Jodi Arias Trial – Day 28 (afternoon session)

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Leave your comments below on the afternoon session of day 28.

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  1. SJ

    Sorry reposting this. I didn’t notice we have the afternoon session link up.

    IMO an individual post “like” button, etc. would bring out the pro pros ppl for sure and could potentially bring friction to the forum between posters. One would like to think it wouldn’t, but it is human nature. I think the options at the top of the page work well. Just my personal opinion.

    • Hi Jodie,
      Yes, I’m not too concerned over any potential friction, but technically it would also slow down the load time for the page, so we’ll leave it as is for now.

      Team Jodi

      • Is HNL owned by Mormons? Why are they so bias? I don’t understand, I thought it was innocent till proven guilty why is HNL is so lopped sided?

        • What if we found out that Mitt Romney owned it. HA!! I don’t think so but all their guest even the Psychiatrist are LDS people very strange.

          • Thanks for information. I’m appalled at the Dr. Drew show. He and his ‘panal’ of Mormens are on a witch hunt.

              • I am happy to see aplace where others are thinking the way I do. I have only watched for the last week. I thought i must of missed a lot because i can understand her. I was in a similar relationship. I left. But it was hard. I still love this man but the headgames made me ill. Last fall i researched the LDS faith and was taken aback by the manipitative tactics recommended to convert people. I had to look beyond all thesurface sites for the mormon/LDS church. The things Travis told Jodi werevery typical. I must say that hln dose definetly show a bias. Dr. Drew has lost my respeact.

            • ‘trinity matrix’ before you call anyone a moron learn how to spell a simple word!!! Its ‘panel’ not ‘panal’. You are the morons!!! Jodi is g!uilty of slaughtering Travis

    • For the love of god, call kirk nurmi, asap, all of the questions being asked are the ones one the internet. In my opinion, the jury is watching which is grounds for a mistrial. I watch all and have been on the fence. Right now, the jury, the talking heads are biased. i tried to find his email, could not find it. They all need to be investigated. All questions asked are on ws website. Jury needs to be investigated. some body is talking. Go look for yourself. Holly and her husband that was on Dr. Drew, go look at her, she is mirroring jodi, she cannot be professional without clinging to her husband in a professional format. I am throwing the bullchitttttttt flag on her. She and her husband and clan are like clucking chickens and roosters in a hen house. a very good day not to be the. God sees all and nobody judges anybody. This is a disgrace. HOW CAN IT BEE THAT ALL THE QUESTIONS ON THE WEBSITE WAS ASKED IN COURT TODAY. I AM CALLING THE BULL CHIT FALL AND FOR A FULL INVESTIGATION OF THE J-U-R-Y- !!!! tODAY GET THEIR FONE RECORDS AND INTERNET ACCESS. THIS IS NOT A GAME.

      • I heard that Weird Freaky couple said that Jodi was taking Travis away from “THE GROUP” Its a Cult. Them against her, How dare she tell the secrets of Travis. I don’t care what anyone says, This killing was partially a result of a very unhealthy group of people that lie. They are still saying Jodi introduced Travis to Sex. This is Sick. Mormonism is not a Christian Religion its basis is that of a Deviant. Look at those plastic people that appear nightly on Trash TV. The sugary behavior is SO PHONY. The more people act perfect on the outside the more hideous on the inside. Jodi is still afraid to talk against Travis & the Group,

    • I answered this question already deb but the police found the receipts in her grandparents home. All the necessary info is on the receipts as to if it was paid by cash, debit, credit card etc and has her name on the receipts.

      • They do not put the name on cash payments and if she kept it would that not be evidence against pre-meditation ? Thanks for responding debbie!!

        • No problem. I would think it would show there was no premeditation there however Mr. Martinez is looking at there is no paper trail once she gets outside of California. He is still insisting that she premeditated Travis’s demise.

  2. hey everybody!just got in 10 minutes ago and I see…..a sidebar! how original! p.s:Jodi looks exhausted already…

  3. Hope everybody finds humor in this and I don’t get slammed. But since we’re having to wait.

    Did anybody pray for technical difficulties?

      • LOL SJ am I the only person that is not inquistive enough to bother to google that phrase? It is on my list of things not worth knowing LOL

          • Yep Yep SJ as I stated the other day the only cream pies I am aware of are chocolate, banana and coconut and they are baked in the oven… No need to know any more than that 😛

              • LMAO SJ you are too funny at times and have a good sense of humour. Sometimes that is needed in otherwise dire circumstances such as this case. Keep up the great work on this site as you have done with Casey’s site also.:D

                • LOL Heather you would be wrong on that although my descendants are British and Scottish (notice I separate them) I am Canadian born and raised. We use the british spellings here for everything.

          • I only saw the last part, so far, of today’s questions. There are a lot of “older” people on the jury, and I’m going to die if one of them asks what flavor of cream pie they’re talking about.

            JODI: Chocolate.
            MARTINEZ: Objection.
            JODI: Coconut.
            MARTINEZ: (Jumping up.) Objection!
            JODI: Banana.
            MARTINEZ: (Slamming the table.) Your honor, I have never heard of chocolate, coconut or banana cream pies.
            JODI: (Looking at Martinez.) Chipotle?
            KIRK: Objection!
            (Alexander sister rolls her eyes.)
            JUDGE: Mr. Nurmi, you can’t object to your own client.
            KIRK: Hell if I can’t – you put chipotle on a cream pie and you totally ruin it!
            MARTINEZ: Your honor, this is irrelevant and impossible.
            KIRK: Your honor, it’s absolutely possible to ruin a cream pie.
            MARTINEZ: (To Kirk.) Have you ever had a ruined cream pie?
            KIRK: Only when your sister came over and made one for me.
            JUDGE: Mr. Nurmi, that’s unnecessary.
            JODI: Fajita?
            (Alexander sister rolls her eyes.)
            MARTINEZ: Objection – your honor, that was a racial slur on the part of the defendant.
            JUDGE: (To Jodi.) Did you slur Mr. Martinez’ race?
            JODI: No. I have nothing against people from San Salvador.
            KIRK: Can we get back to the cream pies, your honor?
            JUDGE: No, I think this is a good time to break for lunch.
            KIRK: (Pumps his arm.) Yes!

            Sorry, just blowing off steam.

      • OMG, I put my mouse over the link about 40 times yesterday and just couldn’t click on it. I think I will go to my grave NOT knowing what that term means!! I just can’t do it!

      • Yeah…I’m never gonna look at actual cream pies the same way ever again. Could have lived without that bit of sexual trivia!

        And I know this is totally perverse, but am I the only one who, every time this trial starts back up, gets “Janie’s Got a Gun” stuck in their head?

  4. Crazy…please stand for the jury…..ladies and gentlemen please leave back into the hallway for a moment…..ugh

        • They’re not supposed to know that she has a leg monitor on because they’re not supposed to know that she’s in jail. Although they’d have to be really dim to have not figured it out.

          • It is so ridiculously stupid for them to try to not let the jury know she’s in jail. All of these jurors were watching media coverage of the killing right up until the day they were selected. Every one of them knows Jodi is in jail.

            Do you or someone else know if this is normal in all court cases? That they try to keep the jury from knowing the defendant is in jail?

  5. is anybody else holding their breath???Since the questions are asked in the order they were received they’re going back and forth chronologically,she’s made to answer kinds emotionelessly(is that even a word?lol)
    Do they questions seem hostile so far?what do you think?

    • Yes… I think the questions so far are reasonable and normal, what many of us would like to ask and have answered… not indicating leaning toward one extreme or another.

    • I think they are reasonable questions.

      Maybe they are trying to figure out if she “stalked” all her exes, since Kermit did not show she was actually a stalker like he tried to say originally.

      I’m not sure how I feel about her using the word “whoredom”.

        • oh god…really?? ”whoredom”???what kind of religion is that?(trying not to critisize,no disrespect intended)

          • It is used in place of sex apparently.

            (Sorry to anyone if I have that wrong, that is just my quick impression after looking up the book of Mormon just now)

      • It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for her to stalk Travis since the sex tape proves he was planning to go to southern Oregon with her after his Cancun trip. People, that ain’t stalking.

      • I don’t know how the entire “Jodi was a stalker” stuff even got into this trial, after all, it was hearsay on all accounts via the verbal accusations of TA.Blatant gossip! The police 911 call should have had that part eliminated. To my knowledge, there was no evidence that Jodi was ever officially charged with stalking.

      • I agree BeeCee, I did not like her using “whoredom” because that was used in the email sent to Lisa Andrews. Whoredom is not a popular term used by the general populace and with that verbage the jury can very well make the connection from the email to Jodi.

  6. I’m sorry but I have to laugh at that judge, she looks sooooo uncomfortable asking questions about anal sex and ky jelly… and spidey underwear… lol

  7. There may be questions that the jury brings up regarding texts or people that might help get the TA letters into evidence… can hope anyway.

    • Bobby was brought up to see if she was a stalker didn’t like someone ending the relationship.
      If there is a pattern of Jealousy etc.

  8. Her answer to this question should just be a him or me answer to all four or even the “single” word both. Nurmi needs to pull her aside and tell her to be brief. She can’t afford to drag their questions out and give JM more room to cross….ugh

        • and that man that asked for the headphones is a juror, IMO he sounded OLD and kinda mean

          nothing against old ppl but u know the kind of senile ones

          • I don’t think the questions will mean as much as whether they aceept Jodie’s answers. Are they believeable and answer the question to the satisfaction of the jurors – So they can resolve, or not, the issues in their minds. I would put the most weight on the answers in the long run.

          • fyi…if the guy IS “old” that could be a good thing…maybe an old “sixties” guy who remembers love and peace….and making love in the streets….not afraid to call another guy out on objectifying a woman…think positive…send Love to ALL the jurors.

        • Oliviero,I sensed a lot of disbelief in the pedophile questions ”why didnt you take a pic of the undies?why would you want ur kids to play with TA’s kids?why did you keep having sex after the masturbating incident?”
          This sounds like they’re still having doubts on whether or not to believe her version of the story.IMO,of course

          • ok guys,

            does anyone else feel like thr is something off balance in the universe or something..

            tech difficulties, attnys seem off, questions weird etc……

          • Maria, I sense the doubt also. Or, the need to hear more answers and make a decision one way or the other.

          • MARIA I know but checking in late her answer just now was excellent about the psychiatrist etc. I thin k you will need an expert in that field I believe the story she told. I really think she is trying to be honest. MY sister has black outs they are real It is after she drinks or stress. She also has Epilepsy so her brain waves would show that but under stress you produce enormous amount of adrenaline. I do not see the benefit of her making that up. She is very cerebral,
            Most people i have known who had serious Family issues do create a fantasy relationship. She really was in denial reality and what she desired. So her saying those things is quite common. Many sexual abuse victims will leave their kids with the Parent that abused them not due to anything other then denial etc.

      • i know ther is a weird vibe today with the attnys, on both sides, and i noticed it this morning with the questions and objections etc…

        and the audio shit, my cpu keeps fuckn up and somethING IS OFF IN THE UNIVERSE

          • oh nooooo Debbie,plz dont say that! I had a dream of him the other day and he was NOT good in it,he was scaaaaaary…

              • i was in his house,in his bedroom,and all i could think to myself was ”u gotta get out of there before he shows up” and as i was about to exit the door there he was(his spirit,not him alive) and I dont know if you know anything about auras,energies and stuff but his spirit was mean ,mean,mean and his energy black and negative.I started fleeing down the stairs and he was chasing me(his spirit that is) and suddenly Jodi appeared(her aura,not her physical entity) and she told him”No Travis,you cant hurt her,go away it’s not her fauly she’w on my side” so he obeyed and disapperaed.

                i know it’s just a stupid nightmare but I was freaked,woke up almost crying!

                • Wow, crazy dream, I’d say maybe you are just as obsessed with this trial & case as I am. Lol. Maybe we all need a break from this, maybe when Jodi is found innocent we can throw a party to celebrate & everyone can breathe easier. I find myself holding my breath sometimes when I’m listening to these questions & answers LOL.

                • Heather,you’re sooo right.I am obsessed with this case,or to better put it Im obsessed with the goal of Justice for JODI! I feel for that woman,i do.And lol yes we could all use a break!

