Jodi Arias Trial – Day 35 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 35, as Dr Richard Samuels continues answering the jurors questions.

All is good.

Team Jodi


  1. Okay – I’ll say this. I don’t like the juror question; “do you often make mistake while diagnosing?” Since that came after another “mistake” question, it make me think they are falling for JM’s rantings. And, I absolutely believe at least a couple are watching the nasties like NG, JVM and VP. Let’s hope they would at least be smart enough to visit here to see both sides.

    • You even have people here who haven’t bothered to actually listen to Dr. Samuels explain what the score of 69 means in the test in relationship to the 75 “cutoff score.” Psychologists don’t just arrive at a diagnosis based on a single score in one test.

      Hell, my brother’s diagnosis of a different problem was arrived at after over TWENTY different measures.

    • Do you think someone from the defense side is watching the talking heads to compair what is said on those shows vs the jury questions? On the previious thread someone wrote that some of the questions were word-for-word of what they heard on NG, JVM, etc.. If by the question(s) wording it could be proven a juror was watching the shows, what would happen? Besides them getting kicked off would it be a mistrial too?

      • At least two questions were word for word exactly from Nancy Grace. I jumped when I heard the first one. That is so wrong. I hope the defense figures it out and asks for a mistrial.

      • I don’t believe that no one on this jury is watching these shows on HLN. I wish they would nail them, whoever they are, and declare a mistrial. All HLN shows covering this are 100% in favor of the prosecution and NOT covering any of the defense side. They think (and who knows, they may be right) they can determine the outcome of this trial. Disgusting. Without the Arias trial, their ratings would continue to slide, as they have been. previous to this trial coverage.
        They are using her for money and ratings.

  2. Wouldn’t you think in a high profile case such as this, they would find another judge who could take on some of the unrelated motions, etc. that this judge has to tend to every morning. No wonder court is always running late. When you break it down, out of an 8 hr day, even on a good day, there is only about 3 or so hers of testimony each day! Seems to me that the trial should start at 9:00, at least, and go til 5:00, considering they have an hour and a half lunch and a break in the afternoon.

    • I was actually wondering if that was to give both witness and jury breaks so they stay alert. But now after all I’ve seen, I kind of think they wouldn’t do anything to be considerate of anyone in this courtroom. (Well except for the bullying, badgering and ranting of the prosecution.)

  3. I’m impressed with Jodi’s team. I’ve become fond of them. I’m also a Jodi Advocate. Posting “Team Jodi” on Beth Karas’s Facebook Page and watch heads explode! LOL TEAM JODI!!!!!!

    • I agree. The defense team is doing extremely well and I think she is lucky to have them. I feel for them and all their hard work and especially having to go up against that liar Martinez (constantly misinterpreting prior testimony and misleading the witness.) Also, I thought a prosecutor is not allowed to badger, hound, intimidate, etc. a witness. Is that lawful? Why does the judge constantly allow this?

    • I am new to this thread, having been “stuck” reading Beth Karas’s facebook page, not knowing this site was available.. Glad I found it… I was getting so upset reading the posts on her facebook page, I had to quit reading their comments all together. I felt like I was the only in the world who believed Jodi.. I would throw in a comment here and there, and get slapped down.. you just could not disagree with any one of them.. or you were evil.. etc. I am so sick and tired of the Vinnie Politans, Dr. Drews , and the Nancy Graces of the world.. I turn the channel when they are on… There is only one defense attorney I have heard on HLN, that is more leaning towards Jodi then any other, his name is Dwane Cates.. I am glad I found you all…

  4. The jurors need to understand that a patient or a person being evaluated CANNOT “game” a psychological test–it is impossible.

  5. What the juror(s) can’t seem to get in their heads is that the “intruder story” is actually part of her PTSD–it isn’t separate, and it isn’t indicative she is trying to “game” the test.

  6. The questions first asked in the morning session seemed like valid questions. IMO, not knowing if these are from all or one or two jurors, they seem to me as they don’t want to believe JA has PTSD.

    Anybody else?

    • Or they want something to validate it. I just tired of some of the fixation on her lying to the detective about the intruder story or the not-being-involved story when Dr. Samuels clearly explained those were part of the PTSD.

    • I think the jury is asking all the right questions and getting the answers that will make it an acquittal. I thought no way Casey Another was going to be found guilty. But a lot a people were upset at the verdict, thinking the jury got it wrong. I believe this jury will have no problem getting it right. I feel they just want to cross all t’s and dot all the i’s. Sweet Dreams Jodi…You will be free soon!

  7. She didnt write any negative things on her journals because maybe there were NO negatine things about him to write??????Are the jurors witnessing the same trial as we are?I want to keep positive but i just DONT get some of these questions.

    • The juror clearly wasn’t closely listening to the “law of attraction” testimony Jodi talked about at length.

  8. That is awesome! He just got a dig in at Martinez right after getting in that the crime scene clean up did NOT show premeditation!

  9. Really, a jury wants to know how he could be sure JA wanted to please TA. How could that even be a question at this point in the trial.

    • a lot of the questions seem that at least one of them(since we dont know if they’re coming from one or more people)does NOT believe almost a word that’s come out of her mouth or the expert doctor or her lawyers.Hey,it’s just my opinion,dont stone me LOL!

  10. So he is basically telling the Juror’s that Jodie did what she had to to survive. She was NOT jealous. He believes her.

  11. I just wanted to clarify something I said earlier….
    While I do agree that I hate the way the HLN portrays and reports on this trial, and I certainly do not base my opinions on this case based solely on what they say over there, I will say however, that I have gained some insight into this case, especially when Jose Baez was on there the other night. I did appreciate looking at the scale model of the room, it gave me perspective of the area. I really enjoy listening to him, I just wish he was available more often to give his insight, and I wish it wasn’t on HLN…also Gus Searcy..I would of never known that he heard Jodi and TA arguing because it wasn’t allowed in testimony. That is important to me in forming my conclusion that TA was abusive, no doubts about it.
    I also appreciate listening to Mr Gagic and his blogradio programs. That is another media area I search for to get perspectives on the case.
    What is truly alarming is the amount of people who offer no intelligent argument to the trial, and there are many. We all have right to our opinions of course, it just unreal how some people think and what they are willing to believe, just to fit into the mold they think is the popular opinion. It makes me fear for our justice system, truly. This should be a wake up call for all of us to really pay attention to who we vote for in our legislators and our justices.

