Jodi Arias Trial – Day 38

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With regards to yesterday’s Motion for Protective Order hearing, the judge granted the request to HLN/ABC, but only to include details of hours billed, dollars paid & rates paid. No detailed billing information will be provided. Click here to see the ruling (PDF).

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Following on from yesterday’s non-event – for reasons we’re still not aware of – it’s Groundhog Day as we prepare again for day 38 of the trial. It’s also currently scheduled to be a short day, running from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

After today, and taking the Easter break into account, the trial will resume again on Tuesday April 2nd @ 10am.

I also made 2 new posts earlier today… one being a message from Dr Richard Samuels. and the other being  a recording of Vladimir Gagic’s live radio program from yesterday. Both posts are worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Ok then peeps — leave your comments below on what will hopefully be trial day 38…

Team Jodi


  1. Good morning, my fellow Jodi supporters! I hate to hear that Jodi had a migraine yesterday, but I’m glad I didn’t miss any of Alyce LaViolette in court.

  2. WHAT??!!! I’m still very upset about this!!! I hope this doesn’t mean they will get the info of who they contact or tried to get on there defense! Does anyone know if they’ll get THAT info?

  3. Perhaps ABC and HLN need to write about how much money is being spent because the PROSECUTION did not accept a 2nd degree murder plea.

    Honestly, that is what is REALLY the issue here. This could have all been avoided – peoples’ reputations being trashed, family on both sides being made to relive this whole thing, etc.

    But, ABC and HLN only want to skew the facts to their “sensationalist” journalism.

    What a joke!

    • I was going to write the exact same thing, Nicole.

      If anybody wants to blame somebody for the cost of this trial (monetary for the state OR psychological for the families), blame the DA’s Office – and their loud asshole Prosecutor, Juan Martinez – for rejecting Jodi’s plea offer. She’s the one who was willing to take the fall just to avoid all this!

      • That’s what I was telling my husband last night. She tried to take responsibilty and tried to make a deal but it wasn’t good enough for JM. Everytime they discuss the cost on TV they should add “because JM is a greedy pig that couldn’t make a deal.”

        • So, I guess in their minds, Jodi should have just said “I’m guilty, stick the needle in my arm now.”

          The craziest part of that is even if she had pled guilty, it just isn’t that simple. There would still have to be a sentencing hearing, and any mitigating factors would have to be presented then in order for her due process constitutional rights to be met. Then, that could be appealed.

          It’s kind of like the whole theory “send all the illegal immigrants back to wherever they come from.” Who’s going to pay for that? Do they actually think THEIR home countries will? No, if the government wants to do that, fine. But then they have to pay to round them up, detain them, give them hearings and trials, and then, deport them. If the government didn’t do all that, they’d be depriving them of their rights under the US Constitution. And yes, they have constitutional rights if they’re charged/tried in the US. Now, if you don’t like that, go back in time and talk to the founding fathers about the constitution!

          Same problem here. It still wouldn’t have been cheap, even if she pled guilty to murder one. The cheapest way to handle this would have been to accept her plea. But I guess that’s a little above the IQ of HLN and its average viewer.

  4. Know what really pisses me off???

    Loughner kills 6 people and get life without parole.

    Jodi defends herself and they want her to die.

    Same state, different area.

    Jackass Kermit.

      • A *recorded* history, Tony… Keyword! Just because Jodi doesn’t have a record of her past abuse doesn’t mean she didn’t have a history of being abused. 😉

      • I know you are right Tony, I just hate it.

        I don’t think we should have the death penalty. I think too many people need counseling and addiction treatment versus the death penalty.

        • Well I will respectfully disagree with you on the DP. I do believe in it for such lowlife bastards like Ted Bundy, Timothy McVeigh, and Scott Peterson!

          • Add any sick bastard that molests kids to that list for me, Tony. America is better off without those perverts, IMHO.

            • A 19 year old man was recently sentenced to 43 years of prison for raping a woman not to far from where I live. My mom and sister actually thought that was too severe a sentence but I was

            • Yah..rapists…and molesters…and child killers…and mother killers..and son killers..and..?

              Start your hate list and others will fill it in for you. Thats how it starts.

              Sorry for the sarcasim, but the idea people have of “justice” is silly. Please explain to me how rape is worse than murder? I have 3 kids, and am very protective of them, love them, teach them, etc… i’m a good dad, but in the end, if my son or daughters were going to be raped or MURDERED..i would choose rape. Its horrible, life changing, unamaginable. But it is not death. (just because i’m a 38 year old male doesnt mean that i don’t know what rape is…thanks to my ‘godfather’ when i was a boy)

              I cringe when he hear people say things like “death to…baby killers”, “death to child moelsters”, “death to rapists”. Let me tell you, you have NO idea what you are talking about. ALMOST NEVER is it an “open and shut” case of ‘baby killing’ ‘rape’..etc… What are you going to do when they start putting people on death row for performing an abortion? Some would say they murdered a baby. What are you going to do when they put a rapist on death row, then find out after he is put to death, that he didnt do it? What are you going to do when a child molester gets put on death row..but in fact is was an 18 year old highschooler who had a girlfriend or boyfriend that was 14/15 years old? In several states that is 100% the same charge as an 80 year old having sex with a 2 year old. Whos deffinition are we going to use to determine these categories?

              Many people in AZ said the same thing as the people posting above..and got the death penalty established. Jump ahead to 2013 and we have Jodi arias being railroaded into the death penalty by the prosecutor trying to make a name for himself and an over zelis “entertainment” network. Hate begets hate. start with labling everyone and you end with trial murders like this one could end up being. sentencing Jodi to the DP will be nothing short of murder by trial. thanks to hate labling.

              Molesters are doing terrible things and need help.
              Murders do terrible things and need help.

              They need help, if they wont take help then they get put AWAY from everyone else until they get help or die. PERIOD.

              Instead we have created a PRISON BUSINESS. Its huge moeny, its privatised. and its broken. If you dont believe this, simply look up the sherrif of maracopa county and see what he has gotten away with, how much money he makes from tax payers and the lack of law he rules by. Its not speculated..its PROVEN that he is doing these things.

              • “They need help, if they wont take help then they get put AWAY from everyone else until they get help or die. PERIOD.

                Instead we have created a PRISON BUSINESS.”

                I agree, I don’t want to resurrect a needs to die thread, (haha) but I do agree with you.

          • I kinda agree with Tony.The DP is a double-edged sword.I dont support it,we dont have it here si it’s anknown territory to me but some crimes(like child molestation etc)are too hineous and the DP sounds like the only choice.Harsh but true.

            • to understand then, you are saying that we should kill child moelsters? What do you catagories as a child molester? 80yrs vs 2 yrs old… 30 year old with a 16 year old? 18 year old with a 14 year old? And if you are going to kill the “child molester” then wouldnt you have to also kill the child killers? killing is worse. (fact) if so, why only people that kill children, after all we are all someones children. If you kill a 14 year old? what if a 14 year old kills a 14 year old? with if an 8 yr old shoots his 11 year old brother? where do the rules of hate stop and the rules of compasion for ALL people start?

              Heres a clue for everyone. Revenge never works. you may not call it revenge or vengance..but that is what it is. Its not about public safety. if it was about kepping everyone safe, then we wouldnt have the prison system set up the way we do now.

