Jodi Arias Trial – Day 41 (final session)

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Leave your comments below on the final session of day 41, as Alyce LaViolette’s testimony concludes… and the tale of Snow White & the 7 dwarfs begins…

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    • There is so much evidence that Travis was abusing Jodi. It really is ridiculous that any woman would be supporting the theory that Jodi was the abusive one. Yes, apparently she did kill Travis which was obviously wrong. At the same time, abused women can only take so much. WhenTravis came after Jodi for dropping the camera, she obviously feared for her life after all the abuse she had already previsouly experienced from him. I think Alyce LaViolette is doing a fantastic job and is holding her own with the prosecuting attorney. He is just another abusive, angry man…

      • Jodi, Jodi, I feel for you. Could someone, somewhere help me understand. I know we have freedom of speech. Why are the news pundits allowed to slander Jodi the way they are?. I have loved HLN, but the news moderators all rave about Martinez (who is a joke) Jodi has sooo much material for appeal, that If I didn’t know better, I would think Martinez is working for that. He is so inept and nobody seems to see it. ” Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, Indeed. There needs to be a newsperson on one of the news shows who is rooting for Jodi and sees what Travis Alexander was. They keep singing his praises (This man sent pictures of his erect ‘ member’ to the girl who was ‘stalking’ him. I don’t think so. Any woman who has dealt with one of these and survived can spot ‘him’ a mile away. The judge should have stopped JM a month ago, and if she couldn’t then declare a mistrial. Go Team Jodi. Jodi, you look broken, but please, don’t be. We are behind you!!!

  1. So TA would buy rope for his twisted pleasure, but wouldn’t buy KY for Jodi for her comfort? Very selfish man, to say the least.

    • JW and ALV are both rocking it today and showing what a creep TA really was to soooooo many women. I am still in shock that it was this bad. He was worse than I ever imagined.

      • Just think about all of the horrible things that were done that weren’t documented. I am sure there were many other instances that were never mentioned in the journal, texts, etc.

      • Does anyone know if Jodi’s family ever hired a private investigator? It seems that this would be the only way to cut through to the truth… Mesa is such a Mormon town and the PPL clique will stick together no matter what. TA’s bad behavior is known by at least one other woman, Jodi wasn’t his first; and if she could be found the case could be turned. Better yet if a PI could get to the bottom of how the roommates didn’t notice the smell…..This is too far fetched to even buy. Why hasn’t anyone looked a lot harder at TA’s PPL associates and all the other husbands, ex girlfriends and people he owed money to?

    • Yes, that is something I find extremely odd. I think I remember Jodi saying he used spit as a lubricant (reminds me of Brokeback Mountain, to be honest); so Travis *knew* at some point, something had to assist him to complete the sex act. I find it hard to believe, in the age of the internet, that Travis honestly did not know what KY Jelly was.

      • ewwww he knew what Astro Glide was because you can order it online. An KY has commercials on tv I guess he never seen the commercials. ya right. He was too embarrassed to buy it is all depended on his lady friends to buy it instead.

  2. Good witness (better than the last) but don’t think its helping. I’m imagining the jury collecively thinking ‘who cares’.

    • Grunt,

      I was of the same opinion till this morning. Now I am not.

      And I think Jennifer’s just about to wrap this whole thing up.

      What this guy put this young lady through is just vile. And how a single person can stand all of this for so long is beyond, at least my, imagination.

      And she has got to be immensely scared and skittish.

      This will tie into her being immensely scared and will explain her actions and the damage. Just watch.

      • TA was totally vile. He desperately needed psychiatric help, but his ego wouldn’t allow it.

        That’s why he’s dead.

      • I hear you and agree with what you’re saying, but concerned that #5’s opinions may be prevalent. Odds are at least one or two of the 12 have been verbally/emotionally abused and/or know someone who has been physically abused. But guessing none of them know anyone who killed the abuser. Not saying whats right or wrong here, just saying I’m guessing that is what they are thinking and that overall they think Jodi is a psycho. They could spend another 10 days saying how abusive and perverted or whatever JA was, but bottom line is, on the day he died, she had gone travelled a long way to get there…

        • We don’t know if Juror 5 was actually a DV victim herself, and she’s in that courtroom to want to learn more.

          • Someone who allegedly was in the courtroom today tweeted that ex-Juror #5 SMILED at Jodi. Unfortunately, it’s tough to know what that smile meant — could go either way.

            Could be a smile that meant either:
            1. “I’m still in your corner, Jodi — even showed up when I no longer had to.”
            2. Or, it could be a smile that meant, “Your defense lawyers thought they got rid of me… Well, I’m still here b****!”

            I’m thinking it’s probably #2. Because it seemed to have been Jodi’s team who wanted Juror #5 to be dealt with or whatever.

            Anyone have thoughts about this?

            • “2. Or, it could be a smile that meant, “Your defense lawyers thought they got rid of me… Well, I’m still here b****!””

              I think it was that one. Juror #5 looks….nevermind.

                • I don’t believe for a second that Lurker 5 was a Jodi supporter. If she was, she would be doing interviews..a mistrial would be a defense win. She’s making sure she doesn’t do anything to help the defense.
                  also I’ve heard that the remaining jurors are not writing as many questions. I guess we will know for sure when the questions come out. If they are sarcastic in tone, then it wasn’t her. I can’t just shake the feeling she looks vindictive. Also, the defense wouldn’t have insisted she get the boot if she was showing any signs of support. The judge should of told her she can’t be in or near the courthouse. The jury might be feeling very uncomfortable with her there, since it was them who spilled the beans on her.
                  I wonder wtf the bailiff was talking and laughing with her about, Friends maybe….its inappropriate for a court employee to be hob knobing with her like that.

