Jodi Arias Trial – Day 38 (afternoon comments)

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Leave your comments below on a short yet very eventful trial day 38…

Team Jodi


  1. Guys, I still can’t get over the fact that “Umpa Lumpanez” is being treated like a celebrity!!

    Last I heard, the court is going to release the $ figures of how much JA defense is costing Arizona tax payers. The haters are blaming all this on JA off course. But wait, JA was willing to plead 2nd degree murder charges and save Arizona big $, but Fartinez decided to drag it on and take it to trial.

    Who is to blame?

    • ………….

      not a comment from our true who is posting here. Just another hurting soul who has too much time on their hands. ADMIM

        • Was it the death threat? Im bit mad right now so i commented BRING IT, then I removed my comment and ……. that person’s. My apologies if you saw what I said. That will not happen again on my end.

          • The IP was from the netherlands. They are using a proxy and have left 12 comments. I’ve banned all emails and IPs. If you see this person sneak through again, please let me know immediately.

            • Wow thats horrible! ! They MUST be pissed about today that they’d lv 12 comments. I dont want to get u upset JC, you’ve bern doing such a wonderful job, where they death threats though? ? And they can’t really get any person info because we all dont have much information on this site, just SJ with our emails, right?

            • Amke sure you keep all that info somewhere in case God Forbid someone does try to hurt her, The police could use it to track those who sent them

        • Cindy,

          he/she used a proxy. I did ban all IPS and emails associated with the many comments that didn’t make it through. We are safe. THis happened in the casey case too. Death threats were rapmant but nobody died. It’s talk. These haters are just furious about the smoking gun brought out today by Wilmott. The email from Sky hughes substantiated the fact that Travis was an abuser and had not dealt with his childhood issues. They know they are losing now. I expect these losers to threaten further. Be careful, but keep in mind that anyone can be a badass behind a keyboard using proxies and fake names.

          • Thanks JC. It just kinda freaked me out a bit. I’m a mom/granma and everyone on here is like my family. I pray everynight for the familys….on both sides and for our “DREAM TEAM” Needless to say Jodi…..

  2. Hello everyone , I haven’t been able to get live feed all day….always appreciate the play by play comments here… Thank you…. Can you tell me if the testimoney is still going on ?is there another place to get steaming video besides the link here?

    • Sometimes I can get live streams from I’m not saying I like how they title them. Just a source when I’m at work. BTW I’m my own boss and have my own laptop…so I’m not using the company computer.

  3. regarding weather Sky Hughes can be called as a witness.Way back when there was hearing regarding Sky Hughes talking to the prosecution after watching the days events.

    At the end of hearing judge told her that she was getting a subpena as a witness for the defense and not to watch any more of the trial. i thought it was a ploy by the defense to get her to stop calling the prosecution . the hearing was about her calling the prosecutor office

    I hope that now the defense does call he so they can introduce the e-mail

    • I hope so too Stan. I want her and her lying husband on the stand. Thier cover up and obstruction of justice is sickening. Especially now that we have heard for certain that they knew Travis was abusive to more than one woman.

  4. My humble thought… by “humble thought”s i really mean opinionated and long winded: 🙂

    Lets remember not to get worked up over the HLEN and their antics. After all, they are just entertainment and not real news or media. Head Line Entertainment Network. Please politetly correct anyone reffering to HLN as the “media”.

    The death penalty is off the table, as it is obvious that there is reasonable doubt to the “premeditation” theory.

    Felony Murder? still don’t even understand how they came up with this charge, as there was no “felony” excluding the death, that could cause murder to be elivated by a felony to “felony murder”. so Felony Murder SHOULD be off the table, if they are able to explain what that charge is, in closing arguments.

    This leaves us with the 1 MILLION Dollar question…. Self-defense? If the state cant PROVE this is false, then there is no “lesser crime” to worry about. Again, the defense doesnt have to prove self defense. They CLAIM self defense and the state has to prove it wasn’t. Has the state proven that it wasnt self defense? I dont think so, and after today i think the defense has went farther than they needed to and has show good evidence to suggest it WAS self defense. Niether side has proven anything, but the defense doesnt have to.

    As of today, i change my guess on the outcome and what I would do if on the jury. Rather than a lesser charge of Murder 2, i now would say Not guilty on all charges. I would then be VERY surprised if she is not charged with “conspiracy to cover up a death” and “lying to a police officer”. These charges will be satisfied with time already served and she will walk. THEN, she will be sued in civl court for some crazy amount of money. She wont have anything to give, but it will stop her from ever making a penny on any of the publicity that will come after she is free.

    (i’ll put my crystal ball away now)

      • I would be extremely surprised, given the fact that the defense offered a deal for murder 2 already, and that she has admitted to ‘killing’ NOT murdering him, that they will be given instructions on several lesser charges. HOWEVER, they will not be able to offer a charge that has not been instructed by the judge.

    • Aahhhh yes….. thats what im seeing too. Jodi WALK FREE. But, BUT why not sue all these people, she should be able to!!! I thk.

    • Remember also. She gave him money! I can’t see her wanting to make any money from his death. They are the revenge seeking, reputation smearing and campaign to put to death a battered and abused woman. Let super star Martinez write a book, get famous. LET JODI GO!