                • Yes I have a fair knowledge of auras and energies and black is not a good energy,it means he is in a dark place, however I would be more worried if he had red around him as red is the colour of anger. It sounds like even though his energy was dark and negative he was protecting Jodi as she could stop him and tell him you were on his side. It makes me wonder if his friends believe his house has been haunted since he died there. I know the house went into foreclosure after he died and someone bought it,but I would not know if anyone lives there.

                • Glad to hear I am not the only one “obsessed” with this trial. I have told myself 100 times that I’m going to stop watching it, but just can’t stay away.

          • SERIOUSLY AND now this mean sounding juror cant get headphones

            comments out of order, attnys seem weird, its sunny outside but cloudy WTF

            i mean seriously, its clear but not sun lol……. today is WEIRDO

      • Yes, she said “WEAPONS”! Over the weekend I was speculating that when TA lunged toward Jodie she may have had the GUN in one hand and the KNIFE in the other. If she was holding the knife when the gun went off he may have suffered the chest wound
        as a result of them making contact as they hit the floor. This would account for the blood spatter in and around the sink area. Most of TA’s defensive wounds (hands, palms and wrists) most likely occurred here. TA obviously collapsed (see the next to last deleted picture) just past the threshold to the hallway where most of the back wounds were probably inflicted, culminating with the fatal cut to the throat at the end of the hall. TA must have put up one hell of a fight for Jodie to inflict the amount of damage the autopsy photos reveal. As I stated in an earlier post – I have made thousands of removals of bodies from crime scenes and otherwise and just can’t see how she (at 115lbs) managed to move him (200lbs+)down the hallway and into the shower. BTW, I agree with the post that suggests that Jodie had ample time to get the “weapons” because TA briefly inspected the damage to his camera before coming after Jodie. I would further suggest that TA dropped the camera near the bathroom door as he was shot (which might help explain the last two deleted shots).

  9. …why did you object to anal sex with him, since you LIKED it before with others….
    gee lots of men on that jury…
    any woman ever ‘liked’ anal sex…

    • Some women might. But I think she answered the question (and up to now all the questions) with dignity and grace.

    • Really this was asked? OMgosh I missed it. Oh and I had a GF who liked it. I tried almost and died laughing and kept asking my friends, “what if I poop?” I couldnt do it. Not that I am against y’all doing it and having a chocolate creampie. 😛

      • BTW, I feel like Jodi is upbeat now. However, she should be more somber IMO. also, they seem like negative questions to me and not at all favorable to the defense. somewhat hostile. Now I know why JM was smiling, why there was no plea deal and I am scared for Jodi.

    • There are plenty of people – men AND women – who like it. I had a girlfriend for a while who preferred it. On the opposite side of the coin, my ex wife wanted to have sex ONLY in the missionary position. Which one of them was more of a “deviant” depends on your definition. Everyone has their desires and their kinks. What is deviant to one person is perfectly normal to another.

      Not including the alleged pedophilia, Travis’s sexual desires were pretty freaking conventional. He was mostly imitating things he’d seen done elsewhere. He wasn’t blessed with a great deal of capacity for original thinking.

  10. So, for folks that are hard of hearing they give a special headset – that must be what Jodi’s mom has been wearing (or is it her aunt).

  11. Hello everyone I am a new writer but have been following this site for weeks. I have to say everyone is very fair. Jodi is not guilty in my mind. She is doing great so far! She had to defend herself. Well it is driving me crazy on how HLN covers this.

  12. Yes the questions are not for the prosecution’s case at all….all their questions are for her and her story.

  13. Is Arizona the only state that allows the jurors to ask questions? I’ve never heard of this before and based on the questions being asked I’m thinking to myself “I can see why so many other states don’t allow it.”


        The practice of allowing jurors to ask witnesses questions during trial is becoming more common, with at least three states – Arizona, Colorado, and Indiana – requiring it. One of the reasons allowing jurors to ask questions worked so well during the recent CEATS trial in the Eastern District of Texas was Chief Judge Davis’ emphasis on proper procedure (see prior blawg). It is evident Judge Davis did his research and accordingly, the experiment was deemed a success in his court.

        Attorneys can be reluctant to take a case to trial because they are apprehensive about getting an arbitrary verdict. It has been my experience juries typically “get it,” but if they miss the mark, it may be due to unanswered questions, not being made privy to all the facts they would like to have to make a decision, or because the facts were not communicated well. Allowing jurors to ask witnesses questions during trial could help rectify all of these potential roadblocks to justice.

        • I don’t like the jury asking questions. In my opinion, it is too close to the unlawfulness of making the jury a witness. For example, HLN kept on and on about why the Casey Anthony jurors didn’t go to the scene (there was nothing left, the police scrapped every last plant away anyway) and why the jurors couldn’t smell the cans. It is because jurors cannot become “witnesses”. There is a line. That’s why jurors can’t go home and do experiments either. They must remain unbiased. Their own tinkering can falsely convince them of an incorrect verdict. Jurors are not experts in anything and that is the point. They bring a conscience aspect to a trial. They are supposed to listen to the experts and discern truth from fiction. I also think that it is the job of the lawyers to make full and complete presentations and if questions are unanswered, then they are unanswered. That can be seen as reasonable doubt in some cases.

            • Yes, there have been studies and they have all shown that it helps the jurors to be more involved and get their burning questions clarified.

              • I don’t know how extensive those studies could have really been. Every state has rules on the issue. Some states allow jury questioning only in civil cases. A few states openly discourage the practice. The majority of states allow court discretion, but some of those states have to also have all parties consenting. 4 states openly prohibit juror questioning. Only 3 states allow juror questioning following direct and cross, instead states often wait until a full presentation of a witness (direct, cross, re-d, re-c). It varies so much and isn’t that common that I don’t know about the widespread accuracy of such a study. Perhaps on a small-scale it is beneficial, but we have so many justice system issues we shouldn’t start widely using something that could have such detrimental consequences if it goes bad. We shouldn’t add more when we can’t seem to fix what we’ve got.

                Also, HLN likes the practice, so think about that! I know that prosecutors and plaintiffs really like the practice because they say it allows them to more easily meet their burden of proof. a.k.a. if they answer all of those specific jurors’ questions they may feel as though the prosecutor or plaintiff has proven their case. Defense attorneys and advocates don’t like it because it causes appeal issues and juror questions can be irrelevant or prejudicial.

                I don’t like it, but I’m fine with leaving it to a judge’s discretion, as long as all parties consent. In civil cases, it is fine because you can’t lose your freedom over it. I actually think that the beneficial parts to this kind of activity would be more so in civil cases than in criminal cases anyway.

    • There are many other states that legally can allow juror questions but it is generally not requested by the attorneys or allowed by the judge because it is not a requirement by law, like in the 3 states noted, it is just an option.

    • We (in washington state) allow it only during a civil trial. Not criminal.
      I find it fascinating that they can ask the questions.

  14. Wtf??!!! Is Jodi nervous or what???!!! She could easily answer alot of these questions with “because I loved him”!!! That’s all and that wou like d explain alot of what she did and why she stayed n why she didnt say anything to anyone. God did her lawyers not talk to her?? They shouldve advised her, if she got stock on a question, say because you loved him!!!

    Now im starting to get worried about these questions n the brother seems like he’s enjoying it!!!! I hope these questions get better for jodi.

    • I believe she must be far she has only been ”confrinted” by her attorney and Kermit,the jury is sth new to her and keep in mind THESE are the people that will decide on her future,she’s definitely sressed and nervous!As for the questions so far I see a lot of doubt raised through them.A bit worried myselg,LC 🙁

  15. Interesting the question about who paid Jodi´s trips. I guess they want to know for real is she was stalking him or not. I do not come up with another reason for this question.

    I could not imagine she was paying 50%- Travis was an executive after all.

    • actually sound question. Want to clear out the financial arrangements of the relationship. Since he used her as a sex slave. She paid. She probably got a loan from him to get hired into the cult scheme too.

    • I am not sure about that as she saved a lot of money up I remember her saying before. She took a trip she paid herself to go to Costa Rico when she was fairly young seems to me she is good at saving money up to do that? I think also a woman like Jodi is like I have been in life always buying nice things for the man we love also even if they do not do it often back. Or seem very appreciative of it either. The older I got the less I bought tho haha she is still young.

  16. Didn’t you read the Book, what it says on chastity?
    there are Mormons on that jury. She answered well, knows her Book. Take that, moron.

  17. The best answer to the 4 boyfriends would have been that we all remained friends after our breakup and that TA and I never stopped contacting one another….period.

  18. Well the judge said she was asking the questions in order. So im looking the questions in “sets”. Hopefully the set of questions she has asked already was from one juror, maybe other questions will be in jodis favor.

    I didnt like that question, “why did u call the police on bobby but not on TA” and the one about getting the gun when TA was right behind her. This set of questions is from a juror that doesnt blv jodi. And im afraid that jodis answer are not going to change yhis jurors mind. I wish she would say because she loved him, more often.

    • could be a jury on prosecution mode, but also some one who wants to compare the two relationships, what was different about the relationship with Travis. She loved the other guys too at one point, then it faltered. Why would she stick with this guy?

  19. Gee I am wondering how much that juror might have missed kind of scary. Hope they addressed this earlier and today is just a glitch.

  20. Here is more info on jurors being allowed to ask questions. Notice the first sentence of the second paragraph although most judges rarely do this.

    “In 2005, the American Bar Association’s American Jury Commission1 published a set of 19 jury principles to improve jury practice. One of the principles was that the court and parties should promote juror understanding of the facts and the law. Among the recommendations the committee made to improve juror understanding of the facts was allowing jurors to ask questions of witnesses in civil trials.

    Most states leave it up to the individual judges’ discretion to allow jurors to ask questions of witnesses in civil trials, either through case law, statute, or with no specific rule mandating or prohibiting such a practice. As of July 1, Illinois becomes the most recent state to specifically allow juror questions2. According to the National Center for State Courts State of the State Courts survey3, several states, such as Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, and Wyoming, mandate that jurors be allowed to ask questions during civil trials. A number of states, including Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Nebraska, outright prohibit jurors from asking questions of witnesses at trial4.”

  21. I don’t like the tone of these jrrs questions at all. let’s hope this is just 1 jurorwho doesn’t believe her and not multiple

  22. Court staff says the Arias trial may move to another courtroom because of technical difficulties. That may affect the live feed……….according to Michael Kiefer

  23. You would think with a nationally televised trial that the court would be preapred to start trial each day on time and have the acoustics checked each day before commencing with the days’ proceedings. This is getting beyond absurd at this point. Poorly ran courtroom from day one.

  24. from twitter
    Cameraman just confirmed to me that if the Arias trial has to change courtrooms there will be no live feed.

  25. These people an the SPIDER MAN thing are getting it all wrong. They were talking about MOVIES she like the BAT MAN ones an he did too some of them better than others. He did not like the MOVIE SPIDER MAN an thought THE GREEN HORNET would be a good movie to make at that time…………people are so messed up had nothing to do with UNDIES !

  26. I have no idea why nurmi brought in the pedophile claim. I know Travis was one but I don’t think it helped jodi at all. Actually hurt her credibility even more.

  27. Sean boy, I have always question the same thing about bringing up the pedofile issue. there is no independent proof of it and it really doesn’t have anything to do with self defense and my belief is that it’s inflammaTori and could make the jury really angry at her if they don’t believe her..

    • Nurmi is an expert in this Field I think he does know what he he is doing, I think it supports this guys behavior. I believe the pedophile thing,lets all remember this is a Death Penalty Case and Nurmi is trying to save her Life He must believe her.

  28. It is totally possibly Travis preferred men with the preference for anal and her alleged story of finding him masturbating to a picture of a little boy, the Spider-Man undies, etc. this is clearly a trend if true.

    • Well I do not want to start anything on here but I have only been attracted to Manly Men in my life but these new younger ones that are very in touch with there softer side some photos I see with Travis with some men are strange as in his head on their chest an a look of I love you………….just strange to me I know it is not too the younger generation but some photos strike me as ODD knowing he likes anal over vagina.

