Jodi Arias Trial – Day 43

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Click the link to read my post from earlier today: “Mistrials & Witch Trials – the State circus rolls on…
– covering the latest Motion for Mistrial.

Leave your comments below on trial day 43… as Alyce LaViolette continues her cross, and Jodi takes one step closer to victory.

Team Jodi


      • Normally cross is restricted to topics covered on direct, but I learned from Vladimir Gagic that AZ allows any “relevant” question, just like on direct.
        How is Snow White relevant, you might ask?
        And I wonder, “Who am I, the Oracle at Delphi?” and you might reply,
        “We all know Sherry Stephens sure isn’t.”
        And I say, “You said it, I didn’t.”

          • Yep exactly, and as such, there is no time limit either. In most cases, a judge would tell an attorney to wrap up a line of questioning that was waaaay out there. But Judge Sherry? Apparently not. Think about Snow White!

      • In criminal trials judges have the power to set time limits for both sides.

        For example in the Roger Clemens trial midway through the judge imposed a 90 minute time limit for each side per witness and 2 hours each for closing arguments.

        However given this is a capital murder trial (rather than perjury / obstruction justice) there’s no chance the judge will impose any time limits.

  1. In honor of Jodi, I indulged in a “Pop Rocks Martini” last night at dinner. Surprisingly enough, it was a special on the drink menu and couldnt resist when noticing it. After having watched JM and the ridiculous circus-like events of a so called cross-exam; its safe to say that everyone, including myself, could benefit from a drink….or 5 😉

    • The Easter Bunny opted out of pop rocks in the baskets at my house this year because of the connotations. Maybe the gin would take the edge off. Do you think he would mind if that’s what mama served for supper tonight?

  2. Are we placing any bets to see if Juan can keep his shiz together and not yell or throw anything for 2 days in a row?

  3. Who else thinks that JM’s just pissed because if Jodi is Snow White, that almost certainly makes him Rumplestiltskin?

    • He will always be Rumplestiltskin to me. Constantly trying to weave that golden AHA moment from nothing more than straw.

  4. People are truly insane, and I am going to buy a place in the woods and become a hermit! This was posted somewhere…unbelievable!!

    ALYCE’S PUNISHMENT… So it was confirmed last night that Alyce Loviolette DID in fact approach one of this sister’s of the victim Travis Alexander in court on Thursday. VICTIMS FAMILIES HAVE RIGHTS….and I would just say that move by Ms Lioviolette is one of the lowest things I’ve ever seen by an “expert” witness. YOU NEVER APPROACH THE VICTIM’S FAMILY if you are on the DEFENSE trying to get the murderer off!! I do not know how much more of this trial I can take!! Yes I do believe and I said yesterday that Alyce was admonished by the Judge and perhaps the mitigating attorney was questioned in chambers as well. BUT A MESSAGE TO JUDGE STEPHENS….I WILL ACCEPT NO MORE THAN AN OPEN COURT PUBLIC ADMONISHMENT FOR THIS WITNESS…maybe not in front of the jury but certainly to the public gallery so they can see what kind of woman she really is! To those who have worried about Alyce’s career being affected by people outraged by her lies on the stand, I will say to you SHE HAS IT COMING!! If she’s as experienced as she claims, she should certainly KNOW BETTER….and that she has her own CHEERING SECTION brought to this court to coach her on and nod and laugh and smile….makes me ill! I’ve NEVER seen an expert witness bring a cheering section!!! Judge Stephens we have LAWS in this country, laws to protect victim’s family and a slap on the wrist in this case is NOT ENOUGH…I believe a monetary sanction is appropriate here. Maybe a forced donation to the Victim’s Rights Organization is in order!!! DO THE RIGHT THING JUDGE STEPHENS!!

    • I think she meant well, but yeah, she should have known better then to approach his family members.

      That said, who cares what YOU will accept. Seriously, what kind of power do you have that anything is going to happen if you don’t get your way? Geez, people talk and act big like they are SOOOOOO important. Her “cheering” section, as you called it, was simply the regular audience at the trial laughing at one of her snarky comebacks at Juan, who by the way, was being a bit belligerent. It may be his tactic to ruffle people on the stand so they can’t keep a thought straight, but it is annoying, and some sort of retaliation is inevitable.

      • If that trash isn’t gracious enough to accept whatever kind words I’m sure Ms.LaViolette was offering, they don’t deserve my sympathy. And it will no longer be wasted.

        • Yup, same here JJ. Mrs LaViolette is (and is has even been said on HLN and media) that she is one of the best witnesses a defense or prosecutor can have on there case because she will NOT take sides, she WILL tell the truth and tell it how it is. And to me, that’s the kind of witnesses I want to see on the stand. As far as her approaching TA family, “oh plz” get over it, its not like she went up to them to talk shit or hurt them in any way. If anything, it was very respectful of her, she didn’t HAVE to do it and she did out of respect and if they cant appreciate even that, then I dont know what else to say about them. They’re all good though when it comes to donations but they cant appreciate condolence from an expert?

        • And that one sister Tarnisha…..when she has that oh so ugly look on her face….she looks like Cruella de Vil ….just saying!!!

          • Moni-thank you, that was the “other” character I was thinking of-Cruella or Morticia-and she’s constantly either grinding her teeth-or doing something,…as Rhonda said in a previous post: and I wonder-if she’s either a current or former speed freak.
            She reminds me also of a former “frequent flier” patient we had who was in the ER almost every week from heart palpitations, (aka Atrial Fib brought on by Crack & Meth). My youngest daughter now works in the same ER I worked in for over 10years and said the patient became a “legend” after she overdosed after using various forms of amphetamines for 20yrs. She was one tough cookie. My daughter says they keep pictures of her from over the years to show to newly addicted kids that come in. I imagine it *might* work on some…hopefully.

        • Personally,if a individual,ANY INDIVIDUAL came to expresst their condolences,be it on the defense´s side be it a stranger,I wouldn´t be so heartless as to TELL ON THEM and cause such a fuss.I know it must be hard for them,but no way am I willing to believe that ALV was nothing short of tender.kind,sympatheitic and maube even apologetic.Bottom line????She obvioulsy didnt see it coming because she didnt know that some people just AIN’T WORTH IT!!

      • This is all too suspicious for me. The gang spends DAYS ripping up this woman’s book on EVERY website that lists it. They call or write to every organization she’s speaking for, including her own. And now, she allegedly approached one of the Alexanders so all their hatred is rationalized? You know, I just don’t believe that happened (her contacting one of the sisters). Until I see it with my own eyes, I will never believe it.

      • I can’t read that crap anymore. What they’re doing to Alyce makes me SICK!!
        Alyce’s reputation in the DV community is one of HIGHEST Respect, empathy, compassion, integrity and intelligence-and that’s what I’ve seen in this trial-despite the rat-face midget, (no offense to any other midgets).
        I’m just glad that Alyce has the people on this site & I hope we can find other ways to thank her after this…I know my former DV counselor, now attorney, and friend, (we’ve known each other since ’87, the first time my ex put me in the hospital when I was pregnant with our daughter. She was my rock while the kids were in Saudi-no extradition in family law case, unless of course, if it’s a WOMAN who’s there with her kids!). I’ll call “C” this week sometime & see if she can get us an email-or at LEAST pass along our love & appreciation

      • My understanding is that she told Samantha Alexander that she, Alyce, was “Just doing my job”. I don’t think she should have done it . . . her job is to help the person who killed their brother get off the hook, so it isn’t supportive of the family and shouldn’t have been said.

    • Gail Conlon….OMG I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps we could live next door to one another..

      I do have a question for anyone who knows: Did ALYCE really talk to one of TA’S sisters?

      • Yes ,she did. It was seen by Katie Cool Lady who is a blogger that sits behind TAs family and has befriended them. She has blogged on it and reported on it on an online radio show. KCL stated she could not hear what was said but that AL did approach Sam and speak with her.

