander perhaps commit suicide, for reasons of pain, shame, atonement? Did Jodi perhaps cut Travis’ throat to end his suffering? Whatever the reason, she has suffered pain and abuse vastly greater than anything she remotely deserved.

    • Yes, this case is about everyday knowledge as opposed to cases where there has been a lot of scientific evidence like DNA that was harder to interpret for the layperson.

  7. FROM AL mispeaking, then correcting herself, JM started running round claiming the sky is falling, desparately hoping to sucker in featherheads such as chicken little, henney penney, ducky lucky, goosey lucy and other farmyard featherheads.
    THE jury should have sized up JM’s bs, and unless any of them start running round yelling the sky is falling, i don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

    • hmmm, an interesting question
      can the author of each question be identified ?
      and wouldn’t it be too late now, the bell has rung ?
      in any event, the judge surely scrutinizes the questions for admissibility
      but if # 5 had asked a lot of questions, which is later realized indicates a bias, the jury could be instructed to disregards the answer … oops too late
      it’s a problem generated by the jury being able to ask questions
      it’s likely this possibility was foreseen when the law was crafted
      but maybe not
      if it’s a problem the judge would seek input from both sides before deciding, ie take it under advisement

  8. BS rumor out there from “dumb bitch” Katie (cuz shes been a court watcher and shes so smart and knows everything): “The jury really hates this lady” (referring to ALV).

    • How does she know that the jury doesn’t hate Martinez’s questioning? Katie Wick can go eat a hot bowl of dicks.

      • Oh my god Kira.
        I am dying.

        I’m known to say, “Eat a dick.”
        Somtimes as a joke…sometimes not so much.

        So, I cracked up at your comment.
        It was perfect.

    • Yeah. Funny -Katie Cool Lady was on an online radio show and was asked about body language and facial expressions of the jury when Jodi was testifying. KCL said it is hard to make out the faces of the jury or witnesses because they are so far away from them due to the large size of the courtroom – soooo how can the other Katie get any idea of how the jury feels if according to another court observer you can’t even see expressions on their faces?

    • I think the fumes from Katie’s overly dark spray tan has warped and “fogged” up her judgment. She says whatever she thinks will make Dr. Screwball happy. I am sure that the jury has found ALV to be a very credible witness and I imagine that if they are hating anyone at the moment it is JM and the way he has treated her during cross.

    • haha funny she means HLN JOKE NEWS an she really hates this lady. No way they can say the Jury
      is showing that or it would be all over the JOKE NEWS stations an other news as well. I can’t stand that
      Katie they say they are priming her to take over for Nasty Disgrace she would fill in well she is a good
      liar 😉 a real Judas in the making.

    • When she clicks her little red heels together three times and closes her eyes really tight, she may be right. Or she may have stood in the heat too long trying to get Martinez to sign her “spidies”.
      She has been sucking up too much Dr. Shrew.

  9. Can anyone tell me why Flores is there everyday? Is he a police investigator or CA investigator? I have know lots of detectives and I cannot imagine that he does not have SOMETHING better to be doing. OR was Jodi the last major criminal in the area??!!

    • I agree! People are complaining about how much this is costing the state. However, they are paying his salary to sit there everyday and do nothing.

    • I think his only purpose is make it look like SOMEONE enjoys JM’s company…I hear JM always works alone…not sure why but I can assume…He probably can’t stand him like the rest of us.

    • He loves Juan and cannot be far from his side. Also, he brings Juan his lunch, washes his car, and dusts off his seat for him.

    • In every criminal trial, the prosecutor designates an investigator, usually the chief investigator, to sit in court at the prosecution table. It is standard procedure.

  10. It sounds like that part is almost over with.

    Then we will get redirect, which might take a day or so, and then the jurors’ questions, more of Juan’s b.s., and more defense redirect.

  11. Martinez: “Jodi said she pulled the trigger, right”
    Alyce: “Right”

    I thought Jodi said she pointed the gun at Travis and when he charged her, the gun went off.

        • It seems like Martinez is changing the testimony slightly to give it a different, more damning meaning for Jodi. He so often has a piece of paper in his hand people may think he’s doing an exact quote. Plus who thinks a lawyer is going to lie so when he makes an inaccurate (changed) statement, people just agree without thinking.

          • I learned a long time ago, holding a piece of paper, preferably rolled up, means you have something important to say. In the entertainment industry this is the norm. Juany is just acting, holding nothing, just like his skull.

  12. JM seems to enjoy pointing out the errors of others and saying that they don’t pay attention to details or are sloppy – BUT what is the explanation of Detective Flores claiming that gunshot came first because he had a discussion with the medical examiner, and the ME said that conversation did not take place.

