Jodi Arias Trial – Day 30

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After a 5 day break, the trial resumes again today.

In the meantime, and following on from our much publicized unearthing of the criminal records over the past few days, a motion has now been filed for access to the full criminal history of TA.

Leave your comments below on day 30…

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  1. Note: AZ doesn’t participate in DST. Before this weekend, AZ was on Mountain time. Now AZ is on Pacific Time. I double-checked this before posting.

    So, trial is on Pacific Time now!!!

    Perhaps a mod could update the time in the thread header for those who don’t know this?

    I’m hoping that Jodi was able to get some additional sleep these past 5 days. I couldn’t testify for this long, even with days off. The woman has serious stamina and strength.

    • Oh thanks for the reminder………..on the time……..An Jodi looks so pale though it is wearing her down I hope she got some rest which I doubt that would be good rest in that place. I watched the first an second day again an she looked so much healthier in the very first few days. Hope she gets lunch too. Who could do all that an miss lunch? would be horrible. Praying for a GOOD DAY for JODI !

    • so what time is it now in AZ? 10 o’ clock in the morning right?Sorry for asking,different continent here lol !!

  2. So glad to know the Defense Team has filed a motion for TA’s full criminal record, as noted above! If its confirmed, it is important because it goes to his propensity toward violence.

  3. I have asked the site if they would offer lithographs of her artwork after the originals have sold.

    By the way, are we looking at 1:00pm Eastern to start the trial today?

  4. Jeez… I don’t even watch HLN at all, but this crap is emblazoned across the front page of this morning:

    One question – WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING??? I’m not getting “obsessive”, “crazy”, or “psycho” from Jodi AT ALL. Maybe I’M the one who’s missing something here, I dunno. I mean, the older Prosecutor to the far left flat out said, “Jodi’s guilty of first-degree murder, she’ll be found guilty and sentenced to death!” How can any reputable Prosecutor go on National tv and say shit like that, especially with the trial still going on, so obviously no verdict has been rendered? There is no such thing as “Innocent until proven guilty” in this country anymore.
    They did let the dark-haired Defense Atty speak… For about 10 seconds ’til they cut her off after hearing her opinion and not liking what she was saying. She’s the only sane one in the whole lot of them. I don’t know if I’m more pissed off or sad about this video. SMDH!
    (And JVM is going to give herself an aneurysm if she doesn’t stop all the yelling and theatrics… HATE that woman; she grates my nerves almost as much as NG!)

    • Talk about psycho: I just saw one of Nancy Grace’s minions interviewed outside of the courthouse. She made her husband blow off a trip he had planned to Hawaii so they could drive to Phoenix from SEATTLE!!!

  5. I just don’t see how this is a fair trial with a jury that is not sequestered. There is no way in hell that these jurors are not hearing people talk about this case.

    • AZ rarely sequesters juries. I am wondering if the cost to do so for months was part of the reason? Or is it just the attitude here with the courts?

      • I am in no way a CPA, but I think if they would add up how much costs for these continued delays for days, vs jury sequestration, it probably works out pretty even. Seems to me every week there is delay after delay, and allowing this constant barge of continued jury questions cost money as well.
        Do I think they should allow the jury to question the defendant, not sure. But I do feel that after 150+ questions, that should be it. Give us a break already!

  6. *** NEW PAGE JUST ADDED ***

    *** The Flores Report – Detailed Breakdown ***

    There you can check out a detailed breakdown & analysis of the Flores report – and all the events & conflicting statements given after June 4th 2008.

    You can also access it by clicking on the link in the drop-down menu under “The Flores Report” at the top of this page.

    It makes interesting reading when you see it laid out in chronological order.

    Team Jodi

    • Thanks for posting that link for the Detailed Breakdown…After reading it again I didn’t realize that there were four people in and out of Travis’ home during the time that he was deceased.

      Originally, we had only heard of two roommates Zach Billings and Enrique Cortez being in the home…now reading it in chronological order it brings out more attention that Amanda McBrien (Zach’s girlfriend) was with him most of the time in his bedroom..and Enrique’s girlfriend, Kim was with him in his bedroom too…

      And on Wednesday, June 4th…look at the time Zach was in and out of the house that Wednesday…There is no way that Jodi could have done all that cleaning up and washing the clothes and “dodged” Zach while he was in and out that Wednesday…Not possible…

      And I found it odd that both Jodi and Zach were both driving rental cars on the same day at Travis’ house…Jodi rented her car rental for traveling….Zach rented his car rental because his own car was in an accident…TOO ODD…I wonder if the Detective verified if Zach’s car had really been in a wreck?

      WOW…a lot of revelation in the new page you added…

    • Thank you, very well done!
      btw, were any of the people in the house called as witnesses?

      Could you possibly make a list also of the list of witnesses that were called and the day of the trial w/ video link?

  7. Thats great the defense filed a motion for TA criminal history. So, if they do find something, can it be submitted and why hadnt the defense done this before?

    • idk? im sorry, but i just dont think nurmi is doing that great of a job.. i know some of u, many of u, disagree, but there have been multiple times throughout the trial where ive thought to myself, “what is he thinking?” i know he is a public defender, i just wish jodi had better counsel..wont be able to watch today, but im praying for her that she has a good day and stays strong.. good luck, jodi! xo

        • Yes they can, if they’re willing to take it on. BTW neither Jennifer nor Nurmi are PDs. The PDs office withdrew from this case due to a conflict of interest. Apparently they had some past client who had some connection to this case. I wonder who that was.

      • Big-gun defense attorneys take $$$$$$$, unfortunately. But you never know how things will work out with Nurmi…everyone underestimated Jose Baez and now they’re all, as SJ said once, “bowing down to his brilliance.”

      • PDs are often the best defense attorneys around. The’ve seen it all, and they are there, in that pretty thankless low paying, job because of a passion for defense.

        I don’t think this TA criminal record thing has any legs. Heck its not even his record.

        Even if it was, as so many people on this site have pointed out, it doesn’t matter. It’s a relevance issue. In this particular case that means that Jodi had to be aware of it. So, if at some stage Nurmi, or Jennifer had asked Jodi if she knew of any criminal history on the part of TA and she said no, then it doesn’t matter.

        Folks, don’t we think we’ve kind of beaten this dead horse to a pulp, flipped it over, beaten the other side, ground the bones and scattered them to the fields.

        Much as some would like TA to have a criminal record, he doesn’t have one. Maybe it’s time to move on.

      • I agree with you they are doing a great job.They are doing what they set out to do …..keep Jodi on the stand as long as they can to form a relationship with the 12 people that will make the decision for her life. Jose Baez said it best….it would be very difficult to put someone to death that you have come to know.

        • as i said, many will disagree.. i personally dont think theyre doing that great of a job.. just my opinion.. shes keeping herself on the stand this long, and im not sure thats the best strategy.,, but again, its my opinion!

          • I think the reason is to keep her on the jurors see her and build a relationship of sorts and may not give her death. I think her actions are that of an abused woman I see pictures of her before this and now she looks like this is killing her spirit it’s a shame. I just do not see premeditation here I think something happened and things got out of control out of your mind fear will do that she survived and now she is being punished. There is no history of violence on her part so I can’t see her doing this without a valid reason I hope that she does not get death I hope these people who will judge her has common sense and ignore all the noise that surrounds this case.
            Stay strong mamita.

    • Thank you, very interesting, the controlling manipulations !
      That text of his with his jealous anger is like an incoherent rambling. I had to be told what triggered it to vaguely make sense of it.
      But the short texts where he calls her whore and slut that she readily acknowledges peevishly were very clear to me.
      Any one who texts insults to another person and EXPECTS AND GETS approval from that person is ABUSING whatever POWER he has OVER HER.

  8. Cause the defense is awful and didnt know about it til people here found . Hope jodi can use this and fire these attorneys she has. Oh and guys I know about appeals and 99.99999999% of appeals r just formality s . It’s either now or never s. ….no appeals board will listen to jodi if she’s convicted .

    • Cases and verdicts have been overturned with new trials granted so if anything was done that interfered with Jodi not getting a fair trial it will be handled. Being this is a national media frenzy I would think the appellant court will want to insure her right were not violated.

      • I hope u r right but its extremely rare appeals court do anything once a person is convicted of a crime. Well unless some big , new evidence comes up and even than its a 50/50 shot they will even listen to u . Almost 100% of the time they deny u if u have a complaint about ur past attorneys. It’s now or never for jodi IMO .

        • I disagree but hey that’s ok. If civil rights were denied or someone is found to have had inadequate council it happens. If she gets the dp or LWOP I think there is a mandatory appeal then up to 3. Maybe someone can confirm.

    • Yes, the appeals board will listen. They overturn death penalty verdicts at times. You just have to be patient and let things run their course :).

      • By the way, In AZ death penalty cases are overturned on appeal 79% of the time. Mostly due to judicial and prosecutorial error.

        But again folks, unless I missed something, TA didn’t have a criminal record. So what are we yelling about?

        • I don’t care if they turnover 90% of their cases, Jodi’s case is different and the public and the television networks want her head . This her only shot . Fire nurmi today , didnt find the criminal record and has had at least 3 yrs to investigate this case . Also if nurmi had a brain he would’ve never had jodi say she returned the gas can
          I bought another gas can to not only save money on this trip but wanted to have my own gas cans for future trips so I don’t have to go to Daryl’s house EVERYTIME I want to make a road trip . Also I thought it never hurts to have an extra gas can in my car in case I ever run out of gas . That’s it , that’s all she had to say. Instead of nurmi picking his nose as he does all the time he should’ve picked a little deeper and maybe found a brain in there. Ineffective counsel , Jodi’s LIFE is on the line .

          • Aside from Nurmi, don’t you think Jodi sometimes goes on a little too much. I’ve never heard of an attorney objecting to his own clients answer as being non-responsive, or beyond the scope of the question. Nurmi’s had to do that a couple of times with Jodi, to get her to shut up.

            • I look at as…at least she consistently talks a lot, and corrects both her own attorney and attempts to correct Kermit.

              And the jury must not be too tired of hearing her or they would not ask questions.


              • I gather they have more questions in their basket.

                How does this end, or does it go on in a narrowing scope till no one has any more questions. I’m sure that when JM’s done Nurmi will have to be given time to respond to, or clarify, any issues brought forth by JM.

                Then does the jury get another crak at her, and so on and so forth?

              • me too, there are times she went way too far and opened another door!! I know it has to be hard to not expound on things, but come on, why hasn’t Nurmi told her she is hurting her case by doing this????

          • There is absolutely zero chance of this judge allowing Nurmi to withdraw at this point in a high profile trial short of evidence that he’s sleeping with the judge or JM.

          • It isn’t different. You don’t even know what you are talking about.

            If she isn’t sentenced to death, yeah, she may not succeed in getting her sentence overturned, but there is an excellent chance that if she IS sentenced to death, it will be simply because it isn’t a murder one case.

            BTW, appeals in death penalty cases take YEARS, if not DECADES, to resolve.

            • Yep. Richard Ramirez killed 16 or so people and he’s been on death row since the late 1980s. Still alive and still working through appeals.

            • Apparently, the avg. time between a guilty verdict and a lethal injection in AZ is 12 years. That seems really quick to me.

              • That is a long time, and who knows how many inmates decide not to pursue it further?

                Jodi is not going to get death, so let’s just be clear about it.

