Jodi Arias Trial – Day 33

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I’m currently observing that when Martinez is questioning anyone taller and of higher intelligence than himself, he loses the plot completely. This was evident when he squared off against Gus Searcy, Jodi and now Richard Samuels.

But irrespective of his ongoing tantrums, attitude problems & intermittent meltdowns, the fact of the matter is, he lost this case a long time ago. His evident & ongoing failure to prove anything vaguely resembling pre meditation is in plain sight for all to see – including the jury.

You can dress it up however you like, but as he demonstrated in the Doug Grant trial (and others), not only is he blatantly incompetent… he’s also very sleazy & devious – as highlighted in an earlier post: “Prosecutor Fail – the long and the short of it…

Leave your comments below on day 33, as Jodi takes one step closer to victory…

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  1. Good morning! Watched HLN After Dark last night since I didn’t get to see much of the trial yesterday. Jose Baez was the guest for the defense commentary and believes the actual evidence at the crime scene raises enough reasonable doubt for a hung jury or even possibly an aquittal.

    • Good Morning Sharon. It is cool that Baez thinks that the actual evidence at the scene raises reasonable doubt. Many of us are in complete agreement with him. I do not get HLN and that is fine lol but there are sometimes I would like to be able to get it such as to watch Baez in action against the rest of the dopplers on that channel 🙂

      • Hi Jodie
        I miss you . Praying for you and all your team Dr. too ! Oh I hate that State Pros,, Makes me sick and cry. My Nurse and I watch and we hare how your Dr. is treeated and abused your all doing .
        Oh my I was abused most my life and hare seeing it rehappen to you and your team day after day. The Judge what is wrong with her ? She looks tired but NO excuse to allow whats going on day after day.
        WE Love You Jodiie

    • That would be wonderful! I pray she’s aquitted.

      One thing that concerns me: Someone on here gave a quick list of the jurors ages, possibly maria. I think if I recall correctly most of the are about 60, there doesn’t seem to be any young people, plus there’s no black person. I just hope older people are not stuck in a mindset..

      • Heather, my husband said the same thing, he thinks she’s not guilty. He said there shouldn’t be anyone in their 60’s on the jury, then I reminded him how old he is. LOL

        • Isn’t it amazing how a lot of us guys think we’re a lot younger than we actually are.

          Not to digress but I have a great story about that.

          A bunch of years ago (about 12) I was playing cars with our then 4 year old on the wooden living room floor. On hearing my wife coming into the house he said “stop Dad Mom’s coming” and I said “So what?” and his response was “She’s a grown up”

          And there’s your cute guys never grow up story of the day.

      • Heather…be carefull on what you say…lol (jk) I am a wsf 62 years old from the Mid-west-MI. Haveing “OLDER” on the jury is not all bad.

        1. We have seen allot in our years and are able to see the gray side in life.

        2. If any age group would understand PTSD it would be ours. (Nam, the riots, etc.

        3. Jodi could be our daughter….and Travis our son.

        Sure there will always be people set in their ways…..of any age….

            • I’m on the west side of the state and it looks like a Christmas Card here. I wondered if anyone was from Mich. out here.

              You are just “assuming” it should be I am really very happy that I do not live in AZ right now…..I’m sure I would be in jail by now….this trial has turn into a circus and the DA is the ring master.

              • Cindy
                I am not from Michigan, I live in Switzerland, but I have spent many vacations up in Petoskey and around St. Joseph. I just love Michigan and to be honest I am homesick for Michigan. That being said to me Michigan is one of my most favorite places to be

                • Veve, You have seen the best parts of Mich. Thank you. I’m just hateing the winters now…but Spring-Fall love it.

                  Switzerland? wow we sure do have a mix bag out here….isn’t it great!!!!!!

        • yes Cindy, you are correct. i think Jodi is better off with older jurors. Many young people these days seem to think that things like Rape, fall into the category of fun fantasy. I think us “old folk” have life experience that can often make us more informed and knowledgeable. No offense to you young and intellegent people here who are informed. I have a young and intelligent daughter who tells me the nonsense that her peers think about various topics….very scarey.

          • Thanks TR….lol I really am very, very impressed with the younger gen. (25-40) I have two sons 10 years apart and the younger one is brillent but he tends not to see the gray in life yet. Pre-law.

            I think what some are forgetting is the 60dy’s, the war and everything that came after that.

          • Rape is also a very serious topic and not to be played with, it takes away the severity for people whom may really be raped and abused, point being is if you are being raped by an abusive boyfriend you sure don’t praise him or continue to have consentual sex because it simply weakens your claim. I have been with men who wanted more levels of sexual activity then I ever thought of but I can’t call that rape if I allowed it to happen. Its a poor shame if she was raped and handled it this way. she should have stayed far away from him because clearly he was trouble.

      • Hi Heather I am 60 years plus…. I pray for acquittal. I was worried also about that. Couldn’t watch yesterday because Prosecutor… so abusive. Keep praying for Jodi and for Travis’s Family to see the truth about him. Very Sad. Hopefully this trial will prevent other women to get out of abusive relationships.

        • Will help women get out of abusive relationships…. I am just so upset about this trial. I wish I could be like Jodi.. She explains everything so clear. I love Her..

        • I agree – and to the point of the poster above about some younger folks beliefs regarding rape being a fun fantasy. Jodi (and other young women) are/were degraded and don’t even realize it because it is so accepted to be treated that way. For instance when Martinez mentioned that Dr. Samuels noted that an incident was rape but Jodi didn’t claim to be raped. Hopefully the Domestic Violence expert will explain to the jurors how Jodi’s mind was twisted by the mental abuse into believing that since she allowed it to continue to happen it was consensual

          • Couldn’t agree more sz. The outright lies about Rape etc. that have been told by HLN, etc. are soooo disturbing to me. I fear for all of our nation’s young women. So much for the Women’s movement!

      • There are a few younger people on the jury, but as I remember too, most are older and a good number are 40, 50, 60. Personally, I think that’s good. The older a person is, the less likely they’re going to be led around like a mule by the Media. Like it or not, no matter what Judge Pickles thinks, every person on that jury was inundated by news about this case before being selected for the jury. I think the older ones are more likely paying attention to the real evidence – or in Martinez’ case, lack of it.

        On the other hand, if you go to pro-Travis sites, including YouTube videos about this case, and read all the hate-Jodi comments, you can tell MANY of them are from under-25s because the writing is atrocious, spelling is out the window, slang is all over the place and clearly the thinking is on a near animal (i.e., mule) level. In other words, it’s young people.

        I’m 20 and am embarrassed by much of my generation. I wouldn’t put any of them on a jury to decide if Walmart lied about the price of grapes, much less to determine whether someone lives or dies.

        • ” you can tell MANY of them are from under-25s because the writing is atrocious, spelling is out the window, slang is all over the place and clearly the thinking is on a near animal (i.e., mule) level. In other words, it’s young people.”

          I noticed this also.

        • Yea Sara I noticed that too, how sad! They have no idea. How can they be given the responsibility to choose someone else’s destiny, they dont even want to look at the evidence, they dont blv in giving her or anyone else a 2nd chance.

          • Plus, because all the younger ones are cell phone addicts, they’re sitting in the jury box going through tweet withdrawals and unable to sort through the complex information being given to them. They just want to get out of there as quick as possible each day and see if they have a new Facebook friend request.

            No, I would take my chances with the older crowd if I was in Jodi’s position.

      • Heather, yea I heard most where in there 60’s. Im in my early 30’s but I think its a good thing because I read somewhere the percentage of the people that were going against Jodi and for the DP. The majority of them were weman ages 20′ – 40’s. So if this is right (I blv it can very much be right) then id prefer for the jury to be older.

        Maybe they will feel like she deserves a 2nd chance, maybe they’ll think she deserves to get married, have kids of her own and hopefully set her free.

        • I thought too that the jury being older might hurt her but you all make good points and I am feeling better about it now. I am 40 but my Mom is 72 and the sex talk has really upset her and she does not get it why he treated her that way.

      • People in their 60’s are of the peace and love generation. You know…..the hippies. They are probably not shocked by much really. I’m in my 50s but the majority of my circle are in their 60’s. Although they are all successful, the “Age of Aquarius”…lol has not been lost.

      • I agree. Trial to be judged by a jury of the defendant’s peers doesn’t seem to be reflected here. Age, itself, is not the issue in jury makeup. There’s nothing wrong with having some jurors twenty to thirty years older than a defendant. But when most are at least a generation or more are older or more similar to each other rather than the defendant, it could raise unintended isssues that can show up in the decision the jury reaches. This may be true, especially in a case such as this where attitudes, values, even sexual and religious beliefs and technologies can have influences, not consciously intended, that could even lead to a earlier consensus among the group, since the majority or all of the jurors are closer in age and views to each other rather than the defendant.

    • I have a question for Jodi Arias Support Team that I’ve been thinking about… I know that Jodi is on trial for killing Travis Alexander but only in self defense. If she is found NOT guilty of the crime does this mean that she will be released from jail or will she still have to serve some time due to the fact that she admitted to the killing? And if Jodi is found guilty of the crime, will she be sent to a federal prison or a state prison?

      I hope in all that she will not be found guilty. I truly believe that JM is a big bully with a status and he abuses his power and he uses it to his advantage in a obnoxious manner. It doesn’t seem like he wants to find out the truth he just wants to blame poor Jodi so that he could say here it is, a guilty party to this crime. I truly think that he thinks that he is doing a service by pointing a finger and prosecuting someone, anyone long as he thinks that there is party to blame. I feel bad for Jodi and will keep her in my thoughts til this trial comes to and end.

      • If she is found not guilt, she is released because it would mean she killed him in self-defense and technically should never have served any time in jail.

      • UnderstandingOne, I have been wondering the same thing and have not got a definitive answer yet. Based on what little I know in life in general, I would think that if the jury rules that the killing was in self defense, I would think she would be set free. I never heard of anybody being jailed for self defense killing.

        People who know more about the law can help me here, but as far as I can tell, there are only three types of killing: 1. planned, 2. self defense, 3. accidental. I think you can be jailed for an accidental killing, but I can’t imagine being jailed for self defense.

        On a kind of side note, but since I’m already typing, I’ll continue: a lot of people on YouTube – and other places I’m sure – are saying that the prosecution doesn’t have to prove a motive, that they only have to prove premeditation. Well, maybe in strict legal terms that’s correct. But if I was on that jury, after hearing all the evidence from both sides, if I didn’t, in my mind, have a solid motive for Jodi killing Travis, I would hang the jury.

        I’m not going to get into it all here, but most who have followed this trial know there are many reasons to doubt Jodi was even the killer. The crime scene and reconstruction of events at the scene give many indications that there is no way Jodi did/would have/could have committed the murder.