  13. I truly kinda feel bad for Ms. LaViolette now after reading all of the hateful reviews of her book on Amazon which was first published in 1993. Like most people, she is capitalizing on her 15 seconds of fame (or shall I say 15 days?) and re-publishing her book. Interestingly, I failed to find just ONE review solely ABOUT the book AFTER the commencement of Miss Arias’ trial; the 50 or so that I read were about Ms. LaViolette testifying for Miss Arias! What does that have to do with the book she wrote in 1993???

    Incidentally, I noticed there were only 2 reviews of her book PRIOR to the Jodi Arias trial and they were both stellar reviews. The remaining 585 hateful reviews came in AFTER Ms. LaViolette took the stand for Miss Arias’ defense as an expert witness…


    • I filed a complaint with B&N who carries her books and also with Amazon. I also went through each review and filed a complaint selecting either inappropriate language or off topic. I also went through and selected that each of the reviews was NOT helpful.

    • David, while I agree with most of your post…

      “Like most people, she is capitalizing on her 15 seconds of fame (or shall I say 15 days?) and re-publishing her book”

      I don’t think that is an accurate statement.

      If you will notice the timing of the trial (when it was supposed to be started, etc) along with the nature of book publishing itself, she is bringing out a new version.

      That is hardly fair of you to place a judgement on her like that without even asking her why she is republishing.

      Also, how was she to know that this trial would be so publicized? You think she decided to republish a few months ago when the shit hit the fan with the trial?

      • I responded to this in the Day 44 forums.

        And here is my reply to your post in that forum…

        “I didn’t realize that my complimenting Ms. LaViolette would so greatly offend you.

        I’m certainly no mind reader, but apparently you are if you believe me commending Ms. LaViolette was in any way derogatory.”

    • Did all of these reviews come from people who bought and read the book? HELL NO!!
      So, I don’t see how it is justified to leave a feedback just beause they don’t like her.

      That is not fair in my opinion.
      I bought it from a place that doesn’t have feedback for that reason.

      Alyce L.
      Is hardly a woman who even wants 15 minutes of fame. I think she deserves NOW to right a book about
      I’m very serious!

  14. Keep it up JM! ALV won’t be taken down easily. Her experience and education in this field will outshine anything you try to do to discredit her opinion. Accept it! Move on.

  15. UUMMMM all those mean thing TA said that juan just repeated —that is what abusers do!!! They try to destroy their victims self-esteem! Remember testomy eariler by AL !! Guess Juan doesn’t!

    • I like Vladimir Gagic, but I can’t believe he thinks Stephens is a good judge. I think he says something like she let’s the two sides figure it out.

      Pretty obvious in this trial that the judge could be filing her fingernails and we would have the same result.

  16. What has the judge been doing during this entire trial? Seems like she is sleeping…….she is really awful.

  17. Hallelujah! He hasn’t any other questions! Feels like my head just popped out of the water and I am finally able to gulp air and breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!! phew.

  18. If TA says she’s a sociopath,then yes she is.That’s what he tried to get ALV to say,RIGHT???So I guess if TA says she’s a slut,a whore and a 3 hole wonder then Martinez implies she IS!

    • Right, that’s what I don’t understand. Why should we take Travis’ word for anything? He’s a liar, an abuser, and a manipulator. He’s the last person who should have the last word on anything or anyone.

  19. How many times do you think the judge will sustain the State’s objection? Well easier question, how many times do you think she will overrule?

  20. So now after introducing lies in his questions, the cockroach is back to evidence suppression. God forbid we should get to the truth.

  21. If you go to a TA site, you will see they all stop watching when the defense in on.

    That is why they are so incredibly uneducated about the realities of the case.

    I hate Juan, but I watch ALL parts to get an accurate picture.

    • true renee’, very true.

      they are wallowing in self-imposed ignorance over there.

      I can’t watch live though and I get really behind..LOL

    • Seriously no wonder they are so warped. Even the family of Travis sits in for the Defense side so how can they really be supporters of Travis then. They are only supporters of Juan Martinez then that is evident if they do that during a trial. WEIRDO”S

  22. Anybody know if JM is allowed another go at ALV or will JW be the last to ask her questions before the jury questions?

  23. The American Psychiatric Association planning and research committees for the forthcoming DSM-5 (2013) have canvassed a series of new Relational disorders which include Marital Conflict Disorder Without Violence or Marital Abuse Disorder (Marital Conflict Disorder With Violence)

  24. In the introduction to Travis’ blog about his childhood he says this:

    What you soon will read in my opinion has been the most valuable time of my life. I would change nothing. I have thanked and continue to thank the Lord for these experiances. I see them strictly as blessings and count myself fortunate for them. Furthermore I have suffered no negative side effects from this.

