Trial Day 27 – March 5th, 2013 [REPLAY]

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Today’s 2013 replay continues with the 2nd and final day of Jodi’s redirect with Kirk Nurmi…

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Trial Day 27 – March 5th, 2013:

Part 1/3:

Jodi Arias (redirect continues)

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Part 2/3:

Jodi Arias (redirect continues)

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Part 3/3:

Jodi Arias (redirect concludes — now preparing for jurors questions)

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  1. Hi everyone. I’ve already emailed the admins about this, but I wanted to tell you that I’ve spent the past couple of weeks doing some research in identifying some of the anti-Jodi Arias haters. I’m going to expose some of them on the VENT page. I think it’s time that these anonymous trolls become unmasked.

  2. Last night, I watched the video about Jodi’s partial palm print of her left hand on the wall @TA’s house.

    Juan: “And, the biological substance that was submitted, was it blood or do you know?”
    Jodi Legg (forensicscientist, biology/DNA Unit): “I don’t know.”
    Juan: “You just know…”
    Jodi Legg: “It’s biological material.”

    At one point, Legg states that the palm print was a mixture of DNA with Jodi as the “major contributor” and Travis as a “minor contributor.” The sample from each of them was too small to determine what the substance was (i.e., blood, saliva, semen, etc.) but it showed that “both of them were in the profile.”

    I think (but have no way of proving it for sure ) that the most likely substances that 2 lovers might contribute are semen and saliva, not blood. It’s possible that Jodi performed oral sex on Travis, wiped her mouth with the outer part of her left hand and touched the wall shortly after. The print could have been put there AT ANY TIME during their relationship, although Juan seemed to be suggesting the palm print was left there on June 4, 2008. Of course, he doesn’t come right out and say it. At least, I don’t think he did.

    The defense didn’t ask any questions. It seems to me they could have destroyed this partial palm print evidence easily or provided an logical explanation for it being there. I think if it was suggested to Jodi Legg that the DNA mixture was saliva & semen she would have answered: “It’s possible.” A 2nd question to her might have been: “Could have been made anytime during JA & TA’s relationship?” Legg: “It’s possible.”

    Interestingly, nearly every media report describes the partial palm print as the “bloody handprint” suggesting the palm print was a mixture of Jodi’s & Travis’s blood. But, there was no identifiable blood in the palm print DNA.

    I expect someone else has suggested this theory of the palm print. Can anyone see anything wrong with this theory? Take it apart if you can or poke holes in it. Sometimes, I think something and miss the obvious explanation. Maybe, the palm print was on top of a blood smear. The photos of the palm print (which, in truth, I can’t see the palm print) show a reddish brown background but I’m not sure if this was the color of the wall or a blood smear. If it was a blood smear I would think the “biological substance” would have contained identifiable blood, also.

    • Lisa Perry (state’s witness, day 5 I think) specifically said that it was NOT blood).

      And yes, because it was not blood, it could have been left at anytime and is completely irrelevant to the crime.

      (and yes, even people here still sometimes say ‘bloody palm print – but unless I miss it in one of those TFL posts – I still beat the drum, every time, that there WAS NO BLOODY PALM PRINT)

    • Oh, and it was kinda funny –

      Juan practically had to stand on his head to phrase a question, with as much innuendo as he could inject into it, in such a way that he could get Heather Conner to agree that the palm print *might* have been left during the ‘murder’.

      I really liked Conner, she was very particular and would not let anyone put words in her mouth.

      • Hi Journee,

        The hand print on the wall was never properly analyzed. Reminds me of Forrest Gump’s boot print in the bathroom. Evidence that was bypassed in favor of “fantasy forensics” & “junk science” — as Jose Baez called it in Casey’s trial.

        Team Jodi

        • I’ve never been entirely convinced it’s a ‘hand print’ at all – one of those ‘I can’t see it with my own eyes’ things, maybe. Like coldcase said, the published photos of that ‘print’ tell us nothing.

          The walls in that hallway are either faux-finished with paint, or it’s a faux-finish wallpaper. I used to do that kind of painting for a living, and I know from experience that the artist’s hands invariably show up in the paint in some way – usually not in ways identifiable as ‘hand’ but often as just the kind of ‘side of hand’ smudge Conner described. And you wouldn’t see it if you weren’t looking for it, because it’s camouflaged in the rest of the paint job. All kinds of shapes tend to emerge from the paint, and I was called back more than once to touch up a spot where the homeowner saw a face or a dog or a clown or whatever and once they saw it they couldn’t un-see it, their eyes were drawn to it and it bugged them, lol.

          When Conner described how that print was processed, she said first that it was developed using LCV, which turns a deep purple/black in the presence of biological substances. When the LCV showed her a print, they cut the section of wall out and took it back to the lab for the testing (which showed no blood).

          Here’s the important thing, though: Conner took a black and white PHOTOGRAPH of the print on the wall and used THAT for comparison to the exemplar. In a black and white photo of a ‘print’ on a surface that has it’s own pattern/print – how could Conner know what was ‘hand print’ and what was wall pattern?

          But there really was no point in the defense attacking the ‘hand print’ evidence – OR the shoe print – once Jodi said she was there and she killed Travis. What would be the point? She was there and she killed him, but that’s not her footprint and that handprint isn’t in blood.

      • Journee,

        Yes, Connor was very precise. When asked if they found the knife used in the killing, she doesn’t say no. She says they collected several knives from the house.