    • It’s the negative effect on the justice system that I worry about. The media should NOT be in the business of cultivating a lynch mob mentality.

        • Yes, he is the next contestant on their fucked up game show. I am in the habit of waiting to see what the prosecution has to say before forming an opinion either way BUT from what I’ve read, there seems to be a lot more to this story than what the media is letting on.

          I notice the media is starting to make a habit of steamrolling Latinos, in a day in age where hate crimes against them are at an all time high. NOT COOL.

  12. Good grief I want to backslap TA’s family!!!!! Their smirks are SO DISRESPECTFUL…OMG…the brother’s smirks and dirty looks…and the sister’s are shaking their heads at every answer Dr. Samuel’s gives!!!

    AND…Jodi NEEDS TO EAT. She is losing so much weight. You see her bones!! My God…my heart breaks for her. I want to send her a carvel cake!

    GO JW!!!

    • I know, thats what I dislike the most!!! And people want to feel bad for them!!!! UUUUHHHGGG They’re doing it on purpose! !!!

      • Yes, exactly. Here’s the thing – I WANT to feel bad for them. For the most part I feel bad for anyone who loses a loved one so tragically. But the constant inappropriate behavior makes it very hard for me to feel bad for them at all.

    • Inmates at Maricopa County jail have to pay for their meals I think about $1.25 per meal. It they can’t afford it the jail provides the meal, but if money is sent into their commissary the money will first go for the food supplied by the jail and then commissary items. Arpaio only gives bologna sandwiches for lunch and dinner, if I remember correctly.

      There are lawsuits regarding this issue from civil rights attorneys.

    • I beg all of you to leave TA’s family out of the discussion here. They are innocent victims who believe what they have been told – that Jodi killed their brother in cold blood in a jealous rage. I have nothing but sympathy for them, they are heartbroken and their lives will never be the same. No matter what happened, they are just his loving siblings. Sometimes it is hard to be kind, be kind anyway, it costs you nothing.

      • I agree. They really don’t have any idea what really happened that day, and they probably will never truly know.

        None of us will, including Jodi.

        • I’m with you Mintz! Travis’s family is not on trial and are dealing with the loss of a family member. I feel the same way about Jodi’s family as well. “Be kind” is not hard to do and when did we choose to do the opposite? Both families are entitled to respect and empathy for what they have been through.

  13. I’m getting ready to go out to dinner with some family. I’m sorta glad so that I will miss JM’s turn back up at the Dr. I don’t think that I can handle his grating on my last nerve tonight.

  14. Thats exactly right…he is doing a great job today. The jury needs to pay attention to his answers, no one uses a test SOLELY to diagnose a patient. I don’t get why the jury isn’t getting that…or is it that maybe one or two don’t want to get it…thats what I’m getting from these lines of questions

  15. WooHoo Mr. Nurmi is looking shnazzy in his black suit and fuschia tie 🙂 I look forward to seeing him each day.

  16. JM

    Distracts from not being able to show
    the premed/intent evidence that would have been available

    if this all occurred. That’s why his only focus is about lies;

    If he had a case he wouldn’t be completely dependent on JA and grilling everyone 24/7.

    I find his behavior disturbing and abusive.


  17. I like Samuels very much but there are some answers that he could hit a home run on but gets a little off track. You can see when this happens and JW sighs a little.

  18. When Dr. Samuels answered a juror question about the validity of the PDS test, I thought I heard him say that there were no validity studies of this test. If so, then this is unfortunately an indicator that he has not familiarized himself with the standardization data. Here is a link that reports some limited validity data.

    Note that high “face validity” is reported in the form of high internal consistency. This means that the items are basically measuring the same thing. Also, further construct validity is reported indicating “an 82% agreement between diagnosis using the PDS and the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM.” The abbreviation DSM refers to the “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.”

    See also the following study:

    Also, see:

    “These findings suggest that the PDS might serve as an acceptable screening device for identifying cases of PTSD…but clinicians should be aware of elevated false positive rates.

    If I had been doing this evaluation, I would have used other methods to assess PTSD, including some of the instruments mentioned that are not simply self-report but result from a structured interview. I also would have been concerned to identify possible malingering. There instruments for identifying a tendency to make one appear mentally ill, such as is the Structured Inventory of Malingered Symptomatology (SIMS), which is a self-report questionnaire that questions defendants about their amnesia. The assumption behind the SIMS is that a malingerer (liar) will exaggerate symptoms.

    I have respect for Dr. Samuel’s clinical intuition and open-mindedness, but I would have liked to have seen more hard data in a court case with a rabid prosecutor. He has an appreciation for Jodi’s spectrum of strange behaviors and their suggestion of a possible dissociative disorder. I would have liked to see that he had explored a dissociation diagnosis more fully. It would be much more compelling as a way of explaining her behavior to the jury as something much more than simple lying.

  19. Gotta LOVE JW – stupid objected to her question about no one being home to help Jodi – she rephrased the question and got an answer!!!

    She is AWESOME!!!!!

    • She is doing great.Hopefully this will clear up the jurors questions.She good at detail and so is the Dr. Almost hope J.M. doesn’t get a chance to question the Doc today.The Doc needs a good night sleep to put up with Kermit.

  20. JW just asked a question, but Samuels is drifting with his answer. Don’t get me wrong, I like him, but he sometimes goes off track and I lose him. JW also has to ask the question again to get a simple yes or no. The more his says the more ammo he gives the ankle biter.

