Jodi Arias Trial – Day 33 (afternoon session)

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Let’s see what underhanded tricks Martinez tries to pull this afternoon, the ignorant uneducated piece of shit that he is. No wonder the TravisTown pedo-huggers are so attracted to him, in every sense of the word.

Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 33, as Jodi takes one step closer to victory…

Team Jodi



  1. He is making me crazy today. I cannot tolerate asking a question of a witness and then yelling and talking over or not letting them answer when the answer is not a yes or no. I am also sure I am not the only one who is getting aggravated on this issue.

    • JM is NUTS!!!! He asks a question, then doesn’t let the Dr. speak. JW must turn this around or I am afraid for Jodi.

    • JM is completely insane…….It is ridiculous for him to stand up and be an idiot…. I really feel his actions are going to help Jodi, I hope…..

    • Getting aggravated? I’m as aggravated as hell! Been calling him all the good names under the sun such as effing bas*ard, you know, good things like that!!

      But JW turned it around and by the look on JM’s face he didn’t look very happy!

    • That is what drives me crazy- “answer the question yes or no”. If I was a member of that jury I would tune him out. Not all answers are “yes” or “no”. I posted a comment on day 32 of trial- and I still stand by it, JM speaks to the witnesses as if they are incompetant uneducated idiots. He is flapping his gums to draw attention away from what the witness is saying rather than trying to poke holes in a solid defense! Another favorite JMism of mine “well you were thereeeeee”. C’mon, the jig’s up, you lost.

    • I was sooo hoping that when JM said Dr. Samuels was speculating that something happen, that Dr Samuels would have said, “after 30 years exaiming behavior, my speculation is much more founded than your entire case of speculation.”. That would have been the hilite! JM is a lawyer, not a doctor. And honestly, if he was such a great lawyer, why would he work for the state instead of having his own practice?? It seems obvious to me that JM doesnt care if she is guilty or not, he just wants to WIN. So he can add this to his resume. Very sad. And if he knew anything about human behavior, he would know that when you YELL continuously, people tend to tune you out because it is uncomfortable for people (jury) to hear.

    • I’m watching this trial religiously every day. I am a survivor from domestic abuse and I know how manipulative these monsters can be. I always had to do what he wanted , afraid he would cheat otherwise. my ex was just like Travis he had to always be in control or else. If I got out of line or said no he would spit, throw his food at me, got body slammed, hit, stepped on with his steel tied boots. It was awful and I got away. I’m one of the lucky few that did get out. he was convicted of domestic abuse thank god. this was self defense and I don’t care what anybody says. Jodi had to fight for her life at that moment. Jodi I will always be behind u. u r innocent . Why can’t these people see it that way ?

  2. Any dr who would make a diagnosis based on one test is not the kind of dr you want to go to, and 69 isn’t that far from 75.

  3. I’m assuming that JM wasn’t allowed to continue with his crib notes that he was reading that the good doctor asked that he cite the reference at the break. Any thoughts?

  4. What does it matter if the test results are compared to the “normal” population versus the “sick” population?

    • Don’t doctors always compare the SYMPTOMS? For example if I get the measles,is the doctor going to compare me wioth a healthy individual?How on Earth is he going to find out what’s wrong with me?No!It’s the other way round,the doctor ”suspects” what may be wrong with you and they compare YOUR SYMPTOMS to similar ones by other pationents.
      Really,Martinez is a disgrace!!!

      • Maria, measles there is a rash, normal person has no rash, so if you have a rash, you are not sick. See how easy that was. Who knows, JM can confuse anyone

  5. I have found it easier to just listening instead of watching. I just can’t handle hearing him and watching h im too 🙂

  6. Thank you Dr!!!!Finally,he said what I’ve been waiting to hear since yesterday!!
    Even if she lied about the REASON of the traumatic experience it DOES’T mean that she didnt suffer from a post traumatic stress disorder!!

  7. this sleazy prosecutor is going back and forth, forth and back, this test, that test, this note, this result, what was the date of that, what was the answer here, now that test, what was that date, was it before this one, do you have problems with your memory. Asking questions not specific about which test or answer or note he’s asking about. So if this doc doesn’t have the entire 12 visits and several tests memorized completely he’s going to get tripped up and the sleazy prosecutor wins.

    This is really ugly.

  8. Some of the info on prosecutorial misconduct in general and prosecutorial misconduct studies is very interesting. Since 1970, individual judges and appellate court judges have, for example, cited prosecutorial misconduct as a factor when dismissing charges at trial, reversing convictions, or reducing sentences in over two thousand cases.

    That number appears to be growing, and the nature of questionable conduct includes (but is not limited to) :
    e.g. attempting to introduce inappropriate of inflammatory evidence, committing
    violations pertaining to selection of jury, or making inappropriate closing arguments,



    Of course, trial-related misconduct is not easy to prove, although REPEATED violations can build a strong case for misconduct. While many of us are appalled with what Juan Martinez is being allowed to get away with, in the end his behavior may not result in the very victory he so desperately hopes to achieve.

  9. Rapid mob of twits on twitter going insane nuts over some file that JA STOLE from a table. WTF? Also she stole a pencil or something, kill her now. People are tweeting, the whole world can see them go nuts and there’s no shame anywhere about how they appear to the world.

    • Rabid mob. Not rapid. Words fail me, I am so appalled at the sickening display of emotionally disturbed low-lifes this trial has displayed.

    • I’m sure they are mistaken, they are idiots. there is no way jodi could “steal” something…as particular as the deputy? is with her, they would find it.

      • Yes, I don’t think the mob realizes that she is probably searched and any “contraband” confiscated before being led back to her cell. That would include a pencil.

        This is Sheriff Arpiao after all…

    • Do they forget that she is searched everytime she goes back to her cell, a pretty extensive search and there is no place to hide an entire folder.

  10. a policer officer with a gun a knife and a camera taking photos…Why doesnt he mention Jodi’s name and be over with it?Does he think that we DON’T know where he is getting at?????????

  11. If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black. JM saying so when you put that up about the ??? type amnesia it had nothing to do with this case.

  12. I dont know who is speculating what anymore.
    Is Martinez speculating or is Dr. Samuels?
    Or Travis? Or Jodi? Or Judge?
    Who is speculating what now?!

    Thank you Martinez for confusing me into an oblivion.

  13. It has been obvious throughout this trial that JA was not assertive. Asking Samuels about how can he use the journals to assess JA but yet JM used these ad nauseum

      • oooops rereading my post it just hit me that I should have written ”Martinez’s ”, LOL M, I didnt mean you!

        • HAHAHAHA!
          I understand maria. 🙂

          Sometimes I see others refer to Martinez as M. and I quickly see that and think “Hey, what did I do!?”, then I realize its not me, whew!

          Though I can be pretty sarcastic. 😉

    • Yes, continue reading. You are much better at reading than me and you have a much better grasp of the English language!

  14. Again cutting and pasting the journal. Samuels asked if that was a continuous entry…answer JM oh it’s an exhibit. WTF

    • what a jerk. Martinez can’t remember what the doctor said two days ago but wants the Dr to remember what happened years ago

    • And Judge sherry overuled! I cannot believe this! Jodi deserves a fair trial FIRST. she cannot get one when Juan is doing this.

        • I couldn’t agree more. I would venture there are good grounds for an outright mistrial or such severe prosecutorial misconduct that the charges should be dismissed with prejudice.

      • or with this Judge’s rulings. There wasn’t any of the State’s witnesses that weren’t allowed or even expected to not look at their notes.

      • what??? unbelievable!!!!

        Is there a conspiracy by the judge and kermit to have the trial thrown out??? do they not know how stupid they look to the rest of the world (ok, people watching)???

        Maybe a guy and girl wearing dark clothes and a handgun paid them a visit late one night and told them to throw the trial???

        i think we need to get the supreme court in on this one…how can we get someon higher up to look at it?

