Jodi Arias Trial – Day 43 (afternoon session)

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As an experiment, I just put the phrase “Juan Martinez” into my online dictionary, and here are the adjectives it came up with…

Unusable, impractical, hopeless, of no use, unserviceable, inoperable, unworkable, inadequate, inept, hopeless, pathetic, incompetent, inefficient, ineffectual, ineffective, unsuccessful, ineffective, unavailing, futile, worthless, ineffectual.

Based on his performance to date, which words do you think best describe him from the above list? Please try and limit your choice to no more than 20 :mrgreen:

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 43…

Team Jodi

PS. If you missed it – click here to read my post from earlier today regarding the latest Motion for Mistrial.




  1. Favorite part of the day:

    JM: Ma’am do you blv Travis Alexander was a man?
    JM: YES or NO, was Travis Alexander a MAN?????

    ALV: (sais nothing for a minute) ( just smiles/big grin on her face) – then she answers the OBVIOUS! !!

  2. I hope everyone did a bit of yoga or meditation to prepare them for this afternoon. Ahhh I’m ready 🙂 Let’s stay optimistic.

    • LOL I thought that your gravatar was of Bewitched 🙂 now I see I was correct. Hope the nose wiggling works 🙂

      • He looks and sounds like he is going to explode any minute… he needs to take a pill. If he doesnt calm down and quit walking around like a caged animal hes gonna have a stroke.. Making me anxious just watching him… How AL is staying so calm is sooo beyond me.. I give her kudos.. She is probably used to men screaming at her at meetings etc… otherwise how can this poor woman sit there and take his battering her like that ? And its all… much to do about nothin… she said in so many words who cares who was responsible for recording the sex tape.. it doesnt matter who… Get off you hi horse JM

  3. I hate turning on HLN. Vinnq and his guest think JM Iis destroying here credibility. Man, are they watching what I am?

  4. And just because Alice used the word crime she must think it was a crime. What? So she said crime while in a CRIMINAL trial. So what? She misspoke and it is understandable.

  5. I just made a transcript of the last minute of AL’s direct testimony:

    JW: In everything, the text messages, everything that you have reviewed in this case, and from Mr Alexander’s own words, do you ever hear about any pattern where Jodi was being physically abusive or aggresive with Mr Alexander?
    AL: No, I did not.
    JW: Did you ever see patterns of verbal abuse from Jodi to Mr Alexander?
    AL: No, I did not.
    JW: Did you ever see patterns of psychological abuse or controlling behaviour by Jodi to Mr Alexander?
    AL: No, I did not.
    JW: And did you ever see any evidence at all of jealousy from Jodi to Mr Alexander?
    AL: No, I didn’t.
    JW: I have nothing further judge, thank you.

    There is much more to come I think from Alyce.

    • You forgot one question:
      JW: Do you believe, with your almost 35 years of experience in the field of domestic abuse, that Jodi was a victim of TA’s domestic abuse ?
      ALV: Yes, I do!

  6. So um impressions of the morning for those of us who have stupid jobs. Who won? Was ALV discredited/trashed at all? Were her opinions detracted from or belittled? Or did JM look like an ass as usual? Did he score any points?

        • Pretty much.If you take it that according to JM she based her evaluation on a lying,manipulative,flirtatious bitch naming Jodi…yeah you can say that her evaluation is as good as sh*t to him.
          (sarcasm of course I LOVE JODI)

        • Is JM impotent? Was this some sort of Freudian slip? Now, that would explain his anger and fascination with anal sex, wouldn’t it? Hahaha

    • JM looked like a disgusting ass. If there are jurors that are buying into JM’s antics, then JW has to rehabilitate LV.

      • How likely do you think it is that jurors are buying into his stuff? I didn’t hear much, but he seemed somewhat convincing on the manipulative part, although how long he spent on it drove me nuts.

        • Who knows what the jury is buying…most of JM’s questioning was his attempt to discredit the witness. IMO he has failed miserably. Back and forth, up and down in and out…failure.

        • The word manipulation probably didn’t sit well. At one point LV said flirty but then changed back to manipulative. I think JW will need to make sure the jury understands that LV’s notes were NOT JA’s words but taken while she was reading the 1000’s of documents and the data from things like Flores’ report, etc. I don’t think the jurors are morons and can see through most of this, but this is a highly charged case that can go South solely due to emotions (that is what JM is banking on). My other concern (and nothing against the people of AZ or potentially on here) is, the prosecutors “sentient” psychologist may carry more weight with the AZ jurors than in many jurisdictions. AZ has many people who are spiritual and into things like The Secret, Law of Attraction, Sedona’s spiritual retreats, etc., which could play into the “sentient”. IMO

        • I think I’ll never ry and speculate what the jurors might be thinking,I did that once(while Jodi was on the stand and got dissapointed).When LV finally gets to answer their questions I think we’ll have a good understanding of what goes on in their minds.

          • I know what you mean, but I think it’s a safe bet that the marked reduction in questions is owing to the absence of Juror 5. Plus my money is also on a higher level and more polite tone in them to come.

            • He HAS to reach real far back, right Lezlie? : )
              Shows what real evidence they have.
              Flores lied when he told Jodi’s Mom there was a whole lot of evidence against her.
              That was total horseshit.
              I would have just told him that I didn’t believe a word he said,
              same with the Dad.

    • Scored zilch. His point of Jodi being ‘manipulative’ because of flirting and gas cans/hand cuts etc will be further zilched by recross in just reminding the jury of what ALV testimony consisted of and evidence of.

  7. Disgusting,Vile,disgraceful,manipulative,fork tongue,distracting,redundant,aggressor,tyrant,brow beater,domineering person===========a lawyer whose job is to prove in court that someone accused of a crime is guilty even if they ARE INNOCENT of MURDER for they Simply Defended Their self. Overcharged in this case to uplift his career is so evident.

      • Yes I do actually feel better now. All those words just flowed out so easily I can only pray/hope that a few Jurors can see an feel an hear from JM what I do daily. I know they have to wait until deliberation but they are only human as we are and have to have some idea by now of how they feel about JM and Jodi from sitting in that seat for so long listening.

