Jodi Arias Trial – Day 28

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This morning, both sides will go through all the “100 questions” the jurors apparently have for Jodi. The scheduled start time for today is 1:00 pm MT.

Click here to read all the questions from Day 28

Based on numerous requests we’ve received over the past few weeks, we’ve also now set up a special Team Jodi Support Page. If you would like to help Jodi directly by way of a financial donationclick here (or click the Team Jodi link below) for further details.

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Leave your comments below on day 28, as Jodi takes one step closer to victory!

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  1. 100 juror questions to plow through. 100! The jury were paying attention, despite what the talking heads said. 100 questions seems like reasonable doubt to me!!! We sure will be victorious. I make no mistake!

    • Reasonable doubt that there was self-defense perhaps. You have to think about why they put Jodi on the stand to begin with. It was to PROVE that she had no choice but to kill TA. That’s right, she does have to prove this. Therefore, if there is doubt with the jurors, it would have to be doubt that she killed TA in self-defense. After all, there is no doubt that she killed him considering the admission. In my opinion, the 100+ questions that the jurors have does not bode well for the defense. That’s just my opinion though.

      • The way I see it ….I believe we are innocent unless proven guilty. Our constitutional right. The burden of proof of guilt is on the defense … that she prememditated the crime.

              • Right, Denise. Unless you’re an abusive man. Then, you’re innocent even when proven guilty, it seems. You get the best lawyers and even custody of your kids!

                • I read that somewhere. They have laws that protect these pedophiles n abusers, butt they have no laws to protect kids or the abused BEFORE it happens. Sad so so sad but true!!

                • Yep – That is exactly right! Abusive men get off all the time. This is another reason why woman do not go to police. They are not believed. Woman are never believed when they claim rape either. It is an F’d up justice system. I know exactly why Jodi did not tell anyone. I never did…….

                • I told, Denise. He was arrested. The first prosecutor wanted to go all out, especially when she looked up his history in other states (stuff I didn’t know about). Then, she was transferred and the next prosecutor was all about a plea bargain. He refused to accept a plea and demanded a trial. The prosecutor dropped the charges.

                  In the divorce case (which he filed a week after he was arrested), the judge kept throwing out anything to do with domestic violence and ordered me to give him my new address (in another state) AND my work address. I couldn’t do it without losing my life, so she struck my pleadings and barred me from participating in my own divorce.

                  Honestly, if I had to do it over again (and I sure hope I NEVER do), I would not have reported it. It only made him angrier than ever. I’d have left like a thief in the night never telling him a word. Stupid me told him I was leaving, told him I’d call the police if he touched me again, and told him I wasn’t backing down. Stupidest move ever!

            • Media has been the driving force behind the shift in our justice system regarding burden of proof becoming the responsibility of the defense. Our forefathers would be appalled. The moment that Jodi Arias’ name was uttered on the 911 call the authorities got tunnel vision. If Jodi Arias would have never got involved in the investigation, the murder would have resulted in a cold case. When Jodi is acquitted will the true investigation begin or will the case be closed ?

              • Idk Philiip, probably closed!!! But since TA family n the so msny frirnds, should push to be investigated if they care so much. If this wss happening to me in my family, I would definitely be looking and asking questions already.

        • That is exactly true. In the United States we are always innocent until proven guilty. This means that the state and only the state has the burden of proof. It is the States
          responsibility to prove that she is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I teach this subject and I always tell my students, which are high school kids you can know everything and anything you want. However,when it comes to a court of law it’s not about what you know, it’s about what you can prove. I thought the verdict with Casey Anthony was perfect. Everybody can say “we know she did it” and she might have. However the state failed to PROVE THAT she ACTUALLYdid DO IT. Therefore, the not guilty verdict was right and just.

      • She doesn’t have to prove anything. She never had to take the stand.

        The burden is entirely on the prosecution.

        I wish people understood U.S. criminal law.

        • This too. The jury is responsible for determining whether or not Jodi committed premeditated or felony murder. Those are the charges against her. They don’t necessarily have to believe that it was self-defense – if they think that it was murder 2, manslaughter, etc., theh they will not convict on the prosecution’s charges. The burden of proof concerning the charges is on the state.

          • In our court in Washington State, they can still put different verdicts in before it goes to the jury. If the petitioner agrees the jury might not convict on Murder 1 premeditated, they can turn in verdicts for murder 2, ect.

      • By the same token, why wouldn’t the 100+ questions involve clearing up the issue of premeditated murder? I don’t think the jury is fully accepting that idea either.

    • The thing of it is, there may be 100 questions to sift through, however, since the jurors are not allowed to discuss the case with each other or anyone else, many of the questions could be the same.

    • I couldn’t agree more. More questions is a good thing. It means they don’t have a clear vision of what happened. We will know by the questions asked, how the jury is currently leaning. If the question arises about possible room mates being present or another suspect – (to which she will have to say “I don’t know” because she has no memory after the shooting), I will do freaking cartwheels in my living room!

      • I’m not putting too much stock in the jury questions revealing how they lean (I think jury questions are a bad idea for a number of reasons and this is one of them). If I could submit questions, most of them would probably sound like I was leaning towards guilty when I’m really leaning ever more towards innocence with every day of the trial.

        Yesterday’s redirect felt to me like the day she won the case. That business with the hand position pantsed the state! They should have checked that out before Martinez made a big stink about the photo of her hand. He should have confirmed first whether the injury would be visible in that position.

        I also had a thought during redirect that may be a little crazy, but I can’t shake it: I think Travis made up or exaggerated his “deviant urges” in order to justify to himself — and to convince her — that he “needed” vaginal intercourse.

        I’ve never bought into the idea that he was a pedophile because there’s no evidence of it. Sexual fantasies aren’t actions and don’t reflect what people would find arousing in real life. They often reflect things people would find disgusting in real life. Remember when Jodi was talking about “ravishment” fantasy? Those are very common, but they certainly don’t mean the woman wants to be raped in real life. Same idea.

        I think she caught him with the photo and he used it to his advantage, to justify to himself that he needed vaginal sex and to manipulate her into going along with it in order to make him “feel normal.”

        • You’re technically right. He wasn’t a pedophile, because that word is a clinical diagnosis, and there is no evidence that he acted on that desire. The word probably shouldn’t be used. But I do think that all of his fantasies were beginning to turn into actions, and that where things get scary. Most people keep them in their own head. He was starting to play them out. I agree that her seeing him with that photo – he used that to have her believe that if she performed certain sex acts, he wouldn’t have to do those sorts of things or think about those things, which translates to “if you don’t do this or that with me, I will start thinking about young boys again, which is another way of saying “it’s going to be your fault if I continue to be flawed”. Lots of mind games going on. I sense she felt “responsible” for him not going down that road. What a burden to put on someone.

          • All of you what you’ve said here reflects my own thinking, Jess, except for “beginning to turn into actions” — where is the evidence of that? If it was a manipulative thing (i.e., “Have sex with me to help me feel more normal”), then it’s even more likely to have been a problem he invented or exaggerated than anything real.

            Again, fantasies aren’t reality, especially in the sexual realm. As soon as we start saying that what people think about when they masturbate is something they’d like to act out in real life….suddenly an awful lot of people become perverts and an awful lot of women are looking forward to being sexually assaulted. So I think that’s a real shaky foundation to work from.

            It also overlooks that both of them, Travis in particular, had some guilt and shame around perfectly normal sexual activities. He not only needed a way to convince Jodi — now trying to live the Mormon lifestyle — to have sex, but he also needed to convince himself that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. The guise of “this is helping me” surely would have made it seem less sinful.

    • I do not believe Jodi is guilty of premeditated murder. I think the prosecutor erred in asking for the death penalty because some jurors just don’t like it. Jodi got herself into this position by lying to the police, not once but twice. Otherwise the death penalty would be off the table because the prosecution has no murder weapon, no witnesses, and very little else. I’m not buying the “poor Travis” nonsense. This guy was older than Jodi, an Elder in the LDS church, and his proclivity for anal sex is on tape. He did not deserve to be killed, but this fellow is no choir boy.

    • I never attempt to predict what a jury will do – anything can happen. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. If guys like Robert Hansen (murdered 15 women in Alaska), Gary Ridgway (Green River Killer – convicted of murdering 49 women) and Dennis Rader (aka BTK – murdered 10 people, mostly women) are given life without parole, why is the death sentence on the table for Jodi Arias? The media reminds of the old movie “Gladiator”, in which the crowd screamed “Kill! Kill! Kill!”. Why is there a different standard for females?

    • She “looks bored”, says that idiot talking head. Um no, she looks exhausted to me. He’s talking about some woman being killed? He’s the life and soul of the party. Why doesn’t he take her home? He comes off like a total douche here.

      • What woman hasnt been bored out of her mind, or exhausted out of her mind, Long after her bedtime because she is there with her man and dosent want to be the one to leave the group. Also, I have done this in the past where I said thats it im going to bed, and then was berrated for being rude and not sitting around with him till the wee hours, even though the conversation was irrelevant (as male conversation can get in the wee hours of the morning sometimes – sorry guys!)
        I too have sat there and been falling asleep, but didnt want to deal with the alternative.
        Now,that was when I was younger- today I wouldnt even worry about anyone making me feel bad for ducking out when I’m tired.
        But I think that we all know that Jodi was not at that point in her life.

        • And also, Im not sure What Travis was talking about – they say it was a near death experience on Drew clip, but was it? or was it a story? He liked to be the center of attention thats for sure.

          • I did watch that clip this morning.

            My other thought is that he liked attention and probably told the same stories over and over again…often making them larger than they were. He was allegedly an inspirational speaker after all.

            Jodi had probably already heard the story he was telling.

            I know when I was with someone similar in that way to Travis, that person needed new audiences in order to get the gratification from telling the same stories to a new set of ears.

            • Ha! He called himself a motivational speaker … but the only thing he talked/motivated about was selling PPL. That’s NOT a motivational speaker by anyone else’s definition. I’m sorry, but to me, this guy was full of it, and seriously douche-y. I also didn’t think he was anything special in the looks department. I mean, he’s okay looking, but I wouldn’t be writing home about him.

              • I couldn’t believe how HNL was trying to say she was seeking attention in the video… I agree she looked so tired and had possibly heard that story a kazillion times. It also shows she wasn’t stalking him and he wasn’t telling her to leave him alone

                • I agree, seeking attention? WTH? she was sleeping. It looked like he was squeezing her hand to me and that is why she got up, as he squeezed her hand and twisted her arm.

                • Right, seeking attention because she woke up and rubbed her eyes? Or, was it the sleeping on his lap that was “attention seeking behavior”? Better not fall asleep ladies while you’re out with your boyfriends. People might just think you’re stalking them. (sarcastic grin)

      • I bet Jodi, and everyone else in attendance, had heard the same story before. She looked truly exhausted, not bored. Dr. Drew and his cohorts are morons who pander to the non-thinking masses for ratings.

