Jodi Arias Trial – Day 42 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of trial day 42, as Alyce LaViolette continues her cross with the amazingly inept Martinez and his accompanying 7 shades of BS…

Team Jodi



    • You got that right……….where is this fool going! what does all this garbage have to do with PREMEDITATION, the guy is grasping!!!!

  1. Filing Date


    Docket Date

    Filing Party


    MOT – Motion – Party (001)



        • So it’s Juan that doesn’t want it. Given how expensive Travis’s tastes were, I suspect those shelves were plenty strong enough to support somebody as small as Jodi.

            • Normally, it says “Defense filed motion…” or “State files motion…”

              This one doesn’t say either way.

              • As far as I know, the motion was filed by the prosecution.

                They must have seen the HLN reconstruction & demonstration, lol.

                Team Jodi

                • The demo I saw proved it was easy peasy for some* big man* to do the shelf step up, reach and grab technique.

                  It took maybe 3 seconds and the shelves were left completely undisturbed.

                • Yes, you are right SJ, I just saw that.

                  State Of Arizona – (1)
                  Plaintiff N/A Martinez, Juan
                  Jodi Ann Arias – (2)
                  Defendant F Nurmi, Kirk Stephens CR2008-031021-001
                  SUE STODOLA – (3)
                  Mitigation Specialist N/A To Be Determined

                • For the most part they all say party (001)

                  for example

                  3/8/2013 LOW – List Of Witnesses/Exhibit/Evidence – Party (001) 3/8/2013

                  Here Party(001) is the State

                  and here

                  3/31/2013 MOT – Motion – Party (001) 4/1/2013

                  Party 001 is the defense

                  and here

                  3/4/2013 LET – Letter – Party (001) 3/7/2013

                  The party is the Judge

                  Go figure

          • They must have watched that episode on After Dark on HLN that huge guy stepped on a shelf an reached for a gun an nothing happened. They reconstructed the crime scene. Vinnie an Mike looked like a couple of dumb arses when the shelf did not fall haha. I did watch that night to see Jose Baez only !

            • The Judge should let it in. After all, it was DON JUAN who insisted that the shelves would not hold up if Jodi were to step-up on them. Call his bluff!!

            • Rhonda! Thats where I saw it. I watched it online only to see J Baez too.

              And yes those 2 yea hoos look like a couple of morons ALL THE TIME! Hoe do they stay employed????

            • I saw that one too Rhonda.
              Baez and the other guy were the only ones that didn’t look like fools.
              The rest looked like ass clowns that they are.

              Baez showed them how it could have been self defense, proven by that blood, I think in the closet.
              When the man said that those shelves were strong and could hold Jodi especially since shes so small very easily. The clowns probably wished that they would have not shown such a stupid demonstration. : )

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but on Thursday wasn’t JM shoving the snow white speech down AL’s throat making her OWN it and today he is saying she wasn’t the keynote speaker at said speech?

      • That was so funny. She should have told him, she doesn’t need to misrepresent what part she played at that event, after all she is the FOUNDER of the organization!!!

    • Yes, I don’t understand this. Why does the lecture bother him so much? Does he have such a weak sense of self that his emotional stability is threatened by any criticism of the status quo? Why the need to grill Alyce over something as small and simple as a possibly misworded typo? I noticed he didn’t ask her if she had a secretary and how well qualified that secretary is. Just saying!

  3. I think he was trying to get across that SHE “mis-characterized” her “importance” at the presentation…she said she was a “keynote speaker” (according to JM) and that’s NOT what is written by her name…and to JM I say “SO????” She WAS a speaker at the presentation – Little Caesar is so f***ing obsessed with titles!!

    It could have said ALV was Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep – would that make it so because it was written?????? GMAFB. Asshole is as asshole does….

  4. You know come to think of it – JM indicated on his bar association form, his driver’s license, his Hair Club for Men membership – that he is male…yet there is NO PROOF whatsoever that would make that so….

  5. He must live one hell of a lonely life……….. trying to dig up shit that doesn’t even matter.

    Keynote speakr or speaker…. JUAN she was a speaker… MOVE ON idiot. It’s only Monday and he’s already got under my skin today.

    • Yes he had a long weekend to DIG UP THAT? wow means he can’t find much too discredit her with an try an stumble her up on. It is all for SHOW. Like he did with Dr. Samuels trying to make them look unorganized an not credit worthy in front of the Jurors. Makes me SICK ! that is all he has? Really?

      I don’t care what he brings up if you know a sneaky snake you really watch an look into what they
      are saying so hopefully we have some Jurors that know a SNEAKY SNAKE when they see one
      an when they hear the SSSssssssssss coming out of the forked tongue.

      • Emely- No, I think that his wife don’t let him speak at home and that’s why he has to relief his frustrationin the court room.

  6. Stalking is a pattern of willful,malicious and repeated harassment that would cause a reasonable person fear. For someone to be stalked, there must be a repeated pattern of stalking behavior. Stalking is emotional terrorism. Most people that have been stalked need treatment for psychological abuse. Alot of those who are victims of stalking have close links to intimate abuse.physical,sexual and emotional abuse. Stalking and domestic violence are closely related. Stalking victims live in constant and consistent fear.

    • Yes, and remember in testimony when JA was taking some chicken to one of TA’s roommates, she walked in and TA was with Lisa, JA then ran out and got in her car. TA ran after her. If JA really was a stalker like he told Lisa, why would he run after her? Both JA and Lisa testified to this happening. If what TA said was true about JA, he wouldn’t have run after her.

          • And remember he was SO afraid of Jodi???
            That’s like if a pit bull was coming at me and then the pit bull decided to run the other way, I WOULD run after it???? What dumbasses!!

            If Travis was afraid of her, WHY did he even invite her back?
            I’m so damn tired of hearing Travis was afraid of Jodi.
            What total bs.

            • Travis was afraid… that is why he asked her to come over, he was so scared when she got there he went down on her, and took noodie pics, he was so scared of her, left his door unlocked all the time so she could walk in.

  7. you know this little bastard spent days upon days making accusations at Jodi because she didn’t write about any “abuse” by dickhead…and because of that the bastard says “it didn’t happen” – – then out of the other side of his mouth he says because dickhead “discussed” Jodi being a stalker with this chic in the writing ALV reviewed it is gospel according to TA – because Saint TA said Jodi was a stalker in a text message – it is so.

    OK so – the little bastard is trying to get across what was written in a text message/email by dickhead was gospel – BUT ONLY WHEN IT IS NEGATIVE ABOUT JODI NOT when dickhead goes apeshit at her, etc. but what Jodi wrote in her journals was bullshit? If he is going to argue “if it is written so let it be done” adage, he needs to REREAD the journals because Jodi doesn’t come right out and say what we all know to be the truth but she does hint at it. And to follow the logic he is attempting to get across about ALV – he contradicting his earlier cross with Jodi/ALV, etc. GMAFB…Ummmm….there seems to be a problem with your memory Mr. Prosecutor…

    • He wants people to believe what’s convenient to him. Alice’s testimony despite it being valuable importance has been for the defense to “sneak” in Travis texts, emails and journals. The jury cam listen to Travis’s abuse. I think that was their intent. Her opinion isn’t going to change. He’s an idiot.

