Jodi Arias Trial – Day 32

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We’ve now updated the trial video pages to include details of the specific witness testimonies and direct links to the video for that day.

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    • let me tell you what happen to me had an abusive husband how wanted to have sex with another couple in the 70’s it was so bad that my mind forgot about it … then 10yrs later I met a couple and her husband looked like the guy i was suppose to be with we were playing a game at the table with question card and i kept thinking this guy is the guy i was with dont remember what happend the nite we were all together but when my mind tried to continue to see this person i had a grand mal sezuire sorry for the spelling

        • martinez did not want the doctor to discuss the issue with the intruders if you look at the flores police report ashley did call police and pointed her finger at dustin her husband and no follow up on interview with dustin and the possability that she was telling the truth then but no one wanted to here it. and the roommates dont add up either why did they not just say they saw a car in the driveway jodi was in the house. dont believe zac the other roommate did not notice anything… anyway ashley commited suside and cant point her finger anymore. sorry about the spelling

    • Is it just me, or does Jodi look really defeated today? Does anyone know if she is ill or something? Or is she maybe giving up?

  1. THIRD!!!

    Any way, um, I went back and found the interview Gus did with Jean Ceasar Salad from In Session and he is very clear when he confirms that Jodi called him the night Travis was killed. Meaning, she killed him and called Gus 10 hours later telling him Travis was dead.

    I don’t know what to feel right now. He’s not lying, there’s no reason too and phone records could show he was lying if someone wanted to call him on his story so lying would be way retarded.

    I’m trying not to let this change the game for me but, dammit, telling Gus TA is dead discredits Dr. Samuels diagnosis of PTSD.

    I know, I know….. ‘more than Jodi invoved’…… Look, I have thought about this and I’m not ruling it out just yet. However, there is nothing about the crime scene that suggests anyone else was there, no physical evidence supporting it.

    I know, I know….. The bloody shoe print. Except, I think I figured out what that really is. I recognized the pattern when I found the autopsy photo of Travis’ back wounds. The ‘drag’ photo of him on his back bleeding near the neck further fueled my suspicions but I don’t have the editing software to confirm them. In other words, its where TA laid at some point, his wounds in his back pooling blood on the tile creating a pattern in their likeness on the tile.

    I don’t moonlight as a forensics blood pattern expert because I’m too busy writing tragic romance novels so I don’t have to face reality. My coping skills run as shallow as the river of DeNile runs deep.

    • I don’t think that Dr. Samuels’ PTSD theory would be discredited by Jodi calling Gus 10 hours later. By that time, she knew that she’d killed Travis even if her mind didn’t fully want to accept it. Her telling Gus “Travis is dead, but I don’t know what happened” fits in with the PTSD.

      Some of us think that Gus may be confused about the date that Jodi called him, so he wouldn’t be lying, just remembering wrong. I’m surprised that no one has requested his phone records to make sure. Martinez seems to want nothing to do with Gus, otherwise he’d have jumped on those records.

        • I agree Tonysam. If Gus had anything to add, Nurmi would be all over it about the phonecall. Jodi herself didn’t even bring it up and the fact she had her own phone records to review before getting on the stand tells me why nobody, not Jodi, Nurmi OR Kermit has brought this up. He is wrong.

          I DID call Nurmi’s office about Gus’ recent interview where he said there were others that could come forward but won’t. He cannot simply make that decision. Nurmi could compel them to come forward if there are any witnesses and could declare them hostile witnesses to force their hand. But it would be really stupid for them to lie on the stand when compelled and I personally think if the jury saw that, even if they refused to bring out what they know, it would make them think that perhaps there is some more information that everyone is scared to bring out.

          • I’ve been saying since Week One that there’s more going to come out months or even years from now, after all the media frenzy is over. Especially if there’s a murder one and death conviction. There’s too much that doesn’t make sense especially the prosecution theories, which are ridiculous.

      • I don’t think it discredits PTSD, but does add concern about Jodi’s story as she says she didn’t really know he was dead because of her fog. And then she did knowingly engage in romantic behavior within 24 hours, which would see more peculiar if she wasn’t in fact in the fog,

    • telling Gus TA is dead discredits Dr. Samuels diagnosis of PTSD.

      Not so, Jodi remembers shooting Travis. That is all she remebers. If I shot someone I would assume they were dead. I would not put too much stock into that phone call until we know more.

    • Why is the crime scene so obvious that Jodi did it ,was there anything removed can we really state no one else was there?? This case is a mess. Look at the OJ case when Bailey asked are there Foot Prints you cannot see with the Naked Eye. Its very telling The Friends state Jodi did it right away that’s very very strange. Was she set up I do not know because, The Camera Pics too convenient. Can anyone trust the time on the Camera since its gone through a washer Jodi seems to even suggest her knowledge of Photography . She leaves the Camera, She should have been Covered in Blood. much of this makes no sense. There is more to the story. Did Travis Friends call the Room Mate to check on Travis since he was in the Home. I think both stories put forth by defense and prosecution are not believable. There is more to this story then meets the EYE!!!

      • Goodmorning guys!!! Yeah im still with you Olivero. Theres only a few of us that blv jodi is covering up because sges been threated by the intuders. Why would they blv Gus?? Even with the phone records showing that she did call him. They (the lawyers) wouldn’t bring it into the court because it wouldn’t support premeditation for Martinez (remember Martinez is known for withholding evidence in prior cases) and it as forcthe defense, it doesnt fit in the SD claim for Nurmi. Also, lets not forget how the Mesa Investigation Dept and Flores has done such a shitty job. Even if they did take as much evidence, it could be possible that the intruders made sure that they left a trail to set up jodi. They would’ve worn gloves, wore skimask and left nothing behind.

        Oh and by the way, yes I also blv Jodi would’ve been in this amnesia stage, the fog and suffered the ptsd while calling Gus. Remember dr Samuel said this state of mind could last hours, days and even weeks.

      • I agree. I think there is WAY more to this than anybody except Jodi and probably Nurmi knows. (And Jennifer.) But I believe that this is the only defense that Nurmi believes can save Jodi. There are many unanswered questions here and a lot of “unexplainable” stuff.

        What I am confident about is this: Jodi DID NOT start planning Travis’ murder in Yreka. I don’t believe there was ever a time that she premeditated his killing, not even 30 minutes before the event.

        The more I read and listen to, the more I’m beginning to think, like some others here, that Jodi wasn’t even the one who killed Travis. Could one or more of the roommates have done it and set her up somehow? It’s so confusing. Martinez has NEVER established a believable motive for Jodi to have planned the killing.

        Someone here many days/weeks ago suggested that Story #2 was, in fact, the correct one, but Nurmi believed if they used that defense, Jodi would end up on death row. I would love to hear speculation from people who know more about this case than I do on how Story #2 (a man and woman broke in and killed Travis and threatened Jodi) might have played out.

        • I don’t believe she planned to kill him either. I may have missed something along the way but I just can’t figure out how Jodi could drag and put Travis back into the shower by herself. If she runs about 125lbs and he is pushing 200lbs (I believe) how could she drag him down the hall then pick him up enough to seat him in the shower. If he was in fact was gone at that point, it would be even harder to move him being “dead weight”. I dont know how this could be possible for her to do it. I believe there are others involved.

            • No one here is saying sge didnt do it because if her LOOKS.
              There’s a picture of “A” foot, not Jodis face. It could be anyone’s foot. Your right, this is not a case of WHO did it. Jodi has already confessed or I would say “taken the rap”. But it doesn’t mean she STILL did it or did it alone. She can be very scared to come out with the truth. Oh wait, she DID try and Flores and everyone else didnt WANT to blv THAT story so they kept slamming her and pushing her, telling her over and over and over and over that THAT wasnt true, that SHE did it and she HAD to confess. So, shes already tried that before, they wouldn’t be ALL over it because they didnt. They didnt do a thorough investigation on those roommates. And ONLY 5 DAYS???? I would think 5 days of a decomposing body throughout a home would bring some type of suspicion. If not to the two roommates or the girlfriend, what about a dog?????? Its kindda backwards. If the roommates were there all day, they would’ve been immune to the smell and maybe MAYBE the smell could’ve been a little more faint to them BUT (like you said), they were in and out throughout the day. That would’ve made the smell even more evident, no??? Look at photos, the roommates room door is not thay far away from TA room. Look at the vents. And look at the stairway that the roommates and gfriend would have to pass TA room door WITH a vent right above of TA room door.
              Its NOT just as simple as she did it to save her own life. There’s alot more going on and that’s why alot of us are here discussing it, even though our comments and theories might not help her defense because she took the blame. It doesn’t mean that we cant come up with, what if’s and what about’s…… jodi is hated by alot of people because shes smart n beautiful. It has NOTHING to do with her innocence, it shouldn’t even be brought up.

              • that vent on top of his door really bothered me too when I first saw the pic.the door was locked not sealed with wax or sth,the smell must have gotten out even in small doses and with the vent being there plus it was in summer….sth just doesnt feel right.