        • Well I know on these tv talk shows they act like being a Bi Sexual there is nothing wrong with it just go for it an find a mate that accepts that? My daughter is 31 an has a whole different view of the world an people in it then I did at her age. I am 52 now but I am sorry I do not think that is healthy to be with people that go both ways but she says it is pretty normal anymore to find people like that. A lot changed in 20 years is all I know.

          • Because the Media says its OK our Culture But I know many many young people who believe its sick. DR.Drew thinks its OK but he also takes advice on Psychics.

            • No wonder I don’t like him an especially after this trial here the laughing an joking an poking fun at Jodi when she is on trial for DEATH it is disgusting me ! these are devils in sheep clothing an people are following more are following HLN DEVILS then come here so to me if feels like the country is LOST. I do not want to live another 20 years an see what is ok later on. I pray for those that do may God Have Mercy the Country has gone to HELL I feel it an it is so horrible an sad. People throwing stones saying they are Christians an they are not sinless breaks my heart truly does I am sad tonight for the little children that have to grow up here 🙁

              • Rhonda I feel pretty much the same way. I am 38, but I am an old fashion. I have a daughter that is 20 years old and I always tell her from right and wrong and at this moment she’s not living with me because she’s in college in another city, but every time I talk to her I remind her of all the things she learned at home and at church. I consider myself a Christian and that is why I don’t like to judge. However, is true what you are saying about many people who consider themselves Christians and don’t even have mercy for others. It’s very sad to see that all these people on tv, don’t care about true justice, specially Dr. Drew who got a license, to help others, but fame and money is all he has in his agenda

          • Yes, I agree with both of you. But Travis would not have been able to accept that himself given the I page he was trying to project as Mr. perfect.

      • Chris Hughes seems very weird. I think people are very complex and secrecy of this group hurt Travis his friends hating and being jealous of Jodi etc. He had his own set of Problems.

  29. because if you think about it let’s say, Jody was the 1 that has been killed and Travis was on trial. if he said he was she was stalking him and reason he ended up killing her,, he would have no independent proof of that either, and the jury could hold it against him. I never liked pedofile thing

  30. how’s the question on having her describe the july 4th incident again looking to you?im uncomfortable,WHY would a juror want to listen to that again??there was sufficient explanation both on direct and cross exam…why?any ideas?

    • I think to see if she says another story to trip her up. An she has no interruptions here no one yelling now WHAT DID YOU DO? bla bla bla they must not have liked JM’s version at all to have to hear it yet again.

    • I feel really bad for her. I hope at least one juror sees what the rest of us on this blog see… She didn’t premeditate this. It was an attempt to run away and avoid and go crazy gone wrong…

    • No kidding. “Have you ever taken long trips alone in the past?”.

      Answer: Yes.

      Not “Yes, I went here and there and up and down and in a brown car and all over and the weather was sunny and birds were flying and…. ” Nurmi should have addressed this with her a long time ago.

      • I don’t think it is possible for her to not talk so much…

        I like the way she shares information, I think she would be a good person to have conversations with, but I can see how it might rub her mom the wrong way or even other people.

        At least she is consistent through the trial with all the talking.

        • Oh I agree, she’d be a great person to hang out with, probably never a dull moment in the conversation once you get to know her. I can’t stand talking to people who are like talking to a brick wall. But for court, she really should keep it short n’ sweet.

          • I am probably a person who will explain stuff to much, but I feel the more I explain the more they might understand.

          • I know dog, I know. I just think she is physically not able to talk less…

            I think the jury could think she was evasive though if she suddenly stopped talking so much.

        • It show s she is a basically Honest Person in 48 hours she seemed like she was lying and look like those people that appear on Dr.Drew cultish, But she comes across as sincere ashamed etc. just my personal opinion. What happened was terrible but I think she needs help. I see her family as not very good loving etc.

          • Oliviero: I also agree. I think her family is disfunctional and actually abused her. Do you think the jury takes this into account on the day of the incident.

            • JOSIE I agree 100% People who are abused like Jodi are very attracted to Cults, Also the adage you Marry Your Father is very telling. A psychiatrist stated if you want to know whats wrong with a Family look at the Black Sheep, they were The Wounds of The Family. I personally do not Like The Mothers mannerisms she made a very subtle look of disapproval like ya right to her sister when Jodi Mentioned being hit by a wooden spoon.
              She is “The Problem Child” she stated that to Detectives. I don’t like her Parents. And her Sister had problems also. the Father seems very creepy.

  31. How does everyone think she is doing, aside from how talky she is being, more so about the actual questions…..What does everyone think they are leading towards or if they are leading at all.

    • shes doing good considering the questions, i think

      but im about to go POSTAL ON THE FAT PIG SISTGER

      she needs to know that rolling her eyes does not help her appereance

      • Summer, I agree. The sister who keeps rolling her eyes is very annoying and disrespectful in the court. I could understand her looking sad or once in awhile having her emotions get to her so that she displays a frown or sheds a tear or two. I do feel badly for her as I do all members of Traqvis Alexander’s family, but other people are not behaving like this, and they apparently took the judge’s instructions not to talk, comment, or gesture, etc. seriously enough. This sister is a policeman, on top of this, and should definitely know better about how to act appropriately in a court of law. She really rolled her eyes bigtime the first few minutes the camera was focused on her today after I started watching some of the trial. I don’t know if the jury can see this kind of repeated behavior, but if I was a juror I would not welcome it and would see it as a distraction.

    • Trixel

      I think she is talking way too much. She does make really good points periodically but goes far off track on many of the questions. At this point, I think the questions tend to be of the nature that they just don’t understand her actions during and/or after their relationship.

    • so far I see no sympathy questions.only hostile/doubtful ones.she’s doing the best she can,she must be dreading this,answering these people’s questions knowing the power they have in their hands.

    • Since all the questions were mainly about TA and Pedo and her past relationships and if she stalked them too. I am thinking she talked way too much. They dont believe her and just for bringing up the pedo, I best they give her DP and my heart is beating out of my chest, Once gain, like 48 hrs and the Dicktective, she thinks she can outsmart them. I didn’t like this at all. Also, TA’s family had a field day with the eye rolling, head shaking and mouth moving. They were looking right at the Jury. MY only hope is, yes– she had the same kind of confrontations with ex’s.. Like, why or whatever did you do this etc but she didnt kill them or become violent. I can just weep over how bad this was for her. I agree with another commenter here, I hope the questions were from 1 or 2 people only.

  32. She’s really nervous. I see her trembling when she speaks. I don’t know but when you’re like that I think it’s hard to lie. Maybe I’m wrong but when you shake and have to breathe deeply like she’s doing you can’t think straight so lying is hard to do cuz you got to dig in your brain to keep up with your lies..

  33. ”why did you leave him in the bathroom?what time did you leave on june 4th?why did you take the knife and rope?” Were they sleeping when she repeatedly stated she doesnt remember???

      • Their questions aren’t that interesting to me. The dog question must have to do with whet here or not anyone asked if they heard a dog barking and I guess they didn’t. Or at least they haven’t said. What DID happen to the dog?

        • His woman friend Deanna has the dog now he left it in his will to her is what I have read you can google it tho NAPOLEON Travis Alexanders Dog an I think you will find it out there that way.

      • because she had said that she came in one time and watched Travis for a few minutes before he knew she was there and the dog was present.

        • But the dog knew her well so he may not have barked at her. She isn’t able to explain things before Martinez objects.

          • I agree the dog knew her well she cleaned house there when no one was home many times so it would not be strange to that dog for her to come in the house…………an I am sure during the sexcapade day they did not let the dog sit there all day an watch them. Some are saying during the actual argument the dog would be going nuts but I doubt she left the door open through that whole day by looking at the naked photos no dog was sitting in there watching them. Not sure about a pug but I am sure it barked but then small dogs bark a lot more at every little thing so people become immune to it., As I have 2 small dogs an 3 big dogs an there is a big difference in the barking at least in my home.

          • I’m not surprised the dog didn’t bark the, he had a doggy door and was probably outside, but what really surprises me is when the dog came in that he didn’t smell something run upstairs and start barking.
            I’m surprised when he came in that he didn’t bark for 4 days.
            The roommates MIGHT have gotten a clue that someone was up there and what they smelled was rotten..
            It stopped here at the Express so didn’t get to hear all of the questions,

            I don’t believe Jodi drug him back into the shower,
            Where were the roommates and why haven’t they asked mre about them.
            The questions were picked over before the judge could allow them.
            She must have left out some she didn’t want to read.

            There are a lot of questions that I have snd nothing to do with sez, BUT she picked them out. : /

            • Well one roommate said the GATE was up to go to the stairs when he got home. He found that unusual tho as Travis let the dog roam around normally. So somebody put that gate up but I doubt they left it there for 5 days?? that dog would have been going up there to that door an scratching on it too see his master. Unless the roommates never let him upstairs again which is weird I think? AN now that think about it if you were leaving like they said would Travis not want too let somebody know so they could take care of his dog? that is weird too?

  34. does anyone notice some of the questions are





  35. I definitely don’t hear any questions from the jury that show they question the awful behaviors of TA. Anybody else.

  36. I just got a sick feeling in my stomach about this. I don’t like the questions or the way Jodi is answering (too wordy). It seems the jury considers her a slut.


    🙁 I have a feeling she might get the DP.

    • “It seems the jury considers her a slut.”

      I get that feeling, too. There’s a hard edge to most of the questions.

      • Picque,

        Don’t you think these questions were probably written daily and turned into the court? These were each on a form and as soon as Nurmi rested we knew they had 100+ questions.

    • I don’t know about the DP but they’re probably, for the most part, not buying self-defense. Honestly, I never could get fully on board with it either, though I do think the altercation started out with Travis pushing or hitting Jodi. I think it’s a murder 2 case and hopefully the jury will not buy premeditation.

      • I can’t imagine the DP either, Kira. And, the self-defense claim is very doubtful–though, like you, I believe that Travis did something to trigger Jodi to rage. Repressed rage.

        Here’s the thing: if it’s second degree murder, that’s what it is. But, after hearing these questions, it’s beginning to sound like they’re thinking “Whoredom in the first degree.” I hope not, but these are not sympathetic questions.

        • Yeah…I keep in mind that there are a number of elderly men on the jury who may hold “traditional” views of women. It’s not at all fair for them to take the “Jodi is a slut” attitude though. Hopefully they’ll realize that her sex life does not make her a premeditated killer – after all, Travis had the same sex life.

          • I read on a news sites earlier one guy said JODI better be-careful what she says about the Church because there is a Mormon on that Jury an she knows it will be taken care of ?? I said really good I will make sure an send them all a CROSS this week to wear….I don’t know if that is true but a question was about the MORMON BIBLE an if she read it or not.

            • whoever asked the questions about Chastity being in the Book of Mormon, is NOT a Mormon, they would know it is not written like the rules of the Mormon faith, it is another book about Jesus and the second coming. They Mormons, I am one! Follow the Holy Bible King James version, the New testament and The Book of Mormon, Like John, in the new testiment, it says “The Book of John” The Book of Luke…. The Book of Mormon, see. So they talk about being clean and chaste in very old terminology. So it doesnt say, no blow jobs.

      • Part of the reason they may not buy Self Defense is Jodi protecting him and not getting Help. because the way she describes his screaming is very true to certain types of Deviants They have certain Violent way of Screaming My Grandfather was a Criminal Attorney he told me this in reference to a Prosecutor. The pedophile thing is probable because they will really get angry over petty things dropping the camera would set off an extreme reaction he is also very materialistic, Money is fine but it should not be a life’s goal especially a person proclaiming to be Religious.. We had a neighbor when we were growing up like that screaming if he dropped his keys really getting angry in the Manner Travis did later we found out he was a pedophile My father always said that he was a degenerate from the way he would scream.

      • My Mother use to say to my Father how do you know, He pegged him right away, and turned out to be right. Took others twenty years. I always remembered as a child my Father saying he was a degenerate, I knew it was something bad without knowing what. But we would always see him screaming at his dogs etc.

  37. I think she’s answering well in general despite the rambling, and the jurors seem to be really trying to understand the situation (although some are worded a bit negatively). I hope I’m reading it right

    • thats exactly right. Mr. Nurmi would do the jury a great service to have the psychologist answer these questions when they get on the stand. I think the jury just doesn’t understand the psychology of her behavior. Very common

      • …and for those using the Firefox browser, if you highlight a word and then right-click that word, you will see the option “Search google for (highlighted word)”…. makes life much easier.