                I don’t understand how people have gotten all worked up over the gas cans. They don’t indicate ANYTHING but a desire by Jodi to have them while driving on very remote, lonely stretches of road, many of which I am personally familiar with.

    • If she’s sentenced to death, she will have many, many years to appeal the case, and it’s possible she will die of natural causes before she is ever executed. There are lawyers who specialize in appeals.

      She’s not going to be sentenced to death on such flimsy nonsense as gas cans.

      WHY are people here obsessing with it, by the way? They don’t prove anything at all.

    • What are you even talking about? The defense is doing as good a job as anybody can expect given the outrageous publicity of this case.

      • I agree Tony, I don’t know what the issue with her attorneys are at all, they are doing an excellent job IMO. Remember, they are working a very difficult case, high profile, and one in which the defendant has lied about the circumstances prior, by her own omission. High publicity, nationally televised, and you can bet many attorneys wouldnt even want this case. Jennifer Wilmott is a death penalty qualified
        attorney, and Nurmi has his own practice as well. I think when people assume Jodi had a bad day, they want to blame the attorneys. I see Nurmi objecting at every possible turn, and thats a good sign. That is basically done for a possible appeals process. Someone mentioned she has been on the stand too long, and its by design, the jury “gets to know” her. No matter if they like her or not, the rule of thumb is the more they see and hear her, the harder to sentence DP. I have mixed feeling about that phase, and if she does receive DP, it certainly won’t be over gas can crap. M1 is a DP charge, but so is Felony Murder. If the jury (for whatever reason) is split on those 2 charges, they do not all have to agree on one or the other, and can still charge the DP. Of course, if its M2, that is all moot. As far as appeals, a DP sentence grants you an automatic appeal, and you are right, it takes many years. My mom and I were discussing this over the weekend, and my mom said that she feels IF she were to get the DP, she would kill herself in prison. I agree. However, I am doing my best to stay positive regarding this…..

        • I also should have added, as of now, we do not know of the Judge will instruct the Jury on a lesser included charge, (Manslaughter). Thats a possibility, we will have to wait and see. Then there is always flat out acquittal, but I am not at all optimistic about that one.

  9. Just taking the time this morning to wish you an awesome return to court today following the lengthy break, Jodi Arias. I hope you knock Martinez’ questions out of the park and further convince the jury of your innocence today, and that you have an all-around excellent day. 🙂

    Ed Hieronymus
    McKee, Kentucky

    • Hieronymus,

      Now there’s a good old name I haven’t heard in a while. Is that for real or have anything to do with Bosch?

      • Hi, Al.

        It’s my real name. My ancestors came to America from Austria in the 18th Century. They originally settled in Pennsylvania then moved to Kentucky where legend has it that they settled across the Kentucky River from Fort Boonesborough and that while Daniel Boone and his men were fighting the Native Americans the Hieronymus Family was marrying the Indians.

        Originally, the name Hieronymus is of Greek Origin and they were a religious order that followed the teachings of St. Jerome ( The Catholic Saint that translated the Bible into Latin — The Vulgate. The name Hieronymus means Jerome and that was my Grandfather’s name. I’ve also heard that it is related to the Indian name “Geronimo”), but they became a family at some later point in history in Europe where my branch of the family originally came from.

        According to wikipedia, Hieronymus Bosch’s name came from his birthplace, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, which is commonly called “Den Bosch”. . Any way, he was certainly an interesting artist if a bit on the strange / nightmarish side of the spectrum.

        Thanks for asking 🙂

        • Cool history lesson there. And Bosch sure did have some weird dark imagery. I never knew Hieronymus was a Greek word. I always thought it was Dutch.

          Just goes to show, you don’t ever know.

          Which is from a line from another great Jerome – Garcia.

            • That is so.

              Now my favorite song is Dark Star. But that’s just the start and then the list goes on and on.

              So I guess its true what they say about Deadheads – Weir Everywhere

              • I like what I’ve heard by the Grateful Dead, but I really haven’t listened to most of their music, so I wouldn’t put them in my Top Ten.

                These are probably my Top Ten of All Time ( in no particular order): Jim Morrison,
                Lou Reed, Rob Zombie, Kiss Marilyn Manson, Tom Waits, Alice Cooper, Lana Del Rey ( a recent entrant), the British apocalyptic folk band Current 93, and Blue Oyster Cult.

                • They’ve always been two of my Favorite Musicians. Jim Morrison, in my opinion, was one America’s Best and Most Original Poets, and at the height of his career certain religious authorities really did think that he was going to spark some kind of spiritual revolution, and of course, Alice Cooper has been one of America’s best and most influential showmen and he’s written his share of great songs as well.

  10. 2 things,

    1) Juan started a new trial so he will be balances 2 different proceedings from here on out. He tried to get it pushed to no avail.

    2) Another trial starts today that has gotten national coverage and HLN has someone inside the court room. I think they will be covering both? Steubenville Big Red rape trial. It’s pretty disturbing, anyway think I read t starts at 10:30am eastern. Wonder if this will interfere with Jodi’s coverage. Might want to stream on the as site I stead of watching via HLN

    • Oh, that’s going to trial today too? Thanks for letting me know. Every time I think of that odious little punk who recorded the video laughing about the girl whom they raped, I see red.

      • Well I think if the 2 are convicted they will be able to charge more of the kids, especially the fool on the video, for failing to report a crime and obstruction. The Jane Doe will testify as will over 30 witnesses. What a mess. Those kids had no fear of consequences when they tweeted about the rape and uploaded those videos. Little monsters.

        • By the way, if anyone wants to watch the Steubenville trial, the link is here:


          (Take out the space.)

          You can avoid HLN!

        • I wonder if HLN will huff and puff about it… or take the ‘boys will be boys’ and ‘Travis will be Travis’ attitude.

          • Oh, I’m willing to bet that we’ll hear a few statements about how:

            –the victim didn’t “technically” say no!
            –why was she partying anyway?
            –you know what happens when you drink!
            –boys will be boys!
            –should they be punished FOREVER over a dumb teenage mistake? What about football?!

            This should NEVER happen in 2013, but sadly it will.

    • It better take some of the coverage away from this case. And I will be in horror if I even hear one person from HLN quoted as saying boys will be boys. There is PLENTY of evidence to convict more then just the two accused.

      • Oh for sure! I would feel more confident if there was jury. They should have been tried as adults but since it stayed in juvi court only a judge will hear the case. I do think if they are found guilty more will be arrested. I’m interested to see if the kids and witnesses start turning on each other. They are kids after all. Victim’s best friends or former friends, that’s confusing, are being forced to testify on behalf of the defense.

        Nothing much mentioned on HLN so far. Something quick this am. They are focused on Jodi’s ” last chance”. What does that even mean?

  11. Regarding the phone tape:
    I always had the impression that TA was either totally drunk or drugged, the way he slurred his speech.
    If he was that sleepy, would he have any energy for sex, and just cut off the conversation?

  12. Hey everyone!! Can someone tell me what Jodi’s answer was to the following question?? I have to flip the channel everytime my little ones come into the room…not exactly family-friendly content.

    46. What happened to the suicide letters you wrote to your grandmother?


    • All she did was say she mailed them to her. I’m guessing police never came for them. If sent from jail I guess there could be copies? Not sure how that works but I remember reading Casey Anthony letters mailed to and from her while in jail.

      • I would love to see those letters come to light. Surely she must have written about her innocence? That is was self-defense? I guess Nurmi would have presented the letters into evidence if they still existed.

        Thanks for the answer, Confused.

        (Kids are out for the day, so I can watch uninterrupted! Yeah!)

  13. Well, I just heard a story on HLN that some funeral home buried the wrong wife! Was this in RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA too? LOL!

  14. speaking of bullying videos..there is a youtube video out that I have flagged as bullying…I don’t know if I should post think link or not, but if you do a search you will find it.

    So people get all pissy about doing a video of available documents, but they are allowed to make fun of someone whose life is on the line?

    sick, sick, sick

    • The documents video is back up, but kind of irrelevant now that its been discovered it was Travis Alexander’s drug addicted thief of a brother who actually committed the crime.

      Speaking of, identity theft in California is punishable by 3 years in prison + fines if charged as a felony or a year in county jail + fines if charged as a misdemeanor so I certainly hope the Riverside sheriff’s office is going to pursue charges against Dennis Alexander for his little stunt. No crime should go unpunished.

      • I’m confused. By what I read, didn’t he go straight to prison once they figured out Dennis was Dennis? So to me that means they didn’t give a rat about travis ID theft or his permanent record?

        • My understanding is he went to prison… at some point… for parole violation. Either something in the story is still fishy, that he was “caught” using Travis’ ID back then but still managed to go to court as Travis to answer to the charges, or it was just discovered now that he committed ID theft. But seeing as the family seemed to know about this whole debacle for some time now, it would appear it was just left to blow over and he was never charged with ID theft.

          • Is ID theft the kind of crime where the victim needs to press charges. If so, then maybe TA never did and it would just die. They could have put him up for parole violation for lying to a police officer.

            However, with California’s overcrowding situation, they probably just lump all this stuff together.

      • Also there would be statue of limitations, after which they can’t charge you especially since they didn’t catch it while he was there.

  15. One thought I had. It could the defense wanting evidence of TA criminal record even though now we know it is not his. She said in one statement that he was a pedaphile with a past what was the past? Say she checked out the record. If SHE thought that was HIS record she might have been more fearful of him and therefore would have been more fearful at the time of the killing. This case is all about state of mind.

    • Hadn’t thought of that.

      By the way, just on the off chance has anyone checked other states for records. The guy hung out a lot in Utah.

      Is there something else lurking around we don’t know of? The little blurb in the court docket doesn’t say what state.

      • Can’t a person’s rap sheet be sent as a whole. This would cover all states no? I mean when someone is arrested they can easily see if they had priors

        • Don’t know. It’s a state type situation. I don’t know if there’s a central register of criminal records. Maybe the FBI has something.

      • Someone on the FB page posted a super red blurry picture claiming you can see jodi taking a picture and Travis on ground! It looks like nothing to me. Anyone see this?

        • So if that’s true, JA taking a picture of TA who took the picture unless there is a 3rd person. If there was anything to that pic, JM would have been all over it and we would have seen it in court.

    • Oh Deb, now I understand what you were trying to say. my apologies for misunderstanding. that is an excellent point.

      Did she have a chance on the stand to say if he denied that?

  16. All – sorry if I am a little behind. Has it been 100% confirmed that the criminal record is NOT TA’s? Just curious, and a little behind due to work. Thank you in advance friends!

  17. Good morning everyone. Huffington Post has the story about the Travis court documents AND a mugshot of Dennis Alexander – the court documents were supposedly proven that it WAS NOT Travis.

    SJ Team Jodi Administration: PLEASE read the comments – they are talking about this site and it’s not very nice.

    I’ll get the link and post it.

    • Its not the fault of anyone on THIS site that the Riverside sheriff’s office and the Riverside Superior court allowed a two-bit drug addicted thief to pull a high one over on them. It’s entirely their fault for prosecuting an individual under someone else’s name and then leaving those incorrect records in the public domain for over a decade. Screw them, and screw the Alexander family for trying to blame anyone but their dumbass brother(s) for leaving this mess for so long. If they want to cry about it now, someone please find them a river to do it in.

      Ya sorry, I have no sympathy for stupidity.