    • The prosecution has a real problem if the defense brings out in front of the jury that the felony murder charge actually states that she did not go to TA’s to kill him which contradicts the States entire claime of 1st degree premeditation charge.

    • My biggest worry is that the jury has heard all this mess on hln. They love to villify anyone who can be! I hate that the jury heard JM’S little poke to Dr. Samuels about feelings. Doesn’t matter if the judge says nooooooooooooooooo, the damage is done. So much of this doesn’t make sense to me. i HAVE said this over and over adn over. IF it makes sense to you and you can make me understand it then please make me understand. Jodi did what she had to do to survive and is being treated like a villan she didnt need to lie and yes she should have come forward but dam, in that situation does anyone know what they woud do?I have thought and thought adn thought. I don’t know but, if someone was coming after me againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn then who knows what would happen. I think (hearing all the questions that have been submitted that the jury is listening to more than testimony. Am I alone in this???????????????????

  5. One of HLN’s pet court spectators, Katie Wick, has been observed eavesdropping on conversations between Jodi Arias’ mother and sister. We have reported this to all of our news contacts throughout the country and to the Jodie Arias defense team. Ms. Wick is a regular on the Dr. Drew HLN show and each day she manages to get a seat on the defense side of the courtroom and as close to the Arias family as possible. Judge Sherry Stephens has also been notified about Katie Wick.

      • Martinez should not be signing autographs BUT HLN keeps saying how popular he is and showing you the same 4 lame people who are so PATHETIC far from a crowd, I heard that there was another girlfriend who was abused.

      • When Jean Casarez was on the witness stand…the camera zoomed in on Katie Wick…and she was smiling showing all her teeth…like she thought everything was so funny…when she realized the camera was on her…she kinda bit on her bottom lip with her teeth…

        • Dr, Drew Show Transcript 3/28

          Drew: I guess the defense attorney brought up Katie Wick.
          I want to make this very clear.
          We do not pay Katie Wick.
          She is not employed by HLN or this program

          Threw her under the bus immediately, after he called her “my jury” time and
          time again as she appeared on his HLN show to report to him what was
          happening in the courtroom.

          • “She is not employed by HLN or this program”

            Jean C said she worked for Turner Broadcasting.

            I’m sure they pay for her hotel room and travel expenses. She is not doing this for free.

    • Thank you for reporting that Bill. Her behavior is dispicable- all for her 15 minutes of fame.
      Are you also in the Court Room each day, and are you a reporter?

      • TR..I have been begging to find out what happened today in court. I missed it….:( How did Jodi look? I wish I could take her on my holiday. My heart just bleeds for her. I didn’t feel at one time she should get off scott free but the more that comes out….I pray she walks. I know she will never be free to just live a normal life….and that is realy very sad because I am sure she could really do something wonderful with her life.

        Everytime I hear the saying “then here came Jodi” I just want to slap whoever said it. It’s more like then here comes Travis.

    • Dr Drew has his very own “JURY” which sits in the courtroom every day, then goes on his show in the evening and reports to Dr. Drew and to his PANELS what all takes place within the courtroom each day.
      He also has what he calls a “BEHAVIOR BUREAU” ……and a “HUMAN LIE DETECTOR person”.
      They all give a childish school grade at the end of the show. This is a death-penalty case folks. People need to grow up. What happened to these so called professional people and their ethics, who insist on making a mockery of our justice system. Look around, we have the best judicial system in the world. It is not a school-room that passes out grades from A to F, or laughed or joked about on national tv as it has been shown to date. Our professional’s need to take a step back or lose all credibility.

      It is unquestionably wrong, for the media to become active participants in an on-going court case regardless of public demand for up to date coverage. When the media interferes with the legal system it does harm to every American citizen who may be going to court. It is “unconstitutional and it is unethical” when the media crosses the line and decides innocence or guilt on national tv, no less. Every US citizen deserves a fair trial in a court of law in this country……. without the interference of the media’s disrespectful reporting.

    • Dr. Drew Show Transcript 3/28/13

      Dr Drew: Katie what did you think of Jodi’s being painted as a vulnerable abused woman?

      Katie Wick: I sort of felt like I was in a “FOG” and my brain was scrambled a little bit after
      that for the rest of the day,

      Dr. Drew: Be careful what you say on “our program” Katie, you might be up on the stand
      testifying about “fog” and how “fog” affects people,

  6. Just sharing my opinion, it makes perfect sense that TA would have moments of rage. He was living a lie
    and I can imagine that there was a lot of pressure in keeping those secrets. I feel he made up all the
    stalking stories so he could explain why Jodi would show up at his house.

    It also bugs me that his friends say Jodi introduced him into that sexual lifestyle; A virgin does not have TA’s kind of sexual appetite and vocabulary!

    Its is so sad that everything turned out this way especially for TA. It is also so sad for Jodi, there are several men that would have loved her the right way.

  7. Thanks guys… now I have to sit through this crap on HLN…THANK GOD I HAVE DVR or whatever it’s called.

    Jodi looks pale but I like her with out bangs…….she is a very pretty young woman…

  8. Ok … Just finished watching today on YouTube … Including pretrial !
    It’s about time the media circus gets called on the carpet. Have been soooo
    Appalled at how inaccurate these entertainment “news” channels are.

