Jodi Arias Trial – Day 34 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 34.

The morning session was cancelled due to technical issues with the salad bar…

Team Jodi


        • This will be a good opportunity for the Dr. to really get back in good with the jurors, I hope. He explains thing very well.

          • He sure does.And after listening to the jurors questions we can tell what they are actually thinking about him,although if they are bright enough to see beneath Martinez’s stupid tactics there will be no problem with the questions I think.

            • the only problem I see would be that if the questions were asked while Kermit was at bat, then we might get the wrong idea…

              I would bet money they would have asked a lot of questions that would have then been answered when JW was up.

              • Agreed. If the questions are going into a basket throughout the Dr.’s testimony then the questions will reflect the jury’s various “up and downs” based on who was questioning the Dr. at the time the juror put the question in the basket. In other words, their question might have already been answered by the time JW’s redirect was complete. It would be much better if the jury could hold on to their questions until after the direct, cross, and re-direct testimony were complete before putting them in the basket. That way we would only hear the questions that the jurors still feel need clarification or feel were unanswered. Of course, the talking heads will jump on anything and pretend to not know how this is all working and claim any question even slightly negative or unsure is a win for JM. :-/

    • Wooohooooo Al!!! We get complimentary dinner from SJ, for two with NG at The McGarth Fish House. I took MB as my guest, we had the pleasure of sitting on a table next to Chris and Sky Hughes. Dr Drew also stopped by and on the way out the way out we walked right by Anastasia and Drizella (they were sucking on lemon wedges). Oh and just make sure you call and rsvp for the little short server, I blv his name was Juansito Martinez!!* Have a great night out, we did!!!! ; ))

    • They will be starting any minute…if not late… the good Dr. I imagine will finish with Ms. Willmott, and then answer jury questions…. at least that is my understanding.

    • I would like the report here on this site. I believe it said there was a magzine with hollow point bullets also taken with/in it. I don’t remember if it specifically stated that the gun was loaded, but I would have to look again to be sure.

      I would like to know if they can tell what kind of bullet was in Travis. If they were both hollow point that wouldn’t tell you anything, but if the stolen gun had hollow point and the bullet in Travis cheek was a regular one…well that would be more telling.

    • I read a police report over on the TA site, and I think it said it was loaded with hallow points… but I cannot be sure, because I no longer will visit that site, it inflames me too much. 😀

      if it were hollow points, wouldn’t Jodi have had to go buy regular bullets to use it? Because I think a hollow point would have done much more damage to TA… also, I no little to nothing about guns, can you tell if it was a hollow point by the casing?

      Also, I could be completely wrong in my recollection.

        • Thanks to BeeCee & Renee’ for the information.

          As for hollow point bullets, I don’t think the ME mentioned anything about the bullet in Travis’s left cheek being a hollow-point. I don’t know a lot about guns but I think hollow-point bullets flatten on impact so there will be more damage. I would think (but not sure) that forensics would be able to tell if the bullet was a hollow-point.

          Also, strange that the grandparents had an old model gun for protection(or maybe not).

          I found a video of Jane Velez-Mitchell shooting a .25 caliber pistol and talking to a “gun expert.” She says to him: “What are the chances that someone owning a gun wouldn’t keep any ammunition in the house?” (or something like that). This seems to indicate that the grandparents may have said they didn’t have bullets for the gun. But, the report you posted indicates the gun was fully loaded.

          • ” I don’t think the ME mentioned anything about the bullet in Travis’s left cheek being a hollow-point. ”

            I wonder if the ME didn’t mention it because lil man kermit purposely didn’t ask…because the bullets did not match what was in the burglary report?

            I wonder if there are any forensic reports in State’s possession on the bullet.

            • There must be forensic reports on the bullet. One of the earlier video tapes shows a technician testify about the gun and the bullet and the casing. She mentions the weight of the bullet. But, I don’t remember her mentioning anything about hollow-point bullets. When today’s testimony is over, I’ll have another look.

            • I doubt if it was a hollow point. So once again the gun nut comes out. There is no way he was shot with a 25ACP hollow point. At very close range a 25 ACP my penetrate the skull particularly when shot at a soft/thin point like the temple. There is no way under the sun that a hollow point would penetrate a skull twice (going in and out).

              Basically a hollow point (also sometimes called a dumdum bullet) has a hole drilled through a part of the front of the bullet. When a hollow point hits something the bullet mushrooms, i.e. the front expands out. The main aim of a hollow point is to cause maximum damage to soft tissue (which by the way is why hollow points are banned by the Geneva Convention and their use in combat is a war crime). But the energy that goes into mushrooming the bullet takes away from its penetrating power. Furthermore when it hits a harder object, like bone it loses a lot more penetrative power and in fact has a sort of shattering effect on the bone. This is why Minnie balls used in the civil war had such a devastating effect on bone.

              Now you can see the bullet in the x-ray. It is not mushroomed out. That is not a hollow point, which is why JM probably didn’t ask.

              • Thanks AL! Wow!!!!

                I’m not a huge gun I only know a little bit and I did not know that.

                (HOWEVER, any crazy hater PSYCHOS come my way and they will meet my 1911, and my bodyguard, lol)

              • Good information, Al

                The prosecution and the police believe Jodi stole the gun from her grandparents (which apparently was loaded with hollow-point bullets). But, Travis was shot with a bullet that wasn’t a hollow-point.(we think).

                So if Jodi did shoot Travis with her grandparent’s gun, she wouldn’t have exchanged more “deadly” bullets for less deadly bullets. If she wanted to kill him, she would leave the hollow-point bullets in the gun, wouldn’t she?

              • So, someone needs to send this question to the defense maybe…they should compare the bullet type in TA’s cheek to what was in the burglary report.

              • Personally, if I stole a gun to go shoot someone and the gun already had bullets in it, I would think I’m good to go. No need to get other bullets.

                • I checked the Day 3 video tape and the testimony of Elizabeth Northcutt (forensic firearms examiner). There was NO mention that the bullet was a hollow-point. The bullet looked damaged at the tip but no “mushrooming” as Al described.

                  So did Jodi realize the bullets were hollow-point or did she hear her grandparents mentioned they were hollow-point so she then she discarded the hollow-points and went and bought “regular” ammunition? Did the police ever check to see if she bought .25 caliber ammunition between May 28 – June 4, 2008? Or, would that be impossible to trace? I think anyone over 18 could just go and buy bullets in 2008 in CA & AZ.

                  I think the defense must have this information. Anyway, I hope one of the jurors reads these posts tonight (Ha!).

                • Coldcase53

                  The only kind of ammunition sales that are registered, by federal law, are handgun ammo sales. So if she bought the ammo, they should be able to find out.

              • it doesn’t just mushroom out…it almost explodes/shatters in the front.

                I’ve looked at the bullet in the xray a lot and it doesn’t exactly appear fully rounded.

                They need to find out if it was hollow point or not.

                Why the MEs report doesn’t say is beyond me.

                • There’s got to be a simple explanation. The police/prosecution and defense wouldn’t miss the fact that the bullets were different (if they really were).

                • Why hasn’t someone jumped on this and said WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely someone could find out some info and get someone to listen!!!!!!!!???????

                • I’ve thought about this too. The bullets can make or break this case. If they prove they were the same, that can lock in premeditation. If they are different, then premeditation goes out the window. I can’t believe either side isn’t more concerned about this. This is a HUGE point in this case. Probably one of the most important in my opinion.

                  They are spending so much time on stupid, trivial things such as using a pencil instead of a pen instead of looking at facts and evidence such as the BULLET THAT KILLED HIM!!!!

                • Because if the bullet that shot Travis was the same bullet that was stolen from her Grandparents house they will speculate she stole the gun to kill Travis, ie., Premeditation. If the bullets are different, that theory goes out the window.

              • I would agree with Al that a hollow-point 25 calibre would not have the power to penetrate the skull twice, but neither would a jacketed .25. The 25 calibre is perhaps the puniest handgun ever made. The bullet in question, however, didn’t have the power to exit TA’s skull and was found inside his cheek bone.

                The spent bullet was deformed, and for this reason, I believe it probably was a hollow-point. Unlike any other size bullet, a standard .25 calibre arrives with so little velocity and impact it is not unusual for the bullet to come to a stop before it is deformed. Indeed thick clothing may stop a .25 before it does any harm at all.

                A Winchester .25 bullet (the kind of cartridge found on the bathroom floor) in hollow-point would be around 40 grains, compared to around 55 grains for a standard bullets and would have been traveling faster, say around 1000 fps, compared to 750-850 fps for a standard bullet. That the bullet is deformed at all indicated to me it was a faster-travelling hollow-point, but that is certainly something the defense needs to confirm.

                According to the burglary report, Arias’ grandfather inherited the pistol, thought it was “old” but didn’t know the manufacturer. He said it was fully loaded and the clip apparently held 7 rounds. A Lorcin, I think, has a seven-round clip, and probably other makes do to. Other brands come with eight-round clips. (I’m assuming he didn’t leave it laying around with a round in the chamber, but who knows.) .25s have been made since 1906, so old could mean quite old.

                The brand is important because .25 calibre pistols from quality manufacturers are far better than cheaply made ones. A bullet fired from a poorly made or maintained weapon isn’t going to go as fast or penetrate as well, and even a five-star .25 is rather feeble.

                Since the weapon was apparently registered as required in CA, the police should know the make and serial number. Did the police post that info on their pawnshop bulletin? They should have, in case someone found it in the desert, say, and tried to hock it.

