Jodi Arias Trial – Day 39 (afternoon session)

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Following the dismissal of juror #5 this morning, Alyce LaViolette is now back on the stand continuing her direct testimony. The various email exchanges detailing TA’s systematic abuse are finally get some serious airplay.

USA Today stated as follows:

Furthermore, according to the filing, the case agent, Mesa police Detective Esteban Flores, told the defense attorneys that there was nothing “out of the ordinary” among Alexander’s emails; about 8,000 were turned over to the defense in June 2010, including the Hughes emails.

The 2011 filing details the email contents, including “A response from Mr. Hughes … wherein he asserts that he believes Jodi would be his (Travis’) next victim and that Jodi was just another girl that he (Travis) was playing.” Alexander allegedly replied by saying “I am a bit of a sociopath.”

Other emails from Sky Hughes, the filing says, say that Alexander considered Arias to be a “booty call,” and said “How he, Mr. Alexander, was abusive to Jodi and … how he was beating her emotionally in part by making out with her without giving her a commitment.” And there is an email from another woman Alexander was seeing at the time “wherin she complains of Mr. Alexander’s conduct making her feel used and dirty.”

How much of those emails make it into testimony remains to be seen. Chris and Sky Hughes have already testified for the prosecution regarding an earlier allegation of misconduct by Martinez, but the topic of the emails was not discussed. They could be called back.

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  1. What happened with the Prosec. Misconduct from last week’s photo session outside the Court House. Has it been dismissed?

    • If Martinez was a hockey referee (hey, I’m Canadian), they would have to schedule meal breaks and naps into a game.

    • He sure does! Can you imagine how pissed he must be for these e-mails coming out finally,one way or another??Jennifer is doing an excellent job-in the midst of all these Objections ,she still manages to get an answer out of Alyce LV!

  2. Travis borrowing $. OMG I had it out with some dolt the other day about Travis and his so called $. I said something along the lines that he was having financial issues, was trying to save hi house and the comment back to me was:

    He had a huge house and could afford expensive trips to Cancun!

    to which I replied he needed roommates to pay for that house, and the trip to Cancun was free!

    People have no idea of the actual FACTS of this case and it bugs me so much!!!!

    • Its just simple math. Remember he was so proud of making the $100k ring. So he made $100k. And this was his only job. So he gave up 15% to SS, 4.5% to Medicare, leaving $80k before taxes.

      Given the value of his house and the Mesa property tax rates his payments at a mortage rate of 5.4 % would have been about $1,500 per month (got the value of the house off the Maricopa county public records). This would leave him with about $ 62,000 per year before taxes. Assume the whole mortgage was interest. His federal taxes in 2008 would have been $11,850 and his arizona rate was 4.72% 2,962.

      So total after tax income was about 48k a year. So its healthy for a young kid, but he’s not rolling in it.

      • Heres the other thing about this 100k ring. Does that mean he made 100k? No. it probably meant he sold 100K.

        I was a motivational speaker and “trainer” for a company similiar to PPL. (totally diff product)

        FIRST…a motivational speaker simply means he is a trainer. He came in and motivated people to sell. he was probably commissioned on a % of what sold directly after his “speaking class”. probably made 30-40% of all sales for xx days after.

        He did not speak outside of his “work” and “church”. ( I use both of those terms with tounge in cheek)

        Also, he was most likely in financial trouble from taxes. Many MANY people in his position are not able to pay their taxes a the end of the year, as they didnt save any money. Taxes are not taken out of your check at PPL. You dont actual “work for” PPL. you are independent.

        It is steak and eggs one month and mac-n-cheese the next.

        These companies are an addiction. (I did it for 14 years, i know) they use the “family” cliche to keep some people hooked. Others are just happy to have a friend. Yet others are inspired by the chance, even if it is small, to become “something”. We used and threw them away. AND, every so often a TA or me would come along…we were the middle men. we played both sides and payed the price for it, in our lifestyle choices. THere are two types of “us” in these companies…ONLY 2… 1)The partyaholics 2)the religious-a-holics. I never met a single person that didnt fit one of those two.

        We were all charismatic, good looking, whitty, talkative, confident(on the outside).
        Also, we were manipulative, arogant and controlling.

        I remeber having bets with people to see if they could find an impossible task for me, when “out on the town”. Talk a woman out of her bra, get a phone number, get a mean looking guy to hug you, take a watch off someones wrist and get them to buy you a drink when you returned it, etc…etc..etc.. Confidence man, without the theft. (unless you count the sex)

        I’ve met a 100 TA’s and I am not at all surprised by this case, what I hear and what people he was surrounded by. JA fits the “woman” in this cliche perfectly. I met a 1000 JA’s too. (infact I had one named molly, right there in Phoenix)

        • These are good points, Sirlips. I also would like to add that in his work, he had to make sales. So whether he made 100k or sold 100k does not mean it was a consistent 100k. This is often how people get in over their heads – they think because they made a good amount once it will keep rolling in so they overspend without saving. TA was arrogant and enjoyed showing off (judging from his vids and MySpace profile) so it was more than likely he spent everything he had to convince others to believe that he was more successful than he was.

    • I hear you!

      Travis was NOT a rich man. He invested everything in his image and lived beyond his means, hence having roommates to shoulder the cost of his house and utilities.

      • you are so right. The co. he was involved with was just a pyramid scam. more people you reel into it the more money you made and so on …just a huge scam all those mormons are involved in those mlm companies its also how they lure you into the LDS.

  3. Do you think the hughes hate Jodi because they knew these emails would be coming out? These letters are damning their “good friend” big time.

  4. Damn, the haters site are just trash-talking instead of listening to FACTS. They cannot and will not admit their Saint Travis was NOT a good guy!