    The worst one is that rediculous HLN after dark! What a mockery! It’s discusting. So went to their site and been posted reasonable opinions …and then ran for cover! ( Maggie’s advice) ( love u guys here… )
    Have been reading only this site every since the trial started but takes me most the eve. To finish and so seldom post cause I’m always hours behind you all.

    I think today was a good day in court.
    Does anyone know if the Hugh’s emails r actually available to read?

  9. So, like a dumbass I turned on Drew just to see what they were saying. That lasted about a minute after I heard him say that she slashed his tires and was constantly sneaking into his house, plus she kicked a dog! Nada about how maybe, just maybe, AL is making sense here and of course nothing about the damning Hughes email. Back to a rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond for me 🙂

  10. I have been watching HLN tonight — can’t help myself — just have to hear what the opposing team talks about even though they all make my blood pressure rise. I have noticed that none of the programs are talking about the Hughes’s email. They KNOW how much this hurts the prosecution’s case. I am feeling optimistic about this case today! On another note, I wonder why Martinez always refers to himself in the third person? Seems odd to me.

  11. One other thing I wonder about is that all of the HLN programs are obviously pro prosecutor and pro death penalty. I just don’t get it. Are there any people in television land that see things differently? I never had strong opinions about the death penalty until I was about 18 years old and read a book by Norman Mailer called “Executioner’s Song”. It forever changed my life.

  12. Hello all I have been cruisen the hater sights and reading the stupid stuff they post. I was about to leave the last page for the day and looked up to a new comment…you all have to see it to believe what it says

  13. I recently finished watching “The Staircase ” ( a 10 part documentary about Michael Peterson who was accused, convicted and then was granted. New trial for the alleged murder of his 2nd wife, if you’ve never see it, check it out its amazing) . There are a few parts where they show the defense team watching CourtTV, and its amazing how NG , and Jinkasaurus have continued from the early 2000’s to present day twisting testimony and fabricating false allegations….more than watching Mr.Petersons defense team become enraged at their ridiculous reports, I highly enjoyed a short clip of Vinnie Politan poop face reporting from a tent in a dress shirt and tie, slacks and Velcro sandles with socks on… Seriously.? I now imagine him wearing those whenever I see him on TV. These old ass , non-practicing former attorneys can suck it.

  14. I’ve been thinking almost all day about the trial.This trial has had me up and down like a yo-yo emotionally. It was a short day, but a good day for the defense. Ms LaViolette was able to get more personal and specific and apply her DV experience directly to Jodi and Travis’ relationship. She is likeable, easy to understand, and I have no doubt the jury likes her as well. The email she was referring to was a big deal to the defense case, even though she cannot quote it verbatim, she summed it up enough to make the point she needed to. Her description of Jodi and TA’s first meeting when she was still with Daryll, the way she described how much Jodi liked TA , how fast things went, and the sexual encounters one by one in order,and how it left Jodi feeling was very important to show Jodi’s mental state and feeling about her relationship. Like I said, a good day for the defense. So why later today did I start worrying? (other than I am a natural worrier)
    If this were the end of trial, after Ms Lavilotte testified, I wouldn’t still feel a bit pessimistic. (Well, I would still be nervous but that’s me too.) So, now, after she is done, she will be crossed by JM. You can be sure he will NOT come raging out of the bullpen and attack her, no way. He will be respectful and polite to her, he KNOWS he has to or the jury will be pissed. (not that the jury votes on how they feel about either team, but still…) He will not go after her credentials as there is no need, she isn’t a Dr, doesnt say she is, did not administer tests, etc. like he attacked Samuels. So he will take all of her comments regarding what she said about Jodi and TA and their relationship, their sex life, the sex after baptism, in the car, at the hotel, and go thru them one by one. very carefully and politely (this will be hard for him to do without getting hyped and bull-ish) and he will ask her how she knows all these things about Jodi and TA’s sex life, and how she knows all these things about sexual abuse and control by TA, how she knows Jodi felt humiliated by the sex and did it to please him. And when he is done grilling her, he will say, “Oh Jodi told you all this correct? No diary entries, no witnesses, no police reports, just Jodi? And you DO know maam’, that Jodi has lied about this case right? Yet you believe her words, correct? Only Jodi’s word and you no she is a liar correct”?

    Ok, you get my point. And then, he will call HIS expert witness, a psychologist, who will no doubt do her best to complete contradict all that was said. So, to me, it was a good day, and I was happy to see the trial unfold the way it did. Then I realized there is more to come, and I just cannot get my hopes up since I just KNOW thats where he is going. Including ending with the gory photos.

    my bigger point, or fear if you will, is that in the end, all this aside, sex, abuse, control, etc. is NOT what the jury has to decide. I wish it were. They have to go back there and decide if the killing of TA happened the way she said. That’s it. They can think about and talk about abuse and kinky sex, KY, and all of it, but in the end, they are only deciding the actual point of guilt or innocence regarding the killing.

