Jodi Arias Trial – Day 29 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 29.

UPDATE: There will be no trial next Monday or Tuesday… the trial will therefore resume again next Wednesday – March 13th… in effect making it a 2-day week.


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      • Absolutely, Phillip. It could not be clearer, at least to me, that most of the jury’s questions are efforts to clarify the convoluted mishmash of Juan “Desparado” Martinez’ histrionic, misogynistic, illogical, chauvinistic rantings. But that’s just me:)

        I also think the juxtaposition of Nurmi, the gentle giant, against this brute, even further disturbs the jury, at least the ones with blood flowing through their veins.

        I must now go and rip apart (figuratively) last night’s Dr. Drew episode for the slanderous, pathetic excuse for a ….God…I can’t even think what to call it….

        (In case no one has said it lately to all you thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate, insightful, and probably good-looking people here, YOU ROCK!)

        (We’re at 173!)

  1. I think she’s doing well today. The questions are very repetitive – do you think the jurors are trying to catch her out in a lie?

    • I think she is doing well and I was thinking on the same lines about the jury trying to catch her in a lie. She is VERY consistent though and this is an indication of someone who is telling the truth. The questions are all over the place, how could she keep everything straight if she was lying. There is too much to remember. IMO

  2. Okay everyone on a new fb page called Occupy HLN, the creator of the page says “And Travis’ old boss, who’s said on air that he had a vicious and violent temper, should be recalled to testify to that! HLN doesn’t report on this, though.”
    This is new to me and has anyone heard this before? And I imagine if it was said on HLN they would cover this up fast.

    • Yes, Travis had a bit of a temper, but like all of us he managed to control it. We all have “hot buttons” and triggers. He is no different than any of us. When we get hot/mad/frustrated/angry, we raise our voices; we use body mechanics to display our animosity. Travis was no different. He was human.

      I’m gonna get yelled at for this one…

      • Who is going to yell at you? Someone that is trying to pass him off as a perfect person? There is no such animal!

      • Bella – just curious here……exactly what situation was happening in which you saw TA having a temper.

        • We were all (a group of 18-29 yr olds) headed out on a ward camping activity. An overnight on a Friday night and Saturday day excursion. We were carpooling and all of us were taking our individual belongings from our vehicles and tossing them in the back of a few different someone’s pick-up trucks. The boys were debating who, what and how to put everything together how many vehicles and how to get all the food, tents, and coolers in. Everyone was chiming in with ideas and Travis got grouchy cause no one was listening to his idea(I don’t even remember what his idea was to be honest), not a big deal, no bad words, no fists, but it was uncomfortable for a few moments as we all kinda diffused the situation. Someone joked, someone laughed and it was forgotten… it was a 25 second deal. But he got grouchy…

        • Travis was/is a good guy. Even with all of the unseemly information that has been brought forth Travis is still my friend and I still have love for him. He was much like all of the boys back then. As I was the innocent and naive version of me, I also thought he was articulate, kind, funny, affable… what I believed I wanted. He was popular and you always want to date the popular boy…

      • How well did you know him? Were you privy to what went on behind closed doors? Most people know me as a calm and quiet person, opinionated but in control, and they have absolutely no idea that I have a wicked temper. I’ve had friends for 20 years that have never seen that side of me because I don’t want them to see it. So depending on the type of relationship you had with TA maybe he just did not want you to see that side of him. Clearly these so-called friends of his that are flapping their mouths all over the media didn’t know him nearly as well as they thought they did.

        *After reading your comment describing the occasion you saw him get ‘grouchy’ it seems to me he knew how to control his anger in front of friends. That bottled up anger often comes out on others when there are no crowds around.

        • Dog,

          I knew him as well as any of us can know each other in a mainly social setting. My interactions were mainly in group activities. On 3 occasions we spoke in a secluded and quiet, 1 on 1 conversation. I was not privy to his “behind closed doors” life. I believe the individuals who are speaking to the media, have a very one sided limited view. They have the “rose colored glasses” view of him. I have it in one relation also. My mother died in 2003, I was 27.(she had been very sick since I was 14, and my life was wrapped in her illness)(long story not relevant to this topic) I choose to remember the good, the beautiful and the sweet about her. I needed/need that. I need to focus on the good, I believe that is what most all of Travis’s friends are doing and feel compelled to do it in a vocal and public manner as he cannot do that for himself. Yes, I believe most of us develop our controls early on and do not allow people to see us lose control who might not understand or judge us harshly. I can see that happening for Travis also.

      • Bella, I’m not going to yell, I just believe there’s a difference between having a temper and being vicious and violent.

        • Ya, I’m kinda on the fence about this “previous boss” comment, regarding his temper. What stands out though is that yes, most people do have a temper, but enough for a boss to take notice of it? Workplace is somewhere you would think a person would be on their best and most appropriate behavior. It makes me think even more that his temper wasn’t quite so normal. But again, I haven’t even heard what this former boss of his is saying.

    • The fact that the 911 tape was admitted that stated that Jodi was a stalker was hearsay, all the testimony from Travis’ friends saying they heard him say Jodi was stalking him was hearsay. I think a former employer stating he witnessed Travis’ temper would not necessarily be considered hearsay. Though, I may be wrong…

      • Just FYI: there are numerous exceptions to the Hearsay rule. If you Google it you will see in detail those exceptions. In fact, Drew Peterson was convicted on Hearsay evidence.

  3. I bumped on this video and it shows kind of timeline for what happened on June 2008. I am a bit confused with this timeline and kind of making sense-I am afraid. I found odd why would be so much blood outside the bathroom.

    PS. Ithis is a re-post

    • THAT VIDEO is PRO TRAVIS I seen that on a HATE SITE DEATH FOR JODI SITE it is BULL they say she stabbed him first in that. I argued with some on that for awhile. They also state a bunch of CRAP that makes no sense in that thing. I sent it in to FB as a HATEFUL an HARASSING comment blog.

    • Ya that VIDEO is BOGUS from a DEATH TO JODI HATE SITE don’t like it don’t agree with any of that all one sided as they want to say SHE STABBED him an the SHOT to the head was last to make sure he was dead. ALL BOGUS.

      • I’m starting to have problems understanding, too :-(. One question I read that raised ??? for me, was that had Jodie shot him in the head first as she claimed, the trajectory would have had it travelling through his frontal cortex. It follows then that he wouldn’t have kept coming at her, he’d have been debilitated VERY quickly. However, if she stabbed him first, there would be quite the struggle (as demonstrated by the blood all over the bathroom / hall).

        • JosephHenry–we have discussed this gun-first scenario, in relation to the Medical Examiner’s testimony, quite a lot in the last week or so. I can’t think of the exact threads right now, but if you do a search/find for terms like “ME” (medical examiner, Dr. Horn) or “frontal lobe” or “defensive wounds” you’ll find those discussions.

        • I just think that is bull too. As if you look up wounds to the HEAD with a small gun as a .25 many survive it. As in Atlanta GA for example a intruder was shot 5 times in the face with that type of gun an managed to drive away an was caught by police ? I am suspicious of the ME an since the body was decomposing an the angle was at the eyebrow not the temple into the left cheek.

  4. Is there a decent facebook page that supports Jodi? I would really like to be involved if anyone has one or could invite me to join one.

      • and another one :Jodi Arias Supporters Group.These 2 are secret gropus,there are
        others support pages too.

    • Yes there is another called “Jodi Arias Support page” a lot of haters get in there all the time. So the owner of the page, has her work cut out for her. I have been called “idiot” and “as sick as Jodi”. these people are just full of hate. That’s how they live their lives.


    Thank you for allowing this to be a safe haven and open forum to talk, discuss, vent and sometimes cry. To me; at first, it seemed a very unlikely forum for acceptance, especially for a friend of Travis’s. Thank you to one and all.

    • Hey Now Bella. That’s no way to be. You find that acceptance here because that’s the way to be. Unfortunately the other places aren’t quite as open as us.

    • Bella, I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure about what to think when you started posting. But I’m glad to say that I appreciate your presence here, your posts can be funny and thought provoking. Thanks for participating here. 🙂

      • I’m so glad this place here exists where there’s no in-fighting and name-calling and all that crap. Everybody is concerned pretty much about the same thing, so it seems like everybody gets along. I put off writing my own website (not Jodi-related) as I’ve gotten so wrapped up in this trial. At my site, it’s the same thing – everybody gets along (the regulars, I mean) and when haters show up, I make funny examples out of them.

        Thanks for creating this website. It’s a nice, sane place to go in the midst of all the idiots out there who let the Media be their guide in crucifying Jodi.

    • Hi Bella, I just saw your comments and I see that you new TA. I’m sorry that I missed you before. Just wanted to say hi.

      • Hello,

        Sorry i was not around yesterday, I had a very sick little boy. That stomach bug going round is vicious and just mean to babies… I know I missed allot but I’m paying attention today… not that it matters as there is no court for 5 days. I think it’s good and bad for us all. It gives us time to rest, (Jodi too) and regroup.

      • I think she just has very high cheek bones. And it does have to be hard on his family. Their brother was different behind closed doors. There were sides to him that his sisters never saw. Now it all comes out in open court. I doubt they’d ever be okay with Jodi even if it happened because of self dense. They have good memories of Travis, and now he is gone, it is hard for them too. They have the right to hurt and grieve. (I mean, isn’t that partly what Jodi is saying too? She kept going back and still loves Travis because she remembers all the god times. It makes it harder to hold on to the bad times and see someone in a negative light).

        I will say , these news sites, the public, even his friends that are completely trashing her need to stop being hateful and judgmental though. This is getting ridiculous.

    • I understand she was heavy in to the drugs for a while before joining the church. I wonder if she has bad teeth as many drug users often do. She has a ton of photos on facebook with her friends, family etc and she is not smiling in any of them.

        • What kind of drugs was she supposedly into? She’s either a police officer or an officer with the Sheriff dept. held that job for about 10 yrs. I don’t think she would be hired if she had a drug problem at any time. If this info is incorrect, please say so.

    • Yes she does an it is a forced look as I went to her FB page an her photos with her husband not one look that way ever. They are very into the Mormon life now an travel a lot to other places with the temples it is very interesting to look through her wall an get a feel about how she really is. Not going to say anything ugly but WOW some people are so into themselves now a days.

      • I didn’t get the feeling she was a bad person, she seems content in her life with her husband, kids etc, I just thought she looked miserable because she never smiles. Who goes on vacation and does all kinds of cool things and never once smiles for a photo???

        • We must of seen different photos? I seen her all smiles but not sure they were the TEETHY kind but yes she showed happiness with that husband they have not been married all that long 2 years I think? But I have seen some very ugly thing come out of a Devote Mormon’s mouth just gives me a bad feeling as they say they are Christians.

          Yet no one ever thought or seen Travis’s side of disrespect to women. I don’t believe that. I have a brother like that this behavior it does not start at the age of almost 30. I understand people that like to make a death of someone to be better than they were but come on. My own brother I would not be totally shocked if I got a call that something like this happened to him. I would be sad I would not be bitter as I would know something happened there for I know his true behavior. I guess I am the only one that feels that way in life tho.

          Self defense/ Murder is wrong it is horrible how he died. It is not right. But I do not only put all the blame on Jodi something happened that day something we all do not know an she will not tell it all I think because of the blank spots in her mind. An the 5 days alone in the shower DEAD bother me also a lot of time for wackos to do a lot of things in that room.