                If the gun had been laying around loaded for years, as the grandfather indicates it had been, it would have been surprising if the weapon didn’t jam after the first shot. And any dirt, dust or corrosion in the barrel would have further slowed down that single, already slow, bullet.

                I’ve heard experts usually load .25 clips with one less bullet than the clip holds and this reduces the chance of jamming somewhat. I’m guessing the Grandfather doesn’t know much about handguns (He didn’t know the make) and had it fully loaded, and the bullets and clip spring were likely corroded.

                So far no one can say the gun that killed TA was the one stolen from the grandfather, but close examination of the bullet might still give lots of information. Was the bullet old? Were there traces of rust or old, dried oil on it. What can be told about the condition of the rifling in the barrel?

                I suppose TA could have bought an old gun, but if all the ballistics evidence points to a new gun, new bullet, than it probably wasn’t the grandfather’s stolen weapon.

                I know almost nothing about the case itself, and am just offering this as a (somewhat) informed opinion on .25 calibre semi-autos.

                • Great information, Ken. Thanks so much.

                  Here is a portion of the Elizabeth Northcutt (forensic firearms examiner) testimony related to the bullet:

                  Juan Martinez (JM): “With regard to the bullet, were you able to determine the caliber of the bullet? In other words, can you just take a look at the bullet and go back and see what the caliber of it is?”

                  Elizabeth Northcutt (EN): ” I examined the basic…em…characteristic of the bullet and I measured the base diameter to figure out a caliber. I also looked at the bullet’s weight and any other (inaudible – “style?”) the bullet has and it led me to the determination that it’s consistent with a .25 caliber bullet.”

                  JM: “So you can go back and attempt to do that then? Is that right?”

                  EN: “Yes.”

                  JM: “And what is it that indicates … much does a .25 caliber bullet weigh?”

                  EN: “Typically about 50 grains.

                  JM: ” 50 grains?”

                  EN: “Yes.”

                  JM: ” And, how much did this bullet weigh?”

                  EN: “44.8”

                  JM: “And, the fact that it didn’t weigh the same, does that indicate to you that it isn’t a .25 caliber or that it is given the circumstance.”

                  EN: “No, bullets are frequently damaged when they’re fired and they can lose weight that way. So it’s not a big discrepancy. 44.8 to 50 grains.”

                  This is just a small portion of her testimony but no where on the video is there any discussion whether the bullet was a “jacketed hollow-point bullet” or a “hollow-point bullet.” The idea of a hollow-point bullet is never mention. In fact, the word hollow-point is never used. Nor is there any description of the bullet that would suggest they are talking about a hollow-point bullet.

                  I would think that would be a tremendously important factor in this trial especially knowing that the gun stolen from Jodi Arias’s grandparents was filled with 7 jacketed hollow-point bullets, according to Jodi’s grandfather. His statement about the type of bullets in his stolen gun was given to a police officer about a week BEFORE Travis Alexander was killed. So the grandfather wasn’t covering for Jodi – at least not that I can see. It’s important to note there were a bunch of break-ins in the area around that time so the break-in may not have had anything to do with her.

                  Again, IF the bullet found in Travis’s cheek was NOT a jacketed hollow-point bullet, this would give some weight to the fact that Juan Martinez (the prosecutor) is WRONG in thinking that Jodi stole her grandfather’s gun with the premeditation to kill Travis Alexander.

                • Rifling in the Barrel

                  Again from Elizabeth Northcutt’s testimony:

                  JM: “And, anything else about the bullet that you found, for example, markings, striations. Did you discover anything like that?”

                  EN: “Yes, there were rifling impressions on the bullet.”

                  JM: ” When you say rifling …rifling impressions ….those are impressions on the bullet. Right?”

                  EN: ” That’s correct.”

                  JM: ” And, these impressions on the bullet, what are they made by?”

                  EN: ” They are left by rifling inside the firearm.”

                  JM: “So it is the muzzle of the gun that leaves them …is that what rifles them?”

                  EN: “The entire barrel.”

                  JM: “The barrel of the gun?”

                  EN: “Yes.”

                  JM: ” And, what characteristics does this one have?”

                  EN: “This one has 6 right rifling. What rifling is is a series of helical or spiral groves that go the length of the the barrel and what they do is they help impart stability to the fired bullet.

                  JM: “And so, looking at the rifling, I think you said it’s 6 lines in groves. Is that what you said?”

                  EN: “Six lines in groves with a right hand twist. They can be either right or left hand twists.”

                  JM: ” So 6 lines in groves with a right-hand twist. Is that consistent with a .25 caliber bullet?”

                  EN: …pauses…(just stares at Martinez with a questioning look)

                  JM: ” Or not…or have nothing to do with that?”

                  EN: ” It has nothing to do with it.”

                  JM: “Ah, is it your opinion that it is a .25 caliber bullet?”

                  EN: ” Yes. A fired .25 caliber bullet.”

                  Ken (Nari), does this information help? Does it suggest anything to you about the gun or bullet – or anything?

  1. My speakers are out on my PC today, so I can’t watch the trial. Sending good thoughts to Jodi & the defense team! I love what a positive community we have here (as opposed to the haters!)

  2. posted this this morning

    I just came back from shopping and turned on T and it was on HLN (which i try to avoid) but happened to see one guest attorney from AZ. who seems to be more impartial then the rest on HLN and he was saying (i am paraphrasing) like it or not one of the judges instructions in a self defense case will be “the state has to prove that this was NOT self defense” in order to convict”

    I didn’t know that and and in my opinion JM has not proved that it wasn’t self defense,

  3. I am behind and just finished yestereday’s testimony. I am appalled at Martinez’s tactics and his comments. Worse is what the HLN morons said mischaracterizing what Dr. Samuels said. I want to shoot the TV I swear. They are dishonorable ignorant people and why on earth do we still have to put up with this kind of media presentation? It undermines the entire justice system and is appalling on so many levels.

  4. Thats right, DR. Tell us how a REAL professional evaluates a person and makes a diagnosis…..not how JM wants to make it out that you did it for Jodie.

    • JM has clearly shown he knows nothing about psychological testing. It is so apparent yet these heads still talk about how he is skewering and destroying the doctor. What a joke!

  5. If they get to the jury questions today we shouldn’t forget that the jurors write these as the questions arise so don’t necessarily point to their thoughts of guilt or innocence. For example, when JM wouldn’t allow complete answers, you could very well have questions that are similar really to allow for a full response.

    • yes,Jodie(loving your name for obvious reasons LOL) you are right,im gonna have to reminf this to myself constantly because my pessimistic side tends to prevail!

    • I watched it on Youtube this morning Nancy. I think Baez did very well. He pointed out that the evidence at the crime scene shows that the gunshot happened in the bathroom and the blood in the bathroom shows that. He also stated there is no blood on the floors anywhere else but in the bedroom meaning they were fighting their way down the hallway in his opinion. I thought he was good and to the point.

  6. I would venture to guess that JM’s expert only has 3 years experience, is going to say that you must have a score of 75 to diagnose PTSD and they only used the MCMI for their rookie opinion.

    Any thoughts?

  7. Does anyone have the link to Jose Baez to being on HLN the other night(fake jury show) and showing how he demonstrates as a self defense attorney that Jodi’s testimony about what happened to TA, shows credibility?

    • LOL at those fake jury shows…I think those things that they hold up to cast their vote as to guilty/not guilty…I think both sides are printed with the word guilty. In my opinion, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t bother with these shows unless it was for entertainment purposes only.

  8. wow. Martinez objecting to Jw giving Samuels a copy of HIS own notes! How can that even be ok to object against?

  9. Too funny. It has been so long since anyone has followed the court rules to ask to approach the witnee, that the judge said yes for a sidebar and JW has to say no, I meant approach the witness.

  10. Glad to find this site. It will be nice to chat with some people that believe Jodi is innocent and entitled to have a good defense shown in court! I have been following the trial daily and would like to join your commenting group here.


  11. loved Wilmott’s smile when Kermit said ”objection,she’s not letting him finish his response” LOOK WHO’S TALKING!!!!

  12. I’m an empath and can’t watching “Juan The Weasel” today. His vibes have sent my fibromyalgia into major overdrive!!

  13. He’s only objecting because he can, it’s like he has an objection quota to make for every hour of testimony, and if he’s not making it he starts objecting on stupid things because that’s all he’s got…..

    • She overruled a lot of JM objections today….and at one point the camera zoomed in on JM and his right hand was supporting the right side of his face…he looked so disgusted…and a few minutes later he is objecting again…and the judge’s tone of voice got firm when she told them to approach…just that split second of the firm tone in her voice sounded like she was tired…POSSIBLY tired of his objections…

      • I get the impression she has a kid who was bratty when he was 5yo & that’s how she sees JM’s behavior now; she indulges him just to shut him up, but then reached her limit. Musings…

    • Ah, yes. Dr, says he disclosed HIS raw data to the State’s “expert”. Who disclosed to JM which she shouldn’t have! Possible HIPPA violations??

    • It’s pretty standard for the agreement with the expert to include a requirement that the expert assist the lawyer in formulating the cross of the other expert.

    • This is what I was talking about yesterday here. I do not think raw data of the test should have been available to the prosecutor from his psychologist. This test is now basically useless for future testing of clients. I can’t believe the APA won’t be pissed the prosecutor’s psych let it out. Last I heard, at least a subset of the Rorschach(sp) inkblots are still highly guarded. Part of the method to getting accurate results on psych tests is the element of surprise; if someone has not seen the test before it is believed their answers will be more honest & direct.