    My friend and I talked tonight about it, and she said she agreed, that this part of the trial is important for Jodi, it is her defense, it is so much of her “backstory” if you will, to why she was so fearful that awful day. But like my friend said, “Anna banana, but she has no witnesses, and she lied so much”…..and I knew that was coming.( BTW, my friend is a supporter not a hater ) I told her that everyone knows she lied initially, including the jury. Then she just got all quiet and said, “That’s the point, what if they don;’t believe her now either”. I just sat on the phone, thinking, and suddenly felt like crap. I know there is more trial to come, and I know that nobody knows the juries thoughts, it’s a guess really. I just look at this case, look at Jodi, and I think, “oh girl, why didn’t you just admit this from the start”???? OMG, she would have been to trial, possibly served a light sentence, or nothing at all.

    I guess I just get the jitters, maybe it’s me..I don’t know. Connie told me she felt the same way, but she doesn’t let it get to her like I do. I want to feel more optimistic, but I do know this, the day they come back with their verdict, I will be a nervous wreck and need several xanax. Sigh.

    • Yes Anna, the testimony today was important in that it lended credibility to her claims of being in fear for her life on that awful day, but it also was equally just as important, in my view, that it is giving Jodi more credibility on her testimony throughout this whole trial. The emails today finally corroborated what Jodi has been saying all along about the abuse, but no one to back up what she was saying. I think jurors now may be thinking that, if indeed she is telling the truth about the abuse, that other things that they had remained skeptical about believing may also be true.

      • RB,
        Yes, I know what you mean, the expert today does give credibility to the abuse. And also, true, the jury (hopefully) will think that way. I guess my fear is that they won’t believe the testimony, NOT because of Ms Violette, but that they don’t believe Jodi was honest with her. (you know thats where the pros will go) And the emails don’t make me much happier as they are not admitted into evidence, even though she is basically saying what is in them. What if the jury is wondering why they can’t see the entire email? I think the email might be a double edged sword. I have a feeling JM might call one or both of the Hughes to the stand for his rebuttal. That could be horrible as we all know how the talk about Jodi.
        I guess my bigger point, was that when this is all ready to go to the jury,( who might even be tired of hearing all the sex and abuse talk, from both sides) that in the end, all they are going to decide is if it happened the way Jodi said. Not if he abused her, but if the killing happened the way she said or not. I’m just very worried.

        • If I am not mistaken both Chris and Skye Hughes have been subpeonaed by the defense. They stated they would not be happy to testfify for the defense but would do it if made to. At the evidentiary hearings Chris admitted that the emails he was reading were in fact between him and Travis and his wife and Travis, so he basically authenticated them even though he tried very hard not to. He and Skye are the two people that can set Jodi free and they know it but they don’t want to because Travis was their friend. I whole heartedly believe that the woman that was most abused by Travis was Deanna Reid , whether or not she will come forward and admit to it. The reason I feel this way is because Jodi stated early on in her testimony that Travis stated Deanna was a psycho. I do not believe Deanna was any such thing, and I do hope she is reading this, maybe then she will see how badly she was used by Travis. Hell he even willed her his dog. Would he do that if he really thought she was a psycho?Truth be known, Travis knew Deanna a very long time, as far back as highschool in Riverside CA and I would bet he left there to distance himself from Deanna. His entire family knew Deanna and I think the all know how badly he treated her. She did a eulogy for him at his funeral.

          • I would only be concerned if they were called to testify for the defense because I don’t think they would be beyond committing perjury at this point.

            Perhaps not since those emails were authenticated by them, but the Hugheses have gone on national television and have trashed talked about Jodi Arias and continue to trash talk her on the websites.

            Who knows? Maybe that is a preemptive strike against being called to the witness stand.

            • If they are subpoenaed they will lie( perjure themselves ) OR take the 5th. Skye already said that she wants to see Jodi get death.
              And if they are called, they will not look good to the jury. I don’t think.
              Also they have used TV interviews on Jodi,
              couldn’t they also use them against the Hughes and others?

        • Oh, for God’s sake, I get so tired of this shit thinking that Jodi is going to get murder one. She isn’t, and it isn’t even posisble.

          At most this will be a hung jury.



          THE E-MAILS
          AL as an expert can give opinions on those emails, without introducing the emails, between sky hughes, and TA and i’m not sure who else

          KERMIT alerted me to rule 703, when objecting to AL’s testimony, in his panic to exclude AL’s testimony, which conclusively showed TA having an extensive history of violence towards women.

          HERE is rule 703

          which leads to >>>

          the underlined text of the rule is probably the amendment introduced in 2010

          IN any event, AL was able to introduce her highly germane expert testimony or opinions on those email.s, which is more than sufficient.

          Arizona Rules of Evidence
          Rule 703. Bases of Opinion Testimony by Experts
          The facts or data in the particular case upon which an expert bases an opinion or inference may be those perceived by or made known to the expert at or before the hearing. If of a type reasonably relied upon by experts in the particular field in forming opinions or inferences upon the subject, the facts or data need not be admissible in evidence .in order for the opinion or inference to be admitted. Facts or data that are otherwise inadmissible shall not be disclosed to the jury by the proponent of the opinion or inference unless the court determines that their probative value in assisting the jury to evaluate the expert’s opinion substantially outweighs their prejudicial effect.