        • I remember that story she told tho I hope the Jurors do too if they get too see that video………..the night he was thrust upon with drunken woman. AN she was so embarrassed they stood for a long time waist to waist in front of everyone. She ran to the bathroom an cried………..ok later she said he was nice an let her lay her head on his lap as she was tired an not feeling well it had been a stressful evening to her. She was not being unsociable as these Mormon Friends or PPL friends want to express an it is disgusting to me they are bringing this out. An the fact that the man said Oh she never dressed appropriately how the HELL does he know what she was wearing under her business jacket he was making assumptions an only in his DREAMS would he know what she was wearing under her clothes.

          Anyways Jodi was to nice ! I would have went to my room alone an left that jack ass sitting down there talking the big talk I would not be apart of it for that evening or his prejudice friends that are only into their own little world an group of people. Sky Hughes too is disgusting they truly can not be Christians as the proclaim in life.

    • I am not sure the video hurts or helps Jodi. I am still very much undecided about this case, about how the jury will vote. Question for anyone familiar AZ law after the jury question is that the end till case goes to the jury?

        • The defense will have other witnesses. Each one of them will have direct, cross and redirect examinations by the attorneys. Jurors will have an opportunity to ask questions of any of those witnesses. Once the defense rests, the prosecution has an opportunity to present other witnesses or evidence for its rebuttal, which can be examined on direct, cross and redirect by the attorneys. Any or all of these witnesses can be asked questions by the jury, also. There may be hearings on motions in between as well. Then, each attorney will make their closing arguments. The jury will then be given instructions by the judge, which will be debated beforehand by each attorney. And finally, the case will go to the jury for deliberation. My best guess is that this will go to the jury no sooner than this time next week.

    • “Why we did not want her to be with Travis” says Holy, one of Sky´s H. friend. It looks like Travis life was very much controlled by some of his so called friends and all the roads lead to Travis business and friend CH&wife. Was Jodi too smart to suit some of their interess and she had to be removed from Travis life?

      I like the redhead guest with her dramatisation and manipulative look on her face- so much cheap theatre that would offend a normal IQ.

      • Yes, I am tempted to write a letter in an angry manner to Sirus XM about her continued employment, but I know it will be ignored. I have justified her existance with the fact that she is too ugly for television and thereby took her 3.1 minutes of fame by appearing on Dr. Drew, although she didnt really add to the show -in any manner.

        Has Drew run out of publicity seekers or is Tuesday a slow day for the weak minded?

        Jodi was that vava voom type of attractive when Travis first met her. She has a pleasing body, and face and damn if she couldnt hold her own in an intelligent conversation. You know what happens to those girls right? Men make a positive comment, and not always lewd, and some woman in the group decides… SHE IS A DANGER AND MUST GO.
        This is usually an alpha female, who has none of the attributes of the person she has set her target on, and proceeds to use her friendship and mentorship to turn the people who were in her group against the new girl (Jodi) and then men, well if they dont want to deal with a pissy, snarky wife, they just go along with it.
        Its weak behavior at best, but I see it for what it is, and these friends and followers of Travis… they are THOSE PEOPLE,- even after replaying and replaying his sex fantasies, they are still sprouting that it wasnt him that wanted to play those bad bad games, that he was doing it to PLEASE HER… the seductress.

        OMFG- are these idiots put on this earth to test the will of the rest of us???? A fact is a fact Holy Holly. and the only creepy person is YOU and your silly smirking husband!!!

        • Well said and I very much agree it.
          There is Jodi, Travis and the “Gang”. Each and every time I see a particular female from this gang talking and smiling it reminds me of a shark smile. Beside that I keep starring at her mouth every time she needs to advertise PPL on TV interviews that are actually about Travis – probably the biggest mouth I ever seen in my life.

          It was too much at stake for Travis not listening to the gang. No matter how attracted and in love he was on Jodi -the relation had to die because of other peoples interests. Jodi was a threat on many levels- and I can only imagine how far she could have gone in PPL using Travis network and experience, her presence and her amazing oratorical skills.

        • Holy Holly received the green light to appear on TV but had to mention Sky. Everything starts and ends with sky when one wants to know something about Travis or Jodi.

          Remember, many things comes from those people who were Jodi enemies. They disliked her and tried to turn Travis against her and now the world.

        • Shan- I commented on this last night. I was so LIVID after watching this! You did really well finding the words. I agree with all of your points! What Did you think about the terrible story this SORRY excuse for a woman told about how Sky treated her when she came over to have an adult conversation? Disgusting- It really makes it crystal clear how these mean bitches were bullying Jodi. I can not WAIT for Sky to take the stand. I pray the light is shown on her REAL motives. All these women were so jealous of Jodi they could barely breathe around her, its so obvious why too! None of them even came close to measuring up to her in any way. I’m really taking this personally.

          • Yeaa.. I saw the video this morning I saw exactly what yiu guys saw. JEALOUSY all over the place!! They make me so sick the way they treated Jodi. Sky is the biggest ugly two faced bitch!!!! And that girl on the video kissing Skys ass (do we need go know that u were cooking mac n chz for her kids)?! She went on this show to talk shit n im sure after the show Sky called n they both talked about it!!

            • Wow….I think I’m glad I missed this. I don’t watch cable tabloid news. I haven’t even read much press coverage of this case beyond ABC’s updates, which could be why I switched from guilt to innocence while watching the actual trial.

              Isn’t it interesting though how, during the Casey Anthony trial, men were more likely than women to sympathize with her. Women HATED Casey Anthony. Despised her. I even had one of my employees quit after the trial because she claimed she was so distraught over the verdict.

              With Jodi Arias, it’s largely the other way around. Women are more likely to sympathize with her, while men are more likely to think “the bitch had it coming,” to feel threatened by her. It’s like, right or wrong, she struck a blow against the patriarchy and we want to root for her the same way we rooted for Thelma and Louise to make it to Mexico.


        • What did I miss. I need to watch this? Is it on-line? Is it on this site? I thought I have watched everything but I did not see this girl everyone is talking about.

        • Why resort to name calling? Take the higher road. We can have an intelligent conversation They want you to get down in the mud with them. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

          • Natalie, thank you for your post. I second your urging that we Jodi supporters use only cultured language. The beauty of this wonderful support site is that it is actually focusing on the positive.

            So many of us of are used to not being “heard” that we do slip off the higher track when we experience injustice vicariously. But we have the support of one another, which gives us the FREEDOM to use our brains when we use our voices 🙂

            PS: I Need Help_ I am hoping someone can show me how to watch the trial independently from the HLN broadcast.

            It distresses me to watch the HLN people behaving like they are celebrating at a party. I feel nauseous, actually. Their voices are harsh, they are yelling, and they are exhibiting a revolting, creepy sort of glee in reporting Jodi’s misery that I can only call obscene.

            But I do not want to be deprived of watching the trial!

        • I agree she WAS acting like a real live BITCH! How else to describe her, I don’t know. Unkind?
          No, she put herself on National TV acting in such a way, she is being applauded by the blood thirsty idiots. She did this interview knowing she was free to say even the MOST ridiculous of lies, and she took full advantage of it. There are hundreds of sites calling for blood, I think we here are one of the few (if any others even exist) who actually stick up for Jodi. I actually think calling this woman a bitch is one of the nicer terms I can think of for her.

      • “Why we did not want her to be with Travis”

        “Because we did not want our husbands ogling her.” Plain and simple.

        • That comment made me more upset about when Holly says she is the kind of woman you do not want your HUSBAND AROUND ???? REALLY like women that usually SLEEP with married MEN have a back ground of that ! JODI has had no one that I know of step up an say oh she stole my HUSBAND! those women are TRULY EVIL an SO JEALOUS. An I think it was because TRAVIS was so into JODI an not giving them the attention they did get before he met JODI !! possibly even a few benefits which STOPPED when he met JODI ! I am disgusted with these women an there DEAD EYES an SOULLESS EYES they say JODI has ? I see it in everyone of them! IN JODI I see love an a sparkle in her eye in her happier photos. These on tv look like a CULT coming out seeking vengeance with no mercy. Do they forget do not cast the first stone unless you are sinless I am sure they are not sinless ! Nothing against Mormons but this group of them here is horrible.

      • Mormons are typically up in each other’s business under the guise of helping a brother or sister choose the right path.

      • Some one late last night on the other page in here from yesterday brought up a GREAT POINT FOR THE DEFENSE !! it is not ODD that HOLLY Stated at SKY”S HOME when SKY told JODI off an YELLED at her for quite some time why she did not LIKE JODI that JODI was weird an disorientated an sat in the KITCHEN for 10 or 15 minutes in a DAZE !! PROOF is when screamed at an embarrassed she just goes QUIET !! an her brain scrambles etc. She stated a FACT !! for JODI in that statement.

    • This is a woman who drives from hours and hours to see Travis
      all the time. You can’t have it both ways guys. This video disproves
      that she hangs on his every word trying to interupt him constantly.
      My guess was she drove a long time to see him. She was tired and let
      him speak and since she wasn’t the center of his attention, didn’t feel bad
      about it.

      • She was the center of his attention? Boy, I sure didn’t see that in the video.

        I’ve been in very similar situations where I was falling asleep at gathering, both with my abusive ex (who acted a LOT like Travis and basically ignored me) and with my current boyfriend. I certainly did like the center of my ex’s attention. However, my current boyfriend immediately offered to take me home so I could go to bed even though he wasn’t tired at all. That made me feel very special.

    • Ummmm, Are these people off their rockers at HLN? What I see is Jodi is half asleep, and TA starts bragging about “another one of his ridiculously overblown look at me” stories, and Jodi looks over at the friend on the couch and THEY SMILE AT EACH OTHER, as if they are both thinking “Oh Gawd, here comes another one of TA’s BS stories”. That is ALL I see. Once again, the idiots just see what they want to. The guy on the couch listening to him has the EXACT same facial responses to TA as Jodi does, but somehow, HLN idiots decide that Jodi’s entire reaction was wrong and weird. Also, what’s this blathering about how Sky H., and this HLN guest talked to Jodi for about why they didn’t like her, and they think that Jodi’s weird? If TA told Jodi that Chris and Sky didn’t like her, I do not find it at all odd that Jodi would go over and ask why. I do find it odd that these lovely forgiving church people would spend a lengthy amount of time “yelling” at her about how they don’t like her, and why she’s not good enough, yet claim to be people who counsel each other on how to improve their lives, spiritually and otherwise. This is a$$ backwards.

