Jodi Arias Trial – Day 29

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Overall, yesterday was yet another good day for Jodi. All the questions were predictable (and no doubt there are more to come today), but Jodi came across well and answered them all promptly, even though they were in no particular order. Reasonable doubt is certainly abundant, and pre-meditation is not even an issue.

For many people, it’s just way too easy to analyze a particular situation countless times, then say “Well, I would have done this”… or “I would have done that”… or “I would have gone this way instead”. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing – but when you’re in a literal life or death situation, all logical thinking goes out of the window. You do not have time to formulate a plan… you just do what you have to do in order to survive… and that’s exactly what Jodi did on June 4th 2008.

If you missed my earlier post where the questions from yesterday are listed, click here to read it.

UPDATE: There will be no trial next Monday or Tuesday… the trial will therefore resume again next Wednesday – March 13th… in effect making it a 2-day week.


Never doubt it.

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  1. Caption: Dammit, I told Esteban that I wanted a CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE from the lunch cart. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

  2. I did not see the cream pie moment. Why is it Martinez holding as witness a cream pie? How did he use it and why? Which trial day is it from this cream pie action?

  3. Isn’t this really what Saint TA was talking about when he said creme pie and you just have memory issues? Which is it that I’m talking about?

  4. OK going to try again. I believe Jodi has been telling the absolute truth to the very best of her ability. I think she tells the truth even when her lawyer wants her to answer differently. When a different answer would probably help her defense out better, but she seems committed to telling HER truth. But it does bother me that she seemed so honest on her interviews as well. She showed emotion at all the proper times and all the little details she loves to give were all there. Just hard to discern her lying then even though we know she was lying.

    Also, with TA shown to be a cocky, creepy, egotistical little man, it seems against type for him to buy a .25 caliber semi-auto for his first and only gun. Little guy like him would have to purchase a 9mm or bigger I would imagine, just for him to feel MACHO. Perhaps that’s not the correct thing to say, but a man that strutted around like he did and his need for attention leads me to believe he wouldn’t be happy or comfortable with a small caliber gun. Also, there was no ammo of any kind found in his house or car. Does anyone else wonder about that, or is it just me?

    Just wondering…

    • Maybe his gun toting friend who took him to the shooting range gave him a gun…the gun he didn’t want because it wasn’t big enough for him. All along, I have thought of course Travis had a gun. I saw the video of his “outings” to the shooting range with his friend. If he enjoyed the range so much, doesn’t it make sense that he would want one of his very own. There has been speculation that Travis had some criminal background (per posts yesterday and I must say this has not been confirmed), and if he did he may not have been able to get a gun license on his own.

      Can anyone confirm that Travis had a criminal background?

      • WHY is surprising Lil Marti, et. al., that TA had a gun? he went to the range, etc. friends, family do NOT always kno everything ppl have at home. it idiotic to me.

        • Frank,

          After his story about someone holding a gun to his head, it really does seem plausible that he borrowed a loaded gun for protection only.

          I’m just wondering about the who held the gun to his head and what his involvement was. (I could have missed a comment on here though explaining that story).

    • Travis’s real mother had a small caliber gun that she shot his real fathers car windows out of, I think, after she died, he got that gun as keepsake. That is what I believe and the gun probably with one lone old bullet still in it was there. This is all facts. Now the police were called perhaps if we can get thaty police report we can get the gun model. Ypu can google this, I have yet to sleep. But, if you cant find it I will and post a link!!

      • Wow Patty! Where did you find this information? I have not heard this previously. If this is true then Jodi’s attorneys need to be all over it!!! It would be another big point agaist Pre meditation.

        • This info is on Travis’s myspace under one of his blog enteries, his book or 48 hrs. I will post it or you can look it up but, it is about his childhood. It talks about his mom and dad fighting, domestic abuse and child abuse and no food but cockroaches. Also and plainly about his mother using a gun and shooting out his dads windows in his car, I immediately thought, that is the gun!!!!!

          • Great sleuthing Patty:) Hopefully her lawyers are investigating this. Does anyone on this website have contact with Jodi’s lawyers? I have a degree with a minor in criminology. I have a keen interest in looking at ALL the information out there, and am fascinated with all the things that folks on this site have found that could be helpful to the defense. It’s almost as if Jodi has her own team of detectives! Hopefully someone can and does share this info with Jodi’s legal team. Even if the lead turns out to be nothing, it is leaving no stone unturned.

    • Well I can say Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Mon 5 days till anyone went into that ROOM? ya right I don’t believe that at all. A lot of things can just disappear who would do that? anyone that wants to protect their image their church their friends that could be implicated in the crime except for Jodi they all hated her as far as I can see an hear they prove that daily on the news shows out there.

      • They do seem like a very “smug” and condescending group, and also quite unwilling to accept that he wasn’t a saint.

      • Aly,

        I know people will disagree but I believe that any evidence that could prove Travis had put himself in bad situation was obscured. I don’t believe the cops or the family would note extra ammo, pedo pics or anything inflammatory on the computer. I have little faith in the state being honest when trying to prove a case. I find it unbelievable that there was not one shred of porn on his computer given all the porn terms he used. I believe that evidence was tampered with or removed.

      • Yes, it starts today around 10.30 am MT, then resumes again next Wednesday.
        Team Jodi

        *** TRIAL UPDATE: Due to the “personal commitments” of a few jurors, there will be no trial next Monday or Tuesday… the trial will therefore resume again next Wednesday – March 13th… in effect making it a 2-day week.

  5. I think asking her to express “rational thought” at a time like that is a bit much…lol
    thats why its called “snapping”…….who’s going to be “totaly rational” at a time like that?

    • Ok i want to make it clear that im am not (on travis side) and i like anyone else was not there that day.
      But why doesnt there seem to be evidence of him being violent. I am currently in a what you would call abusive relationship. But people have seen his anger quite a few times. Does anyone know if anyone has seen him be violent

      • I was with my abusive ex for 13 years, married for 10 of them. No one but me (and one neighbor because he hated him) EVER saw his anger. In fact, if you asked anyone who knows my ex, they would say he seems like such a wonderful nice guy, not the angry type.

        This is extremely common. Lundy Bancroft, who is an expert on the subject, writes about this in his book “Why Does He Do That?” Generally, abusers have a privilege. They don’t need to get angry at anyone else. They take all of that out at home on their victim.

        • yes AA ,thank you!my father was physically and verbally abusive towards my mother during the 12 years they were married and NOBODY knew,he was a great guy and a respectable citizen to eveyone else except his family of course.And since my mum was ashamed to share all the violent incidents,they were discovered after she filed for a divorce and the matter was brought to justice.So ,when people say ”how could there be noobody who had witnessed his violent behaviour?” it doesnt make sense to me because abusers are smart people,they wouldnt parade their sick behaviour for the world to see!

          • Right after one of my husband’s “nights” of hell, one of his clients told me God had sent me a good one and better take care of him! A sermon I heard once was about how we treat our spouses worse than anyone else. He would never talk to another woman or one of his clients like me. I guess they get comfortable and then BAM!

            • Wow, I feel you on that one. My ex-husband’s customers (women) used to tell me how incredibly lucky I was to be married to such an amazing guy. I wanted to offer to trade places with them, but of course, I was never allowed to say anything bad about him, and I was ashamed.

      • jennifer ,there’s no way anyone could have seen him being violent towards Jodi,sice the relationship itself was kept a secret even when it was not abusive.TA was ”ashamed” of being with Jodi and everything(from the good sex moments to the violent ones)was kept behind closed doors.That’s why his friends thought it was over whrn it was still going on(the relationship I mean).How could they possibly know about the violent incidents????

      • Hi Jennifer-
        I have posted on this topic on two occassions and I think it may help you understand the abuse that was being perpetrated on Jodi. I think my last post on the topic was yesterday (Day 28 morning session).. Travis in his own words on the taped phone call revealed himself as a violent person. Hope this helps answer your question.

        • Does anyone know if a toxicology report was done? I think hair holds the drug longer?Correct me if I am wrong. A high man can turn into a very different man.

          • Toxicology was done, but it only checked for drugs of abuse, like opiates-cocaine, benzodiapenes, methamphetamines, pot and alcohol. All these on TA were negative. Normal testing is done on blood, urine or other body fluids. Routine in autopsy. Hair or testing for other substances, such as elevated testosterone and steroids are not done unless there is a reason to believe they would be found.

            • Thanks for answering! It should be mandatory to test for all that you listed. Any one of those can cause a man to be crazier than normal thus resulting in his abusive behavior. Who knows but Travis did seem to be bulking up quite a bit!!!


        I think this explains Travis’ behavior. I have seen the exact same behavior as his a few times. Something ridiculously stupid sets them off. Doesn’t make any sense. And it’s so hard to explain because of the lack of rationality, I think that contributes to some not talking about it.

        By the same token, and I’m not directing this to you;, but why are there no incidents of Jodi’s pathological lying. That usually doesn’t just come out of the blue. I mean, where is there a credible person talking about even a small lie from her prior to the incident, or before Travis altogether. Maybe I missed something.

        • Excellent points Maggie. I don’t claim to be an expert on this, so feel free to take my comments with a grain of salt. I’m sure that Jodi lied previous to this incident, after all every human on the face of the earth has told a lie.

          I just don’t see that Jodi is a “pathological” liar. First of all, her stories following Travis’ killing were not terribly believable and she switched her stories/lies pretty quickly when the pressure was put on her by the detective. I think most people who’s lying behavior has become “pathalogical” are far more able and likely to stick to the story and then eventually come to believe the story/lie is truth. Secondly Jodi’s huge lies appear to have been started after Travis was killed in an attempt to keep herself from being a suspect and saving herself from what she knew was about to come. I don’t think lying to cover up would fall into the classification as being a pathology.

          If anyone has expertise in this area please let me know if I am at all on target? thanks

        • In the Anthony case, many people talked of how Casey lied for years including her extended family. We have heard nothing about this from former friends and family so I can’t conclude that she lied pathologically most of her life.

      • Hello
        My mother’s brother had a sadistic personalty and I was abused by him. A hamdsome man nice and forthcoming to other people, a successful dentist very much respected and liked by the people he choosed to be liked by. You would never think he would intentionally harm anybody. Well as child he abused me in such a manner that even today I am sure I would freak out in fear if I’d see him. A lot of people around me never understood, since people assume I fear noone and nothing, that I’d be so afraid of this charming and nice man. Only two of my closest . and my attorny looked through him after they’d met him. His secret he has never left me with any visable proof of abuse and when things would become dangerous for him he just slipped into the victom role. Just to show how abusers can be very much liked and respected by a lot of people. Once I became to understand that he too had been at one time a real victom I understood he was only repeating what had been done to him I could get somewhat to terms with the situation saying I do not wish ill nor good upon him and I would not want to see him I still can not trust him and I am not wasting any energy on that eather he has had so much impact on my later life without beeing present that I have decided not to let him let me loose anymore sleep. Yes later on in life I had the honour of meeting many more charming creeps and that has not served me any good. Now since a few years he had practictly none influence on my life anymore and ever since the people in my life I meet seeme to be different nicer more honest truer etc
        I am just trying to point out there is not always seen evidence to abuse bc they are very ‘smart’ within their role of abuser if they have to they will make it look like the victom was the abuser.

  6. “I don’t understand, If Travis was so angry and violent, why did he want to give you a delicious delicacy such as this? He wouldn’t do that, Right?”

  7. I’m going to be honest, I feel a bit bummed by the questions the jurors asked. As many people in the main public as there apparently are who like to call someone guilty without even hearing everything I know there are going to be some 2 brain cell people on the jury and I just hope they are not agressive type of people.

    I pray that there are people with empathy and who have the ability to look at the whole picture and know that although the death of Travis was horrific in the images that those do not tell the whole story, and those do not show premeditation.

    They absolutely did not prove premeditaton, but if there are people on the juror who are convinced she is lying still to save herself form the death penalty I would hope they don’t sway others to ignorance.

    I think Jodi has so many PPL people coming out against her because they have an image to protect and they just quite frankly were jealous of her intelligence and gentle aura. I have known people who misinterpret a gentle, bright aura as something sexual when in acuality it is the love for all other that Jodi talks about. Not to mention they seem hung up on the witchcraft/wicca study (I can’t remember which it was) so they are making presumptions based on that also.

    • Exactly, BeeCee. No doubt, she has a “presence”, even now with no makeup and in her frumpy clothes. Those comments about her empty eyes annoy me. They are very dark and I wonder what her ethnicity is. I’m sure it’s here somewhere. Also, I haven’t seen any photos of her dressed like a skank! A woman that beautiful can wear the exact same outfit as that pent up whatshername on Dr. Drew – the one with her hand on her husband’s crotch last night.- and look like a sex goddess or at least alluring. Jealousy is so ugyly, isn’t it? Oh, I think PPL is more like Amway, haha, even worse, than Herbalife! The lawyers are third rate and desperate for clients, for whatever reason, for one thing, in my somewhat direct experience. I do notice a strange lack of information coming forth on PPL – either good or bad. And no offense, but an “executive” with something like PPL is not anywhere near the same as an “executive” with say, Merrell Lynch or any legitimate corporation.

      She probably eventually would have wanted Travis to leave those blood sucking multi-level marketers!
      I hope I don’t step on anyone’s toes, and certainly they are not all this way, but again in my experience, they are pathologically addicted to money and will do almost anything to get it.

    • How interesting that you mention the witchcraft study, because I have been thinking that this situation is very reminisent of the Salem Witch Trials, where women were murdered by angry mobs with no evidence to support their claims. HLN has done nothing but insight this type of insane behavior of the masses and provide a podium for Travis’ friends to spew their ridiculous claims.

    • Beautiful post, BeeCee. I agree, jealousy is a HUGE problem for the people talking shit about Jodi on television; and my initial impression of PPL was a company like Herbalife. Thanks to people like Abe attacking Jodi at every turn, I now have an entirely negative viewpoint of them. If these are the kinds of people running this company, I don’t think I would ever do business with them.

  8. The question about her mom, I thought she answered it well. Jean on In Sessions, was making a deal about it, Jodi was being honest, maybe she should have just said, I love her. The skank comment bothered me, then I thought, maybe an older juror really has no idea about that word and wanted to know what it meant. I hope the jurors take into consideration that some people just can’t stop talking. Yes or no and that is it, not how they answer things. My husband is just like Jodi, talking and talking, it is almost impossible to answer yes or no. Just how some people are, while others hardly say two words all day.

    • Leah, I hated that question too. Its still bothering me!!! Unless it was someone that didn’t know what skank meant, idk why they would let that Q in?! It was so disrespectful and insulting. if the juror asked to insinuate she’s a skank, we have a very immature juror in there. Jodi was far from a skank, she has only bee with, what 5people?! She was not that trashy promiscuous girl that they’ve been making her out to be. Then I wonder, how would the jury know this, are they watching tv, the media? ??

