Jodi Arias Trial – Day 41

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Following Alyce LaViolette being taken ill just prior to the noon recess, yesterday’s trial turned into a half day, and the afternoon session was cancelled. Let’s hope Alyce is raring to go again today and we can finish the week on another high note.

With all the BS currently flying around featuring Facebook posts & pages, Amazon reviews, website attacks, hating, lies, threats, harassment, prosecutorial dirty tricks, jury shenanigans – and diary pages & videos being slow-leaked to HLN… we’ve just gotta plough on regardless. These things are popping up regularly to try and throw us off course. Screw all that. We’re on a mission… and we’re gonna see it through to its victorious conclusion.

We are TEAM JODI… and… well… you know the rest by now…

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  1. 1st again, whooohoooo… lol

    Some where commenting on ALV safety and im going to bed thinking about it. Its pretty sad when one should have to feel that way because other people dont know how to behave.

    If there was an immense threat to her, I hope that whatever it was, was passed to SJ, maybe he can fwd any info to her directly.

    Ok…. going to bed its 11:34 here, not so late like the site posts. Goodnight all, prayers for Jodi n the defense to have a great day tomorrow.

    • Hey LC-
      Lucky you. I think you may have won the locket of hair from JM’s wig. That was the last prize, for being first, that I say SJ talk about. 🙂

    • Good Morning, Everyone and Congrats, LC! I am jealous of your gift. lol 😉 It should make a good voodoo doll!

      I just wanted to say I had an extremely difficult time sleeping too. I was thinking so much about ALV and Dr. Samuels, too. It distresses me so much that our world is coming to this culture of hatred and the media gets away with this garbage under our own Constitution! It’s like the Constitution is being used against us! It is soooo distressful and I hope that something good happens soon.

      That is my rant for today and now I’ll read on. 🙂

      • I have had a horrible time sleeping. I used to blame HLN (Anti Jodi Arias HLN/Hate LegalSystem Network). But I watch streaming video now. And I blame JM.

        I used to practice law. I don’t now and I have no interest in returning. The legal system (in partnership with the HLN) is not a search for the truth. It is a circus and a game of presenting a story that seems palatable to the non-sequestered and only human jury.

        The issue is whether JA has presented sufficient evidence to demonstrate that she killed in self defense. It is outrageous to say “we don’t believe JA because she lied when initially confronted by the cops.” BTW, was she ever Mirandized?

        I think JA has presented sufficient evidence for a self defense claim. Instead of attacking a witness like an attorney (whose voice is still high pitched like a teenager and who attacks facts by bullying witnesses), JM should explain if possible why JA’s valid claims are meritless.

        This case is not about the search for any truth. I am ashamed of my profession.

  2. A reasonably fair and balanced report from RadarOnline

    Not a site I would normally recommend, but it shows how much things have turned around.

    There is a reason why all the confused HLN watchers are so angry.

    What’s happening is that they have “cognitive dissonance”, cognitions that don’t agree and this can produce feelings of anger.

    They can respond in different ways : for example claiming “everything is based on what Jodi is says”, when that’s obviously not true ( the texts and emails ). This is called a Type 2 reduction.

    Eventually, most people will just realise they got it wrong, and either switch off ( Type 1 reduction ), or change their position, and recognise Jodi is innocent ( Type 3 reaction ).

    It’s a fascinating subject, I highly recommend this article:

        • Now I am even more conviced Drew is a dickwad: “PINSKY: Well, that`s what if you look — remember Dr. Samuels was talking about the DSM 4 had out even though we`re on the DSM 5 now, don`t want to comment about that. But anyway, he had this diagnostic manual out there on the stand. ”

          From the publishers site, notice that the new version is not even published yet.:

          DSM-5: The Future of Psychiatric Diagnosis
          Publication of the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) in May 2013 will mark one of the most anticipated events in the mental health field. We thank you for your interest in DSM-5 and hope that you use this Web site not only to learn more about DSM-5, but also about its history, its impact, and its developers. Please continue to check this site frequently for updates and for more information about the development process.
          The APA’s extensive development process of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is nearing its conclusion.


          • I have been following updates about the new DSM 5 and it is not out officially. They are changing a few things and adding more to it and it has been a big debate. Since I have Bipolar Disorder I keep up with these new versions coming out. JM and Dr Drew are in over their heads as usual and cannot look it up for themselves. Dr Drew really has disappointed me. He did a great show last year about Bipolar Disorder and the experts on the show were amazing. I even talked to him on the phone. He was so good on talking about ways to stop the stigmas of having a mental illnesses. His coverage of this trial has sadden me and I had to quit watching him. I guess really is just another sell out when I read what he asked Katie Wick on the show.

          • JM asked Samuels about it and Samuels testified that it won’t be available until May. HLN continues to misrepresent testimony and gloss over facts.

      • I like the British system on reporting legal cases – the media outlets cannot report until the case is over. That means they cannot pollute a jury that is not sequestered.

        You cannot convince me that jurors go home and never talk to friends, family, see news, see news media. The court expects the juror’s entire family and friends to restructure their lives to prevent any talk of the biggest news in Arizona.

        After the trial, we will find out that some juror saw something or spoke with someone.

        I also think the appearance of Juror Number 5 in the audience (being given preferential treatment by the court staff – like escorted out by Baliff to private exits to lunch and to go home) is intimidating to the remaining jurors. If one juror mentioned to the Judge last week thatNumber 5 was biased, that juror has to feel intimidated – like she is watching the juror.

  3. Yes LC,I agree.The hatred against Jodi has me feeling sad also,I am betting that most of the people out there that are looking for blood have never even taken the time to listen to the evidence.They are going by what the media has spewed out.It is bad when some people have degenerated to start making threats,HLN and the talking assholes should be the ones to blame,their constant spin on everything has gotten out of hand,its amazing that when some positive proof has came forward,some unknown video or report sufaces to further incite the masses against Jodi.ALV has opened a can of worms that no one else wants to hear,JM for one and TAs family,TA has been put into the light that tarnishes his good little alterboy image,heaven forbid they say anything bad about him and his religion.I belive in Jodi and support her 100 percent,as for the haters,they can say what they want,it only shows their lack of intelligence.JM must be worried about ALV,it will be interesting to see how he will try and twist her words and expertice around,she will be ready for him and I hope she hands him his you know what on a platter.I wish the best for Jodi and hope she will walk free soon.God speed Jodi.

    • I am feeling very unsettled tonight about all the hatred directed at Jodi, her attorneys and Ms. LaViolette. The so-called book reviews posted by the haters on Amazon re ALV’s book is really disturbing. I, too flagged the comments as inappropriate and left my comments. Hopefully something will be done about the hater postings on Amazon.

      ALV’s knowledge re DV issues speaks for itself and I think the haters would be hard pressed to ruin AVL’s long standing reputation in the DV community. It’s just the idea that there are so many people out there who seem to enjoy being so hateful and mean-spirited. I do feel a certain amount of concern about AVL’s safety. To think that they are actually so hateful and ignorant as to encourage others to phone the sponsors of ALV’s up-coming speaking engagements and speak ill of ALV for testifying.

      I need to get some sleep (1:16 PT) Maybe I’ll feel better about all of this in the morning. G’nite All.

      • Oh, Kitty. I agree so much with you.

        I tried to get on Dr Drew’s HLN facebook page. I never said JA was innocent (although I believe she did this in self defense based on the evidence). I said she deserves a complete and fair jury. Dr. Drew allows people to post hate toward other posters on the FB page. I was called every horrible name in the book. I never insulted anyone. I was called an idiot and told I should die in Hell like Jodi. I was bullied. Dr. Drew loses credibility when he allows/encourages bullying on his FB page. I thought he was against bullying.

        It is also outrageous that no one seems to get that domestic abuse can be 100% emotional and mental abuse. The last witnesses was not focusing on what JA told her. The witness relied on the actual words from TA (may he rest in peace/I pray he has repented to his G*d).

        Dear G*d, I promise not to watch Nancy (scary) Grace or “After Dark” (which is *not* “after dark,” it is “during dark”). Please grant me the peace to sleep tonight.

    • I agree with you Dennis on all of that. The HLN/CNN people have really got that hater crowd really enraged now full force. I guess it is pumping their ratings up good. I have not watched that channel now for about 6 weeks I did flip it on real quick a few times to see what they were putting out there but I never go there daily like I did once it is just too much for me too handle just the voices now really bother me an the faces the ugly looks they do really it is horrible.

      It is bad enough to just go to some blogs an see the hate I try not too but I do put my 2 cents right in there an usually am alone or drowned out by the haters. Good thing for this site an a few others or I would surely be depressed by now. I do feel good about some truth finally getting out about Travis being not so Saintly like they want to proclaim daily. GO TEAM JODI !! we are praying for a ACQUITTAL ….

    • I have heard a lot about death threats. Where are these posted to view? I am so bummed I was out of work due to an injury but has to return to work this past Tuesday. I do DVR from 6 to 6pm bit no time to view it all. So I find myself on this site on breaks,lunch,after work and while in bed trying to go asleep. Luckily my mom is home all day watching the trial and i call her to get quick updates. And we agree it was planned. O also heard juror #5 is sitting in the gallery. Creepy!!! So sorry foryessy post and mis-spellings I have to do everything from my phone thank god for smart phones. Thanks

  4. I read the article above and it looks like despite all of Jane and Nancy’s hard work it’s backfiring on them. They slurred Jodi and downplayed TA’s power over her and treatment of her but ran their mouth’s without waiting for all the facts. They have no remorse over the furor they have caused by whipping their minions into a frenzy. I hope they experience the blow back! I probably can’t watch today but I hope AV is better and ready for the nagging little badger JM, and makes him choke on all those jections!!

