Jodi Arias Trial – Day 27 (afternoon session)

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  1. OBJECTION speculation! She can’t speculate almost seventeen gallons of gas won’t fit into 3 5gallon cans!

  2. Wouldn’t the easiest question be…..Ms Arias – if you were trying to hide the fact that you were in AZ then would it not make sense that you would have thrown away the receipts? OBJECTION!!!

      • I agree, but I think she has a hard time doing so, maybe she feels her answers are incomplete answering yes or no.

        • Never thought I would say this, but some of JM’s objections this afternoon where he says “already answered with a yes” it actually helped JA because she couldn’t get off track too far on questions that didn’t need to have further input.

      • It would, but I honestly think that it’s part of her ingrained personality. She’s hyper-literal and feels the need to explain everything. Hard to break a habit that she’s likely had her whole life.

  3. Love Nurmi’s reaction to all the objections. He’s like, WTF! Can I ask at least one question this afternoon without an objection.

    • I read on Twitter that at least one or two members of the jury looked very frustrated about today’s sidebars. And one juror made several gesticulations and facial expressions about them. Woo hoo! Keep it up. I want the jury to dislike Kermit.

  4. It seems like JM objects just to hear himself talk. Nurmi simply rephrases and the same info still comes out. I rarely even hear the judges answer so if I were on the jury I would probably not be disregarding the things she sustains. Anyone else?

    • I think Nurmi’s tactics were brilliant on March 5. I believe he purposely phrased questions in a way that forced the judge to object. The question would be loaded with words he wanted to drive home to the jury, and they got to hear them.

      The judge would object, so Nurmi would fire the question again, phrased slightly differently, but still objectionable. Now he has pounded his point home to the jury a second time!

      The judge objects. Voila! Nurmi gets to pound his point home to the jury a third time.

      As a “vicarious juror,” I can tell you it had a powerful affect on me, causing empathy for Jodi, and also highlighting in my mind the lack of validity in the way the “evidence” is being used against Jodi.

      Still another bonus from his tactics: The way JM kept jumping at the bait over, and over, and over. Talk about looking ridiculous.

  5. Rather than describing Travis’ crouching action during the fight in the bathroom as being like a ‘linebacker’, she should have described it as he was in a position to “shoot for a take down”. Seeing as TA and friends were all UFC fans its a term they’d be able to understand without injuring too many brain cells.

      • Yes I’m assuming she meant that as he was charging toward her he brought his head/torso downward toward the floor to tackle her around the waist. I’ve seen so many morons on “other” sites totally misconstrue what she meant, making comments like why would he stop charging, get in to a crouched linebacker position, and then lunge at her. We all know what she meant, I really don’t get how TA’s friends and the *wink* professionals don’t get it. “Shooting in for a take down” would have been easier for the neanderthals to understand.

    • Ya I can see that. It seems she was not into all that stuff but he had a group of Mormon friends that were……… hence that comment from Ashely the “naked choke hold from behind ” which I still think can be taken several ways but assumed to be about wrestling how smart they are.

    • I know it’s annoying, but it’s his job to object in case there’s an appeal. If he doesn’t object, he would not be able to claim judicial error or prejudical evidence. Any argument on the issue he may attempt to raise later would be moot, as he waived his opportunity to object during the trial.

      • Martinez’s objections are moot in as far as any judicial appeal is concerned. You can only appeal a verdict that you don’t like. In the case of the prosecution that means the jury didn’t rule in your favor for conviction on the charges you brought forth. In that case, they ruled for either the lesser included charge or to acquit. A jury verdict for the lesser included charge is an automatic acquittal on the major charge. And a prosecutor, at least in these United States of America, cannot appeal an acquittal. The fifth amendment protects against double jeopardy. So Martinez is objecting to hide stuff or hear his own voice. It has no legal impact on appeal.

  6. Soooo. He was the one driving (makes sense), while road raging, and yelling at her, slugging her.

    Prosecution claiming FOG valid objection

    • Now I don’t know this for sure, but doesn’t she have to testify about her own behavior and state of mind for the expert to weigh in about it? Or is the expert like any other witness and not allowed to watch the trial?

      • I would assume that he too couldn’t watch the trial as well…..but am not certain as AZ seems to go by their own set of rules as far as I can tell?

        • I do not believe the expert would be called to testify about Jodi’s demeanor on the stand. That would be strange. My suspicion is the expert will most likely weigh in on complex PTSD after abuse, various characteristics of an abuse victim, escalation of the violence and changes in trauma levels for the abuse victim, and probably also on trauma-bonding.

          Does anyone know who the expert is?

  7. It is so incredibly obvious that Nurmi is not trying to censor what Jodi is saying (and she has the ability to put her foot in her mouth or say the wrong thing) but Martinez is terrified she may say something that disproves his outlandish claims.

  8. Nurmi should suddenly come out of his calm demeanor and yell out a question…..JA would completely freak out. Although he should save this until right before 4:30…I know he can’t but it would prove the point that she is being truthful.

  9. I love this testimony today 🙂 This is exactly what happens to us ptsd people and it is so hard for others to relate if they have not experienced this part of trauma from abuse. Oh I so relate to these feelings…my heart is on fire right now and taking a conscience effort to stay in the moment…ptsd is the most intense condition and the shaking hands and pounding heart can be triggered by the slightest something. I am stoked Nurmi is able to get such raw testimony from Jodi. I am so proud of her courage today!!!!

    • yes!!! I think he tries to tie these together is to debunk M’s theory that ”how could she feel terror when TA grabbed her in the bedroom on June 4th if what came into her mind was the time he had done so but then apologized?”
      Another good point showing that JM picks and chooses to fit his theories.

  10. Nurmi does need to go down this road of each physical situation that occurred. I don’t know if it helps or hurts that JA minimizes being hit versus pushed, or what she doesn’t consider punching because it didn’t hurt. Any thoughts?

    • Once the experts take the stand I’m sure they will explain why Jodi minimized the being hit versus being pushed.

      • I’m sure. I get why she does it, I just wonder if it will help or hurt her. I always justified or minimize or lied about my abuse too. For example, I broke my hand by it “accidentally” being slammed in a car door. My ex came after me one time that I actually hit him in the head out of fear and it knocked him out. I thought I had killed him. As cold as this sounds, my first thought was that I was going to be one of those women who went to prison because I never reported all the abuse.

          • My ex husband actually reported me abusing him, I was charged and sat in jail until I could find someone to believe me and bail me out….my family didnt even believe me…I was on my own to stand in court and try to protect myself and prove my case. I did not have the money for an attorney and willing to prove my case….my charges were reduced from assault and battery to breaking and entering…the problem is that I didnt break in and any violence that I was involved in was self defense and I didnt get the chance to prove it as it was minimized at I just needed a ‘life choices and challenges program’ that I had to complete…I live w this injustice every day and it sucks and doesnt help my ptsd at all when I still have to communicate with him as my kid’s father. By Jodi standing up to justice for herself, she is also taking a stand for all other victims that never saw justice from their abuser.

            • I am soooooo sorry, Tracey. That just makes me want to hit the screen in disgust. Abusers will abuse us ANY way they can.

              And yes, I have thought the same about Jodi. Actually, seeing her go through this has made me appreciate that the prosecutor dropped the charges against my ex for trying to kill me. I was mad as hell about it at the time. He refused to take a plea bargain, and she (the prosecutor) didn’t think it would fly before a jury. I’d never have been able to do what Jodi is doing. I’m not as strong as her. But she is speaking for us all.

            • I am very sorry that this happened to you. I hope that things are better, and that you can move on from this. I know you have to see your children’s father, but I hope this situation made you stronger. As a veteran, I also have PTSD and been through some tough moments, but I have been able to look at those times as a source of strength. I hope you do the same for this situation. You survived through it and you’re still alive!

              • Yes JK, I have come a long way in my recovery and pretty happy with my life today.
                I found a great trauma specialist, a ton of support and a priceless mentor. It has been several years since my life was a fearful place and these days I use my experiences as an educational tool to help bring awareness to domestic violence / intimate partner violence, specializing in educating safety and prevention.

                I was introduced to my mentor and began working closely with her. She held my hand, mentoring and giving me strength every step of the way through my escape and into my recovery. She was a powerhouse of wisdom, strength and courage, bringing hope and justice to thousands of victims.

                This woman is known by and helps so many thousands of women and yet with so little time, she took me under her wing and taught me everything she knows. This is my mentor/ friend Susan who sadly past away from cancer last October 28. Here are a couple of her websites to learn more about her. She literally saved my life and continues to save more and more lives each day although she is no longer physically here. Her valuable books, radio shows, journals etc are still available for people to learn from. If you guys have a chance, take a look at this incredible soul and who knows maybe someone here could benefit from one of her books or share with someone who could use her books or famous EAA.

                For my life these days, I love helping people, I run a few facebook support and educational pages, helping women and children, educating my kids and other students about having healthy relationships and knowing red flags of unhealthy relationships.
                Everyone here is welcome to come on over and ‘like’ my pages. I will be posting more frequently again after the trial is over.
                One of the pages “call it what you will”, is actually my 16 year old son’s advocacy facebook page. I hope you get a chance to check these pages out and if you have any thoughts or questions of how I can help anyone, please dont hesitate to ask me
                <3 TM

                • Amazing story of triumph! Thank you for sharing your experience and helping educate and save others. Cudos to your young son!

                • That is awesome! You truly have done so much by turning that bad experience as not only strength for yourself, but strength to help others. Not a lot of people are able or willing to do what you do. If people had the strength and ability to doing what you are doing now, our world would be a much different place.

      • Yes the experts will help! And she has to explain this; why she cant remember things when under stress. But I have a memory like hers and am a survivor of abuse so if I get into a fight verbally with anymore I only remember certain things. Almost as anyone really

        • I get that. Now though, If something frightening happens where I experience fear, unlike when I was a child and when I was in an abusive relationship, I don’t crumble in fear, I freak out and can’t always recall what I said. When I was a little younger, if I perceived physical fear, I would counter with the same and not remember what I did. This was all after much abuse. Thankfully, I’m older and more in control and able to remove myself from situations.

        • MH wrote: “But I have a memory like hers and am a survivor of abuse so if I get into a fight verbally with anymore I only remember certain things. Almost as anyone really.”

          Yes, just like anyone. And when you’re having a verbal fight with someone who is denying what they are saying while they are saying it (did you get that?), it’s pretty hard to remember what the fight was about! That’s why it’s called a FOG:


          • Pique,

            I’m the same way with remembering fights now even if they occur in the present. I thought my memory was going bad. Thanks.

          • spot on Pique!Ive dealt with that kind of sh*t for 12 years.You reach a point where not only you dont remember what the fight was about but also you start doubting if you’re right,second guessing piles up in your brain and all you’re left with is ”am I going crazy?didnt he say that?am i remebering it all wrong?”
            These are typical mind games abusers use.And when you deal with a”skillfull” verbal abuser more often than not you blame urself bout pretty much everything.

            • I still doubt myself a lot and I tend to be very hyperliteral like Jodi recently. In fact, I had a situation at work today where someone called me a liar and I wanted to literally go through each and every minute detail of what occurred to prove that I had not lied. She walked away in anger and I noticed I was shaking and panicking. And then, came the questioning of myself, walking back through the details.

            • JC and Maria–yeah, the second-guessing piles up and you tend to give up under its weight.

              Enough of that kind of shit, and even during a “normal” fight or disagreement (with a fair-minded person, say), the same hyper-vigilant, self-preserving mechanisms can kick in even if they’re not needed anymore.