      That is also why I did not see the need about retesting Arias on the PTSD test, the first testing is the most useful.

  14. Re: TA’s Diary.
    1. Did he for sure have one?
    2. How did it end up with the Hu*hes? When did someone have an opportunity to literally take it from his room or office?
    3. Why didn’t the Pros request it? or use it? (I wonder why??)
    4. Why haven’t the Defense requested it (via a court motion or so)?
    5. Isn’t it strange that the Hu*hes have it in their possession, and have not released it even to his fly?
    6. Moreover, why haven’t the fly even requested it?

    Re: Closing Arguments…
    Remember how J. Baez used Cay*ee’s pictures in the pool effectively to plant and solidify in the Jury’s mind how much she loved swimming, and how she could’ve easily slipped away w/out G*eorge’s or Ca*eys knowledge, climbed the steps into the pool and accidently drowned?

    Well, I hope the Defense can do the same perhaps with:
    1. Emphasizing the inquiry from the jury about all the strange goings on with the roommates.
    2. That there must be something more to the real reason behind why she only remembers shooting and has only a memory of HEARING a knife drop (her PTSD contributing to her ASSUMING responsibility for all of it).
    3. Using excerpts from his diary (if they can get hold of it), his various social media correspondence (FB/MySpace, etc) in his own words.
    4. Of course his own voice on that tape.
    5. Finding a way to introduce all the correspondence from all the ‘well-meaning’ friends telling TA to treat JA better.
    6. Whatever else they can throw in along with the kitchen sink if it helps.

    So now they will have the visuals for those on the jury that retain material visually, audio for those who also retain material by hearing, etc, etc.

    ok, I’m done 🙂

      • Other than HIPAA, i don’t think that it’s forbidden, it’s just that it’s meaningless to somebody untrained in what the raw data show. Like my doctor could give me a copy of my EKG, and I couldn’t tell from it if I were having a heart attack, running a marathon, or taking a nap.

  15. Does anyone(joujou, maybe) know if this Dr. will be able to discuss Travis’ behavior as an abuser? (getting his information from the taped telephone call)

    • All of that might come out with Alyce LaViollette. That’s why Jodi’s testimony came first, despite the HLN blabbermouths’ contention that it was a mistake. Now those experts to whom she told her story can testify to what she told them instead of it just being hearsay. It kind of gives the jury the expert’s tacit endorsement of Jodi’s story, too.

  16. SoCal Joy- This “Quack” PHD holding psychologist has been practicing in his field for decades and has had ONE complaint filed against him. ONE. He is accredited as one of the best in the nation. Juan Martinez is playing dirty in his line of questioning with his habitual mischaracterizations, distortion of info to fit his agenda, and blatant abuse of demanding Yes or No answers to misleading questions. Life is not black or white and the study of the workings of the human mind involves more shades of gray then can be counted. Perhaps, Juan should have accepted Jodi’s initial offer to plead guilty to Murder 2 and pushed for a max sentence instead of making the same mistake the Casey Anthony prosecutor made by going all or nothing to get the death penalty. He carries the burden of proof beyond any and all reasonable doubt and the issue of premeditation can not be proven on speculation w/o a serious violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights. Pointing to a gun that cannot be be proven or disproven as belonging to Jodi’s grandparents, a trip to Cancun with a female who made it clear to Travis she was only going as his FRIEND and would have not gone if it wasn’t too late to change plans, a couple debatable receipts, and some gas cans does NOT prove a woman who loved her lover planned to kill him. Ignorance is curable, stupid is terminal….save yourself.

    This was my response to the Asshats bitching about how Maricopa County has paid roughly over $800,000 for this case so far and how Jodi should just be shot already. There is a line in my response that I thought a few of you might get a kick out of.

    • Oh that pisses me off! HLN does the same thing, wags their finger and says SHAME SHAME to Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias for costing taxpayers money. Excuse me? Last I checked it’s not their jobs to balance the books of the state, it is the state’s job to evaluate the case and act accordingly.

      Why don’t these clowns demand the STATE make proper use and application of their resources, instead of using it for another excuse to shit on women?

      This makes me so sick!!

        • Me three! I am tired of the horrendous mis- statements made by these media jackasses some of whom aren’t even attorneys or professionals, just reporters as though their word means anything. We as a nation should not allow this type of travesty to occur but we have no way to do that without infringing on the first amendment. It is so frustrating.

    • Your right Krystal, if Jodi is convict (guilty), it be a serious violation of her constitutional rights!!!! And THAT’S what makes me so upset! !! If they can do it to her, they can do it to any of us. That’s the part that the haters dont get.

      • Yeah, they seem to suffer from the delusion that they can guarantee their own immunity from such a fate by distancing themselves, alienating Jody, and defining themselves as sacrosanctly above any such possibility. Irrational.

  17. Does anyone know when the doctor is scheduled to be finished on the stand? I’m getting tired of hearing the same things talked about over and over again. JM is just drawing this out with his objections. Maybe his expert is not prepared for court and he is stalling. I imagine he is stalling to fill his pockets and make his name as a class A douche.

    • Lindsey,

      She is methodically setting up the questions for the States expert witness. In her questioning today, she has brought out unethical things that occurred through JM with exhibits such as the raw data. This is very necessary for JW to be able to refute the State’s witness during their rebuttal case. IMO JW is doing a great job today.

  18. Maria R,
    What do you mean about a metered card? Do you know how to send mail to Jodi? I would really like to be able to send her my love and support.

  19. JM just objected as to “which time Travis attacked her”. JW saying okay, I guess there were several times Travis attacked her so are we talking about the time on June 4th.


  20. Ooh, I am loving how JW is demonstrating that JM’s shenanigans were bullshit smoke and mirrors mischaracterizations of the psych testing that was done. Go JW!!!!!

  21. Haha, thank you Mrs. Willmott, loved that comment too.
    To Martinez’s objection concerning which time of abuse they were discussing she says, “Yes, which time, because there were many.”
    Your objection actually backfired Martinez, but what’s new?
    Too funny!

    • Bystander,

      Besides it not being in JM’s character, his entire case is built on theory, emotions and theatrics. How can he get real at this point.

      He is smart enough to figure out that JW is methodically emasculating his presentation of non-evidence and that there is more to come with his expert.

  22. I suppose Dr.Samuels’ appearance of frustration is due to the constant interruptions of JM’s objections…I see he is piling on the “Speaking Objection” in overdrive since Willmott objected to JM”s speaking objection last week. I wonder if the jury is feeling the same frustration…what could amount to 15 minutes of testimony is stretching out to be HOURS………………………ugh

    • He sure is a vindictive little ankle-biter, isn’t he? He disgusts and amuses me simultaneously. Prickmeister. Grrr.

    • I’ll tell you Dorothy, if I were on the jury I would be pissed. Yes he did the same thing when he was cross examing Jodi, one question took five minutes to answer because of his repeated attempts to mischaracterize her testimony.

  23. For those out there who have been discrediting Samuels and saying he is a “quack” – Martinez is AFRAID of him right now. Very, very afraid.

  24. just thinking…. so many of TA’s supporters say they refuse to watch unless Juan-abee is the one talking. Well, maybe that is why they are so closed-minded. They are only willing to see one side of the whole case.

    Very misinformed bunch. Plus, they are rabid HLN fans…. that is, unless they see something pro Jodi there, and then they spew hate.

  25. Oh, and Judge Pickles better watch all that eye-rolling, unless she is trying to help Jodi get a mistrial….

  26. I can’t blv he just blurred out (INTERRUPTING) “his NOT a lawyer” Isnt he supposed to object and/or wait his turn? ??!!!

  27. I think JM has an issue with basic English comprehension. He often raises questions and objections that make me think he doesn’t understand the basic nuances of spoken English.

    • In all seriousness, that may be the case. He didn’t learn English until he was at least six years old, and experts say that fluency in a second language is best achieved when one learns it in very early childhood. Although he’s in his 50s now, there may be some basics of English comprehension that don’t come as naturally to him.

      • That might be why it seems he did not fully comprehend the subtleties of Jodi’s statement in the one interrogation video where Jodi was explaining about a prior incident where Travis was reluctant to have his picture taken while shaving. I got the impression that he never really understood that statement until it was replayed about 5 times and Jodi had to explain it to him that she was talking about a PRIOR incident. Or maybe he was just up to his old tricks.

  28. And like I said before…

    Introspective says:

    March 20, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    And, it won’t be long before the Judge invites them over for yet another Salad Bar intervention. So between JM’s Objections and their Salad Bar visits, ‘alot’ gets done …

  29. Lord help me I have to watch on headline news to get caught up. I am just now to the part where the knife was held to her throat when she was 13. So all of you who are watching live. Will I miss much if I go straight to live from this point and turn off HLN

  30. They both have their arms crossed. I’ve noticed usually when JM does it isn’t in his favor but since JW does too…I can’t call this one…lol.

  31. I think Kermit was heavily bullied as a child. He had to have been. He wasn’t dealt a very good hand, what with being a short runt with glasses.You know he got picked on. Now he has short man syndrome as an adult and he hates himself. Deep inside he must know that his life sucks and that he is a mediocre prosecutor at best. He is getting his a$$ handed to him in this case at the moment, by a woman no less and all he can do is object to try and delay the inevitable. Well Kermit, Walmart will always need Greeters!!!