    • She looks rather wan and pallid. I wonder if she is unwell. (Are you referring to the woman with the long face?)

  6. Houston I think we have a problem. I have just been reading again the charges against Jodi. She has admitted to throwing the gun away in the desert and also throwing a rope in a dumpster. Technically, although she does not remember putting those things in her car, they can legally class those things as burglary I think??
    These are the charges :
    They have an alternative charge of Burglary second degree and felony murder that does not include premeditation.Can any of the legal eagles here advise as to what happens if they convict her on those charges?

    • I remember hearing them discussing this earlier in the trial, if I recall Nurmi was arguing that there were no secondary charges so they could not do this or that (whatever it was they were discussing, I didn’t catch what it was all about).

      • Dog the alternative charge was not stated as a secondary charge. It was stated as premeditated murder or in the alternative burglary second degree with felony murder. Please read the doc I posted because it would not allow me to cut and paste lol.

    • Debbie, from what I remember Martinez explaining the burglary charge as; was that as soon as she supposedly attacked him, she was no long an invited guest in his home, hence the burglarly charge. The circular logic goes round and round…

      But I didn’t think of the charge from the viewpoint of the gun and rope being physically removed from the house, though. Good point that it can be classed as burglary on a technicality, to what degree though I am not sure as I do not live in AZ and I’m not familiar with their state laws.

        • Does anyone understand why, if it really was self-defense she didn’t call 911. She’d never been in trouble. And they would have been able to tell right away how it happened, & if she’s telling the truth it would have proved her story. Running, getting rid of the gun, the knife & cleaning up blood makes her look very bad. Women who kill in self defense do report right away.

      • MB,

        Yep. He said, “the minute she stabbed him she became an unwanted guest” to be specific. I sure hope the jury doesn’t count that illogical logic. It could open floodgates with precedent.

      • MB,

        I wonder though. If they can’t prove both existed how can they charge her? That would be saying yes travis owned a gun and yes he did tie her up? Wouldn’t that ruin their theory of pre med murder?

  7. I I know it’s been asked a few times already, but has SJ stated yet how many hits he gets on this website or probably the better question how many individual supporters are on the site? given the jury questions recently and and the fact that hateful Jodi areas Facebook page has over 22,000 supporters, it would be nice to know how many Joey area supporters there are

    • I am a lurker there, and I definitely support Jodi. It appears the same 50 or so hate-filled people are the regular posters over there.

      • Hey JC, you can add a “ticker” on here for all to see. Go to Dashboard, then settings, then random counter. It will keep count of each visit. I love it on my website. I have 104,000 plus visitors! yay. But I know so many lurk here, that is ok. They fear supporting Jodi. I support Justice too.

  8. Thinking about all the jurors questions, I’m not sure any opened the door for TA’s letters to come in. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  9. I am extremely bored with Nurmi, and I am afraid the jury is too 🙁 also, it seems he may be doing more damage than good. Stop asking Questions, and get those expert witnesses on the stand to explain Jodi’s behavior, please!!!!

    • I have to agree also at this point. It’s time to move this along. He seems to be overdoing it IMO, but I’ll give him some benefit of the doubt.

      • I am trying! But with her casually referring to the all access pass, it just makes me cringe. please, finish this Nurmi.

          • Yeah. The “oh, crap” as in, “oh, crap, I think I killed him.” That was cringe-worthy.

            Also: referring to Travis as “passed away” instead of as dead.

            • Pique,linguistic question:why ”pass away” sounds not good?In English class we were taught that it is a formal phrasal verb to say ”die”, isnt that correct?

              • I say that too he or she passed away……………….some people say ya he is Dead? I think the passed away sound more gentle but I think being this is not a normal death I guess some say murdered or dead instead ? expired have heard that too before.

                • Yes, “passed away” is gentle, passive and euphemistic. It’s used in normal circumstances. Using it here is avoiding the stark reality that he was dead because he had been killed.

                • Saying murdered would not be good for Nurmi or Jodi and Martinez is not allowed to say murdered either, Jodi said she killed Travis which does not mean murdered.

                  I too say “passed away”, but as you all said, it may be different during this trial.

                  However, I dont think its that big of a deal, if anything it indicates her inability to come to terms with what happened; it’d be a pretty traumatic event to bounce back from…

                  I dont know?

          • I cringed when she said “all access pass”. Wow, what a bad choice of words. It could be used as in, she/he had an all access pass to every orifice on her/his body.

      • Nurmi seems exhausted to me, if he’s there unwillingly,maybe they werent expecting that many questions or that many ”hostile” ones.

        • Defense brought all that in. It’s show she had dysfuntional relationships where men cheated before, and she didn’t go off and kill them. It also shows a pattern of accepting abuse.

    • IMO He has to address and clairfy the line of questioning from the jury. If Nurmi didn’t, the jury will only hear JM with a spin to validate the juror’s questions in a pro pros manner.

    • agree,this is taking too long.Beth Carras says there’s yet another one note on the jury’s one.

          • Yep. They can write a question and lay it in the basket during anytime during the trial. That is to my understanding.

            I must be crazy today…disagreeing with a lot of people…but I kind of like that the jury is asking questions. Jodi made some important clarifications that had the question not been asked the jury could have been under the wrong impression.

            I’d rather Jodi be anwering questions forever than being put to death because of some misunderstanding.

            • That’s my position as well. I do think that the questions are worrisome, but I like that the jurors can ask questions. That allows Jodi to clarify misunderstandings, esp if someone misheard a previous answer she provided.

              The questions give info and opportunity.

    • It is boring, but I do think it helped on the journal entry about “promising TA” she wouldn’t put in negative things to “help forget”

      • yeah!!was wondering why Nurmi took so long to make her read that entry,when it was Martinez who originally tried to cast doubts in her not writing negative things because she was asked.

  10. I know this is off topic but I just looked at the cable news ratings that were published on Monday, March 4th. They compared FNC, CNN, MSNBC & HLN. The HLN shows Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew were both in 3rd place in their time slots! Maybe our boycott is spreading! I would have thought they would have higher ratings due to the trial.

    • Actually I had read their ratings were higher because of the trial, so this is at their best. Soon as trial is over, their ratings will drop. And 3rd out 4 isn’t really great.

    • I usually watch Hln in the morning to catch up with some news stories really quick. After the reporting on this trial, no way am I watching HLN. I will find another news station to catch up on.

      • I’m sick of the “Jodi-bashing” on the evening shows, but I still love Robin on Morning Express, she doesn’t seem to offer an opinion on the trial even when she reports on it in the mornings-in my opinion, maybe I am missing something?

    • I’m thinking he may have another witness to TA’s behavior. JA did say at the end of re-direct something like “I and other girlfriends of Travis’s would know what went on in secret behind those (bedroom) doors. Plus the jury had a question regarding the threesome.

        • I honestly can’t remember exactly. I remember her having to answer a juror question but her answer to them was something like “It was something I was or would have gone along with”

          I think Nurmi was giving her the chance to answer as she did on re-direct that it was something she didn’t know if she would go through with but was entertaining the idea.

          Anybody else remember the question?

          • Geez I would hate to have to say that ! so there must be someone out there that will step or –or she is afraid if she denied that they would step up? I would not want to admit that crap at all on the stand.

          • I remeber Nurmi mentioning it on Direct, but don’t recall the juror question. Oh well, ADMIN will post the questions later for us. I’ll find it tthen.

    • Obviously Mimi received signs as well, to not get romantically involved with Travis in any way shape or form.

      • Travis had told Jodi that he was receiving signs from God that Mimi Hall was to be his future wife!ugh…Grandiosity is one of the basic characteristics of NPD by the way…

        • Duhhh- indeed grandiosity and rudeness. He might have been confusing God with his friends who did not want him to date Jodi.

        • This is being taken out of context. “Signs” can be anything from a warm fuzzy feeling from prayer, to coincidence in timing to any number of things. Jodi is not implying that God spoke to Travis. See, this is exactly why the predilection to not understand/fear/hate Mormons exists.

          • So as he is having Sex with Jodi & GOD sent him signs about Lisa?? Sounds sick. I think when people behave overly Religious On the outside, its a REAL SIGN that they are filthy on the inside. I think that is so abusive and cruel. But there is I believe a passage in the Bible when Christ Admonishes the Hypocrites. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you make clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but within you are full of rapine and uncleanness. Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean. Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; that build the sepulchres of the prophets, and adorn the monuments of the just, And say: If we had been in the days of our Fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets. Wherefore you are witnesses against yourselves, that you are the sons of them that killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers.You serpents, generation of vipers, how will you flee from the judgment of hell?

            Travis was an abuser but he did not deserve to die, but listening to his voice on the tape is pretty sick especially when he admits to Rape.

            • actually he was receiving signs about Mimi(Marie) Hall but still …When I started this thread I didnt mean to offend anybody’s religion,all I’m saying is that taking his lifestyle AS A WHOLE,nothing and I repeat nothing reminds me of a good Mormon,a good church goer or a pious person.All I see is hypocricy on his part and I couldnt agree more with what Oliviero just wrote!

    • I wish they could have her co worker testify to her being hit by someone repeatedly and that she dod not hit back. There seems to be several people and old friends that say on the dreaded Nancy show, that she was very kind and would never hurt anyone, but they do not even consider it at all.

      • Oh I forgot all about that too…………..I truly think friends an family are afraid of the bashing from the media an death threats also? I would not be but I am in the country an not afraid of much an really not afraid of anyone that would want to harm me most is just big mouths running on. An I believe I have the RIGHT to DEFEND myself from bodily harm. Words they don’t hurt for that long unless it is slander like what the media is doing to Jodi on the trial for her LIFE which upsets me because I know the majority of PEOPLE now in AMERICA are truly SHEEP an would FOLLOW the LEADER off a CLIFF to their death.

      • I was responding to Maria’s comment way up there LOL

        maria rigadopoulou says:
        March 7, 2013 at 4:41 pm
        ”he was receiving signs from God that she was to be his wife” no comments…..

  11. She isn’t throwing any bones to Nurmi though. When he just asked if sex was an option on 6/4 to “de-stress” the situation, she just said, well, not in the heat of that moment…ugh.

    Just scream, no….he was going to kill me.

    • Like I keep saying, she can be her own worse enemy up there. Nurmi has tried so many times, so many ways, to get her to say things likeyou mentioned above and she never does. It’s frustrating, but I’m optimistic that the DV experts will help us understand this aspect of her better.

      • One can hope the expert will make sense of all these (what most would consider) odd reactions to questions.

        I feel for Nurmi. As you said, he has given her every opportunity and she never obliges. I don’t understand. She is a smart girl and IMO she understands exactly what he’s wanting.

        • For me this is an indication of being very truthful this is why i start to believe in her story, but i dont know how the jury are taking it

      • But, why DID he ask that, anyway? It almost sounds as though Nurmi’s anticipating dumb juror questions, and would rather ask them himself, and get them over with.

        Something like: “If you knew that sex de-stressed Travis in the past, why didn’t you just run for the KY instead of the gun?

    • I think that Jodi and Nurmi have some fundamental disagreements on how to proceed. They’ve been on different pages for a while, IMO.

      But Jodi, Nurmi and Willmott must be so exhausted. They work together on prep on non-court days.

      Perhaps having an extra 2 days next week will give Jodi and her lawyers a chance to take 1 or 2 days off to rest!