          • Thank you Wes,
            I really appreciate the kind words, and also the links you provided.Thank you for that. I DO try to keep my chin up, and some days are better than others. I think we all have different natures, and some people see things more positively than others, and others worry more, verses carefree, etc… I have been told by more than one person to “start seeing the glass half full”….etc etc…and thats in my own everyday life! Maybe if the glass was half full of wine..hmmm….??:)

      • RB..I think everyone on this site is thing the same way you are. My I give you a bit of advice? We have a few days off here. Walk away from this for a bit. Someone told me that a few weeks ago and she was right. We all are so invested in helping Jodi that we some times lose perspective. We have to have faith in KN and JW. They do know what they are doing…….. The people on the jury are just people like us. In the end they will return a verdic that each one of them can live with the rest of their lives.

        So take a deep breath and relax a bit this weekend and be ready for the fire works next week.

        • cindy, why are you directing this to me? Did you mean to address this to Anna Ryan? I am not the one doing the worrying. Go back and read my post. It’s Anna that seems to be the worrywart.

    • Anna,
      I agree with almost everything you say. The only thing I disagree with how you think JM will handle AL. I don’t know when he will attack her it maybe right off, in the middle or at the end but I feel it going to happen. He’s so mad now, he biting and chewing on his lips. It’s his style, he won’t be able to help himself. I hope you prove me wrong on this point…

        • His JOB is to try and “discredit” a witness. He hasn’t actually “discredited” ANYBODY He certainly hasn’t DEBUNKED the defense’s case. Some people on this board are a little bit less than honest and are trying to play devil’s advocate.

          The bottom line is JM cannot prove premeditation. Anna seems to not understand criminal law and the burden of proof. All I read are “concern” posts that absolutely rub me the wrong way.

      • The “concern” posts are a bunch of b.s. as I am concerned. We KNOW JM’s MO, but at this point there is NO chance at all she will be convicted of murder one.

        • tonysam,
          Wow! Take it easy ok..??? No need to get so upset with me over this! You do not believe I understand criminal law and the burden of proof?Of course I do! I thought this was a board where we could ALL share our thoughts, theories, feelings, worries, anything at all regarding how this is going and be courteous and respectful of each other. If my “concern” rubs you the wrong way, well why is that, and furthermore, if someone has fears and concerns, and posts it, why are you getting irritated by it? Devils Advocate….? So, is what you believe I am playing, why would that bother you? And ” less than honest”??? I would love for you to explain what you mean by that.

          Look, I have posted many different comments here. I think about this trial alot, and I watch it every time it’s on. Then I think some more. If you want us, or me rather, to simply be a cheerleader and not discuss the aspects of the case and feel concern, worry, whatever you want to call it, thats unreasonable. We all have our feelings and yes, concerns, and for me, they change constantly,

          I don;t know what you expect from me. You have posted things here that are subjective and what may or may not happen, why can’t I? You have posted you opinions on the actual outcome, and that is your choice, so why can’t I post my opinions? I have never once posted what I believe the verdict will be, and that is for 1 reason. I DON’T know! And neither do you. We are all just here talking about this as a support group, hoping that this ends in the best possible outcome for Jodi. Yiou have mentioned certain things that are “guesses” as have I. (mentioning maybe the defense will call the Hughes pre-emptively) and you may be right,I thought the pros might, we could both be wrong….we just don’t know yet. We DON”T know what the next move will be for certain, we DON”T know how someone will be crossed or if there are any surprises or more evidence brought in, that is the nature of a trial like this.There are motions filed constantly in this, and there will be some we will never know about. So, really, we are ALL speculating on this outcome. Unless someone here is a secret juror..right? We have NO way to know what the jury is thinking or feeling, everyone knows juries are totally unpredictable.

          As far as me not knowing criminal law and so on, wrong. I know that the burden of proof is on the State to prove pre-med. I know it isn’t on the defense to disprove self-defense. I alos know that JM’s job is to try to discredit EVERYONE on the defense, thats an obvious one, since his job is to discredit the defense entirely to get a conviction. So, no need for the little dig about my knowledge of criminal law.

          So, I don;t know why my post “rubbed you the wrong way”, but I post the way I feel that day, and so does everyone here. As this gets closer to deliberations, I get more nervous. Sorry if you don’t like the word concern, but worry/concern are MY feelings. I am glad you have no such feeling, I would love to be so sure about the outcome as you seem to be. But since I don’t have a crystal ball,(unless I can borrow yours,lol) just my own sometimes jittery nerves, then I guess you and I both have to wait. And for the record, I have NEVER commented that I thought she would get Murder 1. She SHOULD NOT. Do I know she won’t? nope. neither do you. Will she walk? I don’t know. Neither do you. Thats all I am saying.

        • Everyone who is concerned is fine here. Let’s not judge people people for being concerned. Nobody here really knows what the verdict is. 🙂

          • Thank you. I appreciate that. My mom and I were talking about it (again) today. My mom actually said she has a bad gut feeling that Jodi will either try to, or commit suicide before this is over. sigh. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree with the worry stuff.:(

            • You know what’s scary…. that has crossed my mind but I don’t want to even think too much about it because when I do bad things happen. But, I have : ((

      • Ann,
        Yepp, you may be right. I’m thinking he will TRY to hold back his crazy talk and attack-mode, but in all probability, he won’t be able to control it for the entire cross. (another reason I am glad this expert is a woman) he better watch his step, and I believe, like Cindy said, she will be able to handle him. Should be an interesting cross.

