Jodi Arias Trial – Day 25

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Well… I think the little guy has finally lost the plot. Shouting & gesticulating for 3 hours about gas cans, number plates & gas station receipts just ain’t gonna a cut it with the jury… that’s assuming they didn’t fall asleep during his latest jizz-less performance.

All it proves is that Martinez has no evidence. He’s trying to win this case based on assumption, speculation, hearsay & hot air. But there’s just no way all 12 jurors are gonna be convinced beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. He knows that already. He’s known it for a long while. So has everyone else.


I know it must be beyond infuriating for the TravisTown haters & pedo-huggers, knowing they’re not gonna get the “result” they want… but they had better get used to it – and fast.

Latest score after 4 days?

Jodi 4 – 0 Martinez.

Leave your comments below as day 5 of the Martinez cross examination pissing match continues – and maybe even concludes today.

He’s now got enough rope… let’s see if he hangs himself. We can but hope.

Team Jodi


  1. I can’t wait for Martinez to finish his cross examination! When I watch him I vacillate between irritation at his bullying, boredom from him beating a dead horse so to speak and trying to figure out where his line of questioning is going. If any of of the jurors have ADHD they will have tuned out Martinez long ago.

    • I heard on one of the tv channels (forgot which exact one) that one black male juror in the back row is slumping in his hair and appears tuned out now. Also, a male juror in front seems like he is getting antsy with JM and one lady juror who was taking notes is now sitting there tapping her pen. Don’t know what it all exactly means, but appears that some of the jurors are getting tired of JM. Could be a host of other reasons too.

      • Maybe we could call into NG and ask the body language expert what they think. Since according to the talking heads what the body language expert says is LAW!!! LOL

    • It is so sad that our Justice System goes hand in hand with the Media!! It’s nothing but a Drama Circus!! No fairness! No Justice! All of them are …. Grabbing for the spot light & their moment of fame! It is sad what it has all come too. That’s is one of the reasons so many innocent people are put away!!
      Whatever happened to “proving guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt”?

      • You are exactly right… I first started watching the trial on HLN and Trutv and couldn’t believe the wolf pack mentality displayed in these commentators blood lust. It put me in mind of the old Roman coliseums where death of others was strictly entertainment. Needless to say I now watch on computer Internet. What every citizen of this country should really be concerned about is this demonstration of the abuse of this nations justice system and how it is manipulated by the good old boy scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours to get a conviction anyway possible. Case in point; ME lied under out as to changing his interpretation of the autopsy after getting with DA and lead detective reluctantly followed suit only after he realised his job was on the line if he did change also and comply to the DA’s theory that the gun was last through a dead brain. and CNN and all their affiliates promote the ridiculous theory even though it doesn’t match any of the physical evidence. SAD SAD SAD!!!

        • Sorry for the misspeak I hope Martinez doesn’t see it or I’ll have hell to pay ha ha… I meant to say……. ‘lead detective reluctantly followed suit only after he realised his job was on the line if he did(NOT) change also and comply to the DA’s theory that the gun was last through a dead brain.’

      • So agree! Media is already saying she is guilty, I pray they eat there words. Jodi looks so worn out:( Martinez is doing this on purpose….she is abused,has been pretty much all her life…. another man bashing her its a pattern…. her abuse is the type will she will agree with everything…. okay Jodi’s attorney….. its time to play hardball…..hang in there Jodi!

    • I am new here and I want to start with saying I apologize if I offend anyone that is not my intention,
      I just want to rant somewhere without people jumping all over me because they have already
      convicted her.
      If I was on that jury I would vote to let her go just because of the way they are treating her!!!
      God Martinez is such a douche today. I can’t believe that her attorney hasn’t objected for
      badgering already. She has kept her cool way longer than I could have. They would have
      had to drag me off of him, with my hands wrapped around that throat of his!!!
      This ass is acting like he doesn’t know a linebacker doesn’t know what lunge means!
      And that freaking attitude of his “DID I ask you THAT!!!
      While I am bitching here I guess I will put that idiot Vinnie whatever his last name is
      from In Session up there with him. He’s a male version of Nancy fat face. . Geez they are
      convicting her in the media. You can’t tell me none of these jurors are watching this shit.
      I just popped in here cuz I can’t stand this guy anymore without going off. The other sites are all crucifying her, acting like Travis was some freaking angel. Well yeah they are only asking
      HIS friends.
      I don’t want to insult anyone here of the mormon faith but does anyone else think Travis
      old boy seemed :kinda gay” for real? like he said to Jodi during one of their photo shoots?
      AND what better cover than being a mormon – no physcial contact without it violating their
      rules. and it sure would explain his obsession with the anal sex. Maybe she saw him
      looking not at little boys but at young men in underwear. Hell did they search his
      computer for clothing catalogs?
      I know Travis’ family is probably tired of listening to all their sexcapades but why doesn’t
      someone tell her lawyers to tell the judge to tell the heavier sisterone to quit sitting there
      rolling her eyes and shaking her head? If we can see it the jury damn sure can
      Martinez must be gay also, he can’t understand why she says Travis made her feel
      like a prostitute?? So they did a certain act a million times, when he wipes his dick
      shoves it back in his pants and throws chocolate at her – he might as well be throwing
      money – hell who wouldn’t feel like a prostitute??
      I think Travis wanted to take it in the ass and he didn’t like those feelings so he punished J
      odi by doing that to her.
      OK she lied, she snapped after Travis did SOMETHING to her who knows if it was slap her –
      kick her just degrade her for the millionth time, screw her and throw her clothes at her or a
      10 dollar bill and tell her to get out. who knows WE WEREN’T THERE!!! From the sound of it Travis’ “friends abused her also!!! I don’t doubt shes blocked alot of this out. And she
      snapped did all those things to him – which was overkill but 2 years of abuse hell it was bound to happen. These 2 had a toxic relationship. One of them was going to die that was the only way this “relationship” could end. She loved him and didnt want to or couldn’t let go, and he
      wasn’t about to give up his human sex doll. then when she did snap back to reality and see
      what the hell happened she freaked out – who wouldn’t. She was scared, and the way
      everyone treated her she knew no one would believe her and she ran . Its called self
      preservation. Then she got herself in too deep with the lies on top of leaving. Yes she
      SHOULD have called police – but with Travis’ cheerleaders who would have believed her.
      NO ONE like no one does now. With JM jumping all over her its no wonder she can’t
      think straight. Travis’ life is over but hell so is hers. Even if she gets off she has to live
      with this for the rest of her life.
      I wish her lawyers would have done a better job prepping her for cross.
      OK I am done – I could go on for hours but I am going to watch the end of this travisty and
      then I need to get some sleep.

      • Laura I’m not gonna jump down your throat, but check this out. First off the way these proceedings are going is a big waste of time. She has already admitted to the killing. So there is no doubt to guilt in this matter, and as far as I can see the state has a right to punish her for that. What this trial SHOULD be about is was it self defense or not. Considering the injuries to the body and the lies she has (self admittedly) told, prosecutor Martinez’ line of questioning is perfectly correct. But he could accomplish the same thing with less time spent on irrelevant lies and less vehemence. At times he looks like a small child throwing a tantrum.She is guilty (by admission) so I have no personal love loss for her, but neither do I have it for those prosecuting her. The courts and the media in this country turn very serious social issues such as these into a circus for entertainment. Such a horrible disrespect to the defendant, her family, the victim and his family. It’s pretty sick. Enough said. Have a nice day all

      • Laura——I agree with many of your sentiments. The media is so biased that it has become obscene. It is sad because they have no interest in searching for the truth. Nancy Grace is a behavioral disgrace. Vinnie Politan is a full fledged nut. They would be pathetic thinkers on a jury. That is a frightening thought. I am shocked that the Prosecutor is allowed to behave as he does. Sadly I think we have a legal system but not neccessarily a justice system. While I recognize this is painful for Mr. Alexanders family, I am surprised that the Judge allows the one sister to roll her eyes constantly. Evidently the Prosecutor and family members may behave however they wish.

    • Been reading a few comments about the jury and their ages. I am age 69. I think my age helps Jodi’s trial. The past 50 years of my life have experienced love over and over and my heart can reach out in so many ways to Jodi. If I were a juror, my long earned wisdom as a woman can only be compassionate to step in the shoes of Jodi Arias. God will be good to Jodi and hopefully those seniors sitting in the Jury Box.

      • I agree we senor citizens have more experience at life and it’s pitfalls ‘if we can remember them’ sincerely, 63 and still trying to remember everything.

      • I am 40 and can totally relate to her……I have met SOOOOOOO many men just like Travis Alexander….I guess I had the benefit of true friends and a united family to help me see the errors of my ways…but at times it could have easily gotten to the place of no return…why is it so hard for people to understand that he treated her like shit and she kept going back…millions of women do it all over the world every day….who knows, maybe she just wanted acceptance, a circle of friends, love…not too much to ask for…she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong people in her life……In the end it was self preservation that led to so many lies…’s what we humans do, self preservation….which ultimately led to Travis’s death…it was obviously him or her….!!!! If all this was planned so meticulously……why do it in such a brutal fashion….why not make it clean and simple…..why go to all the trouble of getting gas in advance so as not to be connected to mesa and then phone him from her OWN mobile…why not usa a pay phone?????.nothing points to a premeditated murder….why have sex and photos before hand, why not do it when she first got there, why not do it when he was asleep….so many quesions will be left unanswered and am afraid they always will be…..but I can relate to her…it doesn’t make what she did right…but we all have our limits and those limits are different from person to person…..she didn’t plan it, and I know that she would take it all back in an instant if she could…..

    • It really is disgusting that our legal system allows prosecutors to behave so inhumanely. If they are decent, half way intelligent human beings they should be able to ask questions without being so demeaning and hostile. I am completely turned off by this jacktard. I cannot imagine anyone in that jury not feeling empathy for Jodi with the way he is attacking her. She’s already admitted she killed him, how many different ways can he pound on her for that??? He is annoying me beyond belief!!

    • One thing about cases such as this, it helps discipline our thinking and better than working cross word puzzles and definitely more significant.

  2. This was taken from a “secret support site” of Jodi’s on Facebook. One of the subscribers had been in the court room for several days and listed the age/race of each of the jurors. It’s quite interesting: Here is the breakdown in case you are interested. Juror #1 70s WM, #2 30s WF, #3 50s WF, #4 70s WM, #5 60s WM, #6 30s WM, #7 50s WM, #8 late 20’s Hisp M, #9 40s WF, #10 70s WM, #11 60s WM, #12 30s WM, #13 60s WF, #14 30s WF, #15 70s WM, #16 50s WF, #17 60s WM, #18 60s WF.

    • What does that mean to you? Sounds like a fair variety of ages. Anyway I part of the jury selection for three days but was not picked that is why I am so interested in this case. I was basically opposed to the death penalty except in very extreme cases which is probably why I was not picked. They screened everyone very carefully and both lawyers had a say in who they did pick. I think it was handled fairly and everyone picked had an open mind about all the aspects of the case.

      • It was made “secret” due to all of the negative responses and posts left from Travis supporters when pages remain “public”. The administrator only allows people from other friends to join the group through request in order to eliminate anyone on there for the wrong reason. They only have approx 44 supporters and always look for people to join! The administrators link when searching Facebook is /Stacey.ensorfisher. I would suggest sending her an inbox message for the group request

    • This is not good – way too many old people who are likely not tech savye. They don’t understand how email works or digital cameras. They likely don’t have a lot of knowledge about domestic violence.

      They would not understand nail parlors, cheap car rentals – and they would have not tolerance for sexual behavior.

      So much for a ‘jury of her peers”. Where is the 20-age group representation?

      • BUT, it could work in her favor.. shes beautiful, and u know that one of the men on the jury at least is going to empathize with jodi and what she has been through.. if they are disgusted by the sexual aspect, then they should be disgusted with travis equally, if not more.. and as far as the technology, it could also work in jodis favor bc the prosecutor has spent hrs upon hrs hammering away at the texts and calls.. maybe they tuned out and have no interest in it which, imo, would be good bc i dont think the texts and phone calls are necessarily beneficial to her defense..

      • Simular thoughts came to my mind concerning the jurors .
        There are many older white males & females. This can have both good and bad points. They most likely arent going to use social media as much or if at all so probably wont understand the constant messages, posting of photos or anything else common to how younger people use them.

        Also when that generation was growing up their idea on what was respectable behavior for females was *very different. So how females behave now would be seen as, well for lack of a better term whore-ish. So
        considering how Martinez has been painting out JA to be, I would be
        concerned about the older jurors believing him.