      • TR: the danger with bringing in new information like: were did the gun come from creates doubt from the jury. They will ask why is this information brought in now?

  12. I just noticed something about JM. When he’s standing near someone, for instance at sidebar, his upper body leans away from all the rest of the people. That’s someone who isn’t comfortable around people

    • Yay we have our own body language expert. I love how he hunches over and sulks up to the judge for the sidebars.

  13. What are the symptoms of PTSD?
    PTSD can cause many symptoms. These symptoms can be grouped into three categories:
    1. Re-experiencing symptoms:
    Flashbacks—reliving the trauma over and over, including physical symptoms like a racing heart or sweating
    Bad dreams
    Frightening thoughts.
    Re-experiencing symptoms may cause problems in a person’s everyday routine. They can start from the person’s own thoughts and feelings. Words, objects, or situations that are reminders of the event can also trigger re-experiencing.
    2. Avoidance symptoms:
    Staying away from places, events, or objects that are reminders of the experience
    Feeling emotionally numb
    Feeling strong guilt, depression, or worry
    Losing interest in activities that were enjoyable in the past
    Having trouble remembering the dangerous event.
    Things that remind a person of the traumatic event can trigger avoidance symptoms. These symptoms may cause a person to change his or her personal routine. For example, after a bad car accident, a person who usually drives may avoid driving or riding in a car.
    3. Hyperarousal symptoms:
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    Feeling tense or “on edge”
    Having difficulty sleeping, and/or having angry outbursts.
    Hyperarousal symptoms are usually constant, instead of being triggered by things that remind one of the traumatic event. They can make the person feel stressed and angry. These symptoms may make it hard to do daily tasks, such as sleeping, eating, or concentrating.
    It’s natural to have some of these symptoms after a dangerous event. Sometimes people have very serious symptoms that go away after a few weeks. This is called acute stress disorder, or ASD. When the symptoms last more than a few weeks and become an ongoing problem, they might be PTSD. Some people with PTSD don’t show any symptoms for weeks or months

  14. o oh!she was trying to explain how Travis got the gun in the first place and Kermit objected!!!I think she was trying to say the incident with his mother shooting his father’s tires???

    • She did say his father before Martinez objected. If in fact it was his mother’s gun then his family knew he had possession of it!!

      • not necessarily…I think it was mentioned somewhere here that he had kept it as a memorabilia of his mother,so maybe his siblings wouldnt know,they werent that close after all.

      • I think she said something to the effect of TA having the gun because “his father used to…….” (something his Father used to do?) At any rate, betcha a juror now hands over a question that reads “where did TA get the gun?” “Why did TA have a gun?”……LOL Martinez you just can’t win, buddy!

    • I think you’re right .. and “it” being a small caliber gun would cast doubts on Grandpas gun, also show where TA might have gotten his gun (from his mother) , and if that can be admitted it might also show TA had perhaps some his mothers anger issues, JM was quick to object because he knows how much it would help Jodi.

      Hopefully she will be allowed to bring it up!

  15. Reading the judges lips I think she said you have to ask it . She is trying to help him get the gun question in. IMO

  16. Humor for the day

    We need to laugh today.

    We will all have PTSD after this – Post-Trial-Stress Syndrome.

    I’m reposting this..I couldn’t see it above…probably from banging my head against the wall….lol.

  17. Just reading through these comments and this is off topic as to what is currently happening, but I saw a mention above of ‘grandiosity’ and NPD. No kidding! Showing her a photo of another woman! Talking about how she would be his wife! SO NPD! And the video in Las Vegas! Talk about narcissistic! All eyes on TA! Sorry, but as a former NPD victim, I see such things and it brings out so much anger….

  18. Thank God! I was waiting for someone to ask her about whether she knew the images could still be recovered even if deleted.

    • As much as she knows about camera’s I would say yes. But I would not think the roommates would know that or anybody else that happened to throw that in the washer. But I think it was a accident wrapped up in the bedding an thrown in the washer just my opinion tho.

      • Well she may have dumped it there in a daze, but because she knew so much about photography, it was an important question. Since she did know they could be recovered, and she didn’t take or destroy the memory card, that could rule out covering up premeditation.

      • The bedding was done earlier in the day and was in the dryer. The camera was in the washer with clothes (socks, shorts, t-shirts and bloody towel).

    • what was her answer. Hate to ask, but I missed the answer. My dad is having health issues so trying to listen to him and this also.

  19. I am fairly new, haven’t posted until today anyway. I am one of the lurkers as referred to yesterday in a post, Lol 😉
    I firstly want to give kudos to Bella for having such an open mind in a sticky situation. I also want to give those who understand her stance a pat on the back for being so welcoming to her.

    Although I don’t know any of you I find this site to have an open mind, thanks for providing such a place for those of us who like to lurk and watch this unfold. It is nice to have a place to go to that is welcoming.
    Thanks for that!! 🙂 ***crawls back into my cave***

    • Thank you BirdOnALimb,

      No need to go hide in a cave. They are friendly here! Even dissenting opinions do not make us targets. Lurkers are expected, maybe on both sides as i lurk on twitter and several other places that are the antithesis this site. I’m glad you’re here, as I am sure are many others.

    • Thanks Bella and Maria 🙂 Your welcome is appreciated.
      I can relate with Jodi on a personal level with having the shaking and tremors when voices are raised. When something drops I jump 3 inches and even when the dog barks I almost come out of my skin. It wasn’t until I started reading here that I realized I may have a little ptsd myself, from childhood issues, birth to 11 years old. Although I have had extensive counseling(5 yrs). I tend to stay in my cave where I feel safe. 🙂

      • Bird,

        Sometimes the strangest of places can feel welcoming, can’t they? I relate to your jumping 3″ too. I do the same thing. Some is related to childhood issues, some is related to my disease, it never gets easier, but we just get tougher and develop more coping skills. I’m glad you’re here.

  20. Why would Nurmi not enter a picture as an exhibit enlarged for the location of the camera to the tub without showing TA in the shower

    • I have no idea. Even this whole shaking thing. Gus saw her visibly upset and shaking. It seems Nurmi is going down the components of PTSD or DV behaviors that his expert will testify to those specific behaviors and testimony of JA prior to 6/4, during and currently how she responds.

      But really, I just wish Jodi would stop and answer briefly and take the many bones Nurmi is throwing her. I think PPL training did a number on JA too.

    • And it got worse after that. I can see why Nurmi said no more questions. He couldn’t rescue her after the “If I get convicted” comment. I bet Nurmi is just sick.

        • As you’ve said all along Bystander. She really hurt herself on that one…more than any other I can think of.

            • I didn’t take it as her taunting the jury at all. She didn’t say “If you idiots are stupid enough to convict me” or anything like that. I think she was saying that she takes responsibility for her repeated lying having an influence on the case’s outcome.

                • Yeah, I took it as her saying “I’m telling the truth now, but I’ve made a lot of mistakes and lied a lot. If’ I’m convicted for that, then it’s my own fault.”

                • I didn’t take it as taunting the jury either. It was a very poor choice of words especially since JM was able to object and it was sustained and, therefore, she couldn’t finish.

              • Perhaps it was something she wanted to say because she previously said on TV that no jury would ever convict her. Perhaps she was trying to contrast the “Jodi” then vs. now. Perhaps she was trying to suggest that she is fully aware that the jury might convict her. I’m not so sure that was a bad thing.

                • Kind of like “I lied then, but I’m not lying now.” And “I said no jury would convict me, but I realize I may be convicted now.” Does that make sense? It’s a contrast from “then” to “now.” Things have changed. She has matured. Just as she’s been saying.

                • And if Martinez’s objection was sustained does that not mean the jury is supposed to disregard the question and answer as if it never happened?

                  If so, guess I dont see how it matters either way…

                • No, the judge didn’t strike her answer. She just sustained the objection which prohibited anything further from being said.

      • Do you think, though, that the “Protecting his ego–I mean, protecting his reputation” was a GOOD slip of the tongue??

        • The slip of the word “Ego” could probably help. The “if I’m convicted” comment prior to objection really hurt IMO

          • I agree, the ego “slip” wasnt good, and then the whole if the jury convicts me thing wasn’t so great either. The reason I think the ego thing wasn’t good, is this was a very important question, actually the MOST important one…and to slip up and say ego which is very different than reputation, (which she has said before) just looks like IMO, she has rehearsed this. I wonder how the jury took it…

            • For Pete’s sake, she’s been talking for how many days, dealing with a very aggressive Martinez, answering questions over and over, and dealing with Martinez’s trick scenarios. I’d fuck up my words too.

              She’s not a robot and I sure as hell hope the jury realizes that.

              If she answered each question perfectly then I’d start to wonder if she was in fact putting on a rehearsed show.

              • I couldn’t handle this as well as Jodi has. I’d be in the fetal position this entire week if I switched places with Jodi!

  21. Oh my gosh…..I cannot believe she just said “If I’m convicted….then….etc.” She just really gave the jury permission to put her out to dry

  22. What’s the deal with this Matt McCartney guy? Everyone keeps talking about him. Why don’t they just call him up as a witness

    • that was my impression too viri.but Martinez objected and we didnt get to hear her finish her sentence

    • I agree with you that is what she intended but I think her use of words makes it easier for a jury to justify verdicts. IMO

      • Agree Jodie, I cant believe she said that…and I am sure Nurmi was stunned. Nurmi gave her such great questions, she had so many chances to be remorseful, apologetic, even cry, (I was hoping) but to say that to the jury…its like saying to them that whatever happens, happens. This is her last chance in this trial to basically PLEAD with them for her life, and she threw it away. Im in shock.

      • As I watch this I cant help but noticing and thinking to myself, I wish Jodi would act the same (or try to) when she answers Nurmi, Martinez, and the jurors questions. There is a noticeable difference in her tone and demeanor when she answers JM, and as loud and annoying as he is to her, the jury surely doesnt want to see her try to argue a point with him. Like I said earlier today, this trial is about over…! This is almost her last chance to try to convince the jury to have sympathy for her. They are seeing someone who is not afraid of the DA’s questions, who has no problem correcting him, and who still occasionally has a slight smirk when he is posing his questions. Is he loud and obnoxious? YES! Thats what he does to get under her skin…..why hasn’t Nurmi told her ho to act while JM is crossing her??? Remember, she JUST testified that she had been upset and shaking when he questioned her previously. My God, NOW is when she really needs to show that!!!!!

        • I think that Nurmi and Willmott do instruct Jodi on how to behave. I don’t think she agrees with them about those instructions most of the time.

          • lisa, i agree.. i think jodi thinks shes doing just fine.. she should be listenting to her attorneys, and especially after the jurors seeing her say “mark my words, no jury will convict me,” she should be extremely calm and anything but combative..

  23. I giggle at how Martinez throwns his hands down each time Nurmi asks to approach. He looks like a little kid who got told “no!” and didnt’ like it.

    • I’m not giggling at all about anything right now. Jodi really blew many opportunities today that Nurmi gave her. Based on the questions from the jurors, IMO, JM can score points with the jury here.

      I feel for her defense team.

    • He’s panicking over the jury believing the pedophilia claims…it’s pretty obvious. This is his last attempt to get Jodi to admit to lying about it.

    • IMO please do not fool yourself. JM doesn’t think one way or another about JA personally, this is just a case to JM and a high-profile case at that. JM’s just an all around jerk in the way he presents his case (or lack thereof).