    • Exactly how I hear/see it also. A snake with a fork tongue talks out both sides. Totally disgusts me. But naive people can’t hear a snake I am afraid an those that are so into the cold blooded murderer aspect can’t hear it either.

      Only open minded /think out of the box people can truly hear/see a fork tongued snake.

    • Right, exactly. I think maria said something similar – how can he say nobody should take Jodi’s word for being a victim, but can turn around and take Travis’ word for everything? It doesn’t seem to matter that the man was a disgusting liar and abuser, but somehow his word is always good as gold.

      • Yes,MB thank you,I did say that.I wish miss La Violette would say that well,you dont want me to take the defendant’s word on the basis of her having lied in the past,why should I take the victim’s word who was proved to be a liar also?

    • The prosecutor harped on and on about Travis being in fear because Jodi was stalking him, he went over it several times. My question is, if he had so much fear because Jodi was stalking him, then why in the hell was he continuing to have sex with her????

      If someone was stalking me, I sure as hell wouldn’t be inviting them over to have sex!! That isn’t even logical!

      • Gail, I quite agree.

        If the roles were reversed, and A WOMAN was claiming she had A MALE stalker, and that she was afraid, but she let him into her house and had intimate relations with him (willingly), then she ended up dead, she’d be criticized immensely, as “that idiot woman who caused her own death”

  8. Random rocks are more interesting in Juan the bore. He wants a yes or no answer because that is all he can understand. Rocks are smarter too, and in most cases taller and better looking. He’s just angry at life because he got beat up during recess every single day, then before and after school in high school, and then as the mascot for his Sorority (didn’t make it in the frat house). He wasn’t an actual member of the sorority, he was the mascot. He dressed up as a weasel and they called him Little Juan (one). He served the sisters dinners, hand washed their panties and cleaned the bathrooms (in his weasel suit).

  9. Martinez went down another dead-end : it’s not disputed that Alexander told everyone Arias was a stalker, that’s absolutely part of the defence case.

    The question is what is the truth, and Alexander’s word for it means nothing ( nor does the word of anyone who might have believed him ).

    Not exactly an advanced argument for the defence to make in closing.

  10. I just went spying to see how “They” thought this morning went and I stumbled unto the Travis memorial site. Very nice site and all, I’ll give them that, but are they using some of JODI’s photos??? Cuz that ain’t right! If they hate her so much I don’t think they should use ANYTHING they she produced at all!! Just my opinion!

    • haha I agree with that I looked too an thought the same thing? how strange they would feel comfortable doing that. I guess her camera an their vacations on seeing the 1000 places together will never be forgotten. An I bet she took more photos of him because she was into photography so hers are more than his regular friends that take the random photo here an there.

      An has anyone ever noticed in the crime photos Travis kept a photo of himself on his stand beside
      his bed? who does that? I never have maybe it is normal for younger people now a days?

    • Yes, they use Jodi’s photos then turn around and say she was a stalker because she always took pics of him. That faux Time magazine cover “Alexander the Great” is using one of Jodi’s photos. It is absolutely ludicrous!

    • I remember thinking same sort of thing…. reading so many condescending posts making fun of Jodi’s photography interest and ability and then seeing some of these same peeps embellishing their avatars or posts with pictures of TA that likely would not even exist in the first place if not for Jodi having created such nice photos of him in the first place! Must only be a very LOW percentage of these peeps’ neurons that are actually capable of firing neurotransmitters at any given moment is all that I can figure out…lol
      It’s like they only see what they WANT to see and then draw unreasonable conclusions…

  11. It’s obvious Travis was not being honest when he says he was stalked. Being stalked is being terrified 24 hours a day of the person who is violating your life and any sense of privacy or safety, there is no safe place from the stalker. A person who is stalked constantly worries about the stalker and what they will attempt to do next. Travis was not stalked. The proof is in the photographs he was smiling and posing in from the bed and in the shower. Jodi being in the bathroom that day and the pictures on that camera PROVE he was not stalked. When you are terrorized by a stalker you do everything you can do to avoid them. It infuriates me that this is being thrown around so carelessly. My favorite flower was Ferber daisies my whole life, to this day I cannot look at the flower. I received those flowers over 84 times. In one week I got 19 bouquets. I got a video tape of my “supposed grave site” with those flowers everywhere. This pisses me off. They know she did not stalk him and it is sad it is being thrown around so easily. Stalking is a horrible crime that alters a persons life, their family’s life, their friends lives. Disgusted!

      • Thank you for the kind response. It just infuriates me that these professional people throw this word around. My stalker went to prison for 5 years he’s been out for a long time and I was terrified the first year he was out and I am still uneasy all these years later. Thank god he only tried once to contact me through my friend and he said it was to say he was sorry. Of course I didn’t even acknowledge the sicko. I wish these people would think, for a second before spouting this stuff on the television. Stalking may now be a recognized crime and supposed to be treated seriously it still has a stigma that somehow the victim must be perpetrating this behavior or its a lovers spat, he just wants to make it up to you. I can only hope that the word stalker is used when it criminally fits, not when you have someone in a relationship still has a little crush and just doesn’t want to break up. Sometimes a stalker=murderer.

  12. Travis like lots of folks throw the word stalker around get loosely often meaning someone they don,t really like is bothering them usually because they are sending mixed messages. Where is the restraining orde?

      • Exactly! Travis also didnt want men or women to know he was still seeing Jodi. Stalker was a word used to make these women think Travis was only interested in them just in case they would see him around Jodi. It was a reason he might have gave as an excuse in case he got busted with her.

        • You know as much disgusted as I am I admire these people’s intelligence and how successrful they are in manipulating everything and everyone around them.I know such person and I always say that if they wasted half of their energy in coming clean with their friends/relatives etc rather than on plotting they would be happier and would not get into trouble!

    • Dr Droopy’s co-host referred to Alyce as “Satan’s Sidekick”!! What the hell is wrong with people??

      And of course the minions will run with that! How do they sleep at night knowing they are feeding the minions who are in turn attacking this woman?

      I feel so bad for Alyce, no one deserves this! 🙁


    Expert Witnesses Should Not Let Their Answers Get Cut Off at Deposition


    You have a right to finish your answers of the questions you are asked. If you’re interrupted during your reply speak up and insist on finishing your answer. In a courtroom the judge would speak up for you. In a deposition there is no judge present, so either you or the attorney who retains you must insist on your right to finish your reply.

  14. JM represents the people of the State of Arizona. Is it not in the people’s best interest to learn the WHOLE TRUTH. It is an injustice for “The Prosecutor” to stifle a witness (especially an expert) when she is attempting to answer truthfully (the Whole Truth) as she has sworn to do. Yes or no doesn’t cut it, right? I am so enraged!

