Jodi Arias Trial – Day 38 (cancelled)

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Click here to access the “Defendants Motion for Protective Order” document, which relates to this morning’s hearing where Jodi’s attorneys are trying to seal the billing records they submitted, which have been requested by the media (HLN/Turner). Allowing public access to these records would reveal privileged information to the prosecution regarding who the defense have interviewed, what they’ve investigated, their strategy for trial and the penalty phase (if applicable).
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Moving on…

So now we have the media referring to Dr Richard Samuels as “the amnesia quack” and Alyce LaViolette as “the lesbian social worker”. But the fact is, had this Dream Team of accomplished & distinguished experts been testifying for the prosecution, there’s no doubt that the very same media would be singing their praises from the rooftops 24/7. That’s the difference.

It’s not only Martinez that’s doing every abuse victim a grave disservice with his questioning the very existence of PTSD & DV, but the media are following suit. What a bunch of ignorant clueless bastards they really are.

Here are a few comments posted yesterday which sum everything up:

(gibby gibson) — “…Alyce LaViolette is absolutely NAILING the type of abuse Jodi endured!!!! It has been such a tremendous concern–this whole minimizing of the “abuse” that Jodi suffered. LaViolette is completely clarifying that non-extreme abuse is just as real as the obvious type. Take that and shove it, HLN. I’m sorry, but those people who have been criticizing Jodi for making a mockery of “real abuse” are a bunch of Aholes!”

(MB) — “The Travis Taliban and HLN have joined forces to roll back the progress on women’s rights and awareness of abuse and rape. They present themselves as a legitimate news outlet with a progressive agenda, but at the end of the day they are nowhere to be found when it comes to women and girls.

Besides, who are THEY to decide what “real” abuse is? Ms Violette has more experience and understanding in her little pinkie than they do collectively.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

By the way — Vladimir Gagic will be hosting a live radio program TODAY at 12 noon AZ/Pacific time, to coincide with the noon trial recess. Click here to listen in to the program. You can also call in & ask questions during the live show @ (718) 305-6376, or Tweet your question @vlgaIt should be a very interesting & insightful call, as always.

So let’s prepare for another awesome day as Alyce LaViolette continues with her direct testimony.

Remember… We are Team Jodi – and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS.

Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Leave your comments below on day 38…

Team Jodi

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      • My page for today is here

        It’s a bit unfinished, but comments are welcome.

        A question I have : presumably all the bank transactions are known available?

        I’m having a dispute with someone over a payment TA made to Jodi on 22 Feb, the day he broke Jodi’s finger. The one apparently referenced by the texts with times:

        12:20pm Jodi: Did you make the deposit?
        12:22pm Travis: Yes

        Jodi implied this was a small amount ( an “increment” ).
        Do we know that actual amount (yet)?
        If not, I wonder if it will be shown in the next few days ( as evidence of financial abuse )

        Actually, it’s probably a bit silly getting bogged down in details like this, but I just wondered if anyone knew.

        • Great post and very thought out. I really like where you pointed out how she thought it was her fault when he abused her. I know at least for me I can relate. Also the part about acting normal, is a key point. She had been covering up his abuse for so long I do think it played into her actions. To this day it stills seems that she is playing down the abuse to protect TA. I think she was willing to keep hiding this abuse because she did try to make a plea deal. I think someone said yesterday she was not receiving therapy in prison. That is so sad and I hope she at some point can get therapy to help her deal with the abuse she suffered.

            • I feel so sorry for Jodi havivg to endure all this abuse again. I just pray this will be over soon and God keeps her strong.

          • I’m still working out my thoughts on this.

            I think in some ways Jodi was taking what seems the easiest way at each moment in time.

            That is putting off her arrest, putting off having to talk about what happened, and revealing everything that has come out of the trial.

            In the interview, Flores kind of “opens a door”, suggesting other people might have been involved, and Jodi walks through it just as she approaches the moment after the gun shot went off.

            It’s quite hard to describe the ability of a person to say one thing in public while probably believing another thing in private. but most religions seem to call for this, so it is within our capability. I don’t want to get specific about religion, but it seems to me this is true.

            I think Jodi has quite a suggestible personality : she believes in pre-paid legal, she believes in Travis, she converts(?) to the Mormon church, she is searching for answers, but all of these let her down to some extent. Nothing in life is black or white, there are elements of good and bad in all of these, I’m just thinking about the patterns here.

            • I also just thought about the parallel with where she runs down the hallway after dropping the camera. To the left is a closed door, and safety, but public exposure, to the right is an open door, danger and privacy. She chooses the wrong door, unfortunately.

              • Hi. The closet door might have been the right door for her at that instant. If she went for the bedroom door, straight, she had to open it and could get caught by him rushing behind and slamming the door on her while she opens it. But swinging into the open closet which has an other open exit offers a narrow path to going round and round holding to door jambs where a small nimble woman can go faster than a large man with wet feet.

        • geebee2,
          I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article. You encapsulate, or rather, bring to order, the chaotic existence that Jodi was experiencing. Your words make sense to me. Even though I have paid close attention to the trial and much of what you write has been part of the trial, your clarification sans the trial objections, repeated sidebars and lunch breaks, etc. have helped to organize things for me and make things logical. Thank you. I look forward to reading more.

        • Well, it would stop the latest haters stupid theory–that Jodi’s finger wasn’t broken by TA.. its double jointed.

          What will they come up with next.

      • Thanks for the link, Philip. Group Think because They can’t..

        I shake my head at some of the hate stuff …and these are supposed to be human beings?

  1. Nice post SJ. It saddens mean the way some are resorting to such hate and name calling of the experts. The combined experience of Dr. Samuels and Alyce is so impressive and Ms. LaViolette has been laying out all types of abuse that I think the average person can relate. I have said often that the cameras should have been left out of the courtroom, but in a odd way Ms. LaViolette might have helped so many out there. There may even be some out there that might find a way to get out of an abusive relationship. The media spends so much time beating up on those around the defense that they have missed a golden opportunity to discuss abusive relationships and ways to get help.

    • Hi AJ,

      Yes, but discussing abusive relationships and ways to get help would NOT be very profitable for the media.

      I agree on the cameras in the courtroom point too, where the trial itself becomes secondary to the BS reality TV show.

      Not wanting to open another can of worms following my “Mexican farm workers” comments from the other week… but if Jodi (and Casey for that matter) had been black, then I doubt we’d of even heard of the trials in the first place.

      Team Jodi

      • I agree that they would not make money off of it and therefore they did not do even go there. That is our society if something is not bringing a profit then it is not worthing of doing it. They do specials on anti-bullying but I have never seen one on abusive relationships. I find this conflicting due to all the bullying around this case.

      • SJ, it WAS profitable to the media when it was OJ Simpson on trial though. Then, they had LOTS of experts discussing abusive relationships on their shows. That trial: Much loved handsome African American male football player turned actor allegedly kills his beautiful white female ex-wife and her white male boyfriend. And the media has been in a frenzy ever since about sports players! Here we have an unknown beautiful Hispanic female allegedly killing her handsome motivational speaking religious white ex-boyfriend. Let’s vilify her!

        • Totally off topic, but I do want you to know that through this testimony you have particularly been in my thoughts. I can imagine that as a victim of DV, it is possible that this would open or irritate old wounds. Also, you and all of the ladies (and gentlemen, if applicable) who have contributed so poignantly to this discussion add a whole dimension to this case that make it much more than an academic exercise for those of us who are truly interested in justice. Thank you, and may you and your fellow victims receive my wishes for your continued healing and triumph.

        • Nicole was also an attractive white female. There have been other African-American football starts that have murdered their wives with not much attention from the media. The one that jumps to mind the abused party was also African-American.

          As much as we want to deny it, the media is very selective as to who they chose for ratings. As was noted above, this tends to be trials that involve attractive white females either defendant or victim. IMO.

          • I have always said that if it had been Marguerite and AC in that courtyard, I doubted if anyone would have ever been arrested. You may not realize it, but Geraldo and his then-guest Nancy Grace were “reporting” the OJ Simpson trial in the same way HLN is “reporting” on Jodi Arias. It got to the point that I would set my VCR before I went to work and watch the trial when I got home. Then I would watch Geraldo and turn to my husband and ask, “Are they watching the same trial?”

      • That is absolutely true. Look at all of the minority children who are killed every day and the media doesn’t look twice. But they wanted to hang Casey in the public square for Caylee’s death when there was no proof that a murder even took place.

        I once read a comment where someone referred to Nancy Grace’s show as the “Missing White Girl Hour.”

        • Appropriate name for NG show in days past. I used to watch it a couple of years ago. But then I realized that she was just tear jerking herself for a few days then would never follow up later on the stories.

        • If Jodi had killed an illegal Mexican dude, no one would have cared. That is just the way it is. All kinds of trials will not be getting adequate attention in Maricopa County for the next few years because of the attention being given to this one. Look at the list of cold cases in Maricopa County on the AZ website with the live trail coverage – pretty much young Hispanics & black men, and a few real poor looking white women.

          • Seek,
            You are correct! It would go to trial, sure, but not with all this hype. Sad to say, its been that way forever, all over the country. All cases of violence are deserving of the same justice, but the big “media hyped” ones are almost always of young to middle age, white, good looking people, usually with money, or at least middle class.This is even in the case of missing children, it isn’t a fair proportion of what we see and hear on the news at all. Drive by shootings and gang violence are reported here and there and for a very brief period. Not to sound nasty, as these crimes were horrible, but for example, Drew Peterson, Scott Peterson, Jon Benet, Casey Anthony,etc…all serious and awful cases, but in reality, there were thousands of the same type cases in minority groups or in poor neighborhoods that got little to no coverage. Its shameful.

      • Yes it is so sad. If a person or child of color is abducted we here nothing! But a white, blond kid and it is all over the news. What a world we live in.

  2. It’s pretty obvious to me that Jodi covered up a lot of Travis’s abuse. I found the comment LaViolette made about the two stories and DV the real one is probably worse interesting. I know many people don’t believe Jodi was abused despite the evidence of abusive texts, emails and even the phone recording the defense presented. I believe there is sooo much more she didn’t reveal in her testimony, and she probably still wanted to protect Travis. It’s a sad, tragic story. People truly hate Jodi and its really perplexing to me to read their rants. I don’t know Jodi and I watch the trial. I hope there are more people in this world who have open hearts and minds not just for Jodi but for anyone who goes through abuse and hard situations in life. Seek to understand not be understood.

    • FLNANG,

      I think it a case of the haters Not Wanting to understand..

      If Jodi had been ugly.. a whole different ball game..

  3. Here we go guys, today’s motion:

    What they’re trying to do is seal the billing records submitted by Jodi’s attorneys which have been requested by the media personnel mentioned. Allowing public access to these records would reveal information regarding who they’ve interviewed, what they’ve investigated, their strategy for trial and penalty phase (if any), etc. because they had to submit detailed statements of what they were billing for to the Office of the Public Defender.

    I could have sworn this was already decided a long time ago from minute entries I read, but I guess they have to go through it all over again!!! This is a motion they MUST win today.

    • This should be a slam dunk. I think the case just ends at Nurmi’s first point (attorney – client privilege, which is Jodi’s to waive, and no on else’s). The fact that the PDs office supports her defense has nothing to do with this. They are still her attorneys and so the privilege carries.

      In fact, often times the Congress has been stopped dead in their tracks by the DoJ because a president has invoked attorney-client privilege (The DoJ acts as the executive’s attorneys) and that is that.

      So as we say, this is a no-brainer.

      • One would have thought that sequestering the jury would have been a no-brainer, too. We’ll see if the judge really is a no-brainer.

    • Thanks AA,

      I just added a link to the PDF & info to the top of this page, so everyone can access it.

      Team Jodi

    • Thanks Also.

      The motion mentions two cases that allow for the defendant to have a fair trial that is not effected by the Media. I am still very confused as to why the so called “reporting” by HLN and the like is allowed to continue? I do understand that Jodi has the right to sue them, but are there any other ways to shut this one sided pro prosecution media blitz down? This is so out of control and I hope Dr. Samuals and Ms. Alyce L. will be able to sue them for slander or something.

      • Judge Stephens can’t, because of the First Amendment, exercise what is called ‘prior restraint’ on what HLN “reports.” At this point, I can’t imagine that it matters. This trial is so far off the rails, Judge Stephens’ grandchildren will have grandchildren by the time the appeals are sorted out IF there is a conviction.

        • You are so right Joujou! Being the eternal optimist, I just keep hoping that by some miracle, something can put a stop to this. The media just gets more dispicable everyday. They have sunk to a new low, by saying slanderous and potentially professionally harmful things about Dr. S, and Alyce L. ; two people who have dedicated their lives to helping others!!!

          • I did not watch the CA trial. My mother did. She said the same thing about that trial that we are saying about this one. I thought that it was her hippie crunchy Weatherman-sympathetic inner self rearing its’ head because of her glee that “underdog” Baez would “get rich and famous.” (My mom can’t resist an underdog’s ascendency to fame and fortune.) I was dismissive. I said things heavily peppered with “duct tape” and “chloroform.” She finally shouted, “BUT THEY HAVEN’T PROVEN IT!!” and I was stopped in my tracks. I highly value the rule of law (less so the proposition that all underdogs should be overlords). The Constitution, the concept of presumption of innocence, and the state bearing the burden of proof are essential to the fair administration of justice, in my opinion. I pray every day that a few people who not only take seriously their oath, but also feel the same way I do and follow the jury instructions, wind up on the jury. If that happens I don’t see how “any jury will ever convict [her].” If not, I don’t see any way in the world a conviction would survive an appeal. “And you can mark my words on that.”

    • This will be a no win either way. If the records are not sealed the media will go wild with spinning the details.

      If the records are sealed, the media will go wild about what is being “hidden” and why.

      • sz, I agree. I suspect that the media has a plan for the outcome of this hearing either way. They will certainly have a field day.

      • No, it will be a win if they win. Let the media say what they want. But until this trial is over, it would do unbelievable amounts of damage to the case if detail of every interview the defense conducted were made public. The media will offer those people money to come on their shows and those people who did not make it on the witness list will twist what they were going to say. There’s plenty of this happening already. But releasing the legal statements will only make that 1000 times worse. Not to mention the fact that it may reveal their entire strategy to JM.

  4. After yesterdays witness: Alyce LaViolette I sat here quietly, turned off my laptop and cried. She is right when she said you never forget. I was not crying for myself I cried for Jodi, her mother,Travis, his siblings.

    I really looked at JM when she was on the stand. We all wondered why he was so quiet…..perhaps just perhaps he was remembering his own childhood.

    Oh I do not doubt for one minute that he will turn this around that Jodi abused Travis. After all the only two people that have really said anything about Travis not treating Jodi well are the Hughes.

    Does anyone find it ironic that everything the haters have said on HLN seems to fall into place with what Alyse said yesterday about the abusers? Someones been doing their home work.

    JM will turn this around to Travis being the victim, mark my words. He will point out that Jodi admitted to lying …..just like he did with the GOOD Dr. so how can you tell if she told you the truth……..

    I hold HLN, CBS responsible for the death threats on JW and KN. They are responsible for inciting a mob mentality as they did in the CA trial. I can hear NG now, if Jodi gets off on anything less then the DP…….”THE DEVIL IS DANCING TONIGHT”. Then they will go on to the NEXT BIG STORY……I will assume it will be the Zimmerman trial……

    We are at a place in this trial that the jury needs to be sequestered if only for their own protection.

    I only hope that we have learned from the CA trial ….. these people that have given up their personal lives in the name of Justice all of them need to be protected.

    Jodi I pray for you every night…for the coming day. You are loved……..

    • It’s going to be the Zimmerman trial, starting in June, I can’t imagine the insanity around that one. If that is true about the defense team having to be escorted by security, just imagine if the jury doesn’t come back with the verdict that the majority of people want. These high profile cases should not be televised.

        • I hope its sequestered too! I imagine that grenade throwing gasbag fraud of a minister Al Sharpton will be doing his show at the trial site each night!!:-(

          • Tony… you even watch Al Sharpton’s show now? Have you watched Al Sharpton on TV for the last…let’s say four years? Al Sharpton is the voice of the voiceless……. If Trayvon Martin’s parents had not ASKED… more time….ASKED Al Sharpton to come to Florida to help get justice for their MURDERED son. You would not have ever heard of Trayvon Martin or GZ.

            This is the site for Jodi so I’ll stop here. But I could not read passed your comment without replying.

            • Moni,
              Just now reading this post…and wanted to tell you that I agree with you 100%. I also watch his show on MSNBC and find him both extremely intelligent and compassionate. There are so very many cases of violence that would otherwise go by the wayside and not even have an opportunity to be investigated if not for people like him and other civil rights activists. Just business as usual. I have heard a few mentions on this site about that case, but do not want to be rude or overstep by expounding on it. I just wanted you to know you aren’t alone in your belief.

    • I can relate because I took burst into tears several times and I guess it never truly leaves you. I think at one point when last night I was talking to my husband I said something where I was still blaming myself. It’s been about 8 years and I guess I still am working through it. I am still not past the fear of him coming after me. I am so thankful I have a supportive husband now who has helped me get through this.