    • just want to wiggle my nose at him I hope he backs himself into a corner to hide just like he is hiding evidence to show what travis was really like 🙂

  8. I have been waiting to comment so my blood pressure would have a chance to settle back into a more normal range…lol. I have some law enforcement experience and know my way around a court room. The thing that continues to amaze me is how THE PROSECUTOR (as he likes to call himself) can retry his case, with different opinions, and scenarios, and theories that have no relevance based on the direct examination by the defense. A Cross examination is to take the information presented on direct and question or challenge its veracity not to present new evidence or theories that the PROSECUTOR has had a chance to dream up during an overnight recess. For the Judge to continue to allow this to happen is beyond me. For an objection to be sustained and then virtually the same question be asked and that objection to be overruled is mind-boggling.
    This trial is taking so long for a multitude of reasons….not the least of which is the fact that the Judge has lost control of the PROSECUTOR. He says and does what he wants. Today with the tape of Jodi’s dad is just one example of how the Judge has lost control. JM should have been admonished and told that he was out of line and that ENTIRE line of questioning should have been tossed out and the objection sustained.
    I learned a great deal from a criminal trial judge where I grew up. The one thing he said he always looked for was desperation on the part of either set of attorneys. When they stared to grasp at straws or make the evidence say something that was not there he knew it was time to put them on a short leash and keep them focused. Case in point, today, what has any of this testimony from the morning session and much of the Snow White testimony have to do with Premeditated 1st degree murder? How does any of what has gone on recently go to prove the case of the PROSECUTOR? Fact is, it doesn’t. Discredit a witness, yes, that is the job of a good attorney. Slander, and profane, and insult, berate and belittle…NEVER.
    I am glad that JW and KN have pushed for mistrial after mistrial because it is on the record for the appellate level judges to review. Should there be a conviction, which I don’t think will happen, there will be a laundry list of appeal-able evidence to help out the defense.
    All said and done, once the emails and text messages, and phone calls were discussed, and with the ADMITTING today that the Mesa trip was truly spur of the moment…premeditation went out of the window. All JW has to do now is just refresh the jurors memories as to what was said and put in all in context, wrap it neatly in package, put a bow on it and call it a day.
    All this said in my most humble but most accurate opinion…LOL

    • DCFAN80 says: GREAT POST GOOD WORDS nice to have your sound advice here. Have you read the FLORES REPORT you can find it at the top of the page

        • Thank you for a great post!! You’ll be shocked when you see the discrepancies & inconsistency in the Flores report…

    • A couple of things you may not know DCFan, which I recently learned, and may help you understand:

      1. “A Cross examination is to take the information presented on direct and question or challenge its veracity not to present new evidence or theories that the PROSECUTOR has had a chance to dream up during an overnight recess.”

      In the states I have worked in, and the one I went to law school in, what you have said is absolutely true. However, it is NOT true in AZ (and apparently, according to what someone else said, it’s also not true in TX). In AZ, a cross examination is NOT limited to the scope of direction examination. ANYTHING relevant to the case can be asked. That’s some pretty broad scope when you have someone like JM doing the questioning.

      2. “[W]hat has any of this testimony from the morning session and much of the Snow White testimony have to do with Premeditated 1st degree murder? How does any of what has gone on recently go to prove the case of the PROSECUTOR? Fact is, it doesn’t. Discredit a witness, yes, that is the job of a good attorney.”

      Before the jury considers ANYTHING else, they have to decide whether or not the defense’s claim of self defense was disproved by the prosecution. Even if they subsequently decide that the claim of premeditated murder was proven, they must acquit if self defense was not disproven. You might want to read that through a couple of times because it’s kind of a mouthful.

      Essentially then, ANYTHING JM can do to disprove self defense is useful to his case. If the jury believes self defense, they HAVE to acquit Jodi. Thus far, ALV has been the ONLY witness to present some pretty damning evidence about Travis that *could* leave the jury feeling that self defense was NOT disproven. As long as JM believes there is even the slightest possibility that the jury will feel that way, he has ZERO chance of getting a conviction. Therefore, he is going to do whatever he can to tear away at the image of an abused woman that ALV presented; to tear ALV up, and to attempt to turn ALV’s evidence around to suggest that Jodi abused Travis instead. He simply MUST do this. Otherwise, he has lost his case. (Of course, I don’t mean I WANT him to do it. I’m just explaining why he HAS to do it.)

      He has to concern himself FIRST and FOREMOST right now with disproving self defense. He’s only dabbling in proving premeditation by casting doubt on ALV’s notes about gas cans. What he was trying to do there (and I only heard bits and pieces) is to say that even ALV doubted Jodi when she heard about the gas cans and a trip to Mesa, and she needed further clarification. However, she didn’t talk to anyone about it. The suggestion therefore, is that JM will present someone to speak further about the gas cans. This is all coming in his rebuttal.

      However, he is not stupid. He realizes that ALV captivated the jury and gave them credible information about Travis, in his OWN words, that they didn’t have previously. JM has got to destroy Jodi or his case is over.

      Does that make sense?

      • Yes, That all makes sense to me. I undestand your points. I have just never seen a trial handled in this manner. It will simply be interesting to see who can wrap that up and make sense of it all for the jury.

        • Indeed DCFan. But there are a couple of other “holes” in the defense case which are going to be problematic.

          1. In order for battered woman syndrome self defense to work, there has to be “some” evidence (and we don’t know for sure what constitutes “some”) that the defendant had no other option than to use a serious level of force to stop the victim. (I’m paraphrasing the law on this subject here.) The jury will be given an instruction on that which they will be instructed, in no uncertain terms, to follow. The problem here is that Jodi testified that she aimed a gun at Travis which she thought was unloaded, hoping to stop him. He came at her like a linebacker, and the gun went off, accidentally. After that, she doesn’t remember why she had to use such force (slashing at him with a knife, slitting his throat) to stop him. This is a huge gaping hole for the defense that they can really do nothing about. They put Dr. S on the stand to talk about memory lapses, but was it successful, understandable? I don’t know.

          JM (much as I hate him) is smart enough to address this during closing arguments. If the jury understands the instructions they are given, they can not reasonably say self defense was proven. The good news is they don’t have to. They only have to determine whether or not it was disproved.

          I think we may end up in a situation where the jury will see it more as a crime of passion and rage and opt for manslaughter — and I believe that will ultimately be a lesser included charge, based on the evidence.

          2. Following on from No. 1 above, one of the biggest problems for the defense has always been the brutality of the killing — the “overkill”. When I first became interested in this case, that was my problem with it. After seeing a few days of Jodi’s testimony, I tended to believe her. I’m a battered woman — the most likely person to understand (although many on the hater sites would put that into dispute). But I couldn’t get past the overkill. Then, I spoke with a friend who asked me to put myself in her shoes but with my ex. Would I have stabbed him once if I’d decided it was my life or his? And I have been in that situation where my life hung in the balance. Luckily, I was videotaping him and the police got there pretty quickly. I had thought about re-entering the kitchen I was backing out of to get a knife to stop him. But I hadn’t taken the thought process much further. Would I have stabbed him once and run? Hell no. I would have stabbed and stabbed and stabbed until I was sure he was dead 3 times over.

          Another part of my process was watching the Wendy Maldonado story one night on HBO “Every Fucking Day of My Life”. She and her son bludgeoned her husband with an ax and a hammer. It wasn’t self defense per se. He wasn’t attacking her at THAT moment. But she had to make sure he was dead, dead, dead. I also read about Susan Wright and Barbara Sheehan. It finally made sense to me. Abused women don’t just shoot/stab/bludgeon to injure. If that bastard walks, they’re dead dead dead themselves. So, they “overkill”.

