Jodi Arias Trial – Day 42

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There’s not much more that can be said regarding the Snow White related circus from last Thursday… or the respective ages and/or living conditions of the 7 dwarfs… but you can always click here if you want to watch the highlights again.

Consensus of opinion regarding Martinez — in addition to him being a dickhead, and having lost the plot, lost the jury, and lost the trial a long time ago — is that he’ll not be continuing with his cartoon themed antics today. I wouldn’t be so sure though, because it’s never easy to forecast the activities of a total lunatic. No doubt we’ll find out soon enough.

Having said all that, there’s no getting around the fact that Alyce LaViolette is more than holding her own right now against the little guy, and that’s certain to continue throughout the remainder of her cross. She’s basically playing him like a fiddle… just like Jodi did a few weeks back.

Leave your comments below on trial day 42… as Jodi takes one step closer to victory.

Team Jodi


  1. This trial has been going on since Jan 2. I think it is getting pretty close to being the longest trial in U.S history.
    Anyone know how many more people are left to testify?

    • I think there are 10 people left to testify… Snow White… the 7 dwarfs… a woman that lost her laptop… and someone from the Disney DVD department at Walmart.

      Team Jodi

      • OK so now it looks like we all have our game faces on for today 🙂 So SJ what story line do you think we will hear today?

        I do have a question blush, blush… it normal for a young man to want to have that much anal sex?

        I have two grown sons and we have always had a very open relationship talking about sex…perhaps tooooo open at times..(covered my ears at times) they never talked about it.

        • I don’t think it’s normal. I think it’s normal to experiment or play around trying it with a partner. I have no expertise in sexual behavior this just my opinion.

            • My Mom lived in Mesa for awhile so I ask her if she was following trial. She said she couldn’t watch it because of all the sexual content.

                • Cindy Jewell, the question in which you ask is more typical than you might think. I know lots of men / guys that talk about such as something of a challenge. Once you do it, it almost feels like a power move over someone because of the pain in which it occurs, and shows that you have a lot of power over someone if you can perform that act.

                • I saw on Dr. Drew a 17 year old girl who is present at the trial and is doing a paper on it…can you believe a parent allowing a 17 year old girl to hear about such graphic sex and see such awful photos that have been shown in the trial?

                • “Once you do it, it almost feels like a power move over someone because of the pain in which it occurs, and shows that you have a lot of power over someone if you can perform that act.”

                  I have heard that there is also a “naughty” factor for some people who like that.

        • I don’t know what is “normal”…but it is pretty common.

          ” according to the Centers for Disease Control’s National Survey of Family Growth, it’s rapidly becoming a regular feature of hetero couples’ horizontal activities. The survey, released last year, showed that 38.2 percent of men between 20 and 39 and 32.6 percent of women ages 18 to 44 engage in heterosexual anal sex”

          I served on a high school sexuality board 8 years ago and many teen couples were engaging in anal sex rather than vaginal sex to “preserve” the girl’s virginity. Virginity pledgers seem to be use that logic…

          “Although teenagers who take “virginity pledges” begin engaging in vaginal intercourse later than teens who have not committed to remain abstinent until marriage, they also are more likely to engage in oral or anal sex than nonpledging virgin teens”
          “Among virgins, boys who had pledged abstinence were four times as likely to have engaged in anal sex as those who did not pledge”

          So fake virgin Travis probably fit right in this mind thought….

          This article in Stlate “Why do women who have anal sex get more orgasms” has some interesting stats.

        • Personally, I think it’s difficult to say what is “normal” when you talk about sex. I have a female friend who is 91. One day I mentioned oral sex. She was a bit shocked that anyone would do that and claimed she had never performed oral sex and never had it done to her. She had been in the military during WW2. Later, she married and had 2 kids. I don’t think she had many lovers in her life. So, then, I was the one that was shocked because I think oral sex is something that most people (maybe all) do. Of course, we’re from different generations but I always thought oral sex has been around forever.

          As for anal sex, the highest paid porn actresses are the ones that are willing to do anal sex so there is obviously a demand for it. At least on film.

          And, to quote an old line from Woody Allen when he was asked if he thought sex was dirty. His answer: “Only if it’s done right.”

          • Thanks everyone….I don’t live in a box btw. perhaps I’m just thinking of the pain factor…and without KY…I would have killed him myself… I never thought about the “power”.

            • I agree about this thought of how it would hurt and not be enjoyable at all.

              My anus was created to be an exit only 😉

          • My favorite Woody Allen line about sex is when he describes masturbation as “sex with my favorite person in the world.” LOL.

          • There is a tremendous burn-out rate for porn actresses because what is being asked of them is truly beyond the pale.

            There is very little money to be made at it. These poor women get used up very quickly.

          • At the minimum, I think anal sex is something that should be discussed btw the two people beforehand. TA didn’t even ask. That 1st time after Jodi’s baptism was daterape, no other way to look at it.

        • My ex liked anal more when he was an abuser/addict. During therapy he told me that it was about power over somebody. He had issues with his mother and other family members that he would never, ever talk about. It eventually came out that he had a lot of anger towards his mother and things she had done.

          Before him, I had never had a relationship where it was even asked for or talked about – so when it came up with my ex my first thought was that he was secretly homosexual. But looking back I do believe it was an anger/power issue.

      • some of the lawyers today are admitting… he is losing that jury… he is wasting time on stupid questions …move on JM…

    • The Michael Peterson trial was 5 months long.. OJ Simpson was over 8 months… Scott Peterson was 9 months…..I really hope Jodi’s trial doesn’t go that long… It’s bad enough that its taken 4+ years to even get to trial.

      • Gotta wonder about all these Petersen guys who have been wife killers. Were any of them related – Scott, Drew, Michael?

  2. Ok I just saw on the news a brief interview with Juror #5 as she was leaving courthouse in which she said that what happened was over a ‘joke’ and she would talk to the media at some point but she needed to get home and consult her lawyer? Since when do jurors need lawyers unless it’s in the back of their mind to milk a case for money? Jodi’s life is on the line and the jury shouldn’t joke about any of it!! Spectators, on the other hand, can, because JM is making a mockery of this case. Snow White…obsess much Juan? Also I posted this yesterday but didn’t see it later so I thought it was worth saying again. It would be brilliant if JM just fessed up and announced ‘Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. I have a little d#ck. This is what makes me bitter and, therefore, unbearable.’ lol

    • Juror #5 is a dunderhead who needs to be quiet already. But you know that she’ll be going for the media interviews, book deal, etc. She’s caught the famewhore bug.

      • I think # 5 came to trial to get the media’s attention. It looks like a plan of hey everyone I’m over here catch me if you can, and you can catch me at the right price … imo.

    • Maybe she has a sense of humor…I have one and many people DO NOT! Certainly the jury should refrain from joking, as this IS a death penalty case and hardly a laughing matter. But, perhaps it was Juror # 5’s way of relieving some stress that she was feeling. No one knows what the “joke” was about. It may have been irrelevant. I see derogatory comments about her hair, her appearance, etc. She may be a very nice woman but in a judgmental, conservative environment, she may have been on the other’s black list right off the bat. Retaining a lawyer for advice is sensible IMO. I am a bit curious, but IMO waiting for the truth is a good idea.

      • Dorothy, I’ve seen reference to her joke as being something about how much Samuels was paid and she commented they should have invested some money into comfortable chairs for the jury.

        Again, I’ve only seen this as what she MAY have joked about.

        • Well, that “joke” would not have offended me except it may be misconstrued by others as a dig at Dr. Samuels. I probably would have just taken it as “These seats are horribly uncomfortable”. Had they spoken about any other witnesses’ pay rates up to that point in the trial? Perhaps this is why she was in tears, she may have felt it was a harmless statement and the other jurors were blowing it out of proportion. This jury has been there for a long time…I bet they would be uncomfortable even if they had recliners with cup holders…but whatever.

    • LOLOL!!! You meant to say he would yell:

      ‘Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. THE PROSECUTOR has a little d#ck. DOESN’T HE???????

    • Well… no Juror #5 today…. and the last question the judge asked the jury was if anyone had any contact with or by Juror #5… mmmmm I am thinkin shes gone for good.

  3. One thing to understand about Martinez is that he’s not fundamentally a lunatic, but he is suffering from severe cognitive dissonance right now, which accounts for his irrational behaviour.

    It’s probably not fair to judge him solely on this case. I mean he’s not the brightest crayon in the box, but in most cases I guess he would do a reasonable job.

    The problem for him here is that Jodi is innocent, so nothing works.

    But he doesn’t get it ( at least I THINK he doesn’t – it’s impossible to distinguish ).