      Yes the media is creating this lynch mob mentallity and I pray for the safety of Jodi her defense team as well as the jury. We all have seen whats happpens when the media disagrees with verdicts.

      • Yup…it never truely leaves…..I was Jodie ……. and I almost killed him…someone up there was looking after me. So after 20 plus years I am still struggling with low self exteem and trust issues. But I have learned……

    • I thought that NG was pro Zimmerman and against Trayvon, but I could be wrong. I used to watch about 4 years ago when the Misty Croslin stuff was on but got tired of hearing The CA JAILHOUSE RECORDINGS! every night.

        • Yeah I did a quick google search and the first thing that came up was NG cut the mic of one of Zimmerman’s friends. I learn something new on here everyday lol.

          I was just thinking I had heard someone on HLN calling Trayvon a thug or something to that effect, but I admit that I watch so much news it is hard to remember who said what. Different channels report completely contradictory facts. You know how it goes.

    • HLN has really revealed their lack of journalistic integrity and blatant dishonesty.
      1. Did anyone catch Nancy Grace a few nights ago attempting to make Alyce L. to be a “liar for hire”? She sited the fact that AL was an expert witness in a case where an abused woman was found guilty of killing her husband. I researched that case and the woman was a victim of severe abuse. There were police records, hospital reports, and something like 8 restraining orders. NG neglect to mention that the case was prosecuted before battered women’s syndrome was recognized by courts, and, that the woman’s sentence was eventually commuted when those laws went into effect, and the woman was an amazing advocate for battered women. She started groups in prison and continues to advocate now.
      2. Dr. Drew – he’s mentioned several times that Jodi is a batterer because she used sex in the same way men use the threat of violence. It’s unbelievable that he could say that a woman’s sex appeal is analogous to a man’s violence. I thought he was one of the few reasonably intelligent people on HLN but he’s as misogynistic as the rest. And the way he drools over that tool – I think his name is Abe – who dated Jodi once or twice – that guy is as arrogant and misogynistic as they come.

      • I think Dr Drew must be either obsessed with anal sex or in the closet. He is really a freak on this case with no effort to see both sides of the story or admit that TA was an abuser.

    • Oh yes, Jodi IS LOVED, very much.

      I didn’t know the Defense had had death threats, My God, that’s awful.

      Can the Jury aquit Jodi, can that be a verdict? I pray for that and her safety and the safety of the Defense.

      • It is my understanding everything such as food or medicine has to be approved by the jail. I believe JW and KN or not allowed to give her anything. I could be wrong though.

            • Yes when I found out that Jodi was being held here I was very upset. This sheriff has been on many programs and I find it disturbing the way he treats people in this jail. The fact that most are awaiting trial or serving a small amount of time makes it even worse. Jodi has been doing hard time already and she has not been convicted. I know NG was freaking out about the menu he showed and she was upset that he gave them ginger snaps. She has often commented that Jodi’s time here has been too easy… whatever

              • Is that disgusting or what? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

                I am so angry and so sad today about all this.

                • Yes, this whole trial, leaves me with much sadness and I am so far removed in location and circumstance that I sometimes wonder why I feel that way.
                  Yet I do.
                  This trial is unfair and justice seems like just a word and not a reality in all doings with this trial.

            • Actually Jodi is being held in the Estrella jail which is the “easiest” of the Maricopa jails or prisons because the vast majority of the people there have either been accused of a crime or are awaiting sentencing. Still, it is incredibly awful.

              Here is a link to a program that featured the Estrella Jail. If you are depressed, you might not want to check it out….

              • I’m at work and can’t watch that now. I’m not sure I want to. The “least” of anything Sheriff Joe does is usually more disgusting than I can handle anyway.

      • I’d give her everything if she was here with me, everything she wanted and needed. Peace and relaxation in bucketloads and then laughter, loads of it.

  5. Dr. Samuels = John the Baptist
    Alyce LaViolette = The Messiah of this case.

    No insult intended. I could not think of a better example of things to come.

  6. I have not been posting lately, however I want to thank everyone for the great support and investigative work in support of Jodi. Every night during my downtime, I read all the comments and links posted on this website. However, I want to share something bizarre that happened to me last night. I was going to sign off at 1:30 am and my gut told me to check my email account. I received an email from that I had placed an order at 11:17 pm. The total of this FRAUDULENT order came to $312.75. One of the items orders was “Just 4 You Walmart eGift card” in the amount of $200.00 sent to do not know anyone with this email address. I about fell over when I read this. I spent an hour or so changing passwords, alerting my credit card company, Walmart etc. This is the same credit card in conjunction with my PayPal account I used to send money to Jodi’s account. I twitter about Jodi’s case and follow both Pitchfork and Vladimir Gagic on Twitter. I am not one who believes in coincidences. I hope I am not over-reacting to these preposterous events that I just experienced, but wanted to share this with everyone. Go TEAM JODI!!

    • someone may want to alert the person responsible for the Jodi paypal account to check their account. I saw a video where they gave out the name of the person her money was going to, so it is entirely possible that someone hacked an account somewhere. I had my paypal hacked once so now I do not keep any bank stuff associated with it.

    • LM
      Thanks for the heads up. Please let us know what you find out as I’m sure several of us have used the Paypal to send a donation to Jodi and need to be on the lookout for this type of thing. Good luck getting this resolved.

    • I hope that you read this…Umm CONTACT yahoo they will tell you who has that email address. I posted yesterday about the trouble I had sending Jodi a simple post card that was regulation size. It was returned as was all her other mail that day because she was over her quota of mail for the day, When I contacted the jail to find out what the hell I was informaed that I was mistaken, as I held the postcard that they had written on in my hand, when I offered to photo copy it and fax it to them they changed their tune. I think SOMETHING STICKS at the JAIL !!!

    • Thank you for that info. I just removed my bank info since I have only used Paypal once and don’t plan to use it again anytime soon. Scary!

    • Ever since I made a few comments on hater’s sites, I have a very bad virus in my computer. Now I am using my husband’s laptop, but I do believe that It was because of those websites. I just don’t understand what type of virus is this because I do have virus and spyware protection.

  7. I forgot to add that the other item on this FRAUD Walmart order was a Fuji camera with an extended warranty…..this is so wild!!

  8. I need to ask everyone I know NOT to send me articles about this case because all they do is make me want to bawl. So, sorry to do this to everyone else, but have you read this one? (In other words, don’t read this if you don’t feel like crying today.)

    Some of what made me literally sob:

    “Among this week’s Internet scandals: TV viewers noticed that Arias took a pill of some kind while sitting at the defense table — she suffers from migraines; they saw her passing something to a member of her defense team, who passed it to Arias’ mother in the front row of the gallery — it was a birthday card.

    But the outrage flew through cyberspace, and worried out-of-state viewers called The Arizona Republic to do something about it. On Thursday, a Florida man called the newspaper to ask why authorities weren’t searching in the desert to find other Arias murder victims and then demanded that all the crime-scene photos be sent to him so that he could figure it out for us.”

    Poor Jodi can’t even give her mother a birthday card without a bunch of hullabaloo!!!

    And this MORON from Florida!!! Her “other victims”? Now, those freaks at HLN have convinced people she’s a serial killer?

    “Welcome back to the Jodi Arias trial, where people line up daily, hoping for a seat at the circus.”

    How can a trial about a man who lost his life, and a woman who is trying to save her life have become a circus?

    • What is wrong with people. This man in Florida is a complete moron. Her other victims? WTH is going on. This trial has created such a circus with a lynch mob in the wings.

    • I really wish EVERYONE except the defense & prosecution would stay out of this trial. I seldom watch HLN for that very reason. That being said, I understand the concern about passing anything to her mother in light of the messages that were found in JA’s magazines. I wouldn’t even think that her attorney’s would allow something that could look inappropriate.

      • I suspect the attorneys had permission from the jail to pass the birthday card to the mother and it had been inspected by the authorities at the jail. The attorneys are smart enough to know they would be seen and/or filmed. They aren’t going to take a risk of doing something improper during the middle of the trial..

  9. Both the Casey Anthony trial and now the Jodi Arias trial are highlighting the reasons why camera’s should not be allowed in the courtroom. They aren’t allowed in Pennsylvania courtrooms and I can understand why after seeing so often what goes on when they are allowed.
    The media takes control and tells the public what they should think and like good little sheep the public goes along with the media. HLN has the public brainwashed.
    Take out the camera’s and that problem goes away. A fair trial for everyone.

    • I agree Joe…you nailed this. I have never seen such pandemonium in my entire life. This also could have all been prevented if the plea bargain in 2011 for a charge of second degree murder was accepted by JM and the state of AZ.

    • Good Morning everyone. I testified in a trial that was a bit of a media sensation and was featured on Dateline NBC and I can tell you from experience being a witness in a trial that is followed by so many is hard. I was a witness for the prosecution and unlike Jodi’s trial the defendant was the one who many liked and hung on his every word. I was the enemy because I came forward. I know a little how Jodi must be feeling. They used everything wrong I ever did in my life to tear me apart and never mentioned the many good things that I have accomplished. I was fortunate in the fact that the trial one wasnt in the state I live in and two wasnt on national TV everyday. I was able to move past that but I still suffer many rough periods from the information I had to testify to. I pray for Jodi often during the day that she has the strength to ignore the stupidity of so many! When she is set free I pray the she is able to live a normal life but looking at how Cassie Anthony still has to live doesn’t give me much hope for this. What irratates me the most is yes Travis was the victim on the day he died…but Jodi was his victim so many times before that.

      • And I believe TA was an unintentional victim. Jodi said on the stand something like maybe she should not have fought back & just have let him kill her. I’m sure if she could go back and not visited him that day, she would choose that and none it would have happened.

    • On the otherhand, esp. with these 2 trials (CA & JA) seeing how the media presented the case to the public, I’d rather have the camera in to show me the unvarnished truth vs the one painted with a heavy hand of bias from the media.

      If the cameras were not allowed in, then we would be at the mercy of the reporters that would be allowed in – to accept their truth, or be left to speculate the truth. W/out the personal experience of these 2 trials in particular, one would never know that they inhaling the second-hand smoke from the bias that is spewing out from their collective geysers. Sorry, its not your comment, but the media reporting that has gotten me all riled up. 🙂

      • That’s so true and it happened in the Michael Jackson case in 2005. What the media reported on daily, and what was actually being testified to were two completely different things. Eventually, Aphrodite Jones wrote a book on the subject called “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”. No one wanted to publish her book! She ended up self-publishing. Aphrodite herself reported for Fox during the trial and was expected to give the standard party lines about the testimony, making it as salacious as possible. She played along … but later, felt bad about it. She was discharged by Fox for “telling the truth”. I mean, really, how dare she?

        And guess who was one of THE worst at misrepresenting the actual testimony during that case? You got it: Nancy Disgrace herself. Surprise, surprise. She (along with Diane Dimond) even paid people HUGE amounts of money to come on TV and lie.

      • I agree. Without cameras, we would not be able to see the truth of what is happening. The system needs to be scrutinized by the public. The media, I have no solutions for. I suppose our Constitution protects this kind of media.

  10. Is this behavior surprising to anyone? Really? You would think that members of the LGBT community or ACLU would speak up and say, “Well what exactly is wrong with being a lesbian? Hmmm?” This character assassination is nothing more than that. It’s something children do when they can’t figure out why they don’t like someone. They make fun of your appearance, or sexuality or your friends and family. None of it has anything to do with facts, just silly opinions.

    When Alyce said she hoped she’d still have a job after this (jokingly), I cringed because there was so much truth in it. So-called women say Jodi and Alyce make “real” DV victims look bad. Victims blaming victims? So sad. I’m a DV victim. And when I saw those disgusting pictures and heard those phone calls, I said to my sister, “Oh Jodi was definitely abused.” I don’t want to go into detail, but I’ve been there, where I did things sexually that I disagreed with so I wouldn’t lose the idiot boyfriend(s). Your self-esteem has to be at the absolute lowest to do these things. Jodi is a beautiful girl who was probably told she was nothing her entire life; when Travis treated her as so she believed it. It’s very heart-breaking.

    Back to the defense…I just started watching this case at the beginning of this month so I’m not in the know, but hearing about these death threats isn’t surprising. I live in Orlando. I lived Casey Anthony. I saw the craziness and stones being thrown from people who weren’t even taking caring of their own kids! People (women and men) wanted to harm Baez and Co; wanted to harm Casey. As someone here said: what about all of the other children in Orlando who go missing or are abused daily? I can’t remember his name, but a young Asian/black boy who was killed (and then his mother committed suicide….and I believe that was thanks to Big Mouth Nancy, correct?)….does anyone talk about him anymore? No. The media pretends to be so liberal and open-minded, but if you’re not a pretty white child/victim you receive little to no media coverage (and the only reason Trayvon is receiving attention is because of Obama…if he hadn’t said a word Trayvon would be another black child lost/killed).

    And again, I’ll have to deal with the crazies of Central FL going after Zimmerman (though I’m still undecided on that one). They won’t listen to both sides the way I will. They’ve made up their minds and let the lynchin begin baby! Sigh.

    I’m very excited about the trial today. I think the more people see Alyce, the more they have to think back to their own family history or “good” relationships. A family member who thought Jodi was guilty is now singing a different tune and saying, “Well maybe….” Exactly. Maybe. This whole case has been a big maybe. Life isn’t always absolutes.

    • Jennifer,
      I agree with what you said. I too am a DV victim and was sickened when I heard those tapes. When you have walked in the shoes of a DV victim you can pick up on little things that someone says or does and know right away they are a victim too. I could tell by the way she testified that she was a TRUE VICTIM. She lied to protect him just as many victims do. When the police came to my house and asked if he hit me I of COURSE said no I fell down the stairs, ran into the wall, etc. In these sick relationships we think if only we love them more, argue less, look better, make love to them the way they like…..etc. then they wont hurt us. We believe it is all OUR faults that the abuse happens. And just as Jodi thought she could HELP Travis not like little boys. We all think we can in some way “FIX” our abusive men by CONFORMING to what they want us to be. For Gosh sakes nothing screams this LOUDER than her changing her religion.JODI IS A VICTIM and shame on the court system for not seeing that!!

      • I did not even know about this trial until last month because I had stopped watching HLN last year. I TIVo most other things so when I came across this case on the net I could not believe all the horrible things being said. I had to look into it more and as soon as I watched some of her testimony, heard the tape and looked at those emails/text messages I knew she was abused by TA. It makes me sick and sad that they say she hurts “true” domestic violence victims.

        • AJ..and everyone else, I suppose- I didn’t hear about this trial until two months ago and I did hear from HLN but I knew better than to take anything other than the names of the victims as being fact. Still, one thing that I did see on HLN was a lot of the photos of Jodi and Travis together. I mean, who didn’t when they were on replay 24/7? So many people were reading into the photos, i.e. Jodi’s hand placement on Travis’ chin being interpreted as “freaky” due to her cutting his throat, but I looked at these photos and something stuck out to me immediately. Well, a lot stuck out but one thing in particular was that Travis has the same expression in every single picture they showed. Then, as I dug deeper and came across Jodi’s Myspace memorial slideshow of Travis, I saw the same expression in every one of her pictures too!

          Before I knew anything other than she was accused of killing him and how he was killed, here’s the impression I got from his photos…

          1. Travis was as much, if not more, in love with the camera than NG was ragging on Jodi for being.
          2. Every picture was posed which meant he purposely made the same expression each time. This told me he felt that was a sexy expression. That he used it every time told me he was insecure, afraid to be captured looking any other way. He had an overcompensated smug look that likely made him feel like a bad ass. People who purposely TRY to look sexy or tough almost always are quite aware of the fact that they aren’t or, at least, they don’t truly see themselves that way.
          3. There is a photo of him and Jodi kissing. He’s got his arm possessively around her neck and it looks like it’s a rough kiss. Not rough as in abusive but as in sexual. Although, as we know, with Jodi and Travis the line differentiating the two is blurred more often than not. Even in a photo of him kissing someone, Travis is looking at the camera out of the corner of his eye and, you guessed it, the same tough/sexy wannabe expression can be seen in his eyes. This picture made the biggest impact with me. It screamed “This is mine” and told me he felt he owned her. Two pictures later, she is standing in a tshirt that confirms my thoughts.

          I left that webpage feeling like Travis was a royal douche and thought there was no way Jodi could have been with him long enough to love him as that would take a lifetime, right? As I dig deeper into the internet abyss for more information I keep running into interviews and comments about what a saint Travis was and this was so far removed from the impression I got from photos. Now, I understand that photos are not the same as live person to person interaction and I allow for that when I’m reading from them. However, my gut impressions of people are RARELY wrong even when I get them from photos, so, what the flip gives?

          Try as I might, I couldn’t find anything from anyone to match my impression of Travis and it was driving me bonkers. I don’t like to be wrong. But, here, I must have been just that. Until I found Travis’ blog. It all came together then. I suspected abuse and when Jodi started her testimony my suspicions were confirmed.

          Now, I’m nothing great. I’m no Madame Cleo with psychic powers. I just have an understanding and knowledge of human behavior, that’s it. So, it baffles me how there is only a small percentage of people, mostly gathered on this site here, who see the real Travis and believe Jodi when everyone has seen the same damn pics and read the same damn blog that I have. HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO FUCKING BLIND? Because, I refuse to believe I’m that fucking amazing and special. I know better.