        Also that age group knows quite a bit about domestic violence. Most women
        of that age group had no choice other than to put up with it as it was usually
        one income household. DM was hidden even more so then and rarely spoke
        of. So I think the older females will be a plus on that issue but the older males a minus.

      • I’m 60 and that is so not true. I think she will have a better chance with older jury The comments I’ve read from the 30 and 40 age people are so evil and mean.

        • I agree, not true. Am elder too.
          It is not the sex that offends me, it’s the abuse.
          Respectable behavior for a man, and moreover for a religious mentor, motivator, priest or what not, is certainly not to seduce, to pervert, to control, to degrade verbally and to use his converts or altar boys for sexual services, and moreover to manipulate the victim to believe he is the greatest guy on earth.
          Did Travis get paid for converting Jodi?
          How many other women was he religiously “motivating”?

          She has a better chance with older women and men, especially women.
          So many young men are so used to porn in which women are debased that they call it “normal sex”, and so many young women are trained from high-school to offer sex services to boys for free they might think of it as normal too.

          • I agree, I think the roles that have been given to Men & Woman in this sick culture is very detrimental to the mental health of many. Jane Velez states that many people engage in the sexual practices that Travis & Jodi did. I don’t agree with Jane but since she thinks this is normal we that speaks volumes about what type of person she is. The Un Natural relationship which existed between Travis & Jodi is what lead to this tragedy. Jodi obviously wanted to please him he used her abused her & to deny this is to deny our humanity. I do not condone the killing of Travis, but no one would plan to stab a person 29 times fear rage are the reasons why did she fear him. I believe he did get angry over the camera. The fact is that this is not a Death Penalty Case & I believe the prosecutor over reached. The media is so bent on killing her that they are now exposing how truly vile their motives are. Sexually Deviancy is Un-Healthy for many reasons, Violence and Hatred are part of that. Travis had no respect for woman or even God, His hypocrisy was not falling from grace it was intentional. he used sex to control her even one of his Mormon friends who supported him changed his mind due to Jodi Arias description of the Baptism he said she described it very accurately & he did believe that Travis engaged in these sexual acts right after the baptism. The fact that he was seen as a person who led her into the faith is enough for her to see him as a mentor and create confusion. This practice of his is known as LOVE BOMBING to recruit and control victims it is used in cults. If you read about LOVE BOMBING techniques you will see how manipulative these types of people can be.

          • Jane Velez-Mitchell is an idiot. The nature of the sex acts isn’t the point; it’s the fact the two were engaging in premarital sex AT ALL, in defiance of Mormon beliefs, is the issue. Travis risked his standing in the church because he was engaging in proscribed conduct, and hence this was the major reason why he kept his true relationship with Jodi a secret and falsely called her a stalker. It’s the fact Travis painted himself to his friends and family he was a 30-year-old virgin when he wasn’t anything of the kind. It is the hypocrisy that is the point.

            JVM’s a moron.

          • If you know the nuances of this case the following excerpts from the website mentioned above is fascinating:

            Love bombing is the most malicious and deceitful portion of the entire relationship. It is filled with charm, lies, mirroring, feigned affection and LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX. ALL of this is strategic, you’re targeted in this way to bring you into relationship with him/her and to do it quickly. This stage is EXTREMELY important for the psychopath because it determines to him how many boundaries you willingly allow him to violate and how good of a job he can do to get you deeply hooked into a relationship, so that when the abuse starts, you will stay. The better at love bombing the psychopath, narcissist is, the harder it will be for you to escape.

            Survivors hang on for dear life at this stage. They believe that everything they are feeling and thinking that the psychopath is doing is REAL LOVE, when it is nothing but strategic manipulativeness, deception and filled with lies. The survivor believes his declarations of “soul mate” and often sex is used early and as a weapon to bond us more to him.

            … Fortunately, many of us will get out, but there are so many more who will not, as they blindly and dependently hold onto the psychopath’s initial presentation with love bombing and feigned devotion. There is more to it than all the illusion that comes with this. Many of us are vulnerable when the psychopath happens on the scene. Many of us come from abuse backgrounds and psychopaths know it. Even loneliness can make you a target, but generally speaking there is more going on within us, that makes it open season for the psychopath to infiltrate our lives.

            The better at love bombing the psychopath is, the harder it will be to let go. The harder the victims will work to get back to “that place” again with him, never understanding that it never existed to begin with. They endure more and more abuse for a chance to relive those first few weeks, months or years in the relationship. He counts on it. Many psychopaths that do this, will lead you up to the moment in which you wish for a commitment, only to turn around and leave the relationship, cheat or play the push/pull game with you, BUT, just as many psychopaths are also wish to race you to the altar so that he can then get from you what he wants, money, sex, trophy wife. A piece of paper with a psychopath on the speedway of love is NOT looking for a “commitment”. For the disordered, this word has no meaning.

          • SUZ LOVE BOMBING is real used in cults very popular with many LDS people, recruiting. A friend of mine was approached by a cult they are extremely friendly to recruit you. When you reject them they drop you like a hot potato. This should be brought up by the defense because it magnifies the problem. Listen to all his friends They are something out of a science fiction movie.

        • exactly carol i agree with you she will have a better chance with an older jury. its just that the older generation isnt like the younger bcuz the younger can be so mean.

      • If all of us seniors were conservative ostriches sticking our heads in the sands of silly inhibitions I would have to agree with you. But we are not all that naive to the realities of life. best to you young friend


    I finally remembered to post this. I think it explains a lot. It’s often what dementia patients do, but it could apply to anyone with a memory impairment.

    Confabulation is a memory disturbance that is characterized by verbal statements or actions that inaccurately describe history, background, and present situations.[1] Confabulation is considered “honest lying,” but is distinct from lying because there is typically no intent to deceive and the individual is unaware that their information is false.[2] Although individuals can present blatantly false information (“fantastic confabulation”), confabulatory information can also be coherent, internally consistent, and relatively normal.[2] Individuals who confabulate are generally very confident about their recollections, despite evidence contradicting its truthfulness.[3] The most known causes of confabulation are traumatic and acquired (e.g., aneurysm, edema) brain damage, and psychiatric or psychological disorders (e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease).
    Two distinct types of confabulation are often distinguished: spontaneous and provoked.
    Spontaneous, or primary, confabulations do not occur in response to a cue[4] and seem to be involuntary.[5] Spontaneous confabulation is also relatively rare and may result from the interaction between frontal lobe pathology and organic amnesia, and is more common in cases of dementia.[6]

  4. This site is the only one I’m aware of where the people commenting are actually discussing the evidence, the testimony and how the defense and prosecution are presenting their case. I enjoy reading all the different points of view and many times I’ve thought “oh, I never looked at it that way.” Even when there are differing opinions everybody is civil and respectful of each other. We are critical thinkers and can see areas where Jodi could have done better. The pro-prosecution sites seem to be a lot of hateful, nasty and mean comments. They rarely if ever look at things objectively and anybody who has a different opinion is totally vilified. They allow themselves to be spoon fed how to think by HLN and In Session instead of looking at the evidence and the law. (Guilt beyond all reasonable doubt).

    • agreed, tina.. thats why i am so happy i found this site! i had the exact same experience with every other site… while we believe in jodi’s innocence at the core, we are still able to respectfully disagree about areas of the trial that some of us might perceive differently.. i know after reading other’s opinions, ive had the chance to look at many things in a different light..

    • yes,Tina you’re right.we are all grateful for this site and all the people here who are respectful and treat this whole matter as it is:looking at the evidence and watching this woman’s fight for her life and not a media circus as most other people out there seem to think.

    • I spent some time on the State vs Jodi FB site. At first I blasted them for being ignorant haters. But I was surprised to get some reasonable input. I told them (the truth) that I wanted to get a different viewpoint. It actually was helpful. But I also got vilified by a few people and told to leave by others. Finally a moderator told me I could stay but to be respectful to the Alexander family and stay on topic. I only posted one more time – to tell them about the lunch rules. They were ranting and raving how they didn’t believe it was true.

    • Yes Tina, this is the only site that we can talk about both sides. I have a tweeter account and I re-tweeted like 7 messages, a few to Nancy Grace which I am very disappointed of her by the way, and a few to JVM and Vinnie, but I didn’t get no response off course.

    • I went to the travis sit on facebook and said I did not think she should die for what she did to him and the hate message I got were over 30 they cursed me said bad words to me so I closed down what I typed so I wouldn’t have to read all the hate. They thing Travis is a saint and he did no wrong and I disagree with that he used her and then pushed her aside and not telling all his friends about them …. the religious do gooder’s all beleived he was selabet …. any woman getting sex as they described would make me a made woman. Just be carefull of what you say to the Travis lovers the are brutal…..

      • “Devil or angle whichever you are….” how many of us are old enough to remember those lyrics… sometimes age helps in these situations.

  5. I love the clip, SJ! I have always thought there might be a very interesting twist to this defense strategy, and really hope this clip foreshadows what is to come. I can’t wait to see what else is in store, and I completely see even more vindication to come! GO TEAM JODI!!!!!

    • Kira – another random thought I had this morning. I used to really think highly of Beth Karas a couple of years back. I felt she always very professional and ethical and found her very partial. But, I see her being toatlly opposite now. I hate to see this from her – always thought she was one of the best.

      • Ya know I had the same ‘thoughts’ about her and Jean too. I ‘think’ that secretly they know that JM has blown this case with his ‘irrelevant’ line of questioning but can’t say what they really want because they’re under ‘HLN contract’ which is VERY pro prosecution?

      • I have also thought that JVM looks like Michael Jackson. Especially the nose. Do you think they had the same plastic surgeon? lol

      • Yes she changed I have noticed that too an also the older lady with kinda of reddish shoulder length hair I can ‘t think of her name? (Jane) she usually is not on track with all the others an a few days she disagreed with the panel an then wham she changes back to the other side? It is like they are afraid to go against the majority for fear of something?

          • they most certainly have for me, I only watch on computer feed now .It’s a double edged sword though, if we demand media coverage this is what you get, if we demand the trial be in a vacuum the possibility of this type of misconduct in the case sends many innocent to the death house, so whats to do ???

    • Another random observation…..
      I always think of the Twilight movie series when they cut to Travis’ siblings, especially when the brother is there.

    • Jane Valez-Mitchell shows so much excitement as she is talking about this case!! As if she is enjoying it! People like that seems really scary! Don’t respect her or her views at all after seeing how she is reacting!

      • Part of the blood lust wolf pack that want the return of the Roman coliseums… what ever happen to, he that is without sin cast the first stone or innocent until proven guilty by an jury of pears. If they had their way she would be put to death for wearing a green top or dress on the witness stand… did any out there hear that yesterday on CNN affiliate coverage? what mentality work for CNN please come back Ted.

        • You have nailed it on the head. Our Bill of Rights is being flushed down the toilet in the name of “reality television” and “infotainment.”

          These HLN shows like NG, JVM, and Drew Pinsky’s serve no real purpose in our society but instead are designed to incite a lynch mob mentality.

          They not only test a defendant’s right to a fair trial, but they also sorely test the freedom of speech by abusing it.

          • It’s a double edged sword though, if we demand media coverage this is what you get, if we demand the trial be in a vacuum the possibility of this type of misconduct in the case sends many innocent to the death house, so whats to do ???

  6. Soooo tired of hearing about these damn gas cans – I mean seriously she wanted to make SURE she didn’t run out of gas while driving in the middle of the DESERT!

    • Me too, I could see if they were at all connected to the case, but they are completely irrelevant!
      If Jodi bothered to put the time and effort into getting the cans, and filling them up, for the purpose of remaining “incognito”, why would she keep receipts? What a desperate reach for the state. FAIL, again.

      • Also, The paying partly with cash and partly with a card is completely normal. If she had a limited amount of cash on hand, then splitting up the purchases is just ssssoooooo suspicious! Gosh, how embarrassing. The state should be just completely ashamed of this BS trial.

        • I do that all the time, around town or on a trip. Go back and forth between the debit card and cash. It’s so normal, not some great pre-meditation scheme.

          • Same here – I go between cash, american express, discover, visa – I don’t know why I do, but I just do.

            Often I fill up and while filling up with credit, i’ll but my drinks inside with another credit card, or with cash.

      • or why trying to remaibn incognito as you say and turn the licence plates upside down HERSELF???which would lead to drawing attention when she supposedly didnt want that to happen!Martinez seems to be reeeeeally lost as to where he’s going with all that sometimes!

        • Lol! And it did just that. She did end up getting pulled over for it. I think at this point, It should be very clear to the jury that Jodi is too intelligent to have committed such a sloppy crime.