  15. Here is what was said

    Camie Greene

    my aunt works at the jail and it has been hush hush foracouple days but Jodi is pregnant!!! She was getting ill with head aches and was taken in and found out shes pregnant

    Like · · 23 minutes ago

    • Now that’s just silly don’t you think? They don’t have conjugal visits in a county jail! How can people say such things! If someone does work at the jail and is saying that, the person should be fired. But I think that comment is another hate comment hoping HLN catches and runs with false information. Also, if this person is asserting Jodi was with a guard, I don’t believe it either. The facility is not like prison with places guards and inmates can cavort with one another. There are cameras everywhere.

      • I agree. I have never heard that before, and with all the crazy talk going around regarding this case, I shouldn’t be surprised. If it were true, it would come out on “real news”….but it does sound lije something HLN would love to report…lol..”Bombshell tonight”…..

        • Thank goodness the info has no bearing on the case. If if is true, it makes Sheriff Joe and his cohorts look really bad. If it were a guard/sheriff deputy, it’s another form of abuse because of the imbalance of power as the sheriff deputy is in authority over her. It will not hurt Jodi’s case in the least IMO. It would make them ( the jail ) look very, very, bad.

          • I don’t blv its true, but your right about what you said. Another form of abuse towards her!!! And they would be hiding it the best they could until the end if the trial, not let anyone know to then post it up.

            • I don’t believe it either. Anymore than I believe that jackass Bryan Carr who said Jodi asked him to help her and her gf have a baby. He was all over the news acting like he was Jodi’s best buddy, when in fact he just wanted the limelight. If she got pregnant in jail..not likely at all, then that jail and Sheriff Joe have alot of splainin’ to do.

      • I would not be surprised. I’ve read so many stories of women raped, abused, seduced in jail by male personel. Amy Fisher who was a high profile inmate was also a victim. It seems to be one of the favorite punishments for women (and men) in jail.

        • There is more on the page now

          Cammie Greene
          yes my aunty is employed at the jail shes an LPN Jodi was tired and gaining weight so they suspected. Then for test to be done for migrains she had to take a pregnancy test and it came back positive and then they took the blood preg, test and got a positive there to. They r uestioning staff NOW

          about a minute ago · Like

              • Gaining weight? While we all sit here and watch her lose weight right before our eyes. Also, I don’t know how many times I have read that Casey Anthony is pregnant. These people can’t stop thinking about sex I guess.

                • Jenifer, KD,

                  I have children. I never had any headaches. I don’t remember that being a common symptom of early pregnancy. I think a person can have migraines though when pregnant. But the headaches are likely because she isn’t eating during the day. Are headaches a common symptom of early pregnancy? I didn’t show for five months and did lose a little weight at first due to vomiting with one.

                • This is all complete BS. They can’t put a pregnant woman to death so this is just more crap.

  16. I am reading more about the claim Jodis pregnant and they say the jail was concerned for some time then the headachs started getting bad the dr saw her and yes she is pregnant is what the site says

  17. JM: Dr Drew isn’t your professional opinion that I’m a rock star?
    Dr. Drew: I do have the perception you are and you have the crazy characterics that fit that profile. AND you throw cameras on the ground like rocker smashing guitars.
    JM: Isn’t it true that you have Katie Wick on your show really REALLY late every night.
    Dr. Drew: Well yes, almost every night.
    Dr. Drew: Yes, I do like her and I thinking of buying her a book.

    • Ann

      That is hysterical. It’s nice to get a good laugh everyday. FYI to everyone here I am sad to say I was a big fan of dr. Drew Pinsky all the way back when he was on love line. I think that show was in MTV. I’ve always had great respect for the work he does with addiction and both my daughters are big fans of teen mom. But, Yes BUT I was do sad to see how he was commenting on Jodi’s trial. I have always seen Dr. Drew as someone that had his own beliefs and didnt get involved in nonsense. Regardless what each if us believe in this trial, we should ALL look at the evidence. Or lack there of. Nobody can convince me if premeditation. The proof is not there. There Is reasonable doubt in my mind. Anyhow I digress. When I saw Dr. Drew joining in in the pick on Jodi bus I felt let down. Discussing she didn’t have a migraine, the clothes matching her attorneys and so forth. Here’s what interesting, Dr. Drew does not say he is a psychiatrist or psychologist but the appearance of that sort of “doctoring” comes from him. Well, some of you may not know this Dr.Drew is not either a psychiatrist or psychologist his medical degree is that of an internist, to explain that, he has the education to be your PCP not your psychiatrist. He also holds the accreditation to treat drug abuse and addiction, which is wonderful and he helps numerous people. So needless to say Dr. Drew may have knowledge of the psychiatric community be does not hold a degree to treat patients who need psychiatric care. He may be able to prescribe a medication for your depression but if you need therapy probably better to see a professional I’m that area. Also very interesting in a book Dr.Drew has also scored high on a narcissistic personality test, actually scoring one level below where a celebrity who is in love with themselves and think out of normally high of themselves. His behavior bureau that will at times have a licensed psychologist chiming in, will at times defer to him looking for his opinion. Well that’s great! But I don’t think a licensed psychologist should be deferring to him. Guess what they at least have a degree to spew their opinion. Don’t get me wrong o can disagree with the opinion of a professional in that area, based on what I see. But base it on a professional opinion within your parameters and don’t say jodi doesn’t have PTSD. When you haven’t evaluated her or have no business giving a diagnosis, in the form of an opinion. When many people believe you to be something your not.
      JUST so we are clear I AM NOT saying Dr. Drew says he is a psychologist or psychiatrist. I am merely stating I have found different information on what I thought Dr. Screw oh I mean Dr. Drew (damn auto fill) is. To all you guys….. Just be cautious on where your info comes from. If your tooth hurts go to a dentist!!

