Jodi Arias Trial – Day 31

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Kudos to Jodi for standing her ground yesterday, and doing an awesome job as always. Not withstanding his ongoing temper tantrums, his wayward Book of Mormon misquotes and his intermittent hearing problems, Jodi once again showed the little guy up for the piss poor excuse of a prosecutor he really is.

Reminds me of one of my earlier posts – “Prosecutor Fail – the long and the short of it…“, which I’d recommend you read if you haven’t already. I think that was the same post where I quoted from his bio, and stated he was the seventh of eight children born to illiterate Mexican farm workers. I also inadvertently upset 3 illiterate Mexican farm workers in the process… but hey, these things happen. It wasn’t intentional.


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Leave your comments below on the last trial day of the week, day 31…

Team Jodi


  1. New day.

    Folks here are my assessments of what has happened over the last 18 court days. Essentially we have a situation where the case has boiled down to a simple he-said she-said situation. Under such circumstances, unfortunately, the jury tends to believe the prosecution. As the likes of Gerry Spence and Alan Dershowitz will tell you, most jurors enter the court room with the pre-conceived notion that the defendant did it, otherwise the State would not have charged them. They also believe that the police do not lie and nor does a DA, even though defense lawyers and police men will tell you something quite to the contrary.

    What it takes in a situation such as this is for the defense to take a few salient arguments that the DA made and conclusively prove that they are wrong. The best that has happened to that end so far, in this case, was the demonstration with the finger and in fact the little fiasco yesterday where the court reporter failed to find Jodi’s alleged statement. In my opinion, there are a few things that the defense can easily knock out and that will really put the State’s case in jeopardy. Basically negating these “facts”, or at least some of them will allow the defense to argue that the DA was inefficient, incompetent and untruthful.

    The easiest of these are of course showing that the ME’s statement about the impact of a 25 ACP bullet was inaccurate. This will allow them to also discredit the change in story on the part of Flores and/or the ME.

    The $19.65 charge at Tessoro. This will allow them to show that in a lot of cases what JM is doing is speculating and in fact “testifying”.

    The Walmart refund issue.

    The fact that it is possible to step on those shelves without their toppling over.

    I know these sound trivial, but they were brought up with such grandiosity by the State, that if they, or even a subset of them can be proven wrong, and the point is driven home forcefully, then the defense can argue that the State was complicit in deceit, that JM was in fact resorting to innuendos with no real proof and that not everything presented by the State is the gospel truth.

    I think they need to do this. This is a case that revolves around the validity of a defendant’s statement of their state of mind. No one is arguing that JA killed TA. It is just a question of why? and the only statement, or witness or evidence to that fact is her testimony. At this moment she has the disadvantage due to past lies. The defense can’t wipe those out, but I think they can level the playing field by discrediting the prosecutions case.

    Hope Nurmi/Willmott have something up their sleeve.

    • Am I correct that the only charges are 1. first degree premeditated murder, and 2. felony murder committed during the felony of robbery? If they cannot convict under any lesser included offenses in Arizona I think she has a chance of complete acquittal if the jury is impartial.

    • I agree 100% Al. I havent missed a trial day as of yet, but today I will be missing the morning (Dr Apt.) damn it!! Oh well, you guys will keep me updated.

      Jodi and experts good luck! !!

      Team Jodi★

      • I agree as well! Most importantly if the can get ME statements cleared up that would help. That and they need to point out that it would be very difficult for one peron to do everything she is accused of doing in the time they say it happened. Drive home that the evidence of blood through out the room not only the bathroom reglects that a fight took place and would account for the memories Jodi does have. I would also pound the fact that she had no prior knowledge of the roomate’s schedules or where they would be on the day of.

        • Good points Brenda. I would also like to hear from a non-State ME about the bullet and if it really would have left him incapacitated immediately, since Jodi states she shot him first.

    • ITA Al, Also I think if the defense can highlight the fact that JM has been weak on motive. Although technically he doesn’t have to prove motive, people like it, they want to know the why. The motive has been implied, but nothing of substance has been shown. As JA said, when JM questioned her about what you were going to do if the gun was unloaded, and she stated she just wanted TA to stop. This lack of intent can go a long way to prove this was not M1.

      • TB…I’m sorry but you reminded me of what the idiot said about the gun being unloaded…”what where you going to do with it? Throw it at him.” What a total ass he made of himself..but it made me lol.

        What went on in that court room yesterday was beyound words. I thought for a minute there KN was going to get up and body slam the idiot or the judge. I am sure they (KN and team) will not let this slide.

        I honestly think that they have saved the best for last….now that it seems the DP is off the table. Even the peoples on HLN are saying that.

        • Don’t be sorry, maybe I didn’t word it right, but I think that was an important question he asked. Not because it helped him, but it helped her. One of the things to prove M1 is intent. If you are premeditating a murder you have intent. That answer went to her frame of mind and showed a lack of intent.

          • No TB your words were right on. It just reminded me of what he said about throwing it at him.
            I had no issue with the question, it had to be asked…..but it did make him look foolish saying that. JIMP

            My brain hurts…..and I am one of though people that needs to know when, how and why of things.

      • He has NO case AT ALL for murder one. Unlike some who can’t seem to understand the burden of proof in a criminal case, Jodi Arias will NOT get the death penalty. She will not get murder one, and this jury will likely be deadlocked.

        • tonysam, the same people crying for DP because they fail to understand the burden of proof are the same people who huffed and puffed at the Casey Anthony verdict. What surprises me, or maybe not, is that some of those people did have understanding of the burden of proof. What with being prosecutors themselves at some point in their lives. If Nasty DisGrace came to mind here that’s good as it’s who I was alluding to.

          The bottom line is, all the drama and bull shit or more commonly referred to as circumstances surrounding the case really are irrelevant when the jury is deliberating. Or, I should say, it should be irrelevant. I know that the general consensus is that TA’s criminal record and other such information is critical to the case but, when it comes right down to it, it is not supposed to be. The reason being, the jury has one job and one job only; they are instructed to determine a defendant’s innocence or guilt according to the LAW.

          Moral compasses seriously in need of calibration, a lack of ethics, and living a double life or being a complete douche bag or whore does not affect whether the LAW has been broken and to what extent. The issue here is whether or not Jodi went to Mesa that night to carry out her premeditated plan to kill Travis because that is what she is being charged with doing. To prove this, the prosecution would need to prove the murder weapon(s) were already on her person, that she took them with her and that’s only because JM was insistent on the gun she used being her grandparents’. He would have been better off saying Jodi had knowledge of the gun Travis owned and planned to use it to murder him. She planned to pick a fight with him, knowing just what to say to elicit his rage, and ran straight for the closet where she knew the gun was. She knew it was loaded because she loaded it the last time she was there that’s how premeditated it was. What she didn’t plan on was Travis’ superhuman powers and so, when the gunshot barely subdued him, she then grabbed the knife she had stashed away just in case the gun was moved for some reason before she had a chance to carry out her plan.

          But, that’s not what JM did. So, now, he is stuck in the “it was the grandparents’ gun” cluster fuck with no murder weapon to speak of as proof. If the jury is to accept “Travis didn’t own a gun” stated by his friends as concrete proof it wasn’t his gun then the jury should also accept “The gun was Travis'” stated by Jodi. Not because Jodi is the one saying, but, because prosecution can not prove either statement to be true or false. Which, means, the gun issue is null and void.

          To me, proving the gun was her grandparent’s or that she brought it with her was their best chance at M1 but they can’t prove or disprove that claim. Without that, there really isn’t a case.

          OMG!!! UNLESS…….dramatic pause…..was the bullet casing ever dusted for fingerprints? If her fingerprints are on the casing it could be used to prove she loaded the bullet in the gun. If that’s the case, knowing she would not have had time to do such a thing, this would come the closest you can get to proving premeditation without the actual murder weapon.

          No, wait, sticking to my theory as to why the casing was found on top of a congealed pool of blood indicating the blood was there before the bullet and knowing no blood was spilled at that volume before the gunshot if one believes the gunshot came first, (my theory being she picked up the casing from the original location and dropped it onto the blood without realizing) then her fingerprints would be on the casing that way, too.

          UNLESS….her fingerprints are not on the casing at all and that’s why there’s been, as far as I know and correct me if I’m wrong, there’s been no mention of it. IF there are no fingerprints on the casing then…well, shit. She was careful to use her shirt or something to pick up the casing so she didn’t put her fingerprints on it and dropped it without realizing?

          I think I just blew a fuse in my brain. I’m going to take a nap.

          • lol Nasty DisGrace.. I like that!! I’ve signed the petition to get rid of that nasty bunch and put it on my FB page!.

    • Regarding the receipts from Tessoro. Did anyone else notice when he put up the first receipt and pointed out it said “SLC..UT” and he pointed out that meant Salt Lake City.
      When he put up the second receipt it said “SCL”… How can a gas pump have a typo within minutes?
      With that in mind…how can I even trust that receipt? Something is weird there.

    • Just remembered the Casey Anthony case! It was a slam dunk case for the prostitution! ……prosticution….i mean prosecution

      • The problem is everyone remembers that case…..even the 12 people who will decide on rather Jodi lives or dies. HLN is doing a good job of getting the mob in line.

        Did anyone notices that Jodi said maybe TA had the knife? Perhaps TA grabbed it when he was at the sink and came after her after the gun shot. He fell on top of her and they fought over it and she got it and just started stabbing him in the back, head etc. I’m still not buying that she did the neck……..I have never thought that she could have dragged him back into the bathroom and put him in the shower all by herself.

        I am not unlike some of the people on the jury and knew nothing about this case until the trial. I’m not buying it…..will they?

        • I thought that was smart of her to throw in although I wish it came up earlier posed as a Ustinov from defense because some might have viewed it like she was changing her statements.
          It did show ” hey we can speculate all day long but I don’t remember what happened and 62 seconds is not a long time to think and act”

          Jodi also should have repeated ” I was running for my life, I don’t know what else was running through my head other than that terror” over and over again.

          I’m hoping the expert explains that an abuse victim can still be assertive when she needs to. A victim can have moments of trying to stand up to the abuser. Could help demeanor on this stand. Also, expert must testify to shock and fog type thinking being normal as well as over kill snapping behavior. Trying o attempt to cover Travis and protect his image being normal wouldn’t hurt either. They need to show that she isn’t just a liar for the sake of concealing what she did.

          Do we know who is left on witness list?

        • Yes, I noticed that JA said that TA was holding the knife. It should have helped her case! I think this alone gets her out of the DP.

          I think it might confuse the jury a bit, though. When Kermit asked her “why didn’t you ever bring this up before?” she said “Because no one asked me.”

          I think the jury is going to conclude that either there is a lot more she is not telling anyone (probably out of fear of the consequences for TAs family, or *from* them and the Mormon church!), or that she just made that up on the spot. It is a shame that in the last minutes of her 18 day testimony, we are finally starting to get hints of what really happened. I just fear it may be too little, too late.

          • Perhaps as in PTSD you can get little flash backs now and then. I of mind that Jodi is giving us little flashes of what really happened. I have also always felt that there was something more to this story and the roomates know what it is. I will be able to accept it if someone can refute my way of thinking.

          • I also think there’s more to this story then what’s being told. I feel JA is scared and holding stuff back.

        • That makes 2 of us an I know a few other on here also think that so hopefully the JURY will have a few that do not believe that JODI did all that alone. Whether some of it happened right after or during the 5 days he laid in that shower with no one knowing a thing.

          I still say the BULLET came first …………an why is there no gun powder residue in her palm print they say the 25 is the dirtiest of all guns to shoot with blow back.

          The neck slashing I just don’t see that. An if Jodi can’t tell me for sure she did that I can’t believe she did it all.

          An seeing how all the friends of PPL an LDS came out in big show style I have a lot more doubts I will not mention.

          Also a close friend of Travis’s committing suicide in 2010 bothers me.

      • Casey Anthony never admitted to the Murder never took the stand. That’s very big. This defense team has very little to work with. Especially all Travis Friends going on National TV every night to trash Jodi.

        • There is actually no prood that she killed him, I wish she didn’t assume that she did. I don’t believe she slashed his throat–that’s a mormon thing. She has no memory so how can she say she killed him? The gunshot didn’t.