          But here’s the jury in the jury room with all the photos. They don’t know any of the above. Chances are none of them have been in that situation. How do they reconcile that?

          I was extremely disappointed that ALV wasn’t able to discuss this — for one reason or another. Perhaps she had no experience in the subject matter. Perhaps the defense didn’t realize what a conundrum it presents. I don’t know. But to me, it left a gaping hole. My only hope is that JM puts his foot in it during cross and opens the door for it to be brought up on redirect. But he’s not THAT stupid, unfortunately.

          Again, I think that because of the “overkill” (as the jury will most likely see it) and no justification or understanding of other women doing the same, they will feel they HAVE to convict on at least manslaughter.

          The defense has a tough position. On the one hand, their job is to save Jodi’s life. They’ve done a remarkable job with that. But her memory loss and their inability to explain the “overkill” have left these “holes” as I see them.

          I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but after many many hours of considering this, it’s what I keep coming back to. It will serve JM right because he could have accepted Murder Two in the first place. But it won’t set Jodi free for some more years. Maybe that’s the best case scenario. The public will have mostly forgotten about her by the end of her time and she won’t be like poor Casey Anthony, living in hell and hiding.

      • Thanks AA, you also cleared some things up for me, much as I STILL think its unfair, and in a DP case, you would think that the worthless Judge would give a bit MORE weight to the defense, (and their objections), than to the prosecutor.

    • DCFAN80-
      Nice post. With regard to how the prosecutor gets to retry his case with different opinions, scenarios, etc. as well as essentially new evidence, I read somewhere that Arizona allows a lot of things not accepted in other states. Considering this state allows the death penalty, some of what it allows to essentially build your case as you go along, is extremely questionable-perhaps not from a current legal standpoint, but definitely from an ethical or moral one. If laws and consequent processes and procedures do not contain basic ethical and humane elements, they should at least not be harmful to people, especially innocent ones.

      Even in the case of this bully, accusatory prosecutor, perhaps this kind of prosecutor conduct he displays is considered high quality prosecution in Arizona, and JM is considered a role model for prosecutors in the state. However, JM’s aggressive, demeaning conduct is disrespectful, unnecessary, and unfair in a court of law, especially when it is used on reputable witnesses and experts to negate their character, treat them as if they are on trial, or aggressively try to twist their words or impeach their testimony.

      If this travesty of justice continues, it will just show that neither JM, the judge, nor those in power in the Arizona justice system “get it”. It may ultimate take higher powers beyond them to make much needed reforms in this death penalty state.

      • Thanks, Mattie. If needed reforms are eventually instituted in response to this BS, perhaps there is a silver lining in this dark dark cloud.

  9. have been reading tweets of the trial on @michaelbkiefer twitter account. Reading his take and yours (he tries to be unbiased) I think Martinez is grasping and Laviolette is a tough cookie. He wants Jodi to be unlikeable, and he’s using straw man argument: all liars are murderers, all waitresses who flirt with men are manipulative, Jodi Arias is at fault for everyone’s suffering including global warming, she invented anal sex and Snow White and the seven dwarves are sitting in the courtroom. He is stupid, and Alice is running around circles around him. So because Jodi wrote a manifesto she has high-self esteem? Where is that written and did he present the whole context as Alice has stated over and over again. Sometimes I think the defense doesn’t object because if he brings in evidence the hope they can bring in the context of the evidence. IE the dildo with a heartbeat text that JM tried to make Jodi appear like she used Travis although he wrote six hours (mind you) of hateful, aggressive and demeaning text messages to Jodi! He brought that in to evidence when he questioned her but he failed to elaborate how Saint Travis continued to demean her via text message. He isn’t passionate about his case he’s afraid he’s going to lose and he continues to sound “angry” because deep inside he fears the loss. He smells it close to him. I know Jodi isn’t a saint. She killed a person but look at everything this person did to her. He called her a stalker to his friends and them would invite her over to sleep with him, make herself comfortable in his home, and ask to borrow money from her. He’d talk to her about his love life and about sex. He would do that alot. He probably made fun of her because that’s what I think he implied on his IMs to one of the girls he was interested in. He used her and wanted to manipulate her til he got bored or tired or moved on like he did with Deanna. He used to tell jodi she was a stalker too. Who is the biggest liar? A person in denial because of a traumatic event or a man who wanted to bed, deceive and manipulate all women within 3 feet of him? And sorry to say it but no one even missed him because it took five days for someone to look for him when he was dead in his own home with room mates. Doesn’t imply to me he was the nicest guy ever. Where were his sisters and brothers that now appear on TV? Or his so called friends?

    • Thanks for the post saw that on the morning comment and gratefull you posted it here to good one 🙂

    • nice post FLNANG!
      and LOL on this ” Jodi Arias is at fault for everyone’s suffering including global warming, ”

    • FLNANG I so agree with all that. Where were all the friends Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun an Mon at 10 pm oh they show up WHY? because the very next day was the Business Trip to Cancun? oh but he missed Family Meetings an Business Calls an Church on Sunday. An of course the whole weekend where young people normally GO GO GO he was not missed ? BULL HOCKEY more to the story but we have to go with this. Which is Jodi defended herself that is the Simple Fact he attacked her that day. Acquittal please please please or time served not DEATH PENALTY or LIFE for Self Defense.

  10. watching tv showes about trials I sure hope they were not paid off to convict her it is just strange to me how the judge is only onesided JM side what is up with that

    • Yes, he is another A-Hole chasing money,he says and dicusses what the network has deemed to get the most viewers, like a soap-opera, in order to bring in the most money. This network (HLN) has no standards, ethics, or class. It is evident that the only thing important to them is the money.

    • This is all Chris Hughes’s shit…He’s the one that came up with the Cancun bullshit on 48 Hours, with the evil eyes shit, with the talking to Travis shit warning him about Jodi when the emails show that he and Sky warned Jodi about Travis, and so forth.

      What I can’t get is how JM and EF fell for this shit.

      • Maybe they are LDS ? or have close relations to the LDS Church ? that is my feeling on that. I read that Flores is LDS not sure about Martinez would guess Catholic but I thought Flores was a Catholic an was wrong.

    • Well let’s see…Jeff Ashton implied that a lot of people was making money off Caylee during Casey’s tial time….yet when Casey’s trial was over…Jeff announced his retirement…and a few months later Jeff released his new book that he was secretly writing during the trial…and he made lots of $$$ dollars on the sale of his book…then a few months later…he signed a contract with LMN and made the Casey Anthony movie…and he added more $$$ to ching chang in his pockets…it was said he made in the millions for both the book and the movie….

