Jodi Arias Trial – Day 34

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I make no excuses for my comments yesterday. I call it how I see it… and when Martinez tries to discredit an expert witness by questioning his ethics, his knowledge and (repeatedly) his memory, I’ll call him a piece of shit.

It’s also even more amusing how Martinez gets easily riled up when he thinks someone else is speculating on events – even though his whole case is based on speculation, as with the gun, the gas can and the Walmart receipt… right?

This 2 minute video clip (from yesterday) just about sums it all up:

[hdplay id=118 width=500 height=300]

Bottom line: PTSD is PTSD, no matter how you try and manipulate the results to mean something different. “You have no knowledge in this area” – as Dr Samuels rightly told Martinez… because you can’t study something for 35 minutes and know more about it than someone who’s studied it for 35 years. Fact.

I also called out the people that were aware of the physical & mental abuse TA inflicted on Jodi, TA’s attraction to children and his specific “age of attraction” as alluded to in his letters. I’m referring of course to habitual lying bastard Chris Hughes and his POS wife. They have set justice aside in favor of lying under oath to save their Mormon faces – and protect their PPL downlines. Dave Hall is preparing to follow suit. There’s a pattern here if you hadn’t already noticed.

Gus Searcy mentioned the prevalent knowledge of this abuse regarding “The Big Mormon Cover Up” in his interview with Greta a few days back.

There’s also an important point to remember here too. Although we call certain people out, we don’t do any hating on anyone in this site… nor do we wish anyone dead… nor do we wish anyone’s children dead…. nor do we wish anyone should be killed or get cancer, leukemia, aids or anything of the sorts. We leave that to the haters to do… and we leave them to operate at their best level, which is of courses several levels below us. The fact they can’t handle the truth is not our problem.

I’ll finish off by telling you this again, which a lot of people are thinking but nobody is openly saying:


The same goes for any other self-righteous bastard that thinks they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.

Because the fact is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it… but sometimes… well… you just can’t.

We are Team Jodi… we WILL be victorious… and we are proud to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.

Always have done.

Always will do.

Leave your your comments below on day 34…

Team Jodi



  1. I am so tired of Martinez acting like he’s expert on everything (other than how a prosecutor should behave in court). I can’t imagine his behavior isn’t having a negative impact of some of the jurors.

    • WHO INHERITED TRAVIS ALEXANDER’s PPL downline ? Chris Hughes stated in the TV special that they were informed about Travis Alexanders death at 4am , yet they still boarded the plane to Cancun hours later that day. Some friends they are , I would have canceled my trip and certainly put my life on hold if my best friend had died. ??????

      • That makes me wonder how “close” Travis actually was to Chris and Sky. They probably saw $$$$$$$ when hey looked at him rather than regarded him as a good friend. Cancun awaits, the funeral won’t be until after we get back! Jerks.

      • I thought that was strange too. I still do not understand why it took 5 days to find him. But yes why waste a trip when your very dear friend has been found dead. You can get back for the funeral. If that were my dear friend I would have stopped everything. Case in point how good of friends were they to him.

        • Maybe Nurmi can point out how controlling and toxic Travis Alexanders friends truly were. Sky should be asked under oath if Travis and her ever had sex ? She just lights up whenever she talks about him. Mainly just to rattle Chris Hughes chain.

            • Phillip…what you said is ok by me…I have seen how many of the girls light up when they are in Travis’ presence…YIKES…I have seen some of the guys light up in his presence…Travis was a very charismatic motivational speaker and he lured everyone into his net…

              • I don’t get this whole “motivational speaker” bit. Outside of the “motivational sales pitch” associated with PPL, to what other venues as he spoken?

          • I saw something very odd in Sky’s behaviour on the stand. It was almost as if she found it all humorous. I thought she was laughing at Jodi in a way.

            As for the “good friends” of TA’s…..I agree who would go on a vacation after finding out their “Friend” was killed.

            How could they all just point the finger at Jodi from the beginning when she was living 1,000. miles away?

            • Yes I thought that too, Sky was actually smiling when she told that she was helping the prosecution and supporting Travis; she’s a piece of work. Jodi was sitting feet away from her.

              • Watching the trial on TV and calling about things she said were wrong???
                And she said YES, she would like to see Jodi get the death pentalty???

                Who was the married woman Travis was flirting
                OR was it an affair?
                Anyone know?

          • Nurmi questioning any of Travis friends is useless they will lie for him., there is no proof, They appear daily on HLN and other shows trashing Jodi Arias. Besides their Doctrine teaches them to lie. Group Thought. So anyone who has a voiced any opinion in opposition to this will be slandered viciously. One look at his My Space page is proof positive that Jodi was one of many that he had relations with. Also Jodi herself was not cooperative with Nurmi with regard to abuse.She still seemed to protect his image or her image. I think this case is a mess. Its not first degree murder, 2nd degree or man slaughter. I do not ever expect anyone from this cult to be forthcoming. Too many similar stories of people like Travis.

            • That’s probably why none of the roommates have been called as witnesses. They would be equally as unreliable and the temptation to commit perjury would be too great.

              • They could subpoena them!

                Then is they so desire, they could plead the fifth OR be a hostile witness.

                Also why couldn’t they play their TV interviews, other interviews, just like they did Jodi,

                I can’t get over someone in the house, being there and not testifying.

        • POSSIBLY…it took 5 days to find Travis…because whoever set up the physical evidence in the home during those 5 days had to wait around smelling the decomposing smell…waiting for someone to come knocking on the door looking for Travis…and guess what…no one came looking until Monday night, June 9, 2008…Marie Hall came knocking on Travis’ door after 10 pm looking for him…and the rest is self-read in the Detailed Breakdown Report…

          The detective starts his questioning after 10 pm and immediately everyone at the house is pointing fingers at Jodi…(Something just sounds fishy about their comments!)

          • Truthseeker – one of the “funniest” things that I saw on the Flores Report was Flores interview with Marie Hall. It was states that she “didn’t know much other than what she learned tonight:
            1. Jodi was obsessive
            2. Jodi manipulated TA’s FB acct
            3. heard that Jodi sometimes came in through doggie door (no proof, she just heard that some where)
            4. Jodi was a “stalker ex-gf” who moved from CA to be near TA
            5. TA baptized Jodi into the LDS church
            6. Marie said she was “worried about her, because she was obsessive.” (I thought she didn’t know anything about her other than what she learned that night. Hmmm…)
            7. Jodi had stolen his personal journal
            8. Jodi had taken pages from TA’s new book
            9. TA spoke to Jodi sometime last week
            10. TA called Jodi to accuse her of hacking into either his email or FB, not sure which

            Then the paragraph ends with; “Other than this she knew very little about Jodi Arias.”

            Am I the only one who thinks that’s a LOT of info to learn about someone in just those hours? Wow! I don’t learn that much about people that I have worked with for months! lol

            • Great work Cindy…putting it in order like that let’s us see the whole story…I have felt all along that she is lying about something…and they were all ready to point fingers at Jodi and blame her for Travis’ death…

              SJ posted this link for us…if you haven’t read it yet…it is very telling…it is the Detailed Breakdown report taken directly from the Flores report and was put into a chronological order starting from Wednesday June 4, 2008 to Monday night, June 9, 2008…easier to read…

              Take notice of what time the roommate, Enrique comes home from work on Wednesday June 4, 2008…he said he arrived at Travis’ house after work…6-6:30 pm


            • Yea that sound like BS to me. This Mimi girl, I kindda felt bad for her because she looked like a nice shy girl (well into her 30’s). But then…. she might be acting, FAKER!!! She’s a little lier just like Lisa!!! They portray themselves to be something they’re not (God’s watching them though) and that’s what they should be so worried about since they’re SO religious.

      • In the beginning… the twisted news media wanted us to believe that Jodi traveled all night just to kill Travis so he couldn’t go to Cancun with another girl…

        This was not a planned Cancun lovers vacation…

        Fact was that this was a business trip planned for many of the PPL workers…

      • Yes me too ! I wondered the same thing these great close friends still maintained the trip after all. The haters want to keep saying a TRIP to CANCUN started JODI into the RAGE which was actually a PPL BUSINESS trip also not just a fun filled trip with no BUSINESS. She was not worried about that trip I really do not believe that.

        I do believe there was a argument an he body slammed her for dropping his precious camera it is evident all these people around him are very materialistic their items are far more important too them an their status with the CHURCH an PPL are also far more important to them in the daily lives than a FRIEND -CO-WORKER-CHURCH member or in fact a girlfriend unless she is MORMON material to marry.

        I can also hear Travis saying I would never marry you Jodi. He already had his friends hating her before this tragedy happened! he already spread FALSE RUMORS so they were sneaking around. She recorded that sex session an talk that night because she needed evidence of his FALSE FRONT if confronted some day by those mean ass people in MESA ARIZONA is what I believe one friend told her I am sure about what was going on an what was being said about her while she was gone.

        I know a lot of people want to feel sorry for the victim but I can’t seem to do it. It was a horrible death but GOD knows I have felt that rage before an somehow contained it. So sick of the other side an the hate that comes out daily an I am suppose to not say anything against the family the friends or Travis or the piece of crap lawyer JM. I can’t do it. I can contain some of it on here but I am STANDING UP FOR JODI an do not feel sorry for people that act like a pack of starving WOLVES wanting FRESH MEAT to eat.

      • Chris Hughes is shady. His wife is annoying and ugly. How did Travis’ friends, who claim to care so much for him, not ind him or nearly a week and then fly off to Cancun.
        All of his friends are just trying to make moey off he death and get on television— to complain about Jodi. Hypocrits! Money-hungry fakes.

  2. JM tone gets old because he’s on the “gotcha speed” which in the beginning made me nervous, yes even through the tv, but now I know he’s just bluffing. You can’t make every question a gotcha moment. It just doesn’t work that way. You gotta build your case and point out the holes. Not make every question a ” I gotcha in a corner” when you really don’t. We all know now he’s bluffing. I hope the defense sees through it and continues to do a great job. Even the physical evidence of the crime scene points to 2nd degree/manslaughter. JM is just wasting the jurors time and maybe that will work in JA favor.

    • I agree with SJ.

      This Martinez is a Jizz-bag. I understand that there are certain strategies used by both sides. However, I have never seen anyone be allowed to manipulate the witnesses the way this dick-sipper does. Forget about this case for a minute.
      Say I landed from Mars and knew nothing of this case and was put in this courtroom, I believe that it would be apparent that this guy with his ‘asshole hair wig” is not allowing witnesses to explain their answers at all. Basically, he is editing their testimony right on tv. If the case is “open and shut,” then why the manipulation?

      I did not like the prosecutor in the Casey Anthony case, but I never remembered that Dick-hole being allowed to say and do anything to this degree.

      If you ask me Nurmi needs to add visual aids in his closing. I personally believe that was what won the case for Anthony, as they say, “A picture says a thousand words.”

      If Jodi is convicted I believe she will have enough to get an appeal. I just hope she does not act differently. Meaning if you are going down, then say, you are all wrong and I will be vindicated.

      By the way, if Jodi is find not guilty, I hope she goes up to Martinez after the trial and says, “Hey do you have a memory problem? Because I want you to remember this for the rest of your life. I won. With all you experience and with all your degrees. You got beat by a high school drop out. You got beat by a girl. Your legacy is how you lost to me. Fuck you, you tiny little shit.”

      • lol As funny as that would be……Jodi would never do such a thing. But if you saw any of Jodi’s facial expressions yesterday you know that when the GOOD Dr. called out the “little man” she smiled. Take that you little a– h—.

            • Do any of you actually know Miss Arias, especially SJ? I’ve read many of your comments and I am just curious if you know her.

              I have watched the whole trial up till now and I remain nuetral and will do so until all of the information has been heard. I mean we all know she killed him, she said it herself. I am a victim of domestic violence myself and honestly, I would have gotten out of there if he was after me and my life was in danger…out of all of the Men and Women I have met over the years in support groups for the abused, none have done what she did and believe me their stories of abuse are much worse than hers…I am trying to understand the overkill…maybe someone here can shed some light on that…

              If you decide not to post this I will know that this isn’t an honest site.

