Jodi Arias Trial – Day 3

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After being subjected to more gibberish from the “King of the Muppets” himself – Taylor Searle on JVM last night – it’s good to get back to reality with day 3 of the trial.

I also started adding recordings of the previous days’ live trial coverage. You can find those in the “Trial Video & Audio” dropdown menu link above.

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  1. Does anyone know if this this the same Taylor Searle who is linked to the group Americans For Responsible Leadership? Saw a news article on them, and they seem more than a little shady.

  2. Good lord – half an hour of testimony, and then they need a 1.5 hour lunch break???? At this rate the trial will be going until the summer…..

  3. Jodi’s Defense

    Travis “lunged at Jodi in anger,” her attorney, Jennifer Willmott, told jurors.

    “Jodi’s life was in danger. He knocked her to the ground in the bathroom where there was a struggle,” Willmott said. “If she did not have to defend herself, she would not be here.”

    • … Then why was there a knife and a gun in such proximity? I have been in that situation before myself (unfortunately) … I dont keep weapons in my house… and I never have knives in my bedroom. I so want to hear where these weapons came from and why they were there. That one question… is all I really need. Im so torn on this trial. I hope the defense can come up with something.

      I have been in an abusive relationship… And the truth is,… she lived hundreds of miles away… if he was that bad… she could have block ed his number, FB, and emails. They did not cohabitate, had no childrend, and owned no property together. The fact that she kept coming back, doesnt make sense.. if it was “abuse”. He was an asshole… yes! But “abusive” ? I dont buy in part, because I have been there… and the abuse was much worse. And I didnt stab someone 29 times before I slit there throat and shot them.

      • Years ago, when I went through an abusive situation I would have gone to his house. Like the defense said, she believed it when travis said he was sorry. I dont know if i would have driven so far in that situation. I doubt it. I think the fact he called her stalker to his friends while seeing her, speaks to emotional abuse.

        OH i think they will argue she was tied up which is why there was knife nearby. Tied up during sex that is.

        • Evidence against her being tied up has already been presented though, at least somewhat. Also, where was the rope? Did she take that with her too? If this really was a crime of passion, she was sure meticulous with what she took/cleaned up.

          • I’m not sure but I thought that was what the tassle questions were about on redirect with flores. The pics they entered in.

    • A little lesson on the law: what the lawyers say IS NOT EVIDENCE! It’s argument. Wait for the evidence that supports the argument, IF it appears. That’s why the DA objected in the D’s opening, and she added the phrase, “the evidence will show…”

  4. What I want to know is how the medical examiner can determine that he was sitting in the shower after he had been moving and drug around?

    • The episode began with Travis sitting in the shower (the photo of that I linked to yesterday is the last of him alive and is time-stamped) and ended with Jodi dragging him back to the shower. That is where his body was found.

      • Not trying to be argumentative, but just because the last photo shows him sitting – how do we know for a fact, that was the last moment he was alive? Because the camera was on? How do we know that?

    • The medical examiner/coroner determined that there were 3 wounds of a fatal nature inflicted on Travis.. the first stab wound into his heart (ironic huh), the throat slash, and the gunshot wound.

      Two reason I can think of for the defense to downplay the gunshot wound’s seriousness

      1) Travis was already dead when Jodi shot him, so clearly there was nothing of a self-defense nature in that act, or..

      2) they are arguing that since Travis was already dead, it wasn’t really fatal.

      Either way, the benefit that immediately comes to mind for reducing the number of fatal wounds Jodi inflicted on Travis is to lessen the impact of the story of her attack on him as much as possible in juror’s minds.

      • The reason it’s such a big deal is because the excessive amount of injury inflicted on his body is the reason that the death penalty is on the table in this case-
        AZ prosecutors have cited unnecessary cruelty by killing a man 3 times, as being the reason they’re seeking death as a consequence. However, the defense is arguing that the gunshot was the 1st injury and TA continued to attack JA thus justifying her in continuing to defend herself by stabbing & slitting TA’s throat.
        Though according to the Medical Examiner & the position of the state, it is highly uinlikely that the gunshot was the 1st injury & in looking at the evidence, it is far more likely that the chest/heart stabbing was the initial injury because it would have not have immediately incapacitated the victim as either the slitting of the throat or the gunshot wounds which would most certainly would have caused him to stop fighting for his life or attacking JA~depending on whichever side you feel is most credible.
        The death penalty will be decided by this jury if they in fact find that JA shot TA in the head after he was already dead, or no longer fighting or attacking her.

