Jodi Arias Trial – Day 35

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With a 1 pm start yesterday – coupled with an impromptu chunk blowing incident after the recess – the trial day turned out to be only 90 minutes long. Back in January it was stated that the trial would probably last “until April”. At this rate, I’m not sure whether they meant April 2013 or April 2014.

Overall though, putting Martinez’ showboating aerobics to one side… and his ongoing attempts to belittle every single sexual & physical abuse victim out there… this has been yet another awesome week for Jodi.

If all goes to plan today, and barring any more unforeseen events or salad bar issues, Dr Richard Samuels will be tackling 5,000+ questions from the jury. He’s also done an awesome job this week for Team Jodi, and it should be very interesting when domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette squares up to Judge Pickles’ ankle biter next week. Her 20 page CV is impressive.

I’ll leave you to ponder this message posted in our ever popular “Leave a Message for Jodi” page:

“I’m so sick of seeing Travis’s friends on Nancy Grace talking about what a great guy Travis was and paint him out to be this holier than thou saint. That dirt bag was a sexual deviant! Travis’s friends talk about the “lies” Jodi tells about him, saying shes trying to slander him…no one needs to slander the scum bag, we all heard him say with his own mouth how he had sexual fantasies about 12 year old girls! After that comment alone, he deserves what he got…not to mention the nerve of Travis to act like he can fool an all-knowing God by lying to Jodi and telling her anal and oral sex are not sins. Believe me, Travis is in hell paying the penalty for his sexual perversions. Hey Alexander family and friends, quit acting like Travis was a good guy, he was a disgusting wicked sodomite who had perverse fantasies about little underage girls. He got exactly what he deserved! Stay strong Jodi, don’t let the hypocritical idiots get you down! — Sean

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  1. Question for the morning!!!!!!

    Why would they have a sitting judge with no experience in murder trials on such a high profile case? Did they feel that the case was open and shut.

    • I guess every judge has to have a first murder trial. I don’t know how they assign judges in Maricopa County. I know in some jurisdictions it is purely by rotation through a list, with no exceptions other than a conflict of interest. This stops what used to be a common practice, judge shopping, where parties would manipulate the system to get a judge they seemed favorable to their case.

        • Good Morning Jodi…you are loved and have a lot of support. I have 6 sisters and although my family is mainly men of US Marines we’ve had our share of TAs and JMs try to slip under the cracks and abuse our women, they got checked man to man faster than they could blink. As far as the Judge goes I think JM lacks respect for women, the Court and more so the Judge herself. If this were a Military court “He” ,JM, would have already been slam dunked. Imagine if he was in Judge Judy’s courtroom she would have had her Big Bailiff carry him of by the nape. Even beyond the question of choice regarding the sitting Judge, why is Juan Martinez not required to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth????

          • Regarding the prosecutor telling the truth, a woman who has been on Arizona’a death row for 22 years had her conviction overturned last week because both the police and the prosecutor failed to tell the truth/disclose known truths. Court found that her Constitutional rights to a fair trial had been violated. Well we already have those factors here.

              • Actually current Judge Ken Anderson former DA of Williamson County Tx is under scrutiny for withholding compelling evidence on a murderer case some 20 years ago that accused and found guilty a husband on murdering his wife omly to be exonerated recently. “Arrogant, defiant, and dishonest” is how the prisecutor is described…… and I ain’t talking about Juan Martinez; actually the Tx DA mentioned above. It behooves the Judge to put this Az prosecutor in his place, NOW, they just might find themselves in prison in the near future for “his arrogance, defiance, dishonesty”.


              • Shan72 You said it.

                I think these Arizona County Superior courts are absolutely ridiculous. They have a record of 80% reversal on appeal, mostly due to prosecutorial or judicial error. Watching the clown show in this case, I now know why.

            • Wow 22 YEARS it took them! !! Thats way too long, someone needs to ooen there mouths and step up to the plate and get jodi out of this now! !

        • And contrary to recent description he is not a “pitbull”. I wouldn’t insult a chihuahua either, he meets more the description of a “gnat”…..”IF YOU WILL”.

          • Yes, a gnat. Apropos. Tiny, annoying, and they just keep coming back all the time after you think youe gotten them waved away. And it truly is insulting to warm, cuddly innocent animals for them to be lumped into a comparison with this wicked man. Better to choose an invertebrate organism to relate him to, a spineless, shell of an organism, too cowardly to “man up,” and admit he is wrong. Cannot wait for this gnat to be squashed by a long-overdue slap of karma’s invisible hand. Jmo.

            • Listening to the Juror’s questions, I’m worried they are actually being convinced by JM. They must have a very different perspective not having access to any media, but it seems like they aren’t even paying attention in court.

              I can’t believe Juan Martinez is an attorney. I thought it was defense lawyers that have the stereotype attached to them that they are sleeze balls. In this case it’s the prosecutor in a huge way. I hope the jury has some common sense. I hate to think of her in a cell all alone. This nightmare needs to end for her.

  2. So jury questions today. Should be interesting. I won’t be able to watch, have a business meeting all afternoon. Will have to rely on replay stuff.

    • That’s what happened to me yesterday…..But I guess is all I missed was sidebars……I turned on HLN for a minute and turned it right back off. But I did hear one thing that I found interesting….you can not tell what a jury is thinking by the questions they ask.

      • So now the talking heads of HLN are reading more into the “JUST RELEASED VIDEO” of Jodi just before she was charged. Oh for the love of God…….are you kidding me? How do these tapes get into the hands of the media?

        • I want to know this as well. It seems almost Orchastrated to all get played in a timely manner. Like a well timed “Reminder” for the jury that she dosent deserve a fair sentence. My ass that this is a coincidence, and Double that in regards to the jury not being influenced. Its the worst run trial of this magnitude I have ever heard of.

          • I believe in freedom of the press but this is BS. I want to know when JVM, VP, NG and DG got a degree in psychology are are now able to put a label on Jodi……hummm thought you had to have a license to diagnose someone……

        • Cindy Jewell have you noticed that all the commentators on HLN use the same exact adjectives as if they are tied by the hands and having to read a script like funactical religious quacks force there hostages to do. One guest Nan-See Grace had on her show wasn’t opposing Jodi Arias so she yelled for the behind the scenes technicians to shut off his microphone. So much for Freedom of Speech which by means of HLN is threatening Jodi’s Right to a Fair Trial.

        • And they are talking about the portion of the discussion where Jodi is discussing Travis dating and Jodi’s talking to Travis about it. They call this motive. What they fail to mention is the timeframe of this discussion between Jodi and Travis. It was most likely a discussion Jodi already testified about earlier on in their relationship, but NG implies it was much closer to June 4

          • This is the same woman who changed the number of gas cans in Jodi’s car day by day until it reached 6 i believe. I hope her daugher and son are in the media ALL The time, for naughty acts when they grow up. I hope someone goes after them in the media the same way. I really hope it is HLN, because Nancy is only as good as her ratings. When people get sick of her, she will be replaced. I read that is why Jane has her own show – she got the ratings while Nancy was on maternity leave. Nancy cant even pretend to be nice… eventually she is outta there.

            • They don’t give a damn about Travis or his family. Every time one of his so called Friends come on the show it’s out of greed… noticed how they all went on their little vacation as their so called “best” friend was on a slab in the morgue……

                • I cant help but keep thinking about the creepy one, Dave Hall and how he wears Travis’ Suits. Not good.NNNOOOOOOOT Gooood.

              • I was wondering if they did go afterall. That really shows right there. They actually went to Cancun to have a blast/ forget about TA for a few days. Wow great group of friends! !

              • I don’t begrudge anybody trying to preserve the memory of a loved one, but THEY are the ones who have made this a national issue. Jodi was willing to fall on her sword and take all of this salaciousness to prison with her for the rest of her youth. They are the ones who are responsible for this circus. And not for nothing, but if they spent as much time as a family together as they have on this trial, maybe none of them would be strung out, dead, falsifying identities to authorities, or unemployed. Does any one of them have gainful employment?

                • I believe the shorter eye-rolling sister is named Samantha and is a cop in CA.
                  This is a great post, btw, joujou.

            • I do hope we can all see it. _ and it has to be bigger than her farting during dancing with the stars. That wasnt nearly embarassing enough. Not nearly. Dear God! Did anyone see how scary ugly she is without makeup? I feel very good about myself today after that.

                • Shan72 …I hope Nancy Grace’s children are not punished for her sins and actually are humans of character. Unlike their mother.

                • Cindy jewel, you are exactly right about what makes us beautiful. Which is why, Nasty Graceless, Juan-abee Martinez, “Dr” Pinksy and the like are so DAMN ugly.

                  They have dark, soulless, violent motives.

                  They don’t give two shits about anyone but fame. They will try to ruin careers, reputations. They will scream for death for the “guilty until media proves guiltier”

              • Lol yeah shan72, I put that up yesterday. So funny how SHE had herpes on her nostril and shes on air picking on jodis cold sores. Someone also said she farted on a video of dancing with the stars. I wont look it up, I dont need to be any more disgusted then what I am already. She’s a PIG!!

                • I seriously think I will print it and place it on my fridge. I know that overeating makes us heavy, but I think looking at her unmade up mug would do as a deterrent.

            • Wonder how NG would feel if her Daughter Lucy grew up and got in a situation like Jodi ! I find myself wondering if Travis would have been the one to survive instead of Jodi would she be that perfect person that everyone thought was so great! The media should be spiders they spin so well!

          Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Trial Case: Sheppard v. Maxwell 384 US 333

          The massive, pervasive & prejudicial publicity attending petitioners prosecution prevented him from receiving a fair trial “freeing Dr. Sheppard from prison” and condemming the media for their handleing of the trial 12 years previous.

          • I posted that and that is a monumental case where F.Lee Bailey was able to fight this Media Bias.
            Mr. Bailey has been raked over the coals for his defense of Clients rights, and speaks about it.