  21. Samuels should just answer the question. For example, when he just said “No, it doesn’t mean their assertive” but then he went on into “well, sometimes they can be with others”. He already testified that she wasn’t at all assertive in her life.

  22. SHIT. did he just say he would ignore her until she would become desperate and fear of abandonment and would contact him??

    • I noticed he wasnt taking notes todays. What is he going to talk or ask about? ? He’s already made up his mind that his going to ask whatever comes to mind and however he wants to ask it..

  23. there are always 3 sides to every story, Her’s, His and the truth.
    The facts of life are that people will remember things how THEY understood it to be.
    How many times has something happened so fast that you “think” you saw this or “think” someone said “that” ? This Martinez, takes peoples words and pulls out certain words from their statements and then puts that word into a different sentence, and then asks the person on the stand ” Did you just use the word “________” ? well, yes they did, but not in the sentence Martinez is using. This is a sneaky low-handed trick to confuse the witness and to manipulate the jury. Martinez GTFO of the justice system, you don’t care if she is innocent or not, you just want another notch on your belt.
    Here is a article that I found to be interesting about the corruptness that goes on just to get a conviction.

    • Good point, SH! I think this is an ethical issue. His trick is underhanded and in no-way meant to get to the truth. Surely he can be reported for this?

      • NBH,

        We have travis’s own words. ” I raped you when you were miserable.” We have texts and emails were jodi never uttered a malicious thought because you know Juan would have been all over that. We have a messy crime scene, and a psychologist that is very credible and able to detect b.s. despite what the naysayers say. We have a lot that points to self defense. We know travis cheated on Jodi and lied to her face. There is zero evidence she stalked him yet that was the prosecution’s claim in the begining. Much of his theory has been destroyed by tangible proof. There is proof other than Jodi’s words if you choose to look at it.

        • Yes. The dynamics of the relationship are pretty much textbook “someone’s getting abused there”. And that person sure is not Jodi.

          So lawyers must have ethical duty to not use ‘tricks’, surely? I mean this is 2013 already. Martinez is using word play and he’s not even doing it very well.

    • Thanks for the article, SH. It is quite depressing. But at least there IS an article documenting the fact that a problem exists. Just not seeing any remedies being applied to the problem. Little slaps on the prosecutors’ wrists don’t cut it. How does an innocent person ever get their life back after all the damaging ramifications have taken place while they’ve been serving time? Very sad.

  24. I just read a comment online about this page. It stated that this group was, among other things “a bunch of highschool drop outs”???

    I had to laugh! I suspect there are (at least) two other Ph.Ds/MDs who post regularly on this site.

  25. I do wish that when JW gets the answer she’s looking for Dr. Samuels would stop. For example, he doesn’t need to add that “memory” is a newer science.

    Anybody else?

    • I think he is using examples to clarify things to the jury. He may have made the analysis that the juror questions indicate they are confused and sometimes it is helpful to laymen to use analogies.

    • I know what you mean, he goes on far too long, and is probably causing some to zone out to his important part of the answer.

      And I don’t need to be talked down to and have him explain the meteor analogy again.

      Please Dr…just answer the question and keep it short. I am losing the important part of your answer and that is the part that helps JODI!!

    • Another example on the hours spent, Dr. Samuels did well with this the other day and didn’t need to add the comment that “sometimes evaluators do more than 30 hours depending on the circumstance.” The fact is 30 hours is above average for an evaluation.

      • 30 hours for an evaluation has to be an extremely thorough evaluation. I’ve never been in therapy myself, but I would assume a therapy session is about an hour (at least that’s what they are in books and on TV). So if one went to a therapist twice a week 30 hours would be almost 4 months for just the evaluation. I’m sure if you had to go to a therapist twice a week for 4 months before they started any actual therapy, psychologists would be a seriously unemployed bunch.

        I’m sure they can make a preliminary evaluation and start therapy way before 30 hours. Now speaking logically, if one was to start therapy and if it were to have any valid results, one would have to be pretty certain of what they were doing so as to possibly not mess the patient up any worse.

        So 30 hours of evaluation must be very deep. I wonder how many hours the prosecution expert spent with Jodi.

    • Dr. Samuels is a competent clinician, it seems. However, like many clinicians, a good researcher he is not. He would be well advised to stick to clinical issues and leave the science to others.

    • I’m glad he’s spending a long time on each answer. I’m interested in what he’s saying. Also, it’s reinforcing his original testimony before JM had his tantrum, and I’d like to see the jury go home for the weekend with their minds on the doctor’s sensible testimony. I hope he and JW go on until the end of the day.

    • Wes, interesting article!

      Did you notice on the sex tape, when Travis was talking to Jodi; he was saying that Abe “had no soul”? That he was just a “ghost” to him? Because he was “dating his girlfriend”?

      And notice how Travis’ friends went on the media talking about how Jodi “has no soul” – basically parroting Travis’ words?

      The logic seems to be that once someone ceases to serve another’s personal agenda, that they are basically nonpersons. They are walking, talking husks that can be disposed of without remorse. That humanity is not self evident, it is a status bestowed and revoked on a conditional basis.

      • MB
        I wasn’t aware of the use of the language “has no soul”, and “ghost”. It’s strange, and bizarre language. Are they the language of Mormonism, comparable to ex-communication, and dis-communication. The weapons used to deal with heretics, and others, holding alternative, or dissenting opinions, or lacking the required subservience, or obedience, to the religious hierarchy.
        If so, it looks like Travis Alexander’s “friends” have hijacked such terms in an attempt at personal retribution against Jodi.

        • Hmmm I don’t know if they are mormon terms specifically, and I agree that they adopted them to dehumanize Jodi. I have also seen people call Jodi “IT.” But for Travis, I do think it indicates how his mind worked and how he viewed others.

  26. No kidding – I just got home, posted here, situated myself then clicked the “live trial” link just in time for the afternoon recess. Dangit. Did it seem to go well this afternoon?