  4. Good morning all!! Martinez acting the way he has just shows one thing. That Jodi, while testifying on the stand, when everyone thought she should stick to just yes and no questions and that she was a little snarky with Martinez, was far from true. She was VERY VERY respectful and took the abuse from Martinez very well! She showed the jury that SHE has it in her to treat others right and with the upmost respect even if they didnt deserve it. So, Jodi, good for you girl, the only person looking like they need help is the prosecution on the case!!!!

    Team Jodi★

    • Yeah, it’s ironic isn’t it how AL’s testimony about abuse victim’s behaviors match perfectly with how Jodi handled the pros treatment of her. Jodi took a lot of crap from Travis too. I could not have done so well if I was in her shoes, no way!

    • Agree LC!! It makes a good contradiction between Jodi who totally took Martinez´s crap,just like she did with Travis and ALV who is a balanced,powerful,emancipated woman who stands her ground and doesnt take shit from noone when feeling threatened or that she´s been treated with disrespect.Hope the jury sees it!

  5. I guess it is hard to keep talking gibberish when the ship is sinking, you’re supposedly the caption and the passengers are cheering you on. Nothing he says makes sense! I almost pity him but hope he sinks faster than the Titanic! It seems to be even HLN is having a hard time doling out the compliments. They probly hafta pop a valium before they go on air now. If the ultra-conservative Fox News is like ‘WTF?’ it ain’t looking good for the State!!

    • I don’t see this as a left/right issue. It’s more of a muckraking/ethical journalism, fair trial/Lynch mob, chaos/rule of law, lowest common denominator/common decency issue.

  6. It is simply mind blowing how how bad Judge Sherry Stephens is. How can she possibly overrule JW’s objections? This is the most ridiculous trial I’ve ever seen. It’s as if Juan Martinez is the abuser and Sherry Stephens is the enabler who is afraid to do anything about it.

    • I choose to think that she was as dumbfounded as the rest of us and just had to see where JM was going. Kind of like a trainwreck that you don’t want to stare at, but you just can’t help it.

      • I’m totally dumbfounded as to how the judge wouldn’t realize before this trial started how much media attention it would get. It was already getting national attention before trial. Unless she lives in a bubble I don’t see an excuse for not sequestering. Yes, I know AZ doesn’t sequester. So what! It’s her courtroom and she could have done that. She’s just weak. Unless she is friends with JM (which still is no excuse in my opinion) she has let him behave like a big spoiled brat. There’s a reason they are called judges. Maybe I’m missing something.

      • I believe she was curious.Or dumbfounded as you say.Still,she’s the Judge there,isnt she?She’s not supposed to play the curious kitty ,simply to play by the book!!

    • Joe, exactly what iv been saying since the beginning of this trial. Its like shes intimidated by him, it makes me so mad! !!!

      She NEEDS to put a stop to this, he’s making HER look bad too!

      • And she allows all that gum chewing, eyerolling, sneering, giggling from the spectators. Most judges would clear the room of spectators for that behavior, family or not. In the northeast, none of that would be tolerated in a courtroom. Unless things have changed here too. If so, I’m disgusted.

  7. AA, Joujoubaby and any other legal eagles we may have here, I have a couple of questions from a lay person’s point of view:

    Hypothetically speaking, in any trial, how far does one have to go in negating the prosecutions case through presenting counter evidence, and how much of it can be done by arguing that the evidence is faulty, without presenting any counter evidence? I know this probably changes from case to case – but is there some way to gauge. Let me tell you why I am asking.

    As I look at JM’s case I find a number of loop holes, that you could drive a Mack Truck through. However, so far the defense hasn’t done anything proactive to counter this stuff. Now I understand that they have made a claim of self defense and that is what they will present and let the DA disprove it. But the prosecution has presented a totally different theory and the defense has a lot of stuff they can present that would cast doubt on the credibility of the DA’s case. But so far I haven’t seen the defense actively attack this stuff. For instance:

    1. The whole gun shot sequence thing. This is just so easy to debunk – one ballistics expert, one ME with hard case data, and Kevin Horn’s argument is done. All we’ve heard to date is JW’s statement “Well we’ve heard of people coming to the emergency room with an arrow in their head”. I think debunking this casts a real pall on the credibility of JM, the ME and EF and essentially the whole prosecution in that one could argue they are twisting facts.

    2. The gas cans. Just put someone from AAA or something on the stand about whether or not this is common practice.

    3. The car rental in Redding versus Yreka. Just call someone independent to show that Redding is an obvious place to rent a car, since Yreka doesn’t have but one car rental place.

    4. The recovered bullet vs the hollow points ( just have this closed out) and also a listing of other ammo found at GPa’s.

    Three of these witnesses could answers the defenses questions and be done in about 2 minutes. But it would proactively knock three legs out of the premeditation table JM’s trying to construct.

    The witness(es) challenging the ME’s testimony would, in my opinion, cast a serious pall over the entire credibility of the prosecution. It actually puts into focus the fact that they twisted their story around, with a set of untrue hypotheses, in order to argue DP. Not only does this get the jury, but it may end up having legal ramifications for JM, EF and Kevin Horn.

    Even if the defense were to get a surrebuttal, although I just can’t see this judge allowing that, this evidence would not be proper for surrebuttal.

    So why isn’t the defense attacking this now?

      • Best to keep powder dry, let the prosecution paddle up the creek.
        And only then take away the paddle and put a hole in the canoe.
        Err. sorry, probably not the best analogy, hope you get the point.

          • His quick temper, his anger, showing he’s aggressive, showing he’s mean and a bully. To be those are holes in the canoe. Showing he didn’t think twice about knocking the shit out of Jodi.

              • The haters are saying none of that should be believed because it all comes from Jodi. Hopefully the jurors are actually listening. It comes from Sky and Chris, old girlfriends, Travis’s journals, his writings, etc.

                It’s like they’re in denial. Travis was not a saint! In fact, he could be a pretty nasty guy. The prosecution shouldn’t have made him out to be an angel, because not only does the truth about him support Jodi’s self defense claim, it also damages the credibility of the prosecution. Why are they making Travis out to be something he wasn’t?

    • Great questions Al. I am hopeful that after the Dwarves testify, the defense will put their own ME on to dispute the current and very new “theory” of the pros.

    • I’m not a lawyer but I think their focus has been to present Jodi’s DV abuse and that she defended herself. They haven’t tried to discredit JM theory because they’re telling Jodi’s side of the story. I also think JM wants the jury to believe the gunshot came last, but I think it’s his belief or his contention it doesn’t matter if it came last because she premeditated the murder. I don’t know how well versed the jury is with the Internet and car rentals but maybe the defense is relying on the jury’s personal experience.its the prosecutions burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Right now the trip, the gas cans, the gun and the murder all have reasonable doubt. Even putting it together the odds of someone renting a car in a different city/town to save money? Highly probable. Bringing gas cans on a trip through the desert that are borrowed (just to remind you someone would know she borrowed them)? Moderately probable. A single male (who happens to be a Republican not that I like to make stereo types but come on…) owning an unregistered 25 caliber gun in the state of AZ which has laxed gun laws? Highly probable. Now the murder itself… With her history where she hasn’t been violent and she kills a person out of the blue? Low probability of this being a planned event. Plus the crime scene IMHO demonstrates she shot him first he spits blood up at the sink and from there the rest of the scene occurs down the hall. JM wants the jury to believe a gory tale of horror. Ironically, he’s compared Jodi to Snow White a cartoon. Don’t think these two perspectives mesh up well in the jury’s mind. But i don’t know because they may be thinking something else..

    • I have wondered these same things. I also wonder if they could find a record of a return at Walmart for the gas can. It seems like there are so many things they could prove. Maybe it’s still yet to come.

    • They don’t have to is the short answer.

      If you really think the gas cans, rental car, and the obvious twisting of the order of the wounds is proof of premeditation, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

      It costs money to have those witnesses. Jodi is indigent.

      • But if you are being charged with Premeditated Murder I would think you would do everything possible to prove that you DIDN’T premeditate it!

      • I’m not saying it shows premeditation. I’m just saying its so bogus on the face of it, why not just show it as being bogus and let JM rot.

        Doesn’t the state pick up the costs of witnesses etc? I guess they probably have a budget limit, but that shouldn’t stop her from being able to present a valid defense. But what do I know, how the state budgets this stuff.

        • The thing is the defense’s job is to create reasonable doubt with the jury.

          There is reasonable doubt EVERYWHERE in this case, actually enough to acquit Jodi Arias outright.

          However, given all of the media publicity and lack of sequestration, the chances of Jodi being acquitted are next to zero, tragically.