        • Technically your’re right, the prosecution doesn’t have to prove motive, but I’m with you, I would want to know why, because there is always a reason. According to JM she was obsessive and jealous, but he hasn’t really shown that.

          • Agreed. And the reason I would want to know motive is because if they can’t prove Jodi’s motive, then there are several other possibilities as to how this crime was committed that have nothing to do with Jodi. I would not be able to live with myself if I sent someone to death without knowing why she committed the crime.

            This is another reason an older jury is better – they also will probably want a motive, not just circumstantial evidence. Hell, I could be arrested today on circumstantial evidence for killing somebody. It wouldn’t be that hard. But when people started examining me, they would realize that whoever the dead person is, I would have no reason to kill him, and hopefully they’d let me go. And while they had me, hopefully they’d feed me lunch.

        • There are basically four different possibilities that could happen:

          1. The state does NOT include any lesser charges which the jury can consider (such as manslaughter or murder two). The jury decides to convinct on murder one. There will be additional hearings regarding penalty. It would be up to the jury to determine whether she gets the the death penalty or life without parole.

          2. The state does NOT include any lesser charges and the jury decides to acquit. In this case, Jodi would be free.

          3. The state DOES include lesser charges and the jury decides to convict her on one of those (not premeditated murder one). If they convict on one of the lesser charges, there will be additional hearings regarding penalty (to be honest, I’m not sure if those would be with the judge or the jury, but in most states, it’s the judge only).

          3. The state DOES include lesser charges but the jury decides to acquit her on all charges on the basis of it being self defense.

          If she is convicted, she will be sent to a state prison in AZ. The AZ complex for death row inmates is in Perryville (I believe). There are also other levels of prisons in other areas, but if she does not receive the death penalty, I would assume she would go to Phoenix.

          (Federal prisons are for those who violate federal laws such as bank robbers, big time drug trafficking, white collar crimes, immigration violations, etc. Murder is a state law.)

          The state does NOT have to provide a motive. However, as you said SarahP, it’s usually very helpful for a jury. Vladimir Gagic, a criminal defense attorney in AZ wrote a very interesting blog about this:

    • the vote of the fack jury would have been different if the show would have let them talk more but they kept going back to the other side over and over again

    • WE agree Gosh your Team is good but wish you had the Best ! Cassie’s attorney. You look so tired, thin, don’t get sick Jodie.

  2. So what happened with HLN’s reenactment? Did it take 15 minutes for Jodi’s version to be carried out? And did the shelves fall down right away?

    The Doug Grant link is great reading:

    “the prosecutor has no choice but to be adveserial and rude to all of the family members and friends who are testifying in Doug’s defense. And watching a smarmy little prosecutor with political ambition unnecessarily attack people who are simply doing their civic duty is a disgusting thing to watch.

    Here are a few examples where the prosecutor badgered witnesses friendly to the defense. These attacks were all carried-out with voice raised–sometimes actually screaming–and with constant interruption of the witnesses and flailing of the arms”

    That’s our Kermit!

    • Sure is!

      He needs to retire. Ho did he get his job?

      He makes a mockery of justice, in this case whomever has the most money to put on theatrics wins??? Instead of true truth and justice.

    • Guy who weighed 215 pounds put some weight on one shelf for about a second but he also used his left arm to grip the side at the same time while grabbing the gun with his other arm.

      An important point to remember: even if the shelves are only “rated” to hold 40 pounds, that probably means that much weight for a substantial amount of time. They might be able to hold 100 pounds for a few seconds.

      • Right! And if over a prolonged period of time something heavier/or weight not evenly distributed, the shelf would more likely begin to bow in the middle

    • I just finished watching the episode of Baez on HLN after dark. Baez brought up some very good points. He stated that Flores was most likely right, the gun shot came first and the crime scene showed that. The spattered blood in the sink was likely from the gunshot. There was no blood anywhere else on the floor except for on the carpet in the bedroom where the big pool of blood was. The handprint of Jodi’s was fairly low on the wall which meant she could have been crawling along the floor to get away while fighting off Travis. He said the evidence basically speaks for itself and that if she had gone the other way and out the bedroom door she may have been dead before she got to the bottom of the stairs

      • Debbie, I wish Jodi’s lawyers had an opportunity to catch Jose Baez on HLN’s After Dark and listen to the points he made. Considering the way the state is allowing their prosecutor to bully and badger to win the case and is allowing other questionable issues inside the courtroom, and the high visibility media circus going on outside the courtroom, Jodi’s lawyers need all the help they can get.

        Watching this fiasco of a trial, I am wondering how the state of Arizona is getting away with such a travesty of justice! I think that even blood-thirsty terrorists on trial for killing innocent Americans will not even be subjected to the kind of “fair trial” and media exploitation that Jodi is undergoing.

    • Well the people playing the prosecution side did it over the top but did not take too long. The defense side made some good points and Casey Anthony’s Attorney made the most sense. The jury was 10-2 so that shows they thought TA was at least guilty of attacking her.

    • The guy who stepped on the shelves said he was 215, almost 100 pounds MORE than Jodi, and he stepped up several times, on an empty shelf, with no tipping or breaking!

  3. Does anyone get when Kirk and Jennifer cancelled the evidentiary hearing yesterday morning? I am afraid they are conceding things they don’t have to!!

  4. I found the HLN link on Youtube; it’s on Tawnidilly’s channel.

    Wow, they got Judge Larry Seidlin too! He was something during that Anna Nicole case…LOL. If I remember right, he was a vocal critic of George Anthony during Casey’s trial.

  5. I know a lot of these things have been discussed already but I just wanted to make a few points:

    1. Why would she lie about returning the 3rd gas can. To me she had no reason to lie about purchasing, using or returning a 3rd gas can for the purpose in which she said she had them.

    2. I totally think the intruder story is the true story. All of the evidence and her current story pretty much match up to that scenerio.
    a. I think maybe one possibility is the intruders made her shoot Travis or they were going to shoot her.

    b. I think they threatened her not to talk and I think she got out of the house.

    c. I think the intruders were the ones that did the stabbing. I can buy the stab wounds as self defense but I don’t buy the throat slashing. I don’t see her doing that. Someone else did that.

    d. I think this Ashley’s husband did have something to do with it along with possibly a roommate. I think her death was a result of her call to police. Even if they were going through a divorce, why would someone call police to tell them someone like that if it wasn’t true. Just doesn’t make sense.

    e. The crime scene was too clean. Jodi would have been in too much of a panic to spend that much time in the house cleaning up with the fear of being caught.

    f. There was no blood anywhere else in the house except on the washing machine.

    g. Jodi wouldn’t have taken the time to put bloody clothes in the washer. Btw.. have they ever said who’s clothes they were?

    h. Jodi DEFINITELY would not have left the camera behind. The only scenerio I can think of for that is that if she did put everything in the washer, she scooped up clothes and towels or whatever was in there and the camera was inside the wad of laundry and she didn’t realize it.

    i. I think the time stamps on the pictures could have been manipulated by going through the washer or by a person.

    j. Her admitting to the shooting but not admitting to the stabbing. If she was admitting to self defense and that she did kill him and knew he had also been stabbed, she would have admitted to the stabbing too. I don’t think she knew about the stabbing.

    k. Did they ever check her rental car for blood? She admitted to having blood on her but I would think they would be able to tell how much blood. If there were just traces of blood on the steering wheel or blood everywhere like she had just committed this horrific murder. There had to have been blood ALL OVER the person who did this. She just wouldn’t have gotten out of the house without leaving traces.

    l. I think it was maybe one of the roommates that said Travis had been cleaning because there was a carpet cleaner in the middle of the living room and furniture was moved. I think that sounds like someone trying to cover their tracks maybe??

    m. The roommates didn’t smell anything.

    n. Everyone started pointing fingers at Jodi right away as to take the attention off of anyone else.

    o. I think she felt like she knew she shot him and she would have a better chance at saying it was self defense because she probably figured they had some kind of evidence that she WAS there and she had been threatened by these other people not to talk.

    I think when Jodi gets out of jail she is going to have to go into the witness protection program or something. If she gets aquitted, there will be people who will want to find her.

    Does anyone know… if for some reason there is a mistrial, do they have to retry the case? I would hate to have to see her go through all of this again.

    • I wanted to add a couple more things:

      To clarify the self defense story… I think she had to admit to killing Travis and she would be better off saying it was self defense than just cold blooded murder (i.e., intruders making her shoot him).

      Also.. regarding this Ashley person.. I think I read where they said her death was suicide?? Maybe she was threated in the same way Jodi was and she was so scared she killed herself.

      Just thoughts that have crossed my mind.. I just think there is way more to this story.

      • ok.. one more…

        Can anyone clarify this… I thought I read that in the police report regarding the Grandparents burglary there were several guns stolen, not just the .25 caliber handgun. If this is true, I feel like it it puts reasonable doubt to the fact Jodi got the gun from her grandparents house.

        • Hi scrappydoo!!

          Love your post.

          Regarding the guns that were left behind, I personally know someon who had all handguns stolen and the LONG GUNS were left behind. I do not find the burglary suspicious at all based on my law enforcement contacts.

          I believe in Jodi’s grandparents case, it was also the long guns left behind.

          I wish we could get the report for that burglary to lok at it ourself. Does anyone know where that might be located?

          • Someone posted the police report on this site but I don’t even begin to know where to look. I thought it said that several guns were stolen. I could be wrong.

            • Darn, i don’t remember the burglary report being posted. I know we have the Flores report..

              maybe someone who knows will chime in.

              • it is on the TA site. And it says, (I think), that the gun was loaded–with hollow points…. which this was NOT, right?

                • hmmm, did they determine what type of bullet was in travis cheek? I don’t know how easy that is to tell after it has impacted something.

                • No way a HOLLOW point EXPLODES an spreads out the bullet would not have been in the cheek lodged.

      • I’ve pointed out before that 2010 was a turning point-

        Seems like Jodi’s morman faith may have ended (she testified to not having read BoM since then)
        Ashley dies
        Direction of defense changes

        Also, I find it interesting that Ashley defines herself as agnostic on her facebook page.

          • Since following the case (very little pre-Jan ’13 but LOTS since then), I have believed in the ‘she is getting railroaded’ conspiracy theories. Too many things don’t make sense. But there is a reason that she and her attorneys seem to be focused on self-defense. I just think that in 2010, Jodi realized that the “whole truth” would be even worse for her than what the state of AZ could do to her.

        • Yes G189 I feel that year was a turning point also…

          and, then her own attorney and dr s tell her they can’t help her if she doesn’t tell the truth? is that also what I understand?

