Jodi Arias Trial – Day 31 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 31, where Dr Richard Samuels continues his testimony.

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  1. Just read some posts over at the TA site…….they are all experts on PTSD, BTW…..chastising one another about not indulging in in-fighting on their site..LOL..they are a little upset over there about the up-coming defense experts….in fact I think they are starting to eat their young….LOL.

    • They only use psychology to support their opinion. They read lists on the web and say shes a sociopath etc.

      • I’m more than sure that they will try very hard to turn everything this highly educated, not to mention, his background starting from 1975, well educated Dr. has/had to say. Just unreal to me.

        • I.m sure Dr. Drew is more reliable in his diagnosis of Jodi than Dr. Samuels. I mean, I’ve seen him on TV, so he must know what he’s talking about.

          • I just took a look at Dr. Drew’s bio and he does have his M.D. (medical doctorate) degree but he’s degree was not in psychology at all. In college, I’ve taken several psychology classes and Dr. Samuels testimony is true, our brain has a way of reacting when a person is in a dangerous situation or if the body feels threatened. He isn’t a medical doctor but he is well versed in his field of bio-psychology. Furthermore, If the prosecution has the right to bring all those experts, Jodi’s team should also have the courteousy and fairness of bringing in experts like Dr. Samuels. I thought the prosecutor Martinez was being an ass when he was requesting that Judge Stephens not allow the testimony about the brain. Why is it okay for him to try to prove Jodi guilty but when the defense try to prove otherwise he objects in any way possible. I was very glad Judge Stephens overruled and allowed for Dr. Samuels testimony.

    • Kitty, what TA site do you visit. I cant find one and just want to see what they say. can you post it. I am a jodi supporter.

    • Sanctioned for exchanging dental work for psychiatric services, 13 years ago. He was ordered to take classes. SHEESH people.

        • Dr Samuels, the Defense’s Expert Witness that is being argued about today. He had a $2500.00 sanction in 2000 and was ordered to take classes for “Bartering Services, dental work for psychiatric services to a patient. It was deemed conflict of interest.

        • There is a few hundred websites that agree with you BeeCee. It’s a very underrated and underutilized form of exchange in our society, now a days.

          • Totally agree! Jury will probably like him even more when they hear that – if they do. Sounds so silly to think it would even come up.

          • I assure you, once the air is putrid, the rivers and oceans polluted and the last tree or earth produce fruit and vegetables. People will realize then and only then. YOU CANT EAT MONEY! Besides he was probably doing someone a favor who had no money. That is too bad because bartering is going to rise up again. I do it all the time. Good for him, sad he got in trouble. HLN trades their souls for ratings.

            • BeeCee (and many others) –
              Your comments are so refreshing.

              Would it have been acceptable if Dr. Samuels gave dentist $100.00 and than dentist gave Dr. Samels the $100.00 back?

              So silly.

              • let me explain why this is an ethical violation. i took grad ethics in pych this past summer. These types of complaints are more common than one thinks. It’s a learning process too for the psychologist. When a shrink renders services part of his training is to remain value neutral in order not to harm the client. This means that a shrink should be careful with dual relationships. some are forbidden such as sleeping with a client. but some are not considered violations depending on the circumstances. Dr. Samuels had the run of the mill complaint. He traded services. Ethically this could complicate things because his client needs to understand boundaries, and this could cross over into the line of friendship and a shrink shouldn’t cross those lines with patients. It’s called the slippery slope affect. I don’t think samuels, though did anything that wrong because these kinds of violations are more common than not because people do get close to each other. I was taught that they are hundreds of this types of complaints a year. I haven’t ever read about a complaint like this and I agree it’s silly. The type of more common complaint is that a client ends up working for his or her shrink. thats not good. or a shrink despenses advice at party to a stranger instead of asking him to make an appt. I don’t think it’s a really big deal but I understand the reasons the APA make these guidelines.

                This complaint does NOT detract from the work he’s done, his knowledge, his research. He’s still very good at what he does. The haters are digging for nothing. IF juan makes something out of it, Wilmott can easily fix this on cross.

                • Can we also say hello, 13 years ago? It’s not like this happened yesterday. They will drag up anything at all to make someone look bad. Problem is they cannot take away his credentials.

                • Best thing the defense can do is bring this up and shut JM down. The best defense is a good offense.

            • Like on The Walking Dead, the character Andrea was a lawyer before the zombie apocalypse. That doesn’t help her because she can’t argue with a flesh eating zombie. They cannot take away this EXPERTS credentials. So, 13 years ago he bartered for dental work. He paid his fine and did what he needed to do. It’s not like he does this every day.

              • Cj, thats a great example. I love walking dead. to bad Andrea couldn’t convince the governor, even with a good argument. Same thing here, when people are only one way minded, is very difficult to change their mind, even if Jesus come and tell them him self.

        • yup, there is a show that people trade things for what they have in order to trade up to other things that they want or need. Wish I could think of the name of it, grrrrrr

    • I just find it sad that instead of looking for true truth and justice that those kind of people resort to this behaviour.

      They treat this as if it were a sports game or something. This is another person’s life, not a game.

      Heaven forbid an expert come on that defends Jodi.

      • Yes, and evidently Juanabee is relying heavily on Facebook to help him try this case:

        The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial Admin 2: JM is aware and has responded.

        so, the little guy spends lunch and witness interview time to check FB and learn how to try a case. heh heh heh

      • That’s exactly it, they Do think of it as a game–one person told me she actually enjoyed it.. ugh these ‘people’ aren’t human.

        Yes I bet they are Really upset about the expert witness, instant depression for them! So Good!
        May their depression continue! lol

      • I think Jean Casarez said it right today. If you have anything positive to say about Jodi then be ready to be burned at the stake. I thought then you better watch it cause that sounds positive and they will want to eat you alive, lol.

        • cj…do you think the jurors will be afraid at this point if they don’t render a guilty verdict for fear of any physical or emotional harm they might receive from the enraged viewing audience that the HLN headhunters have enticed the rage in these television viewers using the social network media through their own network every day and night during this trial?

          If I was one of those jurors I would be afraid of the potential harm to myself or a family member when this trial is over.

          Just look at what the jurors had to endure after the Casey Anthony case…The HLN headhunters “dragged them through the mud.”

          • And I know some or most of the jurors are watching the Media and lying to Judge Pickles when they say they aren’t. Plus they’re already indoctrinated with the case from all the Media crap before they were chosen as jurors.

            • I wonder if this is even legal.How can they even go from the court house to thier house and not run in to somebody talking about this case.With the media circus it’s a matter of time that one of the jurors is found out and there will either be a mistrial or a new trial. Way to spend thoses tax dollars.

              • I think we have to hope that if the jurors have seen any coverage at all, they are human like us, and are thinking “gee, that’s not at all what we’re seeing in court…….what a warped world”, and then with a little bit of luck and a lot of grace, they will (like us), come away with the truth and do the right thing. We shouldn’t assume that if a juror was to see some HLN that they would agree with it. We should assume that they would be just as disgusted as we are with it all. I’m assuming that through the process of jury selection, any easily biased or non-neutral people were omitted from this jury. So we have that going for Jodi.

                I have a lot of hope for Jodi. Look at what happened with Casey Anthony. There was never a more media tried case on the planet, or more pressure to convict, and the jury didn’t. They listened to what was presented, regardless of anything they had heard, and they could not convict. Let’s hope for the same here.

                I know many people are hoping that she doesn’t get the death penalty, but oddly enough, I would be ecstatic to see her walk and it wouldn’t even surprise me. If the jury believes that she acted in self defense, there is no reason for her not to walk out of that court room is there?

                I can’t think of one witness the State has put on so far that provided any evidence of the charges. I see evidence that she killed him, but the self defense claim is more plausible than any other option at this point I believe, just based on the chaotic crime scene alone. The defense experts will only back it all up. Rebuttal could be scary if JM finds some proof of some little lie, but I’m not sure lying about a gas can existing will change anything, since we have experts testifying now about how memories can be changed, wrong, or gone.

                I’m just hoping for the best outcome.

      • Aint that the truth! I still want to know about how those roommates and their girlfriends went in and out of that house for five days in JUNE, in AZ and have a body decomposing in the house. Something is WAY off with this to me. Am I alone? Is this going to be grounds for an appeal or mistrial. Sure, maybe they were cleared of murder or had alibis but, that doesn’t explain this behavior. Someone please help me understand?

        • Plus, Jodi was wearing socks, not shoes. We know that blood dries pretty quick so whose footprint is that in the blood? Why lie about when you did the laundry? This doesn’t add up to me at all. I am sure I’ll think of something else and had something else to say but I forgot it.

        • I live in AZ. It was 100 degrees or more for most of June. I don’t know how that would have been bearable to smell a body decomposing like that. Temp in the house must have been below zero to freeze his body and keep the smell down…even in a morgue freezer you still smell death, i know this for a fact because I have been in a morgue. the smell of death is un-mistakeable.

        • You’re not alone. Check out the Flores Report page link at the top of this page and you’ll see lots of people digging into that stuff.

    • So he violated an ethical issue. I don’t see what this has to do with his work or knowledge though.

      • the violation had nothing to do with his qualifications or credentials as a psychologist…..I doubt that he even knew it was a violation. I worked in a dental office at one time and the dentist occasionally exchanged services with his Dr. or another professional…much ado about nothing! Just goes to show how innuendo can be used to taint what is really important. I’m sure NG will run with it…she will just leave out what the real violation was about and when it happened.