  3. Jury questions make me cringe. I felt that last time they either were not listening or wayyyyy too interested in the sex part of the testimony with all the talk about the Ky and what not. The questions had better be at least better picked through by the judge. I think SHE is an ass, and had better go back toTraffic court.

    • The DA and the PA go through the questions and reject what they do not want. Then the judge goes through them. They throw out the dups. I guess it comes down to give and take for this one…….

      But hopefully NO ONE out here will decide how the jury is thinking one way or another. Questions are questions just like all of us have them everyday.

  4. Forgiveness ….

    I believe when a persons heart is so filled with hate, there can be no room in it .. for it!
    Without Forgiveness, how can there be Healing .. Love .. Peace, or for that matter, any Happiness at all.

    It’s sad to look at all the “Haters” .. the Mob on the other sites .. Spewing their Venom!
    So much “Hate”
    How can anyone of them “Truly” .. be Happy !?

    And i know there are an abundant of people who like to cling on to tragedy, to stir up trouble wherever they can, i think the state of society today proves this, but for HLN .. it’s commentators and “Experts” (who should all know better) to fuel these people is really disgusting! Everyone of them should lose their job!

    The pain TA’s family & friends must suffer from losing their brother/friend must be horrible, which is a tragedy and should have never happened, but if they “truly practice & believe” what their faith teaches, they themselves would not be out there inciting this Hate .. this call for violence against Jodi!

    If they “Truly Believed” what their faith teaches .. how could they?

    Forgiveness in Mormonism:

    “Mormons do believe it a serious sin to hold a grudge against another. In fact, as the Lord stated, he who does not forgive someone has committed “the greater sin” when compared to the original offense for which he is holding a grudge.”

    It’s hard to Forgive someone who has wronged us, but it is also “Necessary” to forgive someone who has wronged us, especially if you are a person of faith.

    I love this site! The different personalities, views, opinions, theories, and ideas everyone here has, i have really learned alot and am so thankful for it and everyone on it, especially having discovered the link to watch the live trial feed, let me tell you it’s nice to be able to watch the trial without all the “HLN B.S.”!!!!!

    I have visited the “other sites” and posted a few times in support of Jodi .. and know first hand how awful they are, and set it there ways, they don’t want to understand, they don’t want to know the truth, all they want is BLOOD! .. And that is Sad.

    Let “Them” have & keep the the “HATE” there if they wish ……

    Let “US” always have & keep the “LOVE” here ….

    Let’s keep praying, for Jodi … for her family, attorneys and each other ……
    Most of all for Jodi’s freedom ….

    Also for TA’s family .. friends and all of the haters, because i believe they are the ones who truly need .. all of our prayers!

    Pray for them to “lose the Hate” …
    and find Forgiveness

    • Sojourn066…what a wonderful post. I do hope that all of us on this site do not lose why we are here. I hope we understand the differences between true hatred and just hating someones behaviour. (101 of child raising)…attack the behaviour not the child)

      I hate Travis’s behaviour, I hate the DA behaviour in the court room……I hate the behaviour of HLN……

      I only truly hated one person in my life…I forgave myself and forgave him… took many years but after I learned to do that I was freed…

      I pray for TA’s family as I have done for Jodi and her family. God help me but I have a very hard time praying for his friends…..

    • Amen to to that, Sojourn! I dont see how they can practice Mormoism and not blv in forgive. I mean, ggeezzzzzz, atleast act like it in public. They help the media dislike TA more everyday. They would have more sympathy if they’d act like normal humans.

    • Great post! I know I can take a lesson from that. I try to only hate JM’s behavior and not him. I had to work through my hate of my abusive ex husband but it felt so much better once I let all of that go. I pray for both families, the jury and even JM. Of course I pray for Jodi and her defense team but Cindy you bring up some people I have left out. His friends will be tough but I know I must do this as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Hey guys I have a question for all of you. And I’m not being smart assed here.

    Why the heck do you guys watch HLN? I haven’t watched Nancy Grace since probably the middle of the OJ trial. You go watch that garbage and then get all worked up. Maybe you should heed the serenity prayer:

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Its that last line you need to think about. Plus while you guys watch that channel, you help jack their ratings up.

    The trial is available at a ton of streaming sites, sans commentary. And you want commentary, come on over here where it’s told the way it is. We berate Nurmi and JW and the defense witnesses when they screw up, we give kudos to the side that warrants them.

    So let the bozos be on their own and that way you guys won’t work yourselves into a tizzy.

    • Al, I literally discontinued my cable subscription during the CA trial/witch-hunt. I just couldn’t do it anymore. Live-streaming this trial and allowing myself to make up my mind with out the screaming heads has been wonderful.

      I cannot, will not watch that shit.

    • Sorry Al for a while it was the only way I could watch the trial….. those days are long gone. But you have made avalid point. As you always do………………………………………………

    • I admit I do watch it, but not the whole segment and I watch it just to see what crazy BS they will come up with next. I KNOOOWWW, im giving them ratings at the same time. I’ll stop watching, I will!!

        • They still do Neilsen ratings. I should know because my brother and I were asked to be part of them for two weeks last year.

          The ratings still use booklets which you fill out for each member of the household.

          • I should say for each television being used and by each adult in the household.

            The two weeks were two separate weeks. The households are picked at random.

    • I don’t; I watch the live trial feeds. I only turn on HLN if I’m folding laundry and an important part of the trial is going on. I NEVER watch the after-trial shows, except the one from the other night that Jose was on.

      • I for one, have cut back dramatically on watching HLN since last month. However, I am firm believer in hearing BOTH sides of any story, that’s how I formed my current opinion on this case. I do this in politics as well. I do internet research, I watch FOX, CNN, and CSPAN, which the latter is the only true way to get the truth related to politics btw. Watching them vote is the only way to know for sure who is telling the truth. Just as watching this trial on live feed is the only way to get the truth and form your own opinion.
        I also firmly believe that we shouldn’t shy away from posting our opinions on those haters sites. Never be afraid to speak the truth, and show them that not everyone believes what they say. Now I’m not saying interact with someone who is being abusive, don’t expose yourself to that unless your able to let it roll of your back. But there are MANY of us out there that do not believe what they are saying, and sometimes, just maybe, someone reads your post, and begins to see the light. I think that’s how some of us ended up here, by reading opposing views on those sites, and opening their minds to the possibilities.
        keep up the good fight, don’t let other entities silence your voice!

        • You get the facts by watching the live steam, NOT by watching a bunch of talking heads who are paid to spout opinions.

          There are all sorts of places where you can get the live stream and there are replays you can watch on YouTube without having being told what to think.

          I shut off HLN and other media after the first week of coverage and focused entirely on the testimony to arrive at my opinions.

          • I assume we are in agreement….you can’t get facts by watching an ENTERTAINMENT program.
            I watch some of HLN only to keep aware of whats going, and to form my basis of opinion.But that is not my ONLY basis, I use several forms of media.
            I find it difficult to listen to only one side of an opinion with only one side of the story being told. Whether I agree or not, I’m ok with hearing things that upset me. I guess its the nature of being a nurse. For others, if its upsetting, they should not. I am very much for voicing my opinions, and am not intimated when people don’t agree or they use personal attacks against me for doing so, which is what happens alot on the other sites. Here it is much more appreciative of differing views, as long as they are presented in a non-hostile manner. We should be discussing things on here that may be “questionable” especially if it can help Jodi and her case. Sometimes that information comes from HLN, unfortunately.
            My thoughts only of course.

    • I never even HEARD of HLN or Nancy Grace, until I started following this trial. Remember, some years ago, when tv went from analog to digital? I was too lazy to order that device to upgrade my television and I told myself at the time that it would be good for me to use my time more wisely. (Of course, I didn’t really end up using my time more wisely, I just found other ways to avoid domestic upkeep.) Now that I have television again, I pretty much just keep it tuned to MeTV to watch reruns of the old shows we grew up with. I totally MISSED all the hullaballoo about the Casey Anthony case and only know from hearing comments from peeps following this trial, that it appears a lot if bloodthirsty people were disappointed by the outcome of that trial.

    • Your right but My computer crashes I have not really Watched Nancy Hate since OJ but then I watched the Court Channel which was not as bad as the Main Stream Media, so far the only Commentary that has made sense and not been mean has been Greta on FOX News who was Bashed for not trashing Jodi Arias there is one Attorney on her who believes she was over charged so does Greta he says the Jury will come back with a No Guilty verdict for 1 st degree murder.

  6. So I have a question for Team Jodi…that has been plaguing my mind since I have started to follow this trial. IF Jodi is found NOT guilty, will she still have to go to prison or be will she be free again? I ask since Jodi has admitted to killing TA but ONLY in self defense.

    I wanted say that I am 100% team Jodi. I think that TA was an a**hole who played her, who lied, cheated, and was living several different lives. I mean what was his problem?! And as for the other a**hole JM?! I don’t think he cares if he convicts an innocent girl like Jodi, as long as he wins his fight. How JM treated Dr. Samuels yesterday was atrocious. How dare he treat Dr. Samuels as if he were a common criminal and how dare he think he knows better than an expert who’s been studying psychiatry for long as Dr. Samuels has. The way JM pointed out the score system for one of the test, it was quite ridiculous and I don’t understand how Judge Stephens could allow such behavior in court.

    JM, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are just an ugly bull dog who is willing to bully your way to win a trial instead of taking a look at what is in front of you and see the truth, that Jodi is the victim NOT TA. Furthermore, it looks like JM has a hidden agenda, trying to climb the political ranks so he may get further up the ladder in his field. Shame of YOU, JM for your selfish ways instead of realizing that you are only trying to convict an innocent person who was only defending herself!

    • UnderstandingOne

      She will be immediately be set free. Self defence is a complete defence to murder, if the prosecution fail to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that she did not act in self defence, she is INNOCENT. Completely INNOCENT.