      • LC, I think someone may have asked this question because they, themselves, might not know what it actually means. I could understand if the question might have been asked by an older juror who may not be familiar with it.

      • still the Q was not ”what does the word skank mean?” the questions was ”What is your understanding of the word skank?”. To my non native ears this sounds like ”ok I know what it means and maybe im ok with u being called that,but since you were the one who was offended let us hear from you why u found it offensive”.I dont know,it’s just my opinion.

      • you know what? It had never crossed my mind that this question could have been asked just to be evil, but then there again English is obviously not my native tongue either. I could have figured out though it was not a very nice thing to say.I would have looked it up maybe.
        No one asked what creampie is yet?

  9. Hello all – first time commenter here 🙂

    I’d like to say that I very much appreciate the site and that I am very, very happy to see that a space of sanity connected to Jodi.

    When TA mentions *cream pie* in the recorded call he says it in the context of “legitimate porn”. I’m not sure if *cream pie* was ever defined or explained (either during the call or through direct testimony) but in the pornography industry cream pie refers to ejaculating into the vagina or anus WITHOUT a condom. It is considered risky (for the recipient, of course) because of the threat of pregnancy/STDs and is therefore more highly valued and sought after by the consumer. For many seasoned porn users, only “unprotected sex” is considered “legitimate” despite the risk.

    That said, the photoshop of Martinez (while well-executed) is inappropriate I think considering that TA was very likely grooming JA to be his next cash machine via porn.

      • TBH, I have not ever gotten around to reading the book. It’s the Sea itself that my handle refers to. 🙂

        • Yes, Maria! Jean Rhys was a brilliant writer. “Good Morning, Midnight” was also heart-breaking. She really understood what it means to be too sensitive and too aware in an uncaring world, didn’t she? Her heroines are highly intelligent but fragile–much like herself.

          • I’ll never forget the mother’s line ”now we are marooned,now what will become of us?” Oh and thanks for the recommendation,I havent read ”Good Morning,Midnight” !

  10. New here. Never blogged before. Been lurking on this site, since the day Lisa A. testified. Felt and still feel at home here, even if I was just a ‘spectator’. There are many more like me, I am sure of it – reading and quietly absorbing while reliving all that have happened in our lives, especially at times when JA says a random line here and there, or even a gesture or look that fleetingly passes over her face. Something about this case leaves a lump in my throat … For many of us who have gone through or even going through some or more of these treatment from significant others, kind of instinctively get all the subtle nuances and words she fails to say. Anyway, Hi Everybody 🙂 !! This song by Alicia Keys just grabbed my heart – I hope when you have a moment you will listen prior to the trial today. My thoughts are that she may have been at this point in her life, or even where she’s at now – You know, just finding her voice and identity, and trying to separate from him as gently as she could (So she says, don’t be mad…). But, as most of us know the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is when the abused tries to find their voice, assert some sort of independence and/or try to leave! Who is to say, that TA did not instinctively know this on some level, and escalate his aggression and anger towards her? Perhaps, the dropped camera was just a trigger or a ‘convenient excuse’ that burst open that dam of suppressed anger he must have had built up inside him towards her, because she had the ‘gall’ to try to become a ‘Brand New Me’? In contrast, with the BMW being damaged and his tepid response at the time, I feel it was because he knew at that time that she was not going anywhere and there was no perceived ‘threat’ of her abandoning him to start a new life, etc. Sorry for being long-winded, just my 2 cents…! – BRAND NEW ME (Alicia Keys) Official Video w/Lyrics – BRAND NEW ME (Alicia Keys) Live
    It’s been a while, I’m not who I was before
    You look surprised, your words don’t burn me anymore
    Been meaning to tell you, but I guess it’s clear to see
    Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of me
    Can’t be bad, I found a brand new kind of free

    Careful with your ego, he’s the one that we should blame
    Had to grab my heart back
    God know something had to change
    I thought that you’d be happy
    I found the one thing I need, why you mad
    It’s just the brand new kind of me

    It took a long long time to get here
    It took a brave, brave girl to try
    It took one too many excuses, one too many lies
    Don’t be surprised, don’t be surprised

    If I talk a little louder
    If I speak up when you’re wrong
    If I walk a little taller
    I’ve been on to you too long
    If you noticed that I’m different
    Don’t take it personally
    Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of me
    And it ain’t bad, I found a brand new kind of free

    Oh, it took a long long road to get here
    It took a brave brave girl to try
    I’ve taken one too many excuses, one too many lies
    Don’t be surprised, oh see you look surprised

    Hey, if you were a friend, you want to get know me again
    If you were worth a while
    You’d be happy to see me smile
    I’m not expecting sorry
    I’m too busy finding myself
    I got this
    I found me, I found me, yeah
    I don’t need your opinion
    I’m not waiting for your ok
    I’ll never be perfect, but at least now i’m brave
    Now, my heart is open
    And I can finally breathe
    Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of free
    That ain’t bad, I found a brand new kind of me
    Don’t be mad, it’s a brand new time for me, yeah

    • Yes Lynette perfect song!! It makes me wonder, Jodi could’ve easy said she was moving on, that she was having that conversation with TA in the shower n when she finally mentioned she was on her way to visit a new interest (Ryan Burns) TA snapped n lashed out at her. She didnt, she said she drooped the camera and thats what stated it all. So, that’s why I know Jodi is telling the truth. She could’ve made up a better reason as to why TA came after her and she didn’t. The song just reminded me of that.

      • Yes, LC. Same feelings evoked for me re. JA and TA at the shower. Perhaps she may have gently try to broach the topic and HE snapped (not HER)!!

  11. I don’t think these questions look good for Jodi. Does the site admin know what her lawyers thought about the questions? She needs to talk a little less and show more emotion!

    • I have to agree… she is visibly nervous, is talking too fast, and I am concerned the jury might consider that as being deceptive. She is also making slips in her answers, due to nerves, such as accidentally saying she broke her finger JUNE 22, and saying he had never been violent before, and she wasn’t scared.

      I am also nervous that the jury is adding questions as she is answering them. It seems it could go on forever. Plus, it seems they are asking things previously objected to and sustained, which IMO is not fair that the judge then allowed those questions. If they were originally sustained as being irrelevant, or hearsay, for example, then they shouldn’t be allowed in at this phase.

    • According to the comments on that page, doing the chicken dance exonerates you from being accused of any wrong doings in your life, ever. Good to know.

      • Dog,

        Don’t read the commentary, it’s not the point. Note my comments in the post. Just see them as people. As Travis and Jodi. Not pawns in someone’s grand scheme, not murder victim and accused murderer, not as victims. Just as I saw them, normal people. Friends.

        • I watched the video, I didn’t know which one was Travis or if Jodi was in the video, I thought it was the couple off to the right (long blonde hair) so I read the comments to see if anyone pointed them out.

            • I have to agree about Jodi’s finger… It does look oddly bent.. But we don’t know when this video is from sooooo it will just be and observation. That video is quite sad 🙁

          • Travis was in the red shirt/blue hat/flipflops/blue shorts and Jodi was the blond who ran past, you catch a glimpse of her again in the end taking video as well 1 min 30 seconds into the video. Sorry, I know them on site, I forget others do not, even with all the media coverage.

        • The way I see it is they both had a lot of virtues, and both of them had their share of flaws. Unfortunately, they were not a good fit and it ended tragically for both.

    • They were trying to act normal. I still wonder what did she see on him? He seemed to be an attention seeker between other things. It is still horrible that he had to end like that and I do feel sorry for him and for Jodi.

      More sad is the fact that so many bystanders are cashing on this drama.

    • Look at this comment from the video…wonder which roommate this is?

      Thank you for this little trip back in time. This is Travis, who is the nice guy you meet who loves to have fun no matter how silly he may look. Even though our time living together was cut short by that psycho, I was glad to be his roommate for that short period of time. It was easy to get caught chit chatting without regard for time, but Travis was just easy to get along with. I probably only knew him for about a year at that point, but you could see how he was easily popular and loved.

      I’m dying to ask what took this person so long to smell decomposition, but I’ll get jumped on by the other commenters.

      • Ask, Kira. The families of both deserve the complete truth, and many don’t believe it has been told. Not saying that Jodi has lied or not now, but it’s entirely plausible that she’s left things out, unintentionally or even intentionally.

        Also, ever hear of “confabulaton”? It’s an interesting concept.

        So very sorry for your loss and for Bella’s. It was a beautiful video and I’d love to see Dr. Drew analyze that. She wanted to make SURE she got Travis on video. She wasn’t dancing or trying to be the center of attention or anything else negative that I could see.

        • “Also, ever hear of “confabulaton”? It’s an interesting concept.”

          Yes, it is interesting. I’ve thought about it in relation to Jodi. She may have been doing this her whole life. The amnesia may be a confabulation.

    • I am sorry for your loss Bella. Even though I believe after hearing much evidence that Jodi did act in self defense, I do have empathy for Travis. I have been a Social worker for 30 years and can’t help but look critically at all sides of this. I wish that someone in Travis’ life would have looked past his “public” persona and encouraged him to get some help to deal with his own childhood history of abuse and neglect. I can’t help but believe that Travis writing about his childhood, was a cry for help. It appears that his was disguising his pain by portraying himself as someone who had “over come” adversity. This was his public persona that made him a star at PPL and the church.

      If he and Jodi had both gotten help to deal with thier pasts, things may have turned out so differently.

      • I agree, like many others I feel and think “If only” so many times. There were a few people in that ward and time in my life that I felt a good/close connection to. There were a few of us that were especially close that have maintained relationships. I had conversations with Travis of a close personal nature. I wish he had felt secure and comfortable enough to be open in his struggle within himself with me. If only is a lament I have often.

        • I wish he had too. Unfortunately, as in Travis’ case, so many people with histories of abuse and neglect don’t tell even thier closest friends or family about the demons they are fighting. As in Jodi’s case, victims of Domestic Violence also keep it hidden from even those they are closest too. With that being said, I’m sure there wasn’t anything you could have done.

  12. I am a little confused by the whole AZ process. I know that she has admitted to killing him but what is the point to this trial? Are they deciding whether or not she goes to jail? Out are they deciding guilt or innocence? I am sorry if this question doesn’t make sense.

    • They are trying to determine if it was premeditated, self defense, etc.

      It will determine how much time, if any, she serves, or if she will get the death penalty.

          • According to Wikipedia: Premeditated murder is the crime of wrongfully causing the death of another human being (also known as murder) after rationally considering the timing or method of doing so, in order to either increase the likelihood of success, or to evade detection or apprehension.[1] State laws in the United States vary as to definitions of “premeditation.” In some states, premeditation may be construed as taking place mere seconds before the murder. Premeditated murder is usually defined as one of the most serious forms of homicide, and is punished more severely than manslaughter or other types of murder – often with the death penalty or a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

            • This definition I know. I was just wondering where AZ falls in regards to this. Could the time in the closet be enough for premeditation? I hope not.

              • Good question. I was trying to find that last week, actually. The pertinent AZ statute doesn’t really define that:


                However, I found some sites of AZ criminal defense lawyers that seem to define the local understanding, for example:

                “An act is not done with premeditation if it is the instant effect of a sudden quarrel or heat of passion. [The time needed for reflection is not necessarily prolonged, and the space of time between the intent or knowledge to kill and the act of killing may be very short.]”

                Courts in AZ seem to have defined premeditated murder as “thinking about it” for ANY length of time without the requirement for it even to be 5 minutes and that proof of how long one thought about it before committing the act is not required. They’ve also pretty clearly stated that it can be as instantaneous as successive thoughts. Also, it cannot occur as the result of a sudden heated quarrel or act of passion, even if there’s sufficient time to have thought about it.

                I found a couple of interesting appellate court opinions on the subject:



                • All I can say is I’m glad I went to law school in NY. LOL. I consider heat of passion right then and there. I think they may be able to squeeze out premeditation with the closet and that worries me.

                • I do not understand how some states define premeditation as a thought formed in a second because this crosses over into heat of passion crimes. Can you explain the logic in defining premeditation that way?

                • It’s too hard to prove premeditation, and the fact is the prosecution is not arguing “split second” at all. They are saying she fully planned on going from Yreka to Arizona to confront Travis because he was seeing other women.

                  People keep forgetting this. The prosecution has not proven premeditation at all, let alone motive.

                • Good point, RR. I wonder if JM will try that one. He could even attempt to potentially argue in rebuttal that she DID have time to reflect while in the closet, especially because there’s been the suggestion that Travis may not have been hot on her heels. I think it might be a tough sell, though. How about you?

                • Tonysam, while I agree that the state hasn’t proven their case yet, I do think that JM was going in the direction of split second premeditation at the end of his cross. I think a few people even remarked on that here, if I remember correctly. And a trial is an evolving thing. It’s not static. As more evidence is presented, he can slightly alter his ultimate path to premeditation. At least, as I understand rules of evidence. I don’t know if RR could potentially expound upon that further if he/she has more recent trial experience than I do.

    • There are levels/degrees of Penalty. Admittedly she killed him. The trial process is about determining if it was premeditated which equals the Death Penalty. If not then was it Murder 1 or Manslaughter. Both carry heavy penalties but Murder 1 IS LIFE IN PRISION WITH OUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE, Manslaughter is I believe up to 20 years with the possibility of parole. I may be incorrect; others on here are more legal eagles than I.

      • I think Murder 1 = Premeditated, with or without DP. If they don’t find premeditation, they can’t find murder 1. Premeditation is required for Murder 1.

          • Right, it can. I have a comment awaiting moderation which includes some links to AZ appellate court decisions that discuss the importance of whether it’s the result of a sudden heated quarrel though (which is then NOT premeditation). And this is why Travis’s past violence towards Jodi, and the sudden anger over her dropping the camea are such vital pieces to this trial, as hammered home by the defense. If the jury believes Jodi that he was previously suddenly angry and violent towards her and the jury believes that this argument (on the date of his death) was triggered by her dropping the camera, then, according to previous appellate court opinions, the jury can NOT find Jodi’s actions to be premeditated murder. Conversely, if the jury believes the prosecution that Jodi went there with the intention to kill him, or that there was no sudden quarrel between them over her dropping the camera, and she thought about killing him for some other reason, then, the jury MUST find this to be premeditated murder. Essentially, it all hangs on a dime.

            • It doesn’t matter–that’s not what the prosecution is arguing. They are arguing CLASSIC PREMEDITATION–NOT “heat of passion” which isn’t going to get death anyway–which means Jodi carefully planned this murder WEEKS ahead of time from the time her grandfather’s was stolen from Yreka.

              I WISH people would QUIT muddying the waters. The prosecution has NOT changed the narrative, and it has completely failed in proving she plotted to kill Travis in a rage over his trip to Cancun with another woman.

              • The prosecution is charging Murder 1 with DP specification. They have asserted to the court that their reasons are 2 fold. One being they are trying to prove pre-med, and the other is cruelty. (the stabbing and amount of wounds) The jury will, obviously, have to decide if they believe it was premeditated or not, self defense or not, and their findings will be Murder 1 with or w/out DP., or Murder 2 or flat out acquittal. I am not sure if the judge will instruct them on lesser included charges such as Manslaughter or not.