        • I still don’t believe it. But perhaps she said “Hey could you please get your gang to stop trashing me everywhere?”

        • Frannie, do you happen to know who the author is, of the post that was cited above by Gail?
          The dramatic tone and writing style reminded me very much of KCL’s style. ????

            • Thanks, Gail!!!
              KCL is a BIG fan of JM. The style of writing sure reminds me of KCL’s.
              On another topic, I adore your gravatar image!
              At first I thought it was a polar bear, but then thought must be your family Husky or Akita?

          • IIRC, KCL was already posting her opinions about ALV on WS long, long ago, before the prosecution had even finished its chief. She had researched ALV online and was already plsnting seeds of discontent and accusing the expert of lying and of being a traitor to so-called “real” DV victims based on notjing more than finding ALVs name on the defense witness list.
            Imo, KCL has natural flair fir storytelling and is very charismatic. I fell for her style, at first, hook, line, and sinker and was hanging on every word over there at websleuths when i was a newbie, but then i noticed how she tried to discredit another poster there who she chose to be offended by, when the poster never intended to be offensive, and in fact was only making a logical point. What scared me about her was the way she set about rallying the troops, so to speak, by making nuanced insinuations about the poster being a troll, and it was creepy to witness how manipulative she could be at getting other posters to try to gang up on the innocent poster who i do not believe was a troll at all, and the next minute she could be so utterly charming sharing details about her brave life, caring for her elderly father, succoring her brother in his ordeal of battling schizophrenia, and their family dealing with the repercussions stemming from the murder and dismemberment of KCLs sister by psychpath brothers now on death row.
            I have not ever followed her blog (didnt realize she had one- i was under impression she was in some profession where she had clients???), but I have seen enough of her posts to gather she is a drama queen AND a big QUEEN BEE over at WS.
            I believe she BELIEVES she saw ALV approach Sam Alexander, but I am much LESS sure that what she thinks she saw is actually what happened. Very curious to learn more.

            • She’s the typical Queen Bee/Mean Girl type. Wants to be head of the pack at Websleuths and woe to ANYONE who dares get in her way.

            • And she probably lies/exaggerates about events in her life too. Those types always do….make the story more and more grandiose to see what they can get away with.

      • I live on an organic farm in the Poconos-on top of a “hill”, (although its a “mountain” to this FloriDUH girl!)-come on up!! 😉

    • When the poster says that she’s never seen an expert do this or that, it begs the question, how many social science experts has she ever seen testify in the first place? Newsflash lady: The rights the laws in the country are established to protect are Jodi’s. Not yours, or Juror 5, or tacky tatooed recovery drug addict family members of monstrous “victims”, or Nancy Grace, or Jean Casarez. I know that there is some stupid Victim Bill of Rights crap in Arizona that sounds like nothing but a bunch of tripe eroding the Constitutional rights of the people of Arizona. But if there is any justice at all in the world, or if any good can come of this mess, maybe it will be that people who deserve to wear black robes, who deliberate in quiet chambers behind courtrooms where people act like educated citizens instead of zobified mutants, will declare that the utter disregard for the rule of law that resulted in this freak show won’t ever happen again.

    • If this person will “ACCEPT *NO MORE* THAN AN OPEN COURT PUBLIC ADMONISHMENT” of ALV, then why the hell did he/she blather on about what else ALV should be forced to do? Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs…

        • I think she means Mrs Arias, her sister, their friends, and the regular spectators who happen into the courtroom, not related to the HLN mob.

      • I love the part where she says for those concerned about ALV’s career being ruined, she had it coming?

        For testifying in a trial she should have her life destroyed?? What the heck kind of thinking is that??? I am apalled

        • She should have her life destroyed? ??? Omg, see…. this is the kind of people that shouldn’t be walking our streets! Really, was it that serious to HER, that she felt like someone’s life should be DESTROYED? !!! WOW, she’s the one that needs help!

          • Exactly what I think,..and THIS is just one reason that the things going on in this trial are depressing me that our society, and so-called” justice” system, has REALLY gone downhill.
            I understand that part of this is because it’s in Arizona-but the rabid anti-Jodi viewers are international.
            And, after watching poor Casey get railroaded last year; now THIS? We need to seriously reconsider putting these trials on TV. Yes, WE wouldn’t get to watch it & be supportive of the defense-BUT, I would rather NOT watch it than watch what this is doing to Jodi, defense witnesses and attorneys.
            And the so-called “lawyers” on HLN should be disbarred!! They seem to have confused this trial for the Salem Witch Trials…

        • Me too! It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s professional opinion and be vocal about it, but I can’t grasp why some are taking it so damn personally. And the idea of “real” victims being upset just baffles me as well…I’m a “real” victim and I don’t think that means I now need to have the same opinion and thoughts as every other victim of DV.

          These people are sick.

    • What this says to me is that the prosecution is unsure of the state’s case. Many years ago, I went to watch a civil court case where my father’s client was suing a local city government / police department. During a lunch break, I asked a man what time it was. We went back into the courtroom – and the next thing I knew, there was a sidebar, followed by my father’s asking me what I had said to the man in the hall. It took a few minutes for me to realize what man he meant…and I told him I had asked the man what time it was. My father then told me the man was an alternate juror and the defense was trying to say that I was trying to influence him. So I took away two lessons: 1) Never talk to strangers in a courtroom; and 2) An attorney unsure of his case will represent the most innocent of actions as something sinister. Based on the compassion and fairness Alyce LaViolette has shown during her testimony, I believe that she probably saw pain in the faces of the Alexander family and she tried to ease that pain. Although she did nothing wrong – the family is not the trier of fact, after all – she has probably learned that you can’t help everyone.


      (David Spade’s SNL character voice):

      And you are?

  5. I don’t know if I can take the little man today!!!! I’ll see how long I can last…he’s such a source of irritation for me!!!!!!

  6. I refuse to watch him….I rather not give him any of my energy or power…..he’s got a lot of Bad energy to him!!

  7. For the viewing pleasure of those who may have missed it at 8 am EST… 😀

    The perfect video and song mashup for this media mess (and JM’s behavior!):

    “Circus” & “Womanizer” live. Seriously, the atmosphere created here is EXACTLY how I feel watching JM’s effed-up fairy tale ‘Alyce in Juanderland’… And the lyrics, how fantastically apropos!

    JM (coincidently TA as well, hmmm…) :
    “I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins,
    Spotlight’s on me and I’m ready to break!
    I’m like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage,
    Better be ready, hope that you feel the same!

    All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus!
    When I crack that whip, everybody gon’ trip just like a circus!
    Don’t stand there watching me, follow me, show me what you can do!
    Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor just like a circus…

    There’s only two types of guys out there:
    Ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared!
    So baby, I hope that you came prepared…
    I run a tight ship so beware!

    I’m a like the ringleader, I call the shots.
    (Call the shots!)
    I’m like a firecracker, I make it hot
    When I put on a show!”


    JM (again, TA, too…) :
    “Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    You say I’m crazy?!? I’ve GOT your crazy!
    You’re nothin’ but a Womanizer!

    Daddy-O, you got the swagger of champion…
    Too bad for you that you just cant find the right companion.
    I guess when you have one too many, it makes it hard…
    It could be easy, ’cause who you are, that’s just who you are, baby!

    Lollipop, you must mistake me, you’re a sucker
    To think that I would be a victim – not another!
    Say it, play it how you wanna, but no way I’m ever gonna fall for you…
    Never you, baby!

    Womanizer, Woman, Womanizer
    You’re a Womanizer!
    Oh, Womanizer, oh,
    You’re a Womanizer, baby!
    You you you are! You you you are a
    Womanizer, Womanizer, Womanizer!

    Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    Boy, don’t try to front; I know just what you are!
    You say I’m crazy?!? I’ll SHOW you crazy!
    You’re nothin’ but a Womanizer!”