      I should also add that it is what the accused THOUGHT that matters. It does not matter if Alexander was not actually going to kill her or harm her, provided she THOUGHT that. The evidence very clearly shows that Jodi was in real fear of her life, therefore she is innocent.

        • Sadly, I do not see Jodi walking out of there. I fear the jury might be swayed by the way the CA jury was treated, and even if they believe Jodi, they have to know they will be crucified if they allow her to walk.

        • No other criminal charges were brought toward Casey. Just some asshole suing her in civil court, and that won’t go anywhere.

            • That would still be civil court, and isn’t it Texas Equusearch that’s suing her? If you’re referring to Casey’s convictions of lying to police, she was found guilty of those. She was acquitted of the most serious charges.

              Jodi is not charged with lying to police, so she can’t be convicted of it unless the DA decides to file additional charges down the line.

            • If they charge her with lying to the police and she’s found guilty it would already be timed served, there would be nothing gained by addtiional charges.

        • They never charged Jodi with lying to a police officer, she is charged with premeditated murder or felony murder that is it.

      • geebee,

        Thanks for answering my pondering question. I am currently watching/listening to trial that is going on now. I think/hope that Dr. Samuels testimony will help Jodi to reach her freedom. Also, I thought it was interesting about what you said about the only thing that is important is Jodi and how she felt at the time of the incident. Is that a fact, meaning that, that’s how it works in the legal world?

        I took psychology in school and what Dr. Samuels testimony about the hypo-campus is in fact TRUE. But as I am listening to the questions from the jury it seems like they are already biased in their opinion. It’s because of JM! I really dislike that man, he is just a big bully who just wants to win his trial at any cost.

    • If she is found not guilty, she will be set free.

      If she is found guilty of manslaughter, it won’t be immediate, but likely soon, after sentencing that she will get out.

      If she gets murder 2, she may be out soon as well, or maybe 10 more years and still pretty young when she gets out. Depends on sentencing. She shouldn’t be in more than 25 total.

      Murder 1 I think has 3 options — 25-life with possibility of parole, 25-life without possibility or parole, or death penalty (which I personally do not believe in).

      • I don’t think that she’ll be fully acquitted, sadly, but you never know. The jury may compromise with a manslaughter/murder 2 conviction. Murder 1 has NOT been proven and I really hope that they don’t go for that.

          • Murder 2 is commonly known as “crime of passion” with no premeditation. Manslaughter would be death occuring unintentionally during a fight (I think).

            • 13-1103. Manslaughter; classification

              A. A person commits manslaughter by:

              1. Recklessly causing the death of another person; or

              2. Committing second degree murder as defined in section 13-1104, subsection A upon a sudden quarrel or heat of passion resulting from adequate provocation by the victim;

              13-1104. Second degree murder; classification

              A. A person commits second degree murder if without premeditation:

              1. The person intentionally causes the death of another person, including an unborn child or, as a result of intentionally causing the death of another person, causes the death of an unborn child; or

              2. Knowing that the person’s conduct will cause death or serious physical injury, the person causes the death of another person, including an unborn child or, as a result of knowingly causing the death of another person, causes the death of an unborn child; or

              3. Under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life, the person recklessly engages in conduct that creates a grave risk of death and thereby causes the death of another person, including an unborn child or, as a result of recklessly causing the death of another person, causes the death of an unborn child.

  7. I was just going through some old trial footage that I missed in the beginning and when JM dropped that camera on day 6 I could not believe what a smug little jerk he is. He never ask to approach any of the witnesses and throws papers at his own witness. He is disrespectful to women, case in point in how he talks to the Judge. This is a case about abuse so that makes it even worse that he goes around acting like a bully. Sorry about the ranting but I just do not understand why people cheer him on.

    • Yeah, that was a low moment for Kerms. So was the time when he “surprised” Lisa Daidone with an impromptu shot of Travis’ slit throat. I wanted to smack him through my computer!

      • No idea I can’t seem to find any information on that. That person would have to be a Saint to put up with that though. He has one mode ANGRY!!

      • Martinez? I’d love to know. Someone posted a while ago that they read on a hater site that JM is gay, but I don’t know how accurate that is.

        • LMAO!!! I’m sure he has a difficult time finding someone who would tolerate his personality…can you imagine……
          JM: You said you were going to make me dinner, didn’t you, didn’t you, didn’t you Ma’am, didn’t you didn’t you Ma’am
          Women: I never said that, your putting words into my mouth…..
          JM: {interrupting} I never asked you that, did I, just answer my question, you didn’t cook me anything for dinner, was that because you were angry at me for last night, wasn’t it, wasn’t it wasn’t it,….
          Women: What the hell are you talking about, I don’t understand your…..
          JM :{ interrupting again} Do you have a memory problem Ma’am, you seem to have a memory problem, is that why you didn’t make me dinner like you said, or was it you wanted me starve to death, that was your plan wasn’t it, wasn’t it, wasn’t it!!!!! Yes or no, yes or no
          Women: {walks over to JM, punches him in the mouth} NO, THAT WAS MY PLAN!!! Now make your own dinner!

          I imagine that would be how his home life would be, so no wonder he is single!! hahahahaha

    • I was lurking on the other sites last night and got grossed out and had to leave because…get this…no, I mean SIT DOWN: Some of these women are LUSTING after him!

      • I know! Isn’t it just the creepiest thing you ever witnessed? On WS there are a bunch of admirers who call themselves the “Juanettes.” *shaking myself all over like a puppy that just had a bath as the thought is so disgusting to me I feel the need to shake it OFF of me*
        Eeeewwww… it’s like they regard him as some sort of HERO or something. Thing is, they are all so sincere and really brainwashed, I just cannot figure out HOW they GOT this way, because their brains seem to be functioning okay in mundane respects, EXCEPT that they are CONVINCED that Travis is a saint and that Jodi is a psychopathic monster and Juan is the next coming of Christ…. it is like a cult unto itself.

  8. On a side note I was just reading an article about the trial and someone put at the bottom… “Well you know it was not self – defense because she killed him when he was asleep. Wow people this misinformed should not speak. I saw a really dumb question that a viewer wanted to ask Dr. Samuels yesterday. The viewer wanted to ask if the Doctor has had sexual relations with Jodi??? As I went to change the channel the dumb commenator said oh good point because of that book he bought her. I give up on any news channels at this point. I hope the real juror questions are better than that today.

      • Sadly I am afraid so it seems. That is why I an so thankful for this site or I would completely lose it. There are some wonderful compassinate people that post here with some very insightful post.

        • I feel the same way AJ. I have no one to talk to about this trial. I have intelligent people in my life that have not even looked at one day of the trial, but watched the news….and we all know if it’s on the news it’s true…… why can’t we see the gray in life?

          • Thankfully my husband feels like I do and he watches some with me but I know he gets tired of my rants. I know I do. I also converted my Mom when she stayed with me for a few days. She was watching it on hln since she does not have a pc. I told her to only watch it muted during the breaks. lol.

            • The problem I have with in my family is my mom was abused in her 1st marriage and somewhat in her 2nd. My younger sister was in the begining of her marriage….we dragged her and the kids out so many times..she went back. The phyical abuse stopped after a year of rehab for him and for 11 years everything was wonderful…honestly it was. Then he feel off the wagon and the verble abuse started…she didn’t want to break up the family… 37 years later she filed and it’s been two years now.

              For myself no one knows to what extent my abuses was except for on very good friend. I wasn’t even married to the man….but I now understand how it happens…oh by the way I lost everything I had and ended up with a STD. Back in those days you could not file “DATE RAPE”…….The company I worked for at the time CEO just happend to be his x-father in law. Guess who paid for the restraning order in three different counties???

              I do want to say one thing….I was on my way over to do great bodily harm to him one night…….I have never felt so much rage in my life…..I was just out of control….as God is my witness I felt a hand on my shoulder….no one else was in the car with me at the time…….I turned left instead of right…..I went through allot of therapy and I learned how to forgive myself….Years latter I saw him stranded on the highway….and I so wanted to stop and laugh but…..I didn’t…….

              Ok got off track there…so here are two people in my family that were abused and they are so hell bent on saying she needs to be convicted….why? Because they stuck it out and were martyrs…. I am so tried of this mentality…..

              • Wow Cindy so sorry to hear all that happened to you. Thanks for sharing I think it helps all of us one way or another. I relate to the abuse of a man that was high up in a church and no one knew but my mom and dad. The church did not believe me when I finally got out. They turned their back on me and told me I would go to hell. I wanted to kill him many a nights. My father even wanted to step in at some point. I was one of the lucky ones that got out with my life and somehow managed not to kill him. I am sure that is why I feel Jodi is innocent. Her story could of been mine and I could have been in that chair everyday. I do not know how she holds up so well everyday.

                Sorry I got off track. I think sharing these stories maybe can help someone somehow. Abuse is not something anyone wants to talk about or report. That is why this case is so important. The message being sent out is that women should just take it and no one cares about our fate. Those showing such hatred I just do not get. I pray that those that are hating on Jodi so much never ever have a daughter, a sister, or friend be abused like she was. They have no idea of the hell that is and I honestly hope they never find out.

                Thanks for sharing Cindy, it helps to know you are not alone.

                • Oh AJ…. thanks fir sharing too. It must’ve been horrible for you too, to go through this by a church member. That just goes to show that abusers come in ALL different types, no matter what. They kniw how to hide and they hide very well in there churches. Its a shame. People can’t even trust a person that calls themselves a child of god. It really frightens me, I have two daughters, 4 and 11mths. And i am constantly thinking and praying that nothing like this will ever happen to them. I feel like ill be the strictest parent ever but ill do my best to protect them. Ok… sorry for going on n on…. I just feel for your stories.

                • Thanks for sharing your experience and insight AJ. I do not have a specific story to tell but I do relate to Jodi’s predicament because I feel like but for the grace of God it could be me in her position or someone that I know in her position.