              • RH,

                You don’t sound unbiased but… I am a survivor of DV. My ex went to prison for DB and I did NOT leave until he was arrested for the 5th time. I was scared. I did not even think of leaving him during an attack. I did seek help though and was on a waiting list for a program before he was arrested. However, I did NOT seek help for FOUR YEARS. If you are a victim of DV, I would think you could understand Jodi NOT being able to leave the situation that day. I couldn’t leave when being attacked. It would have been MORE unsafe for me to do so. He would have become MORE violent. I shudder at the thought of what would have happened had I walked out. Did I defend myself? I tried too. I can’t speak for Jodi that day. She isn’t the FIRST person to kill someone in self defense nor will she be the last. About the “overkill” the forensics suggest there was a struggle. We don’t know when Jodi was safe to leave. Take into consideration who travis was and who his associates were. Jodi know nobody would believe her. Jodi lied we all know that. This case is not about the what for me, it’s about the why.

                About whether we talk to jodi – I think your question is BEYOND presumptuous for a first time poster. If you want to know, email SJ as he runs the site and I just help out.

                Don’t dare us again to post your reply. It’s rude.

                • I did not dare you to post my comment as you can plainly see, I just said it would not be an honest site if you didn’t. Maybe you should reread my post, I did not ask if you talk to her, I asked if anyone knew her because many of the comments sound as if you would have to know her to be able to state what is in the comment. I see you are very angry, the capital letters in your post seem to suggest you are yelling at me. I am very secure in who I am and I find no need to yell. I am as unbiased as they come, I have not made any conclusions about Miss Arias, but as I can plainly see those on this site including you have already made your conclusions and this is a bias site that sees things in only one way…I apologize for taking up your time I thought this was a place of honesty, I will not comment again.

                • Oh for cryin out loud. I just read her/his second post. What pure BS. Do you think it’s really Nancy Grace or Dr. Drew posting? sounds like them. Please block this poster, he/she has plenty of sites to spew BS with the rest of the ignorant.

                  sorry this ongoing ignorance is really getting to me.

                • She’s gone. It’s curious to me how someone who claims to have been battered can pass so much judgement onto others. I doubt the person is for real as they say.

                • Thanks JC. This poster was being so rude and vile to you, under the guise of an abused women. I am usually pretty patient, but to say this crap to someone who has really survived abuse is incomprehensible.

                • Thank you! I should have known it was a fake with the “if you don’t post this, I know you aren’t an honest site”. Do you think there are really people who express what she said? ( that she left her abuser so that means anyone can? )

                • Well done! I didn’t leave my abuser either and I was with him for 13 years (10 married). He was arrested finally, and that’s when I “left” (as in got a restraining order).

                  I’ve also met a LOT of abused women online this past 2 years since then and most of them did think about what they would do if it came down to them or their abuser.

                  I STILL don’t understand how some abused women do not understand. I really don’t. If nothing else, they should be happy this case is bringing attention to domestic abuse.

              • JC-
                It’s sometimes hard to tell right away if someone is being a poser. You all do a great job getting rid of them. Sadly, I think there may be some women out there who have faced abuse, (but not in an immediate life threatening way), that have not gotten the help they need and still carry around some of those unhealthy attitudes and continue to blame the victim. (for the record, I don’t think this person was one of those). I think the pro Travis people are getting more desperate and are doing their best to infiltrate this site. IMHO

                I just have zero tolerance left for those who continue to live with these crazy and archaic ideas about DV. So many women do not make it out alive, and that this type of BS continues to be spread is dispicable, particularly over the airwaves.

                Keep up the good work.
                p.s. so glad you made it out alive.

      • “Basically, he is editing their testimony…if the case is ‘open and shut,’ then why the manipulation?”
        Exacty, DirtyPickles! It just infuriates me to see this joker getting paid to do the opposite of what public tax dollars are set aside to pay for. Government workers are supposed to be working for the public good. The whole point of a justice system is to protect the public, all of us! THIS bullshit does NOT protect us, it only demonstrates that our own tax dollars can be used against us to manipulate ,mischaracterize, malign, indict, and lock up any one of us for defending ourselves, and throw away the key and even murder any one of us, by cleverly twisting facts into something that resembles the truth. IF Martinez HAS a case, fine, then let’s SEE it! But he should NOT be INVENTING a case where NONE exists.

      • Do NOT stop posting! Evah! I so look forward to your posts, moslty because you do not have the same filter as me, and I wish I was able to just say it.
        Good job!

    • I agree at best he has Murder 2 and this is a huge waste of time and money. I noticed after watching some earlier days in the court case that he even yells at his own witnesses. This tactic might work used in certain places in the trial but it seems to be a constant theme. If I were a juror his style would offend me and I would be tired of his ranting.

      • So true, AJ. I sure HOPE the jurors are offended, and I cannot understand how they can NOT be offended, and yet, I cannot understand HOW it is possible that ANYONE supports this little jerk at ALL, but he clearly HAS a bunch of excited dolts cheering him on and praising him, so I am afraid dolts like that may possibly exist on the jury as well? If it turns out that JA manages to be acquitted or a new and lesser charge like murder2 is substituted instead of murder1, it will renew my faith in the system.

      • It never was a DP case but for the outrageous media distortions, which in turn were based on speculations by Travis’s friends, which in turn were likely based upon LIES Travis told about Jodi in order to hide the true nature of his relationship with her.

        JM knows this. I hope the jury is savvy enough to know there is no case here of murder one, and it could be a stretch to call it even murder two at this point.

        • “It never was a DP case but for the outrageous media distortions, which in turn were based on speculations by Travis’s friends, which in turn were likely based upon LIES Travis told about Jodi in order to hide the true nature of his relationship with her.”

          In a nutshell!!!

      • Hi Al,

        IMO I don’t believe the State has enough facts that would even support a 2nd degree murder.

        To prove murder in the second degree, the state must establish that the perpetrator committed the killing with malice. As with murder in the first degree, malice means an intent to inflict grievous bodily injury without legal justification, or an intent to act in a manner likely to cause death or serious injury.

        Of course the definition differs some from state to state.

        It also doesn’t include a crime of passion.

  3. I posted this very late last night on the Day 33 page….did anyone else see what popped up on the TA FB site? A large picture of Kermit on the court house steps posing with Katie Wick (one of Dr. Drew’s puppet commentators) Big goofy grin….

    This just seems so inappropriate and unprofessional. I mean, the trial isn’t even over yet. All that’s missing is a big VICTORY BANNER draped over head.

    • “puppet” is highly appropriate. when I used to visit WS page (I don’t bother now) I noticed she really does think she is the voice for jurors and I suspect a poster we have coming on here occasionally may be her by the writing style..

      Not someone I would choose to be friends with. (I will not post the rest of my thoughts..)

      • She’s someone who has no life outside stalking trials. All of those Websleuth people are like that – they think that their opinions actually mean something to the prosecutor and that he’s dying to receive their “expert” info. Kerms probably had no idea who he was posing with.

      • The problem with those people is they are sitting in the gallery and are actually worse than the eyerolling sisters. Lurking on that site I read that TA’s sisters had never been to his home and this past weekend, the sisters and a WS person went to TA’s neighborhood with a metal detector and shovel looking for the gun.

        • They are going to have to case every landfill in the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau to ever have a chance of finding that gun.

          It is nowhere near Travis’s place.

        • I’m sure there have been hundreds of people doing the same thing along the route she traveled through the dessert. I don’t think she had to gun or took it with her. I think the intruders took it with them when they left. 🙂

      • BeeCee-
        Please post the rest of your thoughts:) I would love to know which poster you are referring to. I have suspicions about a regular poster here being a “poser”( a true TA supporter, posing as a JA supporter) as well.

        • Tried looking this up and could not find it anywhere . What was the name of the woman who though her ex maybe the one that killed travis , who later committed suicide ? Thanks in advance !

        • Oh, yes, BeeCee… I’d love to know who I need to pay “special” attention to! I understand not wanting to say anything in the (very public) forum, but I’m sure SJ wouldn’t have a problem giving you my email address if I write giving him permission to do so… 😉

      • She needs a job. I mean like a real job. Where she is expected to go to work. During business hours. In a building. Away from the courthouse. Okay, who is worse, her, or that hypergesturing idiot body language expert who needs just to hang it up and go coach girls’ squash like the good lord called her to do? Do you know who I mean?

  4. It’s too bad that here it is 2013 and we still have so many in the media who paint women (particularly attractive women) as being whores while the men are given a pat on the back because men will be men. CNN is now under fire for 2 of their female reporters (Poppy Harlow and Candy Crowley) comments on the Steubenville Ohio rape case involving 2 male high school athletes raping a girl who was too drunk to give consent. These female reporters of course felt sorry for the males who were found guilty! I hope this backlash will the start of sane people banding together and taking a stand against this type of biased reporting against women.

    • In a teaser for a report on the convictions one of our local reports said, “Up next, an Ohio case shows the dangers of social media.” WHA? THAT’S the lesson from this case? It’s been absurd from the beginning.

      • Yep. Apparently the message is go ahead and let boys be boys, just don’t post the pics or video – no mention of the poor girl who may attacked and abused

        • The one little shit’s “apology” only referenced the fact that pictures should not have been taken or sent out! How about “I NEVER SHOULD HAVE RAPED HER”?

            • I get very mad when I think about this poor girl’s rape! I’ve seen the pictures those heartless assholes took of each other carrying her around from party to party – her drugged/drunk and practically nude – like a trash bag , I’ve read all the vile things they wrote & shared about her online, and I’ve watched the video the little fucktards made and posted on YouTube later (the one where he’s very obviously high as a kite, laughing and repeating how “dead that bitch was!”).
              What really pisses me off the most about the “justice” in this case, however, is that they were tried and sentenced as Juveniles… Are you fucking kidding me??? 16-17 year old sadistic rapists tried as juveniles?!? And even though they were found GUILTY, they’ll be serving their sentences in a juvenile facility until they’re at MOST 21-years old.
              Does it make me feel better that they’ll be listed as sex offenders when they are freed in a couple years? HELL NO, THAT MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!
              They should have been tried as adults, and having been found Guilty, given ADULT sentences for their ADULT crimes.

              (Rant over… I apologize for the long post!)

          • I mean, what is it that the media think we are supposed to teach our kids from this? Daughters, if you are drunk and date raped, and your abuser compounds his abuse by recording, joking about, and disseminating it, just be sure not to hurt his college scholarship chances and your school’s chances at a playoff title by bitching about it. Sons, should you choose to rape someone, just make sure that you don’t get your ass caught by allowing it to be recorded and commented upon. God, please help our society.

            • I just can’t stand it how HLN talking heads say things like Jodi had anal/oral sex with other boyfriends before so what’s the difference? This is so offensive. Just because you do it with one person doesn’t mean you are obligated and its ok to have oral/anal/vaginal whatever kind of sex with another. This and the comments you are talking about really give permission for people to “OK” rape. I sent a comment to HLN’s Jane show and CNN about this…who knows if it will do anything but I tried 😉

    • That whole case gets me fired up. I hope charges are filed against more people now that the original 2 abusers have been found guilty and sentenced. First and foremost their lying good ol’ boy covering up coach.

    • Bravo to you Tina! Any women feeling pity for those two rapists in Ohio is like Jews feeling pity for the Nazis that were executed after the Nuremburg trials!!!

      • It’s a bit of a sideline issue, but both are cases involve abused women (or more accurately, a woman and a girl) wherein the media have vilified the abused female and canonized the abusive male(s).

    • Tina I wish people will take your post to heart, because unless people – and this includes men – stand up and say “no more of this” or we are going to continue to go into the shitter as a culture. I remember growing up, being a rapist piece of shit was not cool. If a couple guys were going around calling themselves the “rape crew” the principle would be notified and the police would be called. The problem would be solved, and when they were convicted no tears of pity would be cried for them.

      No, I do not feel sorry for these boys. Why should I? How many other victims did this “rape crew” destroy? They’ve only been caught this once, and I’ve read that rapists offend many times before getting caught the first time. They proudly brandished that label on themselves, everyone thought it was cute, nobody cared to investigate until they were arrogant enough to proudly share their criminality on social media.

      I feel sorry for the victim who has to continue to go to school in embarressment and shame with the same assholes that pointed and laughed when her rights were being violated in a horrible way. She also has to turn on her TV and know exactly where the media stands – with her rapists, not with her. CNN/HLN, shame on you. You claim to be so progressive but when it comes to women and girls you are nowhere to be found.

      • Just like Travis was cock a doodle doing (OK, bad pun…so, so sorry) on the tape about how “I totally raped you” or something like that. It made me sick.

