Jodi Arias Trial – Day 41 (afternoon session)

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Following yesterday’s events where the County Attorney’s office leaked interview videos & Jodi’s diary contents to the media, the trial day started with Kirk Nurmi requesting the jury be sequestered. As he rightly stated, to assume the jurors are not seeing or hearing anything relating to the trial is “absolute fiction” and a “fairy tale“.

The Nurminator also said he’d witnessed the media (who also provide pics to HLN) filming the arrival at the courthouse this morning of “jurors 1, 4, 6, 17 & 13”. As is typical in this trial, the request for juror sequestration was denied by Judge Pickles. She asks them if they saw or heard anything, and they say no. To that I say BS.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 41, as Alyce LaViolette’s testimony continues – and Jodi takes one step closer to victory…

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  1. Let’s try a little experiment, shall we?

    Dear Mr. and or Mrs. Juror,
    Tampering with a juror is illegal. But, since you have sworn, under oath, that you are not reading this message, then I can’t be breaking the law right now. I am a wealthy person that has been following the trial. I feel that I am open-minded and fair, but I also do not believe in our legal system as it is. And based on the fact that you are reading this and swore an oath not to, you do not believe in the legal system either! I do not believe it is reasonable to think that a juror that has had conversations, media coverage contact, read viewed items outside the trial about the trial, etc… would come forward with great harm to themselves and no benefit to being honest. I do not blame you for viewing items you were asked not to, how can a juror be asked, in 2013, not to have ANY contact with media coverage, conversation, etc, about this trial? I do not believe it is reasonable, therefor, like you, I do not feel the judge’s order was reasonable.
    I, in no way, want there to be a miss trial due to this letter or its result. In fact I hope for only 3 things to come from this letter: 1) Allow an honest juror to be honest, and feel that they “did the right thing” for the legal system, TA, JA and all of the families involved (including yours) 2) To expose the nature of our broken court system and the flawed arguments and rulings of the prosecution and judge in this trial. 3) For the media to realize what type of damage they do when they decide to pursue “sensationalistic journalism” when covering a trial.
    With that said, I am offering 1 million dollars to the first juror (excluding juror #5) that comes forward and admits that they have had a conversations, viewed media contact, read news, viewed web material, investigated on their own, etc… this trial. This admission needs only to include offenses earlier in the trial than the time stamp on this post, as I do not wish for this offer to be an excuse to now break your oath, but rather an offer to simply admit that you already have broken your oath.
    Again, I know none of you will ever be able to read this, while the trial is still on, as you have all sworn an oath, but, in the event that you ARE reading this during the trial, please take this as an open invitation to come forward, reap the rewards of being honest, and collect your bounty.

    1 million dollars in waiting.
    (I will obviously know when you have come forward and admitted this, as it will be all over the news, I look forward to contacting you after you have cleansed your conscious.)

    • I totally agree, I believe those jurors are lying about not talking about the case, what is really a bunch of BS is letting juror #5 back in the gallery, what is the judge doing? Can somebody that watches this case every day tell me what is going on, I did not think this was allowed! This judge must want Jodi to win her appeals in the event she is convicted, because this is what she is setting up. She should have sequestered the jury, because there is no doubt that those jurors ARE TALKING about everything.

    • this witness AL is excellent! she speaks up and doesn’t take his crap on cross exam. the jury is going to be so disgusted with him by the time he finished trying to verbally abuse her. sadly, here we go again though with the judge allowing the prosecutor to abuse the witnesses. disgusting.

      • AL is doing great and making Martenez look like a fool! I’m hoping your right Brenda and the jury is tired of his bullying!

    • this martinez guy is such a prick! i loved alyce laviolet when she knocked martinez down a few notches.

  2. OMG – Vinnie on HLN just stated that everything he has heard so far from ALV sounds like a “normal” relationship

        • It appears that the HLN men view Travis’ behavior as “normal”….probably a bit envious of all of the women he slept with and took advantage of…whereas Jodi is being presented as the man eater, taking advantage of the “saintly”, “virginal” Mr. Alexander…oh and that makes her a slut in their opinion but he is just a stud….sad but true..