                • Right, maria. They HAD to pass that door every single time to go to there rooms. Unless therecwas another way up. Detective Idiot even smelled it, ehy wouldn’t anyone else or the dog??? Thats BS that theres no evidence, so there COULDN’T have bern someone else there! !! Thats BS!! Like detectives are 100% accurate all the time at what they do. Plz. Especially this detective Bobo!!!

                • Yeah both OJ n Scott did it!!! Thats exactly what we’re saying. Look, if you dont blv in OUR theories, you dont have to include youself in it n try to make people seem like we have no logic. Thats what WE blv, we’re having a grown up conversation and debating, if you don’t like what we’re saying or thinking, you dont have to comment about it with immature sarcasm. Thx

                • I’m getting to this “discussion” late….but actually in the interrogation Jodi first said that WAS NOT her foot.

          • I agree. I am a nurse and we use patient’s clothes all the time to help move them from point A to point B. We usually grip the waistband of their pants to help guide them, stabalize them and take some of their weight. It would be very difficult to move a wet, bloodied, 200+ pound dead body.

          • Right! I’ve posted this a few times… I work in the death-care industry and have made thousands of removals. A 200lbs dead person is NOT easy to move (they tend not to cooperate very much). Usually took 2 to 3 people with the aid a combi-cot with handles to get the deceased up onto the gurney (which is about equal to the height of the threshold into the shower). If you have seen the photo of TA in the blue body bag of the floor he fills it completely. And also, I have have made removals in the summer heat where a person has been dead for 5 or 6 days and you can actually smell the de-comp from the street! In the condition TA was removed he was what we call “a floater”. Now, wouldn’t these room-mates have had the AC on? Of course they would have… and you mean to tell me that there is NO air in-take vent upstairs???? Central air, right? I’d love to see the defense recreate the crime scene and have Jodi just try to pull a 200+lbs pound man the same distance and up into the shower. I doubt she could do it (especially in the time frame required).

        • The odor of human decomposition is an odor that one never ever forgets. It is NOT possible that the roommates did not smell an odor in that house, no matter how many times they went in and out. The girlfriends also would have noticed the odor. Because he was supposed to be on a trip? THAT in itself is bologna. FIVE days of decomp in AZ in JUNE. There are many things that make no sense. To me, that alone is reason for doubt however.

      • If you read all the reports available through this site, you will find the answers to your questions. Like:

        Why is the crime scene so obvious that Jodi did it ,was there anything removed can we really state no one else was there??
        …No one else was there but Jodi, according to Jodi, and no other fingerprints were recovered.

        The Friends state Jodi did it right away that’s very very strange.
        …. They stated Jodi as a suspect because Travis had said she was stalking him.

        Was she set up I do not know because, The Camera Pics too convenient. Can anyone trust the time on the Camera since its gone through a washer?
        … The clock on the camera is still functional to this date.

        She should have been Covered in Blood
        … Jodi says that she was covered in blood in her car and washed it off.

        Did Travis Friends call the Room Mate to check on Travis since he was in the Home?
        … They tried calling the roommates before going to TA’s house, but they did not answer the phone, so the friends went over there.

        I too am trying to find some information to help Jodi, but you have to go by what is already known and find something that everyone else has missed….

    • Dr. Samuels also mentioned Transient Global Amnesia (i.e., short term amnesia triggered by overwhelming emotional stress, sexual intercourse, strenuous physical exertion, etc – all of which Jodi experienced).) . It usually resolves WITHIN 24 HOURS so Jodi’s memory could have returned anytime within the 24 hours after the gunshot although she might never remember the actual stabbing.

      I was watching a Youtube video last night of 3 cops in a surprise shootout with a kid. One cop said he had no memory of drawing his gun and shooting several times. It was a legitimate shooting too since it was caught on tape and no one was killed. I don’t know how long his amnesia lasted though. It might just have been minutes. But, there are many traumatic events where people don’t remember (e.g., car accidents WITHOUT head injury).

    • According to Gus, Jodi said “Travis is dead and I don’t know what happened.” That totally fits with her memory loss and PTSD.

      If Gus’ testimony discredits Dr Samuels, why didn’t Martinez question him about it? Think about it. Martinez KNEW everything Nurmi and Willmott were bringing to the table, including the PTSD. If this discredits a defense expert, don’t you think he would have questioned Gus about it in front of the jury?

    • The precise psychology of Jodi’s denial after she killed Travis is complex to understand.

      You have to understand that there is a complex battle going on in her mind, denial is a defence mechanism that our mind’s have that is activated when there is an unbearable conflict. At one level she knows very well that Travis is dead and that she has killed him, but denial kicks in, and she cannot accept it.

      Think of an alcoholic in denial. At one level they rationally know they have a problem, but they can still deny it is a problem, because it is not acceptable to the ego/psyche.

      Denial is not a rational process, it is an automatic irrational protection mechanism when we are faced with something our ego cannot accept.

      I believe Jodi’s initial denial (of being present) was out of shame and fear. The second (much longer) phase is when her mind cannot accept that she killed Travis, and the defence mechanism causes her to think of alternative explanations. Her belief in the intruders becomes completely genuine.

      Since denial is not a rational process, it’s not easy to understand, but it is an objective fact that it does occur.

  2. Hey folks,
    In the interest of “disclosure” and continuing on our good fight, I would like to suggest to the admin here that we get a statement regarding this redneck’s post on youtube. Personally, I could not give a rat’s ass if your server is in Pakistan or Timbuktu, or that there’s other websites connected, yadda, yadda,yadda. Making money or getting “hits” or whatever does not preclude the very noble fight for justice and truth that has and continues to go on here. However, I will NOT be like the sheeples who attempt to cover up and ignore anything that does not 100% support the witch hunt. So in light of this “revelation” of apparently available information on this website, I invite a more thorough and succinct explanation of the aforementioned references. That’s all:)

    Nk says:
    March 18, 2013 at 12:00 am
    SJ, JC

    I wanted to bring your attention to this link. (This is absolutely hysterical!)

    So apparently, y’all are a “Pakistani guy” who is getting paid to pretend to be a whole bunch of different people and post comments on this site about Jodi’s innocence because apparently there is just no way that there could be these many people believing she is innocent watching the trail. Oh the conspiracy!

    Just thought you should know about this.

    • Hi Maggie!

      Yes, we are continuing on with our “good fight” as you said – and in light of that, we refuse to get sidetracked with any irrelevant BS, lol.

      Team Jodi

      • Good idea, SJ. If the haters were all correct, you’d be a Pakistani man creating fake usernames, Jodi’s family members, Jodi’s friend Donovan, a random ex-con with ex-con friends, and Bryan Carr all rolled into one!

      • Hello SJ,

        Okay, that’s all well and good. However, I think it might be a good thing to get a “little sidetracked” on this and again be a little more specific. As I said, I care not about where your server is, or if even you yourself own a chain of 7-11’s. I would venture to say many of us feel this way. Others who may not are missing the big picture, and in that case, I’d be willing to help illuminate them, as I’m sure many others would, too.

        So, with that said, little Miss Tenacious Maggie re-phrases her question!:)

    • In the spirit of true disclosure I am the Pakistani guy here. This is all in my effort to overthrow any concept of justice you American dogs may have. This is my subtle effort to undermine your western Godless ways.

      • Thanks Al for the full disclosure as well as this web site. Sorry it took a “Pakistani Guy” to show us Americans that we really need to always keep an eye on our Government and it’s Judicial system to insure it hasn’t become corrupt. I think that is what our founding father’s wanted us to do. 🙂

      • You can’t be the Pakistani guy here, I’m the Pakistani guy here. Now hurry up and get back to arguing and work up a good sweat and come in and buy a slushy.

        Thank you, come again!

      • Haha, Al! Like I said, I have no problem with “fur’uh’ners” taking advantage of this country’s insatiable obsession with big trials and the like and if there’s a buck or two in it (not condoning fraud or anything but you know what I mean probably) then have it. Write your books, yadda, yadda, ….that effort does not preclude one’s more conventionally pure motives, justice and truth. IMHO. Mr. Bashif has his rights and I will defend them! The fact that his info is readily available from “who is” is important to me. Because it says, “he could have hid that fact easily, but he did not.” Now that said, Mr. Bashif’s personal facebook and other pages may be scrutinized now for less than favorable comments, even in jest, regarding, especially women.

        And that, for the time being, is my final word on the subject. Besides, I am starting my own damn TV station: Inconvenient Truths TV, or ITTV….! This is my “soft launch”, ha! Can somebody tell me just how to start my own TV station…purty please..?

        Oh, and this is not my first rodeo in taking the side of an underdog. Or wanting to expose truth. Hell, I started an underground “newspaper” in high school! And especially in this case, with so much sensationalism and slander, disguised as “journalism…..HLN…..I feel the wind beneath my wings!:)

        Now, SJ and the team, I give you my blessings and support in publishing the official public records autopsy report of Ashley Reed. And again, preemptively with sympathy to her family and true friends.