    He thought had no negative side effects from his upbringing.

    • No negative side effects,hmmm…Let’s just take a closer look at those 3 lines:”my…….my……..I………I…….I……..myself…….I……”

      Yep,agreed.No negative side effects!

      • I’m guessing he wasnt aware of how badly it had damaged him. I wish he would have had help but he wasn’t to the point where he could even admit there was a problem to fix.

        • Travis wouldnt even admit to him having to ask for professional help for his pedophilia deviancy,let alone his childhood traumas!

  25. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off of the floor that JM had objected stating “beyond the scope” earlier.

  26. Leaving a shitty book review for someone is one thing, going to reputable review sites for her patients to give their opinion is a completley different animal. They are now starting a campaign to go to healthgrades, alltherapist, etc., and leave her bad reviews on her work when they’ve only experienced what she does through the damn TV set. Surely something can be done about this! I found this post on an Amazon review I was reporting: “Posted on Apr 9, 2013 7:38:55 PM PDT
    DespisesEnablersofMurderers says:
    Help real victims of domestic abuse! Leave Alyce a rating on the following sites:

    Here is just one review from No respect for this woman as a therapist
    Overall Rating
    Knowledge & Experience
    Quality of Work
    Office Environment & Staff
    Waiting Time
    by MrsDavis, Apr. 10, 2013

    “Totally displeased with this lady credibility, honesty, and intergrity. I watched her on the stand of the Jodi Arias trail lie, deceive, and trash a person that was killer by a person who maniplate others, confirmed liar, and stalker. She says she an expert, but did not read or consider all the evidence. As a victim of D.V. I am totally offended with Laviolette. No Laviolette “You need a time out!!!”

      • There’s several fake reviews posted on the various sites. I’ve reported most of them but on one site, you can’t see them, but you can see how many people have responded to the survey and she’s got all poor answers on that one. Surely there is a legal recourse she can take to get these reviews removed. Proving that someone didn’t buy a book isn’t easy but saying you’ve been a patient just to leave a review when you have never even met the lady can be proven. Maybe those sites, which I use regularly when I’m trying to get doctor addresses for my job (medical transcription) will be more responsive than Amazon at getting the fake reviews down.

    • LOL I remember mine when they were teens. They knew more than me or so they thought. At 16 my daughter informed me she was moving out, it was time for her to be on her own. So I told her, “then you better leave now while you still know more than i do!” LOL

      A week later her older brother was calling me wanting me to let her come back home! hahaha

      Awww I miss those days when my kids were teens…now they are all adults and have kids of their own and it’s funny to hear them say things to their kids that I said to them when they were growing up. Guess Mum did know more then they did! hehehe 🙂

    • I DID notice that. lol JM Totally makes it up as he goes along. In fact,he changes his line of questioning when he hears something he wants to jump on. I hope the jurors are picking up on this, cuz it proves to me, once again, he has nothing so he’s grabbing at straws.

    • He has his cronies reporting to him, why should he bother to take notes…How do you think he knew about Cameron Diaz and the boys underwear? Does anyone believe he came up with THAT himself?

      • well the prosecution just admitted he sent her spidey undies didn’t they. Now they can twist it anyway they want, but the other vile sexual comments about children are still out there, and not much of a leap for someone to know the spidey man was about a little boy.

      • NO WAY!!! Someone’s spying for him! We had mentioned Cameron Diaz,I distinctly remember that!Maybe it was on the haters’ site too and THAT’S how he came up with it! Why didnt he say sth to Jodi in the first place,huh?

        • Was on VP segment on HLN a few weeks ago. They are trying to send him “helpful hints” so he can use it, and he complies. They are doing all the legwork for him “the chosen one”!

        • His delay in bringing it up until now is proof that SOMEONE is reporting to him…I doubt he SAW that movie and/or would apply that info to this case.

  27. Forgive me for this but it is just an observation…. someone gave Flores a pen and paper. But he looks like he really doesn’t know what to do with it. I wonder if it was given to him so he could look like he is at least earning some of his pay for doing nothing for the state. (So happy that I came back to refreshing Ms. JW and grown-up, indoor voices being used! So nice!)

      • Ha ha, it would be fun. But I have not seen him pick up the pen, yet! It reminds me of a something I heard from an old show called “Twin Peaks,” “Look, its trying to think.” (Sorry, I know that was mean, but that truly is the thought that came into my head when I saw the pen, paper and look on his face! lol)

    • Ha!Ha!

