Jodi Arias Trial – Day 40

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Ok then… so we kind of already knew what a player, expert manipulator, sexual deviant and a total bastard TA was. It basically states the same in the 2011 Plea Bargain document.

But it’s good that the specific details are now coming out through Alyce LaViolette’s testimony. No wonder the state went out of their way to try and hide the 8,000+ emails & texts. So much for Dave Hall’s recent TV comments, where he states that Jodi was only dating TA for his “cars” and his “money”. That’s the car he sold due to being broke, and all the money he begged & borrowed from Sky Hughes & others, right?

The cross with Alyce should be interesting to say the least. She is well accustomed to dealing with arrogant bad tempered little shits, but nevertheless it’ll be interesting to see how long it takes JM before he asks her if she has “memory problems”, and subsequently if Alyce can resist bouncing the water jug off JM’s new wig. We shall see.

Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support of Jodi, and in helping get this site into the top 19,000 most visited sites in the US right now. It’s also great to see that we can have ongoing meaningful (and sometimes highly humorous) discussion during the trial, without resorting to hateful comments and stupid-ass death threats. That’s say a lot…. and it’s testament to what I’ve mentioned many times before. The grass on this side of the fence is definitely greener… while you can hardly see the grass on the Taliban side of the fence for BS.

Leave your comments below on day 40, as Alyce LaViolette’s direct testimony continues, and Jodi takes one step closer to victory…

We are getting there.

Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

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    • I also noticed yesterday that mr. firecracker has new hair color … the pictures taken with his fans showed salt and pepper hair… Now with all the new celebritism.. he wants to look younger ..mmmm I am not one to comment on ones looks like so many anti jodi folks do, but I couldnt help but notice !!!!

      • They could be lying since Dr.Drew is such a Trash show! I doubt Dr.Samuels would make such a statement being a professional Doctor unlike Drew who is an entertainment tonight Guru.
        I don’t believe it they say anything on those silly shows.

        • Wow!! I bet that is a lie. I saw a few mins at the end of Dr. Drew last night and he had on a Morman missionary that was one of Jodi’s teachers when Travis sent them to her house. He said that he was so surprised by this when he heard about it and that she was basically a nice, peaceful, intelligent person. Of course Dr. Drew cut him off fast and went to a useless segment like Dr. Drew’s jury (ehhhmm who cares)

          • Lindsay,

            The Elder you’re referring to is Elder Jensen and he gave an “exclusive” interview to The Cultural Hall Podcast about his experience with Jodi during their teaching her the Book of Mormon. You can find his interview here:


            It’s very telling of the Jodi who existed at the very start of her relationship with Travis.

            Did anyone else see the interrogation videos of Jodi’s mom, Sandy, and her dad, William? Sandy talked about Jodi having mental problems and how her friends sometimes called her telling her Jodi needed to get help, that she was freaking out, in the middle of the night.

            Her dad’s interview was more interesting than that, though, as he explains Jodi was odd in that one moment she would call acting sweet and then, five minutes later, she would call in a rage and scream at her mother. He says she’s been like that for about a year and a half. That was as of 2008 and Jodi began her tumultuous relationship with Travis in 2006. The timeline of her “odd” behavior is consistent with the timeline of about when Travis’ behavior was escalating. It’s definitely consistent with the time when she would have just discovered Travis was dunking his dipstick into other packets of flavored sugar.

          • I also noticed how Dr. Drew cut him off! Anything positive that’s said about Jodi is immediately swept under the rug. It is so frustrating!

        • You’re so right Oliviero…

          When Dr. Samuel’s was on the witness stand….they made fun of him…one of the guys on HLN said they should have gotten someone who looked better…someone who looked fresh out of Wall Street…and wore a nicer suit like the Wall Street look…and the other guy said and what’s up with that hair flipping up in the back…they just couldn’t resist making fun of Dr. Samuel’s physical appearance…

          All of them are a disgusting group of unprofessionals…

        • Also-

          Does the State only get to do rebuttal? That’s my understanding, but maybe after the State’s rebuttal the defense gets another shot.

          • That’s called sur rebuttal and is allowed in arizona (to the best of my knowledge) in limited circumstances (something new comes up during rebuttal).

      • I don’t believe it. As his comment says, “the truth will prevail”. As Raising Pitchforks says, HLN = Head Labotomy Needed.

      • The thing is.. Dr. Samuels probably does believe she is guilty, she did kill Travis, but does he believe she did it with premeditation, and deserves the death penalty? … Thats a whole different story… and I dont think he thinks she did.. It was a crime of passion.. I feel for the guy too… he was made a laughing stock. Sad.

  1. The grass is SO much greener on this side. Thank you to everyone who contributes and Thanks to SJ for providing this wonderful enviroment.

        • This site is GREAT, thank you, thank you, SJ!

          This site has kept me sane… I think lol!! 😀

          We WILL be VICTORIOUS, I never doubt it for one moment, can you HEAR the APPLAUSE? Its DEAFENING!!!! 😀

                • Well, we don’t know she will even be convicted of anything–the most likely outcome is a hung jury.

                  However, she SHOULD be acquitted. There isn’t proof of any kind of intentional action against TA, so it isn’t even manslaughter.

                • The only way she is going to get life is if she gets murder one, and that is absolutely impossible and any such dumb verdict would be overturned on appeal.

                  I think you are on the wrong board. There is NO “obvious” about anything here.

            • Once again thank you SJ!! For having created all this or us! The day I see Martinez losing this case will certainly be one of the happiest days of my life!
              Stay strong Jodi dearest!!
              GO TEAM JODI!!

      • SJ, you have my email address right? If something happens to the site could you email me please. I don’t know what happened to the site today but, it would not even go to the page at all.

    • My best guesses:

      1. It was hard for them being in chambers with Jodi, closer confines than the court.

      2. They had some inkling of what ALV was going to testify about yesterday and it upset them to know even more was going to come out about their brother.

      • That’s what I was thinking, But thought I might have missed something. My heart does go out to them. What’s the old saying about “I can say what I want about my family but no one else better.”

          • My heart goes out to anyone that loses someone they love but they did have choice to keep this information secret. They could have made a plea bargain and the world would not know about all his dirty secrets he tried so hard to hide.

              • so true AJ…and the “talking heads” have been blaming Jodi Arias for the wasting of so many people’s tax dollars on this case…and all along the state could have made that plea deal a long time ago and saved lots of $$$$….

                And then poor ole NG can retract her statement when she said it was her tax dollars paying for this trial…

                HLN needs to get their facts straight on issues…but then if they did…their ratings would go down and that would not be good business for their network…

                Twisted truths make their breaking news which motivates more people to tune into their network…which generates higher ratings…those ratings=$$$$…

        • Good Morning, Everyone! 🙂

          I agree that it must be difficult for the family. I think, somewhere in their minds, they must have some amount of guilt, too. If an estranged family member of mine were murdered – my first thoughts would not be to “kill” another but to find out the truth why. It would be horrible to know that a brother was in trouble and needed help and I wasn’t there. But then when I hear how blood thirsty they are – my sympathy flees. I’m sorry, but it just strikes me as evil when someone wants to murder another so much without truly understanding what has happened.

      • Sometimes, over the last week or 10 days, I’ve had the feeling that there’s something going on that’s more than meets the eye.

        There have been a number of rather long, closed door meetings with the judge, with sealed transcripts, etc, including the long meeting with the judge where ALV was present and then they cancelled court for the day. Then comes the meeting yesterday with TS’s family leaving in tears.

        I doubt if removal of a juror would have driven them to tears. I think something bigger is afoot and we’ll probably see it in court today.

        Also I’m a little baffled by JM’s behavior. The testimony being elicited from ALV, including the email contents is now a forgone conclusion. The hearsay objections are rather inane, because JW just rephrases the question and gets ALV to answer it in a manner that gets beyond that issue. JM doesn’t need to preserve a record for appeal, the state cannot appeal an acquittal (after all we don’t live in Italy). He has to know that if anything these objections can only lead to the assumption that the state is trying to keep evidence out. That can only reflect badly on the state’s case. So why is he doing this?

        Something’s up.

        • Al…while watching the trial last night as it continued during the NG hour…I noticed NG seemed to be sensing a change of some sort while she was commenting while watching the trial…

          Around 8:48 pm…Nancy Grace said this witness (Alyce LaViolette)…she’s able to turn this juror to favor an acquittal…

          Favor an acquittal…so maybe that is what this is about???

          • I certainly hope so. If I were a juror I would be in favor of time served, no chance of future recourse on either parties behalf and the records sealed, as to give Jodi a chance once she is free. Also she should be offered new identity and counsuling in another state.

            • Edward…

              It’s a shame that our American government has allowed shows like HLN, Dr. Drew, JVM, and others to enrage so many Americans with twisted truths about people like Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias…to the point that those Americans have become vile haters today…such evil are these people…

              I wouldn’t be a bit surprised one day to see the symbol 666 appear on her forehead…

            • If Jodi is acquitted she would most likely have to leave the country she has been demonized by the media and her face is well known. Alot of people are consumed with hatred towards her and its not fair . This trial has the audience emotionally invested even more so than the Casey Anthony trial. I fear for her safety and I think she will be in more danger behind bars.

              • Aww these small country towns that do not have Temples an such Jodi would fit right in most people don’t even pay attention to the HLN around here. Not many even have heard her name or can remember the name if asked I have found. Small town USA.

        • Astute as always, Al. There’s no way the sibs were called in to chambers over juror dismissal. Unless – and this is a huge guess – the juror indicated that the eye-rolling and other behavior had been an influence. But, again, that’s a huge guess. We may never know what it was. Or at least not until the parties present write their inevitable books.

        • I have been thinking the same thing. I did find it very odd that TA’s siblings came out crying. How much more would truely upset them that hasn’t already been said.

          I’m sure it was difficult to be in the same room with Jodi but to have them be that upset????

          • Like mentioned before, maybe they were told they have to stop so many facial expressions, rolling eyes.. etc… ???

          • I have never had to deal with a family member being killed (thank God), but I feel like after 4 years I would have reached some closure and acceptance of it ? This siblings seem to cry an awful lot over their estranged brother. Is that expected at a trial or do they all need to get some therapy to find some peace and the ability to move on?

            • Even though they were estranged, they loved their brother, and they have been in limbo, unable to move on because this trial was coming. So they haven’t been able to go through all the stages of grief. I suspect they are still in the anger stage, and they would undoubtedly benefit from some counseling.

            • I cannot truly speak on behalf of what those three siblings, who sit vigilantly every day without fail at their brother’s killer’s trial, are motivated by. I have some of my own ideas as to why they sit there and subject themselves to what can only be tortuous as they see pictures and hear things about the brother they lost touch with. I also have some of my own ideas in regards to what they are thinking.

              Of course, everything I have concluded is based on speculation and hearsay and most of it lacks any solid foundation. Oh…my….God…..JM is in my damn head! As I was typing the sentences dealing with my own ideas, I objected myself 3 times!!! I am going to seriously need a lobotomy by the time this trial closes. Anywho, grab a cup of whatever happens to be your poison and a smoke (if you do) cause this one is going to be lengthy. As per usual.

