Jodi Arias Trial – Day 37 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 37, as Alyce LaViolette continues her testimony…

Team Jodi


  1. So far, LaViolette is making so much sense! What would Martinez have to go against what she is saying?!

    When Wilmott brought up the topic of a young child growing up in an environment such as TA did (she didnt say TA) but I think thats what she made it sound like and the cameras went straight to his brother and sisters when this came up (they didnt look too happy), but oh well it needs to be brought up. Mrs Wilmott is getting to the relationship, its going to be very interesting and they will hate Jodi even more.

    I was thinking, is there a ribbon for abuse??? Maybe her family should wear one too!!

    • LC, this has been tough on the Alexander family for obvious reasons. Like you, I support Jodi but I can still relate to the pain the Alexander’s must be feeling right now.

      • Oh im SURE it is!!! All those feeling that them, themselves have had about there parents while growing up… it is sad, very sad. Im just saying, that it had to come up at some point. It can be the very same reason why he treated Jodi the way he did. And maybe the family (with the way they felt today), will realize that what Jodi is saying about the abuse IS TRUE..

    • Yes LC, ITA, not only did JA kill TA, but she also killed all their illusions too. Could be why they want revenge so bad.

    • Great idea about the ribbon. I have been thinking throughout this fantastic testimony, that maybe TA’s siblings will finally begin to understand the situation and begin some healing…maybe even get counseling since they to experienced the same traumas as Travis did in childhood.

    • I agree LC, Violetta’s testimony hit home for a lot of people today. I wonder sometimes who the camera person is, and why they tend to focus on the family at certain opportune moments. This isn’t the first time I have noticed this happening…

      The white ribbon has been used to protest against violence against women, child pornography, ect. I think it would be highly appropriate for this trial, don’t you think?

      • See… maybe SJ or someone in contact with the family, can forward THIS information. It would be NICE to see them wearing a white ribbon. Why not?!

      • I think it would be highly inappropriate for the anyone to were a ribbon. It would be seen as retaliation IMO. Personally I don’t care for ANY of those “cause” ribbons or bracelets…but that’s just me.

        • Oh ok JC, thats very nice that you changed your avatar to the purple ribbon. What does it say, its too small, cant see it.

          Can someone send a msg to the family, to wear either white or purple ribbons???

          • says love shouldn’t hurt. They have all plain purple ribbons, some with words etc. Thanks! SJ will let the family know;-)

          • But I doubt they will be allowed to wear them. I know it’s not fair but we have already seen how they have been treated.

        • I am truly sorry, I did not mean to offend anyone who chooses to wear a ribbon. Had my experience with the ribbon thing…I suppose there are silly personal reasons for my aversion to them.

          • Oh no worries! Ribbons aren’t for everyone. I understand. This is my first with a ribbon of any kind.

      • There is a director telling the camera person where to point the camera. That doesn’t answer the question though.

    • LC,

      In response to the comment you made in regards to Travis’ upbringing and it being addressed in the courtroom, I also have been wondering why his childhood has not been brought up at all. I figured it would eventually so just let it be. What bugs the farkle out of me, though, is that Travis’ friends, the closest ones, and his own siblings who lived it with him, they know about his childhood and still they do not grasp the fact that, statistically speaking, Travis having no respect for women, being a sexual deviant, and having more sociopath behaviors than Jodi (by far) can almost be expected given his background. I wrote to Bella on the day 36 afternoon session thread and here is part of what I said to her. I thought you might find it interesting……

      Bella, your friend Travis was a good man. He was. He had the best intentions and he truly tried to be the man he let everyone believe he was. But, he was damaged beyond repair by parents who failed him on an epic scale. He was taught by watching his mother and father hit each other, his father leaving his mom the way he did, his mom beating the shit out of him, the drug use that I’m almost certain led to prostitution and then the men in and out of her vagina…..sorry….life likely beat her also if not worse, and any other horror typical for the environment Travis was raised in. His childhood was filled with opportunity for someone to sexually abuse him, statistically, it would have been a given if it happened. I don’t know for sure if it did. But, Travis exhibited too many signs in his adult life for me to think it didn’t.

      I know exactly why Jodi kept going back. I know why she stayed even though she caught him looking at young boys while masturbating. I know why she loved him even though their sexual encounters made her feel used and discarded more often than they made her feel cherished and loved. The reason I know is long in detail so I’ll just skip giving the details and say I know why she did all of this because I saw the Travis she saw, the good the bad and the ugly but I also saw the hope, aspiration, intention, struggle, disgust, pain, and torment in him. Most of all, I realized he was a victim of a failed system that should have removed him from his parents, a victim of being raised by a disease not parents, and this resulted in him being a product of his environment. Like I said, so much more goes into it that I can’t begin to go into now.

      I might catch shit for this but I don’t care anymore. I’ve realized through this trial so far and all I’ve read from Travis as well as what Jodi has said, plus my own knowledge of the human mind and human behavior has given me tremendous insight, but I’ve realized that you can’t truly love Jodi without also loving Travis and vice versa. Travis supporters would type my eyes out reading that but I’m not talking about loving the Travis he showed to the world. I’m talking about the Travis he really was which was the guy he showed to the world who was struggling with some deeply rooted issues and coping with them the best he knew how but was slowly losing his grip on the control he had over the darker side of himself. Travis the “Pedo”, the sexual deviant, the abuser, the liar, the inspiring, the ambitious, the hilarious, the generous, the amazing…….all of it. One cannot love Travis for who he really is without also growing to love Jodi. Reason being, take it all away, and they are the same. They just coped with their demons in their own ways on the inside and, as a result, they behaved differently on the outside.


      Travis could have been a lot worse and it’s possible he was heading that way. What kept him from being worse (as far as acting on his pedo tendencies) was his utter disgust and shame of the feelings he had. I imagine, he was able to keep control of these feelings because I believe he knew why he had them. Sometimes, when a male child is abused,there comes a point in their lives when they will act out the abuse that was done to them on a victim of their own in an effort to understand, from the abuser’s point of view, why they did it. Also, they do this in an effort to regain some of the control that was taken from them when they were abused. In Travis’ case, I’d be willing to bet if he was abused he was the same age as the boy in the photo he was pleasuring himself to.

      Also, if you notice, Travis was only violent towards Jodi and he was only sexually deviant and disrespectful to her. To Mormon girls, who were chaste and “pure”, Travis was on his best behavior. If we look into Travis’ past, the reason for this is quite obvious. Travis’ mom was an addict who beat the hell out of him, forgot to feed him, and let them live in filth. Once dad left, she likely began seeing different men as I mentioned earlier. That lifestyle she lived in has a stereotype and, hate me all you want for this but, stereotypes do contain some truth. They only become hurtful and false when applied to an entire group of people. If she went the route many have gone just like her, she sold herself for dope and Travis would have been exposed to his mom’s tricks at some point to some degree. He would know she was having sex, is what I’m getting at and he likely heard it or walked in on it.

      Travis’ mummum comes in and saves him and his sister by taking them in and raising them from 8 or 10 years old and on. Mummum is a one woman man, married, and lives in a house instead of a tent. Mummum has no cockroaches, she feeds them, she sees that they are clean, she gives them hugs and she does the best she can to run damage control after his mom almost destroyed any chance that Travis had at being empathetic and empathy is what keeps us from killing each other for no damn reason. Empathy separates us from the mindless beasts. Without Mummum, Travis would not know empathy.

      Mummum was modest and she wasn’t sexually overactive. She didn’t do drugs. In case you didn’t see where I am going with this…..Mummum was Mormon and, as such, she introduced Travis to the church and he dove in head first. He wanted to be like Mummum and as far from anything resembling his mom as possible. The man Travis aspired to be needed a Mormon wife who was chaste and pure. The man Travis was deep inside had serious demons haunting him and he looked outside of the Mormon community for someone to meet some of his baser desires and curiosities. He probably didn’t see the harm in it and he definitely had no intentions of ever talking to them again after one time. Then, he met Jodi. She was a game changer for him and he struggled with that because she was not chaste and she was not pure. Quite the contrary, she did whatever he wanted. He didn’t know at first that she was only doing it to please him and I imagine it wouldn’t matter at that time anyway. Jodi talks about the lack of an emotional connection in the beginning when they were in person but incredible connection over the phone. This was probably because he couldn’t see her so he could pretend he was talking to a Mormon woman who was worthy of him not a whore like his mother.

      Those late night calls when they bonded are what made Travis fall in love with Jodi. She sensed his aversion for non Mormon women so she became Mormon to please him. Hell, she had HIM baptize her. Which, was a huge mistake because he felt he owned her at that point. I think being with Jodi, because of what she represented to him, made Travis feel dirty. Again, this is because she has sex with him, enables his darkest fantasies, in other words she caters to the side of himself he is disgusted and ashamed of. The side he blames on his mom. He associates Jodi to this ugly side of him and the true torture for him was that he LOVED her. Because she, like him, was damaged and broken and she struggled with finding her identity too. Like him, she needed other people to validate her self worth otherwise she didn’t believe she had any. Only, in Travis’ case, he used material objects and money to validate his worth. In another life, one that didn’t begin so badly for both of them, Jodi and Travis would have been perfect for one another.

      Jodi said the physical violence started after she discovered his ‘secret’ involving the boy’s photo. This makes complete sense. Now, not only did Jodi stand for everything he was against, even though everything he was against was really everything he was deep inside and trying to escape, she knew the one thing about him that he could barely bring himself to accept let alone anyone else. Considering the fact she stayed with him, I imagine he finally broke down and told someone (Jodi) about those desires and where he felt they came from. Which, is why she has hinted towards his being abuse and is probably the main reason why she offered the plea bargain. He bared his soul and, because it is a good soul, she saw him for what he was; beautifully and tragically lost and damaged, possibly beyond repair, but he was ashamed and disgusted by this part of him and she would feel comforted by this fact. She would believe he didn’t want to be that way and she would make it her mission to help him. Which, as we know, she tried to do.

      Problem is, his revealing this part of him to her sealed her fate. Or, would have if she wasn’t the fucking warrior princess she obviously has proven herself to be. Because, let’s face it, assuming she did kill him and we have to accept that as truth at this point, she fucked his ass up. By the wounds on his hands, he put up quite a fight despite the hole in his face, and still she fucked him up. OMG no pun intended with the “She fucked his ass up” comment. Regardless, Jodi knowing this about Travis would make Travis that much more aware of it and he’d begin to project his own feelings of guilt and disgust onto her so anything she says about it, no matter how innocent, he is going to interpret her tone of voice as disapproving, see the look in her eyes as disgust, and her words are going to take on a meaning that reflects his own feelings not hers. Anytime she says anything to him or gives him a pamphlet it’s going to set him off. And, as we know, it did.