      So who cashed in…the prosecutor of course…and now he is ready to move on from Casey Anthony….

  11. FLNANG

    You nailed it…

    [quote]And sorry to say it but no one even missed him because it took five days for someone to look for him when he was dead in his own home with room mates. Doesn’t imply to me he was the nicest guy ever. Where were his sisters and brothers that now appear on TV? Or his so called friends?[quote]

    • I work at home so nobody would miss seeing me if I was dead in the shower. However, they would report me not being on phone calls (like Travis missed) or on instant messenger (IM). I have in a few cases forgotten to turn on my IM and didn’t have any calls. In every case my phone rang with people wanting to know if I was ok. Had I not answered I have some degree of certainty they would not have let me rot in the shower for 5 days.

      • Exactly!!!! No one cared. At least you’ve got people who are interested in your well being. No one cares about Travis for five days. They didn’t report him missing or anything.

    • I agree that it taking 5 days was a long time to find someone everyone “loved”. Plus his “best” friend CH went to Cancun after he found out. I will never understand that at all. I do not and never will understand how the roommates and their girlfriends went in and out if that house for 5 days and not notice it.

  12. Ummm, Rainy… This post has scarred me for life:

    “You’re lucky – you only missed JM – he grabbed the judge from over the top of her desk, dragged her across the floor to his desk, spun her around hard, bendt the judge over as he pulled up her black robe. EF handed JM some ky and mean little hilter displayed to the jury the correct technique of anal. Meanwhile, EF was busy clicking away taking pictures…”


    Also, WELCOME ROB! You’re absolutely freakin’ adorable!

    Also, the “point of HOOTERS” is the nipple. 😀

    Also, Renee, Astroglide is more for everyday use, while Platinum Wet (silicone-based lube) is best for fun in the water. 😉

    Okay, where did we leave off, trial-wise? LOL!

  13. Lets play, shall we?
    I would love it if the mods on this site would allow the “pros” to reply to this little questionnaire. I know what the pros will answer, but more importantly I want to know “why” they feel this way. I know we live with a lot of stupid people, but can all of these pros be this fucking dumb? As an open minded person I have to except the fact that I can be wrong, and I would like for someone to pull my head out of my ass, if I’m starting to sniff shit. I would really like to know what the “real” arguments are for a “no” on ANY of these questions.

    Please remember that “possible” does NOT mean “probable”. If you think “sure it’s possible, but I don’t think that is what happened… then you must answer “yes” still. This is not my rule, this is the standard we use in the court.

    1) Yes or No…. Do you think it is possible that TA verbally abused JA?
    2) Yes or NO… Do you believe it is possible that TA Physically abused JA?
    3) Yes or NO… Do you believe it is possible that JA did NOT have intentions to kill TA when she went to his home?
    4) Yes or NO… Do you believe it is possible that JA was not in her “right mind” after the killing started, be it from panic, fear of death, shock, PTSD, etc..?
    5) Yes or NO… Do you believe it is POSSIBLE, even if not probable, that JA was initially trying to defend herself from TA attacking her?

    If you answered yes to #1 or #2, then you MUST answer yes to #5, as this makes it possible.
    If you answered yes to #3, she cannot be found guilty of charge 1.
    If you answered yes to #4, she cannot be found guilty of charge 2.
    If you answered yes to #5, she cannot be found guilty of either count, and must be acquitted of all other possible lesser charges.

    If you answered YES to ALL 5 questions, then you have a larger issue to ask yourself. How in the hell did JM get the CA’s office to back him on Felony Murder and Pre-meditated murder?

    If you did answer “NO” top any of the questions, please explain why. And, “because she let TA ass fuck her” or because she “lied about killing him” doesn’t count. Real evidence other than your “gut” is needed to convict someone, so I would like to hear your evidence. Also, to stop this from being a “I think she is guilty because…” thread, let’s keep it to the 5 questions above.

    So Pro’s, have at it…..
    (i’m 100% sure that the mods will not allow any “haters” to post, so be advised if you are not making an open minded thought out argument, they will just delete the damn thing anyway)

    • I think they are afraid to come here. Sometimes they have shown up and started to attempt real discussions and then it degrades into stupid shit on their part.


    • For the record


      5A? I believe that they were able to get the 2 charges in, because they had nothing to lose. They are trying to “throw shit against a wall to see what sticks”. Why? THE TA FAMILY! I believe 100% that this is all the doing of the TA family. They are pushing for this as a way to mend their burnt bridges with TA years ago. I think they feel like they falied him, and now have the ideal that they can somehow save something by hurting his killer.

      I also believe they are trying to protect their image in their society. They are trying to act how they think others would act. The problem is, they are not really TA’s family anymore.. they left him, he left them. I know my dads side of our family left him/ he left them, and because of that I am also not in their lives..BUT, if something were to happen to me…they would come running to profess their love and heartfelt lose. Its about them. I think this is how TA’s family is. Friends? from what i have seen, he doesnt really have “friends”. I wouldnt call those people friends.

      This is how i think they got the charges in.

      • Answered YES to all 5

        an I agree totally with Sirlips word for word on the answers to why I answered all YES to all questions.

        Family a LDS involvement the community is FLOODED with LDS so are the offices
        in Law.

    • I answered YES to all 5 of them.
      As to how Martinez got the Felony Murder and Pre-meditated murder charges,I’ll never know!!!

      • Maria, we think alike. I cannot even figure out how that lying little turd is allowed to practice law, much LESS how he managed to get these charges in.

        Sirlips, it has occurred to me a number of times, too, that part of what is fueling this family’s desire for DP may be guilt that they weren’t really there for him when he was alive, so trying to make up for that, irrationally, by attempting to wreak vengeance on Jodi, now. And, of course, also, they must be in denial of TA’s abusive nature. It is so hard to fathom how much pain this whole tragedy has inflicted and continues to inflict both Arias and Alexander families.

  14. It’s obvious that Juan Martinez released the interviews with Jodi’s parents to the media last week on purpose!! What timing! Nurmi accused him of trying this trial in the media and I don’t know how he can deny it now.

    • He needs to lose his law license over this…He could, after he retires following this case and writes his tell-all book.

    • He knew that he would try to get this evidence in last week when it was released and HLN was his back up plan just in case things didn’t go his way and he could already have it out there just in case the unsequestered jury watches coverage like they’re not supposed to. I have a feeling that when all is said and done, he will no longer be a prosecutor in Maricopa County but a garbage collector instead!

    • who knows melvis its been like this forever and they complain about the money jodi is spend to defend herself wish i could wiggle my nose and wow money would appear to get the evidence in to save her

  15. Made a comment earlier, while morning session was taking place, about the judge not being on the same continent -let alone the same courtroom where the trial is taking place – and I still believe that the judge should be removed from the stand and both her and the flea be permanently barred from ever practicing any form of law ever again.