        Have a wonderful day, everyone! (Please don’t “ban”me…..:)

        • I do hear you Maggie. I think your point about the “less than favorable remarks about women” is a concern.

          I do however think that those who do not wish to look at this trial with a critical eye, will trash anyone that supports Truth and Justice for Jodi. As I have seen, we supporters are all sciopaths like Jodi.

          That being said, I think we all must have a bit of curiosity as to those who started this web page. This is an inquizitive group after all. (that is, unless I am really the only non Pakistani that is posting here. )

            • That video was just a way to distract us when we were researching travis alexander’s criminal background history. I’m from the west coast by the way;-) I live near the desert and the mountains.

            • That said, I will also state,for the record, that I am not Pakistani. However, I have been known to wear a burka at the beach to protect my porcelain skin.

              I will say this on this subject, and hopefully this will be my last word:

              People fear what they cannot or will not make an attempt to understand. I can’t help that I understand so much! Nor, I bet, can any of you!


              • Lol Maggie, your so funny!!!!I love the idea of you having your own TV/show station.
                How would we know its you though???

                • There are tons of people who could do a better TV show out of their garage than HLN or CNN does most of the time. I’ve been saying that for years and this trial is making it clear for many more people.

          • I’d say the naysayers are fishing. They want to know who is responsible for this site, and mark my words they have no good intentions. Its best to keep any and all info under wraps.
            The haters are CRAZY. That’s one of the reasons I don’t use my FB to talk about this case, I can’t be held responsible for anything I might do if someone were to threaten my kids.

            • They also slander and post false information about people they find. Some will call employers’ ect. It’s best to hide identity in my opinion.

            • No kidding. Sad, sad commentary on our world. When good people who are fighting for truth and justice have to hide out, while the media can spew any hate they want…

            • Its a smart move. There used to be a good FB page that was much like this site, but it is like the admin just disapeared, and there are some pretty nasty trolls lurking on there right now. By lurking, i mean they are posting negative things without going overboard, but you can feel it building in their comments.

    • So now I find out I don’t exist and just a product of imagination. I think I’m going to start using this as an excuse for everything and anything.

      • Yep, that’s a good one to use. And then the “stolen identity” is good. Oh wait, and then “but I used PPL to expunge” is also good….and on and on and on…..

    • Oh wow can they really not come up with anything better??? Lol yea and like you said, ” who cares? ??!!! ” I DONT!!! As long as im supporting Jodi and know that im on the right side to support our constitution and our laws I don’t give a shit where the server’s from.

      So they think we’re fake people? !!! Hahhahaaa thats shows how gullible they are, LOSERESSSSS!!!!

      • LC-
        Some say we are fake, other’s say we are sociopaths….guess we will need to wait till the expert witnesses diagnose us. LOL

    • Wow, I find that video to be incredibly racist. It’s basically saying that if a Pakistani guy owns this site, that suddenly all our comments are “plants” by terrorists that want to subvert the justice system. Yeesh, talk about some xenophobic bullshit.

      It just goes to show how backward the Travisites are. Like I said, leisure suits in a hardware bar. They’re still afraid of the dark skinned, turban wearing “terrorists” come to take their jobs, freedoms, and 7-11s away.

  3. The other day I facebook Attorney Jordan Rose and asked her if she got her facelift from “Joe’s Taxidermy.”

    I am still waiting for her response.

      • That’s what I’ve read as well. Nurmi is very compassionate with Jodi, so I don’t think that he dislikes her or doesn’t believe her.

      • But then why did he take the case at all? I think it’s a big deal to all to be removed from a case. It is alsonot that easy to do. I had a friend who was going through a nasty divorce, his attorney tried to get of the car but the judge wouldn’t let him.

        • Originally, when Nurmi was first assigned the case, he was working at the public defender’s office. After he left the public defender’s office, he tried to withdraw for a number of reasons. 1. He was starting his own practice and needed to focus on his own clients. 2. He wasn’t being compensated properly and this case was taking up ALL his time — as you can imagine. The public defender’s office was paying him, but not much.

          He wasn’t allowed to withdraw from this case, but they did adjust his hourly rate to $225. That was in late 2011 (if I remember correctly). That’s a pretty low rate for an experienced criminal attorney in most states. I don’t know the going rates in AZ, but Phoenix doesn’t seem to be a low income part of the country.

            • I think they claimed they had some kind of conflict of interest. Apparently they had some other client who was somehow connected to this case creating a conflict of interest. Don’t know who it was or what the connection was. It could have been just as simple as one of the various parties interviewed by the police for this case. That might have been enough to raise the conflict of interest. If the DA ever wanted to call one of them as a witness the PDs office then could not comfortably cross examine a past client.

                • Yes she did, with Nurmi as a consultant, but quickly acknowledged she was in over her head. That is when Nurmi and Jennifer were appointed by the court.

              • I think that was the co counsel with Nurmi Victoria Washington but the first 2 prior to Nurmi both requested to withdraw and I did not see the reason in the court minutes.

                • Yes, Victoria Washington was the lead public defender on Jodi’s case, and Nurmi was second chair. Ms. Washington withdrew because she realized she had a conflict. By then, Nurmi was considered experienced enough to take over as the lead.

                  What might help here is a basic understanding of public defenders and why attorneys enter into the profession. Essentially, most people attend law school because they want to help people and make great doing so, or they have political aspirations (elected positions). If you aren’t in the top percentile of your class in law school and on numerous reviews, etc., or you’re not working at a law firm as a clerk/paralegal while in law school which has an interest in hiring you on after you pass the bar, your chances of being hired by a law firm are pretty slim. If possible, you attempt to clerk for a court — which then greatly increases your chances of being hired at a law firm. But if you don’t get one of those highly competitive jobs, you may well (especially in this economy) end up having to take a job as a paralegal, even with your Juris Doctor degree.

                  One of the great advantages of being hired at the PD’s office is that you will get incredible experience in court basically straight out of the gate. You will try cases within your first year. You will second chair on larger cases. Although you will have long hours during some trials, you will be able to work only 40-50 hours on many weeks of the year.

                  If you worked at a law firm, you would be unlikely to even see a court room for years, let alone actually work on a case. Your first few years would be spent doing research, drafting first versions of memos and pleadings (pleadings are all documents filed in a court case), and organizing information in binders for other attorneys.

                  The disadvantage is that you will not make a lot of money (generally starting salaries range from $45,000-$70,000). You will have little time to meet with your clients. You will have no say over which cases are assigned to you and little control over how to strategize your case. Your caseload will be insanely high and you may have as many as 400 cases at any given time And your office will have an extremely low budget with which you can prepare your cases, and very little, if any, staff to assist you with anything. You will feel like you’re providing a great public service in some cases. But, in others, you will deal with elements of society that are certainly not glamorous.

                  Hence, the job has a very high turnover rate and a burnout rate. Most PDs do not remain in the office for more than 3-5 years.

                  Having gained this extensive experience, however, an attorney can apply to the prosecutor’s office, be hired on by a criminal defense law firm, or start his/her own practice in criminal defense, or even a different type of practice (some go into family law!). At this point in time, their grades in law school will no longer matter. Everyone knows that they’ve got fabulous trial experience.

                  While working as a PD, it’s not uncommon at all for a case to be reassigned to another PD, particularly early on in the the case — and this is usually based on workload. I suspect that’s what happened to the first PD in Jodi’s case, or maybe she quit the office? I don’t know for sure because I haven’t looked back that far in minute entries.

  4. So how do we think today’s evidentiary hearing will play out?

    Will the judge allow Dr Samuels testimony on “reactive and instrumental” murder?

    • After all the other evidence that she has thrown out that would be beneficial for the defense, I think she’ll do what she has been doing all along. She will probably toss it.

      • I don’t know – she’s been pretty fair overall about allowing evidence in (the phone sex tape, pictures of Jodi with brown hair in May, Dr. Samuels’ illustrations, etc.). I know that some people don’t like the judge but I think she could be a lot worse. She’s gotta run her coutroom more efficiently time-wise, though, or we’ll be here until summer!

  5. Does anyone know what the hearing slated for this morning is all about? Also, will the hearing be broadcast or is it one of those chambers things?

    • I think it is about the doctor’s testimony It will air on live-stream in about 15 minutes if they are on time (like they have ever been on time)

  6. I just want to say again that I loved that Dr. Samuels said he read journals all the way back to junior high and high school. He said there was not one single negative or violent word in all of Jodi’s writings. I just think that statement was so powerful in showing that Jodi is not the cold-blooded killer the state tried to make her out to be. Those words really struck me, and I know they HAD to affect the jury.

    • I didn’t get to watch it all yet, for some reason my computer kept crashing at the same spot every time..LOL

      That is something to be said…

    • The sad thing is, in a few years the colleges, universities and sports franchises won’t care that they raped this girl, they’ll turn a blind eye to it if it means signing an athlete that can bring in the wins (and the money). Look at Micheal Vic, tortured and brutally killed animals, and yet he’s still out there playing.