    • Me too and I live here so I pay this clown to suppress evidence. And now he wants to suppress evidence that his statement that Jodi would have broken the shelves? Shameful and despicable.

  15. So I had the trial on another page and the seal was there – then I got the beep of death (meaning every time I get that long beep it means trial has been canceled). Does anyone know what is happening?

  16. I watch HLN occasionally (just to check in on what the inmates who are running the asylum are currently talking about) and here’s the latest: Vinnie P., in discussing this morning’s testimony with Jean C., is ruminating that Ms. LaViolette is not giving Yes or No answers “the way she’s supposed to.” “Who does that remind you of?” Vinnie asks, and they both nod and smile in agreement that Jodi on the stand was likewise obstinate. WTF??

    • I have the trial on live feed today. It’s SO much better to hear it without the inane commentary on HLN.

      • I wonder what the founding fathers would think of a defendant being tried in the media such that even if a jury in a court of law finds them not guilt, their lives are totally destroyed. HLN should be ashamed, especially since these are legal people who have obviously studied law, justice and the Constitution. They don’t seem to mind stomping all over a defendant’s right to have their innocence believed, even if they might be innocent. HLN decided from the beginning that she’s guilty and then has consistently cherry-picked their so-called “news” to fit that verdict. They’ve turned this woman’s fight for her life into a biased TV reality show – all for the sake of ratings. The founding fathers surely must be turning over in their graves.

      • I thought it was hilarious that they didn’t even broadcast Juan’s cross from Thursday. I think they were speechless.

    • They were saying that on cross witness is supposed to do this unless judge allows explanations. Anyone know if this is true or not?

    • Yeah, it’s disgusting isn’t it? They know better, too, I believe Vinnie is supposed to be a former prosecutor and Jinkasaurus is a seasoned court reporter. So THEY KNOW that yes/no answers aren’t necessary, let alone what a witness is “supposed” to give.

      • maybe ‘former’ is the key word here?Hey,I dont pretend to know these people you’re talking about but if he was excelling in his profession then why dropping that to be on TV?Just saying…

  17. I felt like JM lead me blindfolded in a dark empty room and told me to crawl around on my hand and knees and find a very important piece of information. It’s in there…I put you in the room it’s your responsibility to find. I’ve spent 30 minutes on pointing out what is and what isn’t a Keynote you have the goods on her.. she lies on her resume. I know I’m bias..but gives a hairy rat’s .s.

    • I know. I always feel horrible when I’m eating anything and the camera pans over to her, looking so much thinner than a few months ago… Too thin. 🙁

    • OMG!!!You guys….I thought I was the only lunatic feeling like that and wouldnt dare to admit it.Thank God,Im not alone,love ya!!!

  18. Al and I were discussing surrebuttal in AZ over the weekend. I did a quick search on Google Scholar to see if I could find any case law defining when it’s permitted. I did find a case that defined it. Also of interest is that, in that case, the AZ Supreme Court also defined the duty and responsibilities of the prosecutor:

    “The duty to accomplish justice is particularly imposed on prosecutors. The comments to ER 3.8, Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct, dealing with the “Special Responsibilities of a Prosecutor,” state: “[a] prosecutor has the responsibility of a minister of justice and not simply that of an advocate. This responsibility carries with it specific obligations to see that the defendant is accorded procedural justice and that guilt is decided upon the basis of sufficient evidence.” Ariz. R. Sup.Ct. 42, ER 3.8, Rules of Professional Conduct.”
    State v. Talmadge, 999 P. 2d 192 – Ariz: Supreme Court 2000

    Is JM a “minister of justice”?

    • I would have to say NOT. He doesn’t conduct himself as “a minister of justice.”

      Also, JM has done everything to prevent “that guilt is decided upon the basis of sufficient evidence.”

      JM has done everything to keep the truth out.

    • Is it fact that JM will get to put on a Surrebuttal Case at the end that the Defense won’t get to challenge at all? Because leave it to Mini-Man to introduce some ridiculous “evidence” that neither JW nor KN would get to rebut… I know he’s not supposed to, but c’mon, does JM ever follow any rules?

      • JM will put on rebuttal witnesses, of that I have no doubt whatsoever. He would be a fool not to do so, as it allows him the final witnesses presented to the jury, and he has to try every which way he can to win his case. Also, he has his own DV expert that he’s really going to want the jury to hear to rebut everything Alyce and Dr. Samuels has said.

        That being said, the witnesses he puts on *will* be cross examined by the defense (assuming they wish to do so), and then redirected by the prosecution (assuming he wishes to do so), which again, gives JM the last word with those witnesses. (To complicate that a little bit further, under extremely rare circumstances, the defense might get to re-cross, but that seems to be allowed very very very very rarely in AZ.)

        Surrebuttal would be a phase of the trial that the defense would put on that would only occur in extremely rare circumstances also in AZ. It would be up to the judge’s discretion as to whether or not to allow it and the judge has a very high degree of discretion in regards to surrebuttal. It would have to be something very new that occurred during the rebuttal phase. The AZ Supreme Court was very clear in that opinion I quoted from above: “Surrebuttal testimony may be offered to introduce evidence in response to new rebuttal testimony or to impeach rebuttal testimony and must be more than cumulative.” and ” Only in rare cases will it be error for the trial court to refuse to admit the testimony.”

        So, to answer your question, Ashley, JM *will* put on a rebuttal phase, and the defense *will* get to cross examine the witnesses presented, so it won’t be a complete “free-for-all” for JM. However, JM *will* get the last word with those witnesses on redirect.

        One interesting thing I’ve learned about AZ is that cross examination is NOT limited to the scope of direct. It can be about ANYTHING relevant to the case. (This is not the scope of cross in other states, which is why I just learned about it.) However, redirect IS limited to the scope of the cross. Therefore, JM’s last word with those witnesses will be limited to anything which the defense crosses on ONLY.

        As for the defense being able to put on a surrebuttal phase, it’s truly unlikely to happen unless there’s a gigantic surprise in JM’s rebuttal and a witness that MUST be impeached or the defense has to given a chance to present other witnesses. A hypothetical example might be if JM brought in a witness who saw Jodi in the desert holding the knife and the gun in her hands and attempting to dispose of them. Of course, this is really silly, because if JM had that kind of smoking gun witness, he would have put them on the stand already during his case in chief. But I’m just trying to give an example of a wild situation when a surrebuttal might be allowed.

        So yes, I expect some surprises from JM in the rebuttal phase. But the defense will have a chance to cross examine them, and JM will have had to list those witnesses, so the defense should have an idea what’s coming before they testify. I hope that makes sense.

      • All I can picture is a ferret standing on its hind legs flexing skinny little arms,saying did I ask you that? Thanks for the laugh

        • omg…you’re making my stomach hurt from laughing too much….
          (even though I feel you are insulting ferrets with the comparison)

        • I know!
          I told my husband when juan was standing there with his arms folded, juan said are you through and Alyce said yes AND then the asshole said now answer my question that he reminded me of one of the dwarfs.
          My husband said yeah, Dopey.