    You say I’m crazy? I’ve GOT your crazy, I’ve GOT your crazy… I’LL SHOW YOU CRAZY!

  8. Good morning everyone.

    This trial, the traviban, COMMON SENSE, and the public STUPIDITY have all RE-CONFIRMED my desire to reside with all the cats I can handle (9 at present LOL) and have my “next door neighbor” live 100 miles away…

    I am amazed at the gross misconduct of the so-called “professionals” related to this fiasco – from samantha stephens right down to the biased media. The hatred, threats, terrorist tactics, shameful behavior of many of the public against innocents, against family members, against strangers is mind-boggling.

    If aliens were to land on earth at this point in time looking for examples of “life forms” on this planet, they would be sorely disappointed. The only things humans do and do very well is inflict hurt and pain on each other and when that doesn’t work with words, we use our hands and if that isn’t enough we choose guns, bombs, and war. It’s disgusting. It pains me to no end that I am responsible for putting 2 people on this earth that will have to grow up in this society. We teach them to be caring, compassionate, empathetic, loyal, trustworthy and respectful hoping they can protect themselves from what’s “out there”.

    I’m sorry I’m on a soapbox this morning…I’m shutting up now.

    I think I may need to add a little something to my diet coke cans…LOL LOL LOL

    Thank GOD for this site (SJ, MB and JC – in particular). I don’t care if you live on Mars, have a camp in Afghanistan, have a compound in Utah, head a militia, are related to Osama, have the secret to curing cancer and won’t share it, are making $50,000 a day from the traffic at this site… don’t care – YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME and I THANK GOD EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR YOU AND EVERYONE WHO SHARES AND POSTS HERE. It’s seems simple, but it’s honest. Thank you.

  9. Posted this on the old page, seems I’m always behind the curve of switching pages.

    I was just looking at Michael Keifer’s twitter site.

    Here’s what I found. I don’t know how many of these folks are on this site, but it looks like the tide may be turning. This is not what the tweets looked like a few weeks ago.

    Lara Martinez ‏@liebenlaramutti 15h
    @michaelbkiefer Maybe you should take some time off so you don’t come off so snarky and pro-defense in a case where there is NO DEFENSE.
    Retweeted by Michael Kiefer
    Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite More
    5:16 PM – 8 Apr 13 · Details
    Lise Lasalle ‏@LiseLasalle 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer Snarky? You must mistake Michael for Juan Martinez. if there is NO DEFENSE, there is NO PROSECUTION.
    CitKane ‏@4citkane 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer Unfair! Michael has done an unbiased job. U should follow Nancy Grace if you want the fairy tail version.
    bragbag ‏@JackalEntertain 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer you don’t even need a defense. Juan hasn’t proved anything that we didn’t already know. He’s a loser
    cindy ‏@cashleys13 14h
    @liebenlaramutti @michaelbkiefer The only way to be is pro defense in this trial. Martinez in it for his own fame, not for the truth
    Don Cook ‏@doncoo3521 13h
    @liebenlaramutti No Lara its called SELF DEFENSE. Juan old school and effective but he’s losing the jury. HLN loves him.

  10. I have finally become convinced that 90% of the population is living in some alternate universe then we are. I know we have jokingly asked ourselves whether they are actually watching the same trial but now the only logical answer I can come up with is, no, they must be watching it in some parallel universe where Jodi is actually guilty. It’s the only answer that makes any sense.

    • It’s called mass delusion, they are all delusional. I picture them like thousands of cochroaches, they hear something that is pro Jodi and they scurry at break neck speed around the internet posting their hate comments and threats.

      It really is quite disturbing.

  11. Okay, I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be for JM’s continuation of the most hair-pullingly tedious/borderline torturous Cross in the history of the world. I took my Klonopin (an anti-anxiety medicine – benzodiazepine) AND my Inderal (a low dose beta-blocker that both helps control acute anxiety and lower BP). I have an extra of each within reach in case of emergency! 😀

    I’m gonna try to quell the urge to get plastered while JM is rude, belligerent, whining to Judge Dredd, and/or raising his voice. I will remember to take deep breaths.

    If I start shouting obscenities or writing in all caps, please be patient with me. Okay, who’s ready for this?

  12. Hello All Good morning!

    *ADMIN- Will you please send Ashley an Email with my email address.
    Sorry Ashley, I didn’t get that to you. I saw it this morning on the other post that I didn’t realize was up.

  13. Ok, guys iv already taken my BC Powder before Fartinez gets to my head.

    Praying ALV and the defense has an even better day today.

    Team Jodi★

    • Can you believe how disrepectful this is to the jury? I mean, being late a few times is understandable, but EVERY day is over the top. Someone in authority over this AZ legal system needs to take control of these proceedings. I’m astonished that this actually goes on. Maybe I’m just not in the know on how the court system in our country works?

    • It’s pretty sad that I plan my entire day around this and race back home from errands to be back before 12:30 ET.

  14. I can’t watch anymore. It bothers me to see him battering and abusing ALV. Just thinking that she is looking at another day of abuse is causing me to have knots in my stomach and I have that icky feeling like I used to get as a child and was being abused. 🙁

    • I agree. She had a little less pep in her step yesterday compared to Thursday. You would think LV was on trial. I feel horribly about the way she is being treated. However, I just keep saying over and over to myself.. $250.00 an hour, $250.00 an hour, $250.00 an hour.

      • It could be 1000.00 an hour and it still wouldn’t be worth being treated like that. It’s frightening that in this day and age, a professional can treat someone like that and it’s okay?

        It’s not okay by me! 🙁

        • True!!! I really wish she would say more things like “I am a professional expert in my field” when JM tries to cut her down and question her decisions, experience and credentials.

          • most of the blame i assign to that incompetent, arrogance and stupid judge stephens, who flowing from her monumental hubris and unbounded conceit to take this case has revealed her as totally out of her depth
            which taken on its own, in traffic court would be comic …

            her rulings on objections to jm’s continuous msbehavior , which is well documented here, are atrocious, and have denied jodi a fair trial and all the other protections available in the constitution, and elsewhere

  15. Good Afternoon everybody!! :D)

    Here is something from WAT – will make you smile! LOL

    Juan continues to prepare his notes, Det. Flores helps. Nurmi just smiled, whispered and patted Flores on the back. #JodiArias

    9:29 AM – 9 Apr 13 · Details
    Brenda Lindes‏@adnerb_sednil5m
    @WildAboutTrial u kidding??

    9:29 AM – 9 Apr 13from Fernandina Beach, FL · Details
    @WildAboutTrial Det Flores??

    9:30 AM – 9 Apr 13 · Details
    @WildAboutTrial back SIDE? lol

  16. TA needs to be exposed for what he was – a con-artist to the core, a charlatan & hustler that manipulated women to get whatever sick pleasure he was seeking at the time. LDS, PrePaid Legal, “Motivational Speaker” where most of the crap he spewed was made-up nonsense that played to the same types of low-intelligence scum that he himself was a proud member.

    I’m really just disgusted by this entire farce of a trial. Our justice system is tearing apart at the seams due to the injection of money, fame, and power into it – and for the cold, hard evidence that this is so one need look no further than this trial.

    • I agree 100% – defense needs to just come out blazing and get ALL that sh#t out there so there are no questions about his character left to defend. Sorry to the family – but i don’t believe they are sincere and look what they are ALL doing to an person who is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. And she’s a victim of abuse on top of it all! She should not be abused again.

  17. I already know I’m only going to be able to take a few minutes of rude and evil Juan Martinez and his puppet judge before I need to get away from them.

  18. Late start as usual, I assume? I’m at work today so sneaking peaks at the HLN blog and here when I can. Keep me posted folks!

      • Ex parte is a Latin term for “one side only.” In other words, in this case, one side (prosecution or defense) is communicating or meeting with the judge about a motion they’ve filed. This often happens with Motions to Compel, etc.– something that is required by the rules that the other party hasn’t done, or something the judge has already ruled on that the other side is doing.