              • Yes thats what I mean. My husband and i are healthy and do have arguments like other couples. yet when I try and recall why, I can’t at times. I literally thought it was hormones in middle age or something so thank you.

                • I’m happy for you, JC, that your relationship is healthy. Now, hormones are a different story!

                • Two years out and “no contact” with my ex, a year and a half of therapy, and a very healthy positive relationship later, and I still haven’t figured out how to stop ALL of the PTSD and panic attacks … but it’s better than it was, so … progress not perfection?

    • I’m not sure if it helps or hurts either, Jodie. While the minimization isn’t a problem in itself–most people understand that battered women do this–but most people also understand that a beating can happen without fists, and that pushing someone is violent. Jodi included. My concern is that she may come off as disingenuous.

      • I have always said that words cut deeper than beatings. I grew up being spanked, well in todays terms those “spankings” are abuse. I am talking welts and bruises running down the back of my legs. BUT it is not those beatings that messed me up. It was words. I lived with a man in my younger days for 5 years even after he broke my wrist in 3 places I went back to him and agreed to marry him. Well one night we got into an argument and he tore the wires out of my car so I couldn’t leave, was following me around the house screaming calling me names on and on. At around 4:00 am I called my dad to come and get me. When my parents found out what was going on they said,”Some women live with that and still love and stay with their husbands!” I yelled well if I ever say I am going back tie me up and throw me in a closet. That was it,,,,,,,,but it was again words, I felt they thought him hitting me was ok. So what I am saying is abuse comes in more forms. I have lived a lot, dealt with many types of people learned hard lessons I have known men like TA. I am sure the experts will go over this kind of thing.

  11. Froggy boy is not in high spirits today.


    Uh… not in entirety!

    Let the woman finish her sentences!

  12. oh,did you see?he brought up the SAD look on her face in that photos!Do you guys think Nurmi comes here and lurks???? LOL!!He seems to read our minds and address many of the same questions/doubts as we do

    • Not so bad a defense lawyer now is he?

      He’s getting there just hang on.

      Does JM get to go again, or is this it for Jodi?

      • I blv that in AZ IF prosecution wants to re-direct he can IF permitted by the judge. In this case, I know Martinez will want to take another go at Jodi, n the judge, I have a feeling she will allow him.

    • Everyone (from both sides) comes here and checks out the site & comments regularly, including the media.

      Team Jodi

    • It was a pretty well-known fact that Jose Bozo scoured the support sites and internet during Casey’s trial to get fresh ideas and perspective. Thus, it really wouldn’t surprise me if Nurms was doing the same. After all, it truly benefits his client-Jodi.

    • Exactly… This is more likely than one would think. What is on the minds of those who assume innocence before guilt. What are the questions still needing answered? What answers need clarified. What are they thinking? Todays testimoney was a score in several areas. It will help lay the ground for expert’s follow up.

    • Why not? We’re like the jury pool (but with some extra info). He’d be a fool not to have someone patrolling the sites, especially those favorable to Jodi, seeing where we may have doubts. After all, he ONLY needs ONE juror, just one. And he needs to cater to that ONE juror. Many trials have been won by ONE juror’s reasonable doubt, which then spread to another juror … and eventually another juror. Before you know it, the jury was compromising (or hung, which I hope not for here), and you had a verdict they wouldn’t have come up with at first. Remember, most juries go in and vote right away just to see where they’re at. If everyone says “guilty” except ONE person, then everyone wants to convince that person. But in the process of hearing that person out, a different verdict is often reached.

      I guarantee you that the juror questions tomorrow will closely resemble questions asked here. Remember, we get a lot of people here who don’t know much, but were touched by one thing Jodi said. And the irony is that some of them caught it in a negative light, but it touched them. We are the average juror. Some of us know a little more. Some a little less. But we are a lot like the jury.

      I wish we had internet forums like this back when I worked for trial law firms. Then again, someone would have been up for days on end summarizing LOL

  13. Does JM not realize that when he objects to her answering a question in full two things happen. Firstly Nurmi just asks another question and gets the answer he wants anyway. Secondly the jury gets the feeling he (JM) is trying to hide something.

    He should just let this be.

  14. Wow, just getting caught up on the blogs, and from what I can see, Nurmi is systematically destroying all of JM’s little “gotchas”! I can’t wait to watch this!

  15. who is the other lady that sits with the defense team? does anyone know what role she plays? i dont think she is a laywer.. but?

    • She could be a trial consultant … or their paralegal … or a more junior associate (lawyer) of one of their firms. They may also have a shadow juror but that person would be unlikely to sit with them or even know who hired her.

    • got it.. yea, ive seen her smiling and talking with jennifer so i assumed she was part of the defense team but not sure exactly what she did.. thanks!

  16. Nurmi is a great lawyer. I wished there were more details about what Jodi and Travis were doing for living, how responsabile she was with her live and chores until she joined PPL and met TA and in short time she seems to be changed in a different person.

  17. I like Nurmi but he needs be careful in certain areas and stop already. With her saying it is her responsibility it almost gives the jury permission to oblige IMO

    • I don’t necessarily agree. She already admitted she killed him. That’s not something the jury HAS to decide. I think this shows she’s remorseful and the jury really really really needs to see that. Juries are far less likely to put a defendant to death who shows remorse, and in general, juries will come back with reduced charges for a remorseful defendant. I only worked for a law firm that practiced any criminal law for a couple of years and it was a long long time ago, but I remember the lawyers discussing the juries remarks and always saying they wanted to see someone was sorry for what they’d done. If they were sorry, it went a long way.

      (Besides the point above, but isn’t that just how abusers get us? They apologize! They don’t mean it. They do the same thing again. But they learned to apologize to us, and we expect it’s sincere.)

  18. Shawn Nelson is a Mormon and invented the LoveSac. He is young guy. So this mnay explain why they all have the LoveSac. He is founder and CEO of LoveSac in Salt Lake City, Utah. On the show, he had to travel around the world with other contestants and re-enact crazy stunts that Richard Branson, the Rebel Billionare, has performed in his life-time. As the winner, Nelson received $1 million and a three-month position as the President of Virgin Worldwide. After three months he will either return to LoveSac and build it into a global brand or serve as president of one of Virgin’s many ventures.

    • Thanks for that education, Patty. I was wondering why both Travis and Ryan had them. I’d never even heard of them.

      • I’ve never heard of them either. I thought that it was a regional term for “loveseat” when I first heard Jodi mention it…LOL.

    • Thanks, Patty. Very interesting. I live in thick Mormon country and they do tend to support each others’ businesses. They also tend to copy each other — alot!

  19. hola my fellow brilliant minds..

    i have missed all day 🙁 but just turned it on and im so glad wr getting to the pic shaving and the facebook pic

  20. MB, ur posts that ive read thus far are cracking me up…..

    looks like u got educated on Porn Terminology……lol

  21. This whole discussion about the shaving photos, and Martinez’s complete unwillingness to recognize the totally obvious fact that she was talking about two different photo sessions, one is led to the conclusion that Martinez is either lying, ignorant about the facts, or both. The fact that he has the audacity to object to this line of questioning at all, even if there is a legal basis for it, just adds insult to injury.

    There were, of course, other instances where he did this, but this is one of the most obvious that he is either a liar or doesn’t have a full grasp of the evidence. I hope that the defense brings this up in closing arguments.

    • totally agree..
      it was pissing me off even when Martinez was questioning her bout the picture bc it was so obvious.

      and that might, itself, piss off one juror bc he is suggesting they are stupid

      • I think he was confused. I laughed when he replayed the tape 5 times because it kept reinforcing how he was totally off base.

    • So many typos. Sorry.

      And maybe I shouldn’t say “liar”, but should say that his is attempting to intentionally mislead the jury. Or he is ignorant – possibly willfully so. Either way, I don’t think that’s an excusable trait in a prosecutor, especially when he is asking for someone to be put to death.

      • again, i agree and i think it could really hurt him.

        my mom is an attny and she brought up the point you are making Michael and she said jurors do not like that and it can REALLY hurt you

        GOOD CALL

        • Someone during the morning session said that Martinez is just doing his job. Things like this – and it’s not an isolated incident – are why I don’t necessarily think he deserves the benefit of the doubt. If you can’t win your case on the facts, then you shouldn’t have brought the charges.

          Of course, I suppose attorneys do this all the time. Which is one reason why so many people loathe them. (Apologies to your mom, summer.)

          • They do. It’s their job to “twist” up the truth in a way that suits them, and omit the “thruth” when it’s not necessary. (Not a lawyer, but I went to law school!)

  22. I’m wondering if anyone would like to join me over on in an attempt to instill a little sanity into that hate mob (I feel pretty lonely over there). When I read those posts I get an image of Jodi being burned at the stake and all these folks arriving with their picnic baskets for an enjoyable afternoon.

    • No thanks that is a PAGE actually you have to be FRIEND of who ever runs it an it not VINNIE but some poser I am sure. Now on a NEWS page a real page I would but not that page there.

    • Oh, how I wish I could. But I am too scared to make public posts on FB with my real name :/ there are too many scary haters out there! I learned that during the Casey Anthony trial, I received death threats from strangers.

      • Whoa HRS!!! I never watched that trial…that is scary. That’s why I do not use my real name here.

        That’s why I haven’t done facebook regarding this trial.

        • Same.

          I will say, because I feel I am amongst friends here, that I am 54 year old female named Karina who is currently in college to be a paralegal. But I will always be very careful on FB. As we all should be!! :o)

          • HRS…It is not safe anywhere on the internet to give out your real name, profession or anything personal about yourself..If you feel inclined to give out some personal information about yourself…just try not to give too much information…

      • I understand entirely, HRS. For expressing any support of Jodi’s presumed innocence over there I’ve had my intelligence, morality and general existence insulted (with such adjectives as “stupid”, “despicable” and “shameful”). You’re right…probably best to stay among friends (or at least sane people.)

      • That is freaking crazy. The lynch mob that formed over Casey’s trial was disgusting and this one isn’t far behind.

        • Yes guys, remember that someone posted early that haters are looking at this website and that they talk bad about us, saying that we are freaks and don’t care about the Victim’s family. So, let them talk sht* any way is not up to them to convict her, but just be careful not to put your names out there. Some guy also commented days ago about posting his opinion on facebook only to get a call from the DA.

          • Yea its best not to post personal information or give the haters any attention by talking about them too much 🙂 Let’s rise above them.

    • I have to LAUGH tho I did read through some comments on there an one MORMON FAT OLD MAN states that ANAL SEX is ok in that church hahaha I about fell out of my chair on that one.

    • Really have a person you consider a STALKER cleaning an going in your bedroom right makes a lot of sense huh ? NOT !

        • Yes she did ! an if you were thinking she was a WEIRDO STALKER PERSON would you not be afraid to eat any food thinking it may have poison in it or even some other nasty thing that weirdos do to food !!! makes no sense to me.

          • I’m pretty familiar with Mormon culture, thought not Mormon myself. The girls (even the REALLY smart ones) aspire to go to BYU for a couple of years after high school to study home economics and then marry a returned missionary at age 20-22. Demonstrating her homekeeping and cooking skills makes sense if Jodi wanted to marry Travis.

  23. Uuugghh Ustream haters talking shit about us and this website! !! We’re a whole bunch of crazy weirdos, we talk shit about TA family n we’re racist to Martinez! !! Lol oh and that we even blv CA!!! God, they make me so sick with the comments they have!! They have no idea! !!