        • I agree. He is showing his true slimy side…the men there, especially VP, all seem like woman haters, and like perhaps they have all been burned by a pretty girl, or that they are all very jealous that they could not get someone attractive..much less several at one time.

      • Oh Lord! I’ve been spending too much time reading posts on this site trying to get some insight from Jodi’s supporters… I misread your post at first – I thought it said “like”. My eyes about popped out of my head! Lol

    • You know, I’ve been married for 16 years and very, very rarely do I or have I sent him an angry text. I don’t think his reasoning really works here. Does he think they are going to discuss these issues over a TEXT MESSAGE?? Really??? It’s like they want this stuff in writing. I do believe 99% of abuse occurs where? Behind closed doors!

  3. I noticed on Amazon there are 25 pages of comments regarding AL’s book. Seems the first comment was dated the first day AL testified. I found that on page 24. So quickly reading backward to page one there are all derogatory statements. It is Amazon’s policy to send a email when you purchase something and they ask you to review it. Are they so poor at recordkeeping that they are not aware of the dates these comments were written? You can tell by reading the comments that what is written is in direct alignment with people that have come to the conclusion that this murder was premeditated. If you research and read you come to an informed decision. So all these people writing to Amazon actually purchased the book and read it that quickly? I think not. Sorry for being scattered.

    • Actually the policy is that you can not review an item until you have purchased an item..but it doesnt have to be the item you purchased. If you buy 1 book, you can leave a review on every single book on amazon.

      • Whatever the policy is, what is a juror wanted to look up LV’s book to see what it was about? What are they going to see? Of course a jury member might not do that but they might be tempted and we are all human.

        • PJ, that is a very fair idea. I could for sure see a juror justifying to themselve that “looking up an expert witnesses book is ok”. Then BOOM..they get a 24 page slap in the face from the HLEN fan clan.

          The tail of this trial will end up being ” to sequester or not to sequester, that was the question”.

        • Oh, totally. If they like what she is saying and can relate to it. I can see them wanting to read it and googling it. And, all those people should be reported to Amazon and their IP address reported etc. and the defense made aware too!

    • I reported quite a few of them

      Amazon’s policy is “no spiteful comments”. I really upset Amazon is allowing this

    • No, they have not purchased it, they are using the reviews as a forum to spread their hate and b.s.
      I and many have reported to Amazon but they have still not been removed. Was wondering if AL or one of the Attorney’s should contact Amazon and explain the meaning of character assassination they have allowed.

      • on the bright side though, her books have sold out, as i’m sure there are many thousands of people listening to her testimony who know she is an expert and who find her testimony very educational and helpful. the ta site is feeling threatened by her testimony and by the PhD also because they get more foul mouth and offensive every time there’s someone on the stand who is presenting solid evidence on jodi’s behalf.

      • AT first I thought these were reviews, but later I discovered they are not reviews at all, just forum comments under the book. The reviews are not permitted at this time since the book has not been sold. But I reported abuse on many of the comments. and said “no” to “was this useful”, hope others go and do this also.

    • the ta site is encouraging each other to write libelous book reviews. it’s absolutely disgusting. they are attempting to tarnish her reputation/intimidate her by writing false book reviews then going back on the site and laughing with each other about how funny it is.

  4. Here is more about those customized M&Ms:

    Verified Bad Ass

    Join Date: Oct 2004
    Posts: 5,412
    Originally Posted by pavsil
    Katiecoolady, I just saw this on AZ central’s blog, was it you?


    Chris Williams@chriswnews

    While we await #JodiArias trial a #TravisAlexander friend showed me #M&Ms w/ Juan Martinez name & #JusticeForTravis printed on them

    Yep that was me- he asked for a pic but Juan ha already appropriated them muahahaha suck on that media!! JM asked me if he could keep them. Think I said no??? Lol

    • so JM has a basket of M&Ms in the courtroom with derogatory messages printed on them – how can this be acceptable?

