Jodi Arias Trial – Day 39

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It’s been quite eventful over the Easter recess, with juror #5 being called out and on the verge of being booted from the jury following their recent antics. This came to light last Thursday after a closed door hearing, following the impromptu evidentiary hearing testimony of HLN’s JINKASAURUS. Judge Pickles basically tried to keep one can of worms closed over Martinez’ grandstanding escapades, while inadvertently opening another.

Click here to read the 5 page defense “Motion for Mistrial – Juror Misconduct” document (PDF), filed on Sunday.

As for a mistrial being granted, I’d hope that wouldn’t happen. Yes, it’d certainly be good ammo for any appellate court after the trial (in the unlikely event it’s needed)… but more importantly, Victory for Jodi is now in plain sight… so let’s plough on from here and see it through to the end.

The wounded, weary & clueless Travis Taliban are now dropping like flies, as they finally start to realize they will be defeated… even more so now all their “hopes” ultimately rest on a Walmart receipt.

That’s what happens when you fly the false flag of Justice… and when all you’re really doing is hating and seeking retribution & vengeance. Justice never comes into it. It never has.


Ain’t that the truth.

Leave your comments below on day 39…

Team Jodi

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  1. There is just one central factual question to be decided in this case: Whether Jodi attacked Travis Alexander or whether it’s the other way round, Travis attacked Jodi and she defended herself.

    Jodi did not admit to what happened for two years after she was arrested and put in jail. What happened is that Jodi was too ashamed to confess to what had happened, even though Travis attacked her.

    From my updated website summary.

      • Could be. I have given up on trying to understand what happened after Jodi has no memory.

        There has been very little evidence presented in court, and what has trickled out in other places seems deliberately misleading or slanted. If there was a full crime scene video, and a full set of images, I would use that, because it is not selectively slanted.

        For example, we need to know exactly where the camera was when the last two photos were taken. With the information we have, I don’t think that’s possible.

        I’m not sure why you think Travis ever had the knife. You do know that Jodi would certainly have cuts from using a knife without a hilt? This is a basic fact.

        II think the case can be decisively settled without considering the crime scene, other than the unusual elements that support the idea that Jodi was not rational after she killed Travis ( the bathroom scales, the flood, the camera in the washing machine, etc. )

        • I understand what you are saying…I also have questioned why Jodi didn’t have any defensive wounds. But he was on top of her at some point looking at the wounds on TA’s back, head and back of his neck. But I guess I won’t go there at this point in time.

          • I agree Cindy, I always thought those back wounds looked like she was trying get him off of her. She is left handed so that would make sense. But since the defense has not brought an expert of their on about this I guess I should let it go.

              • I have no idea really. I am guessing they would need to make a decision about the Juror first before they can continue. I was just trying to find out if they were going to do that earlier than 9:30. Maybe someone else knows.

        • The one thing that is known is that it all happened in one or two minutes, if we can trust the camera card time stamps.
          We know that Jodi held the camera before that, that it must have dropped for the ceiling shot to happen; autopsy shows that the gun shot happened first, did not disable him, followed very quickly by a knife fight with him, since he had defensive wounds. I don’t know how it could be twisted into premeditation.

          • We don’t know that at all because it isn’t clear from the last photo what is really going on in that picture.

            We don’t even know Travis is dead in that picture, and there is no way TO know.

            That photo is proof of nothing.

        • You guys, Jodi DID have cuts on her fingers. Her fingers were bandaged when she went to Ryan Burns’ house. He asked her what happened and she said she broke a glass at work. Plus, Travis’ knifing skills would have been messy, at best. The shot would have discombobulated him badly. He likely would have been blinded in his right eye. His sinuses would fill with blood, tge pressure intense, and this would have a heavy head effect. Imagine aiming and stabbing at a moving object with the worst sinus infection and head ache in the world. You’re not only going to look funny flailing around, but, you’ll probably miss and stab a hard surface (like tile floor) causing your hand to slide down the blade and slice your skin. Which, could very well be what caused many of his “defensive wounds”.

          Now, here’s my question: Does anyone think, had this trial been conducted in an orderly, professional, and proper manner (also if no media was involved) the state would have been more successful? Say, if they would have had a man or woman prosecuting instead of an amphibious muppet?

      • Note that the defence gave no detailed theory regarding this either, and have called no witnesses on how the fight progressed after Jodi lost her memory.

        Let’s wait until closing arguments on that, I suggest.

          • It’s hard to understand any of this, except the fact Jodi loved TA and let him control her. She forgave him constantly for all his mistreatment of her. She was fighting for her life. Why is that so hard to believe? I am sure TA kept coming after her ,so in the end she had to make sure she was safe. In the movies, it’s amazing how much physical injury the would be killer endures before he dies. I wish she could remember, but for some reason God made her brain to forget. I trust she will never remember . I pray for her acquittal soon. I also pray she has the support of loving people in her life once she is out. I am sure Martinez believes it was also in self defense. He is just doing his job. Jodi will not be convicted.

            • Hey there, I have a question about your post “she let him control her…”

              I have never been involved in an abusive relationship**. But it sounds like you are saying Jodi allowed this to happen. I’m not be being snarky, just trying to understand.

              **I once threw the remote against the wall when my boyfriend changed the channel during the Stanley Cup playoffs – funny, he didn’t call again after that night. Does that make me abusive??

              • I believe she is saying Jodi let him control her and was always so forgiving because she loved him. If she didn’t I am sure she would have left but love keeps us here and the hope of change.

              • @Misty Cacher

                I would say no you would not be abusive at that time. But I would wonder what you may throw the next time an if it would continue on too actually throwing something at the bf an hit him in the head with it?

                I had a close gf that did that stuff an eventually she would just explode about stupid stuff like that watching football? an throw something an hit the husband in his head an I thought it was horrible she thought it was funny ?

                But if I had done that to the husband I had at the time he would have beat the crap out of me. But her husband was just the opposite an took that kind of explosive blow up as it was nothing? each person is different in Life I know that. As far as the reaction to a loved one throwing something I have seen that for myself in life.

                I would say anyone that has to THROW something is explosive an it can become worse. Instead of using words to express their-self they use actions not good. My opinion.

                • No, threw the remote while watching hockey – it’s a Canadian thing. Haven’t thrown anything since.

          • ” I wouldn’t hypothesize either if i were them.”

            Nope, would not be a good thing because of the way kermit twists things he would rip it apart and it would confuse the jury.

            One of them asked about the “hypothetical” gas can and then asked her why she hypothesized about it….

  2. I just read the 5 page Motion for Mistrial. I think that the State is going to plea bargain to 2nd degree murder. It can afford a mistrial and this is the only way to save face. If the trial continues it most definitely will cause an appeal process if Jodi is convicted.

    • Good morning DIRTYPICKLES, Very interesting …… now wouldn’t that be ironic. That is what KN and JW and Jodi wanted in the first place. They JM/STATE sure did back themselves into a corner. I some how don’t think they will plea bargain at this stage of the trial. But then who am I? So lets say they do. What will that mean for Jodi?

      • I don’t think the state will plea either. They have the whole family to contend with. I do believe they take the bloodthirsty revenge seeking family into consideration with regards to pleas.

        In some cases, family members have asked that the defendant not receive the death penalty and they have listened to them (other states).

      • Depending upon the state, I think the maximum for second degree is something like 10 to 12 years. She has already been in 5 years and depending on parole she could get out early for good behavior. I am not a legal expert, but I bet I know more than HLN.

    • The way i see it the defense is in a better position than m2, unless they can get it with a limit on jail time. The way this trial has gone a manslaughter verdict is a real possibility. Plus turning down a plea deal is never an issue at appeal. So I think the defense holds the advantage right now. Plus any re-trial gives the defense a chance at a stronger case, e.g. All of Samuels errors will have been corrected and JM’s bark will have no bite

      • “Plus any re-trial gives the defense a chance at a stronger case, e.g. All of Samuels errors will have been corrected and JM’s bark will have no bite”

        True, they will be able to polish things up a bit. I really don’t think Nurmi prepared that well and i think JW does a better job. Whatever detective was assigned to Jodi’s case (if there was one) also did not do a good job since they didn’t even have Travis’ criminal record (even though it is confirmed to not really be his).

        • So true BeeCee, so true.

          I don’t know what their strategy is, but I think there are a lot of little things they could have fixed that would have taken a lot of steam out of JM’s sails.