    • And to Trixel’s point, they don’t even have the facts, and are getting upset over things that aren’t even an issue in this case. Like how much the trip to Cancun must have cost – it was free – and they still think Travis paid for it. And if Travis paid for it, therefore Jodi was jealous, even though the phone sex tape shows Jodi was not upset and they were making plans after the fact.

      I mean geez, it’s like doing math with a hamster. x*3+7-3.234/1 billion=cake. So x=puppies. WTF.

      • “I mean geez, it’s like doing math with a hamster. x*3+7-3.234/1 billion=cake. So x=puppies. WTF.”





      • and another thing about that stupid trip to Cancun. It was a business trip. It wasn’t like they would be on the beach sipping cocktails all afternoon. There were hours and hour of stupid PPL meetings going on. The haters think it was a trip for pleasure. Ejole!

  5. Travis was trying to play “Big Man on Campus” by paying for all those trips to the places he and Jodi went, paying for people’s drinks / dinners, and always “helping someone out.”

    I bet he borrowed money from Sky Hughes before and she was probably “done” with his nonsense.

  6. Kermit’s dye job makes his bald spot look more prominent. Hopefully, for him, it’s the type of dye that washes out quickly.

  7. Tweet from Katie Dipstick:

    Katie Wick ‏@KatieWickUSA 17m
    Juror 5 crying as she was taken to elevator…I’ve watched her for 9 weeks. She was most attentive of all jurors! #JodiArias

    OMG, like, I’ll totally take her place! I LOVE JUAN!!!!!!!!!

    • WTH? why is she still inside the Court Room after last week? Looks like no further action was taken about the photo op issue with JM.

      • Because He did wrong not katie. While she acts like a twit, she didn’t do anything wrong. Not sticking up for her but juan is the civil servant, the minister of justice etc. not wick. Unless I don’t understand?

          • Anyone find out more info on juror #5?
            Mostly regarding if she was pro prosecution or pro defense?

            Sounds like pro prosecution, but am curious.

            • Maybe that’s why the Alexander Clan was so upset this morning.
              Perhaps juror #5 was whom they had been making all their faces for, connecting with?

              Or maybe I missed something and am looking way too far into this.
              Ignore my crazy rambling.

    • Why is Katie Nitwick still in there? They should of booted her out this morning. I guess JM can do no wrong in the Judges eyes.

    • Katie CandleWick better stop flaunting her ‘new found happiness’ lest, she breaks faithful, bestie’s (Fl*res) heart. He’ll go from droopy to sad sack. 🙂

  8. There must be some tasty morsels on the “salad bar” today. Or, perhaps it is “all you can eat” today! LOL

  9. HELP……I have been out since this morning so I missed the morning session. I see JW is questioning the DV witness. Does that mean it is a continuation from the other day or has JM been able to ask questions? Also looks like someone got a dye job 🙂

  10. How could he afford all the clothes and shoes that he had in his closet? Doesn’t make sense.If he was borrowing money to live this life of a playboy I’d be ashame.I’ve had some hard times in my life where the cupboards were bare.We did what we could,ate what we had and lived life as best as we could.This guy was unreal how he seemed to have to impress everyone.

  11. I bet Juan is espically mad because I would bet $$ he told the Hughes’ that those emails would never reach the light of day.

  12. Should we all be expecting a earring next on jm? Is that the logical next step after the Vidal Sasson hair dye job? I’ll bet his car or truck has the biggest, baddest, monster wheels on them 🙂

  13. Read a funny tweet earlier that JM is acting like a contestant on Jeopardy! So ready to ‘press that button’ with his ‘jections’!! 🙂

  14. Jaun looks very nervous today. Very unhappy but the only time I have seen him smile is when he is posing for pictures. Very worried. Payback maybe. Hope he does not go nuts on lovely Ms Alice.

  15. Power it was all about power. I think Juan really relates to Travis’s state of mind. Two birds of a feather. I hope the jury can see and feel this. I know I do.

    • I agree. I think he is feeling guilty about trying Jodi for DP, but can’t let himself back out now, and that guilt is making him ***angry***

      • seek2understand
        so your hypothesis is that kermit, the vicious, and vindictive prosecutor, is that way, because he is experiencing a surfeit of guilt ?
        my view is that kermit is a narrow-minded, self-righteous, vicious and vindictive prosecutor, because he is a narrow-minded, self-righteous, vicious and vindictive prosecutor

    • Nope. He’s in trouble and it will get worse when he starts to go off with his antics on LaViolette. Ms. LaViolette is too compelling and likeable as a witness. JM’s antics with her, IMO, will distance the jury.

  16. I must say…there is NO way that JM aka Hairdo is going to calmly cross examine AL. His rage is building up and he’s going to explode when its his turn.

    • ‘Hairdo’ LOL!
      Sick of his yelping but deep down I want him to cross the line and lose it with ALV! He’ll meet his match,she won’t be intimidated by him,for sure!Plus,if there’s still one juror who might think ‘Oh,this guy is exploding because he wants the truth out’ maybe they will now think ‘Ok,that’s just what he always does.He cant help it whether he’s right or wrong’.

    • Well, about time KN and JW turn around, pan the camera, and say together ‘WINNING’ – charlie sheen style.

  17. So, with all the drama with the juror being booted out, all hln can come up with – in headlines ‘Mistrial Denied, Trial Moves On’. Biased much?

    • they did the same thing last week when LV said the Hughes confronted TA about his abuse of Jodi.
      They never brought it up once.

  18. I’m baffled at how easily Jodi got lured into this “religion”…but I guess that goes with her impressionable nature.

  19. Holy moses what a day! LV & JW are bringing out the big guns.
    This is what I said all along, Jodi knew all of his dirty secrets so he abused her because he blamed her for it. I want to HUG Ms LV.