        • Yes, and then she will have a memory loss about how her prosecutorial misconduct had a few of her convictions overturned.

        • Nancy Grace is talking about Mr. Samuels’ past issue right now… Isn’t it rich that Nancy has anything to say questioning this shrink’s record, given her own issues as a prosecutor?

          Anywho… NG’s researcher say the dentist that Samuels bartered with was embroiled in a child custody battle. That is, that Samuels provided a negative report about the child’s mother, but never personally evaluated the woman.

          • I would love for someone to call Nancy and remind her on the air about her past violations! Then she’d be like “Uh…uh….but I’M NOT A WITNESS IN THIS CASE! DON’T PUT ME ON TRIAIL! DON’T YOU KNOW THAT MY FIANCE WAS MURDERED IN 1979?????”

        • OMG my ex-father-in-law was a dentist. He traded his services ALL the time for his entire time in practice. I used to develop websites. I traded web services for all sorts of things, even veterinary care. My ex-husband did pool service. He traded that for all sorts of things. Okay, so it’s a way to get around taxes, I guess. Everyone benefits. But please!

      • Well JC, it’s like this; If you go to a top college for like, forever, get a great education and work years in your field of study putting all of that knowledge to good practice working amongst the very top in your field, but then go out and get a parking ticket, you void all of your learning and experience and credibility because you are now un-trustworthy. Make sense?

        Oh, but you still get to work for the police and renowned hospitals.

        • Ahhhhh right, that’s it. Damn it. You become a criminal when you park in the wrong spot. Maybe you deserve the death penalty for that?

          • Plus, for all we know, this guy was approached by someone who really desperately needed his services, and couldn’t afford them, and out of the goodness of his heart he said “sure, maybe you can just provide dental services in exchange”. I doubt it was anything intended to be underhanded or dirty.
            See the family smiling as though they had some inside joke about the expert? AS IF trading professional services is really going to make a difference here. You can tell when JM and the family are grasping at straws, I mean really? They think THIS is going to change the outcome of the case? Imagine how much more the jury gets to see the faces of the family than we do. If this is how they are behaving in front of the jury all day, I don’t see the jury coming away with too much compassion for them. They’re acting so petty in such a serious circumstance!

      • It’s okay. We still have the domestic violence expert. Her record is impeccable!! 🙂

        Also, NG is one to talk about this guy’s reputation, given her own. He made a mistake early in his career, he was required to complete ethics training, pay a fine, he did all that. He has nothing since, squeaky clean. He knows what he is talking about. Also, in light of this, it is most excellent that he used other people’s research, not just his own. Additionally, he used a test that was scored by a computer algorithm. All stuff he could not make up.

        I like that he testified that he turned down previous cases because he could not be of help. That means he is not taking this case just for the money.

  2. I have been looking for the live coverage all day…. The link at the top of the page says there was an error, so I’m looking on and it’s not playing there either…. Is there some sorta recess right now that I have missed?

  3. I’ve been having issues with hot water, heat and carbon monoxide here all week, so I haven’t had the chance to check in as frequently 🙁 (all safe, just don’t have heat, hot water is back)

    However, just wanted to quickly say that if what Wilmont described is what the defense has coming up in their next witness this afternoon??? Jodi has an excellent chance! I am very excited for the defense. I guess I should wait and see, but from the description I heard, this next witness is going to bring it home! If the jury had doubts about her memory problems (and they did – it seems that mostly what they asked about), this witness will put that to rest!

    Oh, what’s that creepy little whining noise I hear??? Ah, it’s the world’s smallest violin, and it’s playing just for YOU little Martinez! Now come over here and get your a$$ spanked you bad, bad little prosecutor!

      • Thank you TR- Yes, it freaked me out big time – slow leak for 5 years??? I’m hoping it was the reason for all the crazy here at home, but I KNOW that’s asking for too much! LOL

        Defense witness is doing well I think. He seemed likable and explained everything well for the jury so far. At first I was worried about him not even looking at the jury, but I guess he was referencing his notes for his education / work background. After that he was a great witness!
        I really have some solid hope for Jodi now, and I could tell by her face that she did too, although I worried about her possibly smiling too much in front of the jury because I’m afraid they will see her as cocky, instead of relieved.
        She’s probably thinking FINALLY, someone else can explain to these people everything that I haven’t been able to.
        Not sure why TA’s family was smiling as though the expert witness was like some kind of an inside joke to them. I sympathize for them, but that kind of stuff irritates me. I’m sure the jury is seeing this too. We only get to look at the family when the camera swings over, but the jury sees them all the time.
        Question about the impeachment probably that got lost on a previous day. Can JM even impeach her on rebuttal (she’s not on the stand anymore)? Can JM call her to the stand in his rebuttal case?

  4. Do the jurors go to their homes after each day or are they put up in a hotel? I know it’s different from state to state.

  5. OK,silly question coming,fasten your seat belt ladies and gentlemen but I just had to ask:
    since the jury isnt sequesteredbut they have to stay clear from all media coverage or even talking to sm about the trial,one may wonder if they were tempted to re-watch some parts of the trial on YouTube,like most of us.Just to refresh their memory.Or to clear some doubts.Would that be considered following media coverage???I know it most probably would,but technically,technically it isnt,right?

    • they are absolutely forbidden. That is media coverage. They are instructed to read NOTHING that would have to do with this case.

      • Nor to talk about the case with anyone, including other jurors.

        I’ve never served on a jury but I would have a tough time NOT talking to my boyfriend about it at night.

  6. Someone mentioned Susan Wright here before, who stabbed her husband — 200 times — and was convicted M2 —.
    Assuming Jodi did it all, which is not at all proven, her case seems a lot meeker.

    Susan Lucille Wright (born April 24, 1976) is an American woman from Houston, Texas who made headlines in 2003 for stabbing her husband, Jeff Wright, 193 times and then burying his body in their backyard.[1] She was convicted of second-degree murder in 2004
    At her trial, Susan Wright testified in her own defense. In her emotional testimony on the stand, Wright claimed: “I couldn’t stop stabbing him; I couldn’t stop. I knew as soon as I stopped, he was going to get the knife back and he was going to kill me. I didn’t want to die.” She testified that on the night of the murder, Jeff Wright was on a cocaine binge and was violent, having allegedly beaten her. Wright once again persisted that she stabbed her husband in self-defense. Susan Wright’s mother, among others, testified for the defense, claiming they witnessed Wright’s bruises.

  7. maybe JM is so opposed to showing a picture of a brain because it will make him jealous cuz half the time he acts like he doesnt’ have one.

  8. Judge is allowing the Power Point – cool. I have to say that she’s been very fair in regard to allowing evidence.

    are the kind that seem to fly into a rage or frenzy more easily and more often than other sub-types. Their frenzy will resemble an epileptic fit. They are also usually men with incredibly strong sex drives, capable of astonishing feats of sexual energy, and seemingly obsessed by sexual urges during a large part of their waking lives. Powerful cravings also seem to characterize them, as in drug addiction, kleptomania, pedophilia, any illicit or illegal indulgence. They like the endorphin “high” or “rush” off of excitement and risk-taking. The serial-rapist-murderer known as the Boston Strangler was such a psychopath.

  10. Off topic and nothing important, but is it just me or does this guy kind of remind you of Gus Searcy?
    More professional – but KIND OF (wish I knew how to italicize).

    Maybe its his voice or something, dont know, just a thought.

  11. I can’t believe the judge said something like “how is the testimony” about crime scenes “relevent”….OMG

  12. Isn’t it hilarious that JM can’t even get through his private interview with Dr. Samuels without yelling over him? He’s so torqued up, he can’t even interview someone right.

  13. SJ, You are awesome in your determination, research and faith in proving Jodi’s innocense. I am very impressed and glad that she has a truth warrior like you on her side!

    Thank you for all you do in keeping us all up to date and informed. Team Jodi!

  14. I love how the doctor just got in a jab about “how the brain functions” is the core of psychology! lol

    Take that one, JM!

  15. And she set it up right there .. he has knowledge of the brain. OMG I hope I can keep on listening to this. I have a headphone stuck in at work. Bad girl. But he is awesome.

  16. Tidbits from Twitter:

    Dr. Samuels met with Arias 12 times over 3 years. She originally told him the mde-up story about the killer intruders.
    Samuels determined that Arias had low self esteem early on.

    • The number of times he met with her is one of my few concerns with Dr. Samuels. That’s only 4 times per year & a psychologist normally spends a great deal of time gaining the trust of patients before any meaningful information is gathered. Maybe no one on the jury has ever been to a psychologist so the number of visits won’t ring any alarm bells for them.

      • Many expert witnesses in the pyschology field only meet with defendants once or twice in preparation for trial. 12 times, even over 4 years, is a good thing. I’m sure that finances play a huge role in this too. I wish Jodi could afford steady counseling :(.

  17. I can’t get to excited about the experts, because the state will put on their experts who will say everything opposite that this Dr is saying. I know this because I have been on several murder trials and what will happen is that the experts will cancel each other out and the jury will just go back to the other evidence. I know he is saying everything right but so will the pos experts. That is why juries have a hard time with the experts. They also know that the defense and state both paid the experts.