          LOL and I always liked the 7 dwarfs.
          NOW even they are being bullied by jaun : )
          Who know how old thry know?
          And he asked Alyce did she talk to them??? What a f’n asshole.
          I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a circus in a court room ever.

  19. Does any one know the make and model of TA sony camera? I can’t believe a camera that expensive doesn’t have one of those little trash buttons. No biggy, just curious.

    • I don’t know the made and model. I’m sure it did have a trash button, but just like with a computer, it did not delete all traces of the photo and was, therefore, forensically recoverable. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, I believe that is exactly what happened with Travis’s camera.

  20. I swear Kathy Bates would be perfect playing Alyce LaViolette in the movie version of this
    insane trial, the only thing would make it more epic if she went all “Misery” on
    JM ass!!! Sorry one can only daydream….

  21. I had this on the other thread before I realized that y’all were all over here on the afternoon thread. LOL!

    Attention to ALL people who wanna bitch, whine, moan, groan, and complain about this trial: Blame it on this ridiculous fucking judge! Where else do they start at 9:30am (Yeah, like they ever start ON TIME), take a morning recess, get 1.5-hr lunch break, take an afternoon break, and finish by 4:30pm?!? OH, and only “work” 4 days a week? No damn wonder it’s taken 3 months! At this rate, maybe we’ll finish by Christmas… But I wouldn’t bet on it!

    Only I would get pissed the fuck off because I was gone for almost 2 hours, didn’t hardly miss a damn thing, and NOW they’re at lunch for another freakin’ hour-and-a-half! My head’s gonna explode.

    • Just to be fair to the judge, this is NOT the only case on her docket. Judges generally have hundreds of cases at any given time. This one is at trial, but she cannot completely clear her docket and work on this case, and only this case. Her caseload does not disappear just because this case is on trial. There are plenty of other defendants that have constitutional rights to a speedy trial and the judge cannot deny them their rights. There HAS to be a time in her day, even while on trial, when she hears emergency motions, statuses, settlement conferences, sentencing hearings, etc. Most of these hearings are very brief, perhaps even limited to 5-10 minutes (I don’t know the rules in that jurisdiction specifically), but sometimes, the lawyers are late or a witness is late and they run a little bit longer than expected. She appears to be doing all of those in the morning before trial begins.

      In addition, as we saw this morning, there are times when various motions and hearings in this case come up and they have to be dealt with before the trial begins as they may be important to the continuation of this trial (such as the juror dismissed last week).

      Also, the judge is required by law to give the jurors adequate breaks. Employers are also required to do this and cannot prevent an employee from using the restroom, for example. I don’t know exactly why they give 1.5 hours for lunch, but perhaps there’s some reason, such as the location of the court and accessibility to food vendors in the locality.

      My understanding of why they are finishing at 4:30 p.m. is so that there is time for Jodi to change and be transported back to the prison in time for the 6 p.m. sharp dinner that is enforced in that county. If Jodi was out on bail at the moment, I suspect the trial would go a little longer, but on the days when it did go longer early on, Jodi missed dinner and her attorneys asked for that not to happen.

      The judge has a difficult balancing act here in many ways. She’s trying to accommodate other cases on her docket, ensure the jurors have sufficient breaks, and ensure Jodi can get back in time for dinner. I don’t like everything the judge does any more than most of us here, however, I am just trying to point out that it’s not always as easy as you think.

  22. Juan looked ENRAGED going up to the sidebar. I swear I think it’s just his personality. I’ll bet he’s enraged eating his Cheerios in the morning.

  23. Hey y’all

    With regards to id# 001 – 001 is the defendant’s ID# and has nothing to do with who filed the motion. Jodi’s id is 001, so 001 is referenced on every motion in this case.

    party (1) – Juan
    party (2) – Jodi
    party (3) – DP mitigation specialist

    But none of the court documents say which party filed it.

  24. Regarding Thursday, did anyone have the thought of the Wicked? At first I thought that what he was going to do is rewrite Snow White

    • I am home sick today and I was watching on HLN earlier, while laying on the sofa. As a surprise, they actually had some decent attorneys on there today who weren’t completely biased. One of them speculated that from what he’s seeing, JM will try to keep ALV on the stand all of this week. Aaargh! Then, the defense will redirect for a day or so, I’d imagine.

  25. I wonder what the founding fathers would think of a defendant being tried in the media such that even if a jury in a court of law finds them not guilt, their lives are totally destroyed anyway. HLN should be ashamed, especially since these are legal people who have obviously studied law, justice and the Constitution. They don’t seem to mind stomping all over a defendant’s right to have their innocence believed, even if they might possibly be innocent. HLN decided from the beginning that she’s guilty and then has consistently cherry-picked their so-called “news” to fit that verdict. They’ve turned this woman’s fight for her life into a biased TV reality show – all for the sake of ratings. The founding fathers surely must be turning over in their graves.

    • Ms B, did you see when AJ Hammer did a segment on Showbiz Tonight that the Jodi Arias trial is the “ultimate reality tv show”?

      Neither Jodi nor her family signed any agreement or consented to be part of this so-called “show” yet that is how it is being presented to the public.

      I agree – HLN should be ashamed of themselves, especially since many of the anchors present themselves as progressive or as victim’s advocates. They are anything but.

    • Exactly! We know where he’s getting at,why won’t he just SPIT IT OUT and freaking move on??Instead of wasting trial time over nothing?

  26. Man what does JM not get. SnowWhite was a tale written by someone.

    Whta she read were the communications of all these women with TA. So in fact she was listening in on conversations between TA and these women.

    How dumb can he be, and more importantly how dumb does he think the jury is?

    This is beyond ridiculous.

    JM needs a class in logic, or just a smack across the head with a 2X4, maybe that’ll jolt him into reality.

    Jeez, what a clown

  27. I got a new huge tv hanging on my wall in family room. It’s a pretty good tv, anyhow, on this tv it looks like Juan is wearing foundation. Smile, Juan lol

  28. Martinez looks like an a**. If he wanted to make any headway or try and make someone look bad, it’s him. Really, the taxpayors of Arizona are paying him to talk about Snow White???? He’s getting frustrated with her because she refuses to cave to the answers that he wants! There should have been about three questions from Martinez – and the other side sasy the defense is wasting time?????? How many times can he ask her that she made an assessment and never talked to them????? Boring – snoozw!

  29. Hi All-
    I missed the morning session, but it appears from what I am viewing now, I didn’t miss anything. Is this a correct assessment? You may answer with more than a yes or no if you would like.

    • The trial started 1 hour late and hell yeah you didnt miss anything.Martinez tried to trip and discredit ALV through petty examples(no way would I use the word evidence).For example;were she or were she not the’keynote speaker’in that SnowWhite presentation etc…Nothing,really…Nothing.