        • someone from the state of Arizona needs to file a complaint with the bar against this prosecutor. Anyone on here from Arizona willing to do that

          • Martinez is going into overdrive! He is asking SO many petty and really unnecessary questions in order to make some of his points. Thanks to him, this trial may be going on for months! I guess Arizona doesn’t care how long it takes, however. They take Fridays off, start late, and their 5 minute recesses last at least 20 minutes. All of this is costing the taxpayer a lot of money, although I hope it’s just taxpayers in Arizona.

  15. Of course Martinez doesn’t want Dr. Samuels to look at his own notes because Dr. Samuels will squish him like a tiny annoying little mosquito if given a fair opportunity (AKA being able to look at his damn notes).

    Must be that memory issues every has.
    Has anyone checked to see if there is a carbon monoxide leak in the court room? 🙂

  16. Samuels needs to stick to saying, “I can’t remember unless I refresh my memory”. No different than the ME or any other expert having to review their notes or records.

    • Agreed. Martinez just wants to trip him up by forcing him to guess and maybe give an incorrect date or time. Very unprofessional.

  17. “Mr. Martinez, do you have a problem with respect? Do you feel inferior due to your lack of height? Is that why you scream instead of talk? Do you have an issue with hearing? Do you have a problem speaking in an ‘inside-voice? Are you eight years old, or thirteen? I can’t tell”

  18. J.M. is way out of line.The judge has lost control and is definetly for the prosecution.They should complain to the bar and put this wessel out of a job.This is stupid.

  19. What JM is doing right now is very typical pros tactics, he is trying to discredit this witness. Happens in every trial. What concerns me are some of the Drs answers and explanations. I do not doubt that he is doing his best for Jodi, but he is (IMHO) not as well prepared as I had expected, or as good on the stand as I had hoped.Of course, its. Of what I think that matters, its those 16 jurors watching and listening. I’m very anxious to hear the questions they have for him.

    • From the few trials I’ve seen on Court TV and IS, I do not recall a prosecutor being so abrasive and abusive of witnesses.

      • Amen! Neither have I….but I assume he will continue to do so because he’s ALLOWED by this incompetent judge to do it!

    • It’s easy to prepare for the defense line of questioning but the witness never knows what the prosecutor is going to ask – especially this little chihuahua, he’s all over the place. No one can prepare for that.

    • Oh Anna you think it’s ok for the state’s witnesses to be able to look at notes but not the doctor?

      No, this is not typical, in case you missed it, this prosecutor is an ASSHOLE, do you not even bother to read what SJ posts????

      I can assure you there will be people on the jury like some of us here, they will not all have their heads up their asses like people who think this is acceptable.

      • Bee Cee I have never said it was fair or unfair, I was simply saying it was typical styles cross. As far as the notes go, it depends on what the pros is asking and whether he is able to look at notes. That is whatis typical cross and why the defense can and should object regarding that. Is he an asshole? Hell yes! I have never said it was admirable nor that I agree with these tactics. Please don’t assume I approve of this when I certainly do not. I was simply expressing my opinion of this witness and the cross. I have confidence that Miss Wilmott will clear up much of this.BTW my TV has been paused for about 20 minutes, and I’m on Eastern time, I may be behind some of you.

    • Anna Ryan –
      Can you tell me what you did 8 years ago on this date?
      Or how about 4 years ago on this date?

      Its hard to seem prepared, when you cant clearly remember everything you talked to someone about many years ago, and aren’t being allowed to look at your notes without being harassed by this mosquito buzzing in your damn ear incessantly.

      Put Dr. Samuels entire time on the stand together and look at it as a whole (not to mention Mrs. Willmott hasn’t even recrossed) and form your opinion from that. Otherwise, I don’t think its a fair assumption.

      • M. Hell no I can’t remember exact things I was doing back then, lol half the time I don’t know why I walked into my kitchen! Please do not get the idea that I approve of this type of cross, I do not. I was simply saying it is typical in high profile cases, sleazy and obnoxious absolutely. None of my comments imply this is a man I admire at all, in fact just the opposite. Just like all of you here, I am on this site to show support for Jodi and have a forum to share thoughts as it is obvious to me that .most people have already found her guilty, and practically the entire .media wants to burn her at the stake.

  20. Oh my God, he’s a psychologist not an investigative detective, he’s supposed to just concentrate on Jodi, what the heck is this??? Sorry, I just can’t stand Martinez today, and I really can’t stand that most of the public is on his side, especially with him blatantly disregarding

    • Most of the public is probably not on his side, just the ones who follow the brainwashing on HLN and keep posting with hysteria on the internet. It is not front page every day, and no reliable poll has been taken on the general population.

  21. ugh, sorry, see I’m so mad I can’t even finish my sentance.

    ……………blatantly disregarding this man’s expertise and not treating him like the expert witness he is. And people support him 100%. Amazing.

    • Yes!!!
      It just grosses me out the way people not only support this a-hole, but even swoon over him!
      Someone on other site mentioned the new show “the Following” and dropped the suggestion that JA was similar to the anti-hero in that new show and all I could do was gasp (!) and think to myself: “You dolts! If ANYONE has a sick mind-hold over people’s ability to think logically it is JM being worshipped by all you brain-dead zombettes…”

  22. Okay….. I need to breathe here…

    I am going to have a coronary…..

    what kind of fucking kangaroo court is this???

    How is this judge allowing this small dude to sit and bully a professional man.

    I hope ALL professional psychologists would come out and publicly say that JM is manipulating results he knows nothing about. But they wont. Because they are scared.

    Because the haters of the world will ruin them.

    Do these folks hate America? Do they hate the Constitution?


  23. TBT if I ever had to defend my life I would not be ashamed of what I have done. that really boggles me about this case. most people are proud to tell others that they were able to protect themselves or their family. there is no shame in self-defense murder

    • I’ve noticed that, too, Frannie! This prosecutor is clearly overstepping professional boundaries, among other misconduct. I would hate to be a witness and be treated like I was guilty on national television, not be allowed to even finish my sentences, or have it be questioned that I have memory problems, etc. All very degrading and unnecessary to get at facts.

  24. I agree there are so many grounds of appeal if she is convicted. This Court is a joke and I hate to say this but this Judge is doing a terrible job.

    • Yes. It may even be so bad as far as misconduct, that charges could be dismissed with prejudice (or at least they should be IMO).

  25. When he was question by JW he stated that their was on of them left out right?? is that what JM is trying to get at?

    • I saw that annie! all I could think was oh wow,I bet that Doctor is making an evaluation on Maertinez right now!Can you imagine?I also bet the good Doctor has already made up his mind about what’s wrong ewith this short dude!!

  26. Last question was withdrawn!

    I don’t know about the jury, but I couldn’t tell you what the last question was if my life depended on it.

    • I don’t think its a matter of him being unorganized; he’s being asked one question pertaining to a date in 2008 then next question in 2012 then back to 2009 and so on, so forth…. the doc can’t help but have to shuffle back and forth through notes to keep up with Martini’s nonsense.

        • I wish the doctor could tell him to settle down.
          You’ve asked me about different years so it will take me a while
          and we can get through this in a timely fashion!

          And then say do you have a problem “paying attention”
          to the answer?

          Instead you come out of the gate like a horse.

          He does look like he’s going to spit his teeth out.

          I miss so much of the trial and they don’t carry on In Session
          Then it’s chopped up on HLN on all of the shows that I will NOT watch.

          I’m turned off to the idiots in this trial plus the judge, prosecuter, and TA’s family getting by with breaking all rules and not having order in the court.

          Problem is that I do want to watch and support Jodi and her defense team and family.
          They are the only ones that know how to act in court.

          I have NEVER seen a judge act like this one.

    • IMO I don’t see him as unorganized, I see it as JM trying to only allow bits and pieces into evidence, not allowing complete answers, and quite frankly, I’m sure the doctor is frustrated with the antics.

      JM has outright said in many words that Samuels is unethical, etc. Remember, JM lied during his XE but the judge didn’t force that to come out now only saying JW can address on re-direct. So, IMO, it is on the record that the prosecution again has knowingly misled the jury and the judge didn’t allow for that misleading questioning to be rectified.