          I don’t think any person sits around without making some kind of little decisions as the trial progresses. Yes, you may do some swaying at closing arguments, but there has to be some perception the jury forms as the evidence is presented. The rest of us do, and I don’t think you can get a normal person to stop doing that. I believe that as you pile on the little hits, they do have an overall impact on how the jury weighs you case. In that instance, the defense has let a lot of those just slide, and even though they make have arguments they’d have been better off if they debunked them right off the bat.

          I don’t know if they weren’t prepared or what, but I’m sure if given a second chance they’d do better.

          And JM has to see that.

        • I do not believe for a second that JM did not have Travis’s criminal record. I just think he failed to turn it over to the defense. When my ex was arrested, the prosecutor in FL checked both of our criminal records thoroughly. Of course, I don’t have one. But I had been a victim of a crime before in a different state, and they had that information. They also had my ex’s federal felony conviction record which I knew nothing about.

      • All great points Al, and yes it looks like no matter how this case turns atm the defense does have an upper hand.

        Question if anyone knows.

        Does the State of Arizona allow for time served if convicted of manslaughter?

        • I think all states allow time served off. Remember, the time served while on bail is actually incarceration without a verdict and justice would demand some sort of accounting for it.

          • Thanks Al, I thought so but just checking with all the odd things surrounding this trial. I really do not want a mistrial because I think ALV is an impressive witness and I hope we get to hear more from her today. She is doing a great job testifying about the abuse. I also would hate for Jodi to go through this again and it concerns me on how they would find a Jury that could be fair and unbiased. However, I have many friends that have never heard of this trial so it might be possible. I would think they would at least have to move it out of that county. Of course I agree if a mistrial did happen they would be better prepared. I hope they just dismiss the Juror in question and any other Juror that might have been tainted. That would still leave them with plenty to finish the trial. It is ironic that they were able to find out about this juror because of JM and his grandstanding out front.

      • I tend to agree with you AL and GeeBee. No-mistrial and no pleadeal. I think they will just play this out. I hope that the judge will dismiss #5. I do not see anyway around that one for her. I am sure that JM is getting his ear full over all this grand standing.

        I guess we will find out soon enough…..

  3. Does anyone have a transcript of the prosecution opening argument, up to the point where the various recordings are available.

    ( )

    If not that, some summary of what was said by Martinez, by someone who was in court?

    It’s hard to argue for innocence when you don’t know what you are arguing against.

    I think we have a fairly clear idea, but it’s a major thing that I really do need.

  4. I think having a mistrail would be bad for jodi.The only way they could find a fair jury would be if they find a bunch of mountain men and women that don’t have dish or direct tv or radios.Nothing agaist mountain men and women,I live in a remote area in northean maine and a little bit of a readneck.Love my moonshine and can get a little rowdy at times.I also think that the defense should use this to their advantage and ask if they can’t get a mistrail to at lease drop the D.P.

    • Is HLN a free or paid for service?

      Perhaps the trial could be held in another county or state, and jurors could be screened to the effect they have never subscribed to HLN or followed the case.

      And maybe ask for a special prosecutor. A fair one would drop the case entirely I think after reviewing the evidence so far. Or at least a judge who has no previous relationship with Martinez.

      It may not be as insuperable as we think, but I’m no expert.

      But my guess is that the judge will continue the case after chucking out juror #5.
      Perhaps it’s best to wait an see.

      • Geebee2

        I agree that the judge will probably let it roll.

        The biggest issue really is the ability to be able to empanel another jury. Given the localized nature of news, I suspect the AZ media is flooded. Anyone from AZ have a comment on that? Being a state charge it has to be tried in AZ. I’ ve never heard of a COJ taking it out of state. So the judge will be super sensitive to a mistrial.

        • Geebee2, I never thought I’d see the day when a desert could be so flooded. Like I mentioned before popular opinion seems like the only one here. When listening to local tv it’s always mentioned. When going out I over hear at least one coversation per time. And it is an angry mob mentality. When I was with a friend out one evening, it was brought up by someone sitting at the next table. Within moments everyone within earshot were commenting…all anti-Jodi. I so wanted to say something but they were an intoxicated mob and I wanted no part of that.

          • Sorry Geebee2, I responded to what I thought was your question but it was Al’s. I’d never stand a chance on the stand against JM with those types of mistakes.

  5. Good Morning Everyone! I’m very interested to see what happens today. I’ve been away for an anniversary hike and I see I have tons of reading here to catch up with what happened over the weekend.

  6. Jacketed Hollow-Point or Not?

    I emailed Elizabeth Northcutt, the forensic firearms examiner of the Mesa Police Department Crime Laboratory (to her personal email address), on March 26, 2013 to get a copy of her written report on the bullet retrieved from Travis Alexander’s cheek. I did not get any response from her. I tried contacting the crime lab directly but they use the incoming (IPOP or IMAP)mail server which I don’t know how to use.

    I did find a listing of bullet weights for .25 caliber handguns:

    Ballistic performance
    Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
    35 gr (2 g) Safety [1] 1,100 ft/s (340 m/s) 94 ft·lbf (127 J)
    35 gr (2 g) JHP 900 ft/s (270 m/s) 63 ft·lbf (85 J)
    45 gr (3 g) JHP 815 ft/s (248 m/s) 66 ft·lbf (89 J)
    50 gr (3 g) FMJ 760 ft/s (230 m/s) 65 ft·lbf (88 J)
    Test barrel length: 2 in
    Source(s): Guns & Ammo Magazine

    Here is an excerpt from Northcutt’s Day #3 testimony with Juan Martinez:

    Martinez: “And, what is it that indicates….how much does a .25 caliber bullet weigh?”
    Northcutt: “Typically about 50 grains.”
    Martinez: “50 grains?”
    Northcutt: Yes.”
    Martinez: ” And, how much did this bullet weigh?”
    Northcutt: “44.8 grains.”
    Martinez: “And, the fact that it didn’t weigh the same,does that indicate to you that it isn’t a .25 (caliber) or that it is, given the circumstances?”
    Northcutt: “No, bullets are typically damaged when they’re fired and they can lose weight that way. So that’s not a big discrepancy. 44.8 to 50 grains.”

    It appears from the Ballistic Peformance Chart (above) that Northcutt is describing a Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullet in her testimony. It is the only .25 caliber bullet in the chart that weighs 50 grains. But, Jodi Arias’s grandfather described the bullets in his stolen gun as “jacketed hollow-point bullets,” not full metal jacketed bullets. The chart indicates jacketed hollow-point bullets (JHP)weigh either 35 grains or 45 grains.It’s possible the grandfather mistakenly identified the bullets in his gun.

    Is it also possible Northcutt mistakenly identified the bullet? Maybe, it was a jacketed hollow-point bullet (as described by the grandfather) weighing 45 grains. If so, it was virtually undamaged losing only 0.2 grains (45 grains to 44.8 grains)even though it, according to Dr. Kevin Horn, passed through bone (i.e., the skull) and lodged in another bone (the maxilla), i.e., the cheek bone. Is this realistic?

    And does anyone – anyone in the world – have a copy of Elizabeth Northcutt’s or the Mesa Police Department Crime Laboratory’s written report on the bullet retrieved from Travis Alexander? This report is going to go down in history as THE REPORT THAT NEVER EXISTED.Yes, I know. It’s a little dramatic (the Nancy Grace effect).

    • Good work coldcase53!!!!

      I’ve been working on some other stuff and hadn’t looked further into the bullet thing.

      You could also send a formal request for the record…I don’t know how successful you would be.

      I wonder if this has been brought up yet to the defense team?

    • So a jacketed HP is actually a partial jacketed as opposed to an FMJ. The soft part allows it to expand. Such a bullet would mushroom on contact with bone and possibly loose a lot more than .2 grains passing through bone assuming it even made it through bone. It would also cause detectable trauma in brain tissue so I think this was an FMJ

    • “It’s possible the grandfather mistakenly identified the bullets in his gun.”

      Possible, but not likely. I wonder if he had the rest of the box somewhere. One does not normally buy only enough bullets to load it once and only once.

      Although, if he was given the gun by someone and it was already loaded then anything is possible.

  7. As always, refreshing post SJ.
    I agree on not wanting a mistrial – I do understand the point of a mistrial.
    But things are going too good for Jodi – to lose all this ground her and her defense have covered.