          • I have a hard time with the throat slashing too, But it is not popular, they say to equate this with the Mormon Blood atonement since yesterday it was reported that they have Mormons on the Jury and they are not against the Death Penalty, so Juan Martinez was playing up the whole Jodi wasn’t a good Mormon. The Media and Travis Friends are making her sexual relationship an issue and that she tempted him. I don’t know what to say since this is so ridiculous, I don’t think she slashed the throat, I think her lies were partly due to advice from an Attorney maybe PPL which is owned by the Mormons, Now also Greta on Fox News doesn’t; think she slit his throat , believes another person was involved. I believe the pedophilia and many people I have spoken with, find this very plausible since Travis had a preference for anal sex, wanted her to dress up as a 12 year old or Girl pick tails, rage issues, Putting all that together spells Pedophile. Pederast have a certain rage, Its very violent verbally they get very upset about petty things. Jodi has no history of Violence, yet she suddenly became this violent does not make any sense. She was never arrested for any crime.

            • Ugh Mormons on the jury.. oh dear..

              Yes, I think someone else slashed his throat, the from ear to ear thing fits.. there is NO WAY Jodi could do that, none at all. I, too, think someone else was involved and I think its a mormon. Jodi probably has a good idea who, too but it would be more than her life was worth to say, and in any case it would be more supposition. I don’t think she would be capable of such violence either. What is Pederast? I’ve not heard of that.

              • I thought that was interesting they brought this up on HLN I had to watch the trial on there changed it after they said all these terrible things. Why all this kissing up to the Mormons on HLN sounds silly. They have people explain the Mormon Religion and sex.If it were any other group they would be trashing them. I researched and Utah has the highest rate of Sexual abuse in the country pornography more woman are killed by their husbands depression is the highest etc. Very interesting

            • I don’t care what the church says it is a fact all these CHURCHES do that it is called LYING FOR THE LORD ! I read a blog about that an it is the dang truth. I was raised a Catholic. Went to Catholic School I never met a weirdo Priest or Nun in my life. But I know they are out there that is a fact.

              People can’t get over the FACT that the CHURCHES are not full of PERFECT people. There are weirdo’s everywhere just some get away with it for LIFE or until enough people get enough balls to speak up about it. In those cases I truly believe in vigilante killings. Get them off the earth.

              Geez that BTK serial killer was a deacon in his church does not matter the DEVIL works his way in some how anywhere he can. But people think it is ok to LIE for the Churches sake I do not I would not I will not ever LIE for a freaking weirdo or a church. AN mostly defiantly LYING For the LORD has to be a horrible sin. I shall not bare false witness !

              You shall not spread a false report. You shall not join hands with a wicked man to be a malicious witness. You shall not fall in with the many to do evil, nor shall you bear witness in a lawsuit, siding with the many, so as to pervert justice, nor shall you be partial to a poor man in his lawsuit.

              — Exodus 23:1-2

    • Al-
      Very well stated. Just a few questions:

      1. Since this is a self defense case, do you think the defense team can hit home the fact that Travis was a violent person as evidenced by his own words, texts etc., particularly about Rape which is a violent act?

      I think the jury does not have to rely on just Jodi’s testimony on that. I am very hopeful that the defense expert will explain this to the jury and it will become clear why Jodi would act in self defense.

      2. The gun….Do you think the defense can create reasonable doubt that Jodi premeditated it by bringing her grandparent’s gun, by putting the gun toting friend DHall on the stand?

      ( I still believe he gave the gun to Travis, hence his loud and obnoxious protest that TA did not have a gun. I think he is on the defense list, and although he is a liar, I think the jury may see right through him.

      3 Gas cans etc……What about calling Daryl back to the stand to testify that he and Jodi always took extra gas in the cans during long trips in the desert and she was just doing as she had always done?
      Must admit, I have had great difficulty following the prosecution on the whole gas purchase, so the 3 cans does not make sense.

      • 2and 3 would help greatly. I would also ask the gun range friend if he knew who Travis borrowed guns from, the type of gun borrowed and if Travis went to the range with others beside’s him.

      • This is NOT a “self-defense” case; this is a DEATH PENALTY, MURDER ONE case. A little understanding of criminal law would help here.

        Jodi doesn’t have to prove ONE THING–it is the prosecution, and the prosecution has failed miserably to prove she premeditated the killing of Travis Alexander.

        • Tonysam

          While I am in complete agreement with you. In fact, if I am not wrong, in AZ unlike some other states, even a self defense argument by the defense must be explicity disproven by the state. That is once the defense claims justifiable homicide the prosecution needs to explicitly prove that this was not the case.

          However, here is my issue:

          How many people on a jury do actually buy that legal argument when the defendant acknowledges killing the victim. I am very careful in my choice of words here. The defendant has not acknowledged murder. The defendant has however acknowledged the killing. In such an instance, regardless of the law, some bozos on a jury will expect the defense to put up a proactive defense. Also some other yahoos will expect the defense to actually rebut the state’s arguments with something more than an argument that says you did not prove premeditation and so did not prove M1.

          This is always the conundrum facing the defense. They had to put Jodi on the stand to assert self-defense. No one else could provide the foundation. There were no other bystanders etc to be able to bring it in, and no statement by her to the police asserting self defense. So she had to be put on the stand. Once that’s done it allows the State to raise all these other issues. I believe that once the state raises those issues, some on the jury will need the questions answered and any allegations resolved. If not you stand the real chance of a hung jury, in which case we go through this whole dog and pony show again, with the state now having a chance to refine its case. This is why re-trials after a hung jury mostly end up in convictions.

          That is why I believe that Nurmi et al need to bang some nails into this coffin to seal the deal.

          Just my opinion.

          • Al, you are so right! I was speaking about this case with two co-workers yesterday who have served as jurors on murder cases, some involving self-defense. One of them has served on 3 different juries actually. On 2 of those cases, it was a hung jury. They acquitted on the other case. He followed what occurred on both cases where the jury was hung. One of them was retried and the defendant was convicted, very quickly. On the other, the defendant accepted a plea bargain.

            He said that regardless of jury instructions regarding the burden of proof or premeditation, you will always have at least one person on a jury who will disregard them and believe the prosecutor. In that person’s mind, the prosecutor has thoroughly investigated all possible suspects and is certain that the defendant would not have been charged with the crime unless the prosecutor believed beyond any doubt he/she was guilty. In one trial, he said, this type of juror argued that he watched Law & Order and had seen numerous cases where someone was charged, other information came to light, and the charges were withdrawn. He said Law & Order is based on cases from the news. Therefore, he knew the stories to be accurate.

            Whether or not the rest of the jury can convince that person of their error is ultimately what reaching a verdict comes down to, he said. Reaching compromises that everyone can agree with is the goal.

            There will most likely be one person on that jury who is convinced Jodi is guilty and will not believe her. It may be a Mormon who is appalled at her sexual activity and believes she corrupted Travis. It may be someone who dislikes Hispanics. It may be someone who has watched every season of Law & Order. It’s hard to say who that person will be, but there will most likely be one. There will also most likely be someone who believes Jodi was abused, and/or thinks a beautiful intelligent young lady should not be put to death. That person may know someone who was abused, or have dated or known who dated a guy like Travis. And then, there’s a strong possibility that there will be someone who takes their civic duty extremely seriously and follows the jury instructions to a “T” and argues that premeditation was not proven properly in the prosecutor’s case in chief. Everyone else will be somewhere in between.

        • Tonysam-
          I don’t pretend to have a great understanding of Criminal Law, hence my questions to other poster’s here that may have a better understanding. My understanding is that Jodi’s defense team is trying to show that Jodi did not premeditate the murder, but acted in self defense.

          I think we all know that the burden is on the prosecution. However, I tend to look at this like I believe most Jurors would. After all, I am an average American wtih an average IQ, and most likely am representative of the folks that often serve on juries. I think the defense had Jodi testify, so that the jury could hear about why she thought she had to defend her life. I can’t imagine the ammount of evidence the jury will have to look through and discuss during jury deliberations, no less having to understand and apply the instructions they will be given on the law 9 especially if they are given other charges to consider) I do not believe, that with someones’ life on the line, the jurors won’t want the same questions asked that many folks here ask. They will not be looking at the evidence without the benifit of reading posts etc. for many weeks.

          So, while I believe an understanding of the law, is necessary, I can’t imagine all of the other evidence and testimony that relate to self defense will not be critical.

          Feel free to correct me, I don’t take offense.

          • TR, Reread what Also said above. I think that she is right on the money. I think that a whole lot about the outcome of this case rests on what the jury instructions are going to be. It’s been my belief for decades that many of these high profile cases with which we are all familiar were won and lost in jury selection. This one, I believe will be won or lost in jury INSTRUCTION. If I am correct about that being the case, and if the jury instructions are unclear or unfair, or otherwise interfere with Jodi’s right to a fair trial, she will have additional fodder for the already wealthy store of appellate issues (can you say ‘eye rolling, smirking, sighing, scoffing sisters’ 3 times fast?).

            P.S. Thank you for your generous and kind words a couple of days ago about my cognitive disfunction. It is really disconcerting, isn’t it? I am finding that it is true, though, that when we lose one sense, sometimes our other senses become stronger. I am reminded of a line from an old SNL skit circa Eddie Murphy era: “The mind is a terrible thing. And it must be stopped before it kills somebody.” Perhaps that is inappropriate levity in light of the overarching discussion, but I couldn’t help myself!

            • Hi JouJou-
              You are welcome, I meant every word of it. I always look for your response and Also’s response when I have questions. I think Also was posting at the same time I was posting, but I have since read it. I couldn’t agree more that the make up of the jury and the instructions given, have everything to do with Verdicts. Although I have been called many times for Jury Duty, I have always been somewhat relieved that I have not been called, as the pressure would be overwhelming.

              I do appreciate the levity! Levity is very necessary when one is invested in a fair outcome and a bit stressed about it. The Eddie Murphy quote is very funny. I was thinking when I wrote my last post, that I am actually quite content being of average IQ now. Although it is frustrating to have congitive issues, being average can also be a blessing sometimes. When I was younger, I was always called pretty. Unlike most of my friends, who wanted to be known as “pretty”, it irritated me because I wanted to be known for my intelligence. Now that age has set in and and I no longer have the need for my previous level of intelligence, I really want to be called pretty again! LOL

              As always, thanks to you and Also, for taking the time to answer questions.

              • I have been forced to take the Socratic lesson about true wisdom coming from admitting ignorance seriously. I am feeling very blessed that losing parts of me has forced me to appreciate the previously undervalued aspects of myself. I’m thanking God that we really are so much more than the sum of our parts.

        • tonysam- youre starting to remind me of jm.. just saying, theres a respectful much more effective way of stating your opinion without being so condescending towards everyone, wow!!! a lot of ppl seem a little intimidated by you.. i, however, am not. i respect your opinions, but they go by the waste side as soon as you start spewing your hatred towards anyone who has any thought that varies in the slightest towards yours.. the way youre acting doesnt seem to be congruent with a defendant who was in a relationship with someone verbally abusive.. u seem to have a bit of that within u yourself. we dont all agree at times, but we are at least respectful towards one another..

      • Not true, the jury heard more than just the bent finger disproving. The defense just has to remind them of:

        1 – Not premediation. JA’s hair was dye brown in March ’08, proven by photos, emials, and social media – not during the 6/2 trip.

        2 – Not a Lie. JA’s left finger was injured prior to 6/4 as proven by a photos time/date stamped 6/1. Yet the DA even yesterday was still trying to connect that cut to the 6/4 attack.

        3 – Not premediation. The rental car Iwas rented in JA’s name and paid for with her own credit card.

        4 – Not premediation. JA made herself very memorable while picking up the rental by refusing to take the red car making a problem for the staff (who never heard of such a thing before).

        5 – Not premediation. JA was driven to the rental by her sister-in-law and went back to their house with it.

        6 – Not premediation. She visited many while using the rental car

        7 – Proven. JA was not unwanted by TA or a stalker as proven by the thousands of texts, emails, and phone calls. The relationship was mutual.

        8 – Proven. The relationship was sexual, mutually, and crossed somewhat into deviant activites.

        9 – Proven. The DA would have know of the relationship of TA’s and JA’s relationship prior to trial yet still misrepresented it as stalker and victim and TA as a “good” morman man.