              • Sirlips,
                Finally….thank you thank you for your extremely well written post. I am opposed to the death penalty as well. I have said the exact things you mentioned, mainly that prison in this country is BIG BUSINESS. The DP has been shown to have been used against innocent people. If even 1 person was killed under this so called “penalty”….then thats too much. I have an issue with an eye for an eye as well, its a dangerous theory and does nothing but perpetuate a mob mentality for justice, when in fact, how is state sponsored killing justice? It makes me sick to KNOW that mentally ill people or autistic or people totally unaware of what they are even accused of, have been put to death in very cruel ways over the years. It doesn’t stop crime, it never has.

          • Guess I just look at this kind of differently. Sorry folks just don’t believe in the DP at all. It is only a tool for vengeance. It obviously has no deterrent value, because if it did, after all these centuries that the DP has existed, it would have wiped out all this crime. By its very nature it can’t have any rehabilitative impact. So the only two aspects left are removal of the person from society and revenge. Well you can remove them from society by life imprisonment. So it only leaves revenge. And I don’t know what that does. Doesn’t rectify the situation, doesn’t bring the already deceased back to life, and I doubt it really makes the families of the victims whole in any way. Think about it. Would anyone here really be happy to see someone killed. Don’t you think that would make you loose a little bit of your own soul? Maybe I’m just too soft, but I’ve thought about it and I couldn’t.

            And then there is always the issue of an error, which by the way is why a number of states have abolished it. Since 1973 there have been over a 100 exonerations of people who have been on death row. This is not overturning death sentences, or new trials. This is people who never did what they were convicted of. Somewhere in there there has to be at least one person who was wrongfully executed. That’s some serious stuff.

            But that’s just me.

          • Yep, I agree with it for the lowest of the low (serial killers, child murderers, child rapists) who are undeniably guilty.

            • Ah.. undeniably aposed to what “deniably guilty”. I wasnt awear that we find anyone guilty that is deniably guilty.

              Every single person ever found guilty has been found guilty by the same standards. you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Thats the standard for ALL crime.
              The suggestion that we will have the DP for those that are “really, really” guilty rather than those that are “kinda guilty” is rediculious.

              whats a serial killer?
              Everyone that has ever murdered a person has been a child murderer. we are all children to someone? So whats a child killer? is it age specific? Ok, then what age? why is an 18 yr olds life worth less than a 17 year olds life? why is a 14 year olds life worth less than a 13 yr olds life? What about parents that are killed that have young kids? i would think it even worse when a 24 year old woman with 5 kids is murdered than just 1 17 year old..the impact is greater.

              If an 18 year old has sex with a 13 year old..he dies…but if a 18 year old MURDERS a 19 year old..he doesnt die?

              Again..hate begets hate. period.

              You can demonize people that commit crimes, but in the end they are not so very different than you and i. Many made terrible mistakes, but are not the “devil” you would like them to be. MANY are victims themselves and dont have the same conditioning to live in society that the rest of us had.

              Then again…lets just start a list of everyone that we dont like, that is different and doesnt play by our rules and kill them. In the end..we would be happier. Hitler had a GREAT idea about this very thing.

              • I agree, Sirlips, but you brought it up, in a way.
                What about Hitler? Would you also spare the life of a mass murderer, Hitler?

                • It gets muddy, doesn’t it?
                  I’m against death penalty too in theory, but have not been able to work those edges out in reality.

                • What i was saying about hitler, was that he was able to convince people..many people that he was doing the “right thing” by killing the “evil” people. once you have convinced people that some people are “evil”, rather than sick, you then only need to convince that evil should die and you end up with the DP.

                  Stop and think about it. We live with people that truelly think that we should KILL “evil” people. As noted above, we are not agreed on what is “evil”, so we just say “really really evil people”…and pass judgement on them.

                  Sure in the US, most of us would call a man that has sex with a child or hitler or binladen evil…but simply travel to a different time or a different country and the perspective quickly changes. In some countries they marry woman at 10 years old. In some countries they would call bush or obama the terrorist. in same ages MANY people would have called hitler a hero.

                  So does “evil” have a different meaning depending on the date or location? No, its simply people trying to lable others they dont agree with, and controlling them.

                  My point is, we live by laws, but those laws should not allow us to pass such judgment on people that we can lable them as “evil” to justify that they are killed.

                  But what do i know..lets keep the wars going, the violence, the religion based hatered.

                  The truth is we know we are wrong, yet we do it anyway. WE KNOW we have someone on death row that didnt do it..yet we allow it to happen. WE KNOW we are a crude and underadvanced social country yet we keep doing the same thing over and over. Simply watch a movie about aliens come to earth…we always depict the people of earth as violent and under advanced socially compaired to what we know we should be. We know we are able to do better, yet we keep doing the same thing.

                  Its not because we dont know better…WE DO NO BETTER. yet, here we are. shame on anyone that continues to allow our race to under achive to such a profound level socially.

          • Wow! I thought I was in the wrong site for a minute. All the blood lust.

            I am against the death penalty period. I believe people do horrible things to others because of some kind of psychological pathology. I don’t believe child molesters started out to be child molesters – something happened to make them that way. Same thing for serial killers. None of them should be executed as far as I’m concerned.

            And before anyone says they’re evil (probably a biblical concept), I also don’t believe in the concept of “evil” – again it’s pathology, not evil.

            • “Blood lust” is a little overdramatic. No one here is saying that they LOVE to watch people get executed because FRYING THE MONSTERS is awesome.

              • …unless they are, what was it.. “child molesters”, “rapists” and “serial killers”.


                Nope, not blood lust at all.

                Its not like we have any alternitive (like life in prison) 😉

                Bring up life in prison and then we get the “cost of life in prison” debate.
                LOL, this is the one where people say they are in favor of the DP to save money. Really..they would rather MURDER an innocent victim accused wrongfully of a crime, then have to pay for 100 guilty murders living in a cell on tax money. (if you dont think the DP has killed at least 1 innoccent person, you are lying to yourself. knowing that fact, and it IS a fact, then you agree that innocent people will be MURDERED to save money on prisons for lifers) Money money money.

                Will you still be in favor of the death penalty if Jodi is put to death. or is that just the cost of doing business?

                • Calm down. I’m focused on this trial and am not reading your rantings. Go debate the death penalty elsewhere.

                • Sorry Kira, but i am talking about the DP because this case is about the death penalty.

                  Im not the one that started the list of hate above.

                  I do not think anyone, for any reason, should be sentenced to death by a court system. it is counter intuitive.

                  Its ok to read my “rantings”, especially since you are replying to them.

                  But ill calm down now..after all its not like its “life or death” we are talking about. 😉

                • I’m just saying, this is an important day in Jodi’s trial. It’s not about you and your multi-postings looking for debates on evil. Like it or not, everyone is entitled to their opinion on the DP.

                • All of us agree that Jodi does not deserve the DP and that this never should have been a DP case. Happy? Let’s move on.

            • Well said, i dont understand why that basic, simple, concept is so hard to understand.

              To many “boogie man stories” in the bible i guess. I am often asked by my ‘believer’ friends “whats so wrong with the bible, it doesnt hurt anyone!” I have a hard time watching them say this with a straight face. Its a story about hate. it uses the words “love”..but the story in the end is about hate. who to hate, how to hate, and why we need to hate. They justify it with ideas that you should only hate the “devil”. but what is the devil? well he is invisible..and works through other evil things…those things? anything that the bible says is bad.

              people that lie…people that steal…people that kill…people that dont go to church and pay money…people that dont pray to an invisible magic man in the sky.