        Any communication with the judge is considered ex parte if the other side is not involved. And that’s generally not allowed. So, if there’s an ex parte meeting occurring, there’s some special circumstance involved that requires it.

  19. “Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man” Any way THIS girl is! Nurmi is lookin’ FINE today! HE HAS OUT DONE HIMSELF! Grrr 😉

            • 🙂 I didn’t see you as “condemning” me…actually, I welcome a reply from you 😉 I hope everyone realizes that I enjoy the beauty in life. There is beauty everywhere and when I notice it I express myself. Please forgive me if I appear as a manizing kind of woman. This is not my intention. I certainly DO appreciate when a man is fashion forward and is not afraid to break out of the “conservative” box, so to speak. 🙂

    • It’s one where the judge meets with only one side. Under normal circumstances this is the rarest of rares, or so I hear, because it is assumed that this gives the side meeting with the judge a chance to sway the judge or provide the judge with info not available to the other side.

      This judge does it as a regular sort of thing. It may be different in a DP case though. Any comments from our sharp-eyed Legal Eagles?

  20. “The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine…”

    Well, we know the first part is true. That’s for sure

  21. ex parte is one sided only court hearing to request something. Judge will either grant, deny or think about it and rule later.

  22. Since we have not heard a motion on the mistrial filed Sunday, I’m going to guess that it will be turned down, as it makes no sense to wait2-3-4 days if the judge intends to through this trial out now.

    I don’t believe that the defense actually wants the mistrial, why would they? They have made a strong enough case that the pros can not disprove it, which is the standard. People need to remember that the prosecution needs to prove it was not self defense, the defense doesnt have to prove it was.

    Many people have asked what will happen in the next trial if this one is mistrialed… To be honest, i dont think there will be another trial, i do not think that any judge can argue that the defendant could get a fair trial after this one. For one thing, the prosectution has had a chance to bias the witnesses now. For example, yesterday ALV was told about things that were talked about IN TRIAL by other witnesses, which she can not be asked to “forget” for a future trial. She can not have knowledge of this information before she testifies, which is why any possible witnesses are not allowed in the courtroom before they testify.

    Infact, i thought that was a HUGE mistake by Juan yesterday. He stuck a knife in his own back when he told ALV what was testified to. He started off by saying “would you be surprised to know that that came up in testimony”..but AVLV was smart and answered “i do know that anyone did infact testify to that”, and so she wouldnt answer…Then juan fucked the poodle by saying “well Mrs.Arias Did in fact testify to that very thing”…Of course he miss characterized jodis testimony, but now he has prejadiced this witness. He can continue to question her now, but i do not see how she can be brought forward to testify in a future trial.

    Also, this judge can not tell witnesses to NOT watch the trial on TV/WEB etc, AFTER this trial is over. So now all of those witnesses can go and watch the trial, before the next trial? No WAY! They will have to charge her with new charges and hope that the defense takes a plea. At which point anything more than manslaughter will be BULL SHIT. IMO

  23. The only thing I am curious about…. the judge handed both sides two pieces of paper to read!! I wonder what was on them. No reaction from Martinez, JW smiled but she always smiles.

  24. I think this chamber meeting may have to do with ALV talking to TA’s fly member, since ALV is also in the mtg with them. Also, since it was broadcasted yesterday on Dr. Flu’s show by Ms. Candlewick and another juror watcher, I think JM must be making a big deal about it. Just speculating here.

      • This page is all messed up! I was giving some at the bottom, and it appeared no one was posting– until I saw all these new posts up towards the top!

  25. Good Morning All,

    While we’re on ‘break’ once again I just wanted to say (again and again) I appreciate everyone here, your input, your comments. The other day I was feeling sad for our world b/c of this case and the replies really blew me away. I am always reminded there IS good in this world. As a great wizard once said; “Go back to the shadow!” and I believe once this trial is over and exposed for the fiasco it is, they will go back to the shadows.

    • Hi CindyP, please don’t feel sad. This is life and it is what it is at the present moment. Gratefulness makes us happy and I see that in your message. That’s a great start. I hope you havea nice day 🙂

      • Thx, JSuzy… 🙂 I’ll just admit right now that I do go ‘in and out’ to watch this as all the hatred thrown towards Jodi reminds me of the vile comments said to me when abuse came out. Although I was the victim, I was the accused (I didn’t kill anyone). It was my fault for being abused. Now I’m seeing this in so many victims and it seems nothing is changed.

        At the same time, as difficult as it is – I think it may be possible that abusive behavior towards a victim of abuse may come to light for all to see. At least that is my hope.

  26. Okay – thought I was brave but don’t know if I can watch. I see a “kinder, gentler” JM and judge but it is too late. The damage is done and all is biased. ALV and JW both look exhausted to me. Oh snap – and there he goes.

  27. Do we have any body language experts here? I hope Nurmi is not ready to quit. His hand over his nose tells me he’s had it with this guy.

  28. ALV is just trying to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Isn’t that what this little piss ant wants?!! Obviously not…he is performing a disservice to the people of Arizona!

    • It’s pretty much exaggerating symptoms for personal gain. In this case, it would be to avoid prison. (Not sure how accurate that is, it is my understanding of secondary gain.)

    • Secondary gain is a term that I use being an RN. At its very basic, when a patient is being assessed for a complaint ie… An injury to the leg is the patient trying to make the injury worse because they are drug seeking, are they trying to make it look worse because they are involved in a law suit where they will receive money for the injury is the patient saying these things to get sympathy from people. Basically, is the patient using the injury or lack of an injury to be able to try to manipulate in some way. I think JM is saying Jodi is saying she was abused in order to answer why she killed him. So secondary gain would be if she gets the “diagnosis” of battered woman she will GAIN “getting off in self defense” . Basically JM is saying Jodi made it up

  29. Could you imagine going home in the evening after dealing with Martinez all day knowing that you have to do it again for the next several days? That’s part of his strategy. Wear you down and make you ill by being a prick at all times.

    • Now imagine THAT when Jodi had to do it,when she had no home to go back to but a jail cell,undernourished and already in a precarious situation.

  30. shitface has to be an only child – he doesn’t know how to play in the sandbox….OMG OMG –

    holy shit this is AMAZING…

  31. I keep rolling my eyes at this idiot. I hope my mom wasn’t correct and they are going to get stuck like that.

  32. He (JM) puts me into orbit! So annoying! AL is so chill and just will not fall prey to any of his poop. It is amusing to watch her get under his skin. 🙂

  33. I’m almost glad I have to leave soon for a few hours. This is painful to watch. Juan is such a jerk. I hope no one he cares for is ever a victim of DV.

  34. “90% of all communication is non verbal, right?!” LOOOOOOONG PAUSE, Alyce smiling at JM like, “You’re right, it is… And this non-verbal communication means you’re a dumbfuck!”


  35. Everyone can see that 90% of what is really going on between their conversation shows that mtz is a LOSER

    • And there must have been a good reason she had to do that-happy children with loving parents dont just abandon their homes…No,I wouldnt think Bill Arias is a credible source,not in its entirety at least.

  36. ALV now has ‘live” material for her next keynote speech. How an abuser can play mind games, use control, twist words, believe and accept only what he wants to, shift the blame, how prickly they are, how impatient and insulting their words can be, keen on humiliation for the other party, how the abused can be worn down, not be able to think straight, doubt themselves, give up, etc etc. Such a typical scene for those of us who have been there. Daily occurence, non-stop, relentless…

  37. OMFG! What parent hasn’t been lied to by their kids? seriously? it’s part of growing up. Jodi i find you guilty of having once been a normal child.

  38. No matter how JM slices and dices this, the jury has heard Travis speak and he clearly showed his abusivness, and deceit.