        A Death Penalty case should be able to be proven – without a doubt to anyone – by the straight up facts. This DA has tried his best the bagger the witness, misrepresent the facts, and forget the evidence to prove he’s wrong. Base on his proformance maybe the jury is wondering what other “facts” the DA is playing fast and lose with the truth. Maybe they’re wondering what else the DA’s getting away with implying simply because the defense is unfortunate enough not to have a photo, text, journal entry, or concert memory to prove him wrong.

      • TR.
        I had a problem with Jodie adding in her testimony the Holster which she never said before, then changing it. That stood out to me. Also when she said I didn’t even think the Gun was loaded & changed that also. Adding things hurts people see that as a liar. Travis had no bullets in the house which is strange no friends stated he owned a 25 caliber gun, All this put together is not good. I think giving so much information as Jodi does hurts her, because of her lies on 48 hours, I can’t imagine that the Jury would give her the DP, but anything else is a guess. The memory is a problem adding Travis may have had the Knife sounds bad.

        • I see your point Oliv. –

          I was thinking though, that if the gun was his “friend” DH’s gun9 which I still believe it was), it is possible that he could also get additional ammo from DH, if his own ran out. This may be a BIG stretch, but I am wondering if in AZ one is not able to buy ammo, or a gun if one has a criminal record. I am still waiting to see if the request for a “full” criminal background on Travis will reveal something we don’t know at this point. I still think the whole brother in Riverside thing is fishy, and the fact that his family in Law Enforcement let that go on without correction is very fishy. Seems to me that they were all covering for him.

          I am also very interesed to hear from a defense expert on the issue of memory. That may answer questions such as: Can additional memories be brought back to Jodi, now that she is having to relive the experience via this trial? I think the jurors will have lots of questions about memory since the prosecution has made it central to their case.

          OK, now I’m waiting to get corrected that this has nothing to do with the LAW!…..Oh well 🙂

          • p.s. I must add that I find it very odd that Travis didn’t have his own gun, since he was so enthusiastic about going to the range with his buddies. He really wanted to “fit” in with his friends and with them being such gun enthusiasts, Travis having his own gun, would make him fit in so much more.

            • Jodi DID mention yesterday that Travis carried the gun with him at time(s). Did anyone else catch that statement?

            • TR
              Very good point, if he was gun enthusiast you are right the only problem may be the robbery itself at her Grandparents. They only took that gun when there were others, $20 and some other item. Doesn’t make sense. Whats to her credit is,
              (1)she never had a history of violence, No proof she stalked Travis
              (2) Her previous Boyfriend saw a change in her, after she met Travis etc.
              (3) The obvious control he had on her,
              (4) His texts etc. are very abusive and controlling
              (5) She obviously fired the Gun first.

            • He probably couldn’t have gotten a gun (from a seller with an FFL anyway) because he wouldn’t have passed a background check. So if he had one, it would have been procured from a family member, or from a private individual not required to do background checks. Or a straw purchase, but we KNOW that his friends would NEVER do ANYTHING disreputable like that.

    • I’ve said it before and I will say it again. You CANNOT convict anyone of murder one if you CANNOT prove premeditation.

      We ALL know she is guilty of killing Travis, but that ISN’T what is being tried here.

      If that jury somehow convicts her on murder one, it will be thrown out on appeal. You tend to forget there are 12 jurors, and there is no way in hell they are all going to agree it was premeditated. At the very least this will be a hung jury.

      The forensics doesn’t prove it. The documentary evidence doesn’t prove it. The photographs don’t prove anything in terms of a “timeline” because it has NEVER been proven Travis was dead in the last picture. There is NO way TO prove it.

      • Well said tonysam,

        I recall in Casey’s trial, they tried to use supposition, assumption, hearsay, speculation, wishful thinking, junk science (and copious amounts of BS) in order to get a guilty verdict for the masses, and we all know what happened there.

        Team Jodi

        • And I am somebody who originally bought much of the prosecution’s narrative although I never believed this was murder one. JM has not proven premeditation or motive, and that is what is at issue here, not Jodi’s guilt.

      • Tonysam

        She is not “GUILTY” of killing TA. At this stage we know she killed TA. She claims it was self defense. The term “GUILTY” implies culpability for a crime. If in fact this was self defense then that is justifiable homicide and she is not guilty of anything. If on the other hand it was not self defense then she might be guilty of some other degree of homicide.

        I do not believe the state has proven that this was not self defense. (sorry for the double negative there). I also do not believe that they have proved premeditation. So the M1 is out. There is this ragtag Felony murder thing that no appeals court would allow, but at this moment its still there.

        So until the state can prove that she did not do this in self defense there is no guilty issue.

      • I’m not saying the burden of proof is on the defense. In fact nothing could be further than the truth. here’s what I am arguing:

        The state has claimed premeditation and has offered up a bunch of circumstantial evidence to tie the premeditation to acts and events that occurred prior to JA ever showing up at Mesa. Unfortunately AZ law allows such circumstantial evidence to have the same weight as direct evidence and also doesn’t allow, or recognize the two-inference rule for circumstantial evidence.

        The defense has proffered an active defense, namely self defense. Once that can is opened the game changes a little bit. The defense is essentially saying: What the state says is not true. Here is what actually happened. Now even though the law says that the onus still lies on the state to prove that the defense is wrong, I am afraid that some folks on the jury will now place some responsibility on the defense to prove that firstly they are in fact correct and secondly the state is wrong.

        I am not saying that I believe JM. I am saying that I find it completely plausible that some on the jury will insist that in the current circumstance, once self-defense has been asserted the defense has some onus of proving their claim, or debunking that of the prosecution.

    • I am not sure where to post this but I want to ask if anyone on this website or out there in the world has considered that Jodi did not do this by herself? If so can you tell me what some of the suspicions are that someone helped her?

      • Gina-
        There has been a lot of speculation that she did not act alone. You would have to look through voluminus posts from previous day’s here, but some very interesting and thougt provoking theories on this have been provided.

      • Well I am not convinced she did it all……….YES I know she said she did she admitted the SHOOTING him in the head a he lunged towards her. The knife part does not sound clear to me from her. She may had done some but not all for the fact that many stabs an slashing her hand or hands should have received some kind of wounds. Not the little cuts an scratches she says she had ?? an some from her job an breaking a glass at Travis’s house that day.

        Seems to me she does not or did not get much damage done to herself. Travis laid there for 5 days …….WED THUR FRI SAT SUN an FINALLY on MONDAY Night at 10 pm some friends came looking for him WHY? because the Cancun Trip was the very next day. Ok these same friends are painting a beautiful saint picture for Travis an a totally whore an evil picture for Jodi…………the 911 call is much to calm for a young girl to be calling in a horrific scene as that an even the roommate in the back ground is so very calm……..

        An to add they make sure on the 911 call to find Jodi she was a stalker bla bla bla really they did not even look that long in there to come to that factor.

        Jodi calls the detective about Travis before he even gets to the house ?? seems to me then there is a double agent friend there to accuse her an too call her at the same time? who would do that ?or they called a friend to call her no way that was coincidence for her to call that fast the night they found him.

        The roommates are very suspicious to me. An a few friends are too. Not saying they were there during the ordeal but somebody was there in those 5 days time.

        A friend of Travis’s commits suicide in 2010 the same friend that told police she needed to talk to them after Travis’s death because her husband was acting strange? then she changes it later on too that they were going through a divorce an losing their house an the husband was just stressed out?

        Why is there no gun shot residue on her hand print on the wall ??’

        Who’s foot print was that on the floor tile?. Jodi had on socks it was shown in one photo a black sock was also in the washer.? Everyone said they went through the closet not through that blood on the carpet/tile into the bathroom.

        I think that is all that made me just not 100% that Jodi did it all alone even though she admitted to it she has too MUCH FUGUE going on there in the middle for me. If she is not sure how can I be.?

    • Al – the one thing that worries me the most that could really come back to bite the Defense, and Jodie, is the magaizines and Matt connection. If the State can prove some connections to Matt through the magazines and that he LIED for her about the pedo claims, that will be detremential to her case.

      • Bystander,

        If the state raises that issue, it’s simple to debunk. Matt never testified, so there. There is nothing in the record, from either the state or the defense that is based on the testimony of Matt McCartney. He bears as much relevance to this case as Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs.

    • To me all the minor details of the gas cans, gas purchases are irrelevant. If she planned to kill him she could have done that quickly and fled easily. He wasn’t expecting any danger from her, all he did in the past was make her into his perfect victim. He would have been completely unprepared for an attack. So these theories are just absurd to me. Ridiculous.

      She fought off this big bear of a guy who outweighed her and had 3 times her strength. His vicious perversity was on clear display during the phone sex conversation and texts, dangerous predator and manipulator that he was. I can’t get past those audio recordings and texts and I really don’t know why anyone would look at anything but that.

      You’re right the jury will presume guilt. They ALWAYS do. People don’t know that about the criminal justice system. What percentage of guilty verdicts by jury – 90%? Probably that at least.

      The most infuriating thing about this case is the vicious bloodthirsty media promoting death by execution to the low lifes who watch this horrible evil stuff. They make TA out to be a saint and completely ignore the sick mind behind those audio recordings and texts, which is outrageous and stupifying and crazy making.

      The prosecutor is another subject. Incredibly vicious and moronic. What kind of mind would willing side with this creepy and crazy guy that’s going nuts everyday on TV. Beyond me.

      • Very well put, J. I am hoping hoping hoping that the jury is truly taking the admonition seriously and that their collective common sense will prevail.

    • Al –

      Thanks for your astute observations. It’s nice to see someone commenting on here who appears to know what they are talking about, and keeps a balanced point of view.

  2. I’m still battling this god-forsaken pneumonia so I’ve been doing a LOT more sleeping than watching the trial (I feel horrible having to admit that!), but can one of my fellow Warriors for Jodi please explain to me (or perhaps point me in the direction of a video clip) what the big “AHA!” moment that happened in court yesterday was? Something about how Little Man was berating Jodi on the stand yesterday about how her version of events is “impossible” and she responded in grand fashion showing how her version of events is VERY MUCH possible. I saw a Facebook post about it, but it wasn’t detailed. =-/

    It sounds spectacular, though; GO JODI!!!

  3. they are NOT trivial! ur right on, imo. defense has to tackle those issues and more. the 62 sec. via he camera is another.
    Jodi is behind in the 7th inning. one thing all those juror ?’s showed is what the defense has to do.

    i also agree that the lil marti was spinning his own tale in some instances.
    nurmi time!

      • Nurmi needs to remind everyone in the jury that the burden of proof is on Kermit. Did Kermit prove that 40 pounds is the limit on the shelves ? No , just his word . Did Kermit prove it couldn’t have taken 62 seconds ? No , just his word . Did Kermit prove Travis was even dead in that leg photo ? No , just his word …..KERMIT IS FULL OF SHIT , did Kermit prove anything yet ? No , just his word ….

        • Nurmi should make the point that there is no evidence the crime took place in 62 seconds; the last photograph is so unclear that it is basically useless as evidence. It isn’t proof Travis was dead in that picture.

          • My favorite comment yet is from some caller on one of those shows that said………….anyone that watches AMERICAN FOOTBALL KNOWs that a HELL OF a LOT can happen in just 62 seconds ………WOW ! that is the truth !

        • Love it. Sean tell it like it is Buddy.

          I wonder if the defense has the gumption to say it just that way. Except perhaps the scatological reference.

    • Yes, Gus was in his car with Charmaine Juban when he got the fishing trip call from Hughes. Turns out it was a “Miss X” and not a “Mr X”, but the blackmail still applies.

      Team Jodi

  4. I avoid HLNHD like the plague, except for “Morning Express With Robin Meade”; I love the morning show crew! This morning, Robin said, “It’s just my opinion, of course, but this Prosecutor is WAAAAYY over-the-top, and his antics play right into Jodi Arias’s favor with the jury.” I’ve loved Robin Meade and Co. for years now, and this is just another reason why – She calls it like she sees it and doesn’t care what anybody else thinks… And she’s such a fun, happy person!

    • I sure hope you feel better soon. I agree with Robin Meade, I had read somewhere she is maybe going over to CNN in a morning show to replace someone there. I also think he is way over the top, I’m wondering how he is going to act with the women expert that I’m guessing is going to be on the stand today. He is disrespectful to women, you can be effective without screaming and foaming at the mouth.