              • I agree, the prosecution has never changed their theory regarding premeditation. They have never used the theory of the gun being a deciding factor during a fight, or the heat of passion type scenario. They are hinging their theory on several things that they hope the jury will agree with: coincidence of gun being stolen from grandparents 1 week before murder, getting gas cans and filling up in CA not in Utah as she previously stated, not telling anyone she was going to AZ, not having her cell phone on during her time in AZ, renting a car 90 miles from home instead of her town, dying her hair brown when it was blond when Ryan met her in April at PPL meeting. And mostly, implying that Jodi is a jealous ex lover/gf who was furious about TA moving on with another woman and chose to take another woman to Cancun the following week.
                This is what the prosecution is hinging its premeditation theory on. Looking at them laid out like looks a little sketchy. Enough to prove pre-med? That will be up to the jury, obviously to decide. I have felt fairly confident during this trial that the jury would never believe pre-med. However, after hearing all 250 questions, and the ‘tone” implied, even the wording, (accusatory) I have my doubts now. I do not have a good feeling about the outcome. Just my opinion of course….Murder 2, maybe….Murder 1..likely. DP? I just cant say…

              • As I said above, I think the prosecution DID begin to alter its narrative (as you put it) during the final day of cross. There’s really nothing (that I know of, anyway) to prevent them from providing the jury with two different scenarios for premeditation (1) that she stole her grandparents’ gun with the intent of murdering Travis (which is a hard sell since she had ample opportunity to murder him during the hours she was there) and/or (2) possibly that she had considered murdering him BEFORE she went there, but was giving him a chance to change his mind and take HER to Cancun instead. When he still refused after all the sex and photos, etc., she then decided to kill him.

            • I meant from the time she stole her grandfather’s gun. She went to Arizona specifically to confront Travis, and when she failed to convince him to take her instead, killed him in a jealous rage.

              Now I don’t know WHY you are changing the narrative. Have you followed this case from the beginning?

              • Assuming you’re speaking to me, to answer your question, yes, I have followed this case from almost the beginning of the trial, and have gone back and watched most of the testimony I missed in the beginning.

                I’m not changing the narrative (as you call it), however, in an evolving trial with evidence being presented through testimony, there is nothing (that I know of) to prevent the prosecution from altering it to provide further or additional or even alternate evidence of premeditation.

              • Again, if you’re addressing me with this comment, first of all, I have never pretended to be a lawyer. I have indicated that I went to law school many many years ago, and that I worked for trial law firms for many years that were mostly civil law (torts) but one firm I worked for did also practice criminal defense, including murder trials.

                As for advice, I haven’t given anyone any advice, and why would I? RR asked a question about Arizona’s legal view of premeditation and I simply answered based on my own research into the subject. RR indicated that he/she went to law school in previous posts, and therefore, I provided links to a couple of appellate opinions which I thought he/she might find interesting in understanding Arizona’s interpretation and applicability of its statute regarding premeditation.

                I really don’t understand why you would even classify that as “giving advice” and/or pretending to be a lawyer when I’m not. You have completely lost me. It seems that you are unhappy with my answer because it doesn’t fit your understanding of how a trial works, or at least, that’s the only interpretation of your anger that I can assume.

            • The burden of proof is NOT on the defense. My goodness, why are even bringing this nonsense up?

              I am sorry for the multiple posts, but your post really pisses me off because “split second” has never been brought up by the prosecution, and the defense doesn’t have to prove one damned thing.

              The appellate decisions don’t mean one thing here. The jury instructions will matter when the closing arguments finish.

              I don’t like it when people claim some legal expertise when don’t have it.

                • As I understand it RR (and once again, in case I get yelled at, I am NOT a practicing lawyer or a person with recent criminal legal expertise), in order for the jury to determine that the death penalty is the appropriate punishment, the state has the burden of proof of proving premeditation, yes. But this is a trial, and as such, it evolves as evidence is presented through testimony. Therefore, how the prosecution goes about proving there was premeditation can also evolve during the trial. Does that make sense?

              • TonySam, I think @Also Abused was quoting a reference to a source she used to provide the legal information, not trying to come off as a legal expert. She’s just sharing what she read about AZ law with us. I don’t think she’s trying to provide us with legal advice either. At least I didn’t take it that way at all.

                • Thank you, Jess. You are correct. I was providing the appellate opinions because I had previously read a comment by RR saying that he/she went to law school. Therefore, I thought they would be of great interest.

              • This may have been covered previously but I still don’t have the answer.

                If the jury finds Jodi Not Guilty on the States charge of Murder 1 (pre-meditation), are there lesser charges on the table so to speak, that they could find her guilty of? If so, what are the lesser they would be able to consider?

                • TR – I do not know about AZ and how or if it differs from other States, but here is what I’ve seen happen in other trials. After everyone rests their case, the State can then ask the judge to include lessor charges for the jury to deliberate. That’s when I have seen it happen countless times before this trial. So if they are going to ask for lessor included offences to be in the charges, I think it will be before jury deliberation occurs. I don’t know what they would ask to include, but I would imagine 2nd degree murder, maybe manslaughter? But again, I don’t know if the rules are different in AZ. I think it’s unfair that the State can set out to prove one thing and then when they feel they haven’t start adding more crap. I hope this isn’t the case, but I’ve seen it countless times. Maybe TomSam knows more and can share? He / She seems to have some degree of knowledge in this area.

              • Nonsense? In order for the jury to determine whether or not Jodi should get the death penalty, there *must* be premeditation. Therefore, it’s of prime importance to this case and not, in any way, shape or form, “nonsense”.

                I would disagree that the prosecution has not brought up “split second” premeditation because I think, as I said above, that was the very direction that JM was going during the final hours of his cross.

                As for the appellate opinions having nothing to do with this, they have EVERYTHING to do with this. The statute defines the law, but it is the state’s appellate courts’ opinions that determine how the law should be applied. The judge is the one who issues jury instructions. A judge who presides over cases such as this one, involving the death penalty, would be expected (and assumed) to be familiar with prior appellate opinions defining how the law should be applied. Therefore, the judge will be responsible for ensuring that the jury is instructed appropriately in a manner which conforms with how the law should be applied.

                Again, I’m sorry you’re pissed off with my response to RR. He/she asked a question (about premeditation and how Arizona interprets it) and I simply provided my research into Arizona’s law on the subject.

                I have never claimed to have legal expertise that I do not have. I have frequently (and again, above) described the limited experience I have in these matters. That is NOT, in any shape or form, pretending to be a lawyer (as you accused me of above) or claiming to have legal expertise that I do not have.

                • also abused, everything u have said about the trial and its proceedings is dead on.. while its always best to have a motive, the prosecution does not need one.. they do need to prove premeditation, but premeditation can be in different forms or all inclusive.. maybe she was going to kill him, then changed her mind, then ended up doing it.. there is always a foundation for a storyline from the prosecution, but that can change as evidence is presented and comes forward.. for example, if she blurted out, “i planned on killing him bc i found out he had slept with my best friend!” all of a sudden, she would be found guilty and what the prosecution said before has no baring.. things change as the trial changes..

                  this is so heated bc everyone cares so much, i get it.. but its also best that everyone knows what “could” happen in our legal system and is ready for everything and anything.. nothing you have said has been inaccurate… we are all extremely passionate about this case and want the best for jodi..

                • Thanks caligirl! And yes, a trial evolves and as it does, the manner in which each side presents their case, also evolves.

                  While you’re absolutely correct that the state doesn’t need to present a motive, I do find it interesting that it hasn’t even really attempted to suggest a motive other than a faint, and rather weakly presented, suggestion of possible jealousy about who he was taking to Cancun. In my limited experience of criminal trials, juries like a clear cut motive to be present. It helps them to establish in their own minds why they are leaning one way or another. There may, I suspect, be an instruction issued regarding motive, but still …

                • i think their overall motive is jealousy. i was just using that as an example that many times for real killers that are heartless, there isnt a motive.. some ppl are just evil, i do not believe this to be true of jodi at all. my point was that even a motive can be established during trial bc, like u said, a trial is ever evolving as things get brought to light..

  13. I am just now watching trial from Day 27 afternoon (playing catch up, here!). One thing I noticed, so wondering if I missed something… TA’s brother looks totally angry at the sister sitting to hes left (our right) side. He is leaning away in the seat and at one point she looked at him (lingering) and when he looked back it was such an angry look of hatred at which point she quickly turned away. Does anyone know, did she express sympathy for Jodi or something?

      • Hey Pique,

        Had to leave for a while but back now and I’m looking for it so I can get the time sig. It may take a while, though as it is on the video on this site (day 27) but when I FF through, the screen is black so I think I have to watch it again. And I might be mistaken about who it is – the guy is not the one that keeps the side of his mouth and nose scrunched – it is the guy with a black goatee and the sister is the younger one (I think) who does not look like Cruella (not to be disrespectful but that it the best description I have seen for her). It is pretty interesting to see and I’ll let you know when I find it. (Hope you see this post!)

      • I agree he always looks upset and angry and if you think about it did JA see anger like this from TA?
        Could be doing more harm than good to his side. The problem I have with eyeroller and Lurch’s daughter- if you watch them, they look at the jury, then do the eyerolling and face making. I wonder if they realize that if it does influence the jury- this could a mistrial.

    • Hi HC, welcome. If she recalled all the details, it may or may not prove self defense depending upon what exactly occurred, but please note: *she* doesn’t have to prove it. The burden of proof is solely on the state to prove that she committed premeditated murder. I personally believe there is far too much “reasonable” doubt at this point in the trial, and that, therefore, the state has failed to meet its case.

  14. I’ve been scanning through posts from 5-6 years ago on TA’s MySpace (comments left for him by friends) page and came across this one from 6 years ago, so……2007?:

    “C**d P**kins
    Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!”

    Link to his MySpace, but you really have to travel down the comments list and keep hitting the “more” button to go back in time.

    • I found it – you have to click “more” four or five times. This is really weird. It’s weird somebody would write that and it’s weird Travis would let it stay on his page. Not that it’s very relevant to this website, but here’s the myspace page of the writer of that comment, if anybody’s interested:

      • Ya it is weird, and I scanned through the poster’s myspace as well. He is married to another man, and TA does nothing but make fun of his sexual preference in all of his comments to him. I also saw TA comment to him that he (Chad) should “stop spending so much time with his “precious” family and get that Photoshop image done for him that he wants”. Very demanding, cocky, demeaning and self righteous.

    • That iS weird! !! Ok, why wouldn’t her lawyers look for these things??! This can help her out!!!! Maybe Someone can email the info to Mrs Wilmott.

        • Well how does one go about contacting them? I mean, I’m in Canada so……But I do find it interesting enough that someone should take a look at it.

          • You could google her attorneys’ names and find their professional websites (I don’t want to post the links to make it easy for haters!)

            I think there is a member here who has had previous contact with Ms. Wilmott though. It may be best to have only one person from here in contact with her.

              • I have been thinking that there have been several posts here that bring up some very pertinent information that her Attornies should be aware of if they already arent’. Is somone from Team Jodi Administration in regular contact with them, to pass along some possible leads/info?

              • Oh good jodie, so THIS info about the Christmas n underwear thing HAS been sent to them?! If so, thank you so much.

      • I’m not sure if this myspace evidence would be allowed at this late date. I may be wrong, but I thought both sides have to show one another all the evidence they plan to use before the trial starts.

        BUT: if new evidence can be shown, this would be really good.

        • If the door gets opened to evidence, it may come in. Up to the judge. One example of how this happens is her suicide letters. The jury questions “opened the door to them”, then on follow up, the defense was allowed to bring them in.

        • Good question. MySpace has been mentioned during the trial. However, a comment left by a friend of Travis on his MySpace would fall under the hearsay exception, I believe. Since the juror questions asked if anyone else was aware of various aspects of Travis’s character which Jodi claimed on the stand, I’m not really sure if it would be possible to call that friend as a witness for the defense. I think it would be considered irrelevant and outside the scope of this trial especially since
          Travis’s character is not an issue, here (other than as it relates to Jodi’s experiences with him). That may have already been considered. That friend may already have been questioned. He may have said he was simply joking, making a reference to a book/movie, whatever. I’m just surmising here though.

        • And yes, during discovery, both sides are required to disclose all their evidence. But that does not (in most states, not positive about AZ) preclude new evidence being introduced when it is uncovered, assuming the trial court allows it and finds it relevant.

      • I don’t know how someone would come up with such a specific joke, without it having a grain of truth in it somewhere, and the probation part is also interesting. The more I sift through MySpace, the more disgusted I get with this guy.

        • Woah Woah WOAH people!!! Let’s not take a cocky comment made entirely out of context. I have made jokes to my straight friend that taken out of context can be completely misconstrued. Let us think for a few moments… just a voice for reason weather it comes to Jodi or Travis.

          • We’re just hypothesizing Bella. No one knows what’s fact or or fiction. But we are trying to understand the whole thing, so please don’t be offended, o.k.? I know it has to be hard, but Jodi’s entire life and every thing she ever did has been exposed and scrutinized, so we are looking at other sides, and situations, and trying to piece together parts of a puzzle here, because we are interested in the truth, which no one else on any other website wants to speak about. That’s all we are doing and I think it’s in line with the purpose of this site (Jodi’s Innocence), so finding things that may support claims she’s made are going to interest us. I think we are all very well aware that people do make crude jokes like this to their friends. Again, we don’t know what it really means, but we might find it interesting to Jodi’s case, if that’s ok?

            • Hi Jess,

              I can’t change opinions here about Travis, any more than I can the general publics/mob mentality about Jodi, but that don’t mean I won’t try. Fairness, directness and honesty should be the course from which all set sail. It’s what I strive for. I’m emotional, I am involved and quite frankly a bit obsessed (as my Husband puts it) regarding this trial. I want the eye with which he is looked at as objective as the eyes that we see Jodi with. I cannot be offended by the search for truth. I can be upset by its abjectly skewed lens.

              • Emotions are subjective and we all have them, so objectivity may be difficult, but I think we all try our best. I am sure this has to be extremely difficult for you and I feel for you for your loss. None of us know what the truth is here, so we can’t be honest about what we’re seeing. We will all keep trying to be objective I am sure, but again, emotions never are.

      • I can also confirm that there is a young boy who dressed up as spiderman, and who TA was close to the same year. I’ve seen the pics of the boy on MySpace (Dustin’s child). I’m going to go back and find them again later and post the link. I have also seen TA make comments on MySpace that back up things Jodi is saying on the stand, because I see him saying those same things in comments to friends. She is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s all there!

          • Yes, from memory it was October 2007. I’m going to go back on late tonight and find everything interesting that I’ve seen and I will post links or find a way to show it here. But those photos, I’m not sure they were time stamped, or the comments below by Dustin were alluding to the date of them because it was near Halloween and I just remember that it was 2007 for some reason. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff, and I was going between Dustin, Ashley and another girl’s account when I found it all, so I’ll go back in tonight and work on it.