  20. oh oh I posted as Susan because I have not been on for a while Susan is Libra is me. Sorry guys my post are waiting.Libra sign for true justice.

  21. Hello All – I’m just getting to join in for today.

    Glad to see the Judge grew some backbone and dismissed the Juror in question. LaViolette is bringing it all home, while I see the Hughes are the biggest liars ever.

    • Travis himself,the Hughes,his roommates,his friends….Were they ever in a -who’s-the-biggest-liar competition,it would be a tough decision to make! How would we be able to pick the winner?

      • It’s really astounding how they all seem to be suppressing the truth about TA. You would think that at least one of these old girlfriends would step up and tell the truth about him.

  22. I wish some of these women would step forward. I’m sure they are Morman or PPL girls whom are as fearful in coming forward as JA was.

  23. I find myself getting angry at Mr. Black Hair for his attempts to suppress evidence. I’m always a skeptic, but this jerk doesn’t want the truth to come out. It is very frustrating as if I were a victim’s relative I would like my prosecutor to get the truth at all costs, not block information with trivial BS.

    • LOL! The hair isn’t doing him any favors. At least before he had a slightly distinguished appearance…now he just look ridiculous…Oh well, I have a “Bad Hair Day” EVERY day…

    • He was “clingy.”

      That’s sure the exact opposite of what the “friends” have said to the national media.

      • I wonder how the haters are going to twist the information that he was in trouble about sex before. They are quick to accuse Jodi of corrupting him, it would seem he was corrupted long before Jodi came on the scene.

        All his dirty laundry is coming out, this is exactly what Jodi didn’t want happening, but JM’s ego wouldn’t let him accept the plea. Now he is looking deflated!

        • And they can’t just say it’s because of what JA told her. The defense has texts, emails and pics of other women (or at least pics of one).

          However, they will spin it for sure.

  24. I think it’s great that after this testimony the stupid hln after dark people are asking Did Jodi Arias use Men? Another backfire on them. They need to change it to TA using women

  25. I have to leave, of all days, but I will watch what I miss later.
    what a great day today. I’m feeling good for Jodi right now.

  26. Is it just me or would Jennifer be better off hitting the major points and moving along. This is getting very slow and sort of dull.

    I think she may be in the danger of losing this jury.

    I am so engrossed in this case and this is getting extremely painful, especially in an afternoon session. I don’t know why, but this s boring me to death and I don’t think there is a lot of probative value here. She could do this much better.

    • You know,you’re right.Her style today resembles Nurmi’s more and more.It may seem boring but as with Nurmi,she IS getting somewhere with it,Im sure.

    • I think she’s putting as much as she can out there for JM to go balistic about on XE so that she can get even more information in. IMO

    • Hi Al,
      I was just thinking the same thing…..I know Ms Wilmott is trying to get alot of points made regarding psychological abuse, but being honest, as I watch it, she seems to be going over and over small details that are getting very tedious. I wish that she would move faster, I guess what I mean is make the bigger points regarding specific instances of abuse, including physical. That would make everyone more alert and honestly, if I were a juror right now, I would be bored, tired, and waiting for something big to happen. I agree that she might be losing the jury during this phase and line of questioning, the minutia ,(she seems distracted) and she cannot afford to do that now, when this is their last witness.

      • You have to put yourself in her shoes,what went on today with all the dismisel attempt and everything else,it’s hard to get back on track.Everybody has a bad day.Overall I think this was a good day for jodi.

        • Glen,
          Yes, I thought of that too, everyone has an off day for sure. Overall, I feel like this afternoon got a bit off track and tedious, actually unfocused. I almost fell asleep and I never get sleepy watching this! I know this is the last witness, and at this point, from the defense case point of view, they need to make this a very hard hitting witness, with the end of the trial in clear sight, its absolutely imperative.I think this afternoon veered off track, but that being said, I feel tomorrow will be a big day with Ms Violette and the line of questioning. Just my gut, but I look for some major points to be made tomorrow.

      • I have to agree with the “Or worse”.

        If you take the totality of what we know about TA from his childhood to his death, I have no doubt there was some a serious undiagnosed disorder lurking.

        • I had serious problems growing up because of the sexual abuse I endured. I ended up in a hospital run special ed high school for kids with emotional problems, the psych ward, juvenile hall, foster homes, group homes. I abused drugs and alcohol as an adult, and from age 15 I was very sexually promiscuous.
          I do not doubt for one moment that Travis suffered from his abuse, but he was in such denial. I am sure to his friends he was a fun guy, but deep down he had some major issues that he never dealt with. Like the Hughes’ email said, he felt dealing with his pain would make him look weak. He was too involved with the sharp dressed motivational speaker cool guy schtick, using his childhood to push his success forward however he was stunted in his emotional growth. He called himself T-Dogg for goodness sakes, and had this persona of a very together person when in reality his life was in shambles. Jodi loved him even with his flaws and he took his self hatred out on her. Therapy might have saved him.

          • Trixels –
            I hope you have allowed yourself to move forward from your experiences.
            These are things one will always carry with them, seems like some grow from these terrible experiences, while others as you said are stunted.

            Had Travis taken the advice of his friends, things may have happned much differently.
            Its sad, mostly in the aspect, that ignoring these past experiences ultimately cause some people to carry out the abuse, that they themselves are scarred from. Vicious cycle.

            My heart feels for you and the many others who have suffered any type of abuse.
            Thank you for sharing.

            • Thank everyone for your kind words. I have been hiding out for so long living in fear that i’m only now able to be myself and im also making headway on letting the bad things go. I must say that being here on this site and listening to everyone share themselves and comfort each other has made a world of difference for me.
              I feel like I have new friends and I adore you all.