  27. Any idea when all this questions from jurors were submitted (like day) and where was aired the blonde PPL woman who said that has been confronted by JA in a toilet?

  28. I think Dr Samuels derailing under JM prosecution was defense stratedgy demonstratine of effects of controlling personality style as was Jodi’s

  29. Not sure if this has been said..Watching NG the other night when the “drunk friend” who was supposedly hanging all over TA at the PPL event where JA cried alone in the bathroom seemed familiar to me.. And she mentioned in a round about way jodi had said she wasn’t going to go ATV riding with them on June 6th ( she made it sound as though JA wasn’t invited and it was meant for qualifying PPL employees) anywho…. She (drunk friend) was actually impaled by a tree branch through the gut on an ATV around a month after Travis was found.. Apparently Dave Hall was there and of course told his rendition to reporters.. This group of people has some realllllllyyy shitty luck, Jodi included. Don’t cross paths with legal shield !

  30. chris stark @stark3923 49s
    #JodiArias trial watchers were kicked out of court. One woman said to another she wished “Jodi were dead.” Security removed the woman

  31. I like that they are going over all the names Travis used to call Jodi. and she pauses at the end in disgust… (orfor drama – who cares … it workedfor me) and says “Three hole wonder.” No kidding. That Travis… what a sweetheart. Those texts are Terrible.

    • This is one of my first times posting… I wanted to be able to discuss the trial without being screamed at for believing that Ms. Arias is telling the truth. I also think that the psychologist. did a great job yesterday… did you see when he countered JM and made JM stumble over his words and get all flustered? And the psychologist smiled? I wanted to high-five him.

  32. Pardon my French, but this little fucker cannot seem to be able to hold a respectful, professional interview.

    what a piss poor excuse for an attorney.

    • This guy is sick. Compassion/sympathy, are different. Compassion is a form of sympathy.
      Jury will start to despise him too. Any doctor who is not a robot is unprofessional? Since when?

  33. “He’s trying to be non-responsive.” NO HE’S NOT, KERMIT. Do you not understand when people are trying to answer a question?

  34. JW just objected saying the documents were not disclosed. This leads us back to the State’s expert releasing information to JM that is a violation.

  35. This is an abomination. That judge has no control over her court room. Mr. Martinez needs to be spoken to. Just for the record, I viewed another trial, online, in which Mr. Martinez was the prosecutor. His behavior is the same as it is now and he often asked the person in the witness box, “Do you have a problem with your memory?” He was just as abrasive. I am surprised he has not been sanctioned. His love of twisting the words and yelling, “Yes or no?” The doctor is going to speak up to him.

    • I think the Jury sees right through Martinez, and if they didn’t believe the Doctor they would not ask so many questions, Martinez is so BAD i know he has the Cheer leading Media behind him, but he is a Liar, He is horrible abusive scattered and Dr. Samuel’s should sue him for defamation of character, Martinez is an ugly short ignorant little NAZI, i have never seen such a little piece of CRAP in my life Dr. Samuel’s is a nice Man. How much time will Martinez spend on the Self Help Book, Please that was so silly. I think Martinez needs to be disbarred.

  36. its very telling that he is going all nuts over a score.. but not the content. its like… Martinez… should you be grabbin those straws without gloves on sir?

  37. “Sir do you have any memory problems?”

    “No more problems than you do”

    “Objection – non responsive”

    “Overruled the answer will stand”

    Bwahahahaha PRICELESS!!

    • Martinez speaks poorly and does not have a good command of the English Language, so he screams to compensate for his poor linguistic skills. His ignorance is glaringly obvious in contrast to Dr.Samuel’s exceptional intellect and ability to be descriptive in such a dense subject, Dr. Samuel’s uses language very well and is not boring. Martinez is too disorganized and relies heavily on misquoting, twisting smearing and just plain lying. But the shouting and insulting people is just not the proper decorum for a Court Room its more like a low class Bar Room Brawler. I would suggest that the Judge discipline Mr. Martinez and tell him to comport himself in a manner that is acceptable to civilized human beings. This Judge has NO CONTROL!!

  38. i hate him and i dont even know him.
    Should I ever get murdered, I do NOT want him prosecuting. I mean.. seriously.

  39. Yay Dr.! in response to JM asking, “Do you have problems with problems with your memory, sir?” (a repetitive question out of his mouth1)..Dr. replies, “not any more than you do sir!”

  40. Boy he missed his chance on that question. Sir have you conducted a diagnosis on the prosecutor.

    My answer:

    I have been watching you for the last few days and so I have in fact done a diagnosis. You sir are the posterior of a diarrhetic horse, except in the case of the horse it isn’t his fault.

  41. couple of different definitions of compassion, could be sympathy, twisting of words again, compassion is the empathy not sympathy

  42. Jennifer is sitting on the edge of her chair, waiting to spring up with an objection… Like a snake coiled up to strike; I LOVE her!!!

  43. Now Jm is playing the synonym game…let’s bring Websters Dictionary in WTF? Compassionate vs. sympathetic, etc)

    • this is a mere proof to me how good Dr S’s evaluation is, so now he needs to destroy Dr S by trying to make him look like he was biased and unethical by giving her the book

    • He’s trying to make Dr. Samuels’ compassion/EMPATHY towards Jodi look inappropriate in terms of the relationship between a doctor and a patient. JM is a sick, twisted little fucktard who makes it more and more obvious every day that he hasn’t gotten laid in a LOOOOONG time.

      Doctors who aren’t compassionate/empathetic towards their patients are those doctors that everyone HATES because their bedside manner sucks.

  44. Is this trial about a murder, or a compassionate therapist.>? I am confused. Like shut the hell up. Also Judge Sherry… You are fired. we will send you your stuff. Dont let the door hit your ass on the way out,.

  45. okay… so he cannot prove premeditation, so the doctor being compassionate makes Jodi a premeditated murderer?