      • A friend of ours was abused by her bf for years. He was in the local “clique” so when she called police (numerous times) they did not believe her. The abuse escalated; at one point she was locked in the closet for three days. She did not go to police b/c she was the “outsider,” the “outcast” and he did nothing wrong. He shot her in the head and said she attempted suicide (she did not die). Her sister visited from CA as she lay in the hospital. Her sis knew he shot her but no one believed her. One detective happened to be in the hospital when she was able to whisper “(boyfriend’s name) shot me.” Only then did the investigation start and he did get arrested.

        Ashley had a restraint order against her ex (from what I understand). She accused him/turned him in for murder. She was shot in the head and it is called suicide. I don’t believe she committed suicide because of what happened to my friend. Too many surrounding circumstances; she told police TA did it, she had restraining order, she then told police she was mistaken (a common occurrence to those who are abused then threatened), TA was murdered, she is dead. It’s just all too coincidental.

    • scrappydoo

      Since you’re having this line of thought I will weigh in with two questions:

      1. The bloody footprint. If it is a boot or shoe print why isn’t there at least another impression? A boot would be similiar to a rubber stamp stepping into blood, because the blood was still wet. Then wherever that foot stepped again would at least leave another imprint. Possibly very faint. but still an imprint. The crime scene forensic persons would be looking for more boot prints. I haven’t heard of any other shoe/blood impressions.

      2. I didn’t get to hear all of the testimony about Jodi’s camping trip when she said she took a gun with her, so I maybe seeing something that isn’t there. Who were the people she went on a camping with? When was that trip? Any info appreciated.

      • I think the whole boot print is very interesting and I can’t believe there hasn’t been any focus on it. I didn’t watch the trial very early on so I don’t know if it was brought up or not. I would also think that forensics would be able to use the print to determine what size shoe it was etc. Maybe they have determined it was from when the friends found Travis and therefore, it is not important to the case.

        I believe the camping trip was with people from work and other people she didn’t know very well. I do not recall when the camping trip took place. I also think its baloney that she bought the gun for the camping trip. I think she bought the gun to protect herself from people who threatened her.

        • Well, I never did understand Zach going all the way into the bathroom. If it was that opened that door and smelled that awful smell and saw that amount of blood I would have hightailed it out of there and called the police. Him going all the way in there compromised a crime scene. He had to know something like that had happened.

          • So maybe they ruled the blood imprint out by looking at Zachs boot print to compare and made a positive link? Would that be made in a report? Or was left hanging in court testimony?

          • Ah! Even more reason I believe that she bought it for self protection. Do we know for sure if there even was a camping trip?

            • I think it was for protection also.

              I’m still waiting for Maggie to get the police report on AR(T)’s “suicide”. I was considering ordering it if she is unable to get it..haven’t seen the autopsy report yet.

              My law enforemcent contacts said that yes, if there is a suicide, there should be a report…

              I mean, how else do they decide it is a suicide.

              • ashley call police points at ex husband or soon to be next the flores report interview with ashley but not dustin ?????? ashley dies its said its a suside ?????????? dustin was called the nite the friends called 911 he rushed over to his house if others were involved and wanted to keep it secret then tell everyone that ashley was susidal and if shit happened at travis what shit happend with ashley to keep her quite. kill her and make it look like she did it bet there were more than just dustin saying she was susidal. what gun did she use ?????????? to kill herself. ??????????

      • Also, the picture from the camera shows the pantleg and a foot with a sock on. Jodi testified that she had socks on and that when she pulled over in the dessert, she didn’t have any shoes on. Just weird. Where were her shoes? Maybe the prosecution doesn’t want to focus on the boot print because that would mean they would have to look for someone else besides Jodi and they obviously don’t want to do that.

    • Great points! Regarding the camera –

      With 1 quick google I see how easy it is to edit the exif data (that includes the date & time info) on a photo, esp when saving to a card (instead of saving to the camera). 

      It made me think of wilmotts brief cross of the forensic detective who was able to recover the photos from the card. She asks him ab moisture on the camera/card, the smell of bleach. He denies both:
      Minutes 55-58

      Seems like the defense was certainly suggesting that the camera (not wet, bleach smell) was suspicious. But so much time is spent on self defense that I’m afraid these tidbits get lost. Of course, it ain’t over yet!

    • THANK YOU scrappydoo! Yay I think you summed it up for me…EXACTLY. And answer to g. re clothes in washer. Travis’ magic underpants were in there…another WEIRD coincidence. The “intruders” may have done that Mormon spilling the blood ritual of slitting the throat from ear to ear and used his undergarments to wipe up the blood?Evn if they weren’t used to wipe up the blood, being that they are symbolic to purity and protection from sin (or whatever) and spilling the blood cleanses the soul of sin, and also that TA would be buried in the underclothes; cleaning them would be important. Your synopsis of the probable events is RIGHT ON target! Also, the boot print! Why hasn’t there been more about that. YOU SAID IT ALL FOR ME! There is too much indication (IMO) in the way of coverup in this investigation for me to believe ANYTHING that the State alleges.

    • Comment e. The crime scene was too clean. Jodi would have been in too much of a panic to spend that much time in the house cleaning up with the fear of being caught.

      This comment really sticks out to me. People are focused on the blood saying it was so messy and so violent, whereas i’ve always thought it was like you said, too clean. Outside of the bedroom/bathroom, there was only one tiny drop of blood was found on the washer and that’s it. This has always bothered me! How did she get out of the house without leaving anything else behind, on door knobs, the floor, walls, footprints running through the house washing clothes and everything else she had to do?

      • Exactly!!! and how in the heck did she carry his body to the shower and why? Why would anyone take the time to carry / drag him to the shower and not just leave him where he laid?

    • That I didn’t know, not familiar with guns, I’ve never even handled a gun. I would imagine if one doesn’t no gun safety, how easy it would be for a gun going off. I’m assuming that the age of the jurors is because the area is a retirement community? And I could be wrong, but a conservative area as well?

    • @ NEO I am with you on that Neo. My grandma had a .25 caliber that she kept in here Bible. NO Shit!
      Anyway she let me fire it a couple times. I am a good shot. But a .25 is only accurate to about 5 FEET. I am not lying. I am use to shooting at targets at 15 yards = 45 feet with a handgun. The .25 caliber starts to bearing off to the one side or the other after 8 feet we are talking bearing off by a foot. Since most handguns are used at distance of 5 feet or less to kill someone it is reasonable to believe that Jodi is telling the truth in how she shot Travis. That is even if she had never used a gun before. Another thing the gun would have to been load and cocked by Travis before she even pick it up. The reason is all semi-automatics have to have there slide pulled back before firing. Also many handguns do not have safest. To shoot someone beyond 5ft with a .25 you would have to have fired the gun before to know how to compensate for the inaccuracy of the gun. And I am talking you would have do some kind “pool ball bank-shot ” to pull that shit off.

    • The plea deal should have been taken. Another example of overzealous prosecutors. Florida was wrong with the charges with Casey, Arizona is wrong as well IMO

    • That is a lot of money spent for what I fully believe will end in a total acquittal. Yes, I said it…and I’d even be willing to place a wager on it. 🙂

  6. I think Willmott is going to fix things today. Like I said before the big moment yesterday was when Dirty Sanchez asked Dr. Samuels “if he had a memory problem.”

    Remember all we need is reasonable doubt.

    Dirty Sanchez is disparate. Dr. Samuel only needs to punch a hole to cause the states cases to self-distruct.

  7. Wow, watching the cross from yesterday. I am so glad that I decided not to be a prosecuting attorney back in the day. JM is embarrassing the profession. It is one thing to have dogged determination and work to win a case…but nasty, rude, and condesending are not the marks of a good attorney let alone a good human. I am sure the jury is not accepting this well. Human nature on that jury has to see the STARK contrast between attorneys and they tend to develop a connection. Not sure how many jurors JM is winning over… and if we are honest, attorney bias does play into jury decisions.

  8. **This just in**

    I had my lab do a DNA test on Dirty Sanchez. Here are the findings.

    DirtyPickles Laboratory

    We are 99% certain that the parents of Dirty Sanchez are
    a “Mashed up Bag of Assholes” and “Hammered Dog Shit.”

    • Morning,

      There is no need for this type of diatribe. You, I, (collectively we) and the populace here are better than this.

          • Bella is the community made up with a lot of retired folks? That could by why so many older people are on the jury. It sounds like a conservative area, with the older folk I’m wondering what they are thinking about the nudity and sex talk, as opposed to the younger. That skank question that came up from one of the jurors is still bothering me, couldn’t really tell if it was a slam, or the person really didn’t know what the word meant.

            • Hey quit bashing the “old fokes” lol I have to tell you not one thing in all of this “sex” crap has bothered me. But I did live thru the 60dy’s.

              But I have to admit that alot of people in my age group are most likely transplants from other states. Gee I even thought about AZ untill this trial.

              • Believe me I’m not bashing the old folks at all, Arizona use to be a retirement destination and was just wondering. I’m not bothered at all in this sex talk either, but just wondering about the religious people that might be on the jury. I know what it is like where I live, and it would be like OMG, with the pictures and talk. LOL Really hard to tell, maybe the older are okay with it, and the younger not so much.

            • Morning Leah & all others,

              Since we have about 9 months of pretty good weather, without any snow (except on very rare occasions and in the high country) we do get an influx of older folks. The caveat to that is they must be registered to vote in the state, so its doubtful many of the older folks in that category are taken into consideration. There is probably a similar concentration to everywhere else, but many “younger” folks tend to register more as they still have fire left in them over governmental issues and want their voices heard and believe it will lead to change or betterment. I pray the jury is comprised of the “everyman” or “everywoman” and use their critical thinking skills and power of discernment to judge the issues presented before them with their hearts, minds and consciences. I believe they are and as such all questions are relevant, even if phrased a bit crudely.

            • My take is most younger folks are still working and it would be easier for them to get excused than a retired person.

        • “Little man” is a correct characterization. He is shorter than the national average for men, so it’s not an accusation, At least that’s my excuse in using that term. It may be as bad as others, but I can’t comment on his parentage, as I never met the man’s parents(THANKFULLY). LOL!

          • You know what is sad in this for me is one of many personal levels is my younger son is per-law and with his personality I can see him acting just like the “little man” but he is 6′. I think it has to do with ADHD…LOL Only kidding.

            • My son does have ADHD and he is kind, compassionate, honest and very bright. He just moves quickly in all things.

              • I hope you know I was kidding about ADHD. My son has it also along with ODD. Very bright. I have long ago stopped debating him. I love him to death but he tends to be a bully at times. I was trying to say I could see him acting like the DA. But you never know….if he did I might have to just bi– slap him…lol

      • Prefer if you didn’t tell others how to express themselves. You might not like how some people talk, personally it doesn’t bother me in the least. As you were, DP…

  9. HELP

    Hi y’all where can I watch the trial at on TV? I have always watched it streamed online but I am on vacation. Lol yes, I know. I am addicted to Justice. I have never watched HLN. Is that my only choice?