    • Hi Janeen,

      No problem. When they *stop* talking about our site, that’s when we start worrying :mrgreen:

      Team Jodi

    • Let them talk and let them realise there are people out there supporting and fighting for Jodi!Maybe just maybe one or two of them will think about that when going to bed and maybe just maybe will begin to understand that there are always 2 sides of a story!

  18. Sorry for the dup but it went in as a reply and I didn’t want people to miss it

    Someone on the FB page posted a super red blurry picture claiming you can see jodi taking a picture and Travis on ground! It looks like nothing to me. Anyone see this?

    • Oh they are claiming its a reflection in Travis’s eye! Showing Jodi holding a camera in one hand and holding a knife up in another while looking down on his body!

      And this site has the crazy ones…. RIGht

        • Nope go see! talk about a looong stretch. I still don’t think everyone in there is 100% convinced of the degree of her guilt. I think they want to be but I would be willing to bet if any of them were really on the jury there is no way they would be ready to convict on 1st degree at this point of the trial. It’s easy to jump on a band wagon when you don’t have the actual responsibility on you.

      • Ah yes, the CSI: Internet harpies are analyzing that eye photo ad nauseum, trying to convince themselves that they see Jodi in Travis’ pupil.

    • Like I said, if the picture was true JM would be all over it. We would have seen this in court way before now. I have a bridge, it’s lovely really, hhmm, need to start peddling over there.

    • OK,seriously I’m scared -these people are either genuinely stupid or crazy!!! This is too far-fetched to say the least!

    • Well it’s not really his “record”so I can see why they didn’t know about it and honestly it’s not relevant now so who cares. Isn’t it possible it’s not on “his ” criminal record therefore they couldn’t have known. It was filed and in Riversides archives but since the brother did the time not TA maybe he did get it expunged off his permanent record. We don’t have a copy of his criminal record or background report that shows everything from traffic tickets to something like this. Someone just found this specific arrest report docs

      • Well apparently the defense is bringing it into the trial as there is a motion to compel so someone thinks it is relevent!!!

          • I just do not understand how a case about domestic violence that the lawyers would not have done a backround check would not have uncovered this. The record was on paper HIS until it was verified as someone else

            • But they also claimed he had it expunged so we assumed we wouldn’t have still been able to see it on Riverside’s site. What I’m saying is maybe it WAS expunged from his permit record so it wouldn’t ever showed up should someone looked it up in the past. These lawyers stepped in at the last hour. A lot of the leg work had been done by others. We don’t know that they don’t have his perm and complete record in a file without mention to this.

              . This document we are ferrying to that’s as identity theft is not TA perm record. That’s were it would have been wiped from if truly expunged. Either way its moot. It’s not his. He didn’t commit this particular crime.

              • I’m sure that her lawyers just have to be darn sure it’s not him that’s all. That can’t rely on the huff post, HLN, us etc. They have to be sure. It’s just part of defending her vigorously.

                • Yes JC.

                  Forgive me everyone, if this has been asked, I’m coming in later that usual today.

                  I suspect Travis may have, if nothing else a juvenile record. Although Juvenile Records are sealed, Is there any provision that in a Death Penalty case those records can be opened?

                  JouJou, Also Abused…r u out there? LOL you two usually answer my questions no matter how ridiculous they may sound.

                • Um I dont if things have changed but awhile ago, minors records were off limits in background checks. I know some companies are pulling them now though. Good question!

              • Well than confused why bring it up at all??? Someone got the number from a backround check maybe not HIS official backround than why bring it into the trial at all??

                • I doubt they are bringing it in, just requesting it. I’m sure it had everything to do with the confusion the last 2 days

  19. Hi I don’t know where to write the admin personally so I’m writing here. A few weeks ago I think u blocked my IP address but I’m not quite sure what I said that was so wrong to deserve a block and was wondering g if it was an error BC I was able to access this site after that via chrome….I was only seemingly blocked on internet explorer… but today I can’t access your site from any browser on my computer. I enjoy reading this site even though I don’t always agree but I like objective discussions. Can u check and see if I was blocked in error and could you please remove the ip block…this site is hard to read from my phone lol. Thanks!!

    • Hey that happened to me too but not sure it was the site as I could go to Casey Anthony’s page still but not this site at all. Then I finally got the home page to open up but nothing else. I was so frantic thinking a hacker removed the whole page or something. Then it just opened up not long ago. Very strange. I also found a page that turned this page in for being a FRAUD?? I sent a rebuttal in on that page as that is not true an somebody is trying to start problems for this page. From Iowa is all I can remember but I found it on Google when trying to get back in this page again just by accident. I will have to go find it again as I can’t remember the name now grrrrrrrr

  20. Hey everyone, keep this in mind for future use, especially if you’re a serial criminal of any kind: Just apologize profusely and say “That was a time in my life when I was addicted to drugs and was a real mess. It’s something that I am ashamed of. I have been clean for almost 10 years. I deserve to be forgiven.”

    That should make all the charges go away and put everything back to normal.

  21. Jeez… I don’t even watch HLN at all, but this crap is emblazoned across the front page of this morning:

    One question – WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE SMOKING??? I’m not getting “obsessive”, “crazy”, or “psycho” from Jodi AT ALL. Maybe I’M the one who’s missing something here, I dunno. I mean, the older Prosecutor to the far left flat out said, “Jodi’s guilty of first-degree murder, she’ll be found guilty and sentenced to death!” How can any reputable Prosecutor go on National tv and say shit like that, especially with the trial still going on, so obviously no verdict has been rendered? There is no such thing as “Innocent until proven guilty” in this country anymore.
    They did let the dark-haired Defense Atty speak… For about 10 seconds ’til they cut her off after hearing her opinion and not liking what she was saying. She’s the only sane one in the whole lot of them. I don’t know if I’m more pissed off or sad about this video. SMDH!
    (And JVM is going to give herself an aneurysm if she doesn’t stop all the yelling and theatrics… HATE that woman; she grates my nerves almost as much as NG!)

    • No, nobody is obsessed or psycho; not unless you’re talking about the HLN band of misfit butt pirates that are sadistically eager to see Jodi dead.

      There is something so very wrong about grown people blasting their hate into every living room in America without any regard for the minds of children or young people.

      Thanks to JVM, NG, Dr Drew, and the misogynist pit crew of the media racetrack, kids will now grow up believing that like every other fundamentalist country; one needs four male witnesses to prove abuse or rape.

      And this is the channel that claims to be progressive. Right.

  22. HOLY CRAP! I just made my first FB account last week (I hate facebook) but I wanted to be able to do some digging in regards to the players in this case. When I made the account, there was literally nothing but a blank page to look at, and I did not add friends, just lurked around.
    Today, I just went there and there is a FLOOD of Occupy HLN posts EVERYWHERE. I’ve never seen anything like this before (except maybe from the Anonymous Group…..”we are anonymous”….)
    I am really impressed with the impact of all the efforts here.
    Speaking of Anonymous……anyone know their number? LOL we could use some attention to this battered women’s issue that is being downplayed by HLN, and boy could they impact HLN in an amusing way!

    • They have a site where you can send info on this case or any case where you see injustice. I believe it is www.

      Remove the space.

    • The guy who runs that site, comes on here occassionaly and that happens on FB when you visit a page, then FB sends you updates on it. Its not the person running the page. You can always block it if you don’t want updates.

  23. Okay, is it just my live feed thats messed up? All I get is a high pitched tone and a rainbow colored screen as if they are having an “emergency broadcast” test? It’s been that way for 5 minutes now.

    Thank you!

  24. MR. BAILEY: Ladies and gentlemen, those of us who do this for a living have a lot of questions about what our function really is when it comes to summing up. It is often called an argument, but I think it is inappropriate, because when you argue with someone, you exchange ideas in an effort to find out who is more persuasive. But in the setting of any trial the final remarks of counsel are not answered by the jury, and what the jury does is not recorded for the first time in this entire proceedings. You will see this gentleman and those who work with him disappear, as you talk together about what you believe you have heard and what you believe of what you heard. There are many concepts in the law. The SLA was so right about so many things that I, as a citizen, am a little bit ashamed that they could predict; so well what we would do. But I think an overview of this case is more appropriate than talking just about bank robbery. This is not a case about a bank robbery. The crime could have been any one of a number. It is a case about dying or surviving –that is all Patricia Campbell Hearst thought about. And the question is, what is the right to live? How far can you go to survive? We all know that it is a human impulse, a generic, irresistible human impulse to survive. People eat each other in the Andes to sur­vive. The big question is, and we don’t have it in this case, thank God, can you kill to survive? We do it in wartime, but that is a different set of rules. We allow ourselves all kinds of special privileges when we fight the enemy. G. Gordon Liddy would have been an international hero if it was only the Russians who caught him instead of the reporters and ultimately the Department of Justice.

  25. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Some douchebag says “like if you want jodi arias to get the death penalty” is this a freakin game???? Like if you want a person dead?

    God help us all.

    • Yes, GOD HELP US ALL. He’s watching (God) and he sees all these people judging for someone’s to be put to death. Idk who these people think they are judging for life or death. When I was young I wanted to go to school and i wanted to be a judge in a courtroom, but as time went by I felt it was wrong to make judgements and the thought of putting people behind bars for life and to give someone a death sentence without really knowing for sure just felt wrong. I felt like that wasn’t my job. We know whos job it is to take someone’s life. Let the man do his job!!!

    • Sorry but there are lots of people i’d like to see dead: Pedophiles, women and child abusers, most of all animal abusers (which includes about 1/2 of china).

      • Ditto regarding animal abusers….(not saying the others don’t bother me) We all have something that really “gets to us’…and for me, its animal abuse. I used to work at the local Humane Society in my city, many years ago, and the things I saw still haunt me. You are right about China, (Korea too)

  26. Goodmoring friends,

    Perfect example of how the media and most people chose to blv abuse only if theres photos:

    Thus morning fist thing I watch is the media talking about the 16year old teenage girl that got raped at a party by 2 football players. They were drinking, the girl was unconscious, she couldn’t say no. Ok, good good for HLN for not choosing to blv she’s lying because she wants to slander the high school football players. But why did they blv her???? Well because the girls mother took the picture to the police, thats why. If this girl would’ve weht to the authorities without photos, they probably wouldn’t blv this poor girl. (And by the way, good for the mom and the prosecutor that they’re making a big deal about it)!

    Now…. as soon as I saw that I thought about Jodi. Why cant they blv jodi felt close to the same thing when TA started having vaginal sex (for the first time) with Jodi “without” her consent??? Of course because she doesn’t have PROOF!! But what about the sex tape when TA made the rape comment, does that not count?? Both Jodi n this girl were violated, they were both unconscious and without a chance to think about what decision to make.

    Then Kyra Phillips asks the expert, “Is THIS whats happening nowadays in high school? ” She answered, “YES” ………. I would’ve loved to answer that question for her: YESSSSS, it happens almost every day, not everyone has proof or pictures for example, look at Jodi Arias. And you’ve ALL painted an ugly picture of this young woman because she has no pictures, no proof. Thank God someone took a picture ofcthis 16 year old being violated! !!! SHAME ON YOU ALL!!