  16. Also Abused:

    I answered a question you posed, but it is already way up thread from here….lol.

    We’re all a little excited today and posting like crazy.

  17. ‘Lright folks, I is back from my meeting. Now that the real work of the day is done we can get on with other stuff.

    I thought I left y’all holding the fort. Looks like JM got the better of y’all again.

    Everyones all up in arms.

    Keep the faith going. JW will fix it for Jodi.

    Like the say around her “Aint nothin’ but a thang”

  18. I hope they show the tape of the father in FULL to understand the backround of JA and why she became a TA subject!!! Weird father response!!

  19. I’m not worried AL, I don’t see that JM has been effective in the least. The “points” he has tried to make, IMO, are DULL at best.

    I have been reserving my opinion of the Judge, because I am biased, but I think that a blind man can see that she is most definitely PRO prosecution. I think recently its way worse, I think she’s pissed that the defense has gone over her head in light of her obvious incompetence.

    I was against a mistrial, because I hate to prolong this for Jodi, but this trial is so blatantly unfair that I’m rethinking that now.

  20. Oh boy, saying LV did shotty work. I can’t even believe that JM is trying to get in the father’s interview even though it was when she was only 14 years old.

  21. The judge’s head was bobbling up and down in a yes yes bobble while JM was stating his speech just now…

    She keeps favoring him…

    OVERRULED…you may answer the question…

    • This was the video that the talking heads on HLN aired last week…the same comments they made about Jodi’s father interview sounds like what JM is saying to the judge now….they are helping him in this trial…the media is helping the prosecutor???

  22. And then JM went right into “not abused” as JW requested JM not continue to do. You know the judge will not admonish the jury to disregard.

  23. “at the age of 14, AND ONWARDS” He is disregarding the judge’s decision to limit it to referring to Jodi at 14.

  24. And let’s not forget what JW said, that the father’s statement is prejudicial because he was abusive to Jodi when she was 14. So he’d like for people to think she’s a liar. Oh boy. Poor Jodi.

  25. The judge seems to be ruling in favor of the state again…she is giving him more “rope” with that line of questioning…hopefully Alyce will come out the winner…

    We need that wiggle nose about now…

    I forgot…the instruction manual said you have to charge if for 24 hours before it is fully charged…

  26. Maybe someone should direct him to that hideous jodiariasanus Twitter page… he seems extremely interested in her anus.

      • As long as penises and anuses themselves have existed, I would imagine….
        Anyone else recall Dirty Pickles’ post some weeks ago?
        He said: *I give you a sailor’s answer -> there is no wrong hole”*

        …omg, that made me smile and blush: this vision popped into my head of a row of sailors, all lined up on the deck of a ship floating on some sea, who knows where, all standing outside a line of open port holes of the ship, each unidentified sailor with his pants around his ankles and his backside exposed…. and WHO THE HECK KNOWS WHAT or WHO behind each port hole, a different fantasy for each sailor… I literally burst out laughing and did NOT WANT to ponder upon any explicit details about what might be getting “poked” (anyone see Robert Duvall in those Streets of Laredo western movies?) behind each individual porthole, and just decided okay, doesn’t matter to me as long as there is consent all around, and any and all parties are enjoying themselves and no one is being abused… lol
        Where the heck IS Dirty Pickles lately????!

  27. GOOD GRIEF!!! I was still posting on the last page, lol, taking my time going through comments, NOW there’s over 220 HERE already!!

  28. JW is keeping an eye on pickes as well as jm

    JM immediately tried to go outside the parameters set out by pickles
    pickles limited the enquiry to ja at age14
    then jm said 14 AND BEYOND ie outside the limitation
    if i’m remembering it correctly

    jm back into cutting off al
    a kangaroo court

  29. I wish JW would say we, the defense, didn’t have all the information to look at as far as Texts, etc., because the State didn’t feel they were important.

    • Oh yes I wish she would say that !! maybe it will come but that is the truth an nothing but the TRUTH right there !

  30. There is always reason to consider new info, Mr Martinez. YOU DON’T once you form an opinion, but other people do.

  31. “How can that be if you’ve already reached an opinion?” asks JM. Well, that’s what intelligent people do; not dumbasses like JM who form an opinion from lies then refuse to look at any real facts that may come up later.

  32. Oh come on, that is a ridiculous question, Juan. Her opinion was incomplete? He will literally try ANYTHING.

  33. Please let this end soon! I have been listening to this trial carefully, as have most of you all. If I am having a hard time following Juans line of questioning, AL at time has hard time following (and its about stuff she has read and done!), don’t ya think the jury is lost too?

    • I missed that!! Way to go Alyce!! this has been such a screwed up day with JM that I can’t watch it continually. Seriously it’s draining! glad ALV put him in his place! 😉

    • LOL she basically told the jury that he was being abusive! You can’t forget something that was said, regardless of the Judge telling them to disregard the statement. I Love It!! Go Alyce!!

    • Oh, God that was funny!
      Alyce: I’m an expert in DV not orgasms MR. MARTINEZ !!!!! LMAO

      He was probably hopeing she wouls say that she was alsp an expert in ORGAsms, so he could ask her what one felt like!! !LMAO

      • Exactly. He’s trying to impeach the witness. I think ALV makes a great witness, but she is getting flustered by JM. This is having an impact on her testimony at this point.

        • So freaking what? There is redirect, which will put everything in context.

          This is just shit-stirring.

          I hope he will be done with cross today.

    • Oh thank you Renee – I was getting so ANGRY at quacker spinning his lies, I really NEEDED to be able to have something to laugh at for a respite!

    • He can’t he wears one of those chastity things for the penis an I believe he has a insertion inside the penis for pleasure which prevents ejaculation a plug of some kind. This would cause this great discomfort for him which makes him show such great anger an displeasure to maintain through all these days in trail. My opinion.

      I think it is called a Penis Pincher? I am almost positive his penis is a Red Pecker also from all the pinching through the day.

    • Let’s all write him and tell him what a real one is and when one is faking it.
      If I were his wife it would take me 5 minutes to fake it, : )

  34. There was indication to me in that tape that Jodi did not exist at all for Travis except to be a conduit to his sex deviancy, and she was willing to indulge him. And I wondered why did she subject herself to it. It was evidence of control and abuse to me. There was not a single nice word toward her.

    • She tried to remind him of the time when he made her ‘feel like a goddess,’ when he courted her. But he ignored it. Jodi DID NOT EXIST in that tape, only a convenient three-holes wonder. Travis is disgusting for more than his sex shit.

      • So true, Viri. TA was some piece of work and the more I hear the less sympathy I have. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

        • I agree Cincy
          .Sick of the talking heads calling it “trashing the victim”

          Like someone saod IF he was so loved why didn’t they do something for 5 days?