            • I think it is #2, they said she smiled when Martinez went to cross-examine the witness today. She is NOT on her side.

          • jury #5 could just stay home and watch on TV. She should not be allowed there, but it is still a free country. God Bless America ! It’s not perfect ,but better than any other Country. Jodi would not even have a chance in Italy. Jodi will be just fine. No matter what happens in this trial. She is free of TA, and soon will be free of prison.

            • I am thinkin.. perhaps #5 voiced things( in that meeting before she was dismissed,) in favor of jodi and thats why the family came out crying and Jodi, KN, and JW came out smiling… any thoughts on that ?? Plus, not that it means anything, but she is sitting on Jodis side..

        • And that doesn’t mean ANYTHING, Grunt. Didn’t you even follow the case? She had already planned the trip, and there is proof that the visit to Mesa was a last-minute thing.

          FFS. It’s like banging one’s head against a wall.

        • And BTW, you need only one or two people on the witness stand who won’t convict on murder 1, so it is very likely you are wrong.

          • You may very well be correct. I said ‘I’m guessing’.
            And yes, have been following and are very familar with the details of this trial.
            One of my other guesses is this could end up as a mistrial.

            • Anything short of murder one is a huge victory for the defense, even a hung jury.

              Don’t lose sight of that.

              • right, wrong or indifferent, the prosecution will never get this jury to come back with murder one. in fact, after all this hand-wringing and money-spending, the prosecution will have to settle for a manslaughter conviction… OR a complete walk/acquittal.

        • You have to remember…they have mad a clear case that bc he abused her, she reacted like that when he attacked her!!! And they have made it very clear, that he had the capacity to be violent and attack her….they will sum it all up in the end in closing arguments

    • I hope your wrong on that. I have been interested. I learned even more about Travis then I learned from previous days of testimony.

      • And it’s direct from the horse’s mouth. ALV is just providing an explanation for the behavior based on the information she has.

    • Yes TA that stand for Total asshole. He was such an innocent virgin that Jodi corrupted?.. Well the facts are on the table and they can deny deny deny and spin it around all they want but most reasonable people I would hope can see that TA was a nightmare.

  3. AL is hitting it home today- direct to the heart – – yeah haters…how would you be holding up? What would you do to keep your sanity through this trial?

    • I just can’t believe how Kermit came out the gate acting so hostile to ALV. This man disgusts me beyond what I can explain. He’s trying to behead the Domestic Violence expert, simply showcasing that he’s probably one of these very type of men at home with his wife.

      What an arrogant, condescending, barely articulate BULLY Martinez is. He’d better hope there’s no one on the jury who feels as much dislike for him as I feel. Seriously, he would make me fight for a lesser charge for Jodi just because I don’t like HIM.

      • I absolutely agree with you!! And the Snow White rant…what the hell was that about? He looked like an absolute fool!

      • I couldn’t of said it better! No wonder he works alone! His screaming gives me a headache!!! Hopefully it’s turning the jury off big time..Little Man Syndrome for sure!!!

      • You took the words right out of my mouth….Totallly agree! I think his nasty mouth is going to get her a lesser charge.

  4. So add a pissed off husband to the list of suspects that Mesa PD overlooked by their propensity to tunnel vision and group think.

  5. I hope that TAs sister that is a police officer is getting this! How many DV situations has she dealt with? does she get a woman does not have to have the s*** beat out of her on a daily basis to be abused?

    • I think we know what kind of Emotionally immature woman that Samantha Alexander is. I promise you that just with the behavior we see in this court room, that she probably has many unfavorable relationships in the workplace and with neighbors. You can tell that she is just not quite normal with all of that uncontrolled facial distortion. No one who is healthy mentally and emotionally does that. She is probably a bit socially awkward as well

      • Shan-
        You are right on the money. I would guess that many of the siblings have some significant Mental Health issues and Characterological Disorders, considering they have the same family of origin and experience the same abuse as TA did as children. Given their behavior in Court, I think it is safe to say that none of them has sought the Professional help they need.

    • Which one is she? Full face, dark brown hair?

      I feel bad for the thin faced one, my guess is she has some congenital defects from parents using drugs during conception/pregnancy.

      • My understanding is that she battled an addiction to meth as well. That could contribute to her sunken cheeks, and maybe some dental damage as well.

        • Meth? and Travis ne er had money? and scr
          screwed his pecker raw? could there be a conne tion there?not w his sis,necessarily,
          but w him? any thoughts?

          • and the temper he had?and on one long trip w Jodi he got angry because it was taking too long to get home? In many casts, you can be totally unaware of where someones behavior is coming from of your area unaware of The signs of that substance use.

            • Yes I believe that TA showed MANY signs of meth use & I for one am shocked that this has been completely ignored by the law enforcement investigating the case as well as the defense attorneys. To me its obvious and here are a few of the reasons

              TA lost a significant amount of weight in a relatively short amount of time (Meth is one of the few things even capable of producing such rapid weight loss, steroids I believe would have left TA looking more built with big muscles on his upper body )

              TA always needing to borrow money. How much money did he make at his job? How much were his bills? If law enforcement were to look into that like they should have & if they were to of found that his income should have paid his bills then there would of been the big question of what was TA spending his money on? How many people are killed because they have a drug debt they cant pay? Many! Arizona has a meth problem, its rampant there. I think its not out of the range of possibility that Jodi may have shot TA & in shock ran out of the apartment and TA was found and finished off by someone he owed money to OR by a jealous husband OR by Mormon friends who are sickened by his antics (the ear to ear neck being slit could not have been done by Jodi and come on that is not just a weird coincedence that cutting the throat in that fashion is a Mormon thing that has meaning to them)

              TA has family history of drug addiction & he grew up in a dysfunctional environment.Those two things together add up to an adult with a better than not chance of having a drug addiction

              Sexual deviance, Red & raw penis (presumably from hours upon hours of being in use)

              I think I read this in the Flores interview of one of TA roommates where they mentioned TA having been awake for 23 hours or something along those lines …if he is up & moving around & not extremely tired again one of the only ways this is possible in a person is from meth use

          • WOW you noticed the Red Pecker too? ya something weird about that I think too. Could be Steroids someone said on here they make them crazy too. An the pecker don’t work right so it maybe raw because it takes longer to get done? They also said they never tested him for drugs?