    • Hi M,

      After the defense have successfully finished off with the Samuels/LaViolette expert testimonies, all the state will ultimately have to counter that could be a renegade Walmart receipt of very little (if any) significance. No doubt Martinez will be going for another one of his “shock & BS” moments with the autopsy pics during his closing arguments, but the fact is, they’re old news now. The novelty of those pics wore off a long long time ago. Bringing them out again still DOES NOT prove his grossly overcharged m1 pissing match case. Never has. Never will. He can STFU already and carry on writing his book.

      Team Jodi

      • The Travistown sites are already saying how Martinez’ closing arguments will be “orgasmic.” They still think that he’s going to pull off something brilliant – all it will be is more screeching, arm waving, picture throwing, and third-person references.

        • The problem with that is the jury is not supposed to render a verdict on the basis of opening and closing arguments; they are supposed to arrive at a verdict based solely upon the evidence.

          The prosecution has had an epic fail in this case once the phone sex tape and text messages were introduced at trial. It was over at that point.

        • They are the same ones that claim Travis said “Ravished” instead of “Raped” too……

          Doesn’t surprise me. Idiots. Did he mean to text “Ravish” too??? Dumbasses!!!!!

          • Right!They are so blind to the actual facts and evidence they would go to the extremes to turn anything around even if it’s TA’s own words!How sad and sickening…

          • From what I’ve read of Travis’ blog, the word ravish was not in his vocabulary. Remember the statement “three whole wonder”? I rest my case. lol

      • I think the last thing that JM would show after graphic pics is JA’s interview where she says a jury will never convict me. Although JA has explained the meaning of the statement, JM doesn’t have any legal basis to prove the charge and, therefore, will try to tick the jury by making it seem like JA almost dares the jury to find for guilt.

        I’m ecstatic that JM’s outside of the courtroom antics, have brought this questioning of the jury. It at seems that, at the least, juror #5 will be released. If the other jurors mentioned juror #5, which from all we can tell shows #5 thinks JA is guilty, I’m assume that the other jurors didn’t particularly care for #5. I would think if the others were all of the same opinion, they would not have mentioned it in chambers. I’m certain JM’s bosses are not happy with all the costs that have gone into this trial.

        IMO I was thinking JA was in a good position without having a mistrial. However, even if a mistrial is not granted, I think the defense is in a much better position for another plea agreement with less time attached.

  8. Funny how the tide has turned,I hope there’s not a mistrial , can they pluck # 5 off the dash and roll on,what if #5 was disliked by her fellow jury members,for other reasons,Since Jan. they have been sitting with her and mabey they have had enough of her.I still hope to see Dr Alice on the stand today ( one hour late) I hope….

  9. I’m swamped today at work and will not be able watch the live stream. Looking forward to reading your post to keep me in the loop.


      • I agree. I cannot believe all the joking everyone does about this case. What is so funny? A man was killed and a woman is on trial for her life. I hate how they use those ugly names that TA called her to make fun of her. How mature and intelligent they all are. NOT

        • Their petty and juvenile sense of priorities reminds me so much of the mentality of a certain clique of girls I went to high school with thirty years ago. They seem more concerned about and in touch with feedback and status within their little cult/sheep herd than they do with truth or reality.

    • Your funny and they can be very dense,some people who think they are following this trial write things like “Travis was a virgin till he was 30,I give him alot of credit for that” and I want to scream out “are you bitches blind and deaf” geez. but one should not lower themselves so I just move on, why try and reason?

  11. Good morning everyone.

    Spectacular summary SJ as usual…and if the Taliban is using the word “orgasmic” when referring to ANYTHING JM does or says (which is REVOLTING) they may need to get out more – or they may need to spend more time at home…:-) LOL

    Trying to get most of my work done this morning so I can watch the trial later…Thankfully I work for an attorney – whenever he asks me what I’m doing I tell him “research”…LOL

    • Yes. And they are posting unedited pics of Jodi’s privates, and making offensive comments. It is the behavior of high school bullies. They have lost all sense of reason, and it seems to no longer be a justice for Travis site, but rather, a page where each try to one-up the other with their irrelevant insults to people’s looks.

      • They are not really interested in Justice in this case. I think everyone for the most part has lost sight of what the trial is about. I think they just enjoy beating up on Jodi in a pack mentality to feel better about themselves.

        • They were never concerned about justice. If they were, they’d have admitted that Travis was an abuser with pedophilic tendencies. They would have heard the sex tape and understood that there is no proof of premeditation, no proof of jealousy, no proof of stalking, ect and so forth.

          No, they don’t care about justice. They are abusers who are protecting another abuser, plain and simple. They want to be able to do the same things Travis did to Jodi to their victims without fear of social repercussions. They want to normalize Travis’ behavior so they can then treat women with the same contempt and degradation Jodi was treated with.

          It really is disgusting, isn’t it, that they masquerade as wanting “justice” then do these things in a sexist display of abusive bullying. I mean really. And HLN puts up with it! They knowingly, in full awareness, cater to this rabble of sadistic assholes. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they aren’t, because they’re raking in the money and that’s all that matters to them.

          • “They are abusers who are protecting another abuser, plain and simple. They want to be able to do the same things Travis did to Jodi to their victims without fear of social repercussions. They want to normalize Travis’ behavior …” That is well said, MB, and sadly so true. That is the impression I get of them, which makes me afraid for my children. As I’ve said before, it is up to us, the minority, to teach our children decency and morality.

      • “High school bullies” is a very good description Renee. None can think for themselves, and even if they could they are too afraid to go against popular opinion. I believe that very same mentality held by the majority of our population is one huge reason why our country and the world is such a mess.

      • Are you serious? Posting JA’s unedited pics? As though that confirms premeditation or has anything to do with how this tragedy happened. Haven’t they EVER shared a PRIVATE INTIMATE moment with a member of the opposite sex that included pictures??? Would they want them splashed all over!!! How utterly pathetic. It is such a sad commentary on the world we live in. Do these folks not have a daughter or sister that they can put into JA’s shoes? Would they want the same done to themselves or their own daughter? Gags me just to read this is being done!!!

        JA having a fair trial is the only purpose of this entire exercise. It’s not to publicly humiliate and destroy her.

        I think it was Oliverio who posted a very nice summary of the Sam Sheppard case from the 60’s and how the media influence led to him not having a fair trial and the appeal that set him free.

        JA needs her own F. Lee Bailey to take control of this circus. I hope her case follows along a similar path as Sheppard’s did. Better yet, I hope it never gets that far and she is out, free, long before.

        Thank you for posting the info on Sam Sheppard trail. It was a great refresher. I believe in 1998 – 40 plus years after the murder, a new DNA test found conclusive evidence that pointed to blood from an unknown source.

        • Rainy, there was a site that post unedited pictures of both Jodi’s and Travis’s privates. It was very distasteful, very disrespectful. I was in shock.

    • “whenever he asks me what I’m doing I tell him “research”…LOL”

      Well, you ARE!!!

      At least it is in your field of work, LOLOL.

  12. hello everyone, I was away for the weekend and just now trying to catch up with all the posts,my genious prolific co-supporters(is that even a word?LOL)
    Is it late again???The live feed isn’t on,just this annoying sound and the vertical multicolor lines.

  13. the term “orgasmic” in the same sentence as ANYTHING referring to JM is oxymoronic (is that a word?) and revolting…

  14. WOW is right annieEP.

    These are the same people who profess to love God…yet they spew such hatred. I was taught to “turn the other cheek” which is what the family on this site chooses to do with them.

    Karma is a bitch. They should be worrying about what they are spewing and taking heed to “there but for the grace of God go I”. They will reap what they sow.

  15. Good afternoon everyone. 🙂

    I’m very nervous about today. Do I think the judge will declare a mistrial? No. She seems very biased. I don’t even think she wants to dismiss #5. But how can she NOT dismiss this woman? If she broke the rules, she has to be tossed. Isn’t that the whole point of having alternate jurors, because of idiots like #5?

    I don’t know if a mistrial will do any good for Jodi. She looks so pale and thin and worn. I think she just wants to get this over with so she can move on to the next step in her life, either freedom or completing her sentence (which I don’t believe will be anything above 2nd degree).