              Give me one good reason why we should kill ANYONE, without using bible terms like “evil” and the like. Go ahead, ill wait here. (make sure it includes WHY we should, not just who and how we should)

              • Sirlips,
                I don;t even know you in “real life”…..but I love you to bits.:) In all seriousness, it made me feel so good today to read posts from someone who is speaking about something and expressing it exactly the way I feel. BTW, I get bashed by most of my friends and about half of my family about my views, but so what? I yam what I yam…..

        • I think that reasonable minds can disagree about the death penalty, just as happily coexisting states have for quite some time. What I don’t think is a negotiable issue is that either way, not only should the rule of law be supremely exalted, but everyone, no matter how vile or transparently guilty, is entitled to due process. I hate everything about the Klan. But I don’t want to live in a country where they have a right to exist. Likewise, sick people commit heinous crimes, and we must separate/punish/rehabilitate them. But I don’t want to live someplace where that removal process is not fair, open, apolitical, just, subject to appellate review, etc. That other place is ruled by the Khmer Rouge. I actually thin that’s where Juan Martinez and Katie Wicks need to go meet for a date, but that’s just me.

  5. Good morning Team Jodi family!

    Who cares what the media “gets”???? They are going to say what they are going to say whether they have substantiated facts or not. I’m sure they will start saying “The TAXPAYERS have to pay $500 for every pill Jodi takes” and the “TAXPAYERS are paying for the pencils, paper and erasers Jodi writes with and draws with…” blah blah blah…

    What about how much money each and every so-called “friend” was paid to come on JVM, NG, et al and slander Jodi not to mention “provide’ home made videos and pictures??? What about how much Bryan Carr was paid for the National Enquirer story which was all LIES????

    Let’s hope today is a good day in court.

    Ashley…great picture!!! I don’t think ANYONE on this site would ever get tired of seeing your “mug” as you call it…You most certainly are LOVED!! 🙂

    • The main reason I want my picture on my posts is because I want everyone who visits this site to know that I AM NOT ASHAMED of the fact that I support Jodi, and I AM NOT HIDING MY IDENTITY. (Definitely NOT saying that those who don’t have their pics don’t support Jodi just as much as I do, so please don’t take my statement in a negative way!)

      If an issue comes up about my identity (safety, it’s a distraction, or detracts from my show of support), I’ll change the picture to something else.

      I love you all… And most importantly, I RESPECT each and every one of you. We are all here for the same reason, we are all brave, and we are all unwavering in our support of each other and of JODI ANN ARIAS. 🙂

      • yes thats why I wanted my face by my comments, because I am not afraid anymore about saying what I feel And I also admit I judged this site before reading the comments,to think a year ago I was on some hate wagon express site,if your going to spend time online do something honest, positive and worthwhile for you and others thats how I roll… IMO

      • I am too chicken to put MY face on here, not because I am ashamed, but because those folks are scary, and I dont want them stalking me. I put the picture I have in respect for Jodi, this whole scenario makes me weep. Although, it does kind of look like me…

        • They can stalk me, threaten me, whatever. I’m a Southern girl through and through and can handle whatever shit they throw out. I also have my CCWP so if anybody wants to bother me in real life, they should consider themselves properly forewarned.

      • And you’re not fat, desperate, lonely, pathetic…. Like the average poster on some other sites named elsewhere…

  6. Good morning, my fellow truth and justice seekers!

    Sorry I don’t get here more, and respond to questions and comments. I know I’ve said it before,but my brain scrambles at the wealth of information!

    We’re still waiting on the incident report related to Ashley Reid’s death. Apparently, another reputable media source (not HLN, ha!) is interested in a possible connection to Dustin Thompson to the untold parts of this story. So that is good news, but we’ll have to be patient…:)

    Questions if anyone knows or can direct me to a resource:

    What was the date of the alleged tire stabbing? Where was Jodi living during this time?

    Was the threatening e-mail, the Mormon laced one referring to “whoredom” and such, ever checked to see what ip address it came from? Is it available online somewhere?

    Couple thoughts: Her actions, including dying hair, could also have been an attempt to disguise herself as a thin shield of protection from others that may have been involved in the killing.

    I sense corruption within the ME’s office. Kevin Horn appears honest, but someone, I believe, from that office was talking with Flores, and they were possibly attempting to slant the evidence against Jodi, and no one else, despite her story.

    It sickens me that that damn sheriff is basically starving her, and the rest of the inmates, because he is one evil, sick, sinister, son-of-a-bitch!

    Hoping for a good day!

    Feel free to e-mail any specific info you have:

    • Maggie! Not only is the jail starving her, they’re also depriving her of sleep! Who is woken up to start the day between 1:30 and 4:00 in the morning? At the jail, they go to bed at 10:00. I hope the judge knows that Jodi is coming to court every day on only a few hours sleep!!

        • Possibly. I wonder if the woman at the UN who took on the case of the domestic violence victim whose children were killed would have an interest? I believe I have her contact information but it’s at home. The ACLU would most definitely be interested seeing as they were the ones who filed against Sheriff Joe for inhumane abuse of pre-trial detainees and won.

          I would think contacting the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division might also prove useful. They’ve already filed multiple complaints about him. Maybe the US Attorney for AZ as well.

          As another thought, the Arizona Republic has reported very fairly on this case (that I have seen). They love to investigate Sheriff Joe, so they may well find this interesting.

    • Mornin’, Maggie! I agree with most of what you wrote, and the investigation into these curious events intrigues me a LOT!

      One little thing, though… It was established by the Defense through pictures that Jodi had actually dyed her hair darker back in March 2008, 3 months before Travis was killed. Don’t know why this seems to have been missed by most people…?

      I look forward to reading any info you guys come up with regarding the other stuff; please keep us posted! 🙂

      • Oh okay, I thought, but wasn’t sure. Thanks Ashley. I was just listening to some testimony, and it said the rental agent said she had blonde hair then. I don’t see his testimony being that credible either., Also, I believe, on tape, Jodi says she had her future sister-in-law with her. I think he said there was a man with her…anyway, all hearsay!

        I see many bigger issues coming out from this. Human rights, prisoner rights, corruption within Maricopa county, etc. , etc., etc!

          • Yes, this is why I believeshe didn’t dye her hair on the way to TA. Her hair was the same as the May pic with the blonde streaks in the front. The car rental guy saw the blonde streaks and her driver license, and said blonde. If you look at the bedroom pics, you can see blonde streaks, but the light is poor. Also the crime scene photo show a clump of hair with some blonde in it. The more I think about Ryan Burns testimony, the more I think he is full of crap as JA says, after all he is ppl and Dave Hall said he is a rising star. So I think the dying of hair could be disproved

            • Also,on the police burglary report at her grandparents’s house of May 28, 2008, Jodi’s hair is described as brown (actually described as “Bro”).

    • Maggie,

      I know this. Flores has the original e-mail (Lisa gave it to him stated in police report). Mesa certainly has the capability of finding out what IP address the e-mail came from, and you can BET that if it had come from Jodi, Martinez would have entered it into evidence and he’d be screaming his head off about it. But Martinez can’t talk about it because they have NO PROOF. Well, they have no proof that it was Jodi. But you can be sure that Flores knows who sent that e-mail. Lisa Andrews-Diadone had a very recent ex-boyfriend at the time of the incident. He had a long police record. There is also Travis’ roommate John Hepworth who took it upon himself to warn both Lisa and Jodi that Travis was playing them. One of the roommates moved out of Travis’ house without warning during the very same month that the tires were slashed and I believe that was John Hepworth. Ironically, Travis accused him of being a sexual deviant.

