Jodi Arias Trial – Day 26

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If you missed last Friday’s post detailing how Judge Pickles’ favorite prosecutor managed to fail so miserably with his cross examination – and all the reasons why – click here to read it.

Leave your comments below on Day 26.

The Nurminator is back…

Team Jodi



  1. Well, here we go!
    How do we know that is a real JAA Twitter account? Its so easy to fake them.

    Hopefully Nurmi gets through the re-direct quickly so the jury doesnt get upset, and then onto the experts!

    People, pls go sign the petition to boycott the media peeps who are telling lies.

      • This petition won’t change a thing as long as people keep watching. If you want to change it, don’t watch. Boycott the shows and their advertisers.

        I’m confused about why so many people who post here watch all that crap, anyway. You KNOW what they’re going to say – why give them the satisfaction of being part of their audience? I don’t even know what channel HLN is on my cable provider, and I wouldn’t know any of these people – except Nancy Pigface – if I saw a picture of them.

        • It’s important to change this type of fake-journalism to protect the people they trash who are then freed by the judicial system. In order to change them you have to be aware of them, first. It is because of these fake shows, people like Arias – when she goes free whether it is now or in 10 years, will be prosecuted by public opinion. Arias probably gets death threats now, in fact. Watching and reporting on these shows is part of the checks-and-balances of our society and one of the only ways to reel these money whores in. (People will not know to boycott if sites like this and petitions like that aren’t started in the first place.)

        • Your right Michael L. But unfortunatly I watch via Insession & then HLN for tech reasons. I have a tiny notebook that can’t even play most You Tube videos so watching live feed on it is a joke! Video choppy, audio worse. So I watch on the above mentioned channels but pause far enough at the start of the day so I can fast forward through all the “expert” chatter and the commercials.

        • Great point! I am OVER HLN….. I so want to write them and remind them about Susan Wright. But since I am for Jodi they wont listen….

    • It’s the actual Twitter page Jodi gave me to include in the site – and as far as I know it’s being looked after by Jodi’s friend, Donovan Bering.

      Team Jodi

      • That rocks then!!! SJ, you are da bomb!

        You should hit me up on some other stuff, is there a direct way to communicate with you?

      • I know i’ve had a few complications being able to post on this site.I don’t know if anybody else is experiencing this.And i’m thankful to even be able to get on and see that there are people supporting this helpless woman,being attacked.How can someone look into another eyes(Their soul),and then put them to death after clearly seeing that Jodi has suffered enough.I was watching the trial on HLN,only getting upset with hearing the media trash her without even listening to her side.I’ve most deffinatley stopped watching the trial on TV at all,now sitting at desk with head set.And honestly,i’m afraid to sign the petition,i want to stop the trash talking,no doubt.And i’m afraid of “the people”.Could you please explain more about the petition.

  2. LOL,

    The Nurminator 🙂

    I am guessing that he will re-direct this am…..unless he thinks Jodi needs a break.
    Would be good to do it while jurors have MR.Ms totally confusing cross fresh in their minds. JMO.

  3. I am hoping that Nurmi stays focused and doesn’t bring up anything “new” that will allow JM to get back up and question Jodi again. Make it concise and get on to the experts. The goal should be to shut JM down!

  4. Regarding the shoe print picture in yesterday’s post (link below) — I get the feeling that had the shoe print been the only evidence at the scene, Gloria and his clowns would have a put lot more effort into investigating it. How they can find a shoe print there (in the entrance to the bathroom) then not look into it is odd – just like a lot of other things.

    Team Jodi

    Yesterday’s post:

    • Yes it is!!

      Like Zach not knowing the was a decomposing body next door, The Thompson story, Chris Hughes threatening Mr. Searcy & more…

    • SJ – didn’t the roomate, Zach, say he went through the closet and into that bathroom that way? Wouldn’t the shoe print be by the closet door leading into the bathroom, which is right by the shower? Isn’t the evidence footprint coming down the hall entry into the bathroom?

      • Hi Bystander,

        Not 100% sure. Each time he’s asked he gives a different answer, but the shoe print is clearly listed on the plan they showed in court… and as far as I know it was found at the end of the hallway, not in such a position that it could have been made by someone coming in through the closet.

        I just added the screenshot of the plan to yesterday’s post.

        Team Jodi

    • How can they not investigate the shoe print and so much more? Because it’s their choice…And anything that doesn’t support a case that will lead to a conviction, can easily be ignored. Flores repeatedly said it had to be more than one person, right? Yet as far as what I can see, the investigation stayed pointed on Jodi and no one else. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      This happens all the time, unfortunately. Once a prosecutor gets their hooks in, it’s too much effort to look elsewhere. Sad really. If I were the family I’d want EVERY single question answered even if it did not point to Jodi. I find it hard to believe the family would continue to cover up if there was a Mormon revenge connection here or whatever. I believe Travis was becoming a threat to secrets held by the Mormon church – he was getting reckless with women. Jodi was the perfect target to throw suspicion on. That David Hughes guy, the so-called chiropractor (let’s see if that is real or fake) doth protest too much, as do all of the Mormon posse’!

      I changed the title of the petition to “Take a stand against yellow journalism” because I realize we have to watch HLN or need to to combat the lies. We can boycott after the trial!:)

      I posted a theory on yesterday’s page if anyone is interested. I have to ask, SJ, how does Jodi communicate with you directly? I guess by phone? If so, I know you are both careful with what is said.