        • Your right found a u tube of her finally doing the bungee jump an she finally smiled an lot of missing or black teeth one of the 2. I think she has lost a lot of weight during the trial as her earlier photos on FB her face in not so drawn in like that. She just never smiles is all so she looks so sad or mean all the time.

          • Does anyone think TA appears genuinely happy in the many pictures of him? His world was imploding IMO. As Alyce mentions of abusers, he was feeling powerless, and becoming despondent and desperate.

            The blatant, willful history of incompetence of the Maricopa Police Dept. is documented at a level criminal negligence. Look it up, please, and see for yourselves. Innocent people have and are loosing their rights.

            Jodi locked up for five blinking years already? I cannot begin to fathom how she is able to withstand what she has been put through by virtually every source that should have been protecting her, and still maintain her hope for a life of comfort and satisfaction that is supposedly our birthright in this country.

            She has even been deprived of the physical and emotional treatment to help her deal with all of this. We have heard of all the hours of testing and grilling she was subjected to, but over and over on the stand it has been stated that she was NOT TREATED.

            Les Miserables_I Dreamed a Dream:

            But the tigers come at night, with their voices soft as thunder;
            and they TEAR your HOPE apart___and they__



  6. Some thoughts on Juror #5:
    This woman is obviously unhinged. Another juror “ratted her out” to the judge. D you guys think that it is possible that they are as annoyed and appalled by her presence as I am? Relieved that they won’t have to deliberate with her? More likely to look at this objectively because she is, by all appearances, an annoying biased nutcase?

        • How do you get this impression? During break she sat there quietly. I don’t understand maybe. Have the actual statements as to why she is no longer on the jury been revealed? She COULD be like one of US and stated openly that she thought this trial was like a circus…just saying…we need to keep an open mind. Have you seen her “biased” behavior? and what is annoying to you about her? I keep away from the media so I have not seen her except in court today. Has she appeared elsewhere publicly?

          • 1. She showed up the the courtroom after being dismissed, 2. She showed up in the courtroom after being dismissed, 3. She showed up in the courtroom after being dismissed

    • I hear you joujoubaby, I was flabberghasted to find out she *showed up in the courtroom* after being thrown off the jury. It just shows the lack of respect for boundaries and attitude of entitlement the pro-prossies have.

      I wouldn’t blame the jury if they were annoyed or appalled, or even asked that she be removed entirely.

      She may have a “right” to be there, as a private citizen spectator, but under the circumstances it is inappropriate.

    • I think her showing up just adds to making this trial even more a circus. Of course I was curious too to see her, but she should have never been allowed to be there after she has been dismissed in the first place. What kind of person you have to be, to be showing up after you have been dismissed? What appropriate reason is there to attend court life, after you have been excused? There are other ways to watch this trial. She is obviously sending some kind of message to the court by attending and probably not sitting there out of mere respect towards the the court decision to dismiss her.
      A trial should be a serious matter and not some kind of soap opera, where anybody can add to the cheap story whatever they please ignoring any form of ethics. I hate to say it but I think it should have been up to the judge to provide a fair trial. I do not think her being there influences the trial being fair as so far as that it does add to the soap opera effect of this to me seems to me is disrespectful to the court in itself.

  7. TA’s sister that is the cop continually rolls her eyes whenever AL says Jodi is abused! How can that be allowed? is that not prejudicial in terms of how it may affect the jurors.

    • I’m 61 and have endured thousands of hours of therapy for a childhood so similar to Jodis, I’m suprised I’m not in jail for the same thing, that being said, I’ve learned more from listening to this witness than all if the therapy combined! Wow, what a learning this has been! Thank you Jodi for standing up for yourself, I’m glad you didn’t let him kill you…I hope the justice system will let you live, and be free, no human or animal should ever have to tolerate what you’ve been thru, my sister, I apologize for what has happened, and hope you can somehow put tour life together once this is behind you…

  8. I had no idea they had TA’s journal. That is great that they have it. Thank God for all the text/emails/call/ writing he left behind. As Jodi once said. If TA were here he would tell you I am innocent. Well here he is telling all of this,

  9. And his friends all said “Jodi Arias”! The Hughes said ” ….could not think of anyone else who would do anything to him”. Maybe, a loving parent, a scorned husband, an ex boyfriend, a church, a pyramid (scam), a loan shark, etc.
    Ex Roommate Thomas Brown was interviewed 3 times and that info was excluded by Det Flores and Prosecutor tried hiding it from the Defense.

  10. Yes Ty ALV for explaining the misuse of the word bipolar. I have lived with Bipolar Disorder for almost 25 years I get tired of people throwing it around.

  11. Oh My Jennifer, she just knocked me out of my chair.

    “I guess I’ll get this out of the way right now. Do you have any memory problems?”

    Suck on that JM!

  12. HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Ms LaViolette, Do you have a memory problem????
    GO, JW!!!!!!