  5. The cross-examination of the ME during today’s testimony really shook my faith in the defense’s argument. The questions seemed to be pushing the ME to say that the gunshot wound could have happened first, but that doesn’t fit with the evidence at all, and raises the question of why she had the gun in the bathroom in the first place. Unless they were trying to undermine the credibility of Flores – which seems unnecessary and irrelevant – it just makes it seem like Jodi is telling yet another lie: “I shot him first, then stabbed him when he didn’t stop.” If I were the prosecutor, I’d make a huge deal of this in closing.

    Not a good day at all for the defense, imo.

    • I have to agree. My mouth literally dropped open, but then I remembered Jodi’s videotaped talent for creating story narratives that dovetail with the evidence. This is an entirely different tack to take, to go against the grain of evidence and challenge it. IF it’s not the truth this time, perhaps Jodi is hoping the change in strategy will be believed despite her history of lying.

      • Forgot to mention, you make a good point re: if she shot him first, why did she have a gun in the bathroom.

        Something that’s been bugging me is what Jodi did with the gun and knife. Would you or anyone happen to know?

    • Michael,

      The prosecutor, two years ago, had said that jodi shot first, then stabbed. I heard a criminal defense attorney say that the defense was pointing that out in there favor. The poke hole theory. He said it wasnt good for the prosecution. With the rest, I see what your saying.

      I thought the prosecutor led the medical examiner out of his scope one time. I dont know how much it matters, but the ME often clarified by saying he wasnt sure. Other times, the prosecutor scored some.

      • That’s the only reasoning that makes sense, CJ. But it sure seemed like she was arguing that the gunshot came first. I hope she clarifies that later.

        I’ve heard it said that a lawyer should never ask a question to which they don’t know already know the answer. Perhaps the defense attorney was acting a bit, but she seemed to be caught off guard by the ME’s answers re: the gunshot wound.

        • I have to refer back to a defense commentator again. He said the defense took first degree murder off the table by proving she didnt take the gun to just shoot him or she would have done so.

          They again said the because the prosecutor changed his own theory from the beginning by saying she shot first. weakened his own case. ( Because he changed his story.)

          Today, I guess the witness will be the guy she went to see.

    • Yes they were trying to undermine his cred. flores had said something entirely different than what the medical examiner said. He said they never talked and Flores testified that they had spoken about the autopsy ( if I got that right.)

    • I agree; to me, the gunshot coming last makes a stronger case for self-defense. If Jodi had the gun on her when the ordeal began and shot Travis first, then that shows premeditation – otherwise, why pull out a gun in a bathroom? The knife, however, could have already been in the bedroom for another reason and would be convenient for Jodi to access if she felt that she was threatened. For me:

      Premeditation: Jodi brings her gun into the bathroom and shoots Travis, then stabs him when the wound isn’t initially fatal.

      Self-defense OR crime of passion: Jodi and Travis fight, Jodi grabs for the knife and starts stabbing Travis, is so shaken up at the end that she gets her gun and delivers a final shot to be sure that he’s dead.

      I don’t know why the defense is trying to move away from the second theory if the ME is validating it. It’s their only chance to get a lesser murder conviction (I don’t think she’ll walk).

      • The nature of the gunshot wound, had to been inflicted first, would have prevented Travis from defending himself at all, so it makes no sense in plain common sense terms.

  6. I keep hearing about a supposed photo showing her dragging him down the hallway. Was the photo shown today that is so blurry you can’t make out what it is this supposed photo? IMO no one can say for sure what the photo shows.
    NG is ranting like a lunatic, BOMBSHELL TONIGHT. Now they are debating the temperature of the courtroom and Jodi putting on a jacket, and the size of the jacket she put on like its some sort of evidence. Her blood mixed with his can show she was injured hence the self defense. The talking heads have not learned their lesson with their predictions about high profile cases. NG is obsessed with Jodi’s looks. Bombshell beauty murder! Another one of Travis’ friends is on NG, shouldn’t they stay off of TV if they are going to be witnesses in the trial?

    • I didn’t hear anything about a photo of her dragging his body. I did hear about one that shows her in the act of attacking him.

    • Yes. That was the photo of his arm and head. The defense was trying to say he moved on his own by the questions they asked.