      We’re at 66!

  5. ** Would someone LOL at my chihuahua comment please….**

    Late, Late can’t that judge keep her word just for one day??

    She did say 10:15 after all.

  6. Why isn’t the trial on TV today? It isn’t here today anyway. All worked up and Lizard Lick Towing is on? What’s up with that? GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Im hoping that Nurmi clears up the reason why she didnt take the other door into the hallway instead.m (Shed be dead). When the gunshot when off (he needs to clear this up) while TA was coming at her like a linebacker or after hed already made bidy contact wuth Jodi. Also one more time, that Jodi lied for more then one reason not for her benefit. (She was scared n didnt know what to do, wanted to protect TA rep, didnt think anyone every would blv her n any other reasons). Go Nurmi!!!!

    Team Jodi★

    • When you are in fear of your life you are not Rational Anger Rage etc. Your First instinct is to fend off the attacker. The psychiatrist that disagreed with the bald man on Court TV In Session stated he believed she was a victim of abuse & the Killing was that of a person who was a victim of Ritual Abuse. Travis Alexanders used techniques that are used by cults they call it Love Bombing. He groomed her like a pedophile would. I think she was a victim and her pent up rage and fear were the reasons for this. Hopefully The experts can shed light on this tragedy.

      • It’s the exact same way that all abusive men act. First, they put us on a pedestal, make us feel like goddesses. Then, they tear us off the pedestal bit by bit by bit. But evey once in a while, they throw us a crumb. Standard abusive behavior. It’s why we stay, it’s why we become so hooked.

  8. I am probably going top get ripped apart for this but I don’t think Nurmi is that good. I think he should have advised Jodi to stick to yes our no answers.I think Martinez is a horrible man but he is good at what he does.

    • No one is going to rip you apart!

      I had some doubts about Mr.Nurmi too at first, but I gradually saw that his method while not flamboyant is very effective in a common sense way.
      He always ties it up at the end of his examination of the witness being questioned at that time.

      • I think the Jury can pay more attention to Nurmi’s methodical manner as opposed to Martinez scattered attack dog style

        • Nurmi’s method is meticulously presented very professional versus Martinez method is more like a mad dog running around snarling at everything and not paying attention to what is actually going on around him…and who gets the most attention…the dog that’s running around making an ass of himself…

      • I think it is very hard to follow Martinez and many Lawyers commented on his scattered approach being all over the place, Jurors loosing interest as he would got stuck on unimportant issues and lose any momentum. It was obvious he was trying to confuse her. Nurmi is trying to save her from the Death Penalty.

    • The problem with sticking to “yes or no” answers with Martinez is that he’s very crafty and asks a lot of confusing questions. A witness could easily misinterpret what he’s asking and say “yes” when they mean “no” and vice versa.

      • But when you say more than yes or no you run the risk of saying things that will be used against it requires clean up by your attorney.if you feel the question required more than yes or no you tell your attorney and he will bring it up on re point is that she is making her attorneys job more difficult.

        • It would require a lot more clean up on Nurmi’s part if Jodi answered “yes” to a bunch of questions where she meant “no” and the other way around. It’s not just a question of answering simply when you evaluate Martinez’ style. As Oliviero says, Martinez is slick and is very good at adding his own remarks to questions. Jodi is very literal and she’s able to catch what he’s doing.

      • Right Kira and Martinez is very slick by having this Narrative not a question where he is testifying.
        He didn’t ask yes or no questions. He also embellished on her testimony by subtracting or adding remarks or words she never said.

  9. Here is my opinion.

    The reason Nurmi is questioning JA as opposed to Jennifer is he is trying to show that “men in general don’t scare Jodi, only ones (like JM and Travis) that come across violent.”

    Personally, I think it’s a brilliant strategy. It’s obvious that Nurmi did his homework on JM! 🙂

    • That’s what I think too. People were saying the she was being difficult with M by asking him to explain but she also corrects Nurmi. It’s a great way to show that she isn’t afraid of all men but she does have a problem with verbally abusive men.

    • I don’t think Martinez comes across violent. I think he comes across as a DA. Sometimes as aDS you have top be a Dick.

      If Jodi was scared of KM she shouldn’t have been fighting with him.that doesn’t help her case.

      • I agree. As a DA it is not your job to be the defendant’s friend. His antics would be easier to swallow if he went somewhere with his questioning. Instead, it was just a show to get the most value out of what little “evidence” he has. If there had been some sort of Aha! moment I might have been able to understand(kindof) his tactics.

        • He comes off as testy with every witness, even his own. I think that’s why he grates on a lot of people’s nerves.

        • I really think he was just trying to show that she was lying and that she enjoyed the sex with TA.I don’t know when enjoying sex became a crime. Maybe trying to Estes her for enjoying sex.

        • While it may not be the prosecutor’s job to be her friend, as my dad always said, “you get more flies with honey than vinegar.”

          If he were smart, he would use the gentle approach and only use the intimidating approach when she really wasn’t answering his questions.

          Some people think that if you “scream louder” then you are understood better.

          I can say that I shut down when JM was questioning her because of past abuse.