  27. This is gotten completely out of hand.
    The only remedy I can see to stop it is to have this judge removed, and the prosecutor cited for misconduct.
    He continues to approach the witness without permission, and she says NOTHING! Dr. Samuels and the defense need to complain

    • Melvis, I think the defense has been complaining about important issues, including prosecutor misconduct but this judge doesn’t seem to understand. She may have some bias against Jodi or in favor of JM but just not be aware of it. If Jodi is convicted, and a appeal is made, having another judge or judges look at the case beyond this judge may result in greater fairness and different conclusions.

  28. JM is going to say he used the old criteria although Samuels said he does have the mini version for the new DSM that hasn’t yet come out.

    Does anybody think that the defense has already filed to a higher court the previous motions for prosecutorial misconduct and also the requests for mistrial?

  29. Is it typical to go through the doctors hand written notes like this? I understand going over medical records in court, but this seems like it’s a bit ridiculous.

    • The REAL question should be how much is this prosecutor being paid an hour, for the state isn’t getting their money’s worth.

    • Not really. I think at 250/hr the doctor is pretty reasonable for a professional consultant. Anyone try hire a lawyer or accountant lately?

      Or try subject matter experts in the other scientific fields. In my field (Electronics engineering) subject matter experts go for between 350 and 500/hr.

      • I agree, standard fees there, my divorce Atty almost gave me a heart attack during my initial consultation when he told me his fee (basic divorce, no kids or property) He charged me 240 an hour. He ended up being excellent so thank God. Fees sure aren’t what they used to be 🙂

  30. Are we supposed to believe that he managed to discredit the doctor??Yes,he appears to have missed one or two things which does not look good to the jury but that doesnt mean all his years of experience not to mention his qualifications should be so thoughtlessly be thrown out of the window!Let’s put our faith on Jennifer now!

  31. Jodi stole a yellow file and is sitting on it OMG really, do these hags think she is going to be able to walk out with a stolen file? I don’t know what is worse, listening to Martinez, or reading some of the nonsense going on in another universe.

    • oh,haters haters look!!She just stood up and had yet ANOTHER folder in her hands!Quickly,call the cops(already there),she’s gonna steal that one too!!!!
      ROFL,could these people be that stupid???

    • Reading in that different universe, what I READ: TA’s sisters in court had never been to his house, over this past weekend they along with some other people took a metal detector and shovel and went looking for the gun in TA’s neighborhood. They also talked with the woman who lives in TA’s house.

      • Sorry,what???I bet this is all just bologna!Jodi said she threw the gun somewhere in the desert,didnt she?

      • Oh, that’s a brilliant idea five years after the fact. They could have found any number of guns and various other weapons.

  32. That is SO TRUE, “there’s a large gap in what people can write or say, and what they can do”. We think things in our heads that will never manifest in the actual situation.

  33. Question: Why two lawyers on Jodi’s side? Do they each specialize in a particular area or is there any particular reason for two?

    • The judge must have some responsibilities and accountability in how the trial proceeds, unless in Arizona, the judge is supposed to lean toward the prosecutor’s views, and defendants and witnesses are allowed to be bullied and badgered? Maybe the state’s judicial system honestly thinks this is a fair trial, that there is nothing wrong with the way JM is treating witnesses like they are guilty or on trial, like the defendant, etc.?

      • This is why when I had to look for an attorney for a friend of mine, and yes it was a friend of mine, I found him a great attorney, who interned under the judge, and they were neighbors. Doesn’t seem right, but a defendant has to be able to play the system too.

        • By the way in his case, the judge at one point said to the State is there anything else. The State said no, the Judge hit his gavel and said case dismissed.

  34. I dont know about you guys but I feel like mrs wilmot would’ve done a better job if SHE was the one that questioned Jodi on the stand. Anyone else feel the same way? ???? She just doesnt take crap from Martinez and she doesn’t back down. I also thk she should do all the questioning from now on fir the rest of the witnesses.

    • I do but because my feed is choppy and it’s from a distance its hard to see

      Plus Flores gets his fat head in there a lot

  35. I know i said this earlier in a post, but under a different discussion but…

    If there was one statement of advice i could pass onto the defense, for when they make closing arguments, it would be this:

    Fatcs are FACTS. If someone nedes to convice, “talk into” or persuade someone that something happened, then it is not FACT it is speculation. This is a court of law, based on facts, to provide justice to ALL. We do not come to our conclusions based on anything other than factual evidence. I ask you to consider this: has the prosecution tried to “talk you into”, persuade you or convince you of evidence OR have they simply SHOWN you the evidence? To help you decide lets think about how the prosecutor asked his questions. Was he emotional? was he short? (lol, punn intended) Was he fair? did he allow the evidence to speak for itself OR did he use tactics to try and make you arrive at his answers? If you are being shown FACTS, then no tactics or emotion are needed. these things are simply used to “convice, talk into and persuade”. If you feel that the prosecution has been an “open book” and allowed ALL of the opinions, theories and evidence in, with nothing to hide…then you can be sure that you have FACTS. In that case you will have a very hard job ahead of you. If you do NOT feel this way then you have an easy job of deliberation, as you already know that the prosecution was only speculating. Speculation is not proof and we require proof in this court.

    And lights….

    • Yup, AGREE AGREE AGREE!!! That’s all Martinez has done with this case. Speculate, twist everything around and alot of iFs IFs IFs…. garbage just like the little man himself! !!

    • Excellent advice, Sirlips. I’m just afraid that if Juan has his way (and I don’t know if he is even allowed to) he will show the pictures of Travis Alexander’s dead body in addition to a most gruesome description. What an emotional impact for the jury to be left with….At any rate, Jodi’s lawyer is going to have to do his, or her,very best to deliver a very powerful, very moving closing argument.

    • Very well put, Sirlips. And if the prosecutor yells then he’s ignorant! He’s certainly That and that’s a FACT!!

  36. So, according to the prosecution, Jodi’s feet may or may not have been also tied up, the shooting occurred near a closet, she may have been wearing a sweater, the psychologist takes bad notes, he is unethical because of a $9 self help book, the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Assessment tool the Doctor used, relies on the story she is telling, rather than her state of mind and ummmm did I miss anything? I mean besides TA’s family laughing? Does any of the above indicate premeditation?
    I really don’t understand the family’s reaction in court. I was sympathizing with them for a long time, and trying to understand the smirks, and put myself in their shoes, but I just don’t get it anymore. Their reactions are coming across as completely disrespectful of the process and everyone involved, and I think the jurors (at least some of them) will be turned off by their behavior. Even the camera man doesn’t want to focus on them anymore.

    • I think you covered it Jess.
      In fact, you understood more than I think I could.
      Had I been taking notes I think there would just be a bunch of circles on my papers, ending up looking like a bunch of venn diagrams.

      And agreed, still waiting for that “Ah Ha” moment pro pros say is coming.
      And I think I’ll be waiting for forever because this wasnt premeditated.

      Didnt catch the family, but have seen their smirks, giggles, eye rolls, and laser eyes before.
      Sounds like the same games day in and day out.

    • yes,Jess I do think you missed one:the strange involvement of KY in this case and its significance to the sequence of events to the extent of having a Jury question about it! LOL,I know this is a DP trial but some things are just ridiculous!

    • They’ve been doing it from day one. They are passed from the grieving process and when they walk into this courtroom they tuck away all the pain and sorrow of there loss and turn it all around to HATE. They slip on there evil masks for the jury. They will put on any face in front of the jury and the cameras to purposely sway anyones testimony if its not what they like. Conniving people that’s what they are. And im sorry, I would feel alot different if they would go in there with different attitude, but they dont, they want revenge not justice.

      • I think they are stuck in the ANGER part of the grief process. Hopefully, they can move forward sooner than later for their own mental health.

        • Can you blame them for not being able to move on with this media circus and all the garbage being spewed by Travis’s so-called friends?