  46. We need to give JM a pogo stick!…and one of those beanie caps with the propeller on top and a wad of bubble gum.

  47. Desperate little prick… literally.
    i would so throw a drink in his face if he was close enough.
    may he catch his privates in his zipper for making me listen to this!

  48. I’m calling it again… BUFFOONERY from the Court Nazi!!! No Soup for You, Mr. JM (per Soup Nazi from Seinfeld) 🙁

  49. All he has is this book! NOTHING else! The rabid dog is out of its cage! Where is Atticus Finch when we need him?

    • It would do no good – JM can argue, badger and use any dirty trick he likes until he gets the answer he wants. From what I see, the judge is fine with it. I cannot believe this is a real court of law; it is sickening and a mockery of our judicial system. Ack!

      • I think the judge is listening to her soap opera through inconspicuously placed ear-buds. She seems to be out of it… Does she even have a gavel?

  50. I am thinking of littany of curses for him. All small, painful things.
    That equal how much cringing I am doing listening to this. IS THE DAMN JUDGE EVEN AWAKE, or is there a recording of “Overrulled” that the transcriber is playing!!!

  51. I really hate that man, no matter what anyone says. If I were on the jury, I wouldn’t be believing what he is dishing.

  52. so……………. now this is a trial about a compassionate therapist. Not a trial about anything else.

    Because the doctor sent a book, Jodi is guilty.

    I don’t want to live on a planet that allows this kind of bullshit.

  53. … This is the first time I’ve seen Kermit questioning the Dr. WTF!!!! This is ridiculous.

    I feel like this trial is bad for me becauseI feel like I’m hating the haters as much as they hate Jodi. This is not good!

    Good god, let it go with this book already…

  54. JM is SO condescending! Yikes! I wonder if the detective is actually there on his own devices or if he is court ordered? I can’t imagine JM having any authentic friends.

  55. I wish we could voice chat. I bet we would all sound VERY VERY PISSED!
    Also. I would not fault Nurmi for just hulking out on him and squashing him. HE has such control.

  56. JM is just sinking himself into a quagmire of total ignominy. Any juror who is not a turbid abuser can now see right through him.

  57. Everything seems to come back around to sex with this idiot. If he can’t get Jodi convicted of premeditated murder, he’ll argue that she’s some sexual vampire who lures everyone into her clutches. Asshole.

  58. The book the book see Jaun the book. Sam gave Jodi the book. What the hell. Sounds like a first grader! No pass to second grade.

  59. Is he trying to make the jury believe that the good doc had the hots for Jodi?????? Oooh she’s such a seductress, right? JESUS!!!!

    • That’s how it comes across to me. I don’t think he is only trying to say he crossed the line from evaluator to therapist. Remember the jury had the question regarding the bond Samuels has with JA. All because of JM’s tactics which in no way point to premeditated murder.

      I’m disgusted.

      • You know, Jodie, I would put money down that the ONLY reason JM is badgering this point is b/c a juror asked a question insinuating this. So… he’s using it to pound the point into whomever the dolt was who asked it. (And, sadly, that person is probably buying into it.)

    • Yes – that is exactly what he is doing. He is hoping this will discredit the good Dr. And I’m sure at least one of the jury is falling for it (judging from the previous juror questions).

      • Unfortunately, I missed the juror questions almost entirely as I was super busy at work. I tried to read through the live blog, but got sick of all the tweets from people slamming Jodi and it pissed me off. I hope someone is good enough to compile a list.

        But seriously, if there’s a juror thinking the good happily married doc had the hots for Jodi, then that could very well be an older male who also got turned on by those dirty pics. I mean, how often (other than porn) does an old guy get to see pics like that of a sexy woman with a great bod?

  60. This is a travesty. Watching JM perform, I would have more comfort being in court for murder in a country that has no judicial law under a dictatorship.

  61. This is a three ring circus ….. what a disgrace to our court systems in America to allow this to go on. WTF this is a per-medication murder trial. Not sympathy or compassionate.

    JUAN is the worse prosecutor I have ever seen in a murder trial. Give him the Death Penalty and save us all from a migraine and wanting to jump through our computer screens to strangle him.

    He cant prove his ass from a hole in the ground. Pathetic excuse for a human being.

  62. WOW this is my first time posting but
    I seriously am experiencing a bad case
    of “VERTIGO” watching JM twirl and whirl
    like a out of control teacup at Disneyland.
    Wow this guy needs a Xanax or two!
    He may be the most annoying person I have ever seen in my life.

  63. I just had to turn the sound down a little….he is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn loud!! Plus I’m still at work. I am so glad reruns of NCIS are on tonight until 10:00. It will keep me from watching any of the BS on TV tonight!!!

  64. hypothetical.

    I hypothisize that the little guy, dosent get much sex. At all. He is so hateful his own hands wont touch him. Makes for many lonely showers.

  65. I think Dr. Samuels is an amazing psychologist. I must say that if I were on that jury, I would vote Not Guilty based solely on Martinez being an ass!

  66. JM’s exceptionally agitated because I think he feel’s like he lost ground on the last segment from Q&A + JW’s redirect.

    The good doc should continue addressing him like a patient parent calming down a child throwing a tantrum. (Caution – could have a disastrous effect on JM’s mental status) 🙂

    • Oh you mean you don’t think he’s great, and a hot sexy older man? Don’t you want to do him?

      (Dripping with sarcasm, and apologies for making you feel ill.)

    • I think JM not only knows he’s lost ground, he knows his “expert” cannot measure up to Dr Samuel’s experience and training….and he is just plain mad. All he can do to pre-emptively cover for his “expert’s” lesser experience and training, is try to tear down Dr. Samuels.

      • It will be interesting to see what the state’s expert has to say…It would be funny if she agreed mostly with Dr. Samuels.

        • If their expert agreed with Dr. Samuels in any way.. you can bet she/he wouldnt
          be testifying .. JM knows whats he or she is going to say before they ever get on that stand.. or they wouldnt.