              Given the history of the Alexander children, or more appropriately, Travis and his 3 sisters for sure, it would be nonsensical to think for a second that Travis would be the only one of the four to have suffered any side effects from the abuse they all suffered. Although, the effect on Travis would be much more devastating.

              Reason being, during the first 8-10 years of a boy’s life, their relationship with their mother is absolutely vital to their healthy sexual, emotional, and social development. A boy learns to respect women, how to treat them, and mom is the one who nurtures his ability to be in touch with his emotions. This is the same in the case for dad’s and little girls. I’ve said this before but it may have been missed, let’s look at Travis’ mom vs. his mummum (grandma) for a minute:

              >>>>>>>>TANGENT ALERT<<<<<<<<<
              Mom- Drug addict who let the kids go filthy, starving, and untended to for days at a time while catching up on sleep after going on Meth binges that kept her up for days at a time. During, which, she sometimes fed them, allowed them to bathe, beat them for no reason, verbally abused them, and exposed them to sexual behavior with random men who probably left as quick as they came (that's a loaded pun you are free to give intention to). Such exposure probably included the children accidentally seeing her with these men (who probably beat her and called her a whore or skank) or hearing sexually explicit noises.

              Whatever the exposure, it left Travis with a deep disgust towards women who acknowledge their sexuality in such a wanton manner, so much so, that the line between disgust and his own curiosity blurred until he was looking for women to do the things he believed his mom did with her men.

              If you look closely at his treatment of Jodi, it seems like it would get worse each time she catered to a new fantasy of his. The "impression" I get is that Travis is curious about the sexual side of life, wondering why his mother would let so many men treat her in such a manner, what was so good about it, and he satiates his curiosity by doing sexual things with Jodi. But, because he is disgusted by his mother's actions and Jodi just behaved for him like his mom did for her men, he associates the two as if they are one and the same. Meaning, he is disgusted by Jodi and treats her the same way his mom was treated by the men parading through her vagina. Sorry, life….I meant to type life not vagina…..stupid autocorrect.

              Then you have Travis' beloved Mummum. His grandmother who saved him from his nightmare by taking him and his sisters in and raising them as her own. Aside from his mom, Mummum is the other most important woman in Travis' life. Mummum and Mom's influence, in regards to the level of impact it had on Travis' development mentally, socially, sexually, and emotionally was equal.

              Which, is why he was so fucked up. And I say that in the most empathetic way. Seriously. Mummum fed them every day, made sure they were clean every day, she kept the roaches away, taught him to use a can opener so he'd never be teased by canned food he could not open to eat again, she made sure his clothes were clean, she was married to one man who did not beat her or degrade her, she was a modest woman, she did not use drugs, she did not beat them, and most of all, she loved them and she hugged them. She, without a doubt, is the only reason why Travis was not a serial killer. Funny enough, Mummum was a devout Mormon and she introduced Travis and his sisters to the faith. Travis, more than anyone, dove in balls deep.

              I'm pretty sure, this being a group brimming with intelligent individuals, it is obvious where I'm going with this. However, sometimes when I write out my thoughts like I am right now, I tend to have my epiphanies and this causes me to board the tangent train. If you've read my posts before, you know this is going to be a jumpy ride that often ends so far away from the original topic that I rarely remember what it was to begin with. A ride that doesn't even provide you with refreshments or a soft pillow to rest your head upon. It does, however, provide you with a book that if nothing else is somewhat entertaining. But, I digress……damn it.

              Anyway, notice how Travis treats Jodi like a skank and holds the Mormon girls he knows in the highest and purest regard? Jodi represents his mother and the Mormon girls represent his Mummum. Jodi is not marriage material but the Mormon girls are. Do ya see it? Look at their relationship from this new perspective and it will become glaringly obvious. As if that saint vs slut battle wouldn't be enough to drive anyone out of their damn minds, Travis would be dealt an unexpected hand where Jodi was concerned because he actually fell, in as deep of a love as one who mostly only loves himself possibly can love, with her. Which, further explains his hot and cold behavior that was only rivaled by Jodi's when she was dealing with PMS or, to put it like I did earlier, it explains why he was so fucked up.

              Jodi, all the while, is completely unsuspecting of what her role in his life is doing to him or what she represents to him when she, only trying to make him happy by any means necessary and sacrificing her own happiness by comprising her self for him, caters to this side of him. She senses something is just not right with him, writes just that in her journal, but there are times when his Mummum's influence on him bitch slaps is Mom's influence into a quiet stupor and, it's during these times, when Travis allows himself to feel the love he has for Jodi and when he shows her the love as well.

              Those are the times when Travis treats her in such a way that it reaches down to the depths of who she is and ignites a sense of self worth in her she has never felt before. For just one of those moments when she feels this way, she will endure just about anything…..and so she did. But, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to survive in the end……and so she did. Which, brings us to the here and now.

              Where was I going with this? Um….ah shit. I did it again. OH, okay. So, all that was said to validate or explain my claim that Travis would be more negatively impacted by his mother's treatment of him than his sisters would be. Hey, don't give me shit, I warned you ahead of time it would be lengthy. Go ahead and take a potty break. I'll wait here.

              Now, Travis' sisters also suffered greatly from their mother's abuse. Girls learn from their mothers how to be mothers themselves. They also learn how to be wives in terms of what to tolerate and what constitutes the boot being injected so far into their spouses asshole that, when the dick sneezes, shoelaces dangle from his nostrils. They base their morals and beliefs from the foundation of the example mommy led by and, from there, they build upon that foundation throughout their life, making adjustments influenced by what they experience along the way.

              Mommy teaches the girls to set boundaries, coping skills, self empowerment, and conviction. Unless, of course Mommy is the Alexander mom. In that case, Mommy teaches the girls how to load a pipe, how to use one's body to get what one wants or needs, and that a man can do what ever he damn well pleases and say what ever he wants to you and you will get mad and fight back, to no avail, so just go beat up your kids (especially the one with a penis since he represents the lot of his kind) instead.

              When one considers all of this as though it's 100% fact…..and it could be so just shush cause we'll never know either way so there…..(sticking tongue out)….when one considers this even being just a 50/50 (leaving room to back peddle in case it ever comes out that I was WAY the fuck off in my conclusions) chance at what happened for the Alexander offspring, can you come to any other conclusion than these children were each destroyed to some degree and this destruction was carried on to their adult lives, even today? Then, once all is considered, is it any wonder why they would shed tears during the testimony of a woman who is describing their brother in a way they recognize all too well? A way that they, too, have either experienced from him with them being in Jodi's position or they can identify parts of themselves and the way they were affected in his behavior.

              Either way, what ALV is saying in her testimony is resonating somewhere deep within their souls where they've kept their past locked away by denial and it is forcing them to acknowledge the logic behind what she's saying because she is explaining behaviors they likely exhibit themselves. Perhaps, ALV is explaining to the girls why it feels like there were times in their life when they followed in the footsteps of their mom. Maybe, they have been or are currently involved in abusive relationships and they've been denying it but now, after hearing ALV describe Jodi as she has been and giving examples of Travis' treatment of Jodi, maybe they can no longer deny it because they relate to dealing with the abuse the way Jodi did or their spouse treats them in the way that ALV details Travis treating Jodi. Or, it's also possible that ALV's testimony is giving them a better understanding of their mother and why she made the decisions she did that ultimately scarred them for life.

              The bottom line is, whatever it is they are taking or learning from ALV's testimony is having quite an impact on them both personally. If I am right, even in the slightest bit, about any of the things they could be learning, then it's a safe assumption to make that they are struggling to process one heavy load of hot mess fuctardery that is going to be near impossible to fully digest. I mean, if they relate to any of the things ALV has described about Jodi and how, as a victim of DV, she reacted or coped with her abuse and they, themselves are DV victims then they will be faced with a dilemma.

              Because, as we all know, with an understanding of one's actions comes a humanization effect that, in some cases, can borderline on being empathy if it doesn't develop into empathy in time. It is this reason alone that causes the masses to so loudly and passionately protest the killer's right to due process. This is why people shut down and discredit or disregard anything said in favor of the murderer. It's why nobody wants to hear about Jodi's background or details of her relationship.

              Knowing these things helps explain the act and the person who committed it. The explanation offers an understanding to some degree of what caused such behavior. The understanding of such allows for one to relate to it. Once a relation is made or someone identifies with something about the murderer, they become humanized. With humanization comes compassion and empathy. Finally, once compassion and empathy set in, our thirst for blood of the killer to atone for the crime against the victim all but burns out. For, how could we possibly demand the death of someone we very well could have ended up being?

              Right now, the Alexander's HAVE to hate Jodi. It is the only thing saving them from what would be a vicious onslaught by the reality of all of it; Travis' death, his tortured existence, their childhood, their own mistakes, and now the fact that another person might die all because of their parents failing on such an epic scale that a domino effect was created and too many people were taken down with them. That is a cross so heavy to bear it is rivaled only by the cross Jesus would bear.

              While they will never forgive Jodi for taking their brother's life, and nobody would fault them for that either (at least I wouldn't) hopefully they will be able to, at some point, find some kind of an absolution from their hatred of her. Because the feeling of having such an injustice carried out against you or someone you love carries with it a toxicity that is injected into the core of who you are and it beats within your heart, pumped rhythmically through your veins, until your entire body is flowing with this venom that will inevitably be your undoing. Trust me on this one, I know first hand.

              In conclusion, we see tears from them but I think these are just as much healing tears as they are tears of sorrow and pain. While they are enduring something, which, we all hope to never be able to imagine let alone know first hand, they are also learning a wealth of information about themselves. Remember, with learning comes explaining comes understanding comes relating comes humanizing comes compassion and don't think for a second that does not apply to oneself.

              These girls are likely on a path to self discovery and awareness. A nasty and ugly path that is first unforgiving with it's brutal honesty that is never served with a spoonful of sugar but, if one makes it through this, awareness is rewarding in that you, at last, know who you are and who you are is no longer defined by what you've had done to you or what you've done to others.

              The shackles of guilt that once bound you inside the prison of your shame have been obliterated by your acknowledgement and acceptance of them. You learn every lesson you possibly can from them and make adjustments accordingly so as not to make the same mistakes that caused them in the first place and then you can finally forgive yourself for them, letting them go and, in turn, releasing yourself from their control.

              It's a long road, though, and they've only just started the walk. If I had one wish for them it would be that ALV or someone of her caliber offer their services to each of the siblings and that the siblings do not hesitate to accept.

              And, with that, I'm gonna throw myself from the tangent train before I completely forget my way back. I'd apologize for the length of this post but, damn it, you should all be expecting this from me by now. Besides, you know if nothing else, I gave you something to do while taking your morning shadoob and how many others have done such a kind thing for you today? Hmmm? I didn't think so! LOL

        • It’s a cheap trick (ineffective) lawyers use to throw the opponent’s game off, akin to calling time outs when the other team is on a run in basketball. Personally, I think it’s low, stupid, and generally ineffective.

          • If that is indeed what he’s doing, it’s a hell of a gamble. If it were anyone else, I would say that he must be aware that it certainly has the appearance that he’s trying to suppress the truth. But, given his distasteful approach to most of the witnesses, maybe he really is that clueless. Or he is is just worried enough about this evidence (as he should be) that he’s willing to take that Ruskin order to keep it out of the trial.

            Either way, it’s a win for the defense. Unless – god forbid – this jury is as stupid as he is.