  7. I was wondering the same about the photo, Trixels. If we are speaking of the same one, I could make out what I think is his head, and right shoulder/arm (w/blood running down the shoulder/back area). It looks like his foot off in the distance as well, so he is on his back. I can’t seem to make out what is up front, looks blue in color, so someone wearing clothing. If they had just had sex and he was showering, why would she be dressed already? To me it leads more questions to the theory that someone else was involved.!/tyffsaysWHOA/media/slideshow?

  8. I just finished watching day 2 and something smells rotten in Denmark. It seems that Flores told Ms Arias on the phone that it looked like more than one person was involved due to the nature of how bad the crime scene was. According to the pictures, there were reddish brown(blood) stains in the bathroom on the main floor beside the laundry room. His roommates did not notice this???? There were stains on the washer and dryer as well. No one used the laundry in five days???They have not yet mentioned that the stuff in the washer stunk, but I know from past experience if you leave things in the washer for that length of time, and it has been washed, it will smell bad. Yet even when the house was entered from the garage(laundry room is right off the garage), no one said they noticed a bad smell straight away.. it was not until after they got upstairs and opened the bedroom doors they seemed to notice a bad smell.

    • The first witness testified that they did smell something upon entering the house. She said that they thought the dog had had an accident.

      • That said, does anyone else find it strange that Travis’s roommate was apparently at home, and that he didn’t notice the smell, the stuff in the washing machine, or the fact that Travis wasn’t around at all? Why wasn’t he, or any of the other friends who were present when the body was discovered, called as witnesses? I’m not suggesting any kind of wrong-doing on anyone’s part, but it just seems weird.

      • Thank you Michael L. I just finished listening to day one and yes the young woman did state she noticed a smell when they entered the home. My next question was going to be what happened to the dog but she clarified that as well by stating the dog was there and was acting strangely. She also mentioned that someone having premarital sex in the mormon religion could be excommunicated, so obviously Travis never let anyone know what he was doing.

  9. I just want to point out something if Travis was trying to kill Jodi than Jodi did nothing wrong. Yes, it was a little extreme the way he was killed but Jodi has a right to defend herself. Sometimes, you have no choice. Jodi might not be here defending herself today if she hadn’t picked up that knife. IMO if a man hits a woman the monster deserves whatever he gets. You’re just gonna let someone kill you. Sometimes, it’s kill or be killed. And, to all those saying I could never kill anyone no matter what. You don’t know till you are in that situation yourself.

  10. Poor Jodi. She has all her hair hiding her face and she is hunched over crying. She has a tissue in her hand and is wiping her eyes. This trial is really taking a toll on her.

    • Not nearly the toll she took on TA. She’s alive; he’s butchered. Who are you really, Jon? You said you still have questions about the case, but clearly you’ve made up your mind. If you do still have questions, what are they?

        • It is a support site for Jodi, which begs the question as to why Jason is here trying to run people off. So far I’ve seen him chase one person away. I hope he won’t do the same with you, Jon. I don’t think it really matters who you are, by the way. I think you should be welcome to post as long as you don’t bully people – which you I have yet to see you do.

          • Thank Sam. It’s all over the site. Jason is just like the Casey Haters trying to bully people. I don’t like this guy’s tone. I will not let him chase me off but I won’t fight with him either. It looks like he is gone. If he comes back I will write a nice letter to SJ and he will take care of Jason.

          • I brought up both him and another who seem convinced of her guilt. Perhaps, websleuths is better site to discuss the thousands of ways the state is making Jodi LOOK guilty.

    • During the ME testimony on day 3–long after the above comments were made, of course–I see JA doing a lot of crying, and feeling pain about the proceedings. (I know there have been a flurry of comments judging the way she dresses, when she does and doesn’t wear glasses, when she smiles, and certainly when she cries) However, I think the following is very telling.

      During the course of the trial, there are numerous times when TA’s sisters are crying, and it gets so bad they have to leave the courtroom. The aspect of this that is significant to me is that after leaving the room, the sisters do not peak back in the door every time the ME is discussing a new slide.

      Contrast that with JA. Although JA can’t leave the courtroom, she is crying, in pain, and looking away during much of the ME’s testimony.

      Guess what though, and this seems significant to me, she cannot help but look at each and every autopsy slide as it is introduced on the projector. That strikes me as very significant. (I hope someone doesn’t say her counsel told her she HAD to look at each slide just in case she has a comment about it)

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