  5. Need a Restraining Order for Juror #5….stalking the same, defendant, whom, she could not show impartiality.

  6. Just heard a report on HLN that juror #5 has returned to the court room and is sitting in the gallery. WOW!
    How much crazier is this going to get? I cannot believe the judge is allowing this. Mind boggling!

  7. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 1m

    So guess who showed up in the gallery among the Arias trial spectators this afternoon? Yup, juror number 5.

    jesus H man O man this is goddamned joke of a court

  8. Wow

    From producer at HLN 4:33 p.m. ET: The juror who was excused from the Arias case earlier in the week is now sitting in the public gallery to watch today’s proceedings. She has refused to talk to the media. Testimony should begin any minute.

      • just another appeal point.

        watch her go on HLN tonight.

        I had respect for her with her statement, but clearly, she has no class.

        • she’s only holding off the media until the right amount of $$ comes along. She won’t stay silent long, I’d bet money on it

        • You are so right… Juror #5 has no class! I thought her statement she released via the media was respectful. I really don’t know if she has picked a side yet, but she shouldn’t be there. She could be putting the trial at risk for both sides.

          • It’s a dumb idea for her to be there. I’m sure she feels she has a right to watch, and legally she does, but it is not smart at all. She was a juror for a long time, but was excused. Likely she is both obsessed and also wants to be noticed and talked about. The judge ordered her to not speak to anyone about her time as a juror, etc. On the other hand, if this was a pro-pros juror, and I believe she is, this could be good for the defense and a mistrial motion. If any jurors look at her and even smile, it could be construed as making contact. It would be a stretch, but the defense will ask. That being said, I don’t know about a mistrial, going through another whole trial at this point, new jurors, etc…would be extremely difficult. Not to mention the emotional toll. Best thing this juror #5 could do would be to stay home, and she knows it. I think she is attention seeking.

  9. The Judge’s clerk escorted Juror 5 to the courtroom. WTH, this is beyond absurd. Talk about a ballsy woman.

  10. Juror 5 has an agenda, and I will bet she had an agenda from day one. How disgusting, and it sure takes a lot of nerve to show up in the courtroom.

    • Yes, she has a statement to make, I do believe. I think she is rotally pissed that some fellow jurors ratted her out to the Judge! Be assured, this woman has an agenda of some sort.

    • With the way Casarez (sp?) and Karas described her, I figured she was some free thinking, independent punk rocker type. I’ve been a little concerned that we would eventually come to regret her dismissal. When they said “blue and pink tri-colored” hair, they neglected to include, beauty school reject, PWT disaster, fat jobless Dogpatcher lookin details.

      • LOL…I pictured her as a punk-rocker type too. As soon as I saw her, I knew that she was your typical trial harpy.

        • I also think that she is the stupid sarcastic question villain. And all the while I’ve been blaming the poor old white men! Shows what happens when you assume…or stereotype!

    • Oh,Dorothy you’re so right.
      Sad but true.
      Makes one wonder if our society is full of psychopaths.

      • Maria,
        It is a rude wake-up call isn’t it…I just sent each of my loved ones an “I love you” text so that they know everyone is NOT evil. As I become more enveloped by this trial, I am trying to focus on the community of love and avoid the evil. I love you all!!

  11. maybe judge stevens is letting all of the shenanigans go on for Jodi’s sake? To help her in the event of an appeal or a guilty verdict? I cannot imagine why else she lets this courtroom continue as a colossal joke

    • I have to admit, I’ve wondered that myself, Trix. I’ve never before seen a judge seemingly intentionally CREATE appealable error.

  12. Why the 7 hour time differenct on the text messages? That had me perplexed eariler in the trial when it came up.

  13. Ok, lets stop and think about this…

    This juror was going to be given the right to judge if the state of AZ could put a human being to death? SHE was going to be given the imense responsibility of choosing life or death?
    This woman, was the lynch pin in the cog of justice?