  10. I am looking forward to jury questions today, redirect, and hopefully a few less sidebars. I would’ve added starting on time but that might be asking too much. 🙂

  11. Did anyone else see Jose defend Jodi in a mock trial on HLN After Dark?? Jose and the other lawyer were brilliant. If there is an appeal situation, I’m willing to bet Monopoly money that Jose defends Jodi. He was totally brilliant in his interpretation of the crime scene, and convinced me that there is a good case for self-defense here. I’m now a 100% Jodi supporter after long, reluctant deliberation. I’m on board now.

    Oh btw Jose got a hung jury (mock jury) for Jodi; that’s not a conviction folks.

        • I just watched that, and you are right…. the body slam ‘flip her head over heels’ is absolute nonsense. Easy to sway a jury when you lie about the facts right off the get go. What a crock.

        • that’s prob. why VP is only on tv. he doesn’t have to REALLY prove his thoughts… just bs and act incredulous at any defense strategy… and remember to strangle ur kids… i MEAN remember to HUG ur kids. ARG! if someone has to say that so much…

    • Jose is great, and I was also impressed with the two mock jurors that used critical thinking instead of parroting HLN’s talking points. How about the one “not guilty” voter who said “I THINK SHE SHOT HIM IN THE SHOWER!”? My goodness.

    • saw a brief clip just a lil bit ago. jose baez CONTINUES to impress! if there’s another trial or appeal maybe jose takes it on?! i love his composure, and how he explains things. makes it sound SO LOGICAL.

    • I am currently watching this video and I keep thinking I am watching an SNL skit. Do the sheeple really believe this is the way it occurred?

  12. Not to be picky, but Mountain Time would be 11 a.m. for the trial to resume. There is an hour difference between the Pacific and Mountain time zones.

  13. Hey yall
    I don’t have my laptop. Only my iPhone. So is there a TV channell or show? On TV That I can watch on TV?

  14. Free Speech is a wonderful thing

    I believe I have added a lot this forum, however every once in awhile (usually once or twice a day) I like to add a little laughter to this sad situation that Jodi is in. So feel free to comment but don’t try and shame me or anyone else who is on this site. We are team Jodi. We come from all different kinds of backgrounds. So if you want to be above some kind of goal you have set for yourself. Then by all means.

    However, DirtyPickles is going to do what DirtyPickles has to to get people to see that Dirty Sanchez is a “nut duster.” Please share, however if you don’t like what I have to say there is a complaint department and the waiting line starts on the crack of my ass.

    • DirtyPickles

      Yes, you have added to this forum, I think you are funny!! I did a LOL up there 🙂

      I’m all for FREE SPEECH, as I have said many times to people who get all upset…especially regarding alternative theories.


    • I don’t know if you’re referring to my comment yesterday that I find “Dirty Sanchez” to be a racist and very disrespectful nickname. I agree that we are all entitled to our opinions and to speak our minds. However, comments like that – there are others, this is not the only one – are likely to drive supporters away from this site. I have been posting here since the second day of the trial, and am a supporter of justice. Respect and civil discourse is what set this site apart from most sites out there. But I am also very close to leaving here due to the disrespect exhibited by some of the posters.

      So, please don’t stop being yourself, and speaking your own mind. But I would think that driving away supporters is the last thing that Jodi needs.

      • Micheal, The name Dirty Sanchez is not racist. A Dirty Sanchez is a sex act. I’m not going to tell you what it is because if you are offended by the name,you are most likely to be offended by the sex act.

      • Michael don’t leave. This site is to share our support of Jodi’s innocence.
        Jodi is half-Hispanic too, and I suspect that for a lot of the haters it justifies abusing her for killing all-white male Travis.
        I do object to the ridicule of JM for his racial origin and for the fact he is a short guy too. His bad behavior, his rudeness, abusive behavior, callousness, devious methods, possible tamperings, ego, what not, I’m all for exposing them. I don’t like the guy. He is making a travesty of justice and the judge lets him get away with it may times.
        He is disgusting.But I’ll keep calling him JM, Martinez, Juan, sicko, whatever, but I avoid attacking his genetic appearance when I call him names.
        After all, the mass hysteria against Jodi out there is fueled mostly by the despise and hatred of women. Were someone to claim that the judge was biased because she is a woman would provoke, I suspect, foam at the mouth here on this site.

    • I do like the girl on headline news right now talking about the book and how she has given her clients books when they were dealing with death and how it was a compassionate thing to do.

      • yes, it’s a self help tool…an across the line gift would be something like…oh I dunno, lingerie, money…etc etc.

        We must remember, the diagnosis of PTSD does not rely on only a test…people are more than tests and I feel confident they will clear that up…the trauma was the same regardless of one or two answers that might have changed.

        • I was getting so aggravated at the little weasel yesterday when he saying that the Doc treated Jodi by giving her the SELF help book. He would have just listened to his own statement (never a question), he would have heard self help book. ugghhh. lol

        • That’s what I was thinking too, and it’s one question. An assualt by a stranger, is how much different than assualt by someone you know?

  15. Hi, I have been following this site and the trial from Canada and find this site helpful, but what I find most is the antics of the prosecutor in this case a little disturbing especially yesterday’s antics against the Doctor testifying. How is this allowed by the judge for a witness to be screamed at and even dared to imply at one point that the doctor changed Jodi’s answers. In Ottawa where I am there is an ongoing vehicular manslaughter case going on and the defense attorney began to scream at the witness who was a police officer, the presiding judge immediately told the defense attorney that that type of behavior would not be tolerated in his court room so I am wondering if it is different in the USA in that the judge is not allowed to restrain the attorneys.

    • Some of us here in the states also do not understand why lil man kermit is allowed to speak that way to people..

      it’s utterly atrocious.

      • well, ” men of justice” get drunk w/ power. ever been treated like crap by a cop who pulls u over for nothing? i have, more than a few times. i know enuf to remain subdued, tho i was seething inside.

  16. No offense to anyone in AZ but with all I have read about the legal system and what I have seen in this trial, and the Doug Grant case… glad I live where I do and not out there. I was headed to be a prosecutor and so glad things changed for me. JM is making a mockery of this whole trial. I understand dogged determination but anger, ranting, and condecending remarks are not professional. I think the jury sees that and there will be repecussions to JM’s case because of the treatment of witnesses. A STARK contrast from JM and Nurmi…the jury bonds with attorneys and JM will pay the price. Premeditation went out the window long ago. This is going to get more interesting as the State gets more desparate.

    • It does make me wonder what JM’s personal agenda is. Obviously to convict, nevermind the truth. But into the future maybe he would like to run for Att Gen.

      • re:AZ justice, ive sorta mentioned that too. to an east coaster, it’s a whack job there – no offense AZ’ers.
        also, i had to deal with AZ Atty. Gen. becos of a business deal. in a nut shell, they were USELESS and rude, hacks.
        i’ve now learned to refuse nor deal with ANYTHING to do with that state… from ANY business to tourism.
        a shame for good ppl there that r subjected to this type of “justice”, and such a WASTE of the good ppl’s resources.

        • If you are watching any of this, and you own a corporation, would you think of setting up shop in AZ? How would you convince people, your employees, to move there? I really think this is bad for AZ economically.

          • ur right and it just SOLIDIFIES my own opinion from personal dealings in the state. there r plenty of other states.

  17. Good day All – hope everypone is doing well! I’m looking forward to a better day for the Dr. and Defense Team. Wondering if we will start on time today and actually get some testimony completed.

    • I can’t watch him. I can feel his negativity from where I am and it is very painful. That also happens to me in real life too and my brain scrambles like Jodi’s. seriously..

      …I just watch this site for posts, and then later I go watch the trial on here if my computer cooperates because then it is over and I can’t feel his assholeness as much. strange I know.

  18. There is something I would like to point out here. People keep wondering how the roommates were able to stand the smell in that house for the five days after TA died. There has to be something going on there, either their noses just don’t notice things or something else..what I am not sure of. If you take a look at this picture, you can clearly see the double doors to TA’s room on the left at the top of the stairs. Straight ahead, that wall you are looking at that juts out is his hallway and the master bathroom area. In other words, his body was on the other side of that wall.

      • Yes Natalie that is right the bedrooms were all upstairs. If you walked around the stairway at the top of the stairs and headed back around the railing, the other bedrooms and other bathroom are back there behind Travis’s bedroom and the games room or whatever it is called up there.

      • Yes exactly SJ. One can see from inside the bedroom that the hallway goes in an L to the double doors and the bathroom is at the end, therefore the body is just on the other side of the wall of the great room or whatever it is called. It wouldn’t be in a back area where it might take longer to smell it.

  19. I know Debbie, I can’t remember if they put any of the roommates on the stand, I’m guessing not? I know we have interviews, but that is a huge question for me too.
    You all should read what they’re saying on the Justice for Travis site, they WORSHIP JM, how the hell is that possible?? He’s a jumped up little ferret grasping at straws! Those people are delusional.

  20. I have read that many prosecutors are ONLY interested in winning. Martinez seems to seek the DP in cases that are not DP cases. The problem with Martinez is that he jumps all over the place and fights with everyone screams rants & raves.. His style is accusatory belligerent & down right nasty . Maybe this is just my opinion,and although the Defense was very sloppy yesterday, If I was sitting on the Jury and saw a prosecutor behave toward someone like Dr .Samuel’s in the Manner That Martinez did, I would be very turned off.. It was so disgraceful. Not necessary and shows his complete lack of civility.But it does diminish his credibility of outrage he displays toward Jodi Arias ,since he treated
    Dr. Samuel’s the same way. who is not on Trial For Murder in short he treated him alike a criminal., he is just very Nasty to everyone. The judge really needs to tell him to tone it down STOP screaming incessantly because its just not acceptable in a court of LAW!
    He Speaks So Loudly that I Cannot Hear What He Says. To coin a phrase by Emerson.

    • JM reminds me of the “Percy Wetmore” character in the movie “The Green Mile”. I bet JM would enjoy carrying out an execution himself. …and w/o wetting the sponge…

  21. Why, pray tell, is this Judge taking other cases during the course of this trial? (Hence the delay in start time today) One would think the taxpayers would object to this.

  22. Not to re-hash old posts, but let’s stop and think this thing through… Again, I’m not a Jodi advocate, I’m a JUSTICE advocate. In this case it just so happens to be that Jodi is the defendant in a Criminal proceeding that is designed (or it SHOULD be) to provide justice. Justice for Travis AND justice for the defendant. (Thoughts of a marble statue of a woman holding the scales of justice with a blindfold on come to mind)Justice is not a one sided coin. Justice, in my opinion, is best described as; conformity to truth, fact and reasoning.