      Alyce: “Mr. Martinez, would you please use you indoor voice when you speak to me.?”
      Martinez (with lower lip quivering): “Judge, she’s being mean to me. I don’t want to use my indoor voice. I want to scream and stamp around like I always do.”
      Judge: “It’s OK, Juan, come here and I’ll give you a hug.”

    • That’s because Flora has been given a punishment to write “I will not push JM’s foot away when he wants to play footsie with me” a hundred times.

  28. More quotes from TA’s book/blog

    “I will say though I have never heard in any movie, on any street corner, or amongst the vilest of men any string of words so offensive and hateful, said with such disgust as was the words that my mother said to my sisters and I”

    Again, suffered no negative side effects from his upbringing.

    • And so, he repeats those words to JA! (Took out his anger on her because she complied with all his sick requests and he saw her as being as flawed as his mother) – he felt two opposing feelings simultaneously that she invoked in him. One, of needing her and the other of being repulsed by her (becoz she allowed herself to be used and demeaned by him). I think that’s where the anger stems from – he is saying to her the words he wishes he could say to his mom. That’s why once he starts he can’t stop, and the rant sounds irrational, misplaced and undeserving to the rest of us. His mom pushed him away, but he sure as hell won’t let ‘her’ (JA is merely symbolic as his mom) push him away THIS time! Something in JA’s nature or being or physically triggers memories of his mom. This would explain his instant attraction to JA. Wonder if there is a picture of his mom floating around – it would be interesting to see if there is any resemblance between them.

  29. JW is always so respectful, not only to her witnesses, but also to the state’s. JM should be taking notes on courtroom etiquette. Everyone knows the old saying “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” and it is very true. Looking forward to JW debunking all of the baseless crap JM spewed.

    • I swear to God(and mind you Im not a religious person)when that day comes Im gonna scream sooo loud the entire neighbourhood is gonna hear me!!!! Im gonna be jumping up and down,doing the win dance on the table!!!

  30. I’m back! Did I miss anything good? Not bull shit. I had to stop watching because of the fake stalking couldn’t take it anywhere. Took a clonazepam and fell asleep. Much better

  31. I just saw Nurmi walking behind JM. And I know if it was me I would have swatted him on the back of his head. It would be just so gratifying.

  32. Alyce sticks to her beliefs and life experiences and certainly hasn’t backed down in the face of the threats she’s received and the hate she’s getting.
    You have to respect and admire that. At least normal people with clear minds do.

  33. Thanks SJ,
    How did you know? Man, why does JM get to cherry pick bits and peices of text and IM’s andALV cant even mention what they say. Just assume. Why does he get to do that? Assumptions are not facts. I am freaking out after the whole stalking thing. Someone needs to calm me down, The look on Jodi’s face is sad.

    • There are different rules for direct and cross examination. I’m not sure if that’s why he is allowed to get away with it, but that would be my guess.

      He’s still a little turd of a man, though.

  34. Stalking sure does take a ton of work and energy. I watch those Stalking programs on ID Discovery and that new one called Looks Who’s Stalking on recently. I couldn’t be bothered with that nonsense. Move on with life. Stalking wouldn’t scare me so much as it would piss me off.
    But one never knows what goes on in anothers mind.

  35. Good catch on the sleeping next to someone you are afraid of. Way to go ALV.

    See Cindy, she’s quick on her feet today. I think JM just beats people into a resigned state of numbness.

    • Yeah,it’s his innate evilness that brings out baffling to other people,intelligent ones for that matter!
      ALV surely saved us the trouble of having to listen to Martinez on that!

    • He does that for sure. I think he pisses them off to the point they would prefer to jump over the railing and show him abuse instead of testifying about it.

  36. Does anyone know if Alyce is the final witness? Does the State have rebuttal witness’s or Are they going to closing arguments once Alyce’s is finally done?

  37. I like ALV, but she needs to just stick to exactly what JW is asking and not expand too much.

    OMG leading, lack of foundation.

    This case sums up how State’s are not out seeking the truth of the matter in our judicial system. It is a win at all costs. The ends justify the means. Disgusting.

    • Yes which is very frustrating to me. But that is what they do. If you trust all police and prosecutors then you are a very ignorant person.

    • A few examples. They told the defense there was nothing interesting in TAs emails. Lie.

      They found no bullets or pictures of boys. Maybe. But I don’t believe them because it wouldn’t further their case.

        • Is it possible for someone to deliberately add a virus on to a computer so as to hide the internet activity, or to make it unsearchable? Also, can you tell when the virus came on to the computer? date/time etc? – that could be a huge telltale sign.