    • agree that is the only HLNews show i watch any more, i did not see that segment you referred to but i am so glad you pointed it out just renews my faith in her show

  5. Unfortunately, I think JM’s questioning of the camera and how it took pictures after the attack was quite damning and I think may have been very neg for Jodi in the eyes of the jurors

      • the beginning of the day.
        JM asked how, if she dropped it, did the camera take the photo of Travis on the floor bleeding with Jodi’s pant leg.

        She said she didn’t know and said that maybe Travis picked it up…..

        • Did she mean that he picked it up after she dropped it or picked it up after he was injured? If it was the former, then I don’t see how it’s damning.

          • Yes, that is what she meant, that TA may have picked the camera up after he body slammed her and she took off running. She did not at any time imply that TA was responsible for taking the photo of himself laying bloody on the floor.

            • This rebuttal by JM was in regard to Jury Questions. A Jury member said that perhaps TA picked up the camera and that is why she has time to get to the gun. Basically JM was trying to prove to that Juror, this was NOT the case but, Jody, based on JM’s assumption and the Jurors question, IMO believed she was answering if this was possible. So I do not think this hurt Jody but helped her and that Juror have more doubt.

              • I said that a long time ago. Anyone that is truthful knows if they have been with a man or woman for that matter that is VERY materialistic with things a big bragger about his or her things if you DROP ONE !! OMG ! or damage one for God’s sake it is the end of the world. BIG Drama. An people bring up that BMW it was not a nice one an had a lot of problems that is why he sold it too her after all daaaaaa. He defiantly looked at it than then ran after her that is why she had time to get the gun an back in the bathroom. JM says he would have took the closest door but I don’t think so he went after her an she was in the closet he was not sure if she went out of the bedroom an went in the closet after her which lead into the bathroom again. I can see that happening.

        • How is this “damning”? JM has no proof Travis was even dead in that unclear picture that is worthless as evidence.

          • I disagree that it’s worthless evidence. It’s a picture, regardless of the circumstances, of a man having his throat cut. If nothing else it will have an impact on the jury simply for having seen it. To falsely disregard the prosecutions strengths would be a mistake I think.
            The problem is its hard to counter that photograph as Jodi testified that was her and Travis . Travis is clearly injured in the photo. And Since those injuries occur after the memory loss begins they can’t be framed in a way positive for the defense without weakening her credibility regarding the fog.

            • Viewer,
              I have to agree with you on this although I do not believe that Jodi will get DP I think she will get Murder 1.From what I see especially some of the Dynamics of the case which have been ignored.

            • It’s technically a picture of a man on the ground bleeding. It’s not a picture of Jodi actively cutting Travis’ throat. We don’t know if that had already occured when the picture was taken.

    • But how did she have the camera in her hand and take a pic of her leg like that. The position of her leg and camera doesn’t make sense. Do you really believe she took pictures of this on purpose, which it sounded to me like JM was trying to imply

      • Of course the camera was on a timer. But this is all smoke and mirrors because the last picture is all but worthless because it is unclear what is going on in that picture. I never could figure out what it was depicting. We can’t tell if Travis is dead in that picture, and ten cents says he wasn’t, that the murder took a whole lot longer than 62 seconds. It would have had to.

        • I agree! I never understood why this wasn’t disputed more! I also don’t know why it’s assumed that the camera didn’t malfunction being it was dropped on tile and bounced. When you delete images but you don’t reformat the memory card you run the risk of the camera recording digital info necessary to retrieve the image later during playback and upload right over a deleted digital file and this can potentially corrupting your card. It’s says this in a camera manual for every camera I’ve owned. The fact that they had to do a crazy process to restore these deleted images makes it possible in my mind that the exif information could be incorrect. How do we even know if the clock was properly working after camera was dropped? An expert from the company should have testified. Is the camera still functioning today? I didn’t watch all of the prosecutions case.

          I would think if she wanted these pictures and took them she wouldn’t have deleted them in the first place. She could have also easily removed the memory card and taken it with her to destroy opposed to washing the camera.

        • The camera only has a one-time timer option though. I think its at 2, 5 and 10 second intervals. Set the timer, it takes one pic – but only one pic. You have to reset the timer each time. If it had the option to take numerous pics at specific intervals, which I do not believe it did (I read the manual), the time stamps on the photos would be at specific even intervals, say every 30 seconds… but that is not the case.

  6. Did anyone else catch this? When the prosecution was badgering Jodi about the gas receipts. He puts the receipts on the screen one by one from Terroso. While one is on the screen, he then points out the SLC…UT at the top means Salt Lake City Utah and asks her if she was aware of that.

    Yet he quickly runs past the receipt for $41. . .. but look at the top. Instead of SLC……it says SCL. A typo on a gas pump within minutes?

    Check it out…. 1:45 secs into this youtube video.

      • WTH??? Good catch, maybe this is why Nurmi filed a motion to compel with Tesoro. I would not put it past Juanabee to fabricate evidence.

    • I get what you’re saying; but if you look at the receipts closer, they’re not identical receipts….as in….same gas station, same phone number, same address, DIFFERENT paper, DIFFERENT type font…meaning…she would have had to purchased one can full of gas inside at the register, the other outside directly at the pump….the second (with the “typo” SCL) was from the outside pump, you can tell by the print, the first receipt (SLC) was from inside….it’s not completely impossible to have a “typo from the same gas station within minutes”…it’s sorta common sense; and it’s the perfect cover for anyone who’s trying to hide a trail.

    • It could be that each receipt was printed at a different machine (pump vs prepay). Plausible since there were multiple transactions within minutes. The bank statement presented shows all three purchases from the same store so the typo is rather irrelevant.

      • No its not irrelevant. The store was supposedly closed between 1am-6am so gas could only be purchased at the pump using a credit card. Both receipts show the gas was purchased at pump #2. How is it that two receipts from the same machine have different headings? One says “SLC, UT 84116” and the other says “SLC, UTAH 84116”. If that’s not enough they both have completely different formatting!!! That does NOT happen from automated machines.


            • LMAO….thanks Neo! And to all who said she could have prepaid and one receipt from inside……the others from the pump…….she paid with a credit card….she wouldn’t need to prepay. Just slide the card in and pump. No going inside to pay. There is something wrong with these receipts.

                • Not always the case. There have been a many of times I haven’t had to sign when doing a charge inside a station. But I’m from the Midwest and it does depend on the station.

      • Several people from this side and ‘that’ side have called to confirm, store was not open from 1am to 6am now or back in 2008.

  7. Wow wow wow wow
    Just looked at the video of Kermit showing those slc gas receipts …take a look the second one has no time on it ….this is why he yanks it off really fast . What a pos this Kermit is. This is the RECIEPT that say slc instead of slc on it ….THERE’S SOMETHING VERY WRONG HERE. LOOK AT ABOVE VIDEO and if I’m right someone needs to contact nurmi on this .

    • And how are the gas cans damning? They aren’t because Jodi freely admitted to going to Travis’s house. She said she needed gas cans because of the lonely stretches of road, which they are, and she had a small car with a small gas tank. She wanted to save money, and many of these more remote places have higher gas prices.

      As I mentioned before, this is NOT the Dana Chandler case where she left NO paper trail AT ALL when she premeditated the murder of her ex-husband and his fiancee in Topeka, Kansas. Chandler HAD to not leave a paper trail, hence the gas cans. Jodi Arias left a paper trail EVERYWHERE she went.

      Again, JM is employing smoke and mirrors. What was bad is the jury focused on those gas cans in their questions, when they aren’t proof of anything.

      A few logical questions blows JM’s case up.

  8. I think Vladimir Gagic was right on in saying that Martinez’ courtroom demeanor is unnecessary and could turn off the jury. No one is saying that Martinez has to handle Jodi with kid gloves and be as sweet as pie. He can be firm. He can be stern. He can be serious. But he’s none of those things – he’s histrionic, overly dramatic, petty, and antagonizing.

    I can only guess that he relies on this strategy because he’s worried about not proving his case. He’s used to prosecuting defendants who are clearly guilty of murder 1 with lots of evidence to back it up. But remember that his record is not flawless – he tried to get Doug Grant convicted of 1st degree murder and he ended up with a 5-year manslaughter sentence.

    Martinez’ supporters love to say that he’s passionate and dedicated to getting justice for Travis. I’m more cynical and think that he primarily wants the win/death penalty conviction on his record.

  9. On h l n website it’s saying that jodi weighed 150 pounds at the time that she stepped on the shelf . This is how they kill innocent people . F u hln .

      • I agree. She is about 5’6″ so on her frame 150 pounds would make her look a bit chunky. I am 5’9″ and weigh 165 and I am thick around the middle. Jodi and I have very similar builds. No way she weighed 150!

        • Yep….5’6″ and 150 pounds is on the high end of normal according to the BMI chart. Jodi would have to have been either extremely muscular or slightly chubby to weigh 150, and she looked neither in her pictures.

          • Great, so now we can add that HLN is slandering her by saying she was fat, along with all the other egregious examples of slander! There’s a tad of sarcasm in that statement….:)

            And oh, the ironies! So many I, as usual, am bombarded…scrambled..if you will!:)

            And the gun….finding it could help either side….But it really shouldn’t have been hard to find way back, or even now…or hell, maybe it was found…oh dear…,my head!!!

            Idea to the team: How about get a roll call of what states the supporters are in….nothing more identifying than that…So we could say, truthfully (imagine that!)….Jodi has supporters in 36 states or whatever…:)

            Awaiting message back form FBI…and on that press release where Dustin Thompson was sentenced for mortgage fraud…it says there was another “co-conspirator” who was “charged and plead guilty”……now just who would that be?

            NIce of HLN to steal our “intelligence”, huh? Oh well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…..Tonight’s After Dark….Could the prosecutor be helping Jodi??? We need our own show, “AFTER AFTER DARK”…..

            And does anyone live in or near Atlanta so they could campaign to get on HLN’s jury? They should go for that! Then, they’d have a “shot” or a “stab” at witnessing a live lynchmob/shooting/knifing/whateverweapon when our juror is attacked by the anti-Jodi crowd!


            • Maggie-

              I really love your determination. Jodi is blessed with so many people here fighting for her cause.

              Although I no longer watch HLN, as I’m disgusted and don’t want to add to their ratings numbers ( let me make it clear, I don’t know how a network figures out ratings), but while flipping through stations last nite, I did catch that there is a new show that is focusing on this case. I actually thought the same thing, that someone here with a degree in Journalism, needs to have their own show on a different network, where they give both sides of a case and actually debate it. It would be much more interesting than the one sided, lynch mob BS I did see on HLN before my boycott.

      • I bet she’s never been 150 in her life. In all her pics she is slender – and the camera adds 10 lbs! HLN is revolting.

  10. Take a look at the article
    Arias prosecutor 62 seconds to kill
    Google that and read the article. They r saying jodi weighed 150 pounds. Lmao

  11. They are making such a big deal over this closet, and the height of the shelf that she said the picture was on, that she is eye level with. You can see by the jeans hanging, that almost hit the floor, that the shelf with the picture isn’t that high. TA was short, as is JM, and if you look at the jeans, they look like they are about a foot off the floor. I’m 5’11, and my jeans are 40 inches long from the top to the bottom. Lets say TA was 5’11, which we know he wasn’t, but lets just assume. If his jeans were 40 inches long, and they were a foot off the ground, and you add 4-6 inches for the closet bar, and hangers, you have a shelf that is 54 to 56 inches tall. If your 5 foot 2, (62) inches, which I think Jodi is, then that picture would be eye level, and since TA wasn’t 5’11, there is plenty of room to spare. I hope the jury goes to look at that closet, and does some measuring, because the picture would be eye level. MB is harping saying that the closet is 8 feet tall, and the doorway is normally 7 feet tall. I just measured my doorwats, and they are 5 inches shy of 7 feet. These people trying to get the lynch mob together should be on death row!

  12. I was just watching HLN videos from yesterday shows and they had a forensic expert on explaining why he thought the gunshot came first. He said because of the lack of hemorrhage in the brains indicates there wasn’t enough damage to brain to make it bleed. This was something I hadn’t thought of. The more I watch this trial, the more I’m convinced the prosecution is flying by the seat of their pants and really didn’t investigate this crime scene very well.

    • I believe that is true. And the ME’s testimony, as I recall, was pretty vague on this matter because the body was so decomposed by the time it was found.