      • Dynamo that is hilarious “Walmart…greeters”. I’ve heard Wal-Mart refered to as Wally Martinez, ha ha ha ha ha. I am LMAO. Thank You so so much….my wife wants to know what is so funny. Juan Martinez and Wally Martinez.

    • I wish people would stop posting things like this. You attacking his height or background is NOT helping Jodi at all. It only makes us look desperate as a collective and it should not continue.

      • I wasn’t “attacking” his height. His height or lack thereof has been a topic of conversation on this forum many times. I was merely offering my perspective in an attempt to explain his terrible courtroom behavior and antics. I have never seen a prosecutor act this poorly and conduct themselves the way he has. IMO the only ones that are looking desperate as a collective is the Prosecution.

          • I saw on the TA site where someone who was attending the trial said, “Juan is barely 5 feet tall!”

            I know what you are saying, Athena, about being better than that…

            But, he is a screaming, manic, miniature bully.

      • Athena….dear!! Sometime folks just need to laugh. And JM is making a pure fool of himself….he does favor Kemit and he is a little man…outside and in. You can’t change facts…it is what it is…..just saying!!!

        • I get it can be used for a laugh, but it gets to a point where people will look at us and think, “Wow, what a joke that’s all they can say”.

          And you claim he is vertically challenged, which may be true, but that just isn’t relevant and people are using it as a negative instead of the real things that are wrong (e.g. him being too ruthless and badgering).

          • It is, relevant, though, in that a remarkable lack of height such as his is strongly correlated with certain stereotypical behaviors that he exhibits in the extreme. It’s funny.

          • Athena……I did not say he was vertically challenged…I said he IS a little man inside as well as out…who is making a fool out of himself. I believe more has been discussed here today then Kemit. The Dr. JW JA…..but yes the constant is JM and he objections that are uncalled for. Especially when he stated that JW was not letting the Dr finish his answer….what….really…I mean really JM…plheeeeeeze!!!

          • I agree with you Athena. Short men are not necessarily nasty punks. But ‘vertically challenged’ is pretty funny 🙂

        • But why not? its no where on the scale of the death threats and vile thing that have been said about Jodi and her family members.

      • Have you been on the sites pro Travis. They are 100 times worse than anybody on this site. I didn’t say is was right.

          • Agreed. I also get tired of the handslapping “stop posting like that!” comments that seem to show up at least once a day. Free speech and all of that…don’t like it, don’t read it, but don’t tell people how or what to post.

    • And Jennifer ROCKS!!! She is so poised and is a breath of fresh air to watch and listen too. JM’s ranting nonsense is so tiresome. If I were on the jury I’d be getting very tired of his BS and vote NOT GUILTY just to pee him off 🙂

      • Kerms as a Walmart greeter:

        Kermit: Welcome to Walmart.

        Customer: Hello.

        Kermit: I understand that you think “Hello” is the correct response, but that’s not the proper answer.

        Customer: Huh?

        Kermit: Did I say that you could reply with “Huh?” Let me repeat my statement: Welcome to Walmart.

        Customer: Uh…hi?

        Kermit: Would it SURPRISE you to learn that I expect a “thank you” in response to my welcome? I didn’t ask you for a “Hello” or “hi” or anything like that. Stop mischaracterizing my testimony and answer my greeting the way I expect!

        Customer: Bye.

        • Lol, oh Kira!
          Too funny!
          Except… on a more sober note, this really IS an ACCURATE characterization of how irrelevant, petty, and disrespectful his questions ARE! Unforunately, a witness does not have the same freedom of choice to be able to leave like a potential Walmart shopper.. and THAT causes a problem in the sense that it hides his accountability for his actions. A Walmart greeter who behaved this way could get fired when a customer complains. If a witness balks, it is the witness who risks contempt of Court. The prosecutor wields too much power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  32. Martinez’s antics could drive the most sane person crazy.It really bugs me how he seems to think he can pull any underhanded trick of words or cut and paste of evidence to get the response he wants. If I was on the jury I would be upset at the way he cuts people off mid answer, in my opinion the more info I get the better it is. I would not trust any of his case if I felt he was trying to hide things.
    Let the FACTS speak for themselves. In typing this I was tempted to call Martinez some choice names but I don’t believe in doing that. I have to believe there must be at least a few jurors who are turned off by his behavior.

      • Jodi should have tackled him when demonstrating the linebacker stance and played dumb afterwards. What are they gonna do put her in jail? JM confuses people so much that I think would have resultef in a Freebe fo Jodi.

        • They have Jodi outfitted with some sort of shocking device around her waist, akin to an electric dog collar with a remote, to be able to administer shock voltage if she behaves in any way they could construe as endangering someone’s safety. Kinda makes one wonder how do they decide which defendents need to wear one of these devices…. Since Jody cannot possibly have access to any weapons and is NOT some dangerous linebacker, it seems to me more likely they must deem it prudent to outfit any and all defendents being prosecuted by Martinez with one of these devices, because it is normal and expected human behavior to react with indignation to the kind if disrespect that Martinez ladles out. jmo.

          • I believe a new shocking device will be attached to Martinez’ balls next week, and Alyce LaViolette is gonna be activating it regularly.

            Team Jodi

  33. JW is also laying the ground work regarding the test scores because it was administered while she was incarcerated so many of the answers had to be answered as 0. JW will use this with the States so called “expert”.

  34. Does anyone know what JW was getting at when she asked the doctor about his raw data from examining Jodi? Remember she asked him if he turns the raw data from his examinations over to the defense attorneys? He said no. She asked does he turn the raw data over to Mr. Martinez? He said no. She asked if the attorneys would know how to interpret the raw data? He said no. She said, “that’s why you wouldn’t want it in the hands of the attorneys, right?” They both LAUGHED and he said yes, that’s right. So who does he give the raw data to? He gives it to the prosecution’s hired psychologist, and he did that. And then JW asked, and yet the raw data made it into the courtroom as seen in exhibit whatever? He said yes.

    Seemed to me Martinez did something wrong here. Did any of you catch that, and can anyone explain what that might mean to the trial if anything?

    If nothing else, it shows me that the doctor seemed unprepared the other day because Martinez brought information into the trial that never should have been brought in by him. The doctor never should have been questioned about his raw data as though it was police evidence. The doctor is saying again and again that details about time of day or what she was wearing would mean nothing to his evaluation.

    Your thoughts?

    • You are certainly paying attention 🙂 Jm must have done something wrong…unless it was the State’s psychologist who erred. Dr. Samuels certainly WAS befuddled and a bit perturbed the other day when that info was brought into question. It was, IMO, brought in to distract the jury and confuse them and for no other reason. Simply another of JM’s underhanded tactics.

    • I don’t know, but I heard that the ‘Setience Psychologist’ got her computer stolen, perhaps it was a sentient computer and crawled away into Martinez’ office.

    • Oh yeaaaaa I caught that too. It sounds to me like Martinez did something sneaky again! !!! Dr Samuels passed it on to the states psychologist and somehow Martinez got to it.

      I hope a juror asks more into this.

      • JM did. JW’s objection was sustained while JM was doing XE. Remember when there was a sidebar and then JW wanted the judge to clarify with the jury that JM clarify his misrepresented the evidence and that what was presented was not the truth or factual. The judge ruled she could bring it up on re-direct.

        There were many mistakes, misconduct, and BS put out in front of the jury by JM and JW is now mopping his s**t up.

      • And this test is now basically useless to the professional psychologist. The q’s are all out to the public, including how to answer them if you want to give a certain result. This is one profession (attorneys) violating another profession (psychology). It freaked me out as soon as JM started in on it.

    • Yes, others were pointing this out. I think you outlined it very well. Something is wrong here.

      What gets me, is that Martinez wanted to prevent Dr Samuels from answering a question about the legal definition of rape, because he is not a lawyer. But someone doesn’t have to be a lawyer to know that intercourse without consent is in fact rape. It doesn’t require specialized education to know that.

      Yet, Martinez has no psychology degree, and questions him about evidence that requires specialized education to interpret. Yet the judge allowed this, why? How can this even be legal?

    • IMO I don’t think the questions are always that telling. The jurors write these as the trial goes so many may have already been cleared up by JW but the question was already in the basket.

      I guarantee there are many questions that JM will object to but, since he objected to certain questions by JW, the juror/jurors will know who didn’t allow their question.

  35. Also, I would like to know how many cases Ryan Smith has tried. He likes to hardy-har-har with the trial lawyers about what it’s like to have a judge do this or that in court. I’ll bet my right hand he’s never tried a case lasting more than a day.

  36. When JM approaches the bench without Willmott between him and Nurmi, it’s shocking just how tiny he actually is.

  37. It is too bad that nobody can testify on Travis Alexander’s personality based on the evidence we have. He was clearly a narcissist and this is why Jodi was screwed from the get go. Loving a narcissist never turns out well.

      • I know technically they can but it would be so messed up with objections by JM and it would seem like bashing the victim. It is a fine line but sometimes in a self defense case it is necessary.

        • If you were on the jury you would be instructed differently, I think. If I understand AZ law correctly, the self defense instruction will require to consider the state of mind of Jodi in the situation. It’s not just a question of what you think probably happened. A jury’s job is much more complex than that.

    • Nancy,Im so glad that you’re saying that,I’ve been bitching about that since well…forever.TA was a narcissist,I’ll be betting good money that he probably had 5-6 out of the 9 NPD characteristics.