    • Her attorney and the prosecution have asked her these things already she’s answered consistently the same. They weren’t paying attention I guess.

      • i dont like this

        and MB ur right, these guys wrnt paying attention

        too busy looking at the eye roller and upperlip elvis

      • Remember these questions were written down as she was on the stand so they may have written the question prior to the answer being addressed let’s say during re-direct…I think.

          • Those may have been questions that Nurmi objected on and was overruled. I’m just speculating here. He may have objected as asked and answered and was overruled. But the only way I can make sense of this is if the jury wrote the questions as they went and turned them in each day. There is no way Nurmi ended his re-direct and then the jury was ready with 100+ questions. IMO

    • Its doubtful that the jury were/are allowed to discuss the questions with each other,. I believe most sane, rational people are asking the same questions, thus the redundancy. IMO…

      • Posted earlier as a comment.

        Remember these questions were written down as she was on the stand so they may have written the question prior to the answer being addressed let’s say during re-direct…I think.

        Those may have been questions that Nurmi objected on and was overruled. I’m just speculating here. He may have objected as asked and answered and was overruled. But the only way I can make sense of this is if the jury wrote the questions as they went and turned them in each day. There is no way Nurmi ended his re-direct and then the jury was ready with 100+ questions. IMO

      • You are very right Bella. The jurors are not allowed to discuss any part of this case with anyone even each other until time for deliberations. All the questions being asked are on individual juror’s minds.

    • I’m just hoping & praying that there are some fair minded jurors who can stand their ground and reach the narrow minded jurors who are focusing on the wrong things.

  38. I am hating the questions. It is a making me think the jurors are judgmental, and not very bright.

    I hope there is someone on jury who is on Jodi’s side.

      • I think the majority of the jurors are from what I heard “of retirement age”. This may explain some of the questions seeming “arrogant” and that the jurors are “mayb not very bright”. It may be due to lack of exposure…(?)

    • I feel for the jurors, they have been listening to this day in day out. They are probably frustrated by both attorneys.
      They all have different backgrounds but to call them all not bright?
      That is not nice.

      • true. Thanks for the fresh perspective as I feel frustrated with them but in the end, will never bash the jury like the haters did in the anthony case.

        • You run a tight ship and I like to not hate here. well sometimes a dude name Sean said really rauncy stuff roday anout the family of TA, it was gross. Thanks JC

      • true that BEE cee…

        with texts, emails you can misinterpet so much

        second day in a row that you have really helped me stop stressing

        thank ya

        • well, I stress a bit too, I just try to focus on the positive, and the positive reasons for something BEFORE I know for sure.

      • I would NOT be looking forward to deliberation if I were on that jury. It probably will be very tough, full of differences of opinion, be stressful and will probably take a lot of time. With the death penalty on the table, the jurors must realize a heavy burden ahead of them.

        • I think it would be interesting to serve on a jury, but I would never want to be on a jury in a death penalty case. Although I’d never make it onto a DP-qualified jury to begin with because I only agree with it in VERY situational circumstances.

    • I don’t feel that way at all about the jurors. I actually feel that they’re really asking for clarification. Jury duty is boring and tedious. Most jurors would rather continue with their regular lives than HAVE to do this. Sure, you get one juror on just about every jury who is really really into it, and takes it seriously. But jurors aren’t supposed to speak with one another about the case until they enter into deliberation. It’s difficult to pay attention to everything. These jurors may have zoned out on various occasions throughout the trial. Remember, they’re regular people with regular lives, families, jobs, all the same problems we have. We have the opportunity to say to one another here, “What was that?” “What did that mean?” “I missed a couple of words, can anyone explain?” We get that interaction and explanation from each other. These jurors don’t. Having these questions, well, it seems to me that this jury is really taking their civic duty and the importance and weight of their decision very seriously. I’m very impressed. I’m so glad I got to come home early today and hear all of this because I find it absolutely fascinating.

      I had significant experience working for a trial law firm in the past (albeit very little criminal trials). I was involved in post-verdict attorney-juror interviews. What we found was that jurors always seemed to have these types of questions but they didn’t get answers. In fact, many of them agreed to talk with the attorneys post-verdict to get the answers to questions that lingered in their minds. They know that when attorneys object or enter into sidebars, certain information is precluded from being presented to them. They don’t understand why. They don’t know that we have days and days of motions in limine prior to and during the trial to shield them from prejudicial information. But they do suspect that there is certain information they have not been given. Or, they zoned out on a portion of testimony that another juror found important during deliberation. Sometimes, they wanted to clarify that the other juror’s understanding was correct.

      Also, we generally employed the services of “shadow” jurors who were retained by an independent firm we hired. They sat in the courtroom and were interviewed daily. They did not know which side had retained them or even if it was one attorney or the other. Sometimes, they assumed they had been retained by the court or the judge. They provided us with valuable insight as we tried to match them with a particular demographic of the trial. I often sat behind a two-way mirror while the representative from the firm interviewed them. They had these types of questions as well. There was one difference between them and the actual jurors: they knew they would not be involved in rendering a verdict. But many of them took the responsibility very seriously as if they were real jurors. This was our only method of discerning where we may have missed an important point or left a question unanswered. In AZ, the attorneys are really learning a lot from this session. It’s invaluable.

      It’s becoming very obvious to me that these jurors, or most of them, do not understand domestic violence and the effect it has on the victim. I’ve experienced that in life, since I am a survivor of abuse. It will be fascinating to see how the experts are able to expound upon that and how the jurors will question them.

      • Abused Also,

        Don’t you think these questions were written and turned into the court daily so some would have been done during cross and prior to re-direct? They were on forms and we knew immediately after Nurmi finished redirect that there was 100+ questions.

          • Yes, it’s quite obvious that they were turned in daily. That’s great. As the jurors had these questions crop up, they wrote them down and asked. That suggests to me that they didn’t go home and discuss them with a family member or friend. They didn’t turn on HLN. They didn’t hit the web. They purged their minds of the questions waiting for their turn to get an answer. Also, they took the time to write down the questions as they occurred.

            I think also, the tone of the questions may have varied during the various stages of Jodi’s testimony. As I’ve said before, my trial experience with criminal law is very slight. However, what I learned from that time, and from friends who have served on juries in criminal trials (including murder trials) is that juries are regular people, and some law abiding and/or religious jurors tend to believe that if a person is arrested, they probably did it. They tend to see the the police and prosecution as the good guys. They tend to see the defense as the bad guys. They can be very black and white in their views when the trial begins.

            However, those people also generally take their civic duty very very seriously. So, they really want to be sure that they make the “right” decision. Based on the questions (particularly, if their order was the order in which they were submitted), I suspect that while she was on direct, they may have discounted some of what she said and required clarification because they were seeing that as a slimy defense lawyer. Then, they may have contrasted the style of lawyer (JM vs. Nurmi) and perhaps, thought JM came across as a bully at times. (After all, even some of Jodi’s haters came to that conclusion.) They may have also contrasted her style of answering. Whereas, Nurmi (quite brilliantly) allowed her to be herself — and don’t forget, this jury has really gotten to know Jodi in ALL that time and they got used to her little quirks (again, BRILLIANT of Nurmi) and they’ve had her there in front of them, for breakfast, lunch and dinner for weeks — JM made her feel stressed, sometimes a little angry, she was confronted, bullied, scared, and eventually, broke down in tears. (Note the juror who asked if she had said “no” when asked if she cried while stabbing Travis. This is a juror who fits the profile I’m describing.) Then, they saw her again on the stand with Nurmi, being herself. Think about that contrast for a moment.

            Today, they saw a woman who was nervous, she trembled, she was stressed at times, but she was coherent, polite, and composed. She also bit back tears at times. She showed remorse. She showed some disgust with herself for what happened on 6/4/08. She did her best, her absolute best, to answer their questions as honestly as she possibly could. And most of all, they saw a woman who, when she’s not dealing with an “in your face” confrontational yelling man, can answer well, and attempt to help them make their decision — even when the questions themselves seemed somewhat difficult and confrontational.

            And they also saw occasions when JM objected in his usual angry fashion and Nurmi clarified in his usual relaxed “guy next door” fashion.

            I suspect that, at least some of the jurors, really want to like Jodi. Whether they are still confused or undecided or perhaps even conflicted as to her guilt, I think they can’t help but feel a kinship with her. I think some of the more pointed questions are because of their inner conflict. “This girl seems soooo nice, but why did she lie? And how could she have done something soooo brutal.” I hope that makes sense. And I think the contrast between the guy who is supposed to be wearing the white hat (JM) and the guy who is supposed to be the “pond scum” defense lawyer is also becoming clear to them, particularly in their opposing approach to Jodi.

            You may also have jurors who have been falsely accused, or who have a family member or friend who has been falsely accused, and understood from the get-go the importance of a defense attorney, and who perhaps, entered into this duty with the opposite perspective from that which I described above. I’m less worried about those jurors than I am about the morally indignant/religious jurors, to be honest.

            I’m very pleased that the jury got out their pointed confrontational questions NOW. And I’m thrilled at how she answered them, how JM objected and how Nurmi countered. JM just can NOT resist the temptation to be an angry man. Since it’s been said he’s always like this, I’ll have to believe it. But he reminds me so much of my ex-husband’s attorney who made our divorce extremely personal, and even drafted his appellate brief in a nasty demeaning tone towards me calling me delusional and self-serving in discussing domestic violence (which is something EVERY appellate judge has stated is something they despise — attacking a party or his/her counsel). If JM Is always like this, so be it. But then, Maricopa county made a grievous error in assigning this case to him, and from what I’ve seen, not even considering giving him a second chair to perform some cross examinations. Alternatively, as I think is the case with my ex’s attorney, something about Jodi rubs him wrong or he lost some motion that he felt he shouldn’t have and which caused him shame (which is what happened to my ex’s attorney early on in criminal court — and which, I suspect, caused his personal anger towards me.)

            I believe there is at least one juror, if not more, who believe Jodi, and at least one other juror, who is conflicted and doesn’t want to believe her, but just can’t help him/herself. And that’s all we need for now.

            Sorry for going on about this, folks. I’m fascinated by jurors and always have been.

              • Thanks TR, so much for saying that. I tend to go on and on and on. I call myself “brevity-challenged”. I envy people who can just make a succinct statement with impact. I’m hyperliteral, perhaps. I relate to Jodi so well, in that respect. In fact, at first, I didn’t like her for it. I saw in her all the things I dislike about myself. But I realized a long time ago, that people either really like me for who I am, how I am, or they really really dislike me for it. People are very black and white about how they take me. I don’t really know anyone who could just “take me or leave me”. And actually, I’m okay with that. I know where I stand with people.

                Jodi grates on some people’s nerves for the exact same reasons I do. If I were courageous enough to testify, I’d be exactly like her. I wouldn’t answer a question unless I was 1000% certain of what was being asked. But the more you see her, the more she grows on you — perhaps for the same reason I have realized that I also “grow on” some people if they stick around long enough (and many don’t). We strive to be honest, beyond the point of necessity, absolute honesty. Detail is important to us. We bore some people, but others find us interesting right away.

                I’m learning a LOT about me through Jodi. I owe her sooo much. She has no idea! And I’m also realizing that the jury has no choice. They HAVE to be there. They can’t just tune her out, and they have the gravest responsibility of all — her life — in their hands.

                Nurmi is incredibly brilliant. He took what he had and he made the MOST out of it. I didn’t get that at first. How many here asked why he let her go on .. and on .. and on. Why he didn’t caution her to answer “yes” or “no”. You know why? He knows his client. He REALLY knows his client. That’s not who she is. She could perhaps keep up that pretense briefly, but she would be uncomfortable doing so — just as I would be. The jury would sense her discomfort. They wouldn’t necessarily know what they were feeling, but they would sense it. Gently, he let Jodi be Jodi. He let her go on, he let her editorialize her responses. He let her explain her innermost thoughts. Gently, plodding, in sometimes a seemingly strange manner, he allowed the jury to see this woman as she is. He allowed them to perhaps dislike her at first. But become familiar with her. Then, in spite of themselves (I’m sure this is true for some of them in light of the brutality of the crime), he let them become accustomed to her and begin, one by one, slowly but surely to relate to her. Perhaps some of them really disliked themselves (and I base this on their questions) for wanting to relate to this woman who committed and worse, admitted to committing, this dreadful murder. Their brains screamed “WHY?” Their consciences told them “give her the worst you can”. But they couldn’t deliberate right then and there. They had to sit through day after day after day. And they began to see her as a human, living, person. And despite their “right v. wrong” “black v. white” values, they just couldn’t ignore it any longer.