  13. That had to be the best line of the trial:

    “I guess I will get this out of the way now. Do you have a memory problem? Do you like Jodi to where it would influence your opinion.”

    Oh boy, JM is going to try and say she isn’t qualified. OMG.

  14. We get so hiped up over this it’s ridiculously funny! Martinez is trying to disqualify an abused women in the dsm book. I think he has a memory problem.

    • I don’t think that being hostile will be effective in this trial, especially with an expert and where the defense is a battered and abused person. And he doesn’t want the truth to be known. This trial is not about Jodi, it is about the prosecutor and his pride. He twists everything. I would acquit because of Martinez twisting the facts. She has admitted to the crime and I do not believe premeditation was proved.

      • If that is true, and I share your opinion here, he should get a role in a soap opera where he can knock himself out being the hero. His behavior to me is an abuse to the court and its laws in itself and the judge lets him get away with it. What have we been learning about abusive relationships for the past week??????? Isn’t it interesting this trial is presenting the same kind of abusive manner?

        • Nice example of being verbally abusive carried out right in front of everyone, what an idiot, but when she walks, well have to thank him for being such an excellent example! He needs to remove that taco from his butt and get back to the business at hand, practicing law, not bullying and abusing the witnesses, it is counterproductive and only shows how loosly wound he is, nothing else, he certainly is unable to get any cooperation from the witness, which would only improve his chances of being successful…what a goon!

  15. It is wrong and selfish, but I want ALV to kick his butt!!!! I PRAY SHE USES EVERY OUNCE OF HER TRAINING TO SMITE KERMIT.

  16. Oh no he didn’t! Did Juan just say there is no such thing as a battered woman because it is not in the ICD9?

      • Damn skippy. I hope she pops the bubble he has blown for himself. I hope when he leaves the courtroom today he looks like a deflated tire dragging his ass out the back.

  17. ok you guys the fact that he says “the prosecutor” is simply because he’s not confident or sure of himself as a prosecutor hahaha

  18. I spit my drink out. calling him out for yelling at her. He is proving nothing other than he needs to see someone about his anger.

  19. Keeps going on and on about the DSM 4 which has nothing to do with this. Wow she is not taking his crap. New question do you want to spar with me.

    • Because in this setting she is the boss and he knows it. Remember, most judges were lawyers before they became judges. What Martinez does is badger and humiliate people on the stand that is not on his side. He does this because he hides behind the Law that he knows will protect him. He knows nothing can be done about it. He has no resect for anyone on the other side. Says a lot about his personality — both professionally and personally. He is what I would call a No.1 A-HOLE.

  20. Martinez lost his mind! O M Goodness… I can’t believe I am taking such glee in this but its about dang fricken’ time!

  21. I…simply can’t get over how ridiculous JM is. I’m trying not to be a hater like the haters who attacked ALV but this is over the top!

  22. Alyce is ripping this clown a new one, just like we expected.

    Priceless, Priceless, Priceless :mrgreen:

    Team Jodi

  23. This is going to get very interesting.

    She will not put up with his BS and he is going to start looking really small if he keeps up with the yelling.

    He will also feel very small if he calms down, because a woman testifying for the defense has brought him to his knees.

    I predict JM will loose it before this cross comes to an end.

  24. this judge has absolutely no control over this courtroom, she needs to be removed and Kermit needs to be charged with witness intimidation! Enough is enough

    • Totally agree!!!!! She is letting the courtroom and this trial become a mockery and the laughing stock for all the world to see. Pathetic.

    • Yeah! The judge should have managed the witness intimidation a long time ago. He isn’t going to stop unless the judge does something. So … even though AL can handle it I’m pissed that she is going to go through his wrath for days.

    • The only reason Mtz acts this way is because the judge being a female doesnt stand up to him and this gives him the freedom to be a prick to all the females in this court. Actions speak louder than words.

      • Exactly. I wonder if the Judge Sherry is an abused woman who is unaware of her situation so thinks this is quite normal. Either that or she got her black robe from her part time job on her knees and not on her legal credits, because this trial is BEYOND me.. in the manner it is being run as her courtroom.

        • I should be the judge in this case. I analytically observe and hit the nail right in the head hahaha. ok that’s overly confident, but for reals anyone besides this pickle lady and prosecutor can do the job 🙂

        • That’s a horrible thing to say. I think this is her first time with a trial like this. It’s tough. She is trying I think. Martinez keeps objecting (too many times, too frequently). This is part of why it seems like he gets a lot more sustained objections.

          • I agree NK, she is trying her best and she’s probably scared, but it’s sad that the judge can’t distinguish respect.

            • Suzy, don’t be mislead. This Judge is in control. Sadly, she allows this behavior in her courtroom. All she has to do is snap her finger and people will get to stepping, you can bet on that. If she so desired she could recommend a reprimand to the Bar for Martinez’s behavior, and then his a** would be in hot water. But it could be a blessing in disguise. Remember, if you don’t like his behavior, most likely some of the Jury won’t either.

              • Hi Edward,

                I don’t believe I’m being mislead. I’m sure judge is in control, but she’s not showing it. She continues to allow this behavior in the court with every opportunity given making her and Mtz look bad. What ever she shows us at the “present moment” as this trial goes, on is what it is. It would be enlightening if she snapped that finger “order in the court”, but we’ll have to wait and see.

          • I dont feel bad about it at all. Her overrulling has went way over the line against the defense. and never vice versa. Its apparent that she is not ready for this.

    • How can Martinez and Stephens get away with breaking, if not the law, then the rules for courtroom decorum? I practically have a panic attack reaching for the mute button, Martinez is so anxiety-producing.