      I know this because I’ve been in his shoes, though, not for having an affection towards children. I barely like my own children…lmao! Sorry, that joke was in bad taste and I apologize if it offended anyone. I laugh when dealing with shit like this. It’s all I know how to do. Sometimes I am thanked for the comedic relief, others I am not. I went through a nasty custody battle with my husband’s ex and I was on medication at the time. That was used against me and I was accused of all kinds of lies that his ex was never forced to prove. It’s a long story but the short of it is that she won and we lost custody indefinitely. I was deemed unfit to be around my stepson who, by the way, was more my son than hers in the true sense of what it means to be a mom. I love the kid from the bottom and up past the top of my soul. It destroyed me. I believed the judge when she deemed me unfit because, HELLO, she’s a judge and she must know. From that day on, my husband and father couldn’t say two words to me without me accusing them of calling me a bad mom. I was a basket case full of fuckery and it all came to a head when I came thisclose to committing suicide. Only my husband knows this, not my dad, as I imagine it would crush him. That’s a long story too. The result was I did nothing but read about the human mind and human behavior as well as child sexual development for the following year (another long story that caused this entire thing in the first place) in an effort to understand what had happened and how to rise from the ashes of utter destruction left in the wake of my husband’s ex. Again, I know Travis because, in a way I was him. Just different trauma I suppose. As such, I know Jodi because I was her and still am in ways.

      Bottom line…..Travis’ childhood and the environment were ripe with possibilities for hm to be exposed to things that would most definitely make him more susceptible to being the person Jodi says he was in his adult life. BUT, thank the stars, mummum got to him when he did because she’s the only reason why he was even able to love at all. If not for that love, Jodi easily could have been killed the day she walked in on his secret.

      Oh man, I just did a proof read and I seriously APOLOGIZE for this long post. I really need to get a job.

    • Someone called it before noon break they posted something like:

      They will take the noon break, then sidebar, then the judge will tell them we will recess for the day…lol

      Nobody said they were done for the day. Just saying an earlier poster so far was right on.

    • Yes, the deputy went up to talk to the judge for a a few minutes and then she announced 10 minute break.
      Something must happened. Maybe someone threw up again!

    • From Twitter (which I can barely plough through the hatred), The clerk was speaking to the Judge and then the Judge sent her to get the Bailiff. Mike B. (court reporter) went back into chambers. Attorneys are still in courtroom, talking with #JodiArias. Not sure what’s up at the moment.

  2. Saw this on the live blog, seriously?

    “From our producer in the courtroom:

    There’s a stark contrast between public reaction to the attorneys. Juan Martinez has become a celebrity, at the end of the day, a crowd waits for him outside applauding and cheering his exit. People want to take pictures with him and ask for his autograph, when he’s at the street corner drivers give him a thumbs up and honk with a salute.

    The defense attorneys need sheriff’s deputies to walk them into court and during breaks because they’re getting death threats.”

      • Oh that makes me just sick. Our society is so disgusting. I have prayed and often worried about their safety as well as Dr. Samuels. The media is creating a lynch mob in a time where the same network talks about anti-bullying. How can we help our children if this behavior is ok.

        • I am telling you. There’s house be a class action suit against HLN. It would be difficult with first amendment issues but if you can show harm it might work. I can’t believe this type of journalism needs to be tolerated.

          • I think HLN already got harmed today.

            I’ve been off mute for about 10 minutes, and I can get all of the channels on my tv that I had before EXCEPT THERE IS NO SIGNAL FROM HLN.

            There is just a non-moving screen saver for “HOTWIRE.”

            I’m in Washington state.

            Is everyone else getting reception?

          • I have only seen one guest commentator on HLN.. who seems impartial.. one.. Dwane Cates.. a defense attorney.. I have never seen such biased opinions as 99% of the people on HLN… how can they get away with it??

    • I believe it. Goes a long way that Jodi’s supporters aren’t threatening Martinez but TAs supporters are threatening KN & JW.

    • Well,this is just plain sad…
      If Nurmi and Wilmott are getting death threats(which they could based on the lynch mob mentality) I dread to think what may happento Jodi if she gets aquitted and walks free out there any time soon.

          • Maria that sounds like a great idea. Jodi needs someone to help free her from her double-bind in two cults – Mormonism and PPL.

            The Law of Attraction is another cult-like structure. The cults all use mind control. I ended doing a whole lot of reading about them because of following this trial.

            It is scary stuff, and way more than I wanted to know. But now I am glad I started getting educated about that world. I am an idealist like Jodi, and we are both ripe targets for that sort of structure and hope and lovebombing.

        • When she is set free should could come and live in Canada,I would welcome her as my daughter,she would be away from all the BS the F#@&ing media has spewed out about her.Dr Drew and Nancy should have their blow holes sewn shut and then they could go lay by their dish!!!!

          • Hey,Dennis I called it first LOL!If she’s free we two are gonna have an argument as to who gets to have her in their country LOL!

      • I have thought the same thing. I hope they have a lot protection around Jodi and the defense team when the verdict is read.

      • Same thing as Casey Anthony. She will have to go into hiding. The world is filled with stupid hateful people. Just go on YouTube and look at some of the stupid stuff people do, and the even more stupid comments left. And on any website where the general public can leave comments, they are mostly absolutely stupid.

        And people like to direct all this hatred towards somebody, and a situation that is really none of their concern. Part of the problem is the crap they show on the news. I won’t watch the news because it’s always just awful stuff to get ratings. Then you watch these reality shows, and they want the people to argue with each other.

        The world is becoming a very dysfunctional place because of the media.

        • I agree David.
          Do you think that they are just making
          our court system a joke by making IT a reality show?
          Only THIS is real lives and it is scary.

          I see them advertising their After Dark, which I will NEVER watch except
          for the one part Baez was in.

    • I certainly hope the Sheriff’s Department is going to arrest those people making the threats. Making threats is against the law from what I understand.

      • Me too.

        Jose Baez describes similar vitriol in his book. He and his wife had to hatch an elaborate plan when she went into labor with their son to make sure that no one would see them going to the hospital and give them a hard time. And this was before Casey’s trial started!

        I also watched a documentary about Conrad Murray, and his defense lawyer, Ed Chernoff, talked about opening his email each morning and finding dozens of threatening, hateful messages. WTH is wrong with people? These troglodytes better PRAY that they never need a defense attorney.

        The fact that Kermit is getting his ass kissed for being a bully is ludicrous. It will only increase the size of his ego.

    • This is SICK!!!! Not only Nurmi and Wilmot, but now dr Samuel and LaViolette and the JURY have to walk around worried and paranoid!!!!!

      The jury see this every single day they come in n out if the court, whos to say that they wont be scared to make the right conviction? ! These people are doing it on purpose, to scare the jury to convict her guilty! The judge should have done something by now and its not to late, SHE (the judge), is the only one that can do anything about this NOW!!!!

      The judge needs to:
      1) Sequester the jury
      2) Ban the media and news from the courtroom (and anyone thats not related to the trial)
      3) Prohibit the lawyers from any contact w/the media

      • Yes It is too late,the media circus has tainted the jury and the public opinnion of Jodi.They sure inflated the mexican american Juans ego though,people believe what the media tells them,they are led like sheep and dont use their brains to figure out the difference between right and wrong,Jodi was already guilty and sentenced to death according to the expert talking assholes,so there goes a fair trial.lets hope at least one jurror has the guts and brains to do the right thing.

    • I was not able to find that. I agree HLN has gone way to far. They have tried her, convicted her and sentenced her to death. If she is set free, what kind of life will she have? and can someone tell me why only two meals a day? most jails feed the inmates three meals a day. what kind of food can she get from commissary besides candy bars and junk food. She looks thin and unhealthy.

      • Read some more about Sheriff Joe and what his feeds inmates and all his other controversies:

        “Federal Judge Neil V. Wake ruled in 2008, and again in 2010, that the Maricopa County jails violated the constitutional rights of inmates in medical and other care related issues.[30][31] This ruling was a result of a lawsuit brought by the ACLU, which alleged that “Arpaio routinely abused pre-trial detainees at Maricopa County Jail by feeding them moldy bread, rotten fruit and other contaminated food, housing them in cells so hot as to endanger their health, denying them care for serious medical and mental health needs and keeping them packed as tightly as sardines in holding cells for days at a time during intake.”

        Moldy bread, rotten fruit, contaminated food … those 2 meals are not even good ones!

  3. Did everyone hear about Amanda Knox today.

    Knox had hoped today’s Supreme Court ruling would uphold her innocence and put an end to her six year ordeal. Instead she was “shocked” when the court ordered the appeals court to retry the case.

    Knox, 25, now faces years of legal maneuvering and hearings starting when the case is expected to go back to trial early next year.

    • UGH. Don’t even get me started on that BS!!! 😉

      I would say thank God for America’s Constitution… but apparently, watching this trial seems the Constitution is in jeopardy.

      • They better. If, as a citizen, the constitution provides us with certain rights, then the US gOvernment should apply those same standards to any dealings with respect to US citizens and other Governments. And the fifth amendment protects us against being put twice in jeopardy for the same offense. The reason for this is just simply the fact that if the government, any Government, can do this then one can be stuck in a perpetual vicious circle.

        I would love to see that extradition battle.

        • I hope they fight for her. An attorney specializing in extraditions said that he believes it will be an uphill battle for her to not be extradited. Since we have an extradition treaty with Italy, it will be hard for us not to comply with them. The only thing that might save her is if a judge decides that the double jeopardy clause of the Constitution was violated. Hopefully the judge will see it that way and not allow this B.S. to happen.

          • I don’t think we’ll extradite her. This absolutely violates the double jeopardy clause.

            Just because we have a treaty with another country, it doesn’t mean that we always send people back and forth. Switzerland wouldn’t send Roman Polanski back here and he went free to live in France again.

    • Hard to believe, but the prosecutor in that case is even worse than Our Little Man. I’m surprised he’s not in jail already.

  4. (Off Topic) Wow had a Domestic Violence situation just a few minutes ago. Heard a loud thud,a man yell then a woman start to cry/wimper as if in pain. It was on the street next to my backyard. I went out to see if I could see anything or do anything but I couldnt see a thing due to my block wall. I saw people from second floor of the condo’s across the street come out as they heard it too. They went over to see what happened. I grabbed a chair looked over the wall and she was on the ground crying a neighbor was consoling her. I asked if the police had been called they said yes. My adrenaline is still going I’m shaking like crazy…it brought it all back for me. Its been a long time funny how it can be triggered so easily. I hope she presses charges and doesn’t go back. That was in a very public place broad daylight apparently he feels unafraid to do something like that in that situation. It makes me sick.

    • They don’t care. Long ago, my abuser made ME push the back of his car (stuck in snow) while I was 7 months pregnant, then beat the shit out of me in the front yard in the snow. He gave two shits about who saw.

  5. “if there are two stories in domestic violence, the truth is worse than either of them” Alyce Hope the jury took note of this

  6. Does anybody think that JW is trying to lay the foundation for La Violette being able to go into TA’s abusive childhood, etc., when she was evaluating this case?

  7. Oh no,since LaViolette said she usually interviews both parties to get the bigger picture,plz dont tell me that Martinez’s gonna ask ”Well,Mr Alexander is not here to share his story,RIGHT??”

    • Do you think those imposed heavy fines may be a huge reason why so often abuse is swept under the rug/ not reported by the victims…? Who would the fines ultimately affect?… the family, SO the victim AGAIN becomes a victim…makes NO sense to me.

    • Interesting, Sherlock.
      Might happen too with automatic or semi gun?
      It’s possible that TA slashed his own throat after all.