    • AL, As a lay person, I think is comes down to ones live experiences are regarding what they believe to be important factors. I get it, I too want see more of debunking testimony.

      re #1. When I was 10, my father was shot twice and walked above 1/4 mile. I don’t know the calliber of the gun or any details of the wounds. Then you here about people walking in the ER with a bullet in their head..for me as a lay person, I can see this happening.
      re#2. My husband and I ride long distances on a motorcycle. We have to make several stops to gas up. We see tons of people filling up gas and putting them in the back of their pickup or cars. I think we have 5 gas cans in our garage now and use them all depending…where we are going.
      re#3. I have friend and family that will drive a distance to save a buck on a rental car and air ticket. I think the name of the company BUDGET tell why Jodi used them instead of the local Enterprise or Hertz. While we are here at the Budget rent a car place…I work in p/c insurance for 14 yrs. It is a fact red car do get stopped more than any other color of vehicle.
      re#4. I don’t what to say about that one.
      This much I do know..I think it natural for people to want to know MOTIVE and wonder what in the hell went down that day. I think the defense is did a good job in debunking the jealous motive.
      My daughter had a friend murder their senior year of HS. The only thing I wanted to know is WHY? A motive as never established in her case.
      I don’t know if this helps good luck figuring this out.

    • Without getting too technical, it is all a judgment call on the part of the defense. It’s largely a game of resource allocation. And then over here, you’ve got favoritism. (Sorry, horrible Coen Bros. reference, but I digress). But really, I can’t peek into their war room, but I’d guess that they plan to deal with most of that in closing, pound on the burden of proof, etc., and that they put their $$, time and energy into these experts. I think it was the right call, which is having the probably unforeseen but no less dramatic effect of causing an utter mental meltdown in the prosecution, and highlighted by a passion play with each of these experts which casts Jodi as a victim, and Travis cum Martinez as the abuser. (Apologies for poor syntax)

      • But aside from my experience of having to allocate scarce resources in trial prep, without knowing exactly how a trial will play out, other people’s lay opinions on this would be as valuable as mine.

    • AL,

      I totally agree that it would only take a few more witnesses to debunk JUAN. Maybe you should email the defense office or call them.

  8. I ho,I ho it’s off to court I go’I ho ,I ho is what I’ll say to judge pickles,I ho I ho I ho I ho. This is what our Crumpy little proseucutor is saying right about now as he is wagging his little dick with the tweesers.after taking a wee.GOOD MORNING EVERYONE, AND HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND.

  9. I’m always interested in people’s family histories. Their stories are all very compelling in their own way. And you can often understand people a little better if you know something of the people who were most influential in their life and the family dynamics. With that I decided to do a quick look at Travis’ immediate family and I find interesting clues about how and where he learned his views of the world (and even perhaps of women and relationships).

    The one thing that jumps out at me about Travis’ immediate family is that his father, Gary, was married three times, producing six children, two in the first and then four in the third although it appears he was not around to participate in any of their upbringing on a daily basis. (Gary’s mom, Norma Jean, must have been real proud of his Mormon family values.) Here’s the facts as shown in public records:

    Travis’ father: Gary David Alexander b. 1948 d. 1997 (on Travis’ 20th birthday)

    Married: (1) 1967 – 1973 Carol Elder
    Gary David 1969
    Dennis Gregory 1971 (this is the Dennis with the Riverside police record.)

    Married (2) 1974 – 1975 Patti Ann White
    No children

    Married (3) 1977 – 1984 Pamela Elizabeth Morgan b. 1953 d. 2005
    Travis Victor 1977 (born 3 months after his parents married)
    Tanisha Joy 1979
    Samantha Ann 1981
    Hillary Jean 1982

    So Travis’ parents divorced when he was 7 years old, most likely leaving his mother with four children aged 7, 5, 3 and 2. I wonder what kind of financial and/or emotional support she was getting from Gary. And (speculating only) could there have been a bit of infidelity on Gary’s part during these marriages? He married his second wife within a year of his divorce from his first wife, and that marriage only lasted 14 months.

    I’ve been unable to learn when Travis (and his three younger sisters) went to live with his paternal grandmother. But here’s what we know of her: Norma Jean Preston was born 1932 in Oklahoma but by age 8 is living in Corona, Riverside County, California with her parents, Ollie and Vida Preston (as well as with her 18-year-old brother Dennis and his 16-year-old wife, Mildred.) In 1947, at age 14, Norma married John David Alexander and they continued living in the Riverside area. Besides Gary, Norma and John also had another son, Michael (who is apparently still alive, according to Norma’s Dec 2012 obituary.) It appears that Norma and John may have divorced at some point in the ’50s (and then perhaps even remarried in 1960 but then divorced again shortly thereafter) because in 1963 Norma married James Ner Sarvey (1938-2002) who was apparently around when Travis was living with Norma.

    Of Travis’ grandfather, John David Alexander, we know that he was born and raised in New Mexico in a family of at least 10 children, a farmer’s son. He appears to have been married twice, having married a Carolyn J Hottle in Riverside in 1964. It is believed that he may still be alive.

    • Oh crap Ms. B, since you spelled out the genealogy there in Oklahoma I need to see if I am related to them…there is a slight family resemblence with the women.


            • BeeCee, maybe we are related too. I am a 5th gen Oklahoman on both sides- but I see no family resemblance, fortunately with any Preston nor Alexander….and I have no Okie relations either. My forbearers all stayed and toughed out the Depression (some people call us stubborn, we call it tenacity)

              • We have the dark hair petite going on in our family. I do have a sibling who must have inherited the same eye-rolling that Samantha has!!! (NOT saying we are related…just saying it is funny)


                If you think about it a lot of us are probably related in some way or another….

                • six degree, six degrees…My daughter has the eye-rolling thing thing DOWN…but I’m chalking that up to her being 13. I just hope they don’t get stuck that way!

      • LOL.

        pretty common then, doesn’t make it right.

        I jokingly call my grandfather on one side a pedophile because he was in his 50’s when he married my grandma who was 16. (I never knew him, he died the year I was born)

        • My dad married my mother when she was 14 years old. He didn’t know how old she was.

          She lied on the marriage certificate she was 18.

          This was back in 1931. Her mother was horrified they got married, but she like my dad, who was 23 at the time.

          FTR, I am almost the youngest in the family. I was born many years later.

          • My great-grandmother was 14 when she married my great-grandfather. He was 21, I think. The sad thing is that they had three kids and then divorced…she left with one son and left my grandmother and other great-uncle with their father. He remarried and my grandmother didn’t stay in contact with her bio mother. So growing up, the woman I knew as my great-grandmother was actually my step great-grandmother.

        • You’re right, Kira…there is a Steven James Alexander born 7 May 1986 whose mother’s maiden name is Morgan. I missed him in my research since he was born in San Bernardino rather than Riverside. I would need to know more about Allie to find her. I will post a correction below.

    • Correction to Alexander Genealogy (see addition of Steven James below):

      Travis’ father: Gary David Alexander b. 1948 d. 1997 (on Travis’ 20th birthday)

      Married: (1) 1967 – 1973 Carol Elder
      Gary David 1969
      Dennis Gregory 1971 (this is the Dennis with the Riverside police record.)

      Married (2) 1974 – 1975 Patti Ann White
      No children

      Married (3) 1977 – 1984 Pamela Elizabeth Morgan b. 1953 d. 2005
      Travis Victor 1977 (born 3 months after his parents married)
      Tanisha Joy 1979
      Samantha Ann 1981
      Hillary Jean 1982
      Steven James 1986 (this one is confusing, and maybe one of the reasons I missed him on the first go-round, since Travis’ parents divorced, according to California divorce records, on 2 Aug 1984.)

      I also now understand there is a sister Allie as well but I have no information on her. Anybody know anything?

      • Maybe Travis’ parents reconciled but didn’t remarry, and had Steven then. I think Allie has a different last name, so she may be the mother’s child from a later relationship? I don’t know if Travis’ parents were still together when his father died.

  10. OK, I finally found the support site for TA on FB. I guess I really didn’t look too hard in the past, bcuz I found it rather easily. I think if TA could see the stuff that was posted on there, he would be rolling in his grave, and rolling towards the closest youngest human in the graveyard at that. I don’t mean that, but maybe I do in a sense. This guy lied to women, abused them, manipulated them, and finally went too far and paid the price. You can clearly see from the IM’s, Text messages etc… that he was getting madder and madder, and saying things that were more intense, so her story of him getting more abusive, physically, makes total sense from the evidence that was presented, not just from the stories or interviews that the experts had with JA.
    I hope that JM is found guilty of little dick syndrome. There is enough evidence to show that he has little man / dick syndrome, and judge pickles should go ahead and use her gavel and say “JM, you are guilty of having a little one”! HAHA
    Who compares Snow White to JA, and compares prince charming to TA? WTF!!!

    JA, Not Guilty, and I hope she gets off on self defense and was justified. If I was on that jury, you couldn’t convince me that it wasn’t self defense.

    • For real.

      Who the fuck would find Snow White guilty and put her to death.

      I am looking forward to more today….. this little guy is throwing this case.