          That means there are a lot more “sheeple” in the masses than I originally thought. A lot more individuals who have literally become controlled by the media. Now all of the hoopla creating lynch mobs and shit with this case and finding that the defense are getting death threats even though Justin Bieber is not on the defense?! As crazy as I feel typing this; I’m terrified. I’m not going to lie. I am honestly terrified for what this means for us as a nation. I never believed in mind control but now I have no choice but to, at the very least, be open to it’s existence.

          Even considering mind control scares the shadoobie out of me, though. Especially, with the Zimmerman case coming up. Something is telling me we’re going to see one of two things; 1. A riot to put the Rodney King riots to shame 2. A man bent over and fucked by the Justice system, made an example of, and….NO, they are not going to buy him dinner, take him to a movie , OR USE KY JELLY when they do it either. They’re just gonna tie him to a tree and go Travis on him.

          I have not researched the Zimmerman/Martin case online. I’ve only gotten what little info I have from the talking heads. So, I don’t know if Zimmerman would deserve such an ass raping for the crime or not. I do know, that it is not for me to decide and even if it was, I have no business thinking one way or the other without him going to trial first.

          Thing is, in light of how utterly the justice system seems to be failing, I can’t help but wonder what a better more fair fate would be……trial or riot….with Zimmerman in the middle. Let’s be honest, at least if a riot mob was to have at him, he’d have a chance at getting away but letting the justice system work it’s “magic” on him leaves him as trapped as a rat and he has no chance.

          As to the issue of cameras in the courtroom, that’s a double edged sword isn’t it? It’s great in the sense that the public can see for themselves how flawed the system is and how dirty the courts play but, when the public is mostly brainwashed by the media, doesn’t it only serve to fuel their mob mentality? I mean, they cheer JM. Women want to FUCK this man! If that isn’t a sign that this Country has gone to shit and it’s time to GTFO, I don’t know what is. I’m a woman and the thought of fornicating with Fartinez makes me want to shoot myself and if that doesn’t kill me, you can bet your ass I’d stab myself 28 times then slit my throat just be sure I was dead before that little weasel started waggling his little Bic pen in my direction. Sometimes, over kill is necessary because one kill shot takes too long to kill and, at that point, the person is suffering and you want to put an end to it.

          I now understand why Jodi over killed. Wow.

          Sorry for the tangent.

      • So true … both of you, Jennifers. Thank you for speaking out and I’m so sorry that you’re both also DV victims, but so glad you got out.

        I so agree. It was the little things in her testimony, the phone sex tape, the texts, the fact that everyone thought he was purer than snow, the little his ex Lisa said, what the other friends who testified for the defense said … when you’ve lived through this, you just KNOW. But I don’t know how you explain it to anyone else because it’s a rare person who hasn’t lived it that will ever understand.

        One thing that HAS come out of this is that it’s made people talk about domestic abuse. I’m hoping Ms. LaViolette’s testimony will make people talk more. I’m so tired of it being a “disgusting” topic, something “shameful”, something that makes others feel “uncomfortable”.

        Last year, I was working on an appeal in my divorce from my abusive ex and trying to handle it myself because I couldn’t afford an attorney. Someone at work overheard me talking to someone else and asked what I was talking about. I told him my “Cliff Notes” version. He went to my boss and said it made him feel uncomfortable that I discussed my “personal family issues”. Yet, people wonder why Jodi didn’t tell anyone in the church or PPL circle of friends what was really up with Travis? And if she’d tried to report what he was doing to her, she would have gone through exactly what she’s going through now, and perhaps even worse. (This is neither here nor there, but that person who felt “uncomfortable” happens to be a Mormon.)

        (One of the main reasons for my appeal was that I’d been ordered to give my abusive husband my actual new home address and work address in a new state, even though I have an injunction for protection against him, and participate in an address confidentiality program for victims of domestic violence. When I refused, the judge struck my pleadings and barred me from participating in my own divorce. She granted a default judgment based on complete fraud (omitting assets and withdrawals he’d made from my account — he even charged his legal fees to my account fraudulently) whereby he was awarded $31,000. This gives him the right to track me down and garnish my wages and bank account.

        Even more disturbing is that it sets a legal precedent which renders address confidentiality programs moot since any judge can order a victim to disclose her address. Worse again, it could result in court-forum shopping for abusers. Want to find your victim? Go to Florida and sue her for something and a judge will order her to give you her address. The appeal is still pending.)

        I’m very passionate about all this. Domestic violence victims are abused again and again and again by the legal system, whether civil or criminal. This HAS to change.

        • “He went to my boss and said it made him feel uncomfortable that I discussed my “personal family issues”. ”

          What a jackass!! He shouldn’t have asked if he couldn’t handle it! At least now you know what kind of person he is.

          • Thank you both, BeeCee and Dorothy.

            The jackass: Yep, I avoid him like the plague!

            Justice prevailing: I doubt it. I’m dealing with FL with is THE worst state when it comes to domestic violence. My big hope is that they at least rule in favour of me on the protective order motion so that other victims in address confidentiality programs can continue to feel safe. My new state filed a killer amicus brief in the appeal and basically told FL that if they ruled against this, they would be the first ever to do so.

      • -Jennifer: Oh I know all too well about keeping secrets for abusers. I’ve even kept secrets for my own mother who abused me as a child. When people say, “Well why didn’t you say anything?!” they don’t understand that you still love the abuser(s). You still think things can get better. You like the way things are when they’re good (and when they’re good, they’re really good). Also, there is the shame. You don’t want anyone to know you are “allowing” yourself to be treated this way, especially if it was a great relationship at first and you hyped it up or God forbid, actually married the person. Then you have the years of investment you’ve put in. And if you have kids? Forget it. With DCF (an organization in my opinion which takes pleasure in embarrassing victims) snatching children away left and right, victims fear their children will be taken if they report any type of abuse.

        -AJ: Watching HLN is like watching only Fox or only MSNBC. You’re never going to get the truth, just a big pile of opinions. Unfortunately it’s the only channel that seems to show most of the trial and that’s where people are going to head to. I personally think the ganging up on Jodi will backfire like it did with Casey. People with empathy will not like the piling up and Mean Girl tactics of Nancy and her banshees.

        -AlsoAbused: Thank you for your story! The court system is another way for abusers to drive you insane (and Alyce also gave a great example yesterday about the father who killed his ex-son-in-law over court abuse). I’ve had to deal with it myself and judges just don’t get it. They seem to have the “well maybe he’s not so bad or maybe she’s a drama queen” mindset and give these losers opportunities to harass us again and again. Have you also noticed that victims have to show whether or not an abuser has the means to hurt them? We don’t want to know what is going on in their diabolical minds, we just want them away from us, which is why we’re here in the first place. The court system is flawed. It took two DV victims to die (along with their friends) for a new law to pass here in FL recently. Injunctions do nothing. Heck, even cops do nothing.

        The fact that a female judge did all of this to you AA is just despicable yet common. Women no longer protect women. We don’t have a sisterhood anymore (and that goes across all racial lines). We now serve our sisters to predators on a plate and look the other way.

        Religion is also a big problem because it is filled with secrets and all about image (and yes I believe I God/Jesus, but I will not set foot in a church). I’m not very familiar with the Mormon faith, but all religions seem to believe in this “turning of the cheek” and “pray about it” nonsense. The men are treated as royalty and the women are mere servants of God. It’s disgusting. I’ve found many religious people live in a fantasy world and do not like to hear negative things, real, worldly things, which is why they claim not to “live of this world” (another way of saying they’re cowards who don’t want to help their fellow man).

        Well I’ve rambled on and on. I’m happy I’ve found others who are not blinded by cringe-worthy reenactments from HLN and Travis’ fake friends who want their 15 minutes on Dr. Drew.

        • “Women no longer protect women. We don’t have a sisterhood anymore (and that goes across all racial lines). We now serve our sisters to predators on a plate and look the other way.”

          This is VERY true. There are also many women who are just plain too competitive for a man’a attention and don’t give a shit about the other woman (more famous versions are leanne rimes, angelina jolie, etc etc). Maybe we can start a sisterhood and spread a new way to be…

          • BeeCee-

            Well said my sister! I have been saying this for years now. Women are often eachother’s biggest enemies. I often think that men like TA would get away with a lot less if women stood together. I also think of all the brave souls who fought for women’s rights, and how recent generations have slowly but surely begun to turn that around. So I’m all for a sister-hood.

            HLN would have a field day with us! LOL

        • “The fact that a female judge did all of this to you AA is just despicable yet common. Women no longer protect women. We don’t have a sisterhood anymore (and that goes across all racial lines). We now serve our sisters to predators on a plate and look the other way.”

          The most despicable part of it all is that she’s the SAME judge that granted me the injunction for protection in the first place. As I’m sure you know, they’re issued on a temporary ex parte basis first. Then, you have a hearing after the other party has been served (in FL those hearings are 14 days later). He agreed to continue the injunction indefinitely — which is almost unheard of — and she granted it.

          Then, she denied my motion for protective order of my new home address a year later!!! His attorney is a LOT like JM, overly aggressive. I had an attorney for that hearing — but I couldn’t afford much, and got someone who used to work for the public defender’s office and essentially, she was completely outlawyered by his lawyer. Of course, his claim was that he knew my address when I lived in FL and didn’t do anything to me (other than shut off water, steal mail, change my mailing address, etc.). And now, we live hundreds of miles from each other. One of my appellate briefs made the point that such a distance may have been an important detail hundreds of years ago when travel was long and arduous. But today, he could hop on a plane and be at my doorstep in a few hours!

          That judge in my case was such a ditz though. Reading the transcript of the final hearing (which I was prohibited from participating in), after she’d granted him EVERYTHING and a judgment against me, she wished him well in his new single life, and said “I’d say the same to Mrs. Ogre if she were here” (I call my ex “ogre”). It was the most bizarre thing to read. Bitch, you gave him everything I ever owned, gave him yet another way to find me, but you wish me well? Eff you, judge.

          I’ve been told across the board that female judges are much worse in any case (criminal, divorce, custody, etc.) involving domestic violence than ANY male judge could ever be.

          About the sisterhood comment, you are soooo right. I don’t know if it’s because I grew up in Europe or what, but I still remember our days in college when you would literally fight for another girl — most especially up against a man — and just because she’s a girl, so she was considered a sister. We felt like we HAD to stick up for each other. When did all that change? Or, did it never exist in this country?

          What really irks me is comments by women who say Travis was just taking sex where he got it and Jodi was a whore luring him with it, so he used her for it. After all, he’s a red-blooded man. And what self-respecting woman gives a guy a blow job on the first date and actually expects a relationship? There’s even worse than that too where women describe Jodi’s genitalia in disgustingly explicit derogatory terms that I couldn’t even bring myself to write. Where is all this hatred coming from?

          And then, there are women — many of whom are mothers — posting stuff like: “A guy’s a guy, as my husband said. We talked about it and he admitted he was single once too and enjoyed sex with lots of women at the same time without telling them. Travis was single, a ladies man, enjoyed sex and somehow lost his ability to gauge her mental obsession with him in all the kinky sex she enticed him with.” “She tried to hold onto him with her wild sexcapades.” “She confused kinky sex with love.”

          Exactly what milennium are we living in? Are these women teaching their daughters that it’s okay if guys sleep around a lot, cheat, engage in kinky stuff, but they should remain virgins until they marry? And after marriage, if they want to get a little kinky once in a while, they should not be surprised if their husband discards them? Are they saying it’s okay if a guy cheats when he’s in a relationship or married? Are they teaching their sons that it’s okay to use a woman for sex, kinky sex, or anything else they want because after all, they’re guys? And what kind of monsters are they married to who agree with these things? What are they teaching their sons and daughters?

          • I once was in a relationship with a very controlling man. I was 14 and he was 23. I can tell you just a couple of things. 1st. You can not see how abusive a relationship is untill you are out of it it has taken me years to understand why I stayed so long (8years and 2 children)
            2nd they beat you down and make you fell like you are worthless. Low self esteam takes years and good people to help you find your self worth. I feel very strongly that Jodi was abused by this man and also think it is in a women’s nature to mistake sex for love when you have low self esteem. I wish I was on this jury. I do not watch anything other then the trial. Can’t stand The tallking heads!!

          • I think this competitiveness really began when our society became obsessed with celebrities, pop stars and me, me, me. I remember having a big group of girlfriends and not allowing boys to interfere with our friendship. Now young girls are saying they don’t like other girls, they only have guy friends, “trust no b!tch”, things along those lines.

            We also have these trashy anti-women shows like Bad Girls Club and Real Housewives of Whatever which pits women against one another. If there is a group of women on a show and there’s no physical fighting, people call it boring or lame.

            Those women who sneer at Jodi are insecure, I’m sure of it. Any woman who remains with a man who agrees that TA used her, but he was being a man, needs to look closely at her own relationship. I can guarantee their man is cheating or has cheated. Boys will be boys, right?

            And people should never all their sons to view women in a hyper sexual manner. Women are to be respected and treated with dignity, even those who may not believe they are worth much; they are still someone’s daughter.

            TA supporters who can brush off the fact that he used and abused a young woman with low self-esteem are just as sick as he was. Just because you can treat someone poorly and get away with it doesn’t mean you should do it.

            I have a brother and if he treated a woman this way I would be appalled. I’d be ashamed and I don’t think I could sit there wearing my homemade ribbon and a scowl with my nose in the air. But that takes someone with humility; someone who can step back and say, “You know what, maybe he wasn’t the person I thought he was.”

      • I couldn’t understand how anyone could NOT see it.. then I saw the haters and Nancy Disgrace. They’re not interested in any trial, fair or otherwise, they and the state just want her dead, they’re Barbarians.

        It is just so despicable. Right back to the Middle Ages.

        But.. now we have our Godsend.. Alyce.. 🙂

    • The reason that the Trayvon Martin came to the public eye of the nation, was not because Obama brought it up. It was because Trayvons parents went to every news outlet they could, and to Rev Al Sharpton to highlight what happened, instead of allowing it to be a “case closed” deal. After the media began talking about it on national news, Obama mentioned it during a speech on violence, expressing his sympathy. IMHO, if trayvons parents had not been so diligent and reached out everywhere they could, this would have been a closed case already, with no media attention.

  11. If you folks are like me you find it just about impossible to avoid knowing something no matter how small an amount about a story that you do your best to avoid.
    In this day and age you simply can’t avoid it unless you are sequestered.
    This leads me to the Jodi Arias jury. There is NO WAY they haven’t heard talk about this trial outside the courtroom. They should have been sequestered from the start. This trial should also be going 5 or even 6 days a week and 8 hours a day to get it to a conclusion.
    The whole thing is a bloodthirsty circus thanks to t HLN and the camera’s in the courtroom and a drama queen “I want the defendant dead no matter what” prosecutor.

    • The trial that I testified in was the defendants third trial..the first wasa guilty verdict but later over turned for jury misconduct, the seconds hung jury and the third which I testified in was a guilty verdict. I was able to talk to one of the jurors daughters long after the trial ended. The trial was a local sensation and was featured on the news many times during the day and in all the papers. I asked the jurors daughter how her mother avoided seeing the information. She said her mother didnt watch local TV she watched HBO and like channels. She didnt get on her computer or go to gas stations, grocery stores or anywhere else she may see the information. Her daughter also said her mother took being a juror very seriously and wanted to do the right thing and use only the info from the trial for a verdict. I think the jurors in Jodis trial are probably on the same line. They have devoted so much time to the trial they dont want to mess it up by reading a paper. I know the daughter also said that if the defense or prosecution asked her mother would of had to turn over her computers as would the other jurors. Not sure if this helps at all

      • I think I know exactly which trial you’re speaking of, but of course I won’t mention it publicly to protect your anonimity :). Thanks for coming forward and testifying…that was very brave.

      • Jennifer, that wouldn’t be the Ryan Widmer trial would it? I still think that poor boy was given a raw deal. Oh well, this world is fill of innocent people who are stuck in jail.

        • More than 30 jurors didn’t think that he got a raw deal, nor do I. But that’s all I’ll say about that case because this is Jodi’s site :).

  12. Does anyone beside me think that Judge Stephens will be compared to Judge Lance Ito when this is all behind us because of her lack of taking control of this court case?

    • Heck, Ito was a joke and Stephens has Ito beaten hands down.

      Ito may have allowed things to drag on, but the law was maintained in his court. Also he did not stand for misbehavior from the attorneys. I remember him holding various attorneys in contempt and fining them right on the spot.

      This judge has a Kangaroo Court of the worst type.

      • Al – the really sad thing is that she is running her courtroom with the cameras and all the media scrutiny, yet she still behaves in such a careless manner. We can only imagine what the situation would be without any of this……..even worse, if thats a possibility.

        • Let’s see, she’s 59 and a very attractive older woman. I’m sure she’s thinking “movie deal” and “key note speeches”. about this trial for years to come.

    • I think this Judge is far worse than Ito ever thought about being. I am, quite frankly, astounded at her lack of control over the courtroom and proceedings.