    • I read somewhere once that, over exhilarated behavior usually implies the opposite. So, maybe they are really worried about the outcome of the case. I don’t understand how they are allowed to make reactions to any of the testimony??

      I try to put myself in their shoes ,as well; I would feel hate too if it was one of my sisters, no matter what the reason was when the murder took place.

      • I feel nothing but sympathy for TA family. We don’t know what they are going through or how hard it is. As a society justice means something coherent for everyone. I think it is justice if you want the person who killed your family member to pay their debt to society. No one had the right to take a life and that includes the state.

      • In the beginning of the trial OR any trial, the judge admonishes all in the courtroom to no react in any way. and I’ve seen people have to leave when they are acting like TA’s family.

        NOT with this judge and don’t tell me she hasn’t noticed it. Everyone else has.
        Jodi’s family has obeyed the court and I feel sorry for them.

        Since that means everyone before, why let the TA;s make a mockery out of it?

        Their brother would have killed Jodi, if she hadn’t protected herself, then MAYBE he would have been the one on trial.

        In a trial, you are seeking the truth. THEY already had Jodi convicted, even though they had never met her. AND I see something terribly wrong with people that are just dying to watch Jodi die.

        I don’t think Jodi should ask them to forgive her. Why should she?

  37. STM and LTM!!
    What a relief,thank you Jennifer! This is what Kermit tried to twist when Jodi being on the stand,how could she remember where stuff was during the attack IF being in a fog?Cause she was using STM,a**hole!!!NOT LTM!! It’s her LTM that’s not working coz the ”other ” memories probably werent registered.

  38. more delays………BTW: The Arias courtroom will be dark Thursday, and trial starts Wednesday at 1 pm. I don’t know yet if there are hearings Wed morning.

  39. Wilmoot just laid the foundation for taking the Prosecution Psychologist’s testimony that’s yet to come with a grain of salt.She mentioned sth about ”less than 3 years” and now ”if a doctor was to say that….”
    Loving her!!!

  40. God, im sooooo glad they’re getting this book thing cleared up too!!! It wasnt a gift in the sense that Martinez was making it look. He’s recommended the book to many other clients!! In your face, Martinez!

    • Thus why I think many should’ve been more positive over the last couple of days of Martinez’s crossing. All of that stress and negativity, just to bounce back and forth?

      Too much for me.
      I prefer to enjoy the greenish grass on my side. 😀

  41. Why dont you INTERRUPT someone LOL I love it.
    If you are trying to gather information you do not interrupt someone….right small fry?

  42. Hey, Martinez. ?.. I hope your taking notes on this, “interruption” talk. You might be able to benefit from dr Samuel too!!!

  43. In practice do you find if you interrupt someone….etc., I think that was a double entendra towards Martinez…lmao

  44. My heart is just breaking for Jodi. I noticed the look on her face while Ms. Wilmott was asking Dr. Samuels about how a person would manifest amnesia upon a traumatic event such as killing someone they dearly loved (or words to that effect) and she looked like she was about to cry. The way I see this is Jodi reacted in self-defense. In quite a few ways I (or the young woman I used to be) relate to her. I was abused both physically, mentally and verbally and didn’t even begin to know where others ended and I began until I was probably in my 40’s. I didn’t know my own self-worth. God, I hope there are people on the jury who are like-minded.

  45. Wilmott is brilliant.. She keeps asking about interrupting people and how it changes things (like train of thought, etc.) Wow! She is kind of getting into why JM keeps using this as a dirty trick. lol

  46. JM’s going to say beyond the scope but it is part of the piece JM played. Just like he tried with the journals. What a piece of judicial garbage.

  47. JM is not interrupting much…. must have been lectured by the judge? or just learned his lesson from the doctor ?
    ooops. spoke too early

  48. I don’t care what anybody says, Jennifer Willmott is great. I think today she’s about kicked Kermit’s ass all over the place!

    • Who said anything negative about her? I haven’t heard anything bad. But then I don’t watch HLN anymore and I avoid youtube comments (as of late) regarding this trial.

      • I am curious. I have not seen anyone post about this, but not a single person to whom I have mentioned this trial is aware of it at all!

        I just cannot fathom that. I tend to strike up conversations with folks who serve me when I am out shopping, and even two best friends with whom I chat weekly – they all come up blank.


    • Yes, and she did it on the up and up, too, Without sinking to mischaracacterization tactics, disrespectful accusations, or bullying.

  49. Go girl Jennifer. Show them how it should be done. Cool, calm, confident, competent and thoroughly professional.

    Someone once said talk softly but carry a big stick. All those since time immemorial who have changed this world for the better have talked gently and kindly. (Mandela, Gandhi, Dr King, Jesus, Susan B. Anthony) When people are not being shouted at they respond better, whether they are in the conversation or listening in.

    I wonder if JM realizes just how much of a boor she makes him look.

    • Al says: “I wonder if JM realizes just how much of a boor she makes him look.”

      I doubt it. People with enormous egos rarely think they make mistakes.

    • I like her use of the word “ok“. She says that and then calmly goes into her next thing. I dont know why, but it seems friendly, and like she is asserting that there is a general understanding that everyone is on the same page with her. Its a good tactic.

  50. This back and forth between Samuels and Willmott just reminded me of the final court scene in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” with the defense and witness in synch and jiving together!!!

  51. Darn doctor! He has been told to stop answering questions after an objection. hopefully the answer does not stand, but they didnt say, so im afraid it does.

  52. JM makes an objection and says JW is interrupting the doctor and not allowing him to answer the question. He is the one who interrupted, and after he realizes he is an idiot, he changes his objection to lack of foundation

    • yes, he do do the ole “STOMP”… oh excuse me, im so sorry… HA! bully’s need to be cut diwn to size sometimes. pun intended?

  53. Who is the lady who sits behind Jodi and her attorneys… today she is wearing a black suit jacket with a royal blue shirt underneath..

  54. Something extraneous here, but just want to share to see if others relate. I have been having unsettling dreams for the last couple of weeks and in my dreams, although Jodi isn’t a central figure, she plays a part and the part she plays always makes me feel unsettled as in the kind of dream where you’re trying to reach the top of a ladder, but don’t succeed, or that you’re holding out your arm to someone falling off a cliff. Then suddenly the alarm sounds or you wake up suddenly. Anyone else experiencing this phenomena?

    • SD,
      I’ve had a terrible nightmare(I remeber writing about it in this site) where I was in TA’s house-he and Jodi were also there,although it was more like their auras,their spiritual entities not their physical entities.It was very intense,I still remember it quite vividly.After that,I kept having dreams about Jodi but they arent clear now.
      Yours sounds more kind like a symbolic one.
      I believe many of us have let this trial affect us deeply,thus the dreams.It means that even subconsciously Jodi occupies a large part of our lives.

    • The only dream that I’ve had related to this trial is one where Martinez’ ex-wife (don’t know if he has one in reality) started posting here about what a jerk he is. It was pretty funny because in the dream, I could see all of us adding posts at an alarming rate. “Tell us more!” “You were married to Kermit?” LOL.

    • Thank you both for sharing. It’s interesting you talk about someone falling off a cliff; I dreamt of being a window washer on a skyscraper and watching myself falling over and over again. I had those dreams off and on a month prior to this case starting, and they stopped only last month. I haven’t been having those dreams lately, I wonder if it’s because talking on the boards here relieves stress. But the coincidence between our dreams is very interesting to say the least.

  55. First Jury question:
    “Doctor, I can’t remember what happens when the prosecution starts yelling and interrupting, is it PTSD, who would you recommend to treat me for this?”
    Second Jury question:
    “What were the PICTURES of on these cards you sent her?”
    Third jury question:
    “Did you ever watch HLN, what makes you think you are a better doctor than their doctors?”

    … hey help me here

      • Thanx.
        Didn’t mean to depress any one after this good day though. But I couldn’t think of any serious or valid question that they may ask.

    • “Did you ever watch HLN, what makes you think you are a better doctor than their doctors?”

      LMAO no kidding huh!