                On some level, everyone relates to her. Whether it’s the unrequited crush in high school, the parent who didn’t understand you, or the deep love that you couldn’t make work no matter what you did — or even the abuse (which is probably not common) — or the rage you felt at some time, but didn’t act upon. And Nurmi, the heavy set guy next door, in his unassuming, not always really well-dressed manner, who sits at his table beside a beautiful woman (who you wonder why she isn’t up there) and writes some notes and nods his head, and approaches his client calmly and gently when she’s upset — he became the guy you knew, as well. He’s the guy you like. The neighbor who goes to the association meetings and makes everyone calm. The non-threatening, fat guy who seems so nice, but so sensible, and you just *have* to listen to him. He let Jodi be Jodi. He knew she would ramble. He knew she would over-answer. Instead of supressing who she is, he turned it into an advantage. He knew that trumped because eventually, the jury would see how honest she tries to be. At first, they might be taken aback, annoyed, perhaps bored (hurry up, I need to go home). But ultimately, he knew she would grow on them. He knew that her conscientious careful answers would ultimately come across as they are: she wants to be honest, to a fault. He also knew he had to overcome her previous lies. If she appeared phony on the stand, even for a moment, he would lose his case, and his client’s life. He also knew that process would take some time. And so, he took the time.

                He was always Nurmi too. He didn’t object as crazily as JM. He didn’t fly off the handle. He was annoyed at times (based on his expressions), but he spoke as he always does, calmly, patiently. In his usual manner, he simply stated his beliefs, his understanding of the law, his feelings.

                I wondered why he didn’t use Ms. Wilmott for some of the cross. He used her for opening statements. She’s a woman. But then, I figured out that JM doesn’t have a second chair, which is seriously odd. It’s just him and Flores, the detective. Flores is a more likable guy than JM, by far. But he can’t do cross, not even a portion of it. He’s not an attorney (that I know of). So, it’s JM all the way. His abrasive style, his anger, his demeanor, it contradicts Nurmi in a 1000 different ways. And, Jodi, whatever she did, is still a woman, a pretty fragile woman. Even if she was the most vicious bitch in the world, that comes across to the jury. And right now, she’s been the person in this trial, other than Nurmi, that the jury has come to know more than anyone else. Even if they don’t approve of her kinky relationship, her other relationships (assuming they’re old-fashioned, prudish, religious, etc.), they have gotten to know HER, Jodi. And she’s always been Jodi. Brilliant ploy, Nurmi, brilliant. He turned what others might have seen as a disadvantage into a serious advantage. He didn’t suppress Jodi because he wanted the jury to see Jodi as Jodi, not some artificial construct of her. The jury would see right through that.

                Pardon my Egyptian, but WTF was the county thinking in assigning this case solely to JM? Why didn’t they have a female second chair? JM’s style may work at times, but seriously, the prosecution had ALL the evidence at their fingertips (construed or otherwise). But (from their point of view) they had a fragile, potentially abused and attractive woman as the defendant to put to death. Didn’t they think they should have a woman cross her? Didn’t they think JM’s style was too over the top for this case? Did they think she was going to be “picture perfect Jodi” on the stand?

                This decision didn’t come from JM. He may have aggressively pursued the case. But the decision on lead prosecutor and whether or not there was a co-chair or second chair, especially in this HIGH profile case, came from his boss — the elected official. Remember, JM is not elected (he hopes to be, I’m sure). He’s just a deputy. He’s just a hired hand being paid a measly salary for being severely overworked right now. His boss is the dude on the ballot next election. JM may want to be there, and might even run. But it’s his boss who is on the line for this case. JM may feel the pressure. It sure won’t do much for his record (if he wants to run for election and he’s been a prosecutor a long time, so that’s usually the reason) or to get him a high paid partner job at a BIG law firm. But his boss’s head rolls if he loses .. potentially. Pardon my Egyptian again, but what a colossal f/up in giving this hothead the case entirely, absolutely, without a co- or second chair.

                “Take the plea, Juan. Offer it with no parole conditions. Don’t embarrass us further.” That’s what his boss *should* be saying. It’s the 4th largest county in the freaking US. Bill Montgomery is Juan’s boss, elected 2006, and a “birther”, tea party-er, who wants to prosecute anyone (I’m not kidding, look it up) who believes in medical marijuana for ANY reason even if the patient is terminal; abortion of any kind with or without any restrictions; and anyone who watches porn, rents porn, buys porn. So, if you ever watched a porn, I’m sorry, but you might deserve the death penalty in HIS county and if he can get it. (We girls in boarding school read the dirty pages of The Godfather in high school. Oops, is that porn?) He told his voters that he doesn’t care what they think. If they don’t agree with him, they should vote for someone else. Apparently, they didn’t. But looking at him, you can see why Juan is his dude, right?

                Sorry, my European liberalism is showing, I guess, even though I’ve become so much more conservative as I’ve aged, fiscally anyway. I don’t mean to politicize this. I really don’t. But desiring the death penalty for a person who watched porn is just a bit too extreme in my book. No, he can’t go for that. But he would, if he could. Ugh. Insanity. And that’s Juan’s boss. And Juan is his right-hand man. And let’s face it, Jodi is a woman who had sex before marriage, what a freaking scandal. Whether she killed Travis or not, she had sex before marriage. And worse, anal sex and oral sex! Oh my God, let’s throw her to the lions, right?

                • Excellent points. I do understand Jodi wanting to elaborate on the questions posed to her, even though it does not always work in her favor. For many years, my job required that I testify in Court. I can tell you how exhausting and stressful being on the stand and being grilled by Attornies is!! The longest I was on the witness stand was two days, and that felt like an eternity, and I wasn’t fighting for my life. I can’t imagine having my life on the line and being on the witness stand for as long as Jodi has been.

                  Answering certain questions with a simple Yes or No is can be completly frustrating,(hyper literal or not). Good prosecuting attornies are trained to back a witness into a corner with convaluted questions, and get them to answer a yes or no that in essence ends up with an answer that fits the prosecutions agenda. That is why it is so critical that a defendant has a good attorney that can undo the damage on re-cross. I think Jodi’s attorney has done a good job with that.

      • The word skank had come up in her earlier testimony where she stated that Travis said his roommate called her a skank and then said just kidding.

        • My thought is that a Juror had never heard the word skank and was trying to clarify if this was an insult hurled at Jodi that Travis went along with. That would speak to Travis’ ongoing deplorable treatment of Jodi.

    • Actually, that’s a very interesting question. Many jurors may consider anal sex and phone sex to be “skanky” and therefore, may wonder why Jodi would be offended by a remark that she’s a “skank” but not by the acts she performed with Travis — which she has admitted to enjoying, on a certain level. Asking her to define that was, in effect, asking why it may have been offensive to her. Remember that many older jurors or religious jurors may, even in 2013, consider premarital sex for a woman as promiscuous, and anal kinky sex to be “skanky.” Jodi answered really well in describing it as a pejorative derogatory term.

  39. No worries truth seekers! Most of those questions are probably from the same juror. And all Jodi needs is one juror that understands her situation. I believe if there are so many people here that understand one person on that jury will know in their heart Jodi loved Travis and didn’t intend or premeditate to murder him.

    • I am praying 1 juror just 1 see’s an feels what I do for Jodi. Please God give this young woman another chance. If anything it feels as the whole world is against her an believe in the mob that is out there against her. Please let just one juror feel some mercy and some empathy an see that Travis was not a innocent as the mob says. In Jesus Name Amen.

      • No need to worry about any questions at this time IMO. This is the only time they will get to question Jodi and they are doing so without the benifit of expert testimony that will explain critcal information that relates to how abused women act and think. I am hopeful that once this information is given, at least one juror will present arguments for Jodi’s innocence during Jury deliberations.

        • Oh I did not know that I thought they got to ask again before they go off to deliberate too. I think she did fine but I slipped up an went an looked at the other people on some New sites an I yet again was alone mostly outnumbered 50 to 1 on comments that I had time to read ;(

          • Rhoda.

            I may be mistaken on this, maybe one of the folks here can clarify this.

            I do believe the jurors questios at this time are asked without the benifit of all the testimony, including expert witnesses. The news sites are making a fortune off this trial and they are doing so by pandering to the folks with a lynch mob mentality that are clearly not capable of critical thinking and convicted Jodi long before the trial ever started and any evidence was put forth. I am hopeful that the Jury is not comprised of people with this mentality.

    • I kinda thought it could be just one or two people asking the same type of questions, someone leaning toward thinking jodi is a slut.

  40. I feel like some of the questions were asked to hear the answer again in Jodie’s words without Martinez mucking it up.

    • I like that she cleared up why she would have to record the phone sex. We are way more technologically advanced now. Other things too like the mini camera for the sex video or why she couldn’t charge her phone at his house. Or that she got the cans from Darryl because she had always used Darryl’s. I’m choosing to stay positive.

  41. the way she is answering is like a person in a job interview. I’m wondering if these questions are from all of the jurors or just a few jurors who weren’t tuned in. The wording of many of the questions sound like they are from the same person.

  42. Good grief, facebook is on fire with hatred! It seems the more plausible she explain things, the more they are afraid they won’t get to see her burn at the stake! Wow, it’s very scary out there. And yes, I think she’s doing great. It is amazing what a fury of hate HLN has stirred up. Just wait for the Trayvon Martin trial! What a disgrace to the field of journalism. And to the puppets they have made of the public!

  43. SORRY ALL CAPS, I AM YELLING, WORST QUESTION EVER AND SHE ANSWERED IT!! “WHY CANT Y!OU REMEMBER?” omg, she used past drunken blackouts as explanation. OMG, why not say, I was so traumatized?
    Oh Jodi???

  44. There’s a definite slant towards considering her , pardon my French, a slut. I guess to the normal person this whole relationship is kind of hinky and driven by weird sexual issues.

    I hope BeeCee is right and the expert or maybe the psychologist can clear this up. We see this all the time, where someones sticks around with the abuser, even to the extent of defending them. And most people, who are not in that sort of a situation don’t get it. But it happens, Lord only knows why.

    My father-in-law is a retired police officer and he has told us many stories of cases where he would try like crazy, after being called by neighbors and such to get the woman to move out, or even file a report and nothing would happen. He said his saddest days were when he had to then go back to the house as a responder to a homicide! The cops definitely get this.

    • This is such a critical issue in this case. If these experts can explain her behavior she may get out of this with second degree or less. I don’t think self defense is going to work at this point, but I hope they see that this is a troubled woman who was used and abused by TA and it was hidden from the world. This happens all the time. Just watch or read true crime for a few years And you know that nothing is black and white.

  45. Anyone else hoping the jury actually agrees on an acquittal or lesser charge instead of having a hung jury? I feel that if the outcome is a hung jury, then the prosecutor will definitely retry the case, and there is no way she could ever ever ever get a fair trial in that case (not after all the damage the media has done). I haven’t found any non-biased articles or news outlets. (Aside from that dateline video, which I feel was relatively fair, and Lester Hold did a good enough job to report both sides, given the circumstances).

    • My comment may be moot. I read that in cases that include premeditated murder and the death penalty, the jurors must reach a unanimous verdict.

      • No, your comment is good. While I’m hoping for a full out acquittal, I would understand a lesser charge since they already tried to plead 2nd degree. I agree, the media is making it nearly impossible for Jodi to get a fair trial the first time around, the second time around there’s just no way.

  46. I have been thinking about the gun, its almost certainly a semi-automatic pistol, not a revolver as there would be no casing on the floor. I know it went off accidently, but has Jodi made any statements in if she had to pull back the slide, cock the gun, or take it off safety if it was on safety? It would be grossly dangerous if the gun was set up to just pull the trigger, I hade a little 25 auto and I wouldnt dare it it ready to fire because of how sensitive the trigger was. Does anyone have any imformation on the gun?