      • All this taking place in Arizona, birthplace of my political god, Barry Goldwater. He must be turning over in his grave.:-(

      • I agree Bystander! The way Samuels was treated was horrific! Because he’s a man he can take it? The man came to AZ to do his job, not deal with the bullying of JM and HLN. He has a wife and a family, but let’s not let that get in the way of our need to make his sending a $9 book scandalous! What a joke the media has become.

        I’ve also seen her eye rolling during the jury questions. And to allow the haircut question in shows she is clearly bias. It really is three (Jodi and her lawyers) versus a dozen.

  13. We are a country of very odd inconsistencies. I am a physician and we all take HIPAA so seriously. Nothing can be discussed about a patient to protect their privacy. Yet our justice system allows not only the opposite but worse…story-telling, slander, libel, cameras in court, you name it. How can this be?

    • I think the cameras in the courtroom may elude to the constitution where it says a person is entitled to a public trial.

      • I know but i think when the founding fathers wrote it there wasn’t HLN. LOL! I totally support our Constitution but this type of publicity is what I am arguing against. We are all capable of attending public trials. Do we really need to know worldwide what Travis Alexander said to Jodi Arias during a sex tape?

        • I really do not think that the cameras in the courtroom are the problem. It’s the biased media accounts and reporting that sways and influeneces the masses so negatively. I am personally okay with cameras in the courtroom. However, I take GREAT offense to biased and downright untruthful media reporting

        • NH, I am sorry to say that if it weren’t for the sex tape, I would not have opened my mind to the true nature of Travis & Jodi’s relationship. I agree that it’s not the cameras per se. When Steve Brill owned CourtTV it was a reputable source of real trial coverage, launching the careers of distinguished broadcasters like Cynthia McFadden, Jack Ford, and Greg Jarrett, among others. It’s the yellow journalism rampant at HLN that is the real problem here. That is exacerbated by the ego-driven buffoonery of JM, and unchecked by the (I’m guessing) inexperienced overindulgence of Judge Stephens.

        • Being able to watch the actual testimony is what turned me into a Jodi supporter. I had been watching HLN, even though I have never been able to tolerate Nancy Grace. I was pro-prosecution and decided to watch testimony myself after hearing what a horrendous person Jodi Arias is. After watching a few days of testimony, and the outrageous actions of JM, I was astounded at the misrepresentations and out and out lies told on HLN as opposed to the actual testimony. So, I agree with televising the trial testimony. The bias and lack of professonalism of the HLN “reporters,” who are really lynchmen and women and not reporters, is the problem.

      • Public trial is so that the procedings are out in the open to assure people have a fair and just trial. However we now have the media taking things to the point it is now out of control. HLN is just appealing to the hopefully few in our society that have a mob mentality. I even seen haters commenting on why is JA even having a trial. I think there is an attack on our constitution, because if the media can sway the public into taking away the rights of one person, they can take away the rights of all of us. Slippery slope and the haters buy right into it.

    • NH-
      If you don’t mind answering, I am curious, as a Physician, what your thoughts on Dr. Drew Pinsky, and his involvement of stirring up the Mob with his inaccurate reporting is?

      Out of all the media, I have found his actions most offensive, as he is supposed to be a Physician who has a responsiblity to truth.

      • I would be interested in how another physician would view him as well. I happened upon some snippet of him recently where he had some psychologist on as a guest. She said something to him along the lines of “You’ve got experience in treating trauma victims, which I don’t.” He responded in the affirmative. Surely, if he does have this type of experience, he would be versed in PTSD and memory loss? Then, how could he continue to mock Jodi the way he does?

        (Of course, this begs the additional question of why he would have a psychologist as a guest to talk about trauma and memory loss, when she herself has NO experience in the subject.)

      • I think I am most disgusted with Dr Drew. I expected this out of JVM or NG but for some reason I thought he might have a different show about it. The fact he sits around with his guest and “experts” and laughs makes me sick. I admit I use to watch his show before this and back in the days of him being on MTV. I have even spoke to him on the phone last summer about one of his shows about Bipolar Disorder (which I have). He was so compassionate to me that day. I do not know what has happened to him. It seems he has joined the HLN lynch mob.

        • He’s actually worse than the others with his laughing, to some degree.

          By the way, AJ, since you’re a DV survivor, do you know diagnoses of PTSD and bi-polar are frequently mixed up? There’s been quite a bit of research about this recently.

          • Yes I was aware of that but I do know I have Bipolar Disorder. I have had it since the age of 16 and my home environment was not abusive. The DV in my life came when I was 27. That is when I married my ex-husband. He did not start the abuse and control until after we were married. It was like he flipped a switch. Thank you for your concern. I know you have been through a lot yourself. That is why I think it is important for all of us that have had DV to share and speak out.

      • thats exactly why I’ve been berating Dr. Drew moreso than the other HLN idiots. I challenged him on twitter to try to dismiss AL’s testimony yesterday, since he’s been screaming for weeks now about Jodi not being abused, and actually being the perpetrator of the abuse. Of course, he didn’t respond, nor did he even bring up the subject on last night’s show. Its because he is FRAUD, point blank. He has totally pissed on his Hippocratic Oath , over and over again, for sake of media fame. I wouldn’t let that man treat my dog, let alone a loved one. Case in point, 5 of his patients have died after being in his care. Need I say more

  14. Good morning ev1.

    I agree that the jurors probably are taking their service seriously, however, I don’t know how “shielded” they were to the death threats by the spectators behind Mrs. Arias (when they were removed for saying “I wish Jodi were dead”. I mean it happened IN the courtroom. All it takes is one juror to hear/see something and jurors talk to each other.

    The media has continued to vilify Jodi from “what’s Jodi whispering?”, to “what pill is Jodi taking” “what did Jodi put under butt”, and the newes “Jodi gives the middle finger” bullshit. They make comments about her hair, her glasses, EVERY DAY they report on what she’s WEARING. But you NEVER hear about how the jail is not feeding her…you never hear any media commenting on how much weight Jodi’s lost…

    The more the seriously uninformed individuals run their mouths about Jodi shows just how uninformed they are about this case. All the TA cult members have blinders on – refusing to see the truth…a point Dr. LaViolette expertly brought home yesterday.

    I love this site and everyone’s participation and posts. Thank you for being a SAFE place for us Jodi-ites. I hope the genuine sentiments conveyed here come across and make all the difference in the world when things get rough.

    • You are so riight!! Speaking about the middle finger thing I looked at that video. The reason why her middle finger did that is because she can not extend the L ring finger!! It is because of that injury!! I wish they could have a hand surgeon look at the pictures in May to testify that that finger was injured in the May photos It would provide the coraberation they need!!

      • I watched that part of the trial again when I saw the photo on twitter and that whole middle finger picture is such bs. It was a split second when she was moving her hand under her chin and it does appear to have happened because of the injury to her 4th finger.

        • Why doesn’t DR Drew getb a hand surgeon on the air to evaluate her hand injury???? You can tell ALOT by looking at it!!! That quack Dr Drew!!

          • He wouldn’t want to do that now, in case the doctor would VERIFY anything about her “faked” finger injury! Ugh!

    • I think that if the jury did hear someone say that they would be advised to disregard it by the judge just as they are when a witness answers a question that was objected to.
      I watched that video about her FLIPPEN the bird…I had to laugh her finger was like that for a second if even that while she was moving her hand. The media is now using the pause button to try and make Jodi look evil.
      The Mom in me wishes that I could just wrap my arms around Jodi and protect her!

  15. Last night I caught just a glimpse of Nancy Grace. Just enough to notice that clearly she’s been stopping by here to see us talk about her ridiculous handcuff necklace and rhinestone hair clip and has since stopped wearing them! So, I’m wondering if we could start lobbying for her to shave her head and get a bull-ring in her nose or something cool like that for us to look at in the off chance we scroll by HLN on our TV’s! Suggestions anyone? Lol!

  16. LOL LOL Tanne.

    The other night she began her show by LYING to the audience about “going live to the courtroom” – she even pretended that “liz” was telling her in her ear that they were back in the courtroom – and she said “Ok Liz they’re back? Let’s go back to the courtroom live” and it was the exact same video of JW’s questions to Dr. Samuels – that WE had already seen LIVE. It was such a joke.

    We should lobby for her to shave her head and tattoo her scalp! LOL LOL

    • O.M.G., Janeen. I’ve noticed that as well and it makes me want to hurl. I think they’ve started this whole “pause button” crap so that they will be able to run the trial during prime time. I tape everything so that I can fast forward through the ads and the commentary, but Nancy is denying me that luxury, and rendering false their “promise” that I “won’t miss a moment.” Does she think that the whole country is as idiotic as her groupies? As the people who need Maxwell House to tell them that their children are beautiful?

    • My husband and I laugh when she does that, the way she cups her ear like someone is talking to her, WTH And some of the things she has at the bottom of the screen, Jodi kicked dog, and then went and killed Travis, that kind of nonsense that people believe. And of course Tot Mom.

      • Why doesn’t someone take her to court for trying to pervert the course of Justice? She wouldn’t be allowed to get away with that in the UK. No Way!

  17. You nailed it Shan72,I am very sad at what has happened here.There is no American Justice.The talking assholes that spew out their blow holes every night have tainted the jury in this trial and have turned the public against Jodi.I have posted my comments on the Nancy Grace and CNN web sites and they were deleted seconds after hitting the send key,they dont want anybody supporting Jodi.I live in Canada and I never met Jodi,but I feel for her,things dont add up here.She has been branded guilty and deserved the death penalty by all the so called experts before the trial even started.THAT IS CALLED JUSTICE??????The defence lawyers are being threatend and the prosecutor is being hailed a hero,people wait out side to glorify him like a celebrity after the trials over for the day.Hollywood wants to sensationalize this trial by making a movie,MAKES ME PUKE!!!!!!.The fact is that Jodi defended herself and nobody liked that.A person can act just like a model citizen in public,but get them behind closed doors,a different story.TA was like that,but nobody wants that to rise to the surface because that will embarass TA ,his family and his religion.It is so sad that people are eagerly wanting to put Jodi to death to exonerate TA.I cant believe how the judge in this trial has lost all control and lets the prosecution act the way he does and gets away with everything.This trial is a sham,the jury should have been sequestered and a media ban should have been inplace.I bet the jurrors are being pressured by public opinnion to find her guilty and give her the DP,they are scared of the repercussions that will bestowed upon them if they let her go.My heart goes out to Jodi,she has still has a long uphill battle ahead of her and I think she has the right to be a free woman when this is all over.If the happens to be an appeal court,the defence has lots of ammo on their side.God Bless you Jodi,stand strong and you will prevail.

    • I agree. These jurors know what happened to the Casey Anthony jurors, and I PRAY they do not let fear of public render their verdict for them.

  18. Did everybody see on HLN (us idiots who still view it) the article stating “Juan Martinez-Rock Star”? I threw up in my mouth a little, how anyone could regard him as a rock star is beyond me.

    • To paraphrase Mr. Bentson: I partied with rock stars. I’ve known rock stars. Rock stars have been friends of mine. Prosecutor, you’re no rock star.”

    • I “stopped by” HLN this morning to see if the trial was on. They were outside the courtroom interviewing blond women who were raving about JM. One was mooning over the fact she rode on the elevator with her and he said, “Hi” to her. Another was actually getting his autograph–and he was happily giving it to her. Absolutely disgusting, unprofessional and offensive.

  19. The media is talking about how much money this trial is costing!! That is sucha joke !! What about how much money this trial is generating for HLN their ratings are up and I am sure with all of the attention given to Arizona the county is making money as well!!

    • How about HLN donating a million bucks to the state of Arizona to pay for Jodi’s defense? After all, I’m sure they wouldn’t miss a cool million that they make from the commercials aired during either Nancy Disgrace’s or Dr. Weirdo’s shows every night.

    • And don’t forget that HLN has taken an extreme biased position that is for the prosecution. I see that as work and publicity for the prosecution. Wonder what is the monetary value for that? A freakin lot!!

    • I can’t wait until this trial is over so Kermit can slowly fade back into obscurity. When the next media circus trial comes around, he’ll be forgotten in favor of the next “rockstar” prosecutor.

  20. Jodi Arias did not want this expensive spectacle she offered a plea and the state would not even TALK!! Who really wanted this spectacle the STATE that is who!! JM is ready to retire like Aston and Clark rich with a book!! DISGUSTING!!

    • Actually they did. Once. 🙂 It was an older woman and she said she thought Travis was a perv because he would only have anal sex with Jodi. She said he used and abused her and probably did like little kids. The male anchor was shocked.

    • It would be funny to call and pretend to be a Jodi hater just to get on the air…then once the call goes live, start talking about how Jodi is innocent and how Kermit is a tool. The look on the HLN anchors’ faces would be priceless!

  21. Honestly, that site/station is so biased, it’s 100% worse than Fox News in regards to bias, and that’s saying something. Whenever I open it up, I think I’m reading the tabloids.

    • Fox News was far more objective during the Casey Anthony trial than the other channels were from what I remember. Sean Hannity even had Jose Baez on after the trial and praised him for his work.

      • Hopefully they’ll do the same on this one, I have been checking every few days and they haven’t said a ton about it, I mean there are articles and all, but they’re a little more focused on politics lately.

          • Geraldo is the one who warned Jose that people were going to start saying that he and Casey were having an affair…and sure enough, those rumors started flying. Jose said in his book, “I am married to a Hispanic woman, and if I’d had an affair with Casey, Lorena Baez would have turned into Lorena Bobbitt.” LMAO!

            • Hispanic women can get pretty mean. Like that Colombian dentist who ran over her husband with a car in Texas a few years

  22. AL’s testimony yesterday must have alot of people giving it much thought and reviewing their own behavior. I found it all so sobering. If there were any DV victims out there watching and listening, who could not define/ explain/ or even have a personal understanding of what they were going through (much like myself), I bet they would have hit a breakthrough with her detailed and emphathetic descriptions.

    And I hope that at that moment that they have someone to stand by them or lean on because it would have to be the most gut wrenching moment ever in their lives – the moment I realized what exactly I was going through was the moment I could put a word to it “Domestic Abuse” ! All hell broke loose for me and I cried straight through, non-stop for nearly 3 hours. It all finally made sense – I wasnt losing my mind, I was not imagining it, it really happened, he did say and do all those things to me, I didn’t make it up, etc etc – finally being able to validate it all in my mind. Finding a definition for the experience allowed me to start the long and hard process of putting together the fractured pieces of my very soul. It was a mangled mess. The recovery process from that point is a very steep hill!

    • Introspective,
      I too had that break through when I looked at my life and saw it for what it was and WHO THE MAN I WAS WITH really WAS. I had been beat by him for years and had his hands around my neck to the point I passed out more times then I could count. I was forced to work long long hours at work because my abuser refused to work. One night I came home and the side of my two year old sons head wasswollen. He told me my son ran intot the refriderator and I believed him. Yeah he hit me but he wouldnt do that to his son. Well years passed and I had three more kids with him and one day my son who was now four years old was sitting on the table in front of me and he took my face into his little hands and said ” Momma I have to tell you sumthen.” I said what is it baby? He looked down then with his hands still on my cheeks looked into my eyes and said the words that hurt my heart to this day…” My Daddy use to hurt me when I wass a baby.” MY heart fell to the floor as the tears rolled down my cheeks and onto his hands. I turned around to my mother who was standing at thekitchen sink and I said what do I say and she said you just listen….and my baby went on to say ..BUT MOMMY I LOVE HIM BECAUSE HE IS MY DADDY.” Those were the words that made my life a reality and a week later as he raised his hand to me I for the first time fought back and let me tell you I BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!!!!! That was the last time any man ever ever put his hands on me in anger. So I know how fast it hits you that this time is different this time I MUST fight back. I could of taken his life that day if it hadnt been for me thinking over and over about my kids. That was 14 years ago and the recovery process is sososo long and hard and it is life long but each day is easier then the last.

      • Jennifer,
        Your story made me cry. I am so sorry for you and your kids. Thank God you had the courage to fight for your children. May God bless you.

    • Indeed, Introspective. I remember my own disbelief. I was laying on the floor where he’d pushed me down and I’d hurt my knee. It was swelling up and he started kicking it and wouldn’t stop. It was in that moment that I knew this wasn’t normal or me being clumsy anymore. I couldn’t just walk out. I had nowhere to go, no access to my own money, and cats I cared for. I had to keep putting up with the escalating abuse even though I recognized it.

      Today, I’m not sure we ever fully recover. I’ll never be the same person I was. When Ms. LaViolette talked about characterological blame yesterday, I cried, recognizing myself and realizing that even today, two years later, I am still convinced there’s something fundamentally wrong with me that caused both my childhood abuse and the abuse in my marriage. And it carries over into my job, where I have a passive aggressive boss and it kills me. I still can’t handle anyone raising their voice to me. I’m still hypervigilant. If someone comes up behind me, my heart races. I still have nightmares although not as frequently, and in those dreams, apparently, I’m kicking and have clenched fists.

      But at least I’m free, I’m not stuck in a jail cell or dealing with this dreadful trial. Poor Jodi.

      • Also abused,
        your words made me cry!!! How true they are!! The person I was before the abuse is not who I amtoday. I nolonger look at the world and see it as sunshine and roses…I know what is really out there and it isnt pretty. I pray that your nightmares will soon deminish…it took about 5 years with alot of family support and tears for them to get where they are today which is only after a tramatic event trigers them.
        There is nothing wrong with you sweety you just fell in love with the wrong person. There is someone out there that will treat you like the princess that you are. Not all men are TOADS there are still some good ones out there. I will keep you in my prayers.