          • But he wanted her to crack. He wanted her to fight him cause it looks bad for her.poor helpless girl is do scared yet she is fighting back on the stand

      • But if you notice JM talks to some of his own witnesses per the detective Flores really turbulently but the ME examiner very nicely ? an so on a so on. He is not consistent depends who you are an how he is feeling about what he is talking about which I would think with the ME would have been not so soft an sweetly odd to me?

    • You could be right but he is addressing specific issues brought up by Martinez to clarify why she went to his home not out of Jealousy but to retrieve her SS Card. But the contrast is very good. For the jury to see.

  10. Apparently this judge does not understand that we all have things to do besides wait for them to start trial! lol

    Thank goodness I can do a split screen when I am working! 🙂

  11. Pique, If you come on line today could you answer my following question; Pique, in follow up of our dialogue last evening. After reviewing your comments I have determined where we differ and what is causing the confusion. You obviously are of the opinion that the final two photos were taken in the hall and not the bathroom.Tthis, as I’m sure you know, is the claim by prosecution. I’m sure you know by now my position on the matter is that all photos from and including shower scene is ALL in the bath because I see no evidence that the camera left the bathroom. MY QUESTION TO YOU IS THIS, IF YOU KNOW: What, IN the 2 pics in question, makes you believe they were taken in the hall and not in the bathroom?

  12. can Nurmi bring up the crime scene photo of jodi’s foot, pant leg and bloodied travis and later bring up the shoe print photo and ask her who’s shoe print is in the photo. does the jury know that flores first said that more than one person commited the crime

  13. This is off subject, but if any of you follow SJ’s other site, Casey Anthony is innocent, you should check out a short clip someone posted of Casey arriving at court for her bankruptcy hearing today. It made my gut hurt to see the way the media attacked her and were yelling, “did you get away with murder!!”. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!! on the flip side Casey looks more beautiful than I have ever seen her, hands down. I pray for her safety. The crazies are out…..

    • Thanks, Kmiller, for the link.

      Poor Casey. Does “NOT GUILTY” mean nothing in this country? Leave her alone, media!

      • Nope, it didn’t in Michael Jackson’s case either, and it was Nancy Disgrace who lied so vehemently about him too. She also had all sorts of crooks on her show at that time. It came out that she paid a former maintenance guy who worked at Neverland $200,000. He had been fired for stealing from Neverland and had gone back to the Philippines. Somehow Disgrace found him, dragged him back to the US, paid him $200,000 to say he thought he might have possibly seen Michael go into a shower with a child. The guy later withdrew his story, but apparently, got to keep his $200,000 … which goes a LONG way in the Philippines, I hear.

        • And isn’t it interesting how, after Michael died and Conrad Murray was on trial for manslaughter, that Nancy and all of her fellow HLN loons acted like they’d always been Michael’s biggest fans? Do they think that the viewers don’t have working memories? When someone is a defendant, he/she is trashed left and right, but if that exact same person becomes a victim, then it’s “WE LOVED HIM!”

  14. It makes me angry that the judge does not address why they are late in starting. Maybe she can’t – but, it’s just rude! lol

  15. Hi guys and gals! My kid was sick this weekend so I’m busy catching up on everything. I am looking forward to this redirect.

  16. Nurminator is SO GOOD! I was initially worried that he was rehashing everything and that it would turn the jury off. But his demo with the other lawyer was pure genius.

    I also love his outfit today.

  17. Someone really needs to tell Jodi to stop talking so much. I know she has a lot she wants to get out but the less said, the less Martinez has to sink his hooks in to. People often sink themselves by saying too much…. k.i.s.s… keep it simple, stupid (not calling her stupid, that’s just the way the saying goes)

  18. IMO thr has to be at least one juror that is engaging her, or i dont think she would aways b making eye contact

  19. Sorry if this has been covered but has any of the roomate’s been called to the stand? I’ve only watched the defenses case. I knew JM would give me a headache during his case in chief. I have read the evidence on my own. Anyways the fact that Jodi doesn’t remember the stabbing mixed with the roomate’s living in that house for days, ignoring the smell and all the other uncharacteristic things Travis wouldn’t have done if he had already left for cancun leaves me with major reasonable doubt. She claims she remembers dropping the knife and informed that was her foot in the pic dragging him back in but I still can’t help thinking she had help. A big piece of the puzzle is missing and I think she is covering for someone out of fear.

    I want roomate’s on the stand

      • right… and usually witnesses that find a body are called into testify

        my mom is an attorney and she isnt following the case, but In her opinion, its HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS AND NOT THE NORM

  20. Completely changing course here. Does anybody think the letters from TA will come back into play to refute JM’s using of the diary and texts, etc.?

  21. you dont ignore them, but she is constantly making eye contact in the same direction

    but thank u for the lesson

  22. I know this is completely inappropriate (sorry), but if you can say Nurmi looks good, then I can say that JW looks really great in that skirt and those shoes. It’s a little distracting. 🙂

  23. does neone think TA cld have asked Jodi to perform the Mormon atnment?? like he knew he was going to die and he knew that was his chance to let go of his sins

    • Well many here have posted that are LDS, that the ritual is old and not considered as a way to atone now. I think you’ll find mixed opinions on this. I’m not sure. I know some ex-mormon sites have discussed this as a valid theory. If you google, Jodi arias, blood atonement, exmormon, you’ll find some interesting discussions by those who understand the faith. People here can explain the other side too.