  5. Good morning all!!!! I missed abit yesterday when I lost the feed and the web site went down. I had to turn on HLN just to find out what was going on. I was very sorry to hear that AL had taken ill. But what a woman she is!!!! The talking heads even said there were not many jury questions….They are getting it…they are understanding!!!!! How could anyone not? She is laying it out like a road map…..JW great job!!!! No matter how the “little man” tried to, he couldn’t trip her up…..

    I am applaud that in our country that there is such blind hatred. These actions are in excusable. A person gives his/her professional opinion in a court of law and now they have to worry about their own safety? Wake up America!!!!! This is the year 2013. Every person has a God given right to a fair trial!!!!

    Doesn’t anyone just wonder if any of these destructive people have any connection to Travis? I think not. They need to crawl back into the hole they crawled out of or put their negative energy someplace else……

    Justis will be served !!!!!!!! Jodi will be freed!!!!!

    • Just a thought cindy, but could the fact that there are not that many juror questions have anything to do with juror number five being dismissed? I do believe a lot of those questions were to try and trip Jodi up and Dr Samuels as well.

      • We’ll see when they start asking the jury question, if the questions sound different, I would say that juror #5 was the juror with the “if so” sarcastic questions. Time will tell.

        • Beth Karas said last night, there werent very many questions from the jurors, as of yet. Wonder what that says, in comparsion to the mulititude of questions for Dr. Samuels? Maybe AL, is getting to them… and they are understanding it , they are getting it!

      • Oh, I think so. Juror 5 was the prolific note-taker and I bet that she was the source of all of those sarcastic-sounding questions as well.

        • I think so too kira, I HOPE!!! WE’LL be able to tell when questions come up.
          UNLESS the questions start coming in when Martinez is doing his cross.

      • Debbie, It seems that some are saying that Juror # 5 was Jodi supporter and others say the opposite. Could she have been exhibiting signs, by smiling at Jodi, etc and it was all a tactic to get her off the jury? Who knows…

  6. Any evidence of Drug Cartel connection and TA. Although there MO is beheading it usually happens offsite and an expert pointed out that the Drug executioners are not as proficient at cutting through the spine as Taliban. Just a thought.

  7. I personally feel that we should focus on the positiveness that we have found on this site. We are not going to change the negativeness of the haters. Why go over there just to upset yourselves. It is giving them fuel to feed the blackness in their hearts.

    I am only assuming here but I honestly believe with the environment around this case that they are monitoring these sites.

    Let the haters tell their lies…..let HLN/CNN twist the facts…..let their minds be closed for the Truth will prevail as it aways does.

    Let us all put our positive thoughts and energy back to Jodi…..

    • I agree with this wholeheartedly. One of the things I love most about this site is the positivity here. Negativity is just a waste of energy!

    • I agree. Seriously, anyone who wastes the energy to review a book that they haven’t even read is pathetic and not worth our time.

      • I agree with Kira,that pathetic is the right word to describe such these people and the emotions raising from them.I remember ´Liking´´ the State page before I found this site and immediately going back and ´´Unliking´´ it when I saw the great difference between the level of research and education here and thr ignorance and blind hatred over there.They’re just not worth it.With all this dark negativity coming from them,I’m amazed sth bad hasnt happened to Jodi already(physically speaking,I do believe in energy flow).Let’s just concentrate our minds and way of thinking towards positive things and hopes only.

    • I need to hear that today, Cindy. You are, of course, right. The thing that is so upsetting is that however pitiful those people and the news outlets which cater to them may be, it makes them no less harmful.

  8. A healthy dose of skepticism being good for our intellectual well being, I must ask the question “Was ALV’s illness well timed to allow JW to finish at the end of the week?”

    All right, I am now open for being jumped on by everyone.

    • I wonder if she isnt sick because of the stress caused by the nasty actions of half of the USA who have nothing better to do than call her, blast her book on the book sites, and threaten her engagement organizers. She is getting an overload of abuse from the rabid Jodi hating public. I would probably feel sick.

      • I was just talking about this with my husband. What happens if the threats and harassing has made this woman literally sick from the stress and fear? What would happen if she just doesn’t want to continue with the trial out of fear? I certainly wouldn’t blame her, and if this was me, I would do whatever to stop being a witness out of pure fear of harm to my family or myself. Total disgust of what has been happening, with some of the people that think they can ruin and harass witnesses and lawyers.

        • She’s under subpoena, so she will have to finish her testimony, or be held in contempt of court. She has testified before, so she knows this. She’ll be back, don’t worry.

          • Thanks, I am worried for her, I don’t trust what some are capable of, bunch of losers with nothing to do but sit at a computer and try to make life miserable for people they hate.

              • I would also think she knew what she was getting into and on top of that, I would think she KNOWS how to deal with these bullies (shes be doing it all her life).

                • Yeah, Alyce is a tough lady who has worked with very troubled people. I’m sure that she’s been the target of anger multiple times.

                • I would imagine she dealt with threats and unpleasantness in the late 70s/early 80s when she started fighting for battered women. I’m sure she’s able to handle herself.

    • LOL I don’t think so Al but nice try. The poor woman sat in the witness box for 20 minutes trying to get someone’s attention so she could be excused to the bathroom. Would have served them right if she had upchucked right there on the stand 😛

      • Beth Karas also said last night, she saw AL in the hallway during that morning break, and she looked peaked , sweaty and not well at all..

      • HAHA YES! I have been enjoying the trial for once! Alyce seems like someone who is so caring and friendly! Everytime JM is on TV my hubby is like,”Damn he sounds like Bitsy!” Bitsy is my chihuahua!

    • LOL Al-
      Stirring that pot again? We know that Ms. ALV is the consummate professional and would not feign illness. I’m certain that the hate directed at her is unsettling at the least. After all, she is well aware of the very sick minds out there, and their potential for violence. This may in fact have added to her feeling ill.

      • Working on it. Maryland today, got to sleep at home last night. Up to Philly tomorrow to go to Drexel and Princeton. Then spring break is over, Hallelujah.

          • It’s all in the frame of reference. It truly is a great experience, but during the experience there are times I could ………..

            I’ve already driven 2000 miles this week with two teenagers. Mom’s taking them to College Park today.

            But you know, at the end of day its worth it. I don’t know about other folks, but every time I think of our kids I get a little teary eyed and there’s a little lump in my throat. They truly are good kids.

    • Alyce does ask to use the restroom frequently so she may have health issues related to that. Maybe she’s diabetic?

  9. Even if so Al it’s no worse than the prosecutions daily dirty bag of tricks. Constant objections, trying to suppress evidence, mis-stating what defense witnesses are trying to say, coloring their hair jet black to appear younger and less stressed to their fans.I truly believe AV was feeling unwell though.

    • I agree. I wonder if there was some way in which one could maintain fairness and yet cut all this BS out of the court proceedings.

      JM sometimes objects before Jennifer has even completed a phrase of her question. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think I’ve seen sequences like:

      JW: “Now, with regards to exhibit 554, Mr Alexander……..”
      JM: Objection

      Also I have noticed that on Thursdays, when they are reaching the end of the testimony of a particular witness, both sides will drag it on till 4:20pm.

      After a while this nonsense has to become evident to the jury, after which its all just a waste of the court’s time and the taxpayers money.

    • Yes THANK YOU Gwen. Nothing the defense has done can even begin to match the stunts pulled by Martinez and his supporters. Remember when Martinez cut up Jodi’s journal before the jury got a chance to see the entire entries? Then when the defense subtitled snippets of the sex tape the pro-prossies got all pissy and whiny even though the jury had heard it in entirety. I mean really.

      And no, I don’t think Alyce is faking. One can look and sound perfectly fine but have a bad case of the runs. Who knows, she had been sitting on the stand for a while and maybe it got to the point where she had to go home and change her clothes. I don’t think she, or the courts, would want to advertise that.

  10. geebee2

    I finally had the time to go look at your wiki entries for the case. Great work.

    I did have have a couple of comments on the “Discounted Evidence” section, bit I figured I’d post them here so we could all share our thoughts.

    Starting at the bottom of your page, the testimony of Kevin Horn and EF about the sequence of wounds with respect to the gun shot. I really think that has to do with the aggravating factor for the death penalty as I had posted earlier. I did notice an interesting filing on the docket. The defense has filed a motion seeking to bar the prosecution from presenting evidence towards or arguing aggravating factors that have been previously disallowed by the court. Under normal circumstances, this should be unnecessary. Once the court has ruled, it stands to reason that the attorneys would follow the courts rulings. If they don’t agree they should take it up with the appeals court. AZ does allow an immediate appelas process, if an attorney feels that the damage to their case would be such that there would be no effective cure, should the current ruling of the trial court stand. In fact Nurmi has done this. So the fact that the defense has to file this motion means that there is substantial evidence that JM is doing things in court that clearly point to his intention to ignore the courts ruling. And at least one of those is the argument he is leading up to with the gun shot that JA caused injury after the fatal wound, i.e. the throat wound. If it weren’t enough that defense has to file the motion, the prosecution has filed an opposition to the motion. You got to hand it to JM for temerity and gall. Imagine filing a motion with the judge that essentially says, “I know you ordered something, and I am going to violate that order, and here’s why you shouldn’t allow the defense to complain, and why you shouldn’t reaffirm your order”. This guy has some nerve.