      I don’t want to judge the jury’s questions prematurely, but after Jodi’s testimony… sheesh…

  56. I have to mute the TV and fast forward thru anything Headline News has to say since that’s the only channel I can watch it on. But I noticed something. Jane and the commentators look like a bunch of hyenas and jackals diving in on a fresh kill as they furiously wave their hands and flap their gums. Maybe it’s desperation at the total mess that I believe Kermit is making. I think the State would have been better served dashing to the nearest strip mall and swiping a mannequin for the role of prosecutor. And did Jane portray Jodi in the reenactment? I glimpsed her brandishing a knife. I am trying to be a lady and not refer to possibly her and Vinnie reenacting the anal sex too. Ok I couldn’t do it. lol

  57. I have a question. I’m a paralegal here in North Carolina and have worked in this field since 1987. Mostly, I have worked in civil law. The law in civil trials is decided upon a preponderance of the evidence or the greater weight of the evidence. I know this is contrasted with “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is the more severe test of evidence required to convict in a criminal trial. In your mind, how does “beyond a reasonable doubt” resonate with you in this trial, and why?

    • The question i think for the jury will be what is “reasonable”. If the story had just been the same from jodi, from the start, i dont think they would question it at all. However I think they are going to say that any story jodi says is “not reasonable” now. I do not agree with that, but i feel alot of people think that way.

      Personally, if i was on the jury, i would continue to raise the question “where is the proof?”, No one has shown me proof she DIDNT do all of these things, but at the same time none has shown me proof that she DID do all these things. There is ALWAYS reasonable doubt if it is a speculation.

  58. Wow! One of the panel members on HLN was very critical about Martinez’s “grandstanding” (his word) and lack of respect for Dr. Samuels. Never thought I’d live to see the day.

    Is the tide turning? (sorry, it’s the HLN effect).

    • Well theres someone who will never darken HLN’s doors again.
      You only get away with a bad attitude (or actually having your own opinion)ONCE on HLN.

  59. Did anyone catch JW ask the Dr if he had 35 years of experience. And that the test was put together by people with more than an average of 18 years of experience. And then she said…..

    “And that’s a lot more than 3 years of experience isn’t is?”

    Slam the states expert before she even gets here!

    As Jodie would say …. BAM

  60. A woman on Arizona’s death row (Debra Milke) just had her conviction overturned due to a history of misconduct by the police and the fact that the prosecution remained silent on this fact. She has been on death row for 22 years

  61. Dr. Samuels mentioned Travis was a wrestler in his testimony today. What kind of a wrestler, was he? High school or …?

    I saw a reference to wrestling and Travis on his Myspace page or blog or somewhere but when I searched for it again I couldn’t find it.

      • Thanks, Jeff.

        It just seems to make Travis a more formidable opponent for a 115 lb woman to attack with a knife. Dr. Horn suggested Travis had 3 major wounds in the following order – a stab to the chest, a gunshot to the head and his throat slit (with other knife wounds at some point). He later suggested the gunshot wound may have come last.
        It seems hard to believe that anyone would attack Travis in this manner when the chances of the attacker being seriously injured or killed would be so great.

    • coldcase53…over here we’ve also noticed that someone changed Travis’ wikipedia information about a week or so…it is like they took the things about his parents being drug addicts…and the date that he bought a house in Arizona in a Mormon community…and some other things…

        • I’m just watching a tape of Travis playing the long-haired character “Eddie Snell” in front of a crowd of people (a conference?) on HLN. In it he’s dancing around, thrusting his hips (like he’s having sex) and says: “I will beat you dead, woman.” It appears the audience reacted negatively to that statement and he shouts: “Just kidding.”

          • Some saintly mormon boy Travis appears in that skit that was run on hln. I had seen it a while back. I happen to think it is repulsive, but I am clearly in the minority.

            The hln folk tonight were actually bemoaning what a talented comic and entertainer he was. And it is such a crying shame to rob the world of this gifted and talented and good person with so much to offer. Of course, Jodi is guilty of depriving the world of all that promise, so she must be hated. She is a scape-goat, pure and simple.

            I do not believe that mormons are expected to use that kind of vulgar language and gross sexual display that is flaunted in that skit, plus the total lack of respect for women. I feel sick just writing about it.

            I will not excuse that sort of content in the name of “talent” and being “current.” I am sorry, but Travis is the one I see as lying, with his double life and secrets. Jodi is being made a scape goat, and the hypocrisy in the double-standard is inexcusable.

            Forgive me if I do not see fit to capitalize mormons. After what I have read since this case has stimulated me to research the subject, I am shocked at the cruelties, both historical and current, that are burried deep within the doctrine, the manipulation and the cover-ups.

            My heart aches for the hurtful damage caused to innocent people by any number of religions in this world when you look into them deeply enough.

            All the signs of a “ritual killing” are what this case is about. It is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that nobody is talking about.

            But sincerely, thank you, so very much, to the person who posted the link to the piece about depressed mormon women. Oh, that helped so much to open my own eyes and start my healing process. I have never been in the church; just damaged by manipulation by being kept in the status of a child who is not allowed to make their own decisions, and is now 73 years old.

            Thank you for listening. Chelion

            • I posted a link to a very lengthy article about Mormon women and depression. If that is what you are referring to Chelion, I am very glad it helped you in your life journey. Like Dr Wayne Dyer has said “If I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change”. I love that quote. He has so many great books and dvds.

              • LM, I am glad to know that you are the poster, and again, I thank you.

                Yes, that is the article I am referring to. I have researched a lot, but never came across that particular article, which is exceptionally powerful.

                I particularly like the way the author explained how and why the same teachings can be either a positive or a negative experience for a person, depending on their own psychological make up.

                I printed out the entire article (31 pages), and I intend to study every bit of it very closely.

            • Chelion, “All the signs of a “ritual killing” are what this case is about. It is the 800 pound gorilla in the room that nobody is talking about.” So obvious, isn’t it??? But since there’s no EVIDENCE, people cant see this!!! Im with you though, I see the 800 pound gorilla nice and clearly.

            • @Chelion and LC: Good to see that others see the 800 pound gorilla in the room. This case screams “ritual killing.”

            • It almost breaks my heart to read your post, Chelion.

              If you are in the minority, so am I. After work I got to catch up on Dr Drew’s recent gang up against Jodi, and they all used the clip as a monument to pay homage to Alexander the Great. They literally *fawned* over him, like he was something wonderful to behold. I threw up a little in my mouth.

              I think tonight we saw Drew’s true colors. He is a bully plain and simple. If he wants a textbook definition of “interpersonal terrorist” all he has to do is look in the mirror and he’ll find it. As far as I’m concerned, he’s just as bad as TA and any other abuser at this point, playing the nice guy when it suits him, but transmorphing into a total asshole when his privilege is threatened.

            • I only saw seconds of that ridiculous propaganda Tape, But the stories and research I have read with regard to this cult are so similar especially how they view woman the deep sexuality problems. The language used by Travis is exactly the language used by many of these people, Money seems to be their GOD. Since their foundation is so disturbing to many people, I find it more then Odd that HLN has become a cheerleader for this CULT.\I say follow the Money.


    They’re creepy and they’re kooky
    The sunken cheeks are spooky
    We’d rather look at Snooki
    The Alexander Family

    The front row’s a museum
    When cameras turn to see ‘em
    They made the jury scre-um
    The Alexander Family.

    It’s one of those days.

    • If you guys want to see something inappropriate, look at the Phoenix New Times, The picture of JA was on the cover of the printed issue. And no jurors are going to see this? I would never want to be accused of anything in Arizona

          • I can’t believe they really think the jurors are walking around with blinders on. The damaging material on Jodi is everywhere! On television, the radio, the internet, etc.-you don’t even have to consciously be looking for it. Obviously, the jurors are not walking around with blinders on, but, of course, they will say-and probably really believe, at least consciously-that all this anti-Jodi sentiment reflected everywhere will not influence them.