    • I know he didn’t get that he’s doing that because he wants to misconstrue Alice’s testimony. She’s not allowing him to do that and she’s doing a very good job at it. I heard the CE on HLN radio because I’m driving can’t watch it while driving then I watched it instead and it gave me a very different perspective. JM gets very testy and annoyed. He’s even flustered because Alice was cool while answering and she tells him I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question whenever he would mischaracterize her work and testimony. He even puts his hands in his pockets to control himself. I sensed a lot of insecurity from him. He also lost his line of questioning because he asked her about whether Jodi wrote anything negative about Travis and then jumps to whether she wrote anything negative about herself…. At the end it’s attain wreck and he’s not focusing on facts. He’s focused on confusing the witness and making her appear as if she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He gets personal rather than focus on the case.

    • He knew he was a deeply flawed individual, yet he couldn’t bring himself to get the counseling and psychiatric help he needed to deal with his issues.

      Why is this so hard for people to understand?

  11. Food for thought, from 1869:

    ” There is never any want of women who complain of ill-usage by their husbands. There would be infinitely more, if complaint were not the greatest of all provocatives to a repetition and increase of the ill-usage. It is this which frustrates all attempts to maintain the power but protect the woman against its abuses. In no other case (except that of a child) is the person who has been proved judicially to have suffered an injury, replaced under the physical power of the culprit who inflicted it. Accordingly wives, even in the most extreme and protracted cases of bodily ill-usage, hardly ever dare avail themselves of the laws made for their protection: and if, in a moment of irrepressible indignation, or by the interference of neighbours, they are induced to do so, their whole effort afterwards is to disclose as little as they can, and to beg off their tyrant from his merited chastisement.”

    John Stuart Mill , The Subjection of Women, 1869

    • Wow. 1869. And still, so little has changed….
      And all the dullest knives in the drawer, drabbest crayons in the box, and dimmest stars in the sky just keep right on trying to NOT rock the boat, and be obedient little sheeples, put the blame on Jodi and keep kissing the asses of belligerant power brokers instead of standing up and THINKING for themselves.

  12. Travis Alexander Fund Raiser – necklace???? WTH??? Okay this is starting to stink of a scam by some of the minions, FB site asking 33,000.00 ‘likes’ to each send in 20.00?? 66,000.00 if they all send in. That’s MORE than I make in a year????

    Need more coffee…it’s going to be one of those days!!

  13. Gail…the vultures are circling…nothing like someone else’s pain, suffering, hardship, victim status, etc. to bring out the best of humanity huh? It’s so pathetic and disheartening.

  14. I saw an exchange between Beth Karras and one of the men on the afternoon segments and she said that she had been given the Travis emails (yes, the ranting ones) over a year ago…yet you noticed no one at HLN ever aired those.

    I have no idea why I’m upset about that – I saw what these same talking heads did during the OJ trial.

    • Yes. And then they were shocked by the verdict. Casey Anthony case too. There was simply no evidence in the Casey Anthony case, yet they chose to blame the jury.

  15. Travis wanted a (pure) wife, according to a poster over somewhere in another universe. What is a pure wife mean? Virginal, barefoot and pregnant, has no input except to ask “What would you like for dinner?” Shuts up and doesn’t talk back? Is there any woman that is like that anymore? Do Mormon men expect that type of behavior?

    • Pure wife should also blame herself at all times when things are not smooth, write in a journal what she should do to ameliorate herself, and should know by the Law of Attraction that she is guilty of not being positive enough to attract such misery upon herself.
      There never were any such wives except for shriveled stunted souls living in hidden 24/7 self-flagellating obsequious slavery and thanking the lord to have such a ‘good’ master who forgave them their faults.

  16. I wish the public would remember that AVL IS ALSO an expert in trating perpetrators of domestic violence and TA has to be on trial as well. She helps men she does not hate them!!

  17. I bet JM’s wife has his balls in her pocket at home. That’s why he darts around all crazy. I’m sorry if I seem like a hater but his behavior is so unprofessional!!

    • If there is a woman who could stand to be around him, SHE’s the one with the balls – that’s why he’s so angry…he has none….

    • LOL I wondered that, I don’t know if he is married, doesn’t mean anything, but he doesn’t wear a wedding ring. I’m betting he thought about his theatrics on Thur, and will tone it down some, but then again he is playing to the camera.

        • I’ve read that he’s gay, and I’ve also read that he’s not married but has a long-term girlfriend. Either way, I don’t know how any partner could stand to be around him for long.

          Imagine Kermit in the bedroom:

          “What’s my name? You know my name, RIGHT?”

          “The Prosecutor! You’re the Prosecutor!”

          “You like getting it from The Prosecutor, DON’T YOU?”

          I just made myself ill.

    • Can you imagine what their fights sounds like? “The HUSBAND is angry!!”, “The WIFE should not talk back to HUSBAND that way!!”, and on and on and on… 🙂

  18. Quoted from yesterdays link, JM boss’s interview -“I’m starting to become very concerned that the media circus here is going to create an appellate issue, where they can say at some point because the jury isn’t sequestered,” he said. “That there’s no way that they could have been affected at some point. And that’s a big concern that I have. I think if the court had any sense that we would be where we are now, that [sequestration] would have been seriously considered.”

    Arizona hasn’t a sequestered jury in a very long time.

    Montgomery believes one of the reasons for that is because it’s very hard on the jury members, and it would be difficult for them to concentrate on the trial when you pull them from their everyday lives.”

    Something VERY bad jumps out at me here. let me re-quote part of this…
    “it’s very hard on the jury members, and it would be difficult for them to concentrate on the trial when you pull them from their everyday lives”.

    So, is the CA really stating, on the record, that anyone that is pulled away from their “everyday lives” may not be able to concentrate on a trial? I believe that this would go far ALL people involved then, wouldnt it?

    I’m pretty sure the law states that a defendant has the right to full participation in their trial and that the state needs to allow them the ability to do so! How can this man say the reason that a jury shouldn’t be “pulled away from their everyday lives” is because they may not be able to concentrate on a trial, yet they will put a defendant on trial in custody with CONVICTED people, wake them up at 4 AM, feed them twice a day, unless they want to split one of the meals in half and save it for later, not be given the basic “stress releases” that a person not in custody would have at their disposal, etc….?

    If a juror can’t be expected to “concentrate” on a trial while staying in a nice hotel, then how in the fuck do they expect a defendant to “concentrate” on a trial when they are being treated like an animal in a cage?

    I would guess that the CA would say something along the lines of “a person gives up the right to these freedoms” when they are charged with a crime, however i do not see this as a valid argument, as this constitutional right is only for people that are charged with a crime, so that wouldnt make any sense.

    If the defendant is expected to be “with it” at trial and be able to fight for his/her freedom, even when in an environment filled with stress and penalty, then the jury should be expected to be able to handle it also. If not, then maybe they need to look for better jurors.

    THe CA’s own words should/could/will be used as an argument in appeal. An appeal can now be made that Jodi was not given the needs to fully defend herself. If the courts try to say this isnt so, then the CA himself should be called to testify on the statement he made above. If the CA agrees that the defendant can infact “concentrate” while in jail, fed 2 times a day, etc… then he needs to answer the question “why wasn’t the jury sequestered?” again. Mr. CA, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • I saw that too, Sirlips. Just his statement alone could be used in the appeal process. His ADMITTING he is concerned that they are not sequestered is HUGE.

      • I almost think the D.A. is TRYING to get a mistrial, or, failing that, getting any conviction overturned on appeal.

        They got in over their heads with this case.

        • I think Juan-abee is also purposely throwing this case. I don’t know why, but I have to believe that SOMEONE has told him he has gone over the edge into lunacy.

          • I was thinking that myself awhile back, but I think JM thinks too highly of himself to do that. This guy really believes that Jodi premeditated this murder, which shows his lack of competence. Anyone who thinks that because she had gas cans with her to drive across the dessert at night is tantamount to premeditated murder are complete imbeciles. I lived in the dessert, you never leave home without at least 5 gallons at all times.
            But one thing that truly concerns me is what someone had said awhile back, concerning this jury and not being sequestered. I’m really worried that they will give her a guilty plea for fear of the lynch mob afterwards. HLN is completely to blame for this, and we would all be doing a civic duty to complain as much as we can to whoever will listen to make sure this never happens to another defendant. If they want to allow media into the courtrooms, make it ONLY CSPAN. They just show live coverage and that’s it.

      • I remember in CA trial potential jurors being asked extensively about their ability to be away from family and jobs. If it wasn’t too much of a hardship combined with court’s going out of it’s way to make sure the jurors were comfortable, then I don’t see how it would be hard to concentrate on the trial. The judge for Casey was great about making sure the jurors were fed good and comfortable. He set a very good example.