          • I agree. Cheap tricks. And if the prosecution’s case is such a slam dunk, why resort to cheap tricks?

        • I noticed that, too. JM seems very flustered by ALV. His ongoing objections over ALV’s little nothings are sending a signal that he’s very worried about what she’s there to say.

          Oops! Did I say “say?! That’s the dirtiest word in the world, according to JM’s constant interruptions of ALV O_o

          • Well that depends on how you define the word say. Good thing JM has a dictionary to look up crucial words in testimony:


        • I think they may have been in tears because that closed door meeting was the “most real” possibility of a mis-trial to date, and one that everybody took very seriously. I’m almost certain that the defense could have pushed further for a mis-trial and succeeded “if” they really wanted to. By the sounds of it, Juror #5 made statements in front of other jurors that indicated her determination of Jodi’s guilt or innocence (some form of early deliberation on her part). I’m also guessing that the defense feels confident enough in their case, that they decided to move forward with just the removal of this juror. If they felt that they were losing this case, I think they would have fought tooth and nail for a mis-trial. Juror #5’s diarrhea mouth did in fact have an effect on the other jurors that heard her comments and I think a mis-trial could have been granted over this. Probably scared the living shit out of TA’s family. I’m just “speculating” here (don’t hurt me, helmet head Martinez), but that’s my take on things.
          How is Mr. Helmet Head going to deal with this witness on cross exam? Will he verbally “abuse” her? Should be interesting to say the least.
          Love that the defense found a way to get these emails in through this witness! I wasn’t sure if Miss Wilmont said she was done with the witness at the end of yesterday, or was just done with her for the day. If she’s not done, is it possible she might be able to bring in other materials through this witness that were previously not allowed….like the letters that the Hughes’ said were all faked? I hope the defense calls those lying a-holes back to the stand and exposes them for the dirty people they are!

          • I think that this is why the defense went this route instead of hiring forensics experts. They put all of their eggs in the psych expert’s basket.

            • I agree Joujou-
              I also think it is a way to keep the lying Hughes out of it. I’m hoping that JM can’t call those liars who are making it clear they want to sabotage the case by lying, for rebuttal.

        • Al, he is preserving the record for appeal because he would not want his conviction overturned on appeal if he does one. Also, in case the judge decides to acquit prior to the end of the trial (a very very rare circumstance) on some technicality or grants some other motion of the defense (such as, dropping the DP).

          I also think JM believes that by objecting so frequently, the jury will begin to suspect that the defense is doing something improper. And, of course, he’s disrupting the flow, which he probably believes lessens the impact and throws off JW’s rhythm. I think he’s merely coming across as ostreperous, and JW seems to be perfectly well able to jump right back into her rhythm.

          • Oh and, the most important reason of all, … he’s on camera and he thinks he’ll have a movie star career after this. I actually believe that, especially with the hair dye. I mean, he’s objecting like a guy on TV would.

        • It was suggested yesterday by someone here, that he was doing it for TA’s family, so he could be heard to be trying..

          Well he IS trying, VERY TRYING!

        • lets not forget the letter travis wrote that did not make it in because they were copys did jodi copy them send the letter to someone who now has the origional copy. that has not come forward was up all nite was going to bed and change my mind and went back to testomany of chris and sky

          • and why did matt jodi longest friend change his mind what happened remember ashley thompson reed jodi change story 4 month after this why ???

        • Al, I agree “something” is going to be revealed. Perhaps, JM is objecting to break the deap thoughts of the jury. As a listener, I gets wrapped up in connecting the dots when AL gives her conclusions. As many others posted, I don’t know “what else” could be said to hurt TA family that hasn’t already been covered….UNLESS…its has to do with the age of attraction thing?

    • Not too sure right now… but no doubt they’ll be even more upset in a few weeks time when they don’t get the M1/DP verdict they’re longing for.

      Team Jodi

      • SJ

        Yes they will be more upset in a few weeks.

        I’m wondering if it has something to do with the Defense’s latest complaint of Pros misconduct in relation to the picture op outside of the Court house. Seems to be some silence on this, since the Juror misconduct took center stage. Any idea what’s up with this?


      • Yessssssssssssssss!

        SJ, can the jury vote for an aquittal? What are the options or is it just Not guilty or guilty? How does it work in AZ?

        • Not guilty means she is acquitted. But she has to be found not guilty on all accounts she is being charged with.

          The jury can also come back with a lesser charge like M2 or manslaughter, instead of saying guilty to murder 1 or felony murder, which is basically saying, innocent of those charges, but still not completely innocent.

          • Nk,
            From what I understand, the charges are Murder 1, or felony Murder. (or of course not guilty) The jury can only come back with a different verdict such as M2 if the judge during instructions, gives them the options of lesser included charges. it will be interesting to see if she does offer that. Sometimes it is actually a good thing if the judge doesn’t, for example, say the jury does find her guilty, but not of M1, or Felony Murder. Say they feel it was manslaughter but the judge didn’t include that charge. They would have to acquit. I believe that is what happened in the Casey Anthony trial, IMO, the State overcharged her and the jury had no lesser charges to consider, therefore they acquitted her.

  2. I think self preservation should be a plea option. This man had finally found someone vulnerable enough and who cared enough for him that she would keep his secrets, and do anything sexually he asked of her. He wasn’t about to let her go no matter how far away she was from him. I wish Jodi could have had enough support around her to get away from this horrific relationship but as Ms AV said she was confined with only TA as her co-conspirator. That’s the way he wanted it. I think his family is upset over the juror and the fact that the truth is coming out. Not that they didn’t love their brother but if they had it to do over I think they would have accepted a plea deal.

    • Just to clarify: The decision to accept a plea bargain is NOT up to the family, nor even ultimately JM (although he would have had more influence than anyone). It’s the State v. Jodi Arias, not the Alexanders v. Jodi Arias. The decision was the State of AZ’s to make. Even if the family (who are not witnesses) wanted JM to accept a plea bargain, the State was the one who made the decision. A family would only be important in the decision making process if they were star witnesses and decided not to testify. In this case, the star witnesses were the police, the ME and forensics team. The ultimate decision maker as to how this was charged and whether a plea bargain offer was extended or accepted was Bill Montgomery, JM’s boss, the Maricopa County Attorney, with a lot of input from JM, who is known to rarely accept pleas.

      • The family did want the plea bargain? Interesting, I thought they did not want it even though they do not have the last say so because I know the State makes that decision. I have seen families in other cases that have a great influence on deciding that in other trials. I just know the one sister says she wants to watch her die.

        • AJ- I think you misread, Also Abused said, ” Even IF the family wanted to accept the plea bargain”.
          You are right TA’s sister has said she wishes to watch Jodi die. sad…..

          • I know that the family does not make that decision and I also know the State makes that call. I had just never heard anywhere that they wanted a plea deal. My apologies to Also and to you if it seemed I was not making my post clear.

            • I was just saying that I had never heard they wanted a plea bargain that is all. Like I said my apologies to you both if my post did not make sense and it seemed like I was not agreeing with Also. As I said earlier I am an Accountant so I am much better with numbers than words. LOL

              • I can’t help but wonder if at least one if his siblings would have preferred a plea bargain and for all of this information about his past not to be revealed. It has to be devastating for them after they’ve revered his memory as a virtual saint.

                I asked our own lovely Bella a while back if the death penalty was something typical within the Mormon faith. She did say that scripturally it would be. However, she also said there are many Mormons who feel differently about it. I wonder though if perhaps the family belongs to a very scripturally-literal sect of Mormons — if there even is such a thing.

      • Prosecutors in capital case always consult with the family of the victim in plea deals. Although the family does not have the final say so, their opinion counts a great deal. The assistant DAs recommendations are almost 100 % accepted by the DA. JM is definitely the driving force behind this death penalty case and refusal to accept a plea. He “is” the state!

  3. Did you all see the clips from the Dr. Drew show that are of Jodi’s parents’ interviews? I don’t watch Dr. Drew…can’t stand him! But I was reading about the clips so I looked them up on his site. Notice that Dr. Drew, in his true form, spins the clip, especially the one of Jodi’s Dad. Of course, just as in the CA case, these clips are being leaked by LE and the State, no doubt.

    • My heart goes out to J’s parents. And I wish the judge would kick cop sis out of the courtroom for all that eye rolling. I think the sibs were crying because of the juror being dismissed. Who know….maybe the judge even came close to calling a mistrial. Which, IMO, should have been called a long time ago based on the prosecutor’s behavior alone!

    • I heard they were showing those last night and that truly makes me sick. I feel for all the Arias family and that is just another shameful antic for hln to pull out on a day that should have shown yesterday’s testimony instead. To me showing Jodi’s mom sinks to a whole new low.

      • I didn’t watch those tapes. They aren’t proof of anything, and if the state really thought they were, they’d have been introduced as evidence and the parents questioned as witnesses.

        BFD, I say.

        • Agreed.

          And once again, JM should be doing something to corral these tapes being released by the Mesa PD. The Rules of Conduct for prosecutors is very clear about that. There is no purpose to realeasing these other than to incite/inflame the public.

            • If anything, there should be amendments attached to the FOIA to prohibit this.

              There is NO “right to know” here with an ongoing trial.

          • The tapes were sought out by HLN, they got them thru the Freedom of Information Act. Actually, anyone can do the same if they know the proper channels to go through. I think a few other channels have done the same, ABC and maybe CBS if I heard correctly. I’m betting HLN has alot more, but are releasing them little by little to get people to continue watching.

        • Yep, I didn’t watch them either, nor did I watch Jodi’s interrogation videos. I want to view the evidence of this case just as the jury is, without Dr. Drew’s/HLN’s bullshit thrown in.

          • Yes that is what I cannot stand is they show all these tapes that were not entered into evidence on this channel and viewers may think that the Jury has seen it. I have to keep my own mom straight when they show these tapes. She does not use a computer and she does not have a DVR so she has no choice but to watch hln. I keep telling her to mute those talking heads.

          • The tapes of Jodi being interrogated are useful in understanding the case.

            They show her with cognitive dissonance, it’s a pretty strong indication she is innocent.

            I think Flores had no idea how to interpret the bizarre behaviour, but he could have brought in someone who could make sense of it (a psychologist), and a lot of trouble would have been avoided.

            I think that’s one of the main lessons arising from the case.

      • It’s sad to see the parents being put in that position. In seeing the video we learned that Jodi’s mom and some friends wanted to get her some help.

    • I used to like Dr. Drew…watched all of his celebrity rehabs… now I cant stand him.. I turn him off, as soon as he comes on the screen..

      • Same here. I actually can tolerate NG more than him now – at least I know who she is & what she stands for – she is into the ‘bulldog’ prosecution approach, sensationalism & the DP for anyone she thinks committed a murder. But Dr Drew…he is supposed to stand for understanding the defendant, the victim, he’s supposed to be a dr who looks at what is going on at a deeper level, unbiased & interested in really pursuing the study of human science as it applies to a given case.

      • Dr Drew flinging his hands around, talking with his hands, is nothing but a know-it-all who thinks he knows more than anyone else….always rude and interupting his guests. Take a look at his cold, dark eyes. What’s with him having his “own jury”, a “behavior bureau”, and above all ” a human-lie-detector person”. The people giving out grade-school grades from A to F. All nonsense and they do not have all the facts to begin with…….all speculation.