  13. I wish defense called more friends to the stand and asked;

    1- did Travis ever have nice things to say about Jodi? If so when and where?
    2- did you understand Travis to be a virgin? Did he give you that impression? ( I know he did with Lisa but more would drive home many didn’t know Travis much at all)
    3- did you know Travis to participate in things he did not want to do? Did you see him as a leader or follower?
    4- where you surprised to learn Travis initiated a lot of contact with Jodi?
    5- would you say you felt Travis loved Jodi at any point from your interaction with them?
    6- did you consider Travis to be an honest man?
    7- did you consider Travis to be physically strong?
    8- have you ever heard Travis raise his voice
    9 have you ever had a verbal or physical disagreement with Travis where apologies were exchanged. If so elaborate

    Same question to several people would rock. I also wish roommates were called and asked;

    1 where were you June 3rd and did you share your itinerary with Travis
    2 where were you June 4rth and did you share you itinerary for the day with Travis?
    where were you June 5th etc etc
    2- did you think anything was out of Travis’s normal behavior?
    3- did you clean the house between the 4rth and the day TA’s body was discovered
    4- do you have problems with your sense of smell
    5 – did you ask any of the other roomate’s if they had seen Travis that week
    6 what day was your rent due and had you already paid Travis for the month
    7. When was the last time you did laundry
    8 did you give a statement to the police if so was it consistant or did you have to amend your recollection at anytime. Was this after the memorial/funeral or before?

    • I hope so because I have these questions but I’m worried that since these people haven’t been called its off the jury’s radar by now.

    • I would add questions on this so important PPL conference call that Travis was to host, so important that he mentioned it to roommate Enrique who later that evening (6/4 6:30pm) saw him hold while he was in the kitchen eating.
      According to Chris Hughes, it never happened. So did it or did it not happen? When? What was so important?

    • I really don’t think there is anything here. It looks like one receipt comes from inside the store and the other from the gas pump. Jodi’s bank statement backed up the purchases – unless I missed something.

      • if she want into the store which i think this is the bast explanation for the to diffrent recipts types than it is very possible that the 3rd charge on the bank statemant came from different items purchased in the store

        • remember, we still don’t know if the third purchase was from the same day, or same day different time.

          I actually do hope Nurmi will prove this is just another smoke bomb by Kermit.

          I haven’t looked at the hater sites in a while, but I just did and they all think that was such a bombshell and proved she lied. LOL

          BTW, on the hater sites they use “JM” for Kermit…

          • They think what was a bombshell? I think it’s quite amusing, every time the haters get a hardon for one of Martinezezez’ “bombshells”, Jodi breaks it down, stomps on it and turns it in to dust. Martinez hasn’t made any solid points that she didn’t easily explain away. He’s trying to way to hard to make mountains out of molehills and the little hater puppies are lapping it up. Suckers.

  14. I don’t know about anyone else, but I couldn’t watch the trial yesterday because of JM. He gives me anxiety with his combative behavior. And, the grating, Kermit the Frog voice is awful!

    I will watch today because I want to hear the expert witness.

    Hopefully this witness will dispel the opinion that abuse is MORE than just getting hit. In fact, I think verbal and mental abuse is worse!

        • I had to walk away and just listen, sometimes when I walk away, I could swear it is a woman talking, but it is Martinez. I can’t stand this double standard anymore, every name under the sun they call Jodie, even saying terrible things about her body, which I’m going to assume their bodies look like hell, so why not. But what is a man like Travis called? It’s okay to participate in the same sex acts as Jodi, Jodi gets called a skank, which also was a name they kept calling Casey Anthony, but it is being said that she influenced him and forced him into sex? Now come on, seriously? Even suggesting she wrote the script for the phone sex LOL He sounded like a willing participant to me, and I said it before, if he was so scared and didn’t want her around, there is such a thing as a restraining order, locking one’s doors, and changing one’s door locks. Why didn’t he change the door locks?

          • TA was a lying and vicious sexual predator. Clearly from his own voice and texts. TA may have been telling vicious lies to his friends about Jodi and bragging about being stalked, or they could be making it up, who knows. But how his own voice on the calls and texts can be ignored and twisted by the crazy broadcast media and blamed on anyone and everyone else is incredible.

          • My abuser always made it look to friends as if I was the abuser. While having affairs he would spend lots of money – then tell friends and family that we were broke because of my actions (although he would never tell them what). When I found evidence of deviant behavior by him – he would scream at me, leave the house, then tell my family how I was acting crazy and terrorizing him. By the time I asked for help my entire family thought I was the abuser! They did not believe that he was a sex addict, cheater, abuser, liar, etc. because I never said anything for 14 years. So I can easily see how his “friends” were so mislead. Add the abuser’s lies to the facade of religion and mob mentality and someone like Jodi has no chance against those people. Thank God for this website (because it shows that sanity still exists), the people here and attorney’s like Nurmi and Wilcott.

      • I couldn’t watch either, ladies. I had a migraine. It’s all TiVo’ed, and I’ll catch up later when I have the stamina…maybe in small doses.

      • I did watch it was found it incredibly abusive and difficult to watch. And felt that Jodi did an AMAZING job getting thru the ordeal. Good grief – she’s been at this for weeks.

        After mulling why would he keep up this spitting mad dog attack at her yesterday I’m sure he was hoping to push her to get her to go all psycho back at him to prove the grinning ghouls on HLN are correct.

        It backfired.

        She did the best a young human could under the stress she is facing – IMO.

    • He just pisses me off. I wouldn’t put up with 30 seconds of someone talking to me like that before losing my sh*t.

  15. Good morning/afternoon everyone.

    150 pounds??? There are a million pictures of JA out there – there is NO WAY she was ever more than 120 pounds, and that was probably soaking wet. GMAB with the bullshit. JA did not testify she ransacked the closet. She said she ran inside got the gun and pointed it at TA. NOTHING in that statement implies moving or disturbing ANYTHING in that closet. The fact that nothing was disturbed is irrelevant. Was she supposed to throw around some of the shoes and shirts? Maybe pull some of the ties and jeans down for good measure. GMAB…I’ve said all along the $19.65 charge on the Tesoro receipt could have been for anything at that location other than gas. and enough about the gas can already – JM is acting like there is an arson charge – she used the gas to travel – SO F’ing WHAT????? That’s what gas is for!!! I don’t care if she had 25 gas cans. I understand in JMs little mind it goes to pre-meditation. It was never a thought in my mind and I hope at least one person on the jury agrees.

    I am completely disgusted with HLN and V. Politan, J. Velez-Mitchell, NG, Dr. Stupid, and their so called “expert” panelists I can’t watch anymore. And now they have a new show “HLN After Dark: the Jodi Arias Trial” where Ryan Smith and Politan are on set with a pretend jury…it is nauseating. GMAB…

    • I have to admit that I had my doubts about the step on the shelf story BEFORE he crossed her! As per usual, JM can’t get out of his own way. So the shelves were rated at 40 lbs.? To me, that means that for a fraction of a second, she split her 120 lbs. between 2 shelves rated for constant pressure of 2/3 of that? Wow. What a stretch.

    • I have stepped up on those type shelfs while balancing a hand on a cross wall or opposing shelf hundred of time to grab something high up. I weigh more than jodi. The shelf isn’t holding your total weight especially if your leaning your weight or using momentum to grab what you need. Just my opinion. This was a large closet unit with other surfaces and frames that could easily have be used for Jodi to hoist herself up and support her weight long enough. Just saying….

  16. (sorry posting again…..cause it’s important and I”m paranoid it won’t get seen:)

    Great, so now we can add that HLN is slandering her by saying she was fat, along with all the other egregious examples of slander! There’s a tad of sarcasm in that statement….:)

    And oh, the ironies! So many I, as usual, am bombarded…scrambled..if you will!:)

    And the gun….finding it could help either side….But it really shouldn’t have been hard to find way back, or even now…or hell, maybe it was found…oh dear…,my head!!!

    Idea to the team: How about get a roll call of what states the supporters are in….nothing more identifying than that…So we could say, truthfully (imagine that!)….Jodi has supporters in 36 states or whatever…:)

    Awaiting message back form FBI…and on that press release where Dustin Thompson was sentenced for mortgage fraud…it says there was another “co-conspirator” who was “charged and plead guilty”……now just who would that be?

    NIce of HLN to steal our “intelligence”, huh? Oh well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…..Tonight’s After Dark….Could the prosecutor be helping Jodi??? We need our own show, “AFTER AFTER DARK”…..

    And does anyone live in or near Atlanta so they could campaign to get on HLN’s jury? They should go for that! Then, they’d have a “shot” or a “stab” at witnessing a live lynchmob/shooting/knifing/whateverweapon when our juror is attacked by the anti-Jodi crowd!

      • Minnesnowta – A NO DP state – at times I wish we did for cases like innocent Drew Sjodin

        The repeat sex offender and brutal killer of Drew did premeditate and is deserving of the DP – imo

    • Maggie I do not believe it was the same Dustin Thompson. The Dustin Thompson that committed the mortgage fraud was much older, and had a different middle name.

    • Well if I can get the picture thing to change on that Gravatar profile thing we could have our name with our state beside it every time we post it would show our State Pride then for Jodi 😉 trying to have rhondainalabama but it won’t work yet or it has not been accepted in here ?

  17. I am court right now and some of the other spectators are wearing buttons with Travis’s pic on them. Is this allowed????

    • I hope they are asked to remove them if they are allowed access INTO the courtroom and if they refuse to remove them I hope they are DENIED ACCESS…

      • JouJou-
        would pictures on buttons be an additional action for an appeal, based on an unfair trial?
        Also forgot to ask you if you knew if a juvenile record could be unsealed (If Travis had one) in a DP case?


        • Possibly, TR. There is a Supreme Court case that is a few years old that I posted elsewhere in which the facts seem pretty close and say that it would not under the facts in that case. I think it was from the Second Circuit originally. I don’t know what circuit AZ is in, or whether it can be distinguished, but all the evidence that even might be used in the POSSIBLE future appeal should be collected, in my opinion.

          • And if you add the eye rolling, sighing, laughing, smirking, snickering, etc. of the sisters, it might play as completely different. (In the case that I posted, the original judge said that the buttons could not be identified as a photograph of the victim.)

    • I would tell a court official about this. I don’t think they are supposed to have anything like that in the courtroom.

    • There was something a while ago about case where folks showed up with buttons or T-shirts or something. I can’t remember what the result was but I do know it ended up in some sort of appellate issue. Anyone remember?

  18. Arrrrrrr! Someone please explain this to me. The prosecution says she secretly filled gas cans so she wouldn’t have to stop near Travis’ for gas. Yet here they are presenting the receipts for that gas that she paid for WITH A CREDIT CARD!…. not cash….like you’d do if you were sneaking.

    The prosecution says she hurt her finger during the killing of Travis…….the defense says her finger was injured when Travis kicked her. So both sides appear to agree she has a finger injury. So why is JM as well as NG trying to prove she is faking the finger injury!!?? NG has on more than one occasion played video of Jodi talking on the stand and zero in on her finger claiming she can straighten it. NG can’t even make up her own mind. One day she says she hurt her finger while killing Travis…the next week she’s claiming Jodi is faking the injury. What???

    There is an old saying. The crazy people will make sane people look crazy.

    We have heard all about Travis’ lies, deception to everyone including his church….while he also was mentally, emotionally, sexually and physically abusing Jodi. It seems to me like he lived a crazy life and hid it all….now Jodi sits there trying to explain it all and everyone’s calling her crazy and the liar.
    Seems to me like she was a normal young girl until she met him and was pulled into his crazy lies and world.
    Not to mention didn’t everyone hear Travis say he thought a 12 yr old girl having her first orgasm is hot? Perv

  19. I don’t think the buttons shld be allowed or even the ribbons other than by his friends and family. Even one of the Dr Drew women who sits in as a spectator has a ribbon on. I believe the ribbons came from tje family. I wd think this cld sway the jury. I think everyone here hates me! Lol

  20. It’s amazing how the universe seems to always select the right music for my day when my iPods on shuffle.. Running errands this morning the second i turned it on, an old 2 live crew song came on, not sure if anyone here is familiar but the name of the song is “F*ck Martinez!” And they literally say that throughout the song!!! I starting giggling.., thanks 2 live crew! Gotta love it.