              • Trixels- I’m so sorry for all that you went thru. Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are very brave and I am sure that God has a beautiful plan for you. i don’t post much, but I feel the same way as you do. being here and sharing our stories with everyone comfort me too.

              • Trixels,
                Its a lot for one person to undergo. Many times I’ve wondered, God wants us to believe that we are loved, so where was He when all this was going on in our lives? Why would He let this happen to us? The altered me is just someone so far removed from who I came into this world as. I get all that you are saying. Integrating all those broken pieces is not an easy nor pleasant journey. But Trixels many here will attest that your light shines on through – You will break on through to the otherside (The Doors) – where there is love, happiness, acceptance, peace, light and every good thing. Its every good thing that you deserve, now and always!!! 🙂

          • I remember a text message from TA to JA something about Rachel, and TA says Jodi needs to talk to Rachel. I wonder if this was about Jodi telling Travis that she confided to Rachel about them having oral sex and TA was pissed off and wanted Jodi to clear it up. The Taliban were using that text to show Travis was mad at Jodi I have to dig up that text message…..bbl

        • That too.If you check a typical narcissist’s characteristics,you’ll see he could certainly qualify for that too.Believe me,having been in a hurtful relationship with one,I can pick up one even in a big crowd!

      • Which explains the devaluing and discarding of women. Narcissists are notorious for doing that, and if anyone dares to do anything that causes them to been in a negative light, take cover, the narcissistic injury is out of this world! They will go out of their way to destroy anyone who they consider a threat to expose them.

        • Gail
          He went about destroying Jodi viciously by trashing her and accusing her of stalking amongst other things, turned his entire fan club against her, hung her out to dry. Its still happening now that he is gone. He did just enough damage that it is still reverberating today.
          He threatened her via text but I cannot remember the exact words. He said some awful things to her, about someone spitting in her face if they knew what he knew about her. Seems to me it was the other way around. I do not have any doubts that he physically abused her. The mental abuse was bad enough, but he lost it on her that day and paid with his life.

    • Or a tape recorder with a nice smooth voice (like the ones on cell phone companies)reading out all kinds of objections?Isnt this what Kermit does after all? ”Objection!Lack of foundation/Hearsay/Beyond the scope”

  27. I love how she has Alice repeat her answer when JM interrupts. I don’t know much about law but is his interrupting some sort of strategy? Sort of a way to interrupt and maybe break the jury’s interest/concentration on the topic at hand? I hate the way they get so picky over wording. Why not just print the emails out and hand them to the jury?

    • I think that was his sole intention…disruption, distraction…chop up the flow of ALV’s hypnotic testimony…that is about all he can do now…

    • agree with you give the jury the emails and let them make up there minds that is why they are there

  28. I’m a little behind on the live feed. I am just now hearing about emails to/from Lisa and TA. Lisa never mentioned any of this when she testified! Now I’m convinced Juan told his witnesses that their emails, etc would not be seen in court! This is why he and Flores tried to keep the defense from getting them! Actually, Flores LIED about them. That the emails/texts were of no interest and had nothing of importance in them.

    • Notice the curled lip sneer on the guy next to the eye rolling sister (I don’t know their names). Not the sister who reminds me of Morticia Addams, the other one.

    • I caught a little of this last night and it’s funny because I don’t watch the tabloid noise,
      BUT I actually believe it was Drew who said that the jury is closer to the Travis family and they can see when they’re emotinal HOW it HELPS them and you never see Jodi’s side doing that.

      Is Drew that dumb. Has he ever had to be in court for any reason?
      A friend of mine who’s boyfriend was about to go to jail, now this is right before the virdict, the judge says if you feel you’re going to cry then leave now. My friend left!

      This judge also said for them not to do it. Travis’s side does, Jodi’s is respectful and Drew says that could cause Jodi to lose.

      He IS dumber than a rock.
      Now, we have to watch the trial going into JVM and Nancy. I miss the last part of the trial because I WLL not watch Nancy. Now I’m going to miss up until JVM because I’m not watching her.
      Actully HLN is all that has new trial because In Session doesn’t have it.

      I think that they started running it through the tabloid noise because the ratings were going down, now their ratings are sky rocketing.
      This really pisses me off.

  29. “Deceptive.” That describes TA to a “t.” Too bad his friends embarrassed themselves and continue to embarrass themselves on national television peddling garbage that isn’t true of him.

  30. Oh, he owed Deanna Reed $ too.

    I still can’t believe Flores said there was nothing important in the text messages.

    • sample, without names:

      Really bothers me to see Jodi and Nurmi’s assistant laughing and giggling during side bar. You would think this was a high school. How rude.

      I hope this bitch and I don’t care if she is only doing her job she could have said no wilmutt is going to rot in hell I hope her husband kills her in her sleep and says the fog made him do it….she is a two bit low life skanky money hungry no feeling bad hair four eyed lip chewing toad looking dumb ass nothing but a um um um um ok um um ok um what the hell um um yeah that

      Was he married? NOPE! Did Lisa know about Jidiot? YES Did Mimi know about Jidiot? YES Did Lisa know Travis was cheating on her? NO! Did she take him back? YES! Why? Because Travis WASN’T dating Jdiot at the time! It was testified to! Did Travis cheat on Mimi? NO! How do you know? Because Mimi testified that Travis told her about Jidiot on their first date. In fact, Ms. ALV, Travis told Mimi she’s following us around on our first date! —- GRRRRRRR

        • TA probably felt God made him such a caring and loving man that it was his duty to spread himself around to many

      • Yes but we can say the same thing about Jodi. Jodi wasn’t married. She was under no obligation to remain faithful to Travis or account for who she was seeing either. So all the jerks wagging their fingers at Jodi for having six whole boyfriends in her entire life (zomg rilly) have a lot more to be upset about with Travis if they are worried about people throwing themselves around.