      • i know its “old school” but i feel she is protecting someone, and why not Travis??

        or mayb she called someone and said, “i killed Travis, and someone helped her

      • JC, I just Emailed you back!

        I find it interesting how Martinez always seems to be involved in the LDS cases (Like Doug Grant, for instance). We’ve been talking a lot about his actions in that case (and Grant got manslaughter, not the first degree JM wanted)

  24. let me b specific… she shoots him, hes loosing blood etc….

    and tells her to do it, and she in some ways is still protecting him and his image

    • It was something that I considered. Having dated a wishy washy Mormon for 4 years I can say that I believe it is possible that some still follow the old rules. Just because it’s not a common practice now doesn’t mean that it isn’t taught in certain circles… Maybe not as an option for now but as a “Look at how serious Brothers of our faith took their oaths” kindof thing.

    • I hope she is not protecting anyone. It is not worth risking her life to protect sometime else.juries are weird and they can decide either would be a shame if she was sentenced to death got a crime she didn’t commit.

      • OK, this is something I worry about, too. So many people think she is protecting somebody, and it really seems likely somebody else was there…..

      • agree with all of you.I wish she’s not protecting someone,although it has been suggested here that she may be so afraid that sth might happen to her family-i find this the only reasonable reason for a young woman to throw away her life,potential,dreams,good name,future etc(to name but a few).Otherwise it’s just doesnt make sense to me.

        • Imagine, what if her original story was true about the intruders? She then was threatened to change her story or her & her family would end up like TA did? I know I woudn’t put the safety of myself or my family in the hands of the local police. I would think the only choice left would be to take the fall. I dont think the senario is likely, but it would address many questionable issues.

          • The only people I would risk my life got are my kids. Not my parents especially if they abused me. I don’t think she is covering got anyone I think she killed him possibly in self defense.

  25. Okay I liked how Nurmi came out of the gate with the finger demonstration. I think he needs to keep making significant points but a little more concise. I understand what he is trying to show as far as how she felt about TA and being brainwashed, but I think the Jury already understands this. Any thoughts?

    • Nurmi should make his points, and let her get off the stand at this point. She’s been up there a long time now, and I would imagine the jury is getting tired too. It’s getting to be very taxing of sorts.

      • Nurmi is an experienced Attorney must address the issues that Martinez questioned her on. I think he is doing a very good job it would be irresponsible for him not to answer the accusations that Martinez addressed & implied.

          • Don’t forget though … the longer she’s on the stand, the longer the jury has to get to know her. Juries have a very difficult time putting someone to death that they feel like they know. There’s a good strategy in this. Plus a few days of seeing the contrast between the attorneys won’t hurt. Raving lunatic yeller vs. Relaxed nice caring guy. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, sometimes cases are won and lost by how the jury feels about the attorneys!

  26. I like what Nurmi is doing he is addressing how Travis LAVISHED her with praise she answered very well magnified which is what a predator does they call it LOVE BOMBING it has, according to an attorney I spoke with been used as a defense for cases of abuse.

      • Maria your welcome, actually I find Nurmi’s voice very soothing compared to Martinez ‘s angry high pitched ranting. It grated on me.

        • you’re soooo right.since this is the first trial I’m following,at first i thought Nurmi was boring and that pen down pen back in his hands used to drive me crazy lol ,but over time I got to appreciate him and his attorney style,of course who wouldnt compared to that yelping clown,Kermit??

          • Martinez is always angry a short little angry man, compared to the gentle giant. Nurmi.
            Nurmi comes across as a very caring person. He is doing the best he can lets face it he has the whole media against him.

    • Yes, and it’s not uncommon for abusers to lift up their victim really high, just like Nurmi demonstrated; then rip the rug out from under them as soon as they defy them in any way.

      • MB Team Jodi you are right in much of the literature on this manipulative grooming, this is specifically done to control a person make them dependent on the abuser they no longer can even think for themselves & will do anything to return the relationship to the period where the abuser made them feel so special. She still looks up to him as a Mentor.

  27. Okay, just to lighten things up a bit….I propose…a drinking game (alcohol, coffee, whatever you prefer:)…

    Every time Nurmi says …penis, vagina, anal, or hmmm…what else, we take a drink!

    • I do. Well, first her family, because if she squeals on anyone, they’ll come after her and her family. Last week at the end when she was so very emotional, I felt like there was a mix of sadness and actually anger that she had put herself in a place where she had to take the fall for something she did not do. It’s the only way she can get out, with the evidence the state collected, cause they will not look anywhere else even if a video was hand delivered to them! Sad, but I believe, true.

      We’re at 88 signatures! Would it be okay with JC if you guys that post a lot put the link to the petition in your posts at least some of the time? Folks who just pop in may not see it. Thanks! And cheers!

    • Ok, about to slit my own throat here but…..

      IMO I think it was a solo mission. Aside from a shoe print, which could have been left by a friend or roommate when they first found Travis’ body, there just isn’t any evidence of anyone else participating in this. I believe the sacrificial church stuff is going a little too far over the edge. I do find it suspicious the roommates didn’t report something prior to the day TA’s body was found I think the only real question is WHY did this happen. I don’t see Jodi as being the type who would cover for someone in this case to be honest, and I say that based on the fact that she’s been quick to give up names or “tattle” on others. I sense a lot of estrogen in the air, a lot of emotion for a fellow female victim, but the bottom line is she has admitted to doing this, we can only support her for the reasons WHY she did it.