  21. I hear a HLN has a evening Jodi show,withbox head Nancy nograce,JVM,Vinnie. And my patients dont live long Dr. all hate all the time……what else is on..come on man

  22. I CANNOT BELIEVE NOBODY EVER MENTIONS MIKE BROOKS,AND HIS LITTLE PUPPET JOEY FROM IN SESSION!!!These 2 obnoxious,women hating goons should be thrown off tv for the way they have conducted themselves throughout Jodi’s trial.They have spewed hatred,and slander towards Jodi since this trial began.They probably wear “TRAVIS ALEXANDER’S GIRL” t-shirts under their clothes.Everyday,they brag on JM like he is God,and ignore the truth that Jodi DID act in self-defense.If Travis was on trial here,it would be totally different.The only reason I watched that channel is because I can’t get HLN.Now,I depend on this website.Thank You for being here for us! 🙂

    • Go Joseph!!!!!!! I have been thinking the same thing forever. Mike Brooks thinks he is always right and knows more than anyone else. What an ego that man has. He can’t even talk without screaming. I swear I saw him spit a few times because he got himself so worked up. Whenever I see him on….I hit mute or change the channel.

  23. FOR NURMI and JA supporters

    SCL is a gas Station is Delta, UT about 97 miles from SLCity.
    So when JM was trying to force Jodi into saying she was in SLC, he was an ass. Also, this is very important. As a previous installer of credit card terminal (yep that is me) I believe the SLC receipt was incoded wrong because the credit card terminal was probably programmed wrong by the Tech, it happens.

    • Yes but the SLC…SCL changeover happened at the same pump (#2) within minutes of each other.. a tech would have had to come reprogram it wrong within minutes during her purchases.

    • Tesero (sp?) was the gas station. The address on the receipt is definitely SLC.

      And, I believe the credit card terminal at the pump was programmed with the wrong code for the city (SCL instead of SLC).

      • OK the first purchase of $41 is the receipt marked SCL……. the other two $38 and $19 (supposidly the gas cans) are marked SLC…..
        So you are saying she went inside to pay for one? You’re making a good point for the prosecution.

        • I’m not trying to make a point for the prosecution. I’m trying to make sure we follow leads that have value and can help Jodi. I don’t believe this is one of them. I might be wrong, but my gut tells me otherwise.

          I’m in full support of Jodi – I have been on this site since almost the beginning.

          • I’m glad you don’t think this is a lead that could help Jodi. JM obviously thinks this is proof she tried to hide the gas and bought a third gas can. I was just trying to point out things that don’t seem right in that theory. But I’m sure your gut knows best.
            Bottom line she bought two gas orders for sure. She paid at pump #2 for both because had she gone inside to pay or prepaid, she would have had to sign the receipt. Neither is that type of receipt. Both appear to come from the pump. One receipt says SLC..the other says SCL ..from same pump within minutes. JM does not even have the $19 receipt that was to have filled the 5 gal extra gas can he says she had….but he did present proof she bought one.

            For anyone to say maybe she paid inside for one and outside for the other is saying JM is right and she tried to hide buying the gas in the cans.

            JM has thought this relevant enough to spell it all out in court for like two days. I just questioned it and the so called proof he presented….. Just to be told by you my lead has no value to help Jodi?
            In case you have not been paying attention, the gas cans go toward premeditation leading to the death penalty…… so yes I’m questioning JM’s gas can and receipt theory!

    • Hehe…kmiler….I know what you’re up to! I don’t know it…but I”m sure you’ll find it…and if I do I’ll let you know…How about David Hughes and that whole gang of scam artists(artist is used loosely)……..:)

      222 on the petiition! Our point has been made….but I have to update it and send it out again….

      Thanks everyone!

      Florida here or when warranted, Flori-duh,,,,:)

  24. Saw an interesting article today about a woman around 80 years old who is on trial for killing her grandson. She says he was addicted to drugs (though I doubt synthetic marijuana is addictive, but whatever) and she killed him in self-defense. She shot him multiple times while he was on the phone to 911 begging for help.

    The interesting thing, to me, were the comments. Unanimously in favor of acquittal for her, many even praising her, even though, as I said, she shot him multiple times while he was on the phone to 911. It goes to show the double-standards of the media and the smooth-brained neanderthal masses. Had it been his sexually open-minded girlfriend with a boob job, they’d be screaming for her blood.

    • I know a little about this case. She had called the police on him before the day this went down so she was on record already. I believe he was also arrested for something drug related in the past confirming the drug accusations

      • Oh, I realize there are big differences because of Jodi omitting and lying in the past. And I’m not saying Granny was wrong.

        I was just struck by the stark difference in the mob reaction.


    • LOL I’m sorry for what I’m about to say here….but does anyone honestly think they would put grandy in the clinger? It would cost way too much $$$$$$ Do you have any idea how many meds a 80 dy year old takes? Now I’m sure that there had to be something very wrong with her memory….ask KERMIT.

    • LOL Bystander!! Yes late again)good for me though coz I just came home from work).Havent been able to read all your comments.Today is a another day(misquoting Scarlett O’Hara ) and my deepest hope and expectation is to finally get some A class expert witnesses on the stand to prove the defenses’s case.Martinez really disappointed me(not that I wanted him to succeed in his job in this case)but having everybody saying how good od a prosecutor he is made me think he was goint to tear Jodi apart.On the contrary,we witnessed someone whop actually FAILED in proving Premeditation,thus Murder 1.It’s all up to the jury now,I guess.

    • Oh, GOOD! That is going to be HUGE!!!! Have you guys read what that narcissistic git wrote about his interests? (Money and Women?) His biceps? (“Can you say 16 inches?” [I $#!7 you not]) That pic of him shaving she mentioned that JM tried to make it sound like she snapped while the killing was taking place as his profile pic?

    • Is it in or being discussed on them trying to get it in??? That comment about probation and trolling for young children could be why they requested his criminal background report

  25. Oh boy…here we go. JM doesn’t want the experts information coming in. You would think that the prosecution could have deposed the witness.

  26. In broad daylight in the backwater of Rawlins, Wyoming, Joe Esquibel shot his wife right between the eyes in front of eight witnesses, including his own children and a deputy sheriff with his gun drawn. It seemed an indefensible case of premeditated murder by a remorseless killer. A crime that cried out for the death penalty.Enter Gerry Spence, the controversial, nationally renowned defense lawyer who’d never lost a case. Undeterred by the odds against him, and armed with awesome powers of persuasion, he turned the trial into an electrifying legal battle to save a man from execution. For seven years, through three trials, he fought with everything he had, until, incredibly, he achieved the impossible: Esquibel was acquitted by reason of insanity.

    I do not know the details Esquibel case but Fear & Anger make a person not rational. I doubt anyone plans to stab someone 27 times, nor brings 2 murder weapons with them to murder someone,you stick to the same weapon.. The premeditation theory put forth by the Prosecution is not believable to me.

  27. Again….
    The prosecution’s story for FOUR YEARS was that Arias shot Travis first, then stabbed him. Martinez sprung his new theory 4 days before the trial began in January 2013.

  28. Wait, JM said that psychologists don’t do brain science?!

    Someone should alert my employer … I teach neuropsychology and ya know, the physiology of the brain.

    JM knows better than that.

  29. just to remind everyone,you can do alot in 62 seconds.Me and my girlfriend tried that last night,no I didn’t bodyslam her,but we had a good 15 min. left. This was running from the bathroom to the bedroom,and back.Our house is not easily laid out like TA.I wonder if jm ever play hide and seek when he was a kid.Again you can do alot in 62 seconds.JM is already crying to the judge,why doesn’t he go F__k miss piggy already.What a loser.

  30. what are you making of the judge’s face?I think she doesnt care for what Wilmott’s saying-maybe she’s going to sustain M’s objection…

  31. I love Wilmott! She is SUCH a great speaker and explainer.

    If the judge rules against the defense, I am going to be pissed!!

      • I think I said it pretty clearly, Lisa. It would be a ruling against the defense because they are the ones bringing the information through their expert witness by means of a PowerPoint document!

  32. The defense screwed up if they didn’t enter info about different types of murder. That’s on them, not JM.

    Perhaps the Judge will allow that, but I would be mildly surprised.

  33. Has it been commented about the possibility that after TA was shot, said the “I’ll kill you” – that he went to the sink and noticed the knife on the counter, picked it up and came towards Jodi, he drops it, she picks it up in the escalated fear of her life being in danger – and we have the rest of the events that follow

    • Rainy,

      I thought maybe Jodi picked it up and held it out after the gun was knocked out of her hand because she wanted something else to try and stop him. Travis maybe thought he could get the knife from her because he was so much bigger than her. (He probably grabbed the blade, hence the cuts on his thumb and palm). Jodi had more defensive wounds on her than Travis. If she was wearing long sleeves, she probably had cuts on her forearms, Travis only had cuts on the palms of his hands. That makes no sense to me. If he couldn’t get the knife from her, the next natural instinct would be to use your forearms and upper arms to protect your head, chest, and other vital organs.

    • thats a much better theory than someone who stated “maybe he fell onto the blade and thats how is throat was slit” i think travis was trying to grab the knife from her.. imo, thats the most probable scenario to the knife wounds on the inside of his hands.. i agree with nk on that he probably tried grabbing the knife from her and then him trying to protect himself, hence the cuts on his forearms.

  34. I agree, why does Jodi’s side have to explain the “doctors” opinion to the Proscecution? Why does the defense have to babysit the DA? This is NOT a premeditated crime!

  35. If the psychologist KNEW whether this crime was premeditated or not then we wouldn’t need this trial for the past 2 months. This psychologist could of saved AZ lots of $$$$

    • The psychologist has no qualifications or ability to assess whether this was premeditated or not.

      I suspect some here would like him to, but as a professional reseach psychologist in academia, I can say with certainty that JM is correct on that point,

      • Lisa, if you had listened to what Wilmott stated, she “knows better” than to ask him that question. He is NOT going to talk about whether it was premeditated or not.

        It seems to me like you are a person who likes to stir the pot in favor of Travis. Go back to your other site and quit coming over here!!

        • I would think it would be absurd to ask any professional if this was premeditated.

          All they can know is what they think. … their opinion … which amounts to a big fat nothing – we all have opinion’s …

          So to me its foolish to ask the question or to imply they were going to ask if psych guy knew this was preMed…cuz he could never know

          unless jodi confessed to him that she planned it

        • I got the same impression yesterday, but didn’t want to say anything for appearing too petty, but ITA with you Nicole.

        • Thank you Nicole!!!!!!!!!!. She has been irritating me for days. Maybe she is the same type of Psychologists that HLN hires.

      • I like your opinions, Lisa! Keep posting. I came to this forum because it welcomed several different points of view. I can honestly say that I don’t know what happened on June 4th. Sometimes I believe JA is telling the truth, sometimes I believe the state may be on the mark. I value everyone’s response and wouldn’t want people to stop expressing their thoughts or clarifying a fact.

      • Lisa,He wasnt going to do that, the defense isnt going to ask him, is this Premeditated,
        ? Did you not hear that? I said this is not premeditated, the Jury will too IMO but the Expert is not saying that. Sorry if I confused you.

  36. I can’t wait for the talking heads to squawk tonight… I can hear it now.. Hearsay, fancy science… and baloney. I bet Graceless says baloney tonight. Any takers…

    • Which would be hilarious because they were the ones arguing for the voodoo “sniff” detector in the Casey Anthony trial; and the testimony of a computer expert that screwed up his own findings.

      I’ll take that bet though!!

      • OK!!! you’re on, MB what are the stakes? (Remember I’m Mormon) LOL

        I bet Dr. Drawing Conclusions (Drew) (who has had every psychic from Mesa, AZ to Schenectady, NY on) will call foul on the Samuels as well. Since I would bet my last cookie Samuels would not condescend to do that quacks show!!!

          • I would take that bet! But I can depend on the credentials of JVM’s “expert” being completely suspect. She will dig up a HLN regular and call them an expert.

  37. yeah, Wimot is coming across very well! sometimes Nurmi too soft and seemingly cuddling jodi.
    and a woman fighting a woman MAY HELP.
    where’s Nurmi, tho?

    • I know that a lot of Jodi supporters share your view, but I disagree. I think that he has presented a nice counterpoint to JM’s scatter shot yell-until-they-believe-you style (Oh, it just occurred to me that maybe that’s why JVM and NG like him so much and think that he is “genius”). One of the first rules of trial practice is to be yourself. I couldn’t “do” Jerry Spence any more than Jerry Spence could “do” William Kunstler. From a strategic standpoint, I think that Nurmi (sympathetic, patient, approachable, NICE) questioning Jodi was the right move, as was Wilmott (clear, direct, concise, authoritative) taking the experts.