  8. OK I’m supposed to be studying, but I have this trial on…Alyce Laviolette is absolutely NAILING the type of abuse Jodi endured!!!! It has been such a tremendous concern–this whole minimizing of the “abuse” that Jodi suffered. Laviolette is completely clarifying that non-extreme abuse is just as real as the obvious type. Take that and shove it, HLN. I’m sorry, but those people who have been criticizing Jodi for making a mockery of “real abuse” are a bunch of Aholes!

    • Yes, this aspect of the trial infuriates me too. The Travis Taliban and HLN have joined forces to roll back the progress on women’s rights and awareness of abuse and rape. They present themselves as a legitimate news outlet with a progressive agenda, but at the end of the day they are nowhere to be found when it comes to women and girls.

      Besides, who are THEY to decide what “real” abuse is? Ms Violette has more experience and understanding in her little pinkie than they do collectively.

  9. I think she is a great witness but I think the things she is saying can apply to Jodi also. Jodi said she was advised as a kid

      • First of all I’m not a dude. Second of all I am on right page. Just because I can see JM using this against Jodi doesn’t mean I support Travis.

          • So, we want everyone to think for themselves, as long as they agree with us? How does that set us apart from the haters?

            • Depends on the doubts Michael. We are here to support Jodi. I don’t think anyone here doubts that she was abused or believes she premeditated the crime. We, as a group, are tired of battling those who doubt that she was abused or think she planned to kill Travis, that’s all.

              It’s a pro defense blog. What should set us apart from the haters is that we don’t attack each other personally, or threaten the haters and those involved on their side.

              • Yep.

                Pro-defense people need a safe place to talk in the sea of pro-pros, witch-hunting blogs. Not saying that RR did anything wrong, but we’ve had posters here who pretend to support Jodi and then go off on pro-Martinez, anti-Jodi tangents. This is not….LOL.

                • Amen. I do not mean to hurt any genuine Jodi supporter, but I do not trust people who seem to have an ulterior motive, ie: pushing buttons on other’s support sites.

              • Well I do believe she was abused in many ways. And I don’t believe it was premeditated. But because of both of things I can see why her story doesn’t seem to make sense. I also question certain things but it doesn’t mean I’m not supportive. I count on any question I have when asked here will have answers from several perspectives but still having that base sense of agreeing on two key elements. If I’ve misunderstood please let me know.

              • I did not say i didnt think she was abused. in fact i think she was abused. i also think that while it was going on she may not have realized it was abuse. my other comment alot of people on this site being abused was not meant to be snarky and i am sorry if it came off that way. i was also abused and i think it is cool thatsurvivors can come together and support eac other.

      • I understand your point, but having experienced a very similar relationship I can tell you that the way he talked to her about sex, for one, is an example. Women really just want to be loved and adored in a normal way. Having to accept the kind of sex TA wanted in order to receive his affection–no matter how twisted the form–is part of it. A woman experiencing that begins to feel that she has no worth beyond her “three holes.” (Sorry, it’s so crude, but I’m using TA’s words to make a point.) That is one way in which the soul is mutilated, and the sense of worth as a human being is slowly destroyed.

          • I’m a nurse, and to answer your question very simply: No, it’s not a coincidence.

            Here’s why:

            Look at recent government-reported statistics. An estimated 27% of children were reported to the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services as Abused/Victims of Domestic Violence in 2011. Repeat, over ONE IN FOUR children were abused; approximately 5 children in the U.S. DIE from abuse/neglect every day. Staggering statistics, huh? And not in a good way.

            So now that you know the numbers, isn’t it conceivable (highly likely, even) that surviving victims of Domestic Violence would gravitate towards or be more inclined to support another survivor of Domestic Violence? And in that process, come to one of the only – if not THE only – website where we can freely speak our minds, share our experiences, and voice our support of Jodi without fear of retaliation, hate messages, or threats of death?

            I’d use the word “sympathetic”, but we all know how much one Mr. Juan Martinez despises that word… So I’ll go with “empathy/empathetic” instead.
            There are a large number of DV survivors here in support of Jodi Ann Arias because, generally speaking, we RECOGNIZE that she was abused, we UNDERSTAND her situation to one degree or another, and we HAVE EMPATHY for her situation. A situation, I might add, that she did not ASK FOR, but that Travis Alexander FORCED upon her on June 4, 2008.

            That’s why so many of us support Jodi. This website is We believe she is innocent of murder because at some point in our past, ANY one of us DV survivors could have been in her shoes in 2008 and in her courtroom chair right now.

            I hope that helps a little. 🙂

            • Awesome, Ashley.

              And you are right. We can relate because we’ve been there and we know how hard it is to look back and “trust” that what we experienced–that “sting” that AL spoke of today–is/was “abuse.” Like HLN looking for the bruises to prove it… That’s what is so frustrating…The way JM and the media mock the defense attempt to “prove” emotional abuse is an abuse–of any kind–victim’s worst nightmare.

              Shame on all of these “Judges.” If they had been there (in her shoes, as you said) they would know otherwise. They are ignorant, self-serving fools. And while I’m on the subject, BTW, I kind of think NG is a sociopath…..For real.

            • AshleySC83, I totally agree with you. I am also a DV abuse victim. When I was a child my father left us and my mother had to work as a made. She had to work every day and live in other people’s house. I only saw my mom on Sundays and my older sister used to take care of me since I was abut 7 years old. My mother was never there for me, neither my father because he was already gone. I grew up with a very low self steam and men used to take advantage of me. Every time I found a boyfriend he ended up being abusive. It was a pattern, but I didn’t know. My first boyfriend was when I was 15 years old and I remember one time he began hitting me because I didn’t tell him that I wasn’t gonna be home. That night he almost kill me, but I managed to run away from him. I thought that I was never going back with him, but I did. I don’t know why, but I did. I was thinking that he was going to change one day. My other abusive relationship was when I was abut 18 years old. This guy was worse than the first one because he used to take my money and used my car to go out with other girls and every time I used to confront him, he used to get so mad at me and hit me. One time he threw a can of soda on me, a sprite, I will never forget, and he knocked me down almost unconscious. Another time he played the “Russian roulette” on me, he almost kill me that night too, but I stayed with him for more than a year, and the same thing happened, I didn’t know why. I was sexually abused and controlled as well by other man beside this two. I can go on and on, but it will take to long to finish my story. This is the reason why I support Jodi because I understand what she went through. It took me many years to understand, but thank God I did. Now I am 38 years old and happily married with a good man that treats me well. I been married for 16 years, I have two kids and I am very happy. I wish the same for Jodi. Hopefully one day she will get out and get married with a good man too.

            • Well said. I know I am able to relate to Jodi based on my past relationship. I actually got into an argument with my mother tonight when we were discussing the trial (she only watches it on HLN, so go figure). She said she doesn’t believe that TA was abusive. I told her that I definitely believe he was based on evidence presented in court because it reminded me a lot of my ex, who was abusive toward me. I told her that if she thinks it was acceptable for TA to say and do those things to Jodi, then she must think it was okay for my ex to treat me the way he did. She didn’t say anything after that. I think it’s really hard for people who have never been in an abusive relationship to grasp.

            • I thought that when I first came to this sight. I noticed immediately the hater sites seem to be made up of abusers; but they also are enablers who do not yet realize the extent of abuse that is being allowed. I got on the case of one “elderly” lady when she said that TA was ‘just being a mormon man,” and he just ‘really enjoyed sex with Jodi, there is nothing wrong with that.” Again – when your partner says you have an orgasm like a child or that he just raped you – it is abuse. They (abusers, TA supporters) need to understand that.

                • Yes, Kira, it appears this poster doesn’t come here to have a conversation. “She” doesn’t understand the meaning of context. I clearly posted it in response to RR’s snarky comment trying to cast aspersions on the posters of this board. The poster doesn’t understand irony, because “she” is giving a pass to RR for making a broad brush generalization also. Yet she didn’t find that to be the “Generalization of the century.” Wow talk about hyperbole.

                  LC, yes, every damn time.

                  And just a side note, my comment was meant to illustrate what RR was doing, what it feels like to have the shoe on the other foot. BUT – I will say this. Every time the haters come out, they are condoning a slew of disgusting, reprehensible behaviors by defending the things Travis did to Jodi. So yeah, I do think that is abusive. If “Athena” has a problem with that, then “she” clearly has some problems.

              • Athena,

                Nobody made a blanket statement that ‘all TA supporters are abusers.’ If you were referring to my comment, I was stating that the mentality of the people on those sites is the same as an abuser and I’m judging the sites I have been on. When I mentioned (on one of their sites) that I felt TA had been abusive they ‘jumped’ on me like a pack of wolves calling me names and saying things like “poor girl, go cry to someone else.” Nobody bothered to ask; “why would you say that?” Does that sound like people who just don’t have the facts? Not to me; sounds like people who don’t want to see facts, who don’t want to believe any abuse existed, or just want to be mean to someone they don’t know.

                You cannot say that the people that support TA ‘dont have all the facts’ because you don’t know that to be true or not. But is is a fact that many of them do not want to look at the reality in front of them. (Example, TA’s language is recorded on the ‘sex tape’ and available for them to analyze, yet they still ‘make-up’ reasons such as; he was reading a script or other nonsense.)

                Abuse is still not recognized in our society. Anyone that does not even take the time to look at the facts before calling for someone’s death is, imo, either an abuser or enabler (someone who allows abuse to happen while doing nothing to stop it or someone who chooses to not recognize that abuse is a problem). People who call for a woman’s death before the court of law even deems her guilty are the ones who “clearly have some problems.”

    • I believe you are right, RR, and I think JM will use this to try to turn it around on Jodi. I’m sure he will be able to sway the neanderthals on HLN but hopefully the jury will be smarter than that.

    • Yes, that is valid. But I don’t think that is a mark against Jodi. That she was abused as a child further explains how she fell so easily into a similar pattern with TA. It seems to me that a person who endured some form of abuse as a child would fall more easily into that type of relationship as an adult. And in the emails and phone calls, we never hear Jodi talking about TA the way he talks about her. There is really nothing to substantiate her abusing him. Just the opposite scenario….
      That’s just the way I see it, anyhow. 🙂

      • Gibby Gibson, very valuable post. Right now Nancy Grace is being very abusive to the audience. I wonder what kind of childhood she had. I know she does a lot of compensating because her fiance was killed. I guess she was carrying his twins at the time.

        She comes across as an insecure little girl to me, and I can’t help feeling sorry for her children. I’m glad she is not my mommy.

      • Yes, that is true too. Violetta did specify that male abusers tend to be more consistent in coming from very abusive backgrounds versus females who are victims; they come from all walks of life.

        Hence the title of her book “It Can Happen to Anyone.”

        • it happend to me my ex-husband told the srink his dad hit his mom so he just thought that was the way it was this trial I’m watching is important to me because of my past and I came close to killing my husband but god was there for me I heard a voice telling me to drop the knife I wanted to kill him. It took a long time for me to end the relationship because he kept saying im sorry it wont happen again. My sister tried to tell me and I did not hear her but she did not give up on me I finally was able to tell myself I DO NOT LOVE HIM ANYMORE ITS OVER…. then joined the Navy to get away for him he still wanted me to go back to him. but I kept my distance and to this day dont know where he is or could care less.