      • I am sure he did. And she saw someone for the first time that she thought would be a good husband not realizing that he was only using her just as he did so many other people in his life.

  38. I sure hope when they begin with the jury questions, that the defense stops JM from approaching the witness without asking permission. That really bothered me the other day, he did it repeatedly. Its an attempt to intimidate the witness, prosecutorial misconduct

  39. Based on Travis’ childhood upbringing including his siblings, it is most definitely possible that they as children of Meth addicts were exposed to pedophiles and all sorts of evil people before God sent their Grandmother to the rescue. I’m just wondering if putting TA’s siblings on the witness stand concerning childhood abuse would clear up the muddy waters pertaining to Travis’ proclivity to pedophelia and his haughty eyed narcissism.

    • And whoever was really involved in the burglary and assault at the grocery store when Travis was named as the culprit, there was no mention that the stolen cold meds are for making Meth – so there was still someone in that family involved with Meth

    • It might explain his pedophilia, repressed gay obsessions and his abuse of an easy victim. But not all abused children turn out to be predators, in fact many (I think I read some stories before even on this site) turn out to be very conscious and opposed to such abuses.

    • Hmmm just because they’d be on the stand doesn’t mean they’d tell the truth.. one look at them is enough for me, Ugh., And if she rolls her eyes again I’m going to go right through the screen of my laptop.

    • The Grandmother may have had problems also, if her Daughter Or Son was a drug addict. Who knows because Travis was pretty messed up from what has been revealed.

  40. This is off topic, but I could really use everyone’s help.

    There is a charity that is very near and dear to my heart that needs help. If you are a horse person or just love them, can you please donate to After The Homestretch for AZ Gives Day (you don’t have to live in AZ to help)? A donation as little as $10 helps the horses.

    They rehab and re-home ex race horses. If they raise the most money, they get even MORE money to help these beautiful animals! 🙂

    BTW, they don’t just rescue race horses. They also rescue horses that people have “dumped off” out in the desert here in AZ! I know the woman who started this organization personally and she is AWESOME!

    There are only a few hours left to donate. Here is the link:

    Thanks, everyone!

      • That is great, JC. It is amazing what these volunteers have done for the horses. The have the top vets, horseshoers, and alternative therapy people working with them.

        In Jodi’s honor, let’s all do something great today, and help these beautiful animals! 🙂

  41. I’m wondering if Martinez takes them to the salad bar so that everyone forgets what had been said and loses track.

    He’s devious enough.

  42. 1. Regarding the PDS test:
    Use of PDS: The PDS was developed to provide a brief self-report instrument to assist with the diagnosis of PTSD and it provides a means of quantifying the severity of PTSD symptoms. It is not intended to replace the structured diagnostic interview (Doll, 1999

  43. Anybody else just have the seal? They just said all rise for the jury. Then I got the seal and no sound.

    ANYONE have another link.

  44. Regarding claims that Dr. Samuelson provided “therapy” to JA by sending her a self-help book:

    This does NOT meet ANY criteria for Therapy based on the CPT codes used for a ” Billable ” service provided by a psychologist. No insurance company would accept this nor would the federal government … ie. CMS (Center for Medicare Services) which generally defines “psychotherapy” to include ” face-to-face conversation” between the therapist and the client . Must have a documented start time and stop time. And requires informed consent by the client. …… Etc…

  45. Poor Samuels!! I think he really dropped the ball in this case, but he is an honest doctor. His reputation has been torn apart online. This will effect his creditibility for years to come. I understand the public’s passion about this case ~both sides are emotionally involved~ but this man was simply attempting to do his job.

    (I just wish he had readministered the test!)

    • I think that is a mischaracterization of what happened. He does not have a clinical practice anymore, so the question of whether his career is shot centers more on what his reputation is in the legal community. As long as he can weather the storm of being portrayed as a doofus in the Lifetime movie, I’m sure things will work out fine for him. Experts are hard to work with in general. They always know more than you do. Sometimes they think that they are a better lawyer than you are, especially if they have been testifying as long as Dr. Samuels has been. The flip side of that is to get a newbie expert you can control and dictate to, but they generally will have less credibility with the jury. I think that he’s been sufficiently rehabilitated. If the jury is paying attention, they understand the types of input the test required now, and how difficult it would be to manipulate the outcome.

      • Hopefully it will blow over for Dr. Samuels. The Casey haters trashed Werner Spitz even though he owned that famewhore Dr. G., but his life is going along just fine and he’s very highly respected.

    • Misty Cacher
      I agree, although I do not think Martinez is likable his interrogation of Dr.Samuel’s was way out of line, and very disrespectful, he also twisted many of the Doctors statements, was extremely rude, made it obvious that he was only interested in humiliating him, disproving him and his findings.. Dr.Samuel’s certainly should have administered the test again, but perhaps it had no bearing on the results. The defense was poorly prepared and sloppy they also had submitted some of this evidence very late, To the Doctors credit I believe he demonstrated that he was compassionate concerned and perhaps a little professorial, so being unorganized is very common with these intellectual types. In short I like the Doctor much better then Martinez, so perhaps that could influence the Jury or some jurors. Martinez has made it obvious he is desperate and has sunk to the lowest level I have ever seen in a prosecutor. He is disgrace to his profession. I cannot listen to him because its too stressful. and he is abusive. The Judge has no control.

      • You couldn’t have said it better,and I said the same thing yesterday.This man should be barred from a court room.If I’d live in that state I’d complain to my senators,representatives,whoever would listen.Bad example for the state of Arizona.Makes you wonder,is this the state I want to retire to?

        • Glen
          You are correct this Martinez is awful and the Hate Mob is out in full force he is beyond anything I ever have seen, Just unbelievable. He should be disbarred.

      • Given the nature of the test, it is highly unlikely that the results would have differed that much just because her story changed. JW’s questioning demonstrated this.

        As far as JM is concerned, he is an intellectual Lilliputian who fancies himself to be the Jolly Green Giant, but it is his delusions of grandeur that are giant-sized. He didn’t know Jack about psychometrics, yet believed that he could spar with a psychological expert on his turf, and in so doing, he showed his true Lilliputian size.

    • He didn’t drop the ball at all. His redirect testimony cleared up the loose ends left by JM’s all-over-the-place questioning.

    • Who cares what the idiots are saying online? What is important is what is said in the trial and what the jury thinks.

  46. I just don’t get JM’s strategy. Particularly given the AZ court procedure. You go tooth and nail against the defense witness and then the defense attorney comes back and makes you look small. And if there are any issues the jury gets to clarify them, which the defense attorney can agin amplify and so why go through all the underhanded nonsense in the first place.

  47. The Judge left the bench. Then someone just barfed on the spectator side of the Arias courtroom. Can this day get any better?

  48. Can someone from Team Jodi have a look at the discussion about bullets starting about the 6-7th post this afternoon?

    The police report when the gun was stolen from Jodi’s grandparents indicates the .25 caliber gun was loaded with hollow-point bullets but it appears Travis was shot with a regular bullet, not a hollow-point. I’m sure there is a simple explanation. Do you – or anyone – have any information if this is correct or not?

  49. As we wait for the umpteenth side bar to get over I have an observation or question or something.

    What is so important, at least in the state’s mind about the order of the gunshot/stabbing? It’s important enough that they have had Flores and Kevin Horn perjure themselves over this seemingly inconsequential detail.

    Further to that, if it so important to the DA’s case what is the defense doing to address the issue, apart from their seemingly mild rebuttal using Flores’ past testimony?

    So I got to thinking wouldn’t it be great if the defense got hold a bunch of incident reports and texts on medial jurisprudence and then recalled Kevin Horn to the witness stand and just simply asked him about the validity of that stuff? That would truly make me LMAO.

    • Its important to the prosecution that she shot him LAST. Because this wa sthought at the time, to be the cause of death, so after stabbing, slitting, she then “finished him off” with the gun. This would lead to a more purposeful killing idiology. Now they know the shot wasnt lethal. So if they admit the shot came FIRST, then her story makes more sense to the jury. She shoots him, it doesnt “put him down” so he attacks her more fearsly, she defends with a knife and goes ape shit crazy on him.

      • But for Martinez premeditation claim it would look better if they go with what Flore is saying that the gunshot came 1st. (Since his speculating that she stole the gun to kill him). “Why bring a gun to use a knife? ” Either way, it doesnt make sense.

      • See, that’s what I don’t understand. If she was shooting him to make sure he is dead, why at that weird angle where it goes through the top of his eyebrow and lodges in his cheek? Why not pump a few rounds into him, for good measure? If he’s already dead, she’s got all the time in the world to make sure that bullet wound is accurate.

        • If she arrived with the plan to shoot him why not just shoot him full of bullets while he napped, after she banged his brains out first … and was sure the roommates had left for the day.

          Remember she’s this cunning sex crazed vixen …. 😉

          She would have had all the time in the world to clean up, gloat at her success! and leave no trace behind.

  50. WHAT? Court is over because someone vomited???? Clean it up! Wow…..the hold ups in this trial are maddening. No reason to cancel today.

    • yeah…everyone is breathing and smelling the vomit…court canceled…and the two roommates and their two girlfriends didn’t smell the decomposing body for 5 days…they breathed it…just couldn’t smell it…

    • Well, if there is a bunch of norovirus going around, you’d want to make sure it didn’t spread. The whole courtroom would have to be cleaned with Clorox to kill the virus.