      • Dog,

        I hear what your saying. Say Jodi hadn’t left the camera in the washer and his friends and family weren’t so vocal. Do you think that boot print would matter then? I think it matters only because it proves someone else did know. I guess if it were important, nurmi would be addressing it ( bootprint) though.

        • Right. I think if it was significant, the prosecutor would be trying to hide it but the defence would be all over it. A shoe print is a very substantial clue at a crime scene, as much so as the palm print left on the wall. The fact that is it not being brought up probably means they ruled it out as not being tied to the case.

      • I agree with you in that she acted alone. I do think that Travis’ friends/roommates are embellishing certain things after the fact in order to make Jodi seem like a cold-blooded killer. I don’t buy that they were all that close to him (no one checked on him), I think they knew that he wasn’t always a “super nice guy,” I really don’t know how in the hell the roommates didn’t smell decomp, and I just think that they’re all strange in general.

        • I think everyone embellishes a persons character after that person has passed away. You don’t often hear people giving a eulogy saying things like “He was a real @$%#*&^ ##$%^”. Even if the person was an #@$^&#, people always address them as being a wonderful person. I’m not sure why people do that.

          • I think because they ( the eulogist) wants the family to remember happy good things because they are grieving but beyond that, I dont understand why travis’ friends talk to the media nearly every day about travis.

          • Oh yes, you’re right. Death makes a person perfect in everyone’s eyes, even if that person was the biggest asshole alive in life. It is a weird phenomenon – both good and bad people die. We all die. I think some people are superstitious about speaking ill of the dead or they just think it’s disrespectful.

          • haha exactly I am one that could not do that I just would not bother to go if I felt the person was truly a deceiver of people an friends an that does go for my own family as well I am not going to tell false truths to make others feel better about a passing tho. I can forgive but I do not erase what the facts are about a person.

          • I dont see why the jury was sent out, they have already heard it. I guess martinez doesn’t want it shown transcribed?

    • I know everyone thinks I am CRAZY but I just have that gut feeling? something just does not add up for me. I have been this mad an this mistreated an wanted to do what Jodi did but did not for some reason. But I did do some sneaky stuff like go see the man one more time an than tell him he was the worst ever an I did not know why I was ever infatuated or in Love with him in the first place an said a lot of ugly things an left too never return.

      I just have that feeling while in the shower he did say some ugly things to her very ugly which had her so upset she did drop the camera an he would be that mad over a materialistic thing also an it was a new camera. I can see that part all happening but the stabbing the over kill I don’t get that.

  28. looks like i wasn’t the only one who filed a complaint against HLN to the FCC. they have about a 5min delay now…lmao

    • Yes, he is doing really good! I didn’t have a doubt that he’d work over the weekend to straighten out the tangled mess Martinez tried to make of Jodi’s testimony over five days.

          • Yes, isn’t it?

            Especially in this case, where the story flip flops and the ME can be sanctioned by the state to pretend the bullet was the last wound; thus propping up the erroneus conclusion that Travis’ death was intentionally cruel and overly violent.

            I find it hard to believe that a .25 – as JC put it, a step above a BB gun – would kill him right away. People survive with a lot more bullets to the head; and often at a higher caliber, to make me believe he would have been put down immediately.

            It entered above the eyebrow and lodged in his cheek. Not exactly a good “head shot” to begin with, nevermind from what amounts to a glorified pellet gun.


            Yet the ME still maintains that the bullet passed through the brain. Wow, really?? In fact when I look at the x ray it proves to me (if no one else) that Jodi is telling the truth.

  29. that sly Beth Carras posted a couple of things (even saying ”It appears Nurmi is covering many of the same areas he covered on direct.” but totally HUSHED that Nurmi nailed Martinez about the finger photo.hmmm…..i think we all expected that,right?Shame on her!

  30. It is looking very good for team Jodi!!! She is EXCELLENT on the stand!!!

    We are TEAM JODI… and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. Make no mistake.

  31. She said it I think she was talking about the brush and shaving cream thing that some men use. she talked about that to Flores.

    • Jodie I know where you are going with that I thought of it too you are thinking about one of those barber type razors but that type of razor could not have been rep[onsible for the other stab wounds only the neck wound

      • My thought was more the GSW and then the stab wounds (mostly superficial) and somebody else may have done the neck.

        • The stab wounds were not superficial she stabbed him in the chest missed the sternum but went deep enough to cut the superior vena cava and pierce his heart That took a lot of force

          • I’ve asked in many places if her black out was so convenient, and made up, then why did she include that she remembered holding the knife, dropping it, and screaming? Since my theories have evolved, I’m thinking because she has to make sure to tell enough so that her guilt is supported and not pointed towards anyone else – the person or persons she may be covering for and who have threatened her and her family’s lives….

            • I don’t think she’s covering for anyone else. I think in order for her to testify & tell her story she has to be careful what she tells on that horrible day. Even if she did remember every moment of that day I’m sure every liitle part of it would be analyzed by everybody watching this trial. If she didn’t cry enough she would be tagged as cold, not caring, premeditated & if she bawled they would call her a fake. There’s no winning telling that story in detail! The last thing I would want if I was her was everyone (including his family) visualizing TA’s death at her hand. Minimize, minimize, minimize. She already said she did it & tried to cover it up so save the gory details & don’t add insult to injury.