            One can’t help but wonder, however, if the jurors are secretly not at least a little concerned if they decide on anything less than murder 1 and the death sentence-especially with what happened to the jurors after the Casey Anthony trial!

      • How did the picture characterize her? Can the jury read the newspaper? or are they told not to read anything during the trial?

    • A little harsh? His family is grieving. They know the version the media has spewed based on his so-called friends’ statements.

        • This trial is taking its toll on them as well. I mean, imagine if you found out all this stuff about a loved one after they passed?

          • You have a good point. My “humor” is sometimes offensive, but I never intend it to be. If I met Travis’ brother and sisters, I would feel compassion for them for what they’re suffering. They didn’t have anything to do with this mess, but here they are left to try to pick up the pieces.

            I realize they have been influenced by the media, and who knows what Martinez has told them. So they’re out for blood. Well, I’m on Jodi’s side, and if someone is after her blood, a little good-natured ribbing doesn’t conflict with my moral standards, not that I have that many to start with.

            The very first time I saw those people, I said to myself, “These people look like extras in a vampire movie who wandered into the courthouse to get out of the sun.” I didn’t think that because I want to hurt them or because I dislike them. I thought that because that’s what made sense to me at the time.

            I rarely go to this extent to explain what I say, but you’re very polite and you brought up points that made me stop and think. I will probably go easier on the family from this point on. But I won’t stop thinking they look like the living dead. I know it’s not their fault. I know they’re not trying to entertain me. But they really are a weird looking family. Travis was weird looking, too, but not like this.

            Thank you for taking the time to reply to my comment. I soooooo appreciate the fact that this website is one of the few places with people who have enough class to disagree but still maintain respect among one another.

            • Oh I agree. I just saw several comments before, people insulting Travis’s family. It sort of bothered me. I am on this site because I believe this was in self-defense, and therefore Jodi deserves to go free. At the same time, the thought of Travis being dead makes me cry, because I hear Jodi’s testimony, and I know she didn’t want this to happen. Travis was a living person, this seems so surreal, like a movie, but it isn’t.

              Here’s the thing – and this is my opinion. Even the worst, most hated person on earth – if they do at least one good deed, has good in them, no matter what else they do, they still did good. That means, they have potential for more. Every human life is valuable. I can’t imagine how is family must be feeling. I never felt it was fair for them to be under attack when it wasn’t them spreading rumors about Jodi, it was people who were in Travis’s circle. I mean, we don’t even really know if Travis told his friends that Jodi stalked him, or if his friends are all making that up (or perhaps Travis said it jokingly once, and now his friends are using that joke to their advantage).

              To me, insulting Travis isn’t really fair either. Travis had an abusive childhood. To me, both him and Jodi are victims of their childhoods. Nobody won in this case. There is no justice in this case. Travis is dead, Jodi’s life will never ever be the same, and all because the adults they were supposed to trust the most in their lives betrayed them. Where is the justice in that? Children are innocent, and it is so unfair when a terrible childhood affects them negatively as adults. Nothing about this case is okay. 🙁 Jodi did what she had to do, and it was horrifying and tragic, she is a victim. But, again, to me, so is Travis – he was most likely abusive because of his childhood,

              • NK,
                I agree with you. I don’t think is necessary to insult Travis’s family. I believe in justice, but I also believe in respecting the dead and his family. I do feel bad for Travis as well as for his family. I had a very harsh childhood too, and when I read Travis’s story, it made me cry.I also believe that children are innocent and they suppose to be happy. This is just a sad story that has touch many people. Unfortunately, some in a very negative way. I believe that Travis was a victim too that did not get help on time and he dragged Jodi along causing this terrible tragedy to happen.

          • Seriously I do not think they thought Travis was a saint they are just wanting to portray that now after a horrible death. Anybody that has a brother that is disrespectful to woman I just can’t believe they never ever seen it. That does not happen over night or in your late 20’s either. A few of them grew up together I know that not sure which ones but at least one sister knows. I have a brother that is not so nice an I do not condone it an would not be shocked if I got a call one day he was killed. I would be sad not shocked or appalled though an certainly would not be WISHING Death on a young woman that put up with his antics an got nothing in return not even just a little bit of love but disrespect a lot.

          • NK..please read the link below…it is sad, but I do not believe that this family would EVER agree with your post…I feel and have similar compassion for humankind as you do..that family is stuck going in one direction and that is to watch Jodi die…they have no heart and no compassion for Jodi…they eagerly sit there and roll their eyes and the hatred is obvious…and unless they ask God for some forgiveness for their own hatred and anger toward Jodi…their own hatred and anger will eat them alive…they will not live long either…


            Tanisha says…she wants the woman who is accused of killing her brother to pay the ultimate price.

            Tanisha says… this might sound creepy, but I hope to get to watch her die someday after she’s on death row.

            • I did see that. I will stand my post even if the family does not agree.

              The family does not know the real Jodi. The sad truth is, nobody does because the media has cried witch and thinks she deserves to be burned at the stake.

              His family never got to meet her. She said that during her testimony. This means, all they know is what they hear from his friends. If you were in their situation, who would you believe? The friends of your loved one, or the one who said they killed your loved one in self-defense? I can’t blame them. They are family. They cannot be objective in this case, even if they had all the proof in the world that their brother abused her, they will still not be able to be object. It’s their brother. They have good memories of him, and that is how they want to remember him. They are in denial, they don’t want to hear the negative. I can’t blame them. Travis isn’t in jail with Jodi trying to get him to stay there with her testimony. Travis is dead.

              • From following those links, I can’t believe that Tanisha is only 33. She looks a lot older though I’m sure that a lot of that is due to stress and fatigue. I would have put her at around my age (37) or even a bit older.

              • Wow, and she has grandkids already? Is she referring to her husband’s grandkids from another relationship (he looks to be a lot older than her).

          • Consider me the resident Court Jester. No pun intended. This is a very serious situation we’re dealing with, and I try to bring a few laughs here and there just to ease things up a little. I have a website that I have completely ignored while following the trial and reading and participating here. On that site, nothing is sacred and nobody (in context) gets away unscathed – but always in fun, never in hatred.

            I’m currently working on a heaven version of “Travis Alexander: This Is Your Life” farce. I may paste it here if I can ever finish it. I also have a “Scrabble Night At The Martinez House” piece in the works.

            I’m glad you site mods don’t think I’m too far out. I really do want to learn, and this is the best place on the Internet to not only learn but to THINK and REASON and DEBATE. Thank you so much for making this site.


            • I’m sorry Sarah, there’s some confusion. I’m not a mod here. Just 100% Team Jodi. I don’t mind passing along messages to the mods if you need me to though.

              I can’t speak for the mods but I personally don’t think it’s out of line. The stuff we post here is G rated compared to the filth the haters keep spewing elsewhere. I think as long as we stay family friendly there should be no problems.

              I agree, this is a terribly serious case. I think we use humor to cope with the stress, that is not something anyone should be condemned for.

              Keep up the good work. 🙂

  63. Dr. Drew is talking about how Jodi is mirroring her attorney…IS THIS ALL THAT THEY CAN FIND TO FAULT HER WITH…

    Dr. Drew needs a good PSYCHIATRIST

    And it looks as though Dr. Drew and all those other media people on his show are all mirroring each other….YUCK

    • Mirror…Mirror on the wall…who’s the craziest of ’em’ all…Dr. Drew and his crazy cronies on his show.

      See how crazy this sounds…and he is supposed to be a (cough) DOCTOR?

      • lol no kidding. What ever happened to FIRST DO NO HARM. This is the oath he took when he got the privilege of putting Dr in front of his name.

        He’s had at least five people under his care commit suicide (that we know of). This is one dude I have no problem with telling that he ought to quit his day job.

    • Yup, what a douche. He should just come out and say – “I’m not a real Dr., but I play one on TV.” He’s an embarrassment to the profession.