  67. Good lord. Been listening while I make dinner, and I have to say Martinez is being especially vile today. I didn’t think he could get worse, but he’s done it.

  68. Good Grief, I know if I were on the jury I might get kicked off or arrested for contempt of court. There is absolutely no way I could sit and listen to JM without an outburst; “Move on, for God sakes!” or “Are you friggin’ serious!? He is allowed to have feelings! How dare you use that against him!” That prosecutor is sub-human, imho.

    • You said it. I don’t care what you think somebody has done, not having compassion when you see them suffer is cold. This is why, as the Dr explained even soldiers and cops who have shot the “bad” guys suffer from PTSD.

      But then I guess a person who can see someone strapped to a gurney and have their life taken at his behest is probably not a paragon of compassion. That is the whole problem with a justice system that actually allows for the death penalty. In asking for the death penalty you are actually you are actually asking for a human being to be put to death. How can a person who willingly tries to convince people to kill another person, for whatever reason, not lose a certain part of their soul?

      Do we know if JW gets a redress after this?

      On an entirely different subject, I just saw Jodi smile. She does have a pretty smile. That could be my daughter.

      • She does, doesn’t she? Looks like she has a little dimple there in a least one cheek when she smiles. I love dimples. Always wished I had had dimples myself.

    • Honestly, if I was on that jury, I might have to try to strangle Kermit, or at least, slap him across the face.

  69. I have just diagnosed myself with an anxiety disorder JMCED… Juan Martinez cross examination disorder… I figit..snarl..bounce my knee uncontrollably and my eyes just roll around in my skull.. This man makes me insane.

  70. JM’s technique is to attack attack with stupid low blows then bring in whatever he thinks is evidence to whatever when the witness is still in shock. Jodi took it better than the doctor, but she’s had had a looooooooooong experience of verbal abuse.

    • The definition from Webster has to be a first as a grabbing at straws tactic.

      Even after the Dr. says he doesn’t feel sorry for JA, the ankle biter still uses that in questions like because you felt sorry for her ——. JW has objected for beyond scope but didn’t object to misrepresents the testimony that the witness didn’t say he felt sorry for JA.

  71. So, if the Dr didn’t disclose this where did JM get them from. Plus the Doc already said he redid this for his own reference. So how the hell does it matter.

    As a scientist/engineer I can tell you that we often re-do stuff just for our own peace of mind after reports have been handed in. We would only report the results of a reanalysis if it changed our opinion, as expressed in the report.

    • Exactly! Teeny Gnat just seizes whatever straws he happens to be able to grasp to try to paint it as something significant that it is not. What is so exasperating to me are all the gnat worshippers out there that fall for his sleight of hand and imagine that something substantial actually exists.

    • Yes, I agree. But from what I understand he did not include the self-defense story in his addendum. I have never chosen to omit subsequent information from a report.

      That said, I base my finds upon a scientific formula. I suspect there is more room from a ‘grey area’ and opinion in psychology. Maybe one of the docs in that field could shine some light?

    • Exactly Al, and based on the quantitative analysis that I have done in my career, it is not unusual to get a slightly different result every time you test, but it doesn’t change the final conclusion. The difference between 15 and 17 would be insignificant.

  72. You know I absolutely do not have any issues with blood pressure BUT whenever Juan Martinez is up for cross examining, I swear my blood pressure goes through the roof!!!

    I can’t stand how he handles himself. I am not sure how he became a prosecutor. I am an avid watcher of CSI, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, NCIS and I do not recall that prosecutor’s in those shows have to such an a**hole. He is just on this rampage to prosecute and find Jodi guilty because that would mean another win on his personal tally keeping of winning trials. I know that Judge Stephens has never sat in on a murder trial but I think it’s ridiculous the way Judge Stephens allow such behavior in her court room. I wonder if this was staged from the JM’s side to have her as a judge so he would win favor and the trial?! It’s awful, I can’t understand how he became a prosecutor let alone a lawyer!!!!!


  73. Do any of you see what this ass has done TO us in just a few minutes? NEGITIVE ……sure wouldn’t want to invite him to a party…..who said he was really a nice guy?

    • It takes a special kind of hatefulness to behave like JM….if I had to behave like him to win a case…….all I can say is forget it! I would not have an ounce of self respect left after conducting myself like JM does in court.

      The haters are loving it though. I’m sure they think JM really made some points today, only because all they understand is hatefulness.

    • Can Jodi really confess to killing Travis? I ask because considering her amnesia all she really knows is:

      Travis lunged at her – the gun she was holding and pointing in his direction went off – she wasn’t sure the bullet hit him – she scrambled away from him. The next thing she remembers is being on a highway in the desert at night with a gun and knife, etc., in her car and blood on her clothes.

      She could say: Well, there was no one else there so I must have killed him. However, she doesn’t really know if anyone came into the house after hearing the gun shot – it’s unlikely someone else was came in because Travis was dead within a few minutes but she can’t swear there was no one else because she doesn’t remember anything .

      To me, she’s being tried for Travis’s death on strong, very strong circumstantial evidence. She can’t swear that she knows positively that she killed him. Even the gunshot would may not have been fatal – life changing with some brain damage probably – but not necessarily a fatal wound. How can you confess to something you can’t remember?

  74. Judge is following up with jury about seeing or hearing about the case. I’m sure something is brewing on that end behind the scenes. IMO. Listening to some of the questions makes it obvious.

    • ya that question about writing negative things about TA because maybe there wasnt anything negative to write?? somebody’s been watching HLN or is married to a hater on the trial page! LOL ….Something is definately up with that!

    • I know the judge HAS to ask,but as I’ve said before,to me it’s just a mere formality this questioning of hers.What do they think?That someone is gonna raise their hand and say,yeah I’ve been regularly watching TV shows,surfing the net and talking to my wife/husband who actually hates Jodi ans wants to see her dead. I mean c’mon,the judge has to rely on the Jury’s good will.IMO.of course! And as hard as anyone tries to convince me of the opposite,I have the firm belief that since they were not sequestered and this trial is ALL OVER THE news,there no chance that at least one or two jurors hasnt heard or seen or read sth.