      The past several posters have said that they can’t understand him. Well, shoot. That is not their fault, it is the fault of “the prosecutor.”

      He is DEMANDING answers from the witnesses, not to just a question, but a string of questions and random notions bundled together that make no sense at all.

      A trial witness CANNOT be expected to unravel the cognitive dissonance this produces. It MUST be the burden of the attorneys to demonstrate their competence as trial lawyers before being allowed to practice in a courtroom. That means there should be enforced standards for conducting logical fact finding, and logical cross examination with transparent goals for the line of questioning.

      This whole trial has boiled down to “Domestic Violence is not acceptable.” What Juan Martinez is doing to witnesses amounts to “Legal Violence/Abuse.”

      If standards exist, how can it be non-enforcible for both an incompetent prosecutor and an incompetent judge to remain in the courtroom? The public interest demands that their licenses be pulled, and require them to go back to school to complete their training for the responsible positions to which they aspire.


  25. He needs to be held in contempt of court.

    I have never seen anything this terrible. It’s because his case is in the ditch.

      • Natalie says:
        April 4, 2013 at 7:56 pm
        Of Martinez:

        “That’s it exactly! he has lost control so he is now out of control.”

        It is eerie how your profound observation “mirrors” exactly what went down with Travis Alexander.

  26. CRAP! I finally got to turn on the trial and was so ready for ALV calm voice and it was… JM!?? At first I almost felt sick but then started laughing at his ridiculousness; again. He didn’t want her to look at the texts before and if she did he objected b/c he didn’t want her to cite exact words. YET… he wants her to cite exact wording without looking at the texts. WTH is with this guy?

  27. Someone needs to call the Authorities to have JM evaluated for being a threat to others. I think a 30 day stay in a Psychiatric ward is in order.

  28. I am missing it so I am catching up here. Did she make the little badger look bad? I hope so!! No he doesn’t want the truth, Ms AV, because he will lose this case and he can’t HANDLE the truth. I hope he ends up in the fetal position sucking his thumb by the time she’s done!!

  29. I’m not a violent person but I’d love to throttle this tool! Why can’t he get throat cancer and lose his voice permanently.

    • I was watching the spectators in the background and it is very intriguing; people are covering their mouths (laughing) while JM speaks, there are some VERY confused looking faces and at one point three different people had their hands on their foreheads as if saying “geeezus here we go again!” I hope the jury is feeling the same. This guy is just unbelievable!

  30. Shhh Everyone… the little ROCK Star is talking. or Ribbiting… or whatever it is frog muppets do.

    HEY I Dont even think that JUDGE SHERRY IS THERE!!!


  31. He’s doing a one-man tango. All the things she talked about – he’s now demonstrating (minus the physical abuse). This is FASCINATING!

  32. He’s pathetic. Now he’s into the Grimm Brothers.

    He’s trying to trivialize domestic violence. That is disgusting.

  33. Who cares about this Snow White bullshit line of questioning! Shut up already Martinez. You’re making a complete jackass out of yourself.

  34. If The Troll were to be hit by a car or bus or something after court and be severely injured, or worse, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Not hatin’….just sayin’

    • I am with you, Joe.
      My gosh, what a useless excuse for a human being this troll is… he actually makes me nauseous.
      It is just WRONG that this turd gets PAID to be a prosecuting attorney.

    • What is wrong with this judge? I have been in courtrooms before and I have never seen such a weak judge. She commands no control whatsoever. And to allow what JM is doing is so fustrating to watch.

  35. I hope prosecutors from all over the country are hiding their heads in embarrassment over this theatrical nonsense.

  36. Is Juan thinking he is going to get the jury to vote guilty based on Snow White? Are people in his office laughing at him?

  37. I can’t keep up with when he’s asking about Snow White or JA.

    “I thought it was a cute little cottage”

    “I don’t know the age of the dwarfs, sir”

    Someone else laughed in the courtroom.

    • omg, I missed all of the Snow White stuff!! Trial feed on TV ended before any of this was shown!! Are you serious??? JM was actually referencing Snow White during cross with ALV??? Damn!! I’m hoping this will be shown on this site tomorrow, or maybe on HLN tomorrow am..from what I’m reading it was totally absurd!!!!!

      • found it on youtube…what a joke! But more unbelievable are the “pro Juan” comments stating what a “brilliant” job he did!! Obviously they havn’t watched many trials!

  38. this is fucking stupid… really? living with dwarves and playing with kids… juan gonzo fartinez needs to admit defeat and stop making a fool of himself

  39. Well, thank goodness the defense will be able redirect this mess of a cross.

    He is deliberately mixing up Snow White with Jodi in order to discredit Jodi.

  40. Why the hell is the judge letting this go on? What the fuck????!!!!!!!!! What the fuck does any of this have to do with this case? This is insane.

    Martinez is an ugly, vile little man. And this judge is an idiot.

  41. What is going on. Oh my God. Ithink he will keep her up there for days. Try to confuse or break. Be strong Alyce.

      • Isn’t there such a thing as a “court referee” or something people can call on when an ADULT is required to avert a catastrophe? SERIOUSLY!

  42. Not, HLN of course, but a real news show… will report this as the first and last trial Sherry Stephens was allowed to be in charge of.

    • If you think about it, Judge Sherry Stevens is the genius here. Think about it, she lets him rant and it pisses you right. Don’t you think it pisses some of the jurors too. Listening to him, what would you think if sitting on the jury, what would you decide. And furthermore, By overuling Jennifer Willmott and letting Alyce LaViolette answer the questions anyway, (the Judge knows AL can handle herself) will only strengthen the defense.
      It’s Pure Genius.