      • I saw Jodi cuddled up on Travis’ lap with his arm around her. That looks like a public display of affection. I also see a sleepy Jodi raise up and Travis gently untangles his arm but he doesn’t pull away …. just keeps his hand on hers. I’m trying my best to be objective and unbiased as I watch this case unfurl. I’m also enjoying all the comments here.

        • Shelby, remember this wasn’t in public and there was a time when they were “officially” dating that he did treat her with affection around others, and then it changed. Video does nothing to change the facts I’ve heard thus far. Does confirm the size of TAs ego though,


    Mike Fridgen CORONADO, CA about 9 hours ago Liked 1
    Although I beleive that Ms. Arias is guilty of some degree of murder, I believe that the HLN commentators and their guests have not been objective with respect to the facts and testimony in this case. At times, they have misrepresented the testimony and generally disregarded the realities of human nature, and the dynamics of relationships. Nancy Grace and her sycophants are the most serious offenders!

    WE’RE AT 131!

  3. Also,
    The couple who were on Drew saying that Jodi went over to Skye’s house uninvited and proceeded to creep them out…
    Whatever, liar pants!
    I dont get that Jodi would just appear there if she knew they didnt like her. I have a feeling it was some female bullying, like Skye( Much like Travis- with birds of a feather and all that.) had invited Jodi over – possibly to actually discuss some issues she had with Jodi and Travis, but then turned it into some kind of bully session because that little friend was there to show off for. I bet anything that it never got as direct as “get out of my house.” etc.
    I hate these people, and if the famous “Law of Attraction” is true…. they have it coming.

    • The “whiners” (remember SNL) on Dr. Drew last night are the creepiest of the creeps so far, IMHO.

      Sexually frustrated is the first thing I noted. Overcompensating by the holding hands gesture.

      So the Mormon “sisters” screamed at Jodi for 15 minutes…hmmmm….anyone find that a bit alarming?

      So they think ONE display of affection negates her entire testimony as to his level of affection?

      Anyone else catch that reference to “AstraGlide” or whatever? Sounds like another brand of lubricant. Maybe you have to be in a “club” to get it, you know the MLM club,or the LSP?

      As for the 9MM gun, did that appear to have been bought before she got back to Yreka? And if so, wouldn’t that fit that she was fearing for her life at that point? In addition, but second to the point of her suicidal tendencies.

      Anyone think, and this is not said with relish at the thought of even more dirt, that those hand-written letters need to surface? And not be sold? But offered to further support the defense case, if even in the court of public opinion?

      I heard that a guy who once tore a movie ticket for Jodi at a theater and felt a “weird vibe” will be on Dr. Drew tonight….

      • “I heard that a guy who once tore a movie ticket for Jodi at a theater and felt a “weird vibe” will be on Dr. Drew tonight….”

        Hahahahaha! Along with a guy who once saw her stopped at a traffic light about 10 years ago and thought she looked like she was going to have kinky sex and murder someone someday. What will they come up with next?

        • Lol you guys are HILARIOUS! Seriously, I heard a girl who spotted Jodi in Walgreens with a cart OVERFLOWING with KY will be on Dr. Drew tonight.
          OH, and she also agrees Jodi had dark, creepy, evil eyes and she held her husbands hand tight because she could totally tell Jodi wanted to take him from her. DUN DUN DDUUUNNNNN!

          • Oooh I can’t wait for that interview! Apparently, Nancy Disgrace will have a psychic on who ran into Jodi’s mother when she was pregnant with her … actually, before she even realized she was pregnant … and she told her that she was carrying evil spawn. She could feel it through her belly projecting all the way from the fetus into the psychic’s brain. Now, this is a can’t miss special, you know it!

    • I doubt ANY of the BS they’re spewing now actually happened at all back then. They probably never said anything to TA, they never “caught her listening” to their conversation, they never suspected she was creepy or stalking or any of it. I know people like the Hughes; people who will badmouth anyone at the drop of a hat because its the fashionable ‘gossipy’ thing to do when you think you’re above every one else. And now with all the media whoring going on its just an opportunity for them to say a few words about their “friend”, a guy they probably never really cared about to begin with, just to get their hideous mugs on tv and can say a few bad words about Jodi.

      • That’s kind of what I thought too, especially this BS about the one yelling at her for 15 minutes. I mean, come on. They’re all getting their 15 minutes of fame. Hopefully, the next time they get that will be after Jodi is acquitted.

        • Its good if she did- If Nurmi asks Sky about this on the stand it verifies Jodi’s statement that when people (she stressed men OR women) attack her verbally she becomes disoriented and foggy.

          Won’t the irony be so sweet if the very people who are trying to have Jodi put to death end up being the one who set her free?

          • Omg Kmiller, that has cross my mind too!!!! I would love it!!! Everything they’ve been doing, saying from the tv interviews and talking to each other n everyone about the case while they’re not supposed to, to the eye rolling in the courtroom from the family.

    • Oh, I asked you about what you thought of this, I didn’t see you already posted about it, yes grown ass adult women, bullying, and they are raising children, now THAT is scary!

  4. Glad the jury has been paying attention!!!! Based on the types of questions we will be able to get a feel of how the jury will decide. If I was on the jury one of my questions would be: Why are we wasting the states time, our time and bobblehead media’s time when we all know Jodi is innocent.

    We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake.

  5. 100 questions sounds like a lot but considering how long she has been on the stand that isn’t really that many. I kinda wonder if some wasn’t from when JM cut her off when he was questioning her. I know there was times I was wanting to hear the rest of what she was having to say. Especially when he was twisting her words and when he didn’t even have the info correct that he was asking about.

  6. I, too, watched the video on Dr. Drew last night.

    I LOVE how this couple just “happened to be looking through their videos and found this one.” YEAH RIGHT!

    They were looking for the video to have their 15 minutes of fame and ALSO get money like the rest of their idiot friends. BTW, do you think these Prepaid Legal people keep going on these shows to “bolster” business for the company through “awareness”?

    FURTHER, Jodi was not “bored,” she was TIRED!

    ONE MORE THING – does anyone else think the story that Travis told of his “cheating death” sound like bullshit?? I do. He was SO dramatic!

    I think TA liked to be the center of attention and told whatever stories he could to maintain that.

    As I have said before, I think Travis has FAR exaggerated his childhood. Of all the pictures I saw of him, he did not look poor, not having baths, etc. He looked like a normal kid to me. Also, he had licensed sports jerseys to wear. My son never got those things – they were too expensive.

    I think his parents neglected him and possibly abused him, which would make sense about his wanting to get attention.

    What say all of you?

    • I say that I can see why it seemed Jodi enjoyed the company of Daniel and Desiree Freeman over those superficial gossipy bitches.

      I would to.

      I wish people would come forward about Travis behavior the way everyone is ganging up on Jodi.

      • I can only think of two possibilities. 1. Her friends have come forward but no one wants to put them on the air as it’s not juicy enough. 2. Her friends are afraid after all the Casey Anthony to-do.

        I guess there could be a third. Perhaps Jodi’s family has asked them not to, and to respect her privacy. I think we’ve heard from what, maybe 3-4 people who knew her? One was incredibly negative (the one who allegedly worked with her), the others knew her years ago but were very positive.

    • Hi Nicole,

      Well, GMA paid Roy Kronk $15k for his snake picture (and his “story”), so no doubt the same happened here with these 2 goons. Had there been no $$$’s I doubt we would even have seen the video.

      Dave Hall is just as bad really. All his BS about Jodi chasing after TA’s cars and money. Yeah right. He got his fat ass kicked out of court last week, and it’s not gonna get any better for him once he gets back on the stand.

      Add Chris & Sky Hughes into the mix with Dave Hall, and **The Big Mormon Pedo Cover Up** rolls on, no doubt…

      Team Jodi

        • As long as they got pictures of Travis and Jodi they can sell them to the networks. They’re the equivalent to leaches.

        • A search on youtube on “Prepaid Legal Scam? Chris Hughes Sucess Story” would give some answers.
          It looks like BMW was the brand of success. Travis had one, Jodi bought it from him…etc

          Interesting video- pure hollywood

            • 🙂 so much hypocrisy – backride a mans death for what?
              “Hypocrisy is the essence of snobbery, but all snobbery is about the problem of belonging.”
              Alexander Theroux

      • Lol, SJ, He got his fat ass kicked outta court! I can not WAIT for Sky to have to answer questions under oath. I know she will attempt to lie like her husband did, but she can only deny so much. I hope not only is Jodi found not guilty, but that these people are exposed for what they are!

    • Yes Travis looked like a “1 upper” … In just that short video he fits the criteria of a pathological liar. I have a question about Travis Alexander and his position in Church as a leader…. Where is his church support?

      • I agree 100 percent that he looked like a 1 upper and to me everything
        I have seen of him he comes off cocky and self important.
        He had no problem using Jodi for whatever he wanted and then
        acting as though she was beneath him for a wife. People around him clearly
        encouraged that behavior.

      • There is NO Church support. They are not putting up the family (In hotels etc.) My BFF is an active Mormon, I love her, we are so different. She has never heard of this case. TA’s sisters wear low cut tops and have tatoo’s both frowned on by the Mormons. If TA’s didnt even have a temple reccommend, I wonder how active he was?? Also, my friend has never even said the word Hell, again, we are very different lol.My point she nor any of the mainstream, kind Mormons (I live in Vegas) would dream of yelling at another sister. The Bishop should get involved. My point, My friend and others in the Mormon community have never even heard of this case. They dont watch this kind of stuff and would be appalled at TA and he would have been excommunicated for this crap, had he not left this earth.

        • WOW yes that is what I keep saying I know not all Mormon’s are like this. This is a strange group there in Mesa Arizona that stand out here. They way they talk an throwing stones like they are is not a Christian way to be an they all claim to be Christians. AN the sisters I went back on those FB walls they just started back to the Mormon Church not long ago. They do post for $$$$$ from the Mormons on their walls I seen it. But I am sure it is from the close nit group in that church. They have gone to a lot of Temples just in the last year or so also they are trying to begin again in that church from what I see. But you are right the tattoos an the way they talk on those pages are not any kind of religious way to be but they do it right on there. But as far as being so close to Travis not so sure he laid dead in his shower for 5 days ! an that is missing a SUNDAY also !

      • Phillip, yea where is his church support? ??!!! In a tragic event the church is normally involved somewhat. But they’ve stayed out of it completely. That right there to me, looks fishy. I wonder if the church KNEW something about TA sex life????

    • I can see the couple frantically pawing through their videos: “We must have footage of Travis and Jodi somewhere! This is our chance to get on TV!”

      • Nurmi should have found out who all his friends were and subpeoned them as potential witnesses with the warning that they are not allowed to watch the trial, or anything about the trial, nor go on tv and talk about anything.