          • MOST stab wounds were marked as “incised” on the autopsy report meaning they were surface cuts. You can read that for yourself on the ME’s report.

            IDK if a lot of people remember, but when the ME did testify he said it was his job to identify the wounds not put them in order so as to create a crime scene. It was Flores who initially tried to make up a series of events then the prosecution made up their story. (NOTE: “made up their story.”)

          • I read on another forum that she didn’t pierce the heart or the sac around it, but hitting the vena cava does enough damage. Someone analyzed the ME report in depth.

    • Thanks. That was when she was trying to get it out that it was the picture he used on Myspace and was the seperate time she was taking pics in the bath….and Kermit wouldn’t let her finish.

  32. Hello all,

    Decided I would join in with like minded compadres. Ive been following trial since beginning and faithfully reading posts. Anybody have any ideas if the redirect by Mr. Nurmi, will go more than one day? I can only watch after I get home from work. Ugh.

    • usually about 3:25 EST. The seal will stay on screen until they start. While the seal is up it should say “live” down in the right hand corner.

  33. Never watched a live video that didn’t move before.

    No, Jodi does not want to commit suicide. But a lot of people do want to kill her.

  34. I have been wondering why is this guy who according to him is friend of Jodi keep going on Tv talking to the enemies of Jodi.Like Nancy Grace,JVM,Dr Drew and the rest of the HLN gang?..I can’t see his point of doing this other than he is up to no good because if you are on some one side you don’t mix or mingle with the enemies unless you are are about to put them out of their misery.In the first place how did any one come to know about this guy if he didn’t seek out the media.We all know that Nancy Grace especially doesn’t like Jodie and any 411 she can get true or false she will put her own take on it,because if you notice when she speak to the panel on her show if they are not in agreement with her she hurriedly cut them off.Now the rumor around town is that so call friend of Jodi will be her sperm downer when she get out and live with some other girl who according to HLN is her lover..I think the best thing for Jodi to do is not to trust any one with any kind of communication because trust me they will turn against her regardless of the the out come of the trial.We know its not only in Jail house they have snitch and the best thing Jodi should do is to stop having conversation with that stupid guy or even let him sit amongst her family as no damn supporter because i don’t think he have her interest at heart.I can bet you as soon as the trial is over and his fifteen minutes of fame with out of style he will be one of the Judas to call Nancy or one of those damn pest on TV to give them story that he think they should know about.My personal feeling is you don’t mix with the enemies.I for get what the dude name is but he need to shut his yap,if he think he is doing Jodi a favor well he got it wrong.May be Jodi is not aware of all the things that is going on and the out side but some one should tell her to stop talking to these so call friends.They are not her friends,they are Media whores who want to seek the lime light and they don’t care if they have to mix and match stories to get it. Is his Name Bryan Carr?..He is a little prick..yapping like a little bitch.He doesn’t know what loyalty is..He need some one foot in his stupid mouth

    • I think he is appearing on those programs as a rebuttal to NG and the rest of the Hate parade, Don’t
      forget that this network is spreading roomers about Jodi Arias and has a ton of Travis’s Mormon Friends appearing on these programs nightly stating she was dangerous, evil ,not a “Real” Mormon Girl, a stalker etc. Now they are stating she has a Lesbian Lover & is planning on having a child with this man for her & her girlfriend. I really think that these programs are very unfair to defendants Especially Dr.Drew . I boycotted them and Signed the Petition, and also sent a Letter to an Attorney voicing my displeasure over these types of shows that are destroying our constitutional rights. I wonder if they are getting funding from certain groups that have an agenda.

  35. So I had promised you guys some results on the camera close to the floor experiment. Did it in our bathroom last night, which also has a stone-tile type floor. Don’t know how to post the pictures up here, but this is what i found:

    The reflections that are close to the camera are actually coming from a light further way. The reflections that seem to be further away are probably from a light shining straight down. I actually drew up the light paths and found that would in fact be the case (I am an engineer by profession). Also the light that is shining behind TAs foot is not a reflection. That’s a direct light.

    Lastly if you look really closely, you’ll notice that the grout line is at an angle to some other straight line (can’t tell whether its another grout line or a boundary of some sort). There are only two spots I can see where there is a grout line at an angle. One is right at the beginning of the hall where some tile are at and angle. The other is actually the entrance to the closet. Not to muck up the water even more, but I now ask:

    Cold the light we are seeing reflected actually be from the closet. Actually if you look at the floor plan posted today and TA is lying with his feet towards the closet door and his head in towards the bathroom, that would look like the famous dragging picture. Also the closet need not have its lights on. There are a number of windows in the bedroom. I don’t know what the sun’s like in Phoenix at 5:30 in June, but where I am its broad daylight at that time.

    • Very interesting.

      My feeling when I first looked at the last photo of Travis I felt he was looking BEYOND the camera and Jodi, as if someone had appeared in the doorway or behind her. Anyway to tell the distance his pupils were focusing? I know that’s a stretch, but..

      And also wondered if any of the houses on the street had cameras that might have shown what cars had come by the house besides Jodi’s that day and/or days surrounding that day?

      We’re at 92!

    • Thanks Al, they should have someone like you to analyzed the crime scene and pics. Unless of course this is more about a conviction than the truth.