        Seems Travis figured there was enough of himself to go around the entire world with!

  31. He is able to lead a life of deception and somehow reconcile that with his own faith and own behavior and compartmentalize his life and have all these relationships with all these women.


    • Yes that is why he is in SALES ? I have never met a Salesman yet that was pretty good that could not work it real good with the ladies. An LIE oh my ! some could make the devil himself blush 😉

  32. Okay I may have misheard but Ryan Smith just referred to the’ emotional abuse that Jodi suffered in the relationship’ and he didn’t sound sarcastic or contemptuous. It’s like it slipped out. He will probably be fired or reprimanded in some way so I’m sure he will pull it together and be extra harsh next time he speaks. And what about JM? Is there an Elvis lookalike contest nearby. Put a white suit on him, hand him a mic and let him warble ‘hunk o hunk o burnin love’ for all his blue haired fans. lol Or better yet, Suspicious Minds, like the ones that conjured up this ‘Jodi stalked virgin Travis then hunted him down in a jealous rage’ fantasy.

  33. have you seen the post by chris hughes brother on another site, says he has full permission to speak for chris and sky. Says if sky gets to the stand, she will tear them. Just thought you should know. I thought they were not supposed to be watching tv. i still belive jodi is being railroaded. ty

    • Oh, I’m sure the Queen Bee is dying to get on the stand. She and her loser husband have made this case all about them, after all.

  34. OMG that’s so true about guilt and guys cheating! Even if the girlfriend doesn’t know, has no idea, he’ll be really touchy because he feels GUILTY! That is so true! I’m getting a much better picture of Travis!

  35. “I know the names of many of the women”: Krischelle (not sure of the spelling), Regan, Nicole, Denise, Caitanya, Maria, Deanna, Jodi, Lisa, Matilda, Krista.

    • That’s why he was an “independent contractor” or whatever they’re called.

      Remember, this wasn’t a complete list.

    • Obviously he didn’t. It sounds like he borrowed and owed more people money than we know. He traveled with PPL for free. Who knows all the women he may have conned when traveling.

    • TA’s calendar was posted for the month he was going to Cancun. When I saw that, I said to myself – When does he have time for women? He had to be a magician or the god he thought he was to keep up with that.

      It seems quite clear that TA was spinning out of control. I suspect he was also on body building drugs – why he was feeling no pain and could not be stopped during the killing. It explains what was fueling his rages that were escalating in frequency and severity.

      TA was a real problem to the two incestuous groups he was embedded with. He was not pulling his weight in PPL, evidenced by exposure of his precarious finances. He was defiling the inventory of virgin mormon maidens – the biggest sin in more ways than one. He was addicted and beginning to realize he could not stop himself.

      This was a hit job by the mormon mafia, no question. But that is what they are there for. I mean, that is one way to identify when the line has been crossed to becoming a cult. TA knew he was headed for the edge of the cliff. He was acting like these mass murders by taking larger and larger risks. He knew he was beyond redemption, so was inviting suicide by ritual blood atonement.

      In the end he got what he needed – he was stopped, and he was atoned. Yes, a tragedy. He was a victim, but not THE victim. There are many victims as this drama has all but played out at this point.

      HLN (I had to turn it off) was just trying to undo all of the good that Alyce LaViolette has been spreading, by exposing DV for what it is.

      HLN is parroting the old tired lines of “gee” he was unfaithful, duh, he was abusive – you call that abuse? My, my he played several women at once? What is the big deal? For this he deserved to die a savage death at the hand of that wicked Jodi Arias? The answers are yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes.

      This crap talk by HLN is what allowed all of us DV victims to think we were living with “normal male behavior” in the first place.

      We have to keep spreading the word that this is not normal, and it is not acceptable. Having a mate is not worth making such a compromise.

      • What freaks me out when I hear the ‘learned’ ones on hln, is that if there is someone out there going through all kinds of hell, wondering if she’s losing her mind, should I let this latest insult and/or kick or whatever slide? – this person will get even more confused in her mind and not seek help in time. This could very well cost her her life! hln has been irresponsibly presenting all the disturbing and insidious traits/behavior under the guise of ‘normal’, ‘its how its done today’, ‘this is all pretty acceptable between2 consenting adults’, etc. Terribly misleading and dangerous way for hln to try to sway the crowd and win some points. Dr. Flu (gives me flu-like symptoms when I hear him) is notorious for this. An MD for pete’s sake. He is such a repressed soul. He sees most women as having ulterior motives, evil seductress’es out to snare men. Perhaps, he needs to sport a cross and some garlic to boot around his neck.

        • I wish there wasn’t an HLN.

          BTW, that used to mean Head Line News

          They should change it now to TBS “Tablid Bull Shit”

  36. Hmm… so he owed money to a lot of people AND then there is that list of woman, also his unethical “church” practices…yet NO ON else had motive to kill Travis? Pfft!

    • It almost reminds me of those scammers who are profiled on the true crime shows where they use women and scam them for money.

  37. OMG! Have you guys noticed that JM is mimicking Jodi?! He dyed his hair to be the same color as hers and his suit is almost the same color as her top! (remember the haters in InSession saying this about Jodi?) lol

  38. I feel so sorry for all these girls,I’m about to cry.They were USED and ridiculed by that man.I especially feel for Deanna,she sounds like someone who deeply loved Travis that’s why she remained by his side,as his loyal friend-I’m convinced she was still trully in love with him and look how he paid her devotion back!Presenting her as crazy/stalker…exactly what he did to Jodi.

  39. YES!! Showing TA made all his women believe the others were crazy stalkers so they stay clear of each other!!

    • ME too but tho other side is still spinning it. Saying this is all hear say? but what they say about Jodi is all hearsay to me? so I pray the jurors see and hear it the way I do today.