        • You missed a bunch of hoopla where JM was trying to discredit ALV based on the fact that her CV lists about 25 keynote speeches she has done. His point was that for one of them (and he showed the itinerary), she was not listed as the keynote speaker for the plenary portion of the conference. Instead, she was a speaker at a breakout session. But the conference itinerary did not list her as a “keynote speaker”. She offered up the distinction that she was a keynote breakout speaker but JM refused to listen and tried (in his usual aggressive manner) to make her look like a liar because the itinerary didn’t specifically call her that. I guess his point was that she should have separated her CV into two sections, one which specified where she was the keynote speaker for the plenary conference, and one which specified where she was the keynote speaker for a breakout session.

          Honestly, the whole thing was beyond ridiculous. A lawyer on HLN actually agreed with that and called it a tactical error on JM’s part. SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK! (His time on HLN will be short!) And Jean Casarez even sort of agreed, much to the chagrin of Vinnie Politan.

  30. Are there no lawyers in Arizona that will do an intervention on Martinez? He’s going to be really embarrassed when he returns to reality.

  31. JM your brain is squirmin’ like a toad!! He is all over the place. And her approach is based on years and years of schooling and practice. Unlike you Mr. Wizard she doesn’t SPECULATE!

    How this guy got to be a DA is beyond me. You’ve got to be kidding me.

  32. I gotta think that someone spoke to Juan over the weekend and told him he needed to tone it down. Yelling at the female DV expert was not smart. Juan is really toned down today.

  33. Oh my goodness, he is so fixated on trying to make his point, that he has lost all reason! He and DF used their brain to come up with their theory of Jodi’s guilt rather than concrete evidence of murder .

  34. If the jury is stupid enough to believe this line of questioning then our judicial system is in worse shape than I thought.

      • JM spent the afternoon trying to get a “confession” out of Alyce. He wants her to say to him that she is “sorry” for starting her first interview with Jodie by saying to Jodi that she, Alyce, is sorry. Then he wants Alyce to go home and say 10 Hail Marys and scrub all the floors on her knees until they bleed.

        Honest to God, JM is trying to indict Alyce for the sin of not “choosing” to use an “alternative” method of breaking the ice when she introduced herself to Jodi. Alyce had no right to use her professional discretion. She was way out of line by “choosing” to apologize to Jodi _ surely an act of professional misconduct, if not treason!

        Then JM began insisting that Alyce continue to submit herself to his “examination” of competency by reciting for “the prosecutor” as many alternative client opening examples as she could in the next 30 seconds _ other than apologizing.

        An apology would be the mis-conduct, in that it expressed empathy for the prisoner; surely she had never showed such to anyone she had worked with prior to Jodi. It was only Jodi that she “chose” to express this to, RIGHT?

        Alyce said she had “chosen” this conciliatory act because she, Alyce, felt really bad that of necessity, she had been privy to all of those sacred thoughts that Jodi wrote, as well as intimate views of all those pictures of Jodi’s most sacred parts.

        We have spawned a culture of slime and ooze. I sure hope we can find our way back.

        This man is crazy, dangerous, and abusive beyond description. Groundhog Day, my foot. He drags us back to the bloody Inquisition.

    • Ashley-
      Can you imagine how lost the jury is? If I were on the jury I would feel like the pros was insulting my intelligence

  35. JM is not going to let up on Alyce until she says or answers exactly what he wants her to say and answer…

    He is such an azz…

  36. I cannot freakin’ believe that JM seems to be accusing ALV’s testimony to be not use-able in court! Really?

  37. I think we will hear more about what ALV’s presentation really was on the re-direct. He never quite understood, or chose not to, that Alyce did not even pretend assess Snow White.

    That will show the jury what a jackass kermit is.

  38. JM HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! THAT is why he is just waiting for ALV to say anything – anything that he can dispute and get the jury to focus on that shit than the truth of the fact that HE HAS NOTHING.

    Dear God – does anyone know what happens next with the motion for mistrial that was most recently filed by defense?

        • cindyp-
          sorry to ask again, but can’t get anything to come up re: the acutal filed Doc. Any other ideas on how I can find it?

          • Hi TR – sorry I couldn’t reply earlier; I got kicked off the site and could not get back on until now. Anyway, no – I do not. I got the link from this site. I believe it was posted a couple times; this morning and then again this afternoon. I’m waiting to see what happens with this. I’m sure nothing since EVERYTHING by defense gets denied/overruled/etc. so I’m sure Nurmi and Wilmott filed it for future appeals sake, if needed.

            I would be interested if anyone else has any other info about this. I’ll keep watching and reading while I’m watching/listening to the trial tomorrow (reading the comments helps take the edge off during JM’s rants. lol)

  39. I don’t need a computer to profile this turd pile of a prosecution either.

    It IS a scientific approach: collecting data from n cases of DV to classify, detect and predict abuse. Is nothing but scientific.

  40. I can’t even watch anymore. Had to take a break The other day the news was making a big deal of this youtube video of a guy firing a gun into his TV set at Juan and obliterating it. If you ask me the guy under-reacted. If I only had an Uzi. lol

  41. How is ALV answering, “I don’t know the answer to your question.” a cause for him to whine to the judge, “Make her answer the question!”?

  42. Wow JM is so afraid that the jury now knows that TA was an abusive SOB and has no where to go but harass and nit pick. Sorry JM, but the horse is out of the barn….go home.

  43. I wish she would just say she came up with her answer because she is a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL EXPERT IN HER FIELD!

  44. People like JM eventually get badly burned – his day is coming. Mark my words. No one human can treat others in the manner he does and not get a visit from Karma.

  45. So when Dickbag’s expert gets up there, is he going to acknowledge that other professionals in her field may have opinions that differ from hers?

  46. Well Martinez is at least back to being vaguely rational.

    It’s pretty small beer though. He is pointing out the obvious – that there is some subjectivity involved in making an assessment.

    But the jury have heard plenty of the sort of abuse Alexander spouted,

    The defence is on very strong ground here I think.

    • By that token, he has to admit that his own expert’s opinion is her own biased opinion. He can’t cut it both ways.

      • exactly!If he’s so ready to discredit Alyce’s testimony based on its subjectivity then he should do it with his own ”baby” witness!And franky,it’s obvious even to a lay person that this WAS an abusive relationship,all one needs is to read and listen to TA’s words!!!

    • There’s subjectivity involved in every field. Medical doctors come to different conclusions, researchers come to different conclusions…and yes, Kermit, cops do too. He is SUCH an asshole.

    • geebee…

      I think I am confused at what you are saying…I have developed memory fog…

      Can you elaborate?… “‘The defence is on very strong ground here I think.’

  47. Since there are more men on the jury then women…..I wonder what they think of Kermit????? He is such an arrogant asshole!!!

    • He’s lucky that I’m not on the jury because I’d acquit Jodi JUST on the basis of Kermit being an arrogant prick.

  48. so wait………..Its ok to believe Jodi’s word from her diary/text/emails but not TA, or any of the other girls he was involved with.