    • Ya Ya an what are they??? Mostly Religious Mongers claiming they are faithful people wanting to see a woman BURN AT THE STAKE or WATCH HER DIE a SLOW DEATH? They want me to believe it was done in a RAGE because of a trip to Cancun mainly is what they rant about. They do not want to say anything about Travis being a USER an a ABUSER an no women will step up because they are too ashamed ! I can’t not believe a MORMON MAN knows what a CREAM PIE is that is a VIRGIN taunted by a wild whore. This is ridiculous.

      • I know, it’s sad to see our culture devolve into this.

        The fact they still think the Cancun trip has anything to do with Travis’ death shows the amount of self imposed ignorance they have about this case.

        • That is right MB. I tried for a few weeks to tell what I thought an I was out numbered so badly I actually was feeling stressed out till I finally googled an found this site here. I rarely go an argue due to there is no one listening just ranting on about how I am stupid or did I even graduate or I am a man hater bla bla bla. But they want opinions but when you give one you are jumped on so fast it is crazy !

    • Oh, and it’s so much better for them to talk shit about Jodi’s family, fantasize about how they’d like to be there when she gets executed, make derogatory remarks about her genitalia, make racist/classist remarks about her and her grandparents….I could go on.

      • Right, and they have the gall to accuse anyone else of being bigots? LOL! Wow, they really need to check their own shit.

        Not to mention these are the same people who parrot HLN’s statements that Travis Alexander is an “all American man” because he is white, anglo speaking with light eyes and light hair; but somehow Jodi is not a “red blooded American” because she is a spanish speaking Latina. Yeah whose racist now??

    • Well I get the feeling he had some tendencies of I swing both ways a butt is a butt is a butt you can get a bf an do that. Which he seemed to think it was A OK

      • Rhonda, you would be surprised just how many abuse victims I’ve talked to that have reported their abusive men swung both ways. Basically, they’ll “do” anything, it seems! Either they enjoyed gay porn (caught mine doing this), “did” the guys during threesomes, actually engaged in sex with men (mine did and finally admitted it as he tried to kill me) and/or wanted orgies and swing sessions so they could watch men and/or have sex with them. As it turns out, they are almost all “tops” when engaging in sex with men. In addition, they all either obsess about anal sex and/or prefer/can only climax when behind during vaginal sex with women.

  24. She said the gun was I a holster, Martinez caught this n made it known… im a little worried, she didnt say the gun was in a holster before. Do u guys think the jury might think anything of this??

    • When I heard it was in a hoster, my mind started racing, its unlikely that she would have carried it during the event, I think it could help her case if there was any of travis dna or who knows what on it, or a link to travis in some way, this would prove that the gun was there.

      • There was no holster found though. She must’ve taken it with her along with the gun n rope. But the thing is.. that there was never any discussion of a holster (thats why I thk Martinez spoke up). Why wouldn’t vshe bring it up before n why did Nurmi ask her??? I mean, she can always say, she ws never asked and that’s why she didnt bring it up. She can also say that little things like that shes remembering more n more as time goes by. Buy it would’ve been a good ideanif Nurmi cleared it up. Now Martinez is going to make that look VERY SUSPICIOUS! !!

        • I missed this part, but am wondering if she said at ONE time the gun was in the holster and that on June 4th she can’t recall if it were or not. Was she talking about the prior time she saw the gun when cleaning?

          I personally dont think this is as major as Martinez may make it seem – just like everything else he’s tried to twist that is now slowly deflating before our eyes.

  25. Ten to one says “fuckin’ kill you bitch” is going to be a catch phrase in a few movies that will reference this case…

    • Yeah annieEP, that is the first time I have ever seen the eye roll.

      Is that the police officer? What a joke she must be.

    • Her eye rolling and smirking is so obvious and frequent that I am wondering why she hasn’t been asked to leave the courtroom. They might as well give her a bullhorn so she can shout for everyone to hear the evil she speaks with her expressions. To behave in such a manner is rude and disrespectful in a court of law. It is SO obvious that it can’t be going unnoticed by the jury. She should be found “in contempt” for her blatant attempts to sway the jury.

        • they even said this on the Travis pro site, that they are worried about a mistrial due to Travis’ family courtroom behavior.

          • Such immature behavior. I understand the loss of a loved one, but even the Anthony’s behaved better than that.

            • It has been 5 years…..They are NOT that upset, mostly just a ploy for extra sympathy from NG,JVM,VP & gang as well as TV viewers & yes the jury.

              They have already seen & heard everything many times.

        • Please try to remember guys, this is very difficult for Travis’s family, I’m sure. Whether it was in self defense or not, she still took their brother from them, and that’s all they can think about right now.

          We’ve really got two devastated families here, not one.

  26. I don’t think Lurch’s daughter and eye roller are doing any one a favor with their behavior, trying to influence the jury. I realize they lost a brother, but if I was a juror that behavior would really turn me off to their feelings

      • This is it for her. Her last chance to appeal to the jury. If Kermit does come up with a reason for re-cross and the judge allows it, she might be on the stand another day. And, of course, there will be the jury questions. But she knows her time to tell her story is coming to an end, and that can’t be easy for her.

  27. I read somewhere that the defense witness list contains two of Travis’ former girlfriends and two of Travis’ friends. Does anyone know anything about that? If true, it will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

    My greatest wish is that all those Jodi haters (who are so annoyingly sure of themselves) will have to eat crow. But, on the other hand, I know they will never admit they are wrong; if Jodi is found not guilty they will simply claim it was because of poor prosecution, tricky defense, lying Jodi or a jury filled with idiots (just as they did in the Casey Anthony case.) People like that will defend their position no matter what facts they are faced with.

  28. On the HLN blog, I just saw this — not sure it’s indicative of anything though:

    “From our producer in the courtroom:

    Juror #1 Female sits closest to Jodi…during Arias’ teary explanation for why she felt she had no choice but to kill Travis….

    “It should have been me, maybe I did have a choice, and let him do what he was going to do and not fight back…it’s not ok to kill someone under any circumstances,” said Arias.

    Juror #1 let out a big yawn–did not cover her mouth.”

    • Jodi’s words made me cry there, reading them over. I remember so many times saying I should have just let my ex kill me as he continued to torment me anyway. Abuse causes so so so much pain!

      • I have said, I would rather be hit than yelled at!! My son and I got away from his Dad when he was 2, but he had visitation till my son was 7, then he had a DUI wreck with my son in the car and he no longer got him alone. But to this day, my child is 19. Neither of us can stand loud noises. My son would flinch if voices were raised. We have never had any music in our house, we cant take any umexpected loud noises and do not watch TV. We only rent videos or online because the commercials make my son shake.

    • Its just the end of the day and they are probably bored and tired of hearing the same stuff. We all knoe Martinez asked everyone one of these questions 50 times each.

    • That’s a very loooong yawn if it lasted for a long sentence. Someone just stretching their jaw.
      HLN observers grab-anything bag of nothingness that might look bad for Jodi.
      If it lasted throughout that sentence, it was deliberate.

  29. I’m feeling really bad for Nurmi right now. He’s doing good work, trying to tie it all together, but Jodi is not making it easy.

    • I couldn’t agree more Pique. He just rested, but she didn’t get the advantage she could have it she would have just answered yes and no at the end. IMO

      • Yeah, all the sex, secrets, lies and violence just ended with a whimper. With him practically pleading with her to answer “yes, that’s the way it was.”

  30. This is as difficult to watch as when JM was doing some of his cross. Jodi needs to end this and just answer the question.

  31. Physique !!! MIKE TYSON and Travis Alexander are almost identical in physique. When Iron Mike became World Champion… 5’10” 216 lbs 16 inch biceps. Travis Alexander actually had slightly larger biceps. Youtube Eddie Snells ….He’s a big man. But not man enough to challenge or bully or beat or choke some one his own size or same gender…Mike Tyson would I’m sure would have gladly squabbled with TA.

    • Thank you for the link.
      Oh that wig, the rubbing of thighs and those giggles for the BIG BOSS “motivating” the troops!
      A new look at Corporate America, Mormon style?
      He certainly was a big guy.

    • Oh my Mike Tyson has no FLAB. I am sorry but Travis was tubby tubby even in those Ed Snell his thighs jiggle when he does a kick. I don’t think of Travis as a manly man either kind of a Fem in some areas. No offense I just see him that way he even states under one of the photos that Jodi has on her my space wow I am fat there but you look good. Something like that.

      He was working on a 6 pack she stated once an she was seeing it ? when I looked at the naked photo on the bed of him I don’t see a 6 pack at all but maybe it depends on the way he is laying?

      No men like that do not fight other men usually either they may lose an further hurt their ego!

    • Saying he wants to review with the family. Do you think he’s going to approach them for something on a lesser charge based on the jurors questions?

      • I don’t understand what Juror questions for Ms Arias have to do with the Alexander family at all. It should be a closed session with the lawyers and questions that are not admissable thrown out. That is the way all the other questions for witnesses have been handled. The lawyers went to a sidebar and decided which questions could be asked and which couldn’t…which could be very telling to a jury in and of itself.

        • I think JM wants the opportunity to get the family on board, even though it’s the PROs choice, with a lesser charged plea deal. We will see.

        • Yes, that really sounds like he’s now going to consider tendering a more reasonable plea offer. I think he knows premeditation is out the freaking window. I’m sorry to say this, and I know it’s always always always a huge gamble with a jury, but I actually hope she doesn’t accept a plea. She probably will, if tendered though.

      • He said something like “he needs more time then the defense to have time to review with the family. First wanting it done in open court. Judge told him her plan was to meet in chambers with one side then the other. Nurmi said he would come in at 9 – 10 so JM can meet at from 10 – 11 and then have time to review them with the family before objections are done on the record.

        This is why I’m wondering if JM might be considering making a deal based on the jurors questions. They could be quite telling on their thinking

    • Should be 11:00 AZ time on the record for any objections to questions. Def. meets with the Judge from 9 – 10 and PROs 10 – 11. Jury is scheduled for 1 if they can get all their objections dealth with from 11 to 1

    • Thats great!!!! Hope they KEEP most of those questions!!!

      Does this mean Martinez will or will not have a chance at redirect? ??

      • I really don’t understand how all this works in AZ. I can’t seem to grasp it either, and I’m usually not stupid about these kinds of things. I’ve never lived anywhere before that jurors were allowed to ask questions during a trial. I would have imagined any re-cross would have come BEFORE juror questions. But perhaps it makes more sense for that to come AFTER their questions because if new evidence comes up, he may want to cross her on that. I do believe there will be some opportunity for Nurmi to pose clarifying questions around the jurors’ questions, if necessary though.

        • Martinez doesn’t get recross of Jodi. What happens is that the jurors ask their questions, Nurmi/Willmott proceed to their next witnesses, the defense rests, and then Martinez gets a rebuttal where he can call new witnesses to refute defense witnesses. Then come closing arguments.

          • Kira, where are you getting this from? Is this something that is Maricopa County and/or this court specific? The AZ judicial branch rules and rules of evidence state that either side *can* recross examine a witness, if requested, at the judge’s discretion. That’s why I’m wondering.

            • It’s true that Martinez can recross at the judge’s discretion, but he didn’t ask to. They’re going ahead with the juror questions.

        • Yes, I think they both have the opportunity to address items that the jury brings up. Just like the other witnesses.

      • I think that if Martinez would have been allowed to recross, the judge would have granted it already. It’s not common in AZ to allow recross, so Martinez probably didn’t ask.