          The talking heads and haters are trashing Joidi. They’re sickening!

  35. As much as I enjoy the punches ALV is throwing, I don’t think this is a good scenario. She has had to admit to a few errors which is never good. However, I think the jury might see through this but it is impossible to know which way the jury is leaning and, therefore, one can’t know if this is good or bad for the defense.

    • That’s why you have redirect.

      The big picture is JM has no case for premeditation, so he has to throw a mountain of shit at witnesses in the hope something sticks.

    • well if we looked at the mistakes the prosecution witnesses were called on, I think they were much more serious. Its just JM is making them appear to be huge, when really, they are not.

    • I think she is not coming across badly at all. It’s time someone had the courage and balls to stand-up to JM.

      • I agree that she is not coming across badly. I also think the jury understands why she’s making the comments about the “time outs”, etc. I can also see that JM is getting her flustered. That being said, JM is very confusing not just to ALV, but to us and to the jurors.

        • He’s confusing to everybody. ALV handles him better than I ever could.

          Part of the strategy, I would think, is to try to get somebody to lose his or her cool.

          He tried that with Jodi, he tried that with Dr. Samuels, and he tried that with ALV.

          He’s come up empty.

          JM is the only one who is losing his cool.

  36. This man might be the darling of HLN, but I don’t know how anyone can listen to him and think he is anything other than a brainless wonder.

  37. OMG, grasping at straws is such an understatement, and would he stop talking in the 3rd person!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can say me, Juan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. oh, farting martinez, if ANYone was MISTAKEN, it was your parents for begetting you, you slimy little piece of useless crap…
    sigh, sorry, peeps – he pisses me OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrr

    • no need to apologize.Someone plz put him away in an asylum or sth,put him in a strait jacket and when he’s calm give him looooooove.Apparently,noone has ever loved him before that’s why he’s mad at the entire universe!



    at least this dip shit is coming across as a manic, perverted, asshole.

  40. Ladies and gentleman, this is what happens when you don’t get any. You’re entire life. It starts coming out in your career…………………………..

  41. This is for Also Abused. But everyone might enjoy it.The picture you have of J.M. looks like he’s masturbating,while getting it up the ass by one of Travis A. gay friends. HA HA!!!

  42. Thanks Call the nut house to have someone pick him up. Where is the straight jacket. Please some duct tape for his mouth and some meds. Foaming at the mouth maybe a leash,collar and cage.

  43. This is no laughing matter!!!! JM is at the top of his insullance today. Everyone looks distressed. I can’t imagine what it’s like for AL today on the stand, but I personally feel beat up just listeneing to him!

    • That’s why I have really limited myself with him…a teeny-tiny bit of him goes a long way in my book.

      He’s a one-trick pony, and the classic example of a shyster lawyer.

      • Your right … I need to be more disciplined as to how much I expose myself to his abusive line of questioning. I need to follow suit and limit it.

  44. Good grief, it just took me almost 30min to get through this page of comments!! Lol, I was laughing so hard my friend/landlord called up to make sure I wa OK.
    Ms Alyce looks and sounds absolutely exhausted, and rat-face sounds like he’s going to “go in for the kill”-even though most of his “accusations” and “commentary are BS..

      • it cannot come soon enough for ME – I am so TIRED of him – I admire ALV for her stamina, but it just seems WRONG to me that this little monster is ALLOWED to act the way he does, and to get PAID to DO it…. where the hell is the strait-jacket and the duct tape!

  45. Hi Everyone-
    Haven’t been able to watch the trial today and have to wait to see it on youtube. However, I have just caught up on everyone’s posts. Just wanted to say that you are all quite funny, and I would love it if everyone could get together in person to celebrate when Jodi is free. I have a feeling it would be a hoot!

  46. He is desperate, will drag on and on to impress the jury, knowing that his witness’s testimony is baloney.
    Looking forward to recross.

  47. I think I am developing a tic…

    as abused as well all feel watching, can you imagine how Ms. LaViolette is feeling?

    • My heart goes out to LaViolette…… I am sure she just wants to strangle him…… plus don’t foget the TIME-OUT…. That was hilarious.

    • Yes. She is holding on, but this harassment must be so awful without any possibility to defend oneself without being found in contempt. She is amazing.

    • Amen to that Ahsley….. His rope is getting long by the minute. She’s a disgrace……… How the Fk did she get this case is beyond me.

  48. Very interesting…… Today my daughter received email from her university about this case and HLN asking students to sign a petition. We are in the Kentucky….. and this trial is hitting the universities with petitons over this case, and outraged. As a parent, this is one trial I would not want my children subject to as it has more twist than a roller coaster.

    This line of questioning is Bull Sh*t……. He twist and turns everyone’s words and facts. She’s a DV expert not a sex therapist. Jesus Chri*t…..give me a Friggin break.

      • Folks, the heat is on! HLN continues to stoop lower and lower to fan the flames of hatred! The message boards are full of the most venomous, vile, slander and threats I have ever read, fueled by once thought of as professional and intelligent journalists and lawyers and doctors!
        Please join me at “Inconvenient Truths” on facebook and share your thoughts.
        It’s all about Jodi now, but soon I’m sure George Zimmerman will take their stage. Trial by media is simply wrong, folks.
        Please continue to get the word out and our petition signed!
        Thanks so very much for your thoughtful, intelligent, and insightful comments. So many times I read and think, “wow, I wish I had written that!”

    • Well, very few cases have a twit like JM for a prosecutor.

      That’s why you have redirect. Everything will be okay with ALV.

      • Unfortunately if I had to guess I bet there is no shortage of jerk-off prosecutors. What we’re seeing here is probably the standard. At least in Maricopa.

        • grunt yep i suspect you’re right
          that being so, then i wonder why judge pickles ain’t taking a dip of chewing tobacco from a can of denaw

          also, would be instructive to know how and why pickles came to be picked for this job

    • She is prepared. But defending oneself against verbal abuse, misrepresentation of testimony without being able to elaborate, having to answer the same question over and over, is very hard for any one.

        • Did you guys realize that Chris & Sky Hughes were ALREADY in Cancun when they allowed themselves to “officially” receive the news that “something bad had happened to Travis?” I’m pretty sure they did not cancel any of their plans.

          • YES!!

            David Hughes said that they were on the way to Cancun to meet up with others and he got a message saying “Travis is dead”.

            He said that he was going to tell the rest of the group when he got there!
            So they stayed 5 days knowing he was dead and NOT trying to find out what the hell was going on.

            SOMETHING WRONG HERE!!!!

            • Ya what good friends. Really it was a business trip not like just a vacation fun time thing. Like people kept saying. I am sure they get their free time but still they could not come back early? an that is the company Travis was working for so the wheels never stop not even for a death. Come on it is not like they have conveyor lines running truly disgusting to me.