  51. good grief….they can afford all these flipping delays, but can’t afford to sequester the jury….what a bunch of morons!!

    • I can’t bring myself to watch the channels with all the talking heads. I’m always concerned that it helps their ratings.

    • JVM is jealous she has no hair to flip. If she tried to appear sexy and do a hair flip her wig would go flying.

      NG jealous as she has no hair to flip

      Dr Pew is jealous cuz Jodi would kick his wussy metrosexual ass to the curb and he”ll never get the chance to run his fingers thru her hair.

      They are repulsive on that channel

  52. I was only able to bear a couple of minutes of coverage today. It appears as if all the anchors and commentators on HLN are hyped up on meth the closer it gets to the end of this trail and Kermit looks like the biggest crack head of all. I heard him admonish the good doc for using the word ‘speculate’ when that’s the basis of this whole prosecution. Never in my life have I disliked or been so bristled by an attorney’s demeanor while watching a high profile case! It’s baffling that anyone within earshot of this babbling baboon isn’t barfing. lol

  53. Just a quick thought, now that my ranting has subsided, lol

    Do you think it matters to most people if this woman really lives or dies? What I mean is, do you think they truly understand the nature of their hatred towards “that woman”?
    I would hypothesize that most people don’t ‘really’ look at this as anything more than an ongoing movie…a cheap “drama show”. I think it is just entertainment for them.
    What lead me to believe this hypothesis is the HLN type TV programs. You will notice that I do not get mad at HLN or the other stations that are demonizing Jodi, because they are simply doing their job. See, they are not news, they are not reporting, they are ENTERTAINING. We just happen to “not be their target market”. But, many many many folks LOVE this entertainment. They play the “hate that slut” role. After they turn off the TV, they forget whatever it was they just got mad about, and move on. IT’S A TV SERIES in their minds. It’s not “really” real. ( I know that sounds silly, but I think it’s true)
    Sure, I believe they know this is a real person in a real court. But, they don’t internalize this as factual. Truly just another face in the “electric box”. It could just as easily be another character charged with another crime. When court is over for the day, or the defense rests, or the trial ends, they forget faster than a speeding bullet and move on with their “real” life.
    If not, how in the world can people say this woman should die, etc…? You gotta be a whole new kind of stupid to really not see that this is not FELONY murder. That’s a no brainer. Pre-meditated murder? It’s POSSIBLE, but it still has not been proven, so to this point there really is nothing to base a guilty verdict on other than “hate” or whatever you call it. Its sure as shit not “real life” people thinking in “real life” terms.
    Again, it’s not HLN’s fault. That would be like blaming the cartoon network for making you laugh. It’s their job. Now, if HLN was a REAL news station then I would be upset, but they are not. Just because they use the word “news” in their name doesn’t make them a news station. I can rename my dog “Toyota” and make him sit in the garage, but it still doesn’t make him a car!
    I just wish the prosecutor would stop telling me about the labor pains and just show me the damn baby. If he can’t show me proof, then stop your yapping, pull your lower lip over your head and swallow. Meanwhile the real justice system can move on and try and figure out what to do with case.

    • You know even though the petition against HLN’s coverage was my idea, I get what you’re saying. But I’m still mad! The exploitation of a dead man’s butchered, nude body and the salivating over a possible televised execution makes me sick. I really loathe mean, unfeeling, self-righteous, insincere, lying sons of bitches. Yes, at the core it’s not HLN’s fault, per se for stirring the pot. It’s the human condition, sadly,stirred by many factors, albeit HLN has a rather large wooden spoon.

      • I signed.I agree about the entertainment thing and the disclaimer. It’s akin to the flap over ‘professional ‘wrestlers like Hulk Hogs being entertainers which they were forced by public opinion go finally acknowledge

    • I think you are right. I did get admonished on one forum that hln is “just entertainment” and that all those who are watching this do not take it seriously because they know it is entertainment. The replies to me were so confusing I could not even respond. I’m thinking JM was messaging me…

      Also this was reported in 2003: “In a stunningly narrow interpretation of FCC rules, the Florida Appeals court claimed that the FCC policy against falsification of the news does not rise to the level of a “law, rule, or regulation,” it was simply a “policy.” Therefore, it is up to the station whether or not it wants to report honestly.”

      So now it seems real news is no longer found in America and the stations report according to their sponsors (that’s just my interpretation).

      • I’ve always said, HLN should have disclaimer at the bottom stating for entertainment purposes only. People do take it very seriously. we get comments all the time quoting what they say as fact. People truly believe their spin.

        • That’s what is so frightening – the LOADS of uninformed TV viewers who believe every word out of their mouth. They appear so passionate, informed and their spin sounds plausible.

        • JC, I agree about a disclaimer. Its very misleading to present yourself as a viable news channel, when in fact is IS entertainment. Its like the National Enquirer advertising itself as real news. IMHO, these “news shows” sometimes present a bit of actual world news,such as natural disasters, wars, etc., but when it comes to particular incidents like this trial, show total bias. “Real” news shows will occasionally have a guest who voices his/her opinion, and then the broadcast will remind the viewers that it was simply that, someones opinion. It makes me furious that TV and radio shows such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and certain TV shows on Fox news, have openly ADMITTED that they are entertainment, yet still advertise and present as real news like HLN does. Its so misleading to the public, and the people who watch this stuff and take it as gospel truth, are being tricked. Not many folks take the time to go and actually look up the propaganda spouted as fact, so they simply think its correct. Seems to me the media has a duty to explain, but with all the legal loopholes, they are able to get away with this.

        • Yes JC and that is the whole problem with this. If HLN is not real news, they should not be passing themselves off as real news, nor should they be able to say that the Jodi Arias trial is just another reality tv show; because neither Jodi nor her family consented to being just a “tv show” for the rest of the world. If tabloids have to have a disclaimer, so should they.

          It’s times like this where I feel like I’m the only one (or one of the very few) who cares about the consequences this has on our society, and the way the justice system works. It’s stating the obvious that it is not conducive to a high quality of life to live in a country where irresponsible TV networks can hide behind “free speech” so they can incite public outrage and form mobs of violent minded people without any accountability. I remember when that crazy person almost ran a woman over because she looks like Casey Anthony. I wonder how people would feel about HLN if it were them facing the headlights of a maniac car driver. Or if they ended up to be the next price is right contestant on HLN’s fucked up sense of “justice.”

          And there is something to be said about the fact that there’s a reason why the justice system doesn’t function like the court of public opinion. Our justice system is *supposed* to have higher standards than a trashy tabloid show. For all the experts HLN has on, they have NOT helped the public understand fair and balanced due process. By putting an “expert” on, it gives them unearned legitimacy for their lies and spin. And that is where the fraud is – they are not doing this tongue in cheek, like an SNL skit. They are deliberately defrauding the public, and they are depriving citizens of fair and balanced due process with their programming.

          • Thanks all. <3

            And speaking of tabloids, I tend to, to one degree or another, sympathized with folks like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan; for always, ALWAYS being at the brunt of public criticism via the tabloid press. I may not like them as a person, but I always thought the public using them as an emotional toilet is ridiculous. Why hate them? Why?

            IMO Paris Hilton wouldn't have spent 28 days in jail if the tabloids weren't so hip on constantly painting her as a spoiled princess. In reality, she is probably not that much different than any other celebrity. If they hadn't harped and shit on Paris Hilton so much, she would have been in and out in an hour like Michelle Rodriguez.

            • “They are deliberately defrauding the public, and they are depriving citizens of fair and balanced due process with their programming.”
              Amen, M.B.

              • Amen, too.
                I have a very embarassing confession to make->
                Until reading all these thought-provoking posts about there being a DISTINCTION between news vs entertainment, i had not realized that a defined distinction actually exists! Although I was internally aware of a qualitative difference between, say, The National Enquirer vs The New York Times, I was not aware that tabloids have a physical indicator identifying them as such. I am imagining such an identifier would have gone in one eye and out the other, much the same way I used to willfully ignore the warnings on cigarette packs when i used to smoke. I am curious to check this out next time I am in line at the supermarket checkout. Which is where, btw, I LEARNED, at my mothers knee as a child, to NOT BELIEVE in anything I should happen to read printed in tabloids. And that is not to imply that none of them ever landed inside the shopping cart, because they did, sometimes. (And still DO, occasionally, well let’s just let it ALL out, now, bless me father, for I have sinned….giggling, and I cannot even blame my mother, because she’s in heaven) My POINT is, there was someone to GUIDE me and teach me the difference between entertainment vs news in its PRINTED FORMAT, but with regard to the difference in TELEVISED FORMAT? I had NO CLUE until you peeps pointed it out!
                (And THANK YOU!!!!) I am not uneducated. I just really never knew. Again, I was definitely aware of a qualitative difference, but I’ve been assuming all this time that The difference was in MY perspective, in MY taste, in MY attitude and belief system; never dawned on me that the difference is already determined, long before the media content is presented go me. Someone else, has actually made a decision as to whether this programming (ha! Omg! NO WONDER it is called “programming”!) is news or entertainment. I thought it was ALL news, but that some was just more interesting or entertaining than others. Wow. Have I ever been duped! Ok, rant done. :O

    • To me it is not different then people enjoying watching a BULL die slowly with large toothpicks being inserted into it or those that love to watch an bet on dog fights or rooster fights it happens an there is a group of people that enjoy it. I think there is no way a person that could watch that could have any empathy as in the pain or the death even. So how can those same people be nice people in real life really disturbing to me these people even exist. An this goes along with these VULTURES or PACK OF HUNGRY WOLVES that keep crying for DEATH -OFF WITH HER HEAD- HANG HER-SKIN HER-etc etc it is really horrible. They think it is FUN an to a normal thinking good hear-ted person this is very disturbing an disgusting.