    Team Jodi★

    • Right on LC. If I am not mistaken, I heard (referencing the Steubenville, Ohio case) that these pathetic examples of boys not only raped this girl, but they too, her to 3 different “parties” that night – carrying her to a car and laid her in the TRUNK to shuffle her from part to party. They were claiming it was consensual in the beginning – EVEN AFTER THE VIDEO on YouTube SHOWED them carrying this young girl by her arms and legs she was unconscious!!!!!! Roseanne Barr WENT to Steubenville to help bring awareness about this case. Don’t know how much she can accomplish but the Anonymous group is also involved. These rapists need to be in prison; and I mean LONG-TERM prison sentences not a slap on the wrist. It’s disgusting and I agree LC – SHAME ON THEM ALL!!

      • Video never showed them carrying her but there is a picture. she was never in the trunk that was rumor. Only video obtained ( there is one rumored of the crime to be in existence but never recovered) is of a bunch or drunk boys who stayed behind at one party discussing the rape but they aren’t were its actually taking place. Te kidnapping charged were dropped because it was testified to that the girl asked to leave with them. But just from one party. One of the boys was her new boyfriend at the time. POS. they are being tried as juvieniles so longest they’ll get in until they are 21. They are both 16. At least they would have to be on the sex offender list for life

      • They said its a case that a judge will make the decision, no jury. And that if they’re found guilty, they will receive time in a juvenile center until they’re 21. They are 16 and 17 years old. And this poor girl has to lv with this for the rest of her life. And I cant imagine the feeling that the parents feel. Sad story, but this is happening because of the same reason people treat abuse. They dont blv it unless there are pictures and proof. I bet these boys would’ve thought about it if our laws were different. 5 years in prison, sometimes less. The JA trial is showing these boys, well if you dont get caught n theres no proof, your ok.

        • Great info provided on that site. This case was getting next to no attention before Anonymous step in and produced the video of Nodianos laughing and joking about how raped the girl was. 12 minutes of that. Disgusting. I wish they were being tried as adults. I understand that the defense is going to go with implied consent?!

          • That Nodianos asshole seriously made me want to spit fire. If he were my son, he’d rue the day that he ever made that video.

    • Good morning, LC!

      What happened in Steubenville is a tragedy, and HLN is handling it their usual way – calling victims liars and creating a hostile atmosphere so that women and children are less likely to come forward.

      This is the news channel that passes itself off as progressive, despite it’s incredibly sexist programming. Dr Drew called Jodi a “maneater” last night. Before that he called her a “castrating kitty.” I don’t know what women see in Dr Drew, he is the prime example of a “nice guy” that has no basic human decency to back up the facade he presents to the world.

      Fakes, all of them.

    • LC,
      This case is HUGE, and it makes me sick. I wish the guys were older so they could be tried as adults. I live approx 2 and a half hours from there, and there have been protests all over the place. I hope to hell they dont get off, (they are denying it) the video alone says it all IMO. Sick.

  27. Is it true that Jodi’s bail was $2M? I’m surprised that in 4 1/2 years they couldn’t raise the $200K to get her out.

  28. The Media Circus That surrounds these Trials makes it very difficult for defense lawyers even afterwards, The Media I was Told as so vilified the defendant, That for example a well known Attorney after he defended a person who he believed to be innocent this attorney was attacked viciously by the Media lost Friends Death Threats etc.

    “It caused a free fall. People turned on me. Some of my best friends, lawyers and judges, treated me like _____.” But I don’t regret Defending this person. “I certainly believe they didn’t do it,”and any intelligent analysis of the case comes up with that conclusion.” So why do most people disagree? “Because the reporting on the case wasn’t good,” he said. “People were told every day by the media, ‘that my client was guilty “

      • Or those who post on facebook ….and many of us who post here and elsewhere..

        The media, and not only HLN, but they are the biggest offenders, are the reason for the lynch mob, pure and simple. Sure there would be people passionately pro–Travis, based on the unadulterated coverage alone, but yeah, the lynch mob has been a direct result of the manipulation of facts by the media.

        • They have no business even covering this trial in the first place. The trial shouldn’t be televised in the first place.

          Most likely we will get a hung jury, and if and when there is a retrial, I would hope there is a change in location, no cameras in the courtroom, and the jury is sequestered.

      • LC
        Plenty I mam sure since the media is so out of control today,People do not digest information the way they use to. So when your brain has constant instant information which are sound bites after a while you are unable to think for your self ,If any Defense Attorney has to defend his client against the barrage of Media Lynchings which insights a Angry Mob Mentality, he becomes a target of hate. His career can be ruined, and since the media is very pro prosecution, in most cases and does not function fairly. People believe their spin, Bad Good Black White etc. In my opinion this case is very complex on many levels. But the media has psychics Quack Doctors Body Language experts and of course Travis Alexanders Friends, they do not allow another opinion. Rarely do you see a friend of Jodi’s on these shows. Nancy Grace from the onset has Screeched endlessly about how evil Jodi is she has her Greek Chorus of gal pal attorneys stating the most outrageous comments, i:e Booty Call, Psychotic, narcissistic personality disorder, in a tone that is filled with outrage her and her cast of Legal cohorts say Mormonism is not on Trial they keep saying this particular statement. But you also, if listening, have heard it over and over again. Mormons taking to the air waves to state Jodi was not one of them not a real true Mormon a whore, who enjoyed sex with Travis, a slut one guy even stated you can drop a coin and pickup any Girl Like Jodi the woman Legal Eagles snickered she ain’t so hot, I was horrified, and gives me a look into this cult .slut whore you enjoyed it is repeated over and over again, sounds like another rape to me. . But we have here a Defendant that never had a history of stalking violence etc.
        That is Not mentioned, She displays, according to, legit psychiatrist , as someone who was abused, controlled acts like she was in a cult. I personally believe that Travis was somewhat of a Cult Leader in her mind used certain techniques that are used Love Bombing destroying her self esteem which was not intact to begin with. In defense cases this has been used, Psychiatrist that deprogram people. Only one person mentioned this on TV and they rushed to a commercial was cut off . It is a possibility strong one that the dynamics of cult control could be what instigated this cycle of abuse.

        • Remember she asked for it enticed Travis introduced this Virgin to Sex. Where are the Woman’s Rights activist they should be appalled at such Loaded Language worthy Of HITLER STALIN ETC.
          Nancy Grace should be disbarred Jane Velez Fired and Dr.Drew should have is License if he really has one revoked. This is very evil.

          • I agree 100%! Or let’s use Nasty Grace math – 100 kazillion %! According to NG, “I’ve interviewed tens of thousands of witnesses….” Really? Did anyone ever figure out how many that would equate to per day in her time as a prosecutor?? Also, apparently, her contract allows her to slander…until somebody sues…then they settle…but I guess they make enough money pre-suing to make it worth i!

            Dr. Drew must be stoned. Somebody needs to do an intervention on HIM. He and the rest of the psych quacks should be taken before the American Psychological Association and tarred and feathered! Hey, there’s an idea….for real! Love how on JVM, someone mentioned Travis’ making the 12 year old girl comment, and JVM quickly turned it back to some moronic comment about the curve of Jodi’s eyebrow or something….how CREEPY that was! Good God!

            Which reminds me those MLM’ers think if they say, “creepy and freaky” enough times it will be true. And also, “always”, “absolutely” ,”completely”….you get the picture I’m sure!


  29. What the frick is the hold-up. All this time off and they can’t start the court on time?? And, we’ll probably have a long side-bar before the jury ever comes in! Arrggg……

      • I find it so disrespectful to the jurors. What a waste of their time. If they can be there on time for court each day, the Judge should start on time. My gosh, they don’t even start until 10am for pete’s sake. Really gets under my skin how poorly ran this courtroom seems to be. Just saying….

        • I agree completely… I live in SLC, UT and have had jury duty, plus been a witness in a rape case that went to trial and both my experiences with with trial here in Utah start PROMPTLY at 8am. No bull shit, no lateness would be accepted, ALL parties expected to be ON TIME and court to resume at 8am SHARP. Which is how I believe it should be.

  30. Was just listening to the last day where JM was questioning Jodi. I know I am not a juror but when 3 out of 5 of the questions he ask, he doesn’t get the info correct. To me that is making a statement that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Does anyone else see it this what?

  31. Sorry this may be somewhat off topic, but did I read on here that someone recently was found dead by a “self inflicted” gun shot wound, and this person had tried to implicate her husband for the murder of TA months ago.
    I was scrolling back, but can’t seem to find the thread where it was discussed. I ‘m interested to find out more about this person, and if this “suicide” looks suspicious or not. I try to be a conspiracy theorist, but if this is true, man oh man, it sure smells awful funny.
    Thanks, and I’ll try to keep up with any answers, I’m just having a tough time finding threads as I go in and out.
    Have a good day ev1

  32. K… I may or may not get ugly comments for what I am about to say. I just saw Travis Alexanders family walk into the courthouse, they are smiling,laughing and than the second they walk into the court they are completely different. I get the crime scene photos, and having to face Jodi. The press gets all over Jodi’s family when they smile, laugh or even cry. LOOK both families are victims, Travis yes BUT Jodi is a victim too. She admitted her guilt, she wanted life its the state that wants her life…. I do not believe an eye for an eye in this case. I just really hope when the experts come on the stand stupid HLN will get it! ARGH!

    • personally,I agree with you.Sometimes it just feels like an act they put up what with all the exaggerated eye rolling and stuff!! I get their pain but no,more often than not,I believe they overdo it to taint the jury!

      • Yes, ITA, because if you watch, they do a side glance at the jury before and after the faces. I’ve noticed that a lot.

    • The families are all human. They all experience a whole range of emotions. It’s a matter of respect in the court room I would believe. Respect the process and give it its due. But on the outside of the courtroom and the trial I hope both families can find some normalcy, levity and enjoyment in their private times. I think the court room represents some vastly different for each family. I see it, like most from the eyes of a spectator (although I feel very personally involved). For Travis’s family, they see it as a place of harshness, brutality and for them hopefully vindication for their brother. For Jodi’s family it’s a place of embarrassment, judgments and ultimately penalty. I cannot imagine the pain on each side. When this trial is all over, I hope each side finds it peace and solace in it, although I doubt it no matter the outcome both sides will forever be changed.

      • I also hope for peace and comfort for both families. Not just after this is all over but everyday.

        I’m glad to see you still posting Bella. I know some topics here can be very harsh for you.

      • Bella I’m so happy you are here. I agree with you. I am also very sorry you lost your friend and it has to be very difficult to hear all this about your friend. I truely respect you for being here.

    • Right, everyone is always going on and on about Travis’ family, and how they are victims. But what do they think the Arias family is going through?

      The media blasts us for pointing out the public record, but it’s fine and dandy for them to call Jodi a slut, a stalker, a murderer; with ZERO proof of any of those claims?

      • Absolutely MB.

        I am still sickened by the mob calling Jodi’s sister’s two year old a C**T. Although I have compassion for Travis’ family, they are not facing an angry mob of vile and evil people. I must say, I have been struck at the ongoing “double standard” of: It’s okay to cover for brother Dennis’ crimes and let Travis take the wrap, but we will not take a stand and say to the Mob, stop the vile stuff toward Jodi’s family. I wonder, if Travis is the person they claim he was, would he want things to be like this, or would he be as forgiving as he was with his brother? Forgiveness isn’t something you pick and choose to give, if you subscribe to the beliefs Travis purportedly stood for.

        • This makes me think of Munchausen By Proxy… I know it’s wrong to criticize the family, but it feeds a devil inside them. Just my opinion.

          • Yes, Bella.