    • What bothers me most about CNN/HLN, is how progressive they claim to be. But when push comes to shove, they will side with rapists; unless it’s someone like Jerry Sandusky.

      They care very much about racism and homophobia. But when it comes to women and girls, they are nowhere to be found. And I don’t count JVM and NG among the ranks that ever gave shit; as far as I’m concerned they were only ever there to do damage control to the networks so they wouldn’t lose women viewers.

  7. If anyone wants to follow Lindsay Lohan’s latest troubles her trial is streaming on TMZ.

    She’s 50 minutes late to court!

    • Oh boy! Please don’t tell me that anyone here thinks LILO is a victim?? That girl needs a big wake up call! A long term rehab facility is needed or I fear we will soon read some tragic headlines.

      • TMZ has been reporting Lindsay was offered 90 days house arrest for her latest screw up.

        We’ll find out today if she takes the plea deal at the last minute or if she’s dumb enough to risk serious jail time…….

    • Sadly my belief is that lohan is a victim- she never had a healthy upbringing or role models (highly abusive parents with addiction issues)…one of the biggest symptoms for ptsd survivors is addiction. her issues stem from early childhood pain and abuse. Lindsey’s life is breaking my heart because her issues are so deep and she is not finding the type of help she really needs to heal and be healthy. Sadly in people like Lindsey, their life becomes a tragedy with either legal issues, suicide, overdose, murder- many things can manifest when a person doesnt find the right professional help. Lindsey’s tragic life just breaks my heart and sadly her parents are not capable of helping and probably only contributing to her issues and mental illness. Thats just my opinion 🙂

      • Oh, I agree Tracey. She is a victim of a broken family and the horrible too-much-too-soon syndrome. I was referring to Miss Lohan being victim in this case.

    • I think Lindsay pushes the envelope time and time again to see what she can get away with, and sadly, it usually seems to work. That last judge was so star-struck that Lindsay repeatedly got slaps on the wrist. She’s crying out for attention and it stems back to the 2 wastes of oxygen who raised her.

  8. Great article about why there are haters and why they attack others. I am in complete agreement that its based on their own pain and insecurities but also because there are that many abusers out there and they have to protect there own bad behavior by making so much noise, blaming her to be the guilty one. i love this article because It is how I feel when I have expressed to others with my opinion about Jodi’s trial and even my own story. People do not understand the depth of abuse unless they have experienced it themselves. Those ready to assume Jodi’s guilt makes me feel that we have gone backwards in the domestic violence movement that was making so much headway prior. The HLN people had such a great opportunity and platform to raise awareness to the dynamics of abuse-domestic violence and self protection and they blew it!!! Jodi’s trial is an excellent source of education and if people werent so broken from their own past experiences, and the media wasnt so hungry for ratings, we could be making serious headway and demolishing the myths that are surrounding this case by all the haters. I have come to belief that the haters are abusers themselves.

    • Me too. The comments they’ve posted here are proof positive that they have an inability to accept and respect the rights of others. Abusers believe that they are the only ones on earth with any rights, and the rest of us just have to shut up and put up with their crap.

      It’s ironic that whenever I visit a link posted here, these abusers/haters are always complaining that they can’t get a word in edgewise here. Wow, and have they seen the Travisite pages where people are threatened, stalked, harassed, and verbally assaulted for posting their opinion? Then they want to whine because they are banned from this site for posting pro-Travis bullshittery.

      Screw them. They can rot in the hell they believe in for all I care.

  9. BTW, when I spoke to Kirk Nurmi’s office they said they have investigated the “3am phonecall from Jodi to Gus” and its not true. Phone records don’t back it up so why is he still claiming this? Like someone said, its retarded that he is.

      • I did not speak with Mr Nurmi, I spoke with a young girl that answered the phone. I told her about Gus’ interview on Friday and she thanked me. Then I asked about the 3am call Gus keeps talking about and why it has not been followed up on. She said they DID investigate, and I said “there was nothing there I guess”? She said yes. Nothing there. So this confirms my suspicions about this guy partly and reinforces my anger about his unwillingness to tell on the folks that claim they saw Travis be abusive. I am pissed big time about that!

        • I wouldn’t throw Gus out because of that, Amelia. Those folks at Nurmi’s office are sick and tired of being called out on every little thing. They had SOOO much other stuff to do, and it very likely could have just slipped by. And they are left to come up with something plausible to help them not look like idiots. Not that they are, but they ARE human. Same with the criminal record deal. OR, if verifying GUS would have opened up yet another can of worms, they had to discount it. And on and on and on…..

          • Maggie, Gus has been talking about the call for weeks. I don’t think they let that slip by. It may have been as you say that it would have opened a new can of worms, but she specifically stated they investigated the call and that it was not true. Why would the office say that if it were not the case? She did seem very interested in the fact that Gus did this new interview with Greta and that he said there are definitely witnesses to Travis’ abuse. I know some people have been protective of Gus but I see him as untrustworthy. He always said there was a possibility it could hurt her. Yes, he is one of the few speaking out for her, but I wonder if he was not would he be in anyway media worthy? Maybe he knows this. I know that if I knew people that told me that Travis WAS abusive and knowing how there is so little hard evidence backing up Jodi’s story and I didn’t go to her defense and TELL them the name or names of those people I would feel guilty beyond anything and would not be able to live with myself. This is about life and death not just an interesting media topic of the day!!!!

            • I hear you, Amelia. It’s very complicated, although it sounds simple on one level. I see very little to indicate he is a “limelight seeker”. This is 2013 and we’re all able to promote ourselves, it doesn’t make him or anyone else untrustworthy, in my humble opinion. He appears to be doing very well in PPL anyway. Him knowing others who said Travis was abusive would likely not sway the trial. So any news he had would not really be a bombshell, though I can certainly see why we’d all like that to come out. I have little doubt that if he truly felt the info would mean life or death for Jodi that he’d come out with it. That’s just the feeling I get, from what I see and read.

              On that note: So now HLN is adding “special effects” to their coverage — smoke graphics on the screen over the testimony by Dr. Samuels, the very credentialed Dr. Samuels, as opposed to say, the very quacked up, has-been “professional” on their lineup…..Is this what “fair and balanced” has come to?


      • Thats kindda weird. I DO blv Amelia called. Im thinking that the person that answer phones were probably told what to and what not to say. Im sure that phone is ringing all day long with prank calls n people with misleading information. Idk if it would even blv any of what they have to tell the callers.

    • Maybe it doesn’t fit into their scheme, and its rather strange they would give information over the phone, When the Media has yet to receive any information to the contrary from them by Nurmi’s Office.
      He states His Cell Phone Records can easily back him up. The media, implies he is a liar but that there was no comment by either the defense or prosecution. I just find it odd that anyone off the street would be able to call Nurmi’s office and receive information that the media has not received. Sounds strange to me
      I do not even think that is legal Due to Attorney Client Privilege, since the prosecution is not interested and Nurmi was not either.

      • Never heard of that in my life that any TOM DICK OR HARRY could call a lawyers office. especially in a such a high profile case, and give information to anyone over the phone Highly unlikely and if they did, I would fire them immediately. Who runs a Law Firm like that The 3 stooges ???

        • Really? Give it a try Oliveiro. The number is (602) 285-6947. Tell the young girl that answers that they need to follow up on the witnesses that Gus Searcy mentioned in an interview Friday and ask her if she has spoken with anyone yet giving leads about it. Then ask if they have followed up on the 3am phone call. I really don’t like your aggressive attitude with me. What is your problem? What are we here to defend Gus Searcy instead of being about supporting Jodi Arias???

          • And why should she get fired for commentary on Gus? Are they there to defend GUS or Jodi? If she loses her job because of you I think that really sucks.

            • I worked at a Law Firm back in 1996 when I was in college, never heard of a receptionist giving out that type of information, its completely unprofessional. I am not going to call Nurmi”s office and speak to someone who picks up the phone. So far no media outlet has offered any contradiction, other then smearing Gus, this trial is about Jodi Arias not the Gus.

            • Uh, this isn’t an “either/or” situation. I defend both Gus and Jodi, any reasonable person will see that I focus on Jodi the most; in fact I don’t understand the obsession with tearing Gus down. Why spend so much time tearing Gus down when you could be defending Jodi?

              If the secretary loses her job, it won’t be because Oliviero or anyone else posted an opinion on the internet. I’m sure Nurmi is sane enough to make his hiring and firing decisions on his own, rather than by what someone says on the Internet.

              No, if the poor lady loses her job, it will be because you decided to come here and claim having this alleged conversation without any thought to her job security.

              If I had that conversation I would be emailing SJ before talking about it, I wouldn’t risk undermining the defense in any way. That includes the secretary’s job. This is a death penalty trial.