    • Yes, I do – TOTAL BullS*** That’ s why Jodi lifts her head, looks at the other guy on the couch, and they smile at each other, as if to say “Here we go again with the BS stories”.

  7. What I found hilarious was the caller to dr. Drews show that said she was tired of them painting Travis as a saint (which is true btw) and his guest cohost looked appalled the caller said this and then she proceeded to say that Travis’ sexual conduct was Normal. It’s so obvious these people aren’t watching the trial. They watch bits and pieces listen to the stupidity of body behavior analyst kookoo lady and then say whatever verbal diarrhea comes out of their mouth.

    • I noticed that Dr. Drawing Conclusions (Drew) has not replayed that. And that cohost talking head of his…went immediately to the “trash the victim” routine. I am Travis’s friend and I am saddened by his behavior. I love my friend and do not sit in judgment of him but i can admit many of the things he did were wrong. It does not lessen him in my eyes, but I cannot in good conscience defend him as a saint that all of his other friends have done. I am angered by that. I wish that so many of our friends were not inclined to jump in front of the camera.

      • Bella, I think I may have missed that you were friends with Travis. Since this site has grown, sometimes things get lost.

        I have some questions that may have already been asked.

        1. Did you know Travis and Jodi when they were together? If so, what was your “honest” feeling about their relationship?

        2. Did you have any idea that Travis was not chaste? Did he purport himself to be a good Mormon all the time? Did anyone ever think his stories were exaggerated?

        3. Did Travis have a reputation around the church as someone that none of the women would want to marry?

        I like that you are realistic about your friend. We ALL have things in our background that we would not want to come out. I, personally, think it is great of you to still love your friend, despite his misgivings! 🙂

        BTW, I love your “Dr. Drawing Conclusions”!

        • Nicole,

          In case Bella doesn’t have time to answer your questions, an easy way to find her posts is to go to each page and at the menu bar select Edit: find on this page. Then you can do a search for her posting name.

        • Hi Nicole (and all others),

          I will try to answer your questions succinctly, but as I am emotionally involved I tend to ramble, If readers want the digest version… I’m sorry, in advance.

          I have mentioned a few times about my friendship with Travis and my acquaintance of Jodi. I almost feel I have to since I defend him, but also recognize her also. I went to church with Travis for over a year. I only saw the” Model Mormon” version of Travis, also I should mention I was the Molly Mormon” version of myself too (church terms for goody-goody). We all were. It was expected. It was the norm and we all wanted to fit in and conforming to everyone else’s idea of behavior was the way to do it. I saw Travis as affable, friendly, a great speaker and very good at motivating people. I enjoyed his speaking in church and in other settings like Family Home Evening. I only met Jodi once at a Family Home Evening event. I did not see her as anything other than a “sister”, another member of church. She was normal, in every sense of the word, just like me. Quieter till you got to know her… then she opened up and was bright and sweetly friendly. I have never had the “sense” or feeling that many others claim to have. And I have that ability to sniff out BS with the best of them. She never gave me any inclination that anything was “off”. I unfortunately never saw Travis and her in their relationship. But what I saw last night on the Dr. Drawing Conclusions (Drew) show was exactly what I would have expected to see, them in a relaxed setting, friendly, affectionate, NORMAL! We don’t think of any other single adult church member’s physical relationships, since we are not supposed to have them. Our thoughts are supposed to be clean and chaste, in hopes of finding our eternal mate and living up to their expectations of us. If that makes any sense. Travis had a reputation, in a good way. As being a Returned Missionary, that is an honor badge in our church. Travis was a serial dater. It’s not bad necessarily but as marriage is forever in our culture, being picky and choosy has some merits. He dated allot of girls. I will admit I wanted to be one of them. That is extremely hard to admit, now knowing all the other information that has come to light. I can still admit I loved my friend, I still do. I can say I have such sorrow and sympathy for Jodi; she wanted his love and fought desperately hard to get and keep it. I believe in my heart that Travis and Jodi loved each other in their own ways but were in fact 2 weak people who let the weaker of their instincts and consciences get the better of them. I am not ashamed of either of them. Bad things happened. I wish all of the outcomes had been different. I feel like if I had seen them interact badly toward each other I could have helped. I understand Travis, and more than that I truly understand Jodi. I can see her dilemma, till the point she hurt my friend. I can only assume something traumatically drastic had to happen for his death to occur like that. We are all capable of that on some level (THRETEN MY SON AND YOU’LL FIND OUT HOW DRASTICALLY I’LL RESPOND). I pray for all of us, daily. It is all I can do in reality.

          • Thank you for your wonderful response, Bella. You are a good person and no one will fault you for loving your friend. My friends love me – baggage and all! 🙂

          • Thank you, Bella. This post is so sincere. I wish TA had more friends like you. And I also wish his family showed the love they had for there brother the way you do. It feels REAL n unconditional no matter what. And if they were to take this whole tragedy like you, we’d all feel different about them, we’d give them the respect they deserve.

      • Bella I don’t like trashin Travis because he’s dead, but its soooo stupid how people paint him. I’m glad that you’re realistic about your friend Travis. He’s a man with qualities and flaws. I just don’t think it’s fair they paint an inaccurate picture of their relationship and Sassoon as you have someone give a different view Dr. drew and his cohost looked stunned and uphauled the caller thinks Travis is flawed. It’s just stupid.

      • What happened to Travis Alexander was very Tragic his behavior was the catalyst, He certainly didn’t deserve what happened, but the Friends are TRASH TV are very nasty people with an agenda and they do not seem to care about Travis they are greedy corrupt money hungry freaks. I say the ones appearing on TRASH TV. You cannot deny that Travis had deep seeded sexual problems & Jodi’s fear of him molesting a child is consistent with his deviant behavior. I believe her claims about pedophilia.
        I think members if his group covered for him and who knows what else was removed from his home by “Friends”

      • No. I have never spoken directly to you regarding any of the posts. There must be another name similar to mine.

                • Do you mean a Like button for individual pages? – or for individual comment posts?

                  Team Jodi

                • JC oh that would suck….

                  SJ I was suggesting for individual posts, but pages your team publishes should also receive “likes.” Just a suggestion from my part… A quiet supporter…

                • Ok… well all posts & pages in this site already have a Like button at the top of the page, under the title, and can be liked, tweeted and shared etc. I’ll look into the individual post option shortly. Thanks!
                  Team Jodi

                • SJ
                  I have a suggestion. I have mu own site (couponing) and when people post a link, I have it open im another page/tab. The reson is, when we click on a link posted here SJ, it covers this page and takes us to that link. Sometimes go back works but not often and then you have to scroll thru all the posts to find your spot (I am not nit picking, I just read all comments) It is easy to do in dashboard under setting, as I am sure you know. Also, for commenters or posters, you can simple hit (ctrl with f) then type in your name and find all the comments to your post. SJ and moderators, Thanks for everything. The great information, the never ending Jodi support and safe haven for someone who wants fairness. Peace

                • To get around that, just right-click on the link and select “Open in new tab” or “Open in new window”. It’s pretty much the same options for most browsers, not sure if the option is there on smartphones etc though.

                • For me, if I click on a link while holding down the control button, the linked website appears in another tab. I can then visit that page when I’m done reading the comments. I think you can change your browser options to do that or maybe it’s automatic I’m not sure….

                • SJ

                  IMO an individual post “like” button, etc. would bring out the pro pros ppl for sure and could potentially bring friction to the forum between posters. One would like to think it wouldn’t, but it is human nature. I think the options at the top of the page work well. Just my personal opinion.

                • for individual comments would be nice ( like threaded topics) , with option to stream it by time without threads also.

    • Really normal ? I never head of a CREAM PIE or of a man calling a woman a 3 holed wonder an I drove a big truck around the country for 10 years around some men that would make a sailor blush in the manner they talk about women. An I listened many a night on that CB to stay awake an heard some real bad things but nothing compares to this stuff.

  8. Slightly delayed reaction to yesterday’s day in court…. Did I hear Jodi say that the gun in TA’s closet was in a holster? Right at the end of one of her replies, where she should have ended with “it was on the shelf”…. she added “in a holster”??? JODI>>>> STOP TALKING!

      • What I think I heard was her saying saw it in a holster when she was cleaning. I think she used the word “before”, or the phrase “at one time”. It was something out of the blue. Kind’ve surprising.

      • I can’t remember where she said it, I’ve tried to find that part again but haven’t yet… but ya, I hope she said ‘before’ or ‘at one time’ like Natalie pointed out…

        • It was near the end of her testimony. When she said the word “holster” Martinez jump all over it and begain talking over everyone and she was still trying to say something about “before” or “at one time”. Heard to be clear because of Martinez jumping on it.

  9. IAnonymous said…

    “It’s so sad Travis didn’t recognize “The Ax Murderer within”

    men dont think of saying shit like that unless they KNOW they are being an abusive shows GUILT.

    March 6, 2013 at 6:15 AM

    I posted on travis blog this morning:….”

    I still want to know about the “frickin drug felony” travis mentions fighting (on the sex tape) is all about.I’ve mentioned it everywhere , but no one will respond.

    • drug felony? I guess I need to listen to that again.

      His sister is a cop, she may have pulled strings to get it removed from the record.

      Also, if I remember correctly he grew up in Riverside. They do not have free public access to court docs, you have to pay to access them. I don’t have money to do that at this time but maybe someone else would.

      here is the link

        • This is very interesting. I could support the theory that he was possibly on steroids or something similar that could cause him rage.

          • Kmiller, I did notice in the redacted autopsy report (it is somewhere on HLN) that they did not have steroids listed as being tested for.

            So, I still think roid rage is a possibility at this point.

            • I’ve been thinking steroids all along too. It would go hand in hand to the fact that he was trying to get in shape, and it would possibly explain how someone who is being shot and stabbed could just keep on going a little longer than the norm.

          • I was reading the CNN transcript from last night for the Drew show. The man who tells the story says they were at a convention in Oklahoma City. That had to be it. Maybe the only reason he discussed is so freely with Jodi was because she was with him when it happened? Perhaps they got pulled over?

        • All I can find is a Travis A. Alexander who has a home address in OK and violations for traffic and child restraints.

      • According to the autopsy, they only tested for drugs of abuse, like opiate, cocaine, amphetamines, benezodiapenes,pot, alcohol and those results were negative. Other substances like steroids, would only show if they tested for them and they did not. So it’s possible, but since it was never checked for, we can’t know for sure.

      • Chris Williams ‏@chriswnews

        Court PIO: Our cameras will be allowed @ #JodiArias hearing Wed regarding #Arias jury questions. Begins @ 11am. @12News @azcentral #Phoenix

  10. Did anyone else notice how Nurmi was alluding to the fact that Jodi’s confession was more based on, “what would appear logical” based on the evidence, than what she believed she did?