            I too think the family may be getting fed, by the Mob mentality. I know that highly emotional events often brings back repressed childhood issues, and behaviors. None the less, scoffing at the Court, by eye rolling etc. really belies their cry for Justice. If Justice is served by this type of behavior, then I don’t want that type of Justice. By letting the Mob mentallity go on without even so much as a comment to the media by the family asking for it to stop, I think makes them less sympathetic to the average everyday person.

            Although I may understand the behavior, I would like to see one family member, (maybe one that is in Law Enforcement, and obligated to uphold Justice), respect the Court Room and call for an end to the vile mob mentality. Wouldn’t that be a beginning of insuring the Justice they seek for their brother?

            Hopefully, this will be my final daily rambling……

            • good ramble… I don’t find the eye rolling over and over and over again very sympathetic. When they cry of course I feel bad for them.

            • Indeed, Bella. I believe it would be the most respectful, and ultimately loving thing they could do…in their brother’s name…

      • Actually I have seen where people have gone after JA’s younger brother. Nancy pigface disgrace has says some things about him on her show and people have bombarded his FB page. That’s why I have tried to keep from commenting on eye roller and lurch’s daughter.

    • I agree with that I have seen it also. We do not know what Jodi’s mother an Aunt are talking about an HLN an the JODI HATERS call them horrible names. But if we know people we know TWINS have a bond like that an are close as these two look very close. The Aunt is hard of hearing in that one ear an this is why the other has to lean over to the other ear an it looks awkward to people I guess but I truly do not think that the court is fun an games like the MEDIA an JODI HATER SITES want people to believe.

      I do feel bad for both families an sorry what happened but I see a lot of DRAMA also on purpose for the Jury otherwise there would not be all the look at the JURY an see if anyone is looking an then the BIG EYE ROLL or throw my head into my lap then look an see if they acknowledge that after the fact it is very clear.

    • I wonder what they’re saying!!!! The LOSERS (haters) are on everywhere saying that Nurmi is stupid for bringing this up and not knowing that TA identify theft has been cleared! !! Ok lol whos stupid, no one KNOWS that it’s been cleared yet!!!

  33. I’m thinking maybe the delay was because they were going over more jury questions again?

    Really hoping Jodi finishes today – it’s getting ridiculous!

  34. Oh, Gosh ya’ll. I see that so called body language expert from Dr Drew in court sitting right behind the Alexander’s. What’s next…

  35. What idiot doesn’t go to Hawaii because they want to look for real tears on Jodi’s face, like this is entertainment?

  36. I think the jury is lying… .You know they have had to see something about the trial, especially with some of the questions they were asking last week.

    • that would be my guess too Alysha.I know the judge has to ask that question but even if they watched or talked about the trial would they raise their hand and say ”oh yes I did!I spend the entire weekend talkning to my spouse and friends about it”?

    • Indeed I saw that too. Too bad that someone can’t catch them…ugh.
      I just hope that this will be a huge bonus for the defense if , god forbid, they have to appeal a conviction. In my eyes, it should be for sure.

    • I don’t think they are lying. At the beginning of the trial, they complained that reporters tried to approach them. It really does sound like they are trying their best.

      • I believe people take jury duty seriously when they are picked for a murder trial. I have known people on other juries, and they wouldn’t talk or read the paper, or even watch the news.

        I hope they take this that seriously. I know I would.

  37. Oh here we go … just like Casey’s trial. The HLN reporter is interviewing the people going into the courtroom. Of course they are speaking with a woman who is saying Jodi is a liar and she’s there to see Martinez. She looks like Martinez … could be a sister.

  38. Oh the little dickhead starts with his word manipulation bullshit already…. he must have been beaten up a lot in school with that attitude.

  39. Someone please look! !!!!

    Getting back to that pic FB that claimed jodi was in reflection of Travis’s eye. There is a black and white one up now and I SWARE there is a mans face clear as day in his eye ball!!!!! Maybe the person who posted it used a screen shot of their screen to record pic after converting to b/w and that where the extra image is from or was a man in the bathroom?

  40. Is anyone as frustrated as I am about these “if it’s possible” questions?! Anything could be possible, JM! It doesn’t mean it happened!

    • Reminds me of a scene in Paper Moon (my absolute favorite movie ever!)

      You met my mom in a barroom!
      For God’s sake child, you think everybody gets met in a barroom gets a baby?
      lt’s possible.
      Anything is possible, but possible don’t make it true!

  41. Ok, I’m lost, I thought JM was supposed to be readdressing the jurors questions…why is he doing a RE CROSS……this is crap!

    • Want to see who it is but I liked The popes argument against The Death Penalty I have to find it. Really Brilliant!!

  42. um- why is this judge allowing this midget to abuser her this way? he looks like a rabid manic dog. he is all over the place.

  43. Haha, little rat mat JM is gonna give himself a heart attack. Did you hear him get so flustered that his voice squealed like a teenaged boys? UGH. He needs to lay off.

  44. Why is he YELLING and cutting her off???? Geeesh its too early for this!! And the stupid judge keeps overruling Nurmis objections! !!! Martinez has taken today to twist everything that shes testified around. WTF Nurmi cant DO ANYTHING! !! I REALLY dont like this judge today! !

  45. “…while he’s getting blasted!”
    From what I understand, this caliber of gun, wouldn’t really be a blast…no, yes, right?!

  46. overruled overruled overruled overruled sustained overruled overruled overruled overruled overruled
    HOW MANY F* TIMES does she have to say she does not know what happened?

  47. Martinez
    is school yard bully full of a Lot Of Hot Air his style lacks any real credibility.
    He seems to blood thirsty would do anything to win.

  48. I just realized that there’s an issue with the timing of TA’s “F^%& Kill You Bitch”. IIRC, he said that immediately after being shot. He was shot in the frontal lobe and prefrontal cortex of the brain. This would have interfered with his ability to put words together (these 2 areas of the brain process info from the language center like a puzzle solver).

    It will be interesting to see if there is expert testimony about that.

    • Actually, no. Language centers are in the left hemisphere, Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area (partially in the frontal lobe, lower, and in the parietal lobe). Frontal lobe has to do with aggression inhibition, executive functioning.

      Additionally, it depends on what side of the brain the bullet hit, the direction, how deep it was, if the brain was compensating, a whole bunch of things. The brain is insanely complex and can do good things. It seems like the bullet went out of the cheek (I read that somewhere). It may not have penetrated the cortex, just the skull. Also, it takes time for the brain to register what happened sometimes, if he was still in shock, he could have been functioning. (There was a case, a man, a pole went through his head (front to back). He could still see, speak, was not in pain, when they removed it, all the complications happened.

      • The brain is amazing. I saw an ER (reality) show last week where a man had a crow bar COMPLETELY through his head at an angle, and he has coherent, talking…it was amazing. When they removed the crow bar he was fine…no complications

      • Yes, the language centers of the brain are in the left hemisphere. That info is processed in Werneke’s and Broca’s area (for TA to speak, info had to be processed in Broca’s area … Broca’s area is in the frontal lobe, NOT the parietal lobe).

        That info has to then be sent to the frontal lobe to be consolidated.

        I teach college neuropsychology. I know how this info is processed. Language IS an executive function. The one of the many jobs of the Frontal lobe is to integrate info from other parts of the brain.

        Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area do NOT have to be damaged for language production to be altered.

      • Phineas Gage was a fascinating case study!

        The brain is freaking amazing!

        In my first comment in this sub-thread, I should have said “could” rather than “would”. Sorry about that.

        • Cool thing to teach Lisa. I am aware that Broca’s area is in the frontal lobe, I did mention that, part of the frontal lobe is involved. 🙂 (I’m studying this in-depth currently in grad school!) But Broca’s area is also in the left hemisphere, unless Travis is one of those rare people to have language hemispheres in the right, but there is no way to prove that now.

          Wound trajectory: right to left and down. It could have avoided Broca’s area entirely. It doesn’t really specify where the wound was in the “cortex” just the in bone. It is possible in hit one of his “aggression inhibition” areas instead though, that could have made things escalate even more. Then again, there are people who get shot, and because it is such a low caliber, it sort of just grazes their head, not really any damage. He may have been completely fine after that, having no trouble. However, if a number of hours or days passed, he definitely would have started showing symptoms because the bullet seemed to stay lodged in there. Not something that would happen within a few minutes, it wasn’t severe enough. (This is just my opinion)

          • Yeah, grad school! Good luck … I loved grad school! What are you studying? (No pressure to answer!)

            I think we are talking about slightly different things, which has caused some unintentional confusion.

            I was limiting my comments to the frontal lobe and language integration as an executive function. You make excellent points about the left hemisphere. There’s no way to know what portions of the left hemisphere were damaged, if any. The ME did specifically say that the bullet went through the frontal lobe, but because of decomp, he couldn’t get a bullet path through the brain. And that makes sense to me.

            I think that much of this confusing was due to my mistake of using “would” instead of “could” … your point on that has been excellent. I learned a great lesson!

            Unlike many, I’m not as skeptical of the ME’s report. Just my opinion and no judgement to the group intended. While there are many cases in which brain damage can leave a person walking and talking for some time (like good ol’ Phineas Gage), the ME felt strongly that the damage to the frontal lobe would have been incapacitating in moments. There are some fair reasons to have some skepticism regarding the ME’s report. But as a scientist, I have to go with what we have and don’t have. Which requires me to lean on the ME’s report while open to other reasonable scientific evidence.

            I can’t say what TA could or could not do with certainty. No one can. Which is why we must, as scientists, go with what is typical rather than the exception. It’s our only option as scientists unless alternative and better evidence is provided. I personally haven’t found such alternative evidence.

            I’ve greatly appreciated your comments, Nk. You’ve obviously followed the case longer and more closely than I have, and I’ve been grateful for everything you and others have shared.

            I’m planning to watch the ME testimony again tonight. If I catch anything that changes my thoughts on the frontal lobe and/or head bullet wound I’ll write about it here. 🙂

      • I wonder why this things was not discussed with the doctor who made the autopsy report? Is this report available for public?

          • Oo! Just saw this and read the extra details about the wound. Okay, so there was no evidence of intracranial hemorrhage or cerebral damage which means her story is most likely correct. All his functions would have been intact. He may have not even felt pain if he was still in shock.

            • Mk,
              The pros is using the autopsy report regarding that lack of blood/hemorrhage to say that the gunshot wound was last. Their point being that TA was already dead or almost dead, and had bled out from the wounds, therefore when shot, he didnt bleed in his brain since there was no blood pumping thru his body. I think someone, (ME, Dr?) testified to this theory early on. They are also saying that the lack of stippling near the wound means she was further away than she has testified. They have said all along she shot him after putting him in the shower. (anyway, this is the pros. theory, not me):)

              • Just an FYI. I posted this a while back.
                The prosecution’s story for FOUR YEARS was that Arias shot Travis first, then stabbed him. Martinez sprung his new theory 4 days before the trial began in January 2013.

    • um, didnt he say “ill fucking kill u bitch” BEFORE he was shot??? obviously if it hapnd after she shot him, he WOULD say that.. who wouldnt say that after they just got shot in the face? so im pretty sure he said that to her before she shot him… right??

  49. Martinez playing like his 5 points down and 30 seconds to go. He must know that Jodi lawyers have something that is going to set Martinez hole case back.

    • No; he just finds Jodi to be harder to keep up with than the typical defendant!

      The likelihood of new evidence of any substance at this point is low. I’m not defining expert testimony as evidence.