      • I think it’s at least slightly personal to JM. It’s a really really high profile case. And I don’t think he’s been as successful with such a highly intelligent defendant as he intended. The media has even criticized him. I suspect that’s getting to his over-inflated ego.

  24. I am not sure what to think about this line of questioning. On the one hand, he is being an arrogant, bullying, jerk– which will not play well to the jury.

    On the other hand, Jodi is letting him get to her.


  25. I suffer from compound trauma & just hearing JMs tone & the level of force in his voice, I have to mute or not watch at all.

    I would never be able to tolerate that for even a full minute before becoming totally shut down neurologically , which happens to me every day.

    The only way I recover is to go to my room in quiet, dark room and I will sleep until my system recovers.

      • If anyone were grilling me like that, I would not be able to remember correctly or focus on the question asked.

        • He could be trying to accomplish that very thing. I’m appalled that he is left to berate, rant and rave like that by the judge. He is outwardly hostile and angry in his gestures and voice! How could anyone think clearly under these conditions.

      • I think all JM has to try and hang his hat on, because he can’t prove his charges, is that she is still lying so that he can tell the jurors in closing that they are not to believe anything…

      • soooo tired of the gas cans!!!!all i wanna yell at Martinez is ”ok,have it your way she had 3 gas cans,yes she’s lying.How in that hell does this prove premeditation????Who would keep the receipts if they knew they were on thier way to commit a premeditated murder?????”

      • So this entire pre med theory hinges on gas cans? That’s the way he’s making it sound. I would think a person who planned a murder would not keep receipts of the trip.

  26. OMG. What does it matter if she filled up her car or the gas cans first? JM is a RAT, he looks like one and is ANNOYING like one. UGH, can we just put a ball gag in his mouth? He is an ASS and I wanna rip his face off.

    • lol, I was thinking just the opposite…someone should take the cocaine or speed out of briefcase! He seems WIRED!

  27. Help with a question please.

    Did Jodi’s ex boyfriend who she use to live with, testify that when they took trips together they would get extra gas in cans so if they were stranded in the desert they would have some?

    • I don’t remember if the ex she lived with testified to that but Jodi did during the jury questions. And who could remember 5 years ago if you put gas in can or the car first? So, because she doesn’t remember she is lying about it? Give me a break.

      • thanks for the reply…it’s killlin me. If he didn’t, the defense needs to call him back to the stand. If this was standard for he and Jodi to do, then she was just doing the status quo and there goes the prosecutions assertion that she filled gas cans in her pre mediatation efforts.

  28. OMG, they have talked about these gas can so much and in so many different ways, I would be so damn confused i wouldn’t know how to answer.

  29. I’m sorry for being so spastic; I’m watching bits and pieces of this as I doze on and off from all the medications I’m on (sinus infection, strep throat, pneumonia, headache), but can someone sum up good or bad day overall for me?

    Also, Martinez again? I swear, I’ve never ever seen so many directs, crosses, jurors questions, redirects, recrosses, reredirects, rerecrosses… Jeez. I’m so confused. =-/ Sorry guys.

        • jury questions=not good,the best word i could give you would be not believing her,casting doubts on her testimony,maybe even hostile.
          Jodi=she was ‘off” on many questions,seemed distracted,Nurmi was looking exhausted from having to make her cooperate.
          Martinez now=omg,it does NOT look good…
          I’m dreading next week not to mention the verdict.

      • Can only say thankfully the day will end soon. Using Bystander’s words throughout her testimony “JA can be her worse enemy.”

        • Jodie or Renee, can you please quickly sum up why you have that impression? Is she going off on tangents? Has she slipped up somehow today? Pertaining to which subject(s)? TIA, ladies. =)

    • I lived in Mesa for a few years. AZ is crazy. I wouldn’t ever live there again.

      Ashley, this is Constitutional in AZ. AZ is one of 3 states that requires jurors to be allowed to ask questions, which opens this constant back and forth.

  30. What difference does it make if she had 1 gas can or 50 gas cans in the car with her?? Really, I don’t get this. It really doesn’t prove anything IMO.

    • Don’t you think JM is trying to show that he thinks JA is still lying so that he can argue in closing arguments the whole if you find one thing to be untrue then you can disregard or take all testimony to not be truthful (however that goes)?

      I agree the gas cans have nothing to do with the charges though.

  31. And WHY THE HELL ARE THEY STILL TALKING ABOUT EFFING GAS CANS?!?!? Yes, I’m yelling that. I don’t see what the big whoop-dee-doo is regarding the damn gas cans! Is she on trial for murder or for buying gas? Beating a dead horse won’t make it any deader (yes, I made up a word)… It’s just draaaagging everything out unnecessarily IMO.

    • Sorry I’m cranky; I don’t feel good and then I wake up to Martinez badgering Jodi about gas cans… again.

        • I wouldn’t be so cranky if I could sleep for more than 15 mins at a time without waking up having a terrible coughing fit; my body is so sore from the constant hacking cough, almost no sleep, plus all the medication side effects. AND my hubby is out of state for work til next week and I’m taking care of my (also sick with bronchitis) 5-yr old daughter. I’m exhausted.

          Bella is sick, also? I hope you feel better soon, Bella!!! ((HUGS))

    • Yes. He’s proving he’s a belligerent asswipe who likes to badger and harass abused women because it makes him feel bigger than the 5′ tall Oompa Loompa that he is.

    • You know, I was just sitting here thinking back to the start of this trial, and this dude has been all over the place since day one. That’s where Nurmi upstages him – he’s patient enough to go through everything, and knit together a picture for the jury to understand. Kermit can barely hold his composure for two seconds, let alone long enough to elucidate a coherent thought.

      • It’s like he is dancing around because he has to go potty. I waited and waited just now for SOMETHING but he failed. I guess he feels raising his voice means he said something important.

      • Well said!…I wonder if his flitting from one place to another is intentional; he is trying to confuse the jury into thinking one event is related to another. If he confuses the jury enough it will likely encourage more jury questions which will open up more probing, etc. It seems like he is playing a rather manipulative, sly trick. I want to believe that he doesn’t know what he is doing, that he is plucking at hairs…but deep down I feel some sort of master-mind, slight of hand thing. I compare it to a game of chess. You must always think ahead, several moves, otherwise you will lose the game. What saddens me is that this is NOT a game.

  32. I have to admit when I started watching this trial – she was 100% guilty in my mind. (Yes, I’m watching the coverage on HLN) But the longer I watch, the more doubts I have. I finally found my way to this site and you all bring up interesting points. I’m sure this has been brought before, but if she planned to kill him then wouldn’t she just have shot him to death???? WHY would she choose to stab him and put herself at risk?? He taller, heavier and stronger. It doesn’t make sense to me. The State has NOT made a case of premeditation, IMO.

  33. oh wow, so he just ended it there. He has NO proof that walmart had no record of it???? Wow, so he is just throwing it out there.

    • Do you think he is going to bring someone from Walmart in during his rebuttal case? This is crazy.

      Does anybody think that none of these jurors are going to see coverage from this evening until Wednesday morning?

      • the jury should have been sequestered. There is NO way the ENTIRE jury will go five full days without seeing or hearing ANYTHING….unless ,of course, their internet service has been intercepted and their televisions have been removed from their homes and everywhere they go that may have a tv. I wonder if anyone is keeping eyes out for this. Again, they should have been sequestered. Was sequestering the jury ever requested?

    • I think he is a huge liar and is asking the question on a way that the court cannot hold him responsible but the juries should be suspicious, because he is just asking if she would be surprised that Walmart don’t have any record of the refund, but he did not say that they actually don’t have it, but for the jury it looks like he is implying that he did “his research” and discovered that there is no record

      what a liar !!!!!!!!!

      • was thinking the exact same thing eli! he jumps up and down,screaming at the top of his lungs and im sitting here waiting for him to flash a piece of evidence to her face that will take us all aback and we will be like wow!!but…..another day went by and all he’s shown us is his ability to plant doubts in the jurors’ minds and have his Finale ready for the weekens.No wonder why the jurors seemed hostile or that they’re not buying Jodi’s story!! Right now,i have mixed feelings,I actually believe Martinez mau have already achieved in planting enough seeeds of doubt and this whole thing is irreversible regardless of what Jodi or Nurmis say.I hope Im wrong 🙁

    • Hmmm what was the point of all of this, nothing was resolved. I guess he is just trying to plant doubts for the long weekend.

    • I was sitting here saying the same thing to my husband. I don’t see where that matter’s. There is no report for it, move on already.

      • Martinez is trying to show the jury she lied about the injury now because there is no work record of it. They asked if she reported the injury to workmans comp. The thing is, employers dont like workmans comp claims and if an injury is treated on the job it would NOT be reported to workmans comp. I think it happened just as she said.

        If I got a paper cut at work, I’d put a bandaid on and move on.

        he takes the most benign things and makes them sound so sinister!

        • I believe that if he can impeach her on one little benign thing, he can ask for a jury instruction regarding that, and if the jury agrees, they can disregard ALL of her testimony. That’s his goal.

    • I think he wants to prove that she lied about cutting her finger with the glass instead of the metal and that it was a lie that she even got hurt at work bc no record was made

  34. Oh F-me! How many times do folks get small injuries at work and don’t fill out paper work! It was a cut finger, not a broken leg!!

    • But, did she not say, quite recently, that she cut her hand on a Margarita glass at Casa Ramos?

      Or, is that she lied to Ryan Burns about her cuts, saying she broke a glass at work, because the cuts were actually from a water glass at Travis’s house on June 4th?

      There have been so many cuts to her fingers–or not really, but it sounds that way. And, I think Martinez is trying to expose inconsistencies. Not because it proves premeditation, but because he wants the jury to continue not believing her about anything–even the smallest things.

        • She testified that she cut herself on a glass at Travis’s house. She never said it was a glass at the restaurant.

          • She did say she cut her finger at work hanging up margarita glasses moving the hot ones to the back and the cool ones to the front bc hit glasses needed to be cooled so they don’t break

            • Right, but that’s not the same as a cut on a glass, which she said happened at Travis’s house. But man, just thinking about this. We’re confused. That means so are the jury!

      • maybe hopefully she gotten confused by his way of asking, which could happen to me too since I would be too scared to think by his way of asking questions. And yes I think too he is taking every chance to make her look like a lier since there were some questions around that by the jury.

      • Pique,

        She did say she cut herself with glass cup at work. But I seem to remember two incidents in which she cut her finger. She cut her finger at travis home the morning of June 4th right? What did she say today that she cut her hand on? Could it be another word for a glass given that drinks are served in different types of glasses?

      • She cut her fingers on a Margarita glass while working at Casa Ramos on May 31st or June 1st – this is the injury she photographed. She cut her fingers again June 4th on a glass at TA’s house.

        • To everyone who’s commented on how many times Jodi cut her fingers: this is the problem. We know she said she cut her right finger on a water glass early June 4th. And that, a few days earlier, she cut herself at work. That’s twice. Today, she was talking about a third time, also at work, but this involved not a glass, but sharp metal.

          When Ryan Burns asked her about a bandaid on her (right?) hand, she said it was from a broken glass at work. She certainly didn’t say, “I cut myself at Travis’ place”! Now throw in her interrogation with Flores, where she shows him her bent left finger, for a reason I can no longer remember. Now we’re to understand that her left ring finger is deformed from an assault from Travis. Yes, there are explanation for each cut/injury to her fingers, and yes, we understand that prior to trial, she had reasons to lie about some of those injuries.