      No it does not give Jodi the right to kill Travis. That is not the case the case is Self Defense is what I keep explaining so YES Jodi does have the right to Defend herself.

      Then it is well it is over kill. Ok . Jodi remembers the shot to the head she actually did not think she shot him at first. After he finishes his tackle to the floor after the shot she goes BLANK?

      So all the slashes an stabs? I am not convinced she even did it all? since she does not know
      for sure how can I be 100% sure no one else entered the room during the struggle after the struggle?
      Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon at 10 pm friends finally wonder where Travis is at? Also the ONLY reason they wonder is because the next day is the BUSINESS TRIP to Cancun? How convenient that is.They all automatically point the finger at Jodi even though they don’t know she was there yet even that Wednesday?

      The end of the struggle is all suspicious to me even though she says YES I guess I did it I do not remember though.

      • Now knowing about ALL these other women – it is even more suspicious that they all pointed the finger to Jodi and not Deanna or one of the other women.

        • OH ya I didn’t even think of that now that all this stuff is out there would be a lot more people that would be possibly upset with Travis using woman. Woman have brothers an family an friends that they may tell about it if they were used an felt hurt by him. Whole new pack of people could have been upset with Mr. Alexander an his whorish ways.

      • How can it be all hearsay when so much of Alyce’s testimony is based on Jodi’s testimony and the diaries Juan Martinez was waving around in court?

        The only unsubstantiated claims are coming from the pro-prossie side. They should look at their own claims and see how well they hold up to scrutiny.

        • They should – unfortunately it seems they get all their ‘news’ from HLN or other hate media. I notice that a lot of their viewpoints (what I do see) are straight-up lies; so I’m guessing they are getting it from mainstream media (I honestly don’t think they would understand the real testimony if they saw it).

          • Yes your right they are doing that an I tell them that also that they must only watch HLN for their information. Some I do not think have even investigated things on their own. It is not that hard to go to Travis’s My Space page an snoop around in there. I am not arguing with them anymore on it they give me heart burn haha

      • I keep thinking she wasn’t there.
        She DID say that in the beginning
        Of course they don’t believe anything that she says
        now except that she says she killed him.
        I still believe she’s protecting someone

        Even though none of it makes sense.
        What real proof do they have that she was there

  40. Travis was the one that was cray-cray, not Jodi. Telling Jodi that Diana was “crazy”. Then told other friends that Jodi was crazy. Guess he is just a crazy magnet!

    • Typical abuser. Exactly what my ex did. Now, I’m the crazy one he’s talking about! Oh, and one of the mistresses who was during and after me. She’s the one he moved in with after his father sprang him out of jail for trying to kill me. He goes around saying she’s crazy and a stalker too. Poor guy. Just like Travis, he sure met a lot of crazy broads.

  41. I’m a little surprised these emails didn’t find their way into a shredder before the “not important” ones were handed over.

  42. Oh boy how is HLN going to spin tonights after dark show. The question is Did Jodi Arias Use Men. Haha their little stunts always backfire.

      • JVM keeps harping that Travis was dating ONE other girl while seeing Jodi, that’s not Domestic Violence is being proved. I don’t think she comprehends what domestic violence is. Sheesh!

        • Oops, sorry, fingers are not keeping up with my brain..

          JVM says Travis seeing one other girl does not equate to domestic violence.

          • It’s a proven fact that alcoholism destroys brain cells. Just because she isn’t drinking doesn’t mean she doesn’t still think like a drunk.

            I had to change the channel, she makes me want to start drinking! lol

            • she doesn’t have emotional sobriety. That something one has to work at and with all the judging she does, it’s apparent she lacks that.


            • I’ll take out the moonshine and maybe if all of the hln crew would drink some maybe they’d make more sense.

            • We don’t get to see much of the trial because she’s blabbing
              about things she doesn’t know,
              So I just miss that part of the trial now.

          • Actually, JVM’s brain is afflicted with ‘floaters’ that contain captions such as: ‘Fifty shades of grey’, ‘Kinky sex’, ‘S and M’, ‘Butt spanking’ etc. These new floaters replaced the previous ones: ‘Going green’, ‘metal water bottle’, ‘recycle’, ‘vegetables/fruits’, ‘animal cruelty’, etc… yah, that’s what’s happened here. 🙂

      • why dont we all go there and vote for Jodi. I have vote for Jodi. Everyday we go and vote for Jodi. Sorry for my english, am from Denmark, so i hope you forgive me.

    • Agreed. Every time they do this. Like JVM’s firing a gun and the expert telling her that somebody could shoot the gun without realizing it and that someone could be shot by that caliber and not even realize they had been shot.

  43. I know today is a good day and that they have to compensate(time-wise)for this morning’s session and I shouldnt be nagging but all I can think of right now is Jodi missing dinner….Isnt it 5 already in AZ?

  44. JM is being overruled quite often. Ironically, JM opened the door for much of this information when he cross-examined JA.

  45. Kermit just leaned over talking to Flores. He’s probably directing him to go talk to “all” the women and tell the Hughes’ to go on vacation.

    • LOL “all” the women. LOL My friend’s cousin was married to a real player, really bad, like Travis. Well, he died very suddenly (natural causes) and about a dozen women showed up at his funeral crying their eyes out. No one had any idea who they were.

  46. All of us being human I think we can all relate to the emotions AL is talking about. I bet she is touching the hearts of many jury members. If Juan is his usual self on cross, it may make jurors mad because they like and relate to AL.

  47. Ooh, the exact wording comeing out from TA. Let’s see if we can keep track of TA’s slurs:

    1. Old bald jew
    2. That’s a gay name
    3. He’s probably a faggot

      • Travis had so many issues.