    To me, that opens the door to her testimony and recollections having some ambiguity through no intention to lie or keep out the truth. Thereby preventing or contributing to the lack of support for impeachment. Or something like that.

    Did I also understand Nurmi will be bringing back or bringing forth new girlfriends of Travis?

    • I hope that is true about new girlfriend witnesses. I read about that here also. I’m not sure though how anyone would be privey to witness list except the court. We could all be in for some big surprises from Nurmi. Maybe he’s waiting to lay some of his best cards down last.

      • The witness list should be public record if anyone has access to the court file. I’m sure the media have it.

        • The thing that makes me think there is a possibility of some girlfriends are for the following two reasons:

          1) The question mentioning the name of the girl regarding a threesome
          2) Jodi stating something like that only she and other girlfriends of TA’s would know what went on in secret behind those doors. It was towards the end of re-direct.

  11. I can’t decide who is worse, the media whores (friends of Travis) looking for their 15 minutes of fame or Dr. Drew, JVM & NG for putting them on their shows. I guess birds of a feather flock together. When is the viewing public going to wake up and see that they are being misled and duped into believing all of the inaccurate garbage on these shows. Are they all SHEEPLE with no ability to think for themselves?

  12. After receiving a death threat and numerous insults on Twitter for having an open mind, it was a pleasure to find this site. I am sickened by random people baying for blood of a person they don’t even know. There is so much misinformation being encouraged and distributed by the likes of NG and Dr D – I’m absolutely shocked by it and just hope that the jury genuinely hasn’t been influenced by any of that trash.

    • Oh my gosh, TJ, I’m so sorry you got a death threat. That is insanity. You will feel most welcome here. There are some awesome people on this site. Glad you found us!

      • Thanks, yes it looks like it! Have been told numerous times I deserve the needle and should be sitting beside Jodi in court among other things! Would rather sit by her than them any day!

          • TJ, welcome to sanity.
            anyone who believes all DisGrace,, have to say r brainwashed.
            speak ur mind! cos there r many facets to this.

            imo,i think ppl here r open minded, want to b fair, do NOT approve of TA being killed BUT understand mitigation.
            and don’t believe jodi deserves death.

        • I also posted on a facebook site and saw such vile and hateful things from those people. HMMMM, just a thought. Maybe these hosts now realize they have created a frenzy with some very unstable people who so easily make death threats to strangers, and are fearful that if they say anything objective now, they too may be on the recieving end of death threats.

    • Thanks TJ for your Tweet courage. Yeah, I think we all here are feeling disturbed by the bloodthirst. It is revolting and very sad. But, the change starts with each one of us individually from within. I admire your courage. I have to remember myself that courage does not mean without fear.

    • This video and the comments made by the 2 weirdos speaks volumes. She is afraid Jodi will steal her husband which is beyond laughable, They are such freaks all the FREAKS showing up on Dr.DUMBO is proof positive something was very wrong with that “GROUP” Group thought opposing individuality, Now we have commentary by some creepy lady she is going to tell us how to think. Firstly The Media is almost always WRONG so when they bash a person excessively with such hatred you know that something is rotten. The propaganda machine of the mainstream media is reminiscent of NAZI GERMANY STALINESQUE TACTICS!!!!.
      Today as you can see people do not think for themselves and there brains are wired to let the Media think for them. How can this person Dr.DUMBO actually call himself a Dr.?? you see a very brief clip of a video Jodi is sleeping and they interpret it without knowing the facts behind the clip. That is just irresponsible and criminal. I don’t Watch this horses ass he always reminded me of a perverted Mr.Rogers there is something not right about this so called Doctor. From what I see Dr.Drew hates woman probably due to his weird attachment to his Mother and hatred of his Father. He has no control over his private life knows he is not a legitimate Physician so his insecurity coupled with sexuality problems is what motivates his Quack like remarks. See we can all read into anything if we desire to. The facts are this Dr.Drew is a Quack who placates to the morally ignorant bored lynch mob mentality. We all know that Travis friends are FREAKS!!! & The Dr. is a Freak.

    • I had the same issue when Casey A was on trial, except one twitter user decided that “my kids deserved to die”. She was banned immediately from twitter, but i knew better than to even bother voicing my opinion on twitter when it came to Jodi. Still I do see the posts, and they are disgusting and vile.

    • I wish I would get a death threat I been itching to use this 22 Rutger I have here anybody welcome to come to my house out here in the woods I will know before ya get here tho 5 dogs will tell me that come on down to Alabama hahaha. Watch out for that fence tho it bites too.

  13. After learning more from the diary entries… I think Jodi was trying to atone Travis for eternitywhen she slit his throat she knew he was dying. She went to all those Mormon history sites. she probably knew ALOT of Mormon history and early religious practices.

    • That thought has crossed my mind also. The throat slashing never has added up in my mind, at least that it was done in a murderous rage. It’s not a typical wound, IMO.

        • I don’t think they would want to do that becuaes it would mean that Jodie wasn’t really in a rage at that point (or afraid and acting in self defense). She would have been well aware of her desision to inflict such a serious injury. I believe that the seriousness of the throat slashing is what made the State pursue the DP. Because, that is a henious wound to inflict on someone. I just don’t think the Defense wanted to approach the topic of Blood Atonement. Of course, just my opinion.

        • Nurmi did bring up the subject of the slashing. She confirmed that she has always assumed that she did all the slashing, and therefore that she did it, but she does not remember.

    • It’s also the way that people humanely kill animals who are injured/hurting… just a thought. Not calling TA an animal but maybe it was done out of compassion rather than rage

  14. I just want to say Thank you for this site. Had I not found it, I may be like 90% of Americans convinced that Ms. Arias was guilty! I found the site about 10 days ago while looking for a place for information about Jodi and the trial that was Not so one~ sided and had her pegged guilty before the trial had even begun. Other sites won’t even discuss rationally the evidence and the possibility of innocence of first degree premeditated murder charges!! Anyone watching the HLN trial has to contend with the talking heads convinced of her guilt every commercial break & on the shows every evening. I have read every word & comment on this site and am now convinced of her innocence. I just wish a site like this could be televised to show the “other side” or be totally impartial so the viewer could decide the verdict instead of the pundits. Keep up the good work!

  15. DR Drew had a video on his show and they were making fun of Jodi sleeping on Travis lap, She testified about that event in trial,,, She was tired from travel and they left out words in the transcript where Travis was accusing a woman of getting him killed. The show changed dialouge and it changed what Travis said!!

    • I saw that!! They left out the words about a woman almost getting him killed!

      I was like, huh….I guess they are learning from Kermit.

    • Is this Dr. Drew a real Dr. or a TV Character? I hardly watch TV, but from what I am reading so far it seems he was mentored by Josef Mengele.

      • I don’t know Roak, I just found out that Dr. Phil isn’t even a doctor so I am slightly naive in assuming these people are really what they say they are. I think someone said Dr. Doo-Little, Spew a Lot Drew was or is an internist. Which makes you wonder what gives him the god given right to psycho-analyse people! Hate them all with a passion.

  16. I cannot believe that the question has not been clearly asked: “If this was so premeditated, then why was the camera’s digital card left in the washing machine” ? Are you kidding me? She was set up. I doubt (yes call me an idiot) but I doubt she even shot the gun. Someone conditioned her memories (Manchurian Candidate). That’s why she changed her story 3 times, because none of the horrific memmories are entirely her own. Who was the guy working for? What was he up to? Who would have wanted to set her up? These are BASIC QUESTIONS. Especially, if so premeditated, why would she remove the digital card from the camera and not take it with her??? The palm print? I think they were both blind sided, and she stumbled in the horror of it all. Someone made her believe she did this. Conspiracy theorist? Explain why she left the digital card (no I don’t know what type) yet allegedly disposed of the gun. This is all bullshit.

  17. My hsuband just posted this on the HLN fb site.
    “All you loud mouth assholes need to shut your mouth till the trial is over . Just shut up . HLN has turned into a stupid ass linch mob T V station that has no right to fuck someone over for ratings”
    Told him to watch out for death threats now.

  18. u would think after casey that the tv uglies would have toned it down?! but guess it is about ratings.
    i just cant believe how they all trash jodi, act like they know everything she s thinking and why. act like what they say is FACT.
    think on Disgrace last night, the witch said TA shot last. i thought it was agreed shot 1st?
    i hope when this starts hey rnt gonna argue the jury questions, that it was gone over already. but thinkim wrong.
    u kno lil marti will be crying all day over questions. boy do i dislike him.

  19. Sorry if I sound like a broken record here, as I have posted about this topic before….but here goes.

    Let me first clarify that I have no intention of “trashing” the victim here, but do intend to call a spade a spade! I am becoming increasingly horrified at the media portrayal of this case, and of Travis A., as well as the growing lynch mob forming against Jodi.

    In an attempt to remain “open minded” until all the evidence is in, and the defense experts have testified, I decided to tune into Nancy Grace last night. BIG MISTAKE!! I AM COMPLETELY SICKENED BY WHAT I HEARD. (yes I am yelling this, because I don’t have a media outlet to say these things). A female guest on the show, who claimed to have a Phd. in Psychology responded to a question regarding Jodi’s statement that Travis proposed marriage over the phone. Her reply to Nancy was that this did not happen because Travis Alexander was “A Romantic Man”, and if he proposed, it would be done in a “romantic” way, not over the phone. (Nancy went right along with that premise). For the record, I watched the show again at a another time slot, just to insure that I heard thigns correctly.

    Good God, what has this world come to I ask? Travis Alexander a “Romantic”???????? Let’s talks facts here. Travis Alexander, albeit unknowingly, confessed that he is at the least, a Date Raper. In the taped phone call with Jodi, Travis tells her, in no uncertain terms that, when she was miserable he raped her! From the sounds of it, he was quite proud of himself and acted as if it was a big turn-on. It does not matter if Jodi saw it as rape, the poor girl did not have a concept that she was in an abusive relationship and should run like hell. Makes sense she does not understand rape. The important thing is that TRAVIS saw it as rape! Does that not make Jodi a victim in all of this too?

    Countless women are raped, beaten and killled by the very men who have made many a romantic guesture. Lest we forget,or ignore, RAPE is an act of violence and has nothing to do with sex!!!! Years of Social Science research bears this out. In fact, Nancy Grace herself stated this in one of her shows last week. Rape comes in many forms: date rape, stranger rape, rape of a marriage partner….the list goes on. Why is no body calling Travis’ behavior what it is? It is VIOLENCE!. We are setting the rights and protection of women back 100 years!!

    Therefore the following questions and answers come to mind:

    1. Did Travis A. have a propensity for violence?
    Answer: YES (as evidenced by his phone call and text messages. We dont even have to listen to Jodi’s testimony for that answer. ) Pape in any form is violence.