    • Thanks for reading.

      I’m not well informed at all on the legal technicalities, thanks for the info.

      The entire case, and the way it has been televised, is very bizarre, sometimes it’s hard to tell reality from fiction, quite often I catch myself wondering whether the trial is even real, whether Martinez is acting a part rather than pursuing his idea of justice.

      It is a trial of mirrors where reality is almost always the opposite of appearance.

      There several things I have deduced that I don’t want to talk about for one reason or another.

      The best thing though is that Jodi will soon be free, there is no doubt about that.

      • Welcome to the US justice system. Its a sort of Kabuki dance/sales pitch.

        In answer to your question about Martinez, I am sure he is actually pursuing what he considers to be justice. I have absolutely no doubt of the fact that he truly considers Jodi to be some vile murderer and he is the peoples champion fighting the righteous fight.

        A large percentage of all criminal charges are settled on a plea bargain basis. The ones that do go to court are ones where a plea deal could not be agreed to. In such cases one side or the other has a point to prove and the result is what you are seeing.

        The rules of evidence are so nuanced and the trial so carefully constrained that what the jury sees is fractalized image of reality, out of which they have to make life and death decisions.

        It sort of reminds me about Churchill’s quote about democracy – it’s a really bad system, except for all the others that have been tried.

        The saving grace, most of the times is the common sense of the jury. Most of the times, though not always, given adequate advocacy on both side, the jury gets it right. Fortunately for JA, her attorneys seem to be putting up a competent case.

        • Al

          Yes, I have no doubt Martinez is not acting, it’s just that the various absurdities sometimes suggest the opposite, I have to keep re-telling myself he is for real 🙂

          • geebee2

            I think I didn’t make myself clear. He is definitely acting, have no doubt about that. This is all an act for the jury, hence my reference to Kabuki. What I was trying to imply was that I think he truly believes that the act is justified.

            But he is acting, there are no ifs, ands or buts about that. The image of righteous indignation he portrays is in part an act for the jury.

            • I disagree about his motives and sincere belief in his case. I spent 13 years in private practice as a criminal defense appellate attorney. My experience is that most prosecutor’s only want to win. If they can make a case, the truth doesn’t matter much. A former prosecutor once told me that the general attitude is that “any prosecutor can convict a guilty person. It takes talent to convict someone who looks like that maybe, mighta, coulda done it.”

    • Al, what do you think is the argument by ‘the prosecutor’ as to how a small woman armed only with a knife would attack a big man and win the fight? Is he deluding himself or does he think no one will wonder?

      • viri,

        That’s just one of the many questions that arise. I bet you his closing argument will have allude to something along the lines of

        “There are many things in this case we can’t explain, but we can’t be expected to explain everything because there were only two witnesses, one is dead and the other is a liar. But we are not expected to explain everything, and as the judge will instruct you we only have to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt. And reasonable doubt is ……..”

  11. Throwing out some positive reviews for Ms. Laviolette, for those of us who were so hurt and frightened by what people are trying to do for her:

    “If you haven’t heard Alyce speak before, you definitely need to attend this one – and if you have heard her speak before, you certainly won’t want to miss it!”
    –Paula Cohen, President of End Abuse Long Beach

    “Alyce is an excellent presenter. Her presentation was very clear and extremely informa­tive. I have been in the field of domestic violence for a few years and I was very impressed by her knowledge and expertise. Alyce also has a wonderful sense of humor.”

    “The instructor was insightful, open, and was able to interject humor, which made it easier to open up to a difficult subject.”

    “Wow. Great presentation! Powerful material.”

    “I liked the “imagine yourself” aspect but I also appreciated the more informative aspects of this lecture. Thanks for the handout and including some empathy for the perpetrator and males as victims.”

    “The Instructor was experienced, organized and funny. She kept things going with excel-lent illustrations. She also had a wonderful attitude.”

    “Alyce has a unique gift for presenting sensitive material in an enjoyable way. The day went fast. ”

    “Great speaker with a wealth of information and expertise.”

    “She gave us new and pertinent ideas that I could take back and use immediately.”

    “Best seminar, on this topic, that I’ve ever attended!”

    “Through her experiential approach to the subject of family violence, the issues involved became very real for me.”

    • Thanks for sharing that info Renee’. I read those reviews on her web site. She is a remarkable woman who has dedicated her life to helping others. I’m certain she has a full knowledge of the sick and demented minds out there who are harassing her. I pray for her safety as well as the safety of all those involved in Jodi’s defense.

    • Renee’
      I could see that in Alyce.
      I don’t always really enjoy the experts witness as much as Alyce.
      I also enjoyed Samuels. Maybe because pyschology.
      It’s always intrigring and most people can relate in their lives one way or another.

      She’s very easy to understand.
      She seems like she would be a lot of help because she cares and you sure
      can tell she listens.

  12. I think what the haters are doing to AL is going to backfire on them. Personally, I think that the attendance at her events are going to rise BECAUSE she is involved with this case.

    I do worry about her safety though. These people are nuts and their hatred is unreal.

  13. Oh geez, now the haters are thinking that Jodi wrote her journals either:

    a. right after Travis was killed


    b. in jail

    Are these people so stupid?

    First, she’s going to write 1.5 yrs of her life down to “fit” (their words) her “story” of DV?? Heck, that defense wasn’t even her story after Travis’ death.

    Second, the police seized ALL of her diaries when she was arrested. AND, anything she writes in jail is subject to review. Nothing is private when you’re in jail!

    All I can say is DUH!!!

    • Funny!
      It shows that they were convinced by Dr Samuels and ALV that abused people do not write of the abuse in their journal, and that the entries make perfect sense when viewed in context of her life at the time and are in agreement with her testimony.
      So now they resort to ‘it must have been written later, to match her defense.’ 🙂

  14. I have not read through all the comments on this, but does anyone have any evidence of Jodi’s diary being evaluated for authenticity? Just wondering because so many people are saying that she wrote it after her arrest. I would think forensics would be able to tell the age of the ink. What do you guys think?

    Also, I would encourage everyone here to go to, search up LaViolette’s book, and “report abuse” on every one of those comments, and I also said “NO” on the question “Do you think this post adds to the discussion?” stating “Not a book report”. These comments have nothing to do with their views on the book itself and have no place there. Amazon needs to take those down, if enough of us report the comments, I believe their will take them down.

  15. Last night some of the journal entries were read aloud on the hater channel. I can’t believe they actually read them they are so telling of Jodi’s innocence. Looks like to me thay may be slowly back-peddling. They know they’re headed toward another “Casey Anthony incident” I know I rarely watch H^N anymore so for those of you who missed here a couple we have not seen in entirety, this is some REALLY gut wrenching stuff!! Jodi is so kind, much more kind than most humans. I cannot WAIT for her freedom!!

    From CNN Transcripts-
    : “I`m trying very hard not to be in a state of blame right now, but if it weren`t for Travis borrowing all of my money, I`d be in San Diego tonight. I spent $40 on two super Saturday tickets to see Jeff Olson (ph) and visit with my friends that I miss very much, but I`ve been squeezed dry and then some because of him.”

    “I drained my checking account to put money into his and then was hit with tons of fees, fees that he isn`t going to pay, $96 worth. And he has the nerve to tell me to balance my checkbook. Nay, he didn`t just tell me that, he screamed it at me, and then proceeded to say that he wants to get a gun and put it to his head and pull the trigger.”

    “I was crying because it distresses me to see him like that and because I know all too well and first-hand what it is like to be where he is. So it was with great compassion that I calmly, sweetly, to my best ability, soothingly told him that everything was going to be all right, that, like always, this, too, shall pass, that I promise everything will be worth it in the end.”

    “I wanted to soothe away his worries. He was under more stress than I had ever seen him. He was really despairing today. I lended him another $80. I went to the bank for him to deposit it into his account since he said he doesn`t want to step foot in that bank again today. By the time we had parted, things seemed a little better.”

    – True, I could just marry Travis, but as wonderful a guy as he is, I just don`t think we are quite right for each other. I`m a little too sensitive. Although I prefer to think of it as Christ-like. And he is a little too rough around the edges although it is nearly impossible to imagine my life without him right now, he is amazing and he can cheer me up in a snap by singing me songs and holding me close. I like it when we cuddle. That`s the very best. On my bad days he brings me up, but I fear I rely on him too much for that sometimes. He is way too stressed in his own issues. He invariably suggests that we both distress by, well, being naughty. And although it is a temporary relief I think it is causing more problems. Besides, if it is something that I can`t tell my bishop then I probably shouldn`t be doing it.”

    – Well, today was interesting to say the least. Highs and lows. Travis was obscenely mean to me, but then he was extremely sweet and apologetic. It`s easy to forgive him when I remember who he is, who I am, and who we all really are, which is divine offspring, children of God.

    He`s so hard to say no to. We totally made out afterward. But he was so sweet and kind and attentive the entire rest of the night. It was a long drive back from Las Vegas. Travis was being extremely impatient, but eventually he got over it. So I raced home, freshened up, and headed over there with tootsy pops. He makes me want to be so naughty. And naughty we were. We went all the way again. It was different this time. He was different. He was tender and sweet and loving. He said he had been planning and hoping for this. He said he wanted to savor the moment and make it last as long as possible. He asked me if I felt guilty and I said yes. Then he told me he wanted this because he wanted us to always have something special. Perhaps it was like closure for both of us.

    – “Well, speaking of Travis, he frustrates me and thrills me. I love, love, love him. And he sings to me, goes out of his way for me, displays massive amounts of unconditional love for me in countless ways. I`m almost haunted by it.”