    • I can tell amd I dont see how anyone can’t see that ALV is a truthful person. She’s not going to just say stuff to plz someone.

  38. Martinez’ body language says it all I think – he knows he has lost.

    The best answer was to his last question – Alyce firmly said you could not look at one tiny paragraph in isolation, you have to look at the whole.

    That mirrors the lousy distortions that go on at HLN. Taking tiny clips out of all context.

  39. Wait a second – hold the phones!

    So, Juan is allowed to completely twist the previous testimony of witnesses who are no longer there to be cross-examined or re-directed in order to clarify, and it’s all okey-dokey. Objection is denied. But if the defense asks ALV a question and says “July” instead of “June or July”, that’s a mischaracterization and his objection is sustained?

    I realize that the rules are somewhat different during cross, but WHAT THE HELL?!

  40. Holy shit! I’m gone for a mere five hours and you guys are already on a second thread!?

    I need to catch up. So I’ll be reading ’til my eyes bleed tonight. btw, how is AL holding up today?

    • I thought she did well. Her energy was good and Martinez wasn’t able to “beat her down.” She also was able to highlight a few pieces of info that could score points for Jodi.
      The only negative was when Martinez suggested to Alyce that “Jodi said she pulled the trigger” and Alyce agreed. Jodi never said she pulled the trigger as far as I know. She said the gun went off. Big difference. A new Martinez dirty tricks technique: sneakily getting agreement on altered testimony which damages the defendant..

    • LMAO!!!! Exactly….I think my eyes just started to bleed a little bit ago! That was hilarious! Thanks for the giggle!!! 🙂

  41. What’s this about where Travis was shot? Jodi got the gun off the closet shelf, I thought she said she shot him from the closet and he was in the bedroom?

  42. You know what is sad!!! I really don’t like the way the Alexander family have been acting since the beginning of this trail and TA was a nasty piece of crap BUT I really feel bad about the way they were treated by the parents, especially the mother while they were growing up. They were children and they didn’t deserve that.

    • I believe most people, when not blinded by hate and anger or are prone to emotional intoxication understand on a fundamental level that all people especially children deserve to be treated with basic decency.

      I think a lot of haters talk out of their ass because they know they are wrong, but don’t want to admit it. So they’d rather see this through till the bitter end, so they don’t have to eat their words.

      But at the end of the day, they know they would never want to have a trial against them be conducted the way Martinez has done. They know that they would never want HLN to cover a story about them the way it has been done to Jodi. They know that they would never want to have a partner treat them the way Travis treated Jodi. They know that they would never want their family dysfunction or relationship problems splashed all over the Internet for everyone to say that they deserve to be mistreated.

    • That”s what makes this case so sad. But just because you were treated badly doesn’t give you the right to be unkind to others. If anything, it should make you more careful of your actions.

  43. I just can’t stand it that JW can’t address the issues that JM used as smoke and mirrors because the judge sustains the objection….ugh

  44. That last objective that she should call him extremely afraid makes Juan look like a complete fool. It comes right on the heels of going over trips he took with her. Who goes on trips with someone they are extremely afraid of?

  45. One word of advice I would give to AL is to get up to speed on social media used now-a-days for communication. Difference between email, testing, instant messaging, etc…

  46. Just googled Jodi Arias, top headline (CBS news) is

    “A prosecutor tried to show Wednesday that Travis Alexander was “extremely afraid” of Jodi Arias in the months before his deat….”

    And failed dismally is the implication.

    • I think it started out OK for JM, but JW turned it around as people don’t generally have sex or go on vacation with people they are afraid of 🙂

    • Yeah, let’s think back to that May 10 conversation where Travis said “You’re at the top of my list” and “I’m going to give you a cream pie.” That sure sounds like a man who was extremely afraid of his “stalker.”

  47. So I noticed that JA is writing in journal during the trial. Couldn’t her journal that was confiscated be considered privileged information as she has a right to assist in her defense and the journals could be characterized in this way?

  48. Just got back from Hospital for pelvic ultra sound and for the first time the “wand” camera..As I left for Hospital JM was talking about how Travis felt like just a ‘dildo”.. I never thought a Hospital procedure would be so much better than listening to the “little man” spew! Thank god JW is now re-crossing!! Will watch part of trial I missed but only when JW has started the cross! Go JW! 😉

  49. Off topic:

    I wish I knew which brand of shoes JW is wearing. She wears them quite often so they must be very comfortable. I wear high heels all the time but I’m not walking that comfortably by the end of the day.

  50. Was so glad kermit was done and was looking forward to watching JW rehabilitate but then had unexpected company drop in – augh- what have I missed?
    Was it GOOD???