      I don’t believe Jodi slashed the tires. Why would Travis tell all his friends that she did? Well, how did Travis explain Jodi coming and going to his house all the time at odd hours for their sexcapades? We know he was lying to everyone, telling them he was a virgin. Do you really think Jodi broke into his house and slept on the couch all night? That’s what Travis told his friends. No. Jodi was invited. Travis used the stalking story to cover the fact that he was sleeping with her.

      When Mimi Hall got on the stand and testified to these things, she was simply repeating a list of rumours that she’d heard THIRD or FOURTH hand. When she originally called 911, she didn’t even know Jodi’s name. She heard all these stories from Travis’ friends and roommates while they were waiting for the police to come outside of Travis’ house. She told the police that. The tire slashing and stalker stories were all rumors, started by Travis to cover his lies.

      For the life of me, I don’t know why the defense allowed Mimi Hall’s testimony. Nurmi did ask her a few gentle questions in cross examination, but in my opinion, her testimony shouldn’t have been allowed at all. Every word of it was hearsay. I don’t think the defense can fix this now.

      • Mimi Hall was put on the stand(after all she wss there when the body was found)BUT his roomates were not!Go figure….

      • I did not understand the hear say of, Mimi Hall, since was just recounting what she allegedly heard from Travis. but most of these people have gone on HLN to trash Jodi and HLN keeps stating she slashed his tiers etc. The fact that these people are given any credence since they are covering up something bigger there was a story exactly like Travis about a guy who used all these woman lied cheated was abusive. When one of the Mormon Bishops actually investigated and confronted him this Bishop was released & fired because you do not embarrass the Mormon Church. The one who actually tried to do something good was penalized etc.

  7. I just heard That Jodi lost a lot of weight. They don’t give her food during the Trial?? That’s too many hours and in humane. I can’t believe how the nasty the Media is, wonder how much money they are getting to prosecute this in the MEDiA, who are HLN sponsors what companies are pumping all that money into HLN. whats Nancy Grace’s Salary?

  8. As this trial goes on, I relate more and more to Jodi’s story and her actions. I was actually diagnosed by my psychiatrist with PTSD a few days ago and I will see a specialist. I am not a police or in the military, I am a person who was physically and sexually assaulted and the case was not handled properly. I partially blame myself, but I am also angry at others who let it fall through the cracks. I am angry that if I mention the perpetrators name I can potentially be sued with slander. It bothers me so much on a deep personal level that people dismiss all of Jodi’s claims. I truly believe she was mentally and physically abused and she defended herself. I totally understand speaking with the cops and being terrified. I totally understand protecting the perpetrators reputation even though it makes no reasonable sense when you reflect back on it. In my situation, I have developed worse migraine headaches and heart arrhythmia. One thing that helps me is yoga and meditation. For everyone criticizing the head stand or the back bend, ya it looks odd, but its a coping mechanism. Just some thoughts…

    • LINSAY I too am a survior of domestic violence. Please never place any BLAME on yourself. It wasnt your fault what that person did he did because he chose to not because you made him. I applaud you for seeking help that is thefirst step to gaining your life back. I hate how so many are fast to call Jodi a liar and slander her when they have never been through a DVsituation. If they had they would understand how fast those moments go when you are trying to protect yourself.

  9. Hoping that Jodi is in much better shape than I’ve heard that she’s been the last couple of days today and that she is going to have a fine 4 Day Easter Weekend coming up.

    I’m also hoping that her trial will soon be over and that she can finally put this chapter of her life behind her.

    No doubt it was her long history of being the recipient of psychological and physical abuse coming head to head with some of the more difficult / ( dare I say ‘questionable’ ?) precepts of the Mormon Faith that led to the terrible situation she’s been in for the past four years, and if she’s not acquitted outright ( as I feel she should be), then surely she should only be convicted of Manslaughter (I’m kind of confused as to whether that’s on the table actually) or a 2nd Degree Murder Charge with a great deal of her time being served already and certainly nothing like what the people buying the HLN Party Line want her to be sentenced with.

    As always I’m hoping for the best for Jodi Arias ( and I’m going to have another gift / donation headed her way very shortly). 🙂

      • Its kind of funny (but highly annoying) how Nancy will say it is our goal to provide full coverage of this trial and you won’t miss a minute! However, she interrupts the testimony with a little comment (like your friend chit chatting to you in a movie theater) and you miss a piece!!

        • I haven’t been able to stand watching Nancy Disgrace for a couple years now, and I never could tolerate JVM with her hollering; Dr. Drew needs to undergo a psych eval himself.

          The only thing I ever watch on HLNHD (I have DirecTv, not Time Warner Cable), EVER, is “Morning Express with Robin Meade”; I love the whole Morning Express crew (Robin, Jen Westhoven (money expert), Bob VanDillon (weather), & Carlos Diaz (sports))! If any segments about Jodi’s trial come up, I fast forward through those clips.

  10. This ruling is no big deal. It’s simply gives the lynch mob at HLN another reason to complain and explain why they want to be the ones that stick the needle in Jodi’s arm. Now HLN will whine that they should have gotten everything and that the court is bending over backwards to help Jodi.
    I won’t have any problem with it if bad things were to happen to the anchors at HLN. They’ve earned it.

    They overcharged Jodi. If there are no lesser charges for the jury to decide on, Jodi will walk. and HLN will go into meltdown mode. Man, I haven’t even watched any HLN coverage in 3-4 weeks now and they still have me pissed off.

  11. Do the jury leave at the same time as def and pros? If so, are they seeing the rock-star treatment of little-man and the heavy security surrounding the def?

    • I think they leave another way. My friend was on a Jury and she said they had a different entrance they used. It may be different there but I wouldnt think they would use the same exit.

  12. Ashley I am very GLAD that you do have your photo on here. It has been stated that the majority of Jodis supporters are MEN because of her looks! It is nice to see that a beautiful woman is PROVING them wrong by showing her face on this page!!!

    • There are a lot of women supporters here! I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess based on the comments I’ve seen alone, that over half of the posting community here is female. Maybe well OVER half.

      They haters are gonna hate, regardless, just because Jodi is attractive. It’s jealousy.

      And thank you, Jennifer, for your comment!

      • I get so angry when they insult her and call her a liar. As domestic Violence victims it is second nature to lie about what happened to protect the abuser. It is so clear she is a victim of Travis’ she is still trying to protect him. That is all part of the sick love us victims have for our abusers. I pray eveyday for Jodi!!

  13. ALYCE laviolette has given the most insightful, enlightning and detailed, analysis of interpersonal aggression i’ve ever come across

    NEXT, i wonder if the defense team intends to have her go beyond the general framework of such violence, to analyse specific facts, and incidents, vis a vis jodi and travis alexander ?

    THEN to the cross examination by JM the toad, more derogatory than frog 🙂
    the defense team so far has largely prospectively neutralized AL re JM, because of AL’s background in working for official institutions of state power ie the police, the military, large corporations, internationally, etc

    HOW will JM cross ?
    JM so far appears to have only one style of cross:
    a slightly less improper method than that beloved by the police when interrogating their victims in isolated interrogation rooms: refusing food, yelling, denying bathroom breaks, tight handcuffs, team questioning without let-up for hours and hours … ie the standard abusive psychological techniques popular among the police

    DOES JM have any other cross examination style ?