    • Sirlips,I wish I could believe that these people are nothing short of zealots.When I read comments like THIS on the pro pros sites it simply make my hair stand on end:”Hey Jodi Girl, lets view those veins so we can make sure the poison flows freely into those veins”. Now,that’s why I find it difficult to beliebe that to them this is nothing more than a soap opera sth to spend their time,sth entertaining.But I sure wanna hope that as you say ”When court is over for the day, or the defense rests, or the trial ends, they forget faster than a speeding bullet and move on with their “real” life.” I pray for that in case Jodi is aquitterd or freed one day,so that she can have a normal life.
      As for the trash channels,since such shows do not exist in my country I can only say I’m appalled.Entertainment or not this is a real trial,a real person’s killing and a real person’s fight for justice.I fthese channels have mixed reality with acting out a script then I dread for our society and for the human kind in general.

    • I beg to differ. HLN may be pandering to their market audience, but what came first? the chicken or the egg, is not clear. In business, market audiences have to grow, so they are seeking more viewers to convert to their form of entertainment. They make it acceptable through their ‘authorities’ to distort facts, to persecute defendants and to ridicule charges of abuse from women who are victims. There is a fine line between promoting propaganda and market pandering.

      • Excellent point Viri. They are indeed pandering…but right…who wants to see it? apparently alot of people, or they would be losing sponsors and eventually change their format or go belly up. So goes the mindsets of people (not all) but a large portion wanting to see sensationalism at its ugliest. look at the ridiculous number of reality shows now compared to just a few years ago…from strange and extreme eating behaviors, to extreme hoarding, to shows like Maury Povich. All successful, and all due to public demand. It’s a scary thought sometimes that this is what people like to see, and I am not trying to be judgmental against watching this type programming for entertainment….but when the line blurs into REAL news, its unfortunate and scary and surely not good for people to base their facts on.

        • Yes, Anna. Where does it stop? Will they next want to televise executions for the fun of the audience and get NG to report on it, because of the ratings?
          Interesting too that Travis was holding weekly parties for watching Ultimate Fighting on TV. My cable here lists pay-per-view ‘hot teens’ porn, idk if they are really teens, but just the thought of it. It’s an exponential market race to pander to the most unsocial and violent tendencies of the audience. I’m all for freedom of speech, I just don’t watch this shit, but it’s scary because it is also brainwashing the audience.
          It started with talk shows in which the entertainment was to publicly humiliate the participants. And now…
          The Roman games did eventually become illegal in ancient Rome, but it took a couple of centuries.

          • I agree with you Viri, where does it stop? I believe one of the reasons why so many haters are on TA’s side is they seem themselves in him; he enjoyed watching violence (Ultimate Fighter), he loved shooting guns, he thought is was funny to belittle women (albeit while hiding behind “Eddie Snell,”), he was a womanizer, (according to his friends he “loved the ladies,” etc.), his sports were wresting and he owned a punching bag. Now I’m not saying that the punching bag or being a wrestler in and of itself is a bad thing, but I’m saying put this all together, along with his phone conversations and comments on TA’s myspace, and it paints a picture of someone who is disrespectful enjoys violence.

            And unfortunately, THAT is the norm of our society.

            • Yes Cindy, and as someone here posted his intro on social page earlier, as to what people he wanted to meet: Bin Laden–to be the hero who would kill him–, Christopher Walken –to spend dinner with–, and NO WHORES, who seemed to be everywhere there was a web cam. So I take it he only wanted to meet C. Walken-like men.

              To add to my soap box post above:

              It started with talk shows in which the entertainment was to publicly humiliate the participants, first by having the audience induced to laugh at people, then by having verbal abuse shows, escalated sometimes into physical violence. So much fun!

              So. I’m not surprised that there is an explosion of bullying in school, that some people consider JM’s behavior in court as ‘normal’ court behavior, as the rules of of the ‘game.’
              I’m just waiting to see when this behavior will escalate into the U.S. Supreme Court and be considered ‘acceptable.’ Matter of time.

              • HLN is categorized as a NEWS channel, not entertainment. there’s a big difference. they should either change their format, or do their effing job which is to report the NEWS!
                you all need to flood the FCC with complaints, they may not do anything, but at least we did something right?
                have a great night all!!

    • “I can rename my dog “Toyota” and make him sit in the garage, but it still doesn’t make him a car!”

      Comment of the Day!!!!!

    • I think part of the problem is that so many people take everything said on HLN as gospel truth.
      It’s like tabloids. For a lot of people it’s not real and just cheap entertainment but
      for a decent sized percentage it must be true if its being reported. That’s part of why I loathe Nancy
      Grace so much. She mentions to her viewers excessively that she used to be a prosecutor but does
      not take a prosecutors stance when she talks about trials. She will act as if someone didn’t need
      a court order or things of that nature. She takes on the title of former prosecutor but
      responds to sitauations with her audience in mind and throws any knowledge out the window.
      It’s cheap entertainment wrapped up in a manner that makes her viewers feel like they know what’s going
      on when they don’t.

      They turn it into a good versus evil situation where its fun to
      root for the good guy prosecutor and to condemn the bad guy to death.
      the whole network seems to conspire to sell a certain image
      and cutoff anyone who doesn’t buy it

    • I think it does provide a public service, tho. Just think about all those people out there that regularly abuse their children, except that for the last 2mos, those abusers are so focused on hating Arias, the kids are getting some relief! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Yes I read that here but I’m surprised it isn’t happening every few minutes and that Juan isn’t sliding around in it as he is ranting and raving and gesticulating and SPECULATING!, He makes me nauseous and ill so I’m sure he’s inspired a few cases of diarrhea too!

  55. C-On it was the inevitable!! If I was sitting in that courtroom all day looking at the Adams Family, I’d been vomiting a long time ago!!!

      • I’m sure one of the gnats on HLN will somehow blame Jodi for infecting the jury with some virus she smuggled in from jail.

        Now they’re having orgasms over Jodi sitting on the floor tossing her beautiful hair as she sits up ….

        Of course they’ve slowed it down so it appears she’s doing a “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” type of move. Are these producers / talking heads 6 freaking years old?



    • It simply doesn’t matter what bullets were used if this was Travis’s gun.

      Since the gun has never been found and will never be found, there is no way to prove squat.

      • But they kept speculating that she stole her grandfathers gun. That is part of their pre-meditation story. If the bullet in Travis’s cheek isn’t the same bullet that was stolen then that DOES matter!

      • I believe the police and prosecution feel Jodi stole her grandparent’s.25 caliber gun . The police report of the robbery states that the bullets, as reported by the grandparents, were “jacketed hollow-point bullets.” The police/prosecutor feel she took this gun with her to Mesa, AZ with the intention to kill Travis. Premeditation. But, if the bullet that lodged in Travis left cheek was not a jacketed hollow-point bullet, while it wouldn’t definitely prove the grandparent’s gun was not the gun used, it would suggest that Jodi discarded her grandparent’s jacketed hollow-point bullets and bought different .25 caliber bullets. Not impossible but I wonder how likely that be be.

        • It just gives a bit more credibility to Jodi’s story that Travis had a gun if the bullet in his cheek is not a hollow-point bullet. Not prove it wasn’t the grandparent’s gun but it would raise questions. I think the defense could raise some doubt in the jurors.

          • Great post coldcase53! This is EXACTLY what I was thinking and trying to say. Nothing can be proven it can just raise doubt.

            Maybe the defense is saving this for the end???

        • I would say a young woman like that would not care what type of bullets were in there. An would be smart enough not to steal a gun an use the same gun in a planned murder. Which I do not believe is the case but the other side does.

          That would be even dumber oh I will steal grandpa’s gun but change the bullets then no one would suspect me ?? not

          I would think if it was not a hollow point it would prove it probably was not grandpa’s gun.

          You can’t tell me grandpa don’t know where he shot that gun last at ? there would be a spent casing somewhere or a actual bullet somewhere if he told the police that last place he ever shot that gun at. Not many gun owners just buy a gun an set it on a shelf ? except inexperienced ones anyways. That only have it for a break in. An if it is a 25 then they do not know anything about GUNS an power.

          • “Not many gun owners just buy a gun an set it on a shelf ?”

            Actually, grandpa never bought the gun. In the police report he says it originally belonged to his cousin and when he died it was given to him.

    • I don’t know but I would think that the bullet that went through Travis’s head above the right eyebrow an lodged in the left cheek would not be a hollow point?? I have always been told the hollow point does the most damage as when entering it spreads out messes up people good on the inside but the xray I seen did not show a bunch of particulars everywhere in the skull they would know if it was a hollow point also by the entry wound due too when the hollow point hits it expands an goes out ward in smaller pieces should show up in that xray. Regular bullet would not do that just a straight line an a 25 usually will do the least damage it is not a powerful gun.

      Also if it did have more than one bullet it may have jammed or was slung across the room after she was hit by the linebacker move from Travis. Remember she was not sure at first if he was even shot. Due to he was still fighting her.

  57. Screw you Juan Martinez, you know for a FACT that what happened was rape in the eyes of the law. You objected anyway, you conniving little shit.

    One does not need a degree in law to understand why rape is against the law.