    2. Is it reasonable to believe that this type of violence leads to more physical violence?
    Answer: YES. ( I believe the defense experts may testify to this)

    3. Is it reasonable to believe that Jodi Arias was put in a position that her life was threatened by Travis A.’s violence?
    Answer: I have to believe it is YES.

    I may be wrong on the Legal technicalities of this, but I believe the defense here is Self Defense. If I am correct, does it not seem logical that there is “reasonable doubt” that this was a premeditated act, as there is evidence to support a claim of self defense?

    I am very sorry for Travis’ family and friends, and fully understand that they wish to remember him the way they thought he was. But this trial is about finding the facts and the truth. Like so many children that come from backgrounds such as Travis’ ( he wrote about it himself), he had many demons to fight. I really believe he was looking to his religion to fight those demons, but was not successful. Maybe healing will come, when those who are grieving his loss can come to an acceptance of those hidden parts of him, that have now come to light.

    Jodi is correct when she states that only she and God knows what happened. I don’t pretend to think I know what took place. I’m only saying I think there is reasonable doubt based on Travis’ own words.

    My apologies for belaboring this, but I have one final thought….As I have said, I am sickened about the deliberate exclusion of such relevant information in the media coverage. The wrong and dangerous information re: rape and violence is being spewed across what seems to be all of the media outlets. This frightens me, not only for Jodi, but for any young women in an abusive relationship that decides to defend herself. This has to be cleared up and this appears like the only site out there where people are taking a critical look at this case.

    Anyone have any ideas how to get proper information about rape and violence out to the general public as it pertains to this case, as we know the major networks covering this are not?

    • ” It does not matter if Jodi saw it as rape, the poor girl did not have a concept that she was in an abusive relationship and should run like hell. Makes sense she does not understand rape. The important thing is that TRAVIS saw it as rape! Does that not make Jodi a victim in all of this too?”

      Precisely – that IS what matters here! I really would have thought by now that some grand women’s rights activist with undeniable credibility would have come forward and started speaking publicly about this by now. I’m surprised and disappointed that no one has.

      You can’t consent to sex in your sleep, period. Other than that, there is the abuse of power that I don’t see anyone talking about. And, I think that is a very significant part of this case. Even Travis’ friend here mentioned that he had ranking in the church, or some sort of “badge” of recognition, that he was highly respected as a returned missionary. He was also a well respected public speaker, and I am sorry, but I think he used these aspects of authority to get what he wanted. That in itself is abusive behavior.

      • Absolutely Jess!!! The problem with the media, is that the greatest coverage is on HLN which clearly has NO objectivity. The first amendment guarantees Americans freedom of speech, so I don’t think 100 petitions will stop this one sided coverage that in my estimation is allowing dangerous messages to be spewed to the Public.

        I think the real issue becomes that these “Doctors”, whether it be MD’s or Phd.’s should be in fear of loosing their professional licenses for perpetrating information for only the sensationalized part of this. In my opinion, they have a professional duty and responsibility, via their liscensure to not insight Mob mentality and more importantly to cover the other side, which includes such vile behavior as Rape. When a “Dr.” calls a self professed Rapist a Romantic Man, she obviously needs to be evaluated by her State Licensing Board.

        Additionally, the only way to get the non biased commentary on this case and all of the issues it brings up, is to have other more legitimate networks cover it in an objective way. This is not happening. I as a lone viewer can’t make this happen, unfortunately. Maybe all of us who believe in Truth in Justice need to send requests to the major networks to do what the cable networks won’t.

        I’m looking for any other ideas, as I think this issue has far reaching implications not only for this trial but for all future trials.

  20. Just wanted to post a few psycho excerpts from the HLN Transcripts from the Drew show last night. Its even crazier to see the words written, this is Jacob and Hollie Medford:

    ” the first time I saw Jodi, I just got a really, really creepy vibe from her. And I said, man, you got to stay away from her, budd Yes, creepy. She had a very crazy sexual energy about her.
    You know, she`s bad news.”

    ” I mean, just what she was dressed in — first off, when you look in her eyes, it`s empty. It`s just like there`s no soul behind there. So, it was really creepy for me. ”
    Plus, you know, she literally just had a jacket on at a business event with nothing underneath it, just buttoned up, and it was completely inappropriate for, you know, what we were doing, and she just — again, she just had this very, you know, seductive type of energy like — I can`t really explain it but it made my internal alarms really go off. ”

    ” She`s the kind of woman you keep away from your husband. Every woman can talk about someone like that, but yes, you were around her, you could feel her sexual energy, her manipulation, and she was not ever someone I wanted to be alone with my husband. Not that I ever thought my husband would do something, but I wouldn`t put it past Jodi to try to make an advance on a married man in a minute. She would — she would, I`m sure, go after that.”

    ” Yes. The Hughes home. Jodi showed up one day while I was there with Skye, and she showed up unannounced. She came over to ask Skye why Skye hated her, and Skye, for 15 minutes, told her why we didn`t like her, why we didn`t want her around, why we didn`t want her to be with Travis. And I told her to get out of her house, to never come back.
    And then, I was in the kitchen making lunch for Skye`s kids, and Jodi, after, you know, being yelled at for 15 minutes, comes into the kitchen, sits at the dining room table and just sits there and stares at me while I`m cooking macaroni and cheese. And, I didn`t say anything to her. It was really awkward, and I didn`t want to be around her. And she just sat there for 10 minutes, and then, finally, she got up and left.”

    ” It was weird. I know if i was at someone`s house, and they yelled at me and told me to get out, I would run to my car crying, probably.”

    • I think they’re paying these people to say the same things about Jodi. I don’t think it’s right but if they offer you $15,000+ to say that some chick you don’t really know or care about is”crazy, empty” and has weird sexual energy you may do it especially if you like money. Just sayin…

      • It is interesting how all these people parrot each other, isn’t it?

        They have had ample opportunity to discuss Jodi amongst themselves and validate each other’s ignorance and stupidity.

        I’m just so digusted with people at this moment.

      • I wonder if “weird sexual energy” to these people is basically just “attractiveness” to most other people. They all seem to be repressed sexually and are probably offended by things that most people wouldn’t bat an eye at (a buttoned jacket worn as a blouse, for example.)

        • Kira and Beecee I believe it’s the network telling them to say this they keep “parroting” the same lines. They pay them for pics/videos and probably tell them to stay along the lines of the same narrative. To the network it’s entertainment n not news.

    • So basically, they were jealous and threatened by Jodi because she was pretty and had a nice figure. Sounds like your typical pack of catty mean girls.

      I bet the husbands made comments in private like, “Wow, that Jodi is hot,” and the wives didn’t like it.

    • Ah, Kmiller I just looked at the transripts…this quote from douchebag Jacob:

      ” And so, anyway, her profile was really creepy. It had like witchcraft and a bunch of crazy stuff on it. ”

      They basically they were judging her from the outgo based on her interest in various things. So they made assumptions about witchcraft…and her other postings.

      well, I’m sorry to all the nice people on here who are Mormon…but that dude has no right to talk. I guess he finds it ok that Travis posted the only reason not to put a wall up between here and Mexico is for the “filly”/s.??????? What a fuckin hypocrite.

    • Makes you wonder what her husband is up to that would illicit her fear of having “a woman like that” around him?

    • They were accidentally shown on a stream during one of the trial recesses. It is just a matter of doing a screen cap. I’m surprised it took this long for them to start making the rounds.

      Why in the world would anyone on the prosecution side risk a mistrial by publishing them? To what possible benefit? They don’t care what the public thinks – their only concern is the jury, and the jury has already seen more of Travis and Jodi than they wanted to see.

      Come on, folks – save your conspiracy theories for the JFK assassination and moon landing.

  21. Hi guys!

    I am catching up on the blogs and the excellent observations!

    Don’t forget about the donation area of the website. We’ve been doing great raising money and support for Jodi, so let’s keep it up!

  22. Like I’ve said several times before, if the State of Arizona had such a great case against Jodie, why would JM need to spend days up there badgering her on the witness stand, change their theory of the killing, slice up and misrepresent the diary entries, etc, etc. We see all this horseshit frenzy from the media and other sites because they have nothing else backing them up at this point. Jodie has done well overall on the stand, and the Defense has been able to show us all, in TA’s own words and writings, just what kind of man he REALLY was. It’s like a mass hysteria on their part at this point.

    I say Manslaughter and let’s let Jodie move on. She is no threat to anyone and has a brillant mind to offer society. This is no DP case at all.

    • I think she’s done really well overall too. Many people thought that Martinez was just going to destroy her on the stand but she got through it just fine.

  23. I signed the petition against HLN with honesty and dignity I even left a comment.. I believe I was #129 of those who signed. In my opinion, Jodi is not revealing everything in fear that as a member of the LDS, they are sworn to secrecy in their temple iniation. I went to and there is a wealth of information. If you click on this link within the site: and scroll down to” The Endowment: Tokens, Signs and Penalties. The one that really caught my attention is: FIRST TOKEN OF AARONIC PRIESTHOOD. Let me know what you think about this and how it pertains to Jodi.

      • My intent Bella was to bring awareness of the secret rituals, not to hurt Jodi. I am a firm supporter of Jodi. That is why I am here. My son is a Mormon convert, married at age 19 and has 4 children. I have gone through extreme turmoil for years. I know how these elitists work from my own personal experience. My four innocent grandchildren is into this equation. My son is caught between two worlds. I apologize Bella if I upset you in any way.~~Rev. LM

        • LM,

          I cannot express how I understand your son’s “caught between 2 worlds” I do truly understand that. I feel much the same way, many times. But as it relates to fairness and knowledge within this trial, it has no bearing. I can understand that all knowledge aids in some manner, but this taints the general public’s already far skewed view of Mormons. I know society says secret, I being involved, prefer Sacred. I know many will not agree or believe, but please in all fairness don’t antagonize the mobs more. I hope you can find peace in your heart for the intention of your son in his conversion, and in his trying to be a good father to his sons in regards to faith. I know your intent is knowledge, and therefore cannot fault you.

        • LM I agree to many similar stories And Jodi does behave as if she is under cult control, I do not agree with the Theology behind Mormonism The Foundation is Joseph Smith a known criminal.

          • LM, I’m not offended. You are sharing your thoughts with us, I NEVER believe in telling someone else what to think or not to think, or what not to share.