  43. I’ve got to believe that the jury is more sophisticated than to listen to this drivel. I can’t believe either that the judge is letting this go on, and on, and on….

  44. All right guys, I’m a reasonably smart guy, but I’m a little lost.

    Where are we headed to with this Snow White stuff?

    Someone please enlighten me.

      • No, I got that he was driving at the fact that there was a big power differential between the King and Snow White and it didn’t lead to the King’s abusing her,or her killing him. He is assuming, incorrectly, that a big power differential between two people in an intimate relationship always leads to domestic violence, which is incredibly sophomoric, to put it nicely. Imagine ALV married to the Obama and deeply in love with him (just a hypothetical – 😉 Do you suppose that she would tolerate abuse?

    • I really don’t know, Al. It seems like he’s trying to make the jury believe Alyce is a fool? Maybe, he’ll introduce a revised Alyce in Wonderland next, and he can play the Mad Hatter????

  45. This is making a mockery of our entire justice system. I love how Alyce just looks slightly amused by this whole thing.

  46. This is ridiculous that the judge is even allowing this shit to continue. I am failing to see the point in this story.

  47. I have never had less respect for a Judge as I do for this one. She makes lousy judges look like genius’s.

  48. Perhaps Martinez’s Snow White MARRIED the prince, willingly, with NO power, therefore she should never complain if he beats the sH*T out of her later. Consensual marriage agreement….

    • Perhaps JM’s Snow White once agreed to kiss the little frog cos he told her he would turn into a prince. But when her lips touched his, she freaked out and started screaming.

  49. It really looks to me like JW and KN are taking notes and setting up for appeal (if needed). Check out their reactions and the objections themselves; relevance, speculation, argumentative… so this all goes on the record. They KNOW the judge is screwing up big time.

  50. On redirect, we are going to be watching the seminar that is titled “Was Snow White a battered woman” so the jury has the context of all this crap.

  51. Does anyone else smell that? Its the smell of “JackShit” and its everywhere that the little troll has paced. Watch where you step.

  52. Why in the world do people think this guy is a rock star? He’s an asshole who does nothing but twist around what everyone says.

  53. She made an analogy earlier that people raised in a bilingual home can never master a particular language if not trained properly, just as a person raised in a abusive home can show anything other than abuse in their current relationships.

  54. Questions for Judge pickles: Who is the president of the united states? Who is the vice-president of the united states? What year is it? Have you ever been mentally evaluated? Why, because she is batchit crazy for allowing this.

    • Apparently along with taking a trip to Disneyworld, the courtroom has been magically transported to the mysterious yet hilarious realm of dumbfuckistan to continue the proceedings.

  55. Also at this point, i pretend I am electrocuting Judge Sherry just a wee bit every time I hear “Overrulled”.

    I do it twice after becasue of her bad hair. They should make that woman wear a white wig.

  56. Attention, Maricopa County Courthouse – on the phone is a village in the enchanted forest looking for it’s idiot and they believe he is there.

  57. I have never had so much contempt for someone I do not even know than I have for Mr. Martinez. He has just begun cross-examination of Ms. LaViolette and he has already shown what a totally disrespectful human being he is. I am appalled! I pray she holds up and doesn’t let him get to her. I will admit, if I was in her place, I don’t know if I could control the need to tell him what a horrible example he is of a human being!!!! So upset!

      • Marguerite, why on earth does he feel the need to attack every single defense witness? If I was a juror, I would be so disgusted with his antics!!! I am just sick about this.

        • I know I’d be disgusted too! I was actually a juror on a murder trial and thought the prosecution got a little ridiculous but JM is 100 times worse. There’s a fine line between effective and pompous… JM is several miles away from that line!

      • I despise him but more than that I laugh at him because he is a pathetic little weasel that is going to lose his very first case right here before our eyes.

  58. right right right right right right right right right right right right if i say right it means what i want right right

    • I, too, was thrown for a loop! I can’t get over what I witnessed this afternoon and I don’t know what’s worse! JM’s cross or the judge allowing this line of questioning! But… I must admit that b/c of ALV, I have a little less contempt for JM. He has given me (and apparently many others in the courtroom) a good laugh today. And now, I do not see him as evil but more in terms of stupid. I’m not saying that to be mean, I honestly think he is really not that intelligent (I am serious when I say I believe he cheated his way through the bar).

        • I am so hoping I can watch this part of the cross tomorrow as I missed it today! Trying to figure out what all happened by reading all of your sounds like JM lost it! (AND the Judge) Will this be viewable on this site tomorrow??? I’m hoping that Alyce held her own with this insane cross!!

  59. The Snow White-Wicked Witch Conversion theory was developed by Alyce.
    I am guessing this is where this came from?

  60. Too funny that AL is now going with the Snow White analogy and explaining her opinion was based on two intimate adults and she can’t do that with Snow White because she doesn’t know what her relationship was like after she married Prince Charming.

  61. I am absolutely sure that JM cheated in order to pass the bar. Secondly – I see by the judge’s reaction and how she overruled one of JW’s objections that she really is not understanding what it going on either. And I honestly believe the JM is using this line of questioning because he did not read the lecture and he really does not understand….. anything! I could not believe this was real!

  62. Why does the Troll spend so much time arguing about the most inane things? Why does the idiot Judge allow him to badger and stay on a question that the witness has answered more than 5 times already?
    Is Stephens really this incompetent because that’s how she’s coming across.