        • And it highlights in a couple of ways how JM’s hubris is a stumbling block to him in this case in a couple of ways. He doesn’t have someone he can trust to review info that comes up on the fly (where is Nurmi? You can bet he’s not playing golf.) When he says that he couldn’t read the Time Magazine article, I believe him. But why not? Because he is doing absolutely everything himself. He’s trying to sculpt the David with a jackhammer. There are times, when that tool is the right one, but he has no finesse. That works when the case makes itself, like most capital cases do. It doesn’t work in a highly nuanced (and WAY overcharged) case like thins one.

          • I agree on the overcharged, I was watching a prosecutor on a different station, not HLN, say this case was overcharged and if they don’t include the lessors, there was a possiblity JA could walk. He said he has seen juries in the past voting for aquital when the charges aren’t proven. His words not mine.

  38. AZ courts overturned one of the three women on death row in AZs sentence today due to prosecutor misconduct.

    • It sounded to me like JM didn’t file the necessary motion needed to preclude when she stated “that ship has sailed”. She is giving JM time to talk to the expert and then back in court.

      She shouldn’t be pissed at the defense, they say he’s not changed his opinion since the report.

      • IMO I have to disagree. It is just to show the jury the anatomy of the brain. IMO JM opened the door when he beat the proverbial dead horse yelling about JA’s memory issues. JM just quit doing this yesterday and, therefore, slides were created in a manner to rebutt what transpired. Quite ironic that JM wants to open doors but then slam them in the face of justice (especially in a DP case)

      • No, she’s not mad at the defense. She’s saying that a motion by the prosecution should have been filed before now…the same motion that JM was talking about.

        • Not trying to be the “shit stirrer”, to which I have been labeled, but please tell me how JM could have filed a motion sooner, when he was presented the information just this morning?

          • Apparently the judge felt it should have been done already, which is customary. Using her words – “but that ship has sailed”

          • He got the information in 2011, he KNEW this expert diagnosed Jodi with PTSD and feels this was not premeditated. Yet, he will not say that. JM knew this all. Today HE wanted to complain about it. He knew, Look, JM felt he had an open and shut case, NOT. So, JM caused this delay, JM was to lazy to read this guys info. Also, he wouldnt even allow the Expert to speak, he keep interuupting. This is Interesting Stuff! Very believable not hooey but real! BTW, I love this guy, too bad he is married. Tee hee. I am single Just little levity,

  39. WTF! The Judge won’t allow a medical expert.. because its.. UNFAIR to the State?

    Suddenly words fail me..

    I am feeling sooo angry right now.

      • No. She asked Kermit to meet with the witness and question further and return at 1. She also told Kermit there wasn’t the necessary motion to preclude filed and so “that ship has sailed”. that was my understanding anyway.

  40. I like how Wilmott says they need the picture of the brain so they can explain the”mentally disability” that Martinez claims Jodi has. Lol

  41. I would think Nancy G and her pack would love a psychic psychologist who can say whether this was premeditated – he could go along with the other psychic person they have on.

    Is it just me who is dumbstruck by JM saying the psychologist can’t know if this was premeditated?

    Who would ever expect ANYONE to know this? It is unable to anyone except Jodi!

      • I Hope so, Jodi. I really do.

        I don’t think she’s neutral at all.. she has allowed almost every objection from the defense..

        • My understanding is its not the expert but the power point he was planning to use to explain to the jury what he is telling them to make it easier to understand.

          I thought Wilmont stated his testimony had not changed. Only the visual presentation had been added

        • I know. But our rules are a lot different. Not to sound smarmy, but a bunch of our rules were created to not do it the way its done in the UK. For instance, you may have noticed our attorneys and folks here griping about foundation etc. In the UK barristers are allowed to raise hypotheticals and ask for yes no answers, sort of like JM tries to do once in a while.

    • I think with her letting JM talk to him that it will be allowed. That way he can asked about anything that he believe is “new”. So I don’t see what grounds she would have to keep the expert out.

    • It’s not a question of whether the expert will testify. They are aguing about how far he can go in his testimony; whether he can rely on the Time Magazine article and use the power point.

  42. I don’t know if JM is thinking clearly enough on how many doors he opened during cross such as memories and how they work, Myspace, etc. I am still hoping they get TA’s letters in but I’m not sure I saw anything that opened that door.

    • This is the defense case in chief. JM didn’t need to open the door. They just have to keep the pros notified of what their case will be in accordance with court rules and the scheduling order.

  43. I found the case the poster referred to above where the DP was overturned due to pros misconduct (It was actually the detective). It was Debra Jean Milke who was charged with having her 4 year old son killed in 1989. I’m not familiar with the case. Here was the reason:

    “The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals;’ ruling says the prosecution failed to disclose information about a history misconduct by a detective who provided key incriminating testimony regarding Milke.”

    I don’t have time to research and see who all was involved from AZ.

  44. You could really tell that JM has his tail between his legs. He didn’t have his normal “puffed out chest.” I think he should have thought long and hard about bringing up the memory issues with Jodi. He cooked his own goose (and we are happy to help him serve it up)! 🙂

  45. I’m willing to bet Dirty Marti purposely limited his questions when he interviewed the Psychologist. Now he wants to blame the witness for not disclosing info. he didn’t ask about and claim the defense tried to “surprise” him.

    • IDK, It’s hard to tell by the questions, you can speculate either way, like the questions yesterday-How many times did you see TRAVIS’ gun? How many texts, phone calls, emails were between you and Travis on 6/2, 6/3. So I think by looking at the questions is just a guessing game.

    • Maybe but I started this case thinking she was 100% guilty and now I’m leaning more towards self defense or M2. I don’t think prosecution has proven self defense. If these experts can clear up how/why her memory could be foggy and make sense of he detailed she was regarding past relationship and other details but foggy when it ones to the day she killed Travis, it might flip some of the jurors who didn’t feel they could trust her.

      • You don’t think the “Defense” has proven self-defense? You had “prosecutor” typed in your post. Although the defense doesn’t have to prove anything. Do you think the State has proved 1st degree premeditated murder?

        • Sorry, I do not feel prosecution has proven premeditation. I scrambled my thoughts. When this started I thought she was an insane jealous x girlfriend who found out he was going on vacation with another women etc etc. I had only watched the 48 hours and Nancy Grace ( just a couple of times on this topic). For this reason I didn’t really watch the start of the trial. I didn’t want to see the crime scene pictures mainly and honestly the first time I watched Juan I thought he was so rude and obnoxious to his witnesses that I figured I’d just avoid the headache he gives me for now since I know all this info. I tuned in to everyday of the defense’s case because I wanted to see how they were going to attempt to talk their way out of this. After lisa thinking he was a virgin, the naked pictures, the sex tape phone call and the person he led people to believe he was…… I almost 80% changed my mind. Gone back and forth a couple of times but I’m leaning towards her innocence if that’s possible since she does admit to killing him in self defense. I’m also of the belief that the stab wounds in his back were made while he was trying to get the knife from here and was on to of her. I also don’t believe the crime happened in 62 seconds. Logic tells me it’s not possible regardless of how things went down. To many holes in the story. As a juror I could not convict. That would be the case if I removed the lies at she told. The story of the whys and the how’s don’t add up for me.

    • Some probably have, but I doubt all of them have. Many jurors take their civic duty very seriously and will not even think about which way they lean until all the evidence has been presented. Frequently, one or more jurors will have their opinions swayed during deliberation with the others as well.

    • I hope not! The defense has not finished presenting their case yet! Some of them might believe that Jody is guilty after JM’s antics, but I believe that they will listen to and understand the experts’ testimony.

      I personally don’t see a motive in this case. Cancun?? Seriously?? Not exactly the trip of a lifetime. TA was not in some new romance that drove Jodi crazy. In fact, he had dated other women after they broke up & he lived…….

    • Heather, that lie expert on HLN seems to think the jurors made up their minds (and I think she thinks it is against Jodi, she was really aggressive and really happy about it. Dr. Drew sort of cut her off. There was a panel of people. And one woman told Dr. Drew that he forgets that Jodi doesn’t feel anything because she is a sociopath when Dr. Drew was saying that Jodi is nervous because her testimony is done).

    • I know the one who said, Do you think it is possible that TA picked up the camera to look at it? they probably have, in favor of Jodi, that was why JM went over the camera stuff so much yeaterday. He made it seem possible. That juror will never vote against Jodi with that reasonable doubt!

          • I LOVE Wilmott too!!! Did anyone note Martinez’ body language ! I had to laugh, his arms were folded! This was the last thing he wanted, an expert on memory etc lol

            As Team Jodi says, WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!!

            Can’t wait for his cross! 😀

  46. Do you have a picture of the shelves for us?

    It looked to me like the shelves were solidly built with hardwood and that they lined up in the middle with the holes,
    which means that the tenons (cylindrical pieces) are inserted within holes on the side of the shelves. Sometimes shelves are slid between the tenons (less sturdy) but the upper ones prevent the shelf from tipping.

    On the court information sheet Jodi is 115 lbs and 5’4.

    • Viri, I think this totally needs to be cleared up. If I was a juror, I’d ask to go to the crime scene to see if it’s possible to stand on those shelves. If I was the judge, I would want it clarified too.

      • They generally don’t allow jurors to re-enact something of this nature because they then become a witness versus a juror. For example, in the Casey Anthony trial and the pros wanting the jury to smell the cans.

        One of the reasons that Scott Peterson’s case is being appealed is because the jurors actually got into the boat, etc., and thereby there opinions of the evidence is as a witness.

        Maybe one of the legal eagles on here have a better way of explaining this.

        • You are correct Jodie. Also, the house has been sold. There is a family with young children living in there now. They do not want the children to know what happened in the house because they do not want their children to be afraid or freaked out in their home. There is NO WAY there will be a visit to the crime scene.

    • When you build these in a closet (looks like they were made when closet was built) you don’t set them up so that the shelves may fall on the house owner’s head when they use it. Carpenters don’t use Home Depot gadgets.

  47. What happens if the jurors don’t all agree, does it have to be unanimous? I don’t know how the US system works, can someone explain?

    • Say one juror disagrees with the other 11 it is called a “hung-jury.” Meaning we got start with a new trial and do this shit again.

      • Yes, a verdict must be unanimous. If one juror (or more) disagrees with the others, and they cannot reach a verdict, even if given more time to deliberate, then, it’s a hung jury. In that event, the case can be retried or dismissed or an alternate resolution reached (such as a plea bargain).

        • Oh I couldn’t bear it if she had to go through all of this again, I just pray they will aquit her because of no evidence and if/when that happens I will be celebrating so loudly that you’ll hear me from London UK!!!!

          The neighbours will be certainly wondering! 🙂

    • If there is a hung jury and lets say there were more votes to acquit than convict, sometimes the State will offer a plea deal. DirtyPickles is right though on most cases we would do this shit again.

    • I have seen some cases where they will talk to the jurors to find out why they couldn’t come to a verdict, then basing on what the jurors say, the prosecution can strengthen their case.

    • In all states but Louisiana and Oregon, jury verdicts have to be unanimous in criminal cases.

      In those 2 states convictions can occur with a 10-2 vote.

      Most states use a 12 person jury for criminal cases but some use 8 or 6 person juries. For instance the Rachel Wade trial in Florida used a 6 person jury.

  48. Just want to encourage everyone to keep digging. We have unearthed a lot of evidence on this site and we need to find even more. So in other words ‘assholes and elbows’ people.

    • What do you want to know?? I have some students coming in soon and they will either have to drop this class or fail. I can give them a make-up assignment.

  49. So finally the blabber heads on HLN are learning about the new words they heard today – and how stress works.

    hmmm, I would have thought these brilliant folks would already know about PTSD and stress these days given they are *news* folks and theres been lots of PTSD talk and our Military Vets returning home.

  50. SJ:

    First, thank you for your excellent and hard work administrating this site (and to the other Admins too!!)

    second, are you going to start an afternoon session on the comments too…. I know the comments get goofy when they start to build up….

    • Hi Renee’,

      Thanks for your kind comments. There are 4 of us here working on the website, virtually around the clock.
      And yes, we’ll be starting an afternoon session page shortly.