    “But it still remains that I can`t marry him. I can`t quite put my finger on it, but something is just off with that boy. We`ve all got head problems. That`s for sure. But there are certain things that will never sit right with me about him. For example, he always makes that ridiculous, Joke families can be forever, why do you want to spend so much time with them now? I abhor that. I want a family man, a man who takes family seriously. I know he jokes, but that drives me crazy and it`s a big turnoff.”

    “But he has told me time and again that if he could marry me, it would mean he`d won the wife lottery. Smiley face. That`s sweet, actually. I know I`ll be an excellent wife. In fact, I really want that. I want to be married. I want to have a companion.”

    “Travis is awesome, no doubt, but there`s just something that is off. I only know what the spirit whispers to me, and that is that he`s not the one. Frowny face. I`ve spent over a year of my life cultivating a relationship with him. I certainly wasn`t thrilled. No, I was devastated when I discovered that he wasn`t being faithful to me.”

    “I just don`t get why men cheat — Bobby, Matt, Travis. Darrell was always faithful, to my knowledge. He said once that he`s never had a problem with monogamy. And I believe him because I never had that awful intuitive feeling that his eyes, heart and hands were wandering the way I did with those other three. It is a subtle feeling, but it doesn`t go away. It nags. It pulls at the solar plexus until it is justified through the discovery of ugly hidden truths.”

    “Infidelity is so awful and causes ridiculous pain. Each time, the transgressor seemed grieved that I got hurt. Actually, not true. Travis seemed mildly remorseful, but that was it.”

    “I`m going to stop writing about this right now. It is of no benefit, but I could just rip out the last few pages, but I`ll refrain from doing that.”

    “The problem with Travis is that he`s so used to girls falling all over themselves for him, and she” — Mimi (ph) — “doesn`t do that. He needs that. I really think he does.”

      • Yes they read them aloud. Lol! Of course the “unidentified female voice” that was doing the narration was all snarky and overly dramatic. I thought it VERY interesting that Jane C. Hosted this episode, you know Nancy has to keep the Haters happy, she couldn’t ruin her reputation.
        I just kept thinking, you know H^N is going to dig through and find the worst they can, so that tells me the stuff the DON’T AIR must be obscenely damning to the pros pros case.

        Lol! You KNOW they probably payed a shit load of money to get their paws on these and were probably PISSED when they saw there isn’t SHIT to use for their hater agenda!

        • Am I missing something? Why was he is such dire straits financially? Reading the very first entry, he drained her of all her money, what was he doing with his money? Or was he not making the amount of money he claimed he was????

          He exploited her financially, he exploited her sexually and spiritually, he was emotionally/mentally/physically abusive, he was stringing multiple women along and lying to all of them, telling each of them stories painting the others in a bad light. He was a predator!

          OMG!! My ex son in law is the Canadian version of how Travis was! Ugh!!

          • And borrowing money from others too, not just Jodi. Remember AL was saying that before JM’s objection ( but who cares the jury still heard it). Deanna was asking TA to pay her back in an email.

            I thought the same thing, WTF was TA doing with his money? Or was he not the PPL “rising star” (HA) that he once was. It puts me back thinking about drug (maybe steroid or testosterone) use.

            • When I was reading the entry, I got the distinct impression he was to the point of panic over financial issues. And then the reference to him wanting to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger?? That’s very insightful indeed!

              • I would really really like to know more about his financial situation, and the company that he worked for sounds very much like a pyramid scheme to me.

                • Lisa if you google pre paid legal and complaints, you will find the real information so you can decide 😉

              • Wasn’t it odd that the discussion was with Sky and not Chris??

                Also did you catch how JM snuck this in, ” so going back to the email discussing TA owing SH money” LOL she got out WHY SH turned him down for the loan. He owed her money already.

                • Yes, I thought it was odd that he asked Sky and not Chris. I wonder if this is the first Chris is hearing of it. LOL

                • I hope Chris never knew TA had asked his wife for money!Maybe he’ll start to get how mislead he had been by his ‘special’ friend.As to why Travis asked Sky and not her husband,as I’ve said before he had a way with the ladies,his manipulation worked better with them .

                • Yes KMiller I caught that too. I agree with Gail, Travis’ behavior was predatory towards women. He smooth talked them into giving him their money.

                  Makes me wonder what kind of relationship Sky and Travis may have had in private.

            • There’s a lot of evidence in emails and journals about Travis being desperate for money, and how many times have people become violent and unstable due to despair over money and the status and ego issues that go along with that. Especially in the Mormon church where the prosperity gospel is front and center. You’re nothing if you’re not prosperous. So he was on the verge of nothingness. It’s obvious.

              So why is this evidence being covered up and why is the prosecutor so viciously trying to shut it down. Jodi has great attorneys but so far they’ve not been able to bring this point out. This current brilliant witness ALV is being shut down over and over and is reduced to yes and no answers and we can’t hear half of what she could say because she’s being so battered on the witness stand.

          • Travis was just short of those men who get involved with multiple women in order to scam them from their money by abusing their trust.

            He didn’t go quite that far, but he was getting close.

            • I’ll bet if we knew all the incidents of money “borrowing” that took place we would be able to say he did go that far. You are right on target he was a SCAM ARTIST in many ways.

              • Oh yeah! I bet he did. The rest are too afraid to come forward.

                That was quite a telling email from S H regarding the $4000….wish we could see the rest of it.

              • He didn’t go around the country taking on false identities like professional scam artists, but he sure as hell fit the profile.

                I suppose given a few more years, he’d have done it. Or started his own religious cult.

                • Wasn’t it in Arizona that that guy had the sweat lodge?
                  The one that was just on trial?

                  Travis must have had that same “charm ” I hate to call it that.

                  It all excapes me right now.
                  But when the women first got there the first of their week, the first thing that they did was shave their heads.

                  It was awful what they did for this leader. I think they believed it made them stronger????
                  DAMN, they do take advantage of the vunerable.

                • tonysam,

                  This is the cult leader that I was talking about, James Ray.
                  Also an advocate for the ( Law of Attraction ).

                  The trial was only about 2 years ago.
                  5 people died in his sweat lodge.
                  He got 2 years in prison!!!!
                  So if the shoe was on the other foot, Travis could have done the same thing
                  and received 2 years in prison.

                  fought for her life in self defense and faces the DP or Life in prison?


            • I think he did go that far tonysam. I still wonder what the heck was he doing with his money that he was borrowing from Peter to pay Paul so to speak.

              I wonder just how many people he owed money to?

              • I’m wondering too, Gail! And why did he buy a $1,600 camera to go to Cancun if he owed so many people money?

                • Better question would be, ‘who lent him the 1600 for the camera’ because technically they own that camera!

              • He went on a lot of trips, had a large mortgage, a fancy car, he was obviously showing off and living way beyond his means. Most abusers do!

      • You are all welcome. I was excited for the transcript to post today. I just cut n pasted, lol!
        Everyone here contributes so much info, personal stories, and humor, I just LOVE you all here at this site!

        • Yes. Thanks Kmiller for posting these. I surely hope the jury will be able to read them in their entirety. They speak very loudly!!

    • All I have to say is Holly Shit!!!!! Now, can some please tell me why these are NOT read out loud in their entire context, in stead of just paraphrased?

    • “Nay, he didn`t just tell me that, he screamed it at me, and then proceeded to say that he wants to get a gun and put it to his head and pull the trigger.”

      OH REALLY???????

      Yeah, Travis had NO violent tendencies at all, huh? (rolls eyes)

        • The line “I want to get a gun” would NOT be good if read in court. That journal entry was written in Feb 2008. Jodi testified she saw his gun in September 2007 and saw him load it in December 2007. The statement of “I want to get a gun” right there looks like he does NOT have a gun. ?!

          • I don’t think it looks bad necessarily. If he had said “BUY a gun,” then yes, it would. But I could say right now (hypothetically!): “I am so pissed off, I want to get a vase and throw it against the wall.” I own a vase already, but would still say “a vase” rather than “my vase.”

            • I don’t know…when I think of a vase, I don’t think of it as “my” vase but “a” vase. When I think of my gun it’s “my” gun not “a” gun (or in this case it’s really my husbands gun :-). But you know what a mean? A vase is a vase, a gun implies ownership or not. Just wondering. Either which way, those journals won’t be shown in court for whatever reason.

                • Well, if he HAD just obtained a gun, he can’t very well let on that he has one in hiding since he owes so many people money.

                  I don’t take that statement as 100% fact that he doesn’t already own one. So I am sure there would be at least one person on the jury smarter than me.

    • Thank you, KMiller. Fascinating.
      Books and books will be written about her, Travis and her case. I hope that she will get paid for some of it, even though I guess she has lost copyright.

    • Those entries could backfire on the haters. But then the haters will start going after the media. They are completely out of control.

      • Ok, how come when I do a search I don’t see any information about these diary entries in the media?????

        Is there a link anywhere, or are the jerks just not playing it up like the parent videos?

        • These are supposedly exclusive to the NG show. Apparently the “obtained them from GMA” ( were the highest bidders)
          I pulled them off CNN Transcripts.
          Like I said, NG show was probably MAD when they saw there is “nothing noteworthy”, HA!
          Probably the reason GMA gave (sold) them.

          • Yeah, that is probably why they are not mentioned on the HLN site. F’ers!!!!!!

            I think sharing her journals is a good thing.

            I wish they could share Travis’, I bet those would be very interesting…unless he lied to his journal like he lied to his “friends” and family.