    • That’s interesting. It shows they DID remain focused on her testimony. I wonder how many of them will be deemed relevant. This is soooo new to me, jury questions during testimony.

  32. I just heard that Nurmi has 100 questions for Jodi tomorrow. I believe judge was trying to make a point to JM that he needs to review the questions before he interrupts every minute. I hope that an hour to review is enough for Martinez not to interrupt so much tomorrow.

    • That’s why they need to be there early, to review those questions. Nurmi with Jodi and JM with his stupid objections.

    • the lawyers always get a chance to look over the questions. Previous to today, the jury would only have a handful of questions so it was rather quick to do. But with 100 questions, it will take some time.

  33. And by the way….. i thought Drizella and Anastasia stopped with the eyeball rolling? ?!! Today, they really got on my nerves, especially the one with black hair! !! She really cant handle herself! ! Its everytime Jodi said something important too, its like they WANT the jury to dismiss what Jodis saying! !

    • Yeah, truthfully I hadn’t paid much attention to it before, but I think I saw full white eyeballs for what seemed like an eternity!!!

    • I hear you. I am trying to ignore the family. I wonder why the camera person keeps focusing in on them? I noticed today that Samantha traded places with what appears to be the younger sister, and they just realigned the camera to show Samantha anyway. What’s that all about?

  34. Why does Martinez have to confir the jury questions with “the next of kin”? He didn’t do that with any other jury questions.

    • i second that……the JUDGE needs to put a stop to the ANTICS… she needs to do it NOW

      she has no control of her courtroom

    • WHAT? ??!! YEA WHY???!!! This isn’t right, many questions that they dont like, they wont want it to be asjed!!! I really hope Nurmi does something about this! ! ridiculous! !!

  35. WOW I just heard that there are over 100 questions that’s going to be gone through from the jurors! They’re focused as hell!

  36. Tracey-while I hadn’t thought about it in several years-your account of how your ex-husband managed to twist things so YOU looked like the abuser and he the victim really brought back some very painful memories. So sorry you had to go through your experience.

    While my then husband did not go to the police to report me and I did not end up in jail, I also share an unjust outcome. My husband had verbally abused me for some time, but then it escalated when he experienced business troubles. He seemed to start taking it on me, becoming more verbally aggressive to the point I started becoming more frightened of him. Several times he raised his hand but stopped himself until the day he finally hit me and went after me and my son, who was trying to protect me, called the police. The police made him leave after talking to the both of us separately, took down information, and late photographed my injury. When it was time to go to court, I was told not to worry and that I didn’t need a lawyer as the facts were on my side. To make a long story short, when I later went to court, my husband came in with his lawyer and twisted everything! The police had been wonderful and did an excellent job on my behalf but none of us was prepared for his lies and deceptions in which I was completely shocked to hear him tell about what happened as if I was the aggressor and went after him! As a result of the fabrications and a phony “friend” from his church, he got off free. When I talked to the police later, they said they were just as surprised, felt badly, but were not prepared for what my husband had done. I tried to get a transcript of his testimony, which I learned depended on the judge allowing me access to it, but was again surprised when the judge, who I thought would be interested in knowing the real truth, refused my request and negated my opportunity to ultinmately show the lies for what they were. After the refusal, I turned again to the police, this time to the Chief of Police but he informed me that unfortunately they could not do anything (even though they, themselves, knew what the truth really was and had documentation supporting it) because of the “politics” involved……. It literally took me months and months to get over what this whole experience did to me emotionally.

    Today, I can honestly say that if anything good came out of this, it is the fact that I am in a much, much better place: I am in control of my own life, am happy, and no longer have to answer to an abusive man. And if anything good can come of Jodi’s tragic experience, it is that we need to deal with domestic violence and abusive relationships for what they really are and that we have to stop the injustice of blaming the victims, so many of whom are women and/or economically and politically disadvantaged.

    • so sorry what happened to you, and thank you for sharing.

      and i totally agree about the injustice. if everyone could just stop for a moment, breathe and think about how, no matter the outcome, Jodi has kept ONE more child, mother, sister from being hurt ftrom the likes of Travis Alexanders and we should all be thankful

    • Bless your heart Mattie. I hope this brings far more awareness. At least, it has people speaking out on blogs, articles, etc, saying “I was abused” whether they’re for Jodi or against her. Perhaps we can all stop having to hide in the closet and not talk about this “dirty” little subject that we were abused.

  37. I wish Mr. Nurmi had ended his redirect examination with a question along the lines of “Were the events that occured in that house on June 4, 2008 the last thing on earth you would have ever wanted to happen?”

    • The problem with that question is, someone always comes up with another worse catastrophe to top it, and belittles your now meek-sounding answer.

        • That’s probably what Travis’s tenants thought, was none of their business, to check out what was causing the wrenching smell in the next room for at least three days.

          • Totally bizarre to think they wouldn’t have detected what must have been an apparent stench and then were’t worried enough to check it out. So strange.

    • Nurmi was great he has the hardest case and Jodi fights him on many issues so On top of the fact that he has the media against him, A client who really did not seek proper legal advice went on various programs telling different stories & is still protecting the image of Travis I think he is stupendous and has the patience of Job this is one Attorney who really did his Job. She has to be honest about Travis & get psychological help. There is no doubt in my mind that Travis was very disturbed living a double life & abusing Jodi in a most cruel way.

  38. When Nurmi played the part of the sex tape that TA says, Sometimes when you are miserable I have raped you. Then asked is that reality, she says yes but not really rape like the law would define. OMGosh Jodi….. She should have said, this is reality!!

  39. Mattie- Thanks for your courage and share this terrible experience. I posted on this mornings sessions imploring those who support Jodi, to become involved in thier own community efforts to combat Domestic Violence and to educate our young people. Thanks for doing your part to educate others.

  40. Travis sisters looked so hurt when jodi said she didn’t want to hurt people further. It was genuine pain but I see jodi being genuine when she says she was ashamed. She didn’t want to be known as a murderer. Her relationship with Travis escalated to a place of no return so terrible.

  41. 100 questions??? But this is going back to the beginning when she got on the stand. I wonder if theyll eliminate questions asked that were eventually answered?

  42. guys,I need a favour:so we know for sure that live streaming starts at 1pm tomorrow??I didnt understand because the judge said they will be reviewing the questions from 9 o clock but I dont think this will be televised,right?
    So anyways,the reason I’m asking again is because when the trial normally starts at 10.30 am for you,for me it is already 7.30 am and I always have to rush in from work,just want to know if tomorrow I can be in a less hurry.If anyone knows,plz tell me ok?Thanx in advance**

    • hey girl

      i think the actual trial will start at 1 pm arizona time
      before that is going over the jury questions with attnys

      • thanx a million summer,dear!!! ok,so first day i wont have to run to get from work back to my place LOL!

        • u got it

          and u poor thing…….u r going to need sleep after this and the way things are going im gonna need to get u a Plane ticket 🙂

          we can HOPE

          • summer,you’re the sweetest!actually Im sleep deprived due to this trial,it’s already 3 in the morning here and im still glued on my screen reading comments lol!
            as for the air ticket,I only wish that everything turns out ok for Jodi,I feel for her as if I’ve known her for a looong time.If the triumpant time comes,then we can talk abut my ticket ok?lol!still i’m loving how thoughtful you are*

  43. I hope that some of you are right on this blog and they negotiate 2nd degree plea. This has been soooo painful and I don’t even know these people. HLNand all the stupid news aside Jodi Arias is a real person. She was afraid and went crazy from years of mental, emotional and physical abuse by Travis. A man that LIED to everyone and despite his friends going on television talking about him he was dead for four days before he was checked on…. This man led a strange dark and lonely life that very few people TRULY saw and its soooo unfortunate jodi crossed paths with him. Who knows he would’ve found happiness somewhere else and with someone else. She could’ve found a different love for herself.

    • TRUE THAT…..

      BUT, and please anyone give ur thoughts on this….

      the def tried to neg a plea deal…martinez doesnt ever do that and was arrogant in his selfish way of not only putting Jodi thru this, but even Travis’ family. I dont think he cares, and im sorry, but i hope Numri says NO, if thats the case… sometimes in life you have to go down fighting. i blve and live by…..


      • Yes I’ve thought that ESPECIALLY now that Travis and her dirty laundry is no longer a secret. I do think 100 questions from the jurors is good for jodi. I think they were left confused by the prosecution. It’s THEIR burden to prove the case not Jodi’s defense. No matter you believe self defense you clearly see this was a crime that escalated and wasn’t premeditated like me Martinez would like to prove. DENIED!

        • FLNANG,
          I wonder if some of the questions are the same? I like the jury has questions, but a hundred, she could be on the stand along time? Did they say all 100 would be asked?

        • FLNANG, im glad u blve that bout the 100 questions bc iwas thinkn that too…

          martinez was deft all over the place… and its the prosc burden….

          anyone else have opinions on the 100 questions

          GOOD for JODI

          BAD for JODI

          • summer, I could only say one thing until i hear the questions….they aren’t afraid of having her talk to answer them or they wouldn’t have written down so many.

            So, I take that as a good sign that they are not sick of her testimony like the haters are.

              • and all the talking heads are saying “ugh, get her off the stand, the jury is sick of this”

                does anyone know when they write the questions bc they already had them when Numri rested

                • “and all the talking heads are saying “ugh, get her off the stand, the jury is sick of this”

                  They want to get her off the stand because she sounds credible when she tells her story without JM twisting her words around.

            • So true BeeCee. that blows the notion they don’t want to hear anymore, they have made up their minds bullshit out of the water.

            • That is so right ! if you listen or go read on the NEWS pages the comments go on an on about oh KILL her already an BURN THE WITCH it is like the majority is so horrible. How can people react that way? I would understand if it was a serial killer or child molester an it was proven beyond a doubt they did it? But I do not see beyond a reasonable doubt that she went there to kill Travis that day. We all know she says she did it. We know she was ashamed an lied before. The problem is no one will come forward an admit Travis was not perfect but the friends of Travis are more than willing too talk about Jodi an even some co workers of Jodi’s come forward to trash talk her an all the news media does I do not get it why the mob mentality on this. I truly HOPE an PRAY that the jurors have some insight other than what most people are saying over an over again.

          • I say good for Jodi. If the State would’ve PROVEN premeditation without a reasonable doubt, there wouldn’t be a need for so many questions.

      • I know everyone wants us to have compassion for the Travis’s family but I am sorry they have stated over an over again on TV on BLOGS they want nothing less then DEATH FOR JODI an to be there to watch her die. They want it just as bad as JM I believe they knew this would come they just did not know Travis was so into some of that I do believe but are sticking by the story that it was all Jodi that day an was a stalker etc.

        • The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward. I know that the family is very stuck in the moment. They are stuck in the anger, in the sadness, stuck in their hurt. I can understand it. It has been a 5 year painful struggle and process to see justice for their brother. They have not had time to grieve. They have an outlet in Jodi(rightfully so) but in that they cannot move on. They have my sympathy. I feel very sorry for the family. I think they will move on once the verdict will be handed down. I pray for them all. I hope for justice for everyone involved.

            • They will. In their own way and in their own time. We all grieve in our own way. After the verdict, after all the hype, media and circus surrounding the trial. I do not believe a not guilty verdict will be returned, I also do not believe a death penalty will be returned. I believe she will spend the next 15-20 years behind bars. I hope the family can “live” with that. It is enough. She has been in jail for 5 years now, and will serve more time. They are not on the jury, rightly so. Their pain is terrible and for the to have tremendous sympathy from me, but they cannot bring Travis back, nothing can. Moving on, living their lives serves the memory of their brother better than any other action.