    • I would encourage anyone to sign this petition because it is a disgrace in 2013 as Tina J noted that we pat boys on the back with the old boys will be boys and completely ignore the victims in these type of cases. I find it also disturbing that two women reporters were sympathizing with the boys who committed the rape. I know this site is to support Jodi but I feel it just shows how CNN/hln are so incompetent and highly unprofessional with the reporting of both cases.

    • AJ, great parallel between the Steubenville rape case/CNN and the JA case/HELL Network (HLN) (Yah the entire cast has relocated there, I am sure of it)!

      Here are my thoughts on it…Many who commented on the rape case were actual victims who ‘saw’ themselves and once again re-lived their own horrific event in their lives. They feel vindicated for all the times they themselves had to deal with the ridicule, loss of significant relationships, loss of self-worth/self-esteem, finding themselves stuck like a broken record unable to ‘really’ go past it even though they may mask it well and on and on it goes, yeah?

      It’s the same here on the JA case. Many of us (including myself) have been victims of abuse whether verbal, physical, sexual or a combo of sorts. So we find reflections of our experiences as we get to learn more and more about the nature of the relationship between JA and TA, and we relive those moments, however subtle or fleeting those memories are. We get hooked, we can’t look away, emotions flood our beings and we hope and pray that someday soon we too can get vindicated even if it is through the acquittal of JA (or at least a just and fair treatment of her).

      Rape and/or Abuse is still a variation of the same root – a violation of one’s spirit, soul and body! Nobody has the right (whether through manipulation, cajoling, threat, or even disguised as ‘love’) to cross that line.

      Perhaps, a way to get others to open their eyes to the travesty being perpetrated here on the JA case (through the blatant disregard of facts from BOTH sides by the media such as the HELL network), is to find a way to tie in the crowd that comes in to sign the Steubenville petition, to take a look at the petition started re. HLN and their conduct (without morals) in this case. It may turn the tide, IF they are able to view it through the same lens. Also, the far-reaching effects of future self-defense cases where abuse is a factor could be untold, esp. with the spokesperson (unsure of her name) for the National Center for Dom. Abuse (hope I got the right one) pronouncing judgment on HLN that JA’s experience is NOT an example of abuse. As a victim herself, doesn’t she know it’s not black or white, that there are shades of grey???

      BTW, did any of you know that Chr*stie Pa*l from the HLN network is an abuse victim herself, and yet, “Et tu, Brute?” Here is a link to her story:

      Alright, I’m done with my ranting and I am exhausted. Thank you for bearing with me.

      • I was also disturbed about the NCDA gal’s remarks on Arias. Sad that she could either sell out to be on HLN, or just doesn’t see how someone can be cajoled into letting someone violate their boundaries as much as Arias allowed it, until she fought back. to be the head of NCDA, this woman should have made a point of having knowledge of all types of areas where woman can be severely oppressed by a sig other, not just those of the underprivileged with limited resources or education. It appears that to be in her ‘club’ one wud have to meet such criteria.

        • Its irresponsible, really. I met with so many women at the shelter, many with VISIBLE scars and wounds, telling me that they finally stopped telling even the police because they did not believe them. How much more then those with INVISIBLE scars?? So what she is doing is really a disservice (sp?) to those who are already having a hard time getting others to believe and stand by them. The hopelessness and despair that goes with that is just immeasureable (been there), and so the toll on one’s self-worth is just as bad. Its just so very sad.

  5. SJ
    Fantastic commentary!! May be my favorite yet! Every person in America should be disgusted with a Judicial System that allows this type of behavior to continue. If Justice prevailed, Chris Hughes and his cronies would be facing charges for obstructing justice. He and his wife continuing to “save their Mormon faces, and protect their PPL downline” by these antics and lying under oath, is beyond disgraceful.

    What I find most appalling is that these people, despite having knowledge of Travis’ “age of attraction”, and clear evidence, via Travis’ own voice on tape, that shows a propensity for pedophilia, (saying to Jodi that she sounds like a 12 year old having an orgasm) continue to lie and support Travis, and vilify Jodi. For Goodness sake, these people are parents! If they had any decency or intellect, they would be sickened at the thought that they let their children be around this man repeatedly. Please correct me if I am misinformed, but I read that Travis was a regular “babysitter” for his friend’s children. What will these people do if their own children disclose abuse in the future? Will they obstruct justice and vilify them? By the way, if one knows anything about child molestation, you know that many pedophiles place themselves in positions in a church, sports program etc. that will give them free access to children. One statistic says that by the time a pedophile is caught, they have molested, on average, 100 children.

    As I stated in a previous post, if their daughter were in the same situation as Jodi, I would be as supportive of her as I am of Jodi. I continue to be more sickened by this entire situation, and therefore more supportive of Jodi each day. I hope, pray and believe that she will be fully acquitted.

    Keep up the good work and never make apology for telling it like it is!!!

    • I think the one thing that truly changed my mind in this case was his own words. Especially when his was talking about how hot is was that she sounded like a 12 year old girl having her first orgasm. Say what you want about her own words but they cannot say that is not him on that tape. I feel like I need a shower after just typing that. Yet I do not hear anyone on tv calling that out. That just disgust me and I can find no reason for a man that is 30 or any man for that matter to say such disgusting things. My husband just shook his head with disgust when I told him. He does not follow this trial too much but he is on her side as well. He cannot stand to hear JM when he comes home from work.

      • The sex tape was a complete and total game changer for me. How can you refute Travis’s own words?

        It was absolutely devastating–even fatal–to the prosecution’s case.

      • Me too. As a mother of a 12 year girl it made me sick to think anyone could hear TA say that -not just once, but to repeat it to make sure it was heard, and continue to say that his tastes in the bedroom were just normal sex…not deviant, and a-okay with them “what goes one behind closed doors” nonsense. Not to mention all the zip tie/tying up and rape talk. Having sex when someone can not consent ie. sleeping is rape, and TA glorified in it in his own words. Disgusting for the talking heads to try and make that out to be just normal dirty sex talk. Obilivious to their condrictions is amazing. On one hand those same talking heads showed outrage and disgust at the teenagers in Ohio for taking advantage of a drunk girl. They understood that to be rape, but the hypocrites that they are and so blinded by their own need to be relevant and employed will not admit that when TA himself admits in his own words and writings to having sex with JA while she is asleep that that is rape – because when she woke up she didn’t stop him. Hello…does that change anything about what he did – rape her….blame the victim much? Heck JA’s PTSD could have started way before 6/4 since TA started abusing her way before that date. Being awaken to being raped, kicked, choked, held hostages, and verbally assaulted all can cause PTSD.

        • I want nothing to do w the HLN crew, but I WOULD like the answer to ONE question (compound though it may be):
          Would you want your daughter/sister/cousin/friend/loved one/neighbor to date Travis? To go to a party with Trent Mays or Ma’lik Richmond? Would you let Travis babysit your 6 year old son/nephew/grandson?

    • Hi TR,

      “What will these people do if their own children disclose abuse in the future?” — simple… they’d cover it up to save their Mormon faces – and protect their PPL downlines. Cover ups seem to be their speciality.

      Thanks for posting!
      Team Jodi

      • I think that you are right, SJ. To people like the Hughes, their children are props, not people. Kind of like girlfriends are supposed to be. When they cease serving their intended function, they must be reprimanded and put back in line.

      • Yes they keeo everything in-house and they have the money to pay off people too. They think the state is a joke. I’ve heard that first hand from my son who is a LDS convert. He and his wife have 4 beautiful children and our grandchildren have NEVER been allowed to spend the night with us. Why? Because we are not part of the “club”. Sad but true.

      • I was thinking the EXACT same thing when Jodi said that after she and Travis spoke after the busting him “in grande pedophelius” incident, and he told her something that made her understand, or made her feel sympathetic, or something to that effect.

        • And doesn’t it make you wonder how much we don’t know, and if the jurors are doing their duty by avoiding all media, they know less than we do.

    • TR, you are not misinformed! I saw those folks on Dr Drew saying that they allowed their kids around Travis all the time. He did NOT once, even ask, “Gee after hearing the sex tape are you concerned about their safety?” No he did not! Wow!

  6. Does anyone find it ironic that this trial is about death and abuse and we have this “little ass hole” prosecutor who is abusing every witness?

    Gee I do not have a law degree but even I would tread carefully……

    • I was thinking the same thing. JM is a bully and abusive IMO. I think he has some anger issues that he needs to work out in therapy. Oh I forgot he is an expert as this too.

    • Yes. Martinez is also running the courtroom with Judge Pickles playing an out-of-tune 2nd fiddle.
      This is why 90% of valid defense objections are promptly overruled.

      Team Jodi

      • I don’t quite get the actions of pickleface. I honestly do not believe she is competent to be a judge. honestly she might be a nice person, but not sharp enough for what she is doing.

        • She has a difficult and unenviable job. The main deficiency I see is that I’m not sure that she has totally followed all the testimony. She seems to have a hard time with the objections that call for a ruling on whether the question mischaracterizes previous testimony.
          I’m not sure that there would be any way to avoid it with JM on the job, but this case is so rife with appellate issues…if there is a conviction you can bet several people’s kids are going to have fully funded college funds because of it!

  7. Great post SJ,
    My favorite part of yesterday was as you pointed out – “You have no knowledge in this area” – as Dr Samuels rightly told Martinez

    • Hi AJ,
      Yes, 35 years v 35 minutes is a bit of a no-contest when it comes to being knowledgable.
      Team Jodi

      • I loved the way JW set up the pros expert with her “and that’s more than 3 yrs experience, right?” Or something to that effect.

        Other than the fact that JM’s expert got her degree from University of Michigan, I haven’t been able to find any list of credentials or publications on her.

        I did find one site that had a place for patient reviews. There were only two and in each review she got one star out of a possible five.

        • Yeah 3 years is not that long at all in this field IMO. 30 years vs 3. Dr Samuels has probably seen so many types of cases through out his many years and seen tons of changes in the field. We shall see but 3 years if that is it does not impress me. I have seen many therapist in the past 10 years after my abusive marriage and I can tell the new ones in the field. I do not want to bash someone because everyone has to start somewhere but in this case you need someone with a longer history than that IMO.

        • Or how about with regards to that one number indicating whether PTSD were present, “and if someone were to testify to that, it would be irresponsible, would it not?”

          GO JM!

    • In the end, though, I believe that it will all work to Jodi’s advantage. Dr. Samuels left the jury at the end of direct with the impression that he is intelligent, knowledgeable, and affable. Then Martinez got ahold of him, and he was frazzled, he stammered, he was put on his heels and unable to answer questions because of the bizarre nature of the question. The jury heard those questions too. They were confused by them, as was I. It occurred to me during several of those exchanges (particularly the ‘memory’ ones, that the jury will not be able to separate JM’s treatment of Dr. Samuels from his treatment of Jodi. So, HLN can excerpt (out of context) all the page flipping, stammering, or any other instant in which Dr. Samuels appeared stymied that they want. It shows nothing. Nothing, that is, other than that JM’s whole style will leave any honest juror asking himself how he could possibly answer JM’s questions satisfactorily. JM just significantly rehabbed Jodi’s credibility if you ask me.

      • I thought the same thing when he kept asking the good Dr if he had a memory problem. And why did he take such offense to him checking his notes. He just wanted to make sure he was given the correct information. Most of the witnesses were able to refer to their notes because this is not the only case they work on.

        • JM’s memory questions to the doctor are terrible. But, he is probably doing a disservice to himself in the end. If he asks all witnesses if they have memory issues it really make the question seem more and more insignificant in my opinion. Its like a joke question. I think it is ok to check notes to be accurate. Most of JM’s questions seem difficult to answer because he just wants yes/no and sometimes you can’t answer in those ways esp with diagnosis situations. And the whole thing about the DSM IV was so dumb. He is going into insignificant details. DSM V isn’t even available! If I were him I would have just kept it short and sweet and stuck to the fact that the PTSD test was given when Jodi’s story was a lie so why should we accept the diagnosis. I think JM messed himself up for sure by overdoing it and focusing on non issues.