          BUT–her fingers have had a lot of bad luck, and you’d need a flow-chart to keep track of what happened, where, and why the truth couldn’t be told at particular times. This, I think, is what Martinez wants the jury to notice. Somewhere in all of that, she must have also, on June 4th, got cuts to her fingers from using the knife. It’s logical, very likely that she cut herself on that knife. Yet, she distances herself from this likihood by talking only about broken glasses.

          Again, I think Martinez wants the jury to pay attention to this distancing.

          • Pique you’re right, JA does try to deny, downplay or distance herself from the negative aspects of this case and TA and I think this is what is hurting her the most.

            • This is it, TB!

              The claim is self-defense, a fight for her life that involved, as everybody knows, a knife. No use in pretending she walked out of there without injuries to her hands. It’s almost as if her earlier lies (including the one for Ryan Burns: “I cut my hand on a glass at work”) are so ground in to her consciousness, that she can’t let them go even when they are no longer necessary for her defense. Hanging on to them HURTS her defense.

    • Yes I cut my fingers and hands all the time at work, I NEVER had to fill out a form. I get that people may have to fill out a form if there’s a serious injury, but for a minor cut or scrape? Sheesh Martinez is all over this like it’s a major issue, really it’s not.

  35. JM, not everybody acts up, falls to the floor screaming they’re dying when they get a small injury on the job!

  36. I think Martinez has little man syndrome… I want to bash his character but can’t bring myself to do so. Yikes… I would be withering in the seat.

  37. I’ve worked in a restaurant and sliced my thumb on a meat slicer and an injury report wasn’t filled out .. what is the deal with JM!?!

    • I worked at McDonalds and burned myself. No report was filled out because if you don’t request one to be filled out it will not be. You have 24 hours to fill out the report and if you don’t then they don’t have to pay. DUH. Why fill out a report for something that can be taken care of with a bandaid?

      • ya Pizza Hut is the same way when I worked there way back when. In trucking also an in the warehouse work I did same thing I did not report anything minor. Eye Injury I did an made the whole crew lose a safety bonus. They have those bonuses at places so people do not REPORT small things as everyone gets PISSED off about a big bonus at the end of the quarter. But then those were all Blue Collar America I have a feeling White Collar jobs they get a paper cut an report it bunch of pansies. No offense to the paper pushers of America it is a fact.

        • My husband & I are truck drivers & unless one of us loses a limb or dies or something, we wouldn’t even mention anything to anyone about it! There are millions of jobs that are like that! This is craziness!

      • Exactly. A woman at my job was burned when she knocked over my cup of scalding hot coffee last year. Our manager asked if she would like to complete a report. She declined. The manager pushed a little further. She declined again. End of story.

    • He was acting like he was going to pop up with a notice of injury report to prove that she was lying!!! But he’s not!!! He’s playing this game to drill it into the jurors head that shes lying (without even proving it). Thats the same thing he did with the memory issues!!! Nurmis trying to object but the stupid judge, I think she likes it!!!

    • And news flash to Juan- tipped employees are not likely to go through all these formalities which would include being sent home and foregoing $$.
      I worked for 11 years at bars on Beale st in memphis and cut my hands dozens of times. Once had to have 4 stitches, paid for it myself, no official report. Another time paramedics nearby came in & checked on me cuz the amt of blood made me slump over (pass out) while the MANAGER was bandaging it – no report. Another time the owner wrapped it herself after saturation with iodine – no report. Still got that scar, should have gotten a couple stitches.

      Restaurant/bar work is a war zone and if you’re gonna make any $$ you wrap it up & keep going!

  38. All he is doing is going over the same crap he already did over and over and over and over. I don’t even think he know what she said and what she didn’t

  39. this no court on friday is bullshit

    then lets take monday and tures bc of juror appts wtf… in texas, that shit does not happen

    • especially for a trial that has taken this long already and 4 years to even start or 3 whatever

      its bullshit sbullshit bullshit

    • He’s done but according to the HLN live blog the jurors have put more questions in the bin.

      They say it is unclear whether the judge will allow the additional questions or if she’ll finally release Jodi from the stand.

      My guess though is she’s done.

  40. I am watching this and I need to come here occasionally, just to be among what seems like the few sane people in this world. It’s hard to believe the media is watching the same trial I am. It’s amazing how they continually manage to twist every little detail so that it somehow validates what they’ve already decided. I’m also deeply troubled to see further indication of just how much misogyny still exists in our society, not only in men but women as well. HLN ran a poll asking who they thought controlled the whole sexual relationship and 72% said Jodi (21% Travis, 7% Both). Apparently they think poor little innocent Travis was being lead around by his p**** by this scheming harlot. Unbelievable!

    • I don’t visit other sites anymore, I stopped when I found this one about a week ago. I can’t listen to the twisting of words and the all out lies about what she has said on some of these news shows(mainly HLN).
      I believe she acted in self defense but it was overkill, on the other hand I can understand her not remembering and her mind being blank on the stabbing part due to the violence in her past. That happens to me whenever I get into an altercation or just a simple argument. Within 2 seconds I have forgotten how it started and what was said.

      • I feel so sad for her … all she has been through, is going through, and still has to go through. A living nightmare no one would ever imagine themselves being in.

        • me too Natalie,me too.even more so,I almost ache for her,she’s constantly on my mind,i know what she did was wrong(wrong is not powerful a word to describe it actually) but then again all i see is a gentle creature who happened to be at the wrong place the wrong time,split second decisions that may cost her life or if DP is not on the table still…she never got to fulfill her potential and i believe she could become sm special…

        • Me too! And I can’t help but think that could be me up there. I could have snapped. I really could have. I think, if I had, I would have killed myself.

          People always ask me why I never took my story to the media. So many times, people have suggested it to me. But I know that I would then be “on trial” in the court of public opinion. Every detail of my life would be scrutinized. Just like this poor poor girl. If only she hadn’t lied on TV. But she did, and she even has to face that.

          I just want this to be over for her. I want her to walk out a free woman. But she will NEVER be completely free EVER again even if she’s acquitted. The media will hound her. Savages!

          • Yeah, I understand. I thought my living nightmare was bad, and it was, but Jodi’s is unimaginable. I could have been on trial too. But for the grace of God … my abuser and stalker went to prison.

    • It will be a UNFAIR TRIAL in my eyes those JURORS someone is watching the TALKING HEADS an discussing I don’t care what everyone says there is no way with the questions they asked. An I do believe at least one or two are Mormon’s.

        • The SKANK question …………the reading the Book Of Mormon………..asking the young men that come to the door to recruit you about the sex before marriage parts…….if she enjoyed the anal sex or was it forced? I think those bothered me most.

  41. God I am so tired of Martinez’s bullying…..he keeps it up he’ll get her upset and shaking. with his aggressiveness.

  42. Why is the judge letting Martinez argue with her??? I hate how he started yelling, , remember you told us ud tell us the truth under oath, remember?!!! Wtf and then he goes on to the gas cans again n the finger. He’s msking the jurors blv that shes lying! !! Thats the same way he influenced the jury that she had a memory issue!!! Martinez is playing this game if drilling it in there heads so they can actually blv it!!! He was acting like he was going to expose her lying n he didn’t! !! Unless he did with the gas cans, because I STILL dont get how he’s proven that she had three gas cans. Every transaction shows three transactions one for the car and two for the gas cans. Soooo…. how? ?? Am I missing something? !

    • He’s trying to impeach her. I am actually a little nervous about his statement that there is NO record of her returning the gas can.

      • But theres not always record if it. He didnt show us a statement from Walmart proving this. I know, iv called Walmart or any other retail store and (no offense to anyone that work at Walmart), but most employees are going ti give a short answer to get u off the phone n say, “oh no, theres no way we keep those records” or something like that. Martinez is sneaky, and its a fact that he’s withheld evidence before in other cases. I dont trust him ir what he says, unless he has Walmart records showing gas cans where NOT returned that week!!! I hope the jury sees it this way, but then again they dont know about Martinez background either. He’s nasty, scumbag! !!

        • Kermit is a known liar….some people who are posting here who are not really for Jodi seem to be forgetting the Kermit also chose to splice her journals and paint her as obsessed. Quite frankly I wish they wouldn’t post here and I wish we had a better way to weed them out because they are depressingly negative.

          WHO GIVES A CRAP ABOUT THE GAS GANS? People who are idiots that’s who…and that is my story and I’m sticking to it.

          Kermit doesn’t have jack he tells his story and people get it drilled into their head.

          • Thank you BeeCee.
            I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated on here today.

            I’m not asking for cupcakes and fairy dust, but seriously, I feel like people are trying to convince me that the fucking gas cans and receipts mean something other than NOT PREMEDITATED.

            I’m very glad you’re here.

          • werent u just posting about how u felt it was a terrible day, beecee? people are allowed to have opposing opinions and still be supportive of jodi at the same time.. i couldnt care less if u dont want me on here or anyone else who brings up anything that *might* be hurtful towards jodi.. why cant we point that out? all the hard cores can live in their fairytale land, but the ppl who really care abouther bring this stuff up bc it IS something to worry about.. if the gas cans are getting questioned by the jurors, then there is reason for concern. not everyone is going to have the same opinion, but i know ppl who cant stand when ppl dont agree with everything they say 100% and theyre the most difficult ppl to deal with. as hopeful as i am, ive been praying for her every single day, my world wont come crashing down if the worst happens bc ive been looking at this trial through the eyes of the jurors, and they are the ppl that matter right now.. so go ahead thinking that everything is just peachy, and if she is found guilty, maybe then youll realize that u shouldnt insult ppl who disagree with u, and that maybe, just maybe, u arent always right. but then again, having come into contact with ppl like u, nah.. probably not. TEAM JODI!

            • maybe then you also will find that these situtions, such as jodis LIFE, arent “lol” matters. theyre very serious, this is a very serious situation, and idk how anyone who really cares about jodi can take this so lightly.

            • “terrible day”

              Nope, I said I was bummed by the questions.

              And you don’t know anything about people like me 🙂

    • if you’re missing sth then so am I so are all of us!!! Plus,can someone explain to me if what just took place was way out of order??/I mean,Nurmi kept saying ”beyond the scope of the questions” and the judge kept overuling him!Why did Martinez get to ask so many questions which to be honest seemed more like cross-exam than jury follow up qustions(or whatever it’s called)????

    • I just don’t get it! As Nurmi states in his objection, there is no proof to indicate that the $19.xx purchase was gas (overruled). Info is only a transx from bank statement. And if amount/price of gallon = 5.09 gallons, uhhhh…. Aren’t we talking ab the existence of 2 or 3 FIVE gallon cans? Finally, harping on her stocking up on gas before leaving UT reinforces (to me) her statements-cans were borrowed & filled in anticipation of going across desert.

      But I think JM senses momentum on his side and is going in for the kill, knowing that substance is unimportant.

  43. I’d say huge problem. If he proves in some way, i.e. bring a rep from Walmart in with the records from that day saying no record of returned gas can refunded for cash, then he just proved to that jury that Jodi lied on the stand. She lied very convincingly and directly to them without batting a eye. How can they trust anything she has said? I’d be worried.

    That’s huge IMO,

    • did you get the impression he checked with Walmart? I was under the impression he was lying to trick her.