            • You know BeeCee, speaking of those journals….. I think you and I have discussed before that the time Jodi spoke about Deanna coming over TA’s house while he was not there, acting strange searching, and told Jodi she was just looking for a “book”. I bet that has to do with his journals. Anyway, I feel like that also has some sort of connection to his death. Was she finding proof of some info to show someone else something he was guilty of? Did she take the journal to C& S H*ghes?

      • I agree tonysam.

        I remember when JVM was doing her usual drama-style reporting asking if the trial had gone out of control.

        I wanted to flick her forehead through the tv screen and say “Yeah… because of anchors like you!”

    • Oh, I feel so bad for Jodi. Her writing made me cry so much. My heart aches for her. She was used in every way. Is so sad that she had to go thru all of that and now so many people hate her.

  16. They aren’t read by the pundits because they show her to be such a spiritual, thoughtful, kind person. Meeting TA was the worst thing that could have ever happened to her. She deserved so much better.

    • Lol- NG didn’t even host this episode! If she had to speak those words her head would definitely explode! I can imagine she was at home binging on Southern Comfort and doughnuts!

    • Yes, Gwen, it’s very sad. The same could be said for EVERY abused woman. Abusers wreak so much havoc in the lives of the women they choose to be their victims. The ramifications are unbelievable and last an incredibly long time thereafter. I always wonder how my own life could have been so different if I’d met someone like my fiance a long time ago. Instead, I met my ex when I was 23, and wasted the next 22 years, about half of my life, in one way or another, either being his friend, his girlfriend, his ex-girlfriend, his girlfriend again, his wife, and now his ex-wife, and it’s still not completely over, 25 years from the day I first met him.

      Travis is dead, sadly, but maybe, just maybe, once this is over for Jodi, she can change her identity and try to start over. She’ll never be that sweet loving Jodi she once was. Even her own father (during the interrogation) talked about how she changed in the year and a half she was with Travis. I know this is horrible to say, but at least, Travis won’t still be around to keep her hanging on.

      • I am hoping that once she is freed, Jodi will be able to see ALV for some therapy. I fear that with her giving spirit, she would be a target for an abuser again unless she has some really great therapy.

  17. Poor Jodi :(. Those entries clearly demonstrate that she was NOT jealous and possessive of Travis. She knew that the wasn’t her end game in terms of marriage and family.

  18. I went to Amazon and all those negative ratings are still up. So I did something proactive and it is something everybody here could do also…

    To show solidarity with Alyce (plus I’m looking forward to reading the book) I pre-ordered the new revision of her book coming out later this month. For $33.60, you get the book as soon as it comes out and at the same time give a “blank you” to those who want to shut Alyce up….

      • I’m hoping the new book will have a Kindle edition (as the old one doesn’t). I don’t read printed books anymore at all.

        • That is foolish because you don’t own the “books” you download.

          I have a Kindle, but it is a completely inferior experience to having a real book.

          • That’s a matter of opinion tonysam. For me, once I got out of the habit of reading actual books, I found that I much prefer reading them electronically, and it gives me more options of bookmarking, etc. than I had with actual books. I’m an avid reader and I read very quickly, so perhaps our experiences are different.

            While I was living with my abusive ex, I didn’t want him to know what I was reading, especially at the end, when I began to read books about abuse recommended by the National Domestic Violence Hotline, trying to understand. I didn’t have a Kindle at the time, but I had an iPhone and for the last year, an iPad. I could read books on there without him knowing what I was reading. If he was going to touch one of my devices, I could delete the books off them quickly and restore them later on. This gave me a great deal of privacy that I didn’t have previously. I became hooked! I always like to tell women in abusive relationships about this so that they will also have a way to learn and heal a little, even before they are able to leave.

            • By the way, tonysam, if you don’t mind me saying so, calling me “foolish” for having an opinion about the method I prefer to read books in is really harsh and, in my opinion, not nice at all. I’m learning to stand up for myself these days and so, I’m bringing this to your attention. Everyone you meet in life is not going to have the same preferences as you. That doesn’t make them foolish though. It just means they have a different preference.

              • Well said. And hey, if you’re “foolish,” then so are millions of other people who own and prefer Kindles :). I don’t have a preference either way; my job is on the computer so I’m used to reading electronically, but I like books too.

                • They are foolish because you don’t OWN the books you download–you merely rent them.

                  I am sorry millions of people were stupid enough to trade away ownership rights for convenience.

                  I have a Kindle, but it is completely inferior to owning a book.

                  BTW, you can never get ALV to autograph a download.

                • I’m sorry tonysam, perhaps you don’t realize it. But, in many of your posts, your condescending and self-righteous tone comes across in writing a lot like Travis Alexander’s.

                  Many books are now DRM-free, therefore, they are not “rented”.

                  Also, I find the experience of reading on a Kindle or Kindle app superior to reading a book. There is so much more I can do. However, I wouldn’t call you “foolish” for your preference because I try my best not to be rude.

        • I got burned a long time ago when electronic books first came out. I had one and then rebuilt my computer, so I am wary of kindle books.

          • Ah BeeCee, they now store them on a cloud, so you can always access them, or download them to a different device, etc. It’s AMAZING!!

            • Personally, for me, I love the feel of paper and books. I have hundreds of books.

              I pre-ordered Ms. LaViolette’s

              • Exactly. It’s the not the same experience.

                I don’t think people ever truly thought this through. Pretty soon people will be FORCED to buy downloads that they will never own.

                I don’t read a lot of fiction, so perhaps people like reading novels from a piece of hardware, but forget reading nonfiction, biographies, how-to books, cookbooks, and coffee table books from a piece of hardware. It’s a joke.

                It’s a totally inferior experience reading from a Kindle. I have about a hundred downloads, but I don’t know if I will ever bother reading those “books.” I only download free titles or titles that are no more than a couple of bucks to download.

                To pay 10, 20, 30 dollars for a “book” you have very limited rights to using and cannot sell is insanity, when you can buy a real book for a fraction of that from second-hand bookstores.

                Only the rich will own real books in the future.

                • I agree with you tonysam. I respect other people reasoning for choosing to own only digital but I have to have the real thing. I wish they offered a free digital version of any hardback I buy.

                  I do own a few digital books but only because that is the only format they were offered in.

                • If you go to or search free scanned Google books you would be able to fill the whole state of Arizona with FREE books and spill over the next 48 states. Then there are the copyrighted books you have to pay for.

                  Electronic or paper, I like them both. Getting grease, creases and scratches on both paper pulp and tablet. But it’s nice to carry your library in your pocket.

    • I had written an email to Amazon and received a disappointing response about their desire to delete these comments, so I began sending emails to various website owners. WS said they would work on the issue, and they posted the follwong warning:

      “The only discussion allowed regarding books written by ALV should be about content only and how it pertains to this case.

      Anyone even suggesting an organized effort to leave bad reviews or ruin this woman’s business will suffer a loss of posting privileges, if not their Websleuths membership.

      We’re better than this folks, so do not go there. If you’ve made posts even responding to this sort of an effort, please go back and delete your posts.”

      • Good sz. I also sent WS a message, I haven’t been back to see if I got a reply. (I admit i joined there but once I realized how they were I NEVER even posted once.)

        • Yeah I originally thought it would be an open forum for discussions, but when I read the posts and learned that they have no intention of learning the truth/facts, I never joined. Sure they would never have posted my comments.

          • you were smarter than I was. I joined before I realized they don’t look at facts, even though they think they really do..what they do is look at the fact/evidence only from the viewpoint of being able to crucify the defendant.

            They even have PI’s posting there, and I think, you have got to be kidding me. The PI I know wouldn’t act that way.

      • Wow, that’s impressive on Websleuths’ part. The morons at MDS and the State page will still openly brag about trashing Alyce’s book, but at least one website is professional enough to put the kibosh on the hate.

      • On Amazon you can also click the “report abuse” that is right under each comment, a box comes open that one can make a comment on. Which I did. I also told them they needed to be removed.

  19. I have a legal question, since these journals are evidence in the trial is there something illegal with these journals being released like they have been?

    • No, Arizona’s records are public. Therefore, the public can access them by simply ordering them, and paying the copying fees. You could walk into the court and request a copy yourself.

          • If they are certain the jury isn’t looking at anything in the media, then how do they benefit from leaking information? And the leaks seem to be deliberately timed.

            • Good question. If the prosecution is leaking, maybe they’re hoping to contaminate any potential future jury panel if a conviction is overturned on appeal?

              Also, the media is making serious money from this case and they don’t want the public to believe the prosecution is losing. They’re all going to want JM’s interviews!

      • HLN stated they got the journal entries from GMA. If it was something that could have been obtained at the courthouse, why didn’t they?
        It does sound like a leak to me.

  20. I bet Nancy Graceless did have a hard time choking down her Jack and Coke last night after that journal reading. Not one syllable written for the haters to cling to. Nothing but compassion and caring generosity from Jodi. Quick Nancy and Jane….crawl under a rock before you embarrass yourselves further.

  21. Good morning every one I cant believe HLN getting journals of Jodi’s from ABC or CBS won’t admit that maybe they got it from JM himself to air and the police video’s of the Mom and Dad .. I’m glad they got the Dad on tape saying the gun was a 22 handgun then flores quickly turned it around and said it was a 32 don’t know much about guns but it is strange about the shell casing…. remember the time the gun was stolen if its gone from the house who said it was a 32 grandparents ??? just have question their and the Journal how do they get this to the media is there a place to go and get this on the web. Someone is releasing this stuff to get us not to think about what may or maynot have happened the nite Travis died.