        • JM has a psychologist who he will probably put on for rebuttal. I don’t know how that witness can rebut universally accepted medical research into the brain. Unless, of course, the witness refutes the research on evolution and us possessing similar DNA to animals. I wouldn’t put it past JM to do that. For added value, perhaps his expert will talk like Ms. Piggy?

          • I don’t think the judge should allow JM’s psychologist to testify unless that psychologist actually gets to spend a lot of time examining Jodi. Otherwise, it’s his best guess, not actual conclusions from actual observations, conversations, and tests. It would bias the jury. That should be grounds for a mistrial.

    • I see what you mean but at least he has a book to verify what he said.. another so called ”Expert” will have a hard time going against that, I should imagine.. fingers crossed. Lets hope Wilmott cross examines the states one, she’s just GREAT!

  18. I love how the good doctor has his computer password protected so there can’t be any claim of wrong-doing on the part of the defense.

  19. IF I am on the jury, and the judge says I may use this PP during, but will not be able to take it back with me… I would take much more notes 😀

  20. I’m so happy that Jennifer is handling this witness. I love Nurmi, but the jury needs a change. Fortunately for Jodi, JM has no co-counsel so the jury will have to endure him again for which I don’t think he has the expertise. I would think JM will get so aggravated that he will open the door himself to testimony he doesn’t want brought in by the defense. IMO

    • And you have to wonder exactly WHY during such a high profile trial, he has NO second chair. Does no one want to work with him?

      • I’ve heard that he does all of his trials solo. Can’t share the spotlight. Too much of a control freak. Has to be the boss.

            • So Flores is his bitch … but even in a high profile trial, he can’t have a junior prosecutor get some experience sitting there doing his research. I mean, WTF? I’ve never heard of that. Usually, they are required (by their bosses) to give some newbie a bit of experience. But not Kermit? Or not in Maricopa county. Give me a break.

  21. Gosh, I just LOVE this guy! He is making things so easy to understand.

    I also like what he said about Alzheimers, as my dad had it before he passed.

  22. Martinez isn’t saying a word because he probably does not know WHAT to object to because he is such a moron without any life experience except in his law journals.

  23. A twitter comment “Jodi looks Mesmerized by Dr’s physiological explanations of memory loss” I would think this might help her to understand why she cannot remember either. Just supposition on my part.

  24. Low opinion of that county… usually called for both prosecution and defense as an expert, even in the next county, but not HERE.

  25. Why can’t JM object in open court like he has throughout? I think he is very scared and he should be. The problem for JM here is I think the jury will like this witness so JM objecting may hurt him. I’m sure the jury is writing their questions for further clarification whenever a subject is objected to. Any thoughts?

    • I think you may be right. I imagine that the jury does like Dr. Samuels. In an interesting parallel, Casey Anthony’s jury really liked the testimony of Dr. Spitz when he spoke for the defense. The haters tried to write him off as a doddering old fool, but his record is incredibly solid and he was a great witness.

  26. how cute was that???Nurmi showed sth to Jodi and made her laugh!! We dont a smile on her face often,right? 🙂

  27. A confession: I watch on HLN. I TiVo the programs and let time accrue so that I can fast forward through commercials and the insipid commentary. I just let it go too long and saw a promo for that After Dark garbage, and there she was- NG’s disembodied head on that screen looming over the “jurors”. It was a Separated at Birth moment for her and the evil queen in Sleeping Beauty!

  28. Wouldn’t it be ironic if/when one day sister Samantha Alexander, a Carlsbad police officer, found herself in a fight or flight situation and unable to recall the details because her memories were clouded or foggy due to the experience. Maybe then a light bulb will go off.

    • She’s a police officer. If needed, the pros would have her fill in the blanks with whatever assisted the State or just say “It was a misunderstaning”.

    • I don’t get that either. Especially since when Jodi was testifying, she kept telling JM that is not what happened, and he kept saying, “that’s not what I’m asking, I’m asking if it is possible”

      • NK,reading ur comment I swear I could literally hear M’s intonation,saying this ”“that’s not what I’m asking, I’m asking if it is POssible” lol,we’re suffering from Post-Kermit-Disorder,I guess!

    • Even though they are speaking “in general”, I’m sure the Jury can relate that to Jodi keeping journals and making her memory greater. Doesn’t Martinez get that?? lol

  29. Hey guys im back. Missed this morning but I wont bother asking someone to fill me in. I’ll watch it when SJ puts it up.

    So far this expert DR of the brain looks and sounds GREAT!!! I love everything he’s said so far. I think this will mske a big difference on the jury. Haters are already talking shit, that he shouldn’t have been put up sinceche has no proof thst this is what actually happened to jodi. Whatever!!!!

    And all those those people still thinking that Jodi had memory issues because of the fog. Did I just hear that this COULD happen to ANYBODY? ? So, I dont think (I never thought either) that jodi had a memory issue. The fog happened due to the event she was in that day, could happen to anyone, ANYONE.

    By the way, im loving Wilmott too!!! ; ))

    • there was no trial this morning LC,so dont worry!they were just going back and forth woith Kermit’s objections! it’s only been 1 hour and 15 minutes that it’s on.

    • This is so true, when I was 22 I had a severe head on collision . I broke my back, fractured the bones in my face and literally took my nose off by hitting the steering wheel. All I remember is seeing the engine on fire. To this day I don’t remember getting to the hospital , talking with the paramedics etc….I only know what has been told to me. I was never unconscious, I was able to give all of my information etc…. After counseling I realized this is the way the brain protects us from reliving trauma . Jodi was in the fight of her life, she will probably never remember exactly what happened but she certainly didn’t premeditate to kill him if that was true she would have shot him in the shower when his back was to her at the base of the neck, one shot would have rendered him unable to move. there would have never been as much of a struggle as is evident in the crime scene. She may not be perfect and she has admitted to that but she is no murderer. JM and all of the followers still want to believe that TA was an innocent in all this even after hearing his own words and seeing the pictures, he was a virgin, good Mormon boy who only wanted a good Mormon girl. All blind,deaf and dumb.

      • Yes, SJ, I shall go to sleep with a smile on my face toninght, well, very soon, actually! I get the live feed at around 5.30pm.. so I either eat before it or very late!

    • Yes, Wilmott has the absolute sweetest, most trustworthy style. She reminds me of a former co-worker, a personable and smart woman whom everybody just loved. But more importantly, I came to witness her uncanny ability to “sell ice cubes to Eskimos.” Wilmott has what it takes to work the same kind of magic. I hope she plays a huge role in the close argument.

    • I think Jodi is feeling relieved and finally understood. She has an real expert who is explaining what she was trying to state durng this whole trial. Jodi did a fine job explaining it IMO, but now she is backed up by the science of it all. I’d cry too…from relief!

      • yes!and she also looks really engrossed in what this Dr is saying,she seems to both admire him and to have put all her faith in him.

      • O I agree completely! I felt bad for her, she’s holding it all in and has been for years. The time is now to get her story out and I believe it must be so overwhelming for her. When I let my own stress build up, my body feels like I’ve been run over by a mac truck. I can only imagine what she is going/gone thru.

    • I don’t doubt that she is. Whenever it’s been explained to me (PTSD, my amnesia, why I react the way I do to stress, why I can’t handle “triggers”), I have cried, and sometimes, bawled my eyes out. Finally, it’s justification. I’m not crazy. I’m not evil.

      After all Jodi has endured in this trial, particularly about her memory, this testimony must be such a relief for her.

      Oh but that’s right, I forgot. HLN told us she’s a sociopath, so she couldn’t possibly be crying. She couldn’t possibly experience any emotions other than overkill and evil thoughts. How did I forget that? Everything said on HLN is the Gospel truth. (Dripping with sarcasm!)

  30. I like how he says we will have data to look at because if JM objects, the jury will wonder what he is trying to hide.

  31. Whatever with this side bar mess. The damage is already done to the prosecutions side. If anyone is paying attention to the good doctor,, we have already learned that it is POSSIBLE (to use JM’s favorite term of late) that Jodi did NOT intentionally kill or plot to kill TA.

  32. I like what JM is objecting to is still on the screen. Read away jurors and then ask yourself, why is he objecting.

  33. Okay, I’ve been married to my awesome husband for 8 years and we have a 5-yr old daughter… But Jennifer is definitely my girl crush! Wow…

  34. OMG, how many times is JM going to object? This doctor is making things so easily understood and I think that is what is pissing him off. He realizes that his “train is off the rails.”

    I am learning so much about memory from this witness. I think it is SO cool!

    • I agree Nicole, im leading too. The haters should stop hating n pay attention. And Martinez is writing away, taking notes like his going to find anything wrong with this expert. I dont think so Marti, this guy’s had years and years of professional experience.

  35. I can not get over how much Jodi has aged since the beginning of this trial. It’s like presidents, you know. In 4 years in office, they age 20 years. This poor girl has been through so much stress.

    • me neither also abused.but then again we have to consider that while a free woman she was really coquetish and dressy,a really beautiful woman.she still is but now she doesnt have access to cosmetics or beayty salons.

  36. Long term, mild stress…..hmmmm, is that anything like the Jury having to listen to JM over the course of this trial. lol

    • He triggers my PTSD, I’ll tell you. Just the way he stands. I wouldn’t be surprised if he abuses his wife.