          • ”sloppy crime” which according to Kermit was totally premeditated and certainly fits the DP,right??? god almight…

      • Right! And then the argument about how she didn’t keep any receipts that wouldn’t be considered a ‘tax write off’ for PPL? I wouldn’t have kept any irrelevant receipts either so as not to get them all mixed up with the others …


        • You know, when I go to a gas station, usually I don’t get a receipt unless I ask for one. Sometimes they ask, and I say no need, unless I have a particular reason for needing one.

          • And I’ve returned many items to Walmart, sometimes I’ve had to sign a slip for return, other times I haven’t. When I do sign I usually just scribble something as I don’t really feel it necessary for Walmart to have my signature. They usually ask me if I want the receipt back and I usually say no thanks, you can toss it. Nothing unusual there.

          • I only get a gas receipt when I use the debit card and need to keep track of my spending. If I pay in cash I’ve NEVER requested a receipt. No reason for the cash receipt.

    • If she took the gas cans so she wouldn’t have to stop for gas in AZ, why wouldn’t she just use cash to pay for the gas so there is no paper trail.

      • Exactly. JA is much too smart to leave a paper trail like she did. Even the dumbest of criminals would not have left a paper trail this obvious.

      • And I’m pretty sure the MOST gas stations nowadays are equipped with cameras both inside and outside the store. Its almost impossible to make your way across the country without leaving some evidence.

        • Agree Dog. The same with Wal-Mart. If the state really thought there was any merit to the receipts, they would surely have footage. There has been this type of footage presented in countless other cases. Funny how JM expects Jodi to have footage of everything she says in order for it to be believable, but he can’t show footage of Jodi at a gas station or Walmart?
          He even has the receipts with exact times and dates, how hard would the footage be to find?
          Just when you think its not possible, another FAIL!

          • I’d like to know when did the prosecutors start to look for the footage. Could not have been before they discovered Travis? Probably not until after they arrested Jodi mid July???

            So, then the question is, how long are those gas stations and Walmarts known to keep their security tapes? If nothing of significance happens at these places, the tapes are taped over the following month or the following week.

      • I believe she said she was at an ARCO station….the ARCO near me has machines outside where you can put in the pump number and pay cash, then it issues a receipt. All of JM nit picking is so irrelevant and too tedious. RE: make up of jury…a good number of persons over 60. I am over 60 and am much more open minded and capable of more empathy now than when I was younger.

        • She did pay cash….she did not want to be caught on survelience camera in AZ is what I think JM is insinuating. I sincerely hope for her sake the Jury buys her version of events. I have been a paralegal for 13 years and one thing I have learned is a jury is unpredictable. As I understand it, she tried to get a plea deal for murder 2 and avoid a trial, and the pros said No way. Since it is too prejudicial for them to know that, they could think she made up this story to save her a$$ and be really hard on her for what they preceive as dragging the victim through the mud. I am not saying that is what I believe, but I am allowed to know she did attempt to get a plea deal to avoid trial and save the TA family from further pain and embarrassement, the jury isnt. I find this particularly disturbing and it seems that JM wanted Blood and nothing less, and was determined to try this case in the court of public opinion. I am crossing my fingers for this poor girl. I see she tried to do the right thing…and the people who matter most will never even know.

      • If she was trying to be so secretive why keep any of the receipts at all?? If I was going out to commit a crime I would keep anything to do with it. The prosecution is just reaching for anything they can.

        • Truly ridiculous I agree. If Jodi were in her right mind, she would have tossed the receipts in this ‘elaborate cover up’. On the receipts she never bought hair dye either. Could you find a receipt reflecting that? I think there was a Walmart receipt where she bought facial cleaner and two items that were not noted on the receipt except by skew numbers. People searched the numbers and failed to produce proof she purchased hair dye. Nevertheless, the media stated she bought hair dye for months! People still think she dyed her hair on the road even with the pics showing her hair was dyed weeks before! When evidence such as the photos are produced, I have to ask myself what are people thinking when they still argue she dyed her hair! Is it a refusal to accept anything the the defense proves? Same with this idea that Jodi is seductress and that k-y jelly ‘proves” she was the leader of their sex??

          I would gander that even women in healthy relationships have mutual sex at times to please their husbands while pretending to enjoy it. The reason this happens is that women do not want to hurt their husbands’ feelings or let them down. I know this happens because me and my female friends talk.

          So when we see this happening in an unhealthy relationship, it’s very reasonable to conclude Jodi pretended to enjoy certain things that left her feeling used. People argue she never told Travis how she felt. My question is, did travis ever ask? So far, there has no evidence to prove that Travis actually cared how Jodi felt about their sex enough to ask. He brags that she is is sex slave. “I raped you when you were miserable”. Yes let’s NOT forget the sex tapes the haters point out as evidence the relationship was mutual because that tape substantiates Jodi’s story of abuse. If people want to argue that travis and Jodi were into BDSM, well where was the contract? The contract is a big part of that lifestyle yet nothing of that nature has been produced by the prosecution.

          When Martinez argued that a blow job is a blow job ( his words not mine) Jodi was correct in saying the context was different between the two events. She did not know his fantasy included him coldly leaving with a candy bar as payment?!

          Further, Travis saying Jodi was his ‘kryptonite’ has been used to further the state’s theory when I think it further’s the defense’s theory in that he objectified jodi using that metaphor. Jodi (kryptonite) made him feel powerful, not powerless and that imbalance of power is what made the entire relationship abusive.

          While many are lamenting that the final days of cross examination exposed jodi, I saw many openings where Martinez set things up perfectly for the defense DV expert witness. He was Nurmi’s third chair in that regard. Many times Martinez grilled Jodi about whether she had a choice to leave the relationship to which she answered yes. The choice he’s talking about is an illusion in an abusive relationship. Can you imagine what he will say on cross to this experienced expert? Martinez gave her so many openings the expert can now drive a 18 wheeler through his notions and Jodi’s experience will be validated leaving the jury no choice but to believe she was abused therefore, could have been in imminent danger on June 4th, 2008. She will show his attack wasn’t really about her dropping the camera, but instead, travis’ own abuse issues.

          edit: 18 wheeler, not 17 LOL

          • In addition,

            Hater’s who say things such as, ‘Jodi could have chosen to run out of the house’ that day but instead killed him fail to see the flaw in their own logic. When Jodi was running toward to closet to get the gun, could Travis have chosen to run downstairs and out of the house? Yes.

    • She also rented a Ford Focus. Those tanks are awfully small – 13 gallons I believe. Probably a 350 max range.

      Does someone know if she drove via I-5 down to LA and over to Phoenix? Or US-95 through the NV desert?

    • Also – not many gas stations if I recall from LA to Phoenix – and you can’t get there on 1 tank of gas in a Focus. Even if you could, you would definitely go below a half tank. Maybe she didn’t feel like going below the half mark? Some people don’t.

      • Haha I make the trip from Cali to Phoenix many times a year. There are MANY gas stops along the way. She has driven this route many times before while visiting Travis in the past. She knew there were gas stations along the way.

        • I know Sunny.

          On the 390 mile journey from LA to Mesa …

          Palm Springs, CA is 100 miles from LA with a population of almost 50,000.
          Indio, CA is 127 miles from LA with a population of almost 80,000.
          Blythe, CA is about 180 miles from Mesa, AZ with a population of 22,000.
          Quartzite, AZ is 145 miles to Mesa and has a population of almost 5,000.

          If none of these places has a gas station, I’m selling my baseball cards, buying a gas station, and becoming the richest gas station owner in the world. I’ll have a sign out front: “Kick the Can-buy from the gas man”

          • Lonely roads may be true … but where are her gas purchases in AZ? It’s all fine and good to say that she got the gas cans for the lonely roads of Nevada and Utah, but then to use them en route to Mesa supports the prosecution not your lonely desert club theory. I know I know, maybe she didn’t want to stop for gas. Maybe she has an aversion to gas stations in AZ. Maybe it’s too hot in AZ to fill up, blah blah blah.

          • Flagstaff, AZ to Page, AZ 134 miles
            Page, AZ to Kanab, UT 75 miles
            Kanab to Panguitch 67 miles
            Panguitch to Beaver 47 miles
            Beaver to Nephi 115
            Nephi to West Jordon 73
            West Jordon to Wendover 128 miles
            Wendover to Elko, NV 109 miles
            Elko to Battle Mountain 70 miles
            Battle Mountain to Winnemucca, NV 53
            Winnemucca to Sparks 162 miles
            Sparks to Redding, CA 198 miles

            And there’s actually towns in between the ones I mentioned.

            I know I know, the loneliness is almost overwhelming

      • according to the receipt evidence she was only getting at most 15 mils per gal on a car that should get over 30. I would have carried extra gas myself. this indicated a possible leak in the gas tank.

        • You realize that she asked her friend for the gas cans before she rented the car, right? Or are you now going to tell me she researched this vehicle she was going to rent, and knew that although most models of that car average around 30, she found out this one only averaged 15?

          Also, are you talking about the Arco receipts on June 3rd?

          exhibit 237.001
          June 3, 2008 8:42 PM
          ARCO #5125 3706 E. Foothill Blvd Pasadena, CA 92553
          8.301 gallons PUMP #2

          exhibit 237.012
          June 3, 2008 8:46 PM
          ARCO #5125 3706 E. Foothill Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107
          9.59 gallons REGISTER #2, CLERK 2525
          Sale No. 297541

          exhibit 237.013
          June 3, 2008 8:54:52 PM
          ARCO #5125 3706 E. Foothill Blvd Pasadena, CA 91107
          2.77 gallons REGISTER #2, CLERK 2525
          Sale No. 297549

          • I wasn’t aware that cans came before trip started and it was my understanding that the trip from tank fill from Pasadena to next fill of 12 gals was only about 170 miles. please correct me if I’m wrong on this THANK YOU

          • Why is the zip code different from the other two on the first 8:42pm gas pump receipt? The street address is the same.

    • according to DA’s observation of the gas receipts for the car Jodi had rented show it was only getting no more than 12 miles to a gallon of gas. 172 miles on 12 gal which is about half of what should be expected on a small compact car like this.

  7. I just turned to “In Secession”, beause I needed a good laugh, and I definitely got one. The headline reads: ” Jodi Arias: Credibility beyond repair?”
    LLLooooollllllll Hee hee teee heee! OMG! Really?

    It should read, “Juan Martinez: Will he still have a job after this stunt?”

  8. License plate upside down would draw attention from cops to stop you that’s insane he is trying to say she did it for other reasons. Stupid

    • Why would she do it, you are right?

      I’ve never heard of this practical joke before. Is it common? I worked in rental cars for over 12 years and never came across an upside down plate. (I have come across missing plates though).

      • I find this whole episode to be very strange. I have never, ever, ever heard of something like this happening to anyone. There is no logical explanation for it, no matter how you look at it.

        It doesn’t make any sense at all for Jodi to have done it. Even if she had taken off her own plates to be somewhat incognito, and somehow, in her post-killing state of mind, put the back one on upside-down, how did she end up with a third, unrelated plate on the front? (That is what happened, right?)

        But it also doesn’t make any sense for some random kids to have done it. Why? I’ve never heard of anyone doing this, for any reason.

        I’m very perplexed by this whole thing.

        • The theory is that she removed the plates while parked at Travis’s so no one would recognize the California plates. After the murder she drives away parks somewhere and quickly put the plate back on. Because she has just committed such a heinous crime and is probably shaken she accidentally put the plate back on upside down.

        • I’m not 100% sure, but I thought it was that she was stopped by a Utah official. She had the back plate on upside down, and the front plate wasn’t on (she’d put it was inside the car).

          I thought Martinez is trying to say she messed with both plated because she WANTED to be stopped. She WANTED an official document as proof that she was nowhere near Mesa during the time.

          Do I have it wrong?

      • I’ve heard of it and if you’ll not tell anyone we even switched motor plug wires so that car wouldn’t start

    • I just had a thought ! while she was parked at Travis’s house whoever hated her so much as being in his lovely Mormon friends maybe one stopped by that day an thought that would be funny ………….or one of the weird strange roommates even ?

        • I have often wondered if after she shot him, they did the cutting and slicing, becasue they hated her so much. I know its a stretch, but the roommates are highly suspicious wierdos, and the friends are just hateful and evil.
          Then again… is it a stretch?

          • When did the roommates get home? Were they there in the house with him for days?? What happened to the dog he wasn’t whining outside Travis’ door? Kind of strange they were all out of the house for 5 days and no one was called to sit Napoleon? That seems kind of strange to me.

          • I agree – the roommate issue does not make sense. The dog would have been going crazy over the smell, and they say he loved Travis – it would have been barking and pacing non stop.

            Travis led a dual life, perhaps his roommates did as well.