    • Has to be an automatic of some kind. Never seen a revolver in 25 ACP, plus as you said spent brass doesn’t get ejected from a revolver, unless you do so yourself.

      In terms of the gun being “locked and loaded”, it doesn’t surprise me that it was. The number of non-gun knowing yahoos who do this is amazing, leading to injured or dead kids and toddlers. And turning safety catches off just goes with it.

      The other kind of bozo I’ve seen with loaded guns are the macho types. Don’t know where that comes from but it seems like they get some sort of power from that kind of situation.

      • Thanks for the reply, yeah it seems like ta is the type macho jerk that would keep a cocked gun. I really see the gun as absolute proof Jodi is innocent, and also cocked 25 semi-autos can just be bumped and go off on accident.

        • Travis lived with adults and not kids. Why would you keep a gun in the not ready state. It is useless if you are trying to protect yourself.

          • semi-autos are highly dangerous if cocked, I cant understate it, semi-autos have hair pin triggers, most people leave thier semi-autos either not cocked or the safety on, having a cocked gun without the safety on is almost assuring it will go off accidently.
            If he kept it in this state, its would have been surprising it didnt go off.

          • Nancy,

            There are various states of ready in a gun, specially a semi-auto. So keep it loaded, sure. But beyond that you need to be careful. For instance do you have a round in the chamber? It takes a second to jack a round into the chamber. But let’s say that still makes you feel a little unsafe. Next do you keep the gun coked. Unless you have something like a 1911 or Hi-power that is single action, you can just pull the trigger and the gun will cock and then fire. Takes a little more oomph but it’s quick. Next if you do have it cocked, or not do you put the safety on.

            See there are various levels of safety available. And even if you don’t have kids, a cocked gun can go off when its dropped. And who amongst us hasn’t dropped something. And all the other possibilities. The drummer from ZZ Top shot himself in the groin with a gun he had in his waistband when he bent down to pull off his boots!

            That’s why you don’t have a locked and loaded gun sitting around even if you have no kids.

            • I understand what you are saying. Yes those things do happen but I prefer mine be loaded with the safety on if it has one. We have 1911s as well as others. So I think we agree on this. I would much rather the bullet be chambered and ready to fire and ours are kept in the safe except for one. And a shotgun.

            • She did say a number of times that “it just went off” and she didn’t mean to shoot, so maybe he did have it cocked and ready. But on the other hand, when Jodi described the b&e at her grandparents house she was talking about guns as if she’d grown up with a bottle in one hand and a gun in the other. So she may have had enough experience with guns to be able to handle TA’s no problem.

              • I agree. I think she had experience. And about guns falling and going off I asked my husband and he said that is very very rare and it has to fall a certain way and have worn springs to go off like that. Pistols are made to be very safe from misfiring. You have to pull the trigger someway somehow.

                • Your husband is wrong. Tell him if the hammer is cocked back it will go off on some guns if u fart hard enough. Trust me I’ve had guns since I’ve been 12 yrs old .

  47. These jurors truly are stupid! Good god! As far as the sex vs. stabbing question, how about this….


    Most of these questions should be deemed; ASKED AND ANSWERED!

  48. It appears more of the questions are centered on the pedophilia than anything else. Not much towards the pre-med theory elements.

    • Defense has done a great job Camera position spells reasonable doubt!! The jury does not know about the Morman mafia deedification of Jodi so they are more open to finding the truth.

      • I think this is why she had time to run away and get Into the closet ahead of him. Although she said she just heard his feet on the tile. Who knows? When you are frightened…

    • I am so so happy with that question, “Oh could he have picked up the camera and that slowed him down?” That person, believes her!!! yay yay yay

      • That is what I had said all along a materialistic MALE would stop for a SECOND an see if that precious camera was DAMAGED then the ass whooping would begin for sure if it was. Been there before myself on that part anyway.

    • Violence to her means physical violence. Not verbal or emotional violence. He did not need to slug her every day to keep her under control. She obviously did not know she was controlled. Just in love, ready to give anything, forgive anything, blaming herself for anything that went wrong. She was not scared of verbal abuse or anger, she could even (as he made it clear to her) diffuse it by giving him sexual services.

      • I wouldn’t call people on the autism spectrum “narcissists”. That’s a whole separate personality disorder. People with autism don’t naturally acquire two-way conversational skills, but they can learn. Jodi seems to care about other people and consider their feelings.

  49. How many people would you be intimate with at a time? Have you ever taken medication for your “mental issue”? Where are some of these questions coming from….ugh

      • I am just stunned. Not every difficulty in life is a “medical condition.”


        “How many people would you be intimate with at a time?” At no time during this trial did it ever come up that Jodi was sleeping with more than one man at a time. If she had been, the prosecution would’ve been all over it …

        • basically saying”deep down i believe you’re a slut or maybe having doubts as to how much of a slut you are but since we are in a court of law,let’s be civil and put it nicely” I seriously DIDNT like some of the questions,sounded like some of them watch NG….

          • I think those questions are coming from very conservative older people.

            Also keep in mind that only 12 of the 18 people asking questions will actually be deliberating. Hopefully the “slut-shaming” jurors are among the alternates!

        • JC,The other is the person who asked, about the Church wanting to keep thing quiet. That is huge, Both are!! The questions were far enough apart that it makes me think 2 people!! yay

        • I was a little concerned about the camera question…not to be negative, but here’s why. Some of these questions are redundant and seem like they want to see if they can “trip her up”. She tends to elaborate her answers, so thats always a possibility. One example was the question about what she did after the gun went off, she said after she rolled away from TA she got up and started to run down the hall! Just then Nurmi loudly objected and she stopped and then said she couldn’t remember. (remember she has been testifying she has no memory after that period) Another question was about how the camera could have rolled all the way from the front of the shower on the mat to in front of the bath tub, another was if it was damaged. The one about if it was damaged and did TA stop to pick it up are dangerous, here’s why. At this point in her testimony, she was already gone…on her way to the closet or already in the closet. This could be a potential trick to see if she trips herself up, like I said, she started to once and Nurmi stopped her. I am curious to see the questions tomorrow, as for today, I didn’t like them and had a bad feeling the more I heard. I get the feeling this jury does not believe alot of what she has said and thats why the questions are what they are.

  50. Her memory “condition”? Medications/doctor visits for her mental/memory “condition”?

    No, no–these are stupid questions!

    • it seemed that after the last recess most of the questions were about her memory ”issues”. And you know what?I think that’s a result of stupid Kermit’s effect!!!NO,she has no memory issues in general,just June 4th which was ”a class of its own” as she said.PTSD ,hello????Plus,NO she does NOT have a mental condition!WTF????

      • Yup that was all Martinez! !! And thats not right, they need to clear that up!! The memory bs is all bs from the frog!!

        • No, it’s fine. JM basically alluded over and over and over to Jodi’s memory problems. And remember, the jury also has to deal with the fact that Jodi lied twice, and to the public. One juror or even two may have assumed that something was being hidden from them and that Jodi has received treatment for a mental condition. Now, when the expert explains complex PTSD as it pertains to abuse victims, those jurors will ACTUALLY have their answer.

  51. SJ,
    I am dying to know how many hits this site gets a day. Do you know? If not go to WordPress, then settings, then Random counter and click that. It will let all of us know how many LURKERS are here.

  52. Great Day for Jodi…she answered to the best of her knowledge which is the key to proving her as a battered woman. I think she did a perfect job on the stand and considering the questions she had to work with. She was awesome 🙂 Go Jodi!!!!

    • Jodi sounded exactly how I would expect considering the little knowledge she has about domestic violence and ptsd. I didnt know what my memory was not remembering for a long time, even still 7 years later. Certain times are still so blotchy and blank. It’s crazy what our brains do to cope with trauma. For me, I have been in and continue in different types of trauma therapy because I still have issues. Most of the time I am able to stop the re-living the experiences during the day though at night when I sleep its a whole other story. I know my brain is still trying to process the events, putting me through all kinds of different, struggling to get away, type scenarios. The effects of my dreams are so intense when I wake up, my body and hair will be soaking wet. Usually during the months that had critical events in that relationship is when it happens most. I usually only remember flashes of the dreams when I wake up and I cant ever make sense of them…I relate my dreams with the past abuse because my dreams are always in the environment in which the abuse took place, so scary, confusing, frustrating and even sometimes, in love w my abuser again ( I still dont get that part ) The feelings in my dreams today are so real and just like I felt back then.

      I guess why I’m explaining all this is because when the trial is over, Jodi is going to need our emotional support more than ever. ptsd doesnt go just end or go away on its own….I get the feeling from her that she will be into trauma therapy..its actually pretty cool…..I just want Jodi to know she is safe with us…maybe we should even create a page where other abuse survivors can share their stories of survival and recovery with Jodi in effort to support her recovery. hmmm, i’m getting so ideas here…

      • Oh Tracey, I just want to hug you right now. And I soooo relate. It’s only been two years for me. I am improving dramatically, but there are still those moments … I mentioned the other day on here that on Sunday night, I blew a fuse. Flipping the circuit breaker in my apartment didn’t fix it. I knew I had to call maintenance. They’re not going to yell at me. Intellectually, I know that. My boyfriend wasn’t going to yell at me for not finishing dinner. Intellectually, I know that too. He has NEVER yelled at me, not even once. But I flipped into panic mode. I really don’t even recall now what I was saying or doing. I know I cleaned and cleaned like a crazy woman. That’s what my ex trained me to do. CLEAN! HIDE! HIDE ANY EVIDENCE HE HAD BEEN ABUSIVE. LIE. SAY HE’S AMAZING. I was right back to the time I blew a fuse in our house. He had the circuit breakers locked up. I was “too stupid” to be able to know how to flip the right one and I might actually flip one that shut off his precious computer. I could freeze or roast in the house. But God forbid ANYTHING happened to his precious computer, the real love of his sick deranged mind. I was soooo terrified. Same thing when the A/C broke one day. Same kind of panic. Should I call him ahead of time? Should I tell him when he got home? Who was going to walk through the door? Jekyll or Hyde? Should I wait to hear his “hello” before deciding? Should I lie and say it JUST happened? Would he believe me if the house was too hot/too cold? Panic, trembling, pacing, sweaty palms. What would he do/say? Would he yell/scream/berate? Would he hurt me? Should I just kill myself before he got home? I mean, it’s THAT irrational? And that’s where I was Sunday night again for no apparent reason. I recognized it. But I couldn’t stop it. Pacing. Scared. Unsure of what to do. Not wanting to be alone. Afraid to call maintenance. Afraid to let anyone in. And for a split second, even thinking of killing myself.

        It doesn’t happen as often anymore. But it still happens. I still wake up from a dream. I don’t even hate my ex anymore. I certainly don’t love him one little bit. But sometimes, in my dreams, I have chats with him. I try to make sense of it all. He’s often rational, if I recall correctly. We often talk as if we’re friends. But it seems to always end with an unexpected attack. My boyfriend knows. He says I kick him or punch him in the night. He holds me and tells me it’s okay.

        I want Jodi to get that help. She may have had a taste already, based on some things she said today. She’s me. I’m her. But she’s braver than I could ever be. Thank you Tracey. Big hugs!