      • I was thinking the same thing Also abused. There has to be some form of emotional abuse going on from him towards the people in his life. He can’t directly question (even his own witnesses) without using the tone of voice that accuses them or makes them feel guilty of some sort of wrong doing.

        • And he doesn’t have a second chair .. not even on such a high profile case. Another telling point. Something is off with this guy.

      • If he has kids, I can imagine their conversations:

        “Would it surprise you to learn that I found some pot in your room?”

        “No, but it’s not mine. It’s my friend Joey’s.”

        “DID I ASK if the pot was Joey’s? You’re going beyond the scope of my question!”

  37. Amazing expert. Usually they lose the listener. Not in this case. He makes it so simple and very believable. JM will look bad if he acts like a bully during XE which I’m sure he will since Jennifer told the judge that the Dr. was unable to answer his questions completely to JM during the break.

  38. WOW, his whole personna is fantastic. He is just so cute and sweet. Good luck if JM attacks this sweet and VERY smart man! I believe every single word he says. I do not think he is lying or has any malice in his heart and this is so good for Jodi. I think this should end quickly on a HIGH note for Jodi. Leave a lasting impression on the Jury. So great. I have goose bumps because of his absolute professionalism and knowledge. Fab o.
    Hugs to all!!

      • Well, they don’t know, of course. But, I can’t believe that he is laying out things so clearly and they don’t get it.

        I suffered from PTSD. I was under acute stress in the workplace and would shake every time the situation presented itself again or even seeing the piece of equipment up close or far away. I worked through it and was able to get back to my job.

        • I think tose folks just jumped on the “hang her high” band wagon too soon and now just don’t want to admit they are wrong. Crow doesn’t taste so good I hear, and based on this witnesses information,all the nay sayers will have to eat plenty of it.

        • Nicole, I understand, I know where your coming from. These haters are assholes n can go suck a fart!!! Like someone else said, if he was for the prosecutor, they’d totally be 100% relying on every word hes saying.
          My brother got hurt on a job too n I blv he needs to go see someone, he describes feeling the way you do when he had to go back to work n use the machine he got hurt with. It was terrible, he’d have nightmares n shake whenever Sundays came around because he was worried about going to work on Mondays. He changed his career path because of this n now does something completely different.

          My husband is a USMC and has been for 9 year, has been deployed 3times. He has PTSD. He shakes in his sleep, (sometimes yells), AND one thing Dr Samuel said that’s true n happens to my husband ALOT is that he forgets memories. We’ll do things and a month from doing so, I have to remind him of these events that I hold as precious memories but he cant remember them. Its sad, but its true PTSD works just the way this Dr is explaining, so these haters need to really wake up, stop being so ignorant. This can happen to anyone, like the Dr said.

    • If they think he’s a quack then they would also have to agree that police departments hire a quack to work with LE officers.

      • He has integrity, he said he stays neutral and looks at everything. It is up to who ever hired him to chose to use him or not. He is not making things up to fit into the defense case. That could be why shorty doesn’t like him, much harder to attack his credibility.

      • I bet I’m not the ONLY abuse victim who feels like he explained how we feel soooooo well. I’m dying to hear the rest.

        He’s such a nice man too, highly intelligent, but not a bit condescending. He comes across like your favorite uncle or your grandpa. I know he said he doesn’t practice therapy anymore. I bet he was awesome at it though.

      • Hmm Viri, that might take a miracle. I don’t think Nancy Disgrace will have a clue. I can almost hear her “And this so-called Noo Joisey doctor whose a witness for hire — that’s what I call guys like this because they’ll get on that stand and say anything, depending on who’s paying them. Taking a call now from Noo Joisey, were you a patient of this guy? Did he ruin your life? You’re watching Nancy Grace Mysteries on HLN.”

  39. I think it was a giid idea that Dr Samuel brought I articles/reports from OTHER sources, not just his. It shows that he didnt make things up to fit Jodis defense. That it is REAL, TRUE facts that the human brian works the way jodis did that day.

    I really really really really LIKE this DR. Martinez needs to back off!!! I swear, I will drive to AZ and “whatever” him in his nose!!

    • TB n Ashley, Aawwww thank you guys!!! I just git excited about this DR n dont like how he hasn’t even finish n they’re trying to discredit him already…

      MB… I hadn’t EEEEVVVVEN/ Dr Drew hasn’t even crossed my mind, thats how legit this Dr Samuel is. If I was Dr Drew id take the night off, he should hide out of embarrassment!!

    • Yes, absolutely!

      I am really liking this guy. The way he explains it, everyone can take something with them and apply it to their own life too. So I don’t know why the haters hate him, I guess it’s because he’s a really good witness for the defense.

      He shows up Dr Drew and all the other quacks that have been squacking on HLN. Good for him!!

      • Haters hate for a multitude of reasons, Ignorance, revenge, incomprehension, mental incapacity, callowness resentment, and a general dissatisfaction with themselves. They have been wronged, cannot forgive, and cannot see the other side of reason. They refuse to hear and only listen to selective words to form their arguments and responses. They do not listen to hear, they listen to respond.

        • Absolutely, some of the women’s blood are boiling, it is boiling and has been boiling since the verdict in the Casey Anthony case. When looking at some of the comments over on that Facebook site you will notice Casey, or Baez comes up. They are full of hate and anger over that, so for some of these so called women, they want to see Jodi fry, then they will be happy.

  40. Wow! Willmott is on fire! She is ready for JM’s possible questions. Preemptive strike, asking him about whether or not the scores could be faked, how easily it could be done, and whether Jodi did.

    If she had not asked those questions, JM would have probably asked on cross whether scores could be faked and then stopped there, not allowing the doctor to elaborate, and thus biasing the jury.

    • JM will still go after him. It is his nature. During the break when the judge asked that JM question the witness further, they came back from break, JM still objected citing garbage, and then Jennifer let the judge know the witness was not allowed to give complete answers to JM due to interruptions.

      The jury will like this witness on a personal lever )compared to those that have gone before) and JM’s tactics will backfire. Highly unlikely that JM will have no or very few questions for the good Dr. You would think JM would want him off the stand ASAP.

    • perhaps realizing the Truth of it all and that the prosecution manipulated her too many times.
      She needed a break from the stress and thought jury might do too.
      Confronted with the real evidence about this case might put Jodi’s unbelievers into stress mode.

      • Wow, for all of us to feel that and saw that behavior from the Judge, me thinks she is not happy. That scares and saddens me because she will be giving the Jury Instructions but Thank you; viri, JN, Trixels, Jodie, Ashley.. Great minds right?
        Ok so it seems like Jodi has many of those YES!! she gets to ask specific to Jodi.
        Oh and I Love that he does not, or is not rehearsed. He is fantastic. This is awesome. OH cool Multiple sources. How can JM even debate this info. He sure as heck aint objecting.

  41. Man, there are just soooo many cheap shots we could take today on the haters! So many, I can’t even choose just one! OKay, one, they’re talking about something most of them don’t use very much….a brain…ok….lame….JM is NOT going to get Time Magazine’s Man of the Year after dissing it! Is it unbelievable to you all as much as it is to me that people just didn’t all this months ago?

    Anyone having any luck trying to get on the mock jury if you’re near Atlanta?

    I got spanked by FB for “possible spamming or whatever… for the petition or some cry baby…and I’d just like to say THANK YOU…cause I needed a break! Sometimes FB knows best….:)

    Reminder, for those of you who want to do it – put the state up where you are from in your post so we can advertise how many states are supporting Jodi!

  42. I think HLN and all the other official quacks associated with that outlet are going to have to be very careful what they say about the good doctor here because defaming a highly educated professional could end up costing them a lot in the end.

  43. Love that he says only about 5% of psychs. retain his level of education and credentials!!!

    I also love that Wilmont already demolished JM’s only possibly argument. You know he was going to say that these tests that he gave could possibly be manipulated by a liar. The expert did well explaining how it is very unlikely the test could be manipulated by someone who wanted a certain diagnosis.
    He is NOT intelligent to argue with this witness, can’t wait to see how that goes!!

  44. Another comment from the LOSERS that made me laugh. Had to share it cuz its too funny.

    This quack is looking for his 15 minutes……

    Ok… really??? Lol I cant blv they have the nerves! !!

    • Someone from this site should do a little sleuthing on the creator of a certain page and post their findings there…….
      Yes, it’s catty, but they were really rude to me. I simply pointed out a FACT in the case and they went ballistic!! Haven’t been back since.

        • I’m here!! Sorry if they are mad! I messaged them privately. I don’t post anything in public and I was just stating cold hard facts. I guess they don’t like it when someone judges them based solely on a criminal charge.

  45. OMG!!! This doc said not ONE violent or negative in ALL her writings since HIGHSCHOOL!!!! Made tears come to my eyes!!

    • her gentle peaceful nature is what drove me here,I just couldnt imagine that woman as a cold blooded killer or the Devil as some haters claim.In fact,I read a comment on YouTube the other day when a user could swear that they can actually see an evil entity dwelling in her eyes!Can you believe that???How crazy are these people??
      She’s a genuinely kind hearted person who happened to make some really bad decisions and found herself in this horrible situation.

  46. Yes! Thank you! The doctor explained it finally.

    I thought that she could be in denial. Her making the story up is because she did not want to admit to herself that she did something so awful.