          • Good for you, Tonya!!! Thank god you heard the voice and had your sister there no matter what. I wish more woman would find a way out, I know its hard and sometimes near to impossible. Look at what you did, you went and joined the Navy. There is so much an abused person can do, its just that the abuser KNOWS how to keep them down.

            • this is true LC and thank you for your comment I read a book to but cant remember the name of it had to do with looking at your brain as a computer and you can open it and look at it and then put it back with out reacting to it. I was so messed up could not eat and I worry about JODI she is not looking to good. She has lost so much weight as did I … I got down to 98 pounds .. I read tarot card and have for 40 yrs and the cards tell me jodi’s story about the intruders is true. others knew about what happened. the cards showed that to

              • Omg really Tonya?? That’s funny, I did that for a while too, but haven’t read them in a while. Last thing the tarot cards showed me was pregnancy. A few weeks ltr. I was pregnant with my 1st daughter. And it was something I was far from planning, but anyway…. im happy. The point is that I blv in it and im one of a few on this site that blv in the intruder story. How funny is that? ?!!!! Some will criticize it but I now blv even more!!! Geeeee Tonya, now im tempted, ill have to look for my cards and see if it shows the same as your did… thanks for sharing, so exciting! !!!

                • I don’t read cards, but I can’t get the intruders out of my head either.
                  The picture of Jodi’s leg because the camera just went magical and starting taking pictures, accidently?

                  I can’t buy that one either.

  10. Here we go to characteristics of the abuser. I bet there will be a lot of hypotheticals that JM will object to although he did everything as a hypothetical.

    It won’t get lost on the jury that JM doesn’t want the abuser information admitted.

      • Huh?
        The drivel they spew gets more ridiculous every day, doesn’y it?
        Thing is, if people are ONLY watching THAT, and have no honest standard of reference, they are gonna believe whatever pap they are fed. Sheeple! Augh.

  11. Somethings going on. First the whole bailiff thing with the 10 minute recess. Now the meeting with the attorneys in the hallway.

    Anybody have any ideas?

  12. I am reading Jose Baez’s book right now on the Casey Anthony trial and I love it! There is so much more info in there than what we could possibly have gotten from the trial or the haters and the amount of prosecutorial and judicial bias was astonishing. He talks about all of it and once you really hear it told the right way you have no choice but to believe the child drowned and George covered it up. This psychologist is talking about things that apply to Casey so well!

  13. My volume cut out at the end. When I got it back, the judge as calling recess. Anything interesting in the last 15-20 minutes.

  14. Wow, this woman on HLN thinks it will be a hung jury! JVM is about to FAINT. I didn’t catch who she was but she has been watching the jury closely and she went there to do that. Did anyone catch who she is?

    • Somebody in the gallery, said she came to the trial to watch the jurors and she thinks there will be a hung jury because there is someone on the jury who wants the notoriety of hanging the jury. WTF, HLN is the national enquirer on steroids either that or they are trying to compete with howard stern.

    • A hung jury is a real possibility, though it would suck for Jodi and both families to go through this again. It only takes one or two jurors…

    • Ugh… JVM is especially condescending and belittling today. Now that woman sits there just to watch the jury. So she’s not even interested in hearing what the experts have to say, no, she is a self appointed watchdog to “out” the potential juror that hangs the trial. Wow, just wow.

  15. I was wondering why they weren’t back from afternoon break. I just heard they ended early because Jodi wasn’t feeling well. Anyone else hear that? Of course I realize you can’t go on when someone is ill, but geeeeez… it me or is the trial about 4 hours a day? late starts, early recess….no Fridays….I can’t see this even getting to jury instruction and deliberations til May.

    • Jodi did not look to healthy today I think this is taking a tole on her body. Emotionally she could be feeling defeated especially when JM opens his mouth to stop the expert on the stand from talking. When that happens I say several Hail Mary’s and pray for the sinner JM to shut up and sit down. And to Nasty Nancy Grace who used my Hail Mary saying on her show last nite I’m praying for her sins too. Nancy your the worst to use that on you show. Christ said if you are without sin then you throw that stone. and she is not without sin here to bear false witness against they neighbor. It is not fair the media on TV is crusifing Jodi and for what because Travis was a saint.

      • Well said, Tonya! And I believe Nasty Nancy Grace came here and stole that saying from you. I honestly believe she is evil incarnate.

        • thanks cindyp she has used it twice now and I will continue to say a Hail Mary and a rosary too to keep this trial from killing Jodi and when I said a Hail Mary JM had to sit down and hear what this lady was talking about.

  16. I just heard that one of the breaks was because Jodi was feeling week. The talking heads are making a big deal out of that! Lord help…all this over a protien bar!

  17. Yepp, I just heard that too. I guess they had to get permission from the Sheriff Dept to give her a protein bar. I think it’s back on now. I do know that in the AZ jail system, you only get 2 meals a day. So it wouldn’t be unusual, IMO, to get hungry at this time of day, especially when you are just sitting in a chair all day long.

  18. lmao!!! HLN talking heads sweating this witness…even their stupid poll shows 15% believe Jodi was abused. Nasty G. pissed too, interrupt ing her own show spouting relevance issues….hahaha
    cracks me up!!

  19. So NG says about defense star witness that a lot of court watchers “are worried that she is swaying to jury to acquit Jodi Arias.”

    So I tweeted her directly

    @NancyGraceHLN worried about defense witness. Far more persuasive than any media gasbag will ever ever be.

  20. why is NG concerned about the amount of dollars this witness is costing the tax payers? She doesn’t live in AZ as far as I know. but if I heard it right it came across as if NG is going to have to be paying taxes on that. correct me if I am wrong. Not sure but about this either, but doesn’t the judge have to approve the final bill? Not sure about AZ laws.

    • Cost of an expert witness is not unusual to be brought up. What I hear from Nancy Gagme is there is a hearing tomorrow to prevent the prosecution from bringing up the costs to the taxpayers for the entire trial. A couple things about that:

      1. HLN could have the hearing info wrong
      2. If JM does bring up the total cost of the trial, I’m sure this could come back as used to piss the jury off.
      3. Every capital case is expensive, as it should be. When somebody is fighting for their life they should be afforded the ability to defend themselves.

      • Jodie this would not cost us tax payers anything if JM and Travis’s family would of taken her first plea to 2nd degree and I think the Jury should know this fact to the begin with.

      • Someone needs to point out that this didn’t have to come to trial. We have a trial because Mr. “Rock Star to the Haters of the World” Martinez wouldn’t take Jodi’s plea and over-charged the case.

      • Well, if NG gets her way and Jodi gets death, there will be literally MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars spent on appeals.

        She’d just as soon hang Jodi in a public square.

    • My opinion is she wants the info out there to prejudice the jurors which is why the defense has filed a motion about this which will be heard tomorrow morning. The jury could become angry and rule against jodi for costing tax payers money.

      • JC TEAM JODI ADMIN I would love one of your ribbing if that is for JODI when I comment on this site to show I do support this site and JODI………..

        • You make a gravatar and just google the ribbon, save it to your pc and upload it to gravatar. Gravtar resizes it for you. It’s easy. ( I could do it, so i know it’s easy 😉 Google domestic violence ribbons.

          • tried to do that and my computer did not work so will have to do without. will use my percent sign 3 thumbs up for JODI site and JODI too

                • I STILL can’t get my Gravatar account to link here… When I add the link, it won’t go past the loading screen. 🙁

                  My Gravatar and WordPress accounts work on every other site perfectly fine, though.

              • it worked thats team for the help this is a picture of the kittens I found on the web and it reminded me of JODI hear is lookin after you will leave the %%% signs to show my support for this site and JODI who I am praying for everyday Hail Mary to you JODI

    • I heard her complain about that too! it is ONLY AZ residents who pay taxes for trials like this. It makes no sense to bitch about the cost when it doesn’t even affect her. This is a capital case. These cases are always paid for with tax money, unless the defendant is loaded and has a high price atty. Both witnesses (the experts) for the defense are paid, and that is always the way. It is their livelihood and thats why on their resume is says” Expert Witness”. Can you just imagine of wither one of these experts, (LaViolette or Samuels) said they did it for FREE!? OMG, the media would have a field day wondering why Jodi has a free expert. Samuels got 250 an hour, LaViolotte gets 250, and 300 when it court. That is actually the mid range for these professions, in fact, on the low end. This “costing the taxpayers” complaint always comes up, and when you break it down, it doesn’t mean that every person in AZ is sending a check to court. It is just taken out of the states budget and paid that way. I’m not saying the people don’t pay, but it is something added into already existing taxes.

    • I don’t see why JA is being blamed for the cost of the trial when it was JM’s decision to take this to trial. And total costs also includes what all of the state’s witness were paid, cause they don’t work for free and the cost to bring CH to arizona cause he was calling witness, etc.

      • It’s because they are just looking for any excuse to make Jodi the villain in all aspects. I wish I could call in and give NG a piece of my mind, but of course I would just get cut off.

  21. Help – Is there any way to watch the actual trial. After I could not receive HLN for about half an hour, now all that they are playing is NG hollaring and commercials.

    It is 5:P49 PDT where I am in WA.

      • I’m waiting for the you tube video from “croakerqueen” myself. I couldn’t watch this afternoon and would like to have some more free therapy! (I mean, she’s that good!) 🙂

        • Thanks “croakerqueen” – I’m looking for free therapy, too. I usually steer clear of “experts,” but I really like what this lady has to offer and the way she offers it.

            • LOL that’s okay! 🙂 I watch the youtube vids by ‘croakerqueen’ because it is just trial… no commentary (some of them do add their own stupidity to the trials so beware). But I got impatient and just found videos uploaded by another with no commentary. Here’s the link if you need it still;

              (Admins, If that was not okay to post, I apologize. Just let me know so I don’t do it again. Thanks.)

      • Thank you, too tonya.

        I’m noticing a high degree of panic over at HLN. They’ve noticed that Alyce is favorably received by the jurors. Gee, she has improved their judgment already.

        What a cheap shot for NG to exclaim about the amount that Alyce gets paid to clean up this mess created by the Media and Dr. Spock.

        Alyce has a lot to contribute, whereas NG just gets in the way of becoming informed, and I am sure she rakes in a bundle to put us through a lot of pain trying to sort through the chaff.

    • NG does it every night…she only dedicates less than 15 actual minutes of the trial during her 1 hour segment…NG is too busy trying to show us her stupid bombshells of things she claim they just uncovered…but in all actuality we have already seen or heard it at an earlier time…

      NG has to really stoop low and bring in a virtual cash register that “ching-chings” the change about how much the taxpayers are paying for the witness today…She is so disgustingly stupid the way she keeps acting…no professionalism in her ways anymore…just plain ole “stupid-ism”…

      • They’re all just VERY desperate because they have run out of ammo. Thus, everything they are saying has already been said and they actually end up having not said a word lol. Burn NG!!! 🙂

  22. Jennifer W. is greaaat!! JM is going to come out of the bullpen will his head down, snorting, hooves stomping charging at Alyce like raging bull. He’ll probably spin it to make TA look like he was abused by Jodi. He’ll probably bring up the “dilldo without an heart” email AGAIN. I also heard he went off on Alyce in a pretrial hearing. Alyce has worked enough with angry men to know what coming. We can all hope his spinning won’t be effective.