    • and why does the judge allow him to go on and on about something that is irrelevant and not let the defense get in many things that are relevant

  63. WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 7m
    Alyce is confused also. She asks “are you talking about Snow White here?” I am glad I am not the only one. #JodiArias

    WildAboutTrial ‏@WildAboutTrial 9m
    I thought Cinderella and Snow White were the same. I am so confused now I have no idea what’s going on any more. #JodiArias

  64. they left the camera’s on after everyone left, I was glad to see Kirk hug Ms. LV, that was sweet. She also had two women who came up and hugged her afterwards. But I’m really wondering what that note was about that was handed to Juror #5

    • My guess is they told her to stay put until they could escort her out a side door or something so she isn’t overrun by media or other members of the public wanting to ask her questions. She should not have come. She should have known it would cause a stir. Is it her legal right to be here – yes. But common sense says no.

      • thats what I’m thinking. I couldn’t see who handed it to her, but it came from the media side of the courtroom

    • Agreed, He is mocking her. He is taking something that she used to make points about DV, and trying to make her look silly. She did use that title, and it sounds silly, (his point) Her point in the video was to shed light on how widespread the power gap is between the sexes, and how it is so ingrained in us, that even fairy tales that we all know and love, have the same pathologies. Also to show how childhood abuse can make someone vulnerable and end up leaving home, living in a not so great situation, all the while waiting for her “prince” to come. His point, which he barely touched on, was that she testified that TA came from abuse, so he must be an abuser based on a fairy tale,but that Jodi, too, came from abuse, and so then….(this is where he got lost)..I bet you that on Monday he will start in again and try to tuen it around and say that since Jodi was abused by her parents, she was the abuser. Just my hunch.

      • And of course it could be turned around again to say that because Jodi was abused as a child, she was more prone to being abused as an adult.

        Which she was. Which is why she reacted to Travis in such an extreme manner. Which is Travis acted in an extreme manner, which forced her to kill him.

        • Exactly tonysam,
          But JM will absolutely turn it ass backwards to make it look like it was Jodi who was abused, therefore SHE was the abuser. I am sure he will steer very clear of the abuse that TA went thru as child, since he can’t have it both ways.

          • footnote,
            I meant to add that Alyce had said that abused children often grow up to be abusers as that is all they know, etc…..that is why JM will hone in on Jodi’s abuse, and NOT TA’s.

          • Exactly. That will be for the defense to hit home. After all, JM doesn’t have any documented evidence of Travis having been abused by Jodi (apart from the murder), so he has to twist the facts around.

  65. Alyce L. is very professional and she sees the prosecutor for what he is and what he is trying to do. She is not fooled..She has experienced much in her life and has studied much and he isn’t going
    to rattle her. Good work Alyce. I can’t stand bullies. His only talent is to confuse the witness if he can by rattling them with anger and the word “right”. He didn’t do it today. He actually accused her of not correctly answering his question about Jodi writing anything negative in her diary. I listened carefully and in his first question on that he used Travis’ name in relation to the diary and she started to answer that and then he accused her of not getting the question right. He is very angry at her. Alyce knows her stuff and she knows abusers…

    • He sure does come out way too hard. I knew he would start off with her credentials and try to make a big deal of no PhD. Thats doesn’t mean she doesn’t know her field at all. He was harping on whether she can give tests or read them and she can’t…..and??? Did he think she would lie? That was odd, Alyce never said she “tested” Jodi, so that whole line was irrelevant, it was a basic pros 101 tactic of trying to discredit her. She cannot be discredited in her work if she has already stated clearly what she has done in her training and classes, and she already did that very well days ago. His next move, IMHO, will be to try to get her confused on all of her statements about the journal entries and texts, and then basically say (he touched on it lightly) that she only spoke to one person and that was Jodi, implying, of course, that Jodi lied to her about it all. BTW, Judy, I heard the SAME thing as you, and even the defense didn’t catch it.!!! he specifically asked her about Jodi writing negative things in her journal about TA, then he switched it up and asked if she wrote negative things about herself. I don’t know if he slipped and was just too proud to admit his mistake, or just ran with it. I believe the latter.:)

      • And it’s pretty hard to say she “lied about it all” when you also have other independent evidence, including all of those texts, IMs, emails, and journal entries.

        • After all, abuse isn’t just physical, it is also emotional, and Travis engaged in this behavior by the truckload.

    • I picked up on that too, Judy. He does this often, but since there isn’t anyone to point it out, and he just keeps steamrolling witnesses, it goes unoticed, I guess. I hope the jury is paying attention, because his tantrums, and unprofessional, anti-social behavior is extremely distracting. I almost feel sorry for him in a way, because he is making such a fool of himself. Notice I said “almost”. It’s plainly obvious to everyone in and out of that courtroom, except PicklesPuss and his nitwit groupies, that he has gone off the deep end, and he’s got nothing! I mean, is HE even buying what he’s selling here? I’m not even sure if he knows anymore.

      My 11 year old heard him ranting and raving today, arguing about Snow White and wondered if he was on drugs!

  66. I almost died laughing. What the hell just happened? 45 minutes and not one point was made. I was so confused I thought Cinderella had the wicked step mom. Anyway, I thought he would act foolish but this was just… words can describe. The Rockstar Groupies are cheering him on saying he did great?

    • The Rockstar Groupies don’t know their asses from holes in the ground. That was the most ridiculous line of questioning I have ever seen.

    • they are extra delusional then…that was about the most stupid thing ever.

      I personally wonder if he is trying to get her to use her flowsheet so he can twist it and try to get her to say certain things are abusive from jodi.

      He doesn’t get that she does not only use that, it is only one tool is a whole tool box.

    • I honestly have not laughed this much in a very long time. I was actually crying from laughing so hard. It’s hard to believe that even happened! It was like an SNL skit!