              • REALLY!!!! Didn’t even call his hime.
                What about the girl that was supposed to go with him?
                She wasn’t that concerned?

                I know without one doubt, that if my closest friend was dead, I would make a trip right back home, not stay in Cancun for 1/2 day. I would be back that night..

                They knew he was dead, they had been told. What did they do just go to Cancun and say hey guy’s Travis is dead and then just start business as usual???
                This is crazy.
                I cant believe the FBI isn’t on it.

      • thank you god some one else here see the truth tonysam thank you thank you thank you tonysam now to get the rest of 19,000 who visited this site to see what you just witnessed in court today im not stupid when i say she is been given a death centance before the defence can finish why because the hughes and his gang of wolves don’t want us to know what really happened and I want the FBI to get involved im hopping mad now

  49. ALV should be able to just say “no, I won’t consider a hypothetical without evidence.” Maybe that would end this nonsense.

    • Juan would just whine to Judgie Poo, “She’s not answering my question!” *stomp!* and Judgie Poo would say, “Please answer the question, Mrs. LaViolette!”

      I’m flabbergasted at the liberties being taken and given permission for in this circus courtroom!

    • How is he getting by with assume???

      Let’s just assume that Jodi wasn’t even around there, Mr. Martinez.
      Then WHO do you assume did it?

      • Coldcase, glad you like it, lol.
        My familiarity with the word stems from the context of it being used in reference to medically destroying a particular area of brain tissue that might be best gotten rid of, but it occurred to me that JM HAS NO brain…. anyway I just WISH we could make him STFU!!! lol.

  50. dan hall was in the court room yesterday and now he is comming up with this new shit now they are trying to get JM to make a fool ot of AVL how low can this pople gert to cover up the really story about what really happend the nite he died now the freeman’s are comming forwated and clancy talbert on tv last nite this is so unfair in this is so not fair this people will do any to make sure the truth does not come out. we nee the FBI

    • Tonya, is that Samantha on ypur gravatar?????????

      Oh iv thought about that, the FBI. THIS CASE IS WAY TO DEEP FOR MARTINEZ AND FLORES.
      I missed the Freeman on TV last night, are they coming out now and what are they saying? ??

    • Yup Grunt! Someone aught to send him a jester’s suit in the mail and suggest he wear it from now on…hat with bells included…Although I think the court jester is supposed to be entertaining…JM is FAR from being entertaining…

    • Wont have a ruling till June..mark my words.

      Jm and JW will have Pros expert on the stand for atleast 1 week.

      JW and the nurmirator will for sure be calling rebuttle witnesses now that they have mom and dads statement on record.

      It will take atleast 2 days a piece for final statements.

      The judge will be bombarded with rulings to judge on before she figures out the jury instructions.

      I think the fastest part of the trial will be the jury deliberating. 3 days. If that.

          • Will someone please explain how it is that the State can hide evidence from the defense, and/or prevent them from obtaining it; and then present it in court without warning and pummel an unprepared expert witness with it? Also to badger her about the contents of the videos, when she is there to make an evaluation on domestic violence, which seems beyond the scope of those recordings, which were about the defendant’s history of lying.

            Also, two issues with the parents. 1) They seem to be hostile witnesses (also those videos should not have been made public.

            2) It seems like the State should not be allowed to take advantage of recorded jail interviews, be taking control over evidence that they gain in that manner.

  51. Did you hear THAT? Someone in the courtroom just said as they were filing out, “I have a headache” I KNEW my idea of having a vendor’s cart outside the courthouse would be profitable. 🙂

      • Jodie….You didn’t see this morning’s comments? 🙂 To sum it up..MMMhhhhMMMM the outfit WORKED FOR ME! FIRST THING I NOTICED…FIRST (I think) COMMENT I MADE 😉 His outfit was the only thing that kept me watching…total eyecandy all around. Fashion forward A+ Tie and socks and shirt!!!! Man oh Man! Sharp! The man has got it going! *\ 😮 /* I’d like to see that ensemble with his black suit…

    • Yes! We could sell:

      Pop Rocks
      Tootsie Pops
      Spray on bald spot concealer
      Ear plugs

    • Hell yah…I could make a 100 bucks a day just of the prosecutor…

      I would offer as service to him. before court i would pull the stick out of his ass, smell it and replace it, then after court i could repeat the process? why? Just to assure him that his shit dont stink.

      He would easily pay 50 bucks a pop for this.

      And the judge? I could sell her pens! Atleast twice a week she has to show up with a tampon behind her ear and can’t find her pen.

        • Books and DVDs on domestic violence, on healthy sex, on healthy mind, on the constitution, on media propaganda and how to detect it, on cult victims, on verbal self-defense, on bullying, etc

            • Now you’re cooking. We might as well use the energy and intelligence on this list for something constructive! Did you see the faces of everyone in court there at the end. They all looked totally dazed. I kid you not. It was like cockroach had sucked all their brains out, and filled the space with his end-up-no-where nonsense.

              I felt like I had just relived the 21 years with my ex. I got a new insight about how bullies of cockroach’s ilk deprive the kidos in the home of any adult presence. The abuser occupies all of the minds and renders all content of discussion a meaningless shambles. They suck all of the air out of the space, and everyone else is entrained, slowly sinking down under the mud.

              Domestic Abuse is a Killer.

        • Oooh yeah forgot those!

          Your list is much more extensive than mine anyway 🙂

          We should all start thinking of setting up a chain of convenience stores at every courthouse in every state that allows InSession to come barging through the door. Ca-ching!

    • What do you mean by “May”? The trial is going to be that long or that JM’s cross has gone into the period in May?

      I would think the trial is just about over with.

      • He is not close to being done. Then JW has to come back and rehab. Then JM can do a second direct with recross. Oh and don’t forget the jury’s questions for AL. And then closing arguments etc. If we finish by the end of April I will be surprised.

        • Who else is there left to testify? The month of April isn’t even halfway done, and I thought there were only a handful of rebuttal witnesses.

          • It is taking this guy forever to cross AL and then there will be redirect which will take awhile, perhaps recross, then jury questions, and then rebuttal can occur. Why do you think this is going to end soon when it is clearly way over what it should have been in the first place?

          • Recross, juror questions, reredirect, rerecross, any other Defense witnesses, State’s surrebuttal case, juror questions, closing arguments, deliberations… 6-hour days (max), 4 days/week.

          • Maybe she’s just clearing the calendar “just in case.”

            Maybe she thinks it will take the jurors a month or more to arrive at a verdict.

            • Do you think they can go home in the middle of deliberations? Take weekends off etc? Seems wrong as they could research et.

  52. That last objection was conveniently excused by the judge as she stopped the trial. So undoubtedly Martinez will still ask that question next time. UGH.