  23. It is killing me to have HG constantly talking over Alyce’s beautiful wisdom so that I can’t hear her. It really hurts. Cause I’m straining to try not to hear HG’s horrible voice, yet be able to listen to Alyce.

    HLN PROMISED the audience we would not miss a moment. That’s fine if they have it on Pause, but HG keeps talking over the testimony when it is on PLAY!

    • They always cut, edit, replay other stuff and comment on the testimony immediately just in case they let too much of it on the air.

    • Omh thats hard!!!! They’re both so hard to look at!!! I haven’t watched HLN in days, I promised someone here that I wouldn’t! !!

    • To me it’s Nasty Grace… I cannot stand that face she always makes; with her nose scrunched up as if something in her desk stinks. I did try watching her before this trial – but could not hear anything she said b//c of her entire demeanor. My daughter and I could not stop laughing at her constant scowl and when she we tried to listen she sounded so insane. I just could not take her seriously! When this trial started, I was shocked that there were so many people that believe she does “good work!” Now THAT’s crazy!

  24. I thought what they were going to talk about tomorrow was about the protection order that Jodi put out there for Bath Karas and the other two idiots? ????

    Also, why wouldn’t the defense not out one on ALL of them, not just these three? ??

    • Part of the protection order is against them discussing the cost of the defense and other things they say.

    • LC,
      I never heard anything about that…? I know the judge just said there was an issue to address in the morning, and court will start at 10:45 instead of 10/10:15. I am sure it is some type of motion…..not sure what. Jodi asked for a protection order for Beth Karras? (confused) 🙁

      • Oh yeah, they did. Beth Karas and two others. SJ has the motion up this morning, that’s how I saw it. Let me see if I can find it for you.

  25. JVM made another sarcastic comment about Jodi and Jennifer Wilmot wearing the same colors again today…(she DIDN’T mention Nurmi wearing the same like colors)

    Jennifer Wilmot and Nurmi are both wearing black suits…Nurmi wearing black suit with a white shirt with a light bluish color tie…Jennifer wearing a black jacket with a bluish color undershirt and a necklace with hints of blue stones…Jodi is wearing a black color top with a white undershirt….

    It just shows who the real professionals are …versus the professionals that act like they know it all but are really just plain dumb and stupid to listen to…

    By the way….Yesterday they all three wore light white colors…even Nurmi wore a light color suit…

    And tomorrow…hopefully the three of them will wear similar colors again…(maybe it will keep the sarcastic mouths at bay)

    • I believe they dress similar to each other in order to show support for each other; that they are a team. On the other hand, if they do not dress similar (or if Nurmi doesn’t talk to JW while she’s addressing the witness) it is pointed out; look at them, they are clearly not a team! (I actually did see that on one of the hater sites.) lol

      • Yes…that is the impression that I feel too when I see them in similar color lately…it’s like they are showing their support of each other as a team effort…

        I like it…it works for me…”GO TEAM JODI”

  26. I am not watching The haters they are so Jealous She was great. Martinez is going to try to ABUSE HER!
    Jennifer W is so good really enjoyed her depth of knowledge in contrast to NG DD and JV. shallow snippets. HLN must be desperate. Who is Travis past Girlfriend that said he was abusive??

  27. When Lisa Andrews (now Daidone) was on the stand and being questioned by the defense, she had to read an email (or parts) that she had sent to TA. In that email she had told him she didn’t like him “grabbing her butt”. But then under direct, she told JM that she was mad at him when she wrote it and was basically blowing off steam. So, IMHO, her testimony didn’;t mean alot.

    • Typical….recant your story and protect the abuser’s reputation. Lisa obviously came close to being sucked in by Travis but had enough feelings of self worth to dodge that bullet.

      Had Lisa not been so young and sexually inexperienced she could be sitting where Jodi is right now and I’d be willing to bet that privately Lisa knows that.

      • Yup, agree with you kitty. If the jury reakly thinks about it, they will get it. Just because she took it back, it doesnt mean she didn’t write it and she wrote it because she felt that way. She must’ve felt very strong about it for her to write it to him, to get the msg across to him. Just because she, “oh so took it back” it doesn’t mean that what she wrote wasn’t true. What she wrote about and hiw she felt at the time she wrote it meant and still should mean something. That’s the way he treated her, that’s the wsy he treated woman, so I thk it should count for something and it says alot of how TA was as a person. Remember, she wrote that she didn’t like his comments about her being a teacher. Because she takes it back, doesn’t mean that HE takes it back. He was an asshole all the way around, he tried to belittle her too (she just didnt take it). But at the end of the day, what she wrote, was the truth and I hope the jury saw that and remembers it.

        • You guys are totally right on, with I think, the exception of Lisa’s acceptance of the reality of Travis’s bullying. I’ve e-stalked her and read her blog. She is firmly in the Cult of St. Travis.

        • I agree LC. Just because she wrote it in anger does not make it any less true. The situation appears that Lisa finally had enough and read Travis the riot act – and even after she specifically told him not to call or text her, he did anyway. It shows he has a complete lack of respect for boundaries.

  28. On Dr. Drew…those talking heads are talking about how “creepy” Jodi was….and since I’ve been watching this trial and listening to the talking heads they look and sound “creepy” to me with their “creepy” comments about Jodi…

    It’s just plain ole “creepy”…

    • Whenever those HLNers think JM has Jodi cornered and that Jodi will get the DP, the look of glee on all of their faces is what CREEPS ME OUT!

      • Me too kitty. It really gives me the creeps. They preach to their kids that bullying is wrong, but if they could throw Jodi to the lions they would televise it and laugh and cheer. They make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

    • Same here.
      It’s always a relief to me to look at Jodi, gentle, pensive and human, compared to these phony hypocrites.

    • Agreed, all. I think it’s creepy how JM seems to take a prurient interest in all aspects of Jodi’s romantic life, history, etc.

  29. Huge day for the defense today. I hope that Alyce keeps on keeping on tomorrow.

    Worst case scenerio has to be manslaughter and the best will be walking out of the courtroom a free woman.

  30. So this is what a Travissite is saying about the order involving Beth Karas….help me, guys…:)

    There is going to be a closed hearing tomorrow @ 9 to discuss The Motion for Protective Order, which is NOT a physical protective order that has been rumored…. the definition of this order is as follows: A motion for protective order refers to a party’s request that the court protect it from potentially abusive action by the other party. Such a request is often made in relation to discovery, as when one party seeks discovery of the other party’s trade secrets. In certain instances, the court will craft a protective order for protecting one party’s trade secrets by ordering that any secret information exchanged in discovery shall be used for the pending suit only and it shall not in any manner be publicized.
    In short, the Defense is requesting certain sensitive material to be sealed so that the media does not have any right to it….. this is most likely why we are hearing HLN Beth Karas, Paul Matadeen and ABC Shana Drukerman’s names attached to this news…..they are most likely trying to be able to report on the materials….

    • Maggie,

      I heard it was about the reporting of how much her defense is costing the state. This information could prejudice the jurors as we all know they get long breaks at home with friends, family, tv, internet, radio, cell phones, smoke signals from HLN etc. It may not be about that but that’s what karris reported this morning.

      • I could be wrong, and we’ll find out tomorrow, but I have a difficult time believing that’s what the motion is for. I think (again, could be wrong) that the question could then easily be asked: how much has the state spent on the prosecution? I would almost guarantee that it’s at least double, and maybe more than the figure bandied about for the defense case. JM is NOT going to want to open that door.

    • That is true. That is what a Motion for Protective Order is in a trial. Review Rule 15.5(c) of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure.

    • That is nonsense. She was learning back then under a psychologist. She is licensed as an MMFT – Marriage and family therapy. Totally different board she’s licensed under now. They have really lost it now if they can’t see they are looking at something from 1992 and decipher the letters after her name, do a quick google search and figure that out.

      • Very true. The simple fact is that she was working under somebody, (like they all have to) and that person must be a board certified psychologist or psychiatrist. The man she was working under at the time, (1997) did have his license revoked for having sex with a patient and then trying to bribe a minister to try to stop her from filing charges. Serious? Absolutely. What does that mean about Ms LaViolette? She due to him, lost her psychological assistant license, (since she had to practice under a certified Dr)because HE had his revoked. This has zero to do with her work or her credentials. If the Dr (Compton) was the witness here, it would mean something. This doesn’t. And if the pros brings it up, (possible if allowed) it is easily explained.

    • Could be that when she was an assistant she was required (as all other assistants would be) to have supervision, and that the “cancellation” was when she was no longer an assistant – she was then a full fledged professional who no longer needed the assistant license. Cancellation is not revoked, terminated, etc. The haters are spinning

      • THat was exactly what happened. She was interning. She needed a supervisor. She went further in her grad work and became a MMFT. Every kind of counseling has to work under someone. A LADC is a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. A CADC is an intern under a LADC. She’s a MMFT – Marriage, family and child therapist.

        Here is some info about her license and the abbreviations. The haters, I guess, didn’t know how to figure this out without jumping the gun with glee.

        • Thanks JC for that info…Also…I posted some interesting links on Alyce LaViolette…scroll below…

          Alyce is one busy lady…and she has a full speaking schedule for 2013 already…

          I learned a while back that people such as those naysayers and haters really cannot comprehend the intelligence of a real professional such as Alyce LaViolette…

  31. I can’t stand the Nancy Grace opinionated and partial. Shes never dealt with emotional abuse from the one you love. It’s a horrible thing to live with. Pathological relationships are tough to stop if your in one.

  32. Here’s my reply to a question above about whether it’s a coincidence that a lot of Jodi’s supporters here are Domestic Violence survivors themselves. I did post it above, but wanted to make sure it is seen by all. 🙂

    “I’m a nurse, and to answer your question very simply: No, it’s not a coincidence.

    Here’s why:

    Look at recent government-reported statistics. An estimated 27% of children were reported to the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services as Abused/Victims of Domestic Violence in 2011. Repeat, over ONE IN FOUR children were abused; approximately 5 children in the U.S. DIE from abuse/neglect every day. Staggering statistics, huh? And not in a good way.

    So now that you know the numbers, isn’t it conceivable (highly likely, even) that surviving victims of Domestic Violence would gravitate towards or be more inclined to support another survivor of Domestic Violence? And in that process, come to one of the only – if not THE only – website where we can freely speak our minds, share our experiences, and voice our support of Jodi without fear of retaliation, hate messages, or threats of death?

    I’d use the word “sympathetic”, but we all know how much one Mr. Juan Martinez despises that word… So I’ll go with “empathy/empathetic” instead.
    There are a large number of DV survivors here in support of Jodi Ann Arias because, generally speaking, we RECOGNIZE that she was abused, we UNDERSTAND her situation to one degree or another, and we HAVE EMPATHY for her situation. A situation, I might add, that she did not ASK FOR, but that Travis Alexander FORCED upon her on June 4, 2008.