              • Cindy J. thanks for sharing. It is very sad that some people that have been through abuse themselves, do not blv in Jodi. I dont get it, why??? Is it that they thk shes lying, or that she hadn’t been “AS” badly abuse??? Its been posted here so many times. Abuse does not have a level, abuse is abuse!!! Im sorry to hear that you, your mom and sister have all gone through this and you dont have there support to talk to about this trail. Thanks to SJ we all have this wonderful place to come and share our feelings, so you have us.

              • Cindy, Thanks for sharing your remarkable experience and I think you hit the nail on the head about the martyr mentality being at the root of some haters’ desire to convict. It’s almost like people think: “Well, I had to suffer, so it’s not fair for anyone else to not have to,” or something like that. Hard to put into words.

            • AJ… same here!! Lol my husband watches ad much as he can since he’s at work. I try to fill him in too. But then, it get to a point that I can tell he’s heard enough as I start venting. Lol

          • I am in the same boat as you, with the exception of my boyfriend. A few weeks ago my mom asked me if I was watching this trial. We started talking … when she found out I thought she acted in self defense she got so upset with me and even begain raising her voice. My closest friend and I can’t talk about this either. My boyfriend thinks she’s innocent of the charges, but he would be exhausted if I talked about it as much as I would like to. So I restrain myself. But he is a sweetheart … he asks me everyday “how did the trial go?”

    • The stupid, it burns.

      Yes, I’m sure that the doctor was able to have sex with Jodi right under the eyes of the jail guards. And there’s nothing like “Your Erroneous Zones” to convey that you want to get busy with a client!

  9. Remember everyone, the juror questions are asked throughout the testimony, including the fucked up cross by ankle biter.

    The jurors should really go through questions after the whole thing and get rid of what has been addressed, but it appears they don’t.

      • I confess, it is not originally mine. Alas, I cannot remember who it was…maybe ashleysc?

        But steal away! I think it is highly appropriate.

      • Kermit does remind me of my late grandmother’s chihuahua. Nasty, yippy little dog who bit anyone within reach. Easily the meanest dog I’ve ever met, even though she was tiny.

  10. I think this domestic violence expert will be very convincing.

    If women who give up on going to the police when they have very visible injuries, what about a woman who has INVISIBLE injuries???

    What was Jodi to do? Where could she turn? She was 1000 miles away from Travis, and besides, it was not like she wanted a retraining order to keep him away from her, she wanted to marry him and raise a family. She could have gone to the police and shown them texts where he called her a psyhco and demanded she stay away from her, but what were they going to do about that?

    She could have gone to the police and reported his baloney-bopping over pictures of kids, but then the FBI would have gotten involved and then they would not have found anything on his computer or in his house. And Travis would have just dumped her after that! Remember, when she told him she was going to expose him, it was in order to keep him from dumping her, not to make him stay away from her.

    So it should be very, very easy for this expert to show the jury that Jodi was in a no-win situation. She had no evidence at all that he was doing anything more than trying to brush her off–he was so CUNNING–and anything she attempted would have just redounded in her disfavor. Travis would have ended up as just somebody that she used to know.

    The jury will be weeping for her by the end of today!

  11. Good morning Team Jodi family!

    I REALLY need to vent about this: the PIECE OF SHIT police releasing SIX HOURS of “NEW” Jodi video – and the snipit I saw last night was of her HANDCUFFED and they show Flores taking the handcuffs off – then they show the female officer bring Jodi her shoes and when Jodi goes to leave the room the female officer says “Stop right there, turn around” and you HEAR the handcuffs being put on Jodi! Graceless is hawking and making a big deal as usual about the video that Jodi is seen sitting on the floor against the wall and then she throws her head forward and back as if to get her hair out of her face – she couldn’t use her hands because they WERE HANDCUFFED BEHIND HER!!! OMG this is above and beyond ridiculous. They even went as low as to show CA video of when she was being interrogated – CA was handcuffed and she was “fixing her hair”. UNBELIEVABLE. Why release these videos NOW if not an attempt to sway jurors? The media is already anti-Jodi so it’s just adding fuel to their fire – there is nothing to sway there.

    If the most egregious case occurs and Jodi is convicted her attorneys only need to show those videos and the videos of the courtroom and the appeal would be granted on the grounds of not receiving a fair trial, prosecutorial misconduct, witness tampering, change of venue, kangaroon court and judge…the list goes on and on.

    How can anyone say HLN and the timing of the release of these videos is not prejudicial????????

    By the way – KUDOS to Dr. Samuels in his testimony yesterday and how he snuck in SEVERAL times that Jodi was incarcerated at the time or was in “jail” at the time!!!! I think the jury would agree being in jail really inhibits Jodi’s ability to visit family and friends, etc. KUDOS to JW for being an intelligent, articulate and classy attorney who is always a lady.

    Let’s hope the jury questions go quickly today. I’m sure there will be delay after delay due to someone’s hemorrhoids or something.

    P.S. Another of TA’s supposed “friends” has now told HLN that “Jodi attacked her in a jealous rage” will never end…

    Thank GOD for this site and its wonderful people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      • Janeen Russo you are absolutely correct in your assessment of JW as an attorney …. can we also include transparent and honest. Juan Martinez is a liar and a scoundrel. His behavior, tactics, unprofessional conduct and skullduggery is beyond explanation and justification. PENIS EXPERT! !!!! Juan Martinez blatantly lied to the jury, Judge, and more importantly The Accused, by attempting to deny the photos of TA’s penis, being TA’s penis, all while embarrassing the computer forensics expert whom through his hard work retrieved compelling photos which serve to vindicate if not enhance a citizens 6th amendment right. JW could have used the same tactic or should I say lie to deny the photos of Jodi Arias that do not show her face and show just her private parts, but she did not because as you said she, JW is a classy lady and I’d like to add with integrity, that refuses to insult our intelligence as adults with thoughtless and impulsive childlike arguements. Jodi’s photos are Jodi’s photos and as a wise philosopher once said “The truth shall set you free”. Thank God for JW.

    • And that is why I do not watch HLN…..Are there any lawyers on here this morning? How can they release tapes at this point in the trial? Is it truly a matter of public record?

      • Yep, lying famewhore just like the rest of them.

        I read on a hater site that this person supposedly said that Travis was mad because Jodi showed up at a house party and referred to herself as his girlfriend. Travis had another date at the party, and immediately did damage control with his friends by saying that Jodi was NOT his girlfriend and he only dated her a few times.

        Now what’s more likely?

        Jodi is a crazy stalker


        Travis was two-timing both girls and wanted to cover his ass?

        • “Travis was two-timing both girls and wanted to cover his ass?”

          I vote for that one. I wonder who the other date was.

          So, how many hundreds of people knew he was a lying two timing egotistical user?

          I am positive he had more enemies than his so-called friends want to admit. A guy like that really pisses off some other guys…and eventually they gang up on said asshole.

          I wish Jodi hadn’t fallen for his “charm”…he motivational speakered himself into her pants and heart and then tromped all over both.

    • As much as enjoy watching the trial, I do not think that Death Penalty cases should be televised and I think the media should have specific rules that they have to follow regarding what they report. I also don’t think that the general public should be allowed in the courtroom.

      I also think that the jury should absolutely be sequestered in a Death Penalty case.

        • I can’t agree with that. There is too much risk of corruption, or hiding the actual proceedings validity if the public can’t be there to watch a trial. It’s one of the checks and balances.

          I do think the jury should have been instructed about more restrictions, like absolutely no tv or newspapers. But I know people who have been on juries, and they took it very seriously. They really didn’t watch tv or talk to anyone about it. Think about how you would behave if you were on the jury of a case this serious.

          Just my opinion. And I find that if you avoid HLN it’s a lot easier to get through this. Also, the local papers really don’t have the type of coverage you might think. The one I read is really pretty neutral about the story, and just reports on who is on the witness stand and then does a brief paragraph on the basics of the charges and how long ago. It’s never on the front page.

          • I agree completely. The whole purpose of a public trial by a jury of your peers is to allow for an entirely transparent proceeding, with truth being determined by ordinary people with the world view as you. That is the only way it can be.

            If not we may as well move these proceedings to the basement of the Lubyanka. When the state gets to try alleged miscreants in camera, then the only word is that of the state. A bunch of folks have tried that in the past. See how that worked out. There are two guaranteed losers in that system, justice and the people.

      • Maybe I have a strange way of thinking …. but if a state cannot afford to sequester a jury in a dp case why should you be able to able to bring that kind of charge? This whole trial is ridiculous. The rights of ALL of us are being trampled on.

        • No not strange at all. I am already not the biggest fan of the death penalty, and for them to have a death penalty trial where the media is being given carte blanch to say whatever they want about the defendant without sequestering the jury is insane. We’d might as well step into a time machine and go back to the middle ages for the way this is playing out.

          • I agree, and the mechanism for making sure that the jury pool is not tainted are available to the court. This includes a change of venue, which I think this case was screaming for, and jury sequestration.

            Why this judge did neither of the two, escapes my comprehension. But then so do a lot of her other actions or inactions.

      • I am coming to that conclusion as well. No cameras in the courtroom, no national media allowed, and, most importantly, juries in death penalty cases MUST be sequestered.

        • AMEN tonysam!! As much as they say its “too expensive” to sequester a jury, yet these constant, ridiculous delays are costing much more than a sequestration would of cost them. Bonus that someone in the audience vomits and causes another delay,,,so stupid. Arizona should be real proud of the states judicial system.

          • I would like to compare the cost of sequestering the jury vs the appeals etc because of jury misconduct, media persuasion etc.

    • HLN Makes me sick. I am a news reporter for a small market public radio station on Oregon.. All those anchors are sell outs including Dr Drew.. Velez- Mitchell is the worst, Nancy grace is just a hater. Not to mention they are rude to their own guest who occasionally speak in favor of the defense and Jodi.. And just where do they get those commentators anyway? I have to record it all just so I can fast forward and not listen to their one-sided lies..