      • That’s a very good point. Even if a seasoned professional testimony was manipulated because of the line of questions and obvious limitations placed on him, e.g. No notes, answer yes or no, and with precision, then how can Jodi a simple person answer questions and sound believable? The psychological not allowed to read his notes during some of his testimony IMHO was absurd and an obvious game JM wanted to play. How can he answer questions to things he may not remember? He probably sees many patients/clients or whatever you want to call them and the stories may be confusing and intertwine. It’s absurd! And HLN says he was discredited but in reality he wasn’t. If you may recall they did the same with the Casey Anthony trial’s medical examiner, and even though the jurors didnt mention it the prosecutions ME speculated the baby was murdered even though there was not enough physical evidence to support this theory. I know that Jodi’s behavior isn’t the norm, but after listening to the taped conversation, reading texts, and emails you got to ask yourself was she in a normal relationship? And the answer is a definitive NO! Not to mention Travis gossiping about her being a stalker when he’d be the one to invite her over as attributed by their phone calls, emails and texts. But wait HLN is speaking the facts. (Sarcasm)

        • I agree and it bugs me that many people on other sites refer to her as a stalker. I have not seen any proof that she was proven to be a stalker unless you consider his friends word on that which I do not. Also regarding that video of TA doing the chicken dance and Jodi taken pictures of them was considered by the crew at hln to be stalking behavior. I am sure that they knew she was taking pictures of all of them at a fun event. How is this stalking? There was all someone taking video. Is that person a stalker too? They can pull anything out of thin air to match their program.

          • I didn’t watch that video with them, but they are just there to entertain and not conduct critical analysis. It’s sad because we as Americans (I can only speak for this because its what I see and I don’t want to speak for other countries) are very gullible and we don’t research and look into facts and events. HLN is a 24 hour news station that is out to make money. They don’t care about Jodi or anything. Honestly, with all the money they’ve made off this trial they could pay Jodi’s defense, since they’re making a dime off her back, and Travis’s family expenses too. We need freedom of speech but with ethical considerations.

            • I agree and if I were TA’s family I would take offense to them making all this money off of him as well. No matter how I feel about TA, my heart goes out to his family. I remember both families in my prayers.

            • FLNANG…is the video below the one you didn’t get to see?

              I re-posted from another page…

              I found this…it looks like a lot of friends including Travis and Jodi are having a lot of fun at this dance…and today Travis’ friends are bad mouthing Jodi…those friends are liars…

              Travis does Chicken Dance

              Jodi is seen taking pictures


              • This isn’t exactly on topic, but WHAT is the deal with these PPL people and their constant videoing of everything? We have more tape of Eddie Snell than you can shake a stick at. And I don’t know about you, but not only do my friends and colleagues not usually congregate in hotel lobbies to socialize late at night, but it is for defo that if we did, I would think it was way weird if someone whipped out his phone and started filming some anecdote someone was telling.

            • “We need freedom of speech but with ethical considerations.”

              Oh gosh, so true. People are so used to opening their mouths without any accountability, and that is how the smear campaign against Jodi got started in the first place. People running their mouth about things they knew nothing about, except what Travis told them, therefore it’s true.

              I also notice that bullies and abusers tend to hide behind “free speech,” as a way to support their entitlement to verbally abuse their victims. What people don’t seem to understand is that there are limits to every “Freedom” we have. There’s a reason why you can’t write a book on how to be a hit man, or scream “fire” in a crowded theater.

          • “They can pull anything out of thin air to match their program.”
            They CAN and they DO!
            I admire human creativity. I think, too, we are all of us entitled to form our own opinions. But it frustrates me, no end, when I see people abuse their human creativity by insisting that their opinions are actual FACTS. Grrr.

            • There’s a difference between creativity and bold face lies and lack of research on so-called journalists. The other day I read an article in a website about the trial stating Jodi is 29 and this is completely incorrect. I’ve also read and heard newscasters say Travis’s age range from 28-31. This is just the tip of the iceberg which so called journalists write. The age in the long run isn’t a huge deal, but if they don’t look into Jodi and Travis’s age what else don’t they do? And how do they lie? Why did the writer of the article say she’s 29 when there’s pictures of her DL as evidence online? These are not creative fillers, but lies about something so simple to research.

        • Regarding the stalker comments – didn’t Travis call Deanna (or whatever her name is – his ex) a stalker and warned Jodi about her. So in Travis-speak “stalker” is a girlfriend/ex-girlfriend that he doesn’t want other women to know he is still involved with. Why isn’t this woman being called to testify?

          • Yep, he did. This was SOP with Travis, to trash-talk about previous girlfriends.

            He trashed-talked Deanna to Jodi, and he trash-talked Jodi to other girlfriends.

            He was a typical manipulative player.

              • Which, as an aside, I find really really weird. I am substantially older than Travis was when he died. I am nutty about my dog. My dog was specifically mentioned in my divorce decree, and yet not my will. For one thing, I expect to outlive my dog I guess. My will does not even mention my children by name, because I didn’t want to alter it if another one should come along before I bought the farm….but that’s neither here nor there, other than that that whole deal struck me as being particularly odd.

              • “True, and yet he made specific provisions, in his will no less, that she should have his dog.”

                Are we sure he actually had a will? Or, did family and or DR just say that he left the dog to her?

                I don’t know many 30 years olds who have an actual will.

                • I’ve heard it from several (albeit dubious) sources. I think I’ve read that a PPL policy holder is entitled to a free will drafting, so I can believe that he had one. He also thought enough of himself to think that it was worth the time and effort-more fuel for his narcissistic supply.

                • Now that I think about it- that’s it. For him, it was just another episode of The Travis Show. For most of us, we have a will if there is a reason: I have children, I have substantial assets, I have an operating business with employees who rely on me…whatever. For him, it was about the outward appearance, I am important, I am worth it…whatever.

      • Thanks for pointing this out. I get so emotionally exasperated watching JM that all I can see is RED, and hearing this more objective assessment from you exposing the silver lining in the cloud is like having a soothing balm applied to my ruffled feathers.

  8. You know alot of the times the judge said overruled when the defense objected and I think she meant sustained. It’s as if she gets lost with Martinez’s rantings… I don’t know if anyone notices it but I do… I think that’s why Jennifer Wilmott requests to approach the bench so much. She doesn’t want to argue outputs with JM ranting. It’s his tactic. All the noise confuses everyone.

      • I wish he would get fired for his incompetence. I really do. I fear, however, that as with the saying that one person’s trash is another’s treasure, that so, too, one idiot’s incompetence is another political movement’s free ticket….

        • I wouldn’t call JM incompetent, just desperate. He has a loser of a case here in terms of the DP, and he’s trying to salvage it.

          He has nothing but speculation, and you cannot–or should not–convict and sentence somebody to death because of speculation.

          • I agree with you that he SHOULD NOT, and BECAUSE he IS, WHEN he is supposed to be working for the public, and should be HONEST, that THAT is what RENDERS him to BE “incompetent” in my book. 🙂 OTOH, maybe it is too idealistic of me to EXPECT integrity from a DA. 🙁 In any event, i see your point that perhaps “incompetent” was not the best word to use.

  9. I hope the jury is feeling the same animosity towards Martinez that we are, and the same vitriol towards him that he clearly feels for any witness in the stand. This video clip makes me sick as a person and angry as a medical professional! How dare he purport to even begin to understand all the complex criteria, in many different areas, that we use to diagnose people? Dr. Samuels is HIGHLY regarded in his field of expertise, with 35+ years of clinical experience (even being called upon to work with our damaged returning soldiers and police officers), and Martinez is so conceited to even suggest that he himself knows better than Dr. Samuels?

    Because of ONE computer ‘score’ that is but a single piece of a 100-piece puzzle of a diagnosis of PTSD? Again, HOW FUCKING DARE HE???

      • I did finally! I’ve been fever-free for almost 24 hours now; not sick anymore, but awfully exhausted…

        It means a lot to me that you actually remembered how sick I’ve been and went out of your way to welcome the healthy me back! You’re always so sweet. <3

        Now to catch up on what I've missed; seems like some awfully interesting things happened while pneumonia was busy kicking my ass!

  10. SJ

    The same goes for any other self-righteous bastard that thinks they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.Because the fact is… in the cold light of day… most of the time you can get away with it… but sometimes… well… you just can’t.

    And that’s why I love and am proud of being a member of this site! !! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK UR AWESOME (even if your Pakistan, Spanish, African American, Canadian, Egyptian, Whatever you are your still awesome)!! ; ))

    • I don’t know why but it really made me sad when I saw: THE WORLD IS A FAR BETTER PLACE WITHOUT TRAVIS ALEXANDER.


      • Yeah, that was the only part that made me cringe a little, inside and out. It’s kind of reminiscent of the people that are calling for Jodi to be executed because the world would be a better place “if that psycho was dead!”.


    • “And that’s why I love and am proud of being a member of this site! !! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK UR AWESOME (even if your Pakistan, Spanish, African American, Canadian, Egyptian, Whatever you are your still awesome)!! ; ))”

      Total agreement with you, LC, because a good person is just… well, a good person, no matter where they come from, what they look like, or how much money they have! Except for the occasional troll that manages to slip through, every single person on this site has that in common – We are all decent, honest-to-goodness, genuinely GOOD PEOPLE who just want the truth to come out and for true justice to prevail.

      LC, your Gravatar thumbnail pic reminds me of the beautiful actress Naya Rivera! Has anyone ever told you that before? =)

      • Aaawww thanks Ashley…. (not Naya Rivera but iv heard the “pinup look”) thx!!!

        Also, I know what you mean with the TA comment. I think I just look at it a different way. I might be looking into it way too much. Like, what if TA was the one that won that fight?? Or like I posted a comment yesterday regarding the movie “The stoning of Soraya M” did you read my comment? ?? Maybe thats why I feel the way I do. But I can also understand where you guys are coming from.

        • No, girl. I’m just getting over the pneumonia (finally!) and have a lot to catch up on with the trial.

          OT, but “The Stoning of Soraya M.” is one of the most poignant yet sickening movies/docu-dramas I’ve ever watched (up there with “Passion of the Christ” and “Megan is Missing”). I was horrified! I won’t be watching it a second time, not because it’s a bad movie (the subject matter is tough), but because it’s a true story. I think everyone should watch at least once, if for nothing else than the slap of truth about the cold, hard reality of Sharia Law and how women still to this day are treated in other parts of the world.

  11. I am kinda curious how this little dick-wad is going to treat the battered women specialist. I HOPE he tries some shit with her….he will be crucified…

        • I second that vote Ashley…

          LC probably forgot to finish the rest of the heading statement…with so much fire and passion that we all obviously have toward protecting Jodi’s innocence…it would seem to reason that we might absentmindedly omit some important words here and there…

  12. Someone help me here….my brain is scrambled from JM yelling yesterday…. SERIOUSLY (I go into hide mode when someone starts yellings.)

    Ok with all this talk about stalking does anyone recall when Jodi was talking about what Travis told her about his crazy ex-girlfriend?

    • I just posted that same question above. To Travis “stalker” seems to be a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend that he is still involved with but doesn’t want people to know he is involved with. That way if the “stalker” is around other women won’t think he is cheating, just that the crazy stalker has shown up again. Very transparent

    • Which one? Seriously, my brain seems to remember that TA referred to most of his ex-gf’s as “crazy”… Or maybe I’m just crazy?

      The only ex I can remember by name off the top of my head is Deanna, who is the one, IIRC, who Jodi confronted because TA was cheating on both of them with each other. TA had told both of of them that the other was “crazy”, “psycho”, and “stalker”-ish.

      Travis, *cough* bullshit! *cough*

      • LOL….You know years ago I went through this very same thing…But I bought into it. He turned out to be my abuser.

        Ok I just had a thought….if all of us got our stories together and wrote a book….and gave it to every 13 year old…males as well a females wouldn’t it be the begining of a change…..

      • Maybe TA had problems with his memory… Ok that was ugly I know.

        Seems everyone is this trial has a memory problem if it does not fit the answer JM wants.

        No I had an ex that did this me years ago.. Cheating on both of us but tell each that the other was a crazy bitch. I was able to talk to her and we compared our emails and found out he was the crazy lying sob.

        Seems like no one really knew the real TA not even him.

        • Oh, Travis knew exactly what he was (yes, I wrote “what”, not “who”) and exactly what he was doing. He just would go to any length to make sure no one else ever found out. Jodi found out, therefore she had to be ‘dealt with’… Except that part of his plan didn’t exactly work out how he had planned on, now did it? Karma…

                • Hey I am not a troll. I believe in Jodi 100% and maybe my message was not clear, I meant that maybe Jodi was trying to protect herself from the mental/verbal abuse.

                • Sorry, “post traumatic stress” from multiple incidents of “abuse” from travistine trolls has instilled in me a state of hypervigilance.