      • Martinez is a liar its a trick question, would you be surprised Nurmi was on him, He went from pedophilia his favorite subject to gas cans that is bluff. trying to confuse her the Jury will see this he was all over the place. He may have really helped Defense. He is Bad & Nurmi is very good Methodical. She gives too much information, and did not end it well but she has to be exhausted so I give her A++ because this is very rough she is holding her own. I think Nurmi is very nice to her he really likes her and has empathy.
        I never Want To hear Gas Cans EVER AGAIN. They are not going to have a receipt from the return that’s why he showed the other receipts to scare her & at the same time put doubt in the Jury’s mind.
        Martinez is a dirty Pool player.

        • Okay so my gut reaction that it was b.s. was right;-) I love all this discussion. Martinez was HARD on her today. IM surprised the judge was so liberal with her rulings!

        • Did Jodi say she received a receipt? If she was saving receipts for tax purposes than her receipt for returning a gas can serves no purpose anyway. So do you remember what she said about a receipt or it was asked?

    • I hope the defense has looked into this allegation of no record and if true is prepared. No record really doesn’t prove she didn’t return the can. But what about video of her being in the store. People get caught all the time from store video tape. Just recently my bank acct # was used at Walmart fraudulently and they caught the guy on video at the register. There are cameras taping.

      • Oh they wont have video from that long ago I’m sure of it. My nana was swindled by a caregiver we hired, and they didn’t save the tapes for more than six months so law enforcement couldn’t prove much.

    • MindyKS, “I’d say huge problem. If he proves in some way, i.e. bring a rep from Walmart in with the records from that day saying no record of returned gas can refunded for cash, then he just proved to that jury that Jodi lied on the stand.”

      Kermit lies. He doesn’t have proof of anything he likes to blow hot air out his mouth and doesn’t have anything to back it up with. I used to stalk the pro pros sites, and all they kept whimpering about was “Oh, there will be a big bombshell, oh, he has this, oh he has that…”

      And guess what? He didn’t have jack!

      Just as an example, You know why the pedophile letters weren’t admitted? Because they weren’t proven forgeries. If Kermit could prove them forgeries, REGARDLESS of whether or not they are electronic copies, he would have GLADLY admitted them to evidence to prove Jodi a liar.

      The stupid gas cans are the same..

      • Beecee,

        love your comment. Yes, as much as we know martinez now, we surely know we can count on him to bring in everything tangible that he possibly can to show the jury. It is probably his fantasy that he could actually PROVE the letters were forgeries. Instead, he just feeds the media bullshit tips via the family about the letters being forgeries. I was reading that b.s. two months before the trial started! Tainting the potential jury pool is what was and is.

        • Yes JC. I didn’t read about the trial that early, but if that is the case, then I would say the jury pool is tainted.

      • In trial lawyers CAN’T question on anything that they don’t REASONABLY believe is going to be supported by admissible evidence. That’s the way I understand it.

        Even JM wouldn’t think of doing that, right? I mean I know he’s a jerk and completely out of line, far too emotionally involved in this case, but really he surely wouldn’t break that rule. Would he?

  44. LC you’re missing the amount of gasoline paid for on each receipt. It’s 8 gallons (or something like that) on one, then 9.59 gallons on the 2nd (so that could be the 2 gas cans, together, not separate purchases) then that leaves a 2.7 gallon purchase that went somewhere? So where? I know those aren’t the exact gallons but I think it was something like that. Anyway, that’s what the problem is.

    • In her car??? And even though, she didnt use the gas cans to burn any evidence so idk what his deal is. His trying to catch her lying and if she is about the gas cans…. why wouldn’t she admit to having three from the beginning.

    • Ok all these gas stations have VIDEO now a days at the pump why don’t they just see if they can see what she is pumping into what ?? I would not remember what I did first or how much I put in where either………an if the gas can was returned you can’t return a USED CAN ! I worked at Wal Mart no way it would reak of GAS. They don’t do returns like they did way back when please an they have VIDEO UP TOO??

  45. Personally I wouldn’t try to trick her like that in front of the jury. Then they wouldn’t trust him and he certainly doesn’t want that. So, I would say that yes, he better have checked with Walmart. Of course he can’t prove that right now. Not until rebuttal

    • Wouldn’t he have to call a new witness to testify about the return records? And can he actually do that at this point?

    • This whole 3rd gas can thing has been a problem for awhile. I dont understand WHY she ever said she returned it at all. If she did return it, why? That sale for the small amount of gas is a problem and makes no sense. If the jury believes she lied about that, then thats a big problem. If they think she lied about ANY of her testimony, they can receive an instruction that they are allowed to ignore ALL of her testimony. I feel like she has painted herself into a corner with this gas thing.

      • I agree with you. Looks terrible right now. Don’t know what they can do to make it look any better, either. Anyone?

        • Aly,
          Yes, if the DA can impeach her on the stand, (prove she has lied) the judge can tell the jury that they are allowed during deliberations to discount/ignore her entire testimony. Thats NOT good. Thats like saying, “hey, everything she said is a lie”.

          • I would not worry he was bluffing to scare her and get her to lie. Its a bluff and Nurmi seems to have her covered he is trying to show she is a liar and he does not have anything but the 48 hour interview and Detective Flores who I bet is sick of Martinez shenanigans.

            • Kermit is a liar and a bluffer. We all know that already. You would think the jury would have figured that one out from the shaving photo escapade.

              • i’ll never be able to get over that ”shaving dialogue”!! there I was screaming things to my computer screen because I thought I was crazy or sth!He made her watch this damn thing 4 times for f**k ‘s sake when it was him that refused to listen to what she was saying,not to mention that the word MySpace was totally audible.I was more than relieved when Nurmi brought it up,althoughat this point i’m not even sure they jury’s listening-apparently some of them were sleeping at the beginning of the trial let alone now….

        • The evidence has her killing him too. So even if they disregarded her testimony to that fact, there’s plenty of hard evidence suggesting her involvement. I’m getting worried to, gang. 🙁 My heart is HEAVY.

      • Anna,the defense is saying that the gas cans were filled (8.30 gallons) with the debit card and the
        the other two purchases were made with cash. Jodi first prepaid $40 on her car and that was 9.59 gallons and that never filled it up so she topped it off with 2.77 gallons after prepaying. So she put
        12.36 gallons in the car. She just filled the 5 gallon cans to a little over 4 gallons each so they wouldn’t leak out the top as they might if they are too full. She prepaid the $40 thinking that would be enough to fill the car tank, but it wasn’t, so she topped it off with another cash payment. Makes sense to me. This is about the gas fill in Pasadena.

          • She has stated on a couple of occasions that her initial thought was to save money, but she decided to fill them in Pasadena when she thought about the long trip through the desert and wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to get stranded anywhere.

        • Great explaination rb.

          After reading so many depressing comments I was almost convinced that Martinez had somehow hypnotized everyone!

          This comments makes total since of the shit storm Martinez has created by yelling, “3 GAS CANS, 3 GAS CANS” over and over. Just because he yells it once, let alone fifty times, doesnt make it true…

          • Yup!!! And you see how HE can influence the jury to blv it?! I thk he knows what he’s doing here n hus doing it for this same reason. Martinez is KNOWN for this!! If he can get away with playingthis way, he IS!! And NNurmiis trying to stop it n the judge wont let him.

            • I truly hope that at least one of those jurors is smart enough to have an independent thought instead of letting Martinez lead them to a false conviction because their brains are mush.

              And if thats the case, I suppse Nurmi should just start spouting our ridiculous accusations, but no, Nurmi is better than that.

              And I do have faith that at least one juror is smart enough to realize that the shit smell is in fact Martinez.

  46. Regarding the gas receipts saying SLC on them, that means nothing. I go to gas stations all of the time on the outskirts of town and they stamp it with a neighboring towns name. Like Jodi I have no idea where the city limits are. This is much ado about nothing.

  47. Im going to call walmart and ask them how long they keep records of returns, that I lost my receipt and see what they say.

      • Walmart keeps a record of the SKU # of every product sold or returned. It is part of their inventory system. It’s probably not available to frontline employees or customers, but know from experience that it is made available to law enforcement. I think this is really damaging for JA in the eyes of the Jury.

        • If that’t true and correct info though, he would have to introduce some sort of tangible proof in the form of a document from walmart or witness. That’s my opinion after thinking this whole thing over. I think he’s bluffing so far. He moved onto another topic. If he doesn’t come back, then a jury member could know what you know and realize he should have proven it too.

          • He didn’t say that Walmart stated that there wasn’t a record, it was more like ” What if I said said…..there wasn’t a record”. He doesn’t have to prove anything. Defense team should have screamed OBJECTION!!!” He was testifying. Wonder if the jury picked up on that.

            • What do you mean he doesn’t have to prove it? They did object several times. Are you saying that the defense teams needs to bring in proof from walmart to refute it?

              • He said, would you be surprised ??he knows Walmart has no receipts his relatives work there. (JUST KIDDING) Martinez is a criminal and a liar. Nurmi needs to show this to the jury like he did with the Journal Phone tape etc. Jodi needs to help Nurmi more.

                • Today, Martinez out did himself if that is even possible! He lost it. And I agree, he is corrupt to his core and drunk with power and ego.

        • If it was something he HAD a long time ago it should have been presented to the defense already. If this proof she never returned it is something new, something that he just found since she testified to the return, that would mean he found records for a return almost 5 yrs ago that Walmart provided. I will ask DIL what she knows about this.

    • Hey I have a thought I want opinion on: didn’t he say VERBATIM, “what if I told you walmart yaddi yadda” So to me, “what if I told you” is an indirect way, of saying that what is about to be said, is bullshit. What do you think?

      • I just don’t believe a lawyer is going to lie to a witness in front of the jury. I know that during interrogations they can lie to elicit responses, but you can’t do that in a court of law. That’s what the defense is there for, to protect her rights. Surely the defense and the judge hopefully wouldn’t allow that. I only have a bachelor’s degree in law, no JD degree so I’m not an expert but in posts I’ve read before it seemed like some lawyers were on here. Surely they would know. My question is this: I thought the defense was supposed to be aware of the evidence the prosecution had, right? Discovery and all. How did that get by them if that’s the case?

        • I think it is a BLUFF game for the JURY. See see she is a LIAR !! she lied to ya”ll on every question she is a LIAR she is lying now see see that is what this all is GAS CANS an CUTS TO FINGERS. Where is the PROOF ? he would have laid it out by now I would think?

          • Rhonda,

            It is most probably a bluff. The prosecutor slipped. I caught it, not sure if anyone else did. When he first asked her the question he said (below is the exchange): (He first said there were no refunds of any kind, then went back and said, no refunds of any gas cans)

            Martinez: “Ma’am, would it surprise you that the Walmart in Salinas does not have any record of any refund back on June 2nd when you claim you bought this or June 3rd when you claim you bought this of a refund”
            Nurmi: “Objection your honor, beyond the scope”

            Attorneys approach the bench

            Martinez: “Ma’am exhibit #237.008 Walmart receipt, you see this, correct?”
            Jodie: “Yes”
            Martinez: “This is the Walmart that you went to in Salines and your purchased a 5 gallon gas can, right? You told us that before, right?”
            Jodie: “Yes I did”
            Martinez: “And you were there on June 3rd of 2008 at 3:22 in the afternoon when you made that purchase, right?”
            Jodie: “That’s correct”
            Martinez: “Would it surprise you to find that on that (and you said you got a refund in cash, didn’t you?)”
            Jodie: “Yes, I did”
            Martinez: “Would it surprise you that Walmart does not have any record of any refund for a gas can on that date of June 3rd 2008?”
            Jodie: “Considering that I returned it,that would surprise me.”