    After seeing the judgement of this juror, who in this country can argue that our system is not flawed…flawed..maybe the word isnt strong enough..BROKEN?

    This is insane.

    Seriously, i can’t get this out of my head. This was a person that was given the right to choose life or death of another human, and that conclussion would be on the hands of the state of AZ citizens!


  14. Looks like ALV has some more colour to her face now. This morning she was looking pretty pale. Hope she’s feeling better!

  15. I wonder if after all the explanations and examples of different types of abuse if any on the jury are going “Wow! i was in a realtionship like that! I never got hit but I knew it wasn’t right! I WAS ABUSED TOO! No wonder I had bad feelings about myself that wern’t true!”

    • Yes!And let us hope that this is a juror that was leaning towards the Pros side till now and may start looking things from Jodi’s perspective.


    Donna Rehder Powell

    From “Collaborative Practice California” regarding AL’s appearance:
    Dear Donna,

    Thank you for your comments regarding Alyce LaViolette. I have forwarded your comment to the appropriate committee of the board.

    Best regards,


  17. Did you see that almost eyeroll by AL when Juan objected!! LOL!!! I think she is frustrated with him up to her eyeballs!

    • As of now she has enough for an “essay”, but I’m sure Nurmi will have her removed by the next court date.
      Total ulterior motives in her effort to get selected for the Jury….. she lied her way on to the Jury. She needs to be held in contempt of court and given 30 days in the slammer.

      • She seems to be sitting quietly, not conversing with anyone during break. We do not know exactly what she said or did that caused her to be excused. She may have been just like us…and mentioned the injustice of this entire circus…who knows now. The truth will be revealed at some point.

  18. There should be a wall between the jury and the people in the gallery. they are not supposed to see reactions to the case, from the outside world, yet they get to see the reactions from the news people, entertainment media nad family LIVE?

    So the per-jor #5 is crying the the gallery now? in front of the other jurors?

    I tell yah, the Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl this year, because hell just froze over.

  19. 16 page text to Jodi. I do not have a cell phone or text but my child does. He texts a mile a minute but 16 pages??? Hitler?

  20. This is the most messed legal system I have ever seen in a DP case. To allow that women ( JUROR 5) to come back to the courtroom when she could of watched it at home makes a strong statement to the other JURORS. This JUDGE is a disgrace to the court system, this is not a LIFETIME movie we are watching. A beautiful young lady life is on the line…… I deem the higher courts to seek action IMMEDIATELY and remove this Ex JUROR and the JUDGE.

    She was escorted to the courtroom… WTF.! Is this a JUAN move..?

    JUROR 5 own words” Please remember there is a trial going on, until it’s over I request that myself and family to have privacy.”! WHAT KIND OF NUT CASE IS SHE?


  21. He’s a total narcissistic sociopath, a manipulator, a liar, a lunatic.

    He was a horrible, horrible, disturbed individual.

    I am amazed she ever stuck around him.

  22. The way ALV reads TA ‘s words…Her reading style is so powerful I’m in tears…
    My heart goes out to Jodi,poor girl.How can she sit there,listening to all that?I so admire her and wanna reach out and hug her.

  23. Wow TA was a real gem. Talk about tearing someone’s character apart. Ms. ALV has first hand experience with this lynch mob.

  24. First of all,joror number 5 doesn’t belong there. This is just another sign that pickles has lost control.I really think in this whole crazy trail is that between the judge,the frog and all the dummies at hln,Except Robbon Mead,they are so pissed off that Casey A. got off that they don’t want this to happen again.Why do they have this new show on,hln after dark.It only came on in the middle of this trail.And I’m sorry but their only gonna be worst tonight.Can someone give me aE-mail or site that I can directly commpain to hln about this onesided witch hunt thats going on?