  44. So, Travis was knowledgeable enough to know what a cream pie was but had to be introduced to KY Jelly? I’ve seen it mentioned that this is a porn term, so is it safe to guess that he was schooled via porn and so porn does not make a point of showing lube? I don’t watch porn, so I’m not sure what to think. I just think the whole thing is odd.

    (I am not “hip” to the slang, so I had to google cream pie. I don’t suggest this unless you want to throw up.)

    • I’m a little hip….lmao….but the term “cream pie” is far more hip than myself….lol. I didn’t even venture to Google it MB…rofl

      • I’d heard of cream pie. I think my ex used that term, but it’s been so long … I’d never heard of tossed salad that someone else mentioned yesterday. Unfortunately, I googled them both. Yeah, definitely porn terms. Blushing! What I know about porn is that they’re always all “lubed” up (blushes again), but I wouldn’t imagine they would show the lube they use unless the company sponsored the movie. Wouldn’t that be free advertisement (i.e., product placement)?

        • Free advertisement…lol.

          I missed the “tossed salad” and since I’m definitely not that hip (stealing from MB’s post) and have never heard of that I had to Google the term. From my generation, that would be more closely related to tossing one’s cookies or vomiting….far from it.

          The things we learn on SJ’s forum…lol

    • Yes MB… It seems like TA was big time into porn!! Jodi also said he used spit, he spit on his hand to use as lube. Yuk!!! I can see why Jodi would’ve introduced KY.Dumb ass TA was too ashamed to go buy it n be seened so he settled for spit!!!

      • Yeah that’s another thing that gets me! He spits in his hand, so he knows there has to be *something* to help it along, so to speak. So why *not* seek something more convenient out, it’s almost like he didn’t want to.

        • Okay, I have heard that spit is a “natural” lubricant, but I’d imagine it’d take a lot of spit for anal to be comfortable (pure speculation, never tried it…). I personally dont know if it was the embarassment of buying KY that Travis was avoiding, or if he had total lack of concern for Jodi’s comfort. Really awful question; but does something feel tighter without lube, for the giver in this instance?

          Side note/Palette Cleanser: Wow, over 100 juror questions. Glad they’re listening. Not sure what it means, but looking forward to hearing the questions that are allowed in. We will hear the conversations starting at 9:00AM tomorrow or nothing until 1:00PM?

    • That’s right–he knew what a cream pie was (I still don’t) but not what KY is. Everybody’s grandma knows what KY is. So, yeah, he was schooled via porn.

      My own porn education is quite limited, but I don’t believe that lube has a starring role very often. Porn is about spontaneity, fantasy. Sex always comes as a surprise, and everyone is just naturally ready to go.

      • lol Frannie, apparently there is a dictionary online to school all of us in the terms used today. But I thought I’d go to the wikipedia page to get more of a PG-13 version, wow was that a mistake!

  45. Hi everyone,

    Ive been following this trial and all posts here for a long time. I believe the state has not proved beyond reasonable doubt that Jodi Ann Arias premeditated the the killing of Travis Alexander. I strongly detest the blood lust for Jodi that goes on in the media and on most online websites. I also detest the trashing of Travis Alexander that goes on by some here too. I personally think its wrong and not proven. But, if one had tto choose, I think, that I tend to belong here more than elsewhere in terms of voicing my opiniin amongst kindred spirits.

    I think Jodi and her defense team did a great job on redirect, clarifying for the jury the many pieces of misinf. JM tried to get away with. I feel quite certain the jury has been satisfied. The only thing I am concerned with are the diary entries. Were these pages previously ripped out and recently found? It was a little confusin.

    I was thinking, right before Mr Nurmi ended redirect, when he kept asking her about her desire to keep things secret, not wanting the world to hear about all the secrets, that he should have aaked “Jodi, why, did you change your mind”? I believe that was probably a question in the minds of several jurors. Its better to have her lawyer ask that question than the prosecutor who could bring it up later and draw his own conclusions.

    • Hi Amelia,

      I thought just as you did about Nurmi asking her what changed. I think though, that it could also open Martinez up to cross her on her answer. I read that even after redirect, the judge can allow the prosecutor to cross examine again, if she chooses. So I think Nurmi is making sure he doesn’t open any doors.

    • I agree Amelia..

      and I have been overwhelmed, at times, by the minds that come here to voice thr opinions thoughts beliefs………its refreshing. Your in the right place:)

    • There’s no doubt Jodi changed her mind about keeping secrets when the state decided they want to kill her.

      • Yes J Harris, you are correct. She wanted a deal to avoid bringing this up, the prosecution didn’t. I doubt they would let the jury hear that answer.

  46. NG is going on about TA buying Cinnabons and a recipe he printed out on pink paper for Jodi. This is supposed to prove he’s a normal loving guy. So I’m sitting here shouting at the TV – he’s GAY. he’s GAY. Isn’t that obvious?

    • Nancy grace looks like cruela deville from 101 Dalmatians. Her show is a disGrace to “journalism” and I feel sorry for the people who can’t see right through it and that it’s entertainment.


      • These crazy TV talkers think social media shows them public opinion. It doesn’t. Social media is mostly BS. The only people who go on Twitter to comment are those with strong vicious opinions. TV producers think these people are representative of the public and it’s a stupid moronic way to think.

        I think if you could run a poll based on getting people to view this trial live feed with no commentary, it’d be not guilty by a landslide.

        • J Harris, I hope you are correct, because it really bums me out
          When I see 22,000 people on that fb ja trial page all screaming she is lying.
          And then only 88 people willing to sign up on the yellow journalism page. Which, My phone access wouldn’t let me sign up for some reason. I need to sign when I get home. Has the moderator of this website ever done an accounting of how many Jodi Arias Supporters come here?

      • Nancy disgustingly-distorted-Face invited on AC360, spewing the gas cans as proof of premeditated torching of untorched Travis.

    • I thought I was the only one thinking that!! Those dozens of pairs of shoes set out neatly row upon row upon row made my gaydar reverberate!!!

  47. I worry about the 100 questions. What is there possibly left to ask her? It seems to me most jurors should have their minds made up by now. On the other hand, if the prosecution had proved their case, it seems they wouldn’t have any questions. Feeling very conflicted as to whether this is good for Jodi or not.

    • Lisalisalisa I think alot of her testimony was confusing especially during cross. Perhaps they are clarifying points. If the jurors were briefed correctly which I’m sure they were the burden to prove the case is on the prosecution so to me with my simple mind (not an expert) it leads me to believe there are many things not clear to them. Besides many may be tossed by defense and prosecution.

      • You know what? That, is a point im forgetting. Martinez was all over the place during cross and highly criticized for it. Of course the jury will need to ask questions after him. LOL

    • Why worry? I choose to look at the positive aspect at this time.

      The jurors are not afraid of her talking to answer their questions. Maybe it is a sign that they are not like the haters and are taking their responsibility seriously.

      If they were sick of her talking they might not have kept writing down questions..and maybe some of them have been answered already once Nurmi clarified things…since Kermit totally screwed up several items, like the shaving photo.

      • You’re probably right. They still are up to listening to her side of the story so that’s a positive aspect.

      • I’m a worrier I guess! But y’all are right, the cross was so confusing. And I guess these questions could have been submitted at any time during her testimony. I wasn’t thinking about that aspect. But… if after hearing the prosecution’s case and if they still have questions then it is not up to them to try and get answers to help the prosecution out.

        That many questions has to equal reasonable doubt.

  48. want an expert opinion on my question.

    there was a previous post of a picture diagram of travis room where everything went down. on the diagram is a shoe print. has the or does the jury see this diagram

    has the shoe print been brought up in court.

    can the jury ask who this shoe print belongs to.

  49. Sounds like the hearing over question objections will be at 11am local time.

    Once they remove duplicates and whichever questions the judge throws out the number will be substantially less.

    I believe Lisa Andrews had the most juror questions so far (13 questions).

      • OK I found some. These seem positive for Jodi.

        From the link above:

        The jury submitted multiple handwritten questions to Judge Sherry Stephens after the testimony of Detective Esteban Flores of the Mesa, Ariz., police department:

        “When interviewing Mr. Alexander’s roommates, did they ever show concern for his extended absence?”

        “Did you ever check into their alibis?”

        “Did Mr. Alexander have another boarder living in the house (and) were fingerprints of the boarder taken to see if they matched the scene?”

      • here are the questions the jurors asked lisa andrews and her responses:

        1. did someone tell u that travis was calling and texting jodi and another female?
        “no actually jodi and another female had texted and called several times while we were together.. its almost as if she knew we were together..”

        2. did u know this before u started dating travis the 2nd time?
        “yes i was aware of all the calls and texts all the time”

        3. was the email u sent to travis before or after u heard he cheated on u with jodi?
        “it was less than 24 hrs after so i was very upset”

        4. did u ever refer to jodi arias as a stalker of travis alexander?

        5. did travis ever call you names?

        6. did you ever personally feel threatend by travis?

        7. was travis ever abusive to you?

        8. did he ask you to have sex with him?

        9. did you feel pressured to do anything?

        10. did travis ever make sexual advances to you while you were dating?
        “no, just making out.”

        11. how do you define cheating?
        “what i understood it to be and what i would still understand it to be is if you are in a committed relationship and whether youre kissing or any other sexual activity is going on outside of that committed relationship i would consider cheating”

        12. if you were shocked to hear travis was a virgin, why did you break up with him after you found out he was cheating on you?
        “no i believed him to be a virgin, so i broke up with him bc i had understood that he had done whatever it was with jodi, and then he had told me that wasnt true, so i got back together with him after that”

        13. did you feel that travis’s job interfered with your relationship with regard to travel and phone calls?

        • I see self riteous indignation on some many levels with those eye rolls. She believes Jodi is beneath her to even dignify her with a thought. I think she’s in denial.

      • I have a friend with a son who has Tourettes and he jerks his eyes upwards and backwards…she reminds me of him when she rolls her eyes. And to think she is a policewoman.

    • Wow she really is working the JURY with the eye rolls makes contact to the JURY then does the eye roll you can see it in those photos.

    • Lol and thats just one of SOOOO MANY!!! I’m sick of it, its such an ugly look. Someone needs to tell her that it makes her BAGS look bigger! !

    • If I was one of the jurors…It would constantly annoy and disgusts me to keep see her doing the eye rolls…It’s like she’s doing it for the sole purpose of the jury to see her disagreement with what Jodi has to say…Eye rolling is a sarcastic nonverbal gesture…

      1. Eye rollers disagree with the person who is doing the talking…
      2. Eye rollers don’t like what the person is saying…
      3. Eye rollers can feel frustrated or overwhelmed by what is being said by the person speaking…
      4. Eye rollers don’t feel any respect for the person talking…

      • Truthseeker1111 I agree. I feel bad for their loss and that’s understandable. That being said this is also a serious issue. And they didn’t know all the aspects of their brothers relationship with Jodi. The judge should say something. She’s not doing her job in that aspect.

        • Yes to both of you. agree. My anger is at that it’s being allowed. And I do think it’s intentional.

          • I agree what bothers me the most is that she obviously thinks she has the right to roll her eyes whenever she wants to and that she can get away with it.

        • They sure didn’t know any of the aspects of the relationship, none of his siblings ever personally MET Jodi the entire time she was with Travis!

    • Dog-
      You are so right! Unbelievable! That pic of Travis’ sister says a lot! I thought people in the courtroom were instructed by the judge in essence not to talk or make expressions, etc. one way or other. I think this is the sister who’s also the cop??? Not sure, but, if so, she, of all people, should know better.