  51. It’s the States job to get you convicted and the harshest possible sentence even if you are innocent. It’s the Defenses job to get you found Not Guilty or the lightest possible sentence no matter how guilty you are. Both sides, and in this trial the State in particular, are resorting to dirty and unethical practices to acheive their ultimate goal.
    It is up to the Judge to keep control and make sure the scale of justice doesn’t tip too far to either side during the trial.
    In that respect Stephens has done a terrible job.

    • It isn’t the State’s “job” to get a sentence even if you are innocent. They are supposed to work for the people of the State to seek the truth in justice.

      Now I agree our judicial system has stooped to the level as noted in your post but it isn’t constitutional no matter how one spins it.

    • Joe, can you give me an example of the defense using dirty unethical tactics. Because if there is even one, I would think that HLN and JM would have been all over that. :/

      I honestly think they’re doing the best they can for Jodi in spite of the overwhelming bullshit that the prosecutor is being allowed to get away with. I can list numerous incidents of their unethical tactics, but I’m having a hard time coming up with just one for the defense. But maybe I missed it since I’ve only started watching this trial about around March 29th.

  52. I just posted this on the TA page. No one steps up with an intelligent response. And I will probably be banned.

    What physical evidence of premeditation? Stealing grandpas gun (no one would connect that right?)? Renting a car in a bigger city? Not renting a red car? Borrowing gas cans from someone she knew would be questioned? Dyed hair was already proven false. Putting a license plate on upside down to AVOID attention?

    I know you are all pro Travis regardless, but perhaps someone can educate me on why I’m wrong.

  53. This testimony is so hard for Jodi…. what is she doing with her jacket? and the rocking.

    🙁 I feel so bad for her

  54. HA! GET EM’ JW!!!

    It was actually TRAVIS that was lying in this message where he is accusing Jodi of being a liar!

    • and he is worried about the lighting! What if it gets too dark, etc? Dusk may be a good backdrop for his newly blackened hair. 🙂

        • Hahaha – I believe I got that term from this forum somewhere… and when I actually typed it – only then did I make a connection and thought; “did I get that right?” lol (And seriously, no offense to transvestites who wish not to be confused with travestites!)

          • I use the word Travisites often.
            Worry it gets confused with Travis Sites.
            But never thought about Transvestites!
            I too mean no offense.

            Merely comparing the haters to parasites.

            Too funny though Lynn, you must have been really wondering what was going on!

          • I have to take credit, good or bad. I think that I coined the term Travistites, and I was thinking a combo of like stalactites and stalagmites and transvestites, with maybe some Rocky Horror overtones, like where the Trannies help kill Eddie and keep the party going regardless… I dunno. Reminded me of the way they think.

  55. I like that JW shows respect to the court by asking to approach the witness.

    I guess in AZ the prosecutor doesn’t need to do that either.

  56. So what is the scoop about the journals that were seized on April 1. Are those the ones being posted online, or something different?

  57. Exactly Jen! Very good! No one puts all the details of their day in a journal. You aren’t normal if you do.

    • I really liked how she put it back at JM that if you were trying to get back at someone wouldn’t you actually write it in your journal to prove your point.

  58. Go, Go, Go, Jodi defense team. Jennifer Willmott is awsome, a real top shelf lawyer and lady. And today she’s scoring touchdowns as usual.

  59. OMG he says lack of foundation when he said if it happened she would have written it in her journals. Really? How does this jerk sleep.

  60. So she told TA she wouldn’t write negative things? Wow. What more do you need? It is clear why she wrote her journal the way she was. She was very vulnerable to him and along with that stupid law of attraction she would not have written this stuff down. Young people do a lot of strange things. I can say tht looking back on my 58 years! 😉

    • I also recall from eariler in the trial that Mormons like to keep journals for the next generation – its a way they keep their geneology. So, why would she want to write about the bad things TA did to her when she was hoping to marry him and have kids with him? You want your kids to know your did used to abuse you before you were married?

  61. I say the fact she didnt write them in the journal, that she probably WAS happening… if she wanted to “frame” him as an abuser, she could have made up shit left and right..

  62. If Jennifer Wilmott ever gets divorced, I will be showing up on her doorstep in my best suit and with a handful of flowers.

  63. I don’t like ALV using the word evidence so much here. JW is asking a very specific question and ALV is getting off track. This was a question just to show that if JA wanted to make TA look bad and make things up she would have done it in her journal too.

  64. How can any person have any problem or hate for Alyce? Especially women. She has spent her life helping DV victims. Why would you have a problem with that?