        • That’s exactly why I think he may be bluffing. Discovery. He hasn’t backed it up yet. About him violating ethics, i see your point:-) I think he walks a very fine line though *remembering what I read about him and the Doug grant case” LOL.

          • JC I didn’t read about that one. Have seen references to it but doesn’t surprise me a bit. He’s a BAD BAD prosecutor. He asks convoluted questions and even today he asked about her seeing a psychologist and she started to say something and he cut her off and said I didn’t ask you about a psychologist. Did I ask you about a psychologist? And yes, I wanted her to say, you just asked me about a psychologist. It was a direct question just prior to her answer and he completely contradicted himself. He’s so excitable he’s confusing. I don’t think the judge sustains enough on argumentative objections. I certainly would. He’s a jerk.

          • AGREE! And, tt needs to be said a loud at least once a day! Prosecutors and cops will do anything unscrupulous from overlooking evidence, tampering, withholding, bullying witnesses, etc. There is an innocence Project for a reason. I read that it’s becoming an epedemic; people being convicted on false charges.

            It’s about wins for the prosecutor’s office not justice.

            • Yeah, if lawyers couldnt lie, is someone honestly saying that for all those who have been PROVEN to be innocent after spending years behind bars, that the prosecutor truly knew nothing of the possible innocence?

              As you said JC, “its all the wins”. Not the whole truths.

      • Im not sure….I have a feeling he can back it up, in case Nurmi objects and the judge needs proof. Not good, this is getting worse by the minute.

          • off the subject but JC I don’t know who did this website but I think it is FABULOUS. I’m no expert but this is one of the best I’ve been on. Wanted to get that in. And I’m so glad to find a place where a real discussion takes place. THANK YOU

        • Anna R I have to agree with you. This just looks terrible. But, could be an answer, there could be a mistake. Although when I saw that receipt and there was no circle around the item and she stated that she got cash back, I knew then that she didn’t return it. I would have bet money on it and I’m no gambler. I just know my Walmart. She was from out of town and they would not have refunded without receipt.

          • Mindy, Very true, Walmart never gives cash back without a receipt. And when you return an item, they circle it and write on it on your receipt. This is such a small part of the trial, (the 3rd gas can) and I just cant understand why she would lie about it. Even the amounts of gas on her own receipts don’t fit what she says she has. Its a small thing, but since the jury is already asking her things in a way that tells me they don’t believe her, this gas can thing is big.

        • He can’t back it up, because how can he prove it. I see it as a bluff. He said Would You Be Surprised. Remember Trick question

      • That is what I have been saying I caught him right away this is his way. The reason I believe the Jurors asked so many questions is because The Prosecution didn’t do its job correctly he was all over the Place I still believe she will be convicted but I do not see Death Penalty.

          • agree, too! cant see them giving her the dp at all.. but i can see a possible conviction, imo.. and that opinion has drastically changed over the last few days..i was so sure she wouldnt be convicted, but i think she and her lawyers really messed up on a lot of issues that may not be important to us, but are important to the jury..

    • This was back in 2008 I could say Does it surprise you that Walmart does not have a receipt for anyone on that day or for instance How many return receipts does Walmart have for that date back in 2008 at that exact location. I certainly Doubt it its a trick question because Martinez is not secure after the Jury asked SO MANY Questions He wants to kill her. I would say I think the Jury might come back Murder 1 NO Death Penalty. They will not let her off, She knows that.

      • Exactly and what if he had a warrant? They would have to look it up for them and give it to them if they found it. But you would think the defense would be prepared. Although since she already stated on the stand that she returned the gas can, what could they do?

        • If so, I blv Martinez would’ve loved to show the proof of the Walmart record for his “aha” moment. With a warrant, they’d have to give up a copy.

          • Yeah, guess we all just have to wait and see. Gonna be a long trial. It worries me. TA has always seemed like a bad guy to me. I could always see what she was saying and for a stupid gas can… Can the whole thing come tumblin’ down?

    • If they did Walmart has no receipt because she returned without a receipt and they refunded her.
      So he is right Walmart has no record from 2008 on a return, That means crap. Because many people return items get cash back etc. I have done it lost the receipt etc. This is what he has for DP for
      premeditation VERY WEAK.

  48. Travis’ dog was left in the house. Roommate(s) saw the dog when they came home. Seeing the dog would indicate Travis is home. Travis does not come down to take care of the dog, and dog is hungry, needs to out, etc. I do not understand why the roommates didn’t go into Travis’ room within the first 24 hours of them arriving home, due to the obvious neglect of the dog. This seems a very important area of inquiry, yet I have not seen Nurmi explore it.

    • Apparently, the dog gate was up, something not done when Travis was home. That gave the roomate (Zach) the idea that TA was out of town on a businesstrip. He had told the police dept that TA went on alot of trips and didnt always tell him, and that were often not home together. He spent alot of time at his gf’s Amanda. I guess Amanda is the one who took care of the dog during the time before Travis’ body was discovered. Also, his car being home led them to believe he had gone out of town according to police reports.

      • Ya but his watch an ring on the counter an the open lap top in the living room an who knows what else made them think Oh Travis is gone for the week. Oh an the red brownish stain on the washer that is just paint I guess? it reeks to me.

      • According to police report, they noticed his ring and watch on the kitchen counter, he never went anywhere without them.

    • It was already arranged that someone would take care of the dog. They had assumed TA had left for Mexico already. He did not have a close relationship with his roommates.

  49. OH man I would be so mad by now I would say Oh crap I remember I put some extra gas in another car for somebody that their card wouldn’t work an I felt bad for them………………… JUST kidding I would tell the truth but I would be tempted just to get him off the GAS over an over an over an he needs a PLOP PLOP FIZZ FIZZ after having thought about GAS that much for days.

  50. I don’t see where there’s much to do about the gas can. If I were on a road trip, and needed all the cash I could save. She hadn’t used it. Why not take it back?
    I would!

  51. I am sitting here thinking there is NO WAY JM has a AH HA moment now he would have had that moment before not now ??? He is BLUFFING an hoping for a big slip it is for the JURY to see an believe she just lied to them over an over again. They have had YEARS to get this case together if he had recorded tape or evidence she was a LIAR about the gas cans an cuts he would have some documented proof by now to show the jury??

    I also understood she CUT her fingers at WORK on metal by the Margarita glasses an at Travis’s house at the fridge she dropped a glass. …………they should have went through the trash that day an found a broken GLASS they do go through trash but shoot they did not find Travis for 5 freaking days so that is out the window! AN the makes sense to me as my husband is LEFT handed an I swear he is clumsy. An when he picks stuff up he does it with his left hand an puts it in his RIGHT hand as in pieces of GLASS………… me I am like Jodi I can use both hands for different things just depends on what it is. I can write if needed with the left hand also but I prefer my right.

      • The point that JM is hoping to make, is that there were no witnesses to her hurting her fingers those 2 times. Thats why he grilled her about Casa Ramos, he was trying to get her to say she told or showed her boss or another worker. She said she didnt, just asked for a bandaid. So there is no one to back up her claim there. The other time was at TA’s house on 6-4 on a glass while getting water…again, no witness. So, JM is pouncing on that, hoping to prove its a lie. He will also bring up Ryan and the fact that he said when she went to see him her fingers had bandages. His point being she hurt herself June 4th only. The jury will have to decide what to believe of course…..but IMHO the way today went, I dont think they believe alot of what she says. 🙁

        • Thanks. I see his strategy through your post now! I think she did clear things up about some things, but this part at the end, may need damage control from Nurmi. I wonder if Nurmi knew he was going there. Nurmi is so calm you cant tell what he’s thinking.

          • She stuck to the story of how she cut her finger he tries to trick her about ownership of Restaurants he lies all the time this guy jumps all over the place he is only attempting discredit her. He is only a big noise in the Room his motive is to scare her and that will trip her up. Its not a big business the restaurant trying to say her friend does not confirm pedophile story. He did very badly today. I OBJECT TO MARTINEZ!

              • I really don’t like Martinez I know now what he does he is disorganized and twist facts. He lies exaggerates all the time very dishonest Man He has a certain very obvious sneaky way were the Walmart, Would you be surprised expecting her to lie,He misquotes her all the time.

            • Oliviero.
              Thst’s exactly why I stopped watching when JM got up there.
              He runs everything together and I would have to ask him over and over what he said. Besides that he always get’s upset and looks like a beaver with his teeth out.

              So if Jodi can’t understand him, I can’t understand him, I’m sure most of the jurors can’t understand him either.
              All he is to me is a bunch of noise.

              I didn’t hear all of the 200 questions.
              I still hope that we get to see the questions they didn’t allow and why.
              SINCE some of the questions were the very same how did they get in there twice.
              Someone wasn’t paying attention. If the judge can’t keep up with them, her problem because she allowed them.

              IMO, I believe most of them were asked by JM.
              They sound like him and since they are asking her the same questions, I’m assuming
              when JM cross examined they only hear what I hear, a bunch of noise.

              Jodi is doing good with him. All she has to do is ask him to repeat the question. He has to, or else ask in a way that everyone understands, ESPCIALLY Jodi.

            • I know he makes me nervous listening but I Think she did fine keeping her cool an not being overly aggressive like I would be back to him. In a small restaurant not sure there would be that many people to be showing my fingers too at the moment she said it was busy also to me mean no one really pays attention much but to the customers because they want want want now now now……..employees in a smaller type restaurant run in circles an really don’t have much time for play play until it is dead time in there. WIsh she would or could explain that maybe some people only have big time good jobs in life some of us have to work a lot.

              • RIGHT!! He argues all the time he spent so much time to try and make her look like a liar about the Restaurant.This poor girl have empathy.

        • I don’t know – based on the jury questions, I think they’re most concerned with trying to get all of the details about her relationship with Travis and the events on the day of the killing. The gas can bullshit didn’t seem to be high on their list of priorities. JM can try to prove that she’s not telling the truth about returning a gas can, but this was almost 5 years ago. Who knows who was working at Walmart and if they did a transaction wrong.

          Bottom line for me, if I were a juror, is what happened on June 4th 2008. I don’t know why gas factors into it – maybe she didn’t want people to know that she was going to see Travis, but that doesn’t mean that she was planning to kill him. If she burned the house down, poured gas on Travis’ body, etc., THEN I would be really worried.

  52. Can someone help me out with the whole “I didn’t cut my hand on June 4th” thing. Isn’t it a common injury that occurs when stabbing? Why is it such a a big issue for JM??? He must have seen many cases that involve this type of injury. And why is Jodi fighting this issue so much? It seems reasonable to me that her hand may have slipped and might be to her advantage by proving that it was a frenzied act.

    What am I missing???

    • I agree Misty!! I think it would have been SO much better for her to just admit that when she came to that day, along with the blood on her hands, were cuts! That would fit with what just happened, and the jury would not have to even think about it. Now, they have to decide if they believe the injury at work and then the second injury at Travis’. From the questions they asked, they don’t sound like they believe her about alot of things, so this cut hand/finger is just another thing. Far better to admit is happened during the struggle. Its logical and thats what the jury will probably believe.