  39. Now hes bringing up inadmissable evidence. AV should not have used that as evidence. She was right not too. And to interview the family? He misleading everyone into thinking she should things she wouldn’t ordinarily do.

  40. Alyce wasn’t talking to Jodi to see if she was a liar. She was talking to see if she had been in a domestic violence relationship. How the hell is he allowed to take it this far?

    • Martinez point is that if she’s a liar and always have been one,then she must have lied about DV as well.
      CHEAP SHOT!!

  41. Her parents turned her over to the cops at age 14!!!! Would anyone trust them after that??? She probably was forced into the job of live in babysitter for her sibs as well!!!

  42. MISTRIAL!! Asshole is now bringing up Daddy’s interview w/police!!! What a scumbag!! How can he bring this up???? And “thanks daddy for all your frickin support!”

    • This is something that really upsets me. A lack of acceptance and support from her own family! Knowing that they were accusing her of a murder, you would think one would first talk to their child before they too joined forces with the other side to throw stones at their own child! I would like to say, “Who would do such a thing to their child?”, but I won’t since I can personally vouch for blood relatives that would rather believe someone else, than one who grew up amongst themselves. They would just so easily not only throw stones at you, but even spit on you!. So, its a lesson for all parents – unconditional love, validation, stand by your child no matter what. Otherwise the child will go to extremes to find that which you could not give! I am just so upset and riled up now..

      • I wonder how they are feeling right now,knowing that it’s their words that are used by the Prosecutor to crucify their daughter.Hello?Common sense people!When your daughter is being held for murder,you dont go about trashing her for the white lies or misbehaviour during her teenage years!!Soooo wrong!!You must know it’s gonna come and bite you in the ass.The sad thing being that in this case it’s gonna bite Jodi ass….

        • I wonder if they even knew why they were being interviewed. They may have lied to them and said they were just accusing her of stealing the gun or something like that.

          • Doubtful.However,I wouldnt know that,in my country when you’re being asked to go to the police station and testify ,you are entitled to know what you’re being questioned for.

  43. This is more evidence to me Martinez is deliberately throwing this trial. How could ANY attorney refer to evidence not admitted into trial?

    • I remember reading a post here the other day ,saying that he’s deliberately throwing the case because the Mormoms already have a plan to kill her if she’s aquitted.Dreading to even think this might be true.

      • That was my husband’s take! He went from believing Jodi was guilty, to believing this theory after watching him do the Snow White deal.

        • so good to know,I thought it was sth widely speculated by many people.Tell your husband he gave me nightmares with that take of his,LOL!

  44. JM is performing for all his peeps out there in the wild-blue-yonder. If there is anyone who has seen his past ‘performances’ in other trials, was he as much of a jerk then too? Just curious. The HLN factor is such a shot-in-the-arm for him. They created a monster here.

  45. He makes such an issue about how she interpreted text messages and emails etc. But when it comes to his case it’s all ok to interpret them how he sees fit. Can’t have it both ways little man. (the word “man” is used loosely)

  46. Arrgggh I can’t watch today!!

    Is the lil man throwing the case on purpose???

    How can he mention something that important not in evidence?

    Oh, he saying the jury already knows about it because of him??


    • The responsible motorcycle riding dad with unregistered guns that hits his kids??? He is a great parent that can judge honesty???

    • That’s fine, it is describing jodi’s behaviour as being abused. The haters think it somehow proves she is “crazy”, but it doesn’t.

      Defense will just have to turn it around.

  47. JM is intolerable, but ALV is MORE THAN holding her own against him! He’s coming off as a complete douchenozzle, and Alyce is laughing at him on the inside. The jury can see this, mark my words!

  48. How could they allow that in with Jodi’s mother there at trial the whole time?

    Potential witnesses cannot be present in the courtroom.

  49. this is crap…now he is admitting to with holding evidence uh…why didn’t the defense witness have access to this interview….another argument for misconduct by the state

  50. Of course the tape doesn’t impeach Jodi at all and doesn’t impeach ALV because she is talking about domestic violence between Travis and Jodi.

    This is just bullshit grandstanding.

    But this is a clear case of misconduct by Juan Martinez. He should lose his law license having allowed a document dump on the media prior to today.

  51. Why have they sent the jury out? Its nonsense, they should be allowed to hear Alyce testify.

    Its a foregone conclusion that Jennifer can’t get any objection sustained.. what a goddamn farce this trial is.

  52. And Dad is so believable ….. based on what? A coerced interview with a detective with a clear motive to trick the parents into anything incriminating?????

  53. I’m now standing firmly with Renee… This fucker is OBVIOUSLY trying to throw this trial because he knows he doesn’t have a damn case!

  54. If the jury is who decides, what is the purpose of bringing this tape in and asking LV questions with the jury NOT THERE?

  55. As usual, I’m confused….how does the tape of Jodi’s abusive father make it into evidence, but not the emails, letters etc. that clearly show TA to be abusive and his “friends” to be liars??

  56. I feel sorry for Nurmi and JW because they have to listen to JM during sidebars. They are frustrating but at least they shut his voice off for a minute or 10.

    • This is a cheap shot, but I am not surprised. He is a dirty rat that. However, her father saying she is a liar is not any big revelation. All kids lie to their parents at one time or another. Its maddening that he doing this, but its all JM has at this point.

      • Its an extremely cheap shot, Flores interviews the parents and reels them in when they’re vulnerable.. this is one huge sick game. Her father was an abuser, so anything he says can be disregarded, its all a heap of shit. Flores has lied twice!

  57. Go Alice Go!! How many teenagers have prob w/parents!!! Duh Juan, like that’s unusual?? What planet are u from??

  58. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is the oath you take before you take the stand. With Martinez it’s only the truth he wants to hear not the whole truth.

  59. Show the whole tape… You can’t take one sound bite out of context like that and it be reliable worth a shit.

    • WTF or rather WHOTF does rat-face think he is?? They can just bring that tape in, show 1 sentence, and ask Alyce if THAT “changes her mind”?? My god this guy is an arrogant little prick!!

      Sorry-I didn’t think they could just spring “new evidence” on the defense & witness?? I mean, obviously the defense knew about it-but it was never entered into evidence before, right? And this is the DEFENSES witness and rat-face brings it in in cross?? Am I missing something??!!

      I’m sitting here, just got out of quick shower, sat down holding my socks,..and daydreaming about cramming them into that weasel’s rat-faced mouth…

  60. This has to be killing her parents – to see their own words twisted in this way. Regardless of whether they sucked as parents they are still her parents!

    • I’m sorry. When a parent is called in to the police station re. their child, why should their first instinct be to throw that child under a bus? They should’ve first asked what she was being accused of, and then decided, irrespective of what their personal view of their child was, to go into protective mode and just not say anything that would implicate her further. First of all, they didn’t bother to hear her side of it – and then they’d rather believe a stranger, a detective who obviously does not have her best interests at heart. Their immediate reaction from what I observed was to protect their own reputation as parents, as being good, and their child being the one that was bad and wrong. As a parent, I just don’t get it. They are both grown adults, with a child being accused of murdering someone !! I think it must have killed her more!!!! Now they can watch from the sidelines and see their child being humiliated and ripped apart. I hope it stings abit for them. Please forgive my rant, nothing bothers me more than when one’s own flesh and blood just throws you to the wolves. They could’ve made the decision to stand by her – THEN – BEFORE! Standing by her now, well, good for them and a small consolation for her.

      • Intro, I get what you mean. I just don’t see her parents as being very sophisticated and knowledgable of how they should have managed this event. I have to believe it blindsided them and they were in shock as they tried to wrap their heads around it.

        Maybe I cannot relate to the idea a parent would be initially more concerned with themselves in a moment like this – regardless of how sucky they were as parents.

        Although my parents never were abusive I could see my elderly dad thinking he was doing the right thing – being honest with law enforcement – and the thought that he was tossing me under the bus would not occur to him.