            Again – he had a new roommate that Jodi could not have predicted when or if he would show up. No way was this premeditated.

  9. JM tried to suggest that since Jodi said she still loved Travis but “just in a different way”, as apposed to being still “In love”, she only went there for sex. OMG! The desperation is just ridiculous at this point.
    What about all the other people she visited?

  10. So last night I tuned in to watch Dr. Drew (omg why did I do that?) Anyways it was on the many faces of Jodi Arias. They think the longer she’s on stand the worse it’s going to get for her because according to them Mtz cornered her in every direction. NOT REALLY…it’s more of a bully front than anyting in his part. Jodi has done a great job and kept her composure answering questions as best she can. She handles Mtz very well and he knows she’s stomped on his feathers hahahaha. Mtz is ready to have his mental breakdown HAHAHAHAHA.

  11. seriously this is dragging. I mean supposedly the state has so much evidence and they are asking her about trivial stuff. If you do not think any of her defense is true then do one or things to try to discredit then drive home the physical evidence. Martinez needs to realize Jodi can stay right there with him on questioning she is not going to crack. His only real option is to drive home the fact that she admitted to killing Travis. That should have taken about a day and then we could move on. I want to see the experts!

  12. I can not understand for the life of me how anyone could say, with a straight face, that JM has been effective at anytime, in any way during this joke of a “cross examination”.

  13. I was thinking last night… if I came out of a store, and as I was pulling away I saw a license plate, and if I got out and saw my front plate was missing, I would NOT run around to the back of my car and compare the two plates. I would assume the plate was mine (what are the chances that someone else left a plate, at the same time I was missing mine) —

    I would throw it in the car and get the hell out of there.

    I really wish he would stop beating a dead horse.

    Then again, I think it does help Jodi, so maybe it is okay he is rambling beyond comprehension.

    • Trying to think through the messed up license plates logically…

      As I understand it, JA ended up with two license plates that did not match each other on her rental car. (I do not know if those two plates were both CA license plates.)

      As I understand the facts: One of the plates was inside the car on the floor by the front passenger seat. On or near the front bumper of the car, the plate was missing. The rear of the car had a plate fixed to it but it did not match the plate that was on the floor by the front seat, and that rear plate was affixed to the car in an upside down position, at some point. (I believe she was pulled over for that.)

      The plate that was turned upside down: One might consider whether the characters on the plate included the letters “H” “I” “L”, “M”, “O”,”X”; even “Q”, and if some of the #’s were 1,6,7,8,9 or 0 because any worker could inadvertently attach such a plate in an upside down position after maintenance if the person were in a hurry, i.e. having a whole fleet of cars to take care of especially if the rental place were understaffed as some are nowadays.

      So, first, I wonder this: If a driver wanted to “fly under the radar”, by removing the front plate, why would that individual then retain the plate, keeping it inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle? Why not toss it? At the very least, wouldn’t such an individual put it in the trunk? If it were a rental car, couldn’t that driver claim that they never noticed whether there was a front plate on the car – at least, when they began to drive it – and get rid of it?

      In an innocent scenario, if a person were NOT attempting to conceal their movements, the plate, if it fell off the car or became loose, could be taken off the front of the car and placed by the front windshield on the dashboard, but that is not a safe thing to do, especially when driving at a high speed because any swerve could send it flying into a passenger’s face if there were no way to secure it on the dash. The innocent move would be to put it on the floor of the front part of the passenger compartment so it would be at the ready if one were pulled over.

      But here is the most significant fact of the license plate issue: They do not match. Two different I.D.s. So, where would a mismatched plate come from? How could you end up with both 1) a mis-matched plate & 2) an upside down plate?

      1) A mis-matched plate would not likely have been on the rental car in the first place. 2) There has been some tampering and/or a mistake has been made in affixing the rear plate but by whom?

      If one had created an elaborate scheme whereby a phony (stolen) plate would substitute for the real one for a period of time, and then the real plate were to be re-affixed later but was done hastily and ended up upside down, why wouldn’t one toss out the “fake” one after the real plate was re-affixed, whether or not the schemer was aware that the real one was re-attached in a faulty manner? I find it very, very difficult to believe that, having knowingly placed the “fake” plate on the front floor of the car, Jodi then returned the vehicle to the agency forgetting about the “fake” front plate that had stood in for, (or was meant to stand in for) the real one at some point during a “premeditated” homicide. She had to remove all of her personal items from the car before returning it. The front of the car, on the floor, where the plate was, is also where most women keep their purse when driving. But again, if it is an illegal plate and you know that because you stole it from another car, why keep it anywhere in the vehicle when returning the car to the agency?

      Jodi said that when she saw a gleaming object in front of her car (remember, she is on a road trip so there is no room for error; in those circumstances, when you think you might have dropped something, you take no chance and check it out just in case) she got out of the car, realized that it was a license plate on the ground near the front of her car, picked up the plate and saw that her car had no front plate on it. It is now dark out so she doesn’t linger in the parking lot. She puts the plate in the car and drives away. Why linger when one has good reason to believe that miscreants are at large?

      Jodi testified that she remembered some kids were snickering while leaving the parking lot near her car as she was returning to the vehicle from Starbuck’s. So two things do support that story of snickering kids: 1) The fact that the rear plate was discovered to have been tampered with at some point – and 2) the plate that she recovered was the wrong one. Both of these facts are consistent with prank behavior. They suggest, without stretching one’s imagination, that whoever had tampered with her vehicle had tampered with more than one vehicle. When she picked up the erroneous plate, it likely came from a second car in the same parking lot that had also been tampered with. She said she found it near the front of her car but not directly in front of it.

      If she had removed the front plate herself – the plate that would have been on the car when she rented it – it should have matched the rear plate, which is apparently the correct I.D., right?

      There may have been more than one plate lying in the parking lot area that, in the dark, Jodi did not see, and in that moment there was no reason at all for her to scout around for another, since it was obvious that her car lacked a front plate. If you’ve just been pranked and it is dark out, why walk around the car to compare the numbers? She could easily have been frightened and just got in the car so she could get away from that area.

      Even if you do not fully accept that Jodi innocently picked up the wrong plate we can ask ourselves the following questions because every license plate is traceable:

      1) What was the rightful vehicle for the errant front license plate?
      2) Was that errant plate ever returned to the vehicle it was registered to?
      3) Was that vehicle in Pasadena on that date, in or near that parking lot?
      4) Was the driver/owner of that vehicle ever questioned about the loss of the plate and events connected to the missing plate?
      5) Did the second car/its driver end up with an upside down plate, or the plate of Jodi’s rental car?
      6) Did someone (maybe a teenager) in the Starbuck’s parking lot find the actual plate to Jodi’s rental car on the ground and take it home in a “what the heck, I’ll keep it” moment? Is it now on someone’s bedroom door or garage wall as part of a collection?
      7) Or was the license plate that was missing from Jodi’s rental car taken to the police, the DMV, or dropped into a post office box?
      8) Was the erroneous plate actually the I.D. of another rental car from the same agency?

      It is is possible the “tampering” by kids, i.e. the front plate removal and/or plate turning follows a series of mistakes made in haste at a car rental company, but not probable. Was any employee reprimanded for mixing up and/or turning plates at that particular agency?

      If there was no prank scenario and the mismatched plates are attributable to the car rental agency alone, and if Jodi at some point noticed that there were two different plates on her car, looked at the paperwork and then decided to ride with a single plate, utilizing the false one for only a crucial period of time, why wouldn’t she just put the erroneous one back on the front of the car right before she returned it and act as if she never noticed it – or toss it? (Remember, by the time she returned the car she was trying to appear innocent, but she did nothing at that time to conceal the incorrect plate.) If the errant plate was an honest agency mistake that she took advantage of, why not just toss it if it was utilized for nefarious purposes? If it had been an error in the first place that it was ever attached to the car at the rental agency, she could have used it temporarily on the rear of the car and later thrown it out and no one would have been the wiser.

      As for the no-kid-prank scenario in the above paragraph: if she were canny enough to notice the mistake in car I.D.s and then used it to her advantage by affixing the wrong one to the rear of the car for a period of time while keeping the correct one inside the car, why wouldn’t she have been swift enough to realize that she’d re-affixed the rear plate upside down? After re-affixing the rear plate using the correct one, even if it is upside down, one would now want to keep the “fake” plate in the trunk, if keeping it at all. If there is that degree of license plate manipulation going on prior to and after going to AZ, it makes no sense that she would not see the error when re-affixing the rear plate. She takes photos and draws likenesses. People with those skills tend to make good proof readers when and if something matters to them.

      In summary: If she stole the incorrect (front) plate, why return it with the car to the agency, whether or not she ever actually used it externally on the car? If, alternatively, it was just an honest mistake that she took advantage of because she noticed that the front and rear plates happened not to match, why would she not notice that she was putting the rear plate back on incorrectly (after substituting the real one for the wrong one on the rear for a convenient length of time) after having seen what the numbers were when noticing that they did not match in the first place?

      If you have ruled out the possibility that Jodi stole a plate and then returned the car with the stolen plate in it – in the front of the car no less – and if you’ve ruled out the possibility of pranking by kids, what is the likelihood that a person who is planning a murder ends up renting a car equipped with two different plates, notices it, and decides to hatch a plan then and there to use the incorrect plate to their advantage – a plan that involves driving with only one plate for a period of time – after which there is absolutely no similarly crafty cover-up or follow-through?

      Far more likely than the scenario of Jodi taking advantage of a license plate that was attached in error by the agency (or a scenario in which she steals it from another car and leaves it in the rental car at the agency later) and further messing up by re-attaching the correct one incorrectly later (artists are not so likely to make a mistake like that – look at her handwriting)….far more likely is the prankster scenario wherein kids are competing with each other for the most ridiculous-looking joke on a driver. After turning a few plates upside down, it’s quite possible one prankster would want to top another by switching plates altogether – from one car to another. But they might have run out of time….

      I don’t know if it is possible that the car Jodi rented did not have a front plate when she rented it and that maybe that is legal. But if it didn’t have a plate, it is possible that the one she picked up was dropped by kids after they had turned her rear plate upside down. Maybe the plate Jodi found was abandoned when the kids saw her coming and they started walking away, not finishing the upside down prank on another vehicle nearby.

      If Jodi had wanted to have it documented that she was in UT at a certain time, she did not need to prove she was in UT and not AZ by having a skewed plate and trying to get pulled over. As she stated in testimony, tickets are expensive and she tries to avoid them by taking sensible precautions. All she would have had to do to after she decided to cover up her presence in AZ and establish location elsewhere would have been to buy something with a credit card if her phone was not working or she didn’t want to use it.

      It is possible that the rental agency made mistakes with both of the license plates and that since Jodi had not deviously planned to tamper with either of them, she simply put the front plate back in the car after she found it on the ground and never looked at it or the rear plate until she was pulled over for the upside down one.

      It is conceivable that that driver/owner of the second vehicle – if a privately owned one – (the one to whom the erroneous plate belongs if it is not another rental vehicle) is not following the trial; most folks I know are not.

      All of this speculation came to me when I stopped thinking about gas cans and realized what some of the implications were of two different plates being found with Jodi’s rental car. If they in fact did not match, that gives weight to her claim that the rear plate was pranked.

  14. Lol! JM made a point to point out that in the sex photos the KY is in the picture. “The same KY that YOU introduced him to” LOL! Evil Jodi and her controlling, manipulative, KY JELLY! Guilty on all counts of KY jelly introductions!

  15. I expect that JM will be slamming autopsy photos down left and right today. Hope he told Travis’ family in advance this time so that they can leave if they want to.

    • i am sure the jurors and spectators will be kept awake when Juan Martinez shows those crime scene photos and autopsy photos in an attempt to rattle Jodi.

      I fully expect Martinez will hit on the actual murder today.

        • I expect today will be the last day of cross. He’s going to drag it out until the 4:30 hour when court will then be adjourned for the weekend and the jurors are left to stew over the autopsy photos.

    • Yes Kira, You are probably right. Especially now that JM is completely desperate. He is most likely going to stoop to “guilting” the jury into a conviction. Yes the photo’s are awful, and many will argue that, “no one deserves to die that way”. I have a problem with that statement. Did Jodi deserve to die instead?

      • I agree with that too. It would be different if it was a child molester that murders children after abusing them or a serial killer even that tortures people. But this is a self defense case. No one on the other side wants to believe Travis attacked her? this woman has no previous outbursts with other men of being a fanatic that goes bizarre from time to time. Most people would have something in the past. An as far as Travis there are women out there that know he is a PIG but they are too ashamed to bring it out. I imagine his own sisters have seen the side of him that is not so nice but it is more important for them to stand by him an say he was a great man with no faults ever. They want DEATH for Jodi no matter what happened they want DEATH an watch it happen they have stated that on blogs.