    • I am.confused about is gun. I thought he was shot w a 2 calibure
      and did they ever specify what Kind of knife and was there one like it in the kitchen? too much about this case just does not add up

    • The grandparents gun was a.25 not a 32 . Her father stated he thought it was a .22 and was quickly corrected by flores as to it being a .25

  22. I just looked at the Amazon postings by the haters re ALV. They are obviously using the review section related to ALV’s book as a forum for hate speech.

    I just phoned JW’s office and spoke to a nice young women about what these people are up to. She thanked me for the info and said she would look at the site right away.

    • Thanks for doing that, Kitty. I don’t know if there’s anything they can do specifically, but they can hopefully, given suggestions to ALV and her co-author. I do know that authors can have comments removed, especially if the commenter did not purchase the book — which is the case here with the bulk of those comments.

    • good, because when I reported it inappropriate to Amazon, I said this was witness tampering and intimidation, which it is.

      • That was my thinking also, TB, which is why I called. I stressed that the book review portion of the site was basically being used as a forum for hate speech and that there were specific references to ALV testifying in the Jodi Arias trial. The person I spoke to seemed concerned and said she was going to the Amazon site as we were speaking.

    • kitty your so cool to do that they need all the help they can get remember they are already poop pooded because they have spent 1 million on defending jodi

  23. all the jourals that they got they have staff going thru them reading them trying to find something to use againt her. we only heard a few the have what was it 800????? cant remember what they said I was so tired last nite but what did come out was in a good light for jodi thank goodness for that but there is more and they will try to twist it to fit there needs

  24. SJ (or the moderators, if you know), I’ve noticed that this site has gone down during the busier parts of the trial over the last few days. Am I right in assuming that you’ve been getting a whole heck of a lot more traffic these days? If so, I think that’s a really good sign.

    • Thanks, that is helpful. Jodi attacked her cellmate and claimed self defense? That is what is being said on that Travis FB page, I don’t go on Rader online but supposedly that is what they are saying. After dragging myself through some of the comments over there, they are fascinated with AL, is she gay, is she not, but my favorite, I think you can be gay and have kids. Have to get my tinfoil hat on if I decide to go back. Oh, and Katie Wick says the jury is sleeping and have checked out with the testimony.

      • “have to get my tin foil hat on if I decide to go back”. LOL Isn’t that the truth!

        One hater post I read : Jodi is a “sossiopath” and was “abcessed” with Travis.

      • Katie Wick needs to get a real job instead of playing Courtroom Barbie.

        “I think you can be gay and have kids”…what century are these people living in?

      • Oh, you will need to create a wikispaces account.

        Oddly, they allow totally anonymous editing of the content, but comments ( i.e. a sort of forum ) requires an account.

        But I will not know your details, registration is with wikispaces, who are reputable as far as I know.

  25. I believe the journals cannot be read as written because Travis is not here to be able to be questioned as to the truth of what is said
    It’s a legal thing.

    • Good god can’t read his journals but lets crucify Jodi and read all hers to put her to death don’t get it

    • That is the most inane sort of hair splitting translation. Worthy of a JM stunt.

      TA say’s I’m going to get a gun and ……………

      How the heck does that mean you don’t own a gun.

      I’m going to get a spoon of sugar for my coffee.

      Does that mean I’m going to buy a spoon and some sugar? Is that proof of the fact that I own neither a spoon nor some sugar?

    • What I would think about that writing is that Jodi would be scared and horrified knowing that Travis had a gun and could access it anytime. In my not so humble opinion that would be a big threat to her and a very abusive thing for Travis to say to her.

  26. I have a request and hope someone can help me out. Someone created a timeline about TA’s room mates’ activity in the home the day of the murder and up to the discovery of TA’s body. I don’t know who it was but he/she did an awesome job. Could someone find this for me or at least tell which day it was posted? I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

  27. Hello all. I’ve been following the comments and daily posts here for the last few weeks. I didn’t start following the trial until a few days before Jodi took the stand, so I’m a bit hazy on all of the info covered before that time. I found this site after a nagging part of my intuition told me that what that parade of knuckleheads on HLN were saying wasn’t exactly unbiased.

    I’m wondering if someone can help me find where I can review information in earlier parts of the trial that cover 1) people who were in and out of the house before 911 was called 2) information about a “bloody shoe print” 3) any discussion about cleaning or cleaning products anyone else was said to use in that house.

    Also, has there been any mention since day one concerning the “throat cut ear to ear” as being part of an oath during secret rituals within the LDS?

  28. Since I have notice more than one Ann on this site I will post as Ann in IL. I found this site when looking for a forum discussing the questional evidence in this case. For a long time, I was hesitant to join in because I knew haters may cruise this site. Now I can’t wait for the daily conversation.

    • Oh, yeah, they do stalk here…but I stalk their pages sometimes too, so I figure it’s all fair.


      I wouldn’t post your state, you could just make something up.


  29. Did everyone see HLN is quoting a statement from juror #5 that she is “not talking”? (I apologize if it has been referenced already…I haven’t had time to read all of the posts…)

  30. And its “Ditat Deus” time again.

    This court is punctual like a broken clock, twice a day – lunch and end of session (mostly)

  31. OH MY!!! I just read a comment made on Radar Online (where I watch the live feed). The person commented that supposedly “Travis attacked her for dropping a camera in the washer”.

    People should just not post if they don’t even know what really happened. Geeze!!!

    • Oh geeze… another person just said that Jodi keeps nodding off. Umm.. are they watching the same trial I am? I haven’t seen Jodi nodding off.

      • I doubt it scrappy…the people who comment knowing NOTHING about this case are in their own little worlds…lol

  32. Well, the seal of Arizona is up, only about a half hour after the trial is scheduled to start.

    I wonder if ALV is okay today…

    • I sure hope LaViolette is feeling better. She is such a class act, and a great advocate for so many people, not just Jodie.

  33. I emailed Ms. Willmott a screenshot this morning of a post on the TA site which included encouraging people to call Alyce’s and about Alyce’s upcoming speech. That post included a name and an email.

    I hope they are prosecuted. Then, and only then, will they realize the importance of the Constitution.

    • Are you serious? They are really encouraging people to call her? WTH is wrong with people. This woman is just speaking about what she knows and her expertise.

    • I find that very disturbing that people will stoop so low as to bash AL! I am a Travis supporter, but Alyce in NO way deserves to be bashed like that!!

  34. WHEW. she is here now.

    WildAboutTrial @WildAboutTrial

    I dig how Alyce kicks it out in the hallway room waiting to make a grand appearance. Very Hollywood of her. #JodiArias

  35. I hope Alyce, her partner and her family press every charge possible against each and every person they can locate who made terroristic threats against them.

    We’re up.

  36. Ohhhhh SHIT!!!!! They’re bring it up that the media has the recodings and her journal! !!!!! Yeah WHOOOOO is the person taking this stuff to the media? ! Martinez is trying to act like he DOESNT know!!!! HE KNOWS!!

  37. I’ve said what Nurmi is saying on many of my posts on this site. There is NO WAY that the jury isn’t influenced by outside sources even if they try not to be.

      • Sorry….have my focus elsewhere usually 😉 Her nails look nice though… Looks like a french manicure… hmm…hadn’t noticed….I’ve been going back to earlier trial videos and noticed purple nail polish and her picking at her nails. Must have been from early on, Confused. …Just love the way Nurmi looks today though 😉

  38. KN is pushing for sequestration. The county attorney’s office has admitted to releasing those tapes and documents.

    • FOIA doesn’t cut it here when the jury isn’t sequestered and the documentation is put out there for inflammatory reasons.

  39. Fu** you Martinez!OF COURSEW the jury are able to lie!!!!What would stop them for doing so?Does he have a lie detector test performed on them every morning?How can HE be so sure they are NOT watching the Media???

  40. If they sequester the jury, that means they wont be able to go home???

    And why would the prosecutor care if they are sequested or not?! How would it change anything for the prosecution?

    • She might have earned a shred from me if she had ruled for the defense. But just a shred. Her handle on the courtroom is a joke!

    • Did you hear the way she asked the jury with a snide look on her face and sarcasm in her voice? OMG I cannot deal with this pickle beyotch

        • my exact thoughts, this Judge is a JOKE, even though it seems alot of other attorneys like her, I think she’s biased and weak. JM intimidates her, and she is going to rule in his favor as often as she possibly can.
          I was so hoping that Juror 5 was going to open her mouth, possibly exposing misconduct. I posted several comments on haters sites asking them to get her to talk, but actually, for the opposite of what they wanted. I KNEW she was not pro Jodi, and her refusal to talk to the media, in my opinion, shows that. If she was pro Jodi, she would do it, because who benefits from a mistrial…in my eyes, Jodi.
          Just think, she could get another Judge, the jury would certainly be sequestered, and it could possibly give her a chance to plea bargain a lesser charge. By Juror 5 refusing to talk, and supposedly taking the “high road” shows me that she wasn’t pro jodi at all. I bet the preface of jury questions changes as well since her departure.

  41. of course poprocks doesn’t want the jury sequestered hes in charge of all the leakage going on and thinks it will help his banzy ass

  42. The judge denied the motion to sequester the jury yet again. *rolls eyes* She is incredibly naive to think the jury won’t see or hear anything at all about this trial. Good grief.

  43. I’m sorry I hate this judge. She screwed up not sequestering in the first place but now she won’t admit it

  44. This Judge is scared to death to rule anything in favor of the defense for fear of the media and the Travis Taliban crucifying her, She needs a steel backbone. Right now she has no backbone.