        Not to get all Dr. Freudish, but Travis had a deep dislike of women that stemmed back to his mother. When he writes about his childhood, he focuses on his mother’s issues way more than his father’s. Using women, lying to women, calling women names…it’s all retaliation for his mother abandoning him for drugs. Very sad really.

          • Some of the men who hate women are also homophobic and have repressed gay tendencies at the same time. My suspicions are that with the body building, watching UFC and wrestling, mixed with seducing and controlling women and boasting about it to his male friends, he wanted to convince himself and others that he was not gay. And yet he loved pretending and acted like a gay caricature as a clown, preferred anal sex, and sometimes posed with the gentle expression of a young girl on his photographs.

          • Gail – yep. And generally, people didn’t exist to Travis unless they were serving his agenda. He even called Abe Abdulhadi “soulless” because he had dated Jodi a couple times.

            I also agree Kira, but I think people find it easier to shit on their moms than their fathers. People like Eminem have made entire careers out of crapping on their mothers, blaming them for everything wrong in their lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if Travis emulated him.

      • Pollyanna. I assume he used this name to try to convince Jodi, maybe others that they were uptight if they resisted his advances/fantasies.

    • I noticed that she had them off and appeared to be writing or drawing. I got the impression she was embarrassed when alllllll the other women were being spoken of as well as the abuse she suffered. Then she stopped looking down (like she was finished writing) so she put her glasses on to look at ALV across the room. Just my impression….

      • I wear glasses off and on. On for distance seeing, but upclose reading, writing, etc I take them off cuz I don’t need them.

      • I have to do that too. If I look at the window or drive I need my glasses on or it is blurry kind of like fuzzy. But to read this on the puter or just a book I don’t need glasses. I also was like Jodi they made a big deal of her an the glasses before but I also found out when I tried on a friends pair of glasses I was like WTH everything was so clear ! an when I went to redo my drivers license I did not pass the eye test so I was forced to go get glasses then. So I believed her when she said that because I basically did the same thing.

  48. HLN title says:

    Travis Bad Boyfriend or Abuser?

    Seems a little soft for HLN he has now morphed from saint for the moment.

    • Umm, is this a trick question?
      Neither one of these choices is a good thing HLN.

      Then again these are the people who think its okay to jack off to photos of a child as long as its a child from a Penny’s catalog or something like that.

  49. This may sound like I am making fun, but certainly am not.
    I like Dr. Alyce’s, Harry Potter, style glasses.
    Sort of retro even.

    On another note Dr. Alyce knows her shit!
    I’ve enjoyed listening to her so far.

      • Couldn’t agree more.

        I don’t watch HLN but had it on so I could here when they were back in court.

        HLN’s first guest actually said the following:



        • I just heard that. That was the lady with the scary hair. She just needs a red nose. They call this a normal relationship?. They all must be abused.

          • Ah, that is Jordan Rose. She has also called Jodi a slut on JVM, so what’s “normal” for her is women living in a state of degradation.

            It’s interesting how none of these ‘experts’ have thought about the long term consequences this poses for society at large; if we are to go down their rabbit hole of abuse-as-new-normal.

            • I know they are telling everyone that is watching that it is ok for a guy to act this way. Much like the legitimate rape comment and feeling sorry for the rapist on Ohio and not the woman that was raped. They are turning back the clock on the progress women have made in this country all to make a buck. It makes me sick and sad for the future generation.

        • ”normal”??
          Then I hope their current or next relationship will be as ‘normal’ as poor Jodi’s was!Maybe then,they will know the difference and shut their mouths up for good!

  50. I am going to just say it even if it is kind of nasty. But that one photo of Travis I could not for the life
    of me figure out why he had such a RED RED pecker now I know the rest of the story. It was over
    used. (RAW) I just never seen one that RED before. Don’t get mad now they said some bad things about Jodi’s stuff but this is quite tame to what I read on the other side.

  51. Great day for the defense! The truth is NOW coming out, and I hope all those women that thought he was such a terrific guy now see the real man. So sad, but so important for them to finally hear what was really going on. And no way to spin that information, it came from HIS computer! WOO HOO!!
    I will rest good tonight, I hope Jodi does too. She’s in good hands!

    • I am happy that the truth is getting out too…

      Lisa and any of those other women should feel embarrassed going to the church or temple next week…because everyone will be looking and making snide remarks about them…they know about their sexual experiences with Travis now thanks to the television media…and just knowing how he was trying to grovel or sneak into their pants just make it more embarrassing…

      Travis was an expert prowess in the sex department…and that has been made clear on television more so today…so any female that was involved with Travis can keep pretending all they want that they were pure virgins… nada…nada…

      “Breaking News” has been exposed on live television more so today than ever before about Travis’ sexual appetites with Lisa and those other girls….

      • But it is normal for Mormon men to go through a lot of women to find the one he wants to marry is what I have been told ?

        Is that true? why is it none of them wanted to marry Travis?

        What was wrong with Deanna he spent 6 years total with her ? WOW ! I can imagine how many therebetween he had in there.

        After all this is the same TRAVIS that would go to BYU with BACKPACK on too pick up good MORMON WOMAN. HA oh just for KISSES YA RIGHT ! He never attended there just STALKED OUT WOMEN FOR THE TAKING. I don’t care that is DISGUSTING AN DISTURBING TO ME.

        At least in a night club or Bar you know that man is there to find someone.

        YOUNG LADIES wear your GOLD OR SILVER CROSS proudly you won’t be approached I have been told haha.

          • Ya I agree he was wanting a young young one that is for sure. She is so lucky she got away from that. I just can’t see a man that is that way to be a loving husband an father? Maybe they are but I don’t know how I have never seen a snake of a man yet that was just loveable to me. I can spot one usually pretty good. The over board charm is a dead give away.