    • Kira,
      he is so insulting and likes to put people down just like Travis.
      I’m with you fuck off already.
      I seriously after this don’t believe I can watch him anymore.
      I can’t stand to see anyone badgered.
      I’d like to bitch slap him from here to the middle no where.
      I’ll watch the rest of the trial, but not him.

    • I have a teenager and I know all about the

      “did you hear Lindsey said Sofia said Megan likes Ryan but Ryan told Sofia that he like Chrisie and went to the movies with her, but didn’t tell Amy, and I swear if you tell Amy, I’ll kill you and never tell you anything else”

      except in real teenager speak there is a “like” after every two words. and Every sentence begins and ends with “OH My God, you’re neve going to believe it but like…….”

      • I meant a teenage girl.

        I have a teenage boy too and his conversations start with Dude and then the rest is full of so many Ums and Uhs that I loose interest real quick.

        • Dont forget the ” BRO” they use these days…. My kids sometimes reference me as Dude, and I quickly tell them ” I am your mother ” not your friend ” dude”.

          If this idiot had a strong case he would be going after Walmart, the gas station, the gun, etc…..

          He’s skating on thin ice…………….

          • Oh I have that conversation once too often.

            “I am your father. I am really glad that you consider me a friend. But once again DO NOT CALL ME DUDE!”

  49. You know, I waitressed when I was in college, and I can’t tell you how many people would swing by the restaurant to see me who would never swing by my home to see me. It was very social. It is definitely not a red flag to me.

  50. I decided to spin this, we should send Juan thank you cards. He is showing his case is weak against Jodi and he’s showing it through this questioning. He’s hanging off a cliff and grasping at the gravel and patch of grass. Your slipping Juan!

  51. When he whines to the judge she is being non responsive he really means “Judge she is making too much sense, please shut her up!”

  52. I hate to say this, and I hate JM’s methods, and I know you’ll all hate me for this, but he is scoring some points here. He is doing what I worried about and pointing out that ALV relied on what Jodi said without independent corroboration.

        • She may have, but the defense probably had a chance to interview her so they should have it covered. More importantly since DeMartes had a chance to interview at least Samuels, the defense expert had some chance to interview DeMartes.

          But the most important thing is that any interview DeMartes conducted and the information she gained might be hearsay? (Legal Eagles step in here).

          • But don’t forget that an expert can rely on what would otherwise be considered hearsay evidence while forming their opinion.

            You lost me on this one Al: “More importantly since DeMartes had a chance to interview at least Samuels, the defense expert had some chance to interview DeMartes.”

            From what I could tell of ALV’s testimony, she referenced a few areas where she and Dr. D disagreed with one another. Therefore, I assume Dr. D wrote a report which ALV read. I might have missed the part where Dr. S said he had a sit down session with Dr. D though (and kind of find that difficult to understand as to why he would have). But I’m kinda lost in what you mean there as even if they did, psychologists are very good at “pokerface” if you catch my meaning there. They are trained not to react and not to give away much about their personal interpretations with their clients, and I’m sure they could do the same with other doctors. What am I missing?

            • I get the first part. That’s old Rule 703, how I could have forgotten escapes me.

              I just had an impression that there was more to DeMartes did than just looking at data. I thought these folks may have talked to each other. Of course I could have been mistaken.

              If that were true, then they would have had a chance to ask DeMartes whether she spoke to these other people or not.

              Even if she did, it’s now a case of their expert against the other side’s expert, which is always the case in these trials. I mean I doubt if JM would put DeMartes up if she agreed with the defense experts. So I’m sure the jury will just have to weigh the experience and general credibility of the two sets of experts and eventually believe the parts they want to.

              In fact this jury will have to do what JM is trying to blame ALV of doing.

              • Ah, okay Al, I get it now. And yes, unfortunately, expert witnesses in trials often counter each other out.

                I think what we have here is a situation where JM has cast some doubt on parts of Dr. S’s testimony. I don’t think the jury bought that Dr. S had feelings for Jodi at all. And I think that the whole “giving her the book” stuff was completely tossed aside when ALV testified that she does the exact same thing and there’s nothing unethical about it. Dr. S’s testimony was a bit of a stretch for the average person anyway. Essentially, I think they put him up there to excuse Jodi’s memory losses about the actual killing. They hoped to also establish that she suffered from PTSD prior to that date. I wish Dr. S had not used any testing at all and had just diagnosed her clinically. That hurt him and thereby, hurt the weight of his testimony. Nonetheless, I think the jury liked him, in general, and didn’t discard everything he said.

                I think the jury has truly enjoyed ALV. I believe they have related to her very well. At times, perhaps some of her testimony became a tad tedious. But, on the whole, I think they’ve been interested in hearing about how she formed her opinion, and she’s given them a great deal of perspective of who Travis Alexander was. Now, JM is trying his utmost to rip her a part during cross and it remains to be seen how successful he will actually be when all is said and done. I think she’s holding her own so far, but he’s very frustrating and that’s his MO.

                Whatever happens, I think his big problem is going to be that his witness has very little experience, and both of the defense experts have significant experience. Therefore, the only thing he has to attack with is their personal bias. Who will the jury believe in the end? I don’t know. I will judge Dr. D impartially to the best of my ability and see what I think then.

      • ALV,looks exhausted from being asked nonsensical questions.She doesnt look defeated.As to the ‘you only listened to one side of the story” I agree with Kira,so did his expert witness.Unless she claims she has rised TA from the dead!

    • It looks like he is peeling her like a carrot..

      Hopefully they’ll be something left of the carrot when he’s through..

      Unless he eats what’s left…

    • Yes, but Alyce said she could see that Mr. Alexander had a history of lying, and Jodi does NOT. That Jodi only lied after the killing. And it’s the TRUTH.

      • Yes and no. She could have interviewed the women who sent the emails, texts and IMs. (I don’t know why the defense decided NOT to have her interview them — perhaps it was due to the expense of doing so?) But that’s the point JM is trying to make. She relied only on their written conversations and what she heard from Jodi — a known liar. And ALV herself said that 90% of communication is non-verbal, which was a strong point for JM. Now, ALV had great comebacks in distinguishing between face-to-face and written conversations (and saying Travis had the history of lying, not Jodi) and that her comment about non-verbal wasn’t in reference to written communication, but I think JM still scored a point or two in that round in that round on that portion. And I have a sneaking suspicion he’s gearing up towards his expert who WILL have interviewed those other women.

        One thing I did notice in there, and it apparently escaped ALV (but hopefully NOT the defense) is that JM was trying to state that ALV’s comment about non-verbal communication applies to the clinical world. That’s NOT what ALV testified to at all. She was saying that she wasn’t sure if that saying (90% of communication is non-verbal) is something often said outside of the clinical world — because she’s been in the clinical world since the freaking 70s. In other words, although she’s heard it tossed around in her circles, she wasn’t sure if it’s something said by lay people. (It is!) However, JM made it all about that saying being something important WITHIN the clinical world. In other words, he was taking her sentence extremely literally and attempting to say that without face-to-face observations, according to her own testimony, she really couldn’t evaluate and form an opinion of exactly what was occurring as she wasn’t there to see their facial and bodily expressions. He twisted that one up pretty well, I hate to say.