    • I found that too an wondered why the Defense did not investigate all these my space an face book pages of the people that are using slander on Jodi an claiming they knew nothing.

      • You can find message / comments back to the friend from Travis also………..

        It is not private an I just scrolled down to get a feeling of how Travis commented to a friend……


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  15. I’m not gonna lie, when I first heard about this story a few weeks ago, I immediately thought the worst. Then googling info and viewing media coverage…. I was thoroughly convinced that Jodi was guilty as sin.

    Then I started watching clips of trial coverage and live coverage, and the more I watched, the more I KNOW that Jodi is innocent…. There’s an absolute honesty about her, she has an aura that beams light. And the more I research, the more I can TOTALLY see what she says is the truth.

    I was born and raised in SLC, UT and have had Mormon influence all my life (FTR, I am not Mormon), so I know first hand ALL the hypocracy with the double lives they all live. It seriously pisses me off how BRAINWASHED they all are. And the media too. UGH, so frustrating. Anyway, I am praying that Jodi is found NOT GUILTY and will be watching the trial and sending her positive vibes.

    Alisha from SLC, UT.

    • Alishs: “she has an aura that beams light”

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees it. This is what many people misinterpret as weird sexual energy because they are not used to it. Someone like Travis would be absolutely attracted to it. It is a known fact that lower energy (esoteric auric energy) people are drawn to people like Jodi because they feed off this higher energy.

      In fact people like Travis can be an actual energy vampire and that is what the “psychic” picked up on was Travis’ dark energy.

      I realize that is a little woo-woo for some people….

      • My ex-boyfriend was a narcissistic energy vampire. I’ve had no contact at all with him for a year now and my life is 100% better.

        Abuse takes many different and varied forms. Sometimes wounds are felt not seen. That doesn’t mean one form of abuse is real and one is not. They are just different, not better or worse. All forms of abuse are wrong.

        Victims of abuse react to it differently also. Most victims are ashamed and don’t tell anybody about it. These abusers are often times men who are attractive and outgoing and people think this makes it impossible for someone like that to be abusive.

        • psychological abuse can be worse than physical ….I find myself getting stressed out with men..I switched to a female DR because of it .

      • OMG BeeCee,I feel the exact same thing and even my best friend (who is a Reiki Master but has nothing to do with the trial,meaning she doesnt know anything about it)saw Jodi and Travis and told me that HER aura is kind and positive whereas his felt ”off”.She also advised me to use a ”shield protection” because I get very influenceed by this whole thing,thus the nightmares I’m having.He was definitely an enrgy vampire,because his low frequencies were getting the best of him.i think Jodi’s aura is of the calmest and sweetest I’ve known.
        P.S:This is not woo-woo to me at all.Im all for that stuff!!!

        • I just finished getting my reiki level 1 & 2 certificates and I don’t find the aura thing weird at all. Surround yourself with the white light of protection Maria. Never wish ill will, just blind them with the light. Also buy yourself a tigers eye stone and have your friend cleanse it.

          • oh,thanx for the advice Tina!yes,I always surround myself and send out to Jodi white or pink love light.I cant seem to be able to do that for Travis yet,there’s still a side of me that is really really really angry at him,working on that though LOL!

          • I also envision my physical body in mirrored armor and it reflects any negative energy. Being an empath, I have had to find ways to cope with all the vibes especially when I’m in a crowd. Sometimes I rub sea salt over me when I shower to get rid of any negativity…that helps also.

        • Oh yay! marie, I’m glad another person is not afraid to say that stuff 🙂

          I tend to hide that side of my personality from online interactions…it is a little wonky for some people..also because I have a scientific background I am also a logical person in addition to the other stuff.

          • yep,me too i always research before falling for that stuff.I only keep what resonates with me.And you know what?I dont mind talking about them because I believe that since we live in a free will world I can talk about my spiritual beliefs as much and as freely as other people talk about their religion.just because having ”other non mainstream beliefs” is not a formal religion doesnt mean im gona hush hush abpout them,especially with like minded people.

  16. Caption idea… Miss Arias do you have a problem with the prosecutor? would it feel good to shove this pie in my face?

  17. CAPTION:

    “Is this your and Mr. Nurmi’s idea of a joke? Is it, ma’am? Because if it is, I’m not laughing. Do you see me laughing?”

  18. I don’t know fellow bloggers… After listening to the questions I kind of feel Travis’s family’s emotional energy, not that I’m trying to criticize them, but every time jodi said something they’d roll their eyes, bounce up and down seated while their arms crossed and express all of that kind of saying, “here she goes again with her LIES.” They were doing it a lot and I wonder if those questions were set off from their emotions. Also, the question about Cancun is a little suspect to me. I really haven’t heard MARTINEZ emphasize the trip during his case. How come they asked about it? I may be wrong but I almost get a sense they ARE watching coverage on it. Martinez even during cross never got down to motive for killing Travis. I found that really peculiar.

    • I think they may just be curious as to why she would have killed him. I am sure that they have the same doubts that we do and just want some clarity. I don’t see these questions as geared for either side. I just think they want clarification about everything because her life is on the line. I heard on TV yesterday that she was asked if she ran down the hall after she shot him and she said yes. But then Nurmi had to object and say she as no memory of it. Did that really happen?

      • I remember when nurmi objected but I don’t remember what she was saying. She tends to be long winded in her answers.

        • I hope that is not what was said because that doesn’t look good for her. She needs to keep her answer short and simple. She talks a little to much and may hang herself.

          • She usually is long winded and she says the same things repeatedly as to emphasize them or out of nervousness. Don’t know. She seeks to be understood a lot as if people don’t understand her. I heard the saying a few months ago seek to understand not be understood. I think it’s very important in communication. She needs to communicate that’s all. Not seek to be understood because no one is going to understand you 100%. If they understand you 60% or better I think you’re good but that’s just my belief.

    • I personally think it was a bad day for the defense. It doesn’t matter how she answered the questions, it was the questions themselves that should have been the sign. The fact that the jury was essentially questioning the validity of the story does not seem like a good sign to me. Also with respect to the motive, a jury always wants to know a motive for a crime. Just put yourselves in their shoes. If you were about to make a decision about someone’s life, you would want a motive. It is human nature. The problem is that the Prosecution does not have to provide a motive, so they typically do not unless it is in closing arguments or that they have some pretty hard evidence that can prove such motive.

  19. I don’t believe in the death penalty at all and it astounds me that HLN & many of the viewers are foaming at the mouth hoping for a death penalty verdict. Even if I believed Jodi premeditated this there is no way I would vote for the death penalty. Doesn’t this make us no better than the criminal who committed the crime? These people scream and shout about how horrible Jodi was for killing Travis but at the same time they want her put to death? I just don’t see any logic in that at all. As a society shouldn’t we be setting a good example instead of having a 2 wrongs make it right mentality. I don’t believe the end justifies the means when it comes to the death penalty. We should be deciding guilt or innocence not life or death.

        • He wrote a book about Those type of people. His Book is very funny and accurate about Nancy Grace. He is a great guy great Lawyer went up against the Government In Randy Weaver Case,
          In his Book he Calls Nancy Grace Prime Time Peddler Of Hate. She actually interviewed him long time ago on Court TV. That had to be ages ago. Before she had her trashy show.

        • Gerry Spence is brilliant. He wrote a great book about this entitled Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power. His book enlightened to exactly what is behind all this hate that is spewed out over the tv and radio from people like NG, JVM, Dr D, etc. He goes into some personal things about some of these talking heads. I was blown away.


        What a great start for a new country ! an the breeding that went on an is in history. An other countries talk about AMERICA being the CAPITAL of SERIAL KILLERS ! I wonder why ! now I know why !

        I agree an it has to be PROVEN without a DOUBT that a man or woman has viciously tortured an hurt person be it child or adult or children an adults alike. There are too many people that disappear never to be found again today. An I also blame some of this culture here in America on England for the Penal Colony look it up ! all these devils sent to different country’s to rid their country of them is so so wrong. Like we should load up a boat load an send them back I say.

        The British used colonial North America as a penal colony through a system of indentured servitude. Merchants would transport the convicts and auctioned them off to (for example) plantation owners upon arrival in the colonies. It is estimated that some 50,000 British convicts were sent to colonial America, representing perhaps one-quarter of all British emigrants during the 18th century.[1] The British also would often ship Irish and Scots to the Americas whenever rebellions took place in Ireland or Scotland, and they would be treated similar to the convicts, except that this also included women and children.

        • France sent criminals to tropical penal colonies including Louisiana in the early 18th century.[2] Devil’s Island in French Guiana, 1852–1939, received forgers and other criminals. New Caledonia and its Isle of Pines in Melanesia (in the South Sea) received dissidents like the Communards, Kabyles rebels as well as convicted criminals.

    • I can’t believe HLN is getting away with this shit, to be honest. There are journalist and reporters that lost their careers for way less than this.

      I keep thinking about when Osama Bin Laden was killed – I just nodded, accepted it, and understood it. Then I moved on with my life. I didn’t celebrate or relish in it. The only thing I got was a sense of closure, like something that had been hanging over my head had finally been resolved.

      So to see these people *gleefully* talk about the death penalty really skeeves me out. And out of all the murder cases in America, why choose THIS one to manufacture public outrage with?

      There are plenty of cases that already elicit rage without embellishing the truth. There’s that case out of New York where a police officer planned to “kidnap, torture, rape and commit other horrific acts” on at least six women he knew, including his wife.

      So a public servant, someone who is supposed to protect and serve the community was going to torture and EAT people, oh that’s not worth reporting or getting upset about. But a young woman who stabs to death her boyfriend in self defense; oh THAT is worth devolving into a mindless rabble over? Really people??

  20. I’ve watched almost all of the trial, though I missed some pieces during probably the first half of it. Anybody who knows more about it than I do, can you tell me: Has Martinez ever proposed a legitimate motive on Jodi’s part? I’ve heard next to nothing about motive. All he seems to be doing is proving what we already know – that she did it.

    As to premeditation being possibly only a minute or so before the act, that doesn’t really matter here, because Martinez is trying to prove that premeditation began back in Yreka, and he’s done a pretty poor job of it BECAUSE he’s never nailed down a motive. If I was in his shoes, my entire case would be about motive. The jurors KNOW she did it, but if they don’t have a motive, they’re not going to believe premeditation and will have to go with self defense.

    • Hi SaraP I have also thought about that he hasn’t indicated a motive. She knew Travis was with other women. She was also trying to move on with Ryan burns so as to motive I haven’t seen one either.

  21. Surprise, Surprise friends…………..we are yet LATE again starting the proceedings today. Same ole broken record.

  22. FYI Tanya Williams is a spokesperson for the National Domestic Violence hotline.
    Except for being abused herself, and helping victims recover through “motivation”, she has no medical or professional credentials to decide who is abused or who is not abused.

    From her bio at National Domestic Violence hotline:
    “Tanya R. Young Williams is an Inspirational Speaker, TV Personality, Author, and Legal Consultant.
    She is often called upon by networks to speak about celebrity troubles, domestic violence, dealing with tragedy and traumatic events and family matters
    Nationally, Williams has appeared on 20/20 with Barbara Walters, Good Morning America, The Early Show, ESPN, The Mike Huckabee Show, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Court TV and TMZ.

    Tanya has spent the greater part of her life studying religion, philosophy and emotional wellness.
    She has earned a B.S. in Communications from St. John’s University and a J.D. from Benjamin Cardoza School of Law.

  23. I think that was a poignant question from the jury asking about Jodi’s relationship with her mother. It probably came from a woman juror who is a mother herself and sympathizes with Jodi’s mom, who has been in the courtroom every day.

    How many people with multiple kids have one of them who goes a little astray?

    Remember the Bible story of the ‘Prodigal Son’? He goes astray, but then realizes he’s been down the wrong road and is giving another chance, and takes it. “He was lost, and was found”. Luke 15:32

    • I think they’re allowed to ask anything about issues brought up in the trial unless there are objections.

      I wish more states allowed jurors to ask questions.

  24. OKAY…the KY question was…um…a bit ridiculous. Pervert on the jury? Hope that juror wasn’t looking for details.

  25. ”were you ever physical to Travis except June 4th?” yeah,coz it’s THAT easy beating the crap out of a tall fat guy who had a punch bag training on it every day when you are a shorter thin woman!!are they kidding me???

      • The one good thing that has come out of all of his friends talking about Travis is that no one has ever said that Jodi was abusive to him in any way. They accused her of being a stalker( on Travis’s say so) and other things and even went so far as to say she was clingy when it came to Travis, but no one has said she spoke badly of him ever or yelled at him all the time or anything like that. They haven’t even said she had to have her own way all the time or anything like that. Those things are often very telling.

  26. I wish she would STOP saying that she feels it is wrong to kill someone in self defense!! Good grief! Didn’t Nurmi discuss this with her? The jury will say, well….she even thinks it’s wrong so….

  27. OMG! I’m hating these jurors more and more by the minute!!! I’m seriously going to lose my mind any minute now!

    • These folks have given over 2 months of their lives to give a fair trial to JA; they may have to give another month. We don’t have to like how they think. But seriously, lets have some respect for these folks.

      This is a hard trial and I respect each juror for fulfilling their civic duty when so many can’t even show up for jury duty,

    • I swear, I’m going to have stop watching this. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

      Yes, just let the poor girl speculate and theorize, that should help a lot.

      I may just be bald by the end of all this.

      I have no idea why this is upsetting me so much……OMG!

      Stop the madness!

      • LOL at the “I may be bald at the end of this all”. You may be bald, but I know for a fact that I have gained too much weight from sitting. I will have to go that extra mile when this is over.

      • Well I am hoping someone has said something to her about her inappropriate behavior in the courtroom: the blatant eye rolling, shaking of her head, smirking. I hope she was kicked out…Just wondering if anyone heard anything or noticed if she was there. That’s all. :O)

        • I wonder who is sitting to the left (our right) of the meth looking sister? Could that be Samantha and maybe she doesn’t want the world to know how demonic she looks on camera rolling her eyes. She is the cop right? Maybe she should not be one.

          Maybe they have been reading here and she asked the camera not to focus on her.

      • I care, and apparently so does Dorothy. If the jury can have one day off from seeing Samantha rolling her eyes, then that’s a good thing. I’m shocked that nothing has been done about it…surely that kind of behavior is not allowed in a courtroom? Is it not tantamount to jury tampering?

        • I think it’s tampering. As I said before, my friend had to go through having her sister murdered, and was not allowed to gesticulate during trial.

  28. these questions are making me think they didnt listen……. and many are repeats.

    seriously, werent they at the trial????

      • yes, they should have been screened as duplicates. And no doubt, since they were accumulative, they probably were answered before now.