    Oh, and I’ve missed you all. Unfortunately life calls sometimes. 🙂

    • I’ve been back and forth concerning this Judge.She sometimes appears fair and professional and sometimes she comes off as darn biased.As for Jodi,I agree with you-I want a closure for her.Right here and now!Either an aquittal or a verdict(NOT the DP,of course).She’s suffered enough,a mistrial will be another living hell she’ll have to go through.I dont know,whatever’s best for her I guess…

      • Yes. Sadly, sometimes just getting it over with is the best thing. I do believe Jodi is innocent, but fighting can be so draining at times.

        People think she has mental issues. I don’t. But I do believe the stress of this trial and the nastiness of the public has done more to her mental state than anything.

        And it’s not shocking to see how vicious so-called “good” and “righteous” people are. Usually these are the most miserable human beings who are insecure and lash out on anyone who isn’t as perfect as they’d like to be. They see no gray areas. Everything is black and white with them. You can’t get through to these people. They see any type of human error as weakness and they pounce: “Oh how could she?” “I would never.”

        And yes unfortunately these people claim to be religious 99% of the time. It’s funny how they love Jesus yet seem to forget that one of the reasons He was hated was because He wasn’t a judgmental person.

        • Awesome post, Jennifer. I have noticed this link between black & white thinking with self-righteous hypocrisy for years, and I really like the way you managed to capture and explain this phenomenon in words so succinctly. Thank you!

  16. Goodmorning!!!! I almost missed it, I thought it started at 10:30 AZ time? Oh well, I thanks to SJ for keeping up with the times!!! : ))

    Hope the defense has a good day (another day like Thursday would be even better)!

    Go LaViolette, GO TEAM JODI!!!! ★

  17. Dammit! HLN pisses me off. Just stop being so one-sided! Good god. Would it kill them to read a tweet or two from someone that supported Jodi? I’d like to jump through my screen and sucker punch Vinne! What a twit! Okay, I got that out. I can have a good day now! =)

    • I have stopped watching that altogether. It was only causing me stress. I never was on for sensationalism and tabloid crap though. I always wondered what draws the masses to watch and read that kind of “news”. When HLN started really going at it…I’d had enough. It’s better for my health.

    • Just don’t watch it. Every time you click on a HLN link you are hurting Jodi, for no good reason.

      Switch it off. It is pure misinformation and bullshit.

      Anything in the ABC News and CNN-HLN Network/Turner nexus.

      These people see Jodi’s trial as a financial opportunity to make money and nothing more.

      They have no interest in justice whatsoever.

    • I agree with you Dorothy. They should be ashamed of themselves but they are too ignorant to even know enough to be ashamed. They are opportunists. It is almost comical to see them stumbling over each other trying to “one up” each other. Their sarcasm is sickening. I listen to HLN when driving to and from work and being alone in the car I am talking back and yelling at the radio. However, it’s the only way I can hear what’s going on when driving to work. I am so thankful that I have a brain and the ability to critically think, and see that they are being shamelessly biased. If I were a professor teaching journalism I would use HLN as an example of shabby, biased reporting. They are all in it for the money. They have no integrity and cannot possibly feel pride in the work they do. Shame on them all. When this trial is over, I am done with HLN.

    • Why are they in chambers? Can someone help me understand how important the victims family is in AZ cases. It is semi important here, but not nearly so. I have a friend whos daughter was murdered 8 years ago, and they only made an arrest last year and we are awaiting trial. She has to pull teeth to get very little information here in Canada.

      • TA site is panicking over a possible mistrial.. God, I hope they dont do that. She could never make it through another trial.

        Maybe it is a settlement conference?

        • Good question JN. Please don’t tell me that TA didn’t even speak to his family and now they’re walking into the courtroom everyday with ribbons and long faces, soaking up the spotlight. Oh family, sometimes you can be worse than strangers.

            • Still, when a tragedy like this happens, you can’t blame them. They must be torn up about not being closer to him when he died. And he was in contact with Tanisha, I believe (at least one sister). Not sure about the others.

          • Thank you BeeCee and Maria!

            Very interesting. I have a sibling who isn’t on speaking terms with any of us. I have no idea what he does, who he’s with or what he’s in to. For TA’s family to shake their heads and act as though they knew him so well is ridiculous. If TA were my brother I would of course be upset and angry about his death, but I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out what lead to his death. When you aren’t close to someone (even if they are blood related) you don’t know them. When my brother does pop up every now and then I’ve found myself having to relearn who he is and things about him.

            Now if they spoke to him everyday (the way my sister and I speak) then I could see how they could be incredulous to the accusations, because they would know his day to day activities.

  18. Cindyp,

    I am putting this here, because there were so many replies to your post already, I wanted you to see this 🙂
    I think Jodi did have defensive wounds. She had several bandaids on her fingers (if I remember correctly) , and she was also wearing long sleeves after the attack when she was in Utah. I think she was hiding the wounds. Of course, she was arrested way after the attack, so there are no pictures documenting her defensive wounds.

    I believe HLN explained Jodi’s wounds in a different way – they say the knife slipped from all the blood and that is why she cut herself. I think HLN is full of it. I think she did have defensive wounds.

    • Thanks for thinking of me, Nk! 😀 I actually didn’t know about Jodi’s wounds (I was watching HLN at the time so was confused about this trial at first). This site is soooo much more informative than any mainstream media. (Thanks for sharing.)

    • She could have been shredded with a knife still hanging out of her… and HLN would say she was dancing up a storm celebrating, no mention of any wounds to her, because it simply dosent fit their sick agenda of entertainment

      • You guys are sooo right. HLN would say something like that while the haters would claim Jodi made the wounds herself!

  19. Good Morning, everyone. I must say I’m truly disturbed by what I read that the haters are attacking Ms. LaViolette, already! I hope she still lives in the L.A. area, as there are many understanding and wonderful people here who would not really listen to the haters b.s. I’ve lived in the L.A. area for a long time and the neighborhoods and people I know are classy, intelligent and wouldn’t buy into the haters’ b.s.

    Well if anyone hears any updates on what is happening, please keep us posted! If they called the TA family to chambers, perhaps it is a plea deal?

  20. jose miguel ‏@reporterjmiguel 2m
    The only relatives in courtroom are Travis’ brother-in-law and #JodiArias mom.

    • Yikes! Maybe it is a mistrial!

      Regarding a plea: does the Travis’s family really have a say so? I mean it’s the State prosecuting her. Anyone thing they will sue her in civil court?

    • Because according to wild about trial, all the other members are in the judge’s chamber. So this leaves me wondering because if they were just going to dismiss a juror why would everyone need to be in the chambers.

  21. hello my fellow brilliant minds…….. sorry I have been MIA.. been traveling for work

    are we thinking a plea deal

  22. Maybe, after Kermits actions, the judge is looking to end this circus and finally let the real truth come out!!!

    We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake.

  23. I think Jodi wants a mistrial honestly. By the time she goes to trial again she will have served most of time they would give her for manslaughter which in my opinion is what she should have been charged with in the first place. Where she has been is better then the prison they would send her to.

    • Hey Rhonda…….you might be on to something!!!! WTG!!!!!

      We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake.

    • I wonder too… maybe they know where she was going with that email… maybe they have changed their tune.

    • Yea I can see them doing it nkw, NOW that they know Mrs LaViolette spoke and said he had been abusive and has had issues from childhood, NOW they might want to make a deal!!! If they do, DO this, we’ll know they have A LOT to hide. That’ll make me more upset with them thdn what iv been.

      • I disagree….I think their thirst for blood has clouded their judgement and they are too proud to back down now. Their desire for vengeance is overboard. They want to see her die. All their theatrics in the courtroom leads me to assume that if their is a mistrial the judge maybe is telling them ahead of time in order to eliminate outrageous behavior in the courtroom.

  24. I think judge will push a plea in Luis of a mistrial. Prosecution might be backed into a corner. Start over or accept whatever plea deal she is willing to take. I’m thinking the defense holds a lot of cards here.

    This can’t be over excusing one juror…..

  25. I know everyone doesn’t like the idea of a mistrial. I dont like it either but the motion they filed Nurmi is requesting juror #5 to be dismissed OR a mistrial. Im starting to think that maybe that is what he really wants (a new trail). And Jodi too. Maybe she feels that a new trial WILL give her a better chance of a fair trial since this one has been so scewred up from the start. Who knows, only she and the defense knows. They might WANT a mistrial because they’re up to something better. Idk, just my thoughts. Or its probably all about juror #5.