              • I agree. Calling a law office and asking why don’t they do this and why don’t they do that is really presumptuous. I know we are all hear to support jodi but the lawyers have a job to do and distracting their staff is not helping jodi. Not only that, they cannot force someone to testify because Gus said this person or that person has knowledge of a, b and c. Gus saying that is hearsay and all the person has to say is they know nothing.

            • LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I heard MORONi visited them. I believe that Nancy Grace must have picked up the phone, She is in Arizona, took off her barrette and is temping at Nurmi’s office.

            • Yep apparently they are so gifted, they can have a record expunged “Within the hour” instead the usual 48 hour wait; and subsequent handful of months it takes for the government to catch up.

              • i dont believe the brothers story that it was him and not travis i said the day someone discovered the record that it would be squashed a record is a record and it should have been out of the system that was years and years ago dont forget the sister the police officer that lived and worked there.

  10. Texas woman arrested after leaving store with three gas cans

    WACO, TEXAS – A 68-year-old woman was arrested Sunday after undercover officers working on a non-related case saw her leave a CenTex Auto Parts store with three five-gallon gas cans. Sgt. Mike Pollance of the Waco Police Department Drug Enforcement Unit said he believed the woman, Clara Boyce, was planning to commit murder.

    “Officer Trayback and myself, we saw the suspect leaving the store with a shopping cart in which was two gas cans that we could initially identify,” Pollance told reporters. “But as she neared our location, we saw there was a third gas can in her cart, so we confronted her.”

    According to Pollance, Boyce told him she had purchased the cans as gifts for two of her grandchildren who were planning to go three-wheeling in the mountains the next weekend. Police officials charged Boyce with three counts of conspiracy to commit murder, one count for each can.

    “It’s going to be up to a jury to decide all this,” Pollance said, “but as far as I’m concerned, this is a clear-cut case. Who buys three gas cans? Nobody I ever heard of.”

    Waco Police spokesperson Missy Kennedy said Boyce is being held without bail and will be arraigned in district court on Monday. Kennedy also said there will be a request to have the trial moved to Arizona.

    “We’re not that experienced in gas can prosecutions,” Kennedy said. “But we hear they’re all the rage in Arizona, where prosecutors like Juan Martinez in Maricopa County are tough and will under no circumstance allow criminals to get away with murder.”

    The Waco Tribune-Herald reached Martinez, a deputy Maricopa County attorney, at his home by phone Sunday and asked him what he thought about the case involving Boyce and the three gas cans.

    “She said she was buying them for her grandchildren?” Martinez squeaked over background noise of Mexican fiesta music and a woman yelling in Spanish at a dog.

    “The grandchild defense won’t work,” Martinez said. “Right now I’m prosecuting a case where a gas-can killer claims she bought three cans to hold gas for her car. Criminals are getting pretty stupid these days, if you ask me.”

  11. Good Monday morning everyone.

    Kmiller: I agree 100% with you – if someone threatens my kids I’m NOT responsible for my actions…

    I think Gus is just a media whore. He is trying to stretch his 15 minutes of fame into a week at Jodi’s expense. Just like the everyone associated with this case from the phony Bryan Carr to the “friends” that have spoken about this case to the “media”.

    Oh and I am not Pakistani either. 🙂

  12. Just got tuned in today for the trial – I see either they are late starting, as usual, or perhaps some delay? What’s the scoop friends?!

  13. This trial is brought to you by

    StarBucks, It’s a Strawberry Frappuccino, Fucker.

    Walmart, Not if your life depends on us, and

    KY Jelly, Hey baby if I knew you were a virgin I would have taken it easy. And if I knew you were going to be so quick, I would have taken these pantyhose off.

  14. Off topic; I was attacked on facebook by a guy with profile name Max C Coulombe. Very low-brow character. Any information about him?

    • I have none but I will tell you that I have been attacked on fb and youtube. As someone else pointed out – they are like brain-eating zombies – you dare say something intelligent, try to start a discussion, ask a question that might question TA’s background and they swarm you with hatred and threats.

      I thought it was crazy talk before but now I honestly believe that many of these people have a mental illness as well as an anti-American sentiment. They don’t like our laws or what we stand for; “innocent until proven guilty.” They hate truth and are very cult-oriented thus creating their hateful mob mentality. I do believe they are a dangerous group so I really, really believe it is best for ALL of us to keep safe and stay out of those places.

    • I’ve been attacked on FB and Youtube also, but I have to admit I kind of enjoy it. I get a kick out of watching people become increasingly frustrated as they try so hard to belittle you and in return you just laugh at them. And fyi, being called a troll really doesn’t bother me… sticks and stones, haters… lol

    • Four day weeks, work doesn’t start til 10am (and even thats questionable most days), 1.5 hour lunches, afternoon breaks, etc…..

  15. So apparently the defense has conceded on the issue and won’t do the hearing.

    Jury will arrive at 11am local / 2pm ET.

  16. this will be the trial of the year and not because of all the obvious reason, its because it took the entire year of 2013 before it was completed.

  17. My newest thoughts:

    I have to say that I am really worried about the current “justice” system and the “in’s and out’s” of how trials, now a days, really go through a progression and how that progression doesn’t really fit with the overall theme of “justice”.

    Because I tend to write like I think/speak, I have a hard time clarifying in my mind how to write this…I apologies in advance. It seems to me that the current justice system is based more on “lawyering”, “procedure” and “feeling” than it should be. The facts are not negotiable. A FACT is not a fact unless it is a FACT. Yet I see this trial filled with speculation. A fact…Travis is dead. A fact… Jodi killed him. A fact…the state charged Jodi with Pre-meditated murder. These are all facts. However, the trial seems to be based on proving things that can’t be proven, even if true. Did she “hate” him? Did she “love” him. Did she “get mad”. Did she get jealous?

    Here, allow me to put it this way; You don’t have to convince people of facts, you show people facts. If you have to convince someone, persuade someone, talk someone into believing something, then it is not a fact. It is speculation.
    This entire trial has been one big “persuasion”. The state claims they are “showing” the jury evidence, but they are not. They are trying to persuade the jury that things are evidence. There is a huge distinction between the two. The state cannot, should not, could not persuade a jury to vote a certain way. The defense can…they do not have the burden of PROOF.
    The states goal should not be to find someone guilty; its job is to provide all of the facts so that a jury can weed out the guilty from all of the innocent people. This is not the job of a defense team. The defense is not held to the same standard as the state is. I know a lot of people may not agree with this, but the state doesn’t decide if someone is guilty or innocent. They supply facts to a jury and the jury decides if the defendant is guilty or not. This is the heart of “innocent until proven guilty”.

    What we are seeing is not the justice system that protects the innocent BEFORE punishing the guilty. One doesn’t need to see any farther than state’s attorney. He is yelling at the defendant. He is short with the defendant. He is sarcastic with the defendant. By him using emotion, this is a GLARING example of the state persuading the jury rather than providing facts. Again if you have to persuade or convince, then you are not showing facts. I know people will say “that’s just how it is done”. Well, not me. I do not agree with it one bit.

    Let’s say, for arguments sake that she did EVERYTHING the state is suggesting. Is she guilty in a court of law then? NO! She isn’t guilty just because she did it, she is guilty in a court of law when you PROVE with facts that she did it. You may think its ok to find her guilty even without factual proof “if she really did it”, but that is not ok in our legal system. Every case has its own story and facts, and if you find 1 person guilty with no proof but you “know” they did it then you have to use the same rules for ALL the cases that court/law system has. You may get this one “right” but the next one may not, because you have now compromised the system that works out the guilty from the innocent, not the other way around. Our legal system is based on the premise that 1 innocent person going to prison/death row is not ok, even if it means that 100 guilty people have to walk to ensure the 1 innocent person goes free.

    This court trial, being so visible, has brought to light the fact that the state is no longer designed to provide facts. They are designed to provide GUILT. That is not what I hire them for, and yes, we all pay for them, they work for us.

    With that said, I see very few facts that are related to the charge of pre-meditated or felony murder. I hear ALOT of facts about things that don’t have anything to do with the charge, but not very many that have to do with the actual charge.

    As I have stated before, she wasn’t charged with “being a whore”, “being mean”, “being weird”, “being a liar”, “being a flirt”, “being a bad Mormon” or any of the other things the state is trying to prove. At this point of the trial based on FACTS she has not been found guilty of anything close to what she was charged with.
    (BTW, not that it should matter… I am a 38 year old white male, banker, father of 3. I do not live in Pakistan. I do not think Jodi is “hot”. I do not believe in the Easter bunny, goblins or some carpenter that walked on water and did magic tricks 2000 years ago. I believe in using my mind and heart to be a good honest person and I believe in return others will try to do the same back to me…and that we will both fail at this from time to time. )

    • good points Sirlips!
      And how come you dont find Jodi hot?Guess her evil enchantress spell didnt work on you?LOL!