        • They can’t toss repetitive questions. It’s not allowed. Each juror has the right to ask questions, and unless there is an objection and that objection is sustained, the question can be asked,

    • yep,yep,yep…repetitive ones actually.werent they suppoised to have a meeting yesterday to sort through them?what did Pickles do with the lawyers???and no to mention that most of the questions are stupid!

      • Yeah I think alot of the Q today where stupid! I read somewhere that most states do not like this jury asking questions because they go into a “investigation mode” and I think this is very true. I can see where the questioning can help the defendant but I can slso see it hurt her. This process is not so that the jury can play investigation n it would probably be a goid idea if they’re limited to the number if questions each.

        • First time the national stage focuses on AZ jury question laws, the spotlight is going to cause some serious discussion of why this is allowed if it goes on relentlessly. Bet the legislature will give these procedures a second look at the very least.

    • It appears that these are NEW questions raised by the jury that haven’t been reviewed yet by the attorney’s. How long than they continue to submit questions? Hurry up and get Jodie off the stand and bring on some DV experts.

  29. This is going to be never ending if they keep asking the same questions over and over…someone on the jury is like Kermit.

    • Beecee or anyone,

      Apparently, travis told a story about a gun being held to his head. This was shown on Dr. Drew I guess. It was an old video of him talking while jodi was sleeping. Do any of you know what the circumstances were behind this event such as was it a random act of violence or was it someone he was acquainted with?

      • I haven’t found the whole video to watch, I’m sure someone will answer who has…I started to read the transcript, but I don’t know how accurate it is.

        • I did hear Dr. Dipshit say that the entire video was posted on HLN for your viewing pleasure. I haven’t gone to verify this tho’

          • yes he did say that – but when i went to see it i only found what was displayed on tv. It was a re-do of the Dr. Drip segment. So HE LIED!!!!!!!!!!!
            (it may be there now but since I don’t wish to give their site any traffic I’ll not go back)

          • maria, thanks for posting the link.

            I was wrong in my comment of the guys to the right of Jodi appearing bored. Actually one guy laughs at one point. I guess he found it funny Travis had a gun to his head.

            Gee, he must be a psycho- something to find humor in the almost demise of his friend.

            And since diagnosing others is so easy I have to say the Mefford husband appears to be on drugs or perhaps the tiny wife of his is a control freak? He does not smile or appear relaxed – looks like a stepford husband under some type of spell – def something wrong with him.

            I think Dr Drew should investigate as that tiny wife looks very cunning to me … 😉

      • Bee, from the bit played it sounded like an incident Travis had and he was recounting the story very animatedly while Jodi is napping with her head in his lap. He is talking to the group and he has his arm around her – very sweetly – and she awakes – he raises his arm as she sits up and she pushes her hair back and rubs her eyes.

        The audio has lots of back round noise where the group is sitting in a lounge at a hotel? after a meeting as Travis is speaking to a group.

        The guys sitting to the right of Jodi appeared bored to death and not engaged much at all in Travis’s near death story. Nor did they appear frightened in the presence of the *cunning* Jodi.

        I wondered if he wasn’t giving a motivational type talk, using the story to make some type of point. So who knows if he was embellishing the facts. But for sure, Jodi was not doing anything that would cause anyone to suspect a thing.

        If anything, she appears extremely tired, being held tenderly by Travis, while they are together with others.

        If one viewed the clip on its own merits one would come away with feeling they are a couple, she was tired, they were out together, it was very late, she felt comfortable in the presence of *friends* to nap with her head in her boyfriends lap while they chatted into the night. Big Deal!

        It still irks me – the spin that was put on her during the Drew show of her being manipulative, disrespectful and cunning. I find it disrespectful, cunning and manipulative of these folks to say one thing while showing something else … kind of like Judge Judy’s comment of: don’t tell me it’s raining while you’re peeing in my leg.

      • I understood him to be relating some dream he’d had. As far as I know, Jodi testified that in the early days of their relationship when he had shown her affection in front of his friends, they had been at a PPL function and she hadn’t been feeling well and had laid with her head on a pillow on his lap. Now Dr D and his so-called experts have turned it into a horribly distorted misrepresentation.

        • OH so it’s about Jodi sleeping? They can diagnose her now when she’s sleeping in video? I did hear them show a splice of it this morning and say she was faking being asleep. It’s gotten beyond silly.

    • Yes. That’s an understatement. “Oh, crap” is for when you spill your drink or miss the bus.

      I hope the jury realizes, as some of us do, that Jodi has some social/communication deficits. There’s something Aspie about her.

  30. I was thinking…. can it be possible that the questions sound in favor of the prosecutor because if the way the judge reads them??? They sound worse yesterday. I think today they were better. Even though some were retarded, “why didnt you scream” there where so other weird one but also good. I liked the one asking about how she came to terms with the abuse and the one if shes received professional help. Overall, good day so far.

      • JM has been able to use that to his advantage.

        I really wish her lawyers would stress how critical it is that she give concise answers to questions.

        I can’t imagine having to be on the stand for weeks; it must be hard for her to remember all that her lawyers have encouraged her to do.

  31. well there is definite proof now that one of the jurors is watching Nasty Grace, because the question was posed, ” did you cock the gun, remove the safety, etc.” that was almost identical to what was said last night on her broadcast.
    Oh let me rephrase, it was said on one of the programs, it might have been JVM, they all sound alike now…sorry.
    This is NOT ok on any level!

    • I would like to the jurors are taking this very serious and NOT watching any news, etc. But, they are human and I find it almost impossible to believe that a family member. friend, or just plain ole curiousity doesn’t get to at least one of them.

      • i too find it impossible that even if they dont watch the trial coverage that they dont have a person close to them,maybe a spouse who can go like”hey ,taht trial you’re at is all over the news!They’re saying this and this and that about her!” No way,they’re evryday people like you and me.But deep down I wanna believe in then and that they’re dedicate to their duty and havent watched,talked or heard anything outside the courtroom.

      • So if its found that a juror has not followed the Judge’s admonition and tuned into Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew etc. and took info from the outside what happens then? Doesn’t this effect the trial in some way?

        That would be a nice dose of karma to the media witch hunters – to have the trial tossed out on some juror tampering technicality …

        • I think it’s more likely that the particular juror would be removed prior to deliberation. The other jurors would probably be polled by the judge as to whether or not they had listened to/watched outside sources and if they stated that they hadn’t, the judge would continue the trial. The jurors have not entered into deliberation yet, so they have been admonished not to discuss the case with one another. Therefore, there would not be a problem with the other jurors. (Again, in case I get yelled at, this is based on my experience with jury trials where a juror has been excused for not upholding the admonition.)

    • Iv been thinking the same thing. There are questions that are coming from the outside. Like, how would they know that Jodi has been labeled a skank? !

    • I think it’s a question anyone with a basic knowledge of guns has been asking, so it’s good she had a chance to answer it.

    • The jurors have sacrificed 2 month (more to come) of their lives to this trial. IMO, they wouldn’t jeopardize their hard work to watch HLN.

      Questions about what jurors watch would have been asked during the screening period. Anyone who watches HLN would be tossed as a potential juror.

  32. After learning that Drew Peterson only got 38 years for the murder of his loving wife, the mother of his children – and obviously his other young wife, mother of his other children (although he’ll likely never go to trial for her murder);

    I truly believe that If Arias gets the DP, it’s 100% because she is a woman.

    That old stigma that a woman should never defy her man, and a woman should especially not KILL. But if a douche bag who was supposed to BE the law murders two wives… oh 38 years will do. Ugh… VENT!

    • Dr. Drew stated on HLN this morning that there were tons of cases where women were in worse situations and didn’t kill the man.

      Yeah. Cause they were dead. Or in a coma.

    • Women are much less likely to be sentenced to death.

      That said, this is Arizona!

      I used to live in Mesa. It is a very conservative community. Jurors are from the entire county, and Phoenix is not very conservative. However, I think that women getting the DP is higher in AZ, TX and a few other southern states (compared to females in other states).

      The defense put JA on the stand in effort to humanize her to the jurors so that they would find it very, very hard to sentence her to the DP. This is a tough case. It is a gamble that might work.

      AZ is tough; it’s conservative and allows jurors to ask questions. I have no idea if anyone on the jury will fight for or against the DP. I do know that all of the jurors have to believe that the DP is a valid punishment for crimes or they would have been tossed from the potential jury pool.

      • Good point, Lisa. Voir dire wasn’t televised, but it would be extremely plausible that question would have been posed.

    • Violette, have you heard of that cop in New York that was going to “kidnap, torture, rape and commit other horrific acts” on six women, including his wife?

      A public servant, who is supposed to protect and serve, was going to violate the law in the most heinous way, and that case gets NO coverage. Zero, zip nada.

      Yet HLN manufactures public outrage against Jodi, a young woman who killed her abusive boyfriend in self defense. Their coverage is very slanted against women, IMO.

  33. In reference to Patty’s post, here is what is in TA’s blog about his mother shooting at his father’s car and the police being called. I couldn’t find anywhere that says after her death he got the gun.

    “I remember my mother emptying a revolver on the car my father was driving and my father subsequently taking an axe to my mother’s belongings and destroying them. I remember being on the other side of the front door when my father kicked it down. The police were called that time along with many others, but I knew what had to be said and knew they would leave us to more of the same.”

    • And then, follow each stupid ass question with an objection of ….

      ASKED AND ANSWERED about 10 damn times already! For Pete’s sake!

  34. Yeah, the jury’s not listening to the trial. We’d be much better. This is so sad. She’s so beautiful and so alented. Wish things had happened differently.

    • I think it’s important to remember that the jurors don’t have the luxury that all of us do to come here and re-watch the day’s events, talk about it in detail, etc. They are only getting this in REAL time and that’s it. They can’t even discuss it amongst themselves until deliberations. Hence, that is why we may see some of their questions as stupid or whatever. Not saying that some of the questions aren’t lame, but it’s also important to remember exactly what they have to go on at this time. That, of course, is barring that none of them are “cheating” on the judges adminishons.

      • The jury also doesn’t see and hear all of the trial as we do. They’ve been asked to leave the room for certain discussions in effort to give Jodi a fair trial and not bias them.

        It’s tough; trial watchers have access to so much more info than the jury does.

    • “She’s so beautiful and so alented.”

      Really? Most of us are not looking at her that way here. That is something the pro pros sites think we all focus on. I have seen it quoted on their sites.

      I don’t think we would be much better, that’s what the people on websleuths think.

      • Right!
        She is a human being who was severely abused, cult brainwashed, got arrested for murder after a very speedy and sloppy investigation that ignored all further suspects, never had a lawyer to fend off her babbling away –even though Travis had recruited her as a member/employee of PrePaid Legal insurance pyramid scheme–, got slapped in jail on $2 millions bond, waited a few years for her speedy trial, has been persecuted by national media the day her trial started, is vilified throughout the internet as an evil murderous entrapping whore and slut (which also were Travis’s favored nicknames for her), and is not getting a fair trial anyway because the jury was not sequestered and the trial was not moved to another county.
        And yes, she is attractive and talented.
        Not dumb either, like someone who would clean up a murder scene and forget their palm print, or like a camera-challenged moron who would throw a camera in a washing machine to erase its SD card.

      • Yes that assumption is what NG an the others say about this site. Frankly I do not care if she is a beautiful woman or if she was as UGLY as I am with no legs sitting in a wheel chair. Looks do not matter to me in the least or how well kept a person is what matters to me is what is in the HEART an if a person was abused being mentally or physically I believe in Self Defense if I am threatened at any time an feel I am losing I have the right to DEFEND myself in this country so far anyways an I will use deadly force I will not only just wound a person trying to kill me I most likely will kill him with one shot. Therefore again I am here not because she is a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN but because I believe people have the RIGHT TO PROTECT themselves be it domestic or out on the street. AN because the mass media is presenting one sided FACTS we are suppose to be INNOCENT till PROVEN GUILTY they have to PROVE to me she premeditated this an I DO NOT SEE THAT here. She did kill him she stated she is on TRIAL FOR HER LIFE as in DEATH but she is saying it was not PLANNED OUT that day.

    • Everyone knows that jurors have wondered that. I think it is excellent that a juror asked her that so that she could give a firm answer to calm their doubts!

      Jodi has admitted all along that she had to lie about what happened. She has never said she didn’t lie. In fact, she said she couldn’t keep her lies straight. Part of her defense has been to show that she is being honest now.

      I would worry if the jury did not ask that question!

    • If I were her I’d be numb and brain dead after doing this for weeks. I feel she is holding up very well. Perhaps she didn’t sleep well last night.

    • This probably will sound unfair, since yesterday her nervousness led her to ramble and slip, but … today, she doesn’t seem nervous ENOUGH. I worry that I’m falling into the “damned if she does/damned if she doesn’t” way of thinking. After all, these are difficult questions to answer, and she may be becoming numb to their repetition.

      Still, I can’t help wondering if her calmness and poise appears incongruent to the situation. Do defendants normally have access to anti-anxiety medication?

      • Only if prescribed. The likelihood that her lawyers would allow her to take anti-anxiety meds while testifying in 0%.

    • The poor girl has to be exhausted. I would be in the fetal position if I had to fight for my life like this.

      Jodi is tough; how many of us could be on the stand this long in such a complicated and emotional case? Of course she has tough times.

  35. Seriously?????!!! I am so godamned sick of what seems to be the same questions OVER AND OVER AND OVER.
    I declare a MISTRIAL because the jury is:
    2.) One pervert on board who needs to know more about KY JELLY than anyone in the world and dosent seem to understand that TRAVIS WASNT MURDERED WITH KY JELLY.

    and my other reasoning is that this trial and any subsequent trials are TAINTED BEYOND THE PALE with all the MEDIA POISON.

    I hate how this has worked out!!!
    Perhaps instead of 400 jury questions, they should be forced to take freaking notes!!

  36. Oh by the way, wanted to let you guys know that the haters find Martinez a very attractive older sexy man!! Yuk!! Lol

  37. She says she never got help for memory problem as related to the Black during the stabbing NOT GOOD!!
    Anyone one would seek help due to the magnitude of the crime, In my opinion The Jury will not believe she had a black out. That is very crucial to her defense.

      • I think they wanted to know if she received help for her memory before the events of 6/4. Jodi’s mentioned having memory issues (she confuses me on this though) in the past and then says they aren’t issues. She was 27 or 28 when she was arrested, so I think the jury wants to understand better the issues of memory that Jodi has mentioned.

      • They shouldn’t know she’s been in jail though, and they should not know how long she has been in jail. I know she testified about her cell, but knowing that she has been in jail all these years is prejudicial.

    • Well,I hope most of the jury is not dumb and understand by now that she lives in a jail and having a shrink helping you is a luxury inmates are not granted.As she clearly stated she only had that talk with the psychiatrist who assessed,evaluated her.

      • Maria I hope so she says she was evaluated. She sounds to me like, I don’t need help for that.
        I am being honest lots of questions about memory. I think Psychiatric help is available especially if some one has black outs she stated she was evaluated for What???