  47. Hahaha dr said: “We call it “DENIAL” yeah haters, WE call it DENIAL!! They cant deal with the fact that that Jodi is innocent.

  48. watching Jodi watching the doctor I can safely say that she’s hanging by the tip of his lips as we all are,but cannot even begin to imagine how meaningful and relieving this testimony is to her.

  49. Love this DR!!!! Did “Dr.” Drew read her diary and test Jodi in order to render his “professional” opinions of her?

    • DR.Drew is a well known Quack he is such a nothing look how he diagnosis people. How could anyone take him seriously.

      • exactly…isnt it like 4 or 5 of his patients have died since being on his celebrity rehab show,,,says alot uh

      • I know I used to like him an Nancy too when they did the search things for the children or people that disappeared but they all stopped doing that now they have changed into very mean an ugly people. I don;t know how they went from being compassionate to being like they are now I do not understand it

        But I do remember getting upset about a little girl in MO that was lost an NG was saying the parents were bad for letting the baby girl play outside with another child an things an I did not agree with her it was a very tiny town. But anyways she said oh the parents flunked the lie detector thing an I don’t believe those to be accurate anyways because if you are scared they say they will say you are a liar.

        But anyways I haven’t liked her since then really because she was saying horrible things about the mama an daddy an here the neighbor down the street just a few houses took that baby girl.

        But I did see these shows change in the last few years to being very mean I don’t know why must get more viewers by being ugly to people in distress I think it is horrible. I would never call her if I needed help for anything after seeing that show.

        • Oh yes…and in the case, it was the NEIGHBOR who killed the little girl! A sick pervert who had kids of his own. But Nancy was ready to hang her parents high and dry.

  50. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, so sad, not a violent thought or word. Poor Jodi. TA really broke her down, he destroyed her. He hurt her forever. She deserves a life, free of him. Thanks SJ, oh how she needs our support! Thanks to you and all the admins!

  51. This Doctor is GREAT One Of The Best, The haters are getting ready on HLN to disqualify him already. I guess Doctor Quack will have his experts on hand which consist of Travis Friends, The Psychic Lady, the astrologer body language expert.

    • How exactly will JM try to dispute this testimony, as we are sure he will do. Will he bring on his own expert to say everything Dr Samuels said is a lie or will his expert give a different diagnosis?

      • Thats a good question. You know he’ll have to come up with something GOOD. But knowing how Martinez works, he’ll probably try to go back to this Dr prior history of education and try to make something up.

    • ROFL!

      It’s so true. Anyone who doesn’t like her now thinks a Dr is lying.
      I gotta see what HLN is saying….and yell at my TV screen

  52. Now I know why Mr Nurmi is seeming lighthearted. Dr. Samuels is SMOOTH and easy…I wonder if Jodi is drawing sometimes.

    • I noticed shes covering everything too. She’s even coverd the sleeping in the jail n how dr rated her to prior. This is GREAT work!!

  53. Anyone who is dismissing this man as “a quack” has obviously never dealt with anyone who has PTSD.

    I dated a woman for a while a few years ago who was in law enforcement, and while we were dating she ended up in a situation in which she had to kill someone in self-defense. Her personality totally changed and she became a textbook example of the sort of things this doctor is talking about. At one point I think she didn’t sleep, at all, for about a week. Her situation finally made it impossible for us to have a relationship. I recognized the symptoms in Jodi immediately, which is part of why I believe her story.

    I’m glad that my only contact with the haters is the stuff that you folks report here.

    • I mentioned before that my father suffered from PTSD a few years back. His company very suddenly took a huge financial hit in the recession and he had to file corporate bankruptcy. He was practically catatonic for weeks and kept rambling about how he and my mother were going to end up living under a bridge. With time and therapy, he recovered, but doesn’t remember anything about that time period.

  54. This is hilarious in regards to JM.

    Jodi’s Lawyer is pretty much going down the List of each and every one of JM’s arguments and even includes answers to some of the Jury questions and checking them off with a great big scientific pen.

  55. Wow… will be three days before we’ll hear from Dr Samuels again. I’m sure JM hates that!!! Lots for the jurors to think about for three days!!!

  56. Have any of you guys thought about this DR safety already??? I HAVE, im starting to thk he should have someone walk him out to his car.

  57. Jodi, does look like shes going to cry. I wish, she would just let it out!! Let these assholes HEAR your pain, Jodi. Now, im going to cry!!!

    I thk this would be a perfect time for her to show how she felt, what she’s been through, through the words of this expert.

    • She seemed to listen carefully at times and learn things from him, like self-discovery. At other times, might have been doodling.

    • I was diagnosed with PTSD and still under DR care…I wish I could cry….expressing emotions, beyond middle of the road feelings is very difficult, i.e. anger, crying and sometimes even laughter. I doubt that Jodi cries much or is capable of any out bursts….it’s a terrible way to be.

      • I missed some of the psychologist’s testimony & I’m really interested in the emotions part. I know 2 men & 1 woman that have been diagnosed with PTSD after returning from tours of duty. One of the men displays very little emotion. The other shows some emotion but not as much as I would think a “normal” person would. The woman’s emotions seem to be “normal”. All of them have retained very vivid memories of the traumatic events they were involved in. Did the Dr. explain WHY the emotion thing is different for people experiencing very similar events? I think it has something to do with whether you are open to sharing your experience or whether you keep it all inside.

    • awwww,NK I hadnt refresh my page and wrote the exact same thing.and Wimott just now waving bue bue to her.Gonna sound melodramatic but again…awwwwww! Good day today Team Jodi!!!!!!

  58. I’ve found a new form of entertainment. Go to the HLN website and comment under the newest story in support of JA, or mention how great this doctor is. Then sit back and watch how fast the notifications in your facebook start to add up…. *bing* 1 *bing* 2 *bing* 3…. they’re zombies swarming around a fresh brain.

      • Oh I know, they’re pathetic. When you post something positive about Jody they try to flood Facebook with reports against your comment to get it removed. I learned a long time ago how to get the message across while walking the very fine line so their childish antics don’t work. Never had a virus sent through fbook though?

          • Oh yeah, it’s amazing! They are getting angrier and angrier! For God’s sake, some REAL TV news show, take this opportunity and bring HLN down for their sensationalizing! Do a story on how with every logical, rational word, a hater blows a FB gasket!

            I think we need to coordinate an “OCCUPY HLN…and all the heads” one day and blast them with the facts….WE ALL POST SIMILAR SHORT MESSAGES OF THE TRUTH…AROUND THE SAME TIME? COME ON GUYS, ARE YA IN?


        • OH I have, if y’all get one; Close all apps, then Just change your Facebook password immediately and run a scan. I have even had to do a complete system restore. Also, beware they post links and if you click on them you get a virus. be safe..

      • That’s exactly how I picture them when I read their nonsense. Every video, every forum, nearly every comment is the same and all I see is “me zombie, me need braaaaaaainnnssss”…

  59. whoops! looks all the armchair psychologists can shut their mouths now. All they have to say is that he looks like hes related to Gus. It really makes me sick the people who are watching this whole thing with a completely closed mind.

    • Loved the part where he said she didn’t have other mental illnesses, guess she isn’t a sociopath after all Dr. Fool. There’s a reasons he’s on TV and not in private practice.

      • And no prior violence, so I am really wondering if the slashed tires even existed, cause I’m sure NG, JVM,and Dr. Fool would have had the person who replaced all those tires on their show a long time ago.

        • Yes I wonder that too. I think Lisa testified that she and Travis heard a knock at the door, and when they went out they saw the tires were slashed. But even if that did happen, there’s no proof at all that it was Jodi who did it, or sent the email. And from what I understand from the text messages, they show that Jodi got an email too. Sometimes I wonder if that little clique of dorks just liked fucking with each other.

          • I think Lisa had a stalker of her own, and he sent the e-mails and also slashed the tires. Flores must have been able to trace Lisa’s e-mail from the stalker and found it was NOT from Jodi. Seemed logical that whoever sent the e-mail also slashed the tires and this is why the prosecution can’t bring any of this in. I think it was Lisa’s ex BF Steve Bell who did all of it. The thing is, Travis may have THOUGHT it was Jodi. He told all his friends that it was her.

          • Yep that is what I think too. Travis’s beloved PPL or LDS friends that wanted him away from Jodi for good may have done that to push him away from her more.Or he made someones husband or boy friend mad by FLIRTING with their lady’s. As that was his game with all the lady’s the friends said.

      • I just popped onto HLN (mistake) and they are already disputing the PDST and saying that many of the symptoms of PTSD are the same as those of a psychopath….

        • Oh, for fuck’s sake. The people saying this probably have the mentality of a sixth grader, yet they’re going to pretend that they’re psychological experts.

  60. Anyone else notice that Jodi kind of played down the bangs today? I wonder if she heard about the YouTube spoof…..

    • That spoof was disgusting. I watched a few seconds of it and turned it off. What is also disgusting is that people are circulating the un-edited versions of the explicit photos of both Jodi and Travis (the personal ones that have bars over the private areas in court…) Disgusting!

      • I liked one part of the spoof. About the 5 year old girl. Even the people doing the spoof think TA is a pedo. So, what does that tell ya? Jodi has supporters in all ways. I really didnt think it was too bad they made fun of her affect which is now being explained by the Expert and it was not funny IMO but the part about Travis wanting little girls to take naked pictures of him. Hit the nail on the head. IMO, TA well, he was ramping up to possibly doing much more heinous things.