    • Krishelle (sp) was the married woman. Juanitos looks so mad right now. His case is blowing away like a fart in the wind.

      • I wonder what thos Krishelle is thinking right now and of her husband has any idea??? I wish thry would come out. There was so msny of them, I put up a list with the 11 woman ALV named, yesterday. I still have the list if anyone wants it but cant find it. Theres A LOT!!!! Lol

  45. GO KNURMI GO!!! It’s about time he was heard!The gule of that little man saying,I don’t pay attention to the media as much of the defence.I’m so pissed riht now I can’t even spell.SOMEONE STEP ON THAT TOAD NOW!!!DO YOU THINK WE ARE STUPID YOU LITTLE TOAD!!!Of coarse judge pickles will rule in J.M.’s favor.THATS HOW PHYCIC I AM!! WHAT A JOKE OF A TRAIL.WHAT HAS THIS GREAT COUNTRY COME TO.WHAT A BUNCH OF COMMIS>

  46. I am done watching HLN. I will not even turn it on to see what the idiots are saying. They are messing with someone’s life.

  47. WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 3m
    Grace might get on the stand to testify about the incident where Juan was signing autographs and taking pictures. #JodiArias

  48. bc of the loads of crap that is being scooped in our faces daily, im questioning everything, and im a smart person……but I wonder if someone could be making ppl sick

    i.e. water is tainted with something……lets poison the person who could bring our entire case down and expose our lying pieces of shit ass

  49. Judge Stephens is pissed off at the defense today so the Troll is going to have all his objections sustained. She’ll teach the defense.

    • Judge played right into JM’s hands. He instigated it by pointing out that ‘the court does ask’ each juror everytime abt the media, etc. Nice psychological manipulation, by presenting an ‘objection’ to align his view with the courts view. If the media were on JA’s side, then hhmmm… he would have been tripping over the furniture to yell out his ‘jections’

  50. Does the defense have access to Travis’ journals> Swear I just heard ALV say she had reviewed them. Anyone?

    • He says “relevance, lack of foundation” as if the accusation of stalking has nothing to do with HIS FRIGGIN CASE TO BEGIN WITH.

      The man is an underhanded, manipulative slimeball. No wonder he defends Travis so vigorously.

  51. lets mind ourselves, this trial is about SO MUCH MORE NOW……


  52. Question for all you legal experts, when you get the time:
    why are journals, emails, text, ims considered ‘hearsay’ instead of being considered forensic evidence analyzed by an expert?

    • they can only be “evidence” and not hearsay if they can be authenticated by the writer…i.e. Jodi’s journals…

      • Ok. Yet emails, texts, ims can be authenticated by plenty further evidence on systems, phones, etc, just like fingerprints. ?

  53. The worse Travis looks, the more JM objects.

    It’s becoming completely ridiculous.

    He’s upset over Travis writing sexually explicit emails to Krischelle or whatever her name is.

  54. HERE WE GO…sustained…..

    the judge is going to show the defense

    couldn’t she at least be subtle about it

  55. Unreal that the judge did not favor sequestering the jury!

    NO juror is going to admit they have seen news reports on TV or Online. THAT would hinder their ability to “write a book” about being a juror on this case.

    The judge needs to seriously be admonished for this.

    Also, the prosecutor’s office for releasing those items. I KNEW they were behind it!

  56. The Troll doesn’t even allow JW to ask the full question before he’s objecting. What a rude little douche he is. Does the Judge admonish him? Hell no

  57. OMG – the damn Judge isn’t even paying attention and has to get Wilmott to ask the question again?? Cmon!

  58. Oh… now the jury MAY get sequestered. Its a little like closing the old gate after the damn horses have run away and nibbled on the HLN lawn for a bit too long. They have already drank the Koolaid and are waiting for the Starship in thier collective little purple jumpsuits.

    WHAT good would sequestering them NOW do?
    I cant see how it will help. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING has already been on the TV, Radio and CERTAINLY the NET.

    • You know what, it may be best that the jury is not sequestered at this point in time. Have you noticed that the tide seems to be turning slowly but surely in the media reporting (other than the hln site)?, So if the jurors hear/see ‘in passing’ any of this, then ironically, JM might beg for sequestration himself!

    • True Shan, I have thought of the same thing.

      But isn’t it just silly that the judge continues to *pretend* that the jury is going to be honest? Isn’t it ridiculous that she keeps *pretending* that the media’s intrusive nature into this case isn’t relevant and affects the outcome of this case?

      • Times have changed, hell, I can catch snippets of this trial on my cell, ipad, IPOD, playbook, work computers, my SIrus radio, and of course all of the HLN touched shows.
        ONLINE is like 100 times the amount and lets admit, UNINFORMED masses who report what and how they want on blogs…..

        No way should a trial like this be left unsequestered anymore in this day and age…OR at the VERY LEAST… media should be kept out on the courtyard grounds, like in the old days, having to ASK questions of the passers by.

      • Guarded, not engaging the jury as much, not too many smiles, speaking rather sparingly too. Apparently before the trial began, the judge actually sent KN out to go get JW and ALV who were talking to each other in the hallway (per some tweet on WAT).

      • I think she still isn’t feeling 100 percent. She may have wound up with the norovirus, which can knock you for a loop.

    • He wasnt sorry about anything. He was righteous in his mind for everything. Its ok for him to swear but not ok for Jodi to hang up. I myself have lived that one. “How dare you hang up on me when I am verbally assaulting you” – the hang up gets turned into the crime, not the prebehavior.

      • Really this shows how phony he was also. He told Lisa the virgin he did not like the words Poop Fart and some other childish word. How weird is that? but on the other side of him he uses some disgusting words for women what a phoney fake he was.

  59. I see JM smirking. I get the impression he thinks it’s some sort of competition to say objection before ALV can answer. She is good at beating him to the punch though. She is still getting her yes or no in.

  60. If I were on this jury I would be pissed that the prosecution did not let the journals in as true evidence. This is the best way to see into someone’s mind, even though not everyone is totally honest in a journal.

    The jury should be allowed to review the journals…

  61. I may have seen this wrong, but did I just see that JM’s hair was grey again? Did he use “wash-out” color?

    Did anyone else notice this?

    • Be careful stating something like this without proof. I highly doubt that she would be on medication that could call her testimony into question. Plus, we don’t want fuel for the haters…

    • Seriously why would you think that? because most the nation takes that crap I guess. I have never
      took such pills in my life an have had both legs removed above the knees. So no everyone does
      not have to take PILLS to feel better in life.

      • because of the way shes acting….and yes i take them sometimes. after my son passed away i had to just bc you dont doesnt mean its bad
        shes been getting death threats
        get over yourself

  62. The judge said not electronic devices unless they were approved. Does anyone else observe people looking at their laps? I saw one showing the phone in plain sight. She has no control in that room whatsoever. Who is running that courtroom?

  63. Go ahead ROLL THOSE EYES ladies! It is SO attractive…pfft (deny all you want, it’s difficult to listen to the truth about your “saintly” brother).

  64. i was watching HLN and they played a tape of Jodi’s mother saying to the polce that Jodi is Bipolar and her father said Jodi is strange. Anyone?

    • I read a transcript but have not seen them YET. I think they are talking about a time frame from when Jodi was being abused by Travis. They said the last year and a half…and also when they talked about friends wanting her to get help, it very well could have been because of the abuse.

      I think people are trying to say this means Jodi was not normal her whole life, but I believe she was exhibiting abuse symptoms.

      • But as in FRIENDS ? are these the nice new MORMON friends from MESA ARIZONA I am assuming it is? they thought she had a lot more problems due to Travis’s LIES.

      • Remember Jodi said Matt M. called her parents and a hotline when he realized she was suicidal. It was late at night.

      • Same here BeeCee. Obviously Jodi’s relationship with Travis compromised with her relationship with her parents. She herself said she was not the same person when she was with Travis and when she moved back to Yreka she was starting to “get back to her usual self.”

        IMO using Jodi’s parents statements like that is just another tactic the pro-prossies use to trash Jodi and the Arias family.

        If there was anything wrong with Jodi, it was that she was in a relationship with a predator, plain and simple.

        • “IMO using Jodi’s parents statements like that is just another tactic the pro-prossies use to trash Jodi and the Arias family.

          If there was anything wrong with Jodi, it was that she was in a relationship with a predator, plain and simple.”

          EXACTLY MB!!!


    • I saw them thru the Huffington Post site. Jodi’s parents are real pieces of work too. Who’s ever going to want to talk to the police when there is a damn good chance that you’re going to have your police interview all over the internet?

      • I have a request for a re-post by those in “the KNOW” who posted a while back, educating our community on the importance of NEVER talking to the police.

        I find it chilling to see the personally invasive use of private police interrogation tapes on the world-wide-net. It was also scary to witness the investigators lying to trick the interviewees into disclosing something against their best interest.

        I have heard NO mention of whether Miranda Rights were ever employed during this investigation. Does anyone know about that?

        I would like to read those informed warnings again.

        Thank you in advance, Chelion

  65. Hey, guys. This is spring break for all the schools in my state so I’ve been busy this week.

    Please fill me in (Cliffs Notes version) on any big details I’ve missed this week. Thanks in advance…

  66. The law should be that if it’s a capital murder trial the jury is automatically sequestered. It’s too important of a trial and a decision to take ANY chances that the jury will be poisoned, so to speak.