  25. I even lost it on my iphone then my phone when wacko. I figured there would be more women..but I never dream this many! No wonder he is broke, he spends it all on phone bill and the book of mormon

  26. Wow ALV is rocking today. This testimony is so hard to hear but I am glad it is out there finally. Wow TA was worse than I even imagined. It is amazing the memory that ALV has and it is so helpful with JM barking.

  27. Renee, Maria, if you guys can see this: The time stamp on your comments is for like 11:55 pm at night, so if you have trouble posting on the site today, that is why.

    This happened to me the other day when the site went down. I posted something, the time stamp was for 8:40 pm. I was unable to post until after 8:40 pm Eastern time and kept getting the message to “slow down, you are posting too fast”

    Just in case this is happening to you, don’t get frustrated. This is why!

  28. Amazon comments are still up! Do we all need to call Amazon again, or should we wait and see if they will be taken down?

    • I am going to put in another email. I will call them tomorrow to see what is going on. The hate lynch mob is out in full force. I do know there is a you tube video out there where a guy tries to figure out this website and that we all must be paid. Anyway several people asked hackers to hack into this site. I have no idea if this is what is going on or just a lot or traffic.

  29. When did TA have time to work? I cannot keep up with how many women there are and I feel bad for them as well because they are his victims too, No wonder he never had any money. So he was this sweet little virgin that Jodi corrupted?.. Now everyone knows the truth. They may not want to believe it but the facts are there.

  30. Since Ms. Lurker #5 wants her face out there, we should know who she is right…I hope someone does some background stuff on her, I can tell by looking at her that she’s maybe a little off tilt….just saying. I can’t imagine anyone would show their face after being booted off the jury for misconduct. She should be ashamed of herself, I know I would be. But then again, it seems alot of people have no shame when it comes to this trial.

    • I know I still cannot believe that she had the guts to sit in on the trial. I still do not understand why she has the right to since she was booted off the jury. The Judge should take control over this but she never does. I thought she wanted her privacy per her statement. Showing her face is not going to help that.

  31. Do they have separate witness washrooms in this courthouse? I am pretty sure Ms ALV wanted a potty break and a whole bunch of people went into the bathroom apparently after Juror #5.

  32. This is the third day I have has trouble accessing this site, do you think we are being hacked in some way?
    It is so frustrating wanting to check in and see what everyone else is thinking or reacting to and not being able to get to the page (no problem getting other sites) We have no where else to go to talk and hear from others of a like mind. I can’t tell you how it helps to be able to come and read the comments and know I am not alone in thinking Jodi is innocent and venting on how screwed up this whole thing is. Does anyone know exactly why we are having these problems? I mean come on day after day I have been able to click on to this site with no problem and now when it looks like headway is being made OUR site appears to be under attack.

  33. I am very interested to see how JM is going to try and twist all of TA’s despicable behavior and place the blame on Jodi. Besides all of the bs conspiracies out there about Jodi sending herself the texts and emails, there is really no other way that anyone can argue these facts. We’ve just found out that he was “sexting” several others, so there is really no other explanation except the fact that he was a closeted sex addict who hid behind his religion. I’m sure all the haters will say that the other women all snuck in through the doggy door and used his phone and computer to text and IM themselves. I know that this is far from over, but I feel like these last few days have contained the most important evidence to vindicate Jodi.

  34. I like how in all these texts to women Travis throws in “Join PPL or find me some leads” PS I’m a virgin so suck my cock

  35. Uugggghh TA was a wanna be player!!! He wasn’t even a “player” he makes me sick, he was disgusting! !! Who knows, he was fuckin around with all these girls emotions, what IF there was a husband, a boyfriend a brother, a father, a cousin that DIDNT like the way TA was treating these woman; and they wanted to put an end to it.

    TA was into a lot of different life changing situations, with money and woman, the way he walked around like HIS shit didn’t stink. Hhhmmm the only thing that hasnt came out is DRUGS!!!