    • Yes, these ongoing interrogation video leaks are highly suspect. It’s as if the State *wants* the jury to stumble upon information the judge has ruled inadmissible.

      First the headstand video, now the videos with each of Jodi’s parents. This just seems like an attempted setup of some sort – a sneaky, back-door way to sway the jury.

      • I watched the videos of Jodi’s parents. In the video of her father, he stated that a .22 had been stolen from his inlaws’ house. Could it be possible that he was right on that fact? Flores corrected him and told him no it was a .25 and the gun that Travis was killed with was a .25 and that it was too much to be a coincidence. What if Jodi’s grandfather was wrong about the caliber of the gun? He had stated he had never used it and that it was given to him by someone in the family.

  4. I realize it isn’t the family’s decision but I feel they were influential and probably were fed a lot of BS by the State and Mr JM such as ‘stalked, planned and executed’. I could be wrong but surely they all now know the DP is unattainable no matter how much JM will strut and challenge and misstate every syllable AV tries to utter.. It just seems a shame that someone as arrogant and ineffective as he is would have the ability to impact such a decision.

    • ” I feel they were influential ”

      Of course they were. People don’t seem to understand this. Martinez does not only notify them of things, he does take what they want into consideration. If they had felt passionate about Jodi NOT getting the death penalty, that would have been a driving force for the state to accept the plea.

      The family can also do this with sentencing, but in a more formal manner with impact statements I believe.

      • That is true BeeCee. I have seen a few cases where the family did not believe in the DP so the state do respect that and leave that off the table or make a plea deal.

    • I honestly think Travis’s friends had a lot to do with feeding JM and the police a load of crap that Jodi was a jealous stalker simply because Travis told them a line of b.s.

      I think you have it backwards.

      The way Travis’s siblings talked about Jodi on 48 Hours, you’d have thought they had actually known Jodi, but the fact is they didn’t know her at all.

      • They hadn’t even seen Travis in what, four years? Flores’ report said they were estranged. I guess Mormons don’t celebrate Christmas? They don’t get together even once a year? They had no idea what was going on in Travis’ life. Even Travis’ closest friends didn’t know. Travis kept secrets. Who knows how many people he was playing and sleeping with and borrowing money from. Only he knew.

        • Yep. The reality of Travis was far different from what his family and friends were portraying.

          In fact, he was the exact opposite of what they were saying.

  5. I haven’t watched the (H)ellish (L)iar (N)incompoop’s after Dr. Clueless gave credence to a Miss Cleo protege, What are the the charlatans and prevaricators there saying about the emails that leave no doubt as to Alexander’s questionable character?

    • llanger, they aren’t saying one word. They’re pretending they didn’t hear it. Covering their ears. It’s so weird.

    • Thanks, SJ! What will you think of next?!!!! 🙂

      Thank you for all you do in providing and maintaining this site! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, telling it like it is, and being a constant inspiration to those of us who know truth and justice are worth standing up for.

      Now, I have to ask, because my curiosity and being from Wisconsin just won’t let me delay asking any longer, did you use a green and gold color scheme in the design for this site because you happen to be a Green Bay Packer fan? Or, were these colors selected by Jodi? Just curious.

      Hope we have another great day with ALV on the stand! Gotta love your apt description, SJ, of the “arrogant, bad-tempered little shit”! Thanks again, for all you do, SJ.

      • Hi Sable!

        Thanks for your kind comments. I actually go with the bold green, yellow & white scheme due to being color blind. It makes it a lot easier :mrgreen: It’s the same reason Casey’s site has the same color scheme too.

        Team Jodi

        • Yes thank you for creating this website and for adding all the clips and police reports. It’s the only place I have found that I can speak freely without getting death threats. I have never seen such hate and it is good to come here and find some peace.

    • The American author, Lynne Grabhorn, has written many books about the Law of Attraction. Well worth a read and she has done taped recordings too. She talks about putting yourself in the ”feeling place” of having what you want.

  6. I was attracted to The Secret years ago because the author’s name is Rhonda and her daughter,s name is Hailey I believe, but once I started reading it I was like ‘Hey this is just repacked ideas , I have heard this before “

    • Hi Rhonda,

      We’ll, it’s certainly no “instant fix” in that sense, but action combined with positive thinking can be very powerful.

      Team Jodi

      • I agree, it can help keeping one’s head up, being a good Samaritan by example, and keeping pessimism at bay.

        But like in Jodi’s case, if it is adhered literally to the extreme, it can have negative impacts:
        1) blaming herself for not being good at applying the ‘law of attraction’ when it did not cure problems,
        2) ignoring and denying that there are problems, refusing to face reality, bad or good, and to consider all options,
        and 3) being convinced that if the bad things are swept under the rug they will all disappear.

    • But some have never heard of the law of attraction so it can leave a big impression on people the first time they learn of it,gives them a lot of hope.

      • I agree… and if only a handful of people from this site watch the movie and derive benefit from it, then that’d be great. Thanks for sharing.

        Team Jodi

          • It mostly positive thinking amped up. I’m sure you have read ton of books regarding taking a negatives problem and turning it into a positive situation. Motivational Speaker talk about this all the time. I sure this was one of TA motivational talking points.

      • This is the first time I heard of the law of attraction, well through the case, when jodi started talking about it. Should be interesting…

        • There’s an American author called Lynne Grabhorn, LC, she has written many books about the Law of Attraction, well worth a read.

  7. Hello everyone! Good morning. I have been thinking a lot about the idea of reasonable doubt. I don’t see how anyone with a brain couldn’t see there is a LOT of “reasonable doubt” in this case. Personally, I believe Jodi should be acquitted, but I think even people who think it was heinous or whatever could see that it doesn’t all add up. I really hope the jurors keep that in mind. I hope that made sense lol

    • Rachel,

      I think you’re sort of correct. The real issue with jury decisions actually comes down to three things:

      1. The actual charges that are included at the end of the trial. The fact that the state has currently charged Jodi with M1 and Felony murder actually has very little to do with what lesser included charges the judge allows at the end of the trial.

      2. The jury instructions the judge issues at the end of the trial. The technical legal description of a charge can vary fairly substantially from what we may think of them as common lay people.

      3. The final closing arguments, which are not evidence, but that is where the lawyers tell you how all the evidence that has been presented to date matches up to the points mentioned in 1 and 2 above.

      So, in theory, the judge could in fact include a variety of charges, including M2, manslaughter and who knows what else. The lawyers can argue about conviction or acquittal on a variety of those charges.

      This is why they always tell the jury not to make up their minds till all is said and done.

      And once all this is in, the jury has to look for reasonable doubt for each of those charges. Sometimes, they can get into a situation where, either through the facts of the case or due to lack of foresight on the defense, there is a charge that is left, where a reasonable doubt does not exist.

      So in this case, I don’t think JM has closed the loop on M1. Hasn’t even come close. Also he has to disprove self defense, and I don’t think he’s done that either, and he has to do that beyond a reasonable doubt.

      The real problem I see from the defenses side is the manslaughter charge, if the Judge allows one to be included. AZ’s manslaughter charge has an included clauses that actually allows a self defense situation that went too far to become manslaughter. That is the part that worries me. If JM doesn’t manage to overcome the self defense claim, then M1 is automatically out. But under these circumstances, and from how I interpret the AZ jury instruction I do believe that a reasonable jury can bring a manslaughter verdict, and I don’t think the defense has , so far, done anything to dispel that.

      Of course we still have the remainder of the trial to go, so let’s see what happens.

      • Arizona manslaughter is still no walk in the park. I’m hoping for downright aquittal.

        Manslaughter is any one of the following:
        ◦Recklessly causing the death of another person
        ◦Committing second degree murder upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim

        Manslaughter is punishable as a Class 2 Felony

        Minimum is 7 years
        Presumptive is 10.5 years
        Maximum is 21 years

        • Linda,

          The part that worries me is

          “Committing second degree murder upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim”

          This is often called the imperfect self-defense situation because the self defense charge has an objective limit to how much force can be applied and when you must stop. If you go beyond that, then what started as self defense morphs into something else, i.e. manslaughter and hence the “imperfect self defense” terminology.

          Plus, occasionally juries have been known to use that most flawed of logics – “A guy is dead, so someone must pay something” and so even though M1 has not been proven let’s find something less to hang our hat onto. This is just bogus, but it does happen.

          • Al, it seems to me at the beginning of this trial someone mentioned that Arizona has special laws pertaining to self defense when it involved someone who had been a victim of domestic violence. Is there anything to this?

            • Not that I’ve ever seen that affects this case. The AZ domestic violence law actually carves out self-defense claim in domestic violence cases, the same as it does in murder.

              This is just a legal spelling out. It just says self defense can be claimed if you are charged with domestic violence. That’s just the writers of the law trying to be complete. So self defense can be claimed if you are charged with homicide, assault, domestic violence, but for instance not for spitting on the sidewalk.

              • I was thinking more along the lines of the frame of mind of the person who had been subject to domestic violence and to the degree with which they reacted to a perceived threat of their life.

        • Agreed.

          Even if Jodi has to spend 21 years in prison (and she would get credit for time served), it’s better to be released in her late 40s/early 50s than to be there forever or be put to death somewhere down the line.

          • If she did get the full maximum and kept her nose clean she would be eligible for release in 14 years. which given time served would make her eligible for release in about 9 years.

  8. Today’s testimony:

    JW: Good morning, Ms…

    JM: Objection! Irrelevant….

    Judge: Overruled

    JW: Now, when we left off….

    JM: Objection, out of scope.

    Judge: Overruled

    JW: Now, when we left off….

    JM: Objection, speculation

    Judge: Overruled

    JW: Sigh, OK, when we left off…

    JM: Objection, lack of foundation

    Judge: Overruled

    JW: *smiles, Ok, Ms. La…

    JM: Objection, mis-characterization

    Judge: Overruled

    JW: Ms. La…


    Judge: Overruled, sit down Mr. Kermit

  9. So, this is my first time commenting on any pro or anti Jodi site. I will say I’ve “stalked” them all throughout the majority of the trial:) I’ve read absurd comments on all of the sites, much less here, but hey perfection doesn’t exist. I think both sides have blinders on in some areas of this case. Anyway, I’m honestly still torn about this trial. I started out thinking she was without a doubt guilty and wanted her in prison for life, because I don’t believe in the DP(different topic another day). Although, as I’ve learned more I’m torn and undecided. Yes, Travis was an asshole to his girlfriends, but that doesn’t constitute murder. Almost everything else is based on Jodi’s word, which has no credibility with me. So, it really comes down to what happened in that house that day. I don’t think JM has made the case for murder 1. I’m also embarrassed by the actions and ethics, or lack of, of the prosecutor and the defense in this circus of a murder trial.
    It comes down to two people that BOTH had issues and when they got together the end result was the death of one of them. So should the other one die as well for punishment? This is a tragedy and regardless of how you feel about either one BOTH of their families are victims in this. Negative comments about their families repulse me. This is more or less just a rant with probably numerous contradictions, but just putting it out there.

  10. I wonder if Martinez peed his pants when he realized there was a lot of dirt on Travis and that there could be other people who wanted travis dead?