    • I agree with you whole-heartedly… ours is no longer a judicial system that is truly looking for justice. It is a “game” of attorneys and especially the prosecutors office to find guilty as many people as they can so it appears they have an excellent conviction of guilty people. Unfortunately, because of this mentality many that are innocent still do not have the chance for appeal due to the fact that it will make our judicial system look bad and inefficient (which it is). We can only pray at this point that the jurors will be fair and see the facts where they are while not turning crazy theories into false “facts.”

      In this light – I do see many people on the hater sights that claim there were a lot of “facts” including Jodi was a stalker and Jodi was angry because he was going to Mexico with another woman. Those of us with clear heads can see that there is no proof of either (if she was truly stalking, then wouldn’t the roommates have seen or known about this behavior and therefore have been a witness for the prosecution?). And as for Jodi being angry, the actual evidence of texts and phone calls (that we have seen) point to the opposite. She did not care and it was TA who called her quite often. Victims do not call their stalkers.

      Sirlips, I think there are far more people who agree with you about our judicial system – it just seems there is nothing we can really do about it at this time.

      • i was “involved” once. u DO learn just what ur saying. it’s a game. the REAL truth did NOT matter. state can make ANYTHING u do, etc. look nefarious.
        taught me a lot, but i LOST ALL RESPECT for the “system”, and most of the workers within. some jurors will simply give in becos their position may not be as supported by the rest of the jury.
        very sad.

    • Awesome post.
      Agree with all of the above.
      And I am lazy so now I do not have to type anything similar myself. Kudos.

      I dont think Jodi is hot either, but I think I DO have Goblins or something living in my basement. No- its my kids. They are small like goblins..- i get confused when I work the nightshift and dont get enough sleep.!

  18. I am going to set my alarm to wake me up at 2:15pm eastern to reset my other alarm to 3:00pm eastern. By then they will adjourn until tomorrow.

  19. Court is always late, now is Arizona kinda like Cali laid back you know … mellow s l o w beacause I just dont understand the lateness,like every court day.

    • Must’ve thought it was a losing issue. The judge had already prohibited pretrial the witness from talking about premeditated murder. It sounded to me like the slides Samuels wanted to present were talking about the same thing while just using different words.

    • I thought the defense only agreed not to use the slide for the two types of behavior in killings. I think the defense can still have the good doctor explain, but they can’t ask him if the killing was of the premeditated nature, etc.

      If I have it correct, JM didn’t want the slide and the defense said okay.

  20. Did anyone else see the interview with Gus on Greta Van Sustran (Sp?) last night on FOXnews???? He actually Supported Jodi and told Greta about several Mormon woman he knows of that know about Travis’ violence but are afraid to speak up…

    • Why would twine afraid? Travis can’t do anything to them now. I dont put much stock in what Gus says. Not that I want to agree w/Chris Hughes, but IMO, Gus is trying to be in the spotlight. Jodi would’ve said she called him if it could be proven. It would help her.

      • Gusted, I believe Gus on this. The women of course wouldn’t be afraid of Travis. They would be afraid of the their morman community. There could be lots of consequences for them.

          • “I would think a religious community would want people to speak the truth, whatever it may be.” —truer words could not be spoken!

            Yah, you would think that a religious community would want that, but since religion has never liked the truth over the deception…err, I me “perception” (wink wink), you won’t get any help from them.

            Not to get into a religious battle here but come on… They are raking this women’s “mind/morals/ethics” over the coals, what about Travis and his mind/morals/ethics?

            What the victim believes:
            Magic underwear. No really…he believed in magic underwear. YIKERS
            He believed that sticking in her ass was OK, because “god” said “no way” to vaginal sex. (that would be like telling a cop you were not speeding as long as the car was in reverse when you were driving 90 down the highway)
            He believed that drinking hot chocolate would send him to hell, but it was OK to tie a woman to a tree and ass fuck her like a little boy. (that breaks 2 laws… no hot beverages and no caffeine)
            Yah know, it really doesn’t matter though what Travis was thinking. Just like it really doesn’t matter what Jodi was thinking. Their thoughts are not on trial, Jodi’s actions are. This brings me back to my prior point. Its makes good TV to talk about drama but in the end, show me the FACTS.

        • Yes, that is exactly what Gus said. He said there are a lot of her own friends, and other Mormon women who are afraid that the Mormon community, and society at large, will make their lives hell, and it isn’t worth it to them. If I was her friend though, I wouldn’t give a damn how many hate emails I got. She’s on death row here. But I do understand that the hatred, your reputation, and death threats would be a very compelling reason to keep quiet.

            • If they’re mothers (and most Mormon women have children young), think of what speaking out could to their kids. Think of how it might affect their marriages.

  21. Wow. Defense just pulled the Doctor’s testimony? Didn’t see that one coming. I guess he will just stick to testifying about Jodi’s state of mind.

    • I wonder if they got an expert lined up for that ‘crime scene’ testimony or if they will just not go there at all…

      • I don’t think the jury is aware. It does make me wonder about it. But most THs over the weekend saud that the law was not on their side, meaning its the jury’s job to say if it was premeditated or not, not the dr’s. That’s my impression anyway.

  22. The amount of time this trial is taking is absolutely ridiculous and not fair to the jurors! The judge needs to make the most of the jurors time. I remember the judge in the Casey Anthony trial was very hard on the lawyers if they wasted the jurors time. He was very conscience of making the most of each day. I do realize those jurors were sequestered though which I’m sure made a huge difference and was also costing the state a ton of money.

      • They were supposed to have a motion at 10:15, w/o the jury. Defense team chose not to argue it. So the judge said since the jury was not there yet, they had to wait until the original jury start time. But I agree that this trial is taking forever. Not sure if its just AZ or the judge or what but the 4 day trial week plus breaks & lunches is just making this drag on for both Travis’ family & Jodi.

    • Maybe that is her strategy…keep ’em here so long that they want to deliberate QUICKLY and get back to their normal lives..Generally a quick verdict is a guilty verdict. This judge IMO is favoring the prosecution.

  23. Krystal,
    I just read your comment/answer to the domestic violence victim who claimed Jodi was no victim.
    So well phrased, my compliments. I hope many many people read it on their site and understand.

  24. Maggie says:
    March 18, 2013 at 1:54 pm
    I hear you, Amelia. It’s very complicated, although it sounds simple on one level. I see very little to indicate he is a “limelight seeker”. This is 2013 and we’re all able to promote ourselves, it doesn’t make him or anyone else untrustworthy, in my humble opinion. He appears to be doing very well in PPL anyway. Him knowing others who said Travis was abusive would likely not sway the trial. So any news he had would not really be a bombshell, though I can certainly see why we’d all like that to come out. I have little doubt that if he truly felt the info would mean life or death for Jodi that he’d come out with it. That’s just the feeling I get, from what I see and read.


    On that note: So now HLN is adding “special effects” to their coverage — smoke graphics on the screen over the testimony by Dr. Samuels, the very credentialed Dr. Samuels, as opposed to say, the very quacked up, has-been “professional” on their lineup…..Is this what “fair and balanced” has come to?

  25. Were Jodi’s grandparents aware their 25 caliber gun was missing BEFORE the police arrived or did they discover it missing AFTER the police arrived on May 28, 2008? In other words, did they do a complete inventory of missing items when they arrived back home and noticed there had been a burglary and then call the police or did they just notice the burglary, call the police and start itemizing missing items while waiting for the police to arrive and perhaps continued identifying missing items when the police were in their home.

    Is there a police report online re: the break-in to Jodi’s grandparents house ? I tried to find the video of Kevin Friedman, the Yreka police officer who responded to the burglary. He was apparently interviewed by Martinez. Is everyone aware that a policeman named Kevin Friedman was forced to resign in February, 2012 after 26 years on the force. I’m not sure it is the same Kevin Friedman from Yreka though. Could there be 2 Kevin Friedman working as police officers in California?I won’t go into the reasons why he was forced to resign here. Articles state that Martinez interviewed Friedman on Day 6 of Jodi’s trial but “earlier in the day – on the day that Michael Melendez was on the stand. I didn’t see Officer Friedman on the video (although I have seen a still photo of him on the stand in an article some place). Was his interview not taped?

    I’m not trying to point a finger at Officer Friedman (or any other police that were there – if any) but I’m aware of cases where policemen investigating a house robbery actually helped themselves to items left in the house – in one case an officer put a valuable ring in his pocket. Plus, SOME police could always use an extra gun as police have been known to shoot unarmed people and then place a gun at the scene of the shooting so they can claim the shooting was legit.

    Friedman apparently did mention there was a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood around the time of the burglary at Jodi’s grandparents.

    I know it’s a stretch but…

    My question: Were Jodi’s grandparents aware their 25 caliber gun was missing BEFORE the police arrived or did they discover it missing AFTER the police arrived? In other words, did they do a complete inventory of missing items when they arrived back home after noticing the burglary and then call the police or did they just notice the burglary, call the police and start itemizing missing items while waiting for the police to arrive and perhaps continued identifying missing items when the police were in their home.