      • Yes, she’s the cop. That in itself should dictate she be a lot more professional. I understand its her brother and she’s upset but its almost childish she continues to act like that. I’ve been waiting for her to get up and throw a temper tantrum.

  50. I am so glad I found this website and forum. Twitter is so hateful and the InSession/HLN anchors are bloodthirsty. This is a place for facts and honest discussions. Thanks to SJ and all the rest of Team Jodi.

      • I am very thankful to this site too.
        When I first tuned to the inSession and HLN coverage, I became outraged by their comments.
        Then I was outraged by comments made throughout various sites.
        Googled to find sane info on the case, and found real friends of Jodi here.

        • My blood pressure soars when I read all the hateful comments on YouTube and Facebook. You cannot ask or say anything that may even remotely suggest it could be in support of Jodi, and you are then subjected to a barrage of hate and insults.


    • Jodi mentioned this, I think.
      I would never drive there without gas cans, or water, or pepper spray. I wouldn’t necessarily check if someone turned my license plate upside down.

      • And the license plate jodi should’ve said she did look at the back one but just didnt notice anything as she was walking up to her car. Sounded dumb as to why she didnt check the back when she found the front one

    • If you watch the videos very carefully, what becomes apparent is that Martinez is not targeting the gas cans, because she bought gas. He is targeting the gas cans because she paid for the gas separately, by cash, rather than by credit card. In other words, if you spend $40 dollars filling up the car, via credit card, and then spend cash, filling up the gas cans, the cash purchases would be very hard to detect. So, it appears that Martinez thinks that this was an attempt to hide the cash transactions, for the gas. He also knows that Jodi told her friends that she was going to Utah, and not to Arizona. So, it looks like Martinez is looking for signs of premeditation.

  52. Where do these people come from??? Wth Dr. Drew????? I cannot believe the rocks they must be turning over and the lengths the media must be going to. I also believe the money and other enticements they must be offering are exorbitant. I am disgusted by the hunger for their 15 minutes of fame that these so called friends of Travis are stooping to. In my wildest dreams I could not see myself ever standing up, waiving my hands in the air and saying pick me, pick me! Am I the only one who knew Travis and can keep my butt off the news? Geeze!!!

      • I feel like I say it to much here, but if I don’t someone will read my comments and think I’m like the rest of the riffraff in the opposition. I respect this forum and its participants. Funny that I am more comfortable here that any other forum. What does that say about us vs them?

    • It is appalling, isn’t it? What appeared to be a tender moment between them was interpreted as something sinister and “creepy”. That couple are the creepmonsters and so are many of the others showing up for their 3 minutes of fame. Wow. This is part of the reason, I believe, that it appears people are coming to Jodi’s defense,despite evidence and such. She has been attacked mercilessly for having really dark brown eyes, for God’s sake! Please don’t think I am comparing her treatment to your dear friend. I am not. Just not sure how to put it. I go so far as to imagine even Travis being appalled. I believe he loved her on a certain level.

      Wow, what will the video show next, that she forgot to open the door for him,or ….passed someone else the bread basket before she passed it to him…..creeeeepy!

      There is a petition on line against HLN. I am posting the link. It’s against HLN, not saying she is guilty or innocent. Not sure if there is anything else written in it that would be offensive to you, but you might want to take a look. And again above all else, I and all of us here are sorry for your loss, and applaud you for being here. Yes, stay classy and away from the spotlight, unless at some point you feel the need to pull the cover off these frauds – and I say that because I feel it disrespects Travis, the lengths they are going to. Sorry, I’ve said too much probably. Peace…

      • That is exactly what I thought. It was late, she was sleepy, he was warm, I know I am guilty of the very same act. I snuggle up to my hubby as often as I can. It was a sweet and tender moment. Till that point Travis probably had been quiet, with his arm/hand on her. When he became animated in telling his story she woke up to listen. What did everyone else see that’s am to blind or dumb to see?

        • You are not blind at all. No one I would ever want to be in the same room would see that any differently than the sweet scene it was. And again, that creepy couple! Holding hands definitely to compensate for something that ain’t there!

  53. Ok I know I boycotted Dr. Drew but was flipping through the channels an I am so highly upset with him. A couple is on there that is making horrible assumptions……… showing some video of Jodi an them an a lot of people at some convention. An I remember Jodi telling this story also that Travis was kind of enough to let him lay her head in his lap because she did not feel well or was very tired I can’t remember if it was the same night he was all over some drunk woman but I think it was. But they are really saying horrible things an the Dr is too why the hell do they continue with this bashing when I can plainly see there is nothing odd there. AN as far as the woman saying she would never trust Jodi around her husband really ? did Jodi have a background of sleeping with married MEN ? NO ! what a horrible couple they were sitting there lying like that is disgusting me.

    • Furthermore I am married an if JODI gets out an needs a place I would not be afraid to have her living in my home ! she is welcome here to hell with all these horrible people out there. I am in a small town outside of the town in the country an I doubt anybody around here would even know who she was if she came here.

      • I hate auto fill Rhonda. But if you see my message below and can read through it despite my freakin auto fill its ridiculous what they got to say. The media pays these people money to show videos and pictures they own of Jodi and Travis. Insanity!

  54. It’s crazy just because Jodi is an attractive woman!!!! It’s ridiculous and through her pictures she Owens look trashy. She’s dressed like an average young American female! She’s got a nice figure. That’s it…

    • I agree with you guess they get some fame or money to be on tv but it is so sickening. AN if they are MORMONS I think it is even worse to be lying like that. Like I said before I have a brother that is not very nice to women an I do not respect him for that an I would not stand by him if I found out he was all the sudden murdered in a relationship. But maybe it is a surprise to the family maybe he was so good at hiding his real self. Just hard for me to believe as this kind of behavior starts at a young age. An those kids on Travis’s side had a rough upbringing till he was 11 so they know each other very well. I think some lived with the dad tho I read so they may not be as close but I know the sisters went to the grandma’s too. I also feel all these people that were such great friends an family did not wonder until 5 days later where Travis was? really ? Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun REALLY? Yes I feel bad he died in that manner but is it really a Death Penalty Case is she really a threat to society a serial killer a stalker a psychopath as the media portrays. I think not !

  55. Omg dr drews cohost is an idiot… Yes people tie each other, rape women, and sodomize them all the time… Yes it’s normal. SARCASM

  56. Holly and Jacob on Dr. Drew tonight had their night of fame…he is holding onto her hand… for security?…and he is talking about Jodi giving him a bad feeling…about the way she was dressed with a jacket buttoned up and nothing on underneath was inappropriate at a meeting they were having…WOW…he really was looking…and I don’t think it really was a bad feeling that he was feeling…Holly looks to be wearing a low cut black top with a red cutesy little jacket…still sexy looking…but she’s not as sexy looking as Jodi…

    This is what I got out of watching Dr. Drew tonight…I feel that Holly loves drama…it is an age-old adage among many that knows when there’s a woman that’s more beautiful and sexier looking than all the other women in a group of like minded friends…there’s always that hidden jealousy which promotes “girl drama” to the max…It’s Holly’s demeanor on what she is saying on Dr. Drew tonight that makes me feel that she is actually jealous of Jodi…and Jacob appears to be saying what Holly wants him to say…including their hand holding…it’s like he is giving her reassurance that he will demean Jodi to the public on tv…and in a “sense” Holly will feel that she has won an “up” on Jodi…

    • I agree ! an I thought how the hell does he know she didn’t have anything on under her jacket. Oh in his dreams I guess. HA …..Wifey so insecure about herself that was obvious.

    • That was a weird story Holly told on Dr. Drew. She said Jodi and Skye Hughes were in a heated confrontation for an hour, and then Skye told Jodi to leave her home. However, Jodi doesn’t leave: she comes in the kitchen where Holly is baking and sits and stares at Holly. Suspect!!

      If Skye told Jodi to get out, why is Skye allowing Jodi to go sit in her kitchen like nothing happened? So where did Skye go? She argued with Jodi for an hour, and then just disappeared so Jodi could just wander freely through her house?

      This story of Holly’s makes no sense.

  57. All this talk about the secrets about the abuse not in the journal, the murder plan isn’t there either. must mean it didn’t happen.. can’t have it both ways Juan

    • Okay, you now get joint post of the night, LOL Good one. If it ain’t in the journal, it didn’t happen. Oh wait, she didn’t write that she killed Travis either. Hmm If it ain’t journal written, you must acquitten???? Lame, I know.

  58. OMG! I can not believe the couple that was on that Drew guys show!! Bella summed it up, Where do they find these people? The video is posted on the FB hater site If any one cares, but they are actually saying this shows Jodi’s “evil side” LOL!!!
    The video was so lame she was laying down in TA’s lap sleeping most of the video. ANYWAY, we already know she is not evil, no need to even discuss that, HOWEVER, this COUPLE was the REAL creepy story here. Wow!
    The most interesting thing is the story she brought up about an incident at the HUGHES’S house!
    She says she was over visiting with Sky. She says Jodi came over unannounced, and asked Sky why she didn’t like her. She says sky yelled a Jodi for 15 minutes and told her to leave and never come back. She says Jodi sat at the table by herself for 10 minutes before leaving. I will pull the exact wording off CNN Transcripts as soon as they are posted. WOW! Who treats someone like that? Jodi did NOTHING to these women. I guess its Jodi’s fault THEIR husbands can not be trusted when she is around.
    These “mean girls” were bullying Jodi, CLEARLY! I’m so pissed right now hearing this story, and the haters APPLAUD that type of behavior? Is that the type of SUPPORT this church was giving her? WTF??? I’m LIVID!

    • Oh, I got so flustered I forgot to make my point. OK, I think the story this girl told was off subject, but I DO think she had an agenda. I think she (as Sky’s obvious bestiee) knows Sky will be on the stand any day now. If she knows Sky may be forced to admit something that hurts the Pros, she knows the other freaks are gonna be pissed. She wants to get the word out, “Sky hates Jodi, she was tricked into saying XYZ” or what ever. She’s basically trying to help Sky, “save face”.
      I REALLY hope Sky Hughes gets what’s coming to her nasty ass!

      • yep.K. Miller you nailed it. they are working the media, just like they always have. Skye is putting word out via a friend for sure.

      • Thanks for sharing Kmiller!

        What a gang of mean bitches those people are. I hope karma bites them in the ass eventually.

        Poor jodi was trying to figure out why they didn’t want Travis to date her I guess, and she got treated like shit for trying to handle things in an adult manner.

        • I don’t hang around women that act like that. It’s such a turn off to watch others run someone into the ground behind their back, call each other and gossip while playing games to their face which is what they did to Jodi and worse.

          it reminds me of certain groups of women in the workplace too.

        • Right Bee Cee_ but another thought JUST occurred to me. This little stunt might just be about to bite Sky in the ass! Remember today when Nurmi questioned Jodi about her history with her memory issues and the fog and disorientation that comes over her when a man yells at her? Well, REMEMBER she says, “yes, but just to clarify, it’s not just men. Its anyone who yells at me.”
          Well, if Jodi took a seat at the kitchen table and stared off for 10 minutes after Sky yelled at her for 15 minutes (according to this homely disgusting sorry excuse for a woman on TV) then that DEFINATELY supports what Jodi said about how she reacts to ignorant people who yell.