    SOME of JM’s standard cross examination tricks/tactics:


    ASKING if they have memory problems,

    GETTING them to answer yes to innocuous peripheral matters … then sliding in important and loaded questions to which a witness can be led to uncritically to responds yes, WITHOUT QUALIFICATION

    RAPID fire questions, ie without pause, in conjunction with yelling and improperly cutting off the response to the prior answers

    CONSISTENTLY ADVERSELY MISCHARACTERIZING, or paraphrasing, earlier answers by the witness = totally improper, and deliberate [ because it’s a consistent pattern]

    THE defense needs to be on their toes with the above because Judge Stephens habitually lets all this improper, in my opinion, questioning slide through

    are JW and KN allowed to work in tandem, while JM conducts his cross examination ?
    if so then for instance JW could take notes during the cross examination of a witness, to be used for her later re-direct
    during which KN could make evidentiary objections to JM’s cross examination ?

    i suspect not
    i’ve never seen such

    • You forgot his throwing things, and slamming his hands onto a table.

      Remember when he threw the actual camera on the ground? That is fucking evidence.

    • I think LaViolette will do very well on CE. She’ll tear up Juan Boy so bad he’ll think he had awaken
      a sleeping 200 foot woman giant!:-)lol

    • “are JW and KN allowed to work in tandem, while JM conducts his cross examination ?
      if so then for instance JW could take notes during the cross examination of a witness, to be used for her later re-direct during which KN could make evidentiary objections to JM’s cross examination ?”

      If I’m understanding your question correctly, you’re asking if KN is allowed to object during cross, even though JW was the attorney who did the direct and re-direct of a witness. And the answer is yes, procedurally, it’s perfectly allowable. Both attorneys represent Jodi, so either may object.

      So, you’re wondering why you don’t see that occur often, right? Well, there are two reasons. First of all, efficient and smooth running of the court. Preservation of the record is of the utmost importance and the court reporter has to be able to clearly hear and record which attorney objected and the basis of the objection. If you have two attorneys objecting at the same time, it can be difficult for the court reporter to clearly hear and record who objected and why. Likewise, it can be difficult for the judge to hear and rule, assuming it’s something she can quickly rule on without a sidebar. Therefore, if both attorneys were objecting, a judge might request that only one of them do so by asking for only one objection from counsel’s table.

      The second reason is that one attorney has usually prepared the witness and been more closely involved in what the witness is testifying to, in sharing the workload. That’s why one attorney generally does both the direct and re-direct of the same witness; while the other attorney does the same for a different witness. Therefore, the attorney who has worked with that witness would be more familiar with objections such as “beyond the scope” etc., during cross. Attorneys have great respect for each other and will try to pay deference to the one who has more familiarity with his/her own portion of the case they’re presenting — unless there’s some compelling reason to switch.

      I hope that makes sense.

        THANK you very much for your answers, and reasons
        YOU have professional knowledge this ?
        I’VE never seen it occur
        I was speculating that only one would object, and that such person could devote themself fully to that task, but i acknowledge the relevance of familiarity with particular witnesses
        i was not thinking of splitting direct, and re-direct
        the judge has no imperative to rule quickly, that i know of … the soundness of her rulings is more important than speed
        HOWEVER, the smooth running of the trial, while important, is subordinate to the judge’s task to only allow admissible evidence before the jury.
        SIDEBARS can be used for a more extensive discussion, and to discuss material which the jury should not hear, until ruled upon
        A convenience, in lieu of sending the jury out of the room.
        WHAT prompted my line of thinking was that i noticed jw splitting her attention between taking notes and contemporaneously assessing whether to object or not
        SHE was very busy
        IN large part, the issue arose because, in my opinion, the judge allows so much improper cross [yelling etc ]
        THE issue of respect between jodi’s attorneys, i speculate, is subordinate to their efficient coordination, though clearly the potentiality for a real mess to develope would exist if they worked in tandem as i postulated 🙂

    • Me either. He’s supposed to be a leader in the field of psychology (*cough* BULLSHIT! *cough*), but he’s nothing more than a glorified sheep blindly following Nancy Disgrace and Co. Disgusting.

        • Is that your kitty, Janeen? I love cats! I HAD four, until yesterday, when we lost our beloved kitty at 9 years old due to cancer.

            • thank you Janeen, and thank you for giving a home to 9 kitties! I am still pretty numb from my loss, my eyes are nearly swollen shut today from crying so hard yesterday.

              • I had one of my cats for 7 years and lost him back in Aug 2012. I cried for a couple of weeks it was so hard. He had been sick a few times and we spent more than 6k on hum. He was a member of my family. We have many pictures of him around the house. I have 3 other kitty’s and 2 dogs. My hubby got me a puppy for Christmas. I think it was to jelpedeal. I completely understand your loss and am very sorry for your loss. I have never gone into a blog or ever dreamed I would blog. But I love this site and the people hete. I am really into this trial and truly do not think any jury could find her guilty of pre meditation. Thank you for thos site where people can see through the bs.

        • LOL I just watched that show a few minutes ago on a network called Antenna tv LOL and he so does resemble the father!!

  14. Good Morning all!!! Just got my tea and my makeup on. Maybe I’ll do a little work at my desk while I listen today:>)))))) What do I have 3hours????? And of course they’ll start late and end early….geeeeesh!!!!!


  16. Good Morning, Everyone!

    Well I missed yesterday and it seems that I actually didn’t miss anything. But I did read through some posts and they made me so upset for the whole night – I couldn’t even sleep. First, I was upset about what I read about Sheriff Joe A., I cannot believe (and am absolutely disgusted) that he can act the way he does and he gets away with it. (Did you guys see that in addition to his well-known atrocities – he will not even investigate sexual assaults/abuse; even when children are the victims!)

    Secondly I cannot believe that there are actually people in this world that are treating JM like a ‘rock star!’ Really?! So what are these people being fed that they think he is good at what he does?

    And lastly, I realized there are far more ‘trolls’ on here than I previously realized. Example; I have been using ‘pissedconsumer’ for some time now but never got comments back. Now many comments bashing my HLN post (but on the good side, I see some of you guys have been there too and THANKS! 🙂 ) So, why are people trolling here? Do they honestly have nothing better to do than lie in wait in order to try to bash anything that has to do with decency and fairness in America?

    This world is seriously f*%kd up and it makes me sad for my children. But on the other side, I do know, deep down, that the truth will come out. One day, people will look back on this case and remember how abused people are really treated by the public and media.

    And that is my rant for today.

    • Rants are very helpful when it comes to this case. You missed the one about the troll complaining that this is a victims site that does not discuss the evidence. They complained about some of us talking about our own DV too much.

    • I agree cindyp – I am sad for my children – but I am also very afraid. If a person of the male gender EVER treated my daughter like TA treated JA (and hopefully I would see the signs) I’d murder him myself – she wouldn’t have to.

      Just a thought…maybe the nazi sheriff doesn’t investigate sexual abuses, etc. because he knows all the perpetrators…might even be one himself….

      We are ON…finally…where is Jodi?