    • IF , big IF, they got a new trial could they get a new prosecutor considering all of Juans stunts in and out of the courtroom?

      • Idk, thats a good question. And will it be the same judge? ??? Iv wondered since the first time Nurmi placed the motion and requested a mistrial if she’s been denying it because she wants to be the judge on this case.

        I would also like to know IF the prosecutor and the judge STAY if there is a mistrial?????

          • Grrr. Drat! LAST thing I want is to have to start over with MARTINEZ still involved…grrr I think he should be FIRED for being dishonest, which, in my book, amounts to being CORRUPT, considering that he is supposed to represent the State. jmo.

  26. If they end up agreeing to a plea, and it was the same deal that was offered originally, think of all the money and time that will have been wasted because of an overzealous prosecution coupled with a totally ineffective judge. The state of Arizona should be embarrassed and outraged.

    And the haters will blame Jodi and the defense….

      • Yup, I agree, manslaughter IF even that!!!! Assholes!!!! That makes me mad because what if she doesn’t take the plea thinking she MIGHT have a BIG chance to walk free. What then???

      • NOW they want a plea deal???Where was all that when Jodi’s lawyers offerd it??
        I dont think Martinez will say yes to a plea deal at this point,not one as the original at least.HE WILL BE RIDICULED by the public and his peers if this happens!I agree with Michael,think of all the money spent!And on what? Something that could have been avoided right from the start!

    • The judge’s chambers are the judge’s office. Chances are, Judge Stephens actual chambers is somewhere else in the building or nearby. The room behind the courtoom that the judge, court clerk, and lawyers often go to to speak privately is really just another office, or robing room with desks, etc. but they call it her chambers (office).

  27. If this case is re-tried, I think the defense will have a hard time retaining expert witnesses or witnesses period after the way the witnesses have been treated during this trial.

  28. Maybe the jurors came in this morning and it was obvious that half of them had watched the news about juror #5.

  29. Today’s trial is very late. I thought they said it would be earlier than usual, wonder what’s happening.

  30. If this was only about juror misconduct TA family wouldn’t need to be in chambers, yup something is going on.

    • Agree 100% I am thinking plea deal…. so that the rest of the contents of that email do not come out. Is Alyce even there today? I havent heard her mentioned…

      • Screw that if the trial resumes. Too bad, so sad, if Travis’s family doesn’t want the emails to come out. This isn’t about saving face, this is about somebody being on trial for her life.

        • I agree with you again, tonysam! We’re on the same page here today!!!
          F*** them!!! Say NOOOOO HELL NO to a plea deal right now! The Alexanders are probably whining, throwing a hissy fit and tantrum because all they want is the DP. That’s whats taking so long, they’re probably trying to get around everything to get the worse for Jodi.

    • I asked this earlier so I apologize for asking again but I’m curious; if the it’s the state vs Jodi why does the family have any say so in a plea situation?

  31. I may be the only one who thinks a mistrial could be a good thing. I don’t like how this Judge has handled this case. If there is a mistrial, if they move it to another jurisdiction, and if they appoint another Judge. I definitely think that could work in Jodi’s favor, as well as appointing another prosecutor.
    If this Judge doesn’t do something drastic today, I’d be surprised. I think she realizes this is gotten out of hand. I’m just laughing inside because HLN is back peddling so hard right now. Justifying the prosecution’s behavior, sicko’s. Its THEIR fault all this crap happened, and I think the state of Arizona should sue them to pay for this trial if it is deemed a mistrial.

      • LOl..yeah I make a daily exercise to blast them on twitter and facebook. Hopefully the Arias family will sue them for slander when this is all said and done. I think they have a good case for it. Especially the defense witnesses.

    • I think Arizona should sue HLN for this travesty. This would have been far more subdued, as a regular trial is, if this tabloid garbage hadn’t gotten out there to distort what was going on.

      • Absolutely! They have made it downright impossible to have a normal trial. And hopefully it will set a precedent for any other news agency poking their nose into the courtrooms.

    • I was just about to post here asking what would happen if there is a mistrial, would it be the same judge and prosecutor again or different ones?

    • I just saw this. You said everything I wanted to say Melvis.

      And this judge definitely is suspicious. She’s like a mother in a grocery store with wild kids. She has no control. She’s so busy trying to appear fair and nice that all hell is breaking loose around her.

    • Melvis, no I think this is what the defense REALLY wants. Im starting to blv Nurmi and Jodi both feel/ knkw that a mistrial IS needed.

      I know Jodi is exhausted but she might still want a mistrial. New judge, new prosecutor.

  32. Apparently the State vs. Jodi site on FB has a personal spy feeding them info…..he’s there live! OOOhhhhh, exciting. He can hear voices through the door.


  33. I would be for a mistrial only if that’s what Jodi really wants, there’s a new prosecutor and the jurors are sequestered. None of this HLN filth getting to their heads.

  34. bombshell tonight on nancy uglyface……….

    faces of all HLN talking heads look like they ate a SHIT SANDWICH

    • ME TOO!!F**K YOU Martinez if you DARE to offer a plea deal now!!!!! Hipocrites!Let the truth shine!!!

      • right……

        I mean she tried for a plea bf all this shit and he said NO……… he did not and does not care what he has put Jodi, TA family, Jodi family thru………

        I think we all know Jodi will stand for what she blvs IN and I PRAY if they offer her a plea, that she


  35. jose miguel ‏@reporterjmiguel 1m
    Court bailiff just brought in a file to chambers. The wait is killing everyone. #Arias

    • poor Jodi.That’s all I can say and think right now.This dirty game was and is still being played on her back(as we greeks say)!!If we are stressed rifht now I cant even begin to imagine how she’s handling this.Poor sweet Jodi…

  36. I would like to give ALV some positive feedback, she I’m sure could use some…is that possible? Anyone know how to go about doing that?

  37. wow- according to HLN the siblings of travis are in chambers with the judge and the attorneys right now – WTH????

    • They have been in there for some time now. I can’t imagine they would allow family in there if terms of a plea deal were being hammered out. Either the judge is explaining the potential plea deal to the family or she is explaining the process of a mistrial.

      How uncomfortable it must be for Jodi to have to sit close by the siblings.

  38. awww….sorry I was typing a response to you MB and I couldn’t get on the site for like 10 min…now I forgot what I was going to say…I hate getting old! lmao!!!
    Well, I’m sad to say that I think we will be seeing Juror #5 on every HLN broadcast from now until the end of the trial. ugh

  39. What happened, was the website down or was it my connection? ???

    Also, the sisters where pretty upset, whatever it was didn’t go well for the prosecution.

    • OK,the site was down for quite a while,at some point it said Access Denied and I was like what?I got blocked 🙁 ,just like you summer lol!!!
      I have to admit I just realised today how deeply addicted I am to this site and to all of you people,LOVE YA!!!!
      Thank God it’s still up and running!!!!!!!!!

    • How about we change the spelling slightly… GREASE-IAN ? LOL

      But you are right. He’s gone all dark and all. Do we have a before and after pic?

    • This is a new name, huh???

      So, there ARE part girlfriends he’s had that some dont even KNOW about. He was abusive to this Bandi girl and im sure thats the girl he had, had sex with before jodi.

      So, WHERE is this girl???? Why doesn’t the defense call her in. Not like it will make a difference. The emails already confirms the abuse.

      • I think they SHOULD call her on the stand,for corroboration in case the haters say that she is ficticious.I know,I know how can she when it’s TA’s own words but hey arent they the same people who said that that wasnt his voice on the sex tape??

      • I’m sure they will just say it was SOOOOOOOOO traumatic being in the same room with their brothers murderer. 🙁 Just more pity.

        Even tho’ I’m quite sure Jodi just sat there many feet away from them and was as polite and cordial as could possibly be.

        • If they cant help it they should just step out of the courtroom!Period.I’m so tired of their behaviour.Isnt it enough that they had to dismiss one Juror?Do we have to see them trying so obviously to gain sympathy?

  40. Maybe the sisters are crying because these emails are comnig in in such great detail? Or maybe they thought #5 would be forman because she took the most notes and asked lots of questions that they felt the others were looking to her?

    Something went down! And why is Flores there so much? Seems so imapropriate! Does Juan really need his help or support? Doesnt’ he get paid to investigate other crimes? WTH?