  61. OH BTW, NG says she went thru years of therapy for the loss of her murdered fiance. So she best not be saying this guy is a quack. If he doesnt know about the brain and disorders, nobody does. If he doesnt have the training, nobody does. he is excellent. He was tough cookie, I doubt anyone could get one over on him. Not Jodi, the Judge..,. Nobody. Awesome. Also, I think Nurmi and now Willmont is a refreshing take on good cop/bad cop. Old ways/new ways. Slow/fast. animated/2D.. This is really working. Where JM is a one note/hit wonder, these jurors are getting the best of all personality types and styles. Jodi, we are all praying you make it. This is a rollercoaster ride for sure.

    • NG should ask for her money back, because the therapy didn’t help her, she is still very angry. And she bullies people who don’t have the same opinion she has.

  62. oh boy…here we go…JVM already misquoting what the doctor says…and her make believe “experts” are second guessing his diagnosis. Wow, really…they have NEVER treated jodi, yet this doctor has seen her 12 times, but they are correct…lmao!

    • Right……of course none of them can admit to believing this DR even their expert psychologist disagreed, but he sure looked shifty and nervous while doing it.

  63. That reject said this guy was making a mockery of psychology. Really he is amongst the 5% of Psychs. who have his credentials, Lol!

  64. I was wondering if we could all take a break from all Hater sites, TV show etc. If you want to watch the action today, SJ posts it all. The comments here can go into the 1000’s, I read them all, each night. I wish we could all have a weekend and start Monday free from any negativity. Nothing in regard to this. Lets all be those Jurors. Can you do it? I think I can. Everyone have a happy weekend. Safe and full of laughs and love.

    • I agree Patty. Staying off the hater sites is best. “Evil communication corrupts good manners”

      Think on good things that promote healthy minds and spirits. It was a good day For team Jodi 🙂

      Have a good weekend everyone

    • Good idea i did that but couldn’t watch it on my computer. I have never really watched those trashy shows so I know they lie about everyone they appeal to very angry hateful people who are ZOMBIES!

    • i agree patti i don’t go on hater sits and staying away from HLN, as much as i can, because JVM, NG and VP just rise my blood pressure

    • Wonderful idea ….. now if you guys could talk to my friends and family before they commit me. lol I only wish they could just take the time to watch it all not the “News” shows.

      It was a very good day for Jody and her voice was heard!!!!!! I learned so much about PTSD today and it really brought it home. So many of our vets, they guys from 40dy to 35 years ago have suffered. I have to admit I saw my ex-husband today in some of it. That was a very long time ago. But now he is being treated for PTSD and we are now very good friends.

      Jodi has a long recovery ahead of her. I hope she gets the help she needs. But before that, she/we need to understand why it happened.

    • I agree, I need a break from all the negative mongers. I think I’ll pull fabric and start another quilt this weekend.

  65. Oh ok HLN now…. that PTSD can very much happen AFTER premeditation! !! Of course! !!!

    But they havent mentioned a word of the hypothalamus part of the brain. Explaining how n why things happened the way that it did. They didn’t bring this up because this is the biggest reason how this all went down.

    • Gosh look how boring a person is when they are not interested in the truth, They have this hate parade, going 24-7 on this site we all have different opinions they all chant the same Mantra like NAZIS!! Why would all of them except some token person who is allowed to speak up for Jodi and the other 3 or 4 screech the same hate speech.

  66. I like where Samuels said he read her diaries from jr. high and high school, before she would have any reason to hide things, rip out pages, or lie in them.

    • I like that Dr. Samuels mentioned that while reading her diaries there was NOT ONE instance of expressed anger. Not a single one in ALL her diaries even from way back into her early teens! Those younger years are usually when one might use a journal as an outlet to express themselves ex: “I hate my mother”, “I wish the bully at school would get run over by the bus”, “My father won’t let me go to the party Friday, he can go to hell I’m going anyway.” Jodi expressed NO anger in ANY of her journals. That part of his testimony spoke VOLUMES to me.His words opened my heart even more than it was already. No wonder the tragedy of Travis death created a block in her memory! It is so out of character for her. My heart bleeds for that young lady. She had so much to offer the world and now… I hope she has a chance to live outside prison walls. This whole thing is so sad. It breaks my heart.

      • Dorothy,
        You are so right that spoke volumes to because obviously in an abusive family their is a no feel rule, that is how she coped, to brush it away. This doctor was excellent.

  67. Just so everyone knows the Psychiatrist Expert they had on stand today is one of the top in the country also the hospital he worked at in New Jersey, Hackensack university medical center is in the top 20!!! He is the most credible expert they can get and he is very particular about what cases he works on!!!

  68. I have some patients I would like to referral to Dr. Samuels for lobotomies.

    Patient Names:
    Nancy Grace
    Jane Velez-Mitchell
    Vinnie Politan
    Drew Pinsky

  69. I was reading a hater site and a girl asked a question about what does the rear-choke hold mean (that was posted on TA’s myspace by Ashley). She JUST ASKED that question and next thing you know she was being called names and people were spewing hatred towards her. She asked why was everyone so angry and a couple of them said they weren’t – they were amused (??) and the name-calling continued. It was very strange and scary.

    There is an ancient philosophy from the native Americans that states that hatred and fear are parasites. They feed off each other and when one gets too close, one can contract the parasite. It takes over the brain and the infected person eventually becomes insane. I see this happen in mob mentalities like that of HLN and the TA support sites.

    After my last read over at the hater site (described above) – I must say I agree with that philosophy and will never read those sites nor watch HLN again. Ever.

    • Their behavior is unlike ANY I have ever seen. It is so scary. When I became a victim of their wrath after writing a simple comment I tried reason but to no avail. Now I avoid reading the comments on any of the videos on youtube regarding this trial. They feed off of each other’s evil and they wallow in it together. It’s like a bottomless cesspool. It’s better to avoid it altogether.

    • That is so so true Cindy P it is way worse than I remember it. I am thinking though it is the internet people can say really horrible things an we do not know them. I wonder if these same people standing alone on a street would yell these same things a loud. I do not think they would. But like WOLVES in a PACK they will. They are the spineless worms of the world is how I see it.

      Ever since I can remember I was always the one that spoke up when I seen something or someone being done wrong in life. An a lot of times ridiculed for it. But I would rather be me than a spineless worm.

  70. If relating to jury thinking….

    what about JMs questions yesterday about the camera. If she dropped the camera how was the pic of Travis on Jodi’s leg with blood on him, get taken?

    Honestly, it’s good question…unless he picked it up and chased her with it (she suggested maybe he picked it up?) to hit her with it or something along those lines, how was the last photo taken?

  71. did everyone see that JM is trying to keep out the Dr testifying that the severity of the wounds is not typical for premeditation but more typical for a spontaneous act. I bet he will be burning the midnight oil trying to come up with a good reason that it is not admissible I hope the defense gets that in then premeditation is gone

    • also said that the area of the brain wouldn’t impair abilities. only speech and rational thinking.

      He basically said TA couldn’t die from the gunshot

      • I’ve kind of thought that all along. The bullet didn’t kill Travis, it turned him in to a “zombie” if you will… he was probably flailing his arms and unable to speak clearly, its quite possible he scared the shit out of Jodi even more at that point. Picture a guy with a bullet hole in his head, covered in blood, coming at you mumbling incoherently…. would probably resemble every zombie movie you’ve ever seen and be a little frightening.

        • Jodi said he said “kill you bitch” after she shot him, not mumbling incoherently. But his body could have been flailing.

          • Which is very different from what someone would actually say instead of just half of it
            “I’m going to fuckin kill you bitch”

        • Does anyone remember how the singer Selena ran a pretty good distance from her motel room to the hotels front office to report that she had been shot by her attacker? She was alive for a good while before she collasped on the floor. It was later noted that had she not run and caused her heart to speed up which caused her to bleed out more quickly, she may have been able to survive.

          My point in bringing that up, is that travis could have still been agressive for a while even after being shot more than once…just like Selena was still able to run for help. Hey, it’s like JM keeps saying, “it’s Possible”.

          • They can look it up. A man in Atlanta GA was shot 4 or 5 times in the face with a .25 while attempting to rob a house an he got back in his car an was driving to the hospital when the cops caught him. Yes I have always though it was possible.

          • C.Nevarez,excellent point! I’m a fan of Selena and have been reading almost everything out there about her.In fact,she was shot on her shoulder and the shot actually cut the main artery which supplies the heart with blood.
            Yet she was able to run a great distance from her hotel room to the lobby,still barely alive to identify Yolanda her attacker by naming her to the receptionist and then finally collapsed on the floor.When the doctor performed the autopsy he fould that her body was completely drained of blood because she had run quickly making the heart pound the blood out of her body even faster than it would actually do if she hadnt done so. I also believe that since Travis’ wound was inflicted by a relatively small caliber gun that yes,he was probably alive enough to chase Jodi down the bedroom name calling her and attacking her.

    • prob. becos in preMed u have a plan, u do it U GET OUT. u don’t go over for a visit, sex, photos, etc. IMO.
      mz. graceless can’t believe the dr. testimony. saying hogwash.