    Is there a police report online re: the break-in to Jodi’s grandparents house on May 28, 2008? I tried to find the video of Kevin Friedman, the Yreka police officer who investigated (or at least took a report on the burglary). I guess everyone is aware that he was forced to resign in February, 2012 from the police force after 26 years on the force. I won’t go into the reasons why he resigned here. Articles state that Martinez interviewed Friedman on Day 6 of Jodi’s trial but “earlier in the day” that Michael Melendez was on the stand. I didn’t see Officer Friedman on the video (although I have seen a still photo of him on the stand in an article some place).
    Was his interview not taped?

    I’m not trying to point a finger at Officer Friedman (or any other police that were there – if any) but I’m aware of 2 documented cases where policemen investigating a house robbery actually helped themselves to items left in the house – in one case an officer put a valuable ring in his pocket. Plus, SOME police could always use an extra gun as police have been known to shoot unarmed people and then place a gun at the scene of the shooting so they can claim the shooting was legit.

    Friedman apparently did mention there was a rash of burglaries in the neighborhood around the time of the burglary at Jodi’s grandparents.

    • It seems like anyone’s testimony who could help Jodi had something happen to them …..

      Like, this officer, a string of robberies in the neighborhood around this time would indicate that Jodi’s grandparents fell victim to this same robber. It wasn’t like her grandparent’s house was the only place robbed ….

        • LC,

          Probably because Martinez would just argue that Jodi took advantage to the fact there were robberies in the neighborhood and include that as part of premeditation

    • annieEP,

      I am surprised that Martinez did not object when the doctor said, “amnesia is not a condition that people make up to cover up something…”

  26. Ha Ha! The defense made Dirty Sanchez think they were going to say Jodi suffers from Global Amensia!
    I bet he is PISSED he is not ready to cross on this!! LOL good one!!

    • Well I’m sure they were going to talk about it, if this is what he believes Jodi has, but I feel that they spoke of global amnesia just before the weekend, just so JM will assume this is the diagnosis, and prepare with that in mind.

      • Quite possibly because the diagram will show that the bullet did not pass through the brain.

        I can’t think of any other reason why Martinez is so threatened by that diagram that he made sure the jury wasn’t allowed to take the power point presentation back to the jury room for deliberations.

    • I think she fights it more then Nurmi. I saw her more then a few times pushing at Nurmi to obeject when Martinez was barking at Jodi.

      Go JW!!!

    • Go to a different feed witha link…. they block (I block) facebook at work, but the kiddies found ways to get on there through a sideways link… like they willgo to a site that says “sign inwith facebook” and it will let them in,because the facebook part gets shoved so far down the web address.
      I learn alot from those monsters lol.

  27. Did I hear it differently than others. I thought the defense only agreed with not using the slides that breakdown the two different types behaviors with killings (premeditation and self-defense).

    Any thoughts if this is what other heard versus pulling of any of the testimony in different types of behavior seen in specific types of killings?

  28. Quote of the day. “If memories are not there, they cannot come back”. Dr. Samuels. But the Zealots gloss over that one.

  29. The doctor now can’t state that JA’s story was consistent even when asked in many different ways in order to do the tests “as is required”.

  30. Oh nooooo!!!!! He said, “covered in blood” intrusive thoughts.

    I wonder if that’ll hurt her???? Jodi didnt testify covered in blood!!!!!

    • This is standard operating procedure. It is routine for the presenting side to bring up any flaws with a witness first, if they know about them. It removes the shock value. All lawyers do this and this Dr. has been through this many times over his career and was well prepared to answer under direct examination.

  31. Anyone else think the court recorder (the older gent in front of the witness) looks like he has a few shots of whiskey before in comes in to work in the morning? He reminds me of Foster Brooks (you young ‘uns will have to google him)… lol

  32. Im so glad they brought this up before Martinez did. This is what the Losers were slamming him about, now its in the open.

  33. I just think it’s hilarious, this is a murder trial and we’re talking about the poor Dr. doing a good deed by swapping his services for another doctor’s services, can you say off subject? But yes, great job bringing it up before Martinez.

    • Exactly! JM will no doubt refer to the rules of testimony against confirmed saints.

      Judge seems fair to me, and on more than one occasion fed up with JM.

      Dr. Samuels is vilified! THAT just get kept getting better and better!

      It is common for a patient, in this case Jodi, to be fond of their therapist, Dr. Samuels. After all, he is listening to her, not judging her, trying to help her…something she’s not had for a very long time.

      • Yes.
        He is also an expert in sexuality, and probably did forensics on Travis behavior.
        The judge let him explain the custody mess, but did not let him expand on Jodi’s specific memory details much.
        Let the man speak!
        And yes, let the ‘sentience psychologist’ babble away later.

  34. I still think all these objections by JM will not play well with the jury. I would assume the jury is writing questions around these areas. Once they are vetted through the judge and attorneys, the jurors will no if certain questions were kept out it is due to JM’s obections.

  35. JM will object to Ms. Willmott trying to bring out complaints, etc., but then I bet, IMO, he will try and slam him on XE for the same…..ugh

  36. Okay, so interesting point, to me at least

    As far as I know, when Jodi was first scared to admit that she shot Travis, and came up with the intruder story, she never ever ever had a version that mentioned how Travis was stabbed. To me, this further solidifies the fact that she really just does not remember. I mean, in the intruder story, she could have easily said they also had a knife and had it to Travis’s throat or whatever, but she never did.

  37. (pardon my ignorance but) what’s that round object they each take in front of them while they talk to the judge?

    • Not a whole lot.

      The doctor is testifying that he believes Jodi suffers from dissociative amnesia (phsychogenic amnesia).
      He also explained how the memories become foggy when going into and coming out of such an episode.

      Willmott questioned the doctor on his past (the bartering issue with the dentist and child custody case). The doctor cleared that up quite nicely. Takes nothing away from his credibility

      • Thank you Nk, I appreciate it!! And I had not heard about the bartering issue nor the custody case… Hmmmmm, I should look these up. And WTH, Dr. Samuels personal life has NOTHING to do with his professional work and expertise.

  38. Did the Doc really refer to people suffering from intrusive thoughts as actors, then quickly correct himself and say “individuals”? That sounded like a Freudian slip!

    • No, he was saying actors because he was referring to them being the “actor” or “aggressor” in cases (carrying out the act). He did not want to say aggressors.

      He mentioned this before. In Jodi’s case, she still has dissociative amnesia, even though she was the “actor” in this case, “acting in self defense”

  39. Well, it looks like Dirty Sanchez has lost some of his thunder. Dr. Samuels is starting to change the tides. By the time Dirty Sanchez gets to question Dr. Samuels there will be nothing left from him to do. Dirty Sanchez will be a lonely ‘swirl curl’ at the bottom of a porcelain punch bowl.

    • I’m no fan of Martinez, but he IS doing his job just like Jodi’s defense team. To call him “Dirty Sanchez” is very racist and disrespectful, and I would like to think that this site is a more respectful place than the sites that support the prosecution.

        • I totally know what it means. But that doesn’t make it any less racist. Would anyone be calling him that if he wasn’t Hispanic? I think not.

          I have no problem with criticizing his performance as a prosecutor, as well as his condescending and angry demeanor. I don’t even mind that we come up with nicknames for some of the people in the trial (Skeletor being my favorite!). But how can we on this site say we are being any less vindictive or hateful than the lynch mobs if we refer to people with whom we disagree in such a vile way? Aren’t we supposed to be above that?

      • Are we carrying Political correctness to a point of Mental Illness The guy is dishonest would lie to win a case has the whole media calling Jodi Arias a Whore, Booty Call, He has really crossed boundaries according to any civil person Dirty Sanchez is quite mild. He is a Sleazy LITTLE MAN with absolutely no moral compass. This is NOT a 1 st degree Murder Case. Doing is Job would be a search for the truth, he just wants her Dead. His reputation is not a good one known for being dishonest. He has the whole corrupt media behind him, and he sucks as an attorney, The DP cases he won anyone could.

        • “Are we carrying Political correctness to a point of Mental Illness”

          No. Negative references to his Mexican heritage are not mild. They are unnecessary and rude toward all people who share his heritage.

  40. Just got through Gus and Hughes. Eeek. Anyone else think this PPL is just too smarmy for words? There are 450K employees but only 1,500 of them make over 100K per year. What a racket! Sorry, Gus is pretty sleezy since he has a witness who is so afraid of the financial ramifications from Hughes that he/she won’t come forward so Gus won’t tell who it is either.

    What kind of business promotes so much travel and sleep overs? It’s all too suspect to me.