        • I’m sorry Rainy. I didn’t get mad at you or anything. I was just feeling upset about the issue of family that don’t instinctively want to protect their own. Their antennas should have gone up immediately when they were called in to the police stn re. JA. They could have listened and been noncommital with their response. But, I can see your point too. Its true that sometimes when one is unaware of the intricacies of law enforcement and wanting to be helpful etc that this situation could happen. Its all good, Rainy. I wasn’t going off on you. 🙂

      • Introspective,
        You are dead on RIGHT!! Disgusting parents, the first thing they thought about was themselves protecting their image, which is proof that they were child abusers because that is exactly how a parent who is an abuser would behave. Their lack of interest in their daughter physically and emotionally abusing her and neglecting her is transparent.

  61. Jodi’s parents are scum too. If you learn anything from this trial people it’s keep your mouth shut. You have the right to remain silent. Exercise that right. Jodi wouldn’t be in this mess if she had kept quiet. Her parents sure haven’t helped her either.

    • You know, I freakin’ love watching Law and Order, but always wondered why people were so mean to the police and detectives just when they came to question them. I would think – nobody would act like that cuz you want to get to the truth. Now i know the truth – if cops come question you , they are not there to find the truth. They are there for a convenient and easy suspect/conviction. Do what Joe Y said; Exercise that right to remain silent. It seems to be a necessity!

      • That is why Jodi is in the mess she is in. She didn’t really know her rights at all to have an attorney, or rather, didn’t understand what it meant.

        I doubt this case would have ever been the circus it turned out to being if she had had a lawyer from the get-go.

        Same for the parents.

        They just didn’t understand the police are not there to help you but to find a suspect and close the investigation.

      • Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You’re seeing it happen right before your eyes and ears people.
        Even if you have nothing to hide, say NOTHING.

        • Joe, This has been a huge take away for me! I know her parents were not great parents but I want to believe they had no idea how what they were saying would come back to haunt them like this.

      • cindy!!! I’ve said this same thing to my husband! He hates law enforcement. I’ve always been on their side but after watching this and seeing how the interrogations done without an attorney present have been distorted I will be way more cautious if I ever get into anything involving law enforcement!

        It really paints the picture of how your words CAN AND WILL be used against you.

        I’ve heard the miranda words many times but always felt they protected one who is innocent. Boy was I wrong. Law enforcement could give a rip about guilt or innocence – only blaming whoever they target.

        Scary lessons learned from this. And its a very sad commentary of the society we live in today

      • If the cops come question you, remember one thing…They are NOT your friend!! You don’t legally have to talk to the police.

        Sad thing is, people are intimidated by the police and they start talking and don’t know when to shut up.

  62. He’s still committed misconduct because he leaked those tapes publicly to prejudice the jury, if they watched television.

  63. ”Mr Martinez are you ready/
    OH YES,I am!!”
    Slow down,stud!! We know your blood-thirsty instinct!!

  64. How is it FAIR or LEGAL for asshole to leak the video to HLN, then bring it into court and try to catch the witness off guard to where the judge has to send the freaking jury out of the room!!????

    If I was on the jury I’d be fuming at the shenanigans of this grandstanding prosecutor piece of dung

    • I’m trying to figure out for the life of me why there are ‘rules’ that prosecutors and courts are supposed to abide by to allow for a fair trial. But – they seem to never be followed. Any legal experts out there – can you answer why this is so? Why are there laws for the courts but they do not have to ‘really’ follow them? Because if that were the case, then this should have been called a mistrial a long time ago. AND it should never have been a DP case in the first place.

      • Apparently in AZ, they’re merely a suggestion because nobody seems to be holding anyone accountable in all of this!

  65. I just LOVE (insert sarcasm) how Juan questions Alyce!
    “So you are saying it was NECESSARY to apologize to the defendant when you first met her?”
    Alyce “Yes, apparently I did feel that way bcuz I said it.”
    JM ” I know you say it was necessary but you were COMPELLED to apologize to the defendant?”

    My God, dude!!! STFU and sit your scrawny ass down! He is so utterly childlike in his questioning when he doesn’t get her to say what he wants! He is such a joke!!!
    He doesn’t get it bcuz it involves decency and respect of which he has none!!!

    (I know that’s from yesterday’s testimony but I keep reliving it in my head!)

  66. Martinez must not have children. I thought all children told parents what they want to hear and then do whatever they want. Otherwise, a kid would never get of of the house if the parents really knew what they were up to. Cynical? Maybe.

  67. So anything that Jodi may have lied about in her teens or throughout her life is going to be attributed to Ms LV’s assessment?

    • Well if LYING in ones teens laid foundation for lying as an adult, therefore elevating our crime’s to the DP, we’d have no one left on earth

    • Did I hear JM call “ESTEBAN” Steve earlier? LOL that made me laugh because Flores makes it a point to call himself ESTEBAN when hes on the stand. I guess it makes him feel more important than just “Steve”. What a couple of clowns. I love how JM gestures to Flores and he hops out of his chair for him.

  68. I heard a while back, that the defense had a horrible time trying to get the state to give them evidence pertaining to this case. I would think that, along with all this other circus side show bs, would be enough for any judge to rule misconduct. This is complete garbage! I tried to be patient with this judge, but enough is enough, she needs to be removed from this case, and if it takes a mistrial, then so be it.
    We will all just have to pitch in for bail to make sure Jodi doesn’t have to sit in there one more day while the buffoons prepare for another trial. And it needs to be in another jurisdiction for sure. Does anyone here know if its declared mistrial is it more often than not moved to another jurisdiction.

      • I know that people that live in Arizona can file complaints to the bar against lawyers, not sure about Judges, but I assume she is also an attorney.

    • THAT will be a major problem in a mistrial, it would be impossible to find 12-18 people who haven’t heard anything about this trial-Thanks to HLN.
      What about on appeal, do ya’ll think even in an appeal, that Judges may be compromised? (Actually, more & more talking heads sound like THEY are getting tired of both rat-face AND the judge who lost control of this courtroom awhile ago!)

  69. Did they change the discovery rules in AZ and now The Prosecutor just needs to turn evidence over to the media now and not the defense?

      • Yeah, that was pretty friggin’ classic. I notice now the judge won’t even rule overruled or sustain – she’s just saying ask another question. I think she’d doing that b/c she wants to sustain but too afraid to for some reason.

  70. If I lived in that area I’d get a venders cart over to the courthouse and sell pain/headache relief meds. I’d be rich 😉

  71. Come on, who here didnt lie to their parents? Jodi was 14 years old! My parents found cigarettes in my purse and they weren’t mine. Lol.

      • You too??!!! My 12yo cousin was behind taking my mothers, lol, 1964 Dynamic 88 Oldsmobile with a 454engine, (at the time, because of my genetic disorder, at 14, I was the size of a 9-10yo, used phone books & could barely sit on them on the edge of the seat..). No one told me that “power breaks” from a ’64 car didn’t have backup-we never even saw the Ford Pinto-until the owner dragged us out to show us-it was kinda between a cement light pole & my trunk-which didnt have a dent, lol!!

        Noooo, tween’s & teens NEVER TELL lies!!!

    • exactly right…same when my mom found my boyfriends pot in my car….I guess god help us if we ever get accused of doing something uh Kimberly

      • Exactly, according to what I told my mother I was still a virgin while I still lived at home! I guess I’m a liar who can never be believed. Stupid. Let me also say this, as much as I try to be as forth right as I can if I was in Jodi’s position, I would have probably lied to the police originally too. Does anyone know statics about changing stories with these kind of things? Also, I am so over hearing the cost if the trial if I’m ever accused of stealing a pack of gum, I don’t care how much it costs. They could hire psychics at 1,000 dollars an hour to defend your life for all I care’ Ok maybe not! But you get my point. Shut the hell up. Move forward.