      Team Jodi

      • Awesome…. can you give a shout-out to all four? I get confused because some state “Team Jodi” but also state they do not admin this page. I don’t want to exclude anyone…. this page is awesome, and I wish, oh I wish, I had known of it during the Casey trial. I enjoy talking with intelligent people who do not let the media influence their thoughts, but rather, are critical thinkers and enjoy a good debate without threats…

  51. Where on Travis’s MySpace is that comment about the probation joke and young boys? Don’t see it.

    Also noticed on 6/4/08 his sister commented on his page that she hopes to see him one day. Ernie… Had they been estranged?

    • Brenda
      It is on his MY space comments, you have to go back a bit but it is there!! along with the statement, I hope this does not interfere with your probation.

  52. oh, lord, they r still clamoring over this expert issue. i could hear the judge now… “let us recess until monday, so i can go away for a long weekend”. HA!

    (jean C. slipped and called lil marti, JUAN.)

  53. I knew it.. Not gonna let the expert testify, not today and not ever. I hate this ugh. Also, FBI uses profiling. They have a lot of prosecution experts regarding negative psychiatrist that say she did it but they cant use experts to say she lost her Da** mind and that is why she cant remember the bloody stabbing. Who knows what went on. But I would black it out too. Also, she said her legs and ankles were bruised, his FEET had stab.slash wounds, I bet he was kicking her. Look, there is proof someone was fighting for their life. looking at both victims, I say it was HER, she was fighting for her life and now they want to kill her for surviving. No way!

  54. This has bothered me since I first saw it. Could I please get one of the body language experts here at to share their expert opinions….And K….notice Z spells his name as Zackery on FB, but Flores spells it Zachary….and yes I just saw the case you mentioned. Birth date mistakes and other mistakes have already been proven to occur in pubic records. Is this yet another case of PPL and their fabulous expunging efforts? Or something else……And oh boy, Z sure did have a lot of DETAILS for Flores….which if we judge by the same standards as Jodi, means he’s a pathological liar…and creepy….and freaky….and oh, cute pic on FB of him, huh?

    • Yes, he is, but I don’t think he’ll tolerate Martinez’ cross very well, can’t wait to see M make an ass of himself– Again!

  55. Psychologists are not psychiatrists, but they study mental functions and behaviors. The expert is not diagnosing Jodi with anything, nor is he determining for the jury what took place, he is just sharing his expert understanding on PTSD and crime. Willmott’s questioning is what will put it into context with this case, not the sole opinion of the expert.

    But as we all know, Juanito has a problem with experts. Color wheel and a hair swatch anyone? Remember that bullshit? He badgered the digital forensics expert about what color preference brand of Loreal Jodi may have used, when all it was his job to do was to recover data.

    IMO Juanito is probably pissed because there is an anatomy picture that will show the jury that the bullet didn’t pass through the brain. He doesn’t want ANYTHING admitted that may jeopardize his theory, which Trixels mentioned was changed FOUR DAYS before the trial.

    Willmott brought up a good point – if Martinez wants to cross him, so be it. The problem is Juanito has to believe in his own damn theory to be able to think on his feet during the expert’s testimony; it’s looking to me like he doesn’t.

    • MB, thats what I got also. He is there to give his expertise on memory, PTSD, and I would expect how ANYONES MIND or BEHAVIOUR reacts to stress etc.

      This is a vital aspect to this entire case and chain of events.

      Of course he doesn’t want to upset his applecart – but he should be striving for justice as someone so eloquently stated earlier today in describing the role of a prosecutor.

      • Rainy, thank you! Exactly!

        I’ll be honest I am VERY upset that prosecutors have the capacity to convict people based on their own twist of events rather than solid evidence. He is trying to win his case not through presenting actual, real evidence, but by supposition and hearsay. It’s alarming that Juanito is even allowed to pull this despicable stunt, like the judge said, the ship has sailed.

    • ”he is just sharing his expert understanding ”Exactly!!quoting you MB,lol! I loved it when Wilmott said that she should know better than to go into a no no direction with the expert witness.And Martinez claimimng that she might,is both offensive to Wilmott and also looks kinda panick-ey on his part.Someone pants are on fire today….

      • To quote a commercial from here in the US – “no mas pantalones.”

        I also like how Willmott pointed out that she knows how to do her job, thankyouverymuch, and doesn’t need Juanito to pre-emptively strike on what hasn’t even happened yet.

        The man is desperate.

    • MB- Great points.

      I think you are exactly right about the Martinez being very worried about teh Psycholigst opening the door about the bullet. I am not an expert, but I do recieve regular information from the National Brain Injury foundation , and read the most up to date research available on their site. Every day there are new findings about the brain and effects of injury. I am hopeful that the defense will put an expert on that can verify that in fact, the bullet would not have incapacitated Travis.

  56. How could Arias slash Alexanders throat? That was the question searing in my mind for this whole trial. How a small little girl, could slash this guys throat from ear to ear ? It just didn’t seem plausible, yet it was/is a FACT. SHE DID SLASH HIS THROAT EAR TO EAR. Period.
    I’ve been vexed by this from the beginning, but please hear me out, I believe the fact that she slashed his throat ear to ear, is actally the key to “proving”, her claim to self defense.

    Here we go.
    Arias is taking pictures and drops the camera, Travis comes out of the shower, and because he’s an ex wrestler, body slams her with no trouble.
    Arias rolls over and runs away, Travis yelling “fucking kill you bitch”, ringing in her ears.
    Travis gets up, kicking the camera down the hall, as he chases Arias in a blind rage.
    Arias, making it to the closet, and the gun , grabs the gun and retreats once again to the bathroom.

    At this point Travis comes charging out of the closet door like a raging bull and somehow, the gun goes off.
    Both Travis and Arias collapse in the bathroom and once again Arias takes flight down the hall (possibly kicking the camera FURTHER down the hall).
    She grabs the knife from the bedroom, turns around, and Travis is on his way.
    Arias begins flailing wildly with the knife, stabbing Travis a multitude of times to his frontal area.
    Travis falls/slips to the floor, and at this point the camera is kicked/triggered, and takes the photo of Travis on the floor with Arias’ foot in the shot.
    She is standing over him.
    Now, HERE is the KEY.
    Travis once again gets up (probably yelling some obsenities) .But instead of turning to confront Arias, HE GOES FOR THE GUN!!!! (I’M GONNA BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF YOU FUCKING BITCH !!!)
    Arias realizing the danger, begins chase Travis back into the bathroom stabbing him repeatedly in the back and head. But nothing is stopping him. He’s going to make it to the gun !!

    Travis still mobile and running for the gun had to BEND DOWN TO PICK IT UP. That is when Arias, realizing even the stabbings weren’t stopping him, did the only thing left to do. Jump on his back, and cut his throat from ear to ear, to make sure, he stopped.
    The reason Arias was able to slit Travis’ throat from ear to ear is because at the time he had his throat sliced he was BENDING OVER, to pick up the gun that was still on the bathroom floor.
    If she just wanted to kill the guy all of a sudden after they were having sex and taking photos, it wold have been way easier just to blow his head off while he was sitting in the shower.

    Arias is innocent.

    • Yours is an interesting theory to ponder. I have a theory too, but it involves kind of a conspiracy. I have wondered for so long how she could have done the throat slash but after reading about 1) being dead for 5 days and roommates never reported it 2) roommate Zach changing story about laundry, when he last saw him, etc. 3) TA having affairs with married women 4) the Bishop of TA’s church knew about TA’s affair with another woman that TA spoke to him about 5) fellow mormons knew of TA’s lust for different women and finally 6) the mormon doctrine of blood atonement (some sins are unforgivable and allows capital punishment by various methods including decapitation for atonement) 7) unaccounted for bloody shoe print

      I think the battle started between TA and Jodi – she shot him, he pinned her down, she somehow got the knife and stabbed him repeatedly to get him off her, then finally did the deeper stab to the heart area. She then left. Roommate heard the end of what happened or possibly even saw Jodi leave, called someone (possibly a fellow mormon) who then came to see what happened, dragged TA to the shower and attempted decapitation as part of blood atonement. I know it seems far-fetched but that would account for the many unanswered questions. And face it – it seems TA was no angel and had quite a few enemies. Therefore, this could have been a crime of opportunity.

  57. I am listening to Dr. Samuels again and learning again. He was an amazing free therapy session for me today. Please please please … there has to be one person on that jury, at least, that can relate to some of this. There has to be, right?

    I think this was the defense’s BEST day yet. I was looking forward to Ms. LaViolette. I wasn’t sure how much Dr. Samuels would say. I’m so glad they put him on first. I wish he had a FULL day to testify. But at least the jury has something to stew on this weekend.

    Here’s what would be going through my mind: JM: “Ma’am, do you have a problem with your memory?” Jodi: “It only happens when people are yelling at me, like you or Travis.” JM: “Objection to this doctor testifying.” Dr. Samuels: “During trauma, you actually can not remember. You don’t form memories. Even hypnosis can’t recall them.” JM: “Ma’am, do you have memory issues?” The jury: “Have you ever sought help for your memory issues or taken medication.” Dr. Samuels: “It it ain’t there, the memory ain’t there.” JM: “Ma’am, I’m going to ask you again, do you have a problem with your memory? You remember exactly what you drank at Starbucks 10 years ago.” JW: “Does it help people with memory if they wrote things down?” Dr. Samuels: “Absolutely, because you use more of your senses when you write it down. You hear it, you use your hands, and you see it.” JM: “Ma’am, I’ve asked you before and I’ll ask you again, how do you remember this but you can’t remember the day you killed the victim?” Jodi: “I’ve reviewed my journals about that.” JM (LOUD as all hell, gesticulating like a crazy man): “MA’AM DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR MEMORY?”

  58. I tried posting a comment yesterday but never saw it here so trying again. Has anyone noticed that HLN is having their own fake trail with Nancy on the big screen spewing her vile speculation of how and why? I think the folks at Headline News have accepted the fact that they are not going to get the verdict they want so they have hired a fake jury to make themselves feel better. This is laughable. Is Juan allowed to badger the expert witnesses and to try to get them to re-explain every word and change their diagnosis’s? I was very impressed with the expert today. This explains Jodi’s memory loss and the fact that she’d never wrote a violent or negative thing in her diary thru many years reinforces the fact, for me, that she felt she was acting in self defense.

  59. I really would like to say that this prosecutor and judge must be bed fellows with each other,she lets him constantly trash Jodi,OVERRULE is her second language.This is a miscarriage of justice,they let the jurrors go home every night and on the weekends where they are constantly exposed to all the Jodi haters and media circus out there.I swear that no one should be unemployed in America,there sure alot of prosecutors,judges and lawers that have popped up in the last ten weeks.This is not FAIR to Jodi,the state has all the resources and money,the judge seems like she has already found Jodi guilty and on top of that,if they lose,they can do it all over again.I read some where also that if they find her guilty of M1 and the jury doesnt agree on the death penalty,they again can have a second and third try at getting that penalty by getting a new jury. WOW JUSTICE IN AMERICA.Totally unfair and they dont play on an even feild.The defence calls in witnesses and good ol Juan wants the judge to disallow this,WHY, is he freaking scared?I am totally and utterly disgusted with JMs tactics,Jodi wanted to plead to M2,but they turned it down,seems like the judge and the prosecutor are looking for some type of reconition to bolster some future events in their lives.I do not belive Jodi did it and she is hiding something,there in no way she could have inflicted all that damage to TA,there was others involved,she is covering up in fear of a reprisal against her or her family.JODI WILL ENDURE and will be found not guilty,god bless Jodi and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  60. I was able to watch Croakerqueen’s videos of the Trial Day 31 Parts 1 through 3 on utube. At the end of the 3rd one the judge said to be back at 3:15. Does anyone know if there is another video to see the end of today?

  61. I’ve noticed a few of the HLN hosts are very subdued in their updates on the case. It appears they are hesitant to join the chant of the ‘off with her head’ and the bloodthirsty mentality. And what about the prosecution guy that looks like a bobble-head who is always being consulted by Vinnie? Could they all please just get real jobs!! I noticed JM was practically sulking yesterday when the expert was explaining her memory loss. I think the little badger may need some therapy and time in a psych ward when all this is done. lol

    • Ha ha “the little badger” describes him perfectly. And I did see that too, he looked like a school child who had just been scolded.

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