                • So respectfully, sz, I disagree. Jodi did not want to memorialize the abuse. There were tons of ways shoe could have documented it better than the phone sex tape. If you assume, in arguendo, that the abuse did not happen, it would still make more sense to make entries in the journal. The fact that everything in the journal was glossed over and whitewashed lends credibility to the idea that she really is a Pollyanna like she (and Dr. Samuels) says. Plus, the phone that contained the recording was lost for some time after her arrest. She said that she would have erased it if the phone had not been misplaced. Looking at it in even the most cynical light, it’s hard to determine that it was recorded to preserve evidence.

    • I don’t recall what Jodi said about the stalking, but I do recall Detective Flores saying on the TV special that there is no evidence linking Jodi to the stalking and tire slashing. I do recall reading that the stalking and tire slashing was possibly being done by an ex boyfriend of one of Travis’ many lovers and was related to the John Doe email….which after analysis was deemed the words of a male perpetrator and a Mormon fanatic. I also here it over and over on HLN that Jodi was a tire slashing stalker, to the point that people vaguely familiar with the case believe Nancy Grace, Dr Drew, Vinnie, Jane Vellez repeatedly say this kver and over but never consider what Detective Flores believes is the truth in his professinal opinion regarding the tire slashing.

      • I too remember the Det saying there was no evidence that she stalked him. Yes I agree a lot of ppl that watch hln probably do not watch the trial or do not look into the facts of this case and just take their word for it. *shrugs*

        • I remembering him saying that the John Doe email seemed like it was written by a male. I wonder if that anything to do with someone he listed as Ashley Thompson that called and said that her husband (separated at that time) might have something to do with his death. She did not leave her name but they traced the phone call back to her Husband Dustin. No idea I might be wrong on this.

            • Slashing tires is very, very difficult. And No I am not a professional criminal, on the contrary I happen to be a Firefighter. As a Firefighter in order to stabilize cars invovled in wrecks, auto fires and rollovers etc…. we must remove all air from the tires after placing blocks under the car frame for stability, support and FF safety. We do not “slash” nor stab the tires due to the strength of the rubber. We rupture the tires with the sharp pointed side of a pick ax or the sharp pointed side of a tool called a halligan bar and it requires a significant amount of force and an accurate blow to the outside wall of the tire.. Another method is to remove the entire air valve from the wheel by pulling it off with large channel lock pliers. My point is most small men and most women do not have the strength to slash tires… It is not as easy as cutting a birthday cake. I would certainly guarantee that Juan Martinez being a male yet smaller than Jennifer Wilmott, would not be able to slash a set of car tires in addition considering the tiny hands that he posesses. I wish the true tire slasher would come forward, and if not for the sake of justice maybe perhaps a reward.

              • ” I would certainly guarantee that Juan Martinez being a male yet smaller than Jennifer Wilmott, would not be able to slash a set of car tires in addition considering the tiny hands that he posesses.”

                HAHA, you made me laugh…

          • “I do recall reading that the stalking and tire slashing was possibly being done by an ex boyfriend of one of Travis’ many lovers and was related to the John Doe email….which after analysis was deemed the words of a male perpetrator and a Mormon fanatic.”

            Exactly!!! I think this guy (Dustin?) is TOTALLY in on it! It just so happened that his wife, Ashley, committed “suicide” in March of 2010 and Jodi changed her story to self defense in April of 2010. I think Ashley was threated because she called the police tip line.

        • Travis just wanted desperately for it to be “his” “stalker” and not Lisa’s because it fueled his narcissistic supply, in my shade tree shrink opinion.

      • IIRC, that guy would be Steve Bell, who was jealous ex-beau of Travis’ “Lolita,” ie when Travis was datinv young Lisa. Which makes sense, because the tire slasher slashed Lisa’s tires as well as Travis. You’d think they’d be ABLE to TRACE the email to Lisa and prove it if it was from this guy, but IDK.

        • Food for thought… How about a knife fighting expert as a witness? The vital cuts, stabs and slashes were well placed with precision and with a signature of a well trained knife fighter. That was not the work of an amateur….or a first time knife user. Ask any US Marine who are well vsrsed in slicing and dicing the enemy what their opinion is ??

            • If the stars lined up for her that day then sure she might have ended up on top of a trainedd wrestler and kickboxer, and MMA enthusiast the size of Irom Mike Tyson all while maintaining a knife in her hands.

      • Phillip…

        “which after analysis was deemed the words of a male perpetrator and a Mormon fanatic.”

        Maybe there was a male that had interest in him too…hmmm…so many secrets in Travis’ life…that statement supports my previous posting that not only have I seen women smile at Travis but I have seen men smile at him too in those videos…crotch thrusting and leg hiking in that video last night…yuck…after all…he was a charismatic motivational speaker and seemed to lure ’em’ all into his net with his charm and sexuality…

  13. Psycho Killer: Jodi Arias Kinky Death-Penalty Trial by Ray Stern

    “Alexander tried to defend himself. The knife lopped off a chunk of his right thumbnail. Most of the defensive wounds are on his left hand — typical when an attacker is holding the weapon in the right hand.”

    As we all know, Jodi is LEFT-HANDED.

    • I am left handed also and most left handed people having grown up and developed in a right handed world, tend to become ambidextrious. Case in point Clint Eastwood pointed this out in one of his interviews. I can use both right and left fairly equal in writing, throwing, shooting guns, playing bas ketball, billiards. Another example… The famous boxer Oscar De la Hoya. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jodi Arias is ambidextrious. We as left handers are forced by teachers, parents, coaches, siblings and society in general to learn to some degree if not master the use of our right handedness.

      • Too bad. I was hoping this might cast some doubt on Jodi being the one stabbing if it ever was raised in court (at retrial or whatever) – if this statement proved to be true. Thanks though.

      • My friend’s son is ambidextrous too…and he is more dominant using his left hand…but in baseball…he can’t hardly swing the bat left-handed…but he can “knock ’em’ out of the field” with his right hand…

  14. How is a judge selected to preside over a trial such as this? Read the Judge’s info and she seems to have been assigned most recently to Family Court. How was she qualified to preside?

  15. SJ- Thank you for maintaining this site the way that you do. It is so good to have a place to express my thoughts online without being crucified for doing so. I believe in justice for everyone and what the media is promoting to their audience is one sided and just wrong. As far as Juan Martinez is concerned my father had a saying that pretty much sums him up. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bullshit. In the end we have to hope that the truth will win out and that justice shall prevail.

  16. First, you all are an extraordinary bunch of people. Second, you all have restored my faith in humanity many times. Third, here’s the tag line I cannot wait to use after the trial is over, concerning HLN (after all the sly audio splicing, mischaracterized testimony, slander, and on and on and on….):

    WHY SHOULD WE BELIEVE YOU NOW, HLN??????????????????????????????????????????

    We’re at 278!

  17. Folks might not like this post here. I discussed this case with Jodi’s former manager at a restaurant in Phoenix. When I said I thought she was overcharged she said that she knew her and she thinks Jodi is a psycho. She was fired for regularly being 45 minutes late for work. She doodled like a teenager Jodi loves Travis. She spoke of him constantly, and also thought she was beautiful and smarter than anyone else. Doesn’t change my overcharged opinion, largely because the County Attorney does this as a matter of policy. But it is some food for thought.

    • That isn’t the behavior of a “psycho” but somebody who is immature and perhaps lacking in a few workplace ethics.

      Remember, you talked to this person AFTER the fact. I will bet he didn’t think she was a “psycho” before all of this happened.

      • Good point. The manager seemed to think the gas cans were damning. I just can’t get straight why someone planning a murder would borrow something like that from someone they should have known would be talked to by police. She also mentioned the license plate. I laughed out loud to that one. I guaranteed that I could be easily pulled over by police for that. It makes no sense to me that someone would think putting your plates upside down will cause less attention to you.

        • Jeff…I read a post on this website a few days ago that someone posted that they traveled this same road as Jodi had traveled…and they also put gas cans filled up in their trunk along with water and food because it was a long stretch of road before you found another store…

        • Jodi said why she had the gas cans. Her rental car had a small tank, gas prices are much higher in remote areas, and she didn’t want to be stranded on a road she was unfamiliar with.

          It isn’t proof of any premeditation. It’s a reasonable explanation.

          Furthermore, since Travis had a couple of roommates, there was always a chance they would see her anyway at his house the day of the killing, and Jodi couldn’t possibly know when they would show up. The gas can theory falls flat for that reason alone.

          • I’ve been thinking about the premediation aspect as well. Even if Jodi is lying about the gun and she did bring it after taking it from her grandparent’s house, it doesn’t explain how she thought she would be able to get away with using it at his house where he lived with 2 other people and their girlfriends. Travis didn’t know when his roommates would be there and Jodi was there literally all day. They were downstairs together at certain points in time. One of the roommates could have come home at any point that day and saw her there. Actually, Zach said he was home the morning of June 4 (Jodi got to Travis’s house about 4:00 a.m.) although he didn’t say he saw her or knew she was there. He didn’t mention that a strange car was there either. When Flores questioned Zach, Zach gave several conflicting stories about his whereabouts those 5 days. The reason he wasn’t questioned more is because Flores believed he found enough evidence against Jodi in the camera, the bloody palm print, and her statement she wasn’t there that he didn’t need to look any farther. IMO, there never was a full investigation into this case. In their minds they found the smoking gun in the camera.

            • Sharon…and more for thought..if Detective Flores had read his own report in a chronological order of events then he would have seen there was no way that Jodi had time to wash two load of clothes that Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

              The camera photos show the time around 5:38 pm or so and Travis is dead…

              Enrique says he got work at 6 pm and was at Travis’ house right after 6-6:30 pm

              Jodi would not have time to have washed the two loads of clothes…

              Remember on Monday night, June 9, 2008 after 10 pm Detective Fores found Travis’ bedclothes in the dryer…and his clothes and camera were in the washing machine already washed…

              TWO loads of clothes from the crime scene was washed…WHO WASHED THEM?????

              Both roommates testified to the detective that they had washed and dried clothes using Travis’ washer and dryer that same week…Zach washed and dried clothes on Wednesday and Enrique said he washed and dried clothes earlier that week….

              SJ posted this link for us on this website…


        • I do not think that the gas cans mean anything ,I think she was overcharged ,should have been man slaughter, Someone can be intellectually gifted but emotionally stunted or repressed. From how Jodi Arias handled this situation, it proves to me that there is something very lacking in emotional intelligence almost childlike. The media is going to hammer home she’s smart, she knew what she was doing, for a particular reason, but anyone with average intelligence can see she has severe emotional problems as revealed in her testimony, her relationship with Travis, and the silly belief system, the law of attraction, which is very shallow & adolescent to say the least. Also the many lies she told ,which were very easy to expose demonstrates that she is not the average cunning criminal the media is trying to portray her as. Many people like her will try very hard to sound intellectual because they are insecure. Travis control over Jodi Arias shows she had no mind of her own and was easily led. The question I would ask was she emotionally so damaged that she is unable to understand the consequences of her behavior, I do not know. But this case is really way off in so many ways. The prosecutor is very , unprofessional . The Judge seems to have absolutely no control over the court room and lets face it The defense has been too sloppy.

          • Nice post Oliviero. I enjoy a well rounded opinion. I felt like the black sheep here because I honestly cannot say with 100% conviction that Jodi is completely innocent, nor do I feel that the State is correct in their theory.
            I am still waiting to hear all of the evidence that will be presented. At this point the only thing that I am sure of — we have not heard the true story of what really happened in that bathroom/hallway/closet.

            Sorry, but don’t believe that the intruders or the roommates or the Mormons or the PPL or George Anthony or anyone but Jodi and Travis were there that night. I do believe that if Jodi did plan this she should be locked away for life and Travis’ good name restored. (Please read that last line again, before calling me a troll – If she premeditated this murder and lied about EVERYTHING – she also lied about TA). If she was defending herself, she should be vinidicated and deserves to live a beautiful, happy life.

            I am not a Jodi supporter, I am a justice supporter. I can’t pretend like she is my BFF- I’ve never met her. I can’t act as if I have intimate knowledge of what happened on June 4th – I wasnt there!

            I just want to see the right outcome in this case……

            • You needn’t feel alone. There are many of us who started viewing this case with an open mind, or the belief that Jodi was double plus guilty, and were so turned off by the media coverage that we wound up here. I’ve said plenty of times that I think she is likely guilty of a lesser crime, and nobody has ever given me the slightest hard time about it. In other words, consider yourself in good company here.