        I hope JW caught it and can clarify that on redirect because if I caught it, a juror might also have caught it. ALV tends to speak very colloquially, sometimes with run on sentences, which is good as the jury relates to that, but in this instance, it may hurt.

        • Does anybody think that any of the girls that are either Morman, work with PPL and/or both, would actually tell a psychologist anything negative about TA?

          If they did speak to the State’s rookie psych and she has only good things to say, their emails with TA’s rants, etc., will be brought up again….ugh

          • I doubt they’d say anything negative. If they were willing, I think the defense would have used them, just as they did the Freemans.

    • But how can it be without independent corroboration when Alyce already testified to reading Travis’ journal and emails from his sister? She said she did her best to get a well rounded perspective of the situation. She did not form her opinion in an echo chamber.

      Any points he scores via manipulation are unearned and illegitimate gains. IMO

    • Michele, I think that’s what the jury will want: the opportunity to look at each of these tests, IMs and emails themselves.

      I asked my co-worker who has been on 3 juries about that. He said something similar happened in one of those trials and certain information one of the witnesses discussed was not admitted into evidence and was, therefore, not in the jury room. The judge gave them an instruction about it, but my co-worker said there was still a great deal of dissatisfaction among the jurors during deliberation that they had not been given the actual piece of evidence to review. Several of them bandied around that the prosecution was trying to hide something from them. Some of them felt as if the judge instructing them not to concern themselves with why it wasn’t in evidence was condescending and even insulting to their intelligence.

      This was in DC though, not conservative AZ, so perhaps those jurors will be different. I don’t know.

  53. JM is the Biggest Ass on the face of the Earth, I’m so BORED with him I’ve gone to updating my Itunes.. thank God for Itunes (my music)


  54. Has anyone seen the youtube video of the lizard on acid talking nonsensically? This is Juan! I am going to post the url on here for a good laugh. Well JM makes even less sense and he’s also a frog. I hope this works. JM thinks he’s the King of tying knots. lol

      • She is a very very powerful witness and knows just when to get these little zingers in.

        Interestingly enough, HLN had a female blonde lawyer on this morning who was saying she had worked with ALV in CA and that she’s not someone who easily believes in DV. She essentially said she’s a tough cookie and has a really strong BS detector.

        • That needs to be heard. Wish they could get someone to testify to that in court. I am surprised HLN let that air!

          • I’ve never watched HLN during the daytime before, but it seems they let a lot more stuff be said then than they do during their big evening shows.

    • That was powerful. We really needed that one. I’m sure that had some impact on the jury. Yes, Jodi lied about THE biggest thing in her entire life. But prior to that, she had a history of being honest. Travis, on the other hand, lied to every girl he fancied and/or dated, in an attempt to get what he wanted.

  55. There you go!!! The only one that has a history of lying is Mr. Alexander!!! Oh, I love her!!! It’s the truth!!!!

  56. Who the fuck let one of the Oompa Loompa’s escape from the Chocolate Factory?! Somebody better get a hold of Willy Wonka and let him know.

  57. I love how quickly JM pulled that exhibit, sly prick. Good girl, Alyce, asking him to put it back on the screen.

    • Yes Britney….Hypothetically I thought I was exhausted for it being Monday, but evidently it’s “the prosecutor’s fault” that’s significant to me LOL

  58. Even if we all agreed it was a fricking lie, IT DOES NOT JUSTIFY that long abusive and ranting text!! Cmon………….!!

  59. Oh, good God… I’m sorry, I have to step away for a few minutes. I’m liable to break something, I’m sorry.

    • I sincerely hope it’s Snow White with little birds and deers and butterflies to get her mind off this nightmare.

  60. Didn’t TA say JA only had a certain amount of time to give him the name of the girl?

    All that aside, it was true TA was cheating.

  61. JM an Travis both lived by that saying Do as I say not as I Do bull crap. Twisting up sentences an then saying it is wrong really when he does the same thing for evidence of a DEAD PERSON. Emails Texts Journals TV Specials etc. He is so twisted I hope a few Jurors understand what the hell he is all about As Travis was too.

    I am so sick of people saying Trashing Travis the Victim. Really? so if he were a complete Angel/Saint an perfect example of the LDS CHURCH do they not think that would be shown also?

    We can’t see both sides without investigating the other side as too why this could happen in the first place.

    The other side would like everyone to believe Travis was a SAINT ……Jodi was a Evil Whore that came to his home uninvited an planned on what happened? that is INSANE ! as the texts an photos explain. FOLLOW THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE there is no premeditation in there. As Jodi stated THE SIMPLE Fact is He attacked me an I defended myself.

    • Yes Rhonda! We all know now, straight from the horses mouth (TA), that TA was an abusive man, and died because he attacked Jodi. Picked on someone he thought he could get away with, but didn’t get away with it that time!

      • Yes I heard it an we all heard it but that Travis Supporters still maintain another LIE that Jodi did all those texts herself? Do you think Mr. Martinez really believes that too? I know that the family an friends an co workers of Travis do? I think it is strange. But since they all are mainly MORMON’S I would have to think it is LYING FOR THE CHURCH too keep Travis on the Saintly Shelf.

  62. He just keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper….He evidently didn’t read ALL the text messagesAND emails AND IMs, et al, like ALV did.

  63. use the objections bigtime
    object, object, object

    hey was jm allowed to cut al off with a bogus call to the judge to reprimand al

  64. Any one notice how often Martinez says “I understand that” when in reality he doesn’t understand any of it?

  65. I also love the way every time Martinez doesn’t like such-and-such that she just said, he then repeats it for the jury. “I understand that you such-and-such, …” I’m no lawyer but I would know enough not to do that.

    What an idiot!

  66. Is this line of questioning about the text message why he has that computer expert detective on his rebuttal list?

    • It has absolutely NOTHING to do with if Jodi lied in what text part 2! It’s about WHY she sent him anything purporting to be text part 2! She did that to placate Travis so he wouldn’t be pissed at her even more than he already was!

      • hell yeah!she has admitted to having sex with him even when she didnt want to(June 4th on the desk) just to placate him and make him shut up…let alone simply sending him a msg!

  67. Does anyone know about what this means???
    Just saw it on Wild About Trial Tweet:
    Louise Watson‏@ryansmama19903m
    @WildAboutTrial have you heard anything about a problem that ALV is having with juror #1


    • I would love to know what this means, how could that be? Is it the way Juror 1 is looking at her, or ALV looking at Juror 1?

  68. Last question was:
    Isn’t true, ma’am, hypothetically, hu, wouldn’t it, so to speak, that, wouldn’t she , hu…., couldn’t she have, … hu
    He’s gonna collapse and fold.