        • Thank you Jennifer. You’re sooo kind and generous. I find that a lot of women who were abused are truly kind, empathetic, generous and loving people. It’s sad we were all treated so badly.

          I have met a wonderful man and it’s so different to be in a “real” relationship with someone who talks with you, not to you. I just wish some of my other scars would heal. I’m glad to hear that your nightmares eventually stopped. Mine aren’t as frequent today as 2 years ago, but they still happen.

          I actually wonder if some of what I’m going through these weeks is some type of muscle memory. It was 2 years ago on 3/14 that he was arrested, and the weeks afterwards were absolute hell. I don’t drive and there was no public transportation and I quickly realized he’d told all the neighbours one of two stories: (a) I was crazy (why I never left the house) or (b) I was terminally ill (and couldn’t leave the house). Those who thought I was crazy didn’t want to get involved. And those who thought I’d been ill weren’t sure what to think. No one wanted to get involved in ugly domestic violence, and he was (probably still is) the vice-president of the HOA, so they knew they’d still have to deal with him. He moved right in with one of his mistresses. He filed for divorce. Then, there was the hearing on the injunction for protection. Then, he stole the business which was my only source of income and which I’d bought. He shut off water in the house. He tried to shut off the internet — my only lifeline. He charged his legal fees to my account. He stole my mail from the mailbox, then he changed my mailing address on The hits just kept coming, daily, and those weeks were an even worse living nightmare than while he still lived there.

          This all sounds soooo unbelievable. But anyone who’s lived through abuse knows that they make life as crazy as possible, and you just know no one would believe you — and if you tell anyone, they usually don’t. I hope Ms. LaViolette talks about that as well during her testimony. Perhaps it will explain more about why Jodi didn’t tell people.

          • I do relate to DV abused people because I was a victim too.I grew up with a very low self steam and men used to take advantage of me. Every time I found a boyfriend he ended up being abusive. It was a pattern, but I didn’t know. My first boyfriend was when I was 15 years old and I remember one time he began hitting me because I didn’t tell him that I wasn’t gonna be home. That night he almost kill me, but I managed to run away from him. I thought that I was never going back with him, but I did. I don’t know why, but I did. I was thinking that he was going to change one day. My other abusive relationship was when I was abut 18 years old. This guy was worse than the first one because he used to take my money and used my car to go out with other girls and every time I used to confront him, he used to get so mad at me and hit me. One time he threw a can of soda on me, a sprite, I will never forget, and he knocked me down almost unconscious. Another time he played the “Russian roulette” on me, he almost kill me that night too, but I stayed with him for more than a year, and the same thing happened, I didn’t know why. I was sexually abused and controlled as well by other man beside this two. I can go on and on, but it will take to long to finish my story. This is the reason why I support Jodi because I understand what she went through. It took me many years to understand, but thank God I did. Now I am 38 years old and happily married with a good man that treats me well. I been married for 16 years, I have two kids and I am very happy. I wish the same for Jodi. Hopefully one day she will get out and get married with a good man too.

        • This is so true. I found the man of ky dreams. We have been married for ten years. It has taken me years to know I can be myself. There are great men out there you just have to find them. Don’t ever give up on love. I wan not abusied to that extent. I am so sorry for all you guys have gone through and know people that have been and have never blamed them. Just stay strong!

      • Also, I won’t even pretend to know how you feel, but I do know what it is like to work in many different types of offices in the legal field. Although relatively lucrative, it is incredibly difficult to find a healthy working environment. My heart really does go out to you. It stinks to have a sucky boss no matter your own degree of mental health, and in the legal field that tends to be the rule rather than the exception. I have my theories as to why, but it doesn’t make enduring the situation any easier on a daily basis.

        • You are so right, joujoubaby. I left everything to do with the law and law firms behind me many years ago before my marriage because honestly, a lot of lawyers are virtual terrorists to their staff, sorry to say. When I left FL, 10 weeks after my ex-husband was arrested, I needed a job as he’d taken everything I ever owned. I fell back into working for a law firm — this time, a corporate one. Strangely enough, the lawyers are actually quite nice people, incredibly brilliant, always polite, but mostly lacking in social skills. It’s my boss, a non-lawyer, who is the tyrant. So, once again, I’m walking on eggshells waiting for the next shoe to drop.

          • When I was a paralegal, we had one of those too. A German woman I SWEAR escaped war crimes prosecution and found refuge, not in Brazil, but in the white shoe world of the law firm. She felt strangely at home there.

            • Oh man! This one is of German descent. She claims to have been abused by her ex. But she took him to the cleaners during her divorce and she’s living in a beautiful house, with 6 cars, while he rides the bus and lives in a single resident occupancy in the ghetto. She even kept his mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry, which she proudly wears. It disgusts me. She said to me once “I’m doing to my husband what yours did to you.” When I told her about mine getting the judgment, she said “Well, at least, it’s over for you now. I still have 2 more weeks to wait.” I think she resents herself for telling me anything about her divorce. And I find it very difficult to believe that a control freak like her, who is very personally abusive in things she says to staff, could EVER have been abused herself.

              • It sounds like that pot needs to meet the kettle! (And no offense, but what is it with some Germans? I don’t know any I am neutral toward. I either really love them, or they are oil to my vinegar).

      • Also Abused, my belief too, that we will never be the same again. Something in us shifts, changes. For me, I don’t recognize who I am today. The old me is no more – dead. The new me, a stranger even to myself. Its what I am left with, to work. I still miss the ‘real’ me and grieve for her – she’s gone, never to come back. Its a radical change, but its all I have now. I feel numb.

        • Yes, Introspective, I feel that way too. I sometimes talk about her (the old me) in the third person. I miss her. I’m not numb, per se, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to care as much about anything as I once did. This sucks, doesn’t it? Hugs!

          • For me it seems trust has been destroyed. I will never trust another man completely ever again in my life. It changes the way you view the world. It changes the way you look at life. It changes how much you are willing to invest into another person.

            It does suck as it seems so counter intuitive to everything I was taught life and love was about.

            For me, I feel very cynical now, when I see a young couple in love. I have the impulse of wanting to run to the female and tell her to really, really keep her radar up and don’t get caught up in the fairy tale perfect life we, as women, embrace.

            Also Abused, I read with horror the post your had about the possibility of personal information being given to the ex who you have the RO on. This is INCOMPREHENSIBLE to me!!! What you are dealing with was on my mind throughout the day. I pray that you will prevail and you keep your info private. It makes zero sense to me how the law can claim to protect you on the one hand and leave you exposed and vulnerable with the other hand. Boggles me mind. Be Safe <3

            • Thank you Rainy. You’re so kind for thinking of me! I have fought very hard to keep my address secret and will continue to do so. It’s a minor inconvenience in that I have to be careful and never give my real address to anyone. My mail gets circumvented a few times and I don’t pick it up, myself, ever. But it keeps me safe.

              One thing I was scared of was that if he got my address confidentiality program (ACP) address, he would simply do what he had previously done and go on and change my address to his. That’s supposed to be a felony, but so is hitting your spouse, so …. The court made that ACP address public record and also sent me various orders, carbon copying him on them, despite my requests to the court to keep all my addresses confidential. This became a serious issue for the ACP itself, since all participants’ mail goes to a central PO box. If he changed that, would he get all the participants’ mail? Everyone knows USPS isn’t perfect and we all get mail addressed to someone else. Luckily, the postmaster’s office helped us with that issue to ensure that address could not just be changed on and required verification from the Secretary of State’s office.

              I’ve come across many other women who were also ordered to give their addresses to their abusers during the discovery phase of divorce, and didn’t know they could fight it. If there are children involved, the father has a right to know where his kids are living, so they couldn’t fight it. It is mind boggling to think that there are programs set up to help us get away from our abusers on the one hand. Then, on the other, all we really have is a piece of paper that says they aren’t supposed to come within 500 feet of us. We really have a long way to go with domestic violence in our society.

              I encounter so many women who were abused who say they could never trust a man again. Many are beautiful wonderful souls and it really makes me sad. I have found an incredible relationship and now really know that such a thing exists. I wish you joy and happiness in your life.

        • Ah.. yes but you’re different but aren’t you stronger? I hope you feel that way. I’m so sorry to hear what you and also abused have been through.. there’s so much of it in the US its shocking.


          • Thanks Heather1. I don’t feel stronger. I used to be a very strong woman. Depending on the day, I either feel like a blubbering mess or I’m just happy things are better than they used to be.

            Unfortunately, the statistics show that 1 in 4 women have been abused. Startling to think of. If you saw 4 women today, chances are strong that 1 was abused.

        • Hugs to you both, too (I am a bit mortified at myself for spilling my guts here and there over this site). Gotta get a grip on myself now. 🙂

            • Also Abused, your compassion truely shines through. I had read one of your well written posts many pages ago, in response to someone who seemed to not understand some aspect of DV victims. It was a long post detailing the intricacies of dealing with an abuser. It was an excellent write up. And, thank you for your encouraging words 🙂

              • Oh thanks so much Introspective. I don’t think I explain it well. It’s so difficult for someone who has never been through it to understand.

                Hugs to you and all who’ve experienced it.

        • I have tried twice to post a reply to Introspective but the page keeps resetting itself my post is lost and disappears. UGH!
          Here goes #3. I wanted to thank you for your post about finding yourself but not recognizing who you are. It brought me to tears and touched me. I was abused as a child, sexually, and have only just begun to deal with it in the last 5 years. Part of my ongoing therapy was to look at photos of myself at age 4,5,6, when the abuse was happening. I was told to mourn that person, to grieve for the childhood that I missed out on because I lived in constant fear. I saw sadness in my eyes, I rarely smiled in any of the pictures I looked at.
          Healing from this tragedy takes every ounce of strength I have. Daily I have to remind myself numerous times that is ok to be happy, ok to NOT be mad all of the time, to look at life with a new perspective. That the past is gone, I do not have to be afraid, when the memories of fear creep back in I am to stand up to them now, and dismiss them. When anxiety comes upon me, I remind myself that the fear I felt as a child is not happening to me now. To let it go.
          I went through live with a bad attitude, angry at everyone, self sabotage was a favorite of mine. I did not feel that I deserved anything good, I burned bridges, hurt myself, hurt those close to me, and was a not so nice person.
          I let the fear turn to anger and that was never who I was. I appreciate everyone on this page, sharing their stories and experiences. I thank Jodi for helping me and everyone else that is going to learn from this tragic event and maybe do things a little bit differently in the future. Instead of going straight down the road of anger that I have lived on my whole life, I am seeing a new road, a road where I can learn to love myself and realize that I was a victim, that I did nothing wrong, and that I am worthy of love. It is a constant struggle and I sometimes fall off the wagon.
          Jodi is worthy of love and I hope she knows how many people she has touched.

          • Thank you, for your kind words, Trixels. Childhood trauma is especially hard to deal with and to heal from. Since at that phase in ones life self-identity is forming, trauma creates a ‘break’ – leading to a sense of incongruity in your being (@ least that’s what I feel it does). I wish you every kind of good things on your way to healing. 🙂

            • Thank you all. If I could hug each and every one of you I would. It feels good to have a place to talk about things that are bottled up inside. Mind you I have always been deathly afraid to speak up for myself, even on the internet. When I first got “online” in 1998 I would join chat rooms with different topics and I was literally afraid to say what was on my mind. It paralyzed me with fear. I had to face those fears, it might sound silly, but I could not ever say how I felt because of this horrible fear I have lived with for so long.

              Life is good, I cannot complain. I’m finally able to wake up and feel good in the morning. I have been “home alone” for 3 days, my child is not here nor my grandchild. I have been dancing around the house singing, cleaning, assembling a Barbie House for the grandchild and sneaking in some Barbie play for myself. Cooking breakfast for dinner, or having a bowl of cereal instead if I wish. I love my alone time, it is not a bad thing for me anymore.
              I love to open all of the windows and breathe in the fresh, clean air and thank God for my life. Jodi is never far from my thoughts though. I’m worried for her but I know some good will come from all of this for her.

      • Dear Also , Intorspective and all other abuse victims on this site:

        You are brave for telling your stories. Do not be ashamed or mortified.

        Believe that it will be better, and that you will fully heal! Have no doubt that you will be better you than you ever were before. It just takes time and hard work. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with you that made you into a target for abuse!!

        I have been a Social Worker for 30 years, and have worked with abused children, battered women, abusive men, mentally ill etc. I know all the signs of abuse and all of the resources available. I am the statistic that Alyce references, when she says “it can happen to anyone.”

        My own experience may not fit the criteria of a battered woman, but does fall on her continuum of abuse, with a one time physical abuse occurance. I in no way compare it to the severity of your abuse, but tell you this to give you hope.

        Immediately following the physical attack, I called the police, and quickly learned they would do nothing as “he” was also Law Enforcement. I informed him then, that if he ever put my safety or life in danger again, chances were he might not get out alive. I also had the support of his female boss, who informed him that if she ever heard from me that he had touched me, he would find himself in a jail cell. I left him shortly after and moved 800 miles away, as I found out I was pregnant and vowed that my child would never be forced to live with a man with that potential for abuse. He did his best to make my life a living hell, in an attempt to punish me for leaving. His very “religious” family also did their best to make my life difficult.

        Although life was difficult (had to leave my job, friends etc) and care for a baby on my own, I can undoubtedly tell you that I am a healthier, happier, and stronger person now than I ever was. I am also blessed with an incredible child that is the love of my life. My ex continues to be the miserable, unhappy, and narcassitic man he always was. I am the winner. (I truely believe the same is true for your exes)

        I am a “tough cookie” by nature, but did seek out professional help during this ordeal, and would reccomend it to anyone who has been abused in any way. (I think Alyce L. is a fantastic example of a therapist that can, and does make such a difference in peoples lives. I know the effects of abuse can have long lasting effects, but I can tell you that life can and should be wonderful for those of you who escaped it.

        We will continue to defend and support other’s who have similar experiences, and most of all Jodi!! That is one of the many silver linings of surviving abuse.

        • Thank you for sharing all that TR. I really appreciate your honesty. You are AMAZING. The battles I’ve heard against LE officers are usually the WORST stories of all.

          I spent about a year and a half in domestic violence counseling, but was constantly in crisis and also being repeatedly triggered with the divorce, the appeal, etc. Unfortunately, funding was pulled and my last therapist left and wasn’t replaced. I only wish I could find someone like Ms. LaViolette. I’m hoping now all the appellate briefs are done (since January), some healing can begin.

          Thank you so much again!

          • Also-
            Healing will begin, rest assured , (you are still early in the healing process), and take a deep breath now that your briefs are complete. the legal aspects often prolong the trauma for survivors and abusers will drag it out to be able to still have a hold on you. This too shall pass!

            From hearing your story and reading your posts, I can tell you are a “tough cookie” also. You will prevail. It is really difficult to find a therapist that is as experienced and as good as Ms. L, but sometimes you have to go to more than one to find the right fit. Keep us up to date on how your legal battle is going and know that you have support here!

        • TR,
          thank you for sharing this with us.I can totally identify with your story.As I have written before my father was a high rank police officer,a well respected one actually,an exemplary citizen,brother,son and friend.In other words the perfect guy.However my mother went through a living hell during their 11 years of marriage,induring physical,verbal and serious emotional abuse.I am sad to say that both me and my sister went through the same as well although he spared me the most because I was younger.His rage was more aimed at my mum and elder sister.The fact that he belonged to the Law Enforcement Service made it impossible for my mother to speak up let alone find people who would believe her-you see my father was too nice a person for other people to even doubt his integrity and virtue of character.

          I guess what I’m trying to say is that one way or another we all have a soft spot for Jodi because we’ve been there ourselves.Anyone thinking our sharing our stories here makes us any less supportive of Jodi is clearly on the wrong site(this goes for the conversation up or down thread,I dont remember,sorry)

          • Thank you, and I appreciate you sharing yours as well. There is a very high incidence rate of DV amongst Law Enforcement. Unfortunately, too many victims get ignored so LE can protect their own. In my circumstance, my ex was in a different district than the responding officers and his boss was very protective of me.

            I am hopeful that LE is now being trained on DV. In the community I now live in, LE lost one of their own to a DV perpetrator in 2011, and now take DV more seriously.

            I haven’t shared my experience until now, because I in no way wanted to give any credence to to the crazy idea that is out there (with the haters), that women should just leave. Most women are not able to leave as I did. I had support, and my experience as a Social Worker also helped. If not for that I may have ended up in the same situation as Jodi. I fully understand why many abuse victims don’t and can’t leave. I fully understand what happened to Jodi that fateful day and her need to defend her life.

        • TR, I will take to heart your encouraging words as I trudge along the long and windy, uphill road to the place called ‘Healing’. Thank you for graciously sharing your life with us.