        • I didn’t see anything “creepy” about that video on Dr Drew tonight. It angers me that everyone on HLN is piling on. Whatever happened to – innocent til proven guilty. I think the Mormons are creepy and the Mormon women are just – mean girls.

          • I do not know any Mormons or LDS people but I read they do not like when women or girls wear the CROSS ?? I think that is so weird if it is true. They have no crosses of Jesus around? Ok soon as Jodi gets out of there I am sending her a CROSS to wear. She don’t need to be around that group of people anymore ever again I hope she knows that. An I am not saying all of them are soulless but the ones wanting to see BLOOD are very evil to me an have DEAD EYES AN SOULS! I am not going to LIE that religion does creep me out seems like if you do not belong your a outsider I am glad I was not raised that way.

            • No Rhonda Mormons do not wear a cross. I have a sisterinlaw who is mormon and what she once told me was this :Wearing a cross around your neck would be the same as wearing a gun around your neck if you killed someone. Mormons view the cross that Jesus died on as a weapon.

            • According to ex Mormons They do Not believe Christ was the Son Of God They Adhere to Joseph Smiths Teachings which have been Modified for obvious Reasons.The booklet they put out was published on the internet and they sued trying to stop internet publication. As i stated earlier I do not accuse all Mormons of being Cult like but, Travis& his friends the group as they refer to themselves are obviously cult like appearing nightly on Dr.Drew.
              They are not a Christian sect so they do not adhere to Christianity. Personally Jodi’s is that of being controlled by a Cult Leader wants to make him happy her behavior no sense of self. The black outs are explainable medically etc. Hope the experts are good! Nurmi is great!!!

              • Good info @ Oliviero. But what’s the “obvious reason” Joseph Smith’s teachings were changed? Not so obvious to me…

      • I truly have a feeling of that Sky too … sounds like most the women of Travis’s friends truly were just jealous. I have been around women like that before it is not fun the whispers an looks. This is why she wanted to be close to Travis she was not comfortable around these friends of his. Sounds like they started out ok an then it went down hill but some of that is from Travis telling them crap too. But still calling her an texting her all the while. Bunch of sneaky ass people is what it is. I am livid too they say they can’t stand a LIAR but then get up there an just keep slandering day after day an I am sick of it too.

        • Right Rhonda- These crazy bitchiz were just plain jealous! There was nothing bad they can say about her so they make up stuff like, “her eyes look so evil”, ” she was just so clingy to TA”, really? who is really the crazy one here? Everyone of the TravisTown Pedo-huggers I have seen seem completely and utterly batshit crazy to me!

      • I glanced at that video tonight and turned it off pretty quickly. Was that Chris Hughes in the video, sitting to the far right? It looks like his giant pumpkin head there. He really has a large melon. Sky looks so different now compared to the 48 hrs show. She looks like she’s been rode hard and hung up wet.
        Do you really think that those two are NOT discussing this case together? I wish one or both of them would get a night in jail.

    • Hey, guys where can I see this dr drew video???? Also, agree with you guys about sky getting msgs across through friend, shes so sneaky like that! !!!; I hope she gets hers too, ugly person is what she is!!!

      Oh also, tonight they’re having “True Hollywood Story,”, Jodi Arias. See what they have to say, hhhmm?

    • Oh I saw a bit of that, and had to turn it off, due to utter disgust. Their interpretation of a sleepy Jodi alone was enough to make my blood boil.

  59. There goes Nancy Grace again: Travis proposed marriage but because Jodi’s only now mentioning it, after 15 days on the stand, she must be lying. What Nancy?? This is the first time she’s been asked about it! Is she supposed to answer questions she isn’t even asked? Where in the world did you get your law degree?

    This woman has been a thorn in my side for many years. And apparently she was also a thorn in the side of the Georgia Supreme Court during her prosecutorial days. I found this in

    Prosecutorial Misconduct: The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin drug trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases. In 1997, the court was more severe, overturning the murder-arson conviction of businessman W. W. Carr in the death of his wife. While the court said its reversal was not due to these transgressions, since the case had turned primarily on circumstantial evidence, it nevertheless concluded “the conduct of the prosecuting attorney in this case demonstrated her disregard of the notions of due process and fairness, and was inexcusable.” Carr was freed in 2004 when the Georgia Supreme Court ruled unanimously that Fulton County had waited too long to retry him, thereby unfairly prejudicing his right to a fair trial. Despite upholding the conviction she sought, a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote in a 2005 opinion that Grace “played fast and loose” with her ethical duties and failed to “fulfill her responsibilities” as a prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder trial of Herbert Connell Stephens. The court agreed that it was “difficult to conclude that Grace did not knowingly use … [apparently false] testimony” from a detective that there were no other suspects, despite the existence of outstanding arrest warrants for other men.

    • renee,

      Enjoyed your post,

      “The Supreme Court of Georgia has twice commented on Grace’s conduct as a prosecutor. First, in a 1994 heroin drug trafficking case, Bell v. State, the Court declared a mistrial, saying that Grace had “exceeded the wide latitude of closing argument” by drawing comparisons to unrelated murder and rape cases”ea

      Yeah by the quote, it sounds like Nancy Grae was already on her own show with her closing argument. and I bet it sounded stupid. I would actually watch her giving a closing argument if it were on youtube. I don’t think her career was all that.

    • “What Nancy?? This is the first time she’s been asked about it! Is she supposed to answer questions she isn’t even asked? Where in the world did you get your law degree?”

      EXACTLY! But she doesn’t practice law anymore. For a LONG time, she has practiced only viewer deceit.

    • Thanks for posting the info on Nasty Dis-grace. Oops: Nancy Grace. 😀

      I’d heard something was shady about her sting as a Georgia prosecutor, but didn’t know she was a REPEAT offender. I can tell this is who this woman is — whether working on a trial, dancing on TV, or anything else in life.

      Every time I watch her show, I catch her either shockingly mis-characterizing something or outright stating a fact wrong. It’s as if she simply doesn’t care about getting the facts right.

      Example: If Casey Anthony wore a blue blouse, Nasty will say it was red and go OFF about the red blouse — when EVERYONE saw that it was blue. Strange…

      I saw her tell something wrong last week about Jodi’s trial, too. I’ll have to remember what it was. But it sure did irritate me. You can’t trust anything the woman reports.

    • I don’t, but I am glad that some of you are watching to report here on it, and to check on the so called friends of Travis who are coming out of the woodworks.
      I cannot watch NG. She gives me AAS, Audience Abuse Syndrome. She makes me cringe and feel nauseous. I start shaking, trembling, can no longer concentrate on other stuff as soon as I see her spitface, and lose my memory.

      • All of them now, EVEN to Ryan Smith. I have it on tape and as much as I can pass them up without even looking at them I will.
        All of them are just BS tabloid news.

        • I have tried a few times to watch, just to see if she’s coming around. I usually can’t make it in more than 5 minutes without wanting to gag, gag, gag. I either doze off or just HAVE to turn her off. I vowed NEVER to watch her again during the Michael Jackson trial. But I broke that vow when I missed testimony at work and just wanted to see what was said. I can’t take Nancy Disgrace. She is the worst of them all, and none of them on HLN are much better. I’m also disgusted with Anderson Cooper. I used to think he was an actual journalist. Right!

  60. This following link is about the news media Bullying Behavior and the effects it had on the Duckett/Grace lawsuit…

    Experts believe that with Grace’s emotionally charged brand of broadcasting that can’t be muzzled will encourage other talk show host to be more aggressive….

    And haven’t we already seen this in the last 2 years since this article was written….

    1. Is it right…NO…
    2. Can they get by with doing it…YES…
    3. Why…because of the First Amendment freedoms afforded to media organizations….

    Can the American people change the law?…some laws can be changed or amended…the article talks about U.S. Circuit Judge William Terrell Hodges…read his comments about Duckett/Grace case…maybe we as the American people can one day have a voice as to oppose to this type of Bullying Behavior from the news media…

    • Yea n if Jodi is found guilty and is given the DP… they would be violating the Eighth Amendment. It is prohibiting the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishments, including torture. IMO, the DP is a CRUEL N UNUSUAL punishment for an already abused and a self defense case!!

    • The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is the federal agency responsible for regulating broadcasting.

      The Commission is subject to the test of “public interest, convenience, and necessity” with regard to licensing.

      Do continually inaccurate representations (that are beyond the scope of commentary/opinion) of court proceedings made by station broadcasters serve the public interest? Not IMO.

  61. ugh. something just came to me after reading about how people bash Jodi, her “flat” effect, and make judgements on her actions and what they call lack of emotion.

    ….my mother’s story and why she treated me the way she did while I was as growing up..

    For the whole time I have known my mother she did not show many loving emotions, she didn’t laugh, she didn’t really know how to have fun, she took things literally, and usually in a negative way. She did know how to scream and beat on us. I forgave her many years later as I knew that she had only done the best she could with what she had..not knowing the full background.

    The year after my father died the story came out that when I was about three my mother and father were horsing around and she threw a cup of water at him, in play mind you. He beat the shit out of her and put her in the hospital. When she finally came home she told me I said “You’re not my mother, my mother died.” and that I pointed to where she had lain after he beat her. I told her, I was a child I didn’t remember saying that. I honestly think she held it against me all those years…until I explained that. (We never saw him lay a hand on her again, but she was so afraid he would that it squashed her spirit.)

    She has started learning to have more fun, but that surely explained all the history and I didn’t even know it.

    Naturally growing up that way caused me problems later with knowing where to draw lines at abuse, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got the line drawing down now 🙂

    So I guess I’m sharing this because I think Jodi looked happy before Travis and I don’t think she had issues until Travis emotionally and physically abused her. The Jodi on the stand is what I used to see in my mom.

    thanks for listening.

    • BeeCee –
      I truly am sorry to heat about your childhood experiences.
      No matter how many or few times abuse really does have a long term impact.
      Yet some find it hard to see the mental aspect of abuse.

      The mental anguish from abuse, be it sexual or physical – is obviously a side effect. People treat abuse (in general) as if its “this” or “that “kind of abuse; how can one not see it always end up being mental abuse, no matter how you argue it.

      I’m glad to hear your mother is starting to move forward.
      I hope she finds forgiveness and peace for herself.
      And you, keep moving forward too – you have great things to share.

    • Yes, Jodi before Travis looked like she was happy/unhappy just like most people who are not so lucky in life go through.
      She was looking forward, seeking religion, new friends, a career in her artistic talent. She looked like she had self-respect to some extent, would be able to set limits and recover from a broken heart. Vulnerable, but not crushed.
      Then Travis and his cohort found her.

    • Thanks for sharing that BeeCee, I used to be the same way, unable to see I was abused. I was so used to seeing my mother put up with it, I thought it was normal. That really did make me realize the “flat effect” Jodi is described as having is the “Jodi after meeting TA”. She even said herself she was feeling more like herself after returning to Yreka. She said she was in a “suicidal fog” while she was in Arizona.
      The picture is becoming more and more clear. She moved away, TA abuses her, the Travistowners bully her, and TA doesn’t want to be an outcast so he paints her as a psycho. She literally had to feel like she didn’t have a friend in the world. I feel so sad for her.

      • Yep, it’s called “smear campaign”. They ALL do it. We can NOT be believed. Their reputation depends on it. So, the smear us to any and all that will listen. But they are SAINTS (no pun intended to the LDS, sorry.)