    I also wonder if Flores pooped HIS pants when he finally got around to reading the text messages and then reading the emails….

    HAHAHAHAHAHA…I hope they did.

    • I think there was a lot of pooping going on, especially in the Hughes household. I wrote this once and I’ll write it again, I think Juan told them not to worry about the emails cuz they would never see the light of day in court. Now, Juan looks stupid and that his word can’t be trusted.

      • I think you are right Frannie about JM probably telling them the emails wouldn’t make it in.

        The hater sites have it all wrong, they seem to have missed the fact that these are also emails between travis and other people, not Jodi.

      • You’re probably right or very close to right. I’ve heard he’s crooked anyway. If you watch him you’ll notice he objects a lot of the time just so the jury won’t hear the testimony…to break the flow of the testomony >>> without any foundation whatsoever. What a scumbag. I’m surprised he hasn’t been thrown out of a lot of times. Martinez is a #1 A-hole. You have to wonder if other lawyers in that area are ashamed of him.

    • Oh wow beecee, os it this true???

      I wonder if Martinez peed his pants when he realized there was a lot of dirt on Travis and that there could be other people who wanted travis dead?

      There were people that WANTED TA dead???? I missed yesrted afternoon and I haven’t had time to go backn watch Iit. But was this in those emails? ??????

      • Oh SORRY LC! I was speculating! It wasn’t anything from trial.

        I meant once Kermit realized from the evidence that other people would have it in for TA…I mean, he must realize by now that Travis more than likely pissed a bunch of people off…if he doesn’t, then they really are stupid.

  11. Hi everyone! I missed yesterday’s trial, but tried to catch up online. I am really curious about the letters from the Hughes. Why can’t the emails be shown to the jury? Are the emails public record- can I find them? I saw something about Travis saying he was a bit of a sociopath on this blog. Anything to back that up? Why is that not evidence?! Thank you 🙂

  12. Now this Doctor gave Jodi what 3 books ? I don’t think JM will ask “YOU sent them because you like her don”t you? Then she says “I like a lot of people,like I have said already” no I don’t think he will do that,I think he will talk fast and short,as if her testimony was completely unreliable and beneath him,I just cant see him being a pit bull with her alas I could be very wrong.

    • I’m thinking JM will attack just as he always has. It’s his MO. He was taking lots of notes yesterday and at one point had a little exchange with Flores over one of AL’s answers. I think the only way he knows to discredit a witness is by bullying and confusing the witness. JM has no interest in getting truthful answers. His only focus is to win and to him the big prize is the DP.

      Although it seems like not going on the attack with AL might be a more prudent approach, JM seems to lack
      the good judgment to take that approach. Signing autographs, posing for pictures, dying his hair…..he is so full of himself that his judgment is clouded.

      Also, as someone else posted on this site a while back, he is like a pitcher whose only good pitch is a fastball. The opposing team can eventually get a bead on that one pitch and start hitting homers, then it’s all over. (Yes, I was a pitcher’s Mom) I think KN and JW are wise to his limited talent.

    • The whole “like” thing, which he pulled on Samuels. Is Juan low enough to say that AL (who is said to be a lesbian) “liked” Jodi because she was attracted to her too? Wouldn’t that be somthin’!

  13. This is why HLN was praying (preying it seems like) for there not to be a mistrial yesterday.

    The cable channel’s coverage of the Arias murder trial — she is accused of killing her ex-boyfriend in 2008 at his Arizona home — gave its first quarter numbers a nice boost, according to Nielsen. In March alone, HLN saw its total day ratings increase by 53% and prime time was up almost 50%. For the first three months, HLN is up 17% in total day and 12% in prime.,0,7659076.story

      • unfortunately, many of the explanations are quite vague, and poorly written, in my opinion

        i noted one clear error>

        Objection, Your Honor, this is beyond the scope of the direct
        Permissible questions during cross, redirect, and recross must be related to information gathered during direct examination. Questions during redirect cannot go beyond the scope of cross, and questions during recross cannot go beyond the scope of redirect; and so on.

        the correct position is as set out here>

        In the United States federal courts, a cross-examining attorney is typically not permitted to ask questions that do not pertain to the testimony offered during direct examination, but most state courts do permit a lawyer to cross-examine a witness on matters not raised during direct examination. Similarly, courts in England, Australia, and Canada allow a cross-examiner to exceed the scope of direct examination.

        cross examinations in jodi’s case, arizona, are NOT limited to testimony raised on direct

        therefore, if you’re interested read another source

        try this …
        from the ones i read they are well written, and with precision

        maybe someone else has another good source for Objections ?

  14. It is my first time posting on this page, however a daily reader. I am grateful for this site. There is one thing that has bothered me a great deal that I can’t seem to shake. During Jodi’s direct and cross examination, she testifies to all the things she does on her road trip prior to arriving in Mesa. Starbucks, gas, Walmart etc. Who the hell gets their nails done “IF” their intentions are to go kill someone?????? I don’t believe for one second Jodi premeditated anything. Would getting your nails done be on your list of things to do before you whack someone?

    • I agree a lot of her actions before she left for her trip to not shout Premeditation. Plus she used her credit card instead of cash along the way. This all happened in a blink of an eye. She was there for a good part of the day taking pictures too that just does not make sense. Of course so much does not add up or make sense, .

    • Welcome, Diana!

      Yes, that is a good point! Why make all of those side stops in general if you’re so fueled with hatred that you’re on your way to kill someone?

      • Exactly! Thank you for the welcomes. It’s been my experience that people that are orchestrating a serious crime don’t typically primp themselves first.

    • Diana,

      sarcasm full on:

      Of course one would stop to get their nails done especially if one is scheming to shoot and knife your lover to death … all psychopaths would insist their nails look beautiful as they flail about between strikes!!! 😉

      • Next question…Do “psychopaths” usually cleanly shave (everything) just before they butcher a loved one? Or put their hair in braids? The braids are “hot” ya know? The only thing Jodi premeditated was a roll in the hay.

  15. I am gonna miss this site when this is over. It’s the only place I can go to avoid the Nancy/HLN zombies who aren’t really paying attention to the trial but to the sensationalism of The Talking Head! Hopefully, it will continue to be a safe haven for rational human beings to keep up with the progress of an acquitted Jodi’s new life in which she reaches her original goals and dreams.

      • Thanks again, SJ.. I just went and looked at your sister page about Casey Anthony. I wish I had known about it back then. I was a heavy poster on the Sunny Hostin page, and I received numerous death threats for stating my opinion.

        I am so glad you exist, and that you have given people who think for themselves rather than the sheeple a place to go that is safe, intelligent, and enlightening. 😀

      • I wish I would have known about the Casey site as well. I just finished reading Jose Baez’s book. It was very good.

        I am very curious SJ – Team Jodi if you ever had a chance to talk with Casey after the trial? I can’t help but be curious if she has been interested in Jodi’s trial. There are so many similarities (PTSD etc.).

        • I also wonder if Casey is watching this trial. I bet she has a great deal of empathy for Jodi, having been in the same position.

      • I’m glad you say this site will be here cuz this has replaced my morning news. It is good to have intelligent conversation before the day starts!

  16. It’s kind of funny how the Travis Taliban is getting all bent out of shape now that their boy isn’t looking so pristine.

    • Hi Joe! Unfortunately I can’t take credit for that one. It was posted a few times in the site by someone who’s name I can never remember, but it’s an apt description from a group of no-good bums that want to kill everyone. Yay!

      Team Jodi

  17. Has anyone found the comment from Chris Hughes’s brother about how Sky will shred defense if she is called to the stand? I can’t find it but would love to read it ! I thinks she is purposely watching the trial so the prosecution can object to her being called as a defense whitness. Sneaky

  18. Hi All-
    forgive me for asking again, but I haven’t had any replies….

    Does anyone know what happend with the Defense claim of Pros Misconduct from JM’s photo op last week? Mr. Nurmi was supposed to supply more evidence to the Court and this appears to have disappeared once the Juror #5 debacle took center stage.

    Any info is apreciated.

  19. I was hoppeing that JW could keep AL on the stand till the end of tomorrow. Let the jury digest what she said over the weekend…besides I dn’t know if I can take a day of JM…..

  20. Sherry Stephens’s Diary

    Trial Day 39

    128 lbs. (v. bloody g. but what is point? forced to wear bloody ugly robe), alcohol units 2 (excellent), sidebars 87, objections ruled incorrectly 3100 (poor) games of solitaire 19.

    1 p.m. Oh God, why am I so unauthoritative? Cannot believe I convinced myself I was keeping the entire trial on track when in fact I was on permanent assist-your-getting-a-book-deal standby. Hideous, wasted 39 days glaring psychopathically at the computer screen, and pretending to listen to things. Why hasn’t HarperCollins rung? Why? What’s wrong with me? Why ask for my phone number if they weren’t going to ring, and if they were going to ring surely they would do it over the weekend? Must center myself more. Will ask Dick about appropriate self-help book, possible Law-of-Attraction-based.

    3 p.m. Phone call alert, which turned out to be just Hubs, asking if there was any telephonic progress. Hubs, who has taken, unflatteringly, to calling himself a rag-fag, has been sweetly supportive about the HarperCollins crisis. He indulged me while I obsessed to him about my unauthoritativeness crisis–precipitated, as I told him, first by bloody Juan Martinez (more later on his unfortunate Easter Egg dying accident involving his (eek!) hair!) then by bloody HarperCollins at which point he said, I must say not particularly helpfully, “Juan Martinez? But isn’t he that famous lawyer–the rock star/victims’ rights guy?”

    Hmmm. Well, anyway. What about my victim’s right not to have to wander round with fearsome unauthoritativeness hangup?

  21. who ever put this site together is very good with computer knowledge HLN have been taking ther jury and poll about jodi I’d like to see one he on this site 19,000 that a vote did jodi stabe travis shot him in the head stabe him 29 time and slit his throat. for me my answer is no no no no no no no no no no no no no jody loved travis….

  22. Good morning everyone!

    Although not much can be added to Kira’s transcription of today’s events, I thought this would add a chuckle for everyone…

    JW: Alright Ms. LaViolette, I am handing you a stack of emails. I’ll let you have a moment to review them.

    AL: Ok. I’ve read them.

    JW: Can you tell us what is written on the “to line?

    AL: They indicate they went to “TA”

    JW: Can you tell us what is written on the “from” line?



    Samantha Stephens: On what grounds?

    JM: On the grounds that it torpedoes my case!

    Thank you for running this site SJ and others. I don’t want to spew hate like the vultures do, however, I hope this site is around with its many members for some time to come, even if only to be a thorn in the side of the Traliban.

    What a breath of fresh air you all are! Thank you seems so inadequate but it is sincere. 🙂

  23. I hate to be a pain, but it’s 10:21 here in the Rockies on MT. We are not the same as PT time as is shown above on the live feed listing! It’s only AZ that won’t conform to the daylite savings rules! Ok, my pet peeve…’nuf said.

  24. Travis’ biggest abuse of Jodi was the push pull treatment which I believe he did not realize how damaging this could be on Jodi/s psyche especially because he was a religious mentor. I am sure he was ambivelent about women due to his family of orgin issues with his mother.Too bad AL was not there to help them both when Travis was alive!!