            • Misty Cacher You are right!
              I do not think she planned the murder, You stick to the same weapon, and you don’t put one weapon down to get another, because then you risk him coming at you. If she planned it, she would have been careful not to leave so much evidence, She could shoot him at night in his sleep, not have pictures taken which proved she was at his home. How could she hold a camera a gun a knife, The gun doesn’t work shoot him again. The case has many angles but the Media is way over the top. I don’t think she is cunning or evil, but sadly misled into a very disturbing cult like group where your emotions are suffocated.. The law of Attraction is great for covering up the misdeeds of these disturbed deviants. That’s just a No Brainer. The fact that these people appear so often on HLN gives rise to the suspicion of some type of cover up. Perhaps just the life style of these people which is the opposite of what they portray. The only thing I do know is that the Prosecutions Theory is wrong and The Defense doesn’t really shed any light on what really happened. But the relationship was mentally unhealthy.

    • Was this a woman who has been repeatedly interviewed on HLN (JVM & NG)? If yes, the woman continued to spin her recollections IMO to be invited back on air.

    • This is a difficult case. A lot of people who haven’t seen all the evidence get it wrong, heck, I got it wrong for a couple of days – well I wasn’t sure. If you went by what is reported in the popular press, you would have to be pretty smart or experienced in the ways of the world to guess Jodi is innocent.

      • geebee
        The only problem is that she states she killed him, so her defense team has to go by what she says.
        In the case of OJ Simpson the people who watched the Pundits in the Media believed him to be guilty and the ones who only watched Trial Coverage thought he was innocent. The big difference in this case is Jodi says she did it. If she had not spoken to the detectives, received proper council had good forensic experts to question the evidence at the crime scene this may be different., But the defense is has yet to put on a strong case for what they claim. If it was rage temporary insanity she would receive Man slaughter or 2nd Degree since this is not DP case.

        • Only idiots think OJ is innocent. There has never been a more guilty person than OJ. Case closed. Thoughts and prayers with Jodi.

          • Guess I am a Idiot. haha but I felt his son did it an he came upon it after the fact covered for his son. The Glove would have fit his son.

    • How does the manager figure any of that makes her a psycho? Or more likely to be guilty? Or more to the point of what the topic of your convo was, that she is overcharged?

      • I think they look at the charges and look back at any flaws and jump to the psycho conclusion. She didn’t have anything to refute my overcharged arguments.

        • Can we even trust the manager? I mean, if this is the same women that was previously on HLN, to me, she sounded so hateful. I thought it was just one more person who wanted to get their 15 minutes by saying, oh I knew Jodi, such and such is true.

          • SHE sounded like a Psycho. If its the same person. An UNEDUCATED Psycho. I hope its not the loser with the cat story. That person was definitely ill.

            • If it was that person, the one that was going on about how she told Jodi that Jodi needed to stop chasing Travis and how Jodi used to constantly call Travis and even drive 5 hours right after work to go see him if she couldn’t reach him…. The way she was speaking, she actually scared me. I could hear so much hate in her voice. I wasn’t able to trust anything she said.

              • I felt the same way about this woman. Then she brought up some nonsense about animal abuse so she could get on JVM (supposedly an animal lover). Now come on – Jodi was extremely caring and loving towards animals as evidenced by testimony, pictures, even the fact that she loved her feral cat who scratched her all the time. The coworker/manager was not only unbelievable, but scary.

                • sz!

                  I never heard anything about the animal thing! I am now convinced people are lying. They are trying to paint her as a sociopath – harming animals is an indicator.

                  She never harmed animals as a kid, there is no proof that she ever did. No proof as an adult other than what this woman said.

                  This is so messed up. People lying to try to ensure she gets the death penalty or continues to stay hated! Wth,,,,,,

      • just another attention seeker. Falling from all woodwork now, and making statements based on the “popular” opinions that are on HLN. These people sicken me, and I personally woudn’t be asking anyone about her. It seems wrong.

        • I don’t want to say that anyone who says anything negative is lying while only believing people who say something positive, but I have doubts about people who say negative things because of the media circus. For heaven’s sake, her babysitter was interviewed and said Jodi had violent tendencies because she hit her little brother on the head with a plastic baseball bat on the head when she was 4. (WHEN SHE WAS 4!!!), and then she lied about doing it. That is way out of line. Jodi was just being a child.

          If the manager had said this 5-6 years ago before Travis died, I’d give it more merit. But right now, I think everyone is jumping on the I Hate Jodi bandwagon for the media. They believe she is guilty, so they trash her.

          Even if she did draw, Jodi loves Travis, that may have been when they first started dating. When people become a new couple, they will talk about each other all the time if they are in love. It sounds like someone who was in love instead of someone who is a psycho. Also, I have said before, Jodi’s behavior is very child-like at times. I thought possibly because of her childhood abuse.

          • Whatever. She and that Red Lobster ladies’ room psychic need to go take a long walk down a short pier together.

          • The manager I spoke to is Hispanic. Don’t know who the manager was on HLN. She did not project hating Jodi, just that she thought she was psycho.

            Also Jodi only lived in AZ I think late 2007 to early 2008. This was AFTER they officially broke up, but of course she kept seeing him. So the doodling Jodi loves Travis was not early in their relationship.

            • Jeff,

              there seems to be confusion on when she moved to AZ. I read she moved there when she started dating him, not after.

              • Wikipedia article indicates that she moved to Mesa before being baptized, then moved back to California after they broke up, but they continued to maintain the sexual relationship even though she was in California.

                People commenting on how she moved after the breakup are trying to make her look bad. Oh look, she still moved to Mesa even though they broke up- she is a stalker, blah blah blah

      • Around here I have heard the term “psycho” used as a slang word for just about everything…it has been used in context meaning something humorous even like the term “bad ass” is used in playfulness too…it’s not really intended to mean that the person is a real wikipedia defined “psycho”…

        Now listening to what you said that Jod’si former manager said that she thinks Jodi is a psycho…Not surprising that she would have said that about Jodi considering the manager herself is female….and with the boss being female… you will not get the most accurate information about Jodi and Jodi’s work performance on the job…you could take a poll count on the internet looking for other females who are young, beautiful, and smart and has ever worked for a female boss who “fed them to the dogs” when they quit their jobs…the count would be staggering upwards…it is the jealousy thing among many females…the guys just don’t get it…

        Then none of this below makes any sense:

        Jodi was regularly 45 minutes late for work…”She’s a psycho”
        Jodi was fired for being late for work…”She’s a psycho”
        Jodi doodles on paper that she loves Travis…She’s a psycho”
        Jodi spoke of Travis constantly…”She’s a psycho”
        Jodi thought she was more beautiful than anyone else…”She’s a psycho”
        Jodi thought she was smarter than anyone else…”She’s a psycho”

        • “Psycho” is a perjorative, nothing more. I do think females are more likely to be called that word, not just by other women but by men too. Travis had the habit of calling all his ex gfs that, it was his MO to pretend there was nothing wrong with him.

    • Oh wow, she was late for work and in love with her boyfriend/lover. Yeah, that’s enough for me, she’s a psycho! And oh wait….an ARTIST doodled????? Death penalty!

    • Jeff
      The only problem with that story is the Prosecutor would have called that person to testify, and they didn’t so who knows, being adolescent obsessed with a boyfriend is nothing new just immature, doesn’t necessarily make one a murderer.

  18. After reviewing this thread – interesting topics from past conversations being brought up. Here is my question: Who in the heck is Esther??? In Jodi’s testimony when being asked about KY, she said she bought the KY because Travis didn’t want to be seen buying lube – but he (Travis) used to use Astroglide with Esther.
    For the love of Pete- Who is this Esther???

  19. I can’t wait to get to the domestic violence expert. I think she and Dr. Samuels will constitute a devastating “one-two punch”, and put this case away for good. We’re talking acquittal.

    Why? Because, as it has been pointed out many times, “abuse is abuse.” No means no. Dr. Samuels said that three years ago Jodi told him that she was uncomfortable with being woken up by oral sex so early in the relationship. Then LaViolette can testify about boundary violations, and how sexual abuse is equivalent to rape. Come on people, is it so hard to understand? Jodi was the victim of serial rape.

    He would not let her get away. The only way this relationship was going to end was with her death..or his!

    Who’s having the last laugh now, Travis??

  20. For what it’s worth, IMHO this site is full of insightful, intelligent, remarkable people that are articulate and pointed in their posts. The team that is running this site are extraordinary and I don’t care where they originate from. I am thankful for the sanity of this site! I have never seen such misrepresentations and incorrect “observances” and at times outright lies as evidenced daily on HLN and their whole lot of so-called “journalists.” Every day it is a new article, interview, or video of what bad, bad Jodi did or said in court – the newest being “what was Jodi whispering?” and “What did Jodi hide under her butt?” It’s sickening.

    JM surely has a “memory problem” – half the time he can’t even remember what his question was; having to rely on the court reporter to read it back for him.

    The team post for today is the best post I have read thus far.

    WTG Maggie on the petition!!!

    another observation, just food for thought…if JM screams all the time about what a “liar” Jodi is – why does he try to get everyone to believe what Jodi writes in her journals is the truth? He’s such an a**hole. Not for nothing – I was raped and sexually abused when I was 16 – I NEVER wrote about it in my journal, diary, or anywhere – to this day. Some things are better left in the mind than on paper. You can’t unring a bell – sometimes it’s just better to leave it where you can’t get rid of it. Once you know something about another and/or once you have been abused by another you can’t “unknow” it. I commend the kind of friend Jodi apparently is, she kept what she knew to herself and never wanted any of it to be known – she’s a better friend than many of “friends” we’ve all heard about; even to TA, even after the horror of his abuse and attack on her.

    Let’s see what happens today. Thanks for listening. 🙂

  21. Question:
    I tape the trial and watch most of it with my husband.

    Yesterday someone ( probably a talking head ) said something to the fact Jodi had memory that she locked the bedroom doors and the dog in there too.???
    I haven’t heard that anywhere!
    Did we miss something OR is this another talking head bull shit LIE?

    And for sure the dog would have been having a fit, barking and scratching the doors and floors.
    That’s still crazy with 2 roommates that never noticed!

    • My understanding is that the bedroom door was locked because the roommate had to find a key to open it when the FINALLY felt concerned and looked for Travis.

      It is also my understanding that the dog was downstairs and there was a gate put on the stairs to keep the dog from going upstairs which someone said was weird because generally the dog was able to roam the house freely.

      Just another sketchy thing in my book! Those roommates jumped the gate to go up the stairs for 5 days!

      • scrappydoo…actually it was a total of 4 people that continually had to “jump the gate” to go upstairs everyday from morning, noon, and night for 5 days….and during those 5 days of their activities in Travis’ home they they breathed the decomposing smell of the body…

        In the Flores report both the two roommates brought their girlfriends to Travis’ home on a daily and nightly basis…they went upstairs to their bedrooms to watch movies and they had access to the kitchen to eat and the bathroom upstairs and the bathroom downstairs and they washed and dried clothes during that same week….

      • So was the dog actually there OR did someone take it somewhere???
        Maybe one of the roommate’s took it somewhere and maybe Zach went to get a key, BUT it eally wasn’t locked?
        Because if they had gone up first, they would have seen blood and called 911, instead of going to get a key.

        That would have eeen anybody’s first thought.

        Also who all was with Zach looking for Travis?

        • My understanding was that the dog was there. The girl that he was supposed to go to Cancun with the Travis the next day is the one who got worried because she couldn’t get a hold of him. She called another friend and her friends boyfriend and they met at the house. They banged and banged on the door and nobody answered so they called a friend of Travis’s who told them how to get into the house. They went in and were banging on Travis’s bedroom door, the roommate I guess came out and looked for a key to open the door. My guess would be that the door was locked.

          • Ohh… and don’t you think it’s odd that someone was banging on their front door and the roommate never came to the door. Also, I remember now that they were banging on Travis’s bedroom door and the roommate didn’t come out until they knocked on the roommates bedroom door.

        • Aly…Would they have called 911?….it seems that they weren’t concerned about breathing the smell of a decomposing body for those 5 days…it seemed they were waiting for someone to come looking for Travis…then on Monday night June 9, 2008 Marie Hall comes knocking on Travis’ front door at 10 pm…then the rest is explained all in the Detailed Breakdown Report an easier reading chronological order of events that week taken from the Flores Report…

      • scrappydoo,

        Interesting …. I’m trying to understand your theory as to why there would be bloody dog prints? If the dog was behind the gate he wouln’t be able to track into the blood areas of the house. That’s how I see it. What are you seeing?