    Anyway, back to “thinking this thing through”…
    One of the charges is felony murder. The basic need for an indictment on felony murder charges is that the offender killed someone in the process of committing a felony. The killing CAN NOT be the felony that aggravates the charge from murder 2 to Felony murder. So what is the felony? The state has claimed that Jodi is guilty of “burglary” as an aggravator to Felony murder. What did she steal? Nothing. They do not claim she stole anything. They claim burglary can be charged if someone is in your home, unwanted. They claim a person can be invited, spend 8 hours in that home as a guest, then on the words of the owner, become unwanted and be guilty of burglary. Did Travis tell her to leave? No, they do not claim this either. They go even one step farther and say that he would of/should have/could have THOUGHT it, when she was stabbing him. To recap, he MAY have “thought” she should leave, which jumps us to “she is now a burglar” and that jumps us to “she is in the commission of a felony”, which in turn jumps us to murder 2 becoming felony murder with the death penalty. Cough, snicker, cough. Let’s see how this applies to justice and if it “conforms to truth, fact and reasoning”…

    Truth? No one knows the truth. We hear Jodi’s side of the story. Is she telling the truth? Who knows…could be, or it could be a lie. Travis’s side of the story? we can’t get that from him. Witnesses? none. So we are left to the words of Jodi, who has shown the capacity to lie. So, we can’t KNOW for sure the “truth”. (As far as justice goes, this does not meet the accusation of burglary)

    Fact? There are many facts in this case, but are there facts that lead us to believe Jodi planned on burglarizing Travis’s home? Not that I have seen. Did Jodi stay after Travis “wanted her to leave”? There is no evidence to that. The only evidence is the statement of Jodi, who claims not only did Travis NOT want her to leave, but that he chased after her during the fight. We don’t have to believe this story, but there is no other story to believe, other than speculation on what a dead man thought or did or wanted. Just because you may not believe Jodi doesn’t mean that the opposite of Jodi’s story must be true. That is “speculation”. So, we have no “facts” that show Travis wanted her to leave. (as far as justice goes, this does not meet the accusation of burglary)

    Reasoning? This is where I really have a hard time following along. Does the state really mean to say that “if the owner of a house wants an invited guest to leave, even if they don’t ask them to leave, but WANT them to leave that they are now burglarizing a home”? If that is the case then all of my in-laws are guilty of felony burglary each Christmas! Come on… Really? Just like the state says “any reasonable person being stabbed would want the attacker to leave”, I could say “any reasonable person that had to spend an entire day with my in-laws” would want them to leave my home. But in seriousness, this “automatic burglarizing theory” a pretty BIG pill to swallow. Let’s “reason this out”…
    I work in a bank… a few weeks ago a customer came in and was very rude to one of the tellers. (This happens often) This customer was VERY rude, yelling, screaming and causing attention so that we would perhaps pander to her embarrassing the bank. Our teller supervisor asked her to leave, if she was going to continue to be abusive, she did not stop. The teller supervisor then told her she was no longer welcome in the bank. The customer said “call the cops, I’m not leaving”. So, I called the cops! They came, we all sat down, worked out the issue, and the customer left after realizing that she had made a mistake. So, per the state of Arizona, did this customer commit “burglary”? lol. NO. She could have been charged with trespassing, if she continued to be unwelcomed and refused to leave, but she did not burglarize the bank! How is this situation any different than what they are claiming happened here? In fact if anything this would lead me to believe that the state by using this charge is saying there was NO pre-meditation for the other charge! . (as far as justice goes, this does not meet the accusation of burglary)

    Ok, another example…It’s Halloween night in Arizona. A group of kids are out “joy riding”. The driver is dressed up as…let’s say Spiderman. He PURPOSFULLY runs a red light. Not to kill anyone, but he is an idiot and wants to scare the passengers. He hits another vehicle and kills someone. Is this Felony Murder? NO. No-one in their right mind would say that this driver should be eligible for the death penalty right? Of course not. However, the law in AZ says that anyone wearing a red mask that is committing a misdemeanor (intentionally running a red light) is then eligible to be charged with a felony lvl of the same crime…I guess in this case that would be “felony running a red light”. Lol Now, since someone was killed (not murdered) killed in the commission of a felony…then you have the charge of FELONY MURDER! It is what the law says COULD happen, but the reasoning doesn’t make for justice. . (as far as justice goes, this does not meet the accusation of burglary)

    Now we have this case. The law says that an emotionally charged midget prosecutor CAN charge someone in Jodi’s situation with Felony murder, but justice by the above definition doesn’t allow for a guilty verdict.

    I feel that this needs to be specifically addressed to the jury before they deliberate. If the defense doesn’t explain this thoroughly to the jury they did justice a dis-service. If the prosecutor tries to stop this from being explained then he is trying to circumvent justice. The judge ultimately should also explain the charges and how a guilty verdict can only be reached with reasoning, truth and fact.

    • I fear that her taking the gun could be the felony…and that may be why the PTSD is so very important to the defense case.

      Sigh, I wish we knew more about how the state sees this as felony murder.

      • Sm,

        Sorry if i wasnt clear above. Allow me to explain:

        Felony murder = Manslaughter OR murder 2 or… Well lets just call it “causing the death of someone” + doing a felony. The felony is called an “aggravator”. so a crime at 1 lvl is “aggravated” to the next lvl
        if there was an “aggravator”. In this case the “aggravator” is burglary.

        For example, if 2 bank robbers go into rob a bank (felony) and the police come and shoot 1 of the robbers, the other robber can be charged with felony murder. He “contributed to the death” of his bank robber friend (causing the death of someone) WHILE he was robbing the bank…felony. Thats Felony murder.

        Another example would be a Drunk driver that has several DUI’s and gets in an accident and kills someone. XX Dui (felony) + he caused the death of someone.

        So, in this case. the “felony” is burglary. However, most think of burglary as “stealing”, but the law in AZ says that an unwanted person in a home is a “burglar”. So if Travis didnt want jodi in his home, it ‘could’ be considered buglary. The state can’t prove that travis said “leave”. So, the state then argued that “anyone being stabbed would want the offender to leave his/her home” “you dont have to actually tell someone to leave, even if you invited them! Therefor making it burglary when she stabbed him. Not because she stole anything but because she was no longer welcome in his home and still stayed.

        They can’t charge her with stealing, as nothing taken would be a felony, EXCEPT the gun, but then the state would have to claim that the gun was in fact travis’s gun. This would throw out their entire pre-meditated theory. They cant admit that was TA’s gun.

        The only felony they could come up with, that didnt hurt the other charge of “premeditated murder” was Burglary (if you believe that someone is automatically a burglar as soon as the owner wants them to leave and person doesnt leave)

        My point is that is silly. Although funny, that would mean that at Christmas most of my in-laws are “burglars”!

  23. Myself, being a little ADD (Or a lot depending on the day and influences)…I cant watch him anymore. I just come on here to read about his antics, mainly because I dont have the attention span to watch him flail about. I also used to tone out JA after a few long winded answers, which makes be hope that the jury has at least one of me on the stand for JA. This trial has been long, and I hope they are sick of him, and if NOTHING else… they say…to hell with you little man!

  24. Mesa Arizona Commercial

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  25. I am so nervous about this case. Little man has almost the whole planet helping him in this case. That would be like having TENS OF THOUSANDS of paralegals working for him to help kill Jodi for free.

    Jodi’s supporters are so much fewer. I know we have tried to help get important info to the defense, but how can we not? For every few thousand people working towards death for Jodi, there are probably only ONE or TWO people working to save her life.

    • While that may be true, what I find from reading comments on youtube and HLN is that more of the ‘haters’ actually don’t know the details of the case. They’re commenting based on the BS they’ve been fed by these gossip shows, but they don’t know the actual facts. So they may be bombarding Martinez’ email with their “theories” but I’ll bet he’s not even reading them because most are nonsense.

  26. SERIOUSLY??????? Just copied this text from foxnews story. Didn’t link it since I would go into moderation. This makes me see red!!! Apparently they are doing a movie which was expected but here is a portion of the article.

    So far, the Arias flick is seeking just the two leads.

    For Arias, they’re after a Caucasian woman in her late 20s, one who is “coquettish, head-turning, with a palpable sexy allure and well aware of the affect she has on men.”

    “Jodi is a single-minded, head-strong, quick-tempered young woman. She is hell-bent on emotionally suffocating and controlling Travis Alexander, a handsome young Mormon and motivational speaker who soon falls prey,” the casting notice reads, adding that the Arias character is “jealous in the extreme” and is “driven to violence when she realizes that Travis will never fully commit to her.”

    Alexander on the other hand is dubbed as “good looking with a winning personality and a warm sense of humor,” although he is “emotionally undone by the sexually forward Jodi” and “feels drawn to her for her sexual favors, but shamed by his weakness and neediness.”

    The opening scene gets right down to business with an image of a naked Jodi Arias.

    “We’re looking at a beautiful nude woman, late 20s, braided chestnut hair, stretched across a disheveled bed. She poses like a centerfold,” reads the script obtained by FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Jodi straddles a chair, looking back at us over her shoulder… Jodi splays back on the bed, knees bent, chest up. We gaze up her naked body as she looks down at us with smoldering eyes… Jodi on her knees, her arms embracing her breasts, swelling her cleavage…”

    The script goes on to read like soft-core porn, from Arias’s striptease to described action of her on her knees yet out of frame, donning “skimpy black leather corsets” and French maid costumes, and reciting lines such as: “Travis, I’m your dirty, horny little school girl.”

    Shakespeare it is not.

    In one scene, the leading lady struts about in panties that have “Travis’s” written across the rear.

    The screenplay is interwoven with flashes of law enforcement entering Alexander’s apartment, his deceased body bleeding out as officials search for clues, as well as the continuing investigation process, complete with close-ups of autopsy photographs.

    Using its creative license, Hollywood determines that Arias – who is still on trial for murder and claiming that her dead ex-boyfriend attacked her and she acted in self-defense – was involved in a “brutal,” cold-blooded killing.

    “Jodi comes at him, a fevered animal, stabbing and slashing, again and again and again… Each time the blade connects, blood SPRAYS her face, her clothes, the walls,” reads the climatic death scene. “But she keeps stabbing. Brutal… Unforgiving…Travis reaches the end of the hall… Goes to his hands and knees, no more fight left in him.”

    Moments earlier, in the script, Arias had been snapping photographs of him happily flexing his muscles in the shower.

    Then there is the interrogation, the trial, and a cameo from Travis’s ghost – but a blank when it comes to the ending.

    “ON (DATE TBD), JODI ARIAS WAS (VERDICT TBD)” the script reads, ready to be filled in.