      • I saw him on a talk show a couple of weeks ago, they had the audience asking him questions, and he couldn’t answer at all. They put a quick end to that segment. lol

  64. I watch the trial on YouTube. Here’s how I deal with Jodi-haters over there. (This is from this morning’s court session re: Dr. Samuels.)

    islandfever 4 minutes ago

    Just because someone is a professional, it doesn’t mean that they are ethical or even competent for that matter. They went to school, passed the tests, got the credentials and then went into business. The same can be said for anyone in any type of business. Just because you went to school and obtained the credentials to become, say, a plumber, it doesn’t mean that you are either a good or honest plumber.
    • in reply to Mo-annie Mc (Show the comment)

    Sarah Paxton 1 second ago

    That’s true, but you have to give Martinez credit for trying.
    • in reply to islandfever (Show the comment)

  65. i post below to the YAHOO! (SEE LINK BELOW) re: Jodi. they r panning her, etc and seem like hln, cnn DRONES.
    if u have a minute, post some pro jodi. my post name there is ‘CINO’. im prob. getting panned real good! 🙂

    “very interesting… people are all about hating ms. arias even tho Alexander ADMITTED RAPING HER in his OWN WORDS. AND thought that a 12 yr. old girls 1st orgasm is hot. again, quoted in his OWN WORDS, among other crap.
    USUALLY, a woman raped, etc. gets sympathy. but Arias gets scorn? the guy getting killed does not explain the hate for ms. Arias.
    and people want the person who was RAPED to be killed. interesting juxtaposition.”
    LINK to article, etc.–abc-news-topstories.html

      • well, it is not for me, but to HELP stifle EVEN A LITTLE, the public vitriol towards jodi.
        getting a yahoo email is quik and easy… posting here is great and all but showing our minority views elsewhere seem important. yahoo is not like fb where that site steals WAY too much info. yahoo (and some others) u enter skant info.

        oh well.

        • i should have also added, it’s less info than that petition many of us signed.

          i am disappointed AND NOW QUITE DISILLUSIONED that ppl here, esp. a “team jodi’er” thinks it’s such a hassle to post some objective/pro jodi somewhere where they r TRASHING HER mercilessly.

          i entered real info here, the petition, letters to hln, cnn, grace, ETC.
          i WAS going out of my way, out of my COMFORT ZONES, guess it’s easier/safer to just stay within the “friendly, soft confines” here, where we just preach to the choir.

          hmmmm… makes one wonder… makes ME wonder… about a lot of things… here… now.

      • Yes, so true. Yahoo is full of… well… yahoos. I remember when that wasn’t the case, back when the Internet was about meeting and greeting via Clubs then Groups; rather than the “News and Views” culture HLN has stupidly fostered since they got on FaceButt. Now look at it – it’s a cesspool of morons.

  66. Holy mother of god. Are ya’ll watching Travis on Dr. Drew. The character he is trying to display is unfortunately who he really was. I am so not taken by this. Anyone else with me?

    • He showed what a crude person he was, and yet Dr. Drew and the rest were going on and on about how wonderfully funny and endearing he was …

    • I watched it after avoiding all HLN all day just to tweet out how vile this show is.

      Wow, Travis looks more gay than your average gay man. Childishly hideously crazy, if nothing else.

            • You don’t have to approve of it. I have friends who are gay and i would never disparage them. I don’t have the right to do that. I would never disparage you for your sexuality either, though.

            • Greg, I am a 56 year old widowed woman, white in race, who tends to fall into the more liberal side of the political spectrum. I am neither “taking it in the butt” or “getting licked”. I work very hard and take care of an adult son with schizophrenia. I am very concerned about Jodi’s life. That’s why I’m here. You can think what you wish. I am sure others here will surmise their own opinions. I wish you well.

            • Hey Greg,
              Stick to the subject of Jodi. Being rude and cruel just makes you like all the other haters.
              One question for you…when did you decide to be straight?

      • I think I know what you’re saying, Jan, but really, I think a lot of gay people would take great offense at your statement. I have one gay friend who especially would. I don’t think my good friend would consider himself as being any of the adjectives you describe.

        • I don’t hate gay people. they should be who they are and not pretend to be hetero he-man and control a doormat victim like Jodi. His sexual fight within himself is what made him crazy. And dangerous. I feel sorry for any woman involved with a gay man, it’s a tragedy and destroys their lives. This is an extreme case of that, cause he was an extreme guy.

      • Looks gay to me too. Which would be fine with me, if he had dealt with his sexuality openly, instead of subjugating Jodi to his ass obsessions and hating her for it.
        He was also looking for a “good” Mormon girl to possibly save face and establish ‘respectability’, and I resent that too, not just for Jodi, but for that “good” girl’s future life with him as well.

          • Yes ! but we know about FALSE FRONTS Travis was a great one at being FALSE in a lot of ways……………….I felt so bad for Jodi having to listen to LISA that other woman. Travis was pursuing her but SCREWING JODI really disgusted me.

            I just have a gut feeling also it would have just been another FRONT for the CHURCH. A converted Mormon is not as great as getting a born into the MORMON CHURCH LDS whatever they want to call it. IT is the BOOK OF MORMON not the BOOK OF LDS. I get people wanting me not to call them MORMONS ?? IS why I added that part……….

    • Yeah, is unbelievable. Dr. evil love to invite people to his show just to trash Jodi over and over. My God, how come he never invite people who’s in favor of Jodi. No, instead he only brings TA’s friends because he knows they will always going to be on TA side and talk garbage about Jodi. I hate this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#@#$%%^^^^#$#

    • I think today was a good day for the defense the jury got to hate JM more. He was so annoying, and it was very hard to understand the point he was trying to make.

  67. Hey…did you see the film about Travis’ on Dr. Drew tonight…they just showed him walking back and forth with the girl wig on with the sunglasses…sleeveless muscles shirt…(LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIS ARMS)…he looks fat somewhat too…then he said “unk” and he flipped both hands at the the crotch front of his short making notice to his crotch area in his revealing knit shorts that he is wearing…

    As you are watching this video…did you notice the movements of Travis as he keeps thrusting his crotch up and toward the people on the front row…hiking his legs as he is walking…

    He may be acting out the fictitious character of Eddie Snell…but Eddie Snell was a motivational speaker not a crotch thruster…

    What I saw in this video is a Travis that likes to be a showoff with that muscle type shirt and knit shorts and crotch thrusting and legs hiking…

    I was once married to an abuser that showed off like that and he always like to wear his knit shorts with no underwear just so people could see the outline of his male part…these type of guys are such showoffs…

    • So it’s one of those “Eddie Snell” videos. I have probably already seen it.

      They aren’t very funny, especially the one where Travis makes light of beating up women.

    • OMG he is so disgusting to me in those EDDIE SNELL video’s too. I said before I know it was suppose to be funny for the PPL group. But it also is disturbing as his mannerisms are very egotistical an not hard at all for him to do. An I too think he craved the attention with the short shorts………….sorry but manly men do not wear crap like that they don’t want the nut sack to escape by accident anyways hahaha

      An another thing I find interesting was a picture beside COLORADO CITY ? that is famous for FDLS groups the very strange ones. Maybe regular Mormon’s live there too but that would be weird since I do not thing they have the same beliefs?

      An someone else said with him wearing those clothes where were his Religious Garments ?

      • Greg says:

        don’t watch Dr. Drew. I am sorry but JM is an asshole, his tactics are going to backfire on him. The media
        who loves our so wonderful loser President will get this wrong. They might have got his sorry ass reelected, but they won’t get our Jodi. I am done watching these trash shows.

        I happen to like President Obama and dislike Mr. Martinez. Having said that, I’m not nearly as confident as you, Greg, but I do hope with my whole heart that Jodi gets a really good break.

          • Greg –
            You started off with a good point in your original post and then digressed.
            Maybe you should leave well enough alone?

        • OH no not politics ! I did not vote for EITHER ! voted INDEPENDENT …………… after finding out so much about Religions an how they are I do not see how a President that is a Mormon or LDS really could be for the people. For the MEN yes but women would have to take a back seat.