      As an anchor of my own news program I would NEVER sellout to the networks and say their words.. where is integrity in journalism…

      • “As an anchor of my own news program I would NEVER sellout to the networks and say their words.. where is integrity in journalism…”

        Good for you! Yay!

      • Agree with you Will. So much so in fact, I filed a formal FCC complaint against them last month. I know they won’t do anything, but at least there is something on file.
        I’m so shocked they are allowed to be called a “news” station, when the fact is they are blatantly practicing “news distortion” on a daily basis, which is supposedly against FCC regulations. They refuse to enforce it, they should all be fired!

    • Brilliant post Janeen. I feel your pain, I really do. HLN is deliberately putting themselves in the mess of this, I don’t know how much more obvious it can get, and I don’t know how it is legal.

      What I don’t understand – is they already have the ratings, so why add insult to injury? Why? What is the point of it all? There’s already a sizable chunk of America that is willing to view her as a monster, without all the slanted coverage, so why the constant smear campaign? Why the constant barrage of smug, self righteous verbal abuse, unless they are trying to gather the biggest lynch mob in history?

  12. I don’t think Dr. Samuels did a very good job for Jodi. He could have been a great witness if he had done his job properly. I suppose Jodi and the defense team have no recourse on this except the damage control JW is trying to do?

    • TryingtoFigureThisOut

      Did you actually watch all of his testimony or are you just parroting what the sensationlist news states?

      Cause, I totally disagree with you.

      • I am in agreement. I think he did as well as he could with that little asshole screaming at him. I think Ms. Willmott cleaned up his testimony quite well.

        • It was JM’s intention to make Dr Samuels look disorganized. I still think Dr S. is competent and has done a thorough evaluation.

    • To me, Dr. Samuels’ comment (“I should have retested her”) indicated a professional, ethical approach to his evaluation procedures. I believe a less-competent psychologist would have immediately become defensive and argumentative. He seems secure enough in his abilities to be able to remain objective and to recognize room for improvement in his processes. He impressed me.

      • Totally agree, Paige. Unfortunately, there are some who would grab on to that comment of his and interpret it as “proof” that his evaluation was flawed. Just hope the jurors are like we are.

      • Agree, Paige. Like a true scientist, he was too honest and humble. Hypocrites do not understand people who admit that any one’s work could always be further perfected. But it was cleared up on recross with JW.

    • Dr Samuels did absolutely fine overall.

      He did struggle a bit at times to give his testimony, but that would invoke sympathy from the jury, no bad thing.

      In the end he got all his points across.

      I foresaw that after Martinez questioned the test that was taken when Jodi was still in denial, the defence would come back and show that it made no difference.

      It’s not like the PTSD diagnosis is essential anyway.

      The main thing was explaining Jodi’s loss of memory, and that this is caused by intense fear.

      I don’t remember Martinez being able to challenge that at all.

      It was great how he was able to say that Jodi’s story is the truth, because of how she told it on different occasions with slight variations ( but still consistent ).

      I expect he will be able to expand on that in jurors questions with a bit of luck.

    • I have mixed feelings . . . I think he was fine when first examined. I think JM made him look bad, and he let it happen. He looked like a bumbling old man 🙁 I think it was also not good that he was losing his cool. He is an EXPERT witness, so should be used to cross-examination, and he is a psychologist who worked as a PTSD therapist, so he should be able to stay calm under fire. But then JW rehabbed him rather well, IMO.

      I also have worked in the special needs community and one of my sons has a disability. In order to qualify for any of his diagnoses (legally — to get disability, help at school, support in the community) have to be numerically “proven” by tests. With anxiety, for example, it is not considered a diagnosis unless falls between the numbers that JM was pointing out for PTSD. If it isn’t in there, the diagnosis isn’t made. I am not sure I am explaining this well, but before meeting the numbers, my son appeared to have anxiety, but when the numbers are met on the test he gets the diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. In Jodi’s case, what the numbers would say if she was applying for disability or trying to be labeled, is that she has Post Traumatic Stress, but she does NOT have Post Traumatic Stress DISORDER without falling on the scale. That’s why they have the scales — to try to eliminate the subjective piece. Otherwise you can doctor shop for the person who will give you the diagnosis you want. Some people handle trauma better than others. I think in this case the amnesia probably protects her — which is why the brain does it!

      I also think that since the tests were predicated on lies, it invalidates them. She may well have scored higher etc. with the truth, but we simply don’t know that.

      So I agree that he didn’t help. But I think the next expert will. And it only has to be a shadow of a doubt.

      • Oh, I should add that one thing that I think helps is that he was very honest, admitted mistakes, and was very likable — in contrast to JM.

        • I see your point – but you must remember (and I hope the jury does) that this test was not used to determine if she is lying or not. It was only to determine her state of mind and state of mind will be the same regardless of whether you tell the truth or lie. It is the underlying factor. That is why the test is only one small part of an entire diagnosis. It takes time to evaluate and they know people lie and they know that, by their ways and gaining trust, the truth will eventually come forth.

          Re-taking the test may have made a difference (and maybe not) but, then again, retaking the test will determine state of mind after a lot of other things have taken place, too. I feel the doctor should have stood his ground and not said he should have re-administered the test. I feel he only said that b/c of JM’s badgering. I notice that he, too, is succumbing to JM’s badgering with answers such as “ok,” instead of a sold, yes. And that is JM’s strategy and intention when he constantly re-asks the same question; to get the witness to answer the way HE wants them too.

          • My reply here was in response to the discussion (now below this) about the Dr. and tests that are administered. After I replied – it jumped up here! Just so you know I’m not just ‘in my own world’ having a conversation with myself. lol

        • Thank you 🙂

          I also try to look at the information presented as best as I can without letting my personal view of the case and what the outcome should be cloud what I feel I saw on the stand. I don’t want to say he did a fabulous job because I think the cross was quite disconcerting.

            • Yes, I watched all of it . . . as I said, he did well at first, JM made him look bad, and JW did a good job of rehabbing him . . . but overall, the fact that she did NOT score as having a disorder, and that his testing was before she told the truth, I think the overall effect is negative.

              As I said, I am trying to impartially call what I see, not just say he did a good job because he supports Jodi. I think JM damaged his credibility. It certainly does with me as far as a disorder diagnosis as it HAS to fall within the guidelines.

              I understand that you disagree, but I think we’re all entitled to our opinions. I watched the same thing and I don’t have the same conclusion, but your implication here is that that makes me stupid. I am not.

            • No . . . but I also know that by legal definition that her tests have to fall within the curve on the forms to be a disorder. I didn’t make the rules, that is just what they are.

              I actually hate the standardized tests that are used, but I also understand their purpose is to take some of the individual bias out of things. Otherwise EVERYONE would be able to claim some kind of disability.

                • Wow! No, I do not think he is lying. I think he has made a mistake.

                  Part of the problem, IMO, is that he is an older gentleman who came onto the scene before all of these computerized tests. He wants to go on his judgment, and he has 35 years experience to draw on. Without the test, he would conclude she has PTSD. The test, however, says she doesn’t. It doesn’t support his diagnosis ad legally they would go with the test over the man if she were up for disability or something like that. I may not agree with the system, but I understand why it exists.

                  I do think she has PTS, but I am not sure on the D because of the amnesia. The test, based on the lies, doesn’t indicate it. She also seems to have some wonderful coping mechanisms that are protective of her — whether it is her singing, her art, or whatever, she does therapeutic stuff for herself.

              • You don’t know what you are even talking about. Hate to sound rude, but psychologists run MULTIPLE tests to arrive at a diagnosis.

                My brother, for example, went through EIGHTEEN different psychological tests, PLUS there were tests from another psychologists, in order to prove he was disabled for Social Security disability benefits.

              • Hello,

                I understand standardized testing and how it works in psychology.

                The tests are used ONLY to confirm his diagnosis. What’s sad is everyone is focusing on the tests instead of what he learned through his interviews and experience about Jodi. If I were a juror, I would rely on what Dr. Samuels said and not the test scores itself. Barring a score that said she had a personality disorder lacking empathy and remorse of course. But she didn’t test that way. She tested in normal ranges without malingering.

                If the prosecution’s expert, says her test scores show she has a personality disorder, than I will really believe that these tests arent normed correctly accuracy of the tests The Milan test is just like the MMPI except it was designed to be shorter. When Juan threw out why didn’t he give the MMPI, I suspect he was laying the groundwork for his expert’s test. Her results should not vary much between the Milan and MMPI.

                My personal opinion about the MMPI and other tests are that they don’t adequately assess women. We know that tests can be gender biased etc.

            • Oh, and I am not diagnosing her either way — I am interpreting the test and what Samuels said. He said she had post traumatic stress. I am sure she does. The test shows she was at 69, when it needed to be 75 or higher to PTSD. Based on the test, she doesn’t technically have PTSD.

              That is not my diagnosis, that is the test’s diagnosis.

              Also, on a test like this, 6 points is likely a pretty substantial difference. If it was 74, then I can see him pushing her over the top . . . but it was farther than that.

              Again, I am sorry I disagree with so many supporters just because see this as expert as flawed. It should be allowed. I am not trashing him personally, I am going simply on facts presented.

              • Did you not hear him clearly testify that that is only one part of the diagnosis and that no single score or test should be used to diagnose somebody?

                • Why can’t you ask pleasantly? Just because we disagree doesn’t mean you have to be on the attack. Did you know that usually shuts people down and makes them defensive, not win them over to your side. I personally think this kind of thing is what makes supporters on either side look bad . . . it is OK not to think 100% of the case you are supporting was done well.

                  No one test should be used . . . OK, but he didn’t do another, so I consider that a failure. Again, I have a child with a disability and it goes based on test scores, not just what I or someone else says. And technically, the test should be done with someone who is not familiar with the subject, so he probably could not have been the one to go back and test her again.