  50. AND THIS IS WHY THE JURY HAS 100 QUESTIONS that sound like they’re pro prosecutor. He DOESN’T let her answer, they HAVE to ask the sames questions because she doesn’t get a chance to answer! !!

    Oh did the judge say something to Martinez about his tone????? Lol now he’s being sarcastic! !!

      • she needs to slow down with her answers, he is trying his best to scramble her brain. heck, he has mine hurting already

    • Yes, JM constantly mis-characterizes her testimony, his questions call for speculation from the witness and the judge overrules Nurmi’s objections. He keeps going in circles. I suppose I would have 100 questions is I was watching his bopping around. I recall that the judge told Jodi, earlier in the trial to not talk when JM was questioning her because the steno couldn’t record two conversations at a time. I hope HE is given the same reprimand…he is doing all of the interrupting.

      • I heard her tell jodi that too. She makes me mad!!! Is she the only one that doesn’t see Martinez asks a question, jodis in the middle of answering and Martinez cuts her off!!! What is she supposed to do, not finish answering. Thats exactly why the jury has all these questions and then people wonder and think the jury is pro prosecution. Well, they haven’t gotten answers that Martinez asked because he and the judge dont allow her!!!

    • But it what the ME claims. 2 mins is plenty of time to bleed out. With the throat injury, TA could have bled out in an extremely short period of time.

        • If the throat cut was last, he would have already lost a lot of blood from his other wounds (some of which would have pooled internally).

          A lot longer? I personally don’t see evidence of that. From the photos, we do know that the entire incident took 2 mins. Might he survived for another min? Sure. But the photos do give a definitive time line.

        • After his throat was cut, he would die within seconds. He would have no way to breathe and would suffocate on blood.

        • I wanted to save this for my “book” I am writing in order to deflect the retard being sent out from Shanna Hogan’s piece of shit….er….work, I meant, WORK….stupid autocorrect.

          The gunshot came first. Bottom line. Nothing anyone can say will convince me otherwise. It makes perfect sense for her to shoot first in exactly the way she described. He goes to the sink to look at his injury cause, you know, he thinks he feels a migraine coming on. I’d imagine the sight greeting him in the bathroom mirror was shocking, to say the least, and probably caused him to pause….look at Jodi, look back at mirror, and then moves closer to his reflection as he says, “Oh, NO you di-in’t!

          He thinks about the sand with his name on it waiting for him in Cancun and how he’ll have a hell of a time hooking up with the ladies, as he’s fairly certain the new hole in his face is going to cock block him. Already enraged from the initial fight with Jodi, the shock from the gunshot removes any pain, and with a renewed surge of adrenalin, he is ferocious in his rage at Jodi for shooting him. With his own gun, no less! Travis screams to Jodi’s reflection in the mirror how she’s dead meat now, or something along those lines, sputtering blood all over the mirror and sink with every word.

          In the meantime, Jodi sits on the bathroom floor in a winded daze. She stares at the bloodied man in the mirror and moves to go to him to tend to his wounds but the whole “You’re dead” or something along those lines, invokes a terror unlike any she has ever felt before and its cold fingers grip her, keeping her from moving. Her own adrenalin, already pumping wildly, mixes with the terror so when it occurs to her that all shooting him did was piss him off more and that, if she wasn’t in a fight for her life before, she most definitely is now. The moment she realizes only one of them will leave that room alive, her subconscious mind shuts her conscious mind down in an effort to preserve it and allows the ‘fight or flight’ instinct to start calling the shots. In other words, cue the memory fog.

          So effective is this defense mechanism of the human mind, Jodi is heading towards the knife she spotted in the bathroom just as Travis whirls around and lunges for her. His effort successful, they both tumble to the ground, rolling out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. This continues, her on top then him and repeat, for a lifetime but really only lasts 15 or so seconds. Go ahead and count to 15 and make sure you count 1 one thousand…2. one thousand..etc. I’ll wait. No, better yet, I’ll count with you because this is a big confusion for a lot of people. Dog tried to show it in his video but I think this will help too….let’s go….1 one thousand

          2 one thousand

          3 one thousand

          4 one thousand

          5 one thousand

          6 one thousand

          7 one thousand

          8 one thousand

          9 one thousand

          10 one thousand

          11 one thousand

          12 one thousand

          13 one thousand

          14 one thousand

          15 one thousand

          Finally, they are where the biggest blood stain of all was found, where the tile from the hall meets the carpet of the room. They are both covered in blood and exhausted. Travis has expended most of the energy afforded to him after the gunshot injury from adrenalin, rage, and shock so he is now slipping in and out of consciousness. It is widely believed that a person knows when they are about to die. In the moments before they take their last breath, they are known for having moments of clarity. It’s what prompts the most stubborn grudge holders to release their grip on the hatred that poisoned them for so long and finally forgive, it’s what softens the hardest heart so they feel love one last time, and it is in these moments when we realize how very petty we were for getting so mad and that pride is over rated and apologies are forthcoming accordingly.

          Travis is struggling to stay conscious, as he knows the next time he fades out will likely be the last, and he calls Jodi to him. Jodi knows he’s dying and is no threat to her so she goes willingly. He tells her he’s sorry. That this is his fault. He tells her he’s sorry for everything. The names, the violence, the cheating, for sullying her baptism, and he explains why he treated her this way. He tells her he hates the part of himself that finds children, namely boys, attractive. She nods because she knows this already, which, is why she stayed with him. He reminds her that this is why he threw himself so completely at the mercy of the church, why he was baptized, why he took sacrament, and mostly, it was why he took endowments. He explains to her how it was all in hopes that God would, if not erase that evil from him, at least he would look past it and accept him into Heaven, that he could still be granted access to the celestial kingdom and spend his eternal life there. She nods again, as she’s heard this before, and a tear slides down her nose to fall on Travis’ cheek where it becomes one with his tears.

          He tells her he needs her to do something for him. She does not hesitate to say, “Anything”. He asks if she remembers how he told her about the blood atonement, about how some sins were too great for the blood of Christ to atone for them and she nods again. He tells her it’s the only way he’ll go to heaven because he has no time left to repent for his sins, sins he committed just hours earlier as he had sex with her, for he has violated his covenants to God that he made during his endowment. He touches her face and tells her to smile for him, she obliges, and he reminds her of how he thinks she’s so attractive. He tells her to be strong, he needs her to be strong because, when he slips into unconsciousness again, he needs her to roll him over and cut his neck starting from under the left ear until coming to rest under his right ear. He tells her it’s the only way he can be cleansed of his sins, the only way he can truly atone for them otherwise he’ll spend eternity in Hell.

          She is hesitant as she understands that she, too, would have to die the same way if she kills him like this. But, then, he’s going to die whether she grants this last request of his or not. Only, if she does it, she’ll be saving him from eternal damnation. Which is, like, only the most invaluable gift one Mormon can give another. Travis may have been a crappy gift giver, what with the Spiderman underwear that was too small and didn’t even fit right and all, but she is responsible for killing him and the least she could do try to make it right by saving him.

          He sees her hesitation, understands and empathizes with her plight, and assures her not to worry about going to Hell for this. She, too, will be saved by the atonement ritual because he is asking her to do it, begging her to. Some of his sins were against her so, according to their beliefs, she would be justified in spilling his blood. He goes on to tell her that what she has done tonight will not be considered an act of murder in the eyes of their God, rather, it will be considered the carrying out of a a religious ceremony….a just act. She believes him and she nods her assent, again, a tear runs down the length of her nose to drop on his cheek where it becomes one with his tears.

          He tells her there’s 2 other ways one can be executed according to Penalty and that is to tear out the heart and to spill the intestines. She looks at him and does not hesitate to warn him that he’s asking too much. He tells her not to worry, all he wants her to do is stab him in the heart and slice his belly. Before she can protest, she watches as the man she loves struggles to breathe and she knows time is of the essence and it’s currently running out. She stands up so that his body is at her feet, her left foot near his left side and her right foot behind his head. She has his right forearm in her hands and pulls him to roll him to his left, towards her, so that he’ll be face down. She is unaware as she is pulling him that her foot bumps into his camera, causing it to take a picture. In fact, she’s not aware of anything anymore. The moment she puts the blade to Travis’ neck even her subconscious disconnects from reality. She is in shock in every sense of the word.

          Like a robot, she spills his blood according to his directions. When she is finished, she takes the sheet from his bed and rolls him onto it. Using the sheet, she drags him carefully into the bathroom to the stand alone shower where she uses every last bit of strength she has to put him in the shower so she can clean him off. Not because she wants to wash away any evidence she was there, that would have been washed away when he was showering earlier, but perhaps, as a way to clean one last time. She grabs a cup one of them was drinking from, now empty, and fills it with water so that she can cleanse the parts of him that the spray of water from the shower head can not reach. Satisfied that she has cleansed as much of him as possible, praying all the while, she turns the water off and places a final kiss on his forehead.

          She’s still on autopilot as she goes around and picks up the sheet and the rest of his bedding, notices his temple garments on the floor and grabs those too, Travis always made sure to keep them clean, and she picks up the shell casing from the bullet and puts it in her pocket. At least, she thinks she puts it in her pocket but she dropped it instead. She takes the sheets and garments and towels downstairs to the wash machine and stuffs them in then runs a cycle. She has no idea she accidentally picked up Travis’ camera and it now spins in the wash, tangled within the sheets.

          She does the same with the kitchen knife and the dishwasher. She returns to the bathroom and washes her hands off in the sink. Her fingers are cut and are seeping blood. She bandages them, grabs the gun and, with one final goodbye to Travis, she leaves the house, locking the door on her way out simply because, well, she was used to locking her door whenever she left and she wasn’t in her right mind so the fact that she was not at her house did occur to her.

          The next few hours are still foggy, yes, but her subconscious returns enough to allow her to safely drive through the desert towards her original destination. With this return, however, she is aware that she shot Travis and he is dead because of her. Although, for some reason, she is at peace with this. Until she tries to understand why that is, for when she tries, she only sees blood and she feels herself disconnect again. She remembers the gun and throws it out the window as she drives on the long and lonely stretch of road in the desert. She pulls over while she still has reception on her phone and calls Travis, leaving a message, because for all that she is innocent in the eyes of their God and Travis, she knows the arm of the law has no eyes and therefore will not be able to see her innocence. She needs to throw them off a bit. After the message is left and she hangs up, she emotionally breaks. She is unsure of how long she sat there crying, screaming, sometimes even singing and laughing. She just knows she was in the middle of the desert when she was able to think clearly for the first time since shooting Travis. Her conscious mind had finally decided to join her and, damn, it’s hard to say if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

          Because, from this point until she took the stand to testify on her own behalf on what happened that night, she has been over gratuitous with her poor decision making. Now, she sits and fights for her life once more only, this time, her opponent is not nearly as easy on the eyes as her last one was. Even worse, this attacker was highly annoying and trying to everyone’s patience and nerves. She is devastated that it had to come to this. She tried to plea out in an effort to save Travis’ family from the unbearable pain of having to relive the loss of someone they loved so dearly and the embarrassment of learning every little intimate detail as well as the traumatic and horrific experience of seeing the gruesome crime scene for themselves. Mostly, though, she hoped to avoid trial because she did not want to expose Travis to the world, let lone his family. She wanted to protect him because he had atoned for all of it. She knew he had worked so hard to escape his demons and she didn’t want to ruin that. But, that plea was denied and her hand was forced.