    • Those troglodytes who say nasty things about her will get theirs. They are nasty little pieces of humanity and will all end up with bad mojo in their lives. You can’t be like that and not get away unscathed.

    • She’s not bowing at the altar of St. Travis and declaring Jodi to be the most evil sociopath in history. That’s why they hate her.

  65. If she had written about Travis’ pedophilia, and he would have seen, he would have killed her. I have NO DOUBT about it.

  66. Dear lord. He is objecting to questions about her finger. “She didn’t say which hand.” “I ask that she not be allowed to ask that question.” WTF???

    “Your honor, the prosecutor objects, on the grounds that he does not want the jury to hear any testimony whatsoever that may show that his case is a big old bundle of lies and complete and total bullshit.”

  67. Hey y’all, (I posted this on the other page, reposting it here)

    Regarding the seized journals, it is the defendant’s motion to compel, meaning the defense wants the prosecution to turn over those journals.

    If the journals were seized by the jail, prosecution would automatically get them. They would not have to compel anyone to get them.

    Not sure what would help though. It’s April 1st, 2013. Meaning those journals were written while in prison, and they would not have anything useful that wouldn’t be spun as “lies” by the prosecution.

    I am outraged the prosecution seized her journals.

  68. Damn! I just lost the live feed in the middle of JW questioning ALV. Of course that didn’t happen during JM rambling on.

  69. Oh now she’ll ask for an approach when Jennifer characterizes the testimony as yelling, but when dipshit lied she told the jury to remember the testimony. I just listened to it today and what Dan Freidman said was “raised voice” . Sorta yelling isn’t it?


    It’s easy to understand why ANYone would abuse either one of those bitches.

    They are referring to the witness and Jennifer. And it is a woman saying it.

    Now I know their mind set. Its 1952 on that page.

    • As an older woman I just want to cry when I see things like this come out of the mouths of women, young or old. What happened to feminism?

        • Actually a woman said a prayer during Mormon conference this weekend. There is also a group called Mormon Feminist. Change happens y’all it sometimes happens slowly. I will say this again as a JA supporter. I do not think this is a Mormon issue other than Travis lying to everyone, including his Church, to heavenly Father, his friends and Jodi.
          Now, PPL, they are the brainwashing pyramid schemers and are a bunch of losers. Not for one second do I believe the Church stands beside TA or his family. If they did, they would not have to have fundraisers for money to attend the trial. I know this, I am Mormon, a feminist, democrat, woman and I support Jodi.
          I do not feel I am an anomaly, as my friends; Mormons too, think he was a piece of work, Lots of women in the Church feel porn and infidelity is causing a breakdown of family values. If they thought for a second tithing was going toward TA, they wouldn’t tithe or give fast offerings. Now, that is not to say his Mormon friends or Ward are not behind him, I am saying LDS as a whole. Also, I live in Neighboring state and nobody has heard of this case. My Mormon friends wouldn’t listen to trash like this. I have not heard of one woman who isn’t glad she gave it to him. I do not believe he deserved to die but I do believed he deserved to get whatever it took to save her life from HIS attack. It is clearly Self defense, She knew, we know that TA read her journals. Also, i do not keep one. I found I was writing it, knowing it WOULD be read. Obviously when you die. Duh, My friend writes daily. Things like births, deaths, happiness. NEVER anything that would hurt another. Like, “my child was a jerk, my husband is messy.” What purpose would that hold, except to hurt someone. Journaling is more like History books. What happened that day, not every gory detail. who wants to remember that? Sorry for the book but, seriously JM is way off if he thinks she would write about the man she loved and hoped to Marry. “Travis was jacking off to little boys.” She wanted him to get help, she thought he/she could change him. Also, this Hypothetical is out of hand by JM, not fact at all. I am so glad Miss W, turned it on him. I think Jodi went to AZ on 6/4 to give TA every dfantasy he wanted, to convince him to take her to Cancun, I think she loved him and do I think she was obcessed with him, Yes I do. Enough to kill him, NEVER, then she would never have him. She loved him. He used her. If nothing else…. Jodi, he wont hurt you again and nobody will replace you. Thanks. I really enjoy this site. BTW, I went to Amazon and wrote an amazing review for ALV, man did people go crazy on me. I dont care. You can go see it. It is under Patty. Oh and I also got an Email from a TA supporter who came after me personally and she emailed me and emailed me a nasty letter. She apologized to me. it was lovely. I should send it to you SJ. Peace all

          • Thank you for your comments, Patty. I think that a lot of posters here who make derogatory comments about Mormonism are referencing the way in which some Mormons associated with this case, most of them PPL participants, use the church and its tenets to further their own agenda(s), not that the church, in a top-down fashion, has created this environment. I equate it in my mind to the sins perpetrated by certain members of th RC Church, mostly against young boys by priests. It’s not that the Church is bad, it’s that bad people have exploited their positions and customs of the Church to evil ends.