    • I think its total BS since the Father was an abuser( in my opinion of course) he is going to call his daughter a Liar. Very few Parents I ever heard of would speak to a detective about their daughter in such a derogatory way, especially the circumstances involving her arrest, and what is at stake. When a parent acts as he did, it is glaringly obvious what type of Parent he was, He thinks of himself first Don’t Blame M Me! I think he stinks and this will not be allowed highly prejudicial

      • Oli,

        I haven’t seen all the tapes but my take on how the parents acted was the dad felt he was talking to just another guy – trying to make sense of what happened. To me he didn’t come across as deliberately trying to hurt Jodi.

        Her mom seemed overwhelmed and just yammered and cried and yammered, speaking words as they crossed her mind.

        I could see my dad thinking he was helping and being honest to law enforcement – and not having the intent of passing blame from himself.

        but my parents were amazing and never abusive. They were hard working honest folks who would have the mindset of working with law enforcement. I know asking for an attorney would never enter my parents mind. To do so, I think, would in their minds, send a message of dishonesty.

        • Rainy:
          They are aware of what she was arrested for These are adults she was arrested for Murder,
          I saw the tapes her Father in my opinion and many others showed a lack of concern for his daughter belittled her, it was very astonishing to most people, don’t forget her siblings also had problems etc. Laviolette even stated the INAPPROPRIATE remarks made by her Father. I think he was disgusting and most people who viewed the interviews thought both her Parents were just dreadful but, especially the Father. When a girl drops out of high school leaves home is involved with abusive men etc. One of these are considered a red flag but all three.I have to be honest many were shocked and disgusted by her Father.

          • Yes I know most were shocked by her father. I get they were all assholes and I know the dad was terrible and did say inappropriate remarks to JA.

            I only compared him to how I would *speculate* how my mom and dad might act under similar conditions, But my dad was a GREAT dad! and I can only imagine growing up under a different roof.

            It only adds to the far reaching sadness of this entire saga…

  72. Martinez is Adolph Hitler is disguise, minus the goofy mustache.Same height. Same ego. Same evilness. He wants to kill and destroy everyone.

  73. I have been following this trial since day one. I will admit to being a convert to your website as well as your beliefs about this case and Jodi Arias. Another thing this website and trial has done for me is to see the way media outlets( HLN ) and the hosts of various ‘shows’ are reporting this whole case one sided. I have lost any respect I had for them. And today I have reached a point where I can no longer watch that little man do his cross examine of a professional who is not only providing a great testimony but also educating so many of us. So, sorry, this old lady is dropping out of the viewing of the trial for a while. I will be counting on all of you to keep the truth out here for us to read. Praying for Jodi.

  74. OK, Please do not be mad at me for saying what I am going to say. As you all know, I have been on this site since almost Day 1, so PLEASE do not label me as a “hater.”

    For the first time, I am doubting my faith in Jodi and I’m afraid the jury might feel this way also.

    1. I am disappointed that Jodi wanted her “manifesto” signed in case she became famous. Was this a game to her or was she not “well enough” to take things seriously?
    2. It seems there are several stories about how her fingers were cut on the day of the murder. What is the real story?
    3. If in fact her IQ is high, she might be smart enough to make up stories and keep them straight.
    4. It seems that LV did not review a lot of information related to Jodi. Was it because the info was not given to her?
    5. Also, I feel that JW and KN are getting nervous. Am I just imagining this? Do they want to “bail” on Jodi by going after a mistrial about not being able to give her a proper defense?

    Maybe I am just getting confused by JM.

    Help me out fellow supporters…Thanks!

    • 1. we haven’t heard the entire story on the “manifesto” yet

      2. She made up two stories about the murder, to lie about the cuts would go right in with the other stories. It was all before she decided to tell the truth.

      3. She didn’t keep her stories straight when she was lying. So having a high IQ didn’t even help her lie like a pro.

      4. It could not have been given to her

      5. It is common for defense to ask for a mistrial.

      • 1. spaghetti will stick if you throw it hard enough

        2. It doesn’t matter who made it, just who throws it harder

        3. Some spaghetti will not stick even if you shoot it with a sling-shot

        4. Kermi likes speghetti

        5. But he is throwing at the ceiling, instead of the wall.

    • I’ll give you my take, Nicole – keep in mind its just my two cents and I’m no expert.
      1. I thought the manifesto was kind of dumb but we all do dumb things. I think she was still in denial at this point. Its not a matter of taking it seriously – it is more ‘coping mechanisms.”
      2. Doesn’t matter what the ‘real’ story is about her finger. I’ve been through therapy enough to know that in order to understand the lies one must know the actual story behind it. She may very well have been covering a situation about reality and just twisted the story to make it believable to whom she is talking to. If she damaged her fingers during this incident with TA, she didn’t want to tell the truth; she wasn’t ready.
      3. Her IQ is completely irrelevant to this case. If it is high so what; if it is low so what.
      4. LV reviewed information that was necessary to determine DV or not. Things that JM are bringing up are so irrelevant. There are too many texts and emails between other people besides Jodi that show the whole truth/whole picture. JM is bringing in this bullshit on purpose in order to confuse the jury.
      5. I don’t feel JW and KN are getting nervous. I see that they are frustrated – and more so than the rest of us. This trial is a sham, prosecution is getting away with a LOT of dishonest tactics and they know it. But they can do nothing about it, even though the law should be on their side. It must be frustrating to do your job correctly but the one who is lying, tricking, manipulating facts and hiding evidence is not getting called on it and it is blatantly allowed. They cannot give a proper defense because JM has put too much out in the public and now the public is intimidating witnesses. Who knows what else is going on that we don’t see besides the death threats, character assassination and public humiliation all for doing your job!

      And lastly, I do believe JM is confusing you. And that worries me b/c I think he could confuse the jury too, but praying for truth, nonetheless.

    • You’re getting confused, Nicole.
      #1. Irrelevant. People do weird thing (I’m sure you did some time) when in jail under stress or under drugs.
      #2. Probably happened during the knife fight which she does not remember, hence her mind must have made up some story to explain it. If she were consciously lying she would have been consistent explaining it (being SO smart.)
      #3. Yes,she is smart, she would have kept consistent stories and would have not left clues all over the house. It shows she was in an irrational state, such as acute stress, then PTS, could not make sense of what happened and that the stories were not consciously planned.
      #4. LV reviewed necessary evidence for her evaluation of domestic violence from Travis. Gas cans and hand wounds have nothing to do with it.
      #5. You’re imagining it. The defendant rights are being violated every day in the media circus, the prosecutor and court misbehaviors, the release of materials and unlawful actions from the police, and the harassment of witnesses.
      Any one of these can cause a mistrial in any other state.

    • Oh, for Pete’s sake, get a clue, please. The defense didn’t have to put on anything. JM is throwing all kinds of shit at Jodi, hoping something sticks.

      Tell me how this relates to first-degree, premeditated murder.

    • The lies and disassociation were explained by Dr. Samuels as a part of the PTSD. Also, Jodi didn’t exercise her right to an attorney in those interrogations.

    • In my opinion, I think that it shows you are a reasonable person that wants to weigh all the evidence. Nothing wrong there. More people in this case should do that instead of jumping on the hate bandwagon. The cuts on her hands for me anyway, don’t really factor to me. She told stories about her cuts to go along with the story she was telling at the time. Yes, she lied. I get that. I might too, if I was in that position.The cuts to me probably came from the killing, my opinion, here’s the thing she admitted to it. The manifesto thing, my view, it was a really dumb ass thing to do. But, she writes. She has been sitting in jail for how many years. She made silly comments, she has the IQ of Einstein. Yea ok???? Don’t know the context, maybe it was a joke, maybe she was taking a test and she snickered and said that backhanded comment. I don’t care if she announced it! The evidence in this case does not prove pre meditation to me, that’s my assessment. Some of this stuff is chatter, it doesn’t prove anything to me

    • AV is accurate in not wanting to evaluate jodi based on her father’s statements. She knows what she is doing. Her father abused her. He would have “loaded” feelings about her. I don’t have enough info about this supposed manifesto to know. I don’t think her thinking she is smart shows she had self esteem. But keep in mind, she did say that years after travis so she may have felt better about herself.