    • Oh BeeCee, I’ve related to your other posts, but boy, this one hit home soooo much. I wish I could hug you. Thank you sweetie. We’re both opening up here tonight. This is how much this trial is affecting us. I soooo relate. I cannot even put it into words. I really can’t. But I want to suggest something to you all, one of the MOST healing pages on FB or anywhere else that I’ve ever come across:

      Interestingly enough, the owner of the page started out believing the media hype that Jodi is a narcissist. She has since changed her mind. It was her posts that caused me to look into this case. I had never before bothered and I don’t watch the news.

    • Thanks everyone 🙂

      (I do have one minor correction to my share, I thought of it while I was in bed, apparently I used the word “mommy” not mother when I said that. I say apparently since I have no recollection of it, lol)

  62. Worked!!!
    OK, Good
    I want to know why the brother and sister on the front row can make all of those expressions? Rolling eyes? Twisting lips and smirking.
    How have they gotten by with thisll through the trial.
    The judge admonished it.
    She just doesn’t care whether Jodi gets a fair trial or not.

    • Cause the judge is a lazy bum that doesn’t want to deal with it. It’s clearly contempt of court and if they sentence eye roller even to one day each time she rolls her eyes she would have a life sentence by now. Judge sooooo lazy. Opens late , closes early and no work on Fridays.

      • I doubt she is lazy as far as not wanting to work; however I worry what the consequences could be sanctioning T’s sister. She could have just told JM to tell her? Or maybe she finds it is ok for the jury to see? Would I have been on the jury seeing this it would annoy me so much I’d start listening more to Jodi bc I see this eyerolling a form of bullying.

        • I think the family were moved last week so that they’re NOT quite in the jurors’ sight. I read or heard that on HLN on one of my RARE visits there, so you know it must be the Gospel truth. Then again, they said it, so it may well be!!!

  63. Let me get this straight. People r saying that jodi is a psycho for killing Travis but those same people want to kill jodi ? Doesn’t that make them psychos?

    • Yes. It makes them psychopathic sociopaths with homicidal paranoiac slutting tendencies to murder and persecute innocent abused and framed women. And they’ll lie about it, believe you me. That’ll make them pathological liars.

    • Sean Boy
      Hypocritical psychos!!
      The taking heads, same thing.
      Usually when you see them, you notice that they themselves have had
      some pretty ronchy phone calls and have done things worse than in this relationship.
      I can tell it because I’ve noticed people that get furious over someone’s actions
      that they act like they deplore, somewhere in there is envy

      LIKE for instance, remember all NG could do was show Casey Dancing and talk about
      everything that she saw was sooo negative.

      As soon as the verdict was in she said the DEVIL is dancing tonight and very shortly SHE was.
      On Dancing with the Stars.

      So all of these that want to kill Jodi, not only are they phycos, I have a feeling (STONRG)
      that someone else actually stabbed and used the knife on Travis IS one of the phycos.
      They have the wrong person on trial.
      How in the hell did Travis get back in the shower??
      That’s just ONE question.

  64. Agree Seam Boy, the hypocracy is amazing. But, I am concerned if that new video is introduced by the prosecutor in rebuttal. it does seem to show Travis treating Jody extremely tenderly in front of people.

  65. I don’t believe that Martinez is interested in any plea deals even now. I think he believes that she did it and it was premeditated and he is not going to change his mind. It will be up to the jury to decide but in Martinez’s mind she is as guilty as the day is long. That is what my impressions of him are.

  66. Sadly I agree Debbie. I did some research on Arizona law and what they call victims rights. evidently all key critical processes during the trial the victims have a right to be informed on what’s going on, so it may be the Martinez is just putting that forth, perhaps even to rile the defense.

    the concern I have about this new doctor drew video, is that Martinez me want to use it to show that Travis was not a monster in front of people with Jody all the time.

    • But he won’t because that night I am pretty sure is the same night she told us about. They were all drinking it was very late she was very tired an stressed out by him earlier in the evening letting that really drunk woman hang all over him in front of everyone an she was so embarrassed about it. She said but later he was nice enough to let me lay my head in his lap so I forgave him. She was not being unsocial it had been a stressful evening an she was tired. Those people are HORRIBLE ! I would like to see all of the tape from that night bunch of creeps ! they are.

  67. Anybody else notice The Nurminator, when talking to Jodi, occasionally referring to Martinez as “Mr. Marteen-ass”?

  68. I don’t want to say anything bad, persay, about Mormons, as I am not real familiar with their teachings but it seems pretty bad for all these ‘religious’ people to be so hateful and vengeful about this. This has nothing to do with any of them directly and yet they call for JA’s blood like the Romans called for the blood of christians. How do they feel this makes them look in the eyes of their God? Are they drawing people to their God and endearing their teachings to others by this behavior? I won’t judge all Mormons by their actions but I will never listen to them if they come to my home because of it. No trust there. They are setting themselves back, to where people viewed them as strange. Don’t they teach their people about how their conduct reflects on their God?…..or don’t they care? Just something that comes to my mind when hearing all the trash talk out there.

    • I mean no disrespect. I really don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable with this comment. I apologize to any who might take offense here. It is only an observation about the haters and their conduct.

        • I grew up in Europe and I have always thought the death penalty was disgusting, beyond belief. But there are many fundamentals in the US who believe in the “eye for an eye” philosophy portrayed in the Old Testament. Then again, I take issue with those who believe Jesus died for all our sins who say that a serial killer who, in the moments of death, takes Jesus as his savior will be saved and reborn into Heaven. Religion, to me, is a funny business. I guess that’s why I’m an atheist (practicing Buddhism).

        • NOR here!!!
          NG, speaks about being a Christian and she’s an example???
          She and the others like her turn people off BIG TIME to Christianity
          or any religion.

          • An you know what being from the South NG is a disgrace to Georgia !! she is high an mighty now up there in Manhattan I think her values are not the same as what she grew up knowing or believing not from the GA people I know. I am right next door here in Alabama. They get them big pants an forget their roots.

      • I understand your point, but I think that it would not matter what the religious associations of Travis and Jodi. The lynch mob mentality reminds me of the Salem Witch trials. People haven’t changed a bit. I agree with you, though, that–especially since Mormons encourage others to join them–it is particularly glaring…And the name-calling! Disgusting! (Not to mention the absolutely STUPID video most recently contributed). Not once have we seen one of Travis’ church friends say anything even remotely forgiving (and we all know the idea of forgiveness) when discussing Jodi. A pretty poor representation to be sure…

        What I find especially appalling is the persistent garbage on HLN and how they cling–every day with a finer thread–to their convictions that Jodi is evil and calculating. I cannot believe the producers of that network allow such unfounded and debasing commentary. Even Dr. Drew and Anderson Cooper, both of whom I previously admired, have made themselves look foolish.

        • Yep…the “mean girls” and “lynch mob” mentality is present within all religions and social groups. Travis’ camera-whoring friends are a typical junior high school clique.

    • Check out on youtube “MORMONISM’S MOST EMBARRASSING QUOTATIONS” posted by Kurt (I forget the rest) That may clue you in to where they are coming from…a glimpse, if you will, of the perspective they are led to focus on..

  69. I have a question I could not find the answer to here
    Why is the jailgard not sitting in court anymore I have not seen the medical guard either today.
    Another question I have will the lunchissue be brought up towards the jury?

  70. I am soooo appalled at the new video of Jodi/Travis that someone shared with Dr. Drew. I’m appalled, not at the video itself, but with the reaction of his panel. Give me a break! I asked my fiance, who knows very very little about this case, to watch. He saw, as I did, a tired woman, falling asleep in her boyfriend’s lap while he yapped on about some crap. He saw a man continue to hold hands with his girl, but never once say “Baby, are you tired? Should we leave?” If I haven’t said this before, Travis was a douche (I’m sorry to all who loved him.) If that happened with a female friend of mine, I would be like “Let’s go.” I am sooo sorry I watched Drew’s panel. How could they come up with the conclusions they did? How? A sleepy woman falling asleep. So tired, she couldn’t think. But she was self-centred, trying to attract attention back to her and her boyfriend? WTF? This whole case is making me soooo emotional.

    • Also Abused,
      I know what you mean, I’ve been very emotional myself. I CAN’T watch the talking heads I get too angry. Why is it ok for THEM to lie?
      I’m afraid she isn’t being heard.
      But there are a lot of abused women that understand.

      I think Travis is a jerk and I’m sick of them saying she’s blaming the victum????
      Are they f’m kidding me. If he was so wonderful, she wouldn’t have had to save her life
      by defending herself.
      Of course she was afraid for her life AND the talking heads keep saying they don’t hear of any abuse,
      OH!!! REALLY??
      Even my husband said what are they listening to?

      Another thing really annoying is them acting like we’ve got virgin ears. OH!!! send the kids out!!
      REALLY, the kids aren’t one bit interested in this AT all.
      If they think we shouldn’t hear it all, then don’t tlevise it.

    • I saw that clip too, Drew and his cast of springer rejects act like a bunch of gossipy little high school girls. Its entertainment for trailer trash, nothing more. Personally I think they look like a bunch of f*cking retards. As part of my lifestyle I don’t own a tv so I had never heard of this HLN or Dr. Drew until I started following Jodi’s case and the first time I watched a clip of them on youtube I thought wtf, what a bunch of childish imbeciles. I think you have to be a couple eggs short of a dozen to take anything they have to say seriously.

      • I agree.
        They are so poor at what they do, how can they be proud?
        I really can’t stand HLN and their puppets.
        I WISH HBO carried the trials!

      • I so agree but I am so scared that so many people really do watch those shows an the majority that call in there are always on what ever side these NUTS are on? WTH does that tell me about society today it is disgusting. An if someone calls in with a different point of view WOW they roll the eyes shake their heads an do all kinds of faces like they are 10 years old. I wonder why there can’t be a show with both sides an not all this childish behavior an jumping to conclusions that make no sense. These people VOTE ! that scares the HELL out of me ! maybe they don’t haha they are glued to the tv after all.

        • A lot of people sit in on the taping of the Jerry Springer show too, wanting their 15 minutes… its a sideshow attraction, I doubt anyone that matters takes any of it seriously.

      • Their reaction to that video was ridiculous. What I saw was Jodi sleeping because she was tired and Travis telling a story that he likely told at least a dozen times before. The Travistown sites are all talking about how “caring” he looks toward “bored” Jodi, but I don’t see it. I see someone going on and on about himself and Jodi is just wallpaper to him.

        I sometimes doze off at family members’ houses if I’m really tired. I would hate for someone to get that on video and conclude that I’m some self-absorbed psychopath for falling asleep during a conversation.

        Dr. Drew, his annoying co-host, and the famewhore couple suck.

    • Me too an read the comments below it the majority are against Jodi of course. I did hear one older lady from Illinois call in there an say Travis was a pervert an what was wrong with them that could not see that an boy he was rolling them eyes an did not say much at all. The woman was even worse the faces are just plain stupid they make like they are appalled someone disagrees with their antics. Seriously people wonder why people SNAP! people like that make people SNAP! I am embarrassed they are on tv anymore. It was one time a lot of lost children they would be looking for or stuff like that but anymore it is junk tv. I boycotted it but was flipping through tonight an seen that an was so upset I turned off the tv I can’t watch those shows anymore they keep me upset. An I can’t believe the majority LOVES them it is nuts !


    Can somebody who knows about how this works please answer this for me (and maybe other people here):

    If the State is charging Jodi with premeditated first degree murder with possible death penalty, what happens if the jury doesn’t believe she’s guilty of this offense? Can the jury say “We don’t agree that she’s guilty of first degree murder, but we do say she’s guilty of second degree murder”?

    In other words, can the jury on its own determine what her conviction will be? I always thought they coul