    Is Brandy on the defense whitness list? Wonder if Juan will call her in thier rebutal case.

  41. Juan is hanging himself with all these objections. His efforts to hide evidence are profound. If I were a juror I would say not guilty just because I don’t trust him.

    • Yep. It shows the jury that JM wants to keep everything out that substantiates JA’s testimony and/or that TA was known to have issues with women.

      I also like that the Hughes’ information is coming out. It shows they knew TA was abusive to JA. I wish JW could get it in again today about Sky and Chris saying they wouldn’t let TA date their sister and that coming from TA’s closest friends.

    • ”His efforts to hide evidence are profound. ”
      Definitely,even to the layperson.I hope the Jury gets that!

  42. I feel like some of my faith has been restored in the justice system…….

    these emails show JODI ISNT the LYING HO

    Travis had everyone FOOLED

  43. Thanks NK. Brandi didn’t testify during the State’s case, did she?

    This trial has gone on so long that I have had to start going back to earlier trial days and listen again.

  44. Thank you for getting the page back up 🙂
    Has anybody any idea as of why the TA family looks so upset ????’

  45. Reporters are already trying to track down Juror #5, specifically Chris Williams as he tweeted she was reported inside crying and no one has seen her leave the building yet.

    • I think it would be very interestin to hear what she has to say but I would bet she will shy away from doing any press. Especially if what she said could have caused a mistrial or later a reversal if there is an apeal.

  46. I notice more and more things about Martinez that annoy me.
    I am now noticing that when he objects, it’s like he says his objection as fast as he can.
    I’m sure, according to Travsites, this is one of his “orgasmic” tactics – but quite frankly I just feel like whacking him with that cane he signed.

    • Sometimes I cannot help myself and I actually give the image of his face on my laptop a backhand whack when he insists on objecting over and over…. it is so irritating! It reminds me of trying to listen to a good song and then the record starts skipping:
      objection, hearsay! Overruled! What I was saying was…
      objection, hearsay! Overruled! What I was saying was…
      objection, hearsay! Overruled! What I was saying was…
      objection, hearsay! Overruled! What I was saying was… whack! whack!
      What I was saying was that Mr. Alexander was manipulative and so is this weasel of a prosecutor…


    thank you SO much for this sane site!! While you were down, I was at a loss without being able to speak rationally.

  48. Travis referring to one of Jodi’s dates (Abe, I guess) as a “45 year old bald Jew. ” Nasty thing to say. I hope there are some Jewish people on the jury

      • I’m pretty sure that was about Abe. He is much older than Jodi (as was Darryl) but they were discussing Jodi sending Abe an email about terminating their hugs, etc. at the time the bald jew comment came up. I could be wrong though.

        • I am sure that was about Abe he does look bald to me an he is disgusting. Actually Jodi defended Abe on that phone call an Travis said Abe was SOULLESS an something else. An Jodi said Oh Abe has always said nice thing about you etc. Travis was very jealous of other men even if they were not together it was plain weird an then the Travis Town wants to say it was the other way around.

          If she did not have the recording a lot of people would not have much to go on. But then they say she recorded it to blackmail him but I truly believe she recorded that to cover her ass for he was trashing her name all over Mesa Arizona an someone gave her a heads up about it. Before the fatal day. It is amazing how much a snake some people can be an have the whole world think they are a Upstanding God Fearing Person oh it is so creepy to me.

          The strange thing is after Jodi defended Abe. This Abe goes on all those trash shows an trashes Jodi as many times as he can. What a freak he is? Travis stated he did not like him he was soulless an probably was intimidated by him? As Abe said Travis looked through him like he was a ghost ? no way I would stand up for a man that said such things about me. But this Abe sure is.

          Actually jealousy out of a MAN that got no where with Jodi is what that is about how disgusting is that so High School ? weirdos.

          • INHO, Abe has little or nothing to add to this case. Jodi went on ONE date with him, then decided she wanted to see only TA, and sent Abe an email explaining why she wanted to “keep a distance” so to speak and not see him as more than a friend any longer. It was basically a long “Dear John” letter, and my guess is he wasn’t real happy about it. She forwarded that same email to TA to show him that she had ended what little relationship there was between herself and Abe, and that whatever was starting up, she was ending.

            The fact that Abe has now decided to go on every show that will have him and talk crap about Jodi is an obvious attempt to be in the limelight of this hugely publicized trial. If you watch and listen to him talking, he has absolutely nothing new to say whatsoever, he just repeats the same old boring story about going on a date with Jodi. Only NOW he has decided to add how “weird or creepy” she was. Total crapola and waste of time to even give him airtime. This is also how I feel about that Bryan Carr loser, and at times, Gus Searcy, IMO, another limelight seeker.

    • They don’t have to be Jewish to take offense at that. I suspected Travis was like that. I wonder how he felt about Mexicans, and Jodi is half Mexican.


        that should answer your question on Travis an his Mexican views………………..also if people would look at his photos he puts little comments on them some are very interesting gives you a real feel of the Real Mr. Alexander. Very arrogant conceited an yes a Mormon but Temple Worthy I would say not. All men like that have a softer side they show some people. Only a few people would ever see the Real Mr. Alexander an I do believe at least one sister would have to know he was not a Saint this behavior does not begin at almost 30 give me a break ! I have a brother that is just as arrogant an I do not now an will not ever condone his behavior around woman truly disgusting to me.

      • He made a comment on his myspace about Mexicans, I cant remember what it was. Something about building a wall between the US and Mexico.

  49. I’m amazed that it took this long to bring the jury in and out a different door at the courthouse in such a high profile case.

    • I served on a civil case and we were told to enter/exit through the juror’s entrance/exit. “for our safety”. That case was NO profile never mind “low” profile.

      This jury should have been sequestered. IMO

  50. People on Twitter make it sound as if Sky Hughes will and can testify? How can this be if we know from her earlier testimony that she has been watching the trial and calling prosecution’s office when she feels there is something they need to know? That’s not kosher!

    Also I’m getting pretty annoyed reading people on social media and on TV that ” defense should be ashamed tarnishing Travis’s reputation” “focus should be back on Travis” Um hello this trial is ABOUT JODI ARIAS, her life and the alleged crime ( at this point it is alleged). Additionally, and this may be unfortuante but true ……….YOUR SECRETS DO NOT DIE WITH YOU! This is a shame but it is what it is. Live the way you wish people to remember you. Period

    • Travis trashed himself with his emails, text messages, and phone calls. Jodi didn’t that; he did.

      These people are not only stupid, they are dangerous. They would sacrifice the Bill of Rights in order to save face.

      • And imagine all the other facts out there that can’t be admitted due to prosecution objections, outright hiding of evidence, and the cover-up by TA’s friends, family, and business associates.

        As awful it was for Jodi to have to reveal the sex-tape, that piece of evidence was powerful in showing TA for what he was. And that tape also included TA making for derogatory comments about men that Jodi had dated or even just befriended.

    • Agreed. The Majority of the information came from him through email/text/ and the phone sex. She was willing to make a plea deal I think to keep this info from getting out.

      • “Court records indicate that they exchanged 82,000 emails.” That’s 3565 emails per month, over the 22 month relationship. Or, over 100 emails per DAY. Seriously? I mean, REALLY?

        Can you IMAGINE how much INFO is in that ?? way too much. Who sends this many emails they both were just as obsessed for each other. This was not ever a one way street an only JODI was obsessed. If people would look at Travis’s My Space they would NOTICE that JODI is his NUMBER ONE ! in that TOP FRIEND BOX this speaks volumes to me as all his friends an family want to express that JODI was the nutcase etc. But yet on JODI’S My Space only her sister is in the top friends………on the second account she has Travis is NUMBER 10 ~~if you do not know about MY SPACE you put your friends in order yourself. in the TOP FRIENDS BOX.

        • Yes! I remember how it was w/ myspace, the “Number 1 Friend” on your list was specially chosen by the user and it was a big deal to put someone as number 1.

        • wow,great info Rhonda! and they have the nerve to call Jodi obsessive?He was as obsessed with her as she was!
          I remember when first hearing about this case and the volume of the e-mails,my god 82,000!I thought wow,these 2 were really into each other.
          Too sad it was not a healthy relationship…

        • That should be said in court (I wonder if the MySpace could be brought into evidence?). I agree with you, Rhonda, it DOES say a lot!