            • Its important not to have group thought and be able to think for yourself. The group thought on Dr.Drew for instance is a RED FLAG just like overly Sugary Phony Good Girl Behavior of some of these Weirdos ON THE TRASHY TV SHOWS Nobody acts that way. Its too Sick.
              They read much into Jodi’s behavior, but Look at their Dead Eyes their Blank Faces admitting how cruel they were to this girl Ostracizing her from “THE GROUP” don’t you dare go against group thought. Dr.Drew is an expert on this HEY??? How dare sit at the table as MISSES GOOD GIRL WITH THE SEXLESS HUSBAND made Mac & Cheese. and for 10 minutes oh how dreadful!!

      • Bella please don’t forget that Travis was Jodi’s religious mentor. I’m sure when they visited the historical Mormon sites, he provided much if not all information on Mormon history and rituals. He was very into public speaking and training and teaching others.

        • Yes, TR you are correct. I’m sure that he would have spoken on things he knew about. But the Temple is another matter altogether. I can very much attest to the structured comments he would have made in direct reference to the Temple. As a Returned Missionary, he would have had more of an honest put on him as all of us Returned Missionaries did. So in that respect I agreed with LM.

  24. That Holly woman was filming Jodi NOT Travis. so she could gossip about her to thoses other creepy PPL women and men!

  25. cnn’s clip from Jodi “I wish I could turn back the clock and make some different decisions. If I could go back in time, I would choose differently with regard to Travis, of course. It was more just like I`m haunted by the love that he expresses toward me that keeps me — well, I stayed with him out of my own free will, but I felt like it kept me hooked even though he wasn`t, like, forcing me to stay with him. ”

    I remember hearing that live and I thought Oh Jodi, I wish you would quit subscribing to the Law of Attraction…she is always taking personal responsibility. I hope someone on the jury or some reasonable psychologist can recognize that.

    I grew up this way to though, I could not change my environment so it taught me to look at myself, to always find ways to ultimately blame myself for whatever happened so that I could prevent it from happening again by modifying MY actions.

  26. I have a couple of questions about the roommate now that I saw the picture of the footprint-didn’t he say he walked through the closet- if he went through the closet then why is the footprint in the hallway? It looks like the footprint was made in pretty fresh blood. Also how come no one is asking where are JA’s shoes? Have these ever been found?

  27. Watching the trial now… Jodi looks kind of happy today. I hope her attorneys gave her a positive pep talk and feel things are going well for them.

  28. There have been some outright hilarious moments throughout this trial, but when I watched Nurms reach down and grab the crotch of his slacks to adjust himself as he is talking to the judge-that moment really takes the cake for me! All props goes to Nurms for that one!

    Watch and go to 11:24

  29. I REALLY dislike this jury questioning thing! Somehow it goes against the grain of “fair trial” IMO. The fact that this is a death penalty case, jury questions should NOT be allowed. I expect that the majority of Nurmi’s objections to jury questions will overruled and ‘nez’s objections will be sustained…as par for this trial…

    • Really? I think it’s a good thing. It makes the jurors pay more attention during the trial and feel more like an integral part.

      • Except for those jurors whose questions aren’t answered depending on which way that jurors question might seem to be leaning. The Def/Pros agreed on some questions, but the jury won’t know that. I am concerned how JA will answer to the jury directly. Hopefully just yes or no.

        I can’t get a feel from JA’s expressions of what she anticipates being asked. Anyone other thoughts?

        Off topic. The bottomline, IMO, is the State has not proved their charges.

        • From studies, it seems that jurors whose questions are not answered do not feel slighted as long as the judge addresses the reasons with them. For example, if the judge states that it’s beyond the scope of the proceedings, jurors have stated they are fine with that. They just want to feel acknowledged.

      • The judge has already shown obvious bias in this trial. Again, her overruling so many questions that Nurmi objects to is just more of the same…Let’s see…I bet most of .nez’s objections will be sustained…

        • This judge has been totally impartial, in my opinion. The defense objects more often in order to have the objections in the record in case of an appeal, and therefore they have more objections over-ruled.

          I can’t stand Martinez, and I think Jodi was defending herself against Travis. But she is also receiving a very fair trial. The judge may not be punctual, but to say she is biased shows more bias on your part than it does on hers.

          • Michael L,

            honestly, we would actually have to go watch all the video and count to know if there was bias. Perception for those kinds of things are VERY skewed.

          • I have noticed ‘nez’s objecting FAR more than Nurmi and when ‘nez objects the objection is more often than not, sustained. Whereas, Nurmi’s objections seem more often overruled…just an observation, mind you, I have not done an official count. That would be a HUGE task but it would very interesting to see the results. Perhaps I am wrong.

  30. This just goes to show the the prosecutor did not cover all his bases. If this was in another state and the jury could not ask these questions, I beleive an acquital would be more likely.

  31. why dont the lawyers have a copy of the questions? this is painful for them to go to side bar for almost each question. And why can’t the questions be read out if the jury is not there?

    • The lawyers do have the questions and they’ve spent the morning going over then with Jodi. What they’re doing now is trying to get some thrown out but they aren’t having much luck with it (defense). I would like to hear the questions now too but the reason we can’t is because they have not been ruled on yet. We’ll hear them soon enough.

  32. Gees! Defense is getting over ruled on alot if the jury questions they want out. I hope these questions aren’t too damaging, or actually her answers to them would be more concerning.

  33. I have to assume since they are proceeding with the juror questions that either a plea wasn’t offered and/or wasn’t accepted as many of us were wondering yesterday.

    I was hoping the jury questions would be so apparent to JM that court would have been postponed which would have signaled the def/Pros might be talking deals…..ugh

    • JM can add lessor charges right before the jury deliberates. Unless its different in AZ. This is usually when they add 2nd degree, manslaughter, etc., is after everyone rests. I find this to be u fair. It’s kind of like saying “we didn’t prove our case, so now we’re going to believe something different and why charges”. They should be made to pick a charge and prove it or don’t. Plea deals are long gone at this point.

      • There are four clairs.. voyant, audient, sentient and essient. Clairvoyance is the ability to see things others tend not to, clairaudient is the ability to hear things others tend not to, clairsentient is the ability to feel things others cannot and clairessient is to smell things others cannot. Empathetic people generally have the ability of clairsentience. Many cannot walk into a room without feeling everything going on with people around them. Ever walk into a room and know instinctively that something is not right? Ever walk into work and feel a pressure that you think can be cut with a knife?Only to find out later that there had been a bad argument or someone was fired?

          • Congrats CJ you are what is considered to be as an empath you poor bugger! I hope you do not get feelings so badly that you cannot walk into a mall without being “hit” with something. Some empaths cannot go into public places for that reason.

        • Yes to all the questions you raised. I am an empath. It is very difficult for me to even be around any crowds. That’s why I used to work the night shift. Anyways I heard a clip of Jodi singing “O Holy Night” on HLN during a break in the Conrad Murray trial and Vinnie P was basically putting her down back then. At least he had the decency to report she won a meal and shared it with her cell mates. I kind of lost track until my friend told me of Jodi’s trial. I watched and picked up a lot of pain vibes and holding back as she was testifying and still feel this pain every day I watch her on the stand.

  34. Did anyone notice that ‘nez commented re: Jury question about Jodi’s financial position and her breast augmentation??? WTF is THAT juror thinking? Honestly! If a juror is asking a question like that how can they be listening to the trial and the facts that prove or disprove premeditation? I would NOT like to be in the deliberation room with someone who is so off base as to the scope of this trial…

    • Ya that peeved me. Sounds like a juror wants to know who paid for her boobs so they can decide if she was a gold digger or not.
      But the question was thrown out, right? Gees I forget now! Lol did it get thrown out? Hope so.

        • She’s been accused as being a gold digger, or someone who follows the “rising stars” in PPL, presumably that she was using TA for money. They may want to know if she has a history of this – pattern of it. Or maybe the juror is just mad because they couldn’t see the picture of her pre-boob job Boobs. Whatever the reason, it scares me to think that a juror even cares about that!

    • Haven’t listened yet today but didn’t she drive an Infiniti? Don’t people know you can make payments on anything? A question I would have would be why she didn’t notice the upside down license plate sooner? If she got to TA’s & removed her things from the trunk… wouldn’t she notice it then? Or when leaving TA’s & putting things back in the car…then?

    • Good question Deb. Does anyone know is Jodi was ever asked if she wrote those messages in the magazine? Did she admit to writing them and did she have an explanation if she did admit to it. I must have missed this if it occurred.

  35. Admin, SJ or any other mediator,

    Off topic question. If we would like to speak to each other in a more semi private format, is there a way we can?

  36. Two questions I hope the jury have for Jodi that I think will clear things up.

    1) the codes in the magazine (Idk why Martinez brought this up, he didnt get anywhere with it)
    2) WHEN did the gun have a holster/ did the gun have a holster the day she used it, if so, why didnt she bring it up before


    Isn’t it ironic the story TA is telling and the 2 intruders story Jodi told??? Also, the same spot he was shot is the same spot on his head that he’s telling his friends the shooter had the gun to. He’s even cocky about this incident, saying, “this guys holding this gun against my head, all he needs to do is squeeze, you know” listen to it, its kindda like he’s saying, if your going to shoot me, all u havecto do is squeeze. Thats him showing off, ya!!

    Anyway, just too much of a coincident, I wonder if someone was already out to kill TA.

    • I think so….and I think they planned on framing Jodi for it…in any event, to me there seems something very fishy about this case. VERY FISHY

    • Kinda looked like it. The Alexander siblings look worn out this morning too. JM might not be objecting too much so he can do his antics all day as the questions are being asked and answered.

  37. Also Abused – Researched sentience a little and now I’m even more confused.

    What the experts site doesn’t say about how she defines “Sentience” is that is how it was used by 18th century philosophers.

    The modern western philosopy is the ability to experience sensations and for Eastern philosphy it is a metaphysical quality of all things that requires respect and care. It says the concept is central to the philosophy of animal rights because sentience is necessary fo the ability to suffer, which is held to entail certain rights.

    • Also Abused

      Wikipedia also has the following noted under science fiction portion:

      In science fiction, an alien, android, robot, hologram, or computer described as “sentient” is usually treated as a fully human character, with similar rights, qualities, and capabilities as any other character. Foremost among these properties is human level intelligence (i.e. “sapience”), but sentient characters also typically display desire, will, consciousness, ethics, personality, insight, and many other human qualities. Sentience is being used in this context to describe an essential human property that brings all these other qualities with it. The words “sapience”, “self-awareness”, and “consciousness” are used in similar ways in science fiction.

      I don’t think this makes it any more clear either….lol

      • Since I practice Buddhism, I guess I was thinking of it in more of an eastern philosophy. Still, this witness does NOT have the type of experience in domestic violence that the defense experts have. You basically cannot find a better expert on that topic than Alyce LaViolette.