    • I agree Sirlips…and I would add that those draconian rules they have in their prison system in Arizona should NOT be able to be imposed on a “defendant” EVER – ESPECIALLY a “defendant” who is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty…

      There is NO WAY JA would ever get a fair trial in Arizona even if they were sequestered. Between JM, scumbag Flores, samantha stephens, – how could she?? And now we add the CA who’s flapping his mouth to the same medium being blamed for reporting on the trial…

      It’s an insance display of “How NOT to try a case” and it should be taught in law schools around the world. IMO (LOL LOL)

    • “it’s very hard on the jury members, and it would be difficult for them to concentrate on the trial when you pull them from their everyday lives”.

      And in 2013 part of all our everyday lives is some sort of connection to social media.

      So one could go martinez and twist those words to interpret he meant: ‘it would be very hard on the jurors and difficult for them to concentrate on the trial when you pull them from the everyday aspect of social media.’

      Nurmi was 200% correct in his motion its a fairy tale belief the jurors are 100% pulled from some sort of connection.

  19. We need to remember, pro JM followers think he is superior and credit him for thinking “out of the box” and he like to trump with his Ace during the last hand. So we will see..does he have a wabbit up his sleeve?

    • It’s incredible to me that some are able to see it that way, but I know you are right,because every time I go to WS to take a peek and see if they have finally changed their tune after more time and information have been gone through, i have been consistently disappointed. I have come to the conclusion that their decision-making is based on faith rather than logic, and that they place more credence in their own subjective beliefs and emotions than they do in objective facts and evidence. It is like trying to reason with members of a cult from medieval times. Their false god is Juan Martinez and their false messiah is Saint Travis.

  20. Can anyone expand on this? … I was listening to a online radio show that Katie Cool Lady speaks on (KCL is watching the trial and has befriended TAs family). Katie was saying that on Thursday at the 3:00 break, AL got off the stand and walked over to TAs sister, Sam, and spoke to her. Katie does not know what AL said to Sam but Katies concern is that is violates the Victims Bill of Rights. Anyone know more?
    Also, other guests on the show – – and I was wondering if they are watching the same trial! Anywho, basically they said Samuels and AL careers are RUINED.

  21. This whole thing troubles me – and at so many different levels. Not only do I fear for Jodi (and do so hope the jury is hearing her underlying story – devoid of any input from what I call the “HLN Hate Parade”), but it also frightens me to see the incredible amount of hatred spewing from what seems to be about 90% of those following the trial. (It’s like they’re watching a different trial than I am!) Where in the world is all that profound anger coming from? I know if you were to ask any of them, they would say that their righteous angry is because of how Travis was killed. But no, there is definitely something else going on here, at a much deeper level, like an unfulfilled need to just find somewhere to vent one’s unresolved anger – and Jodi has turned out to be the most perfect target. And it is this blatant display of misogyny that further unnerves me. Even though I have always known that it has forever dwelled within our social sub-structure (and definitely within many others), this trial is showing just how deep it actual runs. (I even get a feeling that women are spewing out even more hatred at Jodi than men are.)

    But maybe it is a good thing to have misogyny raising its ugly head, possibly providing a momentary opportunity to lop off at least a small piece of that head. However, that alone could be a monumental job. After all, we’d be trying to use logic against unexamined emotions, a very tough sell. For instance, look at the fact that 90% of the viewing population would rather believe that a young woman (of above average intelligence, with nothing to gain except some very major heartache – to say the very least) would, without any physical provocation, slaughter the man she loved, simply because he wasn’t taking her to Cancun (with a popular attitude that this is, of course, how we “scorned women” typically behave). These folks would rather believe that bizarre story than believe a man who has displayed a great deal of disrespect for women (not just Jodi) could possibly have also been abusive. And even if they do acknowledge Travis’ misogynistic tendencies they would simply follow up by saying “but that doesn’t prove abuse.” What they are not understanding (because their hatred is getting in the way) is that it doesn’t need to prove anything, it simply needs to diminish the probability (to a point called “reasonable doubt”) that Jodi was the initiator of the violence.

    But it seems that “reasonable doubt” does not play much of a role in the justice system of the Court of Public Opinion. They are all self-proclaimed judges, jury and wannabe executioners who seem to have absolutely no doubt that they already know the truth (even before hearing the facts). They even want Jodi to defend herself but to be sure not to say anything negative about Travis because that is “character assassination of the victim.” (She’s damned if she does – and so forth.) I really don’t get it – and yet I do. Scary – but, at the same time, enlightening.

    • Excellent post. There is so much misinformation circulating. I was listening to a radio show where some one who was “in the court room” said that Ms. LaViolette said that Travis was the most abusive person she had ever seen… and then said ALV told JM on the stand that he was acting like an abuser. WTF trial is she watching??

      I see on the TA site some dude who says he is in the courtroom every day. Yet his posts state he is in GA… his answer? “I just need to update my phone” Uh, no. You are not there.

      This trial will be used by law schools forever, as an example of how NOT to try a case.

      • Yeah, and that is ridiculous. ALV said nothing of the sort about Travis or Kermit. These people love to make things sound worse than they are.

    • Ms. B!
      What an awesome post!!!

      The more I read here, the more I love this site!
      The way that people here think, the way that they share their experiences and opinions, it is such a wonderful collection of good and decent and reasonable and intelligent minds, from diverse backgrounds and opinions…. it feels like home to come here. I dont want to sound maudlin, but geez, I just find myself loving all of you! Even though we are in the minority, at least WE EXIST, and that gives me so much HOPE for the future of humanity. Hope that was very SCARCE to be found for me, before I found this site and discovered all of you. People who make sense. People who THINK! People who are NOT RULED by hatred and perceived righteous vengeance. Thank you ALL!

      Okay, that is my rant for today….

      • I agree with you 100% Sable. I feel we are lucky to have found this site and every time I hear/see the haters in action I can’t help but think; the meek shall inherit the earth – and I think I now know what it means. 😉

  22. I was wondering how do you get a photo by that little G symbol? I am ready to come out. lol Point well taken in the ‘no balls’ comment. I bet he finds a way to work in Rapunzel today since it’s the latest Disney fad. No way will he attempt Beauty and the Beast!

  23. I really really hope at this point there is no mistrial. I think the defense has won this case 100%.

    However, I do think the jury should have been sequestered from the beginning and they should be in court 6 days a week for 8 hours a day with a 45 minute lunch. Not to sound harsh but if I was a juror, especially if I was sequestered.. I would want to be in court 10 hours a day 7 days a week just to get done quicker. They are prolonging the amount of time these people are away from their jobs and everyday lives. I’m sure they were asked in the beginning if they were willing to participate for an extended period of time but still. They are not using these peoples time efficiently as they could be.

  24. How do you guys get the little pictures up there? You know with the dogs and cats and stuff.

    I’m really tech savvy in some respects and totally lost in others.

      • I guess (by the time I got here) you already went to gravatar..
        Is this a Lab pup? Your family’s? Adorable!!!!!
        Your family life sounds so charming. If I was an orphan, I would beg to be adopted into your family. Then I would ask you to take us on family vacations to Janeen’s and Maria’s to meet all their cats! And then, maybe to Cindy’s to raid her refrigerator. And THEN, maybe ALL of us, AND ALL of our cats and dogs, could take a trip to Canada to see Gail and that cute Husky pup, cuz I think I saw her post that she would serve CAKE to anyone brave enough to go that far north?

        JK, folks, i am just being extra crazy today, i guess.

    • AL ask one of your little bundles…..and see the look in their eyes… My son told me I had not right to have a cmputer…I told him I was useing one long before he was in this world….hummm but he was

  25. Man, those folks are insane… look at this post from the TA site:

    I had the WORST insomnia last night!! I laid in bed wondering if Juan Martinez was sleeping, what was he thinking…oh man, he is one incredible man!! Love him…

    WTH? They have gone off the rails…

  26. As I was cleaning out my closet yesterday I found myself thinking about Jodi. Contained In a box of books that I was sorting , there was a book about the law of attraction, a book about Wicca , a book about Hinduism and a bible. Not to mention books by Wayne Dyer and other positive thinkers. Most of those books were purchased within a couple year period somewhere between ages 26 -28 years old. I’m about the same age as Jodi. The media has taken all that and spun her into some Wicca practicing psycho…all I see because I know is someone in a transitory place in their life looking for something greater than themself to guide them. Unfortunately for her, she found guidance in someone else…who helped down a terrible path.

  27. I’m back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, sounds like I missed a really great week of testimony and crazy antics! I have a lot of you tubing to do. I just got back from a cruise, so I didn’t have internet for a whole week, and I’m trying to get caught up.

  28. Jeeze… my IQ is dropping listening to a radio show where some dumb chick who is writing a book…she says, “When I was a prosecutor, I wanted to slap the other sides witnesses, but because you cant, you have to verbally punch them to show the jury you are on their side.”

    she also claims the mostly male jury would never sentence a woman to death who is willing to perform porn star sex acts…

    America has gone to the shitter.