        • I have PTSD, my therapist thinks I have had it for many years, since I was a young child. I had a very bad childhood, then it changed to almost normal,at least for appearance sake, then bad again, and I basically just rolled along and tried to ignore all mu feelings.I was kicked out at 18 and made horrible choices for several years. So hard to explain, but I always knew something was different and wrong inside me. I was too sensitive, too dark, too moody, too everything! I had been writing poems since I was about 12 or so, and when I looked back at them, I realized just how “down” they were. I plodded along, blowing thru relationships, ruining them and not knowing why, being so depressed at times that I thought of suicide more than once. I injured my arm horribly in a fight with a boyfriend when I was 20. I punched a glass shower door and severed all the tendons and nerves. Had surgery to try to repair the damage, and over a year of psy.therapy. I have limited use of that hand and wrist and very little feeling. I lived alone and couldnt even do routine things like wash my hair, open a can, or button clothing. I was beyond depressed. I decided to see a psychiatrist. After several long visits he diagnosed me with Chronic Depression, Bi-Polar II Disorder, and Anxiety Disorder. Finally, a reason for my feelings, my life, my thoughts! I will say that I felt afraid to tell anyone, and to this day, all these years later, few people know. I know there is a campaign regarding mental health and trying to remove the stigma, finally…but, believe me, sadly, it is still there. My family knows about my diagnosis, and a few close friends. I can remember telling one close friend and I saw her face when I said Bi-Polar and she looked shocked and I felt terrible. So, I tend to keep it inside. The PTSD diagnosis came recently, but it is something I have thought about for years….I just finally have a name for it. All my crazy jumpiness at every unexpected sound, (my brothers love to tease me with this, and I hate it) all the horrible nights laying in bed trying to get the mental images out of my head while Im trying to fall asleep, instead I have a damn movie rolling in my brain, I think thats the worst, the memories and images I cannot get out of my head. My therapist is going to try a therapy with me soon called “EMDR”. It is to help me with these images, and I am willing to try it and hopeful it can help me. Other than that I take medications, Seroquel and Lithium and I also have Xanax for anxiety when I need it.
          Anyway, since several of you have shared your personal stories here, and I can relate to some of it, I thought I would share some of my life as well. I am somewhat a “chicken” so it probably helps that we are not in person but on computers…..:)

          • Thanks for sharing! I can relate to the “jumpiness at every unexpected sound”. It happens to me everyday-STILL!!! I was in an abusive relationship at a very tender age and I think it is a residual effect.I have never had any mental diagnosis. I still have dreams about my abuser where I am still wanting to be with him-so stupid to think when I am awake! I see myself as a very loving and trusting person. Others have seen that and have used it to serve only themselves-that is the abuse that I believe happened to me, and Jodi and millions of others. I have a large family of my own now. I was used. Plain and simple. My husband found me and saw me for the good woman I am. I have bloomed with his love and tenderness.And we have grown a wonderful, beautiful family. It pains my husband to hear the things I remember-and it’s so sad how I remember them like they were nothing. Just everyday stuff. Just the way things were. They were my life. My life is sooo much different now. But I know that way is just around the corner at all times. For me. For ANYONE. When there is someone who has no love. There is no safety. They use. They abuse. And the peope like me who are loving and trusting are their victims.

          • A lot of abuse victims are diagnosed with bi-polar when it’s really PTSD. You may not truly be bi-polar at all.

            Thank you so much for sharing all that you’ve gone through. Big hugs!

  53. The problem is that the jury has been sitting through many days of all of this. Their perspective is probably a bit different than that of other people. Their context is probably also going to be different. If a person only watches small portions of the trial, the picture is not going to be as clear, or as comprehensive.

    In my opinion, the problem is that if the jurors begin to disbelieve Jodi, then her whole defense could collapse like a house of cards. And, it looks like Martinez is looking at all of this like a house of cards, where kicking out one portion will cause other portions to fall, too. If this should happen, then the jurors will probably think that Jodi never really “came clean”, and that she is still hiding something. And, the focus would naturally shift to whatever it is that they feel she is hiding. My guess is that if they do not believe that she cannot remember the incident, then they may end up presuming that she is trying to hide something that she doesn’t want anyone to know.

    Also, the longer everything dragged out, before the claims of self defense were made, the worse it is probably going to be for her. In other words, if she had called the police, from out in the desert, while in a state of mental confusion, and anguish, and she needed immediate psychiatric help, then the claims of the “fog”, and not remembering, would be somewhat more believable. But, what happened was that the killing was followed by numerous attempts to hide the crime. And, this type of behavior was carried out, over and over, for great lengths of time. In fact, if the jurors believe that she does remember the killing, but she won’t admit to it, then they could conclude that she is still trying to hide the crime – which may not have involved self defense, at all. And, the confession, and the plea for a charge of second degree murder, could be interpreted as an attempt to avoid the death penalty. So, I do not mean to sound pessimistic. But, I can see how the way that Jodi has handled everything could seriously backfire, against her own interests.

    • The ones that never came clean are her PPL Mormon group members and whoever launched a media blitz against her. As well as the criminal investigators as to why they did not investigate this case in depth.
      Looks like her Prepaid Legal insurance which she had to pay to be hired by the company never provided her with a lawyer before and after being arrested.

      • There is a definite Media Blitz against her The last person to get this type of Negative publicity was NIXON who knows its odd but that’s what caught my interest then all these Mormons on CNN HLN they had numerous specialist in Psychology etc. all Mormons they should have another side of the story. CNN again all Jodi Haters. I am telling you its beyond strange. I wrote to a well known Attorney about it he agrees but can’t do anything. He is very high profile they would never allow him as a rebuttal.

    • Ben, I don’t think the jury would know about the plea deal she offered. That would have been a hearing without the jury present unless it was brought up in testimony. I agree, what she did after looks really bad and maybe the experts could clear some of it up. I have a problem with the missing stuff-like the knife, if the knife was put in the dishwasher why wasn’t there blood on it, and her shoes where did they go? But after today, I think shorty would be smart to include lessors before deliberation.

      • No way! That was certainly handled in a motion in limine. It’s extremely prejudicial to Jodi and also to the prosecution (some jurors may feel their time/taxpayer funds (in a poor economy to boot) was wasted). If she mentioned it, it would certainly be grounds for a mistrial.

        The fact that she testified she lives in a cell could honestly have been grounds for a mistrial. I’m not quite sure why Nurmi didn’t go for that, or did he? If he didn’t, perhaps he thinks he’s winning. But that could certainly be excellent grounds for appeal. The jury isn’t allowed to see her shackles. We’ve all noticed that. They should NEVER know she lives in a cell and isn’t out on bond. She’s supposed to be “innocent” until they find her guilty.

    • As I understand it they place questions in a basket and can do so at any time during the witness testimony. Remember there are 18 jurors so some of the questions are coming from alternates who won’t be in deliberations.

      Judge can throw out redundant questions or those that were asked and answered by the attorneys but based on the number being asked it looks like very few were rejected.

      • Thanks, for the explanation. After hearing Jodi answer them this afternoon it just seemed like a good group of the questions were the same. Will they get to ask more questions after they begin to diliberate or was that their only chance?

        • Once deliberations begin the questioning is over although the jurors can ask to see certain evidence (and when they do people speculate on which side it favors).

          It’s possible a witness could be recalled, perhaps during the prosecution’s rebuttal phase, but this is probably their only chance to question Jodi.

          • Dave C, is that specific to AZ law (that they can’t ask questions once they begin deliberating)? In IL, we had some (albeit rare) occasions where a jury required an answer that we could not provide WITHOUT recalling a witness — although it was for an extremely limited purpose: to clarify/respond to that question ONLY, nothing else. Now, we didn’t have juror questions DURING the trial, so that’s why I’m asking if that’s different in AZ where they DO have that opportunity. Generally, we went out of our way and over and above to accommodate jurors and ANY clarification they needed, as did the judge. The fate of the case was in their hands, after all. And in this case, it’s Jodi’s life that’s at stake, not just her freedom.

            • One other thing, a jury asking questions during deliberation was perceived as a jury that was close to forming a verdict. Perhaps one or two jurors were “hung up” and couldn’t reach a verdict WITHOUT those answers. I remember being woken up at 3 a.m. for our firm to respond on one occasion when the judge had specifically instructed the jury to continue deliberations UNTIL they reached a verdict and that they could deliberate ALL night long if they had to. A holiday weekend was looming. The judge had plans LOL We responded and by noon the following day, the jury gave us a verdict. It was well worth the wake up call!

  54. It is Martinez fault that the jury THINK ASSUME that jodi has a memory issue or a mental problem! !! Nurmi shouldve objected every single time Martinez did this during cross. And Nurmi should bring it up n ask jodi if n when was it ever brought to her attention that sgechad these issues, then she should reply with, NO NEVER until cross examination! !!

    Other th we n that I think she answered alot if the questions better after they came back from break. But im still a little worried about sone of the Q. Some of the jurors do not blv her. Like the question that she said no,she did NOT cry while killing TA. Im glad she corrected that because I cleary remember her saying, I DONT KNOW!!! See, these little things can a threat n they need to be cleared.

    • LC,I just wrote above the exact same thing,it’s Martinez’s fault that now she’s viewed as a person with memory issues and/or a mental condition for crying out loud!!!!Also,some of the memory questions seemed kinda ironic to me,no im not saying they were intended to sound like that because with the written word you can never know the person’s pitch intonation etc.But it appears that they dont believe her when it comes to not remembering the killing,that’s true and right now i must admit im more that worried

      • I know, I saw u said that too, sorry. I saw it after. I also feel the same way about the Questions n im starting to wonder if these jurors HAVE been watching the media. To me, msome of the questions where disrespectful, but who cares right?!

        Also, MB… your right. How the F*** do people not understand that someone CAN blackout or fog in a traumatic event like Jodi did. Iv never blacked out but I could very much understand that its VERY POSSIBLE! !! I thk these jurors are NOT blv her n idk why. Everything shes answered has all been the same, no charges. So how can she be lying? !

        One thing I did like is, Martinez objecting n the judge letting Jodi finish! ! Haha

        • I am sorry I do not have that much FAITH in all those JURORS that one or two did not scroll through the tv an watch a show of talking HEADS some of the questions they are asking say to me somebody has????????? Even if they did not but the wife or family member was they heard something to ask some of these weird questions ??

      • Well then, Maria, if you put yourself in JM’s shoes, his strategy was effective. You can bet he’s toasting that one tonight. He convinced (at least some of the) jurors that Jodi had a “condition” that affects her memory. BUT .. conversely, when Nurmi puts his experts on the stand to discuss chronic PTSD in abuse victims, Nurmi will get to toast as they calmly explain away memory and trauma. Then, Nurmi gets to toast, and JM gets to stew.

        Trials are a lot like a game of chess. Lots of strategy in anticipation of the next several moves. That’s the practice of law in a nutshell. As one lawyer told me before I went to law school, here’s how to succeed. Put everything in writing that you want to preserve. Confirm every conversation in writing that’s to your advantage. Unless the other side contradicts, if you put it in writing, it happened. On the other hand, NEVER put in writing ANYTHING you may want to deny occurring later. Learn which move to make and when. And realize that the other side may turn that move into an advantage for them at any time. Think ahead. Look many steps ahead. Never get caught up with emotional outbursts or responses, UNLESS they’re beneficial. Law is a game. Play it well.

        • Honestly, some of the jurors asking about a mental condition could work in Jodi’s favor. They may be thinking that she has legitimate psychological reasons to not remember what she did and that she’s not just a cold-blooded liar.

          • Kira,
            I was just thinking that while reading all these posts. I fail to see how her having a mental condition would hurt. I believe it is crucial. Actually, isn’t that the entire point of having 2 experts on the defense witness list? 1 is a domestic abuse expert and 1 is a pyschologist. If they are going to testify that her memory fog on that day is due to the trauma involved with the killing, and/or past abuse and therefore a type of PTSD, then that is in the category of mental illness. There is no shame in that. I got the feeling when that question was asked she was offended, she looked a bit off, and answered quickly, “I don’t have a mental illness”. So now when the experts testify and say she has PTSD or any other ailment….then what? I just didn’t get htat response or the big deal with it. The question about medication was ok, she could always say “I have an issue but am not medicated for it”. it’s odd to me, she and Nurmi went over all these questions today before they were asked, and I am surprised she answered that way. Maybe the jury wanted to hear that she had something….now it’s too late to change that.

            • Anna,

              I commented on another post that I think Jodi answered in that knee-jerk way because of the huge stigma against mental health. Unfortunately, the fear of being ridiculed and marginalized due to a mental condition causes a lot of people to be in denial or to get defensive.

              I’m glad that the mental health experts haven’t testified yet. We’ll see what they say about all of this.

              • Kira,
                Thats true, it was a kind of defensive reaction, and that does come from the (still) gigantic stigma. Funny, I just posted a few minutes ago about my own mental issues and mentioned the stigma. I know its nothing I did, and its medical, yet I still get defensive at times, “yes, I took my meds”, “No, I’m not manic’, etc etc….I think it just goes with the territory. One of the bad things about having a mental illness is that ANY time you are in a bad or sad mood, someone is bound to blame your illness, instead of realizing you might just be having a bad day!