    • Thanks, you guys, I do feel better. 🙂 I’m sorry, but I find it funny that a troll said we all complain too much. I’ve been told that on hater sites, too; typical abuser/enabler behavior. (And I’m shocked they cannot even see the irony of that comment.)

    • Oooppps… its up, sorry guys!!! I know I should know better then to blv those losers.

      Hope LaViolette has a GRREEEEAAATTTT day!!! And Mrs Wilmott too!

  17. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 10m

    The Arias trial was supposed to start today at 9:30, but Judge Sherrie Stephens is still finishing up her morning calendar.

  18. Something I’m like to know from those in the courtroom – do you think the jury (or at least some of them) are listening to Alyce LaViolette and taking everything in? I guess it’s very hard to tell for sure, what I mean is they aren’t falling asleep or looking bored?

    If so, I think Jodi is safe and will soon be free, the defence case is objectively very strong, Martinez has nothing of substance. All he has is prejudice – his own, and that of ignorant observers. I really want to see him taught a lesson. Of course we need prosecutors, but he has not been honest.

    Another thing: the juror questions : are they passed anonymously, or does the judge know which juror is asking which questions?


  20. I don’t want to bash Judge Stephens. I have no idea what else she has going on or what cases she is assigned to handle.Apparently the Jodi Arias trial is not high up on the priority list in Arizona Superior Court. That isn’t the judges fault I wouldn’t think.
    Although what happens in the courtroom is all about the judge and Judge Stephens has been atrocious at handling her courtroom from what I’ve seen.

  21. Martinez keeps referring himself as “The Prosecutor” instead of “Me”… Something is SEVERELY wrong with that man!

  22. Aaahhhaaaaaa Nurmis bringing it up about “ROCK STAR MARTINEZ! ”
    She better do something! !!! Haahaaa he called the dumb bitch out too!!!!!

    Oh no Martinez, you are wrong!!! MISCONDUCT! !!! Everyone knows about it and the jury is not going to admit they’ve seened it, they want to stay as a juror! !!

  23. She will not tell the truth. The talking heads are going berserk! She is in heaven, she has the whole worlds spotlight now. Sheesh, I just lost my breakfast.

    • Obviously the judge didn’t rule for the defense. Unless Nurmi is going to bring the video in on Tuesday that shows something differently. Cannot believe the jury would not at least be questioned. You would think that the defense would again request sequestration unless they know this would help if there is a verdict of guilt.

      Any thoughts?

  24. PLZ PLZ what’s happening????I had to take a call from work and I missed it!I see that dumb reporter on the stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. A lesson to these HLN people that they could be called to the stand if they don’t watch what they say or see hahaha

  26. Look at Jean strutting & playing it up to the cameras!

    I hope they go through EVERY MINUTE OF FOOTAGE and if she lied about ANYTHING, charge her with Contempt!

      • I think Jean is actually one of the more neutral reporters. I think she kind of has to side with prosecution when she is on NG shows. But, she did make the point that she thought that behavior outside the courthouse isn’t good esp if jury sees so she did help the defense today in my opinion!

        • When I was still watching some in Session (I think it was that show) Jean C. was on. The other talking heads were saying that JM was too brash, confrontational. When Jean C. came on, she was wearing a tight black dress with chains and a black ‘choke’ collar necklace. She said she thought JM was ‘commanding, took control and very good!’ I thought it was funny.


  28. That woman who posed for a photo with JM is sitting there in her glory. I’d like to know how SHE is so privileged to sit in the courtroom on a daily basis. I’m sure there are tons of people wanting to view this trial in person.

      • That blonde girl they were showing so much in the audience during the hearing about the juror and martinez rock star issue is named Katie Wick. She is featured on Dr Drew;s show at night on HLN.

        From what I heard her say on his show the other night, she and usually some friend get there very early everyday in hopes of getting in. On the Dr. Drew show she is referred to as Dr Drew’s jurors at the trial.


  29. I hope HLN gets throwed out of the courtroom and Martinez on top of them. They’re coverage has been biased, hideous and ridiculous at best.

  30. I was listening to the defense’s arguments re: the Jose Martinez Fan Club and one of my coworkers came up in the middle of Jean C.’s questioning. I can’t back up the video feed on CNN. What was the outcome? Is Martinez going to be stopped from signing autographs, etc.? Thanks – Paige

    • Me too A.J. Look forward to seeing their outfits . Jodi already served too much time in jail. I pray this trial will be over soon.

    • Some women give the rest a very bad name. Women are so f’d up. Soon they’ll be throwing their panties at Martinez in the courtroom. The little asshole is eating up the attention. Mistrial. Misconduct.

  31. does anyone know if judge stephens is married to Darwood???? (she certainly keeps her hair like Samantha used to)…..

  32. Didn’t someone post that the JM rockstar facebook page had been taken down? This is probably why that happened. Someone got wind of it before Nurmi got to it I bet!

  33. I think the entire thing with JM leaving the courthouse via the front door HAD to have been planned…He said himself that he doesn’t usually exit that way…how convenient.

  34. “Your Honor! The prosecution objects! The prosecution is a rock star! The prosecution is amazing! The prosecution loves himself!”

  35. Wow! That video!!

    Is it wrong that I sort of feel bad for Martinez? I mean, yeah, we all strongly dislike him for prosecuting Jodi, but if it wasn’t him, it would have been some other prosecutor…. right?

    What actually shocks me is the public’s attitude…. so many people idolizing Martinez, they are excited about Jodi being on death row…. I am not quite sure how to describe what I am trying to say… but all those people lining up to shake his hand …. What is wrong with the world?

      • True. But in all honesty, this is a highly sensitive, high-pressure case. I am actually more appalled by the public’s reaction to all this that Martinez’s courtroom antics. People pushing for her death …. Reminds me of that scene in Beauty and the Beast … when Gaston gathered the villagers to go and “kill the beast”

        • I agree. It’s very disturbing. The way people are carrying on is more horrifying than everything they accuse Jodi of.

    • You don’t think the entire scenario wasn’t PLANNED? Maybe they are seeking a mistrial…The prosecution knows they are having issues with this case. Maybe it is their way to get a Mulligan.

      • This may not result in a mistrial. Maybe in dismissal of a juror or two if they investigate and question each one individually and find that that juror followed Martinez or whatnot.

        If the jurors saw nothing, then this trial may very well go on. But this is huge grounds for appeal.

        • I just hope Jodi doesn’t have to go through this all over again…from the beginning, all on account of the HLN and JM and their shenanigans. It had to have been totally planned that JM leave the courthouse via the front door when he attests to rarely exiting that way.

  36. Now we know why he took his FB page down. Running scared. Here’s a news flash Juan – it is inappropriate to have news conferences on the case you are trying. We are seeking justice, not making you a rock star.

    • If nothing else, it was very unprofessional. But I think Nurmi’s absolutely correct that there are legal implications.

    • I hope the defense team knows about his FB page and can bring that in as well. maybe they couldn’t because Jurors would not see a FB page if they are following the Rules.

  37. I’m about 20 min behind, but I’m just now catching up! I cannot believe this. Maybe the judge will declare this a mistrial? 🙂

    *FFing through my dvr*

  38. I hope that was a BAM moment bringing into the trial, without objection, what she reviewed. I would think those items can now be introduced as exhibits. Hughes, Alexanders.

  39. Alyce is just validating what Dr. Samuels’ protocol with Jodi was, showing he was NOT infatuated with her! Go Alyce!!!