  68. Eddie Snell sucks.

    Dr. Pinsky said, he was so full of life (shit).

    These HLN host are the worst. They should all be on a Mexican Soap Opera.

  69. Also on Dr. Drunk, they showed this clip on JA taking a yellow folder off the table and sit on it (yes, it seemed like odd behavior for JA to do in open court). Well, Janine the Human Lier (lie detector my foot). said something so crass, it got my blood boiling. She said that perhaps JA missed having something put over ‘there’!! What kind of people spit and laugh at someone when they are already down? THe eniire crew joined in and laughed about the comment. Nobody told her to put a sock in it. Wow, just wow!!! Didn’t anyone see this?

    • There were so many tweet attacks against @DrDrew tonight that they immediately stopped joking and laughing. Go to twitter and search DrDrew. Twitter has an effect. More people should be tweeting against HLN.

      • Jan, was it on this issue. What gets me is that she claims to be a abuse victim and was all weepy just a week or so ago and everybody was consoling her, etc. Zero compassion from any of them. And, you don’t even need to be a abuse victim to know when to draw the line. I am still reeling from that clip and their inhumane reaction.

        • I don’t remember the tweets exactly but quite a few mentioned that vile woman specifically. I’ve been watching this HLN crap for quite a while and they’ve gotten worse and worse. Now they’re completely over the edge, the script is written in stone and no one is allowed to comment otherwise. Making millions off their low life audience.

          My point is that twitter is there, easy peasy, and the media in general and these people do pay attention. Honest to God.


          • Jan saw your comment there too! Thank goodness there are a few out there who recognize vileness (if that is a word) when they see it. They have totally gone over to the DARKSIDE, every single one of them. Yah, Nancy G. the devil is indeed dancing tonite!!!!

    • I did not see that. But I’m not surprised at anything that piece of shit says. She’s a sorry excuse for a human being.

    • I missed that but can imagine. That lie detector woman is so loud and obnoxious with her repeated finger jabs, and the way they are all acting about this tragedy is just sick

    • Janiene’s comments sickens me. She is the same person who said Jodi deserves to die and said that her grandmother always said, “If you kill my cat, I’ll kill your dog” or “If you take my cat, I’ll take your dog” or something like that.

      Really, really disgusting that she’d make those comments about Jodi’s sex life. That’s really petty.

    • I saw that video and Dr. drew and Co. are total asses. They are disgusting beyond belief. What they fail to mention is that there is another video showing what really happened with that folder. The video description says something like, “oops, wrong..she put the folder on the table” (paraphrasing) and it shows it quite clearly. I have been trying to find that video again ever since. I will keep looking and post it here when I find it.

  70. I am so glad I do not watch HLN I heard about their promo for Travis, I missed some of Martinez but what I saw was a BAD prosecutor, spent so much time on trivial matters he is very amateurish in his technical skills as a Prosecutor, and he SCREAMS Where is the Judge?? This is very unprofessional, I couldn’t watch I had to work and had a headache all day due yo this creep,just listening to him scream. He is badgering the witness and the Judge allows it. Bad Trial no control, She should have sequestered the Jury like they did in OJ since the media was so out of control. This is very frustrating.

      • I don’t think they’re trying to hurt with the claim, but actually help her.

        it almost does look as though there are two figures in temple garb on either side of her.

        • The picture may possibly be worth looking into by experts, if this can be done with expertise and current technology. I don’t really think, during the investigation, that anyone even tried to enlarge the eyes. Of course, If, and that’s a big IF, it 2 people in temple-style garb were really able to be identified, then the blood bath and throat-slashing could begin to make sense. While it sounds far-fetched, this wouldn’t be the first off-the-wall theory that later proved merit when tested, so who knows.

        • I don’t see a thing either.
          Funny that these jerks all see Jodi with a knife and a camera a couple of feet away, ‘Psycho’ style, without ever thinking in the little space left in their diminutive brain, that Travis would have grabbed her in less time than a photo shutter speed and taken the knife away.

    • If anything I see an outline of a person on their knees (JA?). It just proves that what she said is true, that she was on her knees outside of the shower taking his pictures.

    • There was a Doctor Or Scientist that was able to magnify the reflection in an ancient Cloth, You could see the reflection in the Eyes I am going to look this up.

    • Candie…I see that on the picture too…and if you read the Detailed Breakdown Report…in a drop down menu when you click on the Flores report above…Read who was at Travis’ home that Wednesday, June 4, 2008…

      I was impressed with Jose Baez on that mock trial last night when they were re-enacted the crime scene in that full scale MODEL of Travis’ bathroom and closet…Jose Baez was very firm in saying that you have to look at the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE and he said what Jodi has said is consistent with the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE…

      PHYSICAL EVIDENCE….So with this in mind… I went back to the Detailed Breakdown Report and re-read about the roommates and where they were at in Travis’ home that Wednesday June 4, 2008..I am looking for PHYSICAL EVIDENCE…I listed below SOME of the physical evidence in order for that June 4, 2008…

      1. The roommate Zach was off work that day…he was physically in the home in and out that day…

      2. Zach said that he returned his own car rental that morning…his car rental could considered into physical evidence if the detective investigated or not if Zach was telling the truth or not…Zach’s and Jodi’s car rentals are parked side by side on the same morning at Travis’ house…that was just too odd…odd…odd…

      3. Enrique said that he talked with Travis this Wednesday morning when he was on his way to work. He said that Travis told him that he had a conference call that afternoon…he also said that Travis told him that he only got 45 minutes of sleep that night…Enrique physically saw Travis on his laptop computer that morning…

      4. Zach says that he returned to Travis’ house around 3 pm…he was physically there in Travis’ home again that day…

      5. Zach says that he left Travis’ home around 4 pm…The other roommate Enrique said that he worked from 8-6pm and returned to Travis’ house after 6pm…Enrique is physically in Travis’ home after 6 pm..

      6. Zach says that he returned home after 9 pm…he is physically in the home again…

      7. Zach says that he washed clothes on Wednesday, June 4, 2008…we know that two loads of clothes were washed…Travis’ bedclothes were in the dryer…and his clothes and camera in washing machine..this is all physical evidence…both roommates said that they washed clothes that week and used the washer and dryer…Zach admitted he washed clothes on Wednesday…and Enrique said he washed clothes the first of the week….yet Travis’ bedclothes was found in the dryer and his Travis’ clothes and his camera was found in the washer by the detective after 10 pm on Monday night June 9, 2008…So Zach and Enrique washed clothes that week using Travis’ washer and dryer….SO WHICH ONE OF THEM WASHED TRAVIS’ BEDCLOTHES AND TRAVIS’ CLOTHES AND CAMERA that was found after 10 pm on Monday night by the detective…

      8. Zach said that he cleaned his girlfriend home earlier that day…and yet when he returns to Travis’ home he noticed furniture moved about and floor cleaner on the floor and he thought that Travis was preparing to clean the floor…the physical evidence here would be the furniture moved around and the floor cleaner on the floor…

      9. Enrique told the detective that only 5 people had been in the home that week of June 2nd…the physical presence of Travis, Zachary, Amanda, Enrique and his girlfriend, Kim…

      10. The two roommates…Zach and Enrique….and their two girlfriends….Amanda and Kim…all 4 people were physically in Travis’ home that entire week…yet none report or smell the decomposing smell in the home…yet the detective smelled it as he entered through the front door…and only Enrique admitted that he smelled and unusual smell but didn’t ask anyone about it…

      11. Travis CTR ring and watch was found on the kitchen counter on Thursday after 6 pm , June 5, 2008…by Enrique’s girlfriend, Kim….this is huge physical evidence…Enrique said Travis never went anywhere without them…remember these are the same roommates that said that yes, they saw Travis car in the carport, but they thought he was gone to his trip to Cancun…(YET HE NEVER GOES ANYWHERE WITHOUT HIS CTR RING OR WATCH)…Someone is lying….

      • Candie…The Physical Evidence leads me to believe that one of the roommates was in the home when the gun went off…and the rest is self-explanatory…