      • The psychiatric program of the Maricopa County jail system was born out of statutory responsibility, economic concerns, and functional necessity. Prior to 1976 county inmates in need of psychiatric evaluation or treatment were sent to the Arizona State Hospital. By early 1980, however, prohibitive costs, the hospital’s indifference to legal and correctional concerns, and its provision of less than satisfactory care to mentally ill inmates prompted the county to seek an alternative. The sheriff’s office, the county health department, and the court administrator’s office cooperated in the development of a licensed treatment facility within the jail system. There are now two licensed psychiatric treatment units in the Maricopa County jails in Phoenix. The Durango Jail psychiatric unit provides inpatient services for both male and female minimum-medium security inmates. The Madison Jail maximum-security facility has an inpatient unit for male patients only. Together, the units have 210 licensed psychiatric beds for court-ordered evaluations and inmate treatment. The county jail system thus has the second largest licensed psychiatric facility in the State, second only to the Arizona State Hospital. This arrangement has resulted in significant cost savings for the county and in excellent care for jail inmates. Jail psychiatric units, however, should not be viewed as the only source of community-based psychiatric services. The community, local government, and the State cannot continue to abrogate their responsibility or delegate their problems to the jail. Sheriffs, jail administrators, and health officials must emphasize the need for combined responsibility for mentally ill offenders. If they do not, jails will continue to assume an even larger role in the care and treatment of this population. 1 reference

        • Am I interpreting this correctly, Oliviero? Is it stating that only court-ordered treatment is available?

        • Excellent info, Oliviero!

          A few years ago, PBS did a great documentary on how the US prison system is now the main treatment facility for the mentally ill. Scary stuff.

  38. You know…
    If Jodi does have ADD…. her behavior makes perfect sense.
    I am embarassed that I did not recognize many of the behaviors as a parent of a child with ADD and suspicion that I am that way myself.

    Especially where she freezes up mentally when she is scared or frustrated. My son… will go from active to just shock still and you can tell that he has stopped processing the minute a panic sets in.

    he also OVER DESCRIBES everything.

    I woudlnt say she is ADHD… but definitely attention deficit.

    This would also explain the attraction of Travis to her, as he was a “spectical”. loud boisterous and attention seeking. She would by nature be drawn to him and therefor all of his other issues.

    • Shan I don’t know much about definitely attention deficit. (I dont thk I know anyone with it) but I remember she started saying this yesterday and Martinez objected. If the jury asked, why wouldn’t they want the jury to know??? I hope that this comes up when the experts come up.

    • I’ve wondered that myself. A week or 2 ago I mentioned that I’m a psychologist. ADD/ADHD is misdiagnosed or missed completely in women often. Sometimes it’s misdiagnosed as depression or anxiety.

      I think JM objected because ADD/ADHD has never been discussed before now. Its a fair objection.

      I don’t expect the experts to discuss ADD/ADHD. Jodi hasn’t mentioned being formally diagnosed. Without a formal diagnosis, the info is legally void. I don’t see her defense counsel getting her diagnosed over the next few days. And such a diagnosis would be new evidence, and I doubt it would be allowed at this point, esp since JM successfully objected to the issue.

  39. Heck if the chaste place to have sex argument worked for Clinton it seems Travis used the same MO with Jodi.

    Jodi believed Travis much the same way a large portion of the Country believed Clinton.

  40. im someone who lost a child four years ago… he died of sids when he was four months old.
    i found him, gave him mouth to mouth etc…….

    im severe ADD ADHD, and a combination of ADDADDHD and PTSD is scary and i had no idea what the end result could be…….i ended up in a very respectable, but still, Psyc hospital last year, three years after. spent four months getting the best treatment, but i had NO IDEA how much i had not processed his death. but one thing i learned is i still cant remember certain things about that day and yet it still haunts me…..

    The psyc that saw me daily, said the comb of ptsd and add makes your symptoms MUCH worse on both sides……. she is sooo similar to me on many levels, and i PRAY THE EXPERTS DIVULGE THIS TO JURY

    • Oh wow I’m sorry to hear that summer. Idk what id do either, im sorry, this is the worst pain a person can endure. Now I know some people have stated thatvif they were in jodis situation, they’d want to know what happened that day n they would go through hypnosis or some sort to remember. “I” personally wouldn’t, it would be too painful for me. Do you feel that way?? If im asking fir too much info, im sorry you dont have to answer at all, I would understand. Thank for sharing this, I kniw it must be very very hard.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss. That’s what I’m having trouble with with this jury tho’! Are they that F’N stupid that they don’t understand when you are in a traumatic event that your brain does block things out and you have no control over that? Goodness, I think it’s fairly simple. She didn’t go around killing people on a daily basis, so it’s only natural to assume that because of this ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE experience that she went through no matter the reason that her mind would block some if not all of it out! JESUS!!!

      My son fell 13 feet out of a tree and broke a few bones and I went ballistic and can’t remember shit about parts of that day! Thank god nobody thinks it was parental abuse I guess the way the world is today! Gee whiz!

      Again, sorry for your experience. =(

      • I agree but the Jury may see it differently, You can’t say your memory is not a problem except for that one day. You can’t state you don’t need help when you are charged with murder 1. I am being Honest. Did not sound good. She was evaluated. Then perhaps the Doctor who evaluated her can shed light but the jury will not buy it.

        • Ollviero, You don’t feel one could have a good memory overall but during an overwhelming highly emotionally charged event that one could experience a lapse of memory?

          At this point I doubt it would change the outcome too much if she did fill in the missing time. If she did there would those who would now say “See, she knew and was lying all along.”

          She’s kind of damned regardless of what she says….

          I do wonder what happened to make these events occur…I don’t believe she arrived with the intent to off him. Do you?

        • If someone were to ask me detailed questions like which way he was facing when I found him at the base of the tree? I’d be like, I don’t know and I really didn’t care. I scooped him up, threw him in the car and drove to the hospital. That’s all I’m saying. Details aren’t important when something like this happens……

    • Summer, I am a child abuse survivor, 9/11 survivor, and I also have PTSD and ADD.
      For many years I was in a very dark place, and ended up in a mental health facility 2x. The second time really helped me to realize that I am strong enough to go on, that this is something I’ll have to work on for the rest of my life, and that I don’t want the past to take my whole life with it. It is still a constant struggle, but I am happier today than I ever thought I would be.
      I too have memory loss, and even just certain elements of memories are lost. For instance, I remember running when the first tower was falling, and I remember the 2 people running next to me, but I don’t remember the crowd around me, and I have no memory of the sound. It’s like a silent black and white movie to me, and I was in a bubble or something. Like a weird “fog”.

      • omg……… im sorry for your experience… and i just posted somewhere about having to work on staying honest with myself and IN THE MOMENT bc if not, then things get bad

        i literally got chills reading your post. Its refreshing and healthy for the mind when you see that ppl underastand and relate…….especially the add and ptsd..

        would love to talk to you more via email or whatever bc its hard to find ppl that have both add and ptsd

        god bless you and your strength

    • summer there are no words to express how sorry i am for your loss.Ive seen you talking about that day in some of your other posts and couldnt possibly imagine how it must feel to be in your shoes.and I know your little angel takes care of you from up above. As to Jodi,I now understand better why you are on her side and it’s absolutely incomprehensible to me that even if someone hasnt been through what you have,how they still dont get that traumatic episodes can leave huge memory gaps not only of one day but of years in many cases.I mean it’s really about some google search and nothing more.Some of these jurors could just google it up(dont know if they are allowed though),instead of asking stupid stupid questions.

      • To be honest, those google cases are anomalies. You’re better off going with memory research.

        I don’t think the questions are “stupid”. I am surprised by some of them, but I appreciate that the jurors are trying to understand her testimony better. That is best for Jodi!

      • thank you maria….. i truly mean that

        like i said, i have talked about it a few times here and its been SO HELPFUL for me bc before i didnt talk unless it was with my doctor…….

        and everyone here is so gentle with ther words, im honest when i say that you guys are helping me stay in the mloment and b honest everyday

        its so theraputic and i feel safe and that the ppl here are open minds and hearts…….im very very picky bout who i share that experience with bc you want it to be respected and its hard to explain but u want the info to b received gently and i feel that with all you and I DONT EVEN KNOW YALL


        • Thank you summer for sharing so much. You give us all strength. I’m soooo very sorry for all that you’ve been through, and my words seem useless to express my sentiments. Bless you.

    • I am so deeply sorry about the loss of your child. I can’t imagine what that must be like.

      Good for you for receiving counseling. It must be so hard to talk about what happened and counseling requires that you talk to get better.

      You’re a brave woman, VioletteR ! Bless you!!

    • Oh summer, I feel your pain. *hugs* It gets easier over the years, but all it took was seeing a date on the calendar, a certain color or sound and the horrible sense of loss would come flooding back. I too can’t remember specific memories, just the awful feeling of it all. So when Jodi talks about not remembering, I totally understand.

      • hugs MB….. thank u and god bless

        and ur right, date on calender color smell……i was preg with my now daughter when he died and she was born 6 days after the one year mark……

        talk abut REMINDER……..UGH, it was hard..

        but i know that God sent me her and she has her brother as an angel for the rest of her beautiful life

  41. It would be hard to imagine that someone on that jury doesn’t understand you don’t get mental health issue treatment in jail. It almost sounds to me that one thinks a pill would help with that, just like you would take a pill for depression. There is at least one, and going to think it is a woman, that is out for blood. Then you have one or more fascinated with the sex, going to assume a man, but could be a jealous woman. With some of the questions, it sure seems someone is foaming at the mouth to get her.

    • Leah, I agree. IMO, it seems that many of the questions are almost saying, “We don’t like you OR believe you”….so many of these questions start with “IF” and “You say that”…..etc, instead of asking the question as if they believe her testimony. One of the distinct impressions I am getting also, is that the jury is deliberately asking her questions about parts of her testimony that were vague to see if they can trip her up. The tone of their questions so far, doesn’t bode well for her..IMHO.

      • I agree with both of u. It worries me that 11 out of 12 jurors will find her guilty n want to give her the DP and thrn there’s that “1” juror thats thinking like us (No proof of premeditation) BUT the other 12 will convince and/or gang up on that one juror. Or what if there are a few jurors that blv her but dont want to stand up for her because they’re scared ir ashamed. If I was that ONE juror, I would say, NOPE f*** yall im not convicting her and thats that! But not everyone’s the same n some people are easily influenced.

        • You are correct LC, and I know of cases where there was just 1 juror who was the lone juror, and either they went along with the rest due to pressure or being convinced with time, but the bigger reason was usually that they were tired and wanted to go home. This being such a long trial, thats a real possibility. I wasn’t sure what these questions would be, but I can say that after yesterday’s questions my heart sank as I realized they do not believe her, I was hoping todays questions would be a different style. They were not at all, they were even worse. Its almost as if they are ridiculing her and laughing at her testimony. I just have a really horrible feeling. Nurmi can do his best to try to rehab her about the questions, but the jury already asked them, and what they asked her shows their state of mind. Maybe Im too negative, I am very intuitive, (not psychic, lol) but my “gut” tells me they will vote guilty.

      • I wonder if the ones with the harsh tone are all from the same juror? I find it hard to believe that multiple people are using the “You say that…” and “If you…” wording.

        • Kira,
          I thought that yesterday, (same juror) but then I starting listening more closely, and alot of them were worded that way. If they werent worded that way, they were kindof hostile, not really even questions, almost statements as if the prosecution were asking them. Overall, when you look at the entire list of 250 questions, they are not favorable to Jodi. Many were asking the same thing she had already answered, as if they don’t believe her. Thats how I saw it anyway….

    • “It almost sounds to me that one thinks a pill would help with that, just like you would take a pill for depression.”

      I know, Leah. I’ve been thinking that some of these questions are influenced by the popular medical model of mental health. That reductionist view, that is now dominant, that we are pretty much a chemical brain soup. Talk therapy takes a back seat to that.

      • I’m a psychologist (but not a clinical psych who does counseling/therapy). Talk therapy has declined because insurance companies have made therapy very difficult. In addition, many Americans are uninsured and can’t afford therapy.

        While there are free or sliding scale therapy clinics, they are full.

        Talk therapy and meds work well together. But talk therapy must be used more often!

    • OH CRAP! The question, “Were you in the fog when you kissed Ryan Burns”…answer, “yes”. NOOOOOO!She has already testified that she “came to” while driving in the desert, and thats when she threw the gun out in the desert, the rope in a dumpster, cleaned her hands, changed clothes, put on shoes and socks, called Ryan, called Leslie, called TA’s phone and left a message, etc….WHY did she say yes!??? The jury will think of all these things she did to cover her tracks, (her own words) and her VM left on TA’s phone sounds totally normal and friendly, etc. This question is going to hurt her. I am sure Nurmi will address this and get her to clarify…let’s hope so…

      • Anna,I think she was refering to the fog that surrounded her for days as to remembering what ACTUALLY and in detail happened that day,meaning the killing.She has stated that fog is still here,since she stil doesnt remember anything after the gunshot.I dont think this was an off answer on her part at all.

        • I hope you are right Maria, I see it differently. Here’s why: she has testified that while in the fog, she has no memory of anything. She also said “I came to from the fog while driving in the desert”. So, by her own testimony she is saying the fog was gone by then. And her actions after that fit totally with her own testimony, meaning throwing out the gun, rope, changing clothes, making calls, etc. She has testified that the only thing she has no memory of due to this fog, is the actual moments after the gunshot until she came to while driving in the desert. Her memory is excellent regarding going to Ryans, making calls etc, thats why her answer is disturbing to me. She has already described exactly what happened at Ryans, so there can be no fog surrounding that, the only fog or memory loss she has is the time following the gunshot to driving in the desert.. I think the jury will pick up on this answer….however I believe Nurmi will mention it and get her to clarify it.

      • I think it would have looked worse if she’d said that she was mentally all clear just 24 hours after killing Travis.

        • That is my point Kira! She already testified to that! She just said today that the reason she was kissing Ryan after the killing, was that she was trying to make things look normal to Ryan and didn’t want him to think anything had happened. Remember she described everything that happened when she came to in the desert, in great detail. So, since she has already testified several times that her blackout or fog was only from the shooting of the gun, til she sortof came to driving in the desert. She has testified that she clearly remembers throwing the gun away, the rope in a dumpster, the water for her hands, phone calls, finding the charger, etc. She cannot change that testimony now, it will look horrible. The pros will be all over that too.

  42. I’m so sorry Summer, can’t imagine. I have gaps in memory when my kids were little, I was very stressed and worried all the time, and for the life of me can’t remember situations that I should remember.

    • thank u again leah and you hit the nail on the head about the pill thing etc…..

      you have to work at it with therapy and its HARD and takes time…. four years later and im just cutting the surface… and then u have to continually work on it forever..

      i always say that i have to be honest about campbell, my son, death and stay in the moment bc the second i dont, it gets BAD

    • in my opinion that is one of many things that will be used for an appeal assuming this doesnt end well .