  29. Hi everyone,Here is part of a response I received from did this but not sure if it will work so if all respond it might help Thanks!..Also there are two petitions going around.Its gonna be a good day.I have to keep the faith in our”justice” system.
    If you spot content on our site that is in violation of our Community Guidelines, notify our moderators by clicking the “X” on the top right of the content if it is a comment, or clicking “Flag as Inappropriate” at the bottom of the petition if you would like to flag the entire petition. Our moderation team will review and take action as needed.

  30. I can’t believe that Amazon has allowed all these haters to attack LaViolettes Book and Reputation.
    I sent a complaint now they are attacking anyone who is not against Ms.Laviolette

      • Annie,

        I totally agree. But considering the othersides IQ and mentality it doesn’t suprise me. It’s almost as if America gets off on watching someone get the DP whether they are innocent or not. It’s a sick world we live in today.

        As for Amazon and calling them, rememeber folks you are talking to NON-Americas, there calls are overseas in India. I only know this because my daughter recently order something and put the wrong address in for shipping and had to call them. She asked where the calls are being handled and he responed ” in India”.

        You have a right to ask to be transfered back to the U.S. or to talk to someone in the higher -ups. I do this all the time if I have a complaint.

        Hope this helps.

  31. There are three key words to keep in mind here. Reasonable, doubt, and overkill. Reasonable and doubt go together of course and J.W. and Nurmi have raised plenty of that in my opinion. Overkill is the use of excessive force or action that goes further than necessary to achieve it’s goal. It implies that, while the goal was accomplished, there was collateral damage as a result. It may be a literal term referring to physical damage, though it is also used in colloquial conversation as a metaphor. ( From Wikipedia ) Overkill is the hardest hurdle for most people to get beyond in this case IMHO. Travis is dead and Jodi is alive and Travis died a horrible death. Self defense during a life or death struggle causes overkill but it’s going to be the reasonable doubt that will ultimately decide this case. They can prove that JA was there when the crime occurred but there is reasonable doubt that the death was a murder. That’s all the defense has to show.

  32. Can someone help me to get my picture to show. I have created the account and added this site to the links tab but still will not work. Only I could have a problem with something so easy.

  33. Possible Reason for Number of Stab Wounds

    From “Terminal Ballistics”

    “The mental state of the target definitely has an effect on the reaction of a bullet hit. The same strike may make some people give up WHILE MAKE OTHERS BERSERK. This is a factor in incapacitation, but one nearly impossible to predict and unrelated to bullet characteristics.”

    Maybe, Travis went berserk when he was shot and therefore, it took a lot to subdue him. One point about how Travis died. The wounds may look horrific but he did not die a slow agonizing death. It was over very quick.

  34. This trial is 3 months long now mainly because they take so many days off and the days they are in court are so short. No Fridays. They took 2 weeks off early in this trial. People have been ill including the Judge for a few days. The sidebars are ridiculously frequent and lengthy. They are only in court from 9:30 until 4:30 on a good day and that includes 90 minute lunches and breaks. There has been surprisingly little testimony if you really think about it. There have been sideshows to deal with that have slowed the proceedings down.
    They need to sequester the jury, (that isn’t happening I know) they need to hold court on Friday and on Saturday for a half day. They need to to go more hours during the day.This trial could be over much quicker with a competent Judge. She can push the lawyers to move on (I’m talking about you Martinez) instead of wasting so much time on mundane nonsense.
    She has been the Ring Master of a Circus. This trial is embarrassing and it’s producing fame whores over justice.
    There are so many appeal possibilities for Jodi and the defense that this trial will end up being a huge waste of time and money…..unless Jodi walks which I want to see happen but don’t believe it will.

  35. Hey everybody – looking forward to another day of LaViolette.

    Anyone wanna guess if we’ll actually start on time today?

  36. Okay, wanted a new avatar pic, picked Jennifer with a dumbfounded look on her face, and added a caption at the bottom “Juan, dude, WTF?!?”. Can’t really see it very well… Blah, I suck at photo editing, LOL!

  37. Anybody, what time is “Story TIme” starting today?? I hope its “Sleeping Beauty” today!!! Yah! 🙂

  38. Good Morning PEEPS!! Gosh! My heart is racing and palms sweating with nervousness for AL. I know she will do fine, she has already shown she is CLEARLY up for the challenge, but I don’t know HOW the hell I would make it through without snapping, myself.

    I’m excited for Juan to get his ass handed to him again today 🙂

  39. I’m betting JM caught hell over the weekend for his nonsense from Thursday and will have a totally different approach today. I’m sure he watched himself and was thoroughly embarrassed!

    • You know Scrappy, you WOULD think that, but It is apparent JM has NO shame. I think he is the type who will do what he wants to do no matter what. He is probably itching to go at the Disney BS again, just to try and prove his (very dull) point. You know, I’m glad all his idiot “fans” sang high praises this weekend over his “amazing, genius” performance on Thursday, maybe he’s dumb enough to listen and will continue to make a fool out of himself.
      Seriously, I could feel my face FLUSH red embarrassed for him as AL calmly explained OVER and OVER again, ” I have no Idea what Snow Whites relationship was with the Prince”. LOL!!

  40. I’m excited for today too Kmiller! Not only will we see AL handle Mtz, but we’ll see therapy in action live on tv hahaha (kill two birds with one stone) I’m so glad I’m able to live these moments 🙂

  41. Why does anyone give a crap about Juror 5? Why give her publicity that she doesn’t deserve? If I’m excused from a trial as a juror you wouldn’t ever hear of me or see me again. The woman craves attention and the media is obliging her along with the public.

      • She’s from Serbia. Her family immigrated here during the Serbian War when she was a teenager, I think is what she said. She’s a Naturalized Citizen.

          • She said she was a Naturalized Citizen. I don’t know anything personally about what kind of citizen she is or how she got that way, LOL!

            • Immigration is my expertise 🙂
              Naturalized citizen means naturally born in the US.
              This trial needs to be on time….my break time is just about over.

              • This trial is NEVER on time, Suze! 🙂

                Well, I guess Juror #5 doesn’t know what kind of citizen she is ’cause I’m quoting her. LOL! I was born and raised here, and all I know is that I’m a PROUD U.S. Citizen!

                • Me too Ashley! 🙂

                  Juror #5 is taking this to a different level. Obviously she agreed to bare arms on behalf of the US and that’s great, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a juror attending the same trial after being dismissed? What is that?

                • If I were her, I’d be embarrassed to show my face in a courtroom from which I’d been ejected as a juror. She has no shame, evidently. Plus, the media could finally show her face on TV… I don’t care what anybody says; $$$ has to fit in somewhere with her. She’s unemployed and her husband (a truck driver) is in the midst of filing a worker’s comp claim (in other words, also NOT working right now).

                • Me three ………… In her country they still believe in the DP. She wanted Jodi to seek the DP …. She doesn’t know ” dick squat” about the American judicial system. She was radomly selected by the Department of Motor Vehicle Registration is how they select jury members. At least that is what I read on AZ.

                  Wanna Be famous in 15 minutes.

                  Also believe her husband who is a truck driver was in an accident and is suing. Very interesting,…

  42. So, it’s after Noon here on the East coast… I say we play a little drinking game to help get through JM’s ridiculous cross. Rules… GO!

  43. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Valerie comes in from jury area and says “we’re ready”. Nurmi heads back to chambers. Still waiting.

    WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Valerie is giving the morning instructions to the spectators. We are still waiting for the judge, #JodiArias and Alyce.

  44. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Valerie calls Juan and Flores back to chambers. Alyce is here in teal green with black. #JodiArias

  45. MANY get wound up on the number of stab wounds.
    IS there an official permissible number ?
    IS there a difference for the numbers permitted for men and women ?
    ARE you allowed more if you fear that you are going to be killed ?
    WHAT is the official number if your attacker is bigger, and stronger, than you and perhaps is a mixed martial art expert ?
    IF there is adrenalin pumping through your system and you are in the fight mode, do the official numbers change ?
    WHAT official weapons are allowed for women to defend themselves to fight for their lives ?

    • Oooh good points all around Wes. Yes, I’d like to see the manual of self defense to see what Jodi was allowed and was not allowed to do to continue existing; and what quota of abuse she had to put up with before understanding her life meant nothing to Travis Alexander; especially after he told her “I’ll kill you, bitch.”

  46. I would just die if Juan came in this morning with his salt and pepper hair back! That would totally mean he’s coming on here to see what we’ve been saying! I can totally see him at the hair dresser too…..”They hated it, change it back, man!” LOL!!

  47. Who was the real Travis Alexander? That question keeps getting asked and answered by people who knew what Travis wanted them to see. Who is the real Travis Alexander, I think it’s been proven that Jodi Arias appears to be the best candidate to answer that question. Only problem is some people are calling that “demonizing him” Do they want the truth or not?