  18. Does anyone remember what trial day (or approximately) it was that Chris Hughes testified? I would like to review it but cannot recall.

      • Thank you vebe and Rebecca Donaldson, 🙂
        So the only testimony of Chris Hughes thus far is at a hearing and not in the presence of the jury? I recall this hearing but thought there might be more…like regular testimony. If this hearing is his only testimony, has there been any indication that he will be called again? I assume that these “Hughes’ emails” that Alyse Laviolette refers to are in evidence. Am I wrong? (they seem to be marked). If these ARE in evidence will the jury have access to them if you know? It seems that there is a lot of skirting around the issue of Travis being “not the kind of guy [Sky] would want her sister to date”… These emails are extensive, by the looks of them, { Alyse states that the “evidence” or whatever she is handed (to refer to) are incomplete/not full copies of the emails}. As indicated by AV’s testimony these emails were, in part, a reason for her assessment of Jodi being involved in an unhealthy relationship with Travis. This information could be beneficial in establishing the grounds of any abusive and/or sexually deviant behavior that Travis’ may have had; which could corroborate Jodi’s claims of abuse by Travis. If Ms. LaViolette is using them to make her diagnosis/assessment why aren’t they allowed to be seen or heard? Is this hearsay? I don’t get it. I hope that Chris and Sky Hughes are called to verify that they wrote these things and have to explain what they wrote. The dynamics of Travis relationship with these two people seems a bit odd. They CLAIM to be VERY close with Travis…pfft… I heard Gus Searcy state that Jodi worked under Chris and Sky Hughes. Do you think the emails had something to do with their OWN greed? According to Gus, PPL would [upgrade] those in lower levels of the company if they recruited more people. Do you think that Travis thought HE deserved to be recognized for recruiting her or was she ALREADY recruited by the time he met her? I AM SO CONFUSED!. Those two (the Hughes’) seem a bit SHADY and money hungry (have you seen their youtube video?) Could THEY have been the masked “man and woman” who Jodi first claimed to be the perpetrators of this crime? Could her first “story” which she later redacted, be in fact, the truth? I mean Chris and Sky Hughes are SO money hungry, maybe Travis was a threat to them! Have THEY ever been suspects in this crime? To me, they have exhibited signs of double-crossing Travis, just by the way they seem to be coaxing Jodi away from Travis in these emails. It seems to me that the Hughes’ had more motive to murder Travis than Jodi did. Could THEY be the ones who slashed the tires and spread the rumors of Jodi stalking Travis in order to draw attention away from themselves? Could THEY be the ones who sent that “warning” email to Travis’ other girlfriend around the time of the tire-slashing incident? Has THAT email ever been investigated? Are there similarities between the wording of that “warning” email to the way Chris and Sky Hughes write ie: sentence structure, wording, spelling, punctuation, etc? I bet if that “warning” email was traced…there-in would lie the TRUE PERPETRATORS of this crime. It seems the investigation was focused solely on Jodi from the beginning. From the very first time I watched that Dateline with Jodi,well before this trial, I believed Jodi was innocent. The investigation and all the crap that followed the “Discovery” of the body…with the 911 caller pointing the finger at Jodi…IT’S ALL TOO CONVENIENT. I understand that Jodi “changed her story” and that she confessed to killing him, but I still believe her FIRST STORY and I can’t seem to dismiss it. I wonder if she is taking the blame for someone else.

        Everyone may think I am off my rocker…but…there you go!
        My intuition tells me Jodi was telling the truth the first time and she IS INNOCENT!

        • Dorothy,
          I for one, don’t think that you’re off of your rocker,
          If so, I am too.

          I can’t get my mind off of the two intruders, Skye was telling Jodi she should leave Travis.

          Then the two of them, Chris and Skye are talking crap about Jodi to Travis and Jodi heard them.

          Then Skye is called in court OUTSIDE of the jury and said that she had been watching the trial so that she could call the prosecuter and tell him the real facts.
          Can you believe this?

          Then Nurmi or Jennifer asked her if she wanted Jodi to get death and she said YES.
          Of course she does, They want to keep the truth under the rug and I do believe Jodi said at one time, it would be best if everyone thought it was her because NOT only her family were threatened, but also Travis’s.

          There is no way that camera was so magic as to get Jodi’s leg in a picure.

          Remember they said Jodi borrowed one of Skye’s dresses because they were the same size?

          I think all of us OR most of us would take the blame if it would save our families life.
          AND like you, I believe she was telling the truth in the beginning.

          Another thing, HOW can anyone prove she was even there that day.
          She has said she didn’t know if any of the roomates were there or not.