    That’s why so many of us support Jodi. This website is We believe she is innocent of murder because at some point in our past, ANY one of us DV survivors could have been in her shoes in 2008 and in her courtroom chair right now.

    I hope that helps a little. 🙂 ”

    I hope my post doesn’t offend any of you guys. It’s something I’ve put a lot of thought into since this trial started, but I’m just now at the stage that I could correctly articulate my point without my opinion getting in the way of the facts and statistics. Please note that the words in ALL CAPS are only as such to emphasize them; I promise I’m not yelling! ((HUGS))

    Okay, now who wants to give me the Cliffs Notes version of the afternoon session with Ms. LaViolette? LOL! 😀

    • Wow, Ashley, thanks for that post; so beautifully said. Sorry I can’t give you an update – I’m just about to watch the afternoon session myself, time to get my therapy on! 🙂

    • I want to thank you for your comment. I’ve been trying to find the words to express what you are saying. I find myself less articulate during this trial because I’m usually upset at all the victim blaming by all of the media and JM’ abuse.

    • Well said.

      I have PTSD due to witnessing my dad beat up my mother when I was a child.

      I support Jodi. A family member of mine was falsely accused. She faced a trial and jail time. All the detectives, so called “expert witnesses” and the district attorney ALL said she was guilty. When in reality she was 10000% innocent because I was one of the main witnesses that knew exactly what happened and told the trust. But, guess what? They said I LIED too!!!!! Overall, the lying victim recanted her story and the case was dropped.

      So because of my own personal experience with scum bag detectives, and prosectors, I do not automatically assume because someone is accused of a crime, they are guilty.

    • Thanks! With that being said, Jodi is my HERO because I know that I very well could’ve been, and almost was, in her shoes, and I know that I would’nt have been as strong as she is to endure this CIRCUS. She is always in my thoughts and prayers. She deserves the right to a FAIR TRIAL just as anyone else in her shoes would agree.

    • ASHLEY, YOUR SOOOOOO RIGHT!!!! (Cap ltr because, I agree with you 100%) lol

      Everything you wrote is true to the fullest and it makes me wonder if the other (on the other side) are the abusers, the bullies, controllers, manipulators and everything else that we’ve all had to put up with. Thats why they are so mad at Jodi and this site, because WE are standing up!!!

  33. Can I just say how awful it is that many people on the hater sites are describing Alyce as a “dyke,” “butch,” “man,” etc….and that no one else on those boards is telling them how homophobic it is?

    That just disgusts me. It is NOT okay to use those words just because a witness is testifying for the other side.

    • That’s why I’ve only ever visited one “hater site” (that 1000 Places Facebook page), and I’ve never been back there or on any other pro-Travis site… I’m afraid that the “hateful ignorant” that most of them have might be contagious!

    • Oh Kira, you are a brave soul to peek in on them!

      I’ve stopped going to any of them. Next time I hear any news journalist yammer about a story about bullying I hope they look in the mirror as they are writing the manifesto.Pitiful…

      I catch a snippet here and there of the venom spewing monsters that consider themselves professional journalists – NG and the pack – and the contempt and hate that oozes from their ugly mouths is alarming.

      Last I checked we are still in the USA and Jodi is innocent until PROVEN GUILTY!!!

  34. A question regarding the continuum chart, if anyone has knowledge.

    For the abuser’s in the battery or terrorist end of the spectrum who frequently threaten suicide or homicide, is it known whether these are threats usually aimed to control or are they threats that are frequently acted upon at some point?

    • Intimate Terrorism – as one tactic in a general pattern of control and manipulation, violence may be used. Worth noting here is that the violence still may have occurred only once or twice, and may be relatively “low severity.” Nonetheless, it still involves emotional abuse and men who show this pattern of abuse are more likely to kill their partners. This is similar to what Holtzworth-Munroe and Stuart (1994) proposed as a “generally-violent-antisocial” batterer, and what Jacobson and Gottman (1998) called the “cobra” type of batterer. This kind is more likely to use violence as a way to control; while they may appear extremely distressed during violent episodes, their physiology reveals no arousal. The appearance of almost uncontrollable rage is an act, one tool of many to intimidate and control others. Such batterers are more likely to engage in carefully planned and more violent revenge if the relationship ends, and are thus much more dangerous to their victims.

      I copied that from a website but it summarizes how she described it. She didn’t talk about it being a dangerous time to leave though. She discussed more that the terrorist doesn’t have to use their fists to get his/her way. They have conscience knowledge of why they are doing what they do. The regular batterer is trying to survive.

      • Wow! Frightening to read the part “uncontrollable rage is an act” ..

        JC, Thank you for taking the time to post this. I am another woman who has endured emotional abuse and had no clue. It was first pointed out to me when I was considering a divorce. I was told by several attorney’s that I was living with an abuser. At first I thought, No way! I’m too smart to let that happen! They were far better at spotting it than me.

        From what you posted here it seems the intimate terrorist is more likely to kill than harm themselves.

        To those who have young daughters, please, please, please, teach them that abuse is like a festering cancer that, if allowed to grow can be fatal.

        AL’s info she shared today should be mandatory for everyone.

        • It is ALL an act. That’s why they stop before the victim is actually dead. They do not have anger management issues. I had a friend many years ago who had anger management and rage control issues while drinking. On a few occasions, it took several guys to pull him off a guy in a bar because he was out of control and would have killed him. But the abusers always stop short of that … until we try to leave, that is.

          I highly recommend Lundy Bancroft’s book “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.” Before writing it, he ran groups for abusers for 15 years. It’s very enlightening as he discusses what they say and do.

      • “Such batterers are more likely to engage in carefully planned and more violent revenge if the relationship ends, and are thus much more dangerous to their victims.”

        Many of us, myself included, learned this the hard way as we tried to leave. 30 seconds. That’s what it came down to for me. 30 seconds and I might not be here posting today. And yet, our marriage wasn’t the most physically violent by any means — although it was escalating rapidly at the end. He was a terrorist indeed.

    • Both. It’s such a tricky topic because even today, Domestic Violence is severely under-reported. It’s hard to correctly interpret the actual numbers when the situation isn’t being accurately reported.

      In my personal experience and capacity of a nurse, it’s my opinion based on what I’ve seen first hand that threats of suicide by an abuser are mostly used to control their victim… Like, “If you leave me, I swear to god that I’m going to blow my brains out and it’ll be ALL YOUR FAULT!” Because of the narcissistic nature of many domineering abusers, most would never ever seriously consider actually killing themselves, although a minority do so just to punish their victim with lifelong guilt.

      • my domestic violance happend to me in the 70’s and the police could not arrest him back then even when my face was bloody. they told me to get a restraining order against him they have come a long way with that now you hit someone and you go to jail. and court. now

        • But even today, like a piece of paper that is held be a terrorist with a gun is going to protect anyone from harm.

          At least more has been learned about DV, thanks to women like AL.

          tonya, I’m sorry you endured the terror and I’m happy you got out safe!

      • Ashely,
        I agree regarding the threat of suicide. Of course some seriously mentally ill person can carry it out, but from the people I have dealt with (just as a woman, not a nurse) it is primarily used as a way to control and make the other person feel “guilty” if they want to leave. Not just leave either, but do any number of things, meaning to try to get the other person to do something for them, or get something for them, and to rely on their guilt and feelings of love or maybe just caring to get their way. I have experiences with this in several occasions, it was easier to get it to work on me when I was younger. Some people will actually make a silly attempt just to show you “they mean business” and suck you back in. I have known a few grown people who do this to their parents as well, threatening suicide if they don’t get their way about something they are asking for. The more it works, the more they do it. Most of the time, (in my experience) it gets old and you finally realize its all a game.

        • My ex-fiance did that to me for several years, Anna and Rainy. I finally got to the point where I just gathered up all the courage and dignity that I could muster up and said, “Fine. Kill me or kill yourself or both. Either way, I’m done.” I was 19, resigned to die, and it was the night before our wedding day. I’ll never forget the date I left – November 1, 2002. All I took with me was the $50,000+ in medical bills/ER visits/surgical costs I’d incurred from his abuse. He was beyond pathetic in that moment – a 34-yr old man, begging and sobbing on the floor – and I was disgusted with him and in myself for allowing myself to be put through that hell for almost 3 years. I was willing to die to be free of him, but I’m glad he was bluffing. And I don’t know why I’m telling you all this, because I’ve never said it all before, not even to my shrink, and my husband of nearly 8 years has only heard bits and pieces of it.

          • Ashley,
            Thank you for sharing. I am happy to know you left him, and have found someone to marry and love. I have been in the same circumstance a few times, (sadly) and felt the same way…do it or not, just stop talking about it. The begging and sobbing on the floor is all too familiar, the tears, the promises, sobbing hysterically, and I hate to admit that it actually worked on me a few times before I finally couldn’t do it. It didn’t work, in fact I remember feeling stronger and realizing how pathetic he was, (he was banging his own head on the floor) and instead of staying and feeling guilty, I felt sick.Another time, he chased me thru the house and I tripped on something, and fell, he grabbed my hair and started banging my head on the floor til I thought I would pass out. (I didn’t) I had clumps of hair on my clothes and the floor. Another time, we were on the patio, he was grilling, I told him the rest of the food was ready and asked how long he would be….well, he spilled something or dropped something and I laughed, not good. He walked right up to me and punched me in the face. I went down and actually saw stars.I ran inside and within an hour, he was sorry, it was nothing, let’s go out to eat, etc.Another time, he was in the garage with a friend, working on a car, and I came outside. He called me in to ask me something, and I had a semi-black eye from that punch.He was NOT phased that his friend saw me, and his friend looked at me, then him, and said nothing. I later asked that same friend why he didn’t look surprised or if he ever spoke to him about it, and he basically told me that he knew what had happened, and even though he felt bad for me, it was “private stuff”. After that, I finally began changing,I got Mad at him, mad at myself, and just basically, nothing. No more feelings for him at all, they just dissipated. I try not to remember that person or the time I spent with him, (almost 2 years) but now and then I do, and it doesn’t even feel like “real life” to me. Hard to explain, but I see myself with him, and dealing with the craziness and abuse, and still have a hard time wondering why I didn’t leave sooner. Common, I know.
            The only people who know about this are my family, and other than my mom, they completely minimized it, including going out to dinner with me and seeing my lip bruised and swollen. I look back at that time and realize it was that type of attitude (no big deal, you just mad him mad, he has a temper) that caused me to stay another day. Its hard for me to accept that my own parents, (dad and step-mom) would even ALLOW me to go home after that, let alone act like it was nothing. When I left they acted like it was just a regular break-up. My “real” mom, however, cannot even say his name without shaking.
            I guess I vented a bit here too, (alot) and thanks in advance for listening.

          • I’m so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience starting at the age of 16. It’s good that you had the self worth to stand up for your self to a man 15 years older than yourself that was taking advantage of someone so much younger than themself.