      • Well of course @TB it is more of a conviction than the truth.That bloody prosecutor is eager to put lovely Jodi on stinking death row so he can feel like he is the big bad wolf in all of Arizona.He put some one else on death row so i guess he is looking for his second credit.

    • You can post pictures privately on Facebook (if you have an account) and post them in a way that no one can trace them back to you.

      Upload a photo to your wall but set the viewing option to “Only me”. That means only you can see it on your wall or in your albums. Once its showing on your wall, click on it. It opens in a lightbox type viewer. Right-click on it and select ‘view image’. It now shows the image from the Facebook database which is outside of your account so you can copy and share the link from the URL in the address bar. Hope that’s not too geek to understand… =o)

    • My belief is perhaps one of his flat mate might have done it.What i can’t understand that he has a dog and that dog was locked up in his room all of those days how comes they didn’t hear him howling or crying since he wouldn’t have had food for days and not able to go out side or what ever the arrangement would have being as to how the dog would be taken care of when he was away?Plus they said that water was all over the place because the bath room shower or tub tap was left running..Why did it took nine days for them to figure out that Travis was missing.The fact that he was to have a conference call on the June 4th and no one could find him.So if they didn’t hear from him in days and if that was not his habit of going MIA with communication why would they allowed so much days to go by without inquiring,His Cancun trip was not i guess until some where around the time when they notice no one can’t find him which would have been on the 9th when they found him.His body was in decomposing state and you are telling me that none of his flat mates didn’t smell anything out of the ordinary? Some one is lying as far as his flat mates are concern.Why the hell that chick told the cop that Jodi made threat to TA even when they have no clue where Jodi was or even if she has anything to do with TA missing,and how convenient it was for that flat mate to point out Jodi picture on her face book to the detective as to the person they should be looking for.

  36. This is the jail number where she is being held if you call and ask they should give you a booking number. (602) 876-1222 I have no phone at this time… my email is Could someone pleaase give me the number so I can write her?

    • @Meagan may be it would be a good idea to post the# on here i am sure Jodi would love to know she has a lot of people rooting for her.If she get the most corresponding in jail that would certainly show that a lot of people are on her side.Give those prison guard some thing to do other than to be on camera showing bloody Nancy Grace around as to where Jodi stay and what kind of food she eat.I swear i would be one of the first person to write her.

  37. Not only someone cleaned up the bathroom and left her palm print and hair, but turned her license plate upside down to make sure cops would know she was on that highway.

  38. OMG, i love the minds on this forum…….
    this is what its about, IMO.

    again, wldnt one of the roomies have seen the bloody hand print

    • The youngest brother was only 14-15 at the time. Has Jodi’s other brother ever been to court? Or her older sister?

  39. I think the defense wants he jury to know she is in jail and they WANT them to know of her propensity to be suicidal as it speaks to her state of mind continued depression.

  40. I still think she shot first, then stabbed him (most were in the back to the side b/c I believe he was lying on top of her and she was stabbing him to get her off). I think she fled and somebody took advantage of this crime of opportunity and finished him off with the jab to the heart then throat slash. Dustin hated him for sexting with his wife. Wife originally report DUSTIN to the police as a suspect but now she’s dead so she cannot be questioned (how freakin’ convenient).

    • I know I feel there is some sexual thing going on there with Dustin Ashley an Travis? from the comment she left on his my space page was very odd. But I do not know if that is meaning from her ? or her husband at the time Dustin? He had a very odd wish list from that site I went too some people go both ways an is that possible in this case? She said Dustin was acting strange after the death of Travis?

      Ashley Reed

      “rear naked choke hold”…? i thought mormons didn’t practice beastiality 🙂

      5 years ago

  41. cant u imagine if numri had a choke collar on poppycock……

    objection…. and he just pulls it a bit tighter

  42. There goes Kermit side bar,and we all know What NURMI is leading to when he asked if she was a church member never asked Jodi says.

  43. Does anyone know what is wrong with Jodi today she looks like she has lost a lot of weight within a short period of time

    • i know…… i love it
      hes just the kind of pipsquit who cant hide the fact hes being told no

      my 3 year old daughter does the same thing when i tell her NO

  44. Guys, I’ve been reading up on the Doug Grant case; I know a lot of you posted about that and I had been aware of it because I watch ID all the time (well, when the trial isn’t on), so I”ve seen JM on ID as well. I know he covered the Grant case and some of you mentioned some of his antics there. I just have this whole wonder of what is going on with LDS and these strange murder cases.

    • I agree with you Kris, I watched that on ID as well. They are a strange bunch of folks, don’t care for them at ALL.!!!

    • Me Too since all these LDS people are coming on various anti Jodi programs and stating things that are just ridiculous. They had a psychic on.

  45. I almost wish JA could say, after all this time, I have no idea why I put up with his shit. In the end, he was going to kill me and I had no choice but to defend myself. I understand how it doesn’t make sense to anyone who wasn’t abused that this would make any sense.

    Does anyone think that JA still doesn’t realize the depth of the abuse she experienced?

    • Jodie, I believe because it happens slowly over time she didn’t realize just how bad it really was. Also due to as she had said, she was focused on making him happy. What made him happy was sex and while at the same time gave her some attention which was her reward. She was blind, focusing only on getting whatever time with him she could, by the only way she knew worked for him.