          You are right you know. It is so much harder for stay-at-home moms who are financially dependent on their spouses. ‘Entrapped’ is how I would term it, esp if they also do not have supportive people around them to believe and/or validate their experience. Take good care of yourself 🙂

          • Introspective-
            thank you for your kind words. You are absolutely correct about how difficult it is for many women, especially with children to leave. Abuse is about control and isolation, and there is nothing more isolating than being a mom who is dependant on her abuser for her finacial well being. It makes me so sad to think how many women and children are “entrapped” as we speak. Women like Alyce L. are real angels on earth! They are the unsung heros working agaist the odds to keep programs going to provide housing etc. so women can get out. Even with that help, it is a terrible ordeal for them to really get on their feet.

            Not only do I hope and believe that Jodi will be acquitted, but I believe this trial will open the eyes of many and DV will be more understood and not tolerated in our society.
            All the best to you.

  23. Let”s start a petition for HLN to disclose how much money they have made from this trial. I saw their rating are up 86% It should be easy for them to calculate!!

    • so funny deb, I tweeted Nasty G that last night during her broadcast. ” so how much are you making Nancy while broadcasting this trial, inquiring minds want to know”, and of course, no response….lmao!!!

    • HLN isn’t supported by taxpayers. It is supported by viewers. The best way to stop the insanity is to NOT watch HLN.

  24. geebee2

    Good post, up there starting our day!

    As to what Jodi believes in, that has hurt her, we can add that Jodi also believes in the Law of Attraction, which if you research, is very cult-like.

    Cults fail to “deliver” when it comes right down to it. If the victim articulates this, then the cult is programmed to use their teachings to shift the blame onto the victim.

    “There is nothing wrong with the concept of the cult’s doctrine.” The victim is being lax in their effort to work the program. They must have had a negative, thought. They have allowed themselves to doubt. They are lazy and have been luke-warm. They are not spending enough time in service with the “group.” (How is your self-esteem now, victim?)

    Cult agenda is a vicious circle. Each new cult experience further conditions the victim to be more submissive and obedient to the next cult experience.

    Jodi and Travis BOTH were under the influence of AT LEAST THREE cult-like “programs:” PPL, mormonism, the law of attraction, and probably “the Secret” (whatever that was about).

    Travis learned to be manipulative and controlling through the TRAINING he received from the above.

    “People do not JOIN cults.” The deception is so subtle, and so well rehearsed, that people typically do not even realize they are in a cult.

    The people who front for the cult seem like honest, sincere people who really want to love and care about you and “fix” your messed up life. They testify that they have found the answers, and they want to help you reach this wonderful enlightenment, too.

    They “hear your objections,” but your concerns are only because you are mis-educated on the group’s philosophy, etc. They want to schedule a meeting to spend time helping you understand the real truth. (This is called “commitment-seeking.”) The victim feels guilty, ungrateful, and irrational to refuse.

    Intelligent, but vulnerable victims fall for this, because these front line “soldiers” have already been brain-washed themselves. They really, truly, and sincerely believe that what they are telling the recruit, or the doubting member is TRUE.

    They come across as sincere and trustworthy, because they themselves believe what they are telling you. Also, there is certain to be at lease some legitimate truth among the morsels they offer.

    NG sneered at the audacity of Alyce making so much money per hour. Well guess what, we are all blessed to reap the benefits of Alyce’s wisdom and knowledge FOR FREE 🙂

    Just think about how much we all have learned together through this trial. I know for myself I am now better equipped to recognize “control and deception” when I experience it. We can call it by name and confront it early on, thereby maintaining our own intellectual integrity.

    Alyce has been sharing about interactions within the relationship of a couple, or a family unit. Have you considered that what she describes as “unhealthy relationships” are in reality, dynamically functioning just like a CULT?

    Cheers, and keep up the good fight for Jodi. She is utmost in my mind when I write the above insights, reflecting sadly on how humans are damaged by cult-like influence.

    It rapes our souls.

    • “The Secret” is all about the law of attraction and positive thinking based on a book from 2006 and a film of interviews.

      To be honest, I used to LOVE all this stuff. I became attracted to it at a particularly difficult point in my 20s and later, wrote a book and became a “motivational speaker” speaking on the subject. As you pointed out, I got tired of hearing that because I had caught a cold, I must have attracted negativity into my mind. No, someone coughed on me in the elevator, actually. While I was able to speed up healing by continuing to think positively, I was never able to prevent against ANY illness.

      Later, I found that most of what I’d been attracted to were actually Buddhist thoughts and ideas. I practice Buddhism today, and I’m allowed to be sick 😀 I hope Jodi learns about Buddhism some day. It might bring her a lot of comfort.

    • Thanks for your insight, Chelion. Yes, I think she is a cult victim as well as a domestic violence victim, both merged into one frightful assault onto her individual self.

      • Thank you so much, TR. I appreciate your recognition.

        I spent a couple of hours in the dentist chair last week. The kindly doctor kept encouraging me, telling me “Good job” as he worked his way through the proceedure.

        It hit me hard, as a lay in the chair, totally relaxed (I had been determinded to see if I could hypnotize myself) _ that throughout my entire life, I had very seldom ever heard those words spoken to me. It was either nothing, or criticism. I thought that was very sad, and allowed myself to grieve for that loss of validation.

        Like many of you, I am numb. But I find that numb is not so bad, considering what surrounds us most of the time.

        I have loved having the “court day off” and the luxury of reading each and every one of the posts that “Our Alyce” so softly and subtly inspired us to write for one another.

        I appreciate all of you, and your stories make a difference. Isn’t that how Alyce reached our hearts? She used stories.

        May our journeys continue to be blessed through one another.

        • chelion-

          Another poignant post. Yes, Alyce did inspire us. I am hopeful that these stories of survival will not only help turn the tide for Jodi, but will inspire other’s who are in abusive situations to get out safely. Maybe even one of those from the “haters” site will see these posts and have the courage to reach out for help themselves. My gut tells me there are many women who are now in denial of their own abuse and are following the “Mob” to help them stay in their denial.

          May your journey continue to be blessed

  25. I can see it now…the movie “Prosecuting Jodi Arias” playing Kermit would have to be Joe Pesci or Al Pacino (who is playing Phil Specto during his murder trial for an HBO movie)…and I think Tina Fey would be awesome as Judge Pickles…

    • Wait, Tina would have to play Ms. Wilmott. After all, the haters are calling her Sarah Palin, right?

      I think Cheryl Ladd could play the Judge perfectly. She kinda looks like her and she could reprise her Charlie’s Angel TV show ditzy role.

      I do think Al would be perfect for JM. He sure knows how to blow a gasket like none other. In fact, I don’t remember the last movie he’s been in that he hasn’t yelled and screamed.

      Any candidates for Nurmi? Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

  26. Thanks SJ for the info on Vladimir Gagic talk show, I would’ve missed it.

    We had alot of touching comments yesterday. Alot of us related with what LaViolette was explaining. She’s doing such an awesome job and its sad that people are hating on her. She has an impressive background that ANYONE can see on YouTube and now they’re doing anything they can to destroy her career, like they tried with dr Samuel. You said it though. If these experts where working with the state, they’d be the greatest and they’d be everywhere on TV, they’d make then the “rock star” they’ve made Martinez to be.

    I cant wait for all this to be over, im so disappointed with all of these people. And im praying that the judge this morning helps the defense and puts a stop to this BS!!! What is it any of there business how much of what is coasting the defense! I think they just want to be even more vindictive and they’re doing it to keep hurting Jodi.

    They’re trying SO hard, and its all going to come back and bite thrm in the ass when Jodi is found NOT GUILTY!!

  27. NO RULING!!! The judge is reviewing and has not decided yet!!! Uuuggghhh what’s so hard, just say NO!!! NO, you cant have the info and that’s it!!!

    • But in a way that’s okay, because as long as there is no ruling, the media cannot have access to the information. So without a ruling, the media doesn’t get the information.

  28. good morning to all on this site and to JODI may she have a good day in court. I will be saying a lot of Hail Mary’s today to help keep JM in his seat and not at a side bar

  29. I just read on the Travis support site someone say that she was getting ready to watch, and I quote….

    “The love of my life”…..(referring to JM)

    What is this world coming to? Really? Now, that’s hilarious!

    • As weird as this might seem to us, this behavior IS coming from people who think that a. being called a three hole wonder is a compliment, b. anal sex without lube or any prior warning is desirable, c. an orgasm sounding like a 12 year old girl is “hot”…Sorry, I can’t o on.

    • What’s funny is that Kermit is not some super-attractive guy…he’s average, but these women convince themselves that he’s some sex machine.

        • LMAO Molly. His hunched shoulders, beady cross eyes and little rat teeth must drive em wild. He looks like he doesn’t have ANY rhythm where it counts either.

    • Tanne,
      You mean she has FEELINGS for him??
      Dumb ones!

      Heard Vinnie say juan’s treated like a ROCK STAR and Vinnie’s excited about it. lol
      Remember So was Ashton!!
      People are nuts!

  30. the protection order to release the $$$$ amount on the defence team is stupid if they do that the jury should be told that she has documents to prove she wanted to plea to 2nd degree

  31. Hello All! I’ve been MIA a few days, had sick kids and crazy school schedule! Anyway, I just wanted to say I have been checking in and watching as much of the trial as possible, and TEAM JODI is alive and WELL!!
    Wow, you know I wanted to give a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to all the hater sites! It seems all their obsession and loss of sleep over us has given us the much deserved attention and popularity we so deserve! I see SO many new people, and It makes my heart smile!!!
    I caught a clip on “haters love negativity” of Jane C. saying, “you know something interesting Ms. LaViolette said was, women who are battered don’t go to the police, they don’t get medical treatment”, REALLY JANE? NO SHIT!! She said that as though this is the first time she ever heard this!
    So pathetic! On the UP side, I’m more optimistic than EVER! We are team Jodi, and we will be victorious, MARK MY WORDS!! LOL!!! Love that!!

    • I’m more optimistic now too, Kmiller!

      I can’t stop thinking about when Ms. LaViolette said women will sometimes grab a weapon to try and balance out the power in an abusive relationship. Did anyone else catch that?

      • YES! The first thing I thought about was TA’s position in the church and PPL., and the way she alluded to the fact that Jodi didn’t have INTENT to kill, but the desire to balance power. Not to mention being 200 lbs of rage.

    • HI KMILLER!!!! im glad your back and hope the kids are doing good!

      Yes, I heard Jean this morning, I haven’t watch HLN for a while now but this morning, I had to, to watch if they’d say the outcome of the motion and I heard her say that too. I thought the sane thing! Really, dumb B, you didn’t know that all women DONT go to the police and hide the abuse? ?!!! She just made herself look like an idiot just like all of the rest!

      Well, welcome back!!! : ))

      • Thanks LC! I keep meaning to mention that my hubby is also USMC. We’re stationed on CO. I have always wanted to be in CA, maybe one day:) Anyway, Jane was acting like she was clueless to the BASICS 101 of abuse, what a way to play dumb. Just goes to show they know they better cool it the BS woman hating crusade! Thanks for asking about the kiddoes, we have 4, so when a virus gets in the mix it is pure CHAOS!! LOl!

  32. Help me out here to understand …I heard or read that Alyce L did not/could not actually talk to Jodi or interview her. She was only allowed to use research such as tapes, emails documents, and “whatever” available and disclosed. I hope my question makes sense.

      • Heather, I could be wrong, but my understanding is all of this has to been done through hypothecial. She can’t come right out say that Jodi was a victim of DV. All she can say is from her research , Jodi circumstances points to someone in DV situation. That is why the Dr’s testimony was so “bootstraps” the DV claim.

        • Dr. Samuel had contact with Jodi. LaViollete, I dont know but I don’t see why she wouldn’t? That wouldn’t make sense. Where dud you get this info from??? Maybe another false statement, there’s a lot of false information about this case floating around, so its very confusing and we cant blv everything unless we hear it from the courtroom ourselves.

          • From what I understand, Ms LaViolette is not allowed to actually say “Jodi” while she is explaining domestic abuse and her different scenarios. In other words, she can point to things that routinely happen in relationships where DV is present, but cannot say something like “Jodi shows signs of this”…or “Travis showed signs of an abuser”…etc. So, her purpose is to outline cases and examples of abuse, and expand as much as possible about it. Ms Wilmott cannot ask her direct questions such as “Do you believe Jodi was abused”, “Did TA fit the profile of an abuser”? However, she CAN, (and is) asking questions in a hypothetical way and it is obvious she is, of course, speaking of Jodi and TA’s relationship. The jury knows this, is it obvious. Ms Wilmott has to speak in total hypotheticals, and has to ask her roundabout questions, but thats fine.
            Conversely,when JM crosses her, he has to use the same discretion, (not using either exact examples or names)NHe will have to speak in generalities, Also, when he has his expert witness on the stand, (Dr Janeen DeMarte) she too, will not be able to name either person, or give exact examples of abuse directly pertaining to this case. So, all in all, both the defense and the pros witnesses cannot directly testify to abuse being there in this, or not being there. It will be for the jury to decide the relevancy of both.

      • Yea she DID say she talked to LaViollete. She didn’t say how many times and she didn’t say if it was in person on over the phone, but she DID say she talked with her. Shes the one she told about the pedophile.

        • I hope your right. I do remember when Jodi was on the stand making a remark about talking to lady from California. LC your right about alot of false information floa ting around. I’ll try to remember where I read this.

          • I meant to add to my post…the reason for all the hypotheticals, is that you cannot testify to whether there was or was not domestic abuse. It is considered heresay in this case due to TA isn’t alive to question about it, from either party. The reason Dr Samuels was able to testify in specifics,was because his testimony did not go to DV, his was to talk about the tests he had given her, the interviews he had, and to present the case for PTSD and Dissociative Amnesia.

  33. I think Alyce La Violette is wunderbar!

    Heaven sent!


    Boy the haters are going to be so mad! They’ll be so depresssed–GOOD. Nothing less than deserved.

  34. Oh, I just wrote a short summary of the prosecution case.

    The prosecution case is bonkers: Jodi Arias steals a gun from her own home, a week later she arrives at Travis’ place, spends the night with him, has sex then attacks him with a knife. And all because she was jealous she couldn’t go on some poxy business trip to Cancun. After all this careful planning, she leaves a camera with photos of her committing the crime in a washing machine, instead choosing to take a rope with her. ( And what about the blood under the bathroom scales, eh? And the spatter in the sink? ) And she is some amazing psychopath who once kicked a dog and felt bad about it, the worlds greatest actress and liar ( yeah, I know she didn’t come clean for two years ).

    • Don’t forget the gas cans. And the license plate. And the hair dye. And the floor mats. And the white car. And renting the car on priceline. And the new boyfriend. And the yoga. And the psychic in the ladies’ room…

  35. Where is Maggie??
    I am not good with computer stuff. I think we should demand disclosure of how much money in tax dollars the trial is generating for Maricopa County. There was alot of money generated for the OJ trial for LA county. Money for accomidations of the media etc

    • Maggie drops in. She said it’s best to contact her on facebook I believe. She is fighting the good fight against the haters each day.

    • In CA govt workers salaries are public knowledge. I wonder about Arizona? I’d like to know how much Weekend at Flores is making sitting there in that chair everyday like a lump on a log barely moving.

  36. I’m very interested to see what Ms. LaViolette has to say today! She really knows her stuff. We studied her continuum of domestic violence in my Psychology of Women course a few years ago.
    I also sent a supportive email to Dr. Samuels thanking him for his hard work and expert testimony.
    I hope this will be another good day for our defense team! Feeling very positive today 🙂

    • Thank you for sending that to Dr. Samuels. Many of us did, and I received a response from him within the hour thanking us for the support.

      • Renee could you post his email address again I wanted to send him an email but I couldnt find it last nigh on the page. Thanks

        • I will not, Jennifer. I am sorry. There are too many wackos out there that would use it for nefarious purposes. You can easily find it.

        • I don’t think it is posted publicly…which probably wouldn’t matter at this point (if the haters want it, they can find it just as easily). But if you do a search for his name you will find his website which has his contact.

          • Thank you BeeCee I know it was posted on this site yesterday but I wasnt able to locate it. And Rennee’ (HRS) from what has been reported the haters are not emailing him they are using the telephone and calling his office.

      • Of course! I thought he was very insightful. These people need to hear that we value them, even if the media does not.

  37. Attorney Silber made an excellent analylis of case!!! Reasonable doubt for Murder 1. That is what this case is about. JM should be ashamed!!

  38. I think that Jodi has an addictive personality. She wants to be loved and accepted so badly! The vultures like Travis and Cults seem to have a sixth sense for being able to find these type of people. Travis took Jodi like a ball of clay and tried to mold her the way he wanted…her religion was where he started and then he began controlling her life through the religion, ie anal sex. Then once he had that part of her life controlled he set out to control other aspects such as her location, ie she moved to the city he lived, he liked her hair in braids…she wore braids. WHy the hell does the prosecution not see these signs that are so so clear to the rest of us?? The answer is they too are being vultures and taking Jodi and molding all thethings she has done in her life to fit into the description of a stalker love crazed NUT!!

    • I agree and it is disgusting that the County Attorney thinks it is ok to spend over $800,000 of our money when they could have accepted murder 2. JM disgusts me because he is NOT about finding the truth. He is only interested in finding HIS truth – so he wins. And the County Attorney is run by fiscally responsible conservatives – my ass.