    The closing action involves her giving the camera “a little smile.”

    A source connected to Lifetime confirmed that while pre-production and casting process are in full-swing, no air date has been set.

    Read more:

    • Omg this is SOOO lame!!! Really, idk see how these Lifetime movie’s make money. Bad plot, bad actors, bad all the way around. I havdnt seen the CA movie and I wont either. The Elizabeth Taylor move that was played by Linsay Lohan, didnt watch either. Sorry, it just looks like junk!!! Maybe if these movies were made the right way and with good actors, id consider watching. But no, I won’t watch these Lifetime movies, they’re dumb and if this is what the Jodi Arias movie is going to be, its fake and I wont watch either.

    • In our country there’s no difference whatsoever between so-called NEWS and a Hollywood produced fiction. This dumb Lifetime is another horrific example of that. The script has been written and anyone who disagrees with the plot is crazy.

    • Wow, apparently the people who are making this film have NOT been watching the trial!

      And, it’s gross the way they want to play up the sex instead of the REAL story of ABUSE!!!

    • Yeah this is disgusting. Shows how people view this case. Kinda like Showbiz Tonight where they all sat around talking about how this death penalty trial is just one big reality tv show. I mean really! And clearly they are selling this “reality” by making a mockery of it; “creative license” is not just an understatement but an insult to Jodi and her family.

      • What really angers me is that people will see this and think it is factual. The only facts they will get right are that Jodi and Travis existed and one of them was killed. None of us know what really happened but I cannot see their view as anywhere close to the truth. Seems a shame that NEITHER family will have any say in what is portrayed in this filth.

  27. I was impressed with Jose. I wish Nurmi or Jennifer would point out some of those things he did about the blood spatter direction and the body slam.

    But I am trying to hold onto faith in this team, and in the fact the jury is watching everything, especially that little disrespectful man.

    • I know. I’ve been thinking that from the start. I mean, she said body slam, I think I would have said the same thing if I was slammed to the ground. I would have had no idea what body slam meant in wrestling terms. Jodi is not a wrestler! Sheesh

  28. Greta said last night that this is not fair for the Defendant that they made this error. But also added its NOT a DP Case.

  29. Oh god, wannabe experts on HLN are saying that it is an exceptional that Martinez was treating dr Samuel the way he did yesterday.

    I noticed yesterday that Martinez treats and will treat anyone on the stand the same way and will ask hjs questions the same way. This is how HE is as a lawyer, this is HIS style. Its ugly n I hope the jury sees it too.

    • It’s clear to me from the little that has seeped into my viewing that most of these HLN dorks have very little experience with either expert witnesses or trying high conflict cases.

  30. overall, i’d like to say to everyone that the ppl here really seem smart and compassionate and 99% of the time offer high quality writing and posts… with internet, auto fill, misspellings understood…

  31. That reenactment was great. The defense’s reenactment made more sense to me, especially because they pointed out the big points – location of blood in hall, the shelves did not break….

  32. I would love to see Joan Rivers do a Red Carpet for this trial.

    Joan: Hi, how are you?
    Bystander: Fine.
    Joan: And what are you wearing?
    Bystander: Walmart?
    Joan: Honey, you look like a polished turd!

  33. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! I need someone to be mad with me! Somebody comment on the post I made above before I explode 🙂

  34. Question about preserving the crime scene: The home was in foreclosure or nearly there at the time of the death. The home was foreclosed shortly thereafter. Why didn’t the police declare the home a continuing crime scene and disallow the sale of the property by the bank to a third party until after trial? This way the defense could have had their own experts review the scene, and potentially the jury could have visited the crime scene.

  35. Question: Why did Martinez object when the defense questioned the doctor and he was saying, “what happened was….” and Martinez said: objection, stating her story as fact… blah blah blah

    And now, Martinez is saying, she was lying….. How is that okay? He is using underhanded tactics to bias the jury in his favor.

  36. If I was the doctor I would say, “hey, I am not a computer expert, nor am I the attorney”. “I didn’t care if there were breast on the computer, or not”

    • I would have have said to Martinez “nor are you a computer expert so speaking to its content is outside of your field of expertise… fucker…”

    • Uuhhhgg he’s twisting dr Samuel words and when dr tries to answers he wants to say, “judge he’s being non responsive” the the stupid judge tells Samuel to listed to the question. Uuhh hello, its Martinez with his twisted questions! !!!!

      I hope Samuel turns to the judge and tells her that he would appreciate if the lawyer talks to him in a respectful manner.

  37. The Dr. is not playing along with JM games. JM is a manipulative shrew who keeps asking the same question until he gets the answer that he wants.

    • Th Dr. seems to have regrouped since yesterday . Easier said than done…I haven’ been able to accomplish this :/

  38. “Generally speaking, not involving this case”, give me a break it is all about this case. Not Kermit’s crazy analogies.

  39. Martinez keeps starting questions with “Generally speaking … not in this case” when he has clearly been objected to and the judge is allowing this ….why?

      • After he askes questions clearly stating “not about this case”. So JM is trying to tie hypotheticals that are “not about this case” back to this case. It is clearly a slime bag move. This is not his job as a pros. which is why I feel that there is little justice that goes on in our court systems.

        Theatrics is not what the “people” are paying prosecutors to do. It is to present facts for a jury to decide as they may. The State has yet to provide facts, IMO, that prove their charges. That is the bottomline. Of course, that is “generally speaking and not about this case.” See, that statement doesn’t work in this paragraph either.

    • WTF? “…because you liked her.” Now JM is implying the Dr. was ignoring certain things because he had a crush on Jodi? Ridiculous.

    • I would not want him to be a prosecutor representing my state. I hope AZ feels the same way after he loses this case and the trial is over.

    • If I was the Dr, I would ask JM is he a psychologist. Just like he keeps asking the Dr if he is a computer expert, etc………….

      • Lol I know.

        For real though, can dr Samuel turn around ask nicely ask the judge to have Martinez talk to him with respect? ??? He can ask that?

    • That crossed my mind too…my angle on revenge I guess. Maybe I will need anger management classes after all this, or perhaps intense yoga /meditation sessions….

  40. All this idiot is doing is going over all the questions he asked Jodi and making the doctor answer them through what Jodi told him.

  41. I am totally amazed that a sitting judge on a bench of any court would allow ANY attorney to bagder and slander a witness and then overrule the objections. I am so blown away. Discredit a witness, sure try all day…but to attack with “What did you like her or something, What’s going on here?”… That is shameful.

    • DCFAN exactly what iv been saying all morning! !!! WTF!!! If I was that dr I would nit want to continue. I would definitely ask the judge nicely to have “her” state lawyer talk to me with respect. This dr is nit just anybody, he deserves to be respected. And Martinez is making the JUDGE look real bad! Cant she see that he’s walking all over HER courtroom? ??!!!!!

      • exactly, I’ve never seen ANY judge that would allow this type of purposeful mischaracterization of a witness testimony, especially an EXPERT. If JM wants to call in question this mans ability to do his job, then he needs to come out with it already, because thats what hes trying to do.
        Mental Health, as a whole, is VERY dependent on what the patient tells you in order to diagnosis and treat the patient. If JM {MD} lol, thinks he needs to call into question the entire Mental Health field, and its ability to diagnosis and treat patients, then he needs to go back to school and rewrite the field as he sees it. Total BS! This is a very scary fine line he is walking on, and I hope the defense is able to clear this up. But I doubt this Judge will allow them to do it. Just watch, she will sustain every objection JM has when they redirect.
        Judge Stephens needs to step and do her job!! That state is total joke to the justice system

  42. What an unprofessional cross-examination! Martinez said he had to treat Jodi like that because she lied so many times. What is his excuse with a profession witness who did a professionally competent job? Martinez is making himself look foolish.

  43. Generally speaking, I find JM very hard to follow and it does not take much to aggravate hiis temper. Very irascible and angry

  44. I swear, I have NEVER seen so many issues with a trial! Every day they start off with a side bar, the approach every two minutes, and they keep sending the jury out.

    I hate to say it, but I bet the jury is SICK of this!

    But, I think they stay around (and say they have seen nothing on TV when we know they have) so they can write their “tell-all” books.


  45. OK I am taking my ball and going home. Is no one else incensed at the article that was on foxnews that I posted? I am officially sulking because no one will talk to me about this. Heck we are in recess, someone go read the article!!!!!

    • I did read it… sorry, meant to comment, but I am also so behind on work I am trying to do that too.

      I was angered, and I agree that movie is shameless and horrible.

      • Aw. Several people commented on your 1st post, myself included. We are all disgusted by it. I can’t believe that is even legal. Jodi should sue! That is vile.

        What about Jodi’s rights as a human being?

        • Apparently Nk….people feel that Jodie lost all human rights. IMO Jodie made a split second decision based on events that she did not have the luxury of stopping to evaluate. If she had stopped to think she could have been dead and probably would have been. I highly doubt that she had another option available to her even if she could have stopped. So based on her defending herself, another human life was taken. Now Jodie has lost all her rights according to the haters. So sad. Wish more people could stop and put themselves in her position instead of rushing to judgement.

    • I’m sorry for not commenting! I am just as mad as you are, I can’t believe this. The trial is not even over yet and they’ve written a script? We still don’t know everything that happened or how or why, what the hell? That’s why I don’t watch Lifetime: Television for Women.

    • I commented on it too. I hate that they’ve done that!!!! I wish I had the money, I would put the truth out there even if nobody watches it!!

  46. I am so pissed. This jackass and this trial is ruining this psychologists career. My heart literally aches for him when I look at his face. He didn’t ask for his life to be ruined this way. All over the Internet, people are posting negative things about him.

    I pray the jury recognizes this for what it is– a witch hunt. A public threat that if you dare EVER help the defense in a case that your life and career and livelihood will be thrown in the toilet.

    At best, it is witness tampering. At worst, it is complete character assassination and I just hope and pray that this professional man has a caring and good home life to go home to at the end of the day.

    Juan-abee is shameless.

    • I agree that JM is being very rude and abrasive, however, the psychologist really made some errors. He for sure should have re-administered the PTSD test. I am sure the diagnosis would have been the same however, it would have helped Jodi if he did the test again once he heard the real story. For the amount of money these legal experts make, you would think they would do all the could to cover their tracks and avoid any big mistakes or oversights. He seems like a good speaker, but his work was sadly a bit sloppy. He also should have had her fill out the bubble form to her answers as well, just to cover himself so it would not be implied that he cheated or changed answers. Next, it was a nice gesture to get her the book, but it opens up room for problems. He could have just recommended the book to her lawyers so it would not be a direct “gift” and they could have arranged for her mom to send it or someone else. It is not relevant but it looks bad/unprofessional on his part.