            An why do women even like egotistical,selfish males or braggers I can’t stand them. Some look at it as self confidence though I have always looked at it as a bad trait but I do have friends that seem to think it is attractive?

  52. I agree with the above comment that Jodi needs to eat!! She looks gaunt and pale and needs more than that jailhouse slop that they are feeding her. I don’t know how much longer she can hold up. I hope Juan keeps it short and shuts his pie hole up pretty quickly on cross so this trial can end but I know it’s too much to ask. I think he and the family are very troubled by either the juror’s dismissal or this detailed portrayal of TA as a deceitful womanizer.

    • IMO. JM will go after LV just because he pissed and he will open the door for more information to come in. He will slip up and say something like, “and you heard this from the liar Jodi”. LV will say no from emails/text to other women.

      JM won’t be able to help himself.

      • He’ll say did i I ask you if you heard from the emails? I ask the questions! Do you have a problem with the prosecutor mam?

            • There have been so many comments on this entire thread that has cracked me up this evening!

              Very witty!!! 🙂

              cindyp, earlier I saw you asking about Jodi having/not having injuries from the night in question. Did you see the portion of interrogation where Jodi shows EF her palm that had some sort of healed? cut or cuts in the crease of her fingers. EF makes the comment that this is a typical type of injury that comes from stabbing someone and the knife slips from the blood – that he’s seen this kind of injury many times. I don’t remember if she was still denying being there or if she was at the 2 intruders part … maybe someone else remembers the details better.

      • I wonder how in the hell he is going to do that since much of her testimony is about those emails he tried to keep out.

      • I predict that every sentence will start with “Isn’t it TRUE…..’ and end with something that is obviously not true.

        “Isn’t it TRUE that Travis didn’t date 11 women? He was a virgin, RIGHT?”

  53. So is the JM strategy now to break up her testimony so much that nothing will stick in the jurors minds?

  54. two kooky posts I just came across:

    re: Jodi
    I saw her stick her tongue out and lick her lips and then let saliva drip down her chin while pointing at someone with a curling, come hither finger. Then she stuck her finger into her mouth and winked.
    3 minutes ago · Like

    I love how juan martinez dyed his graying hair.. Maybe all the attention is making him want to look younger and good. #rockstarstatus #juanmartineztotherescue
    7 minutes ago · Like · 1

  55. So SJ,
    That Juror number 5, with the wild hair,I heard, was most favorable to Jodi. This case is so geared to rhe DA, proscecution. saddens me! the emails, next victim. ugh

    • Patty…. It looks as though juror “N” is the same as juror #5????? according to the link below

      [quote] “N” is a female – 25 or 30 ish? two toned hair, light blonde on top, brown under the blonde. This is who I believed to be the most attentive Juror. Watched Jodi intently when she was talking about what sex she liked.Shook her head slightly when the mugshot came up on screen.When Jodi talked about using the BMW to drive sister missionaries, this juror was looking at her with a look that made me think of a mom who was watching a child who was lying. Almost an embarrassed look with “pursed” lips and slight head shake.Tracking between Juan and Nurmi during 48 hours clips, writing a lot during Jodi’s explanations. Nodding when the testimony was about Jodi falling asleep on the “love sack” when he was out with Mimi. Nodding with a “here we go again” look on her face. I swear she almost rolled her eyes. Writing frantically.[quote]

      • I agree BEECEE looks like she is not for Jodi to me. An like they said if she were for the prosecution why wouldn’t JM be pissed off or maybe he is? I don’t get it either. If she said the trial was heinous? (that is what I read somewhere)
        (of a person or wrongful act, esp. a crime) Utterly odious or wicked.

        feels like she did not like Jodi at all ?

  56. ….the emails are being taken out of context.

    ……she was evil and her eyes were soulless.

    and the beat goes on….

    Nancy Grace bombshell tonight!


    • Yes,
      It is absolutely disgusting! if EVER there was an OBVIOUS effort made JUST IN the jury was breaking their vows to stay away from trial coverage……
      Its like they saved the funeral coverage for a day when the defense is “Winning”.

      Did the family leave the juror hearing… and call Nancy Grace? “Hey you scowling old Hag- play this!”

    • They must be getting desperate…showing his funeral on television…why not…his private part has already been seen in the media…nothing to hold back anymore…everything gets exposed on television…

    • oh,god.this is so sad.It´s like they´re willing to ´sell out´ everything just to see Jodi getting convicted.

    • If the family did what difference does it make on the verdict? Jodi believes Travis has inner beauty anyway. Don’t they get it?

  57. I’m catching up on the trial…good god kermit is extra bad today…what a tard.

    If I were on the jury I would be pissed at all the information he is objecting to.

    I bet there is at least one person on the jury like me.

    • What’s even better, is that at one point (unless I heard wrong), he objects “Loaded Question!”
      I almost fell over.

    • BeeCee –
      I am rewatching today as I missed some parts.
      Have you caught anything interesting yet playing catch up on your end?

      Interested to hear what you think.

  58. Hard as it is to believe but, yes, we are watching funeral video as further proof of premeditation…the fact that she’s not at the funeral. As the camera pans the grieving faces you hear Nancy’s somber voice say ‘Jodi wasn’t there because she was afraid she couldn’t pull it off” I don’t know about anyone else but under the circumstances, even if I were considered to be the most prolific liar on the face of the earth, which Nancy claims Jodi is(next to Casey), that would be a hard thing to do. Attend the funeral of the man you loved knowing that unforeseen events led you to feel you had to kill him to protect yourself. I cringe every time I inadvertently hear Nancy speak now. So now they are saying so what if he was a ‘bad’ boyfriend? No biggie. I bet Nancy keeps her husband chained and starving in the basement. Has anyone ever seen him?