    Hughes is a fool. He hates Nurmi for nothing more than being Jodi’s attorney and he, Hughes, thinks he is just brilliant. All he does is sell pyramid scams for a living! Does not realize she has the RIGHT to a vigorous defense? He takes it personally that Nurmi is defending Jodi and is enraged over it! Hughes decided for himself that the letters are forgeries, that Jodi forged them and called her a cold blooded murdererd from the stand. He thinks he is smarter than Nurmi and knows more about the law than he. He antagonizes Nurmi and tries to belittle him in front of the jurors and Nurmi is as polite as Sheriff Andy Taylor from Mayberry. Hughes makes a fool of himself, a big azz-clown fool. Particulary since he chastised TA in writing for being abusive to Jodi. Who puts that in writing? Why do these people write letters to each other? He said it couldn’t be TA writing the pedophile confessions because it wasn’t TA’s writing style and he doesn’t date his letters.

    They are all nuts. And scary ones to boot.

    What a bunch of arrogant p*icks. After seeing these slimeball TA/PPL folks, I need a shower. They are like a pit of snakes except snakes have no hidden agenda.

    • Totally agree about PPL. And I found Gus Searcy to be quite sleazy when he was on the stand. I’m glad that he seems to support Jodi, and I’m also glad that he didn’t let Martinez intimidate him. But he totally came across as a salesman, which is a turn-off to almost anyone. I’m looking forward to how Dr. Samuels handles Martinez – I’m certain he won’t be intimidated either, and he will probably handle it much more gracefully than Gus did.

      • I agree Michael, he’ll make Martinez look stupid on his own. Lol can’t wait. I just cant see Martinez yelling at this guy, if he does I wouldn’t know what the hell the jury think!!!

    • Agreed! When I watched Hughes on the stand all I thought was that he was a disrespectful jerk.
      He’s also the only one sweating like a pig on the stand….he’s hiding something

    • The thing is, they’re not even “employees.” They try to act like this is some big legitimate company, but it’s an MLM scheme. Anyone with the start-up fee can join…some would call them “investors,” others “suckers.” LOL.

      • Right! It’s like Amway, Nutrilite, Herbalife, Metabolife, Scentsy, Tupperware and even, to some degree, Avon and Mary Kay. Many of them are operating right on the edge of being illegal.

    • I do not understand the hatred of Gus hearsay evidence is not permissible and I am sure that Nurmi spoke to the people Gus referred him to. Gus defended Jodi. Suddenly everyone is attacking him very strange.

  41. I got a late start today, but was able to rewind and catch everything – which wasn’t much, was it? A couple of thoughts:

    – I wish they’d brought out the bartering issue when they were discussing his credentials. It seemed like it was out of place in the flow of the questioning. Very “Oh yeah, by the way….” I’m glad it was cleared up, but at the same time I don’t think it was handled very gracefully.

    – I know a lot of us are sick of the bench discussions, but I think the judge is handling it well. She doesn’t want the attorneys to argue the objections in front of the jury and possibly taint their opinions.

    – The other side of the coin is that I think this courtroom scheduling is ridiculous. I didn’t time it, but since I got a late start I was able to fast-forward through the sidebars, and I bet there was less than 20 minutes of testimony in that morning session. At some point, you’d think someone would say “enough, already!” and make them start earlier and take a shorter lunch. What a waste of taxpayer dollars. But, this is the same county that keeps re-electing Sheriff Joe, so you never know….

    • Even when a court has an ongoing trial, it will still hear motions from other pending cases and even do arraignments, etc. as first orders of the day. During lunch, the judge and lawyers catch up on the morning’s brush fires from their offices as well as eat. All in good time. The wheels of justice grind slowly, but never stop grinding.

      Be patient.

      • Oh, I get that. But most of us here have followed other trials that were scheduled much more efficiently than this.

    • I don’t know the proper protocol for a trial, especially a DP trial. They may move deliberately to ensure it is done correctly. But you are right, Idiot Sheriff Joe was reelected with 50.9% of the vote. So we know that 50.9% of Maricopa County voters are stupid.

  42. From Travis Alexander`s Myspace page

    “Who I’d like to meet:
    HMMM well Jesus for starters. People who like to give high 5’s incessantly. I’d also like to meet Osama Bin Laden in all out no holds barr, winner take all cage fight. Christopher Walken would be fun to eat Lunch with. Really most people, well except for whores. They are a dime a dozen these days especially on myspace. So if your employment involves a webcam, I don’t see it going anywhere. Outside of that I’m good to go.”

    Such a disrespectful, dismissive, hateful comment from Travis:

    “Really most people, well except for whores. They are a dime a dozen these days especially on myspace.”

    I wonder what a person (woman?) had to do to be described by Travis in this fashion?

    Will his comment now be removed from Myspace – or is that possible?

        • His comment about the “little filly” being the only reason not to put up a wall between the US & Mexico (or whatever he said that was close to that) really told me a lot about the guy. Yuck.

        • Samuels called him a misogynist; a man who hates women. My question here is just this how can he still have such good relations with his sisters and another older woman? Of course this is possible but I would really like some one else like Dr. Samuels to explain it. because I do think Travis was borderline homosexual. I think Jodi was concerned about it and wanted to know about the way he had sex with others. If he was doing the same thing that she saw and disliked with others. She truly believed he needed help. She didn’t want him to be homosexual though she may have been instrumental in bringing that aspect out in Travis she also believed it had more to do with other isssues beyond sex. She was right. He had deep hatred toward women stemming obviously from his childhood.

  43. i just got in, went to tune in AND THEY R IN RECESS! LOL… always something it seems. days off, late, recess, etc.

  44. I am confused about Dr Samuel’s testimony regarding her state of mind prior to the killing when he talks about shaking, scrambled brain in response to yelling is he saying that it is stress??

  45. Juan Martinez is very Disrespectful…Thank you Juan….I think you are doing well for the Defense….Free Jodi!!!!!

  46. hahaha Juan Martinez is making an ass of himself today!!! even HLN Loons thiunk hes an idiot! This wont set right with the jury I promise!!

    • I gotta ask.. did the HLN goons say this..? Did they say “Juan is having an off day?” Im surprised they havent called him for a phone interview

    • I’m so glad you see that. I thought I was the only one. Dr. Samuel is such a fine gentleman, so considerate and kind. It is with his skill and knowledge that he helped Jodi feel secure enough to confess. Martinez is like a wind-up toy my jaw dropped when he attacked Dr. Samuel in exactly the same fashion as he attacked Jodi. It is such a shame that in our country so many are so blood thirsty and ready and willing to be enraged by so many lies.

  47. I would love to know what Dr. Samuel’s professional opinion of Juan Martinez. I wonder if Juan Matinez lives in a yes/no…black/white world.

  48. My mom just walked in and saw Juan Martinez and said if she was a juror she would a vote to acquit because that attorneys an ass!! HAHAHAHA!

  49. I see a Manslaughter Conviction at best, and thats according to current Testimony. Juan Martinez worthless cross-examination about a pencil; making accusations that the “Good DR” has cheated with changing answers on a test Jodi took from her evaluation..So disrespectful…Juan will stoop so low in desperation to criminally convict Jodi. He is absolutely ludicrous!!!

  50. This is my first post:
    Love does both wonderful and sometimes hurtful things. Passion is like an open flame that needs to be tamed. I feel sorry for Jodi and her family.
    I dare not throw a stone at Jodi to say that she deserves death or hell. I was an abused woman. I stabbed a coffee table with a sharp object with all the intention of stabbing my husband. I remember it well. I stabbed it about 11 times. I can still feel the “hate that bastard” feeling. I was highly embarrassed that I could ruin a perfectly innocent coffee table. That is when I came out of the “fog”. That is when I faced 12 years of sexual abuse from my father and three years of physical abuse from my husband. I was 23 when I began my journey of healing. I’m now 56. So, it could be me. It could be me on the stand for killing my husband (now ex). It could be me living on death row. As kind, loving, merciful, and pretty as I am, I know there is a dark side to passion. I know that I, too, am capable of murder given the right situation. Needless to say, I suffered PTSD. I am aquainted with the “fog”. Recovery from abuse and acceptance of my dark side took years. I was fortunate through God’s grace. I extend mercy, grace, and love to her. God is her Judge, not me.

    • God Bless you lauriehill. But for the grace of God any of us could be Jodi no matter what people who have never been there may say or think. Until you have walked a mile in her shoes I would suggest you do not know. I am so sorry you had to walk that mile yourself. Also glad you are on a journey of healing. Keep up the good work. And keep posting!

      • I know what it is like to be snowed by the Mormons. And she had it big time since Travis was so high up. For a lonely “I don’t know where I’m going woman’ it is quite an experience to have your daily life overwhelmed by at least a dozen men having dinner with you, talking to you involved in your life. It can go on for many weeks even longer up until they get you baptized. So Travis got Jodi to give everything up for him and then on the big day he defiles her and himself by having sex …fight off the press taking off their white gowns. It reminds me of the opera “Madame Butterfly” about the ‘ugly American’ soldier who promises to marry a Japanese woman and makes her leave her faith then dumps her and comes back home to America whereupon she kills herself having brought so much shame on her family. Travis totally took advantage of her.

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