    • Oh dear lord, the scathing comments! Poison. First of all, how can anybody hate Jodi (or Travis for that matter) if they never met them? They can think Jodi is guilty, they can think she is a terrible person, but how can they hate her? I swear, you’d think she was Hitler or Stalin based on people’s comments!

      I mean, one girl commenting is talking about how she wants to burn Jodi’s drawing book and how she hates her with a passion! What the heck is wrong with people!!!?

      And of course she is smiling. She is allowed to. (This is that same crap people talked about when that footage of the Sandy Hook victim’s dad came out, and he was smiling before his speech. Everyone yelling how it must be a conspiracy because he should not be smiling at all!!) The doctor never said Jodi cannot feel a thing, he said that her emotional range is restricted. MEANING, she can’t feel as sad or happy about a situation as she would have prior to this tragedy.

      I am quite sure she is haunted by this every day of her life. Otherwise, she’d be able to sleep like a baby!

      Theory: She doesn’t remember stabbing him, she remembers hearing the knife fall. Honestly, she could have blocked it out because she witnessed a murder. Her wounds could be because she was trying to stop it. She could have passed out for a bit after (if the attacker threw her off). The blood all over her body could be because she went to check on Travis and got covered with his blood. She could remember the knife falling because the attacker dropped it. She probably did shoot Travis, the attacker knows that, he left her alive because since she’d already shot him, she’d get blamed. The bathroom was watered down, maybe the attacker did that. (Just a theory, probably just something I am wishing happened instead of what happened.)

    • Neo! Thank you very much for posting that link.
      I read her lips, she said, “Thanks” and smiled.
      p.s. Adorable pup :O)

    • awww,I caught that yesterday and actually(just because I had two live streamings on and the one was a few minutes behind in time)had the pleasure of watching that snippet twice,Yay!!!! warm hearting,indeed!

  72. has anyone noticed that HLN has appeared to have toned down their news coverage?…they are showing more of the events in the court room and opining less…

  73. Finally got to watch more than 2 minutes of the trial live! OMG, I learned two things today when that doctor took the stand to speak on PTSD….

    1. Juan Martinez will object and pick out the most ridiculous reasons for objections when he realizes that he’s fucked. Hence, the objection to the doctor writing in his own notes. Like, the doctor really put the court copy of his diagnosis in a 3 ring binder, right? Give me a break.

    2. I should be a psychologist. For realz. I have called this in some of my posts on various sites.

    I felt so validated by this witness that I found myself on a thread of HLN’s about an expert who claims the gun jammed and then another person came on claiming to be a lie expert, any way, I actually started diplomatically responding to some of the comments on there. It was a challenge I proposed to myself. To see if I could keep from being petty and judgmental. I’m not sure how I did, though. I may have gotten a bit snarky. But, just a skosh. That’s all.

    I walk away from my computer screen feeling that this witness testimony could very well be just what Jodi needs to drive home enough reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors. I mean, he explained away the lack of remorse people keep talking about, the memory loss, and the lies. Can you ask for more? Probably not, but he went ahead and gave it anyway when he said, “I’m not talking about intrusive memories of that night, she has no memories of that night” (loose quote obviously)

    Defense says explain that and his next words are GOLD, again, loose quote “The memories are there but they are not available to be recalled.” Defense asks if they ever will be able to be recalled and witness says, “No, it’s not likely. The stress was too much.” In other words, she experienced shock. Her subconscious turned off her conscious mind and then even disconnected itself in order to preserve itself while the murder was occurring. Had it not done this, she’d be fucking bat shit crazy loon suffering with every mental disorder known to man and a few that have yet to be classified. Then, and ONLY THEN, would she be a danger to others and/or herself.

    • this DEFINITELY happens, the brain shutting out memory, in many ways.
      WHY do ppl like mz. disgrace mock this?

      like when someone goes into shock, 9-10 times ppl can NOT recall things that happened while thy were in shock.

      not hard to understand NANCY!?

    • Martinez will likely cite this, from the very paper the Dr. referenced (Amnesia and Crime). Keep in mind I’m not posting this to be contrary, just that it seems VERY plausible he’ll rebut with this:

      Malingered Amnesia
      Another interpretation of crime-related amnesia acknowledges the likelihood that some offenders intentionally fabricate memory loss to avoid punishment for a crime or for other personal gain. While an early study reported that 20 percent of the offenders claiming amnesia were fabricating the memory loss,73 it has been suggested that the rate of malingering is higher.116 The likelihood of malingered amnesia may be greater in offenders with antisocial personality disorder.31,84 Using polygraphy, Lynch and Bradford84 showed that offenders with antisocial personality disorder have a higher propensity to feign amnesia for crimes, compared with those with no personality disorder or other psychopathologic disorders. It has been suggested that offenders with antisocial personality disorder may be prone to malingering amnesia for crimes in part because of the tendencies of manipulation, habitual deceit, and a general poverty in major affective reactions that characterize this disorder.31,84 Other authors have noted the possible contribution of low intelligence and frontal executive dysfunction to the feigning of amnesia for crimes.3,117 However, as it is possible that highly intelligent malingerers are more adept at feigning amnesia for crimes and may thus evade detection and less frequently receive a diagnosis of malingering, further research may help to clarify a link between low intelligence/frontal executive dysfunction and feigned amnesia.

      If anyone is interested in reading more!

      • Furthermore, from the same study: In accepting evidence supporting the validity of amnesia claims, it seems clear that the important issue should be determining how to distinguish between genuine amnesia, whatever the cause, and malingered amnesia in cases raising an index of suspicion. Despite several attempts to solve this dilemma,2,11–13,84 there is still no clear answer.

        Know thy enemy, friends. 🙂

      • Interesting. YOU may be right. he didnt seem to grasp science this morning though. at all. I thought his objections were silly. “this guy isnt a doctor so has not qualified to be talking about the brain.” That was silly and he sounded quite ignorant with regard to psychology. i thought he had to be joking at first. His remarks yesterday to Jodi saying, “isnt she some kind of social worker” weren’t that bright either.

      • Another thought – he tested her and she did NOT have any axis 2 disorders ie sociopathy. So the part you mentioned article may be moot with that evidence. The doctor did his homework but Im sure martinez will try!

        • You’re absolutely right! Though don’t forget Martinez had another psych. look at Jodi, as well. So we’ll get a second psychological profile, and who knows how she’ll be categorized.

          • I wish this wasnt here because I dont want them seeing this from us. makes me sad and she does not have frontal lobe problems.

            • I don’t mean to be upsetting, Patty! I was just presenting what I thought the state may come back with. I’m not posting it in judgement.

              • He addressed malingering already. Willmott specifically asked if people could fake amnesia and his reply was “They could”. But he also stated that throughout his assessment of Jodi, prior to her “Breakthrough” he made note of typical behavior of avoidance and disassociation. Psychologists’ radar is up when they assess a patient. Being keen to malingering is most likely foremost on the agenda. They are taught early on that “faking” is a common thing to assess and they have secret ways of assessing it. The two tests Jodi took probably had a series of questions that, in their own secret way, would indicate malingering. I doubt Dr. Samuels will have any problem addressing any questions asked of him regarding this subject. He most likely will use these questions as an opportunity to explain how he arrived at his final assessment and why/how malingering was ruled out. I have faith in his expertise.

  74. I missed a lot of the testimony today but did the Dr. talk about the ‘freeze’ response? I believe Jodi was having that response a few times during sexual encounters. She was unable to say “no” to Travis at least a couple times.

    • Possibly. But it is also likely she wanted to say no, but she also really really loved him, and so she didn’t want to disappoint him, and she may have also partially been okay with it because it felt good (physically) even if it did not mentally. Like more of a bittersweet type reaction to it?

      • I think that would describe the freeze response, actually. Wanting to say “no” but not being able to. She did say she was eventually able to say no during the first anal raping because it started to become too painful.

        The freeze response is very common and highly misunderstood. It is common when neither the fight or flight response will work, or when both fire at the same time and in a sense, cancel each other out.

        A person will act much like a deer in the headlights.

        • I’ve experienced the freeze response before. Years ago, my ex boyfriend and I were laying naked in my bed. All of a sudden he just starts saying really hurtful things to me about how I’m not any fun, I’m embarrassing, etc. (He was emotionally abusive). I immediately started bursting into tears. Then he began sort of mocking me saying “Why are you crying?” Well, why do you think?! Then he proceeded to have sex with me while I was still crying. I wanted to say no but I just couldn’t. It was like I was frozen. I couldn’t move or talk, I just laid there.

          • That’s awful, I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁

            My feed was choppy today (trying like hell to keep away from HLN) so I do not know if he talked about freezing or not. I do know it’s very important to understanding the concept of consent; people just seem to assume it as long as there’s no struggle.

  75. this dr. saunders woman on graceless is ALWAYS mocking defense, jodi.
    while her nose is firmly up mz. nancy’s … u kno.

      • I think they all should be fired … not one of them are worth one penny they are paid.

        I so hope Jennifer Wilmont’s career soars after this! She was amazing today!

        She was a breath of fresh air to listen to and look at.

        She is brainy and beautiful … it was fun to watch her grind her high heel into Juan’s back. :-))

    • This is what she had to say about the victim who was held hostage for those days after his school bus got jacked:

      Patricia Saunders, who has a Ph.D. in psychology. The video was added to the CNN website on February 5, 2013.