  69. A few questions for anyone in the know…

    1. Any idea how I can find the most recently filed motion for mistrial? (the post from Ely didn’t work for me)

    2. Has there been any further information about the previous motion regarding the Photo Op with JM on the Court house steps? (it seems it was never followed up on, and I can’t find info anywhere)

    Thanks a bunch

    • Someone posted a link earlier. If you go to the Maricopa website and type in the case number
      CR2008-031021, it gives you the motions filed to date.

      I’ve not seen anything about the other pending motion.

    • There was a motion filed today:

      4/7/2013 MOT – Motion 4/8/2013
      4/7/2013 MOT – Motion 4/8/2013

  70. Mr. Martinez are you so biased that you forget that there are two victims here…Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander….

  71. Gesh I worked at Pizza Hut for years an friends always stopped by to visit me. Depends on what type of restaurant if it is something really fancy maybe not so much but a regular pub/restaurant like Ruby Tuesdays or Apple Bee’s they would stop by even more so as you can drink at the bar daaaaaaaaa

    • I dont think that’s his point,however.He wants to prove that she was obsessed enough to think her boyfriends cheated on her ,snooping on her own to find proof of their cheating and that in order not to lose face she had to ”accuse” others of finding out the info and passing it on to her.That’s what I made out of it,at least.Otherwise it’a a stupid point!

      • Even that I could understand almost all of them were cheaters so sad…………..but it has been shown she was not a outraged crazy nut of a gf that went all PHYSCO on them also. An even remained friends with ex boyfriends. Which says to me she gets over things an moves on. Travis it was taking longer due to she hoped to see a change she hoped he would get help it never happened so she moved on but he was still on her mind as she kept in touch as he did.

        That is the problem when you move on means no more contact period. But for some reason some people do this they remain friends with Ex’s even though they are not good people. Me on the other hand when I am done I am done no friend of mine would treat me with disrespect so why keep a cheater for a friend in life I don’t get that. But I do know people do it. I just can’t do it myself. I want good energy around me good people not ones that betray your trust.

    • Rhonda!!! Yes! I waitressed when I was in college and the restaurant was very social. I had friends, neighbors, relatives dropping in every day!! I probably wouldn’t have seen half those people nearly as often if I didn’t work there. They felt very comfortable stopping in. I saw people there more than anywhere else. Jodi having people stop by the restaurant to warn her about boyfriends TWICE isn’t a red flag to me at ALL. Waitressing really makes you more available to people I think. And between me and all the other waitresses, waiters, and bartenders, we had ALL sorts of romance drama EVERY single day!!!

      • Yes the restaurant drama is BIG !! lol especially if there is a bar there. I agree with you also you do see people more often as they go out more than stopping by your house for a visit because you work so much anyways an mostly weekends. All that makes sense to me too.

    • Yes! Juan, it’s not unusual at all. In fact, in small social circles, it’s highly likely, in fact. Also, those little girls Travis targeted probably just looooooved to be catty and start high-school BS drama!

  72. jmL
    hypothetically, if ja was lying, would that mean that ja was lying ?

    ie a tautology

    tautology (n.) Look up tautology at
    1570s, from Late Latin tautologia “representation of the same thing” (c.350), from Greek tautologia, from tautologos “repeating what has been said,” from tauto “the same” + -logos “saying,” related to legein “to say” (see lecture (n.)).

  73. There are goblins in my iPad, or I’m officially certifiable after watching JM….I meant where is he going with this testimony..

    • I have no idea!!! He keeps mischaracterize everything she said and he wants the jury to think that her opinions or expertise of DV is bull, but if that so, then so is HIS domestic violence person (that only has 4years experience over ALV 35+ years).

      How can he sit there and say thay her expertise are NOT good enough because its not a DNA or a computerized test, when HE HIMSELF, is bringing in his OWN wannabe expert? !

      • His rookie expert is allowed to do testing is where I think he was heading. Who knows, he’s too hard to follow.

        • Ok, the one that the laptop got stolen. Isn’t that weird, that the laptop was the only thing stolen from this home? And has there been any updates on that?

  74. Favorate part of the day: Loved when ALV testified to, the ONLY LIAR here (that I found out to be) was TRAVIS ALEXANDER.

    • Me too ! gave me such a happy feeling to know we are not alone an seeing the Real Travis not the painted one by the Prosecutor.

    • HELL YEAH !

      2 Nephi 9:34
      34 Wo unto the liar, for he shall be thrust down to hell.

      (Book of Mormon, in txt and epub, courtesy of

      • Unless the neck is cut from ear to ear before hand then they will get to go to that celestial thing I think or a purgatory state before that thing they have a strange belief of what heaven is though in my eyes.

        This is why I believe whoever sliced his neck did it to get him to heaven for everyone that truly knew him knew he was not living according to the LDS rules to get to heaven. Spilled blood from atonement would get him there though.

  75. I swear that I saw judge Stevens say “you’re going to have to move on” to Juan after they went to break but film was still rolling

  76. If you go by what Martinez is insinuating with his line of questioning, than all this trial is one big lie and so it really doesnt matter what anyone says.I am crazy or…WTH

  77. Hahaha the moment when the prosecutor cuts ALV saying “Judge there’s no question” and ALV takes a drink saying “right”

  78. Fox News is making fun of JM. I was so brain dead from listening to Kermit, I can’t remember exactly what they said. I will try to catch it again and post it.

      • It’s true though Ashley. That is EXACTLY what Martinez is doing. He’s not bringing anything useful forward, nor is he pointing out anything pertinent that proves his case. He’s just being an abusive asshole.

  79. People, apparently there is some issue that ALV is having a with Juror #1. There was a tweet on Wild about trial. I pasted the tweet above. Anyone, know anything about this????

      • LC, I am not sure what that means. Someone at the court who is watiching sent that tweet out about 20 min ago. I had also seen JA nudge JW about something just before that tweet went out. They both looked towards their left (jury?).

    • Introspective says:
      April 8, 2013 at 6:00 pm
      Does anyone know about what this means???
      Just saw it on Wild About Trial Tweet:
      Louise Watson‏@ryansmama19903m
      @WildAboutTrial have you heard anything about a problem that ALV is having with juror #1


      (Is this what you’r talking about?)

  80. The famous words of Mtz:

    -Do you have a problem with your memory?
    -The Prosecutor
    -The defendant
    -Ma’am I’m not asking you…


  81. I have post tramatic stress from working for
    a hardcore bully celebrity who was abusive
    for 3 years.
    Watching the way JM attacks the witness
    & ALV is not only hard to watch
    but he triggers my PTSD to the point
    where i can feel shooting migranes.

    He is absolutely the most despicable
    human being I have ever had the displeasure
    of experiencing.

    It’s beyond torture.
    I can’t handle anymore for the day
    I choose good energy in my universe
    Watching JM treat people with such
    vile behavior makes me really depressed
    and I don’t think it’s healthy for me
    to watch him anymore.

    I will just rely on everyone’s comments
    this week to give me updates.