      • I agree with you, Kmiller. She does not deserve to die, she doesn’t even deserve to be in prison. She is lucky she got out of that house alive!

  16. I was thinking last night about the license plate. I ABSOLUTELY believe Jodi about what happened.

    First, she was VERY detailed about the bugs on the front of her car, no bugs where the license plate had been, and bugs on the actual license plate.

    Even if you were the BEST liar in the world, that kind of detail would NOT be something a person who focus on.

    IMHO, this had to have happened just as Jodi stated.

    Also, what a dork JM is. When I go to Starbucks, I ALWAYS have the same type of coffee. I even brought this up to a friend who is not watching the trial. She said the same thing – she always gets the same drink at Starbucks.

    Hellllloooooo JM, remembering what a person orders at Starbucks is NOT a strange thing. It’s HABIT!! DUH!!!

    • I agree with you. She said in Direct that she took it with her. I just find that odd that she would have thought to take that with her. not just the rope they used but the extra piece that was cut off. They surely wouldn’t have been together.

      • Wouldn’t she have considered the rope to be just like the gun and knife – incriminating to her? Therefore, she would have taken it? Of course, we still have the nagging question of why she left the camera.

        • I don’t think she meant to leave the camera when the sheets got put in the washer the camera some how fell in there too or was wrapped up in the sheets an she forgot about it while in the heat of the moment to get the hell out of there.

        • leaving camera was not intentional she inadvertently gathered it with bloody cloths and put in washer and spent the next 2 hrs looking for it but finally left without it after not finding it.

    • The missing rope bothers me, too. She says she took it with her, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that a rope was cut and used in the bedroom. There was a rope-like fibre found on the stair, but nothing else, as far as I can remember.

      What are your thoughts, Dynamo?

      • Did Martinez take issue with this during his cross when she brought up the gun in the closet:

        I don’t know if it’s accurate, but it is supposedly from the recorded phone call between Detective Flores and Arias from their very first talk on June 11, 2008, where they discuss whether Travis had a gun:

        JA: “Um, I know you can’t talk about this, um….but was there any type of weapon used? Or…Was there a gun, or…”

        Det. Flores: “I can’t say what type of weapon was used but I’m guessing there was a weapon used by the type of injuries that were left behind. Do you know of him having any weapons at all in the house?”

        JA: “Just his 2 fists, really *haha*”

        Det. Flores: “No handguns? Or rifles? Or — ”

        JA: “No, he wasn’t one to keep any of that.”

        Det. Flores: “No 5-9’s or anything like that?”

        JA: “No, he was more into things like wrestling, UFC, things like that…”

      • There is a picture of Jodi laying naked sprawled on the bed both arms straight out…. it is cut off at the elbows. I am thinking that picture showed the ropes at one time but was cut so that the ropes would no longer be seen, the legs are cut off also.

  17. Another thought as well that will probably come up in today’s testimony. Does anyone know if the police forensics compared bullets from Jodi’s Grandfather’s house with the casing found at the murder scene?

    • Do you mean bullets and casings that have never been fired? I think the casings are too generic for that to be made. If, however, like someone else mentioned on this blog, the grandparents had shot the gun into a target or tree or something, and still had those bullets, then ballistics could compare the two.

      I’ve said it before, Jodi could prove it wasn’t premeditation by getting hypnotized, and retracing her drive route, and by remembering the approximate location of where she ditched the gun. Then 1000+ volunteers and supporters with metal detectors and high tech gadgets could comb the area and produce the gun which the grandparents would then testify as not being theirs. Why aren’t they trying that?

      • they would have to find the stolen gun to match ballistics with the casing on the bathroom floor not the one thrown in the desert by Jodi.

  18. I’m curious what everyone thinks about the secret messages that she is accused of writing to her ex boyfriend via the magazines that were seized by the prison guards?

    • It seems to me it was just a vice to cause the jury to speculate as to what that all MUST have been about. I think if it was to amount to anything of any real substance, JM would have called it out many times over by now.

      • Nurmi gets to follow up with Jodi after this right? If he does, he would talk about the magazine writing, and there’s no way Martinez would allow Nurmi to be the one to expose that it was not her handwriting, or was of little value. Martinez would have to be the one to introduce that now in order to reduce it’s impact later. What do you think?

    • I personally find the magazine articles damning. They illustrate an attempt to manipulate the proceedings, which IMO the jury could be very offended by. I know the defense has already complained about the makeup of the jury and potential jurors that favored the defendent where unjustly dismissed. However, the judge ruled their dismissal was justified, so I am speculating they are likely older and more no nonsense than a younger jury would be. However, that is purely conjecture on my part.

  19. The more I think about the timing the more red flags I get. Everything happened so quickly. Also, it appears that after he was dead she drug him to the shower and washed him off. The police report also said there was a clear plastic cup in the shower. Why would she take the time to do this. Also, after looking at the crime scene photos it looks like parts of the walls were wiped off. There really isn’t any significance of blood on the floor in the bathroom hall either. You would think the CSI’s would have been able to find a shoe print or something. She then thought to lock and close the bedroom door, put stuff in the washer and start it up and put up the dog gate to the stairs. All while the roommates could have shown up at any time. I also think that going through all of that she would have had so much blood on her. She would have dripped blood through the house, there would be blood in the rental car etc. She would not have been able to clean herself up using water from water bottles. Someone else was in that house. Someone who took the time to clean and wasn’t worried about being caught by someone coming home.

        • I have that feeling too. Still bothers me 2 roommates in the house on an off for 5 days an did not smell anything? but when the friends came finally they could smell it right away. That makes no sense.

          • I thought about that also especially the Blood atonement thing.They could have just killed her also no evidence other then her they say Forensic.

    • im having the exact same doubts scrappydoo.she must have tons of time to do all that while on the lookout for his roomates coming back??makes no sense!plus,as you said it makes even less sense that she said she just rinsed herself off with some bottl water in her car,i mean wtf?that place was full of blood and she only had some blood on her hands and feet i think?as for the plastic cup with barely any blood on it in thebathroom it surely makes one wonder but I think only because it was mentioned in Florez’ police report,otherwise it seems pretty trivial.

    • “There really isn’t any significance of blood on the floor in the bathroom hall either” could you please explain this statement or surly you don’t mean as it sound that there is not a significant amount of blood in the hall.

  20. Did anyone see Travis friend on Nancy grace last night
    She was on Dr. Drew the previous night and said she was at
    Dinner with Jodi and Travis had a bad feeling took Travis to the
    Women’s bathroom and told him she has seen darkness around him
    And to be careful but she also sees angles and light
    Around him
    Well last night on Nancy grace she said she thinks
    Jodi is a witch and may have put Travis under a spell
    Ha! What a quack!

    • OMG are you talking about the moron who could barely speak English who stated in her opinion TA was under a spell and JA was a practicing witch? If so, I had to change the channel when I heard that BS, I was like what is the world coming to am I watching the Jodi Arias trial, or the Joan of Arc trial? SOFA KING stupid

    • So much of this case really is a witch hunt. Travis’ friends have gone on television to try to say that Jodi had no soul, her eyes were dead, and that she had a “funky energy.” This is almost verbatim the same attitude the Inquisition had against women in the middle ages. Nancy Grace wanted to hang her right there. It’s hard to believe people are so damn backwards, even in the age of the Internet you’d think ignorance would be a thing of the past. Not so…

      • Martinez and Flores were absolutely conned by Travis’s friends, who in turn were absolutely conned by Travis.

        It’s obvious of course that the whole notion she would travel 1,000 miles to confront Travis AFTER she moved away to get away from the relationship was stupid on its face.

      • WOW I agree that made me angry ! If anything in most photos of them both Jodi looks lively an happy. But Travis looks empty an blank to me only a few photos show him with a genuine smile. But a lot of men are like that in photos try to look all serious an the tough guy look. I am surprised he would even like photos of them together since he was so odd about them being together in front of friends much. I wonder if he was the type of guy to have PHOTOS of himself around his place alone photos. Like look at me.

  21. Fox News panel of prosecutors saying now that JM is most likely being seen as offensive to jurors and that arguing over semantics of words like some or most is not effective with jurors.

  22. The panel said “It is the prosecutor’s case to lose not JA’s to win”. He is over doing the lying when she had already admitted to this. That JM’s tactics will most likely have some jurors feeling sympathetic.

    • It makes one wonder if he isn’t deliberately throwing this case realizing he was a fool for even believing Travis’s friends nonsense about the “obsessive stalker” and knowing he grossly overcharged it.

      • That brief thought went through my head also tonysam….but then I remembered that he is like that in all his cases.

        Really, he was going on the flawed investigation the idiot Flores did….it is actually Flores fault the case stank from the beginning…and now Kermit is as ass for sticking with it.

        • Looks like Jodi admitted in court that it was her foot . What ever happened to the good old days of certainty and doubt about the prosecution and their ludicrous speculation:

          BeeCee says:
          January 27, 2013 at 11:27 am

          Thanks SJ!!!! this is great!!!

          Pic #1 I have never been convinced that it is a pant leg and foot. Socks are extremely slippery on most tile. If one compares the original unenhanced photo from the camera to this one, it is hard to see how they got to this, in the unenhanced, the white stripe looks like the trim on the floor to me instead of a pant stripe.

          #2 the “bottom” of the shoe is too soft. I would expect the bottom of a shoe to have a sharp edge or line…although I guess there might be shoes that have no support on the bottom…still, how does one take their own photo even accidentally like that??

    • This has already been going on for 5 minutes as to the time. More waste of time, his aggression is building up. This is gonna be ugly today. Bless you dear Jodi !

      • Yea here we go… I was worried about her being confused about when she put her stuff in the car, but im SO glad that was cleaned up.

        And Martinez already Fucked up, WHEN, means when right guys!!! Lol

      • The trivial issues, was he shaving, was she dressed,(no, she ran around his house naked, she’s a whore remember?) The prosecution has time stamps and based their case on that, they pounded the minute or so into our heads during direct. Now he didnt shave, most people dont shave until after they bathe or before like my son does.

          • pri·or 1 (prr)
            1. Preceding in time or order: “[They] insist that foreign vessels seeking access obtain prior approval” (Seymour M. Hersh).
            2. Preceding in importance or value: a prior consideration.

            be·fore (b-fôr, -fr)
            1. Earlier in time: They called me the day before.
            2. In front; ahead.

            Not sure what school JM went to but that is a synonym

          • JM is sooo annoying…why does he not understand what she meant in the video about the shaving photos. Sometimes what JA is saying is so obvious, and I don’t think he is faking about not understanding. Surely he isn’t that dumb…He just keeps on and on and on and he won’t let her explain anything…URG!

  23. I love how Jodi continues to completely own her lies, she takes the wind right out of JM’s sails.
    I also like how she pointed out that she is telling the truth, now that she is under oath.
    I also love how JM keeps questioning Jodi about the sex, as though she ever said it was not mutual or that she ever alluded to rape or being forced. He forgets that NURMI was the one who suggested these things thru his questioning. Jodi, denied the extent of crudeness, like most abuse victims.

  24. Its every morning they fight!!!! Like they have to get use to how tney understand eachother n they need to get it out of the way. I hope Jodi has a good day!!!

  25. In the video of her being questioned she says that Travis shaved the “old fashioned way” but then stopped explaining any further. Could it be that “the old fashioned way” is with a straight razor? Could that be what was used?

  26. Good lord. Martinez is ignoring both the fact that she said “…it took convincing PRIOR…” and that he used it as his MySpace profile pic. How could he have used it as his profile pic after he was dead???!!!!

  27. Freaking Martinez is NOT hearing the shaving comment right. TRAVIS used the photo she took of him PREVIOUSLY on FB.

    Unless Travis came back from the dead, he couldn’t have posted his shaving pic on FB.

  28. Oh my ….. have to say ….. Sister Arias is a VERY difficult witness. I don’t know if I can go for the death penalty because those hurt most are the survivors — mom, dad, siblings, etc. In truth, a greater punishment is life in prison but I sure don’t want to pay for it!

  29. OK, the license plates, let me tell you a story.

    I live in a very safe area in Southern CA.

    I woke up one morning, went to the store, popped my trunk and was putting groceries in my car. I’m staring at the back of my car. Something is different… wtf is wrong…

    OMG somebody stole my back license plates! They are personalized with my son’s name on them (he’s only 3, it was a gift–the personalized license plates.)

    I go back home. The screws are in my driveway. Some kids stole it in the middle of the night right in my driveway.