  40. See… she DID speak with Jodi. People where saying she DIDN’T. She spent 44 hours speaking with her.

    And the haters are sooooo mad that Nurmi popped Martinez bubble, they commented that now he’ll receive MORE death threats! !! Sick!!! And this came from a women! !!

    • Wouldn’t you need to be to listen to JM live? Mickey Sherman said last night that he would be suicidal after having to sit and listen to JM and said there wasn’t enough Xanax to ever get over this prosecutor. He called him “an idiot”. He asked if the other prosecutors from AZ were hiding under their desks.

    • I think someone posted here yesterday that Jennifer asked if Jodi had taken her medication,so yeah that could be the case.

  41. JW is AWESOME!!!!

    I LOVE how she just rewords her question after the croaks and GETS her question in!!!


    So now Dr. LaViolette will be the “lesbian in love with Arias” tonight!!!!

    • ”So now Dr. LaViolette will be the “lesbian in love with Arias” tonight!!!!”
      I’m betting good money on that!

    • The haters are sexually obsessed with Jodi, so they project that bizarre obsession on anyone who supports her. So when they talk shit that any male who supports Jodi must only want to sleep with her, or any woman who supports Jodi can be dismissed as a lovesick lesbian. It is really ridiculous, they just can’t fathom that there’s people out there that don’t think like they do with a one track mind.

  42. Brilliant u are Ms Wilmott.
    I love this lady. Preemptive strikes !! Martinez and his rat teeth make me sick. That video he was cheesing it up with the ladies. I read on twitter that the jury uses the front doors to enter the courthouse? Is this true??? The twitter reporter says he sees the same juror out there in front every day smoking.

    • What a DICK!!! But if Wilmot didn’t bring it up, he would’ve bedn all over it, accusing her too. Now that he’ll look stupid if he accuses her, he wants to call it irrelevant! !!!!

      The King Jordan show ragged him so bad lastnight!!!

      • Talking about DICK, did you’ll notice NG always addressed Dr. Samuels as “Di*k Samuels” and not Dr. or Richard? Except one day when it seemed like someone corrected her.

        • Lol I hadnt watch HLN in a while, unil today. I broke my promise : (( but I really want to see what excuse theyll have after today’s testimony from LaViolette.

  43. Jodi has a brilliant defence team!!! Samuels was playing theatrics he is not a bumbler!!. They are playing out thr overt sexism in this country!! No one is going to think AL LIKES Jodi!!

  44. Dr. LaViolette is AWESOME too!

    JM won’t be able to make a big deal about her giving Jodi books…

    But I’m sure HLN will…..(referring to my prior comment)

      • oh,dont pay attention to what colour description I use.I always confuse colours.You are right,it could be purple.

        • Haha, no worries. Those colors are easily confused. But in the US, domestic violence awareness month is in October (I believe). The color for that month is purple. That’s why I said purple, given who is testifying, and the facts of the case.

            • Maria, if this trial was airing in your country, it would be us who would be asking you all these questions 🙂 I like learning new things this way! It’s fun 🙂 Glad to see Jodi has support all over the world.

              • Thank God trials are not aired here!Nor are details and/or evidence ever made public.I’m saying that because I wouldnt like to see this media circus trend that’s been going on there coming over here.

    • I think its purple. Among many groups and causes the purple ribbon represents are victims of domestic violence; abuse against domestic animals and wildlife; anti-gay bulling; victims and survivors of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, including firefighters and police officers.

    • And Travis Town is bitching about it if you can believe it because apparently THEY are they only ones allowed to wear ribbons!

    • Oooh! They are the PURPLE RIBBONS that JC TEAM JODI ADMIN was talking about.

      I see Jodi’s mom is also wearing white, doing the best of both color campaigns.

      Rock on Arias family 🙂

  45. This is what I have been waiting for. This lady knows her stuff and is very credible. The jury better pay attention. Martinez is going to be objecting all over they place because this will further crush his case.

    • This will bring Jodi and her mom closer together. They are getting therapy in the court room. I hope they can move forward with their relationship after all of this.

    • I always said that. When you whip your daughter with a belt you have nothing else you can do that would redeem you in my eyes. NOTHING. So the rest of it doesn’t surprise me either.

    • They sound so much like my family. My abuse came from my father. Physical abuse, he would beat me and my brother and my mom would not intervene, just like Jodis mom. I felt the same way. Your getting beaten by a grown man, your moms watching and theres nothing you can do about it but love them both. By the way, my parents are still together. He NEVER lay hands on my mom or older sister. Idk it was always me and my brother. We still talk but we dont have a normal daughter father relationship. Iv always said, “I have a father, but never had my daddy”. Anyway, im all grown up now but this is why I feel for her, I know the relationship she has with her parents and she still loves them both.

    • Well think about it. A mother that stands there and does NOTHING, while a grown man is beating on your daughter???!! It happened in my family. I have two daughters now and iv told my husband, the day you try to hurt those two little girls, your going to jail and when you get out, we’ll be long gone!!!

    • I’m impressed at how LaViolette can recite all these details without notes !! She knows this case inside out, IMO.

      • Very good observation!! Now Martinez can’t use her “notes” against her. We all know how he loves to talk in circles and the notes are flying everywhere.

  46. Good job for Kurt Nurmi and Jennifer Wilmott keeping their radars up. HLN is nothing but a comedy show, but I don’t find this case funny at all. Their comments are stupid and shows how uneducated and unethical these people are.These are top shelf lawyers as I read in another post. I think they’re doing a great job.

    • HLN is driving me crazy too. But I have to say Jean Cesarez did the right thing by stating her opinion on the air. She said her concern was that a juror could witness Martinez acting so unprofessionally. I doubt she ever would have said that on the Nancy Grace show. If she had, Nancy would have cut her microphone off.

      • IMO, JC is one of the better, more honest ones on HLN. Galanos also seems to try to be less biased more than the other anchors, and I like the defense attorney he has on these days (today).

        • The little round faced guy with glasses is definitely pro-defense, unlike most of the other defense attorneys who are giddy to be on HLN & say what is expected of them.

      • I felt the same way yesterday, after seeing Martinez signing autographs. This is all the celebrating he will get, because he is losing the case. God Bless Jodi. Soon she will be free!!!!

  47. I hope JW doesn’t finish with Ms. La Violette today so that the jurors leave on a high note for the defense during the long break.

  48. Ms. LaViolette is on point today! I can see how this testimony could really change the jurors’ minds about Jodi.

  49. Kermit won’t be able to ask La Violette if she has a memory problem. She’s not referring to any notes for her testimony.

  50. Alice is educating this jury on abuse. Now she is going to relate this specifically to Jodi’s case. I love it. She is phenominal. She will show that YES, Jodi was abused! Love her.

  51. What just struck me was that I am so ignorant about how a certain part of the world lives. I knew this kind of abuse exists, but that was more at an intellectual level. This stuff just smacks you in the face.

    I am truly blessed. We were brought up in a household where we, the two kids, knew that there was one constant in this world. The four folks in that house shared an unconditional love, and nothing or no person in that house would ever harm or hurt us. Oh we had our teenage revolts, and we yelled about things not being fair and all of that other stuff. But we knew – that was the one guaranteed safe harbor, where no one would ever hurt us.

    My wife and I have tried to create the same in our family. I hope we’ve succeeded.

    • You are blessed, Al. As I watch this I see things I will talk to my teenage girls about such as boundaries, for starters.