    • The video is on YouTube. They probably found it there.

      Hey, Bella I have a Q. Has any of the media contacted you??! Plz dont go on NG ; ))

      • I just find it odd that we are discussing the video this morning and all of the sudden HLN has “new footage of Travis Alexander doing the chicken dance”

      • NOPE!!!!!!!!! I would not return a call if they did. You may have seen my friend Elisha S. on Dr. Drawing Conclusions (Drew) she has a far different opinion of Jodi than I do and she suggested I do it, but as I would be crucified,. I did not choose to.

        I would not go on NG if they offered me a million bucks. I have sense and I would be on trial next for killing that harpy!

    • I kind of figured HLN was lurking here. I didn’t think it was a coincidence that some of the phrases commenters were using were also used on JVM and NG (taken and spun way out of context, HLN style). It’s like they are pissed that there’s anyone out there who dares to defy them.

      But to know that they are using the chicken dance video, well that just confirms it my suspicions.

      • Glad to hear they are. Maybe some of thier guests who claim to have Phds. etc. and may be licensed to practice, may have seconds thought about their totally biased comments that in no way show a knowledge base that should be able to handle both sides of this. I posted yesterday about a Phd. Psychologist on NG the other day, that should not be allowed to practice IMO for the dangerous theory she put out in public. Not much response from people on this site as to their opions on this side of the HLN issue.

  43. I APPREcitate that…….i truly do. i have wanted to talk more about how i suspected her of the add thing and then the comb of ptsd and add but its still hard to talk about….

    however, when ur add u feel like u have two brains and one is trying to catch up with the other one.
    throw in ptsd, and its like ten times worse

    google the two and you will see exact traits of how she is responding, acting etc..

    its quite profound
    again, THANK U FOR THE SYMPATHY. I HAVE talked about it more in the last month, since finding this site, and have been overwhelmed by the kind words. in some ways, im dealing with it in a theraputic way and in an environment wr i feel safe…….. so thank u

  44. I know a group condemning Jodi on Facebook come on here. They even posted the link to this website and of course, call us all crazy.

  45. It’s sad that in none of the coverage does anyone talk about the compelling evidence of Travis having narcissistic personality disorder and that midi wad a victim of his.

    • Thanks for that comment Tam!!!I’ve repeatedly pointed out (as well as some other people here)throughout the days that Travis was CERTAINLY suffering from NPD!! my ex boyfriend was NPD ”qualifying” for almost 5 or 6 of the 9 NPD characteristics/traits.I guess if one hasnt been around an NPD person or know the damage/hurt/abuse these people can inflict then it’s difficult for them to put their finger on what seems wrong with the person they’re dealing with.TA had all symptoms of a narcissist,this type of personality disorder is POISONOUS to anyone around him.

  46. Just a thought, there are TONS of questions being asked about her memory. The tone anmd wording of the questions seem to imply that they are looking for other times where she lost her memory, and that they can’t believe she did on 6-4. They have even asked (several different ways) about her memory at other stressful times. She has already stated that her brain gets “scrambled” when she is being yelled at or when someone is mean, etc…so, IMHO, wouldn’t it BENEFIT her to answer these memory questions in the affirmative instead of repeatedly stating she has NO memory issues other than on 6-4??? I am looking at this thru a jurors eyes, and this can be seen as a selective memory loss. If she were to say that thruout her life, in several circumstances where someone hurt her, yelled abusive things at her, and physically harmed her, like when TA did on those occasions, she has some memory issues and its fuzzy, etc…Instead she remembers those things very clearly, and the jury will wonder why those are so clear, and this time was not. In fact the jury has basically already asked that a few different ways. Anyone agree with me?

    • Yes, I agree and I hope an expert will talk about this. Maybe denial is a trait and if so, they’ll make it clear that Jodi is still in denial because she hasn’t come to realize that she has that issue.

      • Here’s the issue with the experts. Both the defense and prosecutor get to call experts.

        Jodi’s testimony about memory is not consistent. And it isn’t supported by memory research. While I think her experts may be able to explain her inconsistencies well, JM will also ask questions of the experts. And then he’ll bring in his experts.

        I’m not confident that defense counsel will handle the prosecution’s experts well. Nurmi is just bizarre.

        Don’t rely on the experts to clarify Jodi’s inconsistencies. Only Jodi can do that … and she hasn’t. These past 2 days have made this even more confusing.

    • I hear what you’re saying, Anna. The jurors may be looking for evidence that she was prone to trauma-related memory loss prior to June 4th. But, if that’s not true–if June 4th was the first time she had an episode like that–wouldn’t it be a lie to say otherwise?

      I’m more inclined to think that they simply don’t believe in the memory loss, that they see it as “selective,” and that they don’t expect affirmative answers from her. The questions come in the interrogative form, of course, but the tone, the way I hear it, is accusatory.

      But, again, I’ve never been on a jury. You could be right: they may be trying to believe her, and want to see a pattern of memory loss to help them decide.

      • I am not suggesting she lie. Its a tricky subject, and it is worrisome. like you, Pique, I am inclined to think the jury doesn’t believe her and also sees it as “selective”. Should she lie? No, but thats why it is so tricky, she has mentioned the attacks by TA and she has a perfect memory. So, again, the jury will either believe that her memory is perfect during those attacks, but this one was so brutal that she blacked out……or, they will believe she is lying about this memory loss. One can only guess how they are leaning. from the questions and how they are posed, and the tone, I feel that they do not believe her, and in fact, I feel they do not even like her. (not that it should matter) I found alot of the questions accusatory as well, and starting by “IF you…” and “You say that..” which isn’t good. The bottom line is this, the jury knows the charge against her. The reason it is a DP case is due to pre-med and cruelty. (meaning the stabbing part of the killing) They could very well be thinking that the reason she is owning up to the shooting but not the stabbing, is to spare herself from a DP charge. Very long ago, I wondered why she didn’t get an atty and plead temp. insanity. The brutality, the memory loss, all would be fitting for such a charge. Self defense can be hard to prove in many cases, and in this case, so many juror questions are about that very issue. ie, “why didnt you run past him”….”why didnt you go left not right” “why was he mad about a camera falling”, “why didnt you call 911 when you came to in the desert”…etc etc. All these speak to how they feel about self defense. The gun questions themselves do as well. (first time today I ever heard of a box for the gun)
        All in all, I find the questions troubling, and having been a juror 2 times, (we werent allowed to ask questions like this) it tells me, (again, my opinion) that they do not believe her.

        • Temporary insanity in AZ is extremely difficult to prove and the burden is on the defendant, not on the prosecution. Whereas, self defense in AZ still leaves the burden on the prosecution.

          Maria, I am curious though. As a juror, when you entered into deliberation, did you or other members of the jury have questions that would, in any way, mirror some of these types of questions? I mean, they come off as a little bizarre and irrelevant at times. They come off as accusatory. They also come off as if the jurors weren’t listening. Was your experience like that?

    • Jodi is trying to propagate the idea that her killing TA was such a monumentally stressful action she lost her memory of the event. I think if she were to point to other examples (that don’t exist, by her own lack of admission– are you hoping she lie?) it would diminish the import of TA’s murder. I would expect that’s her intellectual reasoning, but if we’re to take her at her word, then this has NEVR HAPPENED BEFORE. Why pretend it has? To curry favor with the jury? That’s not right.

      • “I think if she were to point to other examples (that don’t exist, by her own lack of admission– are you hoping she lie?) it would diminish the import of TA’s murder.”

        Yes, JosephHenry–that too.

    • Anne
      I just responded to that memory issue, the problem with people making excuses is the Jury will not,
      They are seeking the Truth, and they are not going to put a person on the street who committed such a gruesome killing and minimizes her memory loss. If you have had a black out which resulted in the Death of someone in such a horrible way you would say I need help what made me do this.

      • Oliviero,
        Yes, and I have been hoping against hope that one of the times the issue of mental health came up, she would respond in the positive. For example, “I am hoping to get treatment eventually to try to come to terms with this horrible thing’…..or, ” I feel so bad about what I did, I really need to remember”…something like that. to me, that shows the jury 3 things.
        1. She wants to understand what happened and her actions
        2 She wants to take responsibility for them no matter how horrible they will make her look/feel
        3. She is remorseful and has deep regret.

        The biggest element in a murder trial (when the person has admitted to the killing) is remorse. Over and over we hear judges and juries say that the defendant showed no remorse, or minimized it, etc etc…blackout or not, Nurmi should be getting her to use the words regret, remorse, whenever she is able.

  47. I was just looking at that ja fb trial page and someone on there posted the chapter from the Book of Mormon law chastity. I just read it. I feel like Jodi’s defense needs to do their homework better before allowing Jodi to say things thst cn get her in deep trouble! Two things she hs said in last 2 days that I am sure JM is going to confront her on is 1. Ch 39 in book mormon says explicitly that
    “before marriage do not do anything to arouse powerful motions that must be expressed only in marriage do not participate in passionate kissing lying on top of another person or touch the private sacred parts in the other person’s body with or without clothing. do not allow anyone to do that with you do not arouse those emotions in your own body. ”

    2. Jodi said that ryan was mistaken about her hair being blonde because she met him at the International Convention in March of 2008 not April 2008 which Ryan said. but someone found information directly from the website for PCL and it states the convention in April was an April 2008 that year.

    I can see on the convention issue that Jody could have been mistaken why wouldn’t hurt her knees first check everything?????

    • I know, I agree.. I love Nurmi dont get me wrong but theres a lot that her attorney have not looke at or research. Idk why. Are they short staffed?! If jodi had $ this trail would be so much different. Its sad, when you think about it, if you have money, you pay to live. If you dont have money you better be scared for you life!!

      • So true….it is possible to get a great attorney pro bono, but more often than not, a great atty costs big bucks. I actually think Nurmi is ok, but do not think he is wonderful, and in this case, a life or death case, he needs to be on his toes at all times. Maybe its just me being the arm chair quarterback, lol, but there are a few things I feel he has missed so far. The hair thing…….hmmm…big problem. That was one of JM’s points to try to prove pre-med, that she died her hair before her trip and then died it back. She testified March, but if it was April, that could be an issue only because she was asked about it, and told that Ryan said April, and she said he was wrong. So, Nurmi can be pro-active, (which is very important imo) and bring it up and let her correct it, or maybe JM will do it in closing, which would look pretty bad. I have always thought that defense atty’s do best when they are pro-active and get the leg up on an issue that makes their client look bad, get them to answer first. That way it looks as if they have nothing to hide and the pros. can’t try to use it against them.

    • There are Mormons on the jury; I know this from the questions asked.

      I lived in Mesa in high school. The community is very, very Mormon. In fact, students could attend Seminary during their free period; the Seminary was just across the street from the school. All of my friends (except 1) were Mormon because the entire school was Mormon.

      Members of the jury are going to have a tough time with the answers Jodi has given regarding the Book of Mormon & Law of Chastity. She should have just said that she was human, was in love, and failed to keep the Law of Chastity because she’s human. In some ways she implied this. But she’s a smart enough woman to know the Law of Chastity.

      Jodi’s answers about the LoC are not good answers, IMO. Mormons understand sin and human failure. Ignorance of scripture is not well tolerated, esp on something as basic as the LoC. While Travis may have lied to her about that, she had other ways of learning about it.

      Who hasn’t made sexual decisions that they regretted? Jodi needs to stress human weakness when she has to justify her sexual behavior and faith. Everyone of any faith understands failing to keep to scripture!

      • YIKES!!! Observer, I clicked on the link you provided and got a warning, “Malware warning”. A page did come up, but I was afraid to stay there and see what it was about…..:(

      • Seems odd. I wonder why. If TA was barefoot, and JA had socks on, and/or barefoot, you would think both sides would want to know who was wearing shoes and snooping around upstairs. Someone besides JA knew TA was dead, never reported it, and apparently never told anyone.

    • Lol I know WOW!!! THANKS… That’ll keep me busy all day. I wonder if the jury will have access to these? I hope so because this jury seemed confused ahout some things jodi said and answered. This would help them go back while deliberating.

    • Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a very well written and insightful commentary.

      Best paragraph:

      But assume for the sake of argument she was asked that question and did not have a good answer for it. What was she planning? Was she planning on killing him since the moment she asked to borrow the gas cans in May, or since she left for her trip from California? If she was planning on killing him before she left on her trip, then why did she stay with him for 8 hours and have sex with him on the same day? Does that really sound like a plan on murdering Travis Alexander? I don’t know, and even more more importantly, the government cannot answer these questions without speculation or guess work. The guesses may be reasonable and even probable, but that is not proof beyond a reasonable doubt, and certainly not proof enough to send Ms. Arias to death row.

      I sincerely applaud the author and will be tuning into Mr. Vladimir Gagic’s program on Friday. I hope many who are so accusatory in the opposition will also.

    • Very good, but I don’t quite agree with that part:

      “In other words, despite all the evidence to the contrary, radical feminist want us to believe that men and women have the exact same motivation to murder.
      That is why so many so-called liberals are calling for Jodi Arias’s execution: men kill women because men are motivated by sexual jealousy. Men and women are the same. Therefore, Jodi Arias killed Travis Alexander out of sexual jealousy.”

      I’ld say, Men would do that out of jealousy, so they project their own behavior onto what a woman would do, without any scientific research or evidence.
      How radical is that?

      Any other takers?

  48. hey my fellow brilliant and open minds……

    how do yall see this going thus far……

    can we assume thr are jurors that havent asked questions??

    • not trying to sound pessimistic but i have a gut feeling the jury is not seeing her favourably.quite the contrary actually.sth feels weird with these questions…

      • ditto maria…..

        and do u think the maj of questions are from same jurors

        cld thr b even ONE who hasnt asked questions, …………i.e.s i hope

        • i imagine that since today we there were additional ”today” questions,then all jurors got to ask their questions thus the additional ones basically we heard all questions from all jurors so far.thats why the judge asked ‘are there any other questions?” IAssuming that all have submitted at least one question that is.But you may be right.Maybe the jurors that believe her didnt have anything to ask and we just heard from the ones that doubt her version.idk honestly

      • and,………lol sorry maria i just like ur input

        but, jane v mitch is on and she is actually making sense… but she just said she is perplexed by the qustions………like do i ask questions if im sending her to death to clear my consc or does a juror only ask questns if they dont blve the state

      • The memory is a problem her Lawyer cannot ignore their is the legality of the Stabbing being cruel in humane so if she has no memory no responsibility and she can’t really be charged with DP murder 1 but The Jury has to buy it. And She should have some proof she sought help for this humongous issue.

        • Exactly. How is it that Jodi’s lawyers didn’t find some way to defend on the memory issue. Too much damage for the experts to fix.

          They jury does not believe her.