    • Did u ever read ‘Firestarter’ by Stephen King? This concept is really well described in it, the main characters have super powers to convince others to follow their will, but when they ‘push’ they never know how the person they are working on will react & some get pushed over the edge.

      • No Seektounderstand I have not. I watched the Hemy Neuman trial and learned about the powerful affect of that push pull manipulation that resulted in his crazy attachment to Andrea Sneiderman that resulted in another killing. It is a very powerful unhealthy attachment that can drive people to do crazy things if they are vulnerable!!

  25. well ev1 I think the tide is definately turning. I watched HLN after dark last night, for those that dont watch, its a silly show with a mock jury. they ask a question, defense and prosecution present their case, then they give a verdict.
    every night, the verdicts have been very lopsided towards prosecution, of course. Well low and behold, last night they asked “did jodi use men” (stupidi know, but bear with me) and viola! for the first time, jury was split 6 guilty, 5 not guilty.
    why doI think this is significant? well to me, I think this is directly reflecting the “turning of the tide” indirect relation to ALVs testimony. The truth is coming out, and several people even went so far as to say “the men used Jodi”
    YAHOO!!!! now lets hope getting #5 off the jury will assure Jodi a fair a just verdict….NOT GUILTY!!!

  26. JM is going to have a run for his money. Yester AL kept saying the word “say” and then she said I probably need a Thesaurus. I took that as a dig to JM. I would love her to say, “I am sorry but I cannot answer that question until you ask It in a more respectful manner, Mr. Martinez.”

    • Oh yes, she is more than ready for that little guy with the funny black wig who refers to himself in the third person…

  27. Anybody see this? Honestly it was probably a hater…we know how GREAT they are at interpreting things. I bet the juror was shaking her head because she didn’t believe Jodi. I think they got rid of a pro-prosecution juror. Aren’t the haters funny??

    HERE is a SNIP:

    According to the transcript, the caller claims there are reports that the juror needs to be watched.

    “The one with multi-colored hair is attempting to coach Arias from the jury box. She shakes her head no, no, no to tell Jodi not to answer a question,” the caller alleged in the message on Stephens’ voicemail.

    • BeeCee,

      My guess is that this person heard that this juror was in favor of Jodi, and so made that call. Which it does not seem like this juror was (according to that description I read from the person in the courtroom).

      According to HLN, all of the jurors nod, shake their heads, or make some movements. This is complete nonsense. All that hype about the possibility of someone being in favor of Jodi, this person clearly wanted to make sure Jodi had no allies. I doubt it is true at all.

      Again, if it came out during the 1 on 1 with the jurors that juror #5 was pro-Jodi, Martinez would have filed the motion, not Nurmi. Of this, I am fairly sure.

    • I saw that too BeeCee. I agree, the juror was probably a pro-prossie. If I were in that jury box, I wouldn’t be doing anything to distract Jodi from testifying. Also, HLN would be all over this if the juror were really pro-defense. They’d be blabbing about how “oh it doesn’t look good for Jodi” ect with the smug satisfaction they usually have.

    • I would like to see Mr Drew invite the families of the 18% percent of his patient’s families that have committed suicide. I won’t call him a doctor, that’s a high rate of suicides for your care

  28. SJ or anybody else,
    I’m desperate,I sooo want to write to Jodi but this kind of metered,no-stamp on postcards do not exist in Greece.
    Sorry to bother you with my questions but I went to the post office today and they only have postcards with a pre-paid stuck on stamp.I guess they won’t do,right?Since the stamp is on. 🙁

    • My metered stamp was stuck on, but it was placed there by the post-office, and was marked as such. Not sure if Jodi ever got it.

    • Thank you both.I know the jail rule is ‘no stamps on’ so I wouldnt like risking sending her cards upon cards and her never receiving them,it seems futile.Yeah…I’ll try and contact the jail,perhaps…

    • Maria, I read somewhere that they can take the stamps off, but I don’t know if that’s outdated information or not.

      It might not be a bad idea to call the jail and see what they say about it.

  29. Juan doesn’t have the slam dunk he thought he had! Really, if his case is so open and shut why all the objections? It wouldnt’ matter what was in the emails or journals. His case is weak!

    • That is what I think. If he was so confident he would let these emails in to show there is knowing to them. I hope someone on the Jury picks up on him trying his best to keep the info out.

  30. Where is Maggie’s youtube video with the gun pointing at kermit when I need it?????

    Cause I really need it now against that lugie of a man.

    (disclaimer, I do not advocate shooting prosecutors, I am simply expressing my displeasure over his slimy behaviour)

  31. Need a favor. Am at the hospital. Child having surgery. Since I can’t watch, can someone give a blow by blow write up on what’s happening? Thanks much, in advance.

  32. I like Jodi much better as a brunette. She has sensational hair! What is with her having blond hair so much of the time? Was that her preference or Travis’s or someone else’s?

  33. If Travis’s house was sliding into foreclosure, why did he buy a $1500 camera to shoot porn with Jodi, instead of paying his mortgage?

  34. I looked up Dr.Drew on Wikipedia, I think this statement there pretty much describes his problem, and he is now failing at this:
    “As The New York Times described it in February 2008, Pinsky’s dual career in medicine and the mass media has required him to “navigat[e] a precarious balance of professionalism and salaciousness.”[11]”

    I do agree with others here that some on HLN are coming around a little, but not Pinsky, because this case is hitting his own issues. I don’t usually believe in adultery, but I think if he needs anal sex so desperately, and his wife isn’t into it, then he should go to a prostitute (male or female) already.

  35. Is the Troll objecting just because he can? It’s pretty silly to keep objecting when it’s going to be overruled.
    It will be a very interesting cross.

  36. They’re talking about Christmas, do any of you think they’ll mention the msg TA rcvd about the little boy and probation? ???

  37. Hi Jodi supporters good to be here this morning. So last night I briefly told my mom this trial and after she saw TA’s autopsy pics, she doesn’t think Jodi did this on her own. She thinks more people were involved. I think it’s common sense.

  38. JA crying when LV brought up similarity to incest victims. Interesting. I don’t think we will ever know what all has happened in Jodi’s lifetime.

    • Eb,
      Evidently C and S Hughes did not know TA like thy THOUGHT they knew him…TA had everyone fooled into thinking he was a “saint”. Little did they know about his private life and what he was like under that facade. I hope they watched day 41 of the trial…that 16 page IM was hardly saintlike nor was the audio sex tape, nor was his stringing along several women at the same time. The site you link is anti-Jodi through and through…just saying. Were you trying to make some kind of point?

  39. How sad…of all people the person that knew TA the most was Jodi and till this day she protects him, yet he betrayed her with everyone. She deserved better!!!

  40. Hhhmmm, from reading all the comments sounds like jm is busy with his ‘jections’ again. But, we must be grateful for small mercies – atleast he is not busy with his er*ctions! Lol (sorry, I went there) At the hospital and going nuts waiting for the feed back from surgeon.

  41. I pray to God that (apart from a positive outcome )Jodi at least finds some peace of mind.I pray that these testimonies are a liberating experience for her,we all agree that she still has feelings for TA,but I want to see her FRO ONCE to focus on herself,start building her self esteem,realize how much she was harmed and hurt and start working on her healing process.
    Watching her crying is just so heart breaking.

  42. It’s strange. There is something about Jodi that makes me like her where with Casey Anthony there was something that made me not like her.
    Although I believe that the jury got it right in the Casey Anthony trial. I hope that Jodi’s jury gets it right too.

    • I like Casey :). She went through hell at the hands of her father, and she truly loved Caylee. You can see it in the pictures of them.

  43. Jodi looks so sad. She is reliving everything through this witness, and realizing what was happening to her with Travis. The slow boiling that AL spoke of really made it crystal clear what he was doing to her. It must be extremely painful knowing that if she took a different path her life would not be in ruins now. I despise what TA did to her.

    • I agree, shes sitting there hearing all of it from an expert. Imagine, when you hear it from someone else, it hurts even more.

    • Yes, she was very sad, also about what happened to the cat that ALV spoke of in her analogy. I feel very sorry for her, it did bring it all back, but I’m sure she also felt a sense of relief too.

      Ooops its back on.

  44. Hmmm interesting.. I posted on azcentral yesterday and my photo showed, I go to post something else today to answer someone.. and it won’t let me post, not only that, but when I clicked to comment there was no photo of me at all, just a ‘ghost’.. also, something I posted before has been removed! All I said was ”in a novel”…

    Sounds like I know whose side they’re on.. whatever happened to Free Speech?

    Blimey! Frog has objected and Alyce hasn’t even said anything!

    • Sounds like they ARE one sided…Thanks for giving us the heads up not to bother…this is evidence that they do NOT abide by free speech…sad and appalling! Evidently what you wrote was enough to strike a nerve of reality and they don’t want to accept reality.

    • I think there are many of TA’s behaviors as an adult, if you take that into consideration of the lack of adult supervision as a child, there is a high probability that he was….IMO

      • Suzy I have thought the same thing. Of course you meant no offense, but we understand it is a touchy subject.

        • Yup he took all his anger on Jodi and blamed her for his issues. She was his punching bag never taking responsibility for his issues. If he was looking at child porn I’m sure other people in the church did too and for all we know he could’ve taken a picture of that child. Who knows, but if maybe TA was abused it’s likely his siblings did too. Just a thought.

      • I don’t think that should be offensive. A relative of mine committed suicide because he didn’t want the public to know he was gay. Even today, some people go to extremes to hide their true selves because of the communities they live in, work in and their religious settings.

      • Most abusers will screw anything. You’d be surprised at the high percentage of them who engaged in sex with men and/or watched gay porn — as mine did. They have extremely high testosterone levels, generally. At 55, mine had the testosterone level of a 28-30 year old, his doctor said. That’s extremely unusual.

      • I share that opinion, as I posted yesterday:

        Some of the men who hate women are also homophobic and have repressed gay tendencies at the same time. My suspicions are that with the body building, watching UFC and wrestling, mixed with seducing and controlling women and boasting about it to his male friends, he wanted to convince himself and others that he was not gay. And yet he loved pretending and acted like a gay caricature as a clown, preferred anal sex, and sometimes posed with the gentle expression of a young girl on his photographs.

          • I have seen body builders experience “roid rage” (nickname by bodybuilders for steroid/hormone rage) in a gym I used to go to. It happens when their emotions malfunction due to the overload of testosterone. It is a very scary thing to witness. Certain things about TA that Jodi described (he looked like a wild animal, banging his head on the wall) sounds like “roid rage” to me. I wish the ME would have tested for it.

            • Sure. And going into a rage over a dropped camera. And Desiree Freeman testified to his anger flaring up just over the top on one of their trips.

        • oh,viri you’re so right! wrestling,screwing anally,giving boys’ underwear for Valentine’s day and dressing up in a girl’s wig really dont go together if you come to think about how macho of a guy he wanted to pass himself off as…

        • My abuser was bi sexual, I didn’t even know it until the crime bureau came to interview me after he committed murder. This was 1991, and I thank God every day that I didn’t end up infected with AIDS.

      • Soooooooooooo have I. I have thought this all along so when Jodi said he preferred anal sex then I really thought it more.

  45. I really adore JW! I LOVE how she gets so exasperated with kermy….!!! She is so professional and classy! I love how she rephrases the SAME question and gets it in!!!! WOOHOOO JW/JODI!!!!