    • Christi Paul said this morning on HLN that it was the defenses last chance to “vilify” him today, so apparently not if they are watching that crap.

      I just have it on for white noise.

    • I think he had a thing for Jodi,she was able to unlock him.He couldnt understand nor explain why this happened with that girl,whom by the way didnt respect at all or found worthy of marrying.Yet,he couldnt break free from her,she could push his buttons in a good way and that’s why he felt cozy enough to share and disclose personal stories,aspects of personality/sex games preferences etc etc with her!She was kinda like ‘the special’ one.Too bad she wasnt special enough to him…

    • The REAL Travis Alexander is Eddie Snell. Honestly, I think that’s the closest ANYONE’S gonna ever get to seeing the “real” Travis.

    • Well that’s just it Kimberly, we’re dealing with a crowd that wants the truth only if it’s convenient, not if it requires them to re-examine their own reactions and emotional investment in this case.

  48. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    We are still waiting patiently as Martinez, Flores, Willmott and Nurmi are in chambers. #JodiArias

  49. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Martinez and Flores just came out of chambers. They head to the side room back where I sit. #JodiArias

  50. So how many of us think that during the weekend, Martinez realized how stupid he looked bring up the Snow White story and how irrelevant it was. The more he got into it, the more he tried to make sense out of it the more he got lost.

    Will he start by yelling again? (If court ever starts, what happened to 9:30)?

    Or Will he be a different Martinez? (Maybe someone advised him to take it down with ALV because he’s going to look stupid with her every time)!

    • Martinez?????Realizing how stupid he looks?????
      HAHAHAHA,bless your heart LC,you made me laugh.You’re giving him too much credit,no he didnt realize anything ,he will be the same maniac!!

    • His ego would never allow him to feel “stupid”. From all I’ve heard, this has always been JM’s MO in the courtroom.

      The line from Taxi Driver would fit well for a JM response to any critics, “Who, you talkin to me?”

    • The fucked up thing of it was, that he totally got the story wrong. Snow white did not “choose” to leave and her father never “sent her” away. Jesus people! Brush up on your fairy tale facts. Snow white was led to the forest by the now widowed Queen’s lackey whom as asked to kill her and bring back her heart. Sheesh!!

      I just wanted to make that clear since I’m the proud owner of the whole Walt Disney Library which I started collecting since I was about 8 years old (I’m not saying how long ago that was!) lol.

      And seriously, wtf!? Since he’s determined to prosecute Snow White, will he be bringing up charges against the big bad wolf? I mean, he stalk Little Red Riding Hood *AND* I believe he’s the same fucker who destroyed the three little pigs’ homesteads. I mean there’s no physical evidence of that, but he doesn’t care. He can huff and puff until everything fits his perception of the crime.

      btw, Do you guys believe that Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall? Or did some prick push him? I’ve always suspected foul play on that.

      /end rant

  51. the link above not working to get live coverage of the trial went to another site and we have a seal

  52. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Jodi was just brought in, she heads to chambers. She has white top and tan pants on. #JodiArias

    • I agree! All of this could have been avoided. Was it the D.A.’s who refused the plea bargain or did Martinez and the Alexander family have a say? Those folks really want Jodi dead. Has Jodi ever been in trouble with the law before this tragedy?

  53. I think Judge Pickles adds 1 minute on to the days actual start time, for each time Martinez makes a dick of himself the previous day. This explains why it’s started later & later each week :mrgreen:
    Yes or no? Right?

    Team Jodi

    • I ain’t afraid of the cold. cruel world outside
      No chicken little running from a falling sky
      The only thing trouble’s me is you. If you leave me what will I do?
      Valerie won’t you be good to me?

  54. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Juan and Flores came back into court. #JodiArias is back in chambers with Nurmi and Willmott. We still are waiting.

  55. Did anyone else watch Jodi testifying? Demonizing him? I missed that she seemed to be still trying to protect him and minimize alot of what he did.

    • No kidding!
      The haters twist reality to support what they have already decided, instead of looking at reality and usinglogic to arrive at a reasoned conclusion. Ass-backwards no-minds.

    • Yes, I pick up on that, she said it wasn’t all bad. At times I felt like N was trying having a hard time getting her to say anything negative about him. I felt like N was trying to get her to fight for herself a little bit.

    • Absolutely, she tried to protect him before the trial by making a plea deal, and she continued to try to soften the blow of his behavior on the stand. I can only imagine how extremely difficult it has been for her, to walk a fine line between defending her life and mitigating the harm to what is left of Travis’ reputation.

      The fact that the haters would prefer her just board the funeral pyre boat like a Viking slave girl says a lot about how “advanced” we are as a culture in terms of women’s rights.

      • It just goes to prove Jodi is a victim of domestic violence and a battered woman. Isn’t that behavior if protecting and minimizing a red flag? If she wasting this up, wouldn’t she had alot more to say? To me some of the sexual acts between Travis and Jodi really seemed to border in rape to me and she says in the stand it wasn’t rape, but she didnt want to do it. I don’t know what testimony of jodi these people are talking about she is slandering him. Must have missed it. Maybe I’m crazy???

        • No, you are not crazy at all! And yes, many of Travis’ acts could constitute rape. I believe Dr Samuels addressed this too, even though Juan tried to pretend that one needs a law degree to know what rape is. As if!

          Many victims of rape and childhood sexual abuse do not believe they are victimized if they didn’t fight or went along with the perpetrator’s wishes. There is a lot of internalizing and self blame, even Jodi said on the stand that she felt she precipitated the event by wearing the wrong nightclothes to bed. Travis never established consent, though.

          I totally agree, the minimizing and protecting proves that she is a battered woman, by placing the batterer’s well being above her own.

          No, she is not slandering him. The haters have a severe unwillingness to hold Travis accountable for his behavior, it doesn’t seem to matter that the phone sex tape, text messages, emails are all HIS WORDS and HIS WORDS ALONE; they still somehow believe Jodi is responsible. Like many victims, Jodi is being scapegoated to save the perpetrator.

  56. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    I am not sure what they are in chambers for, perhaps still sorting out that Juan autograph incident? #JodiArias

  57. Does anyone know about the supposed comment AL made to Sam (Travis’ sister)? Perhaps they are meeting about that??

  58. Martinez is an idiot. Has he never heard the phrase, “You get more flies with honey than with vinegar”?

    Also, SO tired of court starting late. Trust me, if I was a juror on this case, I would be pissed!

    It’s like someone telling you to pick them up at a certain time, you get there, and they’re not ready. So irritating!!

  59. Okay I use 2 emails here so I think I have it linked right to get the gravatar. I see the trial is slow to start leaving the talking heads to make sense of JM’s motives with his Snow White nonsense. They are trying hard and talking like troopers but having a hard time. If I could throw tomato’s at them I would.

  60. Good Afternoon everyone! I wonder why TA family didnt go into chambers again? Must not be over anything earth shattering. Maybe new whitenesses are being added to the list or something? I hope so. Like many of you mentioned earlier I’ve been wondering why the defense hasn’t called on their own foresnic experts to de- bunk the sequence of events etc

    • Or past girlfriends.

      The defense did have the motion for TA’s arrest records that the State had not turned over. I don’t know if that will come into play.

    • I also still get confused as to why Flores is acting almost as 2nd chair to JM! I’ve never seen such a thing! Especially since he was a witness himself!

  61. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    10:15 and we are still waiting. The sound of heavy pounding on the keyboard can be heard as @bskoloff creates magic. #JodiArias

  62. I have to go to the ladies room…but I just know something good is gonna happen while I’m gone!! I know…I know TMI!!!!!

  63. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Martinez and Flores sit patiently at their desk. It is extremely quiet in here. A “siri” ding ding is heard from an iPhone. #JodiArias

  64. I wonder if Nurmi and JW are in the judge’s chambers talking about ALV having to cancel her speaking engagement on the weekend because of the threats she was getting.

    • I believe that was a false claim. I read somewhere that Alyce cancelled because she did not want to do the rigorous travel schedule right now, during the trial. The person who posted it said they called and listed the name and info of the coordinator they spoke with, so it looked legit.
      PLUS it was a speaking engagement coordinated be the organization that ALYCE founded, lol!
      She wouldn’t cancel herself, now would she? lol!

      • Rick emailed me this:

        The reason IS NOT backlash. She just needs some time off, period. We have a very competent person who
        is taking her place to teach the class, Saturday.

        Rick Kenworthy, PsyD ABD
        ABIP Communications Director
        PHONE: (626) 316-4100
        FAX: (626) 968-4565

  65. follow @michaelbkiefer on twitter, he says “the defense is apparently having an ex-parte metting with Judge Sherry Stephens.”

    I don’t know what that is.