    TA was not a goid person, he didn’t treat people tge way he wanted to be treated. Far from it!!!! And something tells me that things with TA would’ve gitten worse. What happened to TA was the inevitable, that’s all iv got to say about that!

    And im SICK of people down playing it by saying, oh he was a single guy, so what! !!!

    • Well said LC. It is so sad that Jodi had to run into this animal. She is so intelligent and beautiful and seems very sweet and there is no telling where she would be today if she had not met this creep.

  36. A few things I have to say! If they stop the media (video) coverage of this trial I hope it is recorded. Also, if They don’t continue to cover it, I am glad I had the opportunity to view Alyce LaViolette’s testimony. It has been an honor to hear her expert testimony. I have been enlightened. Thank you Ms. LaViolette. XXOO

  37. Did I hear Nurmi say earlier today about another witness he may wish to add? Was this witness regarding the sideline motions?

  38. Did any one notice JW glance back toward TA’s family?
    Anyone notice if TA’S brother is in the gallery today? I didn’t see him…

    • >>>who is the lady that sits at the table behind Nurmi?

      It’s Sue Stodola – Mitigation Specialist.

      Team Jodi

  39. “I guess I’ll get this out of the way now, Do you have a memory problem?” LOL I love you Ms. Willmott!

  40. Augh!!!!
    That little pr*ck!!!
    OF COURSE, there is not a syndrome called battered woman in the DSM, because battered woman are victims of abuse, NOT a mental illness.

    • That was priceless! And of course no mention of that on JVM or N Grace tonite! lmao!! Hoping that that is a good sign!!

  41. Test comment because I am not seeing other comments past 6:11pm.

    JM accomplished nothing with his Snow White thing. It’s annoying how he is trying to manipulate ALV into giving the answer he wants and how he tries to twist the meanings of things.

  42. Oh and the Shatanya girl, (i wonder what she was, sounds like a black girls name) not that it matters, just my thought. And he put her through some shit too. Also gave her the book of “M” and then played his sex games with her too!!!! Then when she wanted to cut him off, he threated her with suicide! !!! What a joke!!!

  43. JM has to do this because there really isn’t anything else he can do but throw in the towel.

    There is all that documented proof there was an abusive relationship between TA and JA and his treatment of other women. You have TA’s own words there.

    I only hope the jury is smart enough to see there is no case at all for premeditated first-degree murder.

  44. I have been a Lurker on this site for a long time…but it’s time to speak up!
    I can no longer continue to silently observe all the ridiculous court atrosities going on, beginning with the non-sequestration of this Jury! Then watching Jose Martinez BATTER and ABUSE the witness today on cross exam is just too much to believe! Trying to overlay Snow White as the end all of Ms.Violetta’s conclusions on abuse! What a joke. He can’t think of anything realistic so he has to go to fantasy.

    I Absolutely agree with Kirk Nurmi that to even imagine that the jurors do not hear, speak, or talk like the “three monkeys” Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil…is a Huge Fairy Tale and Illusion! To not have sequestered these jurors was total LACK of an educated and FAIR unbiased decision from the mind of the Judge in this case, Sherry Stephens, from the get go. I believe that it in itself shows HUGE PREJUDICE! It’s certainly not going to save them any money but will cost them double or more.

    Sirlips: Great idea, how could anyone in this age of instant information not have been exposed to all forms of the Media in this trial! What a no brainer to realise this.I hope one of them takes you up on your offer. Haha

    Great job Kirk and Jodi~ May Jodi be free soon~ God Speed You~
    (I have two sons that are direct descendants of Patrick Henry! And yes,we are all about Liberty&Justice!)

    • I think his strategy is trying to say ALV’s testimony, along with Jodi’s is all a fantasy or a fairy-tail, but the jurors may not get that since his questions are so all over the place and confusing everyone. He is going way overboard for sure.

  45. Is there a link somewhere that has the text messages TA sent Jodi? I’d like to read them if I can find them. Thanks.

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