    I can’t watch Jodi cry…I’m a mother and my mommy heart kicks in…

    • I love JW, too. She is smart and classy which makes her very beautiful.

      It is hard to watch Jodi cry – I had to stop watching and only listen. Funny (and sad) how certain things can trigger memories years later.

  46. Ooohhhh … THIS is what the haters were talking about that Martinez was going to chew her head of, that he caught her in an error lying! !!! Im glad Wilmot cleared it up now but Martinez will try to make it a bigger deal.

    My Question is, HOW DID THEY KNOW???!!!!! Is Martinez talking to someone in the media???? Hhhmmm I think he is, he’s been doing shady shit, talking to people about this trail to someone.

    • I think you’re right, LC. I have thought that state colluded with media all along. I think they do this to create hatred towards the defendant so as to always put blame on others for their spending. (Like now they blame Jodi for this cost, even though she is entitled to a defense, instead of the blaming the state for not accepting a reasonable deal in the first place.)

  47. As I watch I can’t help but think how difficult the cross will be for JM, I mean, how will he constantly object and keep track of his out-of-sequence questioning at the same time? …. quite the dilemma…

    • He will attempt to trip her up but I see LV as having an excellent memory. Notice that she does not have any notes and is testifying to names, dates, etc using her memory.

      • Her memory is amazing!!! Even when she has to revise an e-mail she only has to glance at it or just skim through it to refresh her recollection.Guess Martinez cant play the ‘Do you have problems with your memory ma’am?” card! If he does,it’ll be out of desperation!

    • I started watching and got so disgusted at it I had to turn it off. From what I did see, I think that was TA’s true self.

      • They should have AL explain why he develped that character, Plus alot of comedians come from backrounds of pain. I am sure AL knew about that character that he played

  48. I can’t wait for JM to ask her “Do you hate men?” and she responds “No Mr. Martinez I do not hate men but I do dislike abusers like you”

    • I just can’t see this woman getting flustered. She is going to play mind games with the Troll by simply being honest.

    • She will probably reiterate what she stated on the stand that she, “likes people, I haven’t met many people I don’t like. People fascinate me”. She deals with abusive men and she seems to imply that she has empathy for them. She certainly UNDERSTANDS them very well. JM is probably a bit uncomfortable about cross with ALV… She probably already has more of a clue about how to handle his aggressive approach than HE has on how to deal with her calm reaction…(I have no doubt she will remain calm under his most desperate attempts to unhinge her). Maybe he will ask her for her card when the trial is through 😉

  49. Put J.M. in a pot of boiling water,oh I forgot he’s already in one. Heres something I came up with last night ,don’t know if everybody saw it. FROM THE MUPET MOVIE. Why are there so many gray hair on my little frog head? Why do the people love me so much? Gray hairs are visions that I’m losing this case and gray hairs I have to hide. So we’ve been told to go out the back door and not sign any canes in sight.I know Kermi and Jennifer are wrong.I think judge pickles sees my side. But someday will find it that gray hair connection, for now I’ll be THE ROCK STAR.

  50. I love how calm ALV is while testifying.Even when Jennifer asks her a question that she knows is important to Jodi’s defense,she calmly answers with a great air of assertiveness,of course due to her expertise!!Especially when she says”No,it doesnt sound strange to me” oh you gotta love that! There you go haters,Jodi is not the alien you presented her to be ,making unfounded claims,ABUSE is real!!

  51. Hello all! Long time reader, first time poster. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what I truly believe regarding Jodi’s innocence or guilt. I am very open minded and watch the trial daily. The only thing I know for sure is that both JA and TA had issues, and I believe he treated her like a piece of shit for most of their relationship. That being said, there’s so much I am on the fence about.
    My question is, what do you guys think of her parent’s interviews with the police? They seem damning to me, but I sincerely want to know what some of y’all think.
    I can’t help but feel deeply for both of these families, JA’s mom’s tears broke my heart! And I have tremendous sympathy for TA’s siblings as well.

    • I wanted to add that I appreciate this site because I hear enough of the haters point of view on HLN so it’s nice to see where people that believe in her innocence are coming from.

      P.S. I do not believe she is guilty of murder in the first degree. What I am on the fence about is 2nd degree, manslaughter or self defense.

  52. oh wow unconditional love. She was happy for him with Mimi. So there…. she was not jeolous of him moving on and you can hear that in her phone call as well.

    • Yeah! And the statement that she never saw any jealousy by Jodi in any of the emails/texts! So if JM comes up with an email or text now he would have to explain how it didn’t get turned over in Discovery – and answer what else is out there that wasn’t turned over.

  53. The TT are so hateful. They refuse to LOOK at evidence that TA was a douche, and abusive. They read the texts, see his blog, hear of emails, and ignore them all!

    Can you imagine being one of those folks’ daughters?

    Daughter: “Mom, my boyfriend kicked me and called me a three hole wonder.”

    Hater: “Well, you are a skank and a whore and you deserve it.”

    • Yikes – i was just posting along the same lines while you were! I guess we see all this evidence and it is hard to believe they are in such denial.

      • Do these people have children?Sisters?Cousins?Female friends?
        Would they want their beloved ones to be treated like that?Would they still call it a normal relationship??

        • I think they are so blinded they can’t stop to think about the women in their lives. All they see is red and hatred for Jodi.. And when “experts” say this is just a normal relationship it just gives abusers more leverage and for women not to stand up to this abuse because they are being told it is normal. How disgusting just to sell ratings.

        • Ya that is what I say too! really after hearing all this I would really be WEARY if my SISTER called me up an said she just met a nice MORMON MAN ! I WOULD FREAK OUT ! she is in Phoenix AZ too. My daughter don’t have to worry about her she likes really bad boys that have been in prison so we are not talking anyways. It would do her good to find a Mormon though at least then I would know why we aren’t speaking haha

    • Renee, Truer words have never been typed. 🙂
      This morning I was on Twitter at #JodiArias where the Haters congregate and after being ganged up on for being a Jodi supporter I said “If you folks actually listened to the testimony instead of taking what the #TravisTaliban tells you as gospel you might learn something”
      They don’t want to learn anything. They want Jodi dead and nothing short of her death will make them happy no matter what the evidence and testimony says.

  54. Haters will continue to be stupid… just this morning I got a message from a hater (again) stating that there is no evidence that TA was into 12 year old girls or that he enjoyed rape. ????? Denial much?

    • TA: I’m going to tie you to a tree and fuck you up the ass.
      TA: You sound like a 12 year old girl having an orgasm – hot.
      TA: Those pigtails are hot.
      Picture: pigtails

      I don’t know how they ignore these facts.

      • And their answer to that is he’s reading a script…. seriously delusional. I finally posted to the haters that THEY were the reason abuse (especially sexual) continues – the denial they are in allows it to go on.

        • And these endearing texts he sent to her:

          ‘You are the ultimate slut in bed,’

          ‘You will feel like you are being raped and enjoy every minute of it.

          ‘You’ll rejoice in being a whore, have animalistic sex with me and pleasing me in any way I desire.’

  55. I have a feeling that ALV needs to use the ladies room..I think I saw her trying to get someone’s attention during that last side bar. She seems to be a bit fidgety. They should have a certain signal or button someone could press in the event they need to “go”.

  56. Mr Nurmi is not showing his socks 🙁 but I’m liking his tie :)…Just needed to divert my attention for the serious and intense testimony. Sorry to anyone who finds this offensive. This a personal defense mechanism I think.

    • It’s okay with me – I think a defense mechanism is good. Personally, this is very difficult to watch. And I go to the hater sites to respond because I get filled with anger (what they say is what was also said about me by my own family after the abuse came out). My ex spent years grooming them so when the truth came out, he looked like an angel while I looked like the culprit, so it is very personal to me. Listening to ALV is opening some wounds that I guess have not been healed even though it has been years. I think I need to find a better diversion (like you have) instead of going to the hater sites.

  57. I have HLN on & they are playing tapes of Jodi’s parents being interviewed by the police. Her parents are just as gullible & trusting of authority figures as Jodi is.

    • Her Parents are Horrid especially the Father & now the Media Dr.Drew is running saying even her parents. I don’t think they are trusting their obvious child abusers who are running for cover the mother says she made up stories about us. Please one look at these Pathetic Parents, who would not believe she was abused.

      • The tapes have no business being played on national television. I don’t even take those tapes seriously at all since they were made years ago.

        • The Tapes do confirm what horrible Parents they are, Jodi’s description was of child abusers her Sister had problems and also her Brother, In my opinion her Father is a creep! No wonder she went out with Travis speaks volumes!

          • But then again, there is no reason at all those tapes should be out there.

            Since her family has been in court with her every day of this trial, I think any conflict she had with her parents has long since been buried.

            • Her Father is not in court only her Mother and Aunt The Tapes shouldn’t be there but even her haters some have shown a little empathy from having Parents like that. Its pretty transparent.

  58. Any idea why the other defense lawyer is taking notes? I had not observed her doing this before. She is the one that is not sitting at the table with KN and Jodi.

  59. Seems to me that Travis’ violent reactions following Jodi being aware of the attraction to little boys is an extension of his fear that she will expose him. In is his desperation to try to stifle her sharing this, he is relying on regaining control of Jodi in other ways.

    • Yes, control at all costs through cajoling, threatening, condescending and debasing. Plus, he was addicted to her being his always available sex toy and punching bag. Whenever she rebelled, he seduced her back into the mold.

    • Yeah, I’d been thinking about the pedophilia discussions btw JA & TA – someone with an anger problem could really go into a rage over this type of accusation. Even if it weren’t true. I do think someone like TA could get into a murderous rage to try to keep it under wraps if it were true.

  60. The only thing I have seen so far that JM can beat to death is ALV said that Travis slapped her across the face in the car. Jodi made a big deal about how it wasn’t her face, it was more the side of her face/neck.

    • Sounds like he was aiming for her face and she turned her head. And the side of your face is STILL your face.

      • Try telling JM that! LOL. He will make a huge deal about it since the two stories aren’t exactly the same. He will twist and turn it every which way to prove one or both of them are lying about the whole incident.

      • Maybe during their little recess the judge will have the cougher removed from the courtroom. I hope so.

      • I’m a people reader…noticed her distress and there was far too much time between her signals and the break…I hope no embarrassing situation occurred…THERE REALLY NEEDS TO BE SIGNAL BUTTONS LOCATED IN THE WITNESS AND JURY BOXES in the event that someone needs to use the facilities! It’s a wonder no one has designed such a thing. A witness/ juror shouldn’t have to announce to the world that they have to “go”. !!

  61. It doesn’t surprise me that Jodi had problems with her mom. Look how easy her mom offers up to a POLICE INVESTIGATOR, “Jodi has mental problems….people called and said she needs help.” Where did you get your degree mom, and way to “remain silent.” Jeez louise, if you had been more suspicious would you have served her up on a silver platter? Hey we’ve all gone on an emotional roller coaster over a crappy relationship. Jodi didn’t like to have her over because she still snooped into her stuff after Jodi was an adult. Talk about no boundaries mom.