        • But how could she get help Oliverio? She was jailed shortly after so there is no way she had access to mental health care while in jail.She did talk to an expert of DV though but that was for the purpose of defending her in this case. I mean Sheriff Joe is famous for doing the bare minimum for inmates. Did you know that Sheriff Joe decided that all inmates now have to pay for their own food? If money is put in their account, it will be automatically deducted at a cost of 3 dollars a day to pay for food. I have a problem with this because many people in county facilities aren’t serving sentences and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. So my point is that if Sheriff Joe expects inmates to pay for their meals, than i doubt he will provide mental health care either.

          • Sheriff Joe is a total asshole. Always has been. However, I wish that Jodi, before being arrested, had made an effort to see someone, (it would be documented and look very good for her) or even while in jail, she could ask to see a doctor. The doctor would be a regular MD or DO, but they are also trained to a point, in psychology. Even if they were not able to help her much, or at all, there would be documentation of her requests. The other thing I was hoping she would say, and maybe she will, is that she tried to get help thru clergy, at least someone to talk to about all this. Just the fact that there would be an effort and a paper trail would show the jury that, yes, she has this memory issue on that day, and yes, she is trying to get help.

            • Those are all great points I had never thought of.

              I do remember reading that she has a 78 year old Mormon church member has been visiting her and reading scripture with her for a couple of years. I wonder if he would count as an attempt to seek help spiritually speaking? I guess if he isn’t a bishop though it won’t matter, not sure.

              • It would be a good thing for Nurmi to bring up in depth a little. bishop or not, if she can prove she is talking to someone, specifically about June 4th, it shows the jury she has remorse and wants to deal with it. It could even be a regular doctor or chaplain that visits inmates. She needs to be careful not to say “in jail” but she can still mention talking to someone.

            • Based on what Oliviero posted above, I suspect that psychotherapy is ONLY provided in the Maricopa County jail system when it’s court ordered. Potentially then, her attorneys would have had to motion the court for her to be evaluated to determine the necessity of treatment, a hearing would have to been held (which means JM would have been able to argue and possibly also have her evaluated). I don’t think her attorneys would have wanted him to get a crack at her with one of his psychology experts PRIOR to trial. Know what I mean?

          • I suspect that the defense didn’t want Jodi to receive psychological treatment in jail. Such info from treatment can be and would be subpoenaed by the prosecution. Jodi would greatly benefit from psychological help. But I can understand why the defense might encourage Jodi to not receive help until the trial is over.

            I know that one of the defense expert witnesses is going to testify that Jodi suffers from PTSD; she must have been evaluated during the trial or shortly before the trial. I wonder if JM had Jodi evaluated by a 2nd expert. I think he has that right by law. But don’t quote me on that!

      • I am not expecting a good outcome for Jodi. The jury questions make it obvious to me that they do not believe her answers on memory. Nor do they believe her answers on the Law of Chastity. To be honest, they don’t believe her on most issues.

        Personally, I think M1 shouldn’t be discounted now. Before last Thur, I thought M2 was likely. But now I don’t think the defense can repair what happened last week, even with experts.

        I don’t think Jodi will be sentenced to death. I don’t know that she will get M1. But M2 is, IMO, certain.

        Manslaughter is off the table. Acquittal is impossible at this point.

        I’m not trying to be a neg Nellie. I’m just answering Maria’s question honestly. Perhaps I’ll be surprised?

        • Why are her answers on the Law of Chastity relevant to finding her guilty of premeditated murder?

          All it takes is one or two jurors to side with her. We don’t know who the alternates will be or what will happen. I think she’ll serve time, but I don’t think that the state has proved murder 1.

          • I referred to the LoC because it was a recent question at the time I wrote my comment.

            I said that M1 was back on the table because so many jury questions were about her memory.

            The LoC would have never been raised if this hadn’t become a sex trial. The LoC questions and answers come to the issue of credibility. For a jury with Mormons, that matters.

            I never said that Jodi would be sentenced to M1. I said that M1 was widely discounted before last Thur. IMO, that has changed. The questions from the jury strengthen my opinion.

            My thoughts on that have nothing to do with my opinions about Jodi and TA. Certainly we can entertain possible outcomes without being disparaging of Jodi.

            I think it is very possible that the state has gotten the jury to buy into M1. Juror’s questions show that they are pondering premeditation. They have absolutely not discounted premeditation. I don’t have to agree with the state. But I do think that it is very possible that Thur was enough to tip the “beyond” on reasonable doubt.

            • I think there are more witnesses for Jodi to come though. If Matt M testifies, he could substantiate much of her claims. I don’t think the jury has completely made up their mind. If jurors take the their civic duties as seriously as research claims, they wont completely decide how guilty she is at this point.

    • I think Jodi is doing really well! Perhaps if they thought she was lying, they wouldn’t be asking her questions. They’re making her account for her behavior, but that might not be wholly negative thing.

      I’m not thrilled with the sex questions. I am giving the jury the benefit of the doubt, but I hope that they know that the state proving their case is more important than Jodi making poor choices in her relationship with Travis.

      • At times I wonder if this is a murder trial or a sex trial!

        Good grief! How many times do the lawyers have to talk about sex!! And why has the defense stressed the sex so much? They had other ways to go with this!

        • Well, the state is alleging that Jodi is a jealous stalker, obsessed with sex and couldn’t let Travis go; the sex tape completely refutes this claim by showing to the world that Travis was NOT in fact a victim of stalking. Not that there was any evidence to support the claim that Jodi was the one who slashed his tires or sent religious emails; the defense went above and beyond the call of duty and obliterated the prosecution’s claims.

          IMO the sex also reveals the psychology between Travis and Jodi too – Jodi kept his secrets, and Travis had a whole other side to him in secret; not to mention how all the evidence points to him having a “problem with women” to put it mildly. The dude got off on power trips, and I think the domestic violence expert will testify about how that is part of abusive psychology.

          Also, the pro-Travis camp opened the door about their sex life by accusing Jodi of being a wicked witch with sexual powers that led Travis, a virgin mormon man astray the righteous path. I know the jury isn’t supposed to watch the media, but they aren’t sequestered and Nurmi has to do what he can to mitigate the irresponsible damage the talking heads are doing to this case.

          • The Sex Tape also had Travis talking about how he Raped Jodi. More than interesting that this was his perception. Rape = Violence. Violence often times equals self defense.

  49. CAPTION: ” if it may please the Court, and for your viewing pleasure, let me present to you my finest exhibit for the weekly Show-N-Tell, ….”

  50. ROAK Thanks for that link. There is no way that I believe this was premeditated. And there is no way that the State has proved premeditation.

  51. Okay everyone on a new fb page called Occupy HLN, the creator of the page says “And Travis’ old boss, who’s said on air that he had a vicious and violent temper, should be recalled to testify to that! HLN doesn’t report on this, though.”
    This is new to me and has anyone heard this before? And I imagine if it was said on HLN they would cover this up fast.

    • I can’t find that Page anywhere?? I have not heard anything on that tho. But I wonder why they did not check him for steroids now? I know his religion would not say that was ok tho due to they do not even like them to drink coffee or tea for crying out loud. As the body is a temple an suppose to be pure as possible. I pray there is somebody out there to say something besides all this one sided crap on JODI I a about to go in a RAGE myself hearing the same old stuff about the Woman who had 4 or 5 bf’s that never worked out an had sex with them an was a whore bla bla bla…………an poor Virginal Travis was so innocent an she pretty much raped the poor boy. I could understand if he was AMISH an just coming out to the NEW WORLD but HE WAS NOT ! WOMEN will not stand up because they are ASHAMED an will not want to TARNISH their own image let alone the SAINT TRAVIS IMAGE, If he was such a wonderful SAINT of a MAN why is it he laid in his SHOWER .>>>WED>>>THUR>>>FRI>>>SAT>>>SUN an finally on MONDAY oh Travis dead ! call that JODI ! 5 DAYS ! really !! no one missed him at CHURCH or even at WORK on the PUTER what the hell is wrong with this picture…………..somebody had 5 whole DAYS to do what they wanted with anything in that ROOM ! it is not like he was living all alone in that house an nobody ever stopped by unannounced either. SICK Of IT.

  52. Travis Victor Alexander
    Born July 28, 1977
    Riverside, California, United States
    Died June 4, 2008 (aged 30)
    Mesa, Arizona, United States
    Cause of death Excessive blood loss due to stab wounds[1]
    Burial June 21, 2008
    Olivewood Memorial Park, Riverside, California, United States
    Prosecutor Juan Martinez
    Suspect Jodi Arias

    I FIND IT INTERESTING that this says CAUSE OF DEATH was Excessive blood loss due to stab wounds[1] BUT HLN NEWS an other sites pro TRAVIS say she cut him up first then shot him ! THE SHEEP JUST FOLLOW what ever these NUTS say on the tv it seems to me ! driving me NUTS too.

    • The HLN people are a bunch of kooks! They will do and say ANYTHING to sensationalize this trial. It’s tabloid material…It seems there are many people who enjoy that sort of thing. Why?
      As for his death due to stab wounds/excessive blood loss…this leads me to believe that Jodi didn’t actually kill Travis. Maybe she doesn’t recall stabbing him because she didn’t do it. The slash across the throat is (from my education on the matter) a Mormon symbolic thing…I doubt Jodi had anything to do with that part.

      • I agree Dorothy 100%
        I don’t believe she slashed him or pulled him in the shower at all.
        At one time before the trial she did say it would be better if everyone just believed she did it.
        I don’t know why, but believe that’s it.

        His body wasn’t found all bloody and she would have had blood all over her and tracked though out the car.
        Blood isn’t easy to wash out or off,

  53. I bumped on this video and it shows kind of timeline for what happened on June 2008. I am a bit confused with this timeline and kind of making sense-I am afraid. I found odd why would be so much blood outside the bathroom.

    • Yes, very impressive.
      Many men I’m sure agree with what he so well worded. They’re just not the types to go salivate and hyperventilate with hatred on TV or tweets. Some men can think and empathize.

  54. Just started watching on tape today.
    Vinnie: (I saw that sceptosisum just oooooooooooooozin all over those pages.
    AND Jodi doesn’t have that same confidense~~~)

    What I see is Vinnie having a nervous breakdown with hatred. They have it ooozing all over their faces!

    Some times the talking heads are so afraid Jodi isn’t going to get the DP.
    That they have so much confidense in this jury to give her the DP, if they don’t get that same confidense, they go completely nuts.
    The sooner that they are off of TV, can’t be soon enough for me.

    I am so sick of listening to their fear and hate that she will not get the DP.

    Jodi never gets angry. They want her too so bad, but it just isn’t there.

    I know IF I had been body slammed that I would KILL whoever did it, if I had a chance.

    She was pushed into furniture and hit her head by her dad, then you have Trvis ckocking her and kicking her???? W
    ONE time to hit your head could kill you.
    She WAS abused.

    The people around him, OF didn’t see it because it is a well kept secret from the abused.
    Why can’t people GET it.

    I’ve known some that were abused and you didn’t know it until they were dead.
    OF COURSE to everyone it was a secret, so the husband acted like the grieving husband and that was end of story.
    Because it was an “ACCIDENT”

  55. Caption for the pic: “Now MA’AM can you identify this for me? No, I didn’t ask what it was, I asked if you could identify it. Objection! Witness nonresponsive, I asked if she could identify the piece of evidence in my hand, not tell me what it is. Are you having problems with your memory, MA’AM? What are we talking about here? Do you need me to repeat the question?”

    Long caption, but that’s what comes to mind!

  56. The man that all of a sudden couldn’t hear, did HE have problems hearing during the whole trial.
    no one else said that the couldn’t hear during that time, so it wasn’t technical problems.

    • Aly,
      No, the judge asked him if he spoke up right away and he said yes. She asked him again if he heard everything up to that point, he answered yes. He had a headset that stopped working properly.

  57. these questions are BS. today has been annoying so far. the jurors seem to have their minds made up about her, and it isnt fair at all.

    • ugh, its so obvious.. the jury doesnt believe her. i honestly blame the lawyers. someone of her answers just sound bad, and her lawyers should have made sure that yrs ago she was seeking help for her memory.. even if she says she has no issues, it should have been forced up on her so that she could have at least “tried”.. this is her life.. and this could cost her her life.. they arent going to understand why she remembers so vividly where her hands were placed during the struggle at certain times, which direction she rolled, how she felt, how many steps she took.. but doesnt remember anything about the stabbing.. they just arent buying so sad. i still have hope that 1 juror believes her and refuses to be swayed, but then again, they may all agree on murder 2, and i dont want that either!

      • does anyone remember if jodi was shaking during her cross? i think thats where the jurors were going with one of their questions..

        • really, sd? can i ask what changed your mind? i know u were an advocate of her early on.. and i agree.. a lot of ppl are praising nurmi.. i dont think hes done a very good job at all.. jose baez was a public defender, too, not dp qualified which is why they had that other attorney (cant remember his name, grey hair.. kenney?) and all jose baez had to do was poke holes in the story and create so much confusion that she was acquitted.. nurmi seems to be helping the prosecution out!

      • Why is she stuck with Nurmi? He isn’t even a public defender, is he?

        I would have tossed him to the curb ages ago. OTOH, Jodi may have thought he was really on top of things … until the trial began.

        How horrified she must be by Nurmi.

    Several years back there was mentioned that some times guns were used during sex.
    Don’t laugh, I’m serious. I’m at the point where they’re talking about why or who gave Travis the gun.
    Since his imagination was high and it wasn’t a larger gun could it have been because of anything to do with sex?
    I don’t want to wait for THE HLN “EXPERTS” lol
    So can anyone answer that??,

    • I read someone else on here hinted to that too the ROPE an GUN were for some sex play an that is why it was there?? the knife was there for cutting the rope? that makes sense to me but she did not bring it up in that manner. So it would seem people still do not believe in her truth on the stand then?

  59. Exibit 523 If the 3rd purchas at the Tesoro gas station in Salt Lake City had been for gas the Co. would have the receipt & it would definitely state for gas as well as her bank statement. Bank statements also state if gas was bought. They could easily find out exactly what this 3rd purchase was for. It’s speculation & her attorneys should object. It is not the silver bullet. She would have no reason to fill gas tanks now that she has left Arizona unless it was as she said for safety etc.

    I am not for or against. Looking at the facts only.

    If I was her attorney I would get the receipt from the gas station and show the entire bank account if it does in fact show the first two for gas and not the third transaction. I would also make clear that it makes no sense to fill three gas cans once out of Arizona after the fact unless she was filling them to cross the desert as previously tesified.

    I would also find out what kind of gun was used or the one stolen. If the gun did not need to be cocked I would defineltely demonstrate that as well as if it was small in size. From what I read a .25 calibur is not reccomended for self-defense bc it cannot take down a man of 220 lbs. This may persuade the jury somewhat that Travis was shot first still able to move about defend/attack what ever and if true that cocking the gun was not necessary.

    If I was really wanting to make it clear I might even recreate the closet with clothes and have Jodi demonstrate reaching for the gun climbing up on one step without disturbing any items if possible to show that it was possible.

    Nurmi needs to back off the sexual exploits since th