  30. Before I started boycotting HLN and In Session Beth, Vinnie and several others actually claimed that Martinez confusing & over the top circular line of questioning that drags on and goes nowhere is his strategy! They actually said they thought it was great and JM would tie things up at the end of his cross. I don’t see how any of them could have said that with a straight face. So purposely doing a bad job on cross is now a great trial strategy! Law school students would love to hear that.

      • Yes, they mentioned that; I still watch HLN because I want to hear what the pro prosecution people have to say, so I can refute it…. Anyway he is going on for so long, and skipping so much, it will make it difficult for the jury, too. That’s the problem.

      • But truly it is Travis’s FAMILY that want DEATH if you read that sister’s blog page she states I want to see Jodi die in the death chamber an nothing less. Jodi would have took a plea deal the FAMILY said no way. They want to pretend he was the perfect little Mormon boy. Which I know is false. I have a deviant brother an there is no way I would stand by him in court knowing how he is around women disrespectful an hateful an demanding. The nice guy at times but in private not so ! this starts at a early age it did not just begin for Travis. There just is not 1 WOMAN that wants to tell the TRUTH about him an his nastiness as they do not want it out there period they too would be ashamed. They forced Jodi to have to bring this all out. That is why all the BS in the beginning as she said she was ashamed.

    • I know it’s not just me – but I’m having a difficult time with anyone who claims Juan Martinez is a brilliant attorney that is going to wait to put his case together till the very end; like rain man with a rubbik’s cube. It’s like his burden of proof or requirement to engage the jury does not apply. I swear, Nurmi is doing a better job; both he and Ms. Willmot go above and beyond the call of duty here and all Martinez can do is dance around the courtroom pretending to have a case.

      • I keep waiting for his aha moment, and it never comes. On one hand i’m worried about what might come and then I realize there isn’t going to be one.

        • Yes, me too. I always think there’s something he’s going to pull out of his sleeve; but then nothing. A part of being a good attorney is being able to engage the jury long enough to get his point across, he won’t even do that! The HLN people forget that even if Martinez is deliberately confusing Jodi; that he is confusing the jury at the same time. That can’t be a good strategy, not when they have to have a clear picture of what happened that night.

          • Some notes on the performance of prosecutor JM (by a non-US law student):

            1. JM is a painting-by-numbers type lawyer; more a mechanical grafter than natural talent.

            2. During XE, his method dictates that one must keep the witness on an extremely short leash, allowing yes/no answers only, without elaboration. This indicates fearfulness of losing control, due to a lack of ability to intelligently improvise on the basis of any unexpected information which may emerge.

            3. However, there are some major problems with following this rule of thumb too rigidly:
            – A) in order to paint a coherent mental picture of the guilty scenario for the jury via only yes/no answers, the formulation of the questions put becomes extremely important. To do this properly, one must have a masterful command of the facts, a vivid imagination, unbreakable focus and a clinical command of the language in use. JM is rather weak on all 4 here, but ‘compensates’ by hardly listening to the witness and persistently trying to modify his questions after having gotten the answer. He thus wastes energy fighting the witness instead of skillfully eliciting the testimony required to prove his case.
            – B) the witness, if allowed to elaborate, may inadvertently offer evidence favourable to the prosecution. It appeared to me that several times he has thoughtlessly prevented JA from helping herself to more rope (pun intended).
            – C) if done in an over-emotional manner (JM’s voice often cracks up with frustration) in front of a jury it comes across as bullying or unnecessary hostility, thus generating reactive sympathy for the defendant.

            4. He lacks grasp of the English language, often struggling to find words to express himself. JA is well ahead of him on this front and has the (for JM, infuriating) knack of making it painfully obvious by fixing on the subtle difference between what he said and what he wished he had said.

            5. He appears to have a short temper and something of a sensitivity about being Hispanic, as seen by his accusatory jibe that Nurmi thinks “all people with Spanish names are the same” after innocently mixing him up with Flores early in the trial.

            6. He would evidently benefit from having assistant counsel but apparently ego does not admit this. Possibly connected to his hinted inferiority complex.

            7. He is not enjoyable to watch and his excited voice not scoring points will grate on the jurors ears, so they tune out his noise as much as possible.

            [ atm, a hung jury looks to me the most likely outcome ]

      • True that MB.
        I’ve been thinking the same thing.

        I’ll believe it when I see it I guess.
        If its even clear enough to understand…

  31. Kind of a personal question here but ladies, if you’ve ever been the recipient of oral sex after a guy has recently shaved do you sometimes find the stubble to be a little bothersome? lol

  32. Did Martinez just admit that he KNEW she had to convince him at another time? What an asshole. I hope the jury caught that.

  33. This is absolutely ludicrous. He wanted the photos to take to Cancun??? Yes, he was going to walk around with a giant sandwich board displaying the photos.

    • What did he spend? 30 minutes on that one. It was plain shes talking about another time.
      Why didn’rt the judge take more control than she did?

  34. Now that I see this schematic, I have a theory about the water that got on the box in the closet.

    I think the water was still on in the shower, there was then blood from the struggle, and the water washed over to the box.

  35. Really… his asking what way her face was facing???? Who would remember that? His picking at the smallest thing to make it look like what shes saying is inconsistent.

    • Theres a whole lot of yelping, hollering, waving of arms and flailing about but there is absolutely NOTHING behind all of this. He is grasping at straws here.

    • Also it would be human nature to move up closer to pick up the camera you dropped to make sure it was ok ?? so naturally she had to move up closer to the shower ! daaaaaaa…………she can’t remember minute by minute give me a freaking break ! Travis was only worried about his precious camera after all it probably cost a lot of money an we all know he is materialistic if you read any of his blogs. God’s Gift to all Women too.

  36. Omg she should nust stick to, it happened so fast I cant remember, I was scared I wasn’t concentrating on where we were standing it happened so fast, I was just scared for my life I wanted to get out of there! !!

  37. He is asking some really stupid questions. “rolled is different run”? “Was he laying on top of you” (how does she roll if he is on top of her)

      • according to martinez since TA had grabbed her wrist and apologized In August 2007 of course she should have stayed and seen what he would do after being bodyslammed!coz that’s a basic human instinct,when sm hits you you stay and wair for their remorse!Is he serious????

    • Let’s all praise St Travis,who had just cursed at her,bodyslammed her BUT was trying to stoop down and PICK her up!!Oh now I get it!!yeah,no self defense!unbelievable…

      • Ya really how stupid does he think people are? Really oh let me pick you up honey an apologize after I cursed you for dropping the camera an flew out of the shower. I am sure he was checking to see if his precious material item was not broken. After all a man like that is very materialistic he would worry first about his car being wrecked an damaged before making sure everyone was ok ! lot of people out there like that today it is disgusting !

    • He wants her to explain WHERE everything happened. That’s impossible! Im sure this happened so fast n the only thkng anyone would be thinking is to get out!

    • I deplore the act that brought all of us here, but I have charity in my heart for my fellow man. Any person with a heart and a conscience can see her pain is palpable. I feel sorry for the human race if the prolific hatred and blatant disregard for another human being’s pain is the norm. Many on twitter/news/social media are calling the judge “lib” for showing any kind of compassion and heaven forbid interrupting the mongrels slashing tirade, his parting commentary should be disregarded and inadmissible. I also feel a reprimand from the Judge is in order, but that will never happen. I am saddened by so much of this. It’s more than a murder case to me. So many people will never know Travis, will never know the real Jodi, and never understand how I have compassion for both people, that is the truly saddening part.

      • Bella you are right I was out all day & have enormous empathy for both, I lost my husband in June from cancer unexpected but we both never liked to see this type of hate that has permeated our culture I saw Jodi cry today I think it was so sad, that this happened so many broken lives, but the media is so horrible. They twist everything. I am sure the Prosecutor has enraged Travis Family. This prosecutor is very nasty and from what I saw the Judge seemed to ignore many of Nurmi’s objections. The contrast between Nurmi & Martinez is so obvious.

        • The judge did over rule almost all of Nurmi’s objectios. Some lawyer on TV was saying that HE was yelling ather laywer for not more objections. Every time that I heard Nurmi object, the juge either over ruled or to asshole to rephrase the question. BIAS???;.

  38. I cried when she cried – un-frigging-believable that his judge lets JM get away with so much! He does not ask questions; he is testifying and then trying to get her to agree with him at all costs!

    • I agree with you Cindyp………….I know he is trying to get her to admit something she never has before though an too also get a BIG REACTION out of her other than crying he wants her to EXPLODE back at him in anger to prove she is explosive that is what I get from JM I can’t stand him but that is what he does on other cases too he has been on.

    • He is! Did you see when he started yelling at her, im not asking u that, im asking u!!! Mrs Wilmott looked up at Nurmi n Nurmi objected. Of course judge doesnt care. She keeps overruling Nurmis objections.

  39. Nice job, JM! You just had to throw a pic of Travis up with the evidence markers to show where Jodi was.

    The good thing is, the judge called for the lunch recess. That, to me, shows that the judge is aware of how Jodi is feeling.

    • Yea about time.But, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be kindda ok for the jury to see how emotional she is??? I mean that was enough to me, but I think the longer they see her like this the better it is for her…..

      Did anyone hear what Nurmi said to her when he walked up to her?? He didnt have to do that. I know he would love to punch Martinez in the face. Nurmi is an attorney for the abused isnt he??

        • I hope I get to work for attorneys like Nurmi & Vanessa (I can’t remember her last name right now…). They are so compassionate and really care about their client’s well-being.

      • it was such a touching moment when Nurmi went on the stand to help her get down,i think what he said was ”let’s take a minute.,ok?” I have a new-found respect for him right now,not that I didnt before but this thing that he just did shows how great of a person he is unlike Kermit!


    • I think the most terrible thing he did was force her to look at the picture again – when it was clear she had lost it. That will NOT look good to the jury. He came across as cruel and unbelievably stupid.

    • Apparently the word ‘REMORSE” is not included in Martinez’ dictionary and that’s why he is unfamiliar with the term!!! Better yet humiliateand be sarcastic with the witness,RIGHT Kermit????

  40. Wow… the blood-thirsty ghouls of HLN are soooo excited and worried that some jurors might now have sympathy for Jodi! I swear they’re about to pee themselves if they haven’t already.

    • I am watching in Session and they are just as excited to see her cry!!! “this is the cross examination that we have been waiting weeks for” Is what they said…….How sick is that they have waited weeks to see Jodi have to look at photos of TAs dead body!!!

        • Oh, they will…but if she didn’t cry, they’d be screaming “THAT SOCIOPATHIC MONSTER!!! LOOK HOW JUAN EXPOSED HER FOR WHAT SHE IS!!!!”

          • They should be ASHAMED of themselves! I had tears, and I’m sure if there was one jury with a daughter, or a woman that has been in a bad relationship, she will be ok. This guy is no better than the men who abuse their women! I can tell you for a fact when someone is mad that you can pretty much do whatever you want to someone. How in the world can people lift up cars when someone is trapped under them. The human body sometimes does have super human strength when needed.
            JM is an evil ass, and I hope the jury can see he is abusing this girl on trial. She did do wrong, but it doesnt justify the way he is abusing her, and these people on In Session are horrible people.

          • Jackal, he is being ABUSIVE! ! The stupid judge has been letting him do this. Idk how n why this is happening! She has no control of her courtroom or shes intimidated by Martinez!

            She did call lunch a little early so that Jodi can compose herself BUT I think it would’ve been ok if she would’ve waited, every second that Jodi is up there in tears, especially like this, (imo) I think the jury would see THE REAL JODI.

      • Why though???? I dont get it??? They r excited that Martinez made her cry????? Other then that, he’s doing a horrible job, they’ve even said it!!!

          • I think so too it shows she is human and that she has remorse for what she did!!! But I feel so bad for her for having to go through this!!
            Does anyone else remember when that preachers wife killed him??? Well he made her dress up during sex and she killed him because of that mental abuse….she wasnt treated like Jodi is in the media….or in the court room…..and she got off pretty easy….she didnt even face the same charges that Jodi has since the beganing.

        • Jennifer, yes, and she shot her husband when he was asleep with a shotgun blast or two I cant remember. I cannot understand all of this hatred for Jodi, it goes above and beyond the norm.

          • I totally agree!! The woman took off after she killed her husband with her children to take them to the beach!! She did just as Jodi did she ran!!! She got off I think fairly easy and is living her life free and all her husband did was ask her to dress up during sex and didnt she also have the family bankrupt and her husband was going to find out the day she killed him!! So that to me is a motive and she got off why…she was a preachers WIFE!! And not someones girlfriend having premarital sex …as most of the population under 30 has!!! I think it is NUTS how the media goes after Jodi and if there happens to be a Jodi defender they are quickly taken off the air!!