          She hates it and, at times, she fails to hide this. But, for the most part, the feelings she has of remorse for having to be the one who reveals the real Travis to his unsuspecting loving siblings in such an insensitive and inappropriate manner, those feelings only come at night when she doesn’t have a pumped up overgrown ankle biting chihuahua yelping in her face to demand her attention. This way, she feels every bit of that remorse and she sees the grief and pain etched into their faces as it is etched into her mind. Her only solace is knowing she and Travis made peace. He forgave her and she him. They worked together in the end to save both of them in the eyes of the only judge who, when it came right down it, truly mattered; their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

          She says to Flores in a video taped interview, “Travis knows I’m innocent.” She shows no remorse for killing him because she has none. There is no reason for her to regret her actions because, according to her shared beliefs with Travis, she did no wrong.


          Okay, so this is probably a much more romantic picture than what was truly painted, even I’m not so naive as to think it was such beautiful tragedy as what I’ve written here. However, I do not think I’m far off when it comes to the actions and thought processes. I believe, without doubt, that I nailed the emotional aspect, though. Travis loved Jodi and Jodi loved Travis just as much as Joanie loved Chachi. Sorry, Jodi sounds like Joanie and I couldn’t help myself. You can hear the sincerity in his voice during the phone sex recording (which, was 68 minutes long, only about 10 minutes being sexual) when he tells her how beautiful she is. She is perfect for him and he for her. In another life, one that didn’t begin so tragically for both of them, Travis especially, Jodi and Travis would have been unbreakable.

          Alas, they were in this life and so broken before they ever met that their story would have been better left unwritten. In reading Travis’ blog entries and book introduction, carefully listening to his tone when speaking to Jodi (during the non sexual parts of the phone tape), and, yes, in seeing his siblings sit every day without fail through what can only be described as a seemingly endless reminder of the painful past they have all been through hell and back trying to escape, seeing them willing stand up in the name of justice for their beloved brother and face this massive adversity leaves me breathless for the love there could not be more pure. I feel I have come to know Travis, understand and respect him despite his faults and flaws, and I admire how he escaped his past (as much as he could for what he couldn’t escape was beyond his control) and inspired others to do the same along the way. Regardless of whether he lived a double life, he did good things and those things aren’t simply negated because he lied or worked for a pyramid scheme and made some bad choices.

          Through this trial, the tapes, and her own words then and now, I have come to know Jodi, understand and respect her despite her faults and flaws. I admire her conviction and strength when, by all intents and purposes, a lessor woman most certainly would have conceded to whatever was asked of her if only the torture would cease. She is a woman full of potential that will go to waste unless she can figure out how to see it’s there, believe it’s hers to have, and realize it to it’s fullest. I do not believe she should die but I do not fault Travis’ friends and family who do. They are ripe with emotion, understandably, and those with Mormon beliefs do believe murder shall be punished by death (see blood atonement).

          I am not a player for Team Jodi and I am not a resident of Travis Town. I do not condone the actions of either of them and the death of Jodi will not do the murder of Travis a single bit of justice. When the tragedy of this case becomes so piercing that I am left with tears in my eyes and deep pain in my heart, it is for both of them. It is for Tanisha, Hillary, Allie, Samantha, Steven, Greg, and Gary. It is for Jodi’s family. I believe Jodi should be punished for her actions but the death penalty does not apply here. Not when there are individuals who have pleaded guilty to raping and murdering innocent children sitting in a cell for life under the protected custody of guards.

          Other tears I’ve cried throughout this trial have been done out of pure frustration and disgust with the media’s biased and nonsensical coverage of this case. As far as other pains I’ve felt, they’ve been located mostly in my head as it is quite straining to ward off the constant influx of Retard coming from Nasty DisGrace’s flapping gums and. let’s just be real here okay, the nasal twang of her voice is enough to do what my two batshit crazy children haven’t even come so close to making me do, which, is to go all Christopher Dorner on her and the other media whoring sensationalists.

          Now, again, I’m sorry for the book (I’m well on my way towards a saga here) and I hope I didn’t not offend as that was not my intention. Rather, I only hoped to put a different spin on it because I have come to love Jodi and Travis so it hurts to see the name calling and judgements that often disregard the trauma he suffered as a child. He was a good man who struggled with a dark secret beyond his control. His accomplishments were many and not to be dismissed. Jodi is a good woman who has no idea who she is and the person who came the closest to helping her discover herself was also the person who, lacking the ability to cope with his own demons, contributed to the destruction of the woman he was unearthing. Her courage, to be able to tell all those lies and say such brazen things as “no jury will convict me”, the balls it takes to swallow your pride and look said jury in the eye as you own up to every lie you told, to sit there and have your vagina bits bared for all to see and your orgasms (faked or not) put on blast, and to do it all of your own volition when you could easily have said no to testifying on your own behalf?!

          There’s something to be said about a person who can admit their wrongs and answer for them in an environment as absolutely unforgiving, uncomfortable, unfavorable, humiliating, and all around miserable as this is for her. I don’t know about any of you but, for me, I hope to have just an ounce of the courage, moxie, and conviction she has some day. Just an ounce.

          Okay, fuck, I’m on hour 4 now of writing this out. I’M DONE. For realz.

          P.S. I only said the Chris Dorner thing because I feel I am surrounded by sane, reasonable, logical thinkers and there’s no way someone possessing just one of these qualities believed Chris Dorner honestly shot and killed anyone. Or, if they do believe he shot people, they do not condone his delivery but understand and support his message.

          P.P.S. Unless none of you agree with me and are highly offended. In, which, case I was only kidding. I feel the same as you. I was just seeing if you felt that way. Ha ha ha. …..

          • Okay, so probably more romantic than it played out. BUT

            I will say, I already speculated about this in previous posts on this site:

            Either 1) She realized that Travis was not going to make it and was dying, so she did the blood atonement thing on her own to help “save him.” She was taught about Mormon beliefs by Travis so it is possible.

            2) He knew he was dying, and so he asked her. But may not be as likely, he would have lost a lot of blood, and probably was no longer conscious. He did not feel anything when the throat cut came (I’m sort of sure about this, based on the reports).

            That photo of her, with her leg. That is so weird. I think there was a 3rd person there. I swear it looks like she is kneeling over Travis, with like both her hands over him. Like she is supporting his head, trying to help him. His head appears to be resting on her leg (or is that just me seeing what I want to see). It doesn’t seem like should could have been holding the camera or that she could have kicked it.

          • If there was ANYTHING tragically romantic about killing Travis at his bequest for a blood atonement, Jodi would have remembered it and revealed it. There is not one bit of evidence that Travis was noble but lots which tell us that he was just a fraud in every aspect of his life. This girl has been used and abused by lots of men and her self-worth came from below her belt. No one can convince me that she wanted the kind of sex he did. How messed up is it to convert a person to the church, baptise them and then rape them anally while still in their baptism church clothes?

            Maybe that is how it was done to him? Who knows.

            • I am not quite comfortable commenting on the matter of anal rape after the baptism, yet. I’m currently watching her testimony on this so I’ll leave my thoughts once I’m finished. But, I truly think you hit something with your suggestion that he was engaged sexually after his baptism. If, indeed, someone did engage him, this would have created a confusion in him and possibly a feeling of betrayal and disappointment with the church and the person engaging him. It would have sullied the experience for him, leaving him jaded, and would explain how he could violate the covenants made to God through being baptized. Still, he did not violate these covenants without remorse and shame. Travis struggled greatly with this and the battle that waged inside of him was tormenting.

          • Thanks for pointing this out Krystal, I probably would have never come back to this page and had the pleasure of reading your writing!!!

            I do think Travis did love jodi in the way that abusers can have some love for the person who tries to please them in every way. Not a very healthy kind of love though.

          • Krystal-
            Although I can’t agree with everything you wrote, It is very engaging with just the right ammount of humor. Good Job. Keep writing, there is a Crime Novel in you!!

      • Photo of Jodi’s foot w/Travis bloody shoulder on bathroom/hallway floor. Right Taylor, there’s no proof that blood is from the throat slash. Because of the way its streaming in lines I’m inclined to believe its blood dripping from the bullet hole in his head. If it was the internal jugular, his shoulder and floor around it would be covered in a solid pool of blood.

        • Exactly, and where his throat was cut should have been arterial spray and I haven’t seen any in the crime scene photos, that has been bugging me and bugging me, cause it would tell you exactly where his throat was cut.

        • But Neo,
          Remember, the gunshot left no blood, that was/is a big part of the pros. trying to prove the gunshot was last.No blood in head/skull or brain tissue. From the picture, IMHO, it looks like blood coming from probably his neck, and likely other wounds that he had on his neck and head. I have always thought he was dead or very close to it, in that photo. It’s the last one chronologically and she has even seen it and agreed it was last. No one will ever know exactly how the stabbing sequence went, you can only look at forensic photos and speculate, and Jodi can’t say. FWIW, I also think the throat cut happened in the bedroom just inside the door where there is a big accumulation of blood. But, as I said, I, and everyone, are just speculating.

          • It’s not the last photo, there is one more at 5:33:32. <— this photo seems to depict the right shoulder of TA laying on the floor in either the hallway or bathroom. The blood on the shoulder is very thick, likely the neck slash had occurred at this time. It was taken 1 minute and 16 seconds after the JA foot/TA on floor photo.

            The gunshot did leave blood… all over the bathroom sink. I think he was shot as JA described, got up off the floor, leaned over the sink, maybe even looked in the mirror at the wound. I don't think the blood flow in the foot photo is thick enough to be from his slashed throat.

  51. I am going to have to leave computer for a while. I hope everyone makes good comments on what is going on so I can catch up when I get back…. 🙁

  52. Juan seems like he is losing his grip. He is almost at a scream at times. He is coming off as a jerk and bully. She is calm.

  53. There is something big happening behind the scenes. Think about it. They start 45 minutes late. Now they have to go chambers. Not to mention Martinez is acting crazy. There is something brewing and it is for Jodi.

    • I was thinking that too. The judge was different and Martinez was horrible from the beginning. I just hate having to wonder what it is.

      • Your comment reminds me of Downton Abbey: Violet (granny played by Maggie Smith) says:

        “I hate Greek drama; everything happens off stage.”

  54. Question:

    What do folks think. Would Jodi take a plea deal at this time? (Just a hypothetical; I doubt one is on the table).

  55. I find it curious that the Travis support page has Team Travis as their timeline photo which includes the judge…. isnt she suppose to be neutral??

    • I dont think shes been neutral at all. Iv wondered if she was Mormon. I did a search on her this weekend but didnt find much. Just that shes been a judge fir Mike Tyson.

    • Hmmm interesting…She is SUPPOSED to be neutral BUT I get the impression that her palms have been greased. It becomes more obvious (IMO) as the trial progresses.

      • Those banners that they make are so cheesy. There was one last week with Travis saying to Martinez, “Thanks, mate.” I know the admins are Australian but Travis wouldn’t say “mate” to a friend…he was American lol.

  56. Oh did the judge say something to Martinez about his tone????? Lol now he’s being sarcastic! !!

    Anyone want to get me caught up on this. I lost my feed.

  57. So is shorty trying to say she had the knife and gun in her hands, all the while picking up the camera and taking pictures. No wonder why there are so many jury questions. They are probably as confused as we are by this flim flam theory of his.