  39. JM the rock star?! Really HLN? This is just too much. I hope these people will have egg all over their faces. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    It’s so much easier to point a finger than to find out if the finger is pointed in the right direction. I think that’s why I have so much more respect for defense attorneys.

    And JM, don’t forget Ashton. He too was a cocky you know what and it took him weeks to pick his face up off of the floor.

    The difference here is Jodi confessed so I don’t see how she could be acquitted, but manslaughter is what I’m hoping for.

    But go on HLN, keep showing those sexy pictures and blasting those phone calls for the sheep. And then you can all convince yourselves that being humiliated by your abusive boyfriend means you’re a cold-blooded murderer who deserves the DP.

    I still don’t know whether sequestering the jury would have made a difference. In the CA case, the jurors stayed in a nice resort about 20 min from me and it seemed as though they were treated well and shielded properly. But who is to say the same would have been done for the JA jurors? Perhaps their hotel may not have been as nice and they would be eager to get it over with? And maybe, just maybe a juror has seen HLN’s bias and senses how unfair it’s all been?

    It does give me hope to hear that one juror was nodding her head during Alyce’s testimony. I too was nodding my head, thinking of past relationships, intimate and familial. There has to be SOMEONE on that jury that has dealt with a Travis or has a sister, daughter or mother who has. If so, they know DV is never cut and dry and (to the horror of the judgmental) it cannot be wrapped up with a pretty bow and labeled. DV is messy and painful and hardly ever ends well, even when you make it out alive, as Jodi did.

    • Jennifer, just Google him. You will find his email address on his “expert” site.

      I wrote him yesterday and thanked him for the great job he did. He wrote me back and thanked me for writing.

      That, to me, is the sign of a true professional! 🙂

  40. I am very sympathetic to all the victims on this page that has experience a life changing experience. But I am kinda feeling like this a “victims” page or I can relate to Jodi cause i was a victim versus discussing the facts in this case with the intend of supporting Jodi. Is it about Jodi or you? imo

    • I am not a victim (though I had a taste of it). I’m here for intelligent unbiased discussion of the facts. Can’t do that on pro Travis hate sites.

    • Where have you been? We have been discussing the facts of this case since Day One!

      Many of us relate to Jodi because we have been there. But, that doesn’t mean that we skew the facts. We just see through the bullshit that the prosecutor and the media are dishing out.

    • We were just discussing (while the court was not in session) what we as victims got from the testimony yesterday and how we can relate to what was said by the expert. There are many different conversations that occur at the same time on here not all at that time were from victims.I am sorry if the conversation offended anyone.

    • I am fortunate enough to not have been a victim of domestic violence, but I can still relate to Jodi being in an emotionally toxic relationship. What does it matter how people are identifying with her? Abuse is nothing to be ashamed of and I appreciate that people are sharing their stories.

        • I always feel guilty/worried that I post too much of my own experiences and I’m very sorry if it’s bothered anyone. I think it’s so brave of others to post and helps others understand Jodi’s situation.

          Thank you so much Kira.

        • Never feel bad about posting about your own experience. I think it helps to share. We just happen to be talking more about DV today and yesterday because of the current testimony. There are several days where I know only the evidence has been discussed.

    • Each day’s testimony is different, which makes our topic of discussion different. Please feel free to read though the 37 days, along with many other important links and I am sure you will find the information you are curious about…..or you could post on today’s discussion the points you are interested in discussing. That is if you are really interested in contributing at all.

    • Prisci Bee,if you take the time to meticulously look through this site ,you’ll find numerous pages with hundreds and hundreds of posts exclusively about FACTS!This has been the one and only site to deal ith facts and evidence in an unbiased way.

      • MARIA, Again I agree that why I come to this site! But i do believe much is giving much is required! Let’s not appear as the victim! Let’s fight for Jodi!! Do you agree?

        • Who wouldnt agree to fight for Jodi?She is the reason that brought us all together in the first place.Yet,I do not find it THAT bad that sometimes we need to vent out and/or to talk about issues in our lives that are in no way irrelevant to this case.Quite the contrary,actually.

      • BeeCee, I have seen Prisci Bee post that type of comment here before, but have not see him/her get involved in other topics of discussion…. leads me to wonder…hmm

      • Hmmm my friend was reading one of the hater sites (MDS) and said someone on there posts just about every day how they’re going to come over here and stir things up a bit with all the “crazies”!!!

        (Have to admit I’m kinda proud the haters call me one of the “crazies” here. I’d much rather fit in here than there!)

        • The real “crazies” over there even share ways on how to get around being blocked. So I have no doubt it is some of the same idiots who have nothing better to do…afterall look at how much they hate.

          what a sad, sad, existence they have.

        • Also Abused, My goodness! That type of behavior by the so immature. Just when you think you’ve heard it all…sheesh! I guess we should just ignore that poster next time he/she tries to “stir things up”…maybe then they won’t bother.

        • They are nuts on that site. Some of them finally got called out today for their homophobic talk and bashing of defense counsel. I try not to read over there, but it’s like a trainwreck. Some of the most unintelligent people whom I’ve ever come across. Some of the theories that they come up with…LOL.

    • Yesterday and today’s testimonies are geared toward the FACTS that Jodi was a victim of domestic abuse and acted in self-defense when her abuser attacked her.
      This site has and is still discussing plenty of other facts related to the trial, if you read back. Just comment on which other facts you are pondering on.

    • Our conversations are more of what we are following on the day of the trial. We dont just stick to one subject. If you go back to trial day 15, you’ll see that most of the comments there are related to THAT DAY. if you just popped in and read yesterday’s and todays comments, youll see that alot of our conversations are related to DV, that’s because Mr LaViollete is the DV expert and shes the on on the stand now. Does that make sense? If its too much to hear us sharing our past experiences of DV and our sobbing stories, you can go back a few days or pop back in, in a few days.. But we have a great group of people sharing and interacting with eachother and it hadn’t bothered or offended no one yet. We, well, “I” actually like it. There’s no death threats and not much hatred in this site.

      Have a good day…

      • LC, your post is beautifully, patiently, and lovingly stated. I am proud that there are such role models on our support site. It sets us apart as being constructive in our pursuit of justice for Jodi. Justice is what this is really about. We have all come to see some ugly truths that have crept into our government that we just cannot sit idly by and accept.

        Thank you,

    • The FACTS are this is a case of self defense and abuse. There was a lot of discussion of personal abuse yesterday because Ms. Laviolette was on the stand and speaking about the facts of domestic violence. We have discussed this case top to bottom, inside out, and left to right.
      You really are late to the party, you should look at the entire site.

      • Yes, KMiller exactly. If we need to look at all the facts, then the fact that Jodi is a victim of domestic violence must also be looked at.

        I also appreciate people coming forward with their stories of abuse, because it shows that there are also REAL VICTIMS of abuse who support Jodi coming forward with finally speaking the truth about Travis Alexander. The Travis Taliban and HLN have tried to pick and choose who can be called a victim and who cannot; doing a grave disservice to all abuse victims by implying people can safely ignore or give a pass to some forms of abuse because they aren’t deemed severe enough.

    • Prisci-
      Talking about Domestic Violence is talking about this case. Jodi is innocent because she was the victim of Domestic Violence and killed her abuser in self defense. It seems clear that you in fact do not really wish to discuss the various and important issues in this case.

      There are many other sites that you can discuss this case in the manner you wish, but do not make snide remarks about victims here!!!!

    • Prisci…

      I read facts all the time on this site about the case…

      And many times while reading the facts it has taken me down numerous roads…and while traveling down these roads reading along the way…I’ve actually accumulated more factual information that only confirmed the facts of the many facets in this case…

  41. I think I’ve seen more of the Great Seal of The State of Arizona than actual testimony in this trial. I’m not impressed.

    • Why would you post that when you asked for it to be posted earlier and many people tried to explain to you WHY it should not be posted? SJ even took the time to send you a PRIVATE email so you could have it, but it would not be public. REALLY?
      It is accessible, but we didn’t want to be responsible for a hater getting it, sheeeeesh!

        • WELL Kmiller I had no idea that someone was going to send me an email! It was posted on THIS SITE already that is where I finally GOT IT!!! So I did NOT post anything that wasnt already POSTED yesterday. And As some one said it is easy to find if you Google it.

  42. This nonsense of starting court late is very unprofessional. Since this judge is on a high-profile trial, her focus should only be on this case. I mean, geez, Jodi’s life is at stake.

    PLUS, taxpayer money is being wasted by all her delays, in addition to showing no respect for the expert witnesses in this case. Their time is valuable. AND, they are charging by the hour. So, the State gets to pay for that.


    • I agree Nicole I would think that she would want her court room to look professional with the eye of the nation watching.

    • He was a good judge! He took no Bull from anyone. I thought it was very interesting when that spectator was charged in open court with breaking his rules. That should of been done to the RINGTONE person.

    • I agree that he didn’t allow BS into his courtroom, but he did allow a lot of State evidence (for lack of a better term, because it was junk science) that was very questionable and was meant to help the prosecution….of course that failed as it should have.

  43. So what happens when the jury comes back with a Not Guilty verdict on Murder 1? I honestly don’t see how you can convict Jodi of premeditated murder, It’s simply not there. If you are going to put someone to death, you better be surer than sure that the state has proven it’s burden beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. From where I sit, they haven’t.
    The jurors have to live with their decision for the rest of their lives.

    • If they do for some reason HAVE NO SENSE OF REALITY and they do convict her my uncle who is an attorney has said each day that he sees many causes for reason to appeal. one being that it came out in front of the jury at one time her counsel was going to walk from the case…THAT IS A HUGE cause for a new trial he says.

        • Yes, it was said in front of the jury. The defense objected. The judge cleared the jury from the courtroom and then it was discussed at length.

          • I’ll have to go back and watch the tape from that day…I think this was all about “the card” Jodi wanted to give to Nurmi. Not sure how much came out of JM mouth in front of the jury before the objection and the courtroom was cleared. I think JM did it on purpose to leave the jury with the impression that Samuels not only gave her a book but cards. The part about the card being for Nurmi was not discussed in front of the jury.

            • cont..leaving the jury with the impression that he “got” her cards and a book. It was tatic to ring a bell that can’t be unrung. Therefore the jury is left to thing this much be a big deal…he got her a card…

    • Yep. It’s done for today.
      >>> Court clerk announces “unable to proceed today will reconvene tomorrow”

      Team Jodi

      • And it is a short day due to the upcoming holiday. Well this will allow the jury to ponder La Violette’s awesome explanations and testimony. I’m sure some jurors will be reflecting on their own relationships or that of loved ones or families.

        There is no way that JW will finish tomorrow either, so they will have until Tuesday to think whatever else La Violette has to say.

        Great for Jodi.

      • Cancelled. Ughhh. Could be something as simple as a person , juror, defense, pros, expert, or possible Jodi, is ill. could have something to do with this motion that was heard this morning, maybe the hearing was going to take much longer than they initially thought, judge needs more time to go over arguments, etc etc. I know its just how trials go, but it is still frustrating.

    • Give me a freaking break!!!!

      1:56 p.m. ET: From our producer in the courtroom:

      Judge Sherry Stephens just sentenced a Bosnian War veteran who stabbed his girlfriend 44 times with a screwdriver to life in prison without parole. She heard victim impact statements from members of the victim’s family. The grief they expressed sent Samantha Alexander out of the courtroom in tears, as well as another Alexander supporter.

      2:12 p.m. ET: The judge’s assistant announced, “We are unable to proceed today, court will resume at 9:30 p.m. tomorrow.”

      • That is a bunch of BULL DOOKY!! Why was a sister of a murder victim even listening to victim impact statements from another victims family?? What does she want more sympathy from the KOOL AID drinkers that follow his family??

        • I could be wrong, but I think all trials are open to the public. Which would mean that TA’s family has just as much right to watch another trial as we have to watch THIS trial.

          I realize everyone is emotional about this case. But there are more than enough things to be upset about without getting wound up about which trials the Alexander family might be watching while they wait for this one to start each day.

          I’m more upset that the media is reporting their reactions the way they are. More bias.

          • Maybe Samantha wanted to get a feel for what she should expect, should she have to give a victim impact statement. It had to be hard at any rate.

      • I agree, If she is presiding over a death penalty case all her other cases should have been reassigned. Delaying THIS trial, when all the participants have arrived for the day is disrespectful. Absolutely disrespectful and an injustice IMO

  44. did I just read that court is cancelled today here we go again whats up with this hope new evidence is on the table that someone else did the slashing of the throat and stab to the heart or the intruder story lets not forget dustin and his wife who is dead now and can not tell what really happened

  45. I just threw up in my mouth a bit…ugh, when seeing JM signing autographs and taking pictures. I immediately thought he is another Ashton who will run for a higher office and win (as with Ashton) and write a book (Ashton).


    Even HLN said that this “show boating” gives the appearance of ulterior motives such as a book or movie deal.

    • Ashton will always be the guy who lost to Jose Baez though, no matter what else he does in life. He’s a cocky loser whose bid to put Casey to death backfired in a big way. Bet he won’t be “high-fiving” anyone outside of courtrooms in the future.

  46. Ok, they just posted up another video from the interrogation titled, “Jodi complains about handcuffs!”, why are they posting these little parts of the interrogation video late? I watched it, and she’s just scared, asking why she has to have them on everywhere, because she says she’s not going to run, that’s all, it’s not like she’s fighting him or saying not to put them on, she’s just asking a question plus she’s crying at the time, she’s scared.

  47. WHY was the trial cancelled for today ?
    LOOKS like the judge will be taking advice before deciding on the question of sealing the records …. they should be sealed in my opinion
    IT’S serious
    SEE head of page for details … the protective order sought by the defense >>>
    IF the billing records were not sealed, and privileged defense information strategies, etc were revealed that’d likely lead to a mistrial on appeal
    JUDGE won’t want to get this one wrong
    OR maybe it’s something else altogether 🙂

    • Thank you, Also Abused. And yeah what the H does he have to think about it for?!!! No!!! It should be an easy decision!

      • I think because the media attorney argued that they should be allowed access (constitutionally) and suggested it could be redacted, where necessary. I think the judge wants to have his clerk/staff double check research for any precedents on this subject. And the judge will probably then write out a very thorough order. At least, that would be my best guess.

    • Someone here who has a facebook acct should reply to that article and mention the reason that this case was brought to trial in the first place was because the PROSECUTION would not accept Jodi’s plea for M2. They are saying the “Defense costs” are over $800,000.00…it should be made clear that the PROSECUTION is responsible for this because they are out for blood.

  48. Bryan Batt from HLN says JM should’nt be giving autographs and enjoying rock star treatment because it raises suspicion of having ulterior motives… Well no frieking kidding!!!! We already knew it, but now his actions are proving it. He such an idiot….

  49. Does the amount of money spent so far include the prosecution? How much have they paid to try to kill her? How much is Flores being paid to sit his lazy ass in the courtroom doing nothing every day? How much has the pros paid their experts? How much is Kermit being paid?

    • Just to be fair, Kermit and Flores are salaried employees. They’re not making anything extra whether they’re in court or out of it.

      However, the expert witnesses for the prosecution were compensated. And the prosecution may well have spent a small fortune on its investigation.

        • Oh no, of course not. That doesn’t discredit Jodi in any way, so the media will keep that under their hats!

      • I’d like to see Wilmott asking them as well how much they make an hour.It’s nit fair that Kermit got to ask the defense experts that question.

        • pretty much think that what they are paid is irrelevant. But the question gets asked in a lot of trials, it’s not all that unusual. Ms Wilmott asked the current witness what she made.

          It really shouldn’t come out how much the defense has spent and on what until after the trial is over and done.

          I am a taxpayer in AZ and want to know, but not until it’s over. What is the difference or need to know it before the totals are in? Seems crazy to ask what the cost is now.

        • Well, Maria, the average prosecutor in the US makes somewhere between $115,000 and $165,000 per year, plus excellent benefits, paid vacation, holidays, personal time, etc. That’s said to be an average of $55-$75 per hour for the hours they work. California has always had the highest rate of pay and usually the northeastern states pay very well also. Texas isn’t far behind them, but I’m not sure what Arizona would pay. Those are AVERAGE salaries. With Kermit’s experience level, I’d bet he’s at the top range of Arizona’s pay scale however.

          Keep in mind (since you’re not in the US) that these experts work for themselves, so that hourly wage they receive is BEFORE tax, and without any benefits, etc. They’re considered “invisible benefits”. Benefits cost the employer about 30-50% of the annual salary. Taxes can be 30-40% higher for a self-employed person, depending on the structure of the expert’s company. Also, an expert may not be employed full-time all year. An expert could have stretches of time where he/she is not retained. So, it’s difficult to compare.

          Also, the expert often has the inconvenience of traveling. Kermit gets to stay home!

          But, for argument’s sake, let’s say Kermit makes $75 per hour and his benefits/tax breaks provide him with an additional $60 an hour on average. So, he really makes about $135 an hour when trying to compare it to the expert’s hourly rate.

          • Thanks AA for going into the trouble of writing it all down for me.What I meant though actually was that personally I dont care how much they make and frankly I couldnt understand why the question was even raised during testimony,especially because it was Martinez that first asked such a question to Dr Samuels(if memory serves right).Now I see that it is a commonly asked one.However,my opinion is that this is money the AZ taxpayers could have ‘saved’ had the Prosecution accepted the plea deal in the first place.