  53. JM is continuously cutting off AL’s answers
    and judge stephens repeatedly is allowing this and a host of other improper questioning abuses
    which any competent, and unbiased judge would prohibit

  54. Never in my life have I wanted to stick ice picks into my ears more than I do now! Good grief! This is torture! The ice picks may actually hurt less at this point! 🙁

    • This is nauseating and infuriating. Horrible judge. Horrible trial. Thank goodness Belvin Perry didn’t run a courtroom by this.

  55. why is he bring dan hall and the feeman into this now and the lies they are spewing to JM and dan hall is the ass hole with the dam guns im really mad now call the FBI

  56. Someone posted a tweet earlier that Detective Flores’ daughter is sitting with the Alexander family. What’s up with that?

  57. How can this hypotheticaql BS be allowed? This is going to be a hung jury is my prediction and this case will have to be retried. Hopefully with a different judge and a better defense team.

  58. This stupid fucker has GOT to be trying to throw this trial… He’s just GOT to be; NOBODY CAN BE THIS DAMN STUPID!!!

    • I haven’t learned a single solitary damn thing except that Martinez can’t stop thinking or talking about anal sex and orgasms!

    • Sure, Cindy!

      We learned that spaghetti sticks on ceilings, as well as walls.

      We learned that JM is interested in Jodi’s asshole.

      We learned that if you are louder that opposing counsel, the Judge Pickles Bobble-head will overrule every objection.

        • I thought the cockroach metaphorically RAPED Alyce on the stand today. Once he brought out the heretofore undisclosed information that Alyce is conservatively uncomfortable discussing sex _ he purposely went out of his way to rub her face in it. How many times did he keep repeating anal sex, anal sex, anal sex after that. She was trapped into having to just sit there and take it.

          He actually had to invent a hypothetical fairytale for weaving in every sexual word he could come up with, and throwing it into her face over and over and over again.

          Somebody should have had him arrested. There is no excuse for a cockroach to get away with that kind of horrid nasty, despicable treatment of another person.

          He needs to be reported for the language with which he plastered that modest lady, thinly disguising his purpose as “legitimate cross examination.” It was nothing less than public ASSAULT. I cannot begin to express my outrage.

          We have many legal minds on here. PLEASE help come up with a way that despicable cockroach can be held accountable, seriously, no “slap on the wrist.” It was so deliberate, and so IN YOUR FACE.

          Please help us vindicate what has happened to her.

    • We have learned that JM is twisting everything, in order to disqualify the witness the Defense Lawyers are not objecting enough.

    • Honestly I think he made some points today (and it bothers me) he is discrediting a lot of what jodi said on the stand and he is somewhat discrediting the DV experts assessment

      but i cannot say it now i will have to wait until JW is doing her recross although I’m not sure how it will turn out on the end of her testimony since JM gets the last chance after the jury questions

      • Plus he keeps asking if AL is biased in favor of Jodie… well… come on.. she is testifying FOR the defense after all… so yea.. she might be biased.. I would be if I was there for them..

    • That
      1. According to JM..AL likes Jodi so much and she so bias she’d though 30+ of experience down down the shit-er
      2. AL won’t be buying KY or glidelube
      3. JM is very interested where to purchase the KY & sent AL back to Jodi to get this answered:)
      4. We are still going to be here until May

  59. Curious to see if anyone agrees with me – I think Jodie has actually handled JM the best out of all the witnesses. Yes??

    • I agree.

      I have experienced verbal abuse, and when one regularly experiences it with a sense of not being able to change it (Jodi is stuck, ALV can leave and is not on trial) there really is no need to fight back…can’t do any good.

      • What cockroach subjected Alyce to today is NOT “verbal abuse.” IT IS SOUL SHREDDING. Listen to us putting language out there that suggests this is normal and acceptable – as in get over it, already.

        I am furious 🙁

    • Well… I do think Jodie did well, but I still gotta give to AL.. I still think she is doing great , holding her own against such a bully.. she hasnt raised her voice, or gotten mad etc.. shes been very cool .. Jodie was also tho.

  60. I kicked the judge to the curve!!! Meowingtons are in the house lol I figured with all the little kitty cat gravatars I’d sport my fav Deadmau5

  61. Can you imagine if Belvin Perry (from the CA trial) was the judge here?

    Has anybody seen any of the other trials ‘the prosecutor’ has been in? Have the other judges given him THIS MUCH leeway?

    • I loved it when he threw that young chap in the slammer for giving the “bird”. The shit slinging in this trial wouldn’t fly with Perry.

    • Perry would have had Martinez’ ass in a sling, even if judges do tend to lean pro-pros. And the trial would have been long completed by now.

  62. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    #JodiArias, Alyce, Nurmi and Willmott head back into chambers. Mike B follows along with his stenographer machine. Stay tuned.

  63. Now I need this picture of my “other” baby, (if it shows up, it’s my feline mistress, happily sprawled across the top of the sofa as she strokes my hand & “smiles” 😉 ). I couldn’t get my hand in and take the
    She wants to go cuddle, and since I’m running on 2hrs sleep, I,..WE HAVE to take a break!!
    We’ll be back later after a nap.
    Poor cat, I think she’s tired of watching the rat-face too!! (Every time he raises his voice, she looks up)

  64. Good Grief this little dweeb is going to drive me to something…not sure what though. Does he ever get tired of hearing himself talk? I think everyone should just leave and he could stand there talking, because he doesn’t let Alyce answer any of his questions!

  65. Questions… Does anyone know if any of the legal staff on Team Jodi have had cases with JM in the past…or is this a first for the three of them? Am I the only one seeing that Nurmi isn’t offering very much assistance to Jenn… It appears that Jodi is guiding her objections more than even Jenn coming up with when to object …. Thank God Jodi’s got gumption!

    • Nurmi is very passive, IMO. I believe that Nurmi is more of the bookworm, quite type on the Team. Maybe putting all these motions together. I wish JW would have handled the questioning of Jodie.

    • SEEMED to get in jm’s craw that jodi might have a comparable iq to einstein
      WITH jm it’s not difficult to understand why
      JODI handled him superbly, probably the best
      SHE probably has an iq way up there
      MORE than the entire maricopa county sherrif’s and prosecutor’s offices, including jm, combined

    • IMO Nurmi was the best one to question Jodi. It appears Jodi is very close to him & trust him. His style is slower & this let Jodi answer with long responses. I think JW is the best with the experts. She would be the more experienced in death penalty cases. I’m a huge JW fan. The burden is on her to deal with M1 charge.

  66. what we need is someone to say that this trial is fixed out loud so every one can here it 🙂

  67. cant stand it anymore what i see is the hughes found out travis was a pedo dip shit and asked the 3 boys what happened one told them theres the case

    • Hey Tonya, did you ever do a tarot card reading on the actual camera itself? Incase there were more pictures than the ones they are claiming to be the ‘only’ ones? I feel that there may be more for some reason.