      • True. But if they get caught, I think they can get into some sort of legal trouble. They’d get dismissed, and the entire trial would be compromised.

          • Oh gosh no, not at all. I was just agreeing with your comment. I was merely stating, it is a huge risk for them to lie because they may actually be able to easily get caught. It would be a lot harder for them to separate what they learned in the courtroom and what they learned on the news. 🙂

            If they are listening to the news, I sincerely hope they get caught and Jodi is able to get acquitted because of it.

            • Yes,they’d be risking a lot by watching anything.Yet,since TECHNICALLY there’s no other way to know if they do or do not(well other than the Judge asking them)we can never be 100% sure,I’m afraid.Even if a couple of their questions echo HNL the ”guilty” juror can always say ”No,it was me doing the thinking.Purely my opinion.”
              🙁 poor Jodi,that’s all I can think of,to be honest.

          • I remember from the WM3 case, the Echols/Baldwin trial, that after sentencing a large sheet that had been used in the jury room surfaced. They had created a list of pros and cons during deliberations, and one of the items on that list was Jessie Miskelley’s confession. Problem was though that this ‘evidence’ had never been allowed or entered in the Echols/Baldwin trial. The jury members had crossed it off the list, but it was clear proof that -against the judge’s order- they HAD been watching/reading about the case and even considered this in their eventual verdict.

            So I guess it would be possible to get caught, it only takes one slip-up.

      • Today the judge inquired of the jurors before they left if they have seen any coverage, heard anything, has anyone tried to talk with them or contact them. IMO, more questions than I remember her asking in the past.

        • It wasn’t just remember my admonition, etc., she was asking them if they have seen, heard, watched, been contacted.

        • i hope she asked them because there questions for him were those spoken by HLN staff of horrible people … they were using their exact words. IF they are not sequestered then they are watching it or taking to someone who is.

  75. omygod….there will be 10 more freaking days on this at least.

    what does juan do on the weekends? I suggest checking graveyards for desecration. I Picture him eating the bones of the dead

  76. Couple things I had noted I wanted to pass on to you guys:

    Am I reading it right that Travis had only slept 45 minutes sleep the night before the incident? So he’d likely have been in a worse mood because of lack of sleep? And even more likely to snap?

    Can someone try to find out where Ashley Reed died? And what police jurisdiction the location would be? It”s not Maricopa Sheriff apparently, as they had no record. We need the incident report.

    The one and only reason for so many jury questions, IMHO, is because nobody could possibly discern the integrity of any witness testimony because of Martinez’ manipulative, deceptive, tricky, out of context, asshole style of questioning. THAT is the ONLY reason. He is DESPERATE to trip up the doctor. Where is HIS freakin’ psychology degree?

    Oh, the haters go into a tail spin when they hear something the least bit factual that spits in the eye of Martinez. I posted the motion to compel the receipts as “put up or shut up Martinez” we now know it was a bluff.. and hopefully he can get sanctioned for it, as Nurmi points out it’s against a discovery rule.

    Thanks for offering a kind word to me last night. I wish my toughness was more consistent! I can’t even imagine how this must be to all the family and true friends. Sorry if I don’t respond to replies on here often. Like a lot of you, I have hard time keeping up and I get sidetracked really easily….::)

    • It ended with a sidebar – once again due to JM’s insane tactics. JM was badgering the Dr. about the book, the doc’s fabricated “emotions” and using his usual bully, b.s, has-no-evidence style of prosecution. It was sickening to watch and just as sickening in what the judge allowed him to get away with.

      Then the judge told the jury the rundown / schedule of the next 10 DAYS! And I believe they are starting at 10am on Monday. (Can anyone confirm this?)

  77. IF JUAN MARTINEZ was a criminal, oof, you would not want to be his victim, he would have no qualm about killing someone whether they were innocent or not. His ultimate goal would be to go for the throat and really if you were a victim, you would want him to kill you fast. Nothing would stand his way of his goal which would be to harm and kill. Ultimately, he would be caught and would need to be incarcerated for the rest of his life because he is NOT a human being, he does NOT know the definition of sympathy or compassion. This is how he is conducting himself in court. He doesn’t care if it makes sense or not he feels that if he is aggressive and goes for the throat, his ignorant ways will not be noticed. Is this what has become of the Justice in the United States?

  78. Thank you God for letting this be over for the weekend….Poor Jodi I’m sure this was so upsetting to her.
    I have never seen KN display anger like he did today.

    For Dr. S. the public will see this for what it was….@#%$^&^%$#@*&^***

    • I honestly do not see how any intelligent person can fall for his b.s. antics or “like” him. I feel that he insults my intelligence, insults professionals and the jury on a regular basis. He treats this as if it were a circus side-show while forgetting there are lives at stake; those of Jodi as well as her family having to live through this. And by dragging it out, it fuels even more hatred through the victim’s family and, it seems, the entire mormon community.

      • I find it impossible to believe that there are people who think he is a great pros and they agree with what he is doing. It just makes me sick. I agree with the post earlier about “if I were a juror…” I would also have screamed somethng by now.

      • Cindyp,

        I totally agree with you. I mean I don’t understand how Judge Stephens allows such behavior in her court!!! And I feel like he acts like a bull dog, bullying his way through his nasty and irrelevant questions and tactics!

  79. Another comments follower who has yet to comment, but I have to say, there is no doubt in my mind that some of the jury members in this case have been exposed to media sources for this case. I know others have previously pointed to verbatim repetitions of questions posed on HLN. I am curious about the question surrounding whether or not a bad haircut causing trauma…did anyone see the Jodi Arias spoof where the last question is asked “Do you have any regrets” and in the video she breaks down and starts crying and says, “yes my bangs!”