      No they dont!! Even during this trial after all of Kermit’s efforts to STIFLE EVIDENCE the truth did shine!! I dont know to what extend because I believe that if the defense didnt have Martinez’s breathing down their necks,we would certainly have a lot more shocking details and TA’s dirty laundry coming out in the open!

    • I so agree it is like everyone thinks you can go to trial an not say one word about the one that got killed? we have to know what lead up to this? why would a meek an mild mannered woman at that age feel like she had to protect herself ? if this was a Great Mormon Man with the best intentions for all woman he met that would be proven also. It is not proven. Actually it is proven he was a P I G ! there is not crime for that but the LYING on the other side is ridiculous wanting the public to believe this man was a VIRGIN a SAINT an TEMPLE WORTHY? making it clear they want JODI to DIE.

      We have the right to know all about TRAVIS just as we know all about JODI. No Travis is not on Trial but JODI is an on trial for her LIFE the other side just does not get it an it makes me sick how they lie about JODI an TRAVIS too.

      • it’s because this is a self defense case using the battered woman’s defense that makes travis behavior so relevant. In a sense he is on trial.

        • Yep. I’m sure this will be an issue when George Zimmerman’s trial starts too…a lot of complaining about “trashing the victim” because he is also saying that he acted in self-defense.

      • exactly! ”tarnishing TA’s reputation” my a**! No self-respecting defense team would do that! And Nurmi and Willmott have proved that they worth their weight in gold when it comes to building a strong case!They do NOT need stupid antics,no that’s Kermit’s job RIGHT??
        If they didnt want this out in the open they should have accepted the plea deal when it was originally offered to them.Now they should better STF up and let the truth shine!
        We NEED to learn what DROVE Jodi to what she did and if it was TA’s games and behaviour, so be it, let the Jury learn EVERYTHING!

    • Exactly! Travis left behind his own words and actions. Chris and Sky were his closest and most trusted friends. I’m sure they now regret writing those emails and having those conversations but at the time that is how they felt and it sounds like they had a lot of valid reasons for thier feelings. They would be better to stand behind that then try to cover it up. It makes it look a lot worse. I just feel people need to stop holding it against Jodi and her defense team. Travis doesn’t have to have been a saint for his friends to remember him as a good man if that is how they felt and how they remember him. I’m not surprised that they remember him as anything different than what he showed them. From what we have learned he lived a life of “show” and didn’t have many intimate friendships nor was he genuinely close with his family or many people for that matter. My origional post and opinion by no means was meant to imply that he deserved to die.That being said looking at his blog, myspace and the other details we have learned, he did not live nor die the man he longed, attempted & hoped to one day be. That is a shame under every circumstance but can not be blamed on Jodi. Sounds like he (and his siblings) had a lot of demons created by their unfortunate childhood and that saddens me but it doesn’t negate the things he did in life because it ended prior to him getting his sh&t together and over coming those issues.

      • Brenda,
        Great post. I have argued til I was purple in the face with people saying that because I support Jodi, does NOT mean that I am jumping for joy that Travis is dead. Those that support Travis are the ones acting EVIL in my eyes.

      • Oh but admitting they were trying to be an ally to Jodi back then or that they were just “gossiping” or being manipulative wouldn’t be good for business…after all it’s raking in the dough that counts to them in the end (IMO). Standing up for Jodi NOW would most certainly have a negative impact on their business, especially among the Mormon community, which could have HUGE repercussions. !!

    • AJ you know they will pay her to talk. Do you think the likes of HLN, or any of the other talking heads, wouldn’t pay well for that interview.

    • If she watches the media she missed so far while the trial has been in process, and was for Jodi, I would highly doubt she would. I’m sure she is a wreck right now. She probably got a stern talking to. I read on Twitter that she was seen crying when they escorted her out

    • Oh I don’t doubt she will talk and they will pay very well, I was just hoping the Judge could keep her from doing that until the trial is over. I am sure she has no control over that since she has no control over her own court.

      • I want her to talk–if she blows it and says the jury hates Jodi, then we know the jury is tainted and has been talking about the case.

    • I hope Juror #5 was served a court order to abstain from speaking publicly about this trial until after the verdict is in.

      • Me too, but I doubt it. I’ve seen it before, and those ex-jurors love to get on TV and talk. But it could work well for the defense, if she opens her mouth and talks about how the other jurors are thinking and if they are talking as well. I’d pay her to say that!! lmao!!!

  51. About Juror #5)

    “Ms. Arias takes the position that the statements Juror 5 made in front of her fellow jurors amounts to misconduct that inserted partiality in what is supposed to be an impartial body,” Nurmi wrote. “In this regard, it is even more obvious that Juror 5 is neither fair or impartial.”

    -What does “impartial body” means in this situation?
    -Is it really obvious that the juror was neither fait or impartial? ??? How would we know until the juror speaks.
    -And, can the juror now talk to the media? ??

    • “Impartial body” is referring to the jury as a whole. Nurmi then went into #5 specifically not being impartial or fair.

    • “What does “impartial body” means in this situation?”

      It means that the jury is supposed to be a group of peers that does not favor either the prosecution or the defense; and rule based on the evidence presented to them.

      “Is it really obvious that the juror was neither fait or impartial? ??? How would we know until the juror speaks.”

      Probably – if the juror was dismissed then there was enough evidence to show that her statements were not impartial and had the potential to affect other jurors.

      “And, can the juror now talk to the media? ??”


        • Apparently there is a victim’s bill of rights in effect in this jurisdiction, which provides in part that the victim/family has a right to attend such meetings and to be aware of what/why is going on behind the scenes. This is what I gleaned from TV, I don’t know this first hand.

  52. If she talks to the media she better have an attorney she hired sitting with her at least until the trial is over…

  53. Interesting instructions from the judge. A few thoughts:

    – if the juror really did call the trial “heinous”, that leads me to believe she was leaning towards the defense. I hope Jodi hasn’t lost an ally in the jury room.

    – I wonder if the defense offered a plea, and the family rejected it, continuing to demand the DP. That would explain the emotional state they were in.

    – The judge’s admonition to the jury was more strict than usual today, which makes me wonder if someone from the media was thing to have contact with the jury. (I’m looking at you, HLN.) Or perhaps she was just being extra cautious after last week.

    – Glad you guys fixed the site! I missed you all while you were gone!

      • Yeah CJ told me #5 was agains Jodi and that’s fkd up which gives me the sattisfaction that I’m glad juror #5 is out!!!!

            • Maybe she was nodding in agreement with kermit.

              I can’t see the defense wanting her off unless it were against Jodi in some way…

              • I guess you’re right. If it were in favor of the defense we would probably have seen a motion coming from the State to get her removed…

      • maybe I missed something, but i’m pretty sure the “heinous” remark was about the “crime” or “killing”.

        As in..”wow, this is a heinous crime”

        I could be wrong, but i bet thats what the juror said to another juror/s.

    • Michael,
      If the defense was trying to offer a plea, the family would not be in chambers to hear that. The Judge herself is not even involved in a potential plea deal. It would be the defense and the State discussing it and the decision would be brought to the Courts attention. The Judge has no say in that. The family has no say either. They have a right to make a statement at sentencing, and they have a right to be in the Judge’s chambers when there is a motion and meeting where Jodi is present..
      I agree the Judge was much more strict in her admonitions and questions today, but that is likely due to juror #5 being booted out for saying whatever it is she said to another juror. I’m actually surprised it took this long for a juror to talk and get kicked off.

      • Arizona
        A court cannot accept a plea agreement unless—
        1. The prosecuting attorney advises the court that reasonable efforts were made to confer with the victim about the negotiated plea.
        2. Reasonable efforts were made to give the victim notice of the plea proceeding and to notify the victim that he or she has the right to be present and, if present, to be heard.
        3. The prosecuting attorney is able to tell the court that notice requirements have been satisfied, and the victims’ position, if known, on the negotiated plea is presented to the court.22

        I don’t know how current this is, but I do think the family has a say.

  54. all i can see is the seal. I am a bit confused as to why this is if you guys are talking like you can watch the trial? is there another feed someone can link me to?

    • HLN will hunt her down and she will run her big mouth which is what got her into this mess in the first place. They said she left the courthouse sobbing. I’m glad she was sobbing. A person’s life is on the line here. If she wasn’t going to take this seriously and follow directions she deserved to be kicked out. If HLN gets ahold of her she will spill her guts about everything. That’s just my opinion though.