    • WOW!! Those people are frightening! But the fact that this woman said that, she is worried by what is being testified to. They know it’s damaging to St. Travis

  71. Always a side bar when JW is crossing, not overruled like with JM!! Def bias when it comes to def vrs. pros! SO obvious!!! And what woman wouldn’t be upset if 2 guys were rummaging thru their backpack!!!

  72. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    I see the note taker juror getting out a juror question form. He has added quite a few questions with this witness. #JodiArias

  73. I wrote some stuff about my abuser in a journal… then, after he KILLED someone ELSE, and the BCA came over to talk to me, when they left, I burned them all.

    • Annie, every time I see your avatar I have to smile because it reminds me so much of the emoticon on my android for :cool:, it’s a little android head wearing sunglasses that truly radiates coolness lol

      • OMG! I didn’t know that putting colon bookmarks around the word *cool* would give me the emoticon!
        But the one that showed up in my post above isn’t as cute as the one that shows up on my android with sunglasses…

      • Thank you for recognizing that Edward. Most women I know who were abused ALWAYS say the verbal was faaaar worse than the physical. I would say the same based on my experience. And the worst part of that “tension building” phase of the abuse was walking on eggshells, being “set up” for a fall, relentless insults and anger, and never actually knowing when the big “blow up” was going to come. Sometimes, that phase seemed to go on forever, day in, day out. It was like living with JM tearing at you every minute of every day. At the end, I couldn’t handle that phase well and I often did something deliberately that I knew would really anger him, just to bring about the explosive phase and get it over and done with. I didn’t even care that I would be physically hurt or even that I was risking my life. I just couldn’t stand any more verbal assaults, the moods, the temper tantrums, not being able to feel safe even for a minute. I just wanted the blow up to happen. After the blow up, I generally had some reprieve where he would pretend to be kind and maybe even half-ass apologize. But at the end, when I was trying to leave and he knew it, that part (the “honeymoon phase”) didn’t last very long either.

        If there is one person on that jury who has been in an abusive relationship, surely they must feel like a few days on the stand with JM is very reminiscent of it.

  74. Manipulation. I hope JW talks about how using JM’s tactics are manipulation. If she does I will break out a bottle of champagne that’s in my fridge…

  75. Jennifer is kicking ass I must say and Alyce looks much more relaxed. Jennifer is doing a fantastic job of rehabbing any damage that Martinez did which frankly I don’t think was much.

  76. Martinez doesn’t come across as a bulldog like I keep hearing. He comes across as a bully. That is going to be what bites him on the ass along with Stephens obvious bias with him.

    • I agree Joe. I’ve said pretty much the same thing from the start of this trial. JM is just so mean and abusive that anything constructive he may have put forth is over shadowed by his loud mouthed jack assery!

  77. I wish JW would ask AL

    if the event of Jun 4 would end up Jodi to be the one killed by TA and TA the one charged with the crime of killing Jodi and the defense would hire her to testify one the behalf of TA if she would take the case

    And AL will answer NO

    But if the prosecutor would want to hire her would she take the case

    And AL will answer no

    • I would say she would say YES to defense an NO to Prosecutor………….as If the tables were turned an all this was the other way around. I would be for Travis if Jodi had treated Travis the way Travis treated Jodi.

      This is why I can not be labeled a man hater. If a woman did this crap to a man I would be just as upset. IF the proof was there as it is on texts Instant messages an emails.

      Now if you mean leave it all as it is an change the 2 around with the same evidence. An Travis was on Trial for Self Defense ? it would be totally different as Travis was not abused Jodi was so Alyce would still be on Jodi’s side then which would be for the Prosecutor then. Because Alyce is about domestic violence I don’t see how she could testify for Travis because there is no proof of abuse from Jodi to him. It is all hearsay from friends that Travis had planted.

  78. Regardless of anything else, one cannot come away from AVL testimony and not know that she believes in that of which she is saying.

  79. some one should tell the defense that HLN is bringing a lip reader on tonight to try to read the salad bars…

  80. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    I heard through the salmon vine that the defense had one more witness to call after Alyce. #JodiArias

  81. My youngest son surprised me and stopped by my office!! Haven’t seen him in weeks. Have I missed much???? JW still working her magic???

  82. Wonder if there will be time for jurors questions or if JM will re-cross.

    I’m worried he might just have swayed some jurors today regarding the gun and where the shot was fired