        Also, let me get this straight. The roommates had to go up the stairs that ran along Travis’ bed and bath area to get to their bdrms. I don’t think there is second staircase. The girlfriends didn’t live there, when they came into the house over those five days and they also had to go up the stairs. Yet no one was concerned about a bad smell. A decomposing body has a very bad smell. Didn’t we learn that from the CA trial. We heard a lot about that unmistakable smell. And we are suppose to believe their stories? Heck, if I put a piece of raw cut up chicken (not human!) and throw in my kitchen trash can I can smell it the next day. I have to take it outside the house.

        • Aly above said she heard that Jodi locked the bedroom door and locked the dog inside the bedroom. If that were the case there would have been bloody paw prints all over the bedroom. The dog was downstairs and there was a gate at the stairs prohibiting the dog from going upstairs.

          And… yes…. for 5 FIVE, FIVE WHOLE DAYS those roommates and their girlfriends on occasion walked up the stairs right past Travis’s bedroom around the railing to the bedrooms / bathroom that was right on the other side of Travis’s bathroom. Basically, I believe when they would walk up the stairs, his body was decomposing right on the other side of the wall that they walked by.

        • I would like to see a picture of the floor plan.

          NONE of this makes sense. NONE of it!

          Plus none of his friends checked on him since no one had seen him for 5 days. DID all of the ppl members ALL go to Cancun?

  22. Wow really not wanting to bring up the clowns at hln but flipping through I saw that one of the viewers wanted to ask Dr. Samuels if he has sexual relations with her!!! Really??? Over the $9.00 book. I am lost for words now.

      • Renee
        My favorite name for them. : )
        ASS CLOWNS fits the perfectly and if
        it didn’t before their new show, it sure does now.

        You have Nancy Grace, Jane Mitchell, Vinnie P. Ryan Smith, Mike Brooks,
        all actor/actress, lawyer wannabes prosecuters.
        AND of course none of these are biased.

        They should call their new show Ass Clowns and they wouldn’t have to try and be
        anything but themselves.

          • For some reason, I think that he is the most malignant one. Maybe it’s because he conned me into believing that he had some modicum of legitimacy about him, unlike the others.

  23. Good Morning Everyone! 🙂

    Okay, so for the last week I have been getting pm’s (personal messages), from forums that I post on, from people trying to convince me that Jodi is a liar. I am shocked and feel kind of personally invaded. (BTW, this is why I said in another post of mine that we should stay off those sites – I guess I’m feeling a little like I am being stalked! lol) Anyway, I just thought it was an interesting thing to note and wanted to see if anyone else is getting personal hate-mail.

    • I was just remarking that I felt like I was getting less hate posts and threats and such lately on FB….and I realize it may be because I’ve blocked about 300 people! And the word is out that unless you apologize and offer some productive comment, on either side of the issue, I will block you!:) HEHEHEH…..I have a little bit of a plan in that I put “teaser” comments out…and a few are like WTF, I didn’t know that! Then I slam the petition on ’em! So sue me! Yeah, I realize I may just say that one too many times….:)

      “What are we doing today, Pinky?”

      “What we do every day, try and take over the world.”

      • Wow, Maggie that is a lot of blocking!

        ” “What are we doing today, Pinky?”

        “What we do every day, try and take over the world.” ”


      • I learned my lesson during the Casey Anthony trial; after multiple death threats privately sent through Facebook, I never again publicly posted on FB any comments.

      • I was blocked, too, for simply defending Jodi’s head stand in the police station (?) saying she might have been trying to reduce stress.

    • I’m sad to say it goes both ways. I went to town on someone who claimed that a member here sent vile messages to his wife and children. I mean, I really lost it on him!!

      I shut up pretty quickly when he posted them on his Facebook page. Lets not stoop to that level! Seriously, agree to disagree. Do not send PM’s to someone’s child!! What were you thinking????????

  24. I noticed earlier postings regarding 2nd degree murder.

    IMO the State hasn’t , and is unable, according to the law proven premeditated murder. After looking at the definitions for 2nd degree murder in Arizona, even though a plea was offered by the defense (simply because their role is to save JA’s life), I don’t believe the State has or could present enough evidence to prove that charge either.

  25. I am hoping that we get to some of the juror questions today for the Dr. Hopefully JW will finish-up and we can move to the questions. This will be interesting. I’m hearing the basket is full already!

  26. Another late start!!! So they will be lucky to get 3 hours of actual testimony in today. Uggggghhh!!

    Anyone know why they are starting late?

  27. “Deception for a reason” is still deception! The State is not allowed to deceive the jury. Period. This is common sense and common law. The state and the defense do not have the same “rules”. The state is burdened with showing proof, the state works for the people of the state and the state is not to be biased either way to the guilt or innocence of the defendant. On the other hand, the defense IS SUPPOSED to be biased to the defendant, they do not work for the “people”, they are not burdened with finding proof.
    I just can’t stop thinking about the “overall picture” of this case. It is an absolute story, argument and process of deception. YES YES YES..Jodi has been proven to be deceptive. Ok, she’s a dirty little liar…blah blah blah. That’s not what the point is, as she is not on trial for deception. The point is the jury deservers to have a clear open picture of all of the FACTS. The state should not be allowed to knowing deceive or manipulate the jury. do i explain this..?

    Ok, let’s say I walk up to 100 people and say “pick a number between 1 and 100” the results would be random and on average each number between 1 and 100 would be picked. SIMPLE…straight forward.
    Now in court, there are rules. These rules allow for simple straight forward information to be displayed. However someone can manipulate these rules to gain an advantage. For example, they can ask for an example when explaining an item, as long as they preface it as an example and not a fact…IE.. the state asks “I want you to pick a number between 1 and 100, IT COULD BE 17, for example, it may not be 17, but it could be 17, don’t allow me to influence you in picking SEVENTEEN! Now, of you own free will, what number do you pick?” In the end they instructed the person to pick ANY number, so they followed the rules, but they are manipulating the decision by tone, exclamation (often used by shorty) and by ‘hinting’ at a specific “example”. It may be “legal”, but it is still WRONG.
    If you don’t believe that the laws in AZ can be wrong, let’s look at a REAL law in AZ… “If you are wearing a red mask while committing a misdemeanor it is then a felony.” So if a man dresses up as spider-man on Halloween and J-walks, he, per the law, could be charged with a felony! Yah, the law in AZ doesn’t all ways get it right. Who decides what laws are real and not real? Not a judge…the STATE prosecutor does! The same little man that is trying to manipulate and persuade this jury. Bro——-ken.

    If you step back and look at this with wide eyes, you see this type of “tact” being used by the state, and this has now forced the defense to retaliate with the same fire. Yesterday during one of the many objections, it became clear that the judge ruled that the defense could not ask the question she was trying to ask, so she simply said “hypothetically” before each of the SAME questions. You know she was asking the question it terms of THIS case, I know she was, the jury knows she was…EVERYONE knows she was, but to get around some “judges reasoning” she added “hypothetical”. The judge then allowed it. WHAT GAME ARE THEY PLAYING HERE? This is the most serious of situations. Someone has been killed, another person is on trial for her life! These games and showmanship are ridiculous at best and dangerous at worst.

    I can imagine some saying it’s not the defenses fault, they are just doing what they are forced to do by the state. I can imagine some saying it’s not the states fault, they are doing what the rules of the judge allow. Some may say it’s not the judges fault, she is just following the rule of law… Well fuck all that, this court needs the rule of common sense! Keep your excuses and silly laws for low level things, we are talking about justice for a dead man and justice for a woman on trial for HER LIFE!

    This jury may be thinking they are going through hell, having to listen to all of this trial… They should be glad that I am not on that jury. I don’t pander to religion, bullying, justifications, jargon, manipulation or persuasion. I use my head, I think, and I discuss until I have a “beyond reasonable doubt answer”. There would be NO hung jury. I would not allow a single vote to hang the jury. I would sit in that room for as long as needed.

    On a final note, now that I’m worked up and ranting: WE pay for the state to have little Skippy work this case, WE pay to have state experts, we pay with an UNLIMITED supply of money, whatever the state says they need to conduct this trial. SO, as their financial sponsor, I believe that we should also sponsor the defendant’s bank roll. How is a defendant supposed to compete financially with the state when the state has millions of people contributing to an endless fund (taxes) for them to use?
    Oh, they should be glad I’m not on that jury. I would start asking questions like ” Dr. do you feel that you should have been given the right to complete each answer to the states questions, completely and honestly, as to not imply the wrong answer?” “Do you feel you have been given ample respect by the state? if not, what would your expert opinion be on the mindset of someone that doesn’t allow others to completely comment on a question”.

    • Sirlips, i must have missed the “deception for a reason” post. That’s probably a good thing or I might be ranting too.

      Love your rant!!!

    • Sirlips, I wish WE both on that jury! !! We’d be a great team because I wouldn’t walk out of that room without convincing the rest of yhe jurors. I dont think it be that hard either. Think about… WHERE ARE THE FACTS??? AND THE PROOF OF PREMEDITATION? ??!!! Not there!!! Like you said, all this BS speculation that Martinez has used throughout his whole case (and HLN wants to make it look like his such a smart/ the bomb lawyer) his full of shit!!! He’s played the system, his played the witnesses, his played the courtroom and his playing the jury (nit if we were there). So, yea the defense HAS to play the same way. If the judge is allowing it from the state, then the defense needs to use the same strategy.

      Your jury questions would be great!!!! But then again, I can see the judge not letting them in. And whatever those questions that the state snd the judge didnt let in, the jury might think twice about WHY, why they weren’t asked. So it at least counts for something to ask the questions anyway.

    • Ditto. T

      That is my issue, not only with this trial, but that this is becoming common practice in State’s cases. The prosecutor’s job is to present the facts of a case to prove the charges only. It isn’t their job to determine guilt or innocence or put on their case as to their personal opinion to either. This is the sole purpose of the jury. Presenting the State’s case in the fashion that Martinez is (and as many other prosecutors do) is unconstitutional to the defendant and a travesty to the people of the State and the judicial process that they are paying for.

      We are all made more aware of this type of misconduct or unethical prosecution during high profile, especially DP, cases. The sad truth of the matter is that this goes on at all levels of criminal cases and in all jurisdictions. Lady justice is not blind nor is she alive and well as our founding fathers intended.

    • Sirlips, I have to say, thank you for posting here. Some would have us believing that what Martinez does is perfectly normal and acceptable; even routine, in courtrooms. I have a hard time believing that, and even if that were the case then each and every one of those courtrooms should be investigated for violating defendant’s constitutional rights.

    • What the State is supposed to do and what they do remains to be seen. But anyone who believes that you will get a fair trial is sadly mistaken. This is not a DP case and it should not have been tried that way.
      Our Constitution is been thrown down the toilet. Because the media decided that she is guilty and she must die. Nancy Grace does not believe in our Constitution she has stated that.

  28. An excerpt from “TRAVIS ALEXANDER – THIS IS YOUR LIFE”

    Up in Mormon heaven, an angel is running a “This Is Your Life” show for Travis. The way it works is, Travis will get to hear over a loudspeaker the voice of a former friend or acquaintance, who is speaking to him live off-stage. Travis then has to guess who it is, then they bring the person onto the set.

    FEMALE VOICE: Hi, Travis. I miss you. I still have that tube of K-Y we used. I saved it, because, well, you said I was the only girl you’d ever done anything like that with.

    ANGEL: Recognize that voice, Travis?

    (Travis puts his fingers to his chin and thinks.)

    ANGEL: What’s the matter? Can’t you tell us who that is?

    TRAVIS: Gimme a second to think, will you? Let’s see . . . is it Marcia?

    ANGEL: No.

    TRAVIS: Kimberly?

    ANGEL: Wrong again.

    TRAVIS: Let’s see, KY, KY . . . Vanessa?

    ANGEL: Travis, are you kidding me?

    TRAVIS: I’m trying to remember, damnit. Hang on.

    (He reaches in his back pocket for his wallet, from which he pulls a folded piece of paper. He unfolds it.)

    TRAVIS: Lisa?

    ANGEL: No.

    TRAVIS: Deanna?