      • Bev,
        I agree totally. Certainly it must be very hard to keep your feelings to yourself all this time, its been a long trial. But when you are selected, you are told numerous times about your oath, and reminded daily not to discuss ANY aspect of the case until deliberation. I’m glad she is gone too. As far as HLN, I bet that at this very moment they have investigators trying to get her name and address so they can grill her on everything about the case. She might take a break from the press, or maybe even decline….but you can bet HLN will do their best to get her to talk. Probably other networks as well.

  55. Hey guys! I’m just catching up. I’ve been Mom Taxi most of the day.
    I just wanted to say I bet the siblings were probably told AGAIN to quit with the theatrics during the trial.
    This is a good time to go ahead and nip that shit in the bud too. They are probably mad because they probably realized the dismissed juror was likely leaning in their favor.
    I feel good about the other jurors snitching on Fat Mouth #5. This may mean that those who told what she said are wanting this trial to be fair for Jodi. I think its a good sign.

    Since I missed the early testimony can anyone tell me who the “other ex-girlfriend” of TA that was mentioned?

    • KMiller,

      I couldn’t agree more. If other jurors felt compelled to discuss #5, they either weren’t in agreement with her, disliked her, and/or felt she wasn’t following the instructions. I think it’s probably a combination of all three.

      I do think it bodes well for the defense.

      I’m still at a loss of why the family would be in chambers too.

      • Under Arizona law they are to be consulted on everything – including when/if Jodi gets parole or is let out of prison…I don’t agree with it at all

        • Thanks Janeen.

          I understand a family being able to go to the parole board once a person has been convicted (speaking in generality – not JA) to speak for their loved one. I definitely don’t agree with the family having this kind of availabilty during the proceedings.

    • Kmiller, I was thinking the same thing re the TA sibs. Their theatrics in the court room have gone on too long and could be prejudicial. Maybe KN and JW complained re their behavior, as well.

  56. Hi All-
    Ive been out of the loop, just got this site up. I know they booted the juror, but was there any decision made about Prosc. misconduct for his photo session?

  57. Well if #5 was against the defense and talking about that I would like to thank Jean C for pointing out that JM’s grandstanding outside could taint the Jury. It opened the door to be able to talk to the Jury and they spoke up so that tells me some of them are trying to be fair and unbiassed.

  58. one would have to be naïve to believe that any member f the jury is not …at the least…tempted to either watch the news…go on-line..or speak to others who are aware of the case…juror #5 is now allowed to speak to whomever she pleases…that doesn’t make sense to me…she will be compensated monetarily on these news shows for disobeying the “rules” administered by the judge…it’s insane NOT to have sequestered the jury during this trial especially due to the length and severity of the issue…

    • It is crazytown that after this they are not being monitored closely nor sequestered from here on out. I mean if a juror over heard #5 say something wouldn’t a balif for whoever the official that stays with them have overheard this comment also?

  59. so I’m assuming this wasn’t the juror seen sitting outside the court house while JM was doing his autograph signing session. I know jinkasaurus is on now, and she’s not saying.

  60. Lots of tweets begging HLN to not talk to her, I guess travistown is concerned they will compromise the trial. I’m telling them to get on TV, spill her guts to what they’ve talking about. That could be VERY good for Jodi

      • oh its not HLN who cares, its travis supporters asking HLN to leave her alone. They are worried whatever she has to say is going to compromise the trial. Here’s a sample:

        kim burton ‏@ksdstny 1h
        @jvelezmitchell @bethkaras I hope you all stay away from her and not jeopardize this trial at this point #JodiArias

  61. Vinnie P just stated: “It’s seems to me that the problems that Jodi and Travis were having were in no way different from what other couples have”
    Now I feel very sorry for his GF or wife or BF if he has any.

    • Oh really? It’s normal to tell someone that you’re in a committed relationship but not to say the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”? It’s normal to avoid your partner in public?

      Well, maybe Vinnie’s wife wants to avoid him in public (and private).

      • Who’s the gentleman?And he said what??????
        Last time I checked ”skank” was NOT a love name!!!! Nor ‘bit**’ or ‘sl*t’ !!
        omg,these people should seriously stop talking right now otherwise they risk making themselves look like sociopaths!

    • Kinda like the Manager of an apt complex. When I first got married, we were looking at apts. As I entered the apt I had a strange feeling that something bad had happened there. So I asked her. She said “No big deal, it was just husband and wife thing!!” I later found out he had murdered his wife – slashing, you name it – Yeah, no big deal.

  62. I think that NG has stooped to a new low. Just heard that she will be showing video of TA’s funeral on tonight’s show. Unbelievable.

    Should i write to, and seek, clarification, of lds church doctrine on permissable, and non-permissable, pre-marital heterosexual sexual behavior as expounded by TA ?
    And if such is not ln line with church doctrine suggest that the church leader, mr monson, or a plenipoteniary, attend the court, in phoenix immediately and expose the deceased TA as an unscrupulous predatory fraud ?

  64. LOL…HLN is playing the trial in real time again. Maybe give me some more cannon fodder to complain to the FCC for obscenities again! hahaha

    • Doesn’t it make you seethe, Dorothy? He’s doing it for the hell of it, he knows the judge will sustain it. He’s trying to unnerve ALV and make her nervous about what she says to stop her saying to much..

      Its sickening, I yell at him to shut his mouth! 🙂

      • LOL ( I think of you yelling at him) My family thinks I have gone BONKERS; with my head phones on staring at my laptop….cursing at every objection. He doesn’t want her testimony to flow because she is captivating. Tactics.

        • lol Yes, you should hear me! Tactics indeed, Dorothy. I so hope that someone, just one person in the jury is all it needs to see Martinez for what he is, total shit 🙂

          I pray someone has common sense and the brains to see it, its not too difficult, is it!

          And if Martinez tries to pull the same stunt as he did to Samuels he’s going to risk being most unpopular! I’m looking forward to that! 😀

        • This Englishwoman is starting to turn very uncouth!!!! 😀

          Haha keep an eye out for the men in white coats lol thinking of you with headphones on and swearing at the screen! 😀

  65. So Skye H, so devoted to Travis, could not possibly lend him money when he was broke. Would love to read the excuses from the hypocrite.

  66. It went something like that, IMO : ” Boo ooh ooh I’m all alone on my birthday without your ass you slut my birthday and you go see baseball How can I trust anybody booh ooh

      • ok, so, “..and I went to church and thanked God for my birthday and I saw a sign that told me that EVEN THOUGH you went to see a baseball game on my birthday you love me a little you are my favorite slut, wish you were here, I cleaned my own dishes and had to feed my own dog on my birthday; God woud not let other people putting their hands on you and depurify you my little chosen whore…”

  67. I thought it was a great day for Jodi!!! kermit got overruled 98% of the time, grasping so much he as about to turn into the straw man. In spite of the sickening HLN campaign for Trashy Travis (as I call him), I think the jurors were able to get a different picture of how not an angel he was. And what a great manipulator he was as well – so good he could fool his church and closest friends up to the end with his virgin story.
    And the fact his family was crying obviously means something good happen in chambers for the defense. yay!

    • His so ugly to me!!!
      Jodi was so pretty, still is but her taste, I dont know….. Abe, that Ryan Burns guy is YUKY too, and TA he was a dork. Maybe Mr Brewers was the better one of them all.

      • I agree. Brewer was her best boyfriend except that he was marriage shy because of a bad divorce.

      • OMG that made me laugh I had the same feelings. But I don’t blame Jodi not staying with that Brewer an getting no where he did not want marriage or any more children she wasted some years on him. Some people are very selfish like that. How can you expect a young woman not to want more when she has never been married an never had a child yet? expect them to be happy with just living together an accepting your child from another marriage. I know some people can do that but it is not fair that some men do expect women to accept those things in life? to me anyways.

    • Abe is getting so much mileage out of one or two dates, you’d swear that he dated Jodi for years. Amazing how he keeps extending his 15 minutes of fame by talking about NOTHING.

      • I’m sure Dr Death will have him on his show again tonight. I wont be watching though. I have tuned out of HLN for one month now!

    • I don’t understand how these can be considered hearsay. They are physical forensic evidence analyzed by an expert?