  62. kermit’s defeated but argues still
    reminds me of some lines

    The Village Schoolmaster by Oliver Goldsmith

    In arguing too, the parson own’d his skill,
    For e’en though vanquish’d he could argue still;
    While words of learned length and thund’ring sound
    Amazed the gazing rustics rang’d around;
    And still they gaz’d and still the wonder grew,
    That one small head could carry all he knew.

  63. Mornin’ all, great post as always SJ. 🙂 Thanks for posting the Secret too!

    ALV is rocking on as usual. Jodi’s mom is wearing her purple ribbon with white in her shirt again. <3

  64. Off topic…

    I watched a fascinating movie last night on PBS called “Kind Hearted Woman.” It’s about a Sioux woman who struggles with surviving childhood sexual abuse, navigating tribal law and politics, pressing charges against her husband for raping her daughter, and taking a journey to sobriety. She also posts video updates to her situation for viewers who are moved by and follow her story.

    I thought others here would be interested in looking into it. Warning: will move you to tears.

    Ok, back to your regularly scheduled program.

    • That woman is better than me – if my ex husband raped my daughter – I would have gone Lorena Bobbit on him – he wouldn’t have been able to rape another woman again. God Bless her and her daughter!

    • The part that got to me is when the daughter (12 years old, I think) is crying and doesn’t want to tell anyone about her father sexually abusing her because she’s afraid he will go to jail. She’s trying to protect her father in spite of what he’s doing to her. So sad.

      • I vote sabatoge.

        For some reason my twitter account was suspended in the last couple of hours. I’m sure it was no good reason.

        Truthfully, I wish we had a planet without all the haters.

        I don’t go around hacking on people, or attacking amazon books, or etc etc.

        • I know all this hate that is becoming this huge lynch mob is quite sickening to know that this is the direction that our country is turning to. I just do not understand all this hate and trying to sabotage sites and harass witnesses as well as her defense team. I have never seen so many death threats. I guess hiding behind a computer gives them the courage to do this.

    • I am starting to think it is Hackers doing something?

      Feeling a bit of pressure from the haters out there. This is the only place to come
      to feel like I am not alone. Really tired of feeling UP an then DOWN again.

      These tapes that came out now with Jodi’s parents have the public in a RAGE
      yet again the HLN AN CNN keep them all going I hate to say hate but I feel great
      discontent with people that want to CRUCIFY someone without knowing all the
      facts. Some of these people only watch HLN you can tell they state word for word’
      what those sites say. Getting really tired of it.

      I can see why Jodi was living with her grandparents now very sad with parents
      like that you do not need enemies. Do people not watch TV an know that what
      you say to those COPS is always on TV later ? WTH !

      I know from watching so much crime tv I would not say a damn word in those rooms
      they put you in. They try an get you to say anything an hold it against you later. Or twist
      it around an even splice tapes so it sounds worse than maybe it was. People are EVIL!

    • Hi OregonMom! We have had numerous discussions about this very thing… if you look at other days you will see.

    • OregonMom is pedaling sensationalist rubbish, in my opinion, from a drivel site : radaronline

      FROM a couple of sentences that i read, the article is a totally unsupported piece of drivel, not emanating from Jodi, but “jodi arias friend”, who allegedly regularly visits Jodi, and just by some happened to talk to the author of that drivel

      HERE’S some of the other links at radaronline:

      a b rushed to hospital in an ambulance “i’m really scared for her, ” says hubby

      c d dines with pretty brunette in london

      and another,
      e f “real flirty husband of g h !
      e f’s hot hubby accused of hitting women

      IF that’s not enough, there’s a side column headed “Hottest Photos right now”

      oregonmom, or whoever you are, quit pedaling, and posting this bizarre sensationalist rubbish here

      MAYBE you work at radaronline, and are aiming to boost circulation ?

      GO post at a site that welcomes “retweets” of this tabloid drivel.

      ALSO, i see couldn’t do that at radaronline, because i see they don’t have a comments section

      WHICH clearly means, the owners and writers of the drivel at radaronline don’t expect to be taken seriously, except by the feeble minded, low information crowd

      • No I was stating my feeling from early on. I saw the slashed throat remembered my reading about Blood Atonement started researching it and thought it fit. I posted the article because its the first time I saw it brought up concerning this trial. I suggest you research Blood Atonement!

        • I was agreeing with the blood atonement part…I don’t know what Wes was getting at as I didn’t visit the link you posted…I saw something on a video about blood atonement and it was BEFORE this trial began…It was the first thing that came to mind when I became aware that TA was found with his throat slit ear to ear. Wes seems very passionate though (?)

        • OregonMom
          thank you for your reply
          I unequivocally accept your statement of good faith 🙂

          I haven’t seen the photo you referred to. i know such can be grisly

          I have no qualms about the violence of ta’s homicide, which jodi claims was in self defense her testimony rings true, i believe her, and her claim of self defense from the all testimony i’ve heard, or seen, everything is consistent with, and supportive of her claim of self defense

          RECENTLY, i’d briefly looked at radaronline, and thought it a sensationalist website.
          I still do.
          OTHERS here, including you, have more closely examined the substance of that matter, including the blood atonement, etc.
          I don’t see any evidence for such at the moment, so, to me, it is not a live issue in the trial, just speculation.

          I’M aware of the general nature of the mormon blood atonement.
          FROM what i know of it, it was apparently contained in the mormon oath of vengeance in response to the death of joseph smith, and is contained in their liturgy, to the fourth generation

          AL’s testimony has been a revelation to me, and is more support for jodi.

          IF i was the judge, when i found out about the prosecution withholding the e-mails, etc and their other improper actions, i wouldn’t have ordered a retrial, i would have imposed a much heavier sanction on the prosecution, i would have dismissed the case “with prejudice”, which means that it is the end of it, no retrials, finito

          THAT would tell the prosecution, withhold evidence at your risk.

          • Wes,
            AL’s testimony certainly has been a revelation to me as well. She sort of pulled everything together. I agree that the issue of blood atonement is speculation, but somehow, even with AL’s testimony, something in me cannot dismiss the fact that the throat slashing was not a crime committed by Jodi. Call it intuition, call it common sense, call it speculation…whatever. Somehow that action, SO closely resembling the blood atonement ritual, and the fact that Travis was NOT on the good side of MANY Mormons or that he was a “sinner” among them would make him a prime candidate for such.
            I think Jodi’s self defense is the whole truth.[even if it is in regard to defending herself against intruders AND/OR Travis (?) ] I also believe she cannot recall anything to do with the knife because there is NOTHING to remember…SHE DIDN’T DO THAT PART. The throat slashing just doesn’t fit…to me. This is my opinion and it may not count for much but I’m sticking to it. Maybe SOMEDAY the ENTIRE truth will be revealed.

            • Yes, there is more to the story, if you ask me, and the email with all the fanatical talk sounds like somebody who would believe in blood atonement don’t you thunk?

              • You know I been thinking about that letter an the tire slashing crap. An now knowing how much a snake Travis really was. I would not put it past him to do that himself to scare Lisa. An make everyone believe Jodi was just ape shit crazy. An it worked Lisa let him spend the night she was so scared !! what a great ploy.

                Now it could have been Lisa’s ex bf also but I don’t know his traits so well. I just have a gut feeling it was the VIRGIN HUNTER TRAVIS.

                • Rhonda in Alabama, That Travis did it himself (the letter, tire slashing) crossed my mind too. There is so much deception from Travis that is now being revealed by ALV that I wouldn’t put it past him…snake is right! AND odd…IMO

            • I too agree with that Dorothy. She says she did it. But she also said to FLORES one time I guess I did everyone says I did. She remembers the gun shot an hitting the floor. I think she was unconscious an woke up to a freaking mess. I do not think she did that laundry either. I think she grabbed the few things an got the hell out of there. An drove like she said not knowing really what all happened.

              They should have done a head scan to see if she had a concussion she was thrown on that tile 2 times the body slam an the hit when she shot him I do not believe she never hit her head. An who knows the actual time she left that house? she did say the sun was in her eyes I think an she just drove into it. So she left before dark. Those roommates were right on her tail or one was there before she left out?

              • Rhonda in Alabama,
                I think she was passed out too. When she was first interviewed she seems utterly confused and absolutely sincere..She describes the pants that she owns but they don’t fit the description of the pants in that photo that was taken accidentally after TA’s death. I also think there is SO much to this story that has not been told. I think they convinced her that she did it and she went along.. They should have done a brain scan/ x-ray…don’t know if it would be accurate in showing a concussion though (?)

    • Oh yes there are a lot of us that do not think she did this and others were involved. The evidence just does not make sense.

    • My gut says this is EXACTLY what happened and she is protecting herself and her family from threats. She probably feels more safe in jail. This explains why the roommates all kept their mouths shut while his body decomposed for 5 days under their noses.

    • ALV was signalling for at least 20 minutes that she had to use the facilities…after they finally took a 5 minute break Alyce said she couldn’t continue testimony today… The site going down may have been too much traffic?? Not sure.

  65. Can someone answer a question for me? I caught the witness discussing how Travis felt like having sex with women helped him feel more normal. Did she get that info from Jodi’s journal or from Travis’s texts?

    • Sam, it would be helpful to know where the information is coming from…I’m not sure.

      If it is from Jodi’s journals, then there will be people who refuse to believe it.

      • Yes, BeeCee. It would be helpful! And also highly relevant. If it was from communications between Jodi and Travis – then it proves Jodi was telling the truth about that entire incident. It proves Travis was attracted to young boys and that could only cause major conflict for him internally.

  66. Speaking of haters, while this site was down, I went to Amazon to check out ALV’s book and there are many comments there from hater’s giving her book 1 star. I clicked on the comments and reported them as spam because these people didn’t even read her book. So if anyone has some spare time you might want to do the same or other sites that review books.

    • Omg I just went to look and I’m disgusted!!!!!!!!!!! So wrong! I feel so bad. How is this allowed by the site?

        • I just reported them one at a time. Bitches trying to ruin people they dont knows life in their quasi support for a bastard they dont know either.

          • Oh me too. I reported all of them once then went back and reported them again. They did the same thing with Jose Baez’s book, and I notice they are much the same people.

              • …reported abuse to Amazon on all of them, with the note:

                Reviewer is trying to intimidate the author because she is currently a witness for the defense in a criminal trial, depriving the defendant of her rights to a fair trial.

                Amazon had better take those reviews down, in my opinion.

                • OH viri! That is perfect!!!! I hope Amazon takes heed of your words. This is a serious matter!

                • Thanks for your post viri…

                  I just spoke with an Amazon representative…and they have filed the proper paper work to send to the moderator that will be looking at those negative comments on Alyce LaViolette book..

                  Amazon telephone number in the USA/toll free is 866-216-1071..

                  Amazon’s Customer Service people are very nice to work with in resolving these issues…they read the negative comments while I was on the phone with them for about 35 minutes… and they agreed that the negative comments had nothing to do with the book…hopefully within the next 24 hours the negative comments will be removed from her book reviews…

                  Post again if you find any other problems with her book reviews…

                • viri…this is a follow up email from Amazon CSR that I just spoke with a few minutes ago….

                  Message From Customer Service

                  Hello XXXXX,

                  I’ve forwarded your issue to our Community department. You should hear back from them in the next 1-2 business days.

                  Thank you for taking the time to contact We hope you will keep us in mind for your future purchases.

                  Best regards,