  41. I am in freaken tears HOW CAN that JUDGE let the oompa loompa badger her like that? What an ASS!!! I so wish I was in AZ to be there for Jodi. I can not imagine how she is feeling right now!!!

      • The vast majority of the jurors are still not buying any of the BS Martinez is selling. Having said that, today’s performance is predictable, and more of the same this afternoon. I think we can safely say that today is the day Martinez officially lost this case.

        Team Jodi

  42. Putting all personal feelings and dislike of JM aside, he still hasn’t shown proof of premeditation.

    Personal opinion back on, JM seems to be helping the defense. “He was a wrestler….right?” “He couldn’t catch you even though he was in great shape…right?” Another question something like you had the wind knocked out of you but you could run away….(fight or flight). He was cursing at you and body slammed you. Isn’t it correct that he may have been stooping over to help you up…right…since you were no longer looking at him….right? (or not). I cannot believe this case is being allowed to go forward as a DP.

      • You are right, strong, but slow runners. Who’s to say he didn’t slip and fall on the wet floor when he starts to run after her.
        JM is not going to convince anyone Jodi isn’t telling the truth, just because she doesn’t remember all the details even of the part she recalls before the stabbing. When things are happening so fast, there is NO way to remember the details, even right after it happens.

        • I was a cheerleader and the size about that Jodi is and I could out run him!! And Jodi would of been even faster because she was in fear. Just like those women that pull cars off their kids adrineline(Sorry I am terrible at spelling)

        • The only issue there is Jodi testified at some other point in time she tried to (???) run out of the bedroom or something and he ran and caught her, grabbed her by the wrist. Martinez will be all over that ‘why could he catch you then but he couldn’t catch you this time’…

    • Exactly Jodie!!! So idk why all the haters are excited about?! Just because Martinez made her cry??? Like we’re in school all over again n the bully makes the smaller kid cry, the other kids get excited n start laughing. Ok but they CANT see the big picture (it was great for the defense) that Jodi broke down, just like you said. He’s been working for the defense, he’s helping HER out in the long run. So, im sad that she broke down BUT im also glad she did. She had to!

      They can keep laughing all they want, but another point for Jodi!!

      Team Jodi★

      • The media is no better then TA they are FREAKEN BULLIES!!!
        Did anyone ese hea on in Session a few minutes ago where the talking head was stating what she thought happen and said that jodi was dragging TA down the hall all bloody and that is when the camera fell… the heck is she dragging TAs big body and carrying a camera at the same time??

        • Omgh lol they’re so full of shit! Why dont they go cover something else, they suck ass!

          At this point, I SO WISH, I was a report or had my own show. Id be the only one on cheering for Jodi!

          • I too wish someone would be on the air that would defend Jodi!! It is sad how all these edia talking heads talk how they are so against physical violence and domestic abuse but when a case happens where abuse has occured the talking heads conform to what is accepted!!

          • Even Gloria Allred??
            She’s a person for women that have been victumized. I guess Jodi couldn’t hire her or ask for her Jodi was abused, what is it that they don’t understand?

            What if it had been Jodi’s life that was taken?
            It’s just in this case Jodi defended herself. Gloria shoud be happy she did,
            instead, she’s smirking and laugjing like the rest of the laughing asses.

            Besides that someone has been killed and they’re laughing because they think she will get the DP, that means they are laughing becuse someone was killed.

            They ALL make me sick, they’re just as bad as JM.

            The case isn’t over, is it? Doesn’t the defense still have others witnesses to call?
            Does anyone know who is next?

  43. Well, Kermit held off the temptation to pull out the only thing he has to prop his non-case up as long as he could.
    But now he has, we should have taken bets on how long it would take. He skipped right over the part where she got the gun off the shelf. He knew lunch was coming. No way was he going to let the jury out to lunch without those images in their head.

  44. Look at all the cases in the United States where women have killed their abusive spouses and the majority start by LYING to the police!! The women have it beaten into them that NOONE will ever believe them if they come forward with the abuse!!!! SO OF COURSE they are going to lie to the police!!! Jodi is not the acception she is the rule!!

      • I agree!! The man is usually a pillar in the community similar to TA and the woman believe that noone will believe that this man is an abuser.So they LIE!! Just like they lie about the bruises!!

        • I”m glad so many of us understand. Most of us have been there, or our mother was like that, or our grandmother, etc.
          So many women live with monsters, whom the rest of the world thinks are good people. I know a girl whose grandfather was the president of a well-known NYC Senior Association. He was so well loved – it was a Jewish association and he was Catholic- but they still elected him president. Long Story short- the POS had been molesting children for DECADES. It was sadly after he died that it came out. PEOPLE don’t TALK. This is nothing new. So sad that all of these talking heads are not willing to accept that.

          • I grew up Catholic and many of the boys in my generation and the generation of my parents were abused by the fathers in the church and for YEARS it is kept secret> Just as spouse abuse befor the 1980’s even if the police where called NOTHING happened!!!

    • Exactly! And I remember hearing on the sex tape that their friends like Abe referred to their problems as “drama.”

      If she can’t get her friends to take her seriously, then how can she believe the police can take her seriously?

  45. I just saw a rewind for some reason and Jodi is crying you can hear her crying but the focus is on Martinez and he pulls up exhibit #78 . He wants her to look at it and asks her if she was crying when she was shooting him or crying when she was stabbing him. She kept answering I don’t remember but couldn’t look at the picture.

  46. When she said TA body slammed her and it was really hard… she ever said in any conversations that her head hit the floor also, because that could explain after why she can state I don’t remember. That sounds reasonable to me.

    • I think for that claim to ring true to the jury though, Jodi would have to have had a lot of memory troubles for the entire trial, not just during M’s cross.

      • I don’t think so. have siezure problems and I cam inderstand and think when someone is asking normally, but if they’re running their questions too much together, I lose all thought.
        Migranes are similiar to a seizure and the first start in the eyes, so yes it DOES make a big difference.
        JM doesn’t have to do that and he would make more sense to her. She wasn’t kidding when she said, it scrambles her brain.
        She said she killed him in self defense.
        IMO, I believe she’s telling the truth, she’s already sid she did it.
        Jaun is a horses ass.

  47. I hope the jury will feel compassion for her. She’s a young girl who made a terrible mistake. She will suffer the rest of her life for having made that mistake regardless of the jury’s decision. Nothing can bring TA back. What purpose is served by convicting Jodi? Only vengeance.

    As I watch the trial, in the back of my mind I say to myself “There but for the grace of god go I” and I’m not even a believer in god. But a slight alteration here or there and my fate could have been a similar one.

  48. Anybody see Jodis fingers when she was crying??? HER finger was bent and the media cant say oh she was making it that way….at that moment she was thinking about the picture she was being forced to look at but will the media point out that her finger was really hurt NOOOOO WAY!!!

  49. HLN dummies are saying it was a shame the judge called lunch, because it will take JM a while to build back up to his point. JM purposefully skipped ahead, because he WANTED to get a gruesome photo in front of the jury before lunch. He is desperate. Yes, SJ, JM HAS lost this case, he knows it, we know it, everyone knows it. He is relying on the jury to be so furious that they feel the need to “make someone pay”. Its absolutely disgusting!

  50. How come Jodi was crying when she saw the photo? She had a “morbid curiosity” to see the photo during her interrogation with Detective Flores.

    • Well I assume because she was alone with the detective here in trial she is being forced to look an be reticuled in front of family. An is tired an sick to her stomach.

    • Sunny,

      I remember her not only saying “morbid curiosity” with Flores, but also, if you look back at the day of the ME testimony, Jodi looks at each and every gruesome photo on the screen from her chair. She turns away and hides her face, and when the next one comes up, there she is again.

  51. Look at that picture of TA the upclose one….to me it looks like a 5 oclock shadow not a clean shaven face!! DOES anyone else see that ??

    • That is what I was thinking…he doesnt look like a man that JUST shaved.Hopefully the jury will look at the photo and see that also.

  52. The MOB MENTALITY is sickening. No respectable journalist would conduct themselves the way the HLN staff has. They’re like a pack of hungry wolves going in for the kill. The sheer delight they have over Jodi crying makes me sick to my stomach. They don’t understand abuse victims at all. They are out for blood regardless of how poor a job Martinez is doing and the lack of evidence to prove his case.

    I hope karma steps in and gives all these people what they have coming to them.

    • I totally agree!!! I think the day where responcible journalism is in the past today all they care about is ratings and the popular opinion of the day!!! It makes me sick!!

    • No they don’t. And this is abuse towards her over and over again. I wouldn’t be surprised if she kills herself after this ordeal.

    • Yes, it’s despicable that GROWN PEOPLE are acting like a bunch of nasty vipers getting ready to sink their teeth in whenever Jodi shows a vulnerable spot. To think kids and young people are watching this, getting cues as to how to react to cases like this from a bunch of greedy, unethical spin doctors that capitalize on human tragedy.

      • I agree with all that. I lived through alot of what Jodi went trough and I have tried to think back to just ONE instance nd try to recall every moment of what happened….I cant do it!!! I cant remember even one out of hundreds that occured in the years I was with my abuser!!! Obviously this shrimp has not researched domestic violence or the victims memories!! I remember many times lying to the police when they were called that this man hadnt hit me…..IT was clear he had. I lied because that is what I was trained to do and I knew if I ever went and told someone I was hit that the reprocussions would be 100 times worse. Jodi Never told anyone of prior abuse because THAT IS WHAT VICTIMS do to stay SAFE!! And then we all buy the I am sooo sooo sorry cries that the abuser tells us. We want these men to get better and we believe that if we love them more, make love to them more, and upset them less they wont hurt us and they will get better.

        • Martinez definitely doesn’t know jack shit about domestic violence; or else he’d see that Travis attacked Jodi at the most dangerous time in the relationship – when Jodi was trying to move on. She herself said that when she moved away, she was getting back to her old self, and finding hope for her future and had a possible romantic interest. Travis knew that! That is why he was so bent on guilting her into visiting him that night, he was trying to reel her back in. It’s so clear, plain as day it never ceases to amaze me that people are still willing to believe that Jodi is some penis obsessed stalker that killed him out of a jealous rage. Nothing in the circumstances or evidence even hints to that – even on the sex tape Jodi and Travis are talking about plans after the cancun trip. Yet HLN keeps throwing up the cancun trip as if it’s even relevant – it’s not! It never was, but that is the lie they keep spinning.

          • Martinez reminds me of An evil Munchkin He so abusive his voice grates on your ears also its very high pitched. He is a huge turn off.

  53. I still can’t figure out how in the hell she would have gotten his giant dead ass up and over that shower ledge.

    Among a multitude of other things. Impossible to believe this was done single handed.

    That is all.

    • I dont think that it was done alone either. I think that someone helped move him….because a dead body is alot harder to move then a live body and there is no way she could of done it!! And getting him over that ledge would of been hard. I think that a roommate was there and helped or that or he walked in. Because all those days wouldnt his dog of been trying to get in his room??

      • It’s pretty common sense to me. So the way I figure is if ONE person put him in the shower he should have scratches all up and down his back from the metal door track. If TWO people placed him in there, one holding him under the arms and the other by the feet, there will be no marks on his back. Does anyone know what his back showed on the autopsy?

      • I Agree the dog would go crazy over smell digging and scratching the door down crying going nuts and no roommates wondered why or smell should av been aweful and strong but days 5 and roomates did not smell on smell his body . and how could Jodie do all that alone in less than two Minutes ? she had help or blank thinks she did she had help or did not kill Travis.

        • Frannie read down aways someone tells me who Ester is she is the person that Ta was using some other type of sexual lube with.

        • Supposedly, I read it here, Ashley is the deceased wife of Dustin Thompson. They may have divorced. Dustin was a roommate of Travis’s at some point, not sure when. They had some kind of failing out (not unusual for Travis from what I read and hear). She said her husband was acting strange around the time of Travis’s death. She was going to be a witness but she is now dead. Not sure anyone is clear about her death. If someone has more info it would be appreciated

          • WOW that is amazing…Now had she already been deposed by the attorneys if so her testimony should still be part of the trial.

          • I have been digging an digging can’t find anything yet either but is sure is strange! somebody knows more than they are telling in that group of Mormon friends Travis had.

      • But let me add I have question about her being there alone not because i think she couldn’t move his body, but because of some of the other factors mentioned like the horrible smell, unattended dog, and saw something about the roommate using the washer on June 7th.

    • I am glad I never heard anything about this case until the trial, so I had no idea what happened. Now seeing this case there are two things.. I keep going back to that I can’t get past what -Tanne and Jennifer I agree with you this doesn’t make sense at all.