          And you’re exactly right! From the beginning they said it was Jodi and haven’t really questioned anyone else.

          Notice also they want to say that Travis was afraid of Jodi? BS!!
          They also were telling Jodi to be afraid of Travis.
          Very shady people to say the least.

  19. In my 20’s I was hopitalize for migraines. I had no history of headache prior to what the doctor called an ora (sp?). I had tunnel vision and almost lost all vision during these episodes. My father dead of brain tumor so this scared the crap out of me. The pain was intense! For months I carried little pills (tar ??something other) around with me and put them under my tongue to bring my vision back. Taking the pill would blow the top of my head off. I rarely have an migraine now..but I’ll never forget what I went through that year. When I look at Jodi, I have no doubt she could be suffering from migraines. The lights in the courtroom look bright to me. Bright lights would put me in misery. As far as the rumors…..One day she has a lesbian lover, and the next day she pregnant…tomorrow she have affair with AL. I just hope she lives to laugh about it.

  20. Oh I almost forgot! The best part of today was when JW ask AL if she liked Jodi. Yahoo! Lets not spend another week on that topic!

  21. Remember to keep this website moving up the rankings.

    Don’t bookmark the site, instead, at the start of the day, use your favourite search engine to search for “Jodi Arias” then scroll down until you find , and click on the link.

    And don’t ever, ever click on a cbsnews or HLN link – that hurts Jodi.

    You can do the same thing for my site by searching for “jodi arias wiki”.
    I’m currently on the second page of google results for this, please help move me up!

    We will overcome the dark forces!

    • Hey being on the second page is really good for how long your page has been up! Don’t sell yourself short!

  22. I watched day 38 replay videos.
    THE last two, AL’s testimony, were highly important/critical.

    JM was furiously objecting to AL’s testimony, which surely signaled to the jury it’s importance and re-enforced it, especially when he was overruled, or JW simply recast the question

    THE jury would’ve been saying to themselves, “hey, what’s this kermit doesn’t want us to hear ?”
    “gotta play close attention to this”
    “thanks kermit for signaling to us, what’s important”

    UNFORTUNATELY, the details of most of his objections were not clear from the video … . i
    would’ve found them interesting:
    3. Top 10 Tips for Young Trial Lawyers
    including “1. Never pass an open bathroom:”

    AL paraphrasing an e-mail from Sky Hughes totally nailed, TA’s abusive past with women. including JODI
    SKY said she would’ve forbidden her sister from dating TA because of TA’S abuse of women, etc
    SKY advised JODI against TA.
    SHE said TA needed counseling to deal with his past
    SO that conclusively, in my opinion, puts an end to speculation about TA’s history of violence etc towards women
    EXCEPT to the fact deprived, aka ignorant, and trolls who are determinedly stupid, including most of the media

    ON, JODI’S valid claim of self defense.
    I believe, although i haven’t looked at it closely, if her claim of self defense is accepted by the jury, which i believe it should be, that applies to ALL charges.

  23. I watched day 38 replay videos.
    THE last two, AL’s testimony, were highly important/critical.

    JM was furiously objecting to AL’s testimony, which surely signaled to the jury it’s importance and re-enforced it, especially when he was overruled, or JW simply recast the question

    THE jury would’ve been saying to themselves, “hey, what’s this kermit doesn’t want us to hear ?”
    “gotta play close attention to this”
    “thanks kermit for signaling to us, what’s important”

    UNFORTUNATELY, the details of most of his objections were not clear from the video … . i
    would’ve found them interesting:
    3. Top 10 Tips for Young Trial Lawyers
    including “1. Never pass an open bathroom:”

    AL paraphrasing an e-mail from Sky Hughes totally nailed, TA’s abusive past with women. including JODI
    SKY said she would’ve forbidden her sister from dating TA because of TA’S abuse of women, etc
    SKY advised JODI against TA.
    SHE said TA needed counseling to deal with his past
    SO that conclusively, in my opinion, puts an end to speculation about TA’s history of violence etc towards women
    EXCEPT to the fact deprived, aka ignorant, and the determinedly stupid, including most of the media

    ON, JODI’S valid claim of self defense.
    I believe, although i haven’t looked at it closely, if JODI’S claim of self defense is accepted by the jury, which i believe it should be, that applies to ALL charges.

  24. Can anyone verify that Donovan Bering and her friend, Ann Campbell, are really friends with Jodi? My friend has been trying to dig up old articles where there’s any kind of support shown for Jodi and came across this one:

    I’ve noticed Donovan in the court on several occasions, in the same row as the Arias family sit, so I’m assuming this media contact is the truth, but wondering.

  25. Let me tell you something…If Jodi went there to kill TA why wouldn`t she kill him why he was sleeping seeing they say she had the gun…shoot him why risk fighting with someone that weighed 200 lbs and was mad and ready to kill her…doesn`t make any sense.and that little worm ass Martinez who thinks he`s king Kong better watch himself…he is liable to pose with the wrong person for a picture not everyone thinks hes adorable..I feel he is loosing the case and has to jump up an down like a monkey and scream because thats all he`s got…I will tell you the only thing Jodi is guilty of is lying and shes damn well done her time served for that…an Jodi you can e-mail me any time I am an older women and I think that TA was a mean person and you had no choice in what you did to protect your self…

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