        I completely agree about the Father he was thinking of himself not her, he was well aware of what she was arrested for. No Parent would throw their daughter under the Bus as he did.

    • I would not make too much of that it is apparent that Jodi had very low self esteem from dropping out of highschool etc Bad relationships with Men, of course people like that tend to exaggerate or embellish their intellectual abilities due to feeling inferior. The prosecution is just looking to paint a picture of a intelligent manipulative killer. But In my opinion, a lot of the stuff she did was very very stupid, so it does not show a very shrewd or intelligent person, Using large words and over intellectualizing is usually a sign of low self esteem which many people have. Staying with Travis was not smart, doing interviews on 48 hours not smart, and all these silly teenage beliefs such as the secret etc. are immature. In every way she showed a lack of a certain intelligence with regard to this tragic event. I would say she was extremely emotionally immature.

    • I listen to Jodi & her story and I get the impression that she was/possibly is, very naive, trusting and a bit immature when it came to men. I see parts of myself in this. I’m also seriously wondering if she may be bi-polar or ADD(NOT necessarily H)
      But also consider, from what I’ve read & heard from family, ex’s and friends-her behavior changed drastically at the same time she began seeing TA.
      If you’re a survivor-or know one-this is classic of Domestic Violence. And yes, lying, sometimes for no other reason except to either cover, or make light of what’s going on-or even to protect the abuser.
      I didn’t want my mother to know about the abuse because I knew she would turn it against me and my kids. I told a LOT of “white lies” during that time, and a few “whoppers”, (1 was I denied ANYTHING was going on, that my ex didn’t drink, (he was an alcoholic & addict), when I was in the hospital with cuts to my face & a concussion. I even claimed *I* was “drinking” one day when my cousin came by & saw the fridge full of beer & wine. At first, she believed me and even decided to do an “intervention”-until my sister-in-law told her I had chronic ulcers and only one kidney-drinking could kill me & everyone knew I would never do ANYTHING to jeopardize my children.
      I finally had enough with lying to everyone when he, my ex, pissed off about the divorce-and the fact I had just started med school, he called the dean, claimed I was a “secret drunk & addict”, and I had to go through random testing & suffered EXTREME embarrassment with my co-workers and classmates.
      I finally had to leave town because he was damned & determined to get me kicked out of school, he was driving my professors crazy, plus, disconnecting my power, gas and phone…I tried to transfer to another med school in another state-but he didnt stop even then. And when I complained to the judge? “We’ll, “K” has told us that YOU are harassing HIM and continually ‘pressing his buttons”. Yes, seriously.
      You would be shocked at some of our stories. NOTHING surprises me anymore when it comes to DV, and those of us that we’re brought up in a violent or/and chaotic household? 100 times worse.
      I don’t think I actually “grew up” and felt secure by myself until it had been 14+ yrs since divorce AND my ex died at 54 from a massive coronary after partaking of his usual late-night after-party, cocaine binge…
      Hate to say this but..nevermind, NO I DON’T “hate” to say this: KARMA IS A BITCH!!

  75. again with the gas cans?
    jodi would have to go 166.52 kms between gas stations between coachella ca and ehrenberg az and another 230.70 kms between ehrenberg and phonix az. extra gas makes sense for a woman alone in the dessert. borrowing gas cans from a friend that can latter testify against you does not make sense if you are premeditating a murder. 230.70 kms in between gas stations, rental car, woman alone in the dessert, common sense.

  76. When Martinez farts everybody thinks he’s whistling. To much anal after hours!! TAKE THAT YOU LITTLE KERMIT FROG,ASS LICKING,TURD

  77. so I guess he’s trying to get ALV to give her opinion now on whether Jodi premeditated this, which is totally irrelevant. She’s testifying as to whether Jodi was abused or not, not if the state has charged her properly. Give me a break! He will stoop to anything to prove he justly charged her. What a scumbag!

    • Melvis, the notes are not JA’s words. They are notes made by LV as she read reports on items to ask questions about. This is why JW is so pissed. The judge overruled her when JW tried to make the point that the State is presenting this as if they are JA’s words.

      • Yeah, I got that, I was trying to be sarcastic. My thought is that he’s trying to get ALV to approve his charging her with premeditation by grilling her about whether the gas cans presented a problem to her in her assessment of Jodi.
        I agree that the Judge is allowing this prosecutor to present circumstantial evidence, which is totally inappropriate but unfortunately, happens too often. People get convicted on circumstantial evidence all the time.
        The bottom line is JM knows he overcharged her so he’s grasping for ALV to trip up and say she felt that the gas cans prove she’s a liar, she premeditated the killing, and he is RIGHT.

  78. It just ticks me off that JM is taking LV’s notes as if these were statements from JA which they were not. As LV stated, she had read in a police report something about erratic behavior. JW just tried to make the point that these were not JA’s words and the defense was overruled.

    It is just sickening.

    • Just remember. This verdict will be appealed if she is found guilty and this judge will be put on the firing line. And she has ineffective counsel by allowing him to ask all these leading questions, putting things into evidence that aren’t even true, putting things into the jurors heads that have not been allowed into evidence. and not objecting vehemently enough. The case is fucked for the prosecution now and the defense as well as Jodi will have to go through a lot of crap to fix this if she is found guilty.

  79. This case is totally ripe with appealable issues now! Martinez is asking one leading question after another, defense is being ineffective, judge doesn’t know how to rule correctly. It is a shambles.

    • How is the defense being ineffective? I see them objecting. Should they be doing more than that too?

      • They are not objecting enough in my opinion. He doesn’t ask direct questions. He asks leading questions! And I would object every single time not that it would do any damn good with this stupid judge.

        • Every time JM says isn’t it true it is a leading question. I now join others in thinking the judge is not competent in this case.

        • They were objecting a lot to leading the witness/testifying for the witness/argumentative earlier in the trial. I think maybe they figured they had enough on the record so stopped, knowing it would get OR anyway…

    • No they are not. They are not objecting about this entire line of questioning hard enough. But this judge won’t help them in any way whatsoever regardless.

    • As much as JM has made this a circus atmosphere, JW does have a lot of rehabilitating to do. This is due to JM’s not wanting the truth in.

  80. I doubt, after this fiasco, that ALV will EVER want to be bothered to testify in a trial again. She should be paid $5,000.00 for pain and suffering for each hour she has to be questioned by JM .

  81. So in Juan’s own words she told Brewer she wanted the gas cans to go to Mesa. Perhaps one of the Taliban can tell me how that is keeping going to AZ a secret. He just shot down his own premeditation.

      • Whether she told anyone she was going or not is really not the issue….the issue is whether or not she PLANNED the trip to Mesa well in advance or if it was spur of the moment. Although that in itself does not mean anything IMO either. He still has to show she intended to do harm to TA.

  82. Nice!! ALV and JM just admitted Mesa was a LAST MINUTE decision! This can be very good for Jodi! Now the defense needs to get up there and show Travis’s texts coaxing Jodi to come there, after she had already left Yreka

  83. he used the words restricked she did not get all the email etc and other facts in this case because they were restricted spelling

    • I could be wrong, but I have a feeling Kermit was the reason she didn’t get all the info and was “restricted”

  84. good grief, there is someone sleeping in the spectators section behind the Arias family. Make them go home and sleep for fricks sake

    • As somebody else noted, that shoots down premeditation because Jodi asked somebody if she could borrow them.

      If you wanted to premeditate a murder, you wouldn’t go around and ask friends for gas cans.

      Mesa was a last-minute decision because Travis invited her.

  85. he stopped her fast when talking about the other stuff but it is on record now they are holding information back from the jury