  46. I don’t even see most of the comments i’ve made.Very frustrating.I just really want to know will the room mates be called to the stand or does anybody even know this yet???????It just seems like they are leaving very rellivant(sp) things out !!!

  47. Joseph Smith founder of LDS, used his so called ‘religious authority’ to get laid, like many cult leaders before & since. He eventually had 28 wives. Threatened eternal damnation if they didn’t marry him, (hey it worked). He was as ego-maniacal, placing himself at equal footing with god & Jesus. He also believed that native Americans were a lost tribe from Israel, black people having dark skin because they’ve sinned against god, the Garden of Eden located in Missouri, & magic underwear

    • This woman who left LDS tells her story her husband was very disturbed molested her children she gives a somewhat balanced account of her personal experience with LDS. I personally believe its a cult and the Ross institute that studies cults views this as a cult. From the Cultish behavior of the Friends of Travis, I can see them covering up. The media keeps telling you she is a liar.

  48. Okay at this point on the comments problem, I’m thinking the ankle biter must have hacked in…..Our comments are as fragmented as JM’s cross….lol.

  49. this judge is so unprofessional. she does a lot of eye rolling, sighing, and general facial ticks that show prejudice.

  50. Hearing Travis’s voice makes me sick to my stomach. “You gotta admit, not many guys would do that.” So full of himself. Such a douche. No one deserves to die for being a huge douche, of course. But a huge douche is exactly what he was. No woman who had self esteem would ever want to have anything to do with him. Or at least I hope not.

  51. Alright, the Travis highlight reel….. that was just a little hilarious. And then the look on sister Sam’s face, she looked kind of speechless for once.

      • I didn’t actually listen to it during the trial. I heard about 20 seconds of it and then just figured aaaah, this guy is just another typical douchebag jock who thinks he’s all that….

    • It was soo good to be able to see and hear what he said on the tape. Because I couldn’t make any of it out the first time it was played!!

  52. Summer, yes I was hearing the tape. Don’t know where my response will show up in the comments though…

  53. O my, that sex tape again. Is this going to be played for the jury again? It needs to be, it needs to be (pardon) pounded into the jury’s heads.

  54. Hopefully this is gonna post. Thank god for that tape,phone sex.That proves his behavior was a little off.But i’m still having a VERY hard time believing Jodi did this all by herself in the amount of time givin.Are they going to make the room mates get on the stand ????

    • Me too. I kept quiet an did not vote not guilty until I heard his actual VOICE the condescending self righteous I am Mr. Alexander voice. I am above all an you are beneath me. I have met men like that is it is a horrible but gut feeling you know he is just so conceited he really loves himself so much he could never really love another. Some women are attracted too that as it is SELF CONFIDENCE an STRENGTH but to me it is a person who is demanding an expects people to fall all over him. A constant bragger also………..OH I PACE MYSELF he said ………..Really ? TOUCH YOUR SELF………….she could not talk normally it always went back to SEX.

  55. Does anyone have a private investigator who could run background checks on all the players we have questions about? There are public records that are free, but a p.i. could do it quickly and if they could donate it since they likely have a paid membership in a service or something.

    It’s time to drag some mud where it belongs!

  56. Wow HLN saying that out of “respect” of their veiwers they won’t be showing sex tape. It is key for people to see! It shows how much control TA had over what they did sexually.

  57. Oh I just got this evil and brilliant idea that all of Jodi supporter should flood FB and Twitter page of Nancy Grace,JVM,Vinnie Politan,Dr Drew,Ryan Smith and the rest of the HLN and In session pests.with messages and even duplicate them over and over again.

    • I WISH they would I stopped going because I was alone an felt like the MAJORITY is obvious on those pages it is RARE to find one comment from someone that see’s Jodi’s side the ugly horrible comments of her DEATH really upset me. I feel like they are all witch head hunters wanting to burn her at the stake an laugh about it while saying Travis was this innocent saint of a Mormon man.

  58. Can anyone tell me if the defense attorney has questioned Jodi in detail about the vicious text message Travis sent Jodi in which he states that she betrayed him? If so, did she say what he felt betrayed about?

  59. I am starting to think Jodi needs a better lawyer. Case and point remember the Susan Wright trial? That girl stabbed her husband nearly 200 times….. why does not the press bring Susan Wright up? They bring up Casey Anthony….. two completely different cases. Jodi by what I can tell is when a man confronts her she says “yes” and is very withdrawn. You can tell she suffers abuse….defense team come on stop talking sex and texts prove this girl was abused….. if Texas sentenced Susan Wright to 20 years and she may get out in 2014….get to work and help Jodi!

  60. Oh wow summer, good question. I think I’ve asked the same thing myself, about guys like Jerry Sandusky that get married because they might think it will “cure” them. Travis said the same thing to Jodi in the letters (the ones Martinez claims to be forgeries), that if he married her things would be different.

      • Yes, isn’t it in one of the letters Travis wrote to Jodi? I remember hearing/reading about it on HLN and some comments here. From one of the letters that was supposedly proven “fraudulent” because it didn’t sound like Travis.

        I know the Arias family is trying to get the letters out by going to the National Enquirer, I hope they have luck elsewhere so we can see what they said!

    • Go to you tube and search for jodi arias trial and the channel name croakerqueen. She usually uploads them right away.

      The trial video will be up by morning 🙂

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