      • Agreed. I don’t like Kermit but the doctor did make some procedural errors. Time to get him off the stand and move on to the DV expert.

      • But none of this proves premeditation by Jodi. No psychologist is going to cut corners to help a guilty person.

        Eyes on the bigger picture, people.

    • Yeah I saw what they’re posting under his medical reviews. People are posting horribly reviews on the dr and they havent even been treated, they’re doing it fir the prosecution and its so wrong! !

    • I feel bad for Dr Samuels. He is a kind, compassionate, involved man of his profession; in the top 5% and the smear against him has been so completely unnecessary. I’ve mentioned other times, but it bears repeating – he seems to have bad luck with angry, vindictive people steamrolling him over petty nonsense. Juan Martinez is just spearheading the campaign at this point.

      • Yes, the doctor is not used to being verbally abused.
        But JODI, on the stand, demonstrated and PROVED that she was used to lengthy verbal abuses, which ironically JM was trying to deny.

  47. I’ve noticed many typos in my posts. My apologies. I’m working and trying to post without getting caught….lol.

  48. OMG!! I think I would just ignore him and his stupid questions. They could throw me in jail, it would be a welcome retreat from dealing with that stupid man! Sheesh!

  49. Oh my, Willmott just asked the judge to allow the witness to show that what Kermit said was not correct…but no, you can do that on re-direct. What the hell.

  50. The Ass again is approaching the witness without asking the judge if he can do so. How disrespectful. I cannot believe the judge doesn’t make JM pay the respect to the court as is required.

  51. OMG, we are approaching again! Just a question, but weren’t all these pieces of evidence either given over during discovery or settled during an evidentiary (sp?) hearing??

    • Yes, but Kermit seems to take them out of context. Willmott was overruled on an earlier objection and then at sidebar apparently JM’s comments were incorrect regarding evidence. So she has to review how JM is using the evidence that was submitted. Remember, as with the journals, he is known to cut and paste and leave out information that is helpful to the defense.

      • Again shows that JM is not being a trier of fact. As I’ve said before his tactics are a win at all costs and the ends justify the means.

    • It is evidence the prosecution just entered in. The defense must be given a chance to review it before it is used in court.

    • Bystander, they already caught JM is a lie as the judge admitted but the judge is saying they can address it on re-direct. JM is cutting and parsing things, IMO, and JW is wanting to make sure no more lies are allowed in front of the jury. The disgusting thing is JW had objected and was overruled and JM was allowed to present a lie to the jury and JW was not allowed to have JM make the error known to the jury. I think JW is being ultra careful because of the slime tactics being played out. IMO

  52. Btw, has anyone looked at Nurmi’s website? It is a small, crappy page about how he can get anyone off of a sex crime. It seems ironic to me that he is defending Jodi, who is the victim of sexual abuse, while his normal work is defending sexual deviants.

    • He was with the public defender’s office when he was assigned this trial. Then he started his own practice. As I understand it. And a lot of folks accused of sexual issues are NOT guilty.

      • I agree with you and I knew he had been a public defender. I know many people accused are not guilty. It just appears to be a sleazy website, and a bit ironic.

        • Lindsey, if the prosecutor tactics are like what kermit does in this case, then I can’t believe I am saying this, but I’m glad Nurmi does what he does. There ARE people falsely accused of sex crimes along with the guilty ones.

          • Agreed. Remind me never to live in Arizona! I’m happy to live in the upper-Midwest. Although, off topic of this case, there was a brutal rape trial here recently, and one of the rapists was given time served (9 months), when the minimum sentence on this violent crime is supposed to be 12 years. Very scary.

        • Lindsey I agree — it does look kind of sleazy, but I don’t get the impression that he is actually a sleazy attorney 🙂

  53. Oh no….. she told the dr “she THOUGHT about the gun” what we need to kniw and the jury is WHEN, when did jodi tell this to the dr??? Why would this dr tell Martinez this???

    • During deposition is when this was discussed with JM. There is nothing out of line about “she thought about the gun” JW objected and it was sustained. Basically he was saying she told him as she was running (into the closet) she thought of the gun.

  54. Does anybody know, but I thought it was typical of expert witnesses to generally not take notes and only create the final report? If I remember correctly, this is specifically so that notes cannot be used in this manner.

    I know that experts generally do not make any notes until they are able to determine what their testimony will be and if the defense wants them to testify only then will they issue a report.

  55. Oh my GOD! I barely turned on the LIVE feed and I am already turning it off. JM is blowing my mind, the way he’s treating Dr. Samuels…. HOW IN THE WORLD does the Judge allow his disrespectful and demeaning behavior to an expert witness? I am dumbfounded. UGH!

    • JW will rehabilitate him. Again JM has tried to make shower pics a one time issue and, as we all know there were two seperate occassions. JM lied during his questioning today that the judge overruled but now will allow JW to clear up on re-direct.

      JM is not being clear and concise as usual.

  56. Does anyone know the timeline of Ashley’s suicide vs when Jodi changed her story from intruder to self defense?

      • I don’t know all of the details but in general… there was a girl named Ashley.. her and her husband were friends with Travis. She called the police tip line and told them that she thought her husband had something to do with Travis’s murder. They investigated, traced the call to her and I guess from there it was dropped. Her and her husband were apparently going through a divorce at the time. Some time after this she died. I believe I have read that it was a suicide. That whole thing is raising red flags for me. I would like to compare the date of her suicide to the date that Jodi changed her story from intruder to self defense.

      • She was accused by her husband of an affair w/TA (I think). On the Flores police report – she called the police “anonymously” and said her “ex” hubby did it (they were in process of breaking up). When called in to the police station for questioning ( b/c they found out who she was), she said she was mistaken. She also had a restraining order on her ex. It is also known that she wanted to move in with TA but they decided it would be inappropriate. She is not dead. But I saw first that it was called “natural causes” and now it is labeled as suicide.

    • Interesting – I would like to know, too. Scrappydoo – see my post about my friend who was shot in the head by her abusive bf (in AZ) and told the cops it was suicide… Unfortunately, this is NOT uncommon in an abusive relationship.

      • I asked this a week or so ago. Maggie said she has the autopsy report and it was supposed to be posted on here, but I haven’t seen it yet.
        I searched online for anything about it, there is nothing, or very little.

    • He did have a chance to talk a little. The judge let him.

      Dr Samuel said the answers on the test CAN be from the event that REALLY happened, except for that #14 question. He also said that she HAD to answer the questions to make the intruders story believable.

      Yea Martinez is just trying to make hi look bad by mischaracterizing everything his done and said and Martinez knows how to do it. DR even called hi out on it tdlling him he knows NOTHING about the test! So shut the F*** UP Martinez! !!!! I still cant blv judge is letting this happen! !! Wow

  57. Omg… YOU SEE NURMIS FACE!!! lol

    This is CRAZY!!!!! Clinical Judgment

    God, I hope the jury sees what Martinez has been doing. This is SOOOO WRONG! (Im about to put a spell on Martinez)

  58. I was trying to figure out what, if anything we have learned new from JM’s XE.

    I was unable to figure out anything new. JA lied (we know that). JA had anal sex with more than one person (we know that). JA took pictures that JM was trying to make it (again) like it was JA’s idea although the good doctor brought out there were two different occassions (we know that). UGH

  59. I understand sir…but you are pointing to something that has no meaning and you have no knowledge of the test. It is getting ugly.

  60. Hmm, I’m not a fan of what Martinez is doing re: this PTSD test. The doc is right that they’re relative, not absolute.

    • It would look better though if she scored as having PTSD — it would better substantiate the diagnosis. Not that I doubt it, but I know from having a family member with anxiety disorder, no one would take it seriously until one of those darn tests “proved” it.

      • But if I went to a Dr. and they came up with a diagnosis that was only based on one test, I would be looking for a different Dr. They have to look at everything, not just one thing and personally 69 is pretty close to 75

  61. OMG!!

    Martinez: Sir, is the sky blue?

    Dr: Yes

    Martinez: So you are saying the sky is blue aren’t you sir?

    Dr. yes

    Martinez: You just said the sky is blue, DIDN’T YOU?

    (insert eyeroll here)

  62. JM’s using a crib sheet and asking for yes and no answers. And he just doesn’t get it.

    Does this look stupid to others or is it just me?

    • No, JM looks ignorant in this line of questioning. Samuals answered that the test cannot be used in court by itself…was cut off by JM.

      The crib notes are crazy. JW was right to object because there is no frame of reference.

    • JM is making a fool of himself again. Twisting everything to try and spin it his way. He thinks he is sooo much better than everyone else. He’s a true scumbug, IMO. Lowest of the low in human decency the way he carries himself and treats others in the courtroom.

      • Yep, and for whatever reason, it still bugs the shit out of me that he isn’t asking to approach the witness. This is a direct disrespect to the court and Judge.

      • All it takes is for a teacher, former educator or anyone who has knowledge of any kind of standardized test, to be on the jury to know what Juan is doing is very wrong. I know if I were a juror at this point, I would question everything Juan has done at this point, even if I were seeing it Juan’s way before. I can’t believe how he is mischaracterizing how the scoring of tests work!

  63. Did any of you follow the Hemy Neuman trial? Some of the tactics re cross of expert in psychology are the same but this prosecuter is playing much dirtier pool!!!

  64. I hope JW’s first question to the State’s expert witness during rebuttal (psychiatrist) will be – So you can’t perform brain surgery.

    • I suspect he brought up the MMPI now, because that’s what HIS expert used while both tests are perfectly acceptable.

      • Exactly!!!And his expert is a rookie!! Jodies lies were part of her mental condition. I am not sure why he did not do validity testing after she confessed???

        • I agree. Him not retesting her was a big mistake. Jodi did say travis grabbed her, I remember that. The twisting of the words with the doctor when he clarifies and reads his notes – I’m incredulous at this point.

  65. Juan is a jerk. i think the jury thinks he is a jerk as well. As usual he is going on too long. they get it. they have his point . There is still considerable doubt about pre meditation. thats really the question.

  66. WTF! He asks a question to be repeated and JM just ignores him and goes to another one? What a complete f@*!head! Guess he didn’t want the answer to that one?

    • OK…let us just take a look back in history. Does everyone recall what happened in the CA trial?

      So with being said what JM is trying to do here is impeach Jodi’s testimony and discredit the witness and trying to prove that Jodi does not suffer from PTSD.

      Yes he is a asshole but he is doing what he is doing. We do not have to like it. But it really is rather strange why he isn’t working more on proving PREMEDITATION…..Why is that?

  67. If I was a juror I’d be really disturbed as to what and why the prosecuter was so quick with a question and wouldn’t allow the witness to answer completely… That would really jade me towards the prosecution and make me think that Jaun Weiner-teenez was using things out of context or misrepresenting things… Like as a juror I’m not smart enough to see what he was doing in cutting off witnesses.