    • I’ve created that for my daughter, too. She and I talk about different topics every single day… There is nothing off-limits between us.

      • I think watching this testimony is so beneficial, too. It is helping me to understand what else I may need to speak to my children about. This woman (LaViolette) is amazing.

  52. Arghhh… I’m so into this testimony, but I have to leave! 🙁 Gotta pick my sweet Munchkin up from school.

    I hate I’m going to miss any of Alyce’s testimony; it’s so engrossing and enlightening.

  53. All the $ spent on the case, both prosecution & defense is about the case being overcharged & on top of that DP, this is the deciding government’s fault. Not sure if the state or county making those calls?

  54. Has anybody noticed Jodi keeps looking to her left? I keep wondering if she is looking at Nurmi (who is sitting straight forward today) or JM?

      • She does seem to be looking at the jurors today often. I’m sure this testimony is validating for her and I’m guessing she is trying to read their faces to see what their reactions are.

    • I was wondering how some of the witnesses could stay up there so long without that request…I remember serving on a jury and I had to flag down the bailiff…it was awful.

      • Almost looked like Nurmi pointed it out to the judge because then she looked over at Flores and TA’s family. ??

        • They always distractions including loud coughs. Judge SHOULD admonish!! There is so much prosecution shenegans in this case DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!

        • I just rewatched it. Every time Nurmi glanced at Flores & Family talking, Martinez looked over too. Then you can see Nurmi gesturing to the judge about it and she looks and kind of rolls her eyes. Them Martinez goes over towards Flores/Family, and according the Michael Keifer on twitter, Martinez is now talking with the family.

    • Thank you! I am a doctor and I was thinking the exact same thing when he downplayed her headaches. Is he the medical expert of everything??

      • I have migraines since I was 9, and they are hell. I used to work in a clinic and I would seriously go throw up in between patients, I’d still have to work with the migraine, and it was torture. A migraine is not a typical headache, and unless you’ve had them, you can’t possibly understand them.

          • My ex-husband used to get migraines. It was very important that he didn’t miss meals and that he got his 8 hours of sleep every night. Is the jail really waking Jodi up at 1:30 or 3:00 A.M. to get ready for the day??? There’s something really wrong there.

      • I’m pretty sure he is/was an internist. From what I can tell, many of his guests are under the impression that he is some type of mental health expert or is a psychiatrist. Interesting and irritating.

        I have yet to see him correct their misunderstanding either.

      • When Dr. Drew appeared as an “expert” on one of the HLN’s mock trials, he carried a sheet of paper with the signs/symptoms of PTSD (which he admitted were obtained from Google). Not my kind of expert.

  55. Kirk Nurmi should be like Fat Bastard in the Austin Powers movie and tell little Troll Martinez to “get in my belly” Make that turd disappear.

  56. I don’t like the judge’s body language nor facial expression when she called them to the bench. She seems to be focused on JW. It is alright to scream and intimate witnesses like JM, I guess, and nothing is done about it.

  57. Oh boy, I hope this is where JW can get items admitted into evidence since Kermit did not object to any of the items that La Violette said she reviewed for her expert opinion.

  58. ALV is so darn good!She just had to glance at the e-mail to refresh her recollection.And she has reviewed dozens and dozens of them!wow…

  59. His objections will get more obnoxious as JW is able to enter more exhibits or gets into Hughes info or TA’s information.

    • I think this is the hardest for Martinez. It looks like he’s having a really hard time accepting that this witness is good for the defense. And after Nurmi popping his bubble this morning, he’s feeling like a piece of shit already. Not a good day for Martinez and I hope he doesn’t get his chance of cross examination today!

    • Yea they’re pissed!!! They’re complaining like Martinez, that its “hearsay”!!! How is it hearsay, but when Martinez wants to use it ita all good?!


    • I have never seen this many sidebars following objections ever. Why the need for constant sidebars Judge? Make a ruling and move on once in awhile.

  61. It is OK to take everything the Morman Mafia says as truth cuz they are rich and white but anyone who goes against this is just a liar. What is their proof of truth??? Their money or being a Mormon??? Would you trust someone like Chris Hughes seller of ripoff insurance?????

  62. I wish I could see in the reflection of Jodi’s glasses what she is drawing today. She seems at ease, safe in a way. I wonder if Ms. LaViolette instills peace in her.

  63. Is anyone here familiar with Thomas Hardy’s, “Tess of the D’urbervilles”? I keep thinking about this classic, tragic story of a woman taken advantage of in relation to Jodi.


  65. Martinez is going to have skid marks in his chonies after everything that has gone on today. These emails will blow a hole all up in his case along with the rock star autograph session issue. Today is a bad day for Kermie.


  67. Whenever the camera is on Jodi I just want to hug and protect her. Being as I have a 24 y/o daughter named Jodi myself Jodi Arias brings out the paternal instincts in me.

  68. Okay, I wish Ms. LaViolette would just spit it out cuz the longer she takes the easier it is for JM to object! cindyp is frustrated…. (lol)

  69. Ohhh what an IDIOT!!!! He’s making it so OBVIOUS to the jury, that he doesn’t want this to come in!!! The jury will have more Questions about this, they’re going to WANT TO KNOW what’s on THAT email.


  71. Guys,
    Harmony had a great idea! If some of you have a Facebook account,why not changing our profile pics to a purple ribbon(maybe writing ”I support Jodi Arias”) and show our love and continuing support to her? I just did!

  72. I SEE THE TIDES TURNING. AMEN. Alice is so well versed in her profession. She has sooo… much experience in abuse and relationships that no one can discredit her testimony. I almost hope that Martinez shows his ass again, so Alice can school him and put him in his place. She doesn’t look like the type to stand for nonsense.

  73. Nurmi is walking up to the sidebars with a pep in his step today. He’s proud of himself I’m sure for making a fool oout of HLN and JM. I sure am….

    • Me too. I’m also actually loving that JM is objecting so much today. This expert is credible and her answers will stick with the jury. JW will go over every document La Violette used to form her opinion. At this point, even if the objection is sustained, the jury heard that the Hughes’ said in the email that TA has been abusive to other women.

      Can’t unring that bell……BAM

  74. I had to take a call for work ealier that took about 20 minutes, so I paused my stream while I was on the phone. After fast-fwding through all the sidebars, am already caught up. Yeesh.

  75. I love how when Jennifer ends a question with “right?”, Martinez objects because it’s leading. Yet he ends EVERY question with “RIGHT?”

  76. If there is any doubt which juror is watching HLN, I believe it’s the one who asked about cocking and loading the gun. That was exact word for word from a HLN show the previous night. If they can find out which juror that was, they will have their culprit. I do believe there is more than one, but that one for sure got that question from the media.
    Last night, they talked about how people are spending their spring breaks, flying in from all over the world, to sit in the court room, so they can “experience the thrill” of this trial. That statement made me so uncomfortable, that people actually would seek a “thrill” from watching a DP case involving a young innocent victim of domestic violence, and subsequent murder of her perpetrator. What has this world come to…makes me very sad. Vladimir said it well yesterday, that this is making the state of Arizona look really bad.

    • I think this trial is some kind of catharsis for women who are really bitter &/or have been cheated on by their guys. They are too dumb or desperate to see that the guy is no good, so they hate other women instead & Arias is a scapegoat for that, attractive young, and they can use this against their guys saying see this is what could happen to you if you were with another woman.