  38. Hi. Just saw the Dr quack video you posted above, thank you.
    I agree with all your comments. She is just tired while he is entertaining the troop. It does show him as the cult leader to whom every one is attentive to, sits higher than all of them, has the most attractive woman of the group on his lap, and every one is catering to the boss-leader and would stay awake no matter what. Jodi had the temerity to snooze and the leader let her do so. Unforgivable for other cult members.
    And Sky mouthing on TV, totally oblivious, that group members yelled at Jodi for fifteen minutes, and Jodi just sat there,
    when the group started turning on Jodi. Evidence.
    Looks like the Mormon church because of its structure is ripe with cults of this sort, and that a pyramid scheme business has found a way to exploit it too. I wonder now how many people may have want him dead.

  39. Fellow Truth Seekers,

    If in the spirit of “the Law of Attraction” only, today, for Jodi, Pray. If you don’t pray, think positively, act positively. Project positivity. Do something that generates good will. If the 6 Degrees of separation is in effect, and I believe it is there will be one of us who generates good will that affects Jodi’s outcome, Travis’s families anger and heartbreak, Jodi’s families pain, the attorney’s, the jury, the judge, the media, someone may be positively affected. I may be stupid and simple for thinking this way but it is all I can do. We can’t change anyone’s actions, but maybe just maybe we change some ones heart.

    • Thanks Bella. The only way out of darkness is through the light. We are the light for Jodi. Positive energy can repel a negative outcome.

  40. Jodi is looking more serious now. She panicks a lot and is probably really nervous. She’s got some kind of trauma. I do think she’s not very good at social cues, etc. these may have been things that annoyed Travis and why he yelled at her and insulted her all the time. I think she is different. It happens with artistic people a lot I think. She is a talented woman. She could’ve really done much better with her life instead of this mess. Oh well… These are just MHOs…

    • My therapist told me it happens with children who are abused. I don’t pick up on all social cues, or on hints or innuendoes well, myself.

    • Jodi’s stomach must be in knots… I can’t imagine, after all that the testimony already covered, that there would be SO many questions to ask…

  41. What happened? ? Did it start already n I missed it??!!! I thought they said 1pm (12 my time). Can someone briefly tell me what just happened, anything good??

    • They just went over the questions by number on their objections. The Def/Pros agreed on 3 or 4. Most of the defenses objections were overruled. You didn’t really miss much since they were only addressed by number. Then the judge asked for them all to meet in chamber.

  42. Some of the jury questions they wont ask because they already have been “asked and answered” during her testimony. Just an FYI.
    In our court (washington state) we file ALL of the jury questions in the public file whether asked or not. Kind of interesting.

  43. Jodi had cumulative fear and anger and digust but Travis had cumulative rage and could snap over a broken camera just as he did over a traffic jam. Road rage I was once told by a psychiatrist is a good question to be asked when evaluating for certain mental illnesses.

  44. I have posted here many times before and never got posted. I even subscribe to this site for alerts but am trying to communicate my thoughts and prayers for Jodi. I don’t know what else to do?

  45. They are talking about video on HLN again 11 She must be aware of that video Jodi that is as she talked about the incident in the trial. They are saying this video is evidence of public affection!!


    I have a comment/question I haven’t seen addressed here yet. The jury is, like all juries, not supposed to discuss the case with “outsiders” and they aren’t supposed to watch or read anything about the case. Okay. I’m guessing jury selection happened in November/December (correct me if I’m wrong). What were the people of the jury doing BEFORE they became the people of the jury?

    I don’t live in the Phoenix/Mesa area, but I think it’s safe to say news of the killing and Jodi and Travis etc., etc., was a big story in that area. Surely each juror was inundated for four-plus years with news and opinions about the case. If that, in fact, is true, how can we consider this jury unbiased?

    Before the trial started, I had never heard the name Jodi Arias, and the first pieces of info about the case I saw was the actual trial on YouTube. I was someone who you could call unbiased. I watched the testimony – I believe I picked up the trial on day 14 or 15 or thereabouts – and it wasn’t long before I realized there was no premeditated murder here. But all the jurors have probably heard the vile spewings of Nancy Grace and her ilk, and that’s what they took into the courtroom.

    Did the defense move for a change of venue? It’s irrelevant whether they tried to have the jury sequestered because it seems the damage has already been done. This comment here was inspired by another comment by someone on another day who said (paraphrase) “The jury is totally not to know that Jodi is even in jail.” And I’m thinking, how can they not know she’s in jail since they were watching and reading the media right up until the time they were selected for the jury?

    Does anybody else have opinions on all this – or corrections if I’m off-base? Thanks.

    • I do my sister lives in Phoenix in one of those suburbs I can’t think of the name but she had heard the story way before it was on trial an she said Jodi was a cold blooded phys-co so it tells me they had it on the news there. They heard the friends side of course the most in the beginning. I have swayed her mind now but when we first started talking she was 100% against Jodi so it does worry me about that an the jurors being from the Phoenix area.

    • OMG! I was just reading about the Doug Grant case. Funny that JM was willing to believe and have the jury believe that Faye didn’t write anything in her journal about Doug yet everyone was supposed to believe that Doug was the DEVILl but when Jodi give the same reason for not writing negative things in her journal about Travis he refuses to believe it! Frickin’ Idiot!!!

  47. Now I’ve heard it all, Jodi was going to tie up Travis and burn the house down. Having dealt with the mindset of some, having followed many crimes and trials, it is simple, those hags won’t be happy unless they can take Casey Anthony and Jodi, put them both in the town square and stone them to death. There are two crime blogs, Websleuths, and Scared Monkeys, it gets awful on both, and then at the same time, the women, not many men on those sites, declare what good Christian women they are. I’m so past disgusted….

  48. How did the police determine that Jodi was the one that paid for the cash payment of gas after she paid for the gas by credit? Did they use survelliance video?

    • No deb they found her receipts at her grandparents house where she was living at the time. It states right on the receipt whether it was a credit card or cash or debit payment.

  49. Does anyone know how many men and how many woman are on the jury as “jurors” and how many men and woman are “alternate jurors”? OR are the alternates being considered actual jurors during the trial and notified just prior to deliberation that they are “alternates” ? I understand that there are 11 men and 7 women, but are they (the jurors) aware of who is an alternate and who is not? and if so what is the ratio of men to women on the deliberating jury? (Yikes that was confusing…Sorry)

    • I understood you Dorothy. I thought I read somewhere that there are 3 females on the jury, so perhaps the other 4 are alternates? But then again I can’t remember where I read that and there’s so much BS talk about this whole case on other websites, so I wouldn’t put too much faith in my answer.

    • Such a great resource, my gosh it sounds just like JA’s situation, doesn’t it? Thank you for posting the link. Funny how the article mentioned LDS like at least 3 times? This would suggest that the LDS ways of life are structured in such a way as to foster or prolong abuse that may be taking place. Just an observation, not a shot at the religion. Just something I noticed about the structure.

    • Hmmmm, ankles were bleeding and scratched up after incident, I.e.; was he still grabbing at her and trying to bring her down even while she was defending herself.? Sounds to me like he just would not stop. I think that answer about her ankles helped her.

  50. I am worried about the haters overwhelming this site too … Like some of you, I have posted on other blogs and Twitter and received a death threat of my own. Just for voicing my opinion. It’s amazing how so many are out for blood.

    • Death threat??!!! OMG!

      Handling the support Email I get crap Emails all the time but most of the comments are (unfortunately) directed at Jodi. I block them from that Email.

  51. These questions don’t seem too damning so far, in fact it’s giving JA an opportunity to further elaborate which is great. I just wanted to mention that the “child TA was close to who dressed up as Spider-Man all the time” is pictured on I believe it was MySpace. I saw them the other night. So I am totally creeped out now because that child just happens to be “D’s”, and the pictures are there under either D’s MySpace account or Ashley’s. can’t remember whose but they are there. Now if it was D’s child that was close to TA, and we know D HAD “an issue” with TA, there is more reason to think now that the issue he had could have been quite severe and serious. I am so creeped out now.

    • She says he really liked Spiderman, but I think that TA’s brother in the audience was shaking his head. How would he know? My brother and I are very close but he doesn’t know what superhero’s I like.

      • Just to clarify, Jodi agreed “Travis did NOT like spider man”, but he was close to a child the year before, who did like spider man and dressed up as him all the time. Sounds to me like the spider man undies reminded TA of something he likes looking at on someone else, the year before. But I agree, how the hell would his family know anything about him – they weren’t even around him until his death from what I understand.

      • Very shallow. “Have you ever driven alone that far before” or the sex-related question. I have a ton of questions in my head to ask and none of them are this shallow.

    • Yeah I caught the tail end of today, and the jurors were asking quite a few questions in regards to her memory. Hopefully the other questions asked were in her favor, but I think JM’s tactics of attacking her memory problem may have put influence to some of the jurors. During stressful times, its understandable that some people dissociate themselves and not remember, it’s a defense mechanism. Hopefully the expert they put on the stand can explain this.

  52. OMG! Who cares who she called “hottie biscotti”? What the……… If this is what the jurors think about, I’m worried!

  53. JODI IS INNOCENT!!!! Am watching her answer questions from the jury.

    On a fun note, in the comments area on the Youtube channel I am watching the trial from, someone is complaining that they’d come to this website and tell us a few things except for the fact that they had been banned from here HA HA HA!

  54. Watched the video of TA yakking up a ‘story’ to impress his followers. JA isn’t bored, she is sleepy. TA has his arm over her in a very protective manner and seems to enjoy having such a beautiful woman cuddled up next to him. She didn’t want anyone’s attention but TA’s, so those homely mormon wives were quite safe with their dull mormon husbands. It is shocking to me that this woman would admit that they degraded Jodi for 15 minutes, telling her why they didn’t like her and then has the nerve to think that JA had inappropriate behavior. Surely, Jodi was hurt and had no idea that anyone could dislke her so much. What a mean group TA hung with!

    BTW I think the ‘gun to my head’ story is all BS. In fact TA, with his PPL scheme, his ‘motivatioal speaking (to get people into his pyramid) his ‘almost mormon’ life tells us he was ALL BS.

  55. SJ,
    I got all the questions here for y’all. UI would like to asks everyone, Taking each question do you think it helps or hurts Jodi?

  56. I haven’t watched a lot of the testimony but I can’t stand the prosecutor. He seemed to spend all his time trying to put words in Arias’ mouth and when she responded that he was inaccurate he became belligerent and just didn’t get it. He didn’t seem to get a lot. What’s worse is that people seem to skip over all his errors, memory problems!, and nonsense and feel he’s doing a good job because he sounds mean and tough.

    I’d almost pay to see the defense counsel and him in a ring for 30 seconds.

    Of course if the truth is that Jodi is manipulating everyone then a little anger and meanness wouldn’t seem so bad. It’s just that everything that I heard on cross examination made me think she was more reliable then he is.

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