    • Ex parte /ˌɛks ˈpɑrtiː/ is a Latin legal term meaning “from (by or for) one party”. An ex parte decision is one decided by a judge without requiring all of the parties to the controversy to be present. In Australian, Canadian, U.K., South African, Indian and U.S. legal doctrines, ex parte means a legal proceeding brought by one person in the absence of and without representation or notification of other parties. It is also used more loosely to refer to improper unilateral contacts with a court, arbitrator or represented party without notice to the other party or counsel for that party.

    • For our Legal Eagles

      Isn’t an ex-parte meeting sort of out of the normal. Won’t there have to be a really good reason for an ex-parte meeting with the Judge?

      • Another Def.

        Exparte means is a communication of some sort, verbal, written etc that takes part without all parties being present. In the legal context it is usually a communication between the judge and one side with the other side being absent. It is rare and is usually avoided. There are times however where it is necessary and one side may make it known they are seeking an exparte meeting and the judge will determine if it is 1. necessary and 2. legal

  66. Martinez and Flores…a new wine that causes lapses in memory, stuttering, flailing arms, arrogant behavior, delusions of grandeur, catatonic states and an overwhelming desire to discuss fairytales at the drop of a hat…..

  67. Have you all seen the hater’s site that states that AL’s event was cancelled by the organization that was hosting her?

    Of course, they had NO proof of that.

    BTW, do we have proof that AL cancelled her speaking at the event?

    • I believe that was a false claim. I read somewhere that Alyce cancelled because she did not want to do the rigorous travel schedule right now, during the trial. The person who posted it said they called and listed the name and info of the coordinator they spoke with, so it looked legit.
      PLUS it was a speaking engagement coordinated be the organization that ALYCE founded, lol!
      She wouldn’t cancel herself, now would she? lol

  68. I don’t have a problem with starting late if they have to deal with legal issues in the Judges chambers. But I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall in there.

    • Just read Nurmi JA and AL left Chambers now Flores and JM went BACK in!!!!

      Why is Flores allowed in? Did he get a law degree at some point ??? WTH!!!

  69. Yikes I read on Twitter at AL is in chambers with them!!! They better not throw her entire testimony out!!! Can the defense request a mistrial if so?

  70. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Even the trusty state seal looks bored somehow. We are still waiting for Nurmi, Willmott and #JodiArias to come back.

  71. With all the craziness going on around Alyce, would the judge consider cutting off all online/TV coverage? I hope not.

    • Judge Suzy, you caught my attention!

      I’ve heard if you like Evil Dead 2 you will like the Evil Dead remake.
      I’ve heard its good overall.

      I want to see it soon.

    • I actually saw it pre-screening…like back in March. It rocked!!! But I will warn you, its pretty graphic, I mean like what I would call “horror porn”…..I loved it, but its not for the weak of stomach.
      The plot line is genius, the character development could of been better, but I connected well with them. Go see it!! But be prepared….lol

  72. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Alyce and the DP mitigation specialist just came out of chambers. Juan and Flores went back into chambers. #JodiArias

    • When I was little I saw the original Evil Dead and back then I thought it was the scariest thing ever alongside exorcist lol. During high school a bunch of friends and I rented it VHS and thought it was the funniest cheesiest movie! Bruce Campbell rocks!

  73. My first time watching live. The comment section the first one is: “Here’s what happened. Jodi went there to kill Travis because she knew he would not have her for anything other than sex. Travis was in the shower and Jodi was probably trying to wrangle an invite to Cancun, when he told her no, Jodi flipped out and stabbed Travis three times as he was in the shower. Travis got out of the shower and went to the mirror to assess the damage and try to stop the bleeding (thus the blood on the counter and sink). As Travis was bent over the sink in pain, Jodi began stabbing him in the back multiple times.”

    What???? So did she go there to get a ticket to Cancun, or to kill Travis? I don’t think she would have been able to do both. I can smell the stupid..

    • And since TA kept his ongoing relationship with JA a secret from those nasty PPL folks going, why would she want to be on that trip anyways???

    • haha they watch way to much HLN garbage you can tell when they mimic them word for word it drives me insane. They will not go an investigate on their own but take that Entertainment News channel seriously it is JUNK NEWS for the brainless as the co hosts are there for ratings only not for the truth on anything makes me sick. I wish we could have a regular Court Tv without commentators at all. That would be fair but this crap making up stories that does not even fit the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE is bull crap an a Travesty of Justice in my opinion.

        • Yep the Hughes’ went on their trip as scheduled. I think the day after they found out he had died.

          Anybody else?

      • I haven’t heard anyone bring us the fact that pre paid legal is a pyramid scheme and Travis likely had shistered a lot of people and would have plenty of enemies. I got into one of those get rich quick MLM (fancy talk for Pyramid) home based businesses and lost about 10 grand on it. I was pretty angry with the lady who told me it would “make all my dreams come true.” But no one has even brought that up that I’ve seen. I find that odd.

  74. I will bet this has something to do with the harassment that AL is getting from the public.

    Perhaps the jury sequestering has been brought back up??

    • Geez, I wonder what the heck is going on.

      Can someone checks the latest filings and see if there is anything?

  75. Seriously comparing that Brodrick case to Jodi’s case is ridiculous that woman went to her ex’s house an shot the ex husband an his new wife while they were sleeping. . I just happened to see someone discussing that on FB people are freaking nuts.

  76. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Flores just came out of chambers, grabbed a few papers and went back in. #JodiArias

  77. WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 4m
    Alyce and the DP mitigation specialist just came out of chambers. Juan and Flores went back into chambers. #JodiArias
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    WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 42s
    Flores just came out of chambers, grabbed a few papers and went back in. #JodiArias

  78. I watched HLN daily until I discovered all the facts surrounding this case.
    I have ony watched it twice in the last two weeks because I can not stand to listen to them try and cover up Travis’ disgusting behavior.
    I respected Nancy Grace and thought she was a decient person until now.
    To hear her say that ALV is only going off of JA’s word to come to this conclusion that Travis was an abuser totally infurriates me.
    Goodbye HLN.

  79. When they return to the courtroom the Judge will say, “Approach” then ” We will now be taking the noon recess”

  80. is everyone watching the comments on wildabout said flores came out of chamber and got some paperwork and went back in

  81. Seriously, WTF?!? Watch, they’ll start court like 2 minutes before it’s time for me to leave to go to the school!

  82. Latest tweet – “Alyce LaViolette and Jodi’s mitigation expert are back in the courtroom. Travis’ siblings have been called out by the bailiff.”

    Team Jodi

    • Are they really gonna make a mountain out of a molehill IF Alyce really did express her condolences or whatever to the family???

      • If the rest of the family is like their deceased brother, then I would say yes.

        Vindictive, vengeful, psychotic assholes.

        They need counseling.

        • That is exactly what I said the other day Bee Cee seriously do you think with all the eye rolling an head shaking an pure drama effects they do that they all are just perfect little angels? I would not put anything past anyone of them to try an get something done if it would hurt Jodi since they all have made it known they want DEATH FOR JODI an nothing less.

          I understand they all hurt but this was not just cold blooded murder like they an PPL an the Mormon friends want every one to believe. It was self defense that is getting turned around how would they feel if it were Travis sitting up there instead ? I guess he would get off though since he spread all those vicious rumors an the friends an co workers believed that crap.

  83. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    I saw Samantha go out the door where the jury comes in. Not the same door that the attorneys went out. #JodiArias

  84. I just saw a petition on to have organizations remove Alyce LaViolette from being a speaker at their events. It has 3140 signatures. That’s f’d up. How lame and gutless can you be to cancel her presentation?

  85. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Flores, Travis’ brother, Samantha, Mike B. #JodiArias all come out of chambers.

    • I dont know what to make of it…if it did happen. I am certain she was not trying to be malicious in any way.

  86. ildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Juan, Willmott and Nurmi just came out of chambers. Nurmi’s tie makes me a bit sick to my stomach. The big screen lowers. #JodiArias

  87. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Just as I say that, Nurmi, Willmott, Alyce all exit the courtroom out the front door. Stay tuned. Juan is still here with Flores. #JodiArias

  88. HLN thinks everyone is still in courtroom lol… Soon they’ll say breaking news, jodi has left the courtroom

  89. Latest tweet – “Lawyers and family members are going in and out of doors as in a Marx Brothers movie here in the Arias courtroom.”

    Team Jodi

  90. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    The only excitement here this morning is hearing doors open. #JodiArias was just brought back in and is seated at her desk.

  91. WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 25s
    The only excitement here this morning is hearing doors open. #JodiArias was just brought back in and is seated at her desk.

  92. after i posted that i went to goole and search for a lawyer and told them what i saw in the jodi trial and they told me they were watching it too it wanted money so i back out

  93. WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    Nurmi is seated.. not reclined for a change. We wait on Alyce and Willmott now. #JodiArias