      Dr. Saunders is a clinical forensic psychologist. She says the most important thing for Ethan is to provide a feeling of safety….

      Saunders said the kid might never feel totally safe. But there is plenty of room to repair some of the damage. Some of this is due to his young age….

      Ethan has Asperger’s disorder, which is generally referred to as a mild form of autism. But she is not sure how this will affect his recovery because there are various degrees of Asperger’s. But it is at least possible that having this condition could be good for his recovery. But this psychologist is not sure about that because it depends too much on the individual.

      • So yeah, she’s a clinical forensic genius (How does one accomplish that?) And thinks that an expert can’t possibly form an opinion about someone without meeting her more than 12 times over 3 years? But she can make a diagnosis about someone watching her on the tele. How many trials has she been involved in, this forensic wizard? I’m guessing NONE. I’ve never heard of an expert having that much access to a defendant before…And he read 1200 pages of her journals? No wonder the state can’t afford to sequester the jury! They’ve spent more than what a regular trial costs just on this expert!

    • Unless any of those “experts” have personally tested, spoken with or treated Jodi personally, there opinion is a good as any of ours. For that matter, we are all experts simply due to our own personal experiences. I can’t qualify you any more than I can disqualify you based soley on how many of your posts that I read for instance. I’d need more time with you and to learn your overall persona and MO.

      TA’s family and friend did not even know the bastard like they claim they did. I was screaming at the TV the other day when hearing JM grill Jodi about the Book of Moron. (that book is constantly being updated by the way…so how does anyone keep up when what goes today is outlawed tomorrow and vice-versa)

      Travis was more versed and supposed to be leading he life himself and yet his dirty a$$ was living a completely opposite lifestyle..if he, being morman long could not follow the path, why would we expect Jodi, his convert to do so? She was after all, baptized by that forked-tounged devil and violated on the same day…Lead by example. And why did the dirty bird keep it a secret from his family? Why didn’t they know about all of his “special” needs that kept him going back to Jodi? He is just as guilty as Jodi and every bit responsible for his own death IMO. Where were his friends to intervene? Why didn’t they know he was still seeing Jodi? How close are they to TA now?

      The talking heads are a joke. None of these people have spent any time with Travis nor Jodi. None of them are qualified to speak to either of their credit nor can they completely discredit either one. Travis own words potray his state of mind and his “duality” showing that he is no better than what the haters think of Jodi. If she’s a skank, a whore and a liar, then he is too because they acted together in all things against Morman doctrine.

      • The Book of Mormon has never been updated. The D & C, words of wisdom etc have as times change. Slavery is illegal now too! Jodi supporter, Mormon, mom and have read all comments.

        • Sorry Patti, was not trying to be offensive. My point is that it is hard for her to know ALL of the laws/rules etc when she is a new convert. The rule change in the D & C as you have stated, so how is she too keep up with it all if she is not constantly reading and practicing the rules. She was being badgered for not know everything pertaining to the books and the D & C’s, verbatum apprently, by JM and it was not fair for her to be expected to remember the book of mormon or the changes. Travis’ family, the media and supporters act as if his being mormon made him good above reproach. He was not being a mormon. He was being a dirt bag and hiding behind the mormon faith. JM put mormon teachings on trail by making it so relevant in his argument that Jodi knew better because she read the book and D & C’s. Well didn’t Travis know them as well?

          Even “christains” of various sorts don’t know all of their bible (I do, but many don’t) and my bible is easy to know becuase it states that no words are to be added or taken away, and that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I am not speaking of mankind’s new additions and translations and all of the new and varied faiths that sprung forth from teachings. I am soley going of the words of the KJV of the bilbe in my reference to the fact that it has not changed.

          If Christains of all sorts struggle with sin knowing what the unchanging word states regarding fornication, then why is it so impossible for Jodi to struggle with sin when for all we non-mormons know, the D & C’s could have been updated to mean that only vaginal sex was off the table? My main point?, leave the book of mormon, her faith, her reading and understanding of the D & C’s out of this case as it is not a valid argument AGAINST Jodi, or FOR Travis for that matter because they were both in violation as we all understand it.

  76. I can see them now-endless waves of humanoids, one might suppose from another planet; an angry mob stretching from coast to coast; millions of staring, hating voyeurs melded to their screens, watching some bloodthirsty blonde eviscerate whoever has been tabbed as the day’s victim.
    Gerry Spence


    Nancy Grace changes hairstyle from barrette to bun.

    Do you think she saw the video spoof of herself? 🙂

    • I was wondering myself when did she “ditch” her “little girl’s barrette.”

      On a Thursday night, February 14th…one of Nancy Grace’s own reporter’s weighed in making a sarcastic comment about Jodi…she said “and she’s wearing a little girl’s barrette in her hair.” Immediately Nancy Grace cut her off and weighed in on another of her reporter’s that night…The reason Nancy Grace cut her off was that she herself was wearing a “little girl’s barrette” in her own hair…

      WELL…WELL…I guess Nancy Grace’s own reporter forgot that NG had been wearing little girl barrettes for quite some time now….POINT PROVEN JUST HOW MUCH THEY PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS…NADA…

      For the record: I love wearing barrettes, headbands, scrunches, clips, and etc in my hair too…

  78. Nancy needs a “shrink”……..btw very disrespectful to call a professional. a “shrink”…she is also one of the most judgemental people I’ve ever seen..she could also use some Xanax….

  79. On CNN Not Cooper who is REALLY anti Jodi, The guy he interviewed says this Dr.Samuels was the Best Nancy Grace spins and lies and no one really sees NG as legitimate. She talks about being a liar she has lied about her own Fiance and milked that story for money.

  80. Just catching up on posts. You are all quite funny.

    Great Day for Jodi! Dr. Samuels and Ms. Wilmott are the Bombdigidy!

    Keep up the good work all. SJ and team, thanks again for this site.

    • TR I agree with you. I love this site and everyone on it. I get up at 5am, coffee in hand and read everyones post. I like the fact that everyone is willing to think out of of box and comes from all walks of life. I hope the day will come that Jodi and family is able to know that there are people all over that are praying for her and truely care about her story.

      I do pray that the day will come that TA’s family will understand what really happened. I still beleive that Jodi and TR did love one another, it wasn’t just sex…… Don’t get me wrong how he treated he was very, very wrong but you truely lean what you live and he did not know how to treat someone he loved.

    • Court is Monday 10 am AZ time. Tomorrow they are meeting to discuss the thing Martinez objected to at the beginning of the trial. Willmott pointed out that Martinez should have filed paperwork and there should be a meeting to discuss it to see whether or not it would be allowed? (First 15 minutes of the session). No testimony tomorrow.

  81. Does any one watch ‘Anger Management’ with Charlie Sheen? In last weeks episode (ep9) Charlie becomes an expert witness to defend a case of spontaneous rage vs premeditated attack. Can’t help but think those writers were influenced by current media.

  82. I am so confused. How on earth do you read this website? I have asked questions and wondered if anyone has answered them and haved seen other people’s questions go unanswered only to find new posts. Please help me out.

    • it isnt easy to navigate, sd.. its not just u.. ive asked questions, too.. and went back days later to see that they had been answered.. only took me an hr to find the original question though.. i love this site, but its hard bc there are so many comments coming through, im sure..

      • SD and caligirl,

        Hold down the ctrl and F keys together. Up TOP ^ you will see where it says FIND and a place where you can type in your name. So type in caligirl and all your post will be highlighted and you can see any replys under it. go down the page looking for your hughlighted name and you will see all your comments and any replies.

    • I either read top to bottom, or search for specific words, or search my id to see if someone commented further,
      or search on date/time to find out the latest additions to threads.

      An index of specific topics with references to top threads would be nice, but that would be a lot of indexing work, and each topic moreover covers many days.

        • hold CTRL key, press F key, a box will appear in the lower left of your screen and to the left of that box you will see the word Find: Type your name, or first 4 or 5 letters of the name you are searching. Then, to the right of that box is “Next” “Previous” “Highlight all” if you left click on “next” it will bring you to the next one of your comments in a row. Go slowly though because two of your comments may be close enough that you will be unable to read it so you will have to scroll down the page to see if there are replies to your comment. If you are searching comments made by other people, go back to the “find” box and delete your own name and type another name. If you are searching for a link someone posted, type http into the box, then left click “next” until you find the one you are searching for. One thing to remember: It is important to recall the trial day you commented (these days are located at the top of the page to the right ex: Jodi Arias Trial-Day 31(afternoon session) I HOPE THIS IS CLEAR :O)

  83. Is it just me, or is Beth Karas: a. showing more skin than ever before; b. acting in a more animated manner (voice, hand gestures, etc.); and c. she is no longer at all objective. After she got her pink slip, did she just decide to jump the shark or what?

    Plus, how sick is it that Nancy Grace trots out poor Mark Klaas to somehow validate her moronic tirade? Has she no shame?

    • Can someone tell me the story about the pink slips for Bath and Jean? I was telling a friend and she said I was crazy. Might be true sometimes …..but I know I read that here days ago…..

      • I don’t know. I’m operating from what I’ve read here. And that the network that they used to work for mercilessly doesn’t exist anymore.

    • joujoubaby…I have also noticed that several are wearing sleeveless clothes…coloring their hair more….and they all seem to be wearing the same color of foundation…it even looks like the same texture…I was wondering if they had a makeup artist doing their makeup…