                • Im not taking anyones side and Im not looking for a smart snarky answer., but didn’t the dr have to ADD a few more disorders (or systems) to the test?????

              • you maybe right in the fact that some jurors may see Dr. Samuels as being unorganized and not as thorough as he should of been. No one can question his experience however, unless they are total morons.
                JM tactics are pretty blatant. Even the most SEASONED doctor, lawyer, of professional would have a very difficult time holding up to a prosecutor who makes absolutely NO sense in his line of questioning. he demands only yes or no answers to all of his questions which is impossible. Mental Health is NEVER black and white, I know, I work in the field.
                So please don’t think anyone is attacking you hear, you just see a side that the rest of do not. Its ok, agree to disagree

                • This is true – the bottom line is that B. Berry has his/her point of view and that is valid. The jurors will also have their point of views. We can only hope they can see (since they are right there) that JM is using trickery, deceit and badgering to get the answers he desires instead of the truth.

                • It isn’t a valid opinion because the person clearly has a predetermined opinion that Jodi is a liar and is faking PTSD and doesn’t have it because of the test score, when in fact Dr. Samuels knows a hell of a lot more about this than this poster does.

                • Thanks, Misty! He’s doing pretty well overall – he has Asperger’s syndrome and has some behavioral challenges.

              • Melvin makes a good point,Variations in test results does not mean a person doesnt have a disability.Especially in mental health.She has signs of a host of different diagnosis that she displays or has displayed..Does it really matter,because legally she is sane!

              • That is NOT what he said at all. You need to pay closer attention to what is being said in the trial.

                She has PTSD. Period.

              • You just don’t even know what in the hell you are talking about. I am very sick of this because you did NOT listen to him at all.

                Psychologists have different tests to arrive at a conclusion. Sheesh, I get tired of people who do NOT pay attention AT ALL to the testimony.

              • The reason, B., people are not happy with your comments is because YOU DIDN’T PAY ATTENTION AT ALL TO WHAT DR. SAMUELS SAID ABOUT THE test score.

                You are not being responsible here.

  13. Hello everybody!!!!!! Looking forward to the jury questions today!!!!

    I wanted to say a big thank-you to the Admins and everyone of you. I appreciate the community that you have created here. Although many of us have different opinions I love that we have a place where we can all share our ideas and thoughts without verbal attacks, put-downs, threats, etc.

  14. What is this world coming too???!!! This comment may be off topic but nit so much so ill maks it quick. Another RAPE!! Two more HS football players rsped two 13 year old girls in CT! !! My gosh… I have two daughters and I can’t imagine! !!!! THIRTEENTH! !!! Little girls….. my god! !!!

    Wait but they saw NOTHING wrong with the 12year old comment TA said on that tape??!!! That’s what everyone SHOULDVE made a big desl about and maybe this wouldn’t be happening right now! !!

    • It breaks my heart to hear about things like this happening to our children. 13! I have to ask myself where are the boys learning that this type of behavior is exceptable?

      • They are learning it from our so called journalist on fake news shows like HLN!!! For example; these boys see whats being broadcasted (not knowing what really happened). They see and hear the part of the sex tape on tv, the part that TA says, its so hot, you sound like a 12 year old girl. They hear Jodis response and they think its ok. Instead of pointing out what was SO wrong AND ILLEGAL, they instead want to blame the woman, bully her and call her names. Now how are these boys going to take RAPE and sex with a 12/13/14/15/16/17 year old girl seriously wrong?!

    • How sad…if that had happened to me at 13, my father would have ensured that the rapists weren’t breathing to stand trial. Poor girls.

    • Did you hear Dr. Drew’s take on this. It was really offensive — or at least the part I heard. He said something about the 13 years olds drinking and acting out and that was a real sign something was wrong. Ummm, blame the victim much> GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Yes LC I totally agree. When the media decides rape and fantasizing about little kids is just normal guy stuff, it’s bound to have an affect on a lot of people’s lives. This trial was an opportunity to speak AGAINST the disgusting behavior that has reared it’s head, but no, HLN would rather blame the victim and sympathize with the rapists.

      • With the whole “boys will be boys” thing and blaming the victim….why would anyone be encouraged to seek justice? It’s so sad!

  15. I don’t know if anybody posted this earlier, but JVM had a fire arms expert on last night. After she test fired a 25 caliber gun, she was astonished that the fire arms expert said that you could easily fire the weapon and not know it and that a person shot with a 25 very often does not realize they have been shot and many times is still able to continue to fight. He went as far to say that a person could be shot several times with a 25 and not go down.

    JVM then told her other talking heads that she was shocked that the fire arms expert had said this. I didn’t see that she repeated that portion of her segment again.

    I don’t watch HLN, but I was channel surfing and saw her firing a gun so I had to check it out.

  16. To be Honest this trial for me , is about Mercy at this point. HLN and the likes want blood , which is indicative of their late night rants.I don’t believe in the DP never will,I hope someone on the jury thinks like me.

    • I do not believe in the DP either. I feel it is just wrong to teach “do not kill” by killing someone. But – I also think that jurors are questioned and if you don’t believe in the DP you will be disqualified to be a juror….

      • Sigh…now how is THAT getting a panel of 12 peers when they purposefully select people some of us would NEVER CHOOSE as peers? Aggravating.

  17. I don’t necessarily think a lot of question are a bad thing, I think it shows that that the jury has not made up their mind. What does bother me is after question are answered by witness then defense gets to ask more about the issues brought up and then the prosecutor gets the last word so to speak.

      • In regards to jury questions, I feel differently regarding the expert dr than I would of questions posed to Jodi. If they ask questions to the dr regarding Jodi I see this as good sign that they are inquiring to help make a decision. If they ask a lot of questions about him, calling into question his relationship to Jodi and his competence then I have some concern.

  18. Well, well, well, the Egregious Dr. Flu, has been very busy this morning on Hell Network spilling his ‘special’ take on JA. BTW, he does LOVE the word “egregious”!

  19. No matter who’s side you support, I think comments like “Hey Alexander family and friends, quit acting like Travis was a good guy, he was a disgusting wicked sodomite who had perverse fantasies about little underage girls. He got exactly what he deserved! or some of the comments I have seen re: the arias family ,,, ARE JUST PLAIN DISTASTEFUL. As a mother and a sister I would NEVER believe anything from the “other side” unless it came straight from my child/sibling themselves or I had seen it with my own eyes. Both families are victims in this as well. The loss of a family member is tragic no-matter the circumstance , and having to watch your daughter on trial for the dp would be devastating.

    What would you thing of your mom/sister/brother / friend… if they did not support you!

    • KW
      I agree if that was my brother i would be so heart broken, That behavior is on the same level as NG DD,JV and all the hate mongers that appear on HLN. This is tragic on many many levels.

    • “As a mother and a sister I would NEVER believe anything from the “other side” unless it came straight from my child/sibling themselves or I had seen it with my own eyes.”

      Yes, sadly there are a lot of parents like that in this day and age. If there had been no videos of the Steubenville rape, those boys families would not have believed it either.

      All that does is encourage bad behaviour by the child until confronted with irrefutable evidence, which is sometimes too late to make changes.

      • Thank YOu!
        Also, Travis admitted plenty during the tape conversations with Jodi. So it WAS right from his mouth. I get that they are entitled tobe angry forever, but stop pretending it didnt happen. They dont have to acknowledge it…. just stop denying it.

        • And since a “that’s distasteful” comment is made here at least once a day, let me say that SJ has never been shy about his opinions. If you don’t agree, take what you want and leave the rest, but he’s not going to change his posting style for you.

      • And if someone came to you and said your brother was a rapist ….
        would you just believe them without any proof? Would you need to have had some proof or indicators based on his behavior or would you automatically just say OH.. OK my brother is a rapist?

        If TA’s family had seen him with porn , or saw some unusual behavior around young children, or had he been arrested for it – I would imagine they would not be so vocally supportive. I’m just saying that when it’s your family — you see them with love, with this idea of who they are based on your own personal experiences with that person.

        • “And if someone came to you and said your brother was a rapist ….would you just believe them without any proof?”

          I would neither believe NOR dis-believe them. I would NEVER assume just because that person is my sibling/best friend/mother/father/spouse that they are not capable of doing shitty things. I would also never make an instant judgement against the victim that they are lying either…because the only two people that know what happened are those two.

          • I like your answer, BeeCee, i hope and believe I would behave that way, too. IMO, denial of the truth doesn’t help anyone. Sometimes the truth is painful, but denying it does not make less true. Also, acknowledging a painful truth is a necessary step for anyone wanting to learn from the painful experience to be able to adapt and prevent, if possible, the same painful circumstances from being able to repeat themselves in the future.

        • They weren’t around him enough to form an opinion about his nature. They did not have regular contact with him. Out of the 7 siblings, it it my understanding that he was estranged from at least 3 of them. The others did not live in the same state, and from what I can glean, had no regular contact with him outside of social media. Hence his comments about not needing to spend time with family in this realm since he would be ‘stuck’ with them in the next.

    • I thought that “message to Jodi” was very distasteful. I think if I were Jodi and I read that, I might feel a bit turned off by it.

  20. Common Sense Dictates if someone was premeditating a murder they would Shoot them in their sleep, not leave all this blood evidence etc. Travis was much larger then Jodi, it makes no sense at all that she would stab him first leave the camera their, hang around for hours when he has roommates who could walk in at any moment. The jury would have to sift through all the evidence and come to some conclusion. The other scenario could be, I heard that she shot him, and for some reason the gun didn’t disable or kill him and she proceeded to stab him, Maybe she believed in this stupid blood atonement ritual and in some disturbed way, was going to save his soul by slitting his throat. Temporary insanity and perhaps a psychiatrist who deals with cult brainwashing could shed more light on this case. But the media has completely twisted all the facts and seem to be inciting a high tech lynching. This is very bad for our judicial system and denies a person their constitutional rights under the 6th amendment.