  58. Anyone notice that the Hell Network is rehashing yesterday’s stuff (featuring JM) and not todays slaying by JW. Our headlines should read “Torpedo to the Prosc, by the Defense” (back to you now, Ms. Grace).

    • I did not notice that! Good point Intro,,,thats why they are doing all the hair flip spin crap.

      Jodi was only 28 when she was arrested. Her looks are important to her. I don’t think that her concern about how she looked is not that way out there for a young woman. I know I never would leave my house without makeup in my teens and 20’s. etc

      I think she was doing yoga – NOT hair flipping cuz she is sexy…are these ass holes drunk?

    • I think they have chosen a side, so they will only show the stuff that supports the prosecution unless it is a bombshell.

      If I am 100% honest, I wish both sides would not call each other names and have civil discourse. Nurmi and Willmott are smart, Nurmi is NOT a whale, they are doing a good job. JM is short, and even if he looks like Kermit, points can be made without being disrespectful. He may be a perfectly nice person outside of the court, while he is in there he is actually doing what he is being paid by the State of Arizona to do. We can all take one side or the other without going the name-calling route.

      I think no person is 100% good or bad. I don’t think Travis was that unusual for a male his age, but that doesn’t mean I think he treated her well. I also think that a lot of people fantasize about things they wouldn’t actually do. I don’d know whether that is okay or not.

      Jodi has made some mistakes too. I think it would have been better for her to tell the truth at the start and that she probably wouldn’t be on trial right now. I do see there are reasons for that,

      I feel sympathy for all those involved — I hope that doesn’t make me horrible or persona not gratis here. If people stop by here looking for information, I think it looks better if we are respectful.

  59. Good lord!!! the Ass on HLN said Jodi is BASKING in all of this????

    Where is heck is JM to scream at this guy “Are you SPECULATING or have you been told this?

    They disregard the doctors testing results in spite of his expertise and experience but these ass holes can diagnose?

    The more they do their venom spewing and hatred towards Jodi I find I care less and less that TA was killed … I have less compassion for that and more for her. Weird…

    • Isnt that the truth. They are killing empathy for the victim.
      Its not ” Weird.” Its a Phenomenon.(Probably spelt wrong)

      • I think these ugly women should arrive on screen and not be allowed to wear make up or primp for the camera. I would love to pick thru hours of footage and only pick NG’s nose picking or hair flipping etc.

        Do they really think their rotted stench has no smell?

        They have no shame and are ugly inside and out..

        INTRO, YOU NAILED IT!!! They have zero to spew and crow about today, so they came up with old tiresome childish spin.

        What a bunch of vile dried up ugly bullies.

          • Agreed. You have to be pretty ugly inside to have that much hatred. And honestly, I think even then a person needs jealousy to behave as these women do. Look at them, though. They hate Jodi for her youth, her beauty, her sexuality. The worst part is after Ms. Graceless spews her venom, she then does a soft-spoken, supposedly heartfelt tribute to a fallen soldier.
            If I might quote JM: WHICH IS IT, NANCY?

            • Oh Gibby! I’ve felt the same thing with the slit tongued venom spewer. It gags me to hear her purr the tribute to a solder every night. What a fraud!

              LOLOL @ the JM question to her! 🙂

              • Oh my husband HATES HATES that about her!!! His a USMC, he takes it as an insult! !! She should just lv THAT part out of her segment (FOREVER)!!!

            • I don’t know how anyone can watch Nancy Disgrace. I was so pissed last night, I record the trial because I work overnite and was sleeping all day. The way Weasel Martinez attacked Dr. Samuels is just wrong. JM was yelling and stepping all over him when he was trying to make the point that he uses more than just a test to make his determination as anyone with knowledge of psychology would.

              Martinez keeps using the same BS tactics of “objection judge, nonresponsive… or “Do you have any problems with your memory?” Can you imagine having any opinion different than him, and trying to argue your point with him in real life; good luck!!!!… ‘Martinez the weasel could never let that happen. If I was on that jury, by now I would be discounting about 90% of what he says simply because he is so annoying, and obnoxious.

    • Just took a look at the TA support site. Lots of worried posts today. They are worried that the jury has so many questions and even though they continue to call Dr. Samuels a kook, etc., they are doing some hand-wringing over there.

      • GOOD ! really tired of the cocky people that constantly have just ugly things to say no matter what evidence is brought up. I hope none of their daughters sisters or mothers even have to met a man that can make them end up in a flight or fight situation in life.

      • I’m glad to hear that. Didn’t get to watch today and have been wondering if today was as good for Jodi as yesterday was. One sure can’t turn on the TV to get a realistic update of the day’s events. So this is good to know.

    • I feel bad for his family . . . no matter what, they lost someone important to them. I feel bad for her family as well.

      • I agree – I think it is sickening for both families. And I also agree that there seems to be too much hatred on the side of the victim. Hatred only breeds more hatred. If anything, they should be praying the truth comes out through this mess. Unfortunately, I see hatred standing in the way of justice; especially from the prosecution.

    • My sister lives in Phoenix an we are on opposite sides on this. Seems to me Arizona is all one sided on their news channels there. She actually said to me I think it is funny how they have really down played on Jodi’s good looks………………..Really I said so you think they have a beautician an make up consultant on hand for prisoners there at that Jail ? ha they barely feed the inmates any lunch or supper if they are delayed. I do not find it funny at all an very disturbing to say the least that people actually think it is all for the trial !!!!!!!

      • Tell me about it. If I couldn’t do my roots for 3 years I would be brunette too! It is such BS how they make a big deal about her appearance. Can you imagine what Ms. Graceless would look like without any makeup or even worse–going three years without a facial or root job? Hehe!!

      • What do you think of the garbage footage of jodi when she was left alone for who knows how long in the interrogation room? She is obviously stressing out big time, and trying to relax in any way possible…doing headstands, whatever.

        Why do the snakelike attackers at HLN aka Vinnie Politan, JVM, Dr. Smut, & Nancy Disgrace try to make something out of it. “She doesn’t care anything about whether she murdered anyone!!,… that is so disturbing!!. I’m thinking it must be pretty disturbing to be the husband of Nancy Disgrace, and wake up and find out she was not just a bad dream… LOL :>O

  60. Nancy Grace JUST posted a picture that seems to show TWO people in the iris of TA’s eye. Anyone have a link to it?

    • Anyone amazed that NG is trying to promote the 2-person theory?. She would have been the last person, I would think that would even open up this pandora’s box. I am a bit perplexed as to her motives here, since it could only help JA.

      In this scenario, JA chooses to accept an assumption that she and she alone would be the only logical killer due to her PTSD related amnesia. But, even though on the conscious level she thinks she must have done it, in the recesses of her mind where the truth lingers, it spills out in her words, where she says things like, “IDK”, “Heard the knife drop”, “I don’t remember doing this or that”.

      Based on this 2-person theory, then it gives creedence to some of her fleeting statements on direct and XE that she remembers shooting and remembers the NOISE of the knife falling. And due to her faulty memory and the guilt that she feels over what she started (with the gun shot), she ASSUMES that it only makes sense that she did everything else that followed (the stabbings and throat slashing).

      Given her propensity to be the person to pick up after others and clean up their messes, she then cleans up as if on autoplay. So she puts the ‘soiled’ clothes in the washing machine, and the knife in the dishwasher (her usual modus operandi when she cleaned his home in the past, every single time), she then closes his door and leaves quietly. Her mind can now only process and accomplish the habitual things, she doesn’t have to think about it or expend any energy to do that. Her mind has shut down in protective mode, so she goes about only that which is familiar, that which she can do in rote motion.

      Well, thats my musings on this 2-3 person theory.

    • i saw that on a website this afternoon appeared to me the ‘other person’was TA s bathrobe hanging on the door
      ,which is seen in crime scene photos. What is interesting in the clip is blood is clearly seen on the wall behindTravis in the shower. It is the last pucture of him taken when he is straight on looking at you. I will see if I can find it.

    • How did the screechy voiced thing on NG get his job? Did no one talk to him before he was hired?

      He is soooooo grating

    • I see the “outlines” of what everyone is talking about, but honestly I think it’s just the lines in his iris. If u look closely at anyone and everyone’s eyes, we all have different lines, circles, stars, etc in our eyes. I don’t see people at all.

      • plus I think there was a mirror across the room, but I have trouble seeing anything without the help of outlines and such.

        If there was someone else there, and one of them was Jodi, that wouldn’t look good for her, would it?

        • I have always felt there is more to the story an we will never know it all. Due to either she is scared an came out with this story in 2010. An the same year Ashley committed suicide ?? People keep saying if there were others she would tell. Well I don’t think so if it meant harm
          may come to her family or someone else she knows if she was threatened. I don’t think a person
          like Jodi would give it up. As in she did not want to tell the whole truth in the first place because of the Church an the embarrassment for Travis’s family. She stated that several times. She put in a plea deal a long time ago the State an the Family of Travis want DEATH an NOTHING LESS.

          I feel if she gets a life sentence she will commit suicide some how anyways.

          She bought a 9mm before getting arrested she was scared of someone out there. She was not a avid gun person before? so why get a gun all of the sudden she did not feel safe she feels safe in jail tho. She will never feel safe in Yreka again if she is out I am sure of that.

    • Sorry, but that’s a drop of water on his eyelash, not the reflection of a person unless that person was part light bulb lol…

      It might even be a flash of a camera, but you won’t be able to see any people in the reflection of his eyes.