        • Just a side note here. I know you did mention the severe mentally ill. I have lived with Bipolar Disorder for almost 25 years. I have been in treatment since I was 16 and for the most part I stay fairly stable. There have been times though either my meds quit working or for whatever reason I fell into a dark depression and attempted suicide. When in the hospital I grew tired of people telling this was an attention seeking tool. No it was me in in very dark hole that just wanted it to end. I know you said the extreme mentally ill but I have a huge support group with varying levels of mental illness and I have never known anyone in this group to seek attention. The pain of deep depression is just so great we just don’t want to feel that way. The one that stops me these days is not wanting to hurt my family. I have done a few walks with groups to support those that had lost someone to suicide. The pain of that group has never left me. I tend to reach out more to my family now when I get that depressed not to get attention but just to get help before it gets to a point of no return.

          I just thought I would put my experience on here as well. I am also a survivor of a very abusive marriage. I know one attempt was partly due to the fact I just did not care anymore because I was just worn out. I knew it was either going to be me or him at this point. I was very Lucky that I had a family that hid me and I escaped. I see abuse in Jodi’s relationship with TA and that is why I am here to support her.

          • Hi AJ,
            I am not sure if you were commenting on my post about suicide and seriously mentally ill people, but maybe I need to clarify. I was referring to 2 totally different circumstances regarding suicide. One was about the type of people who are abusing their partner thru threats of suicide as a form of control. it can and does work on many people, its all about staying with them due to guilt. I mean the people who have no mental illness at all, and just say it/threaten it over and over when they feel their partner is leaving.
            The other is the type (that I didn’t go into) that IS actually mentally ill and has felt those horrible feelings of wishing to die, the pain of depression being too much to handle that there is no other way out of the dark hole that is their depression. I too, know that pain all too well, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

            As I read your post, it was like reading some of my own thoughts. I am also diagnosed Bi-Polar. Finally, after years and years a good psychiatrist knew what my problem was. Bi-Polar goes undiagnosed so often, and leaves the person feeling like they are losing their mind. (in my case anyway) I am also diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety Disorder, and Chronic Depression. I am on medication too. I have attempted suicide 2 times. One hospital stay was very good, with caring people who understood me and my feelings. The other was not bad, but I felt some judgement and even saw eye rolling from a few caregivers. I left there and went to a longer care facility for 28 days where they knew exactly what they were doing, understood me and my feelings of despair, and treated me the right way. It makes me sad that even after that, (15 years ago) there are some members of my family who totally dismiss it and have even suggested “I should just snap out of it”. sigh. These are the same people who jokingly ask me if I took my meds when I am acting hyper or a bit down. Its a big joke to many people, and its so sad because all it does is force people with mental illness into a corner, making us feel ashamed and keeping it a secret, adding to the isolation that comes with depression. The stigma should have been wiped away years ago, but it isn’t, and my hope is that someday people will be able to disclose their mental illnesses as easily and unashamedly as their physical ones.

        • Heartbreaking ladies. Thank you to all of you for sharing bits of your story. I’m so glad you are out. If ONLY Jodi had gotten out before all of this, if ONLY …

          I’m not sure life is ever the same after an abuser as it was before … picking up the pieces is more difficult than I ever imagined. I’m not sure I’ll ever shake the guilt and low self esteem that still haunts me.

          But at least, we’re alive!

      • Patty,
        Actually, Jodi tried to get them to accept a plea to Murder 2. That would have her out of prison somewhere in the next 5-10 years based on time served, good behavior, and the actual sentence which is normally 16 years. The judge has discretion to either add time or take off time of a sentence based on mitigating or aggravating circumstances.

        • And that would have saved the state a boat load of tax payers dollars and would have been more in line with the crime.

          Now, I hope she walks when this is over.

      • The comments are horrible…makes me ponder on how horrible the people are who writes them…

        I learned a while back that people such as those naysayers and haters really cannot comprehend the intelligence of a real professional such as Alyce LaViolette…

        And the one thing they have is much hate in their hearts…and the only way for them to express that hate is in writing their tidbits of horrible comments…and in a sense that makes them “feel empowered”….

        Thou shall not hate…

        • Amen!! Justice will prevail…..Team Jodi WILL be victorious!!!!! 😉 I SO love reading that each day every day and on andon…lol

  35. Click on youtube to watch Alyce LaViolette recorded on February 8, 2011…

    At the beginning of the video he says she does some work with Twenty-nine Psalms and something about General Kelly…

    Then click here…Alyce is more qualified than any other professional that I know of in this field of study…and she is one busy women…

    She is an International speaker too…

    2012 Calgary, Canada. The Calgary Counselling Centre Webinar Series: Working with Offenders: Treatment
    Options, One Size Doesn’t Fit All.
    Kathmandu, Nepal, U.S. Department of State, Video Conference with Advocates, NGOs and
    Government Officials on “Violence Toward Women”

  36. Alyce LaViolette speaking Schedule for 2013

    Speaking Schedule

    10/10/13, Alpert JCC – Long Beach, CA.
    “Batterers – What Kind of Abuse Are We Talking About? One Size Does Not Fit All”

    5/4/13, RTI Training – San Diego, Ca.
    “Understanding the Issues for Victim’s of Domestic Violence”
    Contact: Suzanne (619)296 8103×10

    4/27/13, COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE CALIFORNIA – Manhattan Beach, CA, Luncheon Speaker
    “Is Domestic Violence Always Physical?”
    Contact: CPCalBrochure2013.pdf

    “Is it Anger or Abuse: Assessing for Intimate Partner Violence”
    Contact: CPCalBrochure2013.pdf

    4/6/13, ABIP Training – Los Angeles
    “Batterers’ Treatment Overview and Intake and the Art of Assessment”
    Contact: Rick Kenworthy (626)316 4100

    Do people like her…you better believe they do…She is a compassionate and a great person…

  37. Perhaps while asking how much Jodi’s experts cost, how much do the procecution experts get paid? Also. What if the Jury finds out that ( I read this from another AZ Judge) Jodi was willing to take LIFE in prison. LIFE! So she didn’t want to walk, just live. The family and DA want Death! They want revenge! So to that I would like to add. “Revenge is like taking poison, hoping the other person will die.” So sad. I hope she walks out the front door!

    • I do SO agree with you Patty and the HATERS need to be reminded of this… It is JM who wants fame and $ instead of accepting her 2nd degree plea bargain. RIP Travis, but you’re family has tunnel vision and can no longer see Right from Wrong. They, along with the media, are poisoned by REVENGE/HATE.

      • And so is THIS the way of the MORMON community? Apparently, the way of the mormon is to Lie for the lord and it’s religious community. Such a disgrace to GOD!

        • If TA were my brother or son no way would the death of another young life make my grief any less.

          I have never understood how the “An eye for an eye” concept levels things out when if comes to the DP.

          And I can not understand how anyone would EVER want to witness the execution as a means of seeking closure.

          • Rainy,
            I was just telling someone that today. I am against the death penalty and always have been. People always ask me, “what if it were your mom/dad/sister, etc” and I always say the same thing, I will still miss my loved one, they will never be back, but killing someone else can’t take the pain away either. It has never happened to me, so I have to be fair and say I don’t know FOR SURE that I wouldn’t at least “wish” them dead for it, especially early on in my grief. But to want to watch an execution? I just couldn’t. It would haunt me forever.

            • I will never forget when John Wayne Gacy was executed in Illinois in 1994. People in our office turned on TVs and crowded around. There were people outside the prison who had driven miles to be there. When he was pronounced dead, everyone cheered and started partying. The people in our office cheered. Myself and another girl ran to the ladies room and threw up, and then, we both held each other and cried. He was a monster, indeed, but to rejoice at his death? Something about that felt like the gladiators in the arena: barbaric.

              • Well, Gacy was a rotten bastard and I honestly couldn’t care less that he got executed. He was among the worst of the worst. But I’d never watch the play-by-play of his execution and cheer.

          • I agree with you about the death penalty, and in particular about witnessing the death. It just makes absolutely no sense to me. While I can understand a desire for that in the initial grief, it just doesn’t make sense for a normal person. I had a brother that was killed by a hit and run driver. It was so horrible to think about the how the lack of concern was there for another person, and I had murderous thoughts regarding the person for the first year. I realized it was due to my grief. I envisioned the person suffering the same pain I felt, but after going to therapy I realized that I was suffering from survivor’s guilt and it was normal to feel that hatred, and that wishing the same fate for the perpetrator would never bring my brother back, nor would any penalty ever end up matter. If someone doesn’t mean to kill then it having a penalty in like is not any consolation. I just don’t see the point of the death penalty.

            • Kristie,
              I am very sorry for the loss of your brother. I can imagine the pain and also the thoughts you had regarding the drunk driver. I would feel the same way. I can only imagine how I would want them to pay and pay and yes, have murderous thoughts about them. Grief is an odd thing, the stages we go thru take a number on our psyches for sure. I am glad you went to therapy to deal with it. I lost my sister 4 years ago, but not due to another person. I looked for blame everywhere I could. Was it the hospital where she had just been a month prior? Was it the wrong medication she was on? Did they do surgery wrong 3 years earlier?etc etc. Your therapist is right, it is survivors guilt. Its horrible pain to lose a loved one, and something you never really resolve. Again, I am sorry for your loss.

        • I’m not trying to be snarky here, but really, IMHO, no need to paint a broad brush against an entire religion. it doesn’t make sense and it isn’t fair to other Mormons who are decent caring and loving people. Same as if the Alexander family were Jewish, Catholic, etc….you can’t condemn an entire group from any religion when you are talking about one family. Again, not being snarky, it’s just how I feel.

          • It had just recently come to my attention that the mormon “code”, for lack of a better term, is to “lie for the sake of the religious community”…and that is where I was coming from. And it is, in fact a disgrace in doing so. Although, there may be a diiferent code of ethics/morals in some groups, that in and of itself is WRONG. No disrespect meant..:)

            • Ingodwetrust,
              I have never heard that “code”….but I am no religion expert.If there is something like that, it’s odd. In fact, I do not belong to any organized religion, mostly because I don’t agree with most of the doctrines and just can’t find myself believing all that any particular one adheres to. So I have my own beliefs. I think there is a Mormon in this group, maybe she can shed light on that “code”. I didn’t take it as disrespectful to me, since I am not Mormon, I just hate pigeonholing an entire group.:)

      • My boyfriend (who has only seen bits and pieces and hasn’t really followed the trial) said JM is trying to outdo every lawyer in every Hollywood movie he’s ever seen (and he’s seen a LOT of movies).

  38. I sent a brief email to Dr. Samuels to share how much I appreciated his testifying in Jodi’s behalf and to wish him and his family well. I was surprised to receive a brief, very nice email back thanking me for it. It was a very thoughtful gesture, and certainly another of Dr. Samuel’s caring and humane actions that Juan Martinez just doesn’t understand.

  39. Catching up on today.
    And finding myself feeling very somber.
    I am hearing how Jodi must have been feeling for so long.
    I think she truely wishes she had found support long before that night.

    I hope she stays strong.
    This was never her fault.

    Alyce is doing great.

    Forever Team Jodi.