    • JM has done this with every defense witness as you could tell with how many jury questions there were. If JM had actually done his job, the jurors would have had minimal questions because they would have been addressed professionally and the witness allowed to answer.

      • Great point… I never considered that JM’s style was a factor on the jury based on the questions there are submitting.

  68. I wonder how it would be if at some stage the Dr says,

    On a side note I’ve done some clinical observations of you and you are a petulant little twerp with an overcompensating Napoleonic complex. Oh and also very very dumb, and somewhat fixated on anal sex. Makes me wonder why Mr prosecutor.

    • Yeah, the whole “dirty old man” thing is just another insulting stunt from the pros. Martinez whipped out pictures of Jodi naked and asked him to identify them. This appeals to the sexually repressed crowd that misinterprets any and all male interest in a woman to be entirely sexual. Hence the fixation on anal sex.

      • I can’t watch…kermit’s stupidity is too traumatizing for me

        he really did this? : “Martinez whipped out pictures of Jodi naked and asked him to identify them. ”

        wow. that’s a low low…I think that is lower than whipping out the slashed throat picture of TA to Lisa D…which I did see.

  69. Are they on break already? It is 12:35 here (Pacific) and I clicked on the link about 15 minutes ago – just the AZ seal…

  70. Like most bullies, when challenged, they retreat like the cowards they are. JM’s tactics are no more than a cowards way of conducting business.

    • There has been so much witness intimidation in this case it is ridiculous. That alone may result in a appeal win…. that is, IF she is convicted.

      • I looked up judge stephens, I guess she is fairly new…

        she should not be a judge…I’m not saying she isn’t a nice person, I have no idea, I am saying she is allowing her court to be disrespectful…I don’t understand why she let’s kermit get away with it.

        can people complain about kermit legally?

      • I don’t think it could much worse, I wonder why the defense isn’t pushing this. Maybe they are concerned about making the Judge mad. I’ve read several articles on this and it appears that this is becoming a huge issue, and most Judges don’t do a thing about it but a “verbal spanking” which just reinforces that behavior.
        But, as I’m also reading, it is grounds for winning on appeal, but we don’t want that to go that far. As it shouldn’t

  71. I don’t understand how it can be allowed for JM to look at the details of the tests. Psychological diagnosis is a holistic thing, and I would have thought until now that the tests details remained confidential even in a courtroom. I have not seen this before in a trial, and have I am very surprised by it. I’d like to know what the APA has or has not fought for as unallowable in trials.

    • he gets to look at them and talk to the doctor because the defense is using his professional opinion and report in their defense case.

      Doesn’t mean that he will be using everything, or allowing the doctor to explain clearly. The defense can clear this up on re-direct.

  72. There are so many women that are battered, to include the many millions that are sexually harassed and abused. The public should place more attention to this, not ignoring it. Women don’t ask for it. It happens to the meek and to the strong. It doesn’t have to be.

  73. Hey guys!Just got back from work,guess I missed some of Kermit’s yelping,200 salad bars yadda yadda…Im watching it now,hoping to catch up on it!

  74. This is my first post, Hello, all. I find it so scary that taxpayer dollars are used to pay a salary to a prosecutor who behaves the way JM does. I do not live in AZ, but it would not surprise me to discover that my own tax dollars are misused to pay the salary of some other doofus behaving the same way in my own state. To my mind, the prosecutor’s job SHOULD BE to find and fight for the truth, NOT to twist meanings of witnesses to fit his/her own agenda to put another “I win” notch in his/her belt. What is just as scary, or perhaps even scarier, is the way all those love-sick FANS of his go around cheering for this guy (on other sites) and gleefully celebrating whenever they imagine his sick tactics will bring JA the DP. It is gross to me. Some weeks ago, I believe someone made a post here likening the bloodthirsty behavior shown by so many people out there hungry for a conviction to resemble that of the barbaric mass entertainment that used to take place in Roman coliseums millenia ago. ITA. Also totally agree and relate whole-heartedly whenever I see posts here likening all those members of the coliseum crowd to “sheep,” (though I am sorry for the insult that poses to actual innocent ovine creatures) because it really does seem to me that people who can watch JM and NOT SEE how WRONG his tactics are -> MUST be non-thinking, tunnel-visioned-wanna-be-on-the-bandwagon-of-the-mob-mentality-so-i’ll-just-keep-wearing-these-blinders types…so very sad. But glad that at least this site exists as a safe place to express some objectivity.

    • Welcome Sabie! I couldn’t agree with you more. Maricopa County tax dollars and our Fourth Estate at work. Maybe they figure Sheriff Joe has saved enough with his tents, pink underwear, and bologna to justify this circus.

  75. I just looked at a youtube link that someone posted on here of Jodi sitting on her folder, and was going to comment, but the link seems to be gone.

  76. I disagree…..JM is trying to make him look incompetent, but I think he has held up pretty well against JM today….yesterday was pretty rocky going, but only because, IMO, the Dr was unprepared for JM’s intimidation tactics.

  77. I posted a link, but it vanished — there is video from yesterday that has JA slipping a yellow folder under her seat. They are making a big deal of it of it on a TA page. I just wondered if anyone knew what the story is. Is it really a big deal?

      • That is what I am hoping for . . . they make it sounds inappropriate and devious, but maybe it is just stuff she wanted to go over with attorneys.

    • the video is manipulated,she put the folder IN FRONT OF HER,it’s hidden bhind the computer screen that’s why it isnt visible on tyhe video.

    • I saw it. They always say, ” is there a way to get this to Juan” LOL She can read whatever she likes as it’s her defense.

  78. I copied this out of an article I found pertaining to prosecutorial misconduct. If this prosecustion doesn’t fit this description, I don’t know who would:
    Improper Argument: Impugning the Defense
    It is misconduct for a prosecutor to make irrelevant, insulting comments about the defendant
    or his lawyer or to argue that the defense is fabricated. Such arguments can prejudice the jury
    against the defense for reasons having nothing to do with the strength of the proof of guilt.48
    Such attacks undermine both the presumption of innocence and the prosecution’s burden of
    proof by implying that the prosecutor personally knows that the defendant is guilty.

    Anyone remember the comment made by JM to Mr. Nurmi regarding his inability to know the difference between two prosecution witnesses because of their race….and how many insults did he throw at Jodi while she was on the stand…I’m so tempted to file a complaint with the state bar myself!

      • Yes you can if you can show an interest or harm. In essence a citizen of Arizona can complain. In fact not just to the bar association but through an amicus brief to the court. An amicus brief is a “friend of the court” brief. Any person within the jurisdiction of the court can file an amicus brief with the court. So if we have an AZ citizen, actually in this case a Maricopa county citizen or organization, they can file a brief with the judge right now.

        • Oh ok, thanks Al…I didn’t see your post until I posted mine. Since I don’t live there, then I can not is that correct

        • I’m not from arizona:-( I would love to write a strongly worded letter to the bar though about all this. I wonder if Dr. Samuels has any recourse should this get really out hand. ( not that it’s not already out of hand )

        • So if there is somebody in Maricopa that files an Amicus brief, does the judge have to hear it now? Is there anybody on this board that is capable of doing this? I live in Florida, so I can’t.

          • I sure wish I did, I would of done it…. Maybe we could repost this so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle somewhere, in case anyone on here from Arizona is able to do it

      • Good question…I’ll check it out and let you know if I find out anything. I have no problem filing a complaint to anyone and everyone that will allow me to regarding this prosecutors behavior. But I would assume they won’t act on it from a laypersons complaint.
        I would bet money he’s had ALOT of complaints filed against him however…what a joke to our justice system!

          • Off topic: I read the story in the Florida Today paper too. It isn’t Casey that wants to auction her story, it is the bankruptcy court trustee that has filed saying they believe there are monies available in Casey’s estate based on an interest in her story that can be auctioned off so it should be considered as “property.” From what I read, it didn’t seem like Casey has anything to do with this move by the bankruptcy court.

            • Yes, Casey has no say in this. It’s incredulous to me that what they are saying, is that her life experiences no longer belong to her, but to the highest bidder. It seems that people don’t mind if someone profits off of Caylee’s death, as long as it isn’t Casey. But she was the one incarcerated for four years, vilified by the media, ect and so forth. Why should these clowns be able to make blood money off this tragedy? The exploitation factor is through the roof.

            • About samuels saying he speculated. I wish he would have said I speculated based on my professional experience, knowledge and background.

      • That’s why she thinks he’s such a genius. Even though he can’t cross for s#!^. He just rehabilitated Samuels if you ask me- very little left for Wilmott to do. She knows it, too. You can see it on her face!

    • This is my entire problem with JM’s tactics (and many prosecutors):

      “implying that the prosecutor personally knows that the defendant is guilty”

      It is not a prosecutor’s job to make or even emply to the jury that he/she personally knows or thinks the defendant is guilty and it is not for the prosecutor to make that determination. It is the State’s job to present facts to support or prove the charges brought by the State….period.

      It is the jurors job to determine guilt or innocence.

      That is what makes this all so disgusting.

      • Totally agree Jodie. Its BS from HLN and all the losers saying its HIS job!!! No, it is NOT his job to twist, mischaracterize, and put words into the witnesses mouth. THAT is not his job!!! His job iS exactly what you stated above.

        • Agree. And Nancy Grace was reprimanded on more than one occasion for this type of behavior (think a conviction was overturned).

    • Thanks for sharing the article….it certainly seems to speak to JMs conduct in this trial.

      The other thing that bothers me is how TAs family and supporters are allowed to glare and sneer and roll their eyes,etc. I’ve noticed that every time one of them engages in their theatrics that person will look over at the jury to see the jury’s reaction.

      I seems to me that JM’s conduct, along with the conduct of the family and TA supporters, has created a less than neutral atmosphere in the court room.

      • I initially felt badly for the family having to sit through this, but it has gone on so much that I am now finding it disgraceful and very disrespectful to the Court. I can imagine that at least one of the jurors feels the same way. JM’s behavior….well there are no words for it!

        • Its too bad that the defense hasn’t filed a motion for a new Judge. I guess in that state they can do that, another law that pertains to Arizona and not many other states allow it. There must be a reason, I just hope they made the right decision not to do so. She certainly appears biased towards the prosecution.

          • If I was a juror witnessing a bias as I think such is the case, I would be suspect of the judge.

            At the same time as a juror my empathy for the defendant would increase by chaos or design.

            And Juan Martinez brings about even more feelings of empathy which if I were a juror on this case … question his ethics, and his credibility to hold himself accountable to the US Constitution of the United States.

  79. I apologize if this has been previously asked, but is there an address where we can write to Jodi to show our support?