        Lisa Perry’s statement seems to contradict Jodi Legg’s statement. Legg said the samples were too small to determine what the biological substance was.

        I think you’re right in correcting people that it was not a bloody hand print/palm print because if both had their blood in the sample from the print, that wouldn’t look good for Jodi. It would mean both were bleeding at the same time (or Jodi came in contact with Travis’s blood when she was bleeding) suggesting that she was there at the time of the killing or even was injured during the killing possibly.

        I also read a blog statment yesterday from someone who said s/he was a lawyer and s/he said Jodi made a “false confession.” Come to think of it, all we really know is that Jodi was at Travis’s house when the nude time-stamped photos of both of them were taken earlier in the day. We don’t really know when she left or if she left and came back later that day. We don’t really know she was the one taking the photos. We don’t know who the photos were being taken for. We don’t know that the pant leg in one of the photos during the killing was hers (although she told Flores she had similar pants). We just have Jodi’s word that she was there. We do know that she knew Travis was dead later that night or early the next morning when she called Gus Searcy and told him Travis was dead (I think Gus verified her call about Travis’s death). But, she could have gotten that information from someone else. The phone calls to Travis’s phone after he was dead do look like she was setting up an alibi though but it’s possible she knew she would be a suspect and was simply trying to protect herself.
        The story that her clothes were bloody and she got rid of them along with the gun & knife. We only have her word that this happened. There was no blood in the rental car unless it was on the missing floor mats. Is there any positive proof that Jodi was there after the nude photos of them were taken earlier in the day? Anything?

        • Hey coldcase – as I recall, what Legg said was that there was not enough DNA in the sample to develop full profiles on Jodi OR Travis – just enough to show that it was consistent with them both contributing to the sample, with more of Jodi’s DNA than Travis’ (so I’m thinking not semen, probably sweat or saliva). I don’t recall that she was even trying to identify the substance, she was just doing the DNA testing.

          With all the contradiction surrounding the memory card (it was found loose in the washer but it was in the camera when Melendez got it – it was described by Martinez and Conner both as being blue but Travis’ camera ONLY used a card that was proprietary to SONY at that time [I think it’s called a ‘microflash’ and is widely distributed now], and it was black) – I put very little faith in anything the photos tell us, and even less in the time stamps on those photos. In interrogation, Jodi seemed genuinely confused by the photo of her in pigtails, and even tried to tell Flores about different sizes of memory cards and wondering if one from her camera had been left at Travis’.

          The only thing I’m sure of is that Jodi knew what video was playing on the computer confiscated from Travis’ office at 4:something am on the morning of Jun 4, 2008.

          False confession – yes, I think so too. I think it came to a point where she had no choice. She was going to trial and she couldn’t prove anyone else was there – and the state sure hadn’t gone to any lengths to FiND evidence of anyone else being there. The only way she might hope for acquittal was by saying she was defending herself.

          (Oh, and I think Searcy was confused about the date she called him. She called the night before HE was scheduled to go to Cancun -though he had to postpone for a day- which would make it the night Travis was found, not the night he was killed).

          • Thanks, Journee & SJ,

            I’ll just end by saying I think a really good lawyer or two could do a lot of damage to Martinez’s case WHEN Jodi gets a retrial. I fantasize about Mark Geragos or Mark O’Meara getting involved although I don’t even know if either can practice in AZ – with Willmott assisting maybe. I understand George Zimmerman has a legal debt of 2.5 million so those guys cost big money. One of Jodi’s supporters on Twitter has asked Geragos 2 or 3 times to help Jodi but he just ignores her.

            • Hey there coldcase. I read that lawyers can practice out of state, but something has to be done first. I can’t remember what though.

              • Thanks, Ryan.

                I enjoyed your Youtube video about Juan Martinez and the kerosene can. That is , if you are the same Ryan Jansen.

                • In an older case, a Palm print wasn’t admissible. Or wasn’t going to be enough to prosecute the person. It’s very hard to get a Palm print 100percent as a identification. Nothing like a fingerprint match.
                  Oftentimes, with a Palm prints the hand is not in perfect angle, and it’s not a perfect sciences. One expert in a case ,said NOO.. that’s not this person.Another expert said if you turn it like this and look like this …YES it was that person.
                  So, I always have thought about that print. Knowing that it wasn’t blood// Justifies what I already had believed.

            • Coldcase, I would love Jose Baez to take on Jodi’s case. He would rip kermit a couple of ones. In any case, Jeniffer is doing her best and a good job IMO but I feel Nurmi did a lousy job and it seemed that he was constantly lazy to do his job. No passion whatsoever.

              I am sure that if Jodi had other attorneys (with Jennifer and Maria still in the team), the outcome of the main trial would be quite different. Unfortunately, the saying ‘What you pay for is what you get’ stands. ;(

              • Once the case shifted to ‘Jodi killed Travis in self defense’ – there was no point in discrediting the ‘handprint in blood’, no point in telling the jurors that the police never bothered to find out who made the footprint. None of that mattered once Jodi ‘confessed’. And I guess it’s useless now, unless some crack investigator can gather proof that someone else killed Travis.

    • Coldcase, you are so right.

      The defense team never did anything to help eliminate this palm print as sufficient evidence.

      Besides saliva or semen it could have been sweat and/or natural oil our body produces. So, it could have been made any time with Jodi standing and just touching the wall.

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