      • Well they might find proof of the return so yes. JM might have been bluffing. He hadnt even known about a 3rd can until Jodi mention it

        • Oh Brenda I hope this is what this is all about!!!! Aaahh I would love Nurmi!! The jury will see how Martinez is playing dirty, lying and trying to send Jodi to death without proof of premeditated. And at the end of the trial he’ll get disbarred for lying!!

          • ” And at the end of the trial he’ll get disbarred for lying!!”

            I wish! He often lies in cases though and he hasn’t gotten disbarred yet.

      • Yes it is. If Jodi’s side has requested them they have some idea that there is something in those docs that will show:

        1. What the $19.65 was spent on. Possibly because Jodi told them. Remember JM never asked. He was busy doing his math based on gas prices.

        2. They have some indication that there is something in the Walmart records that will show that the can was returned.

        I don’t think they would have asked for them if this wasn’t the case. Once they get them the documents are available to both sides, and if there is nothing there JM can wave tem around and say AHA, told you so. Right now its all speculation and Nurmi can argue that it is just that and no evidence was provided.
        This falls into the class of a lawyer doesn’t ask a question he doesn’t know the answer to. Nurmi cannot be that dumb. Plus he’d have to get past Willmott and all their other associates. Someone would point it out.

        I see this as a good thing and is probably why JM is fighting it.

        Remember if this would help the State JM would have no objection and the judge would pretty much order it. Plus most times lawyers have a pretty clear run at issuing subpoenas unless some party objects.

        So if the info that says Nurmi is asking for them is correct then the objection must come from JM. That is good. On the other hand if the request is from JM and Nurmi’s objecting then not so good.

        • Thank you, Al. That makes perfect sense! !! Martinez is the dumbass. He’s been asking questions that he doesn’t know the answers to, so he’s been breaking that lawyer rule. And he’s the one that wanted to concentrate on the gas cans and Walmart. Now that Nurmi has something, he wants to be a chicken and back down and object.

          Some of us have been sayin that Martinez was bluffing. NOW ALL those people that were saying Martinez HAD to have something because why else would he bring it up and be so sure of himself, I cant wait to say, “HAAAA IN YOUR FACE!” LOL

    • I thought someone yesterday said prostitution side had requested those docs.

      …errr sorry, prosecution side. Not so different though, they’ll all do anything for a trick.

  58. I really think the defense needs to bring some one in to explain that the gunshot could have come first. And they need to debunk the ME’s testimony.

    • A poster above – “tryingtofigurethisout” – mentioned that in the photo Travis appears to be getting up. We don’t know for sure if the blood is from the slashed throat, either. So the idea that the bullet went through the brain and incapacitated him right away is suspect.

      • In my mind it is. The ME based that on his idiotci expanding gases theory in the brain would have caused a concussive effect. However, there were no expanding gases in the brain. The gases from a gun come from the ignition of gunpowder that propel the bullet forward. If the ignited gases entered the brain there would be gunpowder burns and stippling around the gunshot wound and there were none.

      • Also the ME said he was able to get enough brain tissue to block it. What that means, is he was able to have slides made of the tissues and do a microscopic exam of the brain tissue. In the microscopic exam, the gunpowder particles that caused the expanding gases, would be seen in the slides because gunpowder does not decompose.

  59. JM sounds like a ranting lunatic. I think he thinks1) if he rattles her enough she’ll break or 2) and most likely he wants to she isn’t shaking while he yells at her nor in a fog

  60. Jodi should snap back ” sorry sir but your theory is impossible ! I can’t imagine having the time to do all you claim I did in the time you say it happened”

      • She gets him so flustered and heated. She totally has is # and knows how to push his buttons. I think it’s part of the defense strategy sometimes.

        • Actually, this gets me worried. She can be very in control, and when I consider everything, this flies in the face of her being an abuse survivor. She can go toe to toe with a seasoned prosecutor. Not many people could do that, guilty or innocent. I don’t mean to be a debbie downer, but as the case rolls on I find myself trying to be as discerning as possible. Jodie being so combative and assertive tells me something about her; she ain’t no wallflower. This is a tough cookie.

            • Yep, being on trial for your life will do that. In a way ” it’s self defense” at this point. Truly and literally

                • shes been in a county JAIL, much different than prison.. u wanna talk about life or death? the jury needs to believe that she is a victim of abuse, not someone who antagonizes a person with authority.. even if she has to fake it, she needs to not be so smug.. it isnt helping her at all.. and the jury isnt going to like her being so combative. thats why i think keeping her on the stand this long has worked against her.. she definitely hasnt been “likeable,” as weve seen by the juror’s questions basically calling her a liar and a slut.. not a good look for jodi. the snarkiness needs to stop, and thats where i blame the defense… along with many other issues.. nurmi even seems afraid of him! size doesnt matter, its the confidence that jm exudes.. and watching jodi go to bat with him doesnt make her look like the victim she is!

          • I’ve wondered about that as well, JosephHenry. Jodi is feisty! At times that works to her benefit and at other times it does not.

            Nk, you make a good point. I worry that the jury won’t see it that way.

          • Her intelligence could have been a huge trigger for TA’s anger, especially if she used that to insinuate he wasn’t as bright as her. I’m not providing an excuse for him to rage, just saying it could have been a cause of his escalated anger.

            • Help me understand from a man’s perspective why. I’ve heard that before personally. I don’t get why intelligence is a threat to man.

              • I know this is very late – but in case you read this… my opinion is that her intelligence did infuriate him at times but I don’t think it’s a male thing. I believe that many people hate intelligence and beauty. Jodi is smart, pretty and was really trying to be a good person – unlike the pack of mormons she hung out with. The mormon girls hated her for that and the mormon guys hated her b/c they couldn’t have her. And just for a “check,” go to the pro TA FB page and post an intelligent question that might put TA in a bad light – you will get called names and people will say many awful things to you; but that question will NOT be answered due to the lack of intelligence over there. The stupidity and hatred blocks the truth about this case because intelligent people threaten certain their beliefs.

        • I’ll admit I am a (wanna be) wordsmith and choose to vocalize in a manner most deem holier than thou and very grandiose (or simply trying to hard). I will admit I can appreciate how she modulates her tone, uses her words to the best of her ability. I admire that, in her and in anyone.

  61. Whoa, Nelly! First time I have ever seen this angle…and it is exactly correct! Wow!

    From Dr. Drew’s FB:

    Teresa Loffer I can’t believe nobody has brought up her Prepaid legal spiel. Has nobody been peddled this nonsense? The way they try to scare you into buying prepaid legal is by convincing you that ANYTHING you say to the police at any time, no matter how insignificant, could cause you to be charged with heinous crimes. So if she was SELLING this, she would have known all those horror stories

    • I still don’t understand why Jodi spoke to police without legal counsel.

      Has Jodi explained this? Her talk with detectives before her arrest was pretty in depth.

      • bc she thought she could “outsmart” them if u will.. she thought by going to them first, it would take the focus off of her.. believe me, if she could go back in time, she would have done things completely different…

  62. I don’t think she made much of a living with it. She was a waitress.
    They coax into selling to family, friends, church, acquaintance, you name it.

    • I rather deal with plumbers and auto mechanics. At least you can write it off as a bad deal. They don’t try to convert you and brainwash you on top of the ripoff.
      She probably was too honest to make her living that way.

  63. I’ve said this before and I will say it again just because you’re an abuse victim doesn’t mean you’re submissive and let yourself get beat up. This is what often escalates domestic violence situations leading to situations of even worse violence or murder. It’s an innacurate assessment to conclude because she’s “tough” on the stand she’s not an abuse victim. Travis and Jodi led a relationship that was push and pull. Her behavior just confirms it.

    • right FLNANG!!people who correlate these 2 onviously dont realize that she wasnt always submissive to TA,in fact it waas her whotried to break free from tat relationship,she was the one to move from Mesa and the one to fight for her life when threatened on June 4th! So having being abused and still sometimes ´´fighting´´ back doesnt mean that the abuse never took place.Also,as some have poinetd out,she´s on a trial for her life and hell yeah one could compare this proceedure to SD! She’s a tough cookie for Martinez because life and especially those 4,5 looong years made her one.
      I’m sad if there are jurors who wont be seeing this.

    • I agree completely. I was in one abusive relationship and it never happened before that instance and it hasn’t happened again since. I can look back now and see how I was conditioned to accept it. There were moments where I put my fear and confusion aside and stood up for myself, verbally. Abusers and their victims come in all shapes and sizes. There is no rule of thumb stating that unless you are always submissive you have never been abused.

    • The perfect picture of a psychological abuse can be found in their relation and it was going on and on in cycles. Sad.

    • If she had married him and he had successfully isolated her from everyone and anyone, then she would ultimately have become more submissive. But that had not happened … yet. In fact, she had made the bold move of trying to break free from the hold he had on her by moving away. But she was constantly being drawn back in. Most abusive relationships are like this before marriage, and many are like this for the first few years of marriage. Some continue like this. I was completely isolated and married for 10 years, and yet, there were times I talked back to him. Also, I would have talked back to ANYONE else and did. In fact, if someone served me cold or incorrect food in a restaurant, I often made a scene. It was my chance to take control of something in my life. I can’t believe all other abuse victims aren’t seeing this. Not to mention the fact that Jodi has spent almost 5 years in custody in one of Sheriff Joe’s hellholes. Who knows what she has had to go through.

    • Yes, thank you!

      Plus, Jodi herself has made references to the person she was before all this.

      It’s like people don’t see her as a human being that grows and changes like everyone else.

    • THANK YOU for pointing this out. I was a victim yet I am (seemingly) very bold and “can hold my own” as they say. But that “boldness” did not affect my mate – it did make me question myself once I got into therapy, though. I had thoughts like; how could I let this happen? When did it come to this? What is wrong with me and why did I do nothing? OMG the garbage that hindsight puts a light on is disgusting even to victims! In addition – my behavior made people not believe me about the abuse when I reached out for help so eventually you say nothing b/c nobody believes you anyway.

  64. Off topic…Does anyone know if the judge has Parkinson’s disease. I notice when the camera focuses on her, her head seems to tremble. Anyone else notice this

  65. As I understand it, the medical examiner (at some point) indicated that he could still function after the gun shot. He was obviously standing at the sink at some point bleeding so he must have been moving around.

          • I saw his testimony on TV and had a different memory, so I watched the video again. He never said he could still function at all, in fact his exact words were “He would have been incapacitated”. Then JM asked him what would that mean, and the Dr. replied, “He would have went down”. This is one of the things in the case that has worried me all along, and was really hoping the jury wouldn’t ask about this during their question session. It wasn’t asked “in depth” as much as I thought, so that is could. However, JM will use it in his closing for sure.

  66. I’m confused about what time the trial will begin again? She said 1:15 didn’t she? Is it currently 2:15 pacific time?

  67. OMG! I just saw JVM state that as it stands; the way the prosecution sees it vs. the way Jodi sees it (the progression of events prior to TA’s death) JVM thinks Jodi’s makes more sense. First time EVER hearing remotely pro-Jodi pass that woman’s lips. I almost fell over.

    • Only thing JM has proven to me is that there is no way the entire event happened within those 62 seconds. Something is wrong here!

      • Yes he’s trying to confuse everyone…IMO the only one NOT confused is Jodi and to me that is a good thing. This is a sign that she is telling the truth, otherwise she would be as confused as the rest of us.