    • M.
      I felt that way too. When the camera moved to Jodi throughout the day I could see pain and sadness in her face. I also felt sad for the Alexander family, because child abuse affects you forever. I feel they are in denial as to Travis’ treatment of Jodi, and how his childhood affected him and his relationships as an adult. The part that struck me was when AL said something along the lines of a child that was abused in the manner JW described, that child as an adult would seek power to build himself up. That was Travis to a “T”.
      The Jodi haters see everything in black or white or in their case red and cannot for one split second admit to themselves that Travis played some part in this tragedy. I cannot imagine going through life with tunnel vision like that.

      I am ALSO Team Jodi forever!

  40. I was just removed from commenting on the Travis justice page on facebook for stating the fact that how do these people know it was not self defense? and also becuz i said they were wrong to call Jodi names. they also complain to much about “taxpayer money” spent on trial…really? how rediculous. taxpayer money used for lotta things like the war? OMG those people are something else.

    • There are trials happening all over the country every day. I find it ODD that they choose THIS case to complain about the defendant having representation.

  41. Hi Everyone.
    I just wanted to say that I’m a supporter of fair trials. Trials should not be televised for the reason we see happening on HLN and other places. I’m a fair person and a believer in justice. I have my opinions, of course I do. Regardless of my opinions, I believe people deserve fair trials. My opinions do not matter, nor do yours, nor do the opinions of everyone else in this world. The only opinions that matter are those of the jurors in that room. Their opinions should not be tainted by public opinion. Their opinions should be their own. Whether Jodi is found guilty or innocent, sentenced to death or not, she should be given a fair trial. The cost of the trial to taxpayers is absolutely irrelevant and should never be an issue. It’s our right as citizens to a fair trial, so what’s the issue here? I don’t think that any one citizen in these United States if found in a situation where they were placed on trial would want media and other people to focus on the cost of their defense. I will say that it is fair to expect that earnings from interviews, book deals, movie deals, and even art work should be paid back to the state for the cost of compensating them for the representation provided. That makes sense to me and I’m sure it makes sense to move reasonable taxpayers. I’m certainly not on here for the purpose of bashing Jodi or the defense witnesses. Everyone deserves a fair trial. There is no such thing as public opinion not impacting jurors these days. Media finds its way into everyone’s lives. Friends and families of the jurors are probably saying things in front of them. You can’t go to the grocery stores and not see a magazine article somewhere. If you’re going to televise a trial and make it a media circus, then the juror better be sequestered.. Thanks for listening 🙂

  42. geebee,

    Finally went over and read your wiki page in reference to Flores and Horn. And while I completely agree with you on the points you brought up, I would say that is just one minor point in the whole presentation. Unfortunately, that point, the police or the state twisting a fact around to fit their account is a common occurrence in courts around the country.

    I don’t really know whether that was done to disprove self defense. The problem with your argument is as follows:

    Let’s assume that the state is going to argue that the final shot came after the throat slashing and hence went beyond the force a reasonable person would employ in self defense. I think that’s what you are implying. The issue with that argument is that they don’t need that. As I have often argued on this page, the throat slashing is a much bigger problem for the defense. Under most circumstances the throat slashing would require JA to have control over TA, and for her to be able to do that, a reasonable person would have options other than the throat slashing. So that’s not the argument here. They could just as easily have argued that the throat slash was the last act and showed a clear intention to kill. And they would not have opened up this Pandora’s box.

    So I believe that there is something else to that theory. In fact I believe that the way Horn testified to that shot (lack of blood in the brain, etc) he was in fact implying that the shot actually came after TA was already dead. That would mean that it was superflous. Even the least experienced person would have to know that a person with his throat slashed from ear to ear is, for all practical purposes, dead. So the shot coming last has some other significance.

    The problem is I don’t know what that significance is to that final shot. I wonder if there is some arcane aspect of the law, or some old case law that JM intends to really on, that requires that last shot. It could be something along the lines of depraved behavior (e.g. acts with dead body) or something.

    The problem with that shot being a final killing shot lies in the trajectory of the bullet (top right to bottom left). For it to have happened that way the state has to convince the jury that it either happened with JA holding up TA’s head and firing the gun at it from several feet away, or her lying down on the floor and shooting hi from several feet away, or she crawled into the shower stall, squeezed herself between him and the wall, raise her arm up at a cocked angle and shot him. All of those stretch the bounds of imagination, and anyone who looked at this in a careful manner would know that.

    So they have to provide some theory of when the shot occurred and why, and I don’t think they can argue that it was a cold intent to kill shot. That just won’t hold water after that neck wound. Imagine if you will that their claim is that he was on all fours, with that gaping wound and JA went and got the gun and shot him while he was still alive. At this stage she was probably tracking and dripping blood all over. So where was the gun. There is no blood evidence in the bedroom beyond the doorway to the hall leading to the bathroom. So either she had the gun in the bathroom or somehow she managed to get to the gun without leaving any blood trace. Again, that stretches imagination.

    So while I agree that both Flores and Horn lied, and the jury knows they lied, and JM knows that it will become apparent to everyone that they lied, he has some argument up his sleeve that we don’t know about.

    • I don’t think Martinez has anything up his sleeve, he’s a monotonous fool. Sure, he can get witnesses confused, and find out if a witness is lying. But what has he actually achieved so far in this case?

      Remember him trying to establish in cross of Samuels that after an animal fight, the victor just leaves the scene? That’s his argument, plus showing gory photos to the jury, and hoping the jurors talk to HLN viewers. That’s it almost. You never know it might work, but will never survive on appeal.

      Also, I wonder if HLN are going to do some great turn-around on the last day of closing arguments. That would be pretty funny, do they do that ever?

  43. Oh I’ve SO enjoyed the last couple of days of testimony. After poor Samuels was raked over the coals for being male and having (gasp!) compassion, it’s interesting to see Martinez sit back with a grim face and the talking heads try as they may to find SOMETHING wrong with Alyce.

    I think Alyce is so relatable (she could be someone’s mother, or your neighbor) and breaks everything down in a way that doesn’t seem pretentious or head-scratching.

    JM will not be able to approach this woman with his sick Samuels treatment (and how abusive was that?!). The HLN dopes can’t say anything bad about this accomplished, humble woman. Even Nancy is having a hard time attacking Alyce, so what does she do: “Yesss she’s accomplished, but nothing she talks about pertains to Ariassss.” Um, in fact if you would listen Nancy, it does. A lot does. Just listen.

    And no, I don’t feel sorry for the siblings of Travis who had to hear that their parents’ past may affect them. It’s a FACT! Jane Velez is so silly she actually said, “Your parents’ past won’t always affect you! Sure, my dad was an alcoholic and so I was I….” Just laughable. She completely proved Alyce’s point. It is proven that children from destructive households are MORE LIKELY to become destructive. And that was Travis to a T. And seriously, after everything Jodi’s family has had to hear, it’s about TIME Travis’ family realizes he isn’t/wasn’t some choir boy.

    I can’t even watch NG or Dr Drew without laughing these days. While you can watch most of the trial without stupid interruptions, once Nancy and Drew’s shows begin, it’s interruption after interruption (and yes I realize last night the trial ended before Drew’s show). It was still going on during NG and she kept cutting to Jodi in the interrogation room. Nancy you’re so scared of this girl! You believe she may actually be acquitted or given manslaughter instead of the DP. You’re afraid this may be another Casey and you just cannot have that. So what do you do? Deflect, deflect and deflect. Any of the attorneys on your show that don’t agree with you are berated and bullied.

    I’m rooting for Jodi and all victims of violence and mind control who finally have a voice in Alyce LaViolette.

    • Nancy Graces comment last night, … If you’re like me you dont want to miss a word of testimony so lets go back into the courtroom… and not ten seconds later…. there she is interjecting her face in the lower right hand corner of the screen spouting off her mouth again …talking so NO ONE can hear the testimony.. HLN is prejudice against Jodi, there isnt any doubt… read what scrolls on the bottom of the screen when expert is talking… I could throw a shoe.. or worse.

      • Lezlie: Exactly! How can I possibly HEAR the testimony if your big face is on my screen every min?! Nancy doesn’t want us to hear it. She is a typical bully. Bullies do NOT want their victims to have a voice. Alyce is Jodi’s voice. Alyce can relate to all of us, reach all of us, she can sway those who weren’t swayed earlier. Alyce is dangerous in the eyes of NG. And I love it. Because when NG fights hard that means the other person is a threat. These talking heads can call Alyce all types of names, but it will not take away from the knowledge this woman possesses.

  44. Hi, I’m so happy I found your website. I was so frustrated the other day with JM with his blatant disrespect towards Dr. Samuels, I forgot to introduce myself to all! I can not believe the ignorance from HLN, NG, JV downplaying the abuse Jodi encountered with TA. He used her like a dish rag…he abused her and she passionately fought for her life. It bewilders me how she could have done all this with her petite stature, esp. drag him down the hallway etc. I feel in my heart she is afraid to tell everything, for fear she’s been threatened & fears for her family. Also how in the h%# the roommates didn’t smell rotting flesh, that’s impossible. So prosecutor accepts roommate claim didn’t smell anything and that’s it? You just drop further investigation re: that lie.

    I never thought I’d share my horrible experience, buy Jodi told the truth, you never thought you’d be in that situation as the other woman. Well, it happened to me 15yrs ago, I remember with such clarity, yet parts are still foggy. I all I did was ask my boyfriend at the time to hand me a blanket. I was sick lied down on the bed, and simply asked for the blanket that was on the chair near the bed to cover me. Next thing I knew I was thrown against the wall & then slammed on the floor with him straddled on top of me hitting me in my face with a closed fist 6 times. It was shocking and happened so fast, I didn’t have time to conceptualize or rationalize this, but somehow I was able to remember or count the blows(6). It was over as fast as it started. I empathize and I believe you Jodi. My abuser-ex-boyfriend told me he would never be caught or arrested because, he actually told me, ‘” I have an all american boyish face, no one will arrest me, I can get away with anything.” That night he broke my nose and a contusion on my forehead the size of a golf ball. I remember my body went into survival mode, and my mind shout down. An overwhelming calmness consumed me while he kept me hostage and made me sit in a chair until dawn while he blamed me for causing him to hit me. He ranted for hours. There was no where to run with a guarantee escape from his grasp, for fear if he caught me trying to escape he would kill me. I sat there for hours as he raged and ranted saying he would kill me etc. Well he eventually transitioned into his remorseful and fake crying stage and at that time I convinced him I would lie and say someone robbed us and beat me. He agreed and asked if I was okay, and wanted to help clean me up. Yes, the abuser becomes the nurse after the abuse. The media HLN is disgusting to ridicule the initiation of TA abuse on Jodi when she dropped the camera. Yes you stupid smucks on HLN & NG…an abuser like TA attacked Jodi over a dropped camera. I was attacked because I asked for a blanket.

    Btw…long story short he was eventually arrested & jailed, also found out from the D.A. office that he had previous history of attacking women, but no one would go to trial to help convict him. Because he would convince the victims his girlfriends to drop the charges which he attempted to do with me, by crying, begging for forgiveness, you name it he did it. He actually ask me to marry him. Oh, I forgot the most important part of the story, you mean I did I tell you he was a bible toting, phrase quoting Christian. BATTERED WOMEN SYNDROME IS REAL, IT’S NOTHING TO MAKE LIGHT OF OR MOCK.

    God bless you Jodi, for you could have been I.

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