      • Anna–I agree with you. I just made a very similar comment, up thread, about her cut fingers. It seems like she’s trying to distance herself from the stabbing ….

      • I could believe that but I think she really did cut her fingers on glass ……….she can’t remember the stabbing so therefore she can’t remember oh ya my hand slipped on the knife too that day stabbing Travis??? so yes more cuts may be right there with the previous cuts. Obviously it is nothing major tho? an on the RIGHT HAND?? no she would be stabbing with her LEFT HAND I think. Well unless her one hand got tired I guess she does have ambidexterity in some things she does. Really I think she had a helper an this is all FUGUE due to she did not do all that damage. Or it was done not long after she left out of the house that night.

    • She is sticking to her story and you are right but she “Doesn’t Remember Stabbing Him” I think the Jury does not believe she was capable. Of dragging the Body remember when the jury asked originally If they interviewed the Room Mate (who is also hitting the Networks Dr.Dumbo) They find it hard to believe she dragged the body. She should have had more marks on her, and she doesn’t remember!

  53. no she cut her hand at Casa ramos from the metal shelving when she was reaching into get a glass the margarita glass.

    here’s what I’m worried about with Martinez. he started his line of questioning saying then why did you show up in Salt Lake City with 3 gas cans. unfortunately I don’t think he’s bluffing at all about anything, I’m afraid that they may even have video of her from the gas station. because why would he say exactly why did you show up in Salt Lake City with 3 gas cans I I think he’s not finished. also with the Walmart thing does large chain stores are very very detailed in terms of inventory and money in money out. the other thing I’m worried about is if she purchased the gas can with a credit card, which it appears she did based on the receipt and her bank statement, Walmart requires refunds be refunded in the same manner as the purchase. she would obviously show them their receipt her receipt, they would insist on re funding her through her credit card not cash. I am almost positive that they are going to present Walmart employees to a test to this. the problem of course with this whole line of questioning does go to premeditation. if he can prove she’s lying about returning the third gas can it puts her whole testimony about why she had gas cans and question and based on the jrr qsts so far… I’m very worried for the little 1.

    • Rhonda, I don’t think Martinez had from 2008 to build his case in regards to the issue of Jody’s explanation on the gas cans or the return of the third gas can. this would only have come up during trial is he would not have known how she was going to testify or even if she was going to testify. some of this stuff is actually very easy to investigate like the Walmart purchase and return. and like I said earlier the whole issue with chapter 39 in the Book of Mormon and how it’s very detailed and really leaves no room for reinterpretation of what the law of chastity is about. and I am also worried about the fact that ppl did have its convention in April of 2008 not March. well they have a good few days to figure out how to address all these inconsistencies. this thing I’m thinking about is perhaps there were there was some things Jody testified to do in the manner as if she was positive but really she just wasn’t sure. this is where I agree with everyone Jodi talks too much and can be her own worst enemy.

      • Amelia – are you saying you know that ppl’s convention was in April of 2008? Sorry if you stated that before just wondering.

          • If you can only attend one event per year, Pre-Paid Legal’s Annual International Convention is the ONE event NOT to miss. Held in “the heartland”, the 2008 International Convention will return to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma March 13 – 15, 2008.
            LOOK BACK don’t go by the recent years she is not LYING about that.

            • KOTV | 3/26/2007
              OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) _ About 12,000 Pre-Paid Legal Services Incorporated delegates are in downtown Oklahoma City for the second and final day of the company’s annual convention. AND this is for 2007 ……………because I forgot what year they went……..both in MARCH.

            • That is great news Rhonda…absolutely great!!! I was extremely worried and can now relax…breathe…(in regards to that anyway:))

      • She got her Mormon information from Travis he baptized her. she saw him as a spiritual adviser. he said what was OK. there are to MANY stories of this nature, I am sure she is not the only girl he had relations with, The Mormons that are showing up on all these Trashy shows don’t seem to have read that book or any other either. To actually make the comments they do. Then they have The Mormon Psychic lady with the thick accent, her story grows each time she appears on these silly programs. The couple who produced this video on Dr.Drew Looked like Brother & Sister which I found much more Alarming then Jodi Arias falling asleep to a story she must have been well acquainted with.

    • I believe if there was any video it would have been required to be brought forth in discovery, avaliable to both sides. I really find it odd that there is no video at any of the gas stations and Walmart, etc. available. JM is one sneaky man, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is holding a smoking gun in a video. Again, I would think by law it would already have been brought in during discovery. But, I’m no lawyer or legal expert.

      • He is very sneaky but obvious so if Nurmi has his # That’s why he keeps bringing up 48 hours you lied Gas Cans you Slut. He seemed very desperate. I would be more afraid of the memory issue.

      • Not any Walmart I’ve ever returned stuff to. Not these days. Besides, she has the receipt. It’s there in the courtroom.

        • the walmart i work at stuff can be returned without receipt. oh well dont matter. juan m is trying to get jodi to flub up with her answering so he can twist her words and say she is lying, to which he will reply you tell one lie so all of your testimony is a lie. nice try juan m …not gonna work.

        • Some Walmart employees are laxer with the rules, I suspect. Especially nearly 5 years ago – return policies in stores seem to have tightened in recent years.

        • this is back in 2008 not these days, That’s Not Enough for DP he cannot prove it. Looked like a Bluff. Just a scare tactic

    • i REALLY HOPE at this point jodi is right re: the cans. cos if she is not, lil marti REALLY gonna pounce.
      it would b very bad thing. i don’t feel she would think that would get by a DA.

    • He has No proof From Walmart its a trick question that’s why he said would you be surprised.
      I cant follow Martinez he stinks. This is a very hard case for Nurmi the Jury asked much better questions then Martinez he is spending so much time on GAS CANS because he wants a DP under his belt too many trick questions from the Beginning his questioning today. He really is a horses ass. The questions the Jurors asked were very good.

      • I agree this is a very hard case for Nurmi. I have a fair opinion of him, meaning I think there are more things he could be doing for Jodi. I try to watch this as a juror, and he can come across as coddling at times, and not always matter of fact. When he does it is effective so I don’t know why he doesn’t do it more often. The other thing about him, (and maybe its just me) is that he is so SLOW…..holy crap, at times I am on the edge of my seat willing him to finish his sentence, LOL. I also think he should have “coached” her a little better about certain things, (attitude, demeanor, etc) as that is his responsibility. As far as JM, he is very combative and aggressive, thats always been his style. That can backfire with the jury if he goes on with that style too long, and also the “roundabout” questions where is asking the same thing in a few different ways. (pretty common for a DA) He does already have a DP under his belt, and it is a woman. Wendy Andriano. Thats does make me a bit nervous….Im curious to see what the next batch of juror questions will be.

        • BTW, the Wendy Andriano case was also a self defense claim. It was her husband that she killed, not her bf, and she claimed verbal and physical abuse. She beat him on the head with a barstool and also stabbed him in the neck. She also took the stand in her own defense.I am not trying to compare the cases, although they are somewhat similar as far as defense and reason. In the matter of this case, Jodi’s, I always thought it was a mistake for her to take the stand. I know it;s a gamble not to, but IMO, its a worse gamble when you do. I wish I wasn’t so nervous.

          • Wendi Adriano beat her disabled husband, and I think they found that she was trying to get an insurance policy out on him. I don’t remember the specifics, but I know that there was clear evidence of premeditated murder in that case. Not circumstantial like in Jodi’s.

            • Kira,
              Yes, true. I was not comparing the 2 cases, other than self defense claims. This Wendy woman tried to poison him too! Put some chemical in his food. I think I read she had taken out a life insurance policy, and also there was a settlement coming for malpractice for her disabled husband. My main point was just that JM is the one who had that case.

        • I like Nurmi and he certainly has one of the hardest cases ever. The girl Lied told Multiple stories and doesn’t always cooperate with her own Attorney. Nurmi is Methodical, I think him having Jodi on the stand is to have the Jury Bond with her and save her Life. Martinez has an easy case, which he screwed up, he is all over the place, not at all prepared relies heavily on screaming and cheating,. he spends most of the time scolding her like an abusive nasty Father The jurors questions are due to the fact that Martinez is not articulate at all, so the jury is asking the questions Martinez may have asked, or should have asked. Martinez is the worst Attorney I have ever seen. The prosecutor has more resources then the defense. Nurmi is Thousand times better with very little to work with. Martinez needs to go back to Law School. He is a Johnny one note prosecutor ANGRY.But that does not necessarily mean Nurmi will win due to the memory problem.

    • No not true about Walmart because she says she wen in and out and they might have just given her the money as a return, I have returned things without a receipt, he was trying to catch her in a lie.

    • Attention Non-Walmart shoppers :$. No receipt required , however must show ID w/o one and it will be recorded. Most often the cash is returned….even with reciept they r usually in too much of a hurry and don’t want to hassle with putting it on ur card so will give u cash.

  54. Martinez has me shaking, I have no idea why he thinks bullying and screaming accomplishes anything. One can be very effective asking questions without the drama. He is a big turnoff and I hope at least one person on that jury has empathy for Jodi when he is attacking the way he does. Still don’t understand how the gas cans/gas shows premeditation on it’s own, and I sure don’t see anything else that shows premeditation. For what it is worth, I’ve returned an item before at Walmart without a receipt, so for me that isn’t a big deal.

    • I just asked a question if everyone takes gas cans on a trip from California to Utah. If so I do not think that it is a big deal. I think the fact that the gun stolen from her grandparents and the gun used in the killing is the same caliber is a bigger deal.

      • Marc,
        So do I. i know the pros. is using the cans to try to prove pre-med, but the gun going missing a week before the killing, and the same caliber, is more disturbing, and I’m sure more important to the jury. The biggest thing about the gas cans though, is this 3rd gas can. She keeps saying she returned it and there is no record of that. And then there are receipts that show fill ups that don’t add up to a tankful and 2 cans. Not sure how the jury will feel about that, but I’m with you, the gun at her grandparents is a bigger deal.

        • The big deal with the gas cans is that she (maybe) lied to the jury straight to their face about returning a gas can. That’s the big deal with the gas can

          • let’s hope she is right re: the gas cans,
            goes to show u, every lil thing gets scrutinized when ur arrested.

            • Jodi was in a perpetual fog, because while trying to cover things up verbally, she saved all the receipts. I think her doing that is evidence she was in a fog now that i think about it.

              • Jodi also stated the she saved the receipts because she had thought about claiming the charges were business related on her taxes. She said the reason she did not claim the charges as business related on her taxes is because she felt it was not right, or kind of cheating her taxes.

                • Actually it was the side trip to Travis’ that she said she didn’t keep the receipts for because you can’t deduct expenses for personal non-business. That’s why when JM asked her about keeping receipts for deductions on the trip to Travis’, she said she could if she wanted to cheat on her taxes.

        • He is trying to build a Death Penalty Case based on Premeditation. So that is why he is twisting the story to fit Premeditation but when Flores saw the Crime scene he said This is a Domestic Violence Killing he believed more then 1 person.

    • Because Like All short Men with Napoleonic Complexes He is Compensating for his Lack of Height.
      He is so annoying I am so stressed from him. Poor Girl. I feel for her. Which maybe the Jury will feel that way. I do not see a DEATH PENALTY CASE. I would say maybe Man Slaughter we do have the Psychiatrist. I feel bad for her and Travis too because all the meddling that outsiders did in his personal life deciding Jodi was not good enough must have been very difficult and added to his sexual repression..