    • Idk but ALV is acting different today. She’s talking less, a lot less. Im wondering if shes regretting that she took this job. Its so sad cuz I know she for sure wants to, but maybe shes having second thoughts. Then when Martinez cross examines her, she’ll play more into his BS, to kins of even everything out.

  67. Who thinks that JM is going to ask Ms LV if she has problems with her memory? I do. I think its all he has when he goes in circles trying to confuse the witnesses.

  68. Fess up or feel the wrath! OMG punishment will be better than the lie.

    After tomorrow it’s going to get really bad for you….


  69. I dont think I can listen to TA own words any more.I’m DISGUSTED by him,to say the least.If he werent dead,I’d have some nasty adjectives about him to share,gonna be shuting up my mouth now.You got the point.

  70. I’m a stalker you are a stalker we all are stalkers lol Out of order the whole thing is out of order Your Honor……….The Judge don’t care really because she is a stalker too.

  71. Wonder if Lisa is watching the trial and thinking “OMG! everything Travis said about Jodi was a LIE! and I might have said something to hurt her case!”

  72. If Travis was such a saint, why should he be worried about what other people say to Lisa about him? Never a bad word should ever have been said about him.

  73. What on EARTH did she see in him…he was such a prick! (excuse the profanity, I couldn’t come up with anything else to better make my point)

    • Geez I said he was a snake an got a huge lecture about it on yesterday’s page. Really?
      I don’t see that as a really bad word but it was disrespecting the dead I guess. I just feel some men
      are like snakes. Some people say Eve was a snake an it upsets me but she was tempted
      by a snake is why I use that word a lot I guess. Some woman are just kind an try to fix
      some men an it can’t be done. I too tried once an gave up but I did try for 5 freaking years.
      What a waste of time. I think some can be fixed but some do not want to be fixed so
      why try took me a long time to realize that though.

    • Travis was such a whiny ass and very needy. Just like Lisa said, he was always looking for compliments. His feelings were hurt over the dumbest things. His childhood really messed him up badly and I am sorry he never got help. Jodi is a cancer and we always try to fix broken people. I see her wanting to help him even though he treated her like dirt.

  74. “start seeking revenge…..” i.e. im going to tell everyone you are a stalker, obsessed crazy etc…….

    looks like the ONE TIME the bastard DIDNT LIE

  75. with all due respect Alyce doesn’t seem quite “with it” today..on a couple of occasions when questioned today she doesn’t immediately answer but smiles…Mike Galanos/HLN…keeps saying Kurt Nurmi…when he says it it sounds like he’s saying Burt & Ernie….:)

  76. So it seems to me this Judge won’t allow anyone to hear the content of Travis’s emails or his texts to other women. She says “sustained” before JM even finishes his objections reasons. Biased crap
    Can anyone tell me why TA’s communications with other women is being guarded so much, I mean, really couldn’t anyone file for a FOIA and obtain those communications. Maybe we should do that, and release it to the public so we can have the complete context of those. Since the Judge won’t let anyone talk about it. pisses me off to no end!!!

    • If jodi’s journals were released in that manner, then ta’s stuff should be available also. It sounds like there could be a long backlog though for requests.

      • I heard that as well. I hope someone is planning to release them, but Maricopa County will probably hold them up, since it may not be favorable to the prosecution. What a joke of a justice system they have down there. If I lived there, I would be starting a petition for JM’s removal, as well as Judge Stevens.

          • I think they are touched and in need of help. To even waster energy being so hateful? I don’t understand it. I really don’t. I know of four people including myself who reported all the fake reviews. Of course nothing was done. Maybe amazon doesn’t read the the reports and just looks for key words. if the poster doesn’t use profanity, then the fake review stays? I don’t understand it at all. I also heard the haters posted her personal info and are now calling the people hosting her speaking engagements telling them why they shouldn’t have her speak. Slanderous behavior if you ask me!

              • ON amazon? NO. It’s amazon’s account. THey control what happens. For example if you wrote a book and sold it on amazon, the reviews are independent of your book. It’s amazon’s thing. They did this with Presumed Guilty. In fact, I recognize many of the names of those who stalk Jose’s book. They still attack every five star reviewer. If we went and posted five star reviews, that would help. Although they would attack our review with negative comments. I just ignored them. PUnch but no counter punch back LOL

  77. Travis was trying to fill that hole in his heart with all of these women. His mothers treatment of him screwed his head up so badly.

  78. Hi everyone,

    Since we all share our stories I wanted to share some emails I have received over the years from the first abuser. I was with him from 15 – 19. It ended in 1990. These emails were sent to me in 2011.

    I only edited references to where I worked and the bad language. I did respond to these emails at times. I was still able to be sucked in after 20 plus years. I know now, I wanted control in responding. I wanted to defend myself. I now ignore his emails. I did go to counseling for a short time to deal with my own responses and that’s what enabled me to let go.

    Here goes – the words of an emotional terrorist.

    “Worked in the peace of shit …………job corps —-you stand behind these mother f#cker’s that kill senior citizens you desperate peace of sh*t whore! ….you f*cking lowlife f*cking bitch. its about time……you disgusting f*cking whore….

    another email –

    “Hey D/A that’s dumb ass for dummies. Check this out I am moving to …… next week wondering if you wanna hook up for lunch? I want you to see what you f&cked up–I am the cutest, funniest, most successful dude you ever f*cking lost…..Biatchay- lunch? bought new property in ……………….. —–very nice.—how’s (an ex i dated in 1990 after leaving him) –youre dream boy—-hahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahaha what a f*ckin joke………..then you marry A F*CKING LOSER SPIC AND YOU’RE DADDY LOVES HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPOKE TO PEOPLE that you think are your friends they think you are “a twit” cant say i dis-agree.”

    Words hurt even years later. My even choosing to respond to defend myself illustrates the long term damage of verbal, emotional and physical abuse. I also responded to tell him not to move where I live. That I would seek restraining order etc. But these emails did matter to LE because they said he wasn’t a threat living in another state. Some emails contained threats.

    And this is after 20 years! He never married either.

    • Wow. I am so sorry you have to deal with that. I haven’t seen my abuser in over 15 years, but I know he lives 45 miles away. I legally changed my first name 5 years ago.

      • Thank you! I had two other abusive relationships. But I can use my experiences now to help others. I have deep understanding of abuse and how it erodes. The analogy AV used of a frog in water where the heat is turned up slowly is perfect in describing what happens to someone’s self esteem when in these relationships.

        • Omg im sorry that you’ve been through this too many times!!!! I wish I could give you a hug!!! Thanks for sharing, you might be able to inspire someone to go get help.

          I also loved that annology that ALV used of the frog, it made so much sense, ill never forget THAT one. XOXOX

          • Yes, I liked the frog analogy too, even if frogs don’t really act that way. Let people refer to myths and fables to illustrate their speech. If you use scientific data, you write a footnote for references.
            That poster was just a troll out to criticize ALV. All she could criticize was ALV’s choice of metaphor, but apparently none of the real contents. Pretty anal too, to pick on presentation and phrasing instead of going after the meat.

      • Me too. I want to write a memoir for teens. Back then emotional abuse wasnt talked about with teens. I’ve seen in my work a lot of teens being abused and they seem to think it’s normal. I was not raised with with an abusive father. he did not ever call my mom out of her name. I didn’t see stuff like this. I always wonder if I hadn’t met him, would i have dated others who were abusive? I think treating a young woman poorly in her formative years can impact her view of relationships in later years. He was also very nice. It was the quintessential abusive relationship with the highs and lows. In 1990, when I was able to drive, I did go to free groups at the abuse shelter. It did help. Woman like AL are true pioneers whose work is IMO so important! Seeing her being abused online makes feel very sad. I was very surprised when she said it was a recent phenomenon that people are finally talking about psychological abuse.

        I don’t berate my past anymore. I can use my past to listen to others and help them by sharing my story.

    • Wow, JC, those emails are intense!Thanks for sharing. They remind me of today’s testimony and what Travis was writing to Jodi. I suspect drug or alcohol use by the man who wrote those emails to you. I found this, written by Alyce LaViolette, which helps to determine if you are in an abusive relationship:

      You may be in an abusive relationship if:

      Your partner has an explosive temper
      Your partner threatens, criticizes or puts you down enough that your self-esteem is effected
      Your partner breaks or throws things
      Your partner grabs, kicks, shoves or slaps you
      Your partner attempts to isolate you from family, friends or co-workers
      Your partner attempts to control your ideas and/or behaviors
      Your partners is extremely jealous
      Your partner drinks or uses drugs often
      Your partner gives you the “silent treatment”
      Your partner blames you for problems in the relationship while refusing to take responsibility for his/her own behaviors

      • You’re right he does drink. But he can be mean sober too! LOL. The emails increase when he’s drinking. It bothers me more that after 20 years he contacts “friends” from high school. My real friends will not talk with him and understand. But that he even talks to people trying to find out where i work, what I do, where I live, who i talk to, anything he can find is disturbing to me.

    • Good grief! They never ever let go. I’m so sorry. What irks me most is that the cops didn’t care. That’s so typical.

    • “My even choosing to respond to defend myself illustrates the long term damage of verbal, emotional and physical abuse.”

      I totally relate. <3 That is the worst part, IMO, of dealing with abusers. Even just defending yourself, no matter how reasonable or rational you may be, usually just gives them more incentive to be the biggest jerk they can be. So one is faced with the choice of just taking the abuse, responding and dealing with an onslaught of abuse; or assuaging their puffy, easily deflated egos. It really is a miserable situation.

      Please keep us up to date with what is going on. I am worried for you now!