    • He could come into court naked with a rubber glove on his head saying “Hi I’m a squid!” and they’d still be like…. “OMG… he’s such a brilliant genius. Just look at our little firecracker go!” ect ect.

  67. I may have to tune in to HLN just to see what they are going to do with this? I’m not sure how they can make this look good for him at all.. Somehow I don’t expect we will hear the “BOMBSHELL…. Martinez ripped the witness to shreds”.

    • Ok we need to all go there an THUMBS DOWN On the comments then it works I know because they do that to me on my PRO JODI comments I come back an it will say you have too many thumbs down an your comment was removed ! ON U TUBE

    • Lol Martinez was pissed from the time he stepped up there. He’ll treat her this way for the rest of the cross, its pettiful! !!! She wont back down though, she’ll call him out on his professionalism and make him even more angry. Lol

  68. The feed on this site has me confused. I think some of you are seeing things before I do in the court proceedings.

  69. This Judge is a disgrace.
    I’m totally disgusted by what she allowing in her courtroom.
    I was for Travis before I saw all of the evidence and because of what all the media was saying, but now It’s very clear who the victim really is.

    • So true. Judge Stephens is a disgrace to Arizona Judges! And great, SR0606, glad you realise the REAl person at fault! ~ Free Jodi Arias~ 🙂

  70. My PARROT heard Kermit going nuts and has been going absolutely crazy and screaming since. I even covered him and he won’t stop.

  71. Earlier today I was honestly hoping that Martinez would not be able to cross until Monday. That way the jury would have the weekend to reflect on the defense’s line of questioning.

    Now… I honestly think that was the most hysterical exchange in COURT HISTORY! I also am no longer bothered by the fact Martinez got to question today.

    • I thought the same thing NK!!!

      They will have time over the weekend to wonder what kind of crack Kermit smokes!

    • I’m almost sure Jennifer and Nurmi set him up. She could have easily kept this going another half an hour. Just ask two questions, we have two sidebars and voila there’s your half hour.

      This was just a set up and JM fell right into it.

      Way to go defense.

  72. Just found this in the comment area on You Tube.
    “all i can think of when i watch this is would it not be cool if all of us Juan supporters did a FLASH MOB victory dance for Prosecutor Juan when he walks down the steps of Maricopa County courthouse after Jodi gets convicted of Murder 1…….:) Wouldnt that be cool???????? “

  73. Hey guys!

    My son who is 20 years old just came in the room and I have HLN on because I missed the entire afternoon session…anyway;

    My son says: “I do NOT like that dude…the one that yells all the time – he’s rude, disrespectful and plainly an asshole”….

    I gave him a GIANT hug for that!!! He apparently is a very smart man!!!!


  74. I’m sorry, but am I the only one who thinks Juan Martinez is hurting his own case by being so angry with the defense’s witnesses? He can’t possibly think he is doing the state justice by his ranting and raving, especially at the domestic violence expert, who is I must say very gifted and well known in her area of expertise. (She’s from Long Beach, CA also, which is where I am.) I think he is only helping Jodi by being so outlandishly boorish. If I were a jurist, the idea of first degree murder would be off the table because of his attitude and behavior. The state is lucky I’m not on the jury, LOL.

    • your not alone in this. In fact, on Fb and Twitter, many of the TA supporters are upset about his behavior as well. So I think, keep up Kermit, your blowing this case, and making a huge statement for ALV’s testimony about battered women and what abusers looks like.

    • Not only is he rude and ridiculous, he has nothing left to this shabby case but to argue fairy tales with Ms LV. That was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life.

    • Sarah-
      No you are not the only one. I absolutely think his credibility is totally gone, if he ever had any, with the Jury, and he is insuring a Not Guilty verdict.

      I also suspect that the Judge may be letting him go on like this to insure his insanity is really clearly seen. Maybe she is ready to retire and is establishing many appellate issues, just in case there is a guilty verdict. If she’s retiring, maybe she doesn’t care that the case in front of her is overturned, and she really is hoping for a not guilty.

  75. JM has done this shock and awe attack with each witness. No matter how much they try to prepare themselves for Frog on crack questions it’s still take a moment to for the brain to quit thinking WTH?

    • yes, They may not quite believe the warnings from the defense until it actually happens.

      I mean, I never thought a prosecutor would be senile like that and act like a total moron.

  76. Great day for the defense! Juan got slammed by Willmott and LaViolette both. I couldn’t contain my laughter. Even the court room was filled with laughter. And the best JM has is Snow White. Really? Even with the day ending on cross, I still think it ended on a good note.

  77. WOW I have smoked a pack of cigarettes already since JM got on. I do not know
    how women like Alyce an Jodi can remain calm in those situations. I have a husband
    that goes off on rants like that an the only way I can get him to shut it
    is to do the same thing right back an then he is frustrated an shuts it.

    If I remain calm an cool he goes on an on an round an round but if confronted
    an shown what it looks like he gets confused. I guess.

    Same on the blogs here when I am attacked I can’t help but get defensive
    which people take offense too which I do not understand that.

    An then some people are so sensitive anything you make a statement
    about seems to offend them so those people you have to talk to like
    they are 5 years old.

    • lol…I smoked too many cigs myself. I was hoping that Kermit wouldn’t get to cross till Monday, but now I’m glad he did. He looks like a fool! That will leave an impression on the jury, the defense had a VERY good day, thanks to Ms. ALV!! I love that woman!!! We need to start a fan club…..:}

      • Me too I love her going to buy her book for sure ! An going to go to find her on U TUBE an start putting thumbs down on the nasty comments hope they take them off.