    • We all know damn well that as soon as the expert said “it’s not hard to have an accidental discharge if your finger is on the trigger and you’re startled…” JVM said to herself “aaaaah f*ck”… not the answer she wanted.

      FACT – “You’re not necessarily going to see the bullet hole”
      FACT – “If they’re high, if they’re angry, if they’re tough, they might not react right away to being shot”

      It’s funny JVM is firing the gun at the target in the first clip and in the next clip says “by the way, we made sure its not loaded’.

    • OK,I’m gonna say it one more time.Look closely at the video-the image is enhanced just a bit I think.She’s NOT putting it under her seat,she’s putting it in front of her and with the computer screen blocking the view it is no longer visible in the video.Then the video stops and resumes,that’s why we get the false belief that she’s hiding it. Dont we all watched that live feeding that day?I remember us talking how she felt a bit exhausted.I had my eyes fixed on her due to that fear of her faibting or sth,I remember that ”scene”. I think it’s time we moved on from that video,it’s the haters’ viewpoints that are so toxic that sometimes gets us confused.

  21. you heard the cop say we dont tell the media anything that is done here yet the media has the tapes of jodi who released them. also on the nasty talk shows we see again another travis friend telling her story about jodi trapping her in the bathroom this is the same woman on the flores police report I’m talk about clancy talbot

  22. What ticks me off is Flores being paid by taxpayer dollars to sit at the Prosecutors table everyday. What purpose does it serve for him to be there?

    • Good question, scrappydoo….. people bitch about how much this trial is costing- Flores, get back to work!

      • My sentiments, exactly, Renee!
        Bad ENOUGH that Martinez draws a paycheck for creating nothing but deception instead of working FOR justice he IMPEDES it, taxpayers also have to pay Flores for just sitting there when he ought ti he out ibestigating some REAL criminals….

        • My sentiments, exactly, Renee!
          Bad ENOUGH that Martinez draws a paycheck for creating nothing but deception instead of working FOR justice he IMPEDES it, taxpayers also have to pay Flores for just sitting there when he ought ti he out investigating some REAL criminals….

    • Well, he will definitely know what to say if he is called during the State’s rebuttal. I can’t remember, but I’ve seen other trials that the lead investigators have sat at the State’s table or directly behind them. I’ve never thought this was fair though.

    • Yes, after his initial testimony, he should have been released back to the donut shop or whatever it ishe does all day. God knows he should NEVER be allowed to investigate another murder.

      • Well, Martinez probably does need someone to run errands for him while they’re on break. Flores isn’t much of an investigator but I hear that he’s great at choosing a car wash and paying for lunch.

      • IIRC in Az you don’t have co-counsel, you have your lead investigator there. It’s supposedly pretty normal. Remember the state keeps investigating as the defense presents things. Think about how other trials are run, this all seems pretty normal to me. As little time as court is actually going on with these late starts and not even going till 5pm, and days off and every Friday off- he must still be working somewhere else too.

        I can’t believe how they are dragging this case out with all these late starts and short days. But I don’t want to complain if it means that the defense gets to present motions and do everything they can for Jodi’s defense.

        Not seeing any premeditation here at all.

        • Oh, some prosecutors work with co-counsel. Kermit never does, and since it’s pointed out in articles about him, I have to think that it’s not standard procedure in AZ.

  23. Question, I’m not on one side or the other for Jodi, I’ve enjoyed seeing all of your viewpoints over the last several weeks, as most sites out there do not talk about the case but rather just personally attack Jodi. Anyways my question is how do you all interprut the video Nancy Grace has posted of Jodi’s interogation when she does a handstand, is singing and talking to me it’s not normal behavior in anyone whether innocent or not, I would think it would have helped the defense rather then hurt it to allow it, only because it’s very odd behavior and might show to the PTSD side of her defense, I’m not sure why they thought it was to prejudice against her to use…I’d love to here everyone’s thoughts who are pro Jodi, as I believe you all look at the case and not the personal side of things.

    • My thought is… you don’t know how many hours she sat in that room. I would think after so long you would kind of feel like a caged animal.

      • It would be bad to show that video because it “might” look to some people like she didn’t care, wasn’t taking it all seriously, or thought it wasn’t a big deal. I am with scrappydoo, we don’t know how long she was in there for. Good doctor is back on the stand………….

    • Standing on your head is a yoga move. Put this with singing, etc. it looks to me like stress and an attempt to calm her fear… that’s just my take. If I were not a compassionate person or didn’t understand how stress impacts people from a professional view, then I think that I would be more prone to think she has emotional / mental issues.

      • Great points! Thanks it all makes sense, I know that a lot of people out there are now believing that she is guilty, but to me I guess it’s not normal behavior for anyone so I don’t see how that can point to guilt. I’m not biased either way as pro jodi sites like this make some extremely valid points, there are just some facts that cannot be explained away easily so I’m not sure she’s completely innocent of this either. But I enjoy listening to others viewpoints no matter what side as long as it’s not personal attacks but rather actual opinions about the case. Thanks!

    • It makes me think of Amanda Knox doing the “splits” (some say cartwheels) in an Italian police station AND then sitting on her boyfriend’s lap kissing him. People do strange things when under pressure. It’s possible she was trying to calm herself with the handstand and singing. Personally, I wouldn’t read much into it myself.

      • That reminds me of when I took my husband to the ER when he cut himself and I was laughing the whole time because that is how *I* handle stress.

    • It is unusual to me as I have a lousy singing voice and can’t do a handstand, but I see it as self-soothing/calming behavior. Even looking in the trash — because there was NOTHING to do while she sat ad waited.

      I see it as similar to people who walk through stores whistling, people counting tiles on the ceiling in the doctor’s office while waiting . . .

      I’m just jealous as I was NEVER able to do a good headstand 🙂

      • Agreed! I have never been able to do a headstand either! It hurts my head to much! Great point about Amanda knox, I completely forgot about that as well!

  24. What happened to that really prejudicial law against Mexican-looking folks in AZ, related to finding illegal immigrants? Where police could stop someone just based on Hispanic appearance? Was it made law? I feel like the extremism of this trial has something to do with that mentality, since Jodi is half Mexican & TA was white (even with JM being of MexIcan dessent).

  25. There have been numerous comments here and at the Jodi-hater sites, comments that of course are opposites but that mirror each other in a way. Over here, sometimes Travis will be shown for what he was and then something will be said like (I paraphrase) “So he deserved what he got.”

    On the dark sites, they say Jodi told some “lies,” so of course she premeditated Travis’ murder and deserves to be put to death.

    Neither of these thinkings are right. I would not – could not – take up for Travis. There is evidence of him being many things, and that evidence has helped me to understand him, but the night I first believed I could write that loser’s book was the night I listened to the drunken phone sex tape. I had him figured out from that point on.

    BUT: if June 4 events went the way Jodi & Co. say, Travis “deserved” what he got ONLY because of what he did that day. Even a sexually unsophisticated 30-something “man” who likely still got instant erections looking at Playboy and liked delivering cream pies followed by a chunk of candy doesn’t deserve to die for those sins. He deserves to be dumped by his girl, maybe, and maybe he deserves someone to put Crazy Glue in his K-Y (or whatever he used when alone), but he doesn’t deserve to die for being a moron.

    I’ve read soooooo many comments, mainly on the YouTube trial videos, which is where I watch it, that say how because Jodi has lied once or twice that she deserves the death penalty for starting the murder plot in Yreka and carrying it out in Mesa. What the hell kind of logic is that? Lying does not equal premeditated murder.

    The only reason Jodi would deserve the death penalty is if she did, in fact, plot Travis’ murder an hour, a week, a month, a year prior to the event. And that has not come close to being proved.

    On a lighter note, here is a “legal” website I wrote almost three years ago. Hopefully it will only bring laughs and no offense.

  26. Come on,are they still cleaning up puck,or did J.M. leave his screaming voice at home and had to go get it?what there only gonna put in a half hour today?Lets get rolling guys.

  27. This may explain the Media Blitz against Jodi Arias
    The influence of the Mormon Church in Mesa, AZ

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church (LDS) has a lot of money behind it and, with money, comes power. To what degree the Mormon’s power mandates the actions of Mesa city government, and whether or not it abuses this power, is a matter that is still up for debate.

    • They make up a whopping 25% of Mesa’s population. That can pack a lot of power. They also have the highest population of Mormons, more then any other city in the world, even Salt Lake City! !!

      I still wonder if the judge is Mormon too. Iv asked before, but noone knows, iv research but haven’t found anything either. The only thing I found on her is that she’s been the judge to Mike Tyson. Anyway, it wouldn’t surprise me if she is Mormon.

      • Well the media certainly seems to be PRO Mormon in this case they have yet to interview anyone with an opposing view. notice how they use the word SHRINK when referring to Jodi’s psychologist.?? How about Dr. Drew??? do they call him a shrink HLNs Shrink. Have they yet to interview anyone who sees Mormonism as a Cult! But interview dozens who call Jodi a Whore, Booty Call, etc. these are phrases used very commonly in the Mormon Community about women. If one researches this strange group you come across countless stories with similar language with regard to woman. Look at the statistics of murder by husbands or boyfriends of woman in the Utah, compared to the rest of the Country, pretty staggering, yet the Nay Sayers , will consistently ignore facts concerning this group and the problems stemming from this. Covering up is obvious because Jodi must have had friends in that community yet no one other then Gus has spoken up, yet look at the creeps coming on HLN they are obviously horrible people and not worthy of any belief.

  28. Good morning supporters! Looking forward to jury questions. First question they’re concerned is if Dr. is breaking confidentiality, but he’s doing fine 🙂

  29. If Jodi “deserves” to die b/c she lied, then wouldn’t that hold true for TA? There is proof and witness that he lied a lot, too. Of course, I don’t believe either is the case… it is a horrible situation that happened and we nor Jodi can change that. But, I DO wish people would see both sides and how silly it is to believe that a lie should be the entire basis of a defense for if there weren’t lies from the victim this horrible event may have been prevented. And I wish people would look at this as a lesson; treat others with respect – even women whom you lust after. If you want to be a good person then be one and quit hiding behind the “boys-will-be-boys” mentality.