    • Well my issue with the memory questions is there should be some basic, fundamental, human understanding that Jodi is person; not a robot or a computer that can retrieve files flawlessly each and every time.

      There are many things in my life that I know that happened, but my memory is not explicit. Maybe it’s because it’s been 20+ years but I know it happened all the same. I totally get it when Jodi says “I remember a feeling but not the specifics.”

      The human mind does what it has to do in order to survive. I don’t understand why that’s so hard for people to understand.

  55. Alot of the Q are accusations. ? Like, “you say u threw up when u saw TA with the child pic. SO why did u keep sleeping with him?” That right there, the “SO” part…. it seems like an accused Q, lv the word “so” out of the Q and it sould sound more of a want to know question.

    And there were alot of Q about her n man, sleeping with man, dating man, oh and the one with, “how MANY man would she consider to be with?” That question, omg

    And the SKANK question!!! REALLY REALLY???!!

    • tell me about it….what about the ”IF” questions???I’m telling you,some sounded like the ”talking heads” as you guys call them.I hope Im wrong.

    • I had to look up the word when she first said it on the stand.
      I guessed it combined skunk and stank, but never heard it before.

      • Not to say none of the questions were accusatory, but this particular question was, “After you caught Travis masturbating to childrens pictures, why did you sleep with him again?” (not verbatim, but close). This lets Jodi go more into depth proving her inablity to leave an abusive relationship, which the professionals will backup and explain.

        Again, I do agree, some of the questions seemed accusatory, but I think this one was a genuine confusion of how Travis had this control over Jodi. Its confusing to many people, why someone cant just leave, and I’d rather Jodi get her chance to explain than the juror continue to be confused.

        I did not catch the question about how any partners she had or would like to have. That’s kind of off base and confusing…

        • You got it, M. Unless you’ve been through abuse, it’s impossible to understand. What’s sick is that even while I was being abused (but not having black eyes and split lips), I wondered why on earth an abused woman would stay. Um, hello, look in the mirror!

          I still don’t understand it. Nor does Jodi. But an expert can explain what happens. Right now, the jury needs to “feel” Jodi. They need to know that this woman in front of them is real, that she bleeds, that she defecates and urinates, just like they do. They need the freedom to ask whatever they want, however outrageous. Ask! Then, deliberate with a clear mind.

        • Thats a fair question I think Because personally that would be enough for most people to say I had it with this freak. But her mentality was to accept minimize problems. When all this is buried to give an appearance of everything is OK. She did say that changed their relationship.

        • Jodi had far fewer sexual partners by age 27 (I counted 5) than a lot of other people her age do. The “slut” accusations from the media and others is really not fair.

    • LC, would you rather the jurors enter into deliberation with these questions on their minds? Or, that they can anonymously ask them now, and get answers that may clarify any doubts they have? I’d always rather they ask the witness than ask each other. We have each other here on this forum to ask. And we do. We debate. They have a lot of stress on their hands. They’re away from their families, jobs, lives, and they bear the responsibility for whether a woman lives or dies — and that’s a woman they’ve seen talk in front of them, get a little angry in front of them, bore them to tears, and break down and cry herself. Let them ask, and ask, and ask. Let them get ALL their questions answered in some fashion. Let them feel important that their question was asked and answered. Then, let them deliberate, feeling that they have the information they need to do so. They’re heavily invested in this case — as evidenced by the number of questions. Whether they are unsure, or they adore or even hate Jodi, they are doing their best to ensure they can enter into deliberation with their questions answered. And that means, some part of them wants to save her life. Every juror who asked her a question (anonymously) either wants to hate her (but can’t quite) or wants to save her (but can’t wrap their mind around it). This is THE best part of this testimony so far. Relax!

      • Also remember the jury has been entering these questions the whole time Jodi has been on the stand. They could have turned in a question before it was covered.

        • Yea… you guys are right. I just worry about her. Lol I know everyone on this site does, thats why we’re here. Maybe im just worrying too much and iv taken this trial way too personal (I know a lot of us have). I feel like she could be a family member, a friend and I put myself in her shoes and tend to take somethings the wrong way. Your right, its best that the jurors get there answers. And alot of the questions mightve been from earlier dayscof the trial. I also blv the expects will clear up alot of those question. I’ll try to relax. Thanks guys!!! : )

  56. If Jodi has ADHD in addition to PTSD it is a medical condition. ADHD could explain why her parents abused her and her general botching of her life. No college etc poor self esteem Blowing up cars dropping cameras not focusing at work derailing under stress

    • Deb very good there is so much literature on this. Her manner of explaining everything is very apparent she could have blocked most of her parents abuse. Who knows. A famous Lawyer stated put yourself in your clients shoes live their life this is for death penalty cases he won. He gives Seminars on this.

  57. She is being honest about the Squeaky Clean Image The Mormon Church wants to convey.
    I thought she answered that very well. I feel bad for her because fear that she felt seems very real & I think she was brainwashed by Travis. I felt like crying when she said again she saw herself as a good person.
    I just do not see her as evil.

    • You’re so right.You dont see her as evil because we all know she is not. ”You can mark my words on that”. There’s no evil in that woman’s eyes and aura.

      • I do not believe that she would call Travis a Pedophile if it was not true. I do not even believe she understood the magnitude of his problem. But he groomed her and treated her like she was a child and used her to fulfill those fantasies of pedophilia. If you look up to someone you will really make an effort to dismiss their problems. He was her Mentor.

        • He was the Mentor-leader to all the others of the group as well. I wonder how many were fresh converts.
          From the story of that Mormon wife you posted a few days ago, it seems that there is a class difference between born-into and converts.
          That ppl business fits right in. They are into the business of finding new converts too.

          • I never even thought of that no wonder there is a difference how they treat people then. Not saying all But I can feel that in this small group out of that Church very very many are truly not Christians as they tell people they are.

          • The image is very important to certain groups especially it seems this group. Since she also is concerned about image. She does not fit in to the group but lets be honest she is NOT the only girls who had relations with Travis. I had to listen on TV Computer Kept Crashing Woman on Jane Velez Just defended Jodi, I feel very bad for her, I do think she needs Therapy to be deprogrammed Its OK, not to be Perfect. Her self Esteem is so Damaged. I know she did a terrible thing but she needs to forgive herself. There was a Nun, who was actually a Hollywood Actress when she was young, made maybe a few films with Elvis, Left Hollywood became a NUN she is Old but known for working in Prisons They Love her its an unusual story But she has really helped the forsaken people to forgive themselves. That has helped so many people. In the end God is her Judge Not Nancy Grace Jane Velez and Martinez, also I feel very bad for Travis family it has to be just awful.

          • You are correct Viri, there is a class distinction of “Lifers vs Converts” and the strict strict rules come in heavier on lifers, to teach, lead, guide and help converts learn(conform)…

          • Remember Travis is a convert at 14. I think his “Genes” and his “environment” were pretty much engrained by then. he is a master manipulator Joining and being active in the church brings you lots of benifits me thinks with grandma. Then being the Con man that I believe him to be. He lied to his familt, his Church, his work and even Saints; Sky and Chris Hughes (sp?) I think that Chris was probably in love with him. Maybe or maybe not acted upon. I really do not think the church is involved in this. I think that Travis manipulated everything and everyone in his life to get what Travis wanted. He was above the Law. All laws, even Gods laws. Travis was NOT born into the church but certainly had a grandmother as a member. If your parent or parents are mormon when you are born, you are a child of record (born into it) Granny doesnt count. I know all this because I am an inactive Mormon, my son is a child of record. My BFF in the entire world is an active a devout Mormon and her family is one of the original Saints. We are so different she and I.She is the best person I know, she has never tasted any alchohol, ever. She has never even said HELL. i love that about her. i on the other had am Like one of the presidents of the church a prolific cusser. I digress. I can tell you this MY BFF, is just that my bff. i could shoot you and she would say, well it had to be done. She would defend me (not lie) but stand by me no matter what. That is a great friend. My point is. The hughes were his frieends, I believe that. think he was the diversion in their loveless or awful marriage. Except for me, nobody in my ward, I live in Vegas, in my Stake or in our temple has even heard of this. also, They would never (unlike me) watch this on TV. As far as my concern and knowledge and as his own sister said on 48 hours, a lot of people will lose respect for him but….. Look the Church would kick his sorry skanky ass to the curb. Also, the church may not seem right to everyone but it does consist of very great people. First on scene of natural disasters. If even non members need help, the church will help you. call your closest ward and see. But, I love love this site but, the Church, IMO is not involved at all with TA’s crap and pedo show. The LDS church has evolved over the years as many things and people have. Hey slavery was legal too. Nobody is perfect (raises hand) but IMO. TA was/is a peice of shit, he does not represent any Christian faith that I am aware of. I am sorry for his family’s loss but he lied to them, to the Church, to Jodi and to himself and God. If anyone is before saint Peter pleading their case, it is him. I wish she didnt kill him because she has ruined her life. I truly believe she was attacked by him. I would bet my life he used and abused her like toilet paper. i can tell by how she still defends him, even with irrefutable truth and PROOF (In his own words, the rape statement) that right there was all it took for me to say, gotcha. She did it in self defense. I know it. I can feel it. Yet to the end, as all of them she is defending him. That is the DEVIL right there, speaking to them like he spoke to Eve. Travis had them all duped. He didnt need the Church to do his bidding, he did it. Now those who still love him, love him. So what, he did this. Justice for Travis, has been served….cold

        • That was my thought too, Oliviero. Why bring pedophilia tendencies up at all in court if they didn’t happen? It would be a huge risk.

          • Kira you are right this is a field That Nurmi specializes in in fact False allegations of sexual abuse. I do think Nurmi believed her. The media from the very beginning has stated The defense has a real up hill battle. they make derogatory remarks against NURMI.

    • I do not see her as evil either the photo’s she took were so beautiful. She does not give me bad vibes at all. But when I look at Travis in photo’s I get a bad vibe. I truly feel she was naive an was sucked into Travis’s dark side. An some how feel in love with him but she did release him he just kept it on going like she said he could guilt her.

    • Right, and both Bella and Jesse (two of our wonderful open Mormon posters here) have confirmed that they feel they should present a similar image while in church/church-related activities. And remember, it’s also the image that Travis presented to the world, regardless of what he did behind closed doors. It’s what Bella has told us she saw of him while being his friend, and also what she saw of Jodi, on the one occasion she met her. I wish Nurmi could call Bella to the stand, although I would hate to put her through that, or someone else like her. Maybe he will!

      • Thank you Also Abused, I really appreciate the sentiment. I will also completely admit I had to go sit down at the thought of having to be in open court. I would, but under subpoena only. There is a need from all church members to maintain a squeaky clean image. It’s very hard to maintain it, if its not true. I love my friend Travis, but he lead a double life. I also hate to admit it but I am beginning to think many “Model Mormons” just might be doing the same thing…

      • Also Abused I agree I think image is very important to a point that repression can cause deep problems. I think that the Juror who asked the Question relating to the Church Image was very perceptive.

  58. All the questions, or most, to me, were to determine the truth from the crap JM tried to throw out in his convoluted, ineffective cross examination.

    The HLN whores are already spinning everything totally against her! My God, they are pathological!

    Yes, to the”delay in his arrival at the closet door” …perfect….but she kinda stumbled…but she so wants to be perfectly correct…a little OCPD and definitely ADD!

    I think sex was from the Book of Travis!

    If I watch HLN tonight, I am afraid I will blow my top; but if I don’t, I won’t be fired up to keep going and fighting the good fight, so….

    Please, everyone, share the petition, and swim into the fray on facebook. Report anyone who threatens violence and cut and paste it to your local law enforcement too.


    Can you guys imagine what will happen during the Trayvon Martin trial?!

    • Good for you Maggie. I am still infuriated about last nights Nancy Grace show ( see my post from this morning), and know that for the sake of my own Mental Health I can’t put myself through any more of the HLN insanity! LOL. Plus I did post a comment on face book and was immediately jumped on. I also sent an email to Nancy G., so I’m waiting for the lynch mob to be outside my door any day. Keep up the good fight.

      • They won’t come to your door. They are to weak and spiteful, they will only “attack” you from the safety of their computers. Where the mob mentality and back slapping can be prolific. Have no fear of any real reprisal, they don’t have the spine for it.