            • Whatever the answer would be – whether they get paid a dollar amount or if they provided their expertise for free the answer would be twisted into a knot.

              They are over paid and provided sloppy work


              In the case of Dr Samuels, had he volunteered his time and expertise it only would only fuel the accusation from stupid that the Dr. was *in lurve* with the defendant, in fact , SO IN LURVE with the defendant he was appearing for free!

              Every time I happened to see the tv screen with “the shrink vs the prosecutor” I was so irked!

              It should have read “the shrink vs the spin master” if they wanted to appeal to the hip, young and immature crowd


              The Psychologist vs the Prosecutor …. if they chose the high road

              But once again, HLN chose to bully and display their overt bias with childish name calling.

  50. kermit: i’m a prince, who was turned into a frog, by a wicked witch, kiss me, you’ll see
    lonely, curious, and gullible girl: smoooooch
    no change
    girl runs screaming eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  51. To those who have an issue with DV victims telling their stories: ever so politely, “go to hell.” This page is about Jodi, CLEARLY. We support Jodi, clearly. We want her to be acquitted or receive a lesser charge, clearly. We’re telling our stories because we can relate to Jodi, clearly. You sound like all of those other people who feel uncomfortable when one talks of DV. Oh well. It happens and we’re speaking out about it.

    Now, with that said, why is Samantha Alexander listening to other cases? Why was she in the courtroom? Is she a friend or family member of this victim? I try to have sympathy for Travis’ siblings, but they make it very hard, especially Samantha with her eye rolling and nasty looks. We get it, you hate Jodi. Why the judge allows her to sit there and scowl is beyond me. Jodi’s mother and aunt never act so immaturely.

    Now JVM is saying Jodi was faking her illness and this may be why court was cancelled. Obviously JVM has never heard the term: stress can kill you. I’m stressed from this case and I’m in no way involved in it.

    I do think this has more to do with the hearing this morning and the judge not being able to make a decision (God forbid).

    • I appreciate the victims who relate their experience on this site. It helps me understand and relate it to Jodi’s experience and testimony, see the similarities and dissimilarities. Thank you all for reliving your nightmare for all to hear and for providing your insights from a victim’s point of view.

      • Thank you Viri and JouJou. For too long victims have been told to shut up and deal with it. Maybe if Jodi had an outlet like this site, she would have been able to get out before it escalated. The show Snapped is called Snapped for a reason. Women who are abused can only take so much (and no I’m not saying that is what happened with Jodi; it was an example).

        Moni: People like you are the reason I said anything to the naysayers. They may not realize it, but shunning storytellers will make other victims (like you) feel as if they can’t speak out because they don’t want to be reprimanded or rock the boat (and we’re so used to walking on eggshells this is a natural reaction). If you feel as if you’re ready to share your story I hope you do. Knowing I’m not crazy and that there are others helps me so much.

        Kmiller: Those are the victims I spoke of earlier today. They claim to be real victims. Well what makes you real, I want to ask. You have more bruises? You stayed longer? Jodi seemed to enjoy it? A victim is a victim is a victim.

        Tony: Thank you. I can’t believe someone would question why Jodi supporters would tell their stories. While there are supporters who have not been in DV situations, most are here because they know what she’s going through. It’s hell, especially when no one seems to believe you.

        Jennifer: Ha! Thanks!

        Renee: Exactly! Further silencing victims is just cruel. We’re not making it about us and not Jodi, we’re making it about all of us, including Jodi!

        Tonya: I’m sorry to hear that, but I know where you’re coming from. I’m disappointed the trial was cancelled today because I’m sort of craving more of Alyce’s knowledge. She has really touched me.

        • Thank you Jennifer oxoxoxoxo Alyce LaViolette has really given me some Aha moments. I was married twice. The abuse was totally different in both…1st physical…2nd more mental…but still painful. I’ll share more as we go along…thanks again!!!!!!

          • I would bet Jodi would of been the last on to consider she was experiencing abuse, or that either one was entering into an abusive relationship. Until you’ve lived it I believe its very difficult to imagine what it is like.

            Years ago I would have been the one screeching the loudest I’d never. ever. let ANY MAN abuse me.

            I had been married for 15 years and the idea I had been married to an abuser never entered my mind. I was far too immersed in thinking “If only I could get my husband to understand me and my feelings. He used to way back when, why can’t I get us back there again?”

            I had NO CLUE he could really care less what or how I felt, even as he was screaming at me I was WRONG in how I felt! He would scream at me I was “Crazy for thinking he would ever be mean to me.” When I’d ask him to “PLEASE DON’T SCREAM AT ME” he’d only get more mad as he screamed “I’M NOT SCREAMING” and that I had no idea what I was talking about or what screaming sounded like.

            I was told to raise my hand when I perceived he was starting to yell or scream at me because me saying he was screaming really made him angry, which caused him to start screaming. Then I would be blamed for “making him scream.”

            It wasn’t until I visited several attorneys to seek advice about divorce that I was told he was an abuser. One attorney told me my story was the worst she’d heard of in the past 5 years. I was shocked. It took me well over a year before I could even begin to accept reality, that the fairy tale life I thought we had, had been a mirage.

            Jodi was aware there were issues in the relationship. Most relationships have issues here and there. Thats the point of dating – to work towards finding someone you want to share your life with. In her youth I doubt abuse was on her list of things she ever considered.

            Heck, I was deep into a marriage and the concept of emotional abuse never would have entered my mind…

      • Thank you for all the nice comments that are being made towards those of us who shared our living hell!! I never wanted to offend or upset anyone by it and I know know that the majority on this site got something out of what we posted. Thank you!!

    • CLEARLY! Lol @ Jennifer From FL!
      I don’t think there are too many people who haven’t experienced abuse on some level, and if not they at least have a loved one who has been a victim. I think it is very natural that those who can relate share their stories. Hell, I’ve seen on the hater sites people who say they are victims of abuse, but don’t believe Jodi was.
      As far as facts, it is a FACT that TA abused Jodi! It is also a FACT that if you have an issue with the discussions here, then you should leave. Promptly.

    • Well said Jennifer from FL! This is a webpage for Jodi indeed. The VAST majority of posters here are women too, some who have endured DV. They have EVERY right too to rant as loudly as they wish with the utmost rage as they have endured unspeakable abuse!

      I salute them too the way an ordinary foot soldier would salute 4 Star Generals!!!!:-)

    • When people get together and converse, their personal experiences are important to the conversation. It allows people in the conversation to be able to better understand perspectives, explanations and the world view of those involved in the conversation. So the DV stories on this site are important.

      But just as important is the fact that I believe a certain bond and friendship has been created amongst the people on this site. And it is truly important to be able to share with your friends.

      So I don’t know about some of the others, but you need a ear, I always have one you can bend. Need a shoulder, I have one that’s open for use. And I thank you folks for your trust in us. It can’t be easy to share some of your deepest and most personal angst.

      • Very well said, Al. And I agree 100%. This is the only safe place on the Internet to discuss our support of Jodi.

      • Al-
        very well said and very nice. Men need to speak out against DV more than ever. I appreciate that you have. You are quite evolved 🙂

      • Thank you for that comment Al, I feel the same way. It is a nice thing to be able to come here and discuss the trial from our own viewpoints and opinions. The personal stories some of us have shared do help us to “get to know” the others, and in my case, have been cathartic.

    • thank you jennifer for your post I to am a victum of DV and this trial is important to me because of that

  52. Jennifer I agree with all you posted. When I first read that post I second guessed myself about sharing…as a DV victim would. I am hoping that there are a few jurors who god forbid been a DV victim or had a loved one who was and were reached as we were with what was said on the stand. I think her testimony has put a big red ribbon around the defenses case!
    I wondered the same thing about TAs sister being in the room and listening to the victim impact statements. I think it was done for sympathy. If I had a loved one who was killed I wouldnt want to listen to the pain of another family because it would trigger bad feeling inn me…like salt on the wound thedeath caused me.
    I am greatful this site was created because the testimony yesterday brought back feelings I have not felt in a long long time and it helped to come on here and hear the testimony did the same to other DV victims.
    Thanks Jennifer for standing up for those who shared!!


      It is time to confront this bullshit. Without shame, without fear.

      I am a DV survivor. I will scream about it for the rest of my life, if only to keep this subject front and damn center, where it should be.

      • YEAH Renee, Jennifer and everyone……DV will not be a dirty little secret if all of us speak out! maybe this will save some lives.

        Samantha and the siblings need to go and seek professional help. They are all victims of domestic Violence from living with their parents. They are clearly experiencing some significant Metal Health issues as evidenced by their courtroom behavior. Maybe this will eventually bring them to the point that they will get the help they need to heal and stop the cycle of violence in their family.

  53. You guys should call into the blog radio today. I was able to get through and spoke with Mr. Gagic. I have to say, I got a little nervous.

  54. I am at my limit with the incremental releasing of the police interrogation videos of Jodi – the only way those get released is through the prosecution/police department. I am SICK SICK SICK of their slimy underhanded biased bullshit. So Jodi asked if she had to wear handcuffs to go the bathroom…SO F***ing what!!! Maybe she was trying to find out if she could wipe herself and/or wash her hands (an almost impossibility if handcuffed in the back – which is how the video have shown her to be).

    I don’t know about any of you but the click-click-click sound of those handcuffs going on Jodi REALLY piss me off. I know it’s “procedure” – BUT – JUST IN THE OFF CHANCE the jury IS seeing SOME of the media out there – if it is prejudicial to see the “defendant” in jail clothing, why isn’t it prejudicial to see the defendant BEING HANDCUFFED????? They continue to “release” snippits of interrogation video – why don’t they put it all together and tell the truth about how long they kept Jodi there. Next it will be “OMG Jodi falls asleep in the interrogation room” – GMAB. I’m SICK SICK SICK of it.

    By the way…maybe we should suggest Glenn Close as the judge for their stupid movie…I’m sure they can make her look just like her…Cheryl Ladd was a good choice too! lol lol lol

    • You are soooo right Janeen!When I saw yet another video snippet I was like What??And why on Earth is is so appaling that she asked if she had to go to the bathroom handcuffed??It’s just as you said:she is a human being like anybody else,she’s a girl maybe it was that day of the month and she had to…well you know!People need to wipe and clean themselves when going to the bathroom,hello??What’s wrong with ll these haters?Their blinding rage hatred and despise for Jodi has deprived them of any sense logic and understanding.But why do I even bother?Arent they the same people that want to push the needle inside her veins and enjoy the sight of Jodi dying slowly as they have repeatedly said?
      Gonna quote Blanche DuBois:”So much confusion in the world”

    • i did here on HLN that at the end of the hearing this morning that she heard JW telling someone as Jodie was being lead out court that “I want her to take her medication be sure she gets her lunch” Could that have anything to do with the cancellation

  55. HLN confirmed that Lifetime is making a movie about the murder of Travis Alexander. Disgusting. And the fact that HLN wants to know the court costs is sickening. They want to bias the public even further.

  56. Folks,

    I just went over to look at the handcuffs video. First time I’ve seen Nancy Grace in about 17-18 years. She looked like someone had an accident in her Wheaties. Is she always that angry, or did Jodi asking to be allowed to go to the bathroom without handcuffs just set her off?

      • You have to be kidding me. That is one angry person. She better watch out, that kind of anger brings on all kinds of serious health issues such as hypertension, ulcers, high cholesterol, heart disease, etc.

        I thought you guys were just beating up on her, but wow!

        Hey anyone remember Denny Crane giving it to the Nancy Grace lookalike on Boston Legal.

        I’m Denny Crane!

          • I actually use to like NG back during the Scott Peterson trial because I so HATED what that bastard did to his wife and un-born child! The past few years though she’s totally gone off the deep end.

      • Even scarier is she is a mom. Instead of camping out at the courthouse she should high tail it back to her family and children. Perhaps her husband encourages her to stay away as much as possible 🙂

    • she is always that angry. Her “soul” thrives on hate. She is an instigator and is abusive to everyone. Google that crazy bitches name….

      she is a disGrace. She once bullied someone so bad the poor girl committed suicide. Nasty Graceless had to pay her family a settlement.

      • Renee,

        Thanks for the tip. Boy she’s something else isn’t she. Reprimanded by the supreme court for prosecutorial misconduct (not once but 3 times), responsible for 2 suicides, etc. Yech!

        And then I found this gem

        “Nancy Grace has also helped staff a hotline at an Atlanta battered women’s center for 10 years.”

        Wonder what she has to say about Alyce LaViolette?

        • I know, Al! For all the hate-spewing mouth-foaming comments she has the audacity to make about others, I would like her to own up and admit to her role as public instigator.

          She is a disgrace to the world, and how dare she talk of others?

        • Al –

          Don’t forget that she also out-and-out lied in her biography when telling about her fiance who was murdered. She’s apparently never had a problem with letting the facts get in the way of her angry narrative.

        • Never one to let a petty thought slide, I must take this opportunity to point out that her first name is a nickname of her middle name…which is just, to me, like so…. declasse. But then again, she is, isn’t she?

  57. THE hostility of the alexander family towards alyce’s laviolette’s testimony is to be expected, because they know it’ll cast a penetrating light not only on travis, but them as a family, with dark and nasty secrets, full of lies, evasions, and moral cowardice.
    THEIR assiduously cultivated masks of righteousness have been pulled aside
    JODI’S testimony revealed THEIR monster travis.
    THEY hate her for that.

    • You think? I would think it would have the opposite affect. AL’s testimony should open their hearts to understand human nature and that we are all products of our environment; that it IS possible if not probable that Travis was the instigator of the events of that day and that Jodi may have actually been a victim of his abuse and acted in self defense. They lived in the environment that Travis endured as a child. They know full well what he was exposed to. They may have themselves recognized some of their own past/current behaviors from hearing A.LaViolette speak. I believe that EVERYONE who heard and REALLY LISTENED to her testimony HAD to have a moment of introspection.

      • I don’t know Dorothy. It could go either way. Some would empathize. Other’s may lash out as a form of denial. Remember, often people shoot the messenger.

        I will tell you though, I think the one sister, Not the one with the sever makeup was crying yesterday while they were talking about the hypothetical boy and family. And the guy who sits in between the two ladies, I’m assuming he’s TAs brother – Oh man the look on his face – he was in some severe pain.

        That was very hard on those two. I wouldn’t wish that on any one.

          • Also, might I add, I am not a cold hearted bitch. I feel for that family. I have three adult sons, and I cannot imagine the pain. I have sent that family money, and I have sent Jodi money.

            I feel for them. at the same time, I KNOW Jodi was a victim, and this is NOT how she wanted life to go. She loved Travis. She was talented, beautiful… she had nothing to gain and everything to lose by his death.

            Travis was not a saint. In fact, he was terribly abusive to Jodi. But, I feel for all involved.

            • Isn’t that the truth Renee.

              Unlike what old crazy vision Ezekiel said the sins of the father truly are born by the son (or should I say the parents and children)

              I wonder if others see the destruction two sets of abusive parents have wrought on their children. And neither one of the kids asked for this. The Arias parents may look a whole lot more civil, but whipping kids with belts and wooden spoons IS CHILD ABUSE.

              The testimony of Dr Samuels and Alyce Laviolette has taken this whole case down a different path. What an absolute waste of human spirit.

              I watched yesterdays testimony and went home and gave my little family a specially tight hug.

              • Good for you, Al! I also was tremendously moved by what I heard. This is a tragedy– all around.

                This is why I cannot fathom the haters screaming for her death, and their apparent inability to think critically.

                She is someones daughter, niece, aunt, friend, and she could have one day been someone’s mother. She is human.

                She is not “IT”, she is not “HODI”, she is not “HARIASS”. she, like us, is a human being.


                • APROPOS of the above posts
                  I don’t personally know how the alexander family, or individual members, felt
                  I personally would be swayed by the insights of modern social science, as i was by dr samuels and alyce laviolette
                  OTHERS from my experience are not so flexible or receptive
                  THEY don’t think that way, but operate in the hard inflexible moralistic world of their own personal and religious, self-righteousness, intolerance, into which insights provided by people such as the above two defense experts never penetrate
                  IT’S an imperfect characterization i know
                  BUT i believe Jodi, and her account.
                  AND i concluded early on that she had a valid claim of self defense
                  AND beyond that the alexander family views on what has happened, were to my limited knowledge speculative, and entirely peripheral to Jodi’s trial for capital murder
                  I’D assumed such rigidity in the alexander family from, what i’ve learned about travis alexander
                  IN him i saw deceit, hypocrisy, self serving manipulation of others, backed by violence, and threats towards Jodi
                  AND i reasoned that his character did not arise in a vacuum, but was formed, and fostered by his family, followed by his religious, and social environment.
                  THE telephone call audio, and Jodi’s testimony revealed a travis alexander far different from the person she saw

              • Al, thank you for your tone of affirmation and gentleness.

                This is an opportunity for healing to beckon those who will be open to it.

                I love that you are able to feel support for both sides, because Jodi and Travis are BOTH victims in this tragedy.

        • I noticed their expressions as well…then JM popped in with an objection…I was hoping (in my optimism) that the words would touch their souls and open up their hearts.