      And the roommate’s story doesn’t make sense either to me many red flags. Hope the jurors can see this also.

      • Wondering I hope so too!! I hope Jodis attorney used his choices well when picking this jury. I guess we will see what they are thinking and where they are at based on the questions they will ask Jodi. Now I didnt watch before when the jury questioned the witnesses do they ask the questions they have them selves or does just one juror read them or does the judge read them?

        • Not sure because I have missed the parts with the jurors questions, but when I heard they were able to do that I was like wow.

  54. I wanted to share something regarding Nancy Grace: George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said that Grace, as an attorney and reporter, “has managed to demean both professions with her hype, rabid persona, and sensational analysis. Some part of the public takes her seriously, and her show erodes the respect for basic rights.”

    • Thank you for sharing that!! I stopped watching her because how mean she is to her own guests let alone to the people on trial!! I hope they all have to eat their words again just as they did when Casey Anthony was found innocent!!

    • I don’t understand Nancy Grace at all! Why is she so passionate about something based on her perception and total lack of analytical logic? If you analyze all the facts and stories, you can’t be that partial, I don’t think so. She sounds no better than a bully herself. Did she ever lie? I am sure she did, but the way she characterizes Jodi is like she never lied herself! Whose side is she on? It sounds to me like she’s not interested in the truth, but has already taken a position against Jodi, because umm,…. she’s pretty? So she has a show, so what? If she had any brains she would stand back and watch it unravel. I almost dare hope there’s a final surprise to this trial that’s going to give her a lesson or two. I would think it’s foolish to jump to conclusions like she does not fully knowing all the aspects of this story.
      And another thing. JM is not the best PA. His questions have me puzzled many times, and I am not under stress, and I just can’t follow him. If I was in the jury I would have a hard time following his threads.

      • I cant follow him either!!! He jumps around and when Jodi cant follow he yells at her and asks if she has a problem with her memory!!

      • Nancy Grace has lied about many things. She used false testimony as a prosecutor. She lied about the murder of her fiance and the subsequent trial of the man who killed him. She lied about her ‘nipple slip’ on Dancing with the Stars.

        She also lies nearly ever single day on her show.

      • Nancy Grace KNOWS HATE SELLS and as Attorney Gerry Spence Hate sells meet its prime time peddler in his book Blood Thirsty Bitches and Pius Pimps of Power

  55. The good thing here is that crying usually means remorse. She has cried hysterically every time those photos get put up. The jury has to think she feels sorrow for everything that happened, or she wouldn’t be sobbing. There is no way she is getting the death penalty.

    • The one that TA said he was using the other brand of ;personal lubricant with before he and Jodie started using the KY. I think TA and Esther was using Astro-Gllide, I think.

  56. I can recall in past years other high profile trials. During those trials they had “experts” from *each* side giving their impressions and then debating amongst eachother. Now its completely a one sided viewpoint. Possibly due to all major media owned by large corporations that completely control content. Couple that with the majority of the population still trust and believe mainstream media. That makes it very difficult to get a fair trial.

    • I read a great article about this several months back. All of these news talk networks have a blueprint they go by. In every story there is a victim, a villian, and a hero. If there is a suspect, regardless if they are innocent, they are portrayed as the villian. Nancy G is the Queen of this. She saved CNN’s ratings by doing this. People tune into hate. Pure and simple she sells hate. They all do this. Even 60 minutes does it unless it is a puff piece. It’s the mob hate mentality and it’s very destructive to our society and especialyy the mental health of our children.

      • Sickening, really it is. I know Fox is the worst of them all and they have a large faithful following. But how they are all treating this trial is insane and should be considered a crime. Its supposed to be their job to report the news factually not give their personal opinions and treat them as facts or fact based news. This is someones life on the line, who is supposed to be at this point innocent!

  57. elizabetherwin profile

    elizabetherwin I swear I just saw a couple of the jurors smile at Martinez as they took their seats. #jodiarias 19 seconds ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  58. Guys, don’t forget to check out the new support link on the page if you haven’t already. 🙂 So far we’ve had a great response. You guys are freaking awesome.

    • Ok will do Kris 😉 love this site so happy I found a group of people that actually are nice an show some empathy for others I thought I was all alone for awhile there ♥

  59. So now JM is trying to show the premeditation happened while she was in the closet? I guess he has to grasp at something, because he sure couldn’t prove JA’s intent for the entire trip to Mesa was for murder. Question to JM: “So your theory didn’t work that JA left Yreka to kill JA….right….so now your theory is JA had seconds to form premeditation…..right?” Objection!

    • A gun going off accidentally doesn’t sound like self defense either. Jodi gets body slammed, is able to escape him, run to the closet where she knows the gun is, knows he keeps it loaded, and knows she’s going to need to use it cause she hears footsteps right behind her, so she only has a second or two at the most to grab the gun, put her finger on the trigger, aim it as best she can, and shoot him in order to save her life … but it went off accidentally? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  60. WOW! First, Martinez went into very unprofessional jerk mode. Then, why did Jodi mention her”cell”. Isn’t the jury not suposte to know she has been in jail?

  61. Travis is naked and wet. How do you run fast on tile? Notice JM doesn’t mention that is a reason why he did not catch her right away. Now once he reaches the carpet he will have traction and it will dry his feet.

    • That is an INSANE amount of shoes for a man. I have never seen a man with such a neat closet either- hangers matching and all…. seems like someone with OCD

  62. Hey, does the Advil take the edge of the “right, right, rights?” Please let me know. I’m going to start popping them if it does.

    • Me either that is a lavish sized closet compared to regular houses with the sliding door an a place to hang up clothes in an one shelf on the top………..that is all I have had in my entire life ha. The renters were paying 450 a month so I imagine that house is above average then.

  63. No Mad dog Martinez, the scuffle did not happen in the closet, as evidenced by the photos.

    He is taking this trial so personal, getting his feelings hurt and lashing out at Jodi.

  64. Hahah omg that IS a joke!! She was clearly trying to lighten up the mood!!! Lol like shes really going to punch him dead in the nose!!!

  65. Well fellow followers I would like to let you know what just happened….I am a nanny and have been for some time….I have had a discussion with the mother who I am close to about this case and how I feel and she is totally against Jodi…well long story short I just LOST MY JOB because I feel she is innocent and she ( who I might say sleeps with other men other than her husband) saysJodi is horrible. My ex boss never met Jodi but fired me because I feel bad for Jodi!!

        • If you love that child, I really hope you dont fail him, like it appears his parents have. Call CPS they will be there in a heartbeat, and dont do it anonymous….STAND UP FOR THAT LITTLE BOY and tell someone he is being abused. F*ck a job….the youth are the future….and it appears the future is in your hands for that little boy right now!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Seriously @ Jennifer, I was a child abuse investigator for 7 years. You have a moral obligation to report this. You can call the child abuse hotline and not even leave your name. Or like SJ says post her name address age and name of child on here and I am POSITIVE it will be reported! Plz do the right thing.

    • Jennifer Im so sorry to hear about that.Apparently the people you were working for can hardly be called ”people” imo.They are hypocrites,judging Jodi but leading this kinda life u describe.I can totally sympathize with you right now,I’m a private teacher and go from house to house to teach children and I’ve been caught in that kind of situatio,having to work for parents who can only be called useless when it comes to parenthood but staying there because I was so attached to their children and wanted to have at least someone there for them.But sometimes when you can no longer go against your own moral belief system I think it’s best to walk away,after having apologized to the child for not being able to be there for least that what I did,I talked to the child,letting her know that I loved her even though I had to leave her.

      • Yeah the family I was working for was really…..umm weird. They had an open marriage and she asked me many times to watch her child down stairs while she slept with men for Money and she has the nerve to degrade a woman who defended herself!!! I am rather happy not to have to go against my Morals again. Not sure if anyone recalls but a few days ago I was on here and got a call and asked people to fill me in what I missed because I got called to work. Well she wanted me to go get her son at school because she was turning a trick. This is against what I believe how they live but I love the child so I did it. I worry now that I am not there how he will be cared for.

        • If your boss is “turning tricks” then contact your local child protective services. Not as a means of revenge, as a MORAL OBLIGATION!!!! NO CHILD SHOULD GROW UP IN A BROTHEL!!!!!!!!!

        • Yeah, far be it from me to judge how people want to live, consenting adults and all… but you’re right, you’d think she’d find room in her heart to understand where Jodi is coming from; considering that Jodi is also vilified for having sex with someone she is in love with while not being in an official relationship.

          • I agree consenting adults can do as they please but the exchange of goods/service for sex is prostitution….locking a child in its room for extended periods is neglect..neither of which is legal, unless your are in NV, in which case you can only sell your GOODS as a registered prostitute with regular HIV and STD screenings.

      • Oh My Gosh! What a B****! Those who can’t have a civil discussion from opposing points of view are usually horrible people. I hope you find a new family soon. I feel bad for her kids 🙁

        If she doesn’t apologize you have some serious ammunition in your pocket….

        • She wont appologise she is like that. She is ummm not the cleanest person either. She asked me to do things that made me cry at night. She only has one child and he is mentally challenged. They lock him in his room alot when I am not there. So many times when I get there he is locked in his room and I might add he is under 5! Since I have worked for them he has florished!!!He talks better and he loves me so much as I do him. He is why I put up with it so long!!

          • That’s horrible, n now I feel bad for this child. Who knows the suffering he’ll have to go through without you there? Aaawwhhh…. im sad!!!

  66. JM is an idiot. He just said TA would be more apt. to slip since he was wet. Jodi had on socks so she had more traction. THAT would be the reason she was able to get to the closet faster. He is contradicting himself. WOW……

    • She did tell him if she wouldve ran out the batheroom down the hallway n down the stairs she would’ve been dead.

      Right before he tackles her he’ll tell her, kill you bitch. I think. But she did say during direct that he threatened her saying, kill you bitch.

    • But then Martinez would be like “I didn’t ask if you he said he was going to kill you, I asked you blah blah blah.”

      It’s hard for her or anyone on the defense to get a word in edge ways with this dude.

  67. I’ll bet that mouthy little prick was beaten up a lot in school, that;s why he is the way his is today. LMS… Little Man Syndrome.

    • LOL that is what I am saying Dog. The shorter they are the ummmm smaller their …unit. So he is going after Jodi so hard because he would of never gotten a beautiful woman like her so he has to attack her for all the girls like Jodi (pretty) that must of laughed at him.

  68. Yes, it was her idea to have the photo shoot because Travis was pissed off about the photo cd being scratched. Sheesh Martinez, can you follow her testimony or do you have problems with your memory?

  69. The examiner said the gun was fired at least 2 feet away. So JM is trying to discredit the story because if he was moving and she had her arms out it would have been less than 2 feet.

    • She already testified that the gun went off during a struggle.

      Og what an ass, he’s going to make her show him what a linebacker looks like!!! Ok mu god, WE ALL know what a linebacker looks like, wtf! He just wants to go agains EVERYTHING she sais. She said, I would NoT like to do n he asks her just that!!!

  70. borrowed from twitter: M’am how fast was he going. Why didn’t u have a stop watch? That would help, right? Yes or No Yes or No?

  71. now he wants her to act it out?really how more humiliation is he thinking of inflicting today?just because he is TOO stupid to understand what she’s saying?

    • The jury left… now she has to show him, how??? Since Martinez doesn’t know what a linebacker looks like n the jury does, they have the jury go to demonstrate a linebacker to Martinez? ?? Wow wow wow

      • This is so freakin ridiculous, she has said a dozen times she doesn’t remember exactly, it all happened so fast, if this were a car accident (im a litigation claim adjuster) we would never badger the witness to describe the number of inches their foot was from the brake pedal. Ok, ok, apples and oranges, but that’s just not the way to get your point across, it’s petty and honestly kind of stupid.

        • Absolutely, he’s been getting lost in the minutae from the beginning; and there’s no way being a pedantic asshole is going to cover the for that fact that he has zero evidence against her.

    • I cant believe that he is doing this!!! You dont make a domestic Violence victim to relive a situation like that!!! This is not a good mental move for Jodi!!!

      • right Jennifer??? i can’t imagine, actually I kinda can, what she’s feeling. Just watching this is causing me to relive my own past violent attack that happened in a bathroom, causing my hands to tremor, adrenaline rushing and my heart pounding. We all ought to be praying for her strength to hold tight, with affirming thoughts, that she will be free real soo. She has held it together better than I could or anyone else I know. She is doing such a great job.

  72. Flores is JM b*tch…..did ya’ll see him wave for Flores to get up and get him something and Flores jumped like a puppy dog. pitiful