    • ITA cindyp, how would they feel if the shoe were on the other foot, and Travis were the one condemned to death ONLY for lying, or ONLY for having oral sex, ect. You know that would never fly in Travistown.

  30. Martinez tried to object and was overruled (yay!) and Doc Sam said “Thank You,” to Judge.
    Me too, THANKS, Judge. (And its about TIME…)

      • Yes,good jury questions!!!It appears he definitely managed to hold their attention while he was testyfying.I cant say that I liked the one or two questions that were about her lying about June 4th to the Doctor,seems a couple of jurors are still not convinced or OVER the fact that she has not lied under oath or after she decided to come ”clean” nd confess.

    • Yikes!! “PTSD…’s not an excuse or a get-out-jail-free card”.

      Not the best choice of words, Doc!

      • OTOH, having him be so real makes him more relatable to the jury — makes him look less like he is simply giving an answer that he is being paid to give.

        I hope that makes sense. I think I have been one of the most critical of him on this site thus far, but I think he is doing great today. I did cringe a little too, but I think it ultimately helps because it makes him look unbiased and that is a GREAT thing.

      • Yeah, I think he used a common expression and didn’t realize the “oh shit” implications. Happens to all of us.

  31. I’m starting to realize Jodi didn’t act alone..It certainly would not surprise me if there’s more people involved.
    So much does not add up.
    It would explain the bootprint left in blood, the impossible 62 second timeline, the mystery death of Ashley who died “of natural causes” after she called police implicating her husband as Travis’s murderer, Zac the roommate lack of memory, non reaction to the decomposing body, renting a car the day Travis was murdered.
    Where was Travis headed to when he left the bathroom,? Why didn’t he take on Jodi in the bathroom, why go down the hall?

    In murders the pieces come together. In this case, Jodi acting alone doesn’t add up.

    • TA was obssessed with money. That is the method of execution going on currently in the Mx / Us drug wars. Most fathers in America would end Travis’ pedophilia in such a manner if Travis’ 12 year old little girl came forward and informed the dad or mom and dad.

    • “Ashley who died “of natural causes”

      Trinity, you missed it, but Maggie stated she has seen the autopsy report and it was self-inflicted gunshot.

      I would like to see the police report, I would like to know if it was really her gun. There are people who know how to make a murder look like suicide.

      • I’ve mentioned this before – but a friend of ours (happened to live in AZ) was shot in the face by her abusive bf. She stopped calling police on him when she realized she was the outsider and he was “one of the boys.” When she was lying in the hospital he told everyone she attempted suicide. It was a miracle she didn’t die and they only arrested him when, by luck, she whispered that he did it when an investigator just happened to be there. If that lucky break didn’t happen or if she died, it would have been still called suicide or suicide attempt. That was only a little more than a year ago.

    • How could she fool him? She would have to get access to information not available to anybody who isn’t a psychologist.

    • I agree. He is answering the jury’s questions very well. The jury was for sure listening to him vs. media saying they were bored / basically falling asleep. I love that the jury can ask questions. As of right now I believe the doctor’s testimony has helped Jodi 🙂

  32. This shows me they are paying attention to the doctor. I like how he looks to the jury and talks to them.

    I am feeling pretty good so far….

  33. This is a different jury. The questions seem to be based on find facts. Meaning, I think they are finding Martinez is playing games. This is good. The jury does sound condemning. Of course it is early on.

  34. I can’t believe that sleep deprivation has not been brought up. Jodi drove thru the nite & slept just a few hours, had sex twice, and stressful incidents earlier in the day which could keep someone awake to the point that they go into a dream-like state. I think sleep deprivation is a factor here.

    • Did you notice Martinez’s predatory look when the doctor said”we can never be 100% sure in Psychology”? Oh,how he wishes he could object more!Sly frog…

  35. I am feeling good about the questions they are asking. They seem to have been taking really good notes and paying close attention. Feeling good so far

    • Yes, I like how Samuels was going to say the camera being in the washer was not rational thinking but JM objected. Sorry JM, the bell was already rung.

  36. Okay, it seems like one member of the jury is really leaning toward wanting to find her guilty- just based on that, “how do you know the shaking is caused by the PTSD and not by fear of being found guilty….”

    • One juror question asked if JA has been receiving medication for “this terrible PTSD”. IMO I think the questions being asked are very relevant to the testimony and seem to be based around questions that JM had cut his answers off during XE.

      • I only caught it from that question. Been away. Good to know the questions have all been relevant so far! 🙂 Thanks Jodie!

  37. Ohhhhh they have VERY good questions! !! I thk they’ll blv in what the dr is saying.
    At the end of the day Martinez will look bad for not letting the dr speak.

    • I am hoping he looks as bad as he should to the jurors who want answers when he keeps objecting and preventing Doc Sams from giving answer….

  38. The Court just violated the HIPPA Privacy Rules….Ouch…. Disclosure of medications without permission…hello Appeallate Court.

    • Actually I’m in my senior year of a bachelor degree in Criminal and IT security and HIPPA laws do not encompass criminal proceedings as long as the courts, law enforcement , laywers all obtained the informaiton following evidentiary rules. Which basically means anyone being prosecuted in criminal cases really have no rights when it comes to HIPPA violations. As much as it would be great for Jodi if it did unfortunatley it does not.

      • I think that, too. It wouldn’t cover this because ALL relevant information is supposed to be available to both sides in a criminal case.

  39. BAM! There it is again, one of those jurors is watching NG on HLN. Did you hear the question about comparing Jodi to soldiers and police officers…thats almost DIRECT quote from that stupid hag…omg. this is totally against the rule of law.
    WTF ….unbelievable. Thats the second one I’ve recognized almost word for word from the media

  40. Selective Amnesia? ?? Yeah theres a few questions that one or a few jurors are not blv this or blv the Dr. And it seems inadequate for the time he spent with her???? He answered that very well too!!! It made sense!!!

  41. Does anyone know who the girl is sitting next to the brother-in-law? I’ve seen her there a few times before.

    • lol…BTW Who is the little girl in the Addam’s Family….Yikes sorry… (but it was the first thought I had when I saw her at the beginning of today’s trial, before I saw your question). She looks like she COULD be related to Both the B-I-L and sister…maybe a daughter or grand-daughter??

  42. Some of these questions sound very biased… since questions are posed in same order as were submitted, hopefully the tone will change over time as we get to questions from yesterday instead of ones from day before?

    • regarding some(not all,by no means) questions all I wanna say is Damn you Juan Martinez,rot in hell!He managed to plant the seed of doubt concerning the good doctor’s ”fondness” of Jodi ”or his ”impartiality”

      • I do not understand how such a deceitful person can live with himself, especially when he’s gotta KNOW he is being deceitful and how his behavior impacts on another human being’s life and /or death…grrr

      • Our best hope for this now is that the Judge gives them very detailed instructions on how NOT to accept speculation, or anything but the FACTS. That will toss out everything JM has said since he isn’t presenting facts, only twisting words and speculation. Of course, there are facts that he has presented, I’m referring to his redirect of defense witnesses mainly. If she does her job correctly, there is no way they can find her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. NO WAY

  43. These questions are getting worse and worse… and she is reading them in the order they came in… I am a little worried….

    • We don’t know how many people are asking these questions, or if it is one or two jurors asking hostile questions.

      What is important are his answers to his questions.

      • I keep thinking about the descriptions of the jurors HLN gave. There were only two that were bothersome to me. Two elderly women. One who was obsessed with watching JM. She always had her eyes on him during his questioning. And one woman, who would never ever turn her chair toward Jodi while Jodi was testifying.

        I keep wondering if they are the two women submitting the doubtful questions.

        • I have a friend – a late middle-aged Christian woman – who thinks Martinez is fantastic and exciting – and, Jodi is “the most cunning person she’s ever seen.” She has watched every day of the trial and actually turned me on to it. I worry there are similar people to her on the jury. I think she sees it very black and white – no gray (or grey?).

  44. Good afternoon everyone, today is a great day!!!! I love this Doctor. He doesn’t back down, even with JM tactics of intimidation, he still have Jodi’s back. God bless everyone, and specially Jodi. We love you Jodi. Keep your head up.

    • I have to say he IS doing pretty well today. And when Martinez asks him questions now at least he knows what Martinez is now. It’s all okay. 🙂

  45. OMG people, drop it with the book, it’s a book!! I recommend books all the time and I have no PHD or hidden agenda or anything, people say stuff like that in passing all the time. Enough with the book!

  46. If I was a psychologist I would diagnose as many patients as possible with Multiple-personality disordered. Then I would charge each personality per hour.

  47. How many damm times did they have anal? GEZZ Is it just me (nobody better say its just me)Its exit only why are men always wanting to put it in your ass..not me, and not all men , I mean ah never mind,its just not part of sex to me.

      • I thought the defendant was friends with Jodi? I think it was intentionally ambiguous as to why Victoria couldn’t stay on. LOL

    • Why JM is so concern when the questions refer to premeditation. He just doesn’t let the Dr. answer. JM “You can’t handle the truth” 🙂

  48. Ok – I’m seeing a mix of leanings on the jury based on this first round of questions. Some seem supportive of the PTSD, and some not supportive. Maybe a hung jury or lesser charge is brewing here.

  49. Crap, did he just allude to his impression that JA looked to TA as someone who would improve her status in life (that’s what all the TA bunch keep stating).

  50. Since the Daylight Savings time change, I am SO confused..ugh…What time EASTERN will they be back if they are to return at 1:25 M…would it be 4:25E? Are they NOW 3 hours behind Eastern and before were they only 2 hours behind?