  80. Travis was such a dick!! This is so easy to see. JM looks defeated more than anything. Jodi is one day closer to victory. The dogacious bitch reporters and their minions can spin it all they want. It’s laughable. Be patient, Jodi. Time is on your side as these idiots dig their own grave.

          • the credit certainly doesnt go to me but to someone else on this site,mentioning a while ago that JM looks like Kermit the Frog-I remember lmao that day reading that comment.Maybe it was MB,coz I do remember MB making another acute comparison between Florez and a dog cartoon character.
            As for JM, he does look like Kermit,RIGHT??? lol!

          • I always thought it was his voice. He sounds just like Kermit, especially the times when Kermit (the frog, not the prosecutor) loses his cool and starts freaking out. Sounds just like Martinez.

  81. Odd question, but anyone else feel sorry for the puppy? I mean, he must miss Travis. 🙁

    To be fair, I don’t think it’s appropriate to say that the world is a better place without Travis. I think it’s a tragedy that he died.

  82. How many of you think the jury is NOT reading, watching, listening etc. I really want to be WRONG about it. When the judge asked those questions today adding has anyone approached you about this I grew more concerned. Many of the questions (IMO) parrot HLN? I want to be wrong about this.

    • I believe one way or another that they have been exposed to media coverage.It’s unlikely that they haven’t.Sad but possibly true.

    • I didn’t catch all the questions, I thought most of them were relatively thorough, sort of based on testimony. I think there are one or two jurors who would like to find her guilty, but maybe don’t have enough evidence, hence the overly harsh questions.

    • The judge allowed a high profile case to be televised AND allowed that the jury not be sequestered. I don’t think it’s fair.

      • Is it true that the jurors are not allowed to disclose to loved ones what case they are even on? So that means that the loved one could bring up the case or something relative to the case to the juror and what would the juror then do, say I cannot talk about that case? That would be a dead giveaway.

    • I dont believe the jury when no one raised there hands…. they are given to many days off who is going to be watching them you can tell me the internet and the tv and family and others that no one saw or said anything about jodi to them if I was a juror I would have to look because in court you only get so much info they have to be thinking what are they not telling me… Id be looking at everything and when asked did you I’d keep my hand down.

      • At the minimum, husbands and wives talk, mothers and daughters talk, sons and fathers, siblings talk and in a case like this, I question what the judge was thinking when she chose to unsequester this jury. Nurmi motioned for sequestering so maybe it could be a real appellate issue. I wish I had more knowledge about the higher courts. seems to me, it would have to be proven that jury members aren’t taking their duties seriously. I hope to heck I’m wrong though. Maybe Nurmi has investigators looking at the questions in conjunction with HLN coverage. But even then, they would have to prove it. ( I THINK )

    • I agree and since the questions are asked in open court they taint the entire jury and a mistrial should be declared (removal of a juror or jurors is not sufficient since the questions were heard by the entire jury).

    • JC-
      You just have to wonder, about the jury being influenced about what is going on in the media. I mean, I’ve been surprised with the support that JM has been getting from all the Jodi haters on sites and how the haters really love him and plaster his picture and words on their sites. I’ve also been really surprised by a picture of him even with one of the people on the Dr. Drew show, which really raises some significant issues.

      It seems the prosecution side can interact with the media and all but I haven’t seen any photos from Jodi’s lawyers smiling and interacting with the press or tv personalities covering this trial. I would think that the impression that can be left by glancing at these photos alone could influence jurors even more in the state’s favor since the press is so behind JM during this trial. The state should refrain from promoting this kind of PR, which is another reason that not sequestering jurors in high profile murder cases today is extremely risky. The media’s influence on shaping public opinion is greater-and goes deeper in our minds-than we often even realize.

      • He was photographed with one of the “experts” on Dr. Drew? Jodi’s lawyers have not interacted with the media from what i can tell. All we can do is hope and pray that someone notifies the judge of misconduct.

        I saw all those hero worship pictures of Juan plastered everywhere. He even accepts tips from that page. ” I wonder if we can email Juan with this and that. They watch Jodi like a stalker would such as when she took that folder to which she had every right to read. Remember the frenzy over her taking a pill too? HLN was all over it along with the haters. I think it’s none of their business what she medicine she takes and if the jail releases that info to the media like HLN wants?! I don’t think they will. I sure hope not!

      • It’s hard to conceive of ANY way that they have no knowledge of this case outside the court. I don’t see how that is possible. This just makes me sick. No trial for anyone should be handled this way. The judge, the pros… Disgusting!

  83. I think the judge may suspect something. I think that if she does, she needs to sequester the jury, but I am not sure if it will do much good if some of them are already poisoned.

  84. Ya know what, folks? Regardless of the outcome of this trial, and I certainly hope for an acquittal, even if Jodi is found guilty, there will be an appeal and THERE IS SO MUCH PROSECUTORIAL CONDUCT AND SO MANY THINGS THE JUDGE RULED ON THAT WILL BE UNDER APPEAL, that I personally would love to apply a job for and hopefully to help in such appeal. The way the Judge is handling this case to me already screams this in volumes.

      • Oh by the way, just off topic I had another funky dream.

        This time there was Sam and Dean from Supernatural, and Jodi was there with blonde hair. I was with Sam and Jodi was with Dean. Dean started going at her yelling at her; and I jumped between them, consoling him, assuring him that he would feel better in a few minutes, cool off, ect.

        I woke up and was like whaaaat? lol

          • lol maria so true… I think placating would be a better word!

            I think it was like some kind of acid flashback going back to the days where I thought being nice to abusers would make them stop attacking.

  85. Okay, I’m listening to the questions now and I’ve heard the judge mispronounce “actor” as “act….or” and “hippocampus” as “hypocampus” twice or three times. Can someone from that part of the country tell me, are these typical accent-related pronunciations for that area?

    • Yes, I commented about hearing both ‘habbocampus,’ and ‘hypocampus.’ It could either be her pronunciation or that she was reading exactly