    (Angel looks at the camera, perplexed.)

    TRAVIS: Starla? No, she was the amputee and wouldn’t let me back there.

    ANGEL: Travis, that voice you heard is the voice of Mimi Hall!

    TRAVIS: Mimi? But we never used KY . . . wait, oh yeah, that time on the roller coaster. Well, bring her on out.

    (Mimi enters the studio.)

    TRAVIS: (To the angel.) She’s so frickin’ hot. You got any Red Bull around here?

    ANGEL: No, sorry.

    TRAVIS: How about amyl nitrate?

    MIMI: Travis! (Runs to hug him.)

    TRAVIS: Easy, babe – you’ll mess up my testimony, not to mention my garment.

    MIMI: Ha! Your testimony was messed up a long time ago.

    TRAVIS: No shit.

    MIMI: I just wanted to see you one more time and wish you the best with eternity.

    TRAVIS: Thanks. (To the angel.) Who’s next?

    (Mimi sits on the couch.)

    ANGEL: This one.

    YOUNG BOY’S VOICE: Hey, Mr. Alexander. Do you remember me? After we had ice cream that time in the park, you taught me what it’s like to be in love when you’re a grown-up . . .

    To be continued. Hopefully.

    The same goes for any other self-righteous bastard that thinks they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.”

    Thank you so much SJ for saying what most of us have thought for a long time. I have always said the bottom line to this whole case is that a woman beater was brought down by his victim, which is a pretty hard to pill to swallow for those who would like to see women put back into the 1950’s. I’m finding out more and more that there appears to be a battle to demean females, and that many many men feel its their right to use and abuse any woman who may appear vulnerable. Take for example the latest tragedy in Steubenville. That poor 16 yr old girl violated at a party, where both men and WOMEN saw what was happening, but allowed to because “she got drunk and deserved it”. I see this mentality on the TA supporters side, which is truly alarming. How can anyone with an independent thought process not conclude after hearing that sex tape that TA was the abuser and he was a deviant…only those who have been brainwashed into the archaic thought that a woman deserves to be raped and abused because of how she dresses, or who she associates herself with, or her demeanor, etc etc. They all believe they “knew” him, and that he would never do that. Well, what is the first thing you hear when they interview friends or family of a serial killer, or a rapist…..” I can’t believe he did that! He would never do that! I’m so shocked this happened, I never knew that side of him” Jodi most certainly was abused, probably most of her life, and TA thought he had found the perfect victim. He thought wrong, and it cost him his life. A lesson to all the men out there that feel this is their RIGHT to own and use a woman for their own sick twisted fantasies. I just hope more abuse victims will find the strength to fight back, not to the point of murder, but to the point that they say enough is enough and they get out of the situation for good! Laws need to change to protect abuse victims from their abusers, first and foremost by lengthy prison terms for sex crimes. Those two boys in Steubenville got less than 2 yrs TOTAL for what they did to that girl. I was absolutely shocked at that judge, and how everyone acts as if this is appropriate. Are you effing kidding me…
    I blasted them on Dr. Drew last night, pointed out they were all on drugs if they can’t come to their own conclusions by hearing all the evidence that TA was a sexual deviant, no virgin and certainly not “corrupted” by Jodi. I beat that hornets nest till they all came out of hiding! LMAO!! Oh well, sometimes the truth has to be told, and you do it so well!! Thanks for the honesty, and the courage to speak out loud and clear! you are a brave one, and I so appreciate the fact you tell it like it is!

  30. I just came back from shopping and turned on T and it was on HLN (which i try to avoid) but happened to see one guest attorney from AZ. who seems to be more impartial then the rest on HLN and he was saying (i am paraphrasing) like it or not one of the judges instructions in a self defense case will be “the state has to prove that this was NOT self defense” in order to convict”

    I didn’t know that and and in my opinion JM has not proved that it wasn’t self defense,

    • But it isn’t a self-defense case–this is a murder one, capital case. No matter what, JM can’t prove it was premeditated, and it is impossible to prove.

  31. Aren’t SJ’s posts absolutely refreshing?
    And I couldn’t agree more, Martinez objecting to Mrs. Willmott’s wanting to speculate something for a moment, pure slime. What a prick (to be nice).

    I’m behind you all the way SJ.
    Thank you for this site, really.

      • Never looked at it that way….lmao. The posts are out of order again too, on my screen anyway, which isn’t helping.

      • So I have a question for Team Jodi…that has been plaguing my mind since I have started to follow this trial. IF Jodi is found NOT guilty, will she still have to go to prison or be will she be free again? I ask since Jodi has admitted to killing TA but ONLY in self defense.

        I wanted say that I am 100% team Jodi. I think that TA was an a**hole who played her, who lied, cheated, and was living several different lives. I mean what was his problem?! And as for the other a**hole JM?! I don’t think he cares if he convicts an innocent girl like Jodi, as long as he wins his fight. How JM treated Dr. Samuels yesterday was atrocious. How dare he treat Dr. Samuels as if he were a common criminal and how dare he think he knows better than an expert who’s been studying psychiatry for long as Dr. Samuels has. The way JM pointed out the score system for one of the test, it was quite ridiculous and I don’t understand how Judge Stephens could allow such behavior in court.

        JM, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are just an ugly bull dog who is willing to bully your way to win a trial instead of taking a look at what is in front of you and see the truth, that Jodi is the victim NOT TA. Furthermore, it looks like JM has a hidden agenda, trying to climb the political ranks so he may get further up the ladder in his field. Shame of YOU, JM for your selfish ways instead of realizing that you are only trying to convict an innocent person who was only defending herself!

        Sorry SJ, I posted this twice, I am new to this so I thought you’d see my other post but thought putting this here might get me a reply faster. 🙂 Thanks.

  32. Does anybody think that there is a possibility during this break, and while JW is dealing with a private matter, that the defense may be using this time to either file motions or have motions heard?

    After yesterday’s egregious pros tactics, the timing couldn’t be better. IMO

  33. Hello Everyone,

    I am a curious type person so, with that said; I typed the prosecutors first middle initial last name into the search for court docs in maricopa county. Might someone please do a bit of digging. I found the following:

    Case Number Def Id Name Entry Date Judicial Officer Name

  34. HLN reported a little while ago that this case has cost the citizens’ of AZ $838K so far. Arias was willing to plea for 2nd degree, pretty generous in my opinion & the state could have saved all that $.

    • This case is definitely costing taxpayers a lot of money. I believe Jodi’s defense is what has cost over $800K and we can assume the prosecution has cost a similar amount. I’d be curious though how much of it was spent in the 4.5 year lead-up to trial.

      Dr Samuels for instance we know makes $250 per hour and must’ve racked up quite a bill with all the time he’s spent on the case dating back to 2009.

      Do we know when exactly Jodi offered to plead guilty?

  35. So I have a question for Team Jodi…that has been plaguing my mind since I have started to follow this trial. IF Jodi is found NOT guilty, will she still have to go to prison or be will she be free again? I ask since Jodi has admitted to killing TA but ONLY in self defense.

    I wanted say that I am 100% team Jodi. I think that TA was an a**hole who played her, who lied, cheated, and was living several different lives. I mean what was his problem?! And as for the other a**hole JM?! I don’t think he cares if he convicts an innocent girl like Jodi, as long as he wins his fight. How JM treated Dr. Samuels yesterday was atrocious. How dare he treat Dr. Samuels as if he were a common criminal and how dare he think he knows better than an expert who’s been studying psychiatry for long as Dr. Samuels has. The way JM pointed out the score system for one of the test, it was quite ridiculous and I don’t understand how Judge Stephens could allow such behavior in court.

    JM, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are just an ugly bull dog who is willing to bully your way to win a trial instead of taking a look at what is in front of you and see the truth, that Jodi is the victim NOT TA. Furthermore, it looks like JM has a hidden agenda, trying to climb the political ranks so he may get further up the ladder in his field. Shame of YOU, JM for your selfish ways instead of realizing that you are only trying to convict an innocent person who was only defending herself!

  36. Good afternoon friends!!
    Trying to catch up on work these days since the trial´s schedule is f**ked up!

    I loooooooooove your post.You can do magic with words and somehow manage to summarize all my thoughts!
    May I quote sth?Coz that’s how I definitely feel! ” and we are PROUD to stand behind and support Jodi Arias.”
    Gool Luck today Defense Team!

  37. I heard on HLN a few days ago that TA had listed on his myspace page that his goals were money, women, & power. Has anyone else heard anything about his myspace page? It is not now public.

    • indeed it was on his myspace, yet those dumbasses try to tell everyone that his alter ego” Eddie Snell” was a made up character…lmao…no it was totally who he wanted to model himself after! believe that!

    • I have read his My Space very Shallow but in line with Cults promising you money power happiness etc.
      Some of the commentary by others is revealing. Most people are aware that Money gives one a false sense of security. It seemed like he suffered from Narcissistic personality disorder from what I hear.
      The group he connected himself with were very shallow & Fake the ones I have heard on HLN and in court.

    • The problem is Jodi pleaded guilty so her defense team has to defend her plea and if she is not guilty then the defense is doing a disservice to her and others, But Nurmi wanted out of this case so, I think they are doing the best they can with the story provided to them by Jodi. But there are many problems with the defense strategy this is not a DP case. I do not know if she is innocent or guilty since she provided this story. In order to really be sure she would need a top notch forensic expert Lawyer etc to examine the evidence more closely.

  38. Brilliant post as always SJ! WE ARE TEAM JODI, it’s just that simple 🙂

    I know I don’t say it often enough, but I am grateful for this site. We can openly support Jodi AND help others on the road to healing. I can only imagine that many abuse victims come to this site and realize that they aren’t crazy, they are worth something, and that they don’t deserve to be treated like they are worthless.

    Thank you for all that you do. <3

  39. To help understand the terminology, and reasons used in objecting to questions asked and answers
    given of a witness do a google search of …


    Here’s a few to help
    I haven’t read them yet:

  40. For the ones who missed this on the other pages…I’m posting this over here too…there are many folks everywhere talking about this video…

    There is much speculation on this video about people seeing two people in the iris of Travis’ eye…some feel that Travis’ is looking at two people…

    POSSIBLY Travis’ is seeing two people…

    With their own testimony the timeline puts both roommates in the home…around the same time as when the gun was fired or shortly afterwards…

    The camera photos show the time around 5:38 pm or so and Travis is dead…

    Enrique (roommate) says he got off work at 6 pm and was at Travis’ house right after 6-6:30 pm…

    Zach (other roommate) was off work that Wednesday, June 4th and he was in and out of Travis’ house all day…

    Jodi would not have time to have washed the two loads of clothes…

    Remember on Monday night, June 9, 2008 after 10 pm Detective Fores found Travis’ bedclothes in the dryer…and his clothes and camera were in the washing machine already washed…

    TWO loads of clothes from the crime scene was washed…WHO WASHED THEM?????

    Both roommates testified to the detective that they had washed and dried clothes using Travis’ washer and dryer that same week…Zach washed and dried clothes on Wednesday and Enrique said he washed and dried clothes earlier that week….

    SJ posted this link for us on this website…Read a lot more here….

  41. I apologize if I’m bringing up an oft repeated issue—but—HAS THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM GONE INSANE? Why is this jury not sequestered? If any one of those jurors is ignorant enough to disregard what is possibly the most sacrosanct held tenant of BEING a juror—holding to their own personal sworn media blackout; then they are going to be ignorant enough to think a facial expression is an indicator of guilt, or the handout of a book gives meaning to a “relationship” and a sordid one at that. If one of these jurors watches HLN just one day, where all the hundreds of years concerning ethics of journalism are simply thrown out the window—consider this: this ignorant juror will slip with a sentence. One not uttered in the courtroom. The other eleven look at this person. Will it be a mistrial? (Or will they boot ’em and grab an alternate) If a mistrial, how on earth, and where on earth, would she ever get a fair trial? I LOATHE HLN. In America you are (still—yes, still, today, in 2013) innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of your peers. So for now anyway, Jodie is a innocent woman. This vilifying, objectifying, humiliation, demonization of Jodi Arias is wrong on so many levels I’m disgusted as a woman, an American, a television viewer, a human being. One would think they would of learned their lesson the last time they got royally spanked and made it impossible for another young girl to ever re-establish or go on with her life here in America. Down with sensationalism. Down with fascists who want to revert to